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ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWNCOL ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY ' H h 1 1 ■ Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania ■- CO CO Conestogan ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. O, yVr Published by the Student Association of Elizabethtown College: Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania A College Reflects The Seasons I The change of seasons brings a change in students too. For us, autumn brings a close to that summer madness and re- quires us to return, however reluctantly, to our books. Aca- demics become the order of the day in autumn. But our books are not all we inherit on our return to the campus. For Elizabcthtown students autumn brings another chance to ac- quire our " annual " soccer championship. But soon leaves begin to fall and our campus is enveloped in a blanket of downy white. The winter chill necessitates a move indoors for sports. It is now that we have swimming meets in the natatorium and wrestling matches in the gym. But the winter sport that draws the most support is basket- ball. H ■ M I , :»V JH 35 j 3 31 as Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer As we get close to the end of the season, the competition is really tight, and the crowds swell to see the E-town Jays vie for another MAC championship title. After a long winter — spring is here! And thank goodness we say as April flotcers again bring May flowers. Also, this is the time of the year that a young man ' s fancy turns lightly to thoughts of love — and baseball, much to the dismay of many coeds. But then comes the end of another academic year. Wliat is to come? Summer and a much-needed vacation. About tlie Many About the Groups About the Teams About the Individuals 10 46 68 92 ■- ' Devotion to one ' s chosen profession in- cludes a lifetime of responsible and un- selfish service. In recognition of such devotion to Elizahethtown College toe re- spectfully dedicate this yearbook to Dr. Charles A. Apgar and his wife, Dr. Bessie D. Apgar. if-5 ' « wtt ! . U ' •••, ■ " - ■, u ABOUT THE MANY Although the kaleidoscope of life reserves only one facet for college life, we can truly say that this is one part of our lives which is jammed full of activity. A composite of college does not just reveal hooks and professors and term papers, hut rather it includes bas- ketball games, Homecoming Day, bull sessions, snow- ball fights, dances and combos, the Jay ' s Nest, dorm life, soccer and swimming, and weekly chapel services. It is these experiences — those that we have outside of the classroom — that make us the sociable and mature people we should strive to be. 1 =- Watchful, searching eyes witness the shaping of a new year — within a book, on a field, in a room. A F ' v f S i W J H lif Jtx Tlie fledglings arrive. Unshackled in un- familiar surroundings, the freshmen seek to fulfill their most urgent needs, including companionship, security — and signatures. J m Dink, sign, and " frosh " are the Inj- words of humility for the newcomers. Interaction between the " frosh " and the upperclassmen is seen in work and in play. 16 m ■9 3nl ■ Barbara A. Burg Homecoming Queen Seniors nda Hirst. Donna Guide Juniors Sue Maedonald, Dolores Hoopert HOMECOMING 1965 October 15, 1965, 10:23 P.M. 1 had seven minutes to find the Scottish Rites Cathedral in Harrisburg. From the ensuing blur of activity when I finally arrived at 10:27, all I distinctly remember is an unex- pected fanfare and President Jim Hilton placing a crown of flowers on my head. My reign had begun, along with that of the members of my court: seniors Donna Gulden and Linda Hirst, juniors Dorie Hoopert and Sue Maedonald, sophomores Kathy Fugate and Penny Kowalski, and freshmen Barbara Cameron and Carol King. The following day. Homecoming Day, was the busiest for us. Starting with the annual freshman- sophomore tug-of-war, which the sophomores won, we later viewed the success of our field hockey team and visited the Women ' s Auxiliary bazaar in the gym. In the afternoon we were driven in convertibles to the soccer field where, seated on a platform, we cheered our soccer and cross-country teams to victory. Other events included the dedication of Bnnser Hall, open house in the library, and an evening piano concert by Ralph Votapek. As quickly as it had oegun, mv reign as Homecoming Queen had ended. 1965 Homecoming Queen Sophomores Penny Kowalski, Kathy Fugate Freshmen Carolyn King, Barbara Cameron rtV Under the watchful eyes of parents and friends, athletes and freshmen battle for victory and respect. Dancing and re- freshments set the mood at the Homecoming Dance at the Scottish Rites Cathedral. 21 — m m To dedicate is to honor the person and christen the struc- ture. We express sincere thanks to those who supply the means by which a college community lives and grows. ■ ■■■■■• ftflk tf ' , l» «nHHiWi«KII-. -x x The stimuli of an academic world can produce a laugh as easily as a frown, a giggle as easily as a pout. Our envi- ronment is the chalk which designs impressions on the blank slates — our faces. - ;; ■ it i ' . The campas couple is a unique species of human being. Although known to consist of two individuals, this social phenomenon often thinks and acts as one. Bisection of the species can be an unhappv event. 26 HfiitMMti if-iHiM y To be alone can be a blessing after a dav of classes, labs, and note taking. Read- ing or just thinking, the student realizes this is a welcome kind of loneliness. Mrs. Ebersole, Miss Hoover, Mr. Hollinger, Miss Engle. r Sometimes unnoticed, often unheralded, the secretariat of Elizabethtown College performs administrative as well as clerical duties. The efforts of these well-trained and highly efficient individuals allow the school year to progress smoothly. STANDING: Mrs. Ryder. Mrs. Rohrer. Mrs. Kraybill. Miss Hilsher, Mr. Carskadon. SEATED: Mrs. Reed. Mrs Good, Mrs. McCabe, Mrs. Rowley Heads of Residence Miss Bruckhart, Miss Thomas, Miss Rau, Mrs. Cox. Assistant Heads of Residence STANDING: Jim Hilton. SEATED: Lmda Hirst, Clarice Ott. ■ 1 The uniqueness of the individual is often swal- lowed up bv conformity to the crowd. The group thinks as one body; and the omnipresent clique results. I ' -Joi Roger Wagner Chorale w 1 t wl H ' " L W B LI ■ " ■ 4 i The Ivorv Door Ralph Votopek The Highw.i men The cultural program and dances of our college provide the participants with everything from glaring spotlights to soft candlelight, Tschaikovsky to the frug. V - f tm ,y. ... ' V - " » .. i ,v ■ 1 1 POTPOURRI p Mver? Brinser? Alpha? You name it. Anytime, day or night, this is where the action is. M Kath Fugate, Sue Albright. Sue Evoy, Suzy Dei t rich. Maid-of-Honor Carolyn Mover, Queen Louise Wenger Girvin, Lvnne Benham. Barbara Burg, Sue Maedonald, Judy Scott. MAY DAY 1965 Glamour and activity are the by-words of any May Day. The lovelv court provided the glamour; a fiesta and a play furnished the activity. r-n ■ B9k ROW 1: Mrs. Mumaw; Mrs. Stambaugh; Miss Carper, librarian. ROW 2: Miss Miller, Mrs. Tully. Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Hamilton, Miss Mc Cracken, Mrs. Rhen. Mrs Lewis. Miss Revers. Mrs. Chastain, Mrs. Wolverton, Mrs. Mc Sparren. Gary E. Kraybill Manager, Data Processing 42 Miss Shreiner; Miss Brandt; Mrs. MacPherson; Mrs Enter- line; Miss Shunk; Mrs. Heisey; Miss Holsinger, dietician A single word is needed to describe the office and cafeteria workers, the mainte- nance crew, and the nurses — depend- ability. Thelma Stauffer, Lois Snader. Mary Seaber. Mrs. Fredericks; Mrs. Beamenderfer; Mrs. Shumaker; Mrs. Wargo; Mrs. Gainer; Mr. Car- dinal, manager. ROW 1: Warren Grubb, Jake Floyd, Ellsworth Neideigh. Harry Blough, Ray Sweigert, Har- ry Flovd. ROW 2: Martin Shearer, Jesse Eppler. Howard Ober, Walter Brown, Irwin F. Eckert, Harold Rutt, Gerald Neideigh. I THE KALEIDOSCOPE OF E - TOWN COLLEGE jr. ■•ir ■ wBaHfl n ' . ' ' •.■ mrngm ABOUT THE GROUPS We may all be individuals in so many ways, for we all have our favorite food, record, subject, or what have you. But the forces that divide are not necessarily stronger than those which unite. We often yield our individuality to become part of the group or club which represents our own interests or abilities, but at the same time represents the interests and abilities of many others as well. It is here, in the group, that we learn to subordinate our own desires and elevate those of the majority. I Kenneth Sheiblev Vice-President James Kipp President ABRAXES Daniel Brandt Secretary-Treasurer ROW 1: Daniel Brandt, James Kipp, Kenneth Sheibley. ROW 2: Prof, Campbell. Michael Smith, Joseph Yarworth, Gary Danielson, Fred Beck, Ronald Zug, Jay Hess, Donald Myers, Douglas Poorman, Dr Apgar. gar. WmRBMl ffi tfi AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY ROW 1: Richard Long, Karen Jo Young, Arthur Landis. ROW 2: Robert Siegel, Jay Hess, Douglas Poorman. Dr. Rauck. CHAPEL CHOIR ROW I: Janet Eisenbise. ROW " 2: Dale Bieber, Ruth Kehr, James Fitz. BRETHREN STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT Peter Fellman, David Mover. Ki CIRCLE K COMMITTEE ON MEN ' S AFFAIRS ROW I: Richard Overcash. Frank Seidelmann, Earl Lacock. ROW 2: Thomas Wetzel, Parke Adams, Ben- jamin Breneman. ROW 3: Frank Wickenheiser, Charles Hash. ROW 1: Patricia Criswell, Dolores Hoopert, Marilyn Fox, Judith Metzger. ROW 2: Martha Batchelor, Barbara Trout, Mary A. Shugarts, Barbara Burg. COMMITTEE ON WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS CONCERT BAND CONCERT CHOIR Linda Hirst Associate Editor William A Cartv. Ill Editor-in-Chief CONESTOGAN Marjorie Morris Assistant Editor Pf j Russell Rupp Assistant Editor Thomas R. Hindmarch Sports Editor Typing staff: Penny Kuwalski (editors, Mary Ann Barley, Brenda Shunk, Pennv Eckhardt. Class Editors: SEATED: Suzy Habecker and Barbara Cameron, Co- Freshmen. STANDING: Bob Grosh, Sophomore; Sue Albright, Junior. Barbara Burg, Senior. Photography Staff: Gary Alcorn (editor), Ed Meyers, Larry Jones. Layout staff: Rick Schiff (editor), Tom Morley. Tim Bomberger. Business Staff: Lois Fletcher (business manager). Larry Fry, Jeanne Wichman, Ed Strickler. ■fr . ROW 1: Patsv Wright. Suzanne Bantley. Donna Gulden, Mary Deanna Barshinger, Tom Gibboney, Robert Herbert, Ann Styer, Davis, Eileen Zingaro ROW 2: , aron Hostetter, Judy Gibble, Peggy Johnson, Donald Wiest, Donald Fitz. Mrs. HofFer. DRAMATIC WORKSHOP ROW 1: Karen-Lee Nuber, Beverlv Boogar. Deborah Bundens. Susan Krentz. Alice Irwin. ROW 2: Scott Weaver. Leslie Kavser, John West. Paula Yanick. James Klein. ELM 54 ETA GAMMA KAPPA ROW I: Douglas Valkenburg, David Unangst, Francis Lee, Larry Graybill, Robert Salzman. ROW 2: Rev. Johnson, Gerald Hoover, Thomas Hindmarch, James Tvce, Ronald Boose, John Christman. ROW 1: Sheila Sheaffer. Prof. Riley. Michael Payne. ROW 2: Joseph Sprow, Robert Herbert, Ted Bond, Virginia Wise, Robert Salzman, Gary Epler. Luci Risser. Craig Hauseman. ! , n. J Jm. ETA PHI SIGMA i - 9 ■ Diane Rice Associate Editor Carol Hamilton Editor-in-chief ETOWNIAN 56 Donald Matter Photography Editor ■ ROW 1: Virginia Wise. Nancy Harbach, Kath- leen Rauhauser, Deborah Bundens. ROW 2: John West, Joel Sechnst. w SEATED: Joyce Pugh, Barbara Derencin. STANDING: Scott Weaver. Paula Yanick. Nancy Mever. Victoria Cunningham, Can Mantz, Gavle Pierce. M w y« HUMAN RELATIONS BOARD ROW 1: Carol Miller. Ruth Kehr ROW 2: Thomas Pontz. James Fitz. John West. Joe! Chase. