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T.Y [ZA. ..LEGE IZA. PENNA. REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY Old lamps signify the change of time, the wisdom of other years, the many avenues of enriching experience, the strength and power of concentrated effort, and the student ' s constant search for truth and understanding. In our college generation we experienced a world at war and the coming of peace, the advent of the atomic bomb and the birth of the United Nations, the postwar uncertainties at home and want and despair abroad. In the light of these swiftly changing times we interpret our college years. Upon new problems old lamps continue to shed their illuminating rays. Prescntins . . . l tMtonian Publisfjeb bp . . • , . ■ mptMikORlM LHiRARY ' ' ' , .EUZABETHmWN C I.EGE " ElIZABETHTO Nvi ' m A. fje miot Ctosi, 1948 a li atietttoton College arbiter, Ciennetf) i etritk 2?us(inegs! Manastv, Cftobert Hcsljer Dedication Lively dark eyes ... a quick manner of speaking, never wasting a word . . . neat and trim . . . almost fragile . . . that ' s Miss McCurdy. We know her as she has assisted us in finding research materials and directed us to good reading in the library. We knov7 her as head of rcs detice. at Fair view Hall where ' she. has shown a real interest in every girl. Four We enjoy her wholehearted laughter. We appreciate her understanding and sensitivity to the feelings of others. Modest and unassum- ing she exemplifies sincere Christian living. To Miss Isabel McCurdy, ' " .ben, who has contributed so much tc our life at Elizabeth town College, we gracefully dedicate this 1948 Etonian. Cf)c 0il Uamp — inbicating ttje cf)angc of time ' eto builbings along toitf) olb anti familiar- • Jl ortf) antr outt balls!, tt)c 2 ugincS£{ lEtiucation anb Science builbingg, tfje l3 mna£iium, Memorial anb iFair= tjieto balls, anb ibpcobereb Hlpba ball — probibe frienblp group libing for a f eto of tbe ttoo million geben bunbreb anb fiftp tbousanb men anb toomen in American colleges tbis! pear. ' t; • ' ■■ — ' ■ Jit .-iftSi " - ' - " t-i ■•»•» ■m W 1»eMr»fc-ntrA..i hr -V- ; ' . ' t C. L;, I. Cije Hamp of l©tSbom — reflecting t!)e fenotolebge of otfjer pearjS iitit men anb luomen gibe to na tf)e toisibom ant unberstanUing 3} )it ) fjabe come to tijem tftrougf) pears! of situbj) anb experience anb go make our ebucation mean= ingful in a troubleb anb cfjanging toorlb. President Baugher Untiringly President Baugher has worked to adjust the program of our college to the needs of the times. With a fine sense of appreciation for the essential little things which make the wheels of the college organization run smoothly and a broad understanding of its larger demands, he has guided Elizabethtown College during these years of expansion. Always conscious of the spirit that brought the college into existence. Dr. Baugher has labored to interpret her policy in the light of those ideals. ' President Baugher serves this generation as educator, administrator and churchman. Moving about the office with quietness and precision. Miss Wanner takes care of many of the details of his work. Sixteen Dean Bucher Through the past four years Dean Bucher has thoughtfully guided us in the selection of courses which will best meet our needs in our chosen professions. Especially heavy have been his duties in arranging college admissions and setting up cur- ricula for our largest student body of diversified interests and background. Dr. Bucher, a very busy man, finds time to sit down and discuss individual problems and to personalize the work of his office. Elaborate and accurate records must be kept, student reports must be sent out, transcripts of credits must be issued, these and countless other demands upon the office of a dean are filled by the capable hands of Mrs. Miller and Miss Zimmerly as they assist Dean Bucher. Seventeen Treasurer Bucher Another of the poHcy makers of our college, Mr. Bucher, brings a very positive business acumen into the field of his administration. Well kept buildings and grounds, adequate supplies during a period of very real shortages, a smooth running plant — all indicate the vision and foresight of this man. One of the finest evidences of a well ordered business administration is the lack of at- tention It draws to itself, just such an administration is Mr. Bucher ' s. An exactness with accounts and prompt as well as courteous telephone and information service tell us that Miss Schock and Miss Hollinger fit into the pattern of our college business office. I ' : 3 ml Dean Hackman Personal counselling, hearing the perplexing problems of youth, helping students make ad- justments, combining a social and religious life with school work, advising many groups — these are only a few of the duties of our deans. Two who are ever busy, yet ever willing to give more of their time for the increasing betterment of college living. Their suggestions and leadership help make college activities interesting and worthwhile. Friendly, fair, open-minded — they have a sincere concern and interest for each individual and E-town students have found in them understanding and intelligent counsellors. V. Dean Espenshade ra Hi. ' Hill 2Lffib E«h3 Reli igion In chapel, class room, and personal conference our teachers of religion and our pastor serve. As they teach the story of God ' s revelation to man- kind through the scriptures they lead us to a fuller under- standing of Christian ideals. They interpret Christianity as a vital and necessary force m world affairs and give us inspiration for more thoughtful Christian living. The devotion of Miss Martin, the quick perception and insight of Rev. Zuck, the enthusiasm and stability of Professor Ebersole help to make the religious program of our college meet our individual and group needs. (f i Education Preparing students to take their places in the teaching profession, Dr. Bucher and Professor Hoover, through cooperation and diHgence, have steadily improved and strengthened the field of education at Eliza ' bethtown College. Library Lovers of books — fascinated by book lore — Miss McCurdy and Mrs. Stambaugh have worked to make the library a place of interest for all. Kindness and patience have made students feel at ease here and en- couraged us to seek their advice m literary matters. Lan uase Cooperating in teaching the Hterature, language and culture of different peoples are Dr. Schlosser, Miss Nelson, Mrs. Herr, and Dr. and Mrs. Neuman. Their store of knowledge, wide experience and niastery of their subjects have been a stimulation to students. Their high ideals and scholarly achievement are a constant inspiration to their classes. Genuine friendliness and mutual respect between student and teacher char ' acterize the language department. " i Science and Twenty-four Mathematics Not only have we learned something of the meaning of the scientific method and mathematical exact- ness but we have also felt a deep understanding of human nature and of the problems of our group among these men and women. Dr. Charles Apgar ' s subtle humor and Dr. Stambaugh ' s apt, down to earth illustra ' tions are among the unforgettables of our college experiences. Each in his own right, Dr. Stambaugh, Dr. Weaver, the Drs. Apgar, Professors