Elk County Catholic High School - Memories Yearbook (St Marys, PA)

 - Class of 1954

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Elk County Catholic High School - Memories Yearbook (St Marys, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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i-.. UQ Q u- 1 1 L f 3 - 1 3 1 Q I I Q 2 5. , SWF ff?-an ' xr? f f'f."',.jS3 run. ' 1 ffE.f'WSfff 4, ...fr ?iQ5fg '5ff...,xgz . M r ' Q "ni 4 uv 'GH' X , ,. H E 1 E ' I Q ' J l f ' 253253 E E ' 2 gl .t::?:V3"fT' ' W 1 esp ?13'f: I 4 V W Elf? + I , , Q 5 1-1'1iL---ide I E ' w'1?viF3 'L A 3 3 , L. ,SQ ' .f r ,NL L:i'772'5'f lj Lf2r5iK?.f g.'tJJLi'i? iiE?2f?C?55 his . ',ifZ39f ?M t ' 'AI Zfa 1 , , 'Ti-'.xL.xQ 1 ' 1 -V ,315 I , 1 I -',:zjv"-if 1 1, I Q E ,f 1 I ' f' ' ', ii' , f gy ...E f f 2 Q Vi E Q 1 lik ' S I 9? if Y V ? , gs f - K +001 Q ag 5 -, - 9 .: , Q . ' 'fn g . , ' .z2,'! wx. . ws! . ,v Y 4.1.1. -,AE'1:"m 1 QM , 1 , - kr- 'aiu-1-V . ',, . .4 .-y..' ,W ' . Eu"-V -, 11' x " ' MAAV. 3, ' -3' ff' ISN' f ' 412 .pg 1 ,- Q S-IK v '5 ':.f 'X Q , "L 4 A Jffi -gf 11 rw, . A f i f 5 IE f ' A , " ,- ' ' - ,. ' " -A " :J"s!'?. 'I53 f , , Q . .34 1 , w A , , ... ' , pg' 1 V91 '- ,.:.V '-. " 'gy .,f - M f x,' M., arg ' A . -G I 1. ,A t - ff , . V ?ml4,3,f.,,E v Q, Q, N f ,, fy!! I H ,'i:,m,,.: jk , w , A' H E ,4 L, W , , ,Avi QA , , N , W .311 Q , ,xg gA,fgWis, puff ..h, 1 f5p:Qf5a- if Mxigd-knew ,I .,,.fegx,k l-.wg-ffy, ,kg ' H W , 1' !'.sf4' . X K' ,' '- .N J-- -1 Q 'W' , ' W" Yxifkaj SQEW,-'22,'Miw 7f5?'i'4f'l!f'!1iv:Qfit1q'fM-sWi5"Th'1-M f ' ff 'J ' ' .31 x x B,-5+ iw A v wa. 1- .1,.,a.N , :fi-nf ' vi'-xx -.w.1:"..,,g1qg. f.- dim f-'-egEjq5,gE'+11grf,',L 41 M 4 P , 3 M -A 6 f f U., , .',. -f 'M' x I M Q1,i,g,,:- ff'1' '-w'-i+m-w-ffA-w- ' 4 ' . Q 1 Lyggyd , , V4 'EL Vxtmuriqzi, L ,km X X I N V F , A . 1 F Q . MEMO VOLUME XXV 1954 . N 'N31:1r'4I'11E2EI:2:2:2:-:-1-.-.2, I ' 'SEQSEQQQQSESa2sS5EsSeEsEsif:a::.:. . - . ' 52555255E5E55555555325555EQE5EgEgIgE5EfE5:5zz., .. . "5:E:I::.,.:.,:E:Q5:f' "ErE5:5E5E5E5:5:55:53213:ifgnu xii 'EIN fs22i25252i:.--1 " . V'5f55f555i55E52f11f', A ..f"1E ' - fx leer' 1:5115 .::-:-:-:-:-:-.fQ- - -- :-:-:-. 3 ' , '-F 525' Ujisisg 3:25:52-2532 N- ' I 141522: 2a2:w2:z.N ,. X me--wx !r4s:sza:f 135225 :M S 1 X .-:-Em' faux' ,V-..1.5:5:2:5:21' 45. - lf'-:ErE:ErE:E:ErE5E' x' j N Q 2512:- 0 159' gixa ' 1 Hass- ' Edited by THE SENIOR CLASS ST. MARYS CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL ST. MARYS, PENNSYLVANIA 7 ,, ,, ,, , 'f W """ffm"' lf'-1"..4 .--' . , . - . .- -, ,ef -.,. .. 4-.-rm'-L.. '11 W,-ew-1-'fff2'.ffI:5zf"'-r. :-f-'-f . - ..1f'i1?,:-..--' . ' .- f-qw' ' '37"'ZQ,,?.f44-.. g " EQ ,--..z..--"f-" H r.,-.fgszfr 4:35 ,inf ,gg-35x 1 , v '..,sf-'v- 'f-..e.-- ' .:.eL.-.Q?. f, ag, .V ul- :gg-ka '. " - grrg ::.:,.z.'g.. , . .V . N f . I . ' 'l"":4:f !'l:.,.,j 1 ". fall , - fm . A fy -2: ' -mn.. ' A .L-.2-r---am' ' 1, 1 1 V' , 'S may , a.,t,,5.Eqv kg- ,ii ,K+ - rv J., . .,. - , ll f,5:L-:ggi 1 I fggm , QL, 1 in me as ll ' . .. - Q - I hu, .14 N5-M -A - in ,. I --vi-. 4 L fx-af-if 'ff-fs?-:E " wif- wiir. V557 ,,f,,i,,,, L. W V 4,.,35i., 5.-ir aq, 5 g,..3.',f:,,f .J .1r-:f,.Z7--f A,, -- L -.54 yur .ss ' 225,412 1 I ,f v- ,. -:if-,e,,2e., .Mari-L,. 9 3158.2 gm ,ggi , t . 4' '-34 ,.f.-an-'lv , ft A 2122 f'4'7'r4e:I',?-1-J1"'5f1'.w.""' ' 7 '1'i?'f5'31'fl'-1 '-2 - t r 4 3' - - A .9 .' I: ,.1,..q.g"',3 - L., f -,.s,m.,:j Y. .. .rr t.., 1 f 1 ,. i .. -- SY EATRQG .'--.faq-,f.-.-:,'.4,,1-, fu.. ,, ,.' . mf, 1 , W ,, E . W WT WW, ' .- ., ,. ,Q '-?"Y,f -. ' Y - JH-4, ' B "-"'9!i1WE:5"7 "':l's3W"-75225-tif l""' . 'Q' ' 1 h w y' -' '- P. .li "ii-'!?'F'1'lf""-'ET'f"3?'fffF.-F.:if" rl- - ,1i5'4-'.w' f-P- 1'+1-.w.-..1:'- -.1 ' .-p.mu1mn:r.f-. 3 W,- ,v.u,,-.1.,:gj.,,.sgnu,-,L " ' K 'n,M5::,3w..,gh,.:..,,,,4.Mz---.,,..,.f..-,y---,-. -' fn., Under the patronage of MARY, our Immac- ulate Mother, we have completed another year, another round of organized activities-only the memories of all its joys and its griefs remain. That you may share with us in retrospect, the high lights ol Central, we invite you to leaf through the pages of our 1954 MEMO. The Staff. CONTENTS FOREWORD ........................ . ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY ....... . SENIORS .......................... . LOWER CLASSES .... . ACTIVITIES ........ ................ ATHLETICS ................ ly II fin.-.j:1:.,x -1 , .-vw, 0 I x fi- If' it c i 2 i J is an fel ,, To MARY IMMACULATE, Patroness ot our loved country, Patroness ot our town, Patroness ot the first church in our town, St. Marys, Patroness and auiclina spirit of our St. Marys Catholic High School, To MARY IMMACULATE, in this centennial year ot the Proclamation ot the Doarna ol Her lrnrnaculate Conception, To MARY IMMACULATE, whose beauty and charm, physical, intellectual and spiritual, call torth an overpowering, integratina and world-changing love, so deep and enthusiastic, that we come to portray the Hlineaments and orna- ments ot Her Soul in our thouahts, words and actions," To MARY IMMACULATE, in whose army we, the youth ot today, have a special service to render because our Holy Father, Rope Pius XII, has especially enlisted us, To MARY IMMACULATE, Queen ot Peace, our only Hope, we, the Senior Class ot nineteen hundred and titty-tour, dedicate this twentyflitth edition ot the MEMO. 4 ."" 5 Q fly K fc!- 5,559 if-ll 3 fb X X ilvgg, f' .523 if 555192153 ,QYY 'A' 'L Q, ink-A 591' yglq,-fix, if fr Wi' .QWVQPW ' x 1117 'ZS' '3' ffffffff 1 'ff'v7if' 477' 4 ff! 1 Vff flfa L X I . ADMINISTRATIQN Prr'si1fl'11I f J RT. REV, DENIS STRITTMATTLER' O.S.B., DD. Archobbot, St. Vincent Archcxbbey 6 BCDARD QF IRECTGRS MR. WILLIAM G. BAUER Sacred Heart Church Committee MR, BENEDICT R. REUSCHER St. Marys Church Committee A 5. 4 3345 ,Q t DIRECTQRS VERY REVEREND FATHER TIMOTHY, OSB. Pastor of St. Marys Parish REVEREND FATHER GREGORY, OSB. Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish RHVEHEND FATHER DONALD, OSB Principm 9 2 Q, ' 2 'M Sr. M. Agnes, O.S.B. Sr. M. Anita, O.S.B. Sr. M. Benedici. O.S.B. Sr. M. Bernadette, O.S.B. i.1l1111ry, ifuqimil Crvmrvwr-'ini Lnim iinoiisil fiwzmrwif-:Cmi fi'-lvlwri ."""l-n ii A C L i I LH00'fCf1 g f Ll P - T .mx Sr. M. Evangelist. O.S.B. flwirxrzii, iiuqlxfzh, Lfitm Sr. M. Imelda, O.S.B. EM-iiqifm Mrivi'-ilmxtiv Miss Ida Friiz SCHUM Hvxrlw Mr. Ramon Martin VVcvcwi Sfmg M-frimnlfai Drciwlrxi .,-H31 i Y ,, 113 Scsi lesqg-,hm V FWZ: Mary Edward, O.S.B. Sr. M. Pauline, O.S.B. Vfnqlislz, SCVYICE' L-11m M1-lxfiwn i'u1i1.,iv ir. M. Bernurdine. O.S.B. Mr. Edward Bridge Father Brinstan, O.S.B. Mrs. Iohn Cuimi Social Sturiu-:1 Ax' Machllmf' Sho: Iv11H1v" -g 1, 2w'1,fw1g fy,1,, 1 Hmm' lr lC'NwX"'1' 11 Iavrfiv Mmirv-x7x1!:.' FATHER DONALD. CSB PRINCIPAL U' Sr. Genevieve, O.S.B. Sr. M. Gx3.'Clldih9, O.S.B. flmffwwn Hwmfti' "f nxxfrw ilpgfh., H I., . H ,W Alben PNCUVU99 Sr. M. Rose, O.S.B. Sr. M. Teresitu, O.S.B. Mrs. Hilary Wittmuu iwl-'mu' M.1H'-!'Z1Z:v.' Cf zmvm, lrlmlf-M gcwmt Nqm1,,.,.l,U.C. Trix., M jx. M! ,Y 4, p ,4- .ix HIV FATHER CILIAS, Smrwf Ififfm Pfxrlsh HPV FATHFH BHINSTAN, S1 Mary: Pnrxzzh HX VATHIH NYHNW-I Off F- S' Mwrv Pfvxfiv HPV, VATHV' AQWINA5' 5754 E1 llzczf 1 T", 1" VHA! 1 iexlmx 1 WdWg 4 ' 5 g Q, , 1 I I v 3 E NI -S ,EEZ 1 - t' F- Aff, 2.1 2' 6 X l 0 F FIC E 12 S I President I N li CHARLES CHASE Vin'-Presirlcnl IUDY FRITZ Trcasu rer MARY LAUTERBACH IAMES REMICK Sevrcfary fklb-PK Class Colors BLUE AND GOLD Class Motto CLEAR THE MIST TO SEE THE WAY Class Flower FORGET-ME-NOT f'-gavff 14 .Z SENICDRS IEAN C. ANDERSON ..AndY,, ".ll4'l'l nil' .ll Inl"x,"' yaoma f lalws thmczs In strldus xl ull you know lm-1 rloosnl have ry In frm world BARBARA I.. BAUER "Bulbs" "Hina il :mf -your n1rx."' S1ncer+1-enjoyable-Sunny dxsposillon --- shows much school Splfll by her loyally to the Crusaders l5 . i vii an A :Ni 1 1 ,r ,xg ,444 'E gt. X w f its -y ,rf ,i-5-,Q-. ' -. , ' - Uv 53" .' K H 7 if 2 2 ,H , 2-:Exam -Q f ,Tuff .-5,15 ,f fy -G, V5-r z I ' .,., I. EUGENE BENASUTTI nnenny., "lIl'y, Kllf vnu' fiwrllluu flow?" Oulel f-f good matured - always willmf lo help f Somewhai on Thr- sf-rlous Sid:- Ivcm, Bfllllj' zum' Barb doing SOIIII' rvsf'urr'l1 for Hixfory. SENIQRS Peggy, Maurux and Ed looking firm' afivr a hard days work. MARGUERITE R. BENIGNI T. EDWARD BRUNNEH MAURUS A. BUCHEIT "Peggy" "Nick" "Munras" "Wulf, Iron- alum! ilml."' "I'll ram' you will: my Olds." "W"fml'x lln' nrxf qlnzxlin11?" elite - efficient 7 reserved - shows Always into mischief - enigmatic f in' Wcvy licur A friendly -- retlceni 4- Gp ep in her varsity cheerleading. Telligent fellow---the crgumenictive type. precicltes U good joke f lcntlxtul ccolyte f 16 . W XY L i 1 DAVID A. BUSCH CHARLES B. CHASE "Dave" "Bubba" "lluu' about lhvnz Carifir1al.v!" "lVfn'rz' ran wc bali' if?" - ardent sports lan - can take a Class president - neat dresser W- friend 2 - likes baseball especially - dis- of all F- likes to dance - is good at s books. counting money M Memo statf. Dave fake aim. "Two against om' iSlI,f fair," slaouls Maurzfefz as Bubba and H. MAUREEN CLANCY "Heenie" "I,1'l'.v bill? a fluffy!" Diligent - easygoing - jolly - co- captain of one of the top volleyball teams - class photographer 17 SENIQRS DENNIS E. CROSBY IEAN M. DETSCH MONICA A. DINSMORE "Dynamite" "lean" "Manny" "Gul u fag?" "Wulf, I ruff! brljr if."' "Now H'UlI,IllI'f flvaf frost jun!" hon mdeep voice ,Y Ellen, wpe, found Llvcly Y nec! appearance -v umbxtious Good natured - known for her wit f 19 foumqm of youth M, has Good head worker f never withoui G joke. never cz dull moment f never posses u n hun Q good joke. , . XLR Ivan, Dwzuy and Monica wait !76lfil'Ilflj' as Sr. Bvrllardilzv giws fflflll dclmzfiolzs. 18 ROBERT I. DIPPOLD M ..Boh.. I ,xflollhl lhlln' lnnl my l"1m1'f" -Qi . SANDRA DONAHEY "Sandy" if MARGARET M. DONAHUE "Margie" lloly muy' I Ihllz' fn u'nrk."' brown eyes --V reoulczr hotrod f-A qood Self rf-svrvod Y modpst i enjoys wrmnu Studlous M nppre-curmvw fx tml! tn n pany me-mbur of thv "Trus1y Fiqh!" 