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. 'D...K' "V kpc , Q5 u I. 5 'r bins!-1tvnv2x,,,r!vrn"x f !1'fA1'rr fgf ,ifmzfrffy 14.11A of ?l4Kmn All! fn. nffl. AuHa'rs'1! wufn 11111114114 4L'f'r4f illlnllflf HL1: Arm .mr Inmjlffl IMI!! 1 lllfllxf lfllllilx 511 ll Allfllffll x RI.. , f':' tliflyl a t "' 3 . u 1- ,X yy, fi-fist ,f K. 1 ,iifkw ,nf . ,Q s x Q H5-'K 4' 'I uv?" 55,1 -A. Af Q., -P54 Aer aloora. qljvmory wif! ewr c eri.4L lie experienced of Me ear!!! Acloofrlagd ere. L 01.- -Q X . ,br x. 1 lrrf' oz 1 A . I' st? . ' id' s 'S ,Q ' ' ' gg- Q ,- L' ' 1- ,.. ., , ., , -F' ' ' , W . K A . I " -f Ax 4 is is , . 4' i"h2'f'f'f 41 ,nies -v -cv ,--P' 4 u 'L 4, '.-o G U ri!-,v:'1 XY s. 4141 0-qu 3 A -V ...Y4,gn -4 n. If 9. it 4 .v J . v . , 4 5 an - .194 ,fit 5 vc 'o ' '11 .f L p Q N I - L. N " ' xx 2 K N.. 'L " s 6 I . qv. , y h 4 , xx 5 N 'KQIQ A 5 x, ' w., in 9 1 Q v X Q Q . 9 Q.. N X ,x ' 0 'S-Q ,nga X Y x 1 ' ' 0 w Q ' f lqwfienfing QL gm! 1958 Jm14,f4 ,4 f51f,f ,fan Cf,,JJ,A.S'L1'cffLC1,, OHL XWK, , af, ,111 f,1JJ,,4 5 W g 0 f u er 0 nnua I a o K I I 1' oo . V i . a oma. unclpr 1412 alireffion o ari n Q un, gQlil0I"l.ll'l'AiPfQ grenzla gowA'n, .x45.4i5lanf 1 I or: an aro o Inj, uJine.M ana er. gn tlze MTOI' O QtITlOI'y CDpening Seethqn Administration Classes Activities Athletics Student Life Sponsors pages pages pages pages pages pages Page l 1 'x 'U Q 'Y of' 'W J . ' 'rf K -Q ' ,Q A Qs wr ' Jf . IJ- ai V!r,,md-LQYMY ,. vi, 29 ar- ' ,V r- ,W .lib fwf- ix gl 'tdifzf 'T -J -M-.... V--Q.. Q-Mr' V f .xv ' A ' A f 1--s A .- . 'f' ,iz ' 1-Q ng., j' " , . gf -- . H ' -16- - 5.. - C .., '--v3--s..':t J-5. - - --:QP 5: K- i ' -V fn- .- - - -...W - 1 ,.. u ' fs -A -..- bww-l-CQ l :x Mtg' Y' c "' W", k' ' .ts-. ',.A, -.ann bf Q Q U . 'jg-3r3:.sE.f-, .. 4 A,..,. 5' :Q . an .A '- 'G' - -'aliiw 1 tr fit' v ., ' vi, ,L-f' ...VQ , ,I I VW' Ag-1, n r-.- .N as ' 1-. ,x W vb . ,f , , y ,J 'Q " - - J ."'f. f' 1? 3: , ,J ,,a,. gp ,.4.,.3, , . 'i.,j 1 fa v -5' W 'Vw 1 awry Amnmri ll memory. ?7!frr0rml fn fA1'.5 ,fmfion arf' 1 ujjroom tl1lil'l.ll.l'.1 urulfufuny 4a.1.11n1'uf1'nr1,1 ll'Ai1A Aran' mvunf un- orsuxffugfr I'I'I7ll'l1i.5tFIl1l',5 or ac!! of ui. j7A1',14' nlnnn'nf.S uA1'4A uwrr aff foo fan? in Aomfnlig. uf! foo 514 il in fnziiinq urn' rr' Awful In fL4' mirrorj n fimr unrl wif! nrwrr Ar forqnffrfn ILHJI' :ULU Ann, Aww! ftrm. 4' irvwr Supermtendent R1chard Burch Mr HV. Peace prxnclpal of Flk Clty Hlghschool has many dutles and responsnbllntnes He supervnses 111 school utnvntnes and admlmsters the fmances of these actnvntxcs He VISIIS nn classrooms and ns never too busy to help teachers or students wnth dlffncultxes He also works wnth parents on academxc or dnscl p me problems Has enthusnastxc dnve for sportsmanshxp and school spnrlt IS conmgxous ,I 'ki mmzstrators t Mr Rnchard Burch came to Elk Cnty m 1950 as superintendent of schools and smce hns com mg the system has madt rapnd growth Four new bunldmgs have been added to the plant three ele mentary and one secondary Mr Burch devoted a large portion of hxs time to the supervlsnon of their constructnon These bunldmgs had to be staffed and addntnonal mstructors had to be added to pro vnde for the mcreased enrollment Wnth all of thus expansxon came more dunes and responsnbxlntnes both supervnsory and fmancnal yet thus able admnmstrator found tume to partxcnpate nn cnvnc and church affanrs Belneve nt or not thxs busy man has made nt a rule to add some playtnme to hns das s actnvntnes He enjoys golf and ns often seen on the local course puttmg away at the lnttle whnte ball He IS also greatly mterested ln the school s athletic program and ns as enthusnastxc at the games as lf he were one of the partncnpants f . . , ' . , , , ' - 4 C, - - ' 9 v 'q l l . 4 ' . . . . A .I . I ,ll ' a 5 .... , , an l - 'fs In .9 , I H 'Q l rv E Y. x 5 ' L , . . . . 'f , ' ' . v y , ' ' . . , I. . . . N . 4 . , i 31-K, . , . , i t . " , 6 'J nnmlurx uff 1 x mrge erron t Cr C ut Bur prunen Dum and R F Randall nee prun cnt Paul Smnth servxng hm fnret year as prmcnpll leads hns staff m moldmg the ndeals of thc yumor hnghschool He has endeared hnmself to the students 1nd has developed a hnqh de grce of order and realnzatxon of rtsponsnbnllts nn the hearts of hns bow and glrls In 1dd1t1on to hls dunes as prmupal, Mr Smlth ls the guxdmce dlrector at Wxlson md IS also vnsual uds coordinator for both Hcrnng Hnthschool and Xknlson Iunnor High 7 Q' ,gclaieve Nlakmg, decmons SUPCFVIS mp, constructnon and accept mg Ilk Cxtx s new hnghschool has kept school board mem bers scurrsnm, These are bust busmess men Yet thex have gnen ccntrouslx of themr tnme and t1lent to obtunmg for lo ul students eserx admntage m educatnon lul 817111 I I fmt, . A I f 1 If f i I 1 Q ' I , " X L, . . . ' ' . ' f J X I K, 4' A ',, 1 X K Am . 1, A I ll. ' 'l1. klr. 1 uh P' "pal A l 3 x, -0 , k. 1 A lm Looking over plane for a Board of Education huilding. are ithuul Board ' " ll K'll.': G' ," ll' . 'l kg ilji- en. "'l' l: F. ll. 5 , .. . ' d . X X . . . ' . ' , 1 4 . 7. . . 411 sunt xxx e s ue llmeresx ehrand eretxry tv S per t em R e 1 re urem mon to her other lutne s e ee ws or r stu 1 stem am reeonx mrxous trans rnpts tr llS mlun len Ile r yu. 1 s N10 N lrllyn Rym 'y mme Boomer eyyle lxm e s ls yyorltnnp, t then' yarnous dutles 'P .JY Qype an Money money everyvyhere and every dnme tccounted for, eould be the motto of Mrs Theresl Hxldebrlnd the smnlmg secretary She ns mlvynys busv lteepmg books for the varnous school orglmzatnons, as yyell as for the entire sehool system ust as she ns mn a mad rush to count out ehmqe for some orgamzatxon, whale eyema, those mlny letters that are crynng dashes m request 1947 Anytnme one fund her answerxng some other duty to be xnsyxered someone mg the student fnle for passes the offnee he yull the phone or englted m Dxtto Cymls Barbara Deckert Sherman Perry and Naney Byler make use of the new f cnlntnes nn the office workroom as they wrestle wnth the tcmperamental duplneator Good mormng Hxghschool f flee, ns the cheerv greetnng reeenyed by anyone on the opposnte end of one of the tel phones ln the lnghselmool offnee IS one ofthe helpful gurls beelns mother dly of duty These mls spend In hour emeh dxy m the offuee eheek nn' msente typmg stenenls run mng the dltto m1ehme and per forming mlny other duties - .,. -Q C , Q . . . Y . -4 1 .K v 1 V r Y A I N ' .4 A . , . N ,'. i I Yi I X V Rul' K' to furl l1'r ecre'tJri.tl dur'-s, is Nlrsl " ' '. D lllld' .se' '. U' 1 lll ' in end' 1'l.1 l li l. ln ' addm ' ' e W. lu' It--g h mlu fo the- loel . ' l " l . Q fy lfi . ml. +V' I X I A ' . 'N :A t ts' " fi ' 4 ,. ' XX'l ' l ' mme .1 5 "lu mio the lngl1ttl1,nl oline. nt l yr f I 4, .'.x,.1 ' '. l' 'A l,.lllllllI bull A- Z' J 1 5. - .. 3- J ,. . . . . 0 - '- " ' 1 ' vs' fs l 1 tu 5- A I V I ' V Y 'L tb. .W V, -K , .- .' - 1 . ' -' 3- - I y K V . H 8 overnment lag Students or Cgutucfents 'JJTN Q 1' -,1211 As he gavet at the trophies. memenms of FCH9 hlaving past. Frank Klarhurizcr, stu- dent council president, ponders ahuut the new activities of the highschool council members. Planning tu. sears aetnities with their sponsor Mr Peatm are uds Pulls Cumrtann Ieeler Iouise Crea son 'vlax Saute Ioretta Roles Vaxnctte Ti ey Tom Nlarhurttr ldds Peach lamts Walter Mark Brads Ierrx Harrison and Dale Vhultr Thug stu dents are Loumil eominitzu. ehairmen No sehonl should he complete without oruuanivcd rep- retentatinn of pupils to express the idcas and opinions ' utunt ty ant 0 t its hast to imprr " e 'mo and sumo .ietivitiex l7ffet'tive prescn J- tion of ideas is th' uhieet of Johnny 0'Uell. Fran N rhurger, lcslic Thurman, and l.inda T'lley's dis- cussinn. M88 ! oLwUI'LC Chow' ns the cn heard from fam lshed students as they bound lt top speed for the lunch room to be enerpxzed and nutrnomnd Under the expert SUPCFVISIOH of Nlrs RLlJ1 Savage and Nlrs Rosle ohnson, meals are prepared each das for some S0 s t u d e n t s and mstruetors Hellthful nounshmg menus are planned xx eeks nn ldwanee .md served generously lv.-,L yi Nlrs Reb.: Savage md Nlrs Rosle ohnson are nn nn hw .mare L lam for the pause ar refruhu 1 n Jnl us Clcorge Atwood md Rnmond Poff 1re eonsnderad 1. of the gms., at ls HS Durmg hxs 16 NCITS lure George has match ed mlm students walk the lme rom rhur fnrsr dsx of sehool to the dav of grad uatnon Mr Poff here onlx sux years has mzde mms buddnes lmonz thc yumor hlgh students Nlrs Xlaxrle R Qmnxh ns talunz lumh tnckets from Farl Vbuleots Frankn Nhrhurger and Bob Creason before thu dash ro :lu Lhovw lum- Fwcn the complex mechamsm of the new sehool s heat light and power planrs hold no mwsternes for YCHS and FC HS fuorntn odd job men-Ccorge Atwood and Ravmon Poft' better known as George and Mr Poff . u nr- Y A I ' f v ' ,' .v' 1 U s v' w ' I f H . . . . ra . x I l ' , ', "'-. ft . . J r . x . , W . ' X ' -' ' 1 Q v - e ' N , 1 l lb K, ' A . . "W -' e 'V .. . 'lr e A - ' j lg N . 9 ' ', th' flrsr In A ' ' ' th - - - llIlCl1Nl15I K ry ,V 1 ' N " ' . . ' . ' ' ' ,A ' Non' ' j. j" 1C . x ' '. V , . . . ' v v - . . ' ' f f Y I ff V - n f lf - 5 , ' ' ' ' . I, A V , f . . ' 47 L . r 3 " ' fa "" 4 ' in I 4 ' .. . , , . -1 ' 1, ,J f - X . . , , an fly I U. 10 atlc gs Jun Geometric triangles and angles spun in the minds of the geometry students, and all quad- ratic equations baffled the Algebra II classes momentarily: hut sure enough, just as Mrs. Iilizabeth Balner said, even the most stub- horn triangles finally allowed themselves to he proved congruent, and all of the equations were factored. As a result, minds cleared and smiles replaced frownsg then everyone was happy again. Gene Adams and Ronnie Slarna receiye help from Hr. M. l Ciopelin in sulsint: .1 tough lwusiness aritlieint-lic prolvlem o the board. Mrs. Flinbctli Haber checks some of the geometry :xssignnwnts for accuracy. Mrs. Baber also teaches Algebra Il and business arithmetic in a new classroom. "lf IX equals 20. then x must equal IO." says Xlrs. Rulwy Bullard. as she esplains Aluehra I to joy Nell Xfheel- er. Don Monroe. Shirley Beam, jimmy Xlavberrv. and Gayle Mile. All stu- dents are required to complete one year of alxgehra lwcfore they may grad- uate from hitglischool. Aki' as Is this verb act1ve9 asks ,1 student, who hands over a workbook In the sp1 cxous new clissroom of Mrs Marne K Smnh No she replles, slowly t IS passxve Mrs Smlth has 1 Wu of m1k1n2 thmgs plum to her sophomores, who try hard to m1stcr the m17c of matcrnl th1t ls so Confuslnz to them Mrs Smrrh srrnghtcns them our and nt all makes sense 121111 ng LS' Q, lL mv turf, as Charlotte Nlellee z you van snu se your m xp., Nou an ready look lxke J mont star hmnms Innes loulcr 1: Vlrs nglue Ayers other speegh students Nhrlana Hunt md Yxonne Newman st nd off t SL e ruulu ot their attempt