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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1984 Edition, Cover

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o-etr if 3oia i 3S}Otf OCT £-3013d 2»3ST Ua a otvC 3 XA 3DNVtD o r aTJii OOT 3013ki REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY CHEST T»cice j 2 » THOMPSON PCVCt ° C(. ! ft Q ZZZ P T) Underclassmen 18 Sports 60 Seniors 100 Clubs 156 Faculty Admin. 174 Activities 196 ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY Elizabethtown Coileg .Elizabethtown, Pa. 12022 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 As we pause for a moment in the year 1 984, many of us hear of " bad news " such as the wars in distant lands. Many of us feel the fear of nuclear devastation. Many of us know of the difficulties in getting a good education with increased costs. Although there is much to grieve about, there is much to be happy about. It is ironic almost to the point of comedy that people should so focus on evil that they blindly overlook the immeasurable abundance of good, happiness, even pleasure carried by this planet in time. Should we count the thorns Elizabethtown College VOL XXXIII without counting the stars? Do we forget that there is more peace than war and more beauty than ugliness? Why should we focus on hate and miss seeing love, or hear the groans of grief but be deaf to the songs of joy? There are lights in the world as well as shadows. There is virtue as well as vice. Our senses provide us with more pleasure than pain. On any fair esti- mate, the sheer volume of beauty, pleasure, goodness and happiness in the world would eclipse the very highest count of evil. Through the theme of the art presented in Ross M. Cleveland, Jr Editor Conestogan 1984, we have tried to present to you a humorous view of life as it is and how it might be. As the cover and end sheets portray, 1984 and the future is in a sense a time of chance. Like the game of Monopoly, in the game of life we must all learn to roll with the dice and not just focus on the bad. On the divider pages, we take a jesting look at how life may be in 2084 here at the college as it per- tains to the different sections of the book. — ■■■ .. A Leffler House Dedication The house that once was the resi- dence ot a college president and his family, then served as a cooperative student housing unit for women, may now be performing that most important role for Elizabethtown. The two-story Colonial house, known to most recent generations of students as Sigma House, is the College ' s new admissions house. Completely refurbished, the building has been named Leffler House in honor of Carlos R. and Georgiana E. Leffler, longtime friends and supporters of the college. The formal dedication of the house occured on Homecoming Weekend, October 15th. The new admissions house will not only enhance the image of the college in the eyes of prospective students and their parents, but will make it much easier for them to meet with admissions personnel for years to come. louse Dedication Musser Chemistry Dedication Elizabethtown College dedicated Musser Hall, our new chemistry facili- ty, on Saturday morning October 29 in a ceremony witnessed by members of the Board of Trustees, representa- tives of major donors, faculty, admin- istrators, students and invited guests. Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin Musser, in whose honor the building is named, were seated, along with family mem- bers, speakers, and many of the invit- ed guests, beneath a large canopy erected on the campus facing the new building. Several weeks after the formal ground breaking ceremony on Au- gust 25, 1982, Warfel Construction Company began to build. About a year later at over 2.5 million dollars the new building was finished. Musser Chemistry Dedication 17 CoW rrhKJ.t ' j ChuJt ' 4. rot? z. lw oom PAN Brinser Brinser Dorm Council Row 1: Jeff Jacoby(HR), Rich Breimann, Shailesh Mehta. Row 2: Perry Merlo, Sfeve Williamson, Carl LaMasfra (Treas.), Mike Reiner (Pres.), Tim Sharpe (Sec). Row 3: Mark Sorenson (ex-Pres), Herb Miller (Vice-Pres.), Craig Rowe (Hisf.), Dave June. Row 4 (on stairs): Doug Burns, (P.A.L.). Brinser RA ' s Row 7: Ross Cleveland (2-North), Tom PiferO North South). Row Brinser 1-South: left to right Tom Edgley, Judy Corona, Dave Shaw, 2: Chris Cavanaugh (3-South), Jeff Jacoby (HR 2-South), Dave Lewis (3- Jeff Boyle, Francis Carleton, Don Haughton, Dave Richard, Rich Dug- North), qan. 20 Brinser 1 -North: left to right Row J; (Sitting) Mike Snyder, Joe Ferko, Ed Reber, Tom Pifer, Steve August, Ed Jenkins, Fred Phillipy Row 2: Pete Everett, Scott Sweren, Tony Cribari, Charles Grohotolski, Mike Singer, Larry Scheurich, Rich Williamson. Row 3: Mark Bernard:, Bob Bitner, Tim Sharpe, Don Rowe, Chuck McDonalds, Dave June, Pete Rothermel. Brinser 2-Horth Sitting: Mike Shupp, Chuck Engel, Steve Williamson Standing: Row 1: Norman Yeater, Kevin Bream, Scott Wenger, Scott Lied, Don Fitzkee Standing Row 2: Carl LaMastra, Rich Shuman, Steve Faus, Glenn Johansen, Ross Cleveland (RA). 21 Brinser 2 — South Row 1: Keith Knecht, Rich Breimann, Shailesh Mehta. Row 2: Bill Longacre (lying), Tim Bowman, Mike Nolt, Dale Forshey. Row 3: Doug Burns, Herb Miller, Jeff Jacoby, Mike Reiner, Duane Armstrong, Mark Sorenson. 1 Brinser 2 — South Row h Andy McGinn, Ray Kreiser, Bill Monteith, Loren Martin, Bill Schappell, Pete Witycyak (R. front). Row 2: Wallace Kamens, Dave German, Jere Sollenberger, John Woodward, Roy Meyer. 22 Brinser 2 — North Front Row: Matt Bowling, Steve Hanzelman, Mark Simpson, Kevin Bream. Top Row: Tom Cotreau, George Rudawsky, Jeff Alper, Rich Mi- trotz. Brinser 3 — North Row 1: Scott Richards, David Lewis. Row 2: David Harrison, Brian Nicklaus. Row 3: J. Reidenbaugh, Robert Zackowski, Steve Swenson, John Cooper. Brinser 3 — North Row 1: Chris Shouldice, Craig Rowe, ChauBui. Roie.2: David Githens, Gregg Akerman, Todd Latshaw, Glen Catarious. Row 3: Perry Merlo, David Rothermel, Joe Banner, Ed Koehler, Bill Bender. Brinser 3 — South Row .-Andrew Byron, Bruce Padulsky, Barry Stouffer, Doug Campbell, Pat Conway. Row2:Ken Sylvia, Mark Shade, Andy Murdough, John Hosier, Chris Cavanaugh, Joe Albanese, Peter Cialloreto, Tom Lehman, Chris Baldrige. 24 Brinser Brinser 3 — South Row 1: Doug Campbell, Luis Contreras Row 2: Christopher Baldrige, Vincenzo Noraca, Jeft Lloyd. Row 3: Keith Gunn, William Swanick. Row 4: Jeff Koenig, Alvin Walton, Jerry Shadel. - Royer Royer Dorm Council Top left: Sheila Reardon, Ellen Whitacre, Heidi Schweitzer, Monica Petrick, Patti Kramer, Tara Thompson, Dennine Weissert, Sue Marlott. Sitting left: Laurie Jacoby, Lynda Stone, Marcie Lebowitz, Marianne Miller. Kneeling: Rose Montague, Jodi Lieich, Gina Mastro. On Ground: Andrea Lindner. Royer RA ' s Sitting: Patricia Gay. Standing: Kim Page, Nancy Smith, Deb Rider, Beth Spongier (Head Resident), Doris Wegner. Royer 25 Royer 1 — South Standing: Genie Atkins, Doris Wegner (RA), Kathy Charles, Laura Youngcourt. Sitting: Joan Zinn, Kathy Getz, Rose Montague, Pat Early. Royer 7 — North Row 1: Christine Pazza, Gina Mastro, Barbara Allard, Susan Kimmich, Rose Shick, Lois Chidester. Row 2: Heather Brubaker, Alice Gable, Patricia Gay Row 3: Lynn O ' Farrell, Judy Rossi, Chris Collins, Lisa Washnick. Row 4: Wendi Mitchell, Eileen Lancendorfer. Royer 1 — South Back Row: Linda Dempsey, Chris Chapin, Robin Schwartz. Middle Row: Chris Fi- scher, Donna Haas, Jody Welch. Front Row: Erin Smith, Gladys Cleveland. Missing: Nancy Gsell, Crystal Paynter, Becci McKamey. Royer 2 — South On Floor: Heather Conner, Doreen Lowder, Manann Miller. Row 2: Kay Ann Heltzel, Melinda Rider, Ann Dietz, Kim Page, Erika Crabher, Carol Brecht, Susan Marlatt, Karen Johnson. On Bed: Angie Rogle, Colette Brown, Lisa Intini, Aleli Almario. Royer 2 — South On Floor: Irene Balafoutas. Row 1: Jan Zaccanini, Wendy Townsend, Bonnie Wieder, Carol Hart- man. Row 2: Deb Sandford, Lisa McGurgan. Bed L-R: Joyce Sangrey, Michaele Dick, Marci Lebowitz, Tina Abbott. Miss- ing in Action: Maxann Lord, Susan Horst. Royer 27 Royer 2 — North Row 1: Debbie Rider (RA), Carol Mead, Ellen Whitacre, Dennine Weissert, Andrea Lindner, Michele Szymkowiak, Beth Bowser, Laurie Jacoby. Row 2: Gwen Holmstrom, Lynda Stone, Sheila Rear- don. Elizabethtown College 1 Vjk s , Royer 2 — North On Bottom: Michele Hastings, Karen Kling- man, Nancy Walsh, Cohnne Foor, Lee Ann Van Houten, Lori Myers. Standing top: Stacy McKenna, Kirsten Gostony, Karen Baltz, Betsy Paul, Tammy Albert. Royer3 — South Row 1: Debbie McGarry, Jennifer Cochran, Lisa Clevinger, Glenda Smith, Karen Hubler, Lorraine Woller. Row 2: Jyl Buzas, Nancy Smith, Andrea Lesko, Margaret Alberti, Mary Barry, Robin Kilpatrick, Sandy Frye. Ron ' J: Colleen Peditto, Kyle Kessler, Sally Garber, Sharon Kauffman, Tare Thompson, Lisa Titcombe, Patti Kramer, Vikki Pellegrino. Absent: Jessica Stone. Royer 3 — North Row 1: Becky Dalley, Hope Gesell, Karen Kniss, Lynn Bentzley, Beth Geidel, Jen Winters, Tracey Young, Joanne Reeser. Row 2: Sandy Stothoff, Jodi Reiner, Beth Spangler, Dina Werkley. Royer 3 — North Row 1: Laura Lowenbach, Chris Zielinski. Row 2: Beth Bartnicki, Amy Leader. Row 3: Patti Salimena, Heidi Schweitzer, Monica Petrick. Royer 29 Founders Founders RA ' s Row 7: Dave Burkholder, Kristel Mitler, Sue Bartle, Colleen Coolican, Greg Cooney, Val Pecha Row 2: Maureen Osorno, Phyllis Dayton, Marty Brumme (HR), Shawne Johnson, Sharon Corretore, Katherine Mclntire. Founders Dorm Council Row 1: Pam Kroniger, Maryanne Calderone, Rhonda Burke Row 2: Jan Schwartz, Sue Good (Pres.), Jennie Lachnicht (Secretary), Kristie Patten, Lisa Broadbent, Stephanie Schuler Row 3: Stephanie Barto, Beth Schaetf er (Vice Pres), Lori Matteo, Ann-Marie Scesa. Missing: Robin Idler (Treasurer). 30 Founders A-l Row 1: Sue Smith, Mary Longenecker, Katherine Mclntire Row 2: Joan Weaver, Lisa Cianciulli, Marge Henise, Rhonda Burke, Jenny Friend, Pam Kroninger, Patty Johnson, Mary Lesher. Founders A-l Row 1: April Frusher, Sherry Deimler Row 2: Chris Achenbach, Beth Strang, Karman Graham, Bonnie Shrader, Tanja Kyle, Karen Davis. Founders 31 Founders A-2 Row 1: Joan Storm, Shawne Johnson (2nd Semester RA), Jennifer Eveler. Row 2: Melissa Yerger, Cheryl Ritter, Geraldine Jacobs, Debra Fouse, Carolyn Brumbaugh Row 3: Judy Anderson ( 1 st semester RA), Sue Kepner, Carol Smith, Kelly Bauer, Lon Bernabei, Karen Clymer. Founders A-2 Sitting: Susan Follert, Linda Demko Row 2: Ann Henry, Marcie Frusher, Elizabeth Buck, Tracy Bauer, Charlene Teitelman Row 3: Laurel Bell, Kristen Schoenherr, Joyce Crawford, Kim Eberly, Sue Anderson. 32 Founders Founders A-3 Row 7:Suzi Delucia, Sue Barcafer Row 2: Monica Givens, Cathy Chares, Michelle Erbe Row 3: Mary Kay Ritter, Gina Bomello, Karen Zimmer- man (of 4: Becky Lee Deckenback, Kristin Mowry Missing: Kirsten Gostony, Mary Race, Sharon Corretore. Founders A-3 Row 7: Sun Lee, Lisa Scheetz, Tindy Jones, Laura Fecile Row 2: Marilyn Duda, Cathy Sedia, Cindy Staschiak, Shan Laragione, Chrissy Hutsko Row 3: Jodi Cobb, Carol Williams, Joan Blake, Ginny Sickel, Kathleen McKenna, Diane Green. Founders 33 Founder ' s B- 1 Row 1: Heidi Holscher, Trish Marrero, Kim Crowder Row 2: Jan Schwartz, Valerie Pecha, Charlotte Yoder, Lori Romano, Lisa Messner, Kathy Begeman Missing: Susan Pretto and Karen MacNeel. Founder ' s B-2 Lying: Sheri Adie Row 7; Bonnie Bair, Woodrow, Maria Milam, Abigail, Tracy Gibble, Patty Miller, Kristel Miller, Andy Pinter Row 2: Mr. Snowman, Laurie Oliver, Jenni Lachnicht, Ms. Snowman, Regina Cooks, Stephanie Barto Row 3: Ten Shepler, Becky Witmer, Marsha Figurelli, Turtle, Sue Mirarchi, Lesa Rudnicki, Nancy Evans, Karen Nitzsche, Beth Schaetfer, Cathy Saunders Row 4: Lizz Cushing, Steve Williamson, Sarah Gallagher, Kristin Holmes, Trina Geiser Missing: Laurie Mongalivi, Ellen Hoffman, Amy Studenmund, Kelly Skuse, Robin Idler, Maria Kalathas, Sherry Gernert. 34 Founder ' s B-3 Row 1: Pam Palmieri, Mary Ann Calderone, Nancy Wellons, Tina Strieker, Virginia Ray Row 2: Heidi Murtagh, Anne Hollinger, Jackie Piret, Jane Devlin, Kathy Elansky Missing: Christy Shultz, Lynn Wolf, Deb Chin, Nancy Bahrke, Anne Golding. A Founder ' s B-3 (L to R): Elyse Braxton, Chris Kwapinski, Stacey Smith, Trisha Costa, Jane Fruggiero, Lynda Piekarski, Kristie Patten, Colleen Coolican (RA), Sharon Tushup, Louann Schaeffer, Lori Anthony, Cindy Schroder, Kim Lease Missing: Karen Wanczyk, Christine (Steen) Coppa, Dana Palmer, Doreen Dra ke. 35 36 Founders Founders C-2 Row 7: Lauren Sherry, Maureen Osorno (RA), Laura McEachern, Row 2: Charlotte Howell-Clarke, Jane Hoffman, Deneen Focht, Row 3: Debbie Mattelle, Susie Paulis, Sue Ward, Row 4: Mel Dixon, Wendy George, Patt Capone, Row 5: Cathi Wagner, Kathy Stadler, Absent: Bev Boyer. Founders C-2 Row 7: Maura Herlihy, ?oir2:Laynie Alba, Jennifer Fa wella, ?oif3:Mandi Webb, Christine Rafgo, Carolyn Reutec, Janet Street, ?oir4:Linda Lund, Kathy Vakes, Sandy Austin, Karen Wrona, Terri Nellans, Laurie Peiffer, Kim Ryan, Absent: Jane Hawley Founders 37 Founders C-3 Row 1: Adrianne Albano, Diane Dillon, Steph Schuler, Row 2: Teresa Hanssens, Kathy Spare, Alicia Mongaliri, Kathy Youse, Carol Sutcliffe, Row J.- Becky Wilson, Maria Gilmore, Mary Jenkins, Allison Weiss. Founders C-3 Row 7: Kathy Crey, PKD(RA), Cheri Woods, Row 2: Bonnie Carew, Kathy Kealy, Claudia Lapeinte, Judi Swartz, Lisa Broadbent, Row 3: Sylvia Moot, Bev Turner, Cindy Daub, Kim Keen, Steph Dickson, Absent: Shelley Parks, Cindy Weaver, Pam Mongelli, Mary Jean Barnes, Diane McCartney. Founders D- 7 Row 7: Scott Meyers, John Mc Donnell, Scott Bell, Dave Klinger, Row 2: Dave Mastrota, Tom Humphries, Brian Moyer. Founders 39 Founders Dl Sitting: Tom " Smitty " Smith, Gregg " Bonnie Hill " Cooney, Standing: Jim Yohn, Tim " Hock " Seifert, Steve " Beef " Roberto, Pete Wilking, Mark " Steetz " Jordan, Jeff " Wimp " Null, Absent: Bill " Chillie " Newill, Ted " Who? " Miller. Founders D-3 Row 1: Charlie Ebersole, Allan Brookhart, Row 2: John Sievwright, Eric Miller, Andy Kroek, Rob Christ, Brian Cassell, Row 3: Joel Waite, Chris Dalton, Kirk Eldndge, John Encarnacion, Dave Prout, Mike Gibbons, Missing: Mike Fuhr. 40 Founders D-2 Row 7: Janet Rayeur, Connie Quinn, Leigh Marick, Sue Good, Charleen Pfeiffer, Kathy Charles, Lori Mattei, ?oir2:Kathy Lardear, Ann Marie Scessa, Barb Snyder, Deirdre Lynch, Row J.-Salli Wolf, Arlene Merz, Sue Bartle, Row 4: Chris Smith. Founders D-3 Row 1: Paul Batastini, John Telencia, Rick McAllister, Rich Sauders, Dave Burkholder, Row 2: John Steinbach, John Cramer, Kevin Mar- vel, Row 3: Ben Buhl, Ron Pawell, Dave Schlosser, Paul Holcomb, Brad White, Missing: Mike Ohm, Dan Schlosser. 41 Schlosser SchlosserRA s left to right: Liberaci Barba Umbrell, Lisa Comopolotin Keane, Pam Vnenchak Alien Martian, Bug eyes Heissenbuttel (HB), Cornelia von Lersner (HR), and resident " Pierre " Painter. Schlosser Dorm Council Kneeling: Lisa Dauenheimer, Michelle Messinger, Tami Cutilli, Beth Wellnitz, Susan Zweig, Donna Hull, Sitting: Susan Mehl, Karen Brune, Pat Solecki, Melinda Cook, Carol Willoughby, Karen McKee, Lisa Richards, Absent: Gail Harris. 42 Schlosser Schlosser 1 East Row 1: Debbie Hilliard, Judy Corona, Lee Ann Squire, Diane Hadley, Linda Dubois, Karen Hinerdeer, Row 2: Randy Baldwin, Jayne Wilson, Danielle Lettiere, Felicia Sweeney, Kathy Buchan, Ellen O ' Connell, Marie Brand, Kecia Piatt, Amy Vance, Karen Leparulo, Kay Ann Unangst, Renia Caljean Lois Powers, Row 3: Heather Heissenbuttel, Mary Lee Pfister, Barbara Baeckert, Susan Zweig, Beth Boyer, Joy Nave, Ann Burnette, Amy Karaffa, Kristen Rehrig, Susan Karaffa, Teresa Lunz, Amy Staub, Absent: Debbie Young, Gina Giordano, Annette Davis, Liz Bauer, Judy Judd, Shelly Woodbury, Kelly Krumenacker. Schlosser 43 Schlosser 2E Row h Dawn Thomas, Michelle Chlerici, Mardette Cross, Cheryl Peterman, Kathy Newman, Row 2: Lori Hansen, Betsy Simons, Joann Rentz, Kim Miller, Kathy Bower. Schlosser 2E Row 7: Cindy Wiley, Fran Zampelli, Row 2: Lisa Dauenheimer, Becky Deery, Sandy Dahlstrom, Row 3: Pam Millan, Kenda Hill, Michelle Messinger, Lora Kemak. 44 Schlosser Schlosser 2£ Row 1: Holly Hardaway, Staci Deacon, Cornelia von Lersner (RA), Jennifer Benkert, Row 2: Lisa Forscht, Dorothy Schuda, Vivian Hann, Terry Stickler, Amy Andrews. Schlosser 2W Row 7:Sue Mehl, Heather Brubaker, Rosey Nissley, Gina Mastro, Tory Weinhold, Kathy Neyer, Row2:hAary Walkers, Karen Nelson, Kris Johnson, Mary Ellen Clark, Laura West, Bev Davis, Linda Benson, Amy Benner, Jill Abood, Lisa Confer, Barb Umbrell (RA). Schlosser 45 Schlosser 2W Row h Sandy DeCarlo, Row 2: Laurie Bookheimer, Theresa Kuntz, Row 3: Melinda Holl, Beth Wellnitz, Debbie Simmler, Nancy Boaz, Row 4: Leslie Shaw, Nancy Stein, Chris Bnttain, Row 5: Lisa Richards, Renee Weitzel, Pam Blake, Mane-CIa Burr, Railing (front to back): Debbie Walker, Cheryl Evers, Sue Warnitsky, Janice Ciraolo. Schlosser 3E Row 1: Stephanie Thomas, Robyn Zenger, Nancy Avellino, Linda Brecht, Nancy Cottrell, Elizabeth Eastwood- Ziegler, Angela Nagle, Sonia Boss, Row 2: Julie McDermott, Kim Patton, Kim Reigel, Row 3: Shira Goldman, Bill Longacre, Lisa Gafgen, Denise Kreider, Kathy Cheeks, Cindy Bowers, Jackie Carson, Sharon Kipp, Kathy Storm, Wendy Gooden. 