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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1988 Edition, Cover

Page 6, 1988 Edition, Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collectionPage 7, 1988 Edition, Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection
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Page 14, 1988 Edition, Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collectionPage 15, 1988 Edition, Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection
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s. i:W,.vS. , - • • Vi . .. .. u .. .. ••- » Xi-s— " -{.-vn. . - - •■ " — •«■. ' ■- ■ « : - . REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY ) I ■• ' t. .■ ' .r - .. - ■ ' • , -X r - ' ' 3 - • .• . V. V. -. J w ' ' V, ■■- •-■j - J- ' :■ ' •.;- •Sy " ;.; .ij2 ' f irP CONESTOGAN 1988 A 3f -1 ,rf Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA memorial library volume xxxvii EUZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Bridget Rommal ELIZABETHTOWN. PENNlA. Editor I 2 Lifetimes TABLE OF CONTENTS Seniors 17 The Year In Review 70 Underclassmen 75 Faculty and Administration 107 Clubs 133 Sports 160 JV Special Events 187 . Feature 219 Lifetimes 3 4 Lifetimes Lifetimes 5 6 Lifetimes Lifetimes 7 8 Lifetimes Lifetimes 9 10 Lifetimes I Lifetimes 1 1 NICARR¥ . FR.A. CONTRIBUTED GENEROIJS MENT OF ELIZABETHTok INTEREST IN CHRIS, 1 THIS BUILDING IS NAMEi HE ix LEGE. ZR educat)- ' n. HONOR OF THRM AND THEIR FAMILY. 1974 L. Lifetimes 13 Lifetimes Not chosen by you or by me How then, can it be? Lifetimes So close together, we are Yet sometimes, far away Lifetimes We did not have a say While still we are here And it has happened my friend That our times have come together Despite our lifetimes So close, and sometimes, far away I have grown to love you anyway Kevin Clemence 14 Lifetimes Lifetimes 15 16 Lifetimes Seniors 17 «si5: :«% Si " " », a PAMELA C. AHERN Business Finance CRAIG M. ALBERT Business Finance RENEE C. ADAMS English MARY E. ALHAGE Occupational Tiierapy ELIZABETH A. ANDERSON Accounting DENISE P. ANGERIO Business Marketing ELIZABETH L. ARASTEH Communications 18 Seniors MELISSA ARNOLD Modern Language SUE M. BACOM Social Work fl I BETSY AGBRECHT Modern Language MELISSA A. BAKER Business Finance ! MUlwIk iiiiil CANDACE AUSTIM Communications BETH A. BARNISH Computer Science LAGRA J. BEAR Occupational Tiierapy Seniors 19 TINA M. BECKER Business Marketing KRISTIN A. BIAGI Occupational Therapy Well, this is the end of a perfect day, Near the end of a journey too; But it leaves a thought that is big and strong with a wish that is kind and true. — Carrie J. Bond MICHAEL J. BIEDRONSKI Computer Science NATALIE A. BIRRELL Business Management kl J L ' M BROOKE L. BLAIR Business Administration LAGRA A. BLY Occupational Therapy CARY D. BODENHEIMER Computer Science BlS 20 Seniors JGLIA BONN History THOMAS S. BOURNE Religion Philosophy WILLIAM J. BOVA Communications JILL L. BOWSER Accounting BRIAN K. BRADY Computer Science BIS MARIA A. BRODNICK English DEBORAH L. BROWN Political Science Seniors 21 BRADFORD BRGBAKER Business Marketing STEPHEN S. BRGNO Accounting JEFFREY R. BRZEZICKI Business Marketing SHARON M. BGRGER Computer Science BIS DOGGLAS J. CALANDRA Biology COLLEEN A. CAMERON Elementary Education FRANK CARADO Political Science 22 Seniors ANDREW D. CAREY Political Science SHERI L. CASSIDY Communications CINDY A. CAROTHERS Accounting EDWARD C. CHANCE Computer Science LISA M. CARTER Occupational Therapy CINDY L. CHAPMAN Occupational Therapy CHERYL A. CHARLES Occupational Therapy Seniors 23 DOLORA M. CHORBA Sociology Anthropology MARK S. CLARK Communications DARCY L. COELLN Occupational Therapy JENNIFER CORCHIOLO Political Science CHARLES F. CORNELL Business Finance 24 Seniors CATHY A. COSTELLAM Communications JOSEPH J. COSTIGAN Business Management INo man of woman born, coward or brave, can shun his destiny — Homer ROBERT B. CRAMER Biology Chemistry CELESTE S. CRAWFORD English TRACY L. CRAWFORD Accounting JENNIFER R. CRIST Social Work KATHY CROWLEY Psychology Seniors 25 £ i MICHELLE M. DALTON Occupational Therapy J SCOTT DAVIES Communications CHRISTINE A. DAMERON Early Childhood Education I ( NANCY E. DARROW Political Science KENDRA C. DEAVEN Social Work RONALD M. DEBRIGIDA Business Marketing CYNTHIA S. DECK Business Finance 26 Seniors DEMISE DESJARDIMS Computer Science DELLA M. DIBERT Computer Science JOSEPH E. DEMPSEY Communications BRIAM T. DIEZEL Matfiematics SCOTT J. DOWNS Mathematics AMY L. DREYER Communications VlKl M. DGJMOVIC Business Management Seniors 27 GEORGE R. DGNKELBERGER Biology KRISTEN ENSWILER Chemistry Medical Technology TRACY DGRYEA Business Management TERI L. ENT Psychology BARRY S. EATOM Business Computer Science LYNDON R. ENGLE Business Finance HAMID R. ESBAH- TABATABAIE Biochemistry 28 Seniors ERIC C. ESHBACH Elementary Education JODI L. EVER Computer Science RAMDY J. ESHLEMAM Mathematics TODD FALK Communications KRISTIN H. ESPENHORST Early Childhood Education KRISTA I. FASCHIMG Business Computer Science MONICA A. FELIX Occupational Therapy Seniors 29 TIMOTHY R. FERGGSOrS Mathematics LISA E. FRIEDLAMDER Early Childhood Education CHRISTINE M. FINLEY Communications JODI L. FRITZ Occupational Therapy JOHM J. FGMSTOrS Business Marketing GREGORY S. GAAL Business Finance 30 Seniors DINA GARDNER Communications CARYN H. GIRARD Business Computer Science PETER C. GITHENS Computer Science ELIZABETH A. GOEDEKE Early Childhood Education MICHAEL K. GORE Political Science STEVEN T. GRANDORF Accounting KATHRYN M. GRANT Music Education Seniors 31 TRACEY A. GROFF Social Work ROGER S. HADDOH Communications RICHARD H. GGINAM Communications jiK " ' " DORI A. HACKER Early Childhood Education EDWARD HALTENHOFF Business Administration ALLEN T. HANSELL JR Business Marketing I PATRICIA J. HARMED Early Childhood Education 32 Seniors SHARI L. HARTMAN Business Accounting THOMAS J. HAGGHTON History BRENTOM R. HEARD Communications LYMN M. HECHMER Communications EDWARD J. HEMDRICK Business Administration KRISTIN HESS Early Childhood Education TRACI HESSERT Communications Seniors 33 KAREN HINERDEER Business Management DEMISE A. HOPPIE Biology 1 ■ B ' " - M ■jiM 1 B ' m. si |H HH w " B i y PATRICIA D. HIRKALA Biology DESMONDE A. HOPPIE Biology MYRA HOOKER Psychology DGAINE E. HOSLER Business Economics DOININA J. HRGDOWSKY Computer Science 34 Seniors BRIAM S. HUBER Biochemistry STEPHEN D. HGNT Religion Pinilosophy GABRIELLE L. HGLL Business Computer Science JGANITA L. JACKSON Computer Science BIS BETH A. HGMMEL Elementary Education DONNA B. JARRETT Psychology LOR! A. JOHNSON Early Childhood Education Seniors 35 MARY AMM JOHNSTOPSE English JAMES A. JONES Business Administration CHRISTIME M. KELLY Communications ALLEN G. KEMP Communications CHRISTINE A. KELLER Matlnematics ELIZABETH K. KEON Business Administration PAMELA S. KERCHER Social Work 36 Seniors KAREN R. KIMZIE Occupational Therapy JODI L. KISKO Occupational Therapy CAROLYN L. KERN English KAREN K. KNISS Early Childhood Education KELLY L. KOPP Accounting JOAN L. KORB Mathematics WENDY S. KOWTKO Psychology Seniors 37 JAMET M. KRESGE Mathematics MAMCY B. LANDON Business Marketing JOHN K. LAIRD Biochemistry JACQUELYN M. LAY Business Accounting SaSAN B. LEACH Business Marketing CATHERINE E. LEES Business Administration ROBIN E. LEHR Biology 38 Seniors JGDITH A. LIMGRELL Accounting DAVID LENHART Business Marketing ROBERT E. LITTLE Accounting LESLIE L. LEVlSOn Occupational Therapy THOMAS W. LONGENECKER Psychology MICHAEL J. LORRELLI Business Marketing LEE R. LUCAS Social Work Seniors 39 DAM MAGARO Business Computer Science 1» . ELIZABETH A. MAKOVITCH Business Management ELIZABETH MARTIN Business Management WILLIAM MALATESTA Communications CHRISTOPHER MATTHEWS Business Marketing COLLEEN MATTIMORE Occupational Therapy KATHLEEN MAY Communications 40 Seniors KEVIN MCCLGRE Accounting TAMMY MCDOrSALD Social Work i TIMOTHY MCCORMICK Computer Science BIS MARY MCMAHON Early Childhood Education SCOTT MC NANEY Political Science NORA MELLINGER English LAGRIE MELOS Elementary Education Seniors 41 i STEPHANIE E. MELOY Business Marketing ELIZABETH A. MELVILLE Accounting CHRISTINE A. MESSIER English KAREFS METZ Music ANGELA METZ-COOPER SCOTT V. METZEL GREGORY MILLEN Accounting History Business Finance 42 Seniors DIAME MILLER Accounting SaZAMME MORTOM Communications KATHLEEIN MILLER Chemistry Medical Teciinology WILLIAM MILLER Business Management MELISSA MOSESSO Occupational Therapy CHRISTINE MOVER Occupational Therapy MARCIA MGMMAG Business Education Seniors 43 AMDREA MURRAY Elementary Education DALE MELSOM Computer Science KENNETH MYERS Business Finance TAM NGGYEN Elementary Education MARK MYERS Communications STEPHANIE M. NORWINSKI Occupational Therapy ELIZABETH NGNAN English 44 Seniors JOHM O ' BRIEN Computer Science RONALD ORLANDO JR History LISA PAGANELLI Earlyciiiidiiood Education SEAN PAGE Biology Cinemistry DIANE PASZKOWSKI AARON PAYSON KIMBERLY A. PEASE Psychology Psychology Communications Seniors 45 EDWARD A. PFEIFFER Business Marketing MARINA V. PIAZZl Social Work KARL PETERS Computer Science KECIA J. PLATT Communications JULIE PODSIADLO Communications GARY A. POFFENBERGER Business Marketing ARLYNM POLSKY Occupational Therapy 46 Seniors FRANCES E. POWELL Psychology MARY M. RICHARDSON Chemistry Medical Technology SaSAN E. RHGE Political Science NANCY L. RICHARDSON Business Management I KATHLEEN M. RlCCl Elementary Education BRIDGET R. ROMMAL Accounting MICHAEL T. ROSE Communications Seniors 47 KRISTIN R. ROWLAND Communications MICHELLE M. RGBEL Communications 1 1 STEVE J. ROSE Business Management MARK A. RGBINO Sociology BRAD SATTIN Communications SGSY L. SCHRADER Accounting DOUGLAS W. SCHROCK Business Finance 48 Seniors STEVEN W. SCHROTH Communications BETH E. SCROGGINS Occupational Tinerapy LISA SCHGLTZ Sociolo gy AMDREA SCHWARTZ Psychology JODY L. SEIBERT Accounting PHILIP N. SELBY Mathematics TAMMARA L. SHELTON Business Marketing Seniors 49 KIMBERLEY S. SHIVODER Communications KAREN P. SIMPSOM Occupational Therapy KRISTEN B. SHUMAN Engiisii LYNETTE M. SINGER Occupational Therapy COLLEEN A. SIMPSON Elementary Education JAMIE C. SMITH Business Marketing CHARLES SNYDER Business Economics JERRY SNYDER Elementary Education MICHAEL S. SNYDER Social Science History 50 Seniors JEFFREY R. SORI Business Management MELVIM L. SPADE JR Computer Science MICHAEL S. SPANGLER Business Finance KATHRYN P. SPARE Social Work CGRT STAHL Communications Seniors 51 rf ' V ' A y ROBERT S. STEELE Business Management KAREN L. STERNER Business Finance LISA D. STEELE Business Finance TIMOTHY M. STERNER Music Education LISA M. STOVER Business Economics MICHELLE N. SWANTNER Sociology TROY D. TAYLOR Communications 52 Seniors ANN TILGHMAN Communications PATRICIA C. TISDALE Occupational Therapy BRADLEY D VAN-NOSTRANO Business Finance THOMAS H. TRAYER Business Management GREGORY E. VANNGCCI Accounting JON VANASSE Psychology DOMINIC VERALDI Business Management Seniors 53 TERESA M. VIA Sociology GWENDA K. WAGNER Early Childhood Education JANICE L. VICK Occupational Therapy DENISE E. WALLER Occupational Therapy WILLIAM WALSH Business Marketing DARRELL R. WALTER Computer Science DEBORAH A. WALTERMIRE Occupational Therapy 54 Seniors CAMDIS R. WALTZ Psychology TODD A. WENGER Mathematics JOSEPH WEISSER Business Marketing BONNIE L. WESTHEAFFER Mathematics CHERYL L. WHIPPLE Social Work LORI K. WHITCARE Music Therapy ROBIN J. WILFRID Business Administration Seniors 55 DAWM WILLIAMS Elementary Education WAYNE WILLIAMS Business Comp Sci LISA A WILLITTS Music Education PATRICIA A WOHLRAB Communications THOMAS YEAGER Communications SaSAN FAATZ Marketing 56 Seniors SENIOR DIRECTORY 57 SENIOR DIRECTORY RENEE CYNTHIA ADAMS 604 E. 3rd St. Birdsboro, PA 19508 English Professional Writing Myer Dorm Council, Myer Dorm Council Secretary, S.T.E.P. " Thanks Mom and Dad I never would have made it through without you. " PAMELA AHERN 300 River Rd. Elkton, MD 21921 Business Finance Minor — Math SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, tutor, Math Club MARY E. ALHAGE Ta ' agan Point Rd. Danbury, CT. 06811 Resident Assistant, peer counselor. Oc- cupational Therapy Club, Activity Plan- ning Board, Volunteer Club ELIZABETH A. ANDERSON 2031 Garnet Rd. York, PA 17403 Accounting Accounting and Finance Club, Society for the Advancement of Management, Accounting Internship DENISE ANGERIO 22 Pocahontas Ave. Oceanport. NJ 07757 Business Marketing SAM, Marketing Club, APB, Psychology Club " Thank-you Mom and Dad for all your support. I love you and without the two of you i would never have made it. Best of luck to all my friends new and old you have made these 4 years the greatest possible, Robin and Lisa you have both been there since the beginning I hope it never changes. " ELIZABETH A. ARASTEH Spring Hill Court White Haven, PA 18661 Communications (Corporate Media) Etownian Copy Editing Staff, Copy Edi- tor. WWEC copy promotions staff, Founders Dorm Council, Chorale Union, Forensics Club Secretary, Intramural soccer, Newman Club, English Club " Peace, Love, and the Greatful Dead. " Many thanks to my family and friends for their love and support. " MELISSA ANN ARNOLD Modern Languages Spanish Brethren Colleges Abroad — Barcelona, Spain, Modern Language Club, Interna- tional Club (Treasurer — sr.), Inter-Varsi- ty Christian, Fellowship " There are few people who, through their lives, demonstrate the true defini- tion of " friend " . Luckily, I found them — Lisa, Mick, Javi, and Steven. Mom and Dad — my deepest gratitude and love, losquiero! " (I John 4:19) BETSY AQBRECHT Modern Languages International Club, Modern Language Club, Delphi Society " ... That I may always be faced with a challenge and never tire of living ... " SUE M. BACON 228 Poplar Street Towanda, PA 18848 College Scholar, Dean ' s List, Delphi So- ciety, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Delta Mu, Social Work Club — President, Con- cert Choir, Chorale, PA Intercollegiate Choir, S.T.E.P., Student Senate, Breth- ren