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JG MEMO BRARY Liz; !,PENNA. REFERENCE MATERIAL FOR LIBRARY USE ONLY g a j — . Ohuu y s- This book belongs to Class of 1947 THE Staff Editorial Editor Frances Krebs Assistant Editor Clifford Huffman Senior Editors Beverly Lay, Rachel Kratz, Carroll Spence, Burnell Rebert. Junior Reporter Charles Whitacre Sophomore Reporter Kathleen Baugher Freshman Reporter Ernest Ganz Club Reporter Ruth Cromie Sports Reporter Lowell Zuck Snapshot Editors Richard Wenger, Daniel Haldeman, Arlene Kettering. Art Editors .... Esther Dourte, Beverly Lay ' Copy Readers David Market, Gladys Weaver, Esther Goldfus, Reba Sebelist. Typists Kathryn Hoffman, Sara Price, Hilda Gonzalez. Business Business Manager Merle Black Assistant Business Manager . Doris Witter Advertising Manager Paul Reed Assistant Advertising Managers George Caba, George Defrehn, Robert Lesher. Circulation Manager Gladys Weaver Assistant Circulation Manager Robert Willoughby ETONIAN ZUG MEMORIAL LIBRARY ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania DeJit catt on • • • A man among men ... a friend to all . . . always working and serving his fellow men . . . friendly adviser and counselor. To Dr. H enry G. Bucher, Dean of Education, the class of 1947 proudly dedicates its issue of the ETONIAN. ctewot i Americans have turned their thinking from the horrors of war to quiet, peaceful, and normal living, and are once again able to think sanely and realize the presence of goodness around about them that went unnoticed during the half dozen years just past. Now these things can be seen in their true perspective and with a greater appreciation. Thus we who have spent some years " on the hill " in eastern Pennsylvania have become cognizant of a hard-working, God fearing people who inhabit this fertile section, and who have played an inestimable part in the growing of food during the past years of crises; a people who have made history with their thrift, toil, honesty, and character building. So it is fitting that the 1947 Etonian choose as its theme this year the Pennsylvania Dutch culture. — 5- e , L fcp . ' trWjp k% " i8!W . . ' [t « . M wk - ' ' • Sl Bscr fci • ' B0Kf 1 Sftfcsftfe ' i.J F Wm l m W% 3a v hm 1 1 ti B W ■kflfH r rjTm i ' - 3 KU bP " j. — jj£ «BF- " Vq P • k| i Mf v BH ittft f ' ' - ' • ' ' Eh ■ ■ ji vi , ri. •eaF BM " fli K • m r$ wj| . sm i i OUR CAMP U S OUR -8 — ADMINISTRATION Trustees Faculty Aides — 9- -10- - ' ' zeiident 1 Mellzat The academic year which has now come to its close will be unique in the history of American higher education. In the first place, the enrollment in colleges and universities in the United States has been over two million. This is the largest number of students ever enrolled in higher education. Approximately 1,000,000 were veterans of World War II, and were receiv- ing financial aid from the Federal Government under the G. I. Bill of Rights. Elizabethtown College has had 191 of these veterans. This number, with 195 non-veterans, gave Elizabethtown College the largest enrollment in her history. In addition, because of lack of space, the Ad- missions Office was obliged to turn away more than 300 applications during the summer of 1946. Many of these applicants were graduated in the highest quarter of their classes. In the second place, Elizabethtown College has added two buildings to her facilities — North and South Halls — which serve as dormitories for men. Another building is now under construction which will be used as a recitation hall. These buildings have been given to the College by the Federal Government. In addition to these buildings a large amount of equip- ment, such as chairs, tables, desks, has also been secured from the Government. In the midst of the rapidly expanding program of higher education in the country, the United States Office of Education predicts a continuing upward trend in enrollment so that by 1955 probably more than 3,000,000 students will be attending the colleges and universities of the country. At this very moment there is a movement on foot to inaugurate a program of Federal aid to higher education through a National Scholarship Plan. Under such a program financial aid would be given to young men and women of superior mental ability for study in colleges and universities. The philosophy back of this proposal is that the professional and scientific personnel of the country is a national asset and to develop it amounts to conserving our national resources. In the light of these trends in education, Elizabethtown College aims to keep alert to her opportunities and responsibilities by upholding the Christian ideal of character coupled with sound scholarship. To this end she at all times endeavors to prepare youth to be able to com- pete on bases where ability, Christian character, and industry are recognized. The record of our alumni gives us legitimate grounds for pride in their achievement and we have the firm hope that you who are about to take your place in the vocations and profes- sions will continue to uphold our record. The endowment of Elizabethtown College, as for any college, rests not only in her finan- cial resources, but in her alumni, her faculty, and her friends as well. Our hope is that each of you may add yourself to this living endowment of Elizabethtown College and to champion the highest goals for which the College stands. rv AjU 1( • 11 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Executive Committee J. E. TRIMMER .1. M. MILLER J. W. KETTERING .1. WINWOOD EISENBERG SAMUEL S. AVENGER MICHAEL KURTZ X. K. MUSSER Finance Committee .1. Z. HERR .1. Y. KETTERING JOHN SPRENKLE Equipment Committee J. Z. HERR F. S. CARPER RUFUS ROYER PAUL M. GRUBB K. EZRA BUCHER Officers R. P. BUCHER, Chairman J. AY. KETTERING, Secretary .1. E. TRIMMER, Vice-Chairman J. Z. HERR, Treasurer 12 OUR FACULTY — 13- HENRY G. BUCHER Dean and Professor oj Education An energetic, dignified man. Hi personality radiates helpfulness and has won him many friends. FREDERICK NEUMAN Proft ssor oj Modem Languages An intellectual man interested in the study of the culture and language of different peoples as the basis of international un- derstanding. 0. F. STAMBAUGH Professor of Chemistry New chemistry professor with visions of a larger and more complete chemistry laboratory in the future. JOHN R. HAUBERT Professor of Business Education An efficient business man ; a dramatic classroom expounder. Friend to all and respected bv all. LUELLA BREITIGAN Professor of Shorthand and Typewriting An extremely conscientious business instructor. " Work pro- duces good students. " RALPH W. SCHLOSSER Professor of English Through his high ideals and magnificent personality he has gained the admiration of stu- dents and faculty. His well- illustrated classes are a stimu- lation to many. HORACE KAUFFMAN Professor of Physics and Mathematics New addition to the faculty who looks at the world through mathematics. Physics, he be- lieves, is a practical application of math. MAHLON HELLERICH Professor of History An industrious, competent teacher; interested in current problems. Always in a hurry — he ' s sure to accomplish all he aims to do. CHARLES APGAR Professor of Bioloyy A man of ingenuity and versa- tility; brisk, efficient, scientific. patient, kind and friendly. MARTHA MARTIN Professor of Bible Her gift of divine inspiration is transferred to all whom she contacts. A friendly smile