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ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETKTOWN COLLEGE EUZABETHTOWN, PENNA. REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY The Conestogan P 9 rt resenting our college years against a pictorial background of world events since 1948 ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABE ' N COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. by THE STUDENT ASSOCIATION Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania May 1952 ■ •J ' CONESTOGAN STAFF Editor— Louise Bartenslager Editorial Board — Shirley Diehl Thomas Kav Celia Miller Art Editor— C. Frederick Horbach Business Manager — Donald Campbell Business Staff— Richard Martin David Newcomer Jean Roland Peggy Walzl Contributors— Grace Keeny Lerov Miller Marian Miller Shirley Warner Alan Whitacre Shirley Young Adviser— Vera Hackman Pictures: Courtesy [ Nations. Captious on page I Above: The Conestogan staff plans tlic cover. Left to Right: Fred Horbach, Shirley Diehl, Louise Bnrtcnslagcr. Miss Hackman, Thomas Kay. Celia Miller, and Mr. [licking, Printer. Center: Donald Campbell receives the college ad from Mr. Bucher. Below: The business st.itT checks the .i K Left ro Rich i Peggy Walzl, David Newcomer, Rah.ml Martin. Jean Roland. m • - • J h | Iff WE DEDICATE the 1952 Conestogan f men and women everywhere who, in a war-like world, consecrate their efforts and talents to the promotion of respect for the inalienable rights and freedoms of all members of the human family. 3 rtJ -aA£ nflPFT.. ' f •$ mk B u " W 9 p j 1 11 B Mis « JP i z?l ■ • ■ J 13 H m P i 1 " T° HH H H ■ fll k ' jjk w x5 " Fi ! k i Li im I I M Elizabethtown College, I . S. V. jA ■ OUR LIBRARY . m JSr IH UHDfKSTAHDWG AHD IHffl ACTION THMf IS ffACf warn A . f=- " D All Of Hf 4yfH Wt feS in ° Help on the Road to Independence OUR ADMINISTRATION if..-? ,)• ■■, ■ ' S3 Ma? m v-: " .;v, OUR PRESIDENT A. C. Baugher, Ph. D.; LL.D. The needs of many groups in addition to those of the student body reach the campus. Our president ex- pends his time and energy in main areas of society. On Campus Sincere friendliness, a quiet reserved manner, and genuine student interest have given President Baugher a place of high esteem in the student-faculty family. Among Pennsylvania Colleges In the Association of Pennsylvania Colleges our president is serving on the committee studying teacher certification. He is cooperating with neighboring colleges in exten ding off-campus educational opportunities to adults within this area. in the Church A leader in the Church of the Brethren. Dr. Baugher is a member of the General Brotherhood Board, Chairman of the Christian Education Commission, and Elder in Charge of his local congregation. Jn the World As alternate director of the Japan-International Christian University and as a member of Governor Fine ' s Committee on Displaced Persons, our president takes part in programs of world-wide importance. OUR DEAN Henry G. Bucher, Ed. D. From orientation to graduation the Dean of Instruc- tion follows the progress of the student ' s academic growth, offering commendation, encouragement, and advice. The function of the college extends to aiding the student in satisfactory- placement. In this process the Dean with the faculty committee gives the student his final guidance. Evaluating the work of foreign students in the Amer- ican college system so that they may be properlv placed is one of the many functions of the Dean ' s office. OUR TREASURER K. Ezra Bucher, M. S. Guiding students through their economic problems is just one of the many services our treasurer stands ready to provide. The campus and buildings reflect his careful man- agement and long-range planning. In the classroom students catch his enthusiasm and appreciate the thoroughness of his teaching. T OUR DEANS Above: Grace Keeny and Lucy Mussclman. house presidents, arrange for a special event with Miss Hackman, dean of women, who has charge of the Student Activities calendar. Below: John Brunner, senior class president, supplies information for his cumulative record to Mr. Dodd, dean of men. BIBLE MARTHA MARTIN VB . Elizabethtoun College Bethany Biblical Seminarv ROBERT A. BYERLY M A . Butler University B.D . Bethany Biblical Seminary ELEANOR M HOLLIS A.M.. Boston University BUSINESS EDUCATION K. EZRA BUCHER M.S., New York University ALBERT L. GRAY I. z. HACKMAN S MUFI S WFNTFR M.B.A.. Boston Univetsity J.D., L.L.D., Blacks.one College of Law L.ffl Ternple UrnvS- " -mm i EDUCATION HENRY G. BUCIIER Etl.D., Temple University ELMER B. HOOVER M. Ed., Pennsylvania State College ENGLISH RALPH WIEST SCHLOSSER Litt. D., Ursinus College VERA R. HACKMAN A.M., Columbia University EMMA R. ENCLE A.B.. Elizabethtown College LANGUAGES KATHRYN HERR A.B., Lebanon Valley College ELINOR B. NEUMANN M.A., Middlebury College FREDERICK C. NEUMANN Ph.D., University of Vienna LIBRARY ALICE S HE1LMAN B.S.L., Columbia University EPHRAIM CIBBEL MEYER