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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1986 Edition, Cover

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REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY ■ Conestogan 1986 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Volume XXXV Kathy Stadler Editor Bridget Rommal Assistant Editor 2l f C MEMORIAL MWt ELIZA1 FT! KW il§ ELIZABEi WMlENNfc I Table of Contents Opening Seniors . ♦ ♦ ♦•♦♦••♦♦•♦•••••♦ Underclassmen ....IS ..68 Faculty H8 Sports 138 v Ulv ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ f r Special Events . . . ...196 « ♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦♦ » v • 4 The limes of your life. H - I W iZABgtin ii! £ WELCOMES ALUMNT L- t 6 The limes of your life. . ! ,.- ■■ • • • ' m km - - L " f r iitt 1 5 ' • -1. j -4 JTjBfc - 8 The times of your life. •• a The times of your life. 9 - 10 The limes of your life , ' " ■■: ; ' . m The times of your life. 13 - " ■ ' ' ' . ' ' ■■ ' C: ' - ' ' " " 14 The times of your life. ' »- ' - ■ p The times of your life. 15 16 The rimes of your life. The times of your life. 17 Today is not yesterday; we ourselves change; how can our Works and Thoughts, if they are always to be the fittest, contin- ue always the same? Change, indeed, is painful; yet ever needful; and if Memory have its force and worth, so also has Hope. Thomas Carlyle 18 ' ' ; - . ' -» f m Showing up is 80 percent of life. — Woody Allen Seniors Jill Abood Computer Science BIS Christine Achenbach Occupational Therapy Steven Adams Political Science Joseph Albanese Chemistry Margaret Alberti Social Work Aleli Almario Psychology John Aman Business Admin. Marketing 20 Abood Aman I I -• Jeffery Bair Accounting Wesley Baker Political Science Christopher Baldrige Business Marketing Randi Baldwin Music Education Randall Bankert Business Administration Julia Bannister Biology Anderson-Bannister 21 ' : ' ' - " ' . ' • ' •:• ' ■ ' ' ' . - Stephanie Barto Communications Public Relations Elizabeth Bauer Communications Michael Beaver Business Administration Joel Bechtel Communications Betsy Bender Communications Amy Benner Elementary Education Robin Bittenbender Pamela Blake Daniel Blunck Occupational Therapy Music Education Computer Science BIS 23 Barto-Blunck • Jeffery Boyle History Carol Brecht Business Admin. Management Linda Brecht Communications Booth-Brecht 23 j Katy Brown Elementary Education Michael Bruno Marketing Teresa Bubnis Biology Chemistry Rhonda Burke Damian Burnside Bonnie Burrell Social Work Marketing General Science Biology 24 Brown Burrell i .. : Douglas Campbell English Bonnie Carew Communications Jacqueline Carson Biology Wendy Cazort Early Childhood Elementary Education Kathryn Charles Math Kathryn Cheeks Ringgold Early Childhood Education Michael Childers Marketing ' 1N Peter Christ Elementary Education Robert Christ Communications Elizabeth Connelly Social Work Christine Coppa Psychology Judith Corona Biology - •» »• • . • Patricia Costa Elementary Education Nancy Cottrell Elementary Education Dave Cressman Management John Cromer Accounting Uaudine Crooks Music Charles Crumling Biology Michele D ' Andrea Business Administration Jill Dahmer Business Admin. Marketing Cynthia Paub Business Administration Costa-Daub 27 ■ Annette Davis Occupational Therapy Sandy DeCarlo Business Administration Diane Dillon Accounting Linda DuBois Marketing Brian Dye Marketing Dawn Eaby Balcom Occupational Therapy Elizabeth EaslwoodZeigler English Charles Ebersole Business Administration Thomas Edgley Biology J8 Davis-Edgley • • Uaudette Evans Elementary Education Joan Everett Computer Science Douglas Farley Business Administration Engle-Farley 29 Laura Fecile Accounting Jay Ferris Management Marketing Kristen Fink Elementary Education Donald Fitzkee Sociology Angela Fogle Occupational Therapy Susan Follert Early Childhood Education Elizabeth Pauenheimer Occupational Therapy James FOKMIUHI Chemistry 10 Fecile Foresman , |1 « ,w Keith Foxe Political Science April Frusher Music Therapy Jo Anne Funk Social Work Lisa Gafgen MacMain Elementary Education Ingrid Gaither Communications Sally Garber Political Science Fox-Garber 31 Daniel Garner Accounting Randall Garner Business Administration Peter Gialloreto Communications Music Kevin Glass Accounting Shira Goldman Psychology i Susan Good Elizabeth Granruth Richard Gregory Business Management Communications History n Garner-Gregory ' mi m Michael Hahn Computer Science Keith Hall Business Administration Vivian Hann Business Marketing Hackenberger-Hann 33 i ■ Donald Haughton Economics Robert Hedrick Computer Science Kay Ann Heltzel Occupational Therapy Marjorie Henise Steven High fcllen Hoffman Business Management Business Occupational Theraps 34 Harrison-Hoffman I VW " . [ HoH Lisa Hoffman Occupational Therapy r V Robin Idler Elementary Education •v- John Hosier Business Administration Gerry Jacobs Social Work Karen Hubler Business Education Laurie Jacoby Elementary Education Patricia Johnson Chemistry Med Tech Judy Judd Occupational Therapy David June Computer Science BIS Patrick Kane Computer Science Susan Karaffa Occupational Therap ■ m John Kennedy Computer Science Robin Kilpatrick Business Accounting Jennifer Klein Early Childhood Education David Klinger Business Administration Daniel Kohler Management Pamela Koontz Occupational Therapy Patti- Jeanne Kramer Communications Beth Kreider Communications Pamela Kroninger Computer Science BIS Kennedy-Kroninger 37 • Kelly Krumenacker Business Marketing David Krupa Math Duane Kuhn Political Science Tanja Kyle Computer Science BIS Carl LaMastra Accounting Jennifer Lachnicht Political Science Kimberly Lease Communications John Lesniewski English Kimberiy Levitskv Communications 38 Krumenacker-Levitsky ' - Maxann Lord Business Education Margaret Lorenzen Music Therapy Doreen Lowder-Wallen Computer Science BIS Lindner-Lowder Wallen 39 ■ Teresa Lunz Occupational Therapy Steven Macdonald Business Administration Scott Mackenzie Management Karen MacNeel Management Communications William Mack Computer Science Alida Mantz Business Admin. Economics Jean Mark Business Admin Marketing 40 Lunz Mark Beth Martin Psychology Kathleen Martin Psychology William Matson Politica l Science Lori Mattei Business Administration Richard McAllister Business Admin. Management John McDonnell Business Admin. Management Marlatt-McDonnell 41 • I Gerard McHale Communications Kathleen McKenna Business Admin. Business Education Paul McMurtrie Business Administration Rob McMurlrie Business Administration Laura Mertikas Biology Jane Meyer Political Science Kay Miller Sociology Mariann Miller Business Admin. Personnel Management Theodore Miller Business Admin. Computer Science 42 McHale Miller i • • ■ Sylvia Moot Music Therapy Music Education Daniel Morris Communications Ruth Moyer Elementary Education Monteith — Moyer 43 ■ ■ David Newcomer Business Administration Brian Nicklaus Business Admin. Management Rosemary Nissely Computer Science BIS Deborah Noonan Biology Maria Pantano Occupational Therapy Michael Parker Accounting 4-1 Murtagh Parker - y ■ David Parry Communications Suzanne Patton Occupational Therapy Lisa Pearce Social Work Douglas Peters Business Administration Lisa Phillips Occupational Therapy Frederick Phillipy Accounting Lynda Piekarski Business Marketing i i Thomas Pifer Business Administration Susan Pretto Accounting Jeffrey Price Biology Mary Race Business Admin. Marketing - - ■ ■1 ! 1 Janet Rayeur Business Admin. Finance Eric Reber Physics Dianna Reed English Joanne Reeser Communications Beverly Reeves Early Childhood Education Michelle Regn Computer Science Vincent Reigle Joann Rentz David Richard Accounting Occupational Therapy Biology Rayeur-Richard 47 Stephen Roberto Business Administration Constance Rodgers Business Management Lori Romano Accounting Cynthia Sagolla Music Therapy Music Education Nancy Scaff Computer Science Business Larry Scheurich Computer Science Jack Schlottman Communications Cindy Schrader Business Management Kim Schropp Religion PhHotOph) 48 Roberto-Schropp ' ., ,,.w -H liflPW ' u . ' - ' ; ' ■ .-• Mark Shade Louann Sheaffer Susan Sidler Communications Sociology Anthropology Business Administration Schwaru-Sidler 49 Susan Sikes Social Work Daniel Smith Chemistry Physics Susan Smith Occupational Therapy Susan Smith Elementary Education Glenda Smith Computer Science Math Richard Souders Business Administration 1 Mi John Spangler English 50 Sikes-Spangler ■ Kathleen Stadler Occupational Therapy Denise Stark Occupational Therapy John Steinbach Business Marketing Lynda Stone fclementary Education Todd Stonesifer Accounting Lynda Swan Music Therapy Speitel-Swan 51 • t Scott Sweren Business Kenneth Sylvia Business Economics Lynne Taroski Biology Dawn Thomas Occupational Therapy Sharon Tushup Computer Science Sunday Umaru Sociology James Van Metre Amy Van Saun Susan Van Street History Psychology Chemistry Med Tech 52 Sweren-VanStreet • • ' ■«- m %. - «- Debra Walker Brian Walter Joan Weaver Business Administration Economics Finance Accounting Waddell-Weaver 53 I V Lonnie Wehry Business Education Dennine Weissert Communications Carol Welsh Social Work Rose Wenger Social Work Jay Wiedeman Business Steven Williamson Political Science Lisa Willing Biology 54 Wehry - Willing J " Jane Wilson History Paul Wilson Biology Jennifer Winters Music Therapy Michelle Woodbury Occupational Therapy Frank Workman History Karen Wrona Chemistry Med Tech 4 »• « , - ' Bonnie Youngblood Business Marketing Laura Youngcourt Elementary Education Robert Zackowski English Robyn Zenger Elementary Education Christopher Zercher Accounting Bruce Zimmerman History - • . IS Senior Directory JILL LOIS ABOOD 900 Endicott Ave. Cinnaminson. NJ 08077 Computer Science Club, DPMA. SAM, Lacrosse Club. Outdoor Club. Tour Guide. Big Brother Big Sister " Tomorrow is a path I ' ve yet to choose. it ' s a chance I ' ve yet to take. a friend I ' ve yet to make. it ' s all the talent I have yet to use. Tomorrow is a dream that leads me onward. always just a step ahead of me . . . it ' s the joy I ' ve yet to know. the love I ' ve yet to show, for it ' s the person I ' ve yet to be. " CHRISTINE L. ACHENBACH 247 Walnut Street Lemoyne. PA 17043 English Club. Occupational Therapy Club, Out- door Club. R.A. ' 84- ' 85, P.C. ' 83- ' 84. Intramural Volleyball " Words cannot express the love and apprecia- tion I feel towards faculty and staff (esp. in the OT dept.) who have directly and indirectly made an impact on my life, both personally and profes- sionally. A special thanks goes to my family and friends (and a special family who falls in be- tweenl) who were there for me always. My future plans are to practice OT and perhaps to continue my education while leading a full and satisfying life. " STEVEN J. ADAMS 14 Apple Street RD 3 Annville, PA 17003 SAPA. Republican Club JOSEPH A. ALBANESE 7030 Remington Court Unit SI0I Woodbridge. IL 60517 SAACS. Student Senate. Intramural Softball. Jays Nest Student Manager, Alpha Annex Switch- board " Let me leave you with one thought: Nothing is waste that makes a memory. " — N. Rorem My future plans are to attend the University of Delaware to hopefully be awarded a PhD in chem- istry. MARGARET E. ALBERTI 240 S. View Drive Delran, NJ 08075 Social Work Club. R.A. " My future plans include graduate school work, Mike, and PD. Thanks E-Town. " ALELI ESTREILA ALMARIO 229 Westover Drive Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 SAM. International Club. Psychology Club. PSI CHI Honor Society. Photography Club. Brethren Col- leges Abroad. England JOHN k. AMAN. JR. RDsl Box 395 Chadds Ford. PA I93r Ober Dorm Council. Intramural Sports. " The Rose Garden, one hot spot. Is the floor still standing? Miss you tons and tons this year B.J. Thanks for all the memories E-Town. Anywayll " SUSAN L. ANDERSON 317 Spalding Road Wilmington, DE 19803 JEFFREY SCOTT BAIR 157 W. High Street Elizabethiown. PA P022 Accounting « Finance Club WESLEY BAKER Box 40RD3I Martinsburg. PA 16662 Republican Club. SAPA. Resident Hall Central Committee, Pi Sigma Alpha CHRISTOPHER W. BALDRIGE 3218 Oxford Or. S Allentown. PA 18104 Swim Team. Student Senate. Central Dorm Coun- cil. Campus Life Council. Brinser Dorm Council. Homecoming Committee. STEP. Grease ' RANDI LYN BALDWIN 239 Chestnut Valley Drive Dovlestown. PA 18901 MENC. SUP. Campus Fellowship. Education Club. Chorale. Orchestra. Choral Union " Music thould kindle the dcvine Name in the hu man heart. I intend to start applying for teaching jobs and will be gelling married in August. 1986 RANDALL DEAN BANkERT 308 Oak Lane Gettysburg. PA 17325 SAM. Soccer. Ober Dorm Council JULIA A. BANNISTER 2101 Kline Street Lebanon, PA 17042 Biology Club. Softball Team, Outdoor Club " My future plans are to work in environmental studies. " STEPHANIE LYNN BARTO 1346 Barrowdale Road Rydal. PA 19046 Photography Club. Founders Dorm Council. Intra- murals. Society for the Advancement and Moti- vation of Late Graduates. Chess Club. Squash Club. Lake Placida Canoe Club ELIZABETH ANN BAUER 1459 Clover Road Camp Hill, PA 17011 Freshman Class Vice-Pres.. Etownian News Edi- tor. WWEC. APB. WICI MICHAEL K. BEAVER 27 Amy Street Sunbury. PA 17801 Varsity Basketball. Accounting S Finance Club JOEL A. BECHTEL 234 Roosevelt Ave. Boonton. NJ 07005 Ober Dorm Council. Central Dorm Council. TV Club. WWEC, WWEC TV. Communications Dept. Chairman ' s Advisory Committee " Thanks for the years I ' ve enjoyed and a future I can look forward to. " BETSY ANN BENDER 203 Drum Ave., South Pasadena. MD 21122 WWEC. Conestogan, WICI. SCJ, History Club. Ph. Alpha Theta. Moving Images Talk of the Towns. IABC. Varsity Tennis Team " These have been the best of times. These have been the worst of times. I ' ll never forget you B.S.. L.H.. J.E.. L.J., and T.L. " AMY LYNNE BENNER RD»2 Box 150-G Cochranville. PA 19330 S.T.E.P.. Etownian Co-Editor-in-Chief " I would like to teach for a few years, and then perhaps go into administration. " " My four years here at Elizabethtown have been years of growth. I will always look back on them with great fondness. Thanks to all of the friends and mentors that have helped me along the way " ROBIN M. BITTENBENDER 1702 Patricia Court Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Occupational Therapy Club, APB, S.T.E.P., Cones- togan, Peer Counselor. Junior Class Executive. " E-Town has provided me with an opportunity to grow and to make many lasting friendships and memories. Thank You to everyone who has made it possible. " " Long live the Gable Gits of 86 " PAMELA JAN BLAKE 1904 Fairview Ave. Easton. PA 18042 Alpha Mu. M.E. N.C., Chorole. Intramural Volley- ball. Concert Band. DANIEL S. BLUNCK I2P Lakewood Road Manasquan. NJ 08736 Student Senate. RA. Ober Dorm Council JANE E. BOOTH 17 Crestwood Drive Chatham. NJ 07928 APB. Sam Club. Founders Dorm Council. Account Ing Finance Club, Senior Class Executive Com- mittee. " My memories ol Green Gables and E-Town will always remind me of the special friendships thai I have had. Good Luck to everyone! " CYNTHIA M. BOWERS 14 Mylin Avenue Willow Street. PA T584 Sam. Delphi Society. APB. Accounting Finance Club. Student Senate. JEFFREY D. BOYLt 1501 Nissley Road landisville. PA T538 Scuba. History Club. APB. Peer Counseling. Circle K CAROL V BRLCHT 401 Ryers Ave Cheltenham. PA 19012 Intramural Softball Volleyball. Swim Team, Peer Counselor. " Thanks to all the great friends I have made at E- town. " LINDA A. BRECHT 22 Frog Hollow Rd. Churchville. PA 18966 Class Officers — Fr. So, £ Jr.. WICI. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Delphi Society, Alpha Psi Omega. SCJ. Sock n ' Buskin. Men ' s Basketball Statistician. Manager JAMES E. BROWN 812 Newhall Road kennett Sq.. PA 19348 KATY PORTER BROWN 158 Ancon Ave. Pelham. NY 10803 Cross Country. Volunteer Club. Brethren Col- leges Abroad. England. Campus Fellowship MICHAEL D. BRUNO 56 Treaty Dr. Wayne, PA 19087 TERESA M. BUBNIS 625 Williamsburg Rd. Lansdale. PA 19446 Diving Team. Chemistry Club. Biology Club. Out- door Club RHONDA J. BURKE 43 Eastwood Drive Verona. NY 13478 " REMEMBER " Spirit of the Lounge: Burp : Tire; Vinnie I. Vinnie IL Slob Week; Clowni Magnet. It ' s Time; Love Triangle. Sunset to Sunrise ( Jeepi Speedyj Chicken; Ketchup; Indoor Precipitation; R.R.. T.H.. Chest Shot, Calif. Thunder Alley and Plate. DAMIAN BURNSIDE " PIGMY " 4050 Farm Dr. York. PA 17402 Basketball. Show Band. Library Aide. Party Club Member of Six Pack Q.A. Club, Dean Show Fan Club " Life Ambition: Never live more than 30 feet from a bar. " BONNIE BURRELL RR3 Box 405 Glen Gardner, NJ 08826 Biology Club, Dorm Council DOUGLAS MALCOLM CAMPBELL 91 South President Ave. Lancaster. PA 17603 Vice President of Campus Forum. Advocates For Peace. International Student Club, Co-President of English Club BONNIE LEE CAREW 10 Red Oak Dr. Ocean View. NJ 08230 Marketing Club. WWEC. Elowman, Mens Basket ball Statistician Future Plans: " To go into Public Relation, be suc- cessful and very happy. " JACQUELINE J. CARSON 605 Park St. Waynesboro. PA T268 Swim Team. Cross Country Team Manager. Con cen Choir. Brethren Student Fellowship — Cabi- net. Peer Counselor, Freshman Orientation Staff. Biology Club. Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society WENDY SU2ETTE CAZORT 103 Mananville Rd. Aston. PA 19014 Education Club. Circle K. Tutoring Center kATHRYN SUSAN CHARLES 3 Jenkins Dr. Downingiown. PA 19335 Peer Counselor. Maih Club. Computer Science Club. Intramural Soccer. BCA to England. Dorm Council. Yearbook sports editor. Tutor. Math As ■tftint. My future plans arc to go to graduate school tor engineering ' KATHRYN CHEEKS RINGGOLD 5663 Derby Ct. s»04 Alexandria. VA 22311 MICHAEL CHILDERS ? Greenvicw Drive West Dover. DE 19901 PETER J CHRIST 126 " Miller Road Pottsiown. PA 19464 Basketball. Intramural 58 ROBERT B. CHRIST 54 Perennial Lane Willingboro. NJ 08046 Varsity Baseball. Wrestling. Founders Dorm Council. Central Committee, Etownian Opinions Editor, WWEC Programming Director, Disc Jockey, Conestogan. Concerned Students on the Near Left " I came. I saw, I wish I could do it again. " " Thank you Mom and Dad and thank you God. " " My aspirations include a career in broadcasting, the pursuit of happiness and the meaning of life. " ELIZABETH M. CONNELLY 160 Parkview Road Stratford. NJ 08084 Social Work Club — Vice President, Women ' s Varsity Field Hockey. Alcohol Awareness Club — Treasurer. Intramurals, Banquet Manager. GREGORY L. COONEY 41 Dunvegan Road Baltimore. MD 21228 Newman Club, Concert Choir, Concert Band. Choral. APB Senate Fireworks Chairman. MENC, Alpha MU, Alpha PSY. Campus Theater. CHRISTINE LOUISE COPPA 1918 Shore Road Linwood, NJ 08221 Peer Counselor. R.A.. Psychology Club, English Club. BCA 1985. Campus Theatre. " My future plans include attending graduate school for coun- seling psychology. " JUDITH A. CORONA 34 Kohomo Ave. Erial. NJ 08081 Senior Class Sec. R.A.. " GREASE " . Conestogan, Etownian. Biology Club. " HARVEY " , APB PATRICIA M. COSTA 34 Sherwood Road Kenilworth. NJ 07033 Education Club. SAM. Intramural Soccer " Memo- ries of Etown will always bring to mind special friends and friendships. " NANCY COTTRELL 25 Livingston Drive Trenton. NJ 08619 Senior Class Treas., Education Club DAVE CRESSMAN X East Union Street Richlandtown, PA 18955 Tennis Team. Intramurals JOHN DAVID CROMER 621 Country Club Road York. PA 17403 Accounting Finance Club. R.A. CLAUDINE P. CROOKS 274 Garry Drive New Britain, CT 06052 Orchestra. Campus Fellowship. Choral Union, S.T.E.P.. Concert Choir. M.E.N.C. BCA — Eng- land, Chorale. CHARLES LEE CRUMLING 176 Prospect Street Hellam. PA 17406 Biology Club. Pre-Health Professions Club. Alpha Lambda Delta MICHELE ARLENE D ' ANDREA 4 " ?0 Diamond Spring Road Denville. NJ 07834 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club " Always remember the great times on 2-West and all the crazy things we all did! Thanks everyone, for a fantas- tic college career. " JILL ALWAYNE DAHMER 5 N. Jackson Ave. Wenonah, NJ 08090 Marketing Club. SAM. Brethren College Abroad — England. CYNTHIA ELIZABETH DAUB 140 Elm Ave. Hershey. PA 17033 SAM Club. Etownian — Ad Manager ANNETTE LYNN DAVIS 125 Cambridge Rd king of Prussia. PA 19406 Etownian. Conestogan, Swim Team. Pi Theta tp silon, Occupational Therapy Club. Intramurals. Peer Counselor. " Gables Gits and honorary member. CB You are " OSM " ! The memories wilt never fade and true friendships will last forever! Best of luck to the class of ' 86 — look out world, here we come! Mom and Dadi I could not have done it without you — 1 Love youl " Future Plans: " My future plans are to do and be the best I can, and find my niche in life! " SANDY DE CARLO 1415 Boyer Blvd. Nornstown, PA 19401 Marketing Club, Dorm Council, SAM, Yearbook Staff. Volunteer ' s Club " It was the best of times. It was the worst of times — but we made it and the memories will be with us forever. A special thanx to my family and friends who stood by me — I Love you! " DIANE J. DILLON 3 Prospect Avenue Burlington. NJ 08016 Accounting Finance Club, Cheerleadmg. Society of Collegiate Journalists, Yearbook Staff. Resi- dent Assistant, APB. Dorm Council Intramural Sports, SAM " To be successful in the business worldl " LINDA M. DUBOIS 47 East Pine St. Audubon. NJ 08106 American Marketing Association Marketing Club. SAM, Photography Club BRIAN DYE 1148 Wisteria Drive Malvern, PA 19355 DAWN EABY (BALCOM) 1775 Eden Rd. Lancaster. PA 17601 ELIZABETH P. EASTWOOD-Z1EGLER 3745 Jonas Drive Landisville. PA 17538 International Club. English Club. Etownian, Breth- ren College Abroad — England. Future Plans: " Grad School, to go on Safari. " CHARLES W. EBERSOLE 226 W. Walnut St. Souderton. PA 18964 APB, Central Dorm Council. Founders Dorm Council. Chairman — Big Brother — Big Sister Program. THOMAS E. EDGLEY 23 Nichols Rd Pompton Plains. NJ 07444 Alpha Lambda Delta. Delphi Society, Student Sen- ate. Biology Club, Scuba Club. APB, Pre-Health Professional Club BECKY LENORE ENGLE Box 3A RDfll Bainbridge. PA 17502 Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Theta Epsilon. Dean ' s List. Who ' s Who in American Colleges Univer- sities, College Scholar, Concert Band, Chorale. Campus Fellowship, Occupational Therapy Club. " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum " ANDREW T. EVANS 2301 Oakwood Rd Harnsburg, PA 17104 Intramural Basketball. Football, Softball, Soccer. " Barney " . " Party at Bedrock. What Fire Alarm " CLAUDETTE ANN HARMAN EVANS 337 S. Market St. Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Education Club, Peer Counsling, Scuba Club. Fu- ture Plans: " I will be teaching elementary school in Pensacola Florida " JOAN EVERETT III Windcrest Drive Camillus. NY 13031 S.T.E.P., Campus Gold. Computer Science Club " I ' ll always remember my friends (LH. BS, BB. LJ. TL, RN. RBj and the great times we ' ve had with Starsky and Hutch, salads and white boatneck sweaters. I never would have made it without you guys, thanks. " DOUGLAS E. FARLEY 3131 Andrea Avenue Harnsburg, PA 17109 S.A.M. Club. Theatre Tech w Shelly. " Good luck to the good old boys or D-l. " LAURA ANN FEC1LE 4 Knoflwood Drive Sinking Spring. PA 1960S Accounting Club. S.A.M. Club. Modern Language Club. Alpha Lambda Delta " A very special thank you to three very Impor- tant people . . . Mom, Dad. and Kathleen. 1 could not have made u without you! " JAY PATRICK FERRIS 232 Hazelwood Avenue Middlesex. NJ 08846 KRISTfcN BETH FINK R.D.. ;3 Box 3268 Hamburg, PA 19526 Education Club President. Volunteer Club. Cam- pus Gold, Big Brother Big Sister Day, Choral Union. College Band. DONALD R. FITZKEE R.D.S6 Box 190 Manheim. PA 17545 Opinions Editor of Etownian, International Club, Concert Choir. Chorale, Collegians. ANGELA DARLENE FOGLE 7916 Worman ' s Mill Rd. Frederick. MD 21701 O.T. Club (Jr. Class Rep.. Refreshment Chairper- son, Update Editor), Concert Choir (Vice Pres., Librarian). Campus Fellowship, Brethren Student Fellowship (Newsletter Editor). Religious Life Committee. Religious Life Bulletin Board. Intra- mural Volleyball. " I plan to pursue a career in physical rehabilita- tion and maybe someday work towards a mas- ter ' s degree. " " A big thank you to Mom and Dad for giving me the opportunity to spend four years of my life learning and growing at Elizabethtown. " SUSAN ELIZABETH FOLLERT 33 Lake Ave. Montrose. PA 18801 Ed. Club. APB JAMES B. FORES MAN RD m Box 404 New Columbia. PA 17856 President — Student Senate, Corresponding Sec- retary — Delphi Society. SAACS. Alpha Lambda Delta — Secretary. STACEY FOX 387 Swimming River Road Tinton Falls, N.J. 07724 Sam Club V.F.. APB. Dorm Council. Banquet Man- ager, Student Assistant. Peer Counseling, S.TJr.P. " I will always remember the best of times with the best of friends I ' ve had here at E-town. Off to make my mark in the world — Gotta find my corner in the sky! " KEITH J. FOXE 25 W. 64 St. N.Y., N.Y. 10023 College Democrats; Sergeant at Arms. SAPA: Treasurer, Rugby Club. Intramurals. Campus Fo- rum, Etownian. Founders Club. " Tu recte vivis, si curas esse quod audis — " Hor- ace " Is it too early to order another Gimlet? " " I shall always remember the wild jazz nights at the Cot- ton Club and those frenzied parties at Mr. Ling ' s opium den. Seriously though, future plans include International travel, political office and world domination. APRIL LORRAINE FRUSHER Rt 5 Box 281 Hagerstown. MD. 21740 Circle K. Concert Choir. Alpha Mu (President?. Choral Union. M.E.N.C. JO ANNE FUNK 45 Brandt Blvd. Salunga. PA. 17538 Sociology Social Work Club. Psychology Club. Campus Fellowship, Volunteer at Lancaster Rape Aid and Prevention. " A special thanks to God for leading me here and pulling me through. Also to friends and instruc tors who helped me become a stronger, better person " " So many learning experiences bringing joy and pain, fun and challenges, struggles and growth, doubts and certainty. " " I will enjoy serving oth- ers with the skills and love thai I have to share. " LISA GAFGEN MAC MAIN 32IA Marshall St. Kennett Square PA. 19348 Secretary of Freshman. Sophomore, and Junior Classes. Resident Assistant INGRID GAITHER 83 6 Jacobs Rd. P.O. Box 344 Severn. MD 21144 f 5 m 59 SALLY J. GARBER 3652 Brisban St. Harrisburg. PA. I7III Society for the Advancement of Political Aware- ness, (Secretary. President), Big Brothers and Sisters, Alpha Psi Omega, Forensics. DANIEL T. GARNER 419 Hamilton Street Lancaster. PA. 17602 Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society (Treasurer). Delphi Honor Society. Commuter Council — (Vice-President ). Accounting Finance Club. So- ciety for the Advancement of Management. Newman Club " I plan to work in a Certified Public Accounting firm and attain my CPA. " RANDALL ERIC GARNER 41 Sunset Ave. Manheim. PA, 17545 President — Commuter Council. " Plan to pursue a career in advertising. " DAVID J. GERMANN 99 Austin Dr. Holland. PA. IS966 APB President, APB Film Chairman. Biology Club. Intramural Volleyball, Intramural Softball. Dining Hall Student Manager. " Get a job in field studies. Marry greatest girl in the world — Amy!! Live on a mountain. " " Was this really necessary? " PETER GIALLORETO 2330 West Chester Road Coatesvitle. PA 19320 Alpha Psi Omega — Pres.. Soek-n-Buskin — Pres.. Campus Theatre. Concert Choir. Concert Band. MENC. Jazz Band. STEP. Orchestra. WWEC. The Etownian, Forensics. Talent Show KEVIN M. GLASS 415 Kent Drive Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Accounting Club. Intramurals. Extern Program SHIRA GOLDMAN 122 Chapel Ave. Cherry Hill. NJ 08034 Psychology Club. Photography Club, Concepts of Hillel — Pres., Intramurals SUSAN E. GOOD 2029 William Penn Way Lancaster. PA 17601 SAM, Founder ' s Dorm Council. Student Senate. Scuba Club ELIZABETH C. GRANRUTH Box 427 RDK2 Woodbine Road Delia. PA 17314 Photography Club — V.P.. WICI. SAM. Moving Images, Conestogan " Thanks Mom and Dad. Aunt Betty and Uncle Tom. " RICHARD H. GREGORY 8 Canterbury Lane Westfield, NJ 07090 History Club. English Club. Literary Magazine, In- tramurals. Game Show Contestant HEIDI L. HACKENBERGER RDsl Box 241 Thompsontown. PA 17094 SAM, Women ' s Varsity Volleyball, STEP, Modern Language Club. Banquet Manager, Tutor. Intra- murals, APB. Volleyball Marathon " Live life to its fullest with a perpetual and contagious smile. " DIANE JILL HADLEY 37 Pmewood Drive Neptune. NJ 07753 Education Club — Treas.. APB MICHAEL R. HAHN 1059 Hillsdale Road Middletown. PA P05 Commuter Council. Computer Science Club KEITH D HALL 225 02 Il4ih Ave. Cambria Heights. NY 11-411 RA. Ober Dorm Council — Pres, SAM — Treas., Intramurals VIVIAN R. HANN 1904 Yardley Road .irdlcv. PA 19067 APB. Slage Crew, Intramurals. Outdoor Club DAVID E. HARRISON 1406 Regency Circle Harrisburg. PA I7ID Biology Club. Pre Health Professions " My future plans include medical school and h.ir piness Lite is like energy, don ' i wasie it. ' DONALD W. HAUGHTON 2611 Rose Valley Drive Ft. Washington. MD 20744 Scuba Club, Varsity Soccer R08ERT B. HEDRICK 667 S. Ridgeview Road Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Computer Science Club, Scuba Club. Captain and Coach of Men ' s Volleyball Club KAY ANN HELTZEL 110 Pipe Creek Road Linwood. MD 21764 OT Club — Jr. $ Sr. Co-chair. Brethren Student Fellowship, Deputation Team Coordinator. Cam- pus Fellowship. Commuter Bible Study Leader. Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, Pi Theta Ep- silon. College Scholar MARJORIE A. HENISE 311 Ridge Road Annville, PA 17003 SAM, Conestogan. Peer Counselor. Softball. Etow- nian STEVEN D. HIGH 1826 New Holland Pike Lancaster, PA 17601 Computer Science Club. Community Service with Elizabethtown Ambulance " My future plans include seeking a position in business administration relating to computer sci- ence or health science, " ELLEN MARY HOFFMAN 57 Richmond Ave. Patchogue. NY 11772 Women ' s Varsity Volleyball LISA KAY HOFFMAN 528 West Main Street Mt. Joy. PA 17552 Student Senale, Homecoming Coordinator, Aca- demic Council — Sec. Alcohol Awareness Club — Sec. Alcohol and Drug Peer Educator. Peer Counselor. APB. Tutor. Delphi Society. Alpha Lambda Delta. College Scholar. Pre-Health Pro- fessions. OT Club. Volunteer Club. Jr. § Sr. Class Execulive Committee " Thanks to Orchard for the GREATEST year ever! Because . . . it ' s my house and my color tvlf Ya know Ruth. I hate when that happens you know like when you take a cheese grater ... " JOHN CHARLES HOSIER 527 S. Middletown Road Media. PA 19063 SAM, Intramurals. Dorm Council. Caving Expedi- tion KAREN ELIZABETH HUBLER 1109 Linwood Ave. Collingswood. NJ 08108 Women ' s Varsity Softball. SAM. Marketing Club. Intramurals " Here ' s to good friends. 2-West. " The House " . Spring Break " 85. " ROBIN MARIE IDLER 1014 Hawthorne Lane Fort Washington. PA 19034 Swimming. Field Hockey. Founder ' s Dorm Coun- cil. Education Club, Intramurals. Homecoming Court. Conestogan, Society for the Advance- ment of Late Graduates. Lake Placida Canoe Club. Bird Watching Club GERRY JACOBS Dey Road RDs3 Cranbury. NJ 08512 Social Work Club — Pres.. RA. Field Hockey Thanks lo all those people who have made the past four years special Mom. Tom and Kevin, you ' re the Besil " LAURIE JACOBY Box 168 RDal Mohrsville. PA 19541 Education Club. STEP EDWARD S. JENKINS 348 East Green Street Naniicoke. PA 18634 Senior Class Pres.. Men ' s Volleyball PATRICIA JOHNSON 35 Blueberry Lane w Mlngboro. nj 08046 Pre Health Professions. Biology Club. APB JUDY MAE MOD 32 Delaware ve New Providence. M 07974 Concert Band. Brass Ensembles, Peer Counseling, Campus Fellowship, Admissions Tour Guide DAVID ALAN JUNE 17 Ichabod Lane Niantic CT 06357 Computer Science Club, APB. Peer Counselor, Brinser Dorm Council — Treas., Outdoor Club. RA Selection Committee PATRICK K. KANE 151 S. Spruce Street Birdsboro. PA 19508 Wrestling. Cross Country. Photography Club, Computer Science Club. Big Brother and Big Sis- ter SUSAN ANNE KARAFFA 481 Braddock Drive N. Huntingdon, PA 15642 Pre-Health Professions. Tutor. OT Club. APB. Campus Fellowship. Outdoor Club. STEP. Circle K. Jr. £ Sr. Class Executive Committees " Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain. We can ' t have all bright days but it ' s certainly true — there was never a day the sun didn ' t shine throughl " " Thanks to all my friends and especially to my sister and parents who have made my college years so bright! " JOHN F. KENNEDY " JFK " Berkshire Lane Apt. 512 Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Basketball " Destined to be a Yuppy " ROBIN LEA KILPATRICK RDS5 Box 126 East Strousburg, PA 18301 Conestogan. Alumni Phon-A-Thon. Dorm Council. Student Manager in Caf. Young Republicans, key stone Collegiate, Accounting Finance Club JENNIFER LEE KLEIN 206 Mt. Bradford Way West Chester. PA 19382 Education Club. Student Senate. SACC. STEP. Choral Union. Intramurals DAVID HARRISON KLINGER RD 4 Box 4072 Pousville, PA 17901 SAM — VP. College Republicans — Chief of Staff. Newman Club. SAPA Club. Student Forum. Intra- murals DANIEL J. KOHLER 1000 Woodview Lane West Chester. PA 19380 SAM — Public Relations Officer PAMELA KAY KOONTZ 167 Oberholtzer Road Elizabethtown. PA 17022 OT Club. ASCOTA Delegate. Alcohol Awareness Club. APB, Pre-Health Professions " Now Laur. Remember, when we go flying in our bus. watch out for the communist spy planes! " PATTI-JEANNE KRAMER 59 Fairmont Ave. Kingston. NY 12401 Concepts of Hillel. Royer Dorm Council. Blue Jay Mascot. WWEC. Etownian. Religious Life Cortv mittee, Ethiopian Action Team. SAPA BETH MARIE KREIDER 39 B. Main Street Annville. PA 17003 Marketing Club. Varsity Tennis. Basketball Coach at EAHS " My luture plans are lo work in the business field applying my communications skills " PAMELA L. KRONINGER RDsl Box II Mertziown. PA 19539 Computer Science Club. Pre Health Professions. STEP. Founder ' ! Dorm Council. Intramurals " If I should ever go away . close your eyes and try to feel the way we do today KELLY ANN KRUMENACKEK Lucas Road RP- 2 Phoenbtvtlt. PA 19460 SAM. Marketing Ckib. Photography Ckib DAVID ANTHONY KRUPA 24 E Jackson Street McAdoo. PA 1823 Math Club. Student Assistant in Math Dept III always remember the PARTY, the pleasure dc n«. the Garden 85 and Ron. Ernie and the boy 60 . , : .. . •» . ■ m •» Urn m DUANE P. KUHN RD I Box 58 Millford, PA 18337 Outdoor Club. Intramurals. Ober Dorm Council " Keep on shoolin ' WAHOO! " TANJA L. KYLE 220 Mount Joy Street Mount Joy. PA 17552 Campus Fellowship. Computer Science Club JENNIFER ANNE LACHNICHT 24 Thornhill Road Cherry Hill. NJ 08003 Swimming, Founder ' s Dorm Council. Student Sen- ate, Senior Class VP, Judicial Board. SAPA. Etow- nian — Photo Editor " My future plans include going to paralegal school, getting a job, being a success, and enjoy- ing life. Special thanks to my parents. Kar-bear. Baylou, HLR. Lo-Lo, and the zany B-2 crew, love you alll " CARL ALFONSO LAMASTRA SO Sycamore Road Clark, NJ 07066 SAM. Accounting Finance Club. Etownian — Business Manager. Search Committee for Ac- counting Professors. Brinser Dorm Council. Alco- hol Awareness, Outstanding RA. Head Resident. Intramurals. Drug and Alcohol Peer Educator " My future plans include a career in accounting. Thanks for all the support Morn. Dad. and Sis! " KIMBERLY ANN LEASE 114 Barrington Court Palmyra. PA 17078 RA. WWEC — - Operations Director, Disc Jockey. Student Engineer. Board of Directors, Supervisor. Treasurer, Society of Collegiate Journalists. WIG. Peer Counselor, Annual Fund Phone-A- Thon, Varsity Tennis Team. Dean ' s List of Honor Students, APB JOHN LESNIEWSKI 5265 Strathmore Drive Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Soccer, High St. Productions, Elizabethtown Ski Club " My future plans include turning professional. When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro- fessional. " KIMBERLY ANNE LEVITSKY 1007 E. Germantown Pike Norristown. PA 19401 ANDREA J. LINDNER 308 Glen Street Chambersburg. PA 17201 OT Club, STEP. Campus Fellowship, Peer Counsel- or, RA, Central Dorm Council, Intramurals " Hu- mana. Humana, Humana " WILLIAM K. LONGACRE 8 N. Jefferson Ave. Wenonah. NJ 08090 RA. Tennis Team. WWEC. SAM MAXANN LORD 108 South Second Street Denton, MD 21629 Royer Dorm Council MARGARET ELISE LOREN2EN 2080 Maple Street Wantagh. NY 11793 MENC, Alpha Mu. Concert Band — Pres. Little Boozers, STEP — Music Director. Outdoor Club. Dance Marathon. Choral Union " Music is the Universal Language of Mankind. I would like to get a masters in music education and work on Long Island as a teacher and organ- ist. " DOREEN LOWPER WALLEN 400 E. Cherry Street Apt. 6 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 TERESA A. LUNZ H.C.