Elk Grove High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk Grove, CA)

 - Class of 1957

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Elk Grove High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk Grove, CA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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rv, K Q , 1: 2l Qt XX 'if ff? f , ms Q A7 507 776 My lf Us Q A - , Q , . Fw ,fmzi ff 0, X 3 ,iff E K Qifsfa xwia Q? 4 ,W QM 1+ WA 3 X? , c wgfnnof fbi! Q Elf? '1 ' dy' wwwgqm yy , 3 MM E it M W 1 Exif Qgiiqfi N E , 2gw5 N 55.4 XTX Ex 55533 ff if 1 .J R, Tx f if YQ? ' ,fix ' Q an ""f"5 Y 1 A- ., ' ., .. . -V ,. . ,, ,, WW - --A .- ,Y . 1 N WM M "3 1 f W AMW' gw Reef K' ' " f - , , 'Rf b 1 ' ' N. 10' if A MJ I I ' 1 W1 ky uses" ,fy ffogw QI- Q:'idqkqCCEx.,4,v 7-55 xg? ' X 'Lff 02,53 .Q ,M 'Q 'Z' ' f' , LM ' .f"x f WWW wff ,H M92 My f if 15 W f W - ' , - 7 gf ,A ,,.V cj X Q W MQW! PM fit , M fxjoy ' Q51 2 W A M Ag Exim Y J. 07551 g1MvfHZi TE A ov 1 AQ H W M W dfifw My Je by W ZW ' YS R533 QQ? Q HWY? U'Ei'f5ff if X9 33' gf N' rs 42 A5 M QMM WW N tw-v'1'Y' w-Mui K 52 - A 5 NNW ""' PM- ' . 'Q if A , P Fig: ' -ik Su-1-J " ,. .-Sfv fd-I 5 S h, IW , , , , . it 'fn I, lfmw gmw H VP Ha,'f4.,,,f OL: i . V I l 1 3 M if-1 ' - Ar .' .1 A N ML iffy Wav 5 ig QQ E? M Q NS E S55 E S 'Q E2 3 523 5? w + T X, Z "fi , ' Y ? A mm ma. mf-.Ewa-.n.,,..W sr I A X . 9' ., Y . f a L A , , ' Y ' , 1 v ' ' Q ' Y, X ' ' 6 " ' K n ' 1 .- S ' V - ' ,. .: , 1. ' 1. -, .ni-f-H, Q , ' ax' . ,A ' Y V 'b ' 5 ' ' A, I' Q J' , f ' '. '52 Eff' ' V 55" . JA . , 1 '. J .1 Vi fy. , Aw. V1-f-Www? w--1 ,- M, ,,g- H J, 'Af ,,-- V: I . '- 1 ,- A --- - "lf-2 . ' ,zf KJ H. L f'."'Jm:' " ' - 14 - ' - " 11 '-5, f- " , Lsmuiuti w:..'. ' .-,Jl'.1sL,:.s.Ei.nf: L lr' 12 -- 5, P - - :. , , M Mflllf W 4,91 ,W , ,, , my 1' Q f ,W M of YV' fr' lj?-f wi , PM A? Mfvf' WM, Zfjfgj c wi SM f, "W 4 ' 'MTW 15 . f .fe r 'Y , Q :J w" fl ffllfl X PM . Q 1,27 , li Y ' if LQ ,llffli "ll, j ll fly l' 'Alnbition by the gallon! 7 Here we are all ready and rarm to bring to you the school year of 1957 at yy, Elk Grove rlig 1, V' Q W Q x ' L7 ,,,r xr' M I XX Q Q lm r . . x 6 4 Q, , iff' as 'Q 1 K A S R ff o 'lffwb W W ff- X, XX . - . . -- .Fw ' 'Y , ! y . ,li . ' ef 'cl-A ,j Qwlf"f!, jpfvll' ' lx X- ,5 vi K 7' yglglx- , fffi,.fgfz.w 5 X? 4 ,WVLLJ E - l 1 ' " R if W M y NN fp er: +25 rx A! ,.f If A 'RQ K Mm al' v NM a. Q. Q. 5 If LL yt iff, QL EA A w l le hlllllc' X r . pl' ilJ lifll fx, we ' -l N fx TJ ld I-J" Nm W-v ." l Am xg? ugly ,f'-Ll' lll we Ay ffl if A el -" 'al' jf' lflf7JW l :alll liki- ,x f n I, A 1 .I wjv ,I 4 I ,M v . ,-' I 15 f . , . , w. HL 4 6 fy, E 151 3 X gg HAIL! ........ jg W W , if fl' b M pf 65 1 X W ML? ,f , wwf 1 , A s 4 . Y . W ... . If-,, 4-"' 'S ..n""""p 1 ,.. ' . .-." .1 I fllply P ,.. 06 all 1 A 1 ff! 4 M. FQ, M fr, -, V .if-.3-A QLD Tj A - ""'1Qi'F" MM 1 1 - A f-'wx-fe,'a.f+" in , A N I W! Lui' 4, fs, 9 1 - + -. ,...,..f , ' W -4 --as W 0, .P . . if f g 1, .M f 'f r' vm f' 9 d V , I'-.W X ' . . N! I A V K wb V 1 A .Ad .,, W. - , .r,'g1 Q", ' , ,, A ,I - ' , up - '. ,. V 4 Pagan, 1 I .- Wh ,Q 5 :Y p ..- .....L-M. . . -' .er .,-, -, """f-41s-1-f , 'yggla' , I N 1 3 5,4 , Q l.',' 'fnf' " , ' J 1 u ' , L, 'U - A ,Pr '11 ., "' n 'fu' ' V ,gi .. f .ff 1, , 5 , .- A -A A .rw ..nv-Null' ff " 'V QI' . ' ' Qt r' ' ,yr ,r ,- 1 . Q,a ' of' "H,-r" fpcw JM' ',, fc' .L vvvvoor"""' N.,--fv"""'rk'y I . I " . 114.4 p0"" Yv- , - f V A -ev? 1 .1 ' 5 5 l f , y - , 1 a 'fl 2 k . X W ,,,, .QM , G' ' M, ,V " '51 fl f f 7' 3 .4 ' -1 ' 4" 1 ' N ' 3 1' ' ' ', fn , rj. J Q r 1 M .1 , , 4 ,I TRW 'BF 'Fi' F? TZ T SL F, f ,f .I li !""" K Km- .J- Wvi IE I" I ' a ,,fSh,'! ' . -1 '-- 4? ktfl M9 mm., .. nn -9 , l - 'Q-f"'-v-.-U -V-A .. , , ,X 1, . r Q. - ,fl , visa: '..f,, , mr f 1- s- . -K ,, .aww -A 4 4, A A , , 4, ,n..- ,,.1 ,H . 4 V .., 4. , a- mkrxgynggfk If v f . s ' - .4 . ' - ' ,Am ' 'ls ., , Aff' '-+V.. - "':."'KQ"i"'! A v , . .J - A A- I M an tw j Q W Q- , ' s.. lg W V, , ' Q ' , . , V If A lxqy gh.. , .rx ,lt ,Ls A K' yr- . ,- K ck. . ,y I " - k ls, Vin' X A ' st.. N., ,vw K 1 , WMA!! 0 o g , I ' ' " - - ' ' ,NF ' F' K Q.. W ' V .'.'v --' ..' n--" " 2-J'-N -M' mu .H A "WA 'M ' -w .2 ,. " -W A . ,,. f Aff 'K S Q, . M X - f ... 1 W x- -,, ,gym 1, A ,, " K K ' W A ., ,. 4 H . Q- ,fx A V "'. b fi -Y A ,F lg ' ,. '-'Q 0 ' KA Q. ,,, , sm? 4 'f n " ' .ff S 4' ' 0 ' cyl- A "' , L' , if ,fx P K - 1 X ,gm Amy, 1 ' qw .. Q., ... f A Q 'H f A ,,i,,4N fa 5 vu A, . . ,L ,Q .M , , p gg' - -4 . rv' ' 0 Ly N. M, V if-N K J I K I . ,L-.Q -1 irq, ' , . V - 7 .f 'iw 1 , , , 1,5 J F1 K Q M ,ny Mm V-,WW W, 2-T. 5, S, ,eww Qi- ...mmnaj is at 561. , M..' K - .gn ' "" 44 ,M 'U 47 WM' WMM , ff Lf wwf s fa Me 5-if R, fegm 53 '-4Q'1 , 5ii.1V2,i - M fffw Qicf, of M Ln .I M pg? M! Q C A W TAIWQL 3, Q W X MWZQVM 0 fen td 3 X E we To his students, he is the life-raft to which they may cling when in danger of being swept away on ci bewildering wave of homework and school activities, the rock which serves as refuge from unkind words of Q xeodle vaitiol thoughtless classmates, a friend in need, who understands when the frightening storms of growing up threaten to engulf us. Because of this, we, the Sr. Class of 1957 are happy to dedicate the 1957 ELK to Mr. James H. Allen. 6 A A , s x L. A 'Z E X Jw A 'L J xfl N-.I minidfrafion PRINCIPAL Mr. Glen M. Beeman ADMINISTRATIVE VICE PRINCIPAL Mr. Robert Theiler VICE PRINCIPAL-COUNSELING AND CURRICULUM Mr. B. Marston Harrigan FRESHMAN COUNSELOR Mr. James Wraith SOPHOMORE COUNSELOR Mr. James Trimboli DEAN OF GIRLS Mrs. Jean Shenk MR. GLEN BEEMAN In America's public schools, many and varied experiences await and are available to the students who attend those schools. These experiences include the academic, the social, the athletic, and some which cannot be classified under any of the aforemen- tioned headings. Of these the latter, the creation of a yearbook is one that ranks exceedingly high in importance and value to the students. Creation of a yearbook demands: long hours of research, hard and unremitting toil in doing the large number of mechanical operations necessary in arrangement and paste-up, and the development of an effi- cient business organization to secure the finances necessary to defray cost of publication and sell the book. PRINCIPAL io l i LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Jake Schneider, Mr. A. H. Mitchell, Mr, Robert Mackey, Mr Howard Wackman. Running through the entire program for the creation of the unifying quality of teamwork and co-operation. Members of the through this medium one of the most' vital of lifes many lessons and well-rounded and fruitful life dependentcn working, living, playing, their fellow beings. That this yearbook stat? has learned well such by the quality and excellence ot this i957 Elk which you now hold. The staff, individually and collectively, has earned heartrich BCARD OF TRUSTEES . E. Henry 'Kloss, Mr. 1957 Elk, was the Stall have learned that is, service is a and planning with a lesson is attested commendation. KZ VC ff gg , '45 -yn-we-i , "' !1Y'P""s " 'SR' -, x fb CQZA! 'fx ie- MR. B. MARSTON HARRIGAN Counse MR. JOHN WRAITH Freshman Counselor ,X 7 ,D , ff if L '1 , ml 1- uni T MR. ROBERT THEll.ER Administrative Vice Principal MRS. JEAN SHENK Dean of Girls ling and Curriculum Vice Principal Le Zfy MR. JAMES TRIMBOLI Sophomore Counselor KL ,,, , j,,,l,,ZilL MR. JAMES ALLEN Civics and Senior Problems Elk MR. ELMER DENNIS Boys' Physical Education Team Sports MR. GERALD DERR Art - IL, LA MRS. VIRGINIA EOFF Hornemaking MISS ANN GALLICHOTTE English MISS HILDA GARCIA Girls' Physical Education MR. MILTON DICK A Cappella Band Orchestra MISS CARO Art L DUDLEY l P ,Jf"'I "f"'19" Q MRS. ANN HUNTER Enqlish Il MR. MILTON KNAPP Algebra I and II Geometry Trigonometry MR, GINO LAZZAROTTO Spanish I, ll and III MR. RUDOLF HANSEN Mathematics Treble Cleft Typing Moth MRS. ELENE HO Bookkeeping MR. WILFRED Modern Living General Business LMES B. HOTTMAN It ll! it in fl' I Twine English Bookkeeping Modern Living MR, GARY LAWSON MR. DAVID LEMAY Civics and Senior Problems MRS. DOROTHY LEONETTI Girls' Physical Education MR. RICHARD LEUPP U. S. History Modern Living MRS. FRANCES MacKINNON Typing Shorthand MISS NATALIE MALKOVICH Homemalcing MRS. EDITH O'DWYER English MR. HANS OLSEN Mechanical Drawing Mathematics MR. JOHN RAWLS U. S. History World History Civics and Senior Problems MR. ROLF MOELLER Modern Living World History Boys' Physical Education MR. DONALD MORRISON Science Workshop Chemistry MR. GEORGE NEMETZ American Literature English Drama and Stage Craft MR. WALTER ROBERTSON Boys' Physical Education 'loam Sports X MR. THOMAS RYCRAFT Physical Scif-nce Physics "5 General and Consumers Science 'X ii-- MR. SHELDON SHULTZ Woodsliop Metal Shop Agriculture I xt , U I L, MR. MICHEAL O'NEIL General Science Life Science MR. JOHN L. REAGER Biology Modern Living Boys' Physical Education MRS. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON Librarian I MRS. JEAN SHENK Dean of Girls Girls' Physical Education MISS JEAN STEPHENS Engliglfv-7 QQ? OUVDOIISN ,- Q 4 . C N, L. 'f-f' A .V - gf' MR. BR I SQUIRES-1' - .Gm5griEfITf.- ' 1 U. S. History C J Boys' Physical Educution gl. . Mr. DONALD THOLE Vocotionol Agriculture Wooclshop Shop ond Proiect Supervisior Mr. JAMES TRIMBOLI Counseling General Business Record Keeping Mr. JERRY TUFTELAND Typing General Business Business English if -14" Q ,ff Mr. ARNIE ZIMBELMAN English ll ond lil Boy's Physical Educotion Mrs. BETTY JONES Nurse Mr. DONALD LARSON Speech and Hearing Therapist Mr. ROBERT WEISE Agriculture Shop Mr. HOWARD WINTER Biology Photography Physiology Mr. JOHN WRAITH Counseling Algebra ,wg .4 I f Hw- i A .T ,5 , H .f.a1"-It Xelfggiff i, ' ,Gi .rg-R 1' ,-T if .4 L, KW, 4 W . qs -, ,r Q 3 ' gait ew , """s.., OFFICE STAFF , n lEl-'r To RIQH Ii. 5 Me,-ding er, 4, Hein, G . Hogoboom , M- D err CAF 4 ETERIA STAFF f K gf 6 v. 5' ' B W , FF. ig, 4? M" .