A.M., Columbia University ■ • ' M HBIH GALEN W. HERR JANE RAHR B.S., West Chester State Teachers B.S. Kutztown State Teachers College Colrtge NEVIS ' W. FISHER M. Mus. Northwestern University GERTRUDE ROYER MEYER Peabody Conservator of Music THERESA FETTER M. Mus., Philadelphia Music Academy MUSIC AND ART PHYSICAL EDUCATION IRA R HERR A.B., Franklin and Marshall College STANLEY VON NIEDA Pennsylvania State College JOSEPH H. DODD B.S.. Elizabethtown College EBY C. ESPENSHADE M. Ed., Pennsylvania State College ROBERT YOUNG M. Ed., University of Pennsylvania PUBLIC RELATIONS CHARLES S. APGAR Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh BESSIE D. APGAR Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania MATHEMATICS AND SCIENCE ■ mm O. F. STAMBAUGH CHARLES E. WEAVER Ph.D., Pennsylvania State College M.D., Hahnemann Medical College CARL E. HEILMAN A.M., Duke University IB ■a ■ SOCIAL STUDIES ROBERT F. ESHLEMAN Ph.D., Cornell University GALEN C. KTLIIEFNER Ed.M., Temple University VTLHELM REUNING M A , University of Pennsylvania HEADS 0F RESIDENCE JESSIE K COSNER Head of Alpha Hall THE SECRETARIES Above: Virginia Hickson gives Esther Craighead mail for the Alumni office. At Richt: Delores dinger, Ruth Zimmerly. Javne Rover, and Phyllis Meyers at work on a spe- cial assignment. Below: Mr. Trygve Lie, Secre- tary-General of the United Na- tions about to broadcast for the United Nations Correspondence Association. Our secretaries keep the lines of communication for the college open at all times. These channels circle the globe. From all over the world Mr. Lie receives letters, cables, and telegrams calling for peace and the end of the cold war. Much important work of the United Nations is done by the secre- tariat. EE3E • 0 sJA MAINTENANCE Abo e: The kitchen staff serving on Homecoming Day Right: Getting ready to remove the last fall of Autumn leaves. Below. Routine check-up on the oil burner. Below: Rice distribution in Seoul. On our campus— a warm dining room ... a balanced diet . . . beautiful surroundings. Anywhere in Korea— unheated buildings . . . rationed rice . . . the ruins of war. But we live in the same world. Preparing to serve throughout the nations CLASSES ■■■ W. EUCENE ANDERSON Carlisle, Penna. B.S. Secondary Education LoursE Bartenslager New Freedom, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education SENIORS John Bender Harrisburg, Penna. B.S. Business Administration I Tryon Benner Thompsontown, Penna. B.S. Secondary Education DfflWrt jn Anthony Bruscia Hershey, Penna. B.S. Business Education 1952 i Edward Brunner Enhaut, Penna. B.S. Secondary Education ohn Brunner Enhaut, Penna. B.S. Secondary Education Leona West Bishop Elizabethtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts WM MM Donald Campbell Elizabethtown, Penna. B.S. Business Education B.S )oiIN CoNSLEY York, Penna. Business Administration SENIORS ' June Hai.deman Daniels Palmyra, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education Paul Dams Phoenixville, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Richard Farley Harrisburg, Penna. B.S. Business Administration 1952 June Hostetter Encle Grantham, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education Peggy Eberly Eliiabethtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Michael Donnelly Lancaster. Penna. B.S. Business Administration Jack Fichter Merchantville, New Jersey A.B. Liberal Arts Bernice Gibble Mverstown, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education SENIORS Richard Good New Holland, Penna. B.S. Elementarv Education Richard Goss Lewistown. Penna. B.S. Elementary Education vRbeS WtBM Christine Hewitt Heilmax Elizabethtown, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education 1952 James Gross Dauphin, Penna. B.S. Business Administration Kenneth Graham York, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Dorothy Bombercer Gottshall Lebanon, Penna. B.S. Elementan Education wraW J. WlLMER HEISEY Mt. Joy, Penna. A.B. Liberal Aits I - : Jack Herr York, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Ben Hess Mt. Joy, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts DANIEL HOOPERT Elizabethtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts grtU He nry Klrchner Lincoln, Pcnna. B.S. Business Administration 1952. Grace Keeny New Freedom, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education Thomas G. Kay Middletown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Carl Kaufman New Cumberland, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Thomas Kingree Smoketown, Penna. B.S. Business Administration ■ SENIORS L. Faye Kooniz Clearville Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Doris Kopp York New Salem, Penna. B.S. Business Education foHN Km mi r Mt. Joy, Penna. B.S. Science ■ ■ m Cell Ann Miller Pen mi. Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts 1952 James Meminger Lancaster, Penna. B.S. Business Administration Richard Martin Mt. Joy, Penna. B.S. Business Administration James Leber Elizabethtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Mary Jean Muxer Jonestown, Penna. B.S. Elementan Education SENIORS David Milne Yoik, Penna. B.S. Business Education David Myers Elizabethtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts James Obetz Lancaster. Penna. B.S. Science William Schneider Ventor City, New Jersey B.S. Business Administration 1952 Wilbur Robertson York, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education Donald Reid Middletown, Penna. B.S. Science Donald Ream Richlandtown, Penna. A.B. Liberal Aits ■ Clifford Schott Berlin, Maryland B.S. Science ■ i J. Albert Seldomridce Lancaster, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts SENIORS Burton Shellhammer Steelton, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts J. Edward Smith Ephrata, Penna. B.S. Business Administration ■IHHHBHH H SENIORS NOT PICTURED Mary Bennetch Lebanon, Penna. B.S. Elementary Education Lee Hornberger Elizabethtown, Penna. B.S. Secondary Education Gladys McGurk York, Penna. B.S. Business Education -1952 . " Gilbert Young Telford. Penna. B.S. Science Charles Yohe Spring Grove, Penna. A.B. Liberal Arts Victor Ballou Lancaster CLASS Doris Ann Bartram Harrisburg William Bausman Middletown Julius Belser Elizabethtown Arden Benfield Royersford Mariane Beane Paradise Dale Berkiieimer York Elsie Bomgardner Elizabethtown James Brandt Elizabethtown Laura Mae Boone Loganton Ruth Bucher Lebanon w Josephine Bowman Lebanon John Dean McClure 1953 David Ebersole Lancaster HC ■ William Ellsworth Stetlersville CLASS Walton Emig Spring Grove Martin Forney Elizabethtown H. Lamar Gibble Manheim Stanley Grill Christiana Harold Geib Elizabethtown Glenn Hamme Spring Grove J. Robert Herr Salunga C. Fred Horbach Ashland Frank Hess Lititz Nelson Kline McClure James Hivner Elizabethtown Phyllis Kratz Millville, N. J. 1953 John Kugle York mm m mm ■ ■ ■ ■ Martha Lutz Elizabetlitown CLASS Fredrick Malmborc Manheim Walton Mover Telford W. Eugene McKean Mechanicsburg Lucy Musselman Vernfield Robert Miller Hellam David Newcomer Elizabethtown Dorothy Ritter Richlandtown Thomas Ruoss Strasburg Gerald Roland Elizabethtown Charles Roth Lititz Phyllis Saylor Red Lion Nancy Seldomridge Lancaster 1953 Earl Shaak Hershey £m RMH . ' •;- ' ' r » S. David Shafer Hershey CLASS Nancy Sheaffer Chambersburg Nevin Snader Akron Ellis Shenk Myerstown Leonard Shertzer Hummelstown f Eugene Tabbott Lancaster M. Margaret Walzl Lancastei ■i ■■ Shirley Warner Hummelstown Mary Alice Weicksei Christiana Alan Whttacre Ridgeley, W. Va. CARLOS ZlECLER Lititz Levi Ziegler Annville Robert Ziegler Elizabethtown i 1953 NOT PICTURED Robert Allison Lancaster Kurt Materna Nurnberg, Germany Richard Ault York Harold Mowrer Paradise John Bolton Harrisburg Dorothy Oxenford Harrisburg Marilyn Deppe Lebanon S. Davtd Shaver Hershey Elmer Kunkle East Berlin Christopher Sempson Philadelphia vO : v- ' ■ H -.WW- Leon Abel York Robert Albright Talmage Paul Bashore Jonestown Mary Ann Beck Hagerstown, Md. E C Edward Bellis Middletown i Julia Bender Lebanon Frances Bishop Oberliu Norman Bowers Landisville MEMExlKK£3 IHlwABNKMB£3lN!Kf Mary Jane Boyer Lebanon Barbara Anne Brenner Lancaster Jean Burkhart Hamsburg 1954 Barbara Delson Hanisburg Gloria Crouthamel Souderton Shirley Diehl Schnecksvilte Larry Enders Penbrook Glenn Forney Florin l ' :Nr Lois Frantz Lebanon Jay Frey Eliza bethtown George Frost Elizabethtown Irvin Gebhart, Jr. Elizabethtown E C Paul Greiner Elizabethtown Joanne Groff Lititz Mary Jane Hoffer Mt. Joy David Hoover Lineboro, Md. HH1HHI 1H Mary Barley Horst Hummelstown James Klock Herndon Delores Landis Hagerstown, Md. 1954 C. Phyllis Longenecker Lititz Elizabeth Landis Hagerstown, Md. Marian Meyer Lebanon William Meyers New Freedom Leroy Miller Lebanon Marian Miller Manheim Richard Miller Waynesboro Joyce Moore Paradise Catharine Mover York E C Ronald Murphy Harrisburg 14 Thelma Neidlincer Pine Grove Marian Newcomer Salunga George Paul New BloomBeld ■hbhhbbeik Greta Reimer Manheim Henry Reiner Elizabethtown Jean Roland Elizabethtown 1954 A. Dorothy Shearer Elizabethtown Phyllis Sharp Lebanon Jacquelyn Showalter Heishey Glen Snowden Bethlehem Robert Springer Elizabethtown Lorraine Stehman Lititz Ralph Stout Easton Nancy Stuckey Elizabethtown Jane Waller Maytown E C 1954 NOT PICTURED Royden Price Vein field Paul Wechter Lincoln Harold Wilson, Jr. Cicero, 111. Kenneth Wittle Elizabethtown Shirley Young McClure Jay Donald Albright Talmage George Aznavorian Lancaster Walter Baksis Scranton William Beaston Mt. Joy Elizabeth Boecer Audubon, N. J. Allen Bowman Ronks Jaywood Brubaker Palmyra Christine Buccieri New Cumberland Mary Grace Bucher Mt. Joy The Class of 1955 AwiUftj ' LQV3 Donald Crumbling Columbia H. Jean Diehl Hummelstown Mary Easton Eliza bethtown Edythe Edwards Perkasie Joyce Emu i i w l ' lorin s s o Coy Farr Middletown Jane Franklin Oxford C. rl Geary Harrisburg Cynthia Grill Christiana