46 Schlosser Schlosser 3E Row 1: Robin Bittenbender, Laura McGovern, Beth Demattia, Ingnd Gaither, Ka- ren Duffy, Carol Willoughby, Row 2: Sara Ream, Karen McKee, Hallie Harold, Row J.- Carol Pagano, Lynn Taroski, Tami Cutilli, Gail Harris, Suzanne Schmoll, Sharon Gaskin, Se- lena Holly, Gia Altoman. Schlosser 3W Ron 1: Lien Dang, Tammy Wood, Carol Kimley, Karen Eastridge, Bonnie Youngblood, Dorothy Hight, Donna Hull, Don- na Fraunfelter, Sue Patton, Molly Hanson, Cla- rice Grant, Row 2: Sue Cupit, Jackie Cain, Barb Allard, Kim Adkins, Lori Eberly, Karen Rober- son, Karen Wolff, Karen Brune. Schlosser 3W Row 1: Pat Solecki, Kamille Kas- sees, Kathy (Kat) Carhart, Julie Bauman, Lisa Willing, Betsy Granruth, Ginny Elwell, Anne Zart, Kris Phillips, Row 2: Cindy Ensman, Judy Palmer, Melinda (Mel) Cook, Elaine Balaban, Janine Mullusky, Pam Vnenchak (RA), Dawn Thompson. 47 Myer wt ■ v i» w. ■■ ■ i IH k 4 m L m Myer RA ' s: Deb Graves, Diane White, Karen Fisher, Gretchen Schlicher, Wanda Buzzard. Myer Dorm Council Row 1: Suzy White (Sec), Jackie Frear (Pres.), Kris Reese (Vice-Pres.). Row 2: Dawn Sprance , Cheryl Frank, Marsha Tavares. Row 3: Heather Gourlie, Tracy Wilkin- son, Missy Price. 48 Myer Myer 1 — East Row 7: Annie Erb, Kim Bazzoli, Cheryl Frank Row 2: Dawn High, Eva May, Kirstin Gusky Row 3: Renee Reedy, Janet Bopp, Deb Graves, Kathy Cicalese. Myer 2 — West Row h Beth Buckson Row 2: Laurie Peters, Jill Dahmer, Ann Mumf ord, Kay Miller Row 3: Linda Procopio, Sue Smith, Kim Rubin, Lisa Pearce Row 4: Patti McDonough, Lynda Swan, Betsy Bender, Kitty Martin, Dawn Sprance, Wanda Buzzard (RA) Row 5: Amy Van Saun, Gina Gesek, Amy Myles, Cyndy Kluge, Michele D ' Andrea, Missing: Michele Repko, Georgine Pizzullo, Cindy Sagolla, Beth Sukarochana, and Leigh Hartman. Myer 2 — East Row 1: Missy Price, Sue VanStreet, Jeana Vezza, Alice Rossi, Katy Brown, Beth Bucher, Diana Gingrich, Jackie Frear, Sarah Yost Row 2: Kris Reese, Robin Sharrer, Laurie Mertika, Pam Koontz, Heather Gourlie, Margaret Lorenzen, Ruth Moyer, Carol Welsh Row 3: Gretchen Schlicher, Teresa Berwager, Bonnie Burrell, Theresa Keeney, Sheila Reynolds, Kendal Hullihen Miss- ing: Nancy Berry, Dana Marin. 50 Myer Myer 3 — West Row 7: Heidi Hock- enberger, Pam Craig, Mary Yinglmg Row 2: Kim Hayden, Casey Hall, Deb Truscello, Karen Fischer (RA) Row 3: Marsha Tavares, Cindy Pichelman, Crissy Butts, Tricia Lawrence, Ann Alandar, Grace Kim Row 4: Bev Reeves, Aimee Vanisko, Suzanne Clark, Rose Wenger, Liza Wagner, Connie Wehry Row 5: Karen Lutz, Laurie Kendall, Claudme Crooks, Tracey Thomas, Melissa Lambert, Missing: Janet Clark, Stacey Fox. Myer 3 — East Row 1: Mary Follmer, Lisa Wienbrock, Sue Dahmer, Deb Fehr Row 2: Michele Fisher, Wendy Cazort, Suzy White, Kathy Bowman, Lisa Walinsky, Kim Miller, Joanne Lerch, Tina Chorba Row 3: Diane White (RA), Alison Reach, Lisa Knauss, Joy Pepmeier, Rose Dono- van, Missi Straub, Liz Nunan Row 4: Michelle Regn, Chris Bartashus, Ann Belkey, Dianne Waddell, Lisa Phillips, Jill Zimmer, Tracy Wilkinson, Miss- ing: Karen Marsteller, Joan Everett, Laura Jones, Jane Melocheck, Eliza- beth Edwards. 51 Ober Ober RA ' s Row 1: Jack Schlottman (A-2), Mark McNaughton (B-3), Ray Bendas (B-2), Tony Pa- higian (HR), Row 2: Al Rossi (A-l), Tom Dear- dorf (B-l), Art George (A-3), John Kennedy (A- 2). j Ober Dorm Council Row J: Keith " Buckwheat " Hall (Vice-Pres), Joel Bechtel (Pres), Row 2: Andrew Love (Treasurer), Bill Mack, Dan Blunk (Secretary), Jerry McHale, Anthony Pahigian (HR), Jay Aman, Row 3: Duane Kuhn, Don Bogut, Jay Master, Mark Mc- Naughton. 52 Ober Ober A- 1 Row 1: Alan Rossi (RA), Steve McDonald, Row 2: Frank Workman, Mike Sobers, Doug Travor, Scott Brown, Randy Bankert, Ross Vecchio, Doug Schrock, Mike Dietrich, Gardner Tor- rence, Brian Walter, Row 3: Shawn Wil- son, Tom Gammon, Chuck Frye, Kevin Burrey, Glenn Rigg, Joe Beck, Dan Smith, Jay Masters, Erik Albright, Dave Jones, Neil Clark, Pete Lengle, Row 4: Ray Brosius, Chris Schlunk. Ober A-2 Row 1: Bill Young, Tim Heck, An- drew Touhey, Dave Kauffman, Mike Park- er, Rich Garman " Turtle " , Greg Palmer, Dave Crossman, Mike Trapani, Jack Hamil- ton, Ron Lambo, Tom Migut, Dan Kohler, Row 2: Tim Hessert, Dave Messell, Mike Tobash, Al Walton, Chuckles Cormell, Phil Cook, Bill Matson, Todd Rodebaugh, Steve Rus, Scott Blasius, Steve Polinsky, Dean Ge- kas, Gerry Dougherty, Gary Gresh, Dave Rhoads. Ober A-3 Row 1: Liam McGuigan, Valen- dino Delviscio, Jeff Heinze, Todd Nave, Bob Young, Sean McGuigan. Row 2: Bob Parks, Jerry O ' Malley, John Wagner, Ted Robison, Dennis Brennan, Wonil Kwon, Chris Cook, Jerry Snyder. Row 3: Andy Rich, Art George, John Nicklin, Mike Messina, Rick Morral, Doug Peters, Grant Miller. Ober 53 Ober B-Basement Row 1: Curtis Welty, Don Loser, Steve Aiena. Row 2: Cliff Kaylor, Dave Curnane, Duane Kuhn, Rich Gallagher, Charlie Zeiders, John Kennedy. Row 3: Andy Keef er, Ray Caucci, Don Bogut, Darren McKessy, Eric Reber. Ober B-h Row 1: Shannon Perry, Bill Mack, Jay Amen, Tom Deardorff Row 2: Kevin Glass, Phil Panelli, Nate Walton, John Bowman, John Shaum, Eric Hanson, Andy Carey, Eric Siler, CJ Faux, Pat Kane. Row 3: Mace Coleman, Steve Adams, Jon Roelke, Glenn Sternitzke, Joel Bechtel. 54 Ober f Ober B-2 Row 7: Ed Murray, Row 2: Steve Havighurst, Bill Nash, Rob Hoch, Brian Elving. Row 3: Chris Ward, Rob McMurtrie, Bruce Zimmerman, Keith Marvel, Eric Patrick, Russ Murray, Greg Bair, Dave Landis. Row A: Jim Fagen, Val Daiga, Paul ™ McMurtrie. Ober B-3 Row 7: Kevin Towers, Scott Crossan, Brian Dye, Craig Hilbert, Steve Yinger, Andrew Love, Jim Van Metre, Tim Phillips, Mike Murray, Jim Chianese. Row 2: John Leposa, Mike Emanuel, Mike Pratzner, Todd Stonesifer, Tom Miller, Brian Ronan, Jay Wiedeman. Row 3: Scott Mackenzie, Rich Campbell, Damian Burnside, John Hudson, Mark McNaughton, Scott Lehr, Paul Eyler, Ed O ' Connor, Dave Robinson. Ober 55 Co-ops Co-op RA ' s: Chris Dowdell, Nancy Simon, Scott Vaz. Orchard Standing: Alan Hair, Curtis Heisey, Kingdon William Troensegaard III, Chris Dowdell (RA), Thomas G. Neiss. Kneeling: Tim Kershner, Andre Cooper. 56 Co-ops Green Cables Back Row: Alane Seiler, Pam Hunsberger, Vicki Freund, Deb Simon, Kim Rebuck. Front Row: Beth Hubert, Kathy Kirk, Nancy Simon (RA). Kathv Hemdel w Rose Garden Back Row: Dan " Nightmare " Nixon, Bill " Willy " Davidson, Scott " Wong Lee " Vaz. Front Row: Tim " Tee " Hand, Mark " Sluggo " Sohns, Troy " Moose " Galbreath, Mike " Mo " Ochman. Co-ops 57 Off Campus Residents F Commuters Row h Angela Riggleman, Kate McCarthy, Judy Gutshall, Dave Quinn. Row 2: Sharon Tushup, Lisa Trimmer (Secretary), Matt Tierney, Dana Palmer, Bill Clifford, Mike Hahn (Treasurer), Juan Newcomer. Row 3: Amy Albright, Becky Weaver, Leanna Muntzenberger, Holly Druck (President), George Karanicotas (Vice-President), Kris Hawkins, Doug Ruhl, Randall Eric Garner. Row 4: Dave Bear Off Campus Residents 58 Off Campus Residents Who Lives in Alpha Annex? Alpha Annex — What ' s that, you ask? While most of the campus is sound asleep, one of two students is awakened by either a phone call ( . . . mmmrr Good morning, Elizabeth- town College) or a radio message from a Public Safety officer (Unit 3 to 266 .we have no heat in Myer . . . call maintenance) ... or maybe you ' ve been in class when you hear a loud " beep, beep, beep, beep . . . please call ext. 263 as soon as possi- ble " coming from somewhere on a fellow student ... or perhaps you ' ve trying to make a long-distance phone call to your parents and you hear a very pleasant voice (or maybe a groggy mumble, depending on the time of day) say " I ' m sorry, we are unable to do that — please use a pay phone " Tucked away on the 2nd floor of the Public Safety office is a nice, cozy apartment, occupied for the past 3 years by Gaye Smith and Ma- bel Sweitzer, otherwise known as " Alpha Annex " . Since fall semester 1981, these courageous students have been responsible for a number of duties to include: answering the college phone, paging safety, main- tenance, health center and housing personnel, dispatching the safety dept. and handling a variety of emer- gency calls. Gaye, a music therapy major from Mifflinburg, PA and Ma- bel, a Med. Tech. major from Red Lion, PA, have this to say about their 3 year experience: " It has been a try- ing experience, but was well worth the time. If we had to do it again . . . well . . . uh . . , hmmm . . . yeah, we probably would. Although Gaye and Mabel will gra- duate in May 1984, the " Alpha An- nex spirit " must continue. The posi- tions will be filled by 2 more students in the fall semester 1 984; once again the campus will be assured that someone will answer the phone with a cheerful " Good morning, Eliza- bethtown College. " Alpha Annex 59 $N China DOCTOR ' S FEE TAY 3 so VOLLEYBALL EC Alumni 3 OPP Volleyball Scranton 2 Muhlenberg 2 Wilkes 3 Shippensburg 2 3 F M 3 2 BUCKNELL INVITATIONAL Towson 2 Drexel 2 Cortland 2 Lafayette 2 Rider 2 Dickinson 3 York 2 W. Maryland 3 York Penn State 3 Gettysburg 3 Moravian 1 2 Allentown 1 2 Messiah Juniata 3 3 Albright 3 Susquehanna 1 3 Cecil County CC 2 Rosemont 2 MACs Wilkes 2 W. Maryland 2 Albright 2 1 Susquehanna 2 1 Juniata 2 Season: 10-18 Although their record is deceptive, the 1983 volleyball team had a good season overall. The season ended particularly well as the Jaygals made the M.A.C. playoffs and got to the semifinals to tie for third place in their division. Team captain, Sue Herrick, in particular, " came a long way, " said Coach Garrett, " and as a result was honored by being chosen for the North-west Section All-Star Team. He further pointed out that in this season, only the sixth one of volleyball at E-town, that the play was competetively good and much superior than previous years. Coach Garrett feels that E-town gained much respectibility among other schools that it has not had before and that will continue. 1983-84 Volleyball Seated: Coach Robert Garrett, Karen Zimmerman, Heidi Hackenberger, Lau- rie Kendall, Lisa Broadbent, Asst. Coach Bill Helm. Standing: Anita Carney, Karen Lutz, Sue Schmoll, Capt. Sue Herrick, Kathy Neyer, Ellen Hoffman, Asst. Roy Meyer. Missing: Joann Rentz 62 Field Hockey EC Opp Wilkes 2 1 Messiah E. Stroudsburg 2 Shippensburg 1 2 Widener 6 Millersville 1 2 Lebanon Valley 1 Dickinson 2 1 F M 1 2 2 1 Gettysburg 2 1 Albright 6 1 Bucknell 2 2 Frostburg 3 2 W. Maryland 6 MACs Scranton 4 1 Drew 1 2 NCAA Lynchburg 2 Ithaca 4 Season: 12-5-2 1983-84 Field Hockey Row h Bonnie Bair, Beth Bucher, Jennifer Eveler, Tri-Captains Carol Murray and Kamille Kassees, Ann Burnette, Kimberly Bazzoli, Elizabeth Connelly. Row 2: Coach Yvonne Kauff man, Laura West, Robin Schwartz, Kathleen McKenna, Tri-Captain Diann Steinmeier, Gerry Jacobs, Sharlene Schomber, Becky Witmer. 64 ■ .; ; . TO, ' ,:•• r . ' ; " : ; ' » ' ■ ■ , ■ - -L4 w % n» . , ?ji9i " Although they retained only two starters from last year ' s nationally ranked team, the 983 women ' s varsity hockey team ad- vanced to the quarter finals of the national championships this fall, beating Lynchburg College 2-0. Tri-Captains Kamille Kassees, Carol Murray, and Diann Steinmeier led the team to second place in the southern division of the MAC southeast league. Outstand players Kamille Kassees and Rob- in Schwartz were selected for the Middle At- lantic Conference North First Team while Carol Murray was chosen for the Second Team. Kassees also earned All American Honorable Mention. Kassees and Murray were also the season ' s high scorers with five goals and five assists and nine goals and three assists respectively. 65 66 Hockey JV Field Hockey « i e JV Field Hockey Front Row: Tory Weinhold, Volerie Heisterkamp, Betsy Symonds, Katy Morris, Sheri Adie, Erika Grabher. 2nd Row: Mary Ellen Clark, Michele Fisher, Cheryl Ritter, Diane Gingrich, Kathy Elavsky, Chris Chapin, Diane McCartney, Karen Climer. JAYVEE HOCKEY EC Opp Wilkes 1 Messiah 1 E. Stroudsburg 3 Shippensburg 1 3 Dickinson 2 1 F M 2 Gettysburg 1 Bucknell 1 4 Frostburg 3 2 W. Maryland 3 Record: 6 — 4 Hockey 67 Soccer 1983-84 Soccer Row J; John Parks, Phil Cook, Chris Cook, Doug Peters, Greg Davis, Craig Pursel, Nick Brouios, tri-capt. Row 2: Don Haughton, Rudi Fi- scher, Tom Fratantoni, tri-capt. Mark Ford, Shawn Wilson, Jere Sollenberger, Duane Snavely, Row 3: Paul McMurtrie, George Rudawsky, Greg Schoelkopf, Mike Pratzner, Dan Morris, Rob Fratantoni, Dave Jones. Row 4: Coach Arthur D. " Skip " Roderick, Scott Brown, Ted Robinson, Rob McMurtrie, Dave Curnane, Bill Young, Asst. Coach Phil Good. 68 SOCCER EC Opp Alumni 1 1 West-Chester 1 2 BLUE JAY CLASSIC Houghton 1 2 Fredonia Delaware 1 Juniata 7 2 F M 3 1 Gettysburg 3 Glassboro 1 Phila. Textile 1 3 FDU-Madison Dickinson 1 1 Kutztown 2 1 Scranton 1 Wilkes 3 2 Trenton State 2 1 Susquehanna 2 Salisbury Albright 4 Lycoming 5 Bucknell 1 Messiah 1 MACs Drew NCAA Frostburg 1 Record: 12-6-5 Winner on penalty kicks 69 The Blue Jays varsity soccer team had an overall good season this tall with a final record ot 12-6-5. In the MAC ' s the Jays tied Drew in double overtime, 0-0. Drew advanced on penalty kicks 3-2. They were also able to get a bid into the NCAA ' s where they beat Juniate 7-2, Lycoming 5- 0, but lost to Frostburg State 0-1. 70 Soccer JV Soccer 1983-84 Jayvee Soccer Row 1: Ward Knerr and Steve Williamson. Row 2: Vincenzo Moroca, Wonil Kwon, Rich Gallagher, Terry Monteleone, Greg Palmer, Mike Levendis. Row 3: Neil Roberts, Dan Smith, Mark Palmisano, Sean MacKenzie, Rich Mitratz, Kevin MacKenzie. Row A: Tom Cotreau, John Lesniewski, Matt Bowling, Pete Lengle, Jetf Green, Andy Byron, Joe Korb. Row 5: Coach Joseph A. Whitmore, Jr. JAYVEE SOCCER EC OPP Varsity 3 1 1 Alumni Delaware 2 1 F M 1 1 Gettysburg 2 1 Dickinson 1 2 Morgan State 2 1 F M 1 2 Penn St. — Capitol Montgomery Co. CC 6 3 1 Messiah Season: 8-2-1 2 1 Cross Country Cross Country Front roir.-Lori Eberly, Aimee Vanisko, Sue Patton, Katy Brown, Sue Smith. 2nd Row: Pat Kane, Frank Carleton, RichBrennan, Bill Bender, Don Fitzkee, Co-Capts. Dave Lewis and Deb Fehr, Coach Suzette Desjardin, Absent — John Kennedy. 72 Cross Country Wilkes Forfeit King ' s 50 15 F M 47 16 Muhlenb erg 30 25 Albright 47 20 Juniata 39 21 Penn St.- Capitol 38 22 Dickinsor i ||| 42 20 Alvernia 15 50 Baptist Bible 2714 : 27 Vi Penn St. -Capitol 42 20 Swarthmore 43 20 Lebanon Valley 40 21 W. Maryland 43 20 York 35 46 20 Messiah 22 MACs 21st PI Season: 1-14-1 WOMEN ' S X-COUNTRY Lebanon Valley 16 43 Scranton 35 20 Juniata 32 23 Dickinson 30 25 W. Maryland 46 20 Messiah 31 26 Dickinson Invit. 5th PI Season: 1-5 The cross country team con- cluded another season that can be described as encouraging. Their record was an improve- ment over last year ' s record. Throughout the season, the men ' s and women ' s teams ran as two seperate teams and as one coed team. The men ' s and women ' s team records were 1- 14-1 and 1-5 respectively. The team finished ninth in the MAC championship and fifth in the Dickinson Invitational meet. Frank Carleton was perhaps the season ' s outstanding run- ner. He finished first in all but one meet. He set an unofficial course record on Wester Mary- land ' s 8,000 meter course with a time of 25:45. He also set a 5 mile course record at PSU-Cap- itol with a time of 27:48 and on Elizabethtown ' s 5 mile course with a time of 26:12. Cross Country 73 Swimming Although the teams ' records might not reflect a good season, the swim- ming teams as a whole broke nine records this season. Overall, the men ' s team was 2- 1 while the wom- en were 3-7. Records which were set this year included diving (1 1 dives) by David Parry, 451.55: 1650 yd. freestyle by Mike Gibbons, 20:44.48; 200 yd. medley relay by Carol Brecht, Karen Wolff, Jennifer Lachnicht, Sue Patton 2:07.31; 400 yd. medley by Brecht, Wolff, Patton, Annette Davis, 4:35.39; 50 yd. breaststroke by Lach- nicht, 35.33; diving (six dives) by Teri Bubnis, 191.75; 100 yd. butterfly by Patton, 1:05.9; 200 yd. backstroke by Brecht, 2:27.64; and 200 yd. but- t erfly by Patton, 2:24.14. Swimming Front: Chris Baldridge, Brian Ronan. Rear: Asst. Coach Suzette Des- jardin, Mike Gibbons, Steve Pease, Capt. Dave Parry, Bill Bender, Coach Walter Shaw. 74 Swimming Women ' s Swimming Front: Jennifer Lachnicht, Suzanne Patton, Jackie Car- son, Robin Idler, Joan Storm. Rear: Asst. Coach Suzette Desjardin, Carol Brecht, Annette Davis, Chris Zielinski, Coach Walter Shaw. MEN ' S SWIMMING WOMEN ' S SWIMMING EC Opp EC Opp Lycoming 29 61 Lycoming 50 44 West Maryland 54 39 West Maryland 45 48 West Chester 34 73 West Chester 36 68 King ' s 25 55 Susquehanna 35 53 Susquehanna 16 75 Ursinus 41 63 Swarthmore 15 83 York 52 45 Kutztown 46 55 Loyola 33 53 Ursinus 29 48 Dickinson 23 80 York 54 43 Widener 36 65 Loyola 31 59 Millersville 70 68 Dickinson 17 85 Record: 3 — 7 Widener 10 91 Record: 2 — 10 Wrestling Wrestling Front Row: Todd Martin, Ernie Gibble, Andy Pinter, Dino Delviscio, Gene Penxa. 