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION ROW 1: Mr Kitchen. Carol S. Stoudnour, Dons Mohn, Lucy Enck, Richard Over- cash. ROW 2: Roy Folmer, Cornelia Jones, Joanne Fehr, Frances Sattazahn, Sarah Kauffraan. ROW 3: Robert Yuninger, Barbara Howenstine, Martha Douple, Pa- tricia Myers, Marilyn Strominger, Robert Morrison. ROW 1: Jeanne Cranks, Nancy Naugle. Helen Walton. Peryl Miller, Brenda Shunk, Gene Stuckey. ROW 2: Carole Moon, Gail Blankenhom, Patricia Nve, Mary K. Schaefer, Barbara Austin, Penny Kowalski, Susan Dohonev, Frank Wickenheiser. ROW 3: Pastor Eberly, Richard Walton, Elaine Bartush, Vivian Stull, Chris Wagner. Linda Caughev. Judy Forst, Pastor Fetter, Father Ingall. MUSIC EDUCATOR ' S NATIONAL CONFERENCE MODERN LANGUAGE CLUB STANDING: Dan Hoopert. Mr. Daiga, Gunter Walbrodt, Don Myers. SEATED: Kitty Shields, Diane O " Conner, Carole Wilhelm, Wendy Van Orden, Helen Nearing. NEWMAN CLUB Penny Kowalski. Jean Trago. ROW 1: Lawrence Ream, Frances Kieffer, Miss Proctor, Douglas Poor- man ROW 2: Frank Hoffman, Linda Sehaeffer, Carol Wilson, Janice Erd- man, Roberta Liebich, Janet Olsen, Betty Yazawich, Betty Fry. ROW 3: Richard Scheule, James Eshelman, Ralph Parrett, Gene Stuekey, Thomas Risser, James Kipp, Jay Hess, David Young, David Byers, Kenneth Meyers, Mark Ropka, Gary Wildasin. PHI BETA CHI 1: POLITICAL SCIENCE Officers. ROW 1: Joseph Yarworth, John Vogel, David Paterson, Audrey Mitchell, Prof. Nelson. PSYCHOLOGY ROW 1: Marilyn Fox. ROW 2: Prof. Lasky, Harold Klinedmst, Cynthia Phillips. RUDDER ROW I: Virginia Wise, Jacqueline Roush. ROW 2: John Montague, Garv Moore. 60 Karen Jo Young President Linda Hirst Vice-President " , i f " -1 1 SIGMA LAMBDA SIGMA Clarice Ott Secretary Linda Hirst, Jeanne Jacobv, Clarice Ott, Karen Jo Young. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Donald Bosserman. Janet Ellenberger. Fred Beck. John Sudduth. Thomas Wetzel. ROW 1: Mary A. Shu arts, Jovce McConnell, Victoria Evans, Martha Batchelor. Jacqueline Roush. ROW 2: Donald Myers, Linda Hirst, Judith Cope, Jim Stanley, Ralph Parrett, David Jarvie, Gary Moore. STUDENT ACTIVITIES BOARD STUDENT Ralph Parrett Vice-President James Hilton President ASSOCIATION Kenneth Sheiblev Treasurer Victoria Cunningham Secret arv ROW I: Janet Eisenbise, Jacqueline Roush, Victoria Cunningham, James Hilton, Ralph Parrett, Kenneth Sheibley, Joyce McConnell. ROW 2: Richard Suter, Michael Evans, Frank Hoffman, James Stanley, Gary Moore, Carroll Avres, David Mover, David Jarvie, James Eshleman. $S£9 STUDENT PENNSYLVANIA STATE EDUCATION ASSOCIATION ROW 1; Sally White, Carol McCloy, Martha Batchelor. ROW 2: Carol Dimmick, Parke Adams. ROW 1: Carol Hamilton, Victoria Cunningham, Inaki Aboitiz, Linda Hirst, Linda Hindman, Joyce Pugh. ROW 2: Marie Pol- lock, Clarice Ott, Carol Albright. Ruth A. Belser, Denise Nau- gle, Barry Shaffer, Carol Miller, Jeanne Jacoby. SUPREME FICTION SOCIETY 64 I 1 + | " liri West, Kathleen Fugate, Nancy Myers, Joel Chase UNITED CAMPUS FELLOWSHIP VARSITY E ROW 1: Bill Zimmerman, Garv Mes singer. Sue Albright. ROW 2: Ronald Boltz. Man A. ShugartS, Paula Yanick, Belinda Hershey. Anna Rodichok, Polly Aquilina, Linda Powell, Cornelia Jones, Miss Hess ROW 3: Talmadge Simons. William Reed, Al Owens. David Dubble. Garv Perm, Al Stoltzfus. Dick Tait, Milt McFalls, Carl Herbein. Ron- ald Spinner, John Fry, Thomas Hindle. ;•■ WOMEN ' S CHORUS ROW 1: Judith Metzger, Annette Bailey. Kathryn Bailey, ROW 2: Ruth Pickering, Anna Rodichok, Beverly Briegel, Belinda Hershev, Cornelia Jones. WOMEN ' S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL ' .. - •: -v: w w E c ROW I: Mary A. Shugarts. ROW 2: Sheila Sheaffer, James Steger. Thomas Wetzel. Richard Denlinger. Larrv Dost, Carol J. Strieker, Kathleen Fugate. Craig Hauseman, Mike Evans. YOUNG REPUBLICANS m s ABOUT THE TEAMS Athletics is just one of the many facets which com- pose our college experience, but for us sports appear to receive special emphasis. This may be because we have won the M.A.C. soccer championship four times in the last four vears, or it may be because of the various other long sought after victories we have achieved. In any case, the glory of winning is definitelv not all that athletic competition has to offer. Since there are very few one-man sports, team- work and sportsmanship become keynotes for suc- cessful games and matches. ROW 1: Ron Good, Don Saver, Ken Sheiblev, Jack Eshelman, Co-captain Bill Zimmerman, Gary Messin- ger, Gary Dan ielson. Al Stoltzfns, Don Eshelman, Barrv Renninger. ROW 2: Coach Owen Wright. Rick Wenger, Dick Tait, Dave Greener, Jav Linard, Co-captain Joel Chase, Bud Stotler, Sam Montgomerv. Herb Fenstermacher, Earl Lacock, Dale Bieber. Shellv Knapp, James Tice. UHl HMMftil m V J [0 tiBE UJ 72 rMtoV .; ' ;. • ' •.-+. ' ., ' ; ' - » !V t 73 BsSBSfl ■i 74 HH HMMMi MMI KKHHMM H H -. . " «-• ' ■ " 1 M.A.C. CHAMPS m 1962 1963 1964 1965 75 Manager Ron Boltz, Bob Wiegley, Dennis Anderson, Jim Brubaker. Dave Dnbble, Bill Reed, Captain Al Owens. Ted Bond, Bill Dohertv, Carl Herbein, Coach Ken Ober. M.A.C. CHAMPS ROW I: Belinda Hershey. Betty Wismer, Kathy Fugate. Jud) Brown, Diane Rice, Marilyn Fox, Co-captain Judy Tropp. Mar) . iin Wicks, Sherry Ronev, Beverlv Briegel, Sharon Culp, Linda Powell. ROW 2: Nancv Souders, Mrs. W ' enger, Janet Kizenberger. Helen Nearing, Barbara Stahl, Darlene Bates. Martha W ' atterson, Joanne Cinder. Alice Rieben, Linda Penna. Betsy Landis. Polly Vanick. Sylvia Mver, Helen Walton. Martha Batchelor. Miss e,n wj. 78 H M M • MMOflK! ■M ; ■Hi ROW 1: L -nn Smoker, Walt Miller, Craig Rowe, Chris Grubb. Dave Lebo, Co-captain John Lent . ROW 2: Gil Jackson, Rav Wenger, Bryan Crist, Doug Boomershine, Co-captain Ben Breneman, Manager Milt Mc Falls. ROW I: Larr) Whet lei. Dave Cmikshank, Donald Shaneor, Charlie Hash, ROW 2: Tom Slick. Rae Chesney, Craig Rowe, Greg Etter, Coach Jack Hedriek. bfe ' t 4 ?i«i- ' •■•••:t " v;-v in wl °V f » • m w I 31 ' itu j, .• ' ,• » S-l 85 ■ « w WOMEN ' S SWIMMING TEAM ROW I: Betty Wismer, Linda Powell, Wendy Van Orden, Jeanne Dav- is, Vicki Evans, Anne Styer. ROW 2: Marcia McNair, Manager; Cretchen McCIellan, Susan Breuninger, Judy Tropp, Gerrj Blough Miss Waring, Coach. SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING ROW I: Paula Herr. Annette Bailey, Jo) Lindsey, Shirley Good, Katln Bailev. Gail Blankenhorn, Carol Wil- son. Nancee Bauer. ROW 2: Margie Morris, Margie Suns. Anne Styei Gerry Blough, Sue Mills. Jane Houser, Wendy Van Orden, Eiml Holz- richter. ROW 3: Christine Lutz, Dell Reddington, Judy Lobs, Helen Wal- ton, Judy Post, Helen Hearing, Georgia Swartly, Bets) Walton. Charlotte Watson, Suzanne Bantlev. Miss Ruth Nearing, Advisor. M ■ ? VS. rtl. 1 ! J i ' ROW 1: Doug Schonour, Mike Bielo, Craig Coble, Frank John. ROW 2: Dick Ehrnman, Dick Suter, Fred Orth, Coach Tullev, Bob Allen. Phil Metzger, Earl Sanderson. • I - -y I ■ I C - w t-i I Doris Sheiblev, Annette Bailey, Cheryl Naylor, Jen Graham, jean Sorum, Sue Groshens. Carolvn Bare. Tana Lyons, Karin Tressler, Sue Warren, Sue Kershner, Ann Rodichok, Polly Yanick, Carole Myers, Janice Erdman, Kathv Bailev, Coach Allegra Hess, Assistant Coach Ruth Wenger. Fi B | ■ jH W i m — ■ l j — -fl ■T i ' .: •■-• !■ it " w " N I KfS 1 +U ROW 1: Al Kurtz, Boh Orwan, Jerry Jackson, John Elliot, Earl Brinser, ROW 2: Ron Spinner, Lynn Bur kett. John Stephens, Boh Vnninger, Coach Ober. BCT V. " -- Hjp y ■■ m 1 11 V u I™ vf nJ i .•. ' ■ ;£ £! kl if HJP Ji • - I £L " V " - " ■ r ABOUT THE INDIVIDUALS It is so easy to get lost in the crowd; so easy to be identified solelv by your ID number or the mulitiple digits on your IBM card. Perhaps efficiencv requires such depersonalizations, but we must never lose sight of the fact that the face of a real person is behind the digits. Together these individuals are the wrestling squad, the Student Senate, or the members of various clubs and organizations; but separately they are per- sons just like von who want to be recognized as indi- viduals. I SiT . ' ■I Gary Moore President WP Patsy Wright Secretarv Jim Hulton Treasurer SENIORS CLASS OF 1966 Coldness lingers from the roots of life as the vears have passed. Icicles form from the melting turmoil of maturity from then to now. Snow covers our every being. drowns us in adventure, lures us with life, leads us to a new cycle. Cheryl Falkenberg 94 HHI H Harry E Adams B.S. in Accounting Parke E. Adams, Jr. B.S. in Secondary Ed. Russell Adsitt, Jr. B.S. in Bus. Admin. Carol Albright B.A. in English Walter Anderson, Jr. B.S. in Physics Carroll Ayres B.S. in Elementary Ed. Suzanne G. Bantley B.A. in Soc. Psvch. Ruth Bamdt B.A. in Soc. Psvch. 95 M H Henry H. Bomlierger B.S. in Bus. Admin. Martha A. Bonner B.S. in Elementary Ed. Richard H. Bortz B.S. in Accounting Don L. Bosserman B.S. in Accounting John C. Boyle B.A. in Psychology Daniel L. Brant B.A. in Psychology Benjamin L. Breneman B.S. in Bus. Admin. Cornelius Brown B.S. in Elementary Ed. Marlin L. Bupp B.S. in Accounting 97 ■■■ ■ Barbara A. Burg B.A. in English Rebecca R. Burkett B.A. in English Gerst M. Buver B.S. in Bus. Admii Ruth E. Carl B.S. in Bus. Ed. William A. Carry, III B.S. in Bus. Admin Susan C. Chamberhn B.S. in Elementary Ed. H. Clark Colbom. Jr. B.S. in Bus. Admin. Elizabeth J. Conrad B.S. in Elementary Ed. 98 ■ Priscilla Crissinger B.S. in Elementary Ed. Victoria B. Cunningham B.A. in English 99 ■ HI Richard S. DeMartino B.S. in Bus. Admin. Mary Davis B.A. in English T Edward A. Dennin B.A. in Hist. Pol. Sci. Linda A. DeTurk B.S. in Elementary Ed. Joan E. Detwiler B.S. in Elementary Ed. " . L Tine S. Dewees B.S. in Elementary Ed. Robert E. Dey B.S. in Secondary Ed. Constance DiSanto B.A. in Psychology 100 « 4.. ' lVt« v Ken Sheiblev T .tl .1 Kathy G. Domenech B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Jon M. Donaldson B.S. in Elementary Ed. Kathleen R. Donaldson B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Janet L. Ellenberger B.S. in Bus. Ed. Lucy A. Enck B.S. in Music Ed. Sarah C. Enders B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Lawrence E. Dost B.S. in Bus. Admin 101 Jack K. Eshelman B.S. in Mathematics J. Michael Evans B.A. in Hist. Pol. Sci. Victoria Evans B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Sue D. Evov B.S. in Elementarv Ed. H 3 B Nancy Feiman B.S. in Secondary Ed. Robert C. Feltman B.S. in Elementary Ed. Donald W. Fitz B.S. in Biology Pre- Med. James L. Fitz B.A. in Mathematics B. Lois Fletcher B.S. in Bus. Admin. Ronald K. Flory B.S. in Bus. Admin, Marilyn A. Fox B.A. in Psychology Sandra J. Frey B.S. in Elementary Ed. Larry E. Fry B.S. in Bus. Admin. Elizabeth Fryer B.S. in Elementary Ed. 103 -vj.i ■HI IP ' Don Fitz Donald A. Gipe B.S. in Secondary Ed. Barn- ' E. Graham B.S. in Biology-Pre-Med. 104 ■J ■ ■ Margaret K. Greenholt B.S. in Nursing Stanley W. Greiner B.S. in Accounting Larrv D. Gross B.S. in Bus. Admin. Donna R. Gulden B.S. in Elementary Ed. Homer Hafer. Jr. B.S. in Elementary Ed. M Ann Hale B.S. in Elementary Ed. Larrv A. Hartman B.S. in Bus. Admin. Virginia D. Haskett B.S. in Elementary Ed 105 Karen Jo Young L. Craig Hauseman B.A. in Hist. Pol. Sci. H. Robert Heiserman B.S. in Biology-Pre-Med. Grover A. Herr B.A. in Mathematics Joan E. Hershman B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Thomas H. Hindmarch B.S. in Secondary Ed. Linda J. Hirst B.A. in English Jacqueline Hoffeditz B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Carolyn A. Hoffman B.A. in English Frank S. Hoffman B.S. in Biology Mark A. Hollinger B.S. in Bus. Admin. Susan L. Hoover B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Thomas L. Howells B.S. in Secondarv Ed. H. fames Hulton B.S. in Bus. Admin. 107 Glenn H. Johnson, Jr. B.S. in Bus. Admin. James R. Jones B.S. in Bus. Ed. Marv Anne Jones B.S. i " Klenu-iii.il Ed Eugenie R. Kinneman B.A. in Mathematics 108 Harold K Khnedinst B.A. in Psychology I Richard M. Kobla nd B.S. in Biology - Pre- Med. Mar) Lou Koch B.A. in Soc 6: Psych. Edna I Kreidei H s in Elementan Ed. 109 Arthur M Laud is B S in ( hemistn iffMf Donald C. Matter B.S. in Bus. Admin Edward C. Maxwell B.S. in Accounting Thelma G. Mayer B.A. in English r J in ■ H ■■ I • + • M» l,-« it« William T. Moore B.S. in Bus- Admin. Marjorie V. Morns B.A. in English Robert L. Morrison B.S. in Bus. Admin. Robert S. Morrison B.S. in Music Ed. 113 jura sQ$9 Margie Morris George B. Myers B.S- in Bus dniin. Sylvia | Myers lis in Nursing 114 I ■ Joanna W. Neff B.S. in Elementan Ed. i«i Robert Neuman B.A. in Engineering Patricia Nye B.S. in Nursing i Ilarice J Ott B.A. in English Richard I) Overcash B.S. in Music Ed. Uberl Owens B.A. in Hist, Pol. Sci. David C. Paterson B A in Hist, 6c Pol. Sci. Michael Pa ne B.A. in Hist, Pol, Sci. 115 H ' fcP ' tf teH Joyce L. Potchoiba B.S. in Elemental j Ed William R. Reed B.S. in Elementary Ed. Cindy Rehmever B.S in Med. Tech. 116 Thomas E. Rice B.S. in Bus. Admin. ■ 1 lH Bg b| " f °wSi ■■Mn|M Aj. iWin ' |ty Carole Roomsburg Reitmeyei B.S. in Elemental " } Ed. Roger Riccardi IS. in Hist. Pol. Sci Faith M. Rider B.S. in Elementary Ed. Thomas Rollason, II B.S. in Bus. Admin. Julia E. Root B.S. in Bus. Ed. jC Mark G. Ropka B.S. in Chemistrv-Pre-Med. Gerald Rubin B.A. in Psychology Frances E. Sattazahn B.S. in Music Ed. r £f 117 tadreu Serrill B.S. in Bas Vdmin M Barry Shaffer B.A. in Psyc hi ilog) Gary E. Shank B.S. in Secondary Ed Kenneth H. Sheiblev B.S. in Accounting 118 ■ Rolierl ] Kegel B.S. 111 Chemistry David W. Sunnier ' . B.S. in Bus. Admin. 