Marian Haldeman Pottsville Doris Ann Harnish Lancaster Glenn Heffner Elizabethtown I ■ Ronald Hershberger Johnstown Helen Hess Wawa J. Patricia Hess West Willow Peggy Hicks Maytown Nancy Hoffman Mauch Chunk Rodney- Houser Middletown Harvey Jacobs, Jr Mechanicsburg Gerald Jacoby Steelton George Kanoff Elizabethtown s s Hazel Knappenbercer West Leesport Patricia Kratz Elverson Elizabeth L ndis Lititz Joyce Lerew Dillsburg Louis Malinowski Camden, N. J. W. Donald Martin Mt. Joy Lois McMinn Lancaster Jay Messick Manheim William Moore Milton o 9 5 5 ' Helen Plowfield Honey Brook Arlene Reinhold Donaldson D. Paul Rice Zullinger Donald Ruhl Manheim Walter Schell Harrisburg Lane Shank Elizabethtown s s M. WlIIl M SlIEAFFER Harrisburg Ray Thompson Middletown Sherwood Thohus Scranton Frederick Walzl, Jr. Lancaster David Willouchby- Harrisburg James Yoder Mattawana o 9 5 5 NOT PICTURED Larry Adair New Cumberland Donald Fogelsanger Shippensburg George McCue Mt. Joy James Miller Elizabethtown Jay Rutherford Elizabethtown John Shaxeor Middletown Barry Smuck Elizabethtown Harry Thomas Harrisburg Benjamin Withers Elizabethtown Donald Zook Elizabethtown Uf- ' ■■ M ■ B CLASS OFFICERS SENIORS John Brunner, pres. William Schneider, v-pres. Doris Kopp, sec. Donald Campbell, treas. JUNIORS Frederick Horbach, pres. Walton Mover, v-pres. Shirley Warner, sec. David Ebersole, treas. SOPHOMORES Leroy Miller, pres. Robert Albright, v-pres, Man. Horst, sec. Jean Roland, treas. FRESHMEN James Miller, pres. Lane Shank, v-pres. Patricia Kratz, sec. Walter Schell, treas. SPECIAL STUDENTS Not pictured: K. Elaine Frev Elizabeth town Donald Fuss Lancaster N, June Shapbell Elizabeth town Lois Miller Eliza be thtown SECOND SEMESTER STUDENTS Left to Right: Robert Krause, Camden, N. J.; Elaine Compton, Salisbury; Donald Fogelsanger, Shippensburg; Gerald Wolffe. Lancaster; Barbara Treichlcr, Middletown; Glen Fisher, Lewistown; Marion Getty, Hummelstown; Stanley Miller. Lewistown. Not Pictured: Lester Ritter, Oley; Emma White, Union Deposit. f Mi OUR ACTIVITIES Each according to his interest ' . ■• STUDENT THE STUDENT SENATE Louise Bartemlager, sec, John Brunner Frederick Horbach, wce-pres. Doris Kopp, treas. Jaincs Mcminger Donald Ream Donald Reid J. Albert Seldom ridge, pies. Glen Snowden Shirley Wamei Gdbert Young Vera Hackman, adviser J. H. Dodd, adviser We, the students of Elizabethtown College, in order to form a more democratic and responsible student govern- " We the peoples of the United Nations determined ... to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war ... to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person. . . . " ■ I GOVERNMENT COMMITTEE ON WOMEN ' S AFFAIRS Mariane Beane Phyllis Longenecker Jean Roland Jane Waller, sec. Alice Weicksel, pres. Shirley Young Vera Hackman, adviser THE ETOWNIAN Published Monthly, Except June. July and August, by ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE, ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. Member Associated Collegiate Press 1951-52 THE STAFF Edi " " John Dean •• ' " • " " " Eii ' " Thomas Kay .Year Editor j Wilmer Heisey Soon, Editor Ca 1 Kalfman Reporter,— Celia A»« Miller. Donald Ream. Al.e«t Seldomridge, Ed- ward Smith, Gilbert Yolng. George Frost. Kenneth Wittle. Pall .Jreiner and Levi Zeigler. Business Manager Jean R01 C " mtal4M Manaoer Gli „ S NOWDEN Advisory Committee— t Hacrman. K. Ezra Bl-cher. Ery Espenshade Entered as second-class matter September 30. 1950 at the post offi ce at Elizabethtown, Penna.. under the Act of March 3. 1879. ■ STUDENT Left: Editor John Dean, Assistant Editor Thomas Kav and Business Manager Jean Roland checking The Etounian dummy m the Chronicle office. Center: Eleanor Roosevelt holding a Declaration of Hum.,,, Rights poster. Right: Lev, Ziegler, Paul Greiner, George Frost, Jean Roland, and Kenneth ittlc, all members of the class in journalism criticizing an issue of The Etounian. Right: The cover of The Rudder, the Student Handbook, done by Frederick Horbach. PUBLICATIONS The Annual— The Conestocan The Newspaper— The Etownian The Student Handbook— The Rudder Human rights take on a particularly important meaning when thought of in terms of freedom of the press. From a small beginning as a cub reporter for the college news- paper, students of journalism learn to experience the greatness of this heritage— the heritage of free thought and expression. STUDENT STUDENT MINISTERIAL FELLOWSHIP Julius Bclser, Jr. William Ellsworth H. Lamar Gibble Kenneth Graham Ronald Hershbergcr Daniel A. Hoopert C. Frederick Horbach Thomas G. Kav Stanley C. Miller David Myers Donald C. Ream Burton R. Shellhammer Glen V. Snowden Sherwood Thomas Alan L. Whitacre Gilbert Young Carlos R. Ziegler Levi J. Ziegler Robert Ziegler Robert Byerlv, adviser Above: A Greek child receiving milk and blankets. Center: Rehearsal for a deputation program. Right: Members of the Student Ministerial Fellowship. r CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT tftite s 1 THE CABINET Robert Albright Lucy Mussel man Paul Bashore Davi d Myers Julius Belser, vice-pres. Donald Ream Shirley Diehl Jean Roland William Ellsworth Nancy Shaeffer Lamar Gibble Glen Snowden Grace Keeny, sec. Alan Whitacre Faye Koontz Gilbert Young Kurt Matema Shirley Young James Meminger Carlos Ziegler, pres. Celia Miller Levi Ziegler Walton Mover, treas. Robert A. Byerly, adviser ffewrowrx NEVNW JAPAN Above Right: Faye Koontz and Grace Keeny pouring at the tea initiating the campus community chest drive. L. to R. ' )can Roland, Carlos Ziegler, J. Albert Seldoinndge, Donald Ream, and Alan Whitacre. The Student Christian Movement representing more than twenty denominations cooperated with the Student Association in supporting a campus community chest. Three vital interna- tional aid foundations will benefit from this cam- paign—International Christian University, World Student Service Fund, and International Refugee Committee. Above: Members of the Lutheran Student Association with Pastor Ravmond Fetter in the Elizabcthtown Lutheran church. ■ Hisss ma ■1 ■ ■ Elsie Bomgardncr Lois Frantz Jean Roland Marian Meyer Paul Bashore Mariane Beane Frances Bishop Elaine Compton Carl Geary Christine Heilman George Heisey Frederick Horbach James Miller Catharine Moyer Walton Moyer David Myers Dorothy Oxen ford Arlene Reinhold Walter Schell David Willoughby Galen Hen, adviser MEN ' S QUARTET David Myers Carlos Ziegler Paul Rice Ellis Shenk Nevin Fisher, director Mrs. Fetter at the console. Mrs. Meyer instructing Jean Dichl in piano. SCHEDULE February , Evening: Mohler ' s Church Fcbruan to, Morning: Elast Fairview February 10, Evening Hanover March ;. Evening: Lititz March q, Evening: Elizabethtown Lutheran March 16, Evening: Palmyra March 2;. Evening Lancaster March 30, Evening: Carlisle April 20, Morning Elizabethtown Brethren April ; . Evening Lebanon Maj 4. Evening: Waynesboro Mav 11, Morning: York Second May 11, Evening: York First A CAPPELLA KKft CHOIR First Sopranos Elsie Bomgardner Man,- Grace Bucber Hazel Knappenberger Dorothy Shearer Lorraine Stehman Second Sopranos Anne Hamish Nancy Hoffman Betsy Landis Joyce Lerew Marian Meyer First Altos Jean Burkhart Jane Franklin Lois Frantz Catharine Mover Shirley Young, sec. Second Altos Arden Benfield Patricia Kratz Joyce Moore Jean Roland First Tenors Walton Mover, pres. David Myers Charles Yohe Second Tenors Paul Bashore James Miller Walter Schell Carlos Ziegler First Basses Lamar Gibblc Paul Rice Glen Snowden Second Basses Carl Geary Lerov Miller Ellis ' Shenk. lib. David Willoughby Director Nevin W. Fisher mm ■■ COMERCIANTES MEMBERS Dale Bcrkhcimcr. vice-pies. Donald Campbell, treas. Harold Geib Joanne Groff James Gross Marj Hoist Thomas Kingree James Klock Doris Kopp Phyllis Kratz John Knglc Delores Landis Elizabeth Landis Wilbur McKean Richard Martin William Meyers Marian Miller, sec. Thelma Neidlinger David Newcomer Marian Newcomer Greta Reimer Jean Roland Charles Roth Thomas Ruoss Earl Shaak David Shaffer Phyllis Sharp William Schneider, pres. Eugene Tabbutt Albert Gray, advisei a 9i u V fc ■ Aboyi Rehabilitation through business education. Center: Officers of Comerciantes in typing room. Ln 1 Albert Grav. adviser, with business students. IHM HI LANGUAGES " Foreign languages for the ' air-age Foreign languages for global peace Americans, awake to language needs! ' Paul Bashore Man Ann Beck Julia Bender Gloria Crouthamel Irvin Gebhard, Robert Herr James Hivner Marv Jane Hoffer Phyllis Kratz Fredrik Malmborg, pres. Kurt Matema Celia Miller, sec. James Miller Robert Springer, vice-pres. Kathrvn Hen, adviser GERMAN CLUB Donald Albright Robert Albright Julius Belser Laura Mae Boone Christine Buccieri Ruth Bucher, sec.-rreas Gloria Crouthamel Peggy Eberly William Ellsworth Walton Emig George Frost Glenn Hamme George Heisey William Heisey George Kam John Kreider Kurt Matcrna Celu Miller Leroy Miller Gle n Snowden, pres. Robert Ziegler Frederick Neumann, adviser Above: French students and adviser checking visual and auditory aids. Centxr: Adviser shows point of interest on map of Ger- many. Richt: Tire Eiffel Tower near meeting place of the Gen- eral Assemblv of the United Nations. Li Above: D. Campbell. S. Wamer. G. Keeny, Prof. Hoover. L. Musselman, and P. Ebcrly on way to F.T.A. meeting. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Leon Abel Eugene Anderson Louise Bartenslager John Bender Jean Burkhart Elizabeth Boeger Laura Mae Boone Josephine Bowman John Brunner Edward Brunner Anthony Bruscia Christine Buccieri Donald Campbell, treas. Peggy Eberly. pres. Jane Franklin Bemiee Gibble Marion Haldcman Christine Heilman J. Wilnier Hcisey Benjamin Hess Carl Kaufman Grace Keeny, Jib. Doris Kopp Celia Miller Man Jean Miller Lucv Musselman, sec. Wilbur L. Robertson Nancy Seldomndge Dorothy Shearer Nancy Stuckev Rav Thompson Shirley Warner, v-pres. James Voder Charles Yohe Elmer Hoover, adviser L. Bemiee Gibble practice teaching. R Guatemalan student so- cial worker teaching blind child. . - W ■ .y IH PHI BETA CHI MEMBERS Robert Albright Robert Allison Mariane Beane Tnon Benner Barbara Brenner Glenn Ham me Phyllis Longenecker Lerov Miller Robert Miller Joyce Moore Walton Mover James Obetz Clifford Schott Ellis Shenk. vice-pres. Glenn Snowden Alice Weicksel, sec.