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Elk Grove High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk Grove, CA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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lj If Q , J 4, 2-'Lf 1573211 ,5u,,17di'7r V640 ff 'G . fl, X 151' fj,-A fi ll - -E fx 2 an ,,,f A-7 ,l W M, . . if f Ffff J , 1, Vg V , ,7 .' f, -"f" f"-L-K ,.jfLuu'x 51,5 Pb A . 1 , I .' 4 , ,ff X 5 J f- ll U- 1-AJ f fr 1: 1 1 I ' x 5 Q! Lpv F-J V 1- L ,. , A 3 ' - W A V ' .P E N1 L' K 1 ' ' xy' . ' ' , 3 , FN , QV ' ,NX x- X A ' L u ,X ,f ,J ' ,L X Luv, , f f y If X pi A' U . 1 ' ' U- 1 4 K, A A XVF1 , Q 1 'x 31.71. X I f Q X X V J ', , Qty R., gg, -,, V. , -.1 X V. . V x,,, -5, 1 1 A ,A I ' -N1 V . 11,4 li. f, .J ,L A X XXX' 'V ' RSX .J 13" "SANS tw K g N , k , A .1 Rf. M ' V ,, x I px .J ' ' M rx! I .VJ , . X X 1 5-J f":lQy' , I N X , 1 "I ' ,ff J If K I ' , ff. :P 'f fs YV - , . Q ,gy " "M 'av' V ' A 'FH A 7 A 5-i , 1 N "1 f 7 d,?,,,f . 5.7, f ,f Q ,V s 'nw A-4 ' ' , 5 - f. 'A' I X Agvzv JU - 1 f Q" Vw? G? J," - ,V , L5 if - ffl ' '-'ff ml 'K--1"' -L W -.- ka , , ,, I ,. A x " Q R' X - N , ,U f A ,59 V fi ff ff Q ' X Vx fn' mfffvvi I f" . Q V' ' J" K , W Q' f K lf 1 D s Q, ,f -,' ,J f! A ' if ' ' I , J 4 Ib in I, 4, f LL LLL 'U xf ' ,, I w ' if ' 5 . wr , .',u,J I hd, , I 5245, 511 4 1 jaw Z'-aff , , . . 'lx.w4- A- ' R' 'N 5 : 2 0 ,41l4,4aA,u 5 kj, Mu Y 1 v H ,wr f A x P ' l 0 P X x .A,,,,,, Jax-U., x K, A., -qi TFLJ fb-1 X. 'LX .Prix L5 f'1fW"f?"' X x, kfz ' 'yy' Yf., --.K ' 'AN' XX R A Q2 - - A 4 ,xiii- -- if L- 5-pg Q 1 . an 1 . fx, . X. Km ,. X x, L I ., f . 'M' ' u Mbl JJ ' 1, VZ!! 1 I , LJ 6? L S X? -je-imigzglls WMM :mes CDAN TJ- We WRYR A EQ W wX Zig? WM J' gifwg My of Mswlvws K x 1 'V ' A, 1 X Jgxixyg W M Q21 X52 W Ii " M Q Rf FWFWQWWA -:E EX Szfsi if XA 3E?qiTf:f . uryi, dba b".',Q-jg, 1 iE3 1 if L 0 ESF 2 A gigs? 4553 or Zgglif-,.3w El TR QQEQ, - f Fgxfigi Ea. RN YR P N Q 1- 5 ,yu vw .pw wp NN. .. .i1.x-PM 'ziff'-,5.:,, 5 f- 1 we Hd. K X' M ,gk i -4 4 y YI ,f 47 ff' W ,Rv ! nw E 'M Jim Jim EQYHQV 0 jk MDQSPQQCMQEXNUJX QMJYWYYLSQX N wi E kj D SEPTEMBER E O Dedication lAd IS ministrat' d C l DEDICATION J P A , - .rw r 2 as Q MRS. ANN HUNTER Because of her willingness and unselfishness in devoting her time to the students whenever they needed herp Because of the interest she has taken in all school activitiesg for her brilliant and patient teaching in the English classroomp and because she has proven to be a friend of the students and faculty, we, the staff of the 1958 Elk, respectfully dedicate this issue of the an- nual to Mrs. Ann Hunter. Q 2 Mrs. Ann Hunter a nd Husband Te3Ching' ' ' 5 1 fl ADMINISTRATION ln the life and living of our high school, were occur many annual events. High in nportance amongst these events is the cre- tion and publishing of the yearbook "The 1lk." Each year a new Senior Class comes In the scene whose high privilege it is to ecord in picture and in word all the appenings of that year. So it is with the Class of l958g -- hrough its elected and appointed staff, 'The Elk of l958" has become a reality. Ly dint of long hours, hard mental and physical labor, cooperation and planning, he book you now hold in your hands has teen created. It depicts the highlights of he school year now history, it preserves nrecious moments of high school days, mo- nents that will become more precious as he years go by and i957-58 is viewed in etrospect. May I therefore, convey to the members mf the Class of i958 and to the Elk Staff of l958, my 'heartiest congratulations for a ob well done, for an important service 'endered to the students of the Elk Grove Jnion High School. , . if C .17 i A K A. Qi M tg,-, ' sf H I , , vt gr, , f ' ,1, f' ' ,gg sip, Y WN, Qualify rf' -w-4" , 1 LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Jake Schneider, Mr. A.H. Mitchell, Mr. Robert Mackey, Mr, E. Henry Kloss, Mr. Howard Wackman. Board of Trustees The Board of Trustees of the Elk Grove Union High School extends its congratulations and best wishes to the Class of i958 and to the Elk Staff of 1958. The members of this board individually and collectively are deeply interested in all the affairs of the school. Through the board, the interests of all the people of the Elk Grove Union High School District in its high school is impressed and given concrete form in the buildings, the equipment, and supplies and the teaching and operating staffs. All of this is to the end that the boys and girls who comprise the Elk Grove High School Student Body may have the advantages of a high school education. It is the sincere hope of the board that all success attend the students of the high school this year and in the years to come. Jake Schneider, President Board of Trustees 9 ,f MR. ROBERT THEILER Administrative Vice Principal MR. JOHN WRAITH Freshman Counselor MR. DAVID LEMAY Junior Counselor N fi NAS MR. JAMES ALLEN MR. BERGE BABIGIAN ' 1 MR. MILTON DICK ' MRS. LUC ILE DOLK MR. RAYMOND GAGE MRS. VIRGINIA EOFF MR. JOSEPH GRECO MISS HILDA GARCIA MISS ANN GALLICHOTTE MRS. DOROTHY LEONETTI X Q5 ...-an-v"" A 'Q -1. Q LCN I N' I 'R -ui. H X ky iff' 1' xg ,A S' SS We U55 ok, X .QM 11 Lwt MRS, ELENE HOLMES MR, WILFRED HOTTMAN MR. RUDOLPH HANSEN MRS. ANN HUNTER Y A f' D, ff' wwf MR. MILTON KNAPP MR. GARY LAWSON MR. DONALD LARSON X. WZ. f 5 X 1, qv Q w MRS . ELIZABET H JONES MR. GINO LAZZAROTTO MISS RAINES LAMBE Mp-'M ' lv'-N im. Q E ' f 1 K ' . .. .MF MR RICHARD LEUPP MRS FRANCES MacKlNNON MISS NATALIE MALKOVICH MRS , IEANETTE MEYER MR. DONALD MORRISON MR. HANS OLSEN GEORGE NEMETZ lltjxx 15" K ' K P J, N1 - MR. MICHAEL O'NEIL MRS. STELLA PLANCK MR. JOHN REAGER MR. WALTER ROBERTSON MR. ELMER DENNIS MISS ELIZABETH SANDERS MR. THOMAS RYCRAFT MR. MELVIN RAMOS i MRS. LIZABETH RICHESON MR. SHELDON SCHULZ 2 E I 1 is' J. X H MR, ROBERT SHEPERD MR. THEODORE SMITH MR. BRADLEY SQUI RES MR, JERRY TUFTELAND .fx MR, DONALD THOLE MR. ROBERT WEISE if N YU X MISS PAT ZOLDOS KE ,A I MR, HOWARD WINTER MR. ARNIE ZIMBELMAN , "I YIIB3 Uffice Workers LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Edith Meidinger, Miss Arlene Hein, Mrs. Elizabeth Worester, Mrs. Gertrude Hogaboom. Cafeteria Workers LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Vergie Frost, Mrs. Lucile Woerner, Mrs. Palaca, Mrs. Velma Norton, Mrs. Beth Badella. 16 S BUS DRIVERS: R. Glacken, R. Smith, D. Gallaugher, J. Gregory, W. Schmidt, F. Smith, J. Ward, 1. Wageman, C. Gage. ""' ,,,..i-r'j,...4---""' S A,-'.,,.,-v-K "' K . f ,,,...v-' ,,,,.. . .Q S... "K ,.-nf' , www. ,f-""""'J .. 4-r4""" ,. , '1-' -" Mfg...--f' ,.....-v---Q ,.--"""" ',....-qv-v"""" ,,,,.,,..-nn. ,..,,.,.. ,,....,--'--"2 S . . .V ...rf-4"" ,...-im..-nm , +-N ' ....w.....-- ,.. .au Q--W NN.-4 .... ' ,,,......-.- ----f . ...,,,... -N A 6 -n-lass-v ' i J: . iauihulr i vp M M aunt r A rt' , .MJ i CUSTODIANS: A. Flatt, J. Flemmer, L. Gregory, H. Hunt, C. Marek, L. Miller, M. Trantham. 17 an gg Studer . ' val .- r 1 -LUV 1 me ' vi- 3 'f - ff." MJ guy x7 B. Bailey, J. Beitz, S, Sims, M, Voos, F. Vanacore, B. Watson, B. Inouye, D. Cruise, L, Maynard, B. Hoyt, T, Yamamura. Student Council, Elk Grove High School's student governing organization, has been up to its ears in work this year. Tackling the problems of evaluating the school's student government, revising the rules for qual- ifying to hold a student office, and planning the program for beautifying the school grounds, were iust a few of the 'I8 R. Kammerer 'ouncil in, BACK ROW: Mr, Theiler, W. Dixon, R. Saigo, many problems that faced the i957-53 Student Council. ln addition, the Student Council sponsored the Third Annual Homecoming Day, the Homecoming Dance, and had placed in the school cafetorium a Jutebox for the student's enjoyment. All in all, the i957-58 school year was a busy one for the Student Council. I9 OCTOBER C Elk Staff I Antlerette Staff O Freshman Day I Freshman Class I Football El Editor "Liz" Ga 11a nd QW ' Q 0 '54 QOW XN,d ix XXAWX G6 J' Judy Bietz cl Vlainc Ito SL Bette Kadokawa ,Y QOX3 Ro Saifvo SMOXAS y 67 Q33 Evangeline Benitez Ben Inouye Berry Bauman k ,-'QNBXXOXX in fig Staff was ei Ruth Prescott Dale Rusch Warren Dixon oog 1 Z ow 90 l Q20 Mary Ellen Voos 8a Susan Sims Lester N ashima Judy Bietz Mr. Allen Advisor and Liz Galland W x I Pasty Cunningham Gerald Hooper Jan Cunningha m EDITOR Tom Yama mura is x ' 5 4 Mary Ann Olsen ntlerette 610113 wwf 'taff in , , 'xx ne CoH1W5' BX Fxanmm Brenda Bailey MR. SMITH A dvisor Helen Hu mmel Malcolm Bridges Jerry Mensch Joan Harris Jerry Rainbolt Louise Dixon 4 Searching! ll Long awaited at last day. . . Freshman Q. 522322 Wanderers ? '? '? ay Xi Work Already? Girls' Get the low-down quiet. fill Tuesday E 2 Y FRESHMAN CLASS or Freshman lass Officers SIEATED: Rishi-ri Phillips, Clifford Endow, Lucille Grecn, Sue Bourland. STANDING: lfrancis Katayama, Ruynold Endow, Larry Banr, u.. .A l e Jean Abelia 3 Janyce Aniarel Q' A -, . Annie Anderson X V We George Archibald fo, Bob Arcuri Q A , SHOWN Mary Arellano .1 J , Marilyn Ayson ' SS hi Ll ' S 1' 5 - Il , . Benny Bailey A X311 Gerald Bailey Joseph Bailey Charlene Baker ,gl ' A ex Tony Basqnez ri I we or wf'e,.v . X 'ay A . A X' ' A . B gy Beverly Bassett ex gl A ' hw l Mill Judith Batara Larry Baur Larry Beaver Rose Beaver Joyce Belveal s.. , J A . 'l 'N a ' r , r Y 125 ' s I , , Ki' - xx K we 2 X :gs Qs , A .1 I Rose Bennefield Kenneth Benton X r ' F X Q at :Elf Thomas Bennefield ill Q is gk at E X PE as Q Rosan Betz Alice Bishop Jeanette Black Jim Black John Bloyd Betty Boiton Linda Boring Susan Bourland Michael Bowdino Cordett Braden George Bradley Patricia Braziel Jerry Bridges Betty Briggs Delilah Brown Linda Brown Royce Brown WZ 1' 1 'basal .A..J.t ? .f If bf' I . v' 4 I gl, ' .0 J, fly 7 "":7f..4-" .. 1 ,V 'W on , ,,' J .1 ,J 1 A I 'Ili' 1 J 3' my .' 'li' I . ,' . ' 1 lov' fy' ,V ! '7 , ,I 1' I J if , f, Xfplfj . v if 1 f J " , .