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' .■ ■•■:, ' .f-i. ' Tr ' ffJiL-i ' m 7 s ... ( Hy y TOtQWOtd — V — ICTORY is a word on the lips? and in the minds of each American. It may he victory on the haskethall floor, victory in the church, scholastic victory, and finally hut not the least important is the military victory. Since it is such an im- portant word, the 1942—1943 Etonian should like to use Victory as its theme. Give it whatever significance you would like and you will have a book that you may cherish. Elizabethtown College • . •. . ••••• • • • 1942 1943 ZUG ■ ' . ' nRRARY ELIZ OLLEGE EUZ ENNA As Seen by 12PS9 f=3 Ff F £-! ©NHAN " dedication r„ HE Etonian Staff unanimously agreed to ded- icate our fifteenth edition of the Etonian to Presidetjt A. C. Baugher. President Bar.gher has faithfidly served his .• ' iHli ' va ' Mhter since 1917 wlien he was graduated. In 1922 he took the position of Professor of Chemistry and Physics. In 1928 Dr. Baugher dropped the physics end and took the Dean- ship while keeping his Chemistry post. This was Dr. Baugher ' s status until he became President. We hope. Dr. Baugher, that we, the first class to he graduated during your administra- tion, may do you honor in all ways possible. THE 1942-43 ETONIAN J tQiident 5 Ale55aae V7 " E are living in a time in the world ' s history which will likely be recorded as a period of change if not revolu- tion. To live through such a time one is tempted to be over-impressed with the immediate. History cannot be judged by a single event nor even by a chain of events which take place over a relativelv short stretch of years. History cannot be properly evaluated by anyone who gives too great a ])lace to wliat has happened during the past ten years and to what is happening today. The history of mankind covers millenia. Consequently, to get a reliable perspective one needs to take into account the general trend of events covering hundreds and even thousands of years. Slowly but certainly the great caravan of humanity moves on and upward. In the present decade we seem to be travel- ing across a burning desert. Progress is difficult. The events of this decade tempt one to think that we have turned and are again moving backward into the centuries of darkness and brutality. But a deep faith in Gods mankind should give us an abiding assurance that across the present hot desert sands lies not a mirage, but a new day. To you who are about to complete your college education, you have the buoyance of youth. Although we are now living through days of difficulties, be assured that the dawn of a new day will follow. The challenges and the opportunities that will come with the dawn will be infinitely greater than an thing that mankind has experienced. I earnestly trust that you may have the courage, the bravery, the strength, and the purity to meet this challenge when it comes. Yours sincerely ' ■ ' -f t - Jt- i Six Board of Trustees V Officers Presidenl R. P. BUCHER Vice-PiesidenI J. L. Trimmer Secretary F. S. Carper Treasurer J. Z. Herr Trustees J. W. Kettering A. C. Baucher A. P. Wenger Joseph N. Cassel R. P. Roger Michael Kurtz N. S. Sellers G. Howard Banner C. E. Grapes John M. Miller J. I. Baugher Ezra Bucher Seven Administrative Comm ittee — V — T HIS committee decides all matters of administration as is inferred by their title. Dr. Baugher. Dr. Bucher. Dr. Savior. Professor ' j3£ teller, and J. Z. Herr make up this distinguished committee. Eight HF.XRY G. BUCHER Dean and Professor oj Education A.B.. Elizabethtown College: Ed.M.. Temple Lniveisity: Ed.D., Temple I niversit : Graduate Student. Cdlumbia t niversitv and Duke L niversitv. RALPH W. SCHLOSSER Professor of English Pd.B.. Elizabethtown College: A.B.. L rsinus College: A.M.. L rsinus College: Litt.D.. L rsinus College: Stu- dent, Bethan Bible Seminary: completed Ph.D. residence requirements at Columbia L niversitv: Graduate Student. L niversitv of Pennsylvania. GEORGE S. SHORTESS Professor of Biology Diploma. City College of Baltimore: A.B.. Johns Hopkins University: A.M., Columbia University: Graduate Stu- dent. University of Pennsylvania. Ph.D.. Johns Hopkins University. GUY R. SAYLOR Professor of Modern Languages Graduate. Millersville State Normal School: A.B., Eliza- bethtown College: A.M.. L niversitv of Pennsylvania: Ph.D.. L niversitv of Pennsylvania: Graduate Student of University of Paris; Post Doctoral nrk at L niversitx of Pennsylvania and Iowa. FACULTY ' r mi. Nine FACULTY LUELLA BREITIGAN Professor oj Business Education Pd.B.. Elizabethtowii College: Graduate Eastman Busi- ness College: A.B.. Juniata College: A.M., Columbia University; Graduate Student, Columbia University, FORREST L. WELLER Projessor of 5oc(o ogv ' A.B.. Manchester College; A.M., University of Chicago: Bethany Biblical Seminary; Graduate Student, Univer- sitv of Chicago. ROBERT BRUNHOUSE Professor of History and Political Science A.B., Dickinson College; A.M., University of Pennsyl- vania; Ph.D., Universitv of Pemis Ivania. m.