119 •rn .» Michael D. Smith B.S. in Bus. Admin. David B. Snvder, Jr. B.S. 111 Bus. Admin. Nancy T. Souders B.S. in Elementan Ed, Donald L. Speece B.S. in Bus. Admin. Britta E. Spohn B.S. in Elementary Ed. Joseph L. Sprow B.A. in Soc. 6; Psych. 120 Jim Kipp P-V •-- . James ) Steger B.S. in Physics Ronald W. Stehman B. V in Engineering Sandra K. Stoudt B,S. in Elementary Ed. Robert L. Streinuicl B.S. in Biology Pre-Med. Carol Jean Strieker B.S. in Biology Nelson E. Strickler B.S. in Accounting Stanley Strauss B.S. in Secondary Ed. Susan Thome B.S. in Elementary Ed. 121 Barbara J. Timberman B.S. in Elementary Ed. Robert J. Toporcer B.A. in Hist. Pol. Sci. ■ Can P. ogl B.S. in Bus Admit Pamela A. Weaver B.S. in Elementarv Ed. Philip M. Weaver B.S. in Bus. Admin Margaret Atwood Weirich B.S. in Elementan Ed Richard C. Weirich B.S. in Physics H. Keith Weiss B.S. in Biology Pre -Med. Jeanne F. Wit.hni.iii B.S. in Elementarv Ed. 123 Frank J. Wickenheiser B.S. in Bus Ed. James E. Williams B.S. in Bus. Admin. 1. Kathrvn Williams B.S. in Nursing Linda K. Winger B.S. in Element ar - Ed. » . un Hilton Michael E. Wood B.S. in Bus. Admin Martha L. Wright B.S. in Elementary Ed. 12 ■ «. Joseph S. Yarworth B.A. in Hist. Pol. Sci. David S. Young B.A. in Mathematics Karen Jo Young B.S. in Chemistry-Pre-Med. Robert R. Young B.A. in English Robert L. Yuninger B.S. in Music Ed. David L. Ziegler B.S. in Bus. Admii Eileen Zingaro B.A. in Spanish P. Ronald Zug B.S. in Biology-Pre-Med. 125 fwl I Gary Gault Vice President " Bud " Stotler President Carol Dimmick Secretary ■ i JUNIORS CLASS OF 1967 As leaves fall as tears thev mingle with the wind reflecting the blossoms that were. Molded into the dampness as the sun absorbs their moistness from hour to hour. Now surviving in existence, read) for the world ahead, looking to years of life, as the world has placed them. Cheryl Falkenberg Sue E. Albright Frederick Beck Terry L. Allison Mary Ann Shuzarts Benner Joanne Alston Judith L. Bernhart J Susan J. Azer Robert F. Blandv Martha J. Batchelor Amnion J. Bomberger Earl R. Bongart Robert Z. Brown, Jr Carroll W. Bossert Janet L. Brumbaugh Sandra K. Brackbill Judith E. Buckwaltcr Dane Brandenberger Dorothy L. Burkholder Linda M. Brown David R. Byers 127 Kathleen Cam pi tell Barbara A. Carl Donald V. Carpenter Carol A. Cave Marjorie A. Dunlap Penny L. Eckhardt Lois A Elfvin 128 Donald S. Emenheiser Sarah E. Eshenour Charles R. Fahnstock Rov R. Folmer tik Bettv I Frv John K. Fry, Jr. C5) p CA John D. Gastrins Gary Gault Herbert E. Gerhart Judith A. Gibble 129 ' • " ' ■ Marilyn G. Gingrich Han Id E. Good Bruce E. Greenawalt Susan J. Groshens I T r T John L. Habecker Joseph G. Habecker. Jr. Carol V. Hamilto lit ik James R. Hamilton William C. Hamilto « M M Nancy J. Harbach James J. Harringto George Harris Barbara A. Harrv Marcia M Heimhach ■ m Janet E. Heisey Richard E Heise) Robert [ Herbert, Jr. Jay R. Hess 130 Robert M. Hess Carol L. Hill Gene C. Hillegas Ray S. Hollinger Mary A. Holsinger Dolores A. Hoopert Marilyn L. Horst Aaron E. Hostetter I Bona Hower William I Hughes, Jr. Elwood L. Ierlev Alice Irwin Hermoine P. Jackson Marilyn J- Johnson P e £K A. Johnson Sarah S. Kaufrman Jereth A. Keller Diane M. Kendig 131 3EBi Frances A. Kieffer Thomas C. Kile Marlene F. Klingenmaier Ben L. Kocher Joan E. KraybiH Sue A. Lau Linda C. Leffler Linda L. Lewis Jay M. Linard Barbara Linski David L. Lorn ax Sue A Macdonald Albert D. Math is Mary Ellen Matthias 132 Lynn McCoy Judith M. Metzger Dana L. Miller Kenneth R. Miller Andrea D. Mininger Henry A. Mitchell Doris J. Mohn Marian M. Musser Carol Myers Donald E. Myers Ted L. Myers Denise M. Naugle James A. Nesspor Joanne E. Newman Larry E. Nolt Janet W, Olsen 133 Joyce E. Pugh Wilson Fred Orth | Ralph Parrett Robert R- Parson 4lfcfc Gavle M. Pierce Larry J. Ream Mardee A. Renninger Kathleen E. Romero Ernest Roosh ■ Sally J. Schermerhom Linda A. Schnelle Doris M. Sheibley Richard L. Sierer Beverly A. Smeltz Dale W. Smith 134 H. Alan Snell Judith A. Snyder Jimmie L. Soles Jacob A. Spangler Clarence V Stotler t James A. Stover Richard A. Suter James H. Sweigert Richard S. Tait Robert D. Tait 135 PB • Barbara J. Thomas Helen J. Timberman William P. Toy Jean L. Trago Carol A. Troxell 136 A ■ Kyoko L ' tsumi Earl E. Van Cleve Richard C. Walton Tern L. Wambaugh Charles I. Warfel Thomas C. Wetzel James B. Watts Lillian Whisler Sara J. White LaA Timothv L. W and Thomas D. Welles Gary L. Wildasin Kathrvn M. Wortman t Barrv W. Young James E. Youtz ik Willis L. Zimmerman 137 ■ John Sudduth President r Barb Tennis Sec ret a rv Boh Diinbar Vice President SOPHOMORES CLASS OF 1968 Everything youthful, yet prolific life in ecstasy still as warmth grows — at the time. Free and still surviving the path of life — as set from month to month. Possessed by love and fantasy, alive and growing, amidst the days of roses, the year never stops here. Cheryl Falkenberg 138 John Amour Kathrvn Bailev Darlene Bates Daniel Antrim Carolyn Bare Larry Baugher John Arndt Mary Ann Barley Jere Bender Barbara Austin Eleanor Barrett Thomas Bendrick Annette Bailev Elaine Bartush Linda Benfer Robert Black Susan Blasberg Gerrv Blou»j;h Carasue Bogar Timothy Bomberger 139 • .;;■ ' mmsm John Brooks Diane Bullwinkel Judy Brown Debbie Bundens . nne Bncher Sandra Cannon Larry Bncher Barrv Cassel Patricia Buckley Linda Caughey Barbara Derencin N ' elda Ebling Susan Dohoney Ellen Edgcumbe Mary Dorr Carla Eigenbrode Elana Dragonuk Jane Eiker George Diinkelberger Cindy Eisenbise Janet Eisenbise Thomas Ellinger Randolph Epler Joanne Fehr Sharon Fulmer Dale Good Man Groff Charles Fitzkee Man Ellen Funk Kenneth Good Robert Grosh Janice Fogleman Susan Garrety Evelvn Groff Frederick Hartman James Eshleman Judith Forst Louise Gaul Gerald Federici Kathleen Fugate Kenneth Gingrich 142 Charles Hash Carl Herbein Jane Hauser Paula Herr ■ Donna Heagy Susan Herr Alkmk Jeffrey Heil John Heise) Robert Hersh Belinda Hershev 143 •■ ; • ]o Ann Hyatt Karen Itzoe Carol Inn erst David Jarvie Gary Johnson Cornelia Jones Ellen Jones Marcia Karvosk Patricia Keller Lvnn Kelly Susan ( ! Kershner 144 Nancy Kline Neil Knapp SB hi John kohler Jeffrey Koser Penelope Kowalski Cheryl Kulp Charles Knnkle Earl Lacock Robert Lafferty James Laudermilch Jane Lehman Laloni Leisey Jo Ann Ludwig Robert Ludwig Sandra M add ox Janice Makovec Mary Ann Mason |av Matthews Terry McClellan Milton McFalls 145 Marcia McNair Gale Metzer Philip Metzer Janet Mevers Pervl Miller Raymond Miller Robert Miller Roy Miller Ruthann Miller Walter Miller Susan Mills John Montague Samuel Montgomerv 146 Carole Moon Robert Moose William Moreland Thomas Morlev James Mummert Kathleen Murray Rosanne Murray Gene Myers John Myers 4£lik dlA Cheryl Naylor Althea Nedrow Thomas Neidlinger Lee N ' eifert Sandra Nelson Anton Ness 147 : . ' ■ , 4 Charla Oatman Garv Penn Kathleen Ratihauscr Diane O ' Connor Wavne Overmiller Kenneth Pavtas Bonita Phillip Cvnthia Phillii Linda Powell Jayne Reed Michael Reed pvce neider Rachel Reiner AAftSfc Charles Reitri Frances Rice Virginia Richie Ardith Richter Thomas Risser 148 Dan Robinson Harrv Rodrock Gordon Rohrer ££ Carol Root ft Russell Rupp Tracv Sanders Earl Sanderson Donald Saver 41 Linda Schenck Richard Scheule Alice Scheurich Rick Schiff Dale Schneider 4 £ Judy Schoenly Ann Schrack Constance Scott 149 Judith Scott Carol vn Seamen Marilyn Speidel Ronald Spinner Edward Stark m Velvet Stau ffer Robert Sterner Patricia Stevick James Stine Timothy Stine Allen Stoltzfus Mary Stotler Carol Stoudnour Susan St raver Gail Strohl Marilyn Strominger Gene Stuckey ■■1 WA W ' " 18 Ann Stver John Sudduth t l Janet Swinehart v co Alice Thomas Diane Thonii Kenneth Thurstin James Tice Karen Tressl [r hn Vot el Carol Ulrich Linda Voss Barbara Van Ake Reliecca Walter |ud Van Doren Glenn Walz Wendy Van Orden Edward Ward 152 Susan Warren Raymond Wenger Carl Weaver Robert U ' eiglev Barbara Werner J°hn West Allen Wenger Mary Ann Wicks Donald Wenger Alan Wildonger Carole Wilhelm Susan Wilson Bettv Wismer Linda Wray Lois Wright Connie Youndt 153 ; ; , ■ I . ' " ■ ■» - ; ». Don Wiest Vice President ' Helen Walton Secretary Milan Grove Treasurer FRESHMEN CLASS OF 1969 Blossoming forth by the warmth from the vonth as time begins its pace. Unquestioned by innocence the freshness envelopes from day to dav. Radiating newness of soul. vibrance of life, penetrating all who see, as the cycle begins. Cheryl Falkenberg ■ ■ ■ Rick W ' enger, Barbara Smith, Fred Bohn, Jov Lindsav. Diane Vough. Bets) Horst, Ka Kulesh, Gretchen McClellan, Ed Meyers, Mar) Kay Schaefer. E mmm Jay Wissler, Kathryn Brown, Karen Tuck. Dana Ellenberger, Tom Landi; Suzie Long, Peggy Hess, Marvann Gross, Doima Jones, John Nev 155 Cheryl Baum. Charlene Hammond. Martha Douple. Connie Weaver. Joyce Snedden, Brenda Wolfe. Barbara Frain. Bonnie Foust, Sandy Smith, Mike Mason. John Stephe Brenda Altland. Ty Greiner. Fav Zeiders. John Hackman. Darlene Warner, Boh Preston. Stephanie Grimm, Suzanne McG-ar- Dennis Smith, Judv Lobs. Gary Mantz. Susan Breiuiin er. Allen Tate. • - ' £hH . S 156 Dawn Weaver, Dale Bieber, Elaine Reindollar, Gerald Hoover. ¥ % 0 4 ttki U J 1 jJ i jH| ■El j .■■ w Kk M f Barbara Sly. Joveelyn Cunningham. Hillarv . rmitage. Linda White, Lvnn Morris. Ray Ransom, Pat Keller, Dick Philips, Lorraine McCartv. .v-- I viu;ht W ' orley, Darrell Van Ormer, Shirlev Fisher, John Stephens. Edward O ' Connor. Linda Winter, Ham Bander. Pat Hildebrand, Bruce Se.i nst. Linda Travis. Pamela Gerber, Jerry Ziegele, Craig Rudisill, Janet Coffin an, Tom Gibbonev, Carolvn Shenk. Allen Risser, Marie Hess, Edmund Bickel, Tom Slick, William Drescher. Milan Grove, Jean Sorum, Nancy Neiswinter, Gregory Etter, Larrv Wheeler. •i ' Norman Rigel, Larrv Werner. Julia Miller. Delores Rudy, Paul Starzer. BT Mike DeSimone, Ron Perozzi. Paul Hell. Ronald Tanner. John Kenny, Terry Gerber. (,ar Clouser, Gerald Houck, Nancy Saylor, Alice Kieben, Paul Fick. Tom Hoffman, John Lau, Linda Pomraning, Gar) Mitchell, ( arnKii brant. Bob Jones, Glenn Barlow, Elaine Wolfgang, Larry Graybill. Georgia Swartlev, Clair Greiner, Sheryl Haines. Helen Nearing, Bob Greening. m ..« I ' " u Barry Freidlv, Amos Rohrer. Tom Likowski, Nancy Gibbs, Tana Lyons. David Wise, Donald Wiest, Sylvia Myer, Tom Rooms- burg, Ron Boose. Larry Reisinger, Art Green, Lynne Dowlin. Randy Trostle, Carol King, Chris Crossley. Melvin Dalbow, Carol Ann Speicher, Dick Barr, Linda Ziegler, Dave Brandiff. MNnOUSfRilinilk; Mauacu conucnMt la Ji V I , ■Hllli Elizabeth Walton, Rob Fisher, Jeff Hoh- man, Ellen Hollings- head. ;$$ r ■ Diane Ebersole, Barry Palmer, Susie Habecker, Kirbv Bubb, Dell Redington. Carolyn Welter. Sandy Hibshman, Paul Brubaker. 3 " Donald Ash, John Shepherd, Jim Klein, Tom Bninner. Ned Corrn. in. Susan Baittinger, Bill Hart- man, ferry Meddick, Sandy Astbury. 3b 162 Martha Watterson, Pat Lollic, Dennis Dolan. Jim Balsley. w tuinnii-- J l»ll ! tl III •♦» ' » " I „i rib ti i 1 I I I ll III » I I U Hiifi ' y ■:: ' Thomas Johnson, Elizabeth Trostle, Doug Armstrong. Jack Means, Bettv Deshong, Julia Lee, Dale Matt, Mary-Frances Stone Shirley Good, Kirbv Dubble, Linda Knox, Wayne Silcox, Jim Brubaker. Dave Hollinger, Gilbert Jackson, Craig Rowe, Fred Bowerman, Bruce Bohner " OYER HALL Karen Kreider, Don Eshelman, Gail Koehler, Charlotte Morgan, Gerald Rhoads. Pat Myers, Barbara Howenstine. Susan O ' Neill, Cindy Watson, Bonnie Taylor. 