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The Etonian A " i JB 4» Th ETONIAN ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Published by THE SENIOR CLASS ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA 1949 FOREWORD Our yearbook begins on May 7, 1948, wlien, after three years of pre- paration, Elizabethtown College was accepted into the Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. This accreditment places the college on the approved list of the leading graduate and professional schools of the nation. We have deemed it the purpose of this book to record the many liigh- lights of our college life since that memorable day and to relate them through pictures and captions in a convenient chronological order, so that these experiences will again li c. With this purpose in mind, then, read and reminisce. — 4 IN APPRECIATION To a mail of cliaracter, dignity, liigii esteem, deep convictions and Christian ideals . . . one who possesses a keen sense of liumor blended with a forceful personality ... a teacher who adds zest to his classes ... a dynamic speaker who enthralls his audiences ... a minister who lives out liis teachings ... a person wlio exemplifies the basic spirit of Elizabeth- town College ... to Dr. Ralpii W. Schiosser, Professor of English, the Class of 1949 is honored to dedicate this Etonian. — 5 The Eighth Day of May NINETEEN HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT ■ ' The queen of yesteryear comes to crown our t[ueen today " . . . narrator Leidner . . . musical background, orchestra . . . ■ " in tiie liome first lessons are learned " . . . ■■the minister . . . meets many human needs " . . . ■■tiie college carries the standard of Christian devotion iiilo the fields of training for life " . . . ■■tiie work of the church goes forward . . . tlirough liie loving service of women " " . . . ■■so the home, the church and the college unite, guided by the light of the Christ " (taken from May Day script on World Brotherhood) I I .iill Ir - . Baseball Chants from the infield . . . the catclier ' s words of encouragement . . . tlie pitcher ' s motion . . . the craciv of liorseliide as it meets solid timber ... a roar from the crowd . . . cluirninf; cleats in the well-groomed turf — America ' s favorite sport provides all the thrills of the diamond as the baseball season returns lo the campus. Tenni 8 — April-May, 1948 ' H..;! , ' i ' . Smashing serves . . . sizzling drives . . . high lobs . . . tricky drop shots . . . over- head smashes . . . and finally, the leap across the net as victor congratulates van- quished—there ' s plenty of action on the courts when the tennis teams match strokes with their worthy opponents. am br. A. W . Cordier receires degree from Pres. A. C. Batigher The Treble Clef Trio 10 The Trustees en route to (Uinuueneen eni Graduation Time A cap and gown . . .an air of nervous anticipation ... a stirring address !) Dr. Andrew W. Cordier, recipient of tlic (irst honorary doctor ' s degree conferred by Elizabetiitown College . . . admiring friends . . . scholarship awards ... a hearty handshake . . . and tlien . . . tlie diploma, a token of four years of study ... a touchstone for the world that lies before us. This is the dav of commencement for the Class of 1948. ' (iller Gingrich is given the Chemislry Award 19 S Graduating Clas ■ ' t ▼11 ?. ¥j W •» The 1948 Summer Sessions Warm days . . . exaggerated concentra- tion mingled with thouglits of an afternoon swim or a game of tennis . . . classes on the lawn . . . ten-minute intermissions . . . mad rushes for " cokes " at the store . . . three-hour classes . . . homework by the lake — vacation time for many, but for sum- mer students— just more classes. I pper: Professor Landis. member of summer facultv Center: Mr. Collins helps in face-lifing of Alpha Lower: Summer school students enjoy recess 12 THE ETOWNIAN — Publiihtd Monthly, Txccpt Juiy and Auiimc. by J2ABt " THTOVrN COUTC.F. EUZ bETHTO N, PA. Member Ffesocided GoBeSioIe Press 1948-49 THE STAPF ------- Sara Startz it Editor ----.. Ni:al Hhlabaugh ZdHoTi - - - Albert Bravman a ' td Maky L mon Editor ...---- ROKEIlT HOTTEK rrj - - - - Robert Nm EY, Dorothy Sprout, Jane Fbey, Fe»n Svtlc RT, JEAN Young tporttrt - - Betttt Jave Andrews. Edward Fitzsee Cari Li ;cio, Jphn Saveps, Gt it-i ij FusBtNsrR, Thtki- . U.ki i r DONAI I ' Rt AM s Mtfasff ------ Samuel ' " ' ficn Sfjff • - KaTHRVN TMJMfTlR, Bl- Elwocc Bf ikm Mittgrr . - . •y Committft — Vera Hack man red aj »Kond-cl ' " at Eliiaber " - Send Your GReETiw 3 " Need It. nat s nice ! me back tw one of those expec fiv -and-ten. of the Woolworth Galleries, to go back and tell her the f fly. The .scrimmage inside might be for a halfback in training but for a man prefers the quiet life— huh-uht But why should I worry? My insurance is i btsides I ' m wearing an old suit. So I push op- d ' j.jf just in time to be knocked down with a i:kir shopper staggering out with her hat pt di ' v-n ovtr one eye, A second tr ' is more succe (depending upon the viewpoint). I find mysel the edge of the mob. If I had been smart I ' d ] stayed there; but, no, I step back; then rush the Mistletoe came with it. The next thing 1 know I ' m back where I stai but sitting on the hard fioor! A salesgirl has nerve to ask me if I ' ve paid for the mistletoe dr. over my left ear. I hand it to her; but too late someone has already kissed me — in the eye wit! umbrellal These women shoppers certainly ] the Yuletide spirit — they say " Merry Christmas ' ' fore they knock you down! Just th exi .a stout woman ( ' sibmii. 50 noti ngless if we miss the real ning of the Christ child. In will for man had been made known d mysterious ways. But now the mes- ■ime as a babe so that from the moment of coming men might love Him. [n reply to Robert Browning ' s " All ' s right with vorld " . . . , someone has said, " God ' s world is ; the wrong is in men. " !::on sequent ly, the Christian spirit is the Christ- spirit extended through the whole year. It is attitude toward every person, the atmosphere rery act . . . Abundantly Living, E. Stanley s. rhere are carols to sing and we shall sing them. it is born. m ' t Daydream — Drive )uring the Christmas holidays, there is an ap- ig increase in death on the highways. On Imas eve and Christmas day, death from motor :le accidents are two to three times the annual average. i cts show that drivers between 18 and 24 years e were involved in 27 per cent of all fatal acci- ; last year. !l recent survey shows that the three main ' S of accidents with young people are speeding, Jreaming and clowning, in that order. Speed- s the result of too much energy. But why let in an auto. rhe inability to resist destractions causes many IT accidents. Driving is hard when there is no ement. Don ' t try entertaining and driving at same time. Clowning is a tenden ?y to show off ai , resulting from these " thrills " are inex jCt ' s make tms Christmas merry insteac lany families and drive that car with sn; Lhought. Have alt the fun you can lu convertible or jalopy with extra cai ' . [This editorial was written before tl.. Kii g the Juniata game.— Editor) From the Etonian Editor Dear Faculty and St idents; The 1949 Etonian staff greatly appreciated recent photographing of canapus groups and activ relatively easy to follow when ever ' one works tO| We feel if this incident is duplicated with oil groups, we will achieve a worthwhile unified spii faction at Elizabeth town. Thank you again. Sincerely, Jane Frey, Student Creates A Haven of Rest AU was silent round the country On that bright and glorious morn; Naught was heard but choirs of angels Chantmg, " Christ the Lord is born. " Sweetly singing from the heavens They revealed to all below The event of all the ages Prophesied so long ago, go enthralled were all the people And so eager to beUeve, Wise men, shepherds, scribes in numbers Journeyed far, Him to perceive. Happy they who then beheld Him! Happy we. the blessed heirs Of a faith which greets His birthday Joyfully through all the years! ! His life on l To proclaim What e ' er t race Beloved; He ' What is the One may as ' Genial lov- This alone v Trust in one great supreme power. Faith and hope are added keys; Achievement, friendship, chaiacter These are things the Spirit sees. Fellowship together with all From the North, E West " In praise to God f ' Seeking the haven c an assistant foreman at th« Enola yards of the P sylvania railroad. Robert Kingsbury, ' 47, is employed ag an countant by the Crai er Motor company of Steei " " " .—-.