¥ ETTA SKENE Dean of IVonien and Professor of Business Education B.S., Southwest Missouri State Teachers College; M.A,, New York University; Ph.D., New York University; Graduate Student, University of Chicago, University of Oklahoma, and Columbia University; Post-Doctoral Studv. Teachers College, Columbia University. Ten FACULTY HENRY HACKMAN Dean oj Men and Assistant Professor oj Chemistry B.S., Elizabethtown College: M.S., University of Penn- sylvania: Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania. HERMAN ENTERLINE Professor of Business Education B.S., Elizabethtown College; M.S., University of Penn- sylvania; Graduate Student, New York University, and Teachers College, Columbia University. CARL HEILMAN Professor of Physics and Mathematics A.B., Lebanon Valley College; M.A., Duke University. ISABEL McCURDY Librarian Graduate, Shippensburg State Normal School; B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers College: B.S. in Library Science. Drexel Institute. Elev FACUL TY EPHRAIM GIBBEL MEYER Professor of Voice and Director of Music Pd.B., Elizabethtown College: A.B.. Elizabethtown Col- lege; Graduate, Music Teachers ' Course; Student Ameri- can Conservatory of Music, Chicago; A.M., Columbia University: Diploma, Teacher of Public Music, Columbia University. GERTRUDE R. MEYER Instructor in Piano and Appreciation of Music Graduate in Music, Western Maryland College; Student, Columbia University, Piano Clinic, New York City: Peabody Conservatory of Music. IRA HERR Instructor in Physical Education and Coach of Athletics A.B., Franklin and Marshall College; Graduate student, University of Pennsylvania and Temple University. MARY REBER Instructor in Art Student, Millersville Normal School; B.E., Elizabethtown College: Art Student, Albright College. Twelve FACULTY MARTHA MARTIN Associate Professor of Bible A.B., Elizabethtown College; Student, Bethany Bible School: Student, Biblical Seminary, New York: Grad- uate Student, University of Pennsylvania. MELVIN CLYDE HORST Pastor and Instructor in Philosophv and Ethics A.B., Juniata College; B.D., Juniata College; S.T.M., Western Theological Seminary; S.T.D., Temple Uni- versity. GALEN C. KILHEFNER Field Secretary B.S., Elizabethtown College; Ed.M., Temple University. .ffSs, . D. F. BUTTERBAUGH Medical Examiner B.S., Elizabethtown College; M.D., Hahnemann Medical College; Graduate Student, University of Pennsylvania. Thirleen AIDES J. Z. HERR Treasurer and Business Manager MISS EFFIE SHANK Secretary to Dean MISS DOROTHY METZLER Secretary to President and Treasurer MRS. MARY PFALTZGRAFF House Mother LEONA WEAVER Bookkeeper Fourteen Officers of the Class of 1942 — V — President HARRY BERBERIAN Secretary SARA HERR Treasurer SUZANNE BOLTON Fifteen SENIORS LOIS ANDERSON Choir 4 " The frieiuls that we eheiish as finest anil truest aren ' t always the dldest. " is especially appropriate for Lois hecanse she only joined our E-town family this last semester — West Chester used to claim her. Nevertheless her pleasant personality, conscientiousness, musical ahility. and wholesome attitude has made us glad that we were given an opportunity to know this elementary teacher. SUZANNE BOLTON Sock and Buskin 3. 4; Y. W. C. A. 3. 4; Etonian Staff 3. 4; Class Treas. 4 Sue. our " Seashore maiden " came to us last year from Bucknell University. And would our many good times be if it weren ' t for Sue. so big and made of gold. We all wish you well. Sue. She ' s always ready for fun. here Her heart is HARRY BERBERIAN Fire Chief 4; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2: Sigma Kappa Xi 4; Sock and Buskin 2. 3. Pres. 4 Etonian Staff. Bus. Mgr. 4: Pres. of Class 4 That ' s Harry out on another ambulance call. Harry has been a faithful He led it through its last year which was a stormy year, to say the least, express his opinion, no matter what it be. Wit is his constant com- paniiMi. p ' ll all call on you. Harry, when you put up your shingle. You deserve a lot of credit for all you ' ve done in these last years and we know you ' ll get it. Hear that Siren! member of our class. He ' s never afraid to JANET BOYD Etonian Staff. Ed. 4; Etownian Staff 1. 2. 3, Ed. 4: Sock and Buskin 2. 3. ' .-Pres. 4; Sigma Zeta 2, Sec.-Treas. 3; Sigma Kappa Xi 4; Choir 3 Janet, who is one of the cheery spots in our class, has been chosen ' aledictorian. .She has proven to be a talented actress and a capable editor of the yearbook and newspaper. She seems to have no lack of vitality, for you can see her running here and there over campus attending to her many activities. Janet will be one of the few women science teachers in Lancaster County. We sure wish vou luck wherever you may be. LOIS ANDERSON SUZANNE BOLTON HARRY BERBERIAN JANET BOYD Sixteen SENIORS RUFUS Dori ' LE Coinmenianles 1. 2. 3. 4; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4 As an ardenl golfer Rufus lias taught the men on campus many techniques in this field. Although he did bid us adieu al the end of the first semester, his friendship lias made a lasting impression with us all. We wish you all the success one can achieve in the vocation which you have chosen. M.4RTH.JL BUCHER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 4: Choir 2. 4: Student dlunteers 1. 2 Mart always has a cheerful smile, a kind word, and is always ready to help wherever she is needed. She is very studious, ton. but believes that a little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the best of people. Martha, we wish you success and happiness in all you do. ELWOOD FAITH Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4: Student Council 1. Sec. 2. Pres. 4: Conimerciantes 1. 2. 3. 