Elk City High School - Elksonian Yearbook (Elk City, KS)

 - Class of 1956

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Elk City High School - Elksonian Yearbook (Elk City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Q , W . . -. .M , ,4 J " , 5' -5 . I V x ' , in :bggg-f f 7: M ,Q,.q37..,mE, '85, k 4' 1 9- , :H H, . -,J . ,553 --I1-9-..H3z:vg--A-,V 1,--1A V5 ,X-3-463' ,, K 1. A 'fin .WHL ' :'-,f.:1. A ,, X. 5.2.1. 5-1-yr 5' . wt, N f. ' --i--L, ., ip- zg - . , ff g I l 'f 5: ,z':,,J fl-1, rf ' ,V 11-J' -Az: 5' ' .,,"sf"?.5 --' -- if ' - f ' 1 f ff2ii?l'-5' Y 14'-Q Y " - .2 ,,,.tL-5 65 :---1. ,. , . .-f..,,- -M fl ,, ,lit 1- . , U. 111: 5:,f,.'Lf 'vi'-.H .t 4. - ,a- ' :S Lp-, V- ,- X -f fr-'.-.agg-fvf.y ,f ' ' A 'A 4 -'J-ifsfa g A- wi? ,yr N iffwg .2 ,fm -ff' r B wiwfs-af' . , ,, . f-MP2 M- -v 1 P " 1' - A A ' - . ix'-gm s . 'bi , ' 4: Jf i f-f fffY'f'1LVii 'i3'f? -gif w i '-F4 7 W-,.s,fl-S W E z ' W Wx g, ,X f Macwzdmz 7 755 pfaeaenfed Ky eadaw 7756 7 ,r LEFT TO RIGHT, FRONT ROW: Elenora Wilson, Raydene James, Ann Crossfield, Assistant Editor: Sharon Council, Norman Schwatken. LEFT TO RIGHT, CENTER: James Stephens, Sandra Morse, Robert Hannigan, Sarr Marr, Editor-in-Chief: Twila Helms, Beverly Seller. LEFT TO RIGHT, BACK ROW: Mrs. Manley, Sponsor, Joe Cox, Carol Bruce, Billy Sailor, Glora Cox, Not Pictured-Leo Taylor, Loren Stroble, Businessman. D Beverly and Betty 'nur Oh I Those legs! im-al ' 'nl 3 1 X -i ,. 3753? A' 5 aw sl, if' .4 41 I: 'NS if Hey! We re not ready! Kay Sharon, Linda Larol and Sara peddling. se-Milla H "" Vaughn' I Have a che gryf'. "'-gin A , I , K r -vw. . J,-,M F 1371 fgv I f, '?.' Yu' .: . pg? "- ' 'J' 'ff 'I I 1 .x AJ.,wl,lr . .4,wQ.,g'v ,g-'W .- ,, . x,9,,-I I 1 I I ff 5 ' ,cn I Arif' I I ig, .1 W."9Q fw,t"vf, ,Wk I fi M 49. xi vim , I I '1 f ,M I ', A V' Ia Www: h mm J,m,, . ,.. MW W ,.. 4-K fy "U" ll ll I 'vu' -hi' V AM , ,Fr -in 3 vm' ll f4,iI"ff.A-Q-1 saw A Q4 rw:-'vii 'f' gf If 'K v w gl 'YN .ob y f'ffse3-"',f!EI?f3f5?4'.'34 ADMINISTRATION Lm I Hi' SCHOOL BOARD Mr, L.E, Horton, Director, who has served six yearsg Mr. Herman Schwatken, Clerk, who has served five yearsg and Mr, A,L. Marr, Treasurer, who has served three years. Mr. Ernest Edmonds is the School Superintendent, who has been superintendent of this school for six years. Sec'emY"MiSS Janette Newkirk Bus drivers, LEFT TO RIGHT: Cliff Keller, Earl Garage Manager--C1iffKe11er Reynolds, Raymond Hare, Harry Goodwin, V1r gil Koger, N ie Z' Zkzyaff " Compliments of COLEMAN FARM EQUIPMENT Independence, Kansas and ESTHER ANN BEAUTY SHOP Elk City, Kansas Cooks--Evelyn Foster and Eva Merritt 'Q Grade School Custodian Emery Batman High School Custodians Henry Kroe ker - -Jim Owens .rfrr I , li- 1,.X.t ,2r,. V YN I f 1 Ak .yr Mk. saggy sei VN' ,g "w i w e as I ' mga-A -Q pu.. 'R .Nm ,. X t -Q - -Q "704az!'4 Wig Zine. " TOP, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Merle Vaughn, Commerce, Mr, Roy Harkrader, 8th Grade, Jr, Ath1eticsgMrs. Page Manley, English, Speech, and Spanish, Mr. Francis Starr, Sci- ence. BOTTOM, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Lesslie I-Ioweth, Agriculture, Miss Mary Jane Kennedy, Home Economics, Mr. C.O. Brown, Music, Mrs. Thelma Smith, 7th Grade. SIDE UP: Mr. Wayne Ubben, Ind, Arts, Athletics SIDE DOWN: Mrs. Cliff Keller, Math. CENTER: Mr, E.C. Edmonds, Superintendent, Constitution Courtesy of FIRST NATIONAL BANK Elk City, Kansas STRUCT Scno ,,,.'-'-""'- i SEN1oRS Wi ak, SUS AN WISE BATES fgepcnwa LOVA BELLE BURNS GLORA MAE COX ne is M X MARGARET BURNS BLEC H A Courtesy of Independence , Kansa s DARBY 'S I. G. A. C AROL ROMIT A BRUCE SHARON KAY COUNSIL JOE COX , 'Qg if 1 HH , fi 1" Q r X fi, .v ...,. 1-sux Q K R f lx! N R I 'fb-b M f 4. -,.k IF y' X XR "Numb, "' X K X fi Je A iv F 9 X f"'N ,- AA , X T57 ,Mk -. x-.s. QNX -ix, Q fv- cv if . 1' 1' '-ol", 422'- wp- BEVERLY BERN1 . ASO f jx "- A' "' ' , V ,-r . ' ummm, ---Q fn K' 5- .X A i 1 ,W , 4..,'-3' Nw w Gxxs 9 NI 0 ff Iwi 545 I Q W' ,An Q ka- I A pw i,Q AF' ,v'i!., it 'ft' ' aff, ,V . it 3 I' my 'YI' endaz ' ' SUSAN BATES: 1'The dynamic personality who left us mid-term to fulfill her role as Mrs. " Band 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 1, 2,3, 4, Reporter 3, Treasurer 4: Kayettes 4, Publicity Manager 4: Glee Club 1: Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. CAROL BRUCE: "Our million dollar beauty: soft brown eyes and dimples went well with a sweet disposition. " Chorus 1,2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Band 3, 4, Secretary 4, Band Queen Attendant 3: Pep Club 1, 2, 3,4, Treasurer 4: Cheerleader 3: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3,4, Historian 2, Vice-President, District Historian 3, President and State Secretary 4: Fair Queen Attendant 4: Speech 4: Class Secretary 1, Vice-President 2, 3: Junior Play: Senior Play. LOVA BURNS: "She was always ready to lend a helping hand: naturally sympathetic, she was considerate of everyone. " MARGARET BLECHA: "Took the world slow and easy, but not so slow in catching a husband and making a home, " Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3: Kayettes 4: F. H. A. 