to apply tlmr knoulc LC of make up utlmmque J Q7AQmQS. QA "Will you help me with this confound thing?" asks David Nash, who is one of Mrs. Irene llowartl's Fnglish IV students. As Nlrs. Howard is also highschool librar- ian, she often hears similar queries, :ind is always pleased to help students learn to ex- pre.ss their thoughts in n better way. Mrs. Iloviard is is istttl in the library by nine eourteous htlpers Donnie C ihson it barian finds a good hook fr ,HO .Ala '44 oung czentzsts' Spuung ust tubes obnoxxous odors and a sprm3.,IIook s lm lpplflllli, .ln ouup.1t1on1l Illllfds ol LI11. L 1u111slr1 ml p11s1Ls sl111l1.nls C1r1pLs 1 xx nur l11v1 umm from pup1ls not cnrollul nn sumu. IC IIS s 111.11 sunnu. dLp1rtn11.11t IS rully 1 puk mto s mm s 1l 1 111111111 fn N11 In 1LI1 s mrvns, the SSILIILL work 1 nom III 1l11 Ll1ssroo111 Bnology clnmntry am IIINSILS SIIIKIKIIIX sl11ft ll1L1r Iurlms mto l11gl1 gclr to sou. proI1lu11x md qu1.st1ons 1l1.1t plague .1 sum t1f1L ul11c1t1o11 V4 111 nh. Inolom SIUKILIIIS urn SILILIQIIIQ 1n.1t 111111 1 111 Ll1sslf1L1t1on of pllnts .md .m1m.1 s, Il IFIIILS 111111, t11n' 111ml tlu lnfn fumtu of l1v1111, OFLIIIISIIIS 1111 .lSPll'll'ltLf young physnusts xr 1m1.st11,111111, Llu r1.l.1t1onsl11p of matnr .md Lmrgy to tlg lms of n.1turL Ivan w1tI1 .1ll t IS 1t1v1t1 ilu JITIIILIII' gI11m1sts arg not out done, for mlny lI'L LKIUIIIX .lt home w1tl1 .1 bunsen burmr 11d N.1sl1 1111 ussell mrr .uns nu .1 s 1 1 IL 11 .mn Nhnlyn Rylll work o11 1l1ur 1n1l1v1du.1I expernments III In mu l.1I1 room of the sunmu. dap.1r11mnt F11 mw f.n1l111u IIIL 1. ru l.l3 as ul11Il1 have two Loll water outlets our LIN UIILIX two dlrlkl CILAIYIAJ outlets and Lln ILLOUIIIIU JIL CII, II 5 Ill LIII5 IU Ilf W JLI It 2 fUI11L L USL ffl' waw,7"1q'4 '63-4 spumw V vim!-' QWMFE i -1 'Hvfly wi' Qillil9 !i Y . . l I 1 .1 -sic ', crysx. l.1ll. 's I -' ' . ' , 1 '. f, I I ' I- ' 7 .3 j,lc.Il, '. . x "l gl SIII 'l. 'V of I' " ' I' ps, . - ' - -'ms IN U' a .c' ' 1' - . ' ' ' f : - - I l ,I .1ml .1 g.lIlCI'j' of test tubes or ll gas law problem. II.1 " .' , Il , I y ll " , kIa1n"' II'y , Mk- -I. 'ku 1, l. I ' ' " ' I' ' ' l- -' ' ' fl' ' A lu1l'tl1'- Il' '1 ,f -. .. , -1 '-1 -, 1 -- .1 - -v1 111 . A11l' 11. f'l y is -1 -1. p f . .A , , 3 hr , 1, . W M' -.J 'Q V A 1' L., u1:"'f"- ,AMW-PES 1" N s y f A L, 1' T ' 151 I, r v ir m , Us ' If A 1 ll AA 'Ah 4 , , ,H I , 4 I I I. ' X mr, Q , 5 ' in 'K' '. C X . I1 Seek Cggczcts "Oh, we just study every- thing," was the reaction of one of the freshmen when he was questioned concerning his studies in general sci tnte Actually this was no unggeritiqn, as tht frtshmen tombint biology , meteorologv, thtmistrs, botanx, geolo phssits tntomologs a study of the plmets, and the various other scitntes into ont fisci nlting tourse undtr the di rettion of Nlrs A r ene Nlelchmm 'Vlarv Fran Hamburger and ohn COW dy U31 two xlx-Uill fflclhods xtudvinp, tht aquarium undtr the guitlante of Xliss Xlargutritt 'das chek ,.,.x 1 ...- i C Llllllf I1 V l sound vu s it t v ur tx 5 us nrlt 'X urnit ix rims Carr r Xltitlum intl lhrltnt lirannonx exptrimtnt Off on 1nothtr 'ldYLl'lI'lll'L into the CYLl'llSIlFlQ rtllm of seienct t tht stunth Ll'IClL students xx io ire mthtring d1t1 for mother ont of thtlr Nlzschtk s tlwssts studs istronnmx prehistoric lift ir m im expt rimtnts Nliss pllnts 1nim1ls md tht stientifit relsons for mam extrxdn otcurrtmts Thex llso hue in 1qkl'lI'llIIT1 which thcs ob serwe 1nd cnyov csilzop OQS As one approaches the shop de- partment, the calm air is suddenly shattered by the sharp vibrations of drills, power saws, and many other mechanical tools made avail- able to boys enrolled. With the ex- ception of an occasionally mangled hand or finger, the boys seem to agree that shop is about the jolliest place in FCHS. The three eighth grade classes and one highschool class are under the able guidance of Mr. Buddy Glass, pictured at the left. Farrell Butcher uses a yointer in his shop prolect Mr Glass has 56 boys enrolled in yunior high shop whieh is required The first semester project for these classes was Ieithercraft The boys were used hand tools The senior high boys had mechanical driving rhe first hllf ind woodwork with m ehines the second lssentx one ire enrolled in this senior high elective eourse . 4 'ln l instructed in woodwork the second semester. They Q' x Q , ' -Y r l . . V 1 - f . , . ' ' ' a- ' ' y s 1 ' . s - '- oung rivers earn Sa Qty Q f XJYTIIHIHL the msiees r ll nnie llill Bar . Blevins hops into I e drivers' training car, 17 Wood Xlr Blevins Bobby Woods Isnden Vileoxson and Forest Bryant Squealmg, brakes sudden stops and a car that hops like 1 rlbbit beeause the elutch is let out too fast ire 1 few of the comie il phases of drix ers trun ing, As these students often sn good grades max be mee to have but their goal is a drivers license. As they are struggling, with stops and starts hand Signals parking and just plain driving these students may sometimes wonder if that all-important slip of gray paper will ever be theirs. Believe it or not they eventually learn to stop and start on a hill parallel park and do a turn-about. A typical driving lesson may beein with Mr. Gary Blevins the instructor at the wheel. After his driv- ing techniques have been observed by the pupils each of them is allowed to drive for awhile for practice. ln addition to practical experience a drivers training textbook 1nd the Oklahoma Driving Man- ual the students are visited by a Highway Patrol eoorelinator who explains various laws and gives them a color test and an eye examination. t.flgQl'.S' p88 ,.,,.! Learning tlie tricks of the trade are Theresa Nlcfforkle, Billy Green, Mary Alley, -Ioan Gentry, Pat Harrington, l.ou lluffman, and Whin- ila XY'illi.ims, I8 "Sliortl1and isn't difficult," Miss Vfogmnn tells Mary Little Nancy Byler encourages Maxine Jencks and lvanette jones as they struggle with bookkeeping. "Dizzy fingers make crazy words, debits just don't seem to equal credits, and the char- acters don't look like the ones in the books," complained the typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand students at the be- ginning of the term. But as the year continued, the strug- gling pupils, under the guid- ance of Miss Mildred Wog- mon, commerce instructor, learned to type and rake dic- tation rapidly, and to keep a simple set of books. The new commerce facilities include a typing room and bookkeep- ing room, and also a private office for Miss Wogmon. Cll'QQI'S 1916111119 Students who burn midnight oil to keep up their studies, early morning oil to learn about their jobs, and spend the afternoon slaving in one of the businesses of Elk City are the diversified occupations groups, the busiest bunch of students in IZCHS land. To become good students and still keep up with their activities, these fellows have to studyg and to become good employees they have to study more. Through their D.O. class work and their activities in the Trades and lndustrial club, they are striv- ing to become better students and workmen. They are preparing for their chosen careers now. Mr. Ayers, the Coordinator, spends his time in counsel with all of the student body. liuxily cutting out and pasting pictures in the proper places in the Trades and lndustrial cluh scrap- book are -lanette Ty' ner and Claude Sow- ders. IJ. O. students preparing for their inhs are Aloycc W'hitlt-y. Ann Fvans, Delvin Reece. Pat Short, Tommy Puff, Teddy Sullins, Troy Redd, Gordon Cox, lfarl Parr, and Eugene Martin, Other class mcmbert not shown are Roger Simmons, David llav, james Bag- eett, joe Lindsay, jerry Shinault, Virgil Cook, and Claude Suwders. I 1-A 19 ul. Sviftclz "Arc j.'ou making .1 skirt and blouse, or .1 drew?" Garments made in l'l0l'l'lC cc. may be varicd .according to 1111- tin11 of studx 1n 1l11l1tx of th1 SLIINSIFL 9 ut vkliltnvtr th1 Llmlu. LXLFX iglrl IS proud of tha. drus slu 111 lllk l1LI'SLlf .4 .1 -- v go N-1 w wow, Wm I 1 K l L 1111 rw Lf 11 Smf 1,11 tl111s1 l1UI11L 1111111111111 student SIITXIHL, us 111 1l11tl1 ll1os1 g1111d xummx mulls 1on11 1r1 t 11v1n 1 ll t VL on 11n 111 dtnt bodx f smff tlnrc ' nm uns tl11 stu guru 1 1 c l1om1 ccononuu vung Llfli 1r1 1ook1n1g l1k1 mul for 1111 1 Illt mvn k1t1l1111f111l1t11st ru d1ff1r1nt mule Lln lx pr1p1r1d ll 111111 llurmg the wxr 111l1 of tl11 1l1ss1s Looks VIFIOUS li nds of n111ls some groupx 11111 lx Y'LqLlll"Lkl 111 pr1p1r1 1 s1n1p1 UFILI vul'11l1 otlnrx IIXL tlurtx nunutus to Qcrvc 1 fro n mu Ind 1. or 111111 1 1ss1s ITL 11111l11n1, for 1' foods 9m1ll wondtr Il11 urls gun v111'15l1t LD0Ll4Lll down II l1 70 UJHI 9 ... If Q r1111r l11 111 U' L11 r 111r l1r1111.1 W IH 1 CX 1 1 111 111 1 ll: su 1 1 1 1, 1 1111 1111 1 1 l.lkllYlLS !l111 1 1 1.1111 1111111 NN 1 , mx 1 1 ILJ1 nr . - V K I 9' . ' 1 's,l1 l 4 - A l h x ' .'l u 'x .Y K A D 3, - 1 1 K . K 1 ' Y Q1 ' ' . 1 I 1 A A .rm "l'11 ' 11l11'11 dr lu-1 11 ' 1111" 1'1 . ks ' l I lS11'l ,1cn' .1 R111 llc, i1l1 r1.1 I'I Illf 111, .ml rla g l'l'. .11 tl1'y 111v1's11g.11' 11'w l111111' c1. 'l V A u..1' - M" ,. . - 1 fx l.1k111' .1 l1111l1 fr- lllt' d11-lf 111 11111- .1 fcw 'wry 1 ' 'U ' ' l1' 11s l'11r1' lu" 111111 11111l11111g' 11' ' pr.11I111' is N11 ll1-.11111r Nl , lr, llljll l111111' 1-1, ' 'l '. 1141 1 Y 1 l 'f ' ' 1 ' S '11 l 1 .1 - i 4 1 1 N 'W v... .,,V 1, ' W ,, I 9 ' "Sl1.ll I wear J lug lurim, J Sn.1ll unc. 11r .1 1111y lI.ll?H .uk l7.1 . Sl1'l 1 , .ms N1 . Xhlll lnslps l11'r x1'lc1t .1 l1.1l 111 111.1ls1- 111 ll 1111- lc. lv, i ,,. . . . 1 1 1 1 ' , ' ' " ' Y ing .1 1 111- 11.1111 1 1 1-1 - 1 th," 1 pl.' 1 - ,- 1 ' -1 1 1 1 ' 1 -1 1' 1' 1 1 l'l,"- -1.f- '- ze '.l, . th- m 1' .11lv. "l 'l. ' . ' ' A ' c'1,n in lellellu, xu elf llrl V XLKK 1L LJ I'lI1 nn ex me Clemh 'Nesm f ll. ff I L, was Shirley Hollan s LOITUULIII UH lhe RCW Sl'WlI1g ffllchlnef -sg, .Mas 3' 'Hymn bqr-pnnimq Cl Q QIWJQ Iood' Yum' sand the junior hngh home eeonomles gurls as thex began thenr elemenmrx cookmg les sons Ihese gurls lelrned to make cooknes 1nd emdx md to prepare snmple lunches Lnder Wlss Moss ehreetnon thex hnd sewerll tus for v1rx0us friends 1nd relitlves 'Q IQ.. role e e Tenler X L, I1 KRD 1 9 l ust d ts fleu ex x heres the scxssors 1 fhLl'T1 lfld XIFIOUS Othfl' LOITHTHCD I9 the lumor hngh gurls beeln to lurn to sux Almost lll o the gurls he-mn vutm snmple proyeets sueh as m 1pron blouse or skxrt If thu fll'llShLd soon enough thex were llloxxed to begun mother sqlrmenr Ihls xemr for the first tnme there his be ln THN ehlpter ln the yumor hugh 'md ll I of the gurls nn home ec lre mem most ll ers '1 W Study All txme barrners were non exnstent to the Amerncan and world hnstory students, who drafted back along the sands of tnme, vna the pages of thenr hns tory books Under the influence of lec tures by Mr Fd Brady the stu dents were 7lppc.d back through tnme md space to the 1gc of pre hnstornc man and returned slowly to the present Meanwhxle the jumors der the gundance of Mr Bob Thomas, rehved the past f Amernca They began sanhng from Spam to Amerxca nn 1492 1nd remained ln the colomes to for Amerlcan mdependence and help a strtnpplnng, young natnon chmb These four Anurutan hxstory students Phxlhs tncks Ci2l'l09I,0Sl1lLf Iahnon Castle and Iarrw Butther arclearnmg about rhur American hmrutltt from Nlr Bob Thomas Thty study the xxrnuus phases of American p.,mtrnmv.nt from its beginning m lx . . . V un- ' o watch their forefathers fight Y Y . Y I 24 ' Q' ,a f , N y V'-M W8 VGQQCICII "A-L-P-H-A-B-E-T, alphabet," "P-A-R-A-G-R-AVP-H, paragraph," chanted the seventh and eighth graders as they had their spelling lesson dur- ing their reading, geography, and history classes. Battles of the W'ar of 1812 are being relived by Miss Ruby Nicholson and Reva Stencil, as they discuss an old picture. 