-L .r M, Aiwa:- Wlvl, ff!! X f' fp' ZA! - .r,"Z'4 If-"' .J 'fvx X - Ruby Brown 1- Norman Cable ft ff. Susan Caesar Siu nihnu ,qc-r GDWN 'IUYNQ as E . an A ta ' 5 5 ,Al 0 l 3 . Q -V X Y Q .JR 6 'I Q-1, va-im N ,w mf , PNUTC M if V Uthman Rosie Caldera Bobbie Caldwell Marilyn Camp Sharon Campbell Clydetta Camper Mary Carey James Cargill Carolyn Carlton Mary Carrasco Thomas Carter No, q Jerry Caward QNQQLJQ Alfred Cervantes 1? "-' William Chamberlain Antonio Cisneros Rabin Claycomb Bl .A..a'.1 A .G. Clowers Jim Collins Glenn Colvard Ed Corker Susan Cornelius Marvin Cothrin Michelle Cotten Tom Coupe Carol Coursey Bob Cowan Ja mes Cox Don Crabbe Berniece Crabtree Mary Craine Raymond Craine John Crane Raymond Crawford Wayne Croley Steve Cruise jerry Cumbie Douglas Davenport Buena Davis Terry Davis Robert Deans Daniel Deaver Halbert Deckard Richard De La Cruz Bob Deny Bernita Dickson Edna Dinkins Carmen Dodge Dwight Dolliver Lorrie Domingue Katherine Drewry Pamela Dryden Patsy Durham Raymond Eason Carol Eaton Elda Edgecomb Shirley Eisenbeisz Jerry Cunningham 9 0 dbg, 1 5 ' Y tr, nl ii: .FAQ Ronnie Green Lucille Greene Wyone Grund Bonnie Gustafson Darrell Gyles Delores Haile Shirlene Endicott Clifford Endow Reynold Endow Glenn Engle Donna Eveleigh Sharm Fagg David Fajen Francess Falloon Henry Fanning Lewis Farmer Janet Ferber Dixie Ferguson Joycelyn Fife Sue Finley Gloria Fiveash Michael Fleming Patricia Fleming Judith Foley Threasa Fox Henry Francis Hiroko Fukuman Mary Garcia Mary Garcia K William Gayles Ronnie Gerhardt William Gibbs Ellen Gervais L X J Josephine Gibson Vera Gibson Sue Glasscock Fritz Graudushus Sharon Gray vis Stevie Franklin Breece Franks Marianne Froehlich M -mill' mv . i' A Q. x 'V 4' Robert Hoyt Diann Hughart Jerry Hughart Ronald Hamataka Vivian Hamilton Gale Hammersley Arlene Hansen Thomas Hargon Violet Harp Gary Heitzmann Larry Heitzmann Connie Hemandez Gary Hernandez Joe Herzog Stephen Hibbs Dave Hickison Olive Himebauch Arthur Hines Gordon Hoeppner William Hogan Dan Hogge Doris Horst Diane Houck William Hull Sharon Hutcheson Mary Inouye Natalie Jaquez Barbara J a merson Gladys Jenkins Genevieve Joerger AVAILABI as ff ,wk s K is km.. Plliblll. Myrna Joesink Kenneth Johnson Susan Johnson Willie Johnson Linda Johnston Larry Jones Sharon Jones William Jones Jerry Kadoya Francis Katayama George Keller F Q f x - M Si 'M s Jr 'ss Y E- J 5 s Nw S x 'Y 4. as 3 N wif' . ' gags ,,,,, , -W ,af 'Q' , . "2- ,f' 'D ,I 13? ti Q5 P X.. J g W its A K M Q a D :ss . 4 Q IQIMKBLI ' :X Richard Keller Sharon Kidd Daniel King Lorna Kneppel Michael Knight Lillian Kolb Larry Kolman Margaret Konvalin Elaine Kyes Delbert Land Judy Land Mary Lara Lavonna Larsen Everett Lawrence Stanley Lawrence Ruth Lee Russell Lewis James Lind Geraldine Littke Frances Lumpkins Jeann Maita Judith Martin Gerry Martinez Ray Martinez A lan Ma xwell Jerry Ma yer Q 5 it R rs is Rita Martinez L si 99 as E Patricia Mayer Dan Melavic Ja mes Melavic Paulette Mayer , ' .. ' -A ss N ri X 'B' ' as 5 'ii Melvin Mello Anthony Mello Ramona Mendenhall Theodore Messing Darrell Miller Dorthy Miller Ta ck Miller nh WE gt- a Constance McDougal Mary McNeal Bill Mack. Rosie O'Suna Joe Palaca J Carl Mills Bobby Montgomery Joe Montoya Jackie Mooi Eva Morales Joey Morales Arthur Morgan Donald Morgan Sharon Moss John Massengale Frank Nasca George Need Lloyd Need Nina Neely Norma Neuland Virginia Norton Billy Novotny Elaine Olenski Theodore Ortiz Jo Anna O'Suna Barbara Paiva Arthur Paley Jimmy Parkerson David Pederson Henry Pellini Earl Penrod Ellen Perdue Nita Perdue James Perna Richard Perrin Robert Phillips Victor Phillips Charles Pierce Sharon Pope Juanita Potter Bruce Powers Clark Powers William Prescott Elizabeth Quackenbush m i' se! N5 C 1 H . fs 1 ' J Edward Smith Patsy Smith Karen Smoot Walter Snow Ivan Sorensen Elizabeth Sorrell Billy Spencer Martha Spencer Alice Sprenger Clay Stacey Ramona Statham Gary Radke Joe Rainbolt Tom Ray Henry Reichmuth Daisy Revell Dale Roberts Mary Rohrer Delia Rubalcava Muriel Ruhl Kathie Runow Ronda Rusch John Saldana Donald Sanders Annaclare Saner Warren Sargent Leland Scherman Eugene Schmidt Jay Schneider Judith Schooling Dianna Schuh Virginia Scott Ralph Seabrooks Rose Seamas Anthony Silva Ronnie Simunich Lawrence Schultze Lynn Slavich Kenneth Smedberg Barbara Smith 3 is Ion Thorpe if Y Y 2' f If wr ' is YJ a , All vi Eva Todd Rosemary Tooker Larry Stepps Russell Stevens Donald Stewart Ernest Stillman Jack Stock Sunda Stone Gerald Strickling Sharon Strickling Lua Stuart Wade Stultz Florine Takehara Joan Talbott Loretta Taylor Remmel Taylor David Tessen Carol Thomas Myron Thomas Frank Thompson Mearl Thompson William Thompson Q, , Richard Tracey Lf Ever Trice ' Q 1' Y, Michael Trott Loretta Tschoepe is rs, , Lawrence Turbovsky ah. f f W Gerald Uffelman - as Ng Y Judy Uhde i if rr'-r'i 51- L x u A 1 rl, .',- f S Bob Underwood J ' ' " Lydia Valencia f John Van Santen f V Tom Vasquez Virginia Veninga f - Lg Judith Veris J If 1 ,rfr 5. 1 'Zn-. . . +'i..z ' Dale Vining Leilana Waite Albert Walker Bobby Walker Jerry Walker 'f' -.1 . J-1 xx - A W S L 'lv 'L ' aa an-we ..- ' - , um- Thomas Wallace Betty Warren Julie Warren Harriet Waymire Arlie Webb Weldon White Robert Whorton Carolyn Wick Clifford Wilcox Iacquline Wilkerson Gerald Wilkinson Patricia Willhite Jerome Williams Reuben Williams Rickey Wills James Wilson Jerry Wilson Larry Wilson Victoria Wong Barbara Woods Kenny Yoshihara Mary Young Larry Zimmerman Gary Zom Fred Roberts 39 CAPTAIN Frank Vcnclcore 40 Football MOST VALUABLE PLAYER John Greene MOST VALUABLE LINEMAN Roy Suigo Where's everybody going! l! ! Loewe? Herd Football 1957 ACTION SHOTS He didn't get very far. 1-OU 00' ' 6 ere I Vg C0076 K lllllllllnnq M nl. ra P .mi is 1- Varsity Football FIRST ROW: R. Saigo, B. Franklin, F. Lema, S. Forsyth, J. Dawson, M. Foley, J. Strong, H. Yamamura, R, Owens, F. Vanacore. SECOND ROW: H. Oshiro, J. Prock, L. Bauder, H. Kunitake, T. Baudcr, J. Fell, F, Smith W. Bartholomew, I. Sinclair, D. Carr. THIRD ROW: J. Greene, G. Hisamoto, J. Sterger, J. Kearney, D. Cruise, R. Wilson, G. Fenis, C. Pearson, J. Lewis. FOURTH ROW: B. Gomes, B. Inouye, B. Watson, J. Scilcr, L. Maynard, D. Crump, C. Walker, A. Morairty, D. Williams, L. Heany, J. Thorpe. .xi S COACH VARSIW VARSWY . COA Woher Pwbmson John Re09er CH 42 Varsity Football QI 'Q Roseville - Won Placer - Won Livingston - Last El Dorado - Won San Juan - Lost Galt - Lost James Marshall - Lost 'k 'R 'k 'k l f .k League Games QQ CLOCKWISE: Dave Cruise, George Fenis, Lew Bauder, Bill Watson, Bill Franklin, Fred Lema, Ben Inouye, Jackie Dawson, Charles Walker, Jim Kearney, Hiroshi Oshiro, Larry Maynard, Mike Foley, Wayne Barthol mew. 43 "B" Team M. Gervais, T. Owens, K. FIRST ROW: W. Bailey, C. Mullins, R. Backer, E. Jenkins, T. Bishop, R. Richardson, Beitz, S, Hibbs, H. Thorpe. SECOND ROW: J. Entrician, H. Davis, J. Lemos, M. Eaton, T. Perez, L. Neely, G - ' D E an elista, El sman C. Castello, J. Strickland, H. Fenton, O. Glantz. THIRD ROW. W. White, T. Shone, . v g ire , B. Martin, I. Ollar. J. Tooker, C. Hernandez, W. Mac Donald. J. Sinclair, J. Vasquez. I. Perez. QP x, dp Q,X, CQAC C056 9.06 JA 0596 nd N W Ni Ba 9050 had Wigievv- Beizgxxiiom new .5 vb N, PM '- QB? 1 xl P51 99,5 ws 1 X1 we we Freshman Football FIRST ROW: T. Davis, E. Schmidt, R. Endow, L. Slavich, J. Miller, G. Stillman, R. Wills, K. Yoshihara, C Endow. SECOND ROW: J. Crane, J. Cumbie, E. Fanning, G. Engle, B. Frank, J. Wilson, J. Bridges, W. Whi' J. Williams. THIRD ROW: A. Walker, F. Katayama, S. Cruise, B. Bailey, R. Phillips, J. Palaca, D. Crabbe, T. Coupe, S. Lawrence. ,lib CY A1- NOVEMBER Homecoming , ATTENDANTS, TOP TO BOTTOM: Sharon Scorf, Kay Leonarcl, Mary Ellen V005, Sandy Silver, and Mary Dorn. Coronation fun- X I 1-ll-0.1 'Nmgrk 'Ffh ,,i, T27 , 'F I T xi. ' .. ,. N ivfflfkf-Q ' -fi. -4. t 5 'e ,QE - Q L. 19 rf, -4-u vf- 'nw' f -gym-V 3 i A ,L , .. -"' ' .Ax a 41 . . 35, A. 1 "Qu 11' "S Qi A 13, . 2 .gl A ififiw., 5 .4 -sv' Q. M x , - if x QL, Qs s . 5 5 ' s X '- x r . .+,., 2 'S n i' sgxxxi 'E "Xxi 5 l . gf xg 'K Mi f 'K an A-ivy sw... A N n- , . A D 4- J K' fux. Carrying out the fheme "T.V. Guide, " The Senior Class won ist place wifh their beau tiful float, FANTASY LAND. 50 .-9' W .www Y K me NW M .xx,. NMA- ..,x . .,MWN-N .K b. H711 c wav W3- Uf, f ffl -l c. as . ' If V bs' i,-ix ffghi 'fr , 2 , qlt. ffl' . Second Place - Junior Class Third Place - Sophomore Class Qs ,,,fw.w---- 51 xxx -.PN 3 , 5: W if x J., ,R x A ,f sf if 8 . . 4 fn. 12 4 v f' A ,Wfvfvf 'aiu-J' ,...,qav-' 'fa ,.r'r"8"' We dedicated the flag pole! Qin """"Q.. Boys, you've got the iockefs! I I Our Roycxlfy! W Q 'mq'w 4"" 'A 9 K 3 T", it L gh -f' i: m,3..., . Q " , .' ,f "- ' 1 5 'S"'V- . " ff 5+ ,.,,, , .4 Av .lf , 'Y ,, .Kathi w if- xp Took longer 'ro build, clidn'f if? 54 S Behold h We fought hard Geri on dufy ' Here comes the bond 55 DECEMBER O Girls' League Council I Boys' League Council I G.A.A. Council I Block E G Council I Christmas Ball Girls Lea glle Q ,NI I 'TN JUDY BIETZ Prugidcm S0 "ui W ffif' HRS-T ROW1 S. Ward, K, Leonard, S. Bieiz, R. Kammcmr, G, Rumw SECOND ROW1G. Hahn, NML. Gasaway, D. Cecu, S. Spooncr, Mrs Swank. THKRD ROW: C. Edtahn, E. ho, M. Dom, P. NXQGQQ, Xi. T sukamoxa . 58 Council 9 League BUYS I'1RS'l'ROW: R. Ciarvia, G. Galvcz, 13. Iuouyc, ll. Cruise, L. Maynard. SIECIONIJ ROW: lf, Vanacorc, G. Fcnis, IP. Carr, N. Arvlzibald, Mr. LL !Xl.'ly. THIRD RUW: R. Saigo, lf. Watson, Ii, SSIYJIIIOIO, Ii. Smillz. 59 1 fn-wx? mire INOUY PTL-sidcul E GAA Council . Ny, l Gatclan C naman. M155 Run0Wr ' G . vxeswu ' haw . ' Z 9 R' . lol? s. x-1e0'leV'l One of the largest organizations on the Elk Grove Campus is the athletically minded club, the G .A.A, , comprised of girls interested in sports. The Club sponsors play days, meetings and took part in the annual Block EG-G .A.A. picnic. 