Student Fellowship, B.C. A. — Eng- land, Peer Educator in Sexual Aware- ness, Tartuffe " To all my friends here at E-Town — I love you very much! Chris and Leslie — Alto Bitches forever! " MELISSA ANN BAKER RD 2 Friedens, PA 15541 Business Administration — Finance SAM Club, APB, Dance Committee, Cafe worker BETH ANN BARNISH 728 E. Market St. Mahanoy City, PA 17948 Computer Science PSI CHI, Delphi Society, Dean ' s List of Honor Students, Newman Club VP Sec, Psychology Club, Outdoor Club, APB Special Events Committee, Computer Science Club, Data Processing Manage- ment Assoc, Assoc, of Computer Ma- chinery " I would like to extend special thanks to family (esp. my mom and my fiance John) for their continued support. " LAORA BEAR 30 N. Prince St. Millersville, PA 17551 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Si Theta Epsilon. Intra- mural Volleyball " Thank-you mom — for everything. I would not have made it without you!! " TINA M. BECKER 2633 Cloverleaf Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration — Marketing KRISTEN A. BIAGI (Krisco) Occupational Therapy APB Executive Committee, OT Club, Founders Dorm Rep., Volunteer Club, P.H.P.C, Outdoor Club, Summer Confer- ences, etc . . . " Too funny " . Thanks Mom and Bob — FOR EVERYTHING! " NATALIE A. BIRRELL 208 2nd Street Fanwood, NJ 08328 Business Administration Sec Accounting Finance Club, S.A.M — Treasurer, Student team of Entertain ers and Performers, Yearbook Photogra pher, Business Dept. Assistant, Tutor BCA — Cheltenham, Alpha Lambda Del ta, Delphi Society, Intramurals " Its been MEGA! " BROOKE BLAIR 28 Pleasan St. Marblehead, MA 01945 Business Marketing Tennis Team LAURA ANN BLY 409 Brentwood Dr. Wilmington, DE 19803 Occupational Therapy Dorm Council, O.T. Club, Tartuffe, intra- mural sports " Much thanks to all who made these 4 years at E-town the best — esp. Mom 58 Dad, Scott, A-3, O.T. Class of SS. 8 N, Lime St. Best of Luck to All! " CARY BODENHEIMER 17 Maple Steam Rd. E. Windsor, NJ 08520 Computer Science BiS Concentration Intramural football and Softball, Ski Club Co-President " Happy Hour Friday at 5 " , " I lost the transmission " . To all my friends — thanks for 4 special years — keep in touch. JULIE BONN 1 Giletta Ct. Closter, NJ 07624 History BCA — England, History Club President, Tartuffe, Scuba Club, Intramural Volley- ball " BRILLIANT! " THOMAS SCOTT BOURNE 166 S. Lakeside Medford, NJ 08055 Religion Philosophy Psych. Club, Advocates for Peace, Cam- pus Forum, Dorm Council. Intramurals, Member of the Honor ' s House " Love knows not its depth till the hour of separation. " Thanks for everything: Lauraby, " the House " , Bags, Willy, Miss Cahill and the Goddess WILLIAM J. BOVA 10163 Ferndale St. Philadelphia, PA 19116 Communications Student Senate, DJ — WWEC, Producer ECTV " Thanks for helping me survive these four years, Danny, Larry, Brad and Matt. JILL L. BOWSER 1416 Mifflin St. Huntingdon, PA 16652 Accounting Delphi Society Treasurer, Volleyball. In- tramurals, Accounting Finance Club BRIAN BRADY PO Box 24 Bryans Rd, MD 20616 Computer Science, BIS Vice President Computer Science Club, Vice President Delphi Society, College Scholar, Peer Counselor, Intramurals, Co-Director Summer Orientation MARIA A. BRODNICK 2900 S. 3rd St. Steelton, PA 17113 English Etownian, Conestogan, Campus Forum, APB " Thanks Mom and Dad for always being there for me! I love you! " DEBORAH LYNN BROWN P.O. Box 244 Coatesville, PA 19320 Political Science Minor: Business Peer Counselor, APB, SAM, SAPA, Woman ' s soccer, Intramurals. Etow- nian, Admissions Telemarketing " To my family thanks for making E- town possible. To all my new and old friends thanks for all the wild times. I ' ll miss all of ya — Deb " BRADFORD BRUBAKER Business Administration Marketing Club, Ober Dorm Council, Etownian Outdoor Club, Soccer, Intra- murals " Mel — stay out of the playgrounds. Mom Dad — thanks for everything. GO IRISH! " JEFFREY R. BRZEZICKI 11 Woodland Rd. Bordentown, NJ 08505 Marketing Club, Peer Counselor, Intra- murals " Super! " SHARON M. BURGER 260 Mill Rd. Schnecksville. PA 18078 Computer Science BIS RA, BCA — Spain, Royer Dorm Council Vice President, Peer Counselor, Comput- er Science Club, DPMA, Outdoor Club, STEP " Live and Learn ... " Thanks Mom and Dad for all their support; Lisa Lee my very best friends; to the RA staff you helped make these 4 years the best. " DOUG CALANDRA 232 Claiborne Way Sewell, NJ 08080 Biology Soccer " Pain for the enemy! " COLLEEN ANNE CAMERON 1426 Cider Knoll Way West Chester, PA 19382 Elementary Education Dorm Council " A special thanks to my mom and dad! Best of luck to all my friends and thanks to E-town for all the great times! George, I ' m glad we stuck it out, you mean the world to me and may our future be bright together. " « FRANCIS M. CARODO, SR. Political Science Political Science Club, Sec. of Brinser Dorm Council, Founders Dorm rep., In- tramurals " 1 don ' t believe the good times are over. 1 don ' t believe the thrill is all gone. Real love is a man salvation. While the weaker ones fall and the strong carry on. " ANDREW D. CAREY 1517 Hillcrest Lane Downingtown, PA 19335 Political Science Student Senate, Campus Forum, Intra- murals, Republican Club " I ' m still not sure what the point is. " CINDY ANN COROTHERS 507 Forge Rd. Boiling Springs, PA 17007 Accounting Accounting Finance Club, Learning Center Staff, Intramurals " Thanks to my friends, Paul and esp. to my loving parents. See you all in the executive washroom! " LISA CARTER 1218 N. 22nd St. Allentown. PA 18104 Occupational Therapy Pi Theta Epsilon, OT Honor Society, RA, Newman Club, Outdoor Club, Volunteer Club, Student Team of Entertainers Performers, Intramurals " Successful Relationships are built on Compromise and Tolerance. " ERIC C. ESHBACH 3960 Pinchtown Rd. Thomasville, PA 17364 Elementary Education Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Chorale, Education Club, Alpha Lambda Delta Delphi Society, Religious Life Committee, Brethren Student Fel- lowship, Ober Dorm Council " Remember the Suite Life! " RANDY J. ESHLEMAN RD 2 Box 3001 Mount Joy, PA 17552 Math Intramurals, Math Club, ' V ' outh Pastor 59 " (For the Math Department) It ' s intu- itively obvious that the Clemson Tigers are 1. " KRISTEN HELENA ESPENHORST 118 Van Dyke Rd. Hopewell, NJ 08525 Early Childhood Education Campus Fellowship, Educati on Club, Volunteer Club " Ask and it shall be given you, seek and ye shall find, knock and it will be opened. " JODI LYNNE EVER Box 354 RD I Northumberland, PA 17857 Computer Science Math — minor Cirkle K, Intramurals " Costa Rica, BOOM! Four! I love you Cathy, Jen, Trish and Beth! " STEPHEN TODD FALK Communications Tennis team, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Ski Club " I ' m outta here! " KRISTA T. FASHING RD 1 Box 432 Elverson, PA 19520 Business Computer Science SAM Club Vice President. APB " Mom Dad, Thank you for all of your love and support. Skip, thanks for being there when I needed you. Lisa (Pipe) thanks for being the best friend a person could ever ask for! Tammy — Remem- ber the original 3-West — We made it! " MONICA ANN FELIX 122 N. 25th St. Mount Penn. PA 19606 Occupational Therapy OT Club, Volunteer Club. Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, STEP, Peer Coun- selor, Admissions, Campus Theatre, RA " To my parents and all my friends, I have not stopped giving thanks for you, remembering you in my prayers. Ephe- sians 1:16 " TIMOTHY R. FERGUSON 145 Short St. Doylestown, PA 18901 Math IVCF Brinser Bible Study, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon " Thanks to all my professors in the Math Department in making my career exciting. " Christine M. FINLEY 74 Cedar Drive Richboro, PA 18954 Communications APB President, RA, Coordinator Big Brother Big Sister Day, Campus Life Council " Thank you to my family, good friends and Turtle — Robert, for all your love and support! Good Luck! " MARK A. FOaCHET 404 Wynwood Dr. Willow St., PA 17584 Business Administration Marketing Club, Extern Program, Hon- ors Program JODI LYNN FRITZ Occupational Therapy OT Club, Delphi Society, STEP, Phi The- ta Epsilon, Dean ' s List, College Scholar " To mom dad — thanks so much for your support; this one ' s for you! PT, LL, AP, MA always remember 101 E. Park St. — Friends forever! " LISA FRIEDLANDER 441 N. 25th St. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Early Childhood JOHN FUNSTON III 165 Cheyenne Trail Medford Lakes. NJ 08055 The Etownian layout editor, Intramur- als, Ski Club " Thank you mom dad, 1 love you and Shelie, good luck — 1 love you too. " GREGORY SCOTT GAAL 714 W. Goepp St. Bethlehem, PA 18018 Business Computer Science Founders Dorm Council Treasurer, Tu- tor, SAM Club, Accounting Finance Club, Intramurals DINA ANN GARDNER Communications Foreign Language Club, Intramurals " Thanks Mom Dad for all your sup- port. Also Sarita, Neda, Viki, Donna, Amy, Leslie, Kathy, and Brian — I love you all! " CARYN H. GIRARD 1403 Wynnewood Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Computer Science Intramurals, Tennis fan " It was great living with you Brooke all four years, we better keep in touch. Thanks mom dad. " PETER C. GITHENS RD 3 Box 11 Salem, NJ 08079 Computer Science Hunting, Fishing, Photography " If all else fails, just drop back and punt! " ELIZABETH A. GOEDEKE 88 Terrapin Lane Trenton, NJ 08619 Education Education Club, Campus Fellowship, Swim Team ■ ' Some people come into our lives and go quickly, others remain in our hearts forever. My love and thanks to all the special people I ' ve met here at E-town. " MICHAEL K. GORE 628 Devonshire Dr. Carlisle. PA 17013 Political Science Baseball, Political Science Club, SAM Club STEVEN GRANDORF 32 Olde Town Crt. Bernardsville, NJ 07924 Accounting Accounting Finance Club, SAM Club, OBER Dorm Council, Intramurals Special thanks to Mom, Dad, Julie, Jay. and Cindy. To my roomies — IN- DEED! " KATHRYN M. GRANT Park Dr. Box 69 Kintnersville, PA 18930 Music Education Dorm Council, Intramurals, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Band Officer, MENC officer. Intercollegiate Band TRACEY A. GROFF Social Work CROP Volleyball Marathon, Volunteer Club, Social Work Club Sec, Alpha Del- ta Mu, Intramurals, Schlosser Dorm Council RICHARD H. GUINAN IV 15 S. Maple St. Mt. Carmel, PA 17851 Communications Speech and Debate, Newman Club Pres., Talk of the Towns, Dept. Chair- man ' s Advisory Board, lABC " The World is full of opportunities, if 60 you know when to take them, if there are not, you can make them. " DORI A. HACKER W. McKinley Myerstown, PA 17067 Education Education Club ROGER SAMUEL HADDON, Jr. 243 Water St. Morthumberland, PA 17857 Communications WWEC Board of Directors, Talk of the Towns, Sports Rap, APB " Elizabethtown College: A place to live, learn, and blow $10,000. " ALLEN T. HANSELL Jr. CS MKT Baseball, Soccer PATRICIA JEAN HARNED 1 17 Shippensburg Erdenheim, PA 19118 Education Head RA, Intervarsity Christian Fellow- ship, Administrative Coordinator, Dorm Council, Registrar ' s Office Assistant, Education Club " From what you get you make a living — from what you give you make a life. To those who gave so much — for all your laughs and tears, joys and sorrows — thanks. You ' ve taught me what life is all about. " SHARl L. HARTMAN RD 4 Box 45 Everett, PA 15537 Business Administration Accounting Finance Accounting Finance Club, Volleyball, USVBA, Intramurals " I will always remember this year the most thanks to my friends and one spe- cial PGP! " THOMAS HAOGHTON 2611 Rose Valley Dr. Fort Washington, MD 20744 History Soccer, History Club " Procrastination is a way of life!! " BRENTON R. HEARD 326 Pennsylvania Ave. Bangor, PA 18013 Communications Producer — Sports Rap, Director — Su- zann ' s Body, Talk of the Towns, WWEC, Pres — Society for Collegiate Journal- ists, Intramurals, Dl Alumni " Thanks Dad and Mom. By the way you can reach me at Steinman, ext. 283. " LYNN HECHMER 302 Cherry Hill Rd. Reisterstown, MD 21136 Communications lABC VP. DCAC Chairwoman, SCJ, Del- phi Society, College Scholar. Admis- sions, White House Internship " In all of our lives we see time pass and seasons change, but one thing that re- mains true are the friends we meet along the way. I love you all. Lia, Jennifer, J. Scott, Hans, and Mom Dad — Thanks! " EDWARD J. HENDRICK III 80 Maple Dr. Colts Neck. NJ 07722 " Ho Comment! " KRISTEN HESS 152 Blooming Glen Rd. Perksie, PA 18944 Education Education Club " Thank you to all the special people that went through these 4 years with me — We made it! " TRACEY HESSERT Communications ECTV, WWEC, Good Guy Club, Intramu- ral Fan " Hey you, out there all alone, standing naked on your own, can you feel me? Thanks mom dad for all your help encouragement, I love you!! " KAREN S. HINDERDEER Business Administration SAM Club, Marketing Club, Pres. E- Town Road Trip Committee " Thanks mom; I love all of you that I have been lucky enough to meet here! Good luck and go for it — the Buck " PATRICIA D. HIRKALA 210 School St. Natalie. PA 17851 Biology Newman Club, Biology Club, Phone-a- thon. Organic Chemistry Tutor " Much thanks to my family for all their love and support. I love you mom! " MYRA HOOKER Psychology Pre-Black Student Union. Student Sen- ate, Psychology Club DENESE ANN HOPPIE 6010 Geneva Dr. E. Petersburg, PA 17520 Biology Campus Forum, Biology Club, Black Student Union, APB " Life is too short to forget our greatest assets; friends. " DESMONDE AGNESS HOPPIE Biology Bio Club, Black Student Union, APB, Tech Team, Campus Forum " A tear holds for more than sadness in its significance. Just as life means far more than just living. " DUANE E. HOSLER 1831 Glenwood Dr. Paoli, PA 19301 Business Econ Cross Country. Resident Life Council. Dorm Council " To Brad, Gregg, Jeff, Rou, Doug, Mike, Joe, Tom. and the rest of the Mung Dogs — It ' s been real, I ' ll never forget you guys and always remember ' Naive is he who smiles when the camera doesn ' t click ' ... To Coach Luy and the fighting buzzards — Best of luck in the future. " DONNA