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Elk Creek High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk Creek, CA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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A , . 1 gl - , LIBRI 1 v IRUHRIX Ol Q 53 ff? W f ff' f ff i'2-., -L X ,W 2 'cs,,,?- ii. ix ,pmuv . tx X X ' X I Y i Ks-1 9 ' . 4 " y E ff fpzf, CTI? Nall ,ffl 1 M fi 3 "7 9 ' 1 Qi-1 , f in nv gf l A y 1 m EN s N - 'dugg FCDREWQRD This year we are celebratlng the centennlal in Callfornla, 100 years of progress and achlevement It 1S a t1me of lOOk1Dg backward as well forward As we recall the great strldes that have flelds of Cakm development we look forward to even greater ac compllshments 1n the future We also recall the achlevements we have made 1n our school We hope this book w1ll keep these memorles al1ve in the years to come Carol Fay Gillaspy Editor ' l f as O been made in all' O EDICATIUN 2 , 45' 'Um PQ We the staff of the "Elk" dedlcate thls l9l+9 1950 book to Wallace Lozensky to show our appre C18C1OIl, not only for the many thlngs our "Coach" has done to lmprove UhlS school, but for the help and guldance he has glven the lndivldual students - 3,5 5 5. . . .. - . . . . . . . . . 1 o mn' W 1 X mm xo O-www L x naman N xx 'N , v. wx is ' x '95 L auf 3 005-.1 H Xftf gn N L N. -. 0 L. df 'Qx xy. . X s K wx, 1 UV x Nm k x New K x k UN' gpg, xxy ,f KA. CX 'L fi' -m' J' Zen Laura Hoop Humboldt State llege Gorham Normal School A B 1 San Francisco Sta University of New Hampshire University of California Bgston Uhlverslgy Oregon State College ,if of fF?' Laurence Farr Joaqui pson E. A., William Penn College B. Sc., Iowa State College Oskaloosa, Iowa University of Oregon B. D., Gordon Divinity University of California School, Boston, Mass. W. ,Q L , .. 1 " iff .m' A 7,35 ,QQ C Wi A ,ce , b ' er ' ., . '. G te ' ' 4' , . W 3 A 'ca-'W h x, gi Sr' X 'fi 1. A 'n ,gr A41 1950 -K' Richard Juvenal Yearbook Football S B Sec Treas President Senior Class S B President Track Baseball Carol Fay Gillaspy Yearbook H1 Times Junior Sec Treas Senior Sec Treas S B Sec Treas RICHARD JOHNSON Yearbook Football President Junior Class Track Baseball S. B. Vice President Dell Roy Wilson Football Track Baseball PPM! IO so KJ sn 2, 3, 3, 2, 3, 2, 31 2: 3, 4-'fP'fP'l-'Mui-'lf PPPWP4' P'4?P 17' We 0' James Davis Football Track Baseball Helen Gilman Glrls' softball Glrls' volleyball JAMES LEDGER Track Football Baseball Sports Manager WPP? 5 X,ooYL5 goo 1-we ggi! ,3- ' Punkyn " Laugh uwg Boy Com: eww ation -Y' 1 5:-Guia F' W' 4 ' I A. it F2 J' if f 51 N F 'LW 1 j 2 1 l 4 3 E2 X in A 1 is T A wwf- Q1 mia:-wg., PIPSC row Loulse Johnson, Evonne Green,Carmen Ellls, Shlrley Bed ford, hargaret Ledger Second row J1m Conley, LaVerne Glllaspy, Leroy Whltney, B1ll Whlte JUNIOR CLASS The Junior Class is st1ll the largest class 1n Elk Creek High and we are lucky to have all of our members partlclpating 1U soorts All the glrls are on the softball or volleyball teams The boys who play football are B111 Wh1te, LaVerne Glllaspy, and Leroy Whltney Those on the baseball teams are LaVerne Gillaspy, Narv1n Perry and B111 Whlte B111 White, Leroy Whltney, LaVerne Glllaspy, MaPV1n Perry and James Conley are also on the track team Our class offlcers are LOU1be Johnson, Presldent and Sh1rley Bedford, Secretary Treasurer We have been selllng candy and cokes at the square dances here at the h1gh school to earn extra money for our class hembers from our class on the WElkW are LaVerne Gillaspy, Margaret Ledger and Loulse Johnson Loulse Johnson and Margaret Led ger are Typist and Asst. Typlst on the H1-T1m6S. In April we gave our Junior-Senior Prom. It was formal and we think everyone had a good time. --Louise Johnson 'U 0 1 Q I I . 