164 © A ■ - i i Sab mScJ9 + Richard Mutzel. Jim Douglas, Lois Ober. Joan Holub. Dennis Getz. Joanne Ginder. Allen Coffman. Ray Straub, Bill Lander, Lois Sell. Lorraine Butler, Natalie Tnickenmiller. Tom Trimble, Susan Trout, Dean Fronheiser. Neal Garrison, Lonnie Spicher, Annette Koser. Bill Mathers, Elyse Groff. Karen-Lee Nuber, Doug Baum, Leslie Kayser. Scot! Weaver, Harlev Miller. 165 ■ ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Dr. Joseph W. Kettering Chairman BOARD OF TRUSTEES N. S. Sellers Vice-Chairman Dr. H. E. Raffensperger Secretary Earl H. Kurtz Treasurer Paul M. Grubb Assistant Secretary Dr. David E. Brinser " Mr. Cyrus G. Bucher Miss Martha A. Bucher Dr. Frank S. Carper Mr. Elmer L. Esbenshade Mr. Paul M. Grubb Carl G. Herr, Esq. Mr. John M. Miller " Dr. Benjamin G. Musser The Rev. Norman K. Musser Mrs. Christopher M. Papson Dr. H. E. Raffensperger J. Aldus Rinehart, Esq. The Rev. Chester H. Rover Samuel S. Wenger, Esq. The Rev. Earl K. Ziegler " Honorary BOARD OF ASSOCIATES Mr. John G. Hershey Mr. Jacob H. Ruhl Mr. Norman L. Bowers Dr. I. Wayne Keller The Rev. N. S. Sellers Mrs. Franklin K. Cassel Mr. Norman E. Keller Mr. John F. Sprenkel Mr. Walter A. Keeney Dr. Joseph W. Kettering Mr. D. C. Stambaugh Dr. M. Guy West Dr. Galen C. Kilhefner Dr, T. M. Thompson " Mr. Richard A. Coleman The Rev. Howard A. Merkey The Rev. S. Clyde Weaver Mr. Albert E. Richwine yfcwBtf?wicBjjyfetpftMj ■ w2 1 .4: x J HhI 1 H A Dr. Roy E. McAuley President of the College Earl H. Kurtz Treasurer James L. M. Yeingst Director of Public Relations Dr. O. F. Stamhaugh Director of Summer Sessions b II l 1 If ■ Royal E. Snavely Dean of Men and Director of Placement D. Paul Greene Director ot Admission; Russell E. Eisenbise Registrar I ■ L msm H H " Ix f " t Rev. Rov Johnson Campus Minister Opal E. Nees Director of Student Activities Theodore A. Roscher Director of Athletics Robert V. Hanle Director of Alumni Relations Jerald L. Garland Assistant in Admissions Edgar T. Bitting Business, Department Head Richard V. Bomberger English, Department Head Stanley Bowers Education Dr. Robert A. Byerly Bible and Philosophy, Department Head Irvin L. Bossier Mathematics. Department Head Carl J. Campbell English Eugene P. Clemens Bible and Philosophy " it lp? r TL k . Hubert Custer Physics, Department Head (Ts Vldis Daiga Languages V Robert D. Dolan Mathematics J. Thomas Dwver English Eugene R. Eisenbise Education Elinor Eastlack Business Dr. Antonio Felice Psychology Martha A. Epplev Business Nevin V. Fisher Music, Department Head M Suzanne J. Gnodling Languages Harrv J. Graham Education Robert J. Heckman Biology Liga Grinbergs Languages Jack L. Hedrick Chemistry Kathnu . Herr Languages Phares H. Hertzog Chemistry Ben B. Hess History Allegra Hess Physical Education Kenneth J. Hess Mathematics .♦» i Elmer B. Hoover Education, Department Head Winifred L. Kaebnick Sociology William F. Klauber Education K. Heinrick Kloos English Otis D. Kitchen Music Donald E. Koontz Mathematics 182 H - ' ' ' " • J. Kenneth Kreider History Dr. David I. Lasky Psychology, Department Head H. Bruce Lehr Sociology Alice J. Lyons Business 183 C ■ I ' .• . ' ■ ■■ ■ Clyde K. Nelson Histon Department Head D. Kenneth Ober Physical Education Stanley R. Never Business Evelyn Poe English Dr. Rollin E. Pepper Biology 1 I | 1 1 w kV - IF L ■ zy. m% - ' MB - ■;- , t. - P ■; —-- ■ • " " " 9 M. Marshall Pomroy Business Dr. John P. Ranck Cheinistr Zoe G. Proctor Chemistry 186 Jobie E. Riley English Frank S. Seiders Political Science •(fl v : ■ ■ ■ 1 ■ , ■ - Dr. Ralph Schlosser English and President Emeritus Dr. Stanley T. Sntphin Bible and Philosophy Ronald L. Shubert Mathematics J Dr. Carl . Shull Music Frederick W. Terry Mathematics John M. Tulley Physical Education Esther K. Swick English Dr. Norman N. WeisenHuh Education David P. Willoughb) Music Owen Lee Wright Physical Education, Department Head John M. Yancey Psychology Dr. Carl W. Zeigler Bihle and Philosophy Dr. Joseph P. Zaccano, Jr. History h am Bi 1j w - ' - V r V- SJv ABOUT THE SPONSORS Many persons have contributed to the sponsorship of this year ' s CONESTOGAN. These people are local businessmen or representatives of different establish- ments. To them we would like to express our sincere thanks for their expression of good will to the college and of faith in our efforts. MUMPER ' S £ LOCALLY OWNED DAIRY — Elizabethtown ' s Finest! — 327 North Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-1297 LOCALLY OPERATED Blue Ribbon Milk Buttermilk — Cream Orange — Chocolate Drink SAVOY SHOE CO., INC. Makers of FINE SHOES FOR WOMEN ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN Banquet (Specialty) 715 N. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 367-1268 Compliments of BAUM ' S BOLOGNA A SELECT PRODUCT Mueller ' s Flower Shop 55 North Market St. Elizabethtown 367-1581 We Wire Flowers JACOB B. FISHER APPLIANCE STORE Appliances — Television Stereo - - Records Genero Electric Sales Service Phone: 367-1344 E. H gh St. Elizabethtown, Pa. WELCOME SENIORS to Membership in (he l UMN1 ASSOCIATION The Alumni Association looks forward each year at this time to receiving into membership those who are about to be graduated from our college and to inviting you into a new relationship to your Alma Mater. During your educational experiences here at the college, yours was a college- student relationship. You were busily preparing for your vocational or professional ob- jectives and had relatively little time to think about the important role of alumni to an institution. However, now you are about to step into a different relationship to your Alma Mater — a relationship which places you in the important position of bearing the off-campus image of your Alma Mater. The Alumni Association expresses its sincere wishes for a most rewarding future for you and extends its most cordial invitation to vou to join us in our efforts to en- hance the image of our college. Sincerely, K. Ezra Bucher, President Elizabethtown College Alumni Association Don ' t forget to join us often . . . . . and please keep in touch through REGIONAL CHAPTERS, THE ALUMNI BULLETIN and THE ETOWNIAN 193 JOHNSON ' S BUS SERVICE INC. Busses For All Occasions Florin, Penna. 563-0321 S - - LEHMAN BOOK, Inc. Dry Cleaners Shirt Launderers 35 West High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 367-1305 Oldsmobile Pontiac H. S. RISSER MOTORS Sales — Service Phone: 3671515 Elizabethtown, Pa. Orange Blossom Diamonds Le MAR JEWELERS 444 S. Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. WATCHES Hamilton Bulova Accutron Buxton Leather Wallets Jewel Boxes Gifts Wallace Sterling Rogers Silverplate Compliments of A FRIENDLY BANK CRAFTMANSHIP AT ITS BEST- PWIlMiK % swnr co. 400 WEST BAINBRIDGE STREET « ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. " ONE-STOP " S4WSE 367- 1128 367- 1129 REINHOLDS ' SUNOCO SERVICE LeRoy F. Reinhold 735 South Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Dial 367-9747 OPEN 24 HOURS ' Pick Up and Delivery " JONES ZINK, INC. INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE " We Insure Everything Except the Ground You Wolk On, That We Sell. " 119 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 367-1159 THE CONTINENTAL PRESS INC. EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PASADENA, CALIF. ELGIN, ILL. ATLANTA, GA. DALLAS, TEXAS PORTLAND, OREGON TORONTO, CANADA TROPICAL TREAT DRIVE-IN Curb Service 2 Miles East of Eliaabethtown Compliments of GINDER CLEANERS, INC. 50 N. Spruce Street Ehzabethtown, Pa. FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Ehzabethtown, Pennsylvania " Large Enough to Serve You " Member F.D.I.C. " Small Enough to Know You " Phone 3671 116 THE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men ' s and Boys ' Clothing Middletown Elizabethtown MILTON F. EBERLY Furniture and Floor Coverings Route 3 Elizabethtown, Penna. J. HAROLD MERKEY Chrysler — Plymouth Sales and Service Manheim, Pa. R. E. HERSHEY, INC. Quality Meats Dutch Sweet Bologna Hickory Smoked Hams Visit our Store at Plant Phone: 367- 1347 935 Groff Ave. Elizabethtown, Penna. BISHOP ' S STUDIO CAMERA SHOP 44 North Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Extend their Best Wishes and Success to the Class of 1966 ELIZABETHTOWN TRUST CO. Where Students Are Always Welcome Member F.D.I. C. Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY FORD - MERCURY - HONDA Sales and Service Elizabethtown, Pa. We Wire Flowers BOB ' S FLOWER SHOP " BOUTONNIERES INCLUDED WITH PURCHASE OF CORSAGES " Fresh and Artificial Arrangements To Fit Every Occasion Phone: 367-2211 39 S. Market St. Q 3l KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY Wishes the Class of 1966 the Best of Success and Happiness MOYER ' S POTATO CHIPS and Salted Nuts " Among the Best by Test " R. D. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 367-5469 LEO KOB, INC. PLUMBING — HEATING AIR CONDITIONING " Heat King " Gas Oil Boiler GE Air Conditioning LOSCH Coal Stokers 24 .S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. ( ■ ■ ' A 1 ? i itt s Phone: Area Code 717-367-1266 MARTIN ELECTRICAL SERVICE, INC. ROTH ' S FURNITURE STORE Modem and Traditional Furniture 206-210 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. P. O. Box 347 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Electrical Engineering and Construction Phone: 367-1382 ECONOMY SHOE STORE Fine Shoes from Fine Sources Phone: 367-7532 15 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. S. F. ULRICH, Inc. . BUICK . RAMBLER Sales Service ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 367-1175 GRUBB SUPPLY COMPANY Sunoco Heating Oil Garden Spot Feeds Blue Coal Elizabethtown, Penna. GRUBB SUPPLY CO. M 5 I B G LUMBER CO. 212 W. High St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. mmm V f THE DRESS SHOP I X ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Daisy M. Klein Center Squore GERBERICH-PAYNE SHOE COMPANY Mt. Joy, Penna. ZARFOSS HARDWARE S. G. HERSHEY SON • Home Furnishings DEPARTMENT STORE S. Market and Park St. • Sporting Goods Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 367-1261 -1 On the Square Elizabethtown, Pa. The CHRISTIAN LIGHT Best Wishes from Book Store Distributors of Religious Merchandise THE JAY ' S NEST Bibles, Gifts, Greeting Cards Hallmark Cards — Office Supplies 367-1360 48 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 Y MOOSE ' S 5 10 ¥ AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN Banquet (Specialty) 715 N. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 367-1268 Serving Lancaster County Since 1946 Gasoline Heating Oil Burner Service Tires, Accessories 905 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Magnavox TV Stereo 31 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Elizabethtown Chronicle J. G. Westafer Son Printing ' Publishing Elizabethtown, Pa. lite QladeU SUtXfX LADIES APPAREL On the Square Elizabethtown, Pa Olmsted Plozo — Middlefown, Pa. THE MARKET BASKET RESTAURANT Eli zabethtown, Pa. Serve to Please and Pleased to Serve WILLIAM ARNOLD, Mgr. 59-61 College Avenue JACOB H. RUHL, INC. Insurance — Real Estate " Insure and Be Sure " 18 S. Main St. Manheim, Pa. COLLEGE STORE Serving Students and Faculty PETTICOFFER DODGE, INC. Books Cars — Trucks Stationery Sales — Service School Supplies Route 230 East Magazine Subscriptions Elizabethtown, Pa. College Insigna Items Phone 367- 1808 Used Book Exchange Stereo and Hi-Fi Records MEET ME AT DUTCH PANTRY ELIZABETHTOWN SHEARER ' S Furniture Store Compliments of " The Largest Furniture Store Between THE Lancaster and Harnsburg " 35-37 South Market St.. Elizabethtown, Pa. W. T. GRANT CO. Phone: 367-4694 STUDENT INDEX Ahoitiz. Inaki 64 Kboitiz, Txomin Ackerman, Barr) I. Adams, Han) E. 95 dams. Parke E„ Jr. .50.64,95 PSEA 2,3 Treas. 4; Band 1,2,3,4, Vice Prev 1,3, Treas. 