HRGDOWSKY 44 Ivy St. Clark, NJ 07066 Computer Science Computer Science Club, Tutor, Intra- murals, Dorm Council Sec. " Thanks mom dad — ILY " BRIAN S. HUBER 623 Owl Hill Rd. Lititz, PA 17543 Bio- = Chemistry RA, Lab Assistant, SAACS, Biology Club, Big Brother Participant GABRIELLE LEIGH HULL 135 W. Main Street Mechanicsburg, PA 17870 Business Administration Computer Sci- ence Basketball, Softball, Dorm Council, RA, Soccer Manager ' Mike, Nancy, Scott, Clarkie, Greg and Gregg — Thanks for everything!! — Re- member: Ober B-2 is awesome, late nights. Freshman = Kirk, marathon staff meetings and the " old " D-1. " BETH A. HUMMEL RD 1 Box 2 61 Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Education Del Phi Society, Alpha Lambda Delta — Pres., College Scholar, STEP, Cirkle K, Education Club, Yearbook Staff " Thanks to my family and good friends for all your love and support, " STEPHEN DAVID HONT PO Box 83 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Religion and Philosophy Student Senate, Brethren Student Fel- lowship. Campus Forum, Chorale, Dean ' s List, Tartuffe " It was a great experience. I just wish my existential moment would have come sooner. " JOANITA LIA JACKSON 201 Erin Way T-3 Reisterstown, MD 21136 Computer Science Computer Science Club, Delphi Society, Tutor " Thanks for the fun guys. Let ' s hope it doesn ' t end here. LH BB JR NW BM love ya ' s! " DONNA B. JARRETT Worthington Rd. RD 5 Doylestown, PA 18901 Psychology Softball, Intramurals, Psychology Club LORI ANNE JOHNSON RD 3 Box 134 New Hope, PA 18938 Education Education Club, Chorale, intramurals. Vice pres. Dorm Council, Yearbook, Ad- missions, Outdoors Club KATHLEEN MAY Jacobs Creek Rd. Titusville, NJ 08560 Communications, Public Relations Treasurer Meyer Dorm, Treasurer CDC, Reporter for Talk of the Towns, Home- coming Court Junior and Senior Years. " Three ulcers later, I made it!! I ' m going to miss everyone more than you ' ll ever know. " KEVIN McCLORE 2002 Maple St. New Cumberland. PA 17070 Accounting Finance Club, Intramural Softball " Sorry I ' m late, my watch says it ' s two of. " TIMOTHY T. McCORMACK Box 81 Hannawa Falls. NY 13647 Computer Science Computer Science Club, Intramural bas- ketball, Softball and football, Circle K Club, State Internship Program. " Thanks for everything mom and dad, I couldn ' t have made it without you. " TAMMY Mcdonald RD 1 Box 1753 Pottsville, PA 17901 Social Work Softball, Intramurals, Social Work Club, Volunteers Club " Thank you mom and dad and grandpar- ents, and to all the friends I met over the years. You ' re the greatest. " SCOTT McNANEY 5244 Meadowbrook Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Political Science Soccer, baseball. Political Science Club NORA MELLINGER H-403 Lexington Dr. Phoenixville, PA 19460 English, Professional Writing Campus Forum, Scuba Club, Etownian " Yes — I am going to get a job even if English isn ' t a real major. " LAURIE E. MELOS 14 Florence Ave. Marlton, NJ 08053 Elementary Education Education Club, Dorm Council, Intramu- ral Sports " Thanks to my special friends who made college what it was. Thanks mom, dad and Glenn for your support. " STEPHANIE E. MELOY P.O. Box 545 6707 Qreenlanding Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Business Administration Marketing Class Treasurer 85-86, Marketing Club. SAM Club, RA " Thank you so much for the support of my friends and family — A-1 you ' re the BEST!! " ELIZABETH ANNE MELVILLE 740 Skyline Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Varsity Basketball, Soccer Club, Delphi Society, Circle K Club, SAM Club, Intra- murals " To the two people who have done so much yet were never appreciated enough — Thanks mom and dad, I love you! " CHRISTINE A. MESSIER RD 1 Harbourton Lambertville, NJ 08530 English Etownian, Soccer Club, Intramurals SCOTT METZEL Box 46 C RR 2 Perkasie, PA 18944 History Phi Alpha Theta, History Club, Political Science Club GREGORY KENT MILLEN 333 S 9th Street Akron, PA 17501 Business Administration WWEC Disc Jockey, Golf Team DIANE M. MILLER 8607 Elliston Dr. Wynmour, PA 19118 Accounting RA, Swim Team, Circle K Club, Ac- counting Finance Club " Mom and dad — one big " T hank You " for all you have done for me. Andrew, love and friendship always. " KATHLEEN A. MILLER 1 1 1 Northmount St. Greensburg, PA 15601 Chem Med Tech. ACS, Student Senate, Campus Life Council WILLIAM MILLER 1350 Simpson Ferry Rd. New Cumberland, PA 17070 Business Management Newman Club, Religious Life Commit- tee, Intramurals " Do it now! That ' s why there ' s no better time like the present for postponing what I don ' t want to do. " SUZANNE MORTON 23 Glendale Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Communications Peer Counselor, Baseball Statistician " Suck it up, it ' s all part of having fun. " MELISSA MOSESSO 2306 Cassidy Dr. Bethel Park, PA 15102 62 Occupational Therapy Founders Dorm Council, OT Club, Intra- murals " To mom and Dave — thanks for all your support and encouragement during my college years. Lots of love. " CHRISTINE MOVER Box 402 Blandon, PA 19510 Occupational Therapy OT Club, APB, Bio Club, Concert Choir. Dorm Council, Etownian " Loving, laughing and learning . . . These are the essence of living. " MARCIA MOMMAO 1662 Sheaffer Rd. Etown, PA 19403 Business Education Education Club, Phea Grant Advisory Board " Thank you Jeff!!! " ANDREA J. MURRAY 2453 Hillside Dr. Norristown, PA 19403 Elementary Education Education Club " K — the last two years were definitely the best. " KENNETH MYERS JR. 470 Main St. Landisville, PA 17583 Business Administration Finance Accounting Finance Club. Concert Choir, Etownian, Student Senate. SAM Club " Thank you mom and dad for all your support. I Love you. Thanks to all my friends for making my 4 years the great- est. " MARK MYERS Box 166AAA RD 5 Sinking Springs, PA 19608 Communications Business Manage- ment Concert Choir, Producer " Talk of the Towns " , Brethren Student Fellowship " College is a time where friends become family. Thanks mom and dad. " DALE A. NELSON 395 Arrowhead Dr. Lititz. PA 17543 Computer Science Intramurals TAM NGUYEN 83 Bishops Dr. Aston, PA 19014 Elementary Education APB, Intramurals, Central Dorm Coun- cil, Education Club " Thanks mom and dad. Aunt Henriett and CJncle Roy — You ' re great. And I love you Tom. " STEPHANIE NORWINSKI Rt. 2 Box 274 Elkton, VA 22827 Occupational Therapy OT Club. APB, Ski Club, Outdoors Club, Intramurals " Thanks dad and mom for all your love and support. 1 would have never made it without the two of you. " ELIZABETH NONAN 720 E, Ave. Bay Head. NJ 08742 English Literature English Club. Psychology Club, Outdoor Club RONALD ORLANDO JR. Luigi Rd. Putnam Valley, NY 10597 History History Club, Student Senate, intramur- als " 2 North, ' The Dynasty ' good luck to the class of ' 88. " KAREN K. OVENS Early Childhood Education College Community Orchestra. Educa- tion Club LISA PAGANELLI 240 Knoll Dr. Park Ridge, NJ 07656 Early Childhood Education Volleyball, Education Club " Thanks to my mom and dad and all of my friends for their support and love. " SEAN PAGE 207 Locust Lane East York, PA 17402 Biochemistry Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society, Prehealth Professions Club " Don ' t let the bastards get you down. " DIANE PASZKOWSKI RD 1 Box 3 Shirleysburg, PA 17260 Psychology Intramurals, Psychology Club, APB AARON PAYSON 935 W. Walnut St. Lancaster, PA 17603 Psychology Forensics Club, Alpha Psi Omega, Stu- dent Patrol " Live for service ... " KIMBERLY ANNE PEASE 12 Evergreen Dr. Berlin, NJ 08009 Communications " Talk of the Towns " Co-Host, Dorm Council, Newspaper, Intramurals " Thanks to my ever-growing family (all five of them) and of course my friends who have made the last four years some of the most memorable ones of my life. " KARL PETERS 908 Orlando Rd. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Computer Science Computer Science Club, Karate Club, Republican Club " Four years for this? " EDWARD A. PFEIFFER 1011 Howard Rd. Warminster, PA 18974 Business Marketing Soccer, Marketing Club, Intramurals " Thanks mom and dad! Good luck to the Rose Garden. YMP " MARINA PIAZZI 505 Washington St. Freeland, PA 15537 Social Work Social Work Club " Thanks mom and dad, I love you! AA, CP, TP thanks for your support. Mark and Sherry, thanks for being terrific friends, I ' ll miss you! " KECIA PLATT RD 1 Box 498 Everett, PA 15537 Communications Etownian, Intramurals, WWEC, ECTV, STEP, Chorale Union, Volleyball Mara- thon " What ' s a long strange trip it ' s been! Thanks to everyone, especially my fam- ily and CF for all of the love and support over the past 4 years. " JULIE G. PODSIADLO 21 Sycamore Lane Skillman, NJ 08558 Communications Etown Drama Club, Photography Club 63 " Thanks to mom and dad, all my friends and especially Bill Walsh for making my years here the best I ' ve ever had! Love you! — Blondie. " GARY ALAN POFFENBERGER PO Box 414 Halifax, PA 17032 Business Administration Baseball, Ski Club, Intramurals ARLYNN POLSKY 8821 Patton Rd, Wyndmoor, PA 19118 Occupational Therapy OT Club, ASCOTA Rep, APB, Volunteer Club, Peer Counseling, STEP " It ' s only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye. " F. ELAINE POWELL 366 Grove Rd. So uth Orange. NJ 07079 Psychology President Psi Chi, Outdoor Club, Soccer, Psychology Club, Math Honor Society KATHLEEN RICCI 4325 Shoemaker Rd. Huntingdon Valley, PA 19006 Elementary Education Education Club, STEP, Outdoors Club " Thanks mom and dad, you ' re the best!!! " NANCY RICHARDSON 1 1 Sweetwood Ct. Parsippany, NJ 07054 Business Management SAM Club, Skiing Club, APB. BRIDGET ROMMAL 14738 New Windsor Rd. New Windsor, MD 21776 Accounting Editor-in-Chief Conestogan, Accounting club. Student Manager Dining Hall, Intra- murals, Photography Club, Tutor, Group Leader Co-Op house. " JPB — Thanks for the best years yet! 143!! YEAH ORCHARD! We are DONE!! Congrats and Love. Lee — Let ' s make popcorn, with lots of butter!! " MICHAEL TODD ROSE 320 Laurel Dr. Lehighton, PA 18235 Communications, Public Relations 1984-86 Intramural, FM Committee, WWEC DJ WWEC Program Manager, Ober Dorm Council, Communications Open House Volunteer, ECTV, Yearbook " Today is only tomorrows yesterday. " STEVE ROSE 29 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 SAM Club, Intramural " Thanks to G, R, P, T, D and of course E. It was a lot of fun. " S. ELIZABETH RHUE 5906 Euclid St. Chenerly, MD 20785 Political Science College Republicans, Talk of the Towns " Live, love, laugh " KRISTIN ROBIN ROWLAND 2716 Maxwell St. Philadelphia, PA 19136 Communications Senior Class President, Station Manager WWEC, Student Senate, Peer Counsel- or, Academic Occasions Committee " Could it possibly have been more fun Michelle? B-3 has been the best! " MICHELLE M. RUBEL 101 Lackawanna Ave. Duryea. PA 18642 Communications SCJ, APB, Honor Roll, Photography Club, WWEC, Intramurals, Etownian, Conestogan " Thanks for the memories — for those things to come and those that have been. " MARK A. RUBINO 932 Jefferson Way. W est Chester, PA 19380 Ober Dorm Council, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Intramurals " Mom and dad — you ' re the greatest!! " BRAD SATTIN 1133 Old Lancaster Pike Shillington, PA 19607 Communications Talk of the Towns Co-host and Producer, WWEC DJ, Cross Country. Swimming, Open House Volunteer " Matt, Ken and Howie — We ' ll go out tomorrow night. Tonight is cleaning night (could 1 clean my room more?) " SaSY L. SCHRADER RD 2 Box 81 Slatington. PA 18080 Intramurals, Accounting Finance Club " Thanks to Deanna, Steph and Stacey for making my senior year the best. " DOUGLAS L. SCHROCK 12 Wycombe Way Princeton Junction, NJ 08550 Business Administration " The only thing 1 know how to do is keep on keeping on. " B. Dylan STEVEN W. SCHROTH 71 Summit Tr. Sparta, NJ 07871 Communications Soccer. Intramurals, Circle K Club " The totally silly shall someday inherit the earth. " LISA A. SCHULTZ 523 Stitzer Ave. Wernersville, PA 19565 Sociology RA, Modern Language Club, Sociology Club, STEP. ANDREA B. SCHWARTZ 3157 Madison St. Waukesha. Wl 53188 Psychology Hall Rep, Dorm Council. Psychology Club " It ' s been a lot of hard work but all the good times and great memories made it worth it. " BETH E. SCROGGINS 440 Ridge Rd. Rising sun, MD 21911 Occupational Therapy OT Club, APB, Special Events. Peer Counselor JODY L. SEIBERT Accounting Concert Band PHILIP N. SELBY 6120 Quinn Orchard Rd. Frederick, MD 21701 Applied Mathematics Intramurals, Math Club, Pi Mu Epsilon ' Thanks to mom and dad, Mike and Cin- dy for all your support and MONEY!! To the math department. Thank you for your great leads. " TAMARA LYNN SHELTON Daleville Rd. Cochranville, PA 19330 Business Marketing Management Field Hockey, APB, Intramurals " Thanks mom and dad for making all of this possible — I love you!! To all my friends here at Elizabethtown, Thanks for making this four of the best years of my life, 1 will never forget you. " 64 KIMBERLY S. SHIVODER 445 Harding Dr. S. Orange, NJ 07079 Communications Freshman Class Vice President. lABC " I love you mom and dad, you too Chappy. " KRISTEN B. SHUMAN 4001 5th Ave. Temple, PA 19560 English Alpha Psi Omega, Forensics Club, Tutor " It ' s been an interesting process, Etown! I ' m still not sure what I can do with an English major, but I ' m sure going to try and make a lot of money! " COLLEEN A. SIMPSON RD 1 Box 274 Greene, NY 13778 Elementary Education Campus Forum, Campus Fellowship, Circle K Club, Chorale Union, Intramur- als KAREN F. SIMPSON 714 Parkside Blvd. Claymont, DE 19703 Occupational Therapy Field Hockey, SOTA Club, Fund raising chairperson, Intramurals LYNETTE M. SINGER 909 E. Orange St. Lancaster, PA 17602 Occupational Therapy Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta Epsilon, Delphi Society, OT Club, Volunteer Club " Of all the lessons I learned in college, the most important ones did not come from the books. " JAMIE C. SMITH Rt. 1 Joleo Farm Millington, MD 21651 Business Administration Tennis, Marketing Club CHARLES