for evervone. EPHRAIM G. MEYER Professor of Voice and Director oj Music lias a pleasant smile for all. A diligent and exacting director admired by all who are Ins students. GALEN C. KILHEFNER Professor of Psychology and Sociology Hai ' d work and a cheerful dis- position have gained him great respect. ISABEL McCURDY Librarian A kind and patient lady; al- ways eager to help a " lost " stu- dent ; industriously trying to make the library a place of general interest to all. SAMUEL S. WENGER Instructor in Law His knowledge and wide expe- rience of the subject make his classes both interesting and practical. H. M. BOOK Instructor in Art His vivid imagination and love of art. have been a great aid in all his students. His beautiful paintings have earned him gnal success in his field. GERTRUDE R. MEYER Instructor in Piano A great lady who makes the piano take on human qualities; she has won many friends through her good naturedness. VERA R. HACKMAN Dean of Women ami Professor of History Her great initiative to get things done, her eagerness for im- provement keep her busy at all limes. Known for a wide va- riety of knowledge. IRA R. HERR Instructor in Physical Education and Coach of Athletics To understand human nature is to be a successful coach. This quality, along with his friendli- ness, has made him popular as coach, dean and instructor. GALEN HERR Instructor in Orchestra Tactful, friendly, pleasant, sin- cere — add a sense of humor to these traits and you have an in- teresting and admired director. KATHRYN N. HERR Instructor in French Neatness and efficiency are two nl her many outstanding vir- tues. Congenial and kind, she is a friend to all. ELEANOR NEUMAN Instructor in German Language ability, a stoic of knowledge and a pleasing man- ner all afford her much success. EVA HALK House Matron Always on the job; she lends a helping hand whenever needed. K. EZRA BUCHER Treasurer and Business Manager Practical, efficient, enthusiastic; a business man of few words, and with a sense of humor. EDNA M. SCHOCK Bookkeeper DR. CHARLES WEAVER Instructor in Mi dical Technique His interest in the college will always be remembered. We are indebted to him for the time he has spent giving p hysical ex- aminations to students. REV. NEVIN ZUCK When you have a problem, con- sult the " Chaplain. " With seri- ous thought, kind consideration, but a jovial manner, he is a great help lo all who seek him. EFFIE SHANK Secretary lo the Dean BETTY HOLLINGER Secretary to the Treasurer DOROTHY EBERSOLE Secretary to tin- President UX • • THE SENIOR CLASS OF ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE presents n u t D A DRAMA IN THREE ACTS by OvtEN Davis Jim led by MISS VERA R. HACKMAN Auditorium-Gymnasium Saturday, April 26, 1947 Eight o ' clock By special arrangement with Longmans, Green and Company Ike Oast (In the order of their appearance) Henry Jordan Leroy Reinhold Emma Fiances Krebs his wife Nettie Gladys Weaver her daughter by a former marriage Sadie Fellows Doris Witter once Sadie Jordan, a widow Orin Jackie Wenger her son Ella Jordan Beverly Lay the unmarried sister Hannah Kathryn Long a servant Dr. Curtis Merle Black Jane Crosby Arlene Kettering a servant Judge Bradford Daniel Haldeman Ben Jordan Edwin Boll Jim Jay . , Robert Willoughby depnty sheriff 17 Liberal Arts Science Business Administration Secretarial Teacher Training OUR C LASS E S Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Senior Officers . . . ■20 — LeROY REINHOLD President ARLENE KETTERING Vice-President GLADYS WEAVER . ... ' Secretary DANIEL HALDEMAN Treasurer — 21 — MERLE E. BLACK, JR. B usi ncss A dm in i si rn tion Basketball 1, 2. 3; Baseball 1. 2. 3; Soccer 1; Choir 1, 2. 3; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Commer- cianfes 1. 2. 3. 4, President 2; Class Vice- President 1; Assistant Business Manager. Etownian 4 ; Business Manager. Etonian. 4. One of our married classmates ... a great fisherman . . . conscientious and loyal . . . once a friend always a friend. EDWIN BOLL B.S. in Science Y. M. C. A. 1. 2; Student Senate 1, 2. 4. President 4; Baseball 1, 2. 3. 4; Soccer 1. 2; Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4; Class President 2; Sock and Buskin 2, 3, 4; Candles Club 2; Science Club 2, 3. 4. His job as president of the Senate proved his merits . . . steady and dependable . . . a warming smile ... all the qualities that count. C. HAROLD BRACKBILL A.B. in Liberal Arts Transferee from Waynesburg College . . . a soft-spoken gentleman . . . day student . . . his ready wit, optimism and sincerity will help him succeed in the ministry. MARY M. BRUBAKER BJ3. in Secondary Education Transferee from Messiah Bible College; 4th TJ. M. Rep. Intelligent, capable . . . always on the job when duty demands . . . the ideal college student . . . one on whom the professors can always depend. RUTH N. CROMIE B.S. in Secondary Education L. S. A. 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Inter- national Relations Club 3, 4; Sigma Kappa Xi 3. President 4; Basketball 1. 2. 3, 4; Student Senate 4. Mathematically inclined, with a passion for scientific knowledge ... an asset to the girls ' basketball team ... a good all-around girl whom we learned to appreciate. GEORGE DeFREHN A.B. in Liberal Arts Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3; L. S. A. 1. 2, 3, 4; President of L. S. A. 3; Sock and Buskin 2, 3, 4; Ministerium 1. 2. 3; Etownian Staff 2; Etonian Staff 4. A jovial and sociable fellow . . . always full of fun . . . ever ready with a helpful hand ... a great lover of the out-of-door life . . . versatile personality which will be an asset to the ministry. ESTHER B. DOURTE B.S. in Elementary Education Transferee from Messiah Bible College; Art Editor of Etonian 3, 4; S. C. M. Social Action 4. Aesthetic nature is hers ... a cheery smile . . . ' ' hello " for everyone . . . the gift of art . . . her congenial personality has won her many friends. JOHN W. DUNHAM Pre-Lmc Student Council 4. Capable . . . intelligent ... a man of strong convictions who manages to live up to them . . . indomitable in the face of opposition. ESTHER GOLDFUS B.S. in Elementary Education A Capella Choir 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 3; S. C. M. Missions Commission 4. .lolly, good-natured . . . capable of assum- ing responsibility . . . whenever there is laughter, she is always there . . . learn to know her. and you ' ll never forget her. HILDA GONZALEZ A.B. in Liberal Art V. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3. Sophisticated with quiet reserve . . . un- derneath is a heart of gold . . . conscien- tious in all she does. HARRY HAMPILOS Pre-Law A former student of Tufts College ... a keen boy with plenty of wit and humor . . . tact and the ability to express himself is sure to enable him to succeed in the legal profession. EUGENE F. HESS Business Administration Class Treasurer 1. 2; Etonian Staff 1; Soc- cer 1. 2; Baseball 2; Choir 1. 2; Sock and Buskin 2; Candles 2. Another recently married classmate . . . cheerful, good-natured and friendly ... a dependable hard worker. KATHRYN HOFFMAN U.S. in Eli mi ntary Education Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Volunteers 1. 2. Secretary 3; V. W. C. A. 1. 2. Secretary 3; Etownian Circulation Manager 3; Etownian Business Manager 4; S. C. M. Secretary 4; So.k and Buskin 2. 3. 