60 i CONNIE EDRALIN President Block EG .sxx DAVE C RUISE President Coa ch Cruise. mon' B. Frank . Im, R. Gam ia, D. Couins' D Hi h-lighting the activities of the Block EG this year were 9 the annual initiation, and the Block EG-G.A.A. picnic, which was held in the last part of the year. The main interest of the organization is o c g boys on the varsity teams who have earned their letters. t re o nize the 61 Christmas Ba HOLIDAY TIME "White Christmas" was the theme for the festive third annual Christmas Ball sponsored by the Elk Staff . On December Twentieth, we danced by candle light to the strains of Bob Steen's combo from nine 'til midnight. Girls in semi-formal dress and their dates were seated in foursomes at tables, each with its star-shaped candleholder and sprig of mistle toe. Refreshments consisted of cut-out Christ- mas cookies and chilled punch. 63 JANUARY O Rally Club I Cheer Leaders I Song Leader I Thespians Q Modelaires l Chess Club I Sophomore Class Yell Leaders Y goyri -. Susan SK05 .ve 1,26 XLQCXOYKBV' SMX 66 64 sawm- Wag EXX60 Q 005 OW- Ma Sigma . Y?-0 Sohnsnon, 1 amamur a, CX ark NT P- . Manena Powers. W M . Sara Cowon, S - Batty 'Iamar wha Hosp an BACK ROW. li avliot K' X Ynxni Bisaxnom, Lynn Hemp, Linda d, 'Yom Fernandez Torn So ng LCaderS , 'br-C OVAWA Quai . K0- . 9 C,onnx6?1mg,xa'on01Y- .gi-acvidoga. ' Ge,vaX5X9?' 'AY ' was 9 wi V60 X3 Maxim , if-t ' if h gf it 22 3. is 5 .N f v Qi xx X - 1: A eww , i . f . - ,Q X F-XS Q . ffv--W: Q. .f 11'wa.,a,f K g K . Wil? ix 5 ' x - X w x 1- if - .sl ,xv x i, -eg. ' A K " W' -3, gi- -1' ' ' 92 K ga, x Q5 1 5 U, nm . --xi-'P' Q- -Q S3 iQf' E,wQw X. if N NB A il D ix .51 Q I4 S - X-may fm I .Y Q X -W , iw.,-6' M 5, X , Lrg. wwwsqhdgi, ,n , mm Wx.. W-if . ' , ' --S' N ,MQ . R ha- in . ., ,WX .A .Q-N,..3,....Qm., ,. .gy X i 'A' f- Q I -S is Q X X X f' 3 , - . 5: ii, . if ' vggg Yi A X 1, x f " wrt , ,X.w,.?: .Y X +1 N... . . Q QQ. X W g s ., , xxx. if x.5v t S 5 1 . X U, : " 13' f x N x N X' ii pw 1, 6 om ,E 3 .3-3 Q i E I fl SOPHUMORE CLASS Sophomore Class fficers SEATED Susan Hensley, Pat McGee Blair Hoyt Frances Sonoda STANDING Norman Archibald Kay Lyon, Donna Finney Norman Archibald Larry Ayson Roy Backer James Bailey William Bailey Viola Baker Alan Banek Janet Barnes Frances Basquez james Bassett Barbara Bennefield D ' N , f 5-.l Ill A S egg, wt is was-K-A4 .- Don Berry Shirley Berry Kenneth Bietz Carol Biffel Tony Bishop Wayne Borvice Tom Bourland Judith Bradley Delbert Britschgi Keith Bryant Madelaine Bryant Judy Buechler Sammie Byrd Houston Caesar Judith Campbell Eddie Carter Sidney Carter Charlotte Casey Paul Cass Clinton Castello Don Caward Juanita Cecil Leroy Choquette . I sag ' QR . . ' Vivian Collins B Carolyn Conner Nick Correa " Curtis Conner Carol Cowperthwaite Viona Cox Charlotte Coy Judith Craig Patsy Crawford Barbara Cuccia April Culy Douglas Cummings Dena Darr Diana Darr Colletta Davis , -,Q is J' Q 'ff ' w, 'M kip : ' gap s ' Q gVm.A isa, .sew ' , Vi p R' J 1 'ML1' L " J Qizr :"' , an :i- V .. -iff M i Phyllis Fizer Lloyd Ezlinger Daniel Evangelista Donna Davis Hugh Davis Janice Davis Lawrence Dawson Ronald Deal Lanita Decker Vernel DeHerrera Polly Delgado Florence Dietrich Patricia Dixon James Dockter Claude Dollahite Joan Dollahite Gary Drake Vera Durham Joseph Eaton Ivan Ebersole Joseph Eck Linda Edwards Gilbert Ehresman Michiko Endow Jim Entrican Joan Estrada Bessie Favor Q Dennis Fenton Harley Fenton Tom Fernandez William Fife Donna Finney Marty Fischlin Betty Foshee is V Freidman Franklin y Nadine Fre Robert Elder 1 1 , ,ML p Bob Eiienberger F Marjorie Elliss so X X 4 5 N! Q A E -ref R ' 4 4 V V Q xl G 4. , gm , f.. F l? I Photo sol - P...- AVAII Am ' -A ' v X' J ,Z 1:45 LJ ' A Y L Auen Fujii N-"7 Randolph Fuller J- 'F' Q s I, . ,-'ff- . 'Q Ak str? - ,, -wet' . ., , as ff- Kathleen Galland rgb Q, M Q J X Avelino Garcia J A f, ' 'ff ar - f Rose Garcia A . .1 "1: ,,. :D 1 ' , Marcus Gervais ' ll' ' . Elizabeth Gibbons Orlan Glantz A J Freddie Gonzales vs., Arthur Green J oa n Greene Richard Gunn Efren Gutierrez Ernest Guyton J Margaret Hall K ' Marcia Harbert Buddy Harding 'K I D1D'n'r ugv' ' A vu N y WIA! . CX. L- X ll! ,G kiss , X 9 J Will J i ' ' V9 GG-lb w. IB I 1. ' J.. r -- . xg 4' . V za-511. ' ' 'Pb S .s '- , ,,. x wi rm J YF ,X Q.. -, X w. -4 H Y Joan Harrison in Ruth Hayashida A . ' ,A ,. 3 .. H Susan Hensley lg qw. ri .L ta ,X Charles Hernandez V rf ,h 7 'N' 'N' Ray Hewitt , 35.2.5 tl, J I ' f is J NN if ' Shirley Hook la' fx I is Dale Hornof S " Harold Houx D I - A l U R J , A n - Preston Hoyt ' 2' 1' ' Q Betty Hughes V 'Lx Ileen Hughes IMSU Q - Jr A y Judith Hupp fs b 3, V Q 2 . ' Marvin Hurlbut .. - ' ' 'A 2, Twua Idzinga J "WI ' fx" 2 'F' Mark Ikegami . f .x A XL 1 . N X .J N M X X r I I 4 I Sheila Ikegami J l .Q Kunio Ito A .3 x H . W Annetta Jacobson ., G' " "aft X Virginia Jacques 'ii ' i - . bb b V W Helen Jamerson 1 f ' . W f J' Q 'Y U K -r 5 it- Linda James , fs -at G Calvin Jenkins Erby Jenkins Joyce Johnson Rachael Johnson Sharon Johnson my , ,,. W? xt f ii isl Charles Maki Sammy Johnston Freddie Jones Nadean Jones Vernon Jungkeit Judy Kearney David Kemp Bill Keylon Carolyn Kingsley Harry Kneppel Shirley Knight Donald Kranjack Kenny Kunitake Priscilla Land Edith Larsen Bob Larson Signe Larson Evelyn Lawrence John Lemos Charles Leonard Wanda Lewis Delilah Littke Robert Littlefield Maye Livingston David Loveless Y X Billie Lucas Ace Luc ke Kay Lyon Patti McGee Russ McGough Wayne MacDonald Rene Maldonado Margaret Marshall Bill Martin Linda Martin Ruth Martinez Barbara Marty Elizabeth Marzan Oleata Mason Dennis Maxwell .TQJ tgq ,S Qu' 1, fi Photo not AVAILABI Paul McKean wjjgl, ,- my Q f- Q ,asa -. - .s J' , 'x 5 .M N. My f 4' . 554' - - .fx fr- as Q I, f 1 ,. ,Q ' sg ,am ig i . Zi- 'J was-4 - -, H: ' Y. sis Q QF' Ply' 1 A if , s x NAM? 1 1? ii. :Nia f ,ss ,Q rf' Q I Leota Maynard Dollie Miles Yvonne Miller Helen Ming Josephine Ming Elizabeth Mitchell Margaret Mohr Christine Moore Ann Moos Simon Morales David Morgan Joyce Morris Clayton Mullins Virginia Munyer Elizabeth Murphey Arthur Needham Lannie Neely Polly Oates James Ollar Melvin Ollar Priscilla Ortiz Terry Owens N eita Parker Linda Parrish Shirley Paulk Jim Perez ., R Thomas Perez William Perez h R R Patricia Perry Gary Platero x, 55, IF tif r-2 Carol Rau Karen Ritter Katherine Pudge Gloria Ramirez Arthur Richardson Robert Rocque Larry Rogers Mary Rogers Margaret Rubalcaba Regina Ruhstaller Carolyn Rumbo its in, ,H . if il! if , ff' ,, . -Ha A 3 .lg X , L., 31131 A an I .yly lk ,. .1 .L ikIA'L F , 'f,f' X ee Q 'Z 2 X ""' f in full ' Mis ' o K '31 Floyd Rutledge Guy Rutter Pearl Salsedo Allen Sam Janice Sanches Michael Sargent Janice Schauer Donna Schleining Darrell Schmidt Gloria Scroggin Jacqueline Senter Joye Sheppard Minnie Sherrill Betty S'hoffie Tom Shone Marlena Signa Gary Simnson 3 Tux' John Sinclair "5 Louie Slayton S -' QNLG C, dxf. 4 wi ll Carol Sloan Y K Q- Q Carolyn Smirl I Q David Smith A m fi' ,R " I if-V' ' 3 N x t 15, qc ,V Eugene Smith A ' f . Laura Smith fl y 3' 'Q Mary Smith M 'A ' r ' I Frances Sonoda - W 2 S M, P x . - ipiiqiw 1 4 Jill 1 lm UNMBU ' Geraldine Stabbert Ronnie Stafford S y ' Byron Stone h Joe Strickland . gf iif , ix 'S James Stuart , iff' - S 'mf' 1 t ' in ' , I x E 1 ll I . Carolyn Stull r X . t , Annemarie Stumpf , A G ' 758057 Helen Summers T V f- ag ' 3, l Theodore Swiatowy J J Q , -s Eddie Tahara ai' f J fi. 5 S Veronica Tartini A W' . . ' W " 1 ..-A 4 P Q, 5 ef David Taylor ox Pat Tepel . 4.3 Mary Test r x ii, Gail Thomas ' I Harold Thorpe T 1 Katsumi Tomono gy A 5 - 5 ' Jeffrey Tooker r Betty Valdez KT,N,'1' Marilyn Van Lengen -f '2- ' Clifford Vargus 'Qi I Esabel Vasquez ykjlf-' Joe Vasquez t,,.. 1 ..,, T ' C t LE - 4 en: nv asia - at 5 M - .:r. , ss Roberta Veit Q-" 1 9 a Virginia Vining , W KX , William visrck r' Catherine Wagner Qyu, Twig Barbara Walker JI' ,,t . I ,.:g b ., ,sbs P 115.5 n f :ji ,rt r Q v V K i vi 5 . , . POT V chown E 4 I Q" w R Geraldine Warboys Pat Wardlow K Yoshi Watanabe 'I V ' Marifrances Weddle Xifif' Delight Welch , Susan Westerberg Q - Donald White i i Robert White i 'VZ Catherine Wilfong f V ' t..,, . k . as' ra C my ,, ! ' Anna Wilkerson V .H - . Leigh Wilkerson --e 21' ' I Mildred Williams -S Ii - William Wills E 25' an-5.-. Arthur Wilson xf is 5 N Tkmll' C' to ufdcafslfi Mack Wilson , , i'ii Arley Wisdom 5 W Q 0 Laura Wong 1 is ,abil-Q. Alma Woodard , ,b Reba Woods h 'Magi C , gg Uy Janice Wordeman x L. A A ' ' I 2 S. F rl 1 ,X 5 1 Ndflllll PMOTOOI I 'ff' ',,..,. , , i? an 'is-1 W J FEBRUARY O Music Department I Future Business Leaders of America I Art Club C Future Homemakers of America I Quill and Scroll I Basketball 5 Ti .4 ff? F ' A nf gf is NVQ 'YW in if Q 5 , W'-If Sf' 21 ,mi Ss U Q -S yi, fr 5 1 41 1 m ff f f 5 fi 5 If-+1-41 Q I ai I A E 1? , y Q g 92.9351 kk. 1 S ' J Q 6 as , ix H We . . :S M , ,L W 'X mai. av Q, I I 1, 3 -nl Yi. 'Q W "" f 'Q in 'LJ me W M . N J rg ' gm mum- Ly mn, N ? X A as M -7 45" ww W tg' M- MM if tx , ,hh my a Q 'fx Va f Q QQ it 'Q 1-, 2 a .f ,wif , "-myf' " A.. ,ik sr iq 5 al? -'fwwwf L A 'fl' ff 2 ,K N mglubl Q 'os aims si' 1 ,gif ii Q Sk F Siu f bk sg """"p 1 Nw X , ' X . i '55 Ji may 7: XLLxL SQL Q Q 'X i gg Q Q 'R 'ak 5 f 'Q 'R Q Y 5 in QQ 'am xassmwbfbff Dance Band FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Fujii, L. Nakashima, B. Sakamoto, K. Bietz. SECOND ROW: L Crawford, B. Watson, D. Carr, L. Halverson, J. Lewis. STANDING: S. Johnson, R. Hutcherson. 86 Treble Clef FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. West, V. Norton, J. Morris, G. Joerger, H. Haynes, S. Byrd, J Estrada, R. Garcia, S. Stone, L. Decker, E. Dinkins, M. Pearson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Dick, B. Johnson, C. Parsons, A. Jacobson, C. Biffel, E. Quackenbush, J. O'Suna, L. Larsen, R. Prescott, R. O'Suna, L. Greene. 87 Hail . . . Our Flag ond Flcngbeorers S Stepping high together .... 