SNYDER Riverside Drive Susquehanna, PA 18847 Business Administration Academics, APB, SAM, Accounting Club, Scuba Club, Dorm Council " Lunch at the Hillcrest? I love ya Lois!! " MICHAEL SNYDER 110 Ave. B Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 Secondary Education Political Science Club, History Club, In- tramurals JEFFREY R. SORI RR 3, Box 239D Sewell, NJ 08080 Business Administration SAM Club, Soccer, Tutor, Intramurals " Thank you mom and dad for all of your support. Special thanks to Pinhead and Devano. " MELVIN L. SPADE JR. PO Box 176 Herndon, PA 17830 Computer Science Ober Dorm Council, Baseball, Intramur- als, Science Club " Mom and dad, thanks for everything, it wouldn ' t have been the same — Dog, Kiss and Dike. It ' s been real!!! " MICHAEL S. SPANGLER 115 East Main St. Strasburg, PA 17579 Economics Accounting Finance Club, Dorm Coun- cil, CDC, Delphi Society " We wouldn ' t want to have fun tonight. We ' re going to have fun tomorrow night! " KATHRYN P. SPARE 210 Hillendale Drive Doylestown, PA 18901 Social Work Social Work Sociology Club, Learning Center CURT STAHL 607 Green Ave. West Chester, PA 19380 Corporate Media E-townian, Intramurals, Forensics Club " — it happens!!! If you can dream it you can do it. You ' ll have this. SKA-BA. Thanks ma and Pop!! " LISA STEELE PO Box 170 Huntingdon, PA 16652 Business Finance Accounting and Finance Club, SAM Club " Thanks to everyone for all of the sup- port they ' ve given me. " ROBERT STEELE 102 4th Ave. Haddon Heights, NJ 08035 Business Administration Intramurals, Ober Dorm Council KAREN L. STERNER 228 Grove St. Orwigsburg, PA 17961 Business Administration Finance RA, Accounting Finance Club, Tutor, Swim Team, Peer Counselor. Intramur- als TIMOTHY M. STERNER RD 3 Tomaqua, PA 18252 Music Education Concert Choir, College Chorale, Jazz Band, PCMEA, MENC Club, Pep Band " Isn ' t that special!! " LISA M. STOVER Box 484 12 S. Church Brownstown, PA 17508 Business Administration Manager men ' s soccer team. Modern Language Club, Intramurals " Mom and dad — Thanks for everything — you made this possible - - I love you lots!! Krissy and Mel, thanks for being great friends and always being there when I needed you!! " MICHELLE SWANTNER 148 N. Nichols St. Clair, PA 17970 Sociology Women ' s basketball, RA, Dorm Council, Intramurals " To mom and dad — a BIG HUG and Thanks for all you ' ve done for me. I LOVE both of you!! And to all my friends, thanks for the memories!! " TROY TAYLOR RD 3, Box 212 Lewistown, PA 17044 Communications Intramurals, RA, WWEC, Talk of the Towns, E-townian. ANNE MARIE TILGHMAN 4806 Millers Station Rd. Hampstead, MD 21074 Communications Volleyball, ECTV, DCAC. PATRICIA C. TISDALE 741 Anna Place No. Plainfield, NJ 07063 Occupational Therapy OT Club, STEP, APB, Peer Counselor THOMAS TRAYER 1 1 Woodland Ave. Lititz, PA 17543 Business Administration 55 Intramurals, College Extern Program " If you work hard enough, good things will happen to you. " JONATHAN L. VANASSE 206 Sterling Rd. Princeton, MA 01541 Psychology Business Administration Student Senate, Psychology Club, Ski Club, Intramurals, HAP. " Thanks Jenny, the old A-3 and especial- ly mom and dad. " BRADLEY DAVID VAN NOSTRAND 377 Nottingham Rd. Woodbury, NJ 08096 Business Administration Student Senate, Dorm Council, SAM, Marketing Club, Accounting Finance Club " Might be goin ' to hell in a bucket, but at least I ' m enjoying the ride. " GREGORY E. VANNUCCI 3709 Little Mac Dr. Landisville, PA 17538 Accounting Treasurer Junior and Senior class, Ac- counting Finance Club, Intramurals DOMINIC VERALDI RD 6, Box 319A Hanover, PA 17331 Business Administration Marketing Soccer, Intramurals, E-townian " Thanks mom and dad TMP — The Hon- ors House — Bvs vs. Commies " THERESA MARIE VIA 9 Wildwood Bldg. Middletown, PA 17057 Sociology Data entry clerk admissions office JANICE L. VICK 1550 Ray wood Rd. Alliance, OH 44601 Occupational Therapy OT Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, RA, Phi Theta Epsilon, Volun- teer Club GWENDA K. WAGNER 135 Hunterstown Rd. Gettysburg, PA 17325 Early Childhood Education Volunteer Club, Brethren Student Fel- lowship, Education Club, Intramurals, Big Sister DENISE E. WALLER 67170 Graham Rd. St. Clairsville, OH 43950 Occupational Therapy OT Club, Pi Theta Epsilon, Delphi Soci- ety, Who ' s Who Among American Col- leges and CJniversities, Distinguished Sophomore Award, RA. WILLIAM WALSH Business Administration Marketing Baseball " Thanks to my parents, my family, my friends and Julie for a great 4 (plus years. " DARRELL R. WALTER 932 Herman Dr. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Computer Science Mathematics Peer Counselor, Math Club, Computer Science Club, ACM, Intramurals, Dorm Council. " To all my friends — thanks for the memories. " DEBORAH A. WALTERMIRE 1211 Maple St. Ext. Coraopolis, PA 15108 Occupational Therapy Campus Fellowship, WWEC, SOTA " 1 can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me " (Philippians 4:13) CANDIS WALTZ RD 2 Box 196 Columbia, PA 17512 Psychology Alpha Lambda Delta, Psi Chi, Psycholo- gy Club JOSEPH G. WEISSER 411 Wetherburn Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration Marketing Club, Intramurals, Swimming TODD ALLEN WENGER 1011 Woodland Dr. Quarryville, PA 17566 Mathematics Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Delphi So- ciety, Pi Mu Epsilon " Thanks mom and dad. 1 wouldn ' t have made it without your help and support. " BONNIE WESTHEAFFER 1138 Ranck Mill Rd. Lancaster. PA 17602 Math Circle K, Pennsylvania Pi, Math Club " Thanks to all my friends on A-2 for fill- ing my 4 years with laughter because that ' s what life ' s all about. Thanks and lots of love to mom and dad. " CHERYL WHIPPLE 2129 Stone Crest Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Social Work LORI K. WHITACRE 1131 Ridge Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Music Therapy Alpha Mu, Brethren Student Fellowship, Concert Choir, MENC ROBIN WILFRID 461 Bay berry Lane Mountainside, NJ 07092 Business Marketing " A special thanks to 3 very important people (Mom, dad and Mike). " House of hairspray " (LK, DD, DB, BG) Love ya ' s. " DAWN WILLIAMS 704 Warren Ave. Ho-Ho- Kus, NJ 07423 Elementary Education Education Club, Intramurals, Soccer Club " Mom and dad . . . thanks for sticking it out with me. I love you! Royer 3 - • South, Green Gables, thanks for all the memo- ries. They will last forever! " WAYNE D. WILLIAMS 42 Blossom Lane Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 Business Administration Intramurals, Republican Club, Hall Re- presentative " Goodbye cruel world — I ' m leaving you today. " LISA A. WILLITTS 1839 Eden Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Music Education Chorale Onion, Concert Choir, Orches- tra, STEP. Alpha Mu, MENC Club, Intra- murals PATRICIA A. WOHLRAB 15 Market Street Salem, NJ 08070 Communications Publicity Coordinator. Circle K Club, Communique. Tutor, APB. " Love ya mom and dad. Those crazy nights I remember in my youth. And I do recall they were the best times most of all. " THOMAS J. YEAGER 2 Mayfield Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Communications Photography Club, Ski Club Student Di- rector of ECTV " " It ' s been real!! Peace, love and happi- ness forever!! " 66 cO ,T ' Si 1 av io !i the CLASS OF 1988 67 Senior Class Worship Service The Senior Class Worship Service was held at 10:00. The service was hosted by graduates for the Class of 1988. Musical selections included several solo ' s, a string trio, and several songs by the senior choir members. The congregation was also treated to an original composition by Lori Whitacre. A slide show, as well as several reflections by members of the Class of 1988 were also highlighted. 68 Seniors I .cr» Seniors 69 70 Seniors 1 1 S» iff " Graduation 1988 On May 21, 1988, 389 graduated from Elizabethtown College. Although the weather threatened, the ceremonies were held in the dell. 3 Honorary degrees were granted along with 90 Bachelor of Arts, 281 Bachelor of Science, and 18 Bachelor of Liberal Arts, Bachelor of Professional Studies, and Associate of Science Degrees. The guest speaker was Bernard Watson. A reception in Myer circle followed. Seniors 71 72 Seniors Seniors 73 tt- 4 Wi i- 74 Seniors Underclassmen 75 Brinser Brinser RA ' s Row 1: Bob McLaughlin, Brian Huber, Kyle Widrick. Row 2: Darrel Justin, Seyed Hamid Reza Esbath-Tabatabaie, Wendel Paisley. Brinser Dorm Council Row 1: Tony Heath, Greg Donecker, Bob Little, Steve Sensenich, Randy Harrison, Randy Hinsey. Row 2: Tom Haughton, Dwayne Hossler, Rob Reale. 76 Underclassmen Brinser North Brinser 1-N Row 1: Len Hannsell. Dave Hoff, Seyed Hamid Reza Esbah Tabatabaie. Chris Strine. Row 2: Fejom Sori. Gary Kitchen, Doug Wells, Scott Obecl , Micl Bunnick. Row 3: Steve Sadler, Dave Storey. Troy Portser. Row 4: Jonathan Davis, Chris Hill, Jeff Mason, Brent Brugler. Brinson 2-N Row I: Bill Andrews, Pete Githens, Ron Orlando. Row 2: James Ravencroft. Bill Bubnis. Bill Yater. Randy Hinsey, Bob Little. Bob McLaughlin. Row 3: Mark Zerbe. Jim Cernansky. Tim McKenzie. Row 4: Tony Tavares, Ed Haltenhoff. Paul Schnieder, Dave Rockey. John Laird, Matt Duffy. At right: Jim Grossman. Missing: Bill Bova, Matt Henry. Clnderciassmen77 Brinser 3-N Row 1: Craig Givens. Row 2: Shane Varner, John Dorato, Steve Smith. Row 3: Bob Tasso. Greg Don- icker. Brad Heinz, Scott Lecalsey. Wendel Paisley, Duane Hosier Row 4: Gregg Bush, Doug Bal er, Tom Haughton. Chris Lecalsey. Missing: Doug Callandra, Mike Weiss, Chris Jones. Brinser South Brinser 1-S Row 1: Mark Myers, Allen Kemp. Ron Wence. Anthony " The Boner " Heath, Jim Campi. Row 2: Dave Boyer, Rich Lebron. 78 Underclassmen Brinser 2-S Row 1: Jeff Blevins, Terry Pult. Joel Neihelser. Row 2: Kyle Woodrick, Steven Senich, Chris Guear. Row 3: Todd Wenger. Randy Harrison. Row 4: Michael Fola, Steve Morganit. Row 5: Odin Maxwell, Darrel Justh. Row 6: John Bonham, Steve Holcroft, Pete Legrady. Brinser 3-S Row 1: Tim " Psycho " Ferguson, Antho- ny Agatone, Brian Huber, Dave " Squirt " McFalls. Row 2: Rob " Gomes " Reale, Fred Koerber, Ernie Aluioni, Ken Walton. Row 3: Bill (Jshler, Brian Lemma, Carl Kern. Row 4: Rob Jones, Ernie Larossa, Rich Guinan, Mike " The Coniver " Holdren. Row 5: Jeff Loughlin, Mark Dittman, Chris Schmidt. Row 6: Bob Ueker. Bill Miller, Doug Gee. Underclassmen 79 1 Founders Founder RA ' s Row 1: Caria D ' Agostino, Jon Yost. Jim Helt, Diane Miller. Ed Chance. Michelle Swantner. Mike Murtha. Row 2: Robin Stokes. Jodi Kisko. Lisa Carter. Kirsten Lenskold. Jon Shively. Stephanie Pe- tersen. Joe Puieo. Missing: Stephanie Meloy. A-Wing A-l Row 1: Debbie Teer. Anne Miller. Kirsten Lens- kold. Row 2: Jeanette Russo. Jackie Goslin. Lisa Aras- teh. Row 3: Kellie McQowan. Sharon Gilbert. Row 4: Cary Bodenheemer. Mike Jenkens. Jay Jenkins. 80 Underclassmen A-2 Row 1: Jennifer Brown, Diane Miller. Liz Schiedt, Corinna Kuehn. Olivia Pierce, Diane Owensby. Row 2: Jim Gould, Gregg Wareham, Pat Higgins, Cathy Evans, Kellie McAndrew. Stacy Bailey, Jason Snyder. Row 3: John Shatto. Gary Prem, Mark Patey, Kris Krol, Jerry Dufour, Dave Hopler, Kirstin Conrad, Krista Mazurkeuich, Noreen Cahill. Karen George. A-3 Row 1: Ed Chance. Row 2: Jen Morin, Karen Cocklin, Dayna Long. Karen Landis. Row 3: Trisha Starace, Kris Brennan. Kathy Adams. Amy Seifrit, Chris Hunsinger. Rosie Altmann, Cheri Brane. Jim Richardson. Row 4: Ross Diedoardo. Tuandung Nguyen, Bill Loos. Tim McGlaughlin. Tom Snyder. Sharif Abaza. Glen Feldman. Christopher Rombauer. Missing: Mary Anglin. Laura Lawson. Chris Frit- zinger. Randy Rebuck. Tracy Duryea. Barry Atticks. Deb Richardson. Chris Ziegler. Chris Lallo. Underclassmen 81 B Wing B-1 Row 1: Stephanie Petersen, Dawn Clayton. Donna Greitz, Sue Harris Row 2: Jill Castan, Chris Heider, Joanne Susko. Joelle West . Kara Simions. Missing: Kellie Redline. Beth Carbaugh, B-2 Row 1: Dave Wilkie, Wayne (Jnderkoffler, Chris Fluck, Tom Scheider. Jeft Walmsley. Rob Annino, Alan Johnson. Row 2: Dan Walker. Rich Smith. Steve Bergerstick. Scott Trapp. Jeff Thompson. Row 3: Jon Yost. Brian Barr, Harold Hallman. Rick Fisher. Rob Rey, Tom Lin, Chris Kurtz. 82 Underclassmen B-3 Row 1: Tracy " Echee " Echevarria, Kelly Rogers. Row 2: Lisa Willitts, Daphne Huntzinger. Cyndi Page, Julie Podsiadll, Beth Penn, Elizabeth Schnell. Carla D ' A- gostino. Row 3: Trish Flannery. Sonja Bercaw, Karen Faust, Chris Keller, Leigh Dutch, Tammy Dotts. Row 4: Robin Bencker. Lorinda Wright, Michelle Lennon, Robin Lehr. Vicki (Toni) Yencha. Katie Waldron, Liz Sweeney, Ann D ' Alessandro. Founders C-Wing Founders C-1 Row 1: Mark C. Ludwig, Jim Helt, Dave " Coop " Cooper. Row 2: Dave Hershey, Greg Meidig, Jona- than Mathews. Row 3: Sean McEntire, Jorin Bair, Jack the Slicer. Founders C-2 Row 1: Heidi Whallon, Liz Rizzo. Row 2: Lynda Citta. Lisa Molher. Row 3: Carolyn Tullio. Jill Da- vis, Erica Stroll, Beth Eckerson, Michelle Conner. Row 4: Sandy Garrison. Allison Fisher, Holly Hess, Melanie Fer- raro. Mora Eichlen, Maria Stone, Michelle Swantner. 84 Underclassmen Founders C-3 Row 1: John Restaino. Brain Jones. Gerry Belli, Larry Keba. Row 2: Steve Emenhelser. Tony Vona, Mark Bruno, Scott Strobel, Paul Masters, Tim Mc- Cormack, Matt Harrison. Row 3: Chris Morgan, Pete Bush, Gary Kline, Scott Neufeild. Dan Connolly, Jay Seidensticker, John Harris, Mike Martha, Andy Cooke. Row 4: Scott Hurst, Dave Sweeny, Bill Buck. Missing: Chip Doetsch, Scott Merlo, Brian Libby, Andy Burk. Phillipe C. Underclassmen 85 D Wing Founders D-1 Row 1: Vanessa Fitz, Lorianne Sitza- bee, Vijay Khatnani. Holly Hilliar, Chris Spizzeri. Julie Bonn. Row 2: Dennis Lepold. Joe Puleo, Melissa Kern- berling. Meg Hassold. Row 3: Ron Demby, Tracy Crane. Beth Meyers, Lori Broscious. Sara Lantz. Row 4: Keith Menace, P.J. O ' Connor, Qook Welty, Don Mangold, Don Richard, Clueless Drew Thompson. 