-,ja . 5 W' 'V 4 C- ' A ff i Y' " Ji ' w sl X if ax V x xx Aff' K , d Ho. Woerner, B- BO e V F1053 L ji DGWY' ' Lev 1 TO R'G'W P V DQxeYf 18 BUS DRIV ERS -ez Ne, D' Gun' N M 10? ROW R' RO Y R . . 1 m-,dy E. gemgnf ROW: Lhws Mnchexx' C' . M . BOTXOY P. Hrepn oUQhe 'L SHG! wi Sch N R. Gxockenr GWQO ' h, 5- ,04 N77 '7 ig! MAINTENANCE 'W LEFT To R,GHT M P. CREW ii CQOUS A ' -Fluff-1 , Affemmer ' CMQILJK A f D. G1 fucken, R, Smfrh L MVN ' ' 1 er, 19 wp fi? 5 ffsf? wfbgkg, My 5685 Ki' ,i Jw, .-.4 I RA f 1 0? . ,fd ,fi f Y- V ffl y gan fr 4 - ff-an , ' if f uf - , , .a I if wtf '7 u si r ,.,,,f is TG AIR FRANCE 'Vw .N , My ,'3Q Jw' K X ' - px Son DOLORES AMAREL GAA 54,55,56,57p FHA 54,55,56,57g Varsity Band 56,57g A Cappella 57g Junior Band 54,55 FTA 57. STEVE ANDREWS Football 54,55,56,57g Block EG Society 55,56,57p Band 56,57. ""s 4' lf- . V -1.V.i.v-'41 , . CANDY ARELLANO D Basketball 54g C Basketball 555 B Basket- ball 55,561 "A" Basketball 57: JV Baseball 54, Varsity Baseball 55,56,57. HELEN V. BAADE Librarian 57p GAA 56,57. 4 ' ' I ,Q1!l ' .. A mw....f , SUSAN BALDWIN GAA 54. WINIFRED ALBERTA "PEACHlE" BASS Girls' League President 575 Girls' League Coun- cil 55,57g Student Council 57, FBLA President 56g Class Officer 55g FMSA 57. JANET BAUR GAA 54,55 HELEN BENINSIG GAA 54,55,56,57g Elk Junior 56g Anflerette S?aFf 54,55,56g FMSA 55,56,57g Fall Play 57. LEOTA C. BERRY FBLA 564 GAA 54 55 56 57- Librarian 56 57 DONALD C. BIETZ "-M.. nf' f 'Qui' Anfleretre Business Manager 57, Anfleretie Stal? "mf 56,575 "B" Foofball 55p Full Play 55,56,57: Block X I. EG Society 54, JV Tennis 54. E H ' if , fi 6 GILBERT BOSTWICK CSF 55,56,57g Thespians 56,575 Elk Staff 57: Var- sily Band 54,55,56,57g A Cappella 56,57f Photo Club 54,55,56. ROBERT LOUIS BRITSCHGI Conservation Club 54g FFA 54,55,56,57. F111 " vw ' ' . A ' ,E ' - 5 , L if V W 'f e NORMA LORRAINE BRITTON Tronsfer from McClatchy. ROBERT NEAL BROWN Pholo Club 54: Cross COUYWYVY 54,55g Vcrssfy Bond 54,55,56,57g Block EG Society 54,55. ERNEST BUDA Transfer from Golf 54 Thespions 56 57 5 ELLEN BU RKHART GAA 54,55,56,57g Class Ofllcer 57p Yell Leader 56 57 Girls' League Council 57 A Coppellc 55 KEN BUSCHER 56,57- Rolly Club President 57. FFA President 57: FFA 54,55,56,57g Studenf Coun- Lv A cil 57, CLARENCE CAESAR "C" Busleetbull 55: "D" Boskelboll 555 Truck 56. L L 5' GERALD E. "JERRY" CHAPMAN HELEN FAY CARNEY Instrumental Music 54, Librarian 55,156,571 Music Workshop 54,55 MARGARET HELEN CASTELLO Elk Editor 57, Song Leader 56,575 Girls' League Treasurer 56, CSF 54,55,56,57, Varsity Band 54, 55,56,57g GAA 54,55,56. LEWIS "LOUIE" CONNER Modelcratt 54,555 FFA 54,55,56,57, Track 54,55g Cross Country 55,56. TYRUS COUPE "D" Basketball 54, Varsity Baseball 56, Block EG Society 56, Varsity Band 54,55,56,57p Elk Staff 57. Photo Club 54, "B" Football 55, Varsity Football 56,57, JV Baseball 55, Varsity Baseball 56,57, Block EG Society 55,56,57. DANA COLTON CSF President 57, Tlwespian Secretary 573 GAA 54, 55 56 Elk Assistant Editor 57 Quill and Scroll Officer 57g Antlerette Feature Editor 56 'E - 'r 'e t -.i f l Z , - . l xl Q-F lt 'il' fi ' -+1 ,fi ,Q .t A. - . i 113 r j ff '-Si'-' Jilin-'55 . , xx, - gg." ,1.:,r:'. .V ' '- I I 'L r .Chg 4 -fwqg 1, V1 1 . ,7 "Y V 5' " ' "gf-'-'V',1tQfB:. ..'.'- '- f J. fy' :' .,'.,,iC1g 'iff Qs- 'q vw ? Qi. ,F ,,.. , ,. QF, ,QQ ADA SUE CRABB GAA 54,55,56,57g Band 54,55,56, FBLA 55,56. MICHAEL CULY Transfer From McClatchy, Varsity Football 56,575 "A" Basketball 565 Track 56,57. 'JF' 4. M W xl, A fi Mag Q' I M an I 'I I X' u-1 , , H ,fl EDWARD "EDDIE" DEAL JV Baseball 55, "A" Basketball 57. PATRICIA DEANS YFC 55 56 57' A Cappella 55 56 575 Band 55,56, 575 Girls Glee 54g GAA 56,575 Pep Band 57, L 55? M V, Ag,-TKXFAI, IIC' .f Sw A A' ' I ,Like ,S if ef fbi? '35 If ,S kg' Ap ,Q 'A' ' P . "Mil I 14257151 1551 WILMA .IO DEBONIS GAA 54,55,56g Class Olllcer 54: GIVIS' I-SUQUG Council 54. RUSSELL LEO DUCLOS Modelcraft 54. FRANK SELDEN DUNBAR FFA 54,55,56,57. .X ALINE ANN DUNCAN FRANKIE EDRALIN Jr. Q Football 54- Band 54- "C" Baslcelball 557 "B Track 56,57. JOANN EDWARDS GAA 54g Varsity Band 54,55,56,57g Music Work- shop 56. PATRICIA ANN EDWARDS A Cappella 55,563,575 GAA 55,55 FBLA Secreiary 561 FBLA Vice-President 57, Arts and Craffs 55p FHA 57. DIXIE LEE EGNER GAA 54,55,56,57g Girls' League Vice-President 57, Rally Club 55,56. Nils 4105 GAA 54. BILL ELLER 56 Fall Play SACHIKO B. ENDOW GAA 54,55,56,57g Antlerette Staff 55,56p FBLA 56 Beginning Tennis 54 ia, E BOB EVERSULT SHYRI. JANEEN FACHT GAA 54,555 Art Club President 555 Art Club Vice- President 56g Rally Club 55,56. sos mos Mc' Basketball 5455, Football 56,51 FFA 54,56 if JUNE EISENBEISZ Madelcralt 54 FFA 54555657 JV Football 55 FFA Officer 57 Varsity Football 56 57 1 Vi FREDERICK E. FELT ' xt . i R. 4... , 5 1994! 01 RENITA LOVELL FLATT GAA 54, Librarian 55,56,57. DARRELL FLYNN Varsity Band 54,55,56,57g Choir 56,575 Photo Club 54,525,565 Pep Band 57. MARGIE ANN FERGUSON GAA 4, FBLA 56,571 Art Club RITA FERNANDEZ Varsity Band 54,55,56,577 FMSA 55,56,57, GAA 54,55,56,57g Student Council 57, CSF 54,565 FMSA President 56. PAUL EDWARD FLATT Varsity Football 55,56,57f Basketball 55,56,57g Baseball 55,56,57g Block EG Society 54,55,56,57 Modelcrcift 54,55. Varsity Football 56,575 Track 54,55,56,57g Basket ball 54,515,565 CSF 54,55,56,57g Block EG Society X 54,55,5657 Student Council 57. 56, V009 v-"4 i l ,JYQI '27 7 WANDA FOREMAN GAA 5455, FBLA 55,55 Librofiof- 56151 Mfliof' ette 57, FMSA 57. LORNA FRANCK YFC 54,55,56,57: A Cappella 55,5o,57. if fi. fl, All VIRGINIA FREYSCHLAG FTA 56,57, Photo Club 55,56: GAA 54,55 CHARLES GALVEZ Varsity Football 55,545,575 Varsity Baseball 56,57, Track 56,57g A Cappella 54,55,56,57g Boys' League Council 55g Block EG Society 54,55,56,57. fa' GORDON GEERTS A Basketball 57, fn.. JUDITH ANN "JUDY" GLACKEN GAA 54,55,56,57g Antlerette Stall 56,575 Be-gin ning Tennis 541 Librarian 56,57. Hof' scskefboii 54, 'fan soskeiboii 5555, HAH l RICHARD K. GLACKEN "B" Football 555 Varsity Football 56,575 Track 55, 56,575 Varsity Band 55,56,575 Block EG Society 55.56,57. BRENT LAMARR GLEDHILL FFA 54,55,56,57p FFA Officer 55,565 "C" Track Modelcraft 54. JOEY GOMES FFA 54,55,56,575 FFA Secretary 575 Track 54,555 55,565 FTA Treasurer 575 JV Football 561 Varsity Football 57. 1-vi.. r ,i , DONALD GRETHER Transfer 545 Varsity Band 55,56,57. MAVIS GROSSMAN Maiorette 56,575 A Cappella 565 GAA 54-55 FBLA 56,575 Librarian 575 Band 56557. NADINE DOROTHY GUYTON GAA 545 Photo Club 54,55,56. 1 X95 LAURA JANE HAHN CSF Secretary 56p Girls' League Council 56, Var sity Band 54,55,56g Thespians 567 Elk Staff 57 Oratarical Contest 55,56, SHIRLEY AILEEN HASS Chorus 56, FBLA 56,57. TAKEKO HAYASHIDA 3, CQ! 'Nd VIRGINIA JEAN HERBERT A Cappella 55,56,57g GAA 54,55,56,57g Ofiicials Club 55,56, FMSA 57, Office Prcidice 57. MARGARET ANNE HENDERSON GAA 54,55,56' CSF 54,55,56,57- Quill and Scroll 57, Anllerelte Staff 56,57. Varsity Band 55,56,57g GAA 54,55,56,57, Class Ofiifer 575 Elk Stufi 57, A Cappella 57, CSF 54,55 JANICE HERZOG GAA 54,55,56g Librarian 56,57. ' SR -QQ WALTER JAMES HOPPE WALTER JASON "JAY" HOYT Ill Transfer from Sacramento, FFA OfTcer 55,56 NANCY HUMPHERYS GAA 54,55,56, Elk Junior 56, Antlerette Staff 545 Rally Club 56. BARBARA IKEGAMI FTA Presndent 57, Elk Staff 57, Class Offlcer 56g CSF 54,55,56,57g Varsify Bond 54,55,56,57, Girl'5 League Council 57. OLITA MAE HUDSON EVELYN CHRISTINE HUGGINS GAA 54,55,56,57, FBLA 55,56,57, FHA 54,55,56, 'Qlr 5 DAVID L, HILTS WALTER LEE "CURLY" JOHNSON Footbmll 54,55,56,57, Tr'CIClx 5-5,55,.56,57g CSF 54, 5556: Block EG Society 5455,56,57g Student Council 55,575 Class President 56 sq Yi. L- A .,., ,. ,gx , Q: .fn . , Mfg, . rfsww-1, A f:,,..,,,3A ' gf A DOREEN KADOKAWA GAA 54,55,56,57, CSF 55,56, JV Tennis 55g Vor- sity Tennis 56,57g PMSA President 575 Elk Stat? JEAN HANAKO KADOYA GAA 54,55,56g CSF 54.55,56,57g JV Tennis 555 Vorsity Tennis 56,57p FBLA 57g Elk Stun 57. JANICE MAE KELLY GAA 54, Photo Club 54,55,56. MARCELLA LOUISE KENDRICK GAA 54,55,56,57, GAA Treasurer 57? FBLA 55 56,57g FBLA Treasurer 575 FBLA President 57. A li. z fgj,-41-, ., ' - 1 A I 1 ld -L43-1 DARLENE KING GAA 547 FHA 54, Rally Club 56: FBLA 56,57. SHIRLEY KITCHENS Girls' League Council 575 Tlwespians Historian 577 Elk Junior 565 Elk Staff 57, Drama Make-up 56p Transfer from Sncra memo iw-4, DARLENE LOUISE KOLB GAA 54,55,56. SHARON LARSEN GAA 54, Band 54,55,56, FBLA 56. fl X09 .qi 2?i?w1 .L f ra., Drama 57, Ar? Club 54g GAYLAN LARSON Football 55,56,57g Track 55,56,57g Class President 57p Block EG Vice-President 575 CSF Vice-Pres- idenf 577 Class Omcer 56,57. SONIA LEE LARSON Class Officer 57, GAA 54,55,56,57g GAA Coun cil 571 Girls' League Council 571 CSF 56,57g Ant lereife Staff 56.57. BARBARA LEWIS Modelcroft 54,55g GAA 55,56. .IEANEE LIEBER GAA 54,55,56,57, Vorsiiy Bond 56,57, CSF 55,56 571 FTA 55,56,57p FBLA 57. BONITA JEAN LILLICO President 57 CSF 56 JAMES LUCAS WALTER McCUNE Vmrsiiy Foofbcxli 575 Transfer From Gran? 57. FHA 54, GAA 54,55,56,57, JV Tennis 55: FBLA LAVERNE MARIE LIMA xv-.rf 'Sf L W, DONNA REA MAITA GAA 54. MEL MacDONALD JV Football 545 Truck 555557, "B" Foolbn 552 Vorsify Football 56. 