4; Photography Club Sec. 4; Student Senate 4: Etownian Staff 2: Etonian Staff 4; I. R. C. 1, 2; .Student Volunteers 1 Fautli is our business-like classmate. He is always as neat as a pin. His pleasant smile has won him many friends. Photography has taken much of his time. In the commercial field we can assure whomever it may concern that they are fortunate in securing his services. OLHTR FOSS Orchestra 4 Oliver has been with us only this year, but he has made a lasting impression on us. never- theless. His art is much to be admired. His gracious manner makes him very attractive to many people. Good luck. Foss! RIFLS DOUPLE MARTHA BUCHER ELWOOD FAUTH OLIVER FOSS Seventeen SENIORS WILLIAM GIBBLE Y. M. C. A. 4; Commercianles 1. 2, Pres. 3, Treas. 4; Etownian Staff. Bus. Mgr. 4; Etonian Staff 4; Sock and Buskin 3. 4; Student Council. Sec. 3; Student .Senate. V.-Pres. 4 Gibble is one of our small students, but only in stature. His ways bave created a memory in tbe hearts of all on campus so that he will ever be remembered. His ability in his field — commercial — is beyond reproach. As a teacher he will surely be successful. Keep up the good, hard work. HENRY GLADE Henry came to our campus last year. He is quiet and reserved but he has still won a permanent place in our hearts. His intellectuality is without an equal on campus. His words are all full of deep meaning, and bung upon by every student, as few are. Henry, you may be sure that each and every one of us in the class of ' 42 wishes you the best of luck and we are certain of your success in whatever you take up, for your effort rates in the class of excellence. BETTY GROVE Commerciantes 3. 4; . W. C. A. 3. 4 Two and a half years ago, Betty came to E-Town from Temple University. Her goals were twofold: success and teaching. She has reached both, for during the last two or three months Betty has been teaching in Mt. Joy and has been a very successful teacher. Betty has a magic personality, keen determination, and with her " Frank-ncss " we predict success. ALMA HERR Basketball I. 2. 3. 4: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3, 4; Commerciantes 1, 2. 3. 4; Choir 1, 2, 3; Orchestra 4 Alma is that blithe forward who helped the girls ' basketball team to so many victories, this year. .Always smiling, always willing. Alma is a Queen fit fur a King. WILLIAM GIBBLE HENRY GLADE BETTY GROVE ALMA HERR Eighteen SENIORS SARA HERR Varsily Basketlnill 1. 2: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. Sec. 3. Pies. 4; Sliuleiu Senate: Commeiciantes 1, 2, 3. 4; Class Sec. 2. 4 Sara is one of the most industrious and efficient girls on iiiir campus. She has proved her efficiency as president of the Y. . She is always willinj; to help others and assist in anything she is calletl upon to do. She will succeed, we all know, hy her vim and vigor. Sara proudly displays the third finger of her left hand and holds the honor of being the first of our class to display such an article. Y. W . C, HAZEL HUTCHINSON A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Volunteers 1. 2. 3. 4 Hazel conies to us after three and a half years of iielping to prepare .Vmerican children to participate in the democratic process. Seriousness, thoroughness, and vigor mark her work as a student ami as a teacher. On the campus she has displayed an attitude of cooperation and helpfulness. ' R ho does not enjoy her hearty laughter. ' Student ' olunteers 1. 2. 4 STEWART KAUFFMAN Ministerium 2, 3; Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 4: Sock and Buskin 2. Candles 2, 4; Choir 1. 2. 4 4; Stewart, a minister who drives an " evangelistic " Ford, is the lone star representative of his profession in the class of ' 42. He has also proved himself an excellent vocalist, dramatist, and leader. With his conscientious and sincere efforts, and pleasing personality he cannot fail to succeed in every activity of life. ERNEST LEFEVER . M. C. A. 1. 2. : ' .. 1; Student NoUmteers 1. 2. 3. 4: Mini terium 2. 3. 4: Candles 2. .3. 4: 1. R. C. Pres. 2. 3, 4; Etownian 1. 2. 3; Pres. of Sophomore Class Leadership and scholarship are two of Ern ' s outstanding characteristics. He has travelled over many states and has a good idea as to how the American people live. We welcome him into our class and know he will succeeil in his vocation whp ' ever it mav be. SARA HERR HAZEL HUTCHINSON STEWART KAUFFMAN ERNEST LEFEVER Nineteen SENIORS JANET PFALTZGRAFF Choir 1. 2. 3: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Studeni Volunteers 1. 2. 3. This calm quiet girl has become a friend, cherished by all. Her sense of humor will carry lier through many a difficulty. We know her as librarian, waitress, and as an ardent Student olunteer worker. From her success in all things here we know she is just as successful as a school marm. MELAME POLLACK Transfer from Temple t ' niversity A day student with ambitions similar to a man ' s. By her skill and adaptability, we know Mel will be more than a success in her capacity as a doctor. She will more than likely speed through " med " school like a meteor. Heres to you, Mel! GARLAND RITZ Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Photography Club 4: I. R. C. 2. 3: Studeni Volunteers 1: Etonian Staff 4; Sigma Kappa Xi 4; Student Council 4 Ritz is the big boy of our class. He hails from York Coimty. Whenever any boys need a rub down or any first aid they always go to Doc. He is also very much interested in snapping candids. Generosity is his middle name. Lots of luck. Garland! RUTH ROVER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 4: Student olunteers 4; Choir 1, 2. 