2: Committee on Men s Affairs 1 Adsitt, Russell- Jr. 97 Young Republicans Club 4; Societ) for Advancement of Management 2,3,4; Concert Choir 1. Albright, Carol 64,95 Supreme Fiction Society 4 Vlbright, Sue E. 40,53,65,127 Alcorn, Gary L. 53.212 lexander, Dwain W Allen. Keith M Allen. Robert Allison, Terrs L. 127 Alston, Joann D. 127 Altland, Brenda M. 156 Altland, Dennis C. 164 Alwine, James C. 159 Amour, John W 1 39 Anderson, Dennis 77 Anderson, Walter, Jr. 95 Andrews, Jane E. Antrim, Daniel C. 139 Appleby, Ellen L. ppleby, James C. quilina. Pauline M. 65 Armitage. Hillary 158 Armstrong, Douglas R. 163 Vrndt, John A. 139 Asbury, Clarence E. sh. Donald P. 162 Astbury, Sandra 162 urand, William R , Jr. Austin. Barbara A 58,139 Ayres, Carroll 63,95 .vi Susan J 127 Bailev. Annette 66,139 Bailey, Kathryn E. 66,139 Baittinger, Susan J. 162 Balslev. James M., II 162 Bantley, Suzanne G. 54,95 Dramatic Workshop; Sock Buskin 4, Young Republicans Rec. Sec. 4; Synchronized Swimming 1,2,4 Bretheran Student Association 1,2,3,4 Concert Choir 1, Chapel Choir 2,3 Women ' s Chorus 2; Asst. Librarian 3,4. Bare, Carolyn L. 139 Barker, Mrs. Mary L. Barker. Robert R. Barlev. Mary Ann 51.1 19 Barlow, Glenn W. Barlow. William 160 Bamdt, Ruth 95 French Club I. ECCA 1.2; Community Service Project 4. Women ' s Chorus 3.4. Barr, Richard D. 161 Barrett. Eleanor C. 139 Barshmger, Deanna L. 54 Bartel, Deitra K. 96 Varsitv Basketball 1,2; Intramurals 1; PSEA ' 3,4. Chapel Choir 2. Bartush, Elaine A 57,139 Batastini. Bradlf E. Batchelor. Martha J 50,62,64,78,127 Bates. Darlene K. 78.139 Bander. Harry D. 158 Bauer. Nancee Bauerle, Harry T. 96 Baugher. Larry 1 J9 Baum, Chervl 156 Baum, Douglas L. 165 Baunian, Frederick Beck. Frcdi-nck 62. 126. 127 Be. k Gerald 48 Belser. James ! Belser, Ruth A. 64,96 Bender, Jere M. 139 Bendrick, Thomas 139 Benfer, Linda 1 19 Benham. Lynne 40 Benner, Mary Ann Shugarts 50,62,65,66 Bennett, Corinne 96 Presbyterian Student chologv Club ■ p Bennett, Jo Ann Berhnart. Judith L. 127 Berry, Ronald D. Brit . Perrv J. Bickel. Edimmd W 159 Bieber. Dale E 49,70,154,158 Billo, John M. Bigham, Nadine M. Bingaman, Stanley J. 96 Bingaman, Jane E. Bishop, Bonnie L. Black. Robert R 139 Blandy, Robert F. 127 Blankenhorn, Margaret G 58 Blasberg, Susan L. 139 Blouch. Lerov D. 96 Blough, Gerry E. 139 Blvmier. Robert C. Bi idden, David E. Bogai Carasue 139 Bonn, Albert Fred 155 Bohner. Bruce O. 163 Boltz, Ronald M. 65.77.96 Bomberger. Amnion J 127 Bomberger, Henry H. 97 Bomberger. Timothy 53,139 Bond, Richard L. 157 Bond, Theodore F. 55.77 Bongart, Earl R. 127 Bonner, Martha A. 97 PSEA 1.2,3.4, BSC Committee 2. Flec- tion Committee 4. Chapel Choir 1. Boogar, Beverly 54.164 Boomershine, John D. Boone, Lora J. Boone, Peter C. Boose, Ronald R 55.161 Bortz, Richard H. 97 Society tor Advancement of Manage- ment 2,3,4. Bosserman, Don L. 62,97 Wrestling Manager 3; Society for Ad- vancement ol Management 2.1. Prts Bossert, Carroll W 127 Bolt, James D Boutselis, John S. Bowe. Patricia V 140 Bowerman, Frederick E. 163 Bowker. Arnold B. Bowlbv. Dawd H. 140 Bowlby, William H. Bowser, Dennis 140 Bover, Eugene Boyle, John C. 97 Psychology Club 3. Brackbill, Barbara F. Brackbill, Sandra K. 127 Brandenberger, Dane A 127 Brandiff. David E. 161 Brandt, June Brandt, Jav Brant, Carolyn 160 Brant. Daniel L. 48,97 Breneman, Benjamin L. 50,97 Varsit) Basketball 1,2,3, co-captain 4. Societ) lor advancement o ' Manage- ment 1,2, 1. Varsity E " Club 2, 1.1. Committee on Men ' s Affairs 4. Brenner, Joan S. 140 Breuninger, Susan " ;. 156 Brieeel, Beverl) J 66,78,1 10 Brillhart, Mrs Helen K Brininger, Jean 140 Brinser, Donald C. Brinser, Earl, Jr. Brodish. Dorothy Brooks, John 140 Brosej . Emma L, Brown. Arlene E. Brown, Catherine Brown, Cornelius ' (7 Baseball 1,3,4; Basketball 1.2,3. Varsity ■ ' E ' ' Club 3.4. Eta Phi Sigma 2; PSEA Concert Band 2,3.4. Brown. Judith L. 78,140 Brown, Kathryn M 155 Brown, Linda M. 127 Brown. Robert Z„ Jr. 127 Brubaker. James D. 77.16} Brubakder, Paul E. 162 Brumbaugh, Janet L. 127 Brunner, Thomas A. 162 Buhl), Samuel kubv 162 Buch, Carl Bucher. Anne K. 140 Bucher. Larrv L. 140 Buck, Charles F. Buckius. Marc S. Buckle , Patricia 140 But kwalter, Judith E 127 Bullwinkel, Diame 140 Bimdens, Deborah D. 54.57.110 Bupp. Marlin L. 97 Burg. Barbara A. 1S. 122 Intramural Sports 1.2, Swuhronized Swimming 1, Homecoming Court 1,3, Queen 4; May Court 2,3; BSC Social Committee 1,2, Dramatic Workshop 1; Chapel Choir 1; Ladies Ensemble 1,2; CONESTOGAN Staff 1.2. class editor 3.4. WWEC reporter 2,3, Dorm Coun- cil 2. Dorm President 3; Committee on Women ' s Affairs 4; Honor House Co- Head 4; Senior Counselor 4. Burket, L im Edward 157 Burkett, Rebecca R. 98 PSEA L Elm Staff 3. Burkholder, Dorothy L. 127 Butler, Lorraine J. 165 Buyer, Gerst M. 98 Society tor Advancement of Manage- ment 3,4. Byerly, Timothy F. Byers, David R 59.127 B) oiii. Jeffrev Cairns. M. Dale Cameron, Barbara 19,53,16 4 Campbell, Kathleen 128 Cannon, Sandra L. I 40 Carl, Barbara A. 128 Carl, Ruth E. 98 ( arpenter, Donald V. 128 Carroll. Keneth M Carty, William A„ IU Intramurals 4. Activities K award in Publications i. Society lor Advance- ment of Management 1,2,4; CONES- rOGAN 2, 1.1 Editor-in-chief 3.4; WWEC 2. Cassel, Barry W I 10 ( ' asscl. John I LUghey, Linda S. 58.140 ( ave, larol 128 ( ' halmers, Douglas D. ( li.imberlin, Susan C. 98 ( lupin. John L , Ill 141 ( !hase Joel K 58,65,70 ( hi-rniiw ;,ii R. I hesne) Raefield T. Chrisemer, Nancy L. Christman, John D 55 Chronisier. Pamela I . Ink. Elizabeth Clouser, Gar) 160 Coble, Craig 1 41 Coffman IUn R. 165 Coffman, Janet S. 159 Colbom, Harold C, Jr. 98 Tennis 4; Society for Advancement of Management 2.3,4, Catiterburv Club 1; Men ' s Glee Club 4; Intramural Debate 4. Conover. Susan J. Conrad, David A. Conrad, Elizabeth J. 98 PSEA 1,2,3,4; Chapel Choir 1. Conway, Phyllis Cook, Esther M 99 Activities " E " award in Music 3. SPSEA 4; Chapel Choir 2,3; Girl ' s Cho- rus 3.4. Cook, June M Dnk, Mary L. Cope, Carolyn I. Cope. Judith A. 62 Corman. Ned 162 Corwell, Austin S. 99 Covon, Patricia K. 99 Covle, Richard W. 128 Crager, Harry D. 99 Craine, Lenora Cranks. Jeanne S. 58,128 Cressler, Gloria J. 141 Crissinger, Priscilla 99 Varsitv Basketball 1.2. Young Republi- cans 4. Student PSEA 4. Student NEA 4. Crist, Bryan L. Criswell, Patricia J. 50.128 i Irossley, Chris 161 Crossley, Monroe E , Jr. Crouse. Roy Cruikshank, David C. 141 Cunningham, Joycelyn A. 158 Cunningham, Victoria B. 57,63,64,99 Supreme Fiction Society Secretary. Trea- surer 4; SPSEA 1,4; Modem Language Club 2.3; Cultural Committee; Special Events Committee, Women ' s Chorus 2.3.4; CONESTOGAN 2,1.1. ETOW- NIAN 3,4; Student Vssociation Secre- tary 4. Cupper. Jack B. Dagen, Linda A. 100 SPSEA 2,4; NLA 2,1 Dager, Lynne ( . ' . I 2s Dahonev, Susan 58,141 Dalbow, Melvin. Jr 161 Danielson, Gar I 18,70,128 Darkes, Janet W. 100 Darnell, James T. Darrah, Martin E. Dashiell, Vnn V. Ill Davis. Arthur M. Davis, Jeanne C. Da is, Louise Davis, Mary 54,100 Swimming 4; Drama Award 3; Sock Ni Buskin Historian 2.3.4; PSEA 1.4; Plays. I or Door 4. Enemv of the People 2, Last Curtain 2, Spring Dance I. Chap- el Choir 1. Decker, David L. 128 Decker. Donnell E. Decker fud) V 157 Defiore, Frank R Dehmex, Nancy J. 128 Deibler, Linda Deitrit h, Suzanne 10 De Martino, Richard S. 100 Intramural Basketball 3.4, Societ) for Advaiiceiiient ol Managrmt-iit t Dempsey, Douglas De Mull., Vudre) S Denlinger, Richard C 67,128 Dennin, Edward A. 100 Derencin, Barbara 57,141 204 Den Horace E |i 16-1 Dei i [ " -in Deshong 1 lizabeth 1 L63 De Simone, Michael 160 Dessenbergei Vnne De lurk. Linda V 100 PSI V 3.4; ECCA 1,2 Worm n - I I s 1.2. ( hapel I hoii 2 I Detwiler, Joan E. lint PSE l i I VI; Dormiton Coun- cil 2 I omen s ( Ihorus I Dewees, Lj nne S. lit " Seniot G eloi I; PSI 1.2.3,4; Band I Women ' s Chorus . Vutomobile I mmittee 4. Dey, Robert E. UMi Dicke) Di Lucia, |oan V. !2s DilUng, Mrs. Doroth E. Dimmick, ( arol E 6M 126 128 Dipple Waltei L. DiSanto, Constance loo PsvchoIogN Club 4. Vrt Committee ( hapel Pro-ams 4. Dissinger leoi ge Dohert William S 77 Dolan Dennis | 162 Dolan, FJizabith V Dolan, | Sue Doll, Robert I Domenech, Kath) G. 101 u,ml foi Women ' s Chorus 1,2,3; PSEA 1,2,3,4 S ' EA 1,2,3,4 EC 1 2 Women ' s Chorus 1,2 I Senior Counsel- ■i 4 Donaldson, Claj E 128 Donaldson, Jon M. I " PSEA 2.3 I MEA 2,3,4; ECCA 1. Donaldson, Kathleen R. to BS( l 1.2.4, ECC 12 4 PSEA 1.2.4. Band l Donmoscr, Galen L. Dorr Mary 141 Dost, Lawrence E. 67.10] Douglas [ames 1 165 Douple, Martha J. 58,156 Dowell Karen L. Dowlin, Lynne E. 161 Dragonuk, Elana R 141 Dreschei William L 159 Dubble, David E 65.77 Dubble, Kirb L 163 Duloc, Jane Dunbar, Robert R. L38 Dunkelberger, George R. 141 Dunkelberger, Norma L Dunlap Marj ■ 12s Mariorie D Eberlv, Judith E Ebersole Diane l 162 Ebersole, Kenneth E., Jr Ebersole, Vlariam II Ebling, Nelda (.111 Eckhardt, Penny L 53,128 Eckinger, John D. Eckinger, Suzanne Edgcumbe, Ellen 141 Ehmman, Richard L Eigenbrode, (aria M 141 EJker, Jan.- E. 141 Eisenbise, Cindj C. 141 Eisenbise, [anel | 19,63,1 41 Elrvin, Lois 128 Ellenberger, Dana V 155 Ellenberger, Janet L. 62.101 Basketball 1. Intramurals 1,2.3.4; Music Vward V PSEA 124 Societ) for d- vancemenl i il Management 2 J, 4 So - reran . 4. Chapel Choir 3, Women ' s (hums 1.2. El linger, Ju I V Elliott Jnhn ' R. ElHngl - Ih- mas 141 Emenheisei Donald S 129 Enck. Luc . 58,101 Intramural Sports 3; Activities " E in Musit Ml At Vice Pres I. PSI I i oncerl Band 1,4; Concert Choii 2,3 l Concert Choir Representative 3,4, I n, k Paul s. Jr. Enders fohn G Enders, Sarah C. 101 Enele, Doroth J Engle Ion W Funis, |n Vnn 102 PSEA 1.2,3.4 NEA 1,2 J.4 CONESTO GAN J Enterline, lames W i pi. i Randolph D 141 l | ill i eslej G. 55 Erdman, Janice S. 59,102 Women ' s Basketball Manager 2,3,4; Pin Beta Chi 3, 4. Ladies Chorus 1. Eshelman, Donald 70,164 Eshelman, Jack K. 70,102 Soccer 1,2,3,4; 1st Team M ( Jrd ream Ml. Varsit) " E ' 2. J Vice Pres I Committee on Men ' s Vffairs 3 Eshenour, Sarah E, 12 l » Eshleman, James E. 63,142 Eshleman, James M 59 Eshleman, Kenneth W. Esterly, David M 1 Isworth) . Terr) Etter. Gregory W 159 Evans. J. Michael 63,67,102 Political Science Club 3; Young Repub- licans 4. Vice pres. 4. Lyceum Commit- tee 4; Senator 1 Evans, Victoria 62,102 Intramurals 1,2,3; Basketball 2. Swim- ming Team 3,4; Swim Team Certificate U. PSEA M; Chapel Choir 1. Publici- ty Committee 3, Chairman 4; Dorm Council 1.2.3. Evoy, Sue D. 40.102 Basketball 1, Intramural Bowling 2 Ma) Da) Court 1,3; PSEA 1,2,3,4; Dorm ( louncil 1 Fahnstock, Charles R. 129 Fake, Terr) L Falkenberg, Cheryl L. 102 Reception lommittee 2. ELM staff 2,3; CONESTOGAN Staff 3, Federici, Gerald M 1 42 Fehr, [oanne K 5S.142 Feiman, Nancy 101 PSEA 4. Fellman, Peter A. 49 Feltman, Robert C. 103 Intramurals 3,4; PSEA 3,4; Young Re- publicans Club 3, 4. Feltv. Dennis Fenninger, Mrs Mary C. Fenstermacher, Herbert Fiek. Paul E, 160 Filer, Ellen L. Fisher Fred J. Fisher, Marsha A. Fisher, Robert C. 161 Fisher, Ronald S. Fisher. Shnle 158 Fitz. David G. Fitz, Denton Stephen Fit , Donald W. 54.103,104 Drama Award 3; Dramatic Workshop 1 2,3, 4 Sock l - Buskin J. 4. Pres. 3,4; C eit Choir 1. Cultural Committee 1. Ma) Day Committee 1,2,3. Fit , James L. 49,58.103 Race Relations Committee Chairman 4. Chapel Choir 3; Men ' s Glee Club 4 Fit kee. Charles W. 142 Fitzkee, Thelma I. Fletcher. Bett L. 53 103 Societ) for Vdvancement of Manage- ment 1,2,3, 1: (-lass Treasurer 3; (. ' hapel Choir 1,3; CONESTOGAN Business staff , Business Manage] 4. Treasurer Student Senate 3. Florsehut . Robert G. Flory, Ronald K. 103 205 Fogleman, Janice 142 Former, Ro) R 12 L ) Formwalt, ( arol S. 129 Forr) Fred i : ludith " -S.U2 Foulke, ( llaudia S. Fousl Barbara J I2 l ) Foust. Bonnie 156 Fox, Brenda L. 129 r«.x. Marilyn V. 50,60,78,101,103 Varsit) Hocke) 1,2,3, co-captain 4. Varsit) Basketball 1,2,3, co-captain 4 Varsit) Tennis 2,3, 1. Synchronized Swimming 1; Psychology Club I 2 Sec Treas V Pres 4 VewmanCIub l;Varsi- t) E Club 1,2,3, I. Debating 1 Com mittee on Woman ' s Vffairs 4. Intramu- ral Council 3; Rules and Regulations Review Committee 4. Frain, Barbara A. 156 Frantz, Doroth) 129 Frederick. Kerr) D. Frederick. Ronald J. Freidly, Barry P. 161 Fre) foa ■ I Frey, Sandra J. 103 PSEA 2,3,4; NEA 2.5.4. ETOWNIAN 2: CONESTOGAN 4. Fridy, James T Frock, Helen H Fronheiser, Dean 165 Fry, Beth J 59,129 I i - lohn K Jr. 65,129 Fry, Larry E. 53.103 Lutheran Student Association 1.2.3. I. Society for Vdvancement ol Manage- ment 1,2,3,4; CONESTOGAN 2 . 