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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1980 Edition, Cover

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' m REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY A V ■ " . ' I bti- 3% 13 CONESTOGAN 1980 Yol «o use Q W ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, " PENNSYLVANIA 17022 ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHIOWN, PA, 17022 ■ ■ i - Conesiogan Staff: Row 1 Tom Stepanchak, Karen Barker, Laurie Stetler, Jane Thomas, Row 2 Leonora Lucchesi, Sue Reed, Wade Pratt, Louise Heist, Ginger Geissler, Rochelie Angstadt, Suzanne Schreiber Row 3 John Anderson, Janet Viiiano, Beth Matthews, Lynda McCutcheon Row 4 Molly Keith, Barbara Wightman Absent: Sue Borowski, Rob King, . Reid Carleton, Sandy Wagner, Kimberly PaskiJl, Kathy Hassinger, Maureen Lyon, Beth Penepacker, Audrey Snyder, Debbie Wood, Judy Seidomridge, Kris ManwiJJer, Peggy Fox. M f . ■■?■-- pjpj » 5 ' j « 5fl l i i J -M i mm, ... ■ HHH IK. V IP 1 - THE CONESTOGAN STAFF Editor-in-chief Barbara Wightman Assistant Editor Sue Borowski Photo Editors Tom Stepanchak Molly Keith Copy Writer Rochelie Angstadt Senior Section Editors Suzanne Schreiber Lynda McCutcheon Sports Section Editors Sue Borowski Rob King Activities Section Editor Jane Thomas Clubs Section Editor Kathy Kassinger Underclassmen Section Editors Louise Heist Kim Paskill Faculty Admin. Section Editors Laurie Stetler Audrey Snyder Advertisements Section Editor . Reid Carleton Typing Editor Maureen Lyon Artists Beth Penepacker Kris Manwiller Photographers: Ginger Geissler, Wade Pratt. Karen Barker, Sue Reed, John Anderson, Debbie Wood. Beth Matthews. Peggy Fox, Leo Lucchesi President: Mark C. Ebersole Dean of Students: Walter B. Shaw Publisher: Herff Jones Yearbooks Photographic Services: Davor Photo. Inc. Conesiogan Advisor: Mr. Kenneth Baylor . ■ m Elizabethtown College NEXT RIGHT ALONG THE ROAD Table of Contents Opening , Seniors Sports Activities Clubs Underclass Faculty ■ Administration Advertisements. Along the Road Words and Music by Daniel Fogelberg 1979 By Hickory Grove Music (ASCAPJg) AiJ rights administered by April Music Inc. (ASCAP) AH rights reserved. Used by permission. „ Joy at the start Fear in the journey ]oy in the coming home A part of the heart Gets lost in the learning Somewhere aiong the road m. k B 1 ' 3-X. M mUfet ]£ D !3Li Li t e ■Ik " !■ UiiriO ■-i I L mr Aipha HaJJ 1901 Alpha Annex (safety) - 1901 Zug Memorial Library — 1950 Baugher Student Center - 1962 Health Center - 1964 r ■ Old Business Building - 1946 Esbenshade Hall - 1967 Thompson Gym — 1970 Nicarry Hall - 1972 • • . .1 1 + " nW « ,.« . ; o| — V % t x 1 vs a ■ X |K B • «•■ ■ J ' ' C JPj Eft ' B H fl L b | Mr m ■ - - -J i " JKi.wi ■ ■ Along the road Your path may wander A pilgrim ' s faith may fail Absence makes the heart grow fonder Darkness obscures the trail Cursing the quest Courting disaster Measureless nights forbode Moments of rest Glimpses of laughter Are treasured along the road - • m »Wi:,afV •■ Along the road Your steps may stumble Your thoughts may start to stray But through it all a heart held humble JEP . ■ 12 ■i - ¥ ESr — — —IPC oP B SJff I oy at the start Fear in the journey Joy in the coming home A part of the heart Is Jost in the learning Somewhere along the road 13 g£ ej ISW ' -■; r BE CL EB » r - « CD ff ii I I - ' Joy at the start Fear in the journey ]oy in the coming home A part of the heart Gets lost in the learning Somewhere along the road Along the road Your path may wander A pilgrim ' s faith may fail Absence makes the heart grow fonder Darkness obscures the trail Cursing the quest Courting disaster Measureless nights forbode Moments of rest Glimpses of laughter Are treasured along the road Along the road Your steps may stumble Your thoughts may start to stray But through it all a heart held humble Levels and lights your way Joy at the start Fear in the journey Joy in the coming home A part of the heart Is lost in the learning Somewhere along the road — Daniel Fogelberg • E I • 1 SEMORS " I can ' t believe it ' s over. The last four years have sparked many changes in me. Through professors, classes, and most impor- tantly, friends. have seen myself grow. J fee) very lucky for the bonds of friendships I ' ve found at E ' town. I ' ve loved my four years here — playing my guitar, telling dumb okes, writing, and trying to create smiles in those I care about. Good old E ' town, I ' ll never forget this place. " Freedom lies in accepting our own challenges. — Joanne Anderson " Sometimes, not often enough, we reflect about the good things. And I think about those people who mean so much to me. And for so many years have made my life at Elizabethtown the greatest experience ever. To those friends I say, Thank You. " — Laura Anthony Lki Joan L. Albright Hanover, PA Social Work It Margaret L. Ackerson Wilmington, DE Sociology Donald H. Anderson 11 Lancaster, PA Bus. Admin. — Management John D. Anderson Bryn Mavvr, PA Social Dynamics 20 Joanne C. Anderson Wilmington, DE Communication Arts Laura L. Anthony Perry Hall, MD Med. Sec. Bus. Admin. " Always running, good times and bad. Friends, J. A., D.B., J.A., K.S., everyone at home, always there. Lori. a ways, forever and a day. Special thanks to my mom for always putting up with me. " — Cipriano Apicelli Cipriano L. Apicelli Neptune, N] Social Science Pol. Science Susan S. Atkinson Saddie River, NJ Business Administrati on Cathy A. Ashby Highland, MD Political Science Lisa L. Aukamp Lancaster, PA Biology " Rick, friends, skiing. " For you and J, yes we both know, that through a troubled world we must go, so later on after this long sail, your strength and courage must prevail. " — Peter West " — Susan Atkinson J Ronald }. Baer Rheems, PA Psychology Gitta Bahador Shiraz, Iran Business Administration " My years at Elizabethtown have been an invaluable experience and filled with memo- ries. J leave a small portion of me behind but I take a larger portion with me. I am thank- ful to all who have helped me through the tough spots. " — Gitta Bahador " My years at Elizabethtown have been the best of my life to date. " — Ronald Baer 21 Kenneth D. Bailey Myerstown, PA Business Administration t Joseph R. Baranko, Jr. McAdoo, PA PoiiticaJ Science Scott L. Baker York, PA Accounting Brenda K. Barnhart Harrisburg, PA Psychology Social Science " The years were challenging, but I would not have wanted it any other way. I learned a lot about myself, and have appreciated fully the inspiration of others. The joys of the mind tell no time; relax into what you dream ... " - Brenda Barnhart Marcia Bear Ephrata, PA Medical Secretarial Science Bruce W. Bausher Wyomissing, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing 22 1 -, ' r ' • i ' " These four years at Elizabethtown ha ve been a time of persona) growth and enrich- ment. Faculty and friends have made study- ing and Jiving here very memorable. " — Karen Bentzel Judy E. Beck Elizabethtown, PA Occupational Therapy Kenneth P. Beard Elizabethtown, PA Biology Chemistry Med. Tech. Sandra L. Benson Elizabethtown, PA Economics Pol. Sci. Polly ]. Berkheimer Leola, PA Bus. Admin. — Management Karen S. Bentzel EmigsviiJe, PA Occupational Therapy . Jude Bervinchak Lancaster, PA Elementary Education 23 f3B»p?«: - W!-- ,5- -.-. ■:■ , ' ■!■: Betsy Best New Holland, PA Medical Secretarial Science Individuality Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed, and in such desperate enter- prises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured and far away. — M.D. Thoreau - Beth Brill Carrie E. BiJibrough Clarksboro, N Bus. Admin. — Marketing Susan L. Bolle Queens Village, NY Pre-Forestry " My educational experience al Elizabeth- town College was made enjoyable by the pleasant and very helpful faculty, staff, and students. " - Cleo Brandt Michael R. Bingeman Lititz, PA Accounting Laura A. Boornazian Lansdowne, PA Biology 24 jolui W. Bootier Red Lion, PA Political Science I , » , m ■ " With deepest gratitude to my parents for this opportunity and their never-ending sup- port. " — Laurie Brookes Paula C. Bradley Burlington, NJ Math ematics Beth E. Brill Lancaster, PA Social Work CJeo J. Brandt Mount Joy, PA Medical Secretarial Science George A. Brown Philadelphia, PA Social Work Lois E. Brown Gibsonia, PA Chemistry Med. Tech. " No man can tell you where you are, if he doesn ' t know where you ' ve been. Dig where I ' m coming from? " — George Brown Laurie S. Brookes Churchville, PA Occupational Therapy 25 " I will always remember the personal and comfortable atmosphere of Elizabethtown College. " — Shaven Clarke Dennis A. Buck Rising Sun, MD Accounting 26 Gregory T. Budko GJeno den, PA Business Administration DanieJ . Buckley Rosedale, NY Sociology jean A. Burton West Chester, PA Occupational Therapy Sharon G. BuckwaRer Lititz, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing Corinne Butler Haddonfieid, Nj Psychology , w Stephen Cerreto Edison, N] Bus. Admin. — Marketing Sharen A. Clarke Salem, N] Elementary Education Michael E. Chester Claymont, DE Bus. Admin. — Marketing Jeanne M. Clayton Forest Hill, MD Bus. Admin. — Marketing " My years at Eiizabethtown were some of the best of my life. 1 met a lot of friends and had some great times that I won ' t forget. " — Michael Chester Gary E. Christopher Media, PA Biology u ij David S. Clemens Elizabethtown, PA Chemistry 27 - John C. Clemens Elizabeth town, PA Mathematics " A lot of growing and learning is the result of my four years at Elizabethtoivn and will always remember this experience. " — Monica Colgan an L. Clifford Emmaus, PA Elementary Education u4- ' ' y Lisa A. Coccetti Eynon, PA Pre-Nursing 28 Monica M. Colgan Upper Darby, PA Occupational Therapy 4) J k: - X Veronica M. Connor Springfield, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing Robert E. Conrad Mechanicsburg, PA Biology m »» • - CaroJ J. Coons Mt. Union, PA Biology P re-Nursing To Mom, Daddy, Grandmom and the gir s of 2-W: Sometimes, not often enough, We reflect upon the good things. And those thoughts always center around those we love. And I think about those people, Who mean so much to me. And for so many years have wade me so very happy. And count the times I have orgotten to say — Thank you — and just how much J love them! — Carpenters Jay S. CrossJand Reading, PA Accounting Patricia L. CrossJand Baltimore, MD Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. " E-town College has provided me with the opportunity to grow, not only educationally, but emotionally as well. My 4 years here have helped me set goals for myself and pointed me toward them. 1 have made many close friends here who have shared with me: the Mount, the bub- bles, " Freebird " , popcorn parties, M.L., staying overnight, and especially, falling out of the bunks. I will miss E-town, but 1 will take with me, many memories of many special people. " — Susan Densten Susan L. Densten Pitman, N] Early Childhood Elementary Ed. Marsha A. DeHaas Gettysburg, PA Elementary Education Barry DiGuiseppe Pottstown, PA Biology Med. Tech. 29 " My years at E-town have been extremely satisfying, both academically and socially. I have enjoyed many lasting friendships and I will always be indebted to E-town for mak- ing it possible for me to meet my future wife. " — Cris Dinsmore Robin E. Dodge Wilmington, DE SocioJogy Med. Sec. ■ Cris E. Dinsmore Brogue, PA Accounting " My four years here at Elizabethtown have been very rewarding. I have met some of the best professors I have known, and have made some very good friends. But most important of all, 1 have been well prepared to meet the challenges of medical school and my life as a physician. " — Dennis Dougherty Dennis R. Dougherty Camp Hill, PA Biology ilk !r«A j Amy L. Dubbs Mount Holly Springs, PA Medical Secretarial Science Tu H. Duong Elizabethtown, PA Accounting 30 ( Ihau II. Duong Elizabethtown, PA Accounting ■I ■ ' • " Michelle M. Eck Williamsport, PA Occupational Therapy L Holly B. Ewan Doylestown, PA Sec. Ed. Social Studies A Joseph Onu Egbunu A ogwoni, Benue State, Nigeria Political Science Mary B. Fagar Camp Hill, PA Accounting " With ambition, determination, and hard work, a sludent can go through a university iife successfully, and graduate at the end with flying colors. " — Joseph Onu Egbunu George L. Eveier 111 Felton, PA Accounting Aileen K. Fink Tyrone, PA Bus. Admin. — Accounting 31 Laura L. Fleming SanibeJ Island, FL Business Administration W. Benjamin Foy Everett, PA Accounting Thomas A. J. Fleming Berwyn, PA Sociology L. Robert Frame, Jr. Uwchland, PA Political Science " Tell me and will forget. Show me and J will remember. Involve me and will undersland. " — Cheryl Friedlin Cheryl L. Friedlin Pitman, N] Early Childhood Education Ann Gage Lancaster, PA Medical Secretarial Science " After four years of undergraduate study, I thank my parents for inciting in me the desire to accomplish what at first seems impossible and Elizabethtown College for reinforcing my inspirations. " — Bob Frame 32 " My four years at Elizabethtown College have been a collage of experiences, relation- ships, growth and education. The opportu- nities for personal challenges are many and taking advantage of the total resources at the college has been an irreplacable ex- perience. " — Linda Galella Kathryn A. Gallagher Lansdale, PA Occupational Therapy Linda L. Galella Wall, N] Music Education Anne C. GaJJant Med ord Lakes, N] Sec. Ed. Modern Languages Jane L. Geers Morristown, PA Early Childhood Education Sally A. Garber Eiizabethtown, PA Music Education Gregory G. GeideJ Somers, NY Business Administration 33 Janette K. Gentry Peach Bottom, PA Accounting 34 Huth E. Greenly Denton, MD Early Childhood EJem. Ed. Genevieve E. Gill Abington, PA Occupational Therapy Barbara L. Cuss Mifflintown, PA Bus. Admin. — Management " The most valuable thing I have earned in my four years a! Blizabethtown College is (he importance of knowing yourself, being lhal person, and accepting Others as i ii are. " — Barb GlISS Linda M. Ginder Manheim, PA Early Childhood Education Douglas L. Haas Laureldaie, PA Chemistry Pre-Med. - -. » James L. Haines Linwood, MD Music Therapy ., , : Ann E. Hare DanviJJe, PA Sociology " I ' ll never forget my four years at E-town, my good friends, and of course, GibbJe Sci- ence Hall. My experiences here were great in teaching me further how to learn, live, and Jove. Thanks to all who made these past 4 years a joy. " — Doug Haas Ray A. Handwerk Norristown, PA Accounting Charles L. Hart Neptune, NJ Bus. Admin. - Mktg. Mgmt. Donald S. Hannahs Towson, MD Bus. Admin. — Management J Craig S. Hartran t Ephrata, PA PoiiticaJ Science 35 ■ " My experiences at E-town are memorable ones thai I ' ll always keep with me. I ' ve (earned a great deal, both in and outside the classroom, about others, and about myself as well. Even though my college life is over, I ' ve only just begun to live. " — Gayle Hayes Carol L. Heisner Media, PA Occupational Therapy- Miriam R. Hebrank Leech burg, PA Early Childhood EJem. Ed. GayJe M. Hayes Oxford, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing Sharon K. Hess Elizabethtown, PA Occupational Therapy Kim M. Hieber Langhorne, PA Psychology " Continually unfold, For beauty is found within. And it is only with open wings That a butterfly flies free. " — Sharon Hess 36 Jennifer S. Henise Annviile, PA Accounting - ■ Janet M. Hoehn Sta m ord, CT Accounting " What does one say ivhen they are leaving ' home ' ? The past four years are ones that I will a ways cherish and look upon with fond memories, especially those spent with the ' girls and our boys ' . They were learning times, with hours of studies, meetings, tears, smiles, parties, and talks with friends. E- town has helped me to realize that the grand essentials to happiness in this life are some- thing to do, something to love, and some- thing to hope for ... " — Kim Hieber Donna R. Hoffman Idaville, PA Medical Secretarial Science Joann M. Hopper York Springs, PA Early Childhood Education " Because of all my experiences during my academic years at Elizabethtown, I feel that I have learned to become a more mature, responsible person. " — Donna Hoffman Janet L. Hoffman Cinnaminson, N Business Administration John R. Horn Hummelstown, PA Psychology Kevin D. Howard Oiey, PA Accounting 37 " School has been an exciting and growing experience for me. My courses have been beneficial, but the most practical experience has been the college life as a whole. " - Craig Hudson Pamela A. Hoydu Bethlehem, PA History Eileen M. Hozella Pottsville, PA Bus. Admin. — Computer Sci. Mktg. Louis J. Jackubowski Willow Street, PA Business Administration " My four years at E-town have been an important part of my life. 1 have learned a lot about myself and others. The friendships and memories I have from E-town will be cherished forever. " — Deb Johnson Craig W. Hudson Ocean City, N] Sec. Ed. Chemistry Debra L. Johnson Palmyra, PA Business Administration 38 Ellen R. Judd Fort Washington, PA Music Therapy Music Ed. ' ■ - " The past four years at E-town College have been the best ever. The things I ' ll miss the most are all the great friends I ' ve made in the past four years and the insanity of 3- South. - Kevin Kappra Kenneth F. Keffer Harrisburg, PA Communication Arts Michael P. Kearns Wanaque, N] Bus. Admin. — Computer Science Kevin . Kappra Woodbury Hts., NJ Accounting James B. KesJer Chambersburg, PA Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. Scott M. Kennedy Middietown, N Business Administration Brian K. Kell Mt. Gretna, PA English 39 ' Friends are a gift you give yourself. ' — Belinda Kline Lisa P. Kiewe Bricktown, N] Elementary Education 40 Belinda L. Kline Baltimore, MD Early Childhood Education Dorothy L. King Broomall, PA Communication Arts Marie B. Koblinski Washington DC Elementary Education " None of life ' s strings can last so — 1 must be on my way . . . and face another day " — Marie Koblinski wi B v ■ W -- — — Bobyn M. King State College, PA Social Work Joanne Kocserha Woodbridge, N] Chemistry „ -v • " No goal is too high if you ' re willing to try. " — Jeanne Koury Kerry E. Kordes Leechburg, PA Business Administration M Evelyn M. Kuester Harrisburg, PA Accounting " E-town . . . four years of searching and finally finding life long goals. " — Kerry Kordes PhyJiis L. Kreamer Elizabethtown, PA Music Education Jeanne L. Koury Harrisburg, PA Elementary Education Theresa A. Kugler CJeona, PA Accounting Joon-Ho Kwak Elizabethtown, PA History " I like the open atmosphere of E-town. Every student has the opportunity to be rec- ognized as an individual rather than a num- ber. " — Phyllis Kreamer 41 " I thoroughly enjoyed my years at E-town. I feel that I learned as much in the dorm as did in the classroom, and 1 will miss college life. " — Dave Longsderff Kathy L. Labe Lebanon, PA Elementary Education Steven