9 'fb . A ,109 W , U A 1 . Pat Grubbs Drum Maior Rose Garcia Priscilla Pacquin Phyl iss Raza Sharon Spooner Fern Schafer Head Maloreffe Future Business Leaders of America Y Sm.. ' r .rs I f gi. I M,.,,y q 7 A A kv I P' - . x, , ,I . I 1 FIRST ROW: C. Brooks, IJ. Westlake, J. Cambell, S. Smith, B. Moore, L. Heaney, G. Ito, I. Nienlla I. Pederson, Norton, S. Scott. SECOND ROW: F. Abelia, A, Vasquez, C. Moore, M. Scliulzc, P. Mat I. Ma hew, J. Kaclladorian, I. Fenis. I. Maniea, M. VOllBClll'CIl, S. Dolson, M. Granlews, G. f Y- Y Runow F Gustafson THIRD ROW: I. Iintrican, I. Wise, G. McClelland, A, Lucas, G. Ihomas, V. Pi -ree I. Grundvi , I. Gledlnll, C. Souza, D. Hanner, M, Humphreys. FOURTH ROW: P. Landers, P i , g Diggs I Iolinson I3 Lawson, H. Hummel, R, Felt, L. James, A. Corhrin, S. Bennefield, I, Iii-ll, P, Walker, J. Chapman., G. Taylor, C. Maginniss, K. Edgecornbe. FIFTH ROW: L. Pinola, A. Ronk, A, Iiorderer, ID. Glantz, IT. Waddel, E. Duenas, M. Flemmer, G. Jones, IJ. Adams, M. Riilrardson, R. Osliiro, R. West, L. Estrada. 90 rtlr Art Club W I ..- 2S'l' ROW: S, smith, C. Maxwell, L. Cowpcrthwaite, P. Oats, M. Shanchez, S. Hensely, J. Thorpe, Morgan, ll. Cuccia, J. Foley, N. Cuccia. SECOND ROW: S. Takehara, H. Fukumau, N. Frey, P. nningham, M.lno11ye, D. Maxwell, D, Fincy, K, Lyon, L. Edwards, J. Frcyschlag, B. Crabtree, A, cnccr, J. Cunningham, B. Bailey, B. Littlefield, E. Visick, A. Jones, R. Stocker, L. Ishisaka, S. , lm, Mr. Gage. Pl'CSldCllI BRENDA BAILEY 91 Future Homemakers of America f- 4' PRESIDIZNT Daisy Cecil FIRST ROW: I. Newhart, L. James, V. Pierce, I. Pederson, Miss Malkovich, M. Test, R, Ortiz, A, Rubalcaba, D. Cecil, J. Harris, Mrs. Eoff, P, Ortiz, J, Talbot, M. Statuni. SECOND ROW: B. Davis, C. Parson, B. McDonald, C. Anderson, L. Brown, R. Mendenhal, I. Mooi, E. Mantz, R. Bennefield, E. Duenas, P. Diggs, L. Arellano, A.Vasquez, A. Mantz. THIRD ROW, I. Entrican, I. Davis, P. Lander, C. Maginniss, B. Cadwell, J. Martin, M. Bever, M. Furtado, V. Baker, S. Cornellius, C. Baker, L. Sizzel. FOURTH ROW, D. Darr, J. Senner, C. Perdue, I.. Estrada, L. Vilineia, E. Taylor, E. Trice, R. Estrada, F. Abelia, P. Meyer, R. West, M. Garcia, J. Abelia. FIFTH ROW, P. Dryden, A. Ronk, I. Arnarel, F. Tnkehara, J. Batara, M. Rubalcaba, F. Basquez, R. Kolb, C. Thomas, R. Brown, LJ. Wagner, M Livingston. 92 uill and Scroll FIRST ROW: W. Dixon, T. Yamamura, M. Bridges, D. Rusch, Mr. Smith, Advisor. SECOND ROW: E. Galland, T. Reynolds, G. Hahn, M. Dom. PRESIDENT NOT PICTURED: R. Ka mmerer. Elizabeth Galland 93 ha iii: 1-NW' YQ? f : 5. w al' gg ir. :g r im 2 " fr i : A' 'L , .. 5iff?5..,g ..h Dave Cr11iSS John Greene i I R' Co aw 0 dw QQ 99 E 5 Jim Kearney STARTIN Team FIRST ROW: C. Hernadez, J. Kearney, R. Phillips, L. May- nard, D. Cruise. SECOND ROW: R. Wilson, C. Castello, S. X1 Q 5 I Q. Rano Stabbert Da ve Barnes Don Collins "A" Team Schedule 1957 58 Woodland lost St. Mary's won Woodland won Roseville lost Rio Vista won None Del Rio lost k b "La Sierra won ' Galt lost LS a "James Marshall won Roseville lost ins, R. Stabbert, D. Barnes, R. Sargent, J. Greene, W Rio Vista won rolomew, D. Collins. ,ggxary S xg: " Armi jo lost " E1 Dorado won ' La Sierra won 'James Marshall lost El Ca mino lost ' San Juan lost E1 Ca mino lost " Galt won " Armi jo won ' El Dorado lost ' La Sierra won 'James Marshall won ' San Juan lost ""Calavers won ""Amador lost "'Mt. View lost 1 Golden Empire League Games ' ' Golden Empire League Tournam ' ' "' Tracy Invitational ournament Seasonal record 15 wins, 14 loses 2nd place-G. E. L. Play 3rd place-G. E. L. Tournament 4th place-Tracy Invitional Tournament Tracy Sportsmanship Trophey Up, Up, and away! A 11 whether, now Nice, jump Dave 96 We did 1t again! 'S A L. Ball' St. Mary's Roseville Rio Vista Norte Del Rio Roseville Rio Vista St. Mary's Woodland 'Galt 'Armijo " El Dorado ' La Sierra 'james Marshall E1 Camino " San Juan F. Ta niha ra won lost won lost lost lost won lost won won won lost lost lost won i Don Johnson F . Karayama B Bas et a l " 9' k b l "B" Team Schedule 3617 'Galt won 35- 39-47 'Armijo won 48- 52 ' 5:1 ' El Dorado won 6'7- 42'00 'La Sierra lost 35- 4g'Zg 'James Marshall lost 38- 3 - 'Golden Empire League Games Seasonal Record U- 46'37 10 wins 10 loses 39'45 3rd Place-G.E.L. Play 40-38 I. Morales Coach Dennis 97 C Gabe Galvez I 5 ' M.V.P. Preston C S Wong Captain: Team TEAM, FIRST ROW: L. R. M. Fernadez, G. Galvez, . Wong, J. Morales. SECOND ROW: L. Baur, R. Stevens . Hoyt, R. Oda, D. Posten, D. Stewart. N D Coach Zimbleman D TEAM, FIRST ROW: K. Ito, H. Ceaser. K. Tomono. E. Moman, G. Radkie. SECOND ROW: W. Borvice, B. Prescott, A. Fujii, E. Tahara, N. Sargent. F5 Captain: Katsumi Tomono Elmer Moman MARCH O California Scholarship Federation I Future Medical Students Of America O Fire Chiefs C Librarians C Future Teachers of America I Junior Class I Junior Prom I Oratorical Contest I One Act Plays President DALE RUSC H . . Cahfornl v S in S X " ' 5 Q Li. .. . K V , . FIRST ROW: R. Stoecker, J. Grundvig, C. Teddleton, G. Hahn, H. Yarnamura M. Onodera, H. Hamataka, K. Pudge, S. Sims, Mrs. Elena Holmes, B. Kadok Onodera, R. Saigo, J. Breding, R. Sargent, B. Visick, W. Bartholomew, S. Co 102 :holarship Federation . , ,, M .. -- ' '-9 2 l .Nik i x 1, D. Ruscll, J. Himcbauch, D. Adams, J. Vossler. SECOND ROW: R. Johnson , G. Warboys. J. Murphy, R. Veit. THIRD ROW: K. Wilson, W. Dixon, D. 103 PRESIDENT Geri Hahn Future Teachers of America STANDING: I. Harris, S. Spooner, A. Trott, J. Vossler, N. Frey, F. MacDowell, D. Meyer, D. Westlake, C. Teddleton, G. Hooper, G. Hahn, Mr. Allen, T. Reynolds, S. Smith, S. Silver, C A' Lairson, R. Johnson, G. Z.orn, L. Galland, R. Saigo, M. Stump, S. Westerberg. SEATED: L. Holop, A. Umeda, P. Oats, J. Greene, M. Camp, L. Estrada, K. Edgecombe, C. Maginniss, J. Bietz, K. Leonard. Librarians 5. L. lshisaka, L. Pinola, S. W'ard, J. Claycomb, A. Mantz, B. Haynes, I. Freyschlag, L. Galland, T. Reynolds, W. Dixon, D. Berry, G. Conley, S. Adam, A. Spencer, J. Rogers, Mrs. Richeson, K. Galland, D. Blair, G. McClelland. 104 Fire Chiefs DC 'lx' M .,., X. FIRST ROW: L, Maynard, R. Saigo, L. Nakashima, B. lnouye. SECOND ROW: S. Ito, H. Kunitake. P. Bteitzel, D. Carr, H. Yarrrmamura, G, Ferris, F. Vanacore, D. Cruise, B, Sakamoto. Future Medical Students of America Q. XX 'Ms SIEATED: L. Beaver, M, Estioka, H. Hamataka, Mrs. Jones, J. Greene. STANDING: M. Dorn, M, .., A lryanl, B. Need, P. Raza, R. Galvez, J. Himebauelr, B, Beeman, M. Schultz, P. Hall, P. Oats, . Arrrarcl, V. McGee, J. Martin, J. Hendee, A. Pantliek, F. Gustafson, B. Littlefield, B. f iadokawa, S, l.err1orr, M. Furtado, L. White, G. Zorn, R. Sarge, andJ, Campbell. '05 JEAN HIMEBAUCH 3?- , n K 2 JUNIOR CLASS O Junlor Class Ufficers SEATED: May Onodera, Amy Umeda, Hannah Hamataka, Edith Tsukamoto. STANDING Elmer Smith, Larry Maynard, Duane Carr, Don Poston. NOV gf. w'2zmw,Q 7, f . ku ' Florene Abclia l 2 Mary Adames xl Xxwf' Donald Allen , , , fifff Moro not Amun Wayne Bartholomew Marcilla Batara Tom Bauder David Beavers Paul Beitzel X, R Douglas Allen ' ' .. - or Wayne Allen 5 Q12 , Q Marilyn Ambrose I K Y 7+ 1 m?,4,,,. -14 Lupe Arellano lk l I X v X55 lglroto not wusu .lfllwm ,. fzwfnr ly William Asay n . ,Q Anna Bailey , 9 ,Q ng, Bob Bailey Y - 4 k L 3? C David Barnes Q ., V if r Clareen Barnett .ti-..i?f3 . f f A ' l J N A at -A QL5 5 it aa, t .4 7 y 5 , , r KKIQ, A A X A ag ,,,, -I Judith Bell Richard Christesen Charles Belveal Fred Bercier Dorothy Berry Jerry Bonar Glenda Brown Charlene Bryant Troy Bryant Rodell Buechler Everett Burgess Myron Buscher Joan Butler Xan. Q 1 DanCampbel1 ' Jean Campbell Q Jo Ann Campbell H' D as V Q Hugh Cargill AVAH.A8l Duane Carr Daisy Cecil Gloria Cervantes Judy Chapman Louis Choquette Judy Claycomb Donald Collins Nadine Collins Steve Collins Sara Colton Wayne Condit Doylene Coombes- Arlene Cothrin William Cowan Beverly Crabtree Fred Craine Larry Crawford Dale Crump Joyce Cumbie Joel Darr Gerald Davidson Evelyn Deckard Frankie De Graff Louie De Herrera Robert Detlefsen ri-NIM . ' X ig ,fgsrxvsg . . rr, Q5 9 fr K: ri' www 1 'B -FI' , f I S X .v-5 JT ,tt r C J Rs 1 is . ' is YK s s 3, 52 lm' . . an P1 4 'XY Ks, sr gf Q F . N N if X e -R t, QL? K Mob AVAILABLE ' 'li i r ,iw W -'M ig 7 ,. 'FF' X 'Ver A. If P ,, 1 1 ,a x tg? s Mil , in Lia w 2 . vc- 4 "-4. 553- N-. Priscilla Diggs ' W Q Eva Duenas Vemon Eck 'C ii, ii, as Ronald Dunbar E we 'f ' ' s i ' S Ray Edge ,.,,,,,. 4 Karen Edgecombe 'fy ffl" Agrifino Edralin f Gary Elliot 3' " Carol Engle X Maria Estioko 4 r 1 yy Lupe Estrada KVNU- L Kenneth Falloon James Felt Ruth Felt Michael Fernandez Q I size, .4 Z ., 41 rp a ii fn A 9ur,,,,.' 4' " 'es r WV, . v' 1, . Sandra Flow A A Bill Franklin Willie Freeman .3 it s i Gabriel Galvez - W, A 3 F Vg .. Rose Galvez e H rf' Benny Garcia F5 J is Dolores Garcia fl 'i" if Palmera Garcia Roger Gasaway f .K iii 7 Rose Gibbons 4 ,Y ,, - 1' s. Donald Gillick F 4 William Gomes X 5 L Qi Margaret Granlees Faye Gustofson E Edward Gyles A or . Lester Halverson Hannah Hamataka LeAnn Hamilton 55, 6 -Q Q.. s. fi ' Russell Haught Helen Haynes Lee Heany Ernest Heaton Wayne Hammersley Q , K H 2 ,,.. L A ' . QM, I M r -2 ' ' " 4 4 s , Joan Freyschlag Martin Frost vzpbf if? 'V sh 5 ii-I 'Tb 'ii s ai. 1 A Noreen Gallagher Leroy Joerger Barbara Johnson Charles Johnson David Judge Judith Kapitan David Kneppel Linda Kneppel Ronald Knight Henry Kunitake Ronny , Lamphere Patricia Landers Sharon Lemen Richard Lopez Allen Lucke Donald McCune William McGee Roosevelt McLalghlin Charles McNeal Clementina Ma ginniss Arlene Mantz Evalyn Mantz Laquita Marler Dale Martin Barbara Hedberg Janet Hendee Marshall Hinckley Jack Hinsz George Hisamoto Ruby Hooper Ray Hutcherson Frank Immoos Jackson Ito Sadao Ito Sandra Homof Martha Hospenthal Myma Humpherys Gerald Humpherys Ronald Hurlbur Joyce Martin Peter Marty Carol Maxwell Gene Maxwell Louis Maxwell Larry Maynard Tom Melavic Alvie Mendenhall Elmer Moman Coleen Moore Arnold Morairty r Dona Morgan Dorthy Morgan Robert Morris Hugh Mouser Gerald Nasca Betty Need Ronald Neely Ruby Oshira Ronald Owens John Paquin Arlene Pantlick Danny Pasqual Carole Perdue Benito Perez Lila Phillips Joe Pinola Archie Pool Don Poston Iohn Potter Jerry Prock Rebecca Provencio Naomi Pulcifer Lauralee Purdy Fellsing Raza Glenn Reinhardt I une Neuharth Richard Oda May Onodera Margaret Richardson - Mary Ritter if-at tv if 'W R . 