4. Ambition personified . . . Kay is known for her cheery smile and sunny disposition . . . always kind and courteous . . . one on whom we can always depend. CLIFFORD HUFFMAN A.B. in Lihi ml Arts Internationa] Relations 1. 2; Peace Team 1. 2; Student Volunteers 1. 2; Choir 3. 4; Treasurer 4; Etownian 4; Associate Editor Etonian 4. The WHP. Harrisburg, radio announcer . . . pleasing voice and winning smile have earned the respect of everyone . . . combined activities place him on a vigorous schedule. ARLENE KETTERING U.S. in Elementary Education Y. W. C. A. 1; Student Volunteers 1; Bas- ketball 2; Class Treasurer 2. 3; Class Vice- President 4; Sigma Kappa Xi 2. Vice-Presi- dent 3. 4: Women ' s Student Council Presi- dent 4; Student Senate 4; S. C. M. 4. Quiet and shy . . . but wait ' till you know her . . . sweet, gentle, dainty . . . the kin- dergarten kids will love her. ROBERT KINGSBURY Business Administration Tennis 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. A lean and lanky boy with an eye for business . . . attends to tennis in the same professional manner . . . served in the Coast Guard for a period of forty months . . . one of our married members. RACHEL KRATZ A.B. in Lihi ml Arls S. C. M. 4. Transferee from Houghton College. A girl with ambitions and ideals ... a hearty " hello " for all she meets . . . never known to be in a bad humor . . . energetic and willing. FRANCES I. KREBS B.S. in Commercial Education Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Commerciantes 1. 2. 3. 4; L. S. A. 1, 2. 3. 4; Orchestra 1. 2; Choir 2; Etownian Feature Editor 2. 3; Etonian, Associate Editor 3. Editor 4; Class President 3; Student Council 3. Our amiable editor . . . cool, calm and collected, come what may . . . a great teaser . . . cheerful smile and likeable personality. BEVERLY A. LAY B.S. in Secondary Education Stmlonl Semite, .Secretary 3, Vice-President 4; Student Council 3; L. S. A. 1, 2, 3. 4; Etonian 3, Art Editor 4; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, Secretary 3; Class Vice-President 3; Etown- ian. News Editor 3, 4. A bit of the artistic touch . . . has never refused to assist someone in need . . . capa- ble in the finer things . . . her amiable qualities will take her far. KATHRYN LONG A.B. in Liberal Arts Transferee from Messiah Bible College; S. C. M. Social Action 4; S chool Nurse 4; International Relations Club 4. Always reliable . . . ready to help another, whether it be on the sickbed or in solving some vital problem of life . . . sincerity of purpose is one of her chief virtues. SARA PRICE S.S. in Secondary Education Student Volunteers 1, Vice-President 2; Choir 1. 2. 3. Secretary 2; Etownian 3. 4; Y. V. C. A. 1. Cabinet 2; International Relations 2; Sock and Buskin 2, Vice-Presi- dent 3; S. C. M. Social Action 4; Student, Council Vice-President 4. Capable, industrious . . . well-liked by her fellow classmen ... as a conversationalist she is tops . . . versatile and musically in- clined . . . leadership ability is hers. DAVID J. MARKEY All. in Liberal Arts Student Volunteers 2, 3; International Re- lations 3, President 2. 4; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. President 3; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2; Peace Team 2, 3; Sock and Buskin 1, 2, 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2; Student Senate 1. 2. 3. 4; Ministerium 3; Etownian. Circulation Manager 2. Business Manager 3; Etonian 3; Class Vice-President 2; Secretary Athletic Association 2; President S. C. M. 4; Male Quartet 2. 3. 4. A swell fellow to religious leadership, are outstanding . . church of tomorrow. be around . . . songs, and scholastic ability . a good man for the BURNELL REBERT B.S. in Elementary Education Etonian 4. Quiet friendliness . . . sincere and earnest ... a clear thinker in the classroom and a pleasant person at ;ill times. PAUL REED B.S. in Secondary Education Basketball 1. 2. 3. 4; Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4; Etonian Advertising Manager 4. A fighting spirit . . . just watch him on the basketball court . . . small but noisy . . . takes many trips to Wilkes-Barre . . . an efficient advertising manager for Etonian. LcROY F. REINHOLD Business Administration Baseball 2. 3; Basketball 2. 3; Y. M. C.A.I; Commerciantes 1, 2. 3. 4; Men ' s Student Council 4; Class President 4. Meet the genial president of the class . . . always ready with a grin and a joke . . . don ' t lot that easy manner fool you . . . he ' s a worker, too. REBA SEBELIST H.S. Ill Sl ' ll lire Choir 1; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Student Vol- unteers 2, 3; International Relations 3. 4; Sigma Kappa Xi 3. 4; L. 8. A. 1. 2, 3. 4. Never a dull moment with Reba . . . the gift of laughter is hers . . . always willing to share and help others . . . successful in all she undertakes. JANET A. SENFT A.B. in Liberal Arts V. W. C. A. 1. 2. Treasurer 3; S. C. M. 4; L. S. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Class Secretary 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4; Etownian, Assistant Editor 3. Editor 4; Student Senate 4. Dependable is the word for Janet . . . always ready with a helping hand . . . hard worker, conscientious student . . . loyal friend. ANNA SHOWERS A.B. in L iberal Arts Transferee from Bible Training School. Chi- cago. S. C. M. Missions Commission 4. Sincerity of purpose ... a quiet, reserved girl who accomplished much in her serene manner . . . her ability to influence people will make her a blessing to society. CARROLL SPENCE Business Administration Basketball 2. 3, 4 ; Baseball 2. 3. 4; Soccer 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3; Sock and Buskin 1. 2. 3. President 4; President of Athletic Association 3; Commerciantes 1. 2, 3. 4; Class Vice-President 2; Orchestra 2; Can- dles 2, 3. Casanova in person . . . what the well- dressed man will wear . . . Navy ' s loss. E-town ' s gain . . . easy going and easy to like ... a conscientious gentleman at heart. RALPH THOME A.B. in Liberal Arts Soccer 2; Class President at Catawba Col- lege 3; Track 3; Dramatic Club at Catawba College. Lover of hunting and fishing ... a pleas- ant fellow to know . . . studious nature. GLADYS C. WEAVER I1.S. in Eli mentary Education V. W. ( ' . A. 1, Cabinet 2. 3; Student Vol- unteers Treasurer 2. 3; Choir 1. 2, 3. 4 ; Business Manager of Etonian 3, Circulation Manager 4; Secretary Senior Class 4; S. C. M. Recreation Commission Chairman 4. Vivacious, enthusiastic in work and play ... a " go-getter " in all she does . . . she is one who believes you only get out of life whal you put into it. ROBERT WILLOUGHBY A.B. in Lihi ml Arts Y. M. C. A. 1, 2. 3; Student Volunteers 1. 2. 3; S. C. M. 4; International Relations 2. 3. 4; Basketball 3; Choir 1. 2. 3. 4. A man of conviction ... a sportsman ... a teacher for tomorrow ... a man of congeniality. DORIS H. WITTER H.S. in Commercial Education Commerciantes 1. Secretary-Treasurer 2. President 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. i. 2. 3; L. S. A. 1. 2. 3. 4; Student Volunteers 1; Secretary- Treasurer Athletic Association 3; Etonian 4. Determination plus ... a mind of her own . . . noted for those laughing spells . . . fun to be around ... a good friend to have. LOWELL ZUCK A.B. in Libi rnl Arts Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Student Volunteers 1. 2; Mmisli riiim 1. 2; Peace Team 1. 2; Inter- national Relations Club 2. President 3; S ( ' . Ml; Social Action Commission Chair- man 4; Etownian Staff 2. 3. 4; Etonian Staff 3. 