E. Lacombe CJaymont, DE Business Administration " College is an experience I definitely wouldn ' t want to have missed and E-town provided the closeness and friendliness I feel is so important. I had a lot of fun here, but it ' s the people I ' ve met that I ' ll miss the most. You ' ll all hold a special place in my heart and I wish you the best of everything always. " — Ruth Lee Teresa A. Lane CJaymont, DE Early Childhood Education 42 mnmnrni 1 1 1 Hi Huth A. Lee Newtown Square, PA Early Childhood Education Lisa A. Landis Lancaster, PA Occupational Therapy A a Deborah A. Lewis Warminster, PA Chemistry • - . - " My years spent at E-town were very re- warding in many respects. The learning and social experiences are well remembered. " — Carolyn Louder Carolyn M. Louder Mt. Gretna, PA Business Administration David R. Longsderff Lancaster, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing " Looking to the uture, four years from now seems very distant and I cannot know what that time will bring. The last four years have passed by very quickly, and it is with some sadness 1 see them end. I will not leave empty-handed however. There is much I ' ve learned, both in and out of the classroom from professors and friends. It is not with reluctance but rather with eager expectation that I look to the future, and what it will bring, knowing that it holds special times of its own that are waiting to be lived. " — Susan MacLean Kathryn L. Lutz Harrisburg, PA Accounting Susan E. MacLean Wilmington, DE Occupational Therapy Raelene E. Maser Cochranville, PA Biology an M. Malesic Steelton, PA Chemistry Pre-Med 43 Mary R. MatuJaitis MiddJetown, PA Chemistry Med. Tech. " The direction of these 4 years has been one of enrichment and special people ... a direction J hope J will always follow. " — Lynne McGhee Duane E. Maurer Ashland, PA Business Education Stacie K. McAloose Harrisburg, PA Chemistry Med. Tech. Wayne K. McCuIiough GJen Rock, PA SociaJ Work " Life is best fell by the boys who sing: ' Hi, I ' m Suds. I ' m Nuts, and 1 am faco B. ' Shibs is love! " — Wayne McCuIiough Lynne E. McGhee Bel Air, MD Elementary Education 44 Niall M. McKnight Whitehouse Station, N] Bus. Admin. - Mktg. Mgmt. m " My years at E-town have been a lime for some personal growth as well as preparing for a profession. " — fudy Menosky Judy A. Menosky Pittsburgh, PA Occupational Therapy Margaret S. McLaughlin Bel Air, MD Business Administration Sandra J. Miller Lewistown, PA Accounting Christine L. Mondschein Nazareth, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing Joan A. Morey Wildwood Crest, N) Bus. Admin. — Marketing " ] have had many wonderful times in my 4 years at E-town and I know wiii miss them and the many friends J have made. I feel E- town has prepared me for the rea) world and I am ready to start living in it. Last, but not least. I can never forget the fantastic times J had playing soccer. " - Niall McKnight Jam ' s C. Miner Eiizabethown, PA Accounting 45 |V - ' T5 ' " ■wiZiZ V r James D. Morris Easton, MD Bus. Admin. — Marketing % r ' s« • » B4 c 1 ■ . v H . , -f ■V , James P. Moschini Bethiehem, PA Bus. Admin. — Accounting " I enjoyed E-town very much. The close attenfion from my professors was very im- portant to me. The only " bummer " 1 have leaving E-town is that will miss my close friendships that value very much. " — Jim Morris Pamela A. Morrison Mt. Joy, PA Business Administration " I found the years spent at E-town very rewarding and will remember my ex- periences here always. I ' ve made many friends and enjoyed their company, but I ' m looking forward to making it on my own. " — Jim Moschini Robert E. Mumford Glassboro, NJ BioJogy Educu iiiii Krista Musse man TeJford, PA Medical Secretarial Science " These 2 years have been valuable to me academically and socially. They have gone quickly, I ' m sure I ' ll always cherish my memories of E-town College. " - Krista Mussclmun Scott Myers Camp Hill. PA Bus. Admin. - Computer • Wm ty ;.»» ■ Kiss today good-bye and point me towards tomorrow. We did what we had to do. Won ' t regret, can ' t forget, what did for love. — A Chorus Line Vincent G. Noggle Harrisburg, PA Accounting " Thanks Mom, Dad, and the gang for sup- porting me the past four years. Looks (ike we made it. " To all my friends from E-town: " Thanks for the memories. " Stephen; " Whatever the future brings " Professor " J ' II always remember " the way we were " and hope that " we still might be. " P.S. " Karenee, I ' m giving you my alarm clock as a wedding present. Best of luck to you, and remember, " You ' ve got a friend. " — Melinda Osmon MeJinda A. Osmon Upper Darby, PA Communication Arts Jackie L. Oyler Rheems, PA Accounting " As a transfer student returning to Eliza- bethtown full time, I found the campus a very warm, friendly atmosphere. Both facul- ty and students were very helpful in guiding my career path. Overall. Elizabethtown was, for me, a place to grow in many aspects of my life. " — Jackie Oyler Kathy E. Phillips New Cumberland, PA Accounting Carolyn L. Phi lips Sunbury, PA Early Childhood Education Robert M. Pisano Elizabethtown. PA Pre-Forestry " College has laugh! me more than how to study in order to get the grades; it has taught me about people and about myself. " — Kim Plovish " You never know what you ' ve got ' til its one. " — Janet Pollard Kim M. Plovish Everett, PA Accounting Michael A. Pizzi Toms River, N Occupational Therapy Why should we be in such desperate haste to succeed and in such desperate enter- prises? If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away. — Henry David Thoreau — Michael Pizzi Janet S. Pollard Wilmington, DE Mathematics Bradley S. Poore Reading, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing 48 Wade C. Pratt Coatesville, PA Business Administration Martin . Pratte Worcester, MA Bus. Admin. - Mktg Acctg. " Hi Mom. aren ' t you glad I ' m finally grad- uating. Rooming with Gibber wasn ' t all that bod lust kidding ' ' ' - Wade Pratt " During my academic years at E-town, ' ve learned many things, but mostly, grew tpl " — Pamela Price Pamela M. Price Everett, PA Medical Secretarial Science Mary Kay Preston Murray Hill, NJ Early Childhood Elem. Ed. " My four years at E-town have been mem- orable ones. It has provided an environment of continual learning experiences for me, but now 1 must leave to broaden these ex- periences. I leave behind many happy times and friends. " — Mary Kay Preston Richard F. Regina Warren, PA Accounting Kathleen L. Rehfuss Newtown Square, PA Biology " Many good times on D-3, but glad its over. " — Bradley Poore Catherine V. Reinard Selinsgrove, PA Early Childhood Education Marcia S. Renshifski Geneva, OH Social Work " Life has its periods of pure boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer panic. En- joy. — Martin Pratte 49 . " The Eusiness and Education Courses were super. " - Phillip Rhoads Phillip D. Rhoads Ephrata, PA Business Education 50 Debra L. Riley Gettysburg, P Biology Learn how to see laughter . . . taste colors . . . feel songs . . . hear smiles . . . smell joy. — unknown — Ruth Richmond Ruth E. Richmond Meadvilie, PA Occupational Therapy Michaei R. Riley Stroudsburg, PA Accounting George C. Rightmyer Media, PA June E. Robinson Springfield, PA Elementary Education " Love always to P.R.. ' " - une Hohinson v v. •- Kent W. Robinson Elkins Pork, PA Bus. Admin. - Mktg. Mgmt. Philip O. Rudy Ephrata, PA Accounting " Hay ride, movies, the dances, Myer 3- East, late night talks, my good friends, diet- ing, Christmas, books. — Stacy Roth Stephen A. Roselli Flourtown, PA Business Administration Berna M. Rydock Elizabethtown, PA English " Happy times, long nights, and a lot of personal growth. " — Stephen Roselli Stacy A. Roth Wyomissing, PA Pre-Nursing Mary L. Sauers fliverton, N] Early Childhood Education 51 m ft Gary E. Scheib Hegins, PA Bus. Admin. — Marketing ' Lots of hard work. " — Steven Scheuchenzuber Jeffrey L. Scheib Lancaster, PA History Steven G. Scheuchenzuber Mount joy, PA Accounting " There are no words to describe E-town College. " - Wait Schlett " In four years here I ' ve really enjoyed the peop e and profs, and basically had a blast. It was a great environment for Meg and I. I ' m excited about the future. " — Jim Schlosser 52 Waiter A. Schlclt Elmwood Park, Nj Business Administration fames K. Schlosser Woodstown, Nj Bus. Admin. — Marketing Dawn E. Sch ossman Mountvillc, PA Business Administration • " L 9 Vf » ■» Eric W. Schmid Lancaster, PA Business Administration ' 1 1 Nancy E. Shailenberger Baltimore, MD Social Work " Favorite people, favorite places, favorite memories of the past . . . These are the joys of a lifetime, these are the things that last. " Thanks E-town for friends, experiences, laughter and happy memories. - Nancy Shailenberger Eric W. Seivey Harrisburg, PA Biology " As I go through the uncertain future, J will always remember my days at Elizabeth- town College as those of fulfilling challenges that have well-prepared me for tomorrow. " — Eric Seivey Karen A. Shearer Harrisburg, PA Sociology David W. Shannon Harrisburg, PA Accounting Frank D. Shimer III Lancaster, PA Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. 53 i To Mom, Dad and my friends: There is no virtue would rather have than gratitude. — Cicero — Nina Shover " When J look back on these four years, I ' M remember the friends that I made here and I ' M cherish them always. " — Jeannine Shirtz John M. Shipe Elizabethtown, PA Bus. Admin. — Management 54 Brad R, Slonaker Reading, PA Mathematics jfl H • ' ». F V L!r 1 fk r - 1 p iC f • •. r 1 ■ ■•. • ' . ' ;. mki ■ku %SL- . ' ■•::■• Jeannine H. Shirtz Malvern, PA Occupational Therapy Nina M. Shover Carlisle, PA Sociology Janice K. Snyder Harrison ville, PA Psychology Jennifer A. Smith fenkintown, PA Biology Med. Tech. Thomas S. Snyder Mount joy, PA Business Administration Roberta J. Stanger Bridgeton, NJ Social Science Sec. Ed. " Will always remember (he people at E- town and intramurals. " — Jeffrey Stauffer " Living, earning and laughing all the way thru. " — Donna Spinosi Donna L. Spinosi Pitman, NJ Accounting Jeffrey R. Stauffer Pennsburg, PA Bus. Admin. - Mktg. Mgmt. " I would like to thank everyone who was at Summer School ' 79 and for making it so enjoyable for me. I wish it would have lasted a whole year. " - Heidi Stahl Heidi L. Stahl South WiJJiamsport, PA Psychology Brenda L. Steiger Haddonfield, Nj Early Childhood Education 55 " I ' m thankful for the good times and good friends E-town has given me. " — Mark Stevenson " My years at Elizabethtown have brought me many fasting memories. Most of all. I have enjoyed the friendly atmosphere on ccmpus and am thankful for the chance to begin many new friendships here. " - Don Tyrie Marion C. Sulyok GrenJoch, NJ Early Childhood Education N. Mark Stevenson Hillsdale, N Business Administration jody A. Swope Newmanstown, PA Occupational Therapy Connie L. Taylor East Petersburg, PA Business Education 56 Jeffrey P. Tam burro West Chester, PA Politico Science " Don ' t let yourself be complacent. " — Connie Taylor Donald S. Tyrie Perry Hall. MD Accounting - A5A? " W. Stan Tyson KingsviJJe, MD Political Science Ha Thai Uong Mechanicsburg, PA Accounting " A part of me will always be you and a pari of you will a ways be rne! " — Kathy Tyszka Kathryn B. Tyszka Mt. Ephraim, N] Elementary E ducation Dorothy Urban Lake Hiawatha, N] Bus. Admin. — Marketing Karen E. Uckert Reading, PA Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. Gary T. Verazin Nanticoke, PA Biology Pre-Med. " College has been the best four years of my life. It will leave me with many memo- rable experiences. " — Gary Verazin 57 ' It went !oo fast. " — Dennis Waddell Dennis E. Waddell Reedsville, PA Business Administration James D. WaJiing Mt. Holly, N] Business Administration " As is expected after four years of college, I have learned many things and not only from the textbooks. I ' ve learned what really close friends are all about. They ' re the ones who stay up ' til 2 or 3 AM and listen when things aren ' t going real well. I ' ve learned more about myself, the person I am and the person I can become. Most importantly, I ' ve learned the value of time. Time is something that once wasted, can never be retrieved. Even though time is freely given to us re- gardless or our status, it is not cheap. It is a cherished gift that we only do justice to by spending it wisely and using it to its fullest potential. " — Donna Walton Mary Lynn Ward Wyomissing, PA Business Education 58 Annette M. Worrell Carlisle, PA Occupational Therapy Donna C. Walton Lititz, PA Occupational Therapy Dwayne D. Weaver SteeJton, PA Business Administration mm " My only regret concerning graduation from E-town is that can not take some of my friends and professors with me. " — Jim Wo ling Melissa A. Weaver State College, PA Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. Mark H Weaver Collegeville, PA Bus. Admin. — Management " Good-bye dear friends. J let go of you reluctantly. Remember our past always re- member the good times, and try to ease over the bad. Go forward there ' s a whole new world for you to grasp. " — Doris Weisert Jane Weber New Holland, PA Social Science Susan E. Weber Sinking Spring, PA Psychology Carol A. West Middlesex, NJ Business Administration Doris M. Weisert Hillside, NJ Bus. Admin. — Management 59 " My years at Elizabethtown have been happy and I owe thanks to my family and friends for making it ail possible. " - Nancy Wilkins Jo Anna Wetzler Blue Ball, PA Business Administration Wanda A. Williams Atglen, PA Elementary Education " As time goes by and the years fade away the memories that E-town has brought me will never fade. The experiences that I ' ve shared with the many lovely people I ' ve met will linger indefinitely. E-town is truly a learning experience, academic as well as so- cial. Thanks for all the opportunities. " — Jo Anna Wetzler Nancy L. Wilkins Wenonah, N] English " I remember my four years on Basement, our B.A. R.K. ' s. the people that made my stay here a good time and E-town basketball. " — Randy Winemiller Randy C. Winemiller Stewartstown, PA Business Administration 60 Sandra C. Williard Klingerstown, PA Psychology Randy M. Wirth Lancaster, PA Accounting Bernard R. Wise Marietta, PA Psychology Michael S. Yasenchak York, PA Music Education " Decisions. Decisions. It ' s no! really a bad place lo gel an education. I ' ve met my best friends here. What the heck! It beats a blank. ' " — Jim Yeingst Kirk L. Wolgemuth Mount Joy, PA Business Administration " The four years spent at E-toivn have given me many challenging and pleasant ex- periences. J have, also, met many wonderful people. These memories will stay with me always. Carry on. 1 " — Linda Yeingst Linda E. Yeingst Palmyra, PA Bus. Admin. — Mktg. Mgmt. James L. Yeingst Palmyra, PA Psychology Social Science Dale T. Zieg er Hershey, PA Bus. Admin. — Acct. Mgmt. 61 " Four years at Elizabethtown has origi- nated and altered many of my ideals and philosophies and radically changed my out- look on life. Elizabethtown would be nothing but a dot on the map, and a small one at that, without the people here. have met some of the best — you know who you are — and will not soon forget them. So long E- town — fare well. " — Erich Zuern Doreen K. Ziegler QuarryviJJe, PA Mathematics Erich H. Zuern CJay, NY Communication Arts SENIOR DIRECTORY MARGARET L. ACKERSON 2116 Valley Rd. Wilmington, DE 19810 Sociology Concert Choir, Chorale, Drama, Sociology Club JOAN L. ALBRIGHT 7 Valley View Rd. Hanover, PA 17331 Social Work Varsity Hockey DONALD H. ANDERSON HI 994 Nissley Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration Undergraduate Alumni Council, APB Dance Chairman, PARC Dance Marathon Chairman. Assistant Station Manager WWEC, Masic Director WWEC, Programming WWEC, Freshman Orientation Committee, SAM JOANNE C. ANDERSON 317 Spalding Rd. Wilmington. DE 19803 Communication Arts Co-editor-in-chief of Etownian. Sports Editor of Etownian. WWEC JOHND. ANDERSON 620 Great Springs lid Bryn Mawr. PA 19610 Social Dynamics Sociology Club, Yearbook. Cross Country LAURA L. ANTHONY 9303 Snyder Lane Perry Hall. Ml) 21128 62 Medical Secretary Business Education P.S.E.A.. Hockey, Softball, Volleyball C1PR1ANO L. APICELLI 28 Roberts Dr. Neptune, N] 07753 Social Science Political Science Athletic Committee, Campus Life Council, Freshman Orientation, Outdoor Club, Political Science Club, Student Senate, Traffic and Safety Committee CATHY ASHBY Highland, MD 20777 Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha SUSAN S. ATKINSON 19 Westerly Rd. Saddle River, NJ 07458 Business Administration SAM, Marketing Club LISA L. AUKAMP 2101 Southview Rd. Lancaster, PA 17602 Biology Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, APB, Chairperson of Dance Committee. Student Senate, Biology Club, Pre-Med Club, Homecoming Court, Resident Assistant. " A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum " , " How to Succeed in Business " RONALD BAKU Box 43 Hheems. PA 17570 Psychology Psi Chi president, " Pride and Prejudice " GITTA BAHADOR Box 180 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration International Club secretary. International Club vice-president KENNETH D. BAILEY RD2 Box 423B Myerstown, PA 17067 SAM Club SCOTT L. BAKER 4033 Robin Hood Dr. York, PA 17404 Accounting Accounting Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes. SAM Club treasurer. Swim Team captain JOSEPH R. BARANKO 13 N. Lincoln St. McAdoo, PA 18237 Political Science Ober Dorm Council. Political Science Club, Varsity Basketball BRENDA K. BARNHART 409 S 14th St. Ilumsburg. PA 17104 Social Science Psyi ho Big Sister. Psychology Club, Psychology 1 tub secretary and treasurer, Psychology Club president, Talent show. Yearbook f) photographer BRUCE W. BAUSHEH 1655 Dauphin Ave. Wyomissmg. I 19610 Business Administration Marketing Club. SAM Club •» MARCIA R. BEAR RD1 Ephrata, PA 17522 Medical Secretary Cheerleading KENNETH P. BEARD 342 Ridge Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Biology Chemistry Medical Technology Biology Club, Medical Technology Club JUDY E. BECK RD3 Box 149 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Occupational Therapy SANDRA L. BENSON Box 792 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, PA 37022 Economics Political Science Outdoor Club, Political Science Club KAREN S. BENTZEL 3198 N. George St. Emigsviile. PA 17318 Occupational Therapy Alpha Lambda Delta, Campus Gold. Choral Union, Occupational Therapy Club POLLY . BERKHEIMER 59 Holly Dr. Leola, PA 17540 Business Administration J. JUDE BERVINCHAK 2762 Chapel Rd. Lancaster, PA 17603 Elementary Education BETSY S. BEST RTl Box 183 New Holland, PA 17557 Medical Secretarial Science Myer Dorm Council secretary, Orchestra, Yearbook CARRIE E. BILLBROUGH 335 Kings Highway Clarksboro. NJ 08020 Business Administration