2nd Row: Coach D. Kenneth Ober, Jim LaPorta, Liam McGuigan, Kerry Holsinger, Nick Broujos, Asst. Coach John W. Campbell. v » [ JWI p I CS i si l 76 Wrestling Gettysburg 3 43 Moravian 9 39 Millersville 6 43 Juniata 27 24 Lafayette Tr. 8th place Albright 45 3 West. Maryland 11 47 Lycoming 3 51 Lebanon Valley 16 12 33 30 LaSalle Delaware Valley 23 26 Susquehanna 8 44 Widener 23 34 Delaware 13 33 Ursinus 9 45 Scranton 17 35 York 3 43 Glassboro 16 35 Haverford 20 19 Muhlenberg 14 38 King ' s 23 30 Swarthmore 20 28 Messiah 32 24 Juniata 13 35 Record: 4—19 This year ' s Blue Jay wrestling team had a season record of four wins and 1 9 losses. Kerry Holsinger led the team with 16 wins, 6 of which were pins. Jimmy LaPorta was another strong contributer with 9 wins, 4 of which were pins. The team this year increased its numbers with several incoming freshman and transfer students. Ken Ober finally got his 200th vic- tory in a 27-24 win over Juniata in a four-way meet. Wrestling 77 Men ' s Basketball Q fo £V — r ■ — — ■ avWH HHi B Basketball Kneeling: Tri-captains Damian Burnside, Brian Crouse, Art George. Standing: Coach Don Smith, Chris Zercher, John Pisco, Steve Polinsky, Pete Christ, Scott Evans, Steve Swope, Jeff Null, Nate Webber, Jack Schlottman, Asst. Coach Marty Brumme. Our men ' s basketball team came in third in the Northwest MAC. Division with a 7-6 MAC. record: 1 1-14 overall record. Sen- iors Art George and Brian Crouse will be missed. Crouse scored his 1000th point against Susquehanna and went on to ac- cumulate 1146 points all-time. Steve Swope began his college career by leading the team with 334 points. Another fresh- man, Nate Webber, held the highest field goal percentage. With 3 of 5 starters re- turning and a strong recruiting year ex- pected, the ' 84- ' 85 Blue Jay season looks promising. MEN ' S BASKETBALL EC Opp Millersville 92 81 F M 55 66 York 38 40 Haverford 83 69 Juniata 75 58 Delaware Valley 81 69 Albright 83 69 Susquehanna 64 80 Millersville 57 59 F M 63 56 Gettysburg |H i 69 ■P Dickinson 49 Lycoming 67 54 Widener 53 68 Wilkes 76 54 Albright 63 51 Susquehanna 78 1 100 Juniata 51 54 FDU-Madison 66 71 Lebanon Valley 73 75 Phila. Textile 87 100 Scranton 64 71 King ' s 71 60 Messiah 71 90 Lycoming Record 60 11 — 14 72 Sponau gle Tourney V 80 Women ' s Basketball 82 Second in Nation WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL EC Opp Immaculata 103 61 Trenton State 68 63 Juniata 84 55 Marywood 86 47 Susquehanna 67 54 Grace 80 41 Bucknell 76 57 Moravian 86 69 Albright 97 37 Lycoming 122 53 Gettysburg 88 69 Wilkes 80 65 Dickinson 65 50 Susquehanna 70 63 Messiah 82 61 Juniata 89 51 West Maryland 82 56 Widener 71 50 Phila. Textile 71 79 Scranton 69 54 Wilkes 91 76 F M 70 58 Lycoming 100 52 Upsala 86 61 Susquehanna 69 56 Gettysburg 76 64 Scranton 67 58 Susquehanna 73 71 Trenton St. 72 60 Salem State 80 58 Rust 49 Record 29 — 2 MAC ' s NCAA ' s 51 Front: Mary Kubilus, Co-Capts. Page Lutz and Sherri Kinsey, Pam Palmieri. Second Row: Jackie Jackson, Wendy George, Elaine Balaban, Shelly Parks, Trlna Geiser, Mona Stemhauer. Third Row: Statistician Dana Marin, Mgr. Virginia Ray, Mgr. Amy Straub, Michele Repko, Cindy Weaver, Kirsten Gos- tony, Lisa Willing, Coach Yvonne Kauffman, Asst. Coach Robert Ziegler. For the third straight year, the women ' s basketball team reached the tinals of the NCAA Division III play- offs. Although many expect- ed the Jaygals to win the title, a shot at the buzzer thwarted E-Town as Rust College from Mississippi downed the " blue and gray " 51-49 for the championship at Scranton. Even though the Jaygals lost the final battle, the team brought many other crowns home. The team finished 8-0 in the M.A.C. Northwest sec- tion and then went on to win the Middle Atlantic Confer- ence title against Susquehan- na 69-56. Page Lutz and Sherri Kin- sey both had many individual laurels. Both players were named to the Kodak All- American Team and the NCAA Academic All-Amer- ica Team. Lutz also was named most valuable player of the NCAA playoff team and Champion Products Player of the Year for Divi- sion III. In addition, she fin- ished her career at E-Town with 1 757 points, most of any woman and second in the all- time co-ed list. Kinsey was not far behind. She finished her senior year with 1310 points, second among all woman lifetime. Next year ' s team will be losing at least seven players including Shelly Parks who led the team in rebounding with 304. Mona Steinhauer, the only player remaining from the 1981-82 NCAA Cham- pionship team, will provide much experience for a young team. In her 14th season now, Coach Yvonne Kauff- man has compiled a 226-67 record. Second in Nation 83 THOUSAND POINT CLUB After breaking the 1000 point bar- rier last year, returning players Page Lutz and Sherri Kinsey increased their season totals and helped Elizabeth- town to the NCAA finals. By scoring 544 in her senior year, Lutz became the all-time women ' s scorer and only second on the all-time co-ed list. In addition, Kinsey scored 389 points in her senior year to finish tenth on the all-time co-ed list. All-time Scoring Leaders Player Year Points 1. Keath, Frank 2. Lutz, Page 5. Reitmeyer, Dan 10. Kinsey, Sherri 11. Hall, Bev 13. Bradley, Geri Sherri Kinsey 16. Mulder, Donna 19. Crouse, Brian 22. Longo, Peggy 1949 1984 1965 1984 1982 1981 1982 1984 1983 Total 1882 1757 1488 1310 1286 1235 1166 1146 1125 Page Lutz Women ' s Basketball 85 Division III 2nd Place Rust 5 1 E-town 49 Women ' s Tennis Women ' s Tennis EC OPP York 9 Widener 9 F M 6 3 Millersville 7 2 Albright 8 1 Juniata 9 Susquehanna 7 2 Dickinson 8 1 Gettysburg 5 4 Bucknell MAC ' s 4 5 Muhlenberg 9 Johns Hopkins Record: 10-2 4 5 K H H f fcjHf.T ■■■ XA ( Y - r L ■ •W- 1 1 1 X.. - »i 1 4 After a 4-7 record last year, a revived worn- ens tennis team stormed past their competi- tion and won the M.A.C. Northern Division. With the aid of nine consecutive wins at the beginning of the season, The Lady Jays went on to become 10-2 overall for the season. Seniors Ann Mumford and Lisa Groff had fine years with records of 1 8-6 and 20-4 over- all respectively. After his first year as tennis coach, Bob Schott should have a good team next year since he loses only two players. 88 1 Women ' s Tennis Row 1: Betsy Bender, Lee Ann Van Houten, Beth Good, Tracey Thomas. Center: Coach Robert Schott, Karen Nitzsche. Right: Chrissy Hutsko, Co-Capt. Ann Mumford, Co-Capt. Lisa Groff. Absent: Mary Race, Jan Zaccan- ini. $ iuS 1 Men ' s Tennis Row 1: Jeff Hemze, Brenf George, Tom Steyaerf. Row 2: Glenn Johansen, Bill Longacre, Coach Roberf Garrett, Mace Coleman, Dave Cress- man. Men ' s Tennis Men ' s Tennis Scranton Lycoming Albright York Wilkes Juniata Phila. Textile Susquehanna F M Record: 2-7 EC 3 1 3 9 2 5 1 OPP 9 6 8 6 7 4 8 6 It was a tough year for the men ' s ten- nis team. Since the team was fairly young, the team went 2-7 overall and 1 - 4 in the M.A.C. Bill Longacre and Dave Cressman had good records of 9-7 and 7-5 overall respectively. Next year the team should be improved since all play- ers will be returning. Tennis 89 Softball Softball Row 1: Sheri Adie, Anne Burnette, Shelly Woodbury, Tory Weinhold, Mgr. Sue Zweig. Row 2: Karen Zimmerman, Mel Dixon, Allison Weiss, Jean Baugher, Laura West, Dana Marin. Row 3: Coach Barbara Reuter, Dianne Snyder (Capt), Carol Willoughby, Robin Schwartz, Beth Bartnicki, Asst. Coach D Kenneth Ober. 90 Softball ■ ,-■ ,. After only four years since its inception, women ' s softball at E-town has become a competitive and win- ning sport. The Jay Gals put together a streak of seven consecutive wins to help them win the M.A.C. Northwest title for the first time ever. With this being their first winning season, the team was 1 1-8-1 overall and 4-1-1 in the M.A.C. Northwest. Carol Willoughby led in runs scored (16) and stolen bases (13). On defense, Sherri Adie had the best field- ing average of .973, followed by Anne Burnette with .935. The leading pitcher was Mel Dixon with a 8-3 record and a 1 .43 ERA. Softball EC Opp EC Opp Juniata 7 8 5 York 5 6 3 F M 11 Wilkes 10 4 2 2 Shippensburg 6 7 Susquehanna 3 18 3 Millersville 3 9 6 7 Lebanon Valley 4 3 9 7 Albright 6 Gettysburg 7 2 7 2 Dickinson 1 MAC ' s 4 Scranton Record: 1 1-8-1 2 Softball 91 92 Softball Softball 93 Baseball After the Jays returned from an en- couraging tour of Florida, the Blue and Gray went on to be 23- 1 6 overall and 4-4 in the M.A.C. Northwest. In his first year as coach, Roger Hall met many of the challenges before him well. Leading hitters included Herb Mill- er (.338), JereSollenberger(.316),and Scott Vaz (.310). Dan Morris led with 23 stolen bases while Tom Deardorff had four home runs. In addition, Mike Nolt had the most wins (4-2) while Deardorff had the lowest ERA of 2.89. In addition, during the season, the Blue Jays had lost to Wilkes 4-5. But due to an inelligible Wilkes player, the Jays received a forfeit which counted as a 7-0 win. Wfh r W ® ? W Baseball Row 7: Rob Christ, Jere Sollenberger, Co-captains, Allan Rossi and Scott Vaz, Bill Walsh, Neil Roberts. Row 2: Steve Roberto, Tom Deardorff, Mike Childers, Sam Mann, Scott Blasius. Row 3: Grant Miller, Ray Caucci, Scott Lehr, Scott Witmer. Row 4: Coach Roger Hall, Jeff Null, Mike Nolt, Asst. Co.ach Harry Page, Ray Brosius, Mgr. Sue Patton. 94 Baseball The Citadel Heidelberg Washington Col. Phila. Textile Heidelberg Grand Valley Rochester Swarthmore Ursmus Juniata Mt St Marys York Shippensburg F M Wilkes Muhlenberg UMBC Millersville Albright Scranton Susquehanna Lebanon Valley West Chester Dickinson Messiah Penn St. -Capitol Penn St.-DeICo Baseball EC 1 OPP 4 EC OPP 7 6 3 2 2 8 11 1 4 2 4 1 2 10 8 14 6 2 5 2 8 2 7 8 6 4 4 7 16 3 1 4 3 1 3 1 10 4 5 8 9 2 2 7 Record: 23-16 3 - Baseball 95 96 Boseball Intramurals Spring Softball Champs Sitting: Lynda Stone, Sue Menders, Ellen Whitacre, Karen Kling- man, Lori Myers, Andrea Lindner, Karen Baltz, Lee Ann Van Houten. Standing: Sue Horst, Stacie McKenna, Betsy Paul, Dennine Weissert, Michele Hastings, Nancy Walsh, Debbie Rider, Bonnie Wieder. Absent: Mill Aller. I Intramurals 97 Founders C-3 Volleyball Champs Row 7:Pam Mongelli, Becky Wilson, Allison Weiss, Maria Gilmore. Row 2: Kathy Spare, Teresa Hanssens, Kathy Youse, Diane McCartney, Steph Schuler, Lisa Broadbeni. Men ' s Volleyball Champs Row 1: Herb Miller, Mike Nolt Row 2: Loren Martin, Jeff Mummau, Bob Hednck, Roy Meyer, Mike Reiner. 98 Intramurals " Off-Campus " Flag Football Champs: Jim LaPorta, Mike Miesky, Pat Hawkins, Greg Holsmger, Tom Hock, Rick Price, Dave Hackman, Mark Sohns, Kerry Holsinger, Troy Galbreath, Dave Kennedy. Absent: Mark Sibley, Dan Thomas, Chris Forsythe. Intramurals 99 ftfll (jJoRLp (jyrrL rKWKJLi-A CkjUit- GET OJT of CoULEGr- ■ .; FREE To Vks ta bs £jlL T (II AMY ALBRIGHT Psychology KATHERINE ANDERSON Communication Arts GIA ALTOMARI Biology and Chemistry MICHELE ARNOLD Music Therapy TONI-LYNN AMBROSINO Medical Secretary Science SUSAN ARTER Occupational Therapy CYNTHIA AUERBACH Occupational Therapy SANDRA AUSTIN Business Administration BARBARA BAECKERT Psychology 02 Albright-Baeckert MARY BARR BETH BERUBE LAURA BEAL Communication Arts Sociology Occupational Therapy Baer-Beal 103 JAMES BORRIS Business Administration KATHERINE BOYLE Occupational Therapy JOHN BOWMAN Psychology BETH BOWSER Music Education 1 04 Borris-Boyle KEVIN BREIGHNER Business Administration KAREN BRUNE Business Administration DENNIS BRENNAN Business Administration CHAU BUI Chemistry CRAIG BRIGHT Political Science DAVID BURKHOLDER Accounting WANDA BUZZARD History MARY ANN CALDERONE Elementary Education ■Hi KATHLEEN CAREY Social Work Breighner-Carey 105 NANCY CARLSON Occupational Therapy CHRISTOPHER CAVANAUGH Communication Arts MARYROSE CHECK Occupational Therapy GARY CHESNEY Social Dynamics LISA CLEVINGER Elementary Education WILLIAM CLIFFORD Business Administration 106 Carlson-Clifford LISA CONFER Accounting COLLEEN COOLICAN Early Childhood Education PHILIP COOK Accounting SHARON CORRETORE Biology ALISON CUMENS Business Administration Cochran-Cumens 107 ELIZABETH CUSHING Political Science PHYLLIS DAYTON Communication Arts LIEN DANG Accounting DOREEN DEMPSEY Business Administration WILLIAM DAVIDSON Business Administration JEANMARIE DENNEM Occupational Therapy KEVIN DEPREFONTAINE Accounting TERRY DERR Occupational Therapy ANDREW DEVITT Business Administration 108 Cushing-Devitt DEANNA DIBERT Occupational Therapy CHRISTOPHER DOWDELL Music Therapy DAVID DUNLAP Foreign Language KAREN EASTRIDGE Early Childhood Education Dibert-Eastndge 109 MICHELE ERBE Elementary Education STACEY ESTOCK Business Administration STEVEN FAUS Business Administration RUDOLF FISCHER Biology HO Erbe-Fischer MARK FORD Computer Science PEGGY FORD Early Childhood Elementary Edu cation DONNA FRAUNFELTER English THEODORE FRENCH Business Administration ROBERT FRATANTONI Business Administration VICTORIA FREUND Biology DARLENE FREY Music Therapy TROY GALBREATH Business Administration SARAH GALLAGHER Business Administration Ford-Gallagher 1 1 JOHN GAVIN Business Administration KATHY GETZ Music Education KENNETH GLEIM Chemistry ELIZA GEIDEL Occupational Therapy LINDA GIGANTINO Social Work TRACEE GOTWALT Accounting ARTHUR GEORGE III Communication Arts DAVID GITHENS Business Administration I CLARICE GRANT Social Work 1 12 Gavin-Grant DEB GRAVES Business Administration PAMELA GREIDER Medical Secretary Science SUE GRIGSON Psychology Graves-Grigson 1 13 AMY GRIMM Early Childhood Education DAVID HACKMAN Business Administration DAVID HAHN Biology THOMAS HAND Business Administration 1 14 Grimm-Hand MOLLY HANSON Social Work JANE HAWLEY Communication Arts HOLLY HARDAWAY Occupational Therapy CHARLES HAYES Business Administration LORE HART Social Work KATHY HEINDEL Biology General Science CURTIS HEISEY Religion Philosophy and Physics MICHAEL HEISLER Business Administration HEATHER HEISSENBUTTEL Occupational Therapy Hanson-Heissenbuttel 115 DEBRA HEISTAND Occupational Therapy MAURA HERLIHY Computer Science BETH HILBERT JULIE HILLIARD Mathematics Computer Science Early Childhood Elementary Education SUSAN HERRICK Music Therapy ADAM HOHENWARTER Computer Science ADRIAN HOHENWARTER Biology MINDY HOLL Social Work GREG HOLSINGER Business Administration 1 16 Heistand-Holsinger LAURA HOSMAN Occupational Therapy DONNA HULL Account Accounting PAMELA HUNSBERGER Biology DOROTHY JACOBY Occupational Therapy Holton-Jacoby 1 17 MARK JORDAN Accounting A DEANNE KAUFFMAN Chemistry Med Tech SHARON KAUFFMAN Business Administration ' 13 Johnson-Kauffman CLIFFORD KAYLOR Accounting BRUCE KEGERIZE Management DIANE KEE Occupational Therapy LAURIE KENDALL Business Administration NANCY KEFFER Elementary Education DAVID KENNEDY Business Administration SUE KEPNER Medical Secretary Science RUTH KERSHNER Communication Arts TIMOTHY KERSHNER Communication Arts Kaylor-Kershner 119 nl r . SHERRI KINSEY Business Administration EDWIN KOEHLER History KATHLEEN KIRK English KATHRYN LAMBERT Political Science CHERYL KNOTTS Business Education JAMES LA PORTA Business Administration PAUL LASHKEVICH Accounting RAY LAUSCH Business Administration CHRISTOPHER LENHART Computer Science 120 Kinsey-Kenhart SCOTT LIED Accounting MARIA LONG Social Work LAURA LOWENBACH Music Education KAREN LUTZ Occupational Therapy Lied-Lutz 121 PAGE LUTZ Mathematics BETH MALONEY Political Science DIANE MARTIN Medical Secretary Science 122 Lutz-Martin TRACY MARTIN Business Administration TIMOTHY McCLURG Business Administration JOY McBETH Medical Secretary Science DEBORAH McGARRY Elementary Education KAREN McCALL Occupational Therapy CLARK McSPARREN Business Administration SUSAN MEHL Early Childhood Education MICHAEL MEISKEY Business Administration DAVID METZLER Business Administration Martm-Metzler 123 ROY MEYER Business Administration RICK MORRAL Accounting JANICE MILLS Music ANN MUMFORD Business Education LORRI MITCHELL Occupational Therapy LEANNA MUNTZENBERGER Biology KATRINA MYERS Communication Arts CARLA MYLIN Business Administration ROBERT NAVE Accounting 124 Meyer-Nave KAREN NELSON Social Work KATHLEEN NEWMAN Business Administration MINH HONG THI NGUYEN DEBORAH NICKLAUS Chemistry Early Childhood Elementary Education Neiss-Nicklaus 125 MICHAEL OCHMAN Business Administration MAUREEN OSORNO Business Administration KATRINA OST Occupational Therapy 126 Nissley-Ost DANA PALMER Business Administration PAMELA PALMIERI Mathematics ELLIN PAQUETTE Early Childhood Education STEVEN PEASE Biology LAURA PETERS Medical Secretary Science ;£- - ' :•- ' - ::: ; ; :::::;-: ROSIE PUGLIESE Elementary Education GREGORY PUKAS Biology CRAIG PURSEL Business Administration VIRGINIA RAY Business Administration Palmer-Ray 127 KIMBERLY REBUCK Business Administration CHARLES RICHWINE IV Chemistry ANDREW RICH Sociology DEBRA RILL History JEFFREY RILL Religion Philosophy DOUGLAS RINEHART Accounting 128 Rebuck-Rinehart DOROTHEA ROGERS Biology W; 4 ALLAN ROSSI Political Science DOUGLAS RUHL Business Administration GREG SCHOELKOPF Business Administration LISA SCHOENER Accounting ALANE SEILER Elementary Education Rogers-Seller 129 ( I JAYNE SHEA Occupational Therapy 4 MICHAEL SHUPP Business Administration MARK SIBLEY Business Administration 130 Shea-Sibley DEBORAH SIMON Computer Science CAROL SMITH Social Work NANCY SIMON Computer Science LINDA S MITH Music Education LINDA SITES English NANCY SMITH Music Therapy THOMAS SMITH Accounting BARBARA SNYDER Biology BRIAN SNYDER Business Administration Simon-Synder 131 DIANNE SNYDER Business Administration BETH SPANGLER Accounting MARK SOHNS Business Administration JENNIFER SPENCER Occupational Therapy FRANK SOUDER Business Administration SCOTT STAUFFER Chemistry Computer Science DEBORAH STEFANI Occupational Therapy DIANN STEINMEIER Business Administration KATHLEEN STENGEL Early Childhood Education 132 Snyder-Stengel MABEL SWEITZER Chemistry Med Tech BARBARA STEWART Chemistry Med Tech JAMES TESTERMAN Biology BARBARA UMBRELL Business Administration Sternitzke-Umbrell 133 CONSTANCE VATHIS Bus iness Administration LINDA WAGNER Business Administration SCOTT VAZ Communication Arts CHRISTINE WALKER Business Administration CORNELIA von LERSNER Occupational Therapy MARY WALTERS Social Studies MARION WARD DORIS WEGNER CONNIE WEHRY History Early Childhood Elementary Edu cation Medical Secretary Science 134 Vathis-Wehry DIANE WHITE English Communication Arts Weitzmann-White 135 TAMELA WOLF Mathematics DEBORAH WOOD Business Administration TAMMY WOOD Accounting ! 