4; Choir 1, 2. 3. 4; Sock and Buskin 2. 3. 4; Class President 1. 2; Male Quartet 2. 3. 4. Now here ' s a fellow that is intellectual . . . likes symphonies, literature ... a broader smile has no man! . . . another singer, bass. NOTICE The class of ' 47 welcomes Daniel Haldcman. Richard Wenger, Glenn Kinsel, Jean Sharpe, and Marian Shaub as members. Due to the accelerated program, these students, who are now members of tin Senior class, were listed as Juniors when the Etonian went to press. — 27- lit The class of ' 47 is the must unique of all the graduating classes in the history of Elizabethtown College, in that there is so much variation in the histories of the individuals who compose the class. Only eight in the class of ' 47 started in the fall of ' 43 and followed the regular course of instruction. Some started as Freshmen long before the fall of ' 43 and were interrupted by the war. Others stepped up by the accelerated program. Some have graduated ahead of us, including Carl Myers, who was presi- dent during the freshman and sophomore years. As freshmen, the class of ' 47 was the last class to go through the week of formal initiation, which tradition planted in E. C. As Juniors we elected Frances Krebs president of the class. Toward the end of the year, the class made two important decisions — to have a Senior Class play, and to begin the practice of publishing a yearbook every year instead of every two years. Now we are Seniors. LeRoy Reinhold is leading the class as president this year. Even though there is great difference in our ages and experiences, we are on common ground now. United in sincerity of purpose, we are going forth, " Educated to Serve. " — 28 — JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS RICHARD WENGER GLENN KINSEL DOROTHY KLINE JEAN SHARPS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 29- JUNIORS NANCY BUCHER Liberal Arts Ml Joy. Pa. GEORGE CABA Business Administration Harrisburg, Pa. CLARENCE DITZLER Sen hit Lititz, l ' :i EMMA ENGLE Liberal Arts Bailsman, Pa. DANIEL HALDEMAN Liberal Arts Greencastle, Pa. STANLEY HEISEY Liberal Arts Rheems, Pa. KENNETH HETRICK Secondary Education Hanover, Pa. ANNA HILSHER EU mi ntary Education Elizabethtown, Pa. JUNIORS FRANCIS JOHNSON Science Lock Haven, Pa. GLENN KINSEL Liberal Arts McVeytown, Pa. RUSSELL KISCADEN Secondary Education Columbia, Pa. DOROTHY KLINE Elementary Education Manheim, R. D. 3. Pa AUDREY KOPP Commercial Education York New Salem. Pa. THELMA LANDIS Eli no ntary Education Lancaster R. D. 7. Pa. H. JANE LOTT Science York. R. D. 1. Pa PATRICIA MAHAN lnberal Arts Rehobeth, Md. JUNIORS DAVID McMINN Si-ii nri Middletown, Pa. LeROY G. MEHLER Business Administration Hershey, Pa. HELEN I. REBERT Secondary Education Spring Grove, R. D. 2. Pa. M. JEAN SHARPE Lib. ral Arts Johnstown, Pa. CLYDE SHALLENBERGER Liberal Arts Uniontown, Pa. MARIAN R. SHAUB Elementary Education Lincoln. Pa. LIDA ANNE SWOPE Commercial Education Harrisburg, Pa. LESLIE DEAN TAYLOR ( ' nt itni Tctal Education Enola, Pa. RICHARD WENGER Liberal Arts Lititz, Pa. CHARLES WHITACRE Liberal Arts Keyser, Y. Va. JUNIOR CLASS HISTORY The passing parade of time is marked by advancement and progress, par- ticularly in the field of higher education. When we entered Elizabethtown Col- lege three years ago as freshmen, we were uncertain as to the goals we were seeking to attain. We faced the future apprehensively, but now that we are juniors these goals and aims have become mure clearly defined. As we ap- proach the climax of our college career, we feel that we have grown spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially. However, with our advancement we have received greater responsibility to others and to ourselves. As freshmen, we could boast the largest enrollment of any one class, but during the war years this number decreased, particularly the male population. In the sophomore year several were added to our class and now we have ex- panded beyond our original number. With this expansion and assimilation of new students, we have attempted to adapt ourselves to the changing environ- ment and contribute to the welfare and growth of all. As we near the end of college, the statement that, ' college days are the happiest days of your life ' finds added meaning for us. Out of our many expe- riences here, we hope to go out to live and serve in a world which will accept only the best. We face the world with hope and confidence that when we enter our respective fields of service, we will give our best to promote peace and understanding ami to develop a ' world consciousness. ' 33 ,1 C.,.» -F..«-l p«rt f F« Hi Kii F .„(■- S f „t r«»t -; v,.s,., ' l«« «w r„. Co m . W«lt w.t ' o M- - „„ti. M.MI • c,t. c Tk„ Y t-i„ ,i e — 34 — SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS CHARLES FORNEY DORIS JEAN THATCHER ROMAINE EVANS ELBERTA FOX President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer :::, SOPHOMORES ESTHER BACHMAN BEULAH BARNTHOUSE MARK BARTMAN KATHLEEN BAUGHER ROLLAND BOEPPLE EDNA M. BOHNER M. MAXINE BOWMAN EUNICE BRESHEARS SARA BRETZ MARJORIE BROWER WILLIAM BROWNING JOHN BUCH Lancaster. Pa. Uniontown, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Pillow, Pa. Kings Ferry. N. Y. Omak, Wash. Altoona, Pa. La Habra, Calif. Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. SOPHOMORES ARLETTA BYERS Elizabethtown, Pa WILLIAM DEMUTH Waynesboro, Pa STANLEY DOTTERER York, Pa PHYLLIS DRUCK Hellam, Pa JOSEPH EBERSOLE Elizabethtown, Pa ROMAINE EVANS Lancaster, Pa CHARLES FORNEY Lancaster, R. D. 3, Pa. ELBERTA FOX Mt. Pleasant, Pa. MARY JANE FREY Elizabethtown, Pa. DORIS CARVER Middletown, Pa. WALTER GINGRICH Lebanon, R. D. 4, Pa. BETTY GRIMM Dillsburg, Pa. mm SOPHOMORES A. JANE HERNLEY Manheim, Pa. MIRIAM HERSHNER York, Pa. BENJAMIN HESS Elizabethtown, Pa. RICHARD HIVNER Steeiton, Pa. ROBERT HOFFMAN Dover, Pa. FRANK KEATH Cornwall, Pa. ANNA KEPNER Gettysburg, Pa. WINIFRED KNOX Clifton Mills, W. Va. JAY LEHMAN Elizabethtown, Pa. ROBERT LEIDNER Keyport, N. J. MARY LEMON Middletown, Pa. EVELYN LENTZ Richland, Pa. SOPHOMORES robert lesher atha lighty robert lighty william lutz buena machuca patricia McCarthy matthew ' meyer hugh miller jay roy miller ralph musser nancy nissley dale peiffer Elizabethtown, Pa. Middletown, Pa. .. Middletown, Pa. .. Harrisburg, Pa. Barranquilla, Colombia Mt. Gretna, Pa. Lebanon, R. D. 2, Pa. Woodbine, Pa. York, Pa. . Columbia, Pa. Manheim, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. SOPHOMORES LoLA REESE Harrisburg, Pa. WALTER REINECKER Aspers, Pa. LEO RUOF, JR Lancaster, Pa. PAUL SCHRIVER, JR. Lancaster, Pa. ENOLA SMITH Little York. N. Y. DOROTHY SPROUT Mt. Joy, Pa. JOHN H. STAUFFER Landisville, Pa. MARY STONER Mt. Joy, R. D. 2, Pa. SARA SWARTZ Newville, Pa. FERN SWEIGERT Denver, Pa. DORIS JEAN THATCHER Lancaster, Pa. WILLIAM TOLAND Harrisburg, Pa. SOPHOMORES MARY ULRICH Elizabethtown, Pa. CLIFFORD WILLIAMS Middletown, Pa. JEAN YOUNG Telford, Pa. RUTH ZIMMERLY Reading, Pa. • • Sophomores Nor Pictured DOROTHY MESSERLY DONALD FINK ROBERT GREENAWALT GEORGE HITZ CHARLES KAMPHAUS FREDERICK MOORE HARRY STRAW York, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. . Harrisburg, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Baltimore, Md. Philadelphia. Pa. Lancaster, R. I). 