4 Fryer, Elizabeth 103 Fryer, Robert M. 103 Societ v lor Advancement of Manage- ment 4; Circle K Club 2,4: CONESTO- G VN Photographer 1 Fugate, Kathleen J 19,40,65.87,78,142 Fulmer, Rov 58 Fulmer, Sharon L, 142 Funk, Man E 142 Funk, Patrick J. 164 Funston, Barbara 104 Fnrst, Leonard M ( lalinus, Theresa R. Garber, Eugene 157 Garber, Herbert 104 Garber, Nancy F ( mO mail. Jeffrey R. ( larrett, Richard s Garrety, Susan E. 142 ( Harrison, Barbara J. 157 Garrison, Neal L, 165 Gaskins, lohn D 129 Gates. John D. Gates, John E. ( ..nil. Louise 142 Gault, Gar) 126.129 ( ieesaman, Lawrence L. Geesey, Fannie A Geiger, Cynthia Gerber, Pamela A. 159 Gerber, Terry L. 160 Gerhart, Herbert E 129 Getz, Dennis V Gibble, Judith 54,129 Gibbonev. Thomas 54,159 Cibbs, Nanc) C. 161 Gibson, Elizabeth S. 104 Gift, Ron- J. 159 Cinder, Jo Vnn 78.165 Gingrich, Kenneth R 142 Gingrich, Marilyn C. 130 Gipe, Donald V. ni Gipe, Mrs. Margeret Girvin, Louise Wenger 40 Gleim, Robert D Goeringer, Kristin M Goldberg, Diane W «. I Dale D 142 Good, Glenn i I Harold E 130 Good, Kenneth E. 1 12 I I Ronald B 70 Good, Shirley L. 163 Goodwin. Donald B Gouldey, ferome R Grace, Doroth) E I lackman Graham, Barry E. 1 " t Varsit) K VNvard 2 Phi Beta ( In I t ECI V 1.2; t one. H ( hoii 1,2, (,4 Man- ager 2,3 Deputation Team I Dufa) Singers 1.2. Male Quartel 1.2 Graham. Geraldine 157 Graybill, Larr) ( ' 55 160 Graybill, Mar) l ( inrn Arthur J. 161 Greenawalt. Brut e E I JO Greene, Carol Greener. David F. 70 Greenholt. Margaret K. 105 Intramurals 3, Greening. Robert M 160 i Ireiner, I laii 160 Greiner, Robert C. Greiner, Stanle) W. 105 Society for Advancement of Manage merit 1,2,3,4; Student Activity Commit- tee 3. Greiner, Tyler L. ( Jri i, Stephanie J 156 Groff. Elyse I. 165 Groff, Evelyn M 142 Groff, Glen I Groff, Mary E. 142 Grosh. Robert V 53,138,142 Groshens, Susan |. 130 Gross, Larry D. 105 ( .toss Maryann E. 155 Grove. Dane R. Grove, Milan J. 154,159 Grubb, Christ C Gulden, Donna R. 19.54.105 Political Science 3,4, Young Republi- cans 4. PSEA 2,3,4; Dramatic Work- shop 4. Women ' s Chorus 3; Publicity Chairman for Ivor) Door 4, CONES- TOGAN 3; Homecoming Court 4. Habecker, Elsie Jane 53,162 Habecker, John L, 130 Habecker, Joseph C Jr 130 Hackman, John A. 156 Haeusler, Francis J. Hafer, Homer, Jr. 105 Haines, Shervl M. 160 Haldeman. Jeffrev T. Hale, Margaret A. 105 Lutheran Student Vssociation; PSEA 1.2.3,4. Women ' s Chorus 3,4; Dorm Council 3. Hamilton. Carol V 56,64,130 Hamilton, James R 130 Hamilton, William C. 130 Hammond. Charlene 156 Hankee, William Q. Happel, Frank I Harbach, Nanc) | 57,130 Harbilas, Elias Haring, Ronald L. Harman, Kathleen E. 164 Harrington. James J. 130 Harris, George B. 130 Harry, Barbara A 130 Hartman, Fredrick 142 Hartman, Larry A. 105 Hartman. William R.. Jr 126 Hash. Charles W 50 1 13 Haskctt, Virginia D. 105 Hauck, R. Darrell Hauseman, L. Craig 55,67,106,109 Basketball 1, Intramurals I. District Coordinator Central Penna. Young Re- publicans i. Vdvisoiy Board Young Re publican College Council I Certificate For Radio iSr Debating 3,4; Young Re publicans 3, Pres 4 Political Si ience Club 3,4; Psycholog) Club 2. Intercol- legiate Debating 3,4. Plainsmen Folk Group 3,4; WWEC News Director 3,4; Student ( ' cuter Board Speci.il Events 1.2. Hansen Jane S. 143 Heag) . Donna 14o Heikes, James E.. Jr. Heil, Jeffrey 143 Heil, Paul S. 160 Heimbach, Marcia l I 10 Heiserman, Harvev R. 106 Basketball Manager 2; Intramurals 1,2,3; Lutheran Student Associal 2,3; German Cluh 2. Heisey, Dorothy A. I feise) . Janet E. 1 0 Heisey, John C, Jr. 130,143 Heisey, Richard E. Heisey, Robert J., Jr. Herbein, Carl 65,77,143 Herbert Robert 54,55,130 Herncane, Donald G. Herr, Frederick I [err, I Irover A, 106 French Club 2, Math Science Club 3,4. Herr, Paula J. 143 Herr, Susan L. 143 Herrman. James X., Jr Hersh. Robert 143 Hershberger, Larry J. Hershberger. Willis E. Hershey, Belinda K. 65,66.7s. 143 Hershe) Leon S. Hershman, Joan E. 106 Hertzler, Barry L Hertzog, Patricia Wilson 106 Concert Choir 1.2,3.4. MENC 3,4; Tri- ple Trio 1 PMEA 2,3,4; Band 3,4. Hess. David L. Hess, Jack L. Hess, James E. Hess, Jav R. 4S, 49,59, 130 Hess, Margaret Ann 155 Hess, Marie 159 Hess. Robert M. 131 Hess, Susan L. 106 ECCA 1; PSEA 1.4. Hew Ictt. James G. Hibshman, Sandra F. 162 Hicks. Allen A. Hildebrand, Patricia A. 158 Hill. Carol L. 131 Hillard. Douglas L. Hitlard, Henr N Hillegas Gene C, I 11 Hilton, James R. 31,63.106,124 Class Treasu rer 2; Vice President of Student Senate 3; Chairman of Student Activities 3; President of Student Sen- ate 4. Hindle, Thomas B. 65.143 Hindman, Linda J. Hindmarch, Thomas R. 52.55,64,107 Certificate " E " ; Rudder Committee 3; Young Republicans Club 2,3.4; Phi Beta Chi 4; SPSEA 2.3,4; Eta Gamma Kappa 4, Cultural Committee 2,3,4, CONESTOGAN Sports Editor 3,4. Hirst, Linda J. 19,31,52,60,62,64,107,119,- 212 Homecoming Court 3,4; Supreme Fic- tion Societv Pres, 4; PSEA 3.4; ECCA 3; Eta Phi Sigma 1.2,3,4, Sec. 3. Vice Pres. 4; French Club 2. Pres. 3; Sigma Lambda Sigma 3, Nice Pres. 4; Student Activities Board t, Ch Cultural Com- mittee 4. CONESTOGAN 2 J Associ- ate Editor 4. Committee on Women ' s Affairs 2.3. fbt . Doroth) D Hixson. Rosalie J Hoffeditz, Jacqueline 107 . tivit) " E Award in Musk ECCA 1,2; Chapel Choir 1,2. W en s elm ms 1. Host Committee 2. PsE 4 Hoffman, Carolyn A. 107 French Club 2. Dramatic Workshop 1; Chapel Choir 1. Ladies Ensemble 1.2. I CONESTOGAN 1.2,3.4, Honor House Co-Head 4. Hoffman, Frank S. 59,63,107 Phi Beta Chi Science Club 3,4. Student Senate 4. Hoffman, Mrs. Margaret J. Hoffman. Ted L. Hoffman. Thomas W, 160 Hohman, Jeffrey W. 161 Hollinger. David G., Jr. 163 Hollinger. Jav Robert Hollinger, Mark A. 107 Societv for Advancement of Manage- ment 2,4, Concert Choir 2. Hollinger. Rav S. 131 Hollingshead. Ellen 161 Holmes, April 1 43 Holsinger. Janice E. Holsinger, Marv A. 131 Holukjoan P. 165 Holznchter. Enid 143 Hoopert, Daniel 59.143 Hoopert. Dolores A. 19,50,131 Hoover, Gerald R. 55,158 Hoover, Gregorv D. Hoover. Susan L. 107 PSEA 1,2,4; Dramatic Workshop 1.2, Concert Choir 1.4; Women ' s Chorus 2, Women ' s Ensemble 2. Hopson, William B. 159 Horn. Mrs. Carol A. Shertzer Hornafius, Patricia B. Home, Mrs. Emma V. Home. Ralph F Hoist. Marilyn L. 131 Horst, Marv ' Elizabeth 155 Hoist. Robert L 143 Horton, Sallv L. 163 Hosteller, Virgil L. Hostetter. Aaron E. 54,131 Hostetter, Jerold C. Houck, Gerald D. 160 Houk. Susan E Howe. Alan E. 143 Howell. Rosellen Howells, Thomas L. Baseball Manager 1, Soccer Manager 2,3,4; Manager Award, Blazer; Varsity " E " 1,2,3,4; PSEA 2,3,4 Howenstine. Barbara 58,164 Hower, Bona Dee 131 Hughes. David W. Hughes, William E . Jr. 131 Hulton, H. James 94.107 Soccer 2; Baseball 3; Society for Ad- vancement of Management 2,3, Audio Visual Aid 3,4; CONESTOGAN 2. Class Treasurer 4. Husted. Craig W. 157 Hyatt, Jo Ann 144 Hvnicker, Frank C. Ierley, Elwood L. 131 Ingraham, Robert C. Innerst, Carol 144 Irvin. Linda A. Irwin. Alice 54,131 It oe. Karen 144 Jackson, Bonnie L. 1(18 Psycholog) (Muli 3,4; Co-Head Honor House 3,4. Jackson, Gerald E. 108 Jackson, Gilbert H. 163 Jackson. Hermoine P. 131 Jackson, Lawrence L. 108 Intramurals 2,3; Political Science Club 3 Jacoby. Jeanne L. 61,64,108 Sigma Lambda Sigma 3, 1. Forensics Award 3; Eta Gamma Kappa 3; Eta Phi Sigma 1.2,3 (Pres.). 4. ECCA 1,2,3 Vice Pres; BSCM 1,23. 1. Religion Deputation 1,2; Supreme Fiction So- net v 4. Committee on Women ' s Affairs I acobv, Scott R. 164 arvie, David 1) d 2.H3.144 ohn. Frank E. 157 Johnson, Carol L. Johnson, Gary 1 44 Johnson, Glenn H., Jr. 108 Intramurals 3; Societv for Advancement of Management 3,4. Johnson, James R. Johnson. Marilyn J 131 Johnson. Peggy A. 54,131 Johnson, Thomas E. Jones. Cornelia B. 5S, 65,66,144 [ones, Donna L. 155 Jones. Ellen J. 144 Jones, James R. 108 Jones. Larrv A. 53 Jones, Marv A. 108 Activities " E " Award 3; PSEA L NE A 1; Young Republicans Club 1,2,3,4; Women ' s Chorus 1,2,3. Jones. Robert K 160 Karvosky, Marcia C 144 Kauffman, Charles E. 144 Kauffman, Marv A 144 Kauffman. Sarah S. 58,131 Kay, Glenn C. Kavser. Leslie L. 54.165 Kehr. Ruth S. 49.5S.144 Keller. Janet S. 144 Keller, Jereth A. 131 Keller. Nancy E. Keller, Patricia A. 144 Keller, Patricia A. 158 Kelly. Lynn C. 144 Kendig, Diane M. 131 Kenny, John P. 160 Kershner, Susan C. Kieffer. Frances A. 59,132 Kile, Alberta G. Kile. Thomas C. 132 Kilmer, Colin F. King. Barrv King Carol J. 19.161 King, Louise M Kinneman, Eugenie R. 108 Hockey 1, Hockey Manager 2,3; Cheer- leader 1,2,3. Sigma Lambda Sigma 3,4 Kipp, James E. 4S.59. 109. 121 Abraxas 3. pres. 4. Phi Beta Chi 3,4; BSCM Pres. 2; Chapel Choir 1,2,4. Rudder Committee 3, Senator 3; Cul- tural Committee 1,4, Chairman 3; For- eign Exchange Committee 4; Academic Committee 4. Kistler. James W. ki enberger, Janet S. 78.109 Klauber, Iva Klein. James M. 54.162 Kline, Nancy L. 1 44 Kiinedinst, Harold R. 60,109 Klingenmaier, Marlene F. 132 Klingner, Karen 157 Knapp. Sheldon V. 70 Knapp, Neil 1 44 Knox, Linda K. 163 Kobland, Richard M. 109 Koch, Man L. 109 Girl ' s Basketball 1,2,3,4; ECCA I Kocher, Ben L 132 Kochevar, Edward 157 Koehler. Gail L. 164 Kogelman, Jack I. Konler, John 145 Koman, Linda K. Koser, A. Jeffrev 145 Koser, Annette L. 165 Kowalski. Penelope M 19,53,58,59,145 Krall. James A. Kravbill. Joan E. 132 Kreamer, Richard B. Kreider, Edna I. 109 Activities " E " Certificate 3; PSEA 1,3.4. Band 1.2,3.4. Kreider, Evelyn P. Kreider. Karen R. 164 Krentz, Susan E. 54,157 Kreider, John H. Krushinski. Edward J. Kuhn, Gail E. Kulesh, Kav A. 155 Kulp, Cheryl D 145 Kulp. Sharon L. 78,159 Kunkle. Charles R, 145 Kuiikle, Ravmond J. Kurt . Albert Lacock. Earl F. .50.70.145 Lafferty. Robert J. 145 Lamborghini, Steven 110 Lander. William A. 165 Landis, Arthur M. 49,110 Intramurals 1,2,3,4. American Chemi- cal Society 1.2.3. Pres. 4; Circle K Club 4. Deputation Team 3,4; Men Commu- ter Sec. Treas. 4. Landis, Betsv A. 78 Landis, Harold C. 110 Basketball 3, Societv for Advancement of Management 3,4; ' Circle K Club 4. Landis. Thomas C. 155 Langhans, Barbara J. Lau, John J., Jr. 160 Lau, Sue A. 132 Laubach, Clyde F. Laudermilch. James A 145 Laux, Mildred L. Lawrence, Nancv J. 1 10 Volleyball Intramurals 4. Psychology Club 3,4. Women ' s Chorus t Lavne, John B Leader. Linda J. Lebo, David B. 110 Lecrone. Charles H.. Jr. 164 Lee. Francis S. 55.164 Lee, Julia A. 163 Leed, Robert Leffler, Linda C. 132 Lehman, Dallas D. Lehman. Jane M 145 Lehman, Jay W., Jr. 157 Lehman, Phillip M. Leinbach. Thomas ( ' ,, Leisev, Laluni M 145 Lentz, James E. 159 Lent . John H Le Van, Patricia E. Levin. Mrs. Shirlev C. Lewis, David A. Lewis, Frank Lewis. Linda L. 132 Liebich. Roberta E. 59,110 Lutheran Student Association 4, Phi Beta Chi 4. Light, Linda J. 163 l.ikowski. Thomas 161 Linard, Jay M. 70,132 Lindenauer. Richard 110 Baseball Manager 2.X Soccer Time Keeper, Scorer 3.4. PSEA 4; Society Fbl Advancemen t of Management 2. Col- lege Publicity Committee 3. Linaower, Jason D. Lindsay, Jov A. Linski. Barbara 132 Livingston, Pamela J. Llovd, Warren E. 110 Lobs. Judith L. 156 Lock Mrs Ruth T. Lolhe. Patricia 162 Lomax. David I, 132 Long, David F. 110 PSEA 1.2,3,4, NEA 1.2.3,4. ECCA 1 Long, John W, Long. Richard 49 Long, Susan J. 155 Loper, Mavanne E. Lowell, Richard J. Lowtch, Barbara S. 1 10 Intramural Sports 2.3. PSEA 4; El M I Loyeh, David C. Ill Ludvvig, Jo Ann 145 Ludwig, Robert W. 145 206 11 ■ ' ■ Lunney, fean V. 157 Lunsford William T Lut . Christine ( LutZ, Let ' Lut . L. Richmond. Ill I j my Vlice Jean Lyons Tana 1 161 Lyter, Mildred G MacDonald Sue i 19,40,1 12 Mai Pherson Glenn E Maddox, Sandra E I 15 Makovec, fanice I 15 Mallors, Barbara L. Ill PSEA I.I. French 1. Women ' s Chorus 1. Manei al. Charles H. Manifold, Jane M.mt . C,ar ' 57,1.56 Marcus. Gloria L. Ill Marquart, Wayne E. 157 Martin, Albert k Martin. Donald F Martin. James W Mason, Man Vim 145 Mason, Michael J. 156 Mathers. Wiliam J 165 Mathews. Ja 145 Mathis, Albert D I 12 Malt Dale E. 163 Matter. Donald C. 56,94,11) Swimming 3; Young Republicans 3; So- cietx for Advancement oi Management 4; ETOWNIAN Photographer ' 2.3.4. Class ' lee President 3.4 Matthews, Ja D. Matthias. Man Ellen 1.32 Maxwell, Edward C. 1 1 1 Societs tor Advancement of Manage- ment 4. Mayer, Thclma C. 1 1 1 ECCA 1. PSEA 1; BSCM 1,2,3,4; French Club 1,2; Dorm Council 1. Women s Chorus 1,2,3. Mazerski, Alexander R. McAllister, Man E. 112 PSEA 5.4 McAuley, Vrlene R. McCarty, Lorraine T 158 McClelfan, Gretchen A. 155 Mi t I. Han. Tern B. 14,5 McCloud, Ronald V McCloy, Carol A. 64.112 Intramuials 1.2. PSEA 1,2,3, Pres 4; ECCA 1.2. Met niinell. Joyce C. 63 McCoy, Lynn 133 McDannel. Barbara A. 133 McDonald, George 11. 