5 I ...as-Q.:x'5f " gi erffgf 2 A 11' . ' . n e , .. 1 . . 'C l I I . A I 0 ' O . . .. . 0 W . . . . . . l . O . . . - . 9 C ' 0 i . . . . h - UPHO Mmm-wm.,,M-A iw E .av 1' -wg 10' W ...-4 11" ,,,,,,'QrQ Flrst row David Huttman, Hollis Burrows,Phyll1s Bedford,Romas La Rue Second row Marvin Cramer, Leon Whltney, M1ckey Mlller, MICKEY Sut llff SOPHOMORE CLASS Sophomores at last' And d1d we take out our grudge agalnst the Freshmen when we 1n1t1ated them The boys had to wear dresses and the glrls wore long red woolles They wore these lovely costumes all day and really put on a good show M1ckey Nlller 1S presldent and Holly Burrows,our Secretary Treasurer We are proud to say that M1ckey Mlller, Davld Huttman, and Romas LaRue made the football squad th1s year Romas LaRue and N1ckey Miller also made the track and baseball teams In the glrls sports Phyllls Bedford, and Holly Burrows made the softball and volleyball teams On January 27th, we gave a successful Freshmen Receptlon The auditorlum was decorated ln the Freshmen colors and everyone had a wonderful t1me danclng and playlng games -Holly Burrows X I' ' . 'I , ' . , , . , 1 4 , " ' I' 5 4' ' Q 0' ' V 'G fly' a ' f ' Q . . 3 x , I Q Y v. er '-..nf " I9 3' fi 'xx K ' . N ' l5i'1 ,ll f . E -' '. , , f ' A . ' an ' Q-v - I n . 1 0 - . ,f . . . . - . . . . O . . . O . . C O . . . . K 0 . . . . ' - . . L Q . . U . I I . . . . A O ..- ,,,....--""" fi' 3131'- wif I ,,47! ,Q 'x X 5. o W 1 Ajax A -4---"""""S First row Nad1ne Strawn, Beverly Stetta,Jane Ann Hayward, Shlrley Welker, Betty Burrows Second row Bud Lafferty, Elton Cramer, Jerry Whlte FRESHMAN CLASS The Freshman class had thelr f1PSt meetlng October 7th Class offlcers are Presldent, Charles, NBudW Lafferty, Secretary Treasurer, Jane Ann Hayward October llth the dreaded day arr1ved, 1n1t1at1on' The sophomores made the g1rls wear long underwear and the boys wear dresses The w1llOWS Glee Club, sponsored by the Freshman Class, or December 8th, came to Elk Creek to entertaln us wlth a program of dellghtful s1ng1ng The Glee Club was led by Mrs Borlne Bud Laf feryy announced the program On behalf of the rest of the Freshman Class, Jane Ann Hayward made the presentatlon of a plant to Nrs Bor1ne 1n appreclatlon of her comlng and leadlng the Glee Club.After the program the Freshman Class served cookies and cocoa to the Glee Club. --Jane Ann Hayward. ' " ' . N' 1 hx X' Q Y . x V K l 1' 'I 4' i 1 5 M" ve-V ff K' . . . . . O I 0 C Q , . Q Q . . . . 