Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA)

 - Class of 1987

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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1987 Edition, Cover

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• REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY miMHi •• » ■salaaKjs m.j ■ i V 1 S» « MORiABtlBRARY 7HTOWN COLLEGi LUZABETHTOWN. PEWNA. ' - • - - •- Scenes of ' 87 . r V . HBHBKI hK ... Scenes of 67 m " m Sce-es of ' 87 5 ■gm ■ ■ ■m ' ■aussswaso 6 Scenes of 87 " ' te •m - ' ■» ' m gpy x j j k- i? J wL - p?pi MJ 1 j [ m " " W Jtt ' j ' " V " ■ ; j pSXJgWr. nm,; -t c I: - V ' ycfT r j 1 — ' 1 ■ 1 fll K M 1 Scenes - " 37 Lr : ' 10 Scene m ' m. -- . r " ,• r 12 Scenes of 87 • Scenes of ' 87 13 V Scenes of ' 87 Scenes : 1 5 i MX ' ■ ' ' rug ■■■ ■■■■■ ■■1 !T ■ 1 i , i - V i 9 - r " X 16 Scenes of 87 m CHRISTINA E ADDOTT Chemisrry Med-Tech ERIC A ALBRIGHT Biology Chemistry 5HERILYN A ADIE Elementary Education EUGENE J ANA5TA5IO JR Business Finance GREGORY S AKERMAN Biology GENIE M ATKINS Occuparional Therapy DONNE 5 DAIR Psychology 18 Abbott tar ELAINE M DALADAN Business Educarion CONNIE R BARBIN Business Marketing KAREN B DALTZ JOSEPH H BANNER Biology Chemistry English If 1 had known it would be like this 1 might have given a second thought. But teal life sute isn ' t like school. There ' s some lessons that just can ' t be taught. — Sryx MARY J BARNES Business Management TRACY A BAUER Elementary Educarion JOSEPH P BECK Business Computer Science 19 - i - y i KATHLEEN A DEGEMAN Occuparional Therapy LAUREL 5 DELL Business Marketing WILLIAM J BENDER Chemisrry GINA M DORRIELLO Communicarions LYNN M DENTZLEY Psychology DETH A DOYER Diology 20 DegemonDoyer ' ■» -m -m « ■ ELY5E M BRAXTON Business Finance SCOTT P DROWN Business Managemenr LISA M DROADDENT Business Management ALLAN D DROOKHART Computer Science (BIS) RAYMOND J DROSIUS Computer Science (BIS) HEATHER A DRUDAKER Communications KATHLEEN A DUCHAN Business Marketing Droxron Duchon 21 i BENJAMIN W BUHL English RICHARD D CAMPBELL Business Management CHRISTINE M CHORBA Compurer Science ANN M BURNETTE Elementary Education KEVIN M BYRNE Accounting JAY B CA55EL MICHAEL L CATHCART Psychology Psychology With all it ' s sham. drudgery, and broken dreams, it is still a beauti- ful world. Be careful. strive to be happy. — Desiderata 22 Duhl — Chorba ' m km ■ ' Vs MARYELLEN CLARK Chemisrry Med-Tech SUSAN M DAHMER Communicarions SUZANNE D CLARK Music VIRGINIA D DAY Chemisrry Med-Tech LISA J CIANCIULU Biology HEATHER A CONNER Occuparional Therapy REBECCA DECKENDACK Business Marketing Cionciulli-Deckenbeck 23 .- r SUZANNE M DE LUCIA English ELIZABETH A DEMATTIA Marh MICHAELE A DICK Compurer Science REBECCA EDEERY Business Management LINDA M DEMPSEY Business Marketing DINO DELVISCIO History 24 De Lugo Dixon ELIZABETH A DOUGLAS Psychology KIM I EBERLY Business — Compurer Science KAREN R DUFFIE Accounting AMY EDURBOROW Elementary Education We ' re jusr anorher srep along rhe way so don ' t deny rhe feeling rhar is stealing rhrough your hearr. Every happy ending needs ro have a srarr — Moody Dlues ELIZABETH EDWARDS Psychology KATHLEEN J ELAVSKY Business Marketing DAVID P ELLIS Math Douglas-E s 25 - 1 CHARLES C ENGEL Chemisrry ANNIE ERD Business Managemenr MARY LOU ESHELMAN Business Marketing NANCY L EVANS Music Education PAUL K EYLER Accounting JENNIFER S FANELLA Elementary Educarion OUR MEMORIES OF YESTERDAY WILL LAST A LIFETIME, WE ' LL TAKE THE DEST, FORGET THE REST, AND SOMEDAY WELL FIND THESE ARE THE DEST OF TIMES -STYX JOSEPH D FAUX Computer Science 26 EngelFaux MARSHA M FIGURELLI Hisrory D£WM5 R FISHER Accounting Yesterdays ore over my shoulder. So I con ' t look bock for too long. There s just too much to see, Waiting in front of me. — Jimmy Buffet MICHELE M FISHER Biology DENEEN L FOCHT Psychology JEAN L FORD Occupational Therapy DALE A FORSHEY Computer Science (BIS) JANE D FRUQQIERO Elementary Education Rgurelli-Fruggiero 27 ■ - t ffw[ m wi I MARGE FRUSHER English TRINA L GEI5ER Marh JAMES T FURNIER Diology CHARLES J FRYE Diology ALICE M GABLE Early Childhood Education ■a m. ■■na JACOB GERHARD Music HOPE L GESELL Compurer Science (DI5) I 28 Frostier Gesell W ' ■■ - ERNIE D GIDDLE Hisrory CHARLES GROHOTOLSKI Compurer Science (BIS) DIANE E GINGRICH Chemistry HEATHER L GOURLIE Communicarions KRISTIN E GUSKY Compurer Science (DIS) KEITH D HALL Business Managemenr AMY J HAMERSHOCK Communicarions Gbble Homershock 29 m JACK HAMILTON Business Marketing ERIC M HANSEN Psychology STEVE HANZELMAN Dusiness Compurer Science HALLE A HAROLD Accounting CAROL D HARTMAN Social Work DEDORAH K HAULMAN Early Childhood Education STEVEN HAVIGHURST Business Administration I 30 Hamilron-Havighurv m m ' m km TIMOTHY D HECK Accounring TIMOTHY J HE55ERT Communications JEFFREY 5 HEINZE Business Administration DOROTHY J HIGHT Computer Science KAREN L HERR Communications PAUL HOCKENDURY Sociology U e work in rhe dark, we do what we can, we give whor we have. Our doubr is our passion, and our passion is our rask The rest is rhe madness of arr — Henry James ANNE L HOLLINGER Social Work HeckHollinger 31 I r r W - wn GWEN M HOLSTROM Occuparional Therapy ERIC D MOMMAS Business Finance ROBERT S JONES Business Management 02 Holsrrom Keoly AMY L KARAEFA Occuparional Therapy KENDEL E HULLIHEN Communicarions PAULA L INGRAHAM Business Marketing KATHLEEN E KEALY Business Marketing )m ■ ' — ' m m KYLE A KE55LER Communicarions KAREN L KLINGMAN Music Therapy DAWN E KINNEY Music Therapy CYNTHIA L KLUGE Elementary Educarion SHARON L KIPP Occuparional Therapy CAROLYN KOENIG Communicarions JOSEPH H KORD Compurer Science Kesslef-Korb 33 IT. HSBnnnnHIBBnHnBH BDH ANDREW D KROECK Accounting CHRISTINA M KWAPIN5KI Accounting To meet, to know, and then to part is the sod tole of many a human heart. - William Shakespeare TODD M LATSHAW Accounting CHRISTINE LAWSON Business Monogement JANET I LAMDORN Business Accounting KATHLEEN A LARDEAR Occupational Therapy MARCI A LEDOWITZ Occupational Therapy 34 Kroeck Lebowirz DANIELLE M LETTIERE Occupational Therapy JEFFREY LLOYD Polirical Science This is not the end, It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning. - Churchill KEVIN T MAC KENZIE Business Managemenr SEAN T MAC KENZIE Business Managemenr LEE A MANHART Biology SAMUEL MANN Polirical Science DANA M MARIN Business Educarion Leinere Mann 35 r IT ' 1 I I KATHRYNL MARTIN Social Work ■1 TODD MARTIN Business Marketing KEITH C MARVEL Business Finance KEVIN W MARVEL Business Adminisrrorion JAY A MASTERS Business Monogemenr GINA MASTRO Music Educarion WILLIAM R MC DANOLDS Business Monogemenr 36 Mortm Mc Donolds • JULIE A MC DERMOTT Business Marketing LAURA J MC EACHERN Dioloay GLENN M MELOS Business Management PERRY D MERLO Political Science If a man does not keep pace With his companions. Perhaps it is because he hears A different drummer. Let him step to the music Which he hears, However measured or far away. — H.P. Thoureau LAURA MC GOVERN Social Work MICHAEL 5 MESSINA Business Management LISA L MESSNER Business Finance Mc Dermorr Messner 37 ' ' . . THOMAS H MIGUT English TRACY A MONTAGUE English ERIC V MILLER Compurer Science (DI5) KIMDERLY A MILLER Business Marketing KATY J MORRIS RUSSELL W MURRAY DAVID MUSELL Communications Communicanons Business Finance 38 Migut Musell • fe ' ■ ' «■$■;«. LORI K MYERS Diology Chemisrry WILLIAM NEWILL Business Computer Science LYNN M OEARRELL Business Marketing ANGELA J NAGLE Accounting ELLEN L O ' CONNELL Marh JOY M NAVE Biology Chemistry CAROL A PAGANO Occupational Therapy Myers-Pogono 39 K3ZJ . .. j-li r ■ irl- - ' ■ J, S.Zi m JOHN V PARKS Communicarions KIMDERLEEA PATTON Business Management ERIC PATRICK English KRISTIE K PATTEN Occuparional Therapy 5U5ANNE C PAULIS Business Marketing EUGENE T PENXA Business Management JOY F PEPMEIER Occupational Therapy 40 Parks Pepmeier ' m ' m MONICA A PETRICK Occuparional Therapy CINDY L PICHELMAN Business Managemenr Some say we ' ve lost our way Some soy the wotld ' s gone astray But if you know where you ' re going There ' s nothing you can ' t do Cause problems will come And they will leave you The world will try to deceive you But the truth will always be in your soul. — Lionel Richie JACQUELINE G PIRET Communicarions STEVE M POLONUS Business Education MICHAEL D PPATZNEP Business Marketing DAVID PROUT Accounring KPISTEN M REESE Communicarions Pemck Reese 41 r- r n V9BBBBB9BB BSn H J Vou Con ' r ger where you ' re going Unless you remember where you came from Who you ore and what you ore Is rhe only rhing you own Never lose ir And Never.Ever.Surrender — Corey Hon So before we end and then begin We ' ll drink o roast ro how it ' s been A few more hours ro be complete A few more times that I can say I ' ve loved these days. — Billy Joel KRISTEN REHRIG Elementary Education KIM L REIGEL Biology JOANN E REINER Occuparional Therapy CAROLYN REUTER Psychology MELINDA A RIDER Communicarions ANGELA 5 RIGGLEMAN Elemenrary Educarion SHIRLEY RIGGLEMAN Social Work 42 Rehrig Rgglemon «•» m 3 ' MA W RINEMAN Business Management KL 7H . RIPLEY Occuparional Therapy JANET RODDINS Psychology DAVID D ROBINSON Business Managemenr flL U . TODD W RODEDAUGH Computer Science JUDITH A ROSSI Early Childhood Education DAVID J ROTHERMEL Business Computer Science IXineman-Rorhermel 43 » KlB HMMHHMMm M A W 3 N Music Therapy PATRICIA M SALIMENA Occupational Therapy LISA A RUDNICKl Business Marketing DEBORAH L 5ANFORD Occupational Therapy KIMDERLY A RYAN Business Finance JOYCE L 5ANGREY Communications 44 CATHY L SAUNDERS ANNMARIE SCESA USA SCHEETZ Biology Computer Science (BIS) Business Marketing Rubin Scheetz Hfl CHRISTIAN F SCHLUNK Computer Science IS) BRIAN R 5CHOENBERGER Computer Science (BIS) JAMES H SCHOLES Business Management KRISTEN M SCHOENHERR Elementary Education lr used to make me so fed up People always asking me What will you be when you grow up? You ' re gonno need security Spent a little rime in school Wishing I was somewhere else Having fun and acring cool. I just wonted to be myself . . . ..It used to make me so fed up People always asking me What are you now that you ' ve grown up 7 Exactly what I wont to be . . . — Huey Lewis and the News DOROTHY JU SCHUDA Elementary Education Schlunk 5chodo 45 There ' s an echo in the wind. Make ' s me wonder where I ' ve been. All those years I ' ve left behind, Faded pictures in my mind. — St. Elmo ' s Fire Soundtrack I ' m Looking forward to looking back. — Corly Simon JOHN G SCHWALM Business Marketing RODIN E SHARKER Computer Science LAUREN J SHERRY Occupational Therapy MICHAEL J SHOGI English , - m DONNE SHRADER Communications ERIC SILER Communications CHRISTINE SMITH Communications 46 Schwdm Smith ERIN M SMITH Business Computer Science STACEY K SMITH Chemisrry Med-Tech We know who we ore, but not who we moy be. — William Shakespeare JOHN N SNADER Political Science HOLLY J SNYDER Business Marketing JAMES P STABILE Business Marketing THOMAS H STEYAERT Business Managemenr MICHAEL SNYDER Social Srudies Psychology eyoerr 47 - £- I TW HBKniim HaMHi JESSICA A STONE Business Managemenr JOAN M STORM Compure r Science -JL m5 Z ■ M B (f V V ' . 7FflE54 M STICKLE Psychology CATHERINE E STORM Psychology ELIZABETH A STRANG Early Childhood Education JANET L STREET Communications TINA L STRICKER Occuparional Therapy 48 Suckle Strieker • mm AMY K STUDENMUND Occuparional Therapy FELICIA A SWEENEY Communications LISA A SULLIVAN Accounting STEVE SWOPE Communicarions All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my parents. — Abraham Lincoln CAROL L SUTCLIFFE Occuparional Therapy MICHELE S SZYMKOWIAK Early Childhood Educarion STEPHANIE L THOMAS Business Managemenr Sfudefnund-Thomas 49 A- ar r; rMGET £ THOMAS Elemenrary Education FRANK M TITTIGER English GARDENER H TORRENCE Business Adminisrrarion WENDY A TOWNSEND Occupational Therapy DOUGLAS J TRAVOR SELENA M UPDEGRAFF LEE A VAN HOUTEN Biology Chemistry Polirical Science Biology Thomas Van Houren AIMEE 5 VANISKO Business Adminisrrarion CYNTHIA M VANN Business Finance Some hove relied on what they knew; Others on being simple true. What worked for them might work for you. - Robert Frost JOEL A WAITE Polirical Science 5UZANN E WARD Communications SUSAN M WARNISKY Business Compurer Science NATHAN WEBBER Business Management JODI K WEIGEL Social Work Vonisko-Weigel 51 s H TORY J WEINHOLD Compurer Science LAURA E WEST Elemenrary Educarion ALLISON L WEISS Compurer Science (DIS) PAMELA D WHITTLE Business Computer Science JOYCE C WENDLING Elemenrary Educarion DONNE WIEDER Business Economics CYNTHIA E WILEY Business Marketing 52 WemhoW Wiley « • ■ m May the road rise up to meet you, May the wind be always at your bock, May the sun shine warm upon your face. And the rain fall soft upon your fields. And until we meet again some day, May God hold you in the palm of his hand, And the memories that we have shared Linger on and on. — Irish Prayer NANCY L WISSLEB. Business Management STANLEY 5 WITMER Accounting LYNN D WOLF Business Marketing SALLY L WOLF Business Computer Science CHRIS WRIGHT STEPHEN A YINGER JAN M ZACCANINI Marh Business Marketing Business Marketing Wissler-Zoccanin 50 - FRANONE ZAMPELLE Business Finance JESSIE A ZARFOSS Chemisrry Med-Tech CHRISTINE F ZIELINSKI Occupational Therapy KAREN G ZIMMERMAN Occupational Therapy KEVIN G ZARTMAN Business Management Haven ' t we been here before? Footsteps lead down to the note On the door That says I can ' t stay here anymore And haven ' t we felt this way before? Sure in our hearts, sure in our hearts, But afraid just the same. To say I can ' t stay one minute more You might think that it ' s hopeless. Beyond our control. Out that ' s not necessarily so. Can ' t you see there ' s a chance For the daring young soul Who ' s finally learned to say no. No, I won ' t be misused, Ignored or refused, And I won ' t give up and let go . . . . . . The future is ours And we ' ll be the ones who go on. - Styx SUSAN L ZWEIG Occupational Therapy 54 ZampeHeZweg Seniors 1987 55 ■ CHRISTINA ELIZABETH ADDOTT 3904 Sweer Air Rood Phoenix, MD 21131 Secretory Treasurer Srudenr Affiliares of rhe American Chemical Society,- Pre-healrh Professionals Club, Inrromural Volleyball, Soc- cer; Srep. " To my friends — The pasr four years hoven ' r been easy, bur I ' ve finally mode ir! I feel a wonderful Thankfulness in my hearr for you all. I love you I ' ll miss you. " SHERILYN A. ADIE 6 Marrz Road Sykesville, MD 21784 Field Hockey, Sofrball (Caprain), R.A., Educa- tion Club. " Don — Ler ' s go ro rhe Hill! Gab, Mike, Scorr, Mark Greg — I ' ll miss you guys! Marsha — We have no rapi D-Z Duds!! " GREGORY S AKERMAN 6523 Fish Harchery Road Thurmonr, MD 21788 Diology Club, Pre-healrh Professional Club. ERIC ALLEN ALBRIGHT 603 Oakwood Drive Dover, PA 17315 SAACS Pre-healrh Professional Club, Concert Dand, Jazz Dand, Swimming Team, Alpha Lambda Delra. EUGENE J. ANASTASIO, JR. 246 N. 26rh Srreer Camp Hill, PA 17011 Acer Fin Club, Sam Club, Srudenr Senate, Public Sofery Comm., Srudenr Forum, Inrro- mural Foorball Sofrball. GENIE MONTINIQUE ATKINS 7223 Hylron Srreer Sear Pleasanr, MD 20743 Occuparional Therapy Club, Circle K, Out- door Club, Black Srudenr Union, Adopr-A- Grandparenr, Volunreer Club ELAINE M, BALABAN 31 Circle Drive Camp Hill, PA 17011 Boskerball Co-captain. Inrramurals — Sofr- ball, Volleyball Soccer,- Founders Dorm