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Speech 3: Junior Play. SHARON COUNSIL: "Saucy as a jaybird. Stood high in her classes and shone brightly on the stage. Everyone enjoyed her. " Band 2, 4: Glee Club 1, 3, 4: Librarian 4: Mixed Chorus 1, 3: F. H. A. 1,2, 3, 4, Reporter 2: Pep Club 1,2, 3, 4: Speech 3, 4: Junior Play. GLORA COX: , "A scintillating star from her gold-tipped ballet shoes to her curling hair and this she topped with a zeal for orderliness. " Band 1,2, 3,4, Drum Major 4, Chorus 1, Pep Club l,2,3,4: F. H. A. 1,2, 3: Historian 4: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Fair Queen Attendant 3, Miss Elk City 4: Speech 2, 3,4: Student Honor 3: Junior Play: Senior Play. JOE COX: "Excelled in football and shop. Throughly dependable and settled in judgment, Joe was rewarded three times the highest office in his class--the presidency Football 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 4: Basketball 1, 2: Track 1,2, 3: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4: Class President 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Mixed Chorus 1, 2. ANN CROSSFIELD: "A fairy, green-eyed blond who excelled in learning, yet was a tomboy, by inclination, " Band 1,2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 4: F. H. A. 1,2, 3: Kayettes 4, Vice-President 4: Football Queen 4: F. F. A. Sweetheart 4: Band Queen Attendant 4: Junior Play Senior Play. DELBERT DAVIS: 'lf he will, he will: you may depend on it. If he won't, he won't: and that's an end to it. " Mixed Chorus 2: Football 1, 2, 3: Track 1, Speech 3, 4: Junior Play. ROBERT HANNIGAN: "He was proof that still water runs deep. Co-operative and dependable, he both made love and carried the torch with intensity, " Football 3, 4: Track 1,2, 3, 4: Boxing 3: F. F. A, 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 4: F. F. A. Basketball 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. TWILA HELMS: "Another angel-top, who was fun-loving and a good dancer, but was prompt, courteous, and dependable in all her work. " Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4: F. H. A. 1,2, 3: Kayettes 4: Speech 4: Chorus 1: Junior Play: Senior Play. RAYDENE JAMES: "A figure that modeled high-style clothes with glamor: and better yet she could produce them. " Band 1,2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3: Glee Club 1,2, 4: Pep Club 1,2, 3,4: F. H, A. 1,2, 3,4: Parliamentarian 2, Treasurer 4: Kayettes 4, world Service Chairman 4: Dramatics 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Fair Queen Attendant 1: Best Groomed 1: Student Honor in Home Economics 3: Band Oueen Attendant 4 SARA MARR: 'Solid gold: she shone with luster in music, commerce and dramatics. " Band 1, 2,3, 4, Secretary 1, President 4: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Pianist 2, 3,4, President 4: Mixed Chorus 2, Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 4: F. H. A, 1, 2, 3, Parliamentarian 1, Vice-President 2, Secretary 3: Kayettes 4: Class Treasurer 3: Student Honor in Typing 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Annual staff Editor-in-Chief. RODNEY MILLS: "His name spelled glamor to most of the girls. Good looking and lots of fun, he divided his love between girls and sports. " Football 3,4: Track 3, Student Trainer 2: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, President 4, F. F. A. Basketball 4: Mixed Chorus 3: Vice-President of Class 1: Junior Play: Senior Play. SANDRA MORSE: "Always a smile on her lips and a song in her heart: kindness was her watchword. " F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4, Songleader, 2, Secretary 4: Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3: Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 3, Secretary 4: Band 1,2, 3, 4, Secretal 3, Vice-President 4: Class Secretary 3, 4, Attendant to Miss Elk City 2, 3, 4: Football Queen Attendant 4: Band Queen 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. NORMAN SCIJWATKEN: "Little, but mighty. A shining example of all the Christian virtues: he was loved and respected. " Speech 4: F,F, A. 3, 4: Secretary 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Class Secretary 2. WILLIAM SAILOR: "Always ready for fun. Had the qualities of a hero who would suffer constant injuries rather than weaken the team." Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Track 1,2, 3, 4, Captain 4: F. F. A. 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. BEVERLY SELLER: "She had the beauty of the jasmine flower: yet she was practicla as a power saw." Pep Club 1,2, 3,4: Mixed Chorus 1: Glee Club 1: F. H. A. 1, 2, 3: Kayettes 4: Dramatics 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. JAMES STEPHENS: 'Developed his voice to stage proportions: A happy-go-lucky who bore a man's responsibilities outside, " Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 3: Track 1, 3, 4: F. F. A. 2, 3, 4: F.F. A. Basketball 4: Mixed Chorus 1.2: Dramatics 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. LOREN STROBLE: "The Beah Brummel of the class: as attractive to girls as a pot of honey to bees, yet was a close friend to every boy. " Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Track 1, 3: F.F. A. 2, 3, 4: Junior Play, Senior Play. LEO TAYLOR: "Had a Rip-Van-Winkle disposition, but the keen wit of a Soloman. " Basketball 1,2, 3, 4: Football 1,3, 4: Track 1: F. F. A. 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. AUDREY AIKEN: "Had the courage of a mother in school: was loved and respected by all her daughter's friends. " Special Student: Dramatics 4: Senior Play. ELENORA WILSON: "A golden-haired field marshal: achieved recognition in 4-H and on the speaker 's stand. Band 1, 2,4: Chorus 1: Mixed Chorus 1: F. H. A. 1: Kayettes 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Speech 2, 3,4: PSP Club 1.2. 3.4: Fail' Queen Attendant 4. B .L SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Glora Cox, Ann Crossfield, Carol Bruce, Sara Marr, Beverly Seller and Twila Helms, STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Aiken, Robert Hannigan, Raydene James, Joe Cox, Sandra Morse, Rodney Mills, James Stephens, Leo Taylor, Elenora Wilson, Bill Sailor, Sharon Counsil, Loren Stroble, and Norman Schwatken. Senior' Gloss Qomnlencernent FRIDAY, MAY 18, 1956 TUESDAY, MAY 22, 1956 8:00 P. M. 8:00 P. M. --011 -Toi.. C1888 SOIIZ, "Halls of E. C. H. S." ....... .......... C lass Processional-"Pomp and Circumstancen ............ Elgar High School Band Salutatory Address, "From Us to You" .... Carol Bruce Invocation -,,,,-,,-,,,,---,,,,,,,,.--,-----.-.,.-ll, Rev. Jack Scham Toe Dance Glora Mae COX "You'll Never Walk Alone" ...... ..................... R odgers Cl H. l n I "This Is My Country" ..................... ..... W aring ass istory ...... ....... E lenora Wilson, Bill Sailor, ,The Haus of ECHSH Leo 'laylor High School Girls' Chorus - v ' if v H Commencement Address ............ "Your Future Looks Girls Tr1o, lNo Not Much ...... Sara. Marr, Carol Bruce Bright, Dr. Norland W. Strawn and Sandra Morse K. s. T. c., Pittsburg Presentation of Eighth Grade Class ...................... Class Will ...... ....... R odney Mills, Robert Hannigan Mr Roy Harkrader Teacher and Juniors Presentation of High School Class ..........,............. ' Mr. Ernest Edmonds, Superintendent JAZZ Band .......... ............................. S assy Seniors Class Prophecy ,.,,,,, ,,,,,, Be verly Seller, Twila Helms Presentation of Diplomas ....,..................................... and James Stephens L. E. Horton, Director of Board of Education March, "Espanna" .................,............................ Buchtel Boys' Trio .......... Rodney Mills, Joe Cox and Bill Sailor ,, . "The Voyager .......................................................... King Scholarship Awards ................ Wednesday Study Club Alma Mater- High School Band Far above the Old Elk Valley, on the lofty height, ValediClZOI'y Speech, "With the Ropes of the Past We Stands our noble Alima Matera Bathed in Golden Light. ' ' H Lift the chorus, spee it onwar , strive with al your might, Wlll Rmg the Bells of the Future """ Sara Marr Hail to Thee, our Alma Mater, dear old Red and White. Class Song, "Halls of E, C, H, S," ,,,,, .-,--- C lass Recessional-"Pomp and Circumstancen ............ Elgar High School Band Compliments of UNION GAS COMPANY Independence, Kansas ddzyfzz The Senior Class of 1955-56 proudly wills to E.C. H, S. their new furniture and their loud noise in the halls. AUDREY AIKEN wills her ability to get through school fast to Jack High. SUSAN BATES wills her bass drum to Beverly Stong, MARGARET BURNS wills her wedding ring to Melvin Paine because we 're sure he has a girl to give one to. I CAROL BRUCE wills her big smile to Mary Ann Aiken. GLORA MAE COX wills her ability to toe dance to Bill Keath who thinks he knows how, but doesn't. JOE COX wills part of his fat to Raymond Oliver who could use it. SHARON COUNSIL wills her ability to chatter to Sylvia Imhoff. ANN CROSSFIELD wills her position as Pep Club President to Frances Schwatken. DELBERT DAVIS wills his absent slips to Kenneth Rankin. ROBERT HANNIGAN wills his curly hair to Kenzel Hare. TWILA HELMS wills her blonde hair to Carol Goodwin because "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. " RAYDENE JAMES wills her sewing ability to Ruth Ann Burns. SARA MARR wills her pretty brown eyes to Daisy Harpster. RODNEY MILLS wills his crew cut to Richard Vaughn who may be charged dog tax before long. SANDRA MORSE wills her trombone to Charles James--"Try, try again. " BILL SAILOR wills his football shoes to Gary Foster. NORMAN SCHWATKEN wills his good constitution grades to Gene Bryant. BEVERLY SELLER wills to Theresa Wassom her dancing feet, JAMES STEPHENS wills his teasing ways to Marilyn Fraizer. LEO TAYLOR wills his sleepiness in class to Alberta Bruce. LOREN STROBLE wills his noisy car to Larry Hall who loves to run around. ELENORA WILSON wills LaDeana Reed her ability to eat the most in Homemaking class. 1975--The Senior Class of 1956 recently held a reunion at E.C. H, S, All members were present. MRS, AUDREY AIKINS is now a successful business woman and has 5 grandchildren. JOE COX is now an agriculture teacher in Wichita, Kansas. SANDRA MORSE is a famous singer and now has her own show on television, which is sponsored by Gasa Gasa Perfume MISS ELENORA WILSON is running a dairy, Her milkmaid, RAYDENE JAMES, reports that the Holstein Chickens are giving a lot of butter. Models, ANN CROSSFIELD and CAROL BRUCE of New York, are awaiting trial, for the theft of 1 box of the new, all new "Wolf Biscuits, " The girls feed all the "Wolves" these new crackers. MISS TWILA HELMS and MISS BEVERLY SELLER are now co-owners of a reducing pill factory in Southern California. The former SHARON COUNSIL is now the owner of a beauty salon in Hollywood, California. BILL SAILOR has invented a new kind of car television. NORMAN SCI-lWATKEN,is now a missionary in the darkest part of Africa, where his transportation is his faithful elephant, named Cadillac. LEO TAYLOR is now a professor in the Manhattan College. LOREN STROBLE, well known inventor, has invented a new automobile, He has named it the "J.C. Special. " Mr, Stroble guarantees that it is the slowest thing on the road. It runs one mile on 1'7 gallons of gas, and it is as streamlined as a 17 ton Model T truck. SARA MARR was recently elected the first woman president of the United States. GLORA COX is a famous toe dancer who specializes in a square dance and takes the place of all 8 people. MR, JAMES STEVENS was recently promoted to traveling salesman for the well-known "Termite Lumber Company. " RODNEY MILLS and DELBERT DAVIS, owners of the Girls' Dress Shop, have just returned from an extensive trip to the near east. They visited Moscow and Frankfort, all in the state of Kansas. ROBERT HANNIGAN, a famous wrestler, won the world champion boxing award. MARGARET BURNS, SUSAN WISE, and LOVA BEVARD are now married and have their own Yankee baseball team. r .HN vin., ar' , H 1 ,'g? t3, M , K x 'Nz f' -K, xgk .L ,N Y h I LJ ll ll ll ll ll -fxgyfr' A ,tl Wk" ' -K' Lt. . buf A N y,, me nmpvvw- ' ' , 3 gp- 0 CM 1, :if ffm ry- if n.uanw..4,q.u H43-Wi' 'i-015. -J JUN1oP,5 Til , sm. I r f af 'M ' 4 ff? Charles James Frances Schwatken Bill Keath "Chief Crazy Horse" "Gentlemen Marry "The Girl Rush" Brunettes L A E Q t , A ' gmc. ' Q K Q 0 . V Q g ..,iY.,,-lah f, my 21: .Q.,: 3 -1f' ,f,,.f" -. 