-I3 Box 140 WHIiamsport. PA 17701 OT Club. Pre-Health Professions. ACS. RA. Lab Assistant. Intramurals. Conestogan, Admissions Tour Guide, Drug and Alcohol Club. Student Sen- ate. Volunteer Club I " To all my friends and profs . Thank you for making these four years at E-town the best of my life. I have grown and developed in so many ways. Thanks for the sup- port you ' ve all given me. And a very special " thank you " to Mom and Dad who sacrificed so much of themselves to make this all possible for me. I love you Mom and Dad. " STEVEN JOHN MACDONALD 307 S. Orange Street Carlisle. PA 17013 Wrestling. Intramurals. Social Organizer " My future plans include working at MSZ Car- pets. " SCOTT W. MACKENZIE (CHAZ) 609 Wade Ave. Horsham. PA 19044 Show Band. Library Aid. Member of the Six Pack O.A. Club, Dean Shaw Fan Club " Life Ambition — To never live more than thirty feet away from a bar. " KAREN LOUISE MACNEEL 402 Lawnton Road Willow Grove. PA 19090 Concert Band, Jazz Band. PA Intercollegiate Band, SAM. Intramurals, APB — Special Events. Delphi Society — Treas., Distinguished Junior. College Scholar " I will always hold the memories of my friends, teachers, experiences, and a special person at Elizabethtown among my most precious thoughts. Thank you. together we created a spe- cial time of learning, loving, laughter and growth. Special thanks Mom and Dad for ALWAYS being there! To college ... to life! " WILLIAM J. MACK 68 Hoffman Road Ellington. CT 06029 RA. Photography Club — Pres.. Big Brother Big Sister. Conestogan — - Photo Editor. Computer Science Club " Love can always grow, but it never can be taken away. " ALIDA MANTZ 6030 Cherry Hill Road Harrisburg. PA I7III JEAN FAYE MARK 126 E. Main Street Mount Joy, PA 17552 Student Senate. Marketing Club. Commuter Council SUSAN L. MARLATT 75 Summer Street Hingham. MA 02043 SAM. Dorm Council. Psychology Club — Sec. " So many faces in and out of my life Some will last Some will just be now and then Life is a series of hellos and goodbyes I ' m afraid it ' s time for goodbye again " l3:Joel " To my special friends-. Thanks for sharing this mo- ment in my life. I ' ll see you at the Bellevue Strat- ford! " BETH ANNE MARTIN 652 E. Main Street Ephrata. PA 17522 Psychology Club. Modern Languages Club, Field Hockey, Concert Choir, STEP. Chorale, Alpha Lambda Delta, College Scholar. Brethren Student Fellowship KATHLEEN MARTIN (KITTY) RD 5 Box 444 Georgetown, DE 19947 Concert Band, APB. Circle k. Psychology Club. Campus Forum " Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip it ' s been. " — G.D. " My future plans include ex- ploring the ends of the earth and the recesses of the mind. " WILLIAM S. MATSON 5046 Erbs Bridge Road Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Swim Team, S APA, College Democrats — VP. Campus Forum. RA Selection Committee. APB " My future plans include going to graduate school In the Washington area and to be content with wherever life leads me. " LORI MATTEI 480 Vicki Drive Bridgewater, NJ OS807 Founder ' s Dorm Council. SAM. Cafeteria Student Manager. Tutor " Janet and Connie, thanx for four great years! Remember: lets go out — for a change, no sorry I have to work I! And ah. I ' ll clean it up tomorrow. Love Ya! " RICHARD E. MCALLISTER 8431 Discovery Blvd. Walkersville. MD 21798 Delphi Society — Pres., Accounting Finance Club — Pres.. SAM. Intramurals " My future plans include graduate school. " JOHN E. MCDONNELL 528 N. Irving Ave. Scranton, PA 18510 SAM. Marketing Club GfcRARD J. MCHALE 29 Fulton Street Pittston. PA 18640 Concert Band. Freshman Summer Orientation. APB. Volleyball Marathon, Dance Marathon. STEP, Etownian. Ober Dorm Council. WWEC " My future plans include relocating to the Lan- caster area and work for a large entertainment firm. Thanks E-town. I ' ll miss you all. " KATHLEEN MCkENNA RD» I Box 558 Dingmans Ferry, PA 18328 Field Hockey, Marketing Club. SAM. Education Club I would like to give my sincerest thanks to my parents and Laura. You have given me four years I will never forget. " PAUL WENRICH MCMURTRIE 149 Conestoga Boulevard Lancaster, PA 17602 Soccer Team. SAM ROBERT F. MCMURTRIE III 149 Conestoga Boulevard Lancaster. PA 17602 Varsity Soccer, Intramurals. Stage Crew LAURA ELLEN MERTIKAS 1201 Chestnut Ave. Ocean. NJ 07712 Alpha Lambda Delta. Biology Club. Pre-Health Professions Club. SAACS. Alcohol Awareness Club JANE EMILY MEYER 428 W. Maple Street Palmyra. PA. 17078 Women ' s Basketball — Captain. Founder ' s Dorm Council, Elizabethtown College Democrats — Secretary, SA PA. KAY ELAINE MILLER RD S2 Box 284 Newville. PA. 17241 MARIANN MILLER 76 Lazy Brook Acres RD »4 Tunkhannock. PA. 18657 Royer Dorm Council Treasurer and Representa- tive THEODORE WILLIAM MILLER JR. 113 Ruland Road Selden. NY. 11784 Outdoor Club WILLIAM M. MONTEITH JR. 4202 Ridge Drive Harrisburg. PA. 17109 Biology Club. Pre-Health Professions Club. Scuba Club " I ' d just like to say thank you to my friends and family for their support through the good as well as the bad. " " Jim and Bill Licht Beaux " " My future plans are. hopefully, medical school. " VALORIE MONVILLE MOSSBURG 217 A West Main Street Leola. PA. 17540 Alpha Kappa Delta SYLVIA ANN MOOT Box 206 Summit Summit. N.Y. 12175 Alpha Mu — Senior Chapter Representative. BCA. Concert Choir. Chorale, Campus Fellowship DANIEL P. MORRIS Lower State Road North Wales. PA. 19454 Varsity Baseball — Captain, Varsity Soccer, SAM Club. Video Club RUTH ANNE MOYER 525 Hilltop Road Myerstown. PA. 17067 Campus Fellowship. APB, Alcohol Peer Educator. Alcohol Awareness Club — President. Education Club — Secretary. Choral Union " Thanks to Orchard, for all the greatest memo- ries! Always remember. YOU LOOK MARVEL- OUS!! Thanks Mom and Dad for all your love and support the last four vears. Connie and Lisa, thanks for all those great times and never forget it ' s fun being a retard in the back seal ' HEIDI BRINTON MURTAGH RD«6 Valles Road West Chester. PA. 19382 Photography Club. SAM Club. Dorm Council. APB • .» DAVID LEE NEWCOMER 1179 Twin Lakes Drive Harrisburg, PA. I7III Computer Council — Treasurer. Computer Sci- ence Club BRIAN M. NICKLAUS 6 Springhouse Road Lancaster. PA. 17063 Outdoor Club. SAM Club ROSEMARY NISSLEY RD=3 Box 842 Mount Joy. PA 17552 Computer Science Club — VP. APB. Intramural Volleyball and Soccer. Concert Band " Thanks for all the great times Al. West. APT. NW. My future plans are to make the most with what I have! " DEBORAH ANN NOONAN II Manker Drive Florham Park. N.J. 07932 Biology Club. Pre-Health Professions Club " Fu- ture plans include Pharmacy. " MARIA CHRISTINE PANTANO 423 Corbin Road York. PA. 17403 Alpha Lambda Delta — President. OT Club — Class Rep.. POTA Rep.. Secretary. OT Newsletter Editor MICHAEL LAWRENCE PARKER 273 Schooner Road Manahawkin. N.J. 08050 Accounting Finance Club. Intramural Football. Basketball. Volleyball. Softball. " Hey Dude " . " Oh My God " DAVID PARRY 6129 Brookmont Drive Baltimore. MD. 21207 WWEC — Station Manager. Society of Collegiate Journalists — Treasurer. Swim Team — Diver SUZANNE PATTON 524 Skylark Drive Toms River. N.J. 08753 Cross Country and Swimming Captain. Baseball Statistician. OT Club. Inter-Varsity Campus Fel- lowship LISA JANE PEARCE 26 Shoemaker Street Forty Fort. PA. 18704 Social Work Club. Dorm Council. Central Dorm Council. Intramural Sports " Myer 2- West exper- iences; Come 2 the Wild West and Party!; B-3 late night dance parties; B-3 and 2-West camping trips; My strange and crazy love for D.B.; The big move off Campus to " The House " ; And most of all my friends, tesp. S.S.) " DOUGLAS PETERS 442 Park Ave. Berkeley Heights. NJ 07922 Varsity Soccer — Captain. SAM. Finance Ac- counting Club LISA MAE PHILLIPS 87 El Reno Ave. Nazareth. PA 18064 Occupational Therapy Club. Intramurals FREDERICK C PHILLIPY RD c2 Box 222 Bernvllle. PA 19506 Alpha Lambda Delta. SAM, Accounting Finance Club, intramural Volleyball LYNDA ANN PIEKARSKI 500 West Street Garwood. NJ 07027 SAM. Marketing Club. Intramural Soccer THOMAS H. PIFtR 4602 Coventry Road Harrisburg. PA 17109 Swim Team. RA SUSAN CAROL PRETTO 112 Pine Grove Road Berkeley Heights. NJ 0 " 922 APB. SAM. Accounting Club. Computer Science Club. Alpha Lambda Delta. Scuba Club 5m Friendship Fire Depl.. Campus Fellowship. RA JEFFREY J PRICE 309 Elhs Road Havertown. PA 19083 Intramurals. Biology Club. Pre Health Proles sions. College Democrats. Outdoor Club RICK PRICE 1139 Pheasant Drive Carlisle. PA 17013 JANET LYNN RAYEUR 202 Third Street Boiling Springs. PA 17007 Field Hockey. SAM. Accounting Finance Club. APB. Intramurals ERIC HYLTON REBER ICH Watercress Lane Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Concert Band. Jazz Band. STEP. " GREASE " . Soci- ety of Physics Students. Student Senate, Alpha Lambda Delta. Scuba Club. Clarinet Quartet, Pep Band. MENC DIANNA KAY REED 121 W. Hummelstown Street Elizabethtown. PA 17022 JOANNE C. REESER 627 Grantham Road Grantham. PA 17027 RA. WWEC — Station Manager. Concert Band. WICI. SCJ BEVERLY JUNE REEVES 2048 Fortune Road Glenside. PA 19038 Education Club. Intramural Volleyball " I plan to get married in August 1986 and teach in the Phila- delphia area. " MICHELLE ALEXIS REGN IS Poplar Street Ml. Holly. NJ 08060 Computer Science Club. STEP VINCENT REIGLE 750 S. Third Ave. Lebanon. PA 17042 JOANN M. RENTZ Box 84 Christiana. PA 17509 Occupational Therapy Club. Volleyball Team DAVID S. RICHARD. Ill 6 Canter Circle Newark. DE 19711 APB. Biology Club — Pres.. Scuba Club — Pres.. ACS. Lip Sync Contest " Can you pass the whojie? " " Good Luck to the men and friends of D-3 Basement! " STEPHEN SAMUEL ROBERTO 935 Bush Street Bridgeport, PA 19405 SAM. Accounting Finance Club. D-l Club. Intra- mural Basketball. Baseball — Captain CONSTANCE RODGERS 81 Green Lane RD HI Frazer. PA 19355 Marketing Club. APB — Exec. Board. SAM. Ex- ternship. Peer Counselor. Founders Dorm Council LORI ANN ROMANO 58 Grist Mill Drive Kings Park. NY 11754 Accounting Club. Marketing Club. SAM, APB. In- tramurals CYNTHIA LOUISE SAGOLLA 1456 Durham Road Penndel. PA 19047 College Community Orchestra Concertmistress. Varsity Cheerleading. Alpha Mu VP. Newman Club — VP. MENC. Religious Life Council. College String Ouintet. STEP Orchestra Mistress. Her shcy Symphony Orchestra " I plan to begin immediate graduate work in vio- lin perlormance and become a certified Om Kodalv specialist. " " Whenever God shuts a door, somewhere he opens a window. " NANCY ANN SCAFF Lees Hill Road RD hi Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 Computer Science Club. APB. Senior Class Execu- tive Committee. USVBAR Intramural Volleyball " Likes the beach, Maine, skiing and our farm Green Gables ' B6 — The best of friends! Thanks Mom and Dad. I will treasure these lour years. " I ARRY G SCHEURICH. JR. 102 Wheatland Park lane Lancaster. PA T602 Men ' s Volleyball Club Pres . Bnnser Dorm Council Pres.. Peer Counselor. Intramural oi Kaskclball. Softball. Soccer JOHN PATRICk SCHIOTTMAN 886 New York Aw hWttrlown, I ' A 18055 Varsity Basketball. RA. Etownian — Sports Edi- tor. WWEC — News and Sports Director CINDY L. SCHRADER RD =2 Box 81 Slatington. PA 18080 SAM Club KIMBERLY M. SCHROPP (KIM) 203 S. Fifth Street Lebanon. PA 17042 " ... am not like other birds of prey. " " I will treasure the friendships made while at school, both profs and colleagues. I ' ll miss good old Rider Hope Hall-Mecca for birds as well as musicians. Hope I get to India ' " MARGARET M. SCHWARTZ 9234 Moonfire Place Columbia. MD 21045 " College Memories: Halloweens. Hall Decorating and Rats. " TIMOTHY JOHN SEIFERT 2935 Stoney Creek Road Norristown. PA 19401 SAM, Accounting Finance Club. D-l Club. Intra- mural Football. Basketball MARK HANSON SHADE 901 N. Orange Shamokin. PA 17812 WWEC — DJ. Soph, and Jr. Class Pres.. Commu- nications Representative. Student Senate. Com- munications Department Chairman ' s Advisory Committee. Vince Fontaine — Musical; GREASE. Intramurals, Opera! ions Manager — WWEC. Pro- motions Director — WWEC LOUANN MARIE SHEAFFER 103 Third Street Liverpool. PA 17045 SAM. Scuba Club SUSAN J. SIDLER RD »2 Box 598 Danville. PA 17821 SAM. Marketing Club. Photography Club SUSAN EMILY SIKES 17 Wyn Court Frederick. MD 2I7CK Social Work Club — Chairman DANIEL A. SMITH 131 West Broad Street New Holland. PA 17557 Epsilon Theta Epsilon — Pres.. SACCS — V. Pres.. Soccer. Choir. Campus Fellowship GLENDA L. SMITH 371 E. Pitlsfield Street Pennsville. N.J. 08070 Photography Club — Treas.. Math Club — Secre- tary. Student Senate Representative. Computer Science Club. Society of Collegiate Journalists. Intramural Softball SUSAN LOUISE SMITH 16 Berkshire Drive Berkeley His.. N.J. 07922 R.A.. Peer Counselor. Education Club. BCA Eng- land 1985. Student Senate. Conestogan. Chorale. Volleyball Marathon Chairman SUSAN SMITH Box 640 Lackawack Hill Road Napanoch. NY. 12458 Occupational Therapy Club. Intramural Sports. Cross Country RICHARD J. SOUDERS 1230 Union Slreet Lancaster. PA T60I Founders Dorm Council. Republican Club Treas-. and Chairman. Student Security. Intra murals. SAM Club. Marketing Club. Accounting Finance Club JOHN SPANGLER 56 ' t- Hummelstown St. Elizabethtown. PA l " 022 MARK SPETTEI ' I? wilson Drue Lancaster. PA T603 SAM Club. Activities Planning Board KATHLEEN VtARII STADLER 647 N. Second Street Steelton. PA I7IH Occupational Thcrapi Club. Pre Health Profes sions. Conestogan EdltOf in Chief. APB Mv luture plans include becoming a registered therapist and hopelullv work in the field ot phv ical rehabilitation I wish to thank m parents tot .ill their emotional support throughout these past 62 1 •■m m -- four years. A special thanks to one GTV who has helped me keep my sanity. I will always remem- ber the special people of E-town and all we have shared. Please take care JA, SP. DF. and DB. " DENISE STARK I26 Neely Street Fair Oaks, PA I5003 Head Resident, RA, Occupational Therapy Club — Treas., Campus Gold — Treas.. Dorm Council Advisor " Thanks for the memories ... " JOHN STEINBACH 4I8 Ringneck Lane Lancaster, PA I76CK LYNDA GAIL. STONE MO " Edann Road Oreland. PA I9075 Education Club. Intramural Volleyball and Soft- ball. STEP " I plan to teach elementary school in this area. Thanks to atfmy friends who helped to make my four years here funl " TODD F. STONESIFER 30 College Ave. Chambersburg, PA 1 7201 SAM. Accounting Finance Club, Basketball, Soft- ball, Football LYNDA R. SWAN 43 Old Covered Bridge Road Newtown Square, PA 19073 Alpha Mu — Regional Rep., MENC. Concert Choir. Chorale. Talent Show, " You ' re A Good Man Char- lie Brown " , Dance Marathon " My future plans include spending some time abroad and then continuing my graduate educa- tion for a masters in occupational therapy. " " A bird does not sing because he has an answer, he sings because he has a song " — to my friends, thank you for giving me a song to sing — I ' m off to find my " corner of the sky. " SCOTT H. SWEREN 15 Pine Ridge Lane RD tfl Reading. PA 19607 Concepts of Hillel — Tras., International Club — Treas.. Jazz Band. Pops Band. STEP Pit Band. Computer Science Club, Outdoor Club. SAM KENNETH JOSEPH SYLVIA III 20 Leitao Drive Oakdale. CT 06370 Brinser Dorm Council — Treas. 3-North Volley- ball and Softball — Captain. 