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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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■ jjttc ' " V HHRMMH I I 1 1 H I . ■ ■ ••!■- : ' f .•-■ ' .. B u G - ■ I WE ... The 1979 Conestogan Staff Glenn Pfadenhauer Managing Editor k.1 jFs Barbara Wightman Janet Shapiro Asst. to the Managing Ed. Senior Section Editor Susan Borowski Sports Section Editor MaryBeth Waltman Faculty Section Editor Aileen Fink Activities Section Editor Patti Werner Photo Editor David Meizen Business Manager Conestogan Staffers: Mike Pizzi, Erica Van Horn, Mellissa Stuft. Carol Richman, Maureen Lyon, Sue Stevens, Photo Staff: Molly Keith, Tom Stepanchek. Deanne Starr, Bernie Wise, Jill Yeatman Contributing Photographers Brenda Barnhart, Carl Bowman, Glenn Pfadenhauer, TABLE OF CONTENTS (iMftCftra 10 evm® 56 v(milw m mmmMfum 84 m EELM ML 102 EGMi 136 tf!M 1I£lM£fiJe 188 UUllM 202 ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE elizabethtown, Pennsylvania President: Mark C. Ebersole Dean of Students: Waiter B. Shaw Advisor: Kenneth Baylor Editor: Gienn J. Pfadenhauer Assistant: Barbara J. Wightman Publisher: Herff Jones Yearbooks A Dedication May, 1979 The 1979 Conestogan staff has decided to renew the grand old tradition of dedicating the yearbook to someone who has been a source of inspiration to the institution. Without question, writing an honest, sincere, and appreciative dedication is a challenging feat. A yearbook must truly represent those individuals so crucial to the life of the college, or it serves no purpose Its purpose must be to honor those who. for whatever the reason, provide encouragement, support, and personal dedication to the creation of memory — a memory that will remain a touchstone deep in the lives of all of us. President Mark C. Ebersote is one of these people. He understands the need for a strong yearbook and has committed himself to providing the resources necessary towards that end. He has a great concern for the present program, and future direction of the College. And most importantly, he has respect, admiration, and appreciation for the heart of the institution — the students. For all of those reasons, and more, We, the staff of the 1979 Conestogan wish to dedicate our efforts to you, President Ebersole, in the hope that others will follow your example, and lend their support to such valuable and indispensable programs. Schlosser Dorm in the fall Christmas Dinner in the cat Governor Peter duPont of Delaware Nancy Hahn The Road to higher education The Buffalo Chipkickers Where did he come from? Students enjoy picnic by Lake Placida. Dean Shaw paddles away Reading over the sports Italian music with dinner Hilary Welsh and boyfriend. Ain ' t it the truth TGIS Dinner-Dance President Ebersole. Joanne Anderson. Barry Llewellyn takes off Don Anderson Rick Autrey — The People ' s Choice. Trudging through the rain to class. Hmmm Royer students picnic in E-town Park Frisbee fanatic Senior Homecoming Court Jerry sticks his neck out Pride and Prejudice Urn ' Halloween Dinner Costume party in Royer Firemen put out blaze on B-2 Founders Etown ' s very own Santa Frosh eagerly await the hike ' " ■MK3P3M1 «•• • i " , ■ 4 1 - 3 FRESHMAN ORIENTATION Steve Douglas gives two lucky frosh their pillows while other frosh eagerly await the hike .. -iF if l Vft ' Frosh lining up for the hike Orientation staff members enpy a break FROSH — Remember " All the Strange Hours " (?) " Quick — what ' s her name? " " Sue! " " NO! It ' s Mary ... " (sigh!) " I ' m a Blue Jay!!! " " I love Lake Placida!!! " . . . cold, clammy hands. . . . warm, sweaty palms. Freshmen await pinning ceremony 12 INITIATION Keep your memories close Believe in yesterday Live for the moment Believe in today Keep faith in the future Believe in tomorrow. — Rene Cauthen The pinning ceremony where each freshman . received a flaming E pin TALENT SHOW Linda Esbenshade plays her accordion. Carla Hoffman and Jack Artz 13 Brenda Barnhart with her guitar. HOMECOMING ■ iSH ( Debbie Allen escort with last year ' s queen Kim Witkovsky. Homecoming court 1978. J ■ . ' fiS-A S- M ■Jn 7 iNi( B B j . Debbie with her escort. Paul Pontius. Lisa McDade with escort Pat Werner with parents and friends Enjoying the Homecoming Dinner-Dance. 14 1978 [ J ' I A IT A Homecoming Queen Miss Debbie Allen. Sue. Rick, and Allison display togas Jane buys a souvenir Looking over old relics. Trying to win a year ' s supply of kisses. Tug-of-war in the dell See Mom. it ' s easy! 15 Connie Roth and Rob Beyer Freshmen sell balloons. Junior Class sponsors " dunking machine. ' Tug-of-war continues HALL OF FAME BANQUET Gene Garber speaks at dinner. President Ebersole presents a plaque to Gene 16 FALL SCENES We want action When it rains, it pours. Alpha Hall, the beginning. t tt ka 4 : k B m A touch of the cold. Catching a few z ' s. 17 HALLOWEEN DINNER 4 - -m Clowns from Royer Dorm Milk ' s the one for me. tutu Foreign Dignitaries. Voted year ' s most handsome male. 18 Double, double, toil and trouble. Don ' t bug me i kJ ■r - s Ea Cowgirls round up supper Best mask? Freshman after one year of caf food. 19 .■v. ■ ■■■■■..-■■ ' . ■ ■. ■Hi PRIDE AND PREJUDICE ni ;:; « $ 1 ' ftf In « SCfJK ,W0 ■ MS. MALE E-TOWN A On November 17, 1978, the Junior class sponsored the first Ms. Male E- town pagent. Hosted by Barney Raffield, Junior class advisor, each of the contestants took part in all three phases of competition — evening gowns, swimsuits, and talent. The judges chose 5 finalists, each of whom answered a question, and then chose the new Ms. Male E-town, Ms. Rick Autry. The new queen was crowned by last year ' s queen, Ms. Brad Poore. CI All 5 S1 The contestants model their evening gowns Ms. Frazier, Ms Gosman, Ms Miller, and Ms. Seager sing " I Ms. Quinn models her swimsuit Ms. Seager in the evening gown knew an old lady, " accompanied by Brad Rhodes competition i ' . t The contestants in their swimsuits 22 Ms Male E-town 1978. Ms. Rick Autrey -£H The winter of 1978-79 is one that g will be remembered as COLD. The largest snowfall was February 19, which caused the cancellation of classes. D Footprints in the snow. Zug Memorial Library Founders C-3 gets in the spirit. £ J m.m mjas m 35 Ober in a tranquil moment. Baugher Student Center Jane Weber and Sue Allison with one of Louise Hanley. Kim Killmer, and Jerry Davis Tom Showers and Don Anderson with their the Christmas trees in the cafe. with the Royer decorations. Christmas decorations. ■HP CHRISTMAS DINNER n%% » i BH 4 ' f- 1 E ail ' K ■ i 12 r { Kathy Keller is stunned by the amount of food. The Brass Ensemble played carols as students and guests eat I ' - " B J! V ™i - ■ws r i t jffi H - RS ff[M ' ■s rJR 1 1 immWmi ' 8 ' P vWimI ■ • %$ ' " S i 1 a ap - l a - i J JU J? LST jki«r r ?y -i W " J 5 mm ' ; W r Merry holiday smiles were seen everywhere. Students relax and unwind before finals week. 24 , Mlito ton J , j llt nfolilfanAptar It IH)H i r t tl(x l $ » Jury tteZ A+rSifH- (j iK UHir JtiS»ffr JJ j OKHc iriiHA, ,, f fakrttifa Mnmtr, J S imtUnt - JhlUi is , il ■fl Shmlm t l ,m»{tn4% (,an i a™ Mk i ISitMmfUmiad. The list of dancing partners grew day by day DANCE MARATHON H fall fe L-LX B s? They " haven ' t stopped dancing yet " as the 24 hours roll by. Chairperson Donna Fitzpatnck and her crew get ready for the long night Much hard work went into the most successful dance marathon ever. 25 Anne Siefert puts a last minute touch on a sign. Valentine ' s Day Heidi Stahl and Use King decorate in Schlosser Beth Brodhag and Bill Jordan at dinner Gary Verazin and Liz Barton, King and Bill Allego and Polly Oldis seem to be Queen of the dinner enjoying themselves. Laurie Gumble gets serenaded. Ann Seifert and Don Anderson do the funky chicken? Cafeteria ' s handiwork Janet Bingham and Tom Woolley at the pastry table. 26 THt JL K : r J .DATING c Scott Frazier picks a date from Karenlee Jones, Marie Pugliese Kris Heim, . . . while the crowd watches. The excitement grows in the faces of Mike Pizzi. Dave Reiniger, George Brown Hf ' Hlfcf 1 ii j JV.M5 Polly Oldis. at E ' town to get a date. Matt Reabold. Wayne Humphreys, Jack Artz, Tom Stepanchak are questioned by Ellen Judd. 27 A Night at the Circus presented by — Elizabethtown College Synchro Swim Club. Cathy Carnarius, Erich Zuern, Kathy Reinard, Joanie Eberhart, and Glenna Murphy. The guys do a routine to " Wedding of the Winds. ' Talk to the Animals. Mary Muhich, Jenny Smith, Lori Snelling, and Tracey Lloyd swim a tricky routine 28 On February 26, 1979, the Junior Class and the Office of Student Affairs sponsored a concert by Harry Chapin. The show was the first of it ' s type at E ' town, although things went so well others are expected in the future. Even though Harry was 45 minutes late, the concert was an enjoyable experience for all. A kiss for World Hunger? Harry gets in the E ' town spirit with one of our shirts. Harry and the band do their thing. 29 PERSJM? |l ■ ■ IPPIN Peggy Ackerson sings of her summer romance. " Tell us more, tell us more " beg the Grease singers. r l gPPIN L l J « ,. , Donna Hill gives her rendition of the song " Tomorrow " " Why am I me? " , asks Mike Pizzi and Bill Algeo 30 The Cast poses for a picture backstage. Tim Seager as Jesus Christ Superstar A MUSICAL CELEBRATION The joyful number, " Celebration " , opened the show. The cast kicks up for a Godspell number. 31 ALMOST ANYTHING GOES Bill Algeo fills up his teammate with water ballons At the sound of the whistle, it was each man for himself. D-3 Animal House had a little trouble in this race T.G.I.S. WEEKEND Students and guests danced the night away at the T G IS dinner-dance Tim Moyer and Wade Pratt get ready to begin the road rally Friday night students boogied to the sounds of Egdon Heath. Karol Briggs prepares the greased pole This dip in the lake was an unplanned event A team attempts to climb the greased pole Scott Jones trys to get the crowd ' s attention. ■■ COMMENCEMENT 1979 Platform and distinguished guests. Faculty lining up for the Processional. President Ebersole. Class President Barry Llewellyn gives presentation. 36 Chaplain J Gerald Greiner delivers Benediction. Parents and relatives anxiously look on. Two happy graduates. £« -J; • - £» £ 9 .■ z. 1 v» K President Ebersole and recipients of Honorary degrees. A group of CUM LAUDE graduates. President Ebersole greets parents at reception. 37 Happiness is . . . Just graduating! WSfflSSBB m ABRAXAS Row 1 Row 2 Gliptis Roger Hoerl. Mark Lowen, John Insley; OF Stambaugh, John Ranck. George Row 3 Jay Elder ACCOUNTING CLUB Row 1 : Marc Rustici, Anne Woolley, Joyce Goforth, John Insley. Don Quinn. Row 2 Dean Pennabecker, Randy Coldiron, Dennis Buck, Kevin Kappra. Chris Dinsmore; Row 3: Lita Foor, Debbie Hawtof, Robin Duvall, Mr. Edgar T Bitting, Arlissa Salamone, Don Tyrie. Scott Baker; Row 4: Cliff Rich, John Pappas, Pat Leahey. Mike Leid. Steve Scheuchenzuber, Mark Koernig : tUL% ALPHA MU Row 1 Loretta Price, Suzanne Tessier. Kathy Gorman, Sandy Postupack, Gretchen Ketting, Ellen Judd; Row 2; Lynne Bisbing, Mike Pizzi, Jenny Schultz, Debbie Crouse. Liz Baker; Row 3: Tammy Yuninger. Kathy Grady, Karen Myers, Row A: Tami Weaver, Jill Page. Beth Helman. Cheryl Peterson, Kathy Ross, Tina Distasio, Jan Wealand, Jim Haines. Lori Fox. Diane Artz. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Row 1 Deb Lewis, Jay Elder. Debby Brinton, Joanne Kocserha, David Clemens. Row 2: Mike Eddy. Doug Haas, Dave Dalke. BIOLOGY CLUB Row 1: Deanne Starr. Coleen O ' Keefe, Mark Loewen (Pres ). Craig Fultz (Treas), Sue Kozak (Sec); Row 2: Ron Ayoub, Cindy Neil, Mary Anne Geiger, Donna Duquette, Sharon Korowski, Joyce Barnett. Kathy Rehfuss. Raelene Maser, Mary Schmidt; Row 3: Barry Herman, Cyndie Severance. Barry Llewellyn, Linda Torgersen. Ellen Watts, Mary Gatfney. Linda Esbenshade, Abdul Moosa BLACK STUDENT UNION Row 1 : Brenda Eldridge; Row 2. Anthony Olubiyo, David Aina. Duke Parham. Karen Knight, Evelyn Johnson, Augustine Mnenga, Joseph Egbuneu CAMPUS GOLD COMMUTER COUNCIL Row 1 : Erica Kurzweil, Margie Ducato; Row 2: Ann Henshaw, E. Jane Left to right: Keith Wood, Donita Neyhard, Tim Glatfelter, Bob Valas, Suzette Desjardin, Barb Guss; Row 3- Aileen Fink, Karen Zaccano. Bentzel. ELIZABETH- TOWN CHRISTIAN f (!@fp FELLOW- SHIP 40 Row 1: Sue MacLean, Ruth Mares, Joann Hopper, Carolyn Gray, Kim Mohl, Gail Schmerfeldt Row 2: Maggie Maples. Mark Loewen. Row 3: Linda Esbenshade, Suzanne Tessier, Elaine Bauer, Donna Walton, Ruth Greenly, Kathy Labe, John Schmitz, Rick Dillon, Jean Reed. Tammy Yuniger, Sue Snee. Row 4: Rick Autrey, Kathy Merel. Mike Stoudt, Linda Galella, Todd Brown. Jill Page. Scott Groene, Donna Kafka, Cathy Gorman, Lame Heltebridle, Odilon Rodrigues. Marcia DeHaas. Marcus Wenger OUTDOOR CLUB Row 1: Dane McAlpine, Pam Lawrence. Genny Gill. Sue Bolle, Mark England; Row 2; Jeanne Loeffler, Jeff McCloy. Sharon Kurowski, Deb Hotter, Jean Garman, Chuck Thornley, Deanne Starr; Row 3: Steve Shubert, Joanne Kennedy. Nancy Hertel, Faith Bernard, Lynn Dietrich, Maureen O ' Brien, Roger Sayre, Bob Morton; Row 4: Mr. Muston. Diane Cortellessa. Colleen O ' Keefe, Dana Buterbaugh. Chris Mruk, Julie Murphy, Sandy Mack, Deb Fenninger. Walt Yeager, Carol Simback; Row 5: Dave Bradley, Gary Newton, Carey Smith, Bill Wood, Polly Oldis, Kathy Merel, Karen Mitchell. Linda Torgusen. O.T. CLUB Row 1 : Jody Wertz, Kim Witovsky, Sue MacLean. Terri Carbone, Mary Alice Billy, Julie Shick, Margie Ducato, Jenny Hart, Judy Menosky, Genny Gill; Row 2; Gay Detweiler, Jeanine Shirtz, Annette Warrell. Emily Meibohm, Gail Redding, Cathy Thomas. Cathy Kipp, Julie Rankin. Bernie Wilk, Kathy Gallagher, Mary Rose Frey; Row 3: Mary Beth Waltman, Mary Ann Geiger. Monica Colgan, Mike Pizzi, Cathy Gumbert. Karen Meagher, Sue Waggoner, Janet Vogel, Lisa Landis, Ann Henshaw, Donna Walton, Julie Milanck, Jean Burton. Michelle Eck; Row 4: Jeanna Clark, Cindy Neil, Sue Rowett, Laurie Brookes. Karen Bentzel. Chris Lofstrom. Ruth Richmond, Julie Metcalf, Sharon Grunow. Holly Carmint, Annette Mormille, Sandy Mack, Carol Heisner, Susan Snee. Sharon Hess. Mary Muhick, Karen Werner, Tracy Lloyd. VI SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS Row 1 : E. Jane Valas; Row 2: Steve Geyer, Ken Creighton, Al Pagan. Dave Martin P.S.E.A. Row 1 Susan Densten (publicity), Todd Brown, Lynne McGhee, Mary Lynn Geesaman, Kathy Goodman (activities), Randy McCarty (Sec), Jude Bervinchak, Row 2: Caryn Singley. Sue Hineline. Janice Rohland, Elizabeth Cale(Pres), Aileen Burdge. Ruth Anne Lee, Connie Bahn, Barb McCoy, POLITICAL SCIENCE CLUB Row 1 : Marcia Kessler (Treas.), Janet Dowdy (Sec ), Robert Frame (Pres ). Jetf Tamburro (V P.); Row 2: Luanne Barnes. Kirk Dawson, Karen Princiotta, Kirk Moore, John Frantz. Gary Wylde, Gene Kirchner. o Wm torn 44 PRE-MED CLUB Row 1 : Dennis Dougherty, Craig Fultz (Pres), Joyce Barnett, Debbie Fogelsanger, Bob Deimler, Mary Schmidt (V P.); Row 2: Lisa Aukamp (Treas). Donna Duquette, Teresa Rowe. Carol Richman, Kathleen Rehfuss, Raelene Maser, Sharon Kurowski, Sue Kozak, Barry DiGuiseppe. Matt Reabold; Row 3: Gary Newton, Markus Wegner, Barry Herman, Mike Kondash, Christopher Smith, Abdul Moosa, Doug Haas. Javed Bhatti. James Dively (advisor) PSI CHI CLUB Row 1 : Robert Cheung, Jody Wertz. Nancy Charles, Ruth Ann Kulp; Row 2: Delbert Ellsworth, Paul Dennis, Steven Anolik. Ron Saylor (V.P. Treas.), Paula Mehler, Ginny Pack (Pres), Dr. Guido R. Zanni. PSYCH- OLOGY CLUB Row 1: Sue Morgenson, Wendy Flanders, Susan Weber (V.P.), Wendy Moyer (Pres), Ginny Pack, John Horn; Row 2: Tim Nickel. Patricia Werner. Brenda Barnhart, Chris Cafero. Dr. Delbert Ellsworth, Ron Saylor RELIGION PHILOSOPHY CLUB Row 1: Ellen Anthony, Mary Ellen Houseal, Row 2: David Hollinger. Dr Austin Ritterspach, James Mahan, Toshio Numaguchi. SIGMA LAMBDA SIGMA Row 1 Jane Valas, Jenny Rezin; Row 2: Anne Denney, Jody Wertz, Julie Meiler; Row 3: Maggie Heim, Cathy Gumbert. Karen Werner, Bev Piscitelli. Absent Joanne Loney, Cathy Gust, Lynn Hambright. SOCK AND BUSKIN On floor Dean Boyer; Row 1 Ellen Judd, Joanette Eberhart, Donna Hill, Kathy Liberatori, Kris Heim. Glenna Murphy; Row 2 Anita Patton. Aileen Fink, Sue Borowski. Dr Jack Sederholm, Melinda Osmon. Tanya Kowalchuck, Jill Boyer WWEC Row 1: Glenna Murphy, Donna Fitzpatrick, Evelyn Johnson, Dottie King, Nancy Coyne, Gaye Travis; Row 2; Tom Showers. Don Anderson, Rick Zmuda. Joe Fritz, Woody Rothenberger, Joan Paviglianiti, Lorene Dougherty. Timothy Nickel; Row 3 Tom Galloway, Doug Webb, Doug Palasky, Gary Baker, Eric Selvey, Don Smith; Row 4 John Perkins, Mike Anderson. Brian Carroll CHORALE % «• a Row 1 : Beth Helman, Gayle Hayes, Elaine Schauren, Gretchen Nettling, Ellen Judd, Barbara Hertel, Anita Patton; Row 2: Laine Heltebrodle, Dennis Dougherty. Eugene DeSantis, Cris Dinsmore, Keith Smith, Allen Arte; Row 3: Suzanne Tessier, Dave Hollinger. Yvonne Dockey, Dan Murphy, Holly Baker, Peggy Ackerson, Bob Slamp M.E.N.C Row 1: Ellen Judd, Annette Murray. Liz Baker. Jenny Shultz; Row 2: Lynne Bisbing. Holly Baker. Joy Little, Jill Page, Tammy Weaver, Diane Artz;Row 3 Dr. Darrell Douglas (advisor), Bob Slamp, Yvonne Dockey, Mike Yasenchak, Allen Artz, Beth Helman K H I H 1 t li - K «B r J . J t " TS N V . Su w ». fc • - - r , P - • mm- CHEER- LEADERS Row 1: Belinda Huber. Donna Russell. Row 2: Beth Whitacre, Vickie Overly. Brenda Kreider (captain), Amy Dubbs (captain), Marcia Bear, Susie Wright; Row 3: Cheryl Bonsell. 