'iw 5 ul!! ' 'us' W 1, Q ,VAA 1 H W --" 1 ' Basil Bryant Marilyn Frazier Gary Foster "The Hot Rod" "Gentlemen Prefer "Tennesses Partner" Blondes " , if Q' ,gy . as 'A f' - A' 5 A wi' . JL ,.5? "sf-Q.-.mixes pi f 'Oi 'nr-"" 3 M Jack High Dorothy Aiken Richard Vaughn "The High and the "My Sister Ei1een" "The Wild One" Mighty" 99 'l al Ruth Burn Kenzel Hare Sylvia Imhoff "Three C0inS in the "The Atomic Brain" "Farmers Daughter" Fountain" Daisy Harpster Mary Aiken "The Greatest "Magnificient Show on Earth" Obsession" Beverly Stong "Going My Way" 'iffy Larry Hall Raymond Oliver r "Daddy "The River of 1 Long-Legs" No Return" T Judy Baughman "The Seven Year Itch" Theresa Wassom Carol Goodwin "The Country "The Tender Girl Trap Melvin Paine "Gone With the Wind" La Deana Reed Alberta Bruce "The Million "Sma1l Town Dollar Mermaid Girl Kenneth Rankin "Blackboard Jungle" Q,STORE GROCERY Courtesy of Elk City, Kansas 1' A 1ql,, a ' .2 VJ xx Y' W1 if H 'N 72: 4 ,fx . 3 W.: , an 'f ,.b, + "A, , ky 2. X 5 ,H fl llli' ll ll LJ ll ll ll ll ll ll ll n I lu lib, ,,, , ,, . lQWFk " '4WJBU- . . l LAL' Q'f"'9"?""'f """n lv- 'm""""'W F' W .fa . .,. W,-wg:-fv"!'fff4 1. . x 5 4 .,,-Q ff-.ff , Q, .1169 SOPI-IOMORES iw -an 'TV' cn. as fy Y E -B H23 Iargaret Edmonds v .1 - fqxvo v DDB' N. Lv' Xxhv? Bettie Bowers vi? any 15'- new if X . 991 3 1 it Qin . ,Nu ' il lg is l V 'img h e ns Neil Sondra Green A A ' . -. V. if Z 3, if tx Gai! L Z V ,,,,. B I I K f. ir 97' ? , e:L1:egLe :Aj"ff- - J' Ji 'l Billy Oliver 4 N ,L Minds B, -706 Sea meY 2s?syff:ffc!frF1:::,iff Kafeik .L 1 Judy Stark ' Sue Turner Zcwwl af life F 4 X me fr I , il Compliments of ELK VALLEY ALFALFA MILL and f X WORL IMPLEMENT CO. r . - -arm .. x i. sg , . Z.. . . . r W K K a i r Z9 . V, -. ffm -' xv ff! il Sp V' id 'T h qv' A Y' , lk, . ' .1 I? Q 1. e ,L x x I 4. 'I' r 4 Q as .. ., ix Sa. w 1. "" , A' pl W 'L R 'VL Y . AA , . y JJ . ..' '.' -'- . ' Q K .5 ,ra A, -. , I .. J .L ,-, A The line up! V me Nancy Karen Violet. .. .. if X ' .. ' S A - ' ' ' is Q I 1' A .air N" . 1 Q " ' as 1- 3 ' I ff , .M in f 1 5 Q - , . .5 ,fi X NQQNX ' ' K , , '- X . x . -1 av-m af r ,w,ii 2 .X M F.F. A. Banquet ws-fm K ' Raydene, Carol, Sara. Ride'ern cowgirl! I The Band Beauues Ann TV . 'eee r. r s .s ':'- " FH ' r F .-as ' 5 - an nneen .. r Y' iffklrtw -' 5 -, 55 ' Lf: 9 rv . ..... . Q, 3 ,,k. A V V 1 .1 5935- i, .V 1, in ffl '-Agfa.: -aj f . L- x f Q mm! r H f .- 41 fam' .,1,. ,V . s .W .- ' '- X M. . 2" -, 2. 4 gg: I kk 1 .r-5, Q f, N , I W ' as 'kv so e,nne.e . J ' . y D Look pretty! in 3 ,dy A 'i ' .Y my ff -:na l .. r 1gf5f 557 Q f F3 . Elenoraand A Q' A ' ' Cliff' Rodney, Joe, Bill, 1 .,. 1 in vt .A me A s is.."61 - '- W... Q Patsy and Karen dance wh11e Nancy watches. Hard at work! I Hello Boys! !! f 5 mb' ' ' W ...fi Yir ... 1 K Ji raee N . X' A F H A . . ,,.. ,..-,f 1 ffr J: ,gg . . . meetrng .. 1-1 Qqgz 5 fr . e i 1 Pram Q Si u, oh: com pop! Oh, it's a happy bunch! ui VF ' ' . ... 2 if E My, my girls! s 4 T Whose??? F F JKN1 allfi - f E Y 41 1' Qs- ! . Q M P' v ' ,fvufx "1 3371171212-' -,L k K 5 'A V L .. .V ll ll ll LJ ll ll ll ll ll ll ll ll -1'-K 3' A 5 Qpamw "'k mmr-21 mt N Uxiii. FRESHMEN If iw? .3 15' M, ...ap Iur 5. , 3 1 12, , x. -ri QT,- Iudyn A as Q 5 , H fr ,Me Richard Speer A '.' ' ' Y , 1 :gm - Lg ' ' V 'er' f - ' 1, ,s I Q, ' , I 9 X ff 9' -L ' R Karen-er ant Donald J Q. f' Q ,,,r.,,W ' . KA. V- .A1phl7 off Tdrglordanf A zeal ,J i 3 , 'L r me H? sa ' r , . Af' ' f ' Robertaswwzd :! Q4 4 , I Qi V in A V ., if fi .ur A .L K 4 it kfxr Courtesy of J. H. VIETS Independence, Kansas 43 1 W if 1 z J , gf-am, Tir ,Av Belva Foktgfx ,b : rr, r- r v e we ' ' N' ' ' rf... .. iff 2 Olan A ,, , Q YN, fx- . " ,-Q-:ff-n 1' 27, 1 9 A Eddie Wassom , , ' ibn 1. Av -144: N, Carol Green N 9.x , Nancy Mg r Robert Wheeler ar, " 'mn Sq W'X 3 11 fi 3 av -X vs--A 6 , .f- 3' gno- W ., ,J ff," ' ., 'Q . V, 'i. A ,e " X . dv N 1'-"6"?'v1"."-"'-'Q , . 5 , 4 , .V i- ,! mf 'ati 'ff 39:4-m X Q ' A '- TQQQ' ' '4-'F' , i A QQ- , ' , 4, Sf, 7. ! 'I f -fl A - T5 I 'l '- 'fa .., . A1 , ' -fe, Y 3' r A-1" If "' ' I a ' . ' -1 X S' Q x ...vw- a I." - i nf' A vnu' 1 vu ,I AL. ,gg'x.w3.-Of 5 """wWk1-"fi ,"'T""!5 sf"f f"'i fm ,wily-WX . ,.fq,,,g1f f"a,, Q i w.. Lv 'P vt UNDERCLASSMEN um 441' R iv--P A NAVY' -. k J if ! , Nfsziilf JL! "Ez x -www, . ,, 1 - 4: , R L wx A may ,,, " R K' " k f b , .fs t Minnie Stong 33:-:1.......5. i in 'X 52 Reg 'RIF'-if A f A is ', 1 -11 s , A . , 5 K 1' Sv Kgref ringet'QggN ? Zeal! Je 6046 ft on ...mv-lo . 'ff E gx - 5. ff . . 5 Y-1 x I1mmyM1nk1er Jamce 1 x 'iw ,Q ., .n- ag I .Z, 1A, , , . 45? 3. :G .J in Dori D ' is Carol G: ri ,Q s ,il as NX gg I' gi x ,Min rf -' 3, ., , Q . Russell Blake Joan Mitchell L. B. Newton 'E an 3 l,.aww ., ,-xg -rf -1.1. U.: - . Billie Conrad ,C I ack Burns I . .r...r 'r""- rx fs: . nga- i Q Eugene Harpster 2 X 2-5 E 5 .100 Clifford Sailor J une Burns x James Stelting , U? igr A Robert Speer 3 Janice Reed Darlene Koger 9 6 0 b mf ig gl ,, ii' i " vt f ., or W rrrr in n A qr .1 irWRfQwaiQm Ln is eel'r ij. ,L gg I ames Ross Judy Greer SV - 3 E t ilie f r I n Tommv Bruce Leon Lunn - ai' - KW 'iiiii'ii ' . .. fr, , in-Y"'j Xia? Kieth Springer gZE?. nia,rfi T ,n,,T Q ' 91 femwww -an .e., 1 ee1 any C il. , Becky I ones i c . 