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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Cover

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REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY ■■• ■ m Contorts DWA LIG Conestogaii 1983 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA VOL. XXXII Ross M. Cleveland, Jr. Editor ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE VT.T7.AsF.THiOWN, PA. 170 2 ■ — ■- - • t ,- » k A V ' » M£» « - Urn ' - BLUE JAY • ... r m , m « „ » - ' ) - m m m m Musser Chemistry Building On August 25, 1982, the formal groundbreaking ceremony for the new chemistry building was held as students, professors, and college administrators ob- served. The building, which will be located in the area between Esbenshade Hall and Baugher Avenue, is the first building to be constructed in ten years on the college campus. December 1983 is the anticipated opening date for the facility. The Harrisburg architectural firm of Murray. Savann designed the facility, and Wartel Construction Com- pany of Lancaster was given the contract to build. The new building which will cost 2.5 million dollars, is being built to facilitate the expanding curriculum Eliza- bethtown offers in the sciences. The old Gibble Sci- ence Hall is no longer suitable for expanding chemistry department needs. The oldest wing of Gibble Hall is approximately fifty years old, and the facilities are both inadequate and outdated. The new chemistry building was name Musser Hall, in honor of two distinguished alumni of the college. Dr. Benjamin G. Musser -43 and his wife. Vera Shoop ■4}. Dr. Musser ' s long and illustrious career in medicine directly relates to the uses to which Musser Hall will be put. He has been a member of the Board of Trustees since 1965 and Mrs. Musser has long been active in the many good works of the Auxiliary to F.lizabethtown College. They both stand well to the tore among the College ' s devoted alumni. Musset chemistrv Building • Choose thy friends like thy books, few but choice. — James Howell An egg of one hour old. bread of one dav, a goat of one month, wine ot six months, flesh of a year, fish ot ten years, a wife ot twenty years, a triend among a hundred, are the best ot all number. — Wodroephe There are three taithful friends — an old wife, an old dog, and readv monev. — Benjamin Franklin It is not enough to have a good mind; the main tiling is to use it well. — Descartes All persons are puzzles until at last we find in some word or air the key to the man. to the woman, straightway all their past words and ai turns lie in light before us. — Emerson The da) comes soon m the red world When we wake to see our da unfurl. A career is launched and all seems well Without the clanging ol the ■ ' « ' Myer Ik-lls — Charlie Artz It is only fine feathers that make fine birds. — Aesop Life is a boundless privilege, and when you pay your ticket, and get into the car. you have no guess what company vou will find there. — Emerson friends are like melons. Shall I tell you why? I ' o find one. you must a hundred try, — Claude Mermet Education is not a product: mark, diploma. job, money — in that order; it is a process, j never-ending one. — Bel Kaufman Come up and see me sometime. — Mae It,- ( aulifiowet is nothing but cabbage with a i ollege education. — Mark Twain Bernard Shaw once sent Churchill two tick- ets for the opening of his new play, with the mi itation: Bring a triend — it ou lu e one Chur- i hill regretted that he u as engaged and asked for the tickets for tl e second perfor- mance: If there is one. ss eniors. • - - . PATRICIA ALLEN Business Management LYNNE ANDERSON Accounting DAVID ALLMAN Business Marketing JOANNE ANDRESKY Occupational Therapv JOYCE ANDERSON Biology CHRIS ANDREWS Accounting ( II! RYL ANKENY English JOHN R DT ess Marketing HARLES ART . Social Work ll! ' . « BERNADETTE BAMBRICK Early Childhood Education LAURA BAUER Mathematics THOMAS BECKER Economics LYNN BARBOUR Music Therapy NORA BARLOW Early Childhood Education ROY BICKEL Business Administration DIANE BISHER Music Therapy JEFFREY BLEACHER SUSAN HI.OMSTER EISA BOI LARD Accounting Octupation.il Therap) Music Ther.ipv Bl Kl 1 BOI 1 MID m «. m m JOHN BONAWITZ.JR. Accounting k 1 DARRVL BROWN Chemistry Medical Technology Biology JOSEPH BOYLE Political Science BECKY BRUBAKER Social Work DAVID BRADLEY Business Administration KIM BUCK Medical Secretarial Science AMY BL ' ERK Social Work SUSAN BUTTERWORTH Early Childhood Education KAREN CAPRARA Occupational Therapv BON ITZ-CAPRARA 21 STEPHEN CHESTER Accounting CHRISTINE CONDON Medical Secretarial Science DAVID CHUTE Communication Arts ANDRE COOPER Elementary Education LYNN COLLINGVVOOD Communication Arts DEBORAH CRAIG Biologv Chem Med Tech PAMELA ( RAIG Business Administration GUY HI IP Ml Accounting III I IN ( RIM Early Childhood Education ' III silk f RIM i - fm FRAN DESALVO Business Administration ANNE DIXON Social Dynamics BARRY DOHNER Elementarv Education DAVEI.I.R-DOH [R 23 LORI DONOFRIO English Communication Arts EMILY DUZEY English CATHY EBERSOLE Business Administration IRENE DONOHUE Business Administration JOSEPH DORGAN Sociology Political Science K IK! I HI KM M I - Pp. - • EDWIN EBLING Accounting FREDERICK ENGLE Accounting SHARON EBV Mathematics HOLLY ENGLE Occupational Therapy MELINDA ELMER Communication Arts JULIE ENGLISH Medical Secretarial Science DEBRA ERIK.SON Elementary Education MARY EVERLINE Biology MARTHA FALKENSTEIN Early Childhood Education EBLING-FALKENSTE1N 25 GAYLE FOERSTER Ps c holoin (ORINM. IOOR Music Education DIANE FORD Music ( HRISTOPHER FORSYTH! Business Administration FARVER FOF m m « ELYSE FRATANTONI Social Work I.ORIE GAGE Occupational Therapy MICHELLE FRIZOL Early Childhood Education GAIL GALBRAITH Psychology DEBORAH GABLE Business Administration MICHAEL GALBRAITH Business Administration BARBARA GAMBLER Occupational Therapv TINA GARRISON Social Work RUSSELL GEORGE Business Administration fRATANTOMGEORGE 27 - I " : KIMBERLV GLASS Mathematics DEBORAH GRAVES Psychology JOHN GLEIM Physics DIANE GREENHALGH Elementary Education ALLISON GORMAN Early Childhood Education KAREN GITSHALI. Social Work LAURA GOLDY Business Administration — Marketing AMIS GUYN] SS Business 1 ( Ql I 1 I I HAGMAY1 R olog) « HAGMAYl R ■■ • IP - LEIGH HANNUM Business Administration ALEXA HARDYSH Accounting EILEEN HARMAN Business Administration ■b o4 melanie harman Chem Med Tech HAMMOND-! I ARY JACQUELINE HARMER Social Work LOUISE HEIST Business Administration LORI HARTMAN Occupational Therapy zy LORRAINE HERR Elementary Education TODD HEISEV Social Studies CHRIS HETRICK Accounting DAVID HI( KERNELL l J si linlop TIMOTHY HIHN Business Administration PATRICIA 1IOIIK1 K Busil i ss Administration IIAR.MI R-Holl Rl R ELIZABETH HOFFER Business Administration KRISTIE HOFFMAN Occupational Therapy SHELLY HOOVER Accounting CAROL HOPCKE Elementary Education VIRGINIA HOWARD Elementary Education HOFFER-HOWARI JONI HUMPERT Social Work TAMMY IRVIN Occupational Therapy KATHYANN HUTCHISON Psychology DANIEL ADEJOH ITODO Economics oi II 11 REV IVORY ROB1 R 1 [ORDAN JOHN JOY 1 Business Administration Busint s Administration Business Administration hi MPl K 1 |( Y 1 . . ., i»Sigjjgf sJiJj RAYMOND KAHLER Chem Med Tech 4 i A V CAROL KASEL Sociology ' KAREI. DEITER Biolog] PAMELA KELLAHER Accounting GWEN KENYON Music Therapv KAHLER-KENYON KATHRYN KIM, LAURIE KIR( ll l K PATRK IA KOG1 Earl) ( hildhood Edu at i Business Administration , Work 1 KIDK( 1 K m m - !- LINDA KRALL Psychology PATRICIA LANDIS Business Administration JOSEPH KRAMER Business Administration JOANNE LARSON Occupational Therapy KEITH KURTZ Business Administration CYNTHIA LAW Occupational Therapy LINDA LAYER Elementary Education KAREN LEASE Occupational Therapy LAl ' RIE LEAYMAN Business Administration KRA1.L-I.I.AVM.W 55 JOYCE LEHMAN Music Therapy BARBARA LOCKARD Occupational Therapy LARRY LESHER Biology LISA LOERCHER Business Education ROBIN ' LILAROSE Music Therapy REX LOFLAND Business MARGARE1 LONGO Mathematics SANDRA LONGSDERF1 Political S HI Bit ( A IOVE Business Administration 1 IHMW H (VI • ( RANDOLPH LOWE Business Administration LEONORA LUCCHESI Accounting ERIC LUCKENBAL:GH Computer Science PAMELA MAIZEL Social Studies IOW 1 -MAIZE1 ' " ' RANDALL MALICK Business Administration NEIL MANSIR Social Dynamics MICHELE MARSH ilogy KATHY MARTIN Accounting M K I M SOOD Communication Arts MM K K M mx U) • ■ ■ KAREN MAURO-ANDREWS Social Dynamics ALYSON McGWIRE Social Work KATHLEEN McCAMBRIDGE Business Administration STEVEN McKEE Chemistry Physics JEANNE McCLL ' RE Business Administration RICHARD MERTZ Business Administration ROBERT MERTZ Communication Arts ELIZABETH METZGER Music Therapy MI .1. ANIL MILES Occupational Therapy MAI RO NDRE X - ' ' MICHAEL MILLER Accounting PAMELA MILLER Music Therapy SCOTT MILLER Business Administration CINDY MINOR Occupational Therapy RANDI MONTGOMERY Social Dynamics THOMAS MORRAL. |R Account mg PAI riJO MOYER RK 11 KI MOYER MXOLIS1 MOYO al Work Religion I J liiU s ph Mil UK MOYO JOHN O ' REILLY, JR. Business Administration PAUL OGALLA History LINDA OTT Elementarv Educ Education MUYSKENS-OTT LIZABETH PARTI. Business Administration MICHAEL PIFER Business Administration NANCY PLANTE Sociology AMY PORTER Musii I herap) ( I AIR] PORT! R Earl) hildhood Education FREDERK K POTTS Business Administration I ' A It I ! ! •. - : M s „ ' ; ; • ■ r 1 ' « I ' Hit PAUL RADDING Psychology Sociology SHERRY RARICK Music Therapy TERRI REHN Biology GAIL REID Business Administration GRETCHEN REINHART Business Administration ALLYSON RIDER Occupational Therapy R: DDI G-RIDER - .- JOELLE RILEY Chemistry MICHELE RYAN Business Administration JOANNE ROBERTS Communication Arts KATHRYN SCHMIDT Psychology LISA ROGERS Music JOSEPH SCHULTZ Biolog) ( V S OTT Earl) ( hildhood Edu n PAU1 1 RG1 Business Administration SI ZANN] Mil KI.K Business Administration M Kll n MilAKI.R BETH SHENENBERGER Accounting CLAIR SHENK Early Childhood Elementary Education LESLIE SHERMAN Business Administration JOHN SHUMATE Business Administration STEPHEN SIMMERS Business Administration Mil i hi:rger-simmkrs - ... KAREN SKOVIRA Occupational Therapy LORI SNYDER Accounting MAW! SOYKA !i I wtl S SP1 RRY V i .mnting PI II R SPRAGG dministration 16 skovik SP1 ft. - m - • . - - f CLIFFORD STANTON Business Administration SCOTT STAl ' FFER Business Administration JEFFREY STEFFY Business Administration -I NTON-STEFFY 47 . I RACHELE STIFFLER Early Childhood Education BARBARA STONE Business Administration CHERYL STRASBAUGH Early Childhood Education WESTON ll.RRY ;s administration -II1IIIR I ' lRRV ft %m IDHH THOMPSON Chem Med Tech JOHN TRAYER Business Administration JAMES THRAILKILL Business Administration DONALD UMBERGER Accounting DEBORAH TRAINER Music Therapy JANET VILLANO Music Therapy MICHAEL WAGNER Business Administration MICHELLE WALDRON Psychology MARION WARD History THOMPSON-Vi ARD 4 ' ) - I JOANNE WARE Accounting KEVIN WARNER Physics ANDREW WASILISIN Business GREGORY WEAVER Business MELISSA WEAVER Business CAROL WEBER Social Work JILL WIEDMAN El. AIM. WLI.l.LR DAVIH WINGER Medical Secretary Music Therap) Business WAR1 W 1 Mdl H ft.- -. •• -r - KIMBERLY WHALEN Occupational Therapy JOHN WINARD Business RICHARD WINEY Music Therapy CHRISTINE WOLFE Occupational Therapy WH.M EN - WOLFE 51 THERESA YESALAVAGE Business LORI ZEIGLER Accounting AMY ZIEGLER Social Work REBECCA ZIMMERMAN Accounting TIMOTHY ZIMMERMAN Accounting W ' RAMAGF. ZIMMt.RM.W • t? MKV i • | Rr " 4t l 1 f , J - 1 ■•■1 ■ i ' fe. ■0M Commencement May 14, 1983 Former United States sen- ator Frank Church of Idaho was the speaker at the 80th Commencement outside in the Dell on Saturday, May 14. This year ' s class of 198 was among the smallest for quite some time. M Commencement % « i ' ■ m i « - « ' . -• « m « Commencement 198 5 " - ■ " -; H| jp « BP f «B WTr Jar ul l JI J| 1 pN - EM 9 ■ ■. ' . - 1 1 1 ..-. ' ■ ar ; ' £.. " U j| jlj ' ' • ' • ' . ,;yi.-.y 1 By 5 ' j r4 ' , | | : i " - " PATRICIA ANNE ALLEN 2352 Fruitville Pike Lancaster, Pa. 17601 Marketing Club, SAM Club. Track Team, APB. Out- doors Club, Manager of Basketball and Baseball Future plans include owning my own women ' s fashion boutique and to live life to its fullest. " DAVID DRUE ALLMAN RD 1 Box 45B West Grove. Pa. 19390 R.A.. SAM Club. Marketing Club. Cross Country To be a leader in the field of marketing and computer science. " JOYCE L. ANDERSON 1714 Evergreen Road Harrisburg, Pa. 17109 Pre-Professional Health Club, Biology Club " To achieve all that is possible, we must attempt the impossible — To be as much as we can be, we must dream of being more. " Karen Ravin I.YNNE ANDERSON RD 3 Red Lion, Pa. 17356 Student Senate (V.P.), Sophomore. Junior, and Senior Class Vice President, Accounting Club (V.P.), SAM Club. APB, Campus Judicial Board. Peer Counselor " I plan to work for a public accounting firm. I will always remember all my friends, weekends, slumber ' parties, deliveries from Brothers, happv hours, dance parties, borrowing clothes, camping trips. Fat Jacks ' , and going to Myrtle Beach during a sandstorm. " JOANNE ANDRESKY 7 Hampton Way Penfield, N.Y. 14526 ( )ccupational Therapy Club. Newman Club, Dance Mar- athon. L.A.R.C. Swimming. Schlosser Scroll, Modern Language Club CHRIS ANDREWS 892 Scott St. Stroudsburg, Pa 18360 " My future goal is to own a casino resort. " CHERYL l.Y.N ' .NT. ANKENY 1103 Catrina Lane Annapolis. Maryland 21403 Choral Cnion. Campus Theatre, Synchro Show. Supreme Fiction Society. STEP, Literary Magazine Staff My future plans are to get a master ' s degree in Library JOHN IKK ARND1 ' MO fast Third St. Berwick. Pa 18603 SAM Club. Marketing Club. Student Council, Campus Life hruni cd Swimming. Tennis Team Mi luture plans include acquiring a |ob which will utilize my skills attained at I -Town, hopefully to further my education through job training or sponsored gra- duate work. " CHARLES IRVIN ART ., II Box 247 Llewellyn. Pa. 17944 Baseball (co-Captain), R.A., Alpha Delta Mu, Etownian (Co-Editor), Board of Publications, WWEC, Social Work Club, Intramural Basketball. C.H.E.W. Club, So- cial Science Triumvenate, The Saints " Elizabethtown College has engendered the impetus to develop enhanced apprecia tion tor others ' socialization process, to analyze this and integrare desirable qualities into my functioning resulting in augmented percep- tion of non-judgmental living. The memories of C.H.E.W. (Kern, Stub, and Johannes), the Triumvenate I Bone and Twisty), The Saints and Jojo, spoofs. PJ ' s and biffs make me shout Hokka Jays ' and be off to the Waffle house! Coach Harris is my hero. " BERNADETTE ANN BAMBRICK 14 Mounthaven Drive Livingston, N.J. 07039 APB Executive Board, APB Dance Committee Chairper- son, Dorm council (President), PSEA, Men ' s Basketball team Manager Statistician " Future plans include teaching and hopefully a happv life. E-Town was a riot! " E LYNN BARBOUR 17 Sachem Rd. Noank, Ct. Of. W0 Band. Jazz Band. Choral Union, APB, Dorm Council. Resident Hall Central Council. STEP., Alpha Mu (V.P.), M.E.N.C., Brass Ensemble NORA ANN BARLOW 92 Maplewood Ave Dallas. Pa. 18612 Varsity Basketball, Softball. Volleyball, Volleyball Intra- murals. Captain of Basketball Team (Senior) I plan to be married next summer, but I ' ll never forget my life here, especially T.M.. E.M., S.F.. V.M.. or L.C! " LAL ' RA L. BAUER 701 Glenview Ave. S.W. Glen Burme. Maryland 21061 Delphi Society. STEP Student Senate. Concert Band. Alpha Lambda Delta, Math Club. Computer Science Club " I plan to attend graduate school in Statistics. I will remember all the wonderful friends I ' ve come to make at Elizabethtown. " THOMAS MICHAEL BECKER PO Box 8 Eliabethtown, Pa 17022 " Future plans include attending graduate school tor Eco nomics The best part of life here at E-Town are the intense, long-lasting relationships initiated here ROY MAN UK Kl I RD. 2. Box 62 McVeytown, Pa. 17051 Basketball, Baseball. Computer Science Club I plan to pursue a baseball career and following that a career in computer science. " DIANE L. BISHER 203 S. Broad St. East Bangor, Pa. 18013 Sock-n-Buskin. Concert Band. Orchestra. Choral Union, Alpha Mu. M.E.N.C. " My future plans are to become a registered music thera- pist and my goal is to be successful in my career JEFFREY S. BLEACHER 134 Crestmont Ave. Lancaster, Pa. 17602 Accounting Club, SAM Club. Baseball, Basketball Intra- murals " The best part of E-Town was the wild times on 3-South the past four years, especially Freeds. " SUSAN D BLOMSTER 74-4 Berger St. Ernmaus, Pa. 18049 Campus Theatre. Alpha Psi Omega. Occupational Ther- apy Club LISA A. BOLLARD 10 Broadway Wayne. N.J. 07470 Jazz Band. Concert Band. Brass Ensemble. Alpha Mu. APB, Choral Union, RA " I plan to become a registeted music therapist and con- tinue my career as a guitarist. " JOHN W. BONAWITZ. JR 145 S Landis St. Hummelstown. Pa 17036 Accounting Club. VITA Program " I plan to become a distinguished partner in an account- ing firm, and eventually own m own firm. ' JOSEPH A BOYLE GO Walnut Circle Basking Ridge. N.J 07920 Political Science Club President 1981-82 DAVID LLOYD BRADLI Y 10-101 Tulsa Dr. Adelphi. Maryland APB. SAM Club. Concert Choir. Concert Band. Track My future goals are to succeed in a business career and have a healthy life DARRYI. M BROWN I s Oak Tree Lane Myerstown. Pa 170 ( .inert Band. Concert Choir. Jazz Band. STEP. Peer ( ounselor, Pep Band. Chorale I ' m looking forward to working with students because students taught me so much while I was here ( : ' . . : . BECKY S. BRUBAKER 240 Landis Valley Rd. Licit?. Pa. 1754 Social Work Club. Alpha Delta Mu " Futute plans — possibly B. VS. My goal is to experience new things and enjoy life. " KIMBERLY A. BUCK 6 Spring Lane E. Stroudsburg, Pa. 18301 Newman Club. Jazz and Ballet Club, and S.T.E.P. In the tuture I hope to wotk as a Medical Sectetaty lor a hospital. " AMY LYNN BUERK 1062 West Areba Avenue Hershey. Pa. 17033 Social Work Club SUSAN BUTTERWORTH 216 Huron Ave. Elkins Park. Pa. 19117 Early Childhood Education KAREN ANN CAPRARA 600 Elkins Terrace ( Kerry Hill, N.J. 08034 Occupational Therapy Club, Outdoor Club, Newman Club (President i " To all my friends . . . Good luck in the future