-- ormor ding F le Th - Cenler right: Women reporters Lower renter: Men re )or(ers ) Much Complaining ' hat is wrong with the students of Elizi who cannot assume responsibility h with good results? Is it because wc lii ■mount of work thjt we get nothing doi vn fact that one can work much niorc - pressure. he president of the Student senate h; aJly all the little tasks that should be di the student body. Why? Not because o be free of the work but because he work is to get done on time he must do he docs feci free to call on other pcr the persons on whom he can rely and ft ' il! et done. liy does this condition exist? Students w ut when asked to contribute, where are . . doing what? Most time . . . nothij ponies ' ' than College news- lUII himself as re- NOT intend any papers pencils on noise-making nd continue it until it i |SHH)s tinue cheating when it ' " SSssvare watching liim with ike bucking for a posi- with all the answers :e ha TUg your sc mes- wise guys sit together ' C or a ' D ' on a final e past you? Doesn ' t stop it is to organize irity from hurting the college conscientiously ■r of R Bob Tl £ abou raa pai I on another ilreet. Did he gel a teasing from [Other occupants of the c r, Shirley Heisey, Ella 2 merman, Janet Myert. Darwin Hollinger and - I Stauffer? I Dr. Robert Hershey, pastor of the Luthe Church of the Holy Communion, Philadelphia, sj two days on campus recently speaking in chapel meeting with students in informal discussions. Members of thtt physical science class end Sigma Kappa Xi recently visited the FrankUn Ii tule and other points of Lnleresl in Philadelphia. Cars driven by Gerald Weaver and Stanley i tering were involved in an auto accident on the turn trip from the Juniata basketball game. No was seriously injured but Mildred Groff and Barl Nelson were treated in the Hurrisburg hospital. The library commitfeo of the Board of Trus m«i lasi week with Architect Hamme. York, Jo view the detailed specifications and blue prints the proposed library. Members of the commi preseni were: Paul Grubb, secretary. K. Exra Bt »r, chaiixnaxx. Clyde E. Weaver, Jacob Garman, Ja L. Miller, Ruftu Royer, John Sprenkle and Dr. A Baugher, ex officio. Dr. Robert Eshelman. instructor in business ■, Sludenl Senate plans yearly program Student Governing Bodies Pre-scliool planning of budgets and programs . . . creation of efficient student government . . . representation of tlie student body — a vital link between faculty and students, the Senate and Councils are our student leaders — an example of democracy in action. Men ' s and Wnmens Student Councils discuss c(unpus life First Semester Registration " Sign for books at the store " . . . " Fill out these cards, please! " . . . " Procure your key from Miss Ellis " . . . " Do you have enough credits? " . . . " How niaiiv hours are you taking? " . . . Yes, it ' s registration day — a new experience for the freshmen — an old one for the upper- classnien, but for all a time for careful planning, " sweating out " conflicts in schedule, signing num- erous cards — a preparation for again becoming a part of our college. A Tribute State basketball scoring champion . . . " dead sliot " . . . number 25 . . . " Mr. Basketball ' " . . . soccer goalie . . . baseball first sacker ... a versatile athlete, a first-class sportsman — that ' s Frankie Keath, whose name and personality have carved a place in his college ' s annals and the hearts of those who knew him and played with him. FRANKIE KEATH Clubs in Action Sigma Kappa I firepares Jar annual fishing (rip " Like to go fishing in the ocean? " Come along with the Science Club on its annual trip to the Delaware Bay. " Sprechen Sie Deutsch? " No mailer how little German you can speak, the Ger- man Club helps you to use what yon know — and lo learn more. — 16 — German Club holds in ilial meeting at Dr. and Mrs. Neuman s home i»iiiiii»iiiiiMini«amj«a.v!.s iiiijm«immMj wm Soccer in October 1948 »« -t. Soccer learn plays Lincoln University Tangled mazes of well-padded legs . . . resounding " plunks " as lieavily cleat ed shoes meet the ball . . . ballerina tactics with rougiuieck finesse . . . exciting saves at the goal . . . shivering spectators . . . it ' s the soccer season, with an appeal all its own. Reserves wail for Ihe signal I IJ » J I i i. ■ ,rl Mrs. Esther Buclier and Mrs. Mary Ellen Flory, pouring; Mrs. Marion l»ng, Lois Brehm, Marguerite Beck This is the day for reminiscing . . . hearty helloes to old classmates . . . inspections of classrooms and dorms . . . attempts at trying to associate elusive names with familiar faces . . . tea in the social room . . . plans for the future. ALUMNI COUNCIL: Hilda Gibbel. Cyrus Bucher, Blanche Isele, .1. Herbert Miller. Beatrice Myers. Guy Saylor, Alexander Glasmirc, .losepli Kettering, Hiram Frysinger, Mark Ehersole Homecoming October 30 Robert Leidiier and Beiilah Barnthouse as Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Tlie Sock and Buskin ' s production, " Tlie Barretts of Wimpole Stret ' t " in the auditorium . . . discussions of the old days . . . picnics on tlie campus . . . capers on the lawn In the youngsters . . . nostalgic memories . . . and reluctant gocjdbyes. The " old grads " have returned and the campus is theirs for this day. Orchestra provides musical interlude A stern, secere papa The 1948 , 4 Democrat or Republican ? Socialists on the march Presidential Election ■ ' Tniiiiaii for President " . . . " Dewey will win " . . . " Tliomas is our man " . . . " Win with Wallace " . . . Social Science Council and Senate cooperate — these are the battle cries of the campus politicians as the first political campaign at our college reaches red heat during pre-election week. Long lines to the registration table . . . soap box orations . . . boisterous hecklers . . . campaign parades . . . and prominent placards — all these are an ante-climax to the final day of counting the returns. lni[ironi )lu GOP hand Loyal supporters 21 Comercianies Progruni ( ' .ommillee checks its calendar Personnel of depulalions serving the Student Business students . . . social workers . . . debaters . . . future teachers . . . language scholars — a cross section of interests, yet each finds an outlet for his ambition. Visits to industrial plants . . . cheery programs for crippled children . . . analyzation of world Future Teachers of America receive charter 22 churches of Ecistern and Southern Pa. Debating Club decides on main emphases Interests problems by critical minds . . . orientation for becoming better classroom leaders . . . Frencii conversations in the dining room — these are tlie activities of the college clubs — experiences that blend business with pleasure. Le Cercle Francais speaks French at dinner 23 Spiritual Emphasis and Bible Institute Chapel talks on worry, marriage, personality, choosing a mate and win- ning friends . . . Dr. and Mrs. DeWitt Miller of McPherson College, Kansas . . . Bible Institute in the local church . . . vesper services, musical devotions by llie college choir ... an honorary doctor ' s degree to G. N. Falkenstein, first Elizabethtown College acting president — Spiritual Em- phasis Week — an important chapter in our school year ... a time for fcllowsliip in common Christian thought. 1 ' H 1 P " " l 1 7 H 1 i . . " peace on the earth, good ' ttiilltomen, JFrom heatien ' s all ' gracious Eing. " — 26 — Christmas The n-al spirit of Ciiristmas floods the very atmosphere of the campus . . . the impressive program of carols, chorals and scripture readings in chapel . . . boughs of holly and mistletoe . . . tinseled trees . . . the children ' s party in the gym . . . fes- tivities in the women ' s dormitories . . . the traditional carollers singing in the streets . . . the patient waiting for the long vaca- tion . . . the cheery " Merry Christmas " as we depart for home . . . and the deep down thankfulness for (Jod ' s gift to us. Varsity Basketball Center jumps . . . snappy dribbles . . . crisp passes . . . hook shots . . . backboard scrambles . . . two-handed arch shots . . . locomotive yells . . . half-time pep talks . . . the swish of leather on cord . . . the quiet hush before the last-second foul shot . . . thunderous applause — this is basketball at its best, leaving players and spectators breathless at most of this season ' s performances. 1 il mfrw n ' ' ■ .1 I. J H Y: } -0mwm L f - irjfTr-- : ' ' ' .p.f ' T r Varsity Too Strict foul rules . . . two-dribble limit . . . restricted zones . . . basketball witli a peculiar twist — that ' s girl ' s basketball and the Blue- birds play it witii all the feminine know-how that makes for spectator appeal. 29 ' MM Dorm Life That leisure hour in South Hall Music at Fairview Vespers in Alpha Bull sessions . . . noisy parties . . . quiet vespers . . . serious study . . . horseplay — never a dull moment in the dorms, for where there are college students there is life. 30 — Second Semester Cumulative records . . . class admission cards . . . lyceum tickets . . . classroom schedules . . . library cards . . . life histories and report cards — statistics (hat make life a bit impersonal, yet a vitally important necessity for efficient administration. ■■ " % ■• (» " S i[I[; ? ili J iS? RECORD 31 ' ' V " ., ' : ' 4 ■, ■ : . V V The Library Reading and browsing rooms . . . seminar rooms ... a faculty lounge . . . cozy fireplaces . . . 