Kauffman, Espenshade, and Heilman, has shown us that success in any endeavor depends as much upon an appreciation for our fellowmen as upon the knowledge of biological structure and functions, careful chemical analyses, or in- sight into higher mathematics. Art and Music Choir and orchestra, music appreciation, voice and piano, painting and art appreciation, all provide opportunity for the development of talent and of the ability to interpret and enjoy the best in music and art. To their teaching Professor and Mrs. Meyer, Mr. Book, and Mr. Herr bring a wealth of experience, creative imagination, and enthusiasm. Twenty-six Business Thoughtfully and with the precision of the business world Professor Haubert, Mrs. Breitigan, Attorney Wenger, and Dr. Eshleman direct an increasingly large percentage of Elizabethtown students in their study of business subjects. In a day when high standards of efficiency and a new concept of social responsibility m business relation ' ships are absolutely essential they educate to meet those needs. Social Science Physical Education Twenty-eight As our world grows smaller our relationships with our fellowmen call for greater appreciation of their backgrounds and culture and broader knowledge of psychological and sociological principles. Professor Kilhefner, with forthrightness and clarity, has introduced us to psychological and sociological findings; Professor Hellerich has brought a stimulating enthusiasm and an almost incredible knowledge of historical fact and of political intricacies into the classroom. Both have helped us build patterns of appreciation and understanding as they have related these studies to contemporary living. Coach Herr has guided the physical education program and set the pace for the sportsmanship and spirit of coop- eration essential to the building of fine athletic teams. Board of Trustees Chamnan R. P. Bucher, D.D. Vice-Chairman - - - J. E. Trimmer Secretary J. W. Kettering, B.S.; C.P.A. Treasurer K. Ezra Bucher, B.S. ; M.S. President of the College A. C. Baugher, Ph.D. F. S. Carper G. Howard Danner John F. Sprenkel N. K. MussER J. LiNWOOD EisENBERG, Ph.D.; LL.D. N. S. Sellers R. W. ScHLOSSER, Litt.D. J. L. Miller D. H. Martin Howard A. Merkey John M. Miller Samuel S. Wenger, LL.B. RuFus P. RoYER Charles E. Weaver. M. D. , Jacob K. Carman S. Clyde Weaver Joseph N. Cassel P.aul M. Grubb Administration A. C. Baugher, A.B.; B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. President and Professor o( Chemistry Ralph Wiest Schlosser, A.B.; A.M.; Litt.D. Professor of English Henry G. Bucher, A.B.; Ed.M.; Ed.D. Dean and Professor of Education Charles S. Apgar, B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Professor of Biology Carl E. Heilman, A.B.; A.M. Associate Professor of Mathematics and Physics Frederick C. Neuman, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Languages John R. Haubert, B.S.; Ed. M. Associate Professor of Business Education O. F. Stambaugh, B.S.; M.S.; Ph.D. Associate Professor of Education Elmer B. Hoover, A.M. Associate Professor of Chemistry Ephraim Gibbel Meyer, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of Music Vera R. Hackman, A.B.; A.M. Dean of Women, Assistant Professor of English Isabel W. McCurdy, B.S.; B.S.L. Librarian and Assistant Dean of Women K. Ezra Bucher, B.S.; MS. Treasurer and Business Manager Assistant Professor of Business Education Galen C. Kilhefner, B.S.; Ed.M. Assistant Professor of Sociology and Education Mahlon H. Hellerich, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of History Marie Nelson, A.B.; A.M. Assistant Professor of English Ira R. Herr, A.B. Instructor in Physical Education LuELLA Fogelsanger Breitigan, A.B.; A.M. Instructor in Business Education Martha Martin, A.B. Instructor in Bible Gertrude Royer Meyer Instructor in Piano Horace A. Kauffman, A.B. Instructor in Physics and Mathematics Kathryn Herr, A.B. Instructor in French Bessie D. Apgar, A.B.; M.S.; Ph.D. Instructor m Biology Elinor B. Neuman, A.B.; A.M. Instructor in German Mark C. Ebersole, A.B.; B.D. Instructor in Religion and Philosophy , Eby C. Espenshade, B.S. Dean of Men, Instructor m Physical Sciences Robert F. Eshleman, B.S.; A.M.; B.D.; Ph.D. Instructor in Business Education Charles E. Weaver, B.S.; M.D. Special Lecturer in Medical Laboratory Technique Samuel S. Wenger, A.B.; A.M.; LL.B. Special Lecturer in Law Galen W. Herr, B.S. Director of the Orchestra Harry M. Book, A.B.; A.M. Part-time Instructor in Art CoLsiN R. Shelly, A.B.; M.Ed.; Pd.D. Part-time Instructor in Education Rachel Baker, B.S. Part-time Instructor in Education Nevin H. Zuck, A.B.; B.D.; S.T.M. College Pastor J. Z. Herr Emeritus Treasurer and Business Manager L. D. Rose, A.B.; A.M. Emeritus Professor of German and Librarian Mary B. Reber Emeritus Professor of Art Twenty-nine ' Cftc ' Corci) — ligfjting tfjc manp abenuefi of actibitp iatim inQ college experience must bebelop tfje tDfjole person in eacf) of u£f anb sio toe sieeb expresisiion in social libing, in liramatics, in journalism, in recreation, in music, in business stubp, in student gobernment, in tlje stub? of social problems anb in religion — eacf) according to i)is interests anb abilities. Student Senate Not a group of stately senators, nor a fraternity of would be lawyers, but a group of students interested in the problems and treatment of students. The present senate faced the question of student govern- ment for an expanding program and determined budgets early in the season. Looking toward the coming year the senate sent members to a student conference on college government at Penn State. The senate meanwhile moves ever closer to a true representation of the student body. Student Christian Movement The largest organization on campus, the S. C. M. unites the Chris- tian organizations in an effort to further the work of Christ. The S. C. M. has been very active, including leadership in such projects as bringing a German student to our college. y U4tjtl i4j(MMf- Etonian To capture the spirit of the school and present it in the best Hterary way in which we are able — this is the duty and task of the yearbook staff. To write for the faculty, students, alumni, and for any prospective reader is a difficult assignment but it is ours. It is for you to criticize but we could only work. Etownian If the lights of the nation ' s press are shining in America today then the college papers are making those lights burn a little brighter. In the process of writing our own paper we work and we have fun. Only a small paper gives its creators such a feeling of satisfaction m success, and such a feeling of frustra ' tion in failure. For in the " make up " of a college journal — the writing, the trip to the printer, the editing, the proofreading — all are within our scope and ours to improve. And we will, for it gets easier as we go, and more exciting. c o m e r c 1 a n t e s For better understanding of current business problems and just for good times, business students of high scho- lastic standing work and play together. This year three outstanding busi- ness men, I. Wayne Keller, Assistant Ck)mptroller of Armstrong Cork Com- pany, L. A. Edwards, Branch Manager of Burroughs Machine Company, and H. L. Bowman, Sales