and thank you for the memories and smiles. My goals are to enjoy life and my profession. STEPHEN MARK CHESTER 9 E. Dickens Rd. Clavmont, Delaware 10703 SAM Club. Accounting Club, VITA. Intramurals DAVID W. CHUTE 6807 Landor Lane Springfield. Virginia 22152 Wrestling (Co-Captain), SAM Club. FCA. WWEC, Etownian LYNN C. COLLINGWOOD 1856 Amity Drive Lancaster, Pa. 17601 WWEC (DJ„ Director. Supervisor. Station Managerl. Big Brother Big Sister Day, School Play 1 lizabethtown College has given me the motivation, stimulation, and education to achieve the highest possi- ble goal in my career. " CHRISTINE ANN CONDON 18 Muraira St. Highspite. Pa 17034 SAM Club. PBEA Thanks Mrs. Dolan, for being such a good listener! " ANDRE COOPER lonquil Ave. Baltimore. Maryland 21215 Track team, APB. Yearbook. Etownian, Dance Mara- thon. Volleyball Marathon. Intramural Baskerball. Bowl- ing, and Vollevball " My future plans are to be happy and enjoy hie. " DEBORAH MARRO CRAIG 1660 Country Lane Ascon. Pa. 19014 Medical Technology Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, Dorm Council. Swim Team. Track Team. Etownian " It ' s all relative — All the time. Future plans include a career in Biological Research. " PAMELA A. CRAIG (POOPER) Box looD R.D. 1 Catawissa. Pa. 17820 Senior Class President. RA. APB. SAM Club, Radio D.J . Student Senate Appeals Board Committee. Faculty and Student Committee for Improving Teaching GUY BARE CREEP III 1041 Church Road York. Pa. 17404 Wrestling. SAM Club, Accounting Club. Intramural Sports " Thursday night parties. Saturday night dances, each year ' s new freshman crop and my wild and crazy friends are |ust a tew of the things I ' ll remember. My future plans include starting a career on 42nd Street and an escort service after I pass the C.P.A. exam. " EILEEN MAE CRIM 305 North Main St. Elmer. NJ. 08318 Photography Club, Choral Union, APB, Concert Band. S.T.E.P., Education Club (P.S.E.A.I " My futute plans include, hopefully, teaching primary grades. I will always remember the friendships I made here in E-Town. I wish everyone good luck in your future. " JANE DAVELER 302 South 4th Street Catawissa, Pa. 17820 SAM Club. Marketing Club. Lacrosse Club. Class Secre- tary. Men s Basketball Manager, Dorm Council (Secre- tary). Intramural Sports. Etownian Newspaper Staff " Future plans include getting a job in either advertising or management, and living everyday to the fullest. I remember most about E-Town the people and all the fun times we ' ve shated. The most difficult thing about leaving is leaving all the friendships I have made behind. ' Who so be a man must be a non-conformist ' . Emerson " CHARLES LELAND DAVIS 8100 MacArthur Rd. Philadelphia. Pa. 101 IS Student Senate. Political Science Club, Track. Cross Country " Future plans include law school. " FRANCIS NICHOLAS DESALVO JR 1017 Hillcrest Ave Pennsauken. NJ. 08110 English Club (President), Tutor. DJ " My future goal when I ' m at a ripe oid age is to lead a break out from a nursing home. " ANNE DIXON 106 Fellowship Rd. Moorestown, NJ. 08057 APB. Vollevball Marathon, Sociology Club BARRY M. DOHNER 211 W. Maple Ave. Mverstown. Pa. 17067 Brinser Dorm Council. APB, Soccer. Intramural Sports " Future plans include getting a teaching job. coaching sports teams, and traveling. The thing that I will always remember about E-Town is all the great friends that I have made and all the fantastic opportunities that I was presented with. LORI BETH DONOFRIO 140-1 Garlield Avenue Wyomissmg, Pa. 10610 Tutoring Center Coordinator, News Features Editor of the Etownian. Supreme Fiction Society (Secretary-Trea- surer). Literary Magazine " Menagerie " (Co-editor). Peer Counselor, Student Senate " I plan to establish a career in print journalism. I will always remember those professors who encouraged and supported me in establishing a writing career. " IRENE DONOHUE 3630 Dartmouth Drive Bethlehem. Pa. 18017 Syncronized Swimming. Dorm Council, SAM Club " I will always remember the people of Elizabethtown who helped me learn and grow as much as I have in the past four years. " JOE DORGAN 1808 Larchmont Lane Lancaster. Pa. 17601 Drama Club. Weightlifting EMILY DUZEY 771 Sunlight Dr. York. Pa. English Club, Poetry Magazine (Co-editor,. STEP CATHY J EBERSOLE 226 W. Walnut St. Souderton. Pa. 18064 Etownian. Student Senate. Campus Life Council. SAM Club. Marketing Club. Modern Language Club " Future plans include working for an international firm in marketing I will always remember the friendly stu- dents and professors here at E-Town. " EDWIN EBLING 615 Schuylkill St Schuylkill Haven. Pa 17972 - I . APB (Treasurer), Dorm Council (President), Track Team, Accounting Club, SAM Club, J.D.N. (Co-editor), VITA " Future plans are to seek a staff position in an accounting firm. " SHARON EBY Rt. 1 Box 150 Westover, Md. 21871 Field Hockey, Volleyball, Softball, S.T.E.P.. Intramurals, Student Senate Volleyball Marathon " I hope to get a job teaching and coaching at the high school level. " MELINDA S. ELMER 21 B. Centre Drive Lancaster, Pa. 17601 WWEC (Copy Department Director), Internship at WLPA in Lancaster " In the future, I hope to work in the news department of a local radio station, restore an old farmhouse in Lancas- ter County, and live thete with my husband and family. " FREDRICK L ENGLE R.D. 1 Box 81A Marietta. Pa. 17547 Wrestling, Accounting Club " Future plans include building my own house and main- taining a respectable accounting job. " HOLLY J. ENGLE 150 Forge Street Bowmanstown, Pa. 18030 Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, Occupational Therapy Club, Pre-Health Professions Club. Intramurals, J.V. Basketball. Children ' s Hospital Volunteer " Future plans include Occupational Therapy and being on my own. " Jl ' LlE ANN ENGLISH 59 Deer Path Kennett Square, Pa. 19M8 SAM Club. Freshman Class Vice President. Intramural Sports DLBRA A ERIKSON 210 Prospect St. Endicott. N.Y. 13760 PS1 Education Club. Campus Fellowship " Future plans — Teaching! MARY E, EVERLINE 1859 Hampden Bl d Reading. Pa. 19604 Student Senate. Pre-Health Club. Religious Life Council. Newman Club, Outdoor Club. Intramural S| MARTHA CHARLOTTE FALKENSTEIN Westminster, Maryland I ' M. A Education Club. Choral Union, Outdoor Club. Volunteer Club — Masonic Homes. Brethren Colleges Abroad — England Future plans — Nurser or Primjri School Teacher LAURA LEE FARVER Commonwealth Association ot Students, Marketing Club " Future plans include Graduate school and trying to relieve myself from boredom. " GAYLE B. FOERSTER 48 Seminole Ave. Wayne, N.J. 07470 Marketing Club, Psychology Club, Synchro Swim Club, SAM Club CORINNE ELAINE FOOR 200 Charles Ave Selinsgrove. Pa. 17870 Concert Choir, Choral I ' nion, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Brass Ensemble, Orchestra. S.T.E.P., RA " Plan to teach, compose, and conduct music. There ' s no place like home . . . except E-Town College. " DIANE FORD 538 Holly Dr. Southampton. Pa. 18966 M.E.N.C. Alpha Mu. E.C.F., Circle K. Campus Gold. Student Senate, Computer Science Club, Concert Choir, Chorale ' E-Town is a wonderful merging of all aspects of our lives: scholastic, spiritual, social, and emotional. How can a person help but bloom into a young adult ready for the future. ' Future plans — I plan to putsue a Masters Degree in Computer Science after getting married. " CHRISTOPHER P. FORSYTHE D-318 Wm. Henry Apts. Malvern. Pa. 19355 Marketing Club, Computer Science Club, APB SAM Club. Dorm Council, Basketball Team " My future plans are to find success through achieve- ment and advancement. " ELYSE FRATANTON1 4806 Old Capitol Trail Wilmington, Delaware 19808 Social Work Club, Photography. Campus Tout Guide " I plan to pursue a cateer in the medical field of Social Work. " MICHELLE FR1ZOL 27 Fcrnwood Ct. Medford, NJ. 08053 Softball. Field Hockey My four e.irs at I Town College ate very memorable for me. " DEBORAH S. GABLE 603 Somerset Drive Mechanicsburg, Pa 17055 Computer Science Club (President). SAM Club. Accounting Club. Intramurals LORII (.At, I 18 Tucker Ave Ilion. N.Y. 13357 Occupational Therapy Club, Modern Language Club, Delphi Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pre-Health Profes- sions Club. Volleyball Marathon. Intramural Bowling " Future goal — To help others live theit lives to their fullest potential. " GAIL L GALBRAITH 321 Glendale St. Carlisle. Pa. 17013 Psychology Club, Dorm Council MICHAEL GALBRAITH 936 Emily Drive Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 Social Functionary Club " Memories — Living in Maple and in the Country Club. Attitude Ad|ustment periods. " BARBARA GAMBLER 145 Main Street Landisville. Pa. 17538 Occupational Therapy Club. Newman Club. Pre-Health Club ' Future plans — A career in the field of Occupational Therapy. " TINA GARRISON 119 North Bucks Street Wernersville, Pa. 19565 Social Work Club. Outdoors Club, Circle K Club, Vol- unteet Club " Future plans — To live life to the fullest. " RISSELL GEORGE 102 N. Mt.Joy St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Computer Club. Student Entertainer " Futute plans — Computet Programming. Amateur Mu- sician. " KIMBERLY JO GLASS 1611 7 Toms Creek Church Rd. Emmitsburg, Maryland 21727 APB. Founders Dorm Council. Alpha Lambda Delta. Alpha Mu, Peer Counselor JOHN E, GLEIM R.D. «5 Box 50 Hummelstown, Pa. 17036 Student Senate. Society of Physic Students (Vice-Presi- dent) luture plans — To get a II Degree, to work lor a company in either Physics or some type of research LAI RA c.OLDY H»H Manor Avenue Millersville, Pa 17551 APB. SAM Club. Choral Union, Synchronized Swim- ming. ST E.P.. Marketing Club. Basketball and V bill Intramurals. Dante Marathon The best aspect .it I town is the close personal relation 64 ships students have with friends, loved ones, and profes- sors. " ALLISON TRACY GORMAN 400 Garland Dr. Carlisle. Pa. 17013 Educanon Club. PSEA, Dorm Council, Erowian staff. Dance Marathon. Peer Counselor Future plans — To go on to Graduate school someday. I ' ve made some fantastic friends at E-Town. I hope I remember them all. and all the fun we ' ve had " DEBORAH ELLEN GRAVES RD 4 Sylvan Drive Pottstown, Pa. 10464 RA (Junior and Senior Year). Head Resident (Senior), Psychology Club, " Future plans — To work in the field of Mental Health. " DIANE L. GREENHALGH 423 E. Lancaster Ave Downingtown. Pa. 19335 SAM Club. Marketing Club. APB. Dorm Council, Edu- cation Club " The thing I ' ll remember most is life on 1-East — The trip to M M Mars, " Surts-LTp " , pretzel sales, the socials, the EMTM64 toilet rolls, the great laughs, and the many tears. " KAREN GUTSHALL 1240 Ellsworth Dr. Whitehall, Pa. Schlosser Dorm Council (Presidenr), Social Work Club. Outdoor Club, Photography Club. Alpha Delta Mu " The friends of my senior year will never be forgotten — Ireedom to be yourself! " JAMES B. GUYNES 1370 Wisteria Dr. Malvern. Pa. 10355 SAM Club JACQUELINE A. HAGMAYER 7 Walnel Drive Royersford. Pa 19468 Sociology Social Work Club ( Vice-President). Executive Board (Publicity Chairman). APB. Religious Life Coun- cil, Cultural Events Committee. Athletic Committee, Stu- dent Senate, Volleyball Marathon. Tennis Team, Intra- mural Sports " Future — Get a |ob in social research, eventually pursue a Masters degree. ' Don ' t follow where the path leads. Rather, go where there is no path and leave a trail " DANIEL J. HAMMOND Student Senate. Executive Council Student Senate. Aca- demic Council. Alpha Lambda Delta (President I, SAM Club, Dorm Council ALEXA HARDYSH 224 S. Hickory St. Mt Cirmcl. Pa 17851 Dorm Council (Treasurer), Central Council ' Treasurer). SAM Club. Accounting Club. APB (Special Events Com- mittee), Yearbook Staff Future plans — A staff accounting position in a CPA firm " EILEEN MARY HARMAN 1822 Prestcn Avenue Willow Grove. Pa. 19090 Outdoor flub, SAM Club " I will always remember from E-Town the friends who have shared the good times with me. " MELANTE ANN HARMAN Clarks Valley Road RD 3 Box 152 Dauphin, Pa. 17018 Med. Tech Club. Commuter Club " The one thing I will always remember best about Eliza- bethtown College is all the good friends 1 have made. Future plans — To pursue a career in the field of Medical Technology in the Hatrisburg area. " JACQIELINE L. HARMER 8619 Evergreen Place Philadelphia, Pa. 191 IS Social Work Club (Treasurer), Intramural volleyball. Outdoors club. Photography club " After traveling in Europe this summer, I hope to work lor a vear or so and then attend Graduate School. " LORI SUZANNE HARTMAX Box 234 Westover, Maryland 21871 Field Hockey Team (Captain), Softball Team (Captain). Student Senate, Brethren Student Fellowship. Deputa- tion Leader " We have a new avenue in life which our college educa- tion provided for us. but the memories and friends are more valuable and perpetual than all else. " TODD ALLAN HEISEY RD 2 Box 122 Newport. Pa 1707 i Wrestling. Baseball. Student Senate, Political Science Club. History Club Thanks for all the good times LOUISE A. HEIST 51S Kent Ave. Laureldale. Pa. 19605 Conestog.m ( Editor 1982), RA. SAM Club Officer. Com- puter Science Club " The past four vears have been the best four vears of my lite and have prepared me to accept whatever challenges he ahead. " LORRAINE M HERR 5107 Cochran Dr. 1 ancaster, Pa 17601 Srudenr PSEA Club. College Communit] Orchestra, In- tramurais " Goals — teaching while working toward a Mastets de- gree in Elementar, I i CHRIS HETRICK 2230 Rosewood Dr. Wilmington. Delaware I Accounting Club, Sigma band DAVID SCOTT HICKERNELL 126 West Walnut St. Marietta, Pa. 17547 Psychology Club (Treasurer and President). Student Sen- ate. Dorm Council " What a great place to spend four vears E-Town College enabled me to grow in so manv ways. The positive aspects are too numberous to mention, but the people are the most remembered I sa) goodbye with sadness. but teel certain that I am prepared for the world that awaits. " TIMOTHY ANDREW HIHN 504 ' : E. High St. Elizabethtown. Pa 17022 SAM Club. Markering Club. Intramural Sports " Life on B-3. never a dull moment. Plan to work in marketing, then to Graduate school. ' PATRICIA A. HOFERER ) Keves St. Florham Park. N | SAM Club ELIZABETH ANN HOFFER 1 (49 Bradley Ave. Hummelstown. Pa. 17036 Varsity Softball. Accounting Club. Marketing Club. SAM Club " Future plan is to seek a marketing position in product and development with Elizabeth Arden. Inc in New York. " KRIST1F HOFFMAN RD 4 Overlook Dr. Ephrata. Pa. P522 Occupational Therapy Club. Delphi Society. Alpha Lambda Delta (Secretarv I. APB. Pre-Health Club. Dorm Council (Secretary I. Peer Counselor 1 plan to move to the Philadelphia area and work as an Occupational Therapist. " " SHELLY HOOVER 118 Market St. Millersburg. Pa. 17061 Accounting Club. SAM Club. Intramural Sports. Psv - chology Club " 111 always remember all the great people associated with E-Town College — both the teachers and fellow stu- dents CAROJ ANN HOPCKE 294 Lawrence Avenue North Plamfield. NJ. 0 " 063 Student PSEA. Education Club, Ini M Union " Future plans — Singing Partners in teaching, to teach back in New Jersey!! " VIRGINIA HOWARD 23 Btett St. Piscataway, NJ. 08854 PSEA, Education Club, Intramurals " Will always remember . . . MCT parties, Singing part- ners in teaching. " JONI LYNN HUMPERT 9 19 Rigg Road Burlington, NJ. 08016 Band, Social Work Club, Campus Gold (President), Dance Marathon (Secretary), Outdoors Club, Big Sister, Occupational Therapy Club " My future goals include enjoying life and someday having a camp incorporating retarded children, animals, and ' normal ' children. " KATHYANN HUTCHISON 19 East Golf Club Lane Paoli, Pa. 19301 Dorm Council, APB, Psychology Club " Future plans — Hope to find a job. " TAMMY E. IRVIN RD 4, Box 551 Duncannon, Pa. 17020 Vatsity Field Hockey, Softball, Campus Fellowship, Del- phi Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, RA. Occupational Therapy Club, Religious Life Council, Etowian Staff, Campus Theatre, Intramurals " What a vast array of experiences here at Elizabethtown College! Among some of the most memorable are the sincere relationships developed, the internal satisfaction gained from a paper well-written or a game well-played, and lest we forget, the pleasure derived from another one of those delicious E-Town holiday meals! The influence of the academic environment has deepened my thoughts and values. For each, being an Elizabethtown student will mean something different. I leave here with memorable, treasured experiences and with a quiet confidence in the future. " DANIEL ADEJOH ITODO 312 College Ave. Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Christian Fellowship Club. International Student Club " Future plans — Go to Graduate school. " JEFFREY PERCY IVORY 1148 Corrinne Terr. Mountainside. NJ. 07092 SAM Club, Marketing Club " I ' ll remember — Good friends, good times, and one hell of an education. ROBERT T. JORDAN t ' l Scotch Plains Ave. Westficld, NJ. 07090 Big Brother Big Sister, Marketing Club, Dorm Council, Dance Committee " My plans are to begin in the sales field and working up to owning a manufacturer ' s representative agency. " JOHN J. JOYCE 5873 Laurel St. Harrisburg, Pa. 17112 Band, Jazz Band, SAM Club, Marketing Club, Intramur- als " I will always remember the fun I had and the friends I made. " RAYMOND KAHLER 551 Spruce St. Kulpmont. Pa. 17834 Pre-Health Club, ACS Student Affiliate, Photography Club, Volunteer Club. Intramural sports " To be happy and make as many people happy along the way as I can is my future goal. " CAROL ELIZABETH KASEL 65 Bellvale Rd. Mountain Lakes, NJ. 07046 SAM Club, Sociology Club, Peer Counsellor, and other social activiries " I will remember the good friends that I have made, and the good times! " KAREL ANN KEITER Halifax, Pa. Biology Club, Pre-Health Professions Club, American Chemical Society PAMELA J. KELLAHER RD 2, Box 53 Wrightsville, Pa. Volleyball Team, Accounting Club Future plans — A job in Public Accounting GWEN KENYON 18 Kuiken Court Wayne, MJ. 07470 RA. Flute Quartet. Band, Alpha Mu. M.E.N.C. Volun- teer Masonic Homes. Peer Counselor, Swingphonic Band, Intramural Soccer. Tutor, S.T.E.P RICK KIDRON 313 Shakespeare Dr. Sinking Spring, Pa 19608 Tennis, SAM Club, Marketing Club. Ober Dorm Coun- cil. Inttamurals. Future plans To he successful in some aspect of busi- ness and all other areas of my lite KATHRYN I KIM, I .ik Avenue Maywood, NJ 07607 Future plans include early childhood or special cduca- with camping programs I V Kit. ANN KIR( IIM.R 1324 Hunsicker Rd. Lancaster. Pa. 17601 " I hope to get a job in a large organization in their data processing department. " PATRICIA A. KOGUT 77 Linda Ct. Naugatuck. Ct. 06770 Social Work Club. Band. Synchronized Swim. Orchestra, Campus Ministry, Track, T.R.E.E. " Futute plans — Pursue a career in Human Services. " LINDA E. KRALL 32 Gwen Circle Marietta, Pa. 17547 Psi Chi JOSEPH D. KRAMER 14 Oakwood Avenue Mechanicsburg, Pa. 17055 Varsity Tennis, Speech Club. SAM Club, Etownian, WWEC Radio Elizabethtown taught me a great deal. I leave it more of a complete person. " CHERYL LYNN KRUKOWSKI 205 Washington Avenue Chatham, NJ. 07928 " Future plans — Nursing program. KEITH J KURTZ RD 1, Box 281 Morgantown. Pa 19543 SAM Club, Marketing Club " Futute plans include finding a job in eithet an advertis- ing or a marketing firm. " PATRICIA E. LANDIS 1525 Spnngside Dr. Lancaster. Pa. 17603 SAM Club. Newman Club, Marketing Club JOANNE EILEEN LARSON 1000 Unicorn Way A-3 Clifton. NJ 0-011 Occupational Therapy Club (Executive Board), E-Town Christian Fellowship. APB. Prehcalrh Professions Club. Newman Club. Volunteet at Masonic Homes, Costumes 1 01 Madwoman of Chaillol. Intramural Softball " I will really miss the Iricnds I ' ve made and am grateful to them for helping me grow CYNTHIA IW3 . ' 15J Hillside Drue ornstown. Pa. 19103 ipttiontl Then - phomore representative ' . Chairperson of 1982 Pennsylvania Student Occupational Therapy Conference. Campus Fellowship. Intramural Volleyball. Racquethall. Soccer. RA. Peer Counselor. Summer Freshman Orientation Committee I [ft in Orchard «n .i blast ' At least we all know the smoke alarm works i ' ' m ' m LINDA LEE LAYER l " 7 !) 1 ! Sherwood Terr Pennsauken, NJ. 08109 Elementary Education — PSI.A. Synchronized Swim Club, Lacrosse Club. Movie Pro|ectionist Coordinator KAREN LEASE 11628 Old Annapolis Rd. Frederick. Md. 2 HOI Occupational Therapy Club. Brethren Student Fellow- ship. Campus Fellowship. Deputation Team, Advocates for Peace. Student Senate, Dean ' s List. Delphi Society, Intramural Volleyball " My past four years here at E- ' I ' own have been a tremen- dous growing experience for me. I ' d like to thank the people here tor providing me wirh the many opportuni- ties and lasting friendships. ' LAURIE LIN LEAVMAN , 705 Skyline Drive I Lancaster. Pa. 17601 " Future plans — hopetully a career in advertising or owning my own establishment. ' ' JOYCE ELAINE LEHMAN RD 9, Box so York, Pa. 17402 Alpha Mu, Alpha Lambda Delta, Rover Dorm Council, Concert Band, Woodwind Quintet, Flute Quartet, Cho- | ral Union " I have enjoyed my years at Elizabethtown. especially the hours spent in Rider Music Hall. " LARRY L. LESHER RD 2 Mountain Road Denver. Pa. 17517 Biology Club. Intramurals. Assistant Coordinator of the Tutoring Center, Wrestling " Future plans — Graduate school in the fall, NCAA Div, III National Wrestling Championship in Cleveland, Ohio. " ROBIN R LILAROSE 527 Dorchester Ave. Lincoln Park Reading, Pa. 1%09 Alpha Mu. M.E.N.C. Band. Flute Quarter. Hershey Symphony, Swingphonic Band, Junior and Senior Flute Recitals, Jazz Flute Suite, Dance Marathon, Dorm Coun- cil (V.P.I BARBARA DIANE LOCKARD 12 North Jackson Street Strasburg, Pa. 17579 Alpha Lambda Delta. Elizabethtown Christian Fellow- ship. Occupational Therapy Club, Soc and Buskin. Bri- gadoon. The Runner Stumbles, Madwoman of Chailtot, Assistant Stage Manager, Alpha Psi Omega, S.T.E.P. (Planning Committee). Peer Counselor. Dance Marathon Planning Committee. Tutoring Center Coordinator. Vol- leyball Marathon. College Scholar. Delphi Society (Pro- gram planning chairperson I, OT Re-accreditation steer- ing committee. RA " Filled with many friendships, challenges, and fun mo- ments, my years here at Elizabethtown leave me with many treasured and beautiful memories. I leave here filled with confidence and hope in the future. " LISA M LOF.RCHER 19 Hilltop Road Lititz, Pa. 17543 Dorm Council (Secretary!, Secretary Junior Class, SAM Club (Secretary), APB Til always remember my lasting friendships, spring breaks. Special thanks to my Dad and Mom for all their loving support. " REX H LOFLAND 702 Potter Drive Kennett Square. Pa. 19348 Marketing Club. Computer Club, Intramural Sports, La- crosse Club " I ' ll always have good memories. " PEGGY LONGO 223 E, Elm St. Hazleton. Pa. 18210 Woman ' s Basketball Team (Captain). Woman ' s Softball (Manager), Math Club (Treasurer), Student Worker — Public Into. Office " Future plans — Teaching marh and coaching. Will always remember winning National Championship in 1982. " SANDRA A. LONGSDERFF 1610 Vista Road Lancaster. Pa. [7601 Concert Band. Political Science Club " Future plans — Paralegal for a government agency. Elizabethtown College was an interesting part of my life that I ' m sure with all of the experiences will be hard to forget " REBECCA A. LOVE R.D. 1, Dallastown. PA 17313 Dorm Council, Delphi Society, Marketing Club. SAM. Activities Planning Board. Judicial Board. Alpha Lamb- da Delta, Big Sisrer. Peer Counselor " The friends 1 made, the times we shared, this I will remember. " RANDOLPH S LOWE 57 Highland A enue Chatham. NJ Yarsm Soccer so, si. S2 Captain. " It you give a man a fish you can teed him tor a day. It you teach him how to fish, you feed him foi lite LEONORA LUCC HI l 200 Heather Lane Ramsey, NJ 07446 Yearbook, Accounting Club. Photography Club Job m the field of accounting with a private firm or industry, success. " ERIC THOMAN LUCKENB 15 Imperial Drive Wilmington. DE lysos Vice President Computer Science Club, Ad . ' ■ towian. Peer Counselor I plan to work in an area directly related to computer science. " M. TERESA MACRINA 706 N Lime Street Lancaster. PA 17602 Newman Club. Etownian, SAM Club. Marketing Club. Tutor. Modern Language Club, Resident Assistant PAMELA K. MAIZEI. R.D 1. Box 151 Port Matilda, PA 16870 History Club, Outdoor Club RANDALL T. MALICK 523 E. Maple Street Hegins. PA 17938 Swim Team, Concert Choir. Sock and Buskin, SAM Club. Climb through the rocks be rugged. " NEIL W. MAN SI. R 821 Collegeville Road Mont Clare. PA 19453 Basketball. Dorm Council MICHELE E. MARSH 2651 Northview Avenue Easton, Pa. 18042 Sociology Club. Dorm Council. Central Council Activi- ties Planning Board KATHY L. MARTIN 7H0 N. Hanover Street Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Club " In the future I plan to pursue a career in accounting and business ALF.CIA L. MASOOD 13 Church Street Saxton, PA 16678 Concert Choir, Foreign Language Club. WWEC. Etow- nian, S.T.E.P. Alpha Mu. Choral Union. Sock and Buskin " Looking forward to a career in radio advertising and promotion. " KAREN MACRO-ANDREWS 81 E. Summit Street Town House 9 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Peer counselor. Dear: s I m KATHLEEN MARIE McCAMBRIDGE 276 Nottingham Road " Ramsey. NJ 07466 Student Senate, APB Dance Committee, Peer Counselor. SAM Club, Concert Band. S.T.E.P. " After graduation I am going to find a job in NYC and then work towards getting my masters decree in Business Administration. I will never forget the people I met or the experiences I have had at Elizabethtown. These experiences matched with a tull education, have provided me with a good start to a good life. " JEANNE E. McCLURE 614 W. Pennsylvania Avenue Downingtown, PA [9335 Dorm Representative, SAM Club, Marketing Club. " Sales representative lor a large commercial firm. " ALYSON JEAN McGWIRE 10 Morningside Drive Pennington, NJ 08534 Social Work Sociology 2 years. Varsity Field Hockey I ears, Outdoor Club Pres. 2 years STEVEN D. McKEE R.D. 3, Box 63 C Lewistown, PA 17044 Society of Physics Students, American Chemical Society " Future plans include continuing my education in pur- suit of m doctorate. Other than that, to be happy and live a long and healthy life. " RICHARD MERTZ 744 Paddock Path Moorestown, NJ 08057 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Dorm Council. Pres, Vice Pre, Team Mascot, Intramural basketball. Softball, voi- le-, ball " Future plans: Employed in the marketing department of some international firm. " ROBERT J MERTZ 744 Paddock Path Moorestown. NJ 08057 Student Senate. Ober Dorm Representative. Pres, Ober Dorm Council, Concert Personnel, Activities Planning Board. EC 54 disc jockey, Intramural sports, football, basketball, racquetball. Sports Director Future — planning on persuing a career in television or radio producing, directing . " ELIZABETH ANN METZGER ; h Gordon Court Oradell, NJ 07649 Alpha Lambda Delta. College Commumtv Orchestra. Concert Band. Alpha Mu. MENC, Synchro. Volunteer Club. Circle K Volleyball Marathon. Resident Assistant Future plans — Happiness Mil AMI. A MILES 11 ) ( hades l-ane Wynne 1 I ' A I ■•• oil lub, Sym hro lub, 1 R 1 I ( lub, Sock Huskm. Intramural Sports Freshman ( lass Committee " Future plans include working with children in an occu- pational therapy clinic and travel. " MICHAEL ROBERT MILLER 2808 Long Farm Lane Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Club, SAM Club " To become a responsible leader in the accounting pro- fession. " PAMELA R. MILLER 1012 Oak Drive Westminster, MD 21157 Alpha Mu-Pres., MENC, Concert Band, Orchestra Con- cert Choir. Woodwind Quintet, Swingphonic Band, S.T.E.P., Alpha Lambda Delta, College Scholar, Intra- murals. Volleyball Marathon. " Celebrate life through caring. Find happiness through sharing. Seek content- ment through God ' s love. " SCOTT BRYAN MILLER 215 Walnut Street Carlisle. PA 17013 Activities Planning Board Chairman. Resident Assistant. Student Senate, Brinser Dorm Council President. Peer Counselor, Concert Choir. S.T.E.P., Campus Theatre. SAM Club. " The best part of life at Elizabethtown has been the opportunity to be recognized as an individual rather than the " number " status one receives at many other schools. " CINDY MINOR 844 Crossan Road Newark. DE 19711 4 years Varsity Field Hockey. Tricaptain. Sr. year. Out- door Club. OT. Club. Activities Planning Board — Movie Pro|ectionist, Intramural sports. " To my friends who have come and gone and will be here till . . . Thanks for 4 special years. Future plans include a little work with lots oi pleasure! " RANDI Sl ' E MONTGOMERY 2607 arossa Road Plymouth Meeting. PA 19462 Photography Club, Poetry Magazine. Sociology Club, Synchro Swim Club rHOMAS CLAYTON MORRAL, |R K I) 03, Box 113 Everett. PA 15537 Accounting Club. SAM Club. Alpha Lambda Delta. Resident Assistant. Computer Science Club, WW I 1 ntering the field ol Accounting. " PATH MOVER Bos Summit Station, PA 17979 Work Club 1 uture plans in lude getting mj master s in Sot ul work stering .» social service agencj I will , Is I met at F town, and all the excellent times we had together " RICHARD PAIL MOYER R.D. 1, Box 556 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Concert Choir. Chorale. Brethren Student Fellowship. Student Senate. Brigadoon. " New York. New York Modern Language Club. B.C A Marburg " Elizabethtown offers a great learning experience. I espe- cially enjoyed mj year abroad in German ' , MXOLISI S. MOYO 2y S. Market Street, Apt. 5 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 International Club. Black Students Union M goal in lite is to help develop my country. Zim- babwe. In addition, I would like to continue adding to my reservoir of knowledge of Economics in particular and life in general. " SARAH MUYSKENS 4233 Glenaire Drive Dallas. Texas 75229 Modern Language Club. Alcohol Awareness Prouram, International Studies Committee. SAM Club. Account- ing Club, Resident Assistant. LINDA L O BRIAN! P.O. Box 194 Oxford. IA 52322 Head Resident Schlosscr Dorm, RA s-l.ast. Accounting Club. SAM Club " Good Luck and Best Wishes to all future Accounting students. " JOHN t Kill IV m Candlelight Dr. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Intramural football. SAM Club PAIL OGAI.l.A Box 150 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown. PA 17022 History Club. Computer Science Club With courage, always look up and aim higher I man ' s ability can only be limited by lack of opportuni- st - LINDA S. OTI 161 t Virma Drive ; ' 1 .1 ( lub. College Community Orchestra II story Club. I ( I UZABETH ANN PAR 1 1 Montrose Asenuc Marketing Club. SAM Club. Dorm ( ouncil. Freshman Orientation, Alpha Lambda IVIta. College Scholar 111 III I lll PERKINS SHELLS :■-. 4 East Frederick St. Lancaster, PA College Literary Magazine, Organized New Games Festi- val on TGIS weekend. O.T. Club. My times at E-town have been filled with the most rewarding moments of my life. I look forward to becom- ing an occupational therapist and my marriage to Mark A. Shelly on May 21, 1983 " MICHAEL SCOTT PIFER 4602 Coventry Road Harrisburg. Pa. 17109 Resident Assistant, Intramural basketball and Softball " College is sharing! Sharing in joy and grief — and through it we grow — without it we die. " NANCY PLANTE H4 Bucket Lane Levittown. NY 11756 Dorm Council, Intramurals, Peer Counseling, ABP " What I will always remember most about ETown is the love, warmth, friendship, and happiness Fve experienced and shared with Inends and peers. " AMY FAYE PORTER Rt 1. Box 160 Greensboro, MD 21639 Band, Choral Union, Chorale, Synchronized Swimming, STEP, Flute Recital. E.C.F., lcthus. Dorm Council, MENC. Alpha Mu, Bngadoon, Deputation Teams, Vol- leyball Marathon " Become a registered music therapist. Live my life to the fullest for God. " CLAIRE H. PORTER 1632 Montgomery Avenue Villanova. PA 19085 Outdoor Club, Stage Crew. Intramural Basketball. Vol- leyball I plan to teach early education, and some day open my own day care center. " FREDERICK POTTS 6 Well Fleet Drive Media, PA 19063 Varsity Soccer. Vice President of SAM Club. Marketing Club. PAIL CHARLES RADDING 1454 Dunn Parkwav Mountainside. NJ President of Eta Phi Sigma. Vice President of Psycholo- gy Club " Graduate School tor Industrial-Organizational Psychol- ogy " SHERRY L. RARICK Pi) Box 25 lilandon, PA 19510 M.E.N.C., Alpha Mu. Concert Band, Choir, Jazz Band. horale, Choral 1 ' nion. Flute Quartet. Student Senate. APB, Circke K. Yearbook, ECF, S.T.E.P.. Volleyball Marathon. " After completing my music therapy internship, I hope to obtain a job in the public schools which allows me to utilize both my music therapy and music education de- grees. " SHELBY KAY RAl DENSKY RD 4, Box 411 Duncannon, PA 17020 Field Hockey Team. Intramurals. Campus Fellowship. Education Club, Etownian, Outdoor Club " I have acquired friendships that will always be very precious to me. " TERRI REHN 1500 Linwood Avenue Johnstown. PA 15902 Pre-Professionals Club, Circle K. Brethren Fellowship. ECF, Biology Club, APB, Research Committee, Ameri- can Chemical Society " Future goal — M.D. Probably wilt work for couple years " GAIL LOUISE REID Box 154, RD 2 Elysburg, PA 17824 Etownian. Senate. SAM Club, Marketing Club. Dorm Council, Class officer freshman and sophomore years I would like to thank the many faculty members who supported my career and personal goals. " GRETCHEN RE1NHART 4403 Avon Drive Harrisburg. PA 17112 SAM Club ALLISON RIDE: 112 E. Main Street Mechanicsburg. Pa. 17055 APB. Dorm Council, Campus Gold, Synchronized Swimming, O.T. Club, Dance Marathon. Volleyball Marathon. Student Lobby Day. JOELLE RILEY 1028 S. Locust Street Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Concert Band, American Chemical Sociery Student Af- filiates I am very grateful lor the faculty and friends who have been so supportive of me during my years here at Eliza- bethtown. I will continue to remember their wisdom as I pursue graduate studies and eventually a career in my field. " JOANNE L. ROBERTS 6031 Spruce Street Philadelphia, PA 191 59 Intramural Volleyball " My years at Elizabethtown College have been both interesting and rewarding As I go out into the cold world, the warmth of the staff and students at Elizabeth- town College shall comfort me along the wa LISA A ROGERS 278 W. Nesquehoning Street Easton, PA 18042 Concert Choir. Band. Jaz? Bj: I I At Elizabethtown College I low learned to love. " C. MICHELI. RYAN 16 Ambler Road Cherry Hill. NJ 08002 Head Resident, Resident Assistant. JV Girls Basketball. SAM Club. Computer Science Club, Dorr ' Marketing Club. Neuman Club. Outdoor Club and Intra- murals. KATHRYN MARY SCHMIDT Box 123 Hewitt. NJ 07421 Choral Union, Advocates for Peace. STEP., Intramural Volleyball I am grateful tor the professors and faculty that have been so helpful to me. I hope to follow their lead and be giving ot myself to others as I combine my majors of Philosophy and Psychology into a meaningful career. " JOSEPH J. SCHULTZ 20 Powell Avenue Mountamtop. PA APB. Peer Counselor, Resident Assistant. Head Resi- dent, Pte-Health Professions Club, Alpha Lambda Delta " After four years here at E-town — us become " home " I ' ll really miss it! " NANCY SCOTT Box 4304 Watchung, NJ 07060 Concert Choir. Big Brother — Big Sister. Field Hockey Manager. Intramural Volleyball " I plan to teach in a pre school setting upon graduation. " PALL SERGI 403 Longwood Drive Kennett Square, PA 19348 SAM Club. Marketing Club. Soccer Team What I ' ve willed I ' ve dared and what I ' ve dared I ' ll do. " SUZANNE SHEARER 175 W. Prospect Avenue North Wales. PA 1945 i SAM Club. Marketing Club. Big Brother Big Sister M eoal is to be successful at whatever I choose to do in the future. E-town is a place that no one could forget alter experiencing living here. " BETH SHENENBERGER RD 5. Box 167 Manheim. PA 17545 Treasurer Accounting Club. Juniot Class Treasurer. Al- pha Lambda Delta. Student Senate. Outdoor Club. Voi- levball Marathon. Intramurals. ECF. Brethten Student I cllowship. Gi ome a CPA CLAIR SHENK 536 Main Street Hummeistown, PA 17036 Education Club I would like to teach elemental school and then go on to earn a higher degree Remembrances of E-Town — Jaygirts, Jayguys, Jay- burgers, lay . . . — great women ' s basketball team — quiet town. " JOHN WILLIAM SHUMATE 9 Pleasant Drive Lancaster, PA SAM Club, Intramurals STEPHEN L. SIMMERS 1015 College Avenue Eli2abethtown. PA 17022 SAM Club. Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Weightlifting Club. " Operate my own business. 1 have great memories here at E-town. " KAREN ELAINE SKOV1RA 722 Alexander Spring Road Carlisle, PA 17013 O.T. Club. Resident Assistant. Dorm Council CPR in- structor, Newman Club, APB MARK R. SMITH " 2 I. Guilford Street Lebanon. PA [7042 Resident Assistant. Accounting Club. SAM Club. Circle K. Intramural Sports. Dorm Council. VITA. Student Senate " I would like CO become a successful public accountant in the business sector X hat 1 remember most about E- town is the People. This is a great place to be if you like people. " LOR! ANN SNYDER 477 Summit Drive Red l.ion, PA 17356 Accounting Club, Tutor, Cheerleading. Student Senate. VITA. Dean ' s List Become Certified Public Accountant and work in a CPA firm. " MELANIE SNYDER s.s.n (iroff Avenue Elizabethtown, PA 17022 S.T.F.P.. Resident Assistant, Deputation Team " Graduate school, with the ultimate goal of establishing a clinic lor autistic children . " JAMES KEITH SPERRY. JR. 1161 Old Eagle Road Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Club Public Accounting " PI TER EDWIN SPRAGG 675 Pomona Avenue Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Jazz Band. Concert Band, Orchestra, STEP " I plan to be successful in my ]ob and my future with Niffer. " C LIFFORD M. STANTON 359 Holly Road Atco, NJ 0800.1 SAM Club. Intramurals Volleyball (captain I. Softball (captain) I plan to eventually own my own business. " I also plan to continue my education and earn a MBA SCOTT ALLEN STAUFFER s24 Playground Drive West Reading. PA 19611 SAM Club. Intramural Sports " Plans to attend graduate school for management and o on to pursue financial management career. " JEFFREY S. STEFFY RD 1 Remholds. PA 17569 Marketing Club. SAM Club. Band. Jazz Band Intramural Sports " To become a successful businessman. RACHELE ST1FFLER RD 1, Box M5 East Freedom. PA 16637 Education Club I plan to teach elementary school H. BARBARA STONE 1107 Edann Road Orcland. PA 19075 Computer Science Club. SAM Club, Intramural Volley- ball, Dorm Council I hope to work for a company in their programming- data processing department. " ( HERYL ELIZABETH STRASBAUGH Northgate Apartments I IOC Cranbur . NJ PSEA. Education Club, Intramurals WESTON P TERRY 3618 Heather Road Huntingdon Valley. PA 19006 JV Soccer. SAM Club. BCA Exchange Student " Presi- dent. Marvic Supply Co.. Inc.. Philadelphia. ' EDITH THOMPSON 2sy Shaner Street Boyertown, PA 19512 Field Hockey, Med-Tech Club JAMES D. THRAILKILL Rt. 3, Box 367 Smithsburg. MD 21783 Baskerball Team Co-Captain. SAM Club DEBORAH A TRAINER 1 349 Ava Road Severn. Maryland 21144 Band, Choral I ' nion, STEP. Alpha Mu. MENC. Dance Club. Volleyball Marathon. APB. Circle K. " Complete my 6 month internship and perhaps go for a masters degree in dance therap) JOHN SCOTT TRAVER I 5 l s OOdstOCk Avenue Rutland. VT 05701 1 ( I Band. Radio Station. Dorm Council Thank vou to faculty and administration. DON I MBERGER Route 1. Box s ( s Lebanon. PA 17042 Business Manager. Etownian, Concert Choir President, Accounting Club. Political Science Club. SAM Club. Intramural Sports. Peer Counselor Work in public accounting JANET M, VILLANO 920 Oradclla Avenue ell. NJ irfvi Alpha Mu, Ml S I 1 P . Alpha Lambda Delta. Del- phi Society, APB Yearbook, Volleyball Marathon. Dorm Council, Sociologv Club. Peer Counselor man Club. Intramurals Intercollegiate Softball Helping people through music Will always remember all the caring people here at E-town and special friend- MK HAI 1 KEVIN WAGNER l s Hunterstown Road shurg. PA. : Intramurals. SAM Club. Dorm Council in experience 111 m JOANNE SOYKA so Ambrose Lane. Northport Long Island. NY APB. Health Club " Medical Secretary, Private Practice asdegree. Smilcv ire like sunshine, shining and ever new HERYL ANN 11 RBOI 1 v Springwood Court Kenmore. NY 1422s ( ampusGold.O I lub S.T.E.P Peer Counselling, Resident Assistant Future plans — OTR with Mental Retardation 1K llll II v MORON 128 K.ithton Road (amp Hill. PA 17011 Psychol Neuman Club. APB. Tutor thankful tor all the i ' pport unities — to laugh, to love, to learn " . - - MARION ANNE WAR!) RR ). Box 106 Bridgeton, NJ 08302 President — History Ciub, it Phi Alphi Theta. Modern Language Club, Supreme Fiction Society. Student Sen- ate, Vice President — Advocates for Peace. Intramural Volleyball. " I ' ve enjoyed several vears of growing at Elizabethtown College with its special people — Professors and stu- dents. My future remains to be seen but I hope for a full rewarding life. " JOANNE CAROL WAR1 R D 5 Elmer, NJ 08318 Ai i ounting Club. SAM Club KEVIN WARNER R D 2. Airville. PA 17302 Society of Physics Students Goal — PhD Physics ANDREW M WASILISIN IV 851 Phillips Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360 APB. Head Resident. Resident Assistant. SAM Club. Best Things: Living in Ober Basement and with friends who became famiK GREG WEAVER 301 S. Locust Street Lititz, PA 17543 SAM Club. Intramurals " I remember all the laughter and good times that I had with my friends here at E-town. " MELISSA M. WEAVER R.D. 3. Box 7555 Jonestown. PA 17038 SAM Club, Activities Planning Board " Future goal — marketing — Manager trainee. " CAROL WEBER ' XXS Penn Avenue Sinking Spring. PA 1O608 Activities Planning Board, Dorm Council Social Work Club " Medical Social Work, " ELAINE K. WELLER P01 Sycamore Street Harrisburg, PA 17104 Alpha Mu. MENC. Sock St. Buskin, Concert Choir. NT LP. Chorals. Campus Fellowship. Deputation Team, Music Department Representative CROP Voile) - ball Marathon. AC DA Honors Choir, Resident Assistant " Erown has been a place where mv dreams have expand- ed, a place of friends, both students staff. It has given me times of laughter, tears of growth and change and the support of a community. I have given it but a brief moment from my book of life. I hope it is a lasting, unforgettable moment for E-town as it is for me. " DAVID C. WENGER R.D. 2, Box 93 Center Valley. PA 18034 SAM Club, Dorm Council Treasurer KIMBERLY ANNE WHALEN-PATTEN Minot, North Dakota Alpha Lambda Delta, College S cholar, Delphi Society, O.T. Club, Outdoor Club Secretary, Advocates for Peace, Newman Club. Pre-Health Professionals Club. In- tramural volleyball, basketball and soccer. Volunteer — Elizabethtown Children ' s Hospital, Peer Counselor " Thanks 3-beasters for all the special times you ' ve given me to remember ... I love you all (and you to Jerry and Jimbol) " JULIAN MARIE WEIDMAN R.D. 2 Mount Joy. PA Student Senate. SAM Club. Photographv Club " Make the most of life. " JOHN P. WTNAND 250 McKinley Avenue Hanover. PA 17331 President of class 79-80, Track, Campus Life Council. Student Senate. Appeals Board. SAM Club " My future plans include working for Beechum Pro- ducts in Australia. " RICHARD L WTNEY 540 N 3rd Streer Steelton, PA 17113 Alpha Mu, MENC, Concert Choir. Orchestra, Chorale " I hope to be employed as either a music therapist or music educator, and am especiallv interested in the field of mental health. " KAREN WINGENROTH 58 Martin Avenue Ephrata, PA 17522 SAM Club. Marketing Club. Peer Counselor, Internship. Tutor, Extern CHRISTINE E. WOLFE Zeigler Road Leesport. PA Pre-Health Club. O.T Club " I plan to work as an O.T. m the area of Geriatrics Men- tal Health. " ROBYN ANNE WRAMAGE 1767 Bllmar Blvd. Wall. NJ 07719 O.T. Club, Campus Gold. Dorm Council " OTR in pedi- atrics. " JEFFREY JAY WYNN Pruss Hill Road, R I Pottstown. PA 19464 Intramural sports The operation of an automotive dealership THERESA YESALAVAGE 411 East " A Street Girardville, PA 17935 Marketing Club Secretary, SAM Club, Student Sei Senior Class Secretary. J. V. Girls Basketball Team. ' man Club " To seek a career in advertising in the Lancaster area LORI BETH ZEIGLER 1515 Detwilet Drive York. PA P4(H Accounring Club. SAM Club. Dorm Council VITA I ' ll remember all of the wonderful people and times I had at E-town. " AMY CATHERINE ZIEGLER 8 Mayfair Raod Wyomissing, PA 19M0 Peer Counseling. Social Work Club. Brethren Student Fellowship. Schlosser Dorm Council. " Plans — Career in Social Work and plan to attend graduate school in social work. I will always remember the loving faculty and friends I had at E-town. " REBECCA ANNE ZIMMERMAN 122 South Barbara Street Mount Joy, PA 17552 Band. Choir, Etownian Layout editor. Dorm Council Representative, " Ben Franklin in Pans " . Librarv Student Assistant. APB Dance Committee. Peer Counselor, Edu- cation Club. . The old believe everything, the middle-aged suspect everything, the young know every- thing. — Oscar Wilde So much of adolescence is an ill-defining dyirig, An intolerable waiting. A longing fur another place and time. Another condition. — Theodore Roetbke We cannot always build the future tor our youth, but we can build our youth for the future. — Franklin Delano Roosevelt I le that has much in common with Ins fellow men will have much in common with a friend — Seneca The judge should not be young; he should have learned to know evil, not from his own soul, but from late long observation of the nature of evil in others: knowledge should be his guide, not personal experience. — Plato Thinking to get at once all the gold the goose could give, he killed it and opened it only to find — nothing. — Aesop The avoidance of taxes is the only intellectual pursuit that still carries am reward. — John Maynard Keynes I he thing that impresses me most about America is the waj parents obey their chil- dren. — The Date of Windsor The college administration, renowned for adroitness in problem solving, has been hon- ored recently h the National Policy Interpre- tation Council tor openness, stringency, frankness, clarity, and a firmness regarding the Alcohol Policj — Charlie Artz to plaj your part. The young are permanently in a state resem- laying gravitj aside, or learn to bear its griefs toxification; tor youth is sweet and — Palladas the) an growing. — Aristotle Undercla sstneq. - m ■ - - Brinser Brimer Dorm Council Rou 1: Pete Everett, Jim Boris, Herbert Miller. Mike Warner Row 2: Chris Boldn e, Gary Huston. Gregg Schaffer, Mark Sorensen, Ed Eblinj; Hrmsvr K | ' j Sitting: Chris Don |efl I on Miller, Chris Cavanaugh, Joe • • -- - Brimer First Floor Row I: Bill Gee. Pete Everett, Tim Sharpe, Ed Jenkins, Curt Barrick, Row 2: Bob Bittner, Craig Terpstra, Dave June, Mike Singer, Brimer First Floor Row I: Don Haughton. Scott Sweren. Row 2: Tom Edglev. Jeff Bovle. King Troensegaard. Dave Shaw, Alan Hair Row 3. ' Chris Dowdell I ' RAl. Rich Duggan. Tim Keebaugh. Br inset Fitst Floor Row !: Brian Hetlin.Jav Reidenbaugh. Brent Hoar Row 2: Jeff Lloyd, A! Broadbent, Mike Wagner. Steve Aungst. Rich Pecha Row 1: Tom Kowalewski, Pete Pistol Rothermel. Larry Scheurich. Vincenzio Moraca Brimer 2 — South Row I: Tim Kershner, Scott Miner Row 2: Rav Meyer Jere Solenberger. Curt Heisey Row 3: Eric Luckenbaugh, Ed Ebling. Stc e Simmers. Barry Dohner. Scott Miller IRA). Brimer 2 — South Rou I: Bub Hedrick, And) McGinn, Duane Armstrong, Doug Burn-. Rou 2: Da e German. Buhba Kostcnbader. Pete Witycyak Rou J: Mike Reiner, Loren Martin Herb Miller. Mike Nolt. Schailesh Mehta. Mark Sorenscn. a man. iirmset : ' » ■ • . - Brimer 2 — North Rou l:Jon Singer, Joe Pluta Rou 2: Dave Lewis. Keith Curtz Rou J: Dave Bear, Mike Benner. Rou 4: Norm Mitchell, Steve Faus, Norm Veater. Brimer 2 — North Rou I: Carl LaMastra, Gar Huston, Gregg Shatter Row 2: Rich Shuman. Scott Wenger. Steve Williamson, John Telencio Rou- 3: Mike Shupp, Scott l.iJe. Keith Myers Rou- 4: Joe Pluta, fim Kiss, Don Umbcrger. Hnmrr f — Somth (Itfi to right) Fred Phillipy, Ken Lengel MikeKonopki Dive Richards, Kei rowers foeAlbuteti Rob |ol Hosinei And) Murdough, Chi " ' • RiduKU Thonuv Pete 78 Bi «• m « m ' • « Brimer } — AW ? Rou ; Scott Manzak, Chris Sh Harrison, Steve Swenson, Bill Matson Rou 3: Todd Armstrong, Glenn Catarious, Dave Githens Rou- 4 ' Bob Zackowski. Brimer i — North Rou Steve Pease, Mike Mitt hell Rou 2: Steve High, Ed Koehler, Craig Rowe Rou 3: Greg Pukas, Jefl facoby, Rex I.orland, Jim Boris, Brian N ' ichiaus. Myer Myer R.A. ' t Rou I: Gwen Kenyon, Cheryl Terbot. Lon Mitchell Row 2: Gretchen Schlicher. Michele Rvan I H.R.I Myer Dorm Council Rou I: Kathv Nordin, Treas., Pam Vnenchak, (Sec). Robin Lilar ose, (V.P.i, Becky Love, (Pres . i Rou 2: I.vnn Barbour. Marvlou Pennica. Michele R an i H.R.I. Jackie Frcar Row V Nancy Boas. Pam Craig. Stacey Fox. Patty Mader. Jeanne McClure, Ann Belkey. Sue Dahmer, Kathv Bowman. Rick Cormcello Missing: I.arraine Hultberg. Sue Robinson. Bo . «. - W ■ " » - ' ' Afjvr 7 — £ 5 Rou ; Lon Mitchell (R.A.i, Diane White Row 2: Andrew Stonkus, Mike Reiner Row 5: Sue Dakmer, Rick Cornicello, Laurie Peters, Mary Follmer, Robyn Wramage, Keith Hall Row 4- " Mark Speitel. Todd Stone- siter Missing: Terry Dieffenbach. Grace Struhs, Dawn High Myer 2 — East Row 1: Kathv Bovle Row 2: Nora Barlow. Pam Koontz. Bonnie Burrell, feana Vezza, Gwen Ken- yon (R.A.), Kathy Meade. Alice Rossi. Sheila Reynolds Row }: Katv Brown. Nancy Berry. Sue Baker. Carol Murray. Kyrrha Sevco, Jackie Frear. Teresa Ber- wager Row 4 ' Laura Mertikas. Beth Bucher. Sue Arter, Janet Batchelor, Car- ol Siersema, Susan Van Street Missing: Lon Herr. Barb Wilder. Margaret Loren- zen. Eileen Harman. Katnna Myers. Jac- queline Millevoi, Linda Swain. Cheryl Benner, Larraine Hultberg, Lisa Schoener. ' ■ : Mver 2 — West Row 1: Dawn Sptance. Laura Farver. Mary Everline, Patty Mader Row 2: Kitty Martin, Betsy Bender, Michele Ryan. (R. A. H.R.I, Robin Lilarose. Sue Wallie. Jeanne McClure. Karen Fischer Row i: Marv Lint, Gina Geosek, Kathy Nordin, Amy VanSaun, Karen Sue Fink Row 4: Linda Procopio. Lynn Barbour, Sue Smith, Crissy Butts, Leigh Hart- man, Sue Pretto. Sue Robinson, Lisa Pearce, Marylou Pennica, Maria Lon£ Misting: Linda Scott, Nancy Boas. Beth Sukarochana. Myer ,i — East Row I: Ruth Mover. Debbie Fehr. Dianne Waddell, Lisa Phillips Row 2: Svlna Walter, Jennifer Klein Row 3: Wendy ( a urt Missing: Joanne Kimball. Joan Everett . • . - - Myer i — East Row 1: Becky Love, Tina Garrison Row 2: Julie Hilliard, Lynne Anderson, Nancy Scott. Myer i — East Row 1: Tammy Gustin, Gretchen Schlicher, R.A., Michelle De Napoli Rou 2: Chris Cooper, Ann Belig, Nancy Wenger, Ann Belkey. Pam Vnenchak Row 3: Lisa Walinsky, Kathy Bowman, Suzy White, Nancy Straub,Jane Me- lockeck, Cheryl Wiechecki, Kathy Rilev Missing: Laura Jones, Tricia Lawrence. ,» - Myer 3 — West Row I: Marion Ward Row 2: Cheryl Terbot (R.A.), Mary Yingling, Linda Ott, Emily Duzey Row 3: Holly Hardaway. Laurie Kendall, Ellen Cooper, Karen Lutz Missing: Pam Miller, Macqui Harmer. Phyllis Holton Myer 3 — West Row I: Pam Craig, Kim Hayden, Liza Wagner Row 2: Melissa Lamberr, Grace Kim, Cindv Paulus, Diane Shaffer. Marsha Tavares Row 3: Stacey Fox. Bev Reeves, Rose VCenger. Heidi Hackenberger Missing: Janer Clark. Tracey Thomas, Claudine Crooks, Jane Anderson, Genie Willard xi M . - - Schlosser Schlosser RA ' s (left to right) Linda O ' Briant. Louise Heist, Heather Heissenbuttel. Nancy Keller, Cornelia Von Lersner. Schlosser Dorm Council Row 1: Karen Brune, Doreen Dempsey, Karen Gutshall, Amy Ziegler Row 2: Sue Mehl, Lisa Custer. Beth Parti, Virginia Rav Row i: H. Gail Harris, Lori Zeigler, Donna Hull. Lisa Confer Rou 4: Debbie Hilliard. Ginger Mehaffey. Schlos-- :- VcA osjer ; — E j t Row I: Ginger Mehaffev. Chris Parkinson Nam | Lee Smith. Karen Hinerdeer Row 2: Amy Straub. Lisa Hoffman. Sue Karaffa Barb Baei kert, lennj Winters. Heather Heissenbut- ti R fen Luiu Joelle Rilt-i, Schlosser I — Ejit Rou I Mane Brad. Anette Davis. )ud Corona. L12 Bauer. Beth Dalton Rou 2: Debbie Hilhard. Dianne lladlei Kell Krumenaiker. I.eeann Squire Row .1.- Shira Goldman. Karen I.eparulo. Renea Caljean Rou 4 Sue Patton 86 Scblosser 2 — West Rou I: Laurie (Grace I Leayman Rou 2: Mindv Holl. Val Gekas, Cornelia von Lersner (RAl. Chris Britrain Row i: Nancv Stein. Shar- on Treon. Anne Zart. Barb Stewart. Do- reen Dempsev- Schlosser 2 — West Rou I.