Elk County Catholic High School - Memories Yearbook (St Marys, PA)

 - Class of 1947

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Elk County Catholic High School - Memories Yearbook (St Marys, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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I . ,II 1.-MMIII ..... ...GIQ . Q Q ,MVS W V g VOL. XVIII I947 .IAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I I ES W ' f -I Edwed by THE SENIOR CLASS ST. MARYS CATI-IOLIC I-IIGI-I SCHOOL ST. MARYS, PENNSYLVANIA IIIIIU SIIIII Associaie Edifors ROGER FELDBAU ER MARION SHADD Assisfanf Edifors RICHARD FRIEDL SARAH HOEHN Adver+ising Managers ROBERT WILLIAMEE ELIZABETH BEIMEL Circulafing Managers MELVIN NISSEL ALYCE HEARY Exchange Ediiors PAUL JESBERGER AGNES BAUMGRATZ EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JAMES MALLISON Sporfs Edifors THOMAS KUNTZ MARY LUCANIK Class Hisforians MARVIN RIDDLE PATRICIA SUNDER Class Prophefs ROBERT EICHMILLER PATRICIA FLEMING Class Poefs JAMES HABERBERGER MARION ZITZLER Class Arfisfs RICHARD DORNISH RUTH WERNER SI. MHHYS EHIHHHE ElNIHHl HIHH SEHHIH L t V! .Huff 4 WWW W0 :M..Q f f 0 O VIQK ' '-ai' HN U J is s 1 ' :' ' ed "1 ".',.I' :,I-.' "' Z Q52 "' ' ' rf" I Q 4,., ,.'h.,f . , mi ' 4 J I ?- : 2 Q r., . 1 , QV . M ' U . . .-, ' . "Q, :Iii k . '..Jl :HH QXA s,o :Ad -J'-3f,A. K z DEDICATION 0 TO Reverend Falher Boniface ol +he Order of Sainl 3enedicJr in sincere aclcnowledgmenlr ol his unliring efforls and persis- lenl zeal in working for Jrhe youlh of Sainl Marys lo make Jrhem heallhier, slronger, beller and more able Americans: in remembrance of his kindness and willingness lo aid our Senior Class in combaling lhe problems of young man- hood and young womanhoodg in graleful lribule WE The class of nineleen hundred lorry-seven humbly and respeclfully dedicale This eighleenlh edilion of Jrhe MEMO 4 l Reverend FATHER BONIFACE, O.S.B. 5 lHHll ll llllllll l. Beneclicline Falliers . II. Facully lll. Senior Class ....... A. l-lislory . . . B. Senior Trails C. Prophecy . D . . Will .,... E. "Classma+es F. Diary ...,. G. Direclory , IV. Aclivilies .....,.... A. Baslcelloall . B. Volleyball . C. Dramalics V. Junior Classes . , . Vl. Adverlisemenls ,,,. Very Reverend FATHER TIMOTHY, O.S.B. Prior and Pasfor of S+. Marys Church Reverend FATHER HENRY, O.S.B Pasfor of Sacred He-ar+ Church Reverend Reverend FATHER DAVID, O.S.B. FATHER AURELIUS, O.S.B. Assisfanf of Sacred Hearlr Church Assis+an'r of Sacred Heari' Church Reverend FATHER RICHARD, O.S.B. Assisfanf of S+. Marys Church S SISTER M. NE, O.S.B., B.S SISTER M. snsma SISTER M SISTER Mgebra O.S.B., M.A. S.B., MA. O.S.B. Miss Ida Frifz, R.N. Mrs. Hilary Wi'Hman Mr. William Gies H FROM OUR PRINCIPAL My Dear GraduaTes: Having spenT a Tew years in The class room myselT, I can undersTand The senTimenTs of boys and girls on The day of Their graduaTion. l realize now, more Than ever, The imporTance oTa Chris- Tian educaTion in laTer liTe. The ToundaTion is The mosT imporTanT parT oT every good building. And This is no less True in educaTion. Even The primary grades are imporTanT, Tor They serve as The TounclaTion or basis upon which The supersTrucTure oT our enTire educaTional sysTem resTs. A good educaTion is a slow and Tedious process. Many believe They know a greaT deal aTTer They graduaTe Trom high school. They are much like The young boy oT TourTeen years, who ThoughT he knew more Than his dad ever knew. "When l was TourTeen," he said, "my TaTher was so ignoranT l could hardly sTand To have him around. BUT when I goT To be TwenTy-one, I was asTonished aT how much The old man had learned in seven years." IT was The boy who goT wise To himselT during ThaT Time. You may somehow Teel ThaT you know a greaT deal more now Than your parenTs. BuT do noT TorgeT ThaT your parenTs and elders have also been going Through The school oT hard knocks and oTTen also oT sad experience. IT will be The parT oT wisdom, especially Tor some Time aTTer your gi'aduaTion, To lisTen willingly To Those who have your TuTure welTare aT hearT. You are beginning now The pracTical applicaTion in every day liTe oT The Things you have been TaughT. In This day and age oT keen compeTiTion in The business world, where TacTics oT a quesTionable naTure are oTTen employed To ouTwiT The compeTiTor, your honesTy and inTegriTy will TrequenTly be puT To The TesT. In This baTTIe oT wiTs iT is usually The man or woman oT characTer ThaT will win ouT in The end. ChrisTian ecIucaTion spells characTer. and, brieTly, characTer is ThaT qualiTy in a person which prompTs him "To do The righT Thing aT all Times in all places." ln shorT, be True To yourselT, To your God, and To your Tellowmen. Be True To yourselT. You have noT only been insTrucTed in The Three R's, buT you have also been Told Through your CaTechism and religion how To acT as ChrisTian men and women. Now you should be able, noT only To Think righT, buT To acT righT. Your Trained conscience should be able To guide you Through liTe's squalls. Be True To God. Before you can be True To yourself, you musT, TirsT oT all, be TaiThTul and True To your God and His precepTs. All your dealings wiTh yourselT or wiTh oThers, everyThing you do, Tall under one or The oTher oT Those Ten CommandmenTs. And The reason Tor observing These laws musT always be before us: "God says so." Be True To your fellow-men. IT you are True To yourselT and your God, Then you will also be True To your Tellow-men. Your superiors will soon see ThaT you are a man or woman oT characTer, and will know wheTher you will be TaiThTul To Them or noT. "Do unTo oThers, as you would have Them do unTo you." Do noT be swayed by human respecT, buT be guided by The solid principles you know have sTood The TesT oT Time. Be cauTious and avoid unholy alliances, especially wiTh Those who do noT believe in or do noT pracTice The same ChrisTian principles as you do. Your earThly moTher may, iT is True, nourish and cloThe your bodies, buT bear in mind ThaT only Iv1oTher Church can robe your souls in The spoTless and priceless raimenT oT ChrisTian moraliTy. Prayer will do The resT. gaiiff Reverend FATHER JAMES, O.S.B. Assisfanf of S+. Marys Church 11 ff. 125 iff ,lf , l L ,XL X .. ..5,,.dl -I by K 2 W e L SNS'Q V V f lllllllxx :S f J 'CTX Q l CLASS MOTTO We Build tlwe Ladder by which We Climb CLASS FLOWERS Grange Rose and Forget-Me-Not CLASS COLORS Royal Blue and Burnt Orange ogcey 4, W J' Q - X X ' Q nr' , +'Mmnn"4 F11 Egww - as . -ml :xg llalxgghzgnzsg 'il N -' " " 'Ei f9i4W'1'5'xf1 " . . ,. .-, ef f V 4:1GS'W Y I- W q:T ,, ,Lg,gp mm ' Qi! OBS? Q Y .J ' 1 Ps VII? qi ? ulx yi W UE..'?6i,L-QTRE 191 11115 n V1 1 NP MW hyfnllb QIBEWMEQS an H' XX mi ' liwwu K N pu-: X a. .-:f' P ' ,1W,3w,,,,1a.wcL.51ywf4ffff HARD 4 ,fX'ML" WM fl 13 SlNIHll HlHSS Firsf Row-Marlha Feiley, lris Sherry, Alice Lechner, Alice Gerber, Elizabelh Lenze, Arlene Reider, Roberl Eichmiller, Donald Fleming, Leo Weinzierl, James l-laberloerger, Paul Jesberger. Second Row-Malene Bauer, Marlha Rupprechl, Geraldine Rupprechf, Ka+hleen Yerzer, Agnes Baumgrarz, Marion Shadd, Delores Wendel, Rose Ann Cancilla, Melvin Delsch, Marvin Riddle, Roberl' l-lupfer. Third Row-Dorolhy Breindel, Mary Reuscher, Mary Lucanilc, Margarel Rineharl, Alyce l-leary, Florence Woelfel, Palricia Fleming, Mary Wicks, Shirley Nachfway, Elizabelh Lanzel, Donald Friedl, Roberl Williamee, Auberl' Wegemer. Fourfh Row-'Marie Nicklas, Clare Bucheil, Shirley Brown, Eleanor Krieg, Marguerile l-lerbsfrill, Alice l-laberberger, Marlene Kraus, Marcella Geilner, Shirlee Dinsmore, James Willman, Andrew Worlman, Thomas Kunlz. Fiffh Row-Marion Zilzler, Elizabelh Greenlhaner, Palricia Sunder, Ruih Werner, Elizalnelh Beimel, Joan Rigard, Joan Kraus, Doris Schwenlner, Lorefla Hoffman, Alice Banlcovich, Sarah l-loehn, Rulh Keller, Richard Dornisch, Eugene Bauer, Roger Feldbauer, James Mallison, Richard Friedl, Waller Welz. Sam Nissel. 14 SENIUH mass 05, gezi Presidem' .... . . . . . . Firsf Vice-Presidenr ...., , . Second Vice-Presidenf .... , . . . , Secrefaryfabsemj Assisfanf Secrefaries ,Pafricia Sunder Treasurer ,..... .. .. . , Assisfani' Treasurer . . .. James Mallison .. Marion Shadd .. Paul Jesberger . Marion Zifzler and Melvin Nissel in fn Roberf Eichmiller f V, ' xg-3 X . Elizabefh Beime-1 NMMX , I .QAM I 1 w e e dj Qfg X 5 J . nrff 1 I ,, N ' 'n""'z- - :fr L X E X 15 X N i ?5 ' jf ALICE A. BANKOVICH EUGENE R. BAUER MALENE C. BAUER C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Volleyball I-3 Inlramural Baskelball 2-3 Volleyball l-3-4 Soflball 2 Audubon Club 2 Soffball I-2-3 Choir 4 Glee Club 4 Glee Club 4 Sodalily 4 Soffball 2 Choir 4 Home Economics 4 AGNES E. BAU MGRATZ C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Sodallfy I-2-3 Volleyball l-2-3 Dramallcs 2-3-4 Soflball I-2-3 Cheerleader 3-4 Memo Slaff 4 Thespian Soclely 4 Glee Club 4 DOROTHY M. BREINDEL SHIRLEY E. BROWN Dramalics l-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Sodalily 4 Thespian Sociely 3-4 Glee Club 4 Orbhesfra ' ' 2-3 Choir 4 Presldenl C.S.M.C. 4 Soflball 2 Audubon Club 2 ELIZABETH S. BEIMEL C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Class Treasurer 3-4 Memo Slaff 4 Class Vice-Presidenl l Class Secrefary 2 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 Audubon Club 2 Librarian 4 W - .. X A iF xg., sin X ,f Q' X'w..,1 . X, X,-1 E 2 1 as WILLIAM F. CAULEY Audubon Club CLARE M. BUCHEIT ROSE ANNE CANCILLA Sodallly I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Sodalify 3-4 Soffball I-2,3 Camera Club I Glee Club 4 Glee Club 4 Choir Choir 4 Home Economics MELVIN F. DETSCH SHIRLEE M. DINSMORE RICHARD J. DORNISCH C.S.M.C. - -4 C.S.M.C. - - Dramallcs - - - Glee Club Glee Club Intramural Baskelball - - Audubon Club Softball C.S.M.C. V - I-Ibfaflafl Thespian Sociely - Memo Sfaff Audubon Club C-lee Club ldes Staff Attendance IE' fi?-X ,425 fl'5 5"'X fx RL.,-I va wx' tg' I 'Kyla JX . si r I3 .IS 5 f l fg- I I I 6 lx JN. I I2 I .. 12:1 was N 2 2 124 ,f 4 34 Q x A 4 5 4 f 4 I f X A 5 ll . ' X, ' "Q . U.. V 1 6 tux! Ib ' I I W.-5 ' 6- ,A f I -Ae ae, c A - a a f -- ' gg C.S.M.C. 2-4 2 U. S. Navy '45 ik QQ? ' I I n ,X x .' Xl fs! , ll 2 'f 34 ,AI RX. I, K Q Y Nl Q 1 f Mrs . w 1 u I XJR, X- I 1 r Zh .lx K X Ff: 'IJ'l I my FREDERICK E. EICHMILLER , U c.s.M.c. , 4 A Audubon Club 2 be U. S. Army '44-'45 6 X . N if P T 1 H oo To 4 ROBERT R. EICHMILLER MARTHA M. FEILEY C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 'Q Intramural Baskefball glfoir CI b 2 Q. V 'T - ee u 'sap Nlgmgcll Slafl 4 Home Economics 4 1,2 WM Audubg bomb Z C r GI JI! Clgss Triasurer 4 - .f Soffball 2 Q Affendance I 'l I S . 4 - 6 Xvl 5 15' Z :I I X Q X, ,Nh S , ROGER H. FELDBAUER DONALD W. FLEMING PATRICIA L. FLEMING C.S.M.C. l-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Sodqlily I-Z-331 Q Memo Slaff 4 Audubon Club 2 Choir l-2-3-4 Glee Club 4 Glee Club A Q4 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 , Audubon Club 2 Home Economucs 4 Glee Club 4 Af Mass Alfendance 4 Ougubgnuclub 4 :. o ey a Memo Slafl 4 4 ll' Q IX .' ' yi fm' . 'Q': f- "" - , l ? f' 9 u . L -- 13 f 'J 1 . .J A-.. -- A A A - 4. , .Q A f DONALD J. FRIEDL RICHARD E. FRIEDL MARCELLA L. GEITNER C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. l-Z-4 Dramalics 2-3-4 Memo Staff 4 Sodalily 3-4 Inframural Baskefball I-2-3 Audubon Club 2 Glee Club 4 Sludenl Manager Baskefball 3 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 Thespian Socieiy 3-4 Aflendance 2 Home Economics 4 Audubon Club 2 Glee Club 4 Soffball 2 ldes Sfaff 4 CELINE M. GERBER ELIZABETH L. GREENTHANER Dramalics l-2-3-4 Choir I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. l-Z-4 Sodalily l-2-3-4 Thespian Sociely 3-4 Volleyball I-2-3-4 Volleyball 2-3 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Glee Club 4 Soflball l-2-3 Soffball 2 Glee Club 4 Sodalify 4 Alfendance 4 ALICE M. HABERBERGER JAMES C. HABERBERGER Sodalily l-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Memo Sfaff 4 Choir l-2 Class Treasurer I Audubon Club 2 Soflball 2 Glee Club 4 Glee Club 4 Audubon Club 2 Librarian 4 1 , y " .Q-r--di Ifvxl Inn. N X ? Z-Li f-+5 v5 f.',tAu Q KATHRYN V. HALLER ROBERT G. HAUBER ALYCE L. HEARY C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. 