Representative of Appleby Brothers and Whittaker, addressed the Comerciantes. The club visited Hershey Chocolate Company ' s plant and offices and there were swim- ming parties, bowling parties and doggie roasts. Thirty-six Social Science Club With a world as full of post-war problems as ours the social science club can see its work cut out for it. We learn by doing and the stu- dents who take part in the Model United Nations and the intercol- legiate conference on government will take a practical experience into local politics. Even if the club does not find a formula for Peace, if they discover the path and take a step in that direction . . . can we say they have failed? Thirty-seven l % ¥ % « Music Thirty-eight Music can take many forms and moods with just as many results. At Elizabeth town College music is vital to daily living — whether it be expressed m a hymn, classic piece, or swing number — whether it be voiced in the chapel, in th e social hall or in a dormitory room — whether it helps the studen in appreciating God, helps him relax or merely takes his mind off present problems. Yes, whatever be its function, the music created by the choir, orchestra, quartette, Christmas carolers, or individual students is as much a part of college life here as the campus itself. Thirty-nine Debatin: " Resolved that a Federal World Government should be established " has been the question for debate by our teams meeting St. Joseph, Gettysburg, Western Maryland, Lebanon Valley, Shippensburg State Teachers and Juniata colleges in eleven official debates. Cheerleading Athletic Association The Athletic Association through its cheerleading squad and its sponsorship of mtra-mural games has helped create enthusiasm for our entire sports program and has encouraged wider participation. ■ - m Sock and Buskin The show must go on . . . it must go on in our theaters, among little theater groups, and in our colleges. In our college the tradition of drama is carried on by Sock and Buskin. The trip to see a big theater play, the problems of choosing and casting, the constant practice, the worry of the director ... all for better acting. And then . . . curtain time. For some of us it has been curtain time in Letters to Li cerne . . . Miss Lulu Bett . . . Family Portrait . . . Our Hearts Were Toung and Gay. Forty ' One SIGMA KAPPA XI Although no member of the science club is experimenting with atomic energy, the group does try to keep up with scientific advancement. Never too scientific to have fun . . . among the activities that bring the most joy IS the annual trip to the sea- shore. How many and how big are the fish they catch? Ask them — you know a fisherman never stretches a point. Forty-two Freshman Regfistration The long lines, numerous forms and complex schedules were new to some, to others it brought back memories of mail call, of chow lines ... for all it was the beginning of a college career. This was the day when the freshmen officially became a part of our college. Faculty Reception President and Mrs. Baugher and Dean and Mrs. Bucher greeting the students, a caterer serving chicken salad, groups of students displaying their best social manners, everyone dressed up . . . These were scenes as Freshmen met the faculty formally at their first faculty reception and the Seniors at their last. Forty-five Hall owe en One time in the year when we could be what we really are not and get away with it . . . old ladies and men, little boys and girls. Southern belle or Mexi- can gentleman . . . Father Time and the Infant Year . . . Johnny Buch as a buxom, frolicsome lass, Kep ' s horse teeth, Jesse Brown as a walking General Electric demonstration . . . the Hallow eVn party coming early in the school year broke down a lot of restraints and helped us learn to know each other better. Forty ' six Student Conference Thanksgiving vacation for some of us was spent in entertaining the na- tional conference of the Brethren Stu- dent Christian Movement. We enjoyed planning for the con- ference and being host to 144 students from all the Brethren colleges. Partici- pation in seminar discussions and hear- ing men like Kermit Eby, director ot education and research for C.I.O. filled us with a new sense of our responsibility in politics and labor relations. Making the conference an especially enriching experience for us was the fellowship as we met informally in Alpha living room at the close of each busy day. Forty-seven Christmas Christmas is a time of joy, of rejoicing, of singing and of prayer. Our banquet is in this spirit of Christmas and marks the beginning of the Yuletide vacation. The student body is brought into a feeHng of closeness very appropriate for the birthday of our Christ. A last song, a final wish of good cheer, and were off for a merry Christmas. Fortyeight mmnm. The carolers are as traditional as the blue and grey for never does a Christmas go by without them. The annual tour of singing students starts at Alpha hall and moves through the town voicing the spirit of Christmas and giving entertainment to the people of o ' -r community. Forty-nine Valentine Party Friday the ijth and an icy night . . . but none the less a gala night ... a dressup party when ladies looked their loveliest . . . violin and accordion music . . . Alpha living room transformed for the occasion . . . fun in selecting the Queen of Hearts . . . suspense until she chose her King . . . Kathleen and Bob were perfect . . . then dainty pink sandwiches, cinnamon hearts and punch . . . the Valentine party was one of our best. Leap Year Shades of Sadie Hawkins, it ' s every man for himself. The time has come for the girls to take the initiative and the boys don ' t seem to mind at all. Anna Kepner as a Gibson Girl and mistress of cere- monies was killing. The party was fun but you know a thing like that could change our whole social sys- tem. Fifty-one May Day The first May Day celebration in the history of the college and how could it be anything but a success. Inauguration of student officers, proclaiming a campus queen, and all the gayety and color of a spring festival. a f a,jL f . - rssi» ?iU 5 Sft5fete Wi 9 ;; iilMirtT-tTJr Cije i urricane Hamp — siiffnifprng fitrcngtf) anb potocr m ntercoUesiatt anb intramural £{port£( — Ijagfeettiall, ijasebaU, ttnni , anb iotttv — probibe not onlp fun anb recreation but also injure pfjpsical f itne£i£f anb opportunitieef for teamtuorfe for all lufjo participate. Varsity Basketball . . . " ' k 1 9 4 7 An air of great expectancy surrounded the Blue Jay-Bridgewater cage event for well over eight minutes . . . and then a momentous applause . . . Frankie had just broken the established state scoring record of 515 points with one of his famous " Keathian hook " shots ... In recognition, the men of Memorial hall presented Keath with a beautiful trophy during game intermission. 