'U f ' iii , - . Z R Vemon Ritter or .Ig -- ,,,, 4 LQ-gif' .. 4, William Rose X if Philip Rubalcava X nan ,- kk ', Bob RllI'l'lb0 X ,xi .xbli Roy Sargent ' r ' K ' ' Fem Schafer 1 Larry Scherman N if Kenneth Schleining a - S S rf, x ,Q S 'i'i'1' S Delbert schmidt ,' Q, ., Darrell Schuh S S , 5 Marlene Schulze 2 if E R - Bertha Sebree S f hi S ' Ja mes Seiler ' J ' R Lenore Selzle L R f ' Ronald Sieber i Irl Sinclair William Singleton Elmer Smith I I . Richard Smith Robert Smith ,gr R s 'rw ff Shirley Smith Joyce Smotherman Bonnie Snyder Richard Somatis Richard Spencer Richard Sprenger Kathleen Stacey Raymond Stemler Alberta Stepps Gerald Sterger Larry Stockman Rita Stoecker Jim Strong Tom Sutti Rusby Takehara Shirley Takehara Fred Tanihara Elaine Taylor Glenda Taylor Carolyn Teddleton Birdyce Terras a T xr., ik ri .Xu .rw ,... ::, N git., E . 5 to -:wr X 'R 5 5 t K K N' -' ff? 5 L , R -. S x A A QQ Q. Q, R X 1 ' ly NV R if W g ,Q xr Q' - tv- 'whim -rr.. f m ,-irs'N' '!5,'Vs xii MS.. A. . X 155 K 1 in 1 , f YE Q gt 6 539' Q A R, XX R D5 . f Nab Twink QP" q- X s i Q .f "T:' Florence Thomas Gloria Thomas Melody Trott Edith Tsukamoto Alice Uhde Amy Umeda ' F if n gigs is 3 as rr- ,ih 'I , 131 - 3553 Q E M' 1' 7.1 -r . K W-3' ,s s S 3 r. M N ra. Q 451 ' f'f as xv,,.4 ..17"-:n , kv fi :Se Anita Vasquez 4 Q Pat Vest Esther visick QQ ' Ns Jeanette Vossler ' Frances Waddell Y' U A is , I 1 , .- Kathleen Wagner A "h: " fy X . Q George Waite it Charles Walker 'i W gm A ' -, fa' - Patricia Walker il ff A .. it KS A I gl ' E' Sz Janet Walton Q Rose West f Jack White .P ,Q xx do F MQ. if F F La Wanda White L I Janice Whitfield H " A i s I I 1 i Frances Whitworth Doris Willhite Ival Williams Ray Williams Richard Williams Sammy Williams Peggy Williamson Harry Wilson Kenneth Jr. Wilson Sharon Wilson Sanford Wisdom Preston Wong James Woodward Harry Yamamura June Young Betty Zenker Dona ld Whitley G' N Q Q Junior Prom DESERT SONG "sw I N x I l fa e '1 4 X J 'Q Oratorical Contest His talking finally paid offl J. Vossler, T. Reynolds, B. Bailey, I. Lewis, B. Watson, W. Dixon, J. Bietz, G. Hahn Bridges, and A. Trott. 'l'l6 Sky Fodder Little Prison 006 Act Plays MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM H7 APRIL I Future Farmers of America I Baseball I Tennis I Girls Athletic Association Future Farmers of America PRESIDENT Da ve Barnes STANDING: Wayne White, Everett Burgess, Robert Summers, and Orland Glantz. SEATED: George Fenis, Da ve Barnes, Bill Knox. 120 1u':,,.'l".f 4 by QOQQ ?"i ,Q Q fs Eggs an fi. g. Queen Karen .X Which is the prize! Mr. Schulz-Advisor ng 5 Mr. Thule-Advisor L 2 P! , 904 .Mnga Show off ! Mr. Weise-Advisor X V afiity B aSBb ax Q O X . 'v THXRD V' Comm- Q K. HOCPPGZ . B . - 58550 ' Hisamotor? oXeY . and - , R- G. . Nakasmma wwe" a1o.Wke n. L' ens. G' woodw E. M0293 '-1 R- CW gge. 5' - 5, ggyl n I . CHI new V' Bnyigewmon' WB. GMCW' D Macomb ROW: 'Cn Moana" S OW1 C03 Coach MOQXXCT 12 BASEBALL SCHEDULE League Games V - ' . 1509 0 W 3 B E13 D i March Armijo . , March Galt . . . APVH El Dorado . APVH La Sierra. . APVH Marshall . . April Sdn Juan. . April Armiio . . APM Galt . . . MUY El Dorado . M07 LG Sierra. . MGY Sdn Juan. . Here There There Here There Here There Here Here There There .60 we 00W Q. me 9 e5 X ' home run! Itsa 12 IVS a hir! He's out Get him at second! 124 jr. arsity Baseb EXRST ROW: 1. betg. SECOND ROW: M. W1 , D. Miller. 'Yi-HRD ROW: Coach Z.imbeXm Sewais, R. Endow, S. Bridges. aB Xista, K. Tomono, S. Cruise, K. Smed- H Houma, L. Bam, B. Adams B. Hoyt, M. Montoya, T. Owens, D. Evange 'Xson E. Katayama, S. MOISXCS. - an, K. Yoshihata, E. Schmidt, 125 Coach Zifflbelm afl .5 o 454 ' Q L A. K K ff I .V P. ,, .-X wk Coach Robertson, J. Seiler, B. Reim, D. Johnson, H. Kunitake. SECOND ROW: I. Lewis, R. Stabbert, P. Grubbs. Boys Varsity Tennis Hit it Jack! . X 5 . X Q x x , X1 + betisoo o Coacxx Y' ,gg-W.: 'I 26 March April April April April May May May TENNIS SCHEDULE League Games 25 . . Armiio . 8 . . El Dorado ll . . La Sierra . 22 . . San Juan. 25 . . Armiio . 2 . . El Dorado 6 . . La Sierra. I6 . . San Juan. Here There Here Here There Here There There xa C0369 y Smack it hard Sue! W, She' ' Girls Varsity Tennis s - GIRLS TENNIS TEAM, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Beitz, L. Holop, R. Kammerer, G. Hahn, SECOND ROW: S. Sims, M. Batara, M. Von Behren, J. Freyschlag, Mrs. Shenk. THIRD ROW: J. Campbell, M. Gasaway, J. Manica, J. Cunningham. Girls' Athletic Association A. xifxsvtv 'E The G.A. A. is a Girls Athletic group that meets once a week after school They participate in inter-school sports days and have an annual picnic at the close of the school year. 128 if 1 xX Y Grab max b au M Ga me s Over! 12 9 Hate ' S 300 the! b askeu MAY I Drama Department In Action O M0ther's Tea I Father and Son Banquet C Big and Little Sister Luncheon O Track Iwonder if we'l1 make it? Drama Department T All In Action "But, they were all your sons IHY SUN! y L DB6 ALL MY SONS Larry Crawford' Mary Dorn' Bill Watson' Susan Sims' Jack Lewis' YOU CAN' T TAK E Mary Dorn Judy Claycomb Ruth Kammerer Susan Sims Sharon Spooner Jamie Kachadorian Doylene Combes Jim Wilson Robert Cound Who's got body make up 7 R? Ray Edge Jim 'Wilson Sharon Spooner Judy Claycomb Tom Fernandez IT WITH YOU Jack Lewis Ray Edge Warren Dixon Ken Wilson Larry Crawfor' Bill Watson Tom Lyon Dick Jackson Jerry Rainboli Jerry Bridges 'thespians in 132 Carousel Belles What a job that tea was! st-A Msn... s f Big and little sister luncheon 133 Corr Cowan Eaton Eck Entri can Dawson lnouye Jones Knox Larison Lema W Singleton "A" Track Team Pearson Hutcherson Sargent Rumbo Sterger Takehara Archibald Stockman Gal vez Vanacore J. Crane l. Jenkins R. Wilson W. Bartholemew G. Fenis I. Sinclair J. Black J. Kearney J. Greene D. Barnes C. Hernandez L. Maynard Q I wonder if I'11 make it? Looks like I'm going to. TRACK SCHEDULE El Camino Coach Squires McClatchy Grant ' Galt Woodland " El Dorado "' Armiio Sacramento "' James Ma rshall Bishop Armstrong Cal Aggie Picnic " La Sierra Roseville " San Juan lnvitationol Golden Empire League Meet at Sacramento State College 134 'league meets March March March March March March March April April April April April April April May Hey, where's the ground? Up and over, Jim! E ex 1- - W f i L -sims-Q hw! - - fi ' . Q Y :Lfi3.i'Q15Q5-fl -A ffgfiili-Yif - U Umphl Put on the steam, boys! i First place, Bob! Careful-1-1 "B" Track Team J. Darr O. Glantz L. Heany S. Hibbs J. Lemas T. Perez J. Ito P. Wong W. MacDonald J. Tooker L. Wilkerson D. Posfon Richardson Strong Edral in Bailey Fernandez Leonard Wills Allen Wilson Yamamura White Need OI lar 6 Lets hope for a strong wind. "C" Track Team H. Caesar J. Pinola L. Scherman J. Van Vliet B. Prescott L. Slavich R. Stevens W. Sargent B. Heclman A. Paley R. Deans Wilson Pal aca Franks Endow Wil l iams Phil lips Crabb Mello Roberts Stewart Need Coach Reager 1 You look tired, boys! 7 Geronimo-o-o-ov JUNE I Senior Class I Senior Ball I Baccalaurate I Graduation Senior Class lt's been a long pull, but we finally have made it. Winning first place in the Homecoming parade with the float, "Fantasyland", and climaxing the year with a suc- cessful Senior Ball, were two of the principal highlights of the year for the Senior Class. Now as the year draws to a close, the graduates will go their separate ways, so the i958 Elk Staff wishes each and everyone the "Best of Luck" in the years to come. Senior Class Officers SEATED1 Sandy Silver, Sharon Spooner, Roy Saigo, Geri Hahn, Mary Dorn. STANDING: Ralph Garcia, Mike Foley, Dave Cruise, George Fenis, Bernard Sakamoto. 140 DELORES ADAMS G.A.A. 55, 56, Treble Clef 5'1,c.s,p, 5158, A Cappella 58, Pep Club 51, 5s,F.B.1.. A. 58. VIOLET ALTON G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, 58, A Cappella 56, 57, 58, Pep Club 58. FRANK J. AZEVEDO Block EG 56, 58, JV Baseball 56: Varsity Base- ball 58, C Basketball 55, A Cappella 57, Pep Club 58. BRENDA BAILEY Student Council 58, Thespians 57, 58, G.A. A. 55, 56, 58, Art Club President 58, Antlerette 58, Pep Club 58. CA THERINE MARIE ANDERSON Photo Club 565 F.H.A. 5'7,58, Pep Club 58. THOMAS ANGERINA BETTY BEEMAN Oratorical Contestant 57g Elk Staff 58, G.A.A. 55,56,5'7g F.M.S.A. Secretary 58, F.M.S.A. 55, 56, 57,583 C.S.F. 55, 56, 57. EVANGELINE BENITEZ Elk Staff 585 F.M.S.A. Vice-President 585 F. T.A. 55, 56, 57, 58, G. A.A. 55, 56, 57, 58, Spring Play 57. ROBERT MELVIN BARNEY A cappeua 57,585 R.F.A. 55,56,57,58g B Basketball 56. LEW B. BAUDER Varsity Football 57, 58, Block E.G. 58. 0.49 17 LINDA BENNING Songleader 57, 58, Drama 585 Pep Club 57, 58. JUDY BLETZ Student Council 58, Girls' League President 58 Class Officer 57, Varsity Tennis 57, 58, F.T.A 57, 585 G.A.A. Council 55, 58. LARRY BOURLAND F.F.A. 55,56,5'7, 58, F.F.A. President 58, Student Council 58. JOHN DA VID BREDING C.S.F. 57, 58: C 8: D Basketball 55, 56, 57: B. Basketball 57, JV Baseball 56, 57, Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 58. CATHERINE M. BROOKS G.A.A. 55,257,583 F.B.L.A. 58. SHARON SUE CARGILL Y.F.C. 58. MALCOLM BRIDGES Varsity Baseball Manager 55, 56, 57, 58, Quill 85 Scroll 58, Antlerette 58, Thespians 58, A Cappella 57, Cross Country 56, 57. VICTOR BRIDGES C 8s D Basketball Manager 55, 57, 58, Model- aires 57, 58, Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 58, Thes- pians 58, Varsity Baseball Manager 55. BILL COX DENNIS CROCKETT A Cappella 56, 58g Radio Club 57g Model- craft 55. X ilG2"g GERRIE CONLEY G.A.A. 55g Librarian 55, 56, 57, 58. ROBERT COUND A Cappella 56, 57, 58, Photography 55. 