- Jill Abood Rou 2: Chris Onofrio, Sandy DeCarlo. Deb Simmler. Karen Gutschall Rou ): Dawn Eaby. Pam Blake. Ktthj ever. I.on Donofrio, Deh Walker. Wendy Anderson, Cheryl Evers. : httU { Schtosser 2 — West Back Rou . Amy Benner. Bev Davis. Beth Wellnitz, Sue Mehe. Mary Walters, Diane Annis, Shen Blanton Middle: Steph Bissell, Linda Sue Benson, Diann Stemmeier. Patty Gay, Donna Baker Bottom: Kris Johnson. Schlosser 3 — West Rou I: Chris Walker, Julie English, Kathy Kirk. Louise Heist (RA) Rou 2: Pat Allen, Tamrny Wood, Clarice Grant, Beth Hilbert Row 3: Lisa Willing, Janine Mulluskv. Betsy Granneth. Donna Mull. Elizabeth™ dueee ' A 88 Schlossct 11 1 ' ! i Schbsser 3 — West Row 1: Mary Ann Sorrentino, Cathy Conner, Sue Cupii Row 2: Lisa Stamos, Cindy Erisman, Ka- ren Brune Row 5: Kris Phillips. Sachi Heisterkamp, Kamille Kassees, Mel Cook, Kathy Carhart Row 4: Lori Za- £orski, Mona Steinhauer, Karen Wolfe. Scb osser 3 — West Row I: Carol Kimley, Donna Fraunfelter, Karen Eastridge Row 2: Karen Roberson. Heidi Amlung, Karen Freed, Linda Hall Row 3: Irene Harris, Kim Ad- kins, Jacki Cain. Dana Walker, Lori Eberly Schtosser 2 — East Rou I: Les Shaw. Michelle Cina, Deb Noonan, Linda Smith Rou 2: Vivian Hann. Mardette Cross. Michelle Chienci. Cheryl Peterman. Jen- nifer Olson Row }: Dawn Thomas, Joann Rencz, Lori Hansen, Cathy Butler, Betsy Symonds. Schlmsrr 2 — East Row 1: I.on Snvdcr Rou 2: beryl 5trausblUgh,Jud) Judd, Kim Rehiuk. Beth Parti. Joanne Ware, Joanne Andresk . •u Rou t. i ki Frcund. Virginia Ra 90 . • Schlosser 2 — East Row 1: Kenda Hill. Nancy Keffer, Betty Horn, Deb Short Row 2: Michelle Messinger, Sue Calaman, Julie Bowers Ron $; Alyse Ford, Karen Howes, Esther Ruby Row 4- Ashley Shenck, Diane Stiland, Pam Millan. Schlosser $ — East Clockwise Bottom: Alison Cumens. Kathy Stengel. Lisa Custer, Shan Kapp. Deb Nicklaus, Linda Brecht, Lisa Gafgen, Toni- Lynn Ambrosina, Ingrid Gaither, Robin Bitten- bender. Dawn Ciancia. Absent: Michele D ' An- drea, Kim Whalen. Nancy Yarnall, Leonora Lucchesi, Jean-Mane Dennen, Noni Lownds. Dana Palmer, Karen Caprara. Tami Cutilli, Lisa Keane, Linda O ' Bnant. hj m M M » | J 1 w I r V P i Mk L -• IT • X 1 V " " v ' 1 k j B V 1 ■•• ■ b Schlosser .i — East Row I: Carol Wil- loughby, Kim Miller Row 2: Diane Snyder, Lori ei ' ler, Holly Finch, Sharon Gaskin Row 3: I.ynne Taroski. Becky Evans, Gail 1 1 It Una) Harris, Linda Wagner, Kathy New- man, Holly Engle, Sharon Schmoll, 9 ' ' »w hm l t Founders Founders RA ' s: Charlie Artz, Maureen Osorno, Barb Lockard, Elaine Weller, Laura Goldy, Pam Craig. Beth Spangler, Karen Skovira, Allyson Rider, Mark Smith Absent: Lisa Bollard, Sharon Corretore. Founders Dorm Council Rou I: Pattj Miller. Alexa Hardysh. Laurie Peiffer Rou 2: Peg Ford. Nancy Plante.Judy Schwartz, Nora Charles Row ): Kellv Bauer. Sue Good, Pact) Ray, Kellv Skuse, Sylvia Moot, Maggie Bordonaro. Partv Herientreger, Demse Stark Rou 4: Colleen Coolican. Founders A-l Rou I: Pam Kroninger, Kim Shropp Rou 2: Joan Weaver. Monica Givens. Kathy Charles. Patricia Johnson, Row .1: Mar|one Henise. Marv Longenecker, Celine Salomone. Rose Nissley founder A-l Rou I BeC i Olmgcr. Chris Achcnbach Rou 2: Kenncr Muench. Beckv Htuhakcr. Flame Qiudnovsky, Bcfhjtcfaon Rou i Btrfa 1 1 Anne i irray, Pam Heffentrcyer, Cathv Arnica ' I I ounders ■ rm - " « Founders A-2 Row 1: Missy Yerger. Patti Mover. Kelly Bauer. Anne Foerster, Izetta Henry. Judy Anderson Row 2: Sue Butterworth, Tracy Martin. Carol Smith. Sue Shearer. Val Pecha. Founders A-2 Rou I: Sue Kepner. Deb Fouse, Beth Spanglcr, Gerry Jacobs. Charlene Teitelman Row 2: Founders A-2 Row I: Magpie Bordonaro. Karen Bruhacher. Loree Shelly Woodbury. Kim Leutskv, Maria Pantano. Jennifer Eveler. Cheryl Ritter. Flvnn, Sue Follert Rou 2: Linda Demko. Sue Anderson. Joyce Crawford Row }: Sue Moose. Colleen Coolican. X end Barrett. Founders 05 • Founders A-3 Row I: Elfie Pacquette, Lisa Loercher.Joan Blake Row 2: Audrey Johnson, Robin Ford, Gail Galbraith. Carol Williams, Mace (the cat), Laura Fecile, Ginny Sickel. Founder A-3 Rou i i Miry Race. Michele Erbe R»w 2! Lori Bemabei, Sheila Torpey, ll Kt u I Diane Cireen. Chris Coffey, Sue Battle. Tind Jones, Cath) Hunt. Jenni ii ht 96 Founders ' «• ' - « - Founders B-2 (clockwise from bottom left) Patty Millet, Elyse Ftatantoni. Lcanna Muntzen- brrger, Matia Kalathas. Lautie Olivet, Nancy Cotttell, Cindy Sagolla, Dottie Jacoby, Amy Studenmund, Robin Idler, Kelly Skuse, Stephanie Batto, Lynne Bainbndge, Pepa Olle, Regina Cooks. Thetesa Keeney. founders B-2 (back to front) Pam Ctaig. Ann Davis, Matisa Shockley. Ttacy Gibble. Kathy Cattoll, Lautie Mongoliti, Lizz Cushing, Ellen Hoffman, Chetie Ankeny. Carol Webber Kaatin Remhattsen. Katel Keitet, Bev Turner. Founders B-I (left to right) Loti Romano, Sue Stone. Jane Hawley. Bev Boyer, Lisa Bollard. Tnsh Marteto, Sue Steinsnyder.Joni Humpert. Gail Scherer. Rosie Pugliese. Tarn Wolf. Peg Ford. Founders B-.i (top to bottom): Elaine Weilerl RA (, Tan|j Kyle. Anne Goldin , Ginnj Howard, Christi Phitippi. Chnsu Schulc , Nancy Wellons, Deb Craig @®A, lounJtTi B-.I Rnu I K.iren ! i il Marj V ( ilderoni Kelly Killcrn Rou 2: Heidi Murtau h. Pam Palmicn. ftggj i 96 loundcts m «. - m Founders C-2 Row 1: Linda Foratti, Marshelle Brozino, Crystal Paynter, Juanita Kelly Row 2: Karen Wingenroth, Barb Blaschak, Laura Goldy. Kris Hoffman, Nancy Plante Row i: Leslie Koff, Cathy Wagner, Kristel Miller, Patty Capone. Sandy Benson, Jane Hoffman Absent. Janet Villano. Founders C-l Row 1: Nora Charles, Kim Gasser, Chris Mueller, Lorie Gage Row 2: Barb Young, Allvson Rider (RA), Denise Stark, Beth James Row : Connie Rodgers, Kristen Fink, Nancy Scaff. Founders C-2 Row 1: Michelle Waldron. Susan Pickard. Kat Ost. Liz VC ' eitzman Row 2: Elaine Sabath.Jacki Hagmayer, Karen Wrona, Tern Nellans, Maura Herlihv Absent: Lynn Collingwood. Nancy McCollum. Founder; Founders C- 3 Row . ' Wanda Jackson, Judy Swartz. Lisa Celia, Donna Fedechko Row 2: Shelly Hoover, Kim Keen, Stephanie Schuler, Mary Barr, Diane Dillon, Cindy Daub, Adriane Albano. Founders C-3 Row I: Meg Lockhead, Kim Glass, Pam Mongelli Row 2: Diane McCartney, Karen Skovira, Karhleen McKenna, Katie Kuhn Row .1: Kathy Youse, Linda Schairer, Alyce Dengler. Michelle Frizol, Becky Wilson. Founders C-3 Row 1: (lien Woods. Kathenne Mclntiri Row 2: Sylvia Moot, Shelley Parks. Beth Shaw, Katln ( arc . Bonnie Carew. Beth Good. binders Founders D- 1 Sitting: Ray KahlerdOth year). Pete Wilking Row 2: Mark Jordan, Charlie Artz Founders D-l Kneeling: John McDonnell, Dave " Rico " Mastrota, Scott Bell Standing: (RA), Teddy Miller, Keith " UConn " Foxe, Tom " Gringo " Neiss, Tim Seifert, Steve " Beef Steve McKee, Tom Humphries, Doug Farley. Brian Mover. John Mulkenn. Ward Knerr. Roberto, Rick Kidron, Absent: Mike " Jo Jo " Tar ' nucci, Cat Stevens. Dave Khnger Absent: John Pisco. Piyush Chowan. ' Founders D-2 Row 1: Patti Ray, Janet Raveur, Sue Good, Wendy Gednev Row 2; Ken Knight, Cath Clarke, Dana Ruedemann Row 3: Dee Lynch, Connie Quinn, Lori Mattei. Maureen Osorno. Barbara Snyder, Shawne Johnson It ' Founders D-2 Row 1: Gia Altomari, Kathy Lambert, Barbara Shugars, Mi- chelle Casario, Sloane Roia Row 2: Terri Rehn, Dee Lynch, Lorl Mattei, Jill Jen- kins, Michele Arnold, Bev Hynes, Mary- Beth Bovven, Cynthia Lyons. founders D-S Rou I: Ken Kiel, Mark " Slim " Smith, Ken Barber Row 2: Rob Christ, Troy " Moose " Galbreath, Al Brookhardt. Mark " Sluggo " Sohns, Mike Weldy. Rob Sylvestri, Dan Thom- as Row i: Chris " Skin " Forsythe, Greg " Sach " Papazian.John Seivwright, Mike Fuhr, Daryl Tunno. Ted French. Jack Schlottman. Charlie Ebersole. Founders D- s Kneeling: Brad White. Dave Schlosser Standing: Rick Sobers. Greg Puglicse.Jim Pierson, Mike Ohm, Paul Batastini.John Cromer, Chris l.en- hart, Rich McAllister, Kirk Eldndge Ab- sent: Ben Buhl. Ron Powell Commuters Commuters Row 1: Randy Garner, Lynn Neiswender (Sec Tresl, Bob Hocutt, Scott Meek Row 2: Jean Mark, Elizabeth Eastwood, Judy Gutshall, Kris Hawkins (Vice Pres. I Row }: Holly Druck (Pres.), Matt Tierney, Lisa Trimmer, Chris Condon, John Bonawitz Row 4 ' Mark Sibley. Dave Newcomer, Ann Bomgardner. Tom Miller, Mike Ham, Doug Ruhl. " Royer Royer RA ' s Rou I: Cindy Auerbach. Doris Wegner, Sarah Muyskins. Beth Metzger Row 2: Deb Graves (HR). Corinne Foor. Royer Dorm Council Rou .Jill Dahmer. Deb Truscello. Donna Dillow. Nancy Simon. Lisa Lilly Rou 2: Sandy Longsdefff, Sheila Reardon. Mahele Marsh (Pres I. Sue Schneider. Heidi Schweitzer Rou .i. Jennifer Cochran. Wanda B-. atd Vice Pres i. Jane Daveler (Sec .). Nancv Gsell. Kim Page iTres i 104 . Royer I — South Row .-Joan Zinn, Kim Buck, Rosalie Montague, Nancy Gsell, Eileen Lancendorfer Row 2: Kathy Heindel, Pat Solecki, Deb Gable, Diane Mohn m -A yr ■■ « Royer 1 — South Row I: Doris Wegner (RA). Nancv Simon Rou 2: Eileen Crim, Deb Simon, Becky Zimmerman Row i: Laura Youngcourt. Barb Stone, Alane Seller. 9 4 »• - fc Royer 1 — North Row I: Joanne Zerbe, Sharon Pierce, Beth Metzger, Debbie Trainer Row 2: Becci McKamey, Diane Ford. Jessica Stone Row }: Debbie Trascello, Nancy Chiusano, Laura Bauer, Kathy King. Royer 2 — North Row I: Ann Mumford, Deb Graves (F Whiting Row 2: Jane Daveler Row J: Michele Marsh, Wanda Buz- zard. Kathy Mc Cambridge. Ellen Whitacre Absent Chris Wolfe 106 Royer 2 — South Row I: Deb Rider, Arthur, Corinnc Foor ( RA), Lisa Rogers, Aleli Almario, Susan Marlatt, Laurie Jacoby Row 2: Mariann Miller, Do- reen Lowder, Angie Fogel, Kathy Cheeks, Sheila Reardon, Carol Brecht, Sandi Longsderff. f Royer 2 — South Row 1: Amy Porter, Judy Davis, Jodi Tyson, Karen " Mouse " Morawsky Row 2: Jackie Walton, Kay Ann Heltzel, Laurie Hosman, Deanna Dibert, Deh Derr, Jenny Spen- I - ii r Royer 3 — North Row 1: Nancy Carlson, Beth Geidel. Lisa Blazek, Joanne Reeser, Karen Crum Row 2: Dina W ' erkley. Becky Dalley, Tracev Young. Sandv Stothott. Jule Bannister. • »• •• . w fef r i ». H ■ Royer 3 — Nor A Rou ' I: Jane Brennan, Sue Schneider, Cindy Auerbach (RA) Row 2: Deb Stefani. Heather Winterbottom. Beth Bartnicki, Laura Lowerbach Row 5: Suzie Wolfert, Kay Miller, Lisa Rilley. Joanne Soyka. r ®0 Rover i — South Rou I: Karen Hubler. Andrea Lesko, Robin Kilpatrick. Row 2 Kim Kavounas. Glenda Smith, Jennifer Cochran, Margaret Alberti, Tara Thompson Row 3: Patti Kramer. Jill Dahmer. Vikkie Pellegrino, Lorraine Woller. Pam Ewan. Rarer i — South Rou 1: Colette Brown. Lisa Forscht. Aim McLine Rou 2: Kim Page. Joyce Lehman. Lisa Titcombe Rou }. Lisa Ocvmger. Deb McGarry. Sharon Kauffman 10B Rmei ' Ob er Ober RA ' s Row 1: Tony Pahigian(HR) Row 2: Andrew Wasilisin(The General), Bob Utzinger(Pud). Tom Deardorff (The Flipper). Mark McNaughton (Slammer ) Row 5: Tom Morral (Ernst Winney), Raymond Bendas (Pleasure Palace) Row 4- ' Steve Kouba (2 — West Express). Ober BB Row 1: Clifford Kavlor, John Scott Trayer.John P. Gavin. TomJJ. Hock, Andrew M. Wasilisin (WAS). Curtis " Gomer " Welty, Darren McKessy. Greg Davis Row 2: Andv Keefer, Shawn Herbert. Don " Shlong " Bogut. " Fast " Phil Coath. Steve " Dr. Bong " Aiena. Duane Kuhn. Bill Preppy " Havens. Ray Caucci. Ober Animais Ober B- 1 Rou 1: Nate Walton, Bill Mack. Damian Burnside, Tim Hand, Brian Snyder, Neil Mansur, Scott Vaz, Rob Poorman, Tom Pifer. Wayne Nguyen, Tom Deardorff Row 2: Charlie Zeiders, Brad Rauch, Allan Deppen, Jay Aman. CJ. Faux. Dave Parry, Dour; Pahira, Steve Adams. John Kennedy Row 3: Brant Bickel, Rich Gregory. Dan Morris. Mace Coleman. Dave Thomas. Dave Burkholder. Oher B-2 Row I.Jim Webber. Jay Eichelberger, Bruce Zimmerman. Rob Hoke. Pete Ztnowdci Rou 2: Ed Murray. Rob McMumie Rou i. r.n L Legenfelter, Bill Longacre, Dan Blunck, Paul Mc.Murtnc 11(1 Ober Animals ' « ' «•• Ober A- 1 (left to right): Randy Bankert. Brian Wal- ter. Chris Hinkel. Bob Mertz. Mike Dietrich, Chip Weidman, Kevin Burrev, Tom Gammon. Steve MacDonald, Valdis Daiga. Gardner Torrence. Ober B-2 Rou 1: Jim LaPorta. George Gerdes. Rick Price, Nick Brou|OS. Ray Ben- das Rou 2: Wes Terrv, Dave Kennedy. Craig Purcell. Dave Beattv Rou 3: John Les- niewski. Ober Ober A-l Row 1: Jim Foresman, Tom Ranck, Eric Reber Row 2: Dan Smith, Dale Sheaffer, Alan Leidigh, Mike Sobers, Jim Four- naris. Ober A-l Row I: Ross Vecchio, Pete Lengle. Shawn Wilson, Davey Jones Row 2: John Slifer. Ross Cleveland, Dennis Boyle, Craig Bright, Steve Kouba (RA), Allan " Bones " Rossi. 112 Ober Animals Ober A-2 Row 1: Shawn Blake, Mike Parker, Chris Zercher, Bob Jordan, Bill Young Row 2: John Custer, Gary Gresh, Dan Kohler, Dave Kaufman, Rob Jones, Mike Timothy, Andy Shade, Mark Palmisano, Dave Cressman, Steve Polinsky Row 3: Dean Gekas, Pete Ebert, Rich Garman, James Hansanck. Mike Solon. Mark Humphrey, Mike Tobash, Buddy Buzzard Row 4 ' Chris Plummer (RAT), Shawn Mangan, Bill Clifford, Dave Hahn, Jeff Dick, Clarke McSperen Absent: Bob Utzinger (RA), Paul Radding, Bill Gannon, Skip Baylor. Ober A-3 Row .Jeff Price, Jerry McHale, Jeff Hartman, Dave Dolan, Todd Nave Row 2: Scott Stauffer, Bob Parks, Jerry O ' Malley. Andy Rich, Mike Rathsam.John Wagner, Sean T. McGuigan Row 3: Craig Darling, Charlie Hayes, Jim Bowe.John Nicklm, Rick Morral.John Hudson Row 4: Mike Messina, Dennis Brennan, Chris Cook, Chris Craig. Jeff Poloway, Doug Peters, Steve Papas, Jerry Schneider ' x •■- ♦ " . . LANOV ' 4i - - Rmt Garden Rnu I Scon Ptyoi Roj Bickel. Tom Bfikcr Ron 2: Siott Pilci. And Mchalko. D»n Hammond. Rnk Men 114 •» Co-op RA ' s: Dave Allman, Tammy Irvin, Scott Piter. Green Gables Silting: Jeff Wynn Standing (front); Tim Collins, Mike Miller. Dave Hackman. Cliff Stanton (RA) Standing (back): Joe Barrett. Dave Allman (RA). H " ) Astronomy compels the soul to look up- wards and leads us from this world to an- other. — Plato There are in fact two things, science and Every one has his day and some days last opinion; the former beget knowledge, the longer than others. latter ignorance. — Winston Churchill Hippocrates I shall never believe that God plays dice with the world. — Albert Einstein I hear that Thomas Kingston is proud of the salarj developments hear at . . . The College. The part-time faculty now receive 16 cents an hour — Charlie Artz Nothing in education is so astonishing as the amount of ignorance it accumulates in the form of innert fa ts. — Henry Adams And that ' s the way it is. — Walter Cronkrite 1 have a dream that one day on the red hills of | Georgia the sons of former slaves and the suns ,.t tormer slaveowners will be able to sit down together at the table ot brotherhood. — Martin Luther King. Jr. The true artist will let his wile star c. his children go barefoot. Ins mother drudge for his living at seventy, sooner than work at anything but his art. — Bernard Shan An investment in knowledge pays the best ' think Beethoven ' s tenth svmphonv was his interest best. — Benjamin Franklin — Ross Cleveland is the proper (ruit ot knowledge. The Only thing we have to tejr is feat itself — Thomas Fuller — Franklin Delano Roosetelt " " Faculty flmirjivtra tlOiy. X MARTHA FARVAR-APGAR Director of Personnel KEN BAYLOR Director ot Public Information JOAN AUSTIN Chaplain EDGAR BITTING Business GORDON BATEMAN Director of Financial Aid LOl ' ISE BLACK English Director of Developmental Studies ERNEST BLAISDELL Mathematics I I. BOSS1 I.R Mathematics ST WI 1 Y H( IRS Education Instructional Services 11H AHGARHOWIKs CARL CALLENBACH Education JOHN CAMPBELL English ANN CARPER Director ot Librarv EUGENE CLEMENS Religion Philosophy BRUMME-CLEMENS 119 kP JOSEPHINE COHEN Occupational Therapy SUE DOLAN Business JAMES DIVELY Biology DARRELL DOUGLAS Music ROBERT DOLAN Mathematics THOMAS DWYER English MARK ( I.BI.RSOIT President 1 I EISERER Psycholog) 1)1 I HI Rl 111 SWORTH Psycholog) 121) (OI11N II INWOKIH MARTHA F.PPLEY Economics and Associate Dean of Faculty BOB GARRETT Physical Education DOWA GAVER Education FPPI EY-GAVER ■ RANDY GENTZLER Controller JOHN HARRISON Music GEORGE GLIPTIS Business ROBERT HECKMAN Biology SUZANNE GOODLING Modern Language J E S I w MB ;7 JACK HF.DRICK Chemistry DAVE IA( ONO-IIARRIS Social Work MM KI E HOPPIE Economics AMI S Mil TON .iri-t-r Development ' .IM I1.R HARRIS :» m m - - AL KISH Business Continuing Education OTIS KITCHEN Music DON KOONTZ Mathematics K I I! ! VK(X1NTZ i JOHN KOONTZ Mathematics CARROLL KREIDER Business Education 1KA RD KROESEN RON LAUGHLIN THOMAS LEAP Director of Data Processing Biolog) Computer Science . KOONTZ-LEAP RETT LUDWIKOWSKI Political Science GRACE MAI.COM Music E. FLETCHER McCLELLAN Political Science IFHR-McCLELLAN i ■- t »% MARI I I. MORGAN 1 I i upational Therapy ROBERT MORSE Mathematics RI HARD MUMFORD llistor ' lxi M I) MI MIORI) STANLEY NEYER Business ROLLIN PEPPER Biology KEN OBER Physical Education BEVERLY PISCITELLI Counselor HARRY PAGE Superintendent of Buildings Grounds FRANK POLANOWSKI Biology WILLIAM PUFFENBERGER Religion Philosophy SHERRY RAFFIELD Social Work JO ANN RAMSEY Director of Health Care TYER. RAMSEY - PAUL RICE Education JOBIE RILEY Communication Arts AUSTIN RITTERSPACH Religion Philosophy ANDY SAGAR Psychology : 8 R[ I AGAR CHARLES SCHAEFFER Chemistry WAYNE SELCHER Political Science RON SHlBER ' l Mathematics WALTER SHAW Dean of Student Affairs CARL SHL ' LL Music WAYNE SILCOX Director of Public Safetv CAROL SIMON Occupational Therapy M H MITER-SIMON " . ■ HARRY SIMMERS Music DON P. SMITH Physical Educaiton CHARLES C. SMITH WWEC ROYAL SNAVELY Counselor 3 ' DON SMITH Communication Arts MARTIN SPANGLER Chemistry NICK STAMOS Director of Food Semc.es JOHN STILES Music STAN] 1 } si rPHIN Religion Philosophy IJO SIMM! Ks SI I l ' IH - - .» GLENN THOMPSON Earth Science RANDOLPH TROSTLE Business BARBARA Tl ' LLEY Computer Science TAYLOR-U ' LLE ' i BELA VASSADY History SAMUEL WEAVER Business JOSEPH WHITMORE.JR. Physical Education iixii iii Library Staff: Michael Andrews, Khzabeth Miller, Ruth Mumaw, Grace Rhen, Y. Margaret Gabel, Doroth) Hamilton OWEN WRIGHT Physical Education VASSAin WRIGHT • SANDRA ZERBY Director of Admissions ROBERT ZIEGLER Education RICHARD ZUGAREK Computer Science Bookstore Staff: Susie Mease, Laura Rosing. Pat Miller Business Office Registrar: Rand GcntHcr. Robert Hollinger, Maria Horner. Nancy McCurdy. Gladys Singer. Man Ann Denlingcr. Debbie Booser.Mai} Frances oodall Gloria Hess, Helen Hosslcr. • Public Safety Rou 1: Wayne Silcox, Cindy Gruber, Monica Marzano. Dana Palmer Rou- 2: Jay Roberts, Tim Byerly, Cliff Shank. Greg Pugliese.Joe Ferko.John Fry. Pat Bailey, Lance Koons. Maintmanct rujf Rou ll.uk Keener, Jud) Rodgers K.r. Beck, Joe Gark, Harold Wile) Anna Mark Rou 2.- Dennis Greenland, Eugene Booth, Jed Greenly, Dam I Brown, Kevin N( . Barb Reutcr Row .}: Clyde Miller. Eugene Hart7ler. llarr Page. Richard Vi artel. Ervin Eckert.Jake Hi mckcr. Ja Burkins. Baron Wanner. Judi Ritter. Richard Bowers. Joelle Rilei Absent. Martha Shaffner, Henner FI .1 134 Admissions Sitting: Ella Howell. Jonathan Morel. Linda Heiser Standing: Gail Derek. Peggv Jo McSparren. Guy Cooper. Cafe Ron !: Yvonne Schwanger, Martin Cramer. Dons Brooks. Anna May Koscr, James Beamenderfer. Anna Billet. Romaine Garber. Donald Loser Ron 2: Cathv Heisev. Linda ( ramer, Randel Rossi, Ken Crum. Ruth F.ichler. Catherine Stark. Ralph Brill. Marge Conlon. Dottie Dickel. Lois YX ' itmer H5 . H. »• ' Win this one for the Gipper. — Knute Rochne Pat Williams. Philadelphia 76ers getter al manager, on his business relationship with owner Harold Katz: " He signed me to a multiday contra After watching Penn State beat Georgia in the Sugar Bowl. I reflected back on the Blue J.i s unblemished football record this past year. — Ross Cleveland Carol Mann, golfer, on the eu Orleans Saints ( nach Bum Phillips ' creu cut: " It reminds me of a good three won,: Whoever wants to know the heart and mind of America had better learn baseball, the rules and realities of the game — and do it by watching first some high school or small- town teams. — Jacques Barzun Bill Fitch. Boston Celtics coach, on the dif- ference betueen SBA and college officials: " Our guys are handling rush-hour traffic, and college guys can ' t even handle the Sunday drivers. " Don ' t look back. Something may be gaining on ou. — Satchel Paige " They had me contused with Steve Garw — Ed Garve). the SFLPA ' s executive di- rector after being booed b- matis of the 1.600 fans uho attended a Washington Redskins luncheon. Hugh Durham. Georgia basketball coach, on Us T2 " freshman center I ro Hitchcock, uho weighed onh ISO before tlte season be- gan. I le pulled l muscle in practice the other da) Thai was bad news because he had to practice, but it w.i good news because we discovered he had a muscle. " f§port - - c Soccer Once again the Jays put forth another exciting season as they finished with a record of 15-5-1. The highlight of the season was that the team equaled the record for most wins in a season. The Jays came on strong early in the season. At the start they were the winners over five other teams as they captured our own Blue Jay Classic. As a result, the team was ranked high in the national standings for Division III and stayed there for most of the season. Chris Craig led the scoring with nine while Craig Pursel and Duane Snavely scored eight and six goals respectively. At goal, Nick Broujos recorded 113 saves and six shutouts. Varsity Soccer EC OPP Blue Jay Classic Messiah 4 1 Wheaton 3 Houghton 2 1 OT Delaware 2 1 Juniata 6 1 franklin Marshall 2 Gettysburg 6 1 Glassboro State Phila. Textile 1 2 FDL -Madison 1 Dickinson 1 1 Kutztown State 2 1 Scranton 2 3 OT Wilkes 5 1 Trenton State 2 Susquehanna 2 () Salisbury State 3 2 Albright 1 1 1 . ming JL West Chester State 1 I Bucknell 2 MAC Championships Albright 2 3 ( AA first Round Messiah l Record 15-5.