2. Pa. SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY It has been two years since eighty-five timid freshmen appeared on the Elizabethtown College campus. The weeks passed rapidly and traces of home- sickness and shyness wcyv drowned in hard work. Forty freshmen (1. I. ' s en- rolled at Elizabethtown to resume their studies, ruder the leadership of Eugene Witmer, Maxine Bowman, Kathleen Baugher, and Marjorie Brower, the class established for itself a place on the campus. Skating parties, hikes, programs and banquets helped the year pass quickly. The next year the class roster remained practically the same with few addi- tions in- changes. The group was ably steered through the second year by Charles Forney, Doris Thatcher, Romaine Evans, Anna Kepner and Elberta Fox. Along with harder work came the Halloween Party, Thanksgiving and Christ- mas Banquets, and the Valentine Party. Frankie Keath and Dick Ilivner dem- onstrated their outstanding ability on the basketball floor with Frankie main- taining the highest average of points per game in the state, and Dick keeping up tin ' good work on the floor. So, with a feeling of accomplishment and satis- faction, we, the Class of ' 49, look forward with a great deal of pleasure to the two years ahead of us. 12 FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS WILBUR BUCHER ROBERT BRACKBILL MARY STONER JESSE SHEETZ President 1 ' ice-President Secretary Treasurer — 43 FRESHMEN 7 ' k i row — Paul Alwine, Johnstown, Pa. Janice Anderson, Highrock, Pa. George Beane. Jr.. New Cumberland. Pa Mildred Beetem. Schuylkill Haven. Pa. Mary Bensel, Brodbecks, Pa. Third row — ( ' hailo I. Brandt. McAlisterville, Pa Harold Branch. Elizabethtown, l ' a. Harvey Brandt. Manheim, Pa. James Brandt. Elizabethtown, R. I). 2. Pa. Robert Brackbill, Gap, Pa. St ' mi ' row — Adeline Berit, Lancaster, Pa. John Berger, Reading, Pa. Harry W. Beyer, Dover, R. D. : ' ,. Pa Edgar Bitting. Marysville, Pa. Raymond R. Boose, Lancaster, Pa. Bottom row — Albert Brayman, Ml. Joy, Pa Vernon Bricker, Elizabethtown, Pa Jesse Brown, Brownstown, l ' a Joseph Brown, Elizabethtown. Pa. Curtis Bucher, Lebanon. Pa. FRESHMEN Top row — Wilbur Bucher, Quarryville, Pa. William Bucher, Quarryville, Pa. Dorothy Buckius, Lancaster, Pa. Helen Burkholder, Bainbridge, Pa. Anthony Burriesci, Stamford, Conn. Third row — Hulli Ehrlen, II. Langhorn, Pa. Harold Fellenbaum, Ml. Joy. Pa. Thomas Fiaschetti, Harrisburg, Pa Carl Fink, Dover, R. I). 3. Pa. Edward Fitzkee, Bainbridge, Pa. Second ' " " ■ — Edward Cook. Now Cumberland, Pa. Junior Dart. Lancaster, Pa. Josephine D ' Ora, Harrisburg, Pa. Curtis Dubble, Elizabethtown, Pa. Harold Ebersole, Hummelstown, Pa. Bottom row — George Flowers. Manheim, R. D. 3. Pa. Harry Foreman. Elizabethtown, R. D. 1. Pa. Joseph Forty, Elizabethtown, H. D. 2. Pa. Harold Frazer, Harrisburg, Pa. Clayton Frey, Elizabethtown, Pa. FRESHMEN Top row — Anita Fridinger, Lineboro, Mil. Thomas Fromm. Palmyra, Pa. Roberl Gamber, Shamokin, Pa. Ernesl lianz, Brooklyn, . Y. Alice ii-iti ' l, Sebring, 1 ' la. Third row — Gilberl Gottshall, Glen Rock. Pa. Arlene Graham, Myersville, Mil. Wilbur Graham, Myersville, Md. Duns Graybill, Lancaster, Pa. Florence Grimm. Elizalxthtown. Pa I rum WW — Henry Gingrich, Elizabethtown, Pa. Enid Ginsburg, New York City, N. Monroe Good, Elizabethtown, I ' a. Kennel h ioodharl , Lancaster, Pa. Walter Goodman, Bronx, N. Y. liiillmn row- Benjamin Groff, Rheems, Pa. Floyd Gross, York, Pa. Roberl Gross, Highspire, Pa. .Iran Grubb, Elizabethtown, Pa. William Helm. Elizabethtown. Pa. FRESHMEN Top row — John Heir. Jr.. Salunga, Pa. Roy Herr. Elizabethtown, Pa. Ruth Hertz. Lancaster, Pa. J. Mervin Hess. Marietta. Pa. Robert Hess, Mt. Jov, Pa. Third row — Carl Hollinger. Elizabethtown. R. D. 3. Pa. Robert Hollinger, Reading, l ' a. Grace Hoover, Lineboro, l ' a. Lucille Hoover, Waynesboro, Pa. Wilbur Hornafius, Elizabethtown, Pa. St cond row — Perry Hippie. Manheim, Pa. Raymond Hippie. Manheim, Pa. I onald Hivner, Steelton, Pa. Thomas Hoffman, Highspire, Pa. William Hollenbaugh, Maytown, Pa. Bottom row — Lee Hornberger, Elizabethtown, R. D. Robert Horning, Elizabethtown, Pa. William Hoist. Hummelstown, Pa. Donald Hursh. Manchester, Pa. Dorothy K ' amm. Harrisburg, Pa. 2. Pi FRESHMEN Top row — J. Robert Kettering, Elizabethtown, Warren Kissinger, Akron. Pa. Karl Kolva. Halifax, Pa. Donald Krebs, Glen Rock. R. D. 1. Irene Kulm. Ml. Joy, Pa. Third row — Harry Lon onecker, Elizabethtown, John Loucks, York. Pa. Colonel Lyles, Steelton. Pa. Lloyd Marks. Lancaster, Pa. Joan Martin, Elizabethtown, Pa. ,Si niml TOW — Richard Kuntz, Lancaster, Pa. Edgar LaBar, Jr., Montelair, X. J. Carl Landis, Elizabethtown, R. 1 . 2. Pa. Justine Lawver, Biglerville, Pa. Earl Lehman, Elizabethtown, Pa. Hull ii in row — Robert Martin. Mt. Joy, Pa. Henry Miller. Jr.. Mt. Gretna, Pa. Howard Minnich. Harrisburg, Pa. Harold Mohler, Lancaster, Pa. 0. LaRue Monn. Greencastle. Pa. FRESHMEN Top row — Linworth Morrison, Harrisburg, Pa. William Moose, Elizabethtown, Pa. Mary M. Murray, Camp Hill, Pa. Richard Musser, Elizabethtown, Pa. Robert Nation, Concord, N. ( ' . Third row — Wilbur Righter, Columbia, Pa. Melba Rigley, Uniontown, Pa. James Roberts, Mt. Joy, Pa. L). Jean Rudy. Ephrata, Pa. Clair Schlosser, York, Pa. Second raw — William Neubauer, Harrisburg, Pa. Robert Nissley, Elizabethtown. Pa. Elwood Raber. Bainbridge, Pa. Carl Raffensperger, Elizabethtown, Pa. Albert Richwine, Harrisburg, Pa. Bottom raw — Mary Jean Schmook, Lancaster. Pa. A. Marie Schroyer, Hopwood. Pa. Orville Schwanger, Jr.. Elizabethtown, Pa. Doris Shank, Elizabethtown. Pa. A. June Shaull, Felton. Pa. FRESHMEN Top row — Jesse Sheetz, Elizabethtown, Pa. Gretchen Sherman, McVeytown, Pa. I ale ( ' - Sherr, Lancaster, Pa. Wilbur Shoemaker, Marietta, Pa. Betty Smiley. Elizabethtown, Pa. Third row — Maurice Stahler, Highspire, Pa. ( Hadys Stehman, Lititz. Pa. Mary Stoner, Mt. Joy. Pa. Revere Stoner, Mechanicsburg, Pa Florence Stork, Lancaster, l ' a. St cond row — I ' m 1 1 Smil h, ( Columbia, Pa. Edith Snyder, Harrisburg, Pa Ray Snyder, Mi. Joy, Pa. Ralj.h Stark. Marietta. Pa. Richard Stark, Marietta, Pa. Fourth row — Gene Swords, Lancaster, I!. D. 1. 1 ' Colleen Taylor, Red Lion, Pa. Ardyce Trout . Felton, Pa. Ruth Walden, Bressler, Pa. Melvin Wallick, Lancaster, Pa. FRESHMEN Tii ii row — Russell Wallers, Biglerville, Pa. Clyde Weaver, East Petersburg, Pa. ( lerald Weaver, Manheim. Pa. Russell Weber, Carlisle. Pa. Ralph Weirich, Middletown, Pa. Second row — George Wells, Elizabethtown, Pa. Henn ' Winner. Lebanon. K. 1 • " . Pa. I " . Fredrick Wielinga, Lilitz. R. I). 3, Pa. William Withers, Erie. Pa. Frank Witman, Morgantown. Pa. Bottom run ' — William Witmer, Columbia, Pa. Winfield Zeiphey, Ml. Joy, Pa. I). June Zimmerman, Harrisburg, Pa. Franklin Zink. Ml. Joy, Pa. FRESHMEN NOT PICTURED William Davis Jay Francis Robert Garret I Wilbur Hoover Robert Hutter ( Iharles [rvine Robert Reber Jack Rotunda John A. Sauers LeRoy Troupe Andrew Wnla Robert Zink FRESHMAN CLASS HISTORY • • This year, from the profusion of humanity that inhabits this universe, ven- tured one hundred and fifty inhabitants seeking to exploit the knowledge of our ancestors. A torrent of mankind, from all corners of the globe, cast itself with a flood of expectation upon a desolate campus. A fascinating horde of appendages strolled across the " welcome mat, " A more grotesque mass of protoplasm never existed. Some came from Florida, others from Connecticut, a few ventured from Brooklyn. Here was the " melt- ing pot " of learning, " And what do you possess now? " , we command the freshman class of " 50 " . A family that has invaded every sphere of action, from the sapphire of the dining room, to the diamond of the ball field; a faction of society that is des- tined to lead, this is our destiny. With the excellent guidance of Dr. Apgar, we have attained perpetual motion. We will produce athletes, clowns, culinary specialists, and only the future knows what else. The class of " 50 " hopes to start a renaissance unequalled in the annals of E-town. — 52- OUR Student Government Religion Clubs — 54 — Drama Publications Music ACTIVITIES .