0 . ' - I ' ' 1 . TIILETICS 1rst row Leroy Whitney, J1m Ledger, LaVerne Gillaspy, Dell Roy w11SOn, Jim Davis, M1ckey Mlller, and Dav1d Huttman Second row B111 Whlte, Rlchard Juvenal, Rlchard Johnson, and Romas LaRue 'LQ FOOTBALL Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Wheatland Ll Durham 51 Hamllton C1ty 53 Princeton 31 haxwell 6 For the second consecut1ve year the Elkers went wlnless 1F Valley League Football Playlng hard, clean football, the Elks were outmanned and outclassed, except aga1nst Princeton and Maxwell Johnson and LaRue were the outstandlng players of the season In thelr last game of the season the Elks staged a hard fought battle w1th Maxwell, but they were unable to push across a touchdown Richard Juvenal w - 6......... - -89000 oc ' Elk Creek-3L.... .. Williams-65 'lgoooo no . U '- -2l.... .. - 'Oo ooeo ooo. tl 'S First row LaVerne Gillaspy, Bill Whlte, Richard Juvenal, Leroy Whltney, Dell Roy W1lSOn Second row Romas LaRue, Bud Lafferty,R1chard Johnson Marvln Cramer FICKBY Mlller, Davld Huttman, Jim Ledger, and J1m Davls Elk E k E k E k Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek Creek A9 BASEBALL Ch1co B's Plerce A4 Orland 19 Durham 94 Sutter 121 Los Mollnos 5? Maxwell 3? Pr1nceton 31 Wllliams Sf Hamllton Clty 104 7 Wmllows ll Wendell Green took top battlng honors For the season, bat t1ng A52 good ball wlth the Although Elk Creek won all season Many of the breaks golng agalnst the only one League game, they played games were very close all the way, Elks ln the late lnnlngs If the to have a better season, they w1ll have to replace Preen, Gollnlck, Troxel and LaRue who were lost by graduatlon Returnlng lettermen are Wllson, outfleld r Johnson, out flelder, Glllaspy, short stop, and Juvenal, catcher Promlslng candldates are Perry, who has transfered from W1ll1ams and Bud Lafferty, freshman Elks hope Pitchell, Rlchard Juvenal I 9 . t I -10 ..... ' -9 1 ' 20 o o 0 0 "' J. - 30 0 s o " 1 ' lc o 0 o "I ' 20 o s 0 " ' lo 0 0 Q I " - 2. . . . - - 2. 0 A 0 1 " Elk Creek- 9. . . . Biggs-74 - I-Ivo 0 0 U . ' - 20 0 0 0 D . " Flrst row Leroy Whitney, B111 Wh1te,R1chard Johnson,M1ckey Llller Romas LaRue, and Jlm Ledver Second row LaVerne Clllaspy, Dell Roy w1lSOH, J1m Davls, Rlchard Juvenal, M3FVlH Cramer, and Leon Whltney 'L9 TRACK The Elks, ln thelr second year of Track, showed up very well In thelr flrst meet, w1th PFIHCGCOH, Elk Creek won the meet 1n the A's and C's A week later the Elks traveled to Colusa for a slx way meet wlth Prlnceton, Sutter, Colusa, Maxwell, and Plerce Elk Creek came 1n second 1n total score A very good ShOW1Ug COHb1d erlng the number of entrants and the s1ze of the school The Elks had only n1ne boys entered A few weeks later Elk Creek competed w1th Prlnceton and Wlllows, W1l1OWb took flrst, Elk Creek second, and Prlnceton, th1rd Green, Wllson, Troxel and Johnson entered 1n there the Elks went to Blggs for the Valley League Meet SIX records were broken by Elk Creek 1n that meet They were Creen, AAO 55 8 Wllson, 15118, 5 02 Gollnlck, 100, 10 6 and 220, 23 6 B111 Whlte, 75 8 L+ and 160, 117 3 A week later lvr Lozensky took f'1ve boys to 0rov11le for the N C H S A L Seml Flnals Whlte took thlrd place 1n the 160 and fourth 1n the 75 Polln ck won the 100, Wllson took thlrd place 1n the mlle These boys quallfled 'or the flrals In the flnals whlch were held ln Chlco, Whlte won two second places 1n the 75 and 160, maklng h1m the flrst boy to have ever place 1D the Northern Callfornla Flnals, from Elk Creek Rlchard Juvenal . -v - l A 6 n I O. U l 1 I 1 ' the Corning Relays, and took second place in