4 Sodalify l-2-3 Glee Club 4 Audubon Club 2 C.S.M.C. l-244 Horne Economics 4 Librarian 4 Orchesfra l-2 Soffball 2 U. S. Navy '43-'46 Memo Slaff 4 MARGUERITE M. HERBSTRITT SARAH C. HOEHN Choir IAZ-3-4 C.S.M.C. Soclalify I-2-3-4 Sodalify C.S.M.C. 4 Memo Sfalf Glee Club 4 Class Treasurer Volleyball I Glee Club Allen-dance 2 Choir Audubon Club Affendance 4 3-4 4 I 4 4 2 4 Librarian 4 Audubon Club 2 LORETTA J. HOFFMAN ROBERT J. HUPFER Sodalily l-2-3-4 Glee Club , C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. Glee Club 4 Home Economics 4 2.1 X4 s 14' 317 21 A x -g' 1 . R., Q A a i Ng Q ,PAUL L. JESBERGER RUTH M. KELLER C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Volleyball Memo Slaff 4 C.S.M.C. Audubon Club 2 Soffball Glee Club 4 Glee Club Class Vice-Presidenl' 4 Choir Affendance l Alfendance l'2-3-4 l -2-4 I -2-3 4 4 I JOAN G. KRAUS Sodalify I-2-3-4 Choir I-2-3-4 Drarnalics l-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Thespian Soclely Giee Club Volleyball Audubon Club X1 We rs' 4 so , P - s b ly' lx x .1 rr. Lf' GE' 1 X ,I ft' I 'yr 22 1 J? lf if af: 4 Rx l J 1 w Y 1 ' A 9,5 :D ,, 1:3 ' o Y xx! U el 4 l MARLENE M. KRAUS ELEANOR T. KRIEG THOMAS E. KUNTZ C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Sodalify L2-3-4 C,S,M,C, I-2-4 Glee Club 4 Dramafics I-2-3 Sporfs Writer 3-4 Choir 4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Softball 2 Home Economics 4 Choir l-2 G-lee Club Volleyball I-2 Audubon Club Soffball l-2 Memo Sfaff Glee Club 4 Audubon Club 2 Class Presidenf l CW fx be en , 4-3. I 3 'fx 1 , '-.-:- ' IX4. ix 7,2 lxkrlxxrgc LX 1 xx' 1' bl Q ---I, f.-N .,. ,gd fi Q53 l 12. 1 -X All rc? 4' 1 E4 Q x 'z I 'X' V7 l W 9 1 T V' w yi N J V . I ,4- .4 - gy l A 4 I 5, J" Q lsl n. ,I-I 7 . K ll- IA ELA I ii' 1 I ELIZABETH T. LANZEL C.S.M.C. Volleyball Glee Club Choir Soflball Audubon Club Sodalify ALICE M. LECHNER ELIZABETH J. LENZE C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Dramafics I-2-3-4 Camera Club I C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Glee Club 4 Volleyball I-2-3 Volleyball l - Glee Club 4 Soffball 2 Home Economics 4 Audubon Club 2 Sodalily 4 Thespian Sociefy 4 MARY T. LUCANIK JAMES B. MALLISON ANITA J. MEAGHER Volleyball Varslfy A I-2-3-4 Sodalify 2-3-4 C.S.M.C. S h If da c I-Z-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Choir Jag: Aflenillancl e I-2-3-4 Dramafics 2-3-4 Soflball C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Thespian Sociely 3-4 G-lee Cgub glass P?sifcienI I-1 Glee Club 41 M I ff mo I Ch ' Asglnodange Ajdubon aClub 2 Hoirlb Economics 4 Glee Club 4 Audubon Club 2 Home Economics 4 Orchestra I Class Secrefary 3 Soffball 2 Q 1 Y N A 'lf fN -ro f-X fx, .4 7 F at f ,E 'vxm L , y A- 1 M. ,iryfgair I s SHIRLEY M. NACHTWAY MARIE T. NICKLAS MELVIN F. NISSEL C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Sodalify I-2-3-4 Varsify I-2-3-4 Dramafics 2-3-4 Choir I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 So-dalify 3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Varsily Captain 3-4 Glee Club 4 Dramafics 2-3-4 Memo Sfaff 4 Thegpian Sogiefy 4 Thesplan Socie+y 4 Audubon Club 2 Choir 4 Audubon Club 2 Glee Club 4 Volleyball l Class Presidenf 3 Glee Club 4 Class Secrelary 4 Soflball 2 Ides Sfaf-f 4 ARLENE C. REIDER MARY B. REUSCHER C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Mass Aflendance 2-3-4 Sodalify 3-4 School Allendance 2-3-4 Camera Club I Volleyball 2-3-4 Glee Club 4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Soflball l Dramafics 2-3-4 Orchesfra 2 Sodalify 2-3-4 Thespian Sociely 3-4 Softball l-2 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 J. MARVIN RIDDLE M. JOAN RIGARD C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Sodalify I-2-3-4 Affendance I-2 Choxr I-2-3-4 Vice-Presidenf C.S.M.C. 4 Volleyball I-2-3-4 Memo Sfaff 4 Dramalics l-2-3-4 Audubon Club 2 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Glee Club 4 Thespian Sociefy 3-4 Softball I-2 Camera Club I Audubon Club 2 W f L . x.ff'f I xg-?,:is515, - -lg 'Li'-SJ' gl GERALDINE M. RUPPRECHT C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Volleyball I-2 Sodallfy 3-4 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 Home Economics 4 Librarian 4 Soflball I MARTHA M. RU PPRECHT C.S.M.C. Sodalily Glee Club Choir Volleyball Softball Home Economics I -2-4 3-4 4 4 I I 4 MARION K. Sl-IADD Sodallfy I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Dramafics 2-3-4 Class Presidenl 2-4 Class Vice-Presidenf 3 Class Treasurer I E-lee Club 4 Choir I Volleyball I Audubon Club 2 Memo Sfal'f 4 Thespian Sociely 4 IRIS M. SHERRY C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Thespian Sociely 3-4 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 Soflball 2 DORIS M. SCHWENTNER C.S.M.C. I-2-4 4 Glee Club I. PATRICIA SUNDER Sodalify Choir Volleyball C.S.M.C. Class Secrelary Softball Class Treasurer Memo Sfaff Glee Club Dramaflcs Home Economics Audubon Club I-2-3-4 I-2-3-4 I-2-3-4 I-2-4 I-3-4 2 I. 2 4 4 l 4 2 AU BERT F. WEGEMER C.S.M,C. I 2 4 Audubon Club Glee Club Q-1-,1i,aiw1'vX'f'Eqgv,tQrr ,, bv J an H X D 51. ', . ' Q - , :rf , -,le X x - ' as -- DELORES K. WENDEL Volleyball I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Soflball l-2 Glee Club 4 Choir 4 LEO. U. WEINZIERL WALTER W. WELZ Server I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. I-2-4 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 lnframural Baskefball I-2-3 lnlramural Baskefball I-2-3 Audubon Club 2 Soffball 2 Glee Club 4 Varsify I Varsity I Audubon Club 2 Aflendance l Glee Club 4 Soffball 2 RUTH R. WERNER MARY M. WICKS ROBERT R. WILLIANIEE C.S.M.C. - - Sodalify - - - C.S.M.C. - -4 Memo Slaff Choir - - - Server - - Glee Club C.S.M.C. - - Inframural Baskefball - - Home Economics Volleyball A Affendance - Glee Club Memo Sfaff Ides Slaff Audubon Club G-lee Club -0'-.-efg1iX1:seff'Ruagv,f6Q'vu. -012+ ff'7Y4hS3"e fb iv 6435 ' .Lg X 'I flgl , ll -+ x Q1 ! 174 'H ' l. 1, ? Q Y N MM df!" , o 'PQ B, . vu' U uf'- Y fl fx b 3 'fr X if lf J, 'C I24 I234 I2 I 4 I234 l23 4 l24 IZ3 'Kg 4 23 I2 4 4 fl Q fl 4 fr X1 Q , 1 f X if' w A "-D V, 4 f . I, ,- K ,I 4 uxxv 1, 1 xx -+1 ' ,A -U X f -E -A W -e -G 1 ' l A gf 233 l Yf: X K l X - if: -1 " "' l lx, if ,- X :9: , . E I X1 Y Q 1 f 8 Q :ak ' 'X n? ' N l JY, 4 X N l 1 1" Z 1 1 L. ,y3. l ll IA NX XX' l I X ' 'Nh- .,. A f a 19 J JAMES R. WITTMAN C.S,M.C. 2-4 Cheerleader 3-4 Audubon Club 2 Glee Club 4 Class Presi-den? 2 Class Vice-Presldenf 3 FLORENCE M. WOELFEL ANDREW F. WORTMAN C.S.M.C, l-2-4 C.S.M.C. l-2-4 Sodalify 3-4 Soflball 2 Glee Club 4 Audubon 2 Choir 4 Glee Club 4 Audubon Club 2 Home Economics 4 KATHLEEN R. YETZER Sodalily I-2-3-4 C.S.M.C. Dramafics I-2-3-4 Class Vice-Presidenf Volleyball I-2-3 Class President C.S.M.C. I-2-4 Memo Sfaff Cheerleader 3-4 Glee Club Soflball l-2 Choir Glee Club 4 Home Economics Choir l Thespian Sociefy 4 W , '- f44S ffl X -1? ' - A ---'V L '1 ia . MARIONK C. ZITZLER N-C l-2-4 2-4 3 4 4 4 4 -3 V ' 7 " -: fs ' A- 1 N' I Age: -w-11, ANNUAL RENEWAL OF ENTHRONEMENT OF SACRED HEART GN Friday, OcTober TwenTy-TiTTh, in preparaTion Tor The FeasT OT ChrisT The King, The inspiring renewal oT The enThronemenT OT The Sacred l-learT oT Jesus Toolc place in The basemenT oT our high school. The alTar which was decoraTed by The Seniors was beauTiTully done in a red and whiTe color scheme. The ceremony was inspiring and is sure To leave a liTe-long impression on every sTudenT. Reverend FaTher James read The EnThronemenT prayers. ATTer a hymn had been sung and The AposTles' Creed reciTed by all, FaTher gave a Timely Talk on The many beneTiTs derived Trom such an enThronemenT. l-le encouraged devoTion such as This To be held in every home, "For", he said, "ChrisT is cerTain To shower l-lis blessings on ail homes ThaT consider l-lim Their King and Leaderf Sarah Hoehn 0 27 lTllllS' lllHSS Hllllllll S The clock keeps Ticlcing away The minuTes, we begin To realize ThaT our high school days are coming To an end. They have been days of icy, oT happiness and, here and There, of sorrow. The value oT our educaTion does noT merely depend upon The Tour years of high school, buT goes back To The TirsT grade. Many oT us will undoubTedly recall These splendid school days. The Trials and TesTs of school liTe and liTTle happy momenTs will rank high in The memory oT all oT us. The day we Took Temporary leave oT our parenTs and home To place ourselves under The guidance oT loving Teachers was The beginning of a new, sTrange liTe. We shall Turn back The pages oT hisTory To a morning in SepTember l935. A group oT happy-Taced Ii++le girls made our way up CenTer STreeT. As we neared The Sacred l-learT Church halT oT The group enTered The Sacred I-lear+ School while The remainder, aTTer The cheerTul good-byes, conTinued our walk To Church STreeT. To The SainT Marys School. SomewhaT exciTedly we walked Toward The TirsT grade room. Here, we were greeTed by gay li++Ie girls, ignoranT oT The requiremenTs oT school. We Then proceeded To church direcTed by our good Teachers and accompanied by a second grade pupil. Our minds could noT grasp The significance and imporT- ance of The Mass, buT in Time we undersTood more abouT i+. ,Q ReTurning To school daily, we proceeded To learn our A B C's. We were so proud during ThaT TirsT year when we obTained a holy picTure, a symbol oT meriT. The second year came beTore us quiTe rapidly and we began again as we did The previous year. We were more acquainTed wiTh school liTeiandfTelT a liTTle more conTidenT. The mosT imporTanT evenT oT all was The re- cepTion of our FirsT Holy Communion. ln The Tollowing years we were privileged To see plays direcTed by The priesTs. MoTion picTures were also shown To The sTudenT body. When we reached The TiTTh grade, we were Taced wiTh The diTTiculTies oT TracTions, buT we overcarqe These Trials. We had been pracTicing singing Tor Three years now and showed some improvemenT. ln The Three succeeding Terms The Red Cross pro- grams occupied some oT our Time and added To The pleasure oT The school. PrinTing The school paper was Tun and The cake sales added spiriT and exciTemenT To The ordinary rouTine. Then eighT years were gone and we were proud when we graduaTed Trom Grade School. Our nexT sTep was high school where boTh groups were uniTed. A new kind of school liTe greeTed us- The changing of classes, The sTudenT assemblies, The vari- ous programs and plays. Ohl EveryThing was so exciT- ing and so new! l-low Terribly embarrassed we were when we unconsciously walked inTo The wrong class' rooms. We were "green Treshies". How True! BuT so much Tun! lT wasn'T long unTil we were Sophomores, Then Juniors. Our greaTesT delighf was The arrival oT our class rings. Oh! we were Juniors and we really TelT imporTanT now. We had waTched Two classes oT "Freshies" wander asTray in The halls looking Tor an algebra or a LaTin class. And Then we planned The Junior Prom. We were so happy and proud when we had compleTed The decoraTing. Suddenly our Senior year was upon us. We pursued Home Economics and enioyed iT very much. This was our lasT year Tor school plays, programs, baske+balI games and school dances. l-low much They meanT To us! The day FaTher James announced ThaT our haTs and pennanTs had arrived we acTually iumped Tor ioy. And Then our long-hoped-Tor sweaTers arrived. The yearbook had been sTarTed and we worked Tor iTs success. EveryThing, Then, seemed To sTop and we waiTed eagerly Tor graduaTion. These reminiscences are iusT a parT oT The hisTory of our class. ln our own small way we have also conTribuTed To The hisTory oT our Time-honored Town. Yesl We gradu- aTes oT I947 have made hisTory, buT our Task is noT yeT compleTed. We musT conTinue climbing The ladder which we have begun To build so ThaT our names shall be included in The records of worThwhile TuTure evenTs. PaTricia Sunder. I. "On fhe roci:s"g 2. Joan: 3. Jusi like her: 4. On fop once: 5. Our prized possession: 6. Geraldine 7. Two pals: 8. "Up a +ree"g 9. Dash wiih A'rom: IO. "Ouf" of schoolg ll. A+ 'Phe foun+ain of beaufy 29 Hlllli Ell-SS Hllllllll T was Twelve years ago, way back in I935, when we goT our hrsl' glimpse oT school liTe. On ThaT TirsT day affer we aTTended Holy Mass. cluTching our moThers' hands, IiTTle did we realize ThaT we were signing up Tor Twelve years oT hard sTudy. IT was no easy Task Those TirsT days Tor our Teacher To geT some semblance oT order ouT oT ThaT crowd of abouT TorTy healThy and acTive young boys. We soon had To seTTle down To our sTudies and school work, Though. Here was a life diTTerenT in all respecTs Trom any we had hiTherTo experienced. In The second grade we learned new prayers and had more advanced sTudies. Our biggesT Thrill ThaT year was The happiesT day oT our lives. ThaT on which we received our TirsT Holy Com- munion. As The years passed rapidly along, our sTudies became more numerous and increasingly diTTiculT, bui our abiliTy To absorb all This new knowledge increased proporTionaTely. During These years we had an occasional TreaT in The Torm of a play or moTion picTure aT The high school. We ThoughT we were quiTe grown up when we were finally promofed To sevenTh grade. ln The eighTh we enjoyed anoTher Thrill, ThaT oT being confirmed. This grade seemed easy, because a large parT oT The work was on The order of review in preparaTion Tor enTering high school. Finally The greaT day