Dorm Council, Dorm Council secretary, SAM Club, Marketing Club, PSEA, Men ' s Basketball statistician MICHAEL R. BINGEMAN 21 E. Main St. Apt. 2 Lititz, PA 17543 Accounting SUSAN L. BOLLE 99-11 213 St. Queens Village, NY 11429 Pre-Forestry Concert Band, Outdoor Club, Synchronized Swim Club LAURA A. BOORNAZIAN 48 Rose Ln. Lansdowne, PA 19050 Biology JOHN W. BOOTJER Box 98, Kirkland Dr. Red Lion, PA 17356 Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha. Council. Golf PAULA C. BRADLEY 305 Cedar Dr. Burlington, NJ 08016 Mathematics CLEO . BRANDT 148 New Haven St. Mount Joy. PA 17552 Medical Secretarial BETH E. BR LL 133 Conestoga Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17602 Social-Work Band, Choral Celebration " , " Celebration Connection " Union, " A Musical Social Work Club, II — The Rainbow IRA, Ober Dorm LAURIE S. BROOKES 211 Magnolia Dr. Churchville, PA 18966 Occupational Therapy Choraleers, Elizabethtown Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Etownian reporter, Etownian news editor. Occupational Therapy Club GEORGE A. BROWN 2119 N. Franklin St. Philadephia, PA 19122 Social Work Resident Assistant, Social Work Club, " A Musical Celebration " , Varsity Track LO S E. BROWN 5911 Rt. 8 Gibsonia, PA 15044 Chemistry Medical Technology Concert Band, Founders Dorm Council, Medical Technology Club DENNIS A. BUCK 36 Queen St. Rising Sun, MD 21911 Accounting Accounting Club. SAM Club DANIEL . BUCKLEY 138-18 242 St. Rosedaie, NY 11422 Sociology FSRA, Sociology Club SHARON G. BUCKWALTER 230 W. Woods Dr. Lititz, PA 17543 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club GREGORY T. BUDKO 108 E. Oak Ln. Glenolden, PA 19036 Business Administration Marketing Club. SAM Club JEAN A. BURTON 1132 Dorsett Dr. West Chester, PA 19308 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club CORINNE BUTLER 111 S. Mt. Joy St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Psychology Band, Psychology Club STEPHEN CERRETO 22 Hartman Rd. Edison. NJ 08817 Business Administration Dorm Council. Math Club. Newman Club, SAM Club. Golf team MICHAEL E. CHESTER 9 E. Dickens Rd. CJaymont, DE 19703 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Elizabeth- town Blue Jay (MascotJ, Cross Country GARY CHRISTOPHER Media, PA Biology Soccer SHAREN A. CLARKE 183 Crossland Ave. Salem, NJ 08079 Elementary Education PSEA JEANNE M. CLAYTON 1717 Belvue Dr. Forest Hill, MD 21050 Business Administration Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship, Mar- keting Club, SAM Club DAVID S. CLEMENS 1030 Locust St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Chemistry ACS JOHN C. CLEMENS 1030 S. Locust St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Mathematics Math Club, Society of Physics Students JAN L. CLIFFORD 706 N. Third St. Emmaus, PA 18049 Elementary Education Dorm Council, PSEA, statistician Men ' s Basketball LISA A. COCCETTI 123 Pierce St. Eynon. PA 18403 Pre-Nursing Big Sister. Biology Club MONICA M. COLGAN 3 Englewood Rd. Upper Darby. PA 19082 Occupational Therapy APB publicity chairman. Freshmen Ori- entation counselor. John Door News VERONICA M. CONNOR 838 West Ave. Springfield. PA 19064 Business Administration Marketing Club. SAM Club ROBERT E. CONRAD 396 Alison Ave. Mechanicsburg. PA 17055 Biology Medical Technology CAROL J. COONS Box 279 Overbrook Acres Mount Union. PA 17066 Pre-Nursing Biology Biology Club, Concert Band. Concert Choir. Elizabethtown Christian Fellow- ship. Peer Counseling go JAY S. CROSSLAND Reading, PA Accounting Accounting Club, Dorm Council PATRICIA L. CROSSLAND 2923 Placid Ave. Baltimore, MD 21234 Business Administration The Delphi Society. Dean ' s List, Mary Sachs Scholarship recipient. Marketing Club, Peer Counselor, SAM Club, JV Hockey team, Softball team, Softball team co-captain, Varsity Volleyball team captain MARSHA DeHAAS Box 95 RD8 Woodcrest Dr. Gettysburg, PA 17325 Elementary Education Congregational Supervisory Committee, Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship, Fel- lowship of Christian Athletes, Peer Coun- selor, Hockey SUSAN L. DENSTEN 609 Spruce Ave. Pitman. NJ 08071 Early Childhood Elementary Education Schlosser Dorm Council, PSEA BARRY Di GL ISEPPE 1438 Keller Rd. Pottstown, PA 19464 Biology Medical Technology Biology Club. Pre-Med Club CHRIS E. DINSMORE RD3 Brogue. PA 17309 Accounting The Delphi Society, Accounting Club, Chorale, Concert Choir, Orchestra, SAM Club ROBIN E. DODGE 330 Brockton Rd. Wilmington. DE 19803 Sociology Medical Secretarial Sociology Club secretary and treasurer. Resident Assistant DENNIS R. DOUGHERTY 17 Country Club Place Camp Hill, PA 17011 Biology Biology Club secretary. Choral Union, College Chorale, Pre-Med Club vice-presi- dent AMYL. DUBBS 111 Sunset Dr. Mount Holly Springs. PA 17065 Medical Secretarial Science Cheerleading. Class Council CHAU HONG DUONG 300 N. Hanover St. Apt 11 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Accounting Accounting Club, SAM Club. Math Club treasurer TU HONG DUONG Box 129 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Accounting MICHELLE ECK 362 Eldred Si Williamsport. PA 17701 64 Occupational Therapy The Delphi Society, Resident Assistant. Occupational Therapy Club, Occupation- al Therapy Club executive board, Oc- cupational Therapy Club co-chairperson JOSEPH O. EGBUNU Ajogwoni. Benue State Nigeria Political Science GEORGE L. EVELER III RD2 Felton, PA 17322 Accounting Accounting Club, Resident Assistant HOLLY B. EWAN Old Easton Rd. RD1 Doylestown, PA 18901 Secondary Education — Social Etownian, Fencing Club, PSEA, Theatre Assistant, Softball Studies History Club, JV Basketball, MARY B. FAGER 645 St. John ' s Dr. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Accounting Accounting Club AILEEN K. FINK RD3 Box 213 Tyrone, PA 16686 Business Administration Accounting Club, Campus Gold, Club, Sock Buskin, Yearbook SAM LAURA L. FLEMING 1018 Kings Crown Dr. Sanibel, FL 33957 Business Administration APB, John Door News, Marketing Club, SAM Club, Sock Buskin, Trivia THOMAS A. FLEMING 940 Pinecroft Rd. Berwyn, PA 19312 Social Science Awareness Club, Student Senate W. BENJAMIN FOY 980 N. Spring St. Everett, PA 15537 Accounting L. ROBERT FRAME Box 98 Uwchland, PA 19480 Political Science Eta Phi Sigma. Who ' s Who Among Stu- dents in Colleges and Universities, Etow- nian, Freshman Orientation, Student Sen- ate Poli-Sci representative. Student Sen- ate Chairman. Rules Committee. APB Dance Committee, Political Science Club Founder and president. Resident Assist- ant. Research Assistant with PA House of Representatives CHERYL I. FHIEDLIN 147 Grandview Ave. Pitman, N| 08071 Early Childhood Education PSEA ANN GAGE 816 Hillaire Rd. Lancaster. PA 17601 Medical Secretarial Si ience LINDA L. GALELLA RDl Box 295-A Wall. NJ 07719 Music Education Alpha Mu. Distinguished American Christian Student, Honors Choir, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Dorm Council, Brass Ensemble, Guitar Ensemble, Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship, Deputation Team. Dance Marathon chairperson, MENC, Orchestra, Religious Life Council KATHRYN A. GALLAGHER 655 Troxel Rd. Lansdale, PA 19446 Occupational Therapy Myer Dorm secretary, Occupational Ther- apy Club, Student Senate, Commission on Education Representative for Occupa- tional Therapy ANNE C. GALLANT 124 Kihade Trail Medford Lakes. NJ 08055 Modern Languages Secondary Education APB, Student Senate. Overseas Study SALLY A. GARBER 737 Groff Ave. Elizabethtown. PA 17022 Music Education Concertmistress Intercollegiate Orchestra, College — Community Orchestra, MENC JANE L. GEERS 1278 Skippack Pk. RD3 Norristown, PA 19401 Early Childhood Education Choral Union, Hockey GREGORY G. GEIDEL P.O. Box 61 Somers, NY 10589 Business Administration SAM Club JANETTE K. GENTRY RD2 Peach Bottom, PA 17563 Accounting Accounting Club, SAM Club GENEVIEVE E. GILL 1416 Wheatsheaf Ln. Abington, PA 19001 Occupational Therapy APB. Concert Band. Dorm Representa- tive, Newman Club. Outdoor Club, Oc- cupational Therapy Club LINDA M. CINDER RD4 Manheim. PA 17545 Early Childhood Education PSEA RUTH E. GREENLY 301 Kerr Ave. Denton. MD 21629 Early Childhood Elementary Education Choral Union. Royer Dorm Council secre- tary. Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship vice-president. ECF secretary and treasur- er. ECF co-chairperson publicity, PSEA BARBARA L GUSS 25 S Main Si Mifflinlown. PA 17059 ■» m Business Administration Campus Gold, Commuter Council presi- dent, Dance Marathon Committee, In- agura) aide, Peer counselor, Royer Wing Representative, Student Handbook Revi- sion Committee DOUGLAS L. HAAS 408 Emerson Ave. Laureldale, PA 19605 ' Chemistry Pre-Med option President ACS Student Affiliate Chapter, Pre-Med Club, Religious Life Council, Volleyball Marathon Coordinator AMES L, HAINES Linwood, MD 21764 Music Therapy Alpha Mu, Psi Chi, Brass Ensemble, Con- cert Band, Concert Choir, jazz Band RAY A. HANDWERK 1809 Wayne Dr. Norristown, PA 19403 Accounting Accounting Club, National Association of Accountants (Lancaster Chapter), SAM Club, Student Senate, Ober Dorm Coun- cil, Men ' s Tennis DONALD S. HANNAHS 915 Southwick Dr. Towson, MD 21204 Business Administration Marketing Club treasurer, SAM Club, Synchronized Swim Club, WWEC, Soccer ANN E. HARE RD4 Danville, PA 17821 Sociology Alpha Delta Kappa, APB secretary, Fi- nance Committee, Student Senate CHARLES L. HART 502 Prospect Ave. Neptune, N] 07753 Business Administration Dorm Council, Marketing Club, Synchro- nized Swim Club, SAM Club, Varsity Soccer CRAIG S. HARTRANFT 400 E. Main St. Ephrata, PA 17522 Political Science GAYLE M. HAYES RD2 Box 95 Oxford, PA 19363 Business Administration Choral Union, Chorale, Concert Choir, Junior Class Committees, Marketing Club, SAM Club MIRIAM R. HEBRANK 331 Washington Ave. Leechburg, PA 15656 Early Childhood Elementary Education College — Community Orchestra, Dean ' s List, IVCF, NEA, PSEA, Who ' s Who Among Students of Colleges and Univer- sities CAROL L. HEISNER 612 Nelson Dr. Media, PA 19063 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Student Sen- ate JENNIFER S. HENISE 311 Ridge Rd. Annville, PA 17003 Accounting Hockey SHARON K. HESS RD3 Box 148 Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Occupational Therapy KIM M. HIEBER 134 Old Oxford Valley Rd. RDl Langhorne, PA 19047 Psychology APB founder and secretary, APB president, Freshman class representative in Student Senate, Dell Community Representative in Student Senate, Psychology representative in Student Senate, Student Senate Finance Committee chairman, Student Senate treasurer, Homecoming Committee, TGIS Committee, TGIS Committee chairman, Outdoor Club, Psychology Club, Psychology Club secretary and treasurer, Schlosser RA, Freshman Orientation staff JANET M. HOEHN 30 Andover Rd. Stamford, CT 06902 Accounting Accounting Club, APB Special Events Committee, APB Film Committee, Found- ers Dorm Council, SAM Club DONNA R. HOFFMAN Box 124 Idaville, PA 17337 Medical Secretarial Band, Jazz Band JANET L. HOFFMAN 3000 Georgetown Rd. Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Business Administration APB Special Events Committee, Marketing Club, SAM Club, Ski Club JOANN M. HOPPER RD2 York Springs, PA 17372 Early Childhood Education PSEA JOHN R. HORN P.O. Box 63 Hummelstown, PA 17036 Psychology Concert Band, Psychology Club KEVIN D. HOWARD RD2 Oley, PA 19547 Accounting Accounting Club, SAM Club PAMELA A. HOYDU 511 Brighton St. Bethlehem, PA 18015 History History Club EILEEN M. HOZELLA RD2 Box 2590 Pottsville, PA 17901 Business Administration Computer Science Club, Marketing Club, Royer Dorm Council, Royer Dorm Coun- cil vice-president, Royer Resident Assist- ant CRAIG W. HUDSON 603 Wesley Ave. Ocean City, NJ 08226 Chemistry Secondary Education LOUIS J. JACKUBOWSKI RD3 Box 345 Willow Street, PA 17584 Business Administration DEBRA L. JOHNSON RDl Box 400 Palmyra, PA 17078 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Varsity Women ' s Volleyball. Dorm Council ELLEN R. JUDD 1168 Pinetown Rd. Ft. Washington, PA 19034 Music Therapy Music Education Alpha Mu, Alpha Mu president. Brass Ensemble, College — Community Orches- tra, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Cho- rale, Jazz Band, Campus Theatre produc- tions, Resident Assistant KEVIN J. KAPPRA 236 Wilson Ave. Woodbury Heights. NJ 08097 Accounting Accounting Club, Accounting Club treas- urer, SAM Club MICHAEL P. KEARNS 4 Molinari Dr. Wanaque, NJ 07465 Business Administration Computer Science Club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Marketing Club KENNETH F. KEFFER 512 Redwood St. Harrisburg, PA 17109 Communication Arts Marketing Club, WWEC BRIAN K. KELL Valley Rd. Mount Gretna, PA 17604 English Etownian feature editor, Etownian co- editor-in-chief, Etownian editor-in-chief, Sock Buskin, Supreme Fiction SCOTT M. KENNEDY 70 Bamm Hollow Rd. Middletown, NJ 07748 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Ski Club vice-president, Ski Club president JAMES B. KESLER 1000 Wallace Ave. Chambersburg, PA 17201 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club LISA P. KIEWE 67 Robbins Rd. Bricktown, NJ 08723 Elementary Education PSEA, Field Hockey, Women ' s Basketball DOROTHY L. KING 41 Ferguson Ave. BroomaJI. PA 19008 g 5 .m, . Communication Arts Alpha Psi Omega, Sock Buskin, WWEC ROBYN KING 473 Galen Dr. State College, PA 16801 Social Work Conestogan Staff, Etownian staff, Etow- nian News Editor, FCA, Women ' s Basket- ball, Women ' s Basketball co-captain, Field Hockey, Softball, Volleyball BELINDA L. KLINE 2032 Ormand Rd. Baltimore, MD 21222 Early Childhood Education PSEA MARIE R. KOBYLINSKI 3712 Fulton St. N.W. Washington, D.C. 20007 Elementary Education PSEA JOANNE KOCSERHA 520 Watson Ave. Woodbridge, NJ 07095 Chemistry Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, Academic Council, ACS vice-president, Elections Committee Chairman, Schlosser Dorm Council, Student Senate KERRY KORDES RD2 Box 221 Leechburg, PA 15656 Business Administration Resident Assistant, Country SAM CJub, Cross JEANNE L. KOURY Elementary Education Coffee House Planning Group, Concert Band, PSEA, Schlosser Dorm Council PHYLLIS L. KREAMER 432 W. Bainbridge St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Music Education Brass Ensemble, College — Community Orchestra, Concert Band, Intercollegiate Band, Intercollegiate Orchestra, jazz Band, MENC EVELYN M. KUESTER RD4 Harrisburg. PA 17112 Accounting Accounting Club, Dorm Council, Dorm Council treasurer THERESA A. KUGLER 28 Willow Ave. Cleona, PA 17042 Accounting JOON-HO KWAK Box 630 Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown. PA 17022 History KATHY L. LABE 709 W. Chestnut St. Lebanon. PA 17042 Elementary Education Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship. Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship sec- retary treasurer, Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship Missions Chairman. Inter- national Club. PSEA 66 STEVEN E. LACOMBE 131 S. Shelley Dr. Cloymont, DE 19703 Business Administration Marketing Club, Cross Country, Track LISA A. LANDIS 1525 Springside Drive Lancaster, PA 17603 Occupational Therapy THERESA A. LANE 799 Montclair Dr. Apt. 8, Naamans Apts. Claymont, DE 19703 Early Childhood Education PSEA RUTH A. LEE 336 Crum Creek Lane Newton Square, PA 19703 Early Childhood Education APB, Dorm Council, PSEA, Yearbook, Men ' s Basketball Manager DEBORAH A. LEWIS 793 Parmentier Rd. Warminster, PA 18974 Chemistry American Chemical Society, American Chemical Society secretary treasurer, Synchronized Swi mming Club DAVID R. LONGSDERFF 1601 Vista Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration Brinser Dorm Council secretary treasurer, Concert Band, Jazz Band, Marketing CJub, SAM CAROLYN M. LOUDER Box 154, Maple Ave. Mount Gretna, PA 17064 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club KA THRYN L. LUTZ 6140 Pine Knoll Dr. Harrisburg, PA 17111 Accounting Accounting Club, SAM Club SUSAN E. MacLEAN 132 Marcella Rd. Wilmington, DE 19803 Occupational Therapy Concert Band, Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship. Occupational Therapy Club, Student Senate AN M. MALESIC 845 South 4th St. Steelton, PA 17113 Chemistry Pre-Med Chemistry Club, Basketball Pre-Med Club. Women ' s RAELENE E. MASER RD2 Cochran ville, PA 19330 Biology Alpha Lambda Delta. Biology Club, Con- cert Band, Pre-Med Club MARY R. MATULAITIS 640 Briarcliff Rd. Middletown. PA 17057 Chemistry Medical Technology DUANE E. MAURER Box 331 RDl Ashland, PA 17921 Business Education Wrestling STACIE K. McALOOSE 501 Franklin St. Harrisburg, PA 17111 Chemistry Med-Tech WAYNE K. McCULLOUGH RDl Glen Rock, PA 17327 Social Work Resident Assistant, T.R.E.E., T.R.E.E. Baseball co-captain Social Work Club, president, Baseball, LYNNE E. McGHEE 922 James St. Bel Air, MD 21014 Elementary Education Dean ' s List, Schlosser Resident Assistant, Who ' s Who of American College and University Students niall m. Mcknight 382A Readington Rd. Whitehouse Station, NJ 08889 Business Administration Marketing Club, Marketing Club vice- president, SAM, Soccer team MARGARET S. McLAUGHLIN 335 Patterson Mill Rd. Bel Air, MD 21014 Business Administration JUDY A. MENOSKY 1568 King Charles Dr. Pittsburgh. PA 15237 Occupational Therapy Concert Bond. Dorm Council, Occupa- tional Therapy Club. Synchronized Swim Club LEE B. MILLER Box 379 RDl, Evanson Rd. Hockessin, DE 19707 Accounting SANDRA J. MILLER RD4 Box 97 A Lewistown, PA 17044 Accounting Accounting Club, Etwonian reporter, Etownian circulation manager, Marketing Club. SAM Club JANIS C. MINER 164 W. High St. Rear Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting Accounting Club CHRISTINE L. MONDSCHEIN 3189 Penn Dixie Rd. Nazareth, PA 18064 Business Administration APB Dance Committee chairman. Mar- keting Club secretary, SAM Club. Ski Club JOAN A. MOREY 6305 Seaview Ave. Wildwood Crest. NJ 08260 Business Administration SAM Club ; JAMES D. MORRIS 133 Brentwood Ave. Easton, PA 18042 Business Administration Brinser Dorm Council president, Fresh- man Ciass president, Marketing Club, SAM Club, Junior Varsity Soccer Team PAMELA A. MORRISON RD2 Box 262, Cloverleaf Rd. Mount Joy, PA 17552 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club JAMES P. MOSCHINI 1360 Cherry Lane Bethlehem, PA 18017 Business Administration Accounting Club, SAM Club, T.R.E.E. ROBERT E. MUMFORD 104 Fairview Dr. Glassboro, NJ 08028 Biology Education Biology Club, Outdoor Track Club, Varsity KRISTA M. MUSSELMAN 3378 Long Mill Rd. Telford, PA 38969 Medical Secretarial Science Concert Choir SCOTT S. MYERS 224 Green Lane Dr. Camp Hill, PA 17011 Business Administration VINCENT G. NOGGLE 690 Colleen Dr. Harrisburg, PA 37309 Accounting Accounting Club, SAM Club MELINDA A. OSMON 2234 Harwood Ave. Upper Darby, PA 39082 Communication Arts Alpha Psi Omega, Alpha Psi Omega president, " Belle of Amherst " director, Children ' s Theatre director, " A Musical Celebration " , " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown " , Repertory Theatre, Senate, Sock 8- Buskin, Sock Buskin president WADE C. PRATT 3006 Fisherville, Rd. Coatesville, PA 39320 Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega, Concert Choir, " How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying " , " Ben Franklin in Paris " , Pride and Prejudice " , Marketing Club, SAM Club, Repertory Theatre, Yearbook pho- tographer, Cross Country, Track, Track co-captain MARTIN J. PRATTE Worcester, MA Business Administration SAM Club, SAM Club officer Public Relations MARY K. PRESTON 28 Hunterdon Rd. Murray Hall, NJ 07974 Early Childhood Education Elementary Edu- cation Founders Dorm Council, PSEA, Founders RA j PAMELA M. PRICE 23 N. Spring St. Everett, PA 35537 Medical Secretarial Science RICHARD F. REGINA 112 Buena Vista, Briarcrest Villas Hershey, PA 37033 Accounting KATHLEEN L. REHFUSS 2 Mulberry Lane Newton Square, PA 39073 Biology Alpha Lambda Delta president, Delphi Society corresponding secretary. Biology Club, Outdoor Club, Pre-Med Club CATHERINE V. REINARD Box 31 Star Route Seiinsgrove, PA 17870 Early Childhood Education Alpha Psi Omega, Campus judicial Board, Concert Band, Class Officer, Col- leg-Community Orchestra, Outdoor Club, Sock Buskin MARCIA S. REMSHIFSKI 4977 Palmetto Dr. Geneva, OH Social Work PHILLIP D. RHOADS 322 Vine St. Ephrata, PA 17522 Business Education RUTH E. RICHMOND 281 DeVore Dr. Meadville, PA 16335 Occupational Therapy GEORGE C. RIGHTMYER 55 Eastwood Road Media, PA 19065 Social Science History DEBRA L. RILEY RD 2 Box 71A Gettysburg, PA 17325 Biology Biology Club, Junior Class treasurer, Out- door Club, Senior Class treasurer. Soph- omore Class treasurer MICHAEL R. RILEY RD 4 Box 4033 Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Accounting Accounting Club, Marketing Club, Men ' s Basketball, Varsity " E " Club JUNE E. ROBINSON 814 Crum Creek Rd. Springfield, PA 19064 Elementary Education Dorm Council, PSEA, T.R.E.E., Volleyball KENT W. ROBINSON 8317 High School Rd. Elkins Park, PA 19117 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Soccer JACKIE L. OYLER 3 36% Harrisburg Rheems, PA 17570 Accounting Delphi Society, Accounting Club. Caucus on Women ' s Issues, SAM Club CAROLYN L. PHILLIPS 835 Susquehanna Ave. Sunbury, PA 17801 Early Childhood Education BCA program — spent semester in Eng- land, Music Therapy Club, PSEA, Co-ed Volleyball KATHY E. PHILLIPS 702 15th St. New Cumberland, PA 17070 Accounting ROBERT M. PISANO 17 W. High St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Pre-Forestry MICHAEL A. PIZZI 782 Bay Ave. Toms River, NJ 08753 Occupational Therapy Alpha Mu, Alpha Psi Omega, Activities Honor Society president, APB, Forensics, Freshman Class treasurer, Concert Choir, Distinguished Junior Award, Dance Mara- thon Publicity Chairman, Dorm Council representative, Intercollegiate Choir, In- tercollegiate Musical benefitting Lancas- ter Hospice coordinator, director and cho- reographer, Newman Club, Newman Club Music coordinator, Occupational Therapy Club, Repetory Theatre. Sock Buskin, Sophomore class vice-president, Year- book Activities Editor, Actor ' s Company of PA — Peter in " Jesus Christ Superstar " , Talent Show benefitting Lancaster Hos- pice coordinator and director, " A Musical Celebration - A Tribute to the 70 ' s " cho- reographer, director, and producer; Stu- dent Talent Show coordinator, " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown " choreogra- pher, director, and producer KIM M. PLOVISH 66 W. Fifth Ave. Everett, PA 15537 Accounting Accounting Club, Accounting Club secre- tary, Resident Assistant, Dorm Council treasurer, SAM Club, Student Senate JANET S. POLLARD 2210 Regal Dr. Wilmington, DE 19810 Mathematics BRADLEY S. POORE 44 Wyomissing Hills Blvd. Reading, PA 19609 Business Administration Marketing Club. Junior Class president. SAM Club, Senior Class president. Track STEPHAN A. ROSELLI 2126 Church Rd. Flourtown, PA 19031 Business Administration Marketing Club STACY A. ROTH 1621 Sherwood Rd. Wyomissing. PA 19610 Pre-Nursing PHILIP O. RUDY 825 Pointview Ave. Ephrata. PA 17522 Accounting Accounting Club, Golf team „„ BERNA M. RYDOCK 309 Hillside Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 English Supreme Fiction Society MARY L. SAUERS 903 Cedar St. Riverton, NJ 08077 Early Childhood Education Dorm Council, PSEA GARY E. SCHEIB 411 W. Main, RD1 Hegins, PA 17938 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Wrestling JEFFREY L. SCHEJB 75 Wise Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 History Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi Alpha Theta, Phi Alpha Theta president, Campus Theatre, Etownian writer, Etownian Edi- torial — Page editor, Etownian editor-in- chief, History CJub, History Club presi- dent STEVEN SCHEUCHENZUBER 314 E. Oregon Rd., RD3 Lititz, PA 17543 Accounting Accounting Club WALTER A. SCHLETT 91 Palsa Ave. Elmwood Park, NJ 07407 Business Administration AMES K. SCHLOSSER 117 N. Main St. Woods town, NJ 08098 Marketing Elizabethtown Christian Fellowship, Mar- keting Club, SAM Club, Track DAWN E. SCHLOSSMAN 64 E. Main St. Mountville, PA 17554 Business Administration APB, Concert Band, SAM Club Marketing Club, ERIC W. SCHM D 249 Atkins Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Business Administration ERIC W. SELVEY 3 M.W. Smith Homes Harrisburg, PA 17103 Biology Biology Club, Pre-Med Club, WWEC Mu- sic Director NANCY E. SHALLENBERCER 228 Tyrone Circle Baltimore, MD 21212 Social Work APB, Dorm Council, Social Work Club, Men ' s Basketball manager DAVID W. SHANNON 5081 Stacey Dr. East Harrisburg, PA 17111 Accounting KAREN A. SHEARER 1431 N. Mt. Rd. Harrisburg, PA 17112 68 Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Mu, Concert Band, Concert Choir, Flute Quartet, IVCF, MENC, Sociology Club FRANK D. SHIMER III 1910 Haroldson Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club JOHNM. SHIPE RD 5, Valley Mobile Village Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Management JEANNINE H. SHIRTZ 110 Sproul Rd. Malvern, PA 19355 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club NINA M. SHOVER RD6 Box 195 Carlisle, PA 17013 Sociology Alpha Kappa Delta, Alpha Mu, Big Sister, FCA, FCA co-captain, FCA secretary, SAM Club, Sociology Club BRAD R. SLONAKER 4400 4th Ave. Reading, PA 19560 Mathematics EPC JENNIFER A. SMITH 737 Highland Ave. Jenkintown, PA 19046 Biology Medical Technology Biology Club, Homecoming Court, Resi- dent Assistant, Royer Dorm Council, Syn- chronized Swim Club JANICE K. SNYDER Star Route 2, Box 244 Harrisonville, PA 17228 Psychology THOMAS S. SNYDER 212 Birchland Ave. Mount Joy, PA 17552 Business Administration SAM Club DONNA LEE SPINOSI 417 Columbia Ave. Pitman, NJ 08071 Accounting Accounting Club HEIDI L. STAHL 315 Spring St. So. Williamsport, PA 17701 Psychology Etownian, Resident Assistant ROBERTA J. STANGER 21 Holly Terrace Bridgeton, NJ 08302 Social Science Secondary Education Schlosser Dorm Council. Sociology Club vice-president, Student Senate, Yearbook staff, WWEC staff JEFFREY R. STAUFFER School House Rd. Pennsburg, PA 18073 Business Administration Delphi Society, Marketing Club, SAM Club, Who ' s Who Among College and University Students, Tennis team, Tennis team captain BRENDA L. STEIGER 312 Peyton Ave. Haddonfield, NJ 080333 Early Childhood Education Dorm Council, PSEA N. MARK STEVENSON 85 Hillsdale Court Hillsdale, NJ 07642 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club, Varsity Base- ball MARION C. SULYOK 108 Lake Ave. Grenloch, NJ 08032 Early Childhood Education Dean ' s List, Choral Union, PSEA NEA, PSEA NEA president, PSEA NEA South- ern Region secretary, Who ' s Who Among College And University Students JUDY A. SWOPE Box 337 Newmanstown, PA 17073 Occupational Therapy Occupational Therapy Club, Royer Dorm Council JEFFREY P. TAMBURRO 1066 Dunvegan West West Chester, PA 19380 Political Science Etownian writer, Marketing Club, Politi- cal Science Club, Soccer team CONNIE L. TAYLOR 5035 Pine St. East Petersburg, PA 17520 Business Education DONALD S. TYRIE 15 Fox Hill Court Perry Hall, MD 21128 Accounting Delphi Society president. Accounting Club president, College — Community Or- chestra, Junior Class vice-president. Sen- ior Class vice-president. Varsity Track team co-captain, Varsity Soccer team W. STAN TYSON Box 158 Bradshaw Rd. Kingsville, MD 21087 Political Science Junior- Varsity Soccer, Varsity Soccer KATHRYN B. TYSZKA 29 W. Buckingham Ave. Mount Ephriam, NJ 08059 Elementary Education Basketball. Hockey, Softball, Volleyball KAREN E. UCKERT 324 Rothermel Blvd. Reading. PA 19605 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club HA THAI UONC 3508 Lisburn Rd. Mechanicsburg, PA 17055 Accounting Accounting Club, International Student Club vice-president. Marketing Club, SAM Club I DOROTHY . URBAN 7 Maple Ave. Lake Hiawatha, NJ 07034 Marketing Business Administration GARY T. VERAZIN 163 E. Grand St. Nanticoke, PA 18634 Biology Pre-Med Alpha Lambda Delta, De phi Society, Bi- ology Club, Pre-Med Club, Resident As- sistant, Basketball team, Varsity Club vice-president DENNIS E. WADDELL Box 224 Reedsville, PA 17084 Business Administration Soccer team AMES D. WALL NG 71 Lexington Ave. Mount Holly, NJ 08060 Business Administration APB treasurer, Brinser Dorm Council, Marketing Club, SAM Club DONNA C. WALTON 870 Clay Rd. Lititz, PA 17543 Occupational Therapy Alpha Lambda Delta. Brethren Identity, College — Community Orchestra, Concert Band, Eiizabethtoivn Christian Fellow- ship, Occupational Therapy Club, Resi- dent Assistant MARY L. WARD 9 Kevin Court Wyomisssing, PA 19610 Business Administration Dorm Council, Dorm PSEA Council secretary, ANNETTE MARIE WARRELL 366 Belvedere Carlisle, PA 17013 Occupational Therapy APB, Occupational Therapy Club, Oc- cupational Therapy Club Senior Class rep- resentative DWAYNE D. WEAVER 49 S. 4th St. Steelton, PA 17113 Business Administration Concert Band, EPC, Jazz Band MARK H. WEAVER 46 Oak Rd. CoIIegeville, PA 19426 Business Administration SAM Club, Varsity Basketball team MELISSA A. WEAVER 1319 Linn St. State College, PA 16801 Business Administration Marketing Club, Marketing Club secre- tary, SAM Club, Accounting Club, Sock Buskin JANE D. WEBER 590 Valley View Dr. New Holland, PA 17557 Social Science SUSAN E. WEBER 906 Penn Ave. Sinking Spring, PA 19608 Psychology Psychology Club, Psychology Club vice- president DORIS M. WEISERT 43 Warwick Rd. Hillside, NJ 0725 Business Administration Alpha Lambda Delta, Delphi Society, Dean ' s List, Etownian staff, Executive Energy Task Force Committee, Dance Marathon executive committee, Newman Club, secretary, Newman Club chairper- son, One Ace Plays, Religious Life Coun- cil, SAM Club, Student Senate, Who ' s Who Among College and University Stu- dents CAROL A. WEST 413 Main St. Middlesex, NJ 08846 Business Administration Big Sister, Dorm Council, Student Senate JO ANNA WETZLER Sunset Ave. Blue Ball, PA 17506 Business Administration Dean ' s List, SAM Club, Tennis Team, Tennis team co-captain WANDA A. WILLIAMS RDl Atglen, PA 19310 Elementary Education Concert Band, PSEA SANDRA D. WILLIARD P.O. Box 75 Klingerstown, PA 17941 Psychology Concert Band, Jazz Band NANCY L. WILKINS 401 E. Elm St. Wenonah, NJ 08090 English Supreme Fiction Society vice-president. Supreme Fiction Society president, Women ' s Tennis RANDY C. WINEMILLER RDl Stewartstown, PA 17363 Business Administration Marketing Club, SAM Club RANDY M. WIRTH 631 Valley Rd. Lancaster, PA 17601 Accounting Accounting Club, Campus Life Council secretary. Resident Assistant, Student Senate BERNARD R. WISE 337 E. Market St. Marietta, PA 17547 Psychology Outdoor Club, Psychology Club, book photographer Year- KIRK L. WOLCEMUTH RDl Box 437 Mount Joy, PA 17552 Business Administration Marketing Club, Marketing Club presi- dent, Political Science Club, SAM Club MICHAEL S. YASENCHAK 947 Pleasant Acres Rd. York, PA 17402 Music Education " Ben Franklin in Paris " , College — Com- munity Orchestra, Brass Ensemble, Con- cert Band, " Down in the Valley " , " How to Succeed in Business " , MENC, One act plays JAMES E. YEINGST RD2 Palmyra, PA 17078 Psychology Dorm Council, Track team LINDA E. YEINGST Box 323 RD2 Palmyra, PA 17078 Marketing Management Marketing Club DALE T. ZIEGLER Box 129D RDl Hershey, PA 17033 Business Administration Brethren Identity chairman, Concert Choir, Religious Life Council, Sophomore Class president, Student Senate DOREEN ZIEGLER Quarryville, PA Mathematics ERICH H. ZUERN 5426 Loretta Lane Clay, NY 13041 Communication Arts Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Psi Omega, Delphi Society, Academic Council, Stu- dent Senate Seniors not Pictured KAREN E. AMRITT 399 Moreland Road Bethayres, PA 19006 Early Childhood Education NANCY A. BRUGGER 623 E. Willow St. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Business Administration JOHN C. CAMPBELL 91 S. President Ave. Lancaster, PA 17603 Biology SCOTT C. CASSEY Shenck Road, RD 7 Manheim, PA 17545 History DAVE B. DEAN 345 Duke St. Ephrata, PA 17522 Accounting THOMAS J. DMOCHOWSKI 2802 Garfield Ave. West Lawn, PA 19609 Business Administration L. SCOTT ENTERLINE 65 N Charlotte St. Manheim, PA 17545 Mathematics ERIC FAIRCHILD 306 Allendale Way Camp Hill, PA 17011 Accounting Rq DONNA . F TZPA TRICK 25 Sequoia Drive Hauppauge, NY 31787 Communication Arts DENNIS . FRANKLIN 417 E. Evergreen Rd. Lebanon, PA 17042 Early Childhood Education SCOTT FRASIER 250 Rutland Ave. Mt. Hoily, N 08060 Business Administration CYNTHIA L. GEIGER 761 Barr Blvd. Lancaster, PA 17603 Business Administration JOANNE GETTY 34 School Lane Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Accounting KENNETH W. GOOD 211 Ziegler St. Mt. Joy, PA 17552 ROBERT F. GRAUPENSPERGER R.D. 3, Koser Road Lititz, PA 17543 Business Administration STEVE HARRISON 1406 Regency Circle Harrisburg, PA 17110 Biology DALE M. HAWK 361 Middletown Road Hummelstown, PA 17036 JEFFREY R. HIPPLE 104 W. Colebrook St. Manheim, PA 17545 Business Administration CHARLENE F. KACHNOSKIE KENDALL L. MASON 234 Church St. So. Williamsport, PA 17701 Pre-Nursing ROBERT N. McCLURE 614 W. Penna, Ave. Downingtown, PA 19335 Accounting MICHAEL S. MESSNER 327 W. Elm St. Shillington, PA 19607 Business Aministration LEE B. MILLER Box 379 RD 1, Evanson Rd. Hockessin, DE 19707 Accounting RICHARD N. MILNER RD 1, Box 191 Medford, NJ 08055 Business Administration JAMES K. MOORE 290 Hillside Ave. Livingston, NJ 07039 Political Science PAUL W. MORROW 407 E. Emaus Middletown, PA 17057 TERRY L. MYERS 411 East Main St. Lititz, PA 17543 JOHN R. NEWSWANGER 357 Ruth Ridge Dr. Lancaster, PA 17601 Psychology DONITA L. NEYHARD 120 Robin Rd. Hershey, PA 17033 Business Education JANE A. SCHATZMAN 1603 Main St. Chatham, MA 02633 Communication Arts KATHIE S. SCHEPPACH 1272 Barclay Crescent Yardley, PA 19067 Business Administration PHILIP J. SCHEUCHENZUBER 521 St. Joseph St. Lancaster, PA 17603 JOSEPH L. SCHOLLY 754 Prospect, Box 405-B, RD 2 Columbia, PA 17512 JACQUELINE SEGALL 10 N. 2nd St. Surf City, NJ 08008 Foreign Languages DOUGLAS H. SHANK 424 W. Ferdinand St. Manheim, PA 17545 Accounting MARSHA B. SHIRK RD 1, Box 628 Newmanstown, PA 17073 Business Administration DAVID S. SMITH 327 Bayberry Dr. Lancaster, PA 17603 Business Administration PETER N. STAGIAS 307 Pitney Dr. Brookside, NJ 07926 Business Administration LOUIS A. URSO Business Administration FLOYD E. WEAVER 706 Cocklin St. 44U w. unestnut at. Lancaster, PA 17603 Accounting ROBERT M. NICHOLS, JR. 4509 7th Ave. Temple, PA 19560 Mecnamcsourg, PA 17055 Business Administration ALBERT W. WHALEN REX KING Political Science 511 Bruce Ave. RDl New Cumberland, PA 17070 RUTH NORDENBERG 530 Colony Rd. Mt. Joy, PA 17552 WILLIAM D. WITHERS CHRISTINE A. KIRCHNER Camp Hill, PA 17011 13 E. High St.. Apt. 5 1324 Hunsicker Rd. Elizabethtown, PA 17022 Lancaster, PA 17601 EDMUND J. POST Religion Philosophy Pre-Nursing 860 South 19th St. Harrisburg, PA 17104 PAMELA W. MARBURGER Business Administration 31 Ormont Rd. Chatham, NJ 07928 WILBUR T RICHARDSON Medical Secretarial Sciences 1030 Fountain Ave. Lancaster, PA 17601 JILL E. MARKLE Village Green Apt. 5, E. Willow THOMAS J. RILEY Elizabethtown, PA 17022 R.D. 4, Box 4033 Early Childhood Education Stroudsburg, PA 18360 Elementary Education JUDY A. MARKLE Village Green Apt. 5, E. Willow REBECCA A. ROHLAND Elizabethtown. PA 17022 2973 N. Second St. Early Childhood Education Harrisburg, PA 17110 CAROLYN G. MARKS ROBERT R. RONEMUS 61 Ridge Road 355 N. 11th St. Westminster, MD 21157 Lehighton, PA 18235 Chemistry Med-Tech Business Administration 70 72 lM 73 • GRADUATION HONORS GRADUATES CUM LAUDE John Bootier Berna Rydock Erich Zuern Scott Baker Judy Beck Judith Bhisdell Laura Boornazian John Clemens Sue Densten Michelle Eck Janette Gentry Linda Cinder Ruth Greenly Barb Guss Sharon Hess Janet Hoehn Joann Hopper Marie Kobylinski Kathy Labe Vince Noggle Debra Riley Nina Shover Je f Stauffer Don Tyrie Donna Walton Randy Wirth Michael Yasenchak Laurie Brookes James Haines MAGNA CUM LAUDE Jeff Scheib Lisa Aukamp Ronald Baer Paula Bradley Pat Crossland Cris Dinsmore Dennis Dougherty Raelene Maser Lynne McGhee Kathleen Rehfuss Kent Robinson Gary Verazin Doris Weisert Kirk Wolgemuth SUMMA CUM LAUDE Brian Kell Miriam Hebrank Kevin Howard Karen Bentzel 77 .m, . » at. J ■ fe» t- 1 ' . n j 1 1 si - JB JSPORTSj Nine shutouts ... a 12-7-1 record . . . 64 goals vs. the opponent ' s 21 ... a 1-0 double overtime thriller over Scranton to claim the MAC Northern Division Championship ... an 8-0 thrashing of Moravian to garner the MAC Cham- pionship ... ail this and much, much more are reminiscent of the 1979 soc- cer season. At the season ' s end, Co-captains Chuck Hart and Stan Tyson, and Scott Mack were named to the first team of the MAC ' s Northern Division, while Mike Federici and Dennis Waddeil received Honorabie Men- tions. Hart and Tyson also obtained Honorable Mention status on the Tri- State team. Leading scorers Chuck Hart and PauJ Sergi will both return next year, as will the nucleus of the defensive unit. 80 1979 MAC CHAMPIONS Front row (I. to rj: Stan Tyson, Chuck Hart, Scott Mack, Tom Ferron, Bob McClure, Dan Kilby; 2nd Row: jerry Futer. Rob Gosman; 3rd Row: Paul Sergi, Fred Potts, Dennis Waddell, Mike Boess, Tim Seager, Coach Owen Wright; 4th Row: Mark Willoughby, Sok Young Kim; 5th Row: Don Tyrie, Bruce Rowe. Mike Federici, Niall McKnight, Tom Riley, Andy Silverman, Mike Fefegula. EC OPP 4 Alumni I Oneonta 2 Delaware 2 4 Muhlenberg Gettysburg 1 3 Phil a. Textile 4 5 Dickinson 1 2 Lock Haven 4 Scranton 1 1 Trenton 2 11 Juniata 5 Susquehanna 5 Wilkes 8 Albright 1 5 Lycoming West Chester 1 2 Franklin S- Marshall 1 1 Bucknell 1 Scranton (Northern Div. Champ.) 