'vtters f-F thv senior vfxth thv qulelr-st dis- - cx curl onv emoyf: bmnfz wlth I'US.fll'7rl XUAYRR 19 Margie, Bob amz' Sandy looking f0l'Ilf'dl'lI, in Cllrisinzax l'dl'dl'i0lI. SENIQRS HCTIFLIII-H 1 Wc'1'k.', and Mar ' 3 A1111 and Auzlrvy givc' Fiuuy a lwlpiug band. MARY ANN EBEHI. AUDREY V. ECKERT LEO D. FINFINGEH "Mary Ann" "Audrey" "Finny" "AIN, I tfuu'l 4'ur'r', l'illn'r!" "f1'4'lJr'YSll' -'lIlll'l'tll7 for lay lil11'g."' lHllOVII"lC1 f carclre-P -Y pleasant to know Thoughtful -- patient A Q friendly hello Heal joker ff- lnllbtlly tan fr out ol to hm: mu::1cf1l talent in cx Inmxlmd vlwqref- lor feveryonp f one of the besl drlvers in fxttrcxctmn f poltttcxon -- lnstory shark the class, 20 Ircvm, Ianicc' and Dale enjoy a good joke while waiting for the bus. IHENE M. FHEY IANICE M. FLEMING DALE R. FORSTER "Irene" "Ianice" "Tex" "N,,fxy' Hllokrv. I tlIIll'f Knorr!" "I lforfl know bow Io Jo if!" Sponsminded L- dihqem - excellent sm. uqhtlul g every mch rx lcdy - ready Good Gi square dancing - our former dent - plays volleyball exceptionally helm -R aigood things come m little - seldom seen and heard less e- likes well and IS co-ccxplcxin ol ihe "Dopey" KCIQSS -- des Staff Chevies. ieom. 21 SENICDRS NORMA A. FRIEDI. IAMES E. FHITZ IUDITH A. FRITZ "Norm" "Wild lim" "Iudy" "llumwl, hnfxf I Ju11'l fmlr linlf' "MUN ix .xlifl fuxlrr'." "CinHx'f" wll L11-rmfxwd - tmy Iermxxred -f always: AH lrfqg - note-pi for hls dmqed fenders Conslderufe Y qood lCGK,ii'!' f undf-rfzm Ihv no tokm: my mfhzrxt xrxiwrosst nn - dfwy- volcee- our mPChan1cfspeedsler HIC: ' VlC6'P1'f?SldQTlY of th., class orhz Indy Nfll'llIL1 ana' lim l'l'dH-H' 11011 KV. l'llj0j',, ll'dSZ7ilIlQ ffn' lmll win- 252 NANCY A. FRITZ WAYNE H. FRITZ CATHERINE S. GAHN "Nancy" "Hinie" "Katie" "Wf1'll, I 1l'w1'f rar'cf" "Cuu'l, no ga.v!."' "llVfu'r'w'x I'rimll?" rod-natured - patient - one of our The muscular type - good at lootball -- 'lhoughtlul --f a taitltlul friend --- love: J students -- loves to talk - always well-groomed - good excuses-vivocious to dance - dxsplays tme talent in the s cx sweet smile on her face - easy to qet along with. ' Drcmattc Club --f class photoqropher. Kafic and Ndlll'J,' jus! l'6lII,f rc'- sisf fbf' I'C'lIlf7ftlfi0l1 fo duck Wdj'lIF. 23 SENICDRS lack, IOAIIII and Glenn get a florill from fbc' gossip in flu' "Ir1vs". ICANN D. GAHR IOHN E. GA!-IH GLENN G. GEITNER "IoAnn" "lack" "Horse" "OM gomf ,qrtl1'y!" "l.r'l'l buzz' xl fmriyf' "I Vtlllif gr! flu' rar tuniglrI." stty Y pleasing smile A Viceepresident Senior basketball player E member of the Btg boy - always singing - idol ot the C. S, M, C. - ranks high in the com- "Memo" staff4one of the "Trusty Eight" classrnen f- usually with Dorothy. rcial field W Honor Student, - easy to get along with. 24 Paul, Dirk and Kf'lIIlj' llldkl' work look filer' fun, KENNETH G. GERG RICHARD I. GRADL PAUL l. GRIEGGS "Kennesaw" "Cal" "Humbul" Hljflllvf I7lI.Yl7 il, SZNHIKHU "Kuliv llirl illl' "W'fm frm 41 rfn'n'?" 'k and good lcokma Y outdoor typv Class wtt - strange mixture ol quietness Ambmous worker at the theater known artxstic - arttst ol ldes and Memo - and comedy - usually found at the news- lor hrs lwarty lauqh --'- Jolly - story- untain man. stand - never worries teller 25 SENICDRS THEODORE H. HABERBEHGER GRACE B. HACHERL TONI F. HALAIKO "Ted" "Gracie" "Toni" "Noi foo tI'l'l1t1IV1'H "Holy row!" "If xvvnlx In n1u."' iustrious 1 different - earnest Y likes Charming - peaches and cream complex- Pleasant personality -- easy to talk to - ysics - senior usher. ion - Memo artist Y shows plenty oi good-natured - new member of Clas school spirit in her Varsity cheerleading. ot "54", Tm! u'ovsu'i mind Sftljlillg affrr svlnool wilb Toni and Graff. 26 MARY I. HANES "Massie" "Il.ur1'l ffm! .1n'f11l."' mul lull lvl :ww vmoyf: lull- y plays vollvylmll e'XC91'llOf1GllY We ll lul lllofl mul Mumcw tvplst H7717 IANET M. HEARY IOHN G. HEHZING ulanefn HKOODH "K1lll,g1n'xx llllrlfyl "1,,'X AW, fj,,1',,4" HGH'Y'9O'lUCkY " dcfmq ' lOV'f5 ill' Llktzf-S to smw :zcmwy lflllflll I1ll- 1 Outxiloor-: f Our Annu' Qaklry f Hon-iwr me Vqmy hlliblglv fm, m,.mh4,r K Smdem tlxo ldes :mall iw- luv. c'v1?r- vwwym alum Ihmqs "H!lll' :fo you likr' fflvsv llIlll'k.Y?,, lflflllllj' askx lclllff and Mar-Y. 137 l"r1ri1' rukvs for sale' SENICDRS ."' sfwn 1' Bill mm' Tom. Ullllll, THOMAS A. HEHZXNG IOANN I.. HOFFMAN "Tom" "Fluffy" "Ohm, 'l'uu!x."' Hffdllil uflixllu full lrlvrlff. u'fmff." i11-m::t1r,m nlwnyfp avxulhmz - Always hm: CI SYYIIIS --'-- comxcol ff quick ' D.-tszch 1: wltted - known for hr-r icxciul expressions - 'Soles Lady " .1:a1nq . ,vqmrm I ummlly fcvllrmti G, mqv WILLIAM R. KINNEY "Bill" "W'ul4f1-if-fvr11.' A liJfilS'S' YTVTYI f usaufilly smvrl Ch-EVM: --ff 10'.'ml f fyrami vow pwtent in tin JOIN Gerry, Pafty and lark, vnjojring fbi? lafvsf lnif fIHlC'S. GERALD H. KLEIN lOHN G. KNEIDEL PATRICIA M. KHAFT UGBHY.. nlack.. npm.. "W'ulrlw if, fury!" "I.f'l'.v i11lvrmiug1v."' "llol,y rou'."' an at Ptafls -- a courteous chap i Varsmty basketball player - loyal to the Quxet - seen but not heard -- nice - rays on time - ubiqultous - likes to "Trusty Eight" - dependable H enjoys lriendlv - her hair is the envy al hrr x money k friendly. writing. many friends. 29 SENICDRS CAROL M. LEUSCHEL ANN M. KUNTZ MARY A. LAUTERBACH upeggy.. ..Gook.. ucarol., "Don'f lu' 1uln'."' "WWII, holy." "WMI for mv" rk halr and twmklmg brown eyes f Cute and tiny f well lllced g noied for Well marmerod f ophmishc -- always tor-ln-chxcf ai the ldos 4 fun to be her large brown eyes -3 preppy captain ready to glve a helpmq hand - shows h -- has an exceptmonal soprano vamcc ol the Varslly cheerleaders A class sec- untirmg abillty to smq m the Choir rellary Peggy, Nlarj' and Carol .Wfillg zvllivb is luzrdvr -- Gl'fllIdl1 or S190 1717611161 . 30 ELENORQ M. LEUSCHEL W I ENDEL H. LION FRANQQJN LUHH Nota "Ri11v pax! Ibn' l70llXl'.,, ,ack "BV url ul1gf'l" Member of the ---I-rusty Eightf, - has few "I llK'l'l'P' t,N'dlIll'rl xurll 11 l7IA'l'l' jmlnyxivul nfle - soft spoken S mild W perfectly vices - sfudinus type - handsome - l'Nl71"'i1"Y1'4' Vfffffff iff' SU SfiW'll,1'lf'lXfH :omed cxt all fimes -7- curly hair - likes the form, Welbdressed type gr bow has - --Ides f sacrificing. and "Memo" staff. Nora, jack and Willdj' nzakc' use of fbcir study period. 31 SENICDRS Iocnznc, Bcfzf and Georgia must bam' fauna' sonzefloilzg inferesi- ing. GEORGIA M. MILLER BEVERLY A. LYONS IOANNE C. MCALLISTER "Bev" "Iocmne" "Georgia" "liuul1x."' "I nuff, I bun' lo work!" "ll XFVIIIX lo mv!" :asmg LllSpOSlllOH f always ln good Wxllma helper f merry Clisposihon -r Studlous - ellicient e loves to play tl nts - loves to ICU skate --- has luqlm known lor her wit A- one of the senior pxano A- plans a busmess career lolastlc standma Nfhespians " always on time 32 rms 5 Carol, Mary and lim getting fha! Ioole. before the "Prose" fest. IAMES C. MILLER CAROL K. MINICH MARY A. NISSEL ulim.. ..Mink,, HMMY., "I llorfl lnnfrrxhnld ii." "I wus gonna gc! il." "Obi Brolln'r." xys hos on cmswer Y seldom quiet Y Blond hair Y light complexion Y need Llkeoble and slmple Y great lover of the ect ol many jokes - mquisitlve Y dresser Y loves to pitch in and clean up. Id Y ' hair. ou oors has c frlendly dlsposition Y wllling. 33 SENICDRS ANTHONY R. PHAR MARY LEE PFEUFER IUDY T. PONTZER "Tony" "Bonzo" "Iudy" "Tukr ll fi1'c"' "Holy Cow" "Oh, darn il!" 1rs1ty basketball player f lall man Y Enjoys falkmg A never has a worry f Carefree Y- Clever and willy v- spor :es lo chew -f always ln a daze f always ready to joke - capable captam minded f takes Things in strides f- lrk :et lover. ol her volleyball team. the boys - mae qirl, Q1 Tony, MdVjfLl'f'dllLlI1ldj' wail'- izzg "anxiously" for fha bell fo rzng. 34 IAMES M. REMICK KATHLEEN M RENWICK . IEAN A. RETTGER num., ..KuY.. uyeqn.. "l'll ilu if for -you." "I gn! l70INt'1L'0l'1Z fbul l1a.m'l I7l'!'ll "ON grub!" energetic sportsnmn -- one ol tlio be-st i7Il'4'llfl'1l J'1'f4" Quiet - never scys much - very fond always lvund in the library - good Dcxncinq blue eyes - devilish - comical of class sweciver - usually seen wirh ired - class treasurer but sincere - dares io be different. Mary - hard Worker. Kay, jim and Ioan using their film' in a good way. 35 Bups, Pal and Bill llldklllg good usa' of fha' library books, ROBERT B. HEUSCHER ..Bups., "l'u1 frrmm' In ln' Il CIm'l:rm111." mber of the "Trusty Eight" - quite a :cr - usually at the farm - varsity sketball player. SENICDRS PATRICIA A. RIGARD WILLIAM A. HITTER "Patty" "Bill" "Pn'llj' tricky, lub?" "l,4'l'x gn llorwi fo flu' t'llll7?" Tall - clark Y noted for her Iona hair An ardent baseball lan Y semor baske A loves to travel -'A always has her rome' ball player f last mmute man -f vcr work. small and awful nice. 36 Mila, ana' Pal!-3' arc' rmf "1iff'- SL1l'!'VS,, as Boblviv gvfx hm' lm!- uxzrr. ROBERTA M. HUPPRECHT MICHAEL F, RYAN PATRICIA C. RYAN "Bobbie" "Mike" HPUNYH "W'vll!" "wx-11, mba! do you k110H!H "llor'wfliv.x" at 5 well mannerewl W !'PllGblC friend Varsxty baskeiball player -f good work-rr Talented Singer -- apprvclaic-S a good resldent of C. S M C Y has excfeb - lun lovmq W hello for everyonp - likes yoke -- known for her wrt f- keeps the xl talent in IUUSIC' f Mvmo stall. to Talk A class ln :zmches -- cholr member. 37 SENIG RS DOROTHY E. RYDEN RAYMOND G. SAMICK THEHESA I. SAMICK "Doi" "Sam" "Tess" "SHN" "Diff you xm' Su1uxb?', "W0ufJn'f ffm! gr! Your gout?" vnl tru-nd -f always on tune f llkcgblz- LIKQS hunimq IH "SGwdusi" 4 had his Most carefree ---' silence ms golden non-ci for hor Himplfw dv- shore oi knocks f G real qood "Eqq" -V known for her pony tml - mv-mbor the St Marys Chmr mor . . , ,, xnirtblv Wzkresz T0 plfiy cdrds Kay and Doroilvy faking SUIIII' ICXSOIIS in f-Yflillg from Tlwrfwa. QR IAMESHL: QCHAUT CELINE M. SCHLIMM FERDINAND G. SCHLIMM Ixm "Celine" "Buzz" "You Uhlfllld Iwi?" "Olv.' B1l17l7ll'A,' "Y1'f1" wod lmndslmkm' W- plwasxnq character Humblr W slucllous ff excellent occxdcrmc Usually Sven m the ycecp has u fondnef i-'S f DGSY YO G01 nlmm w1tl1f--usually student - lmllwlul snflallflt fmcl qlwf Club lor Ull'GYlFll qllnhlz- buslnr-:Qs mo Pn Wllll flw- Hllmfs momlwr -- lmles hxs horses Buzzy, Cvlim' and lim 1'A'61ll?fIll' lroplzy won by flu' Cr11saf1'4'rx. 39 SENIQRS Tom, loan and Bmwr frying K ffazfir faana' in Hoe Claemistry Lab. HAROLD E. SCHLIMM THOMAS L. SCHLIMM IOAN F. SCHNEIDER "Beaver" "Pork" "Ioan" "llou' ulwnf fluff?" "Snr ya' affcr .wbooln "Wflml arf -you lzizlx doing t0r1igl:f?" al C. membr-r -- HIGH pressure sales- Likes to bclbysll -- has G qucxinl sense ol Kind - earnest 7 does things quickly 1 -- likes to QM mio cz ammo of cards humclgr - mcm of manners Y usually ot always upprecicles Q good 1OkF?, th QS E wlllinq e 40 Hn H7-'lg :K I I -V -pa af Q tae wag lf ls. Tom cxplaifzx fo Sallyand Mary janv. THOMAS I. SHIELDS SARA E. SMITH MARY IANE SOHG "Crush" "Smitty" "Mary lane" "Ynu'rr digging your ouw gram" "OM you kidx!" "I tI'0Il'I liars my Spanixb Iillflf yd!" 2 ol the "Trusty Eight" - big surprise Considercte - pleasant friend - high in Optimistic - tall cmd blond - membe- :1 reol hunter - dislikes school. scholastic rating - hopes for c career in of the Spanish Club W never without c nursing, smile. 