came when we acTually regisTered Tor high school. Upon The opening of school ThaT year we were iniTiaTed inTo a new kind of school life, which, To us, was raTher conTusing Tor The TirsT Tew days. The changing of classes every TorTy-Tive minuTes. packing up our books and moving To a diTTerenT class, also To a diTTerenT Teacher was someThing enTirely novel To us. This didl noT wear oTT in such a shorT Time, eiTher. There was quiTe some diTTiculTy in masTering The Toreign or modern languages. Science proved very inTeresTing To The maioriTy of us. ln our sophomore year biology claimed our aTTenTion. We all can remember The day we dissecTed our TirsT crayfish. MaThemaTics and languages were more diTTiculT and we had much ado To keep our marks above The 7072: level. We were enTerTained now and Then by general assemblies, aT which The DramaTics Club presenTed a play, a moTion picTure was shown or The Mission Crusade held iTs meeTing. WiTh The iunior year came The "Prom" Tor The success of which we worked so long and hard. We conTinued sTudying science now wiTh The subiecT oT chemisTry, which TascinaTed mosT of us. Finally we reached our goal, The senior year, wiTh graduaTion awaiTing us aT The end. This proved To be noT only one of The busiesT buT also one of The hardesT years. Physics occupied us mosT oT The Time. Then Too, The prinTing of The "ldes" and The preparaTion of The "Memo" Took up considerable Time. IT is wiTh a Touch of sadness ThaT we now look back over our school days. As we leave These halls To Those who are To Tollow, we hope ThaT They will geTf as much educaTion as possible ouT oT Their school days. May They make a success of Themselves and help To make This world a beTTer place in which To live! Marvin Riddle. Q cfm 30 ' 1 I. Sixfeen of usp 2. M 6. A+ The Drama Clin up"g ll. Posinglg I2. awy and Kaiieg 3. On a bridge in Meadvilleg 4. "Rico": 5. Affer school hours: ic: 7. Noon hour: 8. Engine. bewarelg 9. "Swee+s fo fhe Swee+"g l0. "Hands Vocaiional school in ihe making. 5 N 1 X3 lc 4 gm. 'fan wiv 51 SlNIllH lHHIlS Name Alice Bankovich Eugene Bauer Malene Bauer Agnes Baumgraiz Elizabefh Beimel Dorofhy Breindel Shirley Brown Clare Bucheif Rose Anne Cancilla William Cauley Melvin Delsch Shirlee Dinsmore Richard Dornisch Frederick Eichmiller Roberf Eichmiller Marfha Feiley Roger Feldbauer Donald Fleming Palricia Fleming Donald Friedl Richard Friedl Marcella Geiiner Celine Gerber Elizabelh Greenihaner Alice Haberberger James Haberberger Kaihyrn Haller Roberi Hauber Alyce Fleary YY Margueriie l-lerbsiriii Sarah Hoehn Loreifa Hoilman Roberi' Hupier Paul Jesberger Rulh Keller Nickname AI Oogie Melinda Aggie Be-'fre Choppa Brownie Babe Anne Bill Dash Dinsy Spook Fri+z Ike Mawy Rico Donny Pa++y Diesel Dick Sally Lenie Liz Auie Chub Kaiie Bob Alice Midge Sara Relira Emil Jessie Rui' Lou Type Mosi Talkalive Mosi' "Public" minded Mos'r carefree Earnesl Cheerleader Besl leader Mos+ Ambiiious Mosi' Reserved Mosf iruihful Mosl siudious Besf salesman Besi mechanic Busiesl Thin man Bes+ veferan Toughesi The iiny-esi Mosl souihern-minded Hero worshipper Sweefesi Besl bookkeeper Chubbiesl Shyesf Wiiliesl Friendliesi' Mosr helpful Mosi reliable Mosi siarry-eyed Besi dressed Biggesf ioker W Dainiiesl' Be-si slenographer Soffesi voiced Besi cyclisi' The cufesi' Mosf English minded 32 Prized Possession Piclures Swimming Trunks Driver's license Pea rl bracelei' ideniificalion bracelei Friends Dog, Skip Pei, "Mink" Dog, Tober Manners The "A+om" Driver's license His His His Red l-lis His muscles "Buick" fisis slacks hair class ring Music box Shoofin gallery l-lis Deuisch Hai' anci pennani Pei, "Frog" Class sweaier Class hai Guns Roller skaies His cameras Class sweaier lce skaies Class ring Waich Bicycle His golden hair Checker board Favorife Food Cake and cookies French fries Bananas Chicken Apple pie G-rapefrui+ Vegefables Spefzels Polalo dumplins Cauliflower Milk Spagheiii Spinach K-Ralions Raw carrofs Cherry pie Pork chops Hamburgers Hamburgers Meai loaf Pie Kraul and pork Spoiza Spagheifi Apple pie Venison Sirawberries Caviar Builerscoich pie Meai pie l-lam Pork chops Taier pancakes 'Kraui and pork Cream pulils Slllllll lIlHIlS Name Joan Kraus Marlene Kraus Eleanor Krieg Thomas Kunlz Elizabeih Lanzel Alice Lechner Elizabeih Lenze Mary Lucanik James Mallison Anira Meagher siirfley Naciirwsy Marie Nicklas Melvin Nissel Arlene Reider Mary Reuscher Marvin Riddle Joan, Rigard Geraldine Rupprechr Marrha Rupprechi Doris Schwenrner Marion Shadd Iris Sherry Parricia Suncler Auberr Wegemer Leo Weinzierl Waller Welz Delores Wendel Rurh Werner Mary Wicks Roberf Williamee James Wiiirnan Florence Woeliel Andrew Worimain Kaihleen Yeizer Marion Zifzler Nickname Jo Anne Marlene Jo T. K. Belly Alice Chippv Marv Mally Niraiean Nach Nick Sam Lene Fulz Marvin Joanie Jerry Marrha Dorie Tiefsle Du+chie lda Aubie Tub Mike Wendy Rurh Merrie Wilbur Jim Cookie Andy Kas Marion Type Sweelesl singer Besi soda-ierk Radio experl Besr "spor+s-wri+er" Slowesi Besi roller skarer Mile-csi' Sporriesl Muscle man Besr cashier Arden? baskeiball f Loyal Choirisi' Mosi' aihleiic C'uie'res+ The 'lemper Besf chemisr Mosr dramalic Mosl lady-like Mosl' home-loving Besf pianisl' The curesl' Blondes? Besl' malhemalician Besl sforekeeper Besr Time-keeper Sleepiesi' Mosr cheerful Mosi' arlislic The neafesi The besi whisller Besi' driver Peppiesl' Besl worker Mosr cheerful smile Besl' cook 33 GFI Prized Possession Class swealer Class ring Radio School books Liille lamb Class sweafer Waich Class sweaier His iokes Locker Brorher, Dick Memories His "leHers" Class swealer Gray slacks His polaroes Dog, Pere Class ring Class hai Piano Sisier. Nancy Her dad Summer corrage Pofrer Counly His razor His bed Class swealer Class ring Dimples His puncfualiiy The "Mercury" The "Ford" His 'facfory Cheer-leader iackel' Her "casl" Favori+e Food Chicken 'Krauf and pork Sweel pickles Sourhern fried chicken Hoi chocolaie Cherry pie Anylhing Apples Edibles Baked ham Pie Hamburgers lce cream cones Cocoanur cream pie Pork chops Buckwhear pancakes Pork chops Sfrawberry shorrcake Spaghelii Banana splirs Apple pie Creamed corn Hassen pfeiiier Brook rrour Canraloupe Pineapples Upside down cake Oranges Cream pie Honey Crabapples Chocolaie ice cream Fried ham lrish slew das Schmarah llllll lllllllll-I GIRLS or 1947 IGI-IT There on The lowesT branch oT my TavoriTe apple Tree, in Ireland, iT saT blinking Two liTTle Twinkling eyes and cocking a Tiny, round blue head. No liTTle bluebird lTor ThaT is whaT iT wasl could have been preTTier. I-Ie was The bluesT blue lalmosT royal, I Thinkl and he had The orangiesT liTTle ThroaT-Trom which he was gaily chirping ouT To me, These wee, warbling, bird words: "Wondering again?" lOhl I was-always so lonesomely wondering ever since May, l947l. "AbouT Them?" lAbouT Them-all 4-bl. "l wonder Too-in a diTTerenT way, Though. You see, l knew Them all once long ago Too. lYou ac+uaIIy did?l Oh indeed! IT was when I was swinging on a Telephone wire along CenTer STreeT one day, That I TirsT saw Them -Joan and Alyce and BeTTy and Sarah and-aohl iusT all oT you-hurrying exciTedIy along To The TirsT grade. Some were Turning in aT The Sacred I-IearT School and some were going up To The ST. Marys School on The hill -all were so happy and peppy and laughing and- diTTerenTI I liked everyone so very much. l wanTed To Tollow you all and waTch each gay liTTle being separ- aTelyI "And so I did. Every day Ton eighT iolly years I peeked inTo each school Trom aTop The church sTeepIes. I could see everyone so plainly-oh no! No one ever saw me, buT I was always There--waTching and lisTening-and I kepT Tab on you ouTside of school Too. "Then when you all meT and were happily TogeTher in 9a-everyone moved around so, all over inside-ThaT I was kepT really very busy ouTside-fFliTTing from one window To anoTher-I had nesTs in mosT every Tree all around CenTral. In winTer? Oh Then I Tlew over and snuggled up close To Mrs. Wegemer's warm chimney- buT l always kepT waTching across The sTreeT. "And during Those lasT and besT Senior days in I947 ,lien long, long years agol-noT one, of you ever knew ThaT I was nesfled way up close, and way Tar back in The corner oT your big l2a window--waTching and IisTening harder Than-you iusT will never know how happy you all made me when you chose my preTTy TeaThers Tor your class colors. And iT was one 'specially happy day also during ThaT exciTing lasT year ThaT I had precisely de- cided on 46 delighTTul TuTures Tor my Tavorife class. "STill lisTening?"-lOh, iusT ever so breaThlessIyIl "Then one day ThaT same year I ThoughT: "LiTTIe, quick-as-a-wink" BeTTy Lenze will surely be a sTar reporTer Tor a Tamous, leading newspaper, and ThaT cerTain newspaper could have no beTTer ediTor Than Marion ZiTzler, aTTer whom iT will be named, 'The Daily Sunbeam'. lOh yesll s "And This fine paper will undoubTedly conTain many cheerful and undersTanding liTTle Talks To Troubled Teen- agers ThaT could be wriTTen by none oTher Than - lMarTha Feiley?l "RighT. And There will be socieTy columns Too, which will Tell abouT DoroThy Breindel's having esTablished more chariTy and relief organizaTions Than any oTher known socieTy lady. And arTicles abouT Joan Rigard- everyone's ideal hosTess and club enTerTainer- being chosen as New York's mosT eliTe and eleganT personaliTy. She will receive such honored and worThy guesTs as Dr. BeTTy Beimel-1world 'Famous surgeon, advisor and com- lorTer and Dr. PaTTy Sunder-world famous dieTiTian and FirsT Lady oT Congress. Sarah I-loehn will also grace .Ioan's recepTion room. "All rig hT?" lPerTecTll "And The sporTs iTems in The paper will be Tilled wiTh The greaT aThleTic successes oT Mary Lucanik and BeTTy GreenThaner, whose magniTicenT managemenTs OT All SporTs For All Girls' will be unsurpassable. And Dolores Wendel, I Think will make headlines as The new golT champion of l957. "Don'T you Think so Too?" lOh yesll "And as no newspaper will be compleTe wiThouT The Tunnies-lAlyce Heary?l "RighT againl I-ler conTagious wiT will be spread To millions Through her comic creaTion, 'Laugh IT OuT.' lAIl This abouT my cIassmaTes in 'The Daily Sunbeam'l. "Tell me abouT Shirley Nachway and Anne Cancilla and Mary Reuscher and Alice Bankovich and Marie Nicklas and-" "Oh-waiTI LeT's sTarT wiTh Shirley. I Think she will be a model Tor a 'Be Popular Ad' because oT her won- derful smile and gay personalify. lOh yesll And Anne will cerTainly be a scienTisT oT greaT renown, urged on by her closesT Triend and co-worker, Arlene Reider. "And aTTer waTching Mary Reuscher Tor I2 years l Think she will operaTe her own auTo repair shop some day and AIice's success as a business woman and sales- Iady will be remarkable. She will make her greaTesT sales on 'Vanish-O-Freck', Treckle remover, perTecTed by Iris Sherry, who will be a Tamous beauTy and Tace re- modeling experT. I ThoughT Joan Kraus and Marie Nicklas would make a lovely song and piano Team hav- CLASS PROPHECY-GIRLS ing as lheir exlra added allraclion--Malene Bauer- lamous ballel dancer. lAnd Eleanor?l "l always did lhinlc Eleanor Krieg would inheril a fabulous forlune from an unknown aunl' somewhere- France perhaps-and would be an heiress-weallhy, charming, beaulilul, soughl 'lhe world over by dashing foreign princes. "Clare Bucheil, because of her quaini' voice and en- chanling dark gypsy-like fealures, will lravel wilh a famous circus, leading her caravan of roving gypsies. ln 'rhis same circus would be Celine Gerber, a 'famous 'lrapeze arlisl' who will lhrill fhousands wilh her amazing and daring performances. lAnd Florence Woellel and Shirley Brown and Shirley Dinsmore and Alice l-laberberger-oh, whal' will lhey be?l "Florence will own a greal business concern-a secre- larial school-in which she will sel up as examples of per- lecl secrelaries-Marguerile l-lerbslrill' and Rulh Wer- ner. And Shirley and Alice will be The 'lwo laslesl lyp- isls in lhe world. "Wha'r do you 'lhink?"-lOh-il is iusl, ius+-loo- wonderlulll "Doris Schwenlner will become a famous concerl' pian- isl and she will malce world fours. Her line voice will hardly lind ils equal. "Marlene Kraus and Marcella Geilner will own a lillle doughnul shop beside Alice Lechner's nursery. ,ff X l N .x' Ji eff Their doughnuls baked by lhose lwo oulslanding Amer- ican cooks-Marlha and Geraldine Rupprechl-will be unexcelled. "Chl And Kalie l-laller's amazing ice leafs will make her lhe champion ice slcaler of I957. Besl on roller loo. And Lorella Hoffman will be lhe proud and efficienl owner of a lighlhouse +o which Belly Lanzel will iourney in her privale yachl, every weelc. "Rulh Keller will be a famous Parisian beaulician- her abililies lo make people over-remarkable. "Also in l957, an academy award will be presenled by 'rhe 'A.M.M.Vi!, Sludio' managed under lhe experi- enced hands ol Anila Meagher and Mary Wicks, +o Marion Shadd for a movie which she wrole, direcled and produced. lAnd Agnes and Kalhleen?l "Ohl l'hey'll be lhe slars of The show, of course. lAnd he was gone.l lBul never more would I be lonely under lhe apple free-for l would always see lhem lhere-my 46, laugh- ing, lovable classmales-happier 'lhan ever before-and all because he lold me so.l "Who lold you so?"