'L ng ra 1, lr-1- z 5 ,, B, ,. rrrl Julia White Janet McE1wain Gearld High + f 1' ., . . ,j,,g"esew -1 f- H' 3 rr gl sail 2 eer Gene H211 Emma Lou Bearman Compliments of JAY - HAWK BREAD Kansas Independence, C Dee Drybread if W 'xg ' 1 Ng ki ' 1 ,W may Julian White Florence Han Steve Chism Clarence Meadows Jimmy Foste W' H ' A "1" 1' if 4' "' fl' X DISTRICT Scnov. S S ff" . H SCHOOL BUS 5270 GR ADES , , y A A A, ,Era mn L w ' :za ' lr W we TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gary Keeling, Clark Lee High, Donnie Stelting, Lynn Howeth, Bethel Lawrence, Scotte Snyder, Alma Marr, Arlene Rice, Joycelind Morse. BOTTOM ROW: Barry Vaughn, Judy Reynolds, Garry Pittman, Mavis Blecha, Joleen Springer, Patricia Moore, Marilyn Wehmeyer, Kathyrn Glass. Janice Jones, Genneth McElwain, Wanda Wassom, and Eva Ross. Q. " . BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Green, Sandra McGuire, Roy Howeth, Tommy Hall, Sue McElwain, Jeannie Rice. Janice Merritt. SECOND ROW: John Buchanan, Dale Springer, Roy Joe Wise, Wanda Gaut, Alice Miller, Janice Moore, David Newton, FRONT ROW: Billy Warren, Charles Hawk, Diana Lawrence, Harriet Foster, Sharon Hare, Judith Stroble, Patricia Hannigan, Dianne Davis, Carey O'Kelly. Teacher, Mable Ellis. 1 affllir , ! A. I. A , may TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coylene Prince, James Meadows, Carl Stong, James Reed, Gerald Eytcheson, Floyd Rice, Jimmie Rankin. SECOND ROW: Betty Jenkins, Ralph Jones, Judy Leonard, Kay Patterson, Mary Keath, Velvajean Wehmeyer, Betty Denton, Mrs. Reece. THIRD ROW: Raymon Lunn, Jimmie Hare, Judith Henderson, Ann Tiefenback, Gladys Davis, Vickie Dowdy, Marilyn Keller, Diana Bryant. BOTTOM ROW: Tommie Lawrence, Tommie Wisell, Mary Ellen Smoot, and Darlene Glass. Qaeda coma! BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Dean Humbolt, Alice Vaughn, Carol Winkleman, Jimmie McElwain, Nell Jones, Mickey McGuire, Stephen Vaughn, Bonnie Marsh, Teacher, THIRD ROW: Shirley Wehmeyer, Sue Ann Merritt, Kenneth Gaut, Carolyn Helms, Patricia Crasshn, Ruth Wisel, Dennis Newton, SECOND ROW, Ronnie Godsey, Cinda Nading, Patrick Fowler, Rex McCul1ey, Norma Welch, and Gary Johnson. FIRST ROW: Carol Jean Merritt, Billy Tiefen- back, Vickie Hawk, Jackie Patterson, Lyle Springer, and Don Jones. mils tai. - mt Qaeda BOTTOM ROW: Beth Condry, Ramon Fowler, Elaine Keller, Dale Davis, Charlotte McCulleCy, Lounita Cash. MIDDLE ROW: Lin a Newkirk, Homer Newton, Clifton Snider, Kenneth Noblitt, Ralph Nading, Francis Wisell, Linda Blecha, Cecil Buchanan, Leland Fiscus. TOP ROW: Mary Gillespie, Teacherg Gary Hughes, Tommy David- son, Elwood Greene, Charles Winkle- man, Celeste Ure, Ruth Lunn, Agatha Foster, Anna Rentfro, Vicky Greer, and Mary Ellen Edmonds. Read LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ianeice Bowers, Gregg Wilson, Nancy Kear , Kenneth Jones, Ronnie Jones, Morgan Glenda Wheeler, Dale Marlene Wehmeyer, Vicki Welch, Steven Simmons, Fred Miller. TOP ROW: Mrs. Barker, man Morse, Linda Sue Hicks, Stevie Johnston, Frankie Foster, Kendall ... . Condrav. Laura Seacat, Patty Lou Patterson, Jeanette Bowers Davidson. MIDDLE ROW Humbolt, Sharyn Godsey Sandra Simmons, Patricia Ann Noblitt, Virgil Imhoff Connie Winkleman, Dor Shirley Linn, Gary Seller ,- -W., , M. N f,.." x g 'U "fx:-H' ' " ' -- , .'Nf,"?x1e!x'eg'W I , " A 'W fm my 'sd-. 91- x . Sly. M' f ' ' '. -Az- Vf FLW Kkeg '- -W 'Un 'A f If 'Y f 'V ,g ' 'Q' ,ff ' . 'f x ' I 'AQ' 1 - 11. .'W- Vw bg.,w::,y ',V " . :-A ? .9 iq ,J W 1. 1 . f.,sn ', E, ' ij-J Lg , .f ,fi 1' '-'5M ,'T- 'K' ', Srl" g 'ii L up 9 :H 3 1:7 , WM -,. my ' .L , ,A 5 R i M fy,-gg q. , V... A 5 ,, 2 F 4' 5 'f ? s Jw V Q 19 Q, , Q- .. -1 KN nh'T'g' fill IH ll I L1 MI- I ' I gg - ,M V015 14 ,jQ,NDC.N ' I I I a..n,J 1 W ff' r" ll. FM? ' N 521 ,Lf 'Lg ORGANIZATIONS L X . . +1 . , . Ni , , ' x M, f,,.. ' iw V 1 f A.. , ,klfi Q K 1- A E 1 w1g,Mg:jIf.g1 3 , 94 Kxggyyv ,gg AI,-Q 1,1-'f.5t:JgQ :wma Kgiiifipirj F315-EW 2' 1 'F ,Vg . 5254 , 1 B ,453 -iv h - 1' " .cf A ,, :::1u-ggbbua gym, L l A. px -Y A -f, ,ggq::-,,'?'l-,Y . .,-lg .uw ,fQ::.M5,,.z-faq' 'wmv nu, .-f-,aff - z -Ye. fx-I, 4. vw 5- -lwaiwivs,-xw,f '- f :gf QQ? :M affix 8 ws ' 55. ms qw 'rd ' G ..--,,w..,g-.JY wr-mv.. ,e ,H-rn.. ,Q-1,3 -' .. ,.., ,, ,L V-.L ,f'..,f,sw..?.,w., vw, 1 F79 3- 1 : 1 5-'f'.5'1I F' '. I "iii, LQ. 213' f L 3,761-5ifi',f" k V K X75 4J3!i.fM'l':r 1::+13'?5f ' -V guy . -,N ,141 5 :3WA,3i 3:3 v-5,53-1,,4,X 5 .a.:. - ri. 5. Qvj.,-,Q ,,'.4...Q- if 1 , , .W3,3:,'-hy M5145-' ,541 25353 W ff" H Lf' lskgi' A 4 Q ' ,T ,.g,L it ' .,l:':E?g .5517 4,,,gj i,5,f' .' v-,152 -T' '.- J 4241 ' . f?xx1ffSiLf,,'-ft : a A121 ga? ' ME", Jw? .- 1"'jk1Zf' -' ' ..'fiGil', ' ' JJ. , , 1,f,f,1. ' QM ' 1, ',..-1 , JQQZLQ-1 H an .f-.afi"fv1-'jmr' W 2. 1-gf, '1 I' 1:..'l'12I:?.' Q 3145-f ' - 'j:vw3'- 155 P, V wi . LF T., 1 2 ,, Lim, .JCI , ,f-. N - ' f-.z,. fvf ' W," ' 'J .' ,L . Y J .W ' ' 13 " ' -21 ff? np 4555 .:ffq,,'r ' Q ,,.n,,f W M, K., ' , Wk .frm mph DTTOM ROW: Jerry Cox, Roger Elmore, Gary Merritt, Earl Foster, Robert Hannigan, James Stephens, Raymond Oliver, ill Cox, Gary Foster, Jim High, Joe Cox, and Basil Bryant. MIDDLE ROW: Joe Scammy, Gary Counsil, Gene Rice, illy Linn, Donald Davis, Jimmy Keath, Norman Schwatken, Charles James, Bobby Merritt, Jerry Mosteller, Bill Keath, id Billy Oliver, TOP ROW: Larry Kimrey, Bob Hall, Jimmy Newkirk, Jack High, Ernie Montross, Neil Denton, Richard peer, Leo Taylor, Kenneth Rankin, Phillip Osburn, Richard Vaughn, Bill Sailor, Robert Wheeler, The F. F. A. "Chuck Wagon" dealt out hamburgers and pop during the fair, 7. 