'wr-mira 1' CHARLES McKEAN JV Baseball 55 NORMA MANICA !""'N BERTHA ANN MANNING A Cappella 54,55.56,57. JEANETTE JOYCE MANTZ GAA 5455.56.57 GAA Seffelury 57, FHA 511, 55, Office Prudlcf- 57. GAA 54 55 56 57' FBLA 56 57- Ollllce Prucfice 57 GAA 54 55 56 A Cappella 55 56 57 Orchestra GAA 54555657 A Cappella 5657 Offlce Practice 57 Rally Club 56 Anllerefle Slafl 55. QQQ44 ,X X , BILL MEAKER "C" Track 547 Ar? Club 54,56,57, A Cappella 54 55,56g Boys' League Council 545 Class Ofllcer 54 NANCY LEE METZKER GAA 54,55,56,57, Beginning Tennis 545 Antlaretlc Staff 456g FBLA 57 Fall Play 575 Librarian 56. L, 14541-f-KJ Mffaqw - QQ, L41 .7 C9177 :JL fi. lkrc-496, PATRICIA MILES Closs Offlcer 54,57, GAA 54,55,56, GAA Coun- cil 56, CSF 55,56,57, FBLA 57, ROY McKINLEY MILLS 'FUI' 'Q' GODFREY FREDERICK "OSCAR" MIX CSF 55,56,57, Thespluns 55,56, Modelcroff 54,55, 56,571 Modeloirs President 57, Elk Staff 57, Or- otoricczl Contest 55,56. SAM MOFFAT Transfer 57' FFA 57 gi' OMAR MOHAMED Drorno 56, Sfogecrof? 56, Art Club 56 BEVERLEY MOLLET GAA 54. -A JUDY MONSON Transfer From SClCI'Om8I'I'Oj Anflereite S105 56. ALBERT A. MOOS .JV Football 555 Vorsify Fooiboll 56,575 Block EG Society 575 Track 565 A Cappella 56,57. PATSY ELIZABETH MULLINS GAA 54,55 .IO ANN MARIE MURPHY GAA 54,555 Rully Club 56. PAT MORIARITY Flag Bearer 575 FBLA 56,575 FMSA 575 GAA 54, 55,56. WILLIAM L. MOUSER 'C' JV Football 54 Varslty Football 56 Varslty Tennis Varsity Football 56 57 Block EG Society 575 CSF 54 55 56 57 CSF Treasurer 57 Antlerette Staft 7 WALTER DELBERT "DEL" NICHOLS Modelcraft 54,555 Art Club 56. LEON NORTON Transfer From Arcade 56g Vclrgity A Cappella 57. 'NN LEONARD PALACA Boys' Lvugue Counril 55,56, Student Council 575 CSF 545 Dunne Bond 54,555 Tmfk 54,55,56,57g Cross Country 5657. ROBERT "BUCK" PARSONS FFA 54,55 V . A 1 VIRGINIA LOU PETERS FHA 54, FBLA 56. GEORGE PLESCIA JV Football 5-if Varsity Football 55,56.57g Var- R, sity Basketball 56 57- FFA Treasurer 57- Boys' League Counctl 57, Block EG Oficeu 57. PEGGY PYLES JOYCE RAU FHA 54g GAA 54,55.56,57g FBLA 56g Rally Club 56.57 CHRISTINE RICHARDSON GAA 5455565 CSF 55,565 Antlerette Staff 55,565 FII: StaH 57, GARY ROGERS JV Baseball 5455.565 Basketball 545 Varsity Band 54, 1:1 wud' C..- 12? ROSE ROHRER Bond 5455.565 GAA 54,555 Art Club 54. PAIGE ROWFLL GAA 54 555 FTA 55 56 57 ISAO SANO Football 54,55,56,57j Track 55,56,57g Student Council 54,575 Boys' League Council 575 Block EG Society 55,556,575 CIass Officer 54,57. DALE SASSMAN Varsity Band 54,55,56,57, FFA 54,555 A Cappella 56,57. ns , LOREN A. SCHMIDT Modelcroft 54,55,56,57g A Cappella 56,57. TY SCHULZ Varsity Band 545 A Cappella 54,565,575 Student Body Assembly Manager 575 Track 56,57. DOUGLAS SETTERS Track 57. KEN G. SIMAS JULIE SIMMONDS GAA 54,557 Art Club 56p Antlerette Staff 565 Elk Staff 57. SALLY JO SIMS Student Council 56,57g Girls' League Council 57, Class Olllcer 54,57f Antlerette Stall 56,575 CS 54,55,56,57g Yell Leader 56. Block EG Presidenl 57, Block EG Society 54,55, 56,57g Varsity Football 55,569,571 Boys' League Council 57, Student Council 57, Track 54,55,56, F RONALD SMEDBERG Modelcraft 545 CSF 55,56,575 Varsity Football 56. WILLIAM E. "BILL" SMITH "C" Basketball 545 Varsity Band 55,565 A Cap' pella 56. CAROLEN SMITH GAA 545 Needlecraft 545 FBLA 565 Varsity Band 56, Rally Club 56. RONALD SONODA CSF 55,56,575 Varsity Football 56,571 Modelcralt MARION SPERRY CSF 54,55,56,575 GAA 54,55,56,575 Antlerette Ed- itor 575 Student Council 575 Class Officer 555 Var sity Tennis 56,57. LARRY SPOONER Transfer From Livermore, Varsity Football 56,575 FFA 56,575 Block EG Society 56,575 Varsity Base- ball 56,57. 54, Antlerette Stal? 56,57, FFA 54. JOAN VIOLA SPROCK GAA President 57, Student Council 57g Girls' League Council 575 CSF 54,55,56,57g Antlerette Stal? 56,575 Elk Junior Editor 57. TIM STEINBERGER Varsity Band 54,55,56,57. '1' F A 1 U ' - A , JAMES RUDY STEWART ' ' A ! Modelcraft 545 Photo Club 557 Arts and Craft 56. 2 . lx fi Q4 -Q- - N-,Q-if ' MARLENE STILLMAN - GAA 54,55,56g Elk Junior Editor 56, A Cappella QM Q 55,56,57. 44 V-N, '5. Q' Alf. 0: ,5 A fgkvx 'l I ' r 55 f f .5 L 4555 4,25 , l l ja li gg 4. YVONNE SURMONT Conservation Club 54g Drama 57p 55. Arts and Craft DEANNA SWEET GAA 54,55,56g CSF 54,55,56,57, Class Officer 54, 55,56g Head Song Leader 575 Elk Staff 575 FTA 55,56,57. KENJI TAKEHARA "C" Basketball 54, "D" Basketball 54, JV Base- ball 55. ALICE TAKEOKA Girls' League Secretary 57, Class Olllcer 54,55, 56,57, CSF 54,55,56,57, Elk Staff 57, GAA 54,55, 56, FMSA 57. EUGENE TANIGUCHI ,plyi- tgirl! NANCY TANIHARA GAA 54 55 56 57A Girls' League Council 57' Class Ofllcer 54,56, FMSA 57, Elk Stall 57. CSF 54,55, 56 57 i Q-as-O' RICHARD TAYLOR RALPH TEDFORD Football 54,557 Varsity Band 56,577 A Cappella 57. 1' MITS TOMONO Anfleretfe Staff 55,56,57, CSF 55,56 DANIEL Y. "DANNY" UMEDA Varsity Football 56,575 Track 54,55 BILLY UMFLEET Transfer From Missouri FFA 57 in ,, SX ,Q 'L'-'rf A iavf-E I sf' B D .. A L5 F Y' L 'A 7 . 7 la -SH! V 'il V ' 34 55:12 ii.. "-.gr"1s':-E.'f ' 'ala Ki Qt, . V. -.qu '-' ' ix " n JFS ,313 .' Exif,-Q .L '91 mul' A fir-gf ages DON VENINGA Baseball 54,55,56,57g Varsity Football 575 Student Council 57, Boys' League Council 56, Elk Staff 57g Firechief 56,57. DIANE VOGT GAA 54,55,56p Student Council 56,571 FBLA 57. SADIE VALDEZ FBLA 55,56p GAA 54. ml W TOM WATSON Student Body President 57p Class President 54 555 Varsity Football 55,56,57g Baseball 55,56,57 Bloclc EG Society 54,55,56,57, FFA 54,55,56, HENRY HAROLD "HANK" WENCKIE Block EG Society 54,55,56,57g "A" Basketball 56, 575 Varsity Football 56,575 "A" Track 575 "B' Track 55. RUTHIE WALTON GAA 54 55 56 57 GAA Voce Presrdent 57 FBLA 55 56 DELILAH JUNE "l.ll.A" WICK GAA 54,55,56, A Cappella 55,56,57, Antlerette Staff 555 Rally Club 56, EDITH FAYE WILLOCK Needlecraft 54,555 FHA 54,55. 'QF' CAROL WILSON Elk Junior 56. ANDREW YOUNG Va rsity Football 55,56. DELMAR RAY YOUNG "C" Track 54,555 Varsity Band 55,56,57, Cross Couniry 55,57g Arts and Craft 555 Art Club 55. LEON I. ZIMMERMAN Transfer From Greshamg Varsiiy Band 575 YFC 57, "A" Track 57. "f J 9' m, - 3 . 11 0-1- - "' -nb .,. ..-in .. Q- s, ' ,il 'ii 1 141- ,..,-f V-H SEATED, Lefl io Right: G. Hcilin, D, Meyer, M. Voos, F. Vcmcicore, R. Suiqo, D. CrunsQ,J Bvii1,R Pic-SCOUT. Adams, Delores Alion, Violet ,Li ' U, ,G A 3. ' ' , 'J -.5 ll'-ie. I A . ws- 3 , 1313. '-gi 144 :Lg PHOTO NOT AVAlLAlLf fb "Y ' . . . Q '-132 . B A ' B ,if if . B i. . i +24 Q f in in I X V Q funk i. . . .,l ! 5 'eu , 16- Anderson, Catherine Anderson, Roberf Azevedo, Frank Bailey, Betty Bailey, Brenda Barney, Robert Baucler, Lew Beaver, Troy Beemon, Elizabeih ipenitez, Evangeline Bennefield, Susan Benning, Linda Bien, Judiih Blair, David Bourlcmd, Lawrence CYOCIKOH. Dennis Crulze, David Cunningham, Junk. Cunningham, Pafrlcia Davldmon, Gerald Deguchl, lill De Roll, Mirllra Dlggl, Doyle muon, rmnp Dixon, Mary Dlxon, Warren Dolaan, Sharon Dorn, Mary Duenas, Jesse Durham, Norman y gt'-?.3r15'f-'!j'f:1'1f'-T lfealng, John lrldges, Malcolm map., vkm Brooks, Calherlne Cagle, Charles- Calonder, Ruth Cannedy, Murrgy Cargill, Sharon Casey. Sleven Clnmenh, Karl Conley, Geraldine Councl, Robert Cox, llll Cranor, Darwin TOO NIV DDT AVA!-All N , 'N Af A . H070 Naeeibh Ebersole, Belty Edralin, Consulacion Edwards, Roborf Ehrosman, Lucelle Engslrom, Lois Enfrican, Janis Estrada, Rosemary Efter, Nelson Evans, Jimmy Fenix, Belfy Fenix, Ronald Forguson, William lf- ,-' , - ' Ne Phan ,,,,+,,- i I E 11 1 x t -- 'Cf' "'Q9 ,Q Ne Phete' Fixer, Albert Flemmer, Marilyn K Foley, Michael Forderer, Arlis Forsyth, Sleven Fraga, Richard Froehlich, Gordon Fuiii, Warren Furtado, Marlene Galland, Elizabelh Garcia, Ralph Garino, Robert Gasaway, Hollis Gamway, Mary Lou Gasaway, Torry Gibbons, Richard Glantx, Donna x". Ne Fheh Wx Hagan, Mary Holop, Lynne Hooper, Gerald Hornbuckle, Helen Howse, Connie Hummel, Helen lnouye, Ben lxhisaka, Lynne lla, Elaine lfo, Gordon Jackson, Richard Johnson, Donald Janes, Duelle Jones, Gayle Kachadorian-L Jamie Gledllill, Janice K Grauduslws, Herbert Grubbs, Pairick Grundvig, Jean Holm, Geraldine Hahne, Alvin Hanner, Dora Harmer, Gary Harris, Joan Hauglll, Glen Haynes, Barbara Himebauch, Jean Hisamota, Fumi Tee any Hoeppner, Vernon S- lfilff l : ug .. Ne Pliele Kadolnawa, lefle Kammerer, lull! Kara, Diana Kearney, lame: Keller, Cluarline Knlglv, Paul Knafh, Marilyn Knox, William Lalrsan, Charles Land, Pafrlcla Lane, Mary Lawrence, Katherine Lavnan, Brenda belna. Fred .ig- 'Vi' 4e,n -I' kfhlk Lemon, Rannle Leonard, Katherine Lewis, Jack Lucas, Alice Lyon, Tom Mahon, Dale Monica, Jeannnefte Marty, Patricia Matthews, Nancy Mayhew, Judy McDowell, Frank Min, Valerie Mclean, Clifard MeKlnzle, Jerry Miwhiflif, Claude Northrop, Gerry Northrup, Harold Nortllrup, Mary Norton, Sue Okamota, Tabo Olson, Mary Onadera, Dllfard Ortiz, Rosemary Oslllra, Hiroshi Paquim Priscilla Parker, Donald Pearson, Charles Peterson, lenlamin Plerae, Vlalet Plnola, Lois Menard, Carol Mensch, .lorry Meyer, Diana Mohr, Davld Moman, Phyllis Moare, Artis Moore, Brenda Morgan, Donald Morgan, Florence Nakashlma, Loster Needham, Milne Nelson, David Newman Jerry Nix, Vernon Tee lesy X AFI .Y "- i NeFh-te r-fu 'W M Polhemus, Emily Prescott, Ruth Quackenbush, Donald Reirn, Reynold Reynolds, Bob Reynolds, Troy Rhoades, Norma Richard, Jeanne Ring, Larry Rogers, .lim Rank, Anita Role, Richard Rubalcoba, Alice Runow, Gayle PHO! Rusch, Dole Soiga, Ray Sakamafo, Bernard Salzman, Earl Schopf, Alfred Schulfx, Gorald Seah, Slloryon Seiler, Dovo Silver, Sandra Sims, Susan Sloan, Maxino Smith, Howard Srnirh, Mary, Sonoda, Thomas Souza, Carolyn Ward, Sue Wardlow, Jerry Waianabe, Takeo Wahon, Bill Wells, linda 'Wells, Mary Westlake, Dianne Whitson, Delores Whitworth, Dianne Wilson, Janice Wise, Jeannette Yamamura, Tom Ioshihora, Priscilla 'oung, Alberl Zorn, Gregory Spencer, Alice Spiva, Fred Spooner, Sharon Stabbed, Rano Stephenson, Elizabeth Summers, Robbie Tanner, Clarence Taylor, Rober? Thompson, Andrew Vanacore, Frank Von lehren, Margaref Voos, Mary Ellen Q fl ' ' N V AVAILAILE Wacker, Fred Wallace, Rick Ward, Joyce TX NSY Nnuhoe STANDING, Lefl to Rlghlz P. Beltzel, L. Maynard, A. Mendenhall, E. Smith. SEATED: F. Toniharo, E. Tsukcm moto, G. Taylor, C. Engle, S. Colton. Allen, Donald Allen, Wayne Ambrose, Marilyn Arellano, Lupe Asay, William Bailey, Roberv Barnes, David Barneir, Clareen Bartholomew, Wayne Baiara, Marcilla llw' V S 597m more l I ,va pkvwdi AVAILAILE laudor, Torn loavlfl, David loltnl, Paul lull, Judlth lonnotv, Donnla lonlor, Fred lorry, Dorothy lladz, Jack lonor, .lorry lradloy, Roboeoa Drown, Glonda Bryant, Cllarlono lryant, Troy luochlor, Rodoll lurgou, Evorott lunelvor, Myron lutlor, Joan Campbell, Bonlamln Campbell, lovorly Campbell, Joan Campbell, Jo Ann Cargill, Hugh Carr, Duano Cocll, Dalsy ..