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Elizabethtown College - Conestogan / Etonian Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Cover

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ZUG MEIVOPTAL LIBRARY REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY g . Onji i WARREN S. KISSINGER, Editor and WILLIAM R. HELM, Businexs Manager l)i-si;;Tl li llAliTMLT . N HENTIG ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. The Class of 1950 presents The Fiftieth Anniversary ETONIAN WE DEDICATE High professional standards and subtle methods of instruction combined with humor, honest and unbiased concern for student needs, congeniality — these qualities abound in both our professors of biology. Through the biology laboratories pass successive sophomore groups. Here understanding instructors guide each student through an interpretation of our physical world into the methods of scientific procedure. To Dr. Charles Apgar and to Dr. Bessie Apgar, who have led us through the mysteries of the cell to an ap- preciation of God ' s pattern for all living things, we grate- fully offer in dedication this 1950 Etonian. — 4 — DR. CHARLES APGAR DR. BESSIE APGAR — 5 Conesioga Creek Our Growing College September 23, 1899 Elizabethtowii College received her ciiarter from the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County. July 10, 1900 Ground was broken for Alpha Hall. April 26, 1917 The ownership of the college was transferred to Eastern Pennsyl- vania. October 30, 1917 Southern Pennsylvania voted to share in tlie ownership of tiie college. June 8, 1922 Elizabethtown College legally conferred lier first degree. January 16, 1936 Membership in the Association of American Colleges. May ,5, 1918 Elizabethtown College was fully accredited by tlie Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. June 15, 1948 Membership in the American Council on Education. March 18, 1919 The Department of Education of New York State approved Eliza- betlitown College. May 30, 1949 Elizabetht jwn College graduated its largest class — 102 — at the forty-seventh annual commencement. They Founded a College Before tlie dawning of tlie present century, prominent and respected leaders in llic Cluircli of the Brethren courageously founded a college based on an educational philosophy that " a church related institution has a larger function than to train the intellect. The preparation of young men and women, distinguished for their liigh idealism and Christian character as well as for tlieir intellectual attainments, is the noblest objective of the college. " Large in ideals, this small hilltop college in fifty years increased its enrollment over a hundredfold and enlarged its facilities to serve the present age. The symbolic Conestoga wagon as it rolled through the grasslands and wooded liill section a century earlier, provided inspiration for tlie naming of the new college. " Conestoga " was short-lived, however, and " Elizabethtown " was the name later given to this college nestled among the Conewago hills. Conewago Hills Past Presidents Speak While ill a Christian college, I dedicated my life to the cause of Christian education. And so when I left the university it was easy and logical for me to accept the call to teacli in Klizabethtow n College in its infancy. I was soon asked to direct its early life. It grew through childhood into adolescence during the sixteen years of my tenure. Others entered into my labors then, until its founders can rejoice today in a thriving Christian institution half a century old. I rejoice in its progress and wish for it the continued usefulness and support it deserves. Long live Elizabelhtown College! REBER We may well pause to sing t he praises of Elizabethtown College at this half-century mark. During fifty years of progress, the lives of thousands of young people have been enriched and their usefulness enhanced manifoldly. All of us are justly proud of those who iiave labored through the years. Their sacrifices have borne fruit. The achievements of the college have been recognized by State Departments of Edu- cation, by sister colleges, graduate schools, the Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools of the Middle Atlantic States and Maryland, as well as by other important agencies. —J. G. MEYER It is indeed an unusual privilege to pay a personal tribute to my Alma Mater. Had it not been that this college was planted by my home, my circumstances would probably never have brought me into any college training. I have felt it as a great experience to have lived under the shadow of two small Cliristian colleges. It was at Elizabethtown that I found teachers who moulded my whole career. Here I gavesixt-een years asa young teaclu ' r. I found unusually diligent studcntsof Christian character and friendly disposition. God speed our on-going college. „ „ MYF On arriving at Elizabethtown College as a student in the spring of 1 05, I found myself in a total student body smaller than some of the individual college classes of our past year. Of the eleven regular members of the faculty, five served at some time as president of a college of the Church of the Brethren. This is fpiite a tribute to tlie caliber of the faculty, who left behind them a record of outstanding teaching and sincere gratitude in the hearts of the students of those years. These were the days when the cjuality of work done was the only recommendation to help students find places of responsibility, and the prestige of accreditment was far in the future. These were great days of character formation when teachers and students mingled in close touch with each other in the classroom and on the small campus. „ SPHT OSSKR — 8 — N. H. BEAHM 1904-1909 GEORGE N. FALKENSTEIN 1901-1903 D. C. REBER 1903-1901 190 1918 J. G. MEYER 1921-1924 R. W. SCHLOSSER 1927 1929 1930-1941 H. K. OBER 1918-1921 1924-1927 H. H. NYE 1929 1930 President ' s Message to the Members of the Mid -Century Class To you wlio are about to be graduated I give my greetings. Kducatioiially you belong to the first half of tiie twentietii century. ocationally you stand on the thresii- old of the second half. The historian of the years to come will mark the years from 1900 to 1950 as the period of great changes. An amazing number of inventions and discoveries have left a tremendous impact upon our habits of thinking and living. Almost unbelievably great changes have come in our method of travel, communication, and recreation. Fifty years ago Elizabethtown College was founded by broadminded, far-seeing men who opened its doors on equal terms to youth of all races, creeds, and nationalities. To make this dream of half a hundred years ago a reality, men and women in large numbers were obliged to sacrifice, plan, and work. A half century ago Elizabethtown College started with one building. Alpha Hall — located in a wheatfield on a farm east of Elizabethtown — five students, one teacher, a budget of $4,000, a library of 100 volumes, and no alumni. Today as we come to the mid-century, the college is housed in nine buildings, has over 750 students (including summer-session registrants) and a 33-member faculty. It operates on a budget of over a quarter million dol- lars, houses approximately 17,000 volumes in the library, and has an alumni-former student roster of more than 10,000. The college has grown strong, until today it is fully accredited by the State Department of Public Instruction and tiie regional accrediting agencies and holds membership in the leading educational associations of the nation. 10 DR. A. C. BAUGHER President of Elizahelhloum (hllege since l ' 4l 0 ' miiUlff ' The college has never endeavored lo impress its students or tlie public with the " ivory tower " emphasis of education. The philosophy of the college has always been consonant with its motto, Educate for Service. It is our sincere hope that tlie next fifty years will witness even greater achieve- ments for Elizabethtown College. We are confident that you will continue to champion her ideals of sound scholarship, industry, honesty, thrift, and friendliness as you enter upon your work and tliat you will always be a challenging monument for Christian education. BAL GHER 11 In Appreciation DR. H. P. BlCllKU Member of the Board of Trustees since 1913 President since 1939 12 Board of Trustees Colleges are founded and administered over the years by those who give without reserve of their time, wisdom, and services. Elizabethtown College is advancing under the leadership of men of such stature. They have faced the greater problems of a post-war college with a faith and courage equal to that of the first trustees. In appreciation, we the Class of 1950 would serve as faithfully as they have served. Standing L. to ?..