'Klub' DAVE CRUISE Varsity Football 56, 57,58g Varsity Base- ba1l55, 56, 57, 58: A. Basketball 55, 56, 57, 581 Block E.G. 55,56, 57,58, Boys' League Council 57, 58, Student Council NELLIE ROSE CUCCIA F.H.A. 55,56g Pep Club 58: G.A.A. 55, 56: Art Club 58. IAN CUNNINGHAM Thespians 584 A Cappella 56, 57,58g G.A.A. 55g Antlerette 58: Pep Club 574 Art Club 58. PA TSY CUNNINGHAM Fall Play 55: F.B.L.A. 56, 575 Art Club 57, 584 Antlerette 585 Pep Club 58g G.A.A. 55. LOUISE DIXON Art Club 58gAnt1erette 589 F.B.L.A. 57: G. A.A. 55,56g F.T.A. 56, Pep Club 58. WARREN DIXON Boys' State Delegate 57g Oratorical Winner 565 C. S.F. 55, 56, 57, 585 Pep Club 58g Thespians 57, 58g Student Council 58. by JACKIE DAWSON Varsity Baseball 57g Varsity Football 57, 58 MIRLITA M. DeROOS Pep Club 57, 58g F.B. L.A. 56, 57. JESSE CORTEZ DUENAS NORMAN WAYNE DURHAM F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58. dv? SHARON DOLSON G.A.A. 54: F.B.L.A. 57, Pep Club 55,5'7. MARY DORN Girls' League Council 58, Class Officer 56, 58 Thespians Secretary 58, Elk Staff 584 G.A.A. Council 58, C. S.F. 55, 57, 58. CONNIE EDRALIN G.A.A. President 58, Girls' League Council 58, Student Council 58, Song Leader 585 A Cappella 57, 58. BOB EDWARDS Stage Craft 57, 58, B. Football 55, 56. LUC ILLE EHRESMAN F.H.A. 55,56,57,58g F.H.A. Treasurer 56g F.M. S.A. 57, 58. LOIS ENGSTROM F.H.A. 55, C.S.F. 56: Orchestra 55,56,57g Varsity Band 57, 58, Pep Club 57, 585 School Publisity 56. JIM EVANS Modelaires 55g Crafts 57, 58. JEAN FENIS F.H.A. 55, 56, 57g G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, g Majorette 575 F.B.L.A. 58g Photo Club 55. 58 'J IANIS DEE ENTRICAN F.H.A. 57, 58: F.B.L.A. 57,58: G.A.A Pep Club 58. ROSEMA RY ESTRA DA G.A.A. 55,565,575 F.H.A. 55,56,5"lg Art Club 56, 57, Pep Club 58. MARILYN ANN FLEMMER Varsity Band 55, 56, C.S.F. 57, A Cappella 56, G.A.A. 55, 56: Pep Club 55. MIKE FOLEY C. Basketball 55, Varsity Football 56, 57, 585 As sistant Fire Chief 57, 58, JV Baseball 56, Boys' League Council 58. RONALD GEORGE FENIS Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 58, B. Football 55, 56, Varsity Football 57, 58, Track 55, 56, 57, 58, Boys' League Council 57, 58, F.F.A. Trea- surer 57, 58. ALBERT FIZER B. Football 55, 56, B. Basketball 57, Track 56, 58 my - ARLIS JEAN FORDERER F.H.A. 57, F.B.L.A. 57,58g G.A.A. 55,56. STEVEN FORSYTH Varsity Football 58: F.F.A. 56, 57, 58. RICHARD GLEN FRAGA F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Modelaires 55. GORDON FROEHLIC H A Cappella 55, 56, 57, 585 Spring Play 575 F. F. A. 58. 4W""s. lff? ,Na 'Qllllqy Wk .JV " Nfl' WARREN T. FUJII Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 585 JV Baseball 55, 565 Varsity Baseball 57, 585 B. Football 55, 565 C. S F. 56. MARLENE A. FURTADO Pep Club 585 F.H.A. 585 F.M.S.A. 585 Tre- ble Clef 575 G.A.A. 57. l" DONNA JUANN GLANTL f A-'lm Wm. MARY LOU GASAWAY Songleadcr intig G. A. A, Quia, 56, NT, 58, Vnrsi Tennis 5T,58gG1rls' I.L'Ilgl1Cl3Ul1Ilk'il fufu, 518g LI1assOff1ucr fmfag JV Tennis Mi. A. ,M 05 Q. , i f 4,.A A 1:.,fm,fvr,ns, ff.H.A, fara 'ns F I3 L Q A. 41,183VglrSllyH4lIldfut1,f'u7. IANICQE KAY GLIZUIIILL A Lf.li1pC11.1 f1fi,fw"f, Peg Vlllh '18 F B I A. 358. 7, '..... KQQQ YP' WW mg, NM RICHARD LSIBBON5 Www' 6. x JEAN GRUNDVIG G.A.A. 55, C.S.F. 57,585 F.B.L.A. 585 Pep Club 58. GERI HAHN Class President 579 Class Officer 55, 58g Girls' League Council 58g F. T.A. President 583 C.S.F. 55, 56, 57, 58g Student Council 57. GLEN HAUGHT Photo Club 58, Crafts 58. BARBARA LOUISE HAYNES Librarian 57, 58g Pep Club 58. DORA HANNER F.B.L.A. 58: G.A.A 58. JOAN MAY HARRIS Antlerette 57, 58g F. T. A. 55, 56, 57, 58: F. H. A Vice-President 585 F.H.A. 57,585 Pep Club 57, 58: G.A.A. 55, 56, 57. VERNON DEAN HOEPPNER Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 58, JV Baseball 55 sity Baseball 57, 585 B. Basketball 55. DA RLA HOGG E Transfer from Sacramento5 Pep Club 58. ,565 Var JEAN HIMEBAUCH F.M.S.A. 57,585 F.H.A. 55: C.S.F. 58. FUMI HISA MOTO G.A.A. 55, 565 F.H.A. 555 Class Treasurer 555 Pep Club 58. .1 1 -3 56" LYNNE RAE HOLOP G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, 585 A Cappella 56, 57, 585 Flagbearer 585 Thespians 57, 585 Art Club 585 Pep Club 58. GERALD HOOPER Varsity Band 555 JV Baseball 555 B. Basketball 57 D. Basketball 555 Varsity Temris 56, 57. DAN HOOTEN Transfer from Fresno: Pep Club 58. CONNIE LEE HOWSE F.M.S.A. 5'7,58: F.B.L.A. 57,583 G.A.A 55, 56. LY NNE ISHISA KA F.B.L.A. 575 Art Club 58, Pep Club 585 F.M. S.A. 58, Librarian 585 F.H.A. 55. ELAINE ITO Elk staff 58g Girls' League Council 58g C.S.F. 55, 56, 57, 585 G.A.A. 55, 56, Pep Club 58. whim HELEN ETHEL HUMMEL F.H.A. 55, 56,57g Treble C1ef56,57g A Cap pella 58, G.A.A. 55, Pep Club 58. BEN INOUYE Student Council 57, 58g Boys' League Council 56g Boys' League President 58, Track 55, 56, 5'7, 585 Varsity Football 57, 58, Elk Staff 58. DONALD RAY JOHNSON C . Basketball 55, 56, B. Basketball 56, 57, 58, Varsity Tennis 56, 57, 58, Cross Country 57, 58 Block E.G. 56, 57, 58g Y. F.C. 56, 57, 58. GAYLE LAVONNE JONES Varsity Band 57, G.A.A. 55,56, F.B.L.A. 58, F.H.A. Officer 55, Pep Club 56,57, 58. WHO' -qynno GORDON ITO C 8z.D Basketball Manager 55, 56, 57, Varsity Baseball Manager 55, 56g Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, A Cappella 56,57g Pep Club 58: F.B.L.A. 57, 58. DICK JACKSON JV Football 555 JV Baseball 565 Play Festival 55, 56, Fall Play 56, Thespians 56, 57, 58. JAMIE KACHADORIAN Thespians 57, 585 A Cappella 57, 58g Song Lead er 58, Pep Club 56, 57, 58, G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, 58: F.B.L.A. 58. BETTE KADOKAWA C.S.F. 55,56, 57, 58, Elk Staff 58: Yell Lead- er 58g Varsity Tennis 57, 58, G.A.A. 55,56, 57, 58: Pep Club 58. RUTH KAMMERER C.S.F. 56,57, 58, Elk Staff 58p Girls' League Council 58, Varsity Tennis 57,583 A Cappella 58, Thespians 57, 58. JIM KEARNEY B. Football 55, 56: Varsity Football 57, 585 A . Basketball 56, 57, 585 Varsity Baseball 55, 56, Track 57,58g mock E.G. 55,56,57,58. CHARLINE KELLER WILLIAM KNOX F. F. A. 55, 56, 57, 58: F. F.A. Vice-President 585 Cross Country 56, 575 Track 57, 585 Model aires 58. CHARLES LAIRSON 1 I Block E.G. 56, 57, 58, Cross Country 56, 57, 58, p A Cappella 55,56,57,58g Track 56,57,58. , PATRICIA LOUISE LAND G.A,A. 55, Pep Club 58, Treble Clef 56. NIEHS FRED LEMA Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 583 Varsity Band 55,56, 57: Varsity Football 57. 58: B. Football 55, 56, B. Basketball 56, Pep Club 57, 58. RONALD LEMON MARY LANE BRENDA JOYCE LAWSON A Cappella 5e,5v, G.A.A. 55, 56, r.H.A. 55, 57, r.B.L.A. 57,585 Pep Club 56,51 KAY LEONARD Girls' League Vice-President 58, G.A.A. 55,56 57, 584 Thespians 58, Head Song Leader 58, F.T.A. 56,57, 58, A Cappella 58. JACK LEWIS Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 584 Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Dance Band 55, 56, 57, 585 Varsity Tennis 56, 57, 583 Varsity Football 57, 58, Thespians 56, 57, 58. ALICE LOUISE LUCAS I-'.B.L.A. 58g G.A.A. 55,561 F.H.A. 55,56 57g Pep Club 58. TOM LYON Varsity Football 57g Track 57, 58. FRANKLIN B. MCDOWELL B. Football 56g Track 55, 56, 57, 585 Pep Club 57, 58g Block E.G. 57, 58. VALERIE MCGEE BETTY JOYCE MaCDONA LD F.H. A. 58. GERRY MCCLELLAND F.B.L.A. 56,5'7,58g F.H.A. 56g G.A.A A Cappella 56. - DALE WILLIAM MAHON Elk 58, Oratorical Contestant 57: Thespians 58g Chess Club 55, 56, 57, 58. JEANNETTE CAROL MANICA G.A.A. 55,56,5'7, 58g Drama 585 Pep Club 57, 58. CLIFFORD MCKEAN CLAUDE MCWHERTER Tl'3Ck 55, 56, 57, 585 CIOSS Country 573 F.F.A 559 561 57158Q B. Football 55, 56. PATRICIA REGINA MARTY Chess Club 57, 58, F. M. S. A. 56, 57. NANCY MAY MATTHEWS Treble Clef 57, 58. JUDY G. MAYHEW Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Spring Play 57: G.A.A. 55,56,5'7, 585 G.A.A. C0llflCi1582 F.B.L.A. 58. JERRY MENSCH F.F.A. 55, C. Basketba1157g Varsity Tennis 57, 58. DA VID MOHR BRENDA JEAN MOORE Art Club 565 F.B.L.A. 57,58g F.B.L.A. Pres- ident 585 Pep Club 58. :ff 11,2731 , 77ff..w1,Cgf4X DIANA MEYER Thespians 57, 58, Pep Club 56, 57, 58, Song- leader 58, F. T. A. 57, 58, G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, 585 Class Officer 57. KENN ITH MOBERLY LESTER T. NAKASHIMA C 8: D Basketball 55, 56g JV Baseball 55, 56, B Basketball 575 Varsity Band 55, 56, 57,58g Dance Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Varsity Baseball 57 58. JERRY ALVIN NEWMAN F. F. A. 555 B. Football 55, 565 Varsity Football 57, Track Manager 56, 57g Pep Club 58. DONALD L. MORGAN Modelaires 55, Photo Club 56g JV Football 56 Radio Club 575 Chess Club 58. FLORENCE MORGAN Art Club 58, Pep Club 58, Thespians 58. .. ,.., VERNON NIX F.F.A. 55, 56, Photo Club 57, 58. WANDA SUE NORTON G.A.A. 55,56g Varsity Band 55,56,57,58g A Cappella 57,58g Spring Play 575 Pep Club 58 I-'.B.L.A. 58. TADANAO "TABO" OKAMOTO C 8: D Basketball 55, 56, 575 JV Baseball 55, 56g Chess Club 55, 56, 57. MARY ANN OLSEN G.A.A. 55g Antlerette 585 Pep Club 58. UV' HIROSHI OSHIRO PRISCILLA PAQUIN Majorette 58g Flagbearer 57g Pep Club 584 G. A. A. 55, 56, 57, 584 Thespians 58g A Cappella 56, 57, 58. DILFORD ONODERA C.S.F. 56, 57g Track 55, 565 Pep Club 58 F.B.L.A. 58. ROSEMARY ORTIZ F.H.A. 57,58g Librarian 57. JUDY ANNE PEDERSON A Cappella 56, 57, 585 Thespians 57,585 G.A. A. 555 Varsity Band 555 Pep Club 585 F.B.L.A 58. BEN PETERSON E.E.A. 55.5s,B. Basketball 555Track 55,565 A Cappella 55,56,5'1. DONALD W. PARKER B. Basketball 56, 575 Pep Club 585 Track 55, 56 CHARLES A. PEARSON Track 55,56, 57. 