45,000 volumes — as yet only a blueprint. Reading rooms . . . fluorescent lighting . . . large circulation . . . ample magazine subscriptions ... all these are a part of the old we cherish so fondly. Intramurals Baseball . . . ping-pong . . . Softball . . . intramural sports, where grim determination and team spirit make the competition keen and provide outlets to non- varsity students for athletic par- ticipation. ■it h ' i, i i i I ri:. - ' . Spring on College Hill Warm skies . . . shady lanes . . . bursting buds . . . April showers . . . singing birds . . . it ' s Spring again . . . Nature ' s new year but the termination of ours, as the Jun- iors play host to the Seniors at their farewell banquet. Table, the morning after Oar photographer on duty The Etonian Deadlines . . . personal and feature writeups . . . interviews . . . portraits and candid snapshots . . . dummy makeups . . . trips to the printer and engraver . . . linai assembly — these were the duties of the Etonian staff. College annual staff at work 35 FOREIGN WNGUAGLS for c M GE ' fmMLmm£S or globalmce Dr. Neuman, Mrs. Neuman, Mrs. Herr Miss Hackman, Dr. Schlosser, Miss Nelson The Faculty If we were to describe our faculty, we would use such words as sincere . . . conscientious . . . sympathetic . . . en- ergetic . . . open minded . . . friendly . . . efficient. These attributes were ever at their disposal in the adminis- Vvoi. Biicher, Dr. Baugher. Dr. Bucher Professors Wongi ' i ' , oii Kljr, Mrs. Breiti{?;in Iratioii of well -rounded educational programs and the many extra-curricular events tliat supp lemented our formal education. This is our faculty of whom we are proud. Mrs. Meyer, Professors Herr, Book, Albright Prof. Meyer, Miss Sylvester, librarian Prof. Ebersole, Rev. Zuck.Miss Martin Our expanding program lias llirown a challenge to our faculty which they have most admirably met. Mindful of the problems rjf youth, they opened broad paths of learning and journeyed down those Drs. Apgar, Weaver, Stamt)aiif»li. . pgar; Professors Espenshade, KauH ' man -38 Professors Hoover, Herr, Dr. Eshelman Professors Kilhefner, Hellerich paths with us, encouraging and developing our appreciations. We are indebted to tliem for tiie example of a way of life and for many in- explainable intrinsic values. f -;P Mrs. Gingricli. Miss Sclxick. Miss Wanner, Mrs. Hershey — 39 Class of 1949 President Wilbur Shoemaker Vice President William Toland Secretary Jean Young Treasurer Ruth Zimmerly Adviser Prof. Eby C. Espenshade 40 The Next General o n 1. Jay W.. son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay W. Lehman. Sr.; 2. Brenda Joyce, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lighty; 3. Teddy Lee. son of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fellenhaum; 4. Ronald Ray, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boose; 5. Janelle Marie, daughter of Mr. and Irs. Richard (Jaus; 6. John David, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lehman; 7. Billy, son of Mr. and Mrs. William HoUenhaugh; 8. Linda, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Goodliart ; 9. Linda Jo. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Be er; 10. Ronald, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Williams; 11. Bobbie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert fireenawalt; 12. Wilbur Kenneth, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Shoemaker; 13. Jack and Susie, children of Mr. and Airs. John Goodyear; 14. Ronald Bruce, son of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe CJood; 15. Robert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Rebei-; IG. Ronnie, son of Mr. and Mrs. . ll)ert Brayman. SENIORS -4.6. in Liberal AHs PAUL ALWINE Elizabethtown wavy hair . . . pre-miiiisterial student . . . thrives on philosophy discu.ssions . . . mellow tenor voice . . . married BEILAH BARNTHOLSE B.S. in Business Education Uniontown leadinj; part in three Sock and Buskin plays . . . immaculate . . . soprano soloist . . . efficient, capable . . . attractive RICHARD BAUER B.S. in Business Education Lancaster well groomed . . . conscientious . . . enjoys controversy intelligent layman in church . . . photography interest JEAN BEYER B.S. in Secretarial Science cute, petite . . . talkative shooter . . . faithful secretarv friendlv. carefree Dover sharp A.B. in Liberal Art.s ROLLAND BOEPPLE Philadelphia individualist . . . red hair . . . dry humor . . . makes tlie piano sing. . . future minister . . .philosopher. . . self-styled comedian ■ iasi 1949 RAYMOND BOOSE A.B. in Liberal AHs prospective minister . . . amiable . . . parent . . . accepts responsibility willingly Landisville dotes on being a fond ALBERT BRAYMAN A.B. in Liberal Arts English teacher . . . born journalist . . . fan . . . seriousness of purpose . . . quiet Mt. Joy enthusiastic sports A.B. in Liberal Arl. SARA BRETZ Altooua horses, dogs, animals are synonymous with Sally . . . perennial borrower . . . record collector . . . Spanish and English teacher VERNON BRICKER .A.B. in Liberal Arts Elizabethtown " Mr. Einstein " . . . future mathematics professor . . . quiet . . . sense of humor . . . car troubles annov him WILLIAM BROWNING B.S. in Science Elizabethtown " ten o ' clock scholar " ' . . . revels in mathematics and chemistry . . . serene, unassuming ifc SENIORS ARLKTTA BYERS B.S. in Elementary Education energetic . . . rural school Icacher . . . . . peppy, good-natured . . . friend of ail Elizabethtown oil painting enthusiast STANLEY DOTTERER A.B. in Liberal Arts York mathematician . . . outstanding musician . . . man of many talents . . . systematic physicist, practical . . . original A.B. in Liberal Arts PHYLLIS DRl CK helpful . . . planning to teach mathematics . fan . . . tall, dark haired lass Haliam . ardent bowliuK A.B. in Liberal Arts CURTIS BUBBLE h]lizabethtown conscientious pastor . . . aggressive, optimistic . . . farmer . . . camp counsellor, Christian educator . . . constructive inquisitive- ness A.B. in Liheriit . rts RUTH EHRLEN Philadelphia clever, wilty . . . beautiful skin . . . English teacher . . . semi- classical popular music . . . interesting conversationalist 44 1949 A.B. In Liberal Arts EDWARD FITZKEE Bainbridge scx ' iable, friendly, likable, iiilelligeiU . . . reserved . . . excellent ability in English . . . German whiz . . . ready sense of humor B.S. in Science GEORGE FLOWERS shy, studious . . . organic chemistry, his forte . silent . . . man of friends Manheim . . sleepy, B.S. in Science JOSEPH FORRY delights in reading . . . active in discussions major . . . mathematics scholar Elizabeth town . . . chemistry JANE FREY A.B. in Liberal Arts Elizabethtown active, efTicient, thoughtful, dependable . . . desires to ' " teacli the underprivileged " . . . always meeting deadlines HAROLD FRAZER B.S. in Business Administralion Mechanicsburg popular, noisy, fun-making, likable . . . " Frazer " an ardent supporter of all sports . . . all-round man " ' SENIORS JOYCE FRYBERGER B.S. in Science Maytown R. N. from St. Josepli ' s Hospital . . . cliarniing, attractive, atte7Ttive . . . nursing instructor is lier goal ROBERT GARRETT B.S. in Business Administration Harrisburg governmental affairs claim his special abilities . . . quiet, dig- iiilied . . . ping-pong, Softball . . . extracurricular RICHARD GAUS B.S. in Business Education Columbia tall, blond, lean . . . excels in gaining friends . . . helpful, genial . . . proud father GLENN GINGRICH B.S. in Business Education Elizabethtown successful minister and teacher . . . scholarly, dignified, serene . . . interests range from counselling to recreation A.B. in Lilxral Arts HENRY GINGRICH Elizabethtown potential lawyer . . . informed on current events . . . tall, quiet . . purposeful interest in discussions 46 r I ROBP]RT GREENAWALT B.S. in Business Adminislralion junior accountant . . . C.P.A., his goal . . . gull ' enthusiast family man . . . energetic, sincere, kind-hearted .4.6. ( ( Liberal Arts JOHN GOODYEAR leader, organizer . . . capable teacher . . . photography, wood working . . . bright spots in his life KENNETH GOODHART A.B. in Liberal Arts mlL Mi WALTER GINGRICH B.S. in Science trombonist, tenor, musical abilities . . . tall, handsome, cjuiet . chemistry major . . . pleasant spirit Harrisburg Mechanicsburg Lancaster interested in getting assignments completed . . . future sales- manship . . . speaks of daughter " Linda " continually. . . witty MONROE GOOD A.M. in Liberal Arts Elizabethtown cheerful, conscientious minister . . . his main goal in life " mak- ing others happy. " — 47 — 1949 SENIORS S " JANE HERNLEY B.S. in Elementary Education Manheim sweet, unaffected elementary school teaclier ... a girl with ideals ... a mood to fit every occasion M WILLARD HERSHEY B.S. in Business Administration aspires to be a Certified Public Accountant . . . ex-Navy man PERRY HIPPLE B.S. in Business Administration Lititz a proud father Elizabethtown " Pete " is a thorough business man . . . ambitious, genial, con- siderate . . . amiable, sincere RAYMOND HIPPLE B.iS ' . in Business Administration Elizabethtown carefree but ambitious . . . one of many married vets . . accounting major . . . anticipates the hunting season tK G. VANCE HITZ B.S. in Business Administration salesman for General Motors in Harrisburg thoughts . . . jovial with a note of sincerity Harrisburg . man of forceful RICHARD HIVNER B.S. in Science Steelton science teacher of tlie future . . . dependable, a good companion, jolly . . . clean, friendly character A.B. in Liberal Arls THOMAS HOFFMAN Highspire definiteness of purpose . . . sincere minister in a neighboring pastorate . . . studious and quiet, genial WILLIAM HOLLENRAUGH B.S. in Business Education Maytown reliable, efficient, busy . . . quiet and thoughtful . . . takes pride in " Rill Jr. " FRANK KEATH B.S. in Business Education all-state basketball champion in 1948 . . modest, courteous, considerate and helpful Cornwall . a Iru -blue sport . . . ANNA KEPNER B.S. in Elementary Education Gettysburg manager, organizer . . . ((ueen of successful parties . . . dimp- ling smile . . . peppy personality . . . " Kep " is a carefree school teacher — 49 1949 