3-South Bottle Night " My future plans include owning a Fiero GT, kick- ing Rosa ' s butt, and to live outside of PA. " " To Carl and JB. Can you imagine? " " To Rosa. What a country! " " To Frederick Boys. Y ' all want a hoagie? " CAROL LYNNE TAROSKI 62 Providence Forge Royersford. PA 19468 Biology Club — Treas.. Pre-Health Professions. Outdoor Club. Jazz Band. Brass Ensemble, Wind Ensemble. Alpha Lambda Delta — VP, Pops Band DAWN MARIE THOMAS RD «l Box 39 Christiana. PA 17509 Occupational Therapy Club — Committee Chair- m an. Occupational Therapy News Letter, Intra- murals SHARON ANN TUSHUP 520 Beech Ave. Hershey. PA 17033 Commuter Council - Sec Scuba Club. JDN Edi- tor. Alpha Lambda Delta, Computer Science Club, Photography Club " My future plans include graduate school for ro- botics artificial intelligence. " SUNDAY J. UMARU PMB 2020 Makurdi Rerun? Nigeria JAMES THOMAS VAN METRE 1415 Winchester Drive Lancaster. PA 17601 History Club AMY GERALYN VAN SAUN 351 Franklin Road Denvllle. NJ 07S34 Psychology Club. Intramurals. Psi Chi — Pres.. Volleyball Marathon " College has been a fantastic experience with lasting memories) 2-West. Room 207. Fort Lau- derdale: I never want to see you guys again. The Big move off campus with the minor and of course food groups! DP will always be very spe- cial to me. " SUSAN L VAN STREET I Myrtlewood Lane Willingboro. NJ 08046 SAACS. Pre-Health Professions Club — Treasur- er. DIANNE LYNN WADDELL 130 Bonny Lane Collegeville. PA 19426 Occupational Therapy Club. Intramurals ELAINE WAGNER 42t N. Mt. Joy Street Ehzabethtown, PA 17022 ELIZABETH JUDITH WAGNER 811 Cranford Ave. Westfield. NJ 07090 APB. Education Club. Swim Team " My future plans include getting a job teaching and to enjoy what life brings. I ' d like to say thank you to my family and friends. You helped me more then you could ever know! Best of luck to everyone in the futurel " DEBRA L. WALKER SSI Spruce Lane Harleysville. PA 19438 Computer Science Club, SAM, Photography Club. Marketing Club — Public Relations, Intramural Volleyball and Basketball " I plan to pursue a career in sales and do some traveling. A special thanks to my parents for all their support and understanding. " BRIAN S. WALTER 932 Herman Drive Mechantcsburg, PA 17055 SAM, Accounting Finance Club, Intramural Foot- ball, Basketball. Softball. Tutor JOAN M. WEAVER 1616 Fern Ave. Windber. PA 15963 Accounting Finance Club. SAM, Concert Band. APB CONNIE ELLEN WEHRY RDtf I Box 32 Klingerstown. PA 17941 Accounting Finance Club. SAM, RA, Student As- sistant to the Business Dept., Tutor, Myer Dorm Council. Delphi Society. Dance Marathon. PBEA " I plan to pursue a career in education or a posi- tion as an executive secretary. Also. 1 plan to spend my future with a very special guy from a haven by the Schuylkill River. Thanks. Jeff, for helping me through all the rough times. Also, thanks Barb and Kay for keeping me sane during my senior year. " DENNINE WEISSERT 1307 Gardiner Drive Bay Shore. NY 11706 Etownian, Dorm Council, WICI, SC J. WWEC, Peer Counselor, RA, STEP. Conestogan CAROL WELSH Box 116 Bausman. PA 17504 Choral Union, Outdoor Club, Social Work Soci- ology Club ROSE E. WENGER 410 S. Race Street Myerstown. PA 17067 Alcohol Awareness Club — Co-Chairman. Social Work Sociology Club — Treas.. Brethren Depu- tation Teams " My future plans include Wally, a cape cod on the hill and a job in the human service field, Thanks Mom and Dad for allowing me to learn, grow, and socialize with the " Rest of the Best of West " — especially the girls at 38 Crimson King. Love you all. " JOSEPH JOHN WIEDEMAN 6151 Driftwood Drive Harnsburg. PA I7III Intramurals. SAM, Chess Club STEVEN JOHN WILLIAMSON 12 Valley View Trail Sparta. NJ 07S7I International Club — Pres., SAPA — Publicity Chairman. Language Club. Soccer. Intramural Soccer. Volleyball. Softball, Basketball. Peer Counselor, Etownian Staff Manager " My future plans include getting a job in the field of international marketing and later go into gra- duate school. I thank ail mv Irtends at school for getting me through rough times! I personally thank my Mother and Father for giving me the opportunity to attend college. I love you both dearly. " LISA B. WILLING 499 Boyle Ave. Tamaqua, PA 18252 Biology Club. Basketball Team Co-Captain, Base- ball Statistician " My future plans include attend- ing graduate school for physical therapy. " JANE F. WILSON 821 Buckingham Road Cumberland. MD 21502 History Club — 5ec. Phi Alpha Theta. College Scholar. APB. Volleyball Marathon, Dance Mara- thon, Peer Counselor. Intramurals " In the future, I plan to teach. " " It ' s been fun, but it ' s time to move on. " PAUL J. WILSON III 21 Landis Ave. Lancaster, PA 17602 Pre-Health Professions, Society of Physics Stu- dents JENNIFER WINTERS 6304 Martins Terrace Lanham. MD 20706 IVCF Campus Fellowship, Planning Committee. MENC. Alpha Mu. Orchestra. Band " 1 plan to travel and do the work that God has in store for me. " Remember , . . " Rejoice always. Pray constantly, and give thanks in all circum- stances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. " I Thessalonians 5.(6-18 MICHELLE WOODBURY 260 Temple Street Fredonia, NY 14063 Head Resident of Royer. RA, Campus Fellowship — Pres., Occupational Therapy Club. Varsity Softball FRANK R. WORKMAN 107 S. Fourth Street Lebanon, PA SAM. APB. Intramural Football KAREN M. WRONA 444 Church Street Minersville. PA 17954 Student Affiliates of American Chemical Society — Sec, APB, Student Senate, Peer Counselor. Pre-Health Professions SARAH REBECCA YOST RD I Box 1220 Stewartstown, PA 17363 SAPA BONNIE S. YOUNGBLOOD 505 Spring Street Jamestown. PA 16134 Marketing Club — Pres., Head Resident of Myer. Scuba Club. Homecoming Court, Volleyball Mara- thon. Freshmen Class Sec. RA. Dorm Council, In- tramural Volleyball LAURA SUSAN YOUNGCOURT 1103 Independence Drive Reading, PA 19609 " It went so fast. So little time — so many memo- ries: I will never forget all the friends 1 have met at college. I will also never forget all the things I learned about life. The one thing that I will re- member most is the lake. My plans for the future are to be happy wherever I am and whatever I am doing. " ROBERT ALAN ZACKOWSKI 1153 Perry Street Reading. PA 19604 English Club. Campus Forum — Pres., Intramurals ROBYN J. ZENGER RD 4 Box 200 Tunkhannock. PA 18657 Education Club. College Mascot. Dorm Council. SAACS, Annual Fund Phone-a-Thon CHRISTOPHER JOHN ZERCHER 1345 Chestnut Street Columbia. PA 17517 Varsity Basketball. Intramurals. Accounting Fi nance Club BRUCE K. ZIMMERMAN 6225 Cider Press Road Harrisburg. PA I7IB History Club. SAPA ■ 63 Congratulations Class of 1986 Commencement 1986 The occasion was one of sorrow and joy. As family and friends of the 1986 graduates watched, another group of Etown students moved into the ranks of the Alumni. They left behind their college days for new and challenging times ahead — but the memories will stay in their minds to guide them. 64 . , : .-. ■• . ; ' ■m m Urn - Graduation 65 • ■- 67 Friendship makes prosperity brighter, while it lightens adversity by sharing its griefs and anxieties. — Cicero 68 . ,; ...». ' • ' ■ ' at Learning without thought is labor lost-, thought without learning is perilous. — Confucius Underclassmen 69 Schlosser Schlosser RA ' s Row .• Denise Stark, Diane Dillon. Kim Lease. Row 2: Patty Harned. Lori Myers. Schlosser Dorm Council Row .• Jill Glass, Ann Marie Scesa. Robin Sharrer, Kathy Charles. Row 2: Ram Mehnng. Cindy Wiley, Lora Kemak, Denise Stark. Row }■. Jill Reynolds. Diane Slater. Cindy Kelly. Beth Edwards. Carey Brobyn. Sandy Barrows. Tina Tagliavia. Sue Zweig. Donna Hrudowsky. Dorothy Shuda. 70 Schlosser ■- ;.« ' • - East I-Easl Row I: Lynn Buchanan. Ellen Weber. Karla Krengel. Margarita Sanchez. Marie Loughlin. Row 2-. Kendra Rhoads. Holly McCrum. Sharon Walker. Beth Werner. Kim Humphreys. Row i: Kendra Taylor. An- gle Bubnis. Kelly Krumenacker. Kelley Crimmins. Kel- ly Cawnan. I-East Row I-. Julie Bonn. Kari Phair, Lenora Dody. Row 2-. Beth Barnish. Stacy Sbur. Row i- Lynn Freder- ick, Ellen Kandravy. Robin Bencker. Row 4-. Amy Kar- afa. Lori Myers. Row 5.- Tracy Pusatere, Stacey Burch. Sue Regen. Row 6-. Heidi Murtagh, Lauren Sherry. Missing: Shira Goldman. Elizabeth Eastwood- Zeigler. Sue Sidler. Karen Hinerdeer, Cathy Lees, Lin- da DuBois, Katy Morris, Beth Heilbron, Stephanie Crone, Nancy Schroek, Jill Loshnowsky. Schlosser 71 2-East Row .- Sally Wolf, Dorothy Schuda, Vivian Hann. Denise Stark RA. HR. Row 2 Jeanette Huie. Ann Marie Scesa, Lynn Huxtable, Kristin Gusky. Row 3: Sue Spangler, Christine Smith, Betsy Douglas. Jodi Weigel, Carolyn Boshart, Lori Whitacre. 2-EaslRow .Cindy Wiley. Beth tdwards. Holly Snyder. Terr i Stickle. Lora kemak. Row 2: Stephanie Nagle. Row 3: Diane Slater. Row 4: Lynn Heehmer. Lia Jackson. Tina Chorba. Nancy Meek. Row 5. Stacey Weaver. Row 6-. Lisa Magee. Donna Hrudowsky. Pam Mehnng. Cindy Kelly. Carey Brobyn. . ■ ' ' i 3 . ' ■:■ • ' 3 -East Row h Kim Lease RA, Julie McDermott, Amy Hamershock, Hallie Harold, Cathy Costellan. Row 2: Susan Sikes, Karen Duffie. Maureen Heelan, Sue Warnitsky, Beth DeMattia, Jackie Carson. Jill Abood. Row 3-. Stephanie Thomas, Tamie Brown, Kris Vollmer, Laura Little, Jill Glass, Michelle Mehtlan. 3-East Row I: Angela Chiffy, Sharon Kipp. Row 2: Janice Thunberg, Elaine Powell. Diane Jacoby, Lisa Friedlander, Kathy Ricci. Row 3. Liz Rhue, Sonia Boss, Cindy Carothers, Kathy Storm, Kim Reigel. Kim Patton. Kathy Buchan. West 2- West Row h Suzie Hebbert. Row 2 Jill Ford. Debbie Ellis, Amy Gentile. Row 3-. Dawn DeAngelis, Michele Raviola. Rachel Key. Row 4-. Kim Harris. Missy McNeish. Christine Tinucci, Anne Tilghman, Sharon Ulrich, Beverly Soper. Row 5- Susan Greene, Sandy Barrows. Missing: Pam Blake. Angela Nagle. Candace Austin. Melissa Arnold. Laura Bear. Lynn Singer. Barb Walters. 2West Row I: Ann Burnette. Row 2-. Lisa Dauen- heimer. Sue Zweig. Patty Harned RA. Lisa Stover. Angie Fogle. Row 3: Brooke Blair. Mary Ellen Clark. Bridget Rommal, Kendra Deaven. Lisa Acri. Debbie Walker. Caryn Girard. Row 4: Tory Weinhold. Jenni Crist. Tracey Groff. Laura West. 74 Schlosser i . ■■•■ • . - ' m. 3rV i-West Row .Theresa Mazzotta, Leigh Francis, Lisa Todd. Row 2: Kim Novosat, Laura Waughtel. Row J: Dee Markle. Tracy Simon, Tina Tagliavia, Janice Faus, Patti Zanella. Deb Carbaugh. Jennie Lorenz, Betsy Granruth, Amy Racz, Robin McNemar, Mary Cavileer. Missing: Bridget Bevan, Colleen Crowley, Robin Zenger. 3-West Row h Lisa Willing. Diane Dillon RA. Kim Whittle. Row 2: Sue Patton, Mary Jane Pryor. Elaine Balaban, Ginny Elwell. Row 3: Susan Faatz. Darlene Bevan, Tracy Burke. Kris Fasching, Linda Foerster. Lisa Scheetz, Tammy Shelton. Row 4-. Pam Whittle, Sandy DeCarlo. Lori Conard. Teresa Moats, Dory Hight. Missing. Amy Benner. Schlosser 75 • Royer Royer RA ' s Row ■ Denise Waller. Judy Corona, Shelly Woodbury. Row 2- Gerry Jacobs, Margaret Albertl. Janice Vick. Royer Dorm Council Row J.Lori Johnson, Colleen Mattimore. Andrea Schwartz. Stacey Yarnall. Row 2-. Sharon Burger (VP). Chris Mnley. (Treas.), Judi Rossi (Pres.). Chris Dameron (Secretary). Row i-. Janet Lamborn. Leanne Church. Lisa Carter. Shelly Woodbury (HR). North I North Row .Judy Corona (RA). Row 2-. Monica Felix, Sally Garber, Jen Winters. Gina Chesnet. Row 3-. Jessica Stone, Alice Gable, Norma Mel- linger, Robin Shamer. Row 4-. Andrea Schwartz, Tarn Nguyen, Judi Rossi, Lynn O ' Farrell, Liz Goe- deke. 2-North Row .• Lisa Paganelli. Jacqueline Chovan Katherine Jobes, Karen Klingman, Kimberly Tebbs. Row 2: Wendy Kowtko, Mary McMahon, Terri Cianci, Kathryn Grant, Kim Pease. Missing: Laurie Jacoby. Deborah Philipp. 2 orth Row .■ Carol Mead. Leisle Benner. Gwen Holmstrom, Lucia Ivahenko. Row 2: Debra Tre- gaskis. Janice Vick. Kimberly Schnopp. Royer 77 3-North Row .- Colleen Keltz, Chris Finley, Joan Storm. Row 2. Karen Kinzie. Colleen Mattimore. Leanne Church. Jody Reiner. Karen Kniss. Row 3: Denise Waller. Patt i Salimena. Sherry Gingrich. Jodi Fritz. Row 4, Linda Lachenmayr. Gerry Jacobs. Karen Gutmann. Heather Conner. Chris Zielinski. Donna Jarrett. Michelle Bryson, Lisa Gardner. South I South Row I: Kyle Kessler. Elizabeth Makovitch. Jody Welch. Betsy Paul. Row J: Chris Pameron. Linda Pempsey. Shari Hartman. Erin Smith. Debi Sandford. Row 3 Lisa Gafgen RA. Parcy Hall. Pam Bronokowski. Laura Youngcourt. Karen Faust. Kathy Russell. 78 Royer i ;t , ' m km 2-South Row I: Linda Kurtz. Shelly Woodbury HR, Lisa Schultz. Row 2: Annette Flamini, Trisha Smolke, Doreen May, Lynn Bentzley, Melinda Rider. Row 3: Chris Hun singer, Lisa Maccagnano, Anne Breden. Stacey Yarnall, Lisa Harding. Row 4-. Robin Ritten- house. Lisa Wighardt. Amy Justus. Cindy Hessler. Missing: Jean Baugher. Judy Lingrell. Janet Lamborn. Genie Atkins. Dawn Sprance, Kathy Lenahan. 3 South Row I: Amy Seifrit. Candy Waltz. Tracy Hessert. Row 2: Karen Cocklin. Carla D ' Agostino. Michele Otley. Dawn Williams. Row 3: Jane McKeown. Sharon Burger, Sue Koontz. Donna Jeskey. Row 4: Jenny Roland. Lisa Carter. Cheryl Charles. Steph Norwinski, Gwenda Wagner, Margaret Alberti, Rosie Altmann. Lori Johnson. Missing: Colleen Simpson. Jenny Snyder, Michele Mahouchick, Claudine Reid. 1 Royer 79 urn Myer MyerDorm Council Row .- Kathy May. Krissy Reese , Sue Ward, Row 2-. Karen Zimmerman. Bonnie Burrell. Cindy Deck. Kris Story. lfl (M ' HIT MyerRA ' s Row I. Dennine Weissert. Joanne Reeser. Row 2. Bonnie Youngblood. Lee Lucas. Lisa Broad- bent. fasf Myer -fas Row .■ Wendy Cazort, Chris Moyer, Lauren Morris. Row 2-. Darlene Prickett. Bonnie Youngblood (HR.RA). Donna Saunders, Lisa Tren- ery, Joy Pepmeier. Myer 2-East Row .• Kathy May. Krissy Reese. " Planet " Kresge. Row 2i Lee " Gimpy " Lucas (RA). Diane Gingrich. Sheila Reynolds. Harriet " Wixi " Wixson. Stacey Vallinino. Michele Fisher. Renee Adams. Kitty Martin. Kathy " Spice " Gilman. Pam " Peanut Butter " Mallow, Patty Miller. Lisa DiMar- tile. All the rest are still in the shower: Michelle Rean. Sarah Yost. Heather Gourlie. Laura Lawson, Gina Borriello. Karen Zimmerman. Kendal Huli- hen. Annie Erb. Katie Martin. Diane Derrah. Kris- ten Enswiler, Laura Reilley. Lisa Weinbrock. Myer 3-East Row .Kristin Espenhorst. Sarita Te- vethta. Deb Waltermire. Joanne Reeser (RA). Ju- liann LaMarra. Row 2: Betsy Parrish. Terry Goodbred. Kim Cahill. Devora Lebish. Jennifer Grim. Sue Whitaker. Christy Myers, Maria Fan- tini. Margaret Schultz. Carol Karman. Row 3: Hanh Tieu. Jackie Luce. Sharon Meredith. Beth Powell. Debbie Ammon. Kate Oppenheimer. Row 4: Jean Mclver. Joanne Lerch. Kim Miller. Lisa Waller, Missing Deb Brosius. Peggy Brooks. Elise Hobbis. Cricket Marion. Viki Dujmovic. Dolora Chorba. 81 ■ West 2-WeslRow .Karen Sterner. Sue Ward, (o 2: Gina Mastro, Bonnie Burrell, Maureen McFadden. Cindy Deck, Becky Deckenback, Joy Hinde. Row i.Chris Baranoski, Lori Rankin. Heather Brubaker. Lisa Broadbent. Lisa Sporel, Kris Story. Row 4: Kathy DiN- unzio, Joann MacDonald, Terri Cottrell. Jackie Piret. Jacki Lay. Kelly Campbell. Jenny Miller, Laurie Posey. Missing: Cindy Vann, Kim Chronister, Janna Strickler. 3- West Row .Becky Hagenston. Michelle Rubel. Lau- rie Bell. Row 2-. Michelle Jenofsky. Marce Monroe. Amy Kingsbury. Row -J.Maria Brodnick. Joyce Wen- dling, Shannon Stites. Row 5. Lynda Stone. Karen Nei- dig. Patty Coyle. Row 6-. Beverly Reeves, Michele Szymkowiak. Suzanne Clark. April f-rusher, Liza Wag- ner. Ann Alandar. Dennine Weissert (RA). Missing: Joan Korb. Aimee Vanisko. 82 Meyer . , : .- . 1 3 1 •» c - - Ofcer KA ' s Keith Hall. Dave Robinson, Rob Cramer. Jack Schlottman, Art George (RA), Ray Brosius. Doug Travor. Steve Polonus. ■ Ober Dorm Council Row .■ Biff Steele. Scott Bourne. Keith Hall. Row 2-. Todd Conyers. Steve Kelker. Mike Rose. Joe Costigan. Darrell Walter. Joe Beck, Jerry Skotleski. Joe Mullen. ■ A -Wing A- 1 Row I: Bill Chatterton, Steve Francomano, Dwayne Kim. Row 2-. Jerry Skotleski. Steve Polonus RA. Kyle Widrick. Steve Irwin, Scott Reigel. Keith Zebrowski. Row 3-. Michael Abrams. Chris Galdieri. A- 1 Row .Dominic Veraldi. Frank Workman. Biff Steele. Scott Bourne. Scott Metiel. Mike Rose. Row J Chuck Frsc. Joe Beck. Steve Rose. Darrell Walter. Gary Paf- fenburger. Ed Pfeiffer. Dave Jones. Roger Haddon. Row 3: Steve Polonus RA. Jim Jones. Randy Banker!. Ron DeBngida. 84 Ober i B-Wing A-2 Row I: Brian Hartman. Hung Ha. Ron Lambo, Dean McFadden. Tom DiPasquale, Joe Costigan. Billy James. Tim Heck. Row 2: Chris Cameron. Tom McGonigle. Greg King. Tim Gerder. George Stumm. Row S: Steve Geer. Andy Kauf fman. Steve Paulo. Will Malatesta, Henry Roman. Row 4-. Jack Schlottman RA. Don Weckel. Brian Brady, Brian Mill er. Geno Goo- drow. Steve Kelker. Jim Lardear, Todd Conyers. A-3 Row I: Scott Conary, Rob Christ. Jeff Lawrence. Sam Foglio, Troy Taylor. Scott Ravert, Dan Magaro. John Vanasse. Row 2- Shane Zimmerman. Royce Jef- ferson. Tom Morgan, Scott Gronzeski, Dan Scarica- ciottoli. Gary Galant. Steve Gorsuch, Vinnie DePinto. Jeff Haupt. Randy Compton. Brian (Ox) Wolfe. Row 3-. Jon Wenger. Scott Brown. Art Whitehouse. Ed Seeger. Doug Travor RA. Gary Zerbe. Jerry McHale. John Faulkner, Brian Huber. Jeff Brzezicki. Missing: Charles Crumpling, Chris Schlunk, Jay Masters. Matt Saia. Mike Parker. BBasement Row It Kevin " Norton " Kinney. Russell " Schlepp " Murray. Row 2: Chris " Bonnie " Gerhart. Chris " Waahooo " Wright. Row 3: Doug " Vegetarian " Campbell. Scott " Hot as ' " Brown. Rich " eah Right " Gallagher. Brian " Boop " Diezel. Ray " The RA " Brosius. Duane " Slugger " Kahn. Missing: Doug " Boy Blunder " Schrock. Donald " I ' m Back " Bogut. Sam " The Music " Mann. Ober 85 B-Wmg ft 1 S- Kow .- Will Nicolls. Chris Bayes, Jeff Forrer. Gregg Rodgers. Row 2-. Eric Hansen, John Schwalm. Chuck Grabusky, Ray Blatz, Dan Morris, Mike Childers, Dave Robinson, Darrell Justh, Mike Murtha. Row 3: Mike Smith. Elmer Masters. Andy Carey. Tom Steyaert, Ed Chance, John Brentlinger. Eric Patrick, Ernie Gibble. Bruce Zimmerman. B-2 Row I: Vincent J. Barba III. Greg Vannucci, Todd Falk. Ross Vecchio (RA). Gene Penxa. Neil Clark. Jim Richardson. Row 2-. Dave Lenhart. Melvin Spade. Chris Matthews. Row 3-. Rich Duffy. Demitrias Hal- kias, Anthony Stoikovski. Jay Ferris. Missing: Mi- chael Lorelli. 