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M. W f t f ■; 1 I ;3P ■ 4 ■ „ 1 i 4- ■. ' ■ - 1 ' .:(■ . REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY T , (■ r X. V fi t m K w: j» •■ f : : ' i i ft t i» i » FO» II Hafereno, ' Hf SURCWNG Q»«r Elizabethtown College ConestQsanJ.982 euzttbethtown college ELIZABETH rOVTH, SJL t .. t t , n ■? ? 2 Opening iiW WVi-Jj- H m HEMenn ir ' a?? TFl - Table of Contents Opening i Faculty i6 Sports 36 Activities 66 Clubs 100 Underclass 122 Seniors i ' 34 4 |i 1 V p t r K: n 4 Opening -Ij ..i: ..-i.. K .; t; t ' «nr.» ' «rti ' ti ;v 7 .i U.« 1 fi» ' ■ Opening 5 «!• }« i- i- X .-i; a: I -J? J 5 r »: • 6 Opening n n n R. ' •! «- Im • ■ .• Opening 7 l« » ■ ' .4 «. 8 Opening ft I : « 4 . , t ,« -« tM (» I. ' V Ji f k-.i » ' - .»- - " ri-A ?. ' ! " i ' -. ' - .- «- 4 m % M, ..■: -..v " L:«. ' j-iii.-- i:« 4im i iV. j«. .«,- -a ' 1 lEHi %:% i a s 1 2 Opening ■ ' i ?S BIPS K . . Opening i J :k P - ;- - " vi ' m !.• W i. -.■■■■ ■ ' -m i Opening I • V ■ W kf i« ' « L. I FACULTY ,« I Dr. Hooshang Bagheri Education If- Mr. Stanley Bowers Education Ms. Vivian Bergel Sociology Social W ork 5; 4 ' Dr. Richard Bowman Physics Earth Science Mr. Edgar Bitting Business Dr. Jay Buffenmyer Business Mr. John Burdick Sociology Social Work 1 8 Bagheri » - I- h . - -- ' - Mrs. Louise Baugher Black English Dr. Carl Callenbach Education J Dr. Ernest Biaisdell Jr. Mathematics Mr. I. L. Bossier Mathematics Dr. John Campbell English Dr. Eugene Clemens Religion Philosophy Clemens 19 t .... I- Ms. Josephine Cohen Occupational Therapy Mrs. Jane Crider Reading Dr. James Dively Biology Mr. David Cullen Music Mr. Robert Dolan Mathematics Mrs. Sue Dolan Busincs, " 20 Cohen Pm fm ft.. - Mr. Hubert Custer Physics Earth Science flP ? , j ' jkd MA Dr. Darrell Douglas Music Mr. Uldis Daiga Modern Languages Dr. Paul Dennis Ps)Lliolog Dr. J. Thomas Dwyer English Mr. Russell Eisenbise Sociology Social Work .? Eiserer 2 1 , .; 5 Dr. Delbert Ellsworth Psychology A« Mr. Robert Garrett Physical Education Dr. David Green English ;:t.. Miss Martha Eppley Business Dr. Donna Gaver Education Mr. David Griswold Business 22 Ellsworth ., ■;«:« V m hm w. «». .: - . 1. - -- ' ' w ■ ■• Mr. Hugh Evans Business Dr. Boyd Fox Education Mrs. Laura Fuller Occupational Therapy Ms. Mary Hendricks Glazier Sociolog Soual Work Mr. George Gliptis Business Mrs. Suzanne Goodling Mod. Lang. Dr. Robert Heckman Biology Heckman 23 Mr. Jack Hedrick Chemistry Dr. Frederic Hoffman Biology Mr. Maurice Hoppie Business . ., 1 Dr. Donald Koontz Mathematics i r Mr. John Koontz Mathematics Mr. Ronald Laughlin Biology 24 Hednck t t u V ' W. «i». . 1. . - Dr. David lacono-Harris Sociology Social Work tor I Dr. Donald Kraybill Sociology Social Work Miss Yvonne Kauffman Physical Education Mrs. Carroll Krcider Business Mr. Otis Kitchen Music Dr. J. Kenneth Kreider History Mr. Thomas Leap Computer Science Leap 2 %: :i.: :ft-: ;H!t « Mr. Bruce Lehr Sociology Social Work Dr. Judy McLaughlin Psychology Mr. Henry Libhart Art Dr. ]. Henry Long Sociology Dr. Richard Mumford History Mr. Donald Muston Business 26 Ithr m fbi w »j». . " ' M W t« ' . Ms. Suzanne Miller Magda English Ms. Grace Malcom Music Mr. W. Wesley McDonald Pol. Sci. Mr. Robert Morse Mathematics Ms. Donna Mottilla Business Muston 27 ■fe ' :-iV !. tls ■. i Mr. Stanley Neyer Business I - . " Mr. D. Kenneth Ober Physical Education Miss Zoe Proctor Chemistry Dr. William Puffenberger Religion Dr. H. Herbert Poole Jr. History Dr. Jobic Riley Communication Arts 18 Ntycr m fimT 6.. f. :J ' ' Dr. Rollin Pepper Biology Dr. Frank Polanowski Biology Mr. Marshall Pomroy Business Dr. Raymond Reeder Chemistry Dr. D. Paul Rice Education Rice 29 ' tm ? ' J9 » ' i. v; fti- rot !■■■ Dr. Austin Ritterspach Religion Philosophy Dr. John Rohrkemper English Dr. Charles Schaeffer Chemistry Miss Reba Scbclist Occupational Therapy Dr. Waynt Selchtr Politital Science 30 RtKcrspach ' ' ' M Cm |i» !« .. p.. ,- V 4i w 1 Ms. Elisabeth Russell English Dr. H. Andrew Sagar III Psychology Dr. Ronald Shubert Mathematics Dr. Carl Shull Music I Mr. Harrv Simmers Music Mr. Charles Smith Smith 31 ' tt» :jfe Mr. Donald E. Smith Communication Arts Mf- Donald P. Smith Physical Education Mr. Armon Snowden Religion Philosophy Dr. Stanley Sutphin Religion Philosophy 4 : Dr. William Taylor Jr. English Dr. Bfia Vassad ' Histor - Smith a: viw « IW fi . . .- ' - i- I- ?. giL ■TT Dr. Martin Spangler Chemistry Mr. Glenn Thompson Jr. Earth Science Mrs. Barbara Tulley Computer Science Ms. Susan Terrio Modern Languages Mr. Samuel VC ' eaver Busmess Weaver 33 M fm 1 . li,M.., fe 1 1;.- Mr. Joseph Whitmore Jr. Physical Education ABSENT FACULTY MEMBERS: Ms. Sherry Albert Mr. David Leithmann Mr. Joseph Anderson Mr. Gary Luckenbill Mr. David Bailey Mr. John Meachum Mrs. Linda Campbell Ms. Linda Metz Mr. Patrick Carroll Mrs. Irma Millard Mrs. Edwina Cholmeley-Jones Mr. Philip Musser Mrs. Terry Cornish Mrs. Shirley Newhart Mr. R. Daniel Cupper Mrs. Elizabeth Neyer Mrs. Shirley Deichert Mr. Vaughn Patterson Mr. Gordon Diem Mr. John Price Mr. Paul Fick Mrs. Sharon Raffield Ms. Elizabeth Fowler Dr. John Ranck Miss E. Margaret Gabel Ms. Carol Rosenmyer Mr. Joel Gebert Dr. Carmine Sarracino Mr. Dennis Getz Ms. Peggy Shaffer Ms. Sherry Gibson Mr. Monte Shomakcr Mr. Jacob Godfrey Mr. Gary Shuey Ms. Diane Griffiths Mr. Harry Sieber Jr. Mr. John Harrison Mr. Richard Stone Mrs. Nancy Hatz Ms. Karen Wenger Ms. Judith Hoff Dr. Michael Worman Ms. Delene lacono-Harris Dr. Carl Ziegler Mr. James Jackson Dr. Thomas Winpenny History it Zii X Dr. Owen Wright Physical Education Mr. Richard Zugarck Computer Science M Flcultv ' ■- ■ ' «i i» { • p.. -,- ' ' W OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT Assistant to the President for Public Re- lations: Dr. William Taylor Dean of Faculty: Dr. Bruce Wilson Dean of Student Affairs: Dr. Walter Shaw Vice President for Development: Dr. Clayton Pheasant Treasurer: Mr. Thomas Kingston President Mark C. Ebersolc ALPHA HALL ALPl lA ADMINISTRATION Ron I: E Margaret Gabel, Anna Carper, MuhacI Andrews. Viame Sikox Ron 2: Gloria Hess. Mildred Long. Martha FarverApgar. Jonathan Morel, Lauretta 1 lynifkcr, Marv Hill, Elizabeth Miller Ro» J: Esta Craighead, Alice Knouse. Dr Clayton Pheasant, Dr Bruce VC ' ilson R )» 4: Randall Gentzler, Guy Cooper, Beverlv Piscitelli, Robert Hollinger, Sandra Zerby, Suzanne Schlager, Gail Derek, Robert " t ' oung, Wilbur Weaver. Donald Neiser, James Hilton. Administration y - IP ' r i : . , fp V «. SPORTS . k- t t. ... c. ' ' % ' %.t:,■ .H i -ftHggffe«a«Qa g » ' » ' ' ' ffmWtr SOCCER VARSITY Row 1: Dane McAlpine, Doug Engle, Duane Snavely, Leigh Hannum, Co-captains Paul Sergi and Mike Federici, John Mumford, Craig Pursel, Orlando Rodrigues, Coach Owen L. Wright Row 2: Tom Fratantoni, Randy Lowe, Rudy Fischer, Jere Sollcnberger, Fred Potts, Bob Fratantoni, Tim Moyer, Phil Cook Row i: Asst. Coach Al Hershey, Mike Bocss, Brad Baylor, Chris Craig, Dave Hahn, Greg Schoelkopf, Nick Broujos, Norman Goss, Mark Ford, Barry Dohner. Tom Defino While opening their season at home in the annual Blue Jay Classic, the Blue Jays beat Houghton 2-1, but lost to Kean o-i in the finals. Although the Jays ended with an 1 1- 10- 1 record overall, the team came alive in the middle of the season winning five of six with wins over ranked teams including Scranton and then Trenton at Homecoming. The most prolific scorer for the Blue and Gray was Paul Sergi who lead the team in scoring for the last three years. As a senior mid- fielder, Sergi was named MVP for the Mid- dle Atlantic Conference, a member of the MAC first team, and a member of the first team for the PA-NJ-DEL area. After win- ning the North-west section of the MAC, they lost to Scranton in the MAC playoffs and also to Scranton in the first round of the NCAA playoffs. Next year ' s squad should be experienced with as many as 19 possible returning lettermen. Coach Owen Wright now holds a 217-81-24 record. ► j » ' " ' 58 Soccer ' «.-: - m . i. li mm im tm %fm (, -.•S« ' ' . VARSITY SOCCER EC OPP Alumni 4 1 j il , Blue Jay Classic Houghton Kean 2 I I Univ. of Delaware 2 I Juniata 7 Franklin Marshall I Gettysburg Glassboro I 3 Phila. Texile 1 3 FDU-Madison Dickinson 3 2 Kutztown 2 Scranton 2 I Wilkes 9 O Trenton 2 O Susquehanna William Paterson 3 I I 5 Albright Lycoming West Chester 3 3 1 MAC Playoff ■ Scranton o ■ NCAA Playoff ■ Scranton I ■ Bucknell o 3 ■ r A kick in the grass }9 fe ft ' ft :., . sfe! t ' -i r»i fe; • ' J- V. SOCCER EC OPP Lancaster Bible 4 ■: Univ. of Delaware 2 1 Montgomery Com. Co! cancelled Gettysburg O 1 Franklin Marshall ' 4 Messiah 6 Dickinson 1 Franklin Marshall 2 2 Susquehanna 6 o Millcrvillc 2 2 West Chester cancelled Bucknell cancelled Record: -i-2-2 Soccer The 1 98 1 J.V. soccer team was smaller in number but not lacking in teamwork, courage or effort. The hard work during the season resulted in a 5-2-2 record with team out- shooting and out-scoring their opponents two to one. With the emphasis on teamwork there were 12 different teammates involved in scoring the 29 goals, and 1 1 different people in the 17 assists. Through the efforts of our keepers and defense, we were in contention in every game. One of the highlights of the season was an exciting hard-fought 2-2 tie game with F M after losing to them 2-4 earlier in the season. Coach Whitmore emphasized that this Blue Jay team was fun to get to know and work with. J.V. SOCCER Ron 1: Djvc Bcjtty. Evan Cickas. John Cotinun. John Snow, Jctt Giwd. Jfll Polowjv, Rob Bcdfll, Tom Dcardorff Row 2: Ted Robinson, Dave Metzger, Solt Bell. Shailesh Mehta, Dave Kennedy, Greg Blair, Dean Gekas, Andy Thompson, Wes Terr - A kick in the grass 41 fe a %..- FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY Row 1: Co-captains Maureen Connelly and Dawn Persing Ron ' 2: Cindy Minor, Carol Murray, Kamille Kassees, Barb Stewart, Edith Thompson, Michele Fri- zol Row 3: Coach Yvonne Kauffman, Diann Sleinmeier, Beth Shenenberger, Alyson McGwire, Jeanmarie Dennen, Lori Hartman This year ' s talented Jaygals finished the season as the number four Division III team in the nation, by advancing to play Westfield State College in the National finals. Making MAC all-stars were Carol Murray and Michelle Frizol. The All-Star tournament team members at the national tournament were Lori Hartman and Carol Murray. Co-captain Dawn Pursing fin- ished the season as the leading scorer. Coach Yvonne Kauffman ' s team finished with a season record of g-yi, one we can all be proud of. . r $ , ' • IS ' vil 42 Field Hockey tZA Vfl ' •. IS.. Aj- fy H VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY EC OPP Wilkes 3 o Messiah I 4 East Stroudsburg 3 2 Shippensburg I 2 Widener I o Millersville I 3 Lebanon Valley 3 o Albright 6 I Franklin Marshall I York 3 2 Gettysburg 2 2 Alumni I I Bucknell I 2 Frostburg 2 West Maryland 4 MAC Playoffs Dickinson 5 o National Playoffs Stevens Point 2 o Westfield College 2 3 4th in the Nation 43 t, ' 4TH IN THE NATION 44 4th in th( Njiion CJ4 , 1 " L i J.V. HOCKEY i ow 2: Phyllis Holton, Shelby Raudensky. Linda Wagner. Lon Eberiy. Jennifer Eveler. Coach Linda Rabcr Ron 2: Alyce Dengler. Diann Sieinmeier. Noreen Lowndes. Karen Fischer, Valeric Hiesterlcamp, Kim Page ' -« J.V. FIELD HOCKEY EC OPP Wilkes 2 o Messiah O 5 East Stroudsburg 4 Shippensburg o 4 Widener 3 Millersville I 2 Albright 2 York Gettysburg I 2 Bucknell I I Frostburg 2 O West Maryland I O Dickinson 5 o ggb K .. „ After starting out slowly, the women ' s ju- nior varsity field hockey team came on strong in the second half of the season as it either won or tied its opponents in six of the seven remaining contests. Jennifer Eveler and Lori Eberiy each lead the team with five goals while Tammy Irvin had four. In addition, Diann Steinmeier recorded 112 saves. Coach Linda Raber and the Jaygals finished the season with 6-5-2 record. Field Hockey 45 A VOLLEYBALL After four seasons of play here at E-town, the women ' s volleyball team struggled to a 2-12 re- cord. Although the players were knowledgable about the sport. Coach Garrett felt that since most had not played much high school ball they did not have enough experience for collegiate competition. Next year the team will be looking for more experienced players in addition to the avid team they already have. VOLLEYBALL EC OPP Franklin Marshall 3 2 York College PSU at York Western Maryland Dickinson Gettysburg Lehigh Moravian Messiah Shippensburg Juniata Albright Susquehanna RECORD: 46 Volleyball mm SWIMMING EC OPP Lycoming Men 24 62 Women 69 34 Western Maryland Men 43 50 Women 43 56 West Chester 39 60 Wilkes 57 50 1 Kutztown 54 39 York 73 27 Ursinus Men 27 61 Women 40 62 Dickinson Men 5 86 V7:j Women 32 79 Widener Swarthmore Loyola 51 Men 35 Women 46 Men 30 Women ' 54 49 66 88 59 42 SWIMMING Row 1: Dtb Craig. Chris Cooper. Hosscin Gibm, Hoang Nguyen Roa 2: Coach VC ' alter Shaw. VC ' alt Hanneman. Doreen Dcmpsey. Suzclte Desjardin. Bixkv Dmulos. Cindy Lyons. Elizabeth Wagner. Tess Tulley, Karen Brune, Jayne Shea. Colleen Coolican. Mary Beth Bowen Row i: Bob Utzinger. Tim Phillips, John Morra, Nitk Broujos, Karen Wolff, Brad Rauch After finishing the season last year with only one victory, the E-town swimming team topped that total with six victories — four by the wom- en ' s team. New records were achieved in ten individual women ' s events. Karen Wolf now holds the record for 200 and 300 freestyle, 200 individual medley, and the 100 and 200 breast- stroke. Tess Tulley set the record for the 1000 freestyle. Captain Suzette Desjardin and Becky Dinulos both tied the 100 individual medley while the 400 free relay team also set a new record. SWIMMING Swimming 47 •P WRESTLING Despite losing a great number of wrestlers after an MAC championship year, the Jay mat men posted a 10-13 record. The team was lead by Dave Chute who took first place in the MAC tournament and then finished fourth in the national wrestling tournament at Cortland University. In addition, Don Chapman finished third in the MAC tour- nament and qualified for nationals. WRESTLING Row I: Chns Cook, Ron Royer, Fred Engle, Ron Stuart, Don Chapman. Rov 2: Asst. Coach Judc Bervinchalc, Dave Chute, Guy Creep, John Kistler, Kerry Holsinger, Mgr. Sharon Treon 48 Dave Chute t i ts»c-4 tTK—r-cfl WRESTLING EC OPP Lafayette Tourney ,th of 8 teams Moravian 31 21 Widener 16 36 Lebanon Valley 21 32 York 14 37 King ' s 20 24 Howard 27 21 Gettysburg ' 5 18 Towson 38 18 Ursinus ' 9 26 Scranton 29 21 Albright 38 9 Glassboro 18 27 1 Univ. of Delaware 17 28 Swarthmore 31 17 Millersville 8 37 Western Maryland 27 22 Susquehanna 20 23 Juniata 16 22 Messiah 30 23 Lycoming 13 29 1 Delaware Valley 6 3 Muhlenberg 4 ' 9 Juniata 33 14 4ih in the nation 49 J, S ji ' fc WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL THE JAY GALS Row 1: Cheryl Knotts, Peggy Longo. Beverly Hall and Donna Mulder ctxaptams, Nora Barlow, Lisa Groff, Mona Steinhauer, Row 2: G)ach Yvonne Kauffman, Statistician Virginia Ray, Sherri Kinsey, Kim Hayden, Maureen Rittner, Page Lutz, Pam Palmieri, Manager Kim Page, Manager Tncia Wright After losing to a top ranked team in last years AIAW national tournament, the Jay Gals annihilated their competition this season on their way to talcing the first ever women ' s NCAA basketball title over UNC-Greensboro, 67-66. Although they won the NCAA title, they were unable to win the MAC title. Seniors Donna Mulder and Bev Hall will be greatly missed, both players finished their careers with over 1000 points. Hall is the highest career point scorer with 1286, while Mulder is third with 1 166. In addition, Geri Bradley, who was unable to play in the second half because she was able to graduate after the first semester, scored 1235 points. Sophomore Page Lutz led the team in scoring during the regular season vith 396 points and averaged 17.2 per game. Sherri Kinsey was indispensable as point guard with 118 recoveries and 171 assists during the regular season. Peggy Longo was the leading rcbounder with 178 and led the team in free throw accuracy, shooting 7 %. Yvonne Kauffman coached the Jay Gals to a 26-1 record this season. She presently holds a 168-55 record in her collegiate career. ii jB i B " HIHBJ ft P r i L i i HH H l l i Ks i l ] 50 f h •i i- i-i f % , ' . .A f w hm 4 ,i . h- fi ■ WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL ■ L 1 EC OPP m Hi Immaculata 81 70 Trenton State 68 48 Blue Jay Classic Glassboro 77 49 Frostburg 7 43 9 ' Shippensburg 88 56 Widener 69 47 |p Juniata 59 50 BO Gettysburg 7 58 B Albright 70 57 H Millersville 76 45 H Wilkes 88 41 H Dickinson 7 ' 40 L Susquehanna 68 56 1 Messiah 86 5 H Bucknell 7- 55 P Salisbury 81 50 r Phila. Texile 67 53 1 Scranton , 63 48 1 Western Maryland % 9 ' 38 1 Franklin and Marshall 75 34 H Lycoming 7 ' 39 H York M.A.C. Playoffs 70 49 1 Scranton 72 75 H N.C.A.A Playoff! 1 H Christopher Newport 86 54 I P Trenton State 68 48 1 1 Clark 7 ' 51 1 1 U.N.C. at Greensboro 67 66 1 P Record: 2601 r 1 1982 NCAA DIVISION III CHAMPIONS V I ,. 9.., t! : . y 2 Womens Baslictbill h: r . 4 H«- I mm s Bask y| rj 9 nships f» i» THE THOUSAND POINT CLUB Geri Bradley i2 3 ' 5 points Donna Mulder 1166 points Bev Hall 1286 points I MCAA DIVISION III CHAMPIONSHIP GAME El ' tzabethtown TP FGA FG FTA FT REB PF A TO FG%BLK Peggy Longo 23 16 9 7 5 7 2 4 I 56.3 . Bev Hall 16 ■9 7 ■b 2 13 3 3 36.8 Page Lutz 9 15 4 ■5 I 6 2 3 1 26.7 Sherri Kinsey 8 9 4 3 2 3 I 44.4 Donna Mulder 7 6 2 3 3 9 4 7 33-3 2 Cheryl Knotts 4 2 I 2 2 2 2 50.0 Nora Barlow I .000 Eltz.abethtown Totals 67 68 27 24 li 40 12 13 n 39.7 3 North Carolina- Greem bora FGA FG FTA FT REB PF A TO FG%BLK Carol Peschel 28 26 14 7 4 2 " y 53-8 2 Michelle Blazevich «4 9 I 6 4 I 77-7 Jody Mangus 6 8 4 4 1 2 37-5 Sherry Sydney 6 1 1 8 5 I I 27.2 Wendy Engelman 4 7 2 2 4 28.6 Renee Coltrane 4 2 2 2 6 I I 0.0 Marie Cawley 4 3 2 4 2 66.7 Brenda Tolbert I I I 1 .000 North Carolina Totals 66 67 i2 i 2 36 23 6 17 47.8 2 Scoring Field Goal Percentage Fou Percentage 1st 2nd OT Final 1st 2nd Game 1st 2nd Game Elizabethtown 29 25 " 3 67 J8.2 4 ' .2 39-7 7 " ) .0 0.0 M ' N.C. -Greensboro 20 34 ' i 66 34-5 57-9 47.8 66.7 66.7 Congriiubiioiu Gab! iW .. A - «f m tm t l f Coach Yvonne Kauffman: over loo wins in three sports Hockey: 129-60- 24 Basketball: 168-55 Tennis: 101-18 Bfr ■ JV. BASKETBALL mmP ' EC OPP Shippensburg 52 74 Albright 29 33 Dickinson 44 57 Messiah - 3|| 48 ■ o F and M- A 50 33 Millersville ■i4 57 Wilson College Tournament Hood College 55 = 3 College of Not re Dame 44 74 Record: S- ' S The 1981-82 J.V. Basketball Team Keep at it J.V. ' s we ' re proud of you too! 5 «• " " » :. ;;.«;. We are proud of you! irrrfijit , «• iw. 6 . ft f. W •- » H ' f r ? »»» TH£ X4y GAL CHAMPS! Great job gals! 7 ■ . MEN ' S BASKETBALL MEN ' S BASKETBALL Row 1: Dimian Burnside, Mike Ochman, Ccxaptain Brian Grouse, Ctxaptain David Thrailkill, Tom Hand. John Pisco, Row 2: Coach Don Smith, Peter Rothermel, An George, Roy Biclcel, Steve Souder, Gary Chesney, Scott Evans. Despite finishing the season with an 8-18 record, the men ' s basketball team qualified for MAC playoffs. In the playoffs the Jays lost to the nationally ranked Scranton team. The season however, was highlighted by upsets of several other nationally ranked teams including Wilkes and Dickinson. Ju- nior Dave Thrailkill led the team in rebounds averaging 10 per game. Another big rebounder was sophomore Art George coming on strong late in the season. Center Roy Bickel led the team in shooting percentage and helped considerably on the boards. Guard Brian Grouse led the Jays in scoring with 291 points and freshman Damian Burnside added a new dimen- sion of quickness at the point guard position, tallying 129 assists and 72 steals. Men ' s Basketball Memories vr i- - «S». h m ' m J MEN ' S BASKETBALL EC OPP Haverford ■5 ' 5 61 ,, York 68 76 1 Sponaugle Tournament Millersville ■57 77 Albright 45 47 Juniata 6i 53 70-74 OT Delaware Valley 75 63 Albright 47 62 64-62 3OT Susquehanna 6 ' 89 40-4 1 Millersville 71 56 Franklin and Marshall 60 6 0T Gettysburg ■54 57 i Dickinson 55 54 L)i,oming 54 44 63-68 Wilkes 58 60T Widener 59 78 FDU Madison 63 62 Lebanon Valley 68 70 Phila. Textile 66 80 Scranton 54 7 King ' s 71 76 MA.C. Playoffs Scranton Record 5? : 8-i8 84 yi Coach Smith ' s red face 59 ' ' fti v.yi;j »::: 5 , • BASEBALL Row 1: Allen Rossi, Matt Richards, Mike Tinucci, Perry Owen, Ccxap.; Kevin Jacoby Ctxap,; Andy Mehaiko, Bill DeMora Row 2: Mike Childcrs, Ray Bendas, Tom Hoch, Matt Miller, Tom Deardorf, Mike Nolt, Jeff Hartman Row 3: Jere Sollenberger, Craig Beittel, Scott Vaz, Roy Bickel, Chris Craig, Herb Miller Row 4: Coach Owen Wright, Asst. Coach Harry Page, Stats Cindy Erisman, Manager Kim Page. Ursinus Alvernia York Siranton F and M X■llkes Shipjxnshurg T T " " UMBC Millersville Albright Muhlenberg Juni.ita Vi ' est Chester PSU Capitol Susquehanna Dickinson Lebanon Valley Messiah MAC. Juniata BASEBALL EC OPP 7 17 6 4 3 i; 14 7 18 game 2-1 1-12 «-4 4-3. itM 4 o o I I 1 2 » 2 Title 2 -4 2-1 4-3 6-} 3-4 Playoff BASEBALL : k. - t 60 Baseball :« )• «i» - ' ;- i i -. -v -..- Led by a strong pitching staff, the Jays posted an 1 8- 1 1 record and finished 6-2 in the MAC Northwest. At the close of the season they were tied with Juniata for first place and then lost a 3- 2 heartbreaker to the Indians to end the season. Shortstop Kevin Jacoby and catcher Al Rossi were both named to the All MAC North team. Rossi ' s batting average was second on the team at .31 1 and Jacoby had a 4-0 mark pitching with a 0.794 ERA. Other strong arms on the staff in- cluded senior Andy Melhalko, 4-2 with a 2.59 ERA, freshman Chris Craig, 4-0 with a 2.65 ERA, and junior Roy Bickel who had a 2.89 ERA despite going 2-3. Mike Tinucci led the Jays with a .318 batting average and Matt Rich- ards hit .302. The Jay ' s pitching was truly the mainstay of the team; ten games were won by a single run. Next year ' s team will be anchored by captains Roy Bickel, Al Rossi and Charlie Artz. Let ' s pUy ball! 61 il d SOFTBALL After their fourth season this young team, led by several veterans, posted a i- 18-1 record. Sophomore Beth Hilbert was the leading hitter batting .413 and had the highest on base average of .527. Hil- bert played a strong first base and could be counted on to do her job. Co-captain Lauren Winner was second in both cate- gories, hitting .358. The team will miss her offensive punch and base sjseed next year. Lori Hartman, also co-captain, was the leading scorer with i runs and will be difficult to replace next year. Diann Steinmeier offered strong pitching per- formances and was leading RBI batter. Overall, the players gained a v aluable ex- perience that will undoubtly benefit next year ' s team. SOFTBALL Row 1: Genie Willard, Lauren Winner, Lori Hartman, Carla Mylin, Ron 2: Diann Steinmeier, Beth Wellnitz, Nancy Boas, Kathy Boyle, Row i: Janet Villano, Sharon Eby, Debbie Fouse, Shari Blanton, Row 4: Coach Barb Reuter, Carol Murray, Kim Lisbon, Kim Daly, missing Beth Hilbert, Sue Schcider. 62 Women ' s A %, -w I— i- ' ■v-n oiA.. ' %. SOFTBALL EC OPP V ' ork 6 10 Scranton 2 1 1 Susquehanna 2 ' 4 W.Ikes lO ' 3 Millersville 2 6 W. Maryland ■4 21 Juniata I Albright o ■3 Gettysburg 3 6 F and M o 7 Dickinson ' 3 3 Shippensburg 1 ■j Record: i-iS-i game 9-17 3-37 4-M 6-17 2-10 3- 0-1 1 § Softlull 63 im 4 MEN ' S TENNIS MEN ' S TENNIS EC OPP Ursinus 3 4 Lycoming ■3 York 4 Juniata 7 2 F and M 6 Phila. Textile 7 2 Susquehanna 7 2 Albright 1 8 Gettysburg 3 6 Millersviile o 9 Town Team 9 Wilkes 6 2 Dukinson " S 4 I, Record: 8--j e ' 4 Coach Garret ' s tennis team finished their sea- son with an 8-5 record and 3-2 in the M.A.C. Joe Kramer lead the team in combined victories with 16, while Mike Heisler went 14-8 and John Arndt had 12-10. Overall, the team surpassed everyone ' s expectations of having an even record. MEN ' S TENNIS Row 1: M.lct Heisler, Jot Kramer, John Amdi. Ro» 2: Rich Kidron, John Mumford, Djvt Qumn, Cojch Robert Garrett. 64 Sorry , .«; u tu -V ?i « «.w t« I,. . f ?5i, 1 - ?■ WOMEN ' S TENNIS ■w« WOMEN ' S TENNIS Row J: Maura Herlihy, Mary Race, Stephanie Bissell, Virginia Ebaugh, Row 2: Giach Yvonne Kauffman, Lisa Groff, Beckie D onecicer, Ann Mumford, Karen Nitzschc, Manager Jacki Hagmayer. Muhlenberg Susquehanna F and M Albright Millersville Western Maryland York Juniata Dickinson Gettysburg Buiknell Gettysburg EN ' S TENNIS EC 7 6 M.A.C Playoffs Record: 8-4 OPP 3 6 6 3 6 3 7 2 7 2 9 9 3 6 2 7 After a successful season last year, the women ' s tennis team netted an 8-4 record this year. They captured the M.A.C. Central Division with a 3-0 mark, but unfortunately they later lost to Gettysburg in the playoffs. The team was led by All American junior Beckie Donecker. After finishing the second in the nation two years ago, sixth in singles and first in doubles last year, she continued her quest for another title in the middle of May. This year she was the runner up in singles in the M.A.C. Lisa Groff and Donecker were both undefeated in doubles competition this year, from there they went on to take the M.A.C. doubles title, and then continued on to nationals. the pictures didn ' t turn out ... 6 - ft " ' :s " ' :. tl t;. i : it : 4 . »,. p. ,- V f; ACTIVITIES Activities for August and September 29 Freshmen arrive Induction Ceremony — Candlelight Procession 31 Upperclassmen arrive College Dance — Central Heat I President ' s Convocation — Speaker, Dr. Steven Muller 3 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with John Lee 4 Comedy Concert — Andy Scarpetti 5 Disco Dance Movie — " Blazing Saddles " 7 Labor Day Picnic 10 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with student entertainment 12 Dance with Musicale Movie — " Stir Crazy " 17 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse ■9 Dance with The Sharks Movie — " Dressed to Kill " 24 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse 26 Parents Weekend — Reception Jazz Concert with Kinesis Dance, Founders Lounge Movie — " Competition " 27 Concert with Nevin Fisher, Pianist Br. m i rii- ' g a 68 Eliubcthiown ' 81 - ' 82 a 4 «. • «j». .»- fi tm m i ii» i : ■ r r. ' ' T. i , f V ' ' H ' ' Aaivities 69 ■ V-. " ». Activities for October I Founders Coffeehouse with Kirk Edwards 3 Founders Dance with Shadow Movie — " Ordinary Peo- pie " 5 Emphasis Week speaker Betty Williams 6 Emphasis Week speaker Joel Sokolsky 8 Emphasis Week speaker Sloane Coffin Leave for Montreal tour Oct. 8-1 1 ■5 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with student entertainment i6 Talent Show for American Heart Assn. Dance with Tom Stepanchak Movie — " Seems Like Old Times " 17 Homecoming — Hot Air Balloon rides Carnival Midway Presentation by David Frost Alumni-Student Dinner-Dance with Constant Giles i8 Road Rallye College — Community Orchestra Concert 22 Folk singer Andy Murray Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with Myer 3-West 4 Founders Dance with The Captain from Qio6 Movie — " The Pink Panther Strikes Again " 26 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with Norman Deitz 29 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with Lee Goldberg and Dean Bren- neman Campus Theater — " The Runner Stumbles " 30 Bonfire on soccer field APB ' s Haunted Hall, Founders B-2 3 ' Halloween Costume Dinner in the Cafe The Canadian Brass Concert Costume Dance with Island Movie — " Friday the 1 3th " 70 t €Z V ' )-. ■ ' : 1 7 ' i - H 7» t: c: : m: A n.« ■% ffm tmm i m |. 73 1 . J! ■? M mr 74 t: ; , ; ; ; ' ' 75 ti:i ♦; , . «;«; ft,- h «!