-treas Gilbert Young, pres. Shirley Young The Apgars, advisers An extra-curricular expression of a auricular field, the science club brings together prospective doctors, dentists, nurses, medical technologists, chemists, biologists, and teachers of science. Meeting monthly this organization plans field trips, uses visual aids, and follows the scientific news. POLITICAL SCIENCE Norman Bowers, vice-pres. Barbara Delson, sec.-rreas. Shirley Diehl William Ellsworth, pres. Walton Emig Jay Frey George Frost Daniel Hoopcrt Fredrik Malmborg Gerald Roland [can Roland Albert Seldoinridge David Shaver Glen Snowdcn Robert Springer Ralph Stout Kenneth Wittle Gilbert Young Wilhelm Raining, adviser nu i A town meeting in Eritrea. Above Preparing bills for the I C G conference H M H SOCK AND BUSKIN Above: A scene from Twelfth Night. Right: Officers and adviser discussing the point system Below: Another scene from Twelfth Night. Balcony Scene . . . Fantasy on an Empty Stage . . . High Window . . . Why the Chimes Rang . . . Puppet Show . . . The Kingdom of God . . . Arsenic and Old Lace MEMBERS Louise Barrenslager, vice-pres. Leona Bishop Josephine Bowman John Dean Shirley Diehl Walton Emig, treas. Jack Fichter, pres. Christine Heilman Mary Jane Hoffer C. Frederick Horbach Celia Miller, sec. Walton Mover David Myers Marian Newcomer Jean Roland Nancy Shearfer Glen Snowdcn Gilbert Young Levi Ziegler Alice Heilman, adviser Homecoming Above and Right: The academic procession mov from Alpha Hall to the Auditorium. Below; A scene from the All College Players ' produc tion. When the campus maples turned to gold, the alumni returned to cheer the tug of war, to plan the activities for another year, to witness the conferring of honorary degrees upon some of their number, and to enjoy the All Col- lege Players ' production " One Foot in Heaven. " ■ Thti May Courr ; ■ M N MAID OF HONOR - SI I( ' R ■Wis K141K OIKI s ROVNBEAR.ER TH! MM Margaret Boo Mathii- la Sword Mj:. Kithnn .U.i K . Robon n The-; Music ■ ( .... H Nfirixti ! katwol Bonnie KrtiJcr Valton Moyer Carlo Zicgkr Haro! Lamar -jbl l Hum - • •■ — Left: Honorary degree conferred at Forty-Ninth Com- mencement: Or Charles Apgai reads citation for Dr. Galen " ionng. Dr. C). F. Stanihangh adjusts hood as President Bangher presents diploma. Cl sin Dr. Rnfus Bneher. Dr. Galen Young. President Bangher. Dr. Ernest V. Holhs, Dean Bnchcr. - -9 • t 9 I ' £ 9 $ m 9 9 J.3-A " J • • A A. U ' 3 ' ' f J 4434 i|l COMMENCEMENT 1951 ' JBmtKEtmfi- ' ' at -ft- " ■ ATHLETICS Symbolizing Courage, Strength, Endurance ■■■it; ■ ■ ■ I VARSITY W E " Varsity " E " members checking programs before the game. MEMBERS Leon Abel Robert Albright Mariane Beane, sec. Tiyon Benncr Jack Bolton Josephine Bowman Edward Bninner John Brnnncr Richard Goss. vice-pres. Tliomas Kingree Nelson Wine Doris Kopp James Meminger, pres. William Meyers Charles Roth Thomas Ruoss William Schneider J. Albert Seldomridge Nevin Snader Robert Springer Shirley Warner, treas. Paul Wechtcr Mar] Mice Weicksel Harold Wilson Shirley Young Ira Hen, adviser Cheerleaders Julia Bender Joanne Groff Ann Ilarmsh Lois McMinn David Myers Marian Newcomer Jane Waller Alan W ' lntacre II Dodd, adviser SOCCER SOCCER 1951 E-roivn Opp. Kings 5 1 Gettysburg l 3 Wilkes 2 1 Wilkes 5 4 U. of Baltimore o 5 Lincoln 1 1 Lock Haven 1 3 West Chester 11 TEAM William Beaston — RF Tryon Benner — IR George Frost — CF Glenn Hamme— RHB George Heisev — LF William Heisev— IR Thomas Kingree— LHB Nelson Kline— CUB Fredrik Malmboig— RI, Donald Martin — LHB George McCue — CF James Meminger — G Lerov Miller — G Charles Roth— LF ). Albert Seldomndge— RFB David Shafer— RFB John Shaneor — RF " Lane Shank— RHB Christopher Simpson — LHB Nevin Snader — LFB Eugene Tabbutt— LFB Ham ' Thomas, manager Benjamin Withers — RHB Richard Zook— LF J. H. Dodd, coach MM WOMEN ' S SCHEDULE Kings . , Moravian Linden Hall Bridgcwatcr Alumnae Lebanon Yallcv Gettysburg Innnaculata Lebanon Valley Shippensburg Albright . . Linden Hall E f mi 39 °3 61 19 4- -1 zS 33 19 M 4 1 43 Opp 1 2 19 33 4- 26 28 4 s 2S BASKETBALL VARSITY Mariane Beane — F Man. ' Ann Beck — F Josephine Bowman, manager Edythe Edwards — G Peggy Hicks — G Doris Kopp — G Phyllis Kratz— G Delores Land is — G Marian Miller, manager Catharine Mover, manager Arlene Reinhold — F Shirley Warner — F Mary Alice Weicksel — F Shirley Young — G Ira Hcrr, coach JUNIOR-VARSITY Julia Bender — G Frances Bishop — F Elizabeth Boeger — G Christine Buccieri — G Mary Grace Bucher — F Cvnthia Grill — G Betsy Land is — G Elizabeth Landis — G Lois McMinn — F Dorothy Shearer — F Nancy Stuckey — F Ira Herr, coach :(V SCHEDULE Dec. 4 Stevens Trade . Dec. 11 Mt. St. Mary ' s . Jan. 5 Lebanon Valley Jan. 7 Stevens Trade . Jan. ' 5 Millersville . . Jan. 19 Dickinson Jan. 26 Albright . Jan. 3° Millersville Feb. Lincoln Feb. M Lincoln Feb. 18 Landisville Feb. 21 Lebanon Valley Feb. = 3 Landisville . . Feb. 2 5 Mt. St. Mary ' s . Feb. 2 7 Dickinson -town Opp 5 2 3 3 1 33 3° 55 43 49 55 4 6 44 45 3 1 37 7- 49 46 39 45 59 5= 5 2 3 2 53 5° 5° 48 43 54 r BALL ■ SCHEDULE VARSITY Jack Bolton Edward Brunnei John Brunner Donald Crumblm Harvey Jacobs Gerald Jacobs Thomas Kingree Nelson Kline George McCnc James Meininger Donald Read William Schneider Harry Thomas, manager Harold Wilson Stanley Yon Nicda, coach E-rown Opp. Nov. 29 King ' s (Delaware) ... 