1 np uf 'X MN f f r 1 a. K 5 f j ' f tl N 1 l N i, 1 f I , It if i Q .' I I 1' Rf it f f if EK ' 1 " f f 1 ll :aiu , ." B sl ' Oklahoma history and the various Indian tribes which have helped to make "their state" famous have become familiar fig- ures to the freshmen students in Nlrs. Charles Barney's Okla- homa history and reading classes. At the moment Harold Little and Allen Robinson are receiving the traditional lesson on governors South American objects hold the attention of Margaret Conger, Tom Solter, Mrs. Ester Hunter, Judy johnson, Valinda Gaberdicl, Delia Tisdal, and Bill Holden. These seventh grade reading and geography students have visited all the nations of the world via book route. .111-v Q ' .,.,,,, 11 - ...Huh Y'- It-L Hg lS IS P S ICI mi 0 tv. xunntm 1 cu.: rh qrxdg Qtudante dnsgourud If Qpklllnh LOIIVSLS kUntlnlIC through junior hugh Ihug stu dents hue spgllxm, xxuklx III con mation wxth thur I ngllsh In Fug le L IQLS mu tudx rhg fun 1 rmntzls of arxmmur md composl tnon Thg seventh gruk tuuhnr ns Nfrs Bob Thomls md rhg ughth grldc tcnhcr ls 'wir Rm NX gbstgr h"N. Hhs SIL mg I s rx s nm Sm rn ravston munu rom Ur RUN Q nur tughcr '97 '1 .1.--- X l- C Lnklng, thy student plpcri .xx Lx vurk ns IYHIIJ LW I' IL! I1 LHI X IW BRWLI' 1 II K UNH! Ilklf JNNILIHULIII mur Im,I1sI1 vumrkwo I fxmnlnr ghnruurs no :In freshman Im, ns ellssu Undcr 'N1rs Bruvnre guldmuc the studgnts spgnd 1 snnnsur studx mg Iltumture In rhi olhnr vxorklm, xuth thc fun 1 ma.nt1Is of Inglnsh 3,l'lI11I11'lI' sl N x s umm g.,r g x :I , wk XX X L Q "A-If -II-:X-II-If-T" Qpcll, JI- ' 'A V pm- .L I h- 1 .nd 'th K K , p . V. . ' --, l'h 'l.s.' I-'w ' - LI.- . , - L A x A . K n n , ' 4 . ' . , . K, A . .l . x 4- - 1' '4 QI '.,. , 1- 7 . fu Q 4 ' 1 X 1 'sn ' 'L I. 7. ' h"' ' -. ' C . th-V' -1 ' Mrs, - I. " ' Br' 'c, WI XXJILIICX 1 I' Il' .' ly' Ckr.,' .mi I3 . Ihvn work un I ' ' ' in il V ' 1' l k. "David Coppcrfk-Id" is onc of the most . --.im-lm lg .A -. . .', 'K -v - ..1- ,- d.- Pm lv Iuoklnu nxcr llw xlmhc un mln- c ' I '.uIc I"n'l1h workhr -IX .mrs IJu.lrI Cu, -lm, f.1ruI Hxlhx, Hr. Ihlls I'Imm.1x. .mI Suu Unk. ' in f , 'W ' 3 xx-II' ' Iuwm ,nn In- Imrd ' A Il u fury I fri . I . J -. f' 'A I ' cum Iulp I f . . j NX"I -, ilxur A l Q 'H I , , . ml' 1 .F 1 , V' ,.y I I III' I Q M88 The library club, student council, and the junior high office assistants are only a small part of the many junior high activities. Under the direction of Miss Marguerite Maschek, the junior high library club is re- sponsible for the care of the books, the student council is in charge of all assemblies, and the office assistants take care of the junior high office. Looking over new junior high library books are Ann Perkins, Carolyn Martin, and Odessa Reeves-members of the library club, NJ ,,1 'W-v ,Y -.f Y .Y .3 W, Office assistants to the junior high principal are Pat Bullard, l,islene Brewer, Donna Royse, Marilyn Meacham, Cecilia Matthews, and Beth Brady. .Xf -al? il M? Working and planning the junior high student council activities for the year are Vfaync Ray, Mrs. l-'sthcr Hunter. Dal Shannon. Ann Perkins. james Nelms. joe Self, Pat Bullard, Carolyn Martin. and Sharon Ansley. QP' 4 Y' uf" 'Mx af" Student Cgaarmers Q Life nn nggne l1nd :sn t 1 bed of roses 1s any of the boys who hive had to c1re for thur 1n1m1l pro, ects nn the mnddle of the mght pourme run, or sub zero vnuthtr wall bt the fnrst to su but ln the same breath thu are the fnrst to ulmnt It s tht only lfe for me Durmg thenr mms progetts such 19 rusnng Herefords, Angus, pigs md every other v1ru.ty of f1rm inlfllll these boss ure requlred to elrrx on 1 supervnsed f1rm1ng progrlm when thu em put thenr knowltdge to prutnul use SLXCl'll of tht boss hue. their ossn crops vxhxth thex ruse mtl hlrvest thtmstlses Uurnnt, lg., ellss tht boss mn studs from books or Mkt field trnps ber of dlffertnt lnvestock shovss where thu hope to sun high enough prnns that thes Cm sell thelr 1n1m1ls for 1 profnt These boss must le1rn their yohs well for somedu the hellth 1nd future of the nxtnon mu depend upon them Charles Barnes atrncultura nnstruetor explams to two of ns boys the qualntnns of a sheaf ot Braun and tht use of a fxeld of sand lose grass C eelunp., the HA strmphmlt .xml the 1u.1 :lv 1 d plnttmtnl nf l f :1 sun f tum rt Iomms Oman Paul Ollarz Ierry Harrison an Ronald Copelnn lA sentn l reporter trusurtr and seerturs 'P' TW ,L LL-A 'Au Dil, --:- 241 Xxr l '76 , . , 2 - r Q lk' " V ' . -I' s .- , 4 s t' A. ' I . 1 1 H. . I Q '- F lf l . x . i . . 1. - - . v , . , . if: A .Y . , ' ' " ' . , i , V e Q ,, I . . Q .5 s WMU? . . . I ,, - ' . . L, 1' 4 ' ' ' '. 1' . A x Y x "' l YI xl ' ' " Y " V --1 E 1 -x V! l Y Y ' - ' ". . U' , I' , . ' .' ' ,. 1 ' Each ve.1r they' take their ri7e animals to n num- . . P ' , A I 1 I In Y I 'A I i in .l A Y' " ' , s v " ' Y. t V . I ' ,, Mgr . ' ' . ' ' . Y , . x ." I Q K I , ul , x ...- I ihs' ' ' fi '. 4 rt t l" n -' ' J '. o ' I' ", ' ,i - ' 4 d ' .A Tis: . 'nc' Y . . ' .. , X"l X -2+ 1 ' T' T' ' .. n A, , P N - . V I x x L J, 'I' I Study etlzocfs lfuture lfarmers of America is a club for boys who study vocational agriculture, Under the su- pervision of Charles Barney, these young "green hands" learn agricultural leadership, cooperation, and citizenship. They study the production and judging of livestock, dairy stock and products, meat, range management, and poultry. Each boy has a project of his own, which he sees after. There are four degrees in ITA program. These are "Cireenhand" and "Chapter Farmer" on the local and "Master Farmer" and "American l"armer" on the state and national level, XY'hen classes moved into the ness' highschool building this year, TTA boys were content to re- main in old W'ilson, where they have interesting comfortable quarters that are well equipped. vlerrv llarrison . . . candidate for lr, Nlaster lfarmer. Vlerry has lveen .i member of the agriculture class and FFA for three years. No one is kidding when he says the farmer is the "back- bone" of America. W'hat else occupies a teenager's mind besides food and the opposite sex? The Future Farmers of America is an organization that helps to train the people who will someday be raising the food for our nation and a large part of the world. These boys learn to judge farm products, and to raise outstand- ing animals and crops. They are often called upon to be mem- bers of the judging teams at district, state fairs, and other similar meetings, where they always give a good account of themselves and bring credit to ECHS. by George liggleston. These boss are learning to survey as a part of their agritulturt and HA training. llitit instructor is Kiharles Harney I s Doyle XY'arren discusses his ideas about ness IVA actisities with President Ciarlos Doshier as they lool-t at the TFA cm- bletn. These two leaders of the ll:A tliapter are in charge of all activities such as the initiation of "tireenhands" and at tendance at livestock shows and judging contests. ljddl' Cf-Nl-Ortl taltes down the sur' veying figures as they are called out A4.1.sv.s. fnanm. fA4,1.w.a, Air Lau:-.4 u flag. iw' flu .1 u IUPUL- jgafii fgff so Aomorej, 'uniorJ, unfl .ivniori uj fnv Jfucl IAeir bf F I fl fi glzyhfn. Aijfory, gronwfry. Hill! mumuj UIAPI' Jugfmfj. Jr'uenfA, eigAfA, unzl ninlt gfllllfj tiff' algo AMI? IAJIA IAFII' lLl.1.5ll'0I'A. gill ij HO, Nfl IFOFA llllll IIO fA4' lrnayj, llllllllkfy :Intl glllfllii rvufurfl ,illlllflllj lllllpfy for vfforl Plllfllllfll on tfcujroom roufine un!! J0l'il1fllfliUill-FJ. ycvqmxwtgr jx 15 .. , Y I Q J 4 ' I 1 qv? ,gi X In . ., ,1 7 I f W f f . -Jin.- fi! , kb 1 D 'K' ' 'G gi GENE ADAMS Q I I MARK BRADY fu? BRENDA BOWLIN 8l7,lOI'S QUC 'V Do you prefer a left profnlc or a nght new? asks Brenda Bowlm as slu Ru.: Pope Iarrcll Buuhcr and Ruhard Ilum szudy thcxr scmor proofs MARQUIETTA BRYANT FARRELL BUTCHFR NANCY BYLER RONALD COPILIN ,nf 15' 0 9,3 ko- QP' 1' A 4. V 1 I V-f B- xxx- A TQ' ' , 1 NA! X? gi .0 A J xr Yi 6 Q 5 - '1 'Y s Af . -4 . 0 D A I " A f , ,ir "V lil, I We 3 7 Q lf? I-gii F' 'Z if sl 9-5 GORDON COX BOB CREASON W N9 -of' 'U' nm mrd mulpxu 1 nrtnnuo of lhud 1 an lar VIL ts us Xir Ann lun ln .1utop.,r1pl1 m Xhrnlwn Ryans memory book GARY CUTSUNGER BARBARA DYCRFRT DARLA FSTIIS ANN EVANS JAMES FOWLER lex Y f 'Ir as- 7 'C 'C' KEMPER GLEASON BILL GOLDEN inn' BILL GRAHAM ext Step 7? C7-" DARRELL GRAHAM 4 'Nr 145 .4 JERRY HARRISONI 34- 'nw- 1 ' I' 1 'Q' fu Q 4 , vig, 1 'idk 'Z' - X 'i I EUGENE HEATHCOAT JOYCE HENDERSON SHIRLEY HOLLAND HAROLD HOPKINS ,I X ,. ir' ' " f A f I 'f 32 LCLHC lflg MAXINF JLNCKS IX ANETTE JONES MARY LITTLF GFRALD LLNG N If --.an-5 Y MARLANNA HLNT Www -.,,s' BETTY KING JOYCE LUTHER 38 RICHARD HUNT JUDY McCLAIN rig l NIARX JOXCI' NI COX!-XS EUGYNI' XIXRTIN CHNRLOI II' N1 RFI 4-1 PAT N1AHL DAXID 'NASH lbw 99 V ,ff :J 15' OIT Qdfnlng ...,1 'U-wr H-,WJ DON XTALTBY NXOXNI NPXXXIAN 'QQ ,X FRANK NIARBURC FR IARL PARR 2 TY 3 5 , , A J . its. i ' ' 4 In - -r x ' 1 X Y 1 ' 5 V, fa Q A 1 QI a .-J xx Q rm ...... , l . ' N Qi W - . 1 , J' fy Z ' ' 'l x 3' 'G ,P , - 1 V 1 S l I Y I ' - i :sl 77 P2ore j6z'!z'ty f-D Q 96, 'Cf TOXI POI F RTT A DI LX IN l SHERIAN of POPE TROY REDD RIICE REDA RHOADES Joann ROLLS OC' , 15 Us 'fl fav 76 3 pf PI RRY BIINNY PLEMONS N RL SSELL 51" ,ki A MARILYN RYAN MAX SAVAGE 49 S LOIS SCHUVANN PAT SHORT CLAUDF SOWDFRS :J sf BYTTY SI LF TEDDY SULLINS sl -of' pportunity JERRY SHINAULT GLORIA THOMPSON X - x V I vi . L A 1 f 'Q , pw K . , ,, , A ' Y I 1 .xi T it :Q , W9-V 1 36 rea ter ervzce if ,vi CARROLL Y OLR EARL V ILCOTS Q, DALE V HEELER SUE VVILLIAMS ji 'bf BOB TODD at -pod", JOY CE WHITLEY JESSIE V ILSON F A 3 i fd f' X Q-'N JANETTE TYNER RAY WOODSON ?i' :- Q 3 T 27 CZSS x l 11 L UNL I K HHH NNHLY Q .1 nm 1 Lx L1 I 1 1 wig ut Curnr on mi Ill me l 1 L Sw s..