Elk City High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk City, OK)

 - Class of 1955

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Elk City High School - Elk Yearbook (Elk City, OK) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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X ELK CITY HIGH SCHOOL ELK CITY OKI AHOMA - 4 2431 ' . -: "A, I I ' A I' , ,- . . if vw . W9 T153 4, 'f-'iff' l 4 lx! V 5 71 805' 0'Z6600f'Zd With the passing of time the echoes of our school life will grow fainter and fainter, and then die away. Gone for- ever will be the routine of school life, the fun we had, and the friends we made. It is the hope of The Elk Staff of 1955 that, as you glance through this book in the years to come, you will recapture those moments---and the echoes will begin again. 'Q 'hafta' 7 'nal 'Q 41" fi ...,,1. my 6 'i 70654414 3 ' ' Dedcocufecl 7950 ,fx A ' , - ' Q gl f ' 37' x , . . I 1'-'i M , , ig va .-. h Pf v- 1 " .' 1'iz- K- . 'sw-14. a ' A . "' '. ' I - ' . YU, mi- w.f,'z .f X' N- -fr I ' 3-'Mr' JL, , ' " x , ,, I I J: -.A 1 A157 - H -.. ' "a ' 14 Q Q -- , :A ', , E ,hu t 6 'gag 3' -1 t Y , I -IPX - 1 -. 4 . . ,-A ,7 iv- ,.f - V, N Av . ,. ,.. 'S - xii , Q X . . ' 7 Q ' - , N 1 Q- , . ,t- - . - ' A Q ' V ,- I R YK LEFT ,.,.,., X X " 1 xx ll X 1 ' K 1 X x x TORX GYVY -. E. 5,9 xgcvs, Rxxsseu 01 Rama 4 XX, CW dc BUY eu, CAA ude, By rd, an o '-Q PM H 6 Geotge 351 Hen OH r no 1 .su-gg-1 .ai 5- its Qi-no-an-., .-va- -' tutnlnqn. qi "' bt-A -Q .,. i Q - 'A' viquuiaq A.. its-.ni ling-at 'Q isa!-gag.-knew..-...Xb 'QQ-al. aug, 59 anna- 'I-' -'Z-f W .3"' -vw -...,.,. " his H M ,-1.-Dl'i df X I 2 Ui-up nn- -q ,,. 4.- '30 --Q no-'-as ', , np' J, , . I K F wr , v x- I -ri . H, - Q , N .. , 1 . f - 1. X I I , , 1. A. , x 1 5 . 1 . X - 9 . Q . ' 1 K . ' s . -' ' ,. K - .......- . . ,,.. , , oi -. -17 I ',, ,,,, - . . ' cn .." "' Q- R .., Q Q W 4--- - - '1.-- , , . v F - - V . 'v-.- -- I s'o.,.. I--A . Q A., Mn, 1 ., , A , , -. ' - ,,,., .. NA .. ' ' u.- , .-,nv x . f .QQ tiene- ft.. . - , ' "',a,i. 4 A 'Q - -.-., ,L , crm 1- , M... . ,, ' a-v , ,,, A .,..,., ,,.. ,-V -'- , ,g " ..'g..- ,...-. -F W- -- ia an . ' .- K 4 VN M 'V .-. -'.- -.. -" . ,. 2 Q .. 1 ' J,,., The bovs and giris in our schoois todav have a great heritage to preserve. Our ioreiathers have given to us a treedom to deiend and protect. Out oi the past thev speak to us: "God sitted a whoie nation that he might send choice grain over into this wiiderness"', ". . . as tor me, give me iibertv or give me deathug "ii thev mean to have a war, iet it begin here"', "One it bv iand, and two it bv sea"', "These are the times that trv men's souis"', "X oniv regret that X have but one iiie to iose tor mv countrv"', "K have just begun to tight"3 ntviiiiions tor detense, but not one cent tor tribute"', "Don't give up the ship"', "We have met the enemv and thev are ours"3 "L.ibertv and union, now and iorever, one and inseparabieng "X propose to iight it out on this line ii it takes aii summer"', "Damn the torpedoes"', " .... government oi the people, bv the peopie, tor the peopie"', "With maiice toward none, with charitv tor ah." We know the vouth ot this great iand oi ours are readv to ac- cept the chaitenge, to assume the responsibiiitv, and to preserve the heritage tor the vouth who wiii toiiow. Superintendent ot Schools jf 4 'XX H-A , u smudeh As uhm each oi yo re xryihg no ae- ke the ?.,5,,aye X5 hope x ou a H fha To ' eere X thax y ou wx chooh My sm ' 'te goa that y ' e in 5 oehce, deixm h and whwl comix XX have a hkeve or io teas: roost oi every opportunity essiuuy do khis you need sekif bihty, and khe desire and wx at you gem. SUCC 'th in your a ork ior wh X Prkuckpau iam iughess no w High Schoo Marv, ln W J - 9511 unlor Higirgcirinc ipal O01 f if . L? an-' -su' x bl .I - 1 si 0' , fa! PAULINE MILLER Homc Economics Z' ggi ' A E if X,- ff" NINA WARE Speech GARY BLEVINS Athletics WILLIE PATTERSON English 7fW'5f'f fe, Way! H. W. COUNTS Athletics ,. ...+- ,.4.. L L MAYRIE K. SMITH History MILDRED WOGMON Commerce JUNE DROKE English Jr' - ',-- 92 'ot' I Al 0 gl X ' ' 0 'c'o, 's ., V' , og S f . ' ,Ax A . K " 5 9 Yi w ' I 7 U 0 ll , Q . fb' 0. v 'os .X Q 1 9 ' X, ' 0 0' ', " aww-sh O.. , 0 0,5 1 5 XX Neo N 7 fe, Way! W C MCCLAIN RUBY NICHOLSON Mathemancs Reading I . Y w xy I 5 I r ELTON KERBO Mathematics C57 BETTY "CORKY" BUCHANAN Superimendenfs Secretary RAYMOND WARE Shop 'D 'Z 5 5.73 - - - I Wawtafzlcm .,.,.. UUUH UEHRBUUH CDP!! HW MYERS YEARBOOK' 1 be deep-foam fi' A COWLHCIQCOID Mo won N aww on new snrrs rw: v Au1PAYl.l5NhiNlS I0 BE Pill .. IDI Nl UNCH! CF NEXY 19 BHOC 1 KS' REFHIDGTOFX RQ ? Nl TP 'J ui. .ki 5 Wayne btice Editor Mrs Berber sponsor THE ELK STAFF FRONT ROW, l,l3lf'I' TO RIGHT: Joy Rowley, Anne Blackburn, Janice Kelly, Martha Felder, and Sharon Gibso. BACK ROW: Larry Wade, Jimmy Little, Gary Boren, Wayne Stice, Paul Turnbull, and Rooky Williams. 12 an-Q l "' ' Jamce and Paul Advermsmg Managers iff Anne and J1mmy Busmess Managers 13 Gary and Larry Sports Ed1tors 9 . 21 , I A F .s 1 . - ag. 5 avi- I -X ,,.-.L, ., .' I 2 xt- .f-a aa ...... 7 5 D 5 A . V 1 1 Lf 1' CJ fry? Wim' Sharon Glbson Jr H1 Edmor Rooky Wmlhams Art Edxtor 'U Martha and Joy typmg wlth Mrs, Baber, Sponsor ' xsfmx fgggtfh . . , if if ' ' - . . ,-s A - s.