Council; Marketing Club, Education Club. KAREN B BALTZ 2 Amhersr Drive Camp Hill, PA 17011 Srudenr Affiliares of rhe American Chemical Sociery, Pre-healrh Professions Club. MARY JEAN BARNES 322 Amon Terrace Linden, NJ 07036 Resident Assisranr ; Circle K, co-Presidenr ; Marketing Club; Erownian, opinion ediror; Peer Counselor, Modern Language Club; In- rramurals, Alpha Lambda Delra,- Sociery of Collegiare Journalisrs. TRACY A BAUER 2 John Paul Drive Hamilron Square, NJ 08690 Education Club, Vice-Presidenr (1985-1987) JOSEPH PAUL BECK, Jr. 637 N. Rebecca Avenue Scranron, PA 18504 Presidenr, Ober Dorm Council, Cenrral Dorm Council member, Peer Counselor, Dean ' s Lisr,- Tutor; Acctg Finance Club member,- In- tramural Foorball, Boskerball Softball, Out- door ' s Club member. KATHLEEN ANNE DEGEMAN 4819 Counrry Club View Bayrown, TX 77521 LAUREL SUANNE DELL 1531 Overhill Road West Chester, PA 19382 Marketing Club, Public Relarions Officer, SAM Club; Conesrogeon,- Schlosser Dorm Council APD. WILLIAM J.H. DENDER 460 Main Srreer Landisville, PA 17538 Cross-Counrry, ream caprain; Swimming, team captain,- Srudenr Affiliares of rhe Ameri- can Chemical Sociery. LYNN M BENTZLEY 2337 Corberr Rood Pennsauken, NJ 08109 Psi Chi (Vice-Presidenr), Psychology Club, Peer Counselor, SAP A " Thanks ro all my friends who have made my four years ar E-rown very special. " GINA MARIE BORRIELLO 260 Knoll Drive Park Ridge, NJ 07656 SONIA ALEXANDRIA BOSS 50 Leroy Place Red Bank, NJ 07701 Lirerary Magazine, Campus Forum, Copy Ediror for Republican Newspaper. JOSEPH HARTMAN BANNER IV 7225 Keysville Road Keymar, MD 21757 Campus Fellowship, Campus Forum Secre- tary for Circle K Club (1985), Spring Play (1986) CONNIE L BARBIN 1731 Longview Drive La ncasrer, PA 17601 SAM, Marketing Club " Thanks. Roberr and kids, for your support and parience during my semesters or E- rown . " BETH ANN BOYER 1307 W Norwegian Srreer Porrsville, PA 17901 Srudenr Affiliated American Chemical Soci- ery, Biology Club, Pre-healrh Club, Erownian, Conesrogan — Ediror, Concert Dond, Our- doors Club, Inrervorsiry Chrisnan Fellowship, Chaplain ' s Depuration Team — leadet, Royet Bible Study — leader. Women ' s Cross Counrry Team, Volunreer Club, Dean ' s Lisr, Srudenr Senore. " Message because we are all holding earh orher rhru o donee of joy ond love — rhonks, KB, Mich, SK ond Mom for rhe dance " ELYSE MARIE BRAXTON 8501 Hull Drive Wyndmoor, PA 19118 Black Srudenr Union — Pres.; SAM — VP ; Sr Class Trip Officer; Peer Counselor,- Homecom ing court; Turor, Srudenr Senare,- Jr. Class Treasurer,- Accounring Finance Club, Inrra mural Volleyball,- Dorm Council; APB, Wres rling Srarisrician; Summer Orienrarion Sraff, Big Sister,- Volleyball and Dance Marathons. " Thanks for all rhe memories E-rown. I love you mom and dad. Look our above, here I come! " LISA BROADBENT RD 2 Dox 52 Hockessin, DE 19707 Volleyball Caprain, SAM Treas., RA, Republi- can Club, Delphi Sociery, Inrramurals. " Ar leasr we know we ' re nor unique per- haps some rime in anorher room we ' ll meer again and speak of all rhe crazy rhings rhar make us whar we are. " ALLAN D. BROOKHART 71 Lynbrook Drive York, PA 17402 SAM, Srudenr Governmenr, APD, Dorm Council. RAYMOND J. DROSIUS 1809 Gravers Lane Wilmingron, DE 19810 Residenr Assisranr, Jr. Sr., Daseball — 1, 2, 3, Dramo — 2, A, Compurer Science Club — 1, 2, 3, 4; Inrramurals. SCOn PARKER DROWN 340 Durois Avenue Woodbury, NJ 08096 Volleyball Club, 4 yrs., Soccer (Var) 4 yrs. HEATHER ANNE DRUDAKER 18 Iroquois Road Pleosonrville, NY 10570 Campus Forum, Vice Presidenr. KATHLEEN A BUCHAN 785 Cornwallis Drive Mr, Laurel, NJ 08054 Ourdoor Club (Pres), Volleyball Matothon. Donee Mororhon, Lacrosse Club, Inrramurol Volleyball, Yearbook Phorogropher " Thanks KP, KR, KS, HB and SZ for being my friends. Thanks ro all my orher friends which would rake up roo much room You made college fun and bearable Thanks ro my pro- fessors ond rhe odminisrrarion for rheir rime and encouragemenr. " I die BENJAMIN WHITNEY BUHL Box 602 Morganrown, PA 19543 Erownian Sporrs Wrirer. phoro ediror. English Club Presidenr, Campus Forum, Lirerary Mogozme, Srudenr Senare Represenranve, Inrromural foorball, sofrball ond boskerball. " If rhere ' s a busrle in your hedgerow, don ' t be alarmed now ' Will remember many good rimes, esp, ger rogerhers in rhe Com- forr Dome with Wills, Cabbage ond Bogs among others ' ' God bless us, everyone 1 ' " • .-.™ mt ANN M. BURNETTE 48 Wall Srreer Wesr Long Branch, NJ 07764 Varsiry Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4; Varsiry Softball 1, 2, 4; Yearbook Sraff 1, 2, 3, 4, Educarion Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Volunreer Club 3, 4; Newman Club 1, 2, 3 (Sec); Campus Fellowship 1, 2, 3, 4, STEP 3. 4, Ourdoors Club 4, Inrramurals 3, 4 ; Ober Bible Srudy 3, 4, Dean ' s Lisr 1, 2. KEVIN M BYRNE 7 Leshin Lane Highrsrown, NJ 08520 Accounring Club, Phorography Club, VITA RICHARD B. CAMPBELL 3 Easr Vassar Avenue Somerdale, NJ 08083 J. BRIAN CASSEL 891 Ferry P d. Doylesrown, PA 18901 Erownian, Psych Club " College for me has been a consranr barrle for success and happiness. I ' ve found a lirrle of born. " MICHAEL L. CATHCAPJ Olanra, PA 16863 President of Psychology Club (2 yrs.); Trea- surer of Psych Club (1 yr.) ; Peer Counselor (2 yrs ) CHRISTINE MARIE CHORBA 234 Lowell Avenue Trenron, NJ 08619 Srudenr Senate, Campus Life Council; Corn- purer Science Club; Cross Country Team. LISA JEAN CIANCIULLI 422 Elmora Avenue Elizaberh, NJ 07208 Pre-healrh Professions, STEP, APB, Biology Club. SUZANNE B. CLARK RD 3 Kinderhook Road Columbia, PA 17512 Concerr Band Co-president, Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, MENC, Music Director for Campus Musical 1986, Pops Band. MARY ELLEN CLARK 85 Wesr Main Srreer Norwich, NY 13815 Varsiry Field Hockey, Ourdoor Club; Pre- healrh Club, STEP; PSMT, Inrramural Volley ball, basketball, Soccer " To all my friends " Thanks for everything. Luv, M. E. HEATHER A CONNER RD 3 Mosquito Volley Road Williamsporr, PA 17701 OT Club, Volunreer Club, Alpha Lambda Del- ta, Pi Theta Epsilon. " Jodi, Michelle, Sara — It ' s your rurn next! Monica — This is only the beginning! To my family — You made it all possible, so this one ' s for you! " SUSAN M. DAHMER 619 W. Centre Streer Woodbury, NJ 08096 WWEC, Dorm Council, Forensics Club. VIRGINIA B. DAY 1821 Hunrers Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 REBECCA A. DECKENBACK 8 Pennsylvania Avenue Jackson, NJ 08527 Morkermg Club, SAM Club, Dorm Council REBECCA E. DEERY 554 Washington Srreer Royersford, PA 19468 SAM Club, Accounring Finance Club, Alpha Lambda Delra — Treasurer, Inrramurals SUZANNE M DELUCIA 939 Huron Rood Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 Campus Forum. VALENDINO LAWRENCE DEL VISCIO 14218 Hanover Rood Reisrersrown, MD 21136 History Club. ELIZABETH ANN DEMATTIA 17608 Srafford Courr Olney, MD 20832 Morh Club (V.P ), SAM Club, Newman Club, STEP direcror, Acriviries Planning Board, Inrra- mural Volleyball. LINDA M. DEMPSEY 93 Hillcresr Road Fair Haven, NJ 07701 Circle K, Royer Dorm Council, Phona-rhon. MICHAELE DICK 847 Tioga Srreer York, PA 17404 " Thanks ro rhe special friends I ' ve found. Hail to rhe ' Hill ' " . MELODEE SUSANNE DIXON 105 Cloremonr Avenue Clarks Summir, PA 19411 Math Club, Alpha Lambda Delra, Concerr Band, Varsiry Softball Teom. ELIZABETH ANN DOUGLAS 66 Watercress Lane Elizaberhrown, PA 17022 Cross Counrry, Pre-healrh Professions Club, Alcohol Peer Educators Club (V.P.), Psychiar- nc Assisranr @ Hershey Medical Cenrer. KAREN DUFFIE 219 Cockleys Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Accounring Finance Club, Pres. 86-87; Ac counring Finance Club, Public Rel 85-86, VITA Program; Srudenr Senare; SAM; Green Gables; Peer Counselor " Hey Gable Girls — Thanks for on excellent senior year! Love ya all! — Duffer. " AMY ELIZABETH DURBOROW 800 S. 60rh Srreer Harnsburg, PA 17111 Educarion Club, Circle K, Aerobics KIM IRENE EBERLY 825 Bellefonre Avenue Kenhorsr, PA 19607 Dorm Council. " Thanks mom and dad for all your help and supporr. I love you And rhanks ro all my friends on Founders A-2 " ELIZABETH A. EDWARDS 1335 Colvin Foresr Drive Vienna, VA 22180 Newman Club, APB, Srudenr Senare, V.P. Schlosser Dorm Council 85-86, Modern Lan- guage Club. KATHLEEN J. ELAUSKY 3720 Frazier Drive End well, NY 13760 Field Hockey Teom : Morkering Club; SAM Club, Brethren Colleges Abroad — Chelten- ham, England; inrramural soccer. " Cheers! ro all rhe wonderful people I ' ve come ro know over rhe pasr four years. The besr of luck! " DAVID PAUL ELLIS 2 Fox Hollow Cr. Flemingron, NJ 08822 Alpha Lambda Delro, Marh Club — Pres , Comp Sci Club, Ourdoor Club. CHARLES ENGEL 41 Hampton Place Walkersville, MD 21793 American Chemical Sociery. ANNIE ELLEN ERD 3321 Srone Ridge Rood York, PA 17402 MARY LOU E5HLEMAN 25 Oak Hill Drive Paradise, PA 17562 Markering Managemenr Clubs. NANCY LOIS EVANS Box 95, Poplar Srreer Dallas, PA 18612 Choral Union, Chorale, Concerr Choir Accom- panisr, STEP, Jazz Band, Wesr Virginia Disas- rer Volunreer, Music Educators Ncrional Con- ference — V.P. , Commurer Bible Srudy, Vol- leyball Marathon, Vocal Trio, Musical accompanist, Pennsylvania Collegiate Music, Educarors Associarion, Concerr Band. PAUL K. EYLER, JR 903 Wedgwood Terrace Wesrminsrer, MD 21157 Ober Dorm Council — V.P., Accounring Finance Club, Srudenr Senare Represenra- rive, Circle K, Ourdoor Club, Campus Fellow ship. JENNIFER S FANELLA 140 Park Avenue Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 Inrramurals, Acriviries Planning Board, Sru- denr Senare, Founders Dorm Council — V.P , Educarion Club, Resident Assistanr. " Some people come into our lives and quid - ly go. Orhers leave foorprinrs on our he:. JOSEPH (CJ) BROWN FAUX 1801 Merose Avenue Hoverrown, PA 19083 Srudenr Senare, Ober Dorm Council, Young Republican Club — V.P., Ulrimore Frisbee Club Team Caprain. MARSHA MAY FIGUPRLI RD 1, Ridgewood Drive Cooresville, PA 19320 Dorm Council, Hisrory Club, Campus Fellow- ship, Women ' s Sofrboll, Residenr Assistant. " To Goky, Sheri, Nancy, Mike, Scorr, Greg — here ' s ro good friends — Thanks for rhe besr year C-3! B-2 Duds! " DENNIS R FISHER 1304 Hillside Drive Holrwood, PA 17532 Daseball — Caprain, Residenr Assisranr, Ac- counring Finance Club, SAM. MICHELE M FISHER 79 Dordenrown Crosswicto Rd. Crosswicks, NJ 08515 Field Hockey — 4 yrs., Chemisrry Club 86-87, Biology Club — Secrerary, 5.T.E.P. — 3 yrs ' Co-secrerary 86-87, Inrramurals, Orchestra — 4 yrs., Marh Club 83-84 DENEEN L. FOCHT 309 Fisher Road Reading, PA 19601 Psi-Chi — Pres., Srudenr Senare, Psychology Club, Orchestra College Scholar. JEAN LYNN FORD 618 E Queen Srreer Annville, PA 17003 Occuparionol Therapy Club, Inrramurals. . DALE ALLEN FORSHEY 401 Norrh Marker Srreer Morrinsburg, PA 16662 Drerhren Srudenr Fellowship, Computer Sci- ence Club — Treasurer, Concert Choir — Pres., Drinser Dorm Council JANE DOROTHY FRUGGIERO 118 Peoch Road Arco, NJ 08004 Elementary Educarion Club " Thanks ro my great friends who helped me get through my last yeor. Thanks ro you too Mike, I love you forever! " MARCIE ANNE FRUSHER Roue 5, Box 281 Hogersrown, MD 21740 Founders Dorm Council 83 84, Schlosser Dorm Council 84 85 fPres. 84, V.P. 86,) Eng- lish Club 83, Writing Consultant 86, Intern- ships 86, Phi Thero Kappa member JAMES T. FURNIER 1823 Larchmonr Lone Lancosrer, PA 17601 ALICE MAUREEN GABLE RD 4 Tunkhannock, PA 18657 Educarion Club, Yearbook TRINA L GEISER 3936 Harrisville Rood Mr. Airy, MD 21771 Womens Boskerboll; Math Club; Intramural Volleyball, Soccer and Softball. JACOB GERHARD RD 2 Box 290 Londenberg, PA 19350 HOPE L. GE5ELL 12908 Blackwarer Place Clinton, MD 20735 Presidenr of Commurer Council. " Thanks Mom, Larry and Jimmy for your love and encouragement while attending E- rown. " ERNEST D. GIBBLE 22 Wyomissing Hills Blvd. Wesr Lawn, PA 19609 Intramural Foorball, Softball, Soccer; Ultimate Frisbee Club, Phi Alpha Thero,- Varsity Wres- tling, 2 yrs. DIANE ELIZABETH GINGRICH 301 Charles Avenue Selinsgrove, PA 17870 Srudenr Affiliates American Chemical Sociery — Presidenr, Delphi Sociery, Intramural Vol- leyball " To my family, friends and Professors; Every once in a while I feel rhe urge ro rhank you . . nor for any particular reason, bur for everything ... — Hillsrrom " HEATHER LYNN GOURLIE 8 Oak Hill Circle Malvern, PA 19355 Station Manager, WWEC; Presidenr, Junior Class; Co-Director, Freshman Onenrorion ; Depr. Chairman ' s Advisory Committee. " I will miss you all, Good Luck! " CHARLES GEORGE GROHOTOLSKI 301 Pnncron Avenue Palmerron. PA 18071 Tech Team. KRISTIN E. GU5KY 116 Honey Hill Rood Waterrown, CT 06795 Student Senare President, Delphi Society Pres., Computer Science Club Vice Presidenr, Alpha Lombda Delta Vice Presidenr, KEITH HALL 225-02 114th Avenue Cambria Heights, NY 11411 Resident Assistant, SAM Club Treasurer. APD, Dorm Council Presidenr — Vice Presidenr. Dlack Student Union. ERIC HANSEN 25 Coddington Terrace Livingsron, NJ 07039 Psych. Club, Peer Counselor, Senior Class Pres , Ober Dorm Council Presidenr, Intramu- ral Sporrs. " To my family rhank you for putting up wirh me, it could not have been easy To good friends all is undersrood. So little to see and so much time to see it in, no wait, strike rhar, reverse ir. — W Wonka Ir ' s nice here wirh a view of rhe rrees ... — Peter Gabriel " STEVEN HANZELMAN 826 Dellwood Srreer Bethlehem, PA 18018 SAM Club; Computer Science Club; Intramu- ral Basketball, Soccer, Volley boll. " Later, 2-Norrh — The Pearl has finally fin- ished! Thank you muchly Sreph and Crew. " HALLIE ANN HAROLD RD 2 Box 41 Thomasville, PA 17364 Student Senate, Treasurer, SAM, Pres. and Sec , Delphi Sociery, Sec , Academic Council; Alpha Delta Lambda, Freshmen Class Sec, Cheerleaders. CAROL D HARTMAN 158 Georgetown Road Litrlestown, PA 17340 Alpha Lambda Delro, National Honor Sociery for Social Workers, Social Work Club. CHARLES JAMES FRYE 3791 Down Mar Street Harrisburg, PA 17111 Biology Club. Pre-healrh Professions Club JOHN E HAMILTON III 79 Duncan L ane Springfield, PA 19064 Presidenr of Freshmen Class, Sophomore Closs, Junior Class. Inrramurals DEBORAH K. HAULMAN 2274 South Marker Srreer Elizaberhtown, PA 17022 STEVEN G. HAVIGHURST 4422 Parkland Drive Allenrown, PA 18104 DCA — Marburg, Wesr Germony ; SAM Club; Intramural sporrs. TIMOTHY BRYAN HECK 102 Anne Avenue Londisville, PA 17538 Accounring Finance Club JEFF HEINZE 10 Lance Drive Clark, NJ 07066 Tennis Team Caprain; SAM Club; Inrramural V-boll, Foorball, Basketball. Softball KAREN L HERR 10 Cedar Lane Mount ville, PA 17554 TIMOTHY J HESSERT 1253 Charlesron Rood Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 I ABC, V P , Doord of Directors of WWEC (News Sports Editor), Disc Jockey. Inrromurol Foorball. Boskerboll. Sofrboll, We Club, Ober Dorm Council " I ' ll always hove greor memories of rhe BAD GUYS and the MUSEUM ' " W ' » ;• - DOROTHY JEAN MIGHT 306 Lincoln Avenue Poinr Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 Concerr Band, Jazz Band, Computer Science Club, Morn Club. " Anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. Thanhs for everything mom, dad and Kris. " PAUL HOCKENBURY 2720 Hamilton Drive End well, NY 13760 Outdoor Club, Intramural Volleyball, Concerr Choir. ANNE LOUISE HOLLINGER 1518 Fearherwood Street Silver Spring, MD 20904 Social Work, Volleyball Inrramurals, Soccer Inrramurals. GWEN MARGARET HOLAASTROM P.O. Box 36 Easr Main Street Clymer, NY 14724 OT Club — COE rep 1 yr., Jr Co-chair, Sr Co- Chair; IVCF — Sec. 1 yr., Treas. 