■ Riifus Royer, Samuel Weiifier, Paul Grubb. Jacob Garinan. John Spreiikel, S. Clyde Weaver, John Miller, Joseph Cassel, Norman Musser, Chester Hoyer, J. Linwood liisenberf;, Charles Weaver. Seated: K. Ezra Bucher, Jacob Miller, A. C. Baugher, R. P. Bucher, Joseph Ketterinf;, Frank Carper. WM Charter Day The academic procession, the attentive audience, the inspiring address by Governor James H. Duff, the conferring of the honorary degree — Uiis was Charier Day 1949. Men and women attending the first Charter Day here again — reminiscing, evaluating, anticipating. Faculty, alumni, students, and friends joined together in com- memorating the ending of a half-century of progress — and a beginning. Before the convocation program: L. to R., Dean H. G. Buctier, Dr. R. P. Bucher, Gov. James H. Duff, Dr. William Free- man, Pres. A. C. Baup;lipr. and Dr. Paul H. Bowman. Governor Duff addregttiiiy conrocuiion midience The Charter Day audience President Baugher conferring an honorary degree on Governor Duff By the Fiftieth Year At tlie turn of this century the founders of Elizabetlitown College could look back on a period of progress unparalleled in history. The passing of the frontier and the advance of technological progress were fresh in their minds. With hope and assurance they could look forward into our century be- lieving that at last man was about to realize the Utopia about which he had dreamed so long. However, from our vantage point we know that their aspirations were cut short by two world wars between which an economic recession of drastic proportions occurred. By the fiftieth year our backward look presents a different scene from theirs. It is shadowed by conflict and despair. Our technological progress is still advancing at an unprecedented rate. In 1945 we entered the atomic age. But instead of viewing the future with hope and assurance, we face it with the fear that we may exterminate our civilization by the very forces that are capable of leading us into a glorious tomorrow. By this fiftieth year the geographical frontiers have largely disappeared. But the spiritual and moral frontiers remain to be conquered. We, the Class of 1950, will to a degree determine the nature of the next half century. We are challenged to be the moral pioneers of tomorrow. The atomic age must have spiritual guidance and direction if we are to be saved. May Elizabethtown College conliiuie to fulfill her responsibility of educating for service. Then those who reach the threshold of the next century may look back upon ours, not as the Atomic Century, or the Rus- sian Century or the American Century, but as Everybody ' s Century because it produced disciples of that spiritual trail-blazer who said: " Blessed are the meek, for they shall inlicril Ihc rarlii. " ' 16 ADMINISTRATION DR. HENRY G. RUCHER Dean of Inslrucllcm The Dean s Message Many very wortliwliile and significant enterprises have had small beginnings. Our college had an enrollment of six persons in its first year of existence, as compared with a current enrollment of .360. A period of fifty years has brought us from a small beginning to a point where we may be considered a sizable institution with regional accreditment. Fliis places us in an academic ranking with our colleagues in the state and nation. This growth, allliougli nol phenomenal, nevertheless is praiseworthy, (ireat vision, hard work, religious zeal, and personal sacrifice are built into the tradition of our college. We stand on the thresiiold of another half century. We carry the torch supplied and borne by many worthy predecessors lighting the way to " Educate for Service. " — H. G. RUCHER K. EZRA B ICHER Treasurer and Business Manager Emeriti Professors J. Z. HERR Treasurer and Business Manager L. D. ROSE Professor of German and Librarian MARY B. REBER Instructor in Art 19 — Ralph Wiest Schlosser, A.B.; A.M.; Litt.D. Professor of English Charles S. Apgar, B.S.: M.S.; Ph.D. Professor of Biology 0. F. Stambaugh, B.S.; M.S.: Ph.D. Professor of ( jhemislry Frederick C. Neumann, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Languages Elmer B. Hoover, B.S.: M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education (ialen C. Kilhkfner, B.S.; M.Ed. Associate Professor of Sociology and Psychology 20 — IT " Carl E. Heilman, A.B.; A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics Ephraim Gibbel Meyer, a. B.; A.m. Associale Professor ' of Music and Assis- lanl Librarian Vera R. Hackman, A.B. ; A.M. Dean of Women Assistant Professor of English Mahlon H. Hellerich, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of History Luella Fogelsanger Rowland. A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of Business Educa- tion M. Alice Sylvester, B.S.; B.S.L. Litirarian Frank S. Kugle, B.S.; C.P.A. Instructor in Business Education Eby C. Espenshade, B.S.; M.Ed. Dean of Men 21 Robert F. Eshleman, B.S.: B.D.: M.S.: Ph.D. AxsLslunt Professor of Busines.s Educa- tion and Sociology Bessie D. Apgar, A.B.: M.S.: Pli.D. Assistant Professor of Biology ' Ira R. Herr, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education Martha Martin, A.B. Instructor in Bible Gertrude Royer Meyer Instructor in Piano . David Albright, A.B. Instructor in Music John A. Campbell. A.B.: A.M.; B.D. Instructor in Multieniatics and Pliysics •Joseph H. Dodd, B.S. Instructor in Physical Education Assistant Dean of Men — 22 — Emma R. Engle, A.B. Iiislructor in English Kathryn Herr, A.B. Inslruclor in French Eleanor B. Neumann, A.B.; A.M. Instructor in German Galen W. Herr, B.S. Director of the Orchestra Harry M. Book, A.B. : A.M. Part-Time Instructor in Art Samuel S. Wenger, A.B.; A.M.; LL.B. Special Lecturer in Law Charles E. Weaver, B.S. M.D. Special Lecturer in Medical Lahnratory Teclin ique Carrie W. Ellis Head of Fairview Hall — 23 — Office Personnel Lillian E. Wanner Secretary to the President Ruth A. Zimmerly Secrelarv to Hie Dean Robert F. Nation Bookkeeper Virginia G. Hixson Secretary to tlie Business Manager ' : i Beulah I. Barnthouse Secretary to the Faculty Delores J. Olinger storekeeper uki- 1 CLASSES SENIORS JOHN BERGER Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. m Science President of Class KARL KOLVA Halifax, Pa. B.S. in Science Vice-President of Class JOAN MARTIN Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. in Elemenlary Education Secretary of Class JOSEPH BROWN Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. in Bn. ine! s AdminislraU ' on Treasurer of Class JANICE ANDERSON York, Pa. B.S. in Elemenlary Education MARK BARTMAN Harrisburg, Pa. .4.6. in Liberal Arts — 26 - ' 0 •xsmimmMAi Ammmmi (JEORGE BEANE New Cumberland, Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislralion EDGAR BITTING Marysville, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration DONALD BOHRER York, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts PAUL BOLTZ Lebanon, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts {Secondary Education) MAXINE BOWMAN King Ferry, N. Y. B.S. in Elementary Education ARTHUR BOWSER Glen Rock, Pa. A.B. in Lit)eral Arts HARVEY BRANDT Manlieim. Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislralion CLYDE BRINSER Middletown, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration 27 — JESSE BROWN Browiistown, Pa. .B. in Ij ' henil Arts RICHARD BRIBAKER Mt. Joy. Pa. A.M. in l ihenil Arts EDWARD COOK New Cumberland, Pa. B.S. in Science JUNIOR DART Klizabelhlowii, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration MILLET DeANGLES Bingliamton, N. Y. B.S. in Science STANLEY DIETRICH Lititz, Pa. B.S. in Science HARRY EARHART Manlieini, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts HAROLD EBERSOLE Huinnielstown, Pa. B.S. in Science 28 GALEN FAHNESTOCK Ephrata, Pa. B.S. in Business Education IRA FLOYD Elizabetlitowii, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts HARRY FOREMAN Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislralion ROY FORNEY Florin, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts JACK FRANK Bainbridge, Pa. B.S. in Business Education JAY M. FRANTZ Lebanon, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts FREDERICK GANTZ Lebanon, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts ERNEST GANZ New York, N. Y. B.S. in Science 29 (JILBKRT GOTTSHALL Lancaster, Pa. B.S. in Business Adniinistridion ROBERT GRAHAM Philadelphia, Pa. .4.6. in Liberal Arts (Secondary Educalion) BERNERD GRISSINGER Mt. Joy, Pa. B.S. in Business Administralion ZIEGLER HEILMAN Elizabethtowii. Pa. .4.6. in Liberal Arts WILLIAM HELM l ' ]lizabethlowii. Pa. B.S. in Business Adniinisinition LEON HENISE York, Pa. B.S. in Business Eduruiioii DONALD (ilANELLI llarrishnrj, ' . Pa. B.S. in Business Administration KENNETH GlNCiRICH Oakland Mills, Pa. B.S. in Business Administralion — 30 HARTMUT von HENTIG Berlin, Germany A.B. in Liberal Arts JEAN GRUBB HERR Elizahetlilowii, Pa. B.S. in Elenieniary Education V .1 , J JOHN HERR Salunga, Pa. B.S. in Business Adniinislralion J. MERVIN HESS Marietta, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts MARY HESS Ml. Joy, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education IWBERT HESS Elizabethtown, Pa. .4.6. in Liberal Arts JOHN HITZ Harrisburj;, Pa. B.S. in Biisine. ' i. ' i Adrninislralioii DONALD HIVNER Steelton, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration ;5 1 — NEAL HOLABAUGH Harrisburg, Pa. A.R. ill Liberal Arts RICHARD HOOPES Dillsburg, Pa. B.S. in Science WILBUR HORNAFIUS Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S. in Science DONALD HLIRSH Sliippensburg, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts CHARLES JORDAN Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. in Liberal .4r .f {Secondary Education) WILLIAM KELLER Harrisburg, Pa. B.S. in Business Admin islralion NEWTON KENDIG Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. in Science WARREN KISSINGER Akron, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts 32 DONALD KREBS Glen Rock, Pa. B.S. in Businetis Educulion CARL LANDIS Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. in Science JUSTINE LAWYER Biglerville, Pa. B.S. in Basine.s. Education DONALD LEONHARD Middletowii, Pa. B.S. in Business Educulion JOHN LICHTY Paradise, Pa. .B. in Liberal Arts JOSEPH LONG Palmyra, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts GLENN McCORMICK Elizabetlitown, Pa. B.S. in Science ROMAINE McNALLY Blawiiox, Pa. B.S. in Business Education - 3.3 NAVIN McWILLIAMS York, Pa. B.S. in Business Admiiiislrulion HAROLD MERKEY Manlieim, Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislralion il MATTHEW MEYER jebanon, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts {Secondary Education) EUGENE MILLER York, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration LaRUE MONN Greencastle, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education WILLIAM MOOSE Elizabetlitowii, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration JAMES MORT Mt. Joy. Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts JACK PRIEST Enola, Pa. B.S. in Science U PAUL RAFFENSPERGER Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arls MELBA RIGLEY Uniotitown, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education MARY MURRAY ROHRBAUGH Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Art.s PRESTON ROHRBAUGH York. Pa. B.S. in Business Admin i. ' trat ion MILTON ROWE Middletown, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration MARIE SCHROYER Hopwood, Pa. A.B. in Litwral Arts HOWARD SEEDS Ship BoUom, N. J. B.S. in Business Administration CHARLES SHAFFER Elizabethtowi), Pa. B.S. in Science 35 — fc Jfes: ROBERT SHULTZ Lancaster, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts DAVID SNAVELY Landisville, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts EDITH SNYDER Harrisburg, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts (Secondary Education) FREDERICK SNYDER Hanover, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration RAY SNYDER Mt. Joy, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts GLADYS STEHMAN Lititz, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education JESSE SHEETZ Elizabelhville, Pa. B.S. in Science (Secondary Education) GRETCHEN SHERMAN McVeytown, Pa. B.S in Elementary Education — 36 — ROBERT H. STEHMAN Saluiiga, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts WAYNE THOMPSON Harrisbiirg, Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislralion ARDYCE TROUT Felton, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education ARTHUR TUCKER Jackson Heiglits, N. Y. B.S. in Science RUSSELL WALTER Biglerville, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts {Secondary Education) CLYDE E. WEAVER East Petcrshiirg, Pa. A.B. in Liljeral Arts GERALD WEAVER Manlieim. Pa. B.S. in Science RALPH EH{K.H Elizabetlilown, Pa. B.S. in Science JAMES WHITACRE Ridgeley, W. Va. A.B. in Liberal Arts {Secondary Education) ELMO WINGER Grantham, Pa. B.S. in Science FRANK WITMAN Morgantown, Pa. B.S. in Business Adminislraiion FLORENCE WOODWARD Harrisburg, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education I : : v SIMON ZIMMERMAN Columbia, Pa. B.S. in Science 38 Seniors not Pictured m m mas -i sf - WILLIAM DAVIS Marietta, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts CARL LIGGIO Bronx, N. Y. .4.6. in Liberal Arts VELMA ELLENBERGER Harrisburg, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education EVELYN LENTZ FRANTZ Lebanon, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts MEGAN HARRIES York, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education MIRIAM HERSHNER York, Pa. B.S. in Science SARA HUGHES Harleysville, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education ARLENE KENNEDY New Oxford, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education ARLENE KISSLAK Jolinstown, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education ROBERT NISSLEY Elizabethtown, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts RUSSELL PETERS Lebanon, Pa. B.S. in Business Administration LOLA REESE Tyrone, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts JOHN SAUERS Enola, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts LeROY TRUPE Ephrala, Pa. B.S. in Business Education CHARLES WELLS Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S. in Science LI THER LAW ER Reading, Pa. B.S. in Elementary Education JOSEPH ZAVARICK Lancaster, Pa. A.B. in Liberal Arts 39 JUNIORS Robert Trimmer New Holland, Pa. President of Class Margaret Bose Glen Rock, Pa. Secretary of Class Jerome Bauknight Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Earl Ziegler Myerstown, Pa. Vice-President of Class Dale Hylton Willis, Va. Treasurer of Class Mildred Becker Bressler, Pa. 40 — James Bennett Harrisburg, Pa. Gerald Burdick Uniondale, Pa. IZABETH DeNLINGER Millersville. Pa. Benjamin Ebersole Hersliey, Pa. Robert Enterline Elizabotlitowii. Pa. 41 Robert Detwiler Oaks, Pa. Loiis Klliot Hollidaysburg, Pa. Charmaine Fickes York. Pa. JoYCK Foley Lancaster, Pa. Gordon Foster Wiconisco, Pa. Richard Good New Holland, Pa. Leonard Grimm Harrisburg, Pa. Benjamin Groff Rheems, Pa. Robert Hammers Stewartstown, Pa. Donald Haverstick East Petersburg, Pa. Richard Heisey Elizabethtown, Pa. 42 y.. V Charmar Hershey Hershey, Pa. Earl Hess Lebanon, Pa. Arthur Hiepler Lancaster, Pa. Fern Hoffer Colonial Park, Pa. Patricia Hogg Donnelly Lancaster, Pa. Darwin Hollinger Lititz, Pa. John Kendig Salunga, Pa. Stanley Kettering Lebanon, Pa. — 43 Edmund Kling Blairs Mills, Pa. Helen Kreider Quarryville, Pa. Paul Krick Reamstown, Pa. William Landis Lancaster, Pa. Richard Long York, Pa. William Longenecker Mt. Joy, Pa. Hugh Manifold York, Pa. Nancy Mathias Harrisburg, Pa. 44 Carolp: DeVerter Meckley Elizabelhtown, Pa. Paul Meckley Elizabetlitown, Pa. : MS ' %. ■» i.