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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1989 Edition, Cover

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CONESTOGAN 1989 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA. Volume XXXVIII Amy L. Etter Editor The High Library Elizabethtown College Bzabethtown. PA 17022-2298 ' -... TABLE G CONTENTS Seniors. 18 Underclassmen 70 Faculty and Administration 100 Clubs 122 Sports 142 Special Events 170 The Year In Review 206 10 11 12 T ill ' ' 14 J « 1 7 ■L a » 1 ' w A i « 15 Dedication Michael Christopher Jones June 7. 1969 — November 10. 1988 Michael was born on June 7. 1969. in Merion, Pennsylvania and resided for most of his life in Malvern, Pennsylvania. He was a member of St. Patrick ' s Roman Catholic Church and was active in the Chester Valley Baseball Association and the Chester Valley Soccer Association. Michael graduated from Malvern Preparatory School in the spring of 1987 and enrolled in Eliza- bethtown College in the fall of the same year. He had many interests, including automobiles and music. However, his real love was sports, which he enjoyed both as an active participant and spectator. During his high school years, he concentrated on soccer and was a three year starter on the Malvern Varsity team. He also was a member of the Chester Valley " Select " team which was active year round in both league and tournament play. Michael was an easy going, friendly young man who will be deeply missed by his family and many- friends both at school and at home. Nora Susan Eichlin October 1, 1968 — December 10, 19S8 Nora graduated from Muhlenburg High School, Muhlenburg Twp., Pennsylvania, June 1986 with an excellent academic record. She was involved with cheering, Softball (most valuable player), student council, and was the elected class historian. Nora was a four year veteran of McDonalds and was always willing to work the last shifts. Her last two summers were spent at the Maiden Creek Camp working with severely retarded young children, which she really enjoyed. Nora had the wonderful ability to get the most unfortunate of these children to respond positively to her. At Elizabethtown College. Nora was enrolled in the Occupational Therapy Department. She was an excellent student who greatly enjoyed her departmental studies. She was involved with dorm life and was a loyal hall member of Founders C-2. Nora was a member of Phi Theta Epsilon and on the Dean ' s List. She intended to get involved with pediatric therapy upon completing her studies. Nora ' s hobbies were needlework, sketching, ceramics, arts and crafts, and catching the new movies. 17 © 19 MICHAEL ABRAMS Communications MARY ANGLIN Mathematics ROSEMARIE ALTMANN Occupational Therapy MATTHEW J. AYLWOOD Communications DEBBIE AMMON Marketing MICHAEL BAILEY Business Administration DOUG BAKER History LISA BARAN Business Administration MARGARET BAROLIN Occupational Therapy 20 CYNTHIA BARR Accounting DARLENE BEVAN Mathematics ROBIN BENCKER Occupational Therapy J BRIDGET BEVAN Elementary Education LINDA BERRY Business CYNDI BIONDI Communications LAURIE BLANKLEY Social Work JEFFREY BLEVINS Accounting MARY BOVA Business Administration 21 CHRISTOPHER BOVE Business Administration ANNE BREDEN Occupational Therapy DAVID BOYER Political Science MARGARET BROOKS Occupational Therapy LISA BRADLEE Early Childhood Education DOUG BRYANT Communications MICHELLE BRYSON Occupational Therapy WILLIAM BUBNIS Chemistry LYNN BUCHANAN Occupational Therapy 22 STACEY BURCH Business Marketing CLAUDINE KIM CAHILL Elementary Education TRACY BURKE Mathematics DAVE CAMPBELL Management GREGG A. BUSH Economics KELLY CAMPBELL Early Childhood Education LESLIE CARR Business Administration KELLY D. CAWMAN Elementary Education WILLIAM CHATTERTON Finance 23 ANGELA CHIFFY Psychology GLEN CIANCIULLI Biology JACQUELINE A. CHOVAN Occupational Therapy COLLEEN COCHRAN Business Administration KIM CHROMSTER Communications i DAWN COCHRAN Communications KAREN CO CKLIN Occupational Therapy SARAH COLLIER Music Education TERRI COTTRELL Social Work 24 KATHERINE COX Marketing CARLA D " AGOSTINO Occupational Therapy PATRICIA M. COYLE Occupational Therapy DONNA DAVIS Business Marketing STEPHANIE CRONE Music Education DAWN DEANGELIS Biology VINCENT DEPINTO Business Marketing LISA DIMARTILE Biology KATHY DINUNZIO Business Management 25 PAUL DIPINO Marketing LEIGH A. DUTCH Business Marketing STEVEN DRABO French JENNIFER DRAKE Elementary Education JOSEPH EGAN Computer Science DEBRA ELLIS Computer Science and Mathematics DEBRA ERB Early Childhood Education MICHAEL ERNST Biology 26 MARIA FANTINI Communications BRAD FICHTHORN Business Administration JANICE FAUS Elementary Education AMY FLADMARK Occupational Therapy SCOTT FELL Biology ANNETTE FLAMINI Business Administration PATRICIA FLANNERY Psychology STEVE FRANCOMANO Communications LYNNE FREDERICK Music Therapy 27 DONALD FRY Psychology PAMELA A. GINTHER Computer Science BARBARA L. GILJE Business Administration JILL M. GLASS Psychology SHERRY GINGRICH Chemistry TERESA GOODBRED Social Work STEPHEN VAN GORSUCH Business Administration AMY GOTTLEIB Business Management CHARLES M. GRABUSKY Accounting 28 DONNA GREITZ Occupational Therapy JAMES H. GROSSMAN, JR. Accounting KAREN L. GUTMANN English AIMEE GENTILE English Literature PATRICIA GROVE Music Education BECKY E. HAGENSTON English DARCY HALL Occupational Therapy KARL HAMMERMUELLER Business LISA HANNA Social Work 29 LISA KAYE HARDING Business Administration BRIAN HARTMANN Communications JOHN W. HARRIS Business Administration SUSANNE D. HEBBERT Social Work KIMBERLY L. HARRIS Elementary Education MAUREEN HEELAN Political Science CHRISTINE HEIDER Accounting JAMES P. HELT Business Administration MATTHEW HENRY Political Science 30 CINDY A. HESSLER Elementary Education JOANNE J. HINDE Music Education ELIZABETH HILE English RANDALL HINSEY, JR. Business Finance and Management REEMA Y. HINDAWI Elementary Education ELISE J. HOBBIS Social Work WENDY J. HOFFMAN Business Administration JEANETTE HUIE Occupational Therapy CHRISTINE M. HUMMEL Business Administration 31 MICHELE L. KERSHNER Business Administration SUSAN M. KOONTZ Business Administration GARY W. KITCHEN Accounting LINDA KAY KURTZ Business Administration CANDIA A. KNOWLES Biology LINDA LACHENMAYR Communications JULIANN LAMARRA Occupational Therapy MARK A. LANZONE Communications JIM LARDEAR English 32 KIMBERLY J. HUMPHREYS Occupational Therapy LUCY IVAHNENKO Elementary Education AMY JUSTUS English CHRISTINE HUNSINGER Occupational Therapy DEBORAH JACKSON Biology ELLEN MARIE KANDRAVY Sociology LYNN HUXTABLE Psychology KATHERINE A. JOBES Communications DEANNA L. KEENY Music Therapy and Music Education 33 LAURA JEANNE LAWSON Chemistry VIRGINIA LEIDY Occupational Therapy RICHARD K. LEBRON History DAVID E. LENHART Business SCOTT L. LECALSEY Business Administration ■ LORI A. LOBB Business Administration JENNIFER M. LORENZ Mathematics JILL L. LOSHNOWSKY Business MARIE E. LOUGHLIN Occupational Therapy 34 JACQUELINE M. LUCE Occupational Therapy SUSAN L. MAHONEY Business Administration PATRICIA M. LUDWIG Occupational Therapy MICHELE A. MAHOUCHICK Social Work LISA M. MACCAGNANO Psychology PAMELA S. MALLOW Accounting DEBRA ROSE MANCARELLA Education DONALD J. MANGO Computer Science RICHARD J. MANTZ Computer Science 35 PAUL E. MASTERS Political Science MAUREEN MCFADDEN Business Finance ■■ THERESA MAZZOTTA Biology DAVID MCFALLS Business Administration HOLLY BETH MCCRUM Occupational Therapy THOMAS P. MCGONIGLE Political Science JEAN MCIVER Early Childhood Education DAVID VINCENT MCKELVEY Business Administration ROBERT MCLAUGHLIN Accounting 36 ROBIN MARIA MCNEMAR Chemistry SCOTT P. MERLO History MICHELLE DENISE MEHTLAN Biochemistry KARLA MEYER Communications SHARON ANN MEREDITH Early Childhood Education and Elementary Education BRIAN K. MILLER Communications PATRICIA LOUISE MILLER Mathematics ROBERT LEE MILLER Psychology JAMES ANTHONY MIRANDO JR. Business Administration 37 ROBERT W. MITCHELL JR. Business Administration MARCELLA JANE MONROE Communication TERESA R. MOATS Business Marketing MAXWELL TAKYI MORGAN Business Administration • LISA M. MOHLER Occupational Therapy LAUREN C. MORRIS Elementary Education ROBERT W. MOYER Computer Science LOIS C. MULLER Accounting MICHAEL T. MURTHA Business Administration 38 KAREN LOUISE NEIDIG Communications WILLOUGHBY F. NICOLLS III Business Administration SCOTT H. NEUFELD Business Administration KIMBERLY A. NOVOSAT Communications MARK B. NEWKIRK Business Administration CYNTHIA L. PAGE Communications ELIZABETH ANNE PARRISH Communications ESTHER A. PEACHEY Business Administration ELIZABETH PENN Social Work 39 TRACY SUE PEPO Occupational Therapy JULIE A. PHILLIPS Elementary Education KARI M. PHAIR Business Management MARIA E. PIOLI Business DEBORAH A. PHILIPP Music Therapy CHARLENE ANN POPALIS English Education ELIZABETH PRICE POWELL Management DARLENE PRICKETT English LAURIE ANN PRIMUS Political Science 40 JOSEPH PULEO III English Literature SCOTT WILLIAM RAVERT Business ROBERT A. REALE, JR. Business Administration EDWARD J. RATHSAM Business Administration RANDY REBUCK Computer Science SUSAN R. REGEN English SCOTT D. REIGEL Business Management LAURA CECILIA REILLY Elementary Education 41 KENDRA L. RHOADS Elementary Education ROBIN L. RITTENHOUSE Business Administration DONALD J. RICHARD Business Administration LIZABETH RIZZO Social Work JODY L. RILEY Biochemistry GREGG A. RODGERS Business Administration SHELLY LYNN ROGORA Mathematics TAMMY L. ROLLER Accounting JENNIFER GRACE ROSS Communications 42 JULIA C. RYAN Mathematics CHRISTIN G. SALDAN Accounting and Marketing pL B » L ,w .♦ | - - Jm ROSS SACKLER Communications DONNA L. SAUNDERS Psychology MATTHEW C. SAIA Business Finance ■ STACY ANN SBUR Business Administration TAMMY CORINNE SCHOLTES Communications PAUL R. SCUKAS English Literature SUZANNE L. SEIBERT Business Administration 43 AMY C. SEIFRIT Occupational Therapy MICHELLE ANN ELIZABETH SEILER Psychology ELIZABETH SIMMONS Accounting KAREN R. SHAFFER Social Work 1 ; r LORIANNESITZABEE Music Therapy DIANE MICHELLE SLATER Political Science RICHARD C. SMITH Mathematics ROBERT W. SNYDER Computer Science 44 BEVERLY SOPER Social Work BETH ANN SUTCLIFFE Occupational Therapy AMY STRAZZELLA Music Therapy TINA MARIE TAGLIAVIA Business Administration JANNA E. STRICKLER Business Administration KIMBERLY ANN TEBBS Business Administration JANICE LEE THUNBERG Biology HANH NGOC TIEU Business Administration CHRISTINE RAE TINUCCI Communications 45 COLLEEN LOUISE TOLLEY Occupational Therapy STACEY ANN VALLININO Early Childhood Education DEBRA KAY TREGASKIS English TED ROBERT VANA Biology-Pre Med SHARON ULRICH Modern Languages LISA G. WALTER Communications BARBARA L. WALTERS Elementary Education STEPHEN M. WARD Business Administration LAURA J. WAUGHTEL Elementary Education 46 STACEY WEAVER Occupational Therapy JON C. WENGER Biochemistry DONALD C. WECKEL Accounting ELIZABETH A. WERNER Occupational Therapy SUZANNE WHITAKER English I KIMBERLY D. WHITTLE Business Administration I • MICHAEL W. WEIS Business Administration JOELLE I. WEST Business Administration KYLE W. WIDRICK Mathematics 47 LISA F. WIGHARDT Occupational Therapy JON ERIC YOST Business " Marketing HARRIET LOUISA WIXSON Communications KATHY YOUNG Early Childhood Education STACEY YARNALL Psychology ANTHONY M. ZAIA Communications PATTI A. ZANELLA Elementary Education KEITH T. ZEBROWSKI Business Administration MARK T. ZERBE Economics 48 SHANE D. ZIMMERMAN Business Administration KARLA KRENGEL Communications L-- , 49 Senior Directory Michael E. Abrams 880 Jamesport Dr. Toms River, NJ 08753 Communications Photography Club President, Moving Images Television Club Vice President, ECTV)Talk of the Towns Producer- Director, Communications Alumni Board, Baseball Team, Intramural Sports Rosemarie Altmann 223 Ledgewood Dr. Rochester, NY 14615 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Campus Fellowship, Young Life Staff Member, Volunteer Club Secretary Deborah Ammon 15313 Durant St. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Marketing Marketing Club Vice-President, SAM Club, Member of American Marketing Association Mary A. Anglin 1830 Sanger St. Philadelphia. PA 19124 Mathematics Math Club Matthew J. Aylward 4 Sylvan Circle Long Valley, NJ 07853 Communications Baseball Team Michael J. Bailey 7107 Salem Park Circle Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Business Administration. Finance Ac- counting Men ' s Tennis Team, Accounting Fin- ance Club Treasurer, Republican ' s Club, Photography Club Douglas Baker Box 514 Orchard La. Martinsburg, PA 16662 History History Club Officer, Tutor Lisa Baran 4849 Juneway Dr. S. Liverpool. NY 13088 Business Administration SAM Club Secretary, Marketing Club, Big Brothers Big Sisters Margaret R. Barolin 460 Longacre Dr. Cherryville, PA 18035 Occupational Therapy Campus Fellowship, Campus Gold Girl Scouts, Volunteer Club, Occupational Therapy Club Cynthia M. Barr 260 Marion Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Alpha Lamda Delta. Accounting Fin- ance Club, Newman Club, Tutor Robin Anne Bencker 254 Wilde Ave. Drexel Hill. PA 19026 Occupational Therapy Student Senate, SOTA Linda M. Berry 378 Westview Dr. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business with a Minor in Psychology. Marketing Club, Psychology Club, Cir- cle K Club Bridget E. Bevan 113 Queen St. Pottsville, PA 17901 Elementary Eduaction Education Club Darlene J. Bevan 1729 West Norwegian St. Pottsville, PA 17901 Mathematics Math Club, APB, Student Senate Cyndi Biondi 839 Park Ave. Kennett Sq.. PA 19348 Communications WWEC Program Manager, DCAC Chairman Laurie Blankley 1358 Ridge View Circle Downingtown, PA 19335 Social Work Social Work Club Jeffery F. Blevins 778 Lancaster Pike Quarryville, PA 17566 Accounting Freshmen Orientation Co-Director, Delphi Society Treasurer, Alpha Lamb- da Delta Treasurer, Resident Assistant, Accounting Finance Club, Residence Life Council, Baseball Mary Bova 10163 Ferndale St. Philadelphia, PA 19116 Business Administration Economics- Finance Dorm Council President, SAM Club, Residence Life Council David W. Boyer 444 Paxson Ave. Hamilton, NJ 08690 Political Science and Sociology Republican Club President. Circle K. Club, Political Science Club, Freshman Senator. Student Academic Concerns Committee Lisa A. Bradlee 3 Camelot Dr. Hingham, MA 02043 Early Childhood Education 50 Tennis Team Anne K. Bredon 30 Summit Rd. Wellesby, MA 02181 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, APB Margaret A. Brooks 40 Bellmawr Dr. Rochester, NY 14624 Occupational Therapy Intervarsity, Volunteer Services Presi- dent, SOTA Treasurer Douglas E. Bryant 269 W. Walnut St. Marietta, PA 17547 Communications ECTV ' s SportsRap Producer, Sports Director, WWEC Radio Sport ' s Editor, Etownian Staff Michelle Bryson 1041 Thomas St. Hillside NJ 07205 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Women ' s Soccer Team i William Bubnis | 625 Williamsburg Rd i Lansdale, PA 19446 Chemistry , Men ' s Volleyball Club, Volleyball Club ; President, Chem Club, Intramural Sports " Thanks for everything Mom and Dad. I love you both. Jim, thanks for four great i years. I love you very much A.J. " Lynn Buchanan : 647 Barbara Dr. j Norristown, PA 19403 Occupational Therapy Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta Epsi- lon, Underclassman Editor of Yearbook, Etownian Staff, Concert Choir, Pre Health Care Professionals Club, Society for Collegiate Journalists, Campus Fel- lowship. " Thanks Coach, for making me believe in forever and a day!! " Stacey Anne Burch 71 Stoneybrook Rd. Mountville, NJ 07045 Business Marketing Junior and Senior Class Treasurer. Stu- dent Senate Treasurer, Executive Cabi- net, Finance Committee Chairperson, Campus Forum, Marketing Club Tracy Lynn Burke 202 Paul Lane Warminster, PA 18974 Mathematics APB, Math Club Secretary, Pi Mu Epsi- lon " Thanks for the support and encourage- ment, Mom and Dad! Chuck, You ' ve made the past two years unforgettab- le. ..you are the greatest I love you! " Gregg Bush RD2 Martinsburg, PA 16662 Economics SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, Dorm Council Vice-President, Resi- dence Life Council, Tutor Claudine Kimberly Cahill 71 Winding Way Rd. Stratford, NJ 08084 Elementary Education Basketball, Softball, Athletic Commit- tee. Education Club Dave Campbell 3 E. Vassar Ave. Somerdale, NJ 08083 Management Off-campus Liberation Organization President Kelly Campbell 316 S. Enola Dr. Enola, PA 17025 Early Childhood Education Education Club Leslie Harris Carr 20 Patriot Circle Devon, PA 19333 Business Administration SAM Club, Marketing Club, Ski Club Kelly Daraye Cawman RD 3 Box 43 Salem, NJ 08079 Elementary Education Education Club William J. Chatterton Jr. 1526 Featherwood St. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Finance Baseball Team, Accounting Finance Club Angela J. Chiffy 2099 Mountain View Rd. Middletown, PA 17057 Psychology Psychology Club, Psi Chi. Education Club, Concert Band, Band Staff. Or- chestra, Pennsylvania State Intercolli- gate Band, Education Club Constitution Committee, Alpha Mu, Psychology De- partment Student Assistant Jacqueline A. Chovan RD 4 Ray Dr. Belle Vennon, PA 15012 Occupational Therapy Student Senate, Campus Life Council. Athletic Committee, Core Committee, Executive Cabinet, Peer Counselor, Oc- cupational Therapy Club. Intramural Sports Kimberlyne M. Chronister 1835 Alpine Rd. York, PA 17402 Communications WWEC radio DJ-, ECTV Talk of the Towns Reporter. Etownian Copy Edit- ing Staff 51 Glen G. Cianciulli 422 Elmora Ave. Elizabeth. NJ 07208 Biology. Pre-Med Colleen L. Cochran 5 Edgewood Dr. New Castle, DE 19720 Business Administration, Management- Marketing Softball Team, Marketing Club Dawn Sharon Cochran 3 Dartmouth Rd. Neptune, N J 07753 Communications Department Chairman Advisory Com- mittee, International Association of Business Communicators, Dorm Coun- cil, Residence Life Council Karen Sue Cocklin 30 N. Chestnut St. Dillsburg, PA 17019 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club Secretary, Volunteer Club, Girl Scouts Campus Gold President Sarah C. Collier 174 W. Frederick St. Millersville, PA 17551 Music Education Music Educators National Conference President, Concert Choir, Choral Union, Brethren Student Fellowship, Advocates for Peace. Education Club Terri Cottrel 25 Livingston Dr. Trenton, NJ 08619 Social Work Social Work Club, Womens Soccer Katherine L. Cox 10 Candlebush Irvine, CA Marketing Modern Language Club, SPS Patricia M. Coyle 19 Franklin Ave. Merchantville, NJ 08109 Occupational Therapy Student Senate, Campus Life Council, Occupational Therapy Club, Yearbook, Catholic Student Organization, Crime Workshop Committee " Yesterday is only a dream and tomor- row only a vision. But today, well lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happi- ness and every tomorrow a vision of hope. Thanks Mom and Dad. ..for every- thing! " Stephanie K. Crone 1031 S. Queen St. York, PA 17403 Music Education MENC Secretary, Orchestra, String Ensemble, Concert Choir Carla D ' Agostino 8 Forest Hill Dr. Howell, NJ 07731 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club Represen- tative, Secretary and Co Chairperson, Concert Band, Volunteer Club, New- man Club, Resident Assistant, Alpha Lambda Delta Vice President, Delphi Society, College Scholar, Pi Theta Epsi- lon Donna Ann Davis 140 Sargent Rd. Freehold, NJ 07728 Business Marketing SAM, Marketing Club, Admissions Of- fice, Etownian, College Democrats Dawn R. DeAngelis 21 Woodcliff Rd. Islip Terrace, NY 11752 Biology APB Tech Chairperson and Secretary, Biology Club Secretary Vincent DePinto 80 Passaic Ave. Berkeley Heights, NJ 07922 Business Marketing Soccer Team Lisa Marie DiMartile 1 1 Locust St. Wormleysburg, PA 17043 Biology Biology Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. Chemical Society, Intramural Sports Kathy DiNunzio MR 2 Wasser Rd. Pennsburg, PA 18073 Business Management SAM Club. Marketing Club, IntramU ' ral Sports, Aerobics Teacher, Chemistrj Tutor, Chemistry Club Paul Julius DiPino 13414 Bladrond Rd. Phoenix, MD 21131 Marketing Soccer Team, Baseball Team Steven Drabo 1720 Edwin Dr. Bel Air, MD 21014 French Student Senate, Modern Languagi Club, SAM Club, Concert Band, Jaz: Band, Chorale Jennifer Drake 441 Von Holten Rd. Bridgemater, NJ 08807 Elementary Education Outdoor Club, Education Club Leigh A. Dutch 103 Hillcrest Lane Shippenville, PA 16254 Business Marketing with a Minor in Bi ology Marketing Club, Biology Club, Ski Clu Tracy-Anne Echevarria 1 1 Henley Rd. Farmingdale, NY 11735 Early Childhood Education 52 Joseph Egan 137 Seminole Ave. Norwood, PA 19074 Computer Science Debra S. Ellis 2 Fox Hollow Ct. Flemington, NJ 08822 Computer Science and Mathemantics Math Club Treasurer, APB Tech Team Chairman and Treasurer, Theatre Lighting Debra J. Erb 130 Conway Dr. Lititz, PA 17543 Early Childhood Education Elemen- tary Education Jon Erichost 332 Lynbrooke Rd. Springfield, PA 19064 Business Marketing with a Minor in Psychology Karate Team, Swim Team, Resident Assistant, Bike Club Michael T. Ernst 364 Atkins Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Biology Biology Club, Physics Club, Chemistry Club Maria B. Fantini 380 Atlantic St. Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Communications Janice L. Faus 129 Main St. Landisville, PA 17538 Elementary Education APB. Education Club Treasurer, Dorm Council. Concert Band Scott David Fell 25 Deerwood Dr. Ham. Sq., NJ 08619 Biology, Biology Club, Peer Counselor, Dorm Council Vice-President Brad Fichthorn 147 E. Lancaster Ave. D enver, PA 17517 Business Administration Off-Campus Liberation Organization, Intramural Sports Amy M. Fladmark 409 N. 9th St. Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club. Pi Theta Epsilon President, Alpha Lambda Delta Annette Christina Flamini 1224 Sylvan Road West Chester, PA 19382 Business Administration APB, SAM Club. Marketing Club, In- tramural Volleyball Patricia Ann Flannery 1 1 Deborah Lane Aberdeen, NJ 07747 Psychology Psychology Club Member and Vice- President, APB, Intramural Sports Stephen Francomano RD 3 Revere Rd. Glens Falls, NY 12801 Communications Intramural Sports, Photography Club Lynne D. Frederick 202 St. John ' s Church Rd. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Music Therapy with a minor in Psychol- ogy Alpha Mu Vice-President, Band Staff Tresurer, Band, Concert Choir, Cho- rale, MENC, Alpha Lambda Delta Donald Lewis Fry 3808 Copper Kettle Rd. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Psychology Psychology Club, Ski Club, Juniata Ski Team. So Aimee Louise Gentile 510 Elizabeth Dr. RD 5 esville, PA 19320 English Literature Cross Country, Learning Center Stu- dent Coordinator Barbara L. Gilje 24 Unami Tr. Chalfont, PA 18914 Business Administration-Economics SAM Club, Marketing Club, Housing Office Sherry Gingrich 7044 Sandy Hollow Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 Chemistry Chemistry Club, Intramural Basketball. APB Pamela A. Ginther 6021 Huntingdon Circle Harrisburg, PA 17111 Computer Science Cheerleading, Computer Science Club Jill M. Glass 415 Kent Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Psychology Dorm Council Representative, Psychol- ogy Club, Tutor, Volunteer Club, APB Teresa L. Goodbred 1400 Schuylkill Rd. A-3 Pottstown. PA 19464 Social Work Social Work Club Stephen Van Gorsuch 1877 Old Westminster Pike Finksburg, MD 21048 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Finance Accounting Amy L ynn Gottleib 6820 Autumn View Dr. 53 Sykesville, MD 21784 Business Management SAM Club, Tutor Charles R. Grabusky 222 Center St. Seltzer, PA 17974 Accounting Accounting Finance Club, Newman Club, Republican Club, Resident Assis- tant Donna Ann Greitz 19 Eliot Rd. Manalapan, NJ 07726 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Peer Coun- selor, Dorm Council Representative, ln- termural Sports James H. Grossman, Jr. 1003 Allen St. New Cumberland, PA 17070 Accounting SAM Club, Yearbook Club Underclass- men Co-editor, Accounting Finance Club, Varsity Baseball " Lynn, I love you Sport! Thank you for all the love, support, and encouragement you have given me the past three years. Thank you for all the great times and memories so far and for the ones yet to come. I will love you with all of my heart forever and a day. Bill, Thanks for not only being a great roommate but also a great friend! Thanks for all the memo- ries and good times. Good luck with all of your future endeavours and plans. Keep in touch. Mom and Dad, Thank you for your unconditional love, support, and encouragement through not only the past four years, but my entire life. Thanks for working so hard to see that I could receive this education, and thanks for being there when I needed help. I love you both!! " Patricia Ann Grove RD 4 Box 318L Huntingdon. PA 16652 Music Education Campus Fellowship, Circle K Club, Al- pha Mu, MENC Vice-President, Con- cert Band, Concert Choir, Pep Band Karen L. Gutmann 530 Earaday Rd. RD 4 Hockessin, DE English Becky E. Hagenston 1615 Redfield Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 English Alpha Lambda Delta, Modern Lan- guage Club, Campus Forum, Etownian Darcy L. Hall 451 W. Market St. Hellam, PA 17406 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Varsity Volleyball, Intramural Basketball, Vol- leyball, and Softball " If you can ' t run with the big dogs stay on the porch. A big thank you to every- ( one who was part of my senior year. " Karl Martin Hammermueller Box 430 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Soccer Team, Tennis Team, Marketing Club Lisa Jean Hanna 438 Haverhill Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Social Work Social Work Club Lisa Kaye Harding 457 South 7th St. Chambersburg, PA 17201 Business Administration Volleyball Team John W. Harris 4901 Marvine Rd. Drexel Hill, PA 19026 Business Administration- Marketing AMA, Republican Club, Accounting: Finance Club, APB, Intramural Sport ' Kimberly L. Harris 42 Windswept Dr. Trenton, NJ 08690 Elementary Education Education Club, Co-op Living, Intramu ral Volleyball and Softball Brian Thomas Hartmann 1470 Cortez Rd. Norristown, PA 19403 Communications WWEC Operations Manager, IABC Maureen Heelan 345 Queens Ct. Ridgewood, NJ 07450 Political Science International Studies Varsity Volleyball Team ' s Manager:! ' Circle K Club, Political Science Quel Catholic Students Organization Christine Heider 125 A Windgate Dr. Wexford, PA 1 5090 Accounting Accounting Finance Club President! Peer Counselor Program, Intramural Volleyball and Softball James P. Helt 201 Fox Hollow Rd. Muncy, PA 17756 Business Administration SAM, Accounting Finance Club, Resi dent Assistant, Tutor Susanne D. Hebbert 13612 Fairridge Dr. Silver Spring, MD 20904 Social Work Social Work Club, Psychology Clue Circle K Co-president, Softball, Volley ball, Republican Club Matthew J. Henry 230 S. Walnut St. 54 West Chester, PA 19380 Political Science Political Science Club, Cross Country Team, Writing Consultant, Etownian Staff Cindy A. Hessler 33 Shelton Ct. Lk. Ronkonkoma, NY 11779 Elementary Education Dorm Council Representative, APB. Education Club, Intramural Sports Elizabeth A. Hile 21 Main Street Middleburg, PA 17842 English English Club Vice-President, Campus Forum, Etownian " ' ...if the arrow is straight and the point is slick, It can pierce through dust no mat- ter how thick. So I ' ll make my stand and remain as I am and bid farewell and give a damn. " Bob Dylan Reema Yvonne Hindawi 606 Beacon St. Moorestown, NJ 08057 Elementary Education Etownian News Editor, Resident Assis- tant, Peer Counselor, College Republi- can Club, Education Club, APB, Dorm Council Joanne Joyce Hinde 23 Collins Rd. Glen Cove, NY 11542 Music Education MENC, Alpha Mu, Outdoors Club. Eli- zabethtown College Theatre Randall E. Hinsey, Jr. 389 Sunset Rd. West Reading, PA 19611 Business Finance Management SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, Circle K Club, APB Tech Chairman Elise J. Hobbis 1 26 Magnolia Ave. Sea Girt, NJ 08750 Social Work Sociology Social Work Club, Dorm Council Treasurer and President Wendy J. Hoffman RD 1 Box 359 Thompsontown, PA 17094 Business Administration SAM, Marketing Club, Intramural Vol- leyball, Dean ' s List Kimberly J. Humphreys 9838 Longview Dr. Ellicot City. MD 21043 Occupational Therapy Dorm Council, Phi Theta Epsilon. Occu- pational Therapy Club Jeanette Hure 2110 Wolf St. Ft. Washington, MD 20744 Occupational Therapy SOTA, Yearbook Christine Michelle Hummel 506 Maple Avenue Marysville, PA 17053 Business Administration Accounting Finance Club, SAM Club Christine L. Hunsinger 933 Nicely Ave. Montoursville, PA 17754 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Volunteer Club Vice-President Lynn Elizabeth Huxtable 200 Mathers Rd. Ambler, PA 19002 Psychology Concert Choir, Concert Band and Band Staff, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi So- ciety, Alpha Mu, Psychology Club, Psi Chi Secretary, College Scholar, Big Brothers Big Sisters Lucia I. [vahm 72 Featherbed La Hopewell, NJ . Elementary Education Education Club, Women ' s Volleyball Debraah Lynn Jackson 41 1 Tyrone Ave. Wilmington, DE 19804 Biology Biology Club Vice-President and Trea- surer, SAACS, SPS Secretary and Treasurer, APB Movie Chairperson. STEP Katherine A. Jobes Box 652 Barto, PA 19504 Communications IABC President of Promotions, Society of Colligiate Journalist, Alpha Lambda Delta, Dorm Council, Student Senate, Intramural Sports Amy Susan Justus RD 2 Box 224B Flemington. NJ 08822 English with a Minor in Art English Club, Intramural Volleyball Ellen Marie Kandravy 5 Caryn Place Fairfield, NJ 07006 Sociology Varsity Field Hockey co-captain senior year Deanna Lynne Keeny RD 3 Box 245 Red Lion, PA 17356 Music Therapy and Music Education Concert Choir, Concert Band. Brass En- semble, BSF. Alpha Mu Michele L. Kershner 1630 Palm St. Hershey, PA 17033 Business Administration-Management with a Minor .in Political Science SAM Club Secretary, APB Publicity 55 Chairman, Freshmen Orientation Staff Member Gary Wayne Kitchen 855 S. Mt. Joy St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Susan M. Koontz T167 Oberholtzer Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration Candia A. Knowles 9 Conestoga Rd. Clementon, NJ 08021 Biology, Pre-Med with a Minor in French Biology Club. Modern Language Club Linda Kay Kurtz 260 W. Ridge St. Carlisle. PA 17013 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Management and Internation- al Business SAM Club. Marketing Club, Intramu- ral Volleyball Linda G. Lachenmayr 1 Readington Road Whitehouse Station. NJ 08889 Communications APB, STEP. Dorm Council, WWEC, Society of Collegiate Journalists, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Yearbook, Intra- mural Basketball " I love you Mom. Thanks Sherry for be- ing a great roommate and friend. ' " Juliann La Marra 1504 Jackson Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 Occupational Therapy Resident Assistant, Occupational Ther- apy Club, ASCOTA Delegate ' 88, Field Hockey Team Mark Anthony Lanzone 228 North Main Street Allentown, PA 18104 Communications Baseball Team. Intramural Football and Basketball, WWEC Radio Sports Broadcaster Jim Lardear 22 Austin Rd. Wilmington, DE 19810 English Professional Writing Laura Jeanne Lawson 782 Main Rd. Mountaintop, PA 18707 Chemistry Chemistry Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, College Scholar (1987 and 1988), Ac- tivities Planning Board Richard Lebron 524 Lucas Creek Rd. Newport News. VA 23602 History Scott L. LeCalsey 107 Haskell Dr. ' Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration Dorm Council President, Resident Life Council Vice-President, SAM Virginia Leidy RD 2 Box 42 Williamsburg, PA, 16693 Occupational Therapy David F. Lenhart 316 Clover Ave Lancaster. PA 1 7602 Business Marketing Lori A. Lobb 317 S. WhiteoakSt. Kutztown, PA 19530 Business Administration SAM. SAM Club Director of Public Re- lations, Women ' s Varsity Basketball, Varsity Softball Jennifer M. Lorenz RD 1 Box 210 Gap. PA 17527 Mathematics Math Club President, Outdoor Club,] Chorale Jill L. Losbrowsky 1079 Signal Hill Lane Lancaster, PA 17601 Business-Marketing, Management Girl ' s Softball Team, Marketing Club,j Management Club Marie E. Loughlin 10445 Sternwheel Place Columbia, MD 21044 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Circle K Secretary Jacqueline M. Luce 856 Meadowood Ln. Warminster, PA 18974 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Photogra- j phy Club Secretary, Dorm Council Sec- 1 retary, Peer Counselor " Mom and Dad- thanks for all yourj help, love, and support. After years later-I made it! JM, PC, EH, I SM, and TG, thanks for all the laughs! and memories, and for always beingl there. I love you guys! " Patricia M. Ludwig 4210 Clendenning Rd. Gibsonia, PA 15044 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Circle KJ Club, Dining Hall Student Manager, In-] tramural Volleyball Lisa M. Maccagnano 20 Camden Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 Psychology Psychology Club, Psychology