-f' he 'W 5 v??Lg' 4 duiij Q ' sffno VNUTD N more 5 1 Cervantes, Gloria Chapman, Judy Choquotto, Louis Chrlstonun, Richard Clayeornb, Judy Collins, Donald Collins, Nadlno Collins, Stan Colton, Sara Condlt, Wayne Condray, lilly Coalnbos, Doylono Cothrln, Arlona 'we ,ff- fm, iD, fr, x' l ,GV 1 54- -a Quai. , ax:-nl -l .,-A. W lf' -f u if . -.9' E A , fl 3 fry- fy. 3 ll L 'ul -Wm i - f- H- 52- w if-yi' I ,..v-.A, it V Ib w - fn .f lm, r - - - 1 I -nd- G a n Crawford, Patsy Cuccia, Barbara Culy, April Cummings, Douglas Darr, Dena Cavins, .lolin Cecil, Juanita Choquette, LeRoy Clifton, Patricia Clubb, Donald Collins, Larry Collins, Vivian Conner, Carolyn Conner, Curtis Correa, Nick Coupe, Bruce Cowperthwaite, Carol Cox, Viona Coy, Charlotte Craig, Judith Darr, Diana Davis, Colletta Davis, Donna Davis, Sharon Deal, Ronald Decker, Lanita DeHerrera, Vernel Delgado, Polly Dietrich, Florence Dixon, Patricia Daclrter, James Doyle, Sharon Downing, Sondra Drake, Gary Drew, lobby Dunn, Barbara Durham, Vera Eaton, Joseph Ebersole, Ivan Eels, Joseph Edwards, linda Ehresman, Gilbert Ellenberger, Bob Endow, Michilzo Entrican, James Estrada, Joan Eszlinger, Floyd Evangelhfa, Daniel Favor, Bessie Fenton, Dennis Fisher, John Fixer, Phyllis Flynn, Floyd Franklin, Freman Free, Tony Frey, Nadine Fuiii, Allen Fulwman, lsaka Fuller, Randolph Galland, Kathleen Garcia, Avelina Gervais, Mark Gibbons, Ellzabelh Glanlz, Orlan Goforlh, James Fenlan, Harley Fernandez, Richard Fife, William Finney, Donna Fischlin, Martin I g,,f, f l A W li? v .7 NoPlnle fa .. Q T' m i few' ' " 1 '-1-. ' ? ,. Aflfm V54 l x ,. 3 , if 5 . 'll if J 4' f"'e 4 v Hensley, Susan Hernandez, Charles Hook, Shirley Houx, Harold Howse, Charles "ix 54 ,Q lien 1 we .s,,. 1-wire F , l ,sv I J--yi ,J een ' I is m 'I ll ,nfl I I uv I No Plums Q Gomes, Ronnie Gomez, George Gonzales, Freddie Goudy, Edward Green, Charles Greene, Joan Gunn, Richard Guyfon, Ernesl Hall, Margaret Hall, Rosalie Harberl, Marcia Harding, Buddy Harrison, Joan Hay, Earl Hayashida, Ruth Q ' vi" " 5 ' 'II T2 4 ' ' 'P 0 ' ' ,, mi :fi '19 k ,S gg .J V i il ' V H .. xi 8 l all f Y KA - 'J I Id e Adi we J A' " -J s r J' , V V J eeule E 2" . f 5 -1 af'- 3. o vh- ' 3 Z . .ri f r ' ' 4 . rg k Q . 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Miller, Jerry Miller, Yvonne Ming, Helen Ming, Josephine Mitchell, Elizabeth March, Larry Marshall, Margaret Martin, Billy Martinez, Ala Martinez, Ruth Marty, Barbara Marzan, Elizabeth Maxwell, Dennis McCall, Harold McGee, Patty McGough, Russell McGrogor, Albert McKean, Paul McMillan, Betty Miles, Dollie UM ahh he I my .fl ffl 'QW fi sf' -nv hhet' Ile Yheie 1 Z I Yee lny i H Mohr, Margaret Mollet, Caroline Moore, Christina Moos, Annie Morales, lsmeal Morales, Simon Morgan, David Morris, Joyce Mullins, Clayton Munyer, Virginia Murphey, Jean Needham, Arthur Neely, Lonnie Norton, Wynona Oates, Pauline Ile Phd: 1 A Ollar, .lock Ooley, Veronica Ortiz, Priscilla Owens, Terry Parker, Neita Parrish, linda Paulk, Shirley Perez, Jimmy Perez, Thomas Perez, William Phillips, Jerry Platero, Gary Poole, Darlene Fudge, Katherine Ramirez, Gloria Teeiwr he hw M.. .fx ,L bw ...Q Rocque, Robert Rogers, Larry Rogers, Mary Rubalcaba, Margaret Ruhstaller, Regina Rumba, Carolyn Rutledge, Floyd Rutter, Guy Solsedo, Pearl Sargent, Michael Schauer, Janice Scheining, Donna Schmidt, Darrel Scott, Perry Scroggin, Gloria Uv f' 41. n '10 -!! f 5 5 -srl- hfieh' leheie Rau, Carol Rhoades, Harry Richardson, Arthur Ritter, Karen Rivera, Maire lhfiete ual ul' it ix A1-M 1 ,Ag W l Yee lee! 'rv S, l"lll X len-Ou he Dew N- F lefiel IMI ing T 'Nr lbfiefe Strong, Merle Stuart, James Stumpt, Annemarie 5 You lil! llefhele X .2 fi unu- w iv, Fl A igtfzilll l N Setters, Wilma Sheppard, Joye Sherrill, Minnie Signa, Marlena Sinclair, John Sloan, Carol Smirl, Carolyn Smith, David Smith, Laura Smith, Mary Sonoda, Frances Stabbert, Geraldine Stilwell, Virgil Stone, Byron Strickland, Joe Summers, Helen Swiatowy, Theodore Taharo, Eddie Taylor, David Tepel, Pat Test, Mary Teves, Joe Thayer, Linda Thorpe, Harald Titman, William Tomono, Katsumi Tooker, Jeffrey Trevis, Mike Valdez, Betty Vonlengen, Marilyn Vargus, Clifford Vasquez, Isabel Vasquez, Phillip Vegors, Diane Veit, Roberta Velasco, Rachel Vining, Virginia Visick, William Wagner, Catherine Walker, Barbara Walker, Robert Wallace, Darlene Warboys, Geraldine Wardlow, Pat Watanabe, Yoshi UQ ng A -ig 1 Westerberg, Susan White, Wayne Wilfong, Catherine Wilkerson, Anna Wilkerson, leigh Williams, Carolyn Williams, Mildred Wills, Bill Wilson, Gary Wilson, Mack Wisdom, Arley Wong, laura Woodard, Alma Woods, Reba Zofcin, George ll-vr line! Weddle, Mary Welch, Delight 'Welch, George 0I' nizafiond STUDENT BODY COUNCIL GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL BOYS' LEAGUE COUNCIL CALIFORNIA SCHOLARSHIP FEDERATION CLUBS mf-f I Q 2,53 , M -,zs,.g1v 1. .ix l ,fy ,zlf 'lf Yr- t,,I"".' "R 1, .W fm. 'K 5.1 ' ,. - , Xp. .Ha fiil ?,fs45fh,fi 4"5'M5F'-fif5, ,g 'f1 , H : H ssiwprgxgyffv ,Q ' wi 819 15. - fgQ,fgg,f 5 - , E , , . fxaygzg Q I 2 ' ,Q'1.f,,,'vf3: 1-H, . 'f ' ew!!-.,,.r ' 'A ' 5 . -... 2 W -Wi 4 k 'A--k, 2 "4 ffflif 'il , ,.1. 4 4 Q. ,mv ' 2'157f"f ' E 1 -f-ggi: 'Ng 'ff '- it an-7-MMM-, 1 if 'llf '+ iggginf 53131: Aki, , CCUNCIL J Sprock E. Smith, G. Hahn, M. Costello. Special events were the Christmas pageant and the Homecoming Day project Members also attended the Golden Empire League meetings. 81 i The Boys' League C President WALTER JOHNSON gACK WQISON' Soi90' B' C uise, Ye W .lol'1f'5On'D' T ef . . F Vvnoco' K' Su-noi, oy. . Mr L'M now- morn Mendenh ROW1 A' S. a,1-Gam' . vnu' i i sum, G. PleSC'0' L' Mo gli' LEAGUE COUNCIL 82 ouncil is the governing organization over the boys ofthe school. Hall control and directing traffic at the football games are part of the duties ofthe council members. During this past year, their flood of activities included an after game dance, the Sweetheart Ball, and a talent show in co-sponsorship with Student Council. GIRLS' LEAGUE COUNCIL 'ROM ROW J- Hier, i MH- Sh I B. enk, Ik99ClfnI, 3. LQBON. Tanihorc, A rt, D. Swee' G i-Takeokol P 8 I ' QYlOr J ' 055' D ' ' WUrd E ' Egner J ' -Burlqhan ' ' 5Pr0ck S . I . Sims B ' ACK Ro W: President PEACHIE BASS Look into a certain puddle and you see the Girls' League carrying on a steady stream of activities, from September right on to June. Docked along the line of months, are many activities which include the Big and Little Sister Luncheon, Hi-Jinx, "Ghost Riders Roundup," the Christmas Program, and Mothers' Tea. As this year closes, we feel the Girls' League has truly upheld their motto, "Friendship, loyalty, and service." 83 COD President KEN SIMAS The Block E.G. traveled smoothly through the year without many obstacles. Since the main interest of this society is to recognize boys on the varsity team who have earned their letter, one of the main activities is the initiation. Also included in their activities is the annual Block EG.-GAA picnic. .. "" .. Il! L Q' 1 1:5 .3 :rl E iiixx is 1. Q.. Q, Of lag, L ill, FRONT ROW: B. lnouye, K. Simos, G. Lcirso 2, 0 5 lim' MII illlh 1 uh n. BACK ROW: Coach Robertson, G. Plecia. 84 G. A.A FRONT ROW: J. Montz, J. Sprock, R. Walton, C. Edroiin. BACK ROW: M. Kendrick, Mrs. Leonetti, S Larson, W. Boss. Cl- A Q GX v A ""N.. r- . l The GAA had ci very successful year considering the many high tides which they had to overcome, Because of the elimination of seventh period, they changed their meeting time to Monday and Vifednesduy nights after school. They olso completely revised their constitution. The GAA had ci very active year vvith many ploydoys, meetings and the picnic with the Blocl- EG. at the end ot me year. 85 in Lid 3 President JOAN SPROCK igififtgti -1ea3?""R' ci-iaistme RicHARosoN, Juue SlMMONDSg DANA coLroN DEANNA SWEET Nor Picruneo, s, icitcHENs Assistant Editor 5.,,i,,,,, Mm.,-,g,, MARGARET CASTELLO Editor Like an ever-rushing waterfall, the Elk Stott carried on a continuous stream ot activities throughout the entire year. Re- freshments at all varieties were sold at the home football games to raise money for the yearbook which was under the eclitorship of Margaret Castello. The second annual Christmas Ball which the Elk Stat? sponsored was a huge success with its wonderful music and magnificent decorations. The Elk Stan had o truly enjoyable time creating this l957 Elk. 86 Mr. ALLEN Advisor ELK STAFF LAURA HAHN OSCAR MIX Art Editor Advertising Editor NJANIHARA BJKEGAMI AJAKEOKA Feature Editor Treawrer Copy Editor uve d W CO LLAND' on BETH GA iam rieaaw' WM u., y1gi."vNi I' Q DON VENINGA Sports Editor GILBERT BOSTWICK Photographer D. KADOKAWA J. KADOYA Class Editor Senior Editor 4as.Haf...m,,r,.t1r,j,l Ln Clay Mfifinzie, Assistant Editor 5? MARION SPERRY Editor 22 . sg, Wnrren Dixon, News Editor lorvn Sprock, Fevture Editor Ronciid Sonodo, Judy Giocken 5 ft" ' H ,L or ED iene AWE- SEAT G. Mus Tomono' Doi srAND"" The "Antlerette Bridge" never let o trickle of news flow by without knowing it. Besides