- L ,t X. ' - .', I -11-111 ' L A X Y ,'V,7f',f.':f . MW' xy: ' , V1 w I A pf 1 r 'x a W 1 a a 4 ' x I X- 1 Q f . W ' ' if A ' . . A-A . ' N ,. . X f' ' A - 7 "- ' ?Z?l5"'.'7 AQ. 'Q 7 5,61 A Q' ' " if 5,1 XF- -7:-rv-'ijvrx'-5-v 'W ' 1 """"" ' 'V V" ' 5 2 . ' Wi 1 . . . V . . . , . . , - xl Q W Q I ,, ' , if A- 4- : 1 "" I .ff XJ fo--m......,, V A ' I . -Q -4 I 4 'lawn' 'LCV yrplir I J - 4 .- 4-IANA. ' ,J woggmn Mr. Gibbs Miss Sponsor sponsor W P Ice Fesldent aYHe St Martha Felder Vlce Presldent I. K Xxx ' fa 'fr ' fix xi' Q f- t ,I I Q ' JJ' 1 ,' 41 ' 1 ,px , WD. y , , X we M rs, pane I' SpOn Son d N 13' Dlzgzecfitar T Anne Blackburn Bob Chesnut Joy Rowley Paul Turnbull Suzanne Whitley Jimmy Little Carole Cuthbert Kenneth Moss Vernell Williams PEELER HARDWARE -f Er L "UQ JONES GROCERY Lee Ann Tomlinson Glen Norris Jana Jackson Edwin Hall Sharon Barnes Don Roulet Theryn Shinault Olin Wood Loreta Taliaferro "'f 1 AA! AA Gerald Roblnson Martenna Jones Jimmy' Randall Norelte Wheeler Donald Butcher Darlene Webb .lack Brewer Ida Mae Boomer Gene Hobbs A O. V . Puumpbrey Bl-tb llarnllton Dclon lwiellvnlx .l?iIllKlt' Kennedy Buddy Carter Zonell Wann Gene Hay ' if Norma Hunt R' 4 n Leroy Griffin I I' FlRST NAT lUNAl. I ffl 3, 1.11, v , BANK i ,-X Xs- l.1IIiza11 Ki ng X ,qs . . .Inc Slum! 2, g , Lynda Wuod ' 7 -C E, '- V 7 R f A I .I 1 John IwIcDonaId I 4, E ,, rv Edna P crn Turley Robert Marin Phyllxa Swlrng Iron SVk'IIIg Wanda Evans MUSIC FURNITURE COMPANY JL ri 'i ,. 1 if KZ' 127 A I I n Q 19- V7 SHAVN 8 SI-IAVN INSURANCE rc Ida Garner Johnny NIQACIOO Ann Oberhsnder DdXld IAIIRIII:-Ofl CeI1a INILFXIQIII Barrick Watts Cumi Thomas PhiI Gaynor Anna Lou Volk 1 5-J J. W THOMAS ELECTRIC Gene Pack Joyce Seright Doug Lowry Jo Etta Rogers Elmer Lowder Thelma Lowder Harlan Lester Richard Hayes Billy Baden Donald Nusa Juanita Folks Tommy Short Eufonda Vaughn Donell Pettitt Christie Brlnklc y Hayden Bowman lrene Mobley Dale Chapman Q Al,,MEADA'S FLOWER SHOP Pl "9 NU Mrs Brown Carolyn Carr C? Mr Buchanan -4 Mrs brrnth ,., . f ,gf if Ralph Ayers Arnell Ra Y Gary Boreii .laiiicc Kollv Roddy Ciirniaii .lowvl Pattcrsoii Phoebe Newrnzin Rooky Williams Martha Mayberry Charles Czisto Kermit Kingsford Peggy .lo Jones Bobby Turpin Polly Anna Pool BRIGGS' STUDIO and C R ANTH ,,l 41 'uv 4 46, JA X ,. 0. -4-r L Ll. uv "' 57 x 2- ' 'v A I A ' A NUNL.EY'S FOOD Ronald Price Gloryea McGown Thomas Snider Franklin Breeze Murllene Moorhead Ronald Slnmrnons Janell Thompson Max Easter Jack Shannon Gayle Jones T. L. Solomon Donnie Davis fixchard Hughes Darla Boornvr J. l.. Poll John Henry Jewell Pow0rS J. Martin Hughes Judy Crouse Douglas Dixon 'Ar X R. POIIQI' Evolena Hopkins Gale Green Jesse Hyman STORE and ALBERT BROTHERS WHOLESALE ,-:.. 1? 4, f JJ - ,f , . NN v Q X ti' K 5' f, Y V7 Q, ,A ' O' A 4 Richard Penick Angelene Breeze Tommy Hogan Peggy Walter Jirnrnie Loftiss Lorraine Adams Glenn Pettitt Veldean Loyd Ralph Wileoxson fb-'w 11" 2 -. ' 'N- V17 STRICKLIN BRGTI-IERS TIRE SERVICE and GRAHAM GROCERY gf YA 1 0 1 2. ,J A Junior Luther Bee Ann Brewster Jerry Tyner Carrol Warren Anna Lee Graham Reginald Perry Fontella Mae Gra Wilburn Butler Tommy Blevins Barbara McCarthy Don Fowler Scotty Fowler Mrs, Miller .Sponsor x - Q Mrs: W are Sponsor Nelly Allen Vice-President 2 X Mr. Barney Sponsor .linimy Albert President Christine Miller Secretary uv 'fur Tommy Whitney Sharon Gibson "' Wayne Bower Jeanne Thornas Jinimie Elliott X Nancy Galloway .Iirn Patterson F " .Q -, if O-A ,JV .I ,Q-'f Q-47 Beverly Watts Y, ' 5 5 Larry Royse ' ' T , If Q A Rita Jones ft Sam McKenzie 0 f Carolyn Sue Smith li N1 l SMITH PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY d d Larry Wade ,fab ' n . 1 , , COOPER WEST AGENCY Gm what if, . . Sl Tx Mike Flies Judy Hafer Bill Huffrnan Barbara Slama ' Dale Rowley ' Charlene Heiney 65- Johnny Tomlinson Pat Hensley Eugene Hill Alpha Smith Gehrig House Carol June Parr .,- ,0- I 4? . ', 21, ' .pau 1' Q7 1 . 6' A '2- r I 4 X ov" M. 1' fC. if ...av- 'VN ,ff gs ,U 40 4, P? at-P Steve Lowry Jolene Wilson Grant Jackson Janet Taliaferro Ronald Pei iek Ramona Roberts L ouis Schumann Carol Mayes 1 Jimmy Thomas Sherry Hutton Jerry Abbott Jane Kelly 'N ' ' f SPROWLS MOTOR COMPANY ,,. Ralph Wheeler Your DeSoto Plymouth Dealer V., Sharon Sprowls Don Johnson Joyce Guthrie -'ii' Alfred Gilchrist .- .mf r ev LaFern Mills , 0 l 'D 'r LQ? Keith King Margie JO Webb Bob Weist C' 3 497 15 Norma Lee Jansson Lanny Weatherly Jean Cunningham Larry McKesson Linda Walker Richard Crawford Agnes Mobley Q if M '25 David Wheeler . - A X Betty Clark 4 1' 4 ' -A f Ronald Marshall x- q l A 4 1 'M Janice Todd Jerry Hargrove Lauretta Palrneter Farold Sturdivant A A Charies Reed it 'T Garland Eggleston f lda Faye Hanies 'T DAN RUDDER MOTOR CO. and NATURAL GAS CO. Bobby Ezell Betty Garretson Jerry Redd U Lois Lacey Carrol Price Joyce Whitley Billy Simmons Martha Bell Eldon Wilson Yvonne Rutledge Darrell Roulet, .- Francis Britton 5 - " Doyle Warren I i' s? 