Clubl President, Newman Club, Volunteerl Club, IVCF 56 Susan L. Mahoney 177 King St. Northumberland, PA 17857 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Economics Activities Planning Board President. Modern Language Club. SAM Club, Chorale Michele A. Mahouchick 1 1 Sandbox Road Glenwood, NJ 07418 Social Work Neman Club CSO, Chemistry Club, Social Work Club, SANASW ' " Aside from the inevitable distortions and misrepresentations of our senses, is it not at least possible that we are now dreaming and that the world out there is not at all as we perceive it, or even that it is not at all...? " Descartes Pamela S. Mallow RD 2 Box 98 Clearville, PA 15535 Accounting Alpha Lambda Delta, Math Club, Ac- counting Finance Club, Peer Counselor Debra Rose Mancarella 15 Garry Rd. Windsor Locks, CT 06096 Education Secretary and President for the Circle K, Newman Club, Intramural Volley- ball, Education Club Donald J. Mangold 407 Drum Point Rd. Brick, NJ 08723 Computer Science Treasurer for the Outdoors Club, Vice President for the Computer Science Club, Camera Club Richard J. Mantz 6030 Cherry Hill Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17111 Computer Science Secretary and Vice President for the Commuter Council Paul E. Masters 204 Emmett St. Scranton, PA 1 8504 Political Science APB. History Club, Dorm Council, Po- litical Science Club, Intramurals, Trea- surer for the Republican Club Theresa Mazzotta 15 Branford Road Darby, PA 19023 Biology Biochemistry Treasurer for the Biology Club, New- man Club, Band Holly Beth McCrum 13 James St. Shrewsbury, NJ 07702 Occupational Therapy SOTA Maureen McFadden 2938 Defford Rd. Worcester, PA 19490 Business Finance and Economics SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, Marketing Club, Volleyball and Softball Intermurals, Aerobics Instructor " I ' ll always remember the great times on 2-East..I ' ll miss you guys! Thanks Mom and Dad for all of your love and sup- port. " David McFalls 650 15th Ave. Prospect Park, PA 19076 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Marketing IVCF, Tennis Team Thomas P. M cGonigle 2087 Oakdale Ave. Glenside, PA 14038 Political Science Dorm Council Jean Mclver 23 Manor Brook Rd. Monkton. MD Childhooi Education Club, i David Vincent MeKelvev RD 2 Box 1570 Holtwood PA 17532 Business Administration with a Market- ing and Management Concentration APB Treasurer, SAM Club. Student Senate, Dining Hall Student Manager. Employee of the Admissions Office Robert McLaughlin 71 1 Blackstone Ave. Cooingdale PA 19023 Accounting Accounting Finance Club, Brinser Dorm Council, Soccer, Cross Country Robin Maria McNemar RD 2 Box 1755 Port Royal, PA 17082 Chemistry STEP, Vice President for Chemistry Club, President for Physics Club, Year- book Faculty Editor, Biology Club, Psy- chology Club Michelle Denise Mehtlan P.O. Box 238 New Freedom, PA 17349 Biochemistry Secretary for Delphi Society, Junior and Senior Class Secretary, Vice President and President for Chemistry Club. Stu- dent Senate Executive Cabinet, Dorm Council, Intramural Volleyball and Softball, Tutor, Lab Assistant Sharon Ann Meredith 10 Hilton Rd. Wilmington, DE Early Elementary Education Education Club Scott P. Merlo RD 2 Box 117 Palmyra, PA 17078 History 57 Member, Treasurer, and Vice President for the History Club Karla Meyer 1300 Park Dr. Number 6 Palmyra. PA 17078 Communications with a Biology Minor Brian K. Miller 1361 Lorine Place Worthington, OH 43235 Communications Department Chairman ' s Advisory Com- mittee, Dorm Council Treasurer, Intra- mural Sports Patricia Louise Miller 257 Meetinghouse Rd. Jenkintown, PA 19046 Mathematics Math Club, Intramurals Robert Lee Miller Box 28 Ft. Loudon, PA 17224 Psychology APB, Psych Club, Big Brother Big Sis- ter Assistant Coordinator, Intramurals, Soccer James Anthony Mirando, Jr. 17 Carriage Rd. New Cumberland, PA 17070 Business Administrati on with a Concen- tration in Finance, Marketing, and Management Robert W. Mitchell Jr. 366 Yorktowne Rd. Hershey, PA 17033 Business Administration Marketing. Marketing Club, SAM Club, President of Founders Dorm Council, Central Dorm Council, Intra- mural Sports " Thanks Mom and Dad. " White collar conservative flashing down the street, pointing his plastic finger at me. Let me live my life. ..the way I want to. " James Hendrix Teresa R. Moats 9501 Mentzer Gap Rd. Waynesboro, PA 17268 Business Marketing SAM Club, Field Hockey(co-captain, senior year). Basketball Lisa M. Mohler 2143 Creekhill Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Occupational Therapy OT Club, Circle K Club, Dorm Council, Occupational Therapy, Refreshments Chairperson, Learning Center Coordin- ator Marcella Jane Monroe 848 Rutter Ave. Kingston, PA 18704 Communication-Mass Media Society for Collegiate Jounalists Presi- dent, WWEC Music and Station Direc- tor, ECTV Reporter and Promotions Di- rector, Etownian, Photgraphy Club Vice-President, Campus Forum, Cam- pus Gold Treasurer, APB Maxwell Takyi Morgan 8540 Provident St. Philadelphia, PA 19150 Business Administration International Club, Men ' s Intercolle- giate Soccer Team, Finance and Mar- keting Club, Black Student Union Lauren C. Morris 817 Ocean Rd. Point Pleasant, NJ 08742 Elementary Education APB, Education Club, Myer Dorm Council Robert W. Moyer Jr. West Market St. Berrysburg, PA 17005 Computer Science BIS Wrestling, Computer Science Club Treasurer and President, Student Sen- ate, Ober Dorm Council Lois C. Muller 267 Lake St. Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Accounting Accounting Finance Club, SAM Club, APB, APB Executive Board, Campus Theatre, Women ' s Soccer Club Trea- Michael T. Murtha 4824 Vicky Rd. Baltimore, MD 21236 Business Administration Marketing SAM Club, Varsity Baseball, Assistant Coach for Varsity Softball, Intramurals Karen Louise Neidig 4526 Cooper Ave. Pennsauken NJ 08109 Communications Etownian, WWEC, SCJ, IABC, Stu- dent Senate Scott H. Neufeld 1 13 Bennington Dr. East Windsor NJ 08520 Business Administration Finance Swim Team, Accounting Finance Club, i Marketing Club Mark B. Newkirk 548 Gralaw Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration APB Tech Chairperson, Peer Counselor,! Student Senate, Dorm Council Willoughby F. Nicolls III 5009 Marvine Rd. Drexel Hill, PA 19026 Business Administration Marketing Club, Varsity Baseball(cap-j tain, senior year), American Marketing! Association Kimberly A. Novosat 1529 W. Congress St. Allentown, PA 18102 Communications with a Concentration in Public Relations and a Minor in Po- 58 litical Science Political Science Club, Newspaper Staff, IABC Treasurer, Democratic Club, Swim Team Cynthia L. Page 709 Amosite Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Communications Founders Dorm Council, Hall represen- tative, Secretary, President, Residence Life Council, ECTV, Talk of the Towns Cameraman, Audio, WWEC radio mu- sic and promotions, Department of Communications Advisory Committee, APB. IABC " I ' m not ready! Thanks to Mom and Dad. Bethy, Tarn, Jul, Killer, Tama, and Chris for four very special years. Love ya! " Elizabeth Anne Parrish 2 Lantern Lane Hatboro, PA 19040 Communications Public Relations Circle K, Soccer, Myer Dorm Council President, Residence Life Council Presi- dent, Concert Band, Statistician for Girls Basketball, Intramurals, Year- book Special Events Editor " A friendship of love is a journey that never ends but grows with the breaking of the tide. To all my friends-SF, LS, MK, SN, WS, TR, CN, LW, TN- thanks for making my four years the best. Mom and Dad-thanks for all the support and understanding...! love you! " Esther A. Peachey 68 1 2 E. Washington St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration Elizabeth J. Penn Box 145 Royal Oak, MD 21662 Social Work Social Work Treasurer, APB. Alpha Delta Mu, Volunteer Club " Thanks to Mom and Dad for making it all happen, to all my friends for the ureal memories, and especially to Geoff for all his love and support. 1 love you all! " Tracey Sue Pepo 2160 Elim St. York, PA 17404 Occupational Therapy SOTA Executive Board, Resident Assis- tant Kari M. Phair T230 Oak Ridge Ave Summit, NJ 07901 Business Management Schlosser Dorm Council President, Out- door Club President, APB, APB repre- sentative for Residence Life Council. Residence Life Council, Resident Assistant Deborah Philipp 40 Mockingbird Hackettstown. NJ 07840 Music Therapy Alpha Mu Club Treasurer, Chorale, Concert Band, Brass Ensemble Peer Counselor, Psy Chi Julie A. Phillips 500 Tavistock Blvd. Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Elementary Education Swim Team Co-captain, Resident Assis- tant, Tutor, APB Maria E. Pioli 514 Arch St. Montoursville. PA 17754 Business, Marketing SAM Club, Basketball Team Charlene Ann Popalis 939 E. Center St. Mahanoy City, PA 17948 English Education Modern Language Club, Outdoor Club, English Club Elizabeth Price . 366 Grove Rd South Orange. Management Intramural Soccer and Softball, SAM Club, Marketing Club Darlene A. Prickett 642 Uniontown Rd. Westminster, MD 21 157 English-Professional Writing with a mi- nor in Psychology Alpha Lambda Delta, Myer Dorm Council Treasurer, English Club. Psych Club, Psi Chi. Residence Life Council Representative Laurie Anne Primus 514 Madison Ave. Fort Washington, PA 19034 Political Science Student Senate. Modern Language Club Vice President, Psi Chi Vice Presi- dent. Political Science Club. Pi Sigma Alpha. Delphi Society Joseph A. Puleo III 96 Ferry Ln. Phoenixville, PA 19460 English Lit Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Swim- ming, Resident Assistant Tracy Michelle Pusatere 624 Grainsbury Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Elementary Education Education Club Edward John Rathsam 305 Hillside Ave. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration Scott William Ravert 21 South Church St. Robesonia, PA 19551 Business Marketing Soccer Team 59 Robert A. Reale, Jr. 5 Beth Ann Way Trenton, NJ 08638 Business Administration SAM Treasurer, Residence Life Coun- cil Treasurer and President, Newman Club Treasurer, Middle States Subcom- mittee Member, Brinser Dorm Council member and President Randy L. Rebuck 900 W. Market St. Trevorton, PA Computer Science Computer Science Club, Resident Assis- tant, Football, Basketball, Softball, and Volleyball Intramurals Susan R. Regen 19 Dillon Rd. West Caldwell, NJ 07006 English Scott David Reigel 64 Hillcrest Rd. Warren, NJ 07060 Business Marketing SAM Club, History Club, Political Sci- ence Club, Outdoor Club Laura Cecilia ReiJIy 66 Fox Hedge Rd. Saddle River, NJ 07458 Elementary Education Education Club, Newman Club Kendra L. Rhoads 46 E. High St. Carlisle, PA 17013 Elementary Education Education Club Donald J. Richard 6 Canter Circle Newark. DE 19711 Business Administration SAM Club, Outdoor Club. Ski Club Jody L. Riley 401 N. Market St. Apt. 3 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Biochemistry Alpha Psi Omega, Chemistry Club. PHPC Robin L. Rittenhouse RD 2 Box 1 ISA McVeytown, PA 17051 Business Administration Accounting Finance Club, SAM Club, APB, Dorm Council Representative, In- tramural Volleyball Lizbeth Rizzo 576 Vaughn Ave. Toms River. NJ 08753 Social Work Social Work Club, Advocates for Peace, APB, Yearbook, Psychology Club, In- tramural Sports, Admissions Office Tour Guide Gregg A. Rodgers RD 1 Box 114A Huntingdon, PA 16652 Business Administration Basketball, Intramural Basketball and softball, Resident Assistant Shelly Rogora 366 Lincoln St. Phillipsburg, NJ 08865 Mathematics Circle K, Math Club. APB, Brethren Colleges Abroad Tammy Roller 989 Ethan Court Harrisburg, PA 17112 Accounting Society for the Advancement of Man- agement, Accounting and Finance Club Jennifer Grace Ross 373 North Burgher Ave. Staten Island. NY 10310 Communications Julia C. Ryan 610 Main St. Denver, PA 17517 Mathematics Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society President, Pi Mu Epsilon. Math Club Ross Sackler 6 Cornwall St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Communications Activities Planning Board. ECTV Re- porter, Etownian Staff, WWEC Radio DJ, " The Toys " Drummer, Concert Band, Jazz Band Matthew Saia RD1 Box 416 Glassboro, NJ 08028 Business Finance Soccer Team, Accounting Finance Club Christin Saldon 8628 Midland Ave. Philadelphia, PA 19136 Accounting and Marketing ROTC, Marketing Club " There is nothing stronger in this world than gentleness. " Donna Saunders 7 Kennedy La. Trenton, NJ 08368 Psychology Psi Chi President, Psychology Club, So- ciology Social Work Club, Psychology Student Assistant, Dean ' s List, Student Manager of Jays Nest Stacy Ann Sbur 4 Elaine Dr. Thornton, PA 19373 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Management. Activities Plan- ning Board, SAM Club, Tutor Tammy Scholtes 601 Hanover Rd. Hampstead MD. 21074 Communications Activities Planning Board, Women ' s Soccer Team, " Talk of the Towns " Co Anchor, WWEC Radio DJ, Dorm! 60 Council Paul Richard Scukas 2644 Majestic Dr. Wilmington, DE 19810 English Literature Intramurals Suzanne L. Seibert 140 South Branch Rd. Somerville, NJ 08876 Business Administration Marketing Club, Yearbook Amy C. Seifrit 1415 Pinecrest Dr. South Williamsport, PA 17701 Occupational Therapy Volunteer Club, Campus Fellowship, Helped with Handicapped Swimming, Dorm Bible Study, Occupational Ther- apy Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta Epsilon, College Scholar (1987 and 1988) Michelle Ann Elizabeth Seiler 3401 Nottingham Rd. Westminster, MD 21157 Psychology Psi Chi Club, Psychology Club, SAM Club Karen Shaffer RD3 Box 160 Selingsgrove, PA 17870 Social Work Residence Life Staff, Peer Counseling Staff, Social Work Club, Alpha Delta Mu Robin L. Shamer 2622 Sandymount Rd. Finksburg, MD 21048 Music Education Music Educator National Conference, Concert Choir, Chorale, Concert Band, Orchestra, Inter- Varsity Christian Fel- lowship, Choral Union, Education Club Elizabeth Simmons 3003 Harvest Rd. Elizabethlown, PA 17022 Accounting Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society. Dean ' s List. Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents at American Universities and Col- leges, SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, Cross Country Team. Tutor. Busi- ness Department Student Assistant Lorianne Sitzabee 3854 Condit St. Seaford, NY 11783 Music Therapy Alpha Mu, MENC, Campus Gold, Band, STEP, Jazz Band, Intramural Sports. Chorale, Concert Choir. Clari- net Choir, Newman Club Diane Michelle Slater 968 General Nash Dr. Lansdale. Pa 19446 Political Science Political Science Club, Semester Abroad in Spain, International Club. Democrat ' s Club, Modern Language Club, Cross Country Team. Summer Orientation Richard C. Smith 209 Tennyson Dr. Lancaster, PA 17602 Mathematics Peer Counselor, Summer Orientation Staff, Math Club, Tutor, Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Pi Mu Epsilon Robert W. Snyder 84 Wellington Blvd. Wyomissing, PA 19610 Computer Science Computer Club Beverly Suzanne Soper 31 Kings Way Freehold, NJ 07728 Social Work Summer Orientation Staff, Student Senate, Activities Planning Board: Pub- licity Chairman, Vice Pre sident; Resi- dent Assistant, Schlosser Head Resi- dent, Social V President Amy Strazzella 213 East Walnut St. Hanover. PA 17331 Music Therapy Student Senate, Alphu Mu. Catholic Student Organization Janna E. Strickler 332 East Oak St. Palmyra, PA 17078 Business Administration Modern Language Club, Intramurals Beth Ann Sutcliff 24 Taylor Dr. Portland, CT 06480 Occupational Therap Occupational Therapy Club Tina Marie Tagliavia RD Box 114 Bridies Path Southampton. NY 1 1968 Business Administration SAM Club, Marketing Club, Residence Life Council President, Peer Counselor. Activities Planning Board Kimberly Ann Tebbs 27 Laurel Dr. Somers Point, NJ 08244 Business Administration Marketing Concert Band. Band Staff Janice Thunberg PO Box 337 Bowmansville, PA Biology Cheerleader 7507 Hanh Ngoc Tieu 1716 Olive St. Reading, PA 19604 Business Administration and French Modern Language Club, SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club Christine Tinucci 1317 Spring St. 61 Sharon Hill, PA 19079 Communications Forensics, Etownian Staff. Cheerleader, Intramurals, IABC Colleen Louise Tolley 521 Riverwood Ave. Pt Peas., NJ 08742 Occupational Therapy Debra Kay Tregaskis 2511 Rickert Rd. Perkasie, PA 18944 English (Professional Writing) Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, Student Senate, Academic Core Com- mittee, Campus Girl Scouts, Writing Consultant Sharon Ulrich Route 1 Box 4 Bridgewater, VA 22812 Modern Languages Swim Team, Brethren Student Fellow- ship, Modern Language Club President Stacey Ann Vallinino 867 Summit Ave. Hackensack, NJ 07601 Early Childhood Education Education Club, Intramural Volleyball and Softball Ted Robert Vana 1051 Deep Creek Ave. Arnuld, MD 21012 Pre Med Biology Biology Club President. Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Resident Assistant Lisa Walter 1026 Beverly Rd Rydal, PA 19046 Communications Intramural Soccer, ECTV, WWEC, Myer Dorm Council Barbara Walters RD 4 Box 415 Bergers Rd Easton, PA 18042 Elementary Education. MENC, Educa- tion Club, APB, Residence Life Staff " Mom and Dad, Thank you for the past twenty-one years especially the last four! I love you both! " Stephen M. Ward 425 Museum Rd. West Reading, PA 19611 Business Administration Student Senate, Jazz Band, Guitar En- semble, WWEC, Computer Science Club, STEP, Etownian Staff Laura Waughtel 803 N. Plum St Lancaster, PA 17602 Elementary Education APB, Student Senate, Education Club, Tutor Stacey Weaver 314 Walnut St Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 Occupational Therapy , OT Club, Intramural Volleyball and Softball, Schlosser Dorm Council " To my family and Chris-thank you for everything.. I love you. Thanks to my housemates at Orchard. To HM, JF, JH, and AF-thanks for all the great memo- ries. I am really going to miss you. " Donald Weckel 304 East High St Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Soccer Team, Intramural Basketball, VITA Internship, Accounting and Fi- nance Club Michael W. Weis RD3 Box 157 Sewell, NJ 08080 Business Administration with a Concen- tration in Finance Soccer Team, Accounting Finance Club Jon Wenger RD 7 Box 453 Manheim, PA 17545 Biochemistry Chemistry Club, Brethren Student Fel- lowship, Campus Fellowship, Pre-health Professions Club, SAM Club Elizabeth Werner 3809 Hilltop Dr Gibsonia, PA 1 5044 Occupational Therapy Student Senate, OT Club, Class Vice- President, Newman, Outcomes Com- mittee, Volleyball, Intramural Volley- ball and Softball Joelle I. West RD 2 Box 35 Campbell, NY 14821 Business Administration Marketing with a Concentration in International Business Marketing Club, SAM Club, Account- ing Finance Club, Dorm Council, Intra- mural Softball and Volleyball Suzanne Whitaker 523 Sharp St. Millville, NJ 08332 English Professional Writing Advocates for Peace, English Club Kimberly D. Whittle 106 Lynwood Drive Palmyra, PA 17078 Business Administration Finance Ac- counting SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club Kyle W. Widrick RD 1 Box 563 Adams, NY 13605 Mathematics Campus Fellowship President, Pi Mu Epsilon Soccer Team 62 Karla Krengel 117 Gloria Drive Jacobus. PA 1 7402 Communications ECTV reporter, anchor, news producer, coordinating producer; Conestogan pho- tographer Lisa F. Wighardt 9 Ashlyn Rd. Parsippany, NJ 07054 Occupational Therapy APB, Dorm Council Representative, Occupational Therapy Club, Occupa- tional Therapy Club Executive Board Member, Intramural Volleyball Harriet Louisa W ' ixson 22601 Ridge Road Germantown MD 20874 [Communications Student Senate, Head Resident, Fresh- man Orientation Co-Director, Alpha Lambda Delta. I ABC, Society for Col- ; liegate Journalist, Admissions Open House Student Speaker Stacey Yarnall 915 Sconnelltown Rd. West Chester, PA 19382 Psychology and Business Psychology Club Secretary. Psi Chi Honor Society, Dorm Council, Central Dorm Council, Intramural Racquetball Kathy Young 1218 Treeline Dr. Allentown. PA 18103 Early Childhood Education Education Club, Intramural Sports Anthony M. Zaia 160 Azalea Dr. Hershey, PA 17033 Communications Varsity Baseball Patti A. Zanella 42 Park Dr. Emmitsburg, MD 21727 Elemental I du Education Club Keith T. Zebrowski 4210 Anita Dr. Collegeville, PA 19426 Business Administration SAM, History Club, Political Science Club Vice-President, Alpha Lambda Delta. Pi Sigma Alpha. Intramural Sports, CROP Volleyball Marathon Mark T. Zerbe 146 Valley View Dr. Ephrata. PA 17522 Economics Wrestling, College Republicans, Ober Dorm Council, Transfer Student Peer Conselor Shane D. Zimmerman 955 Pleasure Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration 63 Senior Class Worship Service This year ' s Senior Class Worship Service was held graduation morning, and was standing room only. This annual service is con- ducted by and for graduating seniors, to give them one last oppor- tunity to be in worship together. Many senior class members par- ticipated in this memorable event, ranging in roles form singing to signing special songs. Several graduates even shared special memo- ries of their college careers with the audience. Many tears were shed, but many smiles also appeared at this joyous time of celebra- tion. 64 65 Graduation 1989 Graduation Day 1989 dawned sunny, but very hot and humid. Somehow, that didn ' t seem to dampen any spirits as many gathered to wish the seniors well. Because the weather did cooperate, the ceremony was held in the Dell. Honorary degrees were conferred upon Carlos Leffler, John Hostetler, and Nathan A. Scott Jr. Dr. Scott was the commencement speaker, who delivered an inspiring message to those assembled. The first Phares Hertzog Award was given to Dean Joe Shaw for his many years of dedicated service to the college. Although graduation brings many tears, for it marks the end of a student ' s college career, it also marks the beginning of a very bright fu- ture. Good luck graduates, we wish you well. SJFv? 66 68 69 3 p 3 S •! V " - .. 71 Schlosser RAs: Chris Courpas, Kim Peck, Lori Daniel, Leana Miller. Beverly Soper, Barbara Walters. Schlosser The revisions of the College ' s alcohol policy was a hot issue on campus for most of the fall semester of 1988. The changes left many students confused or angry. The state ' s passage of Act 31, which made schools more responsible, and required heavy penalties for those supplying minors, precipitated some of the College ' s policy changes. Limits were placed on the number of students allowed in a room, and even stu- dents over the age of 21 were not able to drink. Some students became concerned about the effect the policy changes were having on the college ' s social life, fearing that Elizabethtown College was becom- ing a " suitcase college. " Despite this, the Student Life Administration noted no decrease of students on campus on the weekends. The college found itself in a unique position because Elizabethtown College and its Church of the Brethren tradition do not officially condone the use of alco- hol. The policy was eventually revised in late 1988 to allow 21 year-olds to drink, provided it was in a private place and wasn ' t obtusive. Schlosser Dorm Council: Row 1: Sharon Smith Cindy Faunx. Row 2: Sue Todd. Debbie Judkins Row 3: Kim Humphreys. Kim Dickinson, Betr Boylan, Deb Jackson, Marsha Zablotney. Row 4 Sujatha Puppala, Holly Kreider, Virginia Leidy 72 1-East: Row 1: i Wendy Bright, Aimee Duerr. Row 2: . • Ross, Beth Whitaker, Megan White, Lemperers, Darci Rotz. Row 3: Heather Bai- ley, Suzanne Cawiey. Row 4: Michelle Dubois, Susan Reed, Andrea Bugash. Row 5: Beth Lit- tle, Linda Robinson, Susan Rainey. 2-East: Row 1: S usan Bardman, Staphanie Teoli, Tracy Whelan, Judy Krasowski, Eliza- beth Kiani. Row 2: Stacy Sbur, Barbara Moore, Christiana Blatchley, Kristine Kiefer, Diane Myers. Row 3: Ellen Kandravy, Kimber- ly Reed, Kimberly Humphreys, Sujatha Pup- pala, Starlene Keeney. Row 4: Shannon McKeon, Rebecca Wagner. 73 2-East: Row 1: Kristin Nissley, Margaret Gryczko, Wendy Hoffman. Jennifer Wineberg, Tonya McClain, Deeanna Gustafson, Susan Tressler. Row 2: Kris Hodgkiss, Robin Ricketts, Maryann DeFilippo, Lisa DelNegro, Sue Misio- lek. Celeste Bernhardt. Sharon Smith, Kimberly Lipsly, Chris Courpas. Row 3: Amy Lambrecht. Cindy Blecker. Kelly Strayer. Row 4: Genevieve Symack, Michele Kurczewski, Laura Heimerich, Missy Snyder. Brenda Walker, Lisa Gerhart, Faith Himmelreich, Michelle Andre. Marsh Eide- miller. Ellen Jones. Missing: Lisa Marie Hunter, Rachel Zenhausen. Megan Hall, Susan Pearce, Udochi Amachi, Amy Michener, Teressa Hoffa, Jan Bowser, Michele Mahouchick, Stephanie Crone, Missy Godfrey, Tracey Beckley. 3-East: Row 1: Linda Hennen. Row 2: Mara Tucker. Kim Smeltzer, Jen Davis, Katrina Lewis. Row 3: Virginia Leidy, Kelly Carlson. Angie Max- ton, Holly Kreider. Row 4: Beth Batcho, Janice Thunberg. Maryann Lampart, Gina Menzo. 74 3-East: Row 1: Carla McGowan, Karin Nord. Barb Walters, Diana Daniels, Melinda Walk- er. Row 2: Chris Ligenza. Michelle Leiss, Andi Mitchell, Claire Gibson. Row 3: Mary Schramm, Sharon Clark. Karen Cvrkel, Mikki Fichtner, Carolyn Bolich. Row 4: Kristin Keefe, Dawn Brewer, Kim Adams. Kathy Martell, Lisa Eeidman, Tanya Lazuka. Miss- ing: Angela Chiffy, Corinne DeShong, Jen Drake, Jill Glass, Chris Kukula, Ann Loose, Lisa Marcocci, Amy Stitzel. Schlosser West 2-West: Row 1: Renee Weaver, Missy Little, Beth Boylan, Joanna Adelmann. Kim Dickinson, Jodi Bardelli. Row 2: Karen Vannucci, Chris Hummel, Amy Herman, Dawn DeAngelis, Tricia Mikolon, Heather Noth- wang, Tracey Groff. Row 3: Kami Curtis, Jodi Wiedman, Deb Williams, Debbie Jackson, Melanie Rolvin. Marsha Nablotney, Jennifer Putnam, Melissa Stutzman. Row 4: Michelle Stough, Lori Gosweiler, Tammy Barner, Leslie Lapham, Susie McGovern, Kim Peck, Becky Heath, Lynn Huxtable. Row 5: Liz Clarkin. Lesley Bryant, Dana Laricks, Cindy Faux, Laurie Cholewa, Bev Soper. Jen Beam. Missingr Jennifer Rinehart. 75 Schlosser 3-West: Row 1: Beth Sutcliffe. Kim No- vosat. Sue Todd. Row 2: Angele Tran, Missy Dal- ton, Michele Oehme. Row 3: Chanin Gearhart, Heather Gearhart, Cindy Alphin. Row 4: Michelle Rost, Bonnie Shupp, Kim Bedner. Row 5: Deb Williams, Leana Miller. Row 1: Maureen Heelan. Lisa Fouchet, Jill Glass, Ellen Gleinstuber. Row 2: Judie Barton, Chrissy Beckwith, Jenny Lorenz. Row 3: Jen Rager, Abbey Shoemaker, Robin McNemar. Row 4: Kathy Cox, Mary Anglin. Row 5: Janine deCheubell, Terry Boyle, Jen Jones, Diane Sheffield. 76 Royer RAs: Row 1: Julie Phillips, Jen Luebbe, Ann Douglass. Row 2: Susan Walcher, Linda Johnson, Jen Ross, Karen Shaffer. Royer Elizabethtovvn College was reac- credited by the Middle States Associ- ation of colleges and schools in 1989. The college was evaluated by a visita- tion team consisting of education and administration members from other institutions of higher learning. As part of the process, which occurs ev- ery ten years, the college had to pre- pare an in-depth self-study that looks at areas such as faculty, students, li- brary resources, student life, aca- demic curriculum, and admissions. The college ' s self-study, composed by groups of Elizabethtown students, administrators, and faculty, is then examined by the visiting team, who then issues its report on the college, citing areas for improvement and areas of strength. Provost Frederick Ritsch stated in the April 28 Etow- nian, that the college ' s self-evaluation was pretty much on the mark. " Some areas in the visitation team ' s report in many ways actually underlined the validity of our own self-study " , he said. Royer Dorm Council: Row 1: Diane Tregaskis, Jen Luebbe, Tanya Kimball. Row 2: Amy Smith, Kirsten Kellogg. 77 Royer-North Several major-name speakers were brought to campus in 1988 and 89, from noted poets to a former secretary of la- bor. In February, Sonia Sanchez, a world renowned poet and author spoke as a part of the Monday at 10 series. Sanchez is a teacher and spokesperson for the movement to make black studies a vital part of the educational curricu- lum. She has won several awards includ- ing the American Book Award and the Lucretia Mott Award. In April, William E. Brock spoke in Gibble Theatre about " The Busch Ad- ministration ' s Agenda for the 1990 ' s: Is- sues — Trade, Deficits, and Debt. " He was ex-secretary of labor for 1985-87. He emphasized the importance of straightening out trade problems and the federal deficit. l-North: Row 1: Kym Harris, Maria Pollak, Karla Fleshman, Rachel Kurtz. Tammy Grasso. Row 2: Andrea Clark. Grace Colangelo, Karen Barnett. Carol Thomas, Karen Shaffer. Row 3: Karen Fryer, Christine McGay, Tracy Belzek, Jen Gien- iec. Row 4: Sherry McNaught, Cindy Arnold Missing: Delphie Dickerson, Jackie James, Laura Nichols. 2-North: Row 1: Pamela Borkowski. Noelle Stiles, Moira Shaughnessy, Lauren Sutphen, Rachel Sinay, Maria Fantini. Row 2: Leslie Krum, Louise Gates, Suzanne Sherman. Kristen Lindsley, Karen Boyd. Cindy Links, Christina Patton. Row 3: Keri Sitzabee, Jessica Buhl. Donita Riley, Melissa Mitchell, Marisa Burgener. Missing: Christine Eck, Sarah Cole. 78 3-North: Row 1: Crystal Myers, Jennifer Br etz, Denise Zeoli. Ame Fernstermacher. Janet Bowler. Stephanie Cooper, Hanh Tieu, Lisa Spofford. Row 2: Angela Shin, Deb Naradko. Jennifer Ross, Liz Dean. Linda Lachenmayr. Row 3: Sherry Gingrich, Melanie Karns, Jennifer Spanberger. Marion Jordon, Cheryl Alt- meyer, Elizabeth Doyle, Pamela Boteler. Royer South l-South: Row 1: Amy Smith, Beth Gaukler. Row 2: Christine Tinucci. Ann Douglass. Renee Zeigler. Row 3: Tanya Kimball. Terri Watson, Wendy Harvey, Gretchen Yutzler, Jennifer Hoffman. Row 4: Lisa Sauder, Kim Duke, Debra Krause, Diana Tregaskis, Rhonda Stouffer, Kirsten Kellogg, Melissa Col!. 79 Royer 2-South: Row 1: Amy Douglas, Lisa Bach- man, Stacey Hachenberg. Pamela Wolf. Row 2: Beth Reitz, Debbie Shafer, Tonya McDole, Mi- chele Kreeser. Danielle Rouiller. Row 3: Susan (Zoe) Burkett. Lisa Maccagnano, Amy Beamer, Traci Musser, Kristin Matier, Kate Eyster. Row 4: Susan Walcher, Megan McLanahan, Stephanie Seekins, Dana Gress, Ann Buskey. Dana Knorr, Erin Goodman. Royer 3-South: Row 1: Julie Phillips, Deborah Hooker, Kelli Gray, Silvija Pakalnins. Korena Ty- son, Danielle Cartrer, Lisa Fleisher. Coleen Brady. Row 2: Katherina Scattergood, Marianna Tomar- elli, Tracy Carswell. Chris Chapman, Sharon Duff, Judy Garner, Stephanie Carpenter, Lori Butterwick. Julie Stitley. Missing: Josette Merkel, Pam Levan, Karen Baiersdorfer, Denise Ada- mucci. Tiffany Poole. 80 Myer RAs: Row 1 son, Reema Hindawi Row Marra, Beth Carbaugh. kari Phair. Myer Elizabethtown College gained quite a bit of recognition in 1988-89 as U.S. News and World Report ranked the college number 12 of the best small comprehensive colleges in the nation. The magazine described a comprehensive college as one that awards more than one half of its bac- calareate degrees in two or more oc- cupational or professional programs. The college was also rated one of the five most selective in admissions among 167 small comprehensive col- leges. U.S. News said of small compre- hensive colleges that, " these schools with fewer than 2,500 students have discovered a host of ways to set them- selves apart from the crowd. " Barron ' s Educational Series, Inc. also upgraded Elizabethtown ' s rating from " competitive " to " very competi- tive " in 1988. The higher rating was based on three factors: average SAT scores, highschool rank, and number of applicants to the college. Myer Dorm Council: Row 1: Harriet Wixson, Jamie Farkas. Row 2: Darlene Prickett. Mary Bova, Julie Fallen. Row 3: Samantha Polt, Ka- ren Benner, Betsy Parrish. Row 4: Beth Rhoades, Missy Kucks, Sherri Fox. 81 Myer East l-East: Row 1: Susan Snyder, Beth Rhoades, Dawn Marie Anderson, Juliann LaMarra. Row 2: Sherrie Fox. Darice Fine, Christi Hale, Kristin Hosier. 2-East: Row 1: Karen Faust. Leigh Dutch. Row 2: Kathy DiNunzio. Denise Borriello, Stacey Vallin- ino, Terri Cottrell. Bridget Bevan, Lisa Dimartile. Row 3: Maureen McFadden. Monica Humphrey, Vivian Smither, Mary Bova, Darlene Prickett, Amy Gottleib. Crystal Grover. Row 4: Monica Esh, Cathy Newton, Diane Vanaman, Jamie Far- kas. Barb Rhile, Shirley Waite, Kim Fies, Judy Babcock, Stacy Desmond, Alice Walton. Row 5: Tina Tagliavia. 3-East: Row 1: Beth Carbaugh, Susan Hudock, Denise Diemer, Debra Gress, Heather Cochran, Donna Eckenroth. Deborah Shaw, Sue Kreider. Row 2: Joy Bearly, Leisel Jacobs, Tracy Zimmer- man. Timna Royer, Heather White, Wendy Rehl- ing. Row 3: Kim Duyssen. Krista Wosiski, Chris- tine Sechler, Eve Puhalla, Melissa Brail. Jennifer Massey, Christine Devlin. Leslie Roberts. Karen Roberts, Kellie Semion. Row 4: Donna Scharr. Deb Lehman, Becky Runkle, Michelle Lennon. Missing: Diane Kipp, Betsy Parrish, Cory Her- pich, Teresa Underkoffler, Suzie Knepper. Sa- mantha Polt. linn 111 82 M 2-West: Row 1: Nancy Dunmyer, Tina Rahn. Row 2: Ngoc Huynh, Kristen Pitus. Elayne Jones, Janna Strickler, Missy Kucks. Belh Compton. Shamim Tejani, Harriet Wixson. Row 3: Stephanie Sauder, Krista Cummings, Karen Santore, Reema Hindawi, Denise Bell. Lisa Diano, Missy Buser. Row 4: Julie Isabella. Wendy Mover. Missy Young, Ronni Bell, Brenda Campbell, Jill Katterman, Alison Pe- drick. 