86 Ober I B-3 Row I: Bill Stryeski, Scott Eisenbise. Chris Zeigler, Row 2: Dave Schlegel, Eric Eschbach, Kirk Bower, Rich Campbell, Len Masters, David Furrow. Scott Merlo. Row 3-. Jim Newcomb, Keith " Buckwheat " Hall (RA), Paul Hockenbury, Paul Eyler. Jim " Bliff " Hale. Glenn " Troll " Conti, Wendel Paisley. Steve Grandorf , Bob Moyer, John Harris. Jim " Bandit " Stabile. Mark " Average " Speitel. Row 4: Karl Hammermueller, Mike Godfrey, Missing: Jim Scholes, Scott Neuf ield, Mike Muston, Rob Mill- er, Jon Yost, Bill Kirwan. Tim Mancini. % - - i Brinser Brinser RAs. Dale Forshey, Bill Longacre, Carl La Mastra (HR). Sean Mac Kenzie. John Cr Brinser Dorm Council Row I, Frank Carado. Steve Forcella. Row 2, Larry Scheunch. Rob Reale. j,m Helt. Row i, Puane Hosier, ken Sylvia. David Jur 88 Brinser ■ V i I • North Brinser l-North Row h Bob Mc Laughlin, Dave Schreffler. Tim Rimmer. Len Hansell. Frank Carado. Dave Randier. Bill Roberts. Row 2: Jim Helt. Greg Hetrick. Larry Scheurich. Chuck McDanolds. Steve High. Tim Sterner. Row i-. Steve Sadler, Dale Forshey, Dave June. Sean Page. Aaron Payson. Missing: Tony Cribari. Ryoichi Ogata. Ken Snerr. Dave Ligenza. Brinser 89 ■ Brinser 2-North Row h Jeff Lloyd, Dan McCor- mick. Mike Forcella. Andy Cecala, Chip Snyder. Row 2: Scott Fell, Mike Warner, Chris Exley. Ter- rance Montgomery, Steve Forcella, Steve Hand- man, Bob Little. Brinser 2-North Row . Bob Snyder. Jim Grossman. Matt Henry. Ron Orlando. Jim Gavaghan. Row 2: Jim Biondohllo. Randy Hinsey. Bill Monteith. Bill Longacre (RA). Pete Gittens. John Laird. 90 Brinser I •) Brinser 3-North Row h Phil Selby, Jeff Sori, Rich Williamson, Doug Baker, Charlie Bowden, Jim Deckert, JohnDomblesky, Mike Rosa. Bob Kitchin, DougCalandra. Row 2: Ken Sylvia, Gregg Bush. Perry Merlo, John Cromer. Joe Fischer. Duane Hosier. Dan Oakes, Robert Zackowski, Tom Haughton, Don Richard, Dave Rothermel. Mike Shogi. Missing, Greg Agerman. Jeff Blevins. mar ? ' ;,-» 1 South I South Row I: Fred Phillipy. Missing: Steve Hunt. Rich Duggan. Jeff Boyle. Mike Bailey. Rich Lebron, Allen Kemp. Andy Gulati. Brinser 91 2-South Row I-. Ken Dunbar. Mike Weis. Gary Kitchen. Dave Boyer, Row 2: Steve Ward, Steve Capoferri. Keith Camasta. Ross Sackler, Ted Vana. Glenn Cianciulli. 2-South Row I-. Ken Myers, Mike Spangler, Brad Sat- tin, Bill Bova, Carl LaMastra (RA HR). Row 2-. Bill Bender. John Snader, Mark Rineman, Row 3: Jim Foresman, Mark Myers. Ted Miller. Jim Campi. Bill Schappell. 92 Bnnser 3-South Row I: Chuck Engel, Rob Reale. Steve Swope. Chris Baldrige. Row 2s Tim Ferguson. Eric Hommas. Mike S. Snyder, John Hosier. Mike G. Snyder. Pete Christ. Missing: Rich Gonzalez. Mark Shade. Bill Mill- er. Wes Baker. 3-South Row I: Dave McFalls. Sean MacKenzie (RA). Row 2-. David Frechard. Row 3: Rich Giroud. Rich Guinan. Tom Feighery, Carl Kern, Rob Wirth. Brinser 93 Founders Founders RA ' s Row .■ Dan Blunk, Sue Pretto, Mary Jean Barns. Eric Albright. Row 2-. Connie Wehry. Dana Marin. Christine Coppa. Andrea Lindner. Beth Spangler, Dennis Fisher. Row 3-. Carolyn Reuter. Kris- tie Patten. Joyce Sangrey, Kathy Lardear. Founders Porm Council Row I. Jennifer Fanella (VP). Leslie Levison (Treas). Eric Miller (Pre .), Jen Corchiolo (Sec). Row 2: Andrea Cockburn. Lisa Arasteh. Patty Lawless. Heather Crowley. Kay Ashman. Laurie Melos. Row 3: Carolann Schumann. Patty Ludwig. Chris Keller. Bob Walinsky. Melissa MOMMA Laura Bly. Row A-. Beth Spangler. Roger Dunkelberger. Brad VanNostrand. Nick Vanderwerfl. Sheri Cassidy. Missing: Tina Abbott. Lisa Mohler. Bonnie Shrader. Nancy Landon. Marsha hgurelh. Dana McCormick. Denise Desjardins. Jane Meyer 94 Founders A -Wing ■ IS A- 1 Row I: Donna Davis, Julie Podsiadlo. Row 2-. Steph Loose, Chris Keller, Row 3: Michelle Smeltz. Stacey Fox. Debbie Brown. Nancy Butler. Missing-. Debbie Matzelle. A A- 1 Row I: Lisa Cianciulli, Lisa Arasteh. Joan Weaver. Clare Donahue. Sue Pretto (RA). Row 2: Betsy Aubrecht. Kecia Piatt, Jenny Klein. Pam Kroninger. Patty Johnson. Missing-. Kristen Fink. Founders 95 A -2 Row I: Nancy Graver, Tammy Keller, Jody Riley, Lois Muller. Bonnie Shrader. Tina Delo. Andrea Lindner, Tammy Roller, Kristin Schoenherr, Felecia Sweeney. Row It Jodi Eyer, Kim Goodwin, Kelly Kopp, Erin Monihan, Kim Eberly, Colleen Cameron. Missing: Faye Dunkle. Jan Schwartz. Kristen Shuman. Jenny Black. ! A-2 Row I: Trish Wohlrab, Cathy Bornemann, Diane Miller, Linda Berry, Darcy Coelln. Row 2: Kristin Holmes. Patti Grove, Ann Melville, Bonnie Westh- eaffer, Kim Staub, Lisa Mohler, Beth Hummel. 96 Founders . AS Row .Robin Wilfrid, Pam Kercher. Row 2. Cyndi Biondi. Kristin Hess, Laura Bly, Laura Fecile, Kathleen McKenna. Row 3-. Steph Vickers, Sheri Cassidy, Sheryl Eidem. Shelly Rogora, Karen Cannon. Lori Sit- zabee. Amy Gottlieb. Missing.- Lisa Keon, Yael Flus- berg. 1 ■ ■ A- 3 Row I, Kristie Patten (RA). Row 3: Melissa Baker, Megan Seits. Teddi Richardson. Justine Robbins. Mary Alhage. Patti Tisdale. Row 3-. Beth Scroggins. Kate Vec- chio. Roe Tamagni. Leslie Levison. Arlynn Polsky. Maria Pioli. Missing: Kristen Shuman, Meg Schwartz. Founders 97 B Wing B-l Row I: Carolyn Reuter. Carol Ann Schumann. Row 2: Joelle West, Patti Ludwig, Mindy Bralthwaite, Lori Romano. Lisa Messner. Row 3-. Stephanie Meloy. Christine Heider. R 2 Row .Gabrielle Hull, Bonnie Bair, Karen Simpson, Mary Jean Barnes. Angie Metz. Row 2-. Robin Idler. Kathy Kealy, Lisa Rudnicki. Chris Kelly. Tina Gian- naris. Tina Kalathas. Row 3-. Sheri Adie. Amy Studen- mund, Becky Witmer. Trina Geiser. Marsha Figurelli. Patty Flannery, Donna Greitz. Lisa Bradlee. Row 4-. Deanna Keeny. Dawn Cochran. Anne Borelli. Bonnie Carew. 98 Founders •« ;■ -• , WKYOUR A -- B-3 Row I: Susy Schrader. Jane Fruggiero, Molly Seerey, Colleen Cochran, Karen Nelson, Eileen Arsht. Lisa Sullivan, Jody DeMatteo. Row 2: Candy Knowles, Tracy Crawford. Jill Bowser, Mary Stiso. Kathy Lar- dear. Missing: Jennifer Purcell. Betsy Stewart. B-3 Row I: Elyse Braxton. Row 2-. Lisa Hanna, Lisa Willitts, Michelle Swantner. Kathy Crowley. Suzi Sei- bert. Row 3: Denise Desjardins. Dana McCormick, Tina Strieker. Stacey Smith. Row 4: Tracy Echevar- ria. Anne Hollinger. Deb Schwartz. Row 5. Jen Cor- chiolo, Kim Shivoder. Missing. Lynn Wolf. C-Wing I N. D CI Row I: Heather Crowley. Pam Morrison. Tanja Kyle. Mary Blaze s. Row 2: Janet Streett. Connie Wehry (RA), Barb Gilje. Kay Ashman, Sandy Hoofr- ing. Missing: Charlene Popalis. Founders 99 BP C-2 Row h Julia Ryan. Beth Wilhide. Laura McEa- chern. Row 2: Jamie Smith, Deneen Focht. Laurie Melos, Amy Fladmark. Row 3-. Sue Paulus, Lori Neal, Dana Marin (RA), Tammy Benninghove. Missing: Mel Dixon, Kathy Stadler, Virginia Liedy. C-2 Row I: Julie Phillips. Carolyn Koenig, Peggy Rieman. Row 2: Andrea Cockburn. Don Hacker. Betsy Hoffman. Kim Ryan. Jodi kisko. Dee Gladfelter. Row 3. Dana Marin (RAl. Anamana Chiacchio. Jennifer Fanella. Elise Wagner. Liz Rizzo. Diane Paszkowski. Row 4: Denise Angerio. 100 Founders ' , Jit ■ fee ■ C-i Row I-. Michelle Seller. Kelly Willoughby. Amy Primus, Tracey Duryea. Row 2: Allison Weiss. Laurie Primus. Kathy Begeman. Lisa Baran. Deb Jackson. Row l: - z Martin. Colleen Tolley. C-3 Row h Wahoo. Vicki Graybill-Hutchinson. kathy " Bear " Spare. Patty Lawless. Vzi. Carol Sutcliffe. Row 2: Beth Sutcliffe. Myra Hooker. Christine Coppa (RA). Jane Wilson. Nancy Darrow. John Steinbach. Row 3: Colleen Tolley. Beth Hile. Lisa Baran. kathv Begeman. Robin Lehr. Founders 101 D-Wing D-l Row h Bob " Booger " Walinsky, John Funston, Brent Heard. Row 2-. Ed Hendrick, John O ' Brien, Barry Eaton, Roger Dunkelburger, Tim McCormick, Karl Peters, Steve Schroth, Dave Brown, Joe Banner. Dl Row .■ Gregory Pietsch. Row 2i Rick Souders. Rick McAllister, Eric Albright. Stephen " Beef " Roberto. Tim Seifert. Mike Gore, Grog Gaal. Row }-. Nate Webber. Aaron Blanding. 102 Founders — ■ " " 1 r ' 1 as I %vm|b t| r J $ t 7 » • 1 i w SHI DO Row . Tammy Scholtes, Vanessa Johnson, Beth Penn, Cindy Page, Lori Lobb, Amy Dreyer, Chris Messier. Row 2: Melissa Mosesso. Tina Abbott, Sue Bacon, Sue Good, Amy Wierman, Stephanie DiCa- prio, Kris Biagi, Joy Nave. D-2 Row I-. Pam Ahern. Patsy Hirkala. Tammy McDonald. Lisa Steele. Row 2: Karen Shaffer, Laurie Blankley. Michelle Dalton, Celeste Crawford. Row 3: Michelle Gladu, Carolyn Kern. Tracey Pepo. Row 4: Joyce Sangrey (RA), Danielle Lettierre. Founders 103 dR D-3 Row I : Mike " Ski " Biedronski, Eric Miller. Row 2: Chuck Grohotolski, John " Bumper " Miller, Andy Kroeck. Carey Bodenheimer, Nick Vanderwerff . Tim Wallis. Row 3: Brad Van Nostrand, Dave McKelvey, Tony Perill. Row 4: Mark Bernard. Bill " The Hand " Newill. Joel Waite. Jake Gerhard. Missing: Brian Cas- sel. D-3 Row I: Scott McNaney. Billy Bob M.tchell. Mark Lanzone. Mark Clark. Matt Aylward. Jim Mirando. Jim Smith. Mark " Stretch " Newk.rk. Noel kratzer. Row J, John iteinbach. Dan Blunck. Jeff Green. Keith Gunn. Missing: Larry Browne. KM H ■ WSJ " . Commuters Row I; Jean Mark. Randy Garner, Sharon Tushup. Mike Hahn. Row 2: Hope Gesell. Dan Garner, Craig Rowe. Connie Barbin. Row 3: Dave Newcomer. Chuck Reuter. Jeff Bair. Commuters 105 Co-ops Co-op RA ' s: Bill Mack. Sue Smith, Pam Koontz, Tom Pifer. Orchard Orchard Row h Laurie Mertikas. Ruth Moyer. Row 2. Carol Welsh. Lisa Hoffman. Row 3: Susan karaffa. Connie Rodgers. Margaret Lorenzen. Pamela koontz RA. 106 Co-ops • . V» t)m 9m 9 ?ose Garden Rosegarden Row I : Dave Parry. Row 2: Tom Pifer, Pal Kane, Danny Stovell, Bill Mack. Row 3: Bob Hedrick. Tom Edgley, Jay Aman. Green Gables Green Gables Row I : Liz Bauer, Nancy Scaff, An- nette Davis, Karen MacNeel. Row 2-. Robin Bitten- bender. Linda Brecht, Jane Booth. Nancy Cot- trell, Ingrid Gaither, Sue Smith RA. Co-ops 107 Alpha Annex Joey Albanese, a senior chemistry major, and Greg Cooney, a senior music educa- tion major, are two of Elizabethtown ' s more prominent students. Living in Alpha Annex, they are responsib le for the cam- pus switchboard between the hours of 5:00 pm to6:00pm and 10:00 pm to 7:30am. In this capacity, they are responsible for answering all of the college ' s incoming calls, and handling the medical emergen- cies that occur during their working hours. From their jobs, Joey and Greg have learned how to act in a number of emergency situations, and have benefit- ted from their involvement in public rela- tions. The dedication of these two stu- dents is part of the support system that holds Elizabethtown College together. 108 Alpha Annex ' V 3 Alpha Annex 109 r 1C; » m% I - km - The limes of y our life. iGmy« Every man who rises above the common level receives two educations, from his teachers and himself. — Edward Gibbon 112 - . ■ Consider that I laboured not for myself only, but for all them that seek learning. — Ecclesiasticus Faculty 113 DEPARTMENT OF BUSINESS Ms. Mary Anne Van Arsdale Mr. George Cjliptis 114 Business z z§ •i ' ' : ■ Mrs. Sue Dolan Mr. Donald Muston Mrs. Carroll kreider Dr. Jay Buffenmyer Business 115 Dr. Okan Akcay Mr. H. Marshall Pomroy 116 Business ' • • Ms. Martha Eppley Mr. Michael Fitzgerald Mr. Stanley Neyer DEPARTMENT OF PERFORMING ARTS Jj Mr. Steven Shelly 117 DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNICATIONS Mr. Timothy Hudson Dr. Robert Moore y Mr. Donald Smith Mr. Hans Wennberg Dr. Jobie Riley 118 Communications DEPARTMENT OF FINE ARTS Mr. Henry Llbhart Mr. Thomas Leap DEPARTMENT OF COMPUTER SCIENCE Mr. Howard Kroesen Mrs. Barbara Tulley Mr. Richard Zugarek Computer Science 119 DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH Dr. John Rohrkemper Mrs. Elisabeth Russell Pr. Carole Hubor 120 English - 1 Dr. Thomas Dwyer Dr. James Hala Mr. Joseph Harris Mrs. Louise Black English i:i DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Pr. Carl A. callenbach Pr. D. Paul Rice Pr. Boyd Fox 02 ' ' «» ■ ' DEPARTMENT OF HISTORY Dr. J. Kenneth Kreider X Dr. Bela Vassady Dr. H. Herbert Poole Dr. Thomas Winpenny Dr. Richard K. Mumford History 123 DEPARTMENT OF MATHEMATICS Dr. Ernest Blaisdell Mr. Robert Dolan Dr. Ronald Shubert Mr I L Bossier 124 Mathematics 4» ■ " •liS w. s Mr. Robert Morse Dr. Donald Koontz DEPARTMENT OF MODERN LANGUAGES Mr. Uldis Daiga. not pictured Ms. Suzanne Goodling Ms. Susan Terrio Modern Languages 125 DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC ••of. Ms. Grace Malcom Dr. John r. Harrison U6 m km i ' mm . Dr. Carl N. Shull Dr. Darrell R. Douglas DEPARTMENT OF POLITICAL SCIENCE Dr. Wayne A. Selcher Dr. W. Wesley McDonald Mr. E. Fletcher McUellan Political Science 127 DEPARTMENT OF OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY k 128 Occupational Therapy ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT Ms. Reba Sebelist Mr. Donald Smith Ms. Yvonne Kauffman Mr. Arthur (Skip) Roderick Mr. Joseph Whitmore. not pictured Mr. Robert Garrett, not pictured Athletics 129 DEPARTMENT OF RELIGION AND PHILOSOPHY 130 Religion and Philosophy • DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE Dr. James Dively DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE At WL Dr. John Ranck Mr. Jack Hedrick 2a } ! Ms. Zoe Proctor Dr. Rollin Pepper 132 Science •I ■• ' r ■ Dr. Martin Spangler Dr. Charles Schaeffer Science 133 DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL SCIENCES Dr. Leonard Eiserer Dr. H. Andrew Sagar III Dr. R. Bruce Lehr Dr. Paul N. Dennis ::- P Dr. Sharon Armstrong Mr. Russell b. bisenbise ) ■ - » Dr. J. Matthew Kessler U L I Dr. Donald B. Kraybill Dr. Delbert Ellsworth Ms. Kathleen S. Nuccio. N ot pictured Social Sciences 135 ADMINISTRA TION Dr. Gerhard E. Spiegler President Dr. Walter B. Shaw Dean of Student Affairs 1r Gordon Rateman Director of Financial Aid Mr. Nick Stamos Director of Food Services Ms. Beverly V. Piscitelli Counselor Mr. Harry Page Director of Maintenance Mr. Kenneth Baylor Mr. Donald L. Neiser Mr. Royal E. Snavely Director of Public Information Registrar Counselor Dr. Joan Austin Ms. Mary Frances Woodall Chaplain Assist. Director of Financial Aid Mr. John Shaeffer Treasurer 137 IGHTF Winning isn ' t everything — but wanting to win is. - Vince Lombardi 138 ■J- ■•-■ Sweat plus sacrifice equals success. — Charles O. Finley I Sports 139 . Soccer EC OPP West Chester 4 Alumni 7 2 — Blue Jay Classic- - - Millersville 4 1 Carnegie-Mellon 2 1 Delaware 1 2 Juniata 3 Gettysburg 2 Scranton 3 Salisbury 3 Haverford 2 F 8 M 3 1 Dickinson 7 Trenton 4 1 Wilkes 4 Messiah 1 1 Susquehanna 7 1 Kutztown 2 Albright 3 Lycoming 7 Glassboro 1 1 Bucknell Cancelled Scranton(MAC) 1 Drew(NCAA) 4 Glassboro(NCAA) 3 4 HO Soccer 9S5 Versify Team, fronf. Lyndon Engle. Todd Wenger. Mike Warner. Steve Paulo. Commie Veraldi. Brian Diezel. 2nd Row: Don Haughton. fcd PfeiHer. Rob McMurtne. Mike Prat:ner. Rich Dulfe . Shane Zimmer- man. John Lesniewski. 3rd Sow Pan StOveH, Scotl Ra ert. Shannon Perr . Co Capl Doug Peters. Vinme DePinio. Man Saia. John Brenilmger. 4th Son Coach Skip Roderick. Co-Capt. Dave Jones. Sean Macken- ne. Roger Dunkelberger. Brad Brubaker. Kevin Mackenzie. Scon Brown. Paul Mac Murine. Assi Coach Jot Whilmore W W» ■ • " !» The 1985 Etown College soccer team fin- ished their season ranked 3rd in the na- tion in division III and 1st in the Mid-Atlan- tic region with a record of 17-3-2. This included 12 shut-outs and 70 goals scored. Doug Peters was the leading scorer with 15 goals, 6 of which were game winning. Shannon Perry led the team in assists with 16. Five of our players made it to the MAC All-Stars. Doug Peters, Dave Jones and Shannon Perry on the 1st team, and Mike Pratzner and Paul McMurtrie on the 2nd team. Dave Jones made Ail-American 1st team, Shannon Perry 2nd team and Doug Peters 3rd team. Doug Peters, Dave Jones and Shannon Perry all made Regional All- American 1st team and Scott Brown and Paul McMurtrie made an Honorable Men- tion. Etown ranked 1st in the Northwest League of the MAC, but lost to Scranton, who went on to win the MAC. The Jays got by the 1st round of the NCAA tournament for the 1st time since 1976, and defeated Drew 4-0, but were eventually defeated by Glassboro, 4-3, after advancing to the final four. Congratulations Blue Jays for your tremendous dedication and out- standing season this past fall! Si. Soccer 141 143 ■I (k wfJB V ; - " Soccer 1-43 Volleyball EC OPP Muhlenberg 3 Scranton 3 2 Wilkes 3 Shippensburg 2 3 Allentown 2 Moravian 3 F M 2 3 Wilkes 2 Swarthmore 2 F M 2 York 2 Washington 2 Rosemont 2 York (Champions hips) 2 Washington-St. L no winner — not completed UC-San Diego 1 3 Claremont 3 Redlands 3 Laverne 3 W. Maryland 3 Washington Tourney- - -- Wilmington 2 1 Essex 2 Washington 2 Gallaudet 2 Hood 2 Gettysburg 2 1 William Paterson 2 Dickinson 3 Messiah 3 1 Juniata 3 Cabrini Tourney Bryn Mawr 2 Phila. Textile 2 Northeastern 2 Swarthmore 2 Catonsville 2 1985 Team, Front Co-captains Ellen Hoffman and Joann Rent:. 2nd Row Asst. Coach Robert Garrett. Ann Tilghman. Heidi Hackenberger. Cathy Lees. Lisa Broadbenl. Mgr. Maureen Heelan. 