-whispered The lree. And from somewhere way up in lhe branches, in lhe same sweel, singing nole, lhe answer came lrilling all lhe way down-"Jusl a lillle bird-". P. Fleming. ff if A l A lll Xxx . gs X 'J --B' K nhngin A 1 H' gy i 2 ,X , 1 . ci' . ll X as X 'I 9 N iii i ii , f - Nl lin I l EIHSS PHUIIHIIIY-Boysonw FTER making my second billion as a lollipop manu- TacTurer, I decided To Take liTe easy and buzz around The world in my rockeT ship and look up my cIassmaTes oT '47, Arriving in WashingTon. I wenT To The CapiTol To see Roger Feldbauer. "Rico", who was a SouThern SenaTor, was giving a speech on "Those Rebellious NorThern Re- publicans," As we were leaving The building, we en- counTered none oTher Than Thomas KunTz who was going TolChicago. T. K. Told us he was a "big gun" in The F. B. I. and was onxhis way To solve a problem Tor James WiTTman, InTernaTional LivesTock Wheel, who was having Trouble wiTh his caTTle being sTolen. "Rico" and I Then headed Tor The Rocky MounTain ObservaTory where Marvin Riddle was preparing Tor his iniTiaI Trip To Mars. We Then headed Tor Alaska To visiT Sam.Nissel who was Teaching The principles of bas- keTball To The Eskimos who played The game on ice- skaTes. We leTT Alaska Tor Hollywood. On arriving we meT Donald Friedl who had iusT Tinished sTarring in anoTher picTure, "Such Corn." Diesel showed us around The place, aTTer which I Took my leave oT "Rico" and "Diesel" and made my way To AusTralia where Andrew WorTman was engaged in raising Kangaroos. "Andy" was Training a number of Thorough-breds Tor The annual Kangaroo Hop in Melbourne. He had Taken his work so seriously ThaT he developed "hops" from his close conTacT wiTh The kangaroos. Seeing This, I said, "Take a Trip wiTh me, Andy." He agreed and we leTT Tor Borneo where William Cauley was in charge oT a large rubber planTaTion. ATTer visiTing wiTh Bill, we headed for Burma where Eugene Bauer, chief engineer, wiTh his men was reconsTrucTing The Burma Road. ATTer a pleasanf visiT wiTh him, we sTarTed Tor Cal- cuTTa where we sTopped Tor reTreshmenTs aT Jim Haber- berger's resTauranTi"""Chub" enTerTained--us and-faTTer discussing The Indian Problem, we Tlew To Cairo. We were inTormed by The American Embassy ThaT Paul Jes- berger had a NighT Club overlooking The Nile. The Three of us wandered around Cairo leisurely, and ThaT evening we were guesTs aT his club. The Tollowing day 'found us in Moscow and There we discovered Donald Fleming posing as a member of The "Reds" buT in realiTy he was a secreT agenT working Tor our governmenT. DespiTe The "Iron CurTain", we saw much oT The ciTy. Vienna beckoned us nexT. James Mallison, The Marble Champ of The warld was on a Tour showing his prowess wiTh marbles and his sharp-shooTing abiliTy. When we leTT, he said he would see us in ST. Marys in a monTh. Our nexT sTop was I-lamburg. Here, Melvin DeTsch had a proTiTable business, selling "Low Bred Dashes". NexT, Fred Eichmiller saw us in London. He was busy designing a new Type oT aufomobile To be puT on The markeT soon. He Told us Richard Friedl had moved To Paris and had Taken over The largesT HoTel in The ciTy. We looked up Dick, who showed us his hoTel and Then The ciTy. g We Tlew To Africa nexT. An expediTion inTo The wilds of Africa. under The leadership of Leo Weinzierl, ac- companied by RoberT Hauber. was abouT To sTarT. Bob was a phoTographer Tor a naTionally known magazine ThaT wanTed some acTion shoTs oT The Tamous inTerna- Tionally known game hunTer "Tub" Weinzierl, who Tear- lessly soughT ouT The vicious animals in Their Iairs. Wish- ing Them boTh IoTs oT luck, we wenT TarTher souTh where AuberT Wegemer was mining diamonds. SouTh America was ouT nexT desTinaTion. RoberT Hup- Ter welcomed us To his large ranch in ArgenTina. Bob was raising rabbiTs and as a side line he had a herd of abouT 20,000 caTTle. Bunking There Tor The nighT, we planed Tor BosTon. There we meT RoberT Williamee who had iusT wriTTen a "BesT Seller" enTiTIed "The WhisTler". Everywhere he wenT, Bob had The auTograph seekers aT his heels. ln New York we saw Richard Dornisch exhibiTing his painTings. One picTure in parTicular broughT him pop- ular acclaim andnThis was "The Spook". We leTT him and wenT To Harrisburg. Walkingf inTo The GovernmenT Building, we found WalTer Welz had been promoTed To PresidenT oT The W. P. A. "Mike" showed us a very enioyable Time and aTTer discussing our Travels we made our way home- aTTer one quick monTh oT globe-TroTTing. RoberT Eichmiller. I. A boa? ride: 2. On fop of 'rhe world: 3. High jump: 4. "Pals": 5. A+ fhe oars: 6. Cookie smile: 7. On a hike: 8. Jusi parking: 9. Tousle head: I0. Wilbur and Spook: II. In Hue woods: I2. Arlene 37 Sllllll llllll lllll E, lhe class ol I947, being ol sound mind and body bequealh lhe 'following in lhis lasl will and leslamenl ol our school life. To Falher Timolhy we leave a pair ol roller skales lo be used during his evening walk. To Falher James we leave our lond hopes lor a 'fool- ball leam al Cenlral. To Falher Richard we leave a chesl ol carpenler lools lo be used in lixing lhe gym. To Mr. Gies we leave hopes lor as good a physics class as he had lhis year. To Miss Frilz we leave hopes lor a bigger oliice. To Mrs. Willman we leave our hopes lor a class lhal can cook as well as we can. To lhe 'iacully we leave a box ol sleeping pills so lhal lhey may resl up aller our deparlure. To lhe class ol '48 we leave lhe happiness and head- aches ol our senior year. To lhe Sophomores we leave lwo more years ol lriendly and educalional galherings al Weezy's. To lhe Freshmen we leave 3 more years ol "Early lo bed, early lo rise." Alice Bankovich leaves her place al lhe head ol lhe class lo Mary Ann Bankovich. Eugene Bauer wills his curly hair lo Pierre Brehm. Denny Scoll now has beaulilul hair, lhanks lo Malene Bauer. Agnes Baumgralz leaves her "Red Mercury" lo anyone who is in need ol a car. Belly Beimel bequealhs her big gun lo Donna Mae Gerg. Georgia Erich is lhe receiver ol Dorolhy Breindel's unusual personalily. Shirley Brown leaves,her 'Farm chores lo Mary Lou Meyer. Clare Bucheil leaves her shorl walk inlo school lo Marlha Slaulier. Ann Cancilla gives her lrip lo Church every morning lo Eileen Werner. William Cauley bequealhs his desk in l2b lo his brolher, Bernie. Melvin Delsch gives his mechanical abilily lo James Bulsch. Shirlee Dinsmore leaves her appelile lo Rosemary Fleming lo build up her lrail appearance. Richard Dornisch wishes lo give his Charles Alias build lo Alvin Auman. "Doc" Ellis now has marvelous driving abilily because ol Fred Eichmiller's gill. Roberl Eichmiller wills his quielness and pleasing dis- posilion lo Paul Hanes. Marlha Feiley bequealhs her nickname ol "Mawy" lo anyone who wanls il. Roger Feldbauier leaves his baby loolh lo Louise Halhorn. Donald Fleming is leaving Pally Meagher, sad, isn'l il? Palricia Smilh is lhe receiver ol Pally Fleming's place al lhe piano in assembly. Donald Friedl wills his unequal acling abilily lo Joe Kline. Richard Friedl leaves his shapely figure lo Belly Slraub. Marcella Geilner gives her abilily in Commercial Arilh- melic lo Mary Devereux. Celine Gerber leaves her makeup kil lo Eslher Eckerl. Alice Kesller receives a sel ol long linger nails lrom Elizabelh Greenlhaner. Alice Haberberger leaves lhe iob ol collecling lhe absenlee slips lo Phyllis Slraub. James Haberberger leaves Donald Goelz his hunling abilily so lhal he won'l iusl draw blood. Kalie Heller leaves her shapely lower appendages lo Dolly Krellner. Roberl Hauber wills his neal appearance lo "Bugs" Woellel. Alice Heary leaves her chemislry experimenls lo Lois Kunlz. Marguerile l-lerbslrill wills her ice-skaling abilily lo Carlo Meyer. Sarah l-loehn leaves her Shorlhand book lo Adelaide Bosnik. Lorella l-lollman gives her easy smile lo Irene Shields. Roberl l-lupler leaves his brolher lo ride home on his bike. Fred Yorns is lhe recipienl ol Paul Jesberger's blonde hair. Rulh Keller bequealhs her abilily al checkers lo Bill Dippold. SENIOR CLASS WILL Joan Kraus wills her line singing voice lo Velma Miles. l-lowie Proesl will soon receive Marlene Kraus's iob al Grays. Hickey Slraub gels a radio ballery lor his car lrom Eleanor Krieg. Tom Kunlz gives his iob as Sporls wriler lo Paul Tor- nalore. Belly Lanzel leaves her diel lo Carol Hanes. Alice Lechner wills her lille ol "glamor girl ol l2a" lo Helen Hulchinson. Mary Ann Mawn is lhe receiver ol Belly Lenze's sludiousness. Mary Lucanik and Delores Wendel leave lheir volley- ball abilily lo Frances Rupprechl and Rila Lucanik. Jim Mallison bequealhs his wil lo Tom Bauer. Anila Meagher gives her lillle black book lo Norma Schaberl. Shirley Nachlway wishes lo donale lheir lruck lo help oul lor nexl year's class parlies. Marie Nicklas leaves her iob al Rollick's lo Aldine Glass. Sam Nissel wills his abilily lo be al ease lo Jim Schlimmi Marlha Friedl inherils Arlene Reider's carelree allie lude. Mary Reuscher wills lhe slalion wagon and a pair ol chains lo her brolher, Bill. Marvin Riddle leaves his iob al Schwabenbauer's lo Belly Dippold. Joan Rigard bequealhs her unusual "abilily lor con- versalion" lo Dick Clark. Joyce Wehler now has a Navy P-coal lo keep her warm, lhanks lo Geraldine Rupprechl. Marlha Rupprechl leaves her "lighl and lealhery" cakes lo anyone who cares lo eal lhem. Doris Schwenlner gives her diary lo Shirley Laird. Marion Shadd wills her secrel passion lor ginger ale lo "Beeps" Bauer. lris Sherry leaves her bolle ol peroxide lo Mary Ther- esa Dornish. Pally Sunder gives her colleclion ol ioke books lo Pally Meyer. Auberl Wegemer wishes lhal Charles O'Connor should receive his Lalin abilily. Leo Weinzierl leaves his place as an allar boy lo Waller l-lauber. LeRoy Wihelm inherils Waller Welz's ambilion. Rulh ,Werner bequealhs her house lo Jim l-landwerger so he won'l have lo walk so lar. Mary Wicks leaves her iob al lhe lhealer lo her sisler. Roberl Williamee bequealhs his place in lhe hearl ol every Cenlral girl lo Larry Donivon. Jim Willman leaves his larmer's gail lo Kenny Herzing. "Pepper" Fleming is lhe proud possessor ol a pound ol "cookies" lell by Florence Woellel. Andrew Worlman gives Jerry Lanzel back lheir car. Kalhleen Yelzer wills one ol her chins lo anyone who needs il. Marion Zilzler leaves her crulches lo any poor senior who breaks her leg nexl year. James Mallison. fl if f fl " SSM r, Ls ,N , QS .L X 6557 ff? X f CK 1 " X xx, V, N' V'1 x' K 1 lmlllllxxx . 5 N Q X J' l f-'Bo s SNHPS I. A car 'Fully 2. A bridge in winier ou+fifg 3. Talking i+ over: 4. See our sweaierslg 5. Who are we?: 6. Marie: 7. Alice: 8. Win1er's delighh 9. Hiking irip: IO. Shirl and Spook. 