3-YVest: Row 1: Lorinda " Bird " Wright, Nan- cy Keene, Kari Phair, Suzette Hutchinson. Row 2: Rhonda Sutphin, Kim Crozier. Julie Fallen. Row 3: Jenny Black, Amy Etter, Kim Weller, Lisa Reinert. Row 4: Christine Jur- sinski, Neda Saric. Laura Buckley, Sarah Schink, Bridey McGuire. Jackie Reid. Julie Long. 83 Ober The spring of 1989 saw the beginning of the new High Library. The ground- breaking ceremony was held in March, 1989 to start the $6 million dollar li- brary. John Shaeffer, College Treasur- er, said the library construction was about $7500 under budget and if all went well, the library should be ready for the fall of 1990. Plans for this spring semester were not just concentrated on the new library. Firstly, the current Public Safety build- ing was demolished. Arrangements also had to be made for Zug Memorial. Through a few renovations, Zug will house the music department as well as some student service offices. Rider, the current music hall, will then be demol- ished and more student offices will be located in the BSC. Through these out- standing plans for the future, complica- tions were bound to arise. The current commuter lot was blocked off because that is the construction site of the new High Library. Thus the parking situa- tion was aggravated even more. Baugher Avenue had limited parking space as well as surrounding campus streets. All in all, the excitement is in the air of watching the new library materialize and everyone is anxiously awaiting its completion. Ober RAs: Row 1: Kathy Calnon, Bob Moyer, Susan Boyd. Row 2: Kelly Bergstresser, Robbie Martin, Tracey Pepo, Ted Vana, Greg Rodgers. Ober Dorm Council: Row 1: Kerri Slavin. Tammie Schooley, Cathy Cooper. Row 2: Laura Peckham. Colleen Corbin, Beth Arbaugh, Carolyn Schmeick. Row 3: Tim Brown, Joe Adams, Brian Tomasino. Bill Buck. 84 Ober A-l Row 1: Scott Hurst, Dave Sweeney, Larry Keba, Scott Merlow, Mike Denmark. Row 2: John Harris, Andy Cook. Row 3: Mike Murtha, Nick Duchesne, Chip Doetsch, Tim McCormack, Brian Libby, Jay Pernasceli. Row 4: Mark Turner, Paul Masters, Doug Thomas, Bob Mover, Paul Scukas, Ed Reynolds, Drew McCoy, Scott Strobel. Row 5: Rich Hart, Bill Buck, Jason Daks, Chris Blum, Mike Abrams. Ober A-Wing Ober A-2: Row 1: Ken Burke, Ron Tomasello, Bob Mason, Brian Tomasino, Rich Litte, Sharif Abaza, Greg Rodgers. Row 2: Colon Skurnik, Andy Chubb, Jim Lardear, Reid Wolinsky, John Holmes, Kurt Altland, Tim Browne. Row 3: Bill Sawyer, Matt King, Joe Adams, Gary Kline. 85 Ober A-3: Row 1: Robert Martin, Rob Sainne, Phil D ' adderio, Cary Lloyd, Scott Neufeld, Ron Moyer, Steve Banks, Joe Stanzione, Steve Herr, Dave Gross. Row 2: Michael Bailey, Rich Banks, Jeff Coron, Judson Christopher, John Baxter, Steve Lyons. Francis Gibson, Fred Tact, Ray Blatz, Jeff Morena. Row 3: Chip Jetter, Dan Sa- ville, David Butler, Kirk Keefley. Missing: Jim Lopez, Karl Hammermueller, Marc Daigle, John Corbett, Takyi Morgan, Chris Morris. Ober B-Wing Ober B-Basement: Row 1: Bill Alward. Row 2: Dave Lorelli, Jim Didyk, Mark Zerbe, Dave Bailey, Rich Amatulli. Row 3: Lance Lee, Mike Dufault, Matt Vogel, Tim Finlan, Jim McGonigle. 86 Ober B-l: Row 1: Kellj Bergstresser. Row 2: Deb Weigand, Kris Scarpino, Becca Gavaletz, Whitney Lawrence. Belh Arbaugh. Helen Parkes, Sarah Collier. Row 3: Wendy Potter, Tonya Kramer, Sherri Shaffer, Judy Reigcrt, Beth Beaver. Fran Talley. Row 4: Grace Ho- gan, Amy Gotlewski, Chris Fitzinger, Sue Strawbridge. Kim Chew. Leisl Strauss. Row 5: Heather Frank, Viv Sewell, Becky Hagenston, Marce Monroe, Karen Neidig, Steph Hacken- berg, Carolyn Schenieck, Heather Zimmer- man. Missing: Susie Herrert. Michelle Beyson. Kim Chronister, Carmella Hoppie, Deanna Siebert. Ober B-2: Row 1: Nona Garlick, Chris Gal- lagher. Row 2: Laura Wampler, Jen Tebo. Lisa Falcone. Lori Lobb, Tracey Pepo. Brenda Mor- ris. Row 3: Meg Hassold, Jean O ' Conner, Jen- nifer Miller. Liz Lacy, Lisa Baran. Kim Pow- ers, Michele Johnston. Melissa Neely. Row 4: Sue Hibbs, Susan Dunkerly. Laurie Freet. Sharon Murphy, Cathy Cooper. Kerri Slavin. Row 5: Anne Marie Mohr. Lisa Riotto, Keir- sten Rhoads, Dawn Arentowicz. Geanie Young. Ober B-3: Row 1: Stephani Fisher. Virginia Curtis. Brenda Thomson. Laura Peckham. Pa- mela Ginther, Melissa Oberhauser. Row 2: Leslie Slaby. Beth Hile. Liz Cheng. Justine Heraty, Jen Santomauro. Beth Claffey. Leslie Matthews, Linda Vondercrone, Renee Jacobs. Elaine Sponhauer. Row 3: Kathy Calnon. Missy Forster, Diane Eichemeyer. Michele Neary, Julie Heiser. Kristi Klun, Colleen Cor- bin. Amy Strieker. Angela Feola, Eileen O ' Donnell. Denise Germond, Ai Linh Nguyen Tu. Beth Salva. 87 Founders Founders RAs: Row 1: Robin Stokes, Tikki, Jen Morin. Row 2: Kirsten Lenskold, Barry Atticks, Deb Tregaskis, Stephanie Petersen, Susie Shue, Carla D ' Agostino. Jon Yost . Row 3: Andy Burk, Chuck " Beaker " Grabusky, Randy Rebuck, Jim Helt, Marie Loughlin. Founders Dorm Council: Row 1: Dan Walker, Cin- dy Page, Jeff Raub, Jill Castan, Melissa Kemberl- ing, John Russell. Row 2: Rob Rey, Anne Miller, Diana Owensby, Cheryl Campbell, Kellie McGowan, Jacquelin Goslin, Sherri Bjornestad, Colleen Dougherty. Row 3: Allyson Fisher, Me- lanie Ferraro, Noreen Cahill, Jacki Moyer, Sara Lantz, Brett Treston, Colleen Ehret, Andrew Ma- comber. Missing: Heather Kostick, Jeff Starr, Kathy Adams, Dayna Long, Dawn Cochran, Brian Barr, Mike Wetzel, Mark Newkirk, Tina Bova, Ann McClure, Ross DeEdwards. 88 Founders A-l: Row 1: Kellie McGowan, Mi- chelle Aitala, Jeanette Russo, Kirsten Lens- kold, Sandy Warren, Julie Winebarger, Jay Jenkins, Bill Umphrend. Row 2: Brian Wau- hop, Anne Malin, John Whitman, Jeanette Digwood, Sharon Gilbert. ■ JL £ Founders A-2: Row 1: Jen Morin, Barry At- ticks. Row 2: Steph Brubaker, Alison Smith, Karen Haldeman, Jen Greentree, Jen Segletes, Sharon Kurkis, Jeff (Shadow) DeStefano. Row 3: Karen Peters, Maureen Ferrari, Jessica Shue, Michelle Benamati, John Ginder. Row 4: John Reissner, Karen Seone, Heather Kostick, Mike Rigg, Eileen Henry. Nance Logan, Jeff Starr, Doug Wetmore, Gretchen Lusch. Row 5: Brian Schaper, Dwayne Markel, Jon Miller. Pete DeSanto. Missing: Jeff Jeffries, Ronda Wayne, Ronn Wadler, Dane DeLozier. Founders A-3: Row 1: Kris Brennan. Trisha Starace, Gen Syrnick, Udochi Amachi, Cheri Brane, Margaret Barolin, Karen Landis. Row 2: Ross DiEdwardo. Dayna Long, Carla D ' A- gostino, Karen Cocklin, Rosie Altmann. Amy Seifrit, Kathy Adams. Row 3: Barry Phillips, Chris Hunsinger. Jeanette Martin, Linda Brightwell, Tuandung Nguyen. Michael John- stone, Bob Mott. Row 4: Jeff Peluse. J.J Lerch, Mark Patey, Jim Richardzon. Bill Loos, Jim Gould. Ken Hammaker. Missing: Ceri Davies, Kelly Slazinski, Gary Prem, Chris Rombauer, Matt Viguers. Joseph DiBella. 89 Founders B-Wing Founders B-l: Row 1: Susan Harris, Nicole Mad- zalan, Kara Simons. Row 2: Colleen Dougherty, Sheri Bjornestad, Dawn Cochran. Row 3: Kellie Redline, Jill Castan, Steph Petersen, Joanne Susko. Founders B-2: Row 1: Jim Bricker. Row 2: Greg Shimer, Scott Trappe, Kevin Hinkle, Beaker, RA. Row 3: Jim Bush, Jeff Walmsley. Rick Smith, Jeff Franci: David Walker. Row 4: Chris Morgan, Jay Varrato, Dan Connolly, Rick Cappadonna. Row 5: Tom Chambers. Rick Fisher, Alan Johnson, Matt Harrison, Bria Barr, Peter Busch, Jeff Thompson, David Welkie. Missing: Robert Rey, Tim Lin, Harold Hallman, Steven Bogerstock, Jeff Raub, Skip Stare, Mike Sten Brian Sicket, Chris Fluck, Wayne " ' Cuff ' Underkoffler, Mark Cline. Greg Wareham. 90 Founders B-3: Jennifer Brown. Tracy Echevar- ria, Clare Biebuyck, Vicki Vencha, Patricia Flannery. ounders B-3: Row 1: Megan Thompson, Deb Tregaskis, Maria Jannotti. Row 2: Karen George, Elizabeth Schell. Margaret Fisher. Kimberly Hall. Leslie Carr. kmy Bowman. Row 3: Noreen Cahill. Kim Ziegler. Kellie McAndrews. Cathy Evans, Lisa Van Ness, Olivia Pierce, Stacy Bailey, Diane Owensby, Daphne luntzinger. Row 4: Liz Schiedt, Amy Kline, Sonja Bercaw, Liz Sweeney, Myra Rudakevich, Tammy Dotts. Jaci Mover. 91 Founders C-Wing C-l: Row 1: Dave Snyder, Jim Helt, Dave Her- shey. Row 2: Scott Helsel, Greg Neidig, Mike Wetzel, Bob Sands, Dave Cooper. C-2: Row 1: Melanie Ferraro, Laurie Powell, Tara Latzo, Lisa Mohler, Becky Battles, Lynn Ed- wards. Row 2: Brenda Oswald, Stephanie Faulk- ner, Erica Stroll, Susie Shul, Anne Miller, Kirstin Conrad, Liz Rizzo, Meghan Hessenhauer, Jenn Benton. Cyndi Page. Row 3: Beth Eckerson, Holly Hess, Nora Eichlin, Sandy Garrison, Charlene Po- palis, Chris Antonelli, Krista Mazurkevich, Ally- son Fisher. Missing: Carolyn Tullio, Angel Terrac- cino, Kathy Krueger, Maureen Farley, Beth Penn, Amy Backenstose. C-3: Row 1: Amy Noble, Kim Brown, Kellie Brockman, Alicia Dolan. Row 2: Janeen Skrovan, Amy Gills, Danielle Ferro, Michelle Andrews. Row 3: Christa St. Clair, Christine Heider, Joelle West, Donna Tietenthaler, Debra Lesher. Row 4: David Prichard, Dennis Lepold, Ben Diurba, Gerri Belli, Scott Randolph, Andy Macomber. Bill Geo- gelis, John Bair. Missing: Dotty Craven, Glen Feldman, Donna Greitz, Troy Krall. Christian Lallo, Marci Mayer, Sean McEntire, Tim McGlaughlin. Randy Rebuck, Tom Snyder, Su- zanne Weber, Andrea Ziccarello. 92 Founde Ving D-l: Row I: Greg Srebotnik, Jon Yost, Chris Spizzieri, Tony Fritz. Row 2: Eric Myers, Lori Sitzabee. Shelly Rogora, Jamie Knowles, Vanessa Fitz, Holly Hilliar, Beth Myers, Col- leen Ehret, Melissa Kemberling, Ron Demby. Row 3: Rita Lockhead, Brett Preston, Monique Pelletier, Brian Sikert, Sara Lantz. Keith Monaco. Missing: Perry Conte, Greg Minnich, Lori Brocios. D-2: Row 1: Sarah Steuber. Jennifer Riley, Sheryl Campbell, Marybeth Temple. Louie Stringas, Gail Barnett, Beth Petersen. Row 2: Mark Grubb, Suzanne Knepper, Dale Zeigler. Kelli Semion, Phyllis Karabinchak, Deb Pe- chart, Tessie Farrington. Denise Tully. Row 3: John Shatto, Pat Huggins. Jill Pomroy. Kim Kelly. Andy Burk. Hope Gance. John Hersch, Patti Ivey. 1-. X? u D-3: Row 1: John Russel, Ann McClure. J. Kevin McFadden, G. Dave Backand, Linda Link. Row 2: Kelly Rogers, Michael McGinnis, Mike Bubnis, Tom Lee, Larry Tornari. Mike Schaeberle, Marie Loughlin, Alex Dunnigan. Row 3: Laurie " Wier " Hepburn, Shelie Horner, Barbara " Babs " Biehl, Bill Smith, John Capbell. Lisa Caldwell. Amber Brill. Dei- dre Pocase. Missing: Sharon Thrailkill. Tina Bova, Tracey Fisher. Amy Schaeffer, Kristine Brennen. Kristen Cummings. Tammy Roller, Sue Widders, Frank Miller. Jeff Klein, Jim " Jyng " Hansbury. Randy Krom. Tim Jones. 93 Brinser RA Staff: Row 1: Dale Wiles, Jay Holler, Steve Holcroft, Bob McLaughlin, Jeff Blevins, Jon Shi- vely. S Dorm Council: Row 1: Jon Shively, Steve Sensen- ich, Greg Donecker, Fred Koerber, Scott LeCal- sey. Row 2: Tony Heath. Randy Hinsey, Ed King. Brinser — South l-North: Row 1: Steve Holcroft, Doug Baker. Row 2: Ed King, Dave Chinchar, Craig Eby, Matt Hen- ry, Steve Butler, Chris Cortez, Chris Hill. Row 3: Scott Stenger, Rob Donaldson, Tom Bechtold, Lance Gantert. 94 2-North: Row 1: John McDanel. Dave Boyer. Dale Wiles. Mark Moore. Row 2: Jim Grossman. Mark Ebersole. Jeff Anderson. 2-North: Row 1: Doug Boyd, Bob Watson. Rich Savior. Row 2: Matt Unger. Mcandrew Burns. Dave Rockey. Bill Yater. R.J. Owles. 95 Brinser 3-North; Row 1: Christopher LeCalsey, Jeff Blevins, Shane Varner. Row 2: Matt " Barney " MacKowski. Row 3: Jeff Dwyer, Craig Givens, Scott LeCalsey, Clyde Weitkamp. Row 4: Joe Pi- sapia, Fred Koerber, Paul Hester, Michael Jones, Michael Salvitta, Charles " Tray " Bailey. Row 5: Christopher Jones, Steve Ward, Gregg Bush. Missing: Geoff Oprandy, Victor Warke, Kevin Shuey, Jonathon Dorato, Felix Mvarick, Grant Hibberd. Brinser — South Brinser 1-South: Row 1: Randy Harrison. Row 2: Tony Heath. Row 3: Fred Noble, Rich Lebron, Navid Haghdost, Steve Holcroft. Row 4: Ron Wence. I 96 Brinser 2-South: Row 1: Matt Kurzawa, Jon Wenger, Mark Scharr, Joe Denlinger, Steve Smith. Row 2: Steve Sensenich, Chris Guear. Jay Holler, Odin Maxwell, Terry Putt. Row 3: Paul Schneider, Scott Leister, Greg Donecker. Berry Wiles. Brinser 3-South: Row 1: Chris Schmidt, Jim White, Row 2: Dwight LeFever, James Doug- las, Brian Lemma. Eric Moberg. Joe Spring- nioli. Row 3: Glenn Pickering. Bob McLaugh- lin, Mike Holdren, Rob Reale, Bill Ushler, Er- nie Larossa, Tony Taveres. Doug Gee, Jeff Loughlin, Dave Hicock. 97 Rose Garden Row 1: Tammy Sholtes. Annette Flamini, Linda Kurtz, Ellis, Amy Justus, Robin Rittenhouse. Row 2: Lisa Wighardt, Cindy Hessler. Orchard Row 1: Amy Feadmark, Deb Ellis. Row 2: Lauren Morris, Holly McCrum. Row 3: Lanice Faus, Darcy Hall, Stacey Weaver, Julie Ryan. 98 Row 1: Kelley Crimmins. Row 2: Tracy Pusa- tere, Kelly Cawman. Row 3: Beth Werner. Row 4: Jill Loshnowsky, Kendra Rhods. Stacey Burch, Patti Zanella. Row 5: Kim Cahill, Kim Harris. Row I: Terry Goodbred. Elise Hobbis. Row 2: Jacqueline Luce. Sharon Meridith. 99 WD C c Row 1: Sharon Trachte, Suzanne Goodling. Row 2: Kurt Barnada, Peggy Herr, Uldis Daiga. Row 1: Zoe Proctor, Dr. Martin Spangler. Row 2: Dr. Raymond Reeder, Dr. Charles Schaeffer, Jack Hedrick, Dr. John Ranck. 102 Row 1: Dr. Jay Buffenmyer, Marshall Pomroy, Patricia Hill, Cynthia Beyerlein. Row 2: James Moyer, Dr. Maurice Hoppie. c 3 C 3 Row 1: Hugh Evans, Dr. Richard Stone, George Gliptis. Row 2: Donald Muston, Dr. Randolph Trostle. dd 5 C 3 103 Row 1: Dr. Nancy Deal, Dr. Thomas Dwyer, Dr. John Campbell. Row 2: Louis Martin, Dr. Carmine Sarracino, Dr. John Rohrkemper. Dr. Thomas Leap, Barbara Tulley, Carol Wea vill, Daniel Chiang. 105 Row 1: Vivian Bergel, Dr. Ronald Kraybill Row 2: Link Martin. Bruce Lehr. Dawn Houff Missing: Dr. Beulah Hosetler. O © Fletcher McClellan, Dr. Wayne Selcher, Dr. Wesley McDonald. 106 Row 1: Dr. Richard Mumford, Dr. Kenneth Kreider. Row 2: Dr. Bela Vassady, Dr. Herbert Poole, Dr. Thomas Winpenny. Beverly Kelly, Dr. Jacqueline Jones, Sharon Farley, Dr. Paul Peterson. 8 X © o H i 4 107 a © s s S £ o U Row 1: Donald Smith, Jamie Byrne. Row 2: Dr. Robert Moore, Dr. Hans-Erik Wennberg, Timothy Hudson. Row I: Dr. Fred Hoffman, Dr. Frank Polan- owski. Row 2: Ronald Laughlin, Dr. James Di- vely. Dr. Robert Heckman, Dr. Rollin Pepper. P WD O O S Row 1: Dr. John Gaffney. Dr. Mark Stuckey Row 2: Dr. John Ranck, Glenn Thompson. 109 Dr. Carl Callenbach. Dr. Boyd Fox. Dr. Paul Rice, Stanley Bowers. = © W Dr. Cecilia Benelli. David Bowman, Lynn Or- lando. 110 President Gerhard Spiegler Row 1: Linda Heiser, Mark Stanley, Margaret McSparren. Cindi Crowe, Sally Hillman Red- man, Terry Hoffman. Row 2: David Conway, Donald Marsh, Michael Gatley. 51 3 3 o 3 in Z5 O © Q 112 Beverly Piscitelli, Royal Snavely, Doris He drick. 113 David Salmon (Food Service Director) 0 © © to o o to Tammie Garrison, Randy Rossi, Vickie Wil- liams. 114 Kittie Puffenberger, Nelson Bard, Julie Dizler. P Row 1: Naomi Hershey, Sharon Patrick. Row 2: Carol Warfel. Sylvia Tiffany, Grace Rhen. Ruth Mumaw. Row 3: Margaret Gabel, Bar- bara Ellis. Pat Hoffman, Robin Stokes, Mary Ann Wa- ff, James Hilton. 116 Jo Dalton. Gordan Bateman, Pat Rathsam 3 P 3 O P 3 P 3 o EL 117 Linda Boyer, Mary Hill, Diana Billet. 0 to © Shirley Deichert Nancy Parmer iff 1 1 Robin Stokes, Pat March, Dennis Murphy, Su- san Boyd. CO o P Oft 119 Susie Mease, Mary Weidman. Missing: Keith Marks. Row 1: Shirley Dellinger, Marlene Leas, Nan- cy Tillotson. Row 2: Arlene Waltz. Anna Ruth Mark, Ruth Long, Barry Eckinger. WD S 3 © Row 1: Ceregg Gibbons, Glenn Seitz, Mark Dittman, Jack Keener, Jeff Hughes, Donna Bretz, Scott Nissley, Baron Wanner. Row 2: James Roth, Dick Warfel, Judy Rodgers, Gene Hartzler. Jeff Williams, Steve Broich, Lori Kassel, Harry Page. 9 t " Freshman Class Officers Scott Helsel (President), Jen Davis (Secre- tary), Jon Gonzalez (Representative). Not Pictured: Tracy Carswell (Vice President), Christine Devlin (Treasurer), Ronni Bell (Representative), Julie Isabella (Represen- tative). Junior Class Officers President: Corie Lees Vice President: Cathy Connally Secretary: Kelly Bergstresser Treasurer: Karen Vannucci 124 Senior Class Officers President: Kelly Crimmins Vice President: Beth Werner Secretary: Michelle Mehtlan Treasurer: Stacey Burch Sophomore Class Officers Row 1: Amy Herman (Secretary), Sharif Abaza (Vice President). Row 2: (Cathy Krueger (Presi- dent). Anne Miller (Treasurer). 