3rd Row, Statistician Joe Rodella. Jill Bowser. Lisa Harding. Lisa Paganelli. Shan Hartman. Darcy Hall. Coach Bill Helm. 144 Volleyball - ■ ■ Volleyball 145 ■•■ . ; ' K K Field Hockey i L mm£ J- 1985 Team: Front: Tory Weinhold, Ellen Kandravy, Sheri Adle, Co-Capt. Laura West, Co-Capt. Bonnie Bair, Ann Burnette. Cheryl Charles. Chris Kelly, Elizabeth Martin. Rear-. Coach Yvonne Kauf f man, Lori Conard. Mary Ellen Clark, Kathleen McKenna. Karen Simpson. Becky Witmer, Teresa Moats, Michele Fisher, Asst. Coach Coleen Raber. EC OPP Haverford 4 Wilkes 4 Messiah 2 E. Stroudsburg 2 Moravian 1 Widener 14 Shippensburg 4 1 Lebanon Valley 4 Dickinson 3 1 Scranton 3 F § M 1 York 4 Albright 1 Frostburg 2 1 Lynchburg 2 1 W. Maryland 4 1 Gettysburg 4 Salisbury 4 3 MACs Messiah 3 4 Shippensburg 3 2 Millersville 2 «:-i m Field Hocke 14 " ,, , ■ sfe, Cross Country The 1985 Etown College Cross Country team was lead by freshman sensation Doug Baker and junior captain Bill Bender, along with Brad Sattin all of whom broke the 29 minute for 5 miles mark during the season. All in all, the season was fairly suc- cessful, taking into account the inexperi- ence of the young team. Congratulations Runners! John Domblesky. Brad Sattin, David Frechord. Duane Hosier, Doug Baker and Capt. Bill Bender EC OPP Kings 29 26 Wilkes 27 30 Scranton Cancelled Susquehanna 50 15 Messiah 49 15 Juniata 30 25 Albright 50 15 Dickinson 59 15 Messiah 50 15 Baptist Bible 41 17 9th Place Dickinson Invitational Men 267 Pts. F 6 M 50 15 Coach Suzette DesJardin, Beth Boyer and Stacey Smith. Women ' s Basketball Jaygals Row I: Row 2: Kim Cahi Kate Vecchio, Kelly Crimmins. Ann Melville. Gabrielle Hull, Maria Pioli. Teresa Moats. I, Michelle Swantner. Trina Geiser. Capt. Jane Meyer. Elaine Balaban. Lori Lobb. Row i: Coach Yvonne Kauffman and Asst. Coach Robert Ziegler. The Lady Jays completed a highly successful season in March, reaching the NCAA quarter-final round before losing to Capital University in Colum- bus, Ohio 61-55. On the way to the NCAA tournament, the Lady Jays won the Middle Atlantic Conference cham- pionship, defeating Moravian 89-70. The season was finished with a 24-6 record and a 10th place national rank- ing. During the season Captain Jane Meyer became the first woman to score 1,000 points in only two seasons at Elizabethtown. Meyer was named to the GTE-COSIDA Academic Ail-Ameri- can regional first team and won the Champion Player of the Year award. She and Michelle Swantner were both named to the MAC All-Star team. 150 • ' ■ « 1 5 tf J, ■ 1 153 154 i Men ' s Basketball N 1$ 34 i 50 i " A -A Front: Pete Christ, Dave Jones. Co-Captains Nate Webber and Steve Swope, Todd Wenger, Mike Snyder. 2nd Row-. Coach Don Smith, Aaron Blanding, Gregg Rodgers, Carl Kern. Tom Feighery, Rob Wirth, James Ga- vaghan, Terrance Montgomery, Asst. Coach Dan Reitmeyer. 156 Men ' s Basketball EC OPP Millersville 51 Si Albright 86 59 Haverford 74 57 Juniata 82 68 Albright 58 53 Susquehanna 71 86 Millersville 67 99 Del. Valley 76 75 York 73 65 F M 67 74 Gettysburg 58 56 Dickinson 57 66 Lycoming 65 71 Messiah 78 55 Wilkes 94 68 Albright 59 68 Susquehanna 55 68 Messiah 58 50 Juniata 71 61 FDU-Madison 69 71 Leb. Valley 74 72 Drew 68 59 Scranton 51 71 Kings 72 64 Lycoming 62 73 I i 158 Men ' s Basketball :■ I I Men ' s Basketball 159 .- ' •■ V- Front: Todd Martin. Jeff Forrer. Steve Capoferri. Capt. Dino Delviscio. Tim Gerber, Dave Schlegel. Bob Moyer. 2nd Row: Tom DiPasquale, Keith Camasta, Jeff Haupt. Dan Scaricaciottoli. Chris Ziegler, Eric Maguire. - ■ EC OPP Johns Hopkins 17 30 Gettysburg 20 30 Lafayette Tr. 6 place Lebanon Valley 21 31 Widener 28 27 Moravian 5 42 King ' s — — York 22 28 Swarthmore 27 27 Delaware 9 50 Glassboro 21 27 Millersville 10 36 Upsala 46 9 Albright 46 12 Baptist Bible 36 18 W. Md. 21 27 Eastern 48 12 Scranton 25 21 Susquehanna 30 27 Ursinus 15 32 Messiah 45 12 Lycoming II 33 Del. Valley 51 Juniata 31 21 Muhlenberg 43 9 Scranton 23 24 Wrestling 161 Swimming Front: Terri Cianci, Jackie Carson, Diane Miller, Elizabeth Goedeke, Dee Gladfelter. Co.-Capt. Sue Pattern. 2nd Row: Julie Phillips. Darcy Coelln, Co-Capt. Carol Brecht, Diane Slater, Kim Novosat. Coach Suzette Desjardin. Rear: Erin Monihan, Robin Idler. Missing: Jennifer Lachnicht. t I 162 Swimming • " . • ▼ Women Men EC OPP EC OPP Millersville 69 71 — — Lycoming W. Maryland W. Chester 75 55 44 25 45 65 33 23 60 46 Juniata 72 26 29 58 King ' s — — 32 53 Susquehanna Swarthmore 49 54 33 II 51 90 York 41 70 44 61 Lock Haven 50 58 — — Ursinus 50 53 30 54 Loyola Dickinson 51 33 61 66 35 15 59 82 Widener 48 52 47 49 Kutztown 67 45 30 78 ■ Dave Parry, Capt. Bill Bender. Brad Sattin, Lhuck McDanolds. Jon Yost. Eric Albright. T T m 3 Swimming 163 Women ' s Softball This season was the first under the direction of Coach Barbara Shenk. It proved to be a successful one too. With a record of 18-6 the Lady Jays made it to the MAC ' s where they lost a tough game to Scranton. Congratula- tions for a great season! Softball Game 1 Game 2 Western Maryland 7-1 11-2 Shippensburg 2-3 1-21 Juniata 3-2 2-4 York 6-0 11-3 F § M 1-0 Wilkes Lemoyne 8-2 1-0 1-3 5-1 Susquehanna 1-0 6-0 Messiah 2-1 5-4 Albright Can. Scranton Can. Lebanon Valley 3-1 4-1 Gettysburg Can. Dickinson 3-1 Millersville 3-0 Glassboro 6-1 1-8 MAC ' S: Scranton 3-6 164 - ' .■■■ ' - km I ■ Row 1 1 Vanessa Johnson. Tammy McDonald, Susanne Hebbert. Kim Cahill. Kathy Crowley. Ellen Weber. Row 1-. Kelly Crimmins Row 3: Capt. Dana Marin Row 4: Allison Weiss. Kendra Deaven. Chris Keller. Lori Lobb. Row 5: Colleen Cochran Row 6: Jill Loshnowsky. Tory Welnhold. Sheri Adie. Capt. Melodee Dixon. Gabrielle Hull. Bonnie Bair. Row 7: Asst. Coach Skip Roderick. Coach Barbara Shenk. Softball 165 Men ' s Baseball ' . Row I : Mike Gore. Bill Walsh. Captains Dan Morris and Steve Roberto. Scott McNaney, Mark Clark. Row 2-. Wendell Paisley. Todd Wenger. Bill Chatterton. Jim Grossman. Rob Lim. Ken Snerr. Row i-. Asst. Coach Ned Smith. Will Nicholls. John Miller. Mike Abrams. Darrei Justh. Mike Murtha. Row 4: Coach Roger Hall. Mark Lanzone. Matt Aylward, Stat. Suzanne Morton. Missing: Jeff Price. Capt. Denny Fisher. Jim Biondolillo. Jeff Blevins. Stat. Lisa Willing. 166 Baseball 1 . fal I ■ Baseball Game 1 Gam Citadel 4-21 Bethel 4-9 Hobart 11-2 5-16 Rochester Tech 3-4 3-2 Lebanon Valley 4-0 9-10 Belmont 7-6 Columbia U 4-8 Ursinus 17-7 Juniata 3-15 11-7 Phil. Textile Can. York 0-9 2-3 Muhlenberg 8-4 3-4 F § M 7-11 Alvernia 19-4 Wilkes 2-0 2-1 Millersville 11-13 Albright 4-9 7-6 Scranton Can. Susquehanna 4-5 9-10 West Chester 1-7 Dickinson 9-1 10-5 Messiah 4-1 2-3 Baseball 167 : Men ' s Tennis Men ' s Tennis Etown Opp Shippensburg 2 7 Ursinus 6 3 Scranton 7 2 Lycoming S 1 York 9 Albright 7 2 Juniata 5 4 Phila. Textile 4 5 Susquehanna 2 7 Gettysburg 2 7 Millersville cancelled Wilkes 9 F M cancelled Dickinson 2 7 Row I: Eric Patrick, Mike Bailey. Jeff Heinze. Dave McFalls. Todd Falk. Row 2: Capt. Dave Cressman, Dave Musell. Coach Robert Garrett, Rich Burns, Jim Helt. 168 Men ' s Tennis :!■ ■. Row 1 1 Anna Maria Chiacchio, Kay Ashman, Brooke Blair, Missy McNeish. Row 2-. Betsy Bender. Jamie Smith, Beth Kreider. Lisa Bradley, Capt. Tracey Thomas. Lee VanHouten, Coach Bob Schott. Women ' s Tennis Etown Op ? d Lycoming cancelled York 9 Widener 8 1 F g M 9 Millersville 7 2 Juniata 9 Western Maryland 9 Susquehanna 5 4 Johns Hopkins 3 6 Dickinson 2 7 Gettysburg 6 3 Albright 7 2 Muhlenberg cancelled Bucknell cancelled Women ' s Tennis Women ' s Tennis 169 . WA Y TO GO!!! As the many sports seasons progresses the list of honors bestowed on Elizabethtown athletes grew. Congratula- tions to them all. DAVE PARRY MAC ' s Swimming diving NCAA All American — diving Jg Peters Mike Pratzner Scott Brown Regional All Americans Honorable Mention All Americans Dave Jones 1st team, Shannon Perry 2nd team, Doug Peters 3rd team hannon Perry Paul McMurtrie Paul McMutrie 170 Sports ■ • r. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL MAC CHAMPS NCAA QUARTER FINALIST JANE MEYERS lOOOpt. club, GTE-COSIDA Academic All can Champion Player of the Year, MAC Team, Kodak All American Michell Swantner MAC All-Star -Ameri- All-Star Ssm WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL MAC Finalists Sports 171 if 172 Faces of Etown -y ... - ,. Faces of Etown 173 I It is difficult to retain the knowledge one has acquired, without putting it in practice. Pliny the Younger 174 - All experience is an arch to build upon. — Henry Adams Activities 175 Outdoor Club Row .■ Don Richard, Kim Patton, Jennie Lorenz, Lisa Carter. Susan Zweig. Row 2, John Wenger, Chris Wright, Kathy " Boot " Buchan. Lisa Dauenheimer. Chris Achenbach. Tracey Sinon, Rich Williamson, Sue Faatz. • The Outdoor Club is run by its mem- bers. If a member has an idea then he she can go ahead and run the project. The Outdoor Club has a wide range of activities including hiking, camping, Whitewater rafting, skiing, rockclimb- ing, caving, canoeing and many more. There are many trips each month. Education Club Row .• Wendy Cazort, Lisa Trenery, Ann Burnette. Tracy Bauer, V.P., Angela Chiffy, Sue Follert. Laura Youngcourt. Row 2-. Dorothy Schuda, Jane Fruggiero, Tricia Costa. Jen Fanella, Jenny Kline, Bev Reeves. Lynda Stone. Beth Hummel. Col- leen Cameron. Row 3: Lori Johnson. Kristin Schoen- herr. Pres., Kristen Espenhorst, Claudette Evans, Gwenda Wagner. Lee Ann Church. Cindy Kluge. Liza Wagner. Robyn Zenger, Ruth Moyer. Sect.. Alice Ga- ble, Kim Staub. Missing: Judi Rossi, Michele Syzmkowiak. Robin Idler. Joyce Wendling. Angela Riggleman. Diane Hadley. Treas. Marketing Row . Jean Mark. Julie McDermott. Susan Warnitsky. Mary Anne Van Arsdale, Okan Akcay. Row 2-. Laurie Bell. Kevin Marvel, Stephanie Thomas, Sandy DeCarlo. Mike Lorelli. John McDonnell. Row 3: Holly Snyder. Cindy Wiley. Bonnie Youngblood. Deb- bie Walker. 176 Clubs ■ ■ f- fa- ' , .-- ■ Psychology Club Row • Bonnie Bair. Row J: Eric ' Hansen, Deneen Focht. Aleli Almario, Mary Blazes. Row 3: Brian Cassel. Diane Jacoby. Kathy Storm. Lynn Bentszley. Wendy Kowtko, Donna Saunders. Kitty Martin. Kathy Gilman, Mike ' Cathcart. Terri Stickle. Row 4: Amy Van Saun. Beth Martin, Len Eiserer. Missing: Sue Anderson, Deb Horwath. Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society Row .■ Cathy Saunders, Joe Albanese. Jackie Carson, Lori Myers. Row 2-. Diane Gingrich, Tina Abbott, Kathy Miller. Lee Ann vanHouten. Row 3: Joy Nave, Chuck Engle, Bill Bender. Rob Cramer. Dan Smith. Eric Albright. Bill Bubnis, Hamid Esbah, Dr. Charles Schaeffer, Karen Baltz. Missing: Jon Wenger, Jim Foresman. Laura Lawson, Lisa Acri. Sean Page. The Student Affiliates program pro- vides exposure to students through lec- tures, tours, and other activities occur- ring in the chemical industry. Our main activities include monthly sectional meet- ings, speakers, tours and the publishing of a bi-weekly club newsletter. Elizabeth- town ' s SAACS chapter has been recog- nized as an outstanding chapter for the last six years. Circle K Club Row .Andy Gulati. Row 2: Lisa Carter. Darcy Coelln. Diane Miller. Faye Dunkle. Trish Wohlrab. Lisa Mohler. Row 3: Patti Grove. Kim Staub. Bonnie Westheaffer, Ann Melville, Kathy Lardear. Joe Banner. Tim McCormick. Paul Eyler. Cathy Bor- nemann, Janet Lamborn. The Circle K Club is a service organiza- tion which is sponsored by the Elizabeth- town Kiwanis. The Elizabethtown College chapter participates in events which are aimed toward service and fellowship on the college campus and surrounding com- munity. te Clubs 177 History Club Row .• Jane Wilson. Jeff Boyle, Ron Orlando, Scott Metzel. Campus Forum serves as the cre- ative, representational and political voice of the campus. The club sponsors public forums where both campus and world concerns are discussed and de- bated. The club is responsible for the annual literary magazine. The purpose of the club is to nurture and heighten awareness, communication and cre- ativity. Campus Forum Row .- Jackie Munro, Jenny Christ. Elizabeth Hile. Douglas Campbell, Steve Aiena. Row 2: Andy Gulati. Jennifer B. Winters. Sally Garber. Susan Horst, Jaime Triplett. Michael Shogi. Row 1: Patti M. Hollinger, Jessica Stone, Keith J. Fox, Joe Banner, Robert A. Zachowski. The club is specifically formed to en- able students throughout the college community to understand other cul- tures. It brings a form of unity among the foreign students as well as the American students. We hopefully show to the rest of the college community that unity can exist among different cultures of the world. 178 Clubs International Club Row h Diane Slater. Dee Markle. Beth Edwards. Lisa Carter. Gina Chesnek. Christine Heider, Joelle West. Patti Ludwig. Row 2-. Jill Dahmer, Candace Austin, Scott Sweren, Treas.. Elizabeth Eastwood-Zeigler, Sec Steven Williamson, Pres. Missing: Vincenzo Moraca. V. Pres.. Don Fitzkee. Doug Campbell, Michelle Smelts. Betsy Aubrecht. Heidi Kaufmann. Sharon Burger. Mindy Braithwaite. Joe Banner. Suzanne Morton. Kathy Charles. Tom Cribau. Teri Bubnis. i ' ; • MB fli 9B» ii Cheerleaders Row .■ Kendra Taylor. Bluejay. Row 2: Tina DeLo. Tracy Burke, Diane Dillon. Captain. Shar- on Walker. Janice Thunberg. Row 3-. Amy Hamer- shock. Bonnie Wieder, Captain. Julie McDermott. Christine Tinucci. Amy Gottleib. Missing. Chris Kel- ler, Pam Ginther. Jazz Band 1986 The Music Educators National Confer- ence is an organization which provides opportunities for professional develop- ment in music education. Each year stu- dents participate in various on-campus activities and also attend the state con- vention. MENC Row h Lynn Huxtable. Julie Ryan. Lynne Fred- erick. Lorianne Sitzabee. Stephanie Hagle. Karen Klingman. Margaret Lorenzen. Carolyn Boshart. Row 2. Gina Mastro. Nancy Evans. Ann Alexander. Dawn Kinney. Stephanie Crone. Nanci Schroeck. Su zanne Clark. Row 3: Barb Walters. Randi Baldwin. Sylvia Moot. Sarah Collier. Lori Whitacre. Dr. Doug- las. Pam Blake. Lisa Willits. Tim Sterner. Dawn Sprance. Clubs 179 College Republicans Row h Jim Campi. Row 2-. Patti- Jeanne Kramer, Cindy Carothers, Jenny Roland. So- nia Boss. Row 3: Felicia Sweeney, Gary Gallant, Mark Myers, Elizabeth Rhue. Robin Kilpatrick. The Pre-Health Professions Club is an organization for those students interest- ed in the health field. Speakers, movies, and trips are planned by the officers and members in order to gain some extra-cur- ricular experience in specific areas of in- terest. Students from any major are en- couraged to become a member of the ac- tive Pre-Health Professions Club. Newman Club is a Catholic student-run organization on campus. A Halloween par- ty for the community children, a canned food drive at Thanksgiving for the needy, retreats, activities with surrounding col- lege Newman Clubs, banquets, and the celebration of mass on campus for the community and college students are car- ried out each year. Pre-Health Professions Club Row .- Sharon Kipp, Treas., Joy Nave, Pres.. Amy Karaffa. V. Pres.. Cathy Saunders. Sec. Row 2: Melissa Mosesso. Lisa Cianciulli. Patty Johnson. Tina Abbott. Kris Biagi. Michelle Mehtlan. Row 3: Lee Ann Van Houten, Kathy Stadler, Susan Karaffa, Susan Zweig. Kathy Storm. Row 4-. Jon Wenger. Kim Reigel. Missing: Doug Travor. Pat Kroninger. Deb Horwath. Newman Club Row h Keith Gunn. Beth Edwards. Lisa Trenery. Ann Burnette. Danielle Leltiere Row 2: Bill Miller. Pam Mehring. Beth Ann Barnish. Lisa SchultZ, Kathy Lardear. Father Isaac BorOCZ. O.S.B. 180 Clubs Concepts of Hillel (COH) is a Jewish religious organization. Hillel stimulates re- ligious, educational, social, and cultural awareness on the campus and the commu- nity. Hillel is affiliated with the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, American Israeli Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and the Lancaster Jewish Community Center. An- nual events include a Passover seder, Ha- nukkah candle lighting and the desecra- tion of a sukkah in honor of the holiday of sukkoth. Concepts of Hillel Row .• Lisa Friedlander, Scott Sweren, Treas., Jackie Luce. Row 2-. Len Eiserer. Ad- visor. Shira Goldman, Pres. Missing-. Patti Kramer, Vice Pres.. Marci Lebowitz, Publicity, Devora Levish, Sec, Ross Sackler. Ya ' el Flusberg. The Volunteer Club is a group of stu- dents that benefit the community by the services not only for the elderly and men- tally retarded but also the physically dis- abled. The students accomplish this pur- pose by being dedicated, supportive and offering a helping hand while making new friends in the process. Be a volunteer, make someone smile. Volunteer Club Row .■ Chris Hunsinger, Tina Strieker. Pres. Row 2-. Margaret Barisum, Mary Blazes. Rosie Altmann. Gwen Holstrom, Sec. Carla D ' Agostino. Jody Reiner. Vice Pres. Row i-. Karen Cocklin, Amy Seifrit. Deanna Keeny. Marie Loughlin. Ann Burn ette. Arlynn Polsky, Jackie Chovan. Mary Alhage. Missing-. Colleen Simpson. Treas. f) A ♦♦ P Th Sociology Social Work Club Row . Susan Sikes. Lau- rie Blankley.Kathryn Spare, Terri Cianci. Row 2: Col- leen Simpson. Kim Hallgren. Lisa Schultz. Ponna Saunders, Sue Bacon. Jen Crist. The Sociology Social Work Club pro- motes a greater awareness of social issues and social welfare programs. The mem- bers take part in holiday guest speakers, holding fund raisers, taking trips, and hav- ing banquets. Clubs 131 The Forensics Club is devoted to preservation of and participation in competitive speaking events. Having hosted the Collegiate Forensics League Tournament this fall, the team plans to compete in the Pennsylvania Collegiate Energy Debates and weekend tourna- ments during the spring semester. Forensics Club Row .