4: Student Council 4; Etonian Ed. 4: Student Senate 4 Mischievous, full of fun. and friendly is Ruth to a " " T. " Her talent in art makes her an asset to E. C. Her previous leaching experience has helped much in her extracurricular activities. Letter writing was her chief hobbv during the second semester. Our best wishes follow von. Ruth! JANET PFALTZGRAFF MELANIE POLLACK GARLAND RITZ RUTH ROVER Twenty SENIORS RUTH SEIBERT Choir I, 2. 4: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 4 Although Ruth remained with ns only one semester this year we did learn to know her through her cheery visage. Her musical ahility was one of her outstanding features. Ruth, we know you will always manage well, mi matter what you dn. since you put all you ' ve got into everything you do, KENNETH SHAFFER Y. M. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: . " igma Zeta .S: Etonian 4: Etownian 3: Student Senate. Pres. 4; Student Council 3; Photography Club 4 Kenny is one of the most active members of our class. As president of the student organiza- tion he was quite busy. " A really swell fellow " describes Kenny. School children dont know what a treat is in store for them when thev have Kennv for a teacher. Good luck, vou deserve it! RUTH SHAW Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3. 4: Student Volunteers 1, 2. 3. 4: Commerciantes 2. 3. 4: Sock and Buskin 2. 3. Sec. 4; Student Council 4; Orchestra 4 I ' m she yo all agree that Maryland University ' s loss of this attractive southern belle was Etown ' s gain. Ruth ' s conscientiousness has proven her to be an asset and an efficient leader in many campus organizations. Her keen wit and joviality can always keep a crowd in that " never a dull moment " atmosphere. All summed up, Ruth is " sho nufT " a swell person. ALLAN WEBSTER Photography Club 4: Sigma Kappa Xi 4: Y. M. C. A. 3. 4 Allan is one of those students who entered our class by taking extra work in order tn finish early. He is a credit to have in any class, so we welcome him with open arms. In the " lab " there is no compare. And a good chemist is in the making we ' re sure. Good luck Noahy! RUTH SEIBERT KENNETH SHAFFER RUTH SHAW ALLAN WEBSTER Twenty-one We Aoiute U€4€ OUR BOYS Ttventy-two Second J-Uutendnt HARRY HORNING A fellow who always liad the army in lii lieart. Harry ludk R. O. T. C. in the first years of his career, down at Drexel. He came to Elown to give us a hreak. But he found no content- ment until he could enlist. We " re proud to give to the cause one of our able classmates, although there ' s a spot in our ranks that can ' t he filled hy any old doughboy. — V — Se WILLIAM KNIGHT With the desire to be a doctor at any cost. Red killed two birds with one stone, serving his country and still following his ambitions in the medical corps. Our choir had to secure two men to dig into the deep notes Red could so easily produce. Slightly camera-shy, we had no means of producing here a likeness of our friend, so this is our feeble means of recognition to you. Red. Best of luck. — V — Setae ant EUGENE SHIRK The only ones who apparently appreciate Beanie ' s absence are our rival teams. And if he can frighten our enemies as easily we ' ll be having peace right soon; for our opponents were defeated the minute Beanie stepped on the mound or on the basketball floor. If hand grenades come into use. Beanie will still be our star pitcher. We felt sure Beanie would head for the Navy with previous success in finding a girl in every port wailing for him. — V — Second J-lcutcnant WILBUR RAFFENSBERGER " RafFy " was our " Little King. " Always doing big things around campus, he ' s still doing them in the air. No team was complete — soccer, baseball or basketball — without Wib. With Rally ' s grim determination in sports we ' re positive our loss is I ncle Sam ' s gain. Twenty-three Officers of the Class of 1943 — V — PresidenI Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Eraia Bell Mark Ebersole LiLLiE iMal GiMPire R ' . Pauline Campbell Tuenty-jour JUNIORS GEORGE ALTHOISE DOROTHY B.M GHER ERMA BELL HAROLD ROMBERG ER GEORGE ALTHOrSE Soccer 1. 2. Co-captain 3; J. V. Basketball L 2: V. Basketball 3: Baseball 1, 2. 3 Coming from sturdy Pennsylvania Dutch stock. George bad little difficulty in becoming our four-letter man — basketball, baseball, soccer, and ping-pong. Good-natured, generous. ■ " Cbaplin " for freshman-initiation-violators, teller of jokes, and a general good friend to everyone have made him a person comfortable to be around. We know George will be able to contribute greatly to the German and Athletic departments of the school system he enters. DOROTHY BALGHER Cheerleader 1, 2; Commerciantes 1. 2. 3: A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3: . " Student Volunteers 1. 2. 3; Basketball 1; Etownian Staff 3: .Athletic Mgr. 3: Orchestra 3 Dot ' s friendliness and comradeship endear her to all her associates. Being an enthusiastic participant in activities on the hill, supplemented by an attractive personality, she has won a deserving place in our hearts. Dot ' s interest in commercial education indicates a future " chuck- full " of fun. adventure, and success. ERMA BELL Basketball 1, 2. 3; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3: Commerciantes I. Sec. 2. 3; Etonian SiaflF 3: Sock and Buskin 1. 2. 