125 Advocates for Peace Row 1: Felix Zvarick. Row 2: Gene Clemens (Ad- visor), Denise Adamucci, Rachel Zenhausern, Liz Rizzo. Row 3: Leanna Miller, Missy Stutzman, Ailinh Tu, Beth Saba. Denise Germond. Residence Life Council Row 1: Tanya Kimball, Beth Boylan. Row 2: Kim Dickinson. Betsy Parrish (President). Kari Phair (Vice President). Row 3: Dennis Murphy (Advi- sor), Brian Tomasino. Fred Koerber, Scott LeCal- sey. Missing: Chris Guear (Secretary), Steve Sen- senich (Treasurer). 126 Math Club Row 1: Mary Anglin, Cecilia Schodowski (Vice President), Deb Williams, Tammy Barrier. Row 2: Jenny Lorenz, Tracy Burke, Michael Fiola (President), Deb Ellis, Kathy Martell, Becca Gavaletz (Treasur- er). Missing: Heather Frank (Secretary), Ellen Kleinstuber (Secretary), Julie Ryan. Band Staff Row 1: Andrea Zicarello, Pam Wolf, Jen Riley, Lorianne Sitzabee, Ann Loose, Cin- dy Links. Row 2: Angela Chiffy, Steve Drabo, Tyffini Dodge, Ron Denby. Row 3: Beb Lehmann. Scott Baron, Barb Walters. Missing: Otis Kitchen (Advisor), Michelle Conner, Lynne Frederick, Eileen O ' Don- nell, Raleigh Francis, Lynn Huxtabel, Kim Tebbs, Brenda Norris, Sarah Cole, John Horan. 127 Social Work Student Association Row 1: Katherine Eyster, Deena Gift, Carol Thomas, Karla Fleshman, Deb Gartner, Steve Herr. Row 2: Jennifer Grim, Bev Soper, Karen Shaffer, Patty Kunkle, Mary Case, Michele Mahouchick, Amy Etter, Corrine DeShong, Lisa Wilson. Missing: Susie Hebbert, Suzette Hutchinson, Mary Beth Temple, Leslie Naylor, Cindy Arnold, Karen Barnett, Terry Goodbred, Elise Hobbis, Kim Peck, Liz Rizzo. 128 Photography Club Row 1: Lynda Citta (President), Marce Monroe (Vice President), Beht Boylan, Denise Tulley (Secretary). Row 2: Dave Hershey, Beth Batcho. Kristen Hosier, Oden Maxwell (Treasurer). College Democrats Row 1: Tonya McClain. Row 2: Gen Syrnick, Tri- sha Starace, Beth Boylan, Kim Dickinson. Row 3: Micheal McGinnis, Gregory Shimer. Christopher Guear. 129 Marketing Club Row 1: (Officers) Sheri Kemper, Debbie Ammon, Marsha Eidemiller. Row 2: Mr. Jim Moyer (Advi- sor), Bill Loos, Rick Graybill, Lisa Gerhart, Amy Beamer, Diana Frantz, Megan McLanahan, Bo Houtz, Kelly Carlson. Psi-Chi Row 1: Jenny Wolbach, Tony Heath, Angela Chiffy. Row 2: Deb Philipp, Donna Saunders (President), Pam Boetler (Treasurer), Laurie Pri- mus (Vice President), Lynn Huxtable. Missing: John Teske (Advisor), Lorianne Sitzabee. r,. - ■ O 130 Circle K Club Row 1: Tony Heath. Rich Lebron. Row 2: Becca Gavaletz, Heather Frank. Row 3: Ron Wence (Co-President), Lisa Caldwell. Row 4: Susie Hebbert (Co-President). Row 5: Marie Loughlin. Moureen Heelan. Row 6: Deb Mancaulla. Mikki Fichtner. Row 7: Betsey Parrish, Karin Nord. Row 8: Carla McGowan, Jaimie Farkas. 131 Biology Club Row 1: Janet Bowler, Becky Heath, Lori Butterwick, Kristen Kellogg. Row 2: Vanessa Fitz (Vice President), Chris Kukula, Chuck Wells, Marisa Burgener, Shamim Tejani, Leigh Dutch, Beth Compton, Jeanette Digwood, Holly Hilliar (President). Row 3: Becky Wagner, Vance Logan, Craig DePoe, Pete De Santo, Tonya McDole, Dawn Marie Anderson, Nancy Dunmyer, Kristine Kiefer, Ted Vana, Susie Shue. 132 Poli-Sci Row 1: Kelly Benningham (President), Bill Smith. Row 2: Jason Daks, Scott Merlo, Paul Masters, Chris Guear. Missing: Ann Douglas (Vice Presi- dent), Kim Reed (Secretary), Cindy Stringas (Treasurer). History Club Row 1: Cindy Stringas (President), Scott Merlo (Vice President), Rich Lebron. Row 2: Jerry Skot- leski, Johanna Broscious, Keith Zebrowski, Jenni- fer Hill, Scott Reigel, Rob Saienni, Dr. Kreider (Advisor). Missing: Doug Baker (Treasurer), Stacy Bailey (Secretary). 133 Education Row 1: Tom Wysocki (President), Janice Faus (Treasurer), Dele Marcarella, Colleen Corbin. Row 2: Stephani Fisher, Susan Tressler, Sue De- long, Barb Walters, Eric Myers, Dennis Lepold, Angela Feola. Alpha Mu Row 1: Ann Loose, Deb Philipp, Beth Gaukler, Ron Denby, Michelle Conner, Rebecca Runkle. Row 2: Cindy Links. Lori Sitzabee, Stephen En- och, Lorie Lapp, Amy Strazzella, Tyffini Dodge. Missing: Lynne Frederick, Deanna Keeny, Steph Nagle, Andrea Zicarello, Karen Haldeman, Pam Wolfe, Karen Boyd, John Horan. 134 SAACS Row 1: Sherice Young, Michelle Mehtlan. Leanna Miller. Row 2: Amy Herman, Deb Jackson, Lorinda Wright, Christine Jurasinski, Sarah Steuber. Row 3: Scott Campanella, Kenneth Westervelt, Jeff Thompson, Brian Barr, Jon Wenger, Mary Beth Cochran, Brett Preston. Cathy Dinuncio. Missing: Robin McNemar, Ted Vana, Dawn Marie Anderson. Dawn DeAngelis, Tuandung Nguyen, Craig DePoe, Sherry Gingrich, Bill Bubnid, Michele Mahouchick, Theresa Mazzotta, Tonya McDole, Faye Dunkle. 135 Accounting Finance Club Row 1: Jim Biondolillo, Lori Good, Chris Sechler (Secretary), Meagan McLanahan, Mary Bova, Maureen NcFadden, Han Tieu. Row 2: Jeff Blevins, Bob McLaugh- lin, Neda Saric, Bill Loos, Chris Heider (President), Joanne Susko (Vice Presi- dent), Cindy Barr, Ken Walton. Missing: Dr. Randy Trustle (Advisor), Mike Bailey (Treasurer). Black Student Union Row 1: Melinda Walker, Myra Hooker, Su- san Rainey, Udochi Amachi. Row 2: Sher- ice Young, , Ron Denby. Row 3: Ann Marie Mohr, Carmella Hoppie. 136 IVCF Row 1: Christine Sechler, Jeanette Martin, Susan Tressler. Row 2: Dave McFalls, Karla Fleshman, Becky Wagner, Bonna Brooks, Jeff Peluse. Row 3: Michael Johnstone, Kenneth Pizza, Scott Brooks, Kyle Widrick( President). Missing: Margaret Bar- olin. MENC Row 1: Lorianne Sitzabee, Jennifer Riley, Bobin Shamer (Treasurer). Row 2: Rebecca Runkle, Ann Loose, Michelle Conner, Sarah Collier (Presi- dent), Patti Grove (Vice President). Row 3: Ron Denby, Stephen Enoch, Cindy Links (Publicist), Beth Gaukler (Secretary), Dr. Darrell Douglas (Advisor). 137 ECTV Mike Abrams, Dan Rovito, Doug Thomas, Dave Sweeny, Larry Keba, Scott Strobel WWEC Karen Neidig, Stephanie Peterson, Ron Toma- sello, Marce Monroe, Dan Scaricaciottoli, Mike Wetzel, Bill Ushler, Tom Miller. 138 SAM y nfl Row 1: Rob Reale (Treasurer). Bill Loos (Vice President). Michele Kershner (Secretary). Lori Lobb (Public Relations). Row 2: Neda Saric. Chris Sechler. Megan McClanahan. Lisa Bachman. Debbie Ammon. Kris Kiefer. Barb Biehl. Hanh Tieu. Row 3: Marsha Eidemiller, Lisa Gerhart, Scott Reigel, Keith Zebrowski, Kathy Dinuzio. Maureen McFadden, Tina Tagliavia, Amy Gottlieb, Stephanie Faulkner, Jennifer Greentree. Row 4: Jim Gross- man, Bob Mason, Jon Wenger. Barry Attics. Herb Nix, Professor Muston (Advisor), Dave Lorelli. Andy Bu rk. Brian Tomasino. 139 The Etownian Staff Row 1: Reema Hindawi, Bob Mason (Editor), Dan Connolley. Row 2: Sean Young. Brian Tomasino, Michelle Deveney, Jamie Byrne (Advisor). 140 The 1989 Conestogan Staff Row 1: Amy Etter (Editor-in-Chief)- Row 2: Dale Zeigler, Amy Herman, Kelly Carlson. Robin McNemar. Bridey McGuire, Kris Kiefer. Row 3: Neda Saric, Herb Nix, Julie Long, Betsy Parrish, Jim Grossman, Lynn Buchanan. Missing: Doug Thomas, Ernie Larossa, Samantha Polt, Brian Tomasino, Rhonda Suthpin, Debbie Shaw. The Conestogan has had many ups and downs this year. With an unavoidable late start and many unforseen problems, the book saw its share of difficulties. However, this book signals a start of many firsts. Due to previous financial hardships, it was up to the 1989 Conestogan Staff to try to produce enough funds to publish this edition as well as help insure the publication of future editions. To accomplish this, we brought back the much needed market- ing techniques in various formats. Many changes occurred at Eliza bethtown College this year and we hope that the pages of this book reflect those changes. Coinciding with change is usually growth and we hope that these pages are a reflection of that also. We ' d like you to know that despite the obstacles we ' ve encountered, this book represents the best efforts of several people. A special thanks goes out to our publisher Herff Jones and to our photography company, Davor Studio. An even larger thanks goes out to the dedicated students on our staff and to the Applied Communication students that made this book possible. Once again, thanks for all the hard work and dedication! Amy Etter Editor-in-Chief Jamie Byrne Advisor 141 Women ' s Basketball The Lady Jay Basketball team cruised through the regular season and playoffs with a 29-2 record and captured their second national cham- pionship of the decade. Led by four seniors, the ladies won their last 24 games en route to becoming the first Division III women ' s team to win two national titles. After romping through the regional, the team trav- eled to Muskingum and came away with a tough 72-67 victory to put themselves into the final four. Row 1: Kim Cahill. Maria Pioli, Lori Lobb, Nancy Keene, Coach Kauffman. Row 2: Coach Wary. Pam Boteler Tonya Kramer, Sharon Thrailkill, Weez Gates, Coach Archer. Row 3: Kelly Crimmins (stat). Karen Barclay Jen MacNair. Sue Kreider, Pam Levan. I 144 Opponent Score Bridgewater College 95-66 Maryville 62-70 Roanoke 78-61 Juniata 71-50 Messiah 69-60 Susquehanna 72-38 Franklin and Marshall 59-62 Moravian 88-71 Gettysburg 69-47 Albright 90-54 Lycoming 73-48 Kean 88-75 Wilkes 74-56 Dickinson 96-40 Susquehanna 83-63 Messiah 83-49 Juniata 85-53 Widener 77-47 Muhlenberg 74-46 Scranton 69-54 Wilkes 85-69 Lycoming 80-60 Western Maryland 71-53 Delaware Valley 85-69 Scranton 66-53 Franklin and Marshall 76-65 Carnegie Mellon 78-61 AJlentown 91-58 Muskingum 72-67 Centre 73-64 Cal State-Stanislaus 66-65 145 Men ' s Soccer Row 1: Tim McGlaughlin, Rick DePinto. Robbie Martin, Vinnie DePinto, Scott Ravert, Matt Saia. Row 2: Peter Busch, Bruce Stanert, Joe Tencza, Tim Jones, Dan Sanville. Karl Hammermueller, Chris Morgan, Asst. Coach Keith Faulk. Row 3: Head Coach Skip Roderick, Mike Weis, Chris Bove, Paul DePino, Jon Davis, Mark Pratzner, Jay Varrato, Shane Zimmerman, Asst. Coach Phil Good, Asst. Coach Graham Small. H ' I yr V, s " 146 J? Jl Opponent Score Rutgers-Camden 3-0 Millersville 4-0 Greensboro 1-0 Ohio Wesleyan 3-1 Delaware 2-1 Juniata 7-0 Gettysburg 3-2 Scranton 2-1 Franklin and Marshall 2-2 Western Maryland 5-1 Haverford 2-0 Dickinson 3-0 Trenton State 1-0 Wilkes 5-0 Muhlenberg 0-0 Albright 9-0 Susquehanna 3-0 Messiah 1-0 Lycoming 6-0 Glassboro 0-0 Drew 3-0 Haverford 1-2 Kean 4-2 Messiah 0-3 147 Women ' s Field Hockey Row 1: Amy Kline, Robin Holp, Amy Strieker, Teresa Moats, Ellen Kandravy, Anne Malin, Leslie Bryant, Amy Stitzel. Row 2: Asst. Coach Coleen Raber, Dawn Clayton, Cathy Cooper, Dotty Craven, Rhonda Sutphin, Susie Shue, Becky Runge, Steph Hackenburg, Debbie Lesher, Head Coach Yvonne Kauffman. ■MM 148 ■ Opponent Score Haverford 6-1 Messiah 0-0 East Stroudsburg 3-2 Washington 2-0 Widener 4-1 Shippensburg 2-2 Dickinson 3-1 Lebanon Valley 4-2 Swarthmore 1-0 Scranton 2-0 Franklin and Marshall 3-0 Gettysburg 4-0 Albright 4-0 Western Maryland 3-0 Lynchburg 0-1 Frostburg State 1-0 Millersville 0-1 Wilkes 7-0 FDU-Madison 3-1 Messiah 1-0 Lebanon Valley 0-1 Lebanon Valley 0-1 149 Mens ' Cross Country Row 1: Chuck Wells, Glenn Pickering, Brian Lemma, Joe Puleo, Matt Henry. Row 2: Gary Preu, Mark Scharr, Jim Douglas, Tom Miller. Keith Camill, Scott Helsel, Coach Dale Luy. Missing: Mike Denmark. -■■ .J » ami La ■ ' ■ ' iSrai tt f Ife ' ■ ' ■ v BB |VC c I •• m- ?:- r| f ; ■ f Jk Opponent Score Lebanon Valley Invitational 11 of 21 teams Lycoming 20-41 Juniata 22-37 Albright 36-23 Messiah 44-15 : Dickinson 20-41 Muhlenburg 31-24 ; Drew 19-38 Johns Hopkins 43-17 Western Maryland 21-35 Gallaudet 18-45 Franklin and Marshall 45-17 Lebanon Valley 50-15 Washington 15-50 ; Albright 40-15 Ursinus 50-15 Moravian 50-15 MAC Championships 14 of 24 teams NCAA Mideast Regionals 25 of 29 teams 151 Women ' s Cross Country Row 1: Jaimie Farkas, Sue Bardman, Cecilia Schodowski, Amy Gentile, Stephanie Carpenter, Donna Scharr, Michelle Aitala. Row 2: Melissa Brail, Pam Boteler, Deb Krause, Deb Wilson, Barb Rhile. Tracy Carswell, Coach Luy. IU A $ A ? 152 Opponent Score Lebanon Valley Invitational 8 of 18 ! teams Lycoming 15-47 Juniata 19-42 Albright 24-33 Messiah 39-20 : Dickinsoin 32-23 Drew 19-44 Cedar Crest 15-50 Muhlenburg Club Team Johns Hopkins 32-24 Western Maryland 15-50 (forfeit) Gallaudetd 15-49 (forfeit) Franklin and Marshall 40-19 Lebanon Valley 25-32 Albright 26-33 Ursinus 24-31 Moravian 27-30 i MAC Championships 8 of 20 teams ; NCAA Mideast Regionals 17 of 27 • teams 153 Women ' s Soccer Row 1: Michelle Bryson, Tammy Scholtes. Row 2: Helen Parkes, Judy Barton, Donna Tie- fenthaler, Deidre Pocase, Tracy Whelan, Sta- cey Hackenburg, Jenny Morin. Row 3: Head Coach Jim Jones, Wendy Salmon, Melissa Kucks, Terri Cottrell, Karen Barclay, Mary Beth Cochran, Betsy Parrish, Sarah Coles, Ka- ren Baiersdorfer, Asst. Coach Robert Gibson. Missing: Karen Seifert. 154 b a {■1} Opponent Score Bucknell 1-3 Swarthmore 1-6 Lehigh 0-1 Bloomsburg 3-2 Kean 0-5 Dickinson 1-4 Haverford 3-7 Western Maryland 2-0 Franklin and Marshall 1-5 Messiah 2-3 Marymount 0-5 Bucknell 0-1 Wilkes 6-0 Scranton 0-3 Drew 2-1 155 Baseball Row 1: Vic Warke. Chris Blum, Bill Chatterton, Wayne Underkoffler. Judson Christopher. Mark Cline, Jim McGonigle. Row 2: Chris Fluck Ralph Clouser. John Reissner, Bob Kraft. Jim Didyk. Mike Stern, Bill Georgelis. Row 3: Brian Siket, Craig Eby, Kevin Shuey, Matt Aylward Paul DiPino. Brad Hassinger. Will Nicolls, Darrell Justh. Row 4: Carolyn Bolich, Asst. Coach Jeff Gergic, Head Coach John Gergic, Asst Coach Scott Pera, Kathy Martell. Missing: Mark Crane, Mike Zaia. 156 4 i Opponent Score Capital 4-3 Rose Hulman 10-9 Wilmington 6-1 Rose Hulman 7-5 Gardner Webb 10-6 North Carolina Wesleyan 5-8 Indiana Of Purdue 8-6 St. Joseph ' s 7-8 King ' s 10-0 York 3-5 York 4-9 Ursinus 7-3 Messiah 0-2 Messiah 1-0 Susquehanna 4-1 Susquehanna 2-12 Franklin and Marshall 8-7 Albright 11-2 Albright 5-1 Lebanon Valley 21-9 Alvernia 5-4 Mansfield 1-3 Mansfield 5-3 Mt. St. Mary ' s 18-6 Scranton 1-3 Scranton 9-4 Dickinson 6-5 Dickinson 1-2 Gettysburg 1-8 Wilkes 3-5 Wilkes 10-4 Juniata 4-5 157 Women ' s Tennis EUZABETHTOWN BL ' J E JAY " ! W %j Row 1: Jodi Weidman, Wendy Bluett. Brenda Walker. Jaci Mover. Row 2: Head Coach Robert Schott, Tessie Farrington. Beth Powell, Lisa Bradlee. Asst. Coach Skip Roderick. Missing: Liz Dean. Opponent Score Gettysburg 2-7 Franklin Marshall 1-8 Lycoming 8-1 Western Maryland 5-0 Albright 6-3 Susquehanna 4-5 Juniata 3-6 Washington 0-9 Johns Hopkins 1-8 Dickinson 4-5 King ' s 5-4 158 Men ' s Tennis Row 1: Pat Huggins, Dave McFalls, Mike Bailey, Jon Mathews. Row 2: Head Coach Robert Schott, Ernie Alviani, Nick Duchesne, Jim Glanville. Missing: Asst. Coach Skip Roderick. Opponent Score York 9-0 Lycoming 6-3 Juniata 6-3 | Albright 4-5 i Susquehanna 3-6 Gettysburg 2-7 Alvernia 8-1 Wilkes 7-2 Western Maryland 7-2 Franklin Marshall 0-9 Dickinson 3-6 159 Wrestling Row 1: Dave McHoul, Bob Mover, Tim Gerber, Dan Scaricaciottoli, Matt King. Row 2: Matt Hurley, Sean Young, Dave Frazier, Benn Druck, Mike Schaerberle! Row 3: Asst. Coach Dave Ober, Gary Lloyd, Alex Dunnigan, Bill Andrews, Andy Chubb, Head Coach D. Kenneth Ober. Missing: Felix Zvarick, Mark Zerbe, Mibj Wetzel. Senior wrestling captain Tim Gerber broke an all-time school record during the 88-89 season, b; being the first to ever break the 100 wins mark. Gerber broke the record number of wins b; defeating Chuck McGrath, of the Delaware Valley College Aggies. Gerber also returned front the Middle Atlantic Conference championship with first place in the 1 26 pound weight class. T ! bring home the trophy, he won four matches in a row. He is Elizabethtown ' s first MAC champion since Dino Delviscio in 1986. 160 Opponent Score Haverford 33-18 Rutgers-Camden 29-18 Johns Hopkins 36-16 Gettysburg 20-20 Widener 34-12 Lebanon Valley 46-4 Moravian 22-21 York 22-21 Lafayette 30-18 Franklin and Marshall 19-27 Pennsylvania 16-30 Albright 31-20 Swarthmore 33-20 Glassboro 23-24 Delaware 30-19 Millersville 3-38 California of PA 31-20 Western Maryland 21-21 Susquehanna 32-21 Ursinus 20-15 Messiah 28-18 Juniata 33-13 Delaware Valley 15-37 Baptist Bible 34-12 Lycoming 20-26 161 Swimming Row 1: Jennifer Tebo. Julie Phillips, Sharon Ulrich. Heather Frank, Leslie Krum, Karen Curkel, Lynn Repko, Jen Benton, Meg Hasshold. Row 2: Geanie Young, Glenn Pickering, Beth Batcho, John Campbell, Anne Malin, Keith Camillli, Liz Schell, Jon Yost. Row 3: Head Coach Mike Guinivan, Elizabeth Gaulker, Steve Holcroft, Jon Gonzalez, Joe Denlinger, Anne Miller, Debra Gress, manager. Men ' s Opponents Score Western Maryland 37-58 Franklin and Marshall 83-108 Juniata 96-53 Gannon 74-124 Susquehanna 53-42 King ' s 56-39 York 164-74 Ursinus 74-111 Widener 77-109 Lycoming 79-28 Goucher 63-31 Scranton 91-121 Women ' s Opponents Score Millersville 151-111 Western Maryland 84-10 Franklin and Marshall 126-84 Juniata 121-51 Gannon 85-121 Washington 57-38 Susquehanna 44-49 Bryn Mawr 94-28 York 64-57 Ursinus 126-74 Lycoming 97-73 Widener 110-81 Scranton 108-97 162 - - J — .?