47 ELIZABETHTOWN CLARINET QUARTET Diane Artz Aileen Burdge Janet Graham Sue MacLean CONCERT BAND ELIZABETHTOWN JAZZ BAND Saxes: Keith Smith Janet Graham Donna Hoffman Yvonne Dockey Holly Baker Trumpets: Don Witman (Student Director) Phyllis Kreamer Paul Steinweg Darryl Brown Ronald Saylor Trombones: David Longsderff John Bittner Robert Slamp Dwayne Weaver Carenda Baker David Holinger Piano: Allen Artz Drums: Michael Hess Bass: James Haines Vocalist: Ellen Judd ELIZABETHTOWN WOODWIND QUINTET Polly Oldis Suzanne Schreiber Janice Wealand Lori Fox Diane Artz Flutes Contra Clarinet Baritones Deborah Crouse Gary Baker •Allen Artz Carenda Baker Beth Grumbine Anns Uenney Kim Kreitzer Bassoons Barbara Little Lori Fox Julie Rankin Pam Lourincz E. Jane Valas Maureen Lyon Gretchen Nettling Trombones Polly Oldis Alto Saxophone John Bittner Wanda Williams Deborah Huffman Mark Kleinfelter Eric Selvey Dave Longsderff Kent Whiting Robert Slamp Dwayne Weaver Oooes Tenor Saxophone Tina DiStasio Yvonne Dockey Brenda Kreider Arlissa Salamone Tuoas Deborah Lebo Scott Casey Suzanne Schreiber Bari Saxophone tsteven Grubb ♦Holly Baker David Hollinger Michael Shank Clarinets Horns Diane Artz " •Linda Galella wmA Aileen Burdge •James Haines String Bass Cindy Cooley Melanie Heinz •Diane Burkey Connie Coons Belinda Huber Nelda Fink Ellen Judd Annette Fox tLisa Keller Percussion Bill Jordan Janice Wealand Lynne Bisbing ' Susan MacLean Michael Yasenchak Michael Hess Janet Shapiro Joy Little Catherine Starr Trumpets Loretta Price Tammy Yuninger Allen Beesley Jeff Rothenberger Darryl Brown Suzanne Tessier Jennifer Haifley Sue Whitley Alto Clarinet Denise Hazelwood Donna Kafka •Phyllis Kreamer Jeffrey Main •Band Staff ••Ronald Saylor tHigh School Students Bass Clarinets Paul Steinweg Judy Seldomridge Charles Thornley ••Chairman Keith Smith Donald Witman •••Manager 4 r CHORALE CHORAL UNION Ellen Anthony Cheryl Borton Karol Briggs Beth Brodhag Dana Buterbaugh Christy Butler Janet Casebeer Dawn Clancia Cindy Cooley Diane Cortelessa Sue Davis Lynn Engle Judy Fuller Kathy Gorman Kathy Grady Fran Gross Lynn Hazelwood Kris Heim Nancy Hertel Janice Hill Elizabeth Huber Karen Knight Kim Kreitzer Licia Leomporra Pam Lorinez Nancy Mason Nancy Mertz " Karen Mitchell Margery Montgomery Annette Murray Krista Musselman Angie Nelson Jill Page Sandra Postupack Leslie Powell Sue Schmidt Debbie Snavely Sue Snee Melissa Stufft Marion Sulyok Tammy Weaver Tammy Yuninger Alan Artz III Holly Baker Mike Carraher Gene DeSantis Cris Dinsmore Yvonne Dockey Dennis Dougherty Gayle Hayes Beth Helman Barb Hertel Laine Hertelbridle Dave Hollinger Dan Murphy Gretchen Nettling Anita Patton Elaine Schauren Robert Slamp Sue Tessier CONCERT CHOIR erv Jj Peggy Ackerson Allen Artz Elizabeth Baker Holly Baker Judy Barger Randi Bartells Darryl Brown Mike Carraher Connie Coons Eugene DeSantis Cris Dinsmore Yvonne Dockey Linda Espenshade Linda Galella James Haines Theron Hardic Gayle Hayes Beth Helman Barb Hertel Laine Hertlebridle Donna Hill Carla Hofmann Ellen Judd Jim Mahan Randy Malick Barb McCoy Daniel Murphy Karen Myers Gretchen Nettling Anita Patton Nancy Pederson Cheryl Peterson Jerry Peterson Michael Pizzi Sandra Postupack Wade Pratt Marcia Rebman Dana Reese Donna Sheaffer Robert Slamp Keith Smith Michael Stoudt Suzanne Tessier Charles Thornly Don Witman Dale Ziegler Doreen Ziegler i SCHLOSSER DORM COUNCIL Row 1 : Carrie Billbrough (Sec), Sue Kozak (Pres), Joanne Kocserha, Connie Bahn, Anne Gallant; Row 2: Susan Densten (Soc. Functions Rep .), Mary Lynn Geesaman (V.P ), Jan Clifford, Genny Gill, Jeanne Koury; Row 3: Mary Schmidt (Treas), Mary Lynn Ward. Mary Jo Loftus. Joann Coruzzi SCHLOSSER R.A. ' s Left to right: Robin Dodge, Lynne McGhee, Lisa Aukamp. Deb GosnelL MJ pj m ■ I ■■ m v 1 £ r m — ■ J i Jj W ' y -i p .. OBER R.A. ' s Left to right: George Eveler, Scott Jones, Bob Frame, Jerry Davis (AC), Art Thomas, Dave Reineger, Roger Hoerl. MYER DORM COUNCIL Row 1 : Colette Koch (Treas), Cindy Marx, Dotty Donovan, Carolyn Marks, Marilyn Morrissey (Pres); Row 2: Judy Menosky (Sec). Judy Seldomridge. Absent: Lisa Lang, Barb Hertel (V.P.). n A n FOUNDERS DORM COUNCIL Row 1: Kim Plovish, Steve Buck, Row 2: Mike Pizzi, Kathy Grace, Janet Hoehn, Bessette, Amy Dubbs, Kris Guers, Row 3: Melissa Mullin, Mary Kay Preston, Cathy Gumbert. i ' i T ROYER DORM COUNCIL Row 1 : Beth Reilly (Treas). Jenny Smith, Evelyn Kuester; Row 2: Linda Sheffield, Linda Blanchett, Sue Coney, Barb Bentz. Patricia Werner (Pres ), Robin Gleim (Sec). 51 CO-OP R.A . Left to right Bob Lamb. Sue Waggoner, Michelle Eck. Sue Beshore, Tanya Kowalchuk. Left to right: Ellen Judd. Joyce Goforth. Jerry Davis (A.C.), Kim Killmer, Donna Walton, Row 2: Doreen Ziegler, Eileen Hozella. MYER R.A. ' S Row 1 Stacie McAloose, Barb Hertel, Jerry Davis (AC); Row 2: Suzanne Kerlin, Maureen O ' Brien, Ann Foley. CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR CLASS SOPHOMORE CLASS Row 1: Barry Llellwyn (Pres); Row 2: Kim Killmer (Sec), Mary Left to right: Lori Scillen (Pres). Sue Borowski (V.P ), Barb Wightman Schmidt (V.P). Terry Gordon (Treas.) (Sec). Marie Francks (Treas.). FRESHMAN CLASS Left to right: Julie Murphy (Pres), Cindy Stetler (V.P.), Bill Shugars (Treas). Laurie Stetler (Sec). H ■ r m Who stole the funnies? Body on tap. 55 WSsBbSBsfw r. -p m ■ ' " ' 1 4 ■■ -f -r- VARSITY SOCCER The 1978 varsity soccer team finished another winning season with a record of twelve wins, three losses, and three ties. This record gave the Blue Jays the Middle Atlantic Conference Northern Di- vision West Title. The only losses were a 3-2 decision to tough Philadelphia Tex- tile and two losses to Scranton in the MAC and NCAA regional playoffs. Although the Jays beat Scranton in regular season play, they had trouble with them in championship games. The varsity squad fell to their rival Scranton team in the Northern Division MAC championship game and again in the NCAA regional playoff. This was the fifth time in three years that Scranton had beaten the Elizabethtown team to take away a championship. Scranton has earned three MAC titles and two NCAA crowns at the Blue Jays ' expense. With the help of seniors Bill Biegalski, Gary Christopher, Scott Frazier, Phil Good, Bob Scotten, and Fred Smith, the team booted home 65 goals this season while restricting their opponents to 20 goals. The Blue Jays lost each game by only one goal and scored in every single game. Defensively, the squad posted six shutouts, including one against Scran- ton. Leading scorer for the Jays was Scott Mack with 15 goals and 7 assists. Following closely were Dennis Waddell with 7 goals and 8 assists and Bob Scot- ten with 5 goals and 6 assists. The team has six players named to the Northern Division First Team of the 1978 MAC Soccer All Star Team. Forwards Dennis Waddell (Jr.), Mike Fefegula (Soph.), Joe Harriger (Soph), backs Gary Christ- opher (Sr.), and Phil Good (Sr.), were all named to the first team. Junior Chuck Hart received Honorable Mention. Senior co-captain Phil Good was named MAC ' S Most Valuable Player. With all the talent and potential in the team ' s young play- ers, the Blue Jays should have another outstanding record next season. 1st row Scott Frazier, Scott Mack Willoughby, Jeff Russell. Gary Christopher, Phil Good. Dennis Waddell. Tom Ferron, Dan Kilby, Coach Owen Wright. 2nd row: Joe Harriger, Bob Scotten. Stan Tyson, Mike Fefegula. Jerry Futer. Chuck Hart. Bill Olesky, Niall McKnight, Fred Smith, Bill Biegalski EC OPP 3 Oneonta 3 : Un. of Delaware 2 Muhlenberg 1 4 Gettysburg 1 2 Phila. Textile 3 5 Dickinson 1 4 Washington Lee 2 Scranton 2 Trenton State 2 Susquehanna 1 8 Wilkes 7 Albright 8 Lycoming 1 2 West Chester 4 Bucknell 1 1 Franklin Marshall MAC Playoff 1 1 Scranton 2 NCAA Regional Playoff « 2 Scranton J. V. SOCCER 1 41 • . 1st row Mike Knox, Dane McAlpine, Ray Tierney. Dean Glick. Tim Splane, Elkin Zapata, Jim Cavanaugh. 2nd row: Orlando Rodriques, Paul Sergi, Odilon Rodriques, Bill Algeo, Ocelsio Rodriques, Rory Schumpert, Bob Garone, John Perkins, Bruce Rowe. 3rd row: Coach Joe Whitmore, Rob Gosman, Mark Spaseff, Don Hannahs, Buba Toure, Rich Terry, John Holcombe. Paul Ruggieri, Don Lawler, Tom Miriello, Tommy Defino 4th row: Andy Silverman. EC OPP 1 Un. of Delaware 4 Messiah 1 4 Gettysburg 2 6 Dickinson 1 Franklin Marshall 1 7 Susquehanna 10 Scranton 5 Montgomery County 2 Franklin Marshall 2 2 West Chester Bucknell 1 4 Juniata 3 ejuuQjK ' . ■ ■ I ■ Da VOLLEYBALL The Elizabethtown intercollegiate ath- letic program was expanded with the addition of a new fall sport in women ' s volleyball. Under the coaching of1975 E- town graduate, Jack Snader, the new team had to devote much time to learn- ing the basic skills. In its initial season of play the Blue Jay team won two of its nine games. The squad consisted of 19 members who made up both a varsity and a junior varsity team. The two vic- tories posted by the varsity team came about from two exciting matches. In the first match, Susquehanna won the first game 15-11, but the Jays came back to win the next two games, 15-1 and 15-9. The second victorious match came as the team rallied to beat York Penn State in two straight games, 15-5 and 17-15. With a year ' s experience behind them now, the team is expected to have a better record next year. VARSITY - 1st row: Lon Snelling (Manager), Sylvia Khng, Laura Anthony, Kathy Tyszka, Peggy Parker, Lisa McDade. 2nd row: Annette Mormile. Rob King, Pat Crossland, Valerie Zerfing. Rhonda Heindel, Coach Jack Snader. 64 EC OPP Franklin Marshall 3 Western Maryland 3 3 3 2 Dickinson York 2 Susquehanna 1 o Messiah 3 Gettysburg 3 2 York Penn State Catonsville Junior College 2 JV — 1st row: Lisa Groff, Dot Connelly, Deb Johnson, 2nd row: Lori Snelling (Manager), Mary Simansky, Nancy Mertz, Betsy Wetzel, Peggy Fox, June Robinson, se Kling, Coach Jack Snader. 65 FIELD HOCKEY MAC CHAMPIONS Field hockey brought another championship to E-town as the Jayg- als romped to a 13-3 season record and clinched the Middle Atlantic and Penn-Mar Conference titles. Ranked within the top twelve field hockey teams from Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, the varsity team then entered the EAIAW region- al tournament for the first time. The team lost their first game there to Ursinus 1-0 in a close contest, but came back to beat Millersville in the consolation game. Overall, the vic- torious field hockey team netted 61 goals while limiting their opponents to 26 goals. Junior Joan Albright was the top scorer for the second consecutive season with 18 goals. Following her closely were junior Lorrie Fisher with 16 goals and sophomore Connie Chronister with 12 goals. The team will be losing senior co-captains Beth Bowers and Lynn Hambright who both led the Jaygals defensively. The future looks bright for next season with talent and experience returning. VARSITY — 1st row Jenny Henise. Phyllis Shope, Beth Bowers. Lynn Hambright. Joann List; 2nd row: Lori Fisher, Debbie Menhardt. Geri Bradley. Joan Albright, Nancy Hahn, Connie Chronister. Coach Yvonne Kauffman. 66 ■■ IBHIfH EC OPP Lock Haven 7 4 Messiah 4 East Stroudsburg 1 2 Lebanon Valley 1 D Western Maryland 6 Albright 1 4 Dickinson 7 York 1 4 Gettysburg 4 Franklin Marshall 2 4 Shippensburg Millersville MAC Semifinal 2 8 Delaware Valley MAC Final 1 1 Franklin Marshall Tie won by E-town on pen 1 alty shots 8-6 EAIAW Regional Ursinus EAIAW Consolation 1 3 Millersville 2 n ■ SSSEI. 1nt - v- M JV — 1st row Maureen Connelly, Dawn Eveier, Jeanne Kennedy, Diane Huber. Cindy Bollinger, Mel Metzger, Patty Sanderson. 2nd row: Sue Barta, Sue Rankin. Marianne Tozak, Becky Blair, Anne Shilhngford, Bonita Lighty. Teresa Simpson, Chris Lefin, Cindy Black. Coach Darlene Hershey. fc jV H J fl Jo Ui " m- €i B - j3 WittC t: MEN ' S BASKETBALL EC OPP The Blue Jay basketball team maintained the Elizabethtown winning tradition for the fourth straight year. The team played host to the Middle Atlantic Conference Northern Division playoffs. On their home court, the Blue Jays won the title after defeating Scranton and Albright. Selected for the NCAA regional final at Albright College, the unranked Elizabethtown team upset 10th ranked Grove City to move to the finals with Franklin and Marshall. Time seemingly ran out for the Blue Jays in the final game when Franklin and Marshall, with two seconds left to play, scored on a free throw to break the 59-59 tie. The Jays finished their season with a 17-9 record. Juniors Doug Brown and Leon Carswell led the team in scoring with averages of 17.7 and 16.4 respectively. Brown hit for his 1000th career point during the Grove City game and earned a place in the All-Tourney team. Next season the Jays will miss the talents of senior Bernie Krupa, but look forward to another winning season. Sponaugle Tournament 56 Franklin Marshall 72 89 Millersville 71 78 Millersville 83 74 Delaware Valley 40 46 Franklin Marshall 79 72 Susquehanna 61 87 Allegheny 76 62 Albright 58 70 Juniata 66 79 Kings 86 64 Widener 55 42 Wilkes 55 55 Albright 58 61 Susquehanna 51 68 FDU-Madison 52 74 Lycoming 65 60 Phila. Textile 59 65 Lebanon Valley 55 72 Juniata 54 57 Scranton 58 65 Wilkes 54 50 Lycoming MAC Playoff 69 79 Scranton 65 45 Albright NCAA Regional 41 58 Grove City 53 59 Franklin Marshall 60 ■u — VARSITY — 1st row; Leon Carswell, Mark Chadwick, Mark Weaver, Bernie Krupa. Joe Baranko, Doug Brown, Joe Harriger. 2nd row: Coach Don Smith. Brian Moran, Jon Vitarius. Jack Llewellyn, Gary Verazin, Carrie Billbrough (stats). Jan Clifford (stats), Gay Graham (stats), Coach Dan Reitmeyer MAC NORTHERN DIVISION CHAMPIONS WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Varsity — 1st row: Lee Ann Chelak, Beth Peitfer, Lynne Titus, Denise Beck. Tess Tulley. 2nd row: Geri Bradl ey. Kathy Palubinsky, Rob King. Donna Mulder, Beverly Hall, Coach Yvonne Kauffman. The women ' s basketball team once again posted a victorious season this year. The Jaygirls finished the season with an outstanding 19-5 record. The team started their winning streak by taking 1st place in the Messiah tournament. The squad lost last year ' s leading scorer, sophomore Gen Bradley, early in the season when she suffered a knee injury in the fifth game. Before the injury which took her out of action for the rest of the season. Geri had added 93 points to boost her career scoring total to 775 points, a new Elizabethtown record Balanced scoring was the key element to the Jaygals ' successful season. Scoring high for the team were freshman Denise Beck followed closely by sophomore Beth Peiffer, Junior Rob King, and freshmen Bev Hall, Donna Mulder, and Lynne Titus. When the ball team defeated Franklin and Marshall, the Jaygals became the 1978-79 Penn Mar Conference Champions. The Middle Atlantic Conference crown eluded the squad as they fell to Widener in the opening round of the championship tournament. During the season, the Elizabethtown team outscored their opponents by more than 500 points. The Jaygals netted a total of 1.824 points to their opponents ' 1,292. In addition, the Blue Jays posted at least 60 points against their opponents in every game but one. Defensively, the team allowed their opponents to exceed that 60 point level only eight times. A new team scoring record of 115 points was set in a game against Dickinson. More than half of the Blue Jay team were freshmen this year. Only one Jaygal, Rob King, will be a senior next year. With all these talent-laden athletes returning and high scoring Geri Bradley back in action, the winning tradition of the women ' s basketball team will most certainly be continued next year. Penn Mar Champions EC OPP Messiah Tournament 99 Dickinson 23 74 Messiah 62 Bridgewater Tournament 71 Bridgewater 73 74 Eastern Mennonite 65 50 Shippensburg 61 69 Widener 71 97 Juniata 58 60 Bucknell 66 81 Gettysburg 46 81 Delaware Valley 43 83 Albright 56 69 Susquehanna 37 115 Dickinson 37 101 Lebanon Valley 36 70 Messiah 50 85 Upsala 81 73 Western Maryland 49 67 Franklin Marshall 56 78 Wilkes 52 ,« Lycoming MAC Playoff 37 89 Albright MAC Tournament 48 70 Widener 75 61 Millersville 55 •• . JV — 1st row: Connie Chronister, Lynn Hambright. Maureen Connelly, Cheryl McFadden, Mary Kohut- 2nd row; Sue Coney, Jan Malesic. Becky Blair, Mary Lou Regan, Mary Simansky, Coach Wally Kisthardl. WRESTLING Another winning season was posted by the Elizabethtown ' s wrestling team. The Blue Jays wound up the season with a 10-5 dual meet record, finishing third in MAC tournament team scoring. For the first time, the team had three MAC champions in one season. Junior Jude Bervinchak, the MAC defending champion, held onto his title in the 134 pound competition. Juniors Duane Maurer and Gary Schieb captured titles at 142 and 150 pounds respectively. Freshman Kurt Anderson captured an individual third place and joined the three title holders in California for the NCAA national tournament. The Blue Jays will lose senior Dave Reiniger next season. However, with the returning MAC champions and the talent of the rest of the wrestlers, the team should have another winning season. 1st row: Mike Doerr, Andy Maurer, Jude Bervinchak, Duane Maurer. Kurt Anderson, Gary Schieb; 2nd row: Mark Spaseff, Pete Roland. Dave Reiniger, Don Chapman, Dave Lehman, Scott Pierce. EC OPP 39 Ursinus 11 39 Moravian 14 12 Swarthmore 33 26 Gettysburg 18 42 Widener 6 38 Albright 12 32 Susquehanna 17 28 Towson 12 19 York 28 36 Johns Hopkins 9 22 Delaware Valley 28 10 Lycoming 34 33 Juniata 15 34 Lebanon Valley 12 6 Millersvilte 42 EC 8 2 2 6 7 7 6 3 3 3 5 4 4 6 10 2 5 Ursinus Franklin Marsha Wilkes Wilkes UMBC UMBC Millersville Susquehanna Susquehanna Lebanon Valley West Chester Widener Juniata Juniata Dickinson Albright Albright MAC West Playoff 1st row: Tom Ferron, Doug Hufsey. Randy Coldiron, Dave Doherty, Coach Owen Wright. 2nd row: Perry Owen, Rick Shadel, Wayne McCullough, Kevin Jacoby, Dave Oblender, Mike Riley, Richard Dolan, Jeff Forbes 3rd row: Tom Bailey, Mike Sensenig, Gary Wylde, Jerry Futer. Don Lawler, Jim Templeton. Another fine season was posted by the Blue Jay baseball team. The Jays finished the regular conference season deadlocked with Wilkes College in first place. It seemed as if another title would be won for E-town, but the squad had the championship snatched away from them in a close game. The Jays finished the season with an overall 12-7 record, going 6-3 in Middle Atlantic Conference play. Leading hitter for the season was first baseman Gary Wylde with a .333 average. The Blue Jays lose five seniors from the squad including co-captains Randy Coldiron and Rob Meier. Other seniors are outfielder Dave Doherty, second baseman Doug Hufsey, and first baseman Rick Quinn. However, on the brighter side, E-town will return catchers Jeff Forbes and Rick Shadel and the entire pitching staff of Will Senn, Jerry Futer, Don Lawler, and freshmen Kevin Jacoby, Mike Riley, Andy Mehalko, Wayne Humphries, and Tom Bailey. Also returning will be third baseman Wayne McCullough who hit three homers, had 17 hits and scored 17 runs during the season. 