'Q 1 IL T3 7. J T15-jj! A 'Iv'- is 1 1 , Y A Q 2 J. 3. Xl I ...y Y 4' s Carol Kennedy "' 'YZZ7' 3 K , . it -I. t v -'J 1? Q 1 ' .st 1 ' i 1 A 'R 'I' ov- 7- QQ O- A X '3 K' 1: 1' x as-nu 'li 4 ,Q X 'A Q' I . V7 ' 0 rf' 1 f new Y f - A YJ7 L. Chloe Reta Parham Johnny Fender Eulalia Vaughan J inimy 'Walker Darla Woodall Kenneth Lynch Betty Womack Darrell Lee Dorough ni wif' 72: i f- ew .1 5 0 U I- sv.. ug . ','. .,', ,Q 'fs' 1 ' 8 if :' V"-- ww Donnie Mar shall Nellie Farrar Howard Cockrurn Glenna Neely Bobby Loyd Mary Boomer N A -5 Larry Abercornbie , , .V Linda Burnam Wendell Davis Mar aret Clin man S E Wight Blackburn Joyce Pryor Vernon White Earl Lindsey Sleeping beauty Wheeeeee! ! ! !! Hey there! Seven of a kind ' '--nl Q-1' N2 w l -X T l .u -. I ix 'x I 2 as "- IP' ' ,i "' 3 t IA A -" 5 2 E N 1 5 -W wafxli? ,Hitt h ,- 'T , 1-' ei. at L gf, ,jf ' v 1, A it X ri ,J f- lt, vfi t 1 H at Q1 4 ' 1 Q fs .. xx. ',,r 2' rw' ., 'Y YT' ' " ' l I .S I Q i . " 1- MJ ' 1 W FS ax 2 T fl V 1 . L in had June Droke, Sponsor Elton Kerbo, Sponsor Bill Counts, Sponsor Richard Hunt, Pres. Ray Woodson, V. Pres. Joretta Roles, Sec. Yvonne Newman Mark Brady Ann Evans Chuck Holloway Mary Charlene Goodwin Eugene Adams Betty Self Donald Maltby Nedra Burch Farrell Butcher Mary Katherine Little Bob Creason Delores Beck Kemper Gleason Marilyn Ryan Earl Parr Ruth Stout Eugene Heathcoat Judy McClain Bill Golden Ivanette Jones Gordon Cox Karma Byrd Alfred Bessler Wanda Cox Jerry Shinault Charlotte McRee Bob Todd Vivian McCammon Darrell Conley Nancy Culver Gary Carlock Wella Brewster Virgil Cook Marlanna Hunt Jimmie Keas Jo Ann Lewallen Billy Graham Shirley Holland Harold Hopkins Betty King .Terry Harrison Maxine Jencks Harold Leftwich Osie King Hubert Lynch Mary Joyce McComas Gerald Lung JONES DRY GOODS CO. Elk City, Oklahoma Myrtle lligdon James Fowler Patsy Short Darrell Graharn ltlarquietta Bryant John Cloinpton Thelma Davis Dale Brinkley Anita Dye Claude Sowders Juanita Dye 'lhonias Sniith Darla Estes David Nash Drueilla lfanshier Bill Skelton Dorothy 'llunnell Phillip White Donna Solomon Wayne Snodgrass Lela Jo Strebeek Jay Dee Volk Janette Tyner Tommy Poff Aloha Rea Billie Randall Re-da Rhoades Jimniie Russell Lois Schumann Troy Redd Martha Peevey Leonard Selsor Pat Mahl JO Ann Metheny Sherian Perry Reta Pope Colene Snider Margie Trammel Sue Williams Roberta Wilkinson Delores MeCorkle Leon Allison Eddie Martin Noah Atchley Three peas in a pod Kinda silly ain't they? Intelligent girls? Such pretty feet! Underclassmen lOVC116S ALA I QQ 'Y 3 ,I It W' fx 5 .Q N 'W I 1 A 0 I Kuhn-ff 1, YO I'-U Ruby Nlcllolson Hponyor Raymond Ware Sponsor Gary Blevln Sponbor Johnny O Dell Presrd nt Larry Nlorrow X Preb Kay Mrller Rec rctary R05 r Ayers Lonxse Crcason N ll R y Byrd Ann Bower lydon ayron Glenna llefflnglon Don Hlugh 5 Julre Nw ood wayn Wray 'orerra Hefle ROl1HlC Qlama Manda Hoag r Ronn L M ood hem 1 ner Ro r lrnmon yn Il 1 Janei Xxalrrr Kandra pxrkman Donald walander L04 Ann' L Xxarren Wlntungron U re Todd Allen Wlllrams Anna 'ee Wrllrams Clrfron lxallxer Joyce NH'lCKl3f1d Aubrey Brm' ley ellen Galloway Iamei Qtrrcnland Manda lNllll3fIlS Dmgnr barretson Anna Lours Ellfrlts Geor e Ev leston Caro yn W rler Robert CJJIHLN jun Werst Larl Dean P1 h ls lla Vsellc Dewey Xx1ll1amQ Darla muh Carloy Doyhrer N ard.: Rh pherd Charleb Ntev. art loxce Bell Harold horr Clara Bowen Xreror Npenrer Jo Ann Pool Dennxs Monroe Vlrgln a NlcBr1de Johnon C agile Xaughncrllc Brxnkley Bobby Alldred e Y wonn Lewal en Ja k Lamford Glenda Hue Johnbon Mrlxe Jacnson Lynda Higdon Larry Gowdy Clydith Graham Carl llolloway Dona Jones Koy Kelly Marie Isbell Don Hohler Jessie King Jerry Hollingshead Jeanna Johnston Hubert Harrison Phyllis Jencks Larry Butcher Mary Luella Herron Raymond McGuire Janice Hayes Joe Lindsey Roberta Hamburger Glen Pack Carol Gregory James Baggett Helen Cooper Paul Little Nadine Cloud Jimmy Reynolds Janet Brooks Tommy Owen Minnie Boomer Billy Ckingderff Karen Bennett Kirk Noakes Barbara Miller Robert Royse Sharon McClure W. B. Rutledge Barbara Martin Charles Rogers Valda Mullins Carrol Miller Marie Prince Jerry Reed Doyle Moore Edwin Reiner Ray Dean Johnson Eddie Crawford Eighth grade Girl's sextet Class play Are these eighth graders? v., , 5,3 . ,. X if, . f- - Q v 'Se 5 I g 4 if Q if . M, Q., f,f.:! ... 0 1 J f. Ll. A Q ' as 'V lf ,R v-, ' AAA ' . 1 v " 'N J r .4 '- Q ,,. .K ...E as I 5 L 4 h?,' 1 us 1- X L . , Ax Q s 've f ' ff p A 1 -X nr ff-- ,. 9 "yrs 'Qi- -I A l 1 I 'W v X vw 'V -. . I Q 5 'D -Q 'Z45,' rr. Q v v 33 A n r ,n f I I I N Q 1 I 1 ,', 'ff J M s' Ln' fs ' . l .. .--N Y' ' K 1 'Q la f F 4. 449 fig eve 'f' by it A srl.--::rzf"w.,. - In Paxil S...-flit as .fi at h"v. Vx 5 . t - xA " 1 is -J' " i ' Q 4 Miss Maschek, Sponsor Mr. Hendrix, Sponsor Mr, McClain, Sponsor Jimmy Moss, President Georgann Pecler, V. Pres Rita Ward, Secretary Linda Ruth Carr Dick Burch Sandra Ruth Carr Robert Battey Harriet Casey Forrest Bryant Leona Cloud Jimmie Chaney Patsy Cook Frazier Conley Nora Cox Dewayne Crawford Linda Duroy David Cuthbert Cherry Lynn Garner Harold Eugene Dain Jan Golden Thomas Ewing Betty Cosetta Green Raymond Gerald Garner Nellie Haralson Donnie Ross Gibson Patsy Harrington Raymond Glass Brenda Gaye Hinds Billy Earl Green Bonnie Hill Carl Hammack lou Huffman Billy Hames Johanne Hummel Terry Hargrove Judy Kelly Orville Ray Harris Bonnie Latimer Billy Horner Vivian lfeftwich Jerry Don Hutton Shirley Ann LeVan Floyd Loftiss Franklin Archer Mary Ruth Brinkley jerry Jones Theresa McCork1e Tommy King Betty Maddox Minard McAdams Sharron Palmeter MAC 'S GLASS SHOP Danny Lidson Carol Rutli Parker Ronnie Mizr- Linda Burt Chris Mobloy Jonita Petr-rs