3: Class ice-Pres. 2: Class Pres. 3 Industry, ability, and cheerfulness have made the " Rote Kup " of our class a leailer on the campus. Since being a " Frosh " Erma has excelled in athletics, and we are especially thrilled to remember her skill and prowess on the basketball court. . n efficient, sincere, and enthusiastic student — perfect qualifications for a class helmsman. To Erma — the best of success. HAROLD BOMBERGER Candles 2. 3: Sock and Buskin 2. 3: Ministerium 1. 2. 3: Y. M. C. A. 2. 3: Etownian 1. 2. 3: I. R. C. 2. 3; Debating 3: Etonian 3; Tau Kappa Alpha 3 Harold is a true and congenial frierwl. busy, energetic, and ambitious, with a personality as versatile as his interests — and these are many — poetry writing, archeidogy. travel, radio, astronomy, psychology, sociology, and above all the ministry. Each day of his life is a link of new hope, threaded with a reliable character, beaded with deeds of kindness, and colored with his apprecia- tion for the little things in life that contribute toward making each day — for himself ami others — worth living. Successful? Examine hi- pa-t accomplishments and see how he could fail! Twenty-five JUNIORS PAULINE CAMPBELL CATHERINE CURRY JEAN DAUM EVELYN DEIMLER PAULINE CAMPBELL Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3; Student Volunteers I, 2, 3; Sock and Buskin 1. 2. 3; Student Council 3: Tieas. of Class 3; I. R. C. 3 Cheerful, willing, diligent, and modest; with a delightful sense of humor describes our elocutionist. Paidine. Conscientious to the slightest detail she can truly be rated as one of our best scholars. The elementary teaching profession will greatly benefit by Pauline ' s entrance into it. CATHERINE CURRY Varsity Basketliall 1. 2, 3; Choir 1, 2. 3; Sock and Buskin 1. 2. 3: Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. 3; Cheerleader 1, 2; Commerciantes 1 2. 3; Orchestra 3: Student Volunteers 3 With brown, mischievous eyes, an impish smile, a bewitching personality leaping forth with vitality and enthusiasm, a sartorial and temperamental Hare for the crimson, a happy-go-lucky philcisophy. Cas skims over the campus. Endowed with unusual leadership, secretarial and athletic ability, few interests escape the scope of her activity. At no time is her activity greater than around a " Fridy. " .lEAN DAUM Choir 1. 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2, 3 Another one of those elusive day students that can never be found when wanted. Jean drives religiously (?l from Columbia to E-town everyday. She is preparing for the Elementary field and will, we know, be a great success. Her voice is a constant marvel to those who hear her sing and we might say. " She hath a way to sing so clear. Phoebus might wondering stop to hear. " EVELYN DEIMLER Y. W. C. A. 3; I. R. C. 3; .Sigma Kappa Xi 3 The science laboratory has intrigued Evelyn for the past three years with its numerous intricacies and wonders. Interested in entering ihe medical profession. Evelyn naturally delights in delving into anything pertaining to her field. Friendly, willing to lend a helping hand, and devoted to the " lab. " Evelyn pursues her work conscientiously in spite of her daily time-consuming iliivc to anil from her home in Harrisburg. Tuentys!x JUNIORS EBER DOURTE MARK EBERSOLE ESTHER EVANS LILLIE MAE GUMPHER EBER DOURTE Y. M. C. A. 3; Stiulent Volunteers 3; Minislerium 3 " Dortie, " a man of diligence, witli a keen sense of Inimor. high ideals, and a goal in life. What a grand transfer he has been from Messiah Bible College, bringing with him the spiritual enthusiasm and religious fervor of Grantham, he has challenged us to better living. As a counselor. teacher, and minister we bid you Godspeed. MARK EBERSOLE Student Senate 3; Choir 2. Pres. 3; .Student olunteers 2. 3; Candles 2, 3; Y. M. C. A. 2. 3: Soccer 2; Tennis 2; Ministerium 2, 3; V.-Pres. of Class 3 Our amiable, genial. Reverend, with sparkling wit, a driving enthusiasm, a dynamic, dis- arming, magnetic personality, has revealed unfaltering and inspiring leadership in sundry activities. His versatility extending from staid scholarly and theological pursuits to athletics, his unswerving loyalty to the Christian ethics have won and will continue to win for him success and friendship, a sincere a lmiration and respect from all. ESTHER EVANS Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Cabinet 2; Secretary 3; .Student Volunteers 1. 2, 3; Choir 1, 2, 3: Sock and Buskin 1. 2, 3 Esther, a friend to all, is one of our quietly modest, sincere classmates. Although she is a diligent and conscientious student, she is always packed full of fun. With her high scholastic attainment and pleasing personality we know Esther will succeed as an elementary teacher. LILLIE MAE GUMPHER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Commerciantes 1. 2, 3: Choir 2: Sock and Buskin 2, 3; Etownian Assoc. Editor 3; Etonian 3; Student Senate, Sec. 3 Here, indeed, do we have the " Lily " of our class — quiet, modest and beautiful. Whether in the classroom, the library, as Assistant Editor of the Etownian, or on the ritle range — and on and on including all her other interests and hobbies — she excells. Friendly, lovely, a swell sport, and intelligent conversationalist and an interesting listener — her friends are many, and her talent, efficiencv, and determination leave us in no doubt concerning her future. Twenty-seven JUNIORS EMMA HACKMAN JOAN HARRIES ETHEL HEISEY ROSCOE HINKLE EMMA HACKMAX Choir 1. 