1 yr., Volun- teer Club — Sec, Trees 2 yrs., Delphi Soci- ety, Phi Theta Epsilon Honor Society,- Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society; College Schol- ar, Dean ' s List. " A bid thanks to my family, friends, profs and Sam for all the experiences we ' ve shared and the support you ' ve given — YOU ' RE GREAT! " ERIC DAVID HOMMAS 1140 Marie Avenue Ephraro, PA 17522 KENDAL E. HULLIHEN 809 Union Street Lancaster, PA 17603 Sock-n-Buskin 1984-87; Alpha Psi Omega 1986-87; DCAC 1985-86; IABC 1986-87, Erow- nion 1984-85; WWEC 1984, 1986. PAULA INGRAHAM 327 Quittapahilla Drive Cleona, PA 17042 Marketing Club, SAM Club. ROBERT S. JONES 256 Lorraine Avenue Berkely Heights, NJ 07928 Management Club, Marketing Club, Inrra- murals, Ober Dorm Council. AMY L. KARAFFA 481 Braddock Drive N. Huntingdon, PA 15642 Occupational Therapy Club; Pre-Healrh Pro fessions Club — V.P., Outdoor Club, Circle K ; APB, special evenrs committee; Cooperative House Leader. " When you smile at the world the world smiles back ... so keep smilin ' . Thanl-s to my friends and family who have made my col- lege years very special " KATHLEEN E. KEALY 121 Brannon Road Aberdeen, MD 21001 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Erownian, WWEC, Intramurals. KYLE ANDREA KESSLER 247 Wesr Colonial Srreer Philadelphia, PA 19126 WWEC, Forensics, CDAC, Inrramurals. DAWN ELIZABETH KINNEY Route 1, Box 917 Ketchikan, AL 99901 Alpha Mu — V.P , MENC, Volunteer Club, STEP (accompanist). SHARON L KIPP 5 Chesterfield-Georgetown Road Trenton, NJ 08620 DT Club, Pre Health Professions Club — Trea- surer. KAREN L. KLINGMAN 223 Carriage Drive South Windsor, CT 06074 CYNTHIA LEE KLUGE 6 Wood Place Cranford, NJ 07016 Education Club, Editor of Underclassmen sec- tion of yearbook, APB, Student membet of PSEA. " Mom, Dad and family — Thanks for mak- ing my dream come true. You ' re the great- est 1 I Love You. I plan to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher. Student teaching at Cornwall was super — Thanks for everything. " CAROLYN KOENIG 41 W. Dartmouth Circle Medio, PA 19063 IVCF, APB JOSEPH H KORB, JR. 113 S Chestnut Street Fleetwood, PA 19522 Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha, Stu- dent Manager — Dining Hall, Technical Assis- tant — Campus Theater ANDREW D KROECK 46 Rolling Lane Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 Accounting Finance Club; Treasurer and Charter member of Strategic Armageddon, Outdoor Club; Warer and Snow Skiing, Bicy- cling, Fishing, Crabbing, Swimming.- Talking with friends, movies, cars. CHRISTINA M. KWAPINSKI 273 Schooner Rood Manahawkin, NJ 08050 Accounting Finance Club, Intramural Soccer. " I will remember all the good memories of E town and especially by good friends. " JANET I LAMBORN RD 1 Box 282 Reading, PA 19607 Treasurer of Royer Dorm Council, V.P. of Circle K, Central Dorm Council, Accounting Finance Club. SAM Club, Volunteer Club, Reli- gious Groups, Political Clubs. " May Peace Be with You Always! " KATHLEEN ANNE LARDEAR 22 Austin Rood Wilmington, DE 19810 Newman Club — Treasurer; Circle K — V.P , Co-Pres.; OT Club, Delphi Sociery; Dean ' s List; College Scholar; RA — Residence Life Staff; Alpha Lambda Delta. " Thanks to all those who made my 4 years here such a fun and worrhwhile experience. I ' ll never forger the dear friends I ' ve made. " TODD LATSHAW 805 N. Maple Srreer Ephrara, PA 17522 Intramural Basketball, Football. CHRISTINE LAWSON 1707 Evergreen Road Horrisburg, PA 17109 Sociery for the Advancement of Manage- ment (SAM). MARO LEBOWITZ 66 Old Enterprise Road Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 Srudenr Senate; OT Club; Honor Code Com- mittee; American Student Committee of the OT Association, Rep , Academic Council. DANIELLE LETTIERE 884 Estates Blvd. Trenton, NJ 08690 Newman Club, Sec, V.P. and Pres., OT Club, Class Rep.; Volunreer Club. JEFFREY RYAN LLOYD 46 W. Highland Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19118 KEVIN THOMAS MACKENZIE 921 Forbes Srreer Turnersville, NJ 08012 Varsiry Soccer — Captain 1986; Intramural soccer, sofrball, basketball, volleyball; Bowl- ing Alley attendant. SEAN THOMAS MACKENZIE 921 Forbes Srreer Ternersville, NJ 08012 Varsiry Soccer, Intramural Baskerball, volley- ball, soccer, sofrball; Residenr Assisranr, COOP — group leader. LEE A. MANHART RD 1 Box 225 B Greenrown, PA 18426 Biology Club SAMUEL BUTLER MANN 3 Daniel Lane Kinnelon, NJ 07405 Baseball 1983-84; Erhiopian Relief Commit- tee 1984-85; Campus Forum 1986-87, Trea- surer — College Democrors 1985-86; Chair- man — College Democrats 1966-87. DANA M MARIN 30 Woodland Drive Srafford Springs, CT 06076 Accounting Finance Club, Marketing Club, Education Club — Constitution com.. Sofrball, Residence Life Staff, Yearbook. KATIE LIMARTIN 26 Larson Drive Norrh Haven, CT 06743 English Club. Alcohol Awareness, Senate. TODD MARTIN RD 2 Box 424A Palmyra, PA 17078 SAM Club, Baseball, Wrestling (Capr.), Inrra- murols. KEITH C. MARVEL 12 Chelfield Road Glenside, PA 19038 Accounring Finance Club, SAM Club. KEVIN WILSON MARVEL 12 Chelfield Road Glenside, PA 19038 Presidenr of Markering Club, SAM Club, Ad- vocares for Peace, Inrramurals. JAY ALAN MASTERS 204 Emmerr Srreer Scranron, PA 18505 APB — Dance Commirree Chairman; Ober Dorm Council; Residenr Assisranr, Dance Marathon GINA MARIA MASTRO 4 Greene Drive RD 6 Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 MENC — Pres. ; Alpha Mu : Concerr Band So- cial Direcror, Jazz Band; Choral Union, Marrial Arrs Club; Trio ; Pops Bond, Photography Club, APB — Dance Commirree, Special Events Commirree,- STEP, A Funny Thing Hap- pened On rhe Way ro The Forum ; Dorm Council. CHUCK MCDANOLDS P.O. Box 3 Srill Pond, MD 21667 RA, Outdoors Club, SAM, Dorm Council, Swimming Team (Capr ), Inrramural Softball Foorball. JULIE MCDERMOTT 5 Perkins Avenue Wilmington, DE 19809 PR officer for rhe Markering Club, Cheerlead- ing. " A special rhanks ro my closest friends for making rhese years enjoyable " LAURA JAYNE MCEACHERN Box 395 Upper Valley Rood Christiana, PA 17509 Pre Health Professions, Biology Club. LAURA MCGOVERN 120 Woodside Avenue Narberrh, PA 19072 STEP, Field Hockey, Intramurals, Social Work Sociology Club, APB, Peer Counselor. GLEN M. MELOS 14 Florence Marlron, NJ 08053 Society for Advancement of Management Markering Club. PERRY DAVID MERLO RD 2 Box 117 Palmyra, PA 17078 Srudenr Senare, Polincal Science Club Dorm Council " Future plans include law school Good Luck to Fegmo, Sel, Rou, Weisser and all rhe orher Mung Dogs on 3N. " MICHAEL S MESSINA 1350 Country Club Drive Lancaster, PA 17601 SAM, Volleyball, Intramurals. LISA MESSNER 716 Ronker Road Lancaster, PA 17603 Accounring Finance Club, SAM Club, Mar- kering Club, Inrramurals. THOMAS H. MIGUT 1601 East Srreer Pt. Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 ERIC V. MILLER 816 Catalino Blvd. End well, NY 13760 Pres — Founders Dorm Council, Pres — Computer Science Club, Pres. — Data Pro- cessing Management Association, Student Charrer, Pres. — Cenrrol Dorm Council, V P. — Acriviries Planning Board, Oursronding Srudenr Award. " It ' s been a fantastic four years ' " KIMBERLY A. MILLER 215 Walnur Srreer Carlisle, PA 17013 APB, STEP, Residenr Assistanr, Erownian Lay our Staff, Ethiopian Action Team, SAM Club, Markering Club fAMA Concerr Choir. TRACY ANN MONTAGUE RD 5 Box 108 Dillsburg, PA 17019 KATY J MORRIS Lower Srare Road RD 1 Wales, PA 19454 Copy Promotions Club, Forensics Club, In- tramural volleyball sofrball. Associate of Scien ce Degree (Medical Secrerarial Sci- ence). RUSSELL W MURRAY 6 Circle Drive Hopewell Juncrion, NY 12533 Disc Jockey, Basemenr Member, Lead Elec trie Guiransr DAVID MUSELL 112 Roger Avenue Wesrfield, NJ 07090 SAM Club, Accounring Finance Club LORI K MYERS 120 Cherry Lane Dublin, PA 18917 SAACS, Srudenr Senare, STEP WILLIAM V. NEWILL 312 College Avenue Elizaberhtown, PA 17022 ELLEN LOUISE O ' CONNELL Pork Courr Porrsrown, PA 19464 Marh Club, Ourdoor Club. LYNN MARIE O ' FARRELL 45 Courrland Street Pawcatuck, CT 06379 Markering Club, Volunreet Club, Big Brorh- er Big Sisrer Day. JOHN VANCE PARKS 208 Niblick Srreer Point Pleasant Beach, NJ 08742 Society for the Advancement of Manage ment, Forensic Club; Radio Announcer, Mov- ing Images Video Club, Yearbook, Varsity Soccer; Intramural Foorball, Basketball, Soc- cer, Softball; Strengrh and Firness Club. CAROL ANNE PAGANO 1381 Edcris Road Yorkrown Heights, NY 10598 OT Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Theta Epsilon, College Scholar. ERIC D PATRICK 21312 Yale Avenue Camp Hill, PA 17011 Tennis Team KRISTIE K PATTEN 808 Broadcasring Road Wyomissing, PA 19610 Head Residenr — RA, Delphi Society, Dean ' s List, College Scholar, OT Club, Student Senate Rep , Cross Counrry. KIMBERLEE PATTON 139 West Centennial Medford, NJ 08055 APB, Ourdoor Club, Yearbook evenrs, Volunteer Club. special ANGELA JO NAGLE 1026 Lindbergh Avenue Feosrerville, PA 19047 i A 9 C « C s°A7 rin , 9 I inQnCe ° Ub Teom Le °der 1985 -87. Srudenr Senare - Schlosser Dorm Represenranve. JOY MARIE NAVE 1020 Woodland Avenue Nornsrown, PA 19402 Pre Heolrh Professions Club (Pres ). Student Affiliares of rhe American Chemical Sooery, Founders Dorm Council Rep , Inrramural Vol leyball, Boskerboll, Soccer, AP0 SUSANNE C. PAULUS 2236 Jennings Srreer Berhlehem, PA 18017 Markering Club, Band, Orchestra, APB GENE PENXA 6415 Brinron Lane Balrimore. MD 21051 Wresrling ream JOY FA YE PEPMEIER 3610 Kings Poinr Road Randallsrown, MD 21133 OT Club, Inrervarsiry Chrisrion Fellowship, Peer Counselor MONICA A PETRICK 3104 McClellon Drive Greensburg, PA 15601 Newman Club. Student Manager, OT Club, Peer Counselor " Heath — can ' t you wait til we ' re sixty " ? ' CINDY L. PICHELMAN 1729 Corhlyn Lane Royersford, PA 19468 SAM, Srudenr Senare, Resident Assisranr, STEP, Dorm Council, Culrural Evenrs Commir- ree, DC A — srudy abroad in England, Year- book Photographer. " Thanks mom and dad for making ir all possi- ble — and so meaningful! " JACQUELINE G. PIRET i 60 Norringham Drive I Warchung, NJ 07060 ' Junior Class Secretary, intramural Volleyball, Forensics Debare Club, WWEC D.J., Inrerno- ; rional Association of Dusiness Communica- | rions. STEVE POLONU5 ' 28 Covered Dridge Rood Neshanic Station, NJ 08850 ' Ober Resident Assistant, Inter Varsity Chris- ; tian Fellowship Pres., Sec, Varsity Basketball, Inrramurals. | MICHAEL DAVID PRATZNER ; 552 Vernon Road Springfield, PA 19064 Head of Smurf Home, Museum Wrecker. DAVID PROUT 2514 Chrismar Way Eosr Petersburg, PA 17520 Accounting Finance Club, Society for the Advancement of Mgmr. KRISTEN MARIE REESE 124 Highland Road Hershey, PA 17033 Radio Station Copy Promotions Director, Dorm Council Pres. — Junior year, Home- coming Court, Talk of the Towns Television Show — reporter; DJ of WWEC 640AM (campus radio). KRISTEN REHRIG 29 Rirrenhouse Blvd. Norristown, PA 19403 APB, Education Club, Volunteer Club. " Yesterday is but tod ay ' s memory, and to- morrow is today ' s dream. Let today em- brace the past with remembrance and the future with longing " KIM LOUISE REIGEL 502 Cypress Street Lehighton, PA 18235 V.P — Biology Club; Co-Editor of Special Events Staff (yearbook); Intramural Volley- ball; Chemistry Club; Pre-Healrh Professionals Club; Outdoor Club, Srudenr Assistant. " I ' d like to wish everyone the best of luck! " JOANNE E. REINER 6320 Carpenter Srreer East Petersburg, PA 17520 OT Club, Volunteer Club — President, Phi Theto Epsilon, Dean ' s List. CAROLYN REUTER 253 Millwood Road Chappaqua, NY 10514 Psychology Club — V.P. ; SAPA Club — Trea surer; Yearbook — section editor, Resident Assistant 1985-87; Intramural arhlerics — Captain. " Precious words seldom spoken — Goat, Doc, Neil, Jennifer, Allie, and my other friends who have shared my life — I love you! " MELINDA A RIDER 2350 Rider Lane Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Delphi Society — V.P., Communications Alumni Board — Secretary, Peer Counselor; Alpha Lambda Delra, Society of Collegiate Journalists, WWEC " To the friends, professors and staff mem- bers who hove touched my life so strongly — and you know who you are — thank you 1 I leave E-rown with many special memories of special rimes and special peo- ple from a very special place. " ANGELA SHERYL RIGGLEMAN 803 South Market Street Elizaberhtown, PA 17022 Circle K, Circle K secretary, Distinguished sec- retary; Campus Fellowship SHIRLEY RIGGLEMAN 803 South Marker Srreer Elizaberhtown, PA 17022 MARK E. RINEMAN 1011 Areba Avenue Hershey, PA 17033 SAM — Jr , Dorm Council — Jr., Baseball — Soph. RUTH L RIPLEY 2960 Forresr Lane York, PA 17402 AOTA, POTA, Evelyn Poe Award. JANET K. ROBBINS 71 Oak Lane Lancasrer, PA 17603 DAVID BRIAN ROBINSON RD 2 Box 185 Ephrara, PA 17522 Resident Assistant; Peer Counselor; Account- ing Finance Club; SAM Club, Alpha Lambda Delta; Sec. Treas.; Delphi Society, Inrramur als. TODD WARREN RODEBOUGH 14 Woodlyn Avenue Willow Grove, PA 19090 Computer Science Club, Math Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. DAVID J ROTHERMEL 35 W. Pine Streer Palmyra, PA 17078 SAM Club, Compurer Science Club, Phorogra phy Club. JUDITH ANN ROSSI 230 Lawnron Road Willow Grove, PA 19090 Royer Dorm Council — Pres., Volunreer Club, Educarion Club, Central Dorm Council, Big Brother Big Sister. KIM A RUBIN 1520 Lakewood Rood Manasquan, NJ 08736 Alpha Mu, MENC, Treasurer Alpha Mu LESA RUDNICKI 1012 E 16rh Srreer Benvick, PA 18603 Marketing Club. KIMBERLY A. RYAN 10 Gunning Lane Downingrown, PA 19335 Accounting Finance Club — Publicity Offi- cer, Intramural Volleyball ond Softball, APB. PATRICIA M SALIMENA 140 Roberrs Drive Somerdale, NJ 08083 OT Club, Volunreer Club, Phi Thera Epsilon. Inrramurals, Deans Lisr. " A special rhanks ro my family, friends, and all my college professors who made my 4 years at E-town one of rhe best rimes of my life " DEBORAH SANDFORD 1609 Myrrle Avenue Manasquan, NJ 08736 OT Club, Srudenr Senare, APB, Dorm Council, Volunreer Work. JOYCE LYNN 5ANGREY 50 N. Kings Hwy. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 RA 198586, HR, Royer, 1986-87, IABC EC Pres., 1986-87; Depr Chairman ' s Advisor Commirree, 1984-87; Dept. Chairman ' s Assis- ranr, 1985-87, STEP, 1984 ond 1985; The Erownian and Sock and Buskin 1983-87, " Whar is a friend? I ' ll tell you. Ir is a person wirh whom you dare ro be yourself — Em- erson. For all rhe friendships I ' ve been gifted with, and ro oil my friends — thanks! " CATHY L. SAUNDERS 441 Niagara Drive N. Hunringdon, PA 15642 Biology Club — Pres., Pre-Healrh Professions Club — Secrerary, American Chemical Soti- ery, Alpha Lambda Delra, Delphi Society, STEP. " Goals and aspirorions may come and go. Bur dreams will always endure. " ANN MARIE SCESA 36 Brook Drive Millrown. NJ 08850 DPMA student member. Dorm Council Floor Rep., Volleyball inrramurals, Compurer Sci- ence Club. " Thanks ro all rhe special friends I ' ve made ar E-rown. I leave here wirh memories of greor rimes — ' Annies ' , I ' ll miss you LH, U, BR — Good Luck nexr year! Love Ya! " CHRISTIAN F SCHLUNK 31 Ebbride Lane Dix Hills, NY 11746 Chairman — Dance Mararhon,- APD Dance Commirree; Compurer Science Club, Concerr Band, Jazz Band BRIAN R. SCHOENBERGER 500 E. Park Srreer Elizaberhrown, PA 17022 Compurer Club. KRISTIN M. SCHOENHERR 00 Hawk Circle New Brirain, PA 18901 Educarion Club Presidenr 1985-86. " Mom and Dad, I love you! Mark, rhank you for your love and support! Kim, rhanks for rhe room and grear rimes. To rhe old gang on A-2, keep laughing! " JAME5 SCHOLES 212 E. High Srreer Lebanon, PA 17042 SAM, Inrramurals DOROTHY J. SCHUDA 7294 Cedar Avenue Pennsauken, NJ 08109 APB (Publiciry), Modern Language Club Dorm Council (Treasurer), Educarion Club. ' JOHN G SCHWALM Box 205, 920 W. Mam Srreer Valley View, PA 17980 Srudenr Senare (Ober Dorm Rep), Ober Dorm Council, Srudenr Forum,- Marketing Club; Inrramural Volleyball, Baskerball Sofr- ball. ROBIN ELAINE SHARRER RD 4, Box 096 Coopersburg, PA 18006 SAM Club, Dorm Council, Compurer Science Club. " Ir ' s been four years? already??!! Thank you, Mom and Dad for all of your supporr And rhanks, Salh, Chris, Jean, and Karhy for your friendship! Remember rhe grear rimes and long rolks we ' ve had. I will. " LAUREN SHERRY 33 Long Hill Road Clinron, CT 06413 Class of ' 87 V.P, - Sophomore year, Trea surer — Senior year, srudenr senare, Judiaol Boord — sophomore year, Occupononal Therapy Club LISA M SCHEETZ 125 Woodland Drive Parkesburg, PA 19365 SAM Club, Markering Club. " A special rhonte ro Mom, Dad, ond Grand- mom for giving me rhe opporruniry ro or rend E-rown. Dan — rhanks for all rhe sup- porr, I ' m almosr ourro here! Also — Tarn, Kris ond Linda . Jusr go home. " MICHAEL JOSEPH SHOGI 7217 Shearwarer Place Philadelphia, PA 19153 Campus Forum (Presidenr), Campus Fellow- ship; English and Wriring ruror ; Senior Class Secrerary, College Scholar 1986-87; Black Sru- denr Union, Admissions Office Technical Wrir- er, Fullbnghr Candidare. " Thanks ro all my friends and my family, especially mom. I love you all very much. Remember Romans 7:22-25 and John 3-16- 17. " BONNIE J. SHRADER 27 Wesr High Srreer Elizaberhrown, PA 17022 Erownion Fearures Wrirer — 4 yrs.. Founders Dorm Council; Campus Forum,- English Fo- rum, English Club; APB. ERIC SILER 90 Bayview Avenue Jersey dry, NJ 07305 Senior Class Vice-Presidenr ; Srudenr Senare; Dance Commirree, Concerr Band, " Talk of rhe Towns " — Producer, Campus Fellow- ship, WWEC, Circle K, Inrramurals. CHRISTIN SMITH Box 640 Lackawack Hill Rood Napanoch, NY 12458 Forensics, Erownian, WWEC, Inrramurals. ERIN SMITH 17504 Tinberleigh Way Woodbine, MD 21797 SAM Club, Inrramural Volleyball, Baskerball, Sofrball,- Exrern Program, APB. " I will always remember my 4 years or Eliza- berhrown rhanks ro rhe grear friends ond profs. " STACEY K SMITH 6 Hagemounr Avenue Highrsrown, NJ 08520 Cross counrry, Orchesrra, Inrramural Volley ball and Soccer. JOHN N, SNADER 820 High Sr. Akron, PA 17501 Srudenr Senare (Presidenr, Vice-Presidenr, Secrerary), College Treasurer, Seargr Com- mirree Srudenr Assisranr ro Dean of rhe Col- lege, Chorale, Concerr Band, College Depu rarion Team, Co Direcror of Freshman Orien- ration Program, Assisranr ro rhe Direcror of Summer Conferences, Parricipanr 24rh Air Force Academy Assembly. " Never for rhe sake of Peace and quier sacri- fice your convicnons and beliefs " — Dag Hamersold HOLLY SNYDER 477 Summir Drive Red Lion, PA 17356 Markering Club, SAM Club, Inrramurals MICHAEL G SNYDER Box 39 Aquashicolo, PA 18012 Psych Club, Inrramurals JAMES P STABILE 626 Easr Main Srreer Bridgewarer, NJ 08807 Markering Club Treasurer. THOMAS H. STEYAERT 7 Wedgewood Drive Porrsrown, PA 19464 Campus Forum newslerrer ediror. TERESA M. STICKLE 1111 Seashore Road Cape May, NJ 08204 Psych. Club, Compurer Science Club, SAM Club, Inrramurals. JESSICA STON E 105 Wanragh Avenue Levirrown, NY 11756 SAM, Campus Forum. JOAN M. STORM RD 3 Box 192 Columbia, PA 17512 Newman Club, Marh Club, Compurer Sci- ence Club, Women ' s Varsiry Swimming. KATHERINE E STORM RD 5, Box 69 Lehighron, PA 18235 Psi Chi — Treasurer, Psych Club, Conesrogan — co-ediror on Clubs, Special Evenrs Srudenr Assisranr, Ourdoor Club, Biology Club, Pre- heolrh Professionals Club. ELIZABETH ANN STRANG 1353 Vallee Drive Woodbury, NJ 08096 APB, Educarion Club, Yearbook Sraff (sporrs co-ediror). TINA LOUISE STRICKER Box 57 — RD 1 Robesonia, PA 19551 Concerr Choir, Circle K, Volunreer Club — Pres. , OT Club — Class Rep. . Campus Fellow- ship, Ourdoor Club JANET L STREETT 1 Tudor Lane Bel Air, MD 21014 Yearbook, Radio TV-Club, Forensics. AMY STUDENMUND 127 Apel Avenue Oreland, PA 19075 OT Club. Pre-Heolrh profession Club, Inrrc ral Volleyball. LISA A SULLIVAN 352 Blaclttmirh Rood Comp Hill, PA 17011 Inrramurals, Acer Finance Club CAROL SUTCLIFFE 24 Taylor Drive Porrland, CT 06480 OT Club, Ourdoor Club, Volleyball Inrramur- als, Volunreer Club, STEP FELICIA ANNE SWEENEY 14 Wendover Rood Yardley, PA 19067 Tolk of rhe Towns — producer, moving im oges TV Club m ■ ' 5TEVEN P. SWOPE RD 1 Box 154 Marietta, PA 17547 Basketball 1983 87. MICHELE S SZYMKOWIAK 1914 Arrjir Streer Philadelphia, PA 19152 Schlosser Dorm Council (Pres.); Peer Counsel- or (Assistant to Director); Education Club; In- rramurals; Student Manager — Myer Dining Hall; Central Dorm Council. " Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your love and support ILU! Hey Joano! What ' s up? You ' re the besr! Remember " Variety and Sponta- neity are the spice of Life! " STEPHANIE LYNN THOMAS 9 Van Dyck Drive Wilmmgron, DE 19809 Marketing Club Secretary, SAM Club, Intra- mural Volleyball " Hello buddies! Thanks for a great four years and many lasting memories! " TRACEY E. THOMAS 28 Pear Tree Lane Dallas, PA 18612 Womans Tennis Team — Capr. Jr.-Sr. year; Education Club — Jr.-Sr. year FRANK M. TITTIGER 3731 Chambers Hill Road Harrisburg, PA 17111 WENDY A TOWNSEND 34 Bilrmore Drive Rochester, NY 14617 OT Club, Orchestra DOUGLAS JOHN TRAVOR 63 Serene Drive Holland, PA 18966 Pre-Healrh Professions Club; Chemistry Club, Biology Club; ACS Member; Inrervarsiry Campus Fellowship (Exec, committee); Bible Study Leader, Resident Assistant, SELENA M UPDEGRAFF P.O. Box 308 Bainbridge, PA 17502 Pi Sigma Alpha,- Society for the Advance- ment of Political Awareness. LEE ANN VANHOUTEN P O Box 497 Williamsrown. NJ 08094 Women ' s Varsity Tennis 1984 87 (Copt. 1987), Biology Club 1983-87, Student Affiliates American Chemical Society 198487; Pre- Healrh Professions Club 1985 87 ; Oursranding Student 1986; Who ' s Who Ametican Univer- sities and Colleges 1986 AIMEE S. VANISKO 5026 Durham Road West Columbia, MD 21044 Cross country 1, 2, 4; Student Senate 3, 4, OT Club 1, 2, 3 (.Fundraising chairperson); Cam- pus Fellowship 3, 4, Dean ' s List 1, 2 CYNTHIA MARIE VANN 2026 Park Beach Drive Aberdeen, MD 21001 SAM Club, Acer Finance Club, Dorm Council, Intramural Soccer, JOEL ALAN WAITE HCR 75, Box 365 Fr. Lirrleron, PA 17223 SAPA (President 198587, Treasurer 1984 85); Student Senate,- Delphi Society; Alpha Lambda Delta; Pi Sigma Alpha. SUSAN M WARNITSKY 426 Pemburn Drive Fairfield, CT 06430 Dorm Rep.; APB; Secretary of Dorm Council; Marketing Club; SAM Club officer — PR. SUZANN E. WARD 804 Mallard Rd. Feasrerville, PA 19047 International Associarion of Business Commu- nicators; Student Senate; President of Myer Dorm Council; Central Dorm Council; Music Educators National Conference; WWEC; Talk of the Towns, Concert Choit; Concetr Band,- Chorale, Sftength and Fitness Club; Campus Fellowship. NATHAN WEBBER 306 North 5rh Street Denver, PA 17517 R A. — Sophomore year; Varsity Basketball — 3 yr. Captain; SAM Club; Brethren Re- sponse Worker. JODI K. WEIGEL 619 S. Marker Sr Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Orchestra, Social Work Club, STEP, Alpha Del- ta Mu, Stting Quintet, Alcohol Peer Educators Club — President, Cross Country, Peer Coun- selor. TORY J. WEINHOLD 24 North 31sr Srreer Harrisburg, PA 17111 Field Hockey, Softball, Computet Science Club, Math Club, Intramural Volleyball and Basketball. " To mom and dad — thanks for your sup- port. To Laura — rhanks for being there you are special! To Schlosser 2-Wesr — it was a grear 4 yrs. Miss you all, Tory " ALLISON LYN WEISS 26 Wesrwood Rd. Trumbull, CT 06611 Compurer Science Club, Srudenr Senate, In- rer Collegiate Softball, Women ' s Soccer Club — Captain, Inrramurals — Volleyball and Soccer " This has only been one phase in many ro come during this lifetime. I am pleased ro have hod the honor ro meer and spend rime wirh my friends, classmares and professors. All of whom in some way have touched my life in an everlasting way. Thanks and good luck to the future. To my awesome friends, Thanks for rhe memories G your supporr Love ya 1 " JOYCE CAROL WENDLING 3020 Columbia Drive Endwell, NY 13760 APB, Educanon Club. " All rhe crazy rhings I ' ve gone rhrough or E rown made me believe rhere ' s gor re be a reason for everything! Cheers! " LAURA ELIZABETH WEST 207 5 Princeton Avenue Wenonah, NJ 08090 Ourdoor Club, Educanon Club. " Kendra, Tracey Karhy — Thanks for a super senior year! Tory, you ' ve been a grear roomare and friend! Love you lors — Laura. Thanks mom and dad. " PAMELA WHITTLE 106 Lynwood Drive Palmyra, PA 17078 Compurer Science Club, Intramural Sports. BONNIE S WIEDER 335 Willow Drive Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Marketing Club, Cheerleading. " Thanks mom and all my special friends who made rhese last four years so memorable. Chrisropher — I love ya! " CYNTHIA E WILEY 3043 Woodside Avenue Baltimore, MD 21234 Marketing Club, SAM Club, Intramurals, Dorm Council. NANCY LOUISE WISSLER Walnur Drive Brownsrown, PA 17508 Sociery for Advancemenr of Managemenr. s. scon WITMER 190 Mayrown Road Elizaberhrown, PA 17022 Baseball 4 yrs. LYNN B. WOLF 16 Redsrone Ridge Voorhees, NJ 08043 Circle K (Treasurer — Jr yr.); Alpha Psi Ome- ga (President — Sr. yr.); Outdoor Club, Sod Buskin, Dance Marathon Organizational Commirree, SAM Club (Freshmen year). SALLY WOLF 38 Hickson Drive New Providence, NJ 07974 SAM, Compurer Science Club, Intramural vol- leyball, Turor of Q.T and Calculus.- Ourdoor Club. W CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT 1016 Wesrwood Drive Springfield, PA 19064 Ourdoor Club, Ober Dorm Council, Bio Club, Math Club, Weightlifting Club, Photography Club, Intramural football and softball. STEPHEN A YINGER 6498 Poling Lone Frederick, MD 21701 Ski Club, Ourdoor Club, SAM, Marketing Oub, Ober Dorm Council. 1 I JAN MARIE ZACCANINI 319 Cedar Avenue Hershey, PA 18033 Advertising Manager, Erownian. FRANCINE ZAMPELLE 108 Chingarora Avenue Keyporr, NJ 07735 SAM Club, Acer Finance Club. JESSICA A ZARFOS5 20 Terrace Lane Elizaberhrown, PA 17022 ACS, Pre-healrh professions KEVIN ZARTMAN 118 West End Ave Lititz, PA 17543 CHRISTINE FRANCES ZIEUNSKI 39 Hickory Avenue Milford, CT 06460 Swim Teom (Fr., Soph ); Newman Club (Fr.) ; Occuparional Therapy Club — 4 yrs., OT Publicity Chairperson — Fr., Soph., Sr " To my family — rhanks for your love, sup- port b encouragement. I love you! Gwen, Hope, Heather 6 Monica — you ' re wonder- ful friends. Ken — rhanks for being you! Love Chris. " KAREN ZIMMERMAN Rr. 3 Dox 335 Chesterrown, MD 21620 Varsity Softball, Dorm Council, Varsity Soft- ball. SUSAN LOUISE ZVEIG 1 Marion Place West Long Branch, NJ 07764 Occupational Therapy Club, Volunteer Club, Outdoor Club, Pre-healrh Professionals Club, Campus Fellowship — Bible Study Leader- Dorm Council; Phi Thera Epsilon " To all my special friends: no matter where rhe Lord leads me, I will always rake you with me — in my hearr and love for you all. " 65 i u Brinser Brinser R. A. ' s: Dorrel Jusrh, Dave Rorhermel, Dole Forshey, Dnon Huber, Joy Masrers Brinset Dorm Council Row 1 Dole Forshey, Scorr Fell, Dnon Jones Row 2: Ken Walton, Rob Reale, Jim Heir, Scorr Waters, Mike Spongier Row 3: Jim Whire, Mike Denmark, Rich Lebron, Sreven Sensench Missing: Dob Lirrle, Jim Dion- dolillo, Duone Hoslar, Randy Harrison, Chip Snyder ' . » il Drinser Apartment: Stronger, Joe Pisipio, Scott Mehl, Ken Golski. Mark Payson Missing: Dove Compbel. Tim McCorrmck 66 Underclassmen • - North Wing Drinser 1-North Row 1: David Ligenzo, Dob McLaughl in Row 2: Chuck Wallace, Jonarhon Davis, Steve Sadler, Mike Denmark Row 3: Jim Hepfer, Len Hancell. Dave Scnreffler, Drenr Drugler, Tom Carngan, Mike Durrick Row 4: Jim Heir. David Chinchar, Sean Page, Aaron Payson, Francis Henry, Tim Srerner, Ken Snerr Row 5: Tom Deckrole. Ken Golski Missing: Andy Durk. Tony Cribari, Chris Hill, Roger Dunkel- berger, Sreve Durler Drinser 2-North Row 1: Jay Masrers, Jim Grossman, Randy Hinsey, Kevin McOure Row 2: Ken Myers, Marr Henry, Dill Bender, Sreve Hanzelmon, Dob Lirrle. Ron Orlondo, Chip Snyder, Jim Diondolillo Drinser 2-North Row 1: Dob Warson, Duane Rhood, Clay- ron Ransehousen. Row 2: Greg Neidig, Dan Sears, Eric Chelius. Dave Rockey Missing: Rich Saylor, Chris Simpson. Eric Snyder, Paul Schneider Underclassmen 67 ?ry . ' .? £ . Drinser 3-North Row 1: John Domblesky Row 2: Chris Ruch, John Czapko, Duone Hosier, Doug Doker Row 3: Kurr Deon, John Rex, Andrew Dommenrenrre, Greg Dush Row 4: Joe Pisopio, Tom Houghron, Doug Colondro, Mike Veis, Dorrel Jusrh, Jeff Son, Perry Merlo, Ross Sackler Row 5: Dove Pierce, Mike Drown. South Wing Drinser 1-South top to bottom: Peter Giphens. Andy Guloti. Mark Myers, Jim Compi, Rich Lebron. Rich Duggon, John Laird Missing: A! Kemp 6a Underclassmen Drinser 2-South Row 1: Chris Guear, Dole Wiles, Rob Goodwin, Sreve Sensenich Row 2: Ken Dunbor, Ted Vono, Mike Fiolo, Sreve Price Row 3: Joel Neiheiser, Dob Rooyakkers, Mike Welry Row 4: Eric Grubb, Dove Rorhermel, Dole Forshey, Pere Legrody, Mike Spongier, Mor Kurzowo Row 5: Mike Audi, Todd Wenger, Dnon Gockley, Jeff Dlevins, Tim Dochmon Missing: Mor Jenkins, Scorr Worers, Randy Harrison Drinser 3-Sourh Row 1: Jim Whire Row 2: Corl Kern, Anrhony Agorone, Rich Guinin, Scorr Fell, Drian Huber Row 3: Rob Reole, Fred Koerber, Rick Depinro, Dove McHoul, Ernie Alvioni, Jeff laughlin, Ken Wolron, Mark Dirrmon Row 4: Doug Gee. Poul Heemskerk, Dob Tosso, Eric Moberg, Tom Rullo, Dill Franks, Tony Morello, Dill Miller Missing: Dave McFolls, Sreve Swope, Sreve Morgonri, Tim Ferguson, Drion Jones Underdassmen 69 I Founders ZM « Founders RA ' s Row 1: Allison Weiss, Corolyn P eurer, Dona Marin. Row 2: Denny Fisher, Jennifer Fanella, Susan Doyd, Marsha Figurelli, Kyle Widrick Row 3: Carlo D ' Agosrino, Sheri Adie, Chuck McDpnolds, Karhy Lordear, Mary Jean Domes Missing: Srephonie Meloy. Founders Dorm Council Row 1: Chris Keller. Roger Dunkelburger, Jennifer Corchiolo, Leslie Levison Row 2: Nancy Dorrow, Laurie Melos. Lon Neal. Koy Ashman, Heorher Crowley. Louro Dly, Kelly Oergsrresser Row 3: Loune Premis, Liz Morrm, Elome Dolobon, Gabnelle Hull, Greg Gore, Sheri Cassidy, Christine Moyer. Michele Dolroo, Cindy Page Row 4: Mke Die dronski, Joanne Susko, Joelle West, Chris Heider. Michelle Swanmer, Denise Desjordms, Dono McCormick. Colleen Comeron, Lisa Mohler, Dob Mircnell, Kim Eberty 70 Underclassmen A-Wing Founders A-1 Row 1: Julie Merhfessel, Michele Posrulo Row 2: Gore Donohue, Liso Goncuilli Row 3: Keco Plorr, Sracey Schjong, Jocqui Goslin, Knsren Cummings Row 4: Liso Arasreh, Sandy Hoofring Row 5: Chorlene Popolis, Sue Widders Row 6: Allison Weiss " 1 " Bottom to top: Heather Crowley, Deth Carbough, Kay Ashman, Barb Gilje, Donno Dovis, Debbie Drown, Sharon Gilberr, Lisa Cerchio Missing: Nancy Curler, Phyllis Schwarrz Founders A-2 Row 1: Tommy Roller, Lois Muller, Pom Reed Row 2: Lisa Caldwell, Darboro Diehl, Carlo D ' Agos- rino, Claire Gibson