41 K SENICDRS X 1 X- Q, .MQ XA IOHN M. STRAUB PATRICIA A. STRAUB IAMES I. STRUBLE "'l'ubby" "Panty" "Burney" "Wlu'n' urn' ilu' girls?" "I umrly 11ie'r1."' "Dorff lu' 1Id5fVY.'H good dancer f member of the Men's Gleelul - trim Y personality plus Y cz Curly hcnr - our A 6. P mon - reserve lr A- G leqxon fun W always has his quick Thlnker of devrlish slums. - never misses G lhinq f lrlendly type M mo stall rework -f e X if Tubby, Pai and lim f'.X'tlIl1ilIilIg flu' fish in flu' Biology room. 42 FAITHNI. YALFNTINE IOANNE E. WEIS IANE D. WIESNER Fcuthxe ' "Io" "Ianie" "W'f1n gnnf1'1f.5" "Howl nmr'11inxQ, fflix 7710l'lliVl.Q.lH "Mun" 1l qmvl l1ll you .701 Z0 know her - Dark H- lovely f everybodyfs friend --- N901 -- loyal C1usc1ds-1 lun -- prosider 1' tl1 r1l1l muk tvpfr 111 volleyball excv-1'f1or1c1l personnlxty -f-- Memo and Idea ol the D:m11ct1C Club -f her lFl8l'ldllYl0fi Smll Gnd urlshvlllsshnossa lmrfl lo surpass: - Memo and Iflr-92 stall ltllljl', llllllllll' and Fuifb fI'vTilllQ llllfli io rfvxfroy illrir books. 43 SENICDRS FRANCES A. WITTMAN RICHARD L. WOLFE EDWARD I. ZIMMERMAN "Nancy" "Dick" "Babe" "HUM Nu!" "Yun ain'f kirlllrrlu "I'l1 lu' lfn'ru" wxlul -- lvnds CI helpmq hand ff 0 A member of the "Trus1y Eight" -- ediior- Qmte Q story-Teller mf G biq tcxusefneve nd IH nvvd nm- of the class photoq' an-chlef of ihv "MPmo" -- likes: to crque at home - lovm: tho Pontmc and Putt hmm, "Lady K1llPr". Tho rurfor. Fl'61lIl'l'S and FJ luzugiug 1117 Dirk. 44 if ,Sw . xg Qi XR an 1, X, wx xx 4 Q Ns. X XX-. N A X l ex. X 3 Q Q. 'FG-R g gm. A 4' .3 is 'f I Q 0 ff'---' it 4' !k, af gf' FN f 2 'E Nf- 'M QE- 'X rv, . W" ,F 'P X, XT f f MQ-WW, f ww? i ' 'imma is, 4' Wlffg? 1 "n"i4 ' in .NS . 2 3- -"Shyest"WSandra Donahey, Maurus Bucheit, Carol Leuschely 2-"Most Musically Inclineduf :bbie Rupprecht, Mary Ann Eberl, Ted Haberbergerg 3-"DfOTDGtiStS'lfIOAHU Gahr, Ioanne Weis -"BestVoca1isis"-Peggy Kur1tz,Iohnny Herzingy 5-"Best Eggs"--Patty Rigard, Ianice Fleming min Schlimm, David Buschg E5--"Most Thoughtful"-Toni Halaiko, Mary Iane Sorgg 7e-"Einsteins"- eanor Leuschel, Iim Strubleg B4"Good Sports"-Faith Valentine, Tommy Herzingg 9w"Most Ath tic"-1Mary Hanes, Irene Frey, Bups Reuscher, Iack Kneidelg IU-"Best Drivers"-Audrey Eckert n Remick. 47 im! l--!'Most Talkativeu-Norma Friedl, lim Millerp 2- "Sleepiest" --- lean Anderson, Tony Paarp 3'- 'Class Wits"-loanne McAllister, Bob Dippold, Bill Bitte-rp 44"Man and Woman Haters" ludy Pontzer, Bill Kinneyg 5---''Friendliestu-Barbara Bauer, Mary Nisselp 6el'Most Devilislf'-W Manny Dinsmore, Leo Finflngerp 7-"Brighlest"iCeline Schlimm, Ed Brunnerg 3--"Neatest"f--Patty Straub, lack Luhrg 9-"Best Oratorsu--'Judy Fritz, Babe Zimmermang lO--"Best Cooks" Patty Ryan, Mike umm ,,.,..-' "Seldom Seen --'lean Rettger, Theresa Samiclc, Denny Crosby, 2--"Biggest Flirtsur 'Carol Mintch, nny Straub, 3-"Best Salesmen"--Ioann Hoffman, Beaver Schlimmg 4--"Most Lil-:ely To Succeed" fatie Gahn, Dot Ryden, lim Schaut, Dick Wolfeg 5-- "Iolliest" --W Maureen Clancy, Glenn Geitnerg "Tardiest"--'lean Detsch, Gene Be-nasuttig 7-f-"Best All-Round"-Pat Kraft, Scilly Smith, Ierry in, Dale Forster, 8-'ABravest"-Mary Lee Pfeufer, Tom Shields, 9---"Best Leaders"--Nancy Fritz, 'tdy Lion SENIOR CLASS TRAITS NAME ANDERSON, lean BAUER, Barbara BENASUTTI, Eugene BENIGNI, Marguerite BRUNNER, Edward BUCHEIT, Maurus BUSCH, David CHASE, Charles CLANCY, Maureen CROSBY, Dennis DETSCH, lean DINSMORE, Monica DIPPOLD, Robert DONAHEY, Sandra DONAHUE, Margaret EBERL, Mary Ann ECKERT, Audrey FINFINGER, Leo FLEMING, lfmice FORSTER, Dale FREY, Irene FRIEDL, Norma FRITZ, Iames FRITZ, ludy FRITZ, Nancy FRITZ, Wayne GAHN, Catherine GAHR, IoAnn GAHR, lohn GEITNER, Glenn GERG, Kenneth GRADL, Richard GRIEGGS, Paul HABERBERGER, Theodore HACHERL, Grace HALAIKO, Toni HANES, Mary HEARY, Ianet HERZING, lohn HERZING, Thomas HOFFMAN, Ioann KINNEY, William KLEIN, Gerald KNEIDEL, Iohn KRAFT, Patricia NOTED FOR Sleepiness Short stature Shyness Slowness Loud shirts Good nature Shyness Dancing Eyes Voice Laughs Devilishness Ford Long hair Dimples Liking Public Industriousness Iokes Cuteness Smile Helpfulness Talking Height Original ideas Cheertulness Curiosity Neatness Country home Personality Muscles Good looks Tardiness Theater Ties Drawings Knee socks Volleyball Hunting Co-operation DeSoto Salesmanship Teasing Working at Ptail's Neatness Smiles 50 ENIOYS PET PEI-IVE Reading Working Driving Fords Foggy weather Chevies Speed Cheering Glasses Driving Getting up Driving Homework Baseball Studying Out-of-town girls Painting Dancing Baby-sitting Arguing Driving Playing records Working Eating Roller skating Going to 'Burg Watching TV Hunting Watching TV Parties Hunting Working puzzles lce-skating Riding Eating Swimming Sports Baseball Hunting Hanging up the truck Chewing Going to school Sleeping Dancing Dancing Sleeping Bowling Working on cars Making faces Swimming Fishing Hunting Snow Senior girls Alarm clocks Spinach Walking home History Dancing Homework Glasses Boys Men drivers Being contradicted Homework Homework Working Staying home Car trouble Missing pieces Warm weather Spending money Onions Twin brother Women drivers Gossiping girls Chevrolets Staying home Cokes Movies Navy Cold weather "Sissies" Empty gas tank Women bowlers Fords Talking Women Drivers Braggards Homework Typing SENIOR CLASS TRAITS NAME KUNTZ, Ann LAUTERBACH, Mary LEUSCHEL, Carol LEUSCHEL, Elenora LION, Wendell LUHR, Franklin LYONS, Beverly MCALLISTER, Ioanne MILLER, Georgia MILLER, Iames MINICH, Carol NISSEL, Mary PAAR, Anthony PFEUFER, Mary Lee PONTZER, ludy REMICK, Iames RENWICK, Kathleen RETTGER, lean REUSCHER, Robert RIGARD, Patricia RITTER, William RUPPRECHT, Roberta RYAN, Michael RYAN, Patricia RYDEN, Dorothy SAMICK, Raymond SAMICK, Theresa SCHAUT, Iames SCHLIMM, Celine SCHLIMM, Ferdinand SCHLIMM, Harold SCHLIMM, Thomas SCHNEIDER, loan SHIELDS, Thomas SMITH, Sara SORG, Mary lane STRAUB, Iohn STRAUB, Patricia STRUBLE, Iames VALENTINE, Faith WEIS, Ioanne WIESNER, Iane WITTMAN, Frances WOLFE, Richard ZIMMERMAN, Edward NOTED FOR Pretty voice Pep Friendliness Poodle Cut Manliness Pres. ol Y. C. Drawing Kindness Piano playing Iokes Blonde hair Bookkeeping Rebounds Talking Smile Bowling Baby-sitting Quietness , Teasing Long hair Sports writer Piano playing Cooking Voice Driving Missing turkeys Pony-tail Hot-Roddin' Crocheting Ieep Broken nose Dimples Talking Sense ol humor Parties Height Studying Driving Curly hair Eating Boobagombies Ideas Talking Arguing K "Tall" stories ENIOYS Movies Cheering Ice-skating Talking Going to farm Standing on head Ice-skating Eating Driving Trig class Swimming Writing Swimming Arguing Softball Driving Eating Crocheting Basketball Traveling Baseball Diving Camping Swimming Singing Taking off school Hiking Driving Watching TV Horseback riding Playing basketball Hunting Writing letters Hunting Nothing Dancing Dancing Arguing Working at AGP Sleeping Loafing Dancing Taking pictures Going out Baseball PET PEEVE Surprise tests Hot-Rodders Dentist Silent people Homework Typing Homework Typing Pickles Fruit cakes Worms TV Silly girls Oysters Chemistry Pessimists Kantar's Snakes Girls Short boys Milton Berle Mike Bobbie Tom Sour notes Women Apple pie Conceited people German Il Little sisters Shrimp Spaghetti German II Women Brothers Little boys Fort Pitt German II I Girls that smoke German II Murphy's Snuti Homework Stupid people Walking 1-Foster Pcxradeg 2 Future Chetsg 3 -- Cleaning the Beoterg 4--Ten Lit- t1et??DIndicmsg 5-- Bird's Eye Viewg 6-4-We're proud of our :awe-cmtersg 7-- Mcx and PQ Kettle go dancing. 52 WH' 'UNDFRCLASS A. HEARY Secretary lst Row---A. Hcrsselrncm, Y. DeLul1o, E. Cochrcme, S. Fox, Znd Row-V-M. Griori, M. Fritz, I. Erich, L. Hcrcherl, 3rd Row!- W. F. Bauer, T. Fritz, H, Erich, I.Dc1vis, G. Gregory, T. Brermeri. ,dem I. BROCK President IUNICDR vm 2 "5"-m,,'m LASS lstRow-LA. Sherry, A.Hoffmc1n, R.Rupprecht, A.Kronenwetierg 2nd Row -B. Hannibal P McQuone, E, Kerner, E. Olson, C. Wykoff, A. Scmickg 3rd Rowell Strubie, L Lenze T, Schneider, R. Kerner, R. Nissel M YQ? W. BAUER Vice President 55 F. GERG Treasurer P lst Row---W. Cuneo, V. Hanes, G. Bollerini, M. Distlerg 2nd Row-l. Feldbcxuer, S. Fritz, P. Gregory, E. Frey, 3rd Row' -F.. Aumcm, P. Farrell, W. A. Bauer, F. Dinsmore, l. Brock, F. Ge-rg. IUNIORS lst Row---M. Koch, E. losephsori, N. Schloder, M. L, Straub, Znd Row-YR. A. Zell, l. Simbeclc, A Pleuler, M Herlosl, 3rd Row'--l. Olson, H. Kloiber, W. Kaiser, W. Smith, C. Meyer, A. Henry 56 lst Row-A C. Hczcherl, M. Ehrensberger, V Harper, E. Grunthoner, R Fehrermbcchg 2nd Row K Frey, R. M Fleddermrm, I. Gabler, I Bridge: 3rd Rowe T Gerg, B Dorrmisch G Bmw-r I Bermirmger, A Brody. 1stRowfffG, Suuth, B. Vrtello, P. Schulz, I. Largeyg 2nd Row' R Stebxck, H Keller, L Ma-yw B Meyer F Willic1msg3rd Row-N Rupprecht, I. Lynch W Krellrmer, E Keller 57 lst Row-I. Newell, A. Meyer, C. Hoffman, E. Krcxussg 2nd Row-I. Pistner, M, Rogcm I. Lambert, I. Rigczrdg 3rd Row-I. Grcrsser, P. Stcxuffer, V. Lenze, B. Kermcrrd, A. Mor coni, C. Pfoutz. W. CLANCY President C. HOFFMAN Secremry 58 R. HABERBERGER Vlce President M. K. ROGAN Treasurer 59 lst Row-M. Wolf, S. Schloder, G. Stcluffer C. Sterbcmkg 2nd Row-D. Uljon, N, Sherry D. Schreiber, B. Schcxeterg 3rd Row--R Steele, D. Sherry, G. Salter, I. Schctut G. Woli. lst Row-f-M. Grosser, D. Luhr, G. Robertson, N. Klatmcmg 2nd Row-D, Mcgistrelli, S. Herb- ,:tritt, D Plwtf, A. Hcuscher, D. Kronenwetter, R, Hoberbergerg 3rd Row B O'H0rn, P. Krell' ner, T Pontzer, F Nekuzct, A. Hotfmfm lst Row'--B. Skolc, C. Ross, S. Stoufter, M, Schneiderg 2nd RowfD. Smith, E. See-lye Schlimm, C. Straub. C Steeleg 3rd Row-R Straub, l Schlimm, G. Somick, I Steele P. Ryan. 60 snowman mln vum-ng HU-,ly lst Row -M. Fischer, D. Felton, B. A. Bciuer, M. Detschg 2nd Row-WG Fritz, M Eichmiller I. Eckert, V Gerber, C. Cciririo, P Grosserg Grd Row---P. Bauer, T. Fcirley, D Bremien I Cimno, W. Clancy 'HQ Hmm! RWM! ""k. lst Row -M. I. Henry, I Hoberberger, IQ. Cassidy, V Eckert, 2nd Row N Gieixner, P' i"I'lll'f L Uirisuiore, G. Erich, I Hucheit, 3rd Row'--D.Gnc1n, E Ccftcxioro, I. Gump, W Hogan, G E3rwiridel, I Fleddeririuri 61 FRESHMEIY lst Row I W 1qh' M Wels, A. Spence, Terry 2nd Row G Sporner I. Steele, I. Vol mer, I. Sl'T'llIh, 3rd RowA--I. Woqemer, I, We ner, R. Wiechmon, F. Wlechmcn, I. Werner H. WIECHMAN President Wx new "'I"'ll'm. I. WIIHNLH Treasurer G LIHNST V, Presxdent IW ls! Row-fN. SGVQI, P. Sherry, M Srivrfrl, M Schode, 2nd How'fI, Smecl, M Schlimn, R. Slecker, T. Schllmnp 3rd Rowflii Shu:-Ids, K Schoberl, D. Vollmer, H. Schnexder, H. Schlo- der, I, Sorq. S, BROCK Secretory 62 fxi XJ LASS 1954 si HowfC Frldqfx Y Cnwkvy, S Dxrlsnxorv, ' Arr wifi, I Nmvnwwz 7nd Row M H'NLV'YIINOfh, A Dlppwlfif Pv0l'c'nxwlh V COc'h1n1r1w, 3rd Row 'L An1hony,S Prock, H Br-31ndel,T COIIIIOIS, V Burnie-n,l Conklm st Row M H1414 1, M Hxlmronlmch, G lwniwy, P hstlm, 2nd Row If Inv Ins, C fwIP!'1kif'I'I'l1GI1, M 3nrn1sCh, V Vvlnibcilxwr , Farley 3rd How' IH Dlnsvnrvrf-, I ner, x, , sw, I llfl' 151 How L Lfvrillvw, T fifillwlry A flvrlvrn, H CSTXIUTLIVTDPT, I I'lrvifinrzrxf111, M Hfichvrl, K Gr-rx P Frey, H Gnnn 2nd How I Hmvhn, I' Ifxccy L Gnqn, G GMM, A Hu:a:sfrInmr1, I Gr1of7ry:: k Row P. Nero, G. Smmck, fl Hupprecht, S lter, 2nd Row- C Sczmxck, M Nussbaum Nrxwell, I Prudmhg 3rd Row-T. Pfeufer, Hupprr-Chr, L. Pom, I HILICIIG, Ii Pistner, P xherls, D Pflnqsile-r. FRESHMEN V lst Row-E. Icmes, M HIUIKES, C Haihomf-, A Herbstri1t, F. Hoffman: 2nd How-fI. H6-rbst, D Kraus, D. Kerner, M. Kofler, S. Keller. 