the Medley Relay. From I .0 .0 . u,o.g A O. VO Og. ,0. A.. cox. U 5 f WN ff xx 1 '95 Richard Juvenal Student oody Pres 495 Carol Gillaspy Student body Secretarv Treasurer Q Q Rlchard Johnson Student body V1ce Presldent 'Fl Q 'S' of f", 1rst Row Second Row Loulse Johnson, Typlst Margaret Ledger, Asst Buslness Manager Holly Burrows, Asst Edltor Carol Glllaspy, Editor Rlchard Juvenal, Busl ness Nanager, LaVerne Glllaspy, Art Pd1COT Rlchard Johnson, Photo grapher x 1 Carol Day '?illaSPY Editor "sn e F1PSC row B111 Hayward, LaVerne Glllaspy, J1m Burrows, and Danny Crlpps Second row Dee Luce, MHVIS Hayward, D1x1e Cr1pps,B1ll Cushman, Dale Malarlous, Glen Glllaspy, Tommy Hanes, and Twlla Creen Thlrd row Ruthle Hayward, Shlrley Zaurvlch, Evelyn Soeth, Juanlta Mlllsaps, Shlrley Welker, Marvln Cramer, Jerry Wh1te,and Rlchard T1ce Fourth row Evonne Green, Jane Ann Hayward, Betty Burrows, Beverly Stetta, Helen Gllman, Jack Cushman, and Bud Lafferty Flfth row Holly Burrows, J1m Conley, Hughle Luce, and Nr Farr BAND The Elk Creek Band had qulte a success 1n marchlng last year We went to the Lamb Derby, Maxwell, and Stonyford The begln ners seem to have made conslderable progress ln both marchlng and playlng Th1s year we have a new add1t1on to our muslc Nr Farr has organlzed a chorus and almost everyone 1n school partlclpates Even wlth a few off' tones we seem to sound pretty good lwe Uhlflkl Holly Burrows , - ' V K . ,- , QX . 9 sq l Y l , . - , f 46" H 'E E es! x , X ,V , , ' K K v . EMM ' 9 . 5 -W M 5 K K X O Q .I l I I . 0 . . . . . . . n l A I 0 S x 0 I 0 . . . . . 0 . V. . A- . . . . O Q . ' . o . . . 0 . . 1 Q 0 . . - V I 0 0 - . . . . o . . . A- . Q A Q , V . Vw . . 0 . x 1 . O CLASS OF 'b9 Helen Butler is married to Kenneth Evans of Ladoga Den1ta Green and J1m Calahan are marr1ed and have a baby girl Ralph Troxel lb married to Marilyn Linville and they live near Artoia Wendell Green lb working on his father's ranch Leonard G0llH1Ck 1S working for his father David Nitchell is WOPk1Hg in Stonyford CLASS OF 'h8 Joyce Sutl1ff lb 11V1Ug 1D Willows and is employed as a secretary for S J Bognuda, Real Estate Louise Reynolds 1S in her sophomore year at Chico State College and is taking a teaching course Gerald Green 1S employed by the PGEE in Ch1CO Jack Pedrott1 lives 1n Holmes CLASS OF 'A7 land and Fox Jack Johannsen is employed 1n San Francisco Ray Province is working in Corning Juan1ta Troxel and Clayton outl1ff are married and have a daughter CLASS OF 'L6 Dean D1XOn was stricken with Polio 1n October and 15 still tak1ng the Kenny Treatment in Oakland Joyce Burrows lb married to Glenn Sm1th and they l1ve in Harris They have two children CLASS OF 'LS Norma Lee Adams lb married to Lawrence Ballew and they l1ve 1n Colusa Betty Green is working as a beauty operator in Willows Dale Manson lb married and l1Veb 1n Oakland where he works for a com pany maklng prosthetic appl1ances Evelyn Sutliff lb married to Lester Ballew and they l1Ve in Dav1s Dick Ballew is married and living in Willows where he works for Berk- WJoe Lou1s the 2ndW nPell Mell White' Who's teachlng 7T9 WLondon Bridge' 'Chef de Cuislnen " 'Q Q W- fl!! 1-F4 G 'M' finds.. 4303 Q :ku ag 'Whi te Hope 'Old fabhloned hoedown 3 -42 'D1ngmal1's Swooners' nMu1e Tra1nW v, 'ka K Q '-.if - ov A ' v f 4, l .' 