86 39 Dec. 4 West Chester 64 63 Dec. 8 Gettysburg 56 73 Dec. 11 Mt. St. Mary ' s 47 50 Jan. 5 Lebanon Valley .... 44 54 Jan. 9 St. Joseph ' s (Philadelphia) 44 62 Jan. 12 Susquehanna 49 32 Jan. 15 Millersville 35 45 Jan. 19 Dickinson 68 53 Jan. 26 Albright 57 73 Jan. 30 Millersville 39 41 Feb. 2 Lincoln 64 44 Feb. 6 Juniata 51 54 Feb. 9 Susquehanna 71 44 Feb. 14 Lincoln 58 56 Feb. 16 Indiantown Gap Military Res. 42 72 Feb. 18 Juniata 74 44 Feb. 21 Lebanon Valley .... 70 68 Feb. 23 Lvcoming 67 54 Feb. 25 Mt. St. Mary ' s 81 50 Feb. 27 Dickinson 71 62 Mar. 3 Lycoming 43 49 158 $S H ft BASEBALL TEAM SCHEDULE 1951 Leon Abel— P Jack Bolton— C Larrv Enders — OF Gordon Foster — OF Harold Geib, manager Karl Hess— IF Arthur Heipler — P William Kell— OF Thomas Kingree — IF Nelson Kline— OF— C I larrv Kurz — P Carl ' Martin— IF William Meyers — OF Clarence Miller, manager Richard Miller, manager Thomas Ruoss — P Christopher Simpson — C Nevin Snader — OF Gerald Weaver — IF Paul Wechter — P Harold Wilson — IF Ira Hcrr, coach E-toivn Towson 8 Gettysburg z Millersville 2 Albright o Dickinson 8 Dickinson 2 Ursinus 14 St. Joseph 7 Shepherd 19 Lebanon Valley 3 Lincoln 5 Lebanon Valley 4 Lycoming q Susquehanna 5 Juniata 6 Juniata 5 Susquehanna 4 Opp. 3 9 12 11 ' 3 4 TENNIS Juniata . Albright . Dickinson Dickinson Ursinus . Juniata Lycoming SCHEDULE I hi ' :. ' ■■■J •■ I ; 19 5WV V h PICTURES BY UNATIONS Page 3 Peoples of the World. Page 4 Scenes from four areas under the supervision of the United Nations: (1) The war in Korea (2) the re- patriation in Palestine (3) the activities of the FAO seeking to increase production (4) the literarv program of UNESCO in Mexico. Page 7 Libya on the road to independence in 1952. The National Assembly meets to proclaim a provisional gov- ernment and to draft a constitution for the new nation. Pages 12-13 Learning to bind books. Page 17 Mr. Trygve Lie, secretary-general of the United Nations. Page 18 Rehabilitation of Korea is one of the U. N. ' s big- gest jobs. Shown here is rice distribution in Seoul. Page 19 Above: Fifty men representing the United Na- tions armed services. Below: Arab refugees learning the shoemaker ' s trade. Page 57 Above: For the world ' s children UNICEF. Below: The Greek scheme for the utilization of idle manpower introduced by a U. N. adviser. Road building and land reclamation. Page 56 A meeting of the general assembly. Pace 59 The Security Council considering the Anglo- Iranian oil dispute. Page 60 Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt. Pace 62 A happy smile for millions of children in 60 coun- tries served by the International Children ' s Emergency Fund. A Greek child gets milk and blankets. Page 68 A young Latvian rehabilitated through commer- cial education. Page 69 The flag of the U. N. unfurled from the Palais de Chaillot, where the U. N. Assembly met last November. The Eiffel Tower is in the background. Page 70 A student social worker in Guatemala learns to take care of blind children under a fellowship grant made possible through the U. N. Page 71 Students at the University of Vienna receiving a shipment of scientific equipment sent through UNESCO. Pace 72 U. N. Commissioner, Dr. Anze Matienzo, talks with the townspeople of the Eritrean town of Asmara. The former Italian Colonv of Eritrea becomes an au- tonomous unit federated with Ethiopia. Page 77 A close-up of the United Nations structure in New York City. Pace 89 U. N. Headquarters— Permanent home seen from the Long Island side of the East River. ' « Ideas and Commodities for a Better World ADVERTISEMENTS I ■ gM 4£lt at)et|)toton College ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. A Standard Co-educational College Approved by Pennsylvania State Council oo Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges M GRANTING A.B. and B.S. Degrees IN Liberal Arts Science Pre-professional Fields Laboratory Technology Secretarial Science Business Administration Strong Faculty Diversified Extra-Curricular Program Delightful Location Emphasizing the values of the small, Church-related College For information write President A. C. BAUGHER, Ph.D., LL.D. 90 1 OVER SIXTY -FIVE YEARS F PRINTING SERVICE I i Showers [ rintina ( ompanu LEBANON, PENNSYLVANIA OFFSET — L