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Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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wsu., M MQW.-W-s..,..f :-we-an 4w...... ,.,. , V... 1 5 Q qv M an , , .-..f-fwasdifw-.-fr -v--. 5 ii Q Burma, ,,,,'k.,Q:.MQfun..-.a-, .....f1., - ..- A4 A. W Jiri! 'viujrx ,milf ..V 5 . wi, 3 . i ,tt-'vt ' 4 'ky 4 f --A . . gf , S.-M --ai'-xy , , 4:1 4. ,M,Z..h:- iq wi,.Ai1 gig, , V 8 f X T, 5 V-4, 7 V X . f QR-K 'Q-1.-. 51 ' k . . 3 u N ' tx ' Q415 g -. RAE ff. ' 1. Wi ,,. fn:fl'7 ,wwf 1 4 5,-4 f .,. , .. 3, - I 'A ' '19 f if x 545- 3 f ,, ,fig ,155 M f , ,f-QQ 41, 1 s ,W -Qhq A .:aMi5' :Hi A "f5 9fW,4.'Qi!iTg kwin. 21 47 A -14 Y 3: kg 'M . 2 A Z' 32524 'X 14, it Q, ,V naw A, . ,'l.f.'..' Mila f's.,'i 'r 1 THE I96O ETO IA Publshed by THE YEARBOOK STAFF M ELIZABETHTOXVN HIGH SCHOOL EUZABETHTOWTC KENTUCKY PAUI. E. KERRICK Pl'j7IL'If7df of Flizafzetlvlfm u High Sfbfmf Wfho is a great man-XY"ho but he XVho serves so well humanity By work and toil from day to clay ln Such ti self-effacing way That only those who know him best Agree-he's the one who meets the ICSI. No banners fly-no crowds proclaim No trumpets blow to hail his name But for the youth he's helped along A crown, you know, he'll get some day In thanks from those who came his way h f hi oem, has praise for Mr Mr. T. K. Stone, superintendent of Iflizabethtownllity Schools and aut or o t is p We the seniors, hereby proudly Paul E. Kerriek, principal of the Elizabethtown High School for 8 years. , dedicate the 1960 1j'1mimu to .lliz Kerrivi. who has lived among us in such a way that his life reminds us of the life of a great man. 4 Though some were weak and some were strong, TB LY: 0 VCC NT ENT S XX A . Coumry X. Yotcwml XX. Suii oi Y.wnX'A0 XXX, BOMA of Yducnkon W. SupuKmcmXcm's 'Musmgc V. VYKNKQAX VX. 'Yrkbmc m 1 'Yumjmv VH, Ucvotkoni Vxgc VXH. fxcxxkg' XX. 'ftcasxxiud Bhwmcms Tl. Scnkovs XX. Yndcrgmds X. Xunkms 1. Sophomovcs R Yieshmcn XXX, Pscikvkdes TQXXX. BMXSXC TLXV. Spous X. Yooxbm 1. Baskexba 5. Basebak Track 5. Cxoss XV. biksce XVX. Boosxers Xkmeous FCDREWCRD "People who like this sort of thing will find this the sort of thing they like." The significance of this quote by Lincoln will not only have a bearing on the 1960 ETONIAN but will also play a prominent part in our future. Wfhen we chose "Lives of Great Men All Remind Us," as our theme, we were not only thinking of great men who have lived and died, but we had in mind also the capable leaders of our school. From their lives we have received the inspiration that has helped us to reach this point in our lives. Vife would like to express our appreciation and give recognition in particular to our advisor, Min Virginia Beeler, who has been our constant guide through this undertaking, and to the members of the Class of 1960, who have made the presentation of this yearbook possible. THE ETONIAN STAFF f- 1 Y' 1-.Nm ,AO H11 m P111 Anm 1 1 1111 11s1 1 11111111 1 Ik 1 1 I11111r 1 N111 N YI L I 1111 1111 1 1 F""'m' sn Alxu C1 1r1.1.1nn.1 Remax 5 111114 11 1 11 1 N lf KX 7.111 111 1 fl 11 1 1 1 N 1 .1 I 1.111111 R1111n1L mh m 1 L .11 1 1111111 N ll -, x11 I 111IJ N 1I1r5 buf. bmlfh I N X f , , ' I a U . , W . Y I A ' f A ' , , I , - fl 7 " I ' ' .iii-Q2 , I u ', X I I 121'-,'.'. . I I ' I 1 ' 1 . 1 5 1' 'N' . .xL' a I , 1 . -f 'fr f I V' , 1 I ,.v,,, I I! 1 I ' 1 1' 1 I - 4 - N sf fl 8.1 Il' F11r1I. ,Il . -, A B111 I1 ', DQI1' ANI1I11'. I1i1c111I.1 II,1lI41'111.111, B1-x1'rI1 l1r.11. 5.11 1' . B I. 'I' 1111 NI '. YI111 T.11. QI. 111- If Q. 'I' 1111 I'I.1r11.1r1I. .I, 1111 II1111k111 . R11111- I 1. I '.lI'. IILI ' CIIIIII. fl I3 I' 1 " 7 A . . f. wird Q7 I I I 'J , Q , f 1 I I I -..J 1 I . I I, ' a - .9 ,, ,Q qt- ! 1 1' LO 1 1 ff I SLI . Iuf ' -- '. I-1 - Iiuyf. IDIJII' N I11111, 5I1.11 IH XIi'cI.I1111. I1 Ig I 1, lic 41.1 B .11iIc1', An Duuqmx D.1'- Fwni. Ik-ry C r11I1I1N. ISL-13 II.1r1. ,I1111 D Nlwfrc. .11 1 I ', ' Fra , -I1 O. N1-1110, O-nc I5.1rIc1'. D1 1- C . - . .I 1I-1. D11 -. Ir' 1 ..111- BOARD OF EDUCATIO frgslg-lil azmiffl il! Left to Right T K Stone Supermtenderz! Hayes Burnett A L Perry W A Boone fhalrrrun W H Barnarl I T Hatcher The Elnzabethtown School Board and Mr T K Stone supermtendent have been untlrmg nn their ef forts to proudc adequate educational opportunmes for thc chrldren of Elizabethtown They have been able to mtcrpret the present needs ln relation to a rapldly ex pandmg populatron and to a shrftlng populat1on be cause of the proxlmrty of Fllnbethtown to Fort Knox The cxpansron program over the past sex eral years includes the follovung MORNINGSIDE EI EMENTARY SCHOOL bunlt t a cost of S750 000 opened ln january 1954 ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL on M0fHlHgSldC Drive built at a cost of S700 000 opened in Septem- ber 1955. Lunch room added to the Mulberry Street Elementary School at a cost of S100 000 opened m the fall of 1956 Addntlon to Mormngslde Elementary School butlt at a cost of 5150000 completed nn September 1957 VALLEY VIEW SCHOOL on Hawkms Drlve bullt at a cost of S250 000 opened 1n September 1959 H C Taylor a former supermtendent and S B Dxbble G W Ransdell and V O Brown past members of the Ellzabethtown Board of Educatron also con trrbuted to the expanslon program of the Elxzabethtown school system I 7 1271 Q' LfG4x.L."QZLIi .H l T UPERI TE 'DE 'S MESSAGE The class of 1960-largest. numerically, in the history of EHS. has Chosen at theme altogether fitting and proper. "Lives of great men . . Does this Sound like juvenile delinquency? Does this souncl like spoiled, fun-seeking teen-agers? Does this sound like Z1 lost generation? The answer is obvious. To me it sounds like ti young generation, culminating its prepara- tory experienees :intl realizing sutltlenly th.1t the tl.tte of emburlcntion into the sterner ttntl more rextlistie sttige of life is ut hand, seelcs :in zinehor und it guitle post for those turbulent, untertnin years uheutl. 