36 Wolf-Wood CHERYL WOODS Business Administration NANCY YARNALL Occupational Therapy MARY YINGLING Mathematics WILLIAM YOUNG Business Administration AMY ZACHARIAS Communication Arts LORI ZAGORSKIE Business Administration ANNE ZART Business Administration MICHELE ZIMMERMAN Sociology Woods-Zimmerman 137 Graduation May 19, 1984 Collet Elizabethtown College held its 81st Commencement on Saturday afternoon, May 1 9. A total of 207 seniors re- ceived degrees. A large gath- ering of parents, friends and relatives was on hand for the outdoor ceremony in the campus Dell. Those gathered for the ceremonies heard Dr. George Randolph Packard, dean of the School of Ad- vanced International Studies of Johns Hopkins University, deliver the commencement address. Eighty-t stO Ni v A 1 38 Graduation PI W f Graduation 139 140 Graduation Graduation 141 Graduation 143 • I Senior Directory 9 i44 9 1 k « " ill . , y -V ; r • 2 S • ■-P ' ,: i? p n 4$ ff 4 %. + T J M 4 J » t ' -4 " ■ W ' r BBMMMMN AMY ALBRIGHT 1 179 Dowhower Rd. Harrisburg, Pa 17111 GIA ALTOMARI 10 Beacon Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17112 Pre Health Club (Pres.), ACS (Sec, Pres.), Biol- ogy Club, Psychology Club, WWEC-64, Year- book Staff, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Soci- ety Future Plans — Go to medical school for a MD degree TONI AMBROSINO 158 Church St. Rockaway, NJ 07866 APB, Homecoming Court, Sophomore Class Secretary, Cheerleading Future Plans — Work as a medical secretary CATHERINE ANDERSON Reading, PA 19607 Future Plans — Pursue a career in the televi- sion media MICHELE ARNOLD 2360 Sycamore Rd. York, PA 17404 Concert Choir, S.T.E.P., Chorale, Alpha Mu " I will always remember the fun I had on Con- cert Choir tours and with my fellow music ma- jors. SUSAN ARTER 319 Goosecreek Dr. Winter Springs, FL 32708 Alpha Lamba Delta, Student Senate, APB, O.T. Club, O.T. Student Alumni Newsletter, S.T.E.P. Future Plans — Become a registered occupa- tional therapist, live in Philadelphia, and travel to Europe SANDRA AUSTIN 164 Hellcrest Ave. Newington, CT 061 1 1 SAM, Accounting Club, APB, Student Senate, Modern Language Club, Intramural Volleyball, Volleyball Marathon Best Remembrances: " Trip " to Bermuda, Ocean City, MD, Montreal, Tennessee, and New York City. Future Plans — Become a legal assistant and work for a professional sports organization. BARBARA BAECKERT 421 Weidman St. Lebanon, PA 17042 Psi Chi, Psychology Club " To all those who made my 4 years so happy: my family, friends, and professors. Thanks to all who believed in me and gave me the cour- age to follow my dreams. GERALD BAER Route 4 Box 73 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Delphi Society, Biology Club, College Concert Choir, College Chorale, Etownian Staff, Pre- Health Club, Campus Fellowship — Special Services Committee, Duputation Team " I wish to express appreciation for the guid- ance given to me by faculty members at Eliza- bethtown College. " MARIA BALMER Black Swamp Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Club, Society for the Advance- ment of Management Future Plans — Be an accountant MARY BARR 1005 E. Schuylkill Rd. Pottstown, PA 19464 English Club, WWEC Radio Station — Supervi- sor, Disc Jockey, Women In Communications, Intramurals Future Plans — Looking forward to a happy and successful life, hopefully working in the field of communications, particularly in radio. " Thank you E-Town and all the special friends I ' ve met here. It ' s been real! You won ' t be for- gotten. " LAURA BEAL 3708 Camelor Dr. Annandale, VA 22003 OT Club, Pre-Health Professions, Forensics Club Future Plans — Become an OTR, beg a full time job, and become rich and retire early. BETH BERUBE P.O. Box 476 Mil roy, PA 17063 SAM Club, Outdoors Club, Basketball man- ager, APB Future Plans — Make a lot of money to live comfortably and travel. LORRI MITCHELL BOND 1012 Rural Ave. Voorhees, NJ 08003 Chairperson Campus Fellowship, O.T. Club, Resident Assistant, E-Town Children ' s Hospital Volunteer " Thanks and love to all my friends at E-Town. You ' ve taught me so much. " JAMES BORIS 4 East Thwing St. Saint Clair, PA 17970 Computer Science Club, Accounting Club, Dorm Council Representative, Campus The- atre, Intramural Sports " These past 4 ' 2 years have been the best of my life. I ' ll find it hard to forget all my friends. " BETH BOWSER 165 N. Clay St. Manheim, PA 17545 Brethren Student Fellowship, M.E.N.C., S.T.E.P., Icthus, Advocates For Peace, Reli- gious Life Council, Campus Theatre " These have been the best four years of my life! They have taught me to love, to laugh, to learn, and have prepared me for life to come, whatever that may hold. I praise God for all of you! " JOAN BOWMAN 305 8th St. Mt. Gretna, PA 17064 Psychology Club, Intramural Sports, Campus Fellowship " I ' ll never forget the Thanksgiving dinner where 8 brave men from B-l consumed 6 tur- keys in one dinner, " BEATRICE BOYER 1201 Race St. Ashland, PA 17921 Computer Science Club, Student Assistant KATHERINE BOYLE 2145 Kay Ave. Union, NJ 07083 Varsity Softball, Newman Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball " From my 4 years at E-Town I will bring away many memories of good times and exper- iences as well as an education. " DENNIS BRENNAN 21 Lawndale Rd. Wyomissing Hills, PA 19610 Marketing Club Future Plans — Future in business marketing CRAIG BRIGHT 146 Susquehanna St. Middletown, PA 17057 Political Science Club (President), Pi Sigma AL- pha, Delphi Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Etownian, I.S.I., Advocates for Peace, Peer Counseling " Here ' s to Bones and Mr. Shiek Our fortunes we must bravely seek, Yet to ourselves we must be true, For cats don ' t lie, But Catli do. Viva Paris! " KAREN BRUNE 917 Breezewick Circle Towson, MD21204 Swim Team, Schlosser Dorm Council, Circle K, Alpha Lambda Delta " I hope I have as many special friends in my future as I have had here. " CHAU NGOE BUI 724 N. Plum St. Lancaster, PA 1 7602 146 International Club, ACS, Physics Club, Biology Club, Pre-Health Club Outdoor Club DAVID BURKHOLDER 1361 Park Rd. Lancaster PA 17601 RA, Peer Counselor, SAM Club, Accounting Club, Swim Team, Big Brother, Etownian Future Plans — Partner in a CPA Firm E-Town Remembrances — Those wacky Co- eds on D-3. WANDA BUZZARD R. D. 2 Box 2318A Stroudsburg, PA 1 8360 RA, Peer Counciling, Intramural Sports, Central Council, Vice President of Royer Dorm Council, Alcohol Council, History Club " It may have taken me four and a half years but I had fun doing it. Thanks Mom and Dad. " MARY ANN CALDERONE 503 Fountain Ave. Burlington, NJ 08016 Alpha Psi Omega, Godspell, Sock and Buskin President, Newman Club, Chaplain Volunteer, Occupational Therapy Club, Education Club, Dorm Council, Student Senate " I ' ll never forget MCT parties. " Future Plans — - Get married in August and get a job. KATHLEEN CAREY 413 D Street Millville, NJ 08332 Social Work Sociology Club " Thanks to all the girls on C-3 who made these four years so much fun. It was great, you guys! " NANCY CARLSON 1 Bel-Pre Ct. Rockville, MD 20853 Concert Choir, OT Club, S.T.E.P., Campus Gold, Volunteer Club, Delphi Society " These have been four very special years. Thanks to the good friends who made them so! " Future Plans — Sunshine always! MICHELLE CASARIO P.O. Box 183 Berlin, NJ 08009 Track and Field, Intramural Basketball and Vol- leyball, SAM Club, Political Science Club Future Plans — Graduate study in economics. CHRISTOPHER CAVANAUGH 16 Lakeshore Dr. RD 3 Carmel, NY 10512 Campus Theatre, Alphi Psi Omega President, Sock and Buskin, S.T.E.P., Concert Choir, RA " To Pete, Michele, Jeff, Paula, Keith, and Jane — I love you guys. " MARYROSE CHECK Box 275 Evans Rd. Gwynedd Valley, PA 19437 OT Club, Intramurals, Pre-Health Professions Club Future Plans — Move to the Boston area, open a private practice, and spend my winters in Vermont skiing. GARY CHESNEY 1 000 Chestnut St. Kulpmont, PA 17834 Basketball, Ober Dorm Representative LISA CLEVINGER 31 Haven St. Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 Education Club, Dorm Council Future Plans — Teach in an elementary school. JENNIFER COCHRAN 602 Shady Ln. Collingswood, NJ 08108 Future plans include working in a big hospital and making lots of money! " Thanks Mom and Dad. (I ' m not done yet!) " COLLEEN COOLICAN 20 River St. Carbondale PA 18407 Swim Team, S.T.E.P., Campus Theatre: " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown, " Student Senate Vice-President, APB, Education Club President, Newman Club, Big Brother Big Sis- ter Activities Chairman, RA, Dorm Council Vice-President, Talent Show, Intramural Vol- leyball. " I plan to eventually teach overseas with a masters degree. Even there the memories of Elizabethtown will remain close to my heart. " LISA CONFER RD 1 Box 22 Winfield, PA 1 7889 Accounting Club, Outdoor Club, Athletic Intra- murals, Alpha Lambda Delta, Tutor Future Plans — To constantly learn, to earn money, but most importantly to be happy. CATHERINE CONNER 14 Southgate Rd. Wellesley, MA 02181 Sam Club, Marketing Club, Student Senate, Big Brother Big Sister Day " I will always remember the good friends and the good times I had at E-Town. ' While you see a chance, take it . . . MA. ' " PHILIP COOK 644 Eastside Dr. Landisville, PA 17538 Soccer, Ober Dorm Council ALLISON CUMMENS RD 2 Glen Moore, PA 19343 Computer Science Club, S.A.M. Club, Market- ing Club Future Plans — Find a job and be on my own for a while. ELIZABETH CUSHING 31 Unneberg Ave. Succasunna, NJ 07876 SAPA, Radio Station D.J., S.T.E.P., Volleyball Intramurals, Volleyball Marathon, Dance Mar- athon " Eventually I want to be an ambassador, meanwhile, who knows? " LIEN DANG 902 High St. Lancaster, PA 17803 Accounting Club, S.A.M. Club, International Club, ECF " I am planning to work in an industrial ac- counting firm. " WILLIAM DAVIDSON 20 Eric Ln. Glen Riddle, PA 19037 S.A.M. Club Future Plans — Upper management in a suc- cessful company. Remembrances — Toga party Junior and Sen- ior year and the ones to come, Not getting my picture taken. PHYLLIS DAYTON Hilltown Pike Hilltown, PA 18927 WWEC Radio Station, Etownian, Student Sen- ate, Campus Life Counsel, RA, S.A.M. Club, Women In Communications, Inc., Orchestra LINDA WAGNER DEMORA 781 Hilltop Dr. R.D. 3 Mount Joy, PA Field Hockey Team, Volleyball Team, S.A.M. Club, Volleyball Intramurals Future Plans — get a job in personnel or an administrative position in a human service or- ganization DOREEN DEMPSEY 8 Old Bridge Dr. Howell, NJ 08701 Swim Team, Schlosser Dorm Cou ncil, Central Planning Committee JEANMARIE DENNEN Rt. 8 Box 7 1 Danville, PA 17821 OT Club, Field Hockey, Newman Club KEVIN T. DePREFONTAINE 808 N. Ann St. Lancaster, PA 1 7602 Accounting Club, Vita Program Future Plans — Professional career in account- ing 147 TERRY DERR OT Club, Christian Fellowship " I plan to be an OTR L, pay off my debts and hopefully be a missionary overseas (Africa?). I ' ve had many good times on Myer 3 East and in the Spruce Street apartment. But my fluores- cent orange VW really built my character. " ANDREW DEVITT 535 Bobbin Mill Rd. Media, PA 1 9063 DEANNA DILBERT RD 1 Box 108 Everett, PA 15537 Concert Choir, Brethren Student Fellowship, ECF, Deputation Teams, Choral Union, Occu- pational Therapy Club, Volleyball Marathon, Volunteer at Children ' s Hospital and Leader Nursery Home. " I ' ll always treasure the memories and the friends I ' ve made here at E-Town! I plan to live my life to the fullest. I ' d like to travel and even- tually get into Home Health Care. " CHRISTOPHER DOWDELL 3267 Afton Rd Dresher, PA 19025 Concert Band, Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Chorale, Concert Choir, Orchestra, Sock Buskin, Alpha Mu, NAMT Regional Represen- tative, APB, WWEC, Religion Life Committee, Instructional Development Committee " I will complete a six month internship in Music Therapy at a psychiatric facility and will then pursue graduate school or work as an R.M.T. " HOLLY DRUCK 623 N. Hanover St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Commuter Council President, S.A.M. Club Future Plans — A management position Remembrances — My commuter family, Dad and the Kids DAVID DUNLAP 339 S. President Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Cross Country, Soccer " My experience at Elizabethtown College has been like a dream — a journey where the pre- sent is clouded by images of past and future — both realistic and abstract. " KAREN EASTRIDGE 1722-34th St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007 Campus Theatre — " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown, " — Stage Manager, PSEA Education Club, APB Executive Board Secre- tary, Early Childhood Education Club, Campus Gold, Circle K, APB Dance Committee, Dance Marathon Staff, Outdoor Club, Freshmen Ori- entation Committee Student Director, Major Concert Personnel — Stage Production Crew " My future plans are to teach nursery or pri- mary school and open my own daycare pres- chool center. I will always remember the friend- ly people of Elizabethtown who helped me learn and grow. Special thanks to my parents for all of their loving support. " MICHELE ERBE 410 Edgewood Dr. Lebanon, PA 17042 Education Club, Outdoors Club Future Plans — A teaching position in an ele- mentary school and lots of traveling. STACEY ESTOCK 4088 Wilshire Dr. York, PA 1 7402 Swim Team 1980-81, Women ' s Tennis Team 1982 " My future goal is to obtain training in ultra- sonography while being employed as a radiolo- gic technologist. STEVEN FAUS RD 4 Manheim, PA 17545 Concert Choir President, The BtownianiEdWor) , Chorale, The Collegians, Intramurals, Peace Club " I plan to go into business with my grandfa- ther. " KAREN-SUE FINK 593 Woodbine Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17603 OT Club S.T.E.P., Sophomore Vice-President, Judicial Board " Grab it while you can!! " RUDOLF FISCHER 152 Kent Rd. Lancaster, PA 17603 Soccer, Intramurals Remembrance — Ober B-2 Christmas Benefit. MARK FORD 19 Debbie Place Dover, NJ 07801 Soccer PEGGY FORD 618 E. Queen St. Annville, PA 17003 Field Hockey, Track Club, Dorm Council, Edu- cation Club Secretary, S.A.M. Club " After graduation I plan to attend graduate school pursuing a degree in teaching the phys- ically handicapped and learning disabled. ROBERT FRATANTONI 428 Candlewood Rd. Broomoll, PA 19008 Soccer DONNA FRAUNFELTER 54 ' 2 N. Main St Manheim, PA 17545 Senate, S.T.E.P. — Co-Director English Club, Volleyball Marathon Future Plans — College Administration THEODORE FRENCH 627 Frazier Rd. Endwell, NY 13760 S.A.M. Club, Accounting, Student APB, Intra- mural Sports Future Plans — Managerial trainee position in a corporation " I ' ll remember the people. " VICTORIA FREUND 15 Putter ' s Rd. Succasunna, NJ Concert Band, Intramurals, Pep Band, Pre- Health Club DARLENE FREY 651 W. Chestnut St. Lancaster, PA 17603 Orchestra — Woodwind Quintet, Alpha Mu, National Association for Music Therapy, Inc. " I will be planning a career as an RMT in the Philadelphia area in conjunction with profes- sional flute playing and flute teacher. " TROY GALBREATH 17 W. Sunset Ave. Ephrata, PA 17522 S.A.M. Club, Marke ting Club, Intromurals " I ' ll always remember all the great times and great people I met while at E-Town. " SARAH GALLAGHER 550 Howard St. South Williamsport, PA 17701 Society for the Advancement of Management JOHN GAVIN 1 14 Elmwood Ave. Narberth, PA 19072 Forensics President, Senate, Etownian Opin- ions Editor, Summer RA, MC Talent Review, Procrastination Club ELIZA GEIDEL RD 6 Kittanning, PA 16201 OT Club, Campus Gold, Student Senate " For my friends — We made it through the rain. Thank you for so many special memo- ries. " ARTHUR GEORGE, III 760 Lafayette Ave. Palmerton, PA 10071 Men ' s Basketball Team — 4 yearsCTri-Captain 1983-84), WWEC