2: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Sock and Buskin 2. 3; Basketball 1. 2. 3 eisalile. fastidious in dress, a delightful, attractive companion, a lover of the aesthetic as well as the " down to earth " practical side of life. Emma is active in campus activities. An appreciation and love of nature and the outdoors, and a strong inclination toward sports, might well cast her in the role of the ■ " all-round " girl. JOAN HARRIES Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3: Choir 1. 2: Student Senate 2 We are proud to claim this charming ' W elsh girl as our classmate. Joan seemed quiet at first but when we learned to know her. we found that she has a bag of tricks and jokes which cause much laughter and fun. ' i ith her ability and cheerful personality, we know that she will always have many friends and be successful as an elementary teacher. ETHEL HEISEY . ' ■ ' ludenl uliinleers 3; Choir 3 Ethel has won her many friends by her attractive manner, friendly smile and wit. Ever faith- ful to her task, with her sincerity and ability, she canni t fail to succeed in life because the word defeat is not in her vocabulary. She will be remembered by her beautiful voice which has proved to be a definite asset to the A Cappella Choir. ROSCOE HINKLE I. R. C. 3: Y. M. C. A. 3: Debating 3; Studenl Volunteers 3: Tau Kappa Alpha Hershey Junior C dlege sent us this master mind. Mastery and excellence alone define his endeavors. In the fields of political and social science, archeology, and languages we do not have his equal. A debater " par excellence. " good looking, elegant of manner, cosmopolitan, a captivating manner, and a fascinating conversationalist. Roscoe has admirers ranging from high school students to university professors. . ' Success ' : ' Married by 1943: Ph.D. by ly-ki; inlernaliunallv famous archeologist and linguist. 1950: I niversity professor. 1955: .Andiassador to Russia. 1960: r.iiveriicM ol Pennsvlvania. 1965: eight children b 1970: retires a multimillionaire 1980. T Iff lit} eight JUNIORS ROBERT KINGSBLRY HARVEY KLINE RUTH KREIDER PAUL LEICHT ROBERT kiNt; Bl RY Tennis 1. 2. 3: Y. M. C. A. Lang. lean, and lanky — always neat, always ready, wilh a friendly greeting — that ' s Doc. ersatile. with a keen interest in business, basketball, tennis, and the fairer sex. Doc is sure to have no difficulty in making a name for himself. HARVEY KLINE Student olunteers I. 2. Treasurer 3: .Student Council 1; Ministerium I. . " ec. 2. 3; Candles 2. .Sec.-Treas. 3: Y. M. C. A. 1: Cabinet 2. 3: Debating Team 2. 3: Tau Kappa Alpha 3 Not infrequently does there hurst forth from the " cleric ' s lobby " an inimilable cascade of lusty, shrill, treble, staccato-like laughter, immediately rectigizable by all. Often Harvey may be seen trudging back-and-forth to College. Usually jocund, this thecdogian of indefatigable per- sistence, can discourse with great perspicuity. H you should meet him on " argumentum ad hominem " terms, he can unleash his ready tongue and launch into verbal tirades which are fre- quently punctuated by acrimnniiis remarks. He can cajole with equal facility. Nevertheless. Harvey, scholarly cleric, from the rolling Lebanon alley, with his financial and religious acumen. ably demonstrated by his service in the olunteers. may be confidently assured of future pastoral success. RLTH KREIDER Choir 3: Sock and Buskin 3; ulunteers 3: Y. ' . C. A. 3 Quiet, unassuming, friendly, industrious, and sympathetic. Ruth came to us from Lebanon alley College, to be the Jane Addams of our class. Interested in peace, relief and a better world, a work camper, cross-country traveler, and migrant authority, with her heart of gold, ready wit and sincerity, she has won a lasting place in our hearts. The vtorld needs more people like Ruth! PAUL LEICHT Soccer 2, 3; Basketball 1, 2, Captain 3: Tennis 1. Captain 2. 3: Science Club 1. 2. President 3; President of -Athletic Association 3: Baseball 1 " A local boy makes good " is an act seldom achieved, but " Porkys " doing it and there is no stopping him. When Paul undertakes a task, he has a determination to see the work completed. " Pork " has a sense of humor and is known for his kindly smile to every one. In sports he is especially outstanding. This year he has formed the nucleus for many of our athletic teams. " Pork " is a good looking fellow- and he has just discovered himself to be a ladys man. Paul ' s a fine pal and a friend of every one. Tuentynine JUNIORS FAITH LIGHT RUFL ' S B. McDANNEL IRA MEYER CARROLL POSEY FAITH LIGHT Stiulent ciluiileer! 3 Failliful. giiiiil-nalured. depeiulalile. and iMinscientiims. atciiralely describe ihi? lady uf quiet reserve. Faith Light, who came to E-town from Messiah Bihle College. Diligent in the pursuit of the best in life, she possesses a deep religious fervor enhanced by a constancy of purpose. RUFUS B. McDA.NNEL Y ' . M. C. A. 2. 3: Student Volunteers 2. 3: Chorus 3: Minislerium 3 Here we meet the " Deacon " of our class. With missionary outlook, a scientific mind, a romantic heart, an optimistic and cheerful personality, and a willingness to share a helping hand, he " deac ' s " with early Apostolic sincerity and effectiveness. Modest, intelligent, well-read, inter- esting, his practical emphasis discourages romantic adventure, yet whether in the laboratory, classroom, church, on the mission field, on a tractor, or some other ingenious and complicated mechanism his inventive mind and dexterous hands have created — regardless of his " field, " Rufus will be an authority. IRA .MEYER Y. M. C. A. 1, Treasurer 2. President 3: Student ' olunteers L 2. 