'lives of great men-oft remintl us . . XVh.tt. intleetl. eoultl be more fitting tintl appropriate thtin that they set .is their goril- the emulation of the great men who lmye gone before? Congmttilrttions and best wishes to this fine group of young Amerieans as they set sail upon the next voyage of the sea of life. NIRS. Nl.'XTTlE ilffi DAVIS Sllf7E7'lP1lL'Ild1L'71fl5 .Serrelufl Efficient, accommodating. and dependable. - bww, UMM 'K Q -as nw ff ,uw M-vm, THE PRINCIPALS MESSAGE ,af 5, To buoma truly Lrmr one musr possess hllllllllfy Llllflfy 1nd LlI1LlLI'SI1l'1LllllK2, for his fallow mln plus ln LflLOI1Ll1l'1Ufl1l futh nn thc hung, God Posscsslng thcsg rrurs one lungs his works or 'iLLOIUPl1Sl1lNLDlS ro bn cnyoyad by his folloxurs ln ymrs ro Loma A good mmg IS ruhcr to be Lhosgn thin grmr ruhcs md loxlng fqxour mrhcr thin sllxnr md gold P ozwbf 77 I XVh1Lh of you I5 to bc flrsr xn bLLOlDIHf, rrulx gmt' CFFICE ASSISTANTS Kitty Moore, Berry Hart, Dely Ashby, Sandy Ford, Bobby jc-nkms, Dlane Schott, Sandra Bush, Brcnda Blakcman Anne Boone Sharon Shuck, Bonnxe Bovd, Tommy Monroe, Morrxs Mxller, Gene Farley TRIBUTE TO A DEVQTED TEACHER Mlss EllL'lbCl'l1 Spcmcr who lus muglur m the Elxzflbethtown Clty Schools for forty f1x1 yurs IS fiflflflgv thrs ymr She h1s served most filfllflllly md miny pupils rcmcmbu hcr kindly As 1 cluotcd tcmhcr hu 1nflu1n11 upon thc xoung pcople of Elxzabuhtovm IS 1bly Lxprcssul ln fl'lL follomng, pocm I 1011? LZ ADZELL 0 pI1f111 LZLIJ A1111 11211 farlazwzed 11 0116 11111 And 111 7711 nzgerf 111111111 11 5111! I1 111111011 117211 311111111 111 7111 1111! I 1111111 11211111 1115611 111111 11110 101111 T 11 bl! of 1111 ll 115 611111 111 11111 B111 I COIIICI rbnzge 116111 111111 110 1111111 I took LZ 111111 0 11111111 chu A111 g1111I1 UIIIILKI 11 1113 111 1111 A111I 1111111111111 111111 7111 f70ZlL7' 111111 1111 A 31111111 1f11I1Iu ml 11111I 111I1I11zq b1111 6117116 clgcllll Il b111 111111 IILYL 0176 I1 Il lf 11 1111111 I If111l1P1I ll 011 H1 1111! 1f1 11 11111 11111111111 110111 A7111 I 11111I1Z 1I11111g1 111111 1111111111111 AUTHOR UNKNOXX N A 11111f111 1111111 8f61'7llI1 S 1 1111 1111 11II IIIJLPL fur I7IfII1LIlLL 111111 HENRX BROORS ADAMS V. .Et I A TA, Y K 1 ' lb L ' Y ' 1 s 1 A I Y . mv 1 41' A 1 . z '1 1 lv A f'- Q 1 ' L . , , ' , 'A y A Z .U f L, .W- X , , u tp .. . , 1 -1 1 1 1' k 4 l , l I l h - 1 .Lp . . The f01'772 I gaze 11, 11 11.5171 bore, A 4 , f 1, 'Zyl 1' f' ' ' 1' I' 1, , 1 1 1, log,- .cp , In V. ',A 1 '1 I I 5. ' , ' ' 1 I ll! 'Q 1 ,, 1 J 1, -4 ,Lf , I , " ,., , f 7 The Bzble zr a uuzdozz 112 tbzr przyon of hope tbmngfa zzlmb zzc look mio etefmtg THE LOVE OF GOD Could vue vurh ml: the ocean flll And were the heavens of parchment And ex ery man a scrrbe by trade To mme the lose of God aboxe XVould drum the ocem dry Nor could the scroll conmm the whole Though srrerehd from sky to sky made Dwlght Y 1. I ' , XVere every stalk on earth a quill, V ' A , K V K I 4 v. 1 ' L V 4 Y , y , - ' Y l 33 v' 0 .-J FACULTY dbh h -AL C lv O MISS MARGARET PATTERSON Dlreclor of lnplf 116110211161 Transylxanra Lnrxersrty Lnrvtrslty f Ixentucky MRS CARROLL HILL MRS XVILMA IOIS ASH Librarian HLILU1 1 Ill S I 1111141 rl Kentucky Lnrumty of lllrnors MRS BURTON W COXVLEY MR K L NIEIDIG IIIIJIC Baud BME Lnntrsrty of Loursxrlle BME Murray State Collnu galil' MR ROBERT HARVILLE MR BILL HOGG Arrzrrafzt Foolball Coafla Commerre foozball Coach Sona! Sczence BS Eastern Kentucky State College AB Centre College, Umversrty of Kentucky Graduate School MR CHARLES RAWLINGS Bafketlmll Coach Pbmrzml Eduratzon BS Western Kentucky State College I' ' I l " I ' Sc "'1 ' n ,Qfv .Klum " P I ' ' 'f V ' V ' '3 ' ' 1 ' O AB., BS, LS, M.A., University or Ilxyll, MR AUBRFY INGLIS MRS HIRAM MORGAN MR J V ROBINSON Srzence llazhematztf llatbenzatzrf BS Western Kentucky State Collect Mrllnean College BS MA Indrana State Teachers Col ege MRS JEAN KENNEDY MR R V SPARROW Srzenre and Czrlr Phpfzcal Edumnmz Sczence BS Western Kentucky State College BS Western Kentucky State College MA Umverstty of Kentucky .Vs-A MR CHAD MIDDLFTOTN MISS VIRGINIIA BFYLFR 'WR XWAYNTF BAKIPR Irzduftrlal Arif Sorta! Srzenre 505,41 jumff BS Yastern kentucky State Collect AB IU'-113021 LUIYCFSIU BA Nlurrax State Collcce tl t 2-QUKQ' it F ,- A ci I 4 h 1 '- ' 1' S .'. A". B,S, ' lj Y. . ., . . ' l . 1 ,L M- 1 I I . I 3 ' t 11 1 , . A 1 Q MRS IUNE STREET I-Plgflih BE Northern State Lntxersrty 'EF' INIRS THELINIA PARRISH Georgetoxxn College MR ARNOLD M REINNIE Frefzfla and Hztlmu AB Coloratln State Inlxersxty MRS JUDY I'CIxER BS XX'estcrn Kentucky State Colleu NIA IJIIIXLFSIIY of Iovxd MR IAMES P CHEAK Eastern Kentucky Statt College MRS EARL PICKERILL Home Emrzovzzrr BS Western Kentucky State College MRS PATRICIA GALLACHFR EIILXIVI7 PhB Lnlxersnty nt Dttrmt LUIXCYSIIQ of Dctrtut Cxratluatc School MRS LFOLA IOI-INISOIN Western Kentucky State College Boulme Grttn Bustness Lnntr snr MR RICHARD BELL Commerre BS Western Kentucky State College I'-K if Ldfffft EPIXIUI' Efzglirh Cfmlmcrre Y V A AB. If I 'V fl N Bs. . B,A. A- Q .y. TREASURED MOMENTS ,Q ' X H N ? X wi ,ff ,X 7 J fx R SMA px X115 DRYDEN Q 5 K I 6 M 1 1' W XX . 1 T171 'Mjx I fvggg 4' fnlxguiifv QVC Jgl' HZ!-113 'flfl 'ff VCJIZ7 figgmzl Llufiillg, lm! 11: :XL x.1Lr4.f Ifuzwzzvm of tlw .f!, if !c'Y1 r'wfJw1uf5r.111.L hl'flIg'K MMM fvfffzrff, b.1L'i. I 1 Y-s.x kv? 'Y C 3 f' if"i wmv' ' ' F " , -f ,tp , Q 7' 3 I. 2 M Y Q AW- Q, l 'lf-A ' V' 44 ' 4 'I A 11" 'LX ' Ari' 'k" Wj' 33ur"x' I 4 ' s 'S MISS CONNIIT HOIJGIZ IUJ-'fl fff,2,,f,1fA11,'g fjgllyg ,fy l1.1:,zfH.'f',"f:m1 H14-f, Swgf, U, E.H.S. "ROYALTY" Connie Hodgc SuS.m Perry Slmmn XVcldOn Ann Duggins Diane Schorr ,,.4-f -A H, G Q Q E W 5' 1 nl! QV, v --- -gw.p.- 0 f""X ANNUAL SPAGHETTI SLIPPER KIAXKARY 25. 1111111 It r11cm-X um 11111111 1 1114- ru dw. A1111 if by L11.lI1kL rhuru 8111111111 bu SlJ111L' 1ts ru mr xfmglmurri with 1111145 111ic yum, XY'1w think 11113 thing 5111111111 nur bc dunc 0 wrwm Umm' .md RL-ruur gm In 11111115 ymrs. 1 1mpf 111.11 :hey L- 15cc1cr mu-.11 rummm, .md so. XY'i11 from tlmr 1114rL1g1lI fury-xngr Silly 111 111m rn my w .111 muy lunar 511 rlmuk ymz. swims, Hug .md .111 11115 spxglwrri My 1 1111111 must dear. For 11,lX'1I1g me up ywur sp.1g11cru 13.1111 And m rhg x1.1111.1S w1m 11u1pu1 prcpxrc lf A 11111111111 r11.mk5 fm Icuing us share ir. '1fK,5, -gn 5 ANTHER , FIELD The football fieltl .intl staclinm, built in 1955 Au'gQ . . . . along with the new Llizabethtown High School. had never been formally namecl or cletlicatecl. Four Iilizabethtown firms, Boones Inc., Coca' Clola Co.. First Federal Savings I.oan Association, antl First Harclin National Bank, cooperating with the Athletic Boosters Club, purchasecl the electric scoreboard. On the evening of September ll, 1959. in pre-game ceremonies, the scoreboard was presented to Superintendent T. K. Stone. The football field I 7fr4'ifQ?nIN'3l"2mg?vmJ was officially named PANTHER FIELD, ,544 AY' 'N DFDIC ATION NIGHT Messrs M L Lnilcrxxool Bill Schmidt Pruxitt Monroe Horace Tabb T Ix Stone NX A Boone FGOTB LL HIGHLIGHT DAUS NIGHT w-1. ,r W The .1nm:.1l Ihkls Xmghr. wfds on whiklu xu-ru thu mmtburx mmm by flu-ir wni ITAL- uf :hu DAL xu-ry J-mlwlx Iwmmd buausu L-.muh lmd mn Wm 111 Ilia ,J ,i gg i ffl? A 4 . ' y fp. mx' Nilllur .md Dun.1IJ C,r.1brrw, l..1rrx .md La!! rw Nfglvf' Dr. Urn Au-m, Mr. Iliuln Cfrabtrcc. Mr. Ifdum Perry, Nlr IMD. puny -ltd ,mkl IM, limlicll Hmmm Funk K-mmull, Mr Hlr-,H VIUIXINIIIN ' l'B.H lx. ' ' ' JUL 1 V Cm 'H19 J Rf'- ff." MGH 'snip 5'f.L.1r uf., Iywri Vmml-ciin Cwunry Chinn' Fmt Kn..y Gdmg R. Cmrrurr, B IKJIIIIIIMU. D C.1w.1y. B lcnkm, XV. Hawkins. F? g .W "ffm 1VLfL'.1.'L, Off qi 1.4. l'raftr..1:x 1 -.:1r'. Curing Fmr Km-fx Cilmu V f.1Il1L'fS mf :Fm fuwrlmlll I'I.1yL'l'N um Supa-In' bar If 'Hug Pumthcrf plxym-.1 Ifmxmklm fm n x I L dx K uhm xu-rg flu gpg-xxx 1-t TIHIIHI' vf 11-mg thu w.cI1m' am, mum VIA' tummy: Il.1INL'1y. in-xc .md Plmii A.m+r1. Tim- BELIE E IT OR OT! 111 v CLASS GF Mrs. Ne1l's First Grade- 1948 - 49 I s vi' 'T' 3 TV? R4 f"-L' X LAFU' I I . :ww W Mrs. Morris' Fourth Grade- 1951 - 52 I' 323' .nu dai JG 'QQ A!