-- ' 4 . -S« - d I Anna MudrinicH Harrisburg, Pa. Barbara Nelson York, Pa. bhhb Pauline Nissley WB Manheim, Pa. f--j: Hk " (WW Joseph Prokopchak r Reading, Pa. j ij k Robert Reahi fe Harrisburg, Pa. r? - f -T Lois Hinehart — 45 — Waynesboro, Pa. M HTIN RlSSKR Elizabotlituwn, Pd. M RL HOHRBAUC.H llairisbiiri;. Pa. Paul Sensenig East Petersburg, Pa. Harry Shuster Philadelphia, Pa. Armon Snowden Bethlehem, Pa. iviAN Snyder Florin, Pa. Maurice Stabler Highspire, Pa. Gene Swords Lancaster, Pa. — 46 John Thompson Baltimore, Maryland WiLMKR TrINKLE Pliiladelphia, Pa. Kenneth Weaver Stevens, Pa. J. Irvin Wenger Palmyra, Pa. Patricia Whitaker Conesloea, Pa. Joanna Wilson Mechanicsburg, Pa. Howard Wittel Manhcim. Pa. Bernice Zercher Mountville, Pa. — 47 Wilbur Bucher Lancaster, Pa. Juniors Not Pictured Roy Arnold Maytown, Pa. George Breneman Elizabetlilowii, Pa. William Browning Elizabethtown, Pa. Beatrice Caplan Harri-sburg, Pa. Stanford Cox Millersville, Pa. Ralph Fry Elizabethtown, Pa. Joan Hanlon Elizabethtown, Pa. Stanley Hoover Lineboro, Md. LuELLA Keener York, Pa. John Kiehl Marietta, Pa. Carl Martin Harrisburg, Pa. Herbert Smethers Berwick, Pa. Frederick Wilkins CoUingswood, N. J. — 48 SOPHOMORES James Meminger Lancaster, Pa. President of Class John Brunner Enhaut, Pa. Vice-President of Class Theresa Mohler Rohrerstown, Pa. Secretary of Class Paul Davis Plioenixvilie, Pa. Treasurer of Class Ellen Anderson Delta, Pa. W. Eugene Anderson Carlisle, Pa. 49 Jkan Bailey York, Pa. • ' r. Louise Bartenslager New Freedom, Pa. Peggy Berntheizel Columbia, Pa. Dorothy Bomberger Lebanon, Pa. Edward Brunner Eiiliaut, Pa. Donald Campbell Quakerlown, Pa. Michael Donnelly Lancaster, Pa. Harold Eby Mt. Joy, Pa. Nancy Basehore E lizabethtown, Pa. Tryon Benner Tliompsontown, Pa. — 50 — Gerald Fosbenner Quakertown, Pa. William Foster Norwood, Pa. Elizabeth Frost Lancaster, Pa. Bernice Gibble Myerstown, Pa. Richard Goss Lewistown. Pa. James Gross Dauphin, Pa. Stanley Hanshaw Oberlin, Pa. J. Robert Herr Salunga, Pa. Christine Hevvett Mechanicsburg, Pa. Louise H. Hicks Maytown, Pa. V!. 51 Marshall House Harrisbiirs;, Pa. Grace Keeny New Freedom, Pa. r.ARL KaIIFMAN New Cuinberlaiid, Pa. Henry Kerchner Lincoln, Pa. Thomas Kingree Smoketown, Pa. Doris Kopp York New Salem, Pa. Norma Landis Elizabetlitown, Pa. Robert Kline Minersville, Pa. Joan Kratz Elverson, Pa. Mary Lau Spring Grove, Pa. James Leber Dallastown, Pa. William Means Sandy Lake, Pa. Richard Martin Ml. Joy, Pa. Celia Ann Miller Penryn, Pa. David Milne York, Pa. Donald Ream Richlandtowii, Pa. Joyce Runk Liiieboro, Md. James Obetz Lancaster, Pa. Sara Reddig Reamslown, Pa. Lillian Rutherford Baiiibridfie, Pa. William Schneider t■nlIl()I•, N. J. J. Albert Seldomridge Lancaster, Pa. Burton Shellhammer Steellon, Pa. Sara Jane Sigafoos Lancaster, Pa. J. Edward Smith Ephrata, Pa. Katherine Strumpfer Philadelpliia, Pa. Lois Wilson Mechanicsburg, Pa. C. Gilbert Young Telford, Pa. Natalie Young Piedmont, W. Va. Lois Erb Mt. Joy, Pa. 54 — Sophomores not Pictured Earl Becker Epiirata, Pa. Richard Farley Harrisburg, Pa. John Consley York, Pa. Doris Fox Mt. Pleasant, Pa. Merrill Gross Harrisburg, Pa. Dale Sinniger Middletowii, Pa. Donald Haas West Fairview, Pa. Edwin Sparkman Harrisburg, Pa. Jack Herr York. Pa. Donald Reid Middletown, Pa. G. Harvey Strickland Philadelphia, Pa. Gwendolyn Roddy Wynnewood, Pa. H. Robert Teitrick Camp Hill, Pa. Israel Royer Carlisle, Pa. George Waltz Lebanon, Pa. — oa — FRESHMEN C. Frederick Horbach Ashland, Pa. President of Class Carlos Ziegler Lititz, Pa. Vice-President of Class Betty Ann Hammers Stewartstown, Pa. Secretary of Class Ellis Shenk Myerstown, Pa. Treasurer of Class Jean Bagenstose Shoeniakersvillc, Pa. Victor Ballou Lancaster, Pa. Lester Baum Hershey, Pa. Gordon Baver Pennsburg, Pa. Mariane Beane Paradise, Pa. Julius Belser Elizabetlitown, Pa. John Bender Harrisburg, Pa. Dale Berkheimer York, Pa. th — 56 — Clarence Bivens Dillsburg, Pa. Albert Blecker Lebanon, Pa. Patricia Boggs Elizabethtown, Pa. 1 1 i. |k ■■- LiilI 1 ' Elsie Bomgardner Elizabetlitown, Pa. Laura Mae Boone Loganton, Pa. Barbara Bowman Ludlowville, N. Y. Josephine Bowman Lebanon, Pa. B. Lorraine Burkhart Lancaster, Pa. Bobert Cochran York, Pa. Jay Cook Dillsburg, Pa. Marilyn Deppe Lebanon, Pa. Phyllis Dougherty Landisville, Pa. Miriam Douple West Lawn, Pa. David Ebersole Lancaster, Pa. William Ellsworth Guthsville, Pa. 57 — Walton Emig Spring Grove, Pa. John Fenstermacher Lansdale, Pa. Jack Fichter Merchaiitville, N. J. Carl Frederick Lititz, Pa. Harold Geib Manlieim, Pa. Cora Mae Gettel Sebring, Fla. H. Lamar Gibble Manheim, Pa. Arlene Gingrich East Petersburg, Pa. Mary Green awalt Philadelphia, Pa. Harvey Groff Salunga, Pa. Paul Grubb Elizabethtown, Pa. Glenn Hamme Spring Grove, Pa. Nancy Ann Heatwole Palmyra, Pa. Lucille Heisey Lincoln, Pa. James Hivner Elizabethtown, Pa. 58 Henry Hoerner Elizabethtown, Pa. Daniel Hoopert Mt. Joy. Pa. Betty Horn Carlisle, Pa. Thomas Kay Middlelown, Pa. Arlene Keeney Rehrersburg, Pa. Lois Keim LudlowviUe, N. Y. William Kell Daliastown, Pa. Carlton Lehman Lebanon, Pa. Martha Jane Lutz Elizabethtown, Pa. John Madeira Harrisburg, Pa. Fredrik Malmborg Landisville, Pa. JoAnn Mathias Waynesboro, Pa. Jean Miller Lansdowne, Pa. Walton Moyer Telford, Pa. Lucy Musselman Yernfield, Pa. 59 David Newcomer Elizabetlitowii, Pa. Roy Nuss Willow Grove, Pa. June Ramsberger Middletown, Pa. Frederick Ranck Kinzers, Pa. Charles Reidlinger Duncaiinon, Pa. Kenneth Reighard Elizabetlilown, Pa. Ronald Rhen Middletown, Pa. Dorothy Ritter Richlaiidtown, Pa. Gerald Roland Elizabetlitowii, Pa. Charles Roth Lititz, Pa. Phyllis Saylor Red Lion, Pa. William Seiders Elizabetlitowii, Pa. Nancy Seldomridge Lancaster, Pa. Nancy Shaeffer Chambersburg, Pa. Leonard Shertzer Hunimelstowii, Pa. 60 Nevin Snader Akron, Pa. Geraldine Snyder Elizabethtown, Pa. Anita Swords Lancaster, Pa. Eleanore Talley Telford, Pa. Mary Walzl Lancaster, Pa. Shirley Warner Huminelstown, Pa. Clara Waser Manchester, Pa. Mary Alice Weicksel Christiana, Pa. Arlene Weidman Manheim, Pa. Paul Welliver Elizabethtown, Pa. Alan Whitacre Ridgeley, W. Va. Daniel Whitacre Keyser, W. Va. Betty Ann Whitmore New Holland, Pa. David Wilson Mechanicsburg, Pa. Levi Ziegler Annville, Pa. 61 Ms. Freshmen not Pictured Robert Allison Lancaster, Pa. William C. Bausman Middletown, Pa. William Harlin Huntingdon, Pa. Roland von Hentig Los Angeles, Calif. John Bolton Harrisburg, Pa. William Boyer Summerdale, Pa. Robert Cinnamon Woodside, N. Y. John Dean McClure, Pa. Thomas Edwards Huntingdon, Pa. James Ferris Newark, N. J. Warren Fickes Harrisburg, Pa. Joseph Forney Thompsontown, Pa. Martin Forney Elizabethtown, Pa. Rachel Forry Hershey, Pa. George Gabel Steelton, Pa. Stanley Grill Christiana Road, Pa. Nelson Kline McClure, Pa. Charles Koppenhaver Pillow, Pa. Gilbert Shirk Elizabethtown, Pa. Norman Shuey Middletown, Pa. Christopher Simpson Philadelphia, Pa. George Sload Elizabethtown, Pa. DONNADALE SmUCKER Rockford, Illinois Blaine Stephens Elizabethtown, Pa. Frederick Williams New Cumberland, Pa. Richard Zerfing Millersburg, Pa. Carlos Ziegler Lititz, Pa. Special Students Frederick Boyer Pillow, Pa. Sara Bretz Altoona, Pa. Joseph Howe New Cumberland, Pa. Mrs. Dorothy Shaffer Harrisburg, Pa. Andre Yon Paris, France — 62 Top Left: William Longenecker having chesl X-rayed Top Center: Tree Planting Top Right: Summer Session Relaxation Bottom Left: Students Awaiting Chest X-rays Bottom Right: Fairview Hall, Homecoming Day Middle: Sadie Hawkins Party Middle Right: Fiftieth Anniversary Float — 63 Left. Top to Bolloni: (kimpuf: Snoir Scenes Right, Top to Bottom: Ice Skaters. Posters Aiinoiiucinij Sliidetil Meeting Concern- ing Conslilulional Reris:ion - -STOM-tfV ■ MEETING Planned a Student Senate - oT entite STUDENT ASSOCIATI(»J S ' USSION or STUDENT GOVERNMtNT JAN 11 - 9:30 A.M. - GYM 10 oclocle ckjse» will NOT m««t until diKJission n e i -:-,-7--t;.