-4 -.pf N r sb 3 Q-v .4- wv S Q 1 gn? if fl Q -o -,' '. n. if 1? 71 Qld l 5- qu- Y ii cg Jake H Cgtep L cm 1' Hg L xx A Ifk 1 L NTU! lhk YUHIL Us 'Jna llgll . .U llrl LH 1 rmgacrff a N ar N Im neu Randle rrw Rud I iv n cnmr xmmu Rnnnw Xnruma Rouru B Rulhdgc Fllen Seas Qhmrrx Sudncr X111 in Shaphcrd Ihmld Smrr gag 7? 5 :Y 40 ' , Q. Q '1 J Hwxc H Y IJHQI Firm-RN. IMII Us 'd'r!f, .md B-I .fklldrulgc "lux" pup ,xx tlwx' 1 'pare In xl.1x'c .H IM' rurucmrxru xtmml .mi pmlc up mv fur ' ' 'wry s ' C . t t I I fer N b Q ' I 1 u , I ,J QL . H F .un , X nf. ' ' 'P 0 2 A u 5 Q , , -0 Barbara Hiller, C'.urroll Nhllcr, IM-unix Nhmnruc. Ihwlu Niuvrr. lcon.: 'x1mvrv. jnlmny OU' . HH 0' 'i' C-lcuu link. Fdnllc I'L'.1'lv, I.1r ' Puff, -In . nn y wlc Ge ' ,jc 1' R 'i R' KI " li, ' V l- , D 4' , Q A .4 ' YI , A I , 1 sv f . ff' -H "" V -W ' 0 up ffl ,L C142 1 'klldru 4 lm we mg R xx S r w quu lm pn m 11 -" 1. '21 fykkr S TWHWUHN Vnnll .lull r H U4 rl I UW S NKY nu 15 m L X I lx r YVXK K K 1 X L LH HL nrmnn V1 Lum 1 um llc? XX 1 I V :md W nm XX rn Y 1 a 2 7' 3 " ' 41 Y X 40 -Q- 13 CUP I'QQ ma 'l x W UNI L fl!! UQ Qi rs x nun mt u um nr rm Lx lm rch K lx u 1 rn mr ff U x YWIXIJ N X ll YN I Tru llutson mond Chu 1 K ,f- I 47" D 47 ff! I ll 1.11 l ' 3 ,. 3 . , ,D 5 vt Imi nllvvl K,curs1.mn Pcclcr, .md Immun Pctvr may 'fx wlmikh they plan ru nur for flu fxrl tum r, ..- v ' ' . - l 3 , , , 1 I Q 4' . K A gg , Q., . u'1 L ',A ,' v in . . ,I , r" - ' I i xi Nh V' Islm Alla". R 1' B. !'. XI. ' Rx F1 IR kl' Bu ' . Qcm' li rl-rm, Iimh Bxrr. Uclu w f.liH, Iymim I xrr Wulx rv N1 CJ , Iron.: Cl ul, VJ V' ' fhollxm, PM v Cuokq l7.1'in1 C ,L : 'i . flu' V' Gnrwcr, ,lcrnlkl fur ur, ,Iam KL' trx IT mm C :iw rm Ru N 5 is 5 -4 s I "' ' " f N ' ' Qs fl , N 4 ' ,P 71 . A 51 4 V' -My ' 'QA 4 , f 'z Up UITLOTQS Y' Sturrm 1 1 u 1 v1 1 1rr 1 1 x IHL, L ll ,gc i 'C 'Y 3 PQ Q 1 if 'l"" Q 3' '95 2 pq 111 1' 1 1 w A 1 11 XLYN 11 an 1 fx 1 N J on i as 13 wp-rw T l . Q , 1 T 7 y 5 d Q .Q 1 Ill H .nl Al' nv X1.rl1rq-r 1'111r111r.1uc SI1. -111 I'.llI1N'!L'f HX ln' rwrlx l11'r I11 R 111.11 ill XL'.lf',I fur 1111- 111111l1111.1111111 nt lwr cw' . -lcd lu kvr. ' 1 .. -7 A- A- 4 .1 - r , n ' I V ,, I no ur x . ' 1 . -V- .li Q I111 lw!.f1v1. N .1 Mruw li1Hx Kvnu1,HL11x 111911. 151111 H,111u, Karl H1111- vv11+1lx. l'.1t H.1rr111q11m, Ur 1llcH.1rr1.iinvnrm-H1ll.Iir11l.1ll11ix.lSc 'I' H111 Wu, -V . 1 l11x1 H11!!vv1,111. I11111'-111' H1::v111wl. lr H11l1111w. l.1rr'H Ir1L'm1111, ludv MIX. ' l1v111vvv1 l'x1v11g,l51v11v1. I1111111'r. II--111 lwfllv. 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' C " , ' '. even tlz cilflll Ann Howard, Mac 111.1 Hunk- lclw. lhrlcnc Hutton, 4 lurln-nc N -Gum jcncks. .Iudy -Iolmsrm, Judy jam-s. Churry Kcahuv. in-nc IL'Vf'.lllCI1. fhrrxld Lowry, Kvnnurh NhAd.1lns. sl Yr nr- S? 3 77 V1 4'7 36 Lurd I .mv Xnrmnn nlmcr Ann Prnlu Nilkc Forth Xcm a Llunqn mum x XX num Q Ihll Nhrs Iran H.1mburp,:.r nmnn lhmmk Dale Ilarru Iarn Hcrrnm, Charlouv. Huw et! orgg H111 ru Il 1 Bnllu can Ho an '55 . E n A, 3 A - 'J' . 1 - Q . . K .41 5 3 f I-1-I N . V ,. M '..' , 'l'd Gahurdwl. P1111 Cwmring, lburuuud Ulnx, john Norman bawdy, I.1nd.1 Gr' ' , Rc ' Hnin , mf , , 1' 5 ". Us ' . Ni Hill, Bill mcrm, ' '- ll d. Y' ,J-f of ,..-r v- P19 N4- 1 Start U rgus F mah cm 1 C unold ummm uno K os v nrtx C HI L Rohm I XX m 1 Roan .lunge Smdu umm Am A SIIYUPXIIIFL i go ,.v i 'tp IA.lX',3l',l Md Amon, N1,1rg.1rct Mcfonuv, Shirley Mclhmcl, ffxriun 5 Nfulrmorc. judy Muller, Dane N1.1r.1l'wlc, Tommy Nhrslull, fury V .41 Nhriin, Patty' Hcthcvwy, xilkl' Nfohlcy, N1.lrll1,x Xlublcy, llmh x1OfLI.ll1. Mildred Ncff, lictly Van Nulhlct, Linda Nun. Pcnnv Pcnlull. Tlwlmn Phlllnpx, llormhy Puts, glurry Pollard, Ray Pruilf. 9.4- KQV' C' 499' OLZLCJJQIQ Hubby XY1ll1.1r11x, Uivk xYvIHl.lYllN. P011- E3 W'llll.llnx. K.1ru1 WHHM. llclrlrcx Vvxllw. liulwlwy Xfnlvxwrfm. luxfv X'i'11wn, Ixlumh XXum1l.1mi Unk XXwod1xv.xr1. Cyrnw Y.xgcr. .4- -nf fi Y 4 A J ,-n of ,, I zjfx 4-v "xXx Audrmm Storm Clcn Svunchart kan Sunny., Ixnda Thompson Dnlu 1,11 0 sg mr on on Ixmh Num: lion lv. ml Xnmcnt Ronnie. XY arson Bun Nluks Isnda XX lun Pain 1.1 XX mln Betty V nllxams 57 - , Q , gf W - if- A 1 f 14 ' - I . R Em yu . N 6 S' 5 V ,. 5 W A X .-W 1- mf if nua- Q v . T V ' Fddnc Qmkley. Billie Smixh. Hncl Smith, I.ind1 Smith. Tom Sollur. X," 'f ' , , 'rm .ul fa.1'Vf 14.1.1 - T I. ,Iudv 'I' 1. 1 " '1 .UI . ,f- " - 'I H '. " - . I, ".. v 1 " ' ,Y C "'., .I-N urfyf Jfluffyf Wm My ffm of IL., mmuuf nuff U, 149, ,WAHI fo ,mf Mm .lmfl!1,.p.,. ff1,u..ff, LM, uw., Ile julure Jfomp mlm ui 14.0, aolfzl Clrijlmfu .qanlj fo fam.n. ., Meir wwf, mp lo .Slug IQQW, Me Qz,,9m,.a,,j M Ile, Agp: CYCJJS' apiril Awfy, .ml :Ae Lam! mmlm 1.5 14.3, ,,.,ff.,f,,.pJ af ,,.m,.lp,, ,wp ,,f0,mmj, .P0n1.U,1,,, .ml .-.,m.,,1A,. I . ,-Km' ," A Neo ,,. If d w i n Nl QA CQ 0 rn .1 s, llrum H110 r, pauses before .1 parade. Cll.I'l,, CSyll.I7,Q vnu' he hotter than lcx or pnurinx: r.nn. hut Inu Sghnnmnn, -lan lynltlun. lun lluHm.1n, I l.xr.1 lSnut'n, .1 I1 tl Xlarv llvrrwn, HHS'- lngllxtcppxnu tvx nrlvrx, wt rut nn Front Row: Ixyxnctu: blunts, lircndn linwlin, -lnniuc Hays, Inum- Cxrtuxwn, Iutiv Kcllv, D.xrl.1 nth, W'.1y'ncttc lnllcy, Shnrun Xlcflnrc. Sccnntl Ruw: l.curg.1nn l'uclur, .I.1n l,nhlcn, lllcn ouxxy, Bully Vfnlklm, juan Ccntry, Bob lndtl, Iicvcrly Hnlnws, Huy litllc, Kay Mrxnnw, lhird Row: Lum Schuman, Iorctu Hcflcy, Lnlcnc Bruwcr, Kclnpcr t,lt-Jxnn, 'l'rcx,1 Cnpchn, ryinn Collms, Bob CQrc,uon, Ball KLr.1h.1n1. Clcnc Adams, Lynn liluk, Rn'h.xrd Knuh, lyndcn XY'1luoXS0n. Fourth Row: Wfxync W'r.1y, N1.1rl.1n.1 Hunt, WICJHIIJ jnhnston, jcrry lhrriwn, Yvnnnc Newman, Thcrcu Nlcikmrklc, Donna jnncs, Hubby Uaincx, I.nrry Davis, Nur I'ntnrcd: Iingt-r Ycwhcrry, Carl ll.xmm.1clt, Ray Vfoodvon, Bill Golden. 60 out sw Qui' BCZHJ Qlays fl From the band room strains of Cailiet's "The Pearl Fisher," echoed through FCHS land as the highschool band under the direction of Colbert Hacltler, rehearsed for the annu.al Festival of Bands. This active group of amateur musicians attended all football games, contributed to school spirit, and provided halftime entertainment. Throughout thc year, under the leadership of Harold Hopkins, Jerry Harrison, and Judy Mc- Clain-president, vice-president, and secretary-the band par- ticipated. in many music festivals and contests. They also staged the annual Fall Band and Choir Concert and Banquet. Mr. Hackler, who has directed Elk City bands for 15 years, is in charge of all the bands and the highschool vocal music. He is also an active member of the Kiwanis Club, and musical director at the Methodist Church. Front Row: l.ou Huffman, Barbara Miller, l.ou Utley, Judy McClain, Clara Bowen, julie W'ood, Sharron Palmeter, l.eslie Thurmond. Second Row: Susie Todd, Gene lleathcoat, Charlet Abernathy, Tom King, Bill Strong, Nancy Staley, George Randall, linda Tilley, Charlotte McRee, Third Row: Carrol Miller, Gary Rudder, Roy Russell, james Wlxltet, Pat Harrington, Mary Alley, Mary Herron. Fdwin McComas, Dean Swartv, Koy Kelly, jimmy Reynolds, Clifton Whalker. Fourth Row: Paul Little, Dennis Monroe, Harold Hopkins, Warren Whittington, Bill Green, Bob Wilson, james Nelms, john Patterson, Ron Savage, 41 - . R 'ua is-1 -wr www , s sf 61 Yi' 4 Q7- 1 1 Marilyn Ryan carefully draws the lay-out designs on the master sheets so the pages of the FI.K will look well balanced and neat. She must hurry with this before deadline. Harold Hopkins, lvanette jones, and Glen Pack plan their fund-raising campaign. "lt takes dough," grins Ivanette, and lots of it," Harold is business manager. lvanette has advertis- ing. Yes, getting out the Elk was work, but there was some fun, especially when the editors were not squeaking deadline every other minute, There was plenty of work for everyone and it took all working together to get proofs, dummies, and shipments in on time. - -...:,, .Jw J? Staffs WO,-A No mumbling here. These girls-Barbara Miller, Sharon Mcfflure, and lou Ann Utley-have no time for that. lt keeps them hustling to get their ioh done, satidartorily. "Art should add to the appearance of a yearbook." Mary Aloyce Mcffomas. art editor. tells her committee. "lt is not to fill up pages, nor to make a comic book of them." Brenda Bowlin looks on and agrees with her. Seated are W'arren W'hittington, Mary Joyce, and Charlotte Nleltee. They are planning the division pages, and want them tn he done iust right. Q QVQI' OIIQ ndgr thg 1.d1u1rsl11p of N11r1lxn Rx 1n 1nd Brenda l1NHKlII1 wppcmrtul lm tl1 buenmsx 1111n11N1111Lm of lllf0d lWl'ill1 1 lk Ilff r drx 1 al11pl1rL1tl1 rollu t111r sl nu md took off urlx 111 Scptunlnnr on tl1L1r 15, t1sl1 XlUXIIlL, mm fr1.xl1 nux q111rt1rs nun tl1ou1,l1 s and 1 S1111 Sl 1h suff on pm1l1111 1111 l11L1,ut lust lnllull pms1l1lL Yurboolcs and urtmna, NNkY'L ld mal umll Ltul for 1n ulwmu. 11 111L1s1ul111 11111 Cs 01l0t tllll 111111 Lopx p1p1r 1111 1,1llu11x of I11lLf1lgl1I 111 I ro Lk 1 r1111s,1 Il pussu to 11111r1,1 19 1 p11.t11rc 1111 11111111 xur tlu f1rt 1n tln nuxlun nux l1111 ung Nlrs lr m Hou lfkl sponsor 111111111 xmllulpgd 1111 st1f 1111l ofhrgd 1nLo11r11.,L1111r1l 1111111 1111 1,111r11g 1:01 rough ln unnll sfllliul 1111 Llu 1ll 1 lwut ID plIL0ftl11t 1 1 N H111 llkl xx IS llso l1lL,l19Ll100l l1l1r1r 1 1 Ill tru 1 r 111 t1ff1rs 1111n11,g to bn ' lg llk out on ll 11111111 llkx 1 N 1r11 Rum ml1 l vu 111 11 1 11 1 .111 lu nw Cl1.1r mu X11 an 1 5l1 fl lf log 1n Cyan 1 lx ar 1 Vlllll 1 111 11 1 Ltlu Nhnlxn Run lm 111111 xx 1r 111 L11t1r lIf0 1 up lunx 1 l111s1ncn mana cr X! ini.-1... '-lu.. 11d N 1l'1 d Bern PX1111, an 11 Ju r x lyr 1 rllll, L llrlrx PLYIUL V 11 L rs 11v11r1 11 ,br KC. YLIHW '5,LLD'bv of 63 pant 0 LD p Sue the rho the Roy E.. ,XX X N QL X X Cgvpuf QQCZITIS . .. "fini lflksf Cin! Cio! Kin!" If you want to know the purpose of the Cin- Iigersirips, .isk .in .itlilete what time g.in1e would be like without the cheering sectiun urging iiitn to knock the livf ing tiivliglit nut uf tlit- npponenfs score. In the cheering section .lt the game. in the rowdy pep .wsetnlwlies ur the e.1r p.1r.1ties, the Pep Club is the spirit behind time team .ind the pep beiiinti the seiicmi. Although these .ire not required in ortier for one to be .1 member of fiin- gersnaps, .1 good pair of lungs, endur- .tnee eqtmi Univ to .i imffilu, pep equal to mithing on tuirtli, .ind .tn over-be.irf ing love of Iffffig .ire itie.1i. Ieitiing time fiingersii.ips in eimnts of vieturx' were Inu Ann Utit-xg Betty Scif, XY'.tynette Tilltsy, .ind Siierinn Perry, clicerlcntiers. The nmscut w.ts Kathy' Ayers, daugiiter of Hrs. Roy Ayers, sponsor. As officers, Maxine Jeneks, I.ois Scliutninn, Climrlotte NIC- Ree, .md Mary Joyce AiL'Cl3H1.l9 have guideti the Gingersnaps during 1997498 Ciingcrsniips g,qg'Qg?'Q ., ,, , "H,iii' R.iii' R.ii1"' sera-.ini XX'.ivnette Tillu. Brits Suit. Niicrian Perry. and Inu Ann l'tlt-xt .is tiim txiiilwit Upitmi ICHS eritiiiisinsin -1--s- State gaudy gfzcglzlicqlzts tlze 'W' r'-I--I I f arf" .5 I I. Q fl ' A ' 0 5. Wi 'QT 6 V fx In W ,-- V-f""" A I x S 1 lou nor wcm early if you'rc lmeatletl fur ra 5 Ukl I una I ny, accordmg m these girls. 