- Mrs. Fouts' Sixth Grade-1955 - 54 1-4 SENICRS YN Q, 0.51 A 2 ff fzm 'Muff dzznqeaf nz ll mood Amll Imok flue nm fur tr Vcfwll ba Am! rlmf Img muff aff ilu zffffuuzcc ROBERT FROSI , , '11 N , M IX N x lf! Jul! xi TJ I NK 'X XX X ' Xf'?q'l1 x' V x' 1 - Y w 0 mx Q J X 'x yi X X xi -, .fy f ,g Y. yin! Q!QE1l1g,'fP'v' 'f f li my -" Z! 1 J? Y If M , A X Q x I? I' I A - A , I A 'V , I A M29 fy I SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Preridefzt Louis Kerrick Trearlnery .. Gene Farley Vice-Prefiderlt Janie Elmore Beverly Gray Sefretary Sandy Ford Sharon XX'eltlon MR. AND MISS SENIOR MR. SENIOR Leadership. scholarship, and integrity are just a few of the qualities considered by the Seniors in choosing their Mr. Senior. No doubt. that is why Louis Kerrick was the choice of his class. However, Louis is not known by just his class, but is liked by all of his fellow students. He has attended Elizabethtown City Schools for IZ years, During this time he has been active in social, scholastic, and athletic activities. Louis has undoubtedly earned the title. Mr, Senior. MISS SENIOR Connie Hodge. Miss Senior of l96O. also has the honor of being a cheerleader and the Homecoming Queen. Connie has participated in many and varied activities. She is a mem- ber of the newspaper staff, the yearbook staff, the Forensic League, and is president of the Future Nurses Club. Although she is active in many sports, Connie says that her favorite sport is water-skiing. In sharp contrast to this pastime she enjoys reading. which adds to her well-rounded personality. Vivacious, friendly, and gracious, Connie is popular with the entire student body of E.H.S. 'GCT' SANDY FORD Senior Class Secretary: F.ll.A. Presitlenrg Beta Club Secretary: Office Assistantg Library Clubl I' A N 'I' ll 12 R PRI JVCLER Staffg Yearbook Assistant- Editor. SHARON VVELDON Senior Class Treasurerg PAN- THER PROXYLER Etlitorg Beta Club Treasurerg Mu Al- pha Theta Secretary: junior Class Treasurerg junior Clas- sical League: Fremh filuh Presitlentg Quill .intl Scroll, F.T.A. Historiang Yearbook Staff, LOUIS KERRICK Senior Class Presirlentg Nu Alpha Theta Presitlenri Ffemh Club 'l'reasurerL Soph- omore Class Setreraryg lfoor- hall Managerg Basketball Managerg Baseball. E-Cluhg Future Engineers, JANIE ELMORE Senior Class Vice-Presitlenr: Yearbook Co-Etlitorg junior Class Presirlentg Fremh Cluh Vice-Presirlc-nt: Library Cluh Treasurer: PANTHER PROVULER Staffg Beta Clubg Quill antl Scrollg E.T.A. His- torian: All State Chorus. gg. 5 df' 'EZ' GEORGIA CHARI.OTl'lf BRADLEY Y e a r book Assistant-Erliror. ,lunior Classical League: Beta Club: Library Clubg PAN- THER PROXVLLR Srarrg E D,E.A. Banrl, S.K,M.E.A Bantll ,lunior Class Treasurer. F.T.A. M JIMMY TATE Yearbook Co-Etlirorg Beta Club Publicity Direct-in Banri Presitlenrg F.T.A. Vite-Prest rlentg junior Classical League. Forensic League Co-Historian, Kenrutky All-Stare Banrlg F DEA, Bantlg PANTHER PROVVLER Staff, Glee Club: Pep Bantl. :Sf BEVERLY GRAY Senior Class Treasurerg Beta Clubg E.T.A. Secretaryg FH. Ag Latin Clubg PANTHER PROXWLFR Sraffg Yearbook Staff. GENE FARLEY Tramfer' from Herzderrou. Hi-Y Clubg Spanish Clubg junior Classical Leaguei Bas- ketballg Forensic Leagueg E- Clubg Trackg Cross Country: Senior Class Treasurer. L SISSI VITRTRFIT5 IJANTIIIR I,ROXX"I.ITR Staff: ,Iuniiir C,l41ssiL.1l I.C8HLIL'Q Lib- rary Club: Ifiircnsic League SCtI'L'f.lI'I'Q Glu- Club Treasur- cr: Ymrlnmk Sraff. CARLA SUE GRUNDIG Transfer from Xwesr Point High School: Glce Club: Pop Club: Y-Teens. BC JBIIY HAMILTON Iimxmtlmlllg Truck: F-Club Fwrcnsic Lcilluuc BURITN GILPIN, AIR. Pmnrl Prcsirlcnt: Yearbook Smttg All-Smrc Bnnrlg Bora Club: Mu .Alpha Theta: Iiu- rurc Iirlhuinccrs Club: Tracli. ROSE FDA STILLXVFLL LINDA VEYEL Transfer from Lynvalc High GIGS Chib- Schoolg F. H. A.: Glee Club: Library Club. sl IARK JN I'lfOI II, 'lriuxtcr trwm Nurulwr:. Gcrnmuyg CICVIIILIII Amcrimu Club. liururu Nurses ui Ambr- ica: F. II, A. SUSIE SMITH Glcc Clubg P A N T I-I If R PROXWLER Staff. Yearbook Staff MARY GUIN SNFAD Transfer from jacksonville High School: Glee Club Pres- iilent: ,lunior Classical League: F. H. A.: Forensic League. Hi-Y Club1 Library Club: Civics Club Vice-President: PANTHER l' R O VC' I. F R Stall: Banil jEANI2TT1T SELF Glec Club: Library Clubg F, H, A.: PANTHER PRUXVL- FR Staff. TOMMY ,IFFFRIFS Baseball: If-Club, Football RTJIIRITLCI. BRUCE MC LULLUM Future Fnuuinccfs Club: Ii Club. 1.93 lfixirbnllg Golf: French Club: DAVID DOSS BARBARA XVILLIAMS Beta Club Vice-Presiclenr: Mu Transfer friim XX'esr Pnim: Alphi The-ra: Future Fngia Pep Club: Freshman Class neer's Club: junior Classical Sccreraryg Y-Team, League. SHARON SHUCK junior Classical League Pres- ident: PANTHER PROWL- ER Sraffg F. I-I. A.: Office Assisranrg Yearbook Staff. BRENDA SANDERS PANTHER P R O XVL E R Staff: F,H,A.: Forensic League. ANN BOONE PANTHER PRO W 1. IE R Sraffg .Iuninr Classical Lcxrgucg Yearbook Sraffg F.T.A. Pres- ident: Library Club Vice-Pres irlcnr: Office Assisrarirg Quill and Scroll. BARBARA INIOLNAR ,lunior Classical Leagueg PAN- THER PROXXILER Staff: F.T. A.g Berg Clubg Forensic League Co-Hisrurian: Year- book Staff. MORRIS MILLITR BOBBY KIIZNKINS F-Cllubg Fr 'l', A4 Fipfgmiq E-Club: Ffmrirbrrllg B.rskc'rlmllg l.C.l,QLlCQ Entuincc-r's Cflubg Iuri- Ilrrwlxrllg Ii.'I'.A.g Golf: Iirirrirc lziruinr.-cr sg Niplmrnrire f.l,rss THER PROXXIIIR S r ri f I l'rwi1lw1r- Foorlmllg Tmck. im- C.l.rss1c.rl licrruuc-3 PAN- if IOI-IN WALTER SMITH MARY MITCHELL Transfer from Tampa, Florirlag F.I-I.A.g French Club. Chemisrrv Club. nn? ,9P""" DIANE MOORE F.II.A.1 Glce Clubg Yearbook Szilicirorz French Club. PATRICIA JANE KIRK Transfer from Forr Knox: F. I-LA.: Glee Clubg Swimming Team. BARBARA HAWKINS F.H.A. Treasure-rg PANTHER PROXVLER Staff: Glee Club Yearbook Solicitor. SHIRLEY ANN HOUSTON Transfer from Vim- Grove High Schoolg F.H.A. RICHARD D. RUF TED KOZIELL Fmnsfcr from Clarksville Foorballg Track: F - Club llirulv School: Asrronomy Club, Sophomore Vice-President. -vs. CAROLYN HURT SHARON GAIL HOPKINS Transfer from Germanyg F.H.A.g French Clubg Foren- Neuspnper Club Vice-Presi- sic Leagueg PANTHER ilemg Sruilenr Council. PROWI.FR Sraffg Yearbook , Staff, CONNIE HODGE Cheerleaclerg PANTHER PROWLER Staffg Forensic Leagueg F.H.A.g Glee Club: Yearbook Solicirorg F.N.A. President. KELTA HAWKINS F.H.A.g Glee Clubg Forensic League. KITTY MOORF F.ll.:X. Ufliee Assismnrg liri- rcmic l.L'i1A5lLlk'l Ycurbmilx Su- licirur. GEORGIANNA RFITVL5 Transfer from Detroit, Mich-L igan: Cheerlearlerg Frwlimiin Class Yue-Presiilenrg Tennis Team: Swimming Tc-amg Glue Club: PANTHLR PROXYL- ER Staff: Quill and Scroll: Forensic Leaguel -lunior Class- ical League. mir, N5 . ,HM D MOORI B.iiiil Vice-l'rwiilcnr: All- Snuc lliuilg llcrii Clulvg Mu Alplm 'lillL'I.l Vino-Prcwiileiir' .luniiir C liiwiuil l.L'4l'UllC1 H mr' bunk Smflg lfurure Iiiiluiiiccrk Club. R1 Jlil Rl l.l.XX IS LAIJD - Zz, Lgmer BILL ALLEN Fra-sliniuri Cl.m Vice-President Bgiscballg F.T.A.: French Club Future Engineers: Glee Club: PAN'l'l'llfR PROVULLR Stilllg E-Club. DIANE SCHORR Fremli ClubL .lunior Classical lxiigueg PANTHER PRGXVL- ER Staff: Library Clubg Cheerleailerx Yearbook Staff. QE lllfLl'N CYBRITN lwirariiir l.L',i:uLz lil :X ll.ir- li.imcur.iri.ing lf.ll A lirxr Vice-llrcxiilenrg Cleo Club l5.in.t. l.ilwr.iri C lub, Ymrlwiii lx Smtt. YERNA JEAN PHITLP5 F.l'l.,-X, Piirliiinienmriniig Glee Club. Library Club. YC JLANDA TAYLK JR 'llrgmlur lmm XYVCSI Pninri XVLNI Pwinr lllgh Sllmwl Quucng Pup Club: Y-'llrm BL-L1 Clulwg Frcmll Clulw: lfll A. BFVITRLY JEAN Al IOLA Transfer from North .