■ I »1 l« Q SS • 163 Cheerleading 164 Softball Row 1: Krista Mastrangelo, Kim Cahill, Lisa Riotto, Linda Johnson, Lori Lobb, Karen Barclay, Amy Kline, Debbie Lesher. Row 2: Stacey Hackenburg (manager), Debbie Williams, Wendy Rehling, Kim Fies, Head Coach Pamela Mehrens, Dawn Clayton, Dotty Craven, Lisa Fouchet. Opponent Score Franklin Marshall 0-2 Western Maryland 10-0 Western Maryland 8-7 Muihlenberg 7-8 Muhlenberg 3-1 Susquehanna 6-4 Susquehanna 7-3 Messiah 1-4 Messiah 8-5 Glassboro 2-13 Glassboro 0-1 Gettysburg 8-2 Gettysburg 10-11 Albright 9-1 Scranton 2-1 Scranton 2-4 Trenton State 0-4 Trenton State 0-10 Wilkes 4-5 Wilkes 4-1 Dickinson 6-4 Dickinson 4-7 Juniata 3-0 165 Golf Row 1: Brian Lake. James Hansbury. Dave Cooper. Matt Saia. Scott Habecker. Row 2: Head Coach Royal Snavely, Chip Doetsch. Chris Bove, Troy Portser. Golf Schedule March 28 at Susquehanna March 30 Gettysburg April 4 at Albright, Messiah, Wilkes At West Maryland Invitational April 12 at Lebanon Valley, Franklin Marshall April 17 at Dickinson April 19 Juniata April 24 at Susquehanna April 27 at Messiah 166 Men ' s Basketball Row 1: Andy Deichert, Matt Duffy, Edward Brown, Craig Dudley. Row 2: Asst. Coach Mike Gatley, Jim Hepfer. Mike Bunnick, Aaron Blanding. Troy Krall, Troy Portser, Asst. Coach Steve Swope. Row 3: Becky Scheidel. Delphie Dickerson. Geoff Oprandy, Jarrod Renninger, Coach Donnie Marsh. Brent Brugler, Jeff Porter, Kelly Bergstresser. Michelle Bryson. Opponent Score Opponent Score Kean 75-79 Messiah 75-73 Albright 71-65 Wilkes 85-66 Juniata 175-90 Albright 64-69 Albright 65-50 Susquehanna 59-78 Susquehanna 68-69 Messiah 66-69 Delaware Valley 77-71 Juniata 71-56 York 82-84 FDU-Madison 58-52 Merrimack 55-65 Lebanon Valley 96-85 F M 62-69 Drew 59-57 Gettysburg 80-72 Scranton 60-75 • Dickinson 67-73 King ' s 64-65 Lycoming 71-73 Lycoming 97-75 167 Volleyball ■A u Row 1: Tara Latzo, Judy Reigert, Linda Hennen. Row 2: Jan Bowser, Karen Santore, Vanessa Fritz, Chris Fritzinger, Maureen 3: Head Coach Pamela Mehrens. Darcy Hall, Susie Hebbert, Amy Michener, Nancy Dunmyer, Lisa Harding, Asst. Coach Healan. Row Cathy Lees. Date Opponent September 3 Alumni September 9 at Rochester September 10 at Buffalo, Niagara September 13 Wilkes September 15 at Shippensburg September 17 at University of Scranton Tourn. September 21 Franklin Marshall September 24 Blue Jay Invitational September 27 at King ' s September 29 at York, Marymount October 1 Messiah October 4 at Lebanon Valley October 5 Western Maryland October 7 at Juniata College Tourn. October 8 at Juniata College Tourn. October 10 at Gettysburg, Shenandoah October 14 at East. Conn. Tournament October 15 at East Conn. Tournament October 19 at Juniata October 22 at Dickinson October 25 at Albright October 27 Susquehanna October 29 Elizabethtown Tourn. Congratulations to all the 1988 - - 1989 sports teams of Elizabethtown College. Your admirable dedication and perseverance to each day ' s game is respected throughout the college community. Thank you, each and every sports player, for the time and effort by which you represented Elizabethtown College. Your strive for excellence is a true example of this college and will be admired always. 169 1 . ATE PROPERTY RECREATIONAL USE AT VOUR OWN RISK UKE DEPTH 8-10 FEET ) I V " " H ■ . H tf 17J Parents Weekend Parents Weekend for both freshmen and upperclassmen alike, is an enjoyable time for all. Each year, Moms and Dads are able to spend time with their favorite Elizabethtown College students. This year ' s special weekend was jam packed with plenty of activities to partake in. Firstly there was a Talent Show on Friday evening, followed by the many sporting events on Saturday. Saturday evening was free for some students to escort their parents to the play, " Animal Farm, " performed in the Alumni Auditorium. The Parent of the Year Award was another event not to be missed, which was held on the terrace of the BSC. As well as these special events, parents and their students could be found all over campus in- cluding the cafeteria and the bookstore. 172 173 This year ' s Talent Show was one not to be missed! Many talented students took part in this year ' s show featuring everything from skits to music to comedy. All in all, everyone participating as well as spectating had an en- joyable time. It was a wonderful way to kick off Parent ' s Weekend. 174 175 Father of the Year The annual " Father of the Year Award " was pre- sented to Mr. James F. Ruffner this year during Par- ent ' s Weekend. As well as at the other activities of this weekend, many people were present to share in Mr. Ruffner ' s excitement. 176 177 178 " Four legs good, and two legs bad " echoed on stage as George Orwell ' s farm animals fought for dominance over man. American de- mocracy takes a light detour in the play, " Ani- mal Farm " , where the principle is " all animals are created aqual " . As the characters interact- ed, the ongoing power struggle came to the inevitable conclusion that: all animals are cre- ated equal, but some animals are more equal than others. The National Players, a unique acting com- pany originated from Catholic University, be- gan in 1949 as a scrap of the Drama depart- ments ' most talented graduates. In its thirty- ninth season, the company visited Eliza bethtown once again to perform for inter- ested parents and students which created a cultural addition to this year ' s Parents ' Week- end. 179 Crop Volleyball This year ' s CROP Volleyball Marathon was a great success, raising a record of $3,700. The money raised is used to help stop hunger. Twenty-two teams participated, including the administrative team. All in all, everyone who participated had a great time, whether they won or lost, knowing that their efforts benefited the hungry. 180 Convocation - Convocation was held September 12, 1988, under sunny skies. The Reverend Dr. William Sloane Coffin presented the Convocation address, telling the stu- dents, faculty and friends in attendance that the three things necessary to survive in this world are " truth, justice, and peace. " Coffin, a former chaplain at Yale, ended his message with these words: " Those people who struggle for a day are good. Those people who struggle for a year are even better. But those who struggle for a lifetime are indispens- able. " 182 183 Homecoming 3 The cold and rain did not stop Homecoming from being a hit. Following tradition, Midway activities in Thompson Gym and the Alumni Fun Run kicked off the day. A special buffet was held in Myer Cafe- teria for students and alumni. The evening was topped off with a concert by the Kingston Trio. The highlight of the day was the men s varsity soccer victory against Messiah College. The Blue Jays de- fended their Division III first place position, defeat- ing Messiah 1-0. During halftime, senior Harriet Wixson was named Homecoming Queen. Ten classes held reunions, led by the Golden Anniversary Class of 1938. 184 185 186 187 Halloween October 31, 1988 ... Halloween once again found its way to Eliza- bethtown College. The annual Haunted House was held in the depths of Rider Hall, which added a touch of mystery for all. This along with a few added decorations of Ober added to the fun-filled weekend. Many students also took part in the APB-sponsored trips to the caverns of Indian Echo and the hayrides of Ja- son ' s Woods. 188 189 The Nearly-Wed Game The Nearly-Wed Game was a type of reenact- ment of the " Newly-Wed Game " which is a popular game show on night time T.V. As on the T.V. show, the girls were asked questions about their boyfriends as well as guys being asked questions about their girlfriends. Much was revealed about each couples " relationship including a few surprises along the way. A good time was had by all — spectator as well as participant. 190 191 Country Club Dance This " Country Club Dance Party " was a production of Ray Boston and in- cluded many attractions. An 18-hole miniature golf course was the main at- traction, including sand traps, water hazards, and a pro shop. Students also took advantage of the snacks and non- alcoholic beverages provided as well as the DJ accompaniment. This special event created a good time for all who attended. 192 ■■a V : j ; I 193 Beach Party This special event produced by Ray Boston was a true suc- cess! Plenty of music was of- fered to dance the night away, as well as everyone ' s all-time fa- vorite ice cream from Haagan- Dazs. Mini pools were provided for students who were interest- ed in taking dips in the water, a beach with sun lamps could also be found but not before trying your skill at the game Twister. These plus many other events were what made this night so special. 194 m f ■RWk A 195 Three Faces of Sir Noel Coward 196 The Elizabethtown College T heatre Divi- sion presented " The Three Faces of Sir Noel Coward " , three plays by the Master of British Comedy. The " Ways and Means " portion of this production was a light comedy containing three scenes about a poor couple who suddenly found themselves in the money. The " Fumed Oak " portion was an unpleasant comedy about a husband who could no longer take the pressures of being a husband and a father. The last portion of this play was " Post-Mortem " . This play consisted of a dark commentary on war as a mother ' s dead son ' s spirit comes back to communicate with her. 197 Holiday Dinners Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday dinners are part of a treasured tradi- tion at Etown. On Thursday, Novem- ber 17, students were served a Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all of the trimmings. Administrators, faculty and staff served 178 turkeys and other goodies to the students in attendance. Santa came early to the College, making an appearance at the annual Christmas buffet, held in Myer Din- ing Hall. Students got a break from the end of the semester blahs, enjoyed a complete Christmas dinner, and got a chance to tell Santa their wishes. (Maybe an A in that geometry class ... ?) y A f ' r irV. s € 1 m L J - " ■ - r mm 198 „. 199 Junior Senior Dinner Dance The Eden Resort Inn in Lancaster was the site of the 1989 Junior Senior Din- ner Dance. This event is an annual affair presented by the junior class, that gives upperclassmen an opportunity to enjoy an evening of elegance and fun. 200 Big Brother Sister Day Children from inner-city Har- risburg came to campus for a day of swimming, playing ball and just palling around campus with their " big brother " or " big sister. " This event is a part of TGIS weekend, and provides many memories for both the big and little participants. 201 TGIS Weekend TGIS Weekend heralds the be- ginning of spring on the Etown campus. TGIS featured a buffet in Thompson gym, with lots of good food (as usual), on Saturday even- ing. Battle of the Bands was held in the Alumni Auditorium, while booths from different organiza- tions were set up in the BSC Lounge. A picnic was held Sunday evening outside of Myer Dining Hall, featuring live music. It was a great way to greet the new season and say goodbye to winter. Mb- • 202 203 1989 Awards Ceremony The 1989 Student Awards Ceremony was held as part of Monday at 10 in Gibble Auditorium. The ceremony is held to recognize excellence in sports, academics and service. Students receiving awards come from all parts of the College community. Ill ■■ 1 1 ■ ' 1 ■II Sri I I i I£j§ . r Ml |t- Jill 1 ' ' mm Bill III HHiii II 4 k 204 March for Women ' s Equality On April 9, 1989 Elizabethtown students, faculty and staff y journeyed to Washington D.C. to t ake part in the March for Women ' s Equality Women ' s Lives. " The march was held to draw attention to important women ' s issues. A rWti 205 The Year In Review Gretchen Elizabeth Carlson erupted in tears as her name was announced as Miss America 1989. The 22 year-old Miss Minnesota, who planned to be a Harvard-trained lawyer, became the first classical violinist to win the Miss America crown. The Democrats went to Atlanta in the summer of 1988, and decided on Mi- chael Dukakis, the governor of Massa- chusetts, to be their candidate for Presi- dent of the United States. He decided to pick Lloyd Bentson, a senator from Tex- as, as his running mate. ?7!fP 206 The Shuttle Discovery blasted into orbit in September, t he first space flight since the shuttle Challenger mission ended tragically 73 seconds after liftoff on Jan- uary 28, 1986. The Discovery ended its successful four day, 1 .6 million mile mis- sion with a triumphant landing at Ed- wards Air Force Base in California. Forest fires spread throughout the west- ern part of the country in the summer of 1988, destroying millions of acres of na- tional parkland. The most heavily da- maged was Yellowstone National Park. -Jill : 11 ■ v The summer of 1988 was hit with the worst drought in many years. Through- out the Midwest, farmers watched help- lessly as their crops went dry. 207 Amid tears and grief, thousands of peo- ple who had died of AIDS were memori- alized in October in ceremonies centered on a huge quilt that was made from friends and family members of the vic- tims. Each of the panels measured three feet by six feet and all 50 states and a dozen foreign countries were represent- ed in the 375,000 square foot quilt. SUMMER n!. MPICS The stars of the 1988 Summer Olym- pics, clockwise from top: diver Greg Louganis won 2 gold medals; track and field star Carl Lewis won 2 gold (includ- ing 1 after Canadian Ben Johnson was v.-c disqualified) and 1 silver; Florence Grif- fith Joyner won 3 gold and 1 silver; and swimmer Matt Biondi celebrated with 5 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze. The World Series belonged to the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers captured their sixth World Series title in October with a 5-2 victory over the Oakland A ' s in the fifth game of the series. 208 It was one of the big marriages of the year. Heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson married actress Robin Givens. But the stormy marriage of the 22 year-old rich boxer and the 23 year-old beautiful ac- tress lasted less than a year. She filed for divorce. But after being accused of mar- rying " Iron Mike " for his money, Ms. Givens said she wouldn ' t take a dime. The 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea opened with a dramatic and dazzling ceremony. A colorful, three-hour spectacle mixing ancient Ko- rean with space-age technology kicked off 16 days of athletic competition. Vice President George Bush, after serv- ing for eight years in the Ronald Reagan administration, got the expected nod at the Republican National Convention in New Orleans in the summer of 1 988. His choice for running mate was unexpected - Sen. Dan Quayle of Indiana. The public opinion polls showed that the in- experienced 41 year-old senator was not a popular choice. 