1947-1948 CAGE RECORDS Blue Jay Varsity Opponents Pharmacy ? Science (Phila Bloomsburg . . Ursinus .... Dickinson . . . Lebanon Valley Shepherd . . . Albright . . . Kutztown . . . Lebanon Valley Maryland State Gallaudet . . . Maryland State Blue Jays Opponents 44 64 42 63 35 57 41 59 63 77 73 52 42 60 46 65 54 37 48 47 67 36 47 51 Opponents St. Joseph (Phila.) Gallaudet . . . Susquehanna . . Moravian . . . Juniata .... Bloomsburg . . Bridgewater . . Juniata .... Susquehanna . . Kutztown . . . Bridgewater . . Albright . . . e Jays Opponents 51 90 58 36 59 65 70 79 95 71 51 68 72 54 76 74 93 51 48 61 80 67 63 69 Sixty ' four Blue Bird Varsity Blue Birds Opponents 23 2?, 44 14 41 32 44 19 II 12 16 15 38 23 21 16 Opponents St. Johns . . . York Jr. College Millersville . . Lebanon Valley Bridgewater . . Bridgewater . . Lebanon Valley Lebanon Valley Jay Vees Opponents Jay Vees Opponents Freshmen 34 25 Ursinus 47 37 Dickinson 28 50 Lebanon Valley .... 53 58 Albright 36 35 Lebanon Valley 45 56 Hershey Jr. College ... 55 49 Opponents Blue Birds Opponents Millersville 30 23 Moravian 45 34 Moravian 32 15 Albright 19 28 Penn Hall 33 23 York Jr. College .... 38 8 Wagner (N.Y.) 44 23 Opponents Jay Vees Opponents Susquehanna 45 24 Stevens Trade 42 54 Stevens Trade 31 55 Susquehanna 42 29 Hershey Jr. College ... 58 65 Albright 66 58 1947 SOCCER SUMMARY Soccer, the weaker sister of our sports program, returned to do battle last Fall thereby completing our first full athletic schedule since the War. With every hill booter registered as an underclassman, the team lacked experience. The players, however, loved the game and more than compensated with enthusiasm and drive. Most of the games were played under conditions that made players look like jesters and goalies appear as jugglers. Since few of the colleges in this area included soccer in their sports program, our schedule was limited. Members of the team include: Frank Keath, Curt Bucher, Don Haverstick, John Lichty, Dave Snavely, Hen Gingrich, Jim Snavely, Sam Meyer, John Berger, Ken Gingrich, Don Myers, Armon Snowden, Don Krebs, Stan Kettering, Don Hivner, Tony Burnesci, Dick Hoopes and Harry Beyer. Score Results: Bloomsburg .... 3 Blue Jays o Lock Haven 2 Blue Jays o Bloomsburg .... 9 Blue Jays 3 Scoring for the Jays: K. Gingrich, S. Meyer, A. Snowden S.xtv-five 1947 TENNIS SUMMARY Opponents Franklin is ' Marshall Susquehanna . . . Juniata Lebanon Valley Millersville . . . Blue Jays Opponents 4 5 7 i 8 I 7 2 8 I Opponents Albright . . , Juniata ... Millersville . Susquehanna . Blue Jays Opponents 9 o 8 I 8 I 9 o Captain Frank Zink, Harold Fellenbaum, Ken Hetrick, Ed Fitzkee, Jim Roberts, also Bob Zink and Hen Miller (not pictured) will agree that their toughest assignment was getting assembled in one place. When they DID get together, they formed a near unbeatable combination. Led by the " tennis twins " Frank and Bob Zink, the team amassed a total of 68 match wins against ij losses during the nine game schedule. Si.xty ' six • ' lA ■■ r fflr I V oil ■ OE. f-m- " Ta , i- i ■ " : 4l. ' 5r 1947 BASEBALL SUMMARY Opponents Bridgewater . . . Shepherd .... Franklin fe? Marshall Juniata Lebanon Valley . . Shepherd .... Lebanon Valley Blue Jays Opponents I II 9 I 6 3, 20 2 I 3 7 5 4 10 Opponents Susquehanna Albright . . . Albright . . . Juniata . . . . Millersville . . Susquehanna . . Bridgewater . . Blue Jays Opponents I 8 5 o 9 2 9 2 Cf)e tubcnt Hamp— listting tfje tuap li al)Eti)totDn College clas!£ies! reflect tfje trenb in coUege enroUments! — a simaU sienior clasisi, a junior clasps; ttoice ass large, a £(opf)omore clasis! totjtcf) is tte largest, anti a fresifjman clasis! siligttlp smaller — togeti)er tfjejie da ti reprejient tte largest enrollment in tfje fjistorp of our college — almosit four ftunbreb jstutients. ESTHER BACHMAN B. S. m Science Lancaster, Pa. A thorough going person . . . active in Sigma Kappa Xi . . . on the basketball team . . . biology lab assistant . . . accustomed to the speed of planes, Esther wastes no time moving about campus or driv ing to and from college. EDNA BOHNER B. S. 171 Cormnercial Education Pillow, Pa. A girl with ideals and ambitions ... a future com- mercial teacher . . . quiet and reserved when occa- sion demands . . . jolly and sociable when such a mood is in order . . . fun to be with and a good friend to have. NANCY BUCHER A. B. m Liberal Arts Mt. Joy, Pa. Thoroughly feminine . . . with varied interests . . . friendly and gracious ... an individualist . . . anxious to live, love, and learn . . . " Bucher " seeks the best life has to offer. Seventy Ji GEORGE CABA B. S. Ill Coynmercial Education Harnsburg, Pa. Self-reliant ... a dependable hard worker . . . noteworthy scholastic achievement . . . capable of assuming responsibility ... his ready wit and friendly grin have enlivened many class discussions . . . One of the married members of our class. HELEN DISNEY B. S. 171 CoTnmercial Education York, Pa. Charming and versatile . . . friendly and sincere . . . with dignity of bearing and a gracious manner ... a successful student teacher . . . Helen does well the task at hand . . . after service in the Navy and study at Gettysburg she takes her degree at Elizabethtown. EMMA ENGLE A. B. m Liberal Arts Bausman, Pa. Intelligent, sincere, and kind . . . always willing to do her part. . . diligent in her pursuit of knowledge, capableof sharing it with others . . . essential qualities in a teacher of tomorrow. Seventy-one 4fr9t i H BETTY GRIMM B. S. m £ e rie)itdrv Education Dillsburg, Pa. Industrious . . . capable . . . cooperative . . . efficient in all she undertakes . . . Betty will win the hearts ot little children as she teaches m the elemen- tary field. MYRTLE HALDEMAN A. B. m Libera Art5 Bethany Seminary, Chicago A teacher with several years of experience ... a student wife . . . industrious . . . friendly . . . artistic . . . Myrtle will be a strong support to Dan as he enters the Christian ministry. JANSEN HARTMAN A. B. m Liberal Arts Harrisburg, Pa. Busy with duties of pastor and student . . . ready to express and support his convictions . . . genial and sociable . . . Rev. Hartman prepares for greater service in the ministry. Seventy-two STANLEY HEISEY A. B. m Libera Arts Rheems, Pa. Ambitious and energetic ... a social science and English major ... a serious student . . . undaunted by opposition . . . with an affinity for warm colors . . . " Stan " continues his studies at Penn State. MIRIAM HERSHNER 6. S. in Science York, Pa. Jolly . . . nonchalant . . . sociable . . . big hearted and optimistic. Her keen sense of humor and an abundance of common sense make her everyone ' s friend. BENJAMIN HESS 6. S. in Business Adinmistration Elizabethtown, Pa. Ben is a serious minded person . . . clean cut . . . sincere . . . courteous . . . with strong convictions ... a capable handler of monies as treasurer of the Student Senate. i3 Seventy-three a3B?.aiiaCZH; KENNETH HETRICK B. S. 171 Secondary Eduaitioii Hanover, Pa. He IS not tall but compensates with his " Whiz ball " in ping-pong . . . competent sports editor for the Etowman . . . editor of the Etoman ... an efficient and capable leader . . . perhaps someday he will be called " Prof. " Hetrick. ROBERT HOFFMAN B. S. 171 Scie7ice Elizabethtown, Pa. President of Sigma Kappa Xi . . . photography editor of the Etonian . . . dependable as a leader . . . noticed in any crowd by his hearty, spontaneous laughter ... a married vet . . . industrial chemistry is his field of interest. HARRY HORNING B. S. iri Scie7ice Elizabethtown, Pa. Horn ' rimmed spectacles ... a dapper appearance . . . Harry brings something of the exactness of mathematical