putting out G newspoper every two weeks, the Antleretfe stofif nod sponsored two dances, "The Herd Huddle," ond their onnuol "Sadie Hawkin's Dance." ANTLERETTE an S .G Larson Om . N, AM Hcnduso ml-qui They also served refreshments at the spring play. Antlerette was changed to a fourth period class this year instead of a seventh period activity, because of the elimination of seventh period. ""-""'!' Miss STEPHENS Advisor 89 Don Bietz, Sonny Ouchida il Peggy Nevin, Business Manager Sally Sim, Co-sports Editor Gaylan Larson, Co-sports Editor . gk Vfeslde .Ov DW A Col C. S. F. 5. K. Ft' FRONT ROW: B. Ilcegami, A. Tckeoka, P. Nevin, J. Sprock, M. Castello, D. Colvon, E. Ito, B. Kado lgowa, G. Hahn, S. Colton, R. Kommerer, S. Sims. SECOND ROW: J. Kcdoyo, N. Tanihara, L Hahn, M. Henderson, P. Maxwell, S. Larson, P. Miles, D. Sweet, H. Hamafakcn, R, Fernandez, J 90 Representing a river of great capacities and abilities flowing at last into a vast ocean ot knowledge is the California Scholarship Federation. One of the traditional proiects of the C.S.F., that of a handbook for freshmen and new students, was distributed at the be- ginning of the year. Smart looking, blue and gold bookcovers were sold to the student body and various cultural trips were taken by the CSFers. Spring and fall initiations rounded out the year which, for the first time, was under the advisorship of Mrs. Elene Holmes. Lieber. THIRD ROW: J. Ito, H. Kunitake, T. Sonoda, D, Rusch, R. Sonoda, R. Saigo, O. Mix R. Sargent, G. Larson, H. Ouchida, R. Smedberg, F. Felt, W. Johnson, G. Bostwick, R. Oda, M Fernandez, H. Yamumuro. 91 QUILL AND SCROLL FRONT ROW: M. Sperry, M. Castello, M. Henderson, D. Colton, P. Nevin. BACK ROW: S. Sims, J. Sprock, R. Sonodc. Quill and Scroll is a national honorary organiza- tion to which outstanding students in iournalism and members of the newspaper and yearbook staFf gain admittance. 92 ,D I 1 President PEGGY NEVIN A NW x,f1 31? ' fu ff I fl -P- NT ROW: F, Ruth'-dqc, R MCGOUQI1, A, Lucky B Adums E 4 I BACK R H, MCCUII, D Morgan, D, Cuockoth K Wilsouw ,GR l Q f , - gl. LZ... FRO . 'V E' " ith" Pvvsidulvt KEN Wll SDN FRO mu, V Blldmyvs, V Rm:-I, J Rudy BACK ROW: Mr. Morrison, O. Mix, F. MCDGWQII, l Sclmmldt, P. Sum! yy NT ROW: L khonluvlw, M lkugumi D fvullgwlbfo, M, Bridgus, F Bfvlcier, G Pre-Sidcnt OSCAR MIX ,Q 15' -'I 4 i Bn X' ART CLUB Any time you want a painting of a river, iust ask the Art Club of Elk Grove High, This club is for students interested in art. Throughout the year, they had meetings, and par- ticipated in many school functions. They also entered a float in the Home-Coming Parade, sl, FRONT ROW J Ming B Hedberg J Freyschlag I Fukuman, B. Cuccia. SECOND ROW: H. Ming, R. Oshiro S Smith Y Watanabe THIRD ROW C Maxwell J. Hupp, J. Craig, S. lkegami, S. Takehara, B Bailey M Enclow BACK ROW Miss Dudley D Maxwell, M. Wilson, T. Bryant, C. McWherter, . 1 , lg ll' x . K'- -nl ymivf ' fi.. BX 4- AA f Y' ' S THESPIANS Thespians is a high school hon- orary dramatics society with thou- sands of chapters all over the United States. It is non-secret and non-social. Membership is gained by the earn- ing of points. These points are awarded for dramatic activity in both acting and technical capac- ities, FRONT ROW: J. Lewis, G. Hor- mer, M. Castello. SECOND ROW: D. Colton, L. Hahn, G. Bostwick, E. Buda. BACK ROW: B. Watson, W. Dixon, O, Mix 1" President BARBARA IKEGAMI Learning to handle paddles on the FTA river-boat are the prospective teachers of tomorrow. The members started out the year with an initlation-dinner at the "Buck- board." A trip to the Elk Grove Grammar School, a con- ference at Sacramento State College, and a joint picnic with the FMSA concluded their stream of activities. K 'Q .Wi 5. - -M-S - FRONT ROW: K. Leonard, G. Hahn, B. lkegami, J. Gomes, D. Sweet. SECOND ROW: J. Herbert, D. Amarel, S. Silver, P. Deans, E. Benitez, C. Teddleton, J. Bietz, D. Meyer, R. Johnson. BACK ROW: J. Harris, J. Lieber, S. Spooner, F. Felt, D. Westlake, P. Rowell, E. Galland, V. Freyschlag, K. Galland. F. T. A. FRONT ROW: L, Ishisako, D. King, P. Metzker, S. Endow, C. Howse, J. Kodoya, S. Lorson, M, Kendrick, W. Bass, W. Foreman, B. Lawson, P. Edwards. BACK ROW: D. Vogt, B. Lillico, P. Miles, J. Neuharth, J. Wise, J. Entricon, M. DeRoos, L. Marler, E. Huggins, B. Moore, N. Monica, M, Ferguson, J, Northrup, I. Sono, L. Lieber, L. Heony, I. Ito, Mrs. McKinnon, T. Yamamura. I F. B. L. A. The Future Business Leaders of America is a national organization in high schools and colleges formed to devel- op business leaders. Each chapter selects o project tor the betterment of the school and community. This organization encourages students to major in business. A delegation of members attended o State Convention in Sacramento. They also sponsored the sign-up tor the Youth Employment Organization. 97 TJ' ft, 1 President BONNIE LILLICO and MARCELLA KENDRICK Fall President DOREEN KADOKAWA Spring President PHYLLIS RAZA You can depend on the Future Medical Students of America to strengthen your river of lite for they have learned the 5 techniques of lite saving and care for patients through movies presented to them by their advisor, Mr. Win- ter. This organization was established for those students interested in further education in the medical field. One ot the main activities of the FMSA is to select two girls to visit the Sutter Hospital in Sacramento for a tour through the various wards. 4+ i 1 1 4: I 1 ... .. Q 'nuff' g ZW? W2 FRONT ROW: M. Sperry, D. Kadokowa, L. Hahn, R. Fernandez. SECOND ROW: A. Takeoka, M. Grant, C Howse, A. Pantliclc, N. Tanihara, H. Beninsig, R, Galvez, H. Hamataka, P. Raza, M, Castello. THIRD ROW. J Hiniehauch, VV Bass, L Purdy, L, Ehresman, P Mariarity, V. Benitez, M Dorn, B, Beenvan, V. McGee. BACK ROW: Mi Winter, J, Cumpl- 'l V Munyer, J. Neuharth, S. Berry. FMSA Treble Clef had their share of the School's musical events. They sang at the Christmas Program and Open House. Outside of School, they sang for the Fraternal Organization in Sacra- mento and were guest at the local Methodist Church of Elk Grove. Advisor Mr. HANSEN FRONT ROW: C. Williams, A. Pantlick, L. Pinola, R. Woods, B. Bennett. SECOND ROW: B. Campbell J. Norris, M. Hogan, M. Voos, L. Edwards, C. Davis. THIRD ROW: M. Von Behren R. Kamme.er,L Thayer, D. Adams, G. Scroggin, L. Kneppel, M. Northrup. FOURTH ROW: L. Parrish, S. Byrd, D.Cecil,J Ming, S. Hensley, M. Furtado, N. Britton, L. Marler. TREBLE CLEF L. io R: D. Vogt, M. Voos, G. Lorson, S. Colfon, E. Burkhorf, R. Prescott. FRONT ROW, L to R: K, Simos, L. Naka- shimo, R. Soigo, D. Veningo, W. Johnson, D. Biefz, W. Fuiii, H. Oshiro, T. Yomomuro, FIRE CHIEFS AND ASSISTANTS . -4' - s.l. - FRONT ROW, L fo R: B, Hoynes, D. Coombes, C. Wilson. SECOND ROW: C. Keller, G. Conley, A, Rubolcobo, M. Grossman, J. Wilson, L. Berry, P. Mullins, R. Orliz. BACK ROW: W. Foremon, M. Humpherys, H. Boode, D. Hunner, O. Hudson, G. Norfhrup, R. Flotf, A. Duncan, J. Glocken, L. Wells, Mrs. Richeson. milllli , -w ..-MLA! 4. mgww. . mf.. . J . Q86 4. rf' ,A F ,BAN ASH m nmliwrrwaf r'!Nlx31 sv. ai w .aw 'M A uw... Q. ...y..,... p-........-.1 ru... M .. . v- 1 Q . .. .. . n ... r , 1 .N - 1' .'f . we ...' we BACK ROW, L to R: T. Watson, H. Ou- chido, l. Sono, J. Lewis, G. Lorson, D. Cruise, B, Inouye, B. Watson, F. Vonncore, F. Felt, J. Gomes. EDITH TSUKAMOTO, ELLEN BURKHART, MARY ELLEN VOOS SUSAN SIMS, MARGARET CASTELLO, DEANNA SWEET, LINDA BENNING F RALLY CLUB FRONT ROW: D. Meyer, J. Kapitan, C. Engle, R. Kommerer, S, Silver, D, Leonard, 5 Spooner, M, Dom G. Jones, G. Hahn, D. Adams, S. Sims, E, Burkhart M, Voos, E. Tsukamoto. BAFK ROW: C. Edralin, J Bietz, J. Cunningham, J. Lewis, T. Schulz, B. Wuison, J. Rau, D. Kara, J. Kachadorian. 103 Presidenl S JOYCE WARD The Fufure Homemolcers of Americo is on orgonizolion which is opened To girls who ore interested in home economics. The purpose of The FHA is to perform services for family, school, ond community, Their ocfiviiies included serving of vorious bonqueis, moking stuffed toys for the orphon- oges, ond mony other proiecis. 171- F 1, Q an FRONT ROW, l fo R: B. Lciwson, L, Esfrodo, J, Fenis, C. Edrolin, D. Amorel, J. Word, H. Hummel, L. Fhiusmcin, D. Cecil, F, Hugyfiins, G. Runow, SECOND ROW: T. Gosowoy l Jomes, W. Sellers, J, Campbell, P. Ckllllon, F. Duenfis, B. Wollner, F. Vasquez, G. Norfhrup, C. Presley, J. Fniricon, J Wise, P, Frlwnrrls, A. Forderer, J. Ciciiq, Mrs. FofT. THIRD ROW: J. Hcirris, Miss Molcovich, M, Mohr, P. Ortiz, J. Hirnolxiiiirh, J fvril, S. Sfofr, J, Cliupmcin, M, Weddle. BACK ROW: A. Ruhcilfcilwfi, P. Diggs, J. Andrews, M Rubgilcrilmi, ll. Booth, R. Orliz, R. Hciycishiclci. F. Wcicldell, R. Fell. F. H. A. Now children. Be careful with those toys!" . Udo, 0 pinch Or' Qc "The finished prod I. r 'C Soir The FHA's favorite meeting place. 49' 9 "'xL " , uct?" :PW-5' ' ' 135. .,. My H at it 1 P' 8 President KEN BUSCHER This comparatively large group of Future Farmers have accom- ? plished much in the period of nine months. They have had . meetings, attended stock showings, and other agricultural demonstrations. They have found that the vocational agricultural program and its Future Farmers of America Club play an important part in the educa- tion ofthe boys interested in farming and the many associated fields of endeavor. FRONT ROW: G. Waite, D. Fraga, V. Ritter, C. Mullins, E. Gayton, A. Wisdom, R. Spencer, B. Eversult,R Gomes, D. Schmidt, R. Dunbar. SECOND ROW: J. Bonar, R. Detlefson, O. Glantz, H. Kneppel, R. White, J. Gomes, W. Perez, R. Allen. THIRD ROW: D. Mohr, E. Burgess, B. Hoyt. V. Jungkeit, E. Sassman, R. Stem- ler, B. Harding, A. Berry, F. Bercier, R. Somatis. FOURTH ROW: D. Barnes, B. Umfleet, l.. Spooner, C. Con- ner, R. Britschgi, R. Westlake, C. McWherter, B. Ellenberger, G. Rutter, B. Edwards, L. Bourland, B. Knox, S. Moffat, F. Waite. BACK ROW: M. Corren, R. Adams, H. Del Hierro. L. Rogers, P. Cass, N. Durham, L. Wilkerson, T. Sutti, W. Hammersley, D. Kraniack, M. Buscher. ON TRACTOR: B. Gledhill, J. Hoyt, G. Plescia, K. Buscher, B. Eller. F. F. A. '3J'f9'mT2v 3':f HP? ,mf an AQQF Aff A, 49'- o-us QQ ci: ,195 1 . 