209 Jackie — you made my years here bearable. I ' ll never forget M M fights in the lounge, group projects, tur- key hill runs, and Dorito study ses- sions. You are a very special friend! Good luck in all you do! Love, Pat- ty. Good luck Senior OT ' s!! We did it! Heather, Merci Beaucoup! Love, D J Reema — Thanks for 3 fun years. You ' re the best! Love, Lisa (your fa- vorite roommate). U.S., S.K., A.L., R.S., H.C, D.D., S.H.: To the Family which has come to mean so much to me. Thank you for making my transi- tion so easy — I love you guys very much! Here ' s to next year and many more! Love, Webber To Mom and Dad, Thanks for mak- ing all my dreams come true. Your constant support, phone calls, and love will always be treasured. I love you! Love, Reema Kari, To our favorite RA and friend. Your jokes, pranks, and humor will be missed and our lives will once again return to normal — although they will never be the same without your stu- pendous personal- ity. Seriously though, we will miss you very much. We wish you lots of success in the future and hope you will remember the pyromaniac and study geek in 210 Rm. 302. Take care of Willie and the infamous pager. You better visit us next year — same room! Love, Christine and Neda Elise, Sharon, Jackie, and Terry, Because you visit us so very often (and we do the same) there ' s no need to tell you how we feel. But in case it ' s slipped your minds - here goes. We will always re- member Elise ' s ad- vice, Terry ' s adop- tion of the social science, Sharon ' s positive view of life in general and Jackie ' s loyalty to the cafe. We will miss you, keep in touch — because to us, you will always be our 3-East role models! Love, Christine and Neda P.S. Jarod ' s show- er will be missed. Mom, Dad, Nana, Thanks so much for your wonderful support — without your love and devo- tion I could never have made it! I love you. Always, Stacey xxox Remember . . . " B- 1 East Green Ga- bles " . . . The x-mas par- ties, telephone booth, BSC steps, Paridise Alley, Ft. Lauderdale, skiing, quoteboard, Jill stories, Orlando, candlight mass, 151, Jr Sr, hottub, 21st B-days, Bai- ley, Turkey Hill runs, Applebutter, Thanksgiving din- ner, sun-poisoning, ring night, Harry, Santa Barbara, 1 credit, Super 7, NCAA champions, 8:00 classes, Ellen 211 Michele, shore reunions, Ob lan- guage, the longest living Goldfish, vi- sabill and borrowed signs (x-mas trees, pumpkins, cloths, garbage cans . . .) Kendra, Patti, Kel- ley, Stacey, Kim C, Kim H., Kelly, Tracy, Beth, Jill. — The memories will live forever — Turtle and Chris — Thanks for mak- ing our freshman year an easy ad- justment, the memories of our good times will al- ways be in our hearts. We wish you the best of luck in your life togeth- er, and remember we will always miss your smiles and laughter on the hall of Myer 3-West. Take care, God bless you, and don ' t forget to keep in touch! Love, Amy, Rhonda, Debbie, Sue To all my friends and my professors, Thank you for making these past two years so won- derful! Goodbye E- town, I ' ll miss you! Love, Shamim P.S. And to my Ka- rate Club, TANG SOO! Mom Dad — Thank you for all of your faith, love, and support. I never could have done it without you. I love you both very much. Love, Patty. Karen — Another chapter closed. Now what??? Thanks for being a great friend through everything! Love, Patty. Deb — you have been a wonderful roommate and a great friend. Good luck in your senior year. I ' ll miss you. Love, Patty. To Mary, Darlene, 212 Maureen — Pm glad I met you guys, and want to thank you for all the fun times. Best wishes for the fu- ture — come visit. I ' ll miss you! Neda I love you Mom. Beary you ' re the greatest friend and roomie I could ever have. Thanks Sher- ry, Danna, and Hanh for being there, you guys are the best. I ' ll miss you Janet and Jen, take care and good luck. Love, Lindy To the St. Augus- tine Burk Society, Thanks for a week that we ' ll nev- er forget. We love you! D D. To Annette, I ' ll fix your wag- on anytime Pil- grim. Just call me!! J. My most gra- cious thanks to you mom, dad, and the whole family for your profound love and constant sup- port. Best of luck to the class of ' 89 graduates, espe- cially to those whom I met and be- came a good friend with. Love, Hanh Tieu Congratulations Turtle — I love you! Chris Way to go Reema! Love, Chris Cutuest Guy on Campus, Thanks for a great year. I love you. Baby Bear Matthew, Thanks for al- ways being there for me and for all of the special mo- ments we have shared — more great times are still to come. Love, Alicia 213 Proud Parents DAVID BOYER Congratulations on four years of accomplish- ments in political science and sociology!! Good luck at Temple Law School! love, Mom, Dad, Donna, Janet, Grandmother. Wendy, It ' s sometimes hard to find the words to tell you all you mean to us on special times like this, but hope you will know somehow just what our hearts say when we send you this wish of love and pride. May you continue to strive for ideals in the future as you have in the past. " Detours " may come, but need not change your " destination " . All our love, Mom Dad To Mike Abrams: Believe in the best you can be. Have faith in all that you do. With love and pride from Mom and Dad. May your wishes and dreams come true. Always did love to sing! Congratulations Amy, Much love. Mom Dad - Yea! Yea! Yea! Joe Egan - You made us proud - Love, Dad, Mom, Monica Congratulations to the Class of 1989 and especially Ted Vana. Ted — You have followed your dream and the rainbow is coming closer. We are al- ready proud; however, our love and support will be with you all the way. Good Luck in P.M.O.C. next year. Congratulations to the future Dr. Ted R. Vana. Love Mom Dad 214 Having a son like you is wonderful for a lot of reasons. But one of the special things about you that you probably don ' t realize is how much you ' ve taught us through the years. Your interests, your opinions, your outlook on life have all given us an appreciation for so many things we would have missed otherwise. Even our differences have worked to show us a new perspective on things and teach us that our way isn ' t the only way . . . So, thank you, Scott, for the gift of your experiences, for the gift of you — and we only hope you may have learned from us some measure of all we have learned from you. Mom Dad To our daughter Stacey: Our love and best wishes for a happy, success- ful future. Congratulations! Love, Mom Dad Best wishes to the Class of ' 89. To Amy Justus: ' If we all had hearts like those which beat so lightly in the bosoms of the young and beautiful, what a heaven this earth would be! If, while our bodies grew old and withered, our hearts could but retain their early youth and freshness. Of what avail would be our sorrows and sufferings! But the faint image of Eden which is stamped upon them in childhood, chafes and rubs in our rough struggles with the world, and soon wears away: too often to leave nothing but a mournful black remaining. ' The heart of this fair girl bounded with joy and gladness. Devoted attachment to her sister, and a fervant love of all beautiful things in nature, were its pure affections. Her gleesome voice and merry laugh were the sweetest music of their home. She was its very light and life. The brightest flowers in the garden were reared by her; the caged birds sang when they heard her voice, and pined when they missed its sweetness. Amy, dear Amy: what living thing within the sphere of her gentle witchery, could fail to love her! Congratulations, you did a great job! Love, Mom Dad Michelle, Since the day you were born you have been a joy to us and a pleasure to watch grow and ma- ture. You will not need luck for the future, be- cause the future is all yours to make whatever you wish!! We love you very much! Mom, Dad, Brian, Dawn i $ » » -- You ' ve come a long way, Baby! We ' re proud of you. Love, Mom Dad To our dearest and precious daughter, Reema Yvonne Hindawi The long wait is over, and your graduation is here You have worked hard as a student and scored high in the academic sphere. Never forgetful of your duties to your friends far and near. Always comforting, cheerful and helpful with total devotion and without a fear. We are proud of what you accomplished and of what you will be. Like a deer in the forest, stay ever happy and free. With much pride, love and affection, Mommy and Daddy 215 Our wish for you is health, happiness, and the fulfillment of your every goal. Congratulations! We love you — Mom, Dad, and Steve Dear Ross, How very proud we are of your many accomplish- ments these past 4 years! Radio Disc Jockey T.V. Reporter T.V. Producer Your own band We look forward to your future accomplishments with much love pride!! Congratulations! Mom Dad Darlene — I remember when I dropped you off at Nursery School in Jackson, Mississippi, I cried. Then when you went to Eliza- bethtown College for your freshman year, I cried for two days. Now you are graduating and I can ' t believe all of that time has gone by. It makes me both sad and happy that you are graduating. I miss my baby but I also look forward to your bright and successful future. — Mommy TO KIM: Be of good spirit, Be of good cheer Graduation Day is finally here. A taste of the " real world " you ' re about to partake Where there ' s no Christmas vacation or Spring break. But you ' re finally out and finally free So . . . look out world, here comes an O.T. CONGRATULATIONS, WE ' RE ALL VERY PROUD OF YOU! Love, Mom, Dad, Gran, Gramps Grandmoth- er In June, 1985, we asked . . . What the heck is an OT? — four years and $50,000 later — Now we know! We have one!! PATTY COYLE — OT We ' re so proud of you!!! Love, Mom and Dad Congratulations to the FROG! Class of 1989 216 How the years have flown! We ' re proud of you, Peg! Love ya Mom, Dad, John CONGRATULATIONS ON FOUR EXCELLENT YEARS " WE ' RE SO PROUD OF YOU " DAD — MOM — NAN - - JIM - - BRUNO — DEBRA — DOUG - PAM DR MRS SCHOLES — JOHN - - MARY JO — SARAH -- CASS -- LINDA UNCLE IVO — AUNT KATE - UNCLE ART — AUNT MARY -- UNCLE JOHN AUNT RUTH MAUREEN Wishing you happiness day after day, Love and laughter to brighten your way, Many warm friendships, dreams that come true, success in your future, We ' re Bullish on you! CONGRATULATIONS Love MOM AND DAD MCFADDEN To our daughter, Pam Mallow It ' s with pride and joy we recognize this milestone in your life To Jackie Luce: Congratulations, we ' re very proud of your accomplishments. We wish you health, happiness, and success, and we love you very much. Job well done! Mom, Dad, Greg (P.S. We ' ve rented your room) Success and happiness is our wish to you! James Wilda Mallow Clearville, Pennsylvania Dear Anne: Congratulations from all of us on becoming a " real person " . It seems like only a short time ago that we dropped you off at E-town, promising to pick you up in four years. Well here we are. Are you ready? Our hopes and prayers are for your continuing growth into a bright future, and that you ' ll gain an understanding of how to use your new capabilities to help others. Love, Mom, Dad, Lynn, and John. 217 Patricia Ann Flannery: As the song in ' MY FAIR LADY ' goes: " SHE DID IT! SHE DID IT! YES, BY GAD, SHE DID IT! " Our younger Daughter, the Young Woman College Graduate! Ah, what wonders HE hath wrought! To a very special daughter, Robin Maria McNe- mar: You ' ve made me proud. You worked hard, mastered the rough times, and remained ever free from bad habits that so many young students weaken to. May God lead, guide and direct you in the path your heart desires. Love, Mom and your late father Dear Dan — Do you remember this Rhino? Also, You loved your " tractor " better than any toy you had. The family is very proud of you. Love, Dad and Mom Lori and Chris Dear Karl, We are all proud of you We want to share this success with you We will continue to always be behind you We will continue to root for you We wish you a bright future " Lead the way " Karl With " all our love " Mom, Dad, Kurt, and Kristian Words of wisdom from Marge to Joseph: " The work of the world is common as mud. Botched, it smears the hands, crumbles to dust. But the one thing worth doing well done has a shape that satisfies, clean and evi- dent. " Good luck, Love Mom and Dad 218 Ellen — You ' ve come a long way, baby, and still have a long way to go — we know you ' ll always do it with style and grace! Thanks for all the joy you ' ve given us, our dearest daughter. Wishing you happiness. With much love, Mom Dad My son . . . Never forget to be truthful and kind, hold these virtues tightly, write them deep within your heart. Have two goals: wisdom, that is knowing and doing right, and common sense, for they will fill you with living energy and are a feather in your cap. If you must choose, take a good name rather than riches; for to be held in loving esteem is better than silver and gold. We can always " prove " that we are right, but is the Lord convinced? Commit your work to the Lord, then it will succeed. For there is no difference between the Jew and the Gentile . . . For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. The Holy Bible NESTOR SYSTEMS, INC. To Barbara L. Walters (A.K.A. Barbie Low) - Congratulations! You did it! We are all proud of you and your accomplishments. Continued suc- cess as you go forth to your future endeavors. Look out world; are you ready for " Red F " ? Love You! Dad, Mom, Jennie Congratulations to the Class of 1989. Cherish all of your past Elizabethtown memories. The Conestogan Staff wishes the Class of 1989 continued happiness and success in the future. Don ' t forget to come back and visit!! The Etownian Staff wishes the Class of 1989 much continued success in their fu- ture endeavors. Keep in touch!! 219 15 MOUNT JOY STREET. MT. JOY, PA 17552 Listening better. To serve you better. tr SUMH STAUFFERS of Kissel Hill A NOTICEABLE DIFFERENCE... where quality and freshness count! Produce and many more departments... grocery, dairy, Bakery, frozen, seafood, Willie the Butcher ' s fresh meat market, garden, plants, crafts, trims, housewares, floral design, hardware, cut flowers, nursery classroom, landscaping SAME PAY SERVICE ON I B M Swiniet Electric Typewriters FREE On Th. Sp°« E»timote» In by 12, Out by 5 426-1 540 M ay1ow " DONS Sales Service Repa " 220 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1989 YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER DAVOR PHOTO, INC. 654 STREET ROAD, BOX 190 BENSALEM, PA 19020 (215)-638-2490 Christian Light Bookstore 48 S. Market St. ,Box231 Elizabeth town, Pa. 17022 (717)367-1360 (717)653-6140 1000 customers ,one al ■ time . • HARDWARE • PAINT • HOUSEWARES • APPLIANCES • ELECTRONICS • LAWN AND GARDEN EQUIPMENT JhutVaM) fJBIIHOSTETTER R2? 1225 W Main Street Mount Joy, PA 17552 653-1861 or 653-1841 1 Center Square Elizabethtown. PA 17022 367-1929 DON M WHITE, C PA PHILIPO RUDY.CPA WHITE COMPANY Certified Public Accountants 436 Cloverleaf Road, P.O. Box 188 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (717) 367-4820 or (717) 653-2066 The Ultimate in v 1TING » » m»ac«si«h Hair Care v 17022 367-7141 221 For All Of Your Office Needs We ' ve got the answer. r%l lli I IPNV i nihhii ItmiBBBMiBMBammKs- " THERE ' SA STORE NEAR YOU " HARRISBURG 234-7015 Downtown HarnsDurg 2nd and Locust St COLONIAL PARK 545-3400 5075 Jonestown Rd Hills Shopping Center CARLISLE 249-8117 100 N Hanover St Corner of Hanover and Louther Sis MECHANICSBURG 761-5525 4715 Carlisle Pike Located near Jewelcor LANCASTER 560-9999 264 Granite Hun Dr Tele-aerve Diviaion 763-0640 1 -800-538-7 500 Cl€ARVI€W A R D 2 • Mount Joy. PA 17662 Distinctive FURNITURE Quality FLOOR COVERINGS Custom DRAPERIES Planned INTERIORS 206 S Market Street Elizaoetntown PA 1 7022 |7I7| 367 1382 Daily 9-9 Sat 9-5 Y ii ©SHUNTER MLMJS HrV Pine CountTy CoflectaWes G Gifts V» t j« High Street EJtubethlown. Penne 17022 7I7367S639 (7171 367 0737 ELIZABETHTOWNS QUALITY JEWELER WILLIAM M RHOADS 44 SOUTH MARKET STREE T 0wn " ELI2ABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 17022 — Best Wishes — David Martin Menswear Stores El i ahprhtown • York iHdl Lancaster Center • HEG. East lVfell 222 The Continental Press, Inc o Educational Publishing o Commercial Printing Meeting the Needs of Education for over 50 Years 520 East Bainbridge Street Elizabethtown, PA 17022 (717) 367-1836 223 (717)367 1322 mi 3ukop ' 4 Studio Comet a Shop FOUNDED 1907 PORTRAITS • PHOTO SUPPLIES PHOTO FINISHING • FRAMING VERE N BISHOP Owner 44 N MARKET ST ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 Wot i iDeauty C hoppe RiU Service Famly Stop open 6 days and evenings by appointment Redkin BO WEST HIGH STREET ELI2ABETHTOWN PA 17022 TELEPHONE 367 1224 717 367 7907 $3 ' ), •« " p V( - kt fc ' i U-iulijcimitl)ii iliin (buuu pinta HANS MARKS General Manager Jhuikcrpera: Leigh Ann 28-32 S Market Slreet Kenl Wolgemulh ElizaDelhtown. PA 17022 MOTOR IIUIM Div. of RMC Enterprises, Inc. non-smoking rooms available Open all year Ibttti Hershey Road Elizabethtown, PA 1 7022 (717)367-4320 224 Patrons " We ' re very proud of you, Susan, and We ' re behind you all the way! " With our love, Mom and Dad Nancy and Ty Compton Mr. Mrs. James E. Farkas and Family B.J. Adella Wauhop Mr. Mrs. K. Wayne Lockard Look up! Follow Your dreams! Skyline Balloons, Inc. (301) 791-3587 Hagerstown, Maryland Good luck from the parents of Geoff Oprandy; Mr. and Mrs. F. Zmirak Michael D. Stern The Etter Family Best wishes class of ' 89 Dean Cindy Monaco You are over the hump and on the home stretch. Good luck and enjoy your senior year. We love you, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Chris Mr. Mrs. Paul Cameron Family Mr. and Mrs. James L. Garrison To Suzette: We are very proud of you and love you very much. Love, Mom and Dad. Mr. and Mrs. David R. Gerber Mr. Mrs. Franklin D. Zimmerman III Becky, we ' re proud of you and love you. And Dad sends a " Thumbs up! " Mr. and Mrs. Louis Castan Ron Patty Neary Dr. Mrs. Carmen R. Petulla Best Wishes Class of ' 89 - - Laura Buckley Mr. Mrs. Robert G. Kleinstuber Barbara and Don Rogers Mr. Mrs. Donald Reinert The Pharmacy at Liberty Square 225 Faces around E-town | 226 227 228 9

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