1st row: Beth Matthews. Cindy Matulay, Lynn Hambright, Melanie Metzger, E. Jane Valas. Jill Yeatman, Connie Chroniste r; 2nd row: Joanne Loney, Deanne Starr, Stan Tyson, Debbie Menhardt, Anne Shillingford. Kathy Maser, Betsy Wetzel, Mary Simansky, Becky Blair SOFTBALL EC OPP 13 Franklin Marshall 6 6 Susquehanna 7 21 Messiah 10 2 Shippensburg 10 10 Shippensburg 17 7 Albright 5 14 MSC 12 5 York 7 1st row: Mary Ellen Zizos, Bonita Lighty, Sandra Hess. Denise Beck, Cynthia Bollinger. Kathy Tyszka, Beth Peiffer, Coleen O ' Keefe. Sue Wiatroski; 2nd row: Faith Bernard, Beth Bowers, Susan Kozak, Karen Jones, Beverly Hall, Sue Barta, Geri Bradley, Melissa Mullin, Coach Jack Snader. MEN ' S TENNIS EC 7 Gettysburg Millersville OPP 9 2 8 Ursinus 1 6 Scranton 3 9 Juniata 8 Susquehanna 1 6 Phila. Textile 3 9 Lycoming 8 Wilkes 1 7 Albright 2 1 Upsala 8 With a 5-0 record in the Middle Atlantic Conference, the Ehzabethtown men ' s tennnis team won the MAC Northern Division-West title. The division crown eluded them however as they fell to Upsala 8-1- After losing their season opener, the Blue Jays went on to win their next eight encounters. The team ended their successful season with a 9-2 overall record. Captain Jeff Stauffer lead the team in singles competition with a 9-2 season record When Stauffer teamed up with Fred Armstrong in doubles competition, the two posted a 10-1 season record. The Jays lose three senior netman including top-seeded Armstrong along with Mark Schmidt and John Quinn. Hopefully talented freshmen will fill the vacancies so the team can enjoy another winning season. NORTH-WEST CHAMPS Left to right: Dave Kelly. Mark Schmidt. John Quinn. Mike Endy. Fred Armstrong. Jeff Kitsock. Jeff Stauffer, Coach Bob Garrett. 79 EC OPP 3 Franklin Marshall 4 5 Shippensburg 2 2 Gettysburg 5 6 Scranton 1 7 York 3 Bucknell 4 7 Dickinson 1 6 Western Maryland 7 Albright 7 Millersville WOMEN ' S TENNIS The women ' s team improved on last year ' s 6-3 record by posting a 7-3 tally for the season. The Jaygals proved their strength by shutting out four of their oppo- nents. Both Nancy Wilkins and Kathy Keller finished the season with 8-2 records. The two teamates paired up to win the MAC championship in doubles competition at Franklin and Marshall. The two top-seeded singles players, Jo Wetzler and Jenny Haifley, also competed at the MAC ' S. Post- ing outstanding records for the season were singles player Kathy Nitterhouse (9- 1). The Jaygals lose only one senior, Mag- gie Maples, from the squad, so the team should continue their winning ways. Left lo right: Linda Torgensen, Jo Wetzler. Lisa Groff. Karen Nitterhouse, Coach Yvonne Kauffman. Nancy Wilkins. Kathy Keller, Kathy Goodman, Jenny Haifley. Maggie Maples. 80 lti(fe .tL SWIMMING Elizabethtown swimmers suffered a disappointing season brought on chiefly by inexperience and a lack of team members. The Blue Jay team competed as a coed squad following the men ' s schedule. The team dropped its first five dual meets. After more members dropped out, competition seemed im- practical and the remainder of the dual meet season was canceled. The swim- mers did take part in the Tri-State Inter- collegiate ' s Swimming and Diving Cham- pionships at York College. Senior Barry Llewellyn finished sixth in a field of 17 in the diving competition next season. 1st row Coach Tulley. Suzette Desjardin, Sandy Rohr, Judy Seldomridge: 2nd row: Barry Llewellyn. Scott Baker. Tim Brenneman. 83 ■ ■ v2»i.iv.ji 1 1 1 ■ .i- tf Dr. Steven A. Anolik Visiting Lecturer in Psychology A Mr. David A. Barger Assistant Professor of Music Dr. Steven C. Behrendt Instructor of English Mr. Edgar T. Bitting Professor of Business Ms. Louise B. Black Associate Professor of English Mr. Ernest A. Blaisdell, Jr. Associate Professor of Mathematics Mr. Edward R. Bleau Assistant Professor of Business Mr. I. L. Bossier Professor of Mathematics Mr. Stanley K. Bowers Associate Professor of Education Dr. Jay R. Buffenmyer Associate Professor of Business Associate Department Chairman Dr. Carl A. Callenbach Associate Professor of Education Dr. John A. Campbell, Jr. Professor of English Dr. Robert C. Cheung Associate Professor of Psychology Dr. Eugene P. Clemens Professor of Religion and Philosophy Mr. Hubert M. Custer Associate Professor of Physics Mr. Uldis Daiga Associate Professor of Modern Languages Dr. Paul M. Dennis Associate Professor of Psychology Department Chairman — Spring semester Dr. James L. Dively Associate Professor of Biology Ms. J. Sue Dolan Instructor of Business Mr. Robert D. Dolan Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Darrell R. Douglas Associate Professor of Music Dr. J. Thomas Dwyer Professor of English Department Chairman Mr. Russell E. Eisenbise Associate Professor of Sociology Department Chairman ' This paper was due last semester. " 88 Dr. Delbert W. Ellsworth Associate Professor of Psychology Bntt ■■ Ms. Martha A. Eppley Associate Professor of Economics Department Chairman Mr. Hugh G. Evans, Jr. Associate Professor of Economics Mr. Lee E. Evinger Assistant Professor of Earth Science Dr. Boyd Fox Associate Professor of Education i ii r h Mr. Robert B. Garrett Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Donna E. Gaver Assistant Professor of Education Mr. Jack G. Gillaugh Instructor of Business Coach Joe taping in the training room. 89 H Mi Mr. George A. Gliptis Associate Professor of Business Dr. John F. Harrison Associate Professor of Music ' ■ Ms. Suzanne S. Goodling Associate Professor of Modern Language Department Chairman Dr. J. Robert Heckman Professor of Biology Department Chairman Ms. Doris Gordon Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy Department Chairman ■ l Mr. Jack L. Hedrick Professor of Chemistry Mr. James R. Hightower Instructor of Modern Languages Ms. Jean F. Hiler Instructor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Frederic E. Hoffman Associate Professor of Biology m m Dr. Rene C. Hope Associate Professor of Physics Department Chairman Dr. David A. lacono-Harris Assistant Professor of Social Work Ms. Yvonne E. Kauffman Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mr. Otis D. Kitchen Associate Professor of Music Mr. Donald E. Koontz Professor of Mathematics Mr. John E. Koontz Associate Professor of Mathematics Dr. Donald B. Kravbil Associate Professor of Sociology Ms. Carroll L. Kreider Associate Professor of Business Dr. J. Kenneth Kreider Professor of History Department Chairman HH ■ ■fl Ml Dr. Robert E. Lamontagne Associate Professor of Political Science Dr Dively perfects his surgical techniques. J Mr. Ronald L. Laughlin Associate Professor of Biology Mr. R. Bruce Lehr Associate Professor of Sociology Mr. Henry M. Libhart Professor of Art Department Chairman Dr. J. Henry Long Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. James E. McVoy, Jr. Assistant Professor of Music Department Chairman Mr. Robert K. Morse Associate Professor of Mathematics SB The Jay ' s employees are hard at work. Dr. Richard L. Mumford Professor of History Mr. Donald G. Muston Assistant Professor of Business Mr. Stanley R. Neyer Associate Professor of Business Dr. Rollin E. Pepper Professor of Biology Dr. Frank P. Polanowski Assistant Professor of Biology Mr. D. Kenneth Ober Associate Professor of Physical Education Department Chairman Mr. H. Marshall Pomroy Associate Professor of Business I • . I . ' 1 1 ■ BHI I KuWH Mr. H. Herbert Poole, Jr. Assistant Professor of History Ms. Zoe G. Proctor Professor of Chemistry Dr. William Puffenberger Professor of Religion and Philosophy Mr. Barney T. Raffield. Ill Assistant Professor of Business MM - ay Ms. Sharon H. Raffield Associate Professor of Social Work Dr. John P. Ranck Professor of Chemistry Dr. D. Paul Rice Professor of Education Department Chairman S Dr. Jobie E. Riley Associate Professor of Communication Arts Dr. Austin D. Ritterspach Professor of Religion and Philosophy Department Chairman Ms. Elisabeth D. Russell Associate Professor of English Dr. Carmine T. Sarracino Assistant Professor of English Dr. Charles D. Schaeffer, Jr. Assistant Professor of Chemistry Ms. Reba M. Sebelist Instructor of Occupational Therapy Dr. Jack P. Sederholm Assistant Professor of Communication Arts Dr. Wayne A. Selcher Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Ronald L. Shubert Professor of Mathematics Department Chairman Dr. Carl N. Shull Professor of Music Mr. Harry L. Simmers Associate Professor of Music mMaSfVstSi 1 Mr. Donald E. Smith Associate Professor of Communication Arts Department Chairman ' rrt ■ ' % Dr. Martin O. L. Spangler Professor of Chemistry Department Chairman Mr. Donald P. Smith Assistant Professor of Physical Education Mr. John W. Stites Associate Professor of Music Mr. Armon C. Snowden Professor of Religion and Philosophy Dr. Stanley T. Sutphin Professor of Religion and Philosophy Dr. Cheung casts a watchful eye. 96 Dr. William L. Taylor, Jr. Instructor of English Mr. Glenn H. Thompson, Jr. Associate Professor of Earth Science Dr. Bela Vassady, Jr. Associate Professor of History Mr. Joseph A. Whitmore, Jr. Assistant Professor of Physical Education Dr. Thomas R. Winpenny Associate Professor of History Dr. Michael A. Worman Associate Professor of Political Science Dr. Owen L. Wright Professor of Physical Education Dr. Guido R. Zanni, Jr. Assistant Professor of Psychology Department Chairman— Fall semester Dr. Robert E. Ziegler Professor of Education Dr. Sederholm battles the snow H I M H PRESIDENT Mark C. Ebersole I m ■■■piTLJ— " — T PRESIDENTIAL COMMITTEE OFFICE OF DEAN OF FACULTY Row 1: Walter Shaw, Mark Ebersole, Gerald Rlsser; Row 2: Bruce Wilson, James Yeingst. Row 1: Margaret Gabel. Sandra Zerby, Susan Przywltowski, Anna Carper; Row 2: John Ofterman, Kevin Manning, Donald Neiser, Jane Morton, Bruce Wilson, Stanley Bowers. 98 ■ ■ ■ OFFICE OF DEAN OF STUDENTS Row 1: Beverly Piscitelli, John Tulley, Royal Snavely, Beth Sweltzer; Row 2: James Hilton, Gordon Bateman, Walter Shaw, Jerry Davis, Gerald Peterson. OFFICE OF THE TREASURER OFFICE OF PUBLIC AFFAIRS Left to right: Pauline Ehrgood, James Yeingst, Kenneth Baylor. Row 1: Walter Brown, Martha Farver, Donald Yoder; Row 2: Wilbur Weaver, Gregory Hill, Gerald Risser, Wayne Boyer, Hugh Harris. 99 PRESIDENTIAL STAFF Left to right: Donald Yoder, Martha Farver, Mark Ebersole. OFFICE OF DEVELOPMENT Left to right: Lynn Perry, Robert Young, Linda Langsett- Williams. OFFICE PERSONNEL AND PARA-PROFESSIONALS Row 1: Donna Weidman, Carol Burke, Diana Billet, Carol Warfel, Mary Ann Barley, Joyce Gibbons, Dorothy Hamilton, Sarah Jane Raber; Row 2: Jean Beck, Donna Berry, Candace Linn, Angeline Sell, Gladys Singer, Helen Myers, Elizabeth Miller, Cynthia Hendrix, Josephine Dalton, Grace Rhen, Mary Hill. 100 HOUSEKEEPING AND MAINTENANCE Row 1: Shirley Riggleman, Ruth Beck, Joyce Stauffer, Anna Ruth Mark, Luella Zeamers, Mary Williams; Row 2: Walter Brown. David Ebersole, Irwin Eckert, Lester Fackler, Richard Warfel, Harry Floyd, Jay Burkins. FOOD SERVICES Row 1: Sharon Bautista, Sereiny Tan, Rhoda Garman, Marian Kedell, Mary Jane Culbertson; Row 2: Wayne Boyer, Cathy Heisey, Joanne Pinkerton, Roy Bender, James Beamenderfer, Gail Hauck, Marjorie Conlon; Row 3: Terry Gill, Morris Carnes, Susan Lightner, Mary Fuller, Deborah Becker, Mindy Lytle. ■ DEPARTMENT OF SAFETY Row 1: Hugh Harris, Arthur Hornett; Row 2: David Witkovsky, Dale Ziegler, Thomas Strickler. 101 •amXamMMy H 11 m m ■»»c» ' Bill Shugars Football season at Founders Bicycles out of season Founders residents frolic in the snow 104 :: m: m . A-1 Row 1 Kathy Grady. Kris Heim, LeeAnn Chelak, Jenny Kissel. Licia Leomporra Row 2 Lorene Dougherty. Suzette Desjardin. Beth Matthews. Belinda Huber, Kris Manwiller. T.J Harbaugh, Sue Borowski Row 3 Sandy Wagner (and Ralph), Kris Guers. Nancy Benton. Ginger Geissler. Diane Cortellessa. Sue Rowett. Fnsbee — popular sport Wendy Chin Never could pull an all-nighter A-2: Row 1 Glenna Murphy, Robin Lesher, Evelyn Johnson. Marcia Bear. Susie Wright, Holly Barton, Linda Grefe, Marcia Kessler flow 2 Claudia Albanese, Tina Mondscheim, Brenda Mizdail. Diane March, Dianne Bessette. Bev Houser. Janet Hoffman. Gretchen Lohse, Liz Barton Row 3 Chris Kirchner, Kathy Thomas, Wendy Chin, Lisa Coccette, Mary Reid, Karen Jones, Arlene Green. Betsy Morris. Louise Meszaros A-3 North. Row 1 Kathy Liberator:. Kathy Snyder, Jill Calvert. Cathy Gottschalk. Joan Kachel. Kelly Book Row 2 Janice Rohland, Holly Carmint. Melanie Heinz, Cheri Allison. Kathy Stahl. Kathye Lauchman Row 3 Erin Garrity, Beth Helman. Kelly Book and Cathy Gottschalk Warren Beatty admirer A-3 South: Row 1 Lori Fox. Erica Kurzweil. Susan Fichthorn, Cookie Monster. Teddy Bear. Sandy Book Row 2 Lori Hawthorne. Theresa Tulley, Jamie Hurley. Warren Beatty. Joanne Anderson. Margaret Zahn, Mortimer. Lisa Cipallone. 8-7 Row 1 Paula Bradley. Aileen Fink flow 2 Judy Wilder. Janet Hoehn. Karol Briggs. Ronnie Behan Row 3 Ann Seibert, Cyndi Kepner. Jean Burton, Cheryl Borton. Paula Bradley 106 I S-2. Row 1 Amanda Cutler. Betsey Kirk. Eva Hemerick, Trina Schwing. Anne Messina. Donna Kusnierczyk, Linda Storst. Debra Blaschak flow 2 Laura Flemming. Pam Marburger. Nina Filaroma. Denise Dale. Sherne Peck Row 3 Karen Myer. Marianne Tezak. Theresa Rowe. Kathy Hetnch. Karen Abplanalp. Melisse Mullin Row 4 Betsy Siegrist. Barbara Francks, Janet McGrath. Sherray Gould. Diane Stalker, Theresa Puhalla, Annette Mormile. Sue Seifrit Karen Kottmyer and Mark Kaiser B-3: Row 1 Julie Murphy. Sue Seifrit, Sherray Gould, Kathy Tyszka, Maggie Maples Row 2 Melanie Pearce. Wanda Williams. Debbie Lebo. Aileen Burdge. Kathyann Hutchison. Laura Colonna Row 3 Geri Bradley, Nancy Trent. Cathy Gust, Terri Leaman Row 4 Cathy Gumbert, Karen Nitterhouse, Molly Keith, Debbie Schillinger, Gale Schlitz, Sandy Mack. Michele Salomone. Julie Murphy B-3 celebrates Valentines Day 107 IHB C-1: Row 1 Amy Dubbs, Kathy Palubinsky. Kate Hawrylo, Rochelle Angstadt, Janet Bigham, Rhonda Heindel Row 2 Barbara Wightman. Mane Francks. Mary Lou Regan, Jul! Showalter. Alison Scott. Marie Francks and fellow team members Barb Wightman TGIStug of war C-2 and C-3 demonstrate pyramid power C-2 Row 1 Nelda Fink. Jane Weber, Mary Kay Preston Row 2 Jo Wetzler, Dawn Ciancia, Laura Boornazian, Theresa Godfrey, Janet Shapiro. Elaine Schawren Row 3 Susan Atkinson, Lisa Kiewe. Cindy Shanks. Melissa Stufft. Kathy Keller. Dawn Schlossman, 108 H v- : Joan Morey C-3: Row 1 Margie Ducato, Sue MacLean, Judy Fuller. Nina Shover, Bonny T Shudy. Lisa Thomas. Mary Jo Beotsch, Kim Plavish. Pat Cooksey. Linda Dresher. Nancy Coyne. Nancy Kochel Row 2 Marsha DeHaas, Anne Henshaw. Tracy Lloyd, Judy Kowalok. Gayle Hayes. Lyda McCutcheory. Karen Bentzel. Traci Musser, Pat Litumas, Linda Yeingst, Page Palmer Steve Douglas leads the way This course is such a joke D-1: Row 1 David Sempeles. Tim Trayer, Terry Gordon. Scott Klein Row 2 Mike Jackobowski, Sokyoung Kim. Jay Elder. Chris Smith, Randy Wirth, Eric Schmid 109 Randy Wirth 9M ' ■ 1 1 D-2 North Row 1 Al Pagen Row 2 Rob Beyer. Steve Buck. Wayne Huyard. Dean Glick Row 3 Mark England, Sam Skiles, Toto, Alan Beesley. Jay Reich Row 4 Bogie. Blind Mans Bluff Time well spent in library Bernie Wise Students take advantage of blizzard Jane Schatzman and Glenn Pfadenhauer D-1 South Row 1 Mark Spaseff, Moby Slonaker. Bernie Wise, Pat Hawkins. Row 2 Bernie Krupa, Dwayne Weaver. Bill Shugars. Gary Verazin. Jim Shull. John Martin. T R Hardic 110 Lori Fisher, Joan Albright and Beth Bowers D-3 North Row 1 Paul Gerding. Bruce Bausher. Jeff Kitsock. George Pappas Row 2 Bill Wood. Tom Woodson. John Britton, Rod Angstadt. Brad Poore. Ponch Is this really snow? Bruce Bausher D-3 South Row 1 Doug Palaskey Row 2 Mike Spangler. Mike Boess, Ray Tierney, Ray Schweibert Row 3 Dave Behrs. Gary Baker, Tim Holder, Ralph Richard, Jeff Gosnell, Rick Ensslen 111 Mike Spangler Notes decorate wall Anne, Stacey and Jay Watch Out! I wish classes would be cancelled 112 1-East: Row 1 Carol Spence, Mary Simansky, Ardy Holder. Keish, Jennifer Hampshire, Pat Crossland, Lisa Groff. Debra Gosnell, Mary Jo Lottus, Julie May, Mary Chowanski Row 2 Karen Hoflich, Connie Chronister. Robin Stranger, Joan Rohrbaugh, Linda Davis, Nancy Glattfelder Row 3 Sylvia Kling, Mindy Trout. Kerne Kelly. Bonita Lighty. Dawn Eveler. Jeanne Clayton How 4 Nancy Conway. Sue Quenzer. Sandy Rohr. Kim Gnesemer. Lori Snelling. Heidi Stahl, Laura Anthony, Joann Coruzzi, Mary Ann Merel, Sherry Morgan, Kathy Jo McPike, Use Kling Erica VanHorn I ' ve got you beat now 2-East: Row 1 Jean Scarpignato. Cherl Bailey. Donna Russell, Laurette Schuler. Debbie Derr, Kim Heffleger Row 2 Liz Diacont. Chris Jameson. Kim Hieber, Debbie Allen. Jan Clifford, Pam Price. Kelly Aucker, Dee Musser, Pat Vaughn Row 3 Caryl Zimmerman. Lori Bonner. Sandy Best, Anne Gallant, Lori Scillieri. Vivian DeCesare, Betsy Reinhart, Kim Menges. Cathy Kwader. Sandra Hess, Nancy Mason Row 4 Gay Graham, Monica Colgan. Lisa Polder, Gail Schmerfeld, Margarett Smeltzer, Robin Duvall. Jeannine and Kim Queen for the day 113 Look up here! ' ? $fa ' %. ■ v, — -c lifc»£fc. .n 2-Wesf Row ; Arlissa Salomone. Carrie Billbrough, Lornane Miller, Suzanne Tessier Row 2 Jane Thomas. Tammy Ardrey. Cathy Donahue, Diane Schaeffer, Maureen Lyon, Beth Brodhag, Cindy Stetler, Julie Smykal. Doris Kuhn. Angle Nelson, Carla Hofmann Row 3 Dawn Paul. Robin Dodge, Belinda Kline. Cheryl Friedlin, Sharon Clarke. Carolyn Louder. Kathy Kelly, Sue Densten, Linda Needham, Holly Ewan. Diane Nelson, Kathy Rehfuss, Erica VanHorn. Jane Valas. Brenda Kreider Dawn Spaar and Bindy Kaercher Robin Dodge 3-East Row 1 Brenda Kreider, Gretchen Nelting, Dawn Spaar, Lisa Kramer, Josie Baust, Barb McCoy. Kathy Goodman. Lynne McGhee Row 2 Sue Whitley, Ellen Anthony, Robyn Pollina. Genny Gill, Connie Gallow. Sue DelRusso, Cookie Peterson, Joan Pavliagnite, Joyce Barnett, Mary Lynn Geesemen, Connie Bahn Row 3 Kathy Maser, Lesli Powell, Janice Hill, Jeanine Pantano, Diane Forster, Bindy Kaercher. Stacy Koval. Cathy Carnanus, Becky Dinulos, Chris Hinkle, 114 Debbie Menhardt Belinda Kline Carrie Billbrough Doris Weisert 3-West Row 1 Elaine Bauer, Laura Brigance. Kay Janick, Sue Weber. Jeannine Shirtz, Nancy Shallenberger. Lori Gallego, Mutfie Weller, Kris Gieg Row 2 Donna Short. Susan Stevens, Jeanne Koury, Ginny Pack. Susan Davis. Maria M Colon. Sherry Mason, Marie Kobylinski, Janette Azelvandre Row 3 Pat Carroll, Paula Caveno, Lisa Aukamp. Debbie Hawtof. Lita Foor. Karen Knight. Dana Aberie. Cindy Reese. Cathy Scott, Peggy Acherson, Doris Weisert, Donna Fitzpatrick 115 Genny Gill Marcia Rebman and Tom Stepanchak Kevin Savory and Polly Oldis Lisa McDade and escort I get by with a little help from my friends 116 I H Em 1-East Row 1 Beth Whitacre, Serena Von der Heiden. Denise Beck. Vicki MacWnght, Marilyn Mornssey Row 2 Karen Hamann. Ann Foley. Jean Reed. Donna Kafka, Cindy Marx Why do they always ask " what ' s for dinner? " Carolyn Behr and Chris Mruk Jan Wealand 2-East: Row 1 Nancy Hertel, Dana Buterbaugh. Man Pugliese. Donna Hoffman Row 2 Maureen Connelly. Chris Hershey, Maureen Roberts. Bernadette Wilk, Tammy Burk, Liz Baker Row 3 Karen Allen, Tammy Yunmger. Beth Grumbme, Maryrose Frey, Sheryl Martin. Chris Mruk Row 4 Deanne Starr, Missi Northrop. Mary Muhich, Nancy Pederson. Theresa Simpson, Jan Wealand, Sue Snee 117 2-West Row 1 Brenda Barnhart, Linda Torgenson, Kathy Gorman. Beth LeConey. Ton! Melchiondo, Katy Boyle. Dotty Donovan, Barb Hertel Row 2 Lisa Brown. Kathy Bohn. Jenny Haifley. Julie Rankin, Jeanne McClure, Karen Mitchell. Annette Fox. Lisa McDade Row 3 Linda Ranch. Colette Koch. Carol Sinbach. Linda Sites. Julie Metcalf. Emily Meibohm. Diane Lehart, Diane Wilson. Deb Johnson 3-£asf. Row 1 Kathy Jones, Eileen Floriani. Jenny Hart. Stacy Roth Row 2 Cindy Cooley. Edith Nelson. Karen Gallagher. Karen Mummert. Peggy Parker. Karen Dorsey. Donna Wilson. Meg Lomerson, Annette Murray Row 3 Allison Webb. Nancy Marshall. Sue Hand. Sharolyn Bowman, Mary Ann Geiger, Judy Seldomndge. Gayle Kline. Maureen O ' Brien. Kathy Merel, Hilary Welsh Row 4 Fran Gross. Karen Sullivan, Julie Milanik, Sue Boole, Maryanne Foy, Linda McCollouqh 118 Annette Murray MM. •▼ 1 A m w ..jit ' 5 Relaxing at the Jays Snowball fight in the dell Raquetball? I thought this was tennis My that looks good File it away 3-West: Row 1 Sue Reed. Karen Eukert, Judy Menosky, Patty Eberly, Judy Priggms. Holly Cooke, Michelle Horan, Deb Lewis Row 2 Laurie Brookes. Cindy Kapner. Sue Ebersole. Marcia Rebman, Denise Kramer, Betsy Best, Sharon Smith Row 3 Melinda Osmon, Kendall Mason. Cathy Duerst. Aud Fetter, Chari Goodwin, Carey Smith. Fran Elfreth, Anne Reifsnyder. 