Sports Director 1983 " I remember good times with good friends es- pecially that special lady and my last four years of playing basketball. Future plans are to get a job in the field of journalism. " KATHY GETZ 3136 Parker Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 148 Chorale, Orchestra, Concert Choir, M.E.N.C. Future Plans — Studying for a masters degree in conducting; marriage LINDA GIGANTINO 10 Michelle Ave. South Amboy, NJ 08879 Social Work Club, Student Senate, Peer Coun- selor, BCA Program Abroad Future plans — Return to England to get my Masters in Public Administration " My best memories of E-Town will always be my semester in England and ' Purple Nasties ' in the Stonehouse Inn. " DAVID GITHENS RD 3 Box 1 1 Salem, NJ 08079 Marketing Club, S.A.M. Club " I hope to get into the field of marketing. " KENNETH GLEIM RD 5 Box 50 Hummelstown, PA 17036 Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society, Society of Physics Students, Physics Honor Society " I plan to attend graduate school to acquire an MS and perhaps a PhD in chemistry or chemi- cal phy sics. " TRACEE GOTWALT 160 New Haven St. Mount Joy, PA 17552 Cheerleading Captain, S.A.M., Accounting Club, APB, Student Senate " I plan to work in a public accounting firm and eventually become a partner. " CLARICE GRANT 5734 Drexel Rd. Philadelphia, PA 19131 Social Work Club, Intramural Basketball, Cho- ral Union " I intend to obtain my Master ' s Degree in so- cial work and work in a geriatric setting. " DEBORAH GRAVES RD 1 Sylvan Dr. Poftstown, PA 1 9464 Psychology Club, RA, HR " I plan to begin work on my Master ' s in psy- chology in September, 1984 and work in the mental health field. PAMELA GREIDER RD 1 Box 37 Mount Joy, PA 1 7552 " I plan to work as a medical secretary in a hospital. " PATRICIA GRIGSON 230 Whelen Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335 Softball, BCA Program to England, Tutoring, Psy-chi Honor Society, Psychology Club Remembrances — " Purple Nasties at Copper- fields, " missing the B-2 Christmas Benefit. Future Plans — Attending a doctoral program for neural physiological psychology. " A special thanks to the staff and faculty members for willingly giving me guidance. " AMY GRIMM 20 Goodwin Terrace Westwood, NJ 07675 SynchromzedSwimClub.OutdoorClub, Concert Band, Intramural Volleyball, Track " I wish Karen, Anne and the girls on B-3 all the luck and happiness forever. " DAVID HACKMAN 1242 Hillcrest Rd. Akron, PA 17501 S.A.C. Club, Intramural Football, Soccer, Vol- leyball Goals — Be independently wealthy by 25. Remembrances — All the good times with good people. ALAN HAIR 6219 Hillcrest Ave. Mercersburg, PA 17236 S.A.M. Club, Concert Choir Accompanist, Concert Band, Chorale, Collegians, M.E.N.C, Alpha Mu, Student Senate, S.T.E.P., Music Di- rector, Sock Buskin, Tutor, ECF, Deputation Team, Volleyball Marathon " My years at Elizabethtown College have been a time of growth, learning and challenge. It has been a highly satisfying experience for me and will enable me to attain my future goals. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my 4 years at E-Town. " DAVID HAHN 61 N. Highland Ave. Norristown, PA 1 9403 Student Senate, Soccer, Biology Club, Ski Club, Concert Stage Crew Security, Physiology Lab Assistant, Intramural Football, Indoor and Out- door Soccer, Softball Future Plans — Possibly attending Hershey Medical Center ' s Physicians Assistant pro- gram or going on to graduate school in some field of the biological sciences. " I will always remember Ober A-2, 58 N. Spruce St., spring breaks in Maine, and all of the great people I have been aquainted with. ' What a long strange trip it ' s been! ' " — The Daead THOMAS HAND 435 South Second St. St. Clair, PA 17970 Varsity Basketball, Intramural Sports " My goal is to become a manager or supervi- sor. " Remembrances — The 4V2 years spent at E- Town but especially living at Rose Garden. HOLLY HARDAWAY 374 Pinewood Dr. Wyckoff, NJ 07481 Advocates for Peace, Alpha Psi Omega, Cam- pus Theatre, Campus Fellowship, OT Club, Concert Choir, Peer Counselor " ... and let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due season we shall reap, if we do not lose heart. " Gal. 6:9 " ... and if we have not love, we are nothing ... " LORIE HART 319 Edgmont Dr. Willow Street, PA 17584 Social Work Club Future Plans — Social work with mental health mental retardation JANE HAWLEY 427 Candlewyck Rd. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Junior Senior Class President, Student Sen- ate, APB. WWEC, The Etownian, Founders Dorm Council, Women In Communications, Inc., Communication Arts Student Assistant, S.A.M. Club, Freshman Orientation Staff " Through various activities and acquaintences at Elizabethtown my four years have proven to be both educational and exhilerating. As I pur- sue a career in television broadcasting, I will remember the many people and events that have helped me ascertain the goals that I ' m striving for. " CHARLES HAYES 162 Union Square Rd. Oxford, PA 19363 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Intramurals " I hope to reach a state of power and wealth with many vacations. " KATHY HEINDEL RD 24, Box 7 York, PA 17406 Biology Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, Stu- dent Affiliates of the American Chemical Soci- ety, Delphi Society, Education Club " I will be married soon after graduation, then living in Virginia, and hopefully teaching senior high biology. " CURTIS HEISEY Route 1 Box 6 Bridgewater, VA 22812 Brethren Student Fellowship, Advocates for Peace, Religious Life Committee, Delphi Socie- ty(Vice-President), Sigma Pi Sigma(President), Photography Club " Future plans include graduate school. " MICHAEL HEISLER 115 Dixie Dr. Red Lion, PA 17356 Tennis Team Captain, Intramural Basketball, Football, Marketing Club " My goal for the future is to double as an own- er of a tennis club and the instructional pro. " 149 HEATHER HEISSENBUTTEL 9A Orchard Park Poughkeepsie, NY 12603 OT Club, Volunteer Club, S.T.E.P. Club " I asked of life: ' What have you to offer me? ' And the answer came: ' What have you to give? ' " DEBRA HEISTAND 335 South Trail Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 OT Club, Outdoor Club Future Plans — Occupational Therapist " My ultimate goal is to follow in the masters footstep and to in some way better my fellow companions ' life by use of my profession, " MAURA HERLIHY 78 Mac Arthur Rd. Trumbull CT Computer Science Club, S.A.M. Club, Tennis Team " It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. But I made it. " SUSAN HERRICK 6004 Foxlands Dr. Brentwood, TN 37027 Varsity Volleyball Captain, FCA, Alpha Mu " A toast to Allison, Carol, and Kath ... I love you. " BETH HUBERT RD 1 Oley, PA 19547 Math Club, Newman Club, Computer Science Club, Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, In- tercollegiate Softball, Intramurals, College Scholar " Thank you E-Town for broadening my hori- zons. " JULIE HILLIARD RD 3 Box 101 Newville, PA 17241 Education CluMTreasurer and Vice-President), S.T.E.P., Junior Class Treasurer " I plan to teach young children. I ' ll always re- member all my great friends I met at E-Town and all the fun times we had! " MELINDA HOLL 9 Holly Dr. Palmyra, PA 17078 Synchronized Swimming " Other than to pursue a social work career my only goals are to do whatever it takes to live a happy, challenging, and fulfilling life. " ADAM HOHENWARTER 1 1 Meadowbrook Ln. Elizabeth town, PA 17022 Photography Club President, Computer Sci- ence Club, Student Manager of the Jay ' s Nest, E-Town College Community Orchestra " I plan to have a successful career in computer ADRIAN HOHENWARTER 1 1 Meadowbrook Ln. Elizabethtown, PA 1 7022 Biology and Pre-Health Clubs, Talent Shows, Bainbridge Church Organist and Choir Direc- tor, Piano Entertainer " I hope to attend medical school. " GREGORY HOLSINGER 230 E. Maple St. Palmyra, PA 17078 Student Senate, Dorm Council, S.A.M. Club, Intramurals Future Plans — Sales Management Market- ing Rememberences — Sunday Morning Brunch, Halloween ' 82 PHYLLIS HOLTON Route 5, P.O. Box 203 Charlotte Hall, MD 20622 Field Hockey, WWEC, Women In Communica- tions, Inc. Program Chairman, Dance-A-Thon Participant " I ' d like to take all that I ' ve learned at E-Town and apply it to the future job that I take on. " LAURA HOSMAN 5 E. Quiet Stream Ct. Timonium, MD 20193 Peer Counseling, OT Club, Bible Studies, Vol- unteer Club Future Plans — Work as an OT in Peace Corp or missions " Seek the Lord ' in whose hand is the life of every living thing. ' " Job 9:10 DONNA HULL 5134 Erbs Bridge Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Accounting Club Treasurer, S.A.M. Club, Dorm Council Treasurer, Central CounciKTrea- surer) " I plan to work hard and in a few years maybe I ' ll be back to teach at E-Town. " PAM HUNSBERGER 221 Hoffman Ave. Vestal, NY 13850 Pre-Health Professions Club, Biology Club, Col- lege Scholar, Dean ' s List, Intramural Sports, Presidential Scholar " I plan to go to graduate school for a Master ' s in Biology. " DOROTHY JACOBY 232 Windsor Dr. Churchville, PA 1 8966 OT Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, Out- door Club, Intramural Volleyball " I plan to become an Occupational Therapist and help less fortunate people. Thanks for many great times with many special friends. Good luck to all; we ' ve only just begun to live. " A. LEILANI JOHNSON 424 Beck Rd. Souderton, PA 18964 Campus Radio Station, Women in Communi- cations, Inc. " I ' ll never forget the night of the Sirens, Floyd, or the Killer Bees. Here ' s to good friends. " AUDREY JOHNSON 672 Lincoln Boulevard Westwood, NJ 07675 Yearbook Staff, Social Work Sociology Club MARK JORDAN 300 South 4th St. Steelton, PA 17113 Accounting Club, S.A.M. Club, Intramural Sports, Weight Club " I plan to go into business for myself and be- come independently wealthy. " DEANNE KAUFFMAN 7745 Sunset Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17112 Employed — Medical Technician at Hershey Med. Center, Hershey, PA. SHARON KAUFFMAN 41 Hearthstone Dr. Crestwood, Reading, PA 1 9606 Marketing Club " Future plans include a career in marketing. I ' ll always remember all my loud friends of Royer 3-South. And always remember girls ' The Black Cat Lives! ' ' Love ya Teets! ' " MICHELE ZIMMERMAN KAUFMAN R.D. 2 Box 19 a New Ringgold, PA Sock-Buskin, Alpha Psi, Concert Choir, Cho- rale, Deputations, Advocates for Peace, Stu- dent Senate. " 4-years for a Bachelor ' s degree — 4 more for my Masters of Divinity. Thank God then I ' ll be done. " DIANE KEE 3644 Parkview Dr. Bensalem, PA 19020 Occupational Therapy Club, Alpha Psi Ome- ga, Campus Fellowship. " I plan on being an O.T. and be happily mar- ried. ' Keep on showing God ' s love and en- dure. ' " NANCY KEFFER 208 North Pembrey Dr. Wilmington, DE 19803 Resident Assistant, S.T.E.P., Intramural soft- ball, Education Club. " My future plans are to live in Delaware and get a job teaching elementary school. " BRUCE KEGERIZE 568 E. Willow St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 150 LAURIE KENDALL 19 First St. Canton, PA 17724 Varsity Volleyball team (3 yrs.), S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club. " I hope to attend graduate school for Sports Administration. " DAVID KENNEDY Green Park Way Green Park, PA 17031 Soccer, intermurals " I plan to go into the management field in in- ternational business. I hope to travel both in the United States and abroad. " SUE KEPNER 15 Knoxlyn Road Gettysburg, PA 1 7325 Campus Fellowship " Medical Secretary " TIMOTHY KERSHNER 244 Robbins St. Philadelphia, PA 191 1 1 WWEC, Student senate, Concert Band, Jazz Band, S.T.E.P. " Thanks to all the friends I ' ve made here in the past four years. You made it all interesting and fun. Let ' s get together and do it again some- time. " SHERRI KINSEY 557 N. Angle St. Mt. Joy, PA 17552 Women ' s Basketball Team, Accounting Club, S.A.M. Club. " Future plans: work in a public accounting firm and remain active in sports. " KATHLEEN KIRK R.D. 3 Box 125 Oley, PA 19547 Senior Class Treasurer, " Who ' s Who Among Students in American Universities and Col- leges, " English Assistant Peer Counselor, intra- murals, Dean ' s list CHERYL KNOTTS 605 Shue Dr. Newark, DE 19713 Women ' s Basketball, Education Club, New- man club. " To become a High School Business teacher, concentrating in Accounting, Marketing, and Typing. I would also like to coach womens bas- ketball on the high school level. " EDWIN KOEHLER 4 Canterbury La. St. Davids, PA 19087 Varsity Soccer, Political Science Club. " E-town will always have a special place in my heart. These past four years have been the best. " " It ' s time for me to fly. " KATHRYN LAMBERT 755 E. Ashbourne Ave. Lindenwold, NJ 08021 Track, Track Club, intramural basketball and volleyball, Political Science Club Circle K (secre- tary-Freshman yr.). " I plan to continue on to graduate school for criminal justice. " JAMES LA PORTA 1635 Burkhart St. Hellertown, PA 18055 S.A.M., Ober Dorm Council, Intramurals, Wrestling, weight lifting club, Marketing Club. " I remember most the Ober B-2 Christmas Benefit; My aspirations include becoming a Corporate Power Figure. " PAUL LASHKEVICH 17 N. Branch Dr. Cherry Hill NJ Accounting, Marketing Clubs RAY LAUSH 996 Lincoln Heights Ave. Ephrata, PA 17522 S.A.M. Club, Intramurals. " President of a major international company is my ultimate goal. The long and continous hours spent studying for finals is an experience I will never forget. " CHRISTOPHER LENHART 1736 Westwood Rd. Wyomissing, PA 1 96 1 Computer Science Club SCOTT LIED Box 62 Oak Lane R.D. 1 Stevens, PA 17578 Accounting and S.A.M. Club, Intramural Vol- leyball, Basketball, Softball. " Future goals are to find a full time Accounting position in a small accounting firm. " MARIA LONG 727 Lily Rd. Warminster, PA 1 8974 Social Work Club, Intramural Volleyball, Dance Marathon Publicity Committee LAURA LOWENBACH Rt. 1 Box 234-A Leesburg, VA 22075 Concert Choir, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Peer Counselor, Intramural Sports, Student Senate. " Looking forward to a career in music educa- tion. I hope to travel, eventually marry and have a family. " NONI LOWNDES 196 Farms Village Rd. West Simsbury CT O.T. Club, Outdoor Club, S.T.E.P. Alpha Lamda Delta, Delphi Society, Pre-Health Pro- fessions Club. " Thanks to all my friends for sharing good times and showing me what life is about, I wish all good health and happiness. " KAREN LUTZ 47 Fairview Ave. Hatboro PA 19040 Women ' s Volleyball Team, O.T. Club, Intramu- ral Volleyball and Basketball, Volleyball Mara- thon. " I ' ll remember all the smiles and laughs with the Six-pack, Myer 3-West, and B 3 " Buddies " . How about Jamaica? Future Plans: To live a life full of happiness and good friends! " PAGE LUTZ 540 W. 2nd St. Birdsboro, PA 19508 Women ' s Basketball Team, Math Club, Delphi Society " Memories about the 1982 National Basket- ball Championship will remain with me forever. My future plans include teaching mathematics at the high school level and eventually on the collegiate level. " BETH MALONEY 149 Fern St. Washington Twp., NJ 07675 Political Science Club " Para-legal " DIANE MARTIN 750 Bruce Ave. Mt. Joy, PA 17552 Campus Fellowship " Medical Secretary " TRACY MARTIN 104 S. NiceSt. Frackville, PA 17931 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club " Plan to experience all that life has to offer and will remember college and friends as part of that experience. " JOY MC BETH 942 Hamden Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Circle K Club " Medical Secretary " KAREN MC CALL 7591 Daggett Rd. Girard, PA 16417 O.T. Club, Girls Track Club, Yearbook Photog- rapher, Founders Dorm Council, Vounteer Club, Newspaper writer. " I will always remember my 4 yrs. at E-town and the friends I ' ve made. Love ya Peg, Anne and Amy! " TIMOTHY MC CLURG 5 Guard House Dr. West Redding, CT 06896 151 S.A.M. Club, Outdoor Club " Future in Business Administration " CLARK MC SPARREN 339 West High St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Intramurals, Marketing Club " I have learned that it ' s the friends that make the college. I am glad that I had a chance to have such good friends to teach me that. Thanks. " SUSAN MEHL 13 Meadow Lane Mount Holly, NJ 08060 Concer t Band, Education Club, Dorm Council, Social Rep., Publicity Rep., Volleyball Mara- thon " I hope to find a job in either an elementary or nursery school as a teacher. " MICHAEL MEISKEY R.D.I Manheim, PA 17545 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Intramural Sports. " Look forward to a successful and rewarding career-oriented future. Will always remember the good times spent at E-town especially D-3 and Carp ' s. DAVID METZLER R.D.I Box 152 Quarryville, PA 1 7022 Soccer, Track and Field, Ober Dorm Council, S.A.M. Club. " Future Plans include a career as a stock broker while continuing my education to get a M.B.A. in Finance. ROY MEYER 103 N Washington St. Cleona, PA 17402 S.A.M. Club, A.P.B., Assistant Girls Volleyball Coach, Concert Choir. " Future plans involve