7. ff. ,Y . fx 'gm - Courtesy of FARM BUREAU INSURANCE SERVICES Herman Schwatken Elk City Ray Dewell Independence gm ANN CROSSFIELD H h vl F, F, A, Sweet eart y Oh! What's going on at this initiation! ,... Rodney, F. F, A. President, carries on a business meeting, 1 T1 21 Q 8 -. T' k 1.3 E 'N 1 FRONT ROW, OFFICERS-LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Sayre, Treasurer: Marilyn Frazier, President: Mrs. Vaughn, Sponsor: Judy Baughman, Vice-President: Karen Simmons, Secretary. SECOND ROW: Sara Marr, Twila Helms, Margaret Edmonds, Karen Furnace, Theresa Wassom, Elenora Wilson, Sondra Greene, Geraldine Crawford. THIRD ROW: Ruth Burns, Judy Lawrence, Lois Berndt, Joyce Osburn, Karen Eytcheson, Violet Bruce, Carol Greene. BACK ROW: Raydene James, Susan Bates, Margaret Blecha, Kay Reed, Betty Foster, Roberta Leonard, Belva Foster, Karen Keeling. Compliments of MOUNTAIN IRON AND Zaqefted SUPPLY COMPANY Independence, Kansas , U, ,...:,.: A , if-il' 0 Q wil . X . 6 'tif 1 :f...mwq::fs:sw:fsm f 4v" FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Margaret Edmonds, Glora Cox, Susan Bates, Alberta Bruce, Carol Bruce, Sandra Morse, Judy Baughman, Frances Schwatken. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Counsil, Nancy Manley, Raydene James, Judy Stark, Sondra Greene, Geraldine Crowford, Karen Bryant, Belva Foster. BACK ROW: Miss Kennedy, Delora Aiken, Roberta Leonard, Joyce Osburn, Karen Eytcheson, Violet Bruce, Karen Keeling, Carol Greene, QMrs. Lyle Bruce and Mrs. James, Chapter Mothers, not shown.j ?az'aze W edema af fifmezdca President Carol speaks. :RONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Bates, Treasurer, Alberta Bruce, Vice-Presidentg Carol Bruce, President, FHA Fair Booth Sandra Morse, Secretary. BACK ROW: Margaret Edmonds, Songleaderg Glora Cox, Historian, Frances Schwatken, Reporter, Judy Baughman, Parliamentarian. Scene from trip to Topeka Compliments of LOCKE'S AND SHENK MOTOR COMPANY Independence, Kansasi 'S -'wr I -A - in . ' "W A ..-A-3' K .. , -1 -. my 1 "LN A if 1 N 5, lr "MOST POPULAR" Larry Hall and Ann Crossfield "BEST LOOKING" Glora Cox, Rodney Mills, and Carol Bruce "BEST STUDENTS" Theresa Wassom and Larry Hall These students, along with others were nominated by the faculty. Then, without previous notice, the students elected these stu- dents as Best Citi- zens, Best Students, Most Courteous, Most Popular and Best Looking. "BEST CITIZEN" Norman Schwatken and Sara Marr Compliments of WININGERS CLEANERS 8: STORAGE Independence, Kansas "MOST COURTEOUS" Norman Schwatken and Ann Crossfie '11 " 1 'M' 'W 'Q A I 1' ,pf . 'N 'WV v. H, . - Qc ,V f il. ,vw . A ' I -3 I 'H Y . I ' fill' 3 " Av H , I Q3 'YSL Q. STL C :II :I ACTIVITIES Y' U ., ' 1 vi .L 5 ,ik z gi f s - K A R A ,fx , -I :, A X ,-4. ,. - , ' 4 1 A , r, V 5 2 I E Q 4 .W 'sq 0 X , , ' ji A T '1-'L 31, My V, ' . 1 f p r s T se f B if-Q , 'xv' .T VM' nv'--fx W 'ww,MM,5a,-32 f v ,sa H I srl' ' ACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Delora Aiken, Karen Simmons, Betty Foster, Kay Reed, Bonnie Paine, Violet Bruce, Carol Preene, Carol Bruce, Alberta Bruce, Sara Marr. MIDDLE ROW: Judy Hare, Roberta Leonard, Raydene James, Karen Keeling, elva Foster, Judy Baughman, Joyce Osburn, Karen Eytcheson, Carol Goodwin, Frances Schwatken. FRONT ROW: Betty lare, Sharon Counsil, Judy Starks, Sandra Morse, Margaret Edmonds, Nancy Manley, Judy Lawrence, Karen Furnace, iarilyn Frazier, Lois Berndt, , Group picture. . Trio No. 2 Pats Jones, Margaret Edmonds, and Sgiaron Counsil. . Sara Marr-pianist. . Triple Trio, Front Row: Betty Hare, Joyce Osburn, Marilyn Frazier, Second Row: Karen Simmons, Carol Bruce. Third Row: Kay Reed, Bonnie Paine, Alberta Bruce, and Berry Foster. . Trio No, 1 Sandra Morse, Lois Berndt and Frances Schwatken, awe ima Compliments of ALLIS-CHALMERS and HALSEY BROS Independence, Kansas FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Frances Schwatken, Carol Bruce, Darlene Koger, Karen Schwatken Marilyn Merritt Ianet McE1wain, Raydene James, Glora Cox, Sharon Counsil, Roberta Leonard, Iudy Stark Elenora Wilson Carol Keller Vlfglfll wehmeyer, Kay Jones, Sandra Sullivan, Karen Keeling. SECOND ROW: Sandra Morse Ann Crossfield Linda McTaggart Margaret Edmonds, Bill Cox, Nancy Manley, Eddie Hodges, Theresa Wassorn, Karen Simmons Glenda McElwa1n Norman Schwatken, Sara Marr. THIRD ROW: Bob Merritt, Alberta Bruce, Carol Goodwin, Robert Speer Gary Merritt Violet Bruce Joe Cox, TOP ROW: Richard Speer, Beverly Stong, Jerry Cox. Wczme 7445 7cwe The Band marches! ABOVE RIGHT: Drum Major, Glora Coxg Twirlers, Carol Bruce, Frances Schwatken, Karen Keeling, Sandra Sullivan. HILLE MUSIC COMPANY Independence, Kansas Compliments of 'Q em an W CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Crossfield, Frances Schwatken, Lois Berndt, Joyce Osburn, FRONT ROW: Bett Hare, Roberta Leonard, Raydene James, Sondra Greene, Elenora Wilson, Judy Baughman, Karen Bryant, Geraldine Crawford, Karen Keeling, Belva Foster, Dorothy Aiken. SECOND ROW: Judy Stark, Delora Aiken, Marilyn Frazier, Karen Furnace, Margaret Burns, Theresa Wassom, Karen Eytcheson, Sandra Morse, Alberta Bruce, Carol Goodwin, Karen Simmons. THIRD ROW: Judy Hare, Sharon Counsil, Nancy Manley, Judy Lawrence, Betty Foster, Carol Bruce, Sara Marr, Margaret Edmonds, Minnie Ross, Betty Bowers, Mary Aiken. BACK ROW: Twila Helms, Kay Reed, Glora Cox, Linda Sayre, Bonnie Paine, Violet Bruce, Carol Greene. 