SENIORS WINIFRED KNOX B.S. in Biisiiifss {o ' niliiislrulion Clifton Mills, W. a. (Icpi ' iidable, effirient, modest, conscientious . . . " Winnie " is a lH ' i|) lo many . . . neat, sincere KAHL LEHMAN .B. in Libenil Arix Elizabetlitown minister, electrician, father ... all of these aid Earl in his well- rounded personality . . . cheerful, friendly JAY LEHMAN B.S. ' in Businesy Adminislration Elizabetlitown natural wavy hair . . . outstanding smile . . . assists in con- struction work . . . energetic, cooperative A.B. in Liberal Arts ROBERT LEIDNER Leyport. N. J. well-dressed, interested in classical music, accomplished in oil [isinting . . . " Bob " " is the intelligent man and poet .4.6. in Liberal Arts MARY LEMON JMiddletown always ready to lend a helping hand . . . " Lemon " ' is the life of any group . . . studious, infectious good nature At ik 1949 ROBERT LIGHTY B.S. in Science Middletown serious conversationalist . . . " ' Bob " is a father and futnre den- tist . . . excels in carpentry and iuniling F REDERICK LOESCHER A.B. ill Liberal Ads Harrisburg returned to Army Air Forces . . . cjuiet, capable student . . . calm and fluiuglitful JOHN LOUCKS B.S. in Business Adniinisinilion York pleasant, cliecrful . . . Jolni is a pleasing person to dial with . . . dark, handsome WILLIAM LUTZ B.S. in Business Administrution Harrisburg classroom artist . . . " Bill " is dependable, friendly, cheerful . bowling ability . . . pleasing personality COLONEL LYLES B.S. in Elemeniarv Education Steelton a sense of liumor . . .good-natured. . . original plans for class- room procedure . . . acquires a wide host of friends 4 ' . SENIORS A.B. in Liberal Arts SAMUEL MEYER " Sam " is a tall, handsome, auburn liaired gentleman good-natured . . . gentlemanly ways with the ladies Lebanon . . keen. B.S. in Science HUGH MILLER Woodbine Hugh enjoys talking about iiis wife . . . invaluable as a photog- rapher . . . chemistry is his feld HOWARD MINNICH A.B. in Liberal Arts an English teacher and a coach of dramatics . . . writing ability Harrisburg . well-attired DONALD MOLL B.S. in Business Adminislration Harrisburg tall, blond and handsome . . . quiet with a twinkle in his eyes . . . " Don " will be a successful businessman EARL MUSSER A.B. in Liberal Arts Mt. Joy theological student . . . further preparation at Princeton . dignified and genial . . . Earl is studious — 52 1949 RALPH MUSSER B.S. in Business Administralion Elizabethtown Good-liuinored, lu ' lpful . . . Ralph is a friend of all . . .married . . he will be an asset to the business world RICHARD MUSSER A.B. in Liberal Arts Elizabetiitowu eager for a good debate . . . " Dick " is ready to see the world via college ... a future history teacher RORERT NATION B.S. in Business Administralion Elizabethtown broad Southern accent . . . " Rob " is noted for his executive ability . . . versatile, amiable . . . well-dressed man of distinction DONALD NEISER B.S. in Science Allentown a six-footer . . . " Don " is interested in chemistry and . . knitting argyle socks . . . joking, witty A.B. in Liberal Arts RORERT NISSLEY Elizabethtown always chasing news . . . Rob is a social science major government thrills him % SENIORS DALE PEIFFER ' ♦ B.S. in Science Elizabetlitowu congenial, quiet, sincere . . . Dale is an alert teacher . . . base- ball, hunting, both fill liis time B.S. in Science ELWOOD RABER Bainbridge short, stocky . . . contagious laugh, " Bub " is the friend of all teachers . . . excels in chemistry and Bible ROBERT REBER B.S. in Business Education muscular, red-haired referee and fair on the athletic field Ephrata " Red " is a favorite in baseball WALTER REINECKER B.S. in Business Administration Aspers calm, friendly . . . Walter has won many friends through his helpful spirit ... an accounting major ALBERT BICHWINE B.S. in Business Administration Harrisburg small but sliarp . . . Al is a keen business man ... an active church worker WILBUR RIGHTER A.B. in Liberal Arts genial, successful minister . . . conservative and likable. Wilbur is f[uii ' l and li( ' l])fnl . . . Bible class genius CLAIR SCHLOSSER B.S. in Biisii ess Admiuislralion Columbia York busy, ardent commuter . . . Clair excels as a prospective busi- nessman . . . cooperative, helpful B.S. in Science PAUL SCHRIVER good natured student with a sincere smile worker . . . specializes in biological research Lancaster . Paul is a hard ELVIN SHARP A.B. in Liberal Arts Reading desires to be " just a humble servant " . . . keen and friendly, Rev. Sharp is interested in radio and YMCA work WILBUR SHOEMAKER B.S. in Busine. ' is Administralion Marietta fond of dogs, farming, good movies . . . Wilbur ' s interests range from business to guidance % 55 1949 f SENIORS .4.6. in Liberal Arts ENOLA SMITH music, Christian service rank high on Smitty ' s Ust ing, sweet, demure Little York, N. Y. . charm- PAUL SNYDER A.B. in Liberal Arts cooperating on a chinchilla farm . . educator . . . tall, studious, intelligent Elizabethtown Paul is a future Christian DOROTHY SPROUT B.S. in Elementary Education Mt. Joy active, talkative, amiable, sociable, jolly . . . " Dot " is the life of the day-student room ... an experienced chorister RALPH STARK B.S. in Science future business executive . likes hunting and fishing Marietta friendly, reserved, witty . . . RICHARD STARK B.S. in Science quiet but observant . . a shy scholar — 56 — Marietta medicine claims " Rich ' s " attention B.S. in Science REVERE STONER Mechanicsbure winning smile . . . helping hand . . . friend of all . . . sports fan . . . lover of music . . . psychology, science specialist RITA SUSSMAN B.S. in Secretarial Science ta.l, attractive, distinctive accent ... personnel work . . . appreciates good music Fairlawn, N. J. flair for sociology and SARA SWARTZ B.S. in Elementary Education boundless energy, responsible, capable, fun-loving always ready for anything new FERN SWEIGERT A.B. in Liberal Arts excels in musical abilities, administrative talent efficient secretary ... a future missionary WILLIAM TOLAND Newville . Sara is Denver Fern is an A.B. in Liberal Arts Harrisburg sincere, inspiring, serious . . . Rev. Toland is a conscientious pastor . . . sees the abstract in concrete forms 57 1949 SENIORS .Jt ' ' t - . ¥% MELVIN WALLICK .4.fi. in Liberal Arts jolly and witty . . . aggressive but tlioiijiiilful . . antique refinisher . . . fisherman, hunter Lancaster . good iiatured B.S. in Science GEORGE WELLS Elizabetlitown congenial, friendly . . . George is a clever cartoonist . . . sin- cere, dependable, studious . . . friend of many CLIFFORD WILLIAMS .1.6. in Liberal Arts Middletown participant in many debates . . . man of convictions . . . alert student . . . ready to work, willing to help JEAN YOUNG A.B. in Liberal Arl. Telford c|uiet, pleasant, daring dimples . . . Jean possesses an extensive vocabulary . . . entering the field of Christian service WINFIELD ZERPHEY R.S. in Business Admlnislralioii Columbia unassuming, jovial ... a store clerk in liis spare time . . future economist m. W RUTH ZIMMERLY B.S. in Business Administration Reading ardent, careful secretary . . . reading and joking . . . " Pot " ' is an avid sports fan . . . thorough student A.B. in Liberal Arts FRANKLIN ZINK happy-go-lucky, afl ' able, good-natured . businessman, Frank is an all-round sport HARRY BEYER B.S. in Business Administration Mt. Joy tennis champ and sliort, wiry, soccer player . . . . part-time furniture worker Elizabeth town proud father of red-haired baby KATHLEEN BRYER (MRS.) B.S. in Business Education attractive . . . private secretary . lovely alto voice . . . dignified and sincere Philadelphia racious personality . . . A.B. in Liljeral Arts JOHN BUCH Elizabethtown witty, forward, friendly . . . Jolni plans to be a guidance coun- selor . . . sports and photography enthusiast " 59 — 1949 -5 f WILLIAM DEMUTH B.S. in Business Administration Elizabethtown big, genial ... an earnest businessman . . . works with young college students THELMA HALDEMAN A.B. in Liberal Arts Mt. Joy cherishes high ideals . . . sincere ... an active church worker, chorister . . . foreign missions claim her abilities JOHN LEFEVER B.S. in Business Administration Spring Grove a business-like atmosphere pervades his personality ... an individualist . . . insurance salesman MIRIAM ROLAND B.S. in Elementary Education York continuing her education, teaching fills Miss Roland ' s schedule ... an active elementary teacher JOHN STAUFFER B.S. in Science Landisville " Jack " is the mainstay of the cheering squad . . . enthusiastic, eager, agile, he will become an excellent doctor SENIORS 60 — WILBIR GRAHAM B.S. in Business Administration Buena Vista, Va. nocturnal scholar . . . Student Association leader . . .intelligent, carefree . . . sports manager . . . versatile c Seniors not pictured JOSEPH DODD B.S. in Elementary Education Wiconisco H. MARLIN HEISEY B.S. in Elementary Education Palmvra ROBERT HI TTER A.B. in Liberal Arts Elizabethtown ELIZABETH KAYLOR B.S. in Elementary Education Elizabethtown RICHARD KUNTZ B.S. in Business Admin i. ' itration Lancaster MARY REBER (MRS.) B.S. in Elementary Education Lancaster — 61 — 1949 Class of 1950 President Karl Kolva Vice President Donald Hivner Secretary Joan Martin Treasurer William Helm Adviser Prof. Eby C. Espenshade 62 JUNIORS 1949 First Row: George Beane, New Cumb- erland; Janice Anderson, York. Second Row: Portia Baugher, York. Top Row: Kdgar Bitting, Marysville. Second Row: Donald Bohrer, Keyser, W. a.