reasoning into the problems of the classroom ... he finishes college after five years in the Army. Seventy-four RUSSELL KISCADEN B. S. m Secondary Education Columbia, Pa. Witty and jovial . . . with brown mischievous eyes and a bewitching smile ... a carefree dis- position ... as class president " Joe " has been a capable leader . . . active in civic affairs — ready to serve his generation through teaching social studies. DOROTHY WIDA 6. S. Ill Ekinentary Education Cornwall, Pa. Little and vivacious . . . diligent and trustworthy . . . full of fun ... an ardent Softball player . . . active and cooperative in the work of our class . . . " Dottie " likes teaching children. AUDREY KOPP 8. S. m Commercial Education New Salem, Pa. Amiable . . . courteous . . . sincere ... a lover of good things and good times . . . competent . . . determined ... a quiet unexcited voice ... all are assets in her profession . . . Kopp is now a commercial teacher at South Whitehall. Seventy-five THELMA LANDIS A. 6. iji Liberal Arts Lancaster, Pa. Friendly and sincere . . . reserved . . . dependable . . . patient and diligent . . . with a spirit of content- ment . . . Thelma is interested m service for her church as a career. ROBERT LESHER B. S. m Business Adinmistrati07i Elizabeth town, Pa. Genial . . . ambitious ... a fine sense of social responsibility . . . aggressive but considerate . j , a well organized plan as business editor of the Etonian. ATHA LIGHTY B. S. m Science Middletown, Pa. Lively and gay . . . seldom troubled by circum ' stances . . . can be seen most often with Bachman . . . loves to travel . . . aims to study medicine. Seventy-six JANE LOTT B. S. m Science York, Pa. The student " par excellence " . . . with special interest in the physical sciences . . . quiet and un ' assuming . . . helpful and efficient as chemistry " lab " assistant . . . friend of all . . . Jane will do outstanding work wherever she goes. PATRICIA MAHAN A. B. m Liberal Arts Rehobeth, Md. Ever busy . . . ever dependable . . . able to dispose of tasks with ease ... an effective leader . . . " Pat " has become a part of many college activities . . . her cheery " hello " and southern accent win a response from many Elizabethtown students. J. EVERETT MARSTELLAR B. S. Ill Education Glen Rock, Pa. Teaching and at the same time continuing his education Mr. Marstellar reflects the in-service teacher ' s constant search for better professional train- ing. Seventy-seven 9 MUSSER MARTIN B. S. m Coinirtercial Education Mt. Joy, Pa. Very systematic and practical . . . attempts a great deal and never loses time in getting it done . . . conscientious, thorough and precise . . . Musser has the qualities of a successful businessman. DAVID McMINN B. S. m Science Middletown, Pa. An interesting conversationalist . . . rather quiet and reserved . . . possesses a flair for writing . . . his subtle wit enlivens the editorial page of the Etownian . . . " Dave " will make his contribution in the field of science. RUTH MUMMA A. B. Ill Liberal Arts Florin, Pa. Faithful to duty . . . with high ideals and a genuine Christian spirit . . . Ruth adds an A. B. to her R. N. . . . she plans to enter the field of Christian missions. Seventy-eight HELEN REBERT B. S. m Secondary Edncatwn Spring Grove, Pa. Attractive . . . reliable . . . somewhat reserved ... a loyal friend . . . accepts responsibility . . . Helen has been active in Sock and Buskin and has served as assistant editor of the Etownian and on the Etonian staff. LEO RUOF B. S. in Business Ad7nini5tratiOTi Lancaster, Pa. Jolly and rotund . . . businessman . . . family man . . . scholar of ability . . . well informed . . . appre- ciative of the friendly and personal interest of the small college. CLYDE SHALLENBERGER A. 6. m Liberal Arts Uniontown, Pa. A busy student . . . dormitory proctor . . . first affirmative speaker on the debating team . . . orchestra . . . active in religious affairs . . . loquacious . . . always cheerful and always helpful. Seventy-nine ANNA MAE SHOWERS A. B. 1)1 Libera Arts Manheim, Pa. Shares her friendly smile with everyone ... in- dustrious and efficient . . . able to do many things well . . . possesses a quiet sense of humor . . . very obliging . . . sympathetic and understanding. HARRY STRAW A. B. in Libera Arts Lancaster, Pa. A zealous student with keen mental powers . . . not readily convinced . . . with foresight and energy " Jack " drives toward his goal, the diplomatic service. LIDA ANN SWOPE B. S. 1)1 Coi)i))iercid £ducdtio?i Harrisburg, Pa. Admirable character . . . steady, sincere, un- hurried . . . Lida Ann does the thing she undertakes . . . definitely a business student . . . her professional field will be commercial teaching. Eighty LESLIE TAYLOR B. S. Ill Commercial Education Enola, Pa. Calm and quiet . . . congenial and dependable . . . a friendly and sincere greeting . . . Taylor is one of the veterans who has joined our class ... a future commercial teacher. CHARLES WHITACRE A. B. m Liberal Arts Keyser, W. Va. President of Student Senate . . . good-natured, friendly, and genuine . . . four years a member of the college male quartette . . . earnest in religious ac tivity . . . ability to lead will be an asset to " Charlie " in the ministry. J. WILLIAM HELT A. B. m Libera Arts Barnesville, Pa. A student of Albright and of Elisabethtown he takes his degree with our class . . . pastor of two congregations at Shamokin and Barnesville and family man . . . Mr. Helt is ever busy. Eighty-one DOREEN MYERS A. B. in Liberal Arts Bethany Seminary, Chicago A beautiful alto voice . . . competent in writing, in dramatics, and in sports . . . active in religious circles . . . treasurer of the national Brethren Student Christian Movement. RICHARD WENGER A. 6. m Liberal Arts Bethany Seminary, Chicago Quiet and reserved . . . with eyes for only Mar- jorie . . . frequently chapel soloist and the college painter while at Elizabethtown. Dick is now a seminary student at Bethany. Eighty-two t ir i 53fer 0w ' f) i A. m PAUL ALWINE Johnstown JUNIORS DONALD BOHRER Keyser, W. Va. BEULAH BARNTHOUSE Uniontown RICHARD BAUER Lancaster KATHLEEN BAUGHER Elizabethtown ROLLAND BOEPPLE Philadelphia RAYMOND BOOSE Landisville SARA BRETZ Altoona JOHN BUCH Elizabethtown DOROTHY BUCKIUS Lancaster ' ' -m ' %,. ' - ISfe 1948 ARLETTA BYERS Elizabethtown BEATRICE CAPLAN Harnsburg WILLIAM DEMUTH Waynesboro PHYLLIS DRUCK Hallam CURTIS DUBBLE Myerstown RUTH EHRLEN Philadelphia EDWARD FITZKEE Bainbridge HAROLD FRAZER Harrisburg JANE FREY Elizabethtown r V ■- ' ■ i « -■■ r s ; STANLEY DOTTERER York ' rzT " m DORIS GARVER Middletown JUNIORS WILBUR GRAHAM Buena Vista, Va. WALTER GINGRICH Lebanon ROBERT GREENAWALT Elizabethtown RALPH WEIRICH Middletown ■7 - 4 Am 09% 1 »T THELMA HALDEMAN Mt. Joy i KENNETH GOODHART Lancaster JOHN GOODYEAR Mechanicsburg JANE HERNLEY Manheim ETHEL HERSHEY Elizabethtown V tft ; i 1948 WINIFRED KNOX Clifton Mills, W.Va. GEORGE HITZ Harnsburg JOHN LEFEVER Spring Grove RICHARD HIVNER Steelton EARL LEHMAN Elizabethtown WILLIAM HOLLENBAUGH Maytown JAY LEHMAN Elizabethtown FRANK KEATH Cornwall MARY LEMON Middletown ANNA KEPNER Gettysburg :zi } J: i JUNIORS ETHEL LONGENECKER Mt. Joy LINWORTH MORRISON Harrisburg GLENN McCORMICK Philadelphia SAMUEL MEYER