• )- V li " r « %. S i ' i4 r PI J % r ' y i. 1 J . - sdeS B V fe lt.yi " V il .V. C ' - fehJ 1 5 " ' • n . VLw O vl ' - - 77 Activities for November 3 Election Day 6 6th Annual Volleyball Marathon 7 Founders Dance with ETOSHA Movie — " All the Presi- dent ' s Men " 12 Jay ' s Nest Coffeehouse with Tom Serabian ' 3 Dance, Founders Lounge Movie — " Any Which Way You Can " i Recital by Carenda Baker 17 Mime — Karen Adir i8 Lecture — Rabbi Henry Bamburger 19 Myer Dining Hall Thanksgiving Dinner 21 Dance Movie — " Buck Rogers in the 20th Century " 22 College Concert Band Fall Concert 2 ' 5-29 Thanksgiving Recess 78 .t ' t i a i jKft ' ' W. j». v ' i u CLAS (at dinner) DINNER 79 « i I i 80 . : (Z6 H - :-.. Activities for December 4 Theme Weekend Ms. Male E-Town Pageant 5 Dungeons and Dragons Dance Movie — " The Hunter " 10 Myer Dining Hall ' s Christmas Dinner Jazz Band Concert 12 Dance in Founder ' s Lounge ' 4 Yule Bowl in Reber Conference Center Concert by Annapolis Brass Finals! ■9 Holiday Recess Begins I.V k « ■ 4» ' . Activities for January and February 17 Welcome Back! 3 Dance, Founders Lounge Movie — " The Shining " 4 Recital by Betsy Musselman 26 Poet — Dr. John Ashbery 3° Founders Lounge Dance Movie — " Werewolf in Lon- don " February 4 Chamber Repertory Theater, " Poe and Twain " 5 Founders Dance J. J. Randolph (WYCR) Movie — " Blow Out " 7 Delphi Society Induction 8 James Taylor Concert 1 1 Valentine Day Dinner 12 Dating Game in Cafe hosted by Ralph Brooks Variety show in Jay ' s Nest ■3 Ice skating on Lake Placida Brinser Carnival Casino Games in AA Dance with DJs Robby Cahill and Jimmy Cavanaugh ' 4 Valentine ' s Day Carnations Auction in EA Movie — " Goodbye Girl " ■9 Original Songs Night in Jay ' s Nest 20 Founders Dance with Qio6 ' s Captain Movie — " Eyes of a Stranger " 21 College Band Winter Concert 23 Japanese Debating Team 28 Andy Murray in the BSC 81 i:«:4.9:« »i A »■ ♦— . • • 8} Activities for March 4 Maynard Ferguson Concert Campus Theatre, " Madwoman of Chaillot " ■5 Variety Night at Jay ' s Nest Movie — " The Andromeda Strain " 6 Health Fair 10 Kilometer Run Dance with Woody Rothenberger Movie — " House Calls " 7 Recital by Amy Porter and Lisa Ballard 8 Religious Emphasis Week speaker Dr. Myron Augsburger 9 Slide show — " E-town Old and New " 12 Theme Weekend Bijou Cafe with Student Entertainment ' 3 Head House Square Flea Market Dance with Kevin Troy Movie — " Rocky 11 " M Recital by Bob Slamp i6 Play, " The Medea " 17 Movie — " Dr. Strangelove " Poet, Jody Gladding ' 9 Danceathon begins 20 Recital by Kathy Gorman Danceathon continues Founders Dance with Shadow Movie — " The Postman Always Rings Twice " NCAA Women ' s Basketball Championship Game 26 Jay ' s Nest Ja2z Night 7 Junior-Senior Dinner Dance Dance at Founders Movie — " Stripes " 28 College-Community Orchestra Concert 30 Business Awards Banquet t : Mz t- ' ' M 85 i L 86 C ' J •J ' ; ' «» ?)•. ?•., " - 4 •}» li- % - . ' X 87 1 . " Jt t.t Activities for April and May I Movie — " The Magic Flute " Speaker, Dr. Janice Raldway 2 Variety Night at the Jay ' s Nest 3 Dance at Founders with Invaderz Movie — " Continental Divide " 6 Easter Recess begins M Welcome Back! i6 The STEP Show I? Dance Movie — " The Jazz Singer " i8 Kickoff for Ground Zero Week Concert Choir Spring Concert Movie — " Final Epidemic " ■9 M ovie — " The Nuremburg Trials " 20 Movie — " War Without Winners " 21 Movie — " Day After Trinity " 22 Movies — " Pygmalion, " " Causes of Wars and Wars Avoided, " and " The War Game " 3 Comedy Night in Jay ' s Nest M Pops Concert with the Jazz and Concert Bands Dance in Founders Movie — " Four Seasons " ■y Recital by Gretchen Ann Nettling-McCoy 29 TGIS Weekend Begins Student Awards Ceremony, BSC Terrace Brass Ensemble Concert Livingston Taylor, Leroux and Susquehanna River Band in Concert 30 Outdoor Dinner at Ober Amphitheatre Jazz Concert Scarpetti Comedy Concert Sleep-out in The Dell May I TGIS Weekend continues Road Rallye TGIS Dinner and Dance in Thompson Gym 2 Midway Carnival Donkey Softball Recital by Tammy Yunninger 15 Commencement in The Dell 4::u 89 ». . J M }» «» i. i f- • )- j- ' .- ' i 9 ' 1 -i : J ■ 1 H ' ;i I .i %--? J 9» « ' ' ' 1 1 1 f- 93 «:«;» .: J ' COMMENCEMENT 2L B L E I (r ■J F. -1 m ■1 -• Ji ? MR ' " ' ■■ ' ' ■ !» .-: d r V- SPBPH r J Bl ' Tfl Bju = v-. 94 .n v ' ir .-»« ' i MAY 15, 1982 95 tf» t i:: I ? ivffj X ' - ' i [TSk r:e .§ ' w jbi A a i»» 5 . .2 " ' i «- - i- ' :- ' • ' - -■ i wm , 97 tlfe 4 .4 f i ■- i .» ' m An Bb V 99 O ( " n. - ' • • •. . - ■• !£ W r P 1 1 1 V4n H : 3g 99 »P ir " r ♦ ' -. .9;ii. mm The CONESTOGAN: Editor: Louise Heist Photo editor: Leonora Lucchesi Asst. editor: Regina Schneider The A.P.B. Executive Committee: Row 1: Scoti Miller, Kaihy Mc Cambridge, Kuen Eistndge, Liun Goldy Ro» 2: Tom Bailey, Ed Ebling, Deb BUkIuIi, Dave Prcsli, Mary Ellen Zizo«, Carol Richmen, jacki Hagmeyer, Dean " sexy legs " Shaw. 101 Eliiabethtown t. % V V 1:. ' . . m :S The Accounting Club Row 2: Scott Fnck, Wanda Hertzog, Kent Whiting, Tom Mortal, Row 2: Pam Saltzer, Nancy Gsell, Mielle Gaiotti, Beth Harzer, Alexa Hardysh, Shelly Hoover, Sue Reed, Rosalie Montague, Joanne Ware Row h Leonard Lucchesi, Tim Bowman, Crystal Paynter, Donna Hull, Cindy Paulos, Sue Davis, Lori Synder Row 4: Prof, E.T. Bitting, Deb Lebo, Ed Lovelidge, Joe Orlando, Jenny Landis, Sue Hivner, Dane McAlpine, Jim Bores, Chris Hetnclc, Ed Ebling, Lisa Keane, Jill Hess Row 5: Doug Rhinehart, Ray Bendas, Jeff Hecker, Bob Cahill, Bob Noggle, Kirk Eldridge, Steve Chester, Tim Holder, Jeff Bleacher, Tom Smith. Alpha Lambda Delta Diane White. Kathy Heidcl. Gia Altoman, Kim Rebuck, Pam Hunsberger. Karen Brune. Beth Hilbert, Debbie Nicklaus. Clubs r I - i A.C.S. Student Affiliates Row 1: Dave Wolfgang, Bob Bittner, Chns Smith, Scott Stauffer, Tom Neiss Row 2: Paul Valent. Tom Lehman, Tim Sharpe, Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer Jr., Walt Yeager, joelle Rilcy, Row 3: Brcnda Mizdaii, Ashley Shenlc, [ nis Kreider, Cheryl Peterman, Regina Cooks, Gia Altomari. Campus Theater Row I: Knstine Heim, Barry Blefko. Melinda Craggs, Cieorge Pappas, Muhelle Zimmrrman. Nbrihj Sadler. Paul Raddmg Row 2: Christine Mueller. Sue Blomster, Pat Garber. Deb Wood. Chris Cavanaugh, Peter Gialloreto, Barb Lotkhart. Elaine X ' elIe . John Rohrlcemper Row i; David Presti, Holly Hardaway, Sue Whiting, Pat Killian, Scoit Bell. Harry Page, Lainc Heltebridlc. Joe Dorgen, John McCutcheon. 104 Elizabethtown ' MV1 VV ' A ' ikv: 1»)«P f «-: J: ' • ' J», ' ■• 1-. ' .- ' THE CAMPUS GOLD CLUB Delphi Society Row 1: Gretchen Franz, Lorie Gage, Janet Villano, Knstie Hoffman, Holly Engle Row 2: Gail Schmerfeld, Lynda Davis, Ms. Eppley, Mr. GHptis, Carl Campbell Row 3: Laura Bauer, Tammy Irvin, Barbara Lockard, Kay Walker, Dr. Stambaugh. Clubs lo a 4 ' «i» i t:» Debate Team: Dr. Riley, Rosalie Momaque, Paul Radding, John Gavin, Eric Randolph. Elizabethtown Christian Fellomhip Row 1: Lorn Mitchell, Holly Hardaway, Gerry Baer, Tim Kctbaugh, Norman Yeater, Ro» 2: Pam Mongelli. Jeff Koenig, Tammy Irvin, Grace Kim Ro» i: Swan Tan, Esier Vorhauer, The 1 06 Elizabethtown International Club Row 1: Regina Cooks, Grace Kim, Evelisse Acosta Row 2: Hooshang Baghen, Kongo Fefegule, Luis Diaz, Felipe Solano, Orlando Rodriguez. The M.E.N.C. The Mail Room Employees: Orlando Rodrigucs. Lauren X ' lnner. Mar ' VC ' . H.li. Michele Zimmerman. NX ' ilbur E. Weaver. Clubs 107 1 M A 1; " J . .-■ ' The Math Club Row 1: Mary Yingling, Gail Schmerfeld, Karen Dorsey Row 2: Kathy Merel, Larry Greenawalt, Tarn Wolfe. Sue Kirby. Karen Freed, Laura Bauer. The Marketing Ciub Row I: Teresa Macnna. Connie Vathis, Lyndia Davis, Bcclcy Love, Joe Barrett, Fred Potts Row 2: Tricia Landis, Ten Yesalavage, Paul Rochelle. Gail Reid, Michelle Rvan. Tim Hihn. io8 Elizabcthtown H n •«« . •» ;4 « - • ., = The O.T. Club Row 2: Lori Gage, Holly Engle Row 2: Nancy Smith, Chns Shouldice, Lisa Richards, James Bowe, Kim Whalen, Joanne Larson, Cindy Law, Allison Rider, Robyn Wramage, Cindy Minor. Tracy Klopp, Karen Capara. Ann Bellcy. Steve Koeba, Lon Hartman, Ron i: Tracy Young. Lisa Foerth. Dma Werlcley, Beth James. Kathy Macintre. Terry Gotfrey, Nancy Wellons, Karen Skovira, Karen Lease, Laura Calona, Cheryl Terbot, Sandy Mack, Grace Kim, Holly Hardaway, Karen Lutz, Heather Heissenbultel, Sue Bloomster, Mary Anne Calderon, Karen McCall. The Outdoor Club: Lisa Daunheimer, Amy Pratt, Frank Sodder, Kim Paskill, Gail Harris, Jim Bowe, Nom Lowndes, Clubs 109 a « » - " ' J ' - •:». ' » ' - H . j ft., fc.. The Political Science Club: Todd Heisey, Tern, Jane Brennan, Al Rossi, Joe Boyle, Doug Wanke, Lee Davis, Craig Bright, Margi Long, Dennis Boyle, Paul Paterson, Sloan Roya. The Physics Club Row 1: John Gleim, Bob Bitner, Steve McKee, Paul Milot, Milce Singer, Ko» 2: Ken Gleim, Erilc Randolph, Karen Fischer. 112 Elizabelhiown ' 1 ' 1 «• 1 |3 The Psychology Club Row i: Kyle Anzinl, Sheila Reardon, John Bowman, Paul Radding. Row 2: Nancy Baionno, Ellen Watts, Carol Brenna, Beth Grumbine, Dave Hiclcernell, Michelle Procopio Ron 5: Professor Len Eiserer, The Pre-Heaith Professions Club Row 1: Tom Hohenwarter, Holly Engle, Kim Whalen, Mary Ann Calderone, Terry Nellans, Lisa Dauenheimer, Becky Dalley, Kathy Heidel Row 2: Gia Altoman, Sharon Correrore, Laura Colonna, Joyce Anderson, Ted Shedloskey, Karel Kciter, Al Granger, Terry Rchn, Mike Konash, Beth Brodhag, Bob Deimler, Mary Ellen Zizos, Bob Morion, Jerry O ' Melley, Leanne Muntzonberger, Lone Gage, Pam Hunsberger. Oubs " 3 The S.A.M. Club Row 1: Laura Goldy, Lisa Locrcher, Cindy Paulus, Sue Reed, Becky Love, Becky Dinulos, Barb Umbrell, Gail Reid Row 2; Jeanine Pantano, Lynn An- derson, Deb Wood, Donna Way, Francis Tcssler, Carol Rogers, Holly Cooke, Laurie Kendall, John Perkins, Jay Eichelberger, Deb Hawtof Row i: Tom Hart, Kim Page, Maureen Sorreson, Chris Foresythe, Mark England, Ken Greider, Roy Myer, Kathy McCambridgc, Tracy Gotwalt, Karen Nitterhouse, Tom Mortal. Andy Mauer, Paul Steinweg, Carl Longenecker, Joe Barrett, Steve Chester. [ , i ' jI sk! S m fm- p ,,r yU ' " ' - The S.T.E.P. Club Row 1: Lynn Barbour, Jerry Schadcl, Deb Wood, Mary Wiliers, Doniu Fraunfeltcr, Ttrri Godfrey, Shtrry Ranck, Bernie Wilk Row 2: Melinda Crabbs, Cheryl Ankcny, Pete Gulloreto, Laura Lowenhach, Maurcrn RobrrtJ. Deb Trainer, Laura Bauer Row J: Elaine Weller, Heather Heissenbutlel, Chris Cavanaugh, Marsha Tavares, Mike Fuhr, Janet ' illano, Karen Freed, Row 4: Lori Gage. Pam Miller, Emily Duzey. Barb Lochard, Mary Pugliese, Eileen Crim, Nancy Carlson Row 5; Chris Bnltain, Kim Buck, Sue Cupit. Chris X ' ltruk, Nancy Gsell, Erin Garriit, Karen Fink, Liz7 Sarzananini. Mary Ellen Ziioi Row 6: Michelle Zimmemun, McUnie Synder, Alan Hair, Cindy Paulus, Don Loser. Chris Dowdell, Scott Miller 114 Elizabelhlown 9 4 - 11 1 1 I. V. . ' .- ' A T ie Supreme Fiction Society Row 1: Gretchen Franz. Donna Fraunfelter, Emily Duzcy, Prof Jon Cambell, Prof Elisabeth Shaw-Russell, Row 2: Prof. John Rohrkemper, Dianne Cortellesa, Marion Ward, Prof. Louise Black, Prof. David Green, Peter LaRocca, Row i: Cheryl Ankeny, Kathleen Kirk, Lori Donofrio. Student Senate Row 1: David Presti, Erik Randolph, Paul Steinweg, Ed Kron, Debbie Nicklaus, Jeanine Pantano, Mary Walters, Donna Fraunfelter Row 2: Kns Heim, Laura Lowen- bavh. Leslie Shaw. Mabel Swcitzer, Karen Reese. Annette Murrav. Sherry Rarick. Beth Grumbine. Lori Donofrio. Deb Blanthak. .Andrea Smith, Cathv Connor. Beth Shenenberger. Lori Hariman. Sharon Eb ' . Beth Brodhag Ron 5; Tom Gamoni. Dan Hammond. Brute Sauders. Jere Sollenberger, Curt Heisey, Jeff Jacoby. Kathy McCambridge. Lynne Anderson. Todd Armstrong, Gary Betk, Dr. Walter B. Shaw. Clubs 115 i 1 t : ?«.■.- " ? The Tutoring Center Staff: Barb Lockard, Kathy Hetrick, Lon Donofno, Gretchen Franz, Mrs. Louise Black. The Transfers Ro» 2: Allen Gecklc, Janue Mills, Leslie Sherman, Sue Sicinsnyder, Mike X ' eldc, Cheryl Bcnner, Eileen Harman, Kaihy H«elton, IVjnne Kauffman, Darlene Frey, Karen Mauro-Andrews Row 2: David Thrailkill, Scott Manzak. Jeff Hartman. Barb X ' llde , Chru Smith, Laune Kendall, Becky Brubaker, Onsta Butts, Barb Umbrell, Chester Arthur Row $; Elizabeth Pahler, Dirk Brautigam, Amy Albright, Cynde Fisher, Sett Trayer, Melanie Harman. Mindy Elmer, Kingdon Troensegaard Row 4: Richard Loveland, Tim Schultz, Cliff Stanton. John Gavnn, Tom Griffiih, James Guynes, Scoit Kulis, Lmda Smith, Troy Galbrcath. 1 1 6 Eluabcthtown %nTt " » An a OB fP» 9 tj " ' i • - ■ • w , • W .W .E.C. i?0» ' 2: Phyllis Dalton. Diane White. Lani Johnson, Teri Godfrey, Dawn Ciancia, Cathy Anderson, Sue Piclcard Ron 2: Phyllis Dayton, Sharon Warner, Jim Cavanaugh, David Presti, Deb Blaschak, Jane Hawley, Lynn Collingwood, Tim Kershner, Scott Vaz Row i: Tony Rolsal, Beclci Ohnger, Dan Thomas, Mary Barr, Sandy Bock, Katrina Myers, Sue Cupit. Dave Shaw, Woody Roihenberger, Shan Blanton, Pam Craig, Julie Sipprell, Bob Mertz, Cyndie Herman, Russ Murray, Jerry Gladfelicr, Dave Chute. I HHI H Bpk ' at - " Bl H 3 HL 1 V ? 7v ! H B m . ' - K H tf l Clubs The Cafeteria Employees The Maintenance Crew ii8 IB w EUZABETHIfeABETHTOWN C tfoWN COLLEGE I ' " " Founded 1899 .,,„ded 1899 .■ li-i-ii [ili. ' A 1 j , .-. j . Foundtd 1899 1 ' «- «- «- t f 119 ' W: A ■ ' 4| v-r?;--- ,.S:K«K S UNDERCLASS .-- 1 - " THE RJIS. Royer R.A.s Ron i: Joyce Clevinger, Melanic Metzgcr, BillGnffin (AC). Elizabeth Metger, Row 2: Patty Kogut, Deb Graves, Gretchen Franz. Brinser R.A.s: Joe Schultz. Bob Cahill, John Perkins, Kevin Jacoby. Jim Cavanaugh. Ralph Brooks. Founders R.A.s Ron 1: G)rinnc Poor Ron 2: Cindy Ljw. Lorn Mii.hrll. Lon Cugc, Brih Sfvinglct. Kjrcn Skoviri. Ron ); Bill Jordan, Ljura Goldy, Pam Craig, Tammy Irvin, Beclci Buss, Mark Smith 1 24 Resident - t iit -s Schlosser R.A,s: Kathy S-.hwarzmann, Dana Aberle, Nancy Keffer, Linda O ' Bnan, Nancy Yarnel!. Ober R.A.s Row 1: Bob Utzmger, Ralph Brooks, Pat Fri. hione, i im 1 iihn Ko» 2: Mike Kondash, Tom Bailey, Scott Pifer, Andrew Wasilsin. Myer R.A.s: Bill Griffin (AC), Mary Anne Geiger, McUnie Snyder. Gwen Kenyon. Mithele Ryan. Kathy Merel. Assistants 125 Founders A-1 (alphabetical order) Ron 1: Cathy Anderson. Becky Brubaker, Deb Bucher, Elanie Chud- novsky, Diane Concllesa, Suzanne Desjardin, Anne Fields, Connne Poor R.A., Teresa Godfrey, Knstine Heim» Kathy Heindel, Kris Manwiller, Diane McCartney, Alyson McGwire, Kenner Muench, Donna Murray, Rebecca Olinger. Shelby Raudensky, Beth Shenenberger Founders A-2 Row 1: Deb Fouse, Sue Butten orth, Susie Vt ' nght, Dot Rogers, Irene Donahue. Betty Wilkes, Nancy Waters, Carol Smith, Andrea Katz, Kathy Dunn Row 2: Ann Focrster. JoAnne Roberts, Colleen Coolican, Deb Wood. Patti Moyer, Larry. Sue Shearer, Toni Marshall, Phyllis Karpouzis. Judy Anderson, Jennifer Eveler Row 3: Loree Flynn, Lon Hart, Kelly Bauer, Joyce Crawford, Valerie Peccha, Missy Yergcr, Karen Bukowski, Beih S| angler I i6 Founden » « .•lH ' ' ' » ' ft- ' 4 ' FOUNDERS Founders B-1 Row 1: Lorri Mitchell. R.A.. Dune White. Iveliesse Acosu, Patricia Svarez Row 2: Rosemary Pugliese, Tam Wolf, Esther Vorhauer Row 3: Beverly Beyer, Peg Ford, Joni Humpert Founders A-3 Row 1: Bernic Bambrick, Ginny Sickle. Tammy Ir in R,A.. Kim Lishon. Cheryl Terbot Row 2: Ellin (Elfie) Paquette. Michelle Erbe, Carol Kasel, Anne Dixon, Carol Williams, Mary Race, Kelly Book. Barb Glacken Row S: Niklci Messa. Tracy Martin, Aucirey Johnson, Jamie Hurley Row 4: Tern Johnson. Robin Ford. Lon Bernabei, Pam Maizel, Patii Heffentreyer, Sue Moose, Lisa Rodgers, Gail Galbrath Women 1 27 5 , If. Founders B-2 Row 2: Elyse Fraiantoni. Patii Miller, Kelly Skuse, Kristel Miller, Diane Walker and Pam (pooper) Craig R.A. Row 2: Liz Cushing, Jenny Alderson, Jackie Eisenbise, Dome Jacoby, Kay Doolittle. Chenc Ankncy Row 5: Mclisse Mullin, Lisa Naugle, Laurie Oliver, Carol Weber, Karen Niizsche, Karei Keiter, Regina Cooks, Jane Hawley , I Founders B-i Row 1: Deb Simon. Alexa Hardysh. Melissa Weaver. Deb Craig. Karen Kott- mcyer. Laurie Peiffer Row 2: Alice Wolyniec, Karen McCall. Karen Edmunds. Deb Schillinger. Christy Philippi, Grace Smith Row S: Anne Strock. Pauline Park, Sandy Mack, Nancy Wellons, Leanna Muntzenberger Row 4: Amy Grimm, Janet Villano, Peggy Longo. Emily Duzey Row 5: Claire Porter. Molly Keith, Sue Seifrii, Tern Rehn. Pam Palmien, Maryann Olderone, Gmny Howard, Cindy Law R.A. 1 28 Founders 1 , :.,. -.