0466445 CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Crossfield, Senior, Frances Schwatken, Juniorg Lois Berndt, Sophomore, Joyce Osburn, Freshman. Compliments of WARREN- HUGHES SERVICE STATION and LAWRENCE H , U PRODUCE and MBS P2P VARIETY Elk City, Kansas Ann Crossfield X f , gi," ,R I 1 X Q , ' ff f X s 4 E Dmmczzfdca Q Sandra and Sar 1 R li enora, - M, l Courtesy of NEWKIRK INSURANCE AGENCY Independence Kansas alma' could 1. "Seventeen" was tap-danced by Nancy Manley, Sara Marr, Frances Schwatken, Carol Green, Raydene James, and Karen Keeling, 2. Freshmen square dance "The Thing" 3. "Sailor Boy" was helped by Hawaiian leis and sailor suits. 4, Sophomores square dance "Hot Time in the Old Town". 5. "Sweet and Gentle" exhibited couples' dancing ability. 6. "Can-Can" was danced by Glora Cox. 7. "Tumbling Weeds" was sung by Sharon Counsil, Sandra Morse, Lois Berndt, Marilyn Frazier, Frances Schwatken, and Carol Goodwin. 8. Mr. Starr was a competent Master of Ceremonies. ,,,,-of 1. Mr. Howeth and the F. F. A. served lunches from a chuck wagon. 2. H,S. float, "Edu- cation makes the dif- ference. " 3, E. C. H. S. Band led the parade, 4, Gerald Godsey crowned Marilyn Frazier fair queen. Happy Tho Nutty an original acted by Raydene James and Twila Helms. Queen Marilyn and attendants Carol Bruce and Elenora Wilson, ammamdiq 7461 lv' "Love Your Neighbor ' ' By Albert Johnson Presented by J unlor Class Aprll 20 1956 CAST Un the order of therr appearancej Wrngy Vaskl son of the household Dora Vaskr hrs stster Flora Vaskl Dora s twln Emrl Vaskl thelr father Anna Vaskt then mother Blddy Brady a nerghbor Mrs Jones another nerghbor Tessy Vaskl the eldest daughter Luke Watson a farmer Oswald Fredrlck engaged to Tessy Johnny Jones an ex marrne Mrs Brxby Oswald s aunt Maxey the Fredrrck s chauffeur Judge Patrtck Justrce of the peace Perclval Plng a ptano tuner Grandpa Vaskl Emxl s father Sarabelle cousm of the Vaskrs Zuvabelle another cousm Dlxte Jones a southern stranger Charles James Peggy Jones Theresa Wassom Larry Hall Alberta Bruce Judy Baughman Carol Goodwin Frances Schwatken Kenzel Hare B111 Keath Melvln Pame Martlyn Frazrer Kenneth Rankln Basll Bryant Gary Foster Rlchard Vaughn Dorothy Atken Dalsy Harpster Mary Ann Arken Two Frremen Raymond Oltver Jack Hrgh Dxrector Mrs Page Manley Basmess Manager Mr Leslle Howeth Ushers Sylvta Imhoff Ruth Bums s Mrs. Fredrick, Oswa1d's mother . . Beverly Stong I C JAMES INSURANCE and ELK CITY LUMBER COMPANY Elk City, Kansas Compliments of m,1 ' ,Q , Z HI.. --1' -rs 33, L '21 Compliments of FOODTOWN SUPER MARKET Independence, Kansas T6 Whole cast warms up before curtaln "Strictly Formal" A Comedy in Three Acts by Wm Davidson Presented by Senior Class 1955 CAST Qln order of thexr appearancej Jane who hasn t a date for the dance Sara Marr Sally her best friend Agnes the mald of all work Andrew Cutler Jane s father Nettle Cutler her mother Mr Ahern a nerghbor Jrm Sally s boy frtend Rose Tllton who gets the mumps Mrs Trlton her mother JOS16 Trlton her krd slster Gmger sweet on Swede Swede hooked and lassoed Elroy who lrkes to put the s ot George whom Jane rs sweet on Raydene James Susan Wrse Joe Cox Twrla Helms Robert Hanmgan Loren Stroble Glora Cox Audrey Arken Eleanora Wrlson Carol Bruce B111 Sallor Rodney Mrlls James Stephens Marcla a tuple threat from New York Beverly Seller Cmdy Colllns the country cousm Sandra Morse Marrlyn who rs after Elroy Ann Crossfleld Lt Bob Cunmngham of the Arr Force Leo Taylor Mrs Page Manley Beverly Seller Delbert Davls Norman Schwatken Margaret Burns BETWEEN ACTS Drrector Trckets Stage Publrclty Usher Soprano Solo H Sandra Morse Trumpet Solo Trumpeter s Lullaby Carol Goodwrn Sara Marr and Frances Schwatken Pramsts 1 0 - . u - - . . a a p . n . v I - . n - I - Q . Q s 1 n n . I - . 9 1 . - . . g . Q - u g - . I 0 . 3 a n Q '. I 1 - s 1 Q g 0 Q e D . r , ' h . . . ' , Q n , a , . Q - , . Q a Q Q . , 5 I . . ------0------ ------O------ , " 8 " . . . . . . . u 1 u ' 9 0 0 vi' 1.,,f5gsggE,?H , P 5.1-.f f"! 2. . ti , -Q ,il , Qgf u Q- I kkkgkhi 1,1 ,V X So long, F, H. A. I 1 , -GW Q4 1 f Twin Whit-Af, ..,,.. ,Q-.-n 'iv , ul 1 'Ti "av 'ST ,.,,4v"l' an f,-lib P ,viii 1 g' + 1 'b -Q-if Seniors on a spree, Il Glora visits with the Freshman eighth period. ifiii Judy and Dick at work ts. .4 Mmm Good Carol Santa Clause gives out oranges and apples. X h.. sf-it Let s dance. Oh, Loren!!! L . Thorn among the roses! , --4 V . Senior girls typing away. ...f-'. Wilson not paying attention! Richard - F 1 , A N - he I X fl ., f . E' :Ragga 'W ,k i 3 'Z ' Leo and Robert fighting it out, Q , z 3, , . Coach L W 0 p ps0 Chorus Girls W6 WOI1 was Bi fs ,ay 1. Ll A s 1 H s., r "Goof us " gg ..,.V ,mas is mf C C C 4 :asf A C Af. il k x . , . ' 'X 5 - f ,z ' and Raydene James. Joe Cox crowned Sandra Morse Band Queen Zaeena az ,4 Dag Z VYW L s M - 4- s X N '- BAND, Queen Sandra Morse with her attendants Ann Crossfield Marilyn Fraizer, Fair Queen. Her attendants Jud Baughman, Elenora Wilson and Carol Bruce, Compliments of KANSAS GAS AND Fair Queen and her Attendants Miss Glora Cox was voted Miss Elk City ELECTRIC Independence , Kansas , SA.-- 4... ' k"""' i Band Queen and her attendants 4 R H WSC ,Air- tk .k-. . I Ly ,,.. ,.. :I .ki -- ,. ,... , , f'f.,jE' Y "Qs N-, V jwr':-ee7:.g:,f,-?5Aj.., M, if fgffirawmysisfivsf v f f w M. u , FM 'L imlngz :I 4 , L , In t ' . ,,4!i1i, . M A . , kr r , ,ju C . .Te V -NHL I . A g a v - 1 "4" .72-qi , . .tkkz . .