8 Moravian (MAC Championship) E. Stroudsburg 2 (ECAC 1st round) 81 • • WBM r 1 »„ 1 P ' k- » 1 A » " • t -. ■ -: . :-. J.V. SOCCER EC OPP 3 Alumni 5 Un. of Delaware 1 3 Gettysburg 4 Dickinson o 5 Frankiin 6- Marshal] 4 Millersville 2 6 Messiah 3 Millersville 8 Susquehanna 1 2 Franklin Marshall 3 West Chester 2 1 Montgomery County CC 2 Bucknell 3 The J.V. soccer squad continued their winning tradition in 1979, producing an 11-1 record. An aggressive offense ac- counted for a total of 49 goals while the defensive powers limited the opponents to 9. Eight shut-outs and two overtime victories against West Chester and Montgomery County CC highlighted this near-perfect season, marred only by a 3- 2 loss in the final game. A a 1st row: Randy Lowe, an Cook, Steve Krause, Dane McAlpine, Jimmy Cavanaugh; 2nd row: Jay EicheJberger. Orlando Rodrigues, John Perkins, Barry Donner, John Holden. Kevin Broggy, Craig Fenstermacher, Coach Joe Whitmore. Absent: Bill Algeo, Mark De Filippis, Leigh Hannum, John Herring, Bob Long, Jack McCarthy, Jack Mentzer, John Mumford, Ocelsio Rodriques, Devin Sawdey, George Sharpley. Rich Terry, Kevin Vrabel. Elkin Zapata, John HoJcombe, Brad Phillips. 83 • FIELD HOCKEY Despite the departure of key per- sonnel from last year ' s highly success- ful team, this 1979 field hockey squad fared rather well. A regular season record of 8-3-1 aided the Jaygals in selection for the EAIAW Regional Tournament. E-town narrowly missed qualifying for Nationals when the semi-final game was lost on penalty strokes. Seniors Joan Albright, Lorrie Fisher, and Jenny Henise, and junior Nancy Hahn were named to the first team of the MAC ' s Southern Division roster. In addition, Co-captain Albright estab- lished a new career scoring record with a total of 65 goals, surpassing the previous mark of 64 tallies. A well-balanced J.V. team had one of its best seasons ever, compiling an impressive 9-1-3 log, including seven shut-outs. Front Row: Rachel Emrich, Cindy Minor. Edith Thompson. Joan A bright, Beth Shenenberger, Dawn Eveler. Michelle Frizol; Rear Row: Coach Yvonne Kauffman. Lori Hartman. Connie Chronister, Nancy Hahn. Jenny Henise. Sue Lynam, Maureen Connelly. 84 ■M £n Jbm )» ; VARSITY EC OPP 3 Messiah 2 E. Stroudsburg 3 Lebanon Valley 3 Albright 3 Buckneil 6 4 Dickinson 1 Gettysburg 8 York Franklin Marshall 2 3 Shippensburg 4 Western Md. 3 2 Millersvilie EA AW REGIONAL TOURNAMENT 2 Salisbury State ' Shippensburg 2 Glassboro 5 (O.T., penalty strokes) J.V. — Front Row: Jackie Hagmayer, Shelby Raudensky, Melanie Melzger, Joanne Kennedy, Sharon Eby, Tammy Irvin, Coach Linda Raber; Back Row: Sue Davis, Anne Shillingford, Alyson McGwire, Maureen GJose, Denese Freed, Chris Agnew. 85 ■ VOLLEYBALL With a year ' s experience behind them, the 1979 spikers and setters vas- tly upgraded their initial 2-7 record. Individual improvements, contagious enthusiasm, and a new 6-0 offense provided many exciting moments throughout the season, and resulted in a commendable 6-8 record. The J.V. team posted a record of 4- 5, and had all nine matches end in shut-outs. Through the loss of five graduating seniors, these junior Jayg- als will be expected to move up and help produce a winning 1980 season. Si N • mm Li I gn S ' )i [ « I 86 i • i - ■ ■ - EC 1 OPP 1 Albright 3 1 York 3 5 Dickinson 3 3 Susquehanna 1 Western Maryland 2 1 American University 2 Gettysburg 3 FrankJin Marshaii 3 2 Moravian 1 3 Messiah 2 3 Penn State York 2 2 Penn State York Loyola 2 Towson 2 i Row 1: Kathy Tyszka, Pat CrossJand. Mary Simansky. Peg Parker Row 2: Lori Snelling, Betsy Wetzel, Tracy Lloyd, Steph Graybili, Lori Crouse, Coach Jack Snader Row 3: Rhonda Heindel. Deb Johnson, Sue Tuttle, Lisa Groff Row 4: Nora Barlow, Nancy Mertz, Laura Anthony, Rob King. 87 MEN ' S BASKETBALL m Although unable to equal last year ' s dazzling achievements, this season the men ' s basketball team did pro- duce a respectable 12-10 record. Re- curring injuries to vital players hin- dered the Jays, who barely missed qualifying for the MAC playoffs. in addition to leading the team in scoring and rebounding, Leon " Bogie " Carswell and Doug " Smoke " Brown were both named to the ECAC South- ern Division All-Star Team. Brown, who ranks seventh on the college ca- reer scoring list, was also named to the first team of the Middle Atlantic District All Star Squad, selected by the National Association of Basket- ball Coaches. L I 1st Row: jack Llewellyn. Thomas Hand. Joe Baranko. Doug Brown. Gary Verazin. Lewis Harmon, Ken Frilohman; 2nd Row: Coach Don Smilh. Chris Forsythe. Dennis Ned. Mark Weaver. Dave Thompson. Mark Chadwick, Roy Bickel, Jon Vitarius. Coach Dan Reitmeyer. 88 -• WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL The Jaygal squad enjoyed its finest season ever, compiling a record of 22- 6. An impressive win over Immacu- Jata, a first place finish at the Messiah Tournament, and a third place show- ing at the IUP Tourney highlighted the beginning of the 1979-80 season. After an exciting two weeks in Hawaii, the lady hoopsters returned to E-town determined to make a name for themselves. And that they did — capturing the Penn Mar Confer- ence Championship, participating in the EAIAW Regional Tournament, and traveling to Michigan for the AIAW National Tournament, making them the first women ' s team in E- town history to compete on the na- tional level. Co-captain Bev Hall and Denise Beck led the team in scoring through- out the season while Peggy Longo and Co-captain Donna Mulder controlled the boards. In individual honors, Beck and Mulder were named to the Mes- siah Ail-Tournament Team. Mulder, a sophomore center, was also selected for the 1UP Tourney All-Star team and the EAIAW All-Region Team. V Be 3 PENN MAR CHAMPIONS i ' • i VARSITY — 1st Row. Coach Yvonne Kauffman. Bev Hall. Sue Arnold. Lee Ann Chelak. Denise Beck. Lynne Titus, Beth Peiffer. Geri Bradley 2nd Row: Tess Tulley. Kathy Palubinsky. Nora Barlow. Donna Mulder. Rob King. Peggy Longo. Maureen Power. 90 -r •- • V - 1st Row: Jan MaJesic, Mary Simansky, Connie Chronister, Lauren Winner; 2nd Row: Kris Cowgii, Mary Lou Regan, Nancy Niemeyer, Becky Blair, Lori Crouse; 3rd Row: Maureen Connelly, Michelle Ryan. EC OPP 62 Immacu ata 55 MESSIAH TOURNAMENT 65 ThieJ 44 71 Messiah 59 92 Davis 6- EJkins 48 81 York 58 JUP TOURNEY 70 Indiana U of Pa. 61 56 St. John Fisher 60 72 Shippensburg 43 55 Shippensburg 72 74 Widener 72 57 ]uniata 60 68 Lock Haven 49 78 Gettysburg 59 52 MiiiersviJJe 51 70 Albright 53 94 Susquehanna 36 118 Lebanon VaJiey 12 101 Lycoming 41 59 Dickinson 37 84 Messiah 63 71 Bucknefl 45 60 Scranton 56 71 Franklin Marshall 44 89 Wilkes 76 77 Western Maryland 58 MAC TOURNEY 58 Scranton 79 EAIAW REGIONAL 69 E. Stroudsburg 81 A1AW NATIONAL 55 Adrian College 73 JUNIOR VARSITY EC OPP 29 Immaculata 47 50 York 17 47 Shippensburg 53 45 Gettysburg 37 43 Millersville 49 68 Dickinson 10 62 Messiah 41 44 Bucknell 29 39 Franklin Marshall 29 A ; 91 . . ' Mm WRESTLING A 12-5-1 record ... the majority of those iosses to Division I and 11 schools . . . the first MAC team cham- pionship in E ' town history . . . All- Americans Jude Bervinchak, Duane Maurer, and Kurt Anderson . . . MAC champs Bervinchak, Maurer, Ander- son, and Gary Scheib . . . Second pJace finishers Barry Blefko and Dave Chute ... Fourth place to Larry Les- her. AiJ of E-town ' s individual grappiers were significant contributors in accomplishing the above achieve- ments, making this Blue Jay wrestling team 1. Seniors Bervinchak, Maurer, and Scheib will be sorely missed, but the returning underclassmen can hope- fully maintain this pinning tradition. A 92 MAC CHAMPIONS 1st Row; Larry Lesher, Mike LaPorta, Duane Maurer, jude Bervinchak, Mike Doerr, 2nd Row: Coach Ken Ober, Barry Blefko, Gary Scheib, Guy Creep, Bill Cozzens, Dave Ringer, Dave Chute, Andy Maurer, Kurt Anderson, Don Chapman. 41 11 14 10 41 25 34 27 49 18 41 32 24 36 35 23 15 22 Blue Ursinus Frankiin Marshall Cornell Lafayette Moravian Swarthmore Gettysburg Messiah Widener York Albright Susquehanna Delaware Valley Lebanon VaJIey Juniata Lycoming MiiJersviJJe Towson MAC TOURNAMENT Jays won the championship with 126.75 points. OPP 17 36 36 36 3 14 17 15 18 3 22 14 11 z 25 93 ; : 1 SWIMMING Due to a lack of participants, the Blue jay swim team once again com- peted on a co-ed basis. Although E- town did not garner any regular sec- tion victories, the swimmers did make a good showing at MAC ' S. In the women ' s competition, Chris Hinkle, Suzette Des ' ardin, and Judy Seldomridge placed tenth, eleventh, and twelfth in their respective spe- cialities. The relay teams also cap- tured ninth and tenth places in their competition. Diver Jenny Kissel did a commendable job as well, finishing ninth among all MAC divers. Gary Coleman and Tom Burns led the E-town men taking several fifth and seventh place honors in the indi- vidual events. The relay team turned in a twelfth place performance to round out the 1979-80 season. 1st Row: Jenny Kissel. Chris Hinkle, Lorie Gage, Suzette Desjarden, Deborah Craig; 2nd Row: Jeff Chew, Tom Burns, Scolt Baker, Gary Coleman, Rick Miller, Coach John Tulley; 3rd Row: Judy Seldomridge, Tim Breneman. 94 - • A 6» H v EC OPP 19 Franklin ■ Marshi ill 65 » 20 25 (Men) Franklin 6- Marsh (Women) Western Marylan ill d I 48 Lycoming 51 38 MiJJersviJie 61 22 46 Susquehanna York 82 56 ' 39 Dickinson 63 30 Kutztown 68 42 Wilkes 63 35 Swarthmore 63 ■ f.3»i? 5r -.» ' -r. BASEBALL Inconsistency and costly errors plagued the 1980 Blue Jay team which struggled to an 8-14 record. A lack of timely hitting added to the team ' s problems during the sea- son. Early spring rains postponed many games, forcing E-town to play eight doubieheaders within four weeks. This year ' s pitching staff included senior Will Senn, Ke- vin Jacoby, Tom Bailey, Andy Me- halko, Jerry Futer, Wayne Hum- phreys, Ed Lovelidge, and Stan Daubert. The starting lineup in- cluded first baseman Gary Wyide, second baseman Jim Tempieton, shortstop Tom Ferron, third base- man Wayne " Mac " McCullough, left fielder Rick Dolan, center fiel- der Don Lawler, and right fielder Don Warner. Despite the loss of senior co-captains Wayne McCullough and Tom Ferron and senior pitcher Will Senn, the nucle- us of the team will return to put E- town back on the winning track. £££ 96 ' ■: ' «■ 1st row: Coach Harry Page, Andy Mehaiko, Tom Ferron, Wayne McCuJJough, Don LawJer, Coach Owen Wright; 2nd row: Wayne Humphreys, Rick Shade), Tim Kemmier, Dave Behrs, Kevin Jacoby, Jim Templeton; 3rd row: Ed Lovelidge, Wiil Senn, Don Warner, Jerry Futer. Gary Wyide, John Curtin; 4th row: Manager Becki Buss, Perry Owen, George Neidig, Dave Oblender, Rick Doian, Jeff Forbes. EC OPP 1 Ursinus 12 Eisenhower 2 9 Eisenhower 1 Scranton 5 8 7 Scranton 8 Franklin Marshall 6 1 Wilkes 2 Wilkes 3 3 Albright 6 4 Albright 7 1 Lin. of Md. (Bait.) 5 14 Un. of Md. (Bait.; 10 10 Millersville 12 6 1 Susquehanna 2 Susquehanna 6 20 Lebanon Valley 6 2 West Chester ; 11 PSU-Capitol 13 Messiah 8 6 Messiah 1 4 Juniata 7 4 Juniata 6 » ■■■■■■mi f " : A , j 5 ♦v 97 WOMEN ' S TENNIS The women ' s tennis team had their most successfuJ season ever in 1980. The jaygaJs racked up more wins in a season than any previous tennis team. After completing a spectacular regular season with a 11-1 record, the squad went on to win its first EAIAW regional title at Trenton, New Jersey. In June, the team traveled to Salisbury, Maryland to compete in the AlAW National Championship Tournament. As a result of their per- formance in the tournament, the E- town women ' s tennis team placed fourth in the nation. Becky Donecker finished second in Flight 1 singles and became E-town ' s first woman All- American. Jenny Haifley placed third in Number 2 Flight Singles while Kathy Keller finished fifth in singles. In doubles competition, Kathy Good- man and Joann Wetzler were third in Flight 3 while Nancy Wilkins and Kathy Keller finished fourth in Flight 2 doubles. Seniors Nancy Wilkins and ]o Anna Wetzler finished their senior seasons with singles records of 10-5 and 12-4 respectively. Left to right: Coach Yvonne Kauffman, Joanne Ware, Lau rie Yoder, Karen Nitterhouse, Kathy Keller, Kathy Goodman, Nancy Wilkins, Beckie Donecker, Jo Wetzler, Jenny Haifley, Lisa Groff, Linda Torgerson. v 98 cffliw ' -•■■- EAIAW REGIONAL CHAMPIONS EC OPP 6 Susquehanna 1 6 York 1 3 Franklin Marshall 6 4 Western Md. 3 Ml MiiiersvilJe mnb — Wf ' 7 Shippensburg 4 BuckneJI 3 5 BJoomsburg 2 7 Juniata 7 Dickinson 7 Albright 4 Gettysburg 3 EAIAW REGIONAL ; 6 BJoomsburg 3 ; - " Si 7 Trenton State 2 ► UJelcme to Salisbury smcoiihk I980DIVISIONIWON1EN ' 51WWPI1P .C i, Jt jkl ' 99 MEN ' S TENNIS The men ' s tennis team continued its winning tradition, capturing anoth- er MAC Northwest Section title. The 6-3 mid-season win over Albright was the highiight of this 8-3 season. The ays lost 8-1 to Upsala in the MAC title match. The 1980 season marked the end of senior co-captain Jeff Stauffer ' s outstanding career at E- town. This season Jeff occupied the number one singles position. Stauf er finished his fourth year of varsity play with an overaii singles record of 31-9 and doubles record of 33-6. How- ever, returning to the team next year will be juniors Joe Stanger who piayed at the number two position, co-captain Mike Endy, who occupied the number three spot, and Jeff Kit- sock, who held the fourth position. 100 ' » ♦y i v ' ' ; ' - LACROSSE 1st row: Wendy Flanders, Beth Matthews, Lisa Loercher, Jill Yeatman; 2nd row: Tim Hihn, Nancy PJante, Jane Duveler, Betsy Wetzel. Absent: Anne Shillingford. Mel Metzger, Beth Metzger, Linda Layer, Diane Nelson, jenny Kissel, Maureen Close. 105 - iACTIV1T1ES . FRESHMAN ORIENTATION li . Pv , B- pr ■ V ff ■i a H r Wt : $ fa S rn ill J SQHMB i : r » V v bt: ?i H ' ' jfe . • V v CONVOCATION Dr. Samuel Dewitte Proctor Th.D., addressed the opening Con- vocation in Thompson Gym September 5. Proctor, Professor of Education in the Graduate School of Education at Rutgers Uni- versity, spoke of a humanizing of our society and a reaffirmation of the principles of justice in the world. Proctor addressed faculty, administrators, alumni, trustees and students. The College Concert Choir and Concert Band performed during the program. 109 . r .- HOMECOMING 1979 " Around the Scene for 80 Years " , was the theme of the eagerly awaited Homecoming weekend of September 28, 29, 30. The theme paid tribute to E-town ' s 80 year existence. Homecoming activities began with the Annual Athletic Hall of Fame Banquet. " Ye Olde Towne Faire " , sponsored by the College ' s Women ' s Auxiliary, featured food, crafts and other items. Hot air bal- loon rides provided a new twist to Homecoming activities. Campus Gold ' s annual Road Rally wheeled right through Homecoming. Crowning of the Homecoming Queen. Terry Lane occurred during half-time activities during the E- town — Philadelphia Textile game. The Homecoming Dinner Dance in Thompson Gym and a di sco in Founders capped the Homecoming weekend. 110 I •4 PARENT ' S WEEKEND " You ' re A Good Man Charlie Brown " , a student production, was the highlight of Parent ' s Weekend October 13 and 14. Featured in the role of Charlie Brown was Mike Pizzi with Melinda Osmon as Lucy Van PeJt. WiJJiam Algeo played Linus, Robert Slamp portrayed Schroeder and Judy Kowalok portrayed Pepper- mint Patty. Snoopy was played by C. John Palmer. The production was held in Thompson Gym. ' ■ . V - HALLOWEEN MS. MALE E-TOWN On November 17, the Junior Class spon- sored the 2nd Annual Ms. Male E-town Pageant with the one and only Barney Raffield as M.C. Each of the contestants took part in all three phases of competition — evening gown, swimsuit, and talent. Winning the coveted Ms. Male E-town crown plus $25 was Ms. Stan Tyson fol- lowed by Ms. Niall McKnight and Ms. Don Tyrie as first and second runners-up re- spectively. The Miss Gross-out title plus a $5 prize and a phallic symbol award went to Ms. Jack Llewellyn. 113 Colonial Heritage Week, Novem- ber 11-17, was designed to " provide new insight into the past. " The pre- revoJutionary past of the United States was explored through music, literature, drama, art, history and religious thought. The annual Thanksgiving Dinner took place or November 15 in Myer Dining Hall. A trip to Colonial Williamsburg November 16 and 17 was the culmi- nation of the week of Colonial ex- ploration. 114 to A t s » r CAMPUS THEATRE present Elizabethtown College Nov. 1-3, 8-10, 1979 Alumni Auditorium 8:00 P.M. l i i V r " Ben Franklin in Paris " , a Campus Theatre production, raised its curtain No- vember 1 and played November 1-3 and 8- 10. The play, directed by Dr. Jack Seder- holm, was presented as part of Colonial Heritage Week. A balloon scene in which the gondola actually rose from the stage was one of the technical chaJienges of the show. Mike Yasenchak portrayed Ben Franklin with Ron Faus as France ' s Louis XVI and Ellen judd as the Comtesse de Vobullac. 115 ; y r K rtiy-r,-, ■ ■. •,. ;.- LIVINGSTON TAYLOR IN CONCERT I. ;. 1 Elizabethtown College THEME WEEKENDS BASEBALL WEEKEND The Theme Weekend Series began with the Baseball Weekend October 5, 6 and 7. High- lights of the weekend included (he annua pig roast, a baseball tournament and various oth- er activities. 118 " ' Jin - ui Bi HmH ROYER COUNTRY WESTERN WEEKEND ■WfeTSO . Royer ' s " Country Western Weekend " held October 19, 20 and 21 began with a hayride and a bonfire with entertainment and refreshments. Needlepoint, embroidery and macrame were demonstrated and games Jike pie toss at professors were held. Also featured were a Square Dance with refreshments and bobbing for apples. 119 ■ OBER CHRISTMAS WEEKEND Ober Dorm got the college in a fes- tive mood with their Christmas Week- end December 7, 8 and 9. The Nan Mancini — J.D.B. Concert in Thomp- son Gym was the main event. Burning of a Yule Log ignited the festivities. Also featured were a tug- o -war and canoe racing on Lake Pla- cidu. Movies were shown in Ober Lobby featuring, W.C. Fieids and The Marx Brothers. 120 - I -. - Am Am BRINSER WINTER CARNIVAL si---- . :H6nis| :CH01CI " i i Brinser Dorm Council sponsored a Winter Carnival February 1, 2 and 3, with indoor and outdoor activities. A special dinner in the caf. kicked off the winter fling. Ca- sino games like black jack, craps, and a ping pong wheel highlighted the indoor activities. Of course no casino would be complete without concession stands. Brinser provided popcorn, cotton candy, sno-balls, pretzels and sodas. Nearing the close of the casino, Brinsers own Rick Autrey and Don Anderson, better known as Peoples Choice hosted the dance in the AA. Ice skating on Lake Placida accom- panied by hot chocolate and doughnuts headlined the outdoor events. : Jgf r ' ZtH utti : T, ; MYER 50 ' s WEEKEND Myer Dorm Council turned back time for their Fifties Weekend February 15, 16 and 17. A Fifties Dress up meal was provided by " Nick ' s Place " , cash prizes were awarded for best female and best male costumes — runners up were also selected. Pbone booth stuffing and an ice cream eating contest spotlighted typical Fifties activities. Arthur Murray ' s dancers taught students Fifties dances at Saturday ' s dance featuring " The Captain " from Q106. .1 — -» — — V ' - ■ .