40 Ill IIHSSIIHIII SAM NISSEL Smiling Cenler Coach's dream, Number "Six" ol Cenlral's leam. JAMES MALLISON Jolly presidenl ol our room, Mally's iokes dispel our gloom. ROBERT WILLIAMEE Romanlic, willing, smiling Bob, Who whislles lunes lhal make us sob. ROGER FELDBAUER Rico's hair's his ioy and pride, For il mosl ol his head does hide. DONALD FLEMING Dashing Romeornan aboul lown-whose Face looks besl wilhoul his lrown. ROBERT EICI-IMILLER Ike's a lad wilh manners charming, Even lhough his ways are alarming. MELVIN DETSCH lvlechanically minded-brighl as a dime, "Dash" we'lI slick wilh il any lime. J. EUGENE BAUER Every girl will shed a lear, Because lheir "Gene" will leave lhis year. AU BERT WEGEMER Always near lhe Field and Slream, Wilh gun and rod he besl does gleam. LEO WEINZIERL Lel's see if you can guess lhis one, Who's plump and jolly and lull ol lun. DONALD FRIEDL Dramalics greal is lhis one's line, For al lhis arl we lhink he's line. ANDREW WORTMAN Andy's one wilh an ambilious way, Who hopes lo own a laclory some day. ROBERT HAUBER Reserved, sludious and, wilhal, brighl, I-Ie helped our counlry win lhe lighl. JAMES WITTMAN Jim's a boy, he's one big lease, Who really knows his A, B, C's. PAUL JESBERGER PauI's Vice-Presidenl ol our class, Jusl walch, you'II see him al daily Mass. THOMAS KUNTZ There is a boy who has covered ground, Kilroy bows when Tom's around. ROBERT I-IUPFER Relined and quiel, lhe kind you like, I-Ie's seen mosl ollen wilh his "Bike", WILLIAM CAULEY When lhe bugle blew he wenl lo war, Could anybody ask us lor much more? WALTER WELZ WaIler's bloncl, sleepy. and slow-bul, Asked lor a lavor, he never says, "No." FRED EICI-IMILLER From our nalion's ranks he came, Ex-serviceman and Fred's his name. RICHARD DORNISCI-I Rollicking, and iovial wilh a will lo win, Dick's nol much lhicker lhan a pin. RICHARD FRIEDL Really a very good CommerciaIiSlar, For as a Bookkeeper he'lI go lar. MARVIN RIDDLE Marvin's sludicus and very brighl, Really sluclies day and nighl. JAMES I-IABERBERGER And my name's Chub, I wrole lhis verse, Which could be beller, bul nol much worse -James I-Iaberberger Ml IIIHSSIIHIIS ALICE BAN KOVICH Always slrives her besl ro do beller, Bul never fails lo answer a Ieller. MALENE BAUER Makes happiness glow where 'ere she goes, Because she never culfivales foes. AGNES BAUMGRATZ Able fo yell "Come on, leam. win!" lhen, Broadens her face wilh a pleasani grin. ELIZABETH BEIMEL Early in lhe morning lo church she walks. Blesses herself and lo God she lalks. DOROTHY BREINDEL "Du'ry is calling and l musl go," "BE PREPARED" were 'rhe words lhal made he SHIRLEY BROWN Sludy and work The whole clay long, Bul she lakes lime oul for a lilrle song. CLARE BUCI-IEIT Coming fo school on a bus from afar, r show. Bul' she doesn'+ mind if she can'l come by car. ANNE CANCILLA A bundle of ioys from head lo foes, Chuckles and Iaughler where e'er she goes. SHIRLEE DINSMORE Seldom found in a dismal mood, Delighied whenever she's near food. MARTHA FEILEY Much 'loo small for a Senior, bul' sl'iII, Eills her place wilh a hearly will. PATRICIA FLEMING Parlicular abou? everylhing she does, Full of ideas, and near as a "fuzz" . MARCELLA GEITNER Much lime she spends on Shorlhand One, Gives all she has lill lhe lesson's done. CELINE GERBER Careful +o walch her daily diel, Gives lhe sel'-up and lells you lo lry il. ELIZABETH GREENTHANER Eager To do her daily lasks, Gives good advice, bul' seldom asks . KATHERYN HALLER Keeps up her beauly plan each day, I-leaps curls "galore" in a handsome way. ALYCE H EA RY A smarl' young girl who says "Be Wisel" Has all her work done, and reads besides. MARGUERITE HERBSTRITT Much lime she spends on her subiecls hard and Has good marks on her reporl' card. SARAH HOEHN Shows her abilily lo do her work, Has all her assignmenls and never does shirk. LORETTA HOFFMAN Loves lo clerk al Smifh Brolhers, Has lhis iob plus many olhers. ALICE HABERGERBER Asks no queslions-always says, "please", Helps keep 'rhe record of rhe absenlees. RUTH KELLER Ready lo fix everyone's hair, Keeps her own beauly in good repair. JOAN KRAUS Joylully her songs on her way she sings, Keeps lhem going iusl as music rings. MARLENE KRAUS Makes chocolale Sundaes for all "us kids", Keeps lhe dishes washed and lhe iars, wilh lids. ELEANOR KRIEG Eliminales 'Foods fha+ pul on weighr-fo Keep herself Trim for lhal "dale bail". ELIZABETH LANZEL Enlers Ihe classroom afler Ihe bell, Lale every morning for quile a spell. ALICE LECHNER A very small girl for so greal a job, Leis nofhing keep her from ioining Ihe mob. ELIZABETH LENZE Enlivens a parly wi'Ih all her wil, Likes all her clolhes exaclly 'ro fir. MARY LUCANIK More fun is aroused when she comes in view, Loves volleyball and is surpassed by few. ANITA MEAGHER Advenlurous, neal, and lull of fun, Measures a iob affer i'r's done. SHIRLEY NACHTWAY Sharp as a razor while she's debaling, Near as a pin in doing Iranslaling. MARIE NICKLAS Mildly accepls her given Iasks, Never acis before she asks. ARLENE REIDER Acquainied herself wifh Ihe musical world, Reads a book when in a chair she's curled. MARY REUSCHER Mass is a 'Ihing she never fails, Reads bolh her Missal and fairy Iales. JOAN RIGARD "Jack-of-all-Irades" in her daily life. i'Reaper of good" afier a year of sfrife. GERALDINE RUPPRECHT Goes Io work wiih liIIle heed, Ready Io help where she's mos? in need. MARTHA RUPPRECHT Minds Ihe children around her home, Really works when she's all alone. DORIS SCHWENTNER Dreams of being a radio slar-which Seems Io be, Ihough, quile afar. MARION SHADD Meefs her work wilh ioy and skill, She sells Iickels a'I her own 'free will. IRIS SHERRY Is slruggling hard Io graduare, Shows signs of being a very "firs'I'-ra're." PATRICIA SUNDER Palienrly slicks Io a iob 'Iill iI's done, "Shoves on" from rising Io selling of sun. DELORES WENDEL Dolefully wonders how 'ro dissecir 'rhal lish Which she would discard Io suiI her wish. RUTH WERN ER Ready Io be a failhful friend, Willing Io give all she can lend. MARY WICKS Merrily ushers you 'ro your seat Whenever you rnoiion 'ro her "All reef!" FLORENCE WOELFEL Finds Arifhmefic her hardesl sI'udy, When if asks for Ihe cos? of "a pound of puHy KATH LEEN YETZER Keenly wafches The game wiI'h Irighl, Yer Cenlral always comes our all righfl MARION ZITZLER Means real business-iusi' like a moiher, Zealous 'Io a degree beyond any oiher. -Ma rion Zlizler S INIIIH lllHllY 3-School doors reopen. lGroanlI Reverend FaTher 9-Home room James O.S.B., ioined The 'l:aculTy as principal. represenTaTives eIecTed. 27-SeIecTions of class colors were made by The Seniors wiTh The resulT of our vivid blue and orange. OCTOBER I-Glee Club commenced, direcTress, Sr. M. Edward O.S.B. 2-Home Economics Class began under The capable supervision oT Mrs. WiTTman. IO-Senior class haTs, sweaTers, pennanTs and emblems were ordered. Period of anxious waiTing begins. II-Teachers' ConvenTion Took place giving us a 'Free day! I5-FirsT ediTion of "The ldes" breaks inTo prinT. I7-Mission Crusade commences and officers elecTed. 25 -Inspiring enThronemenT of The Sacred Hearl' leav- ing a lasTing impression on all. 26-DramaTic Club members aTTend a DramaTic Clinic aT 29 Meadville. -Halloween dance sponsored by The Seniors. NOVEMBER 5-Memo STaTf Officers were elecTed. 4-9-4InTeresTing display oT CaTholic liTeraTure was given Tor "Book Week." I3-Seven Seniors conducTed a panel discussion on CaTholic EducaTion. 29-"Crusaders" geT oTF To a flying sTarT deTeaTing The Alumni 47-37 in The opening baskeTball game. DECEMBER 3-Science TalenT Tesl' was Taken by I2 Seniors under The supervision of Sr. M. AlberTa O.S.B. Crusaders make iT a second win deTeaTing ST. Joes of Renova 52-27. 5-Class moTTo was chosen: "WE BUILD THE LADDER BY WHICH WE CLIMB." 6-Crusaders win over Johnsonburg 4644. AnoTher easy vicToryl II-Day of mourning. Blue and Gold losT Tirslr game of season To Penn STaTe Freshmen "College STudenTs" 41-30. I3-Crusaders deTeaT Wilcox 43-2I coming back To "Winning grounds." I6-A day of glory! We had our picTures Taken proudly aTTired in cap and gown. I7-Johnsonburg deTeaTed by The wide margin of SI-I3 on The gym floor. 20-ChrisTmas play and Tableau were presenTed by The DramaTic Club. Very en'lerTainingl Doors close once more Tor ChrisTmas vacaTion. Ridgway Public visiTed CenTraI and were Turned back 4-I-24. Peace on EarTh! Good Cheer To All! 26-Annual ChrisTmas dance sponsored by The Juniors. l JANUARY -The beginning of whal' we hoped would be a beTTer and more prosperous New Year. 3-Blue and Gold enTerTain STs. Cosmas and Damian of Punxy. The sainTs reTurned To Punxy on The shorT end of 53-I5. 6-ChrisTmas vacaTion ends and we march back To The "Grade." Senior inviTaTions were ordered. 7-Eirsf ciTy series game beTween Public and Cenfral. An all imporTanT game which CenTral copped 30-I9 and The Crusaders were olif To a flying sTarT in The race Tor This year's ciTy championship and The STack- pole Trophy. B-Volleyball geTs inTo swing. IO-Crusaders deTeaT Wilcox 65429. QuiTe a score! ll-CenTraI comes up wiTh a close one. Erie CaThedral Prep 25, CenTral 27. I4-ST. CaTherine of Dubois appear on The Church STreeT Tloor and are downed 54-I7. AnoTher high score Tor CenTral. I7-The GoeTzmen Traveled To Renovo and reTurned wiTh a SI-24 win over ST. Joes. 2l-24-Ridgway Public and ST. Leo's are Taken inTo camp, 40-I4 and 56-IB, respecTively. SENIOR DIARY 24--Reverend FaTher TimoThy's namesday. DramaTic Club makes a greaT hiT wiTh "Shakespeare STream- lined." 24-PaTience is a virTueI ATTer monThs of anxious waiT- ing The Senior class haTs, emblems and pennanTs arrived amid much cheering and deIighT. 27-ST. Bernards' oT Bradford, an old Toe, are deTeaTed by a score oT 40-25. 3I-CenTraI Takes an easy vicTory over ST. Francis of CIearTieId 5I-I9. FEBRUARY 2-CenTraI visiTs JohnsTown CenTraI CaThoIics' and de- Teafs Them 40-29. 4-The High School is enTerTained by a movie enTiTIed, "Melody Tor Three." 4-STs. Cosmas and Damian oT Punxy were CenTraI's nexT vicTims losing by a 48-2I score. 6-PicTures were shown of The I946 all-sfar game and world series beTween ST. Louis Cardinals and BosTon Red Sox. 7-Blue and Gold Travel To ST. Bernards' of BradTord and deTeaT Them 36-I3. 8-Ceniral wenT To Erie To play CaThedraI Prep. Yipee! We Took The Ramblers up aT Erie 44-30. I0-A rare honor was aTforded The sTudenTs when a program was given by a TaIenTed group from The Philadelphia LighThouse of The Blind. II-Senior class sweaiers arrive and are received wiTh many "ohs" and "ahs" oT deIighT. I3-A movie "Tundra" was shown and enioyed by all. I4-The Pepsi-Cala Scholarship TesT was Taken by a group of Senior sTudenTs. I5-The GoeTzmen Traveled To Dubois To play ST. CaTh- erines and came home wiTh a 44-24 vicTory. I9-ST. Leo's oT Ridgway were nexT. CenTraI 46, ST. Leo's 20. 21 2I-Second ciTy series game againsl' Public was played. CenTraI made if Tive consecuTive ciTy championships by Taking The red and blue 45-22. --CenTraI enTerTains ST. Francis oT Clearfield and de- TeaT Them 27-54. -Blue and Gold played hosT To JohnsTown and senT Them home on The shorT end of 24-I8. MARCH -LasT game is played away wifh The Dubois Penn STaTers. Here CenTraI meeTs iTs second deTeaT 40-32. Much crediT is due our Team Tor iTs splendid record of 25 wins To 2 losses. --A healfh Talk was given To The Juniors and Seniors by Miss Chapelle, sTaTe nurse, and Dr. Charles Hauber. I9-Dr. Harold C. Hodge's OperaTion Crossroads picTure and IecTure under The auspices of The Physics class. 20--"Alice Blue-gown" and "Lemme See Your Tongue" and reciTaTions in honor oT ST. BenedicT. Free day. "GoodyI OTT Tor WiIIiamsporT! Reading CenTraI Tell before The Crusaders and Then Ambriclge was Toppled, buT Then we-ugh--hiT CenTral PiTTs- burgh Cafholic. 24-Mr. King, Navy OTTicer, gave Talk To Senior Boys. APRIL -"Millions call him, TaTher." OUT again! Did you have a hard Time finding your EasTer bas- keTs? -In again--seven weeks To go! -DisTricT MeeTing-Free Day Tor pupils. I5--"LeT's Sing Again." AThIeTic BanqueT. 111 45 Hllll lllllllllll THIS year l-lome Economics was added lo our curriculum wiih Mrs. l-lilary WH"rman as our inslrrudror. Our class consisfed of lilleen girls and iwo boys. We srarred classes in Ocrober, wirh 'rwo periods of 'rheory and one of pracrice each week. Our course was highlighled by Jrhe home canning of fresh lruifs and vegelables and +he prepararion of a number of complele meals. Among Jrhe individual dishes which we prepared were while, yellow and chocolare cake, pies, sugar cookies, German "lebl4uchen" and many orher Jrasly foods. The Jrhings we made had very lirrle lime io cool before They were sampled. We also fried a liHle sewing. We were foriunare lo have a number of insrrucrive mofion picfures shown To us, demonsrraiing food values and correcr merhods used in preparing foods. I am sure Jrhal all Jrhe members will agree Jrhar This was one of Jrhe mosr inferesling and enjoyable classes. Florence Woelfel II-SIHIIIIIIIN ROBERT G. I-'IAUBER enlisTed Tor The Navy aT The age oT sevenfeen. This young man received his Training in Sampson, N. Y. AfTer compleTing his basic Training he was Transferred To The wesT coasT for duTy in The SouTh Pacific. From here he was senT To The U. S. air sTaTion, MoTfaTT Field. California, where he received Training in The mainTenance of lighTer Than air crafT. The following year he flew as crew member Tor The Zeppelin PaTroI 3I and 32. Here Two years were spenT againsT enemy submarine aTTacIcs. In The spring oT '46 he was separaTed from acTive duTy aT The U.S.N. Hospifal, Oakland, Cal. I-Ie is compleTing his educafion which was disrupTed due To The laTe World War. FREDERICK E. EICHMILLER was inducfed SepTember 20, I944 inTo The U. S. Army. I-Ie received his basic Training aT ForT McClellan, Alabama. From here he was senT To The European TheaTre of OperaTions. I-Ie served wiTh Co. C 34-5Th Infanfry RegimenT. I-Ie re- Turned To The U. S. on a Turlough prior To reassignmenT To The Pacific TheaTre. The war Then came To an end and he was reassigned To The Base Personnel aT ForT Bragg, N. C., from where he received his discharge papers. WILLIAM F. CAULEY enIisTed in The Navy January 3, I945. I-Ie received his bool' Training aT Sampson, N. Y. While sTaTioned There he was hospiTaIized. I-Ie was Trans- Terred To Lido Beach, Long Island, N. Y. ATTer a shorT period he received his honorable discharge. Eugene Bauer. WLS Hes" Siaff Chemisfry Laboraiory Biology Laboraiory 48 PANEL DISCUSSION On Wednesday, November I3, a group of Seniors conducled a panel discussion on Calholic Educalion in accordance wirh Calholic Educalion Week program. The speakers were Parry Sunder, James Mallison, Joan Rigard, Roberl Eichmiller, Margaref Rinehart and Donald Flem- ing, wirh Marion Zilzler acling as chairman. Their Iopics were respecrively: Cafholic aulhors, novels, Calholic Re- vival, Genflemen ol Ihe Press and Ihe Plalform, maga- zines, life and career of familiar Cafholic aurhors. Marion Zilzler. 