3rd Howf R. Kneidel, K Le-cker, M. KI'GHPYlVJ'1TIf'I', P. Kraus, H. Iacob. lstfiow-I.M1ller, S. Krell ner, I. Meyer, I. Lynch. 2nd How-I. Neekuza, I M111er, S. Lyons, H. McAl- lister, 3rd HownL Lyons, I. Nussbaum, H. Molllson, H. McQuone, I. Muhuch, H Nrcklcls L. Lvnze 64 V I ? I A X V3 fx ffl NTP N NX Q55 " F ts N -:,2""" if U . M Mil, X, I :- v 22? X f i -.115 I ,- if ' " L ' .Pl A x kv, 411 1 I 1 32 ' f' 7 Q i ,jggllfa X ill!! X ff 1 w if X 'J' M 'il' I qv' Q E 4 4 H lj! f ' -if l 101' Z F V h w ef sg f A X f' 41 A X 4 y' DX l , QTY K A ll I 'Q X nr 1 inn A X il I7 ff ' J ",:,i'i QW I bifyl , JI U, I Q. y Q I Q .if w Q X 5 .Q G E g SEPTEMBER OPA Vacation over, school beginning . . . f f HE' 1 S -l Best of luck to new members . . . 383 .M oFc!,4 strong . . . Iunior class rings arrive j"' F Eff? . . . Freshmen Initiation . . . Seniors re- +V ' n!'t , g ceive their sweaters . . . take mp oy- S f. f ment test. OCTOBER ui First movie, "Lake Placid Serenade" Y , . . . Underclassmen have pictures taken H . . . Seniors have Back to School dance . . . Enthronement of the Sacred 423 Q Heart . . . Senior panel pictures, watch ,f A D S M the Birdie! FIM ,r,',,:,Q.j y tk ,I K NOVEMBER S QQ A Seniors' fruit cake sale . . . Second yt X if if 1 movie, "Fighting Coast Guard" . . . I g VS First C.S.M.C. meeting. Purity Crusade M1 f I , i S . . . More Pictures taken . . . Sophomore d I I V5 1 ' d Dance . . . Basketball season begins . . . At last! Thanksgiving and ct vaca- tion. P Fi' Us 56 ' I Q ta Z- 34-XLEXVDAQ V I ag SM E' ' 'RX '53 A i C . ago A hx W nl 0 an J :tg x ' 1' Wai I ' I6 it Q5 1-rg X L is 'S' lo G ff-"5 -'JO J: J X 0 o U .4-1257 'WE 1546965 N lx' 'NE-,Q n'o ofllw NX li V .. 4 ,,lI,s'r Kal, Xslffxkg l ut' I DECEMBER I " - First day of hunting season, day off X1 4 , "'-7' ff ' ,rl , 'N K!! F HQ f . . . Another movie, "Rio Grande" . . . 1, X 'Q'- 1 Ml 'X E "' I Q- il .il A -3,5 Sister Agnes finally receives her lbrary f' chairs . . . Christmas play, a success . . . Another vacation. ri.-69" IANUARY Headaches and all, back to school . . . Any resolutions for New Year? . . . Another C,S.M.C. meeting . . . Movie, "Pittsburgh Kid" . . . Rough week, ex- Lt' ams begin . . "Lady Minstrels from K 4- Q""""'o,i' Dixie" in honor of Father Timothy's 7 ' ,I ' ,J V Namesday by the Seniors . . . Beat A Johnstown, the first time in several I ff 5 F if s. if years. FEBRUARY After months of preparation, "The Green Vine' '... Boys scarce now, Sadie Hawkins Dance . . . Movie, "Law of the Timber' '... MEMO has taken shape . . . Father Donald O'Callaghan and the Marian Year . . . 'Cupid Ca- pers" Dance . . . C.S.M.C, Valentine for Heh Mary . . . Gained the "Eastern" Division League title. 4 I f M 6 HEART if 57 . wi b The Annual Iunlor Prom was held in the school crrymrmsium on April 24, lr0m fl-l2 dcflmrlq Illllf' onine wvm was decformlod lll lvluv und wllile WlllffllllllllC?lllf'N1U, 'LA ljllle BM ol l'lCCfVOIl,H cipproprmlof ly Tl1Cl'TlOS lporlcyl Scrlllwmm mud Eileon Olson were clloscvm tluv kmf: and queen of tllo dCITlC,TfFG!1d E'Cl1C'll was prosomlod with 41 null. Nell l?3uCl4ley cmd llis band plcxycd lor ille occcislorl, mmol lilo 'lll9FlIlISiZIOIl cr1lerlC1mmm'1l wma ci dems-fx lf-cm: frOH1 Rldcxwcly, Wl1E!'ll slcmvd Mr' rmd Mrs. Plciub Al 45 Qu X ,gig fi! 4-"JT 7' fe' i - . K' it Nt' 1 if fp' fx Ni ,Ev Ei' Us Q " gt? .fa-' J' A-if aehff' 2 , , ff, 5 Q ,V ' fffhfl : -9 ,rjxf " ff ,. X ,W ff! I A1 .1 ,255 51,93 4 1 -.1 vii- r 4 fi -M N I if , -Q, 4 9 4 F fig Y 1 fr: i'2'.sf 4' " 9 SW' if flif ' lg, l it V if tx , x Q , 1 N ' .Ji I ' 1 1: Q 4 V x A ill C3 ,X Q.. .A :L K, X - I r Q , i 'N is tl ., . . , , i Cn May l6, was held our an- nual May Crowninq, indoors, duo to the incleinency oi the vveaths:-r. The Shrine ol our Lady was beautifully decorated by the luniors, with dogvvood, lilac: and lulitus The May Queen, A Brock, was attended by C Klatrnan and E. Hoehn, Seniors, M. Lauterbach and G Hacherl, Iuniors, G. Bal' lerini and V. Hanes, Sophoniores, and Crown bearer, C. Hoffman, Freshnian. Little S Tahara and K, Hooper were train bearers Alter singing the traditional Mar- ian hymns, the Blessed Virgin was Crowned Queen of May. Father Donald led the Rosary and Litany, and in an appropriate address urged the students to do all things in, by, and throuah Marv 70 NX KX N M X Q 2 as vf' , E Fw' C51 M 'LX Q V "1 , V A Wm fs VA A f""' vx 'X www Q' 2? , Ella, 5 C wfyf 0" sg ff , 1 swf ff- ,LV z .H . Q v 1 ,4 'xg x in M' IN ITI elf E V gl 'xr fv f if NNN ,owfP.C1rosser, E. Krauss,C Ross, C. Hoffman, N. Klatman, I. Lambert, M. Haberberqer, M. llocran C, Straub M Detsch C Carmo ick, I. Schautq 2nd How-A Marconi, H, Zelt, E Kerner, I Cwabler, H, Cochrane, P Schultz, A. Pleuffer, M Disiler P McQuone D Platt D Luhr lanes, N. Sclilodf r, B Nffoyar, If Caralone, 3rd Howfl McAllister, Ci Miller, M. Donahue, S. Smith, N Friz H v rect I Detsci iesner, M Lauterbaclt, B Schaefer, 4th Row-eK. iflenwiclc, I Weis, P Straub, M A fiberl, N Friedl, I Pont er G in I Ca r I r .nita. DR!-XMATICS During this 25th anniversary year of the National Thespian Society of which we form Troupe No. 658, twenty-two Regional Conferences will be held in eighteen different states. Our troupe is making plans to attend the Western Pennsylvania Conference to be held April lO at the State Teachers' College, Indiana, Pa. The climax of the celebration will be the National Conference to be held at the lndiana University, Bloomington, Illinois, the week of Iuncz 21. We plan to send some representatives from our troupe. Witli the election of officers in October, tlie Dramatic Club began its activities for the l953-54 school year. f'So's Your Aunt Anna" and "Platinum Blonde" were presented for the C D. of A. tall meeting. The Christmas play, "The Man Who Found the King", in collaboration with the Glee Club, was staged for the Altar Society and later for the student body. A two-act comedy entitled f'The Lady Minstrels from Dixie", the cast consisting of Senior girls, was presented in honor of Father T1H'1Oll1YlS Feast Day. It proved entertaining and was well received. This was a novel experience for the senior girl members because it was cast, directed and produced by them alone as part of their activities as Thespians. The main event of our Dramatic club for the year was the tliree-act play, 'The Green Vine". lt ran two nights for the public. Many favorable comments were received. 74 MLlTC'L'1I11 Qu11:1111 C?1w1q1- P11'1111d 511111111 Myr11w 1':1'1111d K11111111 111111111-11111111 11111111 131111111 C11111111:11- GvO111'11y f7111111.111 11111111 111w11Jy 131111111 M-1:11111 C,11111cv 11":1 131-g1:111 W 1'1w11" 1 . . Q,11lI11'Y 11111.:1 X11:111111:':111,111 111'.'11 111111111 Actrwzpz 1111111111 N111.v- M1111'11111 1111111 wc 1:x1.x 1:1 111' 1111111111111 .1111v'1,1 f21:11111, 1 Lilllilf W11 1.11Wy111 A M111 11, C 111111, MJ111 N 1-111, M11 131-111111 11111 , 1f Z1111:1:111111u111 V11 1111'y "THE GREEN VINE " Q 3 a . A ' 4 N Q 1 1 W 1 1 11 111 315111111 3 fw 1 1 1711 111111111 1" C1 C1r111cy 11,1 111111.11 31111111 1111 11:11f2:, 11 ' 1 -rv ,-H Q ai "The Mun Who Found ihe King ffimrlestmzis Tfilwlf-G11 ivy 'rv 'lim Hui I5rm:1f1Iw hi "Lady Minstrels from Dixie" Domilmf I f':1Y7, N i'x'1'1' M l,iutm'rvm'lm V lvxxir ii' G Mill'-r, M A Irwrl "Ink Blotters" M fW1ns:tzrw T Mc'All1:s'sfr, N P'r1f'fi', M 4 m x 'iLcxdy Minstrels from Dixie" mute-1'linCh,I Wwkzrwr, Ni A HH-r3,l Vuritzx M 1 rx 55 rf V ,iff ff' X s MENHD The Seniors spent many happy hours on this 25th Volume ot the Annual, most ol the work being done after school and Saturdays, trorn October to March. Standing: Sr. Benedictg Charles Chase, Ioanne Weis-Assistant lidltorsg JoAnn Gahr, Franklin Luh: Associate Editorsg Iohn Straub-Managing Editorg Richard Wolte-Editor-in-Chielg Iohn Gahr --Suorts Editor: Kenneth Gerg-Art Editor, Seated: Mary Lauterbach, Maureen Clancy-Picture Editors, gath ertne C1ahnfManaging Editorg Roberta Rupprecht, Mary Hanes-ATyp1na Eaitorsg lane WeisnorfSporl:, llditor, Grace Hacherl-Art Fditor IDES The School Paper is published monthly by the students under the direction ot Sr. M Anita, OSB. The IDES is issued on the l3th or l5th of the month, hence the name. B. Doinisch, W. Krellner, K. GergfArtistsy A. Kuntz-Editor-in-Chietg L. A. SherryvAss1stant liditor, I Flennngfproduction Editorg H. Rupprecht-Typistg F. Luhr, I Herzing-Mimeo raph Printersg A Kroncn Wetifff. l- FFIIZ, L Olson-Reporters, M. Planes-Typist, l Weiswlieporter W1esnerfSocial llditor l. Rupprecht--Reporter 77 CLOTHING Lnft to rlqht Frontf M Bemqm, C Schllmm, M Nwsssvl, C, Corxno, C. Sterbcnk, P Hy un, N GlO1XHCV', C Ross Bczcf-fSr Ber nmndmc, Infitructor, M I. Henry, P Straub M Lmxiorbfucim, I Henry, F. Vclontmc, S Smnh, M Clancy, P, Hlqord, G. Hucherl G Mlllm, M. Grafsscr. mv'- FOODS M. Bemqnl, G Mmllcr, M. Louterbach P. Straub, M. Clancy, F, Vo1on11ne, Mrs H xlclry Wlltrnon, Instructor, S. Smith, I Heury, M NISSE1, P Hlqcrd, C. Schlimm P Hyun, F. Wlttmon. BIOLOGY irstllow- N Gln-uxnor, N. Sherry 1 Sohnr, B. Konnord, D Sherry , Gvossvr, Second Row M I Ivory, C. Storbunk, G Sunuck, T ontzvr, D Fulton, G Wolf, Sr lenevlevc, Third Row f C. Ross 1. Gmsser, H Hcxberberqor, A lofimun, D Muqrstrellr, E Krauss, T Hoffmcm, Fourth Row-C Com o, P Stczuifwr, S He-rbslrlti, D rnrllr, I