- Ingrid Gaither, Peter Gial- loreto. Janet Streett. Row 2: Aaron Payson. Jackie Piret, Gina Bonullo, Karen Neidig, Dr. Jobie Riley. Missing: Rick Guinan, Jerry McHale, Felicia Sweeney. Kyle Kessler. Occupational Therapy Club fosters unity and cooperation between O.T. students in a variety of social and edu- cational projects. The O.T. Club starts each year with a picnic by Lake Placida to welcome the freshmen and upper- classmen back. The club focuses on making O.T. public to the community and campus. In the spring, ' O.T. Goes Public ' the display at Park City, also tries to inform the public. Other events include banquets in the spring and fall semesters, guest speakers, volunteer experiences, and participation in the annual state (POTA) and national stu- dent (ASCOTA) conferences. Accounting Finance Club Row .■ Rick McAllister. Vice Pres.. Laura Fecile. Peggy Rieman. Sue Pretto. Diane Dillon, Pres.. Cindy Bowers. Sec. Carl LaMastra. Treas. Row 2: Tim Seifert. Tim Heck, Jane Booth. Kim Ryan, Mike Lorelli, Greg Vannucci. Andy Kroeck. Angela Metz, Natalie Birrel. Cindy Carothers. Row }■. Connie Wehry Dr. Trostle. Advisor. Tom Yeager. Tracy Craw ford. Jill Bowser. Paul Eyler. Joan Weaver Laura Kemak. Row 4-. Bob Little. John Cromer tlyse Braxton. Dana Marin. Missing: Karen Duf fie. Pub. Relations. 182 Clubs Occupational Therapy Club Row h Kim Humphreys. Lynn Buchanan, Amy Fladmark. Juliann La Marra, Becky Engle. Chris Hunsinger, Susan Zweig, Suzanne Patton. Lisa Dauenheimer. Jodi Reiner, Patti Sali- mena, Marie Pantano, Sec. Kay Ann Heltzel, Sr. Co-Chair. Kneeling behind Row L Carla D ' Agostino, Karen Cocklin, Patty Coyle, Aimee Vanisko. Row 2: Beth Werner. Ellen Weber. Colleen Tolley. Beth Sutcliffe, Jackie Chovan, Donna Greitz. Kristin Biagi, Stephanie Norwinski, Angie Fogle. Kristie Patten. Cheryl Charles. Lisa Carter, Heather Conner, Chris Zielinski, Gwen Holstrom, Jr. Co-Chair, Kathy Stadler. Amy Seifert. Row i: Rosie Altman. Chris Achenbach. Arlynn Polsky, Melissa Mossesso. Mary Alhage. Pam Koontz, Lisa Hoffman. Amy Karaffa. Judy Judd, Robin Bittenbender. Denise Stark, Treas.. Dawn Thomas. • v. « •• . I Alpha Mu Row .• Debbie Phillips. Lynn Huxtable. Stephanie Nagle. Karen Klingman, Margaret Lorenzen. ] Row 2-. Dawn Kinney. Lori Sitzabee. Lynn Frederick. Julie Ryan, Carolyn Boshart. Nancy Schroeck. Row }■. I Sylvia Moot. Lori Whitacre. Treas.. Ms. Grace Malcom. Adv.. April Frusher. Pres.. Dawn Sprance, Sec. j Missing: Cindy Sagolla, Vice-Pres., Lynda Swann. Kim Rubin. Alpha Mu is the Music Therapy Club of Elizabethtown College. The club tries to bring all those interested in music therapy together to encourage and share ideas about music therapy, to stimulate the collection, analysis, and discussion of information concerning music therapy, and to come to appreci- ate and know each other as unique indi- viduals. n ■ I Brethren Student Fellowship is a group of students belonging to or inter- ested in the Church of the Brethren, whose purpose is to understand its Brethren heritage and deepen its Brethren identity. Members have the opportunity to participate in national conferences and district church activi- ties. Their main events include parties, guest speakers, campus-wide Bible study, a weekend at the Brethren World Peace Academy, and the annual Student Young Adult Conference in In- diana. Brethren Student Fellowship Row h Dan Smith. Dale Forshey. Don Fitzkee.Patti Hollinger. Row 2: Lori Whitacre, Carolyn Boshart. Sharon Ulrich, Angie Fogle, Jackie Carson. Sue Spangler. Sue Ba- con. Row 3: Jon Wenger. Steve Hunt. Janet Lam- born, Delia Dibert. Kay Heltzel. Gwenda Wagner. Karen Kniss. Clubs 183 The Men ' s Volleyball Club first start- ed with just a group of guys who played in tournaments on weekends. This year is the first year that the club obtained organizational status. The club is cur- rently in a college league playing against the following teams: Messiah, Juniata, Swarthmore, Haverford and Dickinson. Men ' s Volleyball Club Row I: Pete Lengel, Don Fitzkee. Bob Hedrick. Bill Bubnis. Row 2: Scott Brown. Larry Scheurich, Eric Hommas, Mike Mes- sina. Missing: Ed Jenkins. Sock ' n ' Buskin is the campus drama club. It produced the musical " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Fo- rum " . Leading roles were played by Chris Baldrige, Tim Sterner, Pete Gial- loreto, Kendal Fiullihen, Lisa Willitts, Aaron Payson, and Joe Fischer. The en- tire club is made of actors, dancers, stage crew, costumers, and make-up artists. Sock n ' Buskin Row 1 1 Gina Mastro, Ingrid Gaither, Leslie Levison. Row 2-. Jody Riley. Joy Hinde. Krislen Shuman, Chris Baldrige. Julie Podsiadlo. Becky Engle. Linda Brecht. Row 3: Judy Corona. Joe Fischer. Michelle Regn. Lisa Willitts. Nancy Cottrell. Pete Gialloreto. Row 4: Eric Reber. Aaron Payson. Fletcher McClellan. Joe Banner. Tim Sterner. 184 Clubs ' . Campus Fellowship (IVCF) is a group organized to help build others in their Christian faith, answer questions about God and the Deity of Christ, and pro- vide support for any member of the college community. Campus Fellowship Row I : Debbie, Sharon, Rosie, Marci, Jen. Beth. Karen. Shelly. Row 2: Margaret, Celeste. Tam. Liz. Gwen. Sue. Sue. Peggy. Sharon. Row 3: Christine. Monica. Robin, Judy. Judy. Sue. Sharon, Kristin. Deb. Row 4: Amy. Ann. Angie. Ken. Jenny, Colleen. Amy, Joy, Janice. Bonna. Row 5: Tim. Dave. Kyle, Doug. Carolyn. Lisa. Amy. Andrea. Kay Ann. Scott. Row 6: Sir Polonus. Patty, Bob. Don. The Delphi Society is a collegiate honor society for juniors and seniors. The pur- pose of this society is to recognize men and women who have attained high stan- dards of scholarship, leadership and ser- vice at Elizabethtown College. This soci- ety also encourages the development of these qualities by inspiring others to strive for similar attainment and to bring together men and women from all phases of collegiate life. Delphi Society Row Is Rick McAllister. Karen Mac- Neel. Cindy Bowers. Jim Foresman. Row 2: Linda Brecht. Kay Ann Heltzel. Lisa Hoffman. Jackie Car- son. Hallie Harold. Lori Myers. Kristen Gusky. Dan Garner. Row 3: Cathy Saunders. Diane Gingrich. Connie Vfehry. Lisa Broadbent. Kathy Lardear. Clubs 185 Pep Band Standing: Professor Kitchen. Row I: Ann Alandar. Steven Geer, Eric Siler. Row 2: Ra- leigh Francis. Row 3-. Don Loser, Dawn Sprance. Kathleen Meade. Pam Blake. Angela Chiffy. Dan Estep. Scott Sweren. Row 4: Lorianne Sitzabee. Alan Dupes. David Myers. Eric Reber, Tim Sterner, Nancy Schroeck. Missing: Margaret Lor- enzen, Ross Sackler. Alpha Psi Omega-. Honorary Dramatic Fraternity Row I: Linda Brecht. Ingrid Gaither. Row 2 Lynn Wolf. Peter Gialloreto. Nancy Cottrell. The Choral Union, open to any stu- dent without an audition, usually has developed into a women ' s chorus that regularly performs in the annual Christ- mas and Spring Choral Concerts on campus. The goal of this ensemble is to experience in rehearsal and in perfor- mance a variety of appropriate sacred and secular choral literature. Choral Union Row . Aimee Gentile. Amy Fladmark. Maria Fantini. Sarita Tevethia. Lori Johnson. Kristin Espenhorst. Tammy Keller. Julee Ryan. Christine Tinveci. Elizabeth Kessler. Deborah Phillip. Row .?. Joanne McDonald. April Frusher. Rosemane Altmann. Joanne Hinde. Amy Wierman. Michelle Jenofsky. Karen Faust. Robin Shamer. Colleen Simpson, Janice Fans. Patricia Grove. Lynne Frederick. Row 3: Rave Dunkle. Lois Mullen. Dawn Sprance. Sarah Collier. Betsy Parrish. Lisa Sporel. Jenny Roland. Lisa Mohler. Deborah Schwartz. Missing: Mary Blazes. Dawn Kinney. Jenny Lorenz. accompanist David Myers. 186 Clubs •:« • The Chorale is a select chamber choir whose members are audi- tioned. It performs a variety of cho- ral music best suited to a smaller choral ensemble on several occa- sions each semester. Singers in this group are interested in developing their individual ensemble skills to a higher level. JnChorale Row • Sue Bacon. Ann Alandar. Lisa Willitts. Sue L. Smith. Pam Blake, Sylvia Moot, Suzann Ward. Becky lEngle, Dawn Sprance, Randi Baldwin. Chris Moyer. Row 2: Don Loser, John Snader, Dave Myers, Mike Benner. llTim Sterner. Aaron Payson. Row 3: Jake Gerhard. Don Fitzkee, Greg Cooney, Dan Smith. Missing: Claudine Crooks. The Student Senate of 1985-1986 has had numerous accomplish- ments to its name. Its members have organized the fall orientation program, raised money for the American Cancer Society, coordi- nated Homecoming ' 85, managed a sale of used textbooks, and have investigated the long-term project of instituting an Honor Code at Elizabethtown. In addition, the Senate has addressed concerns of the library facility and has increased student input into academic affairs through the formation of the Student Academic Concerns Committee. Senators have also been involved at every level of the planning for Inauguration Week and have felt challenged by the administration of the new President, Dr. Gerhard Spiegler. It has truly been a year of change, a time of progress, and an opportunity to lay the groundwork for future student government associations. Senate Officers Row I: Lisa Hoffman. Jim Foresman, Hallie Harold. Kristin Gusky. Row 2-. Patti Hollinger, Chris Baldrige. « 187 " ■ The Student Team of Entertainers and Performers (S.T.E.P.) presented their sixth annual musical review with pride and expertise. February 14th and 15th set the dates for the successful performances of " School Daze " as over fifty students plunged into their long-awaited performing roles. The 29 musical numbers, including songs from Grease II, The Sound of Music, Fame, Oliver, The Music Man, and My Fair Lady captivated the audiences as the performers portrayed the many views of a student ' s life. S.T.E.P. 1986 Row I: Patti Groce, Nancy Schroeck, Ann Alandar, Karen Klingman, Dawn Kinney, Nancy Evans, Kathy Grant, Leigh Francis. Kim Tebbs. Brian Hartman. Andy Kauffman, Ross Sackler, Steve Ward. Row 2: Heidi Hackenberger. Robin Bittenbender, Beth Demattia. Directors. Row 3: Susan Karaffa. Pam Kroninger, Jenny Klein, Cathy Saunders. Amy Karaffa. Rhonda Burke, Kathy Ricci, Lisa Ciancivilli, Laura McGovern, Monica Felix, Lisa Carter, Sue Smith, Jen Crist, MaryEllen Clark, Ann Burnette, Robin McNemar. Renee Adams, Amy Racz, Beth Hummel, Lisa Schultz, Tracy Crawford. Denise Desjardin, Faye Dunkle, Michelle Metlan. Lisa Mohler. Row 4: Joe Fischer. Lori Myers, Diane Dillon, Lisa Willing. Stephanie Crone, Betsy Aubrecht, Rosie Altman, Annette Davis, Jodi Fritz. Arlynn Polsky, Kris Rowland, Heather Crowley, Cathy Costellan, Debbie Jackson, Leslie Benner, Linda Lachenmayer, Deb Tregaskis, Michelle Fisher, Lynn Huxtable. Deb Phillip, Michelle Regn, Robin Benecker, Karen Nelson, Cindy Pichelman. The Elizabethtown Math Club pro- vides a central focal point for the ex- change and advancement of any math- ematical interest, as well as developing a more personal working relationship between students and faculty. Math Club Row 1 1 Stephen Gorsuch. Robin McNe- mar. Jennifer Lorenz, Karen Cannon. Row 2: Da- vid Ellis. Pres.. Glenda Smith. Sec. Melodee Dix- on. Treas.. Tim Ferguson. Missing: Beth Demat- tia. Vice Pres.. Neil Clark, Joan Korb. Joan Storm. 188 Clubs »■ The Activities Planning Board sponsors on-campus activities such as Bingo, Com- edy Concerts, " Tripping " , dances, theme weekends, and movies. It also provides services such as technical assistance and publicity for campus activities. Activities Planning Board Row I: Chris Finley. Sec, Karen MacNell, Vice Pres.. Cindy Bowers. Treas. Connie Rodgers, Publicity. Jay Masters. Dance Chairman. Row 2-. Dave Germann, Pres.. Eric Miller. Tech. Chairman. Kris Biagi, Theme Weekends Chair- man. Andrea Cockburn. Special Events Chairman, Jeff Boyle. Movie Chairman. Concert Choir Row I ■. Stephanie Nagle. Carolyn Boshart, Angie Fogle. Lynn Huxtable. Ken Myers. Tina Strieker. Delia Dibert. Sue Bacon. Lynn Buchanan. Prof. Harry Simmers, Director. Claudine Crooks. Accompanist. Row 2-. Kathy Grant, Kim Miller. Eileen Mclntyre. Steve Geer, Greg Cooney. Eric Siler, Leslie Levison. Deanna Keeny, Jennifer Winters. Row 3: Lynda Swan. April Frusher. Jackie Carson, Dave Myers. Mary Myers. Dan Smith. Tim Sterner. Amy Hammershock, Chris Moyer. Row 4; Lisa Willitts. Lori Whitacre, DeeDee Jacoby, Don Fitzkee, Dale Forshey, Karen Kaechele, Sylvia Moot, Suzann Ward. Missing: Ann Alandar, Paul Hockenbury. Hockenbury. ■ Clubs 189 The Society for Collegiate Journalists is an honor society for students who have participated in various campus media ac- tivities. The club has various speakers on the communications field during the year. Society for Collegiate Journalists (S.C.J.) Row 1 1 Bet- sy Bender. Melinda Rider. Mary Jean Barnes, Linda Brecht. Row 2: Judy Corona, Joanne Reeser, Kim Lease. David Parry. Computer Science Club Row h Mr. Zugarek, Sharon Burger. Lia Jackson. Tina Chorba, Rosemary Nissley, Vice Pres.. Kristin Gusky. Secretary, Eric Miller. President. Jill Abood. Treasurer. Dorothy Hight, Pam Whittle. Row 2-. Tom Griffith, Pam Kroninger, Joan Everett. Row 3: Michelle Regn, Allison Weiss. Ray Brosius. Freshmen Alpha Lambda Delta (Frehmen Honor Soci- ety) Row I: Pam Mallow. Lori Rankin. Row 2-. Laura Lawson. Carla D ' Agostino. Vice Pres., Rosie Altmann. Jeanette Hure. Margaret Brooks, Laura Posey, Jim Mirando. Row i-. Becky Hagenston, Lynn Huxtable, Lynne Frederick. Debbie Tregaskis. President. Chris Hunsinger. Christine Heider. Beth Simmons. Mi- chelle Mehtlan. Row 4: Keith Zebrowski. Steve Gor- such. Secretary. Jim Grossman. Jeff Blevins, Trea- surer. Deb Ellis. Harriet Wixson. Historian. Kathy Jobes. Julie Ryan. a I a « 190 Clubs %m ?■ ' » m Junior Class Officers Heather Gourlie. Elyse Braxton. Jackie Piret. Freshmen Class Officers Michelle Seller. Jim Mirando. Gary Gallant. Mclly Seerey. Clubs 191 The Alcohol Awareness Club is involved in promoting the responsible use of alcohol on the campus. Alcohol Awareness Club Laurie Mertikas, Ruth Moyer. Lisa Hoffman. The Modern Language Club is a club that sponsors activities that promote the aware- ness of foreign languages and foreign cul- tures in a social atmosphere. Women in Communicalions. Inc. Joanne Reeser. Betsy Bender. Lynn Hechmer. Linda Brecht. Kim Lease. 192 Clubs m. « • I Scuba Club: Row I: Julie Bonn, Dave Richard. Bonnie Youngblood. Row 2-. Eric Reber, Tom Edgley, Donald Richard. -V Alpha Lambda Delia: Row I: Sue Bacon. Lynne Singer. Vice President. Judy Lingrell. Candy Waltz. Row 2: Lori Whitacre, Debbie Waltermire, Janice Vick, Treasurer. Laura Bear. Secretary. Beth Hummel. President. Row 3: Betsy Aubrecht. Arlynn Polsky. Angie Metz. Bob Little. Jim Jones Psi Chi (Psychology Honor Society). Row I: Amy Van Saun. Brian Cassel. Len Eiserer. Row 2-. Kathy Storm. Lynn Bentzley. Clubs 193 . Commuter Council Row I: Jean Mark, Randy Garner. Sharon Tushup, Mike Hahn. Row 2-. Hope Gesell, Dan Garner, Craig Rowe, Connie Barbin. Row 3; Dave Newcomer, Chuck Reutter, Jeff Bair. ! P 1 k Lisa Arestah — Copy. John F-unston — Layout. Annette Davis News. Mike Lorelli — Advertising. J. Scott Davies — News, Mary Jean Barnes — - Opinions. Je nnifer Lach- nicht — Photo. Jack Schlottman — Sports, Tina DeLo — Features. 194 Activities I c • l ■mSfflfifv-A ' ? - Conestogan The Conestogan staff is made up of volunteers that perform the tasks of writing copy, designing page layouts, organizing photo sessions, and typing the year book. As editor, I would like to thank all those who devoted their time and spirit to the 1986 Conestogan. A special thanks goes to Steve " Franko " Francomano for designing the cover of this year ' s Conesto- gan. — Kathy Stadler ■ B£ : .£. ' The Conestogan Row I: Robin Bittenbender. Beth Strang. Amy Primus. Row 2: Lynn Buchanan. Jen Corchiolo, Patty Coyle. Row i-. Tim Wallis. Bridget Rommal. Row 4: Maria Brodnick. Kathy Stadler. Missing: Kathy Storm. Annette Davis. Kim Reigel, Cindy Kluge. ■ ■■ ■ ■■■H t k Biology Club Row I: Mi- chelle Fisher. Lee Ann Van- Houten. Debbie Jackson. Jackie Carson. Cathy Saunders. Patti Johnson. Rich Williamson. Row 2= Dr. Polanowski. Tom Edgley. Dave Richard. Charlie Crumley. Dave German. Dan Stovell. 