-, Mildred Beetem, Schuylkill Haven. Third Row: Joseph Brown, Elizabethtown: Jesse Brown, Brownstown: Maxine Bowman, King Ferry, N. Y. ; Harvey Brandt, Manheim. I Top Row: Edward Cook, New Cumberland: Harry Earhart, Maiiheim; Harold Ebersole, Huminelstowii; Harold Fellenbaum, Mt. Joy. Second Row: Ira Floyd, Elizabethtowii; Harry Foreman, Elizabethlowii; Roy Forney, Florin; A. Ruth Gettel, Sebring, Fla. Third Row: Kenneth Gingrich, McAlisterville; Bernerd Grissinger, Mt. Joy; Gilbert Gott- SHALL, Rexinont. JUNIORS — 64 1949 Top Row: Jean Grubb, Elizabetlitown; Ziegler Heilman, Elizabeth town; William Helm, Elizabethtowii. Second How: John Herr, Salunga; Mary Hess, Mt. Joy; Mervin Hess, Marietta; Robert Hess, Mt. Joy. Third Row: Donald Hivner, Steelton; Richard Hoopes, Lewisberry; Donald Hursh, Elizabeth- town; Newton Kendig, Elizabetlitown. A vf,l? k Top Row: Justine Lawyer, Biglerville; Carl Landis, Elizaketlitown: Rarl Kolva, Halifax; Warren Kissinger, Akron. Second Row: Joseph Long, Hummelstown ; John LicHTY, Paradise. Third Row: Joan AL rtin, Elizabt ' thtowii. Top Row: James May, Hanover. Second Row: J. Harold Merkey, E.izcLetli- town; Navin McWilliams, York. JUNIORS 1949 ' fiJ r. i ' M Top Row: LaRue jNIonn, Greencastle; Matthew Meyer, Lebanon; Mary RoHRBAUGH, Camp Hill. Second Row: Melba Rig- ley, Uniontown; James Roberts, Mt. Joy; Pres- ton RoHRBAUGH, York. Third Row: Milton Rowe, Middletown; Marie ScHROYER, Hopwood ; Charles Shaffer, Eliz- abethtown. Fourth Row: Jesse Sheetz, Elizabethville; Gretchen Sherman, McVeytown; Robert Shultz, Lan- caster. 67 — „.£5 Top Bow: Gladys Stkhman, Lititz ; Gene Swords, Lancaster; Edith Snyder, Harrisburg. Second Row: Russell Walter, Biglerville; Ar- dyce Trout, Feltoii. Third Row: Clyde Weaver, East Petersburg. Top Row: Gerald Weaver, Manheim. Second Row: Frank Witman, Morganlowii; Ralph Weirich, Middletown. JUNIORS 68 LA Top Row: Kenneth Thompson, Baltimore, Md.: James Whitacre, Ridgeley, W. Va.; Elmo Winger, Grantham. Second Row: Edmund Kling, Blairs Mills; Simon Zimmerman, Columbia. t - y Juniors Not Pictured Mark Bartman, Harrisburg: John Berger, Elizabetlilown, William Davis, Columbia; George Eichinger, Enliaut; Ernest Ganz, New York, N. Y.; Walter Helfrich, York; John Hitz, Harrisburg; Wilbur HoRNAFius, Elizabethtown ; Charles Jordan, Cornwall ; William Keller. Harrisburg; Donald Krebs. Glen Rock; Donald Leonhard, Middletown; Glenn McCormick, Philadelphia; Jack Priest, Enola; John Sauers, Enola; Herbert Smethers, Berwick; Ray Snyder, Mt. Joy; LeRoy Trupe, Elphrata; Arthur Tucker, New York, N. Y. 1949 69 — Class of 1951 President John Drescher Vice President Robert Graham Secretary Mildred Groff Treasurer Robert Trimmer Adviser Prof. Eby C. Espenshade 70- Top Row: Esther Alexander, Lancaster; Betty Jane Andrews, Jamaica, N. Y.: Mildred Becker, Bressler; Margaret Bose, Glen Rock. Botlorn Roiv: Clyde Brinser, Middletown; Richard Brubaker, Mt. Joy; Gerald Burdick, Union- dale; Anna Mae Burkholder, Willow Street. SOPHOMORES 1949 Top Row: Stanford Cox, Millersville; Junior Dart, Elizabethtown; Mrs. Jean Johnson, Harris- burg; Elizabeth Denlinger, Millersville. Bottom Row: Carole DeVerter, Elizabethtown ; Glenn Douden, New Cumberland ; John Drescher, Mt. Joy: Peggy Eberly. Elizabethtown. Top Roiu: Benjamin Ebersole, Hershey; Charles Ege, Minersville; Louis Elliot, Hollidaysburg; Galen Fahnestock, Ephrata. Bottom ' Row: Charmaine Fickes, York; Jack Frank, Bainbridge; Mildred Groff, Palmyra; Robert Hammers, Stewartstown. SOPHOMORES Top Row: Shirley Heisey, Mt. Joy; Leon Henise, York; Charmar Hershey, Hershey; Earl Hess, Lebanon. Bottom Row: Fern Hoffer, Colonial Park; Neal Holabaugh, Middletown; Darwin Hollinger, Lititz; Dale Hylton, Willis, a. Top Row: Elmer Johnson, Middletown ; Stephen Kekich, Steelton; Stanley Kettering, Lebanon; Barbara Kreider, Lancaster. Bottom Row: Calvin Kipp, Mechanicsburg; Helen Kreider, Quarry ville; Paul Kulp, Pottstown; Bernice Kurtz, Gap. 1949 Top Row: William Landis, Lancaster; Frank Liebert, Langliorne; William Longenecker. Mt. Joy; Grant Mahan, Reliobetli, Md. Bottom Row: Nancy Mathias, Harrisburg; Romaine McNally, Blawnox; Eugene Miller, York; Anna Mudrinich, Harrisburg. M i 4 -y Top Row: Mrs. Virginia Musser, Elizabeth- town; Janet Myers, Columbia. Bollom Bow: Barbara Nelson, York; Pauline NissLEY, Manheim. SOPHOMORES Top Row: Joseph Prokopchak, Reading; Paul Raffensperger, Harrisburg; Lurane Rhodes, Johnstown: Lois Rinehart, Waynesboro; Martin Risser, Elizabetiitown; Earl Rohrbaugh, New Oxford. Bottom Row: Harry Shuster, Philadelphia; David Snavely, Landisville; James Snavely, Landisville: Armon Snowden, Allentown; Frederick Snyder, Hanover; H. Robert Stehman, Salunga. ' % " t . Tofj How: Nancy Swope, Marietta; Robert Trimmer, New Holland; Wilmer Trinkle, Philadelphia; George Waltz, Lebanon; Elvin Warner, Hummelstown; Kenneth Weaver, Stevens. Bol ' om Row: Charles Wells, Elizabethtown; Irvin Wenger, Lititz; Patricia Whitaker, Conestoga; Joanna Wilson, Mechanicsburg; Ezra Wolgemuth, Mt. Joy; Bernice Zercher, Mountville. 1949 Sophomores Not Pictured Roy Arnold, May town; Vernon Beckman, Rheems; Paul Boltz, Rex- mont; Arthur Bowser, Glen Rock; Wilbur Bucher, Lancaster; Millet DeAngles, Bingiiamton, N. Y.; Stanley Dietrich, Elizabethtown; Gordon Foster, Wiconisco; J. Morgan Frantz, Lebanon; Ralph Fry, Elizabethtown; Frederick Gantz, Lebanon; Robert Graham, McGrann; Donald Haverstick, East Petersburg; John Kendig, Salunga; Paul Krick, Reamstown; Peter Kruger, Annville; Luther Lawver, Eliza- bethtown; Carl Liggio. New York, N. Y.; Carl L rtin, Harrisburg; Russell Peters, Lebanon John Ream, Elizabethtown; Robert Ream, Harrisburg; Howard Seeds, Elizabethtown; Dorothy Walters, Eliza- bethtown; Frederick Wilkins, Elizabethtown; Howard Wittel, Manheim. Top: Ella Zimmerman, Kinzer. Bollom: Earl Ziegler, Myerstown. Class oF 1952 President Gerald Hollinger Vice President Jacob Williams Secretary Doris Kopp Treasurer Paul Davis Adviser Prof. Eby C. Espenshade -76 FRESHMEN 1949 Top ' Row: Ellen Anderson, Delta; Jean Bailey, York; Louise Bartenslager, New Freedom; Peggy Berntheizel, Columbia. Second Roiv: M argot Blessing, Lancaster; Boberta Bock, Waynesboro; Dorothy BoMBERGER, Lebanon ; William Boyer, Summerdale. Third lioic: J. Elwood Brubaker, Lancaster; Bobert Brubaker, Lititz; Donald Campbell, Quakertown; Bobert Davidson, Philadelphia. Fourth Bote: Paul Davis, Elizabellitown; Robert Detweiler, Oaks; Bobert Enterline, Elizabethtown; Lois Erb, Mt. Joy. Fifth Row: Joyce Foley, Lancaster; Joan Forney, Lancaster; William Foster, Norwood; David George, Philadelphia. Top Row: Mary Lau, Spring Ciruve; Hugh Manifold, York; Richard Martin, Mt. Joy. Bottom How: Celia Miller, Penryn; Theresa MoHLER. RolirtTstown: Richard P owell, Pottstown. FRESHMEN Top Row: Donald Haas, West Fairview; Benjamin Hess, Mt. Joy. Second Row: Christine Hewett, Mechanicsburg; Louise Hicks, Maytown. Third Row: Stanley Hoover, Lineboro, Md. ; Carl K. uf- MAN, New Cumberland. Fourtli Row: Grace Keeney, New Freedom; Williasi Kell, Elizabethtown. Fifth Row: John Kiehl, Marietta; Thomas Kingree, Smoketown. Sixth Row: Robert Kline, Minersville; Doris Kopp, York New Salem. Seventh Row: Joan Kratz, Elverson; Norma Landis, Elizabethtown. — 78 — 1949 Top Row: Donald Ream, Riclilandtown ; Sara Reddig, Reamstown; William Schneider, Yentiiur City, N. J.; Paul Sensenig, Elizabethtown. Second Row: Earl Simmons, Folcroft; Nancy Smuck, Elizabethtown; Katherine Strumpfer, Pliiladelphia; Eugene Taylor, Elizabetlivilie. Third Row: Jacor Williams, Elizabethtown; C. Gilhert Young, Telford. Fourth Row: Special student: Alice Brown, Lancaster. Freshmen Not Pictured WiLMER Adams, Weatherly; Earl Becker, Ephrata; Edward Brunner, Enhaut; John Brunner, Enhaut; George Dissinger, Lebanon; Gerald Foshenner; Quakertown; Bernice Gihhel, Myerstown; Merrill Gross, Harrisburg; Charles Hahecker, Landisville; Gerald Hollinger, Lilitz; Charles Mangle, Enola; George McCarty, Elizabethtown; William Means, Elizabethtown; James Meminger, Lancaster; Adin Mumma, Florin; Gwendolyn Roddy, Wynnewood; Israel Royer, Carlisle: Dale Sinninger, Middletown; J. Edward Smith, Ephrata; Edwin Sparkman, Steelton; Harold Teitrick, Camp Hill; Gerald Tucker, Jackson Heights, N. Y. DIRECTORY Board oF Trustees Chairman V ice-Chairman . . . . Secretary Treasurer President of Ihe College . . R. P. BucHEB, D.D. . . . Jacob L. Miller J. W. Kettering, C.P.A. . K. Ezra Bucher, M.S. . A. C. Baugher, Ph.D. F. S. Carper Joseph N. Cassel G. Howard Danner J. LiNWOOD ElSENBERG, Ph.D. Jacob K. Garman Paul M. Grubb Ray K. Kurtz, A.M. Philip R. Markley Howard A. Mebkey LL.D. John M. Miller N. K. Musser Norman F. Reber, A.M. Chester H. Royer, Ed.M. RuFus P. Royer N. S. Sellers John F. Sprbnkel Charles E. Weaver, M.D. S. Clyde Weaver Samuel S. Wenger, A.M.; LL.B. Administration and Faculty A. C. Baugher, A.B.; B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. President and Professor of Chemistry Henry G. Bucher, A.B.; Ed.M.; Ed.D. Dean and Professor of Education J. Z. Herr, be. Emeritus Treasurer and Business Manager L. D. Rose. A.B.; A.M. Emeritus Professor of German and Librarian Mary B. Reber Emeritus Professor of Art Ralph Wiest Schlosser, A.B.; A.M.; Litt.D. Professor