11' -. , . - 'J 'ln Q ,I m" 'T nffw' if ,xv l s :mo a e 09 ." 2' xi. 'ff U, - s C -L f-.f- .. 9 c" . ' " 'C' 1 6 Ju Going Steady? W ,A . I 4 . L 'Q 0, "' A . ,A ,f v .sir Q nw., f gym I - , A, 72" A33 .,lA ' V , ws K. 452' A 'V-,I '.'. I N46 "Th ree's c crowd!" "Them thcr rustlers fcin't gonna steal o ur cattle." "Which one is supposed to be the winner? 1 AM T . 'wfU' 'Q W I f' A M Q . Q. vr15'6ff .Lf f 5 9 Q' 5 5 9-3. Q.. Fil! 19.3 x.-L ... il 1- as if-N' 5 -'ig . 5 4 D93 QI Q92 H1 01. FIRST ROW: G. Rheinhardt, I. Smith, J. Lieber, D. Amarel B. Bailey, D. Kara. SECOND ROW: K. Pudge, R. Roher, B. lkegomi, G. Jones, J. Edwards, J. Campbell, R. Lamphere, P. Yoshihara, B. Beeman, G. Larson, B. Johnson, D. Glantz, S. Norton, R. Prescott. THIRD ROW: J. Herbert, L. Nakashima, B. Williams, W, Fujii, T. Bauder, V. Smith, E. Knauf, T. Coupe, P. Jones, J. Breding, B. Reynolds, F. Tanihara, B. Sakamoto, D. Westlake. FOURTH ROW: P. Deans, D. Schuh, D. Morgan, B. Wills, K. Bietz, D. Cum- BA 112 ol!! 9 I I D QQ 4' oo me 41 'Q' mings, M. Jarvis, G. Zotcin, S. Spooner, T. Fernandez, L Zimmerman, B. Taylor, D. Rusch, D. Sassman, D, Carr, J Lewis, L. Halverson. FIFTH ROW: P. Moriarity, T. Idzinga, G. Bostwick, A. Young, R. Young, R, Glaclcer. N. Brown G. Hahn, D. Flynn, R. Sargent, R. Hutcherson, C. Casl tello, J. Bonar, S. Johnston, G. Schultz, T. Steinberger, R Todford, B Smith, P, Paquin. SIXTH ROW: S. Fife, J. Hintz, D. Grether, D. Rose, H. Gasaway, A. Hahni. -Q5 "3 ,l tg. OD .P do Q4 4- '-1... 113 Director Mr. DICK gr . .1 25334 W -, - 5 V A ' K ,ik hfiw JC' . Ei ni 55 7- 5 - y ,Q f ' V -,-X QQ.. M . f- ' 41 , .L ' 4 HQ y l f V av . , f nv M 5 1 Mbit Q Y Q max iq B 1 A - A '. 6.4: + if I J X, Q 3 K fffw gk F . ,Qs 'Q W H 1511'- ' 5 va H 5 ,qu NI , Vin . ' A ' .Jim- 7 .- . X A-wp' lw EIA: xiii ' 11 1 I A '4" L, 1 if ,. Y 'W ' , t -warg ,V li 1 ., I A1 M w X L- ,X n 1 ' , .u PHYLLIS RAZA I DRUM MAJOR FERN SCHAFER PAT GRUBBS Drum Major MAVIS GROSSMAN Head Maiorette 115 -gggy-nzflrur ,, . WANDA FOREMAN I I 1 .. fy A , . j V . f, if -.rf JEAN PENIS AND MAJORETTES Olflfl ecom in ? QUEEN AND ATTENDANTS BONFIRE RALLY PARADE GAME DANCE AND CORONATION x g-szr' QUEEN Sonia Larson g-1 'N I X X ,- . r:.,v,',,,A.,w: ' 'Q NJ Q ff ve' The quson's 'attendants are ,Aww Fug 1 U f N X. Ellow For Miles. KS., . Q S 3' -.vtoodl 'Wy' -r- APN 2 , .- it 1 A . I u. 1 . --a4.,,,,m - . f . i I-""'5'Qivv FIRST PRIZE, Senior Class Homecoming Winning Floats SECOND PRIZE, Junior Class Q w 1 2 s 'Q THIRD PRIZE, Future Medical Sfudenfs of America HONORABLE MENTION, Sophomore Class HONORABLE MENTION, Girls' League Ain'f she sweet Beat Eldordo Through town we go Behold her moiesty, Queen Sonic See you at the gome tomorrow Elk Grove Varsity Band, Drum Mayor, Pat Grubbs Freshman Class Float This is a float??? .- w f"5 R 'x :Qi . tx ji N ,K 'Q t ' N1 ----.,-... X w ,"' 4 t Q Future Teachers of America's Float Future Farmers of Amerimfs Ham 'Q Future Homemakers of America's tloar Queen Sonia and her attendants I " PM - X 'iv-Q "3 -3 '-if-.ta uuee e't1e.xf-a Q. . b s 5 v-- :ea Q. , V. f ' l .Y + W --Qt wg-1 " 4,1 ,- -. - , 4-s. , . , '- , 1 ,Q-.QQAX , J ,vm 'Jets' Q K, H '. 'ua ' 5 ' QM: 3s?'lfi', 'S A x Qt SPORTS EVENTS ASSEMBLIES HI JINX CHRISTMAS BALL JUNIOR PROM ORATORICAL CONTEST SENIOR BALL GRADUATION SEP'l Little Elvis. . . September. . .we plunged into a whirlpool of new activities and acquaintances. . . 3l7 eager freshmen poured through the doors of their future Alma Mater. . .the annu- al Big and Little Sister Luncheon sponsored by the Girls's League floated into this month's stream of activities. 128 Ahhhhhhhh!l!!!l!ll! MBER Oh! They didn't, Bu? they did Nothing like music, with 0 luncheon 3 OC1 ww si . 90' Where' 5 We Q .- Gfnlfe 1 Sn? fhe ox S ve' 1 r .u l - . .tu n" October. . .rushes in as fast as a tidal wave. . .with the beginning of the league games against Marshall, Folsom, and Galt. . .The Girls' League annual Hi-Jinx, "Ghost Rider's Roundup," was a huge success with a large turnout of girls. . . and so goes October with all the classes and organizations preparing for Homecoming Day. . . 130 0 No sl up X80 coo W .le f-PNG BER 'K 1 IM W" F I Morion, your pillows ore showing! Hey Louro, is thot o costume? 5 ed .XO S004 ' o F E569 K Time out for a nap. nnual November. . .Sailing down the main streets of Elk Grove came our second a h f Thanks iving dinner. . .and worries of Homecoming Day parade... with thoug ts o g . . .Report Cards!!! 132 NOVE ' . Getfina ready for ABER 6 the big parade. ,,,,.,,w Q ,,. ,.,.-W ,,.. "' ""'n n fy H1 'bore Yorol Elk Grove High School, you ore doing fine 133 Remember the l9th, says Alice. . . C g I xoi ' ' ' 9 9 Kev'-llsx YN xoobodl December. . .overflowing the end of the year were: "Dino," the fall play presen- ration. . .GirIs' League Christmas Program. . .Christmas carols by the A Cappella Choir. "Silver Bells," the Christmas Ball, was given by the Elk Staff. Ending the year, the A basketball team brought home the consolation trophy from the Golden Empire League Tournament. 134 DEC Good Iucl EMBER fk Sy 1551 'uf NOT Too hc1rd,Pleose!!!!!! 'Q 64 foo You think that you've got Troubles. . , Isn'1 he lust dreamy. .. JAN CEE? January. . .Auld Lang Synelll Flooded The new year with a splash of resolutions ...Sophomores discovered what was behind The "Green Door". . .Term papers and finals brought on a sea of thoughts To end the semester. 136 JARY fN - at If I were out There I would show 'em hosn'TgoTc1 chcmce, hos he 4-l inl0- " Giving Us me February. . .finds our basketball season with tull sails ahead. . .and carrying the Valentine theme in the annual Boys' League "Sweethearts' Ball"...The California Scholarship Federation took a ioint trip to San Francisco with Clarksburg. . .We wind up our busy month, with a Senior Problem's Conference and Career Day. l38 FEBR That's a new UARY This is yours, so don't get too fa Making plans for Cupid's Folly One OD me. What expression. . . MAR C U P!! You dance so divinely... 946, r You oll come. .. 1 lin .,..,: Making big plans for 9 B the Junior Prom. . . Do I really have to give it up?'?? March. . .bubbling in the month's stream of activities werez. . .the Oratorical Con- test. . ."Underwater Paradise," class of 58's Junior Prom. . .FFA's annual Barn Dance which concluded the month of March. so vs,-5 Check thot singing. .. April. . .getting info The swim of Things for 0 new month. . .Open House. . .EosTer Vocofion. . .The Dromo DeportrnenT's spring plc1y,"Pinofore". . . 142 Q G. , Their going To sing?'????? N x'0X 0 QOQZ O Nothing like o good musicol for o chonge X 1 if C1525 2 '1, A W' -'D V nu in , .Is--1 ' 2.193 f' 4 'I Th 6' MAY is is new! Tea without water f. is if lu: ,rife mr -rf' inf Long way up. Isn't it'?'?'?'?'?? , . May. . .came sailing in, to drop its anchor in our halls. . .Campaign poster. . .The annual Mother's Tea. . .return Big and Little Sister Luncheon. . .Father and Son Banquet .. .Just cruising down the river to June. E,..'. 'V 'Tw ""'r.r-1-. 'FV -'x-'Sli 'VB lifts 'F mga: The juniors wi emor Boll os This. ll never give os good Cl S ' Chow, chat, and chew. . . 145 O K . .Lef's Yelll!!!!!!!!! Graduation. . .glad. . .galIant. . .gone June. . .flowing into our final week of this high school year, concluded with Baccalaureate...Graduafion. For the seniors four well-spent years drew to a close and our high school years floated down our river of memories. 146 Pi Baccalaureate ...thy kingdom come. .. Don't look so happy, how do you know you made iT??'???? I It was hard, but We made ir, 9' QM suoiwfgvf 'x am 'ff' ya ,SK aw .A ay, .QYQ ,sw d ...,,-4 VSPQ ""f7Q1' ,5.,,. eg , I 0' ' 3 ' 5 I' ,ww My W I .V I 5, .,,. , K my GJ I J , ' P' hKi:"I? ' f 5 - mx I 'L L L A V f 711.-r A if 1 if 3 K, . .. ,". .gi ' f F N " f Q, i f wif 'K 'F --'E' - ' "" Q Q g pf fa f - , f if -Q 'tu r mf, ' ' w -Q klahh Q. T1 K ' ,.,.. , li- 'V ' 4" 1. - f i' ' ,N - ' ,lv ,. A . . V . , 4 , ,Q?f ' pn -nf O I w I I 1 Qwzy, Q 70W'9C4f 0 L orfd bm' ZWJ FOOTBALL BASKETBALL BASEBALL TRACK TENNIS CROSS COUNTRY FOOTBALL Just try and get through. .. COACH WAL 150 TER ROBINSON Herd Football 1956 A stream of determination spurred on the enthusiastic Herd squad as they stormed through the l956 season ending in third place position in the Golden Empire League. Captain TOM WATSON Most Valuable Player FRED LEMA Most Valuable Lineman GEORGE PLESCIA l5l BML FRANKUN JTM KEARNEY TOM WATSON 'i WALTER JOHNSON ,, my N, , N4 1 ,U 5. BTLL WATSON P 'Q . 'll if BEN INOUYE GEORGE PLESCIA KEN SIMAS GAYLAN LA RSON 4 41, lv JERRY CHAPMAN 'BFA iii? ws-? CHARLIE GALVEZ H ml DON VENINGA ' J DAVE CRUISE FRANK VANACORE HIROSHI OSHIRO GEORGE FENIS 154 I Aw i 'Q 44 sl U - E me Z 1. X uf aj Q "' -Lf-A, 1 gi 1 ,. , A , X 5 Q T gf- 1 ' gm if: ' ' . ,, .,.- eg wf . I i -115 as if 'Q- S41 5, s is 5 Imam, M "' , va. fr XI.. A .RW 1 Us H - - 1 F' gg: 2 Ou? of the way. .. Mendenhall is coming through. LARRY MAYNARD ond DICK WILLIAMS Co-Capiains Looking for something???.. I' ALVIE MENDENHALL Most valuable player ELMER SMITH Mos? valuable Iinesman FRONT ROW: D. Kemp, T. Perez, J. Lemos. BACK ROW: O. Glontz. COACH ROLF MOELLER El Dorado . . . . . . Won Placer ...... .... L ost EI Dorado . . . . . . Won El Camino . .. .. , Lost Freshmen Football CROSS COUNTRY FRONT ROW- F Wacker J It . . , . o, R. Garcia, B. Knox, B. Rumba, C. Pearson, J. Pinola. SECOND ROW: L. Heany, R. Tokehara, G. Galvez, C. Lairson,,'W Bridges, D. Martin, A. Wisdom. BACK ROW: B. Marfin. 