Schuut, T Connors, G obcxtson Connie Brrdqe Miss Fritz Nurse First How-G Hacherl, C, Gahn M. A. Eberl, G Miller, Sr. lfvanqel ist, l. Frey, Second ROWAM Clan ry, W Kinney, M I Sora The Spanish Club was organized this year by the second year Spanish students. lt consists ol 9 piipilfs, 8 girls and l boy under the direction of Sr, Evangelist. The Club in held weekly, and at this lime we :sing Spanish Songs and Canvcrsse in Spaniflli OC ionally we have a social. CFI' RELIGION CL Sr Paul ASS inc- ani ' L freshmen liel Class 80 Knorr MARYS CHOIR D Uljon, ST. rs! HowfN Klatman, . . Hanes, orcranist, Mr I Bauer, Buchhext, Il. Hupprecht, M, Euch- iller, N, Glfhixner, S Stauiferg Sec- xd How--If Cassxdy, G. Erxch, M rhade, C. Straub, M. Enael, T. xmxck, M. I. Henry: Third How- Pfeufer, P. Siraub, N Schloder L, Straub, B. Schaf-Hof, P, Frey SACRED HEART R CHOI Firsl Row--C, Haihorn, I Terry, M. Dlstler, A, Herbstritt, I, Hlqard, I. Pistner, I, Garbic, I. Lambert, C.HoHman, M,Fehrenbach, I.Smealg Second Row-A. Spencr-, G. Smxth, E. Kerner, L. Lynch, G. Newell, S Dmsmore, F Fritz, K. Gera, V Feldbauer, G, Fahey, Third Row- B, Lyons, C. Leuschel, D. Hyden V. Gvrber, li, Krauss, D Schlimm. P, Ryan, Pfail, M. K. Rogan, M. tsch, GLEE CLUB First Rowffl Gcihr, F. Valentine, zer, I. Henry, l. Fritz, I. De M Clancy, C Miniclw, C. Gcahn, M. A. Kunlz, I Wiesner, M, A Eberl, Donahue, K lienwick, l. Wvis, H S. Smilhg Third Rowfl, Fleming, Hupprefcht, P Straub, C Sclilimn, M. Lcxuterbuch, G. Miller. I. Sclineid-Qr, Second Rowfl Poni- 'li H. Keller, A. t- First Row-V. Harper, Y. Deluullo, B. Meyer, I. Ffric , F Olson, N Schlode1r,A Kroneu' Pfeufer, M. L Straub, M. Frih, weimr, S Fox, P. Schulz R Hur' R. A. Zell, M. Dxsller, Sister Mary lg Second Rowfll. Coclircfnc, Edward, Direclress. 82 rrech The ll1Illl7lI Roliqiori Cldiaaseis, iiiidei' the direction ct Sister M. liiioldu, O SB.. tur cm: oi their piwificgt. iiiodff cold roscirieis which they sent to the missions, First Row-A Kronenwetter, V. Hanes, M. Distler, Y. DeLuiio, H. Hupprecht, P. Schultz, I. Cvcibler, S Fritz, M Gnon, H Koi ner, S Fox Second HowfSister M. Imelda OSB, If Frey, H A Zelt, A llottrncm, L Iicxcherl, H. Kfillrfr, K Frey, I, A Slwrfy, P Greixory, I. Lynch, A Pteuier, ll Iofsephson, Third Row--I1 Olson, t-fl L Straub, N Schloder, M I"rit.f, I Siiiihrwck, A. Hass-elmon, If Cochrcne, H. Fehrenbcich, I. Brock, W A. Bduei, L. Lenze Fourth How -G. Cvreqory, H Kernvr, 'I' Cwertg, I. Bonninqvr, B Dornisch, T Schneider N Hupprecht I Olson, F' Cwerq, G Hrs-indel MISSICDN CLUBS C.S.M.C. OFFICERS F GLHG Ticfisiirer It ltllI'PlilICl'IT Pmisirlent I GAHH Vice-President A HLAHY Secretary V I The first meeting ot the C.S.M.C. was held in October with the dedication to the Sacred Heart. Since, this is the Mdridn Year dll the meetings were based on the theme of our Blessed Mother, with the Purity Crusade lor Mdry iinmoculote in November cmd the pledge tc the Blessed Virgin in Icinudry. 83 ti' iff -M . ,,..A, -- ..,A wax -1 l I I 2.,...e....,..,. Y . . a V N .Qtw i, MQEM I I ,, I 9 I t.'t'f- if .' qsiw+ii Magee I I V ,,4,..ttI It I 'Wlinu:fr...'mzfinms, 'qmunntn it I I in ,f i it Miele! . f . it V ' 1 t 31 iw If ' U X 1 A 1 4 .., R ...H --fffl-fret Q! A .Qffitftrt 3 :f n It H F E U .,--,--- . Nm, I I """"'-u.. .. g w- - . on Hlutvf fi -Z. lg' XX GERMAN sw CLUB The German Club was or- ganized in September and al- though it is not very large, it has been very active. The club this year is a foundation for the future and we hope it will be bigger and better year by year. With this idea in mind, everything was carried out to arouse the interest of students who are not members, as well as to increase our own appreciation of the German language. At our Club meetings we engaged in a variety of activities including a display German Display- P. McOuone of German articles, learning of Christmas songs, which E' Kemer M' Frm were presented over the radio, and a German Social First Row-A. Hoffman, M. Fritz, I. Bridge, Second Rowfl, Largey, H. Keller, B. Meyer, I. Feldbauer, Sr, Rosep Third Rowfp. Mc Quone, lf Cochrane, M, Gnan, A. Heary, V. Hanesp Fourth Row--I. Davis, C. Wycoff, 1. Benninger, N. ltupprecht, G. Smith Fifth How-WH A. Zelt, H Auman, W Kaiser, I. Gabler, V, Harper, W. Krellner, D. Struble, E Frey, W Cuneo, E Kerner 84 .fe q av 'lb . .fit X f is fs 1 ,S 'V mq5.-- .,, 3 5't"fWs.,? '-. -S?,!!1?'l- -'Wi-ff..7 I RELIGICDN CLASSES Fira! Row -f-' L IIIHIIHQUI, Second How --I I'IG1UlCIC, W. Lion,I Strublv, I Knffidel, Third RowfA Poor, D Forster, II D1ppoIfI, SIIGLII1, SI' BemC1deITe,Fourth Row--I, Gchr, I. Fwy, T. Hc1IG1ko, I. Schnemderg Fifih Row-G Gfmnfhr, W. Hmer, H Wolf, I' Hcrmnn, I' Schlxmm: Sixth Row-K Ge-rg, I. Mlllor, I. Frxtz, M A, Eborl, I. McAllister, C. Chose, D. Busch I I L- . X, . X f xv, .X . Iv I ' .ff I II .K g .-' , .N ff I ff , ,, XI I I K ' III II I I II II fx I 1 ' IPI gn' f I I 14 lu ln, .. .1 JI- I ,X w' III Q, II. . I i X I I I I I ,IIII ," I. is III I III -J If ..M"""' . ,ff .K V ff Left lo High!-Sr GemIdInfJ, T Connms, II, Cotcxlone, I Cuneo, T.Fcrrlr1y, P Brxurlr D Brannon I 85 X ELECTRIC v I'u1Crwm,y0, T Schlrmm, H Scxmxck, If xnlvn-vxvml, W I'1w?v' H SFIIIIITIITI, I7 mlm: METAL ffm, . v 1, Mn Ilrniqw, I, Cifmn, Il, KIIIIIIIKIT, N1l:::1InIl1IN ' zu a N I I4 fI, II N115 5-14-CIII, f frxklm, Is km-ldv U V' I, I, Imil, I fmflfyq-1, I "I- I II, 1, W IMAIIIQ-rm YG SHCDPS WOOD Mr MGrt1n,D P Im'1stIer, I"I FIICII A Hczsselmcm, I' fichcxefor, qw-4 iii w- 9' . Dinsmore, T, PI+-uh-r, H Puwtnffr, H, I.r1:' GEOMETRY . J Rene Q. 1 CHEMISTRY 87 Fr. Brinstan and hls Sol1cl Geometry Class First Row'-VV Bauer, I lrock, S, l" Teresmlu, El, Olson, M lla-rlussl, N 5 ll der, M. Kochg Back Row---G G1 1 y R Fehrenboch, F Gorql Olson, li D nisch, D. Farrell, H Ke-mv-1 L L F Wlllmmfz LIBRARY Front Row-F. Luhr, W. Fritz, G. Cveitner, M. Donahue, I. Wiesner, I. Weis, Back Row-D. Busch, T, Somick, W. Krellner, Sr. Agnes, I Frey, M. A Eberl, A. Kuntz. E C C NC M I C GEOGRAPHY Firsi HowfS. Brock, L, Forster, P. Kraus, Second Row--M Cochrane, H. Greenthcmer, H. Icxcoby Third ROWJI Herbst, A. Gerber, E. Iames, I. Coskeyg Fourth HoWfI. Bobenreith, G. McCIum, S. Keller, P. Frcy- Fifkh How--M, Dxppold, M. I, Himes, F. HJHmcm, M Kronenwe'1er Sixth How4D Kerner, I. Flecldormcm, M Hucherl. R8 ,pan .fun 1? A,-A 46 A 'X HONOR ROLL V FIRST SEMESTER Scholastic Average 9002 Department 90 0' r V First Row-M, Benxgni, I. Frey, I, Fritz, C. Gahn, G Hacherl, I. Hearyg Second Row-M. Lauterbach, I. Pontzer, R. Rupprecht, D. Ryden, C.Schlimm, S.Smith, Third Row-F. Valentme, E. Frey, A.Heary, A Pfeufer, N Schloder, M. L. Straub, Fourth Row A B. Dornisch, R, Fehrenbach, H. Fledder man, K. Frey, V. Harper, H Keller, Fifth Row-I. Lynch, P, Schutz, W. A. Bauer, M Fritz, L. Hacherl, E. Kernerp Sixth Row-A. Kronenwetter, L. Lenze, Y. De-Lullo, P, Mc- Quone, E Olson, R. Rup- precht, Seventh Row - W Clancy, M. Erchmxller, N Klatman, H. Schlimm, G. Er- ich, C, Hcitmcn, Eighth Row-I. Lambert, I. Prstnor, I. Rigard, G. Wolf, G Ernst, G. Fahey, Ninth Row - I. Garbic, A. Herbstritt, L Lynch, R. Mallrson, I. Meyer, M. Nussbaum, II. Rupprecht HIGHEST I-IQNOR STUDENTS 'J 13.5 ww 4 i 3 3 Tolknn Gahr, Tenet He-ary Solutatoricm Vcxledictoricm 90 ,J fx ATHL X g X X VARSITY lst Row-M Ryan, I. Kneidel, A. Poor, A, Brody, R, Reuscher, Znd Row-A, He-cry, F. Gerg, I. Olson, R. Stebiclc, V. Lenzc, P. Bauer, 3rd Row--fMr. Goetz, Couch, L. Lenze, P. Farrell, Mcrnoger, Fr. Donald, Athletic Director, CRUSADERS 1953-54 IUNIOR VARSITY lst Row'--R. Nicklos, P, Stcruf- fer, L, Meyer, R. Fehrenbcrch S. Brock, I. Lynchg 2nd Row-W L, Lenze, R. Rupprecht, T. Con- ners, R. Straub, L. Poor, W Cloncy, L. Lyons, 3rd Row - Mr. Martin, Assistant Coach, I. Werner, I. Gump, I. Steele. 92 'Wiki 8. 'N 3 9 2 A. Brody, R. RO1l'SChCF .X Q E . s i f I S N X.. 1 .xx K Abovei I. Kne-ide-1, A. Paar, A Henry, X xxwb - W Below. M. Ryan, G Brimer, I Bzock S . . N R S., x 3 3 X S. XX Y X Ft., ' E A .. - ix ,X Q i CRUSADERS 1953-54 The mighty Crusaders, under the direction of Coach lim Goetz, came through with an impressive record of 16 Wins and 3 losses in scholastic competition. 'lErie Diocesan Eastern Division Champs" is a title well deserved as the Goetzmen lost nary a game in league competition. Central outscored its opponents 1195 to 868 for an aver- age of 62.9 per game to that of 45.7 for the opponents. On Ianuary 31 Central for the first time in five years defeated lohnstown 53-42. Con- gratulations, Crusaders! The Crusaders won all games played on their home court. One loss was credited to a Class A team-Iohnstown 51-39. Central lost "heartbreakers" to two Class B teams-Oil City, 57-56 and Dubois St. Catherines, 54-49. Central won the Title of the Eastern Division of the league with the defeat of Bradford on February 21. On March 9, the Crusaders met the Winner of the Western Division, Oil City, in the first of a three series play-off to determine the Champions of the Erie Diocese, and defeated them 61 to 60 in a very exciting game. Three days later Oil City Was again de- feated by the Centralites 68 to 61, which gave the latter the Title of the Champions in the Erie Diocese. In the State quarter-finals on March 18, Central met Uniontown, the winner of the Greensburg Diocese and defeated them 61 to 46 to advance to the semi-finals Where they competed with St. Michae1's of Pittsburgh March 23. The Crusaders were outscored 81 to 67. The Crusaders Wish to extend their heartfelt thanks to Rev. Father Donald, Athletic Di- rectory Head coach, lim Goetz, Assistant Coach, Ramon Martinp the referees, cheerleaders, managers and their many fans who helped in any way to make the season one of which they can be proud of having been a part. SCHEDULE Nov. Central ..... ........ 5 8 Alumni ...... .... 5 5 Dec. Central .... .......... 6 9 Clearfield .... .... 3 9 Central. . . . ..... Lost 39 Iohnstown . . . . . . . 51 Central ..... ..... L ost 56 Oil City ....... ..., 5 7 Central. . . . ........ 74 Punxsutawney . . . . . . . 56 Central ..... ...... 5 8 Dubois ..... . . .... 48 Ian. Central ..... ....., 6 7 Titusville .... .... 2 4 Central ..... ...... 6 5 Ridgway ..... .... 3 9 Central ..... ...,.. 6 6 Clearfield .... .... 3 6 Central ..... ...... 6 7 Renova .... ..., 4 U Central ..... ...... 5 2 Bradford . . . . . . . 51 Central ..... .,.... 6 7 Renova ...... ..,. 4 5 Central ..... ...... 5 3 Iohnstown ,.... .... 4 2 Feb Central ..... .......... 6 6 Punxsutawney . . . . . . . 43 Central ..... ..... L ost 49 Dubois ......... .... 