112 ICG L Dramatics L Society for Ad- i.iui i iiient ut Management 2.3.4. McElwain, Marian L. Mi Falls Milton H , II 65,145 McFarland. Richard J McGarrah, E. Suzanne 156 M. Gee, Linda S. McLaughlin Robert W. McVur. Mania 146 McNukol. Patrick J. Means. Jack W . Jr. 162 Means. Robert 164 Meas. Shirlci M Mease. Lee M. Meek. Jeffrcs R. 112 Meckley, Thomas E. 133 Meddick. Jerome D. 162 M.-nt ei. J Barry 146 Ment er, Linda C. 112 liitraniurals I. PSEA 3,4; Choir 2. ( " liapel !hoir 1 Meredith. Edwin W Mcrris. Donald L. 112 Society tor tdvancemenl oi Manage- menl 3,4. Messick. John W. 146 Messuk. Robert MesMiiger (.an R, 65,711 Met . Call T 157 Metsgei Gale I In- Metzger Judith I 50,66,133 Metzger Phillip P 116 Meyer, Emma Meyer, Nancy L. Meiers Edward J. 53 155 Meiers. Cam W. 114 Cross-Country 2. Basketball Manage) ; Society lor Advancement of Manage ment 1,2,3,4. Meiers. Janet II 1 16 Meiers, Kenneth L. 59,1 12 Circle K Club Li Cm 2 Vmerican Chemical Societ) 3.4. Phi Beta Chi 3,4. Midgley, Pamela Milby, Lois | Miller, Carol E. 58,64,113 German Club 1. Dramatic Workshop I, Eta Phi Sigma 3; Race Relations Com- mittee 4. Supreme Fiction Societ) 4. ETOWNIAN 1.2.4; ELM 3, co-editor 4. WWEC 4. Miller. Dana L. 133 Miller. Terrv 1 13 Miller, Harlev 165 Miller, Howard T. 113 Societ) for Advancement ol Manage- ment 3,4. Mill, i [ohn S Miller. Julia V. 159 Miller, Kathleen E. 113 Miller, Kenneth R. 153 Miller. Peril I. 58,146 Miller, Raymond E 146 Miller. Robert C. Miller, Ronald L. 146 Miller. Rov C. 146 Miller. Riithann 146 Miller. Walter E 1 IK Miller. Lois K. Mills. Susan E. 146 Miiimger. udrea D. 133 Mitchell, Audrey Drumheller 113 Mitchell. Caretli H. Mil. hell, Can 16(1 Mitchell. Henry A. 133 Mitchell. Steven E. Mitchell, Steven P. Mohll. Doris I iSli! Montague. John H. 1 16 Montgomery, Samuel A., Ill 146 l Carole R. 58,147 Moore. Can R. 62.63.94,98,113 Moore, Robert M. 113 l in le K Club Sec Treas. 4. Stage Elec- trician 2,3,4. Moore, William T. 11! Moose. Robert L. 147 Moreland, William T 147 Morgan. Charlotte E. 164 Morley, Thomas D 53.147 Morns. Lynn G 158 Morris, Marjorie V. 52,113,114,212 Hockey -Manager 3; Synchronized Swimming Club 1.2, Vice Pres 3; Social Committee 2. f. ETOWNIAN i. CON- ESTOG N 3, Usistant Editor 4. Morrison. Robert L. 58,113 itnm " E " u.iid i, MENC 3.4; Band 1,2,3.4; Modem Jazz Ensemble 3,4. Morrison, Robert S. Mover, Carolyn 1(1 Moyer, David A. 49.63.114 Circle K Club Pres I. Soi lell foi .l vancement ol Management 1.2.1 Stu- dent Senate 4. Miner. Robert 157 Mull, Roliert R. Muin.iii, Mi-Inn E. M eit James F 1 17 Murphy, Emmett 114 Murrav. Kathleen | 1)7 Murray, M Rosanne 147 Mllsseluiall. Glen Muss,., Mar,.,,, 1 133 Mut el, Richard L 165 Micr. Margaret Darlene 111 Activities " E " Certificate in Mush, PSE 1,3; ECCA 1,2,3,4; BSCM Chapel Choir 1: Chapel ( I Ensemble 3: Concert Choir 4 WWEC 1. Myer, Sylvia K 7S.161 Myers, Carol 133 Myers, Dennis L 156 Myers, Donald E, 48,59,62,133 Myers, Cene 147 Myers, George B. 114 Myers, John C. 147 Myers, Lawrence R. Myers, Leon S. Myers Nanc) C Myers, Patricia R. 58.164 liiis, Philip E. Myers. Sylvia J. 1 1 I Concert Choir 3,4. Triple Trio Ensem- ble 3, Dulai Singers I Miers. Ted L. 13.3 Nagle, Nancy J. 58,157 N ' augle. Denise M 64.133 .n loi . Cheryl 1 17 N ' eal. Thomas M Nearing Helen E 59.78.16(1 Nedrow, Althea 147 NctT, Joanna W. 1 15 Neiswinter, Nancy E. 15V) Neidlinger, Thomas L. I IS Neifoert, Lee H I IS Nelson, Priscella Nelson, Sanilra J. 148 Nendza, Arthur W Ness. Vnton P 1 is Nesspor, |aincs V 1.33 Nesspor, Thomas B. Nenman, Robert 11.5 Newman, Helen J Nell man. Joanne E 133 Ney, John R. 155 Nixdorf, Bonita Nixdorf, Carol Nock, Bruce L. Noel. John R Noll, Lain E. 133 Norton. Wend) Niiber Karen Lee 54.165 N ' ussci. Richard H. Nve, Patricia 58.115 Oatman, Charla D. 148 Ober. Lois 165 O ' Connor Diane E. 59.1 IS O ' Connor. Edward W. 158 Offlev, Willoughb) Olsen. Janet S. 59,133 Olweiler. Jacob N II Neil Susan C. 164 Orth. Wilson Fred 134 Ortner. Em I ' Oman, Robert L. Ott. Clarice J. 31.60,64.115 BSCM ECC 1,2,1,4. Sigma Lambda Sigma 3. Sec Treas 4, Supreme Fiction Society 4. Chapel Choir 1; ETOWN1 N Stall 3,4 Overcash. Richard D. 50,58,115,116 Intramural Sports 1,2,3; Activities " E " Certificate. MENC 3, Pres. 4; Concert Choir 1.2.3, Pres, 4, Dufay Singers 2,3, Men ' s Quartet 1, Committee on Men ' s Vffairs 3,4, Pres, 4, ( rverguard, Ellen M Overmiller, Wayne F. 148 Owens, Albert A. 65,77,115 Cross-Country 1.2. co-captain 3, cap- tain 4. PSEA 1,2,3,4; Young Republican Club 4; Varsitv " E " Club 1.2, Pres. 3.4. Palmer. Bam II 162 Parrett, Jav R. 59,62,63,134 Parrett. Thomas I. Parson. Robert R. 134 Patounas, Man Patrick. Nanc) Patterson. David C. 60.115 Intramural Sports 1,2,3,4; Political Science Club 2,3,4; [CG Chairman 4. Circle K Club 2. Young Republicans Club 2, I Paine, Michael 55,115 Eta Pin Sigma Pres 4. Varsit) Debating Team 1,4; Political Science Club 3,4; Young Republicans 3,4; First Place An- nual Oratorical Contest. Pastas, Kenneth C. I4S Pearson, Lynn Roger Pedraza. Raul E. Pedraza, Raul E. Penn, Cars 65,148 Permar, Linda B. 78 Peroz i. Ronald J. 16(1 Peterman, Catherine M Peters, Clifford B. Peters. Jane H. Peterson. Albert Pfaltzgraff, David J. Philips, Richard B. 158 Phillips, Bonita L. 148 Phillips. Cynthia 60,1 is Phillips. Donna J. 116 Phillips. William D. Pickering, Ruth W. 66 Pierce, Gayle M. 57,134 Plum. Leroy Edward Pollock, Marie E. 64.116 Supreme Fiction Societv 4; Spei i.il Events Committee. Pomraning, Linda J. 160 Pontz. Thomas H. 58 Pnorman. Douglas H. 48,49.59.116 Abraxas 4. Phi Beta Chi 1,2.3. Pres 4 PSEA 4. NEA 4; American Chemical Societs 3,4. Portzline, Gloria J. 116 Post, Judith L. 157 Potchoiba, Joyce L. 1112.116 Special Activities Award 3; Communi- cations Award 3; Sock i Buskin 3,4; Dramatic Workshop 2. Head 3; PSEA ).4, NEA 3,4, CONESTOGAN Art 3; ELM Art 2. ETOWNIAN Cartoonist 3; WWEC 2,3, Chairman Publiciti Com- mittee 2,3 BSC Committee 2,3; Special rt Committee to Senate 4. Powell, Linda K. 65.7s. I IS Pressler. Charles F. Preston. Robert H. 156 Price. George R.. Jr. Procopio, Charles R. Prior. William II Puchaty, Donald J. Pugh, Joyce E. 57,63.134 Raber, Duane F. 157 Rados, John A. Ranken, Carol A. Ransom, Raymond L, 158 Rauhaiiser, Kathleen L. 57,148 Ream, Earn J. 59.134 Redington, Dell 162 Reed, Jame E I IS Reed, Michael J. 148 Reed. Ronald Reed, William R. 65.77.116 Rehmeser. Cindv 116 Reiben, Alice 78 Reider. Geraldine Reider. Jovce E. 148 Reiff. Kathleen E. Reifsneider, stauffer B. Reindollar. Elaine K. 1,58 Reinecker, Virginia M, Reiner, Rachel M 1 IS Reinhold, Can D. Reisinger, Lam F 161 Reitmeser, Carole J. Roomsburg 1 17 Reitnour, Charles D. 148 Renninger. Barn E. 70 Renniger, Mardee A. 1 1-4 Rhodes. Susan E 207 Rhodes. Gerald K 164 Rhuden. Harold R. Riccardi, Roger V. 117 Rice, Frances D 56.78,148 Rice, Thomas E. 1 17 Richie, Virginia US Richter, Ardith B. 14S Riddle. Luis Rider, Faith M. 117 Rieben, Mice M 78,160 Rigel Norman H . Jr. 159 Rilt- June E. Rilev, Michael E. Risser, Allen D. 159 Risser, Lucille G 55 R ■■■ ■ Melo I. Risser. Nanc) T. Kisser. Thomas 59, 1 ts Ritchie. Jon K Robinson. Ralph D 1 19 Robson, Gar) B. Rodichok, Vnna M ( Rohrbaugh, Joyce 164 Rohrbaugh, Thomas, II Rohrer, Amos 161 Rohrer, Cordon 1 19 Rollason, Thomas 117 Romero. Kathleen E, Rone) . Shai yn L 7s Roomsburg, Thomas W. 161 ROOS Paul J . Jr. Root. Carol I 19 Root, Julia E. 117 Ropka. Mark G. 59,117 Rosenberger, Jack B. Roush, Ernest 134 Roush, Jacquelene 60,62,63,134 Rowe, Craig 163 R yer, Sharon J. 164 Rover. Shirley M. Rubin. Gerald 1 17 Rudisill, Craig O. 159 Rndisill. Donald S. Rnd . Delores 159 Rupp, Russell L 52,149,212 Ryder, Xanc) Jane Saholsk) . ( larol Salzman, Robert E. 55 Sanderson, Earl 149 San tell, Vincent T. 134 Sattazahn, Frances E. 58,117 Utivities E uard MENC I 1 PSEA it Baud 1,2,3,4; Women s Cho- rus 4. Chapel 1. Choir 4. Saunderson, Ellen J Sayei Donald S 70 1 19 Saylor, Nanc) L. 160 Sai lor. Philip E. Schaefer. Man K 58,155 Schaefer, Virginia A. 134 Schaefer. William F. Schaeffer, Linda L. 59.134 Schaeffer, Virginia M. Schenck, Linda R. 149 Schermerhom, Sail) J. 134 Scheuli , Rii hard II 59,149 Scheurich Mice J 149 Schiff, Eric D. 53,149 Schleif, James E. IIS Societ) lor advancement " I Manage- ment 5. 1 Sch cklv, Earle M. Schneider, Dale W 1H Scheider, Joseph F. Schnelle, Linda . 134 Si hoch, Jane E. Schoenly, Jud) V. 149 Schonour, Douglas B. 1 Is Schrack, Inn I I 19 siin.lt . Gan lis St ott, Constance 1 19 Scott. Judith I 10. 149 Scott, Judith M. lis Girls Intramural Basketball 1 I bun itil 2 ■ i PSEA Seaber, Man Seagrist, Bruce E I 58 Seaman, Caroh n J 149 Sechrist, Joel 6. 57,150 Seidelmann, Frank E. 50,150 Seese, Henrietta Sell. Lois 165 Selt er. Jack S. Seltzer, Linda Senghas, Shirley J 150 Marilyn i Sentz, Ronald N. Serrill. Andrew 1 18 Shaffer. Martin B. 64,118 Shaneor, Donald R. Shank. Can E. I IS Intramural Sports 4. Political Si i ro Club 4 PSEA 2,3,4; Circle K Club office director 4, Intramural Debate 4. Sheaffer, Sheila J. .55.66 Sheaffer, William M . II 157 Shearer. Roberta L. Sheibley, Dons M 154 Sheibley, Kenneth H. 18,63,70,103,118 Soccei 1,2,3,4; Societ) for advance- ment of Management 1,2,3,4; Vbraxas 3, Vice Pres I Student Senate Treas 4 Shenk. Carolyn K. 159 Shenk, Thomas C 150 Shepherd, John P . Jr. 162 Shei n Suzanne ( !. 150 Shelter. Patricia v 119 Shibe, Mar) V 150 shields. Kathryn M. 59.119 Hocke) 1,2,4; Synchr zed Swimming 2; Intramural Council 2. Basketball Manager 1. Langauge Club 2.4. PSEA 1.2.4: Lutheran Student Association 1.4. Vice Pres. 2: Junior Year Abroad — Marburg, German) Shimp. Richard L 150 Shireman, Robert L. 119 Shive, Jane E. Shivelhood. Nancy F 150 Shivelv, Brenda J. shopt-. Shiiie A. 1 19 Shubert, Sandra M Shuev. William B. Shuker, William K Shuman, Larry E. 150 Shuiik. Brenda L 53,58,150 Shutter. Cordon L. Sieg rhavei 11 Siegel, Robert J. 19,119 Sierer. Richard L 134 Silcox, Wayne W 163 Siler. Craig H 157 Siiiiester George V 150 Simmers. David W. 1 19 1 54 Societ) ! u Advancement of Manage- ment 1,2,3,4; Student Activities Com- mittee 2 J. Simons, Talmadge E. 65,150 Sknlmore, N ' olan C. Slick. Thomas 159 Sliker, Roger I. 120 Sly, Barbara R. 158 Small. Edward L ISO Smedlev. Jack R. 120 Smelt . ' Beverl) V 1 14 Smith, Barbara |. 155 Smith. Dale W. 1 14 Smith. Dennis E 156 Smith. Donna L. Smith. Duight G. 120 So i ei I; Intramurals 1.2,1, Phi Beta In 1. 4. Young Democrats 3; Political Science CIub-3.4; Young Republicans 1. Circle K Club 4. Smith. Michael D. 18,120 Smith, Sandra 156 Smoker. L nn P Snader, Lois H Snedden, fi iv e D 156 snell, li Vlan 1 15 Snowden, Esther R. Snyder David B., Jr. 120 Snyder, Judith 1 55 Snyder, Keith A 157 Snvder, Sherry L 150 Sonn, Gayle L Si ik-s. [immie L. 135 Sonon, David A. Sorum, Jean E I 59 Souder, Susan E. 1.50 Souders. Nancy T. 78,120,149 Spangler, Jacob A. 135 Speece, Donald L. 120 - i her, Carol 161 Speidel. Marilyn J 150 Speiden Mai ijari I Spii her. Lonnie Paul 165 Spinner. Ronald W 65, 1 51 ' Spohn, Britta E. 120 Activities " E " Award in Music; Con- cert Choir 1,2,3,4; Triple Trio 1.2. Du- fa) Singers 3; Honor House Co-Head 4. Sprow, Joseph 1.. 