-Mlgnus, Ni.15s.1ql1L1xctts. D.-XLF FORD RONXIF FRl'Nf'lI liulxlrlmllg lmlk In-f.1pr.x1n, l'-wrlulli B.xwlulI1 l'-mrml fnm Cfuumryz lfffflulwg VAN- l.C.liLIQ. Fururu Yrwsnm-wx l'lll'R PRUXY'l,l'R burr ll- Clulw, It-C-llllWl ll.-KN'l'lllAR rmml l.L-Auuc, ll.lNL'l7.lll llROXY'l.lFR Smft. Yckxrlw- A Nuff. 5HIRLEY -MMD bpgxx ALVEY F.ll.,-K.. French Clubg Mu Al- QQ-C fglhg P A N T H 1' R l7l"lf.l Them: Bcra Club. l"RUXY'l,lfR Burl, l:ll.:X Fnlmlm Club. Yurbowk Nun. CUXXII1 ll' HIBBS l7.H.A. PAN'l'llYR VRCJXYI FR Smfli Glu' Club. BRENDA SUIT BIAIR FH A. ROBERT MC. NANARA BOBBH BROXVYN BONNIF BOYD Bum Cllubg F.T.A.1 French Club St-trctnry .mtl Trc-.tsurt-rg PANT HFR PROXYLITR Smffi Lllec Clubg Office Assistant: Yr-.irbook Staff. BRENDA BLAKEMAN Glet' Clubg bluninr Classical Lc.l4uuei Library Club: Foren- sic Leagucg F.H,A.g Office Assistant. all, Ba lt-tb.1l, Bti.. . , Mu Alpha Theta, Lurcnsu. junior Cl.1ssic.1l Lcaguei E- Lcngueg I u n i in r Cl.1sa1r.1l Club. Luututicg Library Club: PAN- THLR PROXVLER Staffg Fu- ture Enuineers Club. PRISCILLA ANN CARR F.H.A. Zntl Vice-Presitlentg Beta Club: F.T,A.g French Club. BETSYI? GRUBBS junior Class Treasurer: French Club Trcasurerg F.H.A.g F. T.A.: Glue Club: Forensic League: Yearbook Staff. ,gf DFLY ASIIBY Beta Clubg French Clubg Lib- rary Clubg F.H,A.g Office Assistantg F.N.A. Vice-Presb tlcnt: Yearbook Stuff. SANDRA BUSH Beta Clubg Library Club Secretaryg PANTHER PROWLER Staffg French Clubg F.H.A.g Glee Clubg Of- fice Assistantg Yearbook Staff. BILL ll,-KXVKINS XYILLIANI KIOSI-Vll iam Club, Mu Aiphi Them: IHNVR JR- luniu. c.l.iQSIL.ll l.L.1f,ilL. lus- kerlmll VIVIAN ANN DUDGFON Translcr from Xwest Point High Sclmol: Library Club: Y-Teens: Pep Club: ficizcn- sbip Axuml. F,ll.A.: PAN- THFR PROVULFR Staff: Glue Cflub Vice-Presiilenr. ANN DUGGINS Bern Club: Mu Alplm Theta: Cheerleader: P A N T H F R PROXVLFR Aesismnr Illimr: FHA.: Yearbouk Staff: Quill .mil Simll: ,luninr Climiml League, ani 'O' if RICHARD BALI? LILLIAN CARROLI. Mu Alpha Theta: Fiiiirball. Transfer fmm Glendale: Bdskeibnllg E-Club: Future Club Engineers: Yluniur Classical League. Pep SHIRLEY DAVIS .luniiir Cl.mii.il Lengueg De lure. liwrenm Lmuuc Sc-ere mry. Cilce Club: Beu Club Girlx Smile: Yeurbimk Nuff BETTY VIEAN EMBITRTON Tmnslcr frum Tiimplcinsville FHA.: Beta Club. uni TANT XVARNER Tmnsfcr lrurn C".1l1l:+rr11.1. Dr.1m.1 Cllulwg Drill 'l-t'.lIN. bloc Llulng Stullcnr Survirr English IjL'P.lflINCI1I. ERANLES ROZELLE HART Trzmstcr from XY'csr luim 7 lliuh Snhrlulg Y-Tccnsg PAN- THER PROXVIJQR Staff: Pap Clulwg FHA, DONALD PECKINPAL'GIl LARRY PERRY Trmstcr frwm XVL-at Point Transfer from Elimbcrlmmn High Sglwol, Pep Club. C..1tlwl1g High Mlnmlg Enor- lulll Bgsclmllg PANTHER PROXYLER Shlffl kluniwr CQl.1ssir.1l Lc.1gucg Eurcmic I.u.xiuuc. ,TITIAN NORTON VUALTER HAWKINS Transfer frwm XY'cst Pfvintg E-Clubg French Clubi Foren- Baskcrball. sic League: Football. -:if mf GLENDA MERCER Tmnsfcr from Vfcsr Point High Schoolg CQl1L'L'rlc.ulL-ri Pep Cllulvg Ercm'l1 Llulv Su- rcmryg E.H.A. BETTY JANE HART E,H,A.: PANTHER PROXWI. ER Sraffg Library Club Forcnsic Leagzueg Office As sistanr: Yearbook Staff: FN A. Publicity Chairman. 4 'I i XVILMA ROSE THOMPSON Trarzrfer from Cauei 1 iffe High School: Dramatic Clubx Pep Clubg Cheerleader. BARTINA ITWENS French Clubg Glee Club. TOM MONROE Trantfef from Cgntbiamx High School: Freshman Class Treasurerg Civics Clubg Vice- President Glee Clubg Beta Club President: French Club: Vice-President E-Clubg Foot- ballg Office Assistant. TOM BARNARD Footballg E-Clubg junior Clas sical Leagueg Future Engi neersg Sophomore Class Treas- urerg Forensic League Treas urerg PANTHER PROWL ER Szaff. GILBERT SI-IACKLETT BENJAMIN LEWIS Trarzrfer from Bor1d-U"a5h- Banclg Tracltg junior Clas- mglon: Basketballg Y.M.C.A. sical Leagueg Forensic League. ANN HADDEN Glee Clubg PANTHER PROXVLER Staffg F,I-I.A.g F. T.A.g Forensic League: Li- brary Club: Yearboolt Solici- tor. SYLVIA FRANK F.T.A.g Latin Clubg Forensic Leagueg PANTHER PROWL- ER Staffg Yearbook Staff. Yi CHAUNCEY FARRELL Tramfer from Slaatwzee Iliglv School: LANTERN Staft Footballg Forensic League. jIM I-IATCHER French Clubg Golfg Fnotballg E-Club. .gf BOB GEESLIN junior Cla s s i C al League Trackg F.T.A.g E-Clubg Foren sic Leagueg PANTHER PROWLER Staffg Debate. DOUGLAS RIDER Tranffer from Sonora Iliglv School: Beta Clubg F.T.A.g Mu Alpha Thetag Future lin- gineersg PANTHER PROVULW ER Staff. STEVE AARON Footballg Baseballg E-Clubg Forensic League President: Mu Alpha Thetag Beta Clubg junior Classical Leagueg PAN- THER PROWLER Staffg Superior Rating in Extempo- raneous Speaking in State Contestg Freshman Class Presidentg Future Engineers. RUSSELL ALLEN Future Engineers Club. BOB EVANS Football Captain, 1959: Base- ballg Basketballg Beta Clubg F.T.A. Parliamentariang E- Clubg Junior Class Presidentg Future Engineers Clubg City Student Council. ROBERT RITCHIE Tnzmfer from ll"e5t Pom! High Srhoolg Basketballg Pep Club. - -15' SHIRLEY DIXIE F.H.A. Reporterg Cvlee Clubg French Club. KEN MORGAN Baseballg E-Clubg I-Ii-Y Club. LARRY OWEN ' Future Engineersg Football. JOHN DAVIS Future Engineers Club. CHARLES BUCKLES Trackg Mu Alpha Theta Treasurerg French Club Presi- clentg Future Engineersg E- Clubg F.T.A,g Beta Club, BARBARA ANN MORRIS Tnzmfer from 1lJ'e5t Poinzg Y-Teeng Pep Clubg Glee Clubg F,H.A. DIANA GARRETT F.H.A.g French Clubg Glee Clubg Pantheretteg Yearbook Staff. RONNIE BRASHEAR Tramfer from Sonora High Schoolf Freshman Class Pres- iclentg Beta Clubg Mu Alpha Thetag F.T.A.g Future En- gineers. JIMMY P.-ITF ,lm Mc mf JRI7 Ixxmxfcr lmm li,M.l., Iircnclw Future IZIIXIJIIIITYN. lflurumg K lulw' lf-C lulw. lin rc II a i 4 lralgluci I7flfAg I..1rm I lulm A w ' If hknrlw LUIS IIAl.I. 