1 C. Pearson, B. Knox and C. Lairson work ing out for a long distance run... , sl Py5,X In the Gal A cagers won the den Empire League, the Championship. Both Jim Kearney and Bill Umfleef made the AII-Conference Team. CAPTAIN HANK WENCKIE Forward EDDIE DEAL CANDY ARELLANO Forward Guard W2 s 160 845. Consolation trophy lffraq was owarded to our team ot the Tracy Tourna- ment, and also o trophy for the best rooting section. 'K na, , DAVE CRUISE Guard MOST VALUABLE PLAYER BILL UMFLEET Forward Center JIM KEARNEY Guard rsgw if , -. la 'A' Basketball Schedule . OPPONENT ELK Roseville ........... . 29 Jackson . . . . 35 Woodland .... . 43 Norle del Rio . 5l McClalchy . . . 27 Rio Vista . . . . 33 McClatchy . . . 48 Sfagg ..... . 34 Woodland .... . 45 Rio Vlsla . . . . 35 'Folsom . . . 33 Jackson . . . 38 'Gall ..... . . 46 'Marshall ... . . 54 ,X 'Lincoln .... . . 56 'El Dorado .... .. 48 Stagg ..... . . 46 CCAC EL DENMS Z' 'Galt ... .. 52 X f 46, 'Folsom . . . . 57 " 'Marshall .. . .. 64 n X Z X 'El Dorado .... . .. .. 49 'Lincoln ............ . . 43 'league Games THIS IS A PEP TALK???ll. ..A. Zimbelman, H.Wenckie, J. Kearney, B. Umlleet, D. Collins, D. Barnes, S. Collins, D. Cruise, L. Maynard, C. Arrellano, R. Wilson, W. Bartholomew, R. Sargent, E. Deal, G. Plescia. GROVE 27 55 48 24 34 48 43 44 36 59 48 55 63 52 58 73 61 68 59 62 55 57 Wendcie iumps h igh for the bo Good rebound, Bill u 'N Kearney sinks two poinis of the Tracy Tournament ...... "B" Basketball STARTING TEAM Lell lo Righl: C. Caesar, J, Breding, P. Grubbs, R. Slobberl, F. Tonihora. NOT PICTURED: L. Nakoshimo. Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove Grove "B" TEAM SCHEDULE Roseville . . . .... Woodland . . . . . . Norte Del Rio . . . ..... Jackson . . . McClatchy . . . .... Rio Vista . . . .... Stagg . . . . . Woodland . . . .... Rio Vista . . . . . Folsom' . . . ........ Jackson . . . ........... Galt' . . . .... James Marshall' . . . ...... El Dorado' . . . ..... Stagg . . . ........ Galt' . . . ......... Folsom' James Marshall' Lincoln' 'Golden Empire League .Q morvr ROW llff to Rfglm o. PQ A. Fker, D. Johnson. BA C Ccsfello, J. W ' rlrer. L CK ROW l71fe. . Nokashima, li Tonih : J. Seller, Q Ferno orc . H0oper, Cf C ndel, B. Wills, R. Stab aes berr, P. Grub IN APTA Co Stabbed RCW NIS H DEN COAC cr, J. Breding, bs, B. Vislclr, ER LUABLE PLAY VA s0' Mosglcrenfie Coe Grubbs Voices over the ball. .. 'fs' 4 1 Let's not Hgh? over it. . . You Yell 'em Couch lt's n pmp, and Ccmcsor does it ogcminu. 1 66 FRONT ROW: V. Ritter, F. Bericer, F. Tunihoro, P. Wong, J. Miller, BACK ROW: A. Beokler, W. Allen, J. Bredding, P. Jones, A. Edrolir, J. Mench, E. Burgess. C AND D BASKETBALL MOST VALUABLE PLAYER and CAPTAIN Fred Tunihuro .L kP"b A . .B QW R.. .A F zf X S an ei' YL' if i Q. . gy E 5 A Wa- -1 CAPTAIN Mike Fernandez MOST VALUABLE PLAYER Richard Oda FRONT ROW: H. Houx, E, Mornow, M. Fernandez. BACK ROW: T. Fernandez, B. Stone, D. Posfon, K. Ito. Couch A. Zimbelmon QF iv. os, VARSITY BASEBALL 3. .,.... ,. 4 I -GV.. Thi, :-:E 'Yu-K I gin .2 , Q ' I fr. HERD BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1957 1691-Page 168-Copy B-Heibel March 'l'l -McClatchy .... March 12-Lodi . .,., . March 'l8-McClatchy .. . March 19-Lodi ...... March 22-'Marshall . . . March 25-Sacramento .... March 26-"Galt ..,...... March 29-'Folsom ....... April 2-Bishop Armstrong April 5-'Lincoln .,..... April 9-'El Dorado .... April 12-'Galt ....... April April April 23- Apfal 26- COACH ROLF Momma Ap'll 30' May 3- May 6- Moy 7- May 10- 15-Placer .. 'I7-Placer . . . St. Marys . . . 'Folsom .... 'Marshall . . 'El Dorado .. St. Marys . . . Roseville . . . 'Lincoln . . . There . . . . Here . . . . Here . . . There . . . Here . . . . Here . . . . Here . . . There . . . There . . . . Here Placerville . . . There . Auburn . . . Here . . . Here . . . Here . . . There . . . Here Stockton . . . There .. There ,ls Xl FRONT ROW: D. Martin, L. Nalcashima, J, Dawson, R. Garcia, R. Saigo, B. Watson, T. Watson, and B. Bailey. BACK ROW: M. Bridges, T. Coupe, W. Fuiii, J. Chapman, C. Arellano. C. Golvez. V- rbepp- noer, G. Rogers, J. Kearney, D. Cruise, B. Franklin, F. Azevedo, and D. Veninga. Charlie bites the dustl A swift peg to second by Babe Franklin. cl h ' f' ld re, LEFT TO RIGHT: l. Nalcashima, R. Saigo, C. Arellano, D, Cruise, T. Coupe. Having it aroun t e in ie a iw, "I J. V. BASEBALL -ggi .i 'Y N , ,, A -5 D . . . , 1 . f Y ' i U A ' nf . Q. 'JA-'i T Ov. 1 i 5 ll Q1 on Collins "That's the way to rack that ball, Jim FRONT ROW: P. Beitzel, F. Franklin, R. Owens, P. McKeen, E. Maman, F. Bercier, M. Fernandez, M. Borvice. BACK ROW: B. Garcia, H, Houx, G Hisamoto, D. Crump, F. Tanihara, C. Fischer, G Galvez, M. Wilson, M. Gervais, J. Sferger, J Woodard, Coach A. Zimbelman. nfs! A TRACK TEAM Vonccore takes Hrs! in the IQO High Hurdle COACH SQUIRES FRONT ROW: D. Setters, B. Knox, C. Peorson, A, Mendenhall, l. Sono, F. Vonocore, F Felt, B. lnouye, G. Larsen, B. Dondroy. SECOND ROW: R. Wilson, L. Maynard, l, Sinclair, W. Johnson, G. Fenis, C. Luirson, R, Hufcherson, F. Lemo, F. McDowell, D. Curr. BACK ROW: R. Gloclceu, W. Bortholornew, D. Campbell, D. Barnes, L. Sfoclcmon, T. Schulz, R. Sorgenl. l 1 fi 172 Larson strains for further distance during a practice trial... March March March March April April April April April April May May May May May nhl.- as A- TRACK SCHEDULE Roseville Bishop Armstrong ElDorado Marshall and La Sierra Grant ..............,.Galt San Juan . . . . . . Davis Picnic All Stars at Sacramento Junior College Roseville Invitational Trackmeet . . . . . El Dorado and La Sierra Golden Empire League Meet- Sac State Sectional Qualifying . . . . . . Sectional Finals . . . . Modes to Relays lnouye and Mendenhall stretch their legs to come in second and th rd n the Hundred B TRACK FRONT ROW: D. Williams, F. Wacker, E. Jen- kens, C. Caesar, B. Rumbo. SECOND ROW: B. Littlefield, A. Fizer, B. Sakamoto, D. Rush, J. Strong. BACK ROW: J. Tooker, J. Enfrican, J. Prock. . 'l' A lmle fog, er, Bob lm, Nice lump, Bernard. . 'SMF' ' .yu ,fry sfwgfwd . 'Q FRONT ROW, Lefi fo Right N. Archi bald, J, Lemas, A. Edralin, C. Caesar J. Darr, H. Caesar. SECOND ROW: L Ayson, T. Owens, F. Wacker, P. Wong D. Evangelism, B. Stone, A. Wisdor11 THIRD ROW: O. Glcmtz, W, Mac Donald, D. Poston, H. Yamarnura, E Carver, J. Miller, R. Take-hara, D, Eck J. Gomes. TOP ROW: E, Jenkins, L Perez, J. Vasquez, L. Heaney, P. Jones J. Eaton, J. Phillips, G. Wardrow. C TRACK TEAM Yay! Perez.. .What cs heave!! 55 sovs' VARSITY TENNIS . d . - Don takes o ml9h'Y backhon COACH ROBERTSON F , . o nson, G. Hooper, E. Burgess BACK ROW: R. Sfobberf, P. Grubbs, J. Lewis, J. Seiler, RONT ROW, Left fo Right: Coach Roberison D J h Mrs. SHENK Tennis Coc ch JEAN KADOYA Monoger M S erry G Holm J Monica, R- Kcmmerer Morch 12 Mcirch 19 March 26 April 2 April 9 April 23 TENNIS SCHEDULE ofches ElkGrovevs.Golf rw l MF Elk Grove vs. Lincoln Elk Grove vs. Folsom . Elk Grove vs. Golf Elk Grove vs. Lincoln Elk Grove vs. Folsom M Goscw0Yf D' Kudokuwc' BACK FRONT ROW: J, Bieil, A p l U I V K d ,S. Sims, M. VonBehren, D. Sweef- ROW Mrs Shenk N. Tonihoro, B. Kodokcuwc, -l- U OVC so la X, Hr Q-'90, GAR A. 1 N FRONT ROW: J. Herbert, P. Deans, P. Paquin, L. Holop, C. Perdue. SECOND ROW: B. Fenis, J. Monica, C. Teddleton, C. Edralin, V. Alton, M, VonBehren, R. Estrada, V. McGee, J. Mayhew. THIRD ROW: D. Westlake, J. Campbell, H. Beninsig, Mrs. Leonetti-advisor, P. Yashihara, D. Kara, P. Momam, J. Neuharth, F. Raza, H. Hama- taka, S. Smith. BACK ROW: G. Taylor, J. Sprock, J. Chapman, E. Visick, M. Schulz, J. Glacken, B, Lillico, S. Larson, J. Rau, M. Gasaway, J. Lieber, M. Kendrick, Sue Williams, D. Glantz, S. Lemen, F. Gastatson, R. Walton. Q f I sure wish the game would start... ing .7 .. Q ' 4. FRONT ROW: G. Warboys, C. Wagner, J er, Miss Garcia-advisor, S. Downing, H Summers, F. Sonoda. SECOND ROW: B Need, D. Berry, J. Vossler, C. Kingsley, F ldzinga, G. Stabbert, M. Signa, B. Marty BACK ROW: J. Green, R. Viet, L. Galland R. Prescott, T. Reynolds, 5. Hensley. Campbell, P. Fizer, R. Hayashida, B. Walk- The pep bond really helped ild school spirit during mes. SCHOOL SPIRIT IN ACTION A new plan of cattoclc... ,J The team gets cu rest while the rooting section tolccs over. I I Me- "I xp, at 1 We won the trophy that night! uerfidemenfd ACKNOWLEDGMENTS STATE OF CALIFORNIA DIVISION OF HIGHWAYS Division Page Theme Photographs SIRLIN STUDIOS Commercial Photography AMERICAN YEARBOOK COMPANY Publisher fi WOMAN'S APPAREL SIRLIN STUDIO 5829 Stockton Blvd. Sacramento, Calif GL 1-6492 . ' 15 gouzre 111 i025 Kay St. Sacramento, Calif. GI 8-9914 I 0 E Q gwe a portvalt Men's and Boy's Wear STRICKLEY Mews sHoP bg 0 0 5693 STOCKTON BLVD. Fruiiridge Shopping Cenfer Headquarters for Levis and Levi Peg Tops 1319 .lay St. GI 3-7570 HELL HAMA S GARAGE General Auiomoiive Repairs TOSH HAMATAKA Box 55 Shell Service GA 8-0380 LUTTIG'S MARKET Groceries, Beer and Wine-Hardware MU 5-4223 Franklin. California OAK PARK FLORIST 2940 35+h Slreel' Sacramento GL 6-4873 CORSAGES BOUQU ETS BROWN MOTOR SALES lo :gl UUE' plqmouvh 3, f llllll Phone MU 5-4288 Elk Grove Phone MU 5-9820 E. G. FOOD MARKET Fresh Fruit-Groceries-Vegetables ALSO A COMPLETE LINE OF CHOICE Beef La mb and Veal For those who have freezers, Locker Specials which include Wrapping and Quick Freezing .1"4-4,443 ' ,xv HARLESON FEED COMPANY Albers Feeds Northrup King Seed Red Top Brand Steel Fencing and Posts 6300 Folsom Blvd. Sacramento, California FRENCHIE'S DRIVE IN Congratulations Seniors Owner: Room J. Duct os Burgers-Frosties-shakes Prescriptions Cosmetics Costume Jewelry Gifts Photo Supplies -...ms Fruitridge Shopping Center Sacramento, California LOVERDE MARKET LE ROY HALL'S CROCERIES -. v. F, W' CA N, V. J-,Cl V l Sheet MMG' Works xi pneto X xg' L! Welding Sheet Metal Plumbing 6800 Fruitri e d. Q, kyfcramento Beating products Supplies Weiije Bl ip Stamps zo Od W . rj' , ' N K 7 FREE 4 pe on. and Fri. NE R V ill 9 S CONGRATULATIONS XJ Sacra s First R S Wxrelllbuse to the Y N M X ' LY ax VYSHO GRADUATING CLASS OF '57 xy' - Mar house Direct , .