Row 3: Amber Drill. Loune Hepburn, Tyffini Dodge. Shelie Horner, Jody Riley Founders A-2 Row 1: Ten Moloney, Tmo Dova, Trish Wohl- rob, Ke.ly Kopp Row 2: Mandy Weaver. Diane Miller. Kris Schoenherr, Amy Durborow, Undo Deny. Donnie Wesrh- eaffer, Parri Grove. Row 3: Ann Melville, Colleen Cameron, Kim Eberly, Derh Hummel, Dorcy Coelln, Eileen Fshmon, Missing: Lisa Mohler, Faye Dunkle, Felido Sweeney. Underclassmen Founders A-3 Row 1: Chrisrme Moyer, Knsren Shumon Row 2: Jenn ifer Fanella, Melissa Kemberling, Chrissy Srezzi, Leslie Levison Row 3: Tracy Crane, Arlynn Polsky, Parri Tisdale, Sara Lanrz Row 4: Nancy Richardson, Kare Vec chio, Maria Pioli Derh Scroggms Missing: Mary Case. Founders A-3 Row 1: Derh Meyers, Maureen Kearney, Melanie Ferraro Row 2: Karen Cannon, Lononne Sirzabee, Sheryl Eidem, Amy Gorrleib, Sheri Cassidy, Jacque Caldwell Row 3; Laura Dly, Shelly Rogoro. Cindy Diondi, Melissa Doker, Megan Seirs, Michelle Deveney Missing: Derno derre Dunigon 72 Underclassmen ' ' • ' B-Wing ■•il mm Founders B-1 Row 1: Deb Mancorello, Jill Cosran, Parri Ludwig, Carolyn Reurer Row 2: Chris Heider, Joanne Susko, Lisa Messner, Joelle Wesr, Suzie Smith. Lynn Thomp- son Underclassmen 73 Founders D-2 Row 1: Anne Dorelli, Suson Leoch Row 2: Mary Jeon Domes, Porry Flonnery, Kelly Rogers Row 3: Michelle Moon, Kristin Perullo, Clore Chappie Row 4: Holly Hilliar, Vanessa Firz, Lindo Johnson, Ann D ' Alessandro Founders D-2 Row 1: Julie Jobes, Kim Shorpe Row 2: Gabnelle Hull, Karhy Kealy. Chris Kelly. Nancy London Row 0: Koren Simpson, Down Cochron, Liso Dradlee, Leso P ud nicki Row 4: Trma Geiser, Eloine Dolobon 74 Underclassmen s .TWjii ujn ■■ m ■ rw iH ' 4 Founders B-3 Row 1: Condio Knowles, Molly Seerey, Col- leen Tolley Row 2: Srephonie Meloy, Donno Greirz, Bern Surcliffe Row 3: Julie Phillips, Virgmo Leidy, Dersy Sreworr. Jone Fruggiero, Tracy Crowford, Jill Dowser, Susy Schroder SSKSSSSasSsSS C-Wing Founders C-1 Row 1: Mike Ney, Roy Fowler, Glenn Srrocher, Jim McGloughlin, Dill Compbell Row 2: Scorr Ja- cobs, Adam Drodsky, Dob Sonds, Kyle Widnd- , Scorr Ingen- iro Missing: Jeff Mosom. Founders C-2 Row 1: Karen Pieffer. Kelly Dergsrresser, Hilary Chirrenden, Anne Kucks. Row 2: Derh Eckerson, Holly Hess, Jill Davis, Lisa Kundig, Decky Barries Row 3: Michelle Conner, Uzberh Rizzo, Dione Paszkowski. Annamona Chioc- chio, Jodi Kisko Missing: ft - Douglass, Don Hocker. Dnderdassmer 75 Founders C-2 Row 1: Laurie Melos Row 2: Melodee Dix- on, Jamie Smirh, Julie P.yan Row 0: Heidi Whallon, Lon Neal, Amy Fladmark, Laura McEachern, Hearher Beck, Dana Marin Founders C-3 Row 1: Karen Dasile, Carolma Aguilera, Deb- orah Teer, Tracy Duryea Row 2: Chrisrine Gallagher, Carol Surcliffe, Tina Delo, Michelle Seiler, Karhryn Spore, Myra Hooker Row 3: Jeanerre P,usso, Elizabeth Morrm, Karhleen Degemon, Lisa Daran, Laurie Primus, Nonce Darrow Founders C-3 Row 1: Karen Vonnucci, Robin Lehr, Kelly Bermingham, Michelle Lennon, Cone Lees Row 2: Dione Rodrrguez. Christine Weber, Lonndo Wright, Deboroh Jock son, Deboroh Richardson, Elizoberh Hile Row 3: Virgmo Thomas, Susonno Shue, Marsho Figurelli, Deboroh Phillip 76 Underclassmen • 4 D-Wing Founders D-1 Row 1: Jeff Peluse, Mike Gore. Greg Goal, Dill Schoppell, Don Richard Row 2: Greg Piersch, Scorr McNoney, Denny Fisher, Mark Gork, P J O ' Conner. Founders D-1 Row 1: John O ' Brien, Dob Valinsky. Ed Hendrick, Roger Dunkelburger, Dorry Eoron, Rob Schroder, Drod Von Nosrrond. Dill Loos, Drenr Heard, Karl Perers, John Funsron, Tim McCormick, Sreve Schrorh Underclassmen 77 Founders D-2 Row 1: Sheri Adie Row 2: Corhy Connolley, Noncy Keene, Cyndi Poge, Tammy McDonald, Pom Ahern Row 3: Amy Wiermon, Lori Lobb, Deb Woodman, Tommy Scholres, Srephanie Sharrle, Taro Zanecki, Jen Luebbe Row 4: Mone Loughlin, Trocey Pepo, Michelle Dolron, Michaele Dick, Chris Keller, Julie Podsiodlo, Derh Penn, Laurie BlanMey Row 5: Amy Dreyer, Angie Owens, Mary Derh Temple, Cindy Srnngas, Gail Darnerr, Kirsren Kenskold Row 6: Mark Ludwig, Jon Morhews, John Shively, Karhy Enderle 78 Underclossmen » Founders D-3 Row 1: Andy Kroeck, Dob Mirchell. Tokyi Morgon, Jim Mirondo, Chuck McDonolds, Tim Wolfe Row 2: Dove McKelvey, John Miller, Nick Vonderwerff, Cory Do denheimer. Eric Miller, Mark Newkirk, Phil Rose, Chuck Gro- horolski, Druce Sranerr Missing: Jim Richardson. Founders D-3 Row 1; Tom Schneider, Jomie Gouoghan Row 2: Tony Peril, Wayne Underkoffler. John Horkness. Mark Prorzner, Chris Lesbirel. Jim Sfrttti Row 3: I- b Mird ell, Mark Lonzone, Chuck McDonolds, Chris Miller, Chris Morrhews. Dale Frank Carodo, Marr Aylward Missing-. Mike Diedronski : . idere assmer 79 tr •: Myer Myer RA ' s: Knsrie Parren (HR,), Monica Felix, Lisa Carter, Lee Lucas, Chris Fmley, Usa Droodbenr Myer Dorm Council Row 1: Megan McLanohon Row 2: Decky Deckenbock. Dersy Porrsh ee Adams. Suzann Word. Koren Srerner. Cindy Deck Row 3: Knsrie Parten, Koren Fousr. Reema rtndowi, Ondy Vann. 80 Underclassmen East Wing 1-Eost Row 1: Candy Rebuck. Rodney Cummings, Da- vid Doyer, Jeff Parrerson Row 2: Mary Dova. Knsren Hosier, Donna Saunders, Maria Fonrini, Liso Droadbenr (RA) Row 3: Darleen Prickerr, 5rocy Desmond, Lauren Morris, Noelle Cenrobene $ : $$A Is 1 m jj. ■ w w» i . V C H 1 K L 1 A M W- 1 K M jk ■ ML fe 2-East Row 1: Hearher Gourlie, Krissy Reese. Mary Case, Tracey Hesserr, Kim Peck, Gina Borriello, Krisren Enswiie- Row 2: Megan McLanahan, Lee Lucas (RA), Sracy Vallinino, Michella Pippidis, Harrier Wixon, Renee Adams, Laura Reiley Row 3: Maureen McFodden, Karhy DiNunzio, Alice Wolton, Shirley Voire, Susan Hor- ns. Parry Miller, Karhy Sheehan, Laura Lowson, Diane Vanoman, Ken Knighr Missing: Pom Mallow, Korhy May, Kim O ' Dnan, Kim Fies, Lisa Dlackman, Lisa D rile, Annie Erb, Michelle Sruempfle Underclassmen 81 Myer 3-Eosr Row 1: Dersy Porrish, Jackie Luce, Dina Gord ner, Donna Ekenrorh, Melinda Walker, Krisren Espenhorsr, Monica Felix, Shern Fox Row 2: Derh Flynn, Debbie Brosius, Neda Sane, Chris Sechler. Terry Goodbred, Peggy Brooke, Amy Smirh. Deb Lehman, Sharon Meredirh. Elise Hobbis Row 3: Lisa Walrer, Viki Dujmovic, Derh Claffey, Nancy Cava, Karhy Calmon, Amy Jusrh. fcUSP 62 Underclassmen West Wing Myer 2-West Row 1: Robin Wilfor, Koren Srerner, Suzann Word, Decky Deckenbock. Cindy " Breeze " Wonn, Kim Chronisrer Row 2: Angie Himes, Lisa Correr, Cindy Deck. Carolyn Kern, Deb Walrermire, Morgorer " Mags " Shulre Row 3: Hearher Mocken, Holley Daker, Missy Galiagher. Jenny Miller, Kelly Campbell, Jana Srrickler, Joy Hinde, Krsn Lederer, Lori Rankin Missing: Suzanne Clark, Tern Cornell, Kane Martin, Carolyn Koneig, Karhy Dzeidzie Myer 3-West Row 1: Karen Neidig. Amy Gorlewski, Leigh Dutch. Party Coyle Row 2: Maria Drodnick, Julie Fallen. Deb Gorrner. Dense Donello. Judy Dabcock, Karen Faust. Chris Finley, Julie Long, Marce Monroe Row 3: Christine Jutasinski, Yulando Ming, Michelle Jenofsky, Suzerte Hutchinson, Sue Hudock, Lisa Wilson Row 4: Ann Alandar, Reema Hindowi, Jenny Swin- gle, Liza Forrell, Jenny Black, Michelle Rubel, Karen Taylor Missing: Decky Hagensron, Sue Dacon ' • ° ber OBERPEMJYBO Obei RA ' s Row 1: Sreve Polonus, Rob Cromer, Doug Tro- vor Row 2: Sreven Price, Keirh Hall. Troy Taylor, Dove Robinson Missing: Roy Drosius Ober Dorm Council Row 1: Sreve Grandorf, Eric Hansen, Eric Esbach Row 2: Dave Schlegel, Paul Masrers, John Schwolm, Pool Eytef, Pochord Srrvrh 84 Underclassmen W ' w ' m •.. -m ' m km m A-1 Row 1: Pete Lengle, Mike Pose, Scorr Bourne Row 2: Ed Pferffer. Chilly Willy Chorrerron, Biff Sreele. Sreve Rose Row 3: Sreve Drobo, Ron DeBrigido. Scorr Srrozzello, Dor Row 4: Ed Smirh, Joe Beck, Chuck Frye, Dorrell Wolrer Row 5: Keirh Zebrowsk., Scorr Regol. Ed Reynolds, Mike Abroms, Rich Holl Row 6: Jorod Renninger, Sreve Irwin, Jerry Skorlesk., Scorr Merzel. Tom Yeoger, The Lmksrer Row 7: Sreve Polonus Missing: Gory Poffenburger, Dove Jones, Joe Cesser, Eric Albrighr, Sreve Froncomono, Roger Hoddon Underdossmen 85 Ober A-2 Row 1: Marshall Tress Row 2: Will Maleresra, Tim Gerber Row 3: Craig De Poe, Todd Conyers, George Srumm, Chris Jones, Francis Gibson, Derik Thomas, Tim Browne, Scorr Downs, Gregg Rodgers, Joe Adams, Den Buhl, To Di Pasquale Row 4: Andy Kaufman, Morr Uibel. Don Weckel, Sreve Paulo, Brian Brody, Tim Heck, Tom McGonigle, Jim Lardear, Brion Miller, Chris Cameron, Andy Deicherr, Dave Robinson. Ober A-3 Row 1: Mike Moher, Rich Smirh, Gary Gallanr, Sreve Grandorff Row 2: John Faulkner, Chris McCann, Rich Banks, Dan Scaricaciorroli, Sreve Banta, John Wenger Row 3: Scorr Gronceski, Vmnie Depinro, Scorr Conory, Jim Berry, Jamie Muir, Ray Blarz, Scorr Roverr Row 4: Morr Soia, Sreve Gorsuch. Shane Zimmerman, Jeff Lawrence, Paul Dipino, Paul Eyler, Sreve Lyons Row 5: Tuandung Nguyen, Doug Travor, Jon Yosr, Eric Escbach, 86 U derdassmei B-Wing Ober Basement Row 1: Chris O ' Neal. Roy Drosius, Josh " What ' s up babe ' " Smith Row 2: Dob Snyder, Doug " D-O- Y " Schrock, Rich " Mr Meat Man " Gallagher, Jim " Nig " McGonigle, Drion " Doop " Diegel. Sreve " Pooh " Druno, Ke- vin Norton " Kinney, Glen " Sooal " Gandultio Ober D-1 Row 1: Tom Stuck, Chris Doyes, Troy Toylor Row 2: Joe Tenczo, Joe Dempsey, Lyndon Engle, Jeff Forrer, John Drenrlinger, Scott Snyder Row 3: Chris Eastland, Ro- lando Quicoz, Steve Copofern, Dale Nelson, Drad Hossinger, Ed Chance, Chris Malesic Row 4: Greg Murphy, Ga y Leouby Row 5: John Carew, Mike Murrha, John Schwalm, Eric Hansen, Eric Siler, Sreve LoFaver. Row 6: Wayne Wil- liams, Mike Earnsr, Charles Grabusky Row 7: Harry Srr»rh. Mike Shogi, Andy Carey. Underdassmen 87 Ober D-2 Row 1: Scorr Osborne, Rob Chorlebois, 5corr Dovies, Demerrios Holkias Row 2: Homid Esboh-Tobne, All Yousefi Row 3: Greg High, Mike Deck, Doug Thomos, John Decker, Mark P,ubino, Scorr Hollowoy, Aeron Dlonding, Mike Lorelli, Drian Pickell, P»ob Crammer, Joy Holler, John Monoe sire, Jim Douglas, Mel Spade Missing: Orad Drubaker, Kevin Mackenzie, Jamie Tnplerr, Jon Kissel, Glenn Melos, Joe Korb, Dave Ellis, Gene Penxa Ober D-3 Row 1: Scorr Merro, John Horns, David Furrow, Scorr Nuefeld, Tony Heorh, Morr Mohood, Ed Holrenhoff , Keirh Hall, Mike Doiley Row 2: Larry Keba, Scorr Srrobel, Mark Druno, Woyne Kew, Srephen Holcrofr, Todd Donneley Row 3: Reggie Seidensrricker, John OHore, Denn Druck, Dove Schlegel, Paul Mosrers Row 4: Drew Sruhlmuller, Mark McCumber, Korl Hammermueller 88 Underclassmen I m mmMi Royer R.A. ' s: Denise Waller, Celesre Crawford. Aimee Vanisko, Juliann LaMarra, Janice Vick, Joyce Songrey, Carhy Cosrellan Royer Dorm Council Row 1: Karlo Fleshman, Janer Lamborn, Jen Hoase Row 2: Linda Lachenmyer, Lsa Wighordr, Andrea Schwarrz Row 3: Srocy Yarnoll. Noro Eichlin, Joyce Saa grey, Debi Sandford, Tom Nguyen, Gina Chesner Missing: Lori Johnson, Kim Pease. Lisa Nelson Underclassmen 89 North Royer 1-North Row 1: Sherry McNoughr, Tom Nguyen, Robin Shomer Row 2: Andreo Clark, Carol Thomas, An- drea Schworrz, Alice Gable Row 3: Liz Goedeke, Cathy Cosrellan, Gma Chesner, Heidi Hausner, Karen Damerr Row 4: Delphie Dickerson, Holly Londes Missing: Stephanie Me loy, Meg Richardson Royer 2-Norrh Row 1: Kim Tebbs, Karen Dranna, Janet Ledbetfer Row 2: Jockie Chovan, Terri Ciano, Kothy Jobes, Kathy Gronr, Kim Pease Row 3: Kate Eyster, Sue Yunmger, bso Pagonelli, Wendy Kowtko, Janice Vick Row 4: Mono Stone, Cecilia Schodowski. Colleen Corbm. Ann Wentzel. Decca Hollmger, Lucy Ivahnenko, Lee Erb f M 4 t jUtp MH B " B y f jf . • • v J N i jB Sv " ' " jr - B H " " " " 1 He p- 3 90 Underclassmen • m . Royer 3-North Row 1: Juliann LaMorra, Srephame Swan- son, Honh Tieu Row 2: Pam Boreler. Sarah Collier. Jodi Frirz. Row 3: Lizaberh Snyder, Cindy Link Row 4: Vicrono Van- denburg, Karla Reshman Row 5: Raelynn Johnson. Dersy Todr, Derh Doyer Row 6: Linda Lachenmayer, Sherry Gin grich, Karen Kinzie Row 7: Heorher Conner, Michelle Dry- son, Melanie Karns, Joyce Sangrey Missing: Koren Gul- man Underdassmen 91 ! South Wing ftoyer 1-Souih Row 1: Sylvia Arguelles, Julie Dallas, Deb Sandford. Kelly Moore Row 2: Nora Eichlin, Gwen Oaker. Pom Morrison, Btf mee Vanisko, Michelle Wenzel Row 3: Karen Oarclay, Erin Smirh. Shon Horrman, Dorcy Holl. Pom Kercher, Loda Demapsey ?2 underclassmen m G Royer 2-South Row 1: Korhy Lenahon, Hope Lands. Judy Lingrell Row 2: Robin Rirrenhouse, Amy Jusrus, Annerre Flamini, Lisa Wighardr Row 3: Cindy Hessler, Donira Hourz, Anne Dreden, Linda Kurtz Row 4: Holly Derhommer, Diana Franrz, Monica Esh, Amy Deamer, Margarer Darolin, Liso Maccagnano, Jennifer Haase, Janer Lamborn Row 5: Sra- cey Yarnall. Doreen May. Chris Hunsinger, Denise Waller Missing: Geni Arkms, Lisa Harding, Michelle Musselman. Royer 3-Sourh Row 1: Ctoudien Reid, Srephonie ScarJon, Carol Heryey Row 2: Colleen Mammore, Leisle Denner. Lon Good Row 3: Joserre Merkle, Karen CocWin, Amy Seifrir, (Xosie Airman, Celesre Crawford Row 4: Dawn Wiiams, Srephanie Norwinski Row 5: Sue Whiraker, Donelle Carrer, Cheryl Charles, Jen Snyder Underdassmen 93 • k [HHH I Schlosser Schlosser R.A. ' s Row 1: Cindy Pichelmon, Kim Miller, Deb Tregoskis Row 2: Mary Alhage, Porry Horned, Lon Myers. Schlosser Dorm Council Row 1- Diane Slorer Row 2: Lindc ftoberrson, Morcie Frusher. Tina Tagliava Row 3: Jill Gloss, Dee Markle, Margoriro Sanchez Row 4: Parry Horned, Michele Szymkowiok Row 5: Joon Korb, Michele Mention. Kendro Deoven Trocey Groff. Kori Phoir 94 Underclassmen East Wing Schlosser 1-Eost Row 1: Karla Krengel, Derh Barmsh. Lynn Duchanan, Shoron Walker, Lynne Frederick Row 2: Srocy Sbur, Ellen Kandravy, Srephanie Power, Chris Domeron, Kim Reed Row 3: Kim Humphreys, Chris Moeller Schlosser 1-Eost Row 1: Kary Morris, Kendra Rhoods, Holly McCrum, Dione Myers, Wendy Dluert, Srocey Durch, Lori Myers, Karhy Buchan Row 2: Louren Sherry, Corhy Lees, Meighon O ' Maro. Ellen Weber, Porry Kunkle, Heidi Housner, Trocy Pusorere, Jill Loshnowsky Row 3: Susie Hebben, Kendro Toylor, Kelly Cowmon, Kelley Crimmms, Derh Werner U-ce-c Schlosser 2-Eost Row 1: Holly Snyder, Terne Srickle, Cindy Wiley, Loro Kemok Row 2: Kim Miller, Fron Zompelle, Uo Jockson, Jenn Ross, Lynn Hechmer Row 3: Kim Hollgren, Lynn Huxroble, Srephome Crone, Sreph Nogle Row 4: Sue DeLucio, Lucindo Euren Schlosser 2-East Row 1: Judy Krocowski, Michele Mahovchick. Corinne Deshong. Conds Woftz. Kim Mier. Robin Dencker Row 2: Srocey Weaver, Oorb Walrers, Morsho Eidemiller Robin Shorrer, Grace Cdongelo Row 3: Jeonerre Huie, Shoron Ulrich, Jonice Thunberg, Audrey Miller, Sue DeLong, Amy Reining Row 4: Eluoberh Edwords, Teme Stickle. Holly Snyder, Morcie Frusher, Colleen Simpson, Leslie Weaver °6 Underclassmen • Schlosser 3-East Row 1: Deb Tregaskis Row 2: Karen Nelson, Srephanie Petersen, Deena Qfr, Tommy Dennerr, Undo Roberrson Row 3: Judie Dorron, Jill Gloss, Jonno Brosdous, Mi- chelle Mehrlon, Kristin, Rowland, Korhy Morreu, Ginny Curns, Kris Wollmer, Chris Kukula Row 4: Amy Homershock, Maureen Heoan. Sue Warnirsky, Hollie Harold, Jennifer Cohen, Wen- dy Dluerr, Lisa VanNess, Tammy Drown Scholsser 3-Eost Row 1: Sonio Doss, Cindy Cororhers Row 2: lo-e Powell, Liz Rhue, Angela Nogle, Angela Chiffy. Amy Snrzel Row 3: Korhy Storm. Kim Reigel, Kim Porron, Dione Jocoby. Deb Tregeskis. Underclassmen 97 • West Wing Schlosser 2-West Row 1: Dndger Ptommal, Michele Rq vioIq, Parri Ookes. Row 2: Lynne Singer, Tory Weinhold, Brooke Dloir, Kim Harris, Dawn DeAngelis, Sue Zweig Row 3: Chrisrine Tinucci, Kendro Deoven, Joyce Wendling, Louro Wesr.Karhy