'l'r.mxfL-r frrvm R I n I- y x' I I I c High Sc-Inwlq ull-L. 1 lubl 'lym Cfluh. ISRITNDA LITXVI5 I'.Il,A I'.xrlmlm-m.lr1.u1, I,l lwmry 1 lulw, Ulu' I Iulw, Fwrcn sn I.L-.iuucn bull, PAN I IIIR PRUXX LI R Smtt. VIRGINIA KITNNADY If,Il,A, Glu' Kllult lkiml. KATHERINE QUARRITLS F.H.A.g French Club. KFLLY BYRKS IAMFS KFFNAN Iuniur Clussudl l.ca.uuc. -Iunior Classlcal Lcagucg Foot- ball. 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M, Spalden, D. Stinson, F. Decker, D. Moore, N. Daugherty, P. Aaron, I. Schorr. Ju lolz C Ass CAL LE our Firrf R011 .' J. Smith, B. Molnar, S. Davis, G. Bradley, B. Bradshaw, G. Reeves, S. Frank, M. Smith, M. Decker, C. Harris, M. Cowles, N. Sommers, S. Cooper. Seroud Ron: L. Perry, R. Cardin, J. Moore, M. Miller, J. L. Gray, D. Schorr, A. Duggins. B. Blakeman, D. Poe, M. jones, B. Dennison. Third R011 .' S. Aaron. B. McNamara, T. Koziell, -I. Jaggers, B. Lewis, B. Geeslin, A. Boone. J. Thompson, S. Wfeldon, P, Lisby, S. Murray, N. Gregory, S. Perry, P. Foston. Fourth Roux' R. Bale, G. Farley. B. Maffett, G. Rodgers, D. Olson, J. Moore, T. Barnard, D. Moore, B. Brown J. Keenan, J. Tate, K. Burks, D. Doss. Prerident ffdf' , -5, Vice-Pfefidefzl , , Secretary Trearuref OFFICERS OF Prefident Vifefrefidwzf Sefrfelaruy Trc.1.r14fer OFFICERS OF FORENSIC LEAGUE , Steve Aaron ,, , Bobby Brown ,, , ,Sissi Verrrees Tommy Barnard Sergeawzl-at-A mfr Parfiamerzlarian , , Hirzorianr ,H , Point Keeper ,IUNIOR CI.,-XSSICAI. LFAGIQF Sharon Shmk DAYILI Ixfunrc Frances Hari Tim Miller I Walter Hawkins W ,W , Shirley Davis , ,,Barbara MoInar, jimmy Tate ,, ,, , , ,,,,SyIvia Frank iw 7 V? Firrr Row: Sharon Hopkins, Betty Hart, Brenda Lewis, Sissi Vertrees, Kitty Moore, Danna Poe. Vonda Domino, Ann Hadden, Helen O'Brien, Mary Alice jones, Betty Cleaver, Nettie Covington. Second Razz: Billy Wilmcuth, Barbara Molnar, Shirley Davis, Georluianna Reeves, Sylvia Frank, Connie Hodge, Burnetta Dennison, Diane Shorr, Pat Lisbv, Jo Thompson, Sandy Murray, Marv Snead, Nancy Sommers. Pat Helm, Douglas Stinson. Third Rffzz: Bobby Brovvn, Larry Perry, XWalter Hawkins, Kenny Maffet, Bob Geeslin, Steve Aaron, Tommy Barnard. jack Povvell, Ronnie French, Garnett Rogers. Fourth R011 .' jimmy Pate, jimmy Tate, Dale Ford, Chauncey Farrell, Bobby Hamilton, Gene Farley, 1. L. Gray. Billy -Ienkrns, Randell Hibbs, Kevin Vance jimmy Matherly, john Williams, jerry Patterson. FORENS C LE GUE v First Roux' Linda Heath, Linda Boone, Barbara Mitchell, Sulayne Aaron, Clancy' Atherton, Gerald- ine Maerz. Second Ron: Carolyn Kennady, Sharon McCubbins, Charlene Tabb, Iris Lewis, Sue Vertrees, Sharon Jefferies, Dana Dibble, Linda Ford. Tbrrd Run: Susan Cooper, Genie Miller, Steffie Belt, Linda Hawkins, Diane Black, Christine Haynes, Ann Pate, Jody Bishop. Fourih Ron: Donnie Crabtree, Phil Aaron, Tim Miller, Skip Ringo, Bobby Beimdick, Gerald Maerz. W5 OFFICERS OF MU ALPHA THETA Preridenl. Louis Kerrickg Vire-Preridefzl. jim D. Moore: Serretam, Sharon Weltltung T1'ea.mrer, Charles Bucklesg Spwzmr. Mrs. Hiram Morgan. MU LPHA THETA MEMBERS OF ML' ALPHA THETA FIM' R014 J Tim Miller. Christina XY'heat, Frances Hart. Barbara Mitchell. Lintla Boone, Vontla Dtiminii. Briaitte -lfihnwn. Carifl Harm. Dana Ptit-. Jeanette Giiiftinuan. Lzntla L-iusaiin. Sulaync Aarwn. SL-"L-ll f'3'fJrU Biihhy Crabtree. Bill Bran-lenhura. Riiher flrutther, Susan Perry. Ann Dunning. Bharifn lcauiie. Martha Cmlea in-phanie Belt. 'l'lviwf Rm.. ,lay lDeC.l1ewrc. ,lan ,lauasrx Aarwn.,l-1 Thtirnpswn, Shartin Xlfeltlwn. Camlyn Kennaiy. Lintla Ulswn. FUIIVII7 Ron: Benny Mallet, Rithartl Balt-. Lwuis Kerritk, David. Olson, Douglas Stinson, Sonny Gilpin, Duug Ritler, ,lim Brashear, Kenny Maffet, Steve Brown. ta Flkins. Mary Mtfruan. lerry Detktfr. -lu Patrerwn. Marsha vl l.. Ciray. Binh Cieeslin. Steve Health. Rwtlney Cfartlen, Sherry Charles Buckles, Btibby Brimn, D. Moore, Daxitl Doss, Ronnie FRE C LUB 5 FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS Prerzdem Charles Buckles Secretary Bonnre Boyd Vrce Prerzdenz jlmmy Bfumfleld Treasurer Betsy Grubbs FRENCH CLUB MEMBERS Fzrrz Row Bobby Owens Tommy Havnkrns Brenda Vertrees Anna Marie Sanders Janre Schultz Anne Wood Prrscrlla Good man Barbara Wlltse Sulayne Aaron Barbara Spencer Norma Spencer Joan Kuntz Monrca Smrth Sharor' jefferres Second Row Bobby Gray Doug Newton Mrckey Shafer Kenny Tabb Betsy Grubbs Susan Alvey Drane Moore Bonnxe Boyd Brenda Strong Nancy Sommers Dana Drbble Chrrstme Haynes Ann Karser Thzrd Rou Jackre Rrce Jerry Patterson Jay DeChe sere Brlly Conn Randall Hlbbs Betty Lacey joy Bruner Joyce Chenault Phyllrs Gray Mary Ruth Grubbs Susre Kessel Car lana Mercer Fourth R014 jlmmy Brumfreld jan Wrrght Bobby Bermdrck Phrl Stafford B1l1 Brandenburg Steve Black Bobby Carrace Charles Buckles Monna Moorman jennxfer Yates Dorxs Harrrs Patr1c1a Helm Mr Rennte BETA CLUB OFFICERS Prefident , Tommy Monroe Vice-President ,, , , David Doss Secrelarj , , Sandy Ford Treafurer , , Sharon Weldon Song Leader Janie Elmore Publicity Director , jimmy Tate BETA CLUB his Fifi! R011 .' Shirley Davis, Berry Emberron. Georgia Bradley, Betty Cleaver, Marsha Cowles, Nina Gregory' Third Ron: ,Ian Sandra Ford, jeanerre Goodman, Dana Poe, Dely Ashby, Linda jaggers, Benny Maffcr, David Olson, David Doss. Tommy Mon- Logsdon, Ann Duggins, Sandra Bush, Beverly Gray. Serwzd Roux roe, Ronnie Brashear, Doug Riier, james Tarc, Susan Perry, Priscilla Carr, Yolanda Taylor, Bonnie Boyd, Carolyn Allen, Bar- Shirley james, jackie Rice, Leroy jaggers. Fourth Roux Kenny bara Molnar, Sharon Weldon, Janie Elmore, Nancy Sommers, Maffet, Charles Buckles, Sonny Gilpin, james D. Moore. v - lil lurrnunmml Bunnrarp Qunrm llllblgll Srunnl Jnumaltsw Georgla Bradley Sharon Weldon Anne Boone Ann Dug,g.,1ns Georagxana Reeves Jame Elmore Qulll and Scroll IS an lnternatlonal honorary socrety for hlgh school lournalrsts lt was organlzed Aprxl lO 1976 by a group of hlgh school advlsers for the purpose of cncouragmg and rewardmg rn dlvxdual student achlevement ln lournalrsm and other school publlcatxons Over 7 O00 hlgh schools have recenved charters and there are active chapters rn every state IH the umon and m a dozen forelgn countrles The follownng tequnrements are necessary for membershrp rn Qunll and Scroll l Candrdates must be lunlors or senrors 1n hrgh school 7 They must be 10 the upper thrrd of thexr class ln general scholastlc stanclmg They must htue done superror work IH some phase of yourmlrsm or on some other school publlca tlons Thev must be recommended by the supervlsor They must be approved by the Executwe Secretary of the Socxety They must have wrttten 250 lmes of regulatlon COPY They must be regular members of the staff of the1r school paper Two artrcles wrntten by each candxdate must be subm1tted to the Qulll and Scroll Soczety 5 Wu. OFFICERS OF F.T.A. Pre.ridc1zl-Anne Boone Hirtorianr-Nina Gregory Vice-Prefideni-SL1san Perry Janie Elmore Secretary-Beverly Gray Song Leader--Bonnie Boyd Tr'ea.f1zrr'r-Sandy Murray