getting a management job in a public business firm. " JANICE MILLS 301 Ridge Rd. Annville, PA 17003 Concert Band, College — Community Orches- tra, Brass ensemble, Jazz Band, Inter Collegiate Band, Alpha Mu, M.E.N.C. " My future plans include attending grad. school, then working with the handicapped through music therapy. Take one day at a time and live each day to the fullest. " RICK MORRAL R.D. 2 Box 113 Everett, PA 15537 S.A.M. Club, Accounting Club, Dorm Council Hall Representative, Intramural Sports, VITA. " Future Plans: Prosper in the profession of ac- counting and be happy. " ANN MUMFORD 31 1 Lemon St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Tennis Team, T-Etownian, Intramurals, S.A.M. Club. " To have a fulfilling career. " LEANNA MUNTZENBERGER Box 285 R.D. 1 Narvon, PA 17555 Pre-Health Professions Club, Biology Club, APB. " Thanks to all the friends who helped me make it through the tough spots. Love ya all! Good Luck in the future! " CARLA MYLIN 511 Idlewild Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 Marketing Club S.A.M. Club, Political Science Club, Varsity Softball, Intramural Volleyball. " Eventually attend Law School. After gradu- ation take a much needed break in Nags Head, North Carolina, and do some surfing, sailing ... " ROBERT NAVE R.D.2 Everett, PA 15537 Accounting Club Intramural Sports " Public Accountant for a CPA firm. " THOMAS NEISS Box 590 R.D.I Alburtis, PA 180 11 Student Affilates of the American Chemical Society (Vice-Pres., Tres), Pre-Health Club, Yearbook Photographer, Track Team. " Attend Grad School for Ph.D in Analytical Chemistry. Possibly teaching in University afterwards. Things I ' ll best remember — Ray- mie Gia. " KAREN NELSON 901 Village Square Park Ave. Danbury, CT 06810 Social Work Club, Dance Marathon, Peer Counselor. " I plan to go on to graduate school to get my Masters in Social Work (Geriatrics). I feel that I have grown over the past four years due to the support of faculty, family, close friends and a very special person. I know I will always remem- ber E-town because of its warm, friendly atmo- sphere. " KATHLEEN NEWMAN 3701 Taylor Ave. Drexel Hill, PA 19026 S.A.M. Club (Jr.) Presidents.), Newman Club, Marketing Club. " Thank You Mom, Dad, Maryann, and Hooly for all of the Love and support you have given. Thank You Prof, M. for the extra needed doses of motivation! " MINH HONG NGUYEN 901 Spring Garden St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Sigma Pi Sigma, the Physics Honor Society, ACS, the American Chemical Society. " After graduating from college, I am planning to go to Medical school. DEBORAH NICKLAUS 6 Springhouse Rd. Lancaster Pa 17603 Co-Captain Cheerleading, Newman Club, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Student Senate, Delphi So- ciety, S.T.E.P., Education Club. " My future plans include teaching while con- tinuing my education working toward an ad- ministrative position. " CHERYL NISSLEY RD 7 Box 222 Manheim, PA 17545 " Plan to get a secretary job in local hospital and possibly join an ambulance service, or medical activities if any. " DANIEL NIXON 1 3 Robin Way Medford, NJ 08055 WWEC DJ, Founding Father of Sigma. " Stogatz for everyone! " MICHAEL OCHMAN 3100 New Albany Rd. Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Basketball, Baseball, Student Senate. " I will always remember Moosie, Suffie and Danny and Summer school with Sam Ches- ney. " MAUREEN OSORNO Box 314 Mc Afee, NJ 07428 Resident Assistant, S.A.M., APB, RA News Team. " My goal include obtaining a management po- sition, buying a condominium, and traveling around the world. " KATRINA OST 690 Kimmel Rd. Orwigsburg, PA 17961 Intramurals, O.T. Club, Circle K, Pre-health Pro- fessions Club. " 1 plan on moving up to the Boston area and starting a private practice. Right MR and Kar- in?! ' you gotta let ' em run. ' " DANA PALMER 1 52 Ward St. Watertown, NY 13601 APB PAMELA PALMIERI 956 Carson St. Hazleton, PA 18201 Women ' s Varsity Basketball Team, Newman 152 Club, Math Club, Intramurals. " I ' ll always remember my good friends and the good times like MCT parties, winning the Na- tional Championship and those crazy cohorts of Meyer 3-West. Thanks Peggy and V.K. — you ' re the best! " ELLIN PAQUETTE 1875 Acorn Lane Abington, PA 19001 Education Club STEVE PEASE 9224 Broken Timber Way Columbia, MD 21045 Pre-Health Club, ACS Club, Intramural Softball and volleyball, interscholastic Track and Field and Swimming. " Future — more School and work; Best Re- memberance — The Salmon Patrol " LAURA PETERS 721 Weavertown Rd. Lebanon, PA 17042 Dorm Council " The friends I ' ve gained at Elizabethtown are treasures that will last a lifetime! Medical Sec- retary " ROSEMARY PUGLIESE 644 W. Walnut St. Lancaster, Pa 17603 Newman Club, Education Club, Cheerleading Captain. " The mod squad will live forever! Hi Mom! " GREGORY PUKAS 800 Wayside Lane Haddonfield, NJ APB Pre-Professional Health Club, American Chemical Society, Biology Club. " I plan to enter the medical sales field and eventually attend graduate school. " CRAIG PURSEL 109 Beech Circle Hellertown, PA 18055 Soccer, Marketing Club, S.A.M. Club, Intra- murals. VIRGINIA RAY 222 Ridge Ave. Pittsburgh, PA 1 5202 Women ' s Basketball Scorekeeper, S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Intramural Volleyball and Softball. " I ' ll always remember good ' ole 2-East, the la- tenight ' cruises to Dempseys ' with my pals from Myer 3-West, tha National Basketball Championship, and especially you, Pam! See you all in Alaska! " KIMBERLY REBUCK RD Box 108 Dornsife, PA 17823 Student Senate, Peer Counseling, Computer Science Club, Delphi Sociey, Alpha Lamdba Delta, Intramurals. ANDREW RICH 6 Essex Dr. Mendham, NJ 07945 Varsity Wrestling, Swim Team, APB(Dance Committee, Film Committee), Photography. " Navy, Finish my Business Degree, SMACKER Best think — meeting Linda Sites. CHARLES RICHWINE IV 3756 Brisban St. Harrisburg, PA 171 I 1 Student Affiliates of ACS, Pre-Health Club. " Hopefully will attend Medical school, " DEBRA BUCHER RILL RD. 2 Box 91 1 Mt. Joy, PA 17552 Advocates for Peace, Concert Choir, Brethren Student Fellowship, History Club, Delphi Soci- ety, Phi Alpha Theta. " The things I ' ll remember best about E-town are the good friends I made and the exper- ience of learning and broadening of my hori- zons. " JEFFREY RILL R.D. 2 Box 911 Mt. Joy, PA 17552 Religious Life Committee, Brethern Student Fellowship, Advocates for Peace, Concert, Choir, Brigadoon, Peer Counselor. " I plan to attend Seminary and become a min- ister in the Church of the Brethren. " DOUGLAS RINEHART 1 17 N Barbara St. Mt. Joy, PA 1 7552 S.A.M. Club, Accounting Club (Vice-Pres. Sr. yr.). " My future goals are to pass CPA exam and to get a fulfilling job in public accounting. I would like to express my thanks to the professors at Elizabethtown College for all the support they have given me and expecially to Mr. Edgar T. Bitting my advisor. " DOROTHEA ROGERS 607 West End Ave. New York, NY 10024 " I plan to go into pharmacy. " ALLAN ROSSI 224 W. Areba Ave. Hershey, PA 17033 Baseball, Captain; Resident Assistant; Pi Sigma Alpha; Student Senate; E-townian Staff; Politi- cal Science Club, Vice-Pres; Peer Counselor; Intramural Sports. " Fu ture Plans: include law school and even- taully private practice. What an incredible four years! I will always remember the triumverate, Lynne, Nappy, Phyllis, Ober Staff, the baseball teams, the women ' s Basketball teams, and all the wonderful people who have touched my life here at E-town. Most of all, I will remember the support my Mother and Father gave me. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love you very much! " DOUGLAS RUHL 309 Lebanon Rd. Manheim, PA 17545 " Future goal Marketing Manager. " GREGORY SCHOELKOPF 69 Conestoga Dr. Lancaster, PA 17602 Varsity Soccer — 3 years, S.A.M. Club, Mar- keting Club. LISA SCHOENER 16 Quaker Church Rd. Randolph, NJ 07869 Accounting Club, S.A.M., Student Senate " The greatest things I got from E-town are my friends who are so special to me and will be that way forever. " ALANE SEILER Bethel, PA Education Club, Choral Union, S.T.E.P. JAYNE SHEA 31 1 Edgemore Road, Secane, PA 19018 O.T. Club, Circle K, Pre-health Professions Club, S.T.E.P., Pep Band Intramurals, Swim Team. " When I remember E-town I will fondly remem- ber my friends that have taught me so much about myself and helped me grow and become a better person, my ' cultural shocks ' my ' mug cut ' friends, and my years on D-2. " MICHAEL SHUPP R.D. 2 Denver, PA 17517 Circulation Manager of Etownian, S.A.M. Club, Intramurals. " I plan to go into the Banking Field after gradu- ation. " MARK SIBLEY 126 Colonial Crest Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Commuter, S.A.M., Intramural Football Champs. " Heading into management, will continue edu- cation for MBA. Best remember Idea! ' looking back on the experience, I ' m glad I did it ' ' Watch out McDonalds ' " DEBORAH SIMON 786 Carteret Ct. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 Secretary and President of Computer Science Club, Member of ACM DPMA, Peer Coun- selor, Volleyball Marathon. 153 NANCY SIMON 786 Carteret Ct. Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054 C.S. Club, RA, Peer Counselor, Student Assis- tant Delphi Society, S.A.M., APB, Dorm Coun- cil Rep. LINDA SITES R.D. 2 Box 464 Newmantown, PA 17073 English Club, Dorm Council. " Best of friends never part, and I made the best friends while at college. ' I love you, Andy. ' " CAROL SMITH 644 Wallace Ave. Chambersburg, PA 17201 Social Work Club — Secretary " After graduation I hope to be able to obtain a " ' Real " job and leave this unforgetable Eliza- bethtown experience! " LINDA SMITH 3783 Silverwood Dr. York, PA 17402 Concert Band, Jazz Band, Sax Quartet, S.T.E.P., MENC. " College has been a great experience for me. The best part is all the friends and memories I ' ve gained here at E-Town. " N. GAYE SMITH 225 Walnut St. Miff linburg, PA 1 7844 Alpha Mu, Christian Fellowship, Concert Band. " Plan to contribute to the music therapy field and hope to eventually be active in a church. " BARBARA SNYDER R.D. 2 Box 325 Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 Biology Club, Pre-health Club, Intramural Vol- leyball, Intramural Basketball. BRIAN SNYDER 727 E. Sunbury St. Shamokin, PA 17872 Computer Science Club, Newman Club, S.A.M. Club, Intramural Basketball SoftbalL " What I like best here at E-town was the friend- ly atmosphere and you are able to get to know alot of people and make lasting friendships. " DIANNE SNYDER 820 Lawrence Dr. Emmaus, PA 18049 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Intramurals Soft- ball team. " I hope to find a job related to Advertising and live happily ever after. " MARK SOHNS R.D. 2 Factoryville PA 18419 Dorm Council, Intramurals, S.A.M. Ctub. " To be single and ready to mingle the rest of my life. Always will remember the old D-3, Rose Garden, togas, Good friends. " FRANKLIN SOUDER 854 S. Grant St. Palmyra, PA S.A.M. Club, Accounting Club. " Plan to be a Millionaire. " ELIZABETH SPANGLER 115 East Main St. Strasburg, PA 17579 S.A.M. Club, Accounting Club, Judicial Ap- peals Board, Volleyball Intramurals, Head Resi- dent Resident Assistant, Jr Sr Class Secre- tary. " Don ' t be dismayed at good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again — after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. (R. Bach) " JENNIFER SPENCER 607 E. Pleasant Grove Rd. West Chester, PA 1 9380 Concert Band, S.T.E.P., O.P. Club, Ichthus, Ca- mous Fellowship. " I plan to become an occupational therapist, hopefully in the areas of gerontology or mental retardation. Philippians 4:4 ' Rejoice in the Lord always! ' To all my friends: thank you for every- thing! " SCOTT STAUFFER 101 N. Barbara St. Mt. Joy, PA 1 7552 Elizabethtown Community Orchestra, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society. " Next fall I intend to enter graduate school at VPI SU to obtain a PhD. in Chemistry. Then I would like to work for a major Chemical instre- mentation manufacturer. " DIANN STEINMEIER 5510 Edsel St. Harrisburg, PA 17190 S.A.M. Club, Varsity Field Hockey, Softball, In- tramurals, Disc-Jockey, Photography Club, Conestogan Photographer. KATHLEEN STENGEL 942 Buchanan Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Schlosser Dorm Council (Spring 1982), Intra- murals. " I hope to get a teaching job in an elementary school. " GLENN STERNITZKE 126 Chadwick P. Glen Rock, NJ 07452 Political Science Club, Intramural Sports. MABEL SWEITZER R.D. 3 Box 92 Red Lion, PA 17356 Student Affiliates of ACS, Medical Technology Club, Pre-Health Club. Biology Club, President Sophomore Class, Campus Judicial Board, Conestogan Yearbook Staff. " My four years I have grown in many different ways. It has been a well rewarding experience. My God has guided me through these four years, and given me strength to face each new day. I know He will guide me and help me as I go out in the working field, hopefully in a Lab. I want to thank all my professors and friends, especially my parents for all the love and sup- port they have given me. " " From the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same the Lord ' s name is to be praised. Ps. 1 13:3 " JAMES TESTERMAN 515 W. King St. York, PA 17404 Drama, Athletic Training, Intramural Softball, and Dorm Council. " Biology teacher, Masters in Counselor educa- tion. " BARBARA UMBRELL 338 Tenth St. New Cumberland, PA 1 7070 Conestogan, S.A.M. Club, Varsity and Intra- mural sports, Modern Language Club, RA, haircutting. " Live for those who love you. For those who know you true, For the heaven that shining above you And the good that you can do. " CORNELIA von LERSNER 9 Brookdale Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Head Resident, Resident Assistant, Concert Choir, Campus Fellowship. " Do not pray to have an easy life, but rather to be a strong person. " CHRISTINE WALKER 1 02 Smithtown Rd. Budd Lake, NJ 07828 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Intramural Bas- ketball and soccer. " These past four years at Elizabethtown have flown by quickly, but the memories will be with me forever. " MARY WALTERS 102 Wertz Ave. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Chorale, Student Senate, S.T.E.P., Choral Union, Brigadoon, Volleyball Marathon, Eng- lish Club, Soc Soc Work Club. " I hope to find a job in Secondary Education, and do some traveling. " MARION WARD 47 Anburn Rd. 154 Woodstown, NJ 08302 Student Senate, various councils commit- tees, History Club, Phi Alpha Theta, Advo- cates for Peace, English Club, Modern Lan- guages Club, Peer Counselor, Delphi Society. " 1 cherish my days at Elizabethtown — for the learning and growing they have inspired. My love and deep gratitude to those persons who have shared in this special time. " CONSTANCE VATHIS 10925 Kirby Dr. Philadelphia, PA 19154 President of Marketing Club, Vice-President of S.A.M., tutor, Manager of Mens Basketball, Business Representative, Finance Planning Committee. " Future plans include EXTENSIVE traveling and just enjoying everything in this life . . . Thanks to all my profs, friends, and especially family for leading me down the correct path in life! " SCOTT VAZ Coal St. Middleport, PA 17953 WWEC, Varsity Baseball, Intramural Athletics Resident Assistant. " Future plans include a career in Public Rela- tions. Remember baseball trip to Iowa; ITK; toga!! " DORIS WEGNER Box 69 Old Croton Rd. Flemington, NJ 08822 Resident Assistant in Royer, Education Club, APB Club. " I wish to earn my Early Childhood Elementary Education Certification and hopefully find a teaching job. I remember my good friends and my boyfriend, Brad, from my college life. " CONNIE WEHRY R.D. 1 Box 32 Klingerstown, PA 17941 Myer Dorm Council, Forensics Club, Secretary, Wrestling Manager Statistician. " I plan to pursue a career in Medical Secretar- ial Science as well as work towards a B.S. in Business Administration at a later date. Thanks to everyone who helped make my years here at E-town exciting and memora- ble. " ELIZABETH WEITZMANN 9 Bear Lane Locust Valley, NY 1 1 560 Social Work Club and English Club. " I bequeath to the following to Kay: a sane cat and a lifetime supply of hot dogs, to Moo: a larger liver and an acheless head, to Mary Rose: skiing lessons, height, and satisfaction, to Lin- da: a job, muscles, and a trip to England, to Katy: a sunny Florida, fluent Spanish and brui- seless ski trip, and to all five of you dinner par- ties, my address and love and luck forever. PS. to my parents: ' thanks ' " ELLEN WHITACRE 5648 Thunder Hill Rd. Columbia, MD 21045 Campus Theatre, Concert Choir, Band, Cho- rale, M.E.N.C. S.T.E.P., Dorm Council, V-P. " I ' ll always remember with a smile, my fun freshman year, and with a bigger smile the three special people who became my crazy roommates my senior year. " DIANE WHITE 66 Buck Hill Dr. Holland, PA 18966 Jr Sr Vice-President, English Club Vice-Presi- dent, Student Senate, Etownian, WWEC " I wish be going to graduate school for journal- ism, and then to Washington, D.C. " TAMELA WOLF 21 9 Main St. Akron, PA 17501 Member of Math Club (Co-pres. Jr. year), member of C.S. Club, math tutor (Sophomore and Junior yrs.) member of field hockey team. DEBORAH WOOD 10 Gilbert St. Peekskill, NY 10566 S.A.M. Club, Campus theater, Alpha Psi Ome- ga, Choral Union, Concert Choir, APB, Cones- togan, S.T.E.P., Photography Club, Founder ' s Dorm Council. " I hope to travel around the world, but no mat- ter where I am, I will always remember my friends from E-town and I will always cherish all my memories. " TAMMY WOOD 641 1 Glenwood St. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Accounting Club, Campus Fellowship, S.A.M. Club. " I plan to work in Accounting. " CHERYL WOODS 35 Walt Whitman Way Hamilton Square, NJ 08690 Accounting Club, Dance Marathon 1981, Stu- dent Assistant at Career Center, Intramural sports. " My future goals are to work in a general ac- counting office. Special memories for the girls and the good times on Founders C-3. " NANCY YARNALL 1581 Rodney Dr. West Chester, PA 1 9380 O.T. Club, Delphi Society, Newman Club. MARY YINGLING 2300 Hughes Shop Rd. Westminster, MD 21 157 Math Club, T.R.E.E., Computer Science Club. " Making good friends was the most pleasur- able experience at E-town. The friendly atmo- sphere is what E-town is all about. " WILLIAM YOUNG 1250 Indian Creek Rd. Emmaus, PA 18049 Soccer team " Entrepreneur " AMY ZACHARIAS 1444 St. Charles Place Abington, PA 19001 Etownian, Radio Station, Speech Club, APB, Special Undergraduate Committee of Alumni Counsel. " Plans to pursue a career in the field of Televi- sion. " LORI ZAGORSKIE 719 Lafayette St. Kennett Square, PA 19348 S.A.M. Club, Marketing Club, Big Brother Big Sister Day, Intramural sports " E-town has left me with many good friends and good times. ' Comes a time, when you ' re drifting, comes a time when you settle down, ' - NY... RE " ANNE ZART 560 Beck Circle Harrisburg, PA 17111 S.A.M. Club, Intramural Volleyball, Aerobics. " Close friends are the Best friends, I ' ll always remember my friends here at E-town and the fun times we shared. " 155 QM nxJL 1 wo hooJt toeco ffesiPEtsTT of -yoor clob -BIG 6P3T tF Conestogan Staff Yearbook Staff Row 1; Bill Mack, Ross Cleveland, Ross Vecchio, Row 2: Kathy Stadler, Sue Smith, Kim Reigle Row 3: Kim Miller, Ann Burnette, Marsha Tavares, Kathy Storm, Betsy Bender. Row 4: Kathy Charles, Robin Kilpatnck, Diane Dillon, Adnanne Albano, Kristen Johnson. 1984 Conestogan Staff Editors Ross Cleveland Bill Mack Ross Vecchio Kathy Charles Pam Vnenchak Gladys Cleveland Judy Corona Cindy Erisman Kathy Stadler Betsy Bender Editor-in-Chief Photography Co-Sports Co-Sports Activities Clubs Faculty, Seniors Co-Underclassmen Co-Underclassmen Typing Contributing Staff: Adrianne Albano, Linda Ball, Marty Brumme, Ann Bur- nette, Diane Dillon, Robin Idler, Kristen Johnson, Robin Kilpatrick, Mary Lon- genecker, Kim Miller, Paul Milot, Rose Montague, Minh Nguyen, Kim Reigel, Jody Reiner, Andrew Rich, Beth Schaeffer, Kathy Storm, Mabel Sweitzer, Marsha Tavares, Karen Wolfe. After last year ' s 1983 Conestogan received a Showcase Award from Herff Jones Yearbooks, I didn ' t think we could do much better. On the other hand, there is always room for improvement. I thought of the theme of the book, which is explained in detail on page one. I then sat down with Jeff Lloyd and Robin Idler who expressed my ideas in art. It is a difficult task to express someone else ' s ideas in art; they have done an excellent job. I olso must thank Ken Baylor and Terri Hoffman in Public Information and Mike and Barb Gilroy of Gilroy Associates who have helped me and the staff for the past two memorable years. Great job everybody! I will miss you all! Ross M. Cleveland, Jr. Editor-in-Chief 158 Conestogan Staff Delphi Society Row 1: Sharon Corretore, Nancy Si- mon, Kim Rebuck, Denise Kreider, Deb Rill (Corre- sponding Sec). Row 2: Gia Altomari, Kathy Heindel, Cornelia von Lersner, Marion Ward, Curtis Heisey (V.P.) Gerald Baer (Pres.). Absent: Craig Bright, No- reen Lowndes (Recording Sec. Treas.) Diane White Judy Anderson, Nancy Carlson, Pam Craig, Phyllis Dayton, Beth Hilbert, Lisa Keane, Page Lutz, Debbie Nicklaus, Nancy Yarnall, Cynthia Paulus, Ms. Eppley (Advisor), Dr. Ranck, Dr. Kraybill, Ms. Carper, Dr. Stambaugh, Ms. Piscitelli. SAM Club Row 7: Ann Forrester, Kath- leen Newman, Cynthia Bowers. Row 2: Nancy Gsell, Douglas Reinhart, Lisa Schoener, Maureen Osorno, Sandy Austin, Rich Schuman, Kathy Oakes, Charles Ebersole, Sue Good, Andy Pinter, Prof. Muston, Stacy Fox, John Parks, Judy Anderson, Barb Umbrell, Glenn Rigg, Frank Workman. Volunteer Club Row 1: Mary Ellen Clark, Lisa Dauenheimer, Tina Strieker. Row 2: Gwen Holmstrom, Becky Dalley, Lynn Bentzley, Pam Millan. Clubs 159 Concert Choir Ladies (left to right): Heather Heisenbuttel, Nancy Wellons, Michele Arnold, Beth Bowser, Deb Rill, Jacqueline Carson, Kimberly Miller, Tricia Lawrence, Linda Swan, Beth Bucher, Ellen Whitacre, Claudine Crooks, Nancy Carlson, Michele Zimmerman, Cornelia von Lersner, Ann Dietz, Deborah Fehr, Kathy Getz, Cindy Paulus, Sylvia Moor, Debor ah Wood, Melissa Lambert, Angela Fogle, Deanna Dibert, Charlotte Yoder, Men (left to right): Doug Burns, Roy Meyer, Pete Gialloreto, John Snader, Jeff Rill, Dale Forshey, Gerald Baer, Chris Cavanaugh, Jerry Schadel, Norm Yeater, Greg Cooney, Dave Myers, Cliff Kaylor, Dave Lewis, Wallace Kamens, Steve Faus, Paul Hockenbury, Alan Hair, Dan Smith, Don Loser, Don Fitzkee, Mike Nolt, Joseph Korb, Absent: Ann Alandar, Beth Buck, Laura Lowenbach. 1 V 1 1 i I fl 1 { B jj l Concert Band 160 Clubs Collegians Row 1: Don Fitzkee, Kelly Williams, Steve Faus, Norm Yeater, Kevin Bream, Dan Smith, Alan Hair, Row 2: Wallace Ka- mens, Gerry Baer, Don Loser, Dale Forshey, Greg Cooney, Joe Korb. M.E.N.C. Row 1: Pam Blake, Gina Mastro, Ja- net Clark, Row 2: Greg Cooney. Randi Baldwin, Suzanne Clark, Row 3: Sylvia Moot, Lynda Swan, Alan Hair, Karen Crum, Kim Rubin. Alpha Mu Row 7: Charlotte Yoder, Gaye Smith, Jenny Winters, Melissa Lambert, Karen Crum, Row 2: Gina Mastro, Sylvia Moot, Sue Herrick, Lynda Swan, Alan Hair, Janet Clark. Clubs 161 Choral Union At Piano: Claudine Crooks, Janet Clark, Row 1: Gina Mastro, Rose Schick, Ann Alander, Dawn Sprance, Lori Anthony, Eileen Mclntyre, Row 2: Laurel Bell, Anne Hollinger, Chrisee Hutsko, Patti Hollinger, Darlene Frey, Sara Ream, Laurie Jacoby, Amy Benner, Terri Shepler, Karen Kriss, Kris Miller, Suzanne Burns, Becky Weaver, Row 3: Heidi Hackenberger, Lisa Krauss, Mary Lesher, Betsy Martin, Sherry Gernert, Kris Fink, Jenny Klein, Lori Myers, Randi Baldwin, Kris Holmes, Kecia Piatt, Row 4: Karen Klingman, Lisa Washnick, Kim Rubin, Joanne Zerbe, Leanna Muntzenberger STEP 1984 162 International Club Sitting: Sonia Walwyn, Steven Williamson, Regino Cooks, Standing: Vincenzo Moraca, Chau Bui, Shailesh Mehta. ; • Alpha Psi Omega Row 1: Christi Schultz, MaryAnn Calderone, Nancy Wellons, Holly Hardaway, Deb Wood, Row 2: Peter Gialloreto (Vice-Pres), Colleen Coolican, Chris Cavanaugh (Pres), Absent: Michele Zimmerman Kauffman. Campus Gold Sitting: Beth Geidel. Standing: Nancy Carlson, Tracy Young, Jennifer Winters, Kim Page, Denise Stark. Student Senate Row 7: Cynthia Lyons, Nancy Cottrell, Tammy Cutilli, Tim Bowman (President), Ed Kron (Treasurer), Denise Kreider, Row 2: Jackie Frear, Michele Chienci, Glenda Smith, Terri Nellans, Sandy Austin, Kim Rebuck, Marci Lebowitz, Kristen Gusky, Laurie Peiffer, Ray Kreiser, Row J.-Mark Shade, Joe Albanese, Tim Kershner, Eric Reber, Duane Armstrong, Eric Siler, Doug Burns, Dave Shaw, Alan Hair, Lisa Keane, Absent: Chris Cooper, Connie Vathis, Judy Gutsholl, Colleen Coolican (Vice-President), Donna Fraunfelter, Deb Fehr, Michelle Zimmerman, Phyllis Dayton, Patricia Miller, Brad White, Jane Hawley, Alison Cummens, Knstina Hawkins, Bill Clifford, Lisa Schoener, Dan Blunck, James Foresman (Secretary), Mark McNoughton, Ann Dietz, John Snader, Karen Duffie, Dr. Shaw (Advisor). Activities Planning Board Row 1: Terri Nellans (President), Row 2: Dana Palmer (Secretary), Mike Fuhr (Vice-President), Cindy Bowers (Treasurer), Row 3: Walter Shaw (Advisor), Judy Gutshall (Publicity), Jerry McHale (Dance), Row 4: Dave Germann (Movies), Charlie Ebersole (Tech.), Chris Dowdell (Special events). 164 Radio Station Row 1: Trina Myers (Station Manager), Joanne Reeser (News Director), Nancy Avellino (Promo- tions Director), Betsy Bender (Music Director), Row 2: Jane Hawley (News Consultant), Mark Shade (Promotions Director), Phyllis Dayton (Supervisor), Dan Thomas (Traffic Director), Sue Cupit (Copy Director), Elanie Chud- novsky (Production Director). Etownian Editors Left to Right: An- nette Davis (Features Editor), Ross Vecchio (Photo Editor), Steve Faus (Editor-in-Chief), Don Fitzkee (Opin- ions Editor), Liz Bauer (News Editor), Mike Fuhr (Advertising Editor), Phyl- lis Dayton (Associate Editor), Ab- sent: Rich Shuman (Business Man- ager), Mike Shupp (Circulation Man- ager), Jackie Jackson (Sports Editor), Judy Anderson (Layout Editor). Clubs 165 Advocates For Peace Seated: Deb Rill, Patti Hollinger, Standing: Jeff Rill, Tom Hoch, Doug Campbell. Outdoors Club Row 7: Suzanne Schmoll, Elaine Alba, Sonia Boss, Darlene Ayres, Karen Eastridge, Row 2: Kristen Rehrig, Amy Kraff a, Joy Nave, Lori Eberly, Kim Adkins, Row 3: Chris Achenbach, Gail Harris, Kafhy Buchan, Lisa Dauenheimer (Secre- tary), Dina Werkley, Row A: Karen Leparalo, Joel Waite, Mary Ellen Clark, Mr. Thompsom (Advi- sor), John Telencia (Co-President), Craig Terpstra (Co-President), Pam Millan (Treasurer), Scott Sweren, Andy Kroeck, Row 5: Chuck McDanolds, Brian Nicklaus, Absent: Dorothy Jacoby, Noni Lowndes, Cindy Auerbach, Deb Stefani. Circle-K Row 1: Mary Jean Barnes, Kathy Lardear, Rosalie Montague, Eric Siler, Janet Lamborn, Row 2: Lisa Trimmer, Angela Riggleman, Joy McBeth, Genie Atkins, Row 3: Pete Witycyak, Kevin Bream, Allison Reach. i»i imif 166 Clubs Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society: Karen Wrona, Gia Altomari, (Pres.), Ashley Shenk, Tom Lehman (Sec), Cheryl Peterman, Dan Smith, Terri Nellans, Tom Neiss (Vlce-Pres.) Susan Van Street, Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer (advi- sor), Mabel Sweitzer, Mike Ohm, Dianne Gingrich, Greg Pukas. Absent: Chuck Richwine (Treasurer), Joe Albanese, Scott Stauffer, Laurie Pieffer, Denise Krieder, Kamille Kassees. Pre-Health Professions Club: Steve Pease, Gia Altomari (Pres.), Susan Van Street, Marie Brandt, Mabel Sweitzer, Pam Hunsberger (Vice-Pres.), Susan Karaf fa, Tom Neiss, Joy Nave, Greg Pukas, Amy Karaffa, Absent: Barbara Snyder (Sec.) Society of Physics Students Row 1: Karen Fisher (President), Carol Willoughby, Arlene Merz, Mike Ohm (Vice-President Treas.), Row 2: John Cooper, Val Daiga, Jim Fagan, Ken Gleim (Secretary) Clubs 167 English Club Row 1: Diane White, Sara Ream, Row 2: Ben Buhl, Doug Campbell, Christine Coppa, Heidi Schweitzer. Modern Language Club Sitting: Barbara Young, Deb Truscella (Vice-Pres), Crystal Paynter (Sec Treas), Kim Hayden (Pres), Tricia Lawrence, Standing: Melinda Ryder, Mrs. Terrio (advisor), Steve Williamson, Martha Sadler, Vincenzo Moraca, Regina Cooks, Mrs. Goodling (advisor). History Club: Connie Vathis, Frank Workman, Betsy Bender, Jamie Wilson, Shephanie Schuler, Curtis Welty (Vice-Pres.), Absent: Don Loser (Pres.). 168 Clubs Computer Science Club Row h Sandy Dahlstrom, Nancy Scaff, Kristel Miller, Allan Brookhart, Kelly Williams, Adam Hohenwarter, Beverly Boyer, Glenn Johansen, Row 2: Craig Terpstra, Eric Miller, Bob Hedrick, David June, Mike Emanuel, Brian Moyer, Row 3: Nancy Simon, Kim Rebuck, Carol Kimley, Betty Horn, Deb Simon. Political Science Club Sitting: Rosemary Donovan, Barbara Young, Sue Bartle, Joan Blake, Standing: Selena Holly, Joel Waite, Fletcher McClellan, Bill Matson, Perry Merlo, Absent: Liz Cushing, Sally Garber, Christine McKennan, Al Rossi, Kathy Lambert, Joyce Crawford, Vmcenzo Moraca, Mike Tobash, Janet Lamborn, Kim Bazzoli, Jack Hamilton. Clubs 169 Accounting Club Kneeling: Andy Kroeck, Mr. Bitting, Carl LaMastra, Dave Burkholder, Row 1: Julie McDermott, Crystal Paynter, Hallie Harold, Tammy Wood, Lori Eberly, Lisa Confer (Public Relations), Lisa Schoener (Secretary), Donna Hull (Treasurer), Row 2: Stephanie Thomas, Karen Duffie, Sue Pretto, Rosalie Montague, Scott Lied, Rich Shuman, Kevin Wilkie, Shailesh Mehta, Tracee Gotwalt, Doug Rinehart (Vice-President), Shannon Perry, Tom Smith (President), Row 3: Kirk Eldridge, David Prout, Loren Martin, Mike Reiner, Kathy Neyer, Ray Bendas, Lisa Keane. Marketing Club Sitting: Charlie Hayes, Karen Hinerdeer, Connie Vathis, Mike Fuhr, Keith Gunn, Standing: Chris Walker, Alison Cumens, Greg Schoelkopf, Cathy Conner, Lori Zagorski, Karen Hubler, Sharon Kauffman, Mike Mitchell, John Snow, Michelle Chierici. 170 Clubs Math Club Row J: Rebecca Weaver, Elaine Alba, Mary Yingllng (Co-President), Michele Fisher, Row 2: Karen Freed (Secretary), Beth Hilbert (Treasurer), David Ellis, Ray Kreiser (Co-President). Clubs 171 Campus Fellowship Row 1: Kevin Bream, Ross Cleveland, Shelly Woodbury, Heather Heissenbut- tel, Row 2: Scott Travor, Angie Fogle, Jenny Winters, Judy Judd, Holly Hardaway, Tina Strieker, Sue Clark, Row 3: Norm Yeater, Janet Lamborn, Val Pecha, Kim Page, Joy Pepmeier, Kay Ann Hetzle, Traci Young, Gwen Holm- strom, Missing: Andrea Lindner, John Snow, Paul Eyler, Sue Pat- ton, Scott Wenger, Chrissy Hutsko, and many others. Biology Club Sitting: Dr Pepper, Mrs Pepper, Professor Laughlin, Dr. Dively, Mrs. Dively, Alan Dive- ly, Heather Dively. Standing: Lisa Willing, David (Rico) Mastrota, Steve Pease, Kathy Storm, Shar- on Corretore, Kim Reigel, Dr. Heckman, Barbara Snyder, Dr. Hoffman, Gerald Baer, Dave Richards, Pam Hunsberger, Kathy Heindel, Greg Pukas. Cheerleaders: Carrie Brum- baugh, Cindy Sagolla, Christine Ranga, Tern Nellans, Janice Cir- aolo, Djane Dillon, Debbie Nick- laus, Bonnie Weider, Rosie Pug- iiese. Class Officers Senior Class Officers: Kathy Kirk (Treasur- er), Beth Spongier (Secretary), Jane Hawley (President), Diane White (Vice-President). Junior Class Officers: Lisa Keane (Secretary), Tami Cutilli (Treasurer), Marshelle Brozino (Vice- Sophomore Class Officers Row 7: Duane Armstrong, President), Sue Bartle (President). Mark Shade, Row 2: Lisa Gafgen, Linda Brecht. Freshman Officers: Kim Bazzoli (Vice-President), Bon- I nie Youngblood (Treasurer), Hallie Harold (Secre- tary), Missing: Jack Hamilton (President). Class Officers 173 fcj FACULl 1 K»J4M»«4!ilfc.SJMA TO Bos I NESS OFFICE ( coll sex • o sa Ken Baylor Director of Public Information 176 AUSTIN — BOWMAN Edgar Bitting Business ! ■ At t yu. ? 4 12 . .. Bossier Math Jo in Burdick Social Work Joy Buffenmyer Business BITTING — BUFFENMEYER 177 KV " «a % B V i M ■ ' 1 ■ 5 - II v I ■ ' I B 99 hbes " Cor Callenboch Education John Campbell English Anna Carper Director of Library Eugene Clemens Religion and Philosophy Hubert Custer Physics 178 CALLENBACH — CUSTER Uldis Daiga Modern Languages James Direly Biology Robert Dolan Math Sue Dolan Business DIAGA — EBERSOLE 179 Leonard Eiserer Psychology Delbert Ellsworth Psychology Martha Eppley Business Martha Farver-Apgar Director of Personnel Office Manager n 4 w , % Robert Garrett Physical Education 180 Mary Garin Occupational Therapy Randy Centzler Business Manager George Cliptis Business Suzanne Coodling Modern Language Jim Hilton Director of Career Development GENTZLER — HILTON 181 1 ! f I III Maurice Hoppie Economics V Otis Kitchen Music Thomas Kingston Treasurer A.F. Kish Director of Continuing Education and Business 182 HOPPIE — KISH . Donna Kleese Business Donald Koontz Math John Koontz Math Donald Kraybill Sociology Carroll Kreider Business KLEESE — KREIDER 183 r ■H 1 Howard Kroesen Director of Computer Systems Operations Ronald Laughlin Biology Bruce Lehr Sociology Henry Libhart Art Wesley McDonald Political Science E. Fletcher McClellan Political Science 184 krosen — Mcdonald Judith McLaughlin Psychology Robert Moore Communication Arts Richard Mumford History Dennis Murphy Director of Housing Donald Muston Business Mclaughlin — muston 185 Donald Neiser Registrar Stanley Neyer Business Catherine O ' Shea Asst. to the President Beverly Pis cite Hi Student Counselor 186 NEISER — PISCITELLI Frank Polanowski Biology Zoe Proctor Chemistry William Puffenberger Religion Philosophy ' .i™ Lf» ' Jo Ann Ramsey Director of Health Care Raymond Reeder Chemistry POLANOWSKI — REEDER 187 Paul Rice Education Jobie Riley Communication Arts Frederick Ritsch Dean of Faculty Austin Ritterspach Religion Philosophy John Rohrkemper English (Wj H • Bp 1 f 4 1 - -: ' ■ BfT • -■ ' • . i Andrew Soger Psychology RICE — SAGER Charles Schaeffer Chemistry Reba Sebelist Occupational Therapy Walter Shaw Dean of Student Affairs Ronald Shubert Math Carl Shull Music SCHAEFFER — SHULL 189 Wayne Silcox Director of Public Safety Harry Simmers Music Donald E. Smith Communication Arts -w c ' mm Donald P. Smith Physical Education Royal Snarely Student Counselor 190 II1V r Armon Snowden Religion and Philosophy Martin Spongier Chemistry Randolph Trostle Business Nick Stamos Director of Food Services SNOWDEN — TROSTLE 191 Robert Ziegler Education Richard Zugarek Computer Science 192 TULLEY — ZUGAREK Full-time Faculty Administration whom the Conestogan was not able to include: Louise Black Stanley Bowers Joseph Cannon Josephine Cohen Paul Dennis Darrell Douglas Thomas Dwyer Russell Eisenbise Hugh Evans Boyd Fox Jerald Garland Donna Gaver John Harrison Frederic Hoffman Yvonne Kauffman Kenneth Kreider John Layne English Education Computer Science OT Psychology Music English Sociology Economics Education Director of Alumni Relations Education Music Biology Physical Education History Education Thomas Leap Henry Long Marlene Morgan Robert Morse D. Kenneth Ober Marshall Pomroy Herbert Poole John Ranck Elisabeth Russell Carmine Sarracino Wayne Selcher Carole Simon John Stites Stanley Sutphin Susan Terrio Thomas Winpenny Mary Lou Ziter Computer Science Sociology OT Math Director of Athletics Business History Chemistry English English Political Science OT Music Religion Philosophy Modern Language History Social Work Tutoring Center Staff Row 7: Kim Hay- den, Crystal Paynter, Rebecca Dalley, Kirk Eldndge Row 2: Sylvia Moot, Clau- dine Crooks. Post Office Duplicating: Diana Billet, Mary Ann Killian, Mary Hill, Joyce Ney. 193 Food Service Staff Row 1: Diane Gibbons, Irene Shoemaker, Cathy Heisey, Violet Dohner, Mike Hamilton, Marge Conlon, Martin Cramer, Ruth Eichler, Gary Halbleib. Row 2: Ruth Via, June Heigel, Catherine Stark, Anna Mae Koser, Donald Loser, Dotty Dickel, Linda Cramer, Jim Beamenderfer, Teresa Dalkieicz, Arlene Laudenslager. V Pij fNN 1 ' J L 1 " ' 5» » | s i 1 -zmmT ' ' ■1 Building and Grounds Department Row 1: Harry Page, Clyde Miller, Eugene Booth, Dennis Greenland, Frank Campbell, Ken Fleming, Joe Clark, Jay Burdins, Kevin Ney, Anna Mark, Judy Rodgers. Row 2: Dick Warfel, Dick Bowers, Harold Arthur, Jeff Greenly, Baron Wanner, Jake Hynicker, Eugene Hartzler, Jack Keener, Judi Ritter, Virginia Clements, Harry Floyd, Ray Beck, Barb Reuter, Harold Wiley. 