86 Underclassmen lii Founders D-2 Row 1: Stefanie Shartle. Tammy Sholtes, Cynthia Stringas, (Alf). Mary Beth Temple, Jodi Kisco. Row 2: Michael Ernst. Phyllis Karavinchak. Michael Qalietta. Row 3: Stephen Enoch, Jill Pomroy, Kimberly Kelly, Petra Qaiser. Lori Lobb. Row 4: Daniel Blanch, G. Mark Grubb, Chuck Grabusky, Wayne Williams, Christopher Matthews. Miss- ing: Gail Barnette. Nancy Keene, Kim Chronis- ter, John Suchia, Amyn Meruani, Rick Wojie- chowsky, Dwight McCleery. Gary Leauby. Founders D-3 Row 1: Jim Harrisbury, Bill Aylward, Mike McKeon, Kurt Barbagallo, Dave " Fats " Moore, Mike Du- fault, Scott " Harv " Campanella. Row 2: Jamie Welte, Tom Lee, Matt Vogel, Deanna Sibert, Tyffini Dodge, Linda Link, Scott " Clue " Eshelman, Tammy Roller. Row 3: Andy Burke, Shelly Horner, Lori " Weir " Hepburn, Lisa Caldwell. Kristen Cummings, Tina Bova, Amber Brill, Lisa Carter. Missing: Mark Pratzner, Bruce Stanert, David Lor- relli, Trish Wohlrab, Sue Widdres, " Amish " . ■■,3fc.- ' iC«N ' Underclassmen 87 Dorm Council Row 1: Betsy Parrlsh. Elise Hobbis. Sharon Meredith. Darlene Prickett. Row 2: Angle HImes, Jackie Luce, Dawn Marie Anderson, Sherri Fox. Row 3: Wendy Bright. Chris Hollenbach, Lauren Morris, Chris Moyer. , 88 CJnderclassmen Myer East Myer 1-East Row 1: Maria Fantini. Judy Bab- cock, Stacy Desmond, Lauren Morris. Row 2: Darcy Ccelln, Kelly Wexler, Kristen Hosier, Nadine Jaqessar. 2-East Row 1: Mary Case, Michelle Stuempfle, Terri Cottrell, Stacy Vallinino, Bridget Beaven, Mauren McFadden. Row 2: Jill Katterman, Crystal Qrover, Sandy Keeler, Kim Lambert, Megan McLanahan, Kathy DiNunzio. Row 3: Diane Vana- man, Mary Bova, Darlene Prickett, Betsy Ay bretch, Renee Adams, Pam Mallow. Row 4: Kathy Sheehan, Alice Walton, Patty Miller, Lisa DiMar- tille, Kim Peck. Missing: Kim O ' Brien, Shirley Waite, Kim Fies, Denise Borriello, Laura Reilly, Lisa Schultz. Underclassmen 89 Myer 3-East Row 1: Jen Luebbe. Row 2: Betsy Parrish. Wendy Bright, Chris Hollenbach, Amy Justh. Timna Royer. Row 3: Heather Cochrane, Susan Walcher, Denise Diemer, Deb Lehman, Donna Scharr, Chris Sechler. Ra chel Zimmerman, Maria Janetti. Row 4: Leslie Carr Krista Wosiski, Amy Bowman, Dina Gardner, Neda Saric Terri Goodbred. Nancy Cava, Chris Hale. Row 5: Ronnie Meadows, Donna Eckenroth, Jackie Luce, Sharon Mer edith, Elise Hobbis. Missing: Kim Duyssen, Lisa Simon elli, Viki Dujmovic, Cathy Calnon, Michelle Leiss, Beth Claffey. 90 Underclassmen Myer West Myer 2-West Row 1: Missy Gallagher. Shamim Te- jani. Angle Himes. Row 2: Dawn Marie Anderson, Kim Johnson. Tina Rahn. Elayne Junes. Row 3: Janna Strickler, Joy Hinde. Nancy Dunnmyer, Beth Comp- ton. Carrole Schwartz. Melissa Kucks. Row 4: Chrissy Salden, Reema Hindawi. Amy Michner, Amy Got- lewski. Jen Butler, Colleen Cameron. Myer 3-West Row 1: Jenny Black. Christine Jura- sinski. Patty Coyle. Marce Monroe. Debbie Shaw, Ka- ren Benner, Karen Neidig, Sue Bacon. Row 2: Amy Smith. Sue Hudock. Samantha Polt, Suzette Hutchin- son. Amy Etter. Lisa Wilson. Rhonda Sutphin. Julie Fallen. Row 3: Christine Moyer. Chris Finley (RA). Lisa Reinert. Kim Weller, Deb Gartner, Julie Long. Underclassmen 91 Ober Ober RA ' s Row 1: Ted Vana, Jamie Muir. Susan Boyd. Row 2: Kelly Bergstesser. Troy Taylor. Gabrielle Hull. Gregg Rodgers. Harriet Wixson. J H m ! m I cv B ill ' « IR 1 Sh H I H ' ( 1 ' ■ " •i I Hl ■1 Ober Dorm Council Row 1: J. Scott Davies. Row 2: Corie Lees. Beth Werner. Susan Boyd. Row 3: Jerry Skotleski. Kristin Rowland. Marcy Seller. Matt Saia. Dan Scaricaclottioli. 92 Underclassmen Ober A-Wing Ober A-1 Row 1: Jamie Muir, Scott Snyder. Rickie DePinto. Row 2: Jay Holler. Keith Zebrowski, Scott Reigel, Joe Tenza. Mike Deck, Ben Druck. Dave McHoul. Brad Hassinger, Mike Abrams. Row 3: Paul Scukas. Doug Thomas. Steve Irwin. Rich Hart. Dave Bitting. Ed Reynolds, Jason Daks, Ron Moyer. Missing: Dave Sullivan, Jerry Skotleski, Ed Smith. Bill Chatterton, Mike Denmark, Jim Smith, Ober A-2 Row 1: Derik " D " Thomas. Andrevt ' " Cool D " Deichert, Andy " TV Guide " Chubb, John " Fudgie " Baxter, Matt " Thorpon " King. Row 2: Jim " Jungle " Lardear, Curt " Hubba " Aitland, Brian Hartman, Chris " Bottle Chucker " Cameron, Ronald " Rabbit Ears " Tomasello, Thomas " Champ " DiPasquale, Brian " House " Miller, Jarrod " The Rod " Renninger. Brad " Bru Dog " Brubaker, Colin " Sputs " Skurnik, Melvin " Cradle " Spade, Scott " Chicken " Downs. Row 3: Donald " Yak " Weckel, Brian " Hot 4G " Tomasino, Chris " The Attack Bird " , William " Huck " Sawyer, Bob " Boob " Mason, Tim " Brownee ■ Brown. Joseph " Pugslie " Adams. Matt " l-Ball " (Jibel. Greg " Hollywood " Rodgers. 93 Ober A-3 Row 1: Dave " Cowder " Furrow. Row 2: Dave " Spuds " Gross, Greg " Mooch " Vannuchi, Francis " Gib- ber " Gibson, Joe " Bags " Costigan, John " J.C. " Corbit. Steve " Him " Herr, Steve " I don ' t play for the Red Sox " Lyons. Troy " R.A. " Taylor, Jim " Lupee " Lopez. Fred " Tater " Taht. Mark " Bagle " Dagle. Row 3: Kirk " Dah " Keppley. Rob " Royer ' Moyer, Chris " Jack " Morris. Mike " Beetle " Baily. Matt " Couch " Saia, James " I feel good " Brown. Dan " Kleco " Scaricaciottoli. Jeff " Biff " Coron. Bob " Smelly " Covello. Ali Yousefi. Karl " Hammer " Ham mermueller. Ray " Body " Blatz. Ober B-Wing Ober B — Basement Row 1: Sean Young. Joe Egan. Takyi Morgan. Brian Diesel- Row 2: Rick Beyers. Dave Bailey. Steve Bruno. Row 3: Rich Amatulli. Glen Cian- ciulli. Ted Vana. Jim McGonigle. Dan Rovito. Tom Scott. ♦ 1 Ober B-1 Row 1: Caryn Girard. Tammie Schooley. Beth Beaver. Karia Krengel. Row 2: Brooke Blair, Kendra Deaven, Viv Sewell, Regina Tragglai, Kelly Bergstresser. Row 3: Beth Werner, Kris Scarpino, Sharon Murphy, Carolyn Kern, Peg Brooks, Marie Loughlin. Missing: Susie Hebbert, Jill Loshnowsky, Cathy Lees, Tracey Walton, Amy Dreyer. 94 Underclassmen Ober B-1 Row 1: Kim Harris. Kendra Rhoads, Kim Cahill. Row 2: Carolyn Schemick, Patti Zanella, Kelley Crim- mins. Row 3: Micinelie Andre. Melissa Brail. Kelly Caw- man. Tracy Pusatere. Ober B- 2 Row 1: Lynn Thompson. Chrisy Gallagher. Kristin Petulla. Row 2: Beth Pedersen. France Marchal. Susan Regen, Nicole Harris. Row 3: Lisa Steele, Cathy Cooper. Suzy Smith. Gabrielle Hull (RA). Row 4: Tracy Crawford. Jill Bowser. Pam Ahern, Jennie Tebo. Laura Wampler. Cathy Aquilera. Row 5: Corie Lees, Diane Ro- driquez. Chris Weber. Qinny Thomas. Kelly Bermingham, Lisa Falcone. Missing: Michelle Moan. Tara Zanecki, Lisa Baran. Ober B-3 Row 1: Angela Feola. Melissa Wetzel. Colleen Corbin. Janis Ritter. Virginia Curtis. Deb Mancarella. Row 2: Elizabeth Hile. Pam Ginther. Marci Seller. Kristin Row- land. Michelle Mehtlan. Laura Peckham. Brenda Thomp- son. Patricia Ludwig. Row 3: Debbie Phillip. Harriet Wix- son (RA), Susan Mahoney. Ann Melville. Michele Kershner. Nancy Landon. Liz Martin. Row 4: Liz Cheng, Caroloy Stubbe. Leslie Matthews. Michelle Dereny, Ste- phani Fisher, Molly Seerey, Candia Knowles, Maria Pioll, Jean O ' Connor. Missing: Leslie Slaby. Kathleen Enderle, Maryellen Kiernan. Mary Beth Cochran. Michelle Seller. Underclassmen 95 Royer Royer RA ' s Row 1: Juliann LaMarra, Sharon Burger, Tracey Pepo. Row 2: Karen Shaffer, Cathy Costellan Beverly Soper. Karen Sterner. Royer Dorm Council Row 1: Colleen Brady, Jackie James. Row 2: Kirsten Kellogg, Lynda Peoples, Cathy Costellan. 96 Underclassmen Royer North i i ' f Royer 1 — North Row 1: Jeanette Martin. Sher- ry McNaught. Andrea Clark, Kirsten Kellogg, Ma- ria Pollak. Row 2: Laura Nichols. Carol Thomas, Karen Shaffer. Karen Barnett. Robin Shamer, Dar ice Fine. Row 3: Liz Goedeke, Kym Harris, Grace Colanegolo. Delphie Dickerson, Jackie James. Royer 2 — North Row 1: Juliann La Marra. Row 2: Janet Ledbetter, Becca Ga- vality, Becca Hollinger, Stephanie Swan- son, Lori Lapp, Karen Bratina, Row 3: Grace Hogan, Debbie Weigand, Christine Duronti, Christine Eck. Cathy Jobes, Jack- ie Chovan. Row 4: Cindy Links, Lan Nguyen. Mary Frances Schramm, Sherri Kepper, Lucy Ivahnenko. Sue Yanninger, Kim Lipsky. Royer 3 — North Row 1: Deb Thomas, Rachel Kurtz, Lisa Spofford. Row 2: Jen Bretz, Marianna Tomarelli, Beverly Soper. Row 3: Sarah Collier, Sherry Gingrich, Donna Jarrett, Janet Bowler, Amy Cogswell, Crystal Myers, Cheryl Altmeyer. Row 4: Deb Naradko. Amelyn Fenstermacher, Karia Fleshman, Michelle Bryson. Underclassmen 97 Royer 1-South Row 1: Kimiko Duke, Diane Tregaskis. Beth Gaukler, Melissa Coll. Row 2: Tanya Kimball, Steph- anie Cooper. Tracey Pepo, Nora Mellinger. Row 3: Mi- chelle Wenzel, Christine Courpas, Karen Barday, Lisa Savder, Terri Watson. Missing: Kelly Moore, Wendy Har- vey, Christine Tinucci. Royer 2-South Row 1: Sharon Burger (RA), Kelly Hepler, Lisa Wighardt. Row 2: Linda Lachenmayer, Diana Frantz. Kate Eyster. Cindy Hessler. Robin Rittenhouse, Amy Beamer. Row 3: Monica Esh, Noelle Centobene. Amy Smith, Rhonda Stouffer. Lisa Maccagnano, Michelle Musselman. Row 4: Kristen Kellogg, Danielle Rouiller, Traci Phillips, Anne Breden, Lori Daniel, Margaret Barolin. Missing: Lisa Harding. Amanda Leisey, Annette Flamini. Amy Justuse, Linda Kurtz. 98 Underclassmen Underclassmen 99 Schlosser Schlosser RA ' s Row 1 : Lori Rankin, Patty Harned, Moni- ca Felix. Barb Walters. Karen Kinzie. Julie Phillips. Schlosser Dorm Council Row 1: Joan Kerb. Kari Phair, Chiris Dameron, Shannon McKeawn. Row 2: Marsha Zab- lotney. Patty Harned. Deb Jackson. Beth Boylan. Row 3: Kim Dickinson. Schlosser East Schlosser 1-East Row 1: Lori Rankin. Row 2: Reeky Runge. Kami Curtis. Row 3: Tina Lehr. Kim Novasat. Beth Sutcliffe. Row 4: Andrea Bugash, Mandy Weaver. Kim Humphreys. Judy Bodnarchuk, Melissa Marder. 100 Underclassmen i Schlosser 1-East Row 1: Cricket Blatchley. Megan White. Lori Rankin. Row 2: Kim Reed. Lynne Frederick, Stephanie Power. Ellen Kandraun, Stacey Sbur. Row 3: Chris Moeller, Beth Barnish. Shannon McKeown. Chris Dameron. Kari Phair. Row 4: Kathy Cox, Shari Hartman. Sue Bardman, Kris Kiefer, Judy Krasowski. Row 5: Holly Schoonmaker, Elizabeth Kiani, Melissa Davis, Tracy Whe- Ian. Becky Scheidel, Wendy Bluette. Diane Myers, Heidi Hawner, Jill Mcllhenny. Schlosser 2-East Row 1: Susy Schrader, Deanna Keeny. Lisa Gerhart. Marsha Eidemiller, Stephanie Crone. Row 2: Margaret Gryczko. Jennifer Wineberg, Sue Delong. Cecilia Schodowski. Julie Phillips. Row 3: Amy Lambrecht, Ellen Jones. Tonya McClain. Michele Mahouchick. Row 4: Manou Ledoux. Teresa Hoffa. Robin Holp. Geanie Young. Candy Waltz, Row 5: Susan Ack. Lisa Forst, Jan Bowser, Brenda Walker. Janice Thunberg, Chris Hummel. Sue Misioiek, Lisa DelNegro, Stacey Weaver. Jennifer Ross. Lynn Heckmer, Lia Jackson. Underclassmen 101 Schlosser 3-East: Row 1: Barb Walters. Diana Daniels. Andrea Mitchell. Row 2: Maureen Heelan. Jen Cohen. Mikki Fitchner. Chris Kukula, Kim Miller. Row 3: Amy Fladmark, Karen Vannucci. Aimee Duerr. Jen Drake, Chris Ligenza. Schlosser 3-East: Row 1: Angela Chiffy. Nancy Shamonsky, Aimee Durr. Elaine Powell. Melinda Walker. Row 2: Dee Dee Jacoby, Judie Barton. Michelle Embon. Diana Daniels, Jill Badinger. Row 3: Liz Rhue, Deena Gift, Kathy Martell, Kim Adams, Dawn Brewer, Andrea Mitchell, Julie Ryan. 102 Underclassmen Schlosser West Schlosser 2-West; Row 1: Tammy Barner, Becky Heath. Lori Gosweiler, Colleen Kelty. Dana Laricks, Lynne Singer Row 2; Laura Snelick, Kristin Nissley, Deb Wil- liams, Marsha Zablotney, Missy Stutzman, Kristin Shu- man, Debbie Jackson, Missy Little. Row 3: Liz Clarkin, Colleen Simpson, Susie McGovern. Row 4: Renee Weaver. Lesley Bryant, Christi Appleton, Brittany Mifflin. Michelle Stough, Joan Korb, Tammy Shelton, Amy Her- man. Denise Catarious. Jodi Bordelli. Monica Felix, Patty Harned. Tammy Mellott. Schlosser 3-West: Row 1: Chrissy Beckwith. Amy Strazzella. Theresa Mazzotta. Robin McNemar, Missy Sny- der. Row 2: Jenny Wolbach, Sherice Young, Debbie Wil- liams, Karen Kinzie, Sofia Lemperes, Beth Whitaker. Row 3: Melissa Arnold. Gretchen Longenderfer. Terry Boyle. Bonnie Shupp. Stephanie Taylor. Leigh Francis. Row 4: Angele Tran. Kim Bedner. Janine deCheubell, Deb Wil- liams, Darlene Sevan. Row 5: Diane Sheffield. Kris Fasch- ing. Lisa Stover. Diane Slater. Michelle Dalton. Janice Faus. Missing: Sarah Schink. Darci Rotz, Candi Rusnak, Reenie Piazzi, Laura Waughtel, Jen Lorenz, Janet Miller, Lauren Elyar. Underclassmen 103 Green Gables Row 1: Stephanie Norwinsky, Colleen Mat- tinnore, Cheryl Char es, Lorl Johnson. Row 2: Leanne Church, Dawn Williams, Gwenda Wagner. Missing: Laura Bear. Row 1: Leslie Weaver, Sharon Cllrich, Jeanette Huie. International House Alpha Annex Corinne Deshong, Tarn Nyguen. 104 (Jnderclassmen Orchard tieMS Row 1: Jen Crist, Desmonde Hoppie, Lee Lucas. Row 2: Tracey Groff, Natalie Birrell, Bridget Rommal, Kathy Ricci, Denese Hoppie. Rose Garden Row 1: Dominic Veraldi, Joe Demp- sey, Ed Pfeiffer, Lyndon Engle. Row 2: Mark Rubino, Scott Bourne, Ron DeBrigida. V3S Myer Annex Row 1: Debbie Ammon. Row 2: Beth Powell, Lisa Walter, Delora Chorba. Row 3: Beth Flynn, Kathey Young, Jean Mclver. Underclassmen 105 106 Faculty and Administration 107 DR. CECILIA BENELLI Education ELAINE AirSSWORTH Occupational Therapy VIVIAN BERGEL Social Work LOUIS BLACK English CYNTHIA BEYERLEIN Business 108 Faculty DR. ERMEST BAISDELL Mathematics DR. CARL CALLENBACH Education DR. JAY BGFFEMMYER Business Faculty 109 DAMIEL CHAING Computer Science DR. JOHN CAMPBELL English DR. EUGEME CLEMENS Reiigion Pinilosophy DR. JOHN F. CYRANSKI Physics ULDIS DAIGA Modern Language no Faculty DR. PAUL DENNIS Psychology DR. JAMES DIVELY Biology SGE DOLAN Business DR. DARRELL DOGGLAS Music ROBERT DOLAN Mathematics Faculty 111 DR. LEONARD EISERER Psychology DR. THOMAS DWYER English 9 7 .«■ ■- ' i w - ' ' 9¥fi =,tn3rv A: i,.- A-. ' A- y . ' ,3K jvt yK ' r.:a ' X DR. DELBERT ELLSWORTH Psychology HGGH EVANS Economics SHARON FARLEY Occupational Therapy 112 Faculty SGZAMNE GOODLING Modern Language DR. ROBERT HECKMAN Biology DR. JOHN F. HARRISON Music Faculty 113 DR. FREDRIC HOFFMAN Biology DR. BEGLAH HOSTETLER Sociology Anthropology v DR. MAURICE HOPPIE Economics 114 Faculty r m I nfTJj « il B 1 II ) t DR. DAVID lACONO-HARRIS Social Work YVOMME KAGFFMAM Physical Education DR. JACQGELIME JONES Occupational Therapy Faculty 115 OTIS KITCHEN Music DOMALD KOONTZ Mathematics DR. DONALD KRAYBILL Sociology JOHN KOONTZ Mathematics Faculty 116 CARROLL KREIDER Business DR. KENNETH KREIDER History RONALD LAGGHLIN Biology BRUCE LEHR Sociology DR. THOMAS LEAP Computer Science 117 Faculty FLETCHER MCCLELLAN Political Science DR. WESLEY MCDONALD Political Science ROBERT MORSE Mathematics DR. ROBERT MOORE Communications 118 Faculty DOMALD MUSTOrS Business U .