« « «: r. 9 : ZH ' -fiZ%:- »■ U JR ' ♦i Founders C-2 Roiv 1: Terri Nellans, Barb Wilder, Kay Carpenter, Sandy Austin, Laura Goldy R.A., Row 2: Crystal Paynter, Jane Hoffman. Nancy Simon, Nancy McCollum Row S: Pam Saltzer. Leslie Koff. Jackie Hagmayer, Teri Godfrey, Marshelle Brozino, Lisa Loercher, Beth Maloney, Anne Weigand Ron 4: Kim Mohl, Missy Siufft, Nancy Plante, Nancy Develin, Sue Pickard, Michelle Waldron, Lynn Collmgwood, Joanne Glah, Beth Whitacre ■i.. • ' -•sn » 1 1 .. Vi V ' Women 1 29 Founders C-3 Row 1: Kim Menges. Chris Mueller, Katie Kuhn, Linda Schairer, Sue Petty, Pam Mongelli Row 2: Heather Heissenbuttel, Karen Skovira R.A., Kris Reese, Michelle Fnzol, Kathy Youse Row 3: Mary Barr, Mary Ann Camacci, Barb Young, Kim Glass, Katherine Mclntire, Alyce Dengler, Laura Bradley, Carolyn Behr Row 4: Deb Slefani, Kathy Carey, Cathy Kwader, Cathy Hunt, Chen Woods, Kim Keen, Shelly Hoover, Beth Shaw Founders D-l {alphabetical order): Karl Aikey, Gary Beck, Scott Bell, Piyush Chowan, Doug Farley, Tnly Galbreath, George Griffith, Thomas Hohenwarter, Bill Gordon R A., Ray Kohler. Tim Keebaugh, Patrick Killun. Tim Long. Da«d Mostrata, Steven McKee. Brian Moyer, Thomas Neiss, George Pappas, John Pisco. Tim Ruhl, Greg Schollkopf A] n M - I JO Founders si .. s irk « i» « - «- ' i Founders D-2 Row It Lisa Bollard, Soma Walwyn, Becki Buss R.A. Row 2: Shawnee Johnson, Sue Daugherty, Mary Beth Bowen, Jill Weidman, Chris Coffey, Judy Fetsko Row 3: Michelle Zimmerman, Gia Altoman, Chene Zieber, Michele Arnold, Linda Smith, Michelle Casrio, Kathy Lambert, Katy Ost, Mary Rose Check, Linda Gigantino Row 4: Elaine Weller, Jayne Shea, Carroll Boylan, Jill Jenkins, Maureen Osorno, Beverly Hynes, Allyson Rider, Melissa Lambert, Sharon Corretore, Barb Snyder Founders D-i Row 1: Ron Powell, Dan Thomas, Mark Samara, Mike Sobers, Tim Holder, Greg Papazian Row 2: Rob Silvestn, Rich Howarth, Paul Batastmi, Dave Schlosser. Mike Boess. Jim Barney, Kirk Eldndge, Dave Sohn, Troy Galbreath, Larr)- Kelley, Mark Sohns. Jim Sperry, Mark Smith R.A. Row }; John Seivwright, Ken Barber, Brad White, Mike Doerr, Ira Kramer, Chris Lenhart Folks Ober A- 1 Row I: Don Loser. Drnis Boyle, Frank Workman, Randy PappaiS, Jav Xirdeman. Damun Bumside, John Obrocit Row 2: Wayne Erdman, Steve Shubert, Bob Morton. Dale Sheaffer, Bob Mertz, Kevin Marltey. Pat Fruthione (R A). Jav Eu helberger. Glen Rigg, Ray Larch. Rob Poorman, joe McGovern Row h Greg Palmer, Ray Bendas, Alan Rossi. Charlie Anz, Oaig Bright, Bob Phillips, Tim Gamon, Ross Cleveland 132 Obcr :, 1 «W. - fc... - f- ' ■m, ' -- f» - ■ ym ■ f. Ober A-2 Row 1: Pete Ebert. Dave Smith. Thomas Defino, " D.T. " , Ralph Brooks, Bobby Jordan, Skip Baylor, Ken Jones, Row 2: Dean Gekas, Pat Garber, Paul Radding, Dave Hahn. Joe Barrett. Tim Collins, Ron Stewart. Brent George Row 3; Bill Young. Jeff Dick, Dave Kaufman, Dave Shaw, Cliff Stanton, Joe Caputo, Scott Trayer, Gary Gresch, Steve Kouba Row 4: Andre Cooper, Doug Weisbach, Bob Utzmger (R.A.), Jeff X ' ynn, Eric Kilhefner, Chris Plumme, David Manley, Bill Clifford Ober A ' 3 Row 1: Sean McGuigan, Joe Malazzo, Scott Klein, Dennis Brennan, Mark Jordan, Ron Royer, Ted Robinson, Craig Darling Row 2: John Niclclin, Jeff Steffy, Todd Nave, Mike Kondas (R.A.), Charlie Hayes, Rick Morral, Tim McClurg, Jim Leo, Dave Dolan, Chris Cooke, Mike Rathsam Row 3: Jerry O ' Malley, Erik Randolph, John Mumford, Dave Mctzlcr, Jeff Poloway, Chris Craig, Andy Rich, Rich Kaier Animals i 35 • «:- Ober B-B Row 1: Tom Htxh. Craig Beittel, C. John Palmer, Row 2: Steve Swcnson, Phil Coath, John Gavin, Curtis Welty, Tom Fratanioni, Row i: Kevin Breighner, Andrew Wasili- sin (R.A.). L. Paul Patterson. Drew Devitt. Row 4: Scott Friclc. Dan Hammond Ober B ' 2 Row 1: Rich Gregory, John Morra, Charlie Zciders, John Way. Hossien Galani. Joe Orlando, Hoang Nguyen, Brad Rauch, John Coffman, John Snow, Row 2: Stoli Pieffer, Glen Siernitzke, Scott Knll, Bob Deimler, Milce CK hman, Tim Hand, Rov Biclcle, Brian Dyt, John McCuicheon, Row i: Alan Deppen, Bill Davidson, Matt Douglas, Soti Vaz. Brian Hariman. John Bowman. Dave Dobler 1 34 Ober i 9 ■ =. . •»-. ' .,. i • • •. ■.- ■.- ' - Ober B-2 Row 1: David Beatty, Rick Price, Ralph Brcxjks, Mark Irish Row 2: Norm Goss, Rudi Fischer. David Kennedy, Gary Stepinchek, Frank Souder, Kevin Warner. No neck Row 3: Wes Terry, Tom Neiss, Craig Purcel, Peter Witycyak. Russ Murray. Herk Rintz, Dan Anderson, Greg Weaver, Jim LaPorta, Pat Hawkins, Greg McNulty Row 4: Pete Spragg, Jeff Schaum, Guy Creep, Tom Bailey, Brett Tennis, Rich Carter. Nick Broujos, George Gerdez. Al Geckle m e i A r Ober B-3 Row 1: Tim Phillips, Dave Slepanchak, Tim Zim, Leigh Hannum, Tom Taglang, Felipe Solano, Craig Tosh Row 2: Paul Va- lent, Dane McAlpine, Steve Rathsom, Tim Moyer, Joe Kramer, John Winand, J.J., Rick Wagner, Paul Sergi, Tim Hihn (R.A.), Scott Crossan, Jeff Goody Row 3: Joey B. Snake Smith, Luis Diaz, Art Peters, Gary Fulton. Dave Bradley, Vaughn Landes, Harry Hokingcr, Rob Frat, Dave Allman, Tom Hart, Dwight Davis Row 4: Walter B- Rich Loveland Animak i 35 A ' v ' -• SCHLOSSER 1 . Schlosier 1-East Row 1: Nancy Smith. ShciL I orprv. Phyllis Dayton. Connie Vaihis. Ron 2: Namy Varncll (R A ). Kjrcn Dors y. Dune Grfchalgh, Pam Krcidcr. Ron i: ' irgmia Ehaugh. Sandy Schigotski. Thu Dang, Lisj Richards, Kathy- Jo Ml Pilte. Dunne Snyder. Bev Sollcnhergcr, Karen Nelson. Corny V ' on Lersner, Amy Zeigler. Kathy Schmidt. Ron 4: Barb Barikert. P.im Munsberger, Alison Cumens, Viclci Freund, Kathy Stengel. Ginger Mehaffey, Allison Gorman Ron 5; Nancy Baionno. Kim Daly, Joy Asplundh. Tricia Landts, Mary Simansky. Lisa Confer, Carla Mylin, Monica Brnner 1 36 Schlosscr 1-. ..«. :: .« .f «:. . ? " , t ' Schlosser 2-East (in alphabetical order): Pat Allen, Hcidi Amiung, Joinne Andresky, Ann Belig, Julie Bowers, Cathy Butler, Sue Calaman, Michele Chienci, Dawn Ciancia, Mardette Cross, Victoria Freund, Lori Hansen, Kenda Hill, Betty Horn, Carol Hopcke, Nancy Kcffer (R.A.), Cind y Lyons, Kathy Marion, Michelle Messinger, Pam Millan, Patty Minnehan, Cindy Minor, Jen Olson, Beth Parti, Cheryl Petcrman, Virginia Ray, Kim Rcbuck, Gretchen Reinhart, Esther Ruby. Leslie Shaw, Deb Short, Lori Snyder, Sue Stevens, Cheryl Strasbaugh, Betsy Symonds, Edith Thompson, Joanne Ware Schlosser 2-West Ron .-Judy Koury, Cindy Reese, Teresa Macrina, Martha Sadler. Lori Donofrio, Karen Gutshall, Row 2: Linda Needman, Beth Brodhag, Diane Annis, Beth Pahler, Bev Da% ' is, Patty Gay, Steph Bissell, Dana Aberle (R.A.), Suzanne Schmall, Val Gekas, Deb No ' obilski, Debbie Simmler, Chris Brittain, Sue Steinsnvder. Susan Mehl, Mary Walters. Sylvia Gove. Kathy Neyer. Row 3: Susie Polk. Barb Stewart. Doreen Dcmpsey. Mona Steinhauer. Patty Mader, Sharon Treon, Lam Johnson, Mmdy Hall, Sue Grigson, Laurie Leyman, Jeanne McCart) ' . Robin Lesher Won ' 37 MZ Schlosser S-East Row 1: Beth Perkins. Esther Coppoclc, Holly Engle, Shan Kapp, Tammy Cutili, Row 2: Beclcy Moore, Linda O ' Brian, Lisa Dauenheimer, Dcnise Kreidcr, Leslie Powell (R.A.), Liz Diacont, Louise Heist, Cindy Stetler, Row 3: Becky Evans, Kim Paskill, Kim Whalen, Lisa Groff, Lola Gallant. Gail Schmcrfeld, Jen Hampshire, Terry Yesalavage, Chris Hinklc, Row 4: Gail Harris, Lisa Custer, Lynn Sacks, Becky Dinulos, Sam Hess Schlosser i-West Row 1: Sue Cupit. Slacia Oghurn, 1 on .igot ' .li. Julu rtler, Krtsicn G»cg, Sherr Mason, Karen Robertson, Mary Ann Sorenimo, Carol Kimley, Heidi Amiung, Kristen Johnson, Cathy Conner, Row 2: Karen Wolfe, Mclinda Cook, Kamtlle Kassees, Valerie Heisterkamp, Kristine Phillips, Kathy Carhen, CbrKc Grant, Linda Ball, Betsy Graruth, Karen Freed, Cindy Ensman Row i: Sue Hivner, Donna Hull, Kathy Schwarzmann (R.A), Karen Eastenndgc, Kim Adkins. Rose Eberly I )8 Schlosser » tl.» " 4- «.S ' WW " ?nr A- 1 ii- I- ' W " im ■ ' ■)- . fel n BRINSER liitfl ■ » CMT «% ' «kJ3n . Brinscr 1 North-South { rncrnbci i in alphabetical order): Steve Aungst, Robert Bt-dell, Bob Bittner. Chris Dowdell, Joe Ferlco, Jerry Gladfelter, Dave Hackman, Dave Hare, Dave Hickernell, Jim Jameson, Randall Malick, Roy Martin, Mike Miller, Norman Mitchell. Paul Neipert, John Pistolas, Jeff Rothenberger. Pete Rothermel, Joe Schultz (R.A.), Tim Sharpe, Dave Shaw, Steve Simmers, Mike Singer, Bob Slamp. Chris Smith, Greg Speary, Craig Terpstra, Mike Wagner, Dave Wenger, Walt Yeager Brinscr 1 39 fc u X 1 - 7 E izabethtown Co leqe { NEXT R GHT Brinser 2 North Row 1: Norman Yeater. Jerry Schadel, Joe Newcomer, Keith Kurtz, Keith Myer. Row 2: Rich Shuman, Doug Glass. Chris Cavanaugh. Jere Sollenberger, Jeff Everitt, Dave Lewis, Milce Yeslavage, On shoulders: Scott Leid, Paul Sues, Mike Shupp, Scott Wenger, Pete Gialloreto On sign: Glen Johanson, James Cavanaugh R.A. Brinser 2 South (alphabetical artier): Greg BUir. Tim Bow-nun, Ron BrewcT, Darrvl Brown. Ed Ebling. Curl Heisev, Tod Heisev, Lame Heltebfidle. Kev n Jacob - R.A., Jeff jacoby. Tim Kershner, Kurt KostenKader. Rav Kreisrr. Eric Luckcnbaugh. Andy Mehalko. Shailesh Mehta. Roy Meyxr. Herb Miller. Scott Miller. Mike Nolt, Duane SnavTiy, Mark Sorerucn Scott Scauffcr. Kingdon Troensengodrd 140 Bnr Brinser 3 North (alphebetical order): Todd Armstrong, Jim Boris, Dirk Brautigam, Chau Bui, Bob Cahill R,A., Erik Daiga, Bill DeMora, Doug Engle, Scott Evans, Ma:rk French, Dave Githens, Ed Koehier, Ed Kron, Scott Manzak, Mike Mitchell, Steve Pease, Greg Pukas, Craig Rowe, Bill Schober, Bill Shebey, Chris Shouldice, Vince Simansky, Mike Tinucci, Norm Williamson Brinser } South (alphabetical order): Jeff Bleacher, Terence Cameron, Steve Chester, Constantin Gekas, Engelas Gekas, Jim Guynes. Richard Jacobson, Jeff Koenig, Craig Kovach, Tom Lehman, Rex LofUnd, Loren Martin, Andy Maurer, John Perkins R.A., Michael Reiner, John Shumate, Alvin Walton, Doug Wankc, David Wolfgang X . t:9 MYER f MYER I -EAST 142 Myer ' . « « SS S r■ Af ' er 2-East Ron 2: Kathleen Meade, Gwen Kenyon, Kathie Boyle, Man Pugliese Ron 2: Emily Ciganelc, Carol Murray, Lois Peterson, Mary Foster, Chris Hershey, Alice Rossi Ron 3: Nora Barlow. Patricia Lawrence, Cheryl Benner, Sue Arter, Lorraine Hultberg, Linda Ott, Teresa Berwoger. Sue Boldermann. Ron 4: Victoria Robertson, Lisa Schoener, Maryrose Frey, Eileen Harmen, Janet Batchelor, Brenda Paglano, Nancy Berry Myer 2-West Ron 1: Sue Rogers, Jeanne McCiure Row 2: Maria Long, Wendi Walker, Beth LeConey, Michele Ryan, Sue Wallie, Robin Lilarose, Leigh Hartman. Beth Sulcarochana, Row 3: Debbie Derr, Jane Melocheck, Mary Lint, Alicia Huertas, Dina Green, Tncia Marrero, Linda Scott, Karen Fischer Ron 4: Melinda Crabbs, Mary Everline, Jean Bruley, Lori Baker. Linda Sites, Kathy Nordin, Wendy Barratt, Cansa Butts, Lynn Barbour Women 143 J . » d a 1 : 4. - » .. 1 Myer i-East Row 1: Pam Vnenchak, Swan Tan, Kathy Boman, Ann Belkcy, Kathy Fiala, Holly Cooke. Row 2: Lynne Anderson, Cheryl Wiechecki. Chris Cooper, Genie Willard. Becky Love, Row S: Juhc Sipprell. Bernic Wilk. Cindy Neil, Nancy Scott, Joanne Larson, Wendy Greenhaigh, Terry Derr, Juhc Hilhard, Laura Jones, Kann Fink, Row 4: Beth Grumbine, Kathy Ross, Mary Anne Geiger (R.A.), Nancy Siraub. Lisa Wahnsky M ' ' msc ' Myer 3-West Row 1: Liu Wagner, Jicqui Hermer, Karen Luu, Martha Groff, Diane Shaffer, Beth Eksilovich Row 2: Cindy Paulus, Beth Wellnnz. Melanie Miles, Sue Blomsler, Mary Yingling Row ): Nancy Pederson, Marion X ' a d. Anne Reifsnyder, Phyllis Holton, Sue Reed, Diane Bisher Row 4: Michelle DiNapoli, Marsha Tavares, Melanie Snyder (R.A ), and " Buffer " , Pam Craig Row 4: " Conga " ' ♦4 My " •:«: ' ' ' ' - ' W :«;s;v,. ■r 1 - « f 1 . :- • ' -TH.. i- - f-. ■ ' W • - ' - ROYER Royer l-North Row 1: Sailie Flood, Lisa Blazek, Nancy Smith, Ron- 2: Laura Bower, Diane Ford, Deb Truscelio, Tammy Gustin, Joanne Zerbe Row S: Kathryn King, Greichen Franz (R.A.), Eileen Crim Royer l-South Row 1: Rosalie Montague, Liz Sarzanini, Barb Stone, Deb Gable, Anne Golding, Row 2: Karen Jeiteles. Alane Seller, Kim Buck, Sharon Pierce, Nancy King, Holly Rossi Row 3: Nancy Gsell. Melanie Metzger, Michelle Tremitoere, Doris Wcgner, Kathy Beth Rover 1 4 «r % X ' p Royer 2-North Ron 1: Michelle Gaiotti, Linda Wagner, Robin Blazina, Ron 2: Leonora Lucchesi, Ellen Whitacre, Catherine Lockey, Chris Wolfe, Gail Reed, Ron 5; Beclcv Zimmerman, Michele Marsh, Tami Weaver. Diane Ames. Cindy Auerbach. Carla Hoffman, Dune Kee, Wandj Buzzard. Ron 4: Jane Daveler. Debbie Graves. Monua Penni, Kathy McOmbndge Royer 2 ' South Row 1: Sheila Rcardon, Debbie Rider, Robin Fleming. Sandi Longsderft, Beth Meizger. Sandv Siothoff. Sherr Russm, Rom 2: LiSJ Forvhi, Kyle Anzini. Tratey Young. Karen Lease, Nam y Carlson, Laune } losman. Karen Crum. Cyndie I ierman Ron i: Laura Bcal, Beth Gcidcl, Sue Whiting, Jenny Spencer, Beth Bowser, Deanru Diben, Orol Cincofe, Carol Berrang 1 46 Royer Royer 3-North Row 1: Becky Dalley, Chris Witback, Mary Ellen Zizos, Sharon Ward, Jane Brennan, Elten Watts, Row 2: Pam Lorincz, Amy Porter, Jams Thirlwall. Ann Mumford. Barb Umbrell, Row 3: Laura Lowenbach, Diane Dondero, Donna Way, Joanne Soyka, Molly Hanson Row 4: Cathy Starr, Patty Kogut m Royer 3-South Row 1: Betsy Huber, Chris Poor, Colette Brown. Sharon Kauffman, Amy McLane, Gay Dctwiler, Vickie Overly Row 2: Deb McGarry, Lisa Clevinger, Sue Shneidcr, Joyce Clevinger. Sue Kirby. Row 3: Carol Carragher. Lisa Titcombe Women 147 i i Orchard Row 1: Missi Northrop. Donna Wilson, Pain Sanderson, Row 2: Aud Fetter, Maureen Connelly, Karen { { jy C Niticrhouse Koi€ Garden: Lcc Ann ChcUl. U:ti. . . ' .