■ • IVY LEAGUE WEEKEND Student Senate ' s Ivy League Weekend, Apr- il 18, 19 and 20, exploded into action with a StromboJi Dinner in the Caf. and " Animal House " as the movie Friday night. A bonfire, Ultimate Frisbee, and a cook in-out dinner provided fun in the beautiful sun. Mel Brooks, " Blazing Saddles " was shown Saturday night. The Dance, featuring " August " , was in Founders Lounge. Highlighting the dance was a Dance Contest. This was the first year for Theme Weekends here at EJizabethtown College. The concept was introduced to increase weekend activities so students would be encour- aged to stay on campus, instead of going home or else- where on the weekends. The idea was also designed to involve the Student Body in planning activities that are really of interest to them. The Theme Weekends have really been a success. Stu- dent involvement in weekend activity has increased, and the concept will definitely be continued next year. 123 SPRING TALENT SHOW It was standing room only in the EA on January 28, 1.980 for Captain James A. Loved, astronaut. The lecture which was sponsored hy the Cultural Events Committee proved to be an outstanding success as Captain Loved kept the au- dience in suspense throughout the evening. 124 f 1 V VALENTINE ' S DINNER CAMPUS FEUD 125 I V ft " M • I " . •• :■ .. . • ' Dancers who completed 24 Hours: 00- Eric Selvey Sue Kozak 1 -David Presti B uir Bux 2-Gary Groivney Anne Gallant 4-Scott Baker Ann Hare 5-Bob Slamp Tami Weaver 6-Albert Granger Gail Reid 7-Bob CahiJJ Mary Rose Frey 8-Paul Radding Joanne Andresky 9-Scott Stauf er Maureen Lyon JO-David Coleman Ann Coles J2-Joe Schultz Sue Ehlinger 13-Mike Pizzi Monica Colgan 33- 34 35- 34-Rich Whitman Marty Smeitzer 35-Kirk Dawson Man ' Pugliese 16-Jeff Forbes Becki Buss 17-jeff Rothenberger 37 Teri Godfrey 20-Bill Algeo 39 Cindy Nichols 21-Ken McCoy 43 Gretchen Net fling 22-Roy Martin 44- Doris Weisert 23-Jeff Groivney 45 Caryl Zimmerman 29-Dave Sempeles 50 Amy Stone 30-Mike Wagner Lori Herr 31-Craig Beittel Holiy Cooke 32-Bruce Merritt Kerry Winters 55 John Bootier Nancy Pederson Orlando Rodrigues Maureen Roberts Bob Keen Anne Siefert Tim Hihn ill Yeatman Brad Williard Betsy Wetzel Steve Simmers Yvonne Dockey Chip Sattazaun Sandra Hess Barry Dohner Bernie Wilk Tim Breneman Janet Azelvandre Greg Seifter Sherry Mason " Keep On Dancing " , the fourth annual 24 hour Dance-A-Thon, was held March 14th and 35th in the A.A. The Dance-A-Thon bene fitted the Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens (P.A.R.C.) Music and entertainment for the dancers was provided by Jim Cooke and the Captain from Q106; Mark Richards and Chris Conner of WYCR; The People; Arthur Murray Studios; Midnight Sun, Kelly West and Don Anderson. There was also a square dance demonstration and a Magic Show by Mike Hirsh. 127 Elizabethtown College synchronized swim presents CLUB V% i p JW -jk at A J kill! L . - 1 1 bvMMMfaJ . JhJhJ- - - .. . .,.-:.■■ --i. BIG BROTHER BIG SISTER The Annual Big Brother Big Sister day on March 29 pro- vided approximately sixty children from Harrisburg with a day of fun and games. Student volunteers were matched with one or two children for the day and were responsible to escort the children to various activities; swimming, games, a dance and lunch. AWARDS CEREMONIES DISTINGUISHED STUDENTS Row 1: Laurie Stet er, Robin Bower, Lori Donofrio, Ellen Judd, Dana Buterbaugh Row 2: Chau Duong, Erich Zuern. Don Tyrie, Bob Frame, Doris Weisert, Dave Presti, Sue Borowski. OUTSTANDING BUSINESS STUDENT Prof. Muston, Chau Duong, Prof. Bitting Campus wide Award Ceremonies were held throughout the month of April. These annual awards are given to distinguished students in their respective departments and class standing. These awards are given by the college and various busi- nesses to those students who have displayed out- standing scholastic achievement, leadership and personal character. 129 3K Zi - ■ i JUNIOR-SENIOR DINNER DANCE Shrew Rpril 16-18 Rpril IS 2«8pni Reservation R«juin? j Call eXT 23V 131 TG1S WEEKEND . . . k M ; i bAJMfl| ft - 7 TGIS (Thank God It ' s Spring) Weekend, celebra- ting the coming of spring, swept across campus April 25, 26 and 27. Kicking off the gala event was an outdoor Concert under the Stars with John HaJI, Friday night. Satur- day ' s activities included New Games, canoe races, an egg toss and a greased pole contest at Lake Placida along with a picnic lunch by the lake. The TGIS Dinner-Dance featuring Maxwell was held in the gym. " A Musical Celebration Part II " and a road rally closed the festive weekend. 133 b» i MUSICAL CELEBRATION II " Over the Rainbow, A Musical Celebration II " glistened in the gym April 27th and once again in the AA April 29th. Musical Celebra- tion, like its predecessor a year earlier, was produced and directed by Mike Pizzi. Ap- proximately 1300 parents, faculty and stu- dents viewed the two shows this year and showed their appreciation to the cast mem- bers with standing ovations both nights. The Broadway based Celebration main- tained the theme " Over the Rainbow " with " rainbow " songs interspersed throughout the show. The proceeds benefitted the Lancaster County Hospice. ■i GRADUATION MAY 10, 1980 Chaplain Greiner, Don Tyrie — Senior Class President, Dr. Bruce L. Wilson — Dean of the Faculty, Speaker Dr. Stanley E. Order — Doctor of Science, President Ebersoie, Thomas M. Rowland, jr. — Doctor of Science, Ethel M. B. Wenger — Doctor of Pedagogy, Dr. Stanley T. Sutphin — Grand Marshal. ACCOUNTING CLUB Row 1: Chris Dinsmore, Kevin Kappra, Kim Plovish, Jim Moschini, Don Tyrie, Row 2: Judy Fuller, Kent Whiting, Melanie Metzger, Doug Abel, Richard Autrey, Gene Kirchner Row 3: Janet Hoehn, Steve Chester, Bill DeMora, Greg Goodling. Sue Hivner Row 4: Mr. Bitting Lee Miller, Ray Handwerk, Phil Rudy, Tu Duong, Randy Wirth, Vince Noggle, Scott Baker. ALPA MU Row 1: Ellen Judd — Pres., Sandy Postupack, Gretchen Nettling, Sandy Richards, Janet Graham, Sherry Rarick Row 2: Lynn Bisbing, Diane Bisher, Deb Trainer, Elaine Schauren, Jan Wealand, Annette Murray, Kathy Gorman Row 3: Beth Metzger, Gwen Kenyon, Pam Miller, Kathy Ross, Tami Weaver — V.P., Carenda Baker. Richard Winey Row 4. Polly Oldis, Diane Artz — Sec, Jill Page, Elaine Weiler, Janet Villano, Joy Little Absent: Jenny Schultz, Loretta Price — Treas. ALPHA PSl OMEGA Row 1: Erich Zuern. Cathy Reinard, Dottie King, Mel Osman Row 2: Suzanne Zidzick. Dr. Jack Sederholm, Glenna Murphy, Wade Pratt. Mike Pizzi. Sue Borowski. Donna Hill 136 -. i i T»i AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Row 1: Brenda Mizdail, joelle Riley, Sok Young Kim, Theresa Rowe, Mike Kondash Row 2: Craig Hudson, Scott Stau fer, Doug Haas, joAnne Kocserha, Mike Endy, Deb Lewis, Javed Bhatti. ACTIVITIES PLANNING BOARD Executive Board — Row 1: Dr. Shaw, Dave Presti, Tom Bailey, Kim Hieber, Diane Bessette, Ann Hare Row 2: Rick Autrey, Anne McCa erty, Tina Mondschein, Bernadette Bambrick. Monica Colgan, Mrs. Nancy Parmer. BIOLOGY CLUB BLACK STUDENT UNION Row 1: Joyce Barnett, Sharon Kurowski, Sue Kozak — Pres., Bob Zaccano Row 2: Abdul Moosa — Treas., Barry Herman, Eric Selvey, Dennis Dougherty — Sec. Absent: Deb Riiey, Kent Hil emeir. Row 1: M.xolisi Moyo — Pres.. Yvonne Herder, Nikita Green Row 2: Bill Cozzens. Beneah Otieno. Albert Granger. 137 - r- BRASS ENSEMBLE CAMPUS GOLD Row 1: Jan Hess, Linda Galeila Row 2: Carenda Baker, Bob Slamp Row 3: Lynn Barbour, Paul Steinweg, Corinne Foor Absent: Dave SempeJes, Mike Shank. Jim Haines, Ellen judd. Allyson Rider, Cheryl Terbot. Barb Guss, Karen Bentzel — Pres. Row 1: Brenda Kreider (captain], Cheri Paul, Vickie Overly (co-captain) Row 2: Joyce Clevinger, Yvonne Herder, Lisa Hamilton, Kathy Stum, Nancyjo Grimm. CHEW CHEERLEADERS Pat Fricchione, Tom (Workhorse) Woolley. Barry Herman. Tim Kemmler (Vice-President). Kurt Biedlingmaier (secretary), Joe Boyle, Dave Allman. John Schmitz (president). 138 ftft -■ CLARINET QUARTET COMMUTER COUNCIL n i Sue MacLean, Diane Artz, Janet Graham, Joelle Riley. Terry Derr. Barb Guss. CHORALE l II II Row 1: Gretchen Netlling, Sandy Postupack, Marcia Rebman, Beth Brodhag, Lynn Engle Row 2: Liz Baker, Diane Ford, Dana Buterbaugh, Tami Weaver Row 3: Mike Carraher, Ron Faus, Randy Harry, Kirk Doran, ill Page Row 4: Dennis Dougherty, Cris Dinsmore, Richard Moyer, Allen Artz, Mr. Stites. CHORAL UNION Row 1: Maryann Mere), Yvonne Herder, Judy Fuller, Kathy Weaver, Diane Bisher, Joyce Lehman, Sue Davis, Beth Oellig, Cheri Paul, Jonna Long, Kathy Schmidt, Sue Blomster Tammy Yuninger, Lyn Wharry. Row 2: Pam Lorincz, Nancy Hanna, Terri Rehn, Janet Villano, Lynn Barbour, Karen Bentzel, Sherry Rarick, Sandy Richards, Kim Glass, Corinne Foor Row 3: Debbie Wood. Lynn Engle, Denise Hazelwood, Janice Hill, Tina Wilson, Pom Miller, Eileen Crimm, Carol Hopcke Row 4: Cheryl Ankeny, Mr. Stites, Sally Wegner, Karen Mitchell, Nancy Hertel, Dana Buterbaugh. Amy Porter, Laurie Murray, Martha Falkenstein, Sue Snee, Deb Trainer, Lori Zeigler, Amy Ziegler. 139 COMMUNITY ORCHESTRA ORCHESTRA PERSONNEL: VIOLIN I: Chris Dinsmore, Sally Ann Garber (Concert mistress), Roslyn Lewis, Kathy Ross, Jennifer Shultz, Stephen Simmers, Richard Winey VIOLIN II: Christine Dice, Elizabeth Eaton, Ruth Ann Heiniy, Trina Heisey, Lorraine Herr, Donna Potts. Brian Ressler VIOLA: Janet Kennedy. Susan Messner CELLO: Mary Jane Harnish, Doreen Kaylor, Lisa Rogers. Shelly Rothrock, James Douglas BASS VIOL: Jean Beck, Carol Keck, Roland Moyer, FLUTE: Kirk Billet, Diane Bisher, Ellen Cooper, Gretchen Nettling, Barbara Messner, Elizabeth Metzger OBOE: Roberta Luxton, Linda Ott, Sandi Richards CLARINET: Diane Artz, Janet Graham, Patricia Kogut, Janice Young BASSOON: Pam Miller FRENCH HORN: Jan Hess, Lisa Keller, Robert Slamp TRUMPET: Betty Ober, Janet Hollinger, David Sempeles, Scott Stauffer, Paul Steinweg TROMBONE: William Cox, Harald DeRibert, Curtis Heller, Robert Slamp TUBA: Scott Casey PERCUSSION: Anne Douglas, Donald Hannahs, Angie Nelson, Peter Spragg, Paul Steinweg TYMPANI: Don Tyrie. David Leithmann, Conductor. CONCERT RAND BAND PERSONNEL: FLUTES: D. Bisher, S. Bolle, G. Kenyon. J. Lehman. R. Lilarose, J. Long, P. Lorincz, M. Lyon, J. Menosky, G. Nettling (Concert Band Manager). P. Oldis, A. Porter, S. Rarick, W. Williams PICCOLO: K. Billet OBOES: C. Hofmann, R. Luxton, S. Richards, Eb CLARINET: C. Starr, Bb CLARINETS: D. Artz, L. Bauer, L. Brown. C. Cooley. C. Coons. T Garrison, J. Graham, Y. Herder, B. Jordan, P. Kogut, S. MacLean (Staff Chairperson), C. McCambridge, J. Riley, J. Shapiro, C. Terbot, T Yuninger ALTO CLARINETS: L. Engle, D. Kafka, J. Little BASS CLARINETS: A. Artz, A. Murray, J. Seldomridge Bb CONTRABASS CLARINET: G. Baker Eb CONTRA ALTO CLARINET: C. Weber, ALTO SAXOPHONES: D. Coleman, Y. Dockey, T Rehn, E. Selvey, J. Villano TENOR SAXOPHONES: J. Joyce, A. Salamone, E. Schauren BARITONE SAXOPHONE: H. Baker. (Stage Band Manager), TRUMPETS AND CORNETS: L. Barbour. D. Brown, H. Cooper, J. Fitting, C. Foor, N Gonzalez, D. Hazel wood, P. Kreamer (Jazz Band Leader), P. Steinweg, (Pep Band Leader), S. Withjack, B. Williard HORNS: J. Haines, E. Judd, L. Keller, J. Wealand, M. Yas enchak BARITONES: C. Baker, B. Grumbine, L. Rogers TROMBONES: J. Bittner, R. Brinser, L. Heltebridle. D. Longsderff, B. Slamp TUBAS: S. Cassey, S. Grubb, M. Shank PERCUSSION: L. Bisbing, D. Bradley. L. Price, J. Rothenberger, P. Spragg, S. Tessier ELECTRIC BASS: J. Haines PIANO: L. Bisbing, Otis Kitchen, Conductor CONCERT CHOIR F. Allen Artz — piano, Harry L. Simmers — Conductor; Row 1: Gayle Hayes. Ron Faus. Gretchen Nettling. Sandy Postupack, Marcia Rebman. Rich Winey, Elizabeth Baker, Richard Moyer, Linda Esbenshade Row 2: Laurie Steller, Scott Miller. Randy Oellig, Becky Zimmerman, Bob Slamp. Dale Ziegler. Randall Malick. Krista Musselman Row 3: Laine Heltebridle, Tom Holcombe, Yvonne Dockey. Steve Simmers. Randy Harry. Lisa Rogers. Jim Haines. Barb McCoy. Diane Ford Row 4: Tammy Weaver, Cris Dinsmore. Elaine Welter, Hollis Baker. Don Umberger. Scolt Myers, Suzanne Tessier. Kirk Billet. Jill Page. Dave Bradley. 140 COMPUTER SCIENCE CLUB Row 1: Bob DeimJer, Kent Whiting, Steve Shubert, Scott Myers Row 2: Sandra Hess. Sherry Morgan, Kathy Merel, Mike Kearns Row 3: Dane McAlpine. DELPHI SOCIETY Row 1: Miss Piscitelli, Diane Schaeffer, Doris Weisert, Michelle Eck, Cyndi Lender, Robyn Pollina, Miss Eppley Row 2: oanne Kocserha, Kathy Rehfus, Cris Dinsmore, Don Tyrie, Pat Crossland, Jeff Stauffer, Paula Bradley, Sue Borowski. ELIZABETHTOWN CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Row 1: Terry Rehn. Nancy Hannah Row 2: Dr. Shull (Faculty Advisor), Allison Webb, Kathy Merel. Kathy Labe, Bill Hestwood. fean Reed Row 3: Nancy Seth, John Schmitz, Elaine Bauer, Eileen Crimm, Laura Bauer, Linda Galella. Rick Dillon. Donna Kafka. Ruthie Greenly, Linda Esbenshade, Sherry Peck. Kathy Schmidt. 141 ETOWNJAN Row 1: Brian Carroll, Eric Luckenbaugh, Lori Donofrio, Calhy Ebersole, Dana Buterbaugh, Ron Faus, David Kelley, Ann Foley Row 2: Dennis Boyle, David Presti. Brian Kell (editor), Blair Bux, Jeff Tamburro, Eric Randolph, Dana Reese. F C A Row 1: Don Tyrie, Nina Shover, Scott Baker, Judy Fuller Row 2: Deanne Starr, Ginny Howard, Mike Kearns. Barb Arnold. HISTORY CLUB INTERNATIONAL CLUB Row 1: Brenda Kreider, Diane Walker Row 2. Bill Hestwood. Norm Row 1: Javed Bhatti. Mike Fefegu a Row 2 lla Uong. Kathy Labe. Weise. Joon-Ho-Kwak, Prof. Bagheri. 142 i 1 ' . . JAZZ BAND Row 1: John Joyce, Dave Coleman, Yvonne Dockey, Janet VilJano, Janet Graham, Holly Baker Row 2: John Bittner, David Longsderff, Bob SJamp, Mike Shank Row 3: Prof. Kitchen, Corrine Foor, Phyllis Kreamer, Lynn Barbour, Brad Williard, Peter Spragg, Jeff Rothenberger, Paul Steinweg, Lynn Engle, Steve Simmers. MARKETING CLUB Row 1: Don Lawler, Mimi Ginder, Kathy Liberatori, Niall McKnight (Vice-President), Dave Longsderff Row 2: Dana Reese, Debbie Hawtof, Audrey Snyder. Lisa Ward Row 3: Mike Anderson, Ha (Jong, Rich Terry, Carolyn Gray, Tim Trayer, Mike Chester. Lori Bonner Row 4: Mark Trimmer, Donna Shivefer, Diane Schaeffer, Jackie Segal), Wade Pratt Row 5: Frank Shimer, Jim Kesler, Lu Ann Long, Sharon Buckwalter, Janet Hoffman. Kirk Wolgemuth (President) Row 6: Melissa Weaver (Sec), Scott Kennedy. Mary Lou Regan, Carol Rogers, Barbara Wightman, Karen Lfckert Row 7: Dawn Schlossman, Karen Nitterhouse, Anne Messina, Janice Hill. Mary Chowansky, Pat Allen Absent: Don Hannahs (Treasurer). Tina Mondschein (Sec). 143 if? MED-TECH CLUB Row 1: oe Kibala, Cary Zimmerman, Darryl Brown, Karen Jeiteles. Donna Shorl Row 2: Linda McCullough, Deb Craig, Nancy Mason, Cindy Coo ey, Maureen Lyon. M. E. N. C. Row 1: Diane Bisher, Annette Murray, Loretta Price, Elaine Schauren, Carenda Baker, Sherry Rarick, Bob Slamp Row 2: Sandi Richards, Pam Miller, Gwen Kenyon, Gretchen Nettling, Yvonne Dockey, Diane Ford, Deb Trainer Row 3: Lynn Engle, Richard Winey. Janet Graham, Liz Baker, Joy Little, Mike Yasenchak. Lynn Bisbing, fenny Shultz, Amy Porter Row 4: Polly Oldis, Janet Villano, Lynn Barbour, Jill Page, Tami Weaver, Holly Baker, Allen Artz, Kirk Billet, Yvonne Herder, Diane Artz, Dr. Douglas. MATH CLUB NEWMAN CLUB Row 1: Mr. Dolan Row 2: Mary Ellen Marshall. John Clemens, Larry Greenawall, Paula Bradley. Laurie Stctler Absent Diane Nelson, Chau Duong, Jody Landis. Row 1: Doris Weisert. Father Zungari Row 2; Janet Azelvandre. Cindy Lenker. 144 3 . ■■} OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY CLUB Row V. Molly Keith. Karen Skovira, Cindy Miner, Paul Redding, Cindy Law, Joanne Andreski, Becky Love Row 2: Theresa Puhuila, Belle Porter, Laura CoJonno, Beth Perkins, Becki Buss. Chris Hoffman, Joanne Larson, Melanie Miles, Bernie Wilkes, Christine Wolf Row 3: Anne Marie McCafferty. Barb Francks, Jean Burton, Michelle Eck, Kimberly Whalen, Lorie Gage, Jeanne Loeffler, Cathy Kipp, Laurie Brookes, Carol Heisner, Mary Muhich. OUTDOOR CLUB Row 1: Debbie Fenninger, Jeanne Loeffler, Joanne Kennedy, Nancy Hertel, Sharon Kurowski Row 2: Stacy Koval, Jean Garman, Alyson McGwire, Sue Bolle, Steve Shubert, Bob Morton. POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB wi gi „ r Row 1: Andra Smith, Tina Wilson, Laurie Murray, Jane Brennan. Mimi Cinder, Jackie Seagal! Row 2: Kirk Dawson. Kirk Wolgemuth. Luann Barnes, Jeff Tamburro. Doug Wenke, Abdul Moosa How 3: Jeff Kitsock. Bruce Merritt. Bruce Williams. James Moore, Bob Frame, Cip Apicelli, Jack Llewellyn, Craig Hartranft. Joe Baranko. Dr. Lamontagne. 145 P. S. E. A. Row 1: Vicki Overly, Maureen Roberts, Sheryl Martin, Dotty Donovan, Kathy Goodman Row 2: Dr. Donna Gaver, Melissa Mullins, Marion Sulyok, Miriam Hebrank, Kathy Labe, Connie Bahn, Lisa Kiewe, Belinda Klein, Sue Denston Row 3: Ellen Cooper, Lori Herr, Elaine Bauer, Diane Forster, Connie Gallow, Jeanne Koury. Ruth Ann Lee, Cheryl Friedland, June Robinson. PRE-MED CLUB Row 1: Cathy Rey uss, Karel Keiter, Debbie Wood, Suzanne Nelson, Denese Freed Row 2: Raelene Maser. Cindy Kaufman, Kay Gordon, Tod Shedlosky, Dan Noyes, Doug Haas, Javed Bhatti, Abdul Moosa Row 3: Chris Smith, Sue Kozak, Joyce Barnett, Mike Kondash, Dennis Dougherty, Steve Young, Dave Kelley. PSl CHI CLUB PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Jim Haines, Ron Baer, Joan Fisher, Polly Felice, Dr. Dennis, Dr. Ellsworth. How 1: Dr. Anolik. Sue Alburger, Brendo Barnhart Row 2: Ron Baer, Donna Kushierczyk. Paul Witkovski, foan Fisher. Amy Zeigler. Kathy Schmidt. Corinne Butler. Kiiti Hieber, [ohll Horn 146 Lmm. m m •» fln H — SAM CLUB Club Members: Advisor: Mr. Muston; D. Anderson, S. Atkinson, G. Bahador, K. Bailey, S. Baker, B. Bausher, R. Beyer, D. Buck. G. Budko, S. Cerreto, M. Chester, . Clayton, P. Cross and, C. Dinsmore, T. Dmochowski, C. Duong, M. Endy, E. Fairchild, . Fisher, L. Fleming, B. Foy, G. Geidel, C. Geiger, J. Gentry, B. Guss, R. Handwerk, G. Hayes, J. Henise, J. Hoehn, J. Hoffman, T. Holcombe, K. Howard, D. Johnson, K. Kappra, S. Kennedy, . Kesler, R. Kline, K. Kordes. D. Longsderff, C. Louder, K. Lutz, N. McKnight, S. Miller, C. Mondschein, P. Morrison, J. Moschini, V. Noggle, . Oyler, K. Plovish, P. Pontius, B. Poore, M. Pratte, W. Pratt, M. Riley, K. Robinson, R. Ronemus, G. Schieb, K. Scheppach. D. Schlossman, J. Segal), F. Shimer, N. Shover, T. Snyder, P. Stagias, . Stauffer, M. Stevenson, D. Tyrie, K. Uckert, H. (Jong, ). Walling, F. Weaver, M. Weaver. M. Weaver, D. Weisert, C. West, . Wetzler, R. WinemiiJer. K. Wolgemuth, T. Albaugh. M. Anderson, B. Arnold, R. Autrey. J. Azelvandre, T. Bailey, L. Barnes, R. Bartefis, A. Beesley, J. Bittner, C. Bonsell, L. Bonner, T. Breneman, P. Byers, R. Cahill, A. Camplese, J. Carleton. D. Chapman, M. Chowansky, H. Cooke, V. Crane, L. Davis, R. Dolan, I. Donohue, C. Ebersole, M. England, M. Falkenstein, J. Fitting, G. Foerster, M. Fox, P. Fricchione, J. Fuller, . Garman, T. Garrett, J. Gemmill, M. Ginder, N. Glattfelder, M. Goodwin, G. Graham, C. Gray, D. Greenhalgh, . Greer, F. Gross, S. Gross, M. Hamor, S. Hand, D. Hawtof, K. Heffleger, K. Heim, N. Hertel, S. Hess, J. Hill, S. Hivner. W. Huyard, L. facobsen, J. Jameson. R. Johnson. R. Jordan. T. Keech, T. Kemmler, W. Kettrick, D. Kleiss, G. Kline, C. Koch, F. Lamberta, T. Landis, J. Lashkevich, D. Lawler. M. Leid, D. Lenker, K. Liberatori, L. Long, J. Mahan, K. Manwiller, E. Martin, M. Maucher, D. McAlpine, K. McCambridge, A. Messina, M. Metzger. M. Miley, S. Morgan, K. Mummert, E. Nelson, K. Nitterhouse, H. Nolt, D. Oblender, J. O ' Reilly, J. Pantano, D. Paul, R. PoIIina, J. Priggins, L. Rastegar, C. Reed, S. Reed, D. Reese, M. Regan, B. Rhoads, J. Rohrbaugh, P. Roland, J. Rothenberger, C. Roth, B. Rowe, M. Ryan, D. Schaeffer, W. Schober, S. Seifrit, J. Seldomridge, J. Shapiro, D. Shaw, D. Shiveler, T. Showers, A. Siefert, A. Snyder. K. Snyder, S. Schreiber, J. Stanger. E. Steighner. T. Stepanchak, H. Stewart. A. Stoltzfus, H. Stone, T. Sweigart, J. Swisher, B. (Jlrich, L. Ward, K. Weiss, K. Whitting, B. Wightman, D. Wilson. H. Yost, K. Hutchison, D. Connelly. W. Yeager, S. Mason. SOCIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: Bob Kline, John Anderson, Frank Tanner, Dan Buckley Row 2: Tom Fleming. Dr. Kraybill. Robin Dodge, Nina Shover, Peggy Ackerson. 