Piazrirl-Jim Tate Pubficily Chairman-Bill Allen Parlinmeniarian-Bobby Evans 'bl Fifrl R011 .' J, Crutcher, S. VUhirmer, B. Bradshaw. C. Harris, S. XY'einz J. G-Mlrlmn. M. Decker. M. Smith, B. Gray. Second Roux G. Bradley. B. Boyd. A. Duhuhuins. A. Boone, M. jones, D. Poe. P. Lisby. Third Roux M. Miller, J. Elmore, S. Perry, S, Murray, 1. Thompson, B. Dennison, B. Grubbs, S. Weldcpn, N. Gregory. Fourth Roux B. Evans, C. Buckles, B. Allen, -I. Moore, D, Rider, B. Geeslin, J. Tate, R, Brashear. F,H.A. OFFICERS Prendent --- .... Sandy Ford Historian -- Carolyn Allen Ffrrt Vice Prendent ,,.. ,f.. P riscilla Carr Parliamentarian Brenda Lewis Second V1cePre.f1dent --- -- - Barbara Hawkins Reporter ------ Shirley Dixie Secretary A- ------ Shirley Outlaw Song Leader ,,r..,. , - - Sandy Murray Trearurer -- --- Burnetta Dennison Recreation Leader -- - . -. - Vivian Dudgeon Spomor .,,.. -- , Mrs. Earl Pickerill SENIORS IN THE BOOK OF GOLD - 1956 - Jimmy Tate --- ,......,. - -- Regional Trio-Band - 1957 - Sonny Gilpin vs.,, - ,... -- Music Anne Boone - ----- ----- --- Latin Jim. D. Moore ------- - ------.. ---.---.-- La tin - l958 - Anne Boone --- --- .- ------. Piano-Regional --- --- Kentucky All-State Band Shirley james -- Jim D. Moore ----------------- French jimmy Tate ...- ..... - Kentucky All-State Band Sonny Gilpin --- ---------.--------------- Band -1959- Junmy Tate ---..-------- Kentucky All-State Band jim D. Moore Kentucky All-State Band - Superior Sonny Gilpin --- - - - - - - - - - - - - Kentucky All-State Band Bill Hawkins ---.-- Excellence, National Latin Exam Steve Aaron --.. --- - Superior, State Speech Contest FUTURE URSES Firfl Rout jacki Phelps, Shirley McKinney, Connie Hodge, Ann Hadden, Mary Alice jones, Dely Ashby, Georgia Bradley. Second Roux' Diane Garrett, Geney Gard- ner, Diane Schorr, Frances Durschke, Linda Ford, Helen O'Brien, Berry Hart. OFFICERS OF FUTURE Prerident , , an , . K Vice-Preridezlz , , Secretary , , , , Trearu ref , , 1 'i IX G Q?" NURSES CLUB , , Connie Hodge Dely Ashby Mary Alice Jones Frances Dutschke C'- lf lv It f Q f ,Nc 3 1 f!M!?'f4' WMS? V0 5 ,','o'c'Ol1e 4 0 I XML" 319, 0 1-1. 16,59 v kr 'wr XJ . lx I f LETTERMEN Front Rou Tom Monroe Tommy jefferres Ted Kozrell Bob McNamara Rrchard Bale Tom Barn rd Steve Aaron Bob jen kms James Keenan Ronme French Second Rou Coach Hogg Brll jenkms Corky WllllS Chauncey Farrell Davnd Moore Lours Kerrrck Morrrs Mlller Walter Hawkrns Larry Perry Bob Ham llton Bruce McCullum Phrl Aaron Thzrd Ron Bob Geeslm Dave Ftsher Brll Wrlmouth W A Games john Rrggs jerry Perry Davrd Olson Gary West Dale Ford Bennre Maffct jrm Pate Charles Buckles jay Horton Dan Coody Fourth Ron Sammy Montgomery Oscar Welch Steve Black jrm Hatcher Leroy jaggers Gerald Patterson jackie Havwkmg Sonny jeffnes Terry Brrd jnm Brumfreld Trm Muller larry Swartz Gene Farley Rrchard Burnett Q- '4 1 V 1 - v 1 - 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 - 1 1 if 1 Y ' 1 1 1 N - f 1 1 l ' 'l ' 1 1 , I 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 1 - l I , A 1 1 l 1 1 I v ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1" ' 1 1 1 l 1 - - 1 1 X iii hu. gk 3035 ffmh if new-A Q1 MUSI Mmm 15 ual! raid zo be the Jpccrb of anqelf LARLYLE S S i OFFIC IRS PV6'iId67ll Marx Snead 144 it 1 L XINIAI1 Dudgcon trclar um Q 'X lrmmfrmzz n my L HIGH SCHQOL HORUS Firrt Roux' Helen O'Brien, Virginia Kennady, Sissi Vertrees, Shirley Outlaw, Carolyn Allen, Suzanne Laack, Jody Bishop. Third Judy Hawkins, Barbara Harper, Shirley Whitmer, Shirley Doug- Roux Barbara Hawkins, Doris Harris, Peggy Sue Fosten, Vivian las, Edith Dowd, Shirley Sutton, Mrs. Cowley. Second Roux' Dudgeon, Sue Smith, Shirley Dixie, Betty Sue Lacy, Susan Cooper, Phyllis Harned, Connie Hibbs, Linda Veyel, Kelta Hawkins, Mary Snead, Verna Phelps, Sue Thompson. in T ea.......L wi, Ar?" CONCERT BAND The Elizabethtown School System has 140 stu- dents participating in the instrumental music pro- gram under the direction of Mr. Kenneth Neidig. The 55-piece marching band performs at all home football games, the State Fair, homecoming parade, Derby parade in Louisville, and the inaugural parade in Frankfort. The 40-piece concert band presents in addition to the annual spring concert, radio programs, grade school concerts, and performs at several county schools. The pep band has made itself well-known to the public through performances for all basketball games, pep rallies, Sidewalk Days, the L. 8: N. Centennial, and radio and television. E.H.S. was fortunate in having two members selected to the 90-piece All-Kentucky High School Band in Bowling Green. The second annual solo contest was held with each student playing a wlo with piano accompani- ment and judged by a professional musician. In these days of great interest to applied tech- nology, it seems appropriate that we heed the advice of the eminent conductor, composer, and educator, Leonard Bernstein. "I think it is time we learned the lesson of our century: that the progress of the human spirit must keep pace with technological and scientific progress, or that spirit will die. It is in- cumbent on our educators to remember this, and music is at the top of the spiritual must list." Our Elizabethtown Instrumental Music Department is dedicated to this conviction. MARCHING BAND fn- 4 -.s 'xv 1-QA AQM ' W 1' W ' ' fr I . ik we if ff 'Q 4- 4 1+-'f,k"f"'fff:-'HL Q. w y sie? Q A , , kg A i .s ,N . N ff xy 1 139 Q :Vw5!'fV X " 4 ruff nf- W mf ., Q' a 'mf X 'xxx by 3 -1 s , l x Q :fl 1' fr, T !"1Lfn.lf-y xii' SPCRTS XM , ' X ,J2 1 e 1 e A Xxw ' rx 3 , K g'9f, - Z z X X X -.421-I f'l! If iff Qmfx For u ben the One Great Scorer eomef To urzte agamyt your name He marks not that you uon or loft But bon you played the game GRANTLAND RICE '-Mx FGOTB LL BOBBY EVANS B BRL HOGG C aptam OB HAR VILLE COW? Cong SQUAD Fin! Roux D. Olsen, R. Beck, F. Geeslin, D. Dixie, D. Phillips, O. Welch, R. Burnett, J. Koziell, M. Spalding, H. House. Seroml' Ron: R. French, M. Miller, T. Koziell, B. Hamilton, R. Bale, B. Evans, W. Hawkins, T. Monroe, B. jenkins, B. MeCullum, L. Perry, L. Swartz. Third Roux M Shearer, L. Kerrick, C. Farrell, T. Barnard, S. Aaron, B. McNamara, B. jenkins, D. Goody, R Garrett, C. Willis, j. Keenan, R. Hibbs, B. Gray, D. Moore. Fourth Roux T. Miller, W. A. Gains P. Aaron, T. Bird, J. Brumfield, W. Manley, B. Thompson, B. Wilmurh, j. Riggs, S. Jeffries 1 450' i 2 1 ? E f E 5 s x we fi ww' M 5 'wifi A" 22 ,. Fifi? 914. sf isp, f wk :W -P. R " -ww, N-1' Us as 'Ok W ,za mf, , ww -f- .ags ul wiv -ew' X Qu. gi yi f..,, we 5 'U """9n f'aY'f.e W , if Pe- W5 ! 