-,.-. f 1 ijd fM sg fertkj} l» XfiK EfSSS Eggggaf- if ' ■ JJ, ' j?j |p Fl Bf • ' ■ ail ■rnAB9 BS0 s i h 1 5 ■UumS s S3f V ' y. Byj55L ' ' H Ibimmi w fl ■«AmJI 1 [L ■ ' J m M f: 1 ;l[j 1 L r L ' M wtJ iff- fH ' s flB MH y I F- ' m f 7 - H " « k N-J gy ltL ll It ' f 1 1 1 STUDENT SENATE " The Instigators " • • SENATE OFFICERS EDWIN BOLL President. BEVERLY LAY Vice-President HELEN REBERT Secretary ESTHER BACHMAN Treasu rer Members: Ruth Cromie, Edgar Bitting, Arlene Kettering, Janet Senft, David Markey, John Dunham, Walter Gingrich. Advisers: Ira R. Ilerr, Vera R. Hackman. — 56 — MENS STUDENT COUNCIL • ' The Investigators " + • • Officers JOHN DUNHAM President IRA R. HERR Adviser Members: LeRoy Reinhold Glenn Kinsel Civile Shallcnberger Richard Hivner William Bucher WOMEN ' S STUDENT COUNCIL Officers ARLENE KETTERING President VERA R. HACKMAN Adviser Members: Sara Price Edna Bohner Marian Shaub Anna Kepner Ruth Hertz -57- L. S. A. • lli. Lutheran Studeni Associa I inn. a commission of the S. C. M.. made up primarily of Lutherans, was organized n Elizabethtown College campus with the Rev. W. 0. Moyer as adviser in 1942. For l ln past two years, Elizabethtow n has been hosl to the Mid. lie- At- lantic Association ' s Conference. The L, S. A. unites students of all denominations into iis fellow- ship, lis programs consist of wor- ship and informal discussion of pertinent religious problems. Prof. Mahlon Hellerich is now faculty adviser of this organization. The present officers are: president, Rob- erl Brackbill; vice-president, Jesse Sheetz; secretary, Doris Thatcher; treasurer, Karl Kolva. STUDENT CHRISTIAN MOVEMENT " Our Religious Side " SOCIAL ACTION COMMISSION This commission under the di- rection of Lowell Zuek. assisted by Clyde Weaver, studied mental hos- pital conditions and followed il with a visii to the Harrisburg State Mental Hospital. At Christmas- time they gave I hose patients small gifts. In the store they kept a barrel for relief for Church World Serv- ice. Race relations was another topic for study. They also visited St. Paul ' s Baptisl Ihurch in Har- risburg, of which one of the stu- dents of Elizabethtown College. Rev. William Toland, is pastor. IP .J.- jSjSjj w«s3um ' • ' L CTj 3 1 ft J LpS H J t i m Km B ' [;Wj afn « M 1 J f - H Hs r mi ' »- V — 5S- RECREATION At regular meetings, the Recreation Commis- sion .studied recreation techniques and games The Commission sponsored ping-pong tourna- ments, attended the Farm Show al Harr ' sburg. sponsored a roller skating party, and also bas- ketball intramurals. The Commission planned a week-end camp- ing trip in May at Camp Swatara, and pur- chased games and equipment for the game room. The officers of the Commission are: Gladys Weaver, chairman; Donald Hursh, secretary; and Patricia Mahan, assistant chairman. MISSIONS Five members of the Mission Commission worked al the Brethren Orphanage at Carlisle one week end. The Commission sponsored four Sunday evening meetings al the School of Missions in the town Church of the Brethren, Young People ' s Department. Al the weekly meetings the Commission made scrapbooks for children al the Carlisle home. II also spon- sored programs al the Crippled Children ' s Hos- pital in Elizabethtown. Sara Swartz is chair- man of the Commission; Jean Young, assistant chairman, and June Zimmerman, secretary. BRETHRENISM Under the leadership of Charles Wlnlarre. Raymond Boose, and Marion Shaub, the Breth- renisni Commission has studied and discussed the pas! history and presenl program of the Church and also ilie various phases of Breth- renisni al the weekly meetings. .VI INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB " THE PEACEMAKERS " • OFFICERS LOWELL ZUCK RUTH ZIMMERLY FERN SWEIGART F. N. NEUMAN President 1 (7 -President Secretary Adviser The International Relations Club is organized for the specific purpose of keeping abreasl with current happenings of world-wide interest. It is a member of the Carnegie Endowment for Internationa] Peace. Each year the club places in the library ten or more books on world affairs. — 60 — SICMA KAPPA XI " THE WONDER-MINDS " • • • ( )FFICERS RUTH CROMIE President ARLENE KETTERING Vice-President ATIIA LIGHTY Secretary-Treasurer DR. CHARLES APGAR Adviser The Sigma Kappa Xi has a two-fold purpose: 1 — t o encourage and foster undergraduate work in science, and 2 -to provide closer contacts for students interested in science. Fishin " ' trips, visits to botanical gardens and scientific institutions, hikes and parties are just a few of the (dub ' s activities. Reports on current scientific subjects and movies of scientific interest are presented at semi-monthly meetings. — Gl — COMMERCIANTES " THE REALISTS " • • OFFICERS DORIS WITTER President WILLIAM DEMUTH Vice-President AUDREY KOPP Secretary ROMAINE EVANS Treasurer JOHN R. HAUBERT Adviser The purpose of the Commercial Club, composed of students in the depart- ment ni business, is licit h instructive and social. The organization is increasing in membership and has " big plans " for the future. — 62 — SOCK AND BUSKIN " THE ROMANTICISTS " • OFFICERS CARROLL SPENCE . President SARA PRICE Vice-President JEAN SHARPE Secretary JOHN STAUFFER Treasurer VERA R. HACKMAN Adviser The Sock and Buskin, the dramatic club of the college, welcomes all those interested in dramatics. This spring the club produced " Family Portrait " with optimum success. Once a Suck and Buskiner, always a Sock and Buskiner! 63- ETONIAN STAFF • • The college biannual has been transformed into a college annual with this issue. With the effort and co-operation of the large future classes, the ETONIAN should be able to climb high into the spotlight. -64 THE ETOWNIAN Published monthly, except July and August, by Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown, Pa. Member Associate Collegiate Press, 1946- 7. THE STAFF Editor -------- Janet A. Senft Assistant Editor ------ Helen I. Rebert News Editor ------ Beverly A. Lay Sports Editors - Nancy Bucher, Lowell Zuck Reporters - - Sara Swartz, Sara Price, Mark Bartman Cub Reporters - Members of Journalism Class of 1946-1947 — Jane Frey, Charles Forney, Kenneth Hetrick, Clifford Huffman, and Harry Straw. Business Manager ----- Kathryn Hoffman Assistant Business Manager - Merle Black Circulation Manager - AYilliam Demuth Assistant Circulation Managers — Kathleen Baugher, Clyde Weaver Advisory Committee — Vera R. Hackman, L. D. Rose, K. Ezra Bucher Entered at Elizabethtown Post Office As Second Class Mattel ' ETOWNIAN STAFF -65- CHOIR THROATS OF COLD " • • The A Cappella Choir expresses the spirit of Elizabethtown College through its sacred concerts which it gives in various churches throughout the brother- hood of eastern Pennsylvania and through its annual spring concert. The choir is indebted to Prof, and Mrs. Meyer for their faithful service and also to Mr. Galen Herr who directed during Prof. Meyer ' s absence. 