} 138 I- - • . ■« ' ' " ■■ » - Varsity: Row t: John Coftman. Jere Sollenberger, Doug Engle, Dave Kennedy, Craig Pursel, Duane Snavely Row 2: Ahmet Akincilar, Rob Fratanconi, Tim Moyer, Rudi Fischer. Phil Cook, Doug Peters Rou- 3. Asst. Coach Phil good, Nick Broujos, Ted Robinson. Fred Potts. Mark Ford. Barry Dohner, Tom Fratantom Row 4- Chris Craig. Greg Schoelkopf. Mike Feder- ici. Randy Lowe. Jett Poloway. Coach Owen Wright. 1 T his year ' s junior varsity soccer squad sported one of its best records ever of 10- 1-1. Coach Joe Whitmore saw a team which showed respect for teammates and opponents, a fighting spirit, and won with class while struggling hard in defeat. The team scored 45 goals while giving up only 12. Eleven different Jays had as- sists to 17 different Jays in scoring these 45 goals, while the keepers recorded five shut-outs. Dan Morris was first in assists and the second leading scorer. Davey Jones was second in assists and first in scoring. In fourteen years of coaching the junior varsity. Coach Whitmore would have to put this team in the top five that he has coached. JV SOCCER EC OPP Alumni 4 1 Delaware 1 1 Franklin Marshall 3 1 Gettysburg 5 2 Messiah 2 Dickinson 1 1 Scranton 2 3 Franklin Marshall 5 2 PSli Capitol Campus 6 Montgomery Com. Col. ? Millersville 8 Camp Hill Prison 1 Bucknell cancelled RECORD: 10-1-1 Junior Varsity Rou f; Dan Smith [ony Kowalewski, Shawi Isoi Ward Knerr, Jay Ferris, Don Haughion.Johi SnowRou 2 M Broadbent, Rand Bankcrt. Pete Lengle. Sum i [ " odd Bashore, Rob Hoch, Mike Dietrich Rou 1: Dav [ones Bill Young fohi Lesniewski, Itm Monteleone Rob M ' Chris Cook, Mxolisi Moyo R»u 4 Ross Vecchio Dan Morris, Paul M M rti Daw Bi ' ' ■ Paimisano, And McG B Havens, Vincenio Monica Ahteni Hugh S.ulK 140 . ,: Volleyball " This has been by far our best season ever, " said Coach Garrett. Certainly, this is true. After a record of 2-12 last year, the " volley girls " came on strong finishing with a 16-7 record this year. Coach Garrett attributes the team ' s success to the girl ' s positive attitude and pride as a team. " Even the girls who were on second team were dedicated. " This was the first year that players joined college volleyball with volleyball experience outside of in- tramurals or gym class. As far the " most valuable " or " most improved " players. Coach Garrett re- marked. " I really hate to single out one player. It ' s such a team game. " The final score for the season certainly evidences a team effort. l ' o le hit l Row 1: Cathy Carroll. Linda Warner, Tindvjones, Laurie Kendall Rou 2: Carol Willoughby, JoAnn Rent . Ellen Hoffman. Row .}.- Bill Helm, Tracy Thomas. Karen Lutz. Coach Robert Garrett Row 4: Suzanne Schmoll, Jeanette Khng. Sue Herrick. Missing from photo: Kathy Neyer and Pam Kellaher. Volleyball EC OFF Wilkes 2 3 Lehigh Com. Col. 3 PSU-York 2 Dundalk 3 franklin Marshall 3 York 3 1 PSU-Capitol .3 Western Man land 3 Dickinson 3 Gettysburg 2 Gallaudet 2 Moravian 3 1 Messiah 3 Shippensburg State 1 3 Juniata Albright 3 Susquehanna 3 l MA ( hampionships 1 rsin nton 2 Albright 2 1 Western Maryland 2 Juniata » 2 Millersville , Rei ord 16-7 112 Voiles hall Field Hockey Field Hockey Row 1: Shelbv Raudensky. Jennifer Everlet. Tammy Irwin, Edith Thompson (Co-captain). Kamille Kassees. Beth Bucher Row 2: Sharon Eby, Beth Shenenberger, Carol Murray. Lori Hartman (Co-captain). Barb Stewart. Sue Stone Row 3: Yvonne Kauffman (coach), Cheryl Ritter, Diann Steinmeier. Christine Orofrio. Alvson McGwire. Michelle Frizol. After 14 of the players returned from a memora- ble tour in England where they gained valuable experience, the field hockey team came back and finished with a 14-3-1 record. This team had the second best record of any team that Yvonne Kautf- man has coached. The team was ranked in the top four in the na- tional standings all season. Coach Kautfman felt that this was her best year as coach because the team had little or no internal problems so she could concentrate on developing plaving skills. Edith Thompson was a first team All-American player, In addition, she and Michelle Frizol were on the MAC All-Star team. Honorable mentions in- cluded Cindy Minor, Kamille Kassees, and Carol Murr As Kautfman said. " When we won. we won .is .i ream and even when we scored, it was through a i .mi ( ffi in and all the girl ' s realized that each player mad a i ontribution. " in Hey E-town! Varsity Field Hockey !.( Wilkes 1 Messiah 5 Last Stroudsburg State i 1 Shippensburg State V ' idener 5 Millersville State 2 1 Lebanon Valley 1 Dickinson — « 3 m u Franklin Marshall 3 York - Gettysburg 1 Albright ■ 2 Bucknell o Frostburg State 3 Western Maryland ' Scranton 2 1 MAC Championships Franklin Marshall 1 NCAA 2nd Round Denison 2 3 Record: 14-5-1 1 The field ' s too small ' 1-15 I . lie. Field Hockey ■«. JV Field Hociey Row I: Betsy Symonds, Diane McCartney, Phyllis Holton, Valerie Hiesterkamp, Chetyl Ritter, Beth Buckson Row 2: Linda Raber (coach), Jennifet Evetlet, Karen Fischer, Gerry Jacobs, Kim Page, Kathleen McKenna. Robin Idler, Kathy Youse (mgr.). The junior varsity Ladyjays had a winning season this year in field hockey. Led by Coach Linda Raber, the team worked hard. The dedication paid off as the team produced seven wins. Ten returning players gave the team some depth with experience. Being Raber ' s fourth year as coach, she feels that the team improves each year and she is definitely looking forward to the season to come. JV Field Hockey Wilkes EC OPP ? 1 Messiah 2 East Sttoudsburg Shippensburg State Widener 1 2 6 Millersville State 1) Dickinson i Franklin Marshall 1 York 1 1 Gettysburg Albright Bucknell 2 2 1 1 Frostburg 1 3 Western Maryland 3 1 Scranton 3 2 Record: 7-6-2 Field Hocke 14- Cross Country EC OPP X ilkes 35 24 Phila. Pharmacy 30 25 King ' s 41 19 Muhlenberg 39 20 Franklin Marshall 50 15 Albright 47 16 luniata 50 15 Dickinson 42 20 Western Maryland 41 20 Lebanon Valley 29 27 Swarthmore 47 16 York 31 24 Western Maryland 36 23 Phila. Textile 41 19 Messiah 37 22 Alvernia 20 36 Record: 1 -16 Cross Country Row 1: Coach Joe Torchia. Dave Dunlap, Sue Patton.John Curtin, Rick Wagner Rou 2: Rich Bentz, Debbie Fehr. Lee Davis. Francis Carleton Absent: Dave Lewis Cross Country The cross country team concluded what has to be described as an encouraging season. Although they finished with an unspecta- cular record of 1-16, they won their first meet in four years and made great progress in rebuilding a competitive team. In the MAC meet at Indiantown Cap, several fine perfor- mances were seen. In the women ' s competition. Debbie Fehr came in 46th with a respectable time of 21:46 over three miles. In the men ' s race, Frank Carleton Finished 23rd in a record for him over five miles of 26:42. Wrestling Row I: Charles Bergstresser, Pat Kane, Andy Pinter, Fred Engle. Row 2: Rich Bentz. Co-Captain John Kistler, Co-Captain Dave Chute. Kerry Holsinger. X restling Gettysburg Latayette Tour. Moravian Lebanon Valley VC idener York King ' s L rsinus Albright Delaware Glassboro Swarthrriore Millersville Western Maryland Susquehanna jttniata Messiah Lycoming Delaware Valley Record: 3-15 Wrestling is a sport of total dedication and strict discipline. The men who participated in this sport for the blue and the grey strove to live up to wrestling ' s expectations. The Blue Jay wrestlers were very young and small in numbers, but they did well. David Chute led th e team with his experience as a MAC champion and a nation- al finalist. John Kissler also contributed to the team through his many wins. Although inexperi- ence and lack of teammates hindered this team, the 1982 season was an excellent learning exper- ience and provided the team with good hopes tor next year. Wrestling . Men ' s Basketball IJO Men ' s Hoops Men ' s Basketball Row 1: Joseph A. Whitmore Jr. (Trainer), Jerry Snyder, Damian Burnside. Dave Thrailkill (Co-captain), Brian Crouse. (Co-captain I.John Custer. Mike Ochman Row 2: Don Smith (Coach), Mike Beaver, John Kennedy. Art George. Scott Evans, Pete Rothermel.John Schlottman. Paul Ebert. Ed Deitz, Scott Travor. Dan Reitmeyen Asst Coach) Absent: Neil Mansur The 1982-83 fighting Blue Jays Men ' s Basketball team set high goals for themselves and their accom- plishments were commendable. Ending with a three way tie for first place in their MAC division, the men brought back the meaning of a winning season to their team. Coach Smith, coach for thirteen years, was definitely satisfield with the performances ot his team. He felt that they played well and applied sound team concepts. The team had many close wins including a 5 point thriller over Widener Uni- versity, and a 1 point upset over Division II Millers- ville. Led by co-captains, Brian Crouse and Dave Thrailkill, and senior Neil Mansur. this Blue Jay basketball team pulled together after a shaky stand, and played quality ball. Pride, a positive attitude, and team work all contributed to their success. With a majority of the team returning next year another winning season is within their reach. Men ' s Basketba Haverford York Franklin Marshall Albright Susquehanna Millersville Franklin Marshall Gettysburg Dickinson Lycoming Widener Wilkes Albright Susquehanna Juniata 1 DU-Madison Lebanon Valley Phila. Textile Scranton King ' s I.vcoming Mci s Hoops 151 1 i 152 Men ! Hoops ' • t Men ' s Hoops 15 ■ • • V Women ' s Basketball 1M Second in Nation ii m srson h nna unwi stty The Lady Jays, a team of superior talent, poise and determination, had the desire to reach their ultimate goal one more time. With eight returning players, the women ' s basket- ball team had a tough season ahead of them. As the returning champions, they were ex- pected to be good, but with the slow start a tough battle lay ahead. Led by co-captains Peggy Longo and Nora Barlow, the team had a season of comebacks and few losses on route to a 23-5 record. m M» •i Women ' s Basketball Row I: Virginia Ray (star. I. Lisa Willing, Cindy Weaver, Pam Palmien. Page Lutz, Shern Kinsey, Kim Page i mgr | Row 2: Bill Earhart (asst. coach I. Kim Hayden. Cheryl Knotts, Peggy Longo (co-captain), Nora Barlow (co-captain). Shelly Parks. Jackie Brown, Mona Steinhauer. Yvonne Kauttman (coach). 155 • 156 Second in N Second in Nation 157 «• Women ' s Basketball OPP .Uft EC Immaculata 66 71 Trenton State 72 67 Bridgewater Kean 77 81 45 69 Shippensburg Widener 76 68 53 59 Albright Bucknell 80 64 50 66 Gettysburg Wilkes 83 86 63 55 Dickinson 88 39 Susquehanna 56 62 Juniata Salisbury St. Messiah 77 Phila. Textile 86 63 Western Maryland Franklin Marshall 92 84 36 30 Lycoming York P J 90 91 42 39 MAC Playoffs Scranton Susquehanna Millersville 61 49 70 59 58 57 NCAA P Scranton layoffs 65 47 Grove City 59 55 Kean 62 57 Clark 80 66 North Central (111.) 71 83 Record 23-5 i :. k 1 BASKETBALL NSyP HR Second in Nation V w Second in Nation 159 1000 Point Club This year E-town College added a fourth and fifth member to the women ' s basketball 1000 point club. On February 1 against Dickinson, Page Lutz scored 18 points in the first half to reach her 1000th point. Being a junior, Page has another year to play for the Lady Jays. She also displayed her talent as she received the MVP award for the National Cham- pionship Tournament. The fifth member to enter the club was senior Peggy Longo. As one of the co-captains, she was a strong leader of the team. On February 22 in the third quarter, Longo scored her 1000th point against Western Maryland. Peggj I ongo 1000 Pointers " Points Page Lutz 1 Bev Hall 2)Geri Bradley ))Page Lutz •4)Donna Mulder 5 (Peggy Longo 1286 1235 L213 1166 1125 160 Second in Nation E-town College has only one option: to be proud of their women ' s basketball team as they qualified for the National Championships for the second consecutive year since it be- gan. On March 16th the Lady Jays traveled to Worcester, Massachusetts to compete in the final four. The sweet taste of success still lingered about them and they wanted to prove that they were qualified to play with the best in the nation. The semifinals found the team displaying a repeat performance by beating Clark as they did last year. North Central was their next competitor. Although the Lady Jays lost the game 83-71. their achievements were more than commendable. In 1983 they were second in the nation, but when all is said and done thev will always be number one to us. Second in Nation 161 ' Swimming Men ' s Swimming Row 1: Pete Wilking, Tom Peiffer, Walt Hanneman, Suzette Desjardin {Asst. Coach). Row 2: Walter B. Shaw (Coach), Bob Utzinger, Bill Matson, Steve Swenson, Dave Parry, Men ' s Swimming EC OPP Lycoming 38 62 Western Maryland 42 57 West Chester 45 66 King ' s 61 50 Susquehanna 46 65 Swarthmore 42 69 Kutztown 41 48 Ursinus 43 54 York Loyola Record: 2-8 54 40 45 58 Women ' s Swimming Y.C OPP Lycoming SI 66 X cstern Maryland 60 20 1 rsmus ' ' »«) MMJJ 42 69 York 50 72 Millersvitii 62 76 Record: 1-4 16 wimminj; ' W « " ' • ;.«■ — ■ Swimming as a co-ed team, the Blue Jay swim- mers had a season of building and initiating many new members to the world of small college compe- tition. Dedication and undying team support pro- duced a team which set various school records and even some personal bests. Suzette Desjardin, who graduated from E-town last year, returned this year to assist Dean Shaw in coaching the team. From diving to the swimming relays, the effort put forth from this team illustrated their talent, although their record did not show their accomplishments. Dean Shaw feels that this team possesses much potentia and next year ' s season has the hopes of being their brightest season. Woman ' s Swimming Row 1: Robin Idler, Jenni Lachnicht. Mary Beth Bowen. Row 2: Suzanne Patton. Monica Marzano, Deb Crai£ Row 3: Sue Pickard. Michele Chierici, Karen Brune, Suzette Des|ardin (Asst. Coach). Row 4: Walter B. Shaw (Coach). Carol Brecht. Annette Davis. Karen Wolff. Cynthia Lyons. Swimminc 163 - I Softball OPP Juniata 4 7 7 10 Franklin Marshall 12 i York 4 11 Wilkes 8 4 1 : 13 Susquehanna Millersville 3 5 15 Messiah 1 5 Gettysburg 3 2 4 13 Dickinson 10 5 Record; 5-9 ] w 164 Softball ' • ' » m c After a horrendous season last year, a solid group of strong, new players helped to improve the team this year to a 5-9 mark. A large number of freshmen were especially responsible for this year ' s surge. Co-captain Beth Hilbert batted .381 to lead the team while Dianne Snyder was at .333- Freshmen Shelly Woodbury (2b), Carol Willoughby (c), Beth Bartnicki (3b), and sophomore Genie Willard (ss) proved a solid defense in the infield through the season. Willoughby led the team with 14 stolen bases and 19 runs scored. Karen Hubler and Jackie Jackson shared the pitching chores throughout the season. Softball Row ;.■ Beth Hilbert (co-captain), Kathy Boyle (co-captain) Row 2: Genie Willard, Nancy Boas, Dianne Snyder, Carol Willoughby, Shelly Woodbury, Lynn Neiswender, Julie Bannister Row }: Jackie Jackson. Beth Bartnicki, Janet Villano, Carla Mylin. Barb Blaschak. Karen Hubler. Barb Reucer (coach) Absent: Marge Henise. 165 Women ' s Tennis After losing defending NCAA singles cham- pion Beckie Donecker to graduation, the wom- en ' s tennis team was forced to rely on a few returning veterans and some good freshmen as the Jays finished 4-7. Since the Blue and Grey had no seniors this year, the team will have much experience and will be a much more competitive team next year. Women ' s Tennis York Franklin Marshall Albright Juniata Susquehanna Dickinson Gettysburg Muhlenberg Bucknell Radford MAC Playoffs Franklin Marshall Record: 4- 7 Itomw ' i Tmnis Rou 1: Yvonne Kaullman coach i. Lisa Grol ' t ' captain I. Ann Mumtotd icaptainl. Betsv Bender Rou 2: Karen Nitzsche. Stephanie Bissell. Beth Good. Tracev Thomas ! ' Tennis mTrm ' » « Men ' s Tennis Men ' s Tennis Row 1: Joe Kramer (co-captain). Bob Garrett (coach), Dave Cressman Row 2: John Arndt. Daryl Tunno, Mike Heisler (co-captain). Men ' s Tennis EC OPP Shippensburg Ursinus 4 7 5 2 Scranton 4 5 Lycoming Albright Wilkes 7 4 9 2 5 Phila. Textile 8 1 Susquehanna Gettysburg MiUersville 7 8 2 1 8 York 9 Franklin Marshall 1 8 Dickinson 4 5 Juniata 8 1 Lebanon Valley Record 9-6 8 1 With a strong overall team, the men ' s tennis squad finished 9-6 and made a strong run for the MAC title. With a 4-1 record in the MAC, the Jays lost only to Albright 5-4. Joe Kramer led the first team position tor the entire year finishing at 19-11. In doubles play Pivush Chowhan and Dave Cressman finished at 10-2 while John Arndt and Rich Kidron were 8-1. 