Ricci. Row 4: Ann Tilghman, Ann Burnerre. Missing: Parry Horned, Tracey Groff, Jennifer Durcell, Con- doce Ausrin, Dororhy Schudo, Joner Srreerr, Louro Dear. Jen Crisr. itMUi 1 i Schlosser 2-Wesr Row 1: Mary Edmondson, Dona Laricks, Kim Johnsen, Desmonde Hoppie, Mory Alhage Row 2: Ann Mane Scesa, Aimee Gennle, Ann Tilghman, Denese Hoppie Row 3: Deb Ellis, Suson Greene, Deverly Soper, Danene Schweitzer Row 4: Tammie Schooley, Caryn Girard, Jill Ford 98 Underclassmen ' ■» ' • ■m ' mi ' » •» i. Schlosser 3-West Row 1: Bridget Devon. Robin McNemor, Leigh Francis, Amy Strazzella Row 2: Parti Zonnella, Lisa Todd, Tino Togliovio, Lisa Sullivan, Jenny Wolboch Row 3: Janer Miller, Karhy Cox, Janice Fous, Laura Wavghrel, The- resa Mazzotto. Sherice Yound, Michele Embon, Dee Morkle, Karhy Pogachnick, Jennie Lorenz Missing: Lenora Dody, Kim Novosar Schlosser 3-West Row 1: Cindy Pichelman, Dartene Devon, Knsren Gusky Row 2:Kim Whittle. Teresa Moats, Tracy Durke, Michele Symkowiak, Joon Korb, Row 3: Lisa McClel- land. Tammy Shelron, Dory Highr, Decky Runge Row 4: Dane Slarer, Grerchen Longenderfer. Diane Sheffield, Mori- na Piozzi, Melissa Smirh, Sherry Nqjanan Missing: Denise Lirtleton llnderdassmer 99 IWT Co-ops Rose Garden Row 1: Sean Mackenzie, Nick Vanderwerff, (Sage), Paul Hockenbury, Eric Hommas Row 2: Chuck En gel, Jeff Lloyd Orchard Row 1: Joy Nove, Carhy Saunders, Elyse Oraxron. Row 2: Amy Karaffo, Sracey Smirh, Dione Gingrich, Shoron Kipp, Michele Fisher 100 Underdassmen • ' • COMMUTERS Due ro a phorogrophy problem rhe picrure of rhe commurers did nor rurn our We apologize for rhis omission. Richard Manrz, Lee Erb, Jim Hoffer, Cheryl Whipple, Gino MacDonald 102 Underclassmen m • Alpha Annex ! Kendal Hullihen, a senior communicorions major, and Janer Kresge, a junior marh secondary educarion major, ore rwo very valuable assers ro Elizaberhrown College. Living in Alpha Annex rh ey are responsible for rhe campus swirchboard berween rhe hours of 5:00 pm ro 6:00 pm and 1000 pm ro 7.30 am. In rhis capaciry, rhey are responsible for answering incoming calls, and handling rhe medical emergencies rhar occur during rheir working hours. From rhese responsibiliries, Kendal and Janer have learned how ro acr in a number of emergency siruarions and have benefirred from rheir involvemenr in public rela- nons. The dedicarion of rhese rwo srudenrs is parr of rhe supporr sysrem rhar holds Elizaberhrown college rogerher. A Underclassmen 103 Underclassmen aks?£ 54$ M MS £?£ " £ S2 s« ' m 4 Underclassmen 105 i CAMPUS FACTS ■ ■■♦« 1 — f 34% o -fto -Vte. dances before. fn;Ar»iqh-V T2° HKAorf.laS m«.n uihn «. „• .«- KOYEft . . . . 45 c ! 1 i jy lAVEft .... 45% f i 7 fcAmsER . . . 32% r ■ Ly OBER . . . , 26% V M05+ ' L i i 38 % NEVER Vv + L rv ■osN ■ i 75% , GehecoA Uosc »- rU I thys OPOur U ' veg I. The. yoocvg and e Res -Hess r ■■ cvloron clocks s k V • X. X jV 5ha.ve- Cats on Ounpp! Ac TV V c Agye . . . . 32. % j o v " m€3 pe person --«-■ ' »— i y » fa rs . . 7 0 1 parkin -KcVete MEft.. 34 " A V.ttL f SEft 2.4° Vi OBEP, . A y l » T W USER . ' . 36» d o 1 1 w. o K . . . o«- 1 106 Und ercloss 107 I Business MISSING FROM PHOTOS: Sue Dolon Donald Musron 108 Foculry .♦■» »« Joy Duffenmyer Hugh Evans Maurice Hoppie Foculry 109 ) Business PART TIME FACULTY Morgorer Shaffer Randy Trosrle 110 Faculty 1 i Sronley Neyer Marshall Pomroy Foajlry 111 I Communications mm mm mm Roberr Moore MISSING FROM PHOTOS Timorhy Hudson Hans-Erik Wennberg PART TIME FACULTY Susan Anrhony Jobie Riley 112 Faculry 1 . - •, „ Computer Science Thomas Leap MISSING FROM PHOTOS Kerry Poinrer PART TIME FACULTY Carol Weavill 113 English MISSING FROM PHOTOS Condace O ' Donnell Carmine Sarracino PART TIME FACULTY Elizaberh Gardner Cynrhia Hess David Van Carol Huber 114 Foculry ►1 «w •m. ;rm ' • 1 Elizaberh Russell Foculry 115 Education • A 1. i Carl Callenbach Paul Rice Deportment of Fine Arts ■ Mr Henry Libharr Mr David Moss Deportment of Foreign Longuoges Ms. Suzanne S. Goodling Mr Uldis Daiga Ms Elizaberh G. Smoor Foculry 117 History ., , . Deportment of Mothemotics Mr . J.L. Dossier Mr John E Koonrz Dr. Ronald L. Shuberr Missing from Photos: Dr Ernesr Dloisdell Jr Mr Roberr Dolon Dr. Donald E. Koonrz Mr. Roberr K. Morse Foculry 119 Deportment of Music Mr Oris D. Kirchen Dr. Dorrell (V Douglas Mr John W Srires Dr John F Harrison 120 Foculry : ■ •• h Mr. David E. Leirhmann Mr. Gory R. Luckenbill Mr. Harry L. Simmers Missing from Photos: Dr Carl Shall q I Port Time Faculty Lynn Engle Marcia Englar Elizaberh Kauffman Linda Merz Debra Running-Seyler Faculry 121 KBMHflKK Occupational Therapy Carol Frey Paul Pererson Elaine Alnsworrh 122 Foculry m Physical Education Don Smirh Ken Ober MISSING FROM PHOTOS Roberr Garrerr Arrhur Roderick Foculry 123 • Religion and Philosophy PART TIME FACULTY Christina Ducher 124 Foculry K Science Roland Pepper r MISSING FROM PHOTOS John Cyranski James Dively Robert Heckman John Rank PART TIME FACULTY David Ferruzza William Gray Glenn Thompson Jack Hedrick Foculry 125 Science Roy Reader 126 Faculty • S--,?. ' - M ■L Ronald Loughlin Zue Procror « Foculry 127 Social Sciences Flercher McGellan political science Wayne Selcher polirical science Bruce Lehr sociology John Teske psychology 128 KT ■m m m. • «. -- Deulah Hosrerrer sociology MISSING FROM PHOTOS Paul Dennis — psychology Leonard Eiserer — psychology Delberr Ellsworrh — psychology Joseph Kessler — sociology Korhleen Nuccio — sociology PART TIME FACULTY Joseph Dreiss — psychology Pamela McDermorr — sociology Donald Kraybill sociology David Icono-Harris sociology Foculry 129 I Administration 130 Foculry I . ' - m Wolrer Show — Dean of rhe College Beverly Pisclrelli — Counselor and Coordinoror of Advising Services Andrew Sagar Assisranr Dean for Srudenr Life Ken Doylor — Direcror of Public Informorion Faculty 131 i ADMINISTRATION NOT PICTURED Nelson Bard Jr — Director of rhe Library David Dehrs — Assisranr Direcror of Admissions David Conway — Direcror of Admissions Linda Demura — Assisranr Direcror of Admissions Marrha Eppley — Associare Dean of Faculry — Registrar Margarer Gabel — Direcror of rhe Library Arr George — Assisranr Direcror of Public Informarion — Direcror of Sporrs Informarion Gloria Hay — Direcror of Continuing Educarion Gloria Hess — Associare Regisrrar James Hilron — Associare Dean of rhe College for Srudenr Services Druce Holran — Direcror of College Relanons Aladar Kish — Direcror of Conrinuing Educarion Keirh Marks — Manager of rhe Booksrore Dennis Murphy — Assisranr Dean of rhe College for Residenr Life Horry Page — Superinrendenr of Buildings Grounds Sreve Price — Residenr Direcror JoAnn Ramsey — Direcror of Healrh Care Fred Rirsch — Provosr John Shaeffer — Treasurer Mary Woodoll — Assisranr Direcror of Financial Aid Sreve Srorck — Business Manager Nick Sramos — Direcror of Food Services 132 Faculty MENC - Music Educators National Conference The Music Educorors Notional Conference is an orgonizarion which provides opporruniries for professional developmenr in music educarion. Each year srudenrs parricipare in various on-campus acriviries and also arrend rhe srare convenrion. Row 1: Lori Whircare, Lynne Frederick. Tyfine Dodge Row 2: Nancy Evans (vice presidenr). Gma Masrro (presidenr), Darb Valrers (librarian) Row 3: Deanna Keany, Jon Shively, Dee Dee Jacoby, Tirn Srerner (srare presidenr), Lisa Wlllirer (secrerary), Dr Darrell Douglos (advisor) Row 4: Joy Hmde, Michelle Conner, Qorry Arrid- s, Lynn Huxrable, Amy Smirh, Carhy Fick, Deb Lehman, Lonanne Sirzabee Outdoor Club The Ourdoor Club is run by irs members, if a member has an idea rhen he she may go ahead and run rhe prqjecr. The ourdoor club has a wide range of acriviries including hiking, camping, whirewarer rafring, skiing, rockclimbing, caving, canoeing, and many more. There are many rrips each semesrer. Row 1: Karen Peiffer, Korhy Duchon, Drion Pickell Row 2: Gmny Dwell. Liz Nonon, Jenny Lorenz, Soty Wolf. Cjm Porron. Kendra Deoven. Ann Durnerte. Professor Thompson (advisor) Row 3: Rob Chortebois. Kevin Knney. Don Mangold. Don Richard 134 Clubs Accounting Finance Club Row 1: David Robinson (vice president, Ken Myers (treasurer), Karen Duffle " (president), Kim Ryan (public relarions). Row 2: Dr Trosrle (advisor), Andy Kroeck, Oecky Deery, Cindy Deck, Cindy Carorhers, Lois Muelher, Dione Miller, Row 3: Tim Heck, Paul Eyler, Sreve Grandorf, Jill Dowser, Karen Srerner, Dridger Rommol, Dennis Fisher Row 4: Perer LaGrady, Karen Landis, Lori Good, Dob Lirrle, Joe Deck, Dill Louse Missing Hallie Harold (secrerary). Forensics The Accounring Finonce Club is made up of Accounring ond business majors rhor ore inreresred in learning more abour rhe jobs and opporruniries in rheir fields. The club sponsers speakers each monrh on various finonciol ond accounring subjecrs. The Forensics Club is devored ro preservorion of rhe parriciparion in comperirive speaking evenrs. Having hosred rhe Collegiare Forensics League Toumamenr lasr fall. The ream plans ro compere in weekend rournamenrs during rhe semesrer. Row 1: Ann Douglas, Aaron Poyson, Krisrin Shuman Row 2: Jobie Riley. Hearher Drubaker, Sreve Hunr, Dave Doyer, Kyle Kessler C o; 135 Biology Club i Row 1: Michele Fisher, Deb Joel-son. Corny Saunders Row 2: Debbie Richardson, Leisle Denner, Sandy Hoofing, Down DeAngilis, Kay Ashmon Row 3: Ted Vona, Rich Williamson, Chuck Wells American Chemical Society The Srudenr Affiliates program provides exposure ro srudenrs through lectures, tours, and other activities occurring in the chemical industry. The main activities include speakers, tours, and the publishing of a bi-weekly newsletter. Elizabethtown ' s SAACS chapter has been recognized as an outstanding chapter for the last six years. Row 1: Jessie Zorfoss, Tina Abbort, Lori Myers. Done Gngrich Row 2: Dr Charles Schoeffer. Joy Nave. Enc Afonghr. Homid Esbah Taboie, Koren DoJrz, Sean Poge. Tuondung Nguyen Row 3: Michele Mahouchick. LeeAnn VonHouron, Doug Travor. John Loird Row 4: Sherry Gngrich, Carhy Sounders, Louro Lowson, Michele Fisher 136 Oubs « V •- -.. Social Work Club The Social Work Club promores a grearer awareness of social issues and social welfare programs. The members rake parr in holiday guesr speakers, holding fund raisers, raking rrips, and having banquers. Row 1: Rob Charlebas, Karhleen Nuccio Row 2: Wayne Kew, Mary Derh Temple, Kim Pech, Karen Barnerr Row 3: Cheryl Whipple, Tracy Groff (secrerary), Corinne Ne Shong, Jennifer Crisr, Amy Reinung Row 4: Dave laccone-Horns, Terri Cianci (president), Karen Shaeffer, Derh Pann (Treasurer), Beverly Soper, Beulah Hosrerrer Missing: Kendra Deaven, Kim Halgren (vice president), Tammy McDonald, Marina Piazzi (secretory) Psychology Club Lynn Benrley, Deneen Focht, Candy Waltz, Elaine Powell, Kathy Storm Clubs 137 ' I Cheerleaders Julie McDermorr, Pom Ginrher, Lisa VanNess, Bonnie Vieder Tommy Bennerr, Virginia Curris Circle K Josetre Merfcel. Enc Ster. Jod, Eyer, Andy Guloh. MJ Domes. Colleen Vnpson. Angelo Metz. Kothy Lordeor. Done MJer Shely IXoqoro Alen Kemp Poul Eyler, Steve Schroth 136 Clubs ' Hkftftb -J " C» . ' •.•. l £ Delphi Society Row 1: Joyce Wendling, Lynne Singer, Krisrin Gusky, Melindo Rider, Hallie Horrold, Sue Zwieg, Gwen Holmsrrom, Row 2: Angela Merz, Jodi Frirz, Hearher Conner, Laura Dear, Melodee Dixon, Dororhy Highr, Aimee Vanisco, Karhy Lardear, Row 3: Beverly Piscirelli, Lynn Denrzley, Lisa Droadbenr, Morrho Epply, Knsne Parren, Janice Vick, Dione Gingrich, Michelle Fisher, Denise Waller, Eric Eshbach, Derh Hummel, Amy Durburow, Corhy Sounders, Dione Miller, Jim Jones, Row 4: John Ranck, Oscar Srambough, Lio Jackson, Ann Melville, Brian Brady, Joe Beck, Jim Hoffer, Bob Ur- rle, Jill Bower, Ed Chance, Michael Spongier Alpha Mu Row 1: Lynne Frederick, Karen Klingman, presidenr, Lorionne Sirzabee, secrerary, Michelle Conner Row 2: Tyffini Dodge, Debbie Philipp, Treasurer, Down Kinney, vice presidenr, Missing from phoro Lori Whirocre, co-presidenr, Deb Laymna, Amy Smirh, Amy Srrozzello, Lynn Huxrable, Deanna Keeny, Srephanie Nogle, Kim Rubin, Jenny Shinn, advisor C ubs 109 I Campus Forum Campus Forum funcrions as a crearive voice for rhe Elizaberhrown College campus and also seeks ro bridge rhe gap berween rhe academic disciplines. Row 1: Michael Shogi, president, Harry Smirh, Becky Hogensron, Marce Monroe, Andy Gulori, Treasurer, Desmonde Hoppie, Row 2: Eric Hansen, Joe Banner, Tracy Monrague, Sue Greene, Colleen Simpson, Row 3: Andy Carey, Tom Sreyoerr, Hearher Brubaker, vice presidenr, Denese Hoppie, Susie Mercalfe, Jeff Green, Missing from photo: Susan Horsr, secretary; Janet Lombotn, Deborah Lehman, Mario Brodnick, Liz Martin, John Schwalm, Stacey Burch, Kevin Kinney, Sam Mann, Aimee Gentile, Dr Carmine Sarracino ond Dr John Rohrkemper, Advisors Society of Collegiate Journalists The Sociery for Collegiare Journalisrs is an honor sociery for srudenrs who have parricipared in various campus media acriviries. The club has various speakers on rhe communicarions field during rhe year. Kristin Rowland, president, Cathy Costellon, treasurer, Melmdo Rider, secretary. Brent Heard, Allen Kemp Mil Clubs ' I . ' ;- Alpha Lambda Delta Officers Alpha Lambda Delra is a freshman honor sociery which recognizes oursranding freshmen who have achieved academic excellence. Row 1: Carlo D ' Agosrmo, vice president, Corny Zonowski, advisor. Deb Tregoskis, presidenr, Row 2: Horner Wixson, hisrorian, Sreve Gorsuch, secretary Alpha Lambda Delta Row 1: Carlo D ' Agosrino, vice presidenr; Deb Tregoskis, presidenr, Steve Gorsuch, secretary, Harriet Wixson, historian, Cathy Kipp Zonowski, faculty advisor; Row 2: Pom Mallow, Lauro Lawson, Rosie Alrmonn, Michelle Mehtlan, Jeanerte Huie, Elizabeth Simmons, Row 3: Jim Mirando. James Grossmon, Deb Dlis, Julie Ryan, Shoron Ulnch C ubs 141 Compus Girl Scours Campus Girl Scours is a branch of rhe inrernorional girl scour or- ganizarion. Alrhough small, rhis parricular group ar Elizaberh- rown is acrive. Camping rrips are planned for each semesrer and rhe group serves as a re- source-informarion cenrer for communiry girl scour rroops. Row 1: Deb Tregaskis, Judy Lingrell, Margarer Dorol.n, Row 2: Leisle Denner, Karhy Lenohon Row 3- Koren LocMin, Hope Lands, Missing from picture: Lorianne Sirzabee Modern Language Club Joyce Willis, treasurer, Heather Crowley, Honh Tieu, president, Dorothy S chuda, vice ptesident W2 Clubs •■■■ ' " •• • Republican Club Row 1: Jeff Peluse, secretory; Charles Grabusky, vice chairman, Gary Gallant, chairman, Row 2: Joe Adams, Dave Doyer, Sue Hudock, Denise Dornello, Heather Crowley, Row 3: Poul Master, Ed Haltenhoff, Reemo Hindawi. Koren Neidig, Party Coyle, Missing from the pictute: Gregory Piersch, Poul Schneider, Scott Kling, treasurer, Michelle Jenofsky, Dr. McDonald, advisor. Rob Reole, Drew Sruhlmuller, Rich Saylor, Morr Jenkins, Jenny Roland. Jim Campi, Wayne Williams, Ed Smith, Mike Ernst, Joe Puleo, Scott Strobel, Larry Keba Strategic Armaggedon Strategic Armaggedon is a club made up of a group of guys rhar come rogerher ro ploy Dungeons and Dragons. They play in reams, so rhey learn ro work wirh orher people and have fun. Row 1: Rob ChorleboiS; Jim " O O " Smith, vice president, Andy " The Hammet " Ktoeck, rreasurer. Row 2: Chris Miller, Steve Irwin, Nick Vonderwerff. president; Eric Hommas Cuts 140 Campus Fellowship Row 1: Monica Felix, Pom Reed, Judy Lingrell, Margarer Barolin, Ann