5 4 Central ..... ........ 7 8 Ridgway ..... .... 5 4 Central ..... ...... 6 4 Bradford . . . . . . . 48 Central ..... ...... 8 7 Titusville . . . . 35 Central ..... ...... 6 0 Oil City .... .... 5 l 94 Iohn Gahr VARSITY I M LKTIITCFLFKICM, E L CHEERLEADERS Bullorxm, 3 S, Fox, 4 N KlQlu1ur1,5 M Gunn C M Ecnigni, 7 G HCICIICY1 IUNIOR VARSITY Front H Keller, V, Homes, C. Hoffmcmg Bqck fD.Luhr, D,U1john. 2 313 K' 95 Q -.Es 5 Q' S. l I-,L 1 ! Q g, A x YS' ' My 'Nm VOLLEYBALL TEAMS BASHFUL First Row--M. Schlimm, C, Fleddermon, M. Lauterborch, P. Straub, E Iomes G Newell Second Row L. Dinsmore, S Dinsmore, I Hoberberger, P. Schulz. I fYC'?5f'1fi'.QM:ff DOC First Row----A. Spence, I. Gcxrbic, I Wiesner, I. Weis. N Klcxlmcm, V. Feldbrixuer. Second Row- A. Heuscher, I. Gc1bler, I. Rigord, T. Schlimm, I. Bridge. 97 VOLLEYBALL DOPEY First Row L fjl.5OTl, I Frey, I, Gruhr, V. Eckert. Second Row---S. Lyons, I. Ponizer, G. Stauffer. il if " 1 L GRUMPY First Row H Schlirwn, T Somick, M, L Pfoufer, I, Lambert. Second Row -I. Pislrlcr, F. Frey, M Uornimclm, M Schcido, C Wykoff, 98 VOLLEYBALL HAPPY First Row' I,Stee1e, K Renwrck, K. Gaim, C. Kopp Second Row' F. Hoffman, G IVZVICPI, B Skok, F. Fritz, M. Cochrane. S L5 EF V SLEEPY First Row -G, Smith, M. VVei::, M D11"lSIT1Ol'S, N. Fricdl, I, Miller, C, Storbflrxk. Second Row M Strfmh M. Fehrvnbcxch, I5 Luhr, V Gerber, P. MCQuOr1e. 99 VOLLEYBALL SMILEY First Row V Hanes, M Clancy, M Hanes, P Nero. Second Rowe M Rogan, A. Pfeufer, E. Krauss C, Hoffman, L Farley. SNEEZY First Row C Ross, I. Herbst, C. Minich, F. Valentine, I. Smeal, l. Large-y. Second Row -f-'- H. McAlli: ter, M Detszch, A. Hanselman, F. Cochrane. 100 VOLLEYBALL The 1953-54 volleyball season will now go down in history as a year of many memories. The first half of our volleyball schedule was conducted differently this year. It was a challenge between winner and winner until one team re- mained undefeated, while the loser fought its foe for top rank in the loser's field. The first half ended with "Doc" the winner of the winners and "Sleepy" the winner of the losers. This resulted in play-offs to decide first-half champs. A three-game series was played and "Doc" became the champs. This year the Senior co5captains picked the "Seven Dwarfs" and "Smiley" Carol Minich as names for their memorable volleyball teams-they are as follows: Bashful Mary Lauterbach Patty Straub Doc Ioanne Weis Iane Wiesner Dopey IoAnn Gahr Irene Frey Happy Kathleen Renwick Katie Gahn Grumpy Mary Lee Pfeufer Theresa Samick Sleepy Norma Friedl Smiley Sneezie Monica Dinsmore Mary Hanes Maureen Clancy Faith Valentine The Senior co-captains and the volleyball players will never forget the guidance and effort Father Donald has given to make our volleyball games successful. Thanks so much, Father, we'1l recommend you as referee anytime. I. Wiesner. 101 WMWQm,t,,,.mgQfsrg. N, .r X .QM . Nsswpgsgggqgx-wbzil N. X 75gL?xmgqw,,E'wg, X A-N-,u'A33"'N QWNKN Q -meinxs S" Wafi'ikffs2f:f1si'w2szif+Q '-Qgpfv-ffsmw K 'Sw-W f ,,,,Wxx.-is Aefwfw-X Q, ,, : Q '91 mn QW J , WWW, Q V+. X 'ow f X K :'A K: ,WS my ' UW .ff T Qrazylw w Q A W A A U , X MQ? .. , zsfsggggnig . be 2- High :wax m . ,,,.w E Q mfxmwgifi . 1 Y R as .v 5' 'wugggsggggggygaff - sw W X X J' V 3, 1 Q DN 1 Q1 , W W- 1 X W -...... 'Ti ""'-'-..'L'."..," ,NWN v Q :KM 5, Sw E59 512159. ,QIQIQL 'Winer N., S+, Sl- Dedicated to you, Mary Immacu- late, our Mother, Central closes another year, sending us forth to carry you into the world. Continue to guide us and guard Central! I I f I l I N I ll! x5X ffjf xx N X. S. -Q T f 1 f r Z v N '2 W X N 6. Q in J r -X! Zaadneee 774mm 'SBIG A Al1en's Sportsmen's Shop Armour Leather Co. Arnold, Clarence I. Auman, Ienny Auto, G. ci H. Body Shop Ayrshire Dairy B Barney's Bastian Bros. Co. Bayer's Furniture Co. B. ci R. Electric Co. Bear Paw Cabin Bebble, Bill Beaver Meadow Bakery, Inc. Beimel's Barber Shop Berman's Bob's Army :St Navy Store Bob's Diner Boscol Tool and Manufacturing Co B. P. O. Elks St. Marys Lodge 347 Brown's Boot Shop Brunner's Tire Service Bucktail Archers Association Builders G Mfg. Supply Co. 104 it Burke Bros, Buttery Cleaners C Carino's Men Shop Catholic Knights of St.George, Branch 121 'Celin's Shoe Service Central Drug Store Central Restaurant 'Cheatle-Schlimm lnsurance Agency City Market City Transfer Co. Consolidated News Agency Corner Restaurant 'Corbett Cabinet Co. Cotter's Garage t'Crystal Beverage D Daily Press Dauers Sport Store DeLullo's Shoe Store Detsch Bus Lines Detschs Garage Distinguished lntoriors DoNut Shop E Eagen Hardware Eckerts Ben-Hur Food Plan Eckert's Sunoco Service Elk Building Materials, Inc. fffiilli 105 Elk Casino Elk Co. Dairy Elk Co. Specialty Elk Engineering Works Elk Motor Sales Co. Enterprise Printing House Erich Bros. Erich, I. W. Trucking Co. Erich Motors F Fairview Drive-ln Theatre Fedcler's Iewelry Store Firestone Fisher's Grocery Fleming, Chuck Ford's Temple Service Franklin Hotel Frick Plumbing and Heating Friedl's Tavern Friendly Cab Co. Fulton of King Chevrolet, Inc. G Garner, Paul A. Gamers Plumbing Shop Gerber, Floyd A. Gerg Music Store Geyer, Louis A., Compliments ol Glasser's Glover, H. H., D.D.S. Gorman's Dairy Store arffybzu 106 Grand Market Gregory, C. Store Gross, Iack Grotzinger Studio H Hacher1's Turkey Farm Handy Market Harris Theatre "Harvey, Chas. P.-Distributor Hauber Insurance Agency "Herbstritt, Harold Herzing, Helen, Beauty Shop Herzing, Philip C. "Higgins, I. P., D.D.S. ""'Hoehn, Genevieve R. Home Furniture Co. Hoy's Radio Service I 'Industrial Finance Co. 'Int'1 Powder Metallurgy, Inc. I Iacob Furniture Store Iacob, Leona Iohnny's Barber Shop ""Iournal Press "Kanter's Inc. 'Kautman's Auto Parts 'Keller 5: Woliel, Dist. ""'Keystone Carbon Co. 1810 -H315 nmszg 107 'SIU 'Keystone Motors, Inc. Kicldies Specialty Shop Kilmer, I. R., Wholesale Klancer's Lunch 6. Grocery Knights of Columbus Columbian Club Knights of St. George Auxiliary Kronenwetter, Pauline Beauty Shop Kronenwetter's Dress Shop Kronenwetter's Music :Sf Furniture Store L . Lang Motor Sales Lawrence Restaurant Leithner Auto Service Leona Mertz Beauty Shopi Lesser :Sf Lesser Leuschel's Market 'Local 502 1. U. E.-c. 1. o. ' Lower Furniture Co. Luhr's Flower Shop Lunger's Groceries Lynch, Iohn Funeral Home Lynch, Ioseph W. Funeral Home 'Lyn-Clare Flower Shop ' M Mabel's Beauty Shoppe Malone, I. I. Malone's, G. E., Appliance Store Market Basket Markley's Theresa, Beauty Shop Marsh, A. F. Mary Kay Dress Shoppe McAllister, I. W., Roofing 108 Miller, Charles F. Miller's Hardware 'Modern Dairy Moon Wink Inn Moose, Loyal Order of "Morse Engraving Co. 'Mullendean Hotel Murone's Music :Sf TV Store Murphy, G. C., Co. N Nachtway, F. Wall Paper G Paint Store """National Molded Products, Inc. Neubert Market New Shawmut Mining Co. Norm's Auto Shop P Parkway Supermarket Parson's Market 'Peacock Coffee Shop ' ' P. 5 E. Equipment.Co.'-- Pfaff Supermarket Pistner Bros., Inc., , , 1' Pistner Service Station Pontzer, A. I., D.D.S. ""'Powder Metal Products Protective Fraternal League ""Pure Carbon Co., Inc. Q 'Quality Components, Inc. R Red CS White Ritter, Mrs. Fred Rol1ick's SIO "SIS 'M820 109 S """St. Marys Carbon Co. St. Marys Concrete Products St. Marys Dairy St. Marys Drug Store St. Marys Floor 6: Wall Covering Co. St. Marys Gift G Art Store ""'St. Marys Insurance Agency, Inc. ""St. Marys Mutual Fire Ins. Co. St. Marys Savings ci Loan Association St. Marys Sportsman Club St. Marys Superette 'SL Marys Transfer St. Marys Television St. Marys Vulcanizing St. Marys Wood Specialty """"St. Marys Youth Center Sam's Sammy's Shoe Store Schlimm's Market Schloder's Garage Schwabenbauer's Farms Scutella's Seele, A. F., Machine Shop 'Shaffer Ice Cream Co. Sherry, V. I. Smith Bros. Smith's Sport Store Sorg, Herbert """Speer Carbon Co. Spence, H. W. """'Stackpo1e Carbon Co. itiszo itkkszs iirtitsso 110 'S10 'Standard Pennant Co. Stone Haven Stormer, I. W., Compliments of Straub, A. I., Compliments of 'Straub Brewery 'Sylvania T Thompson 6: Montgomery Towne, The House Trail Inn Trgovac Tavern Twin Springs U Union Barbers W Weis Plumbing Western Auto Association Store Wiesner, Geo. E. :Sf Sons Wilson Bakery Wittman's Cleaners 'WKBI Wolf Beverage Y Yetzer, Carl H. 6: Son Young Service Station Youth Canteen Youth Center Dress Shop 111 'yuendlq panama A Altar Society Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Anderson Iames I. Anderson, Mrs. Marie Anderson, Mona Anderson, Patty Anderson, Shirley Andres, Mrs. Roger Andrew Kaul Memorial Hospital Aquinas, O.S.B., Rev. Father Arnold, Mr. cmd Mrs. George C. Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Arnold Arnold Arnold Arnold , Toe , Mrs. Mary , Mr. and Mrs. Norbert , Phyllis Auman, Mary B Ballerini, Gloria Bauen Bauen Bauen Bauen Bauen Bauen Bauen Bauen Bernard Bill Grace "Big lake" Mary Grace Mike, Ir., Paul Wanda Lee Bebble, Ed. Beimel, Mr. and Mrs. "Hackey" Benigni, Kathleen Benasutti, Edith Bille, Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Bleggi, Mrs. Lena Blessed Virgin Sodality Bosnik, Edward Bosnik, Miss Grace Brady, Mr. Richard Brennen, Bud Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. Brinstan, O.S.B., Rev. Father Brock, Stanley I. Brody, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Buchheit, Alois Buchheit, Mrs. Charles Buchheit, Henry Buchheit, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Buchheit, Sophia Burtield, David L. and Daniel B. Busch, Elmer Busch, Sara Butz, Bessie C Caimi, Mrs. Iohn Carino, Cecilia Caskey, Isabel C. D. of A. Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Chase, Milton Chase, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Cheatle, Fred C. H. S. Alumni C. H. S. Crusaders Clancy, Mary Clancy, Mr. and Mrs. William Class of 1910 C. M. F. Cook, Peggy Coyle, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Coyle, Iohn F. Crosby, Earl S. Crowe, Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Y. M. A. and Boosters D Daniel, Cap Daniel, Glenn Davis, Iohn Decker, Ruth DeHaas, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Detsch, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Detsch, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Detsch, Mr. and Mrs. Iohn C. Detsch, Mary Dinsmore, Sandra Dinsmore, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Dippold, Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Distler, Mary . . Donahey, Dlane Donahey, Ellen Donahue, Iames Donahue, Mr. and Mrs. Ioe Donald, O.S.B., Rev. Father Dornisch, Paul Downing, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Downey, Tim Dramatic Club of C. H. S. E Eberl, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Eckel, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas and daughter Eckert, Mr. and Mrs. George Eckert, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Eckert, Ioan Ehrensberger, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Ehrensberger, Paul Erich, Grace F Farley, Tom Fehrenbach, Bob Feidler, Pfc. Clarence Feile, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph R. Feldbauer, Mr. and Mrs. Lavern Fellows, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Fledderman, Carol Fledderman, Miss Frances Fleishman, Mrs. Gertrude Fleming, Donald R. Fleming, Gary Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. F odge, Mr. and Mrs. Ierome Forster, Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Fox, Sally Frey, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Frey, Martha Frey, Rita Friedl, Celesta Friedl, Mrs. Walter Friends Haberberger, Mrs. Lavern Hacherl, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hacherl, Richard Haggerty, Mr. Cletus F. Halaiko, Marcy Halaiko, Marty Halaiko, Stephanie Halaiko, Toni Hanes, Katherine Haney, Annie Hannibal, Bruce Hansen, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Harper, Virginia Hasselman, Clare Horvatin, Barbara Hawthorne, Sally Heary, Art Fritz, Mrs. Anne C. Fritz, Anthony Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fritz, Clifford Fritz, Floren e Fritz, Mr. ang Mrs. Herman Fritz, Miss Ioyce A. Fritz, Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. Iames L. Rosemary Fritz, Mr. and Mrs. William A. Fritz, William G. Fritz, Ulmar G Gahn, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gahn, Mrs. George Gahn, Marian Gahr, Donna Gahr, Mrs. Margaret Gahr, Mr. and Mrs. Iames Garlier, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Geitner, Mr. and Mrs. H. Geitner, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gerber, Dennis Gerg, Gerg, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Sally Heary, Mrs. E. I. Heary, Mary Io Heary, Robert R. Heindl, lohn G. Hepner, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Herbst, Marie Herbstritt, Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Herzing, Herzing Mrs. Barbara Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Herzingl Mr. and Mrs. Iohn A. C. Herzing, Mr. Gilbert Herzing, Iean Herzing, Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Herzing, Mr. and Mrs. Urban Herzing, Hilda Mr. Wilfred Hildebrand, Mr. and Mrs. William Hoffman, Miss Alberta Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Benedict H Hoffman, Carol Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hoffman, Norbert I Hoffman, Patty Holtzhauser, Pauline Gerg, Thomas Giles, O.S.B., Rev. Father Gleixner, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Goetz, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goetz, Mary Katherine Goetz, Rupert Family Gosser, Hank Grasser, Miss Mary ' Greenthaner, Arlene Gregory, O.S.B., Rev. Father Grieggs, Rose Grieggs, Thomas Grosser, Mrs. Elmer H Haberberger, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Haberberger, Mr. and Mrs. Ierome Horvatin, Barbara I Iacob, Mr. and Mrs. Iim Iames, O.S.B., Rev. Father Ieter, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Iohnson, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Iosephson, Mrs. William Iudy G Iim I. V. Cheerleaders I. V's K Keating, Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Keller, Helen Kelly, I. R. Kerner, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph 113 Leuschel, Patty Kestler, Theresa Kinney, F. E. Klatman, Carol Klatman, Nancy Kneidel, Ann Kneidel, Mr. and Mrs. Kneidel, Mrs. Ralph Kraft, Mr. Edward Kraft, Mrs. Mary Krauss, Ellen Krellner, Ieanne Kronenwetter, Iames Gilbert Kronenwetter, Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Kronenwetter, Mickey Kronenwetter, Mr. and Mrs. Tony' L Lambert, Iane Lang, Betty Lanzel, Dorothy Lanzel, Ralph G. Lanzel, Mr. and Mrs. Ierome Lauterbach, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Leithner, Donnie Leuschel, Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Leuschel, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lindenmuth, Kenny Luhr, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Luhr, Henrietta Luhr, Kathy and Mary Linda Lyons, Larry Lyons, Susan M Magistrelli, Alice Malee Danne and Colleen 1 Y McAllister, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. McKinney, C. M. McMurray, Mr. and Mrs. Iames H. McQuone, Patty Meier, Donald Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer, Barbara Meyer, Mrs. Hilary Michael, Mr. and Mrs. Georg Miller, Howard Minich, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Minnick, Dottie Mohr, Ioseph Family Mosemiller, Irene Mosier, Mrs. Clare Muchie and Humpy Mulcahy, Mrs. E. I. Murray, Helene N Nasoni, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Nekuza, Mr. and Mrs. Frank New Parish CEmporiumJ H4 Nicklas, Rennie Nissel Nissel Nolan, Olson Olson Paar, Paar, Paar, Paar, Platt, , Ioseph , Mr. and Mrs. Val Valery O , Mrs. Donald , Eileen P Miss Doris Mr. and Mrs. I. R. Leonard Miss Patricia Ioan Diane Pfeuter, Alice Pfeufer, Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Pfeuter, Iohnny and Marie Pollick, Martha Pontzer, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pontzer, Mr. and Mrs. Herman fKerseyD Pontzer, Iudy ,. Pontzer, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pontzer, Stephen Prechtel, Dolores Q Quatroche, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph R Renwick, Mrs. Aurelia Renwick, Helen Renwick, Ioanne Renwick, Marge Rettger, Theresia Rettger, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Reuscher, Catherine Reuscher Family Reuscher, Mary Riddle, Dorothy Riddle, Lois Ritter, Mrs. A. C. Ritter, William Robacker, Mr. and Mrs. Rogan, Penny Rollick, Ambrose Ross, Carolyn Rupprecht, Rupprecht, Rupprecht, Rupprecht, Rupprecht, Ryan, Bob, Ioan Iohn Kay Francis Mr. and Mrs. Ray Mr. and Mrs. Steve Ir. Ryan, Mary Margaret Ryan, Mrs. R. C. Ryden, Mr. and Mrs. William S St. Anne Society St. Marys Sodality Samick, Agnes Samick, Dorothy Samick, Mrs. George Samick, Marlene Samick, Mlss Mary Samick, Maurice Samick, Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph Sr. Samick, William I. Schatz, Pete Schaut, Al Schaut, Mary Ann Schaut, Mr. and Mrs. Romayne Schlim George mf Schlimm, Greg Schlimm, Harrison C. Schlimm, Iames P. Schlimm, Iohn A. Schlimm, Margaret Schlimm, Mrs. Mary Schlimm Mary Grace Schlimm, Patricia D. Schlimm, Paul Schlimm, Robert T. Schlimm, Ruth E. Schlimm, Theresa B. Schlimm, Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Schloder, Dorothy Schloder, Mr. and Mrs. Iames Schneider, Alice Straub, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert I. Straub, Mrs. Ioseph Straub, Mary Lee Straubs, The Peter P. Struble, Mr. and Mrs. Iames Struble, Mr. and Mrs. Lavern R. T Thaddeus, O.S.B., Rev. Father Tierney, Hilda A. Timothy, O.S.B., Rev. Father U Uhl, Artie Uljon, Mrs. Mary V VanDerlln, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Varsity Cheerleaders Vollmer, Mr. and Mrs. Earl I. W Walker, Iudy and Peggy Weidenboerner, Andy Weidenboerner, Hope Weinzierl, Ethel Schneider, Donald Schneider, Mr. and Mrs. Robert and Family Seelye, Mrs. Henry Seelye, Miss Irene Seelye, Miss Marion Selle, Mr. and Mrs. George Selle, Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Selle, Mr. Ioseph Selle, Mr. and Mrs. Leo Shade, Mary Sherry, Mr. and Mrs. Sicheri, Mr. Gilio Siecker, Ronnie Skok, Barbara Smeal, Mr. and Mrs. Ted Smith, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Caroline Smith, Denny Smith, Geraldine Smith, lack Sorg, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Spook Stebick, Alfred Ir. Stebick, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Stebick, Ioan Stebick, Nadine Steis, Mrs. Ruby Steislinger, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Straub, Mrs. Carl Straub, Carleen ll5 Welz, Ed Wendel, LeRoy Werner, Ann Werner, Carl Werner, O.S.B., Rev. Father Werner, Ioe Werner, Kathy Whitman, Millie Weis, Mr. and Mrs. L. B. Wiesner, Mrs. Albert Wittman, Miss Alberta Wittman, Frater Clyde, O.S.B. Wittman Wittman, Wolf, Pe Wittman, Mr. and Mrs. , Mr. and Mrs. Ierome Wittman, Mary Marga QQY Hilary ret Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Wolfe, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Wykofl, Carol Wykoft, Mrs. Helen Yates, H Y elen Yetzer, Linda Yoncoskie, Pete Z O Zawatski, Mrs. Dorothy Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Iames Zorl, Frank Administration 6-7-8-9 Agnes, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-88 Anderson, Iean 15-48-52 Anthony, Lawrence 62-71 Anita, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-74 Aquinas, O.S.B., Rev. Father 12 Archabbot, Denis Strittmater, O.S.B. 6 Arnold, Phyllis 62 Auman, Richard 54-84 Ballerini, Gloria 54-70-95 Barbara 15-48-52 Bauer, Bauer, Elizabeth 59 Bauer, Bauer, George 55-92-95-96 Paul 59-85-93 Bauer, William A. 54-55-83-87-89 William F. 56-70 Bauer, Bauer, Mr. William G. 8 Benedict, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-77 Benasutti, Eugene 15-45-49-71 Benigni, Marguerite l6-45-46-52-69-78- 89-95 Benniger, Iohn 55-70-83-84 Bernadette, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-71-85 Bernardine, O.S.B., Sister M. ll-78 Biology 79 Bobenrieth, Iane 62-88 Bobenrieth, Regina 62 Breindel, Gerald 59-83 Breindel, Robert 62 Brennen, Donald 59-85 Brennen, Iosephine 62 Brennen, Thomas 56 Bridge, Constance 62-79 Bridge, Mr. Edward 11-86 Bridge, Iulia 55-70-84-97-102 Brinstan, O.S.B., Rev. Father 11-12-87 Brock, Ann 70 Brock, Iohn 54-56-83-87-92 Brock, Stanley 62-64-88-93 Brody, Anthony 55-70-92-93-95-96 Brunner, Edward 16-48-72-73 Bucheit, Iulia 59-81 Bucheit, Maurus 16-47 Burden, Wray 62-86 Busch, David 17-47-70-71-85-88 Calendar 66-67 Caimi, Mrs. Iohn 11-70-88 Carino, Cecilia 59-74-78-79 Caskey, Ioan 62-88 Cassidy, Elaine 59-81 Catalone, Edward 59-74-75-76-85 Chase, Charles 14-17-46-68-77-85 Cheerleaders 95 Chemistry 87 Choirs 81 Clancy, Maureen 17-49-68-72-76-77- 78-80-82-100 Clancy, William 58-59-73-75-89-93 Class Officers 54-55-58-59-62 Cochran, Ethel 56-74-82-83-84-100 Cochran, Mary 62-88-99 Cochran, Virginia 62 Conklin, Iohn 62-72-73-86 Conners, Thomas 62-79-85-93 Crosby, Denis 18-49-70 Crusaders 92-93-96 C.S.M.C. 83 Cuneo, Iames 59-85 Cuneo, Wanda 54-84 Davis, Iohn 56-84 