585 B. Football 55,565 Var- sity Football 57, 585 Block E.G. 55,56,5"l, 585 Cross Country 56, 575 Pep Club 58. VIOLET PIERCE Pep Club 57,585 F.B.L.A. 585 G.A.A. 585 Pep Club Council 58. LOIS PINOLA Librarian 585 Treble Clef 55,565 F.B.L.A. 585 G. A. A. 55, 56. EMILY ANN POLHEMUS RUTH DELLENE PRESCOTT Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Class Officer 56, 57, G.A.A. 55, 56,573 A Cappella 573 G.A.A. Council 58. TROY LOU ISE REYNOLDS DON QUACKENBUSH SQ Pep cmb ss, Radio Club 57, Moaemres 55 A Cappella 56,57,58g G.A.A. 55,563,575 F.T. A. 56, 57, 58, Class Officer 57g Spring Play 57. JAY RICHARD G.A. A. 55. p Bos REYNOLDS D. Basketball 55gJunior Band 55, 565 Varsity Band 57,58g A Cappella 57, Track 57. X ALICE RUBALCABA F.H.A. 585 Librarian 57. GAYLE ANNE RUNOW Girls' League Historian 58g G.A.A. 55,56, 57,58g G.A.A. Vice-President 58, F.H.A. 575 F.B.L.A. 58: Pep Club 58. Q19 JIM LOUIS ROGERS Model Craft 55, A Cappella 58, Pep Club 58. ANITA MARIE RONK F.H.A. 55, 56, 57, 58, F.B. L.A. 583 Pep Club 575 Treble C1ef56gG.A.A. 55,56. DALE RUSCH C. S.F. 55, 56, 57, 58g C. S. F. President 58, B. Football 55,563 Varsity Football 57, Track 55, 56, 57, 58: Y.F.C. 57,58. ROY SAIGO Class Officer 55, 56, 57, Class President 58, Varsity Baseball 56, 57, 58, Varsity Football 57, 58: C. S.F. 56, 57. BERNARD T. SAKAMOTO Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Track 55, 56, 57, 58, Block E.G. 58, Boys' League Council 55, 58: C. S.F. 55. EARL MEYER SASSMAN A Cappella 55,515,571 F.F.A. 55,56,57,58. - SHARYON LEE scoTT G.A.A. 55, F.H.A. 57, F.B.L.A. 5 Cappella 55,56,57, ss, Pep Club 58. DAVE J. SEILER B. Football 56, Varsity Football 57. 1 ALFRED WALTER SCHOPF B. Football 55, 56, Varsity Football 57, Track Manager 56, 57, Pep Club 58. GERALD SCHULTZ Varsity Band 55,56,57,58, A Cappella 58, Orchestra 57. THOMA S T . SONODA Varsity Baseball 55, C. Basketball 55 C.S.F. 55, 56, 57, 58, Chess Club 565 Pep Club 58, Art Club 58. CAROLYN ANNE SOUZA Pep Club 58, F.B.L.A. 58. SANDY SILVER Class Officer 585 Yell Leader 58g A Cappella 58: F.T.A. 58: Pep Club 57,581 G.A.A. 57, 58. SUSAN SIMS Student Body Treasurer 58g Thespians 57, 58, Class Officer 55, 565 Head Yell Leader 58, Varsity Tennis 57, 58, Song Leader 57. ALICE SPENCER Art Club 583 Pep Club 58g Librarian 58. FRED SPIVA SHARON SPOONER Majorette 58: G.A.A. 56, 5'I,58, Girls' League Council 58, Thespians 57, 58, Pep Club 58, Elk Staff 58. RANO D. STABBERT C 8a D Basketball 55, 56, B. Basketball57gA. Basketball 58, Varsity Tennis 56, 57, 58, Pep Club 58: Varsity Band 55, 56. ROBBIE S. SUMMERS F.F.A. 55, 57, 58, IV Baseball 55, JV Tennis 56. ROBERT LEE TAYLOR Model Craft 55, Photo Club 56, Varsity Band 55, 56, 57, 58, Pep Club 58. ELIZA BETH STEPHEN SON DIANA QKA RAJ STRICKLA ND G.A.A. 55,56,5'7g A Cappella 56,57,58, Var sity Band 56, 57, 58, Pep Club 58. "le-Y MARGARET voN BEHREN G.A.A. 55, 56,5'1, F.B.L.A. ss, A Cappella 58, Girls' League Council 56, Treble Clef 56, 57, Varsity Tennis 57, 58. MARY ELLEN VOOS Class Officer 55, 56, 57, Yell Leader 57, 58, Student Body Secretary 589 C.S.F. 55, 56. 4 ANDREW THOMPSON FRANK VANACORE Student Body President 58, Class President 56, Varsity Football 57, 585 Track 55, 56, 57, 58, Block E.G. 55, 56,57, 58, Boys' League Council 55, 57, 58. :I FRED WACKER B. Football 55, Track 55, 56, 57, 58, C. Basketball 55. JOYCE LOUISE WARD A Cappella 56, 573 G.A.A. 55,56,57,58g F.H. V A n.-nf-GAA-n CPI. Dan fllvk RQ. Cir-le' loannn SUE CAROL WARD F.H.A. 555 Photo Club 56g Art Club 584 Pep Club 58. TAKEO1AMES WATANABE Pep Club 585 Chess Club 55, 56g Art Club 57. 'PE' DIANNE MARIE WESTLAKE G. A.A. 55, 56, 57, 585 F. T. A. 55, 56, 57, 58, Varsity Band 55,56,57g F.B.L.A. 58. IANICE WILSON Photo Club 55, Pep Club 565 Librarian 57, 58, Y.F.C. 58. NYY BILL WATSON Class President 55, Student Body Vice-President 58, Thespian President 58g Rally Chairman 585 Block E.G. 55, 56, 57, 58. LINDA WELLS Pep Club 55, 565 Elk Junior 56, Librarian 56, 57. 5' PRISCILLA "PAT" YOSHIHARA Varsity Band 56, 57, 58, A Cappella 56, 57, 58 G.A.A. 55, 56, 57, 58, F.T.A. 57, Pep Club 58: Pep Band 57, 58. GREGORY ZORN Photo Club 55, C.S.F. 57, F.M.S.A. 58, F. T.A. 58. SENIORS NOT PIC TURED: Charlene Barley Suesan Bennefield Opal Black David Blair Steven Casey Bill Deguchi William Ferguson IEANNETTE WISE G.A.A. 55, Elk Junior 55,56, F.B.L.A. 56, 57, 58, F. H. A. 56, 57, Art Club 55, 56, 57: Pep Club 57, 58. TOM YA MA MURA F. 56, 57, 58, Art Club 58, Fire Chief's Assist- ant 57, 58, Antlerette Editor 58. Student council 55, 58, Quill 8: Scroll 58, C. S. Donna Jennings Duelle Jones Loretta Keene Mary Izola Kinney Paul Knight David Nelson Jerry Rainbolt Herbert Graudushus Larry Ring 170 Sharon Roberts Clarence Tanner Edwin Walker Jerry Wardlow William Woods Albert Young igl!l'X. I lj QM Jwafv M genior Wevwlo Q09 Qi Q li 0 raph , ' I rl f, x L ' f xx 1 n' r A I p. f 4 . , 1 A 1 1 , 1 A , A .- A f 4,4 -1 '11 Vl,,"fAfl Wytfi? 1 . f , W fl u - v Vik W7 11 X f 1 7 3 L M 1 W ! VI W 1' 'X r ff" X' I Il ffl!! f V I fl 1 ,J 1 f fn I f I ., VH -, 'X ' fv f I Fw 4 1 fy W .v. I 1 vi , , ,Nl 4 V . 1 j ," 7 f . f 1 I 9 T f 1 V1 Thank You! 010 X ma ami sl aka 1 Senior Oh, is that how? Thinking! gm . ,Ro My . ,,.. , My YJ Siifggfejfgiixjiff Eg Q Y dj! ,- 1 J' 1 0 0 0 X - Ib ACtlVltl8S ' L :YY one mot Yxocxkexi 907 aivi 0 new 173 Swing Y our partner X Who took this? Senior Ball MAY 9 174 Baccalaureate He that hath no cross deserves no crown. Quarles- Es ther w 4 I A rQp:4lFfZ, g , :K X, 2A , Q Q ix H16 '7 Y Gig ' I s Q 'H Nw .31 0:4 -.Sv-L ep 94 5' E. 'A , V ., 5 an - , . 41 al A " r-I '- .y , wi V n W' Mp, ll . , 1' 13 X .N fx. 4,4 - , , 'lfadb xx , ' ff' -W'-1 3 .Mi w 4 'y M x 4'-' I ,Ll in 48' s i . .W I. '54 1 1 'vi 'J 3'T ...-.4-4 'Em fun mfr q,,X ,V ff as A lsjsgafsuwv Q f ,,., ,1 53 s-1:19-' Q J ggff ' was , 'gfifif ' . 3 'V , A N ADS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENTS SUNSHINE FLORIST MARTYR AND sl-IINE Office Supply Flowers for All Student Occasions weoomos AND coRsAGEs And Eq"'Pme"' Company GLadstone l-H88 8K 1024- J St. 2721 Fulton Ave. 5309 Franklin Blvd. Sacramento, California GI 32591 W 33451 Barney's Drive-in Fine Food 5850 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento A? Congratulations Seniors mangas , W' GW' CM" C"""f DUNBAR'S MARKET Pick-Up and Delivery n u Groceries-Fresh Vegetables GENE COX SERVICE Expert Lubrication-Motor Tune-Up Dairy Foods 8030 FRUITRIDGE 7720 Fruitridge Rd. at Power lnn Road Gladstone I-8885 CL 7-4146 SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA SCHOOL MUSIC SERVICE 8- YE MUSIC SHOPPE IOIS J. Sf. Sacramento 8. Town and Country Village Headquarters for Your Music 8- lnsfrumenfal Needs Phone MU 5-9826 E. G. FOOD MARKET Fresh Fruit-Groceries-Vegetables ALSO A COMPLETE LINE OF CHOICE Beef Lamb and Veal For those who have freezers, Locker Specials which include Wrapping and Quick Freezing gtrf ce , -,F -,, ' i e I wx -. 11 g -gsgyf w j M 5 2 I . 'S Q' ' e Sf' "" :- - - 3 Complete Hluuing and Fishing Sapplies 0 Bom' Repair: Dirtributvrr af I5'il.mn Allrletir Equipment -f MERCURY MOTORS A323 , ' fe 4115 FRANKLIN BLVD. Gladstone 2-2811 SACRAMENTO. QCALXFORNIA E15 goufre In LGE gwe a portrait bg o o FERT SUTTER PHARMACY V l 1011 1 zaos K AT zsm smear - - sAcRAMENro. cAuF. PHONE GL. 7-5768 R.J. ZOET gm Tom B. MoNK Gallenkamffs Jewelen 36 Years in Sacramento K St 'I 1009 .I Street G12-ILZH ree Sacramento tr SACRAMENTO SPORTING GOODS eet Sacramento GI 2-7298 NEWBERTS Dependable Hardware For Half a Centu 1700 lay Street Sacramento, Californ lee X'::.1 College Hi Latest High School 8. College Fashions l 108 K Sacramento Arden Plaza Shopping Center Bechart's UNION OIL SERVICE Phone Mu 5-4708 FLORIN HARDWARE "Here to Serve You" TOOLS BUILDERS HARDWARE FARM IMPLEMENTS REPAIR PARTS VETERINARY SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES Phone GA 8-I083 Florin, Calif. CALIFORNIA MARKET Since I946 Groceries-Meats-Frozen Foods V.Q. Quiaot-Notary Public We Sell Money Orders lSe Vendor Giros y Periodico Espanol Diario Aquil Elk Grove GA 8-0993 P.O. Box 366 Florin, California HAMA'S R 2 GARAGE I General Automotive Repairs TOSH HAMATAKA Box 55 Shell Service GA 8-0380 SACRAMENTO VALLEY TRACTOR COMPANY International Harvester Sales-Service Complete Line of Farm Equipment 1901 Broadway Sacramento Elk Grove Variety Ruth and Jim Andrews Phone MU 5-9817 Elk Grove FREE PARKING Open Mon. and Fri. NEXT DOOR 'Till 9 Sacramento's First Real Shoe Warehouse SHOES Warehouse Direct 2839 35th Street In Oak Park-Near Broadway Name Brand Shoes by the Thousands FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY at Greatly Reduced Prices Prescriptions Cosmetics Costume Jewelry Gifts We Ren' Photo Supplies TUXEDOS and ACCESSORIES COSTUMES Wigs-Masks Make-up Fruitridge Shopping Center Phone GI 8-0528 81316 .lay St. Sacramento California ROWLAND B. COLTON General Insurance P.O. Box 176 Phone MU 5-4-948 x Elk Grove RAY COUND RURAL ELECTIUC CQ. OAK PARK FLORIST 2940 35'l'h Street El 'c d ecm an Sacramento GL 6-4873 Gas Appliances coRsAeEs sououers Gifts and Gadgets Sales and Service Phone MU 5-9692 Elk Grove "I FLOWER NOOK FLORISTS 5340 H Street, Sacramento "In Ant' Event fFlowerj GL 2-0257 Send F owers" Capitol Costume We Rent TUXEDOS and ACCESSORIES COSTUMES Wigs-Masks Make-up Phone GI 8-0528 813V2 .lay St. Flne Diamonds 8. Watches Watch 8. Jewelery Service "Your South Area Jewelers" Frultridge Shopping Center Manor Jewelers 5691 Stockton Building Gl l-6387 S General Food Market Meats, Vegetables, and Groceries 6021 Stockton Blvd. Hunter 6-5968 P. WILTON FEED STORE Don Conner Class of '33 Grain - Feed - Fertilizer Chemicals - Custom Mix O. Box ll4 Wilton, California YANKEE STORES FRUITRIDGE HARDWARE 5651 Stockton Blvd. GL 5-0328 WEINSTOCK-LUBIN Since l874 SACRAMENTO'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE K af I2+h Sacramenfo LOVERDE MARKET D GROCERIES R F. W. CARSON, V. J. CIMA Prescripfions Cosmefics Pfopfimfs Drugs 6800 Fruitridge Rd. Sacrament 7233 EAST PARKWAY GL 7-3737 Phgng We give Blue Chip Stamps ANGELL HARDWARE ELK GROVE HARDWARE HOUSEWARES Dairy and Veferinary' Supplies Spor'I'ing Goods-Paini Ranch Supplies MACO GAS CO. OF ELK GROVE SACRAMENTO READY-MIX A LOUIS JANSEN , T ' ' -M " Ready-Mix Cgoncrefe Saiurday Deliveries f - X emeni' Confraciing Q , l4fh Ave. and Power Inn Road "len Loo' son' GL 1.2835 SACRAMENTO 5,9596 ' . O. OCX i-95 ' Dairy Foods Really Farm Fresh! ALHAMBRA BOWL "House of Service" l22'l Alhambra Blvd. Home of the Elk Grove League Phone GI 5-53447 John Bascow, Owner "1 E. F. HALVERSON 81 SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS Residential and Commercial Plans--Estimates Custom Cabinets R. L. HALVERSON, Owner MU 5-4826 Elk Grove, Calif. WEINSTOCK-LUBIN Since I874 SACRAMENTO'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE K af l2+h Sacramenio CITIZENS UTILITIES COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA ELK GROVE TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations Class of "58" We Have Sold Over 50,000,000 Hamburgers McD0nald's Self-Service Drive-In 5425 Fruitridge Road LeROY HALL'S Sheet Metal Works 24 Hour Tow Service ASTON GARAGE SERVICE Body and Fender Work General General Repairs Sheet Metal Heating Air Conditioning Pl"0ne GL 5'30l3 5889 Stockton Blvd. Bill Aston Sacramento, California Congratulations Class of "58" J, M, DERR E . 