1. 1 IM, A X gf g ' - 49- W 'ww-1. uf' O ' I k ' 1 KZ," ' Fx l Q", ' f . I ' . - X , . : N1 . . . . B!!! . .. 1 af " si ," y 1 , . . I - - x Y , S , ,, K Av 'V' S k 1"- Y4 4 . K N . I, ' 4, V,-V 'N 531 51 ,ygzxz .zslzi-4:'Q '-'wk A W, MA. .n .- . M x , g:Q-5-, . Q . H, ,W3 H ,,. k'P- A, ,, V31 -,A if "9'ZEf:awr 1 ' 1 4, J, , 51, .WT -Q fl .riff 'Y . up-. "J V . vi if Q-.v-FQ. :L -x g M, . .3 .kagjy ,yi ,fl I s Q, Z 'Q V , - 5 - N . . I 'f Q 7 . ,f ' rx ' - A -, ' , 'J , , 63 It V n , yi l f i . 4,1 .4 .N 4 v'- I 2 ' - . . - 0 . . - Y' Bottoms u z,.f'! 41.- 1-151' Q vw ,.,gyx reamers Ho O ', W' g",'u-' a g - ...wg . r ll 5' FX Boys P. E G I I j ,,,. ' 1 'ii Sr ak ggJL4 f' S2 F-4 O O Blg Shot s Eat Let Y GJ L4 CD CU L1 lf 2 1' k U1 I'3W 41: 1, C. lriey bw .hd O I5 -J boys LW' f End Of CHP tfqil Twin' HFlynn's pm 14 .,4, , 1 .-', y Sucker tt Pre Sald Enough Mrs. Ei '4 3 u 44 1050 Vlk 4' ' G 'L:w. ,A fi iii. DVERTISING je K ' 'w T fl DEL FISK CAFE Best Wishes to Class of '50 Good Place To Eat Bob Jensen JENSEN'S FARM SERVICE D L'S TIRE SERVICE H N Plimpton Del Mnton WINSURANCE THAT INSURES' Willows, Calif Phone 30 WILLOWS CALIF -H' WILLOWS DEPARTIENT TORE BLUE FRONT CAFE Has a Complete Line of ILS West Walnut St hens', Womens' k Childrens' Furnishings Shoes for the Entire Family Delicious Home Cooking Nens' R Boys' Work and Dress Clothing Telephone A53 W1110WS, Callf Mac E Bertha McCluer Willows Callf SPROUSE REITZ CO INC 5 10 15 Willows Calif Congratulations and Good Wishes THE WILLOWS JOURNAL JOHNSON'i EHOE STORE And The Glenn Transcript aY Shoe Fitting Orland Willows MAX SHOE SHOP Repair While You Wait Willows Calif, L x-1-i--t 7 - - , , . TT' L.: I . ' ' g lo 1 ' , - L ,T , ,,14,,177 li ' "' f ' ' W, -1 - l Y ' C I '1 Q ' ' 0 A . . s u l I ' i Y , . " o . ' 1 .. ,1 -, ,, ,A,,--,, Y , W Y Y H H 1-1 o , o , - - ' I u ' Q o Tx . . . L .-J HOME LEAVEN BAKERY SpeC18l1Z1ng 1n WEDDING, BIRTHDAY, PARTY CAKES Willows J H STINGER HATCHERY 333 W Walnut St Phone 3h8 w1ll0WS Ca11f The Best 1n Chlcks 8 Poults Own Breeder Flocks Congratulations and Best Wishes KILPATRIC'S GROCERY AND EXCHANGE MEAT MARKET Wlllows I G ZUMWALT COMPANY FPUIUS, Vegetables A Choice Meat Dealer Full L1ne of Grocerles WCATERPILLARW 4 JOHN DEERE Phone 101 517 So Tehama St Phone Colusa lb w1llOWS llu ZELLMER RADIO SERVICE WQual1ty Work on all Makesn 2 N Tehama St Phone WILLOWS, CALIFORNIA JOHN'S SHOE REPAIR Full SO11ng and rebuildlng 1LO W Walnut St W1ll OWS Gene Va1la's BLUE GUM Lodge 5 FILES NORTH OF WILLOWS CALIF CHIGHWAY QQWQYPHONE WILLOWS 3934 in -17- I T SANI-FOOD MARKET 61 . . 39 I Q L.-un-,.Juunn.:1q-rv - 42' --'Y :"'-- 7 ' ' 4- LAND TITLE COMPANY 5 Of Glenn County ' TITLE INSURANCE ESCPOWS BERKLAND A Fox Bank of America Bldg. Phone 306 U Frances L- King MSF- I INTERNATIONAL TRUCKS Willows ' Calif A ' A CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH CARS A GENERAL ELECTRIC APPLIANCES , SERVEL GAS REFRIGERATION 1 Congratulatlons, Class of 'SO Wwe shall always strlve ROBERT E BOYD to serve you welln JEWELRY R FIFTS Iwlllows, Callf Phone L2 MOTOR SUPPLY CO Tehama St Wlllows, Callf Phone L6 305 N Tehama Phone L K GARAFE BCDONALD'S ELECTRIC STORE BUICK PONTIAC GNC TRUCKS ,l So Butte St Wlllows, Callf W11lows 20 PHONE 82 Wlllys Jeeps E Trucks THE DIAAOND PATCH COMPANY JOHNSON k LAMBERT 70 STORES CHPVROLFP CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE CALIFORNIA FRIPIDAIRE PHONE 1899 WILLOWS WILLOWS pac ORLAND E C WICHNER MGR . , ,I . 