'I lucy ff ar pr ,ar 1, In emlurk on the long awaited trnp IU l th In m tug of I-IIA. 2 ' I' , ' ' I K! ' ' Il Y , I . Y . . . . Y . . V u D I H I . . . Q x 7 s . I, - , a , ,- 1, y 1 f f ' ' - . , . , . ,, I t , , 3 - Y - . , , V y I 4 Terror stalks the stage nn the IIIA gurls latest productxon Nme Gxrls as they learn that one of thexr sorornty snsters has been murdered Candlellglmt lmtlatlon one of the mam events on the cadendar, was held durmg the first few weeks of school Thus year a new eh1pter of gumor hlgh YHA was eonstltuted m addmon to the r1.3.,uIar ceremomcs for hugh school pledges Hlyrndes a sock party Folden att tea a Daddy Date party a flmnly councxl a fam :ly puma mtnoml FHA week the Mother Daughter Rose ban quet and Installation of offlcers md the mnull trlp to the State Rzlly nn Oklahoma Cnty hugh Inghted the FHA year me yea, ueluur :mme xt utt hm 1 11 fodlnmss loxe un r mime A l truxt .nrt the xngrcdnents that to into ur l 1 lllk rs tltnmnslrnmn of how to malu. 2 ha us 1 x lllA will tcath llltlii how to ap I rluur futurt homes llS 41 -tu, I J9"' if w,4, Niom-. and roses pose trxtlu problems for these gals who anutxpatc the an nual THA offnccr mstallauon Sellmg Chnstmas cards every day cards and candy helped the gurls to fmance thexr FHA pro- gram and thexr ll'ldlXldU3l ex penses at Rally and the Rose banquet Jumor Hlgh FI-IAers were as actnve as thenr semor sxsters They partncnpated m a "no gnpe ' day with a kangaroo court, a Chrnst mas banquet, famxly pncmc, a hayrxde, a Mother Daughter cov ered dnsh supper, and a Sweet heart electxon party Vocal cliords are exercised as the lnglixchool b0y's quintettc ruliearses dilligently in prep,tr,ition for a perforiiiaiiee. Thrtringlitiut the year, thexe htiyx have provided colorful, musical entertainment for various civic and school programs both in Ylk City and in the surrounding towne. The a cappella songbirds are better known to I-'tills as Clifton Vltlkur, Roy Kelly, james Walter, Lynden Wilcoxstmn, and Harold Hopkins. Front row: Cherry Garner, Charlotte McRae, jean Gentry, Theresa Mcfforkle, I.ou Huffman, Varynia Knllins. Second row: Barbara Miller, Sharon McClure, Susie Todd, Shirley South- worth, Bob W'ilion, Sue Hamilton, Beverly Holmes, Treva Copelin, Third row: Jeanna Johnston, Waynette Tilley, Nancy Graves, Loretta Hefley, julie NVood, Mary ,MeCom.zs, Koy Kelly, Wayne Wray. Fourth row: Sue Sturrock, Carl Hammock, Bill Green, Gene Heathcoat, Lyndon Wilcoxson, Edwin McComas, Ray Woodscxii, Mary Herron, jim Reynolds, Ronnie Slama. S06 Voices ii uliveryhody ready? I.ct's go, signals Colbert Heckler, Ili' rector. YY K ,,,,v l x , 4 fl 4 Q , 1 3 34,1 a .M L, If ' X: 'uf weet uszc Soft strains of the most beautiful story ever told, the birth of Christ, filtered through the auditorium as the mixed chorus presented their annual rendition of the "Choir of Bethlehem". This versatile group, how- ever, did not confine them- selves to Christmas music, as they entertained the school and various organizations with spirituals, popular songs, and classical music. Their many activities throughout the year included a concert with the band, the Cantata, several contests, and various programs. 9? 'N Q' -new txlti fatlixoned harmony is in full "sine" as thc Barberettes--lanice llays. Loretta llefley, loretta Roles, and Nlary lntiella llerron-warm 'up as they pn-pare to conquer the l!C3l'l9 of llk Q itv music lovers, These girls. armed only with a pit.-li pipe. rehearse their tactics in preparation for their many appearances at civic eluhx, womenk organilatioris, school assemblies, and hanquets. Front row: Yvonne Newman, Carol Gregory, jan Hays, Janell Vfilltins, Nita Davis, Ronnie Savaige, Nlary little. Second row: Louise Creason. Mary l.ynn Alley. .Ian Colden, leslie 'l'hurm0nd, Cilitton Xfallvter, Donna tloncx, lois Sehumann, Cieorgann Peeler, Third row: Gary Rudder, lfllen Galloway, Darla SIY1lKll,JOl!.ll'1l1CllUlTHI1Cl,SlljfflbflP,lll11CICI'.cil.lf',l Bowen. l.ou Ann lftley, Brenda Hinds, Nlarlana llunt. Linda Tilley, Fourth row: Bob Creason, james XY'alter, Tom King. lioh Aldrudge, Harold Hopkins. XY'arren NY'hittington, Brenda Bowlin, Judy McClain, Pat Harrington, lvanettc jones, Darla listes, Dennis Monroe. .i l si 1 N .V A, ,, ,, fx , s V fnunuge, fruglfe. Jef-up, Afozgf .!gfAA'ficJ lllfllj IAF llfllllj of Ifllllly 11.5 JIUIIFIIIJ JVIIFKA f0l' llllililillf fo IJPUPX-0,7 IAPII' 40111.01 HJ we!! 11.5 fgvir minrld. prozfirlvj 614 Jfuclvnlj ufifA u Jporfj vnfAu.4ia.1m alia! IJ Jur,1uJJPzlAy Auf nigh Jcnoolg. Open uf1'nnerJ. yrff .somelimm lfo5er5, 140542 repre- .fPflll.Ilg SADC! A711171 fo ,NLP Hill! ,fy fo AUP IAP IYl0tl0! HMAH or foie, Ae u goof! Jpor-Lv 5 I ,gf-1-"f4"f , . b ,., ' ' ,, .- 1sf!waLmQwmmp, -'.- T... .X --.+,,.. "" . ,.x Y milfffw gootfm!! if S W 'fi' R After the graduatxon of 15 lettermen from the 1956 squad most of whom hmd earned three 1'I10I105,1'lI'l19 Coach Fd Brady faced the bn., prob lem of bulldnng 1 team around four regulars 1 few llternltes md bovs who had never pllved foot bmll Fxen though the team never plased 1 glme suth 111 the reeullrs nn umform the Splflt and lgeressnseness was excellent throughout the sea son The mpury plagued and flu rxddled Flks were 1 determmed aggregatnon than gave a good account of themselses at 111 tlmes Plunnz the toulglaest schedule that any Elk Cnts telm es er faced they dxsplas ed 1 well balanced attack on the ground and an excellent aerlal game Lsmg, 1 multxple offense attack they moved the bull ssell lgllI1Sf all opposmon With both regular guards on the bench meh nnlurnes the Bug Flks dropped the seasons opener " Q to Putnam Cuts 19 13 The Elks aerlal arm was responsible for the tvno touchdowns the onls ones to be scored on the strong Plrate club untll late ln M J- the season The outstandmz games of the season saw the home elub defett the North Half Dxstnct 1A Pi' ii- at M " to defeat the Bugs m regular season play ad Coaeh l l B ads d assistant Hub I xmas vm h tv Ilks prepare for the t nglwest schedule 1I1t l 4 Front row Fueene Adams Raymond Class Harold Short Innmy Run Il 1141 Told Ierrw Hollmeshe-ad Dewey Wnllxams Bobby Webb ac Barnes IJ It r S ond re ames Walter Cars C utsnneer li ull K gelln Don Nlaltby Nlark Brady Ray Woodson Ilar 1 cots Gene Heatlmtoat frank Nlarburger fddxe Peaeh Wat Sasage Thnrtl ross 15111 Craham Charles Certarn ohnny West Davxd Nash Ronnle Slams VL li Rutledge ames Fowler Bob Lreason erry Reed ohnny O Dell larry Butcher Mnlte Jackson nr Q, is is if-firm Egg' 5 .. 3 -- . v ff 30 lg i 1 B5 5, V J ago! 1,5 -94-Elifaw-f""fd't""'e ... 72 , 3,5 fig' Qf ' C, ' All V ' 'aff 53:1 s . A V , .,,, K .lf .C A ' A 1 C W, o S ,J I Vs- . ' .iw Y 'rg-.A .Q A N Yr ' f ' , - xv-1 , 5 5 , -,- , . v . Q , K , t A As Y . V s - "AZ K I ' . . V- A Y - . 4 K L l x I , . 1. Z is Jaw- , fs v K I . ' I A r. Y , . x .-". ' I, - .i , - h 1 ',-f Y 5 x V ' , I' Z ,. . . - . . 'Pun ' wg, . .X . ' gs.. I' at .1 ve.. ' ,, if , , ,V , V , .'f , ' ,. 4 v Q - - " f ' 1 A - ' - gf . L ff!-I . -. 4 4 - , - . , . 4' rs v 11 1. ' K ."'f"i ' A 1 . U 1 . . -41", 's-e 1 1 - . 1 - 5,:'aij,g - , ' , r' ,, , , . Champion Coldbugs of Alva 14-12, the only team ' A-iff' 1 H ' ' Q "J ' " . ,A ' ' He . ' fe r I' an ' 1 "ht . 'ate tl mlgh Y f ' ot ' ' ' ' in ' mist wr- 'Z . ' , 1' 1 , ' nes, mf e I' V. , V A , 7 , Dt ' ne" liu cl1..'ee' aw: ' ', 1 1' i ' . tn. e ow- , , , . , H , ' l wfl- 'I .K . V. .2 A .I ' V, rl... ' ,i ' It V . 44,1 f. ' ' .' ' I I , my J . , . v , , .. . V I ' . va 3 , 4 1 A . .1 1 4' ' 1 ' " l 2 ' 1 ' ' ' - , 1 5 - A l I - l 1 , I A 4,4 ' 1 Q - P ' I L l n ' 3 ' ,e Y 1 ,I ' H Il '- 7 ,4 -' - .- .9 1 f A . ' vi ' A 51 A A ' 4' A f A 11 A I ' s , I I g 4' 'f If A s' 'A .1,- ' ' fair , ' ' . as ',f ' , ' ' ' 'B' V ' . ""Kf..-v, "' M' 27' V -A' , J -' Aw- ' ,, ,- ' I f . 5,11 .r AL. ,wif . '-A A ., L., , D 1 ' "A, 5 -- , I . , '..'4T,-- la ' A V . M4 - -.lfdfnp 'I ", f ,,-r.,J.fLf" ' Y V " p - s- 'V Y ' .I ,L I 51 gil Spot Thr dcfcur of the strong U S Grunt Fwglw of Okl1hom1 Cntv on thcnr homv. fnld 7 6 xms prolnblx the hmrdut plucd glmc of thc xcar At thc Llosg of thc smson the Flks warg nclmncd one of the hmrdnst hnttmx., Llc-mmet plnymg clubs nn tha. hustorx of thc uhool of thus Combos Fd Bflkh md Bob Thomas more vcrx proud From this frm tum flu men were honornd on the All Dnstrnct Garv Cumngcr T1cklc frank Nfarburgnr Ihlflnrk Max 91v1gc End md Raw V'oodson Center G1fX Cutsnngcr was named to rhcOkl.1hom.1 1957 All Qt1tcTc1m Topj Romld Sl ma U95 .md frank Marburgc KIZJ warm a US C rant lull carrncr as Don 'Vhltby U73 comes to lulp :Ames Wnltnr I4-U wat hes and Iohnnw West C705 xx on the turf Clidowj Mar burzcr 19 spnlled bv 1 Clinton Tornzio tag nr as I Hx P us HRH wants m mmkn Cl block k a x 1 7 I n , . , . . ' . H ll A 7 1 Y 1 I . Y ' 3 V- Q . I . V Q D . 4 . I i ig ' - YI x v . - '- ' squad-Mark Brady, Quarterback: ' y . . . I" , Q . f 1 . .. . , 1 f .1 , 5 r , ' I . J ' ' v . . .' -kr C. -1 f f . - lk 6 cf CQQGSOH JJ' A! A I f Clnnron back spurts past Pmrl Wxleots U43 w help of 21 Tornado bluek but ns naxled by Mark Brady 1135 Ray Wfoodson H05 and Ronald Copelm C3 H arrne late as Ndarburger and Nlaltby U75 have already lm Altus fullbaek Chlsum D-'11 ew 0,14 433' A Managers Kemper C lesson and Bull C olden pnparn thur ku for sndelme duty durxnp., an out of town game SFASON S RECORD I5 Putnam Cltv I8-Clinton A va Frederuck Sayre Hollns U S Grant 7-O C Classen I3 NW Clnssen 6 A us Home There Home There There Home There There There Home I , .TW 1 i Q XL . . ' A ' -fi 1 Y., I fig..-Vg' ' u Q "4 W N. A ' i 'A - ith - " , ' Z ' ' , A 1' ' T . ' I' l A ' ,A-gl. .jig I BC. - ' I I9 EC. , ' 20 HC. l4- l I2 E.C. 7- 4 ' 45 ' PLC. 27-. 0 ' 4 EC. 44- ' 13 .Q 3 , .. ...fum he E.C. 7- , ,, 6 S.