--:; " X-; i eiri TIC COK: Tli; ACTIVITIES Student Government A college is an agency of society. Student government representatives working witli administrative officers share the responsibilities for its growth and contributions. The keynotes for our student governing bodies are " cooperation " and " interests " — without which very little could be done on campus. The Student Senate this year has sponsored social activities, the student handbook, May Day, and revision of the student government constitution. Tlie respective councils guide student organization for group living by the principle of mutual consideration. Mens Student Council Women ' s Student Council Mervin Hess, President Armon Snowden LaRue Monn, Secretary Harold Ebersole, Treasurer Eby Espenshade, Vera R. Hackman, Advisers STUDENT SENATE Edgar Bitting Paul Boltz Jesse Brown Robert Graham Carl Liggio Walton Moyer Israel Royer Earl Ziegler Harold Ebersole Richard Hoopes Joseph Dodd, Adviser MEN ' S COUNCIL Armon Snowden Kenneth Weaver John Brunner Roland von Hentig LaRue Monn Gretchen Sherman Vera R. Hackman, Adviser WOMEN ' S COUNCIL Joyce Foley Charmaine Fickes Doris Kopp Barbara Bowman Student Senate Et Oman 7op. W . lleljii VV. Kissinger Middle: S. Martin. J. Whitacre, G. Stehiiian Bottom: L. Monn, E. Ganz, J. Anderson The big project of the Senior Class is tlie creation of the 1950 Etonian. At mid-century the Class of 1950 pictures the growth, traditions, and spirit of Elizabethtown College. Being the voice of tiie students is a difficult task. What we could not say in pictures we are attempting to say in words. After long hours of discussion and writing, the exact words continue to elude us. May these pages liold many memo- ries for you. This book is yours. We hope it will recall for you the voices of students waiting for the last dinner bell, the cheering when the score was tied, quiet moments in chapel, listening to soft music and the spoken word. .. li.: A. Troiit H. Kbersole .1, Anderson W. Helm W. Kissinger |[. on Hentig .1. Whitacre L. Morni Et ownian The stafl ' of the Etoivniari is composed of journaHsni studenls who work faitlifully to meet deadhnes required for a prompt pubMcatiou. The school paper reports tlie activities of stu- dents and ahunni, expresses opinions, and keeps tiiose interested in the college informed of coming events. Editor Carl Liggio Assistant Arthur Bowser Business Manager Armon Snowden Circulation Manager . . . Benjamin Ebersole Top: R. Kline. Secretary, ,1. Herr Middle: A. .Snowden, B. Ebersole liiiliorn: C. Ivaiifnian, K. Ziegler, .1. Krantz. J.iSeldoniridfje.D.Snavely, II. Mani- fold. A. Bowser L. to n.: G. Roddy W. Helm J. Dean A. Bowser V. Snyder Adviser Student Christian Movement The Student Christian Movement represents many religious activities on campus. Vespers, outstanding speakers, movies and recreation are all part of the Wednesday night programs. There are discussions on " deepening our spiritual lives, " " peace, " and " race prejudice. " Plans for the coming year are made at the annual spring retreat held at Mount Gretna. SCM CABINET Back, L. to R.: Jesse Brown, President; Christine Hewett, Secretary; Margaret Bose, Treasurer; Warren Kissinger, Vice-President. Front: LaRue Monn, Arnion Snowden, Ben Eljersole, Gladys .Steliinan. Maxine Bonniaii. Israel Boyer, Louise Bartenslager. I SCM Christmas Parly for Children Annual SCM Spring Relreat Held I., at Ml. Gretna The Ministerium The Lutheran Student Association 71 Choral Groups Entertaining at informal parties and banquets is tlie work of tlie college men ' s quartet. Tiie men ' s chorus is also active in presenting concerts in our local churches. The largest of all groups is the choral club, composed of students and friends from nearby communities who sing for the " joy of singing. ' ' This group sings Christmas music, cantatas, and anthems. Chapel services have become more meaningful to both faculty and students througii the inspired singing of the cJiapel choir. These choral groups, under tlie direction of Prof. David Albright, bind campus, church, and community in bonds of fellowship. College Quartet A Capella Choir Piling into cars early Sunday morning, cramming at the last minute to learn the music, and fitting new robes — all of these are only a part of the required schedule of a capella choir members. They are constantly stiiving for perfection in harmony, lyrics, and interpretation. By presenting its program of song to many of the churches of eastern and southern Pennsylvania the choir strengthens contacts with the college and its work. A Christmas musicale, caroling, and the annual Spring Concert — these, too, are the choir at work. Back.L. to R.: C. Frederick. C. Zie ' ler, H. Geib. M. Meyer. H. Merkey. R. Enterliiie, G. Swords, A.Siiowden. Middle. L. to R.: B. Nelson, E. Bonigardener. N. Matliias. H. Wittel, H. Brandt. M. Hess, E. Shenk, G. Stehnian, H. Kreider. Front. L. lo R.: D. Albrifjlit. L. Heisey, M. Schroyer. B. Bowman, C. Hershey. T. Moliler. B. Ilaniiners. L. Keini. L. Hinehart. - S, L. to R.: M. Beane, G. Sheiiiian, J. Prokopchak, W. Moyer, G. Heir, S. Sheetz, G. Foster, C. Frederick, C. R. Heisey. A small group on our campus that sustains interest and talent in music is the or- chestra. Providing necessary parts in a small college orchestra is not always easy. It is increasingly difficult each year to find new students who have the ability and who are willing to contribute to orchestral strength. The orchestra provides musical interludes for special occasions — the musical back- ground for May Day, for plays, for entertainment nights. These students enjoy playing together and meet weekly throughout the year. Three students will be remembered for their special talents and for the graciousness with which they have performed. Two Harrisburg Symphony artists, Nancy Basehore with her violin and Edgar Bitting with his flute, have appeared at many college affairs. Joseph Prokopchak and his accordion have brought us lighter music. We treasure memories of " The Dance of the Flute, " " Through the Air, " and " Czardas. " Orchestra I Edgar Bilting Nancy Basehore Joseph Prokopchak Comerciantes An excellent opportunity to acquaint students with the practical aspect of business is offered by the Comerciantes Club. Members in this association obtain valuable information through discussions, outside speakers, and field trips. During the past year, the local club assisted the college as host to the NOMA conference and enter- tained both business and non-business majors. Through a study of business techniques and methods, the student may find greater success in placement after college. President Edgar Bitting Vice-President John Herh Secretary Margaret Bose Treasurer Frank Witman Debating BBH BI H WM HI HiH HI H I m THE QUESTION: Resolved thai tiie United States sliould nationalize the basic non-agricultmal JTidustries. 1 THE ITINERARY: t Messiah College Temple University New York University Kings College Georgetown University St. Joseph ' s College Albright College American University Lehigh University University of Pit tsburgh Duquesne L ' niversity Allegheny College Carnegie Institute of Technology Bucknell Iniversity Gettysburg College Dickinson College Shippensburg College Ursinus College Cedar Crest College Muhlenberg College Lincoln Iniversity Franklin and Marshall College Seton Hill College St. Francis College Juniata College LaSalle College AFFIRMATIVE TEAMS NEGATIVE TEAMS 1. Clyde Weavek Warren Kissieger ]. George Breneman Joyce Foley 2. Hartmut von Hentig 2. Julius Belser Howard Wittel (Jerald Fosbenner Mahlon Hellerich, Ad riser Won . THE RECORD 26 Lost 15 Non-Decision 11 P " " Ban ■ H WHHI H nJMr U ' ' ' Hi 1 J IS " R H XSP ' " . Jtkm mi P ii BP!! iV JBI " tL ' -in ' bmw " I r ' ' " W " . WB Bp a U I 1 Ik " " ' J ' J Future Teachers of America Althougli a relatively new organization on campus, tlie Future Teachers of Ameri- ica Chapter has become well established and recognized along with other student clubs. The national Future Teachers of Amer- ica movement began at the National Education Association Convention in 1937, when educators were observing the Horace Mann Centennial. The purpose of the local club has been to foster high professional standards, to prepare young men and women for worth- while service in the teaching profession, and to help meet the growing demands for both elementary and secondary teach- ers. President James Whitacre Vice-President . . Richard Brubaker Secretary LaRue Monn