'TWV' w ' ' CATHOLIC BOOK WEEK During Ihe week of November 4-9, Ihe srudenrs held a mosl inreresfing display of Calholic lileralure under lhe capable managemenf of Ihe librarian. The library held mosl of our inferesr. There, books wrillen by Calh- olic aulhors, accompanied by lheir pholographs, were on display. There. loo, was a decoralive ladder repre- senling srep by slep, lhe dirlerenl classes ol Carholic lireralure. Toward Ihe end of lhe week a play was slaged in Ihe inleresl of good lileralure. Many well known books and aulhors were discussed. On lhe lenrh, Ihe Sunday ending Book Week, lhese displays were open 'ro Ihe general public. Roberif Q.. Hauber- L EIQISUC Book wma I wus. ME 49 543 Sllllll lllll lllllllllll Name Bankovich, Alice A. Bauer, Eugene R. Bauer, Malene C. Baumgra+z, Agnes E. ., Beirnel, Elizabe+h S. Breindel, Doro+hy M. .. Brown, Shirley F. Buchei+, Clare M. Cancilla, Rose Anne Cauley, William F. .. De+sch, Melvin F. Dinsmore, Shirlee M. .. Dornisch, Richard J. Eichmiller, Frederick E. Eichrniller, Rol3er+ R. .,,.. ,... Feiley, Mar+ha M. .... Feldbauer, Roger H. ,. Fleming, Donald W.. . .. Fleming, Pa+ricia L. ... Friedl, Donald J. .... Friedl, Richard E. ..,. . Gei+ner, Marcella L. .. Gerber, M. Celine ..... Green+haner, Elizabe+h L. ... .... Haberberger, Alice M. Haberberger, James C. Haller, Ka+hryn V. .... Hauber, Rober+ G. ,... Heary, Alyce L. .,,... . Herbs+ri++, Margueri+e M. ... .... Hoehn, Sarah C. ..... . Ho++man, Lore++a J. Hup+er, Rober+ J. Jesberger, Paul L. Keller, Ru+h M. Kraus, Joan G. Kraus, Marlene M. .. Krieg. Eleanor T. ,. Kun+z, Thomas E. Lanzel, Elizabe+h T. .. Lechner. Alice M. ., Lenze, Elizabe+h J. .. Lucanik, Mary T. Mallison, James B. ., Meagher, Ani+a J. .. Nach+way, Shirley M. ,. Nicklas, Marie T. Nissel, Melvin F. ,. Reider, Arlene C. Reuscher, Mary B. Address ll6l Brussells S+. ,,.... .... . l77 Madison S+. .... , l9O Madison S+. ... I34 Maurus S+. ... So. Michael S+. .... 602 Maurus S+. ..... , 499 N. Michael S+. ,. Buck+ail Trail ,..... 653 Hall Ave. I23 Bank S+. 479 Spruce S+. ., l3uck+ail Trail ..,.. 6Ol Maurus S+. ..,.. . 528 Washing+on S+. .. 528 Washing+on S+. .. So. Michael Rd. ... School S+. ,,... . ,...... ,... . 48 So. S+. Marys S+. So. 396 Michael Rd. ....,... Ches+nu+ S+. ....,.,. .... . R.F.D., So. S+. Marys S 243 504 423 3l0 l37 So. I69 435 967 2 l 6 473 So. 249 427 552 443 503 329 I25 l87 642 629 Righ+meyer S+. ...... .... . E. Kaul Ave. ....... .,.. . Walnuf S+.. . .. John S+. .... . NeulDer+ S+. ... S+. Marys S+. Cen+er S+. .... Parade S+. ... Theresia S+. ..... . Columbus S+. ...... .... . So.S+. Marys S+. Michael Rd. .... , George S+. ... Spruce S+. .... . Ches+nu+ S+. . .. Walnu+ S+. Washing+on S+. .. Walnu+ S+. .... A+lan+ic S+. . .. Madison S+. ... Maurus S+. .... . Lincoln Ave. .... . 30l So. Michael S+. ., 327 Washinq+on S+. . Monas+ery Trail ,... 562 Ches+nu+ S+. Ches+nu+ S+. 839 Brussells S+. ,, 333 Maurus S+. ...,. . Riddle, J. Marvin. ,. ... ..,.. So. Michael Rd. ...... Rigard, M. Joanne .... Rupprech+, Geraldine M. ... .... Rupprech+, Mar+ha M. Schwen+ner, Doris M. ,. Shadd, Marion K. .. Sherry, lris M. Sunder, l. Pa+ricia .... Wegemer, Auber+ F. .. Weinzierl, Leo U. Welz, Wal+er W. Wendel, Delores K. .. Werner, Ru+h R. Wicks, Mary M. ..... . Williamee, Rober+ R. Wi++man, James R. ... Woel+el, Florence M. .. Wor+man, Andrew F. .. Ye+zer, Ka+hleen R. .... Zi+zler, Marion C. .. 400 Nor+h Michael S+. l I6 A+lan+ic S+. ....... ... 559 Maurus S+. 404 Maurus S+. P. J. S+. ....... . 552 Church S+. i I6 Cen+er S+. 440 Cen+er S+. .... 558 Hall Ave. 542 Hall Ave. ., So. Michael S+. lll Avis Ave. ...... . Nor+h S+. Marys S+. 525 Cen+er S+. .... . Buck+ail Trail .,...... 557 So S+. Marys S+.. .. 523 So. S+. Marys S+... Wehler Avenue ...... Ches+nu+ S+. Ex+. 50 Parish S+. Marys .. S+. Marys .. S+. Marys ... Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys ... S+. Marys ... Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys ... Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys S+. Marys .... . S+. Marys .... S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys S+. Marys ..., S+. Marys ....... Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys ..... S+. M a rys S+. Marys ....... Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys ..... Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Ma rys S+. Ma rys S+. Marys S+. Marys Sacred Hear+ Sacred Hear+ S+. Marys ,.., S+. Marys S+. Marys ..... Sacred Hea r+ S+. Marys Phone 4344 7822 4385 4475 7434 5057 7 I 22 7 l42 47l4 4l4O 560l 5592 742 l 7354 4575 59Il 5864 6I2l 6802 67l4 4571 5794 5472 627+ 4364 76l I 58Ol 682l 6842 42 I3 fl 4,9 X X VX X 2 HIIIIIIIHIIII CRUSADERS 1946-47 HE courT season I946-47 saw The CenTraI High Crusaders Turn in anoTher banner season, en- ioying The besT year ever. Jim GoeTz was again The coach and Turned ouT a Team ThaT IosT buT Three games ouT oT a ToTal oT ThirTy played. The IasT game, played aT WiIIiamsporT was The only one ThaT Blue and Gold IosT To a schoolboy Team. During The regular season The GoeTzmen played 27 games and IosT buT 2. These Two losses were To a college Treshmen Team Trom The DuBois UndergraduaTe CenTer. CenTraI downed CaThedral Prep Twice, The only Time ST. Marys has accomplished This. The Crusaders Took parT in The eIevenTh annual K. of C. TournamenT aT WiIIiamsporT, March 2I and 22, and were TirsT maTched wiTh Reading CenTraI CaTholic, Twice winners of The Bishop HaTey Trophy, whom They deTeaTed 37-28. They meT ST. Veronica's oT Ambridge in The semi-Tinals, beaTing Them 39-34. In The Tinals, They bowed To PiTTsburgh CenTraI 43-34, bringing home The second place Trophy, The highesT a CenTraI Team has aTTained aT WiIIiamsporT. Sam Nissel, cenTer and capTain, led The Team in poinTs scored, hiTTing a ToTal oT 386 poinTs wiTh a ToTaIoT 332, and Tom Bauer, Third wiTh I75 poinTs. As Their opponenTs I306 To 736. CenTraI again won The ciTy in 30 games. Jim Schlimm was nexT a whole The Blue and Gold ouTscored championship wiTh Two decisive wins over Public To gain The Tirsl' leg on anoTher STacIcpoIe Trophy. We wish To Thank FaTher James sincerely Tor all ThaT he did To bring such a glorious season To CenTral, Jim G-oeTz Tor his unTiring eTTorTs as coach, and Turning ouT such a magniTicenT Team, and The cheerleaders and all oThers who helped To lead The Team Through Their besT season. Alumni .....,..... .. 37 40 JohnsTown CaTholic ........... .. ST. Joes, Renovo ... .. 27 48 STs. Cosmas 8: Damian, Punxy. . . . . .. Johnsonburg ....... .. I4 36 ST. Bernard's, Bradford ......... .. DuBois Undergrads .. .. 40 44 CaThedral Prep, Erie ,... .. Wilcox ............ ., 2I 44 ST. CaTherine's, DuBois .... .. Johnsonburg ...... . .. I3 46 ST. Leo's, Ridgway ... .. Ridgway Public ....,. ..... . . 24 45 ST. Marys Public ..... .. STs. Cosmas 81 Damian, Punxy ....,.. I5 57 ST. Francis, CIearTieId .. ST. Marys Public .... ....... . . I9 24 JohnsTown CaTholic .. Wilcox ......,..... .. 29 32 DuBois Undergrads .. .. CaThedral Prep, Erie .. .. 25 KA of C! Tournament ST. CaTherine's, DuBois ... .. I7 Preliminaries ST. Joes, Renovo .,... .. 24 St Marys 37-Reading 28 Ridgway Public .... .. I4 Semi-Finals ST. Leo's, Ridgway .... I8 S+. Marys 39-,Ambrgdge 34 ST. Bernard's,BradTord . ,. 25 Finals ST. Francis, Clearfield .. I9 PiTTsburgh 43-ST. Marys 34 52 Thomas KunTz THOMAS BAUER HHSKHBHH Forward JAMES MALLISON SAM NISSEL Guard Cap+ain and Cenfer S3 JAMES SCHLIMM VICTOR STRAUB Forward Guard HHSIiiiHHH Reverend Farber James, Dennis Scoff, Vicfor Sjrraub, Thomas Bauer, Sam Nis- sel, James Scnlimm, James Mallison, Paul Krieg, James Goeiz, Wal+er Brein- ciel, Thomas Eckert Dennis Nissei, James Handwerger, George Bauer, Kenne+ii i-ierzing, Paul Eckeri. Baskei Ball 2nd Sfring Cheerleaders WHHHMSPHHI VlllllYHHll THE TourTh successTul season OT volleyball aT CenTral has come and gone, and wiTh iT go The memories OT some OT The liveliesT and TasTesT games since The sporT's inTroducTiOn. AlThough The season began laTer Than in previous years, iT served To sTimulaTe The inTeresT and anxieTy OT Those parTicipaTing. The league was composed OT 'Five Teams, who selecTed The Tollowing names: Pepies, Zippos, Blackhawks, Jumpin' Jives and Avengers. The league games were scheduled Tor The Monday and Wednesday OT each week. AT The close OT The TirsT halT OT The league, The Pepies and Jumpin' Jives were Tied Tor TirsT place. The playoTT, however, puT The Jumpin' Jives aT The Top. The Jives Took The lead early in The second half OT league play and came OuT TirsT aT The close, deTiniTely making Them The vicTors OT The season. The class TOurnamenT Tollowed The league games and was held on March 3I. The TirsT Two games were The eliminaTion series wiTh The Juniors eliminaTing The Frosh, and The Sophs wresTing The championship TiTle Trom The previously undeTeaTed Seniors. The Tollowing games made up a Two ouT OT Three series beTween The Juniors and Sophs wiTh The laTTer Taking The TirsT and Third games, giving The sTudenT Tans Thrills, long To be remembered. HearTy CongraTulaTiOns To The Sophomores, Volleyball Champions OT '47l The players wish To convey sincere Thanks TO Reverend FaTher James and our kind and paTienT Teachers Tor The inTeresT and encouragemenT rendered during The pasT season. A hearTTelT "Thank YOu"l Mary Lucanik 56 VlllllYHHll Slanding-Elizabelli Greenllwaner, Palricia Sunder, Cecilia Lenze. Silring-Irene Slrraub, Mary Lucanilc, Valery Graves, Palricia .. . . Sfancling-Delores Wendel, Mary Reusclwer, Mary Arm Banlcoviclw. SiH'ing-Celine Wein- zierl, Clare Jesberger, Malene Bauer, Helen Weber. Slancling-Elizabelh Dippold, Mary Lou Meyer, Ru+l'u Keller, Dolores Keller, Pafricia Meagher. Silring-Joan Brock, Mary Wilf- man, Mary Therese Dornisclw, Aldine Glass TIHHMHTIES CU RTAI N CALLS NCE again The DramaTics Club has achieved an enviable record. ApplicaTions Tor member- ship were so numerous as To make iT necessary To limiT enrollmenT To The Three upper classes. The Thespian Club has The Tollowing new members - Agnes BaumgraTz, Mary T. Dornisch, KaThleen YeTzer, Aldine Glass, ElizabeTh Lenze, Cecilia Lenze, Marion Shadd, Shirley NachTway. Marie Nicklas, Myra Nolan, Frances RupprechT. One oT our special acTiviTies This Term was The aTTempT To become proficienT in The arT of makeup. We used special TheaTrical makeup Tor pracTice sessions. We were also TorTunaTe in being oTTered an opporTuniTy To aTTend The Drama Clinic aT Alle- gheny College in Meadville, sponsored by The NaTional Thespian SocieTy oT which we are Troop 658. Those aTTending were- Mary Reuscher, Shirley NachTway, Iris Sherry, Mary Dornisch, BeTTy Lenze, DoroThy Breindel, Joan Kerner and Marion Shadd. We were conducTed on a Tour To The parTs oT The college devoTed To drama. In addiTion a 3-acT play "Warrior's Husband" by Julia Thompson was presenTed by The sTudenTs oT drama aT The college. OpporTuniTy presenTed iTselT Tor us To observe The casT applying makeup,Thus supplemenTing by acTual experience whaT we had learned. The TirsT producTion of The season, presenTed during Book Week, was a play called "IT Won'T l-lurT Me" showing The danger oT "BesT Sellers". For our biT oT ChrisTmas Cheer, The club decided To Try someThing novel, in The way oT an opereTTa called "GiTT of ChrisTmas". The Senior Girls' Glee Club sang The choruses. OTher solos were furnished by The sweeT voices oT "FaiTh". "Hope", "Love", ln addiTion, a one'acT play enTiTled "Wandering ChrisTmas Cakes" was given To add a biT of humor To The occasion. In honor oT FaTher TimoThy anoTher one-acT play was presenTed which had a liTerary Tlavor To iT. "Shakespeare STreamlined" was highly amusing and one oT The Senior Club members, Dick Dor- nisch, again amazed us wiTh his hisTrionic abiliTy. Also on This occasion a nonsense debaTe was enacTed, The subiecT oT which was "Are Bald Men More lnTelligenT Than Men wiTh l-lair?" Comed- ians in This debaTe were Denny ScoTT, aTTirmaTive speaker, Donald Fleming, negaTive speaker, and Dick Simbeck, chairman. As we see The curTain go down on This pasT year and as The house lighTs go on and we pre- pare To deparT, leT us reminisce on The roles The Seniors have played in Their high school years and leT us look To TuTure roles in The world we Tace, conTidenT in our Tinal success. M. Shadd. N Upper-Joan Rigard, Elizabefh Lenze and Shirley Nachrway in "Wandering Chrisimas Cakes". Lower -Chorus and Tableau-Chrisimas OpereHa, "The G-iff of Chrisfmasu. 