-gn E.C. , , 26 P". ,nr f ' ' E.C. - . . T. 26 .RW .,, ,- , ., , U' .if,,. E-C, L It 6 74 'Q Un, tgump, Ufflble Girl's Recreational Association is set up on a point sys- ten and awards are given accordingly, Fifty points must be earned for membership, and 20 points must be made each year to retain membership. Two local awards are given to the girls making 150 and 250 points. The ones earning 400 points are awarded a state pin. "Anyone feel like losing a game of tennis?" comes the cry from eager young enthusiasts each morning. Larry Yow, Don Check, Dean Davis, and Phil Cochran prepare for a quick game. Doing flip-Hops all over the gym. the GRA girls have developed muscles and popped bonex whith thev ncwr knew thev had. This group of amateur tiiinlwlert mails eagerly for their turns at trying the new tritk, The object of GRA is to stimulate participation 1n girl's athletics, recreational activities and related cultural and social events, and to promote the idea of health and sportsmanship. The club provides opportunities for all girls 9 to participate in a variety of activities including volley- ball tennis, basketball, tumbling, badminton, and calis- thenics. The girls enjoy good, clean, wholesome recreation together through this organization. The local club con- sists of 30 members. Miss Ruby Nicholson is the sponsor. a 1 l l P as -1 ff., ' I X fi GRA - - - Al: x Q r ev 1 . ' K ,, J T' 1 -I ' L-4 ' .. , fi'-if GRA GRA u-Qi, X GRA ' -: CRA GRA GRA 'AG , Q V fikufii-fs, fini if! 75 we Q eg count 30:9 Qi 2-L Wmk 1 Front rov. Tom ohnion Rudy Peath lynn Campbell Iarrv Fllnott Second row Jck Brewer C rol IILIILIILI' Iex e ones mums Nlnlmer x row erry llallovuy Butch Battey Roddy Cutsxnger Roger 'Nevnherrx Coach Glass Ei fl 76 A!! ge li iw 1. is I Inmmv Rmdxll Clendon Compbell Davnd Cathey Mike Lebron I Veiw C an Iiou an chn llsneock lcvus Boomer Tur ry I 1 Ilxrrld I tt Q hnrles Inpkms oe belt' 'Iroy Regnon Inns keep thexr ues on the !e1m and cheer them wm or lose Ilks had their best loeal support thus year The umor Flks of 1957 playmg under a new coach, Buddy Glass turned into a flght of 1ggrcg1t1on from the flrst encounter to the l1st g1me of the season Team work, spnrxt, and hustle w1s m evndence throughout the yexr thus wls 1 comphmcnt to the fnne work of Co1ch Gl1ss Although they were out manned m almost every game, they gave a good 1ceount of themselves m wmnmg two and losmg four games Wtth only one ex ceptnon Inc Woodward game where they were cle1rly outclnssed m mnternl the umor Elks were ln the game up to the l1st whnstle They dropped tnlts to Clanton 34 to 18 Altus I3 to 7, and Mtngum 7 to 6 Then' vnctornes were Sayre 26 to 6, and Hobart 20 to 6 O If Ms ooc! C I 'Yi Y- I e we Q l',t I defy 5 5 s .riffvf e A. 7 fl -- ' I I . , , ,DNF ! I l 4 I L ' l ' l - 2 Ov I ,Q " ' ' ' K X lg , ' 4' J ' .A -, s -I wins V . . A h '-' I -... I .- -' "' 'li' ' 'L I I' - ,- ' ,. " I ' , Aw ""I.?i'?".-:we-f,..+ I ' of-Iitqf' ' ' A -, - r "A ' I ,Z 1., 2" M f " Z' wel I.'Nt,4s, is ' , V I W... okigt imxig- 6, e- '15 -- , is ,-li-I -Ml' 'hil I'-11. Q 5 vlgj, I . I I 141 : ' '. ', ' ' , f ' " , ' ' ,Icr "'.1 e, .4 I lc, . ' " ,J ' , ' ' 'V , ' ss -' slr u ut on' 4 J ' . , Q ' ! . -A sg. nn . . ' ' f ' . i . H' , . 1, ' ,K 4 3 ', .. . ' ' 1 at I , J ' I-Y' . . - . e' 4 , . . 1 v 7- , " ' I i' is J . 1 ' . I I 1 . - - 5 ' , ' .' . . 0 1 I f CUT! I'O l8S City City City City City City City City City City City City City City City City City City City JUNIOR FLKS' SEASON RECORD Hammon Sayre I lobart I.ccdy lhmmon Mnngum Clinton Cordell Sayre Gould Hollis Lccdy Canute Merritt Altus Mangum Merritt Hobart Clinton -un 116 'SIIG -:rj .nv Nil "Well, liere's another one," aay Ckuch Flmer Glass and Captain l.arry Elliott, ax they present to Paul Smith, junior High principal. the first-place trophy from the Canute seventh and eighth grade invitational tournament. They also won the eighth grade boys' tournament at Merritt, t, r Newberry, Roddy C utxingcr, Charles Pipkins, Lewis lloomcr, jo.: Self, klcrry Tate, john Hancock, Bobby Gibbins, james Nelms, Gene Smith. llutcli Ihttcy, lxsluc klonu, Rudy Penh, Pat Bullard, Larry Iillioit. David Ciatlicy. ff'-. " -ca- '2 5 1, S 4 C max, max, mall, lg 5148 pv.,-W , ...- nssoar' , ,N ' v .4 Y gsm-AP" upovsmwn 4 au 'VQ5 Q K -,,,,., . ' . 9 ' wk .fa 1 4 . "- l.. N N Q. Q. W . W a F h P w w A 'x , X F P' 7' h , x ix.: t , A F R P ' ' 3- 'S 9 'i Y Q X -1 - 1 , A.. .4 "M- Cary Cursingcr, Farrell johnson, Mark Brady, Max Savage, Richard Hunt. J0l1nnyO'l7cll, Dirk liurul1.Nlnkc.l.1ckS0n, David Nash, Ilxrl Vfileors, l'r.1nk Nlarlwurucr, Xfaync Wray, and lfddxc Pcmelw make up the regular squad, Coach Bob Thomas mpcruws apprmingly as Bobby V'cbb and Kemper illlummn, man- agers. issue equipment nu xlw luxkcrlxall squad. QL L' v dw ff vu , ,H Leaping to snag a rebound from CIin!on's Russell UU are Max Savage UU and Farrell johnson UU, The Elks downed the Torna- does il-43. Watching brearhlcsly are Cut- singer HU, Peach HH, and Clinmn's Strong mm. X Q. X, 0 78 X0 A t State I I KS SFASON RFCORD CHX Cru Cm flu C IU Cltx C118 C10 CKY Cuts Cnty l mdsgn Altus P1mp1 Clmton Borgcr An1d lrlto Altus Hobart Purcell I nndslv Frcdcrntk Hobart Paampa Clmton Frcderxck Woodw ard Anadarko 1 tgp-susan NUI Di Ml. K Q n :- All Ric ION AL TOURNFY rf, Cnty 60 Anadarko Cuts A tus STATF TOURNFY nty 49 McAlester a C ary c p ct rc L, El' N1 NCI' 911.11 S 20 7 sea on rc ord gulf xvff il pl f' M fi 'S' Gary Cuts nger Eddy Peach Farrell Ioh son Earl Wal Cots Fra lue Marburger Rnchard Hunt and Max Savage Pl' No' no' thxnks Bonme Hull 1441 whale she makes a desperate attempt to stop a Cordell players shot m the fmals of the regsonal tournament get gt Although the Flluttns wtre de feated nn the repnonll fmxls bw Cor dtll the state champs thty fnnnshtd the selson vuth an outst.1nd1nL, rec ord of 22 wms and 4 losses In iddntnon to thenr regular sched uled games the gxrls played 1n sev eral tournaments meludmg Drstnct 18 the Elk Cnty Curl s lnvltatxonll Southvn estern 9t1te Collage lnvntl tlonal and the Southwest Confcr encc Pausmg for a moment nn thenr busy schedule are the members of the llktttts the gurls bavkttball team Phyllns encks Nita Dans essue Kung oretta Roles Shnrley Holland oAnn Poole Sandra Sparltnun Iomta Pturs Bonme Hull Inmmxe Smnth RedaRhoades Donna Dull Lmda Burt and Coaeh Gary Blevms 80 2 . i . s , L f Q 1 r ' 'K 1 Y. . Y - xx V y . . I - a - 3 v I " s the XVoodward Girl's Festival, the Y L K VY! I 1- . , - R n a 'Q Q got gt! IUNIOR I IKI TTFS SI' IXSONI RINCORD CIU Cntw fntw Cnty Cnty Cntv Cnty Cnty Cntv Cnty Cnty Cnty Cntv Cnty Cntv Cntw Cnty Cnty Cntw I-Iammon Sas rc Hobart Lcedy I7I1mmon Mmgum Canute Cordell Sayre Duke Cordell Mangum Altus I ecdy Canute Altus Mzmgum Mcrrntt Hobart sa Iimdf rd c Fr bv: B th Brads Caro S rn Adan Kar n Col I nd Cantrell Frc da Rob XJ ach Ilmer Glass bca 1 as h hnk :nbo r 15 rc ord and the trophy the u ertes rate d e won t at Nh gum Ir' tat onal Tour ament II n Ro l R ken I d Pe k joa ne Thompson Sue Redd Lnda Rose n JI' 1 81 X Elk J 1' 30 13 ' Elk Q 1 I6 f 25 l ' Elk 1' 11 2s . 11 ,XF Elk 5 29 25 1 f 1,1 1, Elk Q 32 . 16 ' A va Elk 21 1 . 26 ' if 5 Elk Q 28 18 " 2- 1 ' Elk '1 29 21 , 'WW' ' jf 1 Elk ' 24 25 Elk ' 42 18 ll' X nl- Elk 5 22 20 -A 5 ' Elk ' 41 I 36 x 1 Elk ' 1 47 37 , Elk ' 1 20 . 16 Elk ' 1 21 20 . Elk City 29 kncrmf 20 4 ' Elk ' 1' 37 39 Elk ' 1 Sl 36 Iilk ,' 1 27 ' 20 Flk 11' 22 19 C6 5 m 6 fi Q U ho sc:n3on'v C 1' i rnior high lflk- ' ive, Kyhcn th y fin place the Odu o 1 I. nvnn it ix i . C . Iyn Iowa C . 3.1 ie ic .in 2 c , n , , i 4 fhn- 1' 1 s, c ., .in 1 , ' , i i son, D I Swing. rr- - '- 2: I' V V uerygozlg going fo fonigAf.6 gamr? ufuj u yuejfion open 11.14911 uf fqarfirxi. zlunuu- gunna. unc! Lu: frifu fo 0lll'0fLf0ll'll gumw proLfi1l0rlJiw'rJion unzl fun for IAOM' funding purf in fgvm. .Anil ' 1 clonl forgef fl? moif lmporfanf euenfj 01140 yvar-.!Qlomefoming, IAQ xyunior-.sifnior Klnquef unzl prom, anal nnfaffy, gl'lllJullll'0Il. U Kd . 1 'V 5 M , M 4. .. Iliff xr, Mg. 'wh 4. 1. 5, -V x-. sid' .N , fr -,v-gglh-w QW' M.. -ig, ECW -L sions ot he u ents and the liz n it 1 rt: or totn pupils "Man, we mutt be in drcamlzind now!" whispered some of thc students when they got their first gander at the new student center, but they were mistkcn, The "Iuhhy" is the f.lVlll'iICl1.ll'lg0Ul bc- forc school and the gathering phcc for meetings. Rating number unc on the hx! of hangouts for the 279 lil HScrs is the new student center whith contains 2 TV, a coke machine, a miniature vainly shop, tahlcs, and ehairs-cvcrytlung necessary for leisure time. Cl y The fnmoux little red one-room school house l1.1S IYCCOFHC only Ll pic- turc in .1 lustory book, for totl.1y's new ctlucg1ti0n.1l pl.1nt9 contain eve-rytl1i11g I1L'CCSS.ll"y for the clevel- opment of the American citizen of tomorrow. FCll9's new home is equipped witl1 I2 classrooms, .1 library, con- ference room, study lull, student Center, gy!'l1I1.lSlLll11, imlivitlunl Of- fices for the tc.1cl1ers, and the most modern equipment .intl furniture. f ll11w.1tilw1u4 1l11cl1 liu -it ui-1'11:'4 .1ri 1l1t t111t1111 nl lllt' lfllN x111il1'i11 ls--.lv xxlm .1rt' 111.1l-um, tull ll Q nl 1111-1.1t1l1u1-1.-11.r1.l 111 tlit-tiiiiltiii trailer ililw liirxl 1l.11' ul ulviml 1x,1s .1 lug m'1'i'11t fur 1 r isnt .mil tlu-xc t'.1131-r Iwixurw xxurt- u.1111111g mi tlvi 1ru11 steps Tor .1 tl1.111tc 111 run .1ru1i111l liuutine 1111111111l11r rmlllh. Nklfl llvt' u1111lw1I1.1l10l1 lutlu, 111a'L'l YFILH x .mtl xtr.111gt-rx, .mtl lwigui .1 new yr.1r. Schools Costumed teenagers with gray hair and m.1ke-up came familiar sights as FHA girls, the seniors, juniors, the freshmen and be- the the the speech classes presented their annual plays. On pep assembly days people forgot to be sur- prised when they saw mem- bers of the Cingersnaps run- ning around in strange garbs with stranger props. ': '9i"2f"AiSii' fi' ' S' Www-f ' ,Ji as 1 . .5 Kg: I rf .is e, . " . F1 Q 5 - i ' ' 1 1 , 1 T Members of the cast of the Freshman play, "The Whole Truth", put on their think- ing caps as they made final plans for their production, Religious assemblies and the OBU Bison glee club program added a more serious atmosphere to the year's enjoyment. ...-in l Z ll" R V' .. in Utxll-x'llJ-Cl1.1' .xll'Lll.l'kl1.liH lTCL.lIl the ii1111qcrs11.1ps .1s iliey pru- P.ll'CLl to st.1r1 1111 st.11:1' klllfillg one of their sluts for pep .1sse111l1lv. At e.1t'l1 ut 1l1e l'.lllIL'N the gurls PfCXL'HICLl .1 sons, play, Jet or el1,1111 fk'1'fL'Xk'!1l1lH1 ilu' l lks' ilefmt ot their r11JlX. Klein- herx of ll1IX lt'.lI11 .IFC ,lur1'11.1 Roles, l11rult.1 Ili-flev, lnu lluff- 111.111, Sl1.1r1111 Xlei lure, 'I'herex.1 Nldiorl-ale, .md l,0I1.l-IOHCS. uSlIh!11L'fl1CLl'i. :lie SIUYV of 1111- efforts of the Crew of .1 diuhleal s11hm.1ri11e 111 s.1xe 1l1c111si-lxiw from .1 VV.llL'l'y p1r.1ve .1111l the supre111e MlCFlflL'L' of one 111 s.11e the rr1l1ers was p11rtr.1ye1l lu the speeeh glep.1rtn1e11t. Xle111lwrs of the e.1st were ,lcsue XY'1lw11, , Gene .'xkl.lH1K, lin' XX'ou1ls1111, liols C re.1w11. Kwne llC.llllCU.Il, .mil llnrold llciplum. Xlrs. lim' Ayres was :lie 1l1rctl11r. n 7 Vex. is l at QJPWAN 1 4 9 tage Plays and assembllcs help to add the varnety that IS thc pepper upper of sthool lxfc Although long hard hours of prcparatnon mu be spent nn tht protluctnon of 1 plu no one enjoys tht ptrformmcc 18 much is the cast Pep asscmblncs glVC the stu dents who Uillllly sxt on the Slkltllflti 1t a sports utnt 1 chime to pzrtncnpxte md gnvt thur tcmm the support nccdcd for vxctory 1' '-www 'G r"v! r 1 u tx thxrmx g u nt Wk r u .Holm n lr r 4 X n sr n Ile. NLXHOI' C IL LH L Y V B CDI IUS 'N V10 JH on tt tm ft tux t lhall 5.1 87 'K is I , ' A-1 D ' .Y ' t ' '- I , ' A 4 .lr . l ' if 1 . 