DeLullo, Yvonne 56-82-83-89 Detsch, Iean 18-49-69-71-74-76-82 Detsch, Mary 59-74-76-100 Dinsmore, Darrell 62-86 Dinsmore, Frank 54 Jaime '7ndex Dinsmore, Lois 59-97 Dinsmore, Monica 18-48-76-99 Dinsmore, Sandra 62-72-73-81-97 Dippold, Marlene 62-73-88 Dippold, Robert 19-48-71-85 Distler, Mary 54-70-74-81-82-83 Distler, Patricia 62 Donahey, Sandra 19-47-97 Donahue, Margaret l9-46-7l-73-74-76- 82-88 Donc9ld63O.S.B., Rev. Father 9-l0-45-70- Dornisch, Bernard 55-77-83-87-89 Dornisch, Margaret 62-98 Dramatics 74-75-76 Eberl, Mary Ann 20-47-74-76-80-82-85-88 Eckert, Audrey 20-47-73 Eckert, Ioyce 59 Eckert, Virginia 59-98 Ehrensberger, Marlene 55 Eichmiller, Mary 59-81-89 Engel, Mary 62-81 Enthronement 71 Erich, Grace 59-81-89-99 Erich, Harold f9thj 62-86 Erich, Harold 56-70-86 Erich, Iudy 56-70-74-76-82 Ernst, George 62-64-89 Evangelist, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-80 Evans, Ellen 62 Faculty 9-10-11 Fahey, Geraldine 62-81-89 Farley, Linda 62-100 Farley, Thomas 59-85 Farrel, Patrick 54-70-87-93 Fehrenbach, Mary 62-72-73-81-99 Fehrenbach, Robert 55-70-83-87-89-93 Feldbauer, Iean 54-84 Feldbauer, Vesta 62-73-81-97 Felton, Dolores 59-79 Fintinger, Leo 20-48-85 Fischer, Mary 59 Fledderman, Carol 62-72-97 Fledderman, Iames 59 Fledderman, Iean 62-72-88 Fledderman, Rose Mary 55-89 Fleming, Ianice 21-47-52-71-77-82 Forster, Dale 21-49-70-85 Forster, Lois 62-88 Fox, Sally 56-82-83-87-95 Frey, Edna 54-83-84-89-98-102 Frey, Irene 21-47-70-71-80-85-88-89 98-102 Frey, Iames 62 Frey, Kathleen 55-83-89 Frey, Patricia 62-81-88 Friedl, Norma 22-48-7l-72-74-75-76-99 Fritz, Fritz, Frances 59-81-99 Gerald 59 Fritz, Ida, R.N. 10-70-79 Fritz, Iames C12thj 22-46-48-71-85 Fritz, Iames 62 Fritz, Iudy 4-14-22-45-48-68-70-71-73- 74-76-77-82-89 Fritz, Mildred 56-82-83-84-89 Fritz, Nancy 23-49-69-71-74-76 Fritz, Sue 54-83 Fritz, Thomas 56 Fritz, Wayne 23-46-68-72-86-88 Gabler, Ioan 55-74-83-84-97 Gahn, Catherine 23-49-72-73-77-80-82 89-99 Gahr, IoAnn 4-24-47-71-74-76-77-82-83- 89-90-98-102 116 Gahr, Garbi Iohn 24-46-52-69-77-85 c, Iustine 62-72-81-89-97 Geitner, Glenn 24-49-70-71-85-88 Genevieve, O.S.B., Sister M. 11-79 Geraldine, O.S.B., Sister M.V1l-85 Gerber, Ann 62-72-88 Gerber, Verna 59-81-99 Gerg, Gerg, Gerg, Gerg, Fred 54-55-83-87-93 Karen 62-81 Kenneth 25-46-68-69-71-77-85 ' Thomas 55-83 German 84 Giles. O.S.B., Rev. Father 12 Ginther, Denis 62-86 Glatt, Gerald 62 Gleixner, Nancy 59-78-79-81 Glee Gnan 82 David 59 Gnan: Leander 62-86 Gnan, Margaret 56-83-84-95 Gnan, Ruth 62 Goetz, Mr. Iames 93 Gradl Richard 25-46-71 Grass Grass Er, Ioseph so er, Mary 58-79 Greenthaner, Helen 62-73-88 Gregory, Gregory, Gregory, Grieggs, Grieggs, Grosser, Grunt Grunt Gilbert 56-83-87 Patricia 54-83 O.S.B., Rev. Father 7 Iames 62-86 Paul 25-46-59-79-86 Paul 59-74-76-79 haner, Ethel 55 haner, Helen 62 Gump, Iohn 59-75-93 Haberberger, Martha 74 Haberberger, Ronald 58-59-79 Haberberger, Theodore 26-47 Haberberger, Iean 59-97 Hacherl, Charles 55 Hacherl, Grace 26-45-46-68-69-70-7l-77- 78-80-89-95 Hacherl, Lois 56-83-89 Hacherl, Marlene 62-88 Hagan, Wayne 59 Halaiko, Toni 26-47-76-85 '- - Hanes, Mary 27-47-52-68-69-7l-77-100-102 Hanes, Vivian 54-70-74-8l-82-83-84-95- 100-102 Hannibal, Bruce 57 Harper, Virginia 55-76-82-84-89 Hasselman, Arlene 56-83-100 Hasselman, Arthur 62-86 Hathorn, Carol 63-72-73-81 Heary, Arthur 54-56-83-84-89-92-93-95-96 Heary, Ianet 27-46-52-7l-76-78- 81-82-89-90 Heary, Mary Io 59-78-79-81 Herbst, lean 63-72-88-100 Herbs Herbs Herbs t, Marie 54-87 tritt, Ann 63-72-73-81-89 tritt, Shirley 58-79 Herzing, Iohn 27-47-77 Herzing, Thomas 28-47-85 Himes, Mary 63-88 Hoehn, Ierome 62 Hoffman, Andrew 58-79 Hoffman, Audrey 57-83-84 Hoffm an, Carol 58-70-74-79-81-89-95-100 Hoffman, Francis 63-88-99 Hoffm Home Ioan 28-49-52-71 an, Economics 78 Honor Roll 89 Honor Students 90 ldes 77 Imelda, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-83 Initiat ion 72-73 Iacob, Francis 62-86 117 Iacob, Howard 63-72-88 Iames, Eleanor 63-88-97 Iosephson, Elizabeth 54-83 Iunior Prom 68-69 1. V.'s 93 Kaiser, William 54-84 Keller, Earl 55 Keller, Helen 55-69-82-83-84-89-95 Keller, Shirley 63-73-88 Kennard, Brent 60-79 Kerner, Doris 63-88 Kerr5rh9Elizabeth 57-70-74-8l-83-84- Kerner, Robert 57-83-87 Kinney, William 28-48-7l-80 Klaiber, Herman 54 Klatman, Nancy 58-74-81-89-95-97 Klein, Gerald 29-49-68 Kneidel, Iohn 29-45-47-85-92-93-96 Kneidel, Robert 63-86 Koch, Margie 54-87 Kofler, Margaret 63-72 Kopp, Carol 99-102 Kraft, Patricia 29-49 Kraus, Dale 63 Kraus, Philip 63-88 Krauss, Ellen 60-74-76-79-81-100 Krellner, Paul 58 Krellner, William 55-77-84-88 Krellner, Sandra 63 Kronenwetter, Ann 57-76-77-82-83-89 Kronenwetter, Donna 58 Kroneriwetter, Michael 63-88 Kuntz, Ann 30-47-71-73-77-82-88 Lambert, lane 60-74-76-81-89-98 Largey, Iacqueline 55-84-100 Lauterbach, Mary I4-30-45-46-52-70-7l 74-76-77-78-82-89-95-97-l02 Lecker, Kenneth 63-86 Lenze, Lavern 63-93 Lenze, Leon 57-83-87-89-93 Lenze, Vincent 60-93 Leuschel, Carol 30-47-81 Leuschel, Eleanor 31-47 Library 80 Lion, Wendell 31-49-68-85 Luhr, Franklin 31-48-88-69-77-88 Luhr, Diane 58-74-95-99 Ioseph 55-83-89-93 Lois 63-81-89 Lynch, Lynch, Lyons, Beverly 32-46-81 Lyons, Lawrence 63-93 Lyons, Susan 63-98 Magistrelli, Donald 58-79 Mallison, Robert 63-89 Marconi, Andrew 60-74-75-76 Martin, Mr. Ramon 10-70-86-93 Mary Edward, O.S.B., Sister 10 Mathematics 87 May Crowning 70 ' McAllister, Joanne 32-48-74-76-85 McAllister, Helene 63-100 McClain, Geraldine 88 McQuone, Patricia 57-74-84-89-99 McQuone, Robert 63 77 Memo Meyer, Alice 60 Meyer, Barbara 55-74-82-84 Meyer, Charles 54 Meyer, Iane 63-73-89 Meyer, Leander 55-93 Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Iames 33-48-69-85 Ioan 63-72-99 lulianne 63 Minich, Carol 33-45-49-52-76-82100-102 Missions 83 Muhitch, Ioseph 63-72 Georgia 32-46-52-74-76-78-80-82 Nekuza, Frank 58 Nekuza, loyce 63 Nero, Priscilla 63-100 Newell, Georgia 63-73-81-97 Newell, Ianice 60 Nicklas, Rene 63-73 Nissel, Mary 33-48-78 Nissel, Ronald 57 Nurse 79 Nussbaum, Iames 63-86 Nussbaum, Margaret 63-89 O'1-lem, Brian 58 Olson, Eileen 57-76-77-82-83-87-89-98l012- Olson, Ierorne 54-83-87-93 Paar, Anthony 34-48-85-92-93-96 Paar, Leonard 63-86-93 Pauline, O.S.B., Sister M. 10-80 Albert ll-86 Petcavage, Mr. Pfaff, Diane 58-74-76-81 Pfeufer, Alice 54-74-76-81-82-83-89-100 Pfeuler, Mary Lee 34-45-49-52-98 Pfeufer, Thomas 63-86 Pfingstler, Dale 63-86 Pfoutz, Clifford 60 Pistner, Ianice 60-81-89-98 Pistner, Ronald 63-86 Pontzer, Iudy 34-48-74-76-82-89-98-102 Pontzer, Terrence 58-79 Prudich, Ioan 63 Religion 80-85 Remick, Iarnes 14-35-47-85 Renwick, Kathleen 35-46-52-7l-74-82- 99-102 Rettger, Iean 35-49 Reuscher, Benedict 8 Reuscher, Alicia 58-97 Reuscher, Robert 36-45-47-73-92-93-95-96 Riddle, lames 63 Rigard, Iane 60-81-89-97 Rigard, Patricia 36-47-52-78 Ritter, William 36-48-85 Roberts, Paul 63 Robertson, Georgia 58-79 Rogan, Mary 59-60-74-76-81-100 Rose, O.S.B., Sister M. ll-84 Ross, Carolyn 58-74-75-78-79-100 Rupprecht, Eleanor 63-72-77-81-89 Rupprecht, Norbert 55-83-84 Rupprecht, Raymond 63-86-93 Rupprecht, Rita 57-76-82-83-89 Rupprecht, Roberta 37-47-52-68-69-7L 74-76-77-82-83-89 Ryan, Michael 37-48-69-92-93-96 Ryan, Patricia 37-45-48-52-69-71-78-81 Schlimn, Theresa 64-97 Schloder, Herbert 64-70-73 Schloder, Norma 54-74-81-82-83-87-89 Schloder, Shirley 61-73 Schneider, Ioan 40-46-52-68-70-82-85 Schneider, Marilyn 58 Schneider, Raymond 64 Schneider, Theodore 57-70-83 Schreiber, Diane 61 Schutz, Patricia 55-74-82-83-89-97 Seelye, Sherry, Sherry, Sherry, Sherry, Shields Shields Elizabeth 58 Donald 61-79 Lou Ann 57-77-83 Nancy 61-79 Patricia 64 , Thomas 41-45-49-52 , Richard 64 Shop 86 Siecker, Ronaleen 64-73 Simbeck, Ianet 54-83 Skok, Barbara 58-99 Smeal, Smith, Ianice 64-72-81 -100 Dennis 58-79 Smith, Geraldine 55-81-84-99-102 Smith, Iudy 64-72 Smith, Sara 4l-49-52-74-75-76-78-82-89 Smith, Wallace 54-70 Sorg, Ioseph 64-86 Sorg, Mary lane 41-47-80 Spanish 80 Spence , Arthalinda 64-73-81-97 Sporner, Germaine 64-81 Staufter, Grace 61-98 Staufier, Peter 60-70-79-93 Stauffer, Shirley 58-81 Stebick, Robert 55-93 Steele, Steele, Steele, Steele, Ierome 64-93 Ioan 58-73-99 Carl 58 Ronald 61-70 Sterbank, Carol 61-78-79-99 Straub, Straub, Straub, Carleen 58-74-76-81 Iohn 4-42-49 Mary Lee 54-76-81-82-83-89-99 Straub, Patricia 42-48-52-74-75-76-8L 82-97-102 Straub, Richard 58-93 Struble, Donald 57-84 Struble , Iames 42-47-70-85 Teresita, O.S.B., Sister M. 11-87 Terry, Iaccueline 64-81 Timothy, O.S.B., Rev. Father 7 Uljon, Dorothy 61-81-95 Valenti ne, Faith 43-47-68-72-78- 82-89-100-102 Ryan, Patrick 58-70 Ryden, Dorothy 38-49-81-89 Salter, Gail 61-70-79 Salter, Sandra 63-73 Samick, Albert 57 Samick, Carol 63 Samick, Gerald 58-79 Samick, Samick, Gertrude 63 Raymond 38-46-86 Samick, Theresa 38-49-52-68-81-88-98 Savel, Mary 64 Savel, Nancy 64-72 Schaberl, Karl 64 Schade, Mary 64-72-81-98 Schafer, Schaefer, Beverly 61 -74-76-81 Patrick 86 Schaut, Ignatius 61-74-76-79 Schaut, Iames 39-49 Schlimm, Celine 39-48-52-76-78-82-89 Schlimm, Ferdinand 39-45-46-69-85 Schlimm, Harold 40-49-86 Schlimm, Helene 52-58-89-98 Schlimm, Iohn 58 Schlimm, Marilys 64-81-97 Schlimm, Thomas 40-47-86 Vitello, Barbara 55 ' Volleyball 97-98-99-100-102 Vollmer, Dennis 64 Vollmer, Iudy 64-73 Wegemer, Iohn 64 Weis, Ioanne 43-45-47-52-69-74-76-77- 82-88-97-99-102 Weis, Mary 64-72-99 Werner, O.S.B., Rev. Father 12 Werner, Iames 62-64-93 Werner, Ioseph 64 Wiechman, Frederick 64 Wiechman, Richard 62-64 Wiesner, lane 43-45-46-52-68-74-76-77-82 88-97-102 Williams, Frank 55-87 Wittman, Frances 44-46-52-78 Wittman, Mrs. Hilary ll-78 Wolf, Gustave 61-79-89 Wolf, Margaret 61 Wolfe, Richard 4-44-49-77-85 Wright, Ianet 64-73 Wykoff, Carol 57-84-98 Zelt, Rose Ann 54-74-76-82-83-84 Zimmerman, Edward 44-48-72-75-86 118 U U AUTOGRAPHS U U U U AUTGGRAPI-IS U U J J . , V' :V . ,r V, , --Af ,w - ,f 7' Mg I L, , Q31 1 ff Q . K A T' , My f 'fl' ?f1211T9'iK 4, . il . -.111 WL ,D .f I ffffw .mf ,f L " 11 ff A f , . Xt. s ,mE5x,AY,'x, f7,y,,m ,Y ww JMQ4 M, -,gf .4 I1 KL F, pf , x,2,.g'fu , ' K i fmif' f , , ' . jyfn-131, ,, M, ,draw . f ' . . I -,. , . , 'fic' Q " 1,5 - ' EQQQEY W W Qkw vw if pgs" . , f',,.h,N,,ig.df i, V ,fr f , - 'Sf ja , W"sffy,94:g,?Q5p?. f:4'f'jx1'-1f,?fQ 501 f f,'t'3cfL1-ff ff? 5135-'mf Q' 2' Li- Tlggdf f'1.fi 1113 NL"7f. ,"l,.5J iff' 'mpg N -" K , i, Ng, N .f M . 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Suggestions in the Elk County Catholic High School - Memories Yearbook (St Marys, PA) collection:

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