Lloyd simmons Jolin Myers Gayle Potcrson Carl Parker lQva Pools Billy Poole Carolyn Powull lfrim Andrt-ws Donnie Robinson Carla Smith Gary Dan Rudder Joycc Rogurs Roy Russoll Linda Yoyctf Snolton Joan Grccn Garland Douglas Rua Linda Tilloy Donald Sclsor Lcslic Tliurmond Ralph Shannon Gene Burleson Nita Davis Jerry Stuin Bctty Jancll Wilkins Carroll Simpson Linda Kay Williams Ronnie Savage Barbara Woods Erma Rogers Billy Tillman Connie Jo Woods Jerry Todd Bill Webb Curtis Ray Vermillion Bobby Wcbb Jessie Lacey johnny West Lynden Wilcoxson Vernon Williams Bobby Wilson Ncwlin Taylor Bobby Woods Edwin McComas Justin Wright W ill Rogers Armstrong Mary Lynn Alley Whose's this ? ,Q 6' X x HN f n m ...vw of M Cv- L 4- 4 Wana!! COMMERCE ----1'-nun x. 44A iii ,Q Zonell Wann is using the posting rnaehine to post school Norrnu Hunt, Don Ronlet, and Lorem Rowley nrt- using books, the adding inat-hine, which was recently purehgistd for the eornrnervial department. uv I s JoEtta Rogers, Ida Mae Boomer, and Phoebe Newman Thelma Lowder, Freida Garner, and Theryn Shinduit are typing some tests. are using the ditto machine. Secretarial Practice students have a variety of jobs to perfrom for their teachers, if g at ' Janicu Todd, Jana Jackson, Martha Folder, ' Jack Shannon, Ivancttc Jones, Yvonno Rut- ,.. ludgu, Johnny McAdoo, Kenneth Moss, and Edwin Hall, STANDING: Wayne Sticc and Faculty Advisor-Mrs. Howard. ammo, LEFT TO RIGHT: Annu Blackburn ' .I QQ Q' 1 I 0 5 "lIv ,- Pin Z? 4 , . 3 rv- J Er? Rhae Beaty 11 ,I Q c0-Edn0r 1 Y ca ' 2 X . ,- x I fgd X s X Olin Wood Co-Editor f4ufaSfo1e.2 IH! HOME OF CHEATHI VAlUfS f Norma Hunt Radio Editor Q Bllddy. Deion. and Hayden W0l'kiflg with the Johnny Fender making a nut bowl on the lathe. circular saw. John, Ronald, Gene, and Barrick gluing up a Hayden looking over the finish on the table he has project. just completed. I. --w -1 v ' Q: anim I A ' -iutum LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmie Albert, Bob Loyd, Alfred Gilchrist, Donnie Marshall, jerry Hargrove, Steve Lowry, Bob Weist, Gehrig House, Richard Crawford, Johnny Tomlinson, Louis Schuman, Vernon White, jimmy Thomas, Ronald Pcnick, and Charles Barney-Sponsor. gfzicaftmze Agriculture Barn. 42 Gale Green and his Steer K I DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS TRAINING F HIGH SCHOOL YOUTH FOR EMPLOYMENT 1955 STUDENTS AND THEIR TRAINING A. L. Gibbs--Coordinator Rayr '1'L.g-hnic-ian Ivillmrii Biltlmr--lxvltiuliiitist Donald Butclit-r-iAuto Body Repair Machinist I'.Illln'I lnwdt-r--lbis H141 'mutt 'lohcrt IXlLlI'Illl"nllIO IXICCIHIIIIC I I I , . l. I.. Poft--Projr-vtioritst Doiioll Puttitt--Ilisplaymani Gout' llolwbs--Butt-ligr Loroy Griffin--Projuctioriist Bob Illfplll''PILUUCIIOIIISI Phyllis Swing--llospital Assistant john llgiiry - -llisplgiyziitiii Cliristiu Briiiklq'--Auto Parts 'l', l., Solomon--llardwtirt' Vcriicll Williatiis--Optimum jiiii Rimdall- Cook jugxnita lfollis-fnill-, liitiishur Rin-Imrtl IILHKS''IJIS'7lilX'lllLiIl lack Bruwyr--Projyctionist . ' ' . . lor- hIO'lI''pfOjk'CfI1Olll5l Iowcl Pattursoli--X-Ray 'I-cCIlIllClZ1Il Loon Swing'-lbisplriyltifm Barbara McCarthy--DoCtor's Assistant llgirl.m I,r-stt'r- Projuctioilist "Hy that hath fi trade, hath an CST.EiIC"--B011 Yrarikliti 2..- Butcher Auto Mechanic Projectionist Doctor's Assistant .-gnu., 4' .Ii ,nv JFIERIUIW TxIIlIlllIlliflIiif Optician Displayman Cook Auto Body Repairman SHELL GIL COMPANY, Elk City, Oklahoma , . Wacalficmczl Mau? bchiud thc sw.-irc, Out- too many' .521 SWA 'iv n +,,..f Li Any Errwrs, Darluric?? Little late, but hc has tht- spirit, T 84 I Victims' T Who's WilQ3A?'? Wrist? A Charruiug Group?" Caught you iu thu uct! Teachcr's llclpcr. Master salesman. What in the world??? ,i- i .A- R v , N 0- ,xii -...I 4-.fl Qvmnh inf' ' r Al iw 'br FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT Judy Crouse, Jacquetta Hefner Phoebe Newman Carole Cuthbert Darlene Webb TherynSh1nault, Sharon Barnes Anne Blackburn Suzanne Whrtley Gene Hay Bub Chesnut, Paul Turnbull Glen Norns Martha Felder Jeanne Thomas J1m Patterson SECOND ROW Rrta Jones, Sharon Sprowls Jolene Wrlson Peggy Jones Ivanette Jones Judy McCla1n Martha Mayberry Jamce Kelly Tommy Whrtney Gary McG1nn Sharon GIDSOH Jrmrny L1ttle Gehrrg House THIRD ROW Jane Kelly Chrrstrne Mrller Norma Jansson Carolyn Carr Judy Hafer Peggy Walters Jana Jackson Ralph Ayers Gary Boren Evolena Hopkms Roddy Carman Barbara Slama Nancy Galloway Larry Wade FOURTH ROW Steve Lowry Gene Heathcoat, Mary Katherrne Lrttle Lauretta Palmeter Carma Byrd Harold Hopkrns Woody Wood Jerry Harrrson Kenneth Moss J Martrn Hughes Wayne Strce Lee Ann Tom lmson Kemper Gleason, Delores McCorkle Charlotte McRee Yvonne Newman ey! GILLIAM MUSIC COMPANY 46 R. B. PARMAN INSURANCE 'l.43I'f .'-J,-' Tlx ' K ' ' ' -1 "Z 31, f- H A 5 ' ' ' 'fl gm 5 " 31 . 'rf All + . ' ' i : 4 x 1 ge ' yr, 1. - , ' 1' ' 'H ' .- ' - 5 1 , , ., L Q 1, 1 1 - , . -1 Y 1 , , l 1 3 4 1 ' ' l 3 . f' ' , C ' -, ' 1 1- 1 ' 1. A ' ', 1 4 L i 2 l ' l ,C ' 1 3 , Q. E,.,' M , . U V , 1 k U ' ll 1 1 Y l I - 2 , . 4- 1 , 1,7 - ' V V ' ' 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 X 1 1 X I . . 