%-. k KERRY PAINTER Computer Science STANLEY NEYER Business Faculty 119 DR. FRANK POLANOWSKI Biology DR. PAGL PETERSON Occupational Therapy ZOE PROCTER Chemistry MARSHALL POMROY Business 120 Faculty 1 DR. RAYMOND R. REEDER Chemistry DR. WILLIAM V. PUFFENBERGER Religion Philosophy , DR. JOBIE RILEY Communications DR. PAGL RICE Education Faculty 121 ARTHUR RODERICK Physical Education ELISABETH RUSSELL English DR. CHARLES SCHAEFFER Chemistry DR. CARMINE SARRACINO Enqlish 122 Faculty DR. RONALD SHGBERT Mathematics DR. WAYME SECHER Political Science DR. MARTIN SP ANGLER Chemistry DONALD SMITH Communications Faculty 123 DR. RICHARD STOME Business JOHN STITES Music J IPHJL ' « - A -« DR. STANLEY SUTPHIN Religion Philosophy m I H Htv --, B r- V GLENN THOMPSON Earth Science DR. JOHN TESKE Psychology 124 Faculty DR. RANDOLPH TROSTLE Busi ness DR. BELA VASSADY History DR. HANS- ERIK WENNBERG Communications JGLIA WATSON Engiisli Faculty 125 DR. ROBERT ZIEGLER Education I CATHY ZAMOWSKI Occupational Therapy MISSING FROM PHOTOS WILLIAM ATKINSON — Psychology MILTON FRIEDLEY — Art ROBERT GARRETT — Physical Education DR. JOHN — Distinguish scholar in residence DR. EDMOND KISER — Fine Performing Arts HENRY LIBHART — Art KENNETH ODER — Physical Education DR. JON RANCK — Chemistry JENNY SHINN — Music DONALD SMITH — Physical Education SHARON TRACHTE — Modern Language JOSEPH WHITMORE — Physical Education RICHARD ZGGAREK — Computer Science 126 FACGLTY PRESIDENT GERHARD SPIEGLER OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Robert Odean, Adele Poholsky, Bonnie Booth, Gerhard Spiegler. FACULTY 127 Martha Eppley Associate Dean of the Faculty and Registrar. Gloria F. Hess Associate Registrar. Annita Paynter, Deb ■ Weachter, Gladys Singer. ffi 128 Faculty CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER James Hilton, Mary Ann Waliff, Robin Stokes, Pat Hoffman. FOOD SERVICES Vickie Williams, Randy Rossi, Dave Salmon, Tammie Garrison. DUPLICATING Mary Kenworthy, Mary Ann Killian. POST OFFICE Diana Billet, Mary Hill. Faculty 129 DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY Row 1: Bud Bonte, Cyndi At- kinson, Ed Emery. Row 2: Bill Witman, Jack Longen- ecker, Mike Gearhart, Cliff Shank. Missing: Jessica Lun- beck, Fred Barton, Pat Bailey, Jackie Carson, Rhonda Spicher, Donna Erb, Jeanette Ruth, Jinney Roland. OFFICE OF RESIDENCE LIFE Pat March, Dennis Murphy, Susan Boyd, Robin Stokes. BOOKSTORE Mary Weidman, Susie Mease, Keith Marks. 130 Faculty I COONSELING CENTER Doris Hedrick, Royal Snavely, Bev Piscitelli. BUILDING AND GROONDS Row 1: Baron Wanner, Judy Rodgers, Donna Bretz. Row 2: Harry Page, Richard Warfel, Steve Broich, Michael Bailey, Joseph Clark, Jeffery Hughs. Row 3: Eugene Hartzler, Jacob Hynicker. Row 4: James Roth, Glenn Seitz, Brian Cosgriff. Row 5: John Becker. Faculty 131 OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Andy Sagar, Nancy Palmer, Dean Shaw HOUSEKEEPING STAFF Row 1: Donne Renoe, Kevin Mark, Cheryl Long. Row 2: Anna Ruth Mark, Ruth Long. 132 Faculty Clubs 133 «« MXLLdm Clubs are an important part of Elizabethtown College. Mot only do they plan and host campus activities, they are also a way of meeting new people. Club meetings and events give students the chance to meet and talk with others who have similar interests. Being active in a club is a way to become an acting part in determining what goes on in campus. Clubs provide both a social and educational opportunity. CABLE CHANNEL 134 Ciubs Black Student Union Row 1: Yulanda Ming, Maria Stone, Denese Hoppie. Sherice Young. Row 2: James Brown, Desmonde Hoppie, Ronald Demby, Myra Hooker, Kandeh Toray. Psi Chi Row 1: Candy Waltz, Angela Chiffy, Elaine Powell. Row 2: Laurie Primus, Beth Ann Barnish, Pam Boteler. Stacey Yarnall Clubs 135 Modern Language Club Row 1: Mandy Weaver, Neda Saric, Laurie Primus, Candy Knowles, Jeanette Martin. Row 2: Diane Slater, Donna Eckenroth, Barbara Biehl, Susan Widders, Christine Jurasinski, Viki Dujmovic. Row 3: Jenny Black, Teresa Hoffa, Robin Holp, Tonya McClain, Andrea Mitchell, Jim Reigart, Silvija Pakalnins, James Ravenscroft. Computer Science Club : . ' . ' -f ■ ' u Row 1: Darrell Walter, Lia Jackson, Sharon Burger. Row 2: Bill Yaler, Donna Hrudowsky, Beth Ann Barnish, Karl Peters, Professor Zugarek. 136 Clubs Alpha Mu Row 1: Dr. Shinn, Carloyn Boshart, Lynn Huxtable. Lynne Frederick, Deb Philipps. Row 2: Debbie Williams. Jen Luebbe, Lor! Lapp, Regina Traggai, Cindy Links. Row 3: Beth Gaukler. Tyffini Dodge. Amy Strazzella. Lori Sitzabee. Michelle Conner. Ron Demby. Mary Elicke. Lori Whitacre. String Quintet Beth Gaukler, Lisa Willitts, Stephanie Crane, Carolyn Boshart, Lori Whitacre. Clubs 137 Men ' s Volleyball Row i: Dave Schlegel. Bill Bubnis. Matt Yibel. Row 2: Vijay Khatnani, Doug Gee. Joe Adams. Rob Goodwin. Row 3: Scott Eshleman. Colin Skurnik, Ed Haltenhoff. Dave Rockey, John Laird, Mike Dufault, Greg Donecker. SAM Club Row 1: Tammy Shelton, Natalie Birrell. Krista Fasching. Lisa Baran. Liz Martin. Row 2: Lisa Scheetz, Viki Dujmovic. Michele Kershner. Sherry Najarian. Neda Saric. Susan Widders, Megan McLanahan. Lisa Stover. Richard Stone. Row 3: Mike Lorelli. Bill Loos. Ann Melville. Keith Zebrowski. Scott Reigel. Barbara Biehl. Cindy Deck. Steven Grandorf. Ken Myers, Lisa Steele. Greg Gaal, Jim Jones. Row 4: Rob Reale. Nancy Landon, Scott LeCalsey, Gregg Bush, Jeff Sori, Professor Muston. Lauren Elyar. 138 Clubs Brethren Student Fellowship Row 1: Jon Shively. Lisa Sauder, Wendy Harvey. Row 2: Stephen Hunt, Jen Luebbe. Carolyn Boshart, Lori Whitacre, Delia Dibert, Tom Longenecker. Poll Sci Club Row 1: Laurie Primus. Ann Douglass, Kelly Bermingham, Cindy Stringas, Tam Mellott. Row 2: Nancy Darrow, Diane Slater. Jason Daks, Tonya McClain, Chris Guear. Clubs 139 Biology Club Row 1 : Beth Compton, Shamin Tejani, Patricia Hanby, Leana Miller, Becky Heath, Marsha Zablotney, Lisa Di Martile. Row 2: Debbie Jackson, Dawn DeAngelis, Kristen Kellogg, Rich Williamson, Hamid Esbah, Linda Johnson, Desmonde Hopple, Vanessa Fitz, Holly Hilliar. Row 3: Ted Vana, Nancy Dunmeyer, Robin McMemar, Theresa Mascotta, Chuch Wells, Dawn Marie Resley-Anderson, Amanda Leisey, Denese Hopple, Craig Depoe, Jim Douglas. MENC Club Row 1: Dr. Douglas, Michelle Coer, Ronald Dempy, Lori Sitzabee. Row 2: Barry Atticks, Patti Grove, Robin Shamer. Row 3: Lisa Willitts, Steph Crone, DeeDee Jacoby. Row 4: Suzanne Clark. 140 Clubs History Club Row 1: Jerry Skotleski, Cindy Stringas, Julie Bonn, Scott Merle, Row 2: Dr. Krieder, Doug Baker, Tom Haughton, Keith Zebrowski, Scott Metzel, Scott Reigel, Ron Orlando, Rich Lebron. Delphi Society Row 1: Karen Cocklin, Aimee Vanusko, Lia Jackson, Lynne Singer. Janice Vick. Row 2: Jay Buffenmyer, Jeff Blevins, Don Kraybill, Cynthia Beyerlein, Natalie Birrell, Lori Rankin, Deb Tregaskis, Julie Ryan. Diane Miller, Ed Chance. Row 3: John Ranck, Jim Jones, Todd Wenger, Jen Miller. Sarah Collier. Leanne Church. Jill Bowser, Michelle Mehtlan, Chris Hunsinger, Betsy Jo Aubrect, Brian Brady, Beth Ann Barnish, Rosemarie Altmann, Caria D ' Agostino. Clubs 141 Occupational Therapy Club FRESHMAN AND SOPHOMORES Row 1: Greg Wareham. Dawn Brewer, Angele deCheubell, Janine Deer, Cathy Cooper. Row 2: Theresa Hoffa, Lisa Delnegro, Kami Curtis, Liz Clarkin, Kristi Lederer, Amy Gotlewski, Monica Esh, Melinda Walker. Row 3: Michelle Wenzel. Sherry Mc Naught, Beth Pedersen, Jo- sette Merkel, Vivian Sewell, Michelle Andre, Jennifer Wineberg. Ray Blatz. Michelle Musselman, Michelle Lennon. JUNIORS AND SENIORS Row 1: Lynn Buchanan, Sharon Walker, Kim Humphreys, Chris Hunsinger. Row 2: Holly McCrum, Stacey Weaver, Jackie Luce, Patty Coyle, Stephanie Norwinski, Mary Alhage. Patti Tisdale, Leslie Levison, Amy Seifrit. Row 3: Patti Ludwig, Darcy Hall, Jeanette Huie, Caria D ' Agostino, Ar- lynn Polsky, Beth Scroggins, Colleen Mattimore, Cheryl Charles. 142 Clubs Brass Club Row 1: Lori Lapp. Jen Luebbe. Row 2: Deanna Keeney, Steve Enoch, Jeff Raub. Barry Atticks, Row 3: Dr. Douglas, Wfieeler Walker, Jon Shively, Dana Long, Cindy Links, Karen Kinzie, Cfirls Guear. Campus Fellowship Row 1: Lori Wfiitacre, Melissa Arnold, Jen Wolbach, Jen Morln, Karla Fiesfiman and " Piggy " Row 2: Judy Lingrell, Margaret Barolln, Rosle Altman. Carolyn Kern, Peggy Brooks, Debbie Waltermire, Vivian Sewell, Cfirls Sechler, Lisa Wilson, Jeanette Martin. Row 3: Kyle WIdrick, Dave Mc Falls, Scott Brooks, Mark Pa- tey, Gary Prem, Jon Wenger, Patty Harned, Tim Fergusen, Monica Felix, Robin Sfianner. I Clubs 143 Society of Physics Students Robin McNemar, Debbie Jackson. Ali Yousefi. Dr. Cyranski Forensics Club Christine Tinucci. Denese Hoppie, Randy Harrison. Stephanie Peterson, Kristen Shuman, Aaron Payson. Desmonde Hoppie. 144 Clubs Commuters Kamdeh Turay, Ed Bley, Rich Galley. Carol Smith. Anu Chatterjer, Scott Kling. Rich Mantz. Jim Hoffer. Gina Maldanado, Karate Club P 1 I « . Row 1: Tina Lahr. Christine Beckwith. Shamim Tejani. Kim Ziegler. Angle Himes. Row 2: Randy Compton. Pete Legardy. Matt Kurzawa. Karl Peters. Bill Yater. Jerry Dufour. Clubs 145 American Chemical Society Row 1: Michelle Mehtlan, Hamid Esbah-Tabie, Robin McNemar. Row 2: Christine Jurasinski, Sherice Young, Deb Jackson, Linda Johnson, Lorinda Wright, Phyllis Karabinchak, Kim Johnson, Amy Herman. Row 3: Jon Wenger, Ted Vana, Juan Dung, Sean Paige, Jeff Thompson, Laura Lawson, Bill Bubnis. WWEC Sheri Cassidy, Stephanie Petersen, Mike Rose. Cyndi Biondi. Will Maltesta. Brian Hartman, Allen Kemp, Kristin Rowland, Marce Monroe. 146 Clubs student Senate v.■5 Row 1: Beth Eckerson. Kelly Bergstresser, Beth Werner, Stacey Burch. Robin Bencker. Row 2: Kim Lipsky. Dana Laricks, Stephanie Swanson, Stephanie Teoli, Jackie Chovan. Michelle Stough, Kirsten Kellogg. Jim Reigle. Row 3: John Baxter, Francis Gibson. Rick Graybill. Mike Lorelli, Patty Coyle, Amy Gotlewski, Bill Andrews, Matt King, Jay Seidenstricker, Larry Keba, Liz Martin. ECTN m ■ B • Row 1; Mark Myers, Tom Yeager. Row 2: Tammy Scholties, Jim Campi, Mike Abrams, Karia Krengle. Row 3: Rich Guinan, Randy Harrison. Clubs 147 The Etownian Co-Editors Karen Neidig and Bob Mason Row 1 : Lisa Arasteh, Debbie Teer, Jacqui Goslin, Reema Hindawi. Row 2: Joe Adams, Brian Tomasino, Kelley Crimmins, Joe Costigan. Missing: Judy Krasowstci, Curt Stahl. STAFF: Wendy Bluette, Bill Bova, Dan Connolly, Christine Courpas, Michelle Deveney, Julie Fallen, Roger Haddon, Kathy Jobes, Allen Kemp, Rachel Kurtz, Kim Lipsky, Karia Meyer, Jeanette Russo, Susana Shue. 148 Clubs APB Activities Planning Board: Row 1: Chris Finley, Beverly Soper. Row 2: Susie Mahoney, Kristen Biagi, Andy Burk, Deb Ellis, Elmer Masters, Dawn DeAngelis. Residence Life Council President — Rob Reale Vice-Pres — Megan McLanahan Secretary — Vivian Sewell Treasurer — Rob Reale Clubs 149 THE 1988 CONESTOGAN STAFF It ' s been a difficult couple of years for the yearbook. With lack of staff and experience the main burden of the book has fallen on just a few shoulders. But, through it all we have managed to bring you the 1988 Conestogan. The yearbook is an important part of school. It is a memory which can not be forgotten. For years to come you will open your yearbook and be engolfed in memories. You will see a picture you didn ' t see before, remember the big Homecoming game, or when the new dining hall was built. You, the students, must preserve these memories. As many times as you have probably heard " There is nothing to do on this campus " you would be surprised at all that really happens here at Etown. There is so much going on it is hard to capture it all before it ends. So if we ' ve missed something please know that we tried. Our main goal has been to capture the spirit of Etown, and I think we ' ve accomplished that. Etown is a place of friendships and good times, as well as many struggles and lots of hard work. Look through the book and remember. A special thanks goes to staff and the Comm-Arts students that made this book happen. Thanks for the dedication. Bridget Rommal Editor in Chief Row 1: Jeanette Huie, Amy Herman, Lynn Buchanan, Tricia Hanby, Betsy Parrish, Debbie Shaw. Row 2: Mike Rose, James Grossman, Heather Cochrane, Ernie Larrossa, Brian Tomasino, Amy Etter. Missing: Celeste Crawford, Chris Finley, Brian Miller, Dawn Cochran, Tracey Hessert, Dan Rovito, Barbara Biehl, Chris Hollenbach, Leslie Weaver. 150 Clubs The Year in Review 151 Even though many claim that as college students we live in a protected world of our own, we are aware of those things which shape this world we study. On the next few pages is a visual remembrance of the year that was full of surprises. Photos are courtesy of WORLD WIDE PHOTO The Dow Jones industrial stock aver- age dropped 508 points, the largest in history, on Monday October 19, 1987. Some called it a " crash, " others called it a " meltdown " and others called it " Black Monday. " Whatever it was, it stripped $500 billion from the market value of G.S. Securities. 152 The Year in Review President and Mancy Reagan wave to well-wish- ers from the South Portico of the White House. Reagan escorted his wife back to the White House from the Bethesda Maval Hospital where she underwent breast cancer surgery. Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker said farewell to the PTL ministry in March. Jim Bakker resigned after confessing to a sexual encounter with a young woman. Tammy Bakker bowed out of the broadcasts to undergo treatment for drug dependency. The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco cele- brated its 50th birthday. About 250,000 people jammed onto the bridge for an anniversary walk across the span. Another 500,000 packed the bridge approaches, but were denied access be- cause the engineers feared the span could not support the weight. The Year in Review 153 Kirby Puckett and Jeff Raerdon of the Minneso- ta Twins celebrate their World Series victory over the St. Louis Cardinals. The Twins won the seventh and final game of the series 4-2. A 24 day strike by the NFL players ended in mid-October when the union capitulated and went to court instead of trying to fight the club owners at the bargaining table. President and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope Paul 11 when he arrived in Miami to begin a nine-city tour of the United States. 154 The Year in Review ■UTtO IM TMf f.ij In the six years since Americans first tieard of a mysterious immunity- robbing disease from wlnicii no one recovers, AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans, millions of dollars have poured into medical research and President Reagan has proclaimed the plague " Public Health Enemy No. 1. " Marine Lt. Col. Oliver L. North, was a key official in the plan to finance anti- government rebels in Nicaragua with money from arms sales to Iran. In testimony before the Iran-Contra hearings in Washington, North be- came somewhat of a celebrity. The Year in Review 155 President Reagan talks with Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev during arrival ceremonies at the White House. The two superpower leaders held a three-day summit meeting in December and signed a nuclear arms control agreement. In an effort to keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation, the United States began in July to escort ves- sels to protect them from Iran. In September the G.S. Navy blew up an Iranian ship that was caught lay- ing mines in the Gulf. Several mines were confiscated. 156 The Year in Review A barge filled with 3,128 tons of garbage became a national joke and a symbol of the nation ' s worsening problem with solid waste management. The barge, looking for a place to dump its cargo, was banned by six states and three foreign countries before an incinerator reduced it to ash. Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to drop his bid for the presidency after it was reported that he was romantically involved with Donna Rice, a 29-year-old aspiring actress and model from Miami. The Year in Review 157 An earthquake that measured 6.1 on the • Richter scale hit Sou thern California in October. It was not a catastrophic quake, but the damage was extensive. The Senate rejected President Reagan ' s nomi- nation of Robert H. Bork to the Supreme Court by a 58-42 vote, which ended a long conten- tious debate over a judge alternately portrayed as a brilliant jurist and a dangerous extremist. 1899-1987 1921-1988 158 The Year in Review Dennis Conner, the man who lost the America ' s Cup in 1983, won it back four years later. The Stars Stripes completed a 4-0 sweep over Australia ' s Kookaburra 111 in the race that took place in Australia. 1906-1987 1924-1987 19151987 The Year in Review 159 I 160 Sports Cheerleading Sports 161 Varsity Soccer Row 1: Todd Wenger, Bob Cavello, Ed Pfeiffer, Karl Hammermueller, Takyi Morgan, Dominic Veraldi, Lyndon Engle, Chris Morgan. Row 2: Jim Cernansl y, Bruce Stanert, Vinnie DePinto, Shane Zimmerman, Joe Tencza, Brian Diezel, Scott Ravert, Matt Saia, Mii e Pratzner. Row 3: Head Coach Skip Roderick, Tom Snyder, Paul DiPino, Mike Weis, Doug Calandra, Chris Bove, Mike Deck. Mark Pratzner, Roger Dunkelberger, Asst. Coach Dave Jones, Asst. Coach Phil Good. 162 Sports Season Results EC 2 5 4 1 MACS Scranton Muhlenberg NCAAs Glassboro Kean Cal.San Bernardino Opp 2 Millersville 4 LaVerne 3 1 Christopher Newport Delaware 2 1 Juniata 1 1 Gettysburg Scranton 2 3 Franklin Marshall 2 Haverford 4 Dickinson 3 Trenton 3 Wilkes 2 2 4 1 Muhlenberg Lynchburg Susquehanna Messiah 1 1 9 2 Albright Glassboro 6 Lycoming 1 1 1 Sports 163 Women ' s Field Hockey 164 Sports Row 1: Amy Stitzel, Meighan OMara. Susanna Shue, Becky Runge. Kathy Dziedzic, Judy Babcock. Cheryl Charles, Monica Esh. Row 2: Asst. Coach Coleen Raber. Dawn Clayton, Cathy Cooper. Ellen Kandravy, Teresa Moats. Lesley Bryant, Tammy Shelton, Head Coach Yvonne Kauffman. Season Results EC Opp 6 Haverford 2 Messiah 1 2 E. Stroudsburg 1 5 Washington 2 Shippensburg 3 2 Dickinson 2 OT Lebanon Valley 1 4 Swathnnore 1 4 Scranton 1 8 Widener 4 Gettysburg 4 OT 7 Albright 1 3 Western Maryland 2 OT 2 Lynchburg 1 1 Frostburg 2 Millersville 1 2 Wilkes MAC Champions Sports 165 Womens Volleyball « Row 1: Vanessa Fitz, Holly Hilliar, Jill Bowser, Chris Fritzinger, Dana Fangmeyer, Cathy Calnon, Cathy Lees, Maureen Heelan Manager. Row 2: Asst. Coach Sue Ditty, Jan Bowser, Shari Hartman, Darcy Hall, Susie Hebbert, Amy Michner, Nancy Dunmeyer, Lisa Harding, Head Coach Bill Helm. 166 Sports m EC Season Results Opp 2 Wilkes 2 3 3 Baptist Bible Shippensburg F M 1 3 York 3 3 3 3 Lebanon Valley Western Maryland Gettysburg Dickinson 3 Messiah 1 Juniata 3 2 3 3 Johns Hopkins Albright Susquehanna 6 Sports 167 Cross Country Row 1: Donna Scharr, Leanna Miller, Sherice Young, Chris Chapman. Row 2: Steph Carpenter, Sue Bardman, Diane Slater, Pam Boteler. Pam Irish. Geanie Young, Coach Luy. EC Womens Results r 19 Lycoming 40 30 Albright 25 22 Juniata 33 45 Messiah 18 42 Dickinson 18 29 Lebanon Valley 27 15 Western Maryland 50 26 Albright 29 21 CIrsinus 38 29 Lebanon Valley 27 28 Moravian 29 17 Scranton 42 168 Sports Mens Results f 15 Lycoming 50 16 Juniata 47 24 Albright 32 36 Messiah 22 21 Dickinson 40 23 Alvernia 36 15 Muhlenberg 49 25 Lebanon Valley 33 20 Western Maryland 41 50 F M 15 23 Lebanon Valley 36 26 Albright 31 30 CJrsinus 25 23 Moravian 35 Row 1: Brad Sattin, Matt Henry, Joe Puleo. Gary Prem, Brian Lemma. Row 2: Mike Denmark. Chuck Wells, Ed Chance, Duane Hosier, Jim Douglas. Bob McLoughlin, Joe Egan. Coach Luy. Sports 169 Women ' s Basketball Row 1: Pam Boteler, Lori Lobb, Nancy Keene, Michelle Swantner, Kim Cahill, Sue Kreider. Row 2; Coach Yvonne Kauffman, Kelly Crimmins; Manager, Pam Levan, Mary Beth Cochrane, Maria Pioli, Karen Barclay, Stephanie Taylor, Tracy Walton, Betsy Parrish; Manager, Asst. Coach Ray O ' Boyle. 170 Sports Season Results EC Opp 73 Susquehanna 47 85 Juniata 45 68 Messiah 51 80 F M 73 11 Moravian 57 101 Gettysburg 61 81 Albright 50 59 Lycoming 44 92 Wilkes 56 71 Dickinson 55 85 Susquehanna 53 79 Messiah 53 62 Juniata 43 85 Widener 67 84 Muhlenberg 66 74 Scranton 57 82 Wilkes 67 54 Lycoming 60 82 W. Maryland MAC Champions 71 Wrestling The 1987-88 wrestling season ended with a 16-8 record. Junior Dan Scaricaciottoii said that the wrestlers really came together as a team this year. With everyone coming back next year this team has the potential to be even stronger next season. EC Season Results OPP 22 Haverford 19 53 Eastern 6 33 Johns Hopkins 19 32 Gettysburg 17 40 Widner 9 35 Lebanon Valley 13 29 York 17 19 Moravian 28 3 Lafayette 37 25 Western Maryland 22 31 Gettysburg 16 39 Albright 9 24 Glassboro 17 17 Swarthmore 27 13 Delaware 29 3 Millersville 44 23 Western Maryland 20 41 Susquehanna 12 8 Grsinus 38 16 Delaware Valley 33 15 Scranton 35 24 Muhlenburg 19 32 Juniata 17 38 Baptist Bible Record 16-8 13 172 Sports Row 1: Dan Scaricaciottoli. Sean Young, Steve Peterson, Bill Andrews, Ron Moyer, Andy Chubb, Curt Altland. Row 2: Coach Ken Ober, Rob Jones. Felix Zvarick, Dave McHoul, Jeff Forrer. Benn Druck,Matt Kline, Tim Gerber, Assistant Coach Gerald Silva. b Sports 173 Men ' s Basketball The 1987-88 men ' s basketball season was one which had its highs and lows, in Coach Smith ' s final season the Blue Jays compiled a 9- 16 record. The Jays ended the season with a 75-73 victory over Lycoming College. Senior Joe Dempsey provided leadership while Jim Hepfer, Mike Bunnick, Brent Brugler, Troy Krall, and Andy Deichert all played key rolls during the season. Row 1: Matt Duffy, Jeff Masom, Joe Dempsey, Jim Hepfer, Mike Bunnick, Joe Qarber, Dave Sullivan. Row 2: Coach Don Smith, Troy Krall, Mark Pratzner, Jarrod Renninger, Gary Klein, Carl Kern, Brent Brugler, Troy Portser, Andy Deichert, Assistant Coach Gary Miller. 174 Sports f « C ' " n . t h. l»f Season Results OPP 69 F M 80 67 Albright 59 61 Shippensburg 84 74 Juniata 72 61 Albrigiit 65 57 Susquehanna 63 83 Delaware Valley 78 75 York 78 85 Bloomsburg 103 98 CJpsala 84 89 F M 99 92 Gettysburg 97 59 Lycoming 88 99 Messiah 72 89 Wilkes 77 91 Albright 81 53 Susquehanna 61 82 Messiah 61 72 Juniata 84 68 FDUMadison 94 72 Lebanon Valley 86 80 Drew 94 67 Scranton 81 83 King ' s 84 75 Lyconning Record 9-16 73 Sports 1 75 Men ' s Golf This year was the first year that Elizabethtown has been represented by a golf team. Starters Greg Vannucci, Greg Milen, Will Malatesta, Troy Portser, and Troy Krall led the team through the season. 176 Sports rlill Row 1 : Troy Portser, Will Malatesta. Fred Koerber, Greg Millen, Greg Vannucci, Grant Hibberd, Coach Royal Snavely. Row 2: Troy Krall. Dwight McCleery. Scott Campenella, Steve Irwin. i ' •- I S j Sports 177 Swimming Row 1: Jon Yost. Andy Burk. Keith Monaco. Diane Miller. Sharon GIrich. Row 2: Fred Taht. Linda Robertson. Jennie Tebo. Geannie Young, Mi Hassold. Anne Miller. Randy Compton. Row 3: Joe Weisser. Pam Irish. Julie Pjillips. Jill Badinger. Coach Rusty Owens, Lis Schiedt, Christ Appieton. Steve Holcroft, Ed Holtenhoff. Amy Lambredt. Scott Meufeld. Ken Myers, Tom Scott. r 178 Sports i ■ " ■ .««« «. « jr ' .- Sports 179 Women ' s Tennis EC Season Results OPP 4 Widner 5 1 Gettysburg 8 1 F M 8 5 Lycoming 4 3 Western MD 6 2 Susquehanna 7 5 Juniata 4 7 Washington 2 1 Johns Hopkins 8 4 Dickinson 5 8 York 1 4 Muhlenburg RECORD 4-8 5 Row 1: Brook Blair, Jodi Weidman. Brenda Walker. Wendy Bluett. Row 2: Karen George. Jamie Smith. L| Dean. Kathy Martell. Coach Bob Schott. 180 Sports Men ' s Tennis ■ ■«- •.-.. ' ■ V? rM w fia- ' y Row 1: Mike Bailey. Ron Wence. Dave McFalls, Carl Hammermueller. Row 2: Coach Garrett, Ernie Alviani, John Mathews, Pat Muggins, Jeff Mason. Season Results EC OPP e CIrsinus 6 8 Scranton 1 8 York 1 7 Lycoming 2 2 Juniata 7 2 Albright 7 2 Susquehanna 7 1 Gettysburg 8 -■ ist., 9 Wilkes 5 Western MD 4 F M 9 1 Dickinson 8 9 Messiah RECORD 6-7 Sports 181 Baseball Row 1: Dale Cox, Mark Cline, Tony Zaia, Rich Wojciechowsky, Mike Gore, Mark Clark, Bill Chatterton. Row 2: Andy Barrick, Steve Smith, Ralph Clouser, Wendel Paisley, Darrel Justh, Chris Fluck, Mark Ludwig. Row 3: Matt Aylward, Brad Hassinger, John Shatto, Jim McGonigle, Mark Lanzone, Will Nicolls, Scott McNaney, Row 4: Suzanne Morton, Kim Lambert. Assistant Coach Scott Pera, Coach John Gergie, Assistant Coach Jeff Gergie, Wayne Gnderkoffer. 182 Sports Season Results Game 1 Game 2 Fordham 9-10 Mansfield 6-13 Susquehanna 511 Swarthmore 8-7 Bethel 12-0 Rochester 1815 Anderson 8-11 Gettysburg 15-4 Muhlenberg 15-4 9-2 York 17-3 8-4 Ursinus 5-10 Messiah 21 5-1 Moravian 4-1 15-1 Mount St. Mary ' s 10-7 F M 10-2 Albright 12-3 150 Lebanon 11-6 Alvernia 5-4 Wilkes 3-1 16-9 St. Joseph ' s ■ 1 1-13 Scranton 13-7 10-8 Dickinson 18-0 6-4 Susquehanna 10-9 10-1 Juniata 13-9 14-3 RECORD 29-5 Sports 183 Softball Season Results Game 1 Game 2 York 11-1 Franklin Marshall 15-1 Trenton 71 2-6 Western Maryland 6-2 11-8 Messiah 7-3 8-5 Glassboro 0-1 2-1 Gettysburg 5-2 5-1 Lebanon Valley 11-0 15-1 Albright 17-0 Scranton 4-2 6-0 Juniata 5-0 0-1 Wilkes 11-4 9-4 Dickinson 4-0 6-3 Susquehanna 2-1 3-0 RECORD 22-3 184 Sports • HL ' JS E ' At i Row 1: Lori Lobb. Linda Johnson, Tammy Mellott, Kim Cahill, Kim O ' Brien, Barb Shenk. Row 2: Mike Murtha, Kendra Deaven, Deb Williams, Tammy McDonald, Kim Fies, Colleen Cochran, Skip Roderick. Row 3: Karen Barclay. Tammy Barner. Missy Kucks. Cathy Lees, Dawn Clayton, Cheryl Charles, Kathy Crowley. Sports 185 COMGRATGLATIONS to all the 1987-88 sports teams. Elizabethtown College thanks you for your dedtTa ofT to the game and the time and pride with which you represented Etwon. Your strive to excellence is the spirit of Etown. 186 Sports Special Events 187 Freshmen Orientation -r. August 29, 1987 was a very important day for the class o f 1 99 1 . It was a day of confusion as the chore of moving in and getting organized occurred. Freshmen Orientation had begun with group ses- sions, new games, and the traditional Progressive Hike. The highlight of the weekend arrived when the students par- ticipated in a Candlelight Induction Cere- mony. This weekend helped to bring the class of 1991 together, to make them aware of their fellow class members as individuals. It was a weekend of happi- ness, sadness, work, fun that no one will soon forget. 188 Special Events The annual volleyball marathon was held and as usual was a great success. Twelve teams, including faculty and stu- dents, played volleyball from 10 PM to AM. The dedication of the teams helped them to have fun while also help- ing the needy. Parents Weekend For the freshmen, as well as the upper class- men, this is an important time and also a good time. Letting go is hard but once you do, watch out. Independence has finally arrived but there is still the need of home. To show the gratitude of independence, the Parent of the Year was pre- sented, it was awarded to Robert Miller ' s mother. 190 Special Events Special Events 19! Hersheypark APB sponsored a trip to Hershey park on Oct. 3. People whirled and twirled their way through a fun filled day. A good time was had by a 192 Special Events Booster Day Even the rain couldn ' t drive away the good spirits of the fans that supported the soccer team as well as all the other teams. Special Events 193 Homecoming w JH II -4. 1 r M I fe B . .A K - flP H f I mm L ft E 194 Special Events Homecoming, sponsored by Student Senate, proved to be a big success. This years turnout, witii more than 800 alumni, was the largest yet. The midway provided games, crafts and a variety of foods for students, family and friends to enjoy. The annual soccer game, Etown beating Muhlen- burg 2-1, was again the center of attraction. Laura Bly was crowned Homecoming Queen. A dinner was held in Thompson Gym where afterwards, the world famous " Lettermen " performed. n NT? Special Events 195 196 Special Events Special Events 197 Halloween Halloween at Elizabethtown was once again a funfiiled weekend. Students dressed up in a variety of costumes and had a great time. The annual Haunted House was also a great success. Tricks and treats could be found everywhere and everyone had a witchin weekend. 