Treasurer Janice Anderson li Language Clubs FRENCH: Members of Le Cercle Frangais try to overcome that " American way " of speaking French. To the home of Mrs. Ira Herr, one night each month, students bring tlie knowledge they have learned in class discussions on plays, novels, and French usage. Here through singing, conversing, and playing French games, the members become more aware of the deeper qualities of a romantic language. President Paul Raffensperger Vice-President James Whit acre Secretary Celia Miller Treasurer Martin Risseh GERMAN: Students who find it difficult and complicated to speak German witliin the classroom find it much easier to speak in a social setting. For this purpose, the very understanding an d helpful Professor of German. Dr. Neumann, invites the organized German Club to his home. Here the club uses Ger- man records, songs, and guest speakers with German background to aid their interpretation of the lan- guage. President Wilmer Trinkle Vice-President Edmund Kling Secretary Charmar Hershey Treasurer Charles Wells Sigma Kappa XI To those concerned with modern scientific problems, Sigma Kappa Xi provides opportunity for discussions, travel, and prac- tical experience. The club acquaints its members with various scientific works and phenomena. The emphasis placed upon scientific inquiry guides club activity. President Jesse Sheetz Vice-President Edward Cook Secretary-Treasurer Charles Shaffer Sock and Buskin Dramatic ability is a great gift and is encouraged on our campus by the Sock and Buskin. Members of this club provide entertain- ment llirough llie year for students and friends. Some of their recent productions were; The Triniplet, Macbeth, New York Streets. Our Lives Are ! ' ow. President Jean Grubb Herb ' ire-PresideTt{ Joseph Long Secretary Pauline Nissley Treasurer Benjamin Ebersole 80 — SPECIAL EVENTS May w-v-. The May Court 1949 Queen Beulah Barnthouse Maid of Honor Jane Hernley Senior Attendants Ruth Ehrlen Rita Sussman Junior Attendants Joan Martin Maxine Bowman Sophomore Attendants Carole De ' erter Bernice Zercher Freshman Attendants Sara Reddig Norma Landis iS - ■■W- ' . -. t-V Al " - A ' xf -T j: « . i i icv7 3i i? . Hf 1- ' v ' :«».-- k f:L. Day The first warm breeze of spring blows over tlie cam- pus, birds sing, and dogwood is in full bloom. May Day is here and our cliosen (|ueen reigns for the day. As she and her court in billowy gowns float down over the green, music fills the air with splendor and a dream comes true. The queen of last year comes to crown her royal majesty, surrounded by her loyal court. Following the 1949 coronation, the queen and her court were entertained with a fairy play, a masque The Trimplet, the peasant singers, the May-pole dance, and the royal recessional. Later in the day spectators enjoyed the art exhibit, baseball game, tea, and dinner. The evening musicale concluded this annual Maytime festivity. ■ The Forty-seventh Commencement Commencement in the dell — a perfect clay for tiie first graduating exercises to be held out-of-doorsi. A long academic procession of 102 graduates, of faculty in bright hoods, and of trustees moved from Alpha Hall across the grassy slopes of west campus. Dr. Howard Moody Morgan told the graduating class that the " unshaken founda- tions " tiiat have been and still are basic to the civilization of the world are (1) the sovereignty of God, (2) righteousness and trutii as the foundations of society, and (3) the centrality of the cross. Upon the graduates of 1949 President Baugher conferred bachelor ' s degrees in science and liberal arts. Upon three leaders in government and religion the president conferred the honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws and Doctor of Divinity. I .- " v Dr. Howard Moody Mor- gan addressing the grad- uates. Dr. William Freeman, President Buugher. Sen- ior Class President Wil- bur Shoemaker. Dean Backer congratulat- ing .Joseph Forry upon reception of diploma. Dean Backer and Presi- dent Baugher witk recip- ients of degrees: (ieorge Detweiler. D.D.; William C. Freeman, I.L.I).: and . esse D. Reber. I). I). New Library A windy, sunny April morning, tlif gallu ' ring of curious students and inter- ested members of I lie conmiunity, and llie appearance upon tiie scene of the officials of our sciiool — this was tiie set- ling for tlic ground-breaking ceremonies for the new library. From the photographer ' s lens we see our library develop from a spade in the soft earth to the red brick walls and the Georgian lines of the completed building. This beautiful structure in tlie heart of the campus will be the home of 45,000 volumes; of these, 3,000 will appear on open shelves in a special reading room. There is a repository, too, for the famous Sauer Bible and valuable records and literature of the Church of the Brethren. Here all may come to read and learn. E The Library — west view The Library — south view Ql Homecoming alHI il K. October 29 was Homecoming Day. Alumni and students cheered the tug-of- war as the struggling freslimen pulled the over-confident sophomores into the cool waters of Lake Placida. Decorated dormitories and a float bearing the college seal greeted the re- turning alumni. A close-fought soccer game won by one point in the last 30 seconds held Towson scoreless. Candlelight, music, and feilowsiiip with former students brought back cherished memories of otlier college days. irlogwVill SPORTS I COACH HERR Turning out oliampionsliip teams, finding riglit combinations, always upliolding tlie spirit of tlir particular sports he coaches, and modestly taking no credit for the strategic victories that his teams have won — all this brings us to a fuller appreciation and recognition of the director of our sports program, Coach Ira Herr. i 90 Varsity Basketball A feeling of pride sweeps local fans as our rangy basketeers take to the courts for a spirited jump-up at center, quick shuttling passes, and a dizzy pace of liandwork and footwork. Our teams get away to another rugged season. The 1949-1950 Record Opp. Etown Nov. 30- -Getlysburg . 50 48 Dec. 1- -Kings . 54 53 Dec. 3- -Millersville . 68 58 Dec. 7- -St. Joseph ' s, Philadelphia 74 59 Dec. 10- -Juniata , 53 67 Dec. 14- -Moravian . 94 70 Jan. 5- -Maryland State, Towson . 60 54 Jan. i — -Lebanon Valley .... . 84 77 Jan. 11 -Susquehanna . 66 80 Jan. 14 -Lincoln University . . . . 71 57 Jan. 21- -Shepherd, West Virginia . 53 52 Jan. 27- Lincoln University . . . . 64 56 Opp. Etown . 82 63 Jan. 28— Millersville Feb. 2— Shepherd 79 57 Feb. 4 — Juniata 62 57 Feb. 7 — Lycoming 47 62 Feb. 10 — Bridgewater 55 59 Feb. 11— Dickinson 80 72 Feb. 16— Mt. St. Mary ' s 49 46 Feb. 18— Ursinus 69 82 Feb. 24 — Lebanon alley 77 67 Feb. 25 — Susquehanna 42 78 Mar. 2 — Dickinson 77 79 Mar. 4— Albright 85 62 Standing. L. to R.: Dodd, Foster. Haversticli, Heliii, E. Biunner, J. Brunner. Royer, Meminger. Henise, Heir. Kneeling: Hess, Martin, Trupe, Bolton, Berger, Kingree, Schneider. Back, L. io R.: Herr, Whitacre, Grill, Bolton, Ruoss, Kell, Dfidd. Front: Hnth, Hamme, Kingree, Kline, Lehman. Junior Varsity Record Opp. Etown Dec. 3— Millersville 53 59 Dec. 10— Juniata 45 53 Jan. 7 — Lebanon Valley 55 37 Jan. 11 — Susquehanna 42 54 Jan. 14 — Lincoln University .... 54 51 Jan. 16 — Stevens 43 48 Jan. 21 — Lebanon Business College . 33 65 Jan. 27 — Lincoln Llniversity .... 54 49 Jan. 28— Millersville 70 46 Feb. 4— Juniata 55 59 Opp. Etown Feb. 7 — Stevens 60 64 Feb. 11— Dickinson 58 55 Feb. 16— Mt. St. Mary ' s 54 66 Feb. 18— Ursinus 50 68 Feb. 22— Hershey Jr. College .... 