119 v x $ III I DC LU o DC 7r IS Wiijf S u •-■ ■ - r Pat Werner, Colleen O ' Keefe and Roger Sayre Jean Garman Jerry Davis and Kim Killmer Sue Coney and Cynthia Fallos 120 1 -North Row 1 Stan Shilling — Hall Mascot Row 2 Joyce Goforth. Ann Plymyer, Ruth Mares. Linda Blanchett. Beth Reilly. Barb Soldati Row 3 Lisa Unkle. Kathy Labe. Jill Stambaugh. Robin Gleim. ►. •. - Always in a hurry H Strolling along. Chris Wolf Cindy Lenker. None Gunhart 121 Randi Bartells 2-North: Row 1 Kathy Knight, Mary Beth Goodwin. Janice Snyder. Eileen Hozella, Doreen Ziegler, Cheryl McFadden, Blair Bux. Cindi Fallos, Kathl Scheppach, Yvonne Dockey. Sue Coney. Pat " Pooper " Werner. Barb Bentz. Ruth Greenly. Carolyn Grey. Jill Page, Carolyn Rubin. i H ew AytdE WERE. » n e S Once Upon A Time . Jill Page 2-South Row 1 Donna Howarth, Loretta Price, Donna Sheaffer Row 2 Janet Casebeer, Jeanna Clark, Betsy Wetzel, Cindy Schmidt, Jill Yeatman, Susan Hivner Row 3 Cathy Kipp, Cindy Neil. Tammi Weaver Row 4 Deb Chant, Cindy Faulkner. Christy Butler. Kathy Schwarzmann Carol Richman, Melanie Ent Dottie King 122 3-North: Row 1 Pam Loring, Sharon Warner, Sue Wiatroski Row 2 Cathy Starr, Parti Sanderson. Kellie Matheson, Renee Horst, Diane Dondera, Donna Way, Janice Thirlwall, Mary Ellen Zizos Row 3 Krista Musselman, Suzanne Neff. Anne Mane McCafferty, Jenny Smith. Kim Killmer, Ester Coppock, Karen Amritt Row 4 Jean Garman, Lori Henninger Robin Gleim This is due when? Jean Garman r T • ;.. Joyce Goforth 3-South; Row 1 Tina Distasio, Evelyn Kuester, Donna Shiveler, Susan Morgenson, Ellen Watts. Gayle Foerster, Vicki Overly, Mary Gaffney, Carol Rogers Row 2 Gay Detwiler, Cathy Reinard, Deb Riley. Louise Hanley, Joanne Glah. Cyndi Hill. Carolyn Behr, Chris Foor, Carol Brenna, Robin Huntington, Betsy Huber, SueKirby Mark Loewen Rick Autrey and Don Anderson f. ' Y f Bftffa J North-South: Row 1 Todd Brown, Dana Reese. Walt Schlett, Sam Abuka, Tom Stepanchak Row 2 Brian Sauers, Eric Fairchild, Tom Hart Row 3 Don Qumn, Herb Yost, John Bittner, Kirk Dawson Row 4 Roy Martin, Joe Kibala. Bob Slamp, Scott Baker Annual Pig Roast Will Senn and Mike Schmidt Don Anderson Scott Cassey Is that Superman? 2 North: Row 1 Don Lawler, Dave Tabbutt, Bob " Nuts " Cahill, Scott Cassey. " Shibs " Row 2 Doug Glass, Jim Jameson. Jeff Forbes, Wayne McCullough. Kevin Jacoby. Jerry Gladfelter Row 3 Keith Barash, Jimmy " Suds " Cavanaugh, Allen Artz, Dan Noyes, Bill Kettrick. Cip Apicelli. Dan Buckley. Scott Myers. Darryl Brown. 125 3 North: Row 1 Javed Bhatti, Ha (Jong, Ray Geary. Doug Wanke. Bill Schober Row 2 Abdul Mossa, Mike Anderson, John Horn Kirk Wolgemuth, Bill De Mora Row 3 Criag Kovach, Don Kleiss Tom Bailey Polly. Bill, Maureen and D Q 3 South Row 1 Wally Durst. Mike " Hulk " Chester, " Rock " Baker, " Them " Fleming Row 2 " Sico " Knies, Kevin " Vito " Kappra, Dorf, US Able. Jim Walling, Dr V. Peterman Tom Freeda Row 3 Mike " FRO " Satow. Bugs Silverman, Tiny Mumford, Bone McKnight Little Wrestler Maurer J Star Wars? 126 ■ flrj CO-OPS Holly House Rose Garden Green Gables Orchard Sigma Maple ■1 I SIGMA Row 1 Beth Brill. Donna Gatta. Nancy Zins Sam, Nancy Koerwer George Row 2: Susan " Pe ' si " Waggoner Grover, Allison " Cheeps " DeBartalis. Gaye " Star " Travis, Bobbi Little. Ruth " Rutus " Richmond Cookie. Dr Walter Shaw-Dean of Student Affairs ORCHARD: Row 1: Barry Freedman. Rick Milner, Michael Sieck, Bob Scotten Row 2: Ron Ayoub, " Jumbo Hermps " . Jumbo ' s Friend " Dog " . I wonder what ' s beyond the hill GREEN GABLES. Row 1 : Tanya Kowalchuk, Jenny Rezin, Jody Wertz Row 2: Selisa Stauffer. Man-Cay Nelson, Sharon Grunow, Cindy Severance, Kimberly Week. Mary Beth Waltman 132 Dr Eugene Clemens I :. A- I Ja - MfZ f A ' V .. " -1? ,;,.; - pj „ -H " HHH|HBHa :, ' : r : :• ' I DAVID T. AINA Randy Coldiron TAMELA J. ARDREY FRANKLIN J. ARMER FREDERICK D. ARMSTRONG RONALD G. AYOUB ELIZABETH BARTON 138 SILVAN Q. BENNER DEBORAH A. ALLEN JEAN M. ALLISON I DAVID B. ASHER BRIAN C. AUCKER Pat Werner, Coleen O ' Keefe, and Roger Sayre frolicking outdoors. 139 DAVID T. AINA Kwara State, Ni- geria. Elementary Education DEBORAH A. ALLEN. Oakland, N.J. History " The future always arrives a little before you ' re ready to give up the present " . . remembers Homecoming 1978, February 14, 1976, Jan, Carrie, and Ann, and Halloween 1975 . . . en- joys needlepoint and embroidery . . plans to go for her Masters and enter the business field. JEAN M. ALLISON Chambersburg, Pa. Accounting. " Red " . . won ' t for- get the Friday afternoon B-Club or GSA . " Have you seen Heff? " . . . photography is her thing . snow, snow, wonderful snow . . . hopes to own a Jaguar to drive on sunny Sun- days in D.C. TAMELA J ARDREY. Gap. Pa. Med- ical Secretarial Science. " Tammy " . . always typing other peoples ' papers . . . " Chickie " . . . likes piano and nee- dlecrafts memories of freshmen year . . . " cutie " . . . plans to further her education in the medical field. FRANKLIN J. ARMER. Lancaster, Pa Business Administration (Comput- er Science). Enjoys hunting and fishing seen in Sears ' Customer Service Department in Park City. FREDERICK D. ARMSTRONG. Lan- caster, Pa. Business Administration. S.A.M president . . member of the tennis team . . . remembers the 1976 divisional playoff at Upsala College. DAVID B ASHER Flourtown, Pa. Business Administration (Marketing). BRIAN C. AUCKER. Port Trevorton, Pa Communication Arts. RONALD G AYOUB Brooklyn, NY Biology " George " . enjoys listening to and playing rock, jazz and blues . . . a toga partier . " Yeee " . . . plans to do research in biological disciplines. ELIZABETH BARTON. York, Pa. Medical Secretarial Science. " Lizard " . . innocent ' til you get to know her . " Daddy. Daddy, what ' s dat? " ... future plans undecided. SILVAN Q. BENNER. Elizabethtown, Pa. Business Administration (Manage- ment). IH ' Greg Buck MARY JO BOETSCH WILLIAM BIEGALSKI MARY A. BILLY JUDITH A. BLAISDELL CHRISTOPHER S. BOSCH B = l " ■!■- I-Hl l-Hiaa 1-MLU ■flj il J hi ■« BS n B " BB BR -n rp 3D ' BG 3D By ll Brinser Residence Hall 140 VALERIE S. BERNAN SUE E. BESHORE L £ , . y-K • 1 LINDA B. BLANCHETT KATHLEEN P. BOLAND BETH Y. BOWERS DEBORAH J. BRINTON 141 MARY JO BOETSCH Bridgewater. N.J. Early Childhood Elementary Edu- cation " Jo " " Me-crazy? " . lis- tens to the Grateful Dead . . remem- bers Homecoming 1976, puddle jum- ping, and the C-3 drips . . . dislikes cold showers and shaving cream future holds marriage and a career. VALERIE S. BERNAN. Frackville, Pa Biology. SUE E BESHORE. York, Pa. Social Science. WILLIAM BIEGALSKI. East Green- ville, Pa Business Administration. MARY A BILLY Middletown, Pa. Occupational Therapy Enjoys horse- back riding, sewing, skating, and ten- nis ... F M and the Birches Hallow- een Party are memorable events . intends to work as an occupational therapist and get her Master ' s degree. JUDITH A. BLAISDELL. Elizabeth- town, Pa Occupational Therapy " Judy " hopes to become an oc- cupational therapist in New England LINDA B BLANCHETT. Vienna. Va. Early Childhood Development Likes being around children . also enjoys skating, sewing, singing, and bowling . . hopes to find a job in the public school system KATHLEEN P BOLAND Shilhngton, Pa. Psychology " Kathy " . . . 3-West. Sherwood 6. Orchard are memorable " I guess " wishes to work in a hospital ' s Social Services Agency CHRISTOPHER S. BOSCH Lancas- ter, Pa. Elementary Education. " Buf- falo " . . . hobbies include sports, camping, rock concerts, and playing cornet " Aw-nght " . . . remembers the undefeated JV soccer team hopes to coach and teach in an ele- mentary school BETH Y BOWERS. Landisville. Pa. Business Administration Remembers playing hockey, tapping off, decora- ting moons, and the Halloween party at the cave loves peanut butter. DEBORAH J BRINTON Manheim. Pa. Chemistry " Debby " . . hobbies include drawing and oil painting . enjoys sports, especially racguetball. tennis, basketball, and swimming plans to aquire a job as an industrial chemist. t,£E« ' ¥ ' ' IB I yi W 1 ■HHH 8« .■S -r-J .; GABRIEL C. BROWN Birds over Lake Placida AILEEN J. BURDGE MARY K. CALDARELLI ELIZABETH M. CALE Chris Olfstrohm, Jody Wertz, Missy Weaver. Mary Beth Waltman with Coach Whitmore. 142 CATHERINE N. CARNARIUS ■ TODD D. BROWN STEVEN J. BUCK J. CLAYTON CAMPBELL THERESA A. CARBONE SCOTT C. CASSEY DEBORAH J. CHANT 143 GABRIEL C BROWN Ghana, W Af- rica. " Gabby " . . . activities include sport and athletics plans to go to graduate school to study law and ad- ministration, and then return to Ghana to contribute to its socioeconomic de- velopment. TODD D. BROWN. Middletown. Pa. Elementary Education. " Whip " . . . working summer conferences . . . summer of 1978 . . future as elemen- tary school teacher. STEVEN J. BUCK. Gradyville. Pa. Business Administration. AILEEN J. BURDGE Dover, N.J Early Childhood Education. Enjoys playing piano and clarinet . . . remem- bers 4 in a room and the Dolly Parton caterpillar . . . plans to teach 2 and 3- year olds. MARY K CALDARELLI. Enola. Pa. Forestry " Wop " hobbies are nee- dlecrafts, hiking, tennis and swimming remembers her internship and passing ecology . . . wants to work as a park or forest ranger. ELIZABETH M. CALE. Harrisburg, Pa. Elementary Education " E-bean " . . . sees the funny side of things . . . remembers her first haircut in 10 years . . . " If Gary calls . . " hopes to teach or get an education-related job J CLAYTON CAMPBELL. Lancas- ter, Pa. Biology Secondary Education " Clay " . . . remembers Founders D-2 orientation likes skiing, racquet- ball, and volleyball . . enjoyed fresh- man year plans to go to graduate school or become a biology teacher. THERESA A CARBONE Oaklyn. N.J. Occupational Therapy CATHERINE N. CARNARIUS. Lan- caster, Pa. French. " Cathy " . . enjoys dancing, sewing, reading, and photog- raphy will never forget her junior year in France . . . plans include a MBA in International Business. SCOTT C. CASSEY. Manhein, Pa. Business Administration (Manage- ment). DEBORAH J. CHANT. Gibbstown, N.J. Psychology. - 7. ' - ' ' »• •, R BHHH «»■,.• • .• » WILLIAM R. CHAPIN, JR. NANCY L. CHARLES DAV ID O. CHRIST CONNIE L. COONS 1 1 ' ■ H Thompson Gym RANDY W. COLDIRON ROBERT E. CONRAD Beth Bowers and Joan Albright. WILLIAM R CHAPIN, JR Wyom- missing, Pa Business Administration (Management) ' Chipper " . . . plans a trip to the West Coast - . . " That ' s deep! " enjoys cabinet and wood- working, good music, and photogra- phy Homecoming 1978. " Green " parties, and the 75 soccer playoffs are memorable . . . hopes to enter the marketing field. NANCY L CHARLES Media. Pa. Psychology " Nance " . won ' t forget B-2. Sherwood 6, or 3-West . . " you ' ll have this from time to time " . hob- bies include ceramics and sewing wants to work with emotionally dis- turbed children. DAVID O CHRIST Elizabethtown. Pa. Chemistry ROBIN COLDEN. Stormville. NY Biology Hobbies include sports and plants . . . will definitely remember graduation future holds employ- ment or graduate school. RANDY W COLDIRON Land- enberg, Pa Accounting. ROBERT E. CONRAD. Mechanic- sburg. Pa Biology " Ace " . . . enjoys Enduro dirt bike riding . . . holds records for most volleyball games lost . . " so you ' re into abuse " . plans to get his Master ' s then hopefully a doc- torate in microbiology. CONNIE L. COONS. Mt. Union, Pa. English. " Con " . . . remembers 4 years of happy memories with Jim and Homecoming ' 78 . . hobbies listed are reading, guitar, crafts, and music . future holds marriage in addition to working with blind or handicapped children MARC D CORNELL. Poughkeepsie, NY Biology " Jock " . . . remembers going to the track . . . sports are his main hobbies . . will advance to grad- uate school. KENNETH M CREIGHTON Eliza- bethtown. Pa Mathematics. 145 MfSSlCi ' - : ' ' .V |H ' David Martin PAUL O. CURRY, JR. DIANE DAPKIEWICZ ANNE R. DENNEY ARTHUR L. DENT EUGENE DESANTIS The Computer Center 146 KEITH R. DAILY DAVID M. DALKE Mary Beth Schmidt JOHN M. DIRICO DAVID A. DOHERTY 147 PAUL O CURRY, JR. Hershey. Pa Accounting KEITH R DAILY Middletown, Pa. Social Science (History). " Bucket " . . . remembers his engagement . activi- ties include firefighting . . " No! " . . . plans to be married DAVID M. DALKE. Camp Hill, Pa. Chemistry " D " . . . likes scuba diving, rappelling, hiking, and photography remembers the " terrible 10 raid " plans to become involved with computers. DIANE DAPKIEWICZ Pennsauken. N.J. Elementary Education " Deedles " . . . remembers May term in England " Koon ' s age " . . . likes parties and racquetball . . . plans on becoming an elementary school teacher and world traveller. ANNE R. DENNEY Columbia, Pa. Music Education Fond memories in- clude touring with Concert Choir and being an R.A. on Schlosser 3-East . . . enjoys writing determined to find a job teaching music will marry Dan Guthrie (76) in June ARTHUR L DENT. Westmont, N.J. Business Administration Communication Arts. " R.T. " . . . likes skiing, driving, and sleeping remembers the parties in Barneys room . " Maybe I ' ll study tonight . . . EUGENE DESANTIS Philadelphia, Pa. Political Science. JOHN M DIRICO. Warminster, Pa. Business Administration (Marketing) Hobbies include drawing, wood- working, music, and sports hopes to get a |Ob in Marketing Management and eventually own his own business. DAVID A. DOHERTY, Claymont, Del Elementary Education " Dart " . . re- members B-2 Country Club and the Village Green. SeSRJBE I jit. I CATHERINE A. DONAHUE Daniel Murphy and Professor Clemens. DONNA M. DUQUETTE MARY V. EAGEN JOANETTE J. EBERHART ADNAN ELARIDI JAY E. ELDER ALAN B. FACER 148 Hi STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS MARGARET A. DUCATO PATTY A EBERLY SUSAN E. EBERSOLE A snowball fight in the Dell CATHERINE A DONAHUE Malvern, Pa. Medical Secretary History STEPHEN A DOUGLAS Elizabeth- town. Pa Political Science. MARGARET A DUCATO Charleroi, Pa. Occupational Therapy DONNA M DUQUETTE. West Ches- ter, Pa. Biology. " I ' m hungry . let ' s go eat! " . . enpys tennis, swimming, bowling, and vegetable gardening . . . remembers her first 4.0 semester . . . aims for a career in medicine or envi- ronmental health. MARY V EAGEN Ridgway, Pa. Ele- mentary Education Enjoys fishing and backpacking looks like somebody . . . remembers her trip out west . . . hopes to find a job JEANETTE J EBERHART Gettys- burg, Pa Medical Secretarial Science " Joanie " . . . enjoys swimming and acting . . . " unbelievable " . . remem- bers her first show . future holds acting school in New York PATTY A. EBERLY Schaefferstown. Pa. Medical Secretarial Science SUSAN E EBERSOLE West Fair- view, Pa Early Childhood Education " Goof " hobbies include needle- craft and music . . " geez " . will remember graduation plans to teach and travel ADNAN ELARIDI. Elizabethtown. Pa. Biology JAY E. ELDER Harnsburg. Pa Chemistry Pre-Med Enjoys sports and stamp collecting . hopes to attend medical school ALAN B FACER. Elizabethtown, Pa. Communication Arts. " Al " . Re- members " twister " at the commuter Christmas Party . . . likes skiing, golf, skating, tennis, and painting . . " Time is what we share equally, what we do with it makes us what we are " . . . plans to write and direct television programs. 149 Bill Phillips and Meg Lomerson in the dishroom. CYNTHIA FAULKNER DONNA J. FITZPATRICK LORI K. FOX JOHN D. FRANTZ GABRIEL R. FREZZO. JR. Evelyn Johnson 150 SALLY A. FINAN ROBERT R. FINGER SCOTT FRASIER BARRY FREEDMAN CRAIG W. FULTZ TIMOTHY J. GALDENCIO 151 CYNTHIA FAULKNER. Basking Ridge, NJ Medical Secretarial Sci- ence SALLY A FINAN Warren, N.J, Med- ical Technology Chemistry, " Sal " . . . " Oh dear. " ROBERT R FINGER Elizabethtown, Pa Business Administration (Market- ing). DONNA J, FITZPATRICK. Haup- pauge. NY. Communication Arts. " Cut me a break " . . . loves to dance! . . remembers the dance marathons and Homecoming 78 enjoys reading, skiing, and boating . " love a man in uniform " career goals in theater and broadcasting LORI K FOX Annandale, N.J. Mu- sic Therapy. " Loretta " . likes riding bikes and sewing hopes to get a job as a registered music therapist. JOHN D. FRANTZ Bethel, Pa. Busi- ness Administration " Frantzy " . . . likes sports cars, skiing, photography, and auto racing " get a job " remembers Orchard and The Green . . . plans to work a while, then go to graduate school. SCOTT FRASIER. Mt. Holly. N.J. Business Administration " Hard bar " . . . enjoys goofing off with the girls . . . will remember A-1, Coach Joe Whit- more, and D.H. . " Samurai " . . . plans to do whatever comes naturally BARRY FREEDMAN Whitehall, Pa. Business Administration (Marketing). " BaBa " . . . enjoys travelling . . . " things are looking |umbo " plans to settle down out west. GABRIEL R FREZZO, JR. Avon- dale, Pa. Business Administration. " Gabe " remembers Jamaica, Vil- lage Green, and Barney hobbies are motorcycle riding, camping, hik- ing, and hunting . . future plans in- clude mushrooms. CRAIG W. FULTZ. Elizabethtown, Pa Biology Enjoys logging, weight- lifting, hiking, hunting, bicycling, and swimming . . " Let each person have the opportunity to achieve his poten- tial " . future holds medical school and work as an orthopedic surgeon. TIMOTHY J. GALDENCIO Harris- burg, Pa Accounting " T.J. " ... re- members his two years at E-town ... a Vietnam veteran . . . enjoys his four children . hopes to become a CPA. [aiJt THOMAS T. GALLOWAY Ron Saylor SONYA K. GISH ROBERT D. GOCCIA JOYCE L. GOFORTH Baugher Student Center KATHLEEN T. GRISCOM 152 DONNA GATTA MARY L. GEESAMAN DEBRA E. GOSNELL SHARON K. GOSSERT J. SCOTT GROENE SHARON L. GRUNOW 153 THOMAS T GALLOWAY Oowtl- ingtown, Pa Communication Arts " Buzz off " . . . hobbies are working at the radio station, riding horses, theatre, kawnums, hunting beaver, and hang- ing out at Maple - - . hopes to own a radio and television station DONNA GATTA, Elizabethtown, Pa. Social Dynamics. MARY L GEESAMAN Hummels- town. Pa Early Childhood Education " Hiya kiddo " likes sewing, violin, and reading remembers four roommates in two months, the green slicker at midnight, and the roommate who sang in her sleep wants to get a job teaching kindergarten in the area. SONYA K. GISH Elizabethtown. Pa Business Administration ROBERT D GOCCIA. Lambertsville N.J. Political Science. JOYCE L. GOFORTH. Woodstown N J Accounting " You ' re cute! " likes music, poetry, sewing, handi- crafts, and outdoor activities " ya ' lt " ... remembers Royer 1-N " dummy in the dell " and WCP in 126 hopes to marry and manage a small business. DEBRA E. GOSNELL Baltimore. Md English " Deb " . . enjoys arts and crafts, travelling, and writing . . . remembers the library bench. 