3; Ministerium 2. President 3: Athletic Manager 1. 2; C " hoir 1. 2, 3; Treasurer L 2; Soccer 1, 2 From the beautiful Lebanon alley. Ira comes to us with a heart and soul of equal beauty. Poetry, music, nature, the best and beautiful in life, an unequalled sincerity, friends galore, offices of distinction — all are a part of Ira. A diligent worker and student, a consecrated and powerful preacher with a deep concern for the less fortunate (especially the negroes I having a cheery smile, an encouraging word, and a hearty handshake for all. Ira is one of those few who ' ll leave the world better than he found it. CARROLL POSEY Soccer 1. 2. Captain 3; Baseball 1. 2. 3; Basketball 3: Junior arsity 1. 2: arsity 3; Sock and Buskin 1. 2. 3 " Posey " is an all-around E-towner. His jovial manner with a " hi-ya " for all. combined with his enthusiasm, energy, and industriousness. is bound to take him places. In athletics he is right on the front whether it be on the basketball court or on the open field. A celebration is one of the necessary requisites for every victory in which Posey is involved. We are confident he will lave manv victories in the future. Thirty JUNIORS Bl RNELL REBERT MARY JANE SLYDER LILLIAN WANNER ROMALNE WEIGLE BURNELL REBERT Y ' . M. C. A. 1. 2. 3; J. V. Basketball 3: Soccer 1. 2. 3: Sock and Buskin 3: Student Senate 2 From Hanover comes this congenial and dependable Junior. Burnell has been interested not only in class work, but has contributed much also in the fields of dramatics, athletics, and music. .Sock and Buskiners cannot help but remember Burnell ' s remarkable interpretation of Shakespeare ' s " Romeo. " and his performance as " .Mose " in " Dust of the Earth " deserves ardent applause. MARY JANE SLYDER Commercianles 1. 2. 3; Y " . ' . C. A. I. 2. 3; Orchestra 3; Student Council 3 Dr. Skene ' s faithful and industrious " girl Friday. ' ' a conscientious worker, capable, practical and generous brings to mind one. Mary Jane. Bustling around and always " on the go " she never- theless has time to lend a helping hand. May her mathematical ability culminate in some worthy opportunities for her in the future. LILLIAN WANNER . W. C. A. 1. 2. 3: Student Volunteers I. 2. 3; Commerciantes 1. 2. 3: Y " . ' . C. A. Treasurer 3 " Modest and quiet and free Always at her work is she. " ' Lillian is one of the most industrious students in the class. ilh honest endeavor and great zeal, she does whatever task faces her. That she is satisfied with nothing less than the best is shown by her high scholastic attainments. S e know she will succeed in the teaching profession for her personality will make her students love her. ROMAINE WEIGLE Choir 1. 2 I nexcilably reserved and reticent, but friendly and interesting, best fits Romaine. a day student from E-town. We feel that the elementary field will of?er an enticing future to her as a prospective teacher. Romaine ' s musical laugh is one of the eig ht wonders of the worbi. e hope you may always be as jovial as you are now. Romaine. Thirty-one JUNIORS JANE MTHERS MARK OLGEMLTH ARLENE ZEIGLER ROBERTA ZOLL JANE WITHERS Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3; Student Volunteers 2. 3 Tlie old savins that " Big tilings come in small packages. " is a perfect description of Jane. She is the smallest meniher of onr class but has done some of the biggest things in scholastic work and in extracurricular activities. With her friendliness and willingness to help everyone she will surely succeed. MARK 0LGEMITH Ministeriuni 3: Y. M. C. A. 3: , ' tudent ohinleers 3; Photography Club 3; Sigma Kappa Xi 3; Choir 3 Mark is one of our Grantham transfers. Practical, scientific, versatile, are some adjectives to describe him. If it were not for his frequent trips to Ohio we would be belter acquainted with Mark. His ability has distinguished him. In the classroom, in the laboratory, in the pulpit, his initiative shows signs of success. Best to you. Mark. ARLENE ZEIGLER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2. 3: Basketball 1. 2. 3: Volunteers 1. 2. 3; Choir 1. 2. 3; Etonian Staff 3; Conimerciantes 1. 2. 3 Arlene seems to be a veritable bundle of energy. .Although she is an industrious ccmimercial student she knows the meaning of fun and gaiety. Her contagious giggle and philosophy in a " Truth Session " has been a tonic for her many friends. Knowing her delightful personality we cannot but predict a successful future. ROBERTA ZOLL Commercianles 1. 2. 