25 53 Feb. 24— Lebanon Valley 62 59 Feb. 25 — Susquehanna 48 66 Mar. 2 Dickinson 67 64 Mar. 4— Albright 70 50 Bark. L. lu ?.; Bagt ' iistose. Gettel. Giblile, Bomberger, Kratz, Bomgardner, Beane. keeiiey. Weieksel. Front: Mathias. Kreider. Warner, Monn, Anderson. Hanuners. Baseball " Batter-uppp! " " Strike one — two — tliree!! " calls stu- dents from classroom to diamond. Apr Apr Apri Apr Apr Apri Apri Apr: May 1 7 — Bridgewater 6 -Shepherd 2 1 12— MSTC 6 1 20 Lebanon ' aliey 1 1 21 — I rsinus ' .6 1 26— Albright 7 1 27 — Juniata 4 1 30 — Susquehanna 5 3 — Kings 1 May 7 — Susquehanna May 10 — Dickinson 6 May 16 — Dickinson 5 May 24 — Lebanon Valley 4 May 27— Shepherd 3 May 28 — Towson 1 16 5 5 8 3 2 3 1 7 6 1 6 11 Standing. L. to ?.; Heir, Henise, Douden, Martin, Kingree, Hollinger, Meyer, keatli, Graliain, Gingricli. Kneeling: Drescher, Hess, Kell, Ualjer, Suavely, Helier, Walter, Lichty. tun ' u loccer : The drive down field, twists and turns, a wild kick that barely misses the ball, the all-out attack on the enemy ' s goalie, an educated toe that sends Ihe ball into pay dirt, llie thinnping on the back of the hero — this is soccer Ihe way our boys play it. This fascinating sport returns to our campus each fall and brings with il the vigor that keeps it alive on most college campuses throughout the nation today. Opp E-t() vii Oct. 1— Kings 2 I Oct. X — Lincoln llniversity 1 4 Oct. 8 — Bloomsburg 2 1 Oct. 14 — University of Baltimore ... 4 1 Opp E-town Oct. 21 — Lincoln Llniversity 2 1 Oct. 29— Maryland State 1 Nov. 5 — Lock Haven 4 2 Standing, L. lo R.: Snavely, Schneider, Henise, Cooli, Foster, Giiigricli, Kingree, Meyer, Boltz, Rolirl)augli, Simp- son, Letiman. KneeUmj: Benner, Seldoniridge. Royer, Haverstick, Kline. Kettering, Dodd, Hoerner, Lichty, Snowden. ennis A lasl-minute tightening of the slioe-laces — on to tlie court — our team faces tal- ented opponents — a readying signal, and the battle is on. Back and forth, dizzy smashes, an unlimited amount of footwork — and headwork. It takes a lot of stamina for good tennis playing but our boys are ready for the toughest of matches, and they usually come through vilii another victory to their credit. How well they deserve the new macadam courts! Phiyt ' rs. L. to It.: Krmik Ziiik, Bciiii ' i ' dGiissinger, Haiuld Felleii- haiim. .lames Huberts, Harry Karliart, llldward Fitzkee, James Meininger. Elizabethtown in 1949 won by these scores over: Franklin and Marshall 5-4 Millersville 5-4 Millersville 7-2 Ursinus 8-1 Albright 7-2 Susquehanna 7-2 Susquehanna 8-1 Dickinson 6-3 Dickinson 7-2 97 — Intramurals " Football " played on a basketball court. Many students never played tliis interesting sport until tliey enrolled in intramural basketball competition. Dizzy drives and fast breaks, carrying the weight of steam rollers behind them — all are in frequent use by the local lads. Virtually a free-for-all, this sport exposes the latent spirit of campus life. In the spring one may see a high-flying ball on its way over the trees near the science building. " Around the horn " and " it ' s a home run! " Such is the spirit and enthusiasm behind the players and supporters of our intramural program of sports. p. J. Boltz, N. Mathias, J. Dodd Athletic Association and Cheerleaders In victory or in defeat our Athletic Association and cheerleaders loyally support our teams. Throughout the year they promote school spirit and stand back of our teams whether on field or on court . The athletic program could not have the color and spirit of sportsmanship behind it if it were not for these eager supporters and rooters who keynote its strength. J-Vee Cheerleaders D. Bomtierger, N. Yoimg. J. Mathias. ,1. Bagenstose 1 arsily Cheerleaders A. Keeney, P. Beiiitheizel. S. Reddig, B. Bowman. B. Ham- mers. Top Left: " Chefs " Top Center (2 pictures): Sock and Buskin Initiation Top Right: Miss Engle and Gretchen Sherman Middle Left: Cheerleaders in Action at Soccer Game Middle Right: Argyle Socks Bottom Left: 19 9 Commencement Procession Bottom Right: Tug-of-War Pictured on opposite page — Fairriew and Alpha Halls — 100 — • -.V ' :a -- ' -t ii£ 1 . . . ■,,, r ' MS " vX - fc 7 r t 5 - € r - - ' ' V 1 HHj T|j t rN .,j L -- JA in .•- ' ?■ sw ' ««- , s Mfe, i? . rrl r ' . - ■ ir iti ' J. T « -i. Picliired on tlie opposite page: Norlh. Soiilh. and Center Halls and Science Building On tliis pajjc: Top Lefl: Summer Campus Scene Middle Center: Summer Kitchen Crew Top Center: Relurning to Fairview Middle Right: " Harry " Top Right: At .lean Herr ' s Home Bottom Left: Part of Conrocation Procession Middle Left: Girls ' BasketlMtll Game Bolton) Right: Christmas Party ' x? ; if 1 tm m ' - Wl " ' . .iH ' iflaB K« 1 W: 1 ' " Q K 1 , ' 1 i . •: mf, !.-» ,«»•) ' i= " ' Mi i? di abetbtobin CoUege ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. A Standard Co-educational College Approved hv Penns -Ivania State Council on Education Accredited bv Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges GRANTING A.B. and B.S. Degrees IN Liberal Arts Science Pre-professional Fields Laboratory Technology Secretarial Science Business A dministration Strong Faculty Diversified Extra-Curricular Program Delightful Location Emphasizing the values of the small, church-related College For information write President A. C. BAUGHER, Ph.D., LL.D. 104 Compliments of RAY GUTSHALL ' S MEN ' S STORE HABERDASHERY 17 E. High St. Phone: 156-J MARY B. REBER- Art Shop GIFTS — New and Different Columbia Yarn 50 North Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS BOOK STORE Distributors of RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE 20 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Your GOOD GULF DEALER BISCHOFF ' S Jewelry Store WATCHES, DIAMONDS and JEWELRY 25 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. EPPLEYS TOWN PHARMACY • Moose Building Elizabethtown, Penna. Compliments of the W. T. GRANT CO. SHEARER ' S FURNITURE STORE " The Largest Furniture Store Between Lancaster and Harrisburg " 35-37 South Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 12-W 105 Always SKop and Meet Your Friends at the FrienJly BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c— lOc — $1.00 and up Selr-Service Grocery Dept. Elizatetnto-wn, Pa. AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN " Come in and Sit Once " in our Penna. Dutch Atmosphere Banquets a Specialty Phone: 13-R ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL LUMBER— BUILDERS SUPPLIES-COAL Phone: No. 3 54 Brown Street Lancaster Beverage Distributors Pepsi Cola Cloverdale Soft Drinks )0 615 East Mifflin, LANCASTER, PENNA. FRANK S. MILLER Trading as HARRY MILLER SON • Elizabethtown, Penna. Aunt NeHie ' s Foods Are The Finest Dislribiiled by HARRISBURG GROCERY COMPANY Harrisburg, Pa. 106 — Lester E. Roberts Office Equipment Co. Friendly Serv ice 202 Walnut St., HARRISBURG, PA. KELVINATOR PRODUCTS Radios and Appliances Office Designers Commercial Stationers Mount Joy, Pa. Compliments of the Savoy Shoe Co., Inc. • Makers of Fine Shoes For Women • ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Shenk Tittle " EVERYTHING FOR SPORT " 313 Market Street HARRISBURG, PA. Compliments of JAC. B. FISHER Music and Appliance Store • 22 E. High St. Elizabethtoun, Pa. RCA-VICTOR— TELEVISION LEVI C. HERSHEY GROCERY One of the Red Rose Food Stores Phone: 18 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. --107 — THE EVANGELICAL PRESS Printing : Electrotyping : Bookbinding Third and Reily Streets Harrisburg, Pa. Always the Finest QUALITY DAIRY FOODS ICECREAM PENN DAIRIES, Inc. Compliments or MILLER SHOE SHOP 314 PeacK Alley Elizabetktown, Pa. WENGER ' S MILL ' ' AL W. " Feeds 3 RHEEMS, PENNA. Phone: Elizabethtown 175 C.H. CARMAN Welding ana Ornamental Iron Work PKone: 29-R ElizabetKtown, Pa. — 108 — KING ' S WEAVER ' S Book Store . . . For World Famous BIBLES ADAM HATS CHURCH SUPPLIES • RELIGIOUS BOOKS— New and Used SOUTH MARKET AT FORTY-FOUR 44 S. Duke St. LANCASTER, PA. WM. E. LAWTON CLEAR VIEW DINER HOME FURNISHINGS East of Elizabethtown on Everything for the Home Route 230 HOME COOKED MEALS Route 230 Elizabethtown, Pa. 2 -Hour Service " The Highway Store " TRY OUR HOME PASTRY Brown s Fresn Frozen Fruits ■ Vegetatles PAXSONS CUT RATE Retail and Institutional Moaern Soda Fountain Dolly Madison Ice Cream BROWNS FROSTED FOODS INC. 19 W. HigK Street EightK and Peacn Sts. Lemoyne, Pa. ElizatetKtown, Pa. PKone: Hbg. 4-5937 Phone: 9222-W S. G. HERSHEY SON Compliments of DEPARTMENT STORE 1 ICELAND, Inc. ElizabetKto-wn, Pa. — 109 — Ciompliments of LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. J. L. MECKLEY Automatic Heating V entilating Distributor of ine Amazing Winkler Low Pressure Oil Burner Burns All Type, of Fuel Oil Loscn Stoker Boiler Units Winkler btokers ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 414 Xo Be Sure . . . Buy UNION JACK BRAND HIGH QUALITY RIGHT PRICE Cannea Fooas DistriDuted ty MILLER AND HARTMAN LANCASTER. PA. 110 J. F. APPLE CO., INC. 336 S. West End Ave. Lancaster, Pa Manufacturers of Elizahethtown College Jewelry When You Think of Music Think of GRIMM KIRK JOHNSON CO. INSURANCE AGENCY MUSIC HOUSE INSURANCE Serving the Musical Needs For All Needs of Lancaster Co. 119 S. Market St. Elizahethtown, Pa. for Over 65 Years Phone: 64 SCHROLL ' S Compliments of ICE CREAM STORE ELIZABETHTOWN Soda Fountain — Sandwiches ICE MANUFACTURING CO. For a quality treat at lower prices On the Square— Phone: 508-M ELIZABETHTOWN Qompliments of . . . A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING CO. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 1 — 111 , DRINK -, - T - The pause that refreshes Kohr Bros. FROZEN CUSTARD Chestnut Mulberry Streets LANCASTER, PA. nil.BKHT H. GOTTSHAI-L. Mgr. KAUFFMAN ' S GARAGE General Auto Repairing All Kinds of Welding Official Inspection Station College Ave. Market St. Phone: 559 Spickler ' s Dairy Pasteurized and Viscolized Milk, Cream, and Buttermilk ORANGE and CHOCOLATE DRINKS • Phone: 57 PARK STREET ELIZARETHTOWN, PA. GUY ' S BARBER SHOP Market Square Elizabethtown, Pa. HOLLYWOOD TAILOR 44 E. Chestnut Street LANCASTER, PA. Rented Tuxedos Custom Tailoring Ready Made Clotties Plione: 3-9W6 — 112 — ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING and SUPPLY CO. BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 341 W. Bainbridge Street, Elizabethtown, Penna. GEORGE A. FISHER Domestic ana Commercial Refrigeration K.elvinator bales ana Service Elizabetnto ' wn, Pa. Compliments of BROUCHT S MEAT MARKET 429 EAST HIGH STREET Phone: 14-R RISSER BROS. Delicatessen and Restaurant SODA FOUNTAIN ALL ELECTRIC COOKING A Delightful Place to Eat ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone ; 176 HESTECO MANUFACTURING COMPANY 443 West High Street BACHMAN CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING CO. MT. JOY, PENNA. Coating Liquors and Cocoa. " Old Sol B. rs " Milk Chocolate Goods a Specialty. " Athlete Bars " 113 — Compliments of Newcomer ' s Firestone Store Phome: 490 ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. 1 CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, Inc. Manufacturers of FULL-FASHIONED HOSIERY Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 50 MUSSER S GROCERY • Phone: 552 103 Mt. Joy Street MARTIN ' S RESTAURANT featuring DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 2630 Walnut St. Harrisburg, Pa. Wenger Sensenig, Inc. AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE PARADISE, PENNSYLVANIA D. H. MARTIN CLOTHIER and FURNISHER CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. — 114 Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS JOHN M. MILLER Insurance Broker J.ITITZ, PA. Educational Publishers MARKET BASKET LUNCHEONETTE Elizabethtown, Pa. Los Angeles, Calif. Elgin, III. Atlanta, Ga. Dallas, Texas Short orders - Fountain service 59 ' 6i College Ave. MUMPER ' S DAIRY North Hanover Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone 26} ' W VITAMIN " D " HOMOGENIZED MILK Mtl? , Crtam iauym . Orange DrinX Chocolate Drin — 115 REINHOLD S SUNOCO SERVICE LuDrication : Vvasning Tires : Tubes : Accessories PKone: 9046-M Elizabetntown, Pa. R. H. FORNEY Chrysler-Sales Plymouth Elizabetntown, Penna. GINDER CLEANERS " Keep -well aressed ana upkeep down 12 E. High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 187-W Tailor made Suits GRUBB BRENEMAN COAL : FEED 116 THE CLASSIC SHOP Elizabethtown s Smartest Women s Shop ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY Ba){ers of QUALITY PRODUCTS Miles E. Gassert, Prop. Phone: 259 S. F. ULRICH, Inc. BUICK and CHEVROLET Sales and Service ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 21 FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers for 4} years of HIGH-GRADE FERTILIZERS Phone; 11 Elizabethtown, Pa. " Garden Spot " Meat Products W n Favor by Quality and Flavor EZRA W. MARTIN CO. R. F. D. No. 5 LANCASTER, PA. — 117 ELIZABETHTOWN FARMERS SUPPLY, Inc. FARM MACHINERY REPAIR and SUPPLIES JOSEPH F. GINGRICH INC. Real Estate id Insurance 55 N. Market St. ElizatetKtown. Pa. Phone: 419 Buch Manufacturing Company • Elizabethtown, Pa. LRO B. KOB Pltimbing and Heating Contractor Authorized Dealer for G. E. AUTOMATIC GAS AND OIL HEATING Phone: 4J 24 Hour Service Pnone: Elizatttnto-wn 226 NEWCOMERS SERVICE STATION RicKfield Gasoline Riclilube Motor Oils Tires, Tutes. Batteries ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. US Milton F. Eberly Klein Chocolate Furniture of Character Company, Inc. at Reasonable Prices • Wishes the Route 3, Elirabethtow,n, Pa. Plioiie.- 540-R Our Location Sa es You Money Class of ig o the Best of Success and Happiness For Finer, Fresher Foods For Prompt and Courteous Service THE DRESS SHOP • DAISY M. KLEIN GREINER BROS. FOOD STORE on the square Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 139-M Phone: 267 Kodaks Stationery Compliments of DORSHEIMER ' S GARBER MOTOR COMPANY • " Center Square " HOME OF FORD PRODUCTS Sporting Goods Confectionery • ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 119 Compliments of . . ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT COMPANY Compliments of Joseph E. Greenber Myers ' Machine Shop 119 N. Poplar Street R. F. MYERS, Mgr. The RUOF BUILDING Offices and Storerooms Duke and Chestnut Streets LANCASTER, PA. L. A. Ruof, Jr., Mgr. Tonys SpecmUzing m REAL ITALIA SPAGHETTI Texas Hot Weiners • Virginia Baked Ham • Bar-B-Ques DINNERS Phone : 34-J LUNCHEONS 120 — Corapuments or . . . A FRIEND ZARFOSS HARDWARE ON THE SQUARE ElizatethtOTvn, Pa. Compliments or UNDERWOOD CORPORATION Typewriters Wm. E. Gring, Mgr. 52 N. Queen St. Lancaster, Pa. I|amtlt0n Diamonds Walches CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. LOUIS LEHRMAN y SON Wnolesale Food DistriDutors 110-122 S.Seventeentb St. HarrisDurg, Pa. Party Supplies ICoaaks GEBHARTS ART SHOP and BOOK STORE 26 W. High Street Elizabetntown, Pa. Gifts for All Occasions Stationery Greeting Cards MOVERS POTATO CHIPS For Sale At Your Local Grocers • " Among the hest hy test " — 121 — APPLEBY BROS. WHITTAKER CO. WHOLESALE Heating, Plumbing, Steam, Gas and Water Supplies Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Radiators 216 South Second St. Harrisburg, Pa. LEAMAN ' S TIRE SERVICE • RECAPPING and VULCANIZING • ELIZAS ETHTOWN, PA. ROTH ' S FURNITURE STORES • FURNITURE OF CHARACTER • 206-210 South .Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: S -R LEHMAN BOOK CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant • Phone: 473 Free Delivery Service 35 West High St., ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of THE ECONOMY SHOE STORE X-Ray Fitting Russel L. Hein 39 E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: I5-M GAY GIBSONS and MINX MODES Styled for Juniors GRACE C. BLOUGH 116 South Market Street Elizatetlitown, Pa. 122 LANCASTER PAINT GLASS CO. HERSHEY y GIBBEL Manufacturers of Quality Paints General Insurance Jobbers of Auto Glass - Mirrors - Tatle Tops % Window Glass 235 North Prince Street Lancaster, Penna. LITITZ. PA. Phone: Lancaster 7104 H.S.RISSER MOTORS D. S. BAUM t OldsmoDile - Pontiac - Cadillac Home-made Bologna — Dried Beef Sales - Service % R.F.D..3 Phone: 540J PKone: 2-33 Elizabethtown, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 123 — PLEE-ZING L. B. HERR SON " There ' s None Better " • STATIONERY On Sale at Your BOOKS Neighborhood Grocer PRINTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS AUMENT BROS., Inc. • Wholesale Distributors 111-1 1 North Prince Street 46-48 West King Street LANCASTER, PENNA. LANCASTER, PA. Compliments or MUSSER FARMS f COLUMBIA. PA. 124 BISHOP ' S STUDIO ETONIAN PHOTOGRAPHER The Modern Studio with Years of Experience ELIZABET HTOWN, PA. KELLER BROS BUFFALO SPRINGS, LEBANON CO., PA. Phone: Schaefferstown J4 LITITZ, LANCASTER CO., PA. Phone: 6-2121 — 125 THE 1950 ETONIAN Printing and Binding to J. HORACE McFARLAND CO. Mount ;pleasant ipress HARRISBURG • PENNSYLVANIA 126 — g4u tog,raplt — 127 — c4utog.raph 128

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