2, S TERRY BIRD Sophomore Center No. 84 Lerrered '59 TIM MILLER Sophomore Halfback No. 41 Lettered '59 'N SONNY JEFFRIES Sophomore Halfback No. 40 Lertered '59 U4 , xg S ,, , 4-W-, 1 , I OSCAR WELCH Sophomore Fullback No. 30 Lettered '59 JERRY PERRY Sophomore End No. 52 Lertered '59 ,I Q of W , , PHIL AARON LARRY SWARTZ Freshman SOPhOmOrC Fullback Halfback No, 32 NO. 41 Lecrered '59 Letrered '59 4? RICHARD BURNETT Sophomore End No. 43 Lettered '59 SONNY JEFFRIES Sophomore Quarterback No. 14 Lettered '59 Front Row Corky Wxllxs Steve Aaron Morrrs Muller Brucxe McCullum Ted Kozlell Tom Barnard Bobby McNamara Larry Perry Second Rou Bobby Evans Ronnre French Walter Hawkms Bobby Hamrlton Tom Monroe Chauncy Farrell Bob jenkms james Keenan Richard Bae FOOTB LL I959 Thrs Panther team had another good year The losses from the 1958 team were very heavy but these boys came through agam rn fme style They had the drstmctron of bemg on a wmnxng team all through thenr hlgh school career These boys were a typncal hard tacklrng hard chargtng frghtmg Panther team Both the OffCf1SlV6 and defensnve umts were a credrt to the school the town therr parents and coaches all through the year The morale and spmt of th1s team was unbeatable Thrs year marked the entry unto Class AA football for the Panthers It was perhaps the toughest schedule that the Purple and Gold has faced rn some years Wrth the departure of nmeteen men from thrs squad rt looks lrke tough sleddrng for the Panthers on the grrdrron rn 1960 Ellzabethtown Elrzabethtown Elizabethtown Elrzabethtown Elrzabethtown Elrzabethtown Ellzabethtown Elrzabethtown Elrzabethtown Elrzabethtown Won 7 1959 SCHEDULE 0 Franklm Srmpson 14 Glasgow fDed1cat1on Nrghtb Sprmgfreld Franklm County CDads Nxghtb Lebanon Fort Knox St joseph Bardstown Lafayette fl-Iomecomrngb Shelbyvrlle Lost 3 Tred 0 ,E J 1. i T, - 0 cf cf , V , ' ., H 7 -.Q I . I La ,X A I I I y a ' 1' be N w.. 1 I Y ! 1 7 ! ! ' 12 0 ' 26 ' ' 0 ' 33 ' 0 ' 19 6 ' 12 7 ' 6 . 21 ' 7 0 ' 12 31 ' , ' 'L 'Q A- 28 I 13 5 ' l959-60 ANTHER Fzrrf Row Bobby jenkms Rrchard Bale Trm Mlller Oscar Welch LeRoy Jaggers Bobby McNamara Second Roz: Coach Inglrs Dale Ford Benme Maffet Brll Jenkms jrmmy Pate Dave Flsher Sam Montgomery Davrd Olson jay Horton Coach Rawlrngs After losrng four of hrs startrng f1ve from the 1958 59 team that was runner up rn the regron Coach Rawlmgs bullt thrs years team to a threat rn the regron At the end of the regular season they had a 16 9 record agarnst good competmon They have won the Elrzabethtown Inv1tat1onal Tourna ment and the Mrd Kentucky Conference Champ1on shrp The startrng frve consrsts of Bale and McNa mara at guard jenkms and Montgomery at forward Frsher at center and a lot of good relref work by Ronnre Garrett Other frrst strrng reserves rnclude Horton Ford jenkms Pate Maffet Olson jaggers Welch and Mlller The Drstrrct Tournament was held rn Elrzabeth town March 1 7 5 4 and 5 Elrzabethtown drew Fort Knox therr arch r1val for the PANTHERS openmg game - Q v 1 , a ' V' ! 5 Y 3 3 y , u a - y 1 ' ' a v - J a a 9 s 1 I v ' . , . ' ' r a -'v v v ' - . - v ' v ' 1 0. 31 ,ao 44 James Meredith Bobby Duggins Ronnie Sawyer Hugh Gregory Ronnie Meredith LeRoy Jaggers "B" TEAM Jerry Perry 45 Bobby Carraco 53 Bennie Maffet 41 David Olson 42 Frank Harmon No. 44 35 Tim Miller 42 1 Norman Yates Mike Spalding Oscar Welch Stan Easley jackie Hawkins I JUNIOR VARSITY Fin! R014 3 Sidney Small, Tommy Blakeman, Tommy Neville, Gary Avery. joe Mitchell, Billy Kruschwitz, Kenny Henderson, Gary Allen, Kenny Gaines, Ralph Hudgins, Tommy Mason, Kenny Coyle. Second Ron: john Burks, Dicky Goodin, Mike Brooks, Kenny Kerrick, james Daniel, Bobby Goodin, Henry Fulks, Buster Maffet, Chad Middleton, jr. lm! f-A xx . I 1 ' ' fn .Q 42? '99""' Y J' . , l ' : 1 -!. L lg. . z 1 S.- 1 X J 1 S XX. .S . 2. sm: 1 Q21 Sv' 1 4 if n f if EI' 'QI 4 C1 I . si -gs X 3 E lv' fx f 5' ,s ,x '0 I I s u X 0 , . 4 s 2 tx! a S'-f 2 62 -s 59 57 52 S 5.-P 9 , Q S? 7 '. .'g'.' L9 , .m.., .,s A+? .W '-.Qu 'W ' 5-,Q fu-.o 35, fri Nu-3 "" i i .4531 - I 7' .V . I fi S- S S E JU' g 23 ns' NJ '14 ai gf CHARLES RAWLINGS Head Coach AUBREY INGLIS Assistant Coach PANTHER CAGERS SCHEDULE December December December December December December December January January january january january january january january january February February February February February February February February February Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Elizabethtown Glendale 59 Fort Knox 53 Vine Grove 45 Campbellsville 65 Lynnvale 56 Larue County 44 Male 59 Adair County 49 Glendale 46 Rineyville 52 Howevalley 59 Shepherdsville 43 Caverna 65 Bardstown 61 Glendale 51 Fort Knox 46 Lebanon 44 Monticello 69 Memorial 54 Old Kentucky Home 45 Clarkson 45 Breckinridge County 75 Iarue County 68 Meade County 61 Glasgow 44 T k 2 Dave Fishers Panthers a e LGHGGSP R H D-ANTHEPQ wow Slwf D095 If ""eYV' 9 oww TOMRN1-:Y uf - tm f ff xv ffl "M 1, W ff' Flxzabethtov X99 Qi ' Glendale KQAVSY K2-QA? 100 I im T317lhP'hT0KiD mon two UUTHQ Satuvgay V 019.5 x s A fam! Sonor . 'frm hum md hmm x H cw gow U .Wg X., fe one muah tn hvhlvfh hw x W m 1 "f, fl D 1 Ihr 'hcl Dis In ba 6 fn! C959 1 'J 'P he a 1 NN X 'Of mu thx me-kind name ' L p J' Wg ' f In .ull 10 gum: s mro Qc-hc-duhd mmm lp If hp X X 1 ' hm tm Snurrhx mgiht conlcetsmgm 5' 45 V-X ,XX mm c.mc-ellfd bu 11180 of tha The IOP med K xp fl ff hcaxs snow Thaw were Canuulle mflqt HUC Pwr 0' ' L Xa x J f x-. Etoxxn Cuthohc m Elmxbcth 9.19 had Won W BX I' e, I ly town gym 'md Lebanon Tuna-hon at quintet 0811 ,Qu Q CW '11, 1 rf ,UU ints bu' x , Lsnmale D0 A omwux NA, , Blght g'1m0Q won plaved Qum had Sent Yxcywx Wk YP- 96 All 1 Q m xx ll Q night P fe of U r Wgulr .JS 1 gcoqe 6 X XS PANTHERS TAKE mm ne Ket and we 6 Q Q0 .1.nr'er 15 1 CMV Ox Q9 The Panthers bounced hack YW My Ke Q ,Q from two strught losses wxth a Paftshers Go" C 00 ,Q if pan' of mm ovvr the Weeker 5? qw' L A, ,SPQQ Q0 Thu whxpped Old Kentucky H mg ou' b X ,SQ Q xx 5, 6.-45 11 P'l!'dQl0Wl'1 Frxdax had' X Qxxbgb ,569 ,X 'md bmi Chrkwnn 6?-45 9 nn nr QXJPQQOQX x N is xo mfht it hmm E 6 5 Rn? xi? GX fa ,x C Y X ff ,C Nh hd ull Q- Q, V XXX fs fb .. 'K 5 Q :fx 1111 Te nklm Wifi fz- XL QV 21 pmnt Dwxc ' 426 K v- Xt X Gow QQN covered from ' nun vp? 0 Q AQ 'VL YQ Q 5 I 15 'hmmx M mbxbwl Q? 2, Q09 Q Xe LlZABETHa x Q Q Mdwxmnx A10 6 Xe 0 K I xn he S 1' No 5 Y 1 For 0 md 11 The Q Q9 Ko Q0 Z6 'Y' 1 deicm 1. 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CS x Q 006 cs: nm Dale of Fort Knox ur .nwlmg 7 and Pmllips 4 9 Q5 ZQZ fp IL gamcu leadmg scorer mth 'ix '39 Q- pmnts Frank Rohmson added 1 Panther' Also w LVN' two of thf 231' 'E division has 9' ed sngmfxcan ht the Warrior Counts 71 59 am 9 fe topping Rmeyulla 63 55 h' OK 4 In farv e 81 9 23rd Dggfnd Cqg, S54 gflwn 21337 if Q5 Wm fxorr E town Caihohc Elizabethtown Glendale Vane Grove Rmeyvllle Fort Knox Sonora Lynnvale Howavniley ..,,,, 2 3 3 'H 11 'I he held for a hhslcrmg 40 per cent The Panthme mme 19 floor Lrrors but outuhounded th Eagles 28 17 Panthers Coach Charles Raul mgs used a zone defense m thc last frame a rare maneuvex fox mm, and xt succeedgd in surpn: mg the Eagles ' I A 1 o n -- ,4 A I ii.. 4- ' r , 1,,,, V A 1 . ,' ' M , ikhvll AVI H -' ga 0 5-1 .row ' D' ,uf Z3 " .N . , . - ' If J. 7.