Burnerre, Melonie Cairns, Maria Srone, Row 2: Jenny Wolbach, Carlo Fleshman, Donno Brool-s, Susan Zweig, Julie Pererson, Colleen Corbin, Sue DeLong, Liesiel Benner, Sherry McNaughr, Amy Seiferr, Robin Shomer, Rosie Airman, Liz Goedeck, Deb Lehman, Deb Walrenmire, Chris Moeller, Tim Ferguson, Row 0: Amy Smirh, Carolyn Kern, Joe Banner, Scorr Brool-s, Colleen Simpson, Peggy Brooks, Kyle Wydryck, Ed Holrenhoff, Corhy Fick; Row 4: Karen Kmzie, Sreve Polonus, Doug Travor, Bill Yarer, PJ O ' Conner, Eric Siler, Jon Wenger, Dave McFalls, Mike Werry, Rich Smirh Brethren Student Fellowship Row 1: Jon Wenger, Delia Dlberr, Carolyn Dosharr Row 2: Sarah Collier, Sharon Ulnch, Jennifer Luebbe, Jonarhan Shivley 144 Occuporionol Therapy Club Row 1: Kelly Dergsrresser, Melanie Ferroro, Derh Myer, Susan Hudock, Gracy Colangelo, Jill Davis, Decky Darrles, Chris Weber, Con Lees, Joserre Merkel, Michelle Lennon, Row 2: Susan Zweig, Chris Zielmski, Hearher Connor, Gwen Holmsrrom, Porri Salimena, Arlynn Polsky, Jodi Reiner, Krisren Diagi, Krisri Lederer, Jackie Goslin, Amy Gorlewski, Row 3: Lynne Singer, Mary Edmondson, Andrea Clark, Row 4: Monica Felix, Leslie Levison, Derh Scroggins, Lisa Carter, Jodi Frirz, Stephanie Norwensky, Parry Tisdole, Dorcy Coelln, Mary Alhage, Melissa Mosesso, Row 5: Parry Ludwig, Mane Laughlin, Sharon Walker, Carlo D ' Agosrmo, Amy Seifrir, Dense Waller, Karen Cocklin, Colleen Marrimore, Chris Hunsinger, Louro Dly, Laura Dear, Janice Vick, Michelle Dryson, Juliann LaMarra, Row 6: Trocey Pepo, Robin Dencker, Sracey Weaver, Karhy Lardear. Danielle Lerriere, Debi Sandford, Joy Pepmeier. Monica Perrick, Morde Lebowitz, Krisrie Parren 145 Executive Board of APB Row 1: Down DeAngelus, Chris Finley. Eric Miller, Joy Masrers, Rich Duggan Row 2: Derh Scroggins, Deverly Soper, Dove McKelvy, Kelly Kopp. Row 3: Krisren Oiogi, Andy Soger (odvisor) Freshman Student Senate Officers Mike Denmark, vice-presidenr; Koren Drorino, President, Srephonie Swanso, Treasurer, Kelly Dergsrresser, secrerory 146 Clubs : ■• i • ■9 » Junior Closs Officers Kristin Rowland, president Elizabeth MaKovitch, secretary, Greg Vannucci, treasurer, Mike Lorelli, vice president Freshman Representatives Amanda Weaver, Dana Laricks, Wendy Bluerr C Lbs 147 I- t The Erownion is produced by a hard working group of srudenrs. The highlight of rheir production was rhe much rallied abour and well done " April Fools " edirion. Co-Edirors-in-Chief; Micheal J. Lorelli ond J Scorr Dovies Conrenr Edirors News — Koren Neidig Feorures — Andrew Koufmon Tino Delo (missing) Sporrs — Doug Dryonr wa Oubs - Adverrising Circulorion, Susan Faarz Ken Myers John O ' Brien Loyour and Copy Chris Messier Lisa Arosreh Kecio Plorr Qubs 149 Conesrogon Editorial Staff Row 1: Megan McLonohon, Lynn Buchanan, Kim Reed, Tim Wallis, Row 2: Lisa Wilson, Parry Coyle, Jeannerre Marrin, Kim Reigle. Bow 3: Dridger P.ommal, (Editor-in-Chief) Maria Brodnick. Staff Members How 1: Jenny Wolboch, Jenny Block, Tony Heorh, Korhy Duchon, Stephanie Peterson, Amy Oeomer, Sow 2: Barbara Biehl, Nedo Sane, Row 3: Mike Denmark, Doug Thomos, Kim Patton 150 Qobs .. " «ajv Volunteer Club Row 1: Chris Hunsinger, Amy Seifnr, Peggy Drools, presidenr, Row 2: Michelle Mehrlan, Gwen Holsrrom, Michelle Musselman, Tammy McDonald, Kendra Deaven, Row 3: Jonna Brosoous, Kim Parron, Rosie Airman, Karen CocMin, Morgarer Dorolin, Corie Lees, Kelly Birmingham Student Senate Officers Greg Vannucci, Treasurer, Krisnn Gursky, presidenr; Harrier M ixson, secrerary, John Snader, vice presidenr Clubs 151 The Marketing Club Row 1: Kevin Marvel — Presidenr, Srephanie Thomas — Secrerary, Holly Snyder, Mike Lorelli — Treasurer Row 2: Julie McDermorr — Public Relations. Donnie Veider — Vice Presidenr, Cindv Wilev Row 3: Laurie Bell — Public Relations, Pere Swenki, How 4: Dave Lenbarr, Dona Marin, Sreve Yinger, Professor Drew Hill Row 5: Ron Lambo, Mike Prarzner Society for the Advancement of Management (SAM) Row 1: Tim Walls, Lisa Droadbenr, Hallie Harold, Sue Warnirsky, Hanh Tieu, Elyse Braxron Row 2: Neda Soric, Vidi Dujmovie, Mary Dova, Erin Smirh, Becky Derry, Jodi Seiberr, Tracy Duryea, Krisra Fosching, Liso Boron, Lisa Srover, Lois Muller. Row 3: Bob Lirrle, Jim Jones, Edward Holrenhuff, Mr Munsron, Sreve Hougelman, Loune Bell The History Club 152 Clubs • t» ft Senior Special 153 V P GRADUATION 1987 154 Senof Speool On May 16, 1987 or 230, 281 srudenrs earned rheir degrees. John R,. Coleman, spoke giving rhe graduores some words of wisdom while family and friends garhered oround ro wirness rhis special evenr. Ir was a joyous event of accomplishmenr, yer sorrow lingered or rhe rhoughr of leaving friends and memories behind. Yer ir is now rime ro move inro rhe ranks of rhe alumni and build new dreams and memories Senior Special 155 156 Senior Speool I SlftftfWn. - ,-,.•• • - ' i • ■ ■• i »» Senior Speciol 157 3 -Cue 1 As you reoch graduation you reflect on rhe past four years. Remember rhe Freshman walk — so many srrange faces! How abour rhe wild freshman orienrarions? Things have changed alor in rhose four years . . . and so have you. V tf %3 »— - v 158 Senior Speool ■ ..vv- aarvv " Senior Special 159 160 Senior Special „ Senior Special 161 l!l»iU!IKi ■ 160 Varsity Soccer Row 1: Vmnie DePinro, Scorr Raverr, Dave Schreffler, Jim Derry, Shannon Perry, Marr Saia, Will Malaresra, Dnan Diezel Row 2: Ed Pfieffer, Pere Lengle, Ray Fowler, Mike Wes, Chr Dove, Shone Zimmermon, Todd Wenger, Lyndon Engle, Sreve Paulo Row 3: Skip Roderick (coach), Mack Ford, Roger Dunkleberger, Takyi Morgan, Paul DePinro, Seon MacKenzx Mike Prarzner, Scorr Drown, Doug Colondro, Kevin MacKenzie, Phil Good (assisranr cooch), Dove Jones, ' . Season Results Etown Oppon« 2 Wesr Chester 3 5 Millersville 2 Kurzrown 1 1 Colorado 1 Delaware 1 5 Juniara 2 1 Gerrysburg Scranron 2 3 Franklin Marshall 2 1 Haverford 2 2 Dickenson 1 Trenron 1 Wilkes 5 5 2 Salisbury Susquehanna Messiah 1 7 4 1 Albnghr Lycoming Glassboro 164 Soccer 5 £ Soccer 155 • Varsity Field Hockey 166 Sports WW " . - Row 1: Judy Dobcock, Korhy Dziedzic, Susanna Shue, Cheryl Chorles Row 2: Ellen Kandravy, Monica Esh, Meighan O ' Moro, Teresa Moars, Rebecca Ronge Row ' 3: Coach Reber, Michelle Fisher, Ann Durnerre, Shene Adie, Tory Weinhold, Louro West, Donnie Doir, Coach Kouffman I The varsiry hockey ream had a fanrasric season. Losing only in rhe | final parr of rhe season rhey made us all proud. Season Results )WN Opp orient 6 Haverford 3 Wilkes 2 Messiah Easr Srroudsburg 5 Moravian 5 Widener 1 5 Shippensburg 4 Dickenson 4 Lebanon Valley 1 3 Swarrhmore 2 3 Scranron 1 1 Franklin Marshall 7 York 1 Millersville 4 Albrighr 1 1 Frosrburg 2 Lynchburg 3 Wesr Maryland 1 1 Gerrysburg 2 Salisbury NCAA Champions 3 Sports 167 I ' Varsity Cross Country The Cross Counrry ream had ir ' s besr season since rhe ream resrarred five years ago. The men won six meers and finished rhe season ar a very respecrable 13rh our of 24. Women Etown 28 15 15 47 50 47 48 48 20 31 47 48 48 50 Season Results Wilkes King ' s Scranron Juniara Messiah Albrighr Juniara Dickenson Wesrern Maryland Lebanon Volley Moravian Albrighr Ursinus Messiah MAC CHAMPIONSHIP MEET 12rh Opponent 27 50 50 15 15 16 15 15 39 24 15 15 15 15 ■ lifflPHPj 168 Cross Counrry Vv • Row 1: Duone Hosier, Jeff Fronquer, Joe Puleo, Dill Dender (co-coprain), Ed Chance, Dale Luy Row 1: Sherice Young, Dersy Douglas, Pam Irish, Aimee Vanisko Row 3: Eric Chelsius, Drad Sarnn, Doug Baker, John Domblesky, Mike Denmark, Bob Warson. Season Results Men Etown Oppc 02 King ' s 20 20 Wilkes 41 50 Susquehanna 15 24 Scranron 00 20 Juniara 09 45 Messiah 18 28 Albrighr 27 20 Juniara 09 41 Messiah 19 27 Dickenson Dickenson Invirarional 12rh 28 34 Swarrhmore 21 20 Western Maryland 26 50 Franklin b Morchall 15 00 Lebanon Valley 25 03 Moravian 22 03 Albrighr 22 46 Ursinus MAC CHAMPIONSHIP MEET 15 Sporrs 169 Women ' s Volleyball Wirh a perfect season rhe Jaygals ser a college record for victories. They broke inro rhe rop 20 in rhe national ranking for rhe firsr rime and make rhe narional roumamenr. Shari Harrman, Corhy Lees, and Jill Dowser all made rhe record books. Row 1t Lisa Droodbenr, Lucy Ivahnenko, Lisa Harding, Shan Harrmen, Darcy Hall Row 2: Karhy Calnon, Kim Tebbs, Derh Warner, Suzanne Hebbeff, JiH Dowser, Manager Maureen Heelan Row 3: Coach Dill Helm, Lisa Paganelli, Deena Gift, Vanessa Firz, Carhy Lees, Melissa Davis, Assisranr Coach Dorb Shenk 170 Spons i ■ . ' } ■ 3 3 3 3 2 2 2 2 2 3 Season Results Scronron Muhlenberg Bloomsburg Shippensburg Moravian Allenrown Lebanon Valley Kurzrown Rosemonr F M MAC CHAMPIONSHIP NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP Spom T71 ' - I .1 T72 Sports • Swimming The swim ream hod a fine year. Their spirit shown rhrough as rhey represented Erown. Several of rhe ream members mode rhe rrip ro rhe MACs rhis year. Because rhe scores of rhe meers are unavailable we were nor able ro prinr rhem, bur we would like ro congrarulare rhe ream anyway NOTE FROM THE CAPTAIN: " To all rhe people who helped and support- ed rhe swimming ream, I rhank you; and ro all rhe members rhar sruck ir our from Seprember ro March, I praise you. Wirh Rusry Owens ar rhe helm, we have made a denr. Ler rhe future provide furrher develop- menr and winning seasons. I deparr wirh rhe confi- dence rhar rhe Elizaberhtown Swimming ream will continue the spirit and adventure that carried us rhroughour rhe 1986-87 season. WRM Sow 1: Joe Puleo, Eric Albnghr, Joe Weisser, Dill Dender, Row 2: Julie Phillips. Sharon Ulrich, Kim Novosor, Diane Miller, Undo Roberrson, Liz Goedke Row 3: Rusty Owens Cooch, Jon Yosr, Andy Ourk, Ed Halrenhoff, Missing: Chuck McDanolds, Dave Furrow Sporrs 173 Wrestling The 1986-87 wrestling season was successful in numerous ways. The ream posred irs firsr winning season since 1981-82 wirh an impressive 12-8 re- cord. Oursranding ream efforrs nor only on rhe mars, bur also in dedicarion and supporr for each orher. The ream was represenred by seven members ar rhe MAC ' s. Porricipanrs included Jeff Franquer (142), Dave McHoul (150), Dan Scaricaciorroli (167), Andrew " Do " Domenrre (177), Jeff Forrer (118), Tim Gerber (126), and Dino Delviscio (134). Forrer, Gerber, and Delviscio all placed in rheir respecrive weight classes. Delviscio was un- successful in defending his rifle, bur caprured a respectable 5rh, finishing his college career wirh a record of 78-14. Row 1: Doug Wells, Denn DrucK Dino Delviscio, Steve Capoten, Tim Gerber. Jeff Forrer, Row 2: Cooch Ken Ober, Jeff Franquer. Dove McHoul. Sreve Pe- rerson, Andrew Dommenrre. Dan Scaricaciorroli. Assisronr Coach Kurr Anderson 174 Sports ' « " . ' j • ■ n fm ' m ' .» lv 4 2F HHH IH H jjtojf b Ml v «♦ r EC : Season Results v 30 John Hopkins o 12 23 Getty sburg 18 28 Moravian 22 19 York 27 40 Albright 6 21 Swarrhmore 27 18 Glassboro 35 16 Wesrern Maryland 39 12 Ursinus 37 34 Susquehanna 18 27 Messiah 15 18 Lycoming 32 31 Juniara 21 4 Delaware Valley 45 33 Muhlenberg 22 18 Scranron 33 40 Juniara 18 36 Widner 18 38 Lebanon Valley 20 43 Daprisr Bible 6 iporrs 175 ■ Women ' s Basketball The women ' s baskerball ream had another grear season. Losing only ro Scranron rhe women had a near perfect season. Each game was filled wirh exciremenr, even ar rhe end rhe Jaygals wenr down only afrer purring up a good fighr. Elaine Dalaban made rhe 1000 poinr club on rhe reams way ro rhe rop. 1 . ■ ' • il , : pjUPHlB cterh Row 1- Mono Pioli, Michelle Swonrner, Ann Melville, Caproin Elome Dolobon, Coproin Trino Geiser, Kim Cohill, Lori Lobb Row 2: Assisranr Coach Dill Horn, Porn Oakes, Pam Doreler, Kothy Enderle, Nancy Keene, Moryberh Cochran, Coach Yvonne Kauffman EC 74 67 81 78 78 91 76 75 57 70 72 79 72 70 80 62 89 73 69 78 49 83 98 82 75 Season Results Moravian Dickinson Spring Garden Juniara College Messiah Susquehanna F M Moravian Trenron Srare Gerrysburg Albrighr Lycoming Kean Wilkes Dickinson Susquehanna Messiah Juniara Immaculara Widner Scranron Wilkes Lycoming Western Maryland Kings MAC CHAMPIONSHIP Opp 66 59 79 42 50 65 68 61 38 51 54 63 64 58 57 49 64 48 49 37 66 65 52 69 58 Sporrs 177 MnHHmn Mens Basketball The men ' s basketball season was full of exciremenr rhis year. Sreve Swope broke rhe all rime scoring record and Nare Webber hir his 1000rh poinr The men showed rhe spirir of Erown and represented us well » t 178 Sporrs I • - ■ Row 1: Cooch Don Smith, Joe Dempsey, Sreve Swope — Coproin, Nore Webber — Coproin, Gregg Rodgers, Aoron Dlonding, Monoger Joe Whirmore Row 2: Kenn Voiron, Jeff Mason, Mike Bunnick, Jorrod Renninger, Drenr Drugler, Jim Hepfer, John Decker Missing: Assisronr Coach Gory Miller Season Results EC 79 Millersville 65 Albright 70 Shippensburg 66 Juniara 70 Albighr 58 Susquehanna 76 Delaware 80 York 53 Widner 81 Moravian 62 F M 88 Gettysburg 69 Lycoming 79 Messiah 74 Wilkes 58 Albright 88 Susquehanna 79 Messiah 79 Juniata 72 FDUMadison 92 Lebanon Valley 75 Drew 63 Scronron 96 King ' s 102 Lycoming 98 King ' s 68 Scranron OPP 88 54 75 64 76 52 97 77 55 77 63 80 67 67 85 67 67 78 71 79 75 72 90 82 73 92 81 ■■ ■■■■H Sports - ' - Women ' s Softball Row 1: Kendro Deoven, Bonnie Bar, Tory Weinhold, Coach Barbara Shenk, Shen Adie. Melodee Dixon, Ellen Weber F.ow 2: Karhy Enderle Kim Cohill, Koren Barclay, Lori Lobb, Linda Johnson, Korhy Crowley, Carhy Lees, Kelley Cnmmms, Gabnelle Hull Row 3: Kmberly Fies, Jocque Coldwell. Kim O ' Brien, Karen Vanucci, Tammy McDonald, Jill Loshnowsky Season Results Team Game 1 Game Dloomfield 6-2 — Lemoyne 6-0 5-2 Juniara 7-1 4-3 York 7-0 — F M 7-2 — Western Maryland 8-1 13-0 Wilkes 3-1 4-1 Lebanon Valley 10-0 — Gerrysburg 3-1 0-2 Susquehanna 10-0 5-0 Messiah 5-2 5-0 Albnghr 11-3 — Scranron 40 7-1 Glassboro 1-0 0-1 Dickinson 6-5 — Millersville 4-1 2-3 MAC PLAYOFFS 160 Sports • ' -■ m The women ' s sofrball ream had yer onorher great season. Wirh an oursranding overall record of 25-3 rhey wenr on ro rhe MAC playoffs. Afrer bearing Delaware in rhe firsr round of play rhe ream losr a hearrbreaher ro Muhlenberg. This year seven players were named ro rhe MAC All Srar Team. - » •! Sports 181 • Men ' s Baseball The Jays ended rhe season wirh a winning record of 24- 17 Afrer a slow srarr rhe guys gor on track ro finish rhe season wirh a fine showing J % ( MJM | ♦ Row 1 : Tony Zoio, Mark Clork. Mike Gore, Dill Walsh. Todd Wenaer, Mike Munho Sow 2: Jim Grossman, Will Nichols, Mork Lonzone, Scorr McNaney Mort Aylword, Dorrel Jusrh, Jeff Dlevms Row 3: Tim Kulbocki, Jim McGonigle, Dove Dimng. Dnan Thompson, Poul Dipmo, John Corew, Drod Hassnger. Chrs Ruck Row 4: Coach Roger Hall. Dill Chorrerron. Jim Diondolillo, Wayne Underkoffler. Monoger Qvsrme Weber. Monoger Michele Moon. Assistant Cooch Ned Smirh 182 Sporrs ■ N . 