-k.f" ligan d J' ' 1" . at A s 1 P ssnn C M. ii' .L ,, air-v Elk City Band Knock them down. 5 Ani 1 Q fi f 'l V 'O N 4 A S R l Ag1i...t,,t A aus. Queen Glora Cox and attendants Sandra Morse and Ann Crossfield, Crown bearer, Rita Sue Inlow. Queen Glora walks to her throne, X. ,J Ann and Sandra dance with their escorts, Loren and Larry, Compliments of TROTTER'S STYLE SHOP and CASE 'S BOOK STORE Independence, Kansas Queen Glora dances with escort, Bill Sailor, Let's dance! Party held in honor of the queen, ,x ry.. ttta 5Y E L 0 Q 'X gy X J t is it U 1' az Q f to lf- E B I I E. o X tt .. L 1 X Queen Ann Crossfield and attendants Glora Cox and Sandra Morse. Debbie Starr crown bearer, My t up 5 . L, ' ' a ll l 'e e :gi ,t p N N aww o',n xg L. i I X K ',, M,,,:,. , , Crowning at the football field. Th1'0Ue in EYTU- Robert and Basil with mas Compliments of , OTEY JEWELRY STORE and ROWE GROCERY Elk City, Kansas 4 . x F ' e f + .,..-x' I 9 fi. ,nv ,pn ' I Y Kiwi ' 4' .-:- W. .. , . ,,.. - Y ' X iz-MH xr 0: A FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Eddie Wassom, Tom Jordon, Jim Keath, Gene Rice, Richard Speer, Bob Merritt, Donald Davis, Jerry Cox, Philip Osburn and Bill Cox, SECOND ROW: Jim High, Garry Counsil, Garry Merritt, Bill Oliver, Roger Elmore, Eddie Hodges, Earl Fos- ter, Larry Kimrey, Neil Denton. THIRD ROW: Wayne Ubben, Coach, Robert Hannigan, Rodney Mills, Bill Keath, Jack High, Raymond Oliver, Kenzil Hare, Larry Hall, Garry Fos- ter, Kenneth Rankin, and Melvin Paine. Hall runs 440 yd dash Ill' 11- EVENT 100 yd. dash 220 yd. dash 440 yd. dash 880 yd. dash 120 yd. dash 180 yd. dash 1 mile run 880 yd. relay Medley relay Compliments of GLEN THOMPSON TIME NAME 10.7 sec. Bill Sailor 24,8 sec. Bill Sailor 5 7. 7 sec. Melvin Paine 2 min. 16.4 sec. Jack High 15.8 sec. Melvin Paine 2 1. 1 sec. Melvin Paine 5 min, 14. 7 sec. 1 min, 41, 1 sec. 3 min. 46. 4 sec. Robert Hannigan Sailor, Jim High Mills and Paine Sailor, High, Paine, and Mills 1-ul-.-...... Sailo 7 Mile relay Shot put Discus Polevault Broad Jump Javelin High jump ' A ,i IE! i 1-1. . rl -ww-.ima-ummf-law'-ii 3 min. 46.2 sec. 38 ft, 2 in. 96 ft. 9 in. 10 ft. 6 in. 19 ft. 8 1X2 in. 132 ft. 8 in. 5 ft. 7 in. Sailor, High Mills, and Paine Jerry Cox Philip Osburn Melvin Paine Bill Sailor Ernie Montross Bill Sailor Hannigan ru .ge 'sa Compliments of ELK CITY SUN OFFICE Elk City, Kansas Q9 Q-P53 O 65 Ernie MOQYYOSS Melvin Pame Leo Taylor Rodney Mills R0b6l'I Hannigan ll B I I Elk Elk Elk Elk City City City er r,- Q' D .9066 4' 4 Elk Elk Elk Elk Elk City City City City City City J' Hall G 85' Merrirr 40 Billy Linn y Jerry Cox Neil Denton V Gary Foster A722 07 e hwsffs 000605 , . 'Qs - 0422, r Compliments of I l in JoHN TROUTMAN X Independence, P ' U Q Kansas Bill Sailor Joe Cox Wayne Ubben, Coach NBII Leon 19 Cedar Vale 2 St. Patrick 20 Peru 0 Sedan 33 Sedan 40 Edna 0 Moline 40 Howard 0 ' I vaxqooie do qroqve' gill Keath Jimmy Keafh 4' Billy Cox . Bill Cox Jerry Cox Eddie Wassom Tommy Jordon Jim Keath Earl Foster Jim High Win? 64' Compliments of DENTON GROCERY and SERVICE STATION Elk City, Kansas Me came? Melvin Paine Eddie Hodges Loren Stroble Neil Denton Gary Merritt Bill Sailor Basil Bryant Phillip Osbum -sawed Elk City 53 Wayside " " 49 Cedar Vale " " 34 Sedan " " 37 Longton ' " 47 Howard " " 45 Leon " " 34 Moline " ' 44 Howard " " 37 Peru I Moline Tournament " " 38 Moline " " 35 Peru " " 54 Longton " " 41 Cedar Vale " " 55 Sedan " " 41 Leon " " 74 Havana " " 49 Moline " " 49 Peru District Tournament V ll 31 Longton Compliments of PAT HALL GARAGE Elk City, Kansas 4 Bob Merritt Larry Hall Roger Elmore INDEPENDENCE BOOSTERS Firestone Taylor Auto Service Stephens Motor Company Wm Hasselmann Florist Inc. O. E. Woods Lumber Company Dr. Malcolm V. Brown Midway Barber Shop Booth and Beldorf Theaters Citizen National Bank Family Shoe Store Myers Motor Supply Pontiac Motor Company Sheldon Grain and Feed Company Independence Glass Company Independence Daily Reporter Skelly Service Station Haas Clothing Store Brady's Shoe Store Bob and Earl Auto Service Ashcraft Tire Supply Judy Johnson Appliance Litwins Sears Jewelry Teebken Sign Company Calverts George's Shoe Center Geckelers Shoe Store Independence State Bank Huff's Studio Wilson's Gift Shop Neilson's Shoe Shop Seller's Studio Corner Dru Sayers Hargware Esthers Hat Shop Nipper Plumbing Company Independence Service Center S. H. Kress and Company W. S. Constant Independence Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Ford Motor Company Bob Gooldy Appliance Sherwood Construction Company Independence Laundry and Cleaner Dossville Furniture Mart Star Mill Webb Funeral Home f - ' ' H ELK CITY BOOSTERS Elk City Barber Shop Fletcher Hardware Elk City Laundry Bill and Gene's Cafe City Cafe R.L. Slater, Real Estate Warren's Beauty Shop Denbo Funeral Home G. L. Crow Cafe Marr Locker E ft 1. Dance with me Henry! 2. What's cookin'? 3. Hey, 1et's watch that. 4, Anybody hungry? ml. wf .1-nf,-2--im. . LH 'eu aff i, Vg 'la wg: A U w ,.' . 'f N , x , QQ. K , . . X . . X -A. . . . , . . , . 2 -Q 4,1 f A ,K f 1 .2' , .i .4 -43' f V f. M qv ., ' , V 5 "" Q V I"f:1 J f , I H' , gfpf-f ' Qgg: " A ' 'ff' V ' , . -4 . 2.4-I-'M .-. I . ' f "fer - f . , f , fr r-, -. ,vg.v..,, if f V ,Y x" ,f ' w L... .,, ,V ,, ww . H A 1 Q if v.i"W -fr.Jv,f:A-Mmm. . I .aw ,,. we 1 J 'C ff Q2 K V. ,W ,A ,. .W .1 K W P, .1 . A. -,. 4 4, as-.4,?Mi.H: ' " "':"' .IW k - .jf-1 'rr , .. i!'fT:5g ' ff' .' , 1 y X ' 1 . UL. if-iv. , i-ASSY' - if ,Q V 1 L.- ..--f X- . , -' g ki Y . 1 M . 'mg' ,, 2? 'F x ,.-.EC h Y :qv f 1 , -. f gg V. J.- '.1,'g: ., 1. " V ,. .fav .,, ' --41. GV. ., ' x ' ' AW, ,A ' ' gpg 4, h . -.5-, -,sf 1 . F.. , 32? '- Q. . -Jr: 3-nf-QQQ fel 1.45

Suggestions in the Elk City High School - Elksonian Yearbook (Elk City, KS) collection:

Elk City High School - Elksonian Yearbook (Elk City, KS) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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