66- ORCHESTRA " THE MERRYMAKERS " • • Under the directorship of Mr. Galen Herr, the orchestra is resuming its place on the campus. The orchestra aims to develop an interest in the music of leading composers. It has presented some excellent concerts in the chapel. — 67 — £ WOMEN ' S TRIO Beulah Barnthouse, Sara Price, Kathryn Hoffman MALE QUARTET David Markey, Clyde Weaver, Charles Whitacre, Lowell Zuck £ -68- 2Jn Qecoanition • • • At this point in the 1946-47 ETONIAN, it is quite appropriate that the Senior Class uses this page in recognition of its class adviser, the professor of voice and director of music, Prof. E. G. Meyer, who has been absent from the campus many months clue to a fractured vertebrae. Faithful and always willing to aid, Prof. Meyer ' s services have truly been appreciated. — 69 — OUR Basketball Varsity Junior Varsity Girls ' Varsity -70- SPORTS Baseball Cheerleading — 71- P . " «: % 41 % fir v ..v ' V-% ' « ♦■ VARSITY BASKETBALL THE " BLUE JAYS " • • With the beginning of basketball season this year, Coach Herr was faced with a problem never before encountered — how to take care of the forty " recruits " who reported for the squad! As the season progressed, the squad narrowed down to just a little above normal in size. With its new team name, the " Blue Jays " also built up a name for them- selves as stiff competitors. Although their victories were not as numerous as expected, any team that met the Blue Jays was given a tough battle. The crown- ing event of the season took place when the Jays beat their old rivals — Juniata — and in celebration the administrative committee declared a holiday. Only two members of the squad, Paul Reed and Eddie Boll, will be lost through graduation. Sophomore Frank Keath has been building a name for E-town by holding down top scoring honors in the state. With another year of experience under their feet, the Blue Jays should fly high next year. — 72- ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE VARSITY BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1946-1947 Wed., Dec. 4 — Wed., Feb. 5 — Juniata Huntingdon Philadelphia Pharmacy Science Home Sat., Feb. 8 — Susquehanna Home Sat., Dec. 7 — Bloomsburg Home Tues., Feb. 11 — Lebanon Valley Lebanon Wed.; Dec. 11— Haverford Home Thurs., Feb. 13— Shepherd Sat., Dec. 14 — Albright Reading Shepherdstown, W. Va. Tues.. Dec. 17 — Bethany. Chicago .... Home Fri., Feb. 14 — Bridgewater Thurs., Dec. 19 — Findlay, Ohio ... Home Bridgewater. Va. Sat.. Jan. 4 — Bridgewater, Va. Home Thurs.. Feb. 20 — Juniata Home Tues., Jan. 7 — Shepherd. W. Va. Home Sat.. Feb. 22 — Susquehanna Selinsgrove Sat.. Jan. 11 — Lebanon Valley Home Wed.. Feb. 26 — Moravian Home Wed.. Jan. 22— Dickinson Carlisle Thurs.. March 6— Albright Home Wed.. Jan. 29 — St. Joseph .. Philadelphia Double-headers — Fri.. Jan. 31 — Bloomsburg Bloomsburg First game. 7:15; second game, ,8:45 p. m. • • JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL THE " BLUE JAY-VEES " This is the first time in the history of the Senior Class that there has been a .Tay-Vee team on campus. With Carroll Spence as captain, the Jay-Vees put up hard fights for their opponents, and one of their biggest accomplishments of the season was their victory in an exciting game with the Lebanon Valley J-V ' s. With a twelve-game schedule of experience behind them, the Jay-Vees have a core around which to build a strong team next year. Some of the fast-stepping Jays may graduate to Varsity by next season. -73- GIRLS ' VARSITY BASKETBALL THE " BLUE BIRDS " The E. C. Blue Birds have made quite a record for themselves this season. At the present writing, they have lost only three out of ten games, defeating the strong East Stroudsburg team twice! This in itself is an accomplishment that has not been achieved for at least five years. Two Senior forwards, Captain Frances Krebs and Ruth Cromie, will be lost through graduation, hut there are several forward prospects among the Freshmen to team up with the third regular, LaRue Monn, who built up a large scoring record her first year on the hill. GIRLS ' JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS ' BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1946- 1947 December 7 — St. John ' s Home December 19 — Bethlehem Business College Home January 4 — Bridgewater Home January 11 — Millersville (afternoon) Away January 17 — Lebanon Valley Home January 25 — East Stroudsburg Away February 1 — Bridgewater Away February 8 — East Stroudsburg (afternoon) . Home February 12— Millersville Home February 20 — Lock Haven Home March 1 — Lock Haven Away March 5 — Lebanon Valley Away March S— Wagner. N. V Home March 11— Albright Home -74 " THE ATOM BOMB IN ACTION " • • SCHOOL YELLS EEEEE T-O-W-N EEEEE T-O-W-N EEEEE T-O-W-N E-TOAVN FIGHT ! ! ! SHOOT ' EM HIGH ! PASS ' EM LOW ! COME ON TEAM, LET ' S GO ! ■75 — " ROOTIN ' FROM THE BLEACHERS " • • SCHOOL YELLS BLUE, GRAY, FIGHT BACK BLUE, GRAY, FIGHT BACK BLUE GRAY FIGHT BACK ! ! HUBBA, HUBBA, DING, DING, OUR TEAM HAS EVERYTHING ! ! ■76 — I Yf £ i Hi BASEBALL " THE SLUGGERS " • • With the return of veterans, the 1945-46 baseball team had a larger per- sonnel than in the past three or four years. Though victories were few, their spirit was high. The schedule included games with Juniata. Dickinson, Haverford, Bloomsburg, and Gettysburg. -77 — CHEERLEADERS " THE RAH-RAH TEAM " Much credit must go to this year ' s cheering squad for the excellent per- formances they gave at all the home games and a few of the away games. They really have what it takes for a good pep squad. Though they may not realize it, every student on campus is just as proud of the cheering squad as he is of the team he is cheering to victory. 3 r -j • " « .■- P. V..,t. f.„,, I H„t L »».,» ( ' i.« X- t»« i«» 4 fl TJ 5 ' lr P»»..rf- K.M AAa ev3d , Ow r-ri i v i ' " " ' ) S P4 t. c A- T«te-i» .,, ; „, sl Vt ' jt-i. ' -t Mcf ' i, c Aj , J (7, v - ■£ " " - ' « « Het e if iff -S.™« TV, oil Wa.f ..« ft- » li ' fe " h. t.r.r i T»c! 5.- t t n C !. :«,-! 1 M f-t. » I..o.fWe 1 J. rfc t .- v h ' ,.. H ' »i uJn i : Mi ' " i " " F.v j ,,,«; -••t Ad; A .,, ■ ' -so OUR PATRONS -81- ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Elizabethtown, Pa. You will always remember ELIZABETHTOWN for her BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS THOROUGH TEACHING FRIENDLY SPIRIT CHRISTIAN IDEALISM These are the values you will cherish long after your college days have been completed COURSES IN: Science Education Liberal Arts Secretarial Science Business Administration A.B. and B.S. Degrees State Accredited MEMBERSHIP IN: The Association of American Colleges The National Conference of Church-related Colleges -82- GRUBB BRENEMAN COAL - FEED BUCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY Compliments of ¥ WHEELBARROWS THE • CONTINENTAL PRESS ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ■S3- ROBERT A. HAMILTON • WATCHMAKER and JEWELER Elizabethtown, Pa. REINHOLD ' S SUNOCO SERVICE Lubrication - Washing Tires - Tubes - Accessories Phone 9046-M ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. FRANK S. MILLER Trading as HARRY MILLER SON Elizabethtown, Pa. KENNEWOOD HOTEL Elizabethtown, Pa. ALUMNI HEADQUARTERS KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY INC. Wishes the Class of 1947 the Best of Success and Happiness BISCHOFFS JEWELRY STORE • WATCHES, DIAMONDS