9-9-78, the Green, long walks, and 1-east . . . plans to attend graduate school at Temple SHARON K GOSSERT. New Provi- dence. Pa Social Work " Little Ronni " . . . enjoys jogging, crocheting, read- ing, and watching motorcycle races. KATHLEEN R. GRISCOM. Cherry Hill, N J Business Administration (Marketings ' Management). " Gris " . . . memorable events are 3-West and the Green . . likes to eat and ski ... " want an apple 7 " . . hopes to get a job and travel J. SCOTT GROENE. Camp Hill, Pa. Business Administration (Marketing Management). " Gub " remembers trick or treating his senior year likes filling out questionnaires, bowl- ing, baseball, frisbee . . plans an M. B. A. in Management. SHARON L. GRUNOW Egg Harbor, N.J. Occupational Therapy. CATHY D. GUMBERT LAURIE B. GUMBLE i Amy Stone JOLENE M. HARTZOK VERNON J. HEFFLEGER 154 M ' T; CATHY S. GUST JOHN. K. HALE, JR. MARY A. HEILMAN Gabby Brown LYNN E. HAMBRIGHT A view from Founders CATHY D GUMBERT Beallsville, Pa. Occupational Therapy. " Kate " . " how lucky I am to know people to whom saying goodbye is so damn hard " . . . hopes to become a staff therapist in a psycho-social or physi- cal rehabilitation center. LAURIE B. GUMBLE Paupack. Pa. Chemistry Medical Technology CATHY S. GUST York, Pa. Early Childhood Education. " It makes me ill " . . . enjoys racquetball, tennis, reading, and volleyball . . . remembers Rick Long and his D-3 cuties . . . plans to teach. JOHN K, HALE, JR New Holland. Pa Business Administration (Account- ing Marketing) Remembers winning the 1978 intramural Softball champion- ship . . hobbies include gardening, music, and athletics . plans a busi- ness-oriented career. LYNN E. HAMBRIGHT Lancaster. Pa. Math. " Ham " . . enjoys sports, reading, and sleeping . " What ' s on T.V. tonight? " . the Blackout, cham- pionship hockey teams. Florida. New York City, and " oldies " parties are memorable . . hopes to get a job in the computer or statistics fields BRET A HART. Temple, Pa Busi- ness Administration (Management) Remembers the trips to Florida every spring hopes to enjoy life as much as possible. JOLENE M. HARTZOK. Chambers- burg. Pa. Sociology " Jo " . " That ' s mature " . . . remembers weekends and Valentine ' s Day 1976 . . . rugs and scalloped potatoes . . plans to go to graduate school and get a job. VERNON J. HEFFLEGER Reading, Pa Business Administration. MARY A HEILMAN Mount Joy, Pa. Elementary Education " I want to go back to Israel " . . . en|oys canoeing, backpacking, and snowshoeing re- members 3 years of working in the college post office . . plans to teach gifted children. 155 Fred Armstrong MARGARET L. HEIM BARBARA J. HERTEL MICHAEL B. HESS SUSAN E. HINELINE JOHN H. HOCKER Out for a sleigh ride. 156 ROBIN J. HEISLEY BETH A. HELMAN John Martin ROGER W. HOERL DAVID B. HOLLINGER 157 MARGARET L HEIM. Reading, Pa. Social Work, " Maggie " . . . enjoys mu- sic, volleyball, crocheting, antiques, refinishing furniture, plants, and play- ing guitar . . . " Arise, go forth and conquer " . . . remembers 24 hours of dancing, the disco " flip, " Eli and friends, Bozo, and homemade soft pretzels . . hopes to go into medical social work. ROBIN J, HEISLEY. Marysville. Pa. Business Administration. Enjoys jog- ging and skiing living with 3 others in conference room after B-2 ' s fire favorite hobby is procrastinating . . . plans to work and go to grad school. BETH A. HELMAN. Carlisle, Pa. Mu- sic Therapy Music, macrame, singing, and reading are listed as hobbies remembers A-1. choir tours, and sen- ior recital . . plans to do her intern- ship and get a job as a music thera- pist. BARBARA J HERTEL. Fort Wash- ington, Pa. Business Administration. " Barb " remember choir tours . . enjoys friends, horseback riding, and singing . . . plans to become a com- pany executive MICHAEL B HESS. Harrisburg, Pa- Business Administration (Market- ing Management). " Hippie " re- members the day he dropped a bucket of ice water on two guys in the shower " What can I say? " . . . likes drums and music . . wants to become a drummer and or a businessman SUSAN E. HINELINE. Haddonfield. N.J. Early Childhood Education. " Hot- line " . . enjoys shopping, photogra- phy, and children . . . memorable events include Human Development class, Junior Block, student teaching, and the hunting day debut " Hoagies " . . . hopes to get her de- gree in special education and be- come a teacher JOHN H HOCKER Palmyra, Pa Business Administration. ROGER W. HOERL Newark. Del Math. " Nell " . . . likes sports . . . " Give! " . . . graduate school in the near future. DAVID B. HOLLINGER. Elizabeth- town, Pa. Music Education Religion and Philosophy. " BEVERLY J. HOUSER Alpha Hall JOHN D. INSLEY ABDUL M. ISHAKA EVELYN M. JOHNSON CYNTHIA M. KEPNER KIM M. KILMER 158 MARK F. KOERNIG DIANE E. HUBER DOUGLAS D. HUFSEY SCOTT R. JONES KATHY J. KELLY Kevin Savory BEVERLY J. HOUSER. Jonestown. Pa. Medical Secretarial Science. " Bev " . . enjoys bicycling, and swim- ming . . . " Live and Learn " hopes to work at Hershey Medical Center or Veteran ' s Hospital DIANE E HUBER East Petersburg. Pa. Medical Secretarial Science " Hubie " . . . hobbies include eating and all sports . . . remembers " oldies " parties, New York City, and the vol- leyball marathons . . wants to get a job as a medical secretary and later become a " Susie Homemaker " DOUGLAS D. HUFSEY. Millville.NJ. Business Administration (Marketing) " Hutch. " JOHN D. INSLEY Camp Hill, Pa Accounting. " J.I. " . . . likes racquet- ball . . . remembers Kami-Kaze night, backrubs on Royer 2-S, card with the boys, and R A Patrols . . Country Clubber. ABDUL M. ISHAKA. Kwara State, Nigeria. EVELYN M. JOHNSON. Phila- delphia. Pa. Communication Arts " E.J. the D.J. " . . . " Thanks a lot! " . . remembers her 21st birthday . . . likes Clint Eastwood and Gino Vannelli . . . hopes to work at one of the " big 3 " TV. stations. SCOTT R. JONES. Medford. N.J. Forestry (Business) Remembers Thursday nights on 2-south, road ral- lies. Carpenter ' s Inn. and his intern- ship . . . enjoys hiking, caving, and skiing . . plans to earn his Master ' s degree in Forestry at Duke. KATHY J KELLY. Frederick. Md. Medical Secretarial Science " Chatty- Kathy " . . . likes to swim, eat, and spend money . remembers Mike, foaming bubbles, Homecoming 78 and The Mount . wishes to thank her family plans to take rt easy and be happy. CYNTHIA M. KEPNER. Gettysburg, Pa. Elementary Education. " Cyndi " remembers May term in England. Junior block, and Shakespeare . likes being creative " What a hoo- ter " . . . plans to teach. KIM M. KILMER. Bridgewater, N.J. Medical Secretarial Sci- ence Sociology, " Skimpy " . . re- members " the Wedding " . . . " huh? " . . . plans include graduate school and working as a probation officer. MARK F KOERNIG Basking Ridge. N.J. Business Administration " Mork " . . . hates the Steelers remembers getting DM. for a roommate . . . hopes for a career in data processing. 159 Valentine ' s Day entertainment. NANCY R. KOERWER LISA B. KRAMER ELIZABETH A. KREITZER BERNARD J. KRUPA KATHY L. KUZAVA Making walkways safe for travel. 160 MARJORIE J. KOLMUS TANYA M. KOWALCHUK ROBERT C. LAMB BRIAN R. LASH 161 NANCY R KOERWER. Abington, Pa Business Administration (Market- ing Management) Plans to be mar- ried to Ron Herzog (78) MARJORIE J. KOLMUS. Perkasie, Pa. Mathematics. " Well excu . . . se me 1 " . enjoys animals, sports, and the great outdoors . . . remembers football with A-1 and May 12. 1979 . . . Mad Dog and Ten High Lassie . . . plans to get a job or go to graduate school TANYA M. KOWALCHUK. York, Pa. Occupational Therapy. " Tucker " . . . hobbies include music, dancing, and theatre LISA B. KRAMER Merchantville. N J Medical Secretarial Science. " Louie " . remembers 2 9 78 and those fantastic " prick " jobs spends her time partying and losing " Florida Fat " remembers those 8:00 Friday classes after the 2-south Thursday nighters?! . plans to work for a rich doctor in New Jersey and eventually marry him. ELIZABETH A. KREITZER. Mechan- icsburg. Pa Business Administration (Computer Science) BERNARD J. KRUPA. McAdoo. Pa. Business Administration (Marketing). DORIS M KUHN. Carlisle, Pa. Busi- ness Administration ERICA L KURZWEIL. Ocean. N.J Music Therapy. " Boopers " . . enjoys reading, working with kids, and danc- ing . . . remembers her audition and trick or treating at the prof ' s houses . . . hopes to be a terrific music thera- pist. KATHY L. KUZAVA Neptune. N.J. Medical Secretarial Science. " Kathy " . . . likes tennis, volleyball, and cro- cheting , memories include washing t-shirts. TGIS. Homecoming, and marathons . . . hopes for happiness. ROBERT C. LAMB. Broomall, Pa. Business Administration (Health Care Management) Remembers Maple ' 77 and ' 78. B-2, C.C., Lips . . . enjoys hiking, backpacking, and " outdoor life " the MLA will return . . . " to the mountains I may go . to the moun- tains I may stay. " BRIAN R LASH Lebanon, Pa. Ac- counting. A PATRICIA L. LEAHEY Steve Douglas MARK D. LOEWEN CHRISTINE L. LOFSTROM MARGARET C. LOMERSON Office of an enterprising student. JAMES K. MAHAN 162 BARBARA A. LITTLE BARRY J. LLEWELLYN JOANNE E. LONEY EDWARD H. MADENFORD JEFF MAIN MARGARET M. MAPLES 163 PATRICIA L. LEAHEY Trenton. N.J. Accounting. BARBARA A LITTLE Hanover, Pa. Business Adminstration " Bobbi " transferred from Juniata and Millers- ville remembers May term 78 and the Carpenters ' enjoys swimming, skiing, tennis and music. BARRY J, LLEWELLYN. West Read- ing, Pa Biology Chemistry Medical Technology Enjoys back- gammon aims for a career in med- ical research MARK D. LOEWEN. Enola, Pa. Biol- ogy. " Glen " . . Biology Club presi- dent CHRISTINE L LOFSTROM Metu- chen, N.J. Occupational Therapy " Chris " . likes sewing, crocheting, reading, gardening, and square danc- ing. . " I ' m adaptive " . . likes com- ics, hates to type . . . remembers an A in Spanish and the Homecoming dance 1978 . . plans to become a registered occupational therapist MARGARET C LOMERSON Glas- tonbury, Ct Pre-Nursing. " Meg " enjoys skiing and swimming open- ing the cadavers wants to own her own train . . " Get out of here " . . . the cafeteria . naive? future R.N. JOANNE E. LONEY Pennsauken, N.J. Social Work. Enjoys sports and parties . . . remembers Midnight Ex- cursions, all-day parties, Village Green, L.A.R.C, Rheems, and N W . . . plans to become a director of a Social Service Agency. EDWARD H MADENFORD Lancas- ter, Pa. Business Administration (Mar- keting). . Four-year letterman on golf team and captain this year . enjoys racquetball. JAMES K MAHAN. Harrisburg. Pa. Religion Philosophy Proposing on a mountaintop . . likes swimming and playing tennis . marrying Connie Coons (79) . Valentines dinner 78 . . . plans to attend a seminary and become a minister JEFF MAIN. Frederick, Md. Biology MARGARET M. MAPLES. Frederick. Md. Early Childhood Education. " Mag- gie " . . . Snoopy. . . . " Your mother! " plays paddleball and guitar " Dizzy " . . hopes to get a job. ■■■■■■■■Hi RUTH E. MARES IH JOHN B. MARTIN KATHARINE E. MASER Gary Verazin and Elizabeth Barton. TIMOTHY M. MCCARTHY LAURIE A. MEALS ROBERT S. MEIER 164 JULIE A. MEILER The President. randy Mccarty LISA M. McDADE The Presidential Palace and the First Lady. 165 RUTH E MARES Springfield. Pa Foreign Languages (German). " Ruth- ie " . . . " Cut me a break! " . . . " Judy " . . . " Toddles and Peepes! " " E- town simplified my brain and com- plicated my life. " JOHN B MARTIN Elizabethtown, Pa. Accounting Enjoys gardening and photography plans to work for a " Big 8 " accounting firm KATHARINE E. MASER. Haddon Heights, N J Early Childhood Educa- tion " Mase " . . . plays guitar and pi- ano . " Mercy sakes alive! " . read- ing and sleeping . . " Come on. now! " . . . trips to Florida and New York . . plans to teach kindergarten TIMOTHY M. MCCARTHY Eliza- bethtown. Pa. Accounting " Mac! " . . . basketball . . " In your mug! . Va- lentine ' s Day . likes the Yankees and black Converse hates every- thing else . plans to become " Fuh- rer " of his own company . 2 5 56 " move the net " RANDY McCARTY Lancaster. Pa. Elementary Education. LISA M McDADE. Claymont. Del. Business Educaiton. " Lis " collects old license plates 78-79 home- coming court . Myer R.A. . . . plans to get her Masters in education and teach in Florida Softball, basket- ball, and volleyball player ... " I love you JR. " LAURIE E MEALS Lancaster. Pa. Medical Secretarial Science. ROBERT S MEIER Camp Hill, Pa. Business Administration (Marketing) " Rob " baseball team captain . . . future in marketing JULIE A. MEILER. York. Pa. Math- ematics (Secondary Education). " J.B. " . . fall recess with a friend! . . . " Julie Baby! " . . . Repertory Theater . . . professional club secretary " all the guys from Capitol " weekends! . . . dislikes flat tires . " Oh. Shutz " knits, crochets, and embroiders . . . " Red " . . . plans to teach high school math Ed Pavlovic Time to hit the books. DEBORAH A. MENHARDT AUGUSTINE A. MNENGA JAMES MOORE ANNETTE M. MORMILE MARILYN MORRISSEY The Pig Roast sponsored by the baseball team. 166 MARCIA M. MERMON BLAINE A. MINER Shoveling out. TIMOTHY R. MOYER WENDY S. MOYER 167 DEBORAH A MENHARDT. Flour- town. Pa Pre-nursing. " Debee-ee " . . . sports enthusiast . . . " False " . play- ing on championship hockey and soc- cer teams . " I-I don ' t understand " . . . hates getting pictures taken future pediatric nurse. MARCIA M MERMON Nesquehon- ing. Pa. Social Work BLAINE A MINER Elgin, III Social Science Political Science. " Big B " enjoys photography and biking . . " Major " . plans to enter the min- istry. AUGUSTINE A MNENGA Benue State, Nigeria Chairman of his local school baord vice president of In- ternational Students ' Union . , senior education officer in Kwande Local schools board feels E-town is a " centre of academic and social ori- entation " . plans to return to Nigeria and continue with his former job. JAMES MOORE. Livingston. NJ Political Science. ANNETTE M. MORMILE Camden, N.J Occupational Therapy. " Du- piage " . . B-2 burnout . . likes win- dow shopping and old Marx Brothers movies . . . " That ' s really brassiere " . . . the loft raising MGB power . . . volleyball " Netter " . . . horses, horses Tony " Go West " . . . Brigantine. MARILYN MORRISSEY. Oakland, NJ History Business Administration, freshman partying . . . " I ' ve loved these days! " . . plans to move in with Margaret in Philly and start a career there . . . " The next time everyone tells me something like ' the college years are the best years of your life ' , I think I ' ll believe them. " TIMOTHY R. MOYER. Lincoln Park. Pa. Business Administration (Market- ing Management). Junior-Senior din- ner-dance Easter break Home- coming likes motorcycling and racquetball . . Carpenter ' s and Your Place road rallies ... on to gradu- ate school. WENDY S MOYER. Elizabethtown. Pa. Psychology. Enjoys riding and training her Polish Arabian horse saves rats at the end of psych labs . . . remembers ski class on the ice! . . . raises Old English Sheepdogs and raccoons plans to continue work- ing at Zoo America. DANIEL L. MURPHY Valentine ' s Day entertainment. VU H. NGUYEN TIMOTHY A. NICKEL BARBARA A. OBERKOFLER ANTHONY F. OLUBIYO I ' »xr« VIRGINIA S. PACK 168 DOUGLAS E. PALASKEY MARI-CAY J. NELSON DONITA L. NEYHARD THOMAS R. OBERLY SCOTT C. OCAMB ■i Rochelle Peters DANIEL L MURPHY Middletown, Pa. Business Administration. " Chuckie " loves to turn red . . . bunny on tour . . " So to speak " . . . going to grad school MARI-CAY J. NELSON. Mt Pocono, Pa Occupational Therapy " M-C " . . . pumpkin pals . always gabbin ' " Hi there, cutie! " a certain bottle of plum wine shared with friends " O T — overtime! " . . plans " to take things as they come! " DONITA L NEYHARD Hershey, Pa. Business Educaton Headed for Cali- fornia sun and surf . . . won Gregg Shorthand Award tor outstanding shorthand teaching and skills " let ' s go to Your Place for stromboli " . . . enjoys skiing and ice hockey . not having to pay for an issued park- ing ticket. VU H. NGUYEN. York, Pa. Business Administration (Computer Sci- ence Marketing). President of Inter- national Club . " May man cho an mit " TIMOTHY A. NICKEL Elizabeth- town. Pa. Psychology Communication Arts. " The Pretender " different drummer . U of R . . . " Gator " . . . 