167 Baseball , Coach " O ' is leaving for LaVcrnc M ' r ' , w - 0 Baseball Row 1: Scott Vaz, Charlie Att2 (captain), Roy Bickel (captain), Allan Rossi (captain), Jeff Hattman Row 2: Owen Wtight (coach), Robert Christ, Stephen Roberto, Ray Bendas, Grant Miller, Bill Walsh Row 3, ' Jere Sollenberger, Herb Miller, Mike Childers, Ray Caucci, Scott Witmer Row 4: Bill Havens, Buddy Buzzard, Dan Morris, Tom Deardorff, Cindy Erisman (stat.). After a memorable spring baseball tour in Florida, where the Jays on the tournament trophy, the men ' s baseball team returned home for one of their best seasons ever. The team went on to win 22 games breaking the old mark of 18. Most importantly the blue and grey earned a berth in the NCAA Nationa- lis. Although the Jays lost the first and only two games, it was an accomplish- ment just to make the tournament. Senior speedster Charlie Artz broke several single season records. Artz whitewashed the stolen base record of 26 by swiping 37. He also scored 31 runs to establish a new record. Senior pitcher Roy Bickel was the strong arm of the hurling staff. Bickel appeared in 15 games going 6-3 with a 2.06 ERA. Herb Miller had the second lowest ERA of 2.29 while going 3-1. This year the batters did help the pitchers, for a change. The team post- ed a .319 batting average. Jere Solen- berger had the highest batting average of .420 while Miller had a .412 average. Other hitters included Artz (.368), Ray Caucci (.337), Scott Vaz (.324), Steve Roberto (.316) and Mike Childers (.309). .and taking half the team with him ' 169 - K ' PO Lets play Taterball • ' . Baseball EC OPP EC The Citadel 2 10 Rochester 12 6 Shippensburg 11 7 California St. (PA) 5 6 St. Joseph ' s 6 5 Ursinus 6 4 Alvernia 8 5 7 3 Juniata w 2 1 5 11 Norwich 1 6 7 York 9 3 3 9 Shippensburg 5 2 Franklin Marshall 2 1 Wilkes 4 3 9 Maryland-Baltimore Co. 2 9 2 5 Millersville 9 10 Albright 1 2 4 1 Muhlenberg 3 2 4 PSU- Capitol 19 3 Susquehanna 6 9 3 1 Lebanon Valley 10 1 Dickinson 6 5 14 3 Messiah 2 5 8 4 Phila. Textile 9 3 2 11 MAC Plavo l Upsala NCAA Playoffs 4 7 Marietta (Ohio) 2 3 Ohio Northern 5 6 Record: 22-16 1 w H ifl 171 Intramural Champs Fall Flag Football Champs Founders D-3 Rou .John Seivwnght, Rob Christ, Allan Brookhart, Mike Ohm, Ben Buhl Row 2: Mark Smith. Paul Batastini. Mark Sohns Row }: Rich McAllister Dan Thomas, Chtis Forsythe, Mike Meiskey, Troy Galbreath, Rob Sylvestri, Daryl Tunno.Jay Halitzer, Ted French, James Pierson, Kirk El- dridge. n r j " . .. • . , -.- . Volleyball Champs Founders A-2 Row Jen Eviler, Deb Fouse Row 2: Gerry Jacobs, Cheryl Ritter, Shelly Woodbury, Beth Spangler, Pam Craig. 173 f t m itfel 1 JBT Bft 1 ■.■ ' ;: - I K J92 . j m! 5 ' ' i L 1 i pij iQisjr it jBH . ' 1 . ' ' « " A Alew ' 5 " i " League Basketball Champs Row 1: Rick Mertz, Brian Snyder, Tim Hand Row 2; Rob Poorman, Mark McNaughton. Roy Bickel. Neil Mansur fcoach Reiner, Scott Vaz. ■il Dave ' 174 UJ Women ' s Basketball Champs (left to right) Tammy Irvin, Shelby Raudensky, Holly Engle, Kathy Neyer, Sharon Eby. 175 With three or more people there is something bold in the air: direct things get said which would frighten two people alone and con- scious of each inch of their nearness to one another. To be there is to be in public, you feel safe. — Elizabeth Bo wen Infinitely often it is clear that we appreciate, even respect — not a multitude — but ten people gathered in a room, each of whom, taken by himself, we consider of no account. — Giacomo Leopardi A really busy person never knows how much he weights. — Edgar Watson Howe If you want work done well, select a busy man: the other kind has no time. — Bert Hubbard No one is so busy as the man who has noth- ing to do, — I ' nknowu It is better to waste one ' s youth than to do nothing with it at all. — George Courteline A moment ' s insight is sometimes worth a life ' s experience. — Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. The quality of life is determined by its activi- ties. — Aristotle Signups were held today for volunteer cam- pus organizations. As usual, the selection committee had a difficult time choosing from the thousands of enthusiastic appli- cants. — Charlie Artz An " egghead " is one who stands firmly on both teet in mid-air on both sides ot an issue — Homer Ferguson The only things in life in which we can be said to have am property, are our actions. — C.C. Col ton Clubs. rm ■ ■ • . , Conestogan Staff Row 1: Pam Vnenchak.Judy Corona, Ross Cleveland, Jackie Cain. Row 2: Diane Dillon, Adnanne Albano, Rose Montague. Mabel Sweitzer, Sherry Rarick. Betsy Bender. Cindy Ensman. Photography Editor Sports Editor Activities Editor Clubs Editor Bill Mack Cindy Erisman Pam Vnenchak Jackie Cain Contributing Layout Staff: [ill Abood. Adrianne Albano, Betsy Bender, Judy Corona, Sandy DeCarlo, Diane Dillon, Cheryl Evers, Mary I.ongenecker. Rosalie Montague, Lynn Neiswender. Sherry Rarick, Celine Salamone, Mabel Sweitzer, Janet Villano, Karen Wolf; Elizabeth Ziegler. Contributing Photography Staff: Marty Brumme. Rich Duggan. Karen McCall, Tom Neiss, Dan Nixon. Kim Page, Debbie Simmler, Susan L. Smith, Mona Steinhauer, Rob Thomas, Ross Vecchio. A special thanks goes out to all of people who made the 1983 Conestogan a success. Special thanks goes out to Ken Baylor and Tern Hoffman in public information, Herff Jones Publishers, who published the book, and to Mike and Barb Gilroy who had much patience and consideration when I asked for advice. Great job yearbook staff members! Ross Cleveland Editor-in-Chief ' lubs Yearbook Photographers (left to right): Ross Vecchio, Karen McCall. Marty Brumme, Tom Neiss, Dan Nixon. Bill Mack (Photo Editor). Radio Station Ulf ' EC Rou I: Phyllis K Dayton (Supervisor I, Jane Hawley (Productions Ditectoti. Mindy Elmer (Traffic Director I Row 2: Mary Batrl Promotions Director). Trina Meyers (News Director), Chris Dowdell (Music Director), Tim Kershner (Station Manaj;etl, Scott Vaz (Copy Director), Mr. Charles C. Smith I Advisor). Clubs • APB Executive Committee Rou .Joe Barrett (Movies); Karen Eastridge (Secretary), Terri Nellans (Publicity], Laura Goldy, (Vice Pres), Jacki Hagmayer (Publicity); Scott Miller (President) Row 2: Ed Ebling (Treasurer); Andy Wasilisin (Dances); Roy Meyer (Research); Mike Fuhr (Special Events). Stu ievt ctuteRou K bridge. Marion Ward, Cathy Ebersole, Bob farter. Robin Bla ina. Sue Patton. Al Rossi Rou 2 .-Mary Ann Calderone. Mar) Walters, line Hawley, Phyllis Dayton Karen 1 1 isi |ohn Gleim. Glende Smith. Ed Kron Row .i: Brant Bickel, Colleen Coohcan.John Colfman. Dave Hickernell, Donna Iraunfelter, Tern Nellans, Dune lord. I. aura Bauer. Tim Bowman. Duane Armstrong. Gretchen Schlicher Rou 4- ' Joyce mw lord, Joe Barrett, Leslie Shaw Sui Pickard Paul Batastini, Brad White, Su( , rn r. Dan Hammond. Curt Welty, James loresman, Sherry Rarick, l.vnne Anderson, Dean Shaw. ISO i Etwonian Editors Rou I: Ross Cleve land fSportsi. Don I ' mberger (Business), Cathy Ebersole (Editor-in-Chief), Becky Zimmerman (Layout) Rou- 2: John Ga vin (Opinions i. Keith Myers (Opinions I Phyllis Dayton (Features). Liz Bauer (News), Mike Fedenci (Opinions!. Rich Duggan (Photograph ' , ! Circle K Rou 1: Rosalie Montague. Beth Metzger Rou 2: Tina Garrison. Sandy Stothoff. Nancy King (Vice Pres), Debbie Trainer. Ten Rhen Rou 3: Amy Studenmundjoy McBeth. Kath- ryn King (Secretary -Treasurer. Joanne Zcrbe. Nancy Smith ' President). Cindy Ensman. Karen Wolffe. Marketing Club Row I: Tricia Marrero. Michelle Ryan. Connie Vathis, Lois Powers. Karen Hinerdeer. Amy Straub. Laura Farver Rou 2: Beth Parti, Becky Love, Karen Wingenroth. Teresa Ma- crina. Suzanne Shear, John Arndt. Clubs 181 l- I 1 ft- ' . Sock and Buskin Rou I: Deb Wood Rou 2: Ingrid Gaither. Sue Blomster, Melanie Miles (Treasurerl, Nancy Wellons, Maryann Calderonei President I Row i: Alan Hair, Elaine Weller (Secretary), Beth Bowser, Christi Schultz. Delphi Society (lejl to right) Rou I: Miss Martha I pple) advisor), Tammv Irvin. Relx. CI Love, I aura Bauer. Holli Kn le. Barbara Lockard Rou 2: Kimberb Re buck, Diane Ford. Deborah Trainer, Pamela Miller. Lynn Barbour. Noreen Lowndes Rou .1: Diane White, Gia Altoman, l ebra Rill. Sherie Rarick. Janet Villano. Miss Beverly Piscitelli rou J: f urns lleise Thomas Mortal, I rmij Bright, Gerald Hacr. Dr John Rami, Dr O ■■ Stambaugl Ah ent Kn nc llotlmjn. Marion Karen Lease. Kim Whalen. Ms Anna Carper. Mr Carl Campbell. • Math Club Row I: Karen Freed (Sec), Krisrel Mill- er. Tam Wolf (Co-Pres.l, Mary Yingling (Co-Pres.) Row 2: Rav Kreiser. Valerie Pecha. Berh Hilbert, Laura Bauer fV ) A Psychology Club (left to right): Kachy Cheeks. Kavann Heltzel. Debbie Graves. Sheila Reardon, Susan Marlatt, Dave Hick- ernell, Aleli Almano. Michelle VC ' aldron. Education Club Sitting: Julie Hilliard (Sec. Tres.), Shelb Raudenskv iPres.l, Colleen Coolican (V. Pres.h Barry Dohner. Wendy Barret:, Karen Eastridge, Nanc) Scon. Peggj lord. Martha Falkensteen Standing: Cheryl Evers. Dons VC ' enger. Sue Mehl. Sandy Stothoff, Eileen Cnm. Rebecca Zimmerman, Sue Schneider, Carol Hopcke, Michelle Messinger, Ginnie Howard. 183 i a- -w- V fl 3 £ ! Modern Language Club Row I: Kim Page. Kim Hayden. Cvnthia Paulus Row 2: Deb Short. Regina Cooks. Karen Howes. Elyse Fratantoni. Rich Moyer. Marion Ward. Accounting (luh (Kneeling): Doug Rinehart, Ed Ebling.John Bonawitz, Alexa Hardysh, Donna Hull. Anne Focrster. Beth Spangler.Judv Anderson. Tami Wood. Tracer Gocwalt. Cr stal Painter, Shellv Hoover, Lien Dang, Tom Morral Pres I, Beth Shenenbergcr (Treas I Standing: Kk k Morral. Mark Smith (Pub Rel i. Ted French. Carl l.emastra. Sharlesh Megta Mark Jordan. I.oren Martin. Matt Miller. Lisa Keane. Rob Poorman. Lori Snyder. Mike Reiner. Rosalie Montague. Herb Miller. Kevin Wilkie. Todd Nave. loAnne Ware. Sue Pretto. Andrea Lesko. Kath Never. Gloria Gibson. Laura Fccille. Leonora Lucchessi, Janet Raveur. Lisa (outer Absent: Lori Zeiglei Sec i. I.vnne Anderson iVice Prt 1X1 Clubs - Cheerleaders Standing: Diane Dillon. Tern N ' ellans, Larrain Hultberg, Grace Smith. Cher l Benner. Deb- bie Nicklaus On Top: Renea Caljean. Rosie Pugliese. Student Affiliates of the A.C.S. Row I: Rav Kahler. Karea Wrona, Kathy Heindel Row 2: Dan Smith. Laura Mertikas, Bob Bitner (Treas.l. Susan Van Street. Dr. Schaeffer (Advisor), Alyce Dengler. Mabel Switzer.Jim Foresman Row 3: Mark Montz.Joe Albanese, Tom Lehman. Scott Stauffer, Tern Rehn. Chuck Richwine. Gia Altoman (Pres), Ken Gleim, Dave Richards Absent: Ashlev Shenk (Seel -4 ■ A Campus Fellowship Row I: Tricia Lawrence, Sharon Pierce. Holly Hardaway, Joanne Zerbe, Colette Brown Row 2: Tracev Young, Andrea Linder. Iud Judd. Shelly Woodbury, Joanne Kimball. Kav Ann Hertzel, Lisa Forscht. Angie Fogle. Row 3: Lorn Mitchell. Cornelia von Lersner. Stephanie Schuler. Kathy McKenna, Jetf Koenig, Ross Cleveland Row 4; Scott Trayer, Sue Patton. Gave Smith, Terry Derr, Jenny Winters, Shelby Raudenskv. Tammy Irvin Clubs 185 i- i Pre-Health Professions Club Row .-Jerry O ' Malley. Ray Kahler, Tom Neiss, Kathy Heindel Row 2: Barb Snyder. Gerry Baer, Sharon Corretore, Leanna Muntzenberger, Terri Rehn (Sec-Treas.) Steve Pease. Pam Huntzenberger Rou i: Chuck Richwme, Dome Rodgers, Karel KeiterlVice Pres. I.Joe Schultz. Gia Altoman (Pres), David Mastrota. M.E.N.C. Club Rou I: Lynn Barbour. Flame Weller. Cindy Sagolla, Jennifer Winters Lautl I owenbtc h, Janet C lark Mi tisn 1 unbelt Dr Darrein Rou 2: Margaret Lorenzen. Beth Bowser. Sylvia Moot Heidi Schweitzer. Pam Blake Rou I: Lynn Swan I Uen W hital re, Alan Man. Janet VilUno, Pete Gialloreto. Corinne Fool »■ Computer Science Club Row 1: Nancy Simon, Rose Nisslcy, Diane Annis, Elaine Sabath Row 2: Judy Gutshall, Carol Kimley, Eric Luckenbaugh, Deb Simon, Glenn Johansen Row i: Deb Gable, Maura Herlihy, Tom Berry, Kelly Williams. Jill Abood. Psi-Chi Row 1: Dr Len Eiserer, Linda Krall. Barbara Baeckert Row 2: Dr Paul Dennis. Dr. Del Ellsworth, Dr. Judith McLaughlin. Social Work Row I: Audrey fohnson, Liz Weitzmann, Ginnv Sickel. MolK Hanson Row 2: Dave Shaw. Kithj Cam. Carol Smith. Maria Long. Patr Madet. Joanne Zcrbc Row }: Esther Rudv. Karen Nelson, Kenda Hill, Nancy Stein, Beth Wellritz, Lisa Trimmer. 187 Photography Club Silling: Kevin Breighner (Sec). John Steinbach (V. Pres.l, Sue Smith (Pres.l. Adam Hohenwarter (Pres.l. Glenda Smith (Tres.). Karen YX ' rona Standing: Pattv Capone. Cathv Wagner. Rav Kahler. Curt Fleisev. Dianne Steinmeier. Alvse Ford. Aleh Almario. OT Club Rou I: Angela Fogle, Kay Ann Fietzel, Kath Stadler, Andrea Linder, Deb Rider. Pam Craig. Karen Skovira Rou 2: Kris Hoffman. Barb Lockard. Laurie Oliver, Dottie Jacoby. Lisa Forscht. Joanne Andreskv. Dina Werkley. Tracy Young, Sue Arter. om Lowndes. Nancy Yarnell. ♦v l v n Sk Aoiiiil 1 Wt ' . 11 , jr ' - Concert Choir Rou I: Michele Arnold. NanC] Norn u V( in I M li B cr. Sher- r Rjrak. Michele Zimmerman. Scott Miller. Dehra K N Scott, Dawn Winei. Pamela Miller. Steve Simmers. Steve Faus. Cind Paulus. Kavlor. Laura Lowcnbach, Ellen Vt ' hi- I ' . nald Loser Richard Moyer, Daml Brown, Angle Fogle. John Cotlman. Kath Get? Rou 2: Pete Gialloteto. A ! Chris Casanaugh. lacquehne ( .»- • Pierce. Winey, Dtvid lewis. Corm I. ersner. Daniel Smir unbelt, Deanna Dibert. leflres Rill •- - .- ■m. Campus Gold Row 1: Tracey Yang, Denise Starl, Allyson Rider, Kristin Fink Row 2: Cheryl Terbot. Joni Humpert. Diane Ford Absent: Kim Page. Alpha Mu Club Row .-Jane Anderson, Margaret Lorenzen, Janet Villano, Lynn Barbour, Sylvia Moot Rou 2: Kathy Meade, Gwen Kenyon, Beth Metzger, Robin Lilarose, Diane Bisher, Janice Mills, Pam Blake Rou 3: Heidi Schweitzer, Pam Miller, Debbie Trainer, Sherry Rarick, Jennifer Winters, Karin Crum, Melissa Lambert Row 4: Lynda Swan, Greg Cooney, Elaine Weller, Chris Dowdell, Amy Porter. Gaye Smith. ■ E-loun goes Hauiijt: Rou (.John Lcsniewski. Ted Robinson. Ian Wright, Nick Brou|Os. Ross Vecchio. Chris Craij; Row 2: Craij; Purccll, Randv Lowe. Rod - ght, Roh McMurtrie, Lisa Willing, Jackie Brown. ' Weaver, Page Lutz. Kim Ha Jen. Owen Wright Rou }: Paul McMurtrie. left Poloway, Chris Sherri Kinsej . Mona Steinhauer. Virginia Rav. Yvonne Kauttman. Clubs 189 SAM Club Ron I: Louise Heist I Public Relations), Fred Potts (Vice-Pres. I, Laura Goldy (Pres). Bob L ' tzinjier (Treas.l. Lisa Loercher I Sec. I Row 2: Anne Foerster.Judv Anderson, Sue Good. Deb Gable, Michelle Cherici, Matt Richards, Eileen Harman, Chris Malone, Becky Love, Janet West. Pat Ray, Kathv N ' euman, Deb Wood, Gail Reid, Wes Terrv. Jeff Ivory Row 1: Rov Mever, Dave Chute, Scott Lied, Mark Speitel, Rich Dove, Mike Reineer, Kevin Brei hner, Don t ' mberger, Guy Creep. Craig Lengenfelder. Physics Club Rou I: Karen rise. her. Ke .in Warner ■ Pres Paul R Milot. Ross Cleveland. Dr Richard Bowman Rou 2: Mr Hubert ( uster. Steve Mi Kee. [ohll Gleim, Ken Gleim Abstnt: Boh Bum ■ Mik dinger. l ' i (luhs Urn - John Door News: Mike Fuhr (Editor) Clubs 101 English Club Row I: Fran DeSalvol President I, Diane White I Vice Pres), Elizabeth Weitzmann. Elizabeth Eastwood-Ziegler. Charlie Zeiders. Rich Gregory Rou 2: Mary Barr, Douj; Campbell. Dr. Carmine Sarracino, Cherie Ankeny (Sect Treasurer). Dr. John Rohrkemper, Lon Donotrio Absent: Chris Achenbach, David M. Bear. Shawn Herbert. Jessica Lunbeck, Ann Behj;, Emily Duzey. Advocates or Peace Rou I: Lisa Trimmer. Carol Murray, Beth Bowser, Deb Rill Rou 2: John Schumate. David Shaw. Dr. Gene Clemens. Richard Moyer. Ed Kron. Alpha P t Omega- Deb Wood, MaryAnne Calderone, Stc c Shellc [Advi Michele Zimmerman. Chris Cavanaugh. Sue Blomster Absent: Barbara l.ockard. HolK llardawji i lubi m ' m «■ 4Lm 4i f ' S 1 £ Class Offic ers Senior Class Officers (Left to Right): Lynne Anderson (Vice Pres.), Pam " Pooper " Craig (Presidentl, Peg Langc (Treasurer). Dave Gui (Advisor) Absent: Terry Yesalavage (Secretary). Junior Class Officers: jane Hawley (Presidentl. Dianne White (Vice Pres), Julie Hilliard (Treasurer). Sophomore Class Officers: Edward Kron i Pres i. Mardette Cross i V.P.i. Tom Beth Spangler (Secretar) I Ambrosino (Sec). Tami Cutilli (Treas.). Freshman Class Officers (Right to Left): La Bauer [Vice Pres.). Lisa Galgcn, (Sec). Sue Baker (Pres). Linda Brecht (Treas. I. Clubs Life is an arrow — therefore you must know what mark to aim at, how to use the bow — then draw it to the head, and let it go. — Henry van Dyke Sir, a woman ' s preaching is like a dog ' s walk- ing on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all. — Samuel Johnson VX ' hatever women do they must do twice as well as men to be thought halt as good. Luck- ily, this is not difficult. — Charlotte W ' hitton Former Mayor of Ottaua He that has done nothing has known noth- ing. — Thomas Carlyle u matter how much faculty of idle seeing a man has, the step from knowing to doing is rarely taken. — Emerson The test ot an) nun lies m action. — Pindar In the area of " human life the honours and rewards fall to those who shoyv their good qualities in action. — Aristotle No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted. — Aesop It is better to wear out, than rust out. — Richard Cumberland The majority prove their worth by keeping busy. A busj life is the nearest thing to pur- poseful life. — Eric Hojjer There are four sorts of men: He who knows not and knows not he knoyss not: he is a fool — shun him; I Ic who knows not and knows he knows not he is simple — teach him; He who kno ss and knows nut he knoy s he is asleep - wake him; He who knows and knows he knows he is wise — follow him. — « ) Hn r ton { Activities- Freshman Orientation i how were rhe initiations ' i Parents Weekend Parents Weekend is a yearly event, and was introduced as a means of familiarizing parents with the college activities and entertainment. The weekend also gives parents the chance to live in a college setting, and become familiar with college life. On tap this weekend was an assembly to welcome parents and guests by President Ebersole and Dean Shaw. Following this on Saturday was a brunch in Myer and a reception with faculty and administration. A soccer game followed as the Blue Jays took on FDU-Madison. Following the game a reception was held at the home of President and Mrs. Ebersole. On Sunday parents attended the Interdenominational worship service in Rider Chapel, and had breakfast in Myer. i .1 pop? . Concerts The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra and Doc Severinsen, two big names in the music world not normally associated, came together on Tuesday, October 12 in Thompson Gym. An enthusiastic crowd ot approximately 2000 listened apprecia- tively as Doc and the Orchestra dazzled them with a show that will be remembered for quite some time. Thompson Gym was filled with the