4 , I , r 4 Y . V h . - , . t , . . A K ,U A 1 X I, D . ' 4 . 4 K ' il. M x' Vu-Y' K ' e, " L V. ,+V f- , J. vw Q ' ' , "wharf Tl ,Q A as 1: Jr ,, - A "NU llt.1.uu1 I-1-ky-rtl-t l K r1',".--4-stlu ll'.1n tI.u 's l-4 lv H ru A nt Ck l 1' 'lxgm-ru' Im1L'sr..lml .-Xlrrctl lhxul Ylshl whxspurs sur-fr mftlungs lu5ylN1.1 'Yu-une Newman! .ls Nlr, Ars- d.xls Xl. kIS.1iv,: ulls C hutk flio Nlalrlvyr about lm grrl-shy nr:,1 l - - play, "curl Shy". 1 lauurung rlvr lllm un tu xxtlury IS thc rlwyrgl nl :hr su l- L lwmlv, xht K.1nqursn.xps. .ml tht- pq land .ls thc l last l up d Fw-llvr ln .nn tfforr lu supp tht- team .md ul1"r th- un In ugrsry lwnr- :lm AI 'lm V mu, ' we ' . W N' X 4 ' 3 1 . I czriety gnterest to buff' -XF' "'a Wore solume' eoaxes Mr Hackler as he rehcarses the hnghsehool maxed horus m prtparatmn for the Chrnstmas Cantata The re uard for weeks of practxce and hours of hard work ns the satnsfactmn the students get from smtmp, the beloxcd Lhrntmas story 'Wake Jackson Mrs Baber ohnny O Dell and Fddle Peach gumor class offnctrs and sponsor dnscuss plans for the presentauon of the yumor play N, 05 l Her lxnssm Cousin W ms' ' 88 you must be at the church at 8 to practxce on the cant1ta Thxs was Z1 famxlnar sound around the homes of members of the hugh school maxed chorus at Chrxstmas txme The annual presentatnon of the Cantata ns an event to whlch the cutnzens of Elk Cltv as well as the student body look forward Although the same musnc IS used each year Mr Hackler manages to brmg nt to lnfe so that every hstener recenves a new thnll Ye ' 3 4 Q x ,, L ' 4 , ' K Q f. X ' ., .,"'xx ! ' 'X 1. X Hi a Q , . x as x Vf' 4 yy . V .--f "Rise and shine! lt's 7:30 and E., 4 v ,rf 1 I I . I . . 'gg' , Q ,ff . . - - - 4, ' . , . t 9 ' T , ' . 'F' ' ' fi ffl! J 1 , ' A I lnns . lv' I l xl . 1' 1 A Q . .A , 3 , . z - . , - ,L ,q ' ' t ' . Sim --Lf-W 'A' we A Qgutuclent e l Q I Q V x l S ,LM f , - q fn If . 1 ' t.,. -fa ,i - Q. ' ' Q Nloncvlrnalcing wvms murv: imporunt than plav to rhcsc junior lmglu conccssionrsraml workers, They sell at noon. Axsixrlmg All Qtatcr fl.1rv ClllKll1KL'f wnrlw lm ffmrlull nw.1nl iackui ix Clurlu llmdy who uffcrs umgrnulqrions. wvllllf fllf Wm lw-IU ll"W'V l'4"'+l mf"'l'l'f" Uurmrunnn Pm-lor. -ludy Kelly. Tony Nhrlwurucr. lfrlclv Pearly Virginia Rulwrrs. and WVW4' U' HU' flwfllm - Akllml mmllw- lnxrrcll blolmmon vsmov spmmng popular rcuordi. Tlwsc scnmr luglm Best Cutwcni WW fU'Y- -lml W"l'Uf'1 Pl-WW' 'l'1"" Vllcn were NI:lL'flCll on rho luxix of purxomlity and character. nmrclmmxg snxuwn stlru in tlw !'.xll. Tlwx' nurcll mnrninl. noun wr nitlmt. I Gps , Q 1. - w 'I Q , rs if X qv 89 gtg Sock parties, hayridcs, picnics, family coun- eil, Datltlyvtlate party, Rose banquet, Golden- age tea, and regular meetings with lots of fun and education tucked into all Corners make up a typical FHA year. S LN s K ll Igllf IK LC lflii from t s t ulurl n mirror n LY lNYf' K. l 1 Yrll X K Tllll K Q 1 lk L I lnlpll 1 IN llfl Ill K 11. sunk hop um m,i lights IKIIU., thtmselxu in Home pllu time 5 enllix H LYLHIHL UU! V 1 7 I 1 lt lhd L1IL arty vs new 19 annual affair gnu tht THA girls 1 thin L to find out for thcmxtlxce that Ihd realli is good guy ulun ics out tourtm x a pits that ht isn t twtnts years youngtr A l 'X I AS lflvi Pr' lun' .ml ll. mv ' ' l 'l A th- ln-fi, l7llAer anal th'1r ilatex ' ' etl tlillilv on the ilk-k. ' lik- . jr' fl . lfur weelu l1l'fUF'l1.l1l. l fn hal l " ra 'la 'il an l pc lx 'tb mlm ' eil in cu effort to have the nv t ig' .il so kt at rl ' t , 'uftl1clllAyear'Nl 'gl Pu 4 ' ' " ' . ' . l ' ' girl 1' a ' ' 'izl "l e.r ole' ll.d". 'l' 1' . dy- l. ' p 'I ' 'l ' an A - A ' v- v 1 w - r' - A C u ' -a K' ' ' l ' ' ' '. Iii. gt fast. Ogiiinzis. Elk staffers squealed gleefully when the last shipment of pages was finished. Several overtime sessions were necessary to meet deadlines. Since March 15 was the final shipping date, many spring events had to be omitted. Among these were track and baseball, junior-senior banquet and prom, and all graduation exercises. "At last!" sighed the poor sponsor . . . and out she went? "Wheel The last two pages of this . . . this . . . thing! Am l glad!" SKIUC.1lL'LlC0-Ckllllll' Brenda liowlin when she finished the final pages. si: 7 YE 1 . 5 "W'hoop-ee-ee-eeee! Me too ..... ! Man. oh man! This has been a pain!" agreed Business manager Harold Hopkins, as he packaged the final shipment of The Elk. 'gx izmelziglzt Xvomlcr what the teachers could accomplish if they had the attention given by these lincmen and their dates at the annual football banquet? This ye.ir's event sparkled with clever decorations and was held in the new student center. Swamped with last second "starry" preparations for the annual band banquet are these energetic band members: Ivanette jones, program chairman. Harold Hopkins. President, and Brenda Bowlin and Lou Ann Utley, chairmen of decorations. uv x rl7'k41 M fi -'N' "5- 'WS-fix 92 , 2 Mrs. Buck W'eaver serves june Weist, Fllcn Seay, and Sherry Seidncr at the annual Cultus lea, honoring the juniors. Banquets were the high- lights of the school's social events, and everyone in school craved an invite from a foot- ball player or a band member to his organization's big event. ri 5' IT 1' .8174 v-"7 v-"" afti fi 't-EF... I w v fl 1' 'X t - , 'B ii 1 J, Q Their n1.1jcQti0s. the royalty of FCHS-Lois Schumann, Football Queen: Mary Ann O ll.lT.l, Junior lliglm l"ootb.1ll Quccng .Iorctta Rolcs,B.lSkCIb-Ill QUCCDQ and Marv K2lfhCfll'lC Little, Band Queen. 93 ,- 4 1 udy Sugarman and Butch Battey, junior high eo-valedietorians con- w............- gratulate eaeh other on their honors. Q. ,g ,. ', 1 gn the These FCH9 honor students pause for .i moment between tlasses: Reta Pope, speeeh award winner, Ivanette jones, Betty Cfroeker Homemaker of Tomorrow Medal, and Shirley Southworth and john if Vel Herron, United Fund essay con- test winners. .wf .2 2 yi' N . l N X Frexhman, sophomore, junior, and senior members of the State Honor Society are Judy Kelly, George Randall, Pat Bullard, Gene Smith, john Hancock. l.ind.t Tilley', Tony Marhurger, Karen Walliatns, Gayle Mi1e.I.ois Schumann, Bill Green, lfdwin Meflomas, jan Hays. joretta Rolex, Mary Herron, Julie Nvood. Pictured above right-Marilyn Ryan, Dale W'heeler. Pictured above left-Shirley Southworth, lvanette jones, Butch Battey, Judy Sugarman. I 94 I cgipotliglil Although FCHS is a fun-loving school, its participants do not neglect the most impor- tant phase of school life-studying, or old- fashioned "book learning." Many of them are the recipients of high academic honors and awards. Every year the freshmen and seniors with the highest grade averages are chosen as valedic- torian and salutatorian of their graduating Classes. The upper ten per cent of each class are elected to membership in the State Honor Society. The selection is based on scholarship. Other students earn awards given by the different departments, national agencies or companies, and local clubs and organizations. Almost all of these students also earn honors by participating in extra-curricular activities. C arolyn Niartin, Nlarv Stanslwerrv. I.islene Brewer. Anne l'erltins, Beverly Cray, Karen Barrett. Yann' Staley. llonna llavis. l.eslie lliurniond. l.ou lluftnian. Betty Green. Sharron l'.ilxneter. loin Kim: Ann lians, Nlaida Slieplierdq Nlinnie lloonier. lou Ann lalei. fiarul fyrvigors. Xliltt' l.ltl-twin lrwue l,utl1t'r. ,lutly Nlelilain, Darla Smith. Nherian Perry, Sherry Seitlner. .M 1 on-ian .1 ASQ' f ' ' " -af' as M 'N :rm-410 Y ww X Practicing for their senior high commencement speeches are Marilyn Ryan, salutatorian, and Dale Wheeler, valedictorian. uf 5 1 , , P' ,fx 'Ajf,256r1glx 4 M Mff',g..1i-E271-A 5 l sg X. ,IW A QI7'lOI'ldITl T BILL GOLDEN 1940 1958 He walked uztlz courage " 96 I ' -x :bt ' ' K H43 . ewes W, Ar amt lnm A member of the ba ketball and baseball teams as a sophomore mem ber of the football squad and traek team or two years played rn the pep band rn hrs sophomore year band three years LIIOFUS JS 2 Sfnlof PIIVIJLIPJICLI III Npifkll play hrs senror year Bnu lm, Brenda 'Iransferred from SHS rn Superror 'Nebraska as a junror she was 3 two year member of band IHA a d Crrn gersuaps played rn pep band her ,unror year Southwest Drstrrct Honor Band a ,unror sang rn the mrxed chorus her senror year student member of BPW to edrtor of The Ilk Brady Mark He took an actrve part rn football basketball and track all three years played baseball for one year jr Play Sr Play reeerved faculty crtrlenshrp award for two years was a member of student councrl as a senror All Drstrrct football team hrs senror year Bryan! Marqutelfa sans, rn ehorus or two years basketball as a sophomore manager of grrls basketball team rn her rumor year was a three year member of FHA and Grngcrsnaps partrerpated rn foot was a member of the Bufeber Farrell ball for two years track team for three years presrdent of hrs ,unror home room member of student eounerl as a senror Byler, Nanry transferred her ,unror year from Southeast rn Oklahoma Crty chorus member as a rumor took part rn hunter snaps and IHA for two years member of offree staff her senror year student manager of senror play Cook Virgil took an aetrye part rn DO and Toll programs for two vears Copelm Ronald was a senror transfer from branrte played on basketball and football teams secretary of FFA durrng hrs year here secretary of hrs senror home room for Gorrlon Tdtl sergeant at arms as a senror a three year member of IFA Creston, Bob football squad member for three years a three year band member basketball as a sophomore traek for two years sang rn ehorus for one year student Rotarran speeeh play as a sen ror Cutxmgrr Gary took an actrve part rn football basketball and traek for three years faeulty crtwenshrp award for two years member of student counerl as a senror All Drstrrct and All State football teams hrs senror year Dmher! Barbara transferred from Salrna Sr Hrgh rn Salma, Kansas rn wer rumor year member rf Csrngersrraps IHA am offree staff Isnt snaps at tye part rn FHA for two ye was a member of All State C horus durrng her senror year Irttle Srster of Arrmthaea her senror year Darla was a member of Lrrnger and ehorus fur three years took Frans Arm A member of Crrneersnaps all three years was a rumor eheerleader Foil secretary her senror vear student drreetor of y IHA for tr ee years member of offree staff for two years presrdent of her Junror and sen ror home rooms state honor soerety as a sophomore and senror