323 N. . ' ' . o n I I L L A' nl ' 'L jl+6 . . ' '. A . L ' J A T A +L T Q 5 j IN 4 ' ,' - , - A J ALLIS CHALNERS Tractors and Farm Machlnery Parts and Servlce Glenn Tractor 8 So Tehama Equlpment Co W1llows,Cal PHONE 293 St 1f Best Wlshes to Class of '50 ELK CREEK GROCERY Fern R Johnny Peace KAY WILLIAMS MILLING COMPANY Garden R Colusa St W1l lows SCHAAD'S HARDWARE HARDWARE, PAINTS AND OILS Glass Housewares Pumps PHONE 554 Phone 53 w11lOWS llf BICKFORD'S GARAGE Auto Repalrlng JESSUP SPORTS k HOBBY SHOP S A hl H bb T1res M Batterles ports gquigignf O Y HARDEN'S HARDWARE HARDWARE AND ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES WHARDENS FOR HARDWARE' Hotpoint Refrlgerators Freezers Electrlc Ranges Wool Bags Twines Westlnghouse Refrlgerators F1XtuF6S Plumblng Supplles Telephone 279 Willows .I ' Sporting Goods . ,Ca. P Hunter's Headquarters WILLOWS HOTEL Congratulations Senlors AND JIM BOYD Modern Western Coffee Shop Insurance Grain Make 15 3 h0bbY 117 W Walnut St To meet ln the lobby Willows Arno J Poggl Phone L75 Managlng Owner Wlllows HQL-r Quallty Dairy Products VISIT OUR FOUNTAINS FOR DELICIOUS MILK SHAKES AND SODAS HCBL 0 Attorney at Law Willows Callf L V Bell etch and Jewelry Repairing Diamond Setting Silverware and Gifts RED AND WHITE watches and Diamonds Independent Home Owned Store 133 N Tehama willows P H H L I CAPITAL DAIRY . . EL h' 59 1 g xy 0 o . . AL UNITED CLEANERS NEW ENGLAND FURNITURE co AND AND GIFT SHOP TRCY LAUNDRY Wlllows, Callfornia Wlllows Phone ll Phone 292 GLFNT PROCERY THE WILLOW SHOP YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD STORE Ladles Weaplng Apparel Phone 127 Wlllows 130 W Sycamore Wlllows, Callf CO1'1gI'3tLl13.tiO1'lS Class of '50 FRUTO STORE Featurlng Brown Bullt Shoes Fruto Callf 215 N Tehama Willows, ca11f Best W1bh6S To Class of '50 T H WARD HARDWARE A Call and See Our Dlsplay !.1tchen Utenells-Electrlcal Supplps Bullders' Hardware Sporting Goods 1F1Sh1Hg Tackle-Fencing Stoves 011s PGIHCS Hardware Phone 125 Willows, Calif. Compllments of WILLCMS BEAT NARKET welnrlch L J We1nr1ch G A Welnrich AINSMORTH MOTOR SALES YOUR FORD DEALER SERVICE WITH A SMILE Phone 96 Willows, Calif. UNITED CLEANERS TROY LAUNDRY 7' 'I an - wi . I A ' ' v 1 9 1 , . . . . g 0 0 ' - LJ we o ' a o A O I 0 1 lr 0 - . - W . - - - . I L H LINEBAUGH'S PHARMACY Prescriptions Candy 8 Films Phone bb Best w1bhSS to Class of '50 HEATON'S CHEVRON STATION illows Callf LINWOOD'S Books And Phonograph Records 53 N Tehama Wlllows, Callf lj 4-- I -W Y , Y STERLING LUMBER CO WILLOWS BEN FRANKLIN STORF PAT'S DRUC Somethlng for Everyonen willows Callf Rexall Store Eastman Movle k Still Cameras 'GIFTS THAT GROWW TAYLORYS WILLOWS FLOWER SHOP STORES FOR MEN Corsages A Potted Plants Hazel Schmldt Teleohone 15 in-I1-al Orland Willows I L l A O1 W ' . 1 . ' ' . i n ' , E Y ' . 'Phone lh7 Willows P N l , l ' ' f 'I ! ik Q , ,--Q nr N UTOGRAPHS 1 gniilf f FACULTY 4 RA P' I AUTOGRAPHS x , 1. 'A . L A , I' Wf- , X g ,F Q SV F l' 'lv' RAPHS Y I fx I YN cf Sv I' 'vi

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