Lebanon HUGH MILLER Woodbine HOWARD MINNICH Harrisburg J. EARL MUSSER Mt. Joy RALPH MUSSER Columbia RICHARD MUSSER Elizabethtown DONALD NEISER Allentown , »-i I. J w K d ' ' h. 1948 NANCY NISSLEY Manheim ' - ' Ft WILBUR RIGHTER Columbia LaVERNE rosenberger Elizabethtown ROBERT NISSLEY Elizabethtown WILBUR SHOEMAKER Marietta DALE PEIFFER Elizabethtown ENOLA SMITH Little York, N.Y. WALTER REINECKER Aspers PAUL SNYDER Mt. Joy ALBERT RICHWINE Harrisburg f - . JUNIORS DOROTHY SPROUT Mt. Joy JOHN STAUFFER Landisville REVERE STONER Mechanicsburg RITA SUSSMAN Fairlawn, N. J. SARA SWARTZ Newville FERN SWEIGERT Denver WILLIAM TOLAND Harrisburg MONROE GOOD Elizabethtown CHARLES WELLS Eliiabethtown f, Jl i JEAN YOUNG Telford 1948 RUTH ZIMMERLY Reading WALTER GOODMAN Bronx, N. Y. THOMAS HOFFMAN Highspire KENNETH MYERS York JUNIORS NOT PICTURED MARK BARTMAN Harrisburg JEAN BEYER Dover GEORGE FLOWERS Manheim WILLARD HERSHEY Lititz RICHARD KUNTZ Lancaster ROBERT LEIDNER Keyport, N. J. EVELYN FRANTZ Lebanon ROBERT LIGHTY Middletown FREDERICK LOESCHER Harrisburg WILLIAM LUTZ Harrisburg DOROTHY MESSERLY York WARREN PETTICOFFER Ephrata ROBERT REBER Ephrata PAUL SCHRIVER Lancaster RICHARD STARK Marietta MELVIN WALLICK Lancaster FRANKLIN ZINK Mt. Joy Sophomores 1948 MORRIS CLUGSTON Highspire WILLIAM KELLER Harrisburg FREDERICK KNOLL Harrisburg GEORGE EICHINGER Enhaut DONALD GIANELLI Harrisburg JUSTINE LAWYER Biglerville MERVIN HESS Marietta GRACE HOOVER Lmeboro, Md. ARLENE GRAHAM Buena Vista, Va. ROBERT KETTERING Elizabeth town Ninety-two JAMES ROBERTS Mt. Joy JOHN HERR Salunga CLAYTON FREY Elizabethtown GLADYS STEHMAN Lititz WILLIAM HELM Elizabethtown WILLIAM MOOSE Elizabethtown JOSEPH BROWN Elizabethtown CLIFFORD WILLIAMS Middletown JAMES SNAVELY Landisville HARRY STEHMAN Salunga JOHN LICHTY Paradise DAVID SNAVELY Landisville ROY FORNEY Florin RICHARD HOOPES Lewisberry Ninety-three Sophomores ELAINE GRAYBILL Lancaster MARY HESS Mt. Joy PHYLLIS MEYERS Shrewsbury RUTH GETTEL Sebring, Florida HENRY GINGRICH Elizabethtown LUTHER LAUVER Manheim BENJAMIN GROFF Rheems MILDRED BEETEM Schuylkill Haven FERRY HIPFLE Elizabethtown LARUE MONN Greencastle MARY JEAN SCHMOOK Lancaster LUCILLE HOOVER Waynesboro JANICE ANDERSON York MELBA RIGLEY Uniontown EDITH SNYDER Harrisburg COLLEEN TAYLOR Red Lion Ninety-four 1948 CARL RAFFENSPERGER Elizabethtown ELIZABETH PENNINGTON Quarryville EDGAR LABAR Montclair, N. J. GABRIEL KELEMAN Enhaut JOHN LOUCKS York WINFIELD ZERPHEY Columbia HARRY BEYER Elizabethtown CLAIR SCHLOSSER York ROBERT NATION Elizabethtown MARY MURRAY Camp Hill JUNE ZIMMERMAN Harrisburg RUTH HERTZ Lancaster DOROTHY KAMM Harrisburg JUNE SHAULL Felton ARDYCE TROUT Felton Ninety-five M. Sophomores CLARENCE GRISSINGER Mt. Joy CHARLES JORDAN Cornwall JOHN BERGER Reading CURTIS BUCHER Lebanon HARRY EARHART Manheim DONALD HURSH Manchester JOHN KENDIG Salunga GEORGE BEANE New Cumberland WARREN KISSINGER Akron SIMON ZIMMERMAN Columbia HARRY FOREMAN Elizabethtown GERALD WEAVER Manheim JOSEPH FORRY Elizabethtown RALPH STARK Marietta Ninety six 1948 JESSE SHEETZ Elizabeth ville EDGAR BITTING MarysviUe KARL KOLVA Halifax ROBERT BRACKBILL Gap EDWARD COOK New Cumberland PAUL RAFFENSPERGER Harnsburg NEVIN McWILLIAMS York KENNETH GINGRICH McAlisterville FRANK WITMAN Morgantown LLOYD MARKS Lancaster CLYDE WEAVER East Petersburg HERBERT SMETHERS Berwick HAROLD MERKEY Manheim HARVEY BRANDT Manheim ROBERT HESS Mt. Joy Ninety-seven Sophomores LOUISE STEWART Easton, Md. IRA FLOYD Elizabethtown JAMES WHITACRE Ridgeley, W. Va. ANTHONY BURRIESCI Stamford, Conn. COLONEL LYLES Steelton JEAN GRUBB Elizabethtown LEE HORNBERGER Elizabethtown MARIE SCHROYER Hopwood JOAN MARTIN Elizabethtown GILBERT GOTTSHALL Rexmont HAROLD EBERSOLE Hummelstown JESSE BROWN Brownstcwn RUSSEL WALTER Biglerville DONALD KREBS Glen Rock GENE SWORDS Lancaster Ninety -eight 1948 DALE SHERR Lancaster ROBERT HUTTER Elizabethtown DORIS SHANK Elizabethtown FLORENCE GRIMM Elizabethtown VERNON BRICKER Elizabethtown IRENE KUHN Mt. Joy ROMAINE McNALLY Blawnox HELEN BURKHOLDER Bainbridge DONALD HIVNER Steel ton GRETCHEN SHERMAN McVeytown Sophomores Not Pictured PORTIA BAUGHER, York ARTHUR BOWSER, Glen Rock CAROLE DeVERTER, Elizabethtown HAROLD FELLENBAUM, Mt. Joy ERNEST GANZ, New York City RICHARD GAUS, Columbia RICHARD GRAVER, Lancaster JOHN HITZ, Harrisburg WILBUR HORNAFIUS, Elizabethtown NEWTON KENDIG, Mt. Joy SAMUEL KOPLOVITZ, Harrisburg EARL LEHMAN, Elizabethtown EUGENE MILLER, York DONALD MOLL, Harrisburg ROBERT NISSLEY, Elizabethtown ELWOOD RABER. Bainbridge EDWIN REINGOLD, Elizabethtown MILTON ROWE, Elizabethtown JOHN SAUERS, Enola ROBERT SHULTZ. Lancaster MAURICE STAHLER, Highspire WILMER TRINKLE, Philadelphia LeROY TRUPE. Ephrata ARTHUR TUCKER, Jackson Heights, N. Y. JOHN URICH, Harrisburg JOANNA WILSON, Mechanicsburg WILLIAM WITMER, Columbia Ninety-nine Sll h mr - E ... ' ... M E Hi " ' r •• V » " r ■.y ' M 1 i f 1 Freshman Roster Esther Alexander, 6ii Pleasure Road, Lancaster, Pa. George Ament, 721 New Holland Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Betty J. ' ne Andrews, 86-41 14} St., Jamai ca, New York Mildred Becker, ' 564 Main St., Bressler, Pa. P.1UL BoLTz, Rexmont, Pa. Margaret Bose, Route 2, Glen Rock, Pa. Shirley Brant, Dallastown, Pa. S.ARA Jane Breneman, 219 N. Poplar St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Clyde Brinser, 25 Mill St., Middletown, Pa. Richard Brubaker, Donegal Springs Rd., Mt. Joy, Pa. Gerald Burdick, Uniondale, Pa. Anna Mae Burkholder, Route i. Willow Street, Pa. Stanford Cox, Quarryville, Route 2, Pa. Verna Mae Crouse, Queen Anne, Md. Millet DeAngles, 2j Isabell St., Binghamton, New York Jean Deimler, 1314 State St., Harrisburg, Pa. Robert Demmy, 137 Church Ave., Ephrata, Pa. Elizabeth Denlinger, 175 Kready Ave., MiUersville, Pa. Joy Detweiler, 151 Market St., Highspire, Pa. Carole DeVerter, Route 2, Elizabethtown, Pa. Stanley Dietrich, Route i, Lititz, Pa. Glenn Douden, 6 Umberta Street, New Cumberland, Pa. John Drescher, Route i, Mt. Joy, Pa. Peggy Eberly, Route 3, Elizabethtown, Pa. Paul Eber sole, Route t, Hershey, Pa. Charles Ege, 242 South Fourth St., Minersville, Pa. Louis Elliott, 300 Spruce St., Holidaysburg, Pa. Jane Eyer, 502 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. One hundred four Charm AiNE Fickes, ji E. Cottage Place, York. Pa. Gordon Foster, Pottsville St., Wiconisco, Pa. Jack Fr.ank, Bainbndge, Pa. Esther Frey, iig N. Market St., Eliiabethtown, Pa. Anita Fridinger, Lmeboro, Md. Ralph Fry, 436 E. Park St., Eli;abethtown, Pa. Donald Gammache, i 102 Helen Ave., Lancaster, Pa. Leon Gassert, jj Park St., Eli;ahethtown, Pa. Lloyd Gingrich, Route 4, Lebanon, Pa. Richard Goss, Route j, Lewistown, Pa. Robert Graham, Box 145, McGrann, Pa. Mildred Groff, 252 N. Locust St., Palmyra, Pa. Robert Hammers, Main St., Stewartstown, Pa. Evel j Haubert, Mifflintown, Pa. Donald Haverstick, North Lemon St., East Petersburg, Pa. Shirley Heisey, Route i, Mt. Joy, Pa. Leon Henise, 722 York St., York, Pa. Chamar Hershey, Route i, Harrisburg, Pa. Earl Hess, 222 Spruce St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Neal Hol. baugh, 22 Birch Lane, Middletown, Pa. D. ' KRWiN Hollinger, Route j, Litit:, Pa. Merle Hossler, Route j, Eluabethtown, Pa. Lester Hylton, Willis, Va. Elmer