- , 2839 treet In oak Park-Nmifoadway HALF 5 Name Brand Shoes by the Thousands 9th and K FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY at Greatly Reduced Prices Sacramento CIRCLE RANCH ENTRICAN GROCERY SUPPLY ws.7'o" Pun: NP' ,CHowS n5gl:.l-l.'ll,' Your Purina Dealer -- O L L' -.'5'l '- U- and ' ' 'sl 1 - l ' ' Q ,, Phone MU 5-9708 , va Elk Grove Elk Grove CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF '57 COUNTRY DRUG STORE Prescripfions Cosmefics T201 East Parkway D UNION STATION U Neil Bros. rugs GA 3.2202 7233 EAST PARKWAY Phone GA 8-2868 LAND LEVELING "All Kinds of Tractor Work', C. V. BARTHOLOMEW AND SON Phone MU 5-4396 Elk Grove f'4- 31.4, LVL--P . "Ll jf E ll J , THE HOME FURNISHERS 'fl ll l 1 Complete Line of ' , XYFQTVTARKET , , 1 W It FURNITURE-APPLIANLES-TELEVISION , y " I T uMq-at!Fish-Grove-ries Telephone MU 5-4-334 5-A505 Elk Grove P. 0. Drawer 3 Elk Grove Boulevard Elk Grove, California CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS BlLL'S BARBER SHOP Main Sireei' Elk Grove WEINSTOCK-LUBIN Since I874 SACRAMENTO'S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORE K a+ I2II1 Sacramento COUNTRY MAID In Sacramento Buy Country Maid Products 1030 ,I Street saIzman's Smart Wear for Women Juniors - Misses - Talls 5721 Stockton Blvd. Fruitridgc Shopping Center GL 2,1159 "For the Woman Who Knows Clothes" RONEY'S WOMEN'S APPAREL Open Monday Thru Friday 9 to 6 5663 Stockton Boulevard Sacramento ELK GROVE VARIETY JIM 'ima RlVl'II ANnm:ws - MU 5-9817 Elk Grow 2 Best wishes . . . class of ,57 12th at Kay Street Sacramento CAPITOL COSTUME NEWBERTS We Rem TUXEDO Dependable Hardware S and , ACCESSORIES for Half a Century COSTUMES H00 S Wigs-Masks It Jay treet Make-up Sacramento, California Phone G1 8-0528 813Vz .Iay St The Future Is Bright for Those Who Prepare for It! MARTYR AND SHINE Office Supply And Equipment Com an HEALD BUSINESS COLLEGE P Y 10241 St. 2721 Fulton Ave. 924 9th St. Sacramento Calif. G1 3-2591 IV 3-3451 CITIZENS UTILITIES COMPANY OF CALIFORNIA ELK GROVE TELEPHONE COMPANY Congratulations Class of "57" We Give Cash Check Pici-Up and Delivery "GENE" COX SERVICE Experl' Lubrication-Motor TuneUp 8030 FRUITRIDGE ai Power Inn Road GL-ldsfone I-8885 SACRAMENTO BECHART'S Union Oil Service Phone MU 5-4708 Elk Grove Hour Service on Request Day Regular Service Locations to Serve You SUNSHINE FLORIST Flowers 'For All Siudenl Occasions WEDDINGS AND CORSAGES ' 1936 smce GLads+one I-I l88 DCQOSBE CLEFF wooowoRTH ESTHER WOODWORTH t cleaners lk 5309 Franlrlin Blvd. 3403 Sacramento Blvd, 6932 Fruitridge Rd. . GL 6-0444 GI 1-4079 Sacramenio, Califomm Give Travelaire Luggage for Graduation OAK PARK STATIONERY CO. School Supplies-Office Supplies Gifts 2902 35th Street Sacramento As Seen on Television ELLA'S for Sportswear- Knits-Dresses-Coats Plus hard-to-find Subleen sizes In Fruitridge ELLA'S ELLA'S J. M. DERR LUMBER CO. "Over 50 Years of Service Phone MU 5-9576 Elk Grove Russm amos. sskvuce YANKEE 510,155 6900 Fruilfidse Rd- FRUITRIDGE HARDWARE Russ TwADur:1.L, Operator 5651 Stockton Blvd. Gas-Oil--Lubrication-Tune-ups GL 5,0328 Your Crandmother's Store Your M0ther's Store Hear it straight from the H0rse's mouth- fig- x Ask your Mom, your Grandmother Has been satisfactorly serving 3rd and 4th generation customers of Northern California for over 100 years. FC'X'5 BAKERY ROWLAND B. COLTON Birthday, party, and wedding cakes GQDBYCI Il'lSUI'CI1C9 Get them where they're baked P.O. Box 176 Phone MU 5-4948 They're fresher Phone MU 5-4789 Elk Grove Elk Grove FLORIN BEAUTY CENTER Florin Rd. Phone CA 8-0750 Hair Cuts, Permanents, Waves, Tints, Everything SAI. SERVICE FIIEIICII MOT0lIS INC. noun. cmronnm wismng Success to the Graduating Class of 1957 CALIFORNIA MARKET Since 1946 Groceries-Meats-Frozen Foods V. QUIAUT-Notary Public We Sell Money Orders lSe vende Giros y Periodico Espanol Diario Aquil GA 8-0993 P. O. Box 366 Florin, Calif. CHET'S BARBER SHOP Florin GA 8-0869 Hair Cuts-Shampoos For Fine Diamonds and Waiches ..lZfI-' ng-'ii -.-for fl fare 5-D.'4f3 ff ,Wi- V 5' L-X! .f --' 8l6 Kay Slreel SACRAMENTO. CALIFORNIA DRY CLEANING AND TAILORING We give green stamps . . Q X Plumbing Supplies g X, Paints New and Used Fixtures P. O. Box 112 CA 8-3018 Florin, Calif. FLORIN CLEANERS N. B. CALIVA, Owner and Operator Laundry and Alteration Service We Call for and Deliver GA 8-1127 Box 128, Florin, Calif. GA 8-0939 L. M. BASS TRUCKING SERVICE STATEWIDE Ri. 1, Box 185 Florin, L H- Bass ANGELL HARDWARE ELK GROVE HARDWARE HOUSEWARES Dairy ani! Veterinary Supplies Sporting Goods-Paini' ELK GROVE PHARMACY Reliable Prescription Service M. P. ldzinga Phone MU 5-9824 Elk Grove Ranch Supplies TOM B. MONK WARREN'S Jewelers Shoes and Shoe Repairing 36 Years in Sacramento Elk Grove, California 10091 Street GI 2-1233 0 yy COUND ,Q RURAL o ELECTRIC CC. ' Electric and 5 Gas Appliances W ifts and Gadgets Sales and Service Phone MU 5-9692 Elk Grove 6211 Frultridge Road Bel Air Sho GUNTHER'S FOR QUALITY ICE CREAM Now 2 new locations in the Fruitridge Shopping Center To serve the South Area FLORIN HARDWARE "Here Io Serve You" TOOLS BUILDERS HARDWARE FARM IMPLEMENTS REPAIR PARTS VETERINARY SUPPLIES HOUSEWARES Phone GA 8-l083 Florin, Calif. n-",,. UOTTLID UND!! AUTHORITY OF TN! COCA-COIA COMPANY IY COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY OF SACRAMENTO i Phone GLadstone 5-8847 FRUITRIDGE BEAUTY SHOP We Specialize in Hair Styling-Hair Tinting Permanent Waving pping Center Congratulations Seniors DUNBAR'S MARKET Groceries-Fresh Vegetables Dairy Foods 7720 Fruitridge Rd. GL 7-4146 I . Y 5, V 'Y v -hi, K CONGRATULATIONS Class of "57" and Greetings from JERRY AND VIVIAN KARA lpast graduatesl Groceries-Drugs-Variety-Gifts lFor everyone and also graduatesl Everything under one roof Florin, Calif. "Hurry Back" GA 8-0771 DON'S MEAT DEPT. For those who have freezers- Locker specials which include killing, wrapping, and quick freez- ing. Personalized freezer service. Complete line ol' choice beef, lamh and veal. Fresh fish and poultry, etc. "The only place like itll Dom T.n'i:n-owner GA 8-3701 KARA'S DRIVE IN GEORGE'S VEGETABLE DEPT. G-uimzw Fin-:sn is our motto Fresh fruits and vegetables at lowest possible prices. Seeing is believing. Come in and see us for your needs. Geo. S. Matsumoto lO'Haral owner FLORIN SHOE REPAIR AND SALES SHOP lfyou need a new "sole,' see me Name brand shoes for the entire family. Bring the family in and have them "Shod." OPEN EVERY DAY DON S'l'Ew.AR1'-owner MASON STOCK HARDWARE Rt. 8, Box 3315 Sacramento SANDY'S MARKET AND FLYING A SERVICE GA 8-2229 Roi' Daw W. R. Mizmvizu Res. GL 6-5009 Res. WA 5-6839 Ll.oYo HI I.'I'Y -GL 1-4686 PRODUCERS SEED CO. Seed Processers- Pasture Mixes Stockton Blvd. and Gerber Rd. GA 832l4 Gas and Groceric s Phone GA 8-2828 P.O. Box 2188 Sacito Florin Rd. between Stockton and Franklin Blvds Custom Milling Grain Storage Grinding, Cleaning, Mixing DAIRY AND POULTRY FEED Feed Supplies Phone MU 5-9694 ELK GROVE MILLING COMPANY Plum rn eff, is ' 'mfg' HOOPER'S SHEET METAL AND PLUMBING SHOP Call MU 5-9694 Elk Grove E. F. HALVERSON 8: SON GENERAL CONTRACTORS Residential and Commercial Plans-Estimates Custom Cabinets R. L. HAl,vERs0N, Owner MU 5-4826 Elk Grove, Calif. YE MUSIC SHOPPE and California School Music Service 10181 si. and Town and Country Village S acra mento The Finest Available in Musical Instruments, Accessories and Music G E Phone MU 5-4994 'wi R o E I R C G H E S F 'S T I A E T L I D Q Elk Grove N T. Fimmzls Blnnui CL 6-6915 SOUTH SACRAMENTO NURSERY COMPLETE GARDEN SHOP I Block East of Franklin Blvd. on Fruit Ridge Road 34-24 Fruitridge Rd. Sacramento, Calif. We C-ive S gl H Green Stamps 5121 Freeport Blvd. Phone CL 5-1931 Sacramento, Calif Men's wear-Ladies' wear- Children's wear ShoeshToys-Notions-Variety Open 9 to 9-Sunday 10 to 2 Your charge account invited "When at Lake Tahoe Visit Our Complete Dept. Store at Bijou, Calif." SACRAMENTO READY-MIX LOUIS JANSEN Ready-Mix Concrefe Sa'l'urclay Deliveries Cement Confracfing ROUTE 2. BOX 2I62 l4fl1 Ave. and Power Inn Road GL I-2835 SACRAMENTO MACO GAS CO. OF ELK GROVE Th z - in-t X 1 X o 2 stores to serve you lnllusI?'n 5069 Freeport Blvd. 1331 Merkley Ave. Mend' LOD' Sonora Sacramento, Calif. West Sacramento I I CL 5-5857 FR 1-5667 Munn' 59595 P- 0- Box 395 ELK csnovs. CALIFORNIA The Gang!! TOM'S BUILDING AND SUPPLY TOM E. CUNNHR Owner and Manufacturer D0-ALL BUMPERS Phone MU 5-4411 Elk Grove BATEY BROS. CHEVROLET Sales and Servivv Elk Grow! Ph 0 ne 5-9521 ax, ' A ' ' wwqf- ,, ., rl. , -' - L-'Eff 1'::.:.L2' .' "MU . Office Phone CL 2-14-51 PARKWAY JERSEY DAIRY ROBERTS PLUMBING COMPANY For the only local PLUMBING-HEATING Home deliwry servite SERVICE-REPAIR Telephone MU 5-4490 G. H. "Bois" Roniziws 5121-27 Franklin Blvd. Res. H1 7-5291 Sacramento. Calif. mqgdeadw-GNU" 'i .1 - .ky- T-Z -'fs Wa 1 . be Gi-1om:i:Fo1 mls liflass of'32l1 Greetings From Grv Fouuts lC1ass of '06l FOULKS MOTOR COMPANY Authorized Oldsmobile Sales and Service 1700 K Sl., Sacramento CAPITOL OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. A. B. 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1957, pg 185

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