1100 miles . . . Tiera . . Doonesbury . . " Drake " . . . Vivitar zoom ... " I have found out who I am and I have no intention of impersonating anyone else. " BARBARA A OBERKOFLER. East Windsor, N J Business Administration. " OB. " . . . wants to work for an adver- tising agency . SAM secretary likes photography, tennis, soccer, and hiking . . . plans to travel across U.S. and then to Europe THOMAS R OBERLY. West Lawn. Pa. Business Administration (Market- ing). SCOTT C. OCAMB Quakertown. Pa Business Administration ANTHONY F. OLUBIYO. Kwara State, Nigeria. Elementary Education. VIRGINIA S. PACK. Morris, Ct. Psy- chology " Binner " . snow and water skiing . Lake Heritage . . . " You ' re kidding " . . . chocolate fondue wants to be a family counselor . . . " Qwater " . California . . . president of Psi Chi . . . Skipper Dee . . . loves fall and winter . . . life on 3-West, es- pecially in 339. DOUGLAS E PALASKEY Ambler, Pa. Communication Arts 169 Gibble Science Hall JOHN L. PAPPAS WILLIAM E. PHILLIPS LISA A. POLDER V u MARTIN J. PRATTE JOHN M. QUINN, JR. Looking through the B.S.C. win- dow. 170 Scott Groene DEAN L. PENNABECKER CHERYL L. PETERSON SUZANNE M. QUENZER DON QUINN ■■■■ RICHARD V. QUINN GAIL E. REDDING 171 JOHN L PAPPAS Middletown. Pa. Accounting. DEAN L. PENNABECKER Denver, Pa. Accounting. " Penny " . . . likes golf, hunting, racquetball. bowling . . . " OOOOOO K " CHERYL L PETERSON. Elizabeth- town, Pa. Music Therapy. " Boogie " . . . winter wedding excellent sing- er .. . reading day . . . Alpha Mu presi- dent . . " Merde! " . . . weekend 76 . . . plans career in music therapy and a family WILLIAM E PHILLIPS. Wilmington. Del. Social Studies Political Science " Big Bill " . . Heineken and shrimp party . . . hobbies include elbow bend- ing and work avoiding . . . " I ' m trying to study " the Osprey and Barra- cuda rides ... " I can ' t wait till the weekend! " . . future plans include grad school. LISA A POLDER. Fleetwood, Pa. Pre-Nursing Going to Hairy Moose Lodge meetings . . . always smiling . . . " I |ust felt a breeze!! . future emer- gency ward or pediatric nurse . . Fuz- zy Duck . . . " He goes to my church too. " MARTIN J PRATTE Elizabethtown, Pa. Business administration (Manage- ment) " Marty " ... air traffic controller SAM. public relations officer . . . " BMOC " . . . trip to Washington. D.C. with Dr. Worman . . . " Life has its mo- ments of pure boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer panic. " . tries to keep his wife and kids happy SUZANNE M QUENZER. Harris- burg. Pa Business Administration. DON QUINN. Nornstown, Pa Ac- counting " D.Q. " . . . accounting club president . . . prefers " strawberries, back rubs, and home cooking " . . . R.A patrol . . . " Stay calm " . . . career in public accounting. JOHN M QUINN, JR. Lebanon. Pa. Business Administration (Manage- ment Marketing). " J.Q. " . . . member of tennis team . . . making it through Quantative Techniques plans for " challenging career in the foundry steel industry " RICHARD V. QUINN. Harrisburg. Pa. Business Administration (Manage- ment) " Quinnie " . . . baseball team ... 2 A.M. pizzas in Schlosser . . . rooming with Will Senn and Jim Walsh wants to eventually own his own business. GAIL E. REDDING. Glenside. Pa. Occupational Therapy. England and Scotland ' 77 ... " Birches " . . . " Now is the time to take posession of my life, to start the impossible, a journey to the limits of my aspirations, for the first time to step toward my lovliest dream. " — Hugh Prather. ■ y — ■ flt ■ I ■ DAVID G. REINIGER Mary Beth Waltman being measured for her cap and gown. JANICE L. ROHLAND ROBERT R. RONEMUS III CONSTANCE H. ROTH Educational Materials RONALD E. SAYLOR 172 JENNIFER L. REZIN CLIFFORD W. RICH MARCC. RUSTICI KEVIN SAVORY RODGER C. SAYRE JULIE A. SCHICK 173 DAVID G REINIGER Wyomissing, Pa Religion Philosophy. " Dave with the earring " . . . New Years ' Eve ' 78 . . . " the line " . . . one of the many " Slicks " . . . beating Lee Miller , . . " Scar-butt " . . . blazing trails with George, Lenny, and Hoit . . . " Sim- one " - - - pajama party . . - pedaling to California . . Varsity training room plans to work with the emotionally dis- turbed. JENNIFER L REZIN. York. Pa. Communication Arts History " Fred " . . . needlepointing Les ' s house I.LY.W.G.B G B .! . . . " Just seven more days till Les get here! " jun- ior-senior ' 78 . . . nude on stage? . . . " I want a puppy dog " . . in all of the plays and musicals . . Shirley Temple . . . " Seder-squeeze and Smitty " . . . Luie of Peru-ie . " You cant take it with you " . driving to West Virginia " Alpha Psi inductions " " sweet and innocent " writing lots of pa- pers! ... on to grad school, possibly law school. CLIFFORD W. RICH. Chatham, N.J Business Administration JANICE L ROHLAND. Cleona. Pa. Early Childhood Elementary Educa- tion. " J.R. " . . . plays piano and organ . . loved having her brother two floors below her freshman and sophomore years . . . Founders R.A. . . . " It ' s al- right! " . . plans to teach kindergar- ten. ROBERT R RONEMUS III Lehigh- ton, Pa Business Administration CONSTANCE H ROTH Carlisle. Pa. Elementary Education, " Connie " May Term in England . . . plays flute and piano . . " Really?! " Myer Second East . " Harley " week- end excursions. MARC C. RUSTICI Camp Hill. Pa. Accounting. " Rusty " . . . Accounting Club treasurer KEVIN SAVORY Wormleysburg. Pa. Music. " The Kev " . . . taming a nasty guitar . . . enjoys " general messin ' around " . . loves to have fun " Take ' er ezee " buzzing campus . . . future airline pilot or aviation ad- ministrator. RONALD E. SAYLOR Frederick. Md. Psychology RODGER C. SAYRE. Tunkhannock, Pa. Biology " The Singing Biologist " . . . plans to turn the S S.S into an International Enterprise . president of A.C.T.A. (American Cow-Tippers Association) . . " Are you cerial? " . . . making " Sayre Unique-o ' s " . . . burn- ing a hole in the film of ice in his trailer toilet bowl . " Hurdlers do it in three steps " Hi Mom . " Dad- blame! " JULIE A. SCHICK. Elizabethtown, Pa. Occupational Therapy JEFFREY S. SCHIDING J i I MARK R. SCHMIDT MARY E. SCHMIDT I Rider Memorial Hall ALISON J. SCOTT 1 ANN L. SEIBERT CYNTHIA L. SEVERANCE 174 CYNTHIA M. SHANKS Jim Morris Maintenence hard at work LISA S. SCOTT JACQUELINE E. SEGALL Karen Bentzel, Cindy Neil, and E. Jane Valas. 175 JEFFREY S. SCHIDING. Annville Pa. Business Administration (Manage- ment). MARK R. SCHMIDT. Camp Hill, Pa Business Administration. MARY E. SCHMIDT Shamokin, Pa. Biology and Chemistry Medical Tech- nology " MB. " . . . Schlosser 3-East . . . " You Can ' t Take It With You " getting pricked again and again — and getting back . . . Homecoming 75 . . likes to swim and ski . Muskrats Mooses, and Critters . . . " The Mes- sengers " . . disco inferno . . . wants to travel ... B-2 ' 76 . . Sigma . . senior class v. p. . . . water-wate everywhere . . . " The Male Animal ' . . . guitars and singing . plans to have her own medical clinic. ALISON J. SCOTT. Huntingdon Val- ley, Pa. Occupational Therapy. " Bun- ny " . . . hockey . . . ' 77 Homecoming Court . . rooming with Turkey meeting Wayne . " I ' d like to thank the O T Department for making Mindy and I such good friends. " LISA S. SCOTT. Wilmington, Del. Political Science. " Dolly " ... 21st birthday party . . . wants to get out of Delaware . . . always bothering Jean . . . B-1 Softball games . . . " You can check out . . . but never leave! " . . . theatre . . . Friday afternoon B Club . . . plans to go to law school and hold political office. JACQUELINE E. SEGALL. Surf City, N.J Foreign Language. " Jack " . . . enjoys sailing and skiing . . . plans to teach foreign language. ANN L SEIBERT Haddon Heights, N.J. Psychology. CYNTHIA L. SEVERANCE. Hawley, Pa. Biology and Chemistry Medical Techonology. CYNTHIA A. SHANKS. Telford. Pa. Business Administration. " Fluff " . . . plays frustration darts ... 10-12 ... giving the sign . . " Ride-em, cowgirl " making paths through bushes . . watches baseball . . . taking the dunce caps . . . wants to travel cross-country . . . trudging through snow drifts with Midge . . . career in advertising or re- tailing. Almost all shoveled out. JOHN J. SHEEHY BRONWYN A. SIMONS PAMELA J. SIMPSON t k .W . - V ,• CARYN A. SINGLEY THERESA A. SLAMIN Jeanne Clayton, Deb Gosnell, and Lynne McGhee. 176 k x BONNY S. TSHUDY E. JANE VALAS Don Quinn and Maureen O ' Brien. «] ' $ MARYBETH WALTMAN GREGORY S. WECHTER 181 MELINDA H TROUT. Parkesburg, Pa. Occupational Therapy " Mind-i " . . . likes all sports, camping, and mu- sic .. . Florida . soccer games and tennis matches . . . plans to get an O.T. job and travel. BONNY S TSHUDY. New Holland, Pa Elementary Education. " Turkey " . Homecoming ' 76 . . rolled toilet paper throughout dorm . . . likes pea- nut butter Tandy Kakes and mous- taches . . . won 1st prize at Founders halloween party for being a drip . . . " Where ' s ..? " ... puddle jumping in the rain . . . hates to lose. E JANES VALAS Pitman, N.J. Chemistry " E.J. " . October 18, 1975 . . . " Run that by me again " . . spending two years in room 201 of the BSC ... Blackout-May 1976 " Don ' t just fill your life with years, fill your years with life " . " Extraor- dinary " . dancing with President Ebersole . " The Robber Bride- groom " . . . won Dean ' s Privilege Scholarship . . graduating cum laude! (hopefully). JANET M. VOGEL Washington, Pa Occupational Therapy " NaNu " . . . enjoys creating almost anything first year on A-2 north . . Big Red . . . soccer games . . . " Mork and Mindy are on ' . . the bed in the lounge . . . pricking the guys on A-1 . . . plans to pass registration exam and get a job anywhere away from home. SUSAN M. WAGGONER. Allison Park. Pa Occupational Therapy. " Susie-Q " likes listening, playing, and dancing to music . . . " It was so funny I forgot to laugh " . . . spraining her foot at Jan ' s party . . " Save a tree " dancing on Sigma ' roof being involved in important issues . . . summer school ' 76 . . . " Turf-bird " . . . parties on Founders A-2 . . . possible professor. DAVID E WAGNER. Harnsburg. Pa. Biology, likes to jog . . . " Christ is the Answer " . enjoys gardening .. fu- ture in dentistry or entomology FAITH WAGNER. Ocean Gate. N.J. Music MARYBETH WALTMAN. Newtown, Pa. Occupational Therapy. GREGORY S WECHTER. Akron, Pa. Business Administration " Wee " . . . plays pillow football . . " That ' s great " . . . hiding Louie . . " Ow! " . . . skateboarding being waited on hand and foot for five weeks " A.H. " . . . plans to become a partner with Erb. Af I KIMBERLY A. WECK SUSAN M. WELLS KAREN M. WERNER Mr. Boyer and Kathy Gumbert Winner of the door decorating con- test? PATRICIA A. WERNER KIM S. WITKOVSKY DON L. WITMAN 182 KEITH A. WOOD Thompson Gym. JODY L. WERTZ BRYAN R. WILT Barb Wightman, Mary Lou Regan, Julie Showalter, and Jay Sheehy. 183 KIMBERLY A WECK Parlin, N.J. Business Administration (Marketing). SUSAN M. WELLS. Royersford, Pa. Elementary Education. KAREN M. WERNER Broomall. Pa. Occupational Therapy. PATRICIA A. WERNER. Easton. Pa. Psychology " Pooper " . B167 in 77 . . . likes boating and photography . . . spring visits to Cameron Pooper parties? |unior-senior dinner dance Homecoming . . plans to attend grad school. JODY L WERTZ Spruce Creek, Pa. Occupational Therapy. BRYAN R. WILT. Breezewood. Pa. Accounting. Drives his Honda Civic on the sidewalks . " Deal with it " . . . enjoys racquetball, hunting, and par- tying . plans to pursue a career in public accountmg. KIM S. WITKOVSKY. Elizabethtown, Pa. Occupational Therapy. Reigning as 1977 Homecoming Queen " once in a lifetime experience! " . . . likes writing letters and singing gospel songs becoming Mrs David Wit- kovsky on June 3, 1978 . " Give me a hug! " . . plans to attend Bethany Theological Seminary with David . " Thank you to the faculty, adminis- tration, students, my parents and hus- band for their support and encour- agement during my years at Elizabeth- town, " DON L WITMAN Marietta, Pa. Mu- sic Education Played the lead in How to Succeed in Business . . Schlosser 311 ... plans to be a professional musician or educator. KEITH A WOOD. Lancaster, Pa. Business Administration (Market- ing Management) ANNE M. WOOLLEY DANGER: Falling icicles. Zug Memorial Library. Dr. Kathryn Hess speaks at the fall S.A.M. banquet. VALERIE ZERFING DOREEN K. ZIEGLER ' Bread, bread, and more bread " . 184 BEVERLY A. YANNONE VICKIE L. ZERCHER The Invisible Man. The card catalog at 10:30 P.M. NANCY L. ZINN ■■: ■ v ABRAHAM ZUNIGA 185 ANNE M. WOOLLEY Annville, Pa. Accounting. BEVERLY A YANNONE. Carlisle. Pa. English. VICKIE L. ZERCHER. Lititz, Pa. Medical Secretarial Science " Vic " . . . " Oh geez " . . . likes to play the piano . . . " What ' s the matter? " . VALERIE ZERFING York. Pa. Medi- cal Secretarial Science. DOREEN K. ZIEGLER. Quarryville. Pa. Mathematics. " Ziggy " . . . late- night visits to Pizza Town . . . trans- ferred from Shippensburg State in jun- ior year . " All right ' ' enjoys crafts sports, and music . . . the dances . . . " Resolution ... " ... Spring Fling. NANCY L. ZINN. Wilmington, Del. Business Administration (Marketing). Vice-president of Marketing Club . . . meeting her fiance. Joe DePippo ( ' 76) . . . Homecoming Court — freshman and sophomore years. ABRAHAM ZUNIGA. Columbia, Pa. Political Science. " Abe " . . . fishing . . . being present at the birth of his first born, June ' 78 . . " Inner Peace comes by self-fulfillment. And self- fulfillment by serving humanity When we fail ourselves, we fail humanity " . . . plans to go to grad school. HT ■■ • ■HBhs ShSShsve Seme GRADUATION SENIOR CANDIDS ■. ' •■■ ■ §1 We ' re the only bank you ' 11 ever need. In your lifetime you ' ll make some big loans, and some small loans. Your savings account will go up and down like a yo-yo as you struggle to get ahead and you ' ll write thousands upon thousands of checks. You ' ll have enough things going against you - we think you should have a good bank on your side . . . ours. (D)eiizABethtown Taust Company P. O. BOX 227 • ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 17022 . 717-367-1156 THE ONLY BANK YOU ' LL EVER NEED THE CONTINENTAL PRESS, INC Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 17022 lNENTAL p Atlanta, Georgia Elgin, Illinois Dallas, Texas Portland, Oregon Pasadena, California Toronto, Ontario 190 Parrish ' s Styling Boutique COMPLETE BEAUTY SERVICE 8 E. High St., Elizabethtown, PA. 367-3373 Best wishes to the class of ' 79 ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE Responsible reporting of the news in a distinguished community since 1869 Publishing Printing 367-7152 Grace C. Blough Apparel The finest selection in Town Dresses — Sportswear — Lingerie 116 SOUTH MARKET STREET Elizabethtown, Pa Phone 367-6522 f E FOOTBALL SOCCER , - LU o o o I- ELIZABETHTOWN SPORTING GOODS 19 E. High St., Elizabethtown Quality Sports Equipme nt At Reasonable Prices • Wilson • Adidas • Converse • Rawlings • Puma • Spalding • Brooks and many others Team, School and Club Discounts 367-6633 CO LU DC TENNIS SOFTBALL m UJ m o o O 191 GREAT DEA GREAT SERVICE 1 What more is a car dealer for? BILL MILLER ELIZABETHTOWN, PA FORD MERCURY 833 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone:367-1181 jKft g, 2 . ♦ ' ■J • i:li r g BAUM ' S BOLOGNA Z i Quality Meat Products SgjSs Box 407 jpS Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone: 367-1552 Congratulations to the class of ' 79 in Market Basket White Shield 101 South 59 College Avenue Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-7000 Elizabethtown, Pa. arpenter ' s Ini 26-32 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-2432 CRorr MEATS INC. CUSTOM Since 1875 " 13 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: (717) 367-1246 U.S. GOV ' T. INSPECTED EST. 9442 V. 192 MYER PRINTING SERVICE Quality Offset Printing Wedding Invitations John H. Myer Phone 367-6169 52 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Stehman ' s IGA 626 S. Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-1943 Dot ' s Beauty Shoppe The Family Shoppe 50 W. High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-1224 Mueller ' s Flower Shop FLOWERS WITH QUALITY, BEAUTY AND ARRANGEMENT 55 N. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 PHONE 367-1581 Augie ' s Place PIZZA SUBS Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-5011 Hours Mon.-Th. 11am-12pm Fri.-Sat. 11am-1am Sun. 2pm-12pm Try Our Stromboli, It ' s Great! 10 Varieties of Hand-Tossed Pizza EAT IN OR TAKE OUT Over 20 different Subs and Sandwiches Having a Party? Call us! CHAPMAN ' S APPAREL Featuring Layette Gift Items Children ' s Quality Clothing 51 S. Market St. Elizabethtown 367-1 940 193 IB COMPLIMENTS IS TOF Commonwealth National Bank Elizabethtown Office ' happy to help you Bank " Member FDIC E-town East Office r% ropical Treat Restaurant " A Treat That Can ' t Be Beat! " Phone 367-3491 2 miles east of Elizabethtown Open 6am-10pm CENTER SQUARE EL I ZABETHTOWN, PENNA. 194 ROUTE 230 EAST, ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 B G Best wishes to the class of 79 LUMBER COMPANY Phone: 367-1690 212 W. High St. E-town Tops in the field!. RSSOCIATIOn [RbmESTEfiD SRVIOGS theJ pHL7Wen s " We look to your future with interest " L Soc ' OT o y 104 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone 367-4904 J 195 Elizabethtown Twin Kiss Hawthorne Electric, Inc. Drive-ln Restaurant FJ 901 North Hanover Rd. Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-1694 HE LIGHT • HEAT • POWER Electrical Supplies Mount Joy 653-2068 PEG GEIBE EAT IN OR TAKE OUT OWNER-OPERATOR CALL 367-4844 GEORGE E. CARRIGER E-TOWN SUB SHOP Paint Body Shop Subs — Sandwiches — Soups 717 N. MARKET ST. (REAR) OPEN Elizabethtown, Pa. 10 A.M. - 11 P.M. Sunday 4P.M. - 11 P.M. Wrecks Rebuilt — Cars Painted — Body Fender Work RHEEMS, PA. 17570 Phone: 367-6450 Red Rose Motel GEORGE ' S WOODCRAFTS Specializing in Hand-Crafted Solid Walnut Furniture TV. AIR CONDITIONED ROOMS EFFICIENCY APARTMENTS PRIVATE POOL - PICNIC AREA PHONE IN ROOM R.D. No. 3, Box 84 Hutches — Gun Cabinets — Hope Chests — Cradles Unique Lamps — Plank Bottom Rockers Chairs Tables — Coffee. Drop-Leaf, Trestle, Etc. Custom Engraved Walnut Nameplates | ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 BETWEEN ELIZABETHTOWN MT. JOY 20 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. ON BUSINESS ROUTE 230 Phone 367-4728 AREA CODE 71 7 PHONE 367-751 8 196 YOU ' LL FIND JUST WHAT YOU WANT among our vast array of gifts at the PEDDLERS ALLEY Browsing hours are from 10-9:30 Park City, Lancaster [Sears Mall] Phone 393-1304 Compliments of Ridgeview Farms " ELIZABETHTOWN ' S 1ST JUG MILK STORE " Ice Cream Parlo David W. Sweigart Ridge View Road R. D. 3 Phone: 367-2286 Elizabethtown, Penna. 