of English Charles S. Apgar, B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Professor of Biology O. F. Stambaugh, B.S.; M.S.: Ph.D. Associate Professor of Chemistry Frederick C. Neuman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Languages Elmer B. Hoover, B.S.; M.Ed. Associate Professor of Education Galen C. Kilhefner, B.S.; Ed.M. Associate Professor of Sociology and Psychology Ephraim Gibbel Meyer, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Librarian Vera R. Hackman, A.B.; A.M. Dean of Women, Assistant Professor of English K. Ezra Bucher, B.S., M.S. Treasurer and Business Manager Assistant Professor of Business Education Auce Sylvester, B.S., B.S.L. Librarian Mahlon H. Hellerich, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of History Marie Nelson, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of English LuELLA Fogelsanger Breitigan, A.B. ; A.M. Assistant Professor of Business Education Jack C. Von Ehr, B.S.; M.S. Assistant Professor of Business Education Ira R. Herr, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education Martha Martin, A.B. Instructor in Bible Gertrude Royer Meyer Instructor in Piano Horace A. Kauffman, A.B. Instructor in Physics and Mathematics Mark C. Ebebsole, A.B.; B.D.; A.M. Instructor in Religion and Philosophy Eby C. Espenshade, B.S.; M.Ed. Dean of Men, Instructor in Physical Science Robert F. Eshleman, B.S.; A.M.; B.D.; Ph.D. Instructor in Sociology and Business Education David W. Albright, A.B. Instructor in Music K. thryn Herr, A.B. Instructor in French Bessie D. Apgar, A.B.; M.S.; Ph.D. Instructor in Biology Elinor B. Neuman, A.B.; A.M. Instructor in German Galen W. Herr, B.S. Director of Ihe Orchestra Harry M. Book, A.B.; A.M. Part-time Instructor in Art Samuel S. Wenger, A.B.; A.M.; LL.B. Special Lecturer in Law Charles E. Weaver, B.S.; M.D. Special Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Technique Nevin H. Zuck, A.B.; B.D.; S.T.M. College Pastor — 81 ' hev miss? you DROP youe UP C o ss oj Chno -? CkWcfcfci .l-VV MLIIWVUi:.-A ' lU}.1. DIRECTORY STUDENT SENATE Pres.: (Graham. Wilbl r r. Prcx.: SwARTZ, Sara — Publications Sfc: Hernley. Jane — Women ' s Slndenl Conncil Trt ' ds.: SxowDEN. r: ion — Sophomore ( " lass Advisers: Eby C. P ' spenshade, Dean of Men Vera Hackman, Dean of Women Of her Members: fiRAHAM. I obert — Athletic Association Frazer. Harold — Senior Class Hess, Mernin — Music HiviNER, RicHARU — Men ' s Student Conncil Bri ' nner. Edward — Freshman Class MlissEH. IVVLPM — Cluhs ITM w. Fh m — Junior Class W E KR, C ' l.-iOE — Student Christian Movement WOMEN ' S STUDENT COUNCIL Pres.: Hebnley, Jane — Senior See.: Monn, La Rue — Junior Adriser: Vera Hackman, Dean of Women Other Members: Anderson. Janice — Junior Forney. Joan — Freshman Kreider. Barbara — Sophomore Smith, Enola — Senior MEN ' S STUDENT COUNCIL Pres : Hivner. Richard — Senior .S ' cr.. liAiER. Richard — Senior Adi ' iser: Eby Espenshade, Dean of Men Other Members: Bitting, Edgar — Junior Brubaker, Elwood — Freshman Helm, William — Junior Hylton, Dale — Sophomore STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT CABINET Pres.: We.aver, Clyde V. Pres.: Brown. Jesse Sec: Young, Jean Trea. .: Kissinger. Warren .Adviser: Prof. .Mark Ebersole Commission Chairmen Personal and Campus , ffairs — Kepner. Anna Christian Heritage — Bowman, Maxine World Relaledness — Minnich, Howard Social Responsihility — Long, Joseph Newsette Editor: SwEiGERT, Fern Other Cabinet Members: Boepple, Rolla.nd Snowden, . rmon Hivner, Richard Stehman, Gladys KoLVA, Karl Swartz, Saba RicHwiNE, , lbert Wilson, Joanna Rk;ley, Melba ETONIAN STAFF Editor: Frey. Jane Business Manager: Nation, Robert .Adviser: Miss Vera Hackman Business StafI ' : Baiter. Richard Literary Stuff: Fitzkee, Edward Lemon, Mary Minnich, Howabd Photography Staljf: Bretz, Sara Buch, John Hoffman, Thomas Cirtoonisl: Wells, George Lemon, Mary Sweigert, Fern Young, Jean Mohler, Theresa Ream, Donald Sauers, John Richwtne, . lbert Sweigert, Fern Young, Jean Kepner. Ann.a Miller, Hugh ETOWNIAN STAFF Editor: Sw.artz, Sara .Asst. Editor: Holahauc;h, Neal News Editors: Brayman, Albert Sports Editor: Hutter, Robert Reporters: Frey, Jank NissLEY ' . Robert Sprout, Dorothy Cub Reporters: Andrews, Betty J.ane Fitzkee, Edward FOSBENNER, GerALD Liggio, Carl Business Manager: Meyer. Samuel Ctrcutation Manager: Snowden, . rmon Cireulation Staff: Brubaker, Elwood Gibbel, Bernice Brubaker, Robebt Strumpfer, Ratherine Adviser: Miss Vera Hackman A CAPPELLA CHOIR Pres.: Gingrich. Walter Sec.: Stehman. Glady ' S Treas.: Hess. Mervin .Aeeomponist: Stehm.an. Gladys Director: Prof. David Vlbright Fir. t Sopranos DeVerter. Carole Groff. Mildred Second Sopranos BuRKHOLDER. AnNA MaE Grubb. Jean First Altos Baugher. Portia Bowman. Maxine Mohler. Theres.a Second Altos Gettel. . lice Ruth Kreider, Barbara First Tenors Bbandt, Harvey Wolgemuth, Ezra Second Tenors Alwine. Paul Gingrich, Walter First Bass Entkrlink, Bobert Merkey, Harold Snowden, Armon Second Bass Boepple, Rolland Meyer. Matthew Ream, Donald Women ' s Quartette Gettel, Alice Ruth Mathias. Nancy Orpheus Quartet Brandt, Harvey ' Merkey, Harold Cottage Male Quartet Alwine. Paul Hess, Mervin Male Cfiorus Alwine, Paul Boepple, Rolland FoSBENNER, GeRALD Gingrich, Walter Herr, John Hess, Mervin Mathias, Nancy Schroyer. Marie Nelson. Barbara Rhodes. Lurane Stehman, Gladys Sweigert, Fern Kreider, Helen Rinehart, Lois Ziegler, Earl Hess, Mervin WiTTEL, Howard Swords, Gene Weaver. Clyde Stehman, Robert Weaver, Gerald Nelson, Barbara Sweigert, Fern Swords, Gene Weaver, Gerald Gingrich, Walter Meyer, Matthew Longenecker, William Meyer, Matthew Snowden, . rmon Stauffer, John W ' OLGEMllTH. EzR.A Ziegler, E.arl 83 1 922 ' -ff SI m FIRST CUM 10 WOMEN TO I MAN 1 948 " " q5E ' - ' -5 BY M.S. A. iKiMU!iaiMfiwr ni. ' .niiivi tstcififrt.-Kei vu}, i avviBaiBE DIRECTORY ORCHESTRA Pres.: Gingrich, Walter Sec: Myers, .Ianet Condiirlor: Prof. Galen Herr Other Members: Burkholder, Anna Mae Eberlv, Peggy Gettel, Alice Ruth Forney, Joan Foster, Gordon GOTTSHALL, GiLBERT Grissinger, Bernerd Hewett, Christine Kipp, Calvin Krebs. Donald Pbokopchak, Joseph Raffensperger, Paul Sheetz, Jesse Sherman, Gretchen Simmons. Earl Smith, Enola Whitaker, P. tricia Zimmerman, Ella COMERCIANTES Pres.: Hipple. Raymond V. Pres.: Bitting, Edgar Sec; Babnthouse. Beulah Treas.: Hipple, Perry .Adviser: Prof. Jack von Ehr Other Members: Bauer, Richard Beane. George Beetem, Mildred Bevkr, Jean Brandt, Harvey B»o«N, Joseph BuRDicK. Gerald Dart, Junior Demuth, William Eichinger, George Fahnestock, Galen Foreman. Harry Gingrich, Glenn Gingrich, Kenneth Gottshall, Gilbert Grissinger. Bernerd Hammers, Robert Hivner, Donald Hollenhaugh, William Kettering, Stanley Knox, Winifred Lawyer, Justine Lehman, Jay Martin, Carl Moll, Donald MusSER, Ralph Nation. Robert Peters, Russell Richwine, Albert RissER. Peggy Lou ScHLOssER. Clair Seeds, Howard Shoemaker. Wilbur SussMAN. Rita WiTMAN. Frank ZiMMERLY. Ruth DEBATING CLUB Pres.: Musser, Richard Sec: Snowden, Armon Treas.: Kulp, Paul Adviser: Prof. Mahlon Hellerich Other Members: Andrews. Betty ' Jane Eberly, Peggy F OLEY ' , Joyce Forney, Joan Frey, Jane Goodyear, John KoLVA, Karl Kopp, Doris Liggio, Carl Tucker, Gerald INTERCOLLEGL TE QUESTION FOR 1918-49 Resolved: that the F ' ederal Government should adopt a policy of equalizing educational opportunity in tax sup- ported schools by means of annual grants. Debates with: Albright Bridgewater liuckuell Dickinson Franklin and Marshall Gettysburg Hershey Junior College Tournaments : Allegheny Shippensburg Juniata King ' s St. Joseph ' s Temple University Western Maryland Ursinus Westminister Ben Franklin FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Pres.: Brayman, Albert V. Pres.: Earhart, Harry Sec; Hebnley, Jane Treas.: Lemon, Mary ' .Adviser: Prof. Elmer B. Hoover Ottier Members: ANDER.SON, Janice Barnthouse, Beulah Bauer, Richard Becker, Mildred Bowman, Maxine Bricker, Ver.non Brubaker, Bichard BucH, John Druck, Phyllis Eberly, Peggy ' Ebersole, Benjamin Ehrlen, Ruth Fickes, Charmaine Forney, Roy Frey, Jane Gaus, Richard Gingrich, Glenn Goodyear, John Grubb, Jean Henise, Leon Hess, Mary HoFFER, Fern Hollenbaugh, William HooPES, Richard Kepner, - n.na LicHTY, John Lyles, Colonel Martin, Jo.tN Means, William Meyer, Samuel MiNNicH, Howard MoNN, LaRue Musser, Richard NissLEY, Pauline Peiffer, Dale Raffensperger, Paul RiGLEY. Melba Shoemaker, Wilbur Snavelv, David Snyder, Edith Snyder, Ray Sprout, Dorothy Stoner. Revere SwARTz, Sara SwEiGERT, Fern Wells, Charles Williams, Clifford Wilson, Joanna Wittel, Howard Whitacre, James Wolge.muth, Ezra GERMAN CLUB Pres.: Snyder, Ray Treas.: Kissinger, Warren Sec.: Young, Jean Adviser: Dr Frederick C. Neuman Other Members: Boepple, Rolland Fitzkee, Edward Frey, Jane Snowden, Armon WiLKiNS, Fred ZiEGLER, Earl LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Pres.: Minnich. Howard V. Pres.: Leidner, Rohert Sec; Mo-Nn, LaRue Treas.: Cox, Stanford Adviser: Mrs. Kathryn Herr Other Members: Ebersole. Harold Miller. Celi. Raffensberger, P.aul Risser, Martin WniT-tcBE, James SIGMA KAPPA XI Pres.: Sheetz, Jesse I ' . Pres.: Kolva, Karl Sec.