9 LUMBER CO. ntrlcan S Grocery "Over 50 Years of Service" Ruth and George Enirican Elk Grove Phone MU 5-9576 Elk Grov LYON-DARWIN HARDWARE CO. Hardware-Houseware-Fuller's Paints Phone GI. 6-4751 2901-35th St. f A . 5 1 f 43 i ,, 3 l,fEriai'tf41 swf Wszjls Qlififiw 'fyfvfff' Yfwrafwff iw fm R, wi' We Cut, Wrap and Freeze Locker Orders Wim Saw: Maier -Quality- Meats . Groceries . Produce Phone MU 9-9534 Elk Grove, California For Swell Service Call CHARLIE SPELTS UNION SERVICE 5860 Stockton Blvd. - Ph. GL 6-9445 Free Pick-Up 8. Delivery Just Dip In Water And See What Happens Cullison's Chevron Service 2l St. 8x 2 Ave. Propr. R. o. Cullison "service is our specicny-' .E Biffifi S Circle Bar Custom Slaughtering Cutting Wrapping Freezing Farm Style Sausages or N., FULLER'S POWERLINE LUMBER CO. Rt. 4, Box 3I58 - Sacremento 20, California Southeast Corner of Power Inn Road and Fruitridge Road Tele: GL 5-3095 - EGL 6-523I - GL 6-l357 644541 sTA'r1oNERY 8s TYPEWRITER co. Rubber Stamps - Printing - Safes - Fi1ingCabinets - Desks Seals - Typewriters - AddingMachines - Rental - Sales and Service Customer Parking in Rear Ditto Ham Bacon Machines . Suppl ies Pt. Pleasant Rd. Phone 1208 Jay Street 2 mi. So. Franklin MU 5-498i Phone GI 2-9029 Sacramento I4, California SOUTH SACRAMENTO BEAUTY SALON 6233 Franklin Blvd., Sacramento, Calif. GA 8-6000 A-cross from Campbell Soup . Hair Styling . Tinting . Cold Waving Bob 8. Betty Keisrer Owners -M rk ELK GROVE PHARMACY R0 a Reliable Prescription Service M- P- ldzinga Bins-Shipping Crates- Pallets Phone MU 5-9824 Elk Grove Ga 8-2944 Setlfs Market Rt. 4 Box 3666 Elder Creek Road Sacramento GA 8-l904 ART MILLERS FLYING "A" SERVICE 6220-Fruitridge Rd. GI 5-6l65 Tune up 8: Brake Work Free Pickup 8. Delivery Service We Give Blue Chip Stamps FRANK'S SHOES "We Specialize in W-I-D-E Shoes" 60 I 9 I 2 I 9 Stockton 4th St. Blvd . Downtown GI I -6875 Sacramento We Give Blue Chip Stamps We Give Cash Checks h Pick-Up and Del Ivery GENE COX SERVICE Expert Lubrication - Motor Tune-Up 8030 Frultriclge at Power lnn Road GLadstone I-8885 Sacramento CHE'l"S BARBER SHOP GA 8-0869 Hair Cuts-Shampoos T0m's Building 81 Suppl Manufacture of Do-all Bumpers Distributer of Harish Hoist Phone 5-44ll Elk Grove As Seen on Televisio ELLA'S for Sportswea - Everything Knits-Dresses-Coats Plus hard-to-End Subteen si In Fruitridge ELLA'S ELLA'S For the whole Family Dry Goods - Shoes Domestics - Ready To Wear ELK GROVE DEPT. STORE Elk Grove, California SOUTH BOWL open May lst Stockton Blvd. Opposite Lawrence Dr. 24 Lanes Automatic Pinspotters Ample Parking Facilities 8- CAMPBELLO EQUIPMENT CO. Auto 8. Equipment Parts AC-Perfect circle-Champion Small Engine parts 8- repairs TOWN 8' COUNTRY BOWL Thorsen Tools - Purolator Filters Lahr Springs 81 Batteries 2032 Fulton Ave. 32 Lanes Automatic Pinspotters FI'6IlChiC,S Drive-In .fe I A 4 if L L,,sq,Th sq! 'B 4 Jul, 4 . V - Congratulations Senior Owner: Rocha J. Dumzms Burgers-Frosties-Sllakc-s 71 J , 1 Menls and Boyls Wea, ll STRICKLEY MEN'S SHOP 5693 STOCKTON BLVD. Smart Wear for Worm-n Fruihidge Cenlrer Juniors - Misses -- Tails Headquarters 'For Levis and Levi Peg Tops 5721 Stockton Blvd' Fruitriclgfv Shopping Cr-nt:-r GL 2,1150 951 Arden Way North Sacramento BEST WISHES AND A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE TO THE CLASS OF "58" Phone WAbash 2-3484 Foley S eet Metal Company THAYER'S MEAT DEPT. For those who have freezers - Locker specials which include kill- ing, wrapping, and quick freezing. Personalized freezer service. Com- plete line of choice beef, lamb and veal. Fresh fish and poultry, etc. "The only place like it" FOFA-COLA BOWLING COMPANY OF SACRAMENTO Don 8. Norman Thayer-Owner GA 8-370 OK AAA USED CARS ..- TOWING T g fQJI Ta .pigs Bob Batey Phone 1 I Main sf. Mu 5-952i nc' Elk Grove STOP 8K SHOP General Insurance MARKET Fire-Auto-Casual ty-Life Congratulations to the Class of "58" HARRY S' MARKOFER MELVIN M. MORSE Manager Phone 2nd Ave Elk Grove Blvd Al Gallo GL l-2825 Phone MU 5-4270 FARMERS MARKET 6019 Stockton Blvd Sacramento, California ' M8015-Vegetables-Groceries Teenage Haircuts 5040 Franklin Blvd. Bob Swonger Phone GL' 2-6611 Owner Phone GL. 1-6098 Brown otor Sales Sales 8x Service Phone Mu 5-4288 Elk Grove Calif . l nl' i '11 1 at 40 ' The plmth. Borgward Yum' 1,1 1 I Q3 I, KEN'S TExAco SERVICE TOCHTERMAN6 Wishes to Congratulate the Class of "58" Mens Ware 8' Shoes 2911 35 Street Oak Park 5890 Stockton Blvd. Phone GA 8-7601 GI 5-2452 1 i Custom Milling-Grain Storage-Grinding Congratulations Cle0nlf'9'MlXif'9 Class of 'I5g'I Dairy and Poultry Feed and Feed Supplies Greetings from Pllone MU 5'9694 Jerry and Vivian Kara Elk G,-Ove Qpast graduates, 0 0 Groceries-Drugs-Variety-Gifts Mllllng fFor everyone and also graduates, Everything under one roof Headquarters for Florin, Calif. "Hurry Buck" GA 8-077i Purina-Albers-Larro Boot 7 7 TX SL nl 51, QF f' J ' ' 0, 'limi fL Q22 R , 25? Register your favorite pattern in china, 6-f HQ, . 5 N Q silver, and crystal at Breuner's where gag uf ' . R there are many lovely patterns to choose Q ayi X Y l V 7 f f o Make it easy for friends and re- F , l' U y l I t s to select a gift of your choice Q ' A d d d plication. K BRIDES REGISTER, 'n floor f , 0 RLT, 'is it V ' Sales 8. Service Phone Mu 5-9525 Elk Grove fx Meyer Ford Sales Wishes to congratulate the class of "58" on their forth- coming graduation. G 'Q Land Leveling "All Kinds of Tractor Work" C. V. Bartholomew Son Phone Elk Grove Mu 5-4396 Calif. L V I lf ,.' P ,I s LS CE. W N U y1gJi:wKs thdihass of "58" My Fruitrl ge R Phop L 2g2561 1 tw F C dggn T Teens 715 Stockton Blvd one 7-3898 Sierra Distributing, LTD. Rm. 108, 5801 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento, California Henley Studio for the finest in W Baby 8. child portraiture in your home or at our studio. No obligation if proofs fail to please you. 'Complete wedding coverage. Formal 8. Candid Albums, Home, Church and Studio. " Family Group ---- Any Size---Any age group---We love them all. Home or Studio. "' Men---Executive type portraits a specialty. 'Graduations---Special rates for Seniors. 'Communion and Confirmations ---- Groups and Individuals, Church or Studio. 'Copy Work and Restorations of old, facled, or torn photographs. Open 10 to 5 daily except Monday. Evening 8. Sundays By appointment. HENLEY STUDIC 9088 Elk Grove Blvd. Elk Grove, California Phone Mu 5-3115 T. H. HOME FURNISHERS Complete Line of FURNITURE-APPLIANCES-TELEVISION Telephone MU 5-4334- P. O. Drawer 3 Elk Grove Boulevard Elk Grove, California Best Wishes to the Class "58" TED BERMAN WAR SURPLUS Camping, Fishing, Outdoor Equipment .sw W- A N X xl K A .F x , Q . , f V - .. 4 X X 'is A m. YF ' fa' '5 ws -S: ir? LX Eff' Qin: H 'S " - ' -- A ,Sf-lX1g7'5 . 11535: 'fr-1-gffgw-:fs-ff .. .. ..,,m-N xy A .1 Q. ..,, i R555 -W N, .t H Q, X . - XWXXN K5 ss -N ,- Q Q X. 7 X x K ,:: ph. . . . M- N A 13 Q . A X.. L 1 ix .M . - - X Q X .. .QSEYQQ ' 2 x xi X fe ,Aw5Mm,,,m,,.. - F -,-,E ,W -we swmswk S XX Q' fs " ' N1 NNY 4 Q ...r as S.. U u- Nz f--Q x. dn, 1 3 ,slit mf 1 1+ i"' 1 2 Q W av? Q C 479, Mr J ,f K W 'ns 4' . C' .,,'.Ff1 ' V ' ff" ff-Q-'f I ' if " I, f w MH. .. "5 ' f W' U v. :Eh rg ., .mid x R71-6 572 ' 1 I fc' f f K '- - 1 Q 1 , , U4 ll. , X lti I Y f v Q' I 1, , ' " '11 Kg 'M lj E I 4q I 5 ' ' . z , ., 1 , ' J' Q If .1 1 f,, X Q N ' Xt:-f ' . , Q. 1. M f s H fy 'lxfi f -9 b 'H X. 4- NITE' - . LF- .r, Q Lv xx fi ff' ' - N 1 .JY 'Rst T' y,., Y A ,X T i X Q ' . Y X x xv x N C ' Xb. 1 ,L 'K ,xk,v C C 17x S K. x fi, NS K. ., H-. x x Q., ,Vi "fag Q Dxxlux 'ryl SN ,XC lL X: fx' ' Tr"Xk'XX Qu 'A N, ' A , N mm X n fn ff f X NNXJ Nxt f f X , I " 559 , 1 rig . AQ My 'jilvfx i x ' J xx Nix U al My G fl Q u xi f X X mf' M 'J N N ,N 'fxb' X ' .J "AJ Jig, Q 'x A wiht N YQ KX N . xx M ' m . xA ' XJ xx, 1 1 A N x 5 ,X V .V Xxx 1 N XX X if X , A X, x f 'X M x s X . za ,X f 1 .M n QL n A Q LS, A 5 1 IL. GJ gf 9 f, ... 1 C X yu 'X I is h :V ,hw-Qt' Xi v V x , cu Qf r ,-1?gVxV.,zQ,V1w' v X3 5.5, V K wyf 'rw YN ' , 'hh V ,ul 5QfQfi1v.3L-Z Ji? Xi. - K--xx fx - V. fx K, RNS ' X. I , r f 5-' 1 ' , :Q-1 - 1? K .-1:3 S -V N.. L.Qs . 3-3 'rxfgx H551 V" Qx 43" do 0, if 5 X-3 VTX K C,,fy!'y5fN I .ali J. 7 XJ x ,Q VX Nix xx QXA , Y K V. if -Q N V . I I 4 YJ 'V kg- NK Ng fl QQ' R' I ff Vrvf K, ,235 If 1 , ,,iV diff ,fax - Kp 9:3 5 ' , 1- .V " YQ' fx if :rf1igy", -.f Q. 32:12, ,J XQ ex R, , L? f".1, ,, X , 1,5 'f I QQEX Q5 w Q V gi M , V V QV' XJ Vg'V,fff ' , kk W x4 l X I if 1 , I, V 'L is U f ,W-'lf' A ' g M + , - v f f f To D . I , 5' A' ' wi., V Vx? .ff .4, YV ff Yflf, 1' fg , U - 'ww ' .5 9 NRA E 1 J f7 I f J, f 1 41 xZ?.q If - X..-7' fx! -if-iff? - VVZLTIQQC ' ' 1 "ff" ' ' ,1 QQQQ ,LJ ff i!'4'1Z.'4,z'fx 4 ff' V" I dyeuff 5 gffcff .47 fffk Y,,f j g il I I V 5 z fl! 47 UW f' 25,41 'ff f 1' Z.. . ,f4,,zf2"44'2 ff V" .2 ' . ' X ' ' ' ,V 4 , '7 1 1 ,V In :Z X Q ,f f f V k f' I V , 'Y- ,V'4,,, ,Q ,Ziff pl . Q : F. X AIC 'H W ' , iv :V M15 'Y ,fi ff x' tiff :1 if V,if,ff1fqPy WMV' F'-"Q WG f a ' ,V V ,. V , r ,-I f Hd lr f- , g 'Wu in I fn" ,W l -'df . -' if fn' W MVLVLV . 1 A ' ful rw ff Q 1

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1958, pg 134

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