sounds of a different type of rock concert — the first one of its kind in almost ten years. On September 16, the Benny Hester Band, a popular Christian rock group from California, played to an audience of a thousand enthusi- astic music fans and curious music critics. The campus event was planned as a result of the interest of a minority group on cam- pus. The APB. the Chaplain ' s Office, and the local Brethren Christian Fellowship all worked together to promote the event. The warm-up band. Christian Stevens, came on after a long delay. The two musi- cians, Michael Christian Shaw and Robert Steven Miller played folk guitars and a piano repertoire. Concerts 199 ' -. ■•- i Homecoming 1982 St. • fc ■I This year ' s traditional student Midway behind Brinser included games, the Freshman Kissing Booth, painter ' s hats, and of course food. The BSC terrace came alive with the sounds of international music and the aroma of delicious foods from all over the world at the International Cafe sponsored by the Foreign Language Club. The highlight of Saturday afternoon came when Milton Berle took to the stage in the Thompson Gym. He kept the audience laughing with jokes from his routine, and he brought along film clips from the Golden Age of Comedy. During halftime of the soccer game against Salisbury State, the Homecoming Court was presented and Louise Heist was crowned 1982 Homecoming Queen. Later in the afternoon, the Alumni Auditorium was swinging to the tunes of our own Jazz Band. On Saturday night, Thompson Gym was the setting for the Alumni Student Dinner. Once again, the palates of E-town were tantalized by the culinary talents of Nick Stamos and his staff. In Founder ' s lounge, students danced the night awav to the spinning discs of Slow Steve. I- ; 11 , Ifj HA H r i 4 i- Id J J ■ ' W «r fc " The Politics of Energy " was the theme for this year ' s Emphasis Week. The series of week long lectures and activities fea- tured former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall and Senator Mark Hatfield of Oregon. Udall opened the week on October 4 with his speech on the topic, " Energy: The Nettle No One Wants to Grasp. " Hatfield took to the podium on Octo- ber 6 to speak on the topic of " Power and Your Elected Representatives. " Prior to his speech, a group of students held a rally for Hatfield. The students expressed their appreciation of Hatfield ' s record against student funds cutbacks. In tune with the theme, students trav- eled to Knoxville, TN to visit the 1982 World ' s Fair. S9£ 4. Emphasis Week im ,isa sss! 5EHA7W THE 1982 m ' • ' ■ I ' Wff: T ; H AUri-OCTOMftJf KMOXmLfTfN • fta Am « - Student Talent Show Student stars sparkled in the third annual Sock Buskin talent show presented on I night, October 22 in the AA. Sponsored by the campus drama society Sock Buskin, the talent show is a benefit performance, and proceeds from tickets went to the Heart Association. Master of Ceremonies, John P. Gavin, brought together 22 musical and variety acts into the benefit production. In addition to the many vocalists presented, two bands and specialty acts including a tap duo by Deb Trainer and Laura Bauer, a heckling act by Melinda Grabbs, and a magic act routine by Marty Brumme were also featured. Break .. 1 1 Royer Roaring 20 ' s The Roaring 20 ' s came back to lite when Rover held its first theme weekend on November 12, 13, and 14. Royer Dorm Council, which consists of four officers and twelve members, planned the weekend which held many different events. Alter " The Sting " was shown in the EA on Fridav, evervone was invited to dress up as their favorite gang- ster or flapper and dance the night away in Founders on Saturday. At midnight the best dressed gangster or flapper won a $35 gift certificate to English brothers. The winner was flapper Lisa Walinski. An antique car show was scheduled for Sunday but was cancelled because of the weather. On Sunday evening, " Bonnie and Clyde " was shown in Royer basement. ft m •■ w Volleyball Marathon At nine o ' clock on November fifth over two hundred college students and faculty entered the " twilight zone " and battled with insomnia throug h the night until the next afternoon. Actually, the intent was to play twenty-four hours of volleyball for the Seventh Annual Crop Volleyball Marathon. At the successful completion of the marathon, they had earned more than three thousand dollars in pledges to help world hunger. All proceeds from the marathon went to CROP, the commu- nity fund raising and educational arm of the Church World Service. The money went to help feed some of the 900 million people in abject poverty. The marathon champion team was captained by Beth Shenen- berger and included Shelby Raudensky, Sharon Eby, Lori Hart- man, Tammy Irvin, Herb Miller, Jim Boris, Don Fitzkee, and Dennis Ginder. For their victory they received free marathon t- shirts. 1 The Community Hunger Appeal :w APB Halloween Weekend Halloween marked APB ' s theme weekend this year. Activities for the weekend included: an " Assassin " game where 250 people tried to eliminate each other with plastic toy guns, a " Haunted House Hall " on Founders C-2. dance with Magnum. Big Brother Big Sister Dav. pumpkin carving con- test, pie eating contest, and DEVO consert. ■ 210 Halloween 82 r Who is that masked mar. I - - Early in November campus theater put up the curtain for the first play production of the year with " The Water Engine. " It is the story of Charles Lang, a factory worker who invents an engine which runs on water. Due to big business pressure, he is harrassed to sell the rights to his magnificent engine. When he doesn ' t do so, his life is put i n jeopardy. Portraying Charles Lang was Chris Cavanaugh. Other " radio actors " and the characters they portrayed are: Peter La Rocca as Mr. Gross; John F. Hunt, a non- student, as Lawrence Oberman; Brent Hoar as Dave Murray; Robert George, a 1971 graduate, as Mr. Wallace; Michael Worman, a non-student, as Bernie; Dianne Kee as Mrs. Varec; and Ingrid Gaither as Rita. Performing as the radio sound effects man was Tim Kershner, and serving as the stage manager was Sue Whitting. The production was the first for Ty Greiner as the new campus theater director. ■ H W. H J 12 The Water Engine «■ «■ - ■ WW m,- A 1% . V i 1 You said you wanted to travel. ' On December 1 you could have had the chance to take a trip to visit Disney World and the new Epcot Center in Florida. This second annual tripping contest was sponsored by APB. Almost 340 tickets were sold for S2 each. Each person was required to bring a packed suitcase to the beach party in the AA. First prize of a trip to the new Florida Epcot Center was awarded to Jim Heffley. " Out of the goodness of his heart, " Heffley gave the trip to two friends, Betty Wilkes and Carol Smith. Second prize of a dinner for two at Three Center Square went to Kenda Hill. Trish Marrero won the third prize of a $10 gift certificate at For Every Ear. Hello Florida! Christmas 214 . Religious Clubs Weekend The religious fellowship groups provided the campus with a new and interesting Theme Weekend. Thursday was " Soup Day " when students ate soup for lunch with the benefits going to a Cambodian refugee family living in Elizabethtown. A book table was set up in the BSC. Friday ' s Events included a " Singspiration " held in Rider as well as a Coffee House featuring the Harvest Band, Greg Miller and student enter- tainment. Saturday began with a morning gathering in South Hall to pray and meditate for world-wide and campus con- cerns. In the afternoon there were several speakers. The high- light of Saturday ' s festivities was Square Dancing in the Alumni Auditorium. Following was a dance featuring con- temporary Christian and popular music. The Weekend wound down on Sunday with the Rider chapel service. Sherrv Albert, a sign language interpreter and instructor, performed in the afternoon. Religious Clubs Weekend S.T.E.P. 1983 1 m (1 A Jim W • « n i irwmx T Kj 1 - P • w A j.T.E.1 • I Am torn M k , :i " Blizzard of ' 83 218 Blizzard of 83 ' - H MMm - w f Blizzard of ' 83 210 Brinser " JELLO " Weekend Spring semester kicked off with a winner of a weekend courtesy of Brinser Dorm Council. The Casino weekend got off to a wild start with " JELLO Wrestling " in Thompson Gym. Some of the campuses more daring personalities took to the cold, sticky ring. Later the annual Casino was held in Founders which featured campus talent, games and horse races at regular intervals. Miss Male E-town How about those legs, girls! Fourteen of the finest males on campus assembled in the AA on February 18 to decide who would be crowned " Miss Male E-town 1983. " After two hours of quality entertainment, Miss Nick Broujos was crowned the winner. Masters of Ceremonies, Fran DeSalvo and Dan Nixon, guided the contestants through the various competitions such as formal gowns, bathing suit, and talent. How about those legs, girls! 221 Founders Funtastic Weekend The weekend of March 18-20 was truly a " Funtastic Weekend " courtesy of Founders Dorm Council. The weekend got off to an amaz- ing start with handwriting analysis in the BSC and ESP hypnosis demonstrations in Thompson Gym by " Mr. Amazing. " The highlight of Satur- day was the Dominant Dorm contest. Ober proved to be the winner for 1983. On Sunday the winners of the " Breakfast in Bed Raffle, " A-2 Founders, were served their meal. The weekend came to a close with a coffeehouse in Founders Lounge. Throughout the weekend students signed the " World ' s Longest Letter to a College President " to put E-town in the world records book. Urn • Stuff those marshmallows and throw up the soda, boys ' 223 Campus Theatre presents Campus Theatre presented its spring comedy, " The Curious Savage " , for two weekends in mid April. The play, written by playright John Pat- rick, was under the direction of Ty Greiner. The cast included Ethel, Emily Duzey; Flor- ence, Linda Brecht; Hannibal, Richard Moyer; Fairy May, Sue Blomster; Jeffrey, Peter Giallor- eto; Mrs. Paddy, Barb Lockard; Samuel, Norm Yeater; Lily Belle, Alecia Masood; Miss Wilhel- mina, Deb Wood; Dr. Emmett, Peter LaRocca ' 82; Titus, Harry Page. P I he Curious Savage ' Ai - fr : »- »».=,• ; Woodstock Weekend The dorm councils of Ober and Schlosser provided the campus with a blast from the past with their theme weekend, " Woodstock Revival: A Tri- bute to the Sixties. " The weekend was dedicated to the memory of Art Peters. Friday ' s activities kicked off with a peace session, " EI Salvador: Another Viet Nam? " held in Ober lobby. The movies for the weekend were " Wood- stock " and " Easy Rider " . Ober Am- phitheatre was the site for an outdoor concert festival, Woodstock E-town style. On tap for Sunday was a concert by Sigma in the dell. ( Woodstock Revival 225 . .» ' 1983 Dance-a-thon Have you ever wondered what 24 hours of per- petual motion and constant activity would do to your body, not to mention the condition of your brain? If not, you missed your chance as the 1983 " Let ' s Get Physical " dance-a-thon started on April 15 at 6 pm for 24 hours. All the money raised through sponsors and dona- tions goes to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Throughout the night, students traveled to loca- tions such as Ober, the gym, cafe, BSC and town. let s Get Ft ■•• ft. Student Awards Ceremony Student Awards Recipients Sitting: Claudme Crooks. Cindy Paulus. Denise Kreider. Diane White Standing: Duane Armstrong. Catrn Ebersole, Tammy Irvin, Scott Miller, Sherry Rarick. Laura Goldy, Laura Bauer, Gerry Baer. The Fifth Annual Awards Ceremony was held on April 21 in the AA. Distinguished stu- dents received awards from all classes. Other awards given out included those in the areas of outstanding resident assistants, English, psychology, athletics and business to name a few. Student Awards Ceremony T.G.I.S. " Hog Wild " Weekend The Southern rock of the Charlie Dan- iels Band got everyone in the spirit for this year ' s T.G.I.S. Weekend. Certainly, the sounds of CDB were perfect for this year ' s theme, " HOG WILD. ' ' For Friday evening meal, there was a pig roast and cookout in the Ober Am- phitheatre featuring entertainment by Mark Smith. Later that night, the APB sponsored the Scarpetti Comedy Concert in the Reber room featuring Larry Amrose (from HBO), Mike Eagan, and Vinnie DeAngelo. On Saturday those little rascals invaded our campus again for Big Brother Big Sister Day. In the evening everyone trot- ted down to Nick ' s Place for a T.G.I.S. Western dinner with entertainment from the Good Times band. Although the inclement weather post- poned " Mighty Mud Mania " until the fol- lowing weekend, many students had a wild time slipping through a zany obstacle course in the mud. i msmsxbr HOC. WILD t • A i ! . ' ' » Of H HjH W 4 - v B ' ti9 ■ mm m mm CDftlnc Devil went down to Georgia 1 .11 that mud ' J A Slice of Life at E-town . %i t! X A Slice of Life at E-town 2?1 . 23] A Slice of Lift at E-town %f ta = mi£i I A Slice of Life at E-town 233 . to % I m I -Ml A Slice of Life at Etown A Slice of Life at E-town 235 A Glimpse from 1983 InteJli tifief fxmfnaL IK ' Ml. ■ .. • No 127 COOHTT MTION I MfMllr. IV. KriiU) Mornltkj, .. . ml., r 12, l ' )HJ P.... Ill 0..I, « O.I....W II it Leonid Brezhnev Is Dead at 75 Kremlin Plans Largest Funeral Since Death of Stalin i. » t » 1%. in. Hir hnr% Lwrf tvtd b«r«Mirr»t wh.. •• Hrathntv ■ rt» PtM tv«.Ur lUtW 1 In an mrnihr Inui! I ' urn mil VMHt btat fV.ihtan ■ drat for • MHlimlMwilliTlnv) low. Wauara Viiiiii t.lk. Uw IV kaoWabip h.1 (l.aa • afc aklr.la •h-. waraad of ' -• matting ral.li aaw » aUlft ajajnat aav atl.mnU liv - « rlnrUa af lapalahwr umnai I • UnajpM it. e» au M riar «.».-.i. «. tn,«7%lkt la.«al r. ..l la. fciw aiMi •a •»» ktai. la. Ml , Imnli Utoktau TW» • ■ a. uawiaiM af J " " " «• • «• " •«» »» tlr» ■to. aV kal kl II. kn h ' •Mai Min af Ik. fahkawl ■ni • (aau.i I » i. a »UfM aW.lha i n nan a u ia.i,.ad • •a " , a. auto Hk «K .a. a. fjf ' — " »-•»- I— " ' ■ - ' ■ ■a Ikaiafn. kMk4 Ik. las advam . «l Ih. laai TV •uunaal aha hauad w Ik. una «f tk» .amjllv. and lalWallai arum af ffiaiaM MM (a -tank! 1 ' iuao •akM raatlng. I , m lo illtaa.ll la. Ikraal af am kw aw and nan at M. and dkwmarnrni atondaUan minn party aMoVi faraakkj an tav oi UV 11 maa«k»f mala nrtlv. natmban of th. Palttbu ra Uwimltali ittimitir. ikaw. ran ■am ik. VurlV Aiatraka. M k Ik. IWum. kndaf Ik. KOM Ik. MaU n»-a.a .al«a ipaal kt varalad akl. •II Malkj ■(. Tm akto KaaatkXIa I ' Oni.iaai tl k • raraa. ha.1, M rta . auli th. Andropov ihM I Hi. ' .Th i.l ft., fkamrako ran | m • matartl In In. i-aMbun Th. Twrlbur. haa th, .ff li.. pmttr la maaa th. arkxllon •hk ana tj. f..m.U. rataVd In Ih. Coattal Cammllta. • tad. »■» mar. I from a MMr alnaMkj ova laa -5 «5r ' itomahta»»» IWal nniakatap. at.. In. la Same la I T w nrW taian A rnaaaa «at aajoaajaad talk. duarmamaot af iMotutfly mnilal tmpartalwi i mm»1n anajra at • vail ing . nu. Uar i aHatraato II kMaJ »hal aaaadW Ma i ' MM mnlmg la aW UMad Kkka tt tfy j i ilil rtfrtaaaf anWala, Ipaan thatkn fk-k-f-t a » t» f«TaWT.TM lavVS kMarVW Mf : — r— ; wl5!7jm. ' i a a H ttteUijmeef 0ufnal . r. « adk».« Democrat Make Hig Gain Aero f . . liiornburgh, Heinz, Walker Win; GOP Sweeps All Local Contests IV.9. Efeetfra T » " » " «»»« ' . At-k4, ncr Hrim 1 in K«nil Hrrr — - aSKES ' " — Ertel Beaten After Surprising Showing MLT ' txJSijE asr. ' 2V A Glimpse fiotn 198 •: ■ ■ ■■ ■• Jliitclliflcurcf g In u nui I L ' l ' j.i.r . iv, HjiBfih} Morafag. FjfcfM tn i- ' [983 »li. 5» ■ .:- .,.« | Worst Blizzard in History Dumps 2 Feet of Snow Her ■ STRIKE County Paralyzi Highways Buried In Drifting Snoui Sni.v II. ! - . C - ga JartUttrmfr Journal f ' .V Bu«inr»« Farm —J Cards Capture World Series v 6-3 Sutter Earns Save 55s55 a A Glimpse from 198 ' I " Mr. Downunder — You ' re my 1 Ricki!!!! KRM Willie, You ' re a great person. Thanks for a super year! I love ya, Wagnus To Harry, Puddy, Mister, Tony, and Dracula — Congratulations. — it only took 5 years! E-town just won ' t be the same place without ya — we ' re gonna miss you — love from your fans — Stella, Esther, Felipe PK D ' A- more, and Ms. Dalton Founders B-l — To know you is to love you — it was a great semester — love from " Lady " Phil-Chung Carol — Thanks for being there when I needed you. I love you babe!! — Mike TIME WARP AND BRINSER 3 - SOUTH BRUCE ME Good Luck Barb, Edith and Chris in Chem 460-469. Good luck Mel. I ' ll miss my lab part- ner — Raymond. Good Luck Lori. Great job Ross. Another year together Gaye. HEY CHARLIE, PAPPY-N- REDBEETS Mike F. Good luck in obtaining your goals as Pres. When you get there remember me. — MLS Many thanks to my whole fam- ily — my Mom, Dad, Grand- mom and Aunt Myra for all your love and support always. Love LYNN Earle — To a very special person in my life. Love you always. YNN 123. I LOVE A3!! SQUEALA MICHAEL, WE LOVE YOU FOREVER. COMMUTERS ' REVENGE, LONG LIVE TERRORISM HAH! RANDY! (RE) Congratulations Gum shoes — I Love You Good Luck AZ ATG, K.N. GRACE — You ' ve made my last two years of college the greatest — I ' ll love you always! JOE P.S. Nice Buns! THE CURIOUS SAVAGES PAM — Let ' s go to the Baha- mas for my birthday!! — DEB ■»ibr w ' - ;.r St. Pete Beach Party Comman- dos: JK, DC, MH ' Berni, Gail Pam — Good Luck and Love EP A] 3E FRESHMEN ARE CRAZY KM LOVE THOSE D3 GOOD GUYS AND FUZZBALLS BUT MOST OF ALL 14753 To the staff of the 1983 Conestogan (particularly the cute editor) GREAT JOB! Lex — Love ya bunches — Al- ways John BB — You are always on our minds — that ' s why we like you, and like you a lot. G C LOVE, US CORNELIA THANKS! LOVE YA, HOL HEY GESSO SIS — WE MADE IT! HOPCK Hey Kim, Pam, Beth, Joanne, Kenda, Sue, Shell, Julie, Vic and V.K. — THANKS FOR THE BEST OF TIMES! LOVE — CAROL Thanks MOM and DAD — I LOVE YOU!! CAROL ANN DONTCINDY82TO? AY — YI — YI MAN GOOFY. Good Luck DON Honey — We did it! — LA VK I ' ll miss you — BIP HOPCKE — Thanks — GESSO Thank you mom dad LA LUCK-N-LUV, CLD, KSC jeffy ILYVVM — PAMMY " Coach " — Thanks for being a good friend most of all. Maybe you can turn this new " Brinser Boy " into a real man. Love, The Oyster Man 9 IV) . .--«» ' Contents y

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