ETT E R P R ESS — BINDING — MAILING i 91 ' jT[ ♦. j Zj j J jyy. ' MBra 1 Moyer ' s Potato Chips For So7e at Your Local Wagner ' s Confectionery i Grocers 15 South Franklin Street • LANCASTER, PENNA. " Among the best by test " TONY ' S Specializing in Real Italian Spaghetti Texas Hot Weiners • Virginia Baked Ham • Bar-B-Ques DINNERS Phone 34-J LUNCHEONS Compliments of SPICKLER ' S DAIRY BEYER ' S Milk, Cream, and LINOLEUM STORE Buttermilk ORANGE and CHOCOLATE DRINKS 222 E. High Street • Phone: 57- J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Park Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. i 92 r — ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL LUMBER— BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES— COAL Phone: No. 3 54 Brown Street LANCASTER BEVERAGE DISTRIBUTORS PEPSI COLA CLOVERDALE SOFT DRINKS 615 East Mifflin, LANCASTER, PENNA. Louis Lehrman Son Wholesale Food Distributors 110-122 S. Seventeenth St. Harrisburg, Pa. Office Equipment Co. Friendly Service 223 N. Second St. HARRISBURG, PA. Office Designers Commercial Stationers I The Evangelical Press Printing - Electrotyping - Bookbinding Third and Reily Streets Harrisburg, Pa. Weaver Book Store BIBLES CHURCH SUPPLIES Religious Books — New and Used 44 S. Duke St. Lancaster, Pa. 93 MUMPER ' S DAIRY North Hanover Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 263- W Vitamin " D " Homogenized Milk Milk - Cream - Buttermilk - Orange Drink Chocolate Drink BISHOP ' S STUDIO CONESTOGAN PHOTOGRAPHER Dealer in Kodaks and Photographic Supplies The Modern Studio with Years of Experience ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 94 MILTON F. EBERLY Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Route 3, Elizaberhrown, Pa. Phone: 540-R Our Location Saves You Money The sweet-smelling fragrance of freshly cut red cedar protects her treasured linens, silks and woolens from dust and moths — keeps them clean and lovely as new. SWEETHEART WIFE SISTER DAUGHTER MOTHER Spacious streamlined waterfall in ever-popular American Walnut veneers. Has self- rising trav. THE ONLY PRESSURE-TESTED AROMA-TIGHT CEDAR CHEST MADE PENN DAIRIES, INC. LANCASTER YORK HARRISBURG Compliments of the Savoy Shoe Co., Inc. Makers of FINE SHOES FOR WOMEN ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. 95 Kodaks Stationery Dorsheimer ' s " Center Square " Sporting Goods Confectionery Guy ' s Barber Shop Market Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Bob ' s Flower Shop Phone: 532-J or 532-M 9 West High Street When It ' s Flowers — Say It With Ours We Wire Flowers Anywhere, Anytime Plee-zing There ' s None Better Aument Bros., Inc. Wholesale Distributors 227-231 North Prince Street LANCASTER, PENNA. Compliments of Iceland, Inc. S. F. Ulrich, Inc. Buick and Chevrolet Sales and Service ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 21 Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 52 Musser ' s Grocery Phone: 198-J 103 Mt. Joy St. Paxson ' s Cut Rate Modern Soda Fountain Do y Madison Ice Cream 19 W. High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 96 HI •ST- D. S. BAUM Home-made BOLOGNA - DRIED BEEF R. F. D. 3 Phone: 540-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS Educational Publishers Elizabethtown, Pa. Pasadena, Calif. Elgin, III. Atlanta, Ga. Dallas, Texas Toronto, Canada KELLER BROS. BUFFALO SPRINGS, LEBANON CO., PA. Phone: Schaefferstown 34 LITITZ, LANCASTER CO., PA. Phone: 6-2121 ROBESONIA, BERKS CO., PA. Phone: Womelsdorf 250 97 — - - -J r-» — - " Garden Spot " Meat Products Win Favor by Quality and Flavor Ezra W. Martin Co. R. F. D. No. 5 Lancaster, Pa. Zarfoss Hardware On The Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Eckro th Laundry and Dry Cleaning Agency for Hershey Laundry 260 South Spruce Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of MUSSER FARMS baisuf, COLUMBIA, PA. 98 WENGER ' S MILL " M. W. " Feeds Roth ' s Fu rniture Store Furniture of Character 206-210 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 84 R RHEEMS, PENNA. Phone: Elizabethtown 175 Kreamer Pharmacy Prescription Specialists Center Square Elizabethtown, Penna. Clear View Diner East of Elizabethtown on Route 230 HOME COOKED MEALS 24-Hour Service Try Our Chicken Steak and Turkey Steak KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY, INC. 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Elizabethtown Bakery Bakers of QUALITY PRODUCTS Miles E. Gassert, Prop. Phone: 259 Mary B. Reber Art Shop GIFTS New and Different Columbia yarn 50 North Market St. Elizabcthtown, Pa. Harry Brooks Dry Cleaner Florin Phone: Mt. Joy 34451 The Dress Shop DAISY M. KLEIN Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 139-M • i — - . . — , — MARTI N S Restaurant Featuring DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 2630 Walnut St. Harrisburg, Pa. 107 ■ I ' ••(WW GSM ■ Autographs ■ - ; V, Job . 1 1 . OHL ■ 4r 7 ' . ■ TW. czrr...

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