17022 Bishop ' s Studio Camera Shop 44 N. MARKET STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA., 17022 Photographic phone 367-1322 . CANDIDS- COMMERCIAL- Supplies p0RTRA|TURE CENTURY SPOUTING 09- Specialists in Seamless ,NC " Aluminum Spouting Siding Roofing ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 17022 Phone:(717)367-6693 653-2000 You might like real challenge. Goodness knows, some people don ' t. But we ' ve got plenty for those who do. In Construction, Law Enforcement, Elec- tronics, Medicine, Or even in the sky. All you have to do is qualify for training. We ' ll provide all the challenge you want. Join the people who ' ve joined the Army. Call Army Opportunities A Equal Opportunity Employer ENGLISH BROS. INC. BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTORS NEW HERSHEY ROAD R.D. 2, ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 367-1394 197 a ■ The • kno tting SKecl Macrame Designs Supplies Classes 238 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Phone (717) 367-4441 Hrs. Mon, Tues, Sat 9-5 Closed Wed. Thurs., Fri 9-9 We carry a complete line of supplies for all your Macrame projects. Also, we offer afternoon and evening classes for the beginner and an owl and plant hanger class for the more advanced student. Owner Bev Laughlin Owner Judi More YOUR BRAND NAME STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS SINCE 1895 Hart Schaffner Marx Botany Sou Haggar Farah Arrow Lee Van Heusen Munsinger Florsheim London Fog Woolrich Wrangler David Martin STORES 1 Center Square Elizabethtown 20 S. Union St. Middletown 9c6 OMHOtcA FINE CLOTHING 230 W CHOCOLATE AVENUE — HERS HEY. PA 17033 — 5 33-8374 216 96TH STREET STONE HARBOR. N J 08247 QUALITY SHOES - SHOE REPAIR WEYENBERG • DR. SCHOLL ' S • DEXTER FOOT TRAITS • SRO • COBBIES RED WING • CONVERSE • KEDS • ADIDAS 7«IU ' Sfoe Stwie 250 W. CHOCOLATE AVE. • HERSHEY, PA. Phone 534-1968 Rhoads ' Jewelers 44 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown ' s Quality Jeweler For Fine Merchandise 367-0737 FRANK A. TULLI 198 STATE INSPECTION AUTO REPAIRS Elizabethtown Tire Alignment 33 N. MARKET STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 PHONE 367-2661 STEVEN L. REINHOLD Pontiac Oldsmobile H. S. RISSER MOTORS SALES AND SERVICE Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 Reloading Supplies SPORTING GOODS HUNTING - FISHING RAW FUR DEALER TRAPPING SUPPLIES YMM ffiT BOX 28 - RD 2 ELIZABETHTOWN. PA 17022 WM K BRINSER, OWNER PHONE (7171 367-7629 . a record store With full line of Accessories ,V(?w Releases every Wednesday and Friday. 1 8 Weekly Specials. IN DOWNTOWN ELIZABETHTOWN center square PHONE 367-2334 HOURS M - 10:00-5:00 Th - 10:009:00 T - 10:00-5:00 F - 10:00-9:00 W - 10:00-5.00 S - 10:00-5:00 lunch 1:00-2:00 HOUS HOUSE OF PORTRAIT 2 . ' r " ' m STUDIO HOURS Tuesday 9:30-5:30 Wednesday 9 30-5 30 Thursday . . 9:30-5:30 Friday . 9:30-9 00 Saturday 10 00-4 00 Monday Closed Sharon Maurice Upton — Prop 33 S. MARKET STREET, ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 17022 PHONE (717) 367-1605 199 Economy Shoe Store 15-17 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 17022 " Shoes For The Family Carefully Fitted " PHONE 367-7532 ROBERT G. COBLE JOHN F. BARR Hoffer ' s Arco Perk ' s Car Service State Inspection — Towing — Tires — Batteries Accessories 135 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 367-7513 Roth ' s FURNITURE STORES 206 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Open Thurs. and Fri. till 9 p.m. The Full Service Store You Can Build Your Home Around Garden Spot Feeds Master Mix Feeds Heating Oil GRUBB SUPPLY COMPANY 419 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 200 Patrons Allen ' s TV Stereo 1682 South Market Street Elizabethtown 367-4701 Herr Electric, Inc. 45 South Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1929 Binkley ' s Sewing Machine Shop 1 1 1 North Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1450 Hillcrest Supper Club 54 Mount Gretna Road Elizabethtown 367-1859 Bob ' s Flower Shop 39 South Market Street Elizabethtown, 367-2211 Moose ' s 5 and 10 5 Center Square Elizabethtown 367-4707 Christian Light Bookstore 48 South Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1360 Petticoffer Dodge, Inc. Route 230 East Elizabethtown 367-1808 Earl Retherford ' s Fruit and Produce Bainbridge Road RD 1 Elizabethtown 367-9912 George Rodkey ' s Plumbing Heating 1235 North Union Street Middletown 944-3043 Grosh Furniture 117 South Market Street Elizabethtown 367-1384 Zarfoss Hardware 1 Center Square Elizabethtown 367-1261 201 STUDENT DIRECTORY Abel, Douglas 126 Bahador, Gitta 41 Best. Betsy 119 Brill, Beth 132 Aberle, Dana 115 Bahn, Constance 44.51.114 Best, Sandra 113 Brmton, Deborah 39.141 Abplanalp. Karen 107 Bailey, Cherlynn 113 Beyer, Brenda Britton. John 111 Abuka. Sam 41.125 Bailey, Kenneth Beyer, Robert 16.110 Brooks, Bradley Accorsi, Felicia Bailey, Thomas 74,126 Bhatti. Javed 41.44.126 Brookes, Laurie 43,119 Ackerson, Margaret 30.47,49,115 Batr, Jed Biegalski, William 60.140 Brose, Marty Adamko. Michael Baker, Elizabeth 38.47,49,117 Bierbower, William Brown, Beverly Adams, Augustus Baker. Carenda 48 Bigham, Janet 26.108 Brown. Clifford Adams. Lisa Baker, Hollis 47,48.49 Billbrough, Carrie 51,68,114.115 Brown. Connie Aina. David 39.138 Baker, Richard 126 Billy, Mary 43.140 Brown. Darryl 48,49.125 Albaugh, Todd Baker, Gary 46,48,111 Bingeman, Michael Brown, Douglas 68 Albanese, Claudia 105 Baker, Karl Binkley, Susan Brown. Gabby 142.155 Alburger, Susan Baker, Scott 38.41.83,125 Bisbing, Lynne 38.47.48 Brown. George 27.128 Albright. Joan 66,111.145 Balentine, Susan Bittner, John 48.125 Brown. Lisa 118 Alessio, Frank Barakos, George 128 Black, Cynthia 67 Brown, Lois Algeo. William,130 Baranko, Joseph 68 Blair, Becky 67.71.76 Brown, Todd Aliang, David 41 Barash. Keith 125 Blaisdell. Mark Brown, Tyrand Allen. Deborah 14,15.113.139 Barbarich, James Blaisdell. Lee Brubaker. David Allen. Karen 117 Barger, Judith 49 Blaisdell. Judith 140 Brubaker. Roger Allen III, William Barnes, Luanne 44 Blake, William Brubaker, Sandra Allison. Beth Barnett, Joyce 39,44.114 Blanchett. Linda 50,121.141 Brugger, Nancy Allison, Cheryl 106 Barnhart, Brenda 13,45,118 Blaschak, Debra 107 Buck. Dennis 38 Allison. Jean 139 Barninger, David Bledsoe, Timothy Buck. Steven 50.110,143 Amritt. Karen 123 Barone. Michael Bock. Sandra 106 Buck, Gregory 140 Anderson, Joanne 7,41.106 Barta, Susan 67,77 Boess. Michael 111 Buckley. Daniel 125 Anderson, Kurt 72 Bartells, Randi 49.122 Bohn. Kathy 118 Buckwalter, Sharon Anderson. Michael 46.126 Barton, Elizabeth Boland. Kathleen 141 Budko. Gregory 129 Anderson II, Donald Barton, Holly 105 Bolle. Susan 43,118 Bundy. Judith 7, Bauer. Elaine 40.115 Bollinger. Cynthia 77 Burdge, Aileen 44.48.107,142 Andrews. Chris Baughman, Arthur Bonsell. Cheryl 47 Burk, Tamara 117 Andrews, Denice Baum, T homas Bonner. Lori 113 Burkey. Diane 48 Andrews. Jonelle Bausher, Bruce 111 Book, Kelly 106 Burton, Jean 43.106 Angstadt. Rodney 111 Baust, Josie 114 Boornazian. Laura 108 Butler, Corinne 122 Angstadt, Rochelle 108 Bear. Marcia 47.105 Bootier, John Buterbaugh, Dana Annas, Sandra Beard, Kenneth Borowski. Susan 2.46,53.105 Bux, Deborah 122 Ankrim, Barbara Beazley, C David Borton, Cheryl 49,106 Butler, Christy 49 Anthony, Ellen 45.49,114 Beck. Dallas Bosak. William 128 Byers. James Anthony. Laura 64, 113 Beck, Denise 70.76,117 Bosch. Christoph 140 Byers. Phyllis Apicelli. Cipriano 125 Beck, Judy Bostwick, David 129 Byers, Sheryl Appelbaum, Vanessa Beesley, Alan 48.110 Bowers, Beth 66,77,111,141.145 Cafiero, Christoph 45 Archer Jr.. Donald Beirtel, Craig Bowersox, Mary Cahill, Robert 125 Ardrey, Tamela 114,138 Behan, Veronica 106 Bowman, Sharolyn 118 Caldarelli. Mary 142 Armer, Frank 138 Behr, Carolyn 117,123 Bowman, Carl Cale. Elizabeth 44,142 Armstrong, Frederick 79.138.156 Behrs, David 111 Bowman, Marion Calvert. Jill 106 Artz, Diane 38.47,48 Beittel, Betsy Boyer, Dean 46.128.129 Campbell. Joy Artz III. F. Allen 47,48.49.125 Bellinger. Cindy 67 Boyle. Katy 118 Campbell, John 143 Artz. John 13.27 Benner. Silvan 138 Boyle. Marion Camplese. Angela Ashby. Cathy Bennett. Stephen Brodhag. Elizabeth 26,49,114 Carbone, Theresa 43,143 Asher, David 127.139 Bentz, Barbara 50.122 Bradley, David 43.82 Carmint, Holly 43,106 Atkinson, Susan 108 Benton. Nancy 105 Bradley, Geraldine Carnarius, Catherine 28.114.142 Auch. Linda Bentzel, Karen 40.43,109.175 Bradley. Paula 106 Carraher, Thomas 49 Aucker, Brian 139 Beotsch, Mary Jo 109,140 Brandt. Cleo Carroll, Brian 46 Aucker. Kelly 113 Berlin. Bob 82 Breneman. Timothy 83 Carroll, Patricia 115 Aukamp. Lisa 44.51,115 Bernan, Valerie 141 Brenna. Carol 123 Carswell, Leon 68,110 Aungst. Joy Berkheimer, Polly Brennan. Jane 123 Carvell. Nina Autre , Richard Bernard, Faith 43,77 Brennan. Michael 130 Casebeer. Janet 49.122 Ayoub, Ronald 39.132.138 Bervmchak, J Jude 44,72 Brenner, Jody Cassey, Scott 48.125.143 Azelvandre, Janette 115 Beshore, Sue 52,141 Brigance, Laura 115 Cavanaugh, James 62,125 Baer, Ronald Bessette, Dianne 50,105 Briggs. Karol 35.49,106 Cerreto, Stephen 42 202 Chadwick, Mark 68,128 Cutler. Amanda 107 Dougherty. John Feilmeier. Joseph Chard. John Curry. Paul 146 Dougherty, Lorene 46.105 Felice. Pauline Charles. Nancy 45.144 Cuskey III, Michael Douglas, Stephen Fembleaux. Lois Chant. Deborah 122.143 Cybulski. Ann Douglas. Anne Fenninger. Debra 43 Chapin. William Daily, Keith 147 Douglas III, Matthew Ferron. Thomas 60.74,132 Chapman. Donald 72.130 Dale. Denise 107 Dowdy, Janet 44 Fetrow. Dixie Chapman. Elwood Dalke. David 39.147 Drenning, Thierry Fetter, Aud 119 Chapman. Thomas Dang, Thu 41 Drescher. Linda 109 Fichthorn, Susan 106 Chelak, LeeAnn 70.105 Dapkiewicz. Diane 146 Dubbs, Amy 47,50.108 Filoromo. Nina 107 Cherego. Kathenne Daubert, Stanley Ducato. Margaret Finan, Sally 151 Chester, Michael Davis, Catherine Duerst, Catherine 119 Finger, Robert 151 Chin. Wendy 105 Davis. Ann-Mari Duong, Chau 41 Fink. Aileen 2.40,46,106 Chowansky. Mary 113 Davis. Lynda 113 Duong, Tu 41.129 Fink. Nelda 48,108 Chnstopher. Gary 60 Davis, Stephanie Duquette. Donna 39.44.148 Finn, Brian Chronister. Connie Davis, Susan 49.115 Duvall. Robin 38.113 Fisher. David Chryst. David 144 Dawson. Kirkland 125 Durst, Jr.. Walter 126 Fisher, Joan Ciancia. Dawn 49.108 Dean, Dave Dwyer. Megan Fisher, John Cipollone. Lisa 106 Debartolis, Allison 132 Eagen, Mary 148 Fisher, Lorrie 66,111 Clark. Jeanna 42.43.122 De Cesare, Vivian 113 Eberhart, Joanette 28,46,148 Fisher, Vernon Clarke. David Decorso. James Eberly. Patty 119,149 Fitzgerald. Patricia Clarke. Sharen 114 Defino, Thomas 62 Ebersole. Barry Fitzpatrick. Donna 25,42,46.115.150 Clayton. Jeanne 113,176 Degler, Janet Ebersole. Susan 119.149 Flanders. Wendy 45 Clemens. David 39 De Haas, Marsha 40.109 Eck, Michelle Fleming, Edward 126 Clemens. John Deimler. Robert 44 Egbunu. Joseph 39.41 Fleming, Laura 107 Clemente. James Delesio. Denise Eichelberger, James 112 Floriani. Eileen 42.118 Clifford. Jan 51,68.113 Del Russo. Susan 114 Eichelberger, Jeffery Floyd, George Coburn. Marguerite De Mora Jr . William 126 Elder, Jay Flouras, Nicholas Coccetti. Lisa 105 Denney, Anne 46.48.146 Eldndge, Brenda 39 Foerster, Gayle 123 Colden. Robin 129.144 Dennis. James El-Aridi. Adnan 148 Fogelsanger, Debra 44 Coldiron, Randy 38,74.138,145 Densten. Susan 44,51,114 El-Aridi, Jouhad Foley, Margaret 52.117 Coleman, Gary Dent, Arthur 128,146 Elfreth, Frances 119 Folmer, Joan Coleman, Lisa Dent, Karen Elisee, Karen Foor. Christine 123 Colgan, Monica 43,113 Derr, Deborah 113 Ellenberger, Holly Foor, Lita 38.115 Collins. Timothy Derr, Teresa Ellsworth. Jonathan 82.129 Forbes, Jeffrey 74.125 Colon, Maria 115 De Santis, Eugene 47,49.146 Elsroth. Pamela Forbes, George 130 Colonna. Laura 107 Desjardin, Suzanne Endy. Michael 39.79 Forlenza, Thomas Coney. Susan 50,71.120.122 40,41,42.82.83,105 England. Mark 43.110 Forster, Diane 114 Connelly. Dorothy 65 Detwiler, Gay 43.123 Engle. Lynn 49 Fox, Annette 48.118 Connelly, Maureen 67,71.117 Diacont. Elizabeth 113 Ensslen. Henry 111 Fox. Lori 38.48,106,150 Connor. Veronica Dickey, Michael Ent, Melanie 122 Fox. Margaret 65 Conrad. Robert 145 Dietrich. Lynne 43 Enterline, L Scott Foy, W. Benjamin Conway, Nancy 113 Di Fonzo, Peter 129 Erb, Craig Foy, Maryanne 118 Cook. Ian Dinsmore. Cris 38.47.49 Erb. Debra Frame. L Robert 44.51,130 Cooke. Hotly 119 Digiacomo. Barbara Erdos. Melanie Francks, Marie 53.108 Cooksey. Patricia 109 Di Guiseppe. Barry 44 Eric. George 130 Francks. Barbara 107 Cooley, Cindy Dillon, Ricky 40 Esbenshade. Linda Franklin, Dennis Coons. Connie 48.49.144 Dinulos. Rebecca 114 Esposito. Nancy Frantz, John 42,44,150 Coppock. Esther 123 Di Rico, John 42,147 Eukert. Karen 119 Frasier, Scott Cornell. Marc 129.144 Disney. Paul Evans, Daniel Franz. Gretchen Cortellessa. Diane 43,49.105 Distasio, Tina 38.48.123 Evans, Jean Fredrics, Lisa Coruzzi. Joann 51.113 Dmochowski, Thomas 82 Eveler, III. George 51 Freeda. Thomas 126 Covello. Paula 115 Dockey, Yvonne 47.48.49,122 Eveler, Dawn 67.113 Freedman. Barry 132.151 Coyne. Nancy 46.109 Dodge. Robin 51,114 Ewan, Holly 114 Freundel. Sherry Crawford. William Doerr, Michael 72 Ewer, William 129 Frey. Maryrose 43.117 Creighton, Kenneth 43.144 Doherty, David 74,147 Fagan, Stephen Frey, Matthew Crogle. Alan Dolan. Richard 74.129 Fager. Mary Frezzo, Jr . Gabriel 150 Crossland. Jay Donahue, Catherine 114.148 Fallos, Cynthia 120.122 Fricchione. Patrick Crossland, Patricia 64.113 Dondero, Diane 123 Fake. David Frick, Scott 128 Crouse. Deborah 38.48 Donley. John Fairchild. Eric 125 Friedlm. Cheryl 114 Crowers. Lynne Donovan, Dorothy 50.118 Faus. Ronald Fnsbie, Jim 82 Crumlich. Julie Dorgan. Joseph Facer, Alan 148 Fritz. Joseph 46,128 Cummings. James Dorsey, Karen 118 Faulkner, Cynthia 122.150 Fuller. Judith 41.49.109 Cunha. John Dougherty, Dennis 44,47,49 Fefegula. Michael 41,60 Fultz, Craig 39.44.151 203 Funk, Barbara Gorman. Kathleen 38.49.118 Hart, Bryce Hodson. Shelley Futer, Jerry 60.74.130 Gosman. Robert Hart, Charles 60.128 Hoeflich. Karin 113 Fylstra, Wendy Gosnell. Debra 51. 113.153,176 Hart, Jennifer 43,118 Hocker. John 156 Gaffney, Mary 39.123 Gosnell. Jeffrey 111 Hart, Thomas 125 Hoehn. Janet 50.106 Gage, Margaret Gossert. Sharon 153 Hartfield. Shirley Hoerl, Roger 38.51,129.157 Gage, Jr., Wells Gottschalk. Catherine 106 Hartman, Brian Hoffer. Deborah 43 Galdencio, Timothy 151 Gould, Sherray 107 Hartranft. Craig Hoerr. James Galella. Linda 40,48.49 Grace. Kathy 50 Hartzok. Jolene 154 Hoffer, Barbara Gallagher, Karen 118 Graden, Christine Hassinger. Kathy Hoffman. Donna 48.117 Gallagher, Kathryn 43 Grady, Mary-Kathenne 38.49.105 Hawkins, Patrick 110 Hoffman, Janet 105 Gallant, Anne 51,113 Graham, Gay 68,113 Hawk. Keith Hofmann, Carla 13,49.114 Gallego. Lori 115 Graham, Janet 48 Hawk. Dale Hohenwarter. Jr., Thomas Galloway, Thomas 46.152 Graupensperger. Robert Hawrylo, Kathleen 108 Holcombe. John 62.129 Gallow. Constance 114 Gray, Carolyn 40,122 Hawthorne. Lori 106 Holder. Timothy 111 Garber, Sally Green, Arlene 105 Hawtof. Deborah 38.115 Holder, Ardyth 113 Gargone, Jr . Robert 62 Greenawalt, Larry Hayes. Gayle 47,49.109 Hollmger. David 45,,157 Garman, Jean 43,120.123 Greenly, Ruth 40.122 Hazelwood. Lyn 48,49 Hollinger, Lisa Garner, Kevin Greer, Jay 129 Hebrank, Miriam Hopper. Joanne 40 Garrett, Terry Grefe, Linda 105 Hecker. Jeffrey Horan. Michelle 118 Garnty, Erin 106 Greider, Kenneth Heffleger. Vernon 129.154 Horn. John 45.126 Gartland, Mary Grice. David Heilman, Mary Alice 154 Horn, Kathleen Gathercole, John Griesemer. Kim 113 Heim. Kristine Hornberger. Mark Gatta, Donna 132.153 Griscom, Kathleen 152 Heim. Margaret 46,156 Horst. Renee 123 Geary, Ray 126 Groene. Jeffrey 40,153.170 Heim. Yvonne Hostetler, Judith Geers, Jane Groff. Lisa 65,80.113 Heindel. Rhonda 64.108 Houseal, Mary Ellen 45 Geesaman, Mary 44,51.114.153 Grosh, Jr , John Heiney. Robert Houser. Beverly 105.158 Geidel, Gregory Gross, Frances 49,118 Heinz, Melanie 48.106 Howard. Kevin Geiger, Cynthia Grubb. Stephen Heinz, Ruth Howarth. Donna 122 Geiger, Maryanne 39,43,118 Gruber, Jerlynn Heisley. Robin 157 Hozella, Eileen 52.122 Geissler, Virginia 41.105 Grunow, Sharon 43.132,153 Heisner, Carol 43 Huber, Belinda 47,48,105 Gemmill, Judson 129 Grumbine. Beth 42.48.117 Helm, Jeffrey Huber, Diane 67.82.159 Gentilucci. Laura Guhit, Nora Lynn 121 Helman. Beth 38.47,49,106,157 Huber. Elizabeth 49,123 Gentry, Janette Guers, Kristma 50.105 Helmick. Terri Hudson, Craig George, Russell Gumble. Laurie 26.154 Heltebndle. Laine 40.47,49,128 Huffman. Deborah 48 Gerard, Joanne Gumbert, Cathy Hemenck, Eva 107 Hufsey, Douglas 74.159 Gerding, P aul 111,182 Henise, Jennifer 66 Hughes, Kathryn Getty, Joanne Guss, Barbara 40 Hennmger, Lori 123 Humphreys, Wayne 27,128 Geyer, Stephen 43 Gust, Cathy 46,107,154 Henshaw, Anne 40,43.109 Huntington, Robin 123 Gibble, Peggy Haas, Douglas 39,44 Herman. Barry 39.44.128 Hunziker. William Gieg, Kristin 115 Hahn. Glen Herr. John Hurley, Jamie 106 Gill, Genevieve 42,43.51,114,115 Hahn. Nancy 5,66 Hershberger, Edward Hutchison, Kathyann 107 Ginder, Barry Haifley. Jenny 48.80.118 Hershey. Christine 117 Huyard. Wayne 110 Ginder, Linda Haines, James 38.48,49 Hertel, Barbara 47,49,50,52,118,156 Insley. John 38.130,158 Giordano. Anthony Hale, Jr., John 154 Hertel, Nancy 43,49,117 Isaacs, Betsy Gish. Sonya 152 Hall. Beverly 70,77 Hess. Michael 48.129.156 Ishaka. Abdul 158 Glah, Joanne 123 Hamann. Karen 117 Hess, Ruth Jacobsen, Laurie Gladfelter. Jerry 125 Hambnght. Lynn 46, Hess, Sandra 76.113 Jacoby, Kevin 74.125 Glass, Douglas 125 Hamon. Donna Hess. Sharon 43 Jaeger, Gail Glattfelder, Nancy 113 Hamor. Michael Hetherington, Wayne 128 Jameson, Christine 113 Glattelter. Timothy 40 Hampshire. Jennifer 113 Hetrich. Kathleen 107 Jameson. James 125 Gleim. Robin 50,121,123 Hampton, Patricia Hieber. Kim 113 Janick, Karen 115 Glick. Dean 62.110 Hand, Susan 118 Hill. Cynthia 123 Johnson. Debra 65.118 Godfrey, Teresa 109 Handwerk, Ray 129 Hill. Donna 30.46,49 Johnson, Jr , Donald Goccia. Robert 152 Hanley. Mary 23.123 Hill, Janice 49.114 Johnson. Eric Goforth. Joyce 38,52.121.123,152 Hannahs, Donald 62 Hilla. John 128 Johnson. Evelyn 39.46.105,150.158 Good, Kenneth Hanson. A Christie Hillemeir, Kent Johnson II, Louis Good. Philip 60 Harbaugh. Tamalyn 105 Hmeline. Susan 44.156 Johnson. Rodney Goodling, Gregory Hardic, Theron 49,110 Hmkle, Christine 114 Jones. Karenlee 27.105 Goodman, Kathy Hare, Ann 113,115 Hinkley, Scott Jones, Karen 77 Goodwin, Charisse 119 Harper, Carl Hippie, Gail Jones, Kathy 42.118 Goodwin, Mary 122 Harnger, Joseph 60,68 Hippie, Jeffrey Jones, Nita Gordon, Leonard Harrison, Steve Hivner, Susan 122 Jones. Scott Gordon, Terry 53,109 Hart. Bret 155 Hitz, Laurie Jordan. William 26,48 204 Joseph, Lee Klinger, Helen La Rocca. Peter Mac Wright. Vicki 117 Judd, Ellen 27.38.46,47,48,49.52 Knackstedt, Tamra Lash. Brian 129,161 Madara, Jeffrey Kachel, Joan 106 