5eo5on Results Team Game 1 Game 2 The Ciradel 0-3 Baprisr Bible 0-8 3-4 Millersville 6-5 41 Anderson College 1-6 Washington College 8-11 Colombia University 4-5 0-6 r Cose Western 11-2 Shippensburg 2-18 - Gerrysburg 10-3 r« Ursinus 12-8 Muhlenberg 18-6 7-2 1 1 York College 6-1 2-3 { Alverna 13-4 m SUNY-Binghamron 0-6 11-1 Susquehanna 1-10 18-6 Jt; F M 13-7 | Messiah 3-2 5-4 Albrighr 3-6 0-2 PSU-Harrisburg 8-5 Lebanon 9-10 University of Scronron 12-3 9-8 Dickinson 11-0 11-5 Juniara 7-6 85 Upsala 2-3 Gome 3 1-2 11-2 Sporrs 180 Tennis EC 9 6 1 2 9 4 2 6 3 1 9 4 6 184 Row 1: Jamie Smirh, Kim Sharp, Karhy Asman, Karhy Marrell, Lisa Dradlee, Row 2: Coach Dob Schorr, Brooke Dlair, Anna Maria Chiacchio, Elizoberh Kiani, Caprain Lee Ann Van Houren, Wendy Dluerr Women ' s Results Opp Lycoming Widner 2 Gettysburg 8 F 6 M 7 William 6 Mary Susquehanna 5 Johns Hopkins 7 Juniara 3 Dickinson 6 Muhlenberg 8 York Millersville 5 Scranron 3 Sporrs ; . %h Sports Honors Cross Country DILL BENDER: MAC All Academic Team, Coach ' s MVP AIMEE VANI5KO Coach ' s MVP Soccer SHANNON PERRY: MAC MVP, MAC Firsr Team, PA NJ Del Region Firsr Team, Coach ' s MVP SCOTT DROWN MAC Firsr Team JIM DERRY MAC Honorable Mennor PA NJ-Del Region Honorable Mention VINNIE DEPINTO MAC Honorable Mennon SCOn RAVERT MAC Honorable Mennon TODD WENGER: MAC All Academic Teom Field Hockey DONNIE DAIR MAC Firsr Team, Firsr Team All-Region, Firsr Teom All American LAURA WEST: MAC Firsr Team, Firsr Team All-Region, Firsr Team AH American, Coach s MVP VIERRI ADIE: MAC Firsr Team, Honorable Mention All Region TORY VEINHOLD MAC Firsr Team Volleyball CATHY LEES MAC First Team Fall Mens Basketball STEVE SWOPE MAC MVP, MAC Firsr Team. All Disrncr firsr Teom, Third Team Nanonol Assoc of Daskerball Coaches, All American, Cooch ' s MVP Women ' s Daskerball ELAINE DALADAN MAC First Team MICHELLE SWANTER MAC Firsr Teom ANN MELVILLE Coach ' s MVP Wresrling DINO DELVISCIO Coach ' s MVP Swimming DILL DENDER MAC All Academic Teom ■SHARON ULRKH MAC All Academic Team JOE WEISSER: Coocr s MVP JULIE PHILIPS: MAC 100 Meret Freesryle Champion, Coach ' s MVP Winrer BASEBALL MAC All Stars: 1sr Team MARK CLARK PAUL DEPir. DRAD HASSINGER WILL NICOLLS 2nd Team MIKE GORE MATT AYLWARD MKE GORE — Coc SOFTBALL MAC All Slots: ' .. KIM I lOOD DOME [ •■ ' tY CROVLr • K- • WtNHOLD WOMEN S TENNIS MEN S TENNIS Spring MAC All Academic Teo I ADC .LE..CXXON RRIE ADC — Cooct 166 Sports - 187 r» Freshman Orientation On Augusr 30, 1986, rhe class of 1990 arrived ar Elizaberhrown College ro rake parr in Frosh Orienrarion The freshman began wirh rhe fun- filled chore of moving in. This rask was followed by group sessions, new games, and rhe rradi- rional Progressive Hike. The highlighr of rhe weekend arrived when rhe srudenrs parricipar- ed in a Candlelight Inducrion Ceremony. This weekend helped ro inrroduce and bring rhe Class of 1990 rogerher, ro make rhem aware of rheir fellow class members as individuals. Ir was a weekend of happiness, sadness, work, and fun rhar no one will soon forger. 188 Special Evenrs ; P ' 1 QJ IIUHR ' if ' . v r £wt 9 U B E ■1 fj| I r ■ W jJ $81 b 5» 3 w ' Br ' B b 1 1 H . « 1 " ' VI J ' Homecoming 1986 Homecoming, sponsored by rhe Srudenr Senore, wos held rhe weekend of October 16rh ro rhe 18rh. Friday began Homecoming week wirh a huge bonfire and pep rally behind rhe soccer field. Saturday was a day of fun as rhe midway provided games, crafrs and a variety of foods for students, family and friends ro enjoy. Alumni could also be found wandering here and there enjoying rhe festivities. Jonathon Miller spoke about comedy afrer rhe Alumni Awards were presenred. Hearher Drubaker, was crowned queen during an exciting soccer gome against Salisbury in which rhe Blue Jays won by a score of 5-0. The day was topped off with a special dinner in Thompson Gym Special Evenrs 191 I ' I I 192 Special Events I Speool Evenrs 193 I Halloween ar Elizaberhrown College showed rrue spirir. Srudenrs dressed up for rhe day and arrended class in inreresring and unusual cos- rumes. The fun continued rhar nighr with rhe Haunred House and conrinued inro rhe nexr day wirh a rrip ro Indian Echo Caverns. The following nighr srudenrs parricipared in a conresr for rhe besr cosrume. Trichs-an-rrears abounded as everyone enjoyed a " gouling " weekend. I ' n Berlin Fever Hirs E-rown! On Sorurdoy, November 22, 1986 or 8 p.m. rhe lights dimmed in Thompson Gym and rhe group rhe Rainmakers poured in followed by rhe much awaired arrival of Berlin. Berlin held rhe audience spellbound wirh rheir display of lighrs, sound, music, and rhe overall enthusiasm of rhe band. During rhe concerr rhe audience was bewildered by rhe appearance of fog-like clouds of smoke illuminated by mulri-colored lighrs coming from behind rhe srage. In rhe eyes of rhe srudenr volunteers rhe members of Berlin were seen as real people. The crowd was enrhusiasric during rhe whole concerr, bur was especially rouched by Terri ' s dedicarion of a song ro a friend who was a drug addicr. During rhe hour and a half rhar Berlin played rime seemed ro srand still, when rhey were through rhey were asked ro come back for rhree consecurive encores The exciremenr srill lingers due ro rhe anriciparion creared on Sarurday evening 1% Speool Eveors Holiday Dinners The Holiday dinners rhis year gave everyone o chance ro dress up and celebrare wirh rheir friends ar rhose special rimes during rhe year. Thanksgiving dinner was a sir-down affair wirh rhe professors serving rhe srudenrs. Sanra arrived early ro arrend rhe Chrisrmas Dinner. A buffer dinner of seafood and roasr beef were jusr rwo of rhe numerous apperizing dishes offered. The smiling faces and good rimes were enjoyed by one and all. SpeOal Evenrs 197 I Nighr Worch The fall rhearer presenrarion was " Nighr Warch. " The audience was rreared ro a show of complex suspense. The players led rhose warching ro a predicroble end only ro find rhar rhey hod been fooled rhe enrire rime! 198 Speoal Events , - Special Evenrs 199 . Junior Senior Weekend The Junior Senior dinner dance was held or rhe Treadway in Lancaster. Those arrending enjoyed a delicious buffer dinner served in rhe Treadway courr yard. Afrer dinner was finished everyone danced ro rhe music of rhe Tlamin ' Caucasions " and " New World. " The evening was filled with fun for all. The parries, dancing, and good food provided all wirh a nighr rhar will nor soon be forgorren. 200 Special Events ' l Speool Evenrs 201 mmtmmm Theme Weekends Theme weekends ore a big parr of rhe social scene. This pasr year rhe dorms joined rogerher ro bring us even berrer acriviries. The dorms of Dnnser and Royer gor rogerher ro sponsor rhe Valenrines Sweerhearr weekend. This weekend included rhe " Nearly Wed " game and a special dinner wirh lobsrer rails. Founders and Schlosser joined in presenring rhe " Anyrhing Goes " weekend. This weekend we were greered wirh mixed up meals and a lip sine conresr. Ober glowed green as rhe emerald casrle during rheir Wizard of Oz weekend and Myer again sponsored rhe " Snowball. " 202 Speool Events 1 ■ ■ Special Evenrs 203 I 204 Special Evenrs P " BJ B H H - ■ ,. ' I ■ Hvlf jHp%9 3 ; 1 Spedol Evenrs 205 Your Special Events Each semester holds many special evenrs. Nor only rhose organized by APD and orher organizarions, bur also rhose special rimes rhar come jusr by being wirh close friends. The Conesrogan has pur rogerher a secrion rhar will hold some of rhese evenrs in rhe memories of all. (•ft ©•«• IW HNlMl.. „ti«itW MlMUU II1MHIH 206 Special Evenrs . ; u - Special Evenrs 207 208 Speool Events - ' : ■ ■«. Special Events 209 210 Speool Events ■ . H» - Special Evenrs 211 • H KmHHHH TGI5 TGIS weekend provided everyone wirh relief from rhe rropic. We hod o beach parry which was held in rhe AA! As well as orher spring evenrs such as rhe WET ' n WILD games. The dinner was held in rhe gym, where we were rreared ro dinner done Hawaiian sryle. As dusk fell, on Sarurday, rhe crowds garhered for rhe fireworks display rhar delighred rhe enrire com- muniry. 212 Special Evenrs ■ • ■ l ca m ■ ! •y ' IK ' 214 Speool Events : , . ' ■ .. ■ . ' . ■ ;« ' . — " % • . Special Evenrs 215 Spring Musical DO! I DO! I DO! I DO! was a spring musical rhar will nor soon be forgorren Despire problems rhar arose wirh rhe direcror, rhe show wenr on The casr was mode up of only rwo players. Jodi Weigel played Agnes and Erik Enrers porrrayed Agnes ' husband Mi- chael 216 Snprml F «rtr Coffee Houses Coffee houses ore held severol rimes o year. These " coffee houses " ore held in rhe Joy ' s Nesr and provide o relaxed evening worching performances by come- dians, musicians, and orher ralenrs. Speool Evenrs 217 V THE HONOR CODE By: Srephen Hunr During rhe foil semester, Campus Forum sponsored o discussion on rhe Honor Code berween faculty members and students There had been a question raised by rhe adminisrrarion concerning rhe implementation of an Honor Code at Elizabethtown College The opinions were enlightening, dynamic, and sometimes emotional. The college community took it seriously. The main criticism of the Honor Code was thar it would be extremely difficult to enforce. Society, afterall, is on rhe defensive. It assumes we will cheat and steal. Detection devices in banks and airports and even libraries will bear witness to this. They are, just as crirics of rhe Honor Code would say abour procrored exams, to protect the honest majority from rhe dishonest few Dut the college is a community, as well as o service organizarion. Ir exists to give to those who want to learn. Therefore it ought to be on the OFFENSIVE promoting truth, characrer development, and right behavior The small college community does not need to be on the defensive. And if the strongest argument against the Honor Code is enforcement, it is actually an echo of the defensive attitude of the society at large. Trear people with honor and rhe mature masses will act honorably. Others would indeed stop cheating with the removal of the " challenge " or " coolness " of cheating. The few cheaters who for their own reasons must cheat, would be few in this community and will be weeded out in due time by their own inconsistent achievement and peer pressure. Doth pro and con were heard at rhe Forum, and rhe wheels of Honor Code implemenrarion have for rhe most parr stopped. So, the outcome of the discussion was obviously a majoriry opposirion to an Honor Code at Elizabethtown College. But what does that really say abour rhe com- muniry here at Elizabethtown? Honor Codes have been in affect for decades in some schools with much success and some schools, such as this one have done withour for equally as long Which system is righr? s 218 -,. 5 . 1 . 31 • - . [ 219 f, , Patrons Jesse and Norma Bacon Mr and Mrs. James Kercher, Jr. Alvera Dlanding Mr and Mrs. Perer L. Kern Mr and Mrs. F C Brodnick Par and Frank Kulbacki Mr ond Mrs. R. Dryson Bonnie ond Michael Mcelligorr Dubnis Family Mr, and Mrs. W. Srephen Meloy Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Durch Mr. and Mrs. Vmcenr Merzel Mr. and Mrs Frank Cahill Dr and Mrs. Harold Miller C. Kim Cahill Richard Monroe Keirh Cahill Will Nicolls Albert J. Chupela Dr and Mrs. Ronald Philipp Manerra Chupela Mr and Mrs. Kennerh O. Reed Ken and Yvonne Depoe Kimberly Berh Reed Clemenr F. Ellis Shelly Lynn Rogora Priscilla R Ellis Oresre L. Rogora Ann Marie Fanrini Mr and Mrs. Jeffrey L Roller Viro F. Fanrini Sharon and Benjamin Roy Edward J. Fasching Mary Ellen and Byron E Srahl Margarer L. Fasching Mr and Mrs. Thomas Srringas and Cindy Derh Flynn Mr and Mrs. Ronald J. Swonrner Dr and Mrs Roberr Francomano and Family Amodeo E. Srone Gallanr Labs, Inc. Shelby J Srone Mr, and Mrs. James E Gingrich Vallinino Fomily Golden Thimble Fabric Srore — Elkland, PA Mr and Mrs. Williom D. Walters John Judy Gorlewski Henry and Wonda Weber Mrs. Peggy L. Groff Mr and Mrs. Thomas E Wenzel Mr and Mrs. James H. Grossman, Sr Gerry. Geni, Fred, Bobby Wixson Mr and Mrs. Theodore A Jarrerr Alberr W. Woodman Mr. Frank J. Kearney, Jr. Joyce Woodman Mrs Frank J. Kearney, Jr ' 220 I 1 4r v MUELLER ' S FLOWER SHOP 55 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Phone: 367-1581 FLOWERS WITH QUALITY, BEAUTY AND ARRANGEMENT BOB ' S FLOWERS 39 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17032 Phone: 367-2211 Sautfc Martin Menswear Fashions for Men and Young Men Since 1895 Center Square Elizabethtown Harrisburg East Mall Lancaster Center (fc V ' % SINCE HM center Square ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 - w li 367-1261 The Theater Alrernorive See a grear movie or home ronighr! Hours — Doily 9 am-9 pm Sar. 9 am-9 pm Sun. Noon-5 pm. Your full service video srore % % 4 221 MEMORIES Go for ir Michelle! Sracy — Good Luck wirh your srudies. We miss you and love you. Love, Mom, Den, Jadi and Dixon. Congratulations, Karhy. Desr wishes for a happy future. Love, Dad and Mom. Aaron — Two down — Two to go! Good Luck. Mom Congratulations 1986 Varsity and Junior Varsity Soccer Teams. — Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DePinto Carl, Thanks for oil your support, Love Becky. Congratulations Joey! I Love You! Yours, DR. It ' s all done Ann Marie! Yeah! Luv ya Bridget Suzette, Let ' s play antlers. Karen, Thanks for two great years! Good Luck in England! Luv, your Roomie. Gary, 9-9-89! 1-4-3! Bye Lindy — I ' ll miss you a bunch!!! Love, Sherry-Berry DW MH IW WC WJV — WONNABERRY LIVES!! — BERALDO Thanks to my Markie I made ir through 4 years I MG. Lynn and Lia and Bridget Thanks for a great Senior Year! Good Luck Next Year. Love Ya Ann Marie Happy to be stuck w u! M I love you, Lynnie! — Mel HRS — For the support, and for the love — Thanks! Joyce Rover Staff - Some can give it, some can take it, and some just don ' t get it! Thanks! Joyce .1 Parri, Special thanks! Good luck! Coyores — Thanx for a grear 4 Ann Keep WM FZ in hearr al- Love ya, Donno yrs 1 I ' ll miss yo — Derh ways D. t a j i ' 1 1 1 1 1 4 4 J J i C y v MI11II! ■ U ■ ■ I Hey Lock — Keep Dockin ' good TD — You ' re rhe inspirorion! luck! Love, Wonna Love always Derh Thanks Slimbones!! Sheri and Marsha Thank you — Love, Gabrielle Thanks ro one DKH for all rhe love. To my friends DF, KS, Love always. Mom, Pop, Uncle Dill, We made ir! Thanks for everyrhing Lisa, you ' re grear! Dersy Sherri, You ' re a grear roommare! Love ya! Dersy 2ALLTHONGS, HUA LUVS U Drar, 12:15, and 1:30 — procrasri- narion forever! M.O. R Perverr xoxoxo Desr wishes for rhe class of 1988 — Ger ready for nexr year! — J. Jones Love is forever! Suez, Desr of luck love you Dana Kristin Desr of luck Dana L. ■ si £ - , 1 » V Milsy — Dec will be here soon! Good Luck! Luv Yakris To rhe gang on Fds. A-3: you ' re rhe besr. Sray in rouch! — Love Michelle Ross — You ' re incredible! Thanks for being rhe way you are. I love yo u more rhan I can say. Love Jen May Peace De With You Always ' N.M., G.C., D.S., Thank you for a grear Senior Year! I ' ll miss you J.I.H.s Love ya Drar Eric, Joe, Sue — Thanks for being my friend — God Dless you and Good Luck! Love Deb Ken - And I You! Deena Kenny — For Now . . . Deeeena To the old Schlosser 3W Gang: I ' m gonna miss you guys — Take Care — Love always LT Tammy D. I ' ll miss u! — Gin LM — Nicarry 11 3 85 Thanx for ralk ' in. PS. — " I was wondering when you were going ro do rhar " . — DP, Wannabeary shoveoff HI 1 2 Queerballs Love Lindy Thanks Elizabetha! Buddy — Thanks for bringing me such happiness. How abour we rurn anorher page of rhe novel? Love always — Smudge Mel Thanks for always being rhere UP rhe besr. L Orchard, Thanks for rhe memo- ries! Fred Gorra warch rhe Fallopians! Orchard hares Fred!! " Wrong you fail!!! " Love ya Elroy — Sis Hey DEW - I Love You! I ' ll always love you. It ' s finally here! Oct. 3, Thanks Mom and Dad. 1987! Love Lar Elyse The raisins, rhe raid, rhe strip The microwave, rhe chort rhe memories. The Orcharc — Elyse Glo-worm still sez ur far bi very glad he mer u! Krisra Bok-Dok we did ir! Tangueray Forever!! V m ' ■

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