198 Special Events Holiday Dinners Holiday dinners are always a time to get together and have fun with friends. Thanksgiving dinner was a sit-down affair with professors, faculty and President Speigler serving the students. Santa arrived early to attend the Christmas dinner. Smiling faces and a good time was had by all. H k iv»- j l ■ |H Sw ' B 41 u H 1 ■ 1 B ; ' - r 1 dr i 1 -- 1 Special Events 199 Blizzard of Bucks Jan. 23 was a prosperous day for 12 lucky contestants. Names were put in a hat from the 300 people in the audience, one lucky person winning a chance in the money booth. Wild and wacky games showed the real talent of the con- testants. The winner walked off with over 70 dollars in cash and prizes. « ri ' «S s •• - m W ■■9 g| 200 Special Events Alcohol Awareness Week Elizabethtown took part in National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week from Oct. 19th to the 25th. There were events for students to have fun without alcohol. Students signed a pledge stat- ing to be sober for a weekend. It worked! The college bowl was held and movies were shown. Comedy Cabaret appeared Friday and a dating game Friday night. Other events included a volleyball tour- nament, earth ball games, nuts and bolts party, a dance until you drop and the non-alcoholic bar. What fun it was to be sober! Special Events 201 1988 Awards Assembly On Monday April 25th the 1988 student awards assembly was held. This event occurs each spring to recognize the achievements of the students during the school year. Sports, writing, service, and overall excellence is recognized at this assembly. 202 Special Events Coffee Houses Some of Elizabethtown ' s finest singers, musicians, and poets have the opportunity to share their talents in Campus Forum sponsored Coffee Houses. Traditionally held in the Jay ' s Nest, coffee houses are ian informal setting to allow students and faculty to share a poem, sing a song, or tell a funny story to their fellow students. vs RIGHT HERE Special Events 203 Tartuffe The play, " Tartuff " , by Moliere, was put on this year by a few of the students and faculty from Elizabethtown College. The actors were Kristin Rowland, J. Scott Davies, Chris Hill, Kristine Brennen, Christopher Guear, Sue Bacon, Stephen Hunt, Laura Ely, Aaron Payson, Michael Kenkins, and Aimee Gentile. 204 Special Events special Events 205 Fools ' Fools, " Neil Simon ' s comic fable was staged in the Alumni Auditorium by student actors on April 2114. The staff included Stephen Hunt, Kristine Brennen, Ronald Tomasello, Vivian Sewell, Tammy Dotts, Marianne Tomarelli, Douglas Gee Jr., Christine Courpas, Christine Tinucci, and Dan Connolly. 206 Special Events Special Events 207 208 Special Events Battle of the Bands The Activities Planning Board and Royer Dorm Council teamed up to bring the campus one of the hottest events of the years. Five area bands came together on April 16th to compete for a $1,000 grand prize. The winner of the first ever Battle of the Bands was the Philadelphia band Customer Service. Special Events 209 Between the Summits 210 Special Events Elizabethtown College played host to one of the most influential politicians alive today. Willy Brant, fornner Chancellor of West Germany, was the highlight of the College ' s Chubb lecture series. Between the Summits. The lecture series featured several lectures on the importance of East-West relations. Chancellor Brant spoke in the Thompson Gymnasium to a large assembly of students, faculty, and many visitors to the college. Special Events 211 Theme Weekends Theme Weekends are always popular events during the semester. This year Myer Dorm Council started off the holiday season with their " Christmas in Maui " theme weekend. Founders rocked the campus to their " Rock and Roll " theme weekend. Ober ' s Carribbean Jammin ' Weekend got the campus ready for spring break. Royer Dorm Council sponsored the " Psychedelic 60 ' s " theme weekend, which featured the first ever Battle of the Bands. 212 Special Events Monday at 10 1987-88 saw the beginning of tiie College Assembly program, " Monday at 10. " This assembly period gave the college community an opportunity to come together for a series of lectures, dance, and entertainment presentations. Included in the Monday at 10 series was a concert by folk singer Livingston Taylor, a performance by a Brazilian dance troop, and lectures by college and world leaders. Special Events 213 i . Limat 214 Speical Events The Great International Spree was the theme of the Activities Planning Boards annual TGIS weekend. TGIS weekend is a celebration of the end of another semester, and a celebration of spring. The weekend featured exotic food and a variety of special events all weekend long, including the Mearly Wed Game, an International Games Festival, an International Flight dinner, and great bands. The weekend was topped off by an amazing display of fireworks by Lake Placida. Special Events 215 Big Brother Big Sister Day Big Brother Big Sister Day and TQIS go hand in hand, and this year was no exception. 50 children from inner-city Harrisburg visited Elizabethtown College to share the day with a college student volunteer. The Big Brother Big Sister spent the day swimming, racing, playing games, and sharing good times with their " little brother or sister. " 216 Special Events Special Events 217 Junior Senior Dinner Dance Juniors and seniors had the time of their lives on March 25th, as the Junior Class presented the annual Junior Senior Dinner Dance. This year ' s event was held at the Lancaster Treadway Hotel. Hors d ' oeuvres and dinner were followed by a dance. Junior Senior is a special time for upperclassmen to celebrate the end of the semester, and look forward to the future. ii wr I 218 Special Events APB Specials Throughout the semester APB arranges for some entertaining acts to come on campus for the enjoyment of the college community. Some of this years events included a magician and a program called " I can make you laugh. " A special Jazz nite was also held in the new dining hall wing. These events are always a good time for those attending. 1 Special Events 219 Black Freedom Theater Mock Constitutional Convention On the weekend of April 22-24, the Political Science Club hosted delegates from ten colleges and universities throughout Pennsylvania and New York, as well as area high schools. These students participated in a Mock Constitution- al Convention which looked at proposals to ammend the U.S. Constitution. Several speakers including State Representative Ken Brandt, Congressmen Robert Walker and Bill Goodling welcomed the crowd at the opening ceremo- ny. The Keynote address was delivered by former Congressman Bob Edgar. Meetings continued throughout the weekend considering such proposals as abolishing the Electoral College in favor of direct election, and giving the president a six-year term with unlimited opportunity for re-election. Renova- tions " • ■ " " » - - ■ — --■ ' ■■ ■ ifj When students left in the spring of 1987, construction had started on the addition to the cafeteria. When students arrived back on campus in the fall we found beautiful renovations in the North dining hall, but many were surprised to see that the addition was not yet complete. Finally late in the fall semester, the construction was complete and students were free to enjoy the beautiful addition. Over Christmas break the South dining hall also received major renovations. Myer Residence Hall also received a fresh coat of paint, new ceilings, and improved overhead lighting over the summer break. Welcomed news came in the mail to Myer, Royer, Founders, and Ober residents over the summer. Private phones would be available in those residence halls in the fall. Schosser and Brinser received phone service beginning spring semester. Private phones were a welcomed addition, but the phone bills were not as welcomed. Gibble Auditorium received a new name and a major face lift. Now, the Gibble Theater was installed with new improved seating, carpeting, stage, movie screen, and sound system. Gibble Theater became the prime location for many of the " Monday at 10 " programs, and other campus programs. 220 Special Events Memories 221 PATRONS Amy — Chad — Skubi Lee and Judy Atticks Mrs. Virginia Aughenbaugh Linda Barbagallo Joseph H. Beaver, Jr. Jack Bevan Ann Bevan Mr. Mrs. James I. Biondolillo Janet Mae Bowler Dawn Marie Bowler Helen Bradford Mr. Mrs. Robert Bryson Mr. Mrs. William A. Bubnis Mr. Mrs. Wm. Burke Nancy and Ty Compton Mr. Mrs. Jerry Connolly Margaret Eck Marcie and Russ Eckerson Marie and Glenn Eidemlller The Etter Family Vlto F. Fantini Ann Marie Fantini Mr. Mrs. Don Fisher Kass Morin Freeman Mr. Mrs. James Garrison Brenda M. Greitz William T. Greitz Mrs. Peggy L. Groff Mr. Mrs. James H. Grossman, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Malcalm Hoff Julie M. Jobes Mr. Mrs. F.R. Keene Nancy Keene Ernie Larossa 222 Amber Lee Lauer John and Ann Lorelli Gerald Mary Ann McAndrew Mr. Mrs. Meil J. McFadden Mr. Mrs. Frederick L. Miller Mr. Mrs. William H. Mitchell Laura Morin Bob and Joanne ( ' 64) Morris Mrs. Dorothy Nicolls Dr. Mrs. Ronald Philipp Joe Pisapia — Marge Pisapia Marc Pisapia — Keri Pisapia Podsiadlo Family Virginia Wilard Rahn Mr. Mrs. Donald L. Rogers Oreste L. Rogora Shelly L. Rogora Mr. Mrs. Ed Sadler Mr. Mrs. Schneidel Scot W. Snyder Mary Ellen Byron E. Stahl Margaret Sticker Mr. Mrs. Thomas Stringas Cindy William Jones Tregaskis Evelyn Spare Tregaskis Joe Walton, Margaret Walton, Tracey Walton Joseph L. Wareham Family Mr. Mrs. Gerry N. Wixson Tom Vana Sr. — Ann Vana Tom Vana Jr. — Cathy Vana Todd Vana — Michele Ann Vana Jim and Sherry Varrato Mr. Mrs. William L. Yater 223 Good Luck Best Wishes To All Dining Hall Graduates! Reenie, Mel, Lisa, and Tarn: Thanks for mak- ing my 4 years at E- town very special!! Love Kris TP Thanx for Being more than an RA — a Friend! XO — N P + Bean John Bill Dirt — Thanx for being there 1 Love You All Alot! 2 — North — You guys are the Best — Bob YO, YOGS GUYS — SHARK! unconditional love, no expectations, and trust! K To Schlosser Staff — Thanks for fun, laugh- ter, and most of all friendship — K Lynne — Thanks for constant support and for letting me be irra- tional at times — K Lori — Don ' t ever stop searching yourself. K Michael Clayton 64 — Good Luck Dawn in 91 GOD BLESS YOG PATTY SENIOR YEAR OT! LOVE, MOM DAD GREAT SEASON SOCCER TEAM! Michelle — Thanks for To a super year, 89ers! Hi from Gde! Fred Wix son Good Luck — Gregg 224 WE LOVE YOU, BECKY BEST OF LUCK, GOD BLESS — LOVE YOU MOM, MIKE, AND VIC STUDY KGRT!! Lynne Mares Love you! — D Greg take care Love You D Mike — Best of luck D Joan and Tarn Love you! D BB — precious and few were the times spent with you — B Tim, Sarah, and Tom: What can I say? You ' re the Best " I miss you so much Love always Sue Donna We Luv a Wen and El What a great year at the Annex! Good Luck Dolora!! I ' ll miss you! Love Flo — E Annex Girls to the Best Year Ever! Debbie Matt: We have been through it all and I ' ll love you always! Deb- bie Good Luck and Good Life to all! — Cindy Carothers D — 1 Girls — Thanks for the fun and friend- ship — I ' ll miss you all! Love Julie LAG R A , PAM, SHERI, KRISTEN — I ' LL MISS YOU IT ' S B E E N GREAT! LOVE JULIE We ' re so proud of you, Andre Love, Mom and Dad! Thanks for all of the great times 2 — West Myer 1 love you guys! — Colleen Viki — Congratula- tions to the best room- mate! Thanks for all the memories — Love Neda MARIA — CONGRATU- LATIONS FRIENDS 225 TAM — YOG ARE GREAT — JK FOREVER NEDA Hey Guys — Thanks for your support and friendships. I ' ll miss you all! Reenie Joano — Thanks for a great senior year! Love Tarn Reen — I need a hug Love TS bee — I ' ll miss you! Thanks for everything Love Tam TS, MP, DW, RE, BR, LB, KF, Boop — Thanks for a great sen- ior year and for all of your support. I will miss you! Best wishes — Love you Joan Phil ' — Good Luck in DC — Joan 226 Mel — Thanx 4 be- friending a Fr — scum! I ' ll miss ya — Kat Thanks for your guid- ance and support. 1 love You Mom and Dad Love Robin. Bird never stop laughing I ' ll miss you guys — Rob- in. M — THANKS FOR AL- WAYS BEING THERE AND PUTTING GP Dufault — Thanks for: caring, sharing, and not waking me! Love Patty Flannery. Ar + Brian — Thanks for the fun, friendship, + support! 1 love you guys! Mary Hey Average — Aver- age, Yo Spike and pret- ty eyes I Think you are all special! Love JL Stephen Hey Bud 1 Love You thanks for a great Freshman year See you in Sept 1991 Love Heather MOM DAD I DID IT! THANK YOU! •wi r or LVE NA MATES HC Thanks for everything See ya at Jer ' s B ' day Congratulations class party Tootles the A-1 Thanks for everything of 1988 — Jim Jones Suite + 1 Bonita Juanita I ' ll miss G Love Lock TS RP JK — Thanks for all the memories. Lee — Thanks for Be- ril miss you! Love Ya " 9 friend — Bridget — Beck. PAM AND MI- CHAEL — ALL MY LOVE. JIM J. Linda + Sherry — Thanks for 3 great years! Miss CI! Good Luck! Love, Donna Lynn, Mark, DD, Nan- cy, Cindy. It ' s been real Love ya Liz Thanks GV For the Support Vinnie, Greenfang, Yeager, Scotty B, Mr. Rose, + Brady Yo! Tarn — ri — B miss you No more Year- book!! Yeah!! DENISE YOU ARE A GREAT FRIEND. GOOD LUCK IN OT HERE IS TO GREAT R O O M - JOEY, THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND SUP- PORT, I LOVE YOG BRIDGET 227 228 Memories Memories 229 230 Memories Memories 231 s LV, ,v ' .i...k. ... »Ki- .i ,i -- «, ' . ..•. »- ■,.- ,)%.. » ».« -V PliJ-»v .-r . . : ■-, ' .,, . •-. " i - r - .-■• •■ »-- ' • — ■ " Vj--- ' ■ ' - ' • - ■ ■ ' . ■ ■ A»s " - t - ' : , -s •: -iBw . ■T?v.--.i ,v. .j w - " Tw-, . ' .- i-- •-• - ■ .-» ' - ' . ilI - P

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