2 ' . , 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 7 1 1 ' 1 1 I X 1 1 1 1 1 - 3 1 . . , r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 l , I Y ' ' : I I I Y I 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - aynt Btu C olbt rt Hat kit r Ken Moss Ugpam WLGZWM- Jmm Patterson Drun Major t Je inne Ihonmds Martha Felder Judy Crouse Jacquetta Hefner PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY Phoebe Newman Your Electmc bervant W2 ' - ec Q ' ' ' President Director Student Director o 0 'F 535-W LLPT TO RIGHT FIRBT ROW Judy Kelly Jan Golden lou Huffman Ronnre savage Tommy Ewrng Betty Wrlkrns Georbann Peeler Clrfton walker Pa 11 lrttle Dennrs Nl vnroe Frrm Andrews Brllx Trlley Ellen Galloway Iarnce Hays lou Ann Utley Marlanna Hunt, Betty Green bharron Palmeter lrnda Gayle Peterson Theresa McC,orkle Leslre Thurmond hmmy Reynolds Karen Bennett, Clara Bowen Susre Todd Kay Mrller THIRD ROW Lynden Wxlkrnson Gary Dan Rudder Edwrn McComas Davrd Cuthbert Jerry Jones Jeanna Johnston Barbara Kay Mrller Sharm McClure Darla Smlth Krrk Noakes Koy Kellr Lrnda Trllex M arren Whrttrngton FOURTH ROW Rox Russell Bobby Wrlson Ronnre Mrze Robert Games Tommy Krug Bob Todd James Fowler Jack Lankford Bob Creason James Walters Donald bwalander Brllx Graham Carrol Nlrller Brlly Green John Myers Mr Hackler fa, 7474 gmac! TODD FURNITURE CO AND J C PENNEY CO 11' -I -1 e -fr-X, rg W' H-H l O e , 1 ,. . . -, . - f r I , 1 " H 9 B . 3' 'ff t. , H 1 - . A , 1 , ' X 1 1 ' r 5 , , v 1 1 n 1 I I , - ' ' ' - vf . 2 , ' f , ' 1 4' ,I ' K .' ' 1 -, ' lv llorncr, Louise Crcason, Mary Louclla Herron, Lois Schumann, Roger Ayers. SECOND ROW: Waynette . 5 n I V s I 3 ' 1 1 X yn o 1 I I 'I ' s x x I 1 N I 1 ' 5 ' A r 1 , 1 A v 'G 4 j o ,V I I - 3 7 ! , l s A n U v - ' n 2 V 1 v 3 I s I l x x In 4 v . , - X. r ' ' fe V I ' ' , 1 . ' rv , v , I - - , I I V I r ' r - h r V I I 1 v 9 3 I U h I 5 1 D I ,V D A b I I I I I I I Y I ' ' 0 fa 71495 7714 402664 FIR5T ROW, LLFT TO RIGHT -Xnn Bower Jessre Laney Brenda Faye Hrnds Joanne llunnnel Mary Lynn Alley Ronald bavabz. Carl Hammack, Bobby Webb Georybrann Peeler Lesln Thurmond Lou Huffman Lourse Creason, L1nda Duroy Kay lyllllcl' Betty Grern Jan Golden Judy Kelly sl COND ROM Lou Ann Urley aherry sue berdner Clara Bowen Ellen Galloway Mdra Burgh Roberta Xyrlkrn son Patsy Harrington Lyndon Xwrlcoxsrn Larry Morrow Clrfton Nw alker sharon Palrngter susra Todd Darla hstes Janne Hayes sherran Perry Marquretta Bryant Cherry Carnrr THIRD ROW Joyce wul Bell Bonnre Lattanrer Nrta Davrs Xyaynette Trlley Carolyn Whreler lat Nlahl Judy McCla1n Charlotte NICRLL, Jeanna Johnston, Barbara Kay Mrllrr Lrnda Trllry Lrnda Gaylv. Peterson, Dennrs Monroe Douglas Raye Nlaxlne Jencks Mary Louella Herron Darla mmrth, Mr Hackler FOURTH ROW Delo15Pru1tt, Manda shepherd June Werst Sandra bparkman Carol Gregory Julre Wood Jrmmy Moss James Walters Roger -xyers Ronald blarna, Darrell Conley Harold Hopkrns Tommy Krng Warren Whrrungton Loxs 'ylarre Isball Mrnnre Boomer, Roberta Hamburger Glenda sue Johnson Sheng aaemae 'N 9. Hi l LEFT TO RIGHT Tommy Poff Ronald blama Jerry Harrxson Wayne Wray ELK CLEANERb 8: LAUNDRY I I I ' ' 3 , 1 ', a1. 1 .2 1 ' , . 1 -A 1 1 1 1 1 ' y. 1 1 y' 11 1'. A 1 1 1 1 1 'Q 3 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11 1 1 'f 1 1 1 , 1 1 ,f" '. '14 '. 1'1a1' 1 ' 1 f 1,'1 1 1 " '- - A 1 1 1 11 1 1 ' 1 V' ' 1 ' ' 1 1. 1 '1 1 1 , 1 1 1- 1 - 1 '1 .'-1 11 '1' 1 '1 1 ,' 1 Y. 1'1 1 1- 1 1 ' - - - '11 1 ' ' '1 1 ' 1 .11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 1, 11 1 1 ' . ' ' 11 ' 11 .1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ' . 1 " 1 1 1' 1 A - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 " ' '1 1 ' '1 1 1 T 1 1 - 1 1 ' - I .N - an ' nip 4 I '- , i 1 Q A ' 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 BLU, . Anna. I in ll-i fi 5. pu l'. . ' - y .UM- . l In S Nia., 4 im CCr3micS. I ,, yklll 'V W1 Tht' V3 and xy anda wo E rious stages of aluminum ,W ,-hz I 5 . , A -fx' W. l I Janet Taliafcrro , Secretary , ,x X Gene Pack President Keith King. Mrs. Patterson NI LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Willie Patterson, Mary Joyce McComas, Rooky Williams, Betty King, David Wilkinson, Wanda Evans, Vel- dean Loyd, Jerry Tyner, Janet Taliaferro, Anna Volk, Gene Pack, Keith King, Wayne Snodgrass. ,asa Y .XL PM we owl xxxoxx em Yieseoks Q56 Xp, 'l n OGXQ A 'QQ YS, WY 0695 ANQY XR-Fw bio 1 'VCX S9 Fl , GL C rbi 0? Cu Mug Xie, C1oXlK+1QXxx. Ov xxci mi 'O 'Aux 'Y uw' Xxxxx 5+ ui Q., Vw Y Xfxex X T3 pix Cx 'CuCiXS Xl-oX',mx,N'i'xx0 Emi iv Omg Y 'MGX 'Y io: Xxxxx YX'gCp,mNc Lui: QXX, EX Qixdfxvxx u-'gixwi 'Exif-A 3 ,XX2xfXQfXXN95g.x'x Buxxtfv- Koxxd xxxufxiui , XJ.xGfg'5 B ww-+. fic: C.mQs.X-5 Y Vx XXI:xX'5 NW ,m kN'QXlwX'fi"f-X Q MK Ni -:xxui '-YNY.. 0. Y -:+?kxXX'q5X , Skckgxc mae. -5. Lv-X Lx .NX xXmQXiw My X,wXw'1, XXMK ,'w. X, my A tc.- If A .xx , X' kj ya cw , Xm vga- 1. X' C ef px-gy xxx -7 A.nGxxv,,x, X, x'..x' fl, Q- fwx' 'GICAXX YJ,fxQQ.', .x iv'QWQ'A,Y I I I XKXQX ixfxl' Xiu' NkXYf,l'X 'Xxgxif' ,L,' 3. Y X- fm Q 'if K vi WW YF RAN, f Q"fs.1:-X'o.w XXX'-,vi nk X LWAXS .Y 1:3 wx BAC ,eww Vx Xgx Xtxvi A vx' XA . . B,xQu5xvXX,x , N, k'X'.r ,VVX 'ixwxji NX "Q,x'.v N, Fmxxvw if.