59 CATHOLIC STUDENTS' MISSION CRUSADE On Thursday, Ocfober I7, Ihe C. S. M. C. was again organized wifh Reverend Falher James as Moderalor, Dorofhy Breindel, Marvin Riddle, Dolores Krellner and Viclor Slraub were respeclively Pesidenl, Vice-President Secrefary and Treasurer. Meelings were held every Third Thursday of Ihe monlh. Our main mission proiecf 'rhis year was having a rnonlhly Mass said for Ihe four mis- sionaries chosen for The class of Ihe school. In February we had a Mission picfure, "Where Women Conquer": in April, a Play, and in May, Ihe crowning of Ihe Blessed Molher as May Queen and Molher of our school. Above: HaIIowe'en Dance When we served A+ Ihe Ieff: Lamb calze we chanced off Radio boughi for The school by magazine subscriplions 5 X7 i llllllll llllll Firsf Row, Leff lo Righf-Patricia Herzing, Lyra Meier, Helen l-lulchinson, Alice Uhl, Velma Miles, Mary Therese Dornisch, Palricia Meagher, Aldine Glass, Elizabefh Dippold, Rila Lucanik, Second Row-Irene Seelye, Rose Ehrensberger, Shirley Laird, Frances Rupprechf, Dolores Krellner, Joan Kerner, Esfher Vollmer, Eslher Eckerf, Marguerile Marconi. Third Row-Mary Deyereux, Irene Shields, Lillian Sarnick, Alice Kesller, Joan Rupprechr, Donna Gahr, Martha Friedl, Pafricia Meyer, Phyllis Slraub, Rufh Sponer. Fourfh Row-Mary Lou Meyer, Pa- lricia Smifh, Louise Halhorn, Dolores Minniclc, Josephine Reville, Elizabell-i Smifh, Adelaide Bosnik, Cecilia Lenze, Myra No an. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl ...................,,.., Velma Miles Vice-Presidenl .. ., Eslher Vollrner Seqrelary A ,, .. Mary Lou Meyer Treasurer .. .. Dolores Krellner em.-..,." lllllllll lllll Firsf Row Leff fo Right-Joseph Kline, Richard Hoffman James Han-dwerger Richard Sirnbeck Vicfor Sfraub Bernard dauley, Roberf Meier, Mark Frey. Second Rovi-Howard Kronenweffer, Paul Eckerf, lJamAes Krellner: Eugene Glelxner, Gerald Meier, John Schneider, Larry Donivan, Donald Ellis. Third Row-Leroy Wilhelm, Don ald Goefz Kennefh Bauer, Paul Tornafore, Melvin Woelfel, Joseph Kronenweffer, William Decker, James Bufsch Melvin Heffrnan. Fourfh Row-Thomas Bauer, William Dippold, James Schlimm, John Eberl, Merle Baumgrafzl Offo Hildebrand, Dennis Scoff, Benedicf Hoffman, Paul Schade, Donald Fleming. IAl::senfJ. J: db, A CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf , .. Vicfor Sfraub Secrefary ... .. Dennis Scoff Treasurer .. ... Joseph Kline SllllHllMllll llllll Firsf Row, Left 'ro Righf-Marrha Slauffer, Mary Jo Leuschel, Loretta Marconi, Virginia Slack, Carol l-lanes, Dorolhy Dumich, Patricia O'DonneIl, Pafricia Leuschel, Sarah Hafhorn. Second Row-Arlene Schloder, Rufh Heiberger, Phyllis Gleixner, Joyce Wehler, Clare Jesberger, Georgia Erich, Elizaberh Srraula, Louise Worl- man, Norma Schaberl. Third Row-Pafricia Wilhelm, Phyllis Wiesner, Mary Ann Mayn, Kalhryn Wicks, Lois Kunlz, Rosemary Fleming, Mary Ann Frey, Gloria SchalZ.Fourfh Row-Mary Slauffer, Eileen Werner, Phyllis Ford, Marilyn Vogr, Dorofhy Samick, Clara Frifz. Absenrz Virginia Geirner, Rose l-laller, Elizabelh Smirh. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenr ..,.........,....... Palricia Leuschel Vice-Presidenl ... .. Elizabelh Slraub Secrelary .... ..,. L ois Kunlz Treasurer ... .. Sarah l-lalhorn Slllllllllllll Hlll Firsf Row, Leff fo Righf-Richard Ehrensberqer, Roberl Kraus, Raymond Neuberl, Ralph Samick, Waller Brein del, Emerson l-leinicll, Jerome Lanzel, Richard Zimmerman, Anfhony Young, Charles McQuone. Second Row- Georqe Bauer, Paul Schlimm, John Weis, Thomas O'Brien, William Fleming, Augusline l-lerzinq, Jerome J Eckert, Jude G-leixner, Dennis Nissel, Howard Proesl, Paul Welz. Third Row-Thomas Eckerf, Waller Hauber, Roberf Price, Jerome Cheafle, Donald Dippold, Edward Brehm, Karlo Meyer, Richard Feldbauer, Edward Yorns Ivan Breindel. Fourth Row-Thomas Grieggs, Alberl Weinzierl, Richard Clark, Richard Hasselman, Roberl Ryan Edward Zell, Kennefh l-lerzing, Philip Buerlc, Raymond Wendel, Alvin Auman, Jerome P. Eclcerf, John Herb Slriff, Philip Paar, James Keller, Raymond Brennen. CLASS OFFICERS Preside-nl .,,.. .. JOl'If'I Weis Vice-Presidenl 4,,., ,... Karlo Meyer Secrelary-Treasurer .. .. Waller Breindel IHISHIIHN Hlllll Firsf Row, Leff lo Righf-Marleen Meier, Margarel Schauer, Margarel Schlimm, Donna Pallowifch, Irene Ban- covich, Valery Meier, Helen Samick, Helen Voqf, Pafricia Singer, Mary Marconi, Donna Schreiber, Joanne Ren- wick, Theresa Eichmiller, Dorolhy Zimrnefl. Second Row-Shirley Delsch, Bertha Brennen, Agnes Gerber, Celine Weinzierl, Marilyn Meagher, Joan Lecker, Patricia Wells, Rila Hanes, Irene Sfraub, Palricia Brennen, Alice Dornisch, Mary Lou Evers, Mary Simbeck. Third Row-Grace Bauer, Valery Graves, Joan Brock, Dorofhy Shields, Phyllis Wolfe, Alice Breindel, Maud Brennen, Mary Wiffrnan, Vera Herbsfrill, Mary Grace Schlimm, Joanne Fritz, Mary Ann Bankovich. Fourlh Row-Janice Wegemer, Rose Mary Klein, Helen Weber, Mildred Weiche man, Doris Smilh, Louise Leifhner, Belly Jane Seelye, Donna Gerg, Eileen Zifzler, Arlene Greenfhaner, Rose Marie Gregory, Carol Gahr. 9a CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl ...,.............. Joanne Frilz Vice-Presidenl .... Joan Brock Secrelary .,.... .. Mary Marconi Treasurer ....,........... Helen Weber 9b CLASS OFFICERS Fresidenl ..... ........ E ileen Zilzler VicefPresidenl ... .. Raymond Douqherly Secrelary .... , .,,, Helen Samick Treasurer , .... Valery Meier llllSHllHN Hlll FRESH MAN BOYS Firsf Row, Left fo Righf-Kennelh Auman, Frederick Geifner, Joseph Kunlz, Casper Hanes, Theodore Kopp, Andrew Kopp, Harry Wortman, William Krug, Richard l-lupfer, Charles Marconi, Paul Herzing. Second Row- Alfred Cheafle, Francis Samick, Donald Keenen, Francis Riddle, Richard Kronenwefler, William Lyons, Thomas Kraus, John Rineharl, Roberf Kline, Edward Schauf, Lawrence Nicklas. Third Row--Maurice Wendel, Raymond Daugherfy, Kennelh Schwenfner, Paul Hanes, Ronald Newell, William Bauer, Frederick Yorns, Allen Singer, James Kerner, Allen Weis. Fourfh Row-Leo Wolfe, Charles O'Connor, Hilary Lenze, William Reuscher, Richard Gerg, Roger Goefz, Dale Evers, James Krauss, Roberl Rupprechf, Donald Bayer, James Mullaney. Absenl: William Gregory, Paul Krieg, Leroy Sfebic. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenl ......,,....,.,........ John Rineharl' Vice-Presidenl ,.. .. Charles O'Connor Secrelary .,.. .,.. l-l ilary Lenze Treasurer ... ... Roberl' Kline Bell Molors ............. . .... S+. Ma rys lNllX ll Hlllllllllllll Anderson's Bread ......... .,.. Armour Lealher Company .... .... Auman's Grocery Sfore ...... ..,. Ayrshire Dairy ......... ... Baslian Bros. Co. ....,. Bayer's Furnilure Co. ... ... Beaver Meadow Bakery ... ... Beimel, Thomas F. ,,...... Ben Franklin Reslauranl .. .. Bermans ........... ,... . .. B. P. O. Elks .....,... B. 81 R. Eleclruc Co. .............. . Brown's Bool Shop .......,...... Builders 8: Manufaclurers Supply Co. Burden, J. C. .....,............. . Burke Brolhers ................... Calholic Knighls of Sl. George ..... Cenlral Calholic High Alumni Assn. Cenlral Drug ...........,...... Cenlral Reslauranl ....,.....,... Cily Gasoline Slalion ... .... Cily Transfer Co. ,,.., Clover Hill Dairy ,....., . C. M. F. .............,.... .... . Corbefl Cabinel Company ...... Col+er's Garage ........... Cryslal Beverages ,............. C. Y. M. A. 81 Booslers ......... Daily Press Publishing Company .... Dauer's Reslauranf .............. DeLullo's Shoe Slcre ............ Dramalic Club ....... .,.. Eagen's Hardware .. ... Easl End Service ..., .... Eighlh Grade Boys ... ... Eighlh Grade Girls ... ... Elk Candy Co., lnc. ... ,... Elk Counly Dairy ......... .... Elk Engineering Works ... . . . Elk Molor Sales Co. .... .... . Elk Specially Co. , ........ Enferprise Prinling House .. Erich, J. W. .... ,........ . Fedder's Jewelry Slore . ... F. O. E. Eagles .,... Fleming, P. J. .....,.......,. Friends ......................... Fullon 8: King Chevrolet lnc. .... Fyr-Fyler Sales X: Service ........ Garner, L. B. .................. . Glasser's . ,...... ... Glover, H. H. Goelz Feed Co. .... . . . Gorman's Dairy Siore . .... Grand Markel ...,.. ... Gregory's Slore. Charles .. .. IO4 Gross, Jack . ............ 88 Grolzinger Sludio ......... ... 88 Harvey, Chas. P., Disf. ....... 74 Hauber, Charles A., M.D. .. .. lO5 Hayes, Dr. C. R. .......... .. IO6 Herr 81 Golumbic ........ ... I ll Herzing, Helen II6 Herzing. P. C. ... ... 92 Hobby Shop ..... .. l03 HoFlman's Slore ... ... 99 Home Furnilure Co. ... ... lO0 lnduslrial Finance Co. .. ... 96 Jacob's Furnilure Slore . . . IO3 Jameslown Baking Co. .. lOO Josephson Bros. ...... ... 87 Journal Press, lnc. ... ... 84 Kanl'ar's, lnc. ........... ... 88 Kaufman's Aulo Paris ... ... 82 Keller 8: Wolfel, Disi. ... ... 90 Keyslone Carbon Co. .......... 7l Keyslone Molors, lnc. .......... ll5 Kissel-Behringer Posl IO47, V.F.W... B7 K. of C. ............,........... 90 Kronenweller, Helen M. .......... 99 Kronenweller, Pauline Beauly Shoppe 84 Ladies' Auxiliary of lhe Knighls of Sl. George ................ IO6 Lesser 8: Lesser .. ,... .. IO8 Leuschel's Slore ... .. I IO Lion, Edwin J. ..,.... .. IO4 Loyal Order of Moose . 70 Lynch Funeral Home .. .... 90 Malone, J. J. ..... lO8 Malone, Maurice ... 97 Marconi, John ..,.... .. IO4 Markel Baskel .......,....... .... 8 8 Marsh, A. F. Slalionery Slore ,,,. I l4 McKee, Dr. L. T. .......... l02 Meisel Bakery ......... ... l I2 Meisel Funeral Home ... .. lOO Merrymakers Orcheslra ... .... 97 Miller's Hardware ..,... .. IO9 Morse Engraving Co. ....... 82 Mullendean Holel ............... 76 Murphy Company, G. C. ........ llO Nalional Molded Producls, lnc. ..,, 77 New Franklin Horel ,....... ..... lOl Neals, Cleaners, Dyers ... ... 92 Olde Tyme Bakery . ,..,.. l02 Pappas, John and Helen .. ., lO0 Peacock, The ..,.,...... .. I lO Pis+ner's Service ...... ... 84 Police Deparlmenl ,.. ... 89 Ponlzer, Dr. J, E. .... .. ll6 Price, J. E. .............. .. IO7 Proleclive Fralernal League . 83 68 Pure Carbon Company .. Red 84 While .......... Rhodes Bakeries, lnc. . Robacker, Gilberf ....... Rogan's Furnilure Slore . Rollick's lce Cream Bar . Rupprechl' 81 l-louslon Sacred Hearl School Sacred Hearl Sodalily .... S+ . Marys Allar Sociely ... .. S+. Marys Block Co. ..... .. Sl. Marys Carbon Co. ........... . Sl. Marys Gill' Xa Arl .....,...... S+. Marys Insurance Agency, lnc.... Sl. Marys Home 81 Aulo Supply.. IOS S+. Marys Legion Club ..,......... Sl. Marys Mulual Fire Insurance Co. 96 S+. Marys Savings 84 Loan Associalion 84- Sf. Ma rys S+. M a rys Sewer Pipe Co. ........ . Sodalily ...,.... .,.... S+. Marys Superelfe ..... .. Sl. Marys Thealre ..... . .. Sl. Marys Transfer Co. .,....... . Sl. Marys Vulcanizing ............ Wall Paper 81 Painl Slore Sammy's Shoe Shop ...... Schaul's Bus 8: Taxi Lines.. Schloder's Flower Shop .. Schwabenbauer's Farms .. Sculella's Cleaners .... Sevenlh Grade Boys .. Sevenlh Grade Girls .... Shaffer lce Cream ..... Sherry, V. J. ..... . Shields ................. Smilh Brolhers Co. ...,.. . Smilh 84 Horlon Company Smil'h's Markel' ........... Smilh's Sporl Siore ..,. .. Sorg, Herberl' P. ...... . Speer Carbon Co. ...... . Spence, H. W. 3: O. C.... Slackpole Carbon Company Slandard Pennanl Co. S. and S. Machine Shop .. Slraessley Monumenl Works Slraub Brewery .... ...... Slroehmann Brolhers Company lnc Sylvania Eleclrical Producls Tenlh Grade Boys ........ Tenlh Grade Girls ....... Trgovac Tavern ......... U. E. R. Xi M. W. of A.... Underhill Coal Mining Co. Weis Plumbing Shop ..... Wiesner Xa Sons ........ Wil'lman's Dry Cleaners .. l If V g X X X my X ! Z X Compliments Of THE LOYAL ORDER OE MOOSE No. 146 Qi wc ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments of KEYSTCDNE C A R B G N CCDMPANY 1- a Congratulations ! We know how proud you gre-this grordugtion. Speaking of being proud-We, too, have or fine record of serving the people of Elk County for the last 49 years. -Q- The Shopping Center for Thrift People SMITH BROTH ERS COMPANY Compliments Of STRAUB BREWERY Draught and Bottle Beer Since I 8 7 Z 7 Compliments W CENTRAL CATHOLKIHHHIALUMNI ASSOCIATION President WALTER L. SCI-IAUT '32 Vice President WILLIAM E. BEBBLE '28 Secreiary DOROTHY SOI-ILIMM '40 Treasurer GEORGE SI-IAFFER '38 75 SYLVANIA ELECTRIC PRODUCTS, Inc. Makers of Radio Tubes - Cathode Ray Tubes Incandescent Lamps - Fluorescent Lamps Fixtures and Accessories Electronic Devices Plants In: Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, West Virginia, Kentucky and New Hampshire coMPL1MENTs or ELK MOTOR SALES CO. Ford Mercury Lincoln-Zephyr Sales - Service CHARLES P. HARVEY Distributors Pennzip CS Pennzoil Dowtlake lCalcium Chloridel Industrial Oils ci Greases Diesel Oils Fuel Oils Mineral Oil Kerosene Solox lSolventl Tractor Fuel Special Oils Lubricating Equipment Auto Accessories Distributing in ELK. CAMERON AND MCKEAN COUNTIES PHONE 5444 ST. MARYS. PA 74 OF STACIKPQILIE C A R CDD N CQMPAINIY 955444. COMPLIMENTS OF Hotel Mullendean 35 COMPLIMENTS OF STRAESSLEY MGNUMENT WORKS CC C on gratnlations! Compliments of NATIONAL MQLDED PRODUCTS, Inc 40-42 S. ST. MARYS ST. ST. MARYS, PA. x Compliments Of BEN FRANKLIN RESTAURANT 36 sr. MARYS. PA. COMPLIMEN TS OF SACRED HEART PAROCHIAL SCHOOL , 36 ST. MARYS, PA. OF SPE E R CARBCN COMPANY VV COMPLIMENTS OF C. Y. M . A. AND B Q Q S T E R S Compliments of CATHOLIC MEN'S FRATERNAL CLUB QL. ,,v ST. MARYS. PA. BROTHERS COM PAN Y, Inc. i i 111 North Second Stree OLEAN. N Q Y. OF ST. MARYS CARBON CGMPAIXIV '25 Compliments cmd Best Wishes from KAUFMANS AUTO PARTS Distributors of Automotive Parts and Equipment '23 s'r. MARYS, PA. 82 Compliments Of PROTECTIVE ERATERNAL LEAGUE SAINT MARYS, PA. Glau of 1947 Ganqaaiulaiiond JOURNAL Letterpress Printing 212-216 W. SECOND ST. PRESS, INC. ' Offset Lithography JAMESTOWN, N. Y. COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS Ol: OF SCHLUDEWS PAULINE KRONENWETTER FLOWER SHOP Beauty Shoppe 'I' Flowers for All Occasions H5522 Tires Batteries Accessor Compliments of PISTNERS SERVICE Comer Mill and So. St. Marys Sts QQTTE R'S sr. MARYS. PA. G A R A G E Kendall Texaco Tydol Esso Sinclair Quality Products 8 P Of PURE CARBCDN CGMPANY 9009 COMPLIMENTS OF FULTON Sz KING CHEVROLET, INC I v ST. MARYS. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF ST. IVIARYS POST 103 AMERICAN LEGION mum, NI- of lv :v Q: L - : 3' ' 1 3 5 a Wat- 5 Zffc. 1098 'lluldnuvx VETERANS OF EGREIGN WARS OF THE UNITED STATES Kissel, Behringer Post 1047 ST. MARYS. PA. TO CARE F012 HIM WHO HAS BORNE THE BATTLE, AND FOR HIS WIDOW AND ORPHAN T Z Ii W Cmplimffmfs Of CGMPLIMENTS OF B U R K E B ROS. Construction Service cmd E P H B S ppl t ' E 'p t f K T T PHONE 7300 ST. MARYS. PA. KERSEY, PA. GROTZINGER STUDIO Everything Photographic Portraits, Weddings Family Groups, Children Baby Pictures in your own home Copy Work Photostatic Copies of your valuable papers 10 RAILROAD STREET Pcrtronize Your Advertisers Insure in the GATHULIG KNIGHTS 0F - ST. GEURGE RATES ARE RIGHT Compliments of TH E Compliments of MARKEFBAHGWA JACKlGROSS G70 MEATS GROCERIES FRUlT VEGETABLES ST. MARYS, PA. ooMPL1MENTs or DR. H. H. GLOVER K Compliments of KANTARS 25C - 31.00 Department Store V Compliments of FYR-FYTER SALES 81 SERVICES CARL H. YETZER CARL H. YETZER, IR. Sales Manager Service Manager Everything in Fire Equipment Everything in Safety Devices for Hospitals Churches Garages Factories Homes City Buildings Schools Farms Filling Stations Warehouses REFILLS F OR ALL MAKES Compliments of COMPLIMENTS ST. MARYS OF POLICE DEPT. ST. MARYS ' SEWER Pl PE C0 Wm. Goetz I. Herzing R. Mulcahy A. Hillebrand 89 Compliments ot Compliments Ittlltlt HNH WUHH of Distributors LYNCH'S ' FUNERAL HOME gf ST. MARYS, PA. + 553551. 1133357 K N I G H T S Compliments of O F C O L U M B U S ALTARTECCI ETY C of ST. MARYS, PA. Charity Unity Prater Patriotism ST. MARYS CHURCH Compliments 0 f SHAEEE.R'S ICE CREAIVI CO. Operating a Frozen Food Locker Plant-A New Service for You Manufacturers of Quality Ice Cream For Over a Quarter of a Century ST. MARYS, PA. Courtesy of ELK ENGINEERING WGRKS Established in IQU4 Iron and Brass Fonnelers and General Macloinists ST. MARYS. PA. P. J. FLEMING Dealer in HARDWARE PLUMBING HEATING ROOFING cmd AWNING PHONE 4714 120 MILL ST. ST. MARYS. PA 91 Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF THE EAGLES PC. HERZING VV'orkmen's Compensation WidoW's Relief Old Age Pensions Stobilizoition of Employment 'k CYD ST. MARYS AERIE, No. 536 M eats and Groceries COMPLIMENTS Compliments OF of NEALS GLEANERS B.8:R.ELECTRlC 81 D Y E R S COMPANY Fmwy WHoLEsALE oNLY PARIS CLEANERS 35 ST. MARYS, PA. PHONE 6755 Volley Ball COMPLIMENTS Campliments OF 0.1: GEO. E. WIESNER WEIS and SONS PLUMBING SHOP V Q Compliments of BUILDERS AND MANUFACTURERS SUPPLY CO. S Compliments of ST. NIARYS SAVINGS 81 LOAN ASSUGIATIUN IATA: eguiqr Monthly Savings indu thrift and brings financial independence :wc ST. MARYS. PA. Compliments of ST. NIARYS WALLPAPER 81 PAINT STDRE SANITAS Unitized Wall Papers Martin Senour Paints Dutch Boy White Lead Compliments of ST. MARYS INSURANCE AGENGY, INO. iafvv G. S. RUPPRECHT S. G. RUPPRECHT A. I. KLAUSMAN COMPLIMENTS OF RUPPRECHT and HOUSTON Attorneys Compliments of STANDARD PENNANT C0. BIG RUN, JEFFERSON C0., PENNA. V MAKERS OF FELT - LEATHER CHENILLE GOODS cmd SWEATERS Compliments of Compliments of TENTH GRADE TENTH GRADE GIRLS BOYS ST. MARYS ST. MARYS CATHOLIC HIGH CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL SCHOOL 9 Compliments Compliments of of I II. D U S T R I A I. BERMAN,S FINANCE THE FASHION CENTER 0 0 M P A II Y A 4J , 25 ERIE AVENUE ST. MARYS. PA. ST. MARYS. PA. UNDERHILL compumems CGAL MINING of CGM PANY Bituminous Coal ST. MARYS, PA. Telephone 825 MINES AT TYLER, PA. ST. MARYS MUTUAL FIRE IIISURMIGE GUMPIINY FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK BUII.DING COMPLIMENTS OF MAURICE MALONE Electrical Appliances KERSEY. PA. Compliments of "The Merry Makers" Ester. Chub, Iohnny, Paul R. Gib, Paul F. Guy and Chippy COMPLIMENTS OF ST. IVIARYS BLCDCK CCD 97 C Om plimemfs of CQMPI-IME-NTS OF SUPERETTE jewelry Store if QED M KENNETH I. HALLORAN 32 Q Proprieto 3 Compliments of Compliments of MAYOR GIB RGBACKER DAILY PRESS PUBLISHING Co L ' EQ ti-X59 Member Central Alumni Association CLASS OF 1922 COMPLIMENTS COMPUMENTS QF OF SEVENTH GRADE GI RLS H EL EN M. K RQNENWETTER s'r. MARYS 4 H I PARQCHIAL scHoo1. CHARITY BROTHERLY LQVE Best Wishes of B. P. O. EL KS IUSTICE FIDELITY COMPUMENTS Compliments of OF l'l0FFNlAN'S EIGHTH GRADE GRQCERY STORE GIRLS -- C59 ST. SOUTH MICHAEL ROAD PAROCHIAI. SCHOOL ST. MARYS. PA. Compliments of HOME FURNITURE COMPANY Dependable F nrniture Compliments ot JOHN 8: HELEN PAPPAS ST. MARYS, PENNA. 149 Long Ave. 221 Brussels St. HE DUBOIS, PA. ST. MARYS, PA. PRINTING HOUSE of Stationery, Office and ST Supplies TRANSFER CU. Phone 7515 9 95 ERIE AVENUE ST. MARYS. PA. M E I s E L ' s of F U N E R A '- H 0 W' E JAMESTQWN BAKING co 'Ae Don't Say Bread. Say ST. MARYS. PENNA. HOLSUM IAMESTOWN, N. Y. UNITED ELECTRICAL, RADIO AND MACHINE WORKERS OF AIVIERICA LOCAL 502 S. I. IESBERGER ....................... - President EDWARD EHRENSBERGER, IR. ...... Vice President ROBERT FRITZ .................... Vice President WM. SQUIRES ..... .... R ecording Secretary B. HEIBERGER ........ . . . Financial Secretary ROMAYNE RIGARD ..............,,.... Treasurer ST. MARYS. PA. CONGRATULATIONS! THE NEW FRANKLIN HOTEL ST. MARYS' LEADING HOTEL 101 BASTIAN BRUS- GUMPANY Manufacturing jewelers anrl Stationers ROCHESTER, N. Y. Designers and producers of emblems ior High School Clulos Write for free catalog ENGRAVED NAME CARDS CHARLES E. MCDONALD 920 INVESTMENT BUILDING 239 FOURTH AVENUE Phone Court 1196 PITTSBURGH, PENNA. Compliments of LEU T. MUKEE, M. D. QFNZ .1 Compliments of THE OLDE TYME BREAD BAKERS '23 Compliments of H earty Congratulations o he E A G E N Graalilating Class H A R D W A R E fm, ST. MARYS llllll B EVERAG ES ST. MARYS. PA. COMPLIMENTS OF THE HGBBY SHOP 215 BRUSSELS ST. I al K 4,0 Compliments oi JACOBS FURNITURE SToRI3 0 ST. MARYS, PA. SCHAUT'S BUS at TAXI LINE Compliments of DeLULLO'S SHOE STORE DIAL 15 ERIE AVE. ST. MARYS, PA. 3 3 3 Q5 Bide the Bus for Shoes for the Entire Family Sure omd Economical Free XBUY Filling Transportation Better Buy - Better Built Shoes Compliments Compliments Of Of C. GREGORY STORE Meg? Gfofffies IUHN C. BURDEN 118 MH..L ST. 451 ST. MARYS. PA. Compliments COMPLIMENTS OF of JOHN MARCONI S T . M A R Y S --f2"l'f"- GIFT AND ART COAL and GENERAL HAULING Compliments Compliments of of ST. MARYS EDWIN I. LIUN THEATER fi? "Every Patron an Honored Guest" C 0 m p 1 i m e n t S CHARLES A. T-TAUBER, M. D. Compliments of CENTRAL RESTAURANT IAMES T. KOCH SO. ST. MARYS ST. ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments Compliments of gf ST. MARYS HOME 8: AUTO CITY TRANSFER SUPPLY co. QQ. 10 R. R. ST. ST. MARYS, PA PHONE 4271 V FIRESTONE Tires Tubes ST. MARYS, PA. Home cmd Auto Supplies Our Motto: "Courteous cmd efficient rvice, supplying your needs, prompt- ly cmd precisely." COMPLIMENTS OF BEAVER MEADOW BAKERY B. M. B. Tops for Toast DUBOIS, PENNA. Compliments Of DR. C. R. HAYES sT. MARYS, PA. Compliments COMPLIMENTS of OF D R A M A T I 0 0 L U B Ladies' Auxiliary v of the ST- MARYS KNIGHTS 0F ST. GEORGE CATHOLIC HIGH SCHOOL Compliments ELK COUNTY SPECIALTY of COMPANY SAMMY'S SHUE SHUP Home FW11iShi11gS Q5 6 It Pays To Have Your Shoes Repaired 233-235 Brussells Street ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments of COMPLIMENTS OF R .J G AND MARKFT J- El PRIGE STORES jeweler 210 Chestnut Street William F. Renwick '34, Prop. ST. MARYS. PA. Enjoy Andersorfs C0mPlim-mfs Butter Krust of Enriched Bread BAYER'S FURNITURE ' STORE Serve- Yix N,-Eliza' 'ga ,,,,....- N, fi l Xl If Q ""' "H WGYS' sr. MARYS, PA. and always" COMPLIMENTS Cgmplimenfg OF of GLUVER HILL ELK CANDY WHY COMPANY 95 if E. I. Grotzinger Estate ST. MARYS, PA. CQMPLIMENTS or jUHN ROGAN Home Furnishings 222 CHESTNUT S'I'REET ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments Of THOS. P. BEIMEL BARBER SHOP LQ? North St. Marys Street ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments of NW i we LESEEQ and R QIEWELERS LESSER BLOCK ST. MARYS , 42 Years of Service C01npli1nents Of J. J. MALONE CGMPEQAENTS Compliments of MILLERS GLASSER'S Known for Ladies' Coats, Suits cmd Dresses PHONE 809 Remember if it's smart cmd ne you'11 f' d it at Glcrsseis Compliments of S. and S. Machine Shop Compliments Compliments of of GOETZ HERBERT P. S0 FEED COMPANY C? N RG Compliments Compliments of of FARMS Meats cmd Groceries Quality Farm Products Dial 4824 ESHBACH ROAD ST. MARYS, PA. ST. MARYS, PA. CQMPLIMENTS OF Compliments D A U E R of R E S T A U R A N T G. C. MURPHY Co. 0 'ZW M. E. DAUER. Prop. TH E PEACQCK COMPLIMENTS OF A Good Place To Meet Your Friends v WE'RE ON TI-IE AVENUE CORBETT CABINET MANUFACTURING CO. YAY We Serve - You Save Compliments , f B R 0 W N S 0 T BOQT SHUI, DAVE BELL MOORS DODGE PLYMOUTH ' DODGE TRUCKS 510065 HOWYN 621 MAURUS ST. For All the Family ST. MARYS. PA. COMPLIMEN TS OF COMPLIMEN TS OF W ' T T M A N ' 5 Anmoun LEATHER CLEANERS ggmpmgy .2 v "Nothing takes the place of L. I. Wittmcm. Prop. leather" COMPSQWENTS COMPLIMENTS . b QP H. W. SPENCE , rd Herr 8: Golumblc 0. C. SPENCE 'lr Meats and Groceries ST. MARYS. PA. The Value First Store If it's Seal-test COIVIPLIIVIENTS OF Ice Cream , , or Q Tr'Govac Tavern DGIICIOUS Snack Stop At 1' ROLLICK'S Q ICE CREAM BAR ' Compliments COMPLIMENTS Of OF AYRSHIRE DAIRY Charles Uhl EIGHTII GRADE BUYS QUALITY MILK ST. MARYS from Accredited Herd PAROCHIAL SCHOOL Phone 7308 ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments of COmp1ime-nts of BLESSHASEIRGIN JGHN MEISEL BA K ERY SGDALI TY 0 WGN FRESH ST. MARYS CHURCH BAKED-GOOD-DAILY ooMPL1MENTs Compliments L. B. GARN ER Of 320 MAURUS STREET GORIVIAN Sanitary Plumbing Gas and Steam Fitting DAIRY STORES Spouting ST. MARYS RIDGWAY ST. MARYS. PA. TOHNSONBURG COMPLIMENTS n OF Compliments ot ELK COUNTY 1, W, ERICH DAIRY V ST. MARYS, PA. ii Compliments of Compliments of EAST END SERVICE M. H. Weinzierl. Prop. CITY GASOLINE STATION 1 E Goodyear Tires and Batteries Sinclair QuaIity Products 'I' ST. MARYS, PA. Lubrication - Wash - Polish 387 BRUSSELLS STREET ST. MARYS. PA. A. F. MARSH STATIONERY STORE Greeting Cords, Office ond School Supplies, Books, Toys, Novelties, Porrty Fovors, Gifts Moose Building, Erie Ave. Congrcltulcttionsl Clotssofl947 SCUTELLA'S Cleaners and Costume Tailors sr. MARYS, PENNA. Compliments Compliments of of S H I ' RED and WHITE STORE E L D S L U N c H "' Our Hamburger cmd Coffee PETERSON and BENINI "ls Tops" COMPLIMENTS OF TIRE REPAIRING and RECAPPING CENTRAL SERVICE D R U G S T O R E J Prescription Store S t VULCAN I ZINC . WORKS Cosmetics Perfumes Gifts N. F. Bauer, Prop. COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments KEYSTONE of MOTORS, INC. RHODES BAKERIES, INC. ST. MARYS. PA. NI! Compliments NATl0N:WlDE STORES cmd SMITH and HORTON CO. COMPLIMENTS OF SMITITS MARKET C. A. Smith, Prop. Compliments of V. I. SI-IERRY COMPLIMENTS OF AUMAN'S GRGCERY STORE Compliments of DR. A. J. PQNTZER ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments Of THE BLESSED VIRGIN SUDALITY 1-01m Sacred Heart Church COMPLIMENTS C011zplime112fs OF of SEVENTH GRADE SMITH BUYS SPURT STURE Play More-Live Longer ST. MARYS PAROCI-HAL SCHOOL ST. MARYS, PA. Compliments of one who Wishes you Well a Friend J IP I J NX

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