-,., . W1 V Nw - " . Nana! N- 0011, fm I X ml if jk, ,, 1 I M . , V 'T gi y V, 'rl I lf, xi: I 13107. ' ggi 1 2 .1 ' . f .' ,J H , ' , QS' , "ULU 1? 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L M . , t , ' as Q YJ ' ,If Q Q-'fsgifaj . ' - I ' P4 r: 51 v av r K ,I y A 'F A 'Y' 16, 6- 35 Q E - VM Q - I C ,A :I '4 ... y L- 2 ..'4 K q 1 'tp 4 'xx ' 'Q Q04-I. ,U V 9: ' ,' v .2 . .1 - Q11 ' :QQ . Q' E I E : . L , tl L Q ,X A x 2 nv 1 - A , . . I .y id. ,N Q: 4, :hy NMOS E 3 -.1 ... - y- Q , zvmyi azz: ' , 3 -'--1-v1-,..- . . .Q . 4 Q3 Y.. '25, ,, Q,,5g', :A 2. Tir 500 'SCX '1cLq,,fqx'.Q bxax ciuff In thi- 0 K. H. game tb' Q Q RW. Q, ,xx ,xx '. Km fp C-Q .-3563:-N ,Q . , . . , . Q' X Q21 ' Qifx ., -X X. LC Q- , :-'v Q 1m .nt . .topa g ,Q fx NC ' XY-f S3 :EQ C 6 b Q iqx f X . -'H , Q' t .g - -- - K . Q x 4 Y 1 . 'D 1 , A M, -Q - 4. ,QR lx LX. . s nh 59 X xqb- xsixkxlkf Q ' ., I ' 1 A K A . to ic? X , A so Vx L cg at xx 6? Q. 64. A ' v K 65' 'Qs J X ' X2 X' ' 'TH' 'P QL . C ,A X? , V Q Q . Ch. Q -25 V, X',. X Q3 .N O ' . ." is XX 5 Q . .- C . 'N xk - " , ' ' 'Y A ' -X .-' 'N . . . I , . I , Kb-rx C6 ix ix NN 5 .Xfx X fb :Sb PJ -Hz 1 'z f V' '63, Q, xp if Q 0 - 'z L arp .. 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Y Q' 3 ' L ' ' , ,..s.,.....,. ..,.....,. 'I 8 7 14 . -, - . . Q. ff . 'L ' M W A A H VM,, 14 7 1 H k k , , , . ..... ,. ......,.,1. . . ......,., 9 1 ' ' rn ' ' .,.,.. ,, ,....,.,'l4 T0 1- 1 " , 5 , V . ' ' . s,.. ,.., , . ,,., , 12 10 'll . 2 , ' - lr V .Y , ' ,,,,,v,,e,A, A ,,,,,, ,,,,, A,1N , , .,-.. I Q . , th-L A - - ..A,... ., ...,. .,.., .,..., , AA.AM. .... . 11 13 ,. . ,, . , - 1 j -Q K .,,.,.,.,-. yu... ... ,........NW... 5 T9 1 , ' . ' ' ,. , A A ..... ...-..A .f... , 24 L ' -f l959 BASEBALL if it ...Q..5iaQl -ga 'ln' "1 ',-5 Pint Row: Coach Bill Hogg, Ronnie French, Phil Aaron, Jack Hawkins, Larry Swartz, Tim Miller, Jerry Perry, John Riggs, Tom Jeffries. Second Roux' Walter Hawkins, Sonny Allen, Louis Jenkins, Louis Kerrick, Bill Jenkins, Ronnie Garrett, Joe Lacy, Larry Perry, Bobby Evans, Chauncey Farrell. Coach: Bill Hogg. Mamzgerr: Walter Hawkins, Chauncey Farrell. NAME LETTERS POS. Louis Jenkins Tom Jeffries Joe Lacy Ronnie Garrett Bill Jenkins Sonny Allen Bill Allen Tim Miller John Riggs Louis Kerrick Larry Swartz Ronnie French Larry Perry Jack Hawkins Dale Dorman Jerry Perry Phil Aaron 4 SS-C-P OF-P OF 3B-P 3 C-3B 2 OF -C 1B SS-2B IB 3 P 2B-C 2B-OF P 2B 1 P 1 P 1 C AVG. PITCHING RECORD .500 Louis Kerrick .467 Tom Jeffries .400 Louis Jenkins .387 Larry Perry .350 Jerry Perry .311 .300 .300 .285 .250 .250 .225 x .200 .195 Q f .000 .000 ' .000 is I959 TRACK Led by Russell Banks and Bennie Maffet, the sophomore-dominated 1959 Elizabethtown High School track team turned in several outstanding performances. Maffet led the team scoring with 6495 points. Banks was the Conference, Regional and junior Olympics Mile Champion. Other state champions in the Junior Olympics included Bennie Maffet, Gary West, Gene Farley. and Kevin Vance. I r Bennie Maffet, Russell Banks. ls- e -i 2' -M A gy V A fi gf-2 M .git Ff012t Row: Charles Buckles, Kenneth Maffet, Kevin Vance, Wayne jones. Second Row: Bennie Maffet, Gary West, LeRoy jaggers, Russell Banks, Gene Farley, Tommy Buckles. if ,. s X ,gk .f . , Raj First Row: Charles Buckles, Hugh Gregory, Jack Tinsley, Allen Barnes. Second Roux' Bennie Maffet, Russell Banks, Kenny Maffet, Dale Ford, Gene Farley, Kevin Vance, Wayne jones, Doug Bishop. CROSS COL! TRY TEAM - l959 TOM ECKER Coach of Tmck and Croix Country B.A. State University of Iowa. Cross Country's second year was a successful one for the harriers of Elizabethtown High. The boys ran against 29 teamsg only five of which they did not defeat at some time during the season. Russell Banks, a junior, led the attack, followed closely by the senior co-captain, Dale Ford, and Wayne jones, a sophomore. Banks won 10 of the 15 races in which he participated. He set new course records in 8 of the races he won. 'sm ,fx i gif i L : 'P' " Q' y V , V A if S Ann.-...nd A 3 U U V B?,:,'- gg- vahgg I V NN -,Q L S' -' -f 4 4 , I- ., y ' E . I ' t . 9 'L 'r' ,wx 5 .. 'f- r Q - Q 'Q 1 T 5 i 'Q , 4 .,... , , 5 ' M-5. N, tw 'f , 3 ' 9 v X ' M 2 ini ,,. Q:g.4,T":- M K ' '65 3' N 1 ' 'ffm ' 4 -J--'Sf 'Ni We 'S EA? ww -' H: v .42 5 - 'U- M as K .Q ,F i Q, 14 fi' gr 3 5 M W. ,. fn 5 5 i wi ,QV QA' '1 I pl-ni l"-P , I 5 :QM f I N S 1 in 9 s 1 S , Z MQRNINGSIDE CAFETERIA Mrs Ibb1e Blaxr Mrs Wllla Banks Mrs Elrzaberh Starks Mrs Manala Wrlghr Mrs Ruby Chapman Mrs Peggze Baughman Mrs Marne Banks Mrs Lee Daugherty fqf VVS-:'5P YL xgff , ' ' 4'l fi l ny' 'T 55,4 'DSG 23325335 as ,, , , 4 i BCCDSTER Amerrcan Legron Hardm Post No 115 Frrst Federal Saxrngs and Loan Assocratlon Perry 8: Alvey Funeral Home Kentucky Utrlrtres Co Boyd Drugs J Newberry Co Frrst Hardm Natlonal Bank Waters Constructxon Co Etown Pavmg Co Shacklette Jewelers Ellzabethtown Laundry and Dry Cleanmg E town Recappmg Co Drxon 81 Atwood Funeral Home Trash Sz Treasures Etovsn Tlme Corporatron Etown Drstrrbutrng Co oplrn 8a Lanz Co Pate Motor Company Inc Jenklns Essex Co Svsope Motors Inc Hardm Furnrture Co State Theatre Whrte Dove Bakery Showers Sc Hays Drugs Drecks Lumber Co Hokc Insurance Agency Coca Cola Bottlrng Co Moo Darry Queen Llncoln Loan Co The Marlon Co The Duff Co lnc Ellzbethtown Ice and Ice Cream Co D1x1e Varrety Store Western Auto Associate Store R B Mobley Coal 8. Ice Cardmal Motel Ben Franklrn Store Etovsn Motel jeffs Prescrrptron Shop Unron Oxl Co Boone Cleaners M 1 Noel Optrcal Co Geo W Rrhn Co Addre S French Plumblng and Heatmg Verrrees Grocery Turner Furnrture Douglas Motor Co Bean Publrshlng C0 Houchens Market Bobs Key Market J. . , . . Hadden - Moore Coal Co. J ' - . . ' . N L BOOSTERS 6 xx r4:1l:1NI:llvImrpx'-.11 fw I. l'QnIl'..w'. lhpuz ,mmf Ruuull Nzuua I1 Hu I CLI lwrxf wlu. Ian- fEwr'..xxl IK Ll: fltf XXTVLI' n X',1!I1,Il. fw NHMIN Illlmrl ix max 11:5-.Lf ,uf I :'1p,l::i. J Vx, 1 'ew V, u ' JV ff'f 1 Iliifl CJWH' 'IH lin Kgrniis Qty, M ' --,-...Y an -N., --. -.., M- -A -J V - f I

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) collection:

Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 19

1960, pg 19

Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 13

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Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 103

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Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 44

1960, pg 44

Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 91

1960, pg 91

Elizabethtown High School - Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, KY) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 122

1960, pg 122

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