195 I) IGHfY On such an occasion as this, All time and nonsense scorning, Nothing shall come amiss, And we won ' t go home till morning. — John B. Buckstone 196 ■I i Nothing great was ever achieved without j enthusiasm! — Emerson Special Events 197 Freshman Orientation Weekend August 31, 1985 marked a significant change in the life of this years freshmen. This was the day of their arrival at E-town College. After some tearful good-byes to family and friends the students quickly became a part of college life with the many scheduled events that made the time pass oh-so-quickly. During the first day, after attempting to become some- what " settled " in their new homes, the students met in small groups headed by upperclassmen counselors. These peer sessions helped in making new friends and in learning some of the " secrets " to college living. Some of the more memorable and en- joyable events of the Orientation Week- end were the Induction Ceremony at the Church of the Brethren, the progressive hike, an E-town tradition, the Allstar Tal- ent Review Pizza Party, an outdoor mov- ie, " new game activities " at Lake Placida, and of course the All-College Dance. This weekend, although a time of emo- tional adjustment, provided fun-filled days of activity that freshmen can look bac k on with a smile in years to come. 198 Frosh Orientation . v nwz . Parents ' Weekend On Saturday morning, September 28, many students could be seen rushing around, cleaning their rooms to make a good impres- sion on . . . you guessed it . . . Mom and Dad. Parents ' Weekend was an exciting time for some who hadn ' t seen their parents for more than four weeks and none too soon for those awaiting extra money and food. Parents spent the day attending lectures, roaming the campus, and eating brunch in the cafete- ria. Some students were even treated to a day of shopping or a special dinner out. The time to say good-bye came and relieved par- ents, seeing that their child was still alive, departed as students sighed knowing that they didn ' t have to clean their rooms again, or at least, not until the next visit. v 200 Parents ' Weekend 201 ■ Days Gone By Homecoming 1985 October 12, 1985 was not a typical Satur- day morning. Alumni and families came pouring into E-town to reminisce about " Days Gone By " and join present students in the Homecoming celebration. Midway kicked off the fun with over 35 booths of crafts and food. Blue and white balloons dotted the campus, people laughed as their friends got hit with whipped cream pies, carnations were bought for loved ones, boxer shorts were selling fast, and everyone was eating goo- dies. Other activities included Depart- ment luncheons which reunited more alumni and guest speaker, Edwin Newman, who spoke to the crowd. The fans cheered on the Jays to a 4-1 victory over Trenton. During half-time, Sue Smith was crowned Homecoming Queen followed by Danny Stovell to be crowned E-town ' s first Homecoming KING at the dance. The highlight of the evening was a special din- ner in the decorated gym where everyone was filled with good food and surrounded by friends. 202 Homecoming " ■ ' 5 » . ■ Lvarair. " - ■■■ Homecoming X 3 r- -r- XM 1 ' :■ Homecoming 205 ■ r X)6 Homecoming HkaJ : :Z J ,Wi Sfe. T M 1 V m Tim. Homecoming 207 M Halloween Weekend The Halloween Weekend, sponsored by A.P.B., was a big success. People dressed in anything imaginable, roamed the campus. A hall decorating contest and scare- crow making were also part of the extravaganza. For a spooktacular time, one could tour the Haunted House located in Founders on Friday and dance away the night at the Costume Ball on Saturday. During the dance, fellow students participated in a lip sync contest. Saturday also saw many underprivileged children from the Harrisburg area frolicking with their Big Brothers and Big Sisters. - T 1 1 l • ♦■ . -- n— b— i Tfnrrr xo . " Harvey ff Elizabethtown College Theater began its 1985-86 season with the enjoyable pro- duction of " Harvey " a story about a large white rabbit that can only be seen by the somewhat eccentric Elwood P. Dowd. El- wood ' s continual references to Harvey, the oversized rabbit, became a great con- cern to the Dowd family ' s reputation. Eventually this concern leads both Elwood and Harvey to a psychiatric center known as Chumley ' s Rest for " help " . This results in a number of comical situations and a most intriguing play. The play also marked Steven E. Shelley ' s 100th theatrical production as Managing Technical Director. 210 1 j tjm m «■ tw ■■■■■:. W+ v ■ T Harvey 2II Christmas at Etown Christmas at Etown was full of spirit. There was a hall decorating contest, parties, mistletoe, and a special dinner. The dinner was enjoyed by all — even Santa who found time in his busy schedule to stop by for a visit. 212 Christmas at tiown K r Dance Marathon 213 • S.T.E.P. Presents-. " School Daze tt On February 14 and 15, the 1985-86 Stu- dent Team of Entertainers and Perform- ers (S.T.E.P.) presented its sixth annual musical revue entitled " School Daze " . Di- rectors, Robin Bittenbender and Beth De- Mattia, led a cast of over 50 members in a dazzling show incorporating song, dance, and acting. The 29 numbers epitomized school life in both the past and present, and included such things as Happy Days, Vacation, It ' s My Party, Mr. Touchdown, I Could Have Danced All Night, and We ' re Not Gonna Take It. Special dance numbers were Wake Me Up, Hot Lunch, and Let ' s Get Physical. I ' d Like to Teach the World to Sing was performed in sign language. Soloists Lisa Willits, Rosie Altmann, and Annette Davis along with the duet of Lynn Huxtable and Deb Phillips also performed. Special contributions were made by cho- reography-director Heidi Hackenberger and music director Karen Klingman. M$B 1 s ■ . ■ m i « H ' w 1 H • A9 1 B ■i H V J L -: B S ■ J ' S.T.E.P. 215 Theme Weekends Throughout the semesters each dorm takes its turn at sponsoring the weekend activi- ties. Some of the themes chosen this year were Mardi Gras, 50 ' s weekend, the annual Myer Snowball dance and a " cruise " around the world with Founders. I Tm bm!TV53B m 216 Theme Weekends - ■ m Theme Weekends 217 Other Special Events v i 218 Special Events Special Events 219 T G I $ TGIS was filled with fun and excitement. Activities were many, they included: The Spacemates game. Big Brother Big Sister Day, Balloon rides. Fun Run, Mighty Mud Mania, and a Special Dinner in the gym Space Mates 2X TGIS ■ ■ ' ■ Big Brother Big Sister Day Balloon Rides TGIS 221 M. 222 TGIS - ' 1 % »J ,J ' ■ n ' . 323 i . Mighty Mud Mania ' . V V ,mp M , Ik t N M It p H |F : w - »• - v- - „ ■»% iJLJk ! 0 ■■ WKSmsasmmsi i y ■ ■ i .u tor » TGIS 225 . 226 Lynn H., Thanks for all the good timesi Here ' s to " Vice " nights, " rules " and our duetsl " They say the neon lights are bright ... " Good luck in the coming yearsl Luv, Vivi Mix master Chrisll Good luck Susanll CHERRIES!! WALKS BY THE LAKE! Dennine, Andrea, and Bev, Thanks for the great memories and the fun times!! Love, Lynda Good Luck — Cindy. Joyce, Michele. Joan LOVE YOU KAREN — MLP Hey Myer l-East See you all in the fall. Good luck Wen % Bonll But the question is, Mar . . . Love from Maryland TO EXPERIENCES U, AND 3 LOVE J,B,K Judy — Bake is not spelled " B-R-O-l-L " Joe — Always promise, never stopl ILYI CLA To all the Hedricks: I love youl Chris T-lighten up! — C Best wishes Duanel Love Colleen JOEY — YOU ' RE GREA T! I LOVE YOU! BRIDGET Pam Blake — Thanks for being a great roomie and for helping me out so muchl Good Luckl Love ya. Barb Kath — Good luckll We ' ll miss you lots. Cool name, B3 — Magnum C-3 The Barracudasl Hi Leeevill — MeQ. Yo Smegsl — Chill outl YOO TED, WHAT ' S UP? YOU ' RE A GOOD FRIEND, KEEP SMILING! LOVE, BOOTY SKI TO DIE!!! PJ: Thanks for 4 great years. I could have not have asked for a better roomiel PK The roof is on firel! WE LOVE YOU STEVE $ KEITH LOVE C$K Green Gables is the place to be, COOP living is the life for mell Thanks for the memories. RB To: Rob, Troy, Longhead — Thanks for a great Senior yearl I ' ll miss yalll — MLP Please keep your campus clean, curb your dorklll Hey pervertl — still thinking of youlll D-2 — THE BEST HALL THE BEST FRIENDS I LOVE YOU — JOYCE Dear Duane. I |ust wanted you to know that you are very special to me. I love you. Michelle CHERISH THE LOVE Myer Staff: You ' re the best. I ' m going to miss youl Love, Bontie The Rose Garden ... 12 inch disc . . . Dud- ley and Teddy too . . . Togal Togal Toga! ... a heart for Lynn . . . The Hill . . . Com- munications vs. Comp. Sci . . . the Gym . . . Thanks to Mom, Dad, and the Big Guy . . . memories, friendships, relationships . . . I ' ll miss you all. Love, Bill TO I NORTH: IT DOESN ' T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS! JR 5 LAR Susan: Thanks r being by BF-94 is forever! I love ya kiddo Beth T-So eight wasn ' t enough-T What and or who is a Fazig?l T-Trip over any photo albums??- T HI! I ' M BROKE! Tracey, AnnMarie, Kendra. Lisa, Laura, Tory, Thanks Guysl Love Yal Bridget Jen: Remember Cancun Love, Pam Schlosser 2-EasV. Thanx for the memories! Vivi Meet me on Ober ' s Hilll UR 11 Lelee Ahh-Denise life is great! Thanks! Mad WE WON!! L$K R-You ' re super! Glue Hip — Listen to borderline!! Ahhhl REEMA — WE LOVE YOU! AL- WA YS, M J CF Exec-Founders A2 and Founders staff I ' ll miss you Love Andrea Pam % Betsy. Thanks (or always being there! Luv ya lots! Jen ' - DRW — You ' re speciall Love, KSC Kisstine, Sal, AM, Tweet, and Bean, it ' s been funl Kath MOM $ DAD THANKS FOR GIVING ME THE CHANCE TO GROW. I ' LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU! PAM K Michele, Thanks for being the greatest friend and roommate ever. You really made life more bearable for me. I hope next year is even better Always love, Joan Debbie, Thanks for always being there. Love ya always! Whiffle JKJesk, Thanks for all your support and love. Gucci Girl To my " sons " . Thanks for an awesome seasonl Never forget all of the fun we had on those bus trips . . . McDonald ' s — I ' m first in line and of course 5 shots and 6 savesl Love, " Mom " LADY JAYS, YOU DID IT MAC CHAMPS!!! WE ARE ALL PROUD OF YOU! R. $ MA. KILLIAN l-S You are the best Friends Love — Deb-I To my friend Pebbles: Are you still a bachelor? Lisa M. My Dear Sam, I Love You! Colleen Pam, uh . . . Pam . . . Pam you ' re beautifullll And I Luv You — BJA 3-North and the Royer RA ' s: Thanks for 2 great yearsl Gerry Ted, Don ' t eat your gown! Love, Booty and Peon A-ISP ' S — Carry onl We had our funl JK Definition — Expanding your horizons by meeting a variety of people (playing the field) YAHTZEEU Mom and Dad: Thanks for all your support. Love you Bonnie Best of luck to all Jim J. Joyce — Live it up next year. Miss you Andrea Boyfriend, Thanks for a great two yearslll I love you lotslll Swiss P.S. this year no- body will know who you are. Mom and Grandma — What a " pear " ll GLEN — HUSH! Good luck Tracyl TC Pam, we made itl Long live the gruntsll We ' re beautifull J DOCTOR LOVE! K: 1-29-84 was my lucky dayll lly. G. Denise. Diane, 6 Kim, Can we just tell you that we will miss you a little bit to much? WORD UPI (whatever that means) Love, the New Dynamic Duo " KISSTINE! ' Bets: Thanks for being therel You ' re beau- tifull Love, Pam To my family — thank you for your sup- port. To Lynda, Cheekie, and Cindy — you are speciall To Keith — We made it, Bud- dy! TIPPY INVADES MUSSER PJ I ' ll miss you — CD Shelly, Lynda, and Dennine — It was a great 4 years. Miss you Andrea. PETER CHRIS, I love your mother ' s brastraps! Thanks for being so terrific! Much Love. Shady Sadie BIG BLUEBALL $ POOKABUCKET, Thanks so much for the great times at 381 It will never smell so good again! Love ya muchly H- Jenny.We will miss you dearly K-MART LC 6 KP Friends? CD Thanks LP. CS. JF, KP, LS, KL 6 MFB For making my 4 yrs. special!! Luv, Tricia Well Robyn we made it — would I lie to youl Tricia Founders Staff — What a Team! Love Joyce Andrea — for everything — I love you Joyce Dennine £ Joanne — I love you! Joyce Lyn — Baby, llyl Joyce Pam. Jen, Joan, Patty — Good luck! U R The best! Miss U! — Betsy J 6 P — You heifers!!! Happy Grazing! All my best 2 U! Luv, Ba PLENTY OF ROOM IN THE FRONT CAFE. JIM AND CARL L 6 B. CAN YOU IMAGINE. LOVE, CARL becky. (CHOW) CIAO BELLA. LOVE. CARL :r Parent Patrons Mrs. Barbara Acri Mr. Ronald J. Acri Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W. Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Astle Margaret M. Balaban Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baran. Sr. LaVern and Zenta Benner Mr. and Mrs. Lino C. Bernard! James and Patricia Biondolillo The Brysons Mr. and Mrs. William Burch Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Burke Mr. and Mrs. James Campi Charles and Ethel Carothers Mr. and Mrs. William Chatterton Linda Crimmins Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dameron Vincent and Betty DePinto Jeanne M. Dick David L. and Lila M. Domblesky Mr. and Mrs. Clement F. Ellis David P. Ellis Debra S. Ellis Mr. and Mrs. Peter Fanella Edward J. and Margaret L. Fasching Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fouchet Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Francomano Stephen R. Francomano Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gallant. Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David Gerber Mr. and Mrs. James E. Gingrich Mr. James R. Ginther Mrs. Ann E. Ginther Mr. and Mrs. William T. Greitz Peggy L. Groff Mr. and Mrs. James H. Grossman, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Hagenston Karl and Lynda Hallgren Edwin and Eleanor Hansen Mr. and Mrs. John M. Haughton John and Victoria Heider Florence F. Hight Charles T. Hight Richard W. and Helen S. Hollinger Carl and Joan Humphreys Mr. and Mrs. Theodore A. Jarrett Joe and Mary Ellen Jefferson Mr. and Mrs. William D. Jenkins II James T. and Yuki Kealy Mr. John Kemak Mrs. John Kemak Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kern Mrs. Laura Kern Mr. and Mrs. Julius J. Hommer Mr. and Mrs. C. Howard Kinloch Lee and Dan Kwapinski David and Janet Lingrell Mr. and Mrs. Charles Little Mr. Robert L. MacDonald Mrs Robert L. MacDonald James L. and Wilda V. Mallow Donald and Marge Martin Mr. and Mrs. David N. McCormick Lorraine McDonald James McDonald Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. McFadden Linnea and Tom McFadden Dean McFadden and sister Cori-Erin Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. McGonigle Helen M. McNemar Ralph Melville Richard H. Monroe Mr. and Mrs. Willoughby F. Nicolls, Jr. The Paganellis Col. (Ret.) and Mrs. Ron Philipp The Reuter Family Elizabeth Rhue Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Richardson Mr. and Mrs. James Rittenhouse Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Robbins Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Rodebaugh Oreste L. Rogora Jeff and Bev Roller Mr. and Mrs. Herbert K. Rose Mr. and Mrs. John F. Rubel, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Sadler Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sandford Jerry and Kay Saunders Schoenherr Family Margaret Schulz Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Smeltz Mrs. Helen Sleva Mary Ellen and Byron Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Stover Mrs. Barbara Swantner Mr. and Mrs. Eugene J. Szymkowiak Gene Szymkowiak, Jr. Patricia and Robert Taylor Mr. and Mrs. William G. Tebbs Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Tittiger Mary R. Tobash Christopher R. Tobash J. Robert Tobash Paul Toomey Kendra Deaven Marian Toomey Mrs. Shirley H. Townsend Mr. and Mrs. William J. Tregaskis Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trenery Mr. and Mrs. William D. Walters Jennifer L. Walters Ms. Faye Weaver Henry J. Weber Jay I. Wenger George Werner Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. West Gerry Wixson Geni Wixson Fred Wixson Bobby Wixson Margaret Ann Vana Thomas A. Vana. Sr Ted R. Vana Todd B. Vana Michele Ann Vana Thomas Vana, Jr. Cathy A. Vana Diane McCloskey Ronald Young F. D Zimmerman III s « Ihm m «-. • Warburton Greenhouses 982 Bellaire Road Elizabethtown, PA 367-7490 iauft Mwcixrx Menswear Fashions for Men and Young Men Since 1895 Center Square Elizabethtown Harrisburg East Mall Lancaster Center " ' w to XT «s»: ft »15 £a HENIIETIRE SERVICE Michelin — Hercules Truck Tire Retreading Cleona 717-272-2051 York 717-854-3891 I K ■ (ft HIGHLANDER CLEANERS MOUNT JOY ELIZABETHTOWN 5 South Barbara St. 35 W. High St. 653-2379 367-4665 • Professional Dry Cleaning • Repairs Alterations • Shoe Repair Member IFi Locally owned operated by Lloyd Joyce Helsey A MOST UNIQUE RESTAURANT For (i masL unique dining experience come l.o historic Bube s Brewery in Mount Joy The I building, is on inactive bul inlacL brewer) ' from ILhe lQLh century now converted into Lhe idretismosl unusual resLiuriinl A serf will laid you ' through I he brewery on your way to n table 1 40 feel underground Please call lor | reseivtlnons 653-20% Bube s Brewei v Alois s The GiLicomhs - The Boll ling Works ! JOIN US Jl A v w sm 1! sincm904 farmers ' Fertilizer Works, inc. armers FERTILIZER Premium Granular Fertilizer Lawn Food Liquid Nitrogen — Limestone — Pesticides Eluabethtown. PA 1 7022 Phone (717) 367-1211 Chunhtown. PA 17510 Phone (2151 286-5337 V 51. South Market St. Elizabethtown 367-7876 THE AREA ' S LARGEST MOVIE SELECTION VCR and movie sales and Video cameras Color Televisions and stereo TV Monitors Hours: Daily Noon — 9pm., Sat. 10am — 9pm.. Sun. Noon — 5pm. YOUR FULL SERVICE VIDEO STORE ■J 210 ' - If you ' re old enough to manage your own life, you ' re old enough to manage your own money. Farmers First helps make it easy. With highest interest rates, automatic sav- ings, the 24-hour teller. And, Your Own Personal Banker to help you make the right decisions about how to manage your money. Stop by and get acquaint- ed. The People Bonk Member F.D.I C Serving you is fun for us! MUELLER ' S FLOWER SHOP 55 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Phone: 367-1581 FLOWERS WITH QUALITY, BEAUTY AND ARRANGEMENT BOB ' S FLOWERS 39 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Phone: 367-2211 ARCO HOFFER ' S ARCO and PERK ' S CAR SERVICE 135 N. Market St. 900 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Phone: 367-7513 Phone: 367-6346 WE SELL MOST MAJOR BRAND TIRES 231 ti CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 86 Compliments of the Jay ' s Nest Pi a flut 900 N. Hanover St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 367-5476 Mike Leber Manager Bob Buchmaier Bernie Harrison Assistant Managers TROPICAL TREAT RESTAURANT " A TREAT THAT CAN ' T BE BEAT! " 2 MIL ES EAST OF ELIZABETHTOWN PHONE: 367-3491 OPEN: 3:45am — 10pm Elizabethtown SPORTING GOODS 59 College Avenue ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 Phone (71 71 367-«633 232 9 ■ TtiTbm m ' f -m .■.,.-■-■ . - 5

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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