147 • SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS John Clemens, Alan Crogle, Erik Randolph, John Gleim, Bouba Toure, Steve McKee, Mr. Custer, Ma id Ghavami Absent: Sok Young Kim, Brenda Kurzdail, Tammy Knackstedt. SOCIAL WORK CLUB Row 1: Rick Basom, Ja ne Thomas, David King, Cathy Gottshalk, Joann Kennedy, Karen Mitchell, Vivian Bergel Row 2: Joann Coruzzi, Deb Snavely, Elizabeth Diacont, Leslie Powell, Angela Craver, Jean Carman, Anne Reifsnyder, Elyse Fratatoni, Julie Murphy Row 3: Becky Blair, Dana Aberle, Chris Jameson, Donna Kafka, Marcia Rebman, Bonnie Heberling, Melissa Stufft, Tina Garrison, Carol Weber. SPEECH CLUB Row 1: Suzette Desjardin. Lori Donofrio Row 2: Erik Randolph, Paul Madding How 3: Abdul Moosa. Dr. Riley Absent Rich Dillon. Dennis Boyle, Rick Galley. Bill Hossack. 148 . • ' . ■ STUDENT SENATE Row 1: Tom Wooliey, Dana Reese Row 2: Cathy K wader (Sea), Bob Frome (Chairman). Kim Heiber (TreasJ. Sue Borowski (Vice-ChairmanJ, Brad Poore Row 3: Betsy Morris, Nancy Coyne, Pol y Felice. Brenda Kreider, Doris Weisert, Lori Snyder, Carolyn Gray, Mimi Ginder, Dana Buterbaugh. Sok Young Kim, Ann Hare Row 4: Dennis Boyie, Abdul Moosa, Brad Rhoads, John Artz. Melinda Osmon, Erica Van Horn, Diane Shaeffer, Terri Sweigart, Betsy Huber, Carol West, Laurie Stetler. SOCK BUSKIN ( Row 1: Erich Zuern, Ellen Judd, Sue Balantine. Barry Blefko Row 2: Cathy Reinard. Dottie King, Glenna Murphy, Kathy Liberatori, Donna Fitzpatrick. Robbie Fox Row 3: Mel Osmon, Dr. Jack Sederholm, Wade Pratt, |ohn Palmer, Brad Brookes, John Toulemous, Dave Presti, Sue Borowski, Rick Dillon SYNCHRO SWIM CLUB Row 1: jean Garman, |udy Menosky. Kellie Matheson, Mary Muhich, Julie Milanik Row 2: Lori Henninger, Carey Smith. Jane Brennan, Sue Wiatroski. Donna Way. jenny Smith. Mary Ellen Zizos. Cathy Starr. Linda McCulIough, Andrea Smith. Kathy Merel. Cindy Marx. Irene Donahue. Deb Lewis. 149 T. R. E. E. CLUB Row 1: Sue Reed, Fran Gross Row 2: Jim Moschini. Nancy Shallenberger, Sue BolJe Row 3: Jeff Stauffer, one Thomas, Dave Jacono-Harris. (Advisor), Kevin Jacoby, Wayne McCulIough, Annette Fox, Rebecca Bushong, Dr. Clemens. WOODWIND QUINTET Polly Oldis, Roberta Luxton, an Wealand. Pam Milhr. Diane Artz. EC 64 How 1 l.orcne Douglicrly. Brian Carroll, fimmy Covanailgh, Don Anderson, Deb Blaschak, Wendy Pyistra, Nancy Coyne Row 2: Hick Brinsrr. Eric Selvey, (errj Giad elter, H» k Aulrey. Dave Scoob Coleman, fell Woody Rothenberger Hoiv ■) Dove Prcsli. Paul Hochelle Absent Hoihelle Angstadt. 150 fe ' fr» B» » : ' • — CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS JUNIOR CLASS Brad Poore (Pres.J. Deb Rei ly (Treas.). Don Tyrie (V.P.), Cathy Reinard Jack Llewelfyn (V.P.j. Robyn Polfina (Sea). Mary Lou Regan (SecJ. (Treas.), Tom Woo Jey (Pres.). SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS Laurie Slel er (Pres.). Deb Hawlof (Sec). Sue Stevens (Treas.) Kris Jane Daveler (Sec). Gail Reid (Treas.). John Winand (Pres.). A Heim (V.P.). Granger (V.P.J. 151 ■ ' »»• ' ■: ' ■ ■ • ' • •■■■-•... ■•.-;; ■■ • ' i. ,„ .-.. ' Hit A?!., i i, 1 v m iUNDERCLASSMENi FOUNDERS Founders RA ' s: Row 1 Glenna Murphy, Amanda Cutler, Mary Kay Preston, Marianne Tezak, Barbara Wightman, Diane Artz Row 2 Jerry Peterson (AC), Kim Plovish, Sue Borowski, Kathy Keller, Jeff Gosnell, Randy Wirth Absent: Gary Verazin. Founders Dorm Council: Row 1 Bob Nichols, Dave Sempeles. Kathy Tyszka (AC Assistant), Ray Tierney Row 2 Colleen McAvery, Carey Smith. Sandi Richards Row 3 Karen Meek (AC), Sherrie Peck. Linda Ott, Melissa Mullin, Elizabeth Eaton. 155 i L £ A-l: Row 1 Sue Borowski, Alyson McGwire, Kay Gordon Row 2 Kris Heim, Suzelte Desjarden, Beth Matthews, Sandy Wagner, Peggy Fox, Diane Cortellessa, Beth Shenenberger Row 3 Kathy " Chatch " Palubinsky, Carey Smith, Jenny Kissel, Lee Ann Chelak, Ginger Geissier, Nancy Benton, Kris Manwiller, Cindy Matulay. Tess Tu ley. Absent: Robin Bower, Wendy Flanders, Robyn King. Denise Beck. Jean Carman. A-2: Row 1 KareJ Keiter, Randi Montgomery, Cherie Ankeny, Roxanne Zsiray, Irene Donahue, Joan McCandless Row 2 Anne Coles, JoAnne Roberts, Laura Macaluso. Donno LoFrankie, Brenda Mizdail, Marcia Bear, Murcia Kessler, Cheryl Kurkowski Row 3 Phyllis Scott, Kathy Thomas, Cathy Ebersole, Linda Bien, Lynda " Bloom " Bloomer, Patti Boyer, Chris Wolf, Glenna Murphy Row 4 Anne Dixon. Michele Kuuffmun. Deb Wood. Holly Barton, i nlln-n McAvey Absent: Sandy Annas. Chris Kirchner, Lisa Coccetti. Kathy Chi ' rrgu. Melinda Rosen. Suzie Wright. 156 • A-3: Row 1 LoreJeigh Kolva, Bernadette Bambrick, Joni Kachel, Holly Carmint, Shelley Gross Row 2 Shawna Riggs, Melissa Weaver, amie Hurley, Kelly Book, Lisa Rogers Row 3 Elizabeth Wilson, Melanie Heinz, Valerie Crane, Hilary Welsh, Ann Hilla, Kathy Snyder, Linda Ott, Diane Artz, Lynn Jump Row 4 Cheryl Terbot, Laurie Murray, Lori Hawthorne, Dianne ones, Nancy Hahn, Kathy Grace, Rachel Rogers, Cathy Gottschalk, Barbar a Glackin Absent: Jenny Henise, Sharon Lynch. Jennifer Swisher, Cheryl Paul, Erin Garrity, Kathy Horn. Kathy Stahl. B-l: Row 1 Amanda Cutler, Karen Bentzel, Judy Wilder Row 2 Cheryl Loveland, Joni Humpert, Terri Rehn, Allyson Rider, Aileen Fink, Nancy Hanna, Diane Ford Absent: Barb Francks, Lisa Kirkland, Ronnie Behan, Denese Freed. r » »!•■« . B-2: Row 3 Edith Nelson, Nanci o Grimm, Betsy Kirk, Wanda Hertzog Row 2 Karen Dorsey, Patti Sanderson, Peg Parker, Michelle Waldron Row 3 Karen Lee ones, Melissa Mullin, Donna Kusnierczk, Kathy Hetrick, Mary Kay Preston, Karen Nitterhouse, Deb Blaschak, anet Villano, Kathy Ann Hutchinson, Row 4 Trina Schwing, Tammy Davidson, Susan Hand, Donna Wilson, Linda Worst, Carolyn Behr, Theresa Puhalla, Diane Walker, Kelly Baker, Pam Marburger, Anne Messina, Elyse Fratantoni, Carol Weber, Mondana Ghorbani. B-3: Row 1 Geri Bradley, Carol Kasel, Gail Galbraith, Sandy Mack, Julie Murphy, Terry O ' Neill, Laura Collona, Claire Porter Row 2 Sue Nelson, Sue Seifrit, Anne Starr, Deb Craig, Becky Love, Lorie Gage, Alexa Hurdysh. Molly Keilh Row 3 Chris Agnew, Deb Schillinger, Wanda Williams, Joanne Glah. Pam Craig, Joan Richards. Tammy Irvin. Karen Kotlmeyer, Barb Lockard, Di.-nesc Frr.ed How 4 Mark. Lisa and More Absent Maureen Coyne, Amy Miller. Laurie Kirchner. Deb Lebo. 158 ■ . . j, • m ' - £ C-l: Row 1 Juli Showalter, Amy Dubbs, Marie Francks Row 2 Beth Eaton, Rochelle Angstadt, Karen Struve, Rachel Emrich, Carolyn Fleming Row 3 Rhonda HeindeJ, Barbara Wightman, Mary Brochetti, Kathryn King Absent: Mary Lou Regan, Kate HawryJo. C-2: Row 1 Laurie Yoder, Nancy Plante, Kathy Weaver, Karen Skovina Row 2 Wendy Rebman, Terry Godfrey, Lisa Loerchner, Cindy Nichols, Kim G ass, Elaine Schauren Row 3 Sandi Richards, Ginny Howard, Dawn Schlossman, LuAnne Barnes, Melissa Stufft Row 4 Elaine Weller, Mary Beth Goodwin, Kathy Knighl, Beth Whitacre. Tricia McMackin Row 5 Kathy Keller, Patty Hoferer, Maureen Maggese, Michele Hunter, Lisa Kiewe Absent: acki Hagmayer, Sherry Morgan, anet Shapiro, o Anna Wetzler. Laura Boorzazian, Susan Atkinson. Cindy Folios. Barb So dati, Edith Thompson. ' : m C-3: Row 1 Laura Bauer, Linda Drescher, Sharon Eby, Lori Bannon, Carol Shoemake, Melinda Smith, Lori Hartman, Susan Carbone Row 2 Gayie Hayes, Deb Balthaser, Tracy BinkJey, Sue Rowette, Barb Arnold, Karen Gallagher, Karen Mummert, Michelle Frizol, Kim Plovish, Stephanie Graybill, Rose unkin Row 3 Deb Erikson, Sue Schreiber, Lynda McCutcheon, Nina Shover, Judy Kowalok, Linda Yeingst Absent: Judy Fuller, Lisa Thommes, Joan Morey, Lorene Dougherty, Sherri Peck, Julie Snader. D-l: Row 1 Curt Heck, Tim Trayer, Steve McKee, Tim Rhul Row 2 John Winand, Phil Eager, Randy Wirth Row 3 Lou Jackubowski. Bruce Williams, Bob Nichols. Dave Holbert, Jeff Scheib, Ken Keffer Absent: Stephen Russell, Erik Randolph, Mark Randolph, Chris Smith. Tom Burns. Joon-ho Kwak, Frank Sluzis, Sok Young Kim, Dave Sempeles, Mike Kondash. Scott Klein. 160 US ' r ' J 4 - f D-2: Row 3 Keith Gemberiing, David Coleman Row 2 Doug Brown, Dennis Ned, Don Boehn, Tom Hohenwarter, Bernie Wise. Bid Cozzens, Gary Verazin Row 3 Micky Adamko. John Mu kerin. Alan Beesley, Bill Jordan, Dave Thompson, Andrew Stonkus Row 4 Steve Ford. Keith Fers. Lee Davis, Bill Shugars, Brian Kell, Mark Irish Absent: Don Chapman, Jude Bervinchak, Leon Carswell, Pete Roland. Mike Kerrigan, Moby Slonaker. D-3: Row 1 Patrick Curry, Tom Woodson. Bill Wood. John Newswanger, Drew Sole. Jeff Gosnell How 2 Gary Baker. Jeff Forbes. Mike Doerr. James Davis. Mike Boess. Ralph Richard, Paul Gerding, Jeff Kitsock, John Britton Row 3 Dave Sohn, Bob Kline. Mark Smith. Chris Knauer, Craig Stellman Absent: Ray Schweibert. Tom Iredale, Bruce Bausher. Brad Poore. Mike Spangler. Tim Holder, George Fillman. Ray Tierney, Dave Behrs. Paul Pontius. 161 SCHLOSSER I % , ■ ' J. - ■ ' h ■ ' . ' ■ ' ■■■. ■ .. Schlosser RA ' s: Lynne McGhee, Sue Kozak, Julie May, Mary o Loftus, Lynda Davis, Maggie Beck (AC). Schlosser Dorm Council: Row 1 ane Thomas, Mary Lynn Ward, Joan Rohrbaugh, Deb Hawlof, Joanne Coruzzi, Robin Stanger Row 2 Lorainne Miller, Deb ohnson, June Robinson, Joanne Kocserha, J eanne Loeffler. Connie Bahn, Sue Kozak. 1-East: Row 1 Kathy-Jo McPike, Joan Rohrbaugh, Meg McLaughlin, Nancy Glattfelder, Beverly Sollenberger, Laura Antony, Mary Sauers Row 2 Carol Spence, Theresa Macrina, Melanie Metzger, Suzanne Zidzik, Lynda Davis. Bonita Lighty, Karen Gutshall, Lori Donofrio, Allison Gorman Row 3 Kerri Kelly, Connie Chronister, Lisa Groff, Dawn Eveler, Jeanne Clayton. Thu Dang, Huong Nguyen, Lynne Dietrich, Amy Ziegler Row 4 Cindi Reed, Mary Chowansky, Pat Crossland. Tricia Landis, Jennifer Hampshire, Joann Coruzzi, Robin Stanger, Karen Hoeflich Absent: Lisa Myers, Holly Nolt, Cheryl Bonsell, Mary Simansky, Diane Greenhalgh, Valerie Hoover, Ann Gage, Kim Girrin. Mimi Ginder. Valerie Crane, Beckie Donecker, Lola Gallant. sfa Mi 163 «■ - :■.■; ■:■:.•!: ' ; " ,.;;■ oA? 2-East: Row 1 Joanne Andresky, Kerry Winters, Lido. Ward. Carol Gallant Row 2 Julie May, Dana Aberlie, Marly Smellzer, Deb Novobilski, Kris Geig, Sandra Hess, Monica Colgan, Kim Whalen Row 3 Pam Marsel, Gail Reid, Beth Parti. Caryl Zimmerman, Jane Daveler, Lori Bonner Row 4 Joanne Ware, Gay Graham, Louise Heist, Chris Jameson, Liz Diacont, Mimi Masland Absent: Anne Gallant, Pam Price, Donna Hoffman, June Robinson. Kathy Kwader, Kim Mengis. Cheri Fogelsanger, Cathy Hassinger, Jan Clifford, Carrie Billbrough, Ann Hare. Pam Grove, Carolyn Lee, Kelly Aucker, Jean Scarpignato, Kim Hieber. 2-VVest: Row 1 Marty Brose, Mary Lynn Ward, Dawn Paul, Diane Nelson, Nancy Gonzalez. Lori Crouse, Joanne Karschera, Beth Mellinger, Beth Brodhag, Linda Needham, Suzanna Beron Row 2 Robin Lesher, Jeanne McCarty, Laurie Leayman, Lea Davis. Lorin Schaich. Lauretle Schuler, Sue Kozak, Pat Crossland Row 3 Holly Ewan, Erica Van Horn. Jane Thomas. Lorraine Miller, Cindy Stetler, Diane Schaeffer Absent: Miki Ebling, Kim Nett. Cheryl Strasbaugh. Kathy Rehfuss. Robin Dodge, Debbie Wright. Maureen Lyon, Angie Nelson. Roelene Maser. Lois Brown. Denise Hazelwood. Carol West, Suzanne Tessier. •. . .- 3-East: Row 1 Brenda Kreider, Kim PaskiJJ, Karen Caprara, Beth Penepacker, Lynne McGhee, Connie Callow, Laurie Jacobsen, Robyn Pollina, Jeanne Loeffler Row 2 Julie Mahan, Gaii Schmerfeld, Jean Evans, Beth Perkins, Deb Fenninger, Sharon Kurowski, Nancy Mason, ElJen Anthony, Kathy Goodman, Connie Bahn Row 3 Caroi Coons, Arlissa Salamone, Sue Whitley, Lori Ziegler, Joyce Barnett, Ester Coppock, Bindy Kaercher, Janice Hill, Chris Hinkle, Jeanine Pantano, Lesli Powell, Robin Eckert Absent: Teri Yesalavage. Beth Berube, Cyndi Lenker, Diane Forster, Deb Snavely, Cathy Holloman. Becky Dinulos. Barb McCoy, Linda Esbenshade. § 3-West: Row 3 Sally Wegner, Doris Weisert, Sue Ehlinger, Sherry Mason, Lynn Wharry Row 2 Sue Balentine. Donna Fitzpatrick. Laurie Stetler, Ruth Anne Lee Row 3 Sue Weber, Jeanne Koury, Sue Stevens, Cathy Scott Row 4 Diane Schmidt. Becky Blair, Deb Hawtof, Nancy Shallenberger Row 5 Mary Jo Loftus. Ann Siefert. Mary Maucher, Tonda McElroy, Carol Hopcke Row 6 Peggy Ackerson, Yvonne Herder, Deb Johnson, Jeannine Shirtz Absent: Kathy Liberatori, Holly Baker, Emily Duzey, Cindy Reese, Donna Short, Cheryl Loveland, Diane Kashner, Lita Foor, Lisa Aukamp, Janet Graham, Audrey Snyder. Patt Allen. Kelly Weiss. Janet Azelvandre. 165 ■ Myer RA ' s: Row 1 Julie Rankin, Maureen Roberts, Colette Koch Myer Dorm Council: Row 1 Man ' Pugiiese, Holly Cooke, Fran Gross Row 2 Ann Foley, Maureen O ' Brien, Jerry Davis (AC). Row 2 Nancy Pederson, Mary Anne Geiger, Betsy Best, Donna Kafka Row 3 Judy Seldomridge, Jerry Davis (ACJ, Dottie Donovan. m . - ■ . EL •-■:• • ; 3-East: Row 1 Vicki MacWright, Wendy Rebman, Lisa Coleman, Betsy Isaacs Row 2 Jean Reed, Cindy Marx. Maureen Glose, Ann Foley Row 3 Trina Myers, Emily Martens, Denni Benson, Sandi Benson, Absent: Nora Barlow, Mary Merel, Donna Kafka, Kathy Schmidt. 167 -- ■• 2-West: Row i Linda Sites, Dolly Locke, Kuthy Detrick, Robin .ikirose Row 2 Kalhie Eskie, Belh LeConey, Linda Torgersen. Jeanne McC ure, Diane Lenharl, jenny Haifley, Donna Hill. Julie Rankin, Marsha Brannan. Donna Lenker, Niki Caste lo. Miche e Ryan Row 3 Brenda Barnhar!, Kris Hoffman, Julie Metcalf, Anne .Shi lingford, Dolly Donovan. Kathy Bohn. Lisa Brown, Joelle Riley, Kafhy Gorman Absenl. Deanne Starr, Katy Boyle. Karen Wingenroth. Diane Wilson. 168 ' •« » 3-East: Row 1 Polly Oldis. Lori Snyder Row 2 Lynne Bisbing, oy Little, Angie Craver, Joanne Larson, Annette Murray, Becki Buss Row 3 Sherry Rarick, Loretta Price, Gwen Kenyon, Shelby Raudensky, Aud Fetter, Cindy CooJey, jenny Shultz Row 4 Lori Herr (with Sweetie), Dot ConnelJy, Maureen O ' Brien, Slacy Roth Row 5 Kathy Ross, Carenda Baker, Allison Webb, Mary Anne Geiger, Barb Young, Lynne Anderson, Linda McCuflough, Eileen Floriani, Tina Garrison Row 6 Kathy Mere , udy Seldomridge, Fran Gross, Sue BoJie Absent: Diane Ford, Dana Royer, Gayle Kline. £»i£ 3-West: Row 1 Barbara Martin, Lauren Winner, Pam Miller Row 2 Sue Blomster, Betsy Best, Holly Cooke, Colette Koch. Melanie Miles Row 3 Diane Bisher, udy Menosky. Emily Meibohm Row 4 Deb Lewis, Sue Reed. Kendale Mason, Marcia Rebman, Marion Sulyok, Martha Groff Row 5 Ellen Cooper, Bonnie Heberling, Judy Priggins, Miriam Hebrank. 169 !.9SSrr?s Mi) ' ' r-, ROYER 170 7 Royer Dorm Council: Row 1: Andrea Smith, Wendy Flyster, Betsy Huber, Terri Sweigert Row 2: Gretchen Franz. Lori Henninger. Jill Yeatman Row 3: Sue Coney, Leslie Lindsay. Randi Bartells, Barb Bentz, Evelyn Kuster, Sue Kirby. ■w - ■ r I l 1 ' " ' : ' c- -,Vi " " ' . • ■ ' " ' ■7. ! ' ..: « : ■•• 171 1-North: Row 1 Terri Sweigart, Deb Trainer, Beth Heilly Row 2 Gretchen Franz, Amy Porter, Linda Layer Oscar (1977-79), Tammie Dimm, Beth Metzger, Stephanie Fraim Absent: Lynne Titus, Monique Martel, Maureen Power. J-South: Row 1 Carolyn Weaver, A lison Cassidy, Karen Barker. Wendy FyJstra, Andrea Smith, Ann McNaul. Kim Arthur Row 2 Christine Wolfe. Sandy Postupack, Robyn Wrammage. Kalhy Labe Row 3 Gretchen Nettling, Bettina Oellig, Deb Gable, Barb Stone. Stephanie Fraim. Holly Engle Absent: Karen Jeiteles. , ■ " •,-■,■• ' 2-North: Row 1 Leonora Lucchesi, Ellen Martin, Kathy McCambridge How 2 Roberta Luxton, joann Hopper, Ruth Greenly, Debbie Graves, Jamie Forker Row 3 Randi Bartelis. Barb Bentz, Joyce Anderson, Jili Page, Eileen Crim, Lisa Hamilton Row 4 Yvonne Dockey, Becky Zimmerman Row 5 Leslie Lindsay, Linda Small " Little El " , Michele Marsh, Corinne Poor, Canla Hoffman, Carolyn Grey. 2-South: Row 1 Sue Hivner, Karen Lease, Janet Casebeer, Kathy Schwartzman. Ellen Steighner. Jill Yeatman, Valerie Williams Row 2 Kim Mohl, Sue Tuttle, Eileen Hozella, Renee Horst, Blair Bux, Sue Coney Row 3 Christy Butler, Donna Howarth, Sherrie Russia Row 4 Nancy Niemery, Jeanna Clark, Tami Weaver, Cathy Kipp, Betsy Wetzel, Cindy Schmidt, Sandy Hensel. 173 J 3-North: Row 1 Pam Lorincz, Patty Kogut, Nancy Wiikins, Maggie Disch, Janice Thirlwall, Lori Henninger. Jenny Smith. Cathy Starr. Ellen Watts. Mary Ellen Zizos Row 2 Kris Hoffman. Chris Agnew, Diane Dondero, Annemarie McCafferty, Donna Way. Kei ie Matheson, Sue Morgenson, Donna Shiveler, Sue Aiburger, Krista Musselman Absent: Jane Brennan, Sue Wiatroski, Sharon Warner, Mary Gaffney. tsua 3-South: Row 1 Vickie Overly, Cindy Minor, Kim Elwc.ll. Lynne Crowers Row 2 Carol Rogers, faymie Billbrough, Betsy Huber, Sue Kirby, Joyce Clevinger, Sue Butterworth Row 3 Lisa Groff, Cindy Law. Roslyn Lewis. Twila Shaef er. Joyce Lehman. Tina Clemens Row 4 Maryanne Noll, Gay Detwiler, Evelyn Kuester, Cathy Reinard, Chris Poor Absent: Marlene Gruber, Gayle Foerster. Carol Brenna. 174 ■■: OBER 179 t» Ober Dorm Council. Row 1 Pal Fricchione. Chuck Hart, Jerry Davis (AC). Gary Wy de Row 2 Stephen Cerreto, Bob Morton. Paul Steinweg, Barry Herman Absent: Brian Hartman. - r :- « A-V. Row 1 Dave Shaw, jack Llewellyn, Bob Mertz Row 2 Dave Oblender, Kevin Markey, George Neidig, Doug Ward, jay Eichelberger, Brian Williams, Lew Hannon, Wayne Humphrey, Tim Collins, Steve Sharp, Dale Schaeffer, Scott Kennedy. Steve Roselli Row 3 Bob Utzinger, Marcus Wenger, Jeff Wynn, Bob Jordon, Bill Shank, Tim Sterling, Orlando Rodriguez, Wayne Erdman Absent: George Ronemus, Greg Gioffre, Bob Morton, Steve Shubert, Doug Weisbach, Kirk Doran, Joe Harriger, Jon Vitarius, Jim Frisbee. ft s 0!P ;p A-2: Row 1 John Curtain, Albert Granger, George Brown, Bruce Saunders. Scott Frazier, Vince Slaymaker, Tim Seager, Jim Yeingst, Philip Cook, Charles Roth Row 2 Kurt Maier. Joe Barrett. Scott Koscevic, John Arndt, Kent Hillemeir, Jack McCarthy, Paul RocheJJe, Rob Gosman, Andre Cooper. Ray Gearing. Fred Fenstermacher Absent: Mark Chadwick. Chuck Hart, Devin Sawdy. Dave Thompson, Tom Holcombe, Tom Ferron, Paul Redding. John Hilla. jack Mentzer, Craig Fenstermacher, Eric Kilhefner, George Sharpley. William Makapa, John Holcombe, Brad Rhoads. Mark Willoughby, Jeff Ivory, Frank Lamberta. 