Johnson, 213 Olmsted Dn% ' e, Middletown, Pa. Amaryllis Jones, Route i, WrightsviUe, Pa. Stephen Kekich, 2401 South Fifth St., Steelton, Pa. Calvin Kipp, S03 W. Simpson St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. Edmund Kling, Blairs Mills, Pa. Barbara Kreider, Route 7, Lancaster, Pa. Helen Kreider, QuarryviUe, Pa. Paul Kulp, Box 410-A, Route i, Pottstown, Pa. Bernice Kurtz, Gap, Pa. Donald Leonhard, 218 Pine St., Middletown, Pa. Frank Liebert, Route 2, Langhorne, Pa. Carl Liggio, 1210 Boyton Ave., New York, N. Y. William Longenecker, Mt. Joy, Pa. Grant Mahan, Rehobeth, Md. Carl Martin, 2630 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. Nancy Mathias, 17 North 32nd St., Harrisburg, Pa. William McMinn, 233 Spring St., Middletown, Pa. Christine Minor, 443 Main St., Steelton, Pa. Peggy Moose, Spring Garden St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Anna Mudrinich, 1409 South 12th St., Harrisburg, Pa. Warren Mueller, Route i, Mt. Joy, Pa. Sheldon Mummert, 742 W. Philadelphia St., York, Pa. Donald Myers, Route 4, Lebanon, Pa. Janet Myers, 134 N. Seventh St., Columbia, Pa. Lois Myers, 5 N. Main St., Manheim, Pa. Barbara Nelson, 124 N. Findlay St., York, Pa. Pauline Nissley, 321 W. High St., Manh im. Pa. Russell Peters, 1040 Guilford St., Lebanon, Pa. Joseph Prokopchak, 1320 Linden St., Reading, Pa. E. Virginia Raffensperger, 507 College Ave., Elizabethtown, Pa. John Ream, 45 Arch St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Robert Ream, 3971 N. Sixth St., Harrisburg, Pa. F. Lois Rinehart, Waynesboro, Pa. Martin Risser, 93-2 N. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Peggy Lou Risser, 531 College Ave., Elizabethtown, Pa. E.ARL Rohrbaugh, Routc I, New Oxford, Pa. Eleanor Rutherford, Box 246, Route i, Harrisburg, Pa. Howard Seeds, 232 Cherry St., Elizabethtown, Pa. Paul Sensenig, Box 273, East Petersburg, Pa. Vera Mae Smith, Blain, Pa. Armon Snowden, 737 Main St., Bethlehem, Pa. Walter Stallard, ii il z Market St., Harrisburg, Pa. Philip Swartzbaugh, 28 McCosh St., Hanover, Pa. N.ANCY SwopE, Route I, Marietta, Pa. Thomas Talarico, 131 Chestnut St., Reading, Pa. John Thompson, 109 Baltimore Ave., Baltimore 22, Md. Charleise Toland, 631 Harris St., Harrisburg, Pa. Robert Trimmer, 18 S. Custer Ave., New Holland, Pa. Ivan Walker, 411 Park Ave., Hershey, Pa. George Waltz, 534 Spring St., Lebanon, Pa. Elvin Warner, 400 E. Main St., Hummelstown, Pa. Kenneth Weaver, Route i, Stevens, Pa. Jay Wenger, Route 4, Lititz, Pa. Patricia Whitaker, Route i, Conestoga, Pa. Frederick Wilkins, iioo Park Ave., Collingswood, N. J. Howard Wittel, Manheim, Pa. Ezra Wolgemuth, 117 S. Market St., Mt. Joy, Pa. Earl Ziegler, Route 2, Myerstown, Pa. Robert Ziegler, Route i, CoUegeviUe, Pa. Ella Zimmerman, Kinzer, Pa. One hundred five (2!li at)etf)to Dn College ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. You will always remember ELIZABETHTOWN for her Beautiful Campus Thorough Teaching Friendly Spirit Christian Idealism These are the values you will cherish long after your college days have been completed COURSES IN: SCIENCE EDUCATION LIBERAL ARTS SECRETARIAL SCIENCE BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION A. B. and B. S. Degrees State Accredited One hundred six The 1948 ETONIAN Engraving Printing and Binding by J. HORACE McFARLAND CO. Mount ipleasant ipress HARRISBURG • PENNSYLVANIA One hundred seven IF ITS AUNT NELLIE ' S MARTIN ELECTRICAL SERVICE It ' s the finest RUSSEL A. MARTIN ON SALE AT YOUR FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD GROCER Electrical Contracting Distributed by Harrisburg Grocery Company • 1001-13 MACLAY STREET Harrisburg, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 440 Success to the S. Clyde Weaver Class of 1948 EAST PETERSBURG, PA. 7) P Compliments of P Finest Quality HARRISBURG FRIENDS SMOKED MEATS of ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE and CHEESE One hundred eight Office Equipment Co. Friendly Service 202 Walnut St., HARRISBURG, PA. Lester E. Roberts Office Designers Commercial Stationers Shenk Tittle " EVERYTHING FOR SPORT " 313 Market Street HARRISBURG, PA. KELVINATOR PRODUCTS Radios and Appliances Mount Joy, Pa. NISSLY PAINTING CONTRACTORS 624 West Chestnut Street LANCASTER Phone: 2-4230 In Any Event . . . PHOTOGRAPHS Bishop ' s Studio ' PERSONALIZED PHOTOGRAPHS " 44 North Market Street ELIZARETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 44.5 One hundred nine LOUIS LEHRMAN SON UNDERWOOD PORTABLE Wholesale Food Distributors TYPEWRITERS 110-122 S. Seventeentk St. Wm. E. Gring, Mgr. Harnsburg, Pa. 52 N. Queen St. Lancaster. Pa. ZARFOSS HARDWARE MOVERS POTATO CHIPS ON THE SQUARE Among the best Elizatetktown, Pa. by test " H.S.RISSER MOTORS Compliments $ of Oldsmobile - Pontiac - Cadillac AUTOMATIC Sales - Service OIL HEATING CORP. t Harrisburg, Penna. Phone: 2-33 Elizabethtown, Pa. One hundred ten Brown s Fresli Frozen Fruits (d Vegetatles Retail and Institutional BROWNS FROSTED FOODS INC. Eigktk and Peack Sts. Lemoyne, Pa. PKone: Htg. 4-5937 Party Supplies Kodaks GEBHARTS ART SHOP and BOOK STORE 26 W. Higk Street Elizabethto-wn, Pa. Gifts for All Occasions Stationery Greeting Cards KENNEWOOD HOTEL Elizakethto-wn, Pa. t Alumni Headquarters S. G. HERSHEY isf SON DEPARTMENT STORE Elizabetktown, Pa. AUNT SALLYS KITCHEN Elizabetntown, Pa. D. L. LANDIS INSURANCE and NOTARY PUBLIC 23 Soutk Market Street Elizaketktown, Pa. PAXSONS CUT RATE Modem Soda Fountain Dolly Madison Ice Cream 19 W. HigK Street Elizatetktown, Pa. Al-ways Skop and Meet Your Friends at tke Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c— lOc— $1.00 and up Self-Service Grocery Dept. Elizaketktown, Pa. One hundred eleven APPLEBY BROS. WHITTAKER CO. WHOLESALE Heating, Plumbing, Steam, Gas and Water Supplies Steam and Hot Water Boilers and Radiators 216 South Second St. Harrisburg, Pa. For Finer, Fresher Foods For Prompt and Courteous Service GREINER BROS. FOOD STORE on the square ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY home of ford products elizabf:thtown, pa. SNAVELY BOOK CLEANERS We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant Phone: 473 Free Delivery Sennce 35 West High St., ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. REINHOLD ' S SUNOCO SERVICE Lubrication — Washing Tires — Tubes — Accessories Phone: 90i6-M ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. D. H. MARTIN CLOTHIER and FURNISHER CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. One hundred twelve D. S. BAUM HOME-MADE BOLOGNA - DRIED BEEF R. D. 3 Phone: 917-H-2 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Kodaks Stationery DORSHEIMER ' S " Center Square " Sporting Goods Confectionery RISSER BROS. • Famous for OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM MODERN SODA GRILL • Phone: 176 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watchmaker and Jeweler ELIZABETHTOWN, PA ROTH ' S FURNITURE STORES FURNITURE DEALERS • 206-210 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: S- j-R LEAMAN ' S TIRE SERVICE • RECAPPING and VULCANIZING • ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of THE ECONOMY SHOE STORE Russel L. Hein, Mgr. ■.V) E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 15-M THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN Center Square Elizabetlitown, Pa. Phone: 139-M One hundred thirteen When Yoj Think of Music Think of KIRK JOHNSON CO. Serving the Musical Needs of Lancaster Co. for Over 60 Years SHEARER ' S FURNITURE STORE " The Largest Furniture Store Between Lancaster and Harrisburg " 35-37 South Market St., El.:abethtown, Pa. Phone: U-W Compliments of the W. T. GRANT CO. Compliments of Your GOOD GULF DEALER EPPLEY ' S TOWN PHARMACY • Moose Building Eli2abethtown, Penna. Best Wishes to the Class of " 48 " THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS BOOK STORE Distributors of RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE 23 S. Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. MARY B. REBER-Art Shop GIFTS — New and Different Columbia Yarn 50 North Market St., Elizabethtown, Pa. One hundred fourteen SOCK Compliments of a and FRIEND BUSKIN C. G. HELLER BISCHOFF ' S Jewelry Store Painting Contractor WATCHES, DIAMONDS and and Floor Sanding JEWELRY Phone: 251-J Elizabethtown, Pa. 25 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. L. B. HERR SON PLEE-ZING • " T he re ' s None Better " STATIONERY BOOKS On Sale at Your PRINTING Neighborhood Grocer SCHOOL SUPPLIES • AUMENT BROS., Inc. wholesale Distributors 46-48 West King Street 227-231 North Prince Street LANCASTER, PA. LANCASTER, PENNA. One hundred fifteen Compliments of . . KLiZABETETOWN ' GARMEST COMPANY Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS LEO KOB Pliwibhig and Heating Contractor Stop in at . . . THE SKY GRILL " It ' s the Refreshing Thing To Do " MODERN SODA SERVICE Operated by CENTRAL CUT-RATE DRUGS V. K. Winters 45 South Market Street JOHN M. MILLER Insurance Broker LITITZ, PA. One hundred sixteen (Compliments of . . . A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Klein Chocolate Company, Inc. V ishe the Class of 1948 the Best of Success and Happiness Milton F. Eberly Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Route 3, Elizabeth town, Pa. Phone; 917-R-11 Our Location Saves You Money Best Wishes to the Class of " 48 MUSSER S GROCERY Phone: ig8-i 103 Mt. Joy Street CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, Inc. Manufacturers of FULL-FASHIONED HOSIERY EUZABETHTOWN, Pa. One hundred seventeen Compliments ICELAND, Inc. Successor to Frozen Fooa Lockers of $ LANCASTER Locker Service SHOE Ice Cream Soda Fountain COMPANY Home Freezers Frozen Foods Smoking and Curing ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. " EVERYTHING FROZEN " GRUBB (d BRENEMAN • COAL : FEED One hundred eighteen GAY GIBSONS and MINX MODES Styled for Juniors GRACE C. BLOUGH 116 SoutK Market Street ElizabetKtown, Pa. HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRIES $ RHEEMS, PA. HERSHEY y GIBBEL General Insurance LITITZ, PA. 24 Hour Se Phone: ElizabetKto-wn 226 NEWCOMER ' S SERVICE STATION Ricntield Gasoline Ricnluoe Motor Oils Ricn-Heat Fuel Oil ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. One hundred nineteen ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL Compliments of Baker ' s Diner DRINK m The pause that refreshes Compliments of Joseph E. Greenburg Spickler ' s Dairy Pasteurized and ' iscolized Milk, Cream and Buttermilk ORANGE and CHOCOLATE DRINKS Phone: 57-J PARK STHEET One hundred twenty THE CLASSIC SHOP Elizabethtoivns Smartest Women s Shop Complimenls of . . . Compliments of Martin ' s JAC. B. FISHER Children ' s Shop Music Store • ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. • Elizabethtown, Pa. I ' he Compliments of the Ruof Building Savoy Shoe Co., Inc. Offices and Storerooms • Makers of Fine Shoes For CHESTNUT AND DUKE STREETS Women Lancaster, Pa. • L. A. RUOF, Jr. Mgr. ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. One hundred twenty-one R. H. FORNEY GINDER CLEANERS Chrysler-Sales PlymoutK " Keep -well aressea ana upkeep ao ' wn 12 E. HigK Street ElizabetKtown, Pa. ElizaDetnto vn, Penna. PKone: 187-W Compliments or GEORGE A. FISHER TKe New Domestic ana Commercial Refrigeration Lancaster County Farm Diner Kelvinator Sales and Service Elizabethtown, R. D. 1 Elizatetktown, Pa. EstatlisKed 1868 MILLER HARTMAN WHOLESALE GROCERS 1 Lancaster, Pennsylvania One hundred twenty-two C.H.GARMAN Welding and Ornamental Iron Vork Phone: 29-R Elizabetktown, Pa. ELIZABETHTOWN FARMERS SUPPLY, Inc. FARM MACHINERY REPAIR and SUPPLIES Compliments oi E.W.MILLER SHOE JOBBER 314 Peack Alley Elizatetktown. Pa. JOSEPH F. GINGRICH Real Estate fe? Insurance 55 N. Market St. Elizabetktown, Pa. Phone: 419 MUSSER FARMS Like the Creams of Delicious Ricn Creamy Milk TKe Ideals of a Christian College Surely Will Rise to the Top COLUMBIA. PA. One hundred twenty ' three M. M.WENGER " M. W ' Feeds Ji. RHEEMS, PENNA. Phone: Elizabethtown 175 S. F. ULRICH, Inc. BUICK and CHEVROLET Sales and Service ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Phone: 21 " Garden Spot " Meat Products Win Favor by Quality and Flavor EZRA W. MARTIN CO. R. F. D. No. 5 LANCASTER, PA. ICE CREAM PENN DAIRIES, Inc. LANCASTER PENNSYLVANIA One hundred twenty-four KELLER BROS SALES— SERVICE BUFFALO SPRINGS, LEBANON CO., PA. LITIT2, LANCASTER CO., PA. MUMPER ' S DAIRY North Hanover Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Pho ne SB 26} -W VITAMIN " D " HOMOGENIZED MILK }Ail}{, Cream, BuUermi , Orange Drm Chocolate Drin}{ One hundred twenty-five Compliments of Newcomer ' s Firestone Store Phone: 490 ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Buck Manufacturing Company WHEELBARROWS • Elizabethtown, Pa. FRANK S. MILLER Trading as HARRY MILLER SON • Elizabethtown, Penna. LEVI C. HERSHEY GROCERY One of the Bed Rose Food Stores Phone: 18 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA, BACHMAN CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING CO. MT. JOY. PENNA. Coating Liquors and Cocoa. " Old Sol Bars " Milk Chocolate Goods a Specialty. " Athlete Bars " One hundred twenty-six J. C. SNAVELY SONS, Inc. Lumber and Millwork — • — LANDISVILLE MT. JOY ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY Ba ers of QUALITY PRODUCTS Miles E. Gassert, Prop . Phone: 259 Now More Tempting Than Ever WENGER ' S PRETZELS • Elizabethtown, Pa. FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers for 43 years of HIGH-GRADE FERTILIZERS Phone: II Elizabeth town, Pa. WM. K. GRAUER S SONS INCORPORATED 38 South Queen Street LANCASTER, PENNA. polity Wallpaper A Complete line of BENJAMIN MOORE ? CO. PAINTS Lancaster Beverage Distributors Pepsi Cola Cloverdale Softdrinks 615 East Mifflin, LANCASTER, PENNA. One hundred twenty-seven ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING and SUPPLY CO. BUILDING MATERIALS GENERAL CONTRACTORS 341 W. Bainbridge Street, Elizabethtown, Penna. WEAVER ' S Book Store BIBLES CHURCH SUPPLIES RELIGIOUS BOOKS— New and Used 44 S. Duke St. LANCASTER, PA. WM. E. LAWTON HOME FURNISHINGS Everything for the Home 16-18 E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 187- M • Graduation is an occasion you ivill want to remember. The Gainer Studio will help you to reme?nher ivith a " Cap Gown " Portrait. • Phone: 34-12 for an appointment • 11 SOUTH MARKET STREET Second Floor Sincerely the Class of ' ' 1948 ' ' One hundred twentyeight I '

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