- uKcws. Anncmane MiOftcriv, Ellen X ' Jtls. Cindv Neil. Tess Tulley, Joan Rohrtuugh 148 OM}p$ Green Gables Row 1: Jud Gemmill. Rick Mcrtz, Scott Prior Ron- 2: Alan Gcckic, Bruce Uinch, Mike Leici Sigma Row 1: Donyata Punkenstein. Maude-Amy, Lisa Lubener, LeSucr, P. Poupon Row 2: Iggy. Shirley Temple. Corabeth Godsey, Betty Crocker. | ;w«»- ' " tSfcSslJi r-- « " - ' 4. Co-ops 149 »F «- t:» Commuters Row 1: Randy Garner, Andrea Smith, Lynn Neiswender, Monda Ghorbani, Sharlene Row 2: Mimi Ginder, Holly Druck, Tonya Piltz, Amy Albright, Jenny Landis, Judy Gutshali, Row i; Terry Hilsher, Paul Kohler, Steve Faust, Bruce Carter, Mark Kaiser, Paul Steinweg, Marty Diller, Dave Smith Row 4: Ken Garner, Elaine Wagner, Mark Sibley, Doug Ruhl COMMUTERS i o Commuters ir u. » « .«.: :-. ... a r. n. t: c ■- r - ' V i-; jc -k h n ArLAi «■ ' 4» «• .) " ' ' l ' ' - ' .r 2 i ' ..st I H I Comer 1 5 1 :t ' f 4 - 4, 1 . t:;» 4 u. ' . -.». «.». . s. « v: :t People 153 4 « 9 . n. m H » 1 ». «- t - i« f- SENIORS m John Abu Abalaka Social Dynamics Douglas A. Abel Accounting Dana W. Aberle Social Work Kelly M. Aucker Early Childhood Education Joshua I. Awulu Political Science 1 homas W. Bailey Business Accounting Carcnda D. Baker Music Therapy Joseph M. Barrett Business Marketing 1 56 AbaLka . «J.l . ■ .. » 5 . « .. « t JCriil-nr i: ' r7l JV ?T»- r ' : ' H; Gary J. Beck Elementary Education Carolyn ]. Behr Early Childhood Education BS 1 F ■ 1 Q a i ' Jf ..i Craig S. Beittel Business-Mgmt. Mktg. . £«l II -I Debra C. Blaschak Communication Arts Sandra M. Bock Communication Arts Michael J. Boess Business Boess 1 7 ij Kelly A. Book Occupational Therapy Jane Brennan Political Science David L. Bradley Business Elizabeth A. Brodhag Biology-Psychology Carol D. Brenna Psychology Christy L. Butler Communication Arts Robert G. Cahill Accounting James J. Cavanaugh Communication Arts i 8 B uk « v« i:c ir i Lee Ann D. Chelak Social Work Jeanne M. Clark Occupational Therapy Katherine L. Cherego Accounting David C. CUrLf Occupational Therapy Dawn G. Ciancia Communication Arts Joyce A. Clevinger Social Work Timothy S. Collins Business-Computer Science Laura A. Colonna Occupational Therapy Colonna 1 59 ? tt Maureen T. Connelly Early Childhood-Elementary Ed. Holly F. Cooke Business-Management Esther B. Coppock Social Work ! 3 J -i Jm. Diane M. Cortellessa English Lynda L. Davis Business 160 Connelly Anh Thu Thi Dang Accounting i Stanley G. Daubert Mathematics 4 a Susan J. Davis Business Robert E. Deimler Biology William G. DeMora Jr. Accounting r Suzette M. Desjardin Bio.-Chem. Med-Tech. Gay M. C etwiler Occupational Therapy EJetwiler i6i M a Elizabeth Diacont Social Work Carl M. Diller Business-Computer Science Diane M. Dondero Early Childhood Education Rebecca A. Dinulos Business-Management Kirk P. Doran Music Therapy Karen F. Dorsey Mathematics Matthew M. Douglas III Business 163 Diaconi ■• ' tn t 4 rrt-T ' •V r . " fC ' Jay K. Eichelberger Business Lynn D. Engle Music Education Christian J. Eichhorn Business-Marketing Marls E. England Business-Marketing Linda J. Esbenshade Ronald E. Faus Konjo Michael Fefegula Occupational Therapy English-Religion Communication Arts • FefeguU 165 «■ ■3- Aud M. Fetter Elementary Education Maryrose R. Frey Occupational Therapy Barbara R. Francks Business-Marketing Patrick A. Fricchione Jr. Business-Mgt. Mkt. Gretchen B. Franz English Scott W. Frick Accounting Peggy P. Futer Occupational Therapy Michelle L. Gaiotti Accounting 164 Fetter t 4:.« »..« . ' - t. c: Sarah J. Gallagher Medical Secretarial Jean T. Garman Social Work-Business Lola M. Gallant Business Education Kevin D. Garner Business-Computer Science F. Patrick Garber Accounting Erin K. Garrity Social Work Allen ]. Geckle Accounting Mary Anne Geiger Occupational Therapy Geig« 163 ii a Virginia M. Geissler Accounting Kristin M. Gieg Psychology Judson H. Gemmill Business Miriam K. Ginder Business-Management Mondana Ghorbani Mathematics jcrr) ' A. Gladtclter Communication Arts Joanne (ilali Social Work 166 Geissler t.. 3 . li t..ar. . 9. « ;K Douglas E. Glass Business Larry D. Greenawalt Mathematics Teresa L. Godfrey Occupational Therapy Kathleen P. Gorman Music Therapy Jay S. Greer Business-Mgt. Mktg. Kenneth R. Greider Business-Management Lisa Marie Groff Business Education Groff 167 Marlene R. Gruber Chemistry-Med. Tech. Beth L. Grumbine Psychology Nick A. Haitos Business Beverly ]. Hail Elementary Education Jennifer A. Hampshire Foreign Languages Thomas E. 1 lart Business-Marketing Brian N. Hartman Business-Marketing 168 Gnibtr t- -ft «. .«.. ,. , «v . i; f 1 1. 1, f . Deborah B. Hawtof Business Jeffrey A. Hecker Accounting Kristine E. Heim Foreign Language-Business Laine A. Heltebridle Political Science Anne M. Henshaw Occupational Therapy Christine L. Hershey Social Work Wanda M. Hertzog Accounting Hertzog 169 «.» Sandra K. Hess Business-Computer Science Mgmt. Susan ]. Hivner Accounting Kathleen A. Hetrich Business-Management Karin M. Hoeflich Mathematics Christine A. Hinkle Social Work Carla L. Hofmann Elementary Education Thomas E. Hohenwartcr Jr Biology-Secondary Education Timothy S. Holder Accounting 170 Has • -» : x»:«-: - ' ' Renee Y. Horst Elementary Education Betsy Isaacs Early Childhood Education Elizabeth A. Huber Business Education-Medical Sec. Kevin R. Jacoby Social Work Jamie M. Hurley Psychology ► Christine M. Jameson Social Work James A. Jameson Business-Computer Science Dianne E. Jones Psychology-Sociology Jones 171 . ' . .v " , il a , « William M. Jordan Business-Mgmt. Comm. Rick A. Kinsey Business Cynthia L. Kaufman Medical Secretarial Molly A. Keith Occupational Therapy Susan B. Kirby Mathematics Scott S. Klein Political Science Tracy R. Binklcy Klopp Occupational Therapy 172 jordin . m - % 3 . g « . - • Christopher J. Knauer Business-Management Kathryn M. Knight Business-Comp. Sci. Mktg. Mary C. Kohut Philosophy-Religion Paul R. Kohler Business-Computer Science Michael L. Kondash Biology Scot W. Kosevic Business-Marketing Karen A. Kottmeyer Psychology Craig W. Kovach English Kovach 173 «.» « ft i « Pamela K. Kreider Medical Secretarial Catherine M. Kwader Business-Marketing Frank Lambcrta Business-Marketing Jenny L. Landis Accounting jody J. Landis Acctg.-Mathcmatics-Pre Law 1 74 Kreider - K .. r. % , • , -.. --. " V Ik IH i ' i- : Kathleen E. Landis Elementary Education Deborah A. Lebo Accounting David P. Lehman Business Peter G. LaRocca English-Social Science P. John Lashkevich Accounting Lehman 175 »„« v ■ ft . l a « Tracy S. Lloyd Occupational Therapy P. Edward Lovelidge Accounting Marjorie R. Long Social Dynamics Susan M. Lynam Biology Pamela B. Lorincz Elementary Education Sandra J. Mack Occupational Therapy Kristen A. Manwiller Accounting Diane G. March Early Childhood Education 176 Lloyd KK . ' ' i ' K ' ! ' ■ •.4 Kevin A. Markey Communication Arts Sherry L. Mason Business Mary Ellen Marshall Mathematics Kellie A, Matheson Elementary Education Roy I. Martin II Business Elizabeth W. Matthews Social Work Anthony G. Maurer Accounting Dane L. McAlpine Accounting McAlpine 177 ill a I « Colleen M. McAvcy Social Work Kathy-Jo McPike Business Anne Marie McCafferty Occupational Therapy Alan S. Mede Business Andrew D. Mehalko Accounting Kimhcrly M. Mcngcs Psychology Kathr)n L. Mercl Mathematics 178 McAvey . . " a m if . m dl m. i.:-. 1 -, •« M J %.l «, V. -T. 4i-.. . i. Dm !•• fm tm Melanie ]. Metzger Accounting Brenda L. Mizdail Chemistry-Pre Med. Kimbcrly A. Mohl Psychology Robert S. Morton Jr. Biology Mary C. Muhich Occupational Therapy Muhich 179 •v " " : : :; ■ ' Donna F. Mulder Accounting John W. Mumford Social Studies-History Melissa H. Muilin Early Childhood-Elementary Ed. Julie H. Murphy Social Work Annette D. Murray BctS) A. Musselman Linda L. Needham Music Ed.-Music Therapy Music Elcmentar) ' Education 1 80 Mulder KK ' KKK -. f K «» . i-. . ' ij, IK w: j- ■ ; ■? ».. Cynthia L. Neil Occupational Therapy Edith A. Nelson Business-Marketing 1 Gretchen A. Nettling-McCoy Music Therapy Cam-Huong D. Nguyen Business-Acctg. Comp. Sci. Karen G. Nitterhouse Business Robert S. Noggle Accounting Holly J. Nolt Business y. ' ?- Noll i8i Deborah A. Novobilski Early Childhood-Elementary Ed. Patricia A. O ' Neil Sociology Isaac A. Ochu Elementary Education Joseph A. Orlando Accounting Stacia L. Ogburn Medical Secretarial Vickie L. Overly Early Childhood-Elementary Ed. C. John Palmer Business-Computer Science Jcanma I. Pantano Business-Mlctg. Comm. 182 Novobilski t t-l «i jt; i «. « .• ' fin. 4|IB, 9B. 1! . i .. fm-, , i !■. i fW T Kimberly L. Paskill Chemistry-Med. Tech. John A. Perkins III Accounting Sherrie L. Peck Early Childhood Education Dawn E. Persing Elementary Education Nancy C. Pederson Occupational Therapy Lesli J. Powell Social Work David F. J. Presti Communication Arts Scott L. Pr)or Business-Management Pryor 183 ■. :i:Ti ' i « " «- -«. ' ■« Mariangela C. Pugliese Social Work Teresa Puhalla Occupational Therapy Susan A. Reed Business-Mktg. Acctg. Cynthia L. Reese Chemistry-Med. Tech. Anne M. Reifsnyder Social Work Bradley D. Rhoads Business-Marketing Carol J. Richman Biology-Chemistry-Med. Tech. . 1 84 Pugticsr mt M- ft «- V ».• ' «J». ' i H. « W Carlton L. Rintz Business-Marketing Orlando R. Rodrigues Biology Maureen L. Roberts Elementary Education Steven Paul Rochelle Business-Mgmt. Mktg. Carol L. Rogers Joan E. Rohrbaugh Holly G. Rossi Business-Mgtmt. Mktg. Elementary Education Elementary Education • Rossi 185 li . i ii - - 4. f Jeffrey L. Rothenberger Business-Acctg. Comp. Sci. Robin R. Ruhl Accounting Pamela S. Saltzer Business-Acctg. Comp. Sci. Patricia L. Sanderson Early Childhood-Elementary Ed. Bruce T. Saunders Business-Mlctg. Mgmt. 186 Roihcnbcrgtr ■ i!t « - • v, -. Charles D. Scarborough Jeffrey D. Schaum Business-Management Accounting ■■t 1 1 1 i ■■ S EhMMH V y " m BHflBaHJaBa MBf ..jl i ¥ ■ 1 h m m F ' ■ " . 4 - ' ' jt i t ij i i.rijB ,;U K H Deborah J. Schillinger Occupational Therapy Gail L. Schmerfeld Mathematics William A. Schober Business-Management Kathy-Elise Schwarzmann Social Work Michael Leid Accounting Lcid (oops!) 187 ■ « a »l S .1% Si -V Susan A. Seifrit Business-Management Mary F. Simansky Chemistry-Med. Tech. David J. Shaw Business-Management Barbara A. Glacklin Elementary Education Steven R, Shubert Business-Computer Science Robert C. Slamp Music Education Andrea J. Smith Occupational Therapy David . Smith Social Science 188 St.fnt ;Sv . , . - ' i N . . ' iM ! ' « . 4. Julia A. Snader Business-Mgmt. Mktg. Cathy J. Starr Business Education ;f Diane S. Snavely Early Childhood Education Paul S. Steinweg Business-Economics Susan A. Snee Occupational Therapy Gary K. Stepanchick Accounting Cynthia A. Stetler Psychology-Elementary Ed. Laurie A. Stetler Mathematics Sutler 189 :. -. Susan E. Stevens Business-Mgmt. Comm. U. Arlen L. Stoltzfus Accounting Janice W. Stouffer Music Therapy Melissa A. Stuft ' t Social Work Brett H. Tennis Accounting Frances L. Teslar Business-Mgmt. Comm. Janice G. Thirlwall Sociology 190 Stf i » !» « t? « » » » ' 9- 4 Ic v. IPi O " JP " y i ' i ' «4 «r. - A « A «• M ' - « . - ' . . ' , Kathy A. Thomas Occupational Therapy David E. Thompson Business-Management " iN Teresa M. Tulley Elementary Education Bruce A. Ulrich Business ' - — - - --- r- ■ii •: ' . .7 Esther M. Vorhauer Social Dymanics ¥ Diane L. Walker History Douglas R. Wanke Political Science Wanlcc 191 » :s;% Sharon A. Warner Communication Arts James L. Watson Business-Marketing Mary Ellen Watts Psychology Tamara Weaver Music Therapy 192 Warner Douglas J. Weisbach Business Kent L. Whiting Accounting Beth N. Whitacre Social Work Bernadette M. Wilk Occupational Therapy Donna ]. Wilson Occupational Therapy ik Lauren R. Winner Chemistry-Med. Tech. Linda A. Wors t Elementary Education Worst 195 :X7r«;-!, ■:■?;■ : vA» ' ' « »S«tt f Sr3t - Susan ]. Wright Business Education-Medical Sec. Walter H. Yeager Chemistry-Management Tammy L. Yuninger Music Therapy Mary Ellen J. Zizos Biology-Med. Tech. THE ABSENT 1982 CLASS MEMBERS Debra J. Bautista Faith A. Bernard Jody J. Brenner Martha H. Brose Denise M. Delesio Michael G. Doerr Matthew Frey Lori J. Gallego Daniel E. Henne Jeffrey R. Hippie Eric K. Kilhefner Elizabeth A. LeConey Peggy J. Marsicano Philip K. Miller Melissa A. Northrop James J. O ' Conneil Gary T. Prochek Linda G. Sites David E. Sohn Todd O. Whitmore Christine L. Wolfe 194 Seniors A 1 A. IT, « J jfc ;» %l m- -!tj , " lOk BH 4SMI iK DIRECTORY Scnio 4J .. . i ■ V Abalaka. John A. p. 156 Social Dynamics P.O. box 1 133 Makurdi-Benue State, Nigeria Sociology Club Abel. Douglas A. p. 1 6 Accounting 415 Maple St. Wnghisville, PA 17368 Accounting Club, SAM Club, Computer Science Club, Intramural Athletics, 3-South Tom Freeda Fan Club Aberle, Dana W. p. 1 6 Social Work 313 Dundee Place Devon, PA 19333 Social Work Club, Volleyball Marathon, RA-, Dorm Council Rep., Women ' s Intramural Athletics Aucker, Kelly M. p, 156 Early Childhood Education Box 4 1 -A Port Trevorton, PA 17864 Awulu, Joshue I. p. t 6 Political Science c o Mr. Abel Isah Orah, Post Office Makurdi, Benue Slate, Nigeria Bailey, Thomas W. p. 156 Accounting R.D. 5 Mechanicsburg, PA i70 ' 5 ' 5 APB, Baseball. Concert Choir. R.A. Baker, Carenda D. p. i ' )6 Music Therapy R. D. 2. Box 143-A Gardners, PA 17324 Concert Band, Brass Ensemble, Jazz Band. MENC — Sec. and V.P.. Alpha Mu, Elizabethtown Christian Fel- lowship, Pit Orchestra for S.T.E.P. Volunteer at Chil- dren ' s Hospital Barrett, Joseph M. p. 156 Business Administration 836 East Third St. Berwrk, PA 18603 APB. Dance Committee, Marketing Club. SAl Club, V.P, Ober Dorm Council Bautista, Debra J. Accounting 315 East Cherry St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Beck, Gary J. p. 157 Elementary Education Box 29 Beavcrtown, PA 17815 Student Senate — Treas,, PSEA — Treas.. Campus Life Council, Board of Publications, Intra. Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Chair. Finance Committee Behr, Carolyn J. p. 157 Early Childhood Education 422 Cornell Ave. Swarthmorc, PA 19081 PSEA Beittel, Craig S. p. i ' = 7 Business Administration 69 Delp Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Baseball Intra. Football, (Basement three times champs), B.A.R.K., Member 3- West Procrastination Club Bernard, Faith A Early Childhood Education 555 Stanwick Rd. Moorestown. NJ 080 7 Blaschak. Debra C. p. 1 7 Communication Arts 105 Rate St. Ringtown, PA 17967 WWEC Station Mgr., Promotions Dir., Sports Dir., Disc Jockey, Student Assistant, Activities Planning Board — Research Chairperson, Student Senator, Cam- pus Life Council, SAM Club, Sock-N-Buskin, Etownian — reporter, Dance-A-Thon Finance Captain. Open House Rep. Concert Production Assistant, Coordinator — Admissions Slide Shows, Nominee — Distinguished Sophomore, Junior, Senior Bock, Sandra M. p. 1 7 Communication Arts 477 Syracuse Ave. Massapequa, NY 11758 W ' ' EC — Disc Jockey, Etownian, Dead Girls Boess, Michael J. p. 157 Business Administration 186 Rocksville Rd. Holland, PA 18966 Soccer. SAM Club. Marketing Club, Dorm Council Book, Kelly A. p. 158 Occupational Therapy 2 1 1 W. Stanton Rd. Quarryville, PA 17 66 O.T. Club, APB, Founders Dorm Council Bradley, David L. p. 158 Business Administration 10401 Tulsa Drive Adelphia, MD 20783 Track, SAM Club, APB. Concert Band, Concert Choir Brenna, Carol p. 1 8 Psychology 302 Pearl St. Lancaster, PA 17603 Psi Chi — Pres., Sec, Psychology Club. Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship Brcnnan, Jane p. 1 8 Political Science 2 Ethan Allen Court Newark, DE 1971 1 Synchro Club, Political Science Club Broadhag, Elizabeth A, p. 1 8 Biology — Psychology 718 Columbia Ave. Lansdalc, PA 19446 Concert Choir, Chorale, Choral Union. P$i Chi, V.P. Pre-health Club Brose, Martha H. Social Work 370 Old Bachmans Valley Rd. Westminster, MD 2ii ' 37 Butler, Christy L, p. 1 8 Communication Arts 2303 Springfield Drive Chambersburg, PA 17201 WWEC Cahill, Robert G. p. 1 8 Accounting 35 Greenwood Place Valley Stream, NY 11 81 Accounting Club, STEP. Brinser Dorm — Pres., Intra. Volleyball, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Pres. — SOF, Ball ' s Hall of Face Cavanaugh, James J, p. I ' tS Communication Arts 16 Lakeshore Dr.. R.D. 5 Carmel, NY 10 12 Brinser Newsletter, Tutor, RA., Outreach Team, J.V. Soccer, Radio Station Sup.. News Dir., Intra. Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball. Softball, Alpha Lambda Delta, Cast Member Bngadoon, Dorm Council Chelak, Lee Ann D. p. 1 9 Social Work 409 West Spruce St. M hanoy City, PA 17948 Women ' s Varsity Basketball (2 yrs.), Women ' s Softball (2 yrs.), Social Work Club, Intra. Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, Dorm Council — Founders, Fresh. Orientation Counselor, Women ' s J.V. Basketball Coach (1980-82) Cherego, Katherine L. p. 159 Accounting 924 Hamilton St. Rahway, NJ 0706 Accounting Club, Marketing Club Ciancia, Dawn G. p. 159 Communication Arts 247 Hillside Ave. Cranford, NJ 07016 Etownian Staff. VCWEC Thon Disc Jockey. Dance-A- Clark. Jeanna M. p. 1 9 Occupational Therapy 8 West Main St. Norwich, NY 1381 O.T. Club. Newman Club, APB, Pre-Health Prof. Club Clarke, David C. p. 1 9 Occupational Therapy 62 Lotz Hill Rd Clifton. NJ 07013 Fencing Club — Pres., LARC Swimming Classes, Chil- dren ' s Hospital Volunteer, O.T. Club. Dance Marathon Staff, Projectionist Clevinger, Joyce p, 1 9 Social Work 31 Haven St Schuvlkill Haven. PA 17972 Sot ial ' ork Club, R.A., Intramurals 196 Abalaka ii: A js ' . « Coilins, Timothy S. p. i ' )9 Business Administration 28 Dellwood Ave. Chatham, NJ 97928 Colonna, Laura A. p. 1 9 Occupational Therapy 95 Winter St. Lynbrook, NY 11 63 O.T. Club. Pre-Health Professionals Club. APB, Con- cert Personnel Connelly. Maureen T. p. 160 Early Child hocxi Elementary Education 160 Parkview Rd. Stratford, NJ 08084 Women ' s Field Hoclcey, Basketball, PSEA, Sec, Intra. Volleyball Cooke, Holly F. p. 160 Business Administration 1 142 Calaway Lane Bryn Mawr, PA 19010 Senior Class Pres., Junior Class Pres., Peer Counselor, SAM Club, Floor Rep.. APB Cooper, Ellen M. Early Childhood Education R.D. 1, Box 88 West Mam St. Newmanstown, PA 17073 P.S.E.A. — College Orchestra Coppock. Esther B. p. 160 Social Work 6174 Collie Dr. Bethel Park, PA 15102 Sychro Swimming (2 yrs). Social Work Club Cortellessa, Diane M. p. 160 English R.D. 3 Birdsboro. PA 19580 Supreme Fiction Soc. — Pres.. Etownian — News Ed. STEP, Intra. Volleyball, Soccer Dang. Thu p. 160 Accounting 620 E. Walnut St. Annville, PA 17003 SAM Club, Accounting Club. Alpha Lambda Delta, International Club Daubert, Stanley G. p. 160 Mathematics 308 S. Mt- Joy St. Eiizabethtown. PA 17022 V.P. Math Club. Baseball Team. Deans List, Delphi Soc., National Alpha Lambda Delta Soc. Intramural Volleyball Davis, Lynda L. p. 160 Business Administration P.O. Box 298 Sadsburyville. PA 19369 Marketing Club — Pres.. SAM Club, Conestogan. APB, Pres. Delphi Soc. V.P. Alpha Lambda Delta Davis, Susan J. p. 160 Business Administration 1210 Gail Rd. West Chester, PA 19830 SAM Club, Accounting Club, Brethren Student Fellow- ship Deimler, Robert E. p. 161 Biology 6751 Lehigh Ave. Harrisburg, PA 171 11 Pre-Health Club (Sec, Treas.), Biology Club, Ameri- can Chemical Soc. Computer Club, Intramurals DeMora, William G. Jr. p. 161 Accounting 09 Lampeter Rd. Lancaster. PA 17602 Accounting Club, Brinser Dorm Council — Treas.. Baseball Delesio, Denise M. Communication Arts R.D. 4. Box 95 Eiizabethtown, PA 17022 Desjardin. Suzette M. p. 161 Bio-Chem. Med-Tech. Box 1 88- A, R.D. 1 E. Greenville, PA 18041 Speech-Debate — Treas., Swim Team — Cocaptain, Track Team — Cocaptain, Campus Gold — Treas., Med-Tech Club, ACS Detwiler, Gay M. p. 161 Occupational Therapy R.D. 1, Box 64 Susquehanna, PA 18847 O.T. Club, Alpha Lambda Delta. Etownian, Dorm Council — Pres., Sec, Intramurals. Pre-Health Club Diacont, Elizabeth p. 162 Social Work 2914 Liberty St. Easton, PA 18042 Basketball Team Mgr., APB, Social Work, Intramurals. Dorm Council Rep. Diller. Carl M. p. 162 Business Administration 16 Queen Rd. Intercourse, PA 17534 Computer Club, Intramurals Dmulos. Rebecca A. p. 162 Business Administration 709 S. i2th St. Lebanon, PA 17042 SAM Club. Marketing Club. Student Senator, Campus Life Council. Swim Team — Cocaptain. Sec. Special Events Comm., Pres.. Schlosser Dorm Council. Doerr, Michael G. Business Administration 3209 Columbia Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Dondcro, Diane M. p. 162 Early Childhood Education 67 Greendale Dr. Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 Women ' s Basketball, Intramurals, Men ' s Basketball — Mgr. Doran. Kirk. P. p. 162 Music Therapy 1 126 Acre Dr. Carlisle, PA 170 13 Dorsey, Karen F. p. 162 Mathematics 262 Briar Hill Lane Woodbury, NJ 08096 Math Club, Sec. {2 yrs.) Intramurals. Math Student Assistant Douglas, Matthew M. Ill p. 162 Business Administration 610 Hastings Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17109 Eichelberger, Jay p. 163 Business Administration 4312 Reno Rd.. N.W. Washington. D.C. 20008 Soccer, SAM Club — Pres.. Student Senate. Campus Life Council, Social Life Council, Judicial Board, Jr. Class Treasurer Eichhorn, Christian J. p. 163 Business Administration 2955 Marietta Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601 England, Mark E. p. 16} Business Administration 661 N. Spring St. Everett, PA 15537 Accounting Club (Fresh. ) . SAM Club, Marketing Club Engle. Lynn D. p. 163 Music Education Box 3-A, R.D. »i Bainbridge. PA 17502 Esbenshade, Linda J. p. 163 Occupational Therapy 534 E. 28th Div. Hwy. Lititz, PA 17543 Concert Choir. Freshman Honor Society, Musical Cele- bration II. Intercollegiate Chorus Faus. Ronald E. p. 163 English Religion R.D. 4 Manheim, PA 17545 Etownian, Concert Choir, Chorale Fefegula, Konjo M. p. 163 Communication Arts 6 Old Ngalu Rd. Bo, Sierra Leone Speech Club, Political Science. International Club — Pres. Fetter, Aud M, p. 164 Elementar ' Education Box 166 Linwood. NJ 08221 PSEA Fetter 197 ' :»: . . :. -f " 4 -v Francks, Barbara R. p. 164 Business Administration 167 Stratford Dr. Churchville, PA 18966 Marketing Club, SAM Club Franz, Gretchen B. English 1 13 Jill Rd. Willow Grove, PA 19090 Alpha Lambda Delta — Pres., Supreme Fiction Soc. — Pres.. Royer Dorm Council — V.P.. APB. Volleyball Intra., R.A., Delphi Soc., Intramurals Frcy, Maryrose R. p. 164 Occupational Therapy 1 103 Wheatland Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Occupational Therapy Class Rep. ( 2 yrs.), Co-Chair- person {1 yr.), Jr. Class — V.P., Alpha Lambda Delta. Delphi Soc. — Sec Treas., Special Events Committee of APB, Peer Counselor, R.A. Frey, Matthew J. Business Administration 1103 Wheatland Ave. Lancaster, PA. 17603 Fncchione, Patrick A., Jr. p. 164 Business Administration 6 N. Garfield Ave. Scranton, PA 18 04 Student Senate, APB, Intramurals, Campus Life Coun- cil, Ober Dorm Council — Treas., SAM Club, Market- ing Club Frick, Scott W. p. 164 Accounting 5087 Essex PI. Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Club, SAM Club Futer, Peggy P. p. 164 Occupational Therapy Children ' s Hm., Masonic Homes Elizabethiown, PA 17022 O.T. Club, Co-capt. Volleyball Team (3 yrs.), Commut- er Club Gaioiti, Michelle L. p. 164 Accounting 138 Pennsylvania Ave. Easton, PA 18042 Accounting Club, Concstogan Gallagher, Sarah J. p. 165 Medical Secretarial o Howard St. S. Williamsport, PA 17701 Gallant, Lota p. 165 Business Education 124 Kihade Trail Medford Lakes, NJ 080 PBEA Galelgo, Lort j. Early Childhood Education 1 High Elms Lane Glen Cove. NY 11542 Garber, F. Patrick p. 165 Accounting 3652 Bnsban St. Harrisburg, PA 171 1 1 Accounting Club, SAM Club, Synchro Club, Intra. Volleyball, Campus Theatre Garman, Jean T. p. 16-) Business Administration Social Work 465 Porter St. Manchester, CT 06040 Social Work Club, SAM Club, Pres. Outdoor Club. Sec. Synchro Swim Club, Chairperson Garner, Kevin D. p. 165 Business Administration 41 Sunset Ave. Manheim, PA 1754 Garrity, Erin K. p. 165 Social Work itx) Hillside Ave. Chatham, NJ 07928 Social Work Club — Pres., Intramurals, STEP Geckle, Allen J. p. i6 ' 5 Accounting 204 S. Fairville Dr. Harrisburg, PA 171 12 Intramurals — Football, Basketball. Softball, Peer Coun- selor, Accounting Club Geiger, Mary A. p. 165 Occupational Therapy 170 Cooper Ave. Landisville, PA 1 7- 38 O.T. Club, Intramurals, Dorm Council — 1978-79, R.A., Area Assistant — Fall 1982 Geissler. Virginia M. p. 166 Accounting 25 Woodland Rd. Wyomissing Hills. PA 19610 Gemmili, Judson H. p. 166 Business Administration 28 Springwood Ave. Stewartstown, PA 17363 SAM Club. Computer Science Club Ghorbani, Mondana p. 166 Mathematics 119 Vi E. Park St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Gieg, Kristin M. p. 166 Psychology 12 Evergreen Rd Hollidaysburg, PA 16648 Psychology Club, Dorm Council, Baseball Mgr., Or- chestra Ginder, Miriam K. p. (66 Business Administration 46 Springville Rd. Mount Joy. PA 17552 Peer Counselor. SAM Club, Student Admissions Rep., Student Government Glackin. Barbara A. p 188 Elementar ' Education I 36 Morrison Ave. Hightstown, NJ 08520 PSTA Gladfelter, Jerry A. p. 166 Communication Arts 10 West St. Glen Rock, PA 17327 Intramural Sports, WWEC Glah, Joanne p. 166 Social Work 1629 Ridgeview Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Social Work Club Glass, Douglas E, p. 167 Business Administration 574 Westwcxxi Drive Downingtown, PA 19335 SAM Club, T.R.E.E.. Uke Placida Committee, Dorm Council Godfrey. Teresa L. p. 167 Occupational Therapy P.O. Box 15. 14 Longview Rd. Loganville, PA 17342 O T. Club. STEP.. WWEC, APB, Volleyball Mara- thon, Dance Marathon, P.C. Gorman, Kathy P. p. 167 Music Therapy 28 Cobble Lane Levittown, NY 11756 Alpha Mu, Chorale, Concert Choir, MENC Greenawalt, Larry D, p, 167 Mathematics 140 Colebrook Rd. Middletown. PA 17057 Math Club Greer. Jay S, p. 167 Business Administration Box 100, R.D. tti Stewartstown. PA 17565 Management Club. Marketing Club Greider, Kenneth R. p. 167 Business Administration 325 E. Willow St. Elizabethtown. PA. 17022 SAM Club Groff. Lisa M. p. 167 Business Education 19 Hilltop Drive Marmora. NJ 08223 Varsity Tennis, Dorm Council. Varsity Volleyball Gruber, Marlene p. 168 Chemistr ' Medical Tech. 31 Moe Moe PI VC ' ahiawa. Hawaii ACS. Prehealih Club. Med. Tech. Club, Elownun. Intramurals, Women ' s Basketball Scorekctper Grumbin e. Beth Louise Psychology 415 W. Maple Si. 198 Franclcs :.■ . .«: ' t. .. . - -. «- w « Palmyra, PA 17078 Med, -Tech. Club, Outdoors Club, Student Senate — Sec, Psychology Club — Pres., Student Rep. to Alumni Comm,, USSA, Special Events Committee, Pep Band, Concert Band. Intramurals Haitos. Nick A. p. 168 Business Administration 367 N. 9th St. Lebanon, PA 17042 SAM Club, Intramurals, Lacrosse Club Hall, Beverly p. r68 Elementary Education i 3 ' 3 Thaclcery St. Scranton, PA 18 04 Women ' s Basketball Team, Women ' s Softball Team Hampshire, Jennifer A. p. 168 Foreign Languages 165 Scarlet Oak Dr. Wilton, CT 06897 R.A. Hart, Thomas E. p. 168 Business Administration Harbourton Rd. Titusville, NJ 08 60 Marketing Club. V.P. SAM Club Hartman, Brian N. p. 168 Business Administration R.D. 1, Box 523 Littlestown, PA 17340 Marketing Club, Ober Dorm Council, Dining Hall Stu- dent Manager Hawtof, Deborah B. p. 169 Business Administration Route 5, Box 1 34 B Cumberland, MD 21502 SAM Club — Sec, Schlosser Dorm Couniil — V.P., Marketing Club Hecker, Jeffrey A. p. 169 Accounting 25 Hoover Rd. Lancaster, PA 17605 Accounting Club Heim, Kristine E. p. 169 Business Administration Foreign Languages 420 E. Lehman St. Lebanon, PA 17042 APB, Student Senate, Marketing Club, Soph, V,P., Tutoring, BCA Heltebridle. Lame A. p. 169 Political Science R.D, 1, Box 239 Dallastown. PA 17315 Concert Choir. Concert Band, Choral, Political Science Club, Pi Sigma Alpha. Intramurals, Tutor, Campus Theatre Henne, Daniel E. Accounting R.D, 1. Box 502 Elizabeth town, PA 17022 Henshaw, Anne M, p, 169 Occupational Therapy 48 Falcon Rd, Levittown, PA i90 ' 36 O.T. Club, Campus Gold Hers hcy, Christine L. p. 169 Social Work 25 Hilltop Rd. Lititz, PA 17543 Sr. Class Treas,, Intramurals, Social Work Club Hertzog, Wanda M. p. 169 Accounting 155 E. Lancaster Ave. Denver, PA 175 17 Accounting Club, Sec — NAA Hess, Sandra K.. p. 170 Business Administration College Hili Lane Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Computer Sci., Club — Pres., V.P., Sec, SAM Club, Varsity Softball, APB — Sec, Intramurals Hetnch, Kathleen A. p. 170 Business Administration 405 Jefferson Blvd. Reading, PA 19609 SAM Club, Tutoring Hinkle, Christine A. p. 170 Social Work 532 Tennis Ave. Ambler, PA 19002 Social Work Club, Swim Team, Intramurals Hippie, Jeffrey R. Business Administration 2354 Debra Ave. E. Petersburg, PA T7520 Hivner, Susan J. p. 170 Accounting 788 Blue Jay Rd. Harnsburg, PA 171 1 1 Accounting Club, SAM Club, Intramurals Hoeflich, Karin p. 170 Mathematics 108 Lloyd Ave. Downingtown, PA i95 ' ' 5 Hofmann. Carla L. p. 170 Elementary Education 712 Everette Ave. Collingswood. NJ 08107 Concert Choir — Sec, Concert Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band, STEP, APB. Campus Theater Hohenwarter, Thomas E., Jr. p. 170 Biology Secondary Education 825 Hilton Dr. Lancaster. PA 17603 Biology, Pre-health Club, Education Clubs, Intramurals, Founders Dorm Council Holder, Timothy S. p. 170 Accounting N. Front St. Ext. Wrightsville. PA 17368 Accounting Club, SAM Club, Track Team, Dorm Council Horsi, Renee Y. p. 171 Elementary Education 1 2 10 Fishbum Rd. Hershey, PA 17033 PSEA, Intramurals Huber, Elizabeth A. p. 171 Business Education 17 1 5 Ridgeview Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Royer Dorm Council, Student Senate, Choral Union, Academic Occasions Com., SAM Club, PBEA Hurley, Jamie M. p. 171 Psychology 5 Bunting Lane Millville, NJ 08332 Psychology Club, Conestogan Issacs, Betsy p. 171 Early Childhood Education Box 174 Walkersville, MD 21793 PSEA Jacoby, Kevin R. p. 171 Social Work 41 Blossom Lane Schuylkill Haven, PA 17972 T.R.EE. — Pres., Social Work Club, Delphi Soc, R.A., Baseball — Captain, Dorm Council Jameson, Christine M. p. 171 Social Work Box 141. R.D. 3 Mohnton, PA 19540 Social Work Club, Sec, APB, Men ' s Basketball Mgr. Jameson, James A. p. 171 Business Administration 425 E. Lancaster Ave. Downingtown, PA. 17022 Jones, Dianne E. p. 171 Psychology Sociology R.D. 12 York, PA 17406 Psychology Club — V.P. Jordon. William M. p. 172 Business Administration 3(K S. 4th St. Steelton, PA 17113 Concert Band, Alpha Lambda Delta, Founders Dorm Council, R.A. Kaufman, Cynthia p. 172 Medical Secretarial 729 Lexington Ave. Hershey, PA 17033 Commuter Club — V.P., Pres. Keith, Molly p. 172 Occupational Therapy 3 1 Mont Vernon Rd. Amherst, NH 03031 Conestogan, O.T. Club Keith 199 %:s;, .