181 A-3: Row 1 Jim Fitting, John Bootier, Bill Hossack, Dan Hammond, Stan Tyson, Glenn Arizini, John Lashkevich Row 2 Graham Collette, Brad Williard, oe Kramer, Jim McCarthy, Dennis Boyle, Ray Handwerk, Ray Dibsie, John Mumford Row 3 Randy Lloyd, Jack O ' Riley, Don Tyrie, Gary Coleman, Nikita Green, Geoff Chew. Paul Steinweg, David King Absent: Orlando Rodrigues, Eric Love, Tu Duong, Mike Kearns, Mark Kaiser, Dave McAlpine, Nick Hartos, Chris Forsythe. B-B: Row 1 Barry Herman, Craig Beittal Row 2 Scott Frick, Bruce Ulrich. Scott Pryor. Andy Wasilisan, Bill Ewer, Chris Andrews Absent: Jud Gemill, Mike Leid. Jay Greer, John Palmer, Randy Winemiller, Don Warner. B-l: Row 1 Frank Shimer. Joe Orlando, Steve Cerreto, Brian Hartman. Matt Douglas Row 2 Joe Baranko, Tim Hand, Dave Metzler. Norm Weise, Keith Dunlop. Roy Bickle, Scott Pifer Row 3 Chris Skiles, Fran DeSalvo. Don Hannahs. Jim Kesler Absent. Mark Weaver. Barry DiGuiseppe. Kent Robinson. Mike Riley. George Evel er, Guy Creep, Greg Jaeger, Ian Cook, Bob Deimler. Bob McClure. Rick Dolan. Craig Hartranft, Dale Zeigler, Mark Stevenson. ■■ . • B-2 Country Club: Row 1 Bummie, Sargan(, Wools, Max, Rastaman Row 2 Rich Bonscmeg, Toothpick. Butch, Mad id, George Row 3 Terp, Capt. T, Happy Days, Pres., Wino, Buds, Futer Row 4 Rex, Unknown, Herk, Mousy, Short Cake, Wheels, Bill Absent: Cisco, Dave, Ignatz, Doc, Burn-Out. B-3: Row 1 Dave Stepanchak, Kent Whiting, Dave Presti, Pat Fricchione, Gene Kirchner (RA 1st semester], Leigh Hannon, Bob Long Row 2 John Schmitz, Jeff Tamburro, Paul Sergi, Tom Flemming, William Algeo, Dave Chute, Tim Kemmler, Tim Hihn, Michael Federici, Kevin Urabel Row 3 Neil Shanahan, Greg Seifter, Dave AUman, Brad Shermer. Dana Reese, Tony Kight, Joe Boyle, John Herring Absent: Ed Post, Paul Disney , Erich Zuern, Madjid Ghiumn, George Forbes, Bruce Merritt, George Geoffre, Tod Shedlosky, Perry Owen. John Joyce, David Bradley. Piyush Chowan, Barry Herman (RA 2nd semester]. 183 r ■1 CO-OPS Green Gables Green Gables: Row 3 Sue MacLean, Jenny Hart, Paula Bradley, Marie Kobylinski. Mary El en Marshall Row 2 Julie Milanick. Ronnie Connor Smokey, Dottie King, Janice Synder, Mary Kohut Absent: Donna Walton. Holly House Row l Maryanne Doll, Betsy Mums. Ariene Greene Row 2 " Wenda J " , CO-OP RAs: Row 1 Ellen Judd, Heidi Stahl Row 2 Bill L " n lu " - Snoopy, Diane March, Heidi Stahl, Sandy IVi iiard .Absent Nam y Coyne, Allen, Paula Bradley Absent. Michelle Ecke. Lee Pa PaJmer. Joseph. 184 :■ •; -: n . - ■ ■ Maple: Row 1 Cip Apicelli, ohn Anderson, Gregg Geidel Row 2 Rusty Stewart, Mike Hamor, im Clemente, Doug Campbell, Ed Fleming Row 3 Bili Allen Absent: Rick Milner. Orchard: Row 3 Paula Covello, Ellen judd, Dianne Bessette. Janet Hoehn Row 2 Janet Hoffman, Claudia Albanese. Tina Mondschein, Sharon Buckwalter, Missy Weaver Absent: Gretchen Lohse. SI? ' I Orchard 185 Br - WL Sigma: Row I Sharon Hess, Ruth Richmond, Befh Brill. Sybil Raunch, Sweel (one, Mo Jo Filler, Giorgianna Splevin, Lee Meriweolher. COMMUTERS Commuters: Row 1 Mike Leber, Robin Ruhl, Terri Derr, Polly Felice, Greg GoodJing, Ann Douglas Row 2 Craig Erb, Ron Baer, Gary Stephanchick, Matt Frey, Marty DiJJer. 1 .!? ' . C ft -fliii ft - si Commuters: Row 1 Sue Payne, Sabrina Rosenberry, Patty O ' Neii Row 2 Tom Brandt, Greg Naumen. " , . " ■ ' ' m§mp BPp p T . H Ibk ■ 1 sr l J ' - " - ...,i FACULTY ADMINISTRATION ART Mr. Henry M. Libhart Professor Department Chairman Ms. Karen Wenger Adjunct Instructor Mr. Jeff White Instructor BIOLOGY Dr. James L. Dively Associate Professor Dr. Robert Heckman Professor Department Chairman Dr. Frederic E. Hoffman Associate Professor Mr. Ronald L. Laughlin Associate Professor Dr. Rollin E. Pepper Dr. Frank P. Polanowski Professor Assistant Professor 190 BUSINESS Mr. Edgar T. Bitting Professor Mr. Edward R. BJeau Assistant Professor Dr. Jay R. Buffenmyer Associate Professor Department Chairman H : ' I f Ms. . Sue Dolan Adjunct Instructor Ms. Martha A. EppJey Associate Professor Mr. Hugh G. Evans Associate Professor Mr. George A. Gliptis Associate Professor Ms. ColJeen Hanion Instructor Ms. Carroll H. Kreider Associate Professor Mr. Barry A. Maddox Assistant Professor Mr. Donald G. Muston Assistant Professor 191 Mr. Stanley R. Neyer Mr. H. Marshall Pomroy Mr. Richard G. Stone Mr. Randolph L. Trostle Associate Professor Associate Professor Adjunct Instructor Assistant Professor Assistant Chairman CHEMISTRY Mr. Jack L. Hedrick Professor Ms. Zoe G. Proctor Professor Dr. John P. Ranck Professor Dr. Raymond R. Reeder Associate Professor Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer Mr. Martin O.L. Spangler Assistant Professor Professor Department Chairman 192 ■ COMMUNICATION ARTS -i Dr. Jobie E. Riley Associate Professor Dr. Jack P. Sederholm Assistant Professor Mr. Donald E. Smith Associate Professor Department Chairman COMPUTER SCIENCE Mr. Thomas R. Leap Assistant Professor Ms. Barbara C. Tulley Instructor Department Chairman EDUCATION Dr. Hooshang Bagheri Visiting Associate Professor Mr. Stanley K. Bowers Associate Professor Dr. Carl A. Callenbach Associate Professor 193 Dr. Boyd Fox Associate Professor Dr. Donna E. Gaver Assistant Professor Dr. D. Paul Rice Professor Department Chairman ENGLISH Dr. Stephen C. Behrendt Ms. Louise Baugher Black Dr. John A. Campbell Instructor Associate Professor Professor L c Dr. . Thomas Dwyer Ms. Elizabeth D. Shaw Russell Dr. Carmine T. Sarracino Dr. William Leigh Taylor, fr. Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Department Chairman 194 , ; fi A V V ■ HISTORY Mr. Robert Burnett Instructor Mr. Paul Fick Adjunct instructor Dr. . Kenneth Kreider Professor Department Chairman Dr. Richard L. Mumford Mr. H. Herbert L. PooJe Professor Assistant Professor Dr. Beia Vassady, Jr. Associate Professor Dr. Thomas R. Winpenny Associate Professor MATHEMATICS Dr. Ernest A. Biaisdeil, Jr. Associate Professor Mr. I.L. Bossier Professor Mr. Robert D. Dolan Associate Professor 195 • " ■ ■■,; -ry er Dr. Donald E. Koontz Professor Mr. John E. Koontz Associate Professor J i Mr. Robert K. Morse Associate Professor , Dr. Ronald L. Shubert Professor Department Chairman MODERN LANGUAGE s ERS ' ! •drfl r dm Mr. Uldis Daiga Associate Professo r W «L ' . ' r s3 r.. Ms. Suzanne Schmidt Dr. Edward R. Van Goodling Vliet Associate Professor Associate Professor MUSIC Mr. David A. Rarger Assistant Professor Dr. Darrcll R. Douglas Associate Professor Mr. John F. Harrison Associate Professor IWti ■ ■ - ' ■ . ■ : ■ Mr. Otis D. Kitchen Associate Professor Mr. David Leithmann Adjunct Instructor Ms. Linda Metz Adjunct Instructor Ms. Sandra Shubert Adjunct Instructor Dr. Carl N. ShuII Professor Harry L. Simmers Associate Professor Department Chairman Mr. David Stafford Adjunct Instructor Mr. John Stites Associate Professor OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY Ms. Penny Breitstein Adjunct Instructor Ms. Doris Gordon Assistant Professor Department Chairman Ms. Abby Abildness Instructor 197 Ms. Jean HiJer Instructor Ms. Gail Richert Instructor Ms. Reba SebeJist Instructor Ms. Sara Steelman Instructor HEALTH PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Robert B. Garrett Assistant Professor Ms. Yvonne E. Kauffman Assistant Professor Mrs. Irma Millard Instructor Mr. D. Kenneth Ober Associate Professor Department Chairman Mr. Donald P. Smith Assistant Professor Mr. John Tuliey Athletic Director Mr. Joseph A. Whitmore, fr. Assistant Professor Dr. Owen Wright Professor 198 1 ' ■■ WBmF ■ - • ■ •» . " ■ : •---= PHYSICS EARTH SCIENCE Mr. Hubert M. Custer Associate Professor Department Chairman Mr. Roger Heim Visiting Lecturer Dr. Rene C. Hope Associate Professor Mr. GJenn H. Thompson Associate Professor POLITICAL SCIENCE Mr. CaJvin C. JiiJson Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Robert E. Lamon- tagne Associate Professor Dr. Wayne A. SeJcher Associate Professor Department Chairman PSYCHOLOGY Dr. Steven A. Anolik Visiting Lecturer Dr. Paul M. Dennis Dr. Delbert W. Ellsworth Associate Professor Associate Professor Dr. Delbert A. Brodie Acting Department Chairman Visiting Assistant 199 RELIGION PHILOSOPHY Dr. Eugene P. Clemens Dr. William V. Puffenberger Professor Professor Dr. Austin Ritterspach Professor Department Chairman Mr. Armon Snowden Professor Dr. Stanley T. Sutphin Professor Mrs. Diana Woodward Adjunct Instructor Dr. Carl W. Ziegier Professor, Emeritus 200 • SOCIOLOGY SOCIAL WORK Ms. Vivian Bergel Visiting Assistant Mr. Russell E. Eisenbise Associate Professor Mr. David A. Iacono-Harris Assistant Professor Dr. Donald B. KraybilJ Associate Professor Department Chairman Mr. R. Bruce Lehr Associate Professor Dr. }. Henry Long Associate Professor Mrs. Sharon Raffield Associate Professor 201 ■ PRESIDENT Mark C. EbersoJe OFFICE OF PRESIDENT Martha A. Farver, Mark C. EbersoJe, . Gerald Greiner OFFICE OF DEAN OE FACULTY Row 1: Anna Carper. Sandra Zerby. Martha Eppiey Row 2: Dona d Neiser, Aladar Kish, Kevin Manning. Howard A. Kroesen, Bruce Wilson. 202 •.. • . ■Af OFFICE OF STUDENT AFFAIRS Row 1: John Tuhey, BeverJy PisciteIJi, Joanne Ramsey-Weigel, Pat March, Royal Snavely Row 2: Jerry Peterson, Gordon Bateman, Margaret Beck, Walter Shaw, James Hilton, Jerry Davis. r .ti • " V A Jfc w . ■■ •■ -■ - R. V H BR ' " ., vJ! if OFFICE OF TREASURER Row 1: Martha Farver, Lauretta Hynicker Row 2: Nick Stamos, Gerald Risser, Wilbur Weaver, Harry Page. OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Polly Ehrgood, James Yeingst, Kenneth Baylor. 203 OFFICE OF DEVELOP- MENTAL SERVICES Row 1: Lynn Perry-Godwin, Linda Wiiliams-Langsett Row 2: John Stable, Doris McBeth. NEW A.C. ' S (2nd SEMESTER) Wayne McCuIiough (Brinser, RoyerJ, Karen Meek (Founders). BOOKSTORE PERSONNEL M. Susan Givens, Diane M. Billet. DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC SAFETY Wayne Siicox 204 ■.■■■■ -. ...... MAINTENANCE STAFF Les FackJer, Marie Saintz, Jake Hynicker, Jack Keener, Harold Rutt, Baron Wanner, Dick War el, Jay Burkins, Gene Hartzler, Harry FJoyd, Erv. Eckert, Harry Page — Supt Buildings and Grounds. .- « £ ■■■ ' ■■■■«ySf A 1 Y •J L FOOD SERVICES PERSONNEL Row 1: Don Loser, Doris Brooks, Anna Koser, James Beamender er, Irene Shoemaker, Sharon Bautista, Joanne Pinkerton Row 2: Randy Rossi, Christine Beziila, Tina Geesey, Brian Clay, Michelle Muston, Marian Kedell, Cathy Heisey, Mr. Stamos. HEALTH CENTER Jo Ann Ramsey-WeigeJ, Pat Stepanchak. 205 w 1 !■ .j ••, . ■•■■• l iuU-£s advertisements! . COMPLIMENTS OF Commonwealth National Bank Elizabethtown Office " happy to help you Bank " Member FDIC E-town East Office 208 V 1 We ' re f ie only bank you ' ll ever need. In your lifetime you ' ll make some big loans, and some small loans. Your savings account will go up and down like a yo-yo as you struggle to get ahead and you ' ll write thousands upon thousands of checks. You ' ll have enough things going against you - we think you should have a good bank on vour side . . . ours. dDetizABethtown TRust Company P.O.BOX 227 • ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 17022 • 717-367- 156 : II . EVERNEEI STATE INSPECTION AUTO REPAIRS Elizabethtown Tire Alignment 33 N. MARKET STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 PHONE 367-2661 STEVEN L. REINHOLD 209 Garden Spot Feeds Master Mix Feeds Heating Oil GRUBB SUPPLY COMPANY 419 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. ARCO Hoffer ' s Arco Perk ' s Car Service State Inspection — Towing — Tires — Batteries Accessories 135 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-7513 210 . ' -■ ' " ' ,.■ " • ' ;-. SPOONY (The Clown) Dorm Parties, Birthdays, Concerts " All Kinds of Special Events " Along with Spoony is His Muppet Joey, his Banjo and Many Many Xtras 7 Grant Morrill, Jr. 8 P.O. Box 372 9 Middletown, Pa. 17157 10 Phone: 367-6080 Market Basket 59 College Avenue Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-7000 12 Tues. Wed. 9-5 13 Thur. 9-9 14 Fri. 9-10 15 Sat. 9-6 16 Closed Sun. Mon. MEATS INC. • Home Dressed Meats • Retail-Wholesale • Home Smoked Hams and Bacon • Meat for your freezer • Custom Slaughtering • Home made mince meat 13 N. Market St. Elizabelhtown, Pa. 17022 Bus 367 1246 211 . — J— , ft .-- s Big A Auto Parts 865 North Hanover Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Mon.-Fri. 8-5 Sat. 8-3 Phone: 367-5537 BAUM ' S j R.D.3. Elizabethtown. P . 17022 (717)3671552 . a record store With full line of Accessories New Releases every Wednesday and Fridav. 18 Weekly Special ' s. IN DOWNTOWN ELIZABETHTOWN center square PHONE 367-2334 HOURS M • 10:00-5:00 Th - 10:00-9:00 T - 10:00-5:00 F - 10:00-9:00 W ■ 10:005:00 S - 10:00-5:00 lunch 1 00-2 00 Congratulations to the class of ' 80 White Shield 101 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 212 1 ■■ be mm ' ' V Rhoads ' Jewelers 44 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown ' s Quality Jeweler For Fine Merchandise 367-0737 CHAPMAN ' S APPAREL Featuring Layette Gift Items Children ' s Quality Clothing 51 S. Market St. Elizabethtown 367-1940 Parrish ' s Styling Boutique COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE 8 E. High St., Elizabethtown, PA. 367-3373 GREAT DEALS jimtumn : MUlLLLlAiliixJJJB GREAT SERVICE 833 South Market Street Eiizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 367-1181 213 Tropical Treat Restaurant " A Treat That Can ' t Be Beat! " 2 miles east of Elizabethtown Phone 367-3491 Open 6 am-10 pm GINDER CLEANERS, INC SUMMER WINTER STORAGE - FUR GLAZING LAUNDRY - DRY CLEANING - REPAIRS 50 N. SPRUCE ST. PHONE 367-1270 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 i I Red Rose Motel T.V. AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS PRIVATE POOL - PICNIC AREA PHONE IN ROOM R.D. No. 3, Box 84 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 BETWEEN ELIZABETHTOWN MT. JOY ON BUSINESS ROUTE 230 AREA CODE 717 PHONE 367-7518 CANDY JAR •Over 50 hinds of bulk, candy •Sundaes •Shakes •Floats Mon. Tues. 9-5 Thur. Fri. Sat. 9-7 Closed Sun. Wed. 9 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN 214 1 c MUELLER ' S FLOWER SHOP 55 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone: 367-1581 FLOWERS WITH QUALITY, BEAUTY AND ARRANGEMENT BOB ' S FLOWERS 39 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone: 367-2211 Mi T] Styling JUU Salon welcome College Students COME TO US urn YOUR HAIR WE ' LL SHOW YOU THAT WE CARE Open Tne. to Frt. 7-7 S«t. 7-1. Route 743, South Maytown Avenue PHONE 367-6502 FOR YOUR APPOINTMENT MEL ' S TEXACO SERVICE MELV1N R. SONNON, Prop. HERSHEY MT GRETNA ROADS ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 B G Best wishes to the class of w LUMBER COMPANY Phone: 367-1690 212 W. High St. E-town 215 ' . FURNITURE STORES 206 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Open Thurs. and Fri. till 9 p.m. BankAmericard - Mastercharge Honored The FuJi Service Store You Can Build Your Home Around " Al ' .l INI AN T » ' i I. Cl.l ' l IIINt. I ( ll( I III I AMU Y fr ' ,, J The Dutchman ' s Stores A NOR ANN ENTERPRISE HAPPINESS IS ' NEVER PAYING RETAIL PRICES " Norm Anna Smith, Owners 54S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. 17022 PHONE 717-3675400 216 ».. w CARPENTER ' S INN Dining Room Lounge Coffee Shop 26-32 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone: 367-2432 GEORGE ' S WOODCRAFTS Specializing in Hand-Crafted Solid Walnut Furniture Hutches — Gun Cabinets — Hope Chests — Cradles Unique Lamps — Plank Bottom Rockers Chairs Tables — Coffee, Drop-Leaf, Trestle, Etc. Custom Engraved Walnut Nameplates 20 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 367-4728 YOUR BRAND NAME STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS SINCE 1895 Hart Schaffner Marx Van Heusen Botany 500 Jantzen Haggar Florsheim Farah London Fog Arrow Woolrich Lee WrangJer David Martin STORES 1 Center Square 20 S. Union St. Elizabethtown Middletown 9 -i 367-5585 % TROP GUN SHOP R.D. §3 - (RHEEMS EXIT OFF 283) ELIZABETHTOWN. 17022 EVERY WEEKDAY 9 to 9 CLOSED WEDNESDAY SATURDAY 9 to 5 ED LANDIS 217 BROTHERS DELI PiZZAiEIA 256 South Market Street Eiizabethtown, Penna. CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 80 HOFFMAN ' S WASH CENTER 630 S. Market Street Eiizabethtown, Pa. (Next to Stehman ' s IGA) " Clean Cars Live Longer " FOOTBALL SOCCER WRESTLING TRACK HOCKEY TENNIS SOFTBALL JOGGlNG GOLF BASKETBALL EIIZABETHTOWN SPORTING GOODS 27 Center Sq., Eiizabethtown Quality Sports Equipment At Reasonable Prices •Wi son Adida.s Con verse •Rawlings ' Puma ' SpaJding •Brooks and many others Team, School and Club Discounts 367-6633 E ON Ed ' s Exxon Phone 367-0818 Routes 743 283 Elizabethtown. PA 17022 218 K ' ; ' ,-;,.; = Zeller Traueljnc. CALL THE TRAVEL PROFESSIONALS They ' ll help you make all the arrangements. 299-8943 27 W. Lemon St. LANCASTER FREE PARKING 367-0115 US. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN (bieuub u vnituA,e BOX 642 R. D. 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 PHONE: 367-5468 STORE HOURS: MON. TUES. THUR. FRI. 8:00 A.M. . 9:00 P.M. WED. 8:00 - 12:30 SAT. 8:00 - 5:00 ' Our Location Saves You Dollars ' JgTnzTiiTiefcish ions CENTER SQUARE EL IIABETHTOWN, PENNA. A.J. English N. English RD 2, Box 712 Elizabethtown, PA. 17022 (717) 367-1394 ENGLISH BROTHERS INC. " Beverage Distributors Since 1947 " J.J. English, Jr. M.R. English R.S. English 219 , i PATRONS Elizabethtown Economy Shoe Store 15-17 West High Street Zarfoss Hardware Market Center Square 367-7532 Elizabethtown 367-1261 jane ' s Showcase of Gifts 12 East High Street Elizabethtown 367-0611 Binkley ' s Sewing Machines 111 North Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1450 Bishops Studio Camera Shop 44 North Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1322 Moose ' s 5 10 Market Center Square Elizabethtown 367-4707 Christian Light Bookstore 48 South Market Street Herr ' s Electric 45 South Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1360 Elizabethtown 367-1929 I would like to express my ap- preciation to the 1980 Con- estogan staff for all the time and effort they have put into the creation of this book. Special thanks to Sue Borowski, Molly Keith and Tom Stepanchak for all they have done. Barbara f. Wightman Editor 220 ; - ' ■ " . ' .■ UHtB W WllU. •• j ' v.r-y.jw ' -. ?:? " 5 ' v -■■;:. m I Relive the memories in the future . . . Along the Road ■ ' ■ •{ ' ■ V :-:» yK: .

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