-Treas.: Cook, Edward Adviser: Dr. Charles Apgar Other Members: Browning. William DouDEN, Glenn Eberly, Peg jy Ebersole, Harold F ' rey, Jane Gingrich, Walter Hershey, Charmar Hivner, Richard Kurtz, Bernice Shaffer, Charles SwopE, Nancy 85 AERIAL VIEW The aerial view of Elizabethtown College and the sur- rounding country on the inside covers was printed from a colored slide donated by Karl Kolva. Junior Class president. Mr. kolva photographed the campus during the school year iyJ6-t7. Position of buildings on picture: Ix)wer left: Alpha Hall To the right of Alpha Hall: Memorial Hall To the riglit of Memorial Hall: Gibble Memorial Build- ing To the left of Gibble Memorial Building: Fairview Hall Lower left, center: North and South Halls. To the right of North and South Halls: Auditorium- Gymnasium. DIRECTORY SOCIAL SCIENCE COUNCIL Pres.: Goodyeab, John 1 . Pres.: Nissley, Robert .S f.; Beetem, Mildred Treus.: Fohry. Joseph Adi ' iser: Prof. Mahlon Hellerich Board of Governors: MiNNicH. Howard Ticker, . rthur WM.LICK. Melvin Other Members: Bricker, Vernon Browning. William Earhart. Harry Ehrlen, Ruth II HlPFLE. I ERRY Hipple, Raymond KiiLP. Paul Mii. ' i.sER, Richard Weaver, Clyde Williams, Clifford Raffensberger, Paul RissER, Peggy Lou Stoner, Revere Sussman, Rita Thompson, Kenneth Whitacre, James Wittel. Harry ZiEGLER, Earl SOCK AND BUSKIN Pres.: Musser, Ralph v. Pres.: Grubb, Jean Sec: Trout, . rdy ' CE Treus.: Ebersole, Benjamin . tlriser: Mi.ss Marie Nelson Other Members: . nderson, Janice Barnthouse, Beulah BucH, John Bibkholder, Anna Mae Fahnestock, Galen Groff, Mildred Kreider, Helen Leidner, Robert LiGGio, Carl Long, Joseph Mahan. Gbant Meyer, Samuel MoNN. LaRue Nelson, Barbara Nissley, Pauline Rigley, Melba Snowden, Armon Stauffer. John Sweigert, Fern DORMITORY PERSONNEL 1. Ellis, Carrie — Head of Fairview Hall 2. Wilson, Joanna — Assistant in Fairview Hall ,■$. Mengel, Ethel — Assistant to the Head of Alpha Hall 4, Rhodes, Lurane, R. N. — College Nurse .5. Brown, Jesse — Proctor in Memorial Hall 6. Graham, Wilbur — Proctor in North Hall 7. Sheetz, Jesse — Proctor in South Hall ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Pres.: Graham, Robert Sec.: Baugher, Portia Advisers: Prof. K, Ezra Bucher Prof. Eby Espenshade Dr. O. F. Stambaugh CHEERLEADERS Captain: J, ck Stauffer Berntheizel, Peggy Bomberger, Dorothy Bose, Margaret Myers, Janet Reddig, Sally Zimmerman, Ella 86 DIRECTORY TENNIS TEAM VARSITY BASKETBALL Members. Earhart, Harry Fellenbaum, Harold FiTZKEE, Edward Hetbick, Kenneth Scores: E-town E-town E-town E-town E-town E-town E-town E-town vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. vs. Roberts, James Swartzbaugh, Phillip ZiNK, Franklin F M . 6 Susquehanna University . Albright College .... 2 Lebanon Valley College . 1 Millersville STC .... 3 Ursinus Albright College .... 3 Millersville STC .... 2 BASEBALL Captain: Bergkr, John Coach: Ira Herr Members: BucHER, Curtis OF DouDEN. Glenn C Dbescheb, John P Foster, Gordan IF Gingrich, Henby OF Hess, Earl SS HoopES, Richard OF Keath, Frank IB LicHTY, John OF Martin, Carl IF Meyer, Samuel OF Reber, Robert P Snavely, David 3B Walter, Russell P Waltz, George OF Scores: E-town . . 1 vs E-town . . 3 vs E-town . . 6 VS E-town . . K vs E-town . •7 VS E-town . . VS E-town . . vs E-town . . 6 vs E-town . . 1 vs E-town . . 6 vs E-town . . 8 vs E-town . . .5 vs E-town . . 8 vs E-town . . 6 vs Millersville 9 Ursinus 4 Franklin and Marshall .... 2 Towson State Teachers College . 11 Susquehanna Juniata .16 . lbright 4 Bridgewater - . 3 Lebanon Valley 5 Juniata . . 3 Susquehanna 2 Albright 4 Bridgewater 4 Kings . . . ' 3 SOCCER Captain: Gbaham, Wilbur Coach: Iba Herb Members: Beyeb, Habby CF BoLTZ, Paul CHB Gingrich, Kenneth RFB Habecker, Charles OR Haverstick, Donald LHB Keath, Frank G Substitutes: Brunner Edward Brunneb, John Gbaham, Wilbur Helm, William HivNEB, Donald Hollingeb, Darwin HoLLiNGER, Gerald LicHTY, John RFB Meyer, Matthew IR Meyer, Samuel IL Snavely, David LFB Snavely, James OL Kingbee, Thomas Rohrbaugh, Preston Schneideb, William Sheetz, Jesse Snowden. Abmon Stehman, Robebt Scores E-town . . vs E-town ' 1 vs E-town . . vs E-town . . vs E-town . . 2 vs Lincoln Univ 3 Lincoln Univ 1 Univ. of Baltimore .... 4 Univ. of Baltimore .... 1 Maryland State (Towson) . Captain: Keath, Frank F Managers: Gingbich, Kenneth Graham, Wilbur Coach: Iba Hebr Other Members: Bkrger, John G Brunneb, Edward C Brunneb, John G FosTEB, William F Haverstick, Donald F Helm, William C E-town 60 vs. E-town 71 vs. E-town 50 vs. E-town 48 vs. E-town 71 vs. E-town 61 vs. E-town 73 vs. E-town 69 vs. E-town 90 vs. E-town . . . . 69 vs. E-town 70 vs, E-town ..... 62 vs. E-town 73 vs. E-town 46 vs. E-town 72 vs. E-town ....... 54 vs. E-town 64 vs. E-town 63 vs E-town 60 vs. E-town 72 vs. E-town 59 vs. E-town 93 vs. E-town 59 vs E-town 74 vs. HiVNER, Richard G Jordan, Charles C Meminger, James G Trupe, Leroy G Walter, Russell F Waltz, Geobge G Kings (Del.) ... 56 Juniata 50 Kutztown 46 Dickinson 51 Ursinus 50 Lycoming 42 Shepherd (W. Va.) . 54 Lebanon Valley . . 79 Moravian 62 Millersville .... 52 Towson 31 St. Joseph (Phila.) . 77 Lincoln 46 Millersville .... 66 Susquehanna ... 55 Kutztown 63 Bridgewater .... 81 Shepherd 50 Lebanon Valley . . 59 Juniata 51 Uni. of Baltimore . 56 Susquehanna ... 79 Albright 62 Lycoming 68 JUNIOR VARSITY Captain: Hess, Eabl F Manager: Henise, Leon Coach: Iba Hebb Other Members: Douden, Glenn F Hollinger, Gebald F Kingbee, Thomas G Mabtin. Carl F RoYER, Israel F Schneider, William G Snavely, James G BASKETBALL WOMEN Captain: Monn, LaRue F Managers; Denlingeb. Elizabeth Hebnlev, Jane Kratz, Joan Coach: Iba Herr Other Members: Anderson. Janice G Bailey, Jean G Beyer, Jean F Blessing, Mabgot G Bock, Robf;rta G Bomberger, Dorothy G Burkholder, . nna G Gibble, Bernice F Grubb, Jean G Hebshey, Chabmar F Kopp, DoBis G Kreider, Helen F Kreider, Babbaba G Miller, Celia G Reddig, Sally F Stbumpfer, Katherine F Zimmerman, Ella G — 87 i. The drive to the auditorium-gymnasium 2. Sprinq time on the campus 3. Singing ttie Jirsl hynm in chapel U. 45. Winter comes to E.C. 6. Thomas Hoffman receives tl e Bible Award 7. All out for the campaign rally 88 — . Refreshments afler the CJirislnias Parly 2. " Joy to the world, the Lord is come. " 3. Fellenhaum serving 4. A rash for the goal 5. Polishing the bookkeeper ' s Ford 6. Informal gathering at Commencement, l!)i8 7. Lake Placida S. Before the fire at ( ' hristmas time. 9. Entertaining the Juniors and Seniors at llie annual banquet 89 — The 1949 Etonian ♦■a ! » • Printing and Binding by J. HORACE McFARLAND CO. Mount pleasant iprtss HARRISBURG • PENNSYLVANIA 90 di?afaetl)toltin CoUege ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. A Standard Co-educational College Approved by Pennsylvania State Council on Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges GRANTING A.B. and B.S. Degrees IN Liberal Arts Science Pre-professiotial Fields Laboratory Technology Secretarial Science Business Administration Strong Faculty Diversified Extra-Curricular Program Delightful Location Emphasizing the values of the small, Church-related College For Information write President A. C. Baugher, Ph.D. H.S.RISSER MOTORS t Oldsmobile - Pontiac - Cadilla Sales - Service Plione: 2-33 Elizabetktown. Pa. LANCASTER PAINT y GLASS CO. Manufacturers of Quality Paints Jobbers of Auto Glass - Mirrors - Table Tops Winaow Cjlass 235 North Prince Street Lancaster, Penna. Phone: Lancaster 7104 — 9L Compliments of . . . FJ.IZABETHTOWS GARMEST COMPANY Compliments of Joseph E. Greenbiirg Compliments of Charleston ' s Grocery 120 S. Hanover Street MRS. P. M. CHARLESTON, Mgr. Myers ' Machine Shop 119 N. Poplar Street R. F. MYERS, Mgr. Mnmma Electric General Electric SALES AND SERVICE Complete Home Kitchens 31st Walnut Sts. Harrisburg, Pa. J. C. SNAVELY ? SONS, Inc. Lumber and Millwork landisville mt. joy — 92 Milton F. Eberly Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices • Route 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 917-R-1 1 Our Location Saves You Money Klein Chocolate Company, Inc. Wishes the Class of 1949 the Best of Success and Happiness For Finer, Fresher Foods For Prompt and Courteous Service • GREINER BROS. FOOD STORE on the square ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 139-M Kodaks Stationery DORSHEIMER ' S " Center Square " Sporting Goods Confectionery Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY • Home of ford products • ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 93 APPLEBY BROS. WHITTAKER CO. WHOLESALE Heating, Plumbing, Steam, Gas and Water Supplies Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Radiators 216 South Second St. Harrisburg, Pa. LEAMAN ' S TIRE SERVICE ROTH ' S FURNITURE STORES • • RECAPPING FURNITURE OF CHARACTER and • VULCANIZING 206-210 South Market Street • Elizabetlitown, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 8U-R SNAVELY BOOK Compliments CLEANERS of We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant • THE ECONOMY SHOE STORE X-Ray Fitting Phone: 473 Russel L. Hein Free Delivery Service 39 E. Higli St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 35 West High St., ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 15-M GAY GIBSONS and MINX MODES Styled for Juniors GRACE C. BLOUGH 116 Soutk Market Street Elizabetlitown, Pa. 94 Timken Ray InJustrial Oil Heating Equipment Fuel Oil Sales : Engineering : Installation 24-HOUR SERVICE A Large, Local Organization Devoted 100% to Automatic Heating Automatic Oil rleating Corp. Harrisburg, Pa. ICELAND, Inc. Successor to Frozen Food Lockers HERSHEY y GIBBEL Locker Service Ice Cream General Insurance Soaa Fountain Home Freezers Frozen Foods Smoking ana Curing LITITZ, PA. " EVERYTHING FROZEN " — 95 — Lester E. Roberts Office Equipment Co. KELVINATOR PRODUCTS Radios and Appliances 202 Walnut St., HARRISBURG, PA. Mount Joy, Pa. Office Designers Commercial Stationers Compliments of Compliments of the JAC. B. FISHER Savoy Shoe Co., Inc. Music Store • • Elizabethtown, Pa. Makers of Fine Shoes For Women • ELIZABETHTOWN. PENNA. Shenk Tittle " EVERYTHING FOR SPORT " 313 Market Street HARRISBURG, PA. FRANK S. MILLER LEVI C. HERSHEY Trading as GROCERY HARRY MILLER SON One of the Red Rose Food Stores • Phone: 18 Elizabethtown, Penna. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 96 B Mi!!U i Jj ! JMa!lU-WMM II,WKIiL L Hiim! HBWDHmnHranwwBi Compliments of . . . ZARFOSS HARDWARE Baker ' s Diner ON THE SQUARE Elizabethto-wn, Pa. Compliments ot UNDERWOOD HAMILTON CORPORATION JEWELRY STORE Wm. E. Gring, Mgr. Diamonds Walches 52 N. Queen St. Lancaster, Pa. LOUIS LEHRMAN SON Wholesale Food Distributors 110-122 S. Seventeenth St. CENTER SQUARE Hamshurg, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA Party Supplies Kodaks GEBHARTS MOVERS POTATO CHIPS ART SHOP and BOOK STORE 26 W. High Street " Among the best Elizabethto-w-n. Pa. Gilts tor All Occasions by test " Stationery Greeting Cards ELIZABETHTOWN FARMERS JOSEPH F. GINGRICH SUPPLY, Inc. Real Estate Insurance FARM MACHINERY REPAIR and SUPPLIES 55 N. Market St. EKzabetktown, Pa. Plione: 419 Buch Manufacturing LEO KOB Company WHEELBARROWS Plumbing and He at i fig • Contractor Elizabethtown, Pa. 24 Hour Service PKone: ElizatetKtown 226 NEWCOMER ' S SERVICE STATION Richfield Gasoline RicKlute M( jtor Oils Xires, Tuoes, Batteries ELIZABETH TOWN. PA. 98 THE EVANGELICAL PRESS Printing : Electrotyping : Bookbinding Third and Reily Streets Harrisburg, Pa. ICECREAM PENN DAIRIES, Inc. LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA Compliments oi E.W.MILLER SHOE JOBBER 314 Peach Alley Elizabethtown, Pa. M. M. WENGER ' M. W. " Feeds RHEEMS, PENNA. Phone: Elizabethtown 175 C.H.GARMAN Welaing ana Ornamental Iron Work Pkone: 29-R Elizabethtown. Pa. 99 Compliments of BISCHOFF ' S Jewelry Store EDDIE WAGNER ' S WATCHES, DIAMONDS MEN ' S STORE and HABERDASHERY JEWELRY 17 E. High St. Phone: 156-J 25 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. MARY B. REBER-Art Shop EPPLEY ' S GIFTS — TOWN PHARMACY New and Different • Columbia Yarn Moose Building 50 North Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Penna. THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS BOOK STORE Compliments of the Distributors of W. T. GRANT CO. RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE 20 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. SHEARER ' S Compliments of FURNITURE STORE Your " The Largest Furniture Store Between Lancaster and Harrisburg " GOOD GULF DEALER 35-37 South Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 12.W — 100 THE CLASSIC SHOP Elizabethtown s Smartest Women s Shop ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY Bayers of QUALITY PRODUCTS Miles E. Gassert, Prop. Phone: 259 S. F. ULRICH, Inc. BUICK and CHEVROLET Sales and Service ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 21 FARMERS ' FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers for 43 years of mcn-GKADE FERTILIZERS Phone : 1 1 Elizabethtown, Pa. " Garden Spot " Meat Products win Favor by Quality and Flavor EZRA W. MARTIN CO. R. F. D. No. 5 LANCASTER, PA. 101 Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS JOHN M. MILLER Insurance Broker LITITZ, PA. MARTIN ' S RESTAURANT featuring DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 2630 Walnut St. Harrisburg, Pa. MUMPER S DAIRY North Hanover Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone 263 ' W VITAMIN " D " HOMOGENIZED MILK Mili , Cream, Buttermil}{, Orange Drin}{ Chocolate Drin — 102 — REINHOLD ' S SUNOCO SERVICE Lubrication : Wasning Xires : Tubes : Accessories Phone: 9046-M Elizaoethtown, Pa. R. H. FORNEY Cnrysler-Sales Plymoutn Elizabetnto ' wn, Penna. GINDER CLEANERS " Keep -well dressea ana upkeep down 12 E. High Street Elizatethtown, Pa. Phone: 187-W GRUBB BRENEMAN COAL : FEED 103 KING ' S WEAVER ' S Book Store , . . For Vf orld Famous BIBLES ADAM HATS CHURCH SUPPLIES • RELIGIOUS BOOKS— New and Used SOUTH MARKET AT FORTY-FOUR 44 S. Duke St. LANCASTER, PA. WM. E. LAWTON CLEAR VIEW DINER HOME FURNISHINGS East of Elizabethtown on Route 230 Everything for the Home HOME COOKED MEALS 16-18 E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 187 -M 2i-Hour Service TRY OUR CHICKEN IN THE BASKET Bro-wn s Fresh Frozen Fruits fe? Vegetables PAXSONS CUT RATE Retail and Institutional Modern Soda Fountain BROWNS Dolly Madison Ice Cream FROSTED FOODS INC. Eigntn ana Peach Sts. Lemoyne, Pa. Pkone: Htg. 4-5937 19 W. High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. S. G. HERSHEY 6r SON KENNEWOOD HOTEL DEPARTMENT STORE Elizabethto-wn. Pa. i t Elizabetlito-wn, Pa. Alumni Headquarters — 104 Al-svays Shop and Meet Your Friends at tne Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c— lOc— $1.00 and up Self-Service Grocery Dept. Elizabetnto ' wn, Pa. AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN SERVING " JANE LOGAN " DELUXE Banquets A Specialty ElizabetKtown, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL Phone No. 3 54 Brown Street Lancaster Beverage Distributors Pepsi Cola Cloverdale Soft Drinks 615 East Mifflin, LANCASTER, PENNA. WM. K. GRAUER ' S SONS INCORPORATED 38 South Queen Street LANCASTER, PENNA. polity Wallpaper A Complete line of Paints By BENJAMIN MOORE ? CO. 6? " DUTCH BOY " Aunt Nellie ' s Foods Are The Finest Dislribated by HARRISBURG GROCERY COMPANY Harrisburg, Pa. 105 Compliments of LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. J. L. MECKLEY Automatic Heating Ventilating Distributor of TKe Amazing iVinkler Low Pressure Oil Burner Burns All Types of Fuel Oil LoscK Stoker Boiler Units A inkler Stokers ELIZABETHTOWN. PENNA. Phone: 414 To Be Sure . . . Buy UNION JACK BRAND HIGH QUALITY RIGHT PRICE Canned Foods DistriDutea by MILLER AND HARTiMAN LANCASTER, PA. — 106 PLEE-ZING L. B. HERR SON " There ' s None Better " • STATIONERY On Sale at Your BOOKS Neighborhood Grocer PRINTING SCHOOL SUPPLIES PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS AUMENT BROS., Inc. • Wholesale Distributors 227-231 North Prince Street 46-48 West King [Street LANCASTER, PENNA. LANCASTER, PA. MUSSER FARMS % Like tte Creams of Delicious RicK Creamy Milk TKe Ideals of a Christian College Surely Will Rise to tlie Top t COLUMBIA, PA. — 107 — ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING and SUPPLY CO. BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 341 W. Bainbridge Street, Elizabethtown, Penna. BACHMAN CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING CO. MX. JOY, PENNA. Coating Liquors and Cocoa. " Old Sol Bars " Milk Chocolate Goods a Specialty. " Athlete Bars " GEORGE A. FISHER Domestic and Commercial Reirigeration Kelvinator Sales ana Service ElizatetKto-wn, Pa. Compliments of BROUCHT S MEAT MARKET 429 EAST HIGH STREET Phone; 14-R RISSER BROS. Delicatessen and Restaurant SODA FOUNTAIN ALL ELECTRIC COOKING A Delightful Place to Eat ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Phone : 176 HESTECO MANUFACTURING COMPANY 443 West High Street — 108- Compliments of Newcomer ' s Firestone Store PHOiNfE: 490 ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. D. H. MARTIN CLOTHIER and FURNISHER CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, Inc. Manufacturers of FULL-FASHIONED HOSIERY ELIZABETHTOWN, Pa. Best Wishes to the Class of ' 49 MUSSER S GROCERY • Phone: 198-1 103 Mt. Jov Street GARDNER SPORT SHOP 23 East High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Wenger Sensenig, Inc. AGRICULTURAL LIMESTONE PARADISE, PENNSYLVANIA 109 — The pause that refreshes D. S. BAUM Home-made Bologna — Dried Beef R. F. D. 3 Phone: 917-R-2 Elizabetlitown, Pa. KAUFFMAN ' S GARAGE General Auto Repairing All Kinds of Welding College Ave. Market St. Phone: 63-R Spickler ' s Dairy Pasteurized and Viscolized Milk, Cream and Buttermilk ORANGE and CHOCOLATE DRINKS • Phone: 57 PARK STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. GUY ' S BARBER SHOP Market Square Elizabetlitown, Pa. Compliments of BIOWL-MOR a Bowling Alleys 110 J. F. APPLE CO., INC. 336 S. West End Ave. Lancaster, Pa. Manufacturers of Elizahethtown College Jewelry When You Think of Music Think of KIRK JOHNSON CO. MUSIC HOUSE Serving the Musical Needs of Lancaster Co. for Over 60 Years Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN ICE MANUFACTURING CO. ELLWOOD S. GRIMM INSURANCE For All Needs 119 S. Market St. Phone: 64 Samuel R. Jones, Associate C. L. GROFF Electrical Contractor Hot Point Appliances 24 N. Chestnut St. Palmyra, Pa. Qompliments of . . . A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Ill BISHOP ' S STUDIO ETONIAN PHOTOGRAPHER The Modern Studio with Years of Experience ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. KELLER BROS ' - BUFFALO SPRINGS, LEBANON CO., PA. Phone: SchaefFerstown J4 LITITZ, LANCASTER CO., PA. Phone: 10 — 112 —

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