-. q' .x1wXX Yuvi x A fvxx'fu.'1A,v Xx UA AAC KX f T -I 52 Th 6 F P Tie ALA ndly Sto CE DRU fe G on the Bu s Y C orn er IQW T N. Looks as if you have a new escort. " Ioan stand it. " 5156 mama! "That's better, Hold it in a little closer. " CAST JANE . . . Murllene Moorhead SALLY. . . . . Peggy Jo Jones AGNES .... Evolena Hopkins J. FTW V fe. "' j 3 I L jar, ,ri fx? '-v MRS. CUTLER . MRS. TILTON .... Judy Crouse ROSE TILTON . . Phoebe Newman JOSIE TILTON . . Jacquctta Hefner MARCIA ..... Janice Kelly . Peggy Walter CINDY . . . .Rhae Beaty MARILYN . . . .Arnell Ray ANDREW CUTLER . . .Jerry Tyner MR. AHERN. . . Rooky Williams JIM . . . . .Roddy Carman ELROY ..... Gary McGinn GEORGE ..... Ralph Ayers LT. CUNNINGHAM . . Gary Boren STUDENT DIRECTOR. Carolyn Carr X XXXX, f f X Sw, X Q Q , ww OM X1 AM ?,XX'ZE,XD X54 E XRS XX MAX 6.65 Y Xl X X4 XE-Xl CAR Aim? OXLXNXYXA CO0 X6 SOO S 6 mil YXPX P6 was Xia 0 306 X03 QI X 0 fx! er was X3 a 10 A 'wg XSXAXS I ?X56XJ spon SOI-ed b Y WPS YS C X26 'Xbetqfx 'oxoxoa KN my fone 01, an XNYXXXXe 00 YBXQXQXQ 0 'MQ of X C90 C e SX foxy Xxx e X a ae 600 e OXXO O6 Xaobec XX va X,-ot ex aXx ew XX eie, X an X Y XOQXOO or fbooe Co. X90 9 Yxooa XM 5 a X099 Gai o XX xg ebex at o xex X30 oo Yxo e Xen So X 'XX1eXf0a X2 3 0-Xxe X 'XXC TH E BIG SFX E N 'O Sooox X5 Th e S e fornlor P 1955 lay 3- ha S n ot b een sel ect ed D Xl Q PS 9 . Nab X 'XYXYQ X3 Q CQ. C, 'XOYCYXPSPXQQ wie. oo ...- A ' OK XM. -ao . . . . . oe e NX Xe 600 . . . H5 25 6 ' SI '5x1X'aX!Xa-eo . . . P, ez XO YG 3 ,... . . ? 'X o'OoX . . . . . . . .Xb XX som wg .,,.... 'fo XJ X 5 X ..... A NX 10 1 X ....... ' KNO .Y 1 ' 516 YK. 9' 064 'X' ...... :VX 'aierto X ...... S ' QNN e 'C pfgu .... . . X KN 0 XJ XX . . . . . C X 'L et ' ........ Y! a 'ge C ' . . . . . . X3 0X X 5 . . .... O :fe tgaxiex . . . . owbet Q9 eg '- X Uv -'Q' . 4 f fg?5f fo , ei GUY f fi' 0 Y Left to right: .lziriice Kelly. . Vice-Prvsicleiii .lininiy Little . . . Pri-5idcrit Jeanne Tlioriiaea . . Score-tary :l BELOW, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Jimmie Elliot, Gary Boren, Kenneth Moss, Lee Ann Tomlin- son, Suzanne Whitley, and Jana Jackson, SECOND ROW: Carolyn Carr, Sharon Barnes, Martha May- berry, Carole Cuthbert, Joy Rowley, Phoebe Newman, and Theryn Shinault. THIRD ROW: Reginald Perry, Gale Green, Wayne Bower, Bob Chesnut, Paul Turnbull, Tom Whitney, and Jim Patterson, FOURTH ROW: Ralph Ayers, Roddy Carman, Jimmie Albert, Nancy Galloway, Barbara Slama, Char- lene Heiney, and Jimmy Little. FIFTH ROW: Delon Mullenix, Ronald Simmons, Janet Taliaferro, Judy Crouse, Gail West, Pat Hensley, and Norma Jansson, SIX TH ROW: Joe Stout, Gene Hobbs, Norma Hunt, Martha Felder, Jeanne Thomas, Lorraine Adams, Anne Blackburn, SEVENTH ROW: Janice Kelly, Rooky Williams, Wayne Stice, and Larry Royse, ARMOUR CREAMERIES fa, W6 'Q' ii mwah Rob Royse, Vice-President Karma Byrd, President Ann Evans, Secretary 'a'4'i"iQ. A ,rx ,Mp 1 J 'J-,, f Q A , X 'I F 6 T-alfa-s G' V '- .-:Fu 7Qf:f,,b F A W' tit 'lltfl-s ' 4 , . ' M ,x'?"S'fl -5. K 2 I ' .' L, 14: Y . BELOW-FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHTQ Ann Bowers, Clara Bowen, Jimmie Moss, Judy Kelly, Carl Hammack, Lloyd Simmons, Raymond Glass. SECOND ROW: Darla Smith, Barbara Miller, Rita Ward, Leslie Thurmond, Gary Dan Rudder, Billy Earl Green, Dick Burch. THIRD ROW: Mary Katherine Little, Ann Evans, Mary Charlene Goodwin, Joretta Roles, Jeanna Johnston, Waynette Tilley, Charlotte McRee. FOURTH ROW: Mickey Byrd, Rob Royse, Roger Ayers, Jerry Harrison, Farrell Butcher, Kemper Gleason, Richard Hunt. FIFTH ROWg Johnny O'Dell, Marilyn Ryan, Roberta Wilkinson, Lois Schmann, Nedra Burch, Janice Hays, Glenna Heffing- ton. SIXTH ROW: Harold Hopkins. Mrs. Hunter Sponsor xfoln ' Uadlgf, q ,. 0 in 6,G,9,0q",5Tgn K f H" 3.1 '94 v , . Jig.. 1 ' ' A ' 1 FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Kelly, Anne Blackburn, Mary Ann Ware, Theryn Shinault, and Martha Mayberry. SECOND ROWg Mrs. Buchanan, Sharon Sprowls, Fonda Gray, Carole Cuthbert, Darlene Webb, Phoebe Newman, Jacquetta Hefner, Lillian King, Ida Mae Boomer, Ann Oberlender, Nancy Galloway, Barbara Slama, Carolyn Sue Smith, Dian Nylander, Loretta Rowley, Joy Rowley. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Ware, Shirley Deaton, Janell Thompson, Charlene Heiney, Linda Walk er, Murlene Moorhead, Gayle Jones, Carolyn Carr, Darla Boomer, Beverly Watts, Gail West, Kathleen Brinkley, Zonell Wann, Rita Jones, Pat Hensley. FOURTH ROW: Arnell Ray, Peggy Jones, Francis Britton, Alpha Smith, Jeanne Thomas, Norma Jansson, Judy Crouse, Lorraine Adams, Lynda Wood, Judy Hafer, Celia MC- Alpine, Jane Kelly, Mary Boomer, Nellie Allen. FIFTH ROW: Christine Miller, Carol June Parr, Agnes Mobley, Peggy Walter, Sharon Barnes, Edna Fern Turley, Lauretta Palmeter, Anna Lee Graham, Evolena Hopkins, Linda Sue Carman, Suz- anne Whitley, Carol Maize, Lee Ann Tomlinson, Rhae Beaty, Jolene Wilson. ' 4 SPONS ORS Mrs. Jim Buchanan CHEERLEADERS, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice, Anne, Theryn, and Martha, Mrs. Raymond Ware OFFICERS B71 Suzanne Whitley, President Carole Cuthbert, V. Pres Sharon Barnes, Secretary .el . , a ,f . J B1 4 r, ,4 fs I 1--I 1131 WATKINS FLOWER SHOP and NURSERY "Always Happy to Serve You' 0 1 N 0 .0 ,O V'-I 1 OFFICERS Betty Self, Secretary Waynette Tilley, Vice -President Nedra Burch, President n ,. J ,iq S 'k . '-'lx in 1 fl in .iv 5' Q SPUNSOR THE BOOTERIE "'l'lie Shoe Place of Western Uklahornau Mr. McClain fl? LLFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Barbara Woods, Nellie Haralson, Yvonne