«- ' .;. . . .c ,. •;.,,i ,A..-,,«»V,n ' :» ' « « s. ia S-;i f Kilhefner, Eric K. Business Administration loo Ragged Edge Rd. Chambcrsburg, PA 17201 Kinsey. Rick A. p. 172 Business Administration 5 7 N. Angle St. Mount Joy. PA ly ' j ' yZ Kirby, Sue p. 172 Mathematics 7 N. Mam St. Medford, NJ oSo ' j ' ) Royer Dorm Council — Treas., V.P. Klein, Scott S. p. 172 Political Science Davis Station Rd. Allentown, NJ 08 01 Political Science Club Klopp, Tracy R. p. 172 Occupational Therapy 06 E. High St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 O.T. Club — Sr. Co-Chair,, Peer Counseling, Dorm Council, Alpha Lambda Delta Knauer, Christopher J. p. 173 Business Administration 144 Johnny ' s Way West Chester, PA 19580 SAM Club. Accounting Club Knight, Kathryn p. 173 Business Admmistration 1551 Braewood Dr. Harrisburg. PA 17111 SAM Club, Marketing Club. Computer Club Kohier, Paul R. p. 173 Business Administration 272 Old Delp Rd. Lancaster, PA T7601 Computer Science Club Kohut, Mary p. 173 Philosphy Religion 2544 Wentworih PI. Easton, PA 18042 Dead girls Kondash, Michael L. p. 173 Biology 18 Cherry St. Trcsckow. PA 18254 Pre-health Club — Pres.. Alpha Lambda Delta — Treas. R.A., Freshmen Honor Society, Biology Club Koscevic, Scot W. p. 173 Business Administration 2846 Eastwood Drive York, PA 17402 Marketing Club Kottmcyer, Karen p, 173 Psychology 1 27 1 Fawnwood Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Psychology Club Kovach, Craig W. p. 173 English 46 Spring St. Edison, NJ 08820 Intramurals, Supreme Fiction Society Kreider, Pamela K. p. 174 Medical Secretarial Science RD 4. Box 421 Quarryville, PA 17566 Concert Band. Etownian Kwader, Catherine M. p. 174 Business Administration Box 133 S. Montrose, PA 18843 Student Senate, Secretary, APB, Intramurals Lambena. Frank p. 174 Business Administration I 57 Bacdeafle Drive Somervilie, NJ 08876 SAM Club. Marketing Club Landis, Jenny L. p. 174 Accountmg 124 E, Main St. Leola, PA 17540 Accounting Club, Commuter Club — Sec Treas Landis, Jody J. p. 174 Pre-Law Accounting; ' ' Mat hematics 22 12 Wood St. Lancaster, PA 17603 Accounting, Club, Biology Club, Campus Gold, Com- muter Council, Etownian, History Club. Marketing Club. Math Club, Outdoor Club, Physics Club. Political Sc. Club, Psychology Club, Synchro, SAM Club Landis, Kathleen E. p. 175 Elementary Education R.D. 1. Box 176-C Ellioitsburg, PA 17024 LeRocca, Peter G. p. 175 English Social Science 421 Friendship Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601 Lashekvich, P. John p. 175 Accounting 17 N. Branch Dr. Cherry Hill, NJ 08003 Law, Cynthia C. Occupational Therapy 2802 Standbndge St. Norrisiown, PA 19401 O.T Club. Chairperson Student O T Conference. In- tramurals, Peer Counselor. Etownian. Christian Fellow- ship R.A. Lease, Karen J. Occupational Therapy 1 1628 Old Annapolis Rd. Frederick, MD 21701 Brethren Student Fellowship. Deputation Team. O.T. Club. Student Senate, Freshman Orientation. CVlphi Society, Intramurals Lebo. Deborah A. p. 175 Accounting RD. 2, Box 374 Flemingion, NJ 0S822 Accounting Club, Intramurals Pamela B. Lorinc2 41 3 Brook Ave. North Plainfield, NJ 07062 Choral Union, Concert Band. Synchro, Swim Club, ECF Lovelidge, P. Edward p, 176 Accounting Box 1352, Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Baseball team, Accounting Club Lynam, Susan M. p. 176 Biology 144 E. Lancaster Ave. Denver, PA 175 17 Biology Club, APB, Myer Dorm Council — Pres.. Intra- murals, Field Hockey Mack, Sandra J. p. 176 Occupational Therapy 41 2 1 Stewart Dr. Sharpsville, PA 16150 Peer Counselor, Student Senate, Outdoor Club, APB, O.T, Club, Pre-health Club, Tutor Manwiller, Krisien A. p. 176 Accounting 7510 Oakmont Drive Frederick, MD 21701 Accounting Club — Pres., Founders Dorm — Treas., Intramurals. Alpha Lambda Delta March, Diane G. p. 176 Early Childhood Education 1 00 1 Grant Ave. Blue Bell, PA 19422 PSEA. Education Club. Sk. Club Markey, Kevin Andrew p. 177 Communication Arts 84 Bullion Rd. Basking Ridgc, NJ 07920 Intramurals, Etownian, WWEC Marshall. Mary Ellen p. 177 Math R.D. ], Box 365-C Latrobe, PA 15650 Math Club. Intramurals Martin, Roy I.. II p. 177 LeConey. Elizabeth A. English 1919 Shure Rd. Linwood, NJ 08221 Lehman. David P p. 175 Business Administration 344 S Lincoln St. Palmyra. PA 17078 Wrestling Team. SAM Qub Leid. Michael H. p 187 Accounting 522 Spruce St.. Denver, PA 17517 SAM, Accounting Club. Intramurals 200 Kilhefnrr t-- «. ij Vrtvi ' J Lloyd, Tracy Sue p. 176 Occupational Therapy 767 Ticonderoga Ave. Severna Park, MD 21146 Volleyball Team Long, Ma:rjorie R. p. 176 Social Dynamics 127 Maple Ave. Hershey, PA 17033 SAM Club, Political Science Club, Sociology Club Lonncz, Pamela p. 176 Elementary Education Business Administration 18 Dcnison Dr- Saddlcriver. NJ 97458 Mason, Sherry L. p. 177 Business Administration 3008 Clayton Drive Wall. NJ 07719 Student Senate, SAM Club Matheson, Kellie p. 177 Elementary Education ■ Westridge Dr. Simsbury, CT 06070 Synchro Swim Club Matt hews, Elizabeth W. p. 177 Social Work Rt. 401. R.D. Ui Glen Moore, PA 19343 Social Work Club, Lacrosse, Photography Club, Cones- toga n Maurer, Andy G. p. 177 Accounting R.D, ffi. Box 531 Ashland, PA 17921 Accounting Club, SAM Club, APB, Wrestling Team McAlpine. Dane L, p. 177 Accounting z- fS-A Andover Dr. Glen Moore, PA 19343 Accounting Club, International Club, Soccer Team McAuey, Colleen M. p. 178 Social Work Oakland Ave. Monroe, NY 10959 Social Work, — V.P., Dorm Council, Intramurals McCafferty, Annemarie p. 178 Occupational Therapy 824 Childs Ave. Drexel Hill, PA 19026 O.T. Club. APB, R.A.. Commuter Club McPike. Kathy-Jo p. 178 Business Administration Box 137. RD. 1 Quarryville, PA 17566 SAM Club, Computer Science Club Mede. Alan S. p. 178 Business Administration Strawberry Lane Lewistown, PA 17044 V.P. Alpha Psi Omega Mehalko, Andrew D. p. 178 Accounting 403 Ninth St. New Cumberland, PA 17070 Accounting Club, Baseball Menges, Kimberly p. 178 Psychology Box 6 Soudersburg. PA 17577 APB. Pre-health Club. Psychology Club Merel. Kathryn L. p. 178 Mathematics 251 3 Herbert Dr. Northfield, NJ 08225 Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship, Synchro Swim, R.A. Student Assistant, Computer Club, Math Club, Outdoor Club. Horsemanship, Choral Union. Volley- ball Marathon, Intramural Softball Meizger, Melanie J. p. 179 Accounting 1 38 Gordon Ct. Oradell NJ 07649 Accounting Club, Sec Treas, SAM Club, Computer Club Miller, Philip K. Accounting 750 E. Willow St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Mizdail, Brenda Lee p. 179 Chemistry Pre-Med. 46 Italy St. Mocanaqua. PA 18655 V.P, ACS Mohl, Kimberly A. p. 179 Psychology R.D. 4. Box 126 Dillsburg, PA 17019 Synchro Swim Club, Psychology Club Morsicano, Peggy J. 1000 E. Simpson Rd. Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Morton, Robert S. Jr. p. 179 Biology 14 Northview Drive Somers Point, NJ 08244 Bio Club, Pre-health Club, Outdoor Club, T.R.E.E. Club Muhich. Mary C p. 179 Occupational Therapy 200 Kleber Rd. Glenshaw. PA 151 16 Synchro Swim Club, O.T. Club, Myer Dorm Council, P«r Counseling Mulder, Donna F. p. 180 Accounting 401 Florida Ave. SW Orange City, Iowa 41 041 Varsity Basketball — co-captain Mullin. Melisse H, p. 180 Early Childhood Education Elementary Education 180 Birchwood Drive Mcdford, N.J. 08055 PSEA — V.P., Student Senate, Dorm Council, Softball Mgr. Mumford, John W. p. 180 Social Studies History 3 1 1 Lemon St, Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Soccer, Student Senate, Phi Alpha Delta, History Club Murphy, Julie H. p. 180 Social Work 310 S. High St. Selinsgrove, PA 17070 Freshman Class Pres., Social Work Club — Treas., Outdoor Club, Intramurals, APB Murray, Annette D. p. 180 Music Ed. Music Therapy Box 280. R.D. »i Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505 MENC — Sec Pres.. Band, Choral Union, Alpha Mu, Student Senate Musselman, Betsy A. p. 180 Music 7125 Karen Anne Dr. Temple Hills. MD 20748 Concert Choir Needham, Linda L. p. 180 Elementary Education P.O. Box 16-B Chatham, PA 19318 Education Club. Schlosser Dorm Council, Sec, Etow- Neil, Cynthia L. p. 181 Occupational Therapy 5505 Strawbridge Terrace Sykesville, MD 21784 Bio Club, APB, O.T. Club Nelson. Edith Ann p. 181 Business Administration 1419 Pond ' s Edge Rd. West Chester, PA 19380 SAM Club Nettling-McCoy, Gretchen A. p. 181 Music Therapy 809 W. Mam St. Mt. Joy. PA 17552 Concert Band — Mgr.. Concert Choir, Chorale. Alpha Mu, Orchestra, MENC, Flute quartet Nguyen, Cam-Huong D. p. 181 Business Administration 207 Canal St. Lebanon, PA 17042 Accounting Club Nguyen, Minh Li T. Chemistn, ' 901 Spring Garden St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 ACS Club ifcr Nguyen 201 Nitterhouse, Karen G. p. i8i Business Administration 901 McKinley St. Chambersburg, PA 17201 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Tennis team, Intramurals Noggle, Robert S. Accounting 690 Colleen Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17 109 Nolt, Hoily J. p. 181 Business Administration 3 4 Margan Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Marketing Club, Computer Science Club Novobilski, Deborah A. p. 182 Early Childhood Elementary Education 109 HUl St. Moscow, PA 18444 Dorm Council Rep., PSEA, Intramural sports Northrop, Melissa A. Social Work 36 Drumlin Rd. Westport CT 06880 Ochu, Isaac A. p. 102 Elementary Education Q.I.M. Church, P. O. Box 4 Ankpa, Benue State, Nigeria Soccer, Lawn and Table Tennis O ' Connell. James J. Business Administration Hollywood Tr, Ct.. CT.. LT8 R.D. 1, Grantville, PA 17028 Ogburn, Stacia L. p. 182 Medical Secretarial R.D. 6, Box 116 Gettysburg, PA 1732 SAM CLub O ' Neil, Patricia A. p. 182 Sociology 4207 Catalina Lane Harrisburg, PA 17109 Sociology Club, Ski Club Orlando, Joseph A. p. 182 Accounting 19 Lmcoln Lane Broomall, PA 19008 Accounting Club Overly, Vickie L. p. 182 Early Childhood Elementary Education R.D. 3, Box 53 Narvon, PA 175 PSEA, Cheerleading — Captain. Concstogan, Varsity Club Palmer, C. John p. 182 Business Administration 623 Sherwood Drive Carlisle, PA 17013 Alpha Psi Omega, B.A.R.K., Campus Theater Pantano, Jeanina L p. 182 Business Administration 183 " ) S. Queen St. York, PA 17403 SAM Club — Treas., Student Senate, Marketing Club Paskill, Kimberly L. p. 183 Chemistry Medical Technology 726 Westwood Lane Clifton Heights, PA 19018 Med-Tech. Club, Peer Counselor, Dorm Counselor, Treas. Conestogan Peck, Sherrie L. p. 183 Early Childhood Education 40 Jeffrey Lane Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514 Pederson, Nancy C. Occupational Therapy R.D. 2, Box 7 Middletown, DE 19709 Concert Choir, Dorm Council Pres.. Peer Counseling, O.T. Club, Campus Theater Perkins, John A. Ill p. 185 Accounting 18 Harvard Rd, Norristown, PA 19401 Accounting Club. SAM Club, WWEC, Intramurals Persing, Dawn E. p. 183 Elementary Education R.D. 2, Old Bridgeville Rd. Felton, PA 17322 Field Hockey Powell, Lesli p. 183 Social Work 253 S. Jackson St. Strasburg, PA 17 79 Social Work Club, Student Senate, R.A. Presti, David F. p. 183 Communication Arts 164 Shady Brook Circle Warrington. PA 18976 Student Body Pres., Student Senate Chairman, Activi- ties Planning Bd. Pres., Special Events Committee Chairman, Alpha Psi Omega — Pres,, Campus Theater, Awareness Coalition, STEP, Cultural Events Commit- tee, Editor — Etownian, X WEC — Director Promo- tion, Production and Supervisor, Dance Marathon Chairman, Admissions Rep., Concert Production Com- mittee Chairman Prochek, Gary T. Biology 243 Laurel Lane Clark, NJ 07066 Pryor, Scott p. 183 Business Administration Box 156 Blue Ridge Summit, PA 17214 SAM Club Pugliese, Manangela C. p. 184 Social Work 644 W. Walnut St. Lancaster, PA 17603 Jr. Class — Sec, Sr. Class — Sec, Dance-A-Thon Com. TREE, Dorm Council, Social Work Club Puhalla, Teresa p. 184 Occupational Therapy 2 07 Creek Rd. Langhorne, PA 19047 O.T. Club Reed, Susan A. p. 184 Business Administration 412 Longmeadow Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 SAM Club, Accounting Club. Marketing Club. TREE — Treas. Etownian, Photography Club Reese, Cynthia p. 184 Chcm-Medical Technology R.D. 4, Box 381 Moscow, PA 18444 ACS Club, Med-Tech Club. Campus Theater Reifsnydcr, Anne M. p, 184 Social Work 1433 Old Mill Rd. Wyomissing, PA 19610 Social Work Club, T.R.E.E. Rhoads, Bradley p. 184 Business Administration 406 Olde House Lane Media, PA 19063 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Student Senate, Maple Alumni Richman. Carol J. p. 184 Biology Medical Chemistry Technology Compromise Rd., R.D. 1 Salem, NJ 08079 Publicity Co-Chairman, APB, Volleyball Marathon, ACS. Religious Life Committee, Chemistr - Lab Assis- tant, Prc-health Club. Med-Tech Club, Royer Dorm Council