194 E-towns Backbone Library Staff Row 1: Grace Rhen, Anna Carper, Carol Warfel, E. Margaret Gabel, Sharon Bautista, Ruth Mumaw, Michael Andrews, Mary Puttenberger. Housing Staff Row 7: Cornelia von Lersner (HR — Schlosser), Jeft Jacoby (HR — Brinser), Beth Spongier (HR — Royer). Row 2: Deb Graves (HR — Myer), Den- nis Murphy (Director), Tony Pahigian (HR — Ober), Marty Brumme (Assistant Director) Absent: Pat March. Registrar and Business Officer Row 1: Maria Horner, Mary Frances Woodall, Debra Weachter. Row 2: Gladys Singer, Helen Hassler, Gloris Hess, Nancy McCurdy, MaryAnn Denlinger, Deb- orah Booser. E-town ' s backbone 195 3- F " -1 ViOMECOMiNG TONlGVAT COLLECT ZL. D- ■ ■ Freshman Orientation Weekend Elizabethtown College welcomed the class of 1987 on the hot, sunny weekend of August 27-29, 1 983. The first weekend of college for the fresh- man included induction ceremony, new games, designed to make our frosh feel welcome and to provide a chance to make friends, numerous meetings with Peer Counselors, Freshman Talent Show, pizza party as well as making new friends on the progressive hike. Everyone was too busy to be homesick . . . I 198 Welcome Frosh! Eat that shaving cream! 199 Parents Weekend The crisp clear weekend of Sep- tember 24-25 was the date for this year ' s Parents Weekend. A week- end is reserved for acquainting parents with Elizabethtown, as well as reaquainting family and their students. After a registration for parents, on Saturday, there was brunch in the cafe, a reception with adminis- tration and Faculty, a soccer game with our Blue Jays, followed by a reception given by President and Mrs. Ebersole. Most families took to local restaurants for dinner. Families also attended an inter- denominational Service in Rider Chapel. 200 Emphasis Week Each year our college sets aside a week in the fall to tantalize our cultural tastes. During the first week of November under the theme of " Enjoying the Arts in America " Elizabethtown audi- ences heard presentations on the arts and music of our nation. Speakers included Dr. John Harri- son on Concert Music and Henry Libhart discussing gallery art. Em- phasis week came to close with a trip to New York City to visit the Big Apple ' s theaters, galleries and other sites. Homecoming A power outage may have left half the campus buildings in the dark, but it certainly did not darken this year ' s Homecoming fes- tivities. Barring some last minute shifting of plans, the weekend was lovely and bright. On tap for this weekend was the Midway complete with flowers, plants, dunking booth, food, crafts, raffle tickets and much more. During halftime of the Soccer Game against Trenton, Phyllis Dayton was crowned Homecoming Queen with her court in close attendance. Dick Cavett with his famous wit- ty flair kept the audience in the Dell laughing as he entertained questions from spectators. Also on Saturday, Leffler House, the new ad- missions building was dedicated following a selection of tunes from our Jazz Band. Once again Nick Stamos and staff dazzled our taste buds with their gourmet delights at the Alumni-Student Dinner. Following the dinner there was a dance in Founders. 202 Homecoming Homecoming 203 Homecoming 205 206 Homecoming Homecoming 207 APB Halloween Weekend On tap for this year ' s APB Hallow- een Theme Weekend was a haunted house in Orchard, Big Brother Big Sis- ter Day, a costume dance in Thomp- son Gym featuring " Stars on 45 " and " Survival " , the game where students try to elude secret plastic toy-gun wielding assasins. 208 Shoot that man! Big Brother Sister Day 209 U.S.A. — Poland For the first time in Elizabethtown histo- ry, Thompson Gym was the site of an exhi- bition volleyball game between the Poland National Team and the U.S. National Team. The United States Team defeated the Polish Team by a score of 3 games to 2. 210 w Charlie Brown " - ' m -■ ■ 1 . ■ ■ - 1 t . f M h i - 1 ■ ' ' - ' " •■ • ' S kw8 T • " ' ' ' ■- ' -., ' ■• ' -■ ' " " ' ' ■• ' " - " ' ' 3P §p£i l£ sjSiHflBgB Under the direction of Ty Greiner, " Charlie Brown " opened on November 4th in the Alumni Auditorium. The play was presented by Campus Theater and Sock Buskin. Bringing everyone ' s fa- vorite cartoon characters to life were Greg Cooney as Charlie Brown, Colleen Coolican as Lucy, Peppermint Patty was portrayed by Lynda Swan, Linus was played by Brian Cassel and Chris Dow- dell played Schroeder. On November 4th the men of Brinser and the women of Myer met in a head to head flag football battle on the intramural football field to raise funds for the Leukemia Founda- tion. Pat Conway with the assistance of his RA Chris Cavanaugh helped orga- nize the game. Approximately 20 stu- dents participated from each dorm. Myer dorm was spotted 40 points and still won. Brinser Myer " Fight for Leukemia % ) 1, . , 212 Volleyball Marathon For 24 hours between 8 p.m. Oc- tober 21 through 22, the 8th An- nual Volleyball Marathon was in full swing in Thompson Gym. Through pledges, this year ' s nine- teen teams, consisting of close to 200 participants raised $2000 for CROP — the Community Hunger Appeal of Church World Service to help feed the hungry of the world. Bryers Bombers took first place in this event. The winning team members, were Karen Lutz, Karen Zimmerman, Lauri Kendall, Herb Miller, Mike Nolt, Roy Meyer, Bill Demora and Linda Wagner. 213 Comedian, singer, pianist columnist, political sniper, tele vision performer — they a make up the personality of America ' s court jester, Mark Russell. Members of the Elizabeth- town Community had the op- portunity to hear Mark Russell on November 11th in Thomp- son Gym. Russell is considered to be the nation ' s premier political stand- up come dian and, as such, he always has time to toss a few barbs in the direction of the President and all those who would like to become President. Overall, Russell was very enter- taining and kept the audience chuckling at his witty remakrs for the entire evening. Mark Russell in Concert 214 Mark Russell in Concert Godspell " Godspell " comes to you like a fresh morning breeze. It is set in a framework of jubilant rock music and has an air of carnival innocence and sheer joy. Jesus and the followers are arrayed in bright gypsy garb and clown clothes with sparkling painted faces. They rattle your soul like a tambourine while preaching the good word of God. Alpha Psi Omega performed " Godspell " twice on campus in December. Then, because of its great success, an encore per- formance was given in Febru- ary. The cast included: Christo- pher C. Cavanaugh (Jesus), Pete Gialloreto (director Ju- das), Mary Ann Calderone, Col- leen Collican, Claudine Crooks accompanist), Holly Hardaway (assistant director), Michele Zimmerman Kaufman, Christi Schultz, Nancy Wellons and Deb Wood. Godspell 215 T W The religious community colla- borated on the weekend of Febru- ary 3-5 to bring the campus lots of H.U.G.s (Happiness, Unity, Giving). The weekend opened on Friday with Hug Day. Stickers bearing the words, " I love to be hugged " were distributed as the students and faculty hugged each other. Fri- day ' s activities included a singspir- ation, the movie " The Cross and the Switchblade " as well as a coffeehouse featuring Christian Rock. Slated for Saturday was a square dance in the AA followed by a dance with student D.J. ' s. The weekend closed on Sunday with Vespers in Rider. to 1» hugge 216 v a - .r v Brinser Theme Weekend Brinser held its own theme week- end in late January. The weekend was highlighted by the annual Casino games and on Sunday an auction was held where students bought things with the Casino paper money profits. Dance Marathon Once again students took part in the 24 hour dance marathon. Students took donations as well as pledges which were then given to help fight Muscular Dystrophy. 217 Sock and Buskin, the E-town Col- lege Campus theatre organization, presented " An Evening of One Act Comedies " as its spring production. Under the direction of Ty Greiner, the production consisted of four one- act plays: " The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year, " " The Froegle Dictum, " " A Day for Surprises, " and " Doing a Good One for the Red Man. " The cast for the plays, which began April 6, included Peter Gialloreto, Lin- da Brecht, Kendall Hullihen, Chris Ca- vanaugh, Nancy Cottrell, Dennis Tawney, Emily Duzey, Peter LaR- occa, Sara Ream, Donna Rowe, and Harry Page. " An Evening of One Act Comedies ' " 218 Campus Theatre S.T.E.P. The Student Team of Entertainers and Performers (S.T.E.P.) presented us with their annual musical review on February 24 and 25. The theme of this year ' s review was " Movies Were Movies " . Proceeds from the show in the Alumni Auditorium went to the College ' s Alcohol Awareness Program. Music and dancing from 25 films ranging from golden oldies to popular recent mov- ies were performed. STEP. 219 T.G.I.S. Weekend Bl THTOWS PACIFIC n, S HI Kl N I • ; ■ • t RiPA APRIL :- ELIZABETHTOW N COLLEGI THURSDAY KPIIII N JAWS Id T.G.I.S., Thank God it ' s Spring! This quote surely summed up the feelings of most E-town students dur- ing the T.G.I.S. weekend. With the theme of " Eliza- bethtown Pacific " , the weekend opened up on Thurs- day, April 26 with the Awards Ceremony and later a comedy concert. Other events included a beach in Founders, a carnival in the Brown Lot, the movie " Jaws, " Big Brother Big Sister Day, the Love Boat dinner in Thompson Gym, a band called " Backstreets " , and the " Almost Any- thing Goes " competition. The celebration ended with a bang at Lake Placida where a fireworks display was launched Sunday night. 220 Student Awards Ceremony Outstanding Students Row .-Terri Nellans, Denise Kreider, Linda Brecht, Sue Patton, Elaine Alba, Mary Jean Barnes. Row 2: Sherri Kinsey, Cornelia von Lersner, Chris Dowdell, Diane White, Jane Hawley, Phyllis Dayton. 222 For the sixth consecutive year, the College honored many of its students dur- ing the Awards Ceremony on April 26, 1984. With in- troductions from Master of Ceremonies Walter Shaw, students received awards in such areas as English, Business, Athletics and Chemistry to name a few. deer chouse wot do we neede? brockly know 230 mis u loades luvelz xxxxxxxxxxxxxxoxxox JEFF — I can ' t help it, I LOVE YOU!! pud — the man the legend — thanx FOUNDERS C-3 WE ' RE WORTH THE CLIMB! LOVE, PKD Founders Crowd pleasers cater to the masses! LOVE ENDURES ALL THINGS, EVEN PSU Thanks for a great 3 years — CF on Wednesdays, 2 — North, Glad, year- book staff, Judy, Andrea, Shelly, Hols, Kim, Jenny, Small group on Mondays, Vec. Ross Art, Best of luck al- ways! LOVE, MARSHELLE TO APT 4 5 LOVE AND LUCK TO YOU ALL — MISS YOU ALREADY! GTH — THANKS FOR THE SUPER- TIMES! ILU EP PHOTOS, PHOTOS, PHOTOS . . . THE REAL PIECE . . . PUMPING IRON . . . SKUNKS . . . THRILLER, JUMP . . . BYE JOHN . . . GOOD LUCK KATHY . . . GREAT GOING ROSS . . . THANKS ALL FOR ONE EXCELLENT YEAR. LOVE BILL Gaye, Enjoy Texas!! It is only six months, you can do it! YO! EBG AND BETH HOOF YOU! To Patz Janine K.B. We ' re blowing this joint. Darn IT! Will never forget you!!! Rem all the good times (forget the bad)! Fire extinguishers, etc! I love you! Remember our pact!! with all my love, Julie Ann Bauman TO JULES NENE: THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT LOVE. GOOD TIMES ARE NEVER FORGOTTEN! " YOU DON ' T KNOW IT YET, BUT . . . LOVE YOU, Z Thanks Beth! Royer RA ' S Best wishes Sr OT ' S from the OT Club. GARY — You ' re very special to me! It won ' t be the same here next year without you! love you Gina YO Bl YOU ' RE THE GREATEST LOVE 1 2 NM — You ' re more then just a keg carrier to me my love always NM YOU I LOVE MEL — GITS 2 BRUTEBA GUESS WHO HEY — KLUTZ, L-RAG, YK PAPPY — THANKS FOR BEING THE GREAT- EST. MUCH SUCCESS HAPPINESS ALWAYS. LOVE, SKIMMER REMEMBER APT WE ' RE JUST PASSIN ' THRU DIMPLES THE GOOD TIMES ARE MANY! AND THEIR MEMORIES WILL LAST FOREVER!! LOVE ALWAYS GIGS Who Hates Pete? Dearheart youre so cute! we love you BB Carol AKS, YOU HELPED ME THROUGH IT, THANKS BU TOM — JE TAL ME — BMU Vern, You ' re top ' s with me. Leb 223 To THE RA ' s of Sch — It was the best worst of times — Glad it was w you to CHLP FROM B SUE, MICH, MARC, MICH and THE AWESOME FOURSOME — YOU ALL ARE AMAZING! THANKS! MY LOVE, J KAREN, PAM, V.K., KIM, YOU MADE MY SENIOR YEAR — " FOOT- LOOSE " LOVE YA LAURIE DAN SMITH, LOOK AT THOSE BEAU- TIFUL BLUE EYES!!! BRINSER 2S, I ' LL MISS YA! LAUR- IERAG APE — THANX for being a great roo- mie and good luck in 84! TS2 ROSS, GOOD- LUCK GREAT JOB!!! C-3 — I LOVE YA! PAMMY GREENEYES — ILY PAMMY WEEWAK WACKS LP — THANKS FOR BEING MY TOUR GUIDE IN LONDON — LOVE YA!! CV Silly Goose, I LOVE YOU!! Muggins Sir V. of Tude WE ARE THE ABSOLUTE WINNERS! AEC — CMV To SHERRI, PAGE, CHERYL — THANKS FOR BEING AN INSPIRA- TION I ' LL NEVER FORGET — BETH SUE, MARY, KAREN — IT ' S BEEN A GREAT YEAR — THANKS — GOOD LUCK ALWAYS — I ' LL MISS YA — KC — ME DAWN LOTS-N-LOTS! Clarice, Keep that foot in line and you won ' t miss your turn — Eric Thanks 1-E Luv U HB Buddies 2morrow HB DMD — FRIENDS FOR- EVER — BABS CvL, HLH Love spans the miles! Love, HB D ' ya know what? Ro THE APT. GIRLS BEAT ALL! LOVE YA! C. SMACKER LAST WILL: TO — I LEAVE — DUCKLING — 3.0, A-3 MORRAL — A REAL TOWN DOOB — TONY, BARB, ETC. F.B. — ALFIES, HIRDY BUD — PEACHES, DEVIL SPACE — CAST, HAYSTAKS DOG — BOTTLES, QUAKERS COOK- IE — GUIDE TO SEX SKUNK — SHEEZNUTS RAT — A CLEAN T.V. O " — MY FRIENDSHIP LINDA YOU ' RE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME ANDY ZOOKEEPER LOVES HIS ANIMAL! It would not have been possible with out the help of my family and friend; Special thanks to my grandparents. Love you all, Alison MARY, THANK YOU FOR ALL Ol THE NIGHTS WE WENT OUT FOF JUST ONE. LETS KEEP HAVING JUS1 ONE MORE. LOVE, WOSIE (ALIA ' CAROL). Pat M., Ginger G., Lauretta H Freeda S., Catherine S., Joe C, Dick W., Beth B., Dean S., Denny M. Marty, Tony P., Thank you all foi making my stay here at E-town quite a memorable one. love, MABS SURE, SHE GRADUATED BUT WHY COULDN ' T SHE SWALLOW? " ROOT " ABAGAS ON D-2 RHONDA LOVES RALPH! Hob K., Dean S., Ginger G., Tom K., Denny M., Marty, Tony P., H.R. ' s, Harry P., Don ' t ever forget our LATE night calls!! Love ya Alpha Annex!!! YO 346 ' THIN WALLS TELL ALL! LOVE, 346 Vi PEG KAREN — 346 Vi WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN THE SAME WITH- OUT YOU ' LOVE — ANNE AMY There are no words that can express! my appreciation for all the help, guid- ance, advice I have received during my stay at E-town. My God receives the most credit and then everyone else falls in next. Thanks to every- one!!! Mabel, (266), or Alpha Annex G A Y E THANKS FOR ALL THE LATE NIGHT TALKS — BEFORE DAN! REMEMBER THE MABEL SPIN!!!!! „ o«Cfr 3 " 3d 3S20tf OCT f30 3d ohTva ad 2»3 N g. 3395O- 0S BDNVflO o»rr»3 ' ) ' 5i - ' OIT 3 1 Sd •30N3NV CH3N31MVW o o ov A Tcice J zoo pevc ( ° F0u 0vS Of) CA D r 3- 3,1 oz « K Underclassmen 18 Sports 60 Seniors 100 Clubs 156 Faculty Admin. 174 Activities 196

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