Newman, Ann Evans, Mary Charlene Goodwin, Joretta Roles, Betty Self, Lou Huffman, Lin- da Tilley, Leslie Thurmond, Jan Golden, Judy Kelly, Georgann Peeler, Betty Green, Nora Cox. SECOND ROW: Shirley Levan, Darla Estes, Betty King, Nedra Burch, Ellen Galloway, Ann Bowers, Mary McComas, Louise Creason, Phyllis Jtneks, Cherry Lynn Garner, Loretta Hefley, Karen Bennett, Carolyn Wheeler, Pat Mahl, Mary Katherine Little, Linda Duroy, Theresa McCorkle. THIRD ROW:Patsy Cook, Maxine Jeneks, Sherian Perry, Marilyn Ryan, Clara Bowen, Mary Louella Herron, Sharon McClure, Ivanette Jones, Judy McClain, Charlotte McRee, Mary Lynn Alley, Julie Wood, Susie Todd, Janice Hays, Waynette Tilley, Jeanna Johns- ton, Lois Schumann. FOURTH ROW: Linda Gayle Peterson, Sharron Palmeter, Martha Peevey, Darla Smith, Barbara Miller, Carol Gregory, Glenna Heffington, Jessie King, June Weist, Colleen Snider, Vivian McCammon, Janita Peters, Janet Brooks, Lou Ann Utley, Sandra Sparkman, FIFTH ROW: Valda Mullins, Mariie Trammell, Joann Metheney, Marqueitta Bryant, Janette Tyner, Wanda Cox, Ro- berta Wilkinson, Shirley Holland, Kay Miller, Wanda Yeager, Linda Burt, Harriet Casey, Joanne Hummell, Wella Brewster, Delores McCorkle, Ruth Parker, Sue Williams, Delores Beck, Osie King, Thelma Davis, Janice Loyd, Betty Maddox, CHEERLEADERS-LEFT TO RIGHT, BOTTOM ROW: Judy Kelly Leslie Thurmond, Linda Tilley, Lou Huffman, Jan Golden, Georgann Peeler. TOP ROW: Yvonne Newman, Ann Evans, Mary Charlene Goodwin, Joretta Roles, and Betty Self. P ,H Y 7 v W My INDUSTIN QW "ff Ky' T 1 P9 INDU5-Q ,L O 1 VY President Leon swing Q 4003 OCX' 0 bgt At Arms Harlan Lester Vice Pres Joe stout q ,gy r- Reporter Vernell Williams bee Treas Phyllis swing Representative Gene Hobbs bponsor A L Gibbs Delegate Jim Randall OTLAET-IOIA 9 FIRST ROW Jewel Patterson, Vernell Williams Phyllis Swing, Juanita Folks Christie Brinkley Barbara Done1lPett1tt, Bob Turpin A L Gibbs Co orclxnator THIRD ROW Harlan Lester Donald Butcher Wil burn Butler Elmer Lowder T L Solomon Richard Hayes John Henry Leon Swing and Robert Martin Party Committee Scrapbook Committee ACTIVITIES OF 1954 55 Informal Initiation Formal Initiation Tacky Party Christmas Breakfast T 8: I MIXCT sweetheart Party District Rally State T 81 I Field Day Employer Employee Banquet Hayride YOUR FRIENDLY ELK CITY TI-IEATREb The Westland Elk and 66 Drive Inn 'X Q 49 W AP, , 5 . 41 N . 'Z ,. I-' ' i ' . . - - , - - L UT Q e - L , , . I- H CU , . A M Q P- 1 N I McCarthy. :SECOND ROW: Jim Randall, Gene Hobbs, J. L. Poff, Jack Brewer, Joe Stout, Leroy: Griffin, I 3 . , . Officers of F. F. A. Bob Loyd, Treasurer l X Q: R I Junior Luther, Reporter -...ali John McDonald, President Richard Penick, Secretary Gale Green, Vice-President Barrick Watts, Sentinel 77714 6-1 MEMBERS OF F. F. A. ARE: Jimmie Albert, Richard Crawford, Windell Davis, Alfred Gilchrist, Jerry Har- grove, Gehrig House, Steve Lowry, Bob Loyd, Donnie Marshall, Ronald Marshall, Ronald Penick, Louis Shuman, Jimmy Thomas, Johnny Tomlinson, Bob Weist, Vernon White, Mark Brady, Gordon Cox, James Fowler, Jimmie Keas, Earl Parr, Leonard Selsor, Jerry Shinault, Claude Sowders, Wilburn Butler, Gale Green, Jessie Hyman, Jimmie Loftiss, Elmer Lowder, Junior Luther, John McDonald, Richard Penick, Donell Pettitt, Glen Pettitt, Paul Potter, Thomas Snider, Carol Warren, Barrick Watts, Millard Pettitt, Gene Luther, Clifton Camden, Carroll Newberry. J. R. Simmons, J. W. Armstrong, Clarence Smith, Donnie Donahoo, Henry Jones, Marvin Loyd, and Max Deaton. HODGES SUPER MARKET AND PAUL JONES DRUG f" Q Re. - D and uS1C me-qgmenh Fvxweg ' Ptiiindei Comma 'L' 2 2, ,4 xl Nm 9 . ' 4 1 A : l ' 4 Sc ra4DbOOk X Executive Committee Comn If , QQ 5am Wmxuee Yearbook Committee Mare proje C0 Cr xXiaWemaw Com A pa RN , hc, C ikk Q Sf: J 0 -xi. 2' I . Membership Committee A Committee liostcss l N 'ce C Socxay Sewx OIYIUUIIC s u , 0 L' lp 'I' 9 - ' ' 2 I 'v , , ii 14' V, . Le . sb. A f I y National Project Committee Qs 7 i9 go . 93X nd Dewlouo Local 51,015 X ., . a cg me 'Q-,Wi Co , Qgbh ees 1771771 tree :QW GRUBITZ FURNITURE "Western Ok1ahoma's Furniture Showplace" a ANNE BLACKBURN THORNTON MOTOR COMPANY Your Cad1Hac CHdsrnobde Dealerfor 19 years 'br N Km K SUZANINE WHITLEY LYLE SWARTZ DRUG 122 West Broadway Elk Clty Oklahoma . F, v y X PHOEBE NEWMAN .Queen FRENCH'S DRESS SHOP ESQUIRE CLEANERS 4 ln!" bf YQ .., 1 CAROLE CUTHBERT BOYD'S GIFT BOX and . 1 7. A Scaeeliecnt Hfiiiey KELLY-THORNTON JOHN DEERE and OAKS IRRIGATION COMPANY Q 3 Gary Buren . ,-4 me bAX AGE FUNERAL HOIWE Zeer " FIRST SEMESTER BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Janice Kelly, Sharon Barnes, Suzanne Whitley, Jeanne Thomas. TOP ROW: Gary McGinn, Larry Royse, O. V. Pumphrey, SECOND SEMESTER BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Carole Cuth- bert, Phoebe Newman, Pat Hensley. TOP ROW: Wayne Stice, Reginald Perry, Sam Mc- Kenzie. FARMERS NATIONAL BANK of Elk city Zeal - Zee: 5 . Sharon Barnes O. V. Pumphrey fl .n-'xg A1 Q.. lr J -is I I J Us Q3 1-9 iimiiaizi' 5, gg p, wl xl .'-.Nlllfxclf lolinny Ho-kdoo, Bob Cflicsnut, and Jininiy Lee Ann Tomlinson, Suzanne Whitley, and Dian Ny- littlc, Sl'.1.'llIIlg w,X', Puiiiplirey, illin wood, and lander, Wiiytic Sticu, ' ' Aaixaaiuata "Lime Sister" Norma Hunt Q6 ' N FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS S and LOAN Of Elk City i-3:3 Qffglil KIWANIS LION Sli.