Rintz. Carlton p. 18 Business Administration 1 1 Chestnut St. Lmtz, PA 17543 Ober Dorm Council, SAM Club Roberts, Maureen L, p. 18 Elementary Education ' o9 Moosic Hgts, Rd.. R.D. «2 Avoca. PA 18641 PSEA. STEP. R.A.. V.P. Circle K Club Rochelle. Steven P. p. 18 Business Administration 6643 Joanna Cr. Ft. Myers. Fla 33957 Marketing Club - V.P.. WWEC Rodngues, Orlando R. p. 185 Biology c o Mrs. Berry. R.D. »i Box j Emporium, PA i ' )834 V.P. — International Club. Elownun. Biology Oub, Varsity Soccer Team. Political Science Oub 202 Nitterhouse t i I Rogers, Carol L. p. t8 Business Administration 5420 Todd Ave. Baltimore. MD 21206 Marketing Club, SAM Club Rohrbaugh, Joan E. p. 18 Elementary Education R,D. 3. Box 72 Red Lion, PA 173 6 APB, SAM Club, Schlosser Dorm Council. PSEA Rossi, Holly G. p. S f Elementary Education 6ioi S.E. Riverboat Dr, Stuart, Fla. 33494 Intramurals, PSEA Rothenberger. Jeffrey L. p, j86 Business Administration 5007 Forest Ave. Temple, PA 19560 Peer Counseling, WWEC. Chairman Band Staff. V.P. Brinser Dorm Council, Coordinator C.R.O.P., Volley- ball Marathon, Religious Life Council. APB, Dance Marathon. Accounting Club, Computer Science Club, S.T.E.P. Jazz Band, Concert Band Ruhl, Robin R. p. 186 Accounting 322 5 Harrisburg Pike Landisville, PA i7 ' 338 Accounting Club Saltzer, Pamela S. p. 186 Business Administration 1410 Marene Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17 109 Accounting Club. Computer Science Club, SAM Club, Mgr. Control Center Sanderson, Patricia L. p. 186 Early Childhood Elementary Education 106 s. Columbia St. Woodbury, NJ 08096 PSEA Pres.. TREE, Awareness Coalition, Intramur- als Saunders, Bruce T. p. 186 Business Administration 66 Vineyard Lane Media, PA 19063 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Accounting Club. Stu- dent Senate, APB, Academic Council, Intramurals Scarborough, Charles D. p. 187 Business Administration Box 357H Blue Lane Columbia, R.D. 3, PA 17512 SAM Club Schaum, Jeffery, D. p. 187 Accounting 52 Leaf Park Lancaster, PA 17603 Accounting Club Schillinger, Deborah J. p. 187 Occupational Therapy Box 186. R.D. »4 Monirose, PA 18801 O.T. Club Schumerfield, Gail L. p, 187 Mathematics R.D. ttz New Tripoli. PA 18066 Math Club — Pres., Peer Counselor, ECF. Student Senate Schober, William A. p. 187 Business Administration 10 Colonial Drive Clarksboro, NJ 08020 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Intramurals Schwarzmann, Kathy E. p. 187 Social Work 1 12 Hebron Rd. Marlborough, CT 06447 R.A., Social Work Club, Intramurals Self fit. Sue A. p. 188 Business Administration 1947 Fairview Ave. Mt. Penn, Reading, PA 19606 SAM Club, Intramurals, Choral Union Shaw. David J. p. 188 Business Administration 3007 Azalea Terrace Norristown, PA 19040 SAM Club, Marketing Club, Photography Club Shubert, Steven R. p. 188 Business Administration 207 N. Main St. York New Salem, PA 17371 Computer Science Club, Outdoor Club, Intramurals Simansky. Mary F. p. 188 Chem Med Tech. 511 Idlewild Rd. BelAir, MD 21014 Med-Tcch C!ub, Volleyball team co-captain, J.V. Base- ball team. Outdoor Club, Intramurals Sites, Linda G. English R.D- 2. Box 464 Newmanstown, PA 17073 Slamp, Robert C. p. 188 Music Education 1265 Easton Rd. Riegelsville, PA 18077 MENC — V.P., STEP — Planning Committee. Jazz Band — Student Leader Concert Band, Band Staff, Concert Choir — V.P,. Brass Ensemble, Chorale. Pop Band, Campus Theater, All American Youth Honor Musicians, Orchestra, Mexico Band Smith. Andrea J. p. 188 Occupational Therapy 309 Va: Stratford, NJ 08084 Swim Club. Student Senate. Dorm Council, Commuter Club Smith, David H. p. 188 Social Science 118 E. Harrisburg Ave. Rheems, PA 17570 Snader, Julia A. p. 189 Business Administration R.D. 1, Box 106 East Earl, PA 17519 Etownian — Assistant Editor, Sam Club, Marketing Club, Accounting Club, APB Film Committee Snavely, Diane p. 189 Early Childhood Education 619 E. High St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Snee, Susan A. p. 189 Occupational Therapy R.D. 1, Box 248 Coatesville, PA 19320 Brethren Identity, Campus Gold — V.P.. Choral Union, O.T. Club Sohn, David E. Business Administration 8 West Winding Hill Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Starr, Cathy J. p. 189 Business Education 205 N. Hoover Ave, New Holland, PA 17557 Synchro Swim Club, Concert Band Steinweg, Paul S. p. 189 Business Administration 28 Sunnyview Dr. Phoenix, MD 21 1 31 Senate, SAM Club. V.P, Senior Class, Campus Life Council, Pep Band. Director. Jazz Band, Synchro Swim Club Stepanchick, Gary K. p. 189 Accounting 531 Euclid Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Accounting Club Stetler, Cynthia A. p. 189 Psychology Elementary Education R.D. 3. Box 450 Coatesville, PA 19320 Psychology Club — V.P. Psi Chi — V.P.. Freshmen Class — V P., Schlosser Dorm Council — Treas.. Edu- cation Club, STEP, Intramurals, Campus Bd.. Fresh- men Orientation Stetler, Laurie A. p. 189 Mathematics R.D. 3. Box 450 Coatesville, PA 19310 Freshmen Class Sec. Soph, Class Pres,, Ompus The- ater, Math Club, Chemistry Club, Student Senate Rep.. Delphi Honor Society. Campus Life Council Sec. Spe- cial Events Committee, Dorm Council Rep,. Housing Committee. Intramurals. Concert Choir, Alpha Lambda Delta. Comp, Sci. Club, Treas., Campus Judicial Board, Appeals Board Stetler 203 Z ' Stevens. Susan E. p. 190 Business Administration •y Crooked Lane Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 Soph. Class Trcas., Photo Club Pres., SAM Club Stoltzfus, Arlen L. p. 190 Accounting 560 Willow Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Club, SAM Club Treas. Stone, Barbara H. 1 107 Edann Rd. Oreland, PA i907 ' 5 Comp. Scie. Club, Intramurals Stouffer, Janice W. p. 190 Music Therapy 50 College Ave. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Alpha Mu Pres., MENC. Alpha Lambda Delta Sec. Band, Orchestra, Woodwind Quintet Stufft, Melissa A. p. 190 Social Work 404 Golf Club Ave. Dillsburg, PA 170 19 Conestogan Fresh, year, Socioiogy Social Work Club Tennis. Brett H. p. 190 Accounting 810 Furnace Hills Pike Lititz, PA 17 43 Accounting Club, SAM Club Teslar, Frances L. p. 190 Business Administration 7201 Catherine Drive Harrisburg. PA 171 12 SAM Club. VSC WEC Thiriwall, Janice G. p. 190 Sociology 24 Oak Ridgc Drive Haddonfield, NJ 08033 Soc. Club Sec. Treas., Intramurals. Dorm Council Thomas, Kathy A. p. 191 Occupational Therapy 729 Midwood Rd, Ridgcwood, NJ 074 0 Thompson. David E. p. 191 Business Administration RD 1 Box 4 4-3 Upper Black Eddy. PA 18972 Varsity Basketball. SAM Club Tullcy, Teresa M. p. 191 Elementary Education 1254 Alsace Rd. Reading, PA 19604 Varsity Basketball. Varsity Swimming Ulrich, Bruce A. p. 191 Business Administration Box 132 Rcinholds, PA 17 69 Accounting Club, Comp. Sci. Club Pres. flc Treas. Vorhauger, Esther M. p. 191 Social Dynamics RD 1 Box 286 Summerhill, PA r 9 8 ECF. Social Work Club, Circle K Walker, Diane L. p. 191 History 234 Ashbrooke Ave. Woodstown. NJ 08098 History Club V.P. Wanke, Douglas R. p. 191 Political Science 212 East Sunbufy St. Shamokin. PA 17872 Political Science Club. Intramurals Warner, Sharon A. p. 192 Communication Arts P.O. Box 322 Ciranville. OH 43023 Synchro Swim Club Sec . X ' WEC Promotion Director, APB. Etownian, Intramurals Watson, James L. p- 192 Business Administration 2800 Lehigh Rd. York, PA 17402 SAM Club 204 Stevens :• : n:- tj tr : ' t t ■«;- V - . . ' • -»..vmrtrtift,jNa« « " 7 % rf;. - iPI . Walts, Ellen p. 192 Psychology 17 Lyons Place Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 Psychology Club. APB Way. Donna J. p. 192 Business Administration 17 Cresi Hill Drive Oak Ridge NJ 07458 Synchro, Dorm Council, SAM Club, Marketing Club, APB, Accounting Club Weaver, Tamara p. 192 Music Therapy 1 17 Anderson Road Tolland, CT 06084 MENC. Alpha Mu VP . Sec, Alpha Lambda Delta, Concert Choir, Choral Union, APB Research Comm., College Scholar Weisbach, Douglas J. p. 195 Business Administration 1115 Richmond Rd. Lancaster, PA 1760} Dorm Council, APB, Intramurals Whitacrc, Beth N. p. 195 Social Work 440 Highland Drive Lancaster, PA i7 4 Cheerleading, Intramurals, Social Work Club Whiting. Kent L. p. 195 Accounting 2 6 South Market St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Club VP, Computer Science Club Whitmore, Todd O. Psychology 12 West Broad St. New Holland, PA i7 7 Wilk, Bernadette M. p. 193 Occupational Therapy 181 Second Ave. Phoenixvillc, PA 19460 OT Club, STEP, APB, Dorm Council, Dance Mara- thon Comm., Pre-Health Club Wilson, Donna J. p. 193 Occupational Therapy 309 High St. Bridgewater, VA 22812 Student Senate. OT Club, Treas., TREE, Intramurals, RA, Awareness Coalition Winner, Lauren R. p. 193 Chemistry Medical Technology •y-yz School Housc Lane Willow Grove, PA 19090 Women ' s Basketball. Women ' s Softball, Peer Counsel- ing, Med. Tech. Club Wolfe, Christine L. Occupational Therapy Ziegler Rd. Leesport, PA 19 33 Worst, Linda A. p. 193 Elementary Education Box 186 Malvern. PA 193 Wright, Susan J. p. 194 Business Education Medical Secretarial Science 428 N. Bridge St. Christiana, PA 17509 Cheerleader Yeager, Walter H. p. 194 Chemistry Management Pine Hill Rd. Ext Mounted Route Enola, PA 17025 ACS Pres., SAM Club, Outdoor Club, Intramurals Yuninger, Tammy L. p. 194 Music Therapy 3301 Singerly Rd. Elkton, MD 2 192 1 Brethren Identity, Chorale, Concert Band, Choral Union, Alpha Mu Zizos, Marv Ellen J. p. 194 Biology Chemistry Medical Technology 400 Belmont Ave. Ocean Township, NJ 07712 APB, Intramurals. Biology Club. Pre-Hcalih Club. Synchro Swim Club. JV Basketball, Varsity Softball, Dorm Council S j -. The End 205 ij -«s ris;jS6f«S6Ji v TO THE CLASS OF 1982 Dear Graduate: On behalf of the Alumni Association of Elizabethtown College, I congratulate you as you graduate and receive your diploma. Elizabeth- town College has given you much more than a diploma. She has given you knowl- edge, strong values, friends, and warm memories of a spe- cial time in your life. As each year passes your years spent at Elizabethtown will become more precious. Each of the above gifts will mani- fest themselves ever stronger in you as an individual in the years ahead. You are now an alumnus of the college and have an opportunity to give her your special gift — part of your- self. With your active inter- est the College can grow from your ideas. Your expression of interest is vital to the con- tinuous improvement in quality education and in real world lessons of life. Welcome to the Alumni Association and best wishes in your future endeavors. Sincerely, Helen W. Ebersole Class of 1969 President of Elizabeth- town College Alumni Association Good luck in your Sr. year, Laura (1) I wanted it, I went for it, I got it and I ' m going for more, I know the way I ' m going, all that matters is how far. Vm O, Ao amo teH — M. going to be all I can be. Thanks to all that have BEST WISHES ' 82 helped me. David J. Shaw Anything for you Mary! Best of Luck . . . M.A., Ber- nie, Beth, Annette, Cindy, and Holly. Thanks for mak- ing the Myer 3-East " T " such a nice place to live. Much love, Joanne To all my friends Thanks for making my two years here great ones. Take care and I wish you all the best of luck. Love, Regina Hink Jip Bec=AFA! 3E Yo Butch, Break a stick! 17, 13, NEB., TR, AC and A3 . . . ERNIE Schlosser 1-East is back on the map! 1 East: Love yaH — NY Thanks Mom and Dad!! Eureka, Ge, Hoover Bon- sai Redwood — Fishing 1982 Good luck Rob! Love yves St Lauren and yves St Gimbels Teri and Tim ' 82 I am yours forever Herk! Love, Cathy Myer 3 West: Hall of Pro- crastination Avoiding our work, you were the experts Especially: Lauren-Marion- Karen Alias: SH-MW-SG AFA: Craig Basement Bark Football Champions 79-80-81 Unde- feated 80-81 To Pooper — the 1 hoofer. God bless your cotton socks! Rev. Dougers Thanks to Mom and Dad, Love Rob To all my " friends " oh the Big Guy — Balls Thank you Mom, Dad, fam- ily and friends for the love and support Holly JKEB Point Party Firedrill Melonball the Big O MW disco Lou-lou A-hole move oreo . . . A3 Love Gail Here ' s to you R.K.! Love The Boss Nancy, Mart, Sue, Chris, Di Thanks for all the great Maryrose, and Bernie times!! Jo Thanks for four years I ' ll re- member for years! Love Thanks M D 3N D Maureen JGT Good luck Jay, Kel, Erin and Thanks for the good times Barb Love Elfie and Audrey SK EC 2o6 Pjirons ti M ■ fU-. .- L, «; » ' •. - Aj. A» J|« « . V .. ■ ' . ■ z9W ii.H .- -Vg0S( Chris and Donna ' 85 To all our friends, thanks! Amy and Pant CJ — Fre never laughed like I ' ve laughed since I ' ve known you, THANKS! You ' ve made my life brighter! Al- ways — LH CB Best Wishes to a Conniv- ing OMC — MW KL alias " SG. " LW - - Mo May your days be crazy WINNERS like you two — KL Good luck, always, B3 graduates! Love, D.M.C. Sandy and Z.ette, Congrats! Love, D.M.D. For the best year of my life! Thanks 3 West! Love, Me- lanie To Tina — California or Bust! Luv, Mel S. D. M. P. It ' s been a great year. Let ' s remember it al- ways! Nick Jr. Lola, Lisa, Gail: To 3 terrific gals who will be greatly missed Never forget your freshmen in 316. September 29, 1979 Mr. Mrs. Wm. Schober Congratulations to the class of 1982 Pres Mrs. Ebersole I LOVE YOU MOM AND FORREST, KAM HEY MARTHA, " WHAT A BOD!! " TOM AND DEB FOR EVER!! HERE ' S TO THE BEST BOOK EVER! BECKY 11 4 78 MATTHEW 6:34 LOVE FOREVER MAINTAIN THY FREE- DOM — CREATE THY OWN FUTURE LET YOUR SMILE BE YOUR UMBRELLA — HOY May 22, 1982 C — When we re thirty okay?!! — L I Lore you Cathy!! Best Wishes! Louise B, Black To Nancy D. for being a truly su- per friend — Reg Thanks Mom and Dad I couldn t have done it without you!!! Louise ANDY — you are the bestest! I love you, Your LAM! HOLS NOW THIS BOOK HAS MORE MEANING! MY SPECIAL GraJ to Groom 5 15 82 ef 5 22 82 Magpte: I luv U ALWAYS, KAM Guilding Light 1 In 208 Patrons 207 .vs -»r. ■■ KAi ■«r- -.i - v «f ' ' •»- i. t ■ 1 ' . ' i. IN MEMORIAM The students of Elizabethtown College take this opportunity to express their sorrow at the tragic death of Arthur E. Peters, jr., a member of the Class of 1985, in April and to extend their sympathy to his family. Arthur was a young man whose sharing and caring personality will long be remembered by those of his classmates who knew him best. !f 208 Conrstogjn 1982 ' K- l v . . ZK , - . ■«- -. •■ «■ . ■r ' n- ' - iC • ■ ' a 4 . V . . |i« -. f ' .Cv

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