55,120 Stahl, Barbara I 7s Stahl. Barry G. Stair. Josephine E Stanlev, James V. 62,6 I Stark, ' Edward C. 150 Starner, Robert 151 Star er. Paul C 159 Stauffer, Thehna Stauffer, Velvet L 151 Stees, Bruce L. Stegei Gregory B. Steger, James O. 66,12] rennis 2 WWEC 1,2,3,4. Stehman, Ronald W. 121 Stephens. Glenn W. Stephens. John 156,158 Stephens, John Gordon Sterner. Robert L ste tck, Patricia 151 Stidmon, bene Stiue. James R. 151 Stme. Tl ' mOth S 155 Stoltzfus, Vlle ' n R 65,70.151 Stone, Man F 163 Stotler, Bud 70,126,1:35 Stotler. Mar) L 151 Stoudnotu i an ' l 58. 1 51 Stoudt, Sandra K. 121 st. nit Lovina W. Stover, James A 135 Strack, Marilyn J. Straub, Raymond R- HI 165 Strauss. Stan 121 Strayer, Susan M. 151 Stremmel. Robert L. 121 Strieker. Carol J. 66,121 Young Republicans 2 Corr Sec. 3, Rec. Sec. 4. COXESTOGAN 3; Political Science Club 2.1.4. ICG Regional Clerk. Strickler. Nelson E. 51.121 Wrestling 1.2. Society for advancement of Management 2,3.4; CONESTOGAN 1.4 Strohl, Gail I. 151 Stroi gei . Maril) n | - s. I - 1 Stuckev, Gene R 58,59.151 Stull. Vivian L. 58 St) ii Inn F. 54.152 Sudduth, John E. fs2.1ls.|52 Sumner. Dovne M Sutei Richard 63.1 Jo Sutphin. Kathleen I sw at tie) . leorgia L. L60 Swartz, Sharon L. Sweigart, James R 135 Seigart, fere H Sweitzer, t Ian I sw inehart, Janet L 152 Tait, Marilyn D. Tail. Richard S 65.70 I J5 Tail. Robert D. 115 ralle) fhomas L Tanner. Leonard 1 Tanner. Ronald J. 160 208 Tate. Allen E 156 Taylor, Bonita L. 164 Tennis. Barbara A 138 Thomas. Alice 152 Thomas. Barbara J 1 16 Thomas, Charles W. Thomas. Dianne I 52 Thome. Ronald E. Thome. Susan 121 Hi ' impson, Dianne L. Thurstin, Kenneth L. 152 Tice, James G. 70, 1 52 Timberman, Barbara J. 122 PSEA 1.4. Publicity Committee 4 Dorm Council 3; Honor House Co Head 4 Timberman, Helen J 136 Toporeer, Robert J. 122 Totten, Shirle) M Tov, William P. 1 16 Trago. Jean L. 59, 1 16 Trask. Connie J. 122 Tra is. Linda J 1 5s Tressier, Karen S 152 Trimble, Thomas R, 165 Troup. Judith J. 7S.122 Hockey 1.2.1, co-captain 4; Swimmind i. 1. Dorm President 1. Dorm Counci 2, Varsit E 1,2, 1,4 Trostle. Elizabeth A Trostle. Raudolpli L. 161.163 Trout. Barbara L. .50,122 bit i annuals 1.2. Women ' s Intramura Council 2. May Dav Committee 1 PSEA 1,2.3.4; Women ' s Chorus 1.2 Committee on Women ' s Affairs 1, Pres, 4. Trout. Susan 165 Troxell, Carol A 1 IB Truckenmiller, Natalie A. 165 Tshudx, Lamont E. 122 Tm. k. Karen L. 155 Tulley, Michael P. Tuzik, Donna M 136 Tvaroha, Helen M 1 US Ty. Creiner 156 ' T ke, James 55 I ' lneh. Carol L. 152 Clruh. Linda F. 136 I ' lneh. Robert L Unangst, Da id P 55, 1 16 Unger, James L. L ' tsumi. Kyoko 137 Valkenburg, Douglas E. 55 Valmore, James R. Van Vken, Barbara 152 Van Cleve. Earl E 137 Van Doren. Judv 152 Van Orden. Wendy 59,152 Van Order, Bruce 122 Van Ormer, Darrell .. Jr 158 Barano, David P. Vogel, John D. 60,152 Vogt, Can P. 123 Societ) for Advancement ol Managi ment Chapel Choir 1. Voss, Linda J. 152 Vough, Diane ( ' 155 Vosenilek, Marie Sedun 123 basketball 1.2; PSEA 1.4. NEA 1.1 Wadswor th, Thomas V Wagner, Chris 59 Wakefield, Jessica Walbrodt, Cunter E. 59 Walker. Florence Walker ban B. Walker. Lynda G. Walters, James M. 121 Young Republicans Club 2, Publicit ( liau man . Eta Gamma Kappa 2.3,4 Walter, Rebecca D. 152 Walton. Elizabeth 161 Walton, Helen L. 58.78,154,157 Walton, Richard C. 58,137 Walz, Glenn R 152 Wambaugh, Terry L. 1 17 .ml. Donna ard, Edward 152 art-hum. Wanda L. arfel. Charles 1 I 17 tonei . Darlene I.. 1 56 arner, Rohev H arren. Alan arren, Susan C. 153 aters, Marv atson, Charlotte 12 5 Women ' s Chorus 2,3; Political Science Club 2; Sock Buskin 2. atson, Cvnthia L. 164 atterson. Martha C 7S,lh : atts. James B. 137 and. Timothv L. 137 eaver, Carl V. 153 eaver. Connie M. 156 eaver. Dawn E. 158 caver. James N. eaver, Pamela A. 123 eaver. Paul E. eaver. Philip M. 123 eaver, Scott E. 54,165 eber. Carolyn B. 162 eiblev, Ronald E. 157 eigta Robert 77. 153 eirich, Richard C. 123 eirich, Margaret Atwood Women ' s Basketball 1: 123 Debating 3; s t to Prof kish 2.3; Women ' s Chorus 2.3 eiss. H. Keith 123 Baseball 1,3.4; Intramurals TJhern Lab Asst. 3,4; Debate 1. Ameri- can Chemical Societv 1,2,3,4; Science lub; Royal Lancers Combo; i. . Pres. Commuters Association 3; Activities Committee 3. Weller, Uberto C. Welles. Thomas D. 137 U enger, Mien M. 153 Wenger, Clarence R. Wenger, Donald O. 153 Wenger, Leroy B. Wenger, Raymond L. 153 Wenger, Richard E. 70,155 Werner. Barbara 153 Werner. Larrv A. 159 Wertz. John F. West. John M. 54.57, Wetzel. Thomas C. 50,62.66,137 Wheeler. Larrv 159 Wheeler. Linda J. Wheeler. Richard L. Whipple, John R. Whisler. Helen B. Whisler. Lillian 137 While. Linda L. 158 Wh.te. Sara J. 64.137 Whitacre, Marv G. Whitmever, Terrv Wichman, Jeanne F. 53,123 Wickenheiser, Frank J. 50,58.124 Wicks. Mary Ann 78,153 Wiegley, Robert 77 Wiest, Donald P. 54,154,161 Wildasin, Garv L. 59,137 Wildonger, Alan L. 153 Wilhelm, Carole C. 59,15.3 Williams, James E. 124 Societv for Advancement of Manage- ment 4. Williams, Mary K. 124 Lutheran Student Association 3. Williamson, Chester C. WUloughby, Joyce H. Wilson, Carol L. 59 Wilson. Richard W Wilson. Susan C. 153 Winger, Linda K. 124 French Club 1; ECCA 1.2.3,4; PSEA 3,4; Foreign Exchange Committee 3,4, Dorm President 3; Dorm Council 1. Winter. Linda 1. 158 Wise, David M. 161 Wise, Virginia E. 55.57,60 Wismer. Betty 78,153 Wissler, Jay E. 1-55 Witmer, William L. Woehr, Elsie L. Wolfe. Brenda J. 156 Wolfgang, Elaine E. 160 Wood, Michael E. 124 Worley, Dwight D. 158 Wortman. Kathryn M. 137 Wray, Linda 153 Wright. Lois E. 153 Wright, Martha L. 54,94,124 W i m, James C. Yancey, Anna V. Yanick, Paula S. Yarworth, Joseph S. 48,60,125 Modern Language Club 2,3,4; Political Science Club 2, Pres. 3 4; Abraxas 3,4. Yazaich, Betty J. 59 Yingling, Ronald E. 164 Yocum, John R. Youndt, Connie 153 Young, Barrv W. 137 Young. David S. 59,125,137 Chapel Choir 2; Math Assn of .America 3,4; Cultural Committee 3,4; BSCM 1.2.3,4; ECCA 1,2,3,4; Phi Beta Chi 2.3,4, Chemical Rubber Mathematics Award 1; Award to study in URRP at Univ Oklahoma 3. Young, Karen J. 49,61.108,125 Women ' s Basketball 1.2.3 co-captain, 4; Women ' s Intramural Chairman 3; Co- Head Residence 4. Sigma Lambda Sig- ma 3. Pres. 4; Varsity " E " 1,2,3 Sec, 4; American Chemical Society Sec. 3,4; Dormitorv Pres. 2; Rudder Committee 3; COXESTOCAN 3; Student Senate 3. Young, Robert R. 127 Youtz, James E. 137 Yuninger, Robert L. 58,125 Zeiders. Fay E. 156 Ziegele, Jeraldine A. 159 Ziegler, David L. 125 Intramurals 1,2,3, Society for Advance- ment of Management 2,4; German Club 1. Ziegler, Linda R. 161 Ziegler, Xorman J., Jr. Ziegler, Robert Zimmerman, Lois A. Zimmerman, Willis L. 65,67,137 Zingaro, Eileen 54,125 Hockev 1; Sock 6: Buskin 2.3,4; Sec Modern Language Club 2; Cultural Committee 1,2; Xeuman Club 4; Cho- rus 1; Dormitorv " Council 1.2. Zug, Paul R. 48,125 Phi Beta Chi 2,3.4; Abraxas 3,4; Men ' s Glee Club 4. WOMEN ' S AUXILIARY Other officers — First Vice President — Mrs. Richard Kroth Second Vice President - Mrs. John Hershey Recording Secretary — Mrs. Franklin Cassel Mrs. Clifford Huffman President Mrs. Walter D. Mellinger Treasurer Miss L. Anna Schwenk Corresponding Secretary ADMINISTRATION, FACULTY AND STAFF ■ Apgar. Dr. Bessie D., 8,176 Apgar. Dr. Charles A., 8,48,176 Beamenderler. Helena, 4.3 Berkebile, Dr. James M., 176 Bitting. Edgar T„ 176 Bomberger, Rrchard W., 177 Bossier. Irvin L., 177 Bowers, Kenneth L.. 173 Bowers. Rosalie E., 42 Bowers, Stanley, 177 Brandt, Ira D Brandt, Mary A. 4.3 Bruckhart, Elizabeth F„ 31 Bverlv. Dr. Robert A., 177 Campbell, Carl J„ 48,177 Cardinal, Arthur L., 43 Carper, Anna M., 42 Carskadon, Gretchen. 30 Chastain, Mrs., 42 Clemens, Eugene P., 178 Cox, Mary. 31 Grill, Edward L., 170 Custer. Hubert, 178 Daiga, Uldis, 59.178 Dolan, Robert D., 178 Dwyer, J. Thomas, 178 Eastlack, Elinor, 179 Ebersole, Ruth 30 Eisenbise, Eugene R., 179 Eisenbise, Russell E., 171 Engle. Miss, 30 Enterline, Clarence C, 172 Enterline, Mrs., 43 Eppley, Martha A„ 179 Felice, Dr. Antonio, 179 Fisher, Nevin W., 179 Fredericks, Mrs., 43 Fromm, L. Dean, 179 Gainer, Mrs., 43 Garland, Jerald L.. 17.5 Good, Mrs., 31 Goodling. Suzanne J., 180 Graham, Harrv J., 180 Greene, D. Paul, 171 Grinbergs, Liga, 180 Grubb, Paul M , 167 Haekman, Vera R.. 170 Hanle, Robert V., 175 Heaton, Ethel Heekman, Robert J., 180 Hednck. Jack L., 180 Heisev, Susan, 43 Herr. ' Kathrvn N„ 181 Hershman, Dr. Jacob E.. 170.209 Hertzog, Phares H., 181 Hess, Allegra, 65.181 Hess, Ben B„ 181 Hess. Kenneth J., 181 Hilscher, Janet, 30 Hoffer. Mrs., 54 Hollinger, Clarence, 30 Holsinger, Betty J., 43 Hoover, Elmer B , 181 Hoover. Miss, 30 Huffman, Mrs., 167 Irwin, Glenn E-, 173 Johnson, Rev. Rov A., 55.174 Kaebnick. Winifred L., 182 Kettering, Dr. Joseph W., 167 Kitchen, Otis D., 58,182 Klauber. William F.. 182 Kloos, K. Heinnck, 182 Koontz, Donald E.. 182 Kraybill, lean. 30,42 Kreider, J. Kenneth, 183 Kurtz, Earl H. 167,169 Laskv, Dr. David I., 60.183 Lehr, R. Bruce, 183 Lewis, Mrs., 30,42 Lindower, Jason D-, Jr., 172 Lvons, Alice Jean, 183 MacPherson. Anna May, 43 Mason, Bettv, 30 McAuley, Dr. Roy E„ 168 McCabe. Mrs., 31 McCracken, Bonnie L., 42 McGraw, Mona Wyles, 184 MeSparren, Mrs., 42 Mellinger, Mrs. Walter D., 167 Miller, Anna C, 184 Miller, Elizabeth 30 Mumford, Richard L.. 184 Nearing, Ruth J., 78,184 Nees, Opal E., 174 Nelson, Clvde K., 60.185 Neyer, Stanley R., 185 Ober. D. Kenneth. 77,185 Pepper, Dr. Rollin E., 185 Poe, M. Evelvn, 185 Pomrov, H. Marshall, 186 Proctor, Zoe G„ 59,186 Raffensperger. Dr. H. E.. 167 Ranck, Dr. John P., 49,186 Rau, Barbara Joan, 31 Reed, Dorothy. 30 Revers, Mrs., 42 Rifev. Jobie E„ 55,186 Roh ' rer. Esther, 30 Roscher, Theodore A., 174 Rowlev, Mrs., 31 Rvder, Nancy Jane, 30 Schlosser. Dr. Ralph, 187 Schwenck, Miss C. Anna. 167 Seiders, Frank S., 187 Sellers, W. S„ 167 Shank, Miss, 43 Shreiner, Miss, 43 Shubert, Ronald L.. 187 Shull, Dr. Carl N.. 187 Shumaker, Mrs., 43 Snavely, Royal E., 171 Snowden, Esther, 30 Stambaugh, Dr. O. F., 169 Sutphin, Dr. Stanley T., 187 Swick, Esther K., 188 Terry, Frederick W., 188 Thomas, Arlene, 31 Tulley, John M„ 188 Warg ' o. Mrs., 43 Weaver, Wilbur E., 173 Weisenfluh, Dr. Norman N., 188 Wengar, Mrs., 78 Willoughby, David P., 189 Wolverton, Mrs., 42 Wright, Owen Lee, 70.189 Yancev, John M.. 189 Yeings ' t, James L. M., 169 Young, Robert S„ 172 Zaccano, Dr. Joseph P. Jr., 189 Zeigler, Dr. Carl W., 189 ORGANIZATIONS Abraxas, 48 American Chemical Society, 49 Brethren Student Christian Movement. 49 Chapel Choir, 49 Circle K, 49 Committee on Men ' s Affairs, 50 Committee on Women ' s Affairs, 50 Concert Band, 51 Concert Choir, 51 CONESTOGAN. 52,53 Dramatic Workshop, 54 ELM, 54 Eta Gamma Kappa, 55 Eta Phi Sigma, 55 ETOWNIAN, 56,57 Human Relations Board, 58 Lutheran Student Association, 58 Music Educators ' National Conference, 58 Modern Language Club, 59 Newman Club, 59 Phi Beta Chi, 59 Political Science, 60 Psychology Club, 60 RUDDER, 60 Sigma Lambda Sigma, 61 Society for the Advancement of Management. 62 Student Activities Board, 62 Student Association, 63 Student Pennsylvania State Education Associa- tion. 64 Supreme Fiction Society, 64 United Christian Fellowship, 65 Varsity E, 65 Women ' s Chorus, 66 Women ' s Intramural Council, 66 WWEC, 67 Young Republicans, 67 ' - ■ ' V ' " ' m THE CONESTOGAN wishes to express its appreciation and grateful thanks to Dr. Jacob E. Hershman for his services and educational contributions to our college. Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Bill Carty ' 66 Linda Hirst 66 Assistant Editors Margie Morris ' 66 Photography Editor Business Manager Lavout Editor Russ Rupp ' 68 Gary Alcorn ' 68 Lois Fletcher ' 66 Rick Schiff ' 68 Sports Editor Typing Editor Class Editors Tom Hindmarch ' 66 Pennv Kowalski ' 68 Babs Burg ' 66 Sue Albright ' 67 Bob Grosh ' 68 Barb Cameron ' 69 Susie Habecker ' 69 Index Kathy Fugate ' 68 YVendv Van Orden " 68 Poetry Chervl Fa lkenberg ' 66 Advisors Photography Staff Business Staff Layout Staff Typing Staff Mr. Kenneth L. Bowers Mrs. Esther Svvick Larrv Jones Ed Mevers Larry Fry Ed Strickler Jeanne Wichman Tim Bomberger Jere Bender Dane Grove Tom Morley Penny Eckhardt Jean Lunney Suzanne McGarrah Brenda Shunk Barb Smith For Reference Not to be taken from this room - T -

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