Knauer, Christopher Lashkevich, P John 129 Madenford. Edward 163 Kachnoskie, Charlene Knies, Kenneth 126 Lauchman, Kathye 106 Magges e, Maureen Kaercher. Belinda 114 Knight. Karen 39.49.115 Laudenberger, Diane Maina, Peter Kafka. Donna 40.48.117 Knight. Kathryn 122 Lawler, Donald 62,74.125 Mahon, James 130 Kaiser, Mark 107 Knox, Michael 62 Lawrence, Pam 43 Mahaney. William Kapner, Cynthia 119 Knox, Paul Layman, James Mahan. James 45.49.162 Kappra, Kevin 38.126 Koast, Karen Leaman, Tern 107 Mam, Jeffrey 48.163 Kaylor, Fred Koch. Colette 50.118 Lebo. Deborah 48,107 Makara, William 128 Kearns, Michael Kochel. Nancy 109 Leahey, Patricia 38.162 Malesic. Jan 71 Keech, Timothy Kobyhnski, Mane 115 Le Coney. Elizabeth 118 Malick, Randall 49 Keffer, Kenneth Kocserha, Joanne 39,51 Lee, Ruth Anne 44 Manieson, Samuel Keith, Mary 107 Koerwer, Nancy 42,132,160 Lee, William Manwiller, Krtsten 105 Kell. Brian 41 Koernig, Mark 38,158 Leed. David March, Diane 105 Kelker, Kathleen Kohier, Paul Lefever. Shirley Maples. Margaret 40,41 ,80.107,163 Keller. Kathenne 24,80,108 Kohut, Mary 71 Lefin, Christine 67 Marburger, Pamela 107 Keller. Lisa 48 Kolmus, Marjorie 161 Lehman, Carol Mares, Ruth 40.121,164 Kelley. David 79 Kolakowski, Jr . Thomas 130 Lehman, David 72,130 Marion. Robert Kelly. Kathy 114.159 Kondash, Michael 44 Leid. Michael 38.128 Markey. Kevin 128 Kelly, Kerne 113 Kopf. Darlene Lenhart. Diane 118 Markle. Jill Kennedy. Joanne 43.67 Koscevic, Scot 128 Lenker, Cynthia 42.121 Markle. Judy Kennedy. Scott 130 Kottmeyer. Karen 107 Leomporra, Licia 41,49.105 Marks, Carolyn 50 Kepner. Cynthia 106,158 Koury, Jeanne 51,115 Lesher, Robin 105 Marshall, Peter Kerlin, Suzanne 42.52 Koval. Stacia 112,114 Lewis, Cindy Marshall, Nancy 118 Kern, Janet Kowalok, Judith 109 Lewis. Deborah 39,119 Marsicano. Peggy Kesler, James Kowalchuk, Tanya 46,52.132.161 Liberaton, Kathleen 46,106 Martin, David 43.146,157 Kessler, Marcia 44.105 Kovach. Craig 126 Liggins, Beth Martin, J Horace Kettrick. William 125 Kozak, Susan Lighty. Bonita 67,77.113 Martin, John 164 Kibala. Joseph 125 Krall. Robert Little. Barbara 48.132,163 Martin. John 110 Kiewe. Lisa 108 Kramer. Denise 119 List, Jo Ann 66 Martin, Kathy Killian. April Kramer, Lisa 114,160 Little, Joy 47.48 Martin, Jr., Robert Killian, Barry Krause. Eric 129 Litvinas, Patricia 109 Martin II, Roy 125 Killian. Patrick Kraybill, Frances Llewellyn. Barry Martin, Sheryl 117 Killian II. R Alan Kreamer, Phyllis 48 7.36, Marx, Cynthia 50.117 Kilby. Daniel 60 Kreider, Brenda 47.48,114 Llewellyn, John 128 Marzolf, Howard Kilhefner, Eric 128 Kreider, Kerry Lloyd, Tracy 28.43.109 Maser, Raelene 44 Killmer, Kim 23.52,53,120,158 Kreitzer, Elizabeth 160 Loeffler, Jeanne 43.66 Maser, Katharine 35.39,76.114.164 Kim, Sok Young 109 Kreitzer. Kimberly 48,49 Loewen, Mark Mason. Kendall 119 King, David 130 Krupa, Bernard 68.110.160 Lofstrom. Christine 43,142.162 Mason, Nancy 42.49,113 King. Dorothy 46,122 Kudlesky. Jay Loftus. Mary Jo 51,113 Mason, Sherry 115 King, Rebecca Kuester, Evelyn 50,123 Lohse. Gretchen 105 Matheson, Kellie 123 King. Robyn 64.70 Kugler. Theresa Lomerson, Margaret 118,150,162 Matthews. Elizabeth 76.105 Kinsey, Rick Kuhn, Dons 114.161 Loney. Joanne 46.76.163 Matulay, Cynthia 76 Kipp, Cathy 43.122 Kulp, Ruth 44 Long, Brenda Mau. Mary Kiraly, Cristy Kunkle. Raeann Long, Jeffrey Maurer, Anthony 72.126 Kirby, Susan 123 Kurowski, Sharon 39,43.44 Long, Terence Maurer, Duane 72 Kirchner. Christine 105 Kurzweil. Erica 40.106.161 Longenecker, Jack May. Julie 113 Kirchner, Jr , Eugene 44,130 Kusnierczyk, Donna 107 Longsderff. David 48 Mc Allister, Ginger 108 Kirk, Elizabeth 107 Kwader, Catherine 113 Loring. Pamela 48.49.123 Mc Aloose. Stacie 42,52 Kissel. Jennifer 105 Kwak, Joon-Ho 41 Lotz. Gotthard Mc Alpine, Dane 43.62 Kitsock. Geofrey 79.111 Kuzava. Kathy 160 Louder, Carolyn 114 Mc Cafferty. Anne Klaus, Joseph Labe, Kathy 40.41,121 Lowry, Joseph 129 Mc Candless, Joan Klein. Scott 109 Labenberg, Eric Lutz, Kathryn Mc Carthy. Timothy 164 Kleinfelter, Mark 48 La Chance. Steven Lutz, Jr., Larry Mc Carty. Randall 44,165 Kleiss, Donald 126 Lacombe. Steven Lykens. Robert Mc Cloy, Jeffrey 43 Kline. Belinda 114.115 Lamb. Robert 52.161 Lynch. Sharon Mc Clure. Jeanne 118 Kline. Gayle 118 Lamberta. Frank 128 Lyon, Maureen 48.114 Mc Clure. Robert Kline. Robert Landis. Lisa 43 Mayberry, David Mc Coy. Barbara Klinedinst. Karen Landis. Jenny Macholdt. William Mc Coy, Kenneth Kling. Use 26.65.113 Lane. Teresa Mack, Scott 60 Mc Cullough, Linda 42.118 Klmg, Robert Lang, Lisa 50 Mack. Sandra 43.107 Mc Cullough, Wayne 74,125 Kling, Sylvia 64.113 Lapioli, Patrick Mac Lean, Susan 40.43.48,109 Mc Cutcheon, Lynda 109 205 Mc Dade. Lisa 14,64,116,118.165 Mohr, Mary Ann Nickel. Timothy 45,46,168 Peterson, Cheryl 38.49,171 Mc Donald. Jane Mondschein, Christi ne 105 Nitterhouse. Karen 80,107 Peterson, Christina 114 Mc Fadden. Cheryl 71.122 Montgomery. Margery 49 Noggle, Vincent Peterson, Jerry 49 Mc Ginty. John Moore. James 44.129.166 Nolt. Holly Petticoffer, Dawn Mc Glaughlin. Eugen e Moosa, Abdul Nordenberg. Ruth Pfadenhauer, Glenn 2.41.110 Mc Ghee. Lynne 44.51.114,176 Moran, Brian 68 Northrop, Melissa 117 Phillips. Kathy Mc Grath, Janet 107 Morey, Jane Novobilski, Deborah 42 Phillips. William 150,170 Mc llvaine. Ross Morey. Joan 109 Noyes. Daniel 82.125 Pierce. Scott 72 Mc Kim. James Morgan, Sherry 113 Numaguchi, Toshio 45 Pietsch, Roy Mc Knight, Niall 60.126 Morgenson, Susan 45.123 Ober, Elizabeth Pingitore. Frank Mc Nitt. Timothy Mormile, Annette 43,64.107.166 Oberholtzer, Donovan Pisano. Robert Mc Pike. Kathy-Jo 113 Mo rral Jr., Thomas 130 Oberholtzer, Miriam Pisano. Susan Meagher. Karen 43 Morris, David Oberkofler. Barbara 168 Pitka. William Meals. Laurie 164 Morris. Elizabeth 105 Oberly. Thomas 169 Pizzi, Michael Meckley. Keith 82.128 Morris, James 175 Oblender. David 74 Plovish. Kim 50.109 Meibohm. Emily 43.118 Morrissey. Marilyn 50.117.166 O ' Brien, Maurees 43.52,118.126.181 Plymyer. Ann 121 Mehalko. Andrew Morton, Richard Ocamb, Scott 169 Polder, Lisa 113.170 Mehlmann, Frank Morion, Robert 43.128 O ' Keefe, Coleen 39,43,77,120.139 Pollard, Janet Mehler, Paula 45 Moschini, James 124 Olalere, Tony 41 Pollini, Robyn 42,114 Meier, Robert 164 Motter. Mark Oldis. Polly 26.27.43,48.116.126 Pontius. Paul 14.111 Metier, Julie 46.164 Mowry, Elizabeth Olesky, William 60 Poore. Bradley 82,111 Meizen, David 2 Moyer. Richard Olubiyo. Anthony 39.41.168 Post. Edmund Melchiondo. Toni 118 Moyer. Timothy 34.82,130.167 O ' Reilly Jr . John 129 Postupack, Sandra 38,49 Menges, Kimberly 113 Moyer. Wendy 45.167 Ortega, Santos Poulton. Robert Menhardt. Deborah Moyo, Mxocisi Osborne III. William 128 Powell. Leslie 49.114 66,76.115.144,166 Mruk, Christine 117 Osmon, Melinda 46,119 Pratte. Martin 170 Menosky, Judy 43,50.119 Muhich, Mary 28,43.117 Otieno. Beneah 41 Pratt. Wade 34,49,82 Merel. Kathryn 43.118 Mulder, Donna 70 Owen, Perry 74 Preston, Mary 50.108 Merel, Mary Ann 40,113 Mullin. Melissa 50.77.107 Overly, Vickie 47.123 Price, Loretta 38.48,122 Mermon, Marcia 167 Mumford. Robert 126 Oyler, Jackie Price. Pamela 113 Merritt, Bruce Mummert, Karen Pack, Virginia 45.115,168 Pnggins. Judith 119 Mertz. Nancy 49.65 Mummert, Mary Pagen, Alfred 43.110 Princiotta, Karen 44 Mertz, Richard Murphy. Barbara Page. Jill 38.40,47.49.122 Procek. Gary Messina, Anne 107 Murphy, Daniel 47.49.148,168 Palaskey, Douglas 46.111,168 Procopio. Linda Messner, Michael Murphy, Glenna 28,46.105 Palmer, David 129 Pryor Jr , Scott Meszaros. Louise 105 Murphy. Julie 43,53.107 Palmer. Page 109 Pruitt. Norma Metcalf, Julie 43.118 Murray. Annette 47,49.118 Palubinsky. Kathleen 70,108 Purcell Sr , Anthony Metzger. Melanie 67,76 Musselman. Knsta 49,123 Paolini. Michael 130 Pugliese. Mariangelo 27.117 Meyerhoffer. Ray Musser, Deanna 113 Pappas. John 38.82.170 Puhalla. Teresa 107 Milanick, Julie 43,118 Musser, Traci 109 Pappas. George 111 Quenzer, Suzanne 113.171 Milbrand. Michael Myer, Brian Pantano, Jeanme 114 Quigley. Denise Miles, Michael Myers, Darryl Parham, Donald 39.129 Quinn, Donald Miller, Cindy 41 Myers, Karen 38,49,107 Parker, John 130 38.125,126,171.177,181 Miller. Clifford Myers, Scott 125 Parker, Margaret 64.118 Quinn, Jr., John 79,170 Miller III. Daniel Myers. Terry Parnsh Jr., George 130 Quinn, Richard 171 Miller, Jack Nap. Majid Parrett. Phyllis Ranck, Linda 118 Miller, James Nauman, Gregory Patton, Anita 30.46,47.49 Rankin, Julie 43,48,118 Miller, Lee 22 Neal. Donnie Paul. Dawn 114 Rankin, Susan 67 Miller. Lorraine 114 Needham, Linda 114 Paviglianiti, Joan 46.114 Rastegar, Lily 41 Miller. Philip Neff, Suzanne Pavlovic. Edward 166 Rathsam. Stephen Miller. Ralph Neil, Cynthia 39,43,122,175 Pearce. Melanie 107 Reabold, Matthew 27,44 Miller, Sandra Nelson. Angie 49,114 Peck, Sherrie 107 Rebman, Marcia 49,116.119 Miller. Stacy Nelson, Diane 114 Peele. Patricia Redding, Gail 43.171 Milner, Richard 132 Nelson, Edith 118 Pederson. Nancy 49,117 Reed, Jean 40.117 Miner. Janis Nelson. Mari-Cay 132.169 Peiffer, Beth 70,77 Reed, Robert Miner, Blame 167 Nettling, Gretchen 38.47.48,49,114 Pennabecker, Dean 38,171 Reed. Susan 119 Minnich. Chris Newcomer, Cheryl Pepple. Gregory Reese, Dana 49,125 Mizdail, Brenda 105 Newman, Francine Peramo. Kathy Reese, Cynthia 115 Miriello. Thomas 62,128 Newton. Gary 43.44 Perkins, John 46.62 Regan, Mary Lou 71.108,183 Mitchell, Karen 43.49.118 Neyhard. Dontia 40.169 Peterman, John 126 Regina, Richard Mnenga, Agundo 39,41.166 Newswanger. John Peterman, Todd Rehfuss, Kathleen 39.44,114 Modix. Emily Nguyen. Vu 41,168 Peters, Michael 129 Reich, Jay 110 Mohl. Kimberly Nichols. Jr . Robert Peters, Rochelle 169 Reid. Mary 105 206 , Reifsnyder, Anne 119 Ruhl. Robin Seldomndge. Judy 48.50.83,118 Sites. Linda 118 Reigle, William Rupp, Carla Sellers. Jeffrey Skiles, Samuel 110 Reilly. Ellen Russell. Donna 47,113 Selvey. Eric 46.48 Slamin, Theresa 176 Reilly, Lizbeth 50.121 Russell. Jeffrey 60 Sempeles, David 109 Slamp, Robert Reard, Catherine 28.123 Rustici, Marc 38.173 Senabsky, Mary 76 Slonaker, Brad 110 Reiner, Patricia Rutt. Joan Senft, Pamela Sluzis, Frank Reinhart, Betsy 113 Rydock, Berna Senn. William 125 Smeltzer, Margarette 113 Reimger, David 27.51 .72.128.172 Salamone, Arlissa 38.48.114 Senkowski, Walter Smith. Andrea Renyo. John 82 Salomone, Michele 107 Sensenig, Michael 74 Smith. Betsy 177 Reyes, Rodolfo Sanderson. Patricia 67,123 Sergi, Paul 62.130 Smith. Carey 43,119 Reymo. Cliff 130 Satow. Michael 126 Severance. Cynthia 39,132,174 Smith. Christopher 44,47,109 Rezm. Jennifer 46.132.173 Sauers. Mary Shadel. Richard 74 Smith, Fred 69,177 Rhoads. Bradley 22.128 Sauers, Bryan 125 Shallenberger. Nancy 115 Smith, David Rhoads, Phillip Saunders. Bruce 128 Shank, Douglas Smith, David Rhoades. Elizabeth Summers. Barbara Shank, Michael Smith. Fritz Rice, Linda Savory. Kevin 116,159,173 Shank, Rebecca Smith. Jennifer 28.50 Rich. Clifford 38.173 Saylor. Ronald Shank, William 129 Smith, Keith 48,49,178 Richard, Ralph 111 Sayre, Rodger 41, Shanks, Cynthia 108,174 Smith, Sharon 119 Rjchman. Carol 44.122 Scarborough. Charles Shankman, Marcia Smith. Thomas Richardson. Wilber Scarpignato. Jea n 113 Shannon, David Smykal, Julie 114 Richmond. Ruth 43.132 Schaeffer. Diane 114 Shapiro. Janet 2.48.108 Snavely. Debra 49 Richey. Donna Schatzman, Jane 41.110 Sharpley, George Snavely. Douglas Richey, Brian Schauren, Elaine 47.49.108 Shaw, V William Snee, Susan 40.43,49.117 Rife. Shirley Schaumann, Gustave Sheaffer, Michael Snelling, Lori 28.64.65,113 Riggleman, Shirley Scheib, Gary 72 Shearer. Karen Snook, Patty Rtghtmyer, George Scheib, Jeffrey Shedlosky, Tod 129.130 Snyder. Audrey Riley. Debra 123 Scheetz. Gale 107 Sheehy, John 176.183 Snyder, Janice 122 Riley. Michael 74 Scheppach. Kathie 122 Sheetz, Jessica Snyder. Kathryn 106 Riley. Thomas Scheuing. Keith Sheffield, Linda 50 Snyder. Tamma Riley, Joelle Scheuchenzuber. Steven 38 Shelley. Keith 82 Snyder, Thomas Rintz, Carlton 129 Schick, Julie 43,173 Shepard. Jay Soldati, Barbara 121 Ritchie. Janme Schiding, Jeffrey 174 Shiba, David 125 Sole. Andrew Rittenhouse. Melanie Schillinger. Deborah 107 Shilling. Stanley 121 Sohn, David Roadcap, James Schlett. Walter 125 Shillingford. Anne 67.76 Solsky. Keith Roberts, Maureen 117 Schlosser, James 82 Shimer III. Frank Sopko. Timothy Robertson, Catherine Schlossman, Dawn 108 Shimomura, Yuki 41.177 Sowell. Sharon 179 Robinson, June 65 Schmerfeld. Gail 40.113 Shipe. John Spaar. Dawn 114 Robinson, Kent Schmid. Eric 109 Shirk. Marsha Spangler. John Rochelle, Steven 128 Schmidt. Cynthia 122 Shirtz. Jeannine 43,115 Spangler, Michael 11 Rodngues, Odilon 62.130 Schmidt. Mark 79.125,174 Shiveler. Donna 123 Spaseff, Mark 62.72.110 Rodngues, Ocelsio 62.130 Schmidt, Mary 39, Shope, Mark Spayd, John Rodngues, Orlando 40,62.128 Schmidt. Sue 49 Shope. Phyllis 66 Spence, Carol 113 Rogers. Carol 123 Schmitz. John 40.129 Short, Donna 42.115 Splane, Timothy 62,130 Rohland. Janice 44.106.172 Schober, William 126 Showalter, Juli 108.183 Srnka, Alan Rohrbaugh, Joan 113 Scholly, Joseph Showers, Donald 46 Stagias. Peter Rohr. Sandra 83,113 Schools, Diane Showers, Tom 23 Stahl. Heidi 26,113 Roland. Peter 72 Schreiber, Suzanne 48 Shover, Nina 41.109 Stahl. Katherme 106 Romano Jr., Edward Schuler, Laurette 42.113 Shubert, Steven 43.128 Stalker, Diane 107 Ronemus, Robert 172 Schumpert, Rory 62 Shugars, William 53.104.110 Stambaugh, Jill 46.121.179 Roscoe, Paul Schultz. Jenny 38.47 Shull, James 110 Stanger, Roberta 113 Rosenberry. Sabrina Schwarzmann. Kathy 122 Shultz, Jennifer Stare. Richard Roselli, Stephen Schweibert. Raymond 111 Sick, George Starr. Cathy 48,123 Ross, Kathy 38 Scillien. Lori 53.113 Sieck, Michael 132 Starr. Deanne,117 Rossi. Holly Schwoyer. David 128 Siefert. Anne 25.66.112 Startzel. John Rothenberger, Jeffrey 46.48 Schwmg. Katrina 107 Siegfried. Peggy 177 Stauffer. Erla Roth. Stacy 118 Scott, Alison 108.174 Siegnst. Elizabeth 107 Stauffer. Jeffrey 79 Roth. Constance 16.172 Scott. Cathy 115 Silverman, Andrew 62.126 Stauffer. Selisa 132.178 Rowe, Bruce 62 Scott, Lisa 175 Simansky, Mary Steinhart. Norma Rowe, Teresa 44,107 Scotten. Robert 60,132 Simback. Carol 43.118 Steinweg. Paul 48.128.129 Rowett. Susan 43.105 Seager. Timothy 22,31,82.128 Simons, Bronwyn 176 Steltzer. Richard Rubin. Carolyn 122 Segall, Jacqueline 175 Simpson, Pamela 176 Stepanchak, Thomas 27,116,125 Rudy, Philip Seibert. Ann 26,106.174 Simpson. Theresa 42.67,117 Stepanchick. Gary Ruggien, Paul 62.130 Seifrit. Sue 107 Singley. Caryn 44.176 Stephens. Charles 207 Stephens. Mary Tyson. William 60.76 Week, Kimberly 41.132.182 Woolley. Anne 38.184 Stetler. Cynthia 53,114 Tyrie. Donald Wegner, Markus 40.44.128 Woolley, Thomas 26.130 Stetler. Laurie 53 Tyszka. Kathryn 64.77.107 Weisbach, Douglas 128 Worst. Linda Stevens. Susan 115 Uckert, Karen Weise. Norman Wozniak, Gerald Stevenson. N. Mark 128 Ulrich. Bruce 128 Weisert, Doris 42,115 Wright, Deborah Stewart, Hugh Unkle. Lisa 121 Weller, Connie Wright. Keelee Stimmel, Barbara Uong. Ha 41.126 Weller. Martha 115 Wright, Susan 47.105 Stinson. Marlene Updegraff, Donna Welliver. Gilbert Wylde. Gary 44,74.130 Stirling. Timothy 128 Urban. Dorothy Wells. Kim Wynn. Ellen Stone. Amy 154,178 Uson, Manuel Wells. Susan182 Yannone, Beverly 185 Stoppi. William Utzinger. Robert 128 Welsh, Hilary 6.118 Yasenchak, Michael 47.48 Storst. Linda 107 Valas. E Jane Wenger. Gary Yeatman. Julia 76,122 Stoutfer. Philip,175.181 Wenzel, Stephen Yeager. Walter 43 Stoudt. Michael 40.49 Van Horn. Erica 113.114 Werner. Patricia 43.46.182 Yeagley. Jestena Stoutzenberger, Ellen Vaughn. Patricia 113 Yeingst, James 82 Street. Patricia Verazin. Gary 26,68,110.164 Wertz, Jody,142.183 Yemgst, Linda 109 Strickler. Thomas Vitanus. Jonathan 68.128 West. Carol Yost. Herbert 125 Strohman. Richard Vogel. Janet 43.180 West, Lowell Young. Patricia Stum, Melissa 49,108 Von Der Heiden. Serena 117 Wetzel, Elizabeth 65.76,122 Yunginger. Denise Suitch. Stephen 128 Waddell. Dennis 60 Wetzler, Jo Anna 80.108 Yuninger, Tammy 38.40,48.49.117 Sullivan. Karen 118 Waggoner, Susan Whalen. Albert Zaccano. Robert 40 Sulyok. Marion 49 33, Wheller, Mark Zahn, Margaret 106 Sumpman. Sonja Wagner, David 180 Whetstone. Julie Zapata. Elkin 62.130 Sweger, Barry Wagner, Faith 180 Whitacre. Beth 47.117 Zartman. Randal Sweigart, Theresa Wagner. G David Whiting, Kent 48.130 Zearfoss. Cynthia Swope. Jody Wagner. Sandra 105 Whitley. Suzanne 48.114 Zercher. Vickie 185 Tabbutt. David 125.178 Wahl. Kim 40 Whitman. Richard Zerfing, Valerie 64.184 Takagi, Toru 179 Walker. Diane Whitmore, Todd Zidzik. Suzanne Tamburro. Jeffrey 44.130 Wall. Jill Wiatroski, Susan 77.123 Ziegler. Dale 49.101 Tanner, Frank Wallace Jr . Frederick Wightman. Barbara Ziegler. Doreen Taylor, Connie Wallace. Lisa Wiker. Sharon Zimmerman. Caryl 113 Taylor, Nancy 179 Walling. James 126 Wilder. Judith 106 Zinn. Nancy 132,185 Templeton, James 74 Walmer. Harold Williams, Wanda 48.107 Zizos. Mary Ellen 76.123 Tennis, Brett 130 Waltman, Mary Beth Wilk, Bernadett 43.117 Zmuda. Richard 46 Terry. Dawn 2.43,132,142.172.181 Wilkins, Nancy 80 Zook. Joette Terry. Richard 62.130 Walton, Donna 40.43.52 Williams. Jr., Henry Zuern. Erich 28 Tessier. Suzanne 14 Wanke, Douglas 126 Williard. Steve 130 Zuniga, Abraham 185 Tezak. Marianne 67,107 Ward, Douglas Williard. Sandra Thirlwall, Janice 123 Ward. Marylynn 51 Willoughby, Mark 60 Thomas. Arthur Warner. David Wilson. Diane 118 Thomas, Jane 114 Warner, Donald 128 Wilson. Donna 118 Thomas, Kathy 43.105 Warner, Sharon 123 Wilson. Michael Thommes. Lisa 109 Warrell. Annette 43 Wilt, Bryan 130.183 Thornley. Charles 43.48.49 Watts. David Winemiller. Randy 129 Tierney. Raymond 62.111 Watts. Mary 39.123 Winter. Richard Tillett. Tracey Way. Donna 123 Winters. Galen Titus. Lynne 70 Wealand. Janice 38.48,117 Winters. Joyce Tobias, Debra Weaver, Dwayne 48.110 Winters. Rose Torgersen. Linda Weaver, Floyd Wirth. Randy 109 Touloumes. John Weaver. Gary 130 Wise, Bernard 110 Toure, Bacary 41.62 Weaver. James Witherow. Jr . John Travis, Gaye 46.132 Weaver, Mark 68.130 Witkovsky, Kim 14.43.182 Trayer, Timothy 109 Weaver. Mary Witkovsky. Paul 130 Tree. Michael Weaver, Melissa 142 Witman. Don 48,49.182 Trees. Richard Weaver. Tamara 38,47.49.122 Wolf. Christine 121 Trent. Nancy 107.178 Webb, Allison 118 Wolgemuth. Kirk 126 Trexler, Brenda Webb, Douglas 46 Wolgemuth. Nancy Trimble. Melinda 113.180 Weber, Jane 23.108 Wood. Keith 40.182 Tshudy. Bonny 109.181 Weber, Susan 45,115 Wood. Jr . William 43.111 Tulley, Teresa 70.106 Wechter. Gregory 181 Woodson. J Thomas 111 208 9 ■ ..

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