rumor faculty ertrzenshrp award best ertrlenshrp for three years wrs a member of stu ent eounerl for three years she was Basketball ueen her ,unror year Fuulrr amrt football three years basketball for two years brsebrll and band for one year a two year member of track and IIA Sr play ff rasuu ls nr tr basketball manager for three years football manager as a sen ror on track squad as a rumor three year member of band jr play sopho more class presrdent yree presrdent of student counerl as a yunror S eass reporter state honor soerety for two years sophomore best crtrren sopho more faculty crtrzenshrp award senror member of student eounerl Golden, Brll football manager for two vears two year member of band worked as a progeetronrst durrnpz hrs sophomore and 'unror years honorary ertrlenshrp award as a pun or member of student eouncrl hrs senror year Graham Brll on football squad for all three years a three year member of the band track for three years chorus as a senror between aets rn senror speeeh PII' Harrzsnn, errs traek as a sophomore a three year member of band and was yrce presrdent hrs senror year took an ac trve part rn FFA for three years and was treasurer as a senror state honor so crety for two years reeeryed a faeults crtrlenshrp award as a ,unror was gun ror elaas vree presrdent also seryed as vree presrdent of hrs home room durrng sopho more and ,unror years a senror member of student counerl and chorus w s a student Rotarran and a candrdate for unror Master Farmer as a senror Healbtoai Gem' partrcrpated rn ehorus and band for three years member o the football team for two years was a 1 ror member of the traek squad pep band as a rumor and senror student eounerl 97 member hrs senror year partrcrpated rn senror speeeh play Gunsolus Slnrlty H took an actrve part rn gurls basketball all three years member of frrngersnaps and FHA for three years faeulty crtrlenshrp award durrnp., her rumor year student member of BPW as a senror Hopkins, Harold member of band for all three years and served as presrdent hrs senror year All State Band Clrnre as a sophomore and senror pep band for two years member of ehorus for three years and All State Chorus for three years stu ent drreetor of band as a sen or unror play Senror play member of student eounerl as a senror busrness manager for Ihc Flk Senror Speeeh play senror Student Rotarran Html 'Harlana band for three years lrbrarv as a sophomore three vear mem ber of FHA sang rn chorus as a senror Hun! Ru Jarrl on basketball team for two vears football as a rumor track squad for two years baseball all three years senror student counerl member Maxim' two year member of the Grngersnaps for three vears serv vrce presrdent rn ,unror year presr Ienrlzs chorus rng as dent rn Senror year IHA three years vrce presrdent of FHA her senror vear student drreetor of unror play three years of tennrs student counerl member her senror year loner, Itaneflr sang rn ehorus for two years band three vears errnqersnaps three years FHA for two years s e pa ed rn the pep band her rumor year was awarded yournalrsm medals for two years student counerl as a sophomore FHA play as a senror Senror play Krwanrs pranrst her senror vear ror play Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Award was a senror All State band member adycrtrsrng manager of e Statc Honor Soeretv as a senror Kung Berry FHA for two years the offree staff her ,unror year lrbrarran for three years three year member of Csrneersnaps Ilk Staff Student IWW member as a senror Lrttle Srster of the Lroness Club her senror year llllfe Vary Krlilrrrlnr played on bas ketball team for two years three year band member member of Csrneersnaps her sophomore year yree presrdent of her sophomore home room attended Drstrret Honor Band as a sophomore sans, rn the ehorus as a senror nr ser played basketball as a sophomore was a two year member of IHA member of the State Honor Soerety as a senror I I - l - ...a -e ,5 ,ff ' -' . - ' f " . I I I' racr' ' 1' ' I I ,,- 1 jr.pla Ir" .er -j 1 y - Qt- - If ,J "Q h 'I' ,'rfv'... -. I - -g H Q - -N Th- Iilk . . I . . l. '- , I -- ' I ' ' 4' "'on . . . . V a. - 'li' 'fx f I I ' A I I S I U, If , Lui! ' , I0 s' CI .... 1' l ' ' ... ' jur- I' ' I E .I "IH N. 77 any gctzvztzes urmg Mrflaln uely sang ln chorus tor tvso years member State Honor Soenety as a lumor and semor three year band member servnng as secretary all three years Gtngersnaps for threee years ar tncnpated nf- r 'IA for three years member of offnee stat. sophomore year Faeulty cntnzenshnp award her pumor year jumor PW MrComax Mars layer' sang m ehorus for two years a three year member of Gm gersnans servnng as treasurer her semor year FHA for two years State Honor Socnety as a sophomore art edntor of The Fllt MrRe'r C lnurlolrl a three year member of chorus and band Southwest Honor band her sophomore year lumor and sen lor member of All State Chorus Ginger snaps for three years secretary her semor year punnor eheerleader three years tn FHA member of FHA play cast for three years umor play Semor play student eouncnl for tvso years semor speeeh play I lk Staff Mabl Put member of ehorus her sopho more year three year member of Cnnger snaps member of FHA for three years an offxce gurl her sophomore and gumor years served as secretary for gumor hugh prmenpal her semor year Mullins Don football team for three years baseball team sophomore and gun nor years track sophomore year n nor play member ot student counell his sophomore year ,liz-ws.. Colorful costumes and approprnate makeup axded the speech students an transportmp, thenr audnenee baek to Iinblxeal times an thur presentatnon of lhe Robe of e ba 1 can I etured aet an ar Ronald C opelm oyee I uther Hob Alldredee and Darrell Graham 98 Marburgrr Frank member of the football team for three years track three years basketball team for three years student councxl presndent hu semor year Semor class vlce presxdent All Dxstnct football team as a semor Murtm Eugene chorus member sophomore year member of TRI gumor and semor years servmg as presndent has semor year student councnl member semor year Nash Duznl member of the football team yumor and semor years three year track man basketball team for three years umor play Semor play stu dent eouncnl member semor year home room presndent s o p h o m o r e year staff Nru man Ylonm' a member of band and chorus for three years All State ehorus yunuor year FHA for three years three year m e m b e r of Gnngersnaps unnor play Semor play pep band her yumor year Faculty utnenshtp award her sophomore year Band ueen soph year Parr Furl partnenpated mn golf sopho more year member of 'IRI semor year actmg as scrapbook ehanrman FFA mem ber yunnor and semor years prolectuomst as a sophomore member of the student eouncxl has sophomore year Perry Slunan basketball manager sopho more and pumor years three year mem ber of Cnngersnaps semor eheerleader member of IHA for three years gumor and semor elass seeretary State Honor Soenety as a semor In Iommy TRI member semor year member of IIA sophomore year Iupr' Rl fu p ayeel on basketball team three years Cnneersnaps all three years three year member of IHA R JJ Troy TRI memlver ns semor year Rene Drllm transferred f m Ch: k sha Oklahoma hes semor year l8eI mem ber during semor year Rbrmel X Redd member of basketball team for three years Rolls vrzffa member of ehorus sopho more year basketball team three years three year member of Cnneersnaps yumor s rgeant at arms IIIA member for three years seeretary junior year and presndent semor year IIIA play yunmr and semor years umor play Semor p ay student eounetl sophomore yunlor nd 1 e r ye seeretary sophomore year home room seeretary sophomore and semor three year m e m b e r of the State Honor Soelety enrls tate Faculty I I I C I. 4 i ',f I - ' .I ' H - ....'.Elk 'sf .IQ A. 3 1 ' , l,. . . I 1' , - 'I' - '. . -I W. ". . row 'elai ' e', ' ' 5, , . . . , , . w l , .I . ' . '. ,ll . I ,,.. I I th I- I- i. I 1 . I . . 'l'l ". Il' ' in 'ie e ' I -',J - 1 -' . ,.' 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Armour Creameries The Booterie Boyd Jewelers Briggs Studio Carter's Flower Shop Cliff's Apco Station Community Hospital Cooper West Agency Dairy Queen Delores Toggery Dr Pepper Bottling Co Elk City Daily News Elk Cleaner and Laundry Fabric Shoppe Farmers National Bank First National Bank Freeda s Beauty Shop Galloway Motor Co Golden s Agency Grubitz Furniture Hedlund Motor Co Hewlett s Red Bud Food Store Hodges Super Market Jackson Office Equipment Johnson s Bakery Jones Dry Goods Paul Jones Drug Jones Grocery Kelly Creamery Khourie s Ladies Apparel McFarland Music Co Mac'l Glass Shop Martin Hullum Funeral Home G E Mitchell Agency Mon Furniture Nunley s Food Store Reflected in emory is zrror O'Hara's Fashion Shoppe Public Service Co. Gene Smith Chevrolet Oringderffs Sewing Machines Roger Mills C0'0P A9551 Smith Printing and Supplies Dan Rudder Motor Co. Swlffl Drug Palace Drug Ryan-Elliott Men's Store Todd Furniture C0- Parman Insurance Savage Funeral Home Watkins Flower Shop Paul's Cleaners Shell Oil Co. Western Lumber Co. Plains CO. 66 Pl'l2l'l'l12Cy Wcgllgnd Thggtfe H M 1 1 1 X 50 Carol Crcgory K mpcr Clcxixon lddy I' li ll rl.: I x lit tv Kin Max Sivagc lam lluthumz Frank Marburgcr Vlikt .nk-ion larry lhrrison Iill K ralum llnrolii llopltim The members 0 lbr' 1988 TIL via ILIYIJ lo rrfzrrvv flvrrf wnrerr' THANKS to the Blunrk Sludms or lbrrr rurllznl 14011 on frbofograpbx In fin Srmro Pres: or lhur cooperation lo Ihr' acully or fhmr palunrr' and asmlanrr' and lo tba adzrrhsers 'ubo so grnrrouxly gave tba! lbw Illz could once agam bc a reality 100 - ' . . . ' . -' i U .. ' ' .L. S ' I .if A s A ' 'l . v-v 7 I . . 1' 0 I. i c' t I , ' 5 D 3. , t. ,Aw i S Q 'B I i V, A x I . 5' - 4 i I I 'K , 7 . , . Junior and Senior civic club members: lvancttc jones, Brandi Bowlin, Shirley Gonsolus, lou Ann Utlcy, , 3 . c A , i can , .1 isis, -t f ' ig. . f, Q- - -. - , . 1 I ' ,l ' f , ' V . i i , ' . ' f 1 ' ff " ' ' 1 , T ' ' Le newneu, WPJAHPJJ, anul4onv1'ni1'n1 1' of mmlern .!Jerring wifi Kong Av rvmem- AUFPJ wifl lpriJP anal grafiluflv Ly uf! LUAO PIIIPFFJ APP? g6'l1l'. jk' Julllly, Jfzarioua Aaflis anal comlorlaglq, uflruflivv t'AlJJI'U0l7lJ wvrv nzrufv poijfgnf ,1ur4'nf.5 wifA ui.1ion. 50 we cyan' 14111 rmnrzl, LIIOIUIII IAN, IAP l'Pl7ll.fll.Jl'?IllPj 0 K ulllrp 3 yvurj lull!! inrfurlv mufl of wgul Ls rc- X if!! OI! IAPJQ' ,idylli- S s ' X, L., ., - 4 .71 ' Lb .... 5. L v 4 1 5. .4 --1 w-mpg," Y' . L ,..- ...-4a-un.-elvqnavq .p...,-pu'-as-nl.-x' - ---oo ': v'71 . M--'X-'n',.o-.g5.-Q 1 .Q- .- . Q . Q .,- Jw... ,-.-,. ' 'Ig 2 - . NM y Mfg" v .. s N 1 I Lu, 1 ,-.Q , . . , Q Q 1 Q, 41 . 'F1' . .-5 1 ,N,lA.Q..i ,,',,.., in-

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