-XNIDING1 David Wilkenson, Kun Moss, and Donald Butcher, SliAll1l,Jg Gene llobbs, Edwin llall, and Glen Norris. l Qlv STANDING: Don Roulet, Leroy Griffen, and Paul Turnbull, SEATEDg Jimmy Randall, Torn Short, and Joe Stout. I SX mae gfaaaz ' -i- ---v FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Larry Wade, Sharon Sprowls, Evolena Hopkins, Peggy Walter, Suzanne Whitley, Woody Wood, Anne Blackburn, Zonell Wann, Martha Felder, Janice Kelly, and Grant Jackson. SECOND ROW: Tommy Whit- ney, Lorraine Adams, Geraldine Hambruger, Rhae Beaty, Norma Hunt, Joy Rowley, Marilyn Ryan, Lois Schumann, Joretta Roles, Ann Evans, Larry Royse. THIRD ROW: Kemper Gleason, Barbara Slama, Jeanne Thomas, Judy Crouse, Wayne Bower, Wayne Stice, Alpha Smith, Ivanette Jones, Betty King, Sherian Perry, and David Nash. FOURTH ROW: Jimmie Elliott, Gary McGinn, Jerry Harrison and not pictured are Sharon Gibson and Rooky Williams, THE ELK CITY DAILY NEWS-JOURNAL av 'fist 8198 wus 509818 ev was awww swwxvs wwiwwvsfsxw sfwwxfxfsx uf "1f'sf"x7's"x"'s?' N an we :sway Gwwxxxwsvt owwssmrsut awxfxxrsv ewwvuswsvw wwxfxfxvxvvt -vxwxuxvwi wxxzvxva-wmv YYYYYYY axxxfvmni- xxxuwuw ytytyrwtfxii' .as an 3 .XO 'Swv 5' xt X W 8. X W, H 4 wr as sl ' Gzwxwxffnxsxx an 2 I X Q 5 'rob 'v- S ' Lg, A' -I v . ' .tt A Paul Potter Larry Royse Tommy Hogan Tommy Short Q . -xl 2 - .- Delon Mullenix Jimmie Elliott Wayne Bower Bob Welbt l 1 Bobby Ezcll :gd i vw- 9 f f a -xi, Don RUUICI Coac h B rady Q 5 3 l Coach Counts RYAN-ELLIOT MEN'S STORE and RANDALL COMPANY Don Johnson I'? X if , 5 , fi M..-f' L my Z , , 45? if KN 'Aff Q N Coach Buchanan Buddy Carter ,-GQ 7 t' il' ,J " its , 0 2 90' - Q '! fx 1 "' ,Q ' ix V K l ' "1' I K l tx I Sam McKenzie Gerald Robinson Jesse Hymon Daryl Taylor 'Fr Reginald Perry ,u A FOOTBALL - - SCORES Q Elk City U Putman City g Elk City 0 Clinton Elk City 7 Altus Elk City 14 Hobart Lonnie WOOdS Elk City 14 Sayre Elk Clly 32 Hollis Elk City is Midwest oily ,,,""'- Elk City 31 Anadarko Elk City 33 Mangum A 3 Elk oily Z7 Frederick Carrol Warren 4 Larry Abercrombie Darrell Roulet 66" PHARMACY -Q Iii and 'E HARPER HARDWARE ' " Ronald Simmons Jimmy Thomas Ralph Wheeler Mike Flies l F5 'Q lf' if cv Q am '18- Gif Q gem ' 244 li a S' Nfl il . Z.-gx -11. ,--1-.-.ui 7 'K' ai r' .ZA LEFT TO RIGHT: Jana Jackson, Martha Fcldur, Maru-nna jones, Darla Woodall, t.,,,- -1 - Betty Clark, Norma Hunt, Gail Jones, Joyct' Guthrie, Bet' Ann Brewster, Angclinu ' " 4 Breeze, Lorraine Adams, Ircnti Moblcy, lxl.iiiagurs-lxlurloriu M-vorhuad, Anti Obcr- A lender, K Gary' Blr-vins Coach KELLY 'S CREAMERY LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRsT ROW: Jcrry Vt-rnnllii-n, Dt-lon Mullunix, Lonnie Woods, Cartur, Gerald Robinson, Eugene Hill, J, Martin Hughes, Ralph Wheeler, Miko Flies, Wayne Bom-r, Tommy Hogan. 3 ' Carol Warren, Sain Mclicnzic, Jirniniu Elliott, Larry Roysc. SECOND ROW: Budd Bill Counts Coach ,, ,.-of b -, .,-r I ,, f., ,.ff 'M ' '. Y 5 g . 1 ,' A V .. QR ffl T?-139' '.i'3.?'l"r W" amid Lbl-T TO RIGHT: Joe Lindsey, Mike Jackson, Maxine Jencks, Dorothy Tunnell, Jo Ann Lewallen, Pat Mahl, Wanda Yeager, Judy Hafer, Martha Peevey, Marilyn Ryan, June Weist, Carol Gregory, Billy Simmons, Donnie Marshall, Phillip Culver, Richard Crawford, Johnnie Fender, Earl Lindsey. X . angu- FIRST ROW: Koo Moss, John Mooonard, Bobby Loyd, Ken MOSS Louis Schuman. SECOND ROW: Johnny McAdoo, Kermit Kingsford, Don Nusz, Thomas Snider, Coach Jack Davis- ORINGDERFF'S SEWING MACHINE SUPPLY KHOURIE 'S LADIES APPAREL Ay 23.5- gE ,. k . A 2 ff A w. ' M -ix- C k,,f.pE,,, '. W. y' 1 'li t U ,., 3 , 4 ,f'I'VJ,, 4 -1 K V T' Q , , , X5 ,w.4x, 1,-' -Q 1 I 9 Jgfif -ff, "" f. 19. ggv rx 21 E ,J Q 'Ty fr' e i Q KL. n , - ff- -1- .:. 3- ,. . -1 -w. . Y , .,. -1, I ' " i a 1. ' ' ' ' 'T'f41l i- '.?ti7--avxrfaf'-. - 1 gp 'ra . , , ' ' ' ' ' ' " 'J lg! -I I, Juv g A -Y ..a 4, 1 ' l .' , ' ' -' FOOTBALL-ROW 1: Dewey Williams, Mike Jackson, Larry Butcher, Harold Short, James Fowler, Bob Todd, Ray Wood- son, Roger Simmons, David Nash, Jerry Shinault, Larry Morrow. ROW 2: Allen Williams, Don Hohler, Mark Brady, Billy Graham, W, B. Rutledge, James Baggett, Rob Royse, Charles Rogers, Gordon Cox, Johnny O'Dell, Carlos Doshier, ROW 3: Coach Bill Counts, Donald Swalander, Don Maltby, Richard Hunt, Leon Allison, Bob Creason, Lyndon Layton, Eddie Martin, Farrell Butcher, Dale Brinkley, Jerry Reed, Coach Raymond Ware. .-I BOYS' BASKETBALL: Coach Raymond Ware, Dewey Williams, Chuck Holloway, Rob Royse, Don Maltby, Richard Hunt, Lyndon Layton, Ray Woodson, Dale Brinkley, Mark Brady, Johnny O'Dell, David Nash, Larry Morrow. GIRLS' BASKETBALL-ROW 1: Betty Self, Mary Katherine Little, Yvonne Newman, Aloha Rea, Janet Brooks, Nancy Culver, Marquietta Bryant, Lois Schumann, Coach Gary Blevins. ROW 2: Ann Evans, Sherian Perry, Shirley Holland, Mary Charlene Goodwin, Reda Rhodes, Reta Pope, Joretta Roles, Delores McCorkle. PAUL'S CLEANERS I gm 'fa M ,hula and GOFORTH APPLIANCE CO. ll X 052 XUWN VISITOR U 4 if F X. --4,X EX - Xgfc URQRXES f""1,, .-,fr ' Q ui' HUNTER'S DRUG BENGES GROCERY CLYDE BOREI MARGE'S BAKE SHOP HARNESS APPLIANCE CO. MCGINN AUTO SU1 DR. 81 MRS. C. W. TURNBULL , vunooxs Lwdwffww-

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