and JEWELRY • 25 Centre Square Elizabethtown, Pa. XI When Ton Think of PORTRAITS Think of 5- s is LANCASTER, PA. ■85 — Compliments of AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN CARBER MOTOR COMPANY • HOME OF FORD PRODUCTS Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. MILTON F. EBERLY SPICKLERS DAIRY •A. • Pasteurized and Viscolized Furniture of Character MILK, CREAM at and Reasonable Prices BUTTERMILK Route 3 — Elizabethtown, Pa. if Also Choice Butter Phone: 917-R-ll Chocolate and Orange Drinks OUR LOCATION SAVES YOU MONEY Phone: 57 Park Street WEAVER ' S BOOK STORE S. C. HERSHEY SON • BIBLES, BOOKS DEPARTMENT STORE CHURCH SUPPLIES • • Elizabethtown, Pa. South Duke Street Lancaster, Pa. -86- MUMPER ' S DAIRY North Hanover Street Phone: 263-W Elizabethtown, Pa. VITAMIN " D " HOMOGENIZED MILK! Milk - Cream - Buttermilk - Orange Drink - Chocolate Drink ; »... w -,,, i ' -87 CAY GIBSONS and MINX MODES Styled for Juniors • GRACE C. BLOUCH 116 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. SHEARERS FURNITURE STORE S. CLYDE WEAVER " The Largest Furniture Store Between Lancaster and Harrisburg " SMOKED MEATS and CHEESE 35-37 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 1 2-W East Petersburg, Pa. ZARFOSS HARDWARE SNAVELY BOOK CLEANERS ON THE SQUARE We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 32-J — Free Delivery Service 35 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT COMPANY -88- ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL L. B. HERR SON Stationery Books Printing School Supplies 46-48 West King Street LANCASTER, PA. Now More Tempting Than Ever WENGERS PRETZELS Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of A. S. KREIDER Shoe Manufacturing Company ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of LEVI C. HERSHEY -S9- Kodaks Stationery DORSHEIMERS " Centre Square " ■MM CPLEE-ZING " There ' s None Better " Sporting Goods Confectionery On Sale at Your Neighborhood Grocer Compliments of • AUMENT BROS., INC. JAC. B. FISHER MUSIC STORE Wholesale Distributors • 227-231 North Prince Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Lancaster, Pa. ROTH ' S FURNITURE STORES Compliments FURNITURE DEALERS of 206-210 South Market Street LANCASTER Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 84-R SHOE COMPANY • LEO KOB ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PLUMBING and HEATING CONTRACTOR — 90 — LANCASTER PAINT CLASS CO. Mfgs. of Quality Paints • Dealers in Class and Brushes 235 North Prince Street LANCASTER, PA. When You Think of Music Think of KIRK JOHNSON CO. Serving the Musical Needs of Lancaster Co. for over 60 years SHENK TITTLE • " EVERYTHING FOR SPORT " 313 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. PAXSONS CUT RATE • MODERN SODA FOUNTAIN DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM 19 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. CUY THE BARBER HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRIES RHEEMS, PA. 91 EPPLEY ' S TOWN PHARMACY HERSHEY CIBBEL Moose Building Elizabethtown, Pa. SPECIAL INSURANCE • For Finer, Fresher Foods LITITZ. PA For Prompt and Courteous Service • CREINER BROS. FOOD STORE On the Square Eizabethtown, Pa. Stop in at . . . JOHN M. MILLER THE SKY GRILL " It ' s the Refreshing Thing To Do " INSURANCE BROKER MODERN SODA SERVICE Operated by Lititz, Pa. CENTRAL CUT-RATE DRUGS W. K. WINTERS 45 South Market Street THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS D. L. LANDIS BOOK STORE • • INSURANCE and NOTARY PUBLIC Distributors of • RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE 23 South Market Street 20 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. 92- x« s f N.,tk H ' H A « th, r e. » t w P r «r-t ' f«. tfl ' . . J. " • ' •»!., Sk. . i v ,.., Cl „ it,.. Li f -.. t„r.i II J.., " B.Kf , tU. l. 4 i o.« S - t y-.--p.c- ' J = " •■ ' ©•mS D,„., r.. W«. ir« tec . ' MUSSER FARMS Like the Creams of Delicious Rich Creamy Milk The Ideals of a Christian College Surely Will Rise to the Top COLUMBIA. PA. -93 — 24 HOUR SERVICE — PHONE: ELIZABETHTOWN 226 NEWCOMERS SERVICE STATION Richfield Gasoline Richlube Motor Oils Rich-Heat Fuel Oil ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. I CELAND, INC. Successor to Frozen Food Lockers H. S. RISSER MOTORS • Locker Service • Ice Cream Soda Fountain Home Freezers Oldsmobile - Pontiac - Cadillac Sales - Service Frozen Foods Smoking and Curing ik- + Phone 2-33 Elizabethtown, Pa. " EVERYTHING FROZEN " D. H. MARTIN CLOTHIER and FURNISHER CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. -94- Compliments of E. W. MILLER SHOE JOBBER 314 Peach Alley Elizabethtown, Pa. Always Shop and Meet Your Friends at the Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE 5c — 10c — $1.00 and up SELF-SERVICE GROCERY DEPT. ♦ Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of the W. T. GRANT CO. OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. FRIENDLY SERVICE 202 Walnut St., Harrisburg, Pa. Office Engineers Commercial Stationers MARY B. REBER — ART SHOP GIFTS — NEW AND DIFFERENT COLUMBIA YARN 50 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Your GOOD GULF DEALER HAROLD W. CROSS D. S. BLUM HOME-MADE BOLOGNA - DRIED BEEF R. D. 3 Phone: 917-R-2 Elizabethtown, Pa. RISSER BROS. • Famous for OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM MODERN SODA GRILL Phone: 176 Elizabethtown, Pa. ■95- WM. E. LAWTON HOME FURNISHINGS — Everything for the Home — M. M. WENCER 16-18 E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 187-M " M. W. " Feeds ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY • RHEEMS, PA. Bakers of QUALITY PRODUCTS Phone: Elizabethtown 175 Miles E. Cossert, Prop. Phone: 259 Compliments of PensupremE THE ECONOMY SHOE STORE Russel L. Hein, Mgr. Ice Cream 39 E. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 15-M PENN DAIRIES, INC. THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN LANCASTER, PA. Cente r Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 1 39-M 96 KELLER BROS. SALES — SERVICE BUFFALO SPRINGS 1 1 WEST MAIN ST. LEBANON CO., PA. LITITZ, LANC. CO., PA. THE ELIZABETHTOWN FARMERS SUPPLY, INC. S. C. M. FARM MACHINERY invil es you to join its fellowship REPAIR and SUPPLIES Compliments of CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, INC. DR. SAMUEL G. WENCER ¥ • Manufacturers of CHIROPRACTOR FULL-FASHIONED HOSIERY ¥ 327 N. Lime St. Lancaster, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. -97- Established 1868 MILLER HARTMAN WHOLESALE GROCERS Lancaster, Pennsylvania PelfffjriM r. C. T ■ I .-, . . . — 98 — Party Supplies Kodaks SHOEMAKERS DRUG STORE GEBHART ' S Highspire, Pa. ART SHOP and BOOK STORE • 26 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. PRESCRIPTIONS Gifts for All Occasions Stationery Greeting Cards Phone: 9820 LEAMAN ' S TIRE SERVICE IKES BARBER SHOP • RECAPPING 120 North Maple Street and VULCANIZING Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. WM. K. CRAUERS SONS, INC. 38 South Queen Street Lancaster, Pa. Best Wishes to the CLASS OF ' 47 + • QUALITY WALLPAPER MUSSER ' S GROCERY A complete line of Phone: 198-| 103 Mt. Joy St. BENJAMIN MOORE CO. PAINTS FARMERS ' I ' d like Him not to be forgotten . . . FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers for 43 years of from " Family Portrait " HIGH-GRADE FERTILIZERS SOCK AND BUSKIN Phone: 11 Elizabethtown, Pa. «

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