3 Shimmering blonde locks, eyes dancing with life, a sparkling smile bursting across her face, clothes exquisitely harmonized with an inviting personality — the sum. " " Bobby " Zoll. Roberta, Harrisburgeresque. is an expert secretai and a profound student of ' " human relations. " Her delight is ti " cowbiiv " in lier De Solo. Thirty-two Junior Class History — V — L three years ago we — and 25 more of us wIkj ha e dropped by the wayside in - ' the meantime — arrived, and hesitatingly I lest we violate " Frosh regs " or do something too presumptions I made our way hither and yon about E-town ' s campus. Friendlv greetings, I. Q. and achievement tests, a hectic week of social activities, followed recurrently bv hikes, skating parties, swimming parties, outings, picnics, scavenger hunts, banquets, athletic thrills, and " lab work " ' for Family Sociology, were welcome interruptions to the assiduous search for truth, and speeded the passing of a trinity of years. Under the reign of Stewart Kauffman I now a senior, far too mercurial for the rest of us I . Goodvear I now proud poppa, bringing home the bacon), and Erma Bell (who took the helm when cupid snatched away Goodyear, and attainments made Kauffman soar to such great heights I . our class prospered socialh and scholastically. Despite the Selecti e Service Draft and Cupid s arrows, and thanks to those who joined us this vear. our Junior class is the largest ever. Even though our Judgment Day has not yet arrived to give the final verdict, we, in advance, are proud of our contributions and achievements. Outstanding singers, scientists, athletes, soldiers, writers, intellectualists, linguists, politicians, historians, debaters, teachers, preachers, musicians, pacifists, social workers, and dramatic stars — all for whom the future shall hold much in store. ith great anticipation do we look forward to next year — our last year — with its uncertainties. It will be our best and greatest year, culminating with our being transferred into the fuller activities of a world challenging us to prepare to the fullest that we might give to it oqr best. Thirty-lhree Officers of the Class of 1944 — V — President ; Sxi art Goodwin Vice-President Carl Spence Secretary Virginia Boyd Treasurer JUNE GILBERT Thirly-fmir Sophomore Class History — V — A BRIGHT, late summer ' s dav in 1940, a g;roup of fifty college-bound young; people wended their way to the rolling campus of Elizabethtown College. After a week of handshaking and getting acquainted generallv. the class of 1944 settled down to its business of obtaining an education. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months, the class began to make its influence felt as it assumed more and more campus responsibilities. High- light of the first year was the Freshman banquet held at Aunt Sally ' s on May third. Although our ranks were somewhat depleted as we began our second year, yet our role was none the less important. The now haughty Sophomores filled many a campus gap. In athletics, the basketball team was aided immeasurably by the presence of Uean Taylor. Bill Pollock, and Carl Spence. In soccer Book Roth (a newcomer to our campus), Carl Spence, Kenneth Hetrick. Paul Hollinger, Bill Pollock, played a sterling brand of ball. In tennis Kenneth Hetrick and Galen Graham upheld the " -14 " banner. The class of 44 also contributed much musical talent. Many of our members sang in the A Cappella Choir; as vocal soloists, Dorothy Seltzer, Paul Hollinger deserve to be ranked very near the top. In dramatics the class contributed no less than ten members to the Sock and Buskin. Quite a few appeared in the latter club ' s production of " The Dust of the Earth. " Literary talent is not lacking in our class, as is evidenced by many of our classmates ' articles in the Etownian each month. During our Sophomore year there were many splendid social occasions. In the late fall we held a yery successful banquet at Hostetter ' s Play Barn. Our faithful officers during our two years, Stuart Goodwin and Kenneth Hetrick as president, Virginia Boyd and June Gilbert as secretary, Carl Spence and William Pollock as treasurer. Thus have we the history to date of the class of " 44. What the future holds in store we can only guess. Thirty-five BETTY BELTZ Commeriiantes 1. 2; Basketliall 1. 2 VIRGINIA BOYD Sigma Zeta 1, Sec. 2; Sigma Kappa Xi. Sec. 2; Sec. of Class 2 CLASS JANET FISCHEL Commerciantes 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Cheer Leading 2; Sock and Buskin 1, 2 JUNE GILBERT Orchestra 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Pianist 1, 2; Student Volunteers 1. 2; Choir 1, 2; Sec. of Class 1 : Treas. of Class 2 ROMAINE GILBERT Y. W. C. A. 1, 2: Basketball 2; Sigma Kappa Xi 2; Etownian Staff 2: Photography Club 2; Sock and Buskin 2 GLENN GINGRICH Sock and Buskin 1. 2; Commerciantes 2: Choir 1. Sec.-Treas. 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Student Volun- teers 1, 2; Etownian Staff 1, 2 STUART GOODWIN Sigma Kappa Xi 1. 2: Sock and Buskin 1. 2; J. V. Basketball 1. 2: President of Class 2 GALEN GRAHAM Sigma Kappa Xi 2: Sock and Buskin 1. 2: Etownian . ' taft ' 2: Etonian 4 Thirty-six OF ' 44 I. M i ii4 BETTY HAMPTON Cheerleader 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Sigma Kappa Xi 2; Snck and Burkin 1, 2 PAUL HOLLINGER Soccer 2; Y. M. C. A. 1, 2; Choir 1, 2 IRENE HOSTETTER A Cappella Choir 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 1. 2: Student ' iilLmteers 1, 2; Student Senate 2; Etownian Staff 1. 2 EDWIN KEENER Choir 1. 2 BURNETTE LECRONE Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Sock and Buskin 2; Basket- hall I. 2; Sigma Kappa Xi 2; Student Council 2; Etownian Staff 2; Pliotography Clul) 2; Orchestra 2 ELEANOR HEINLE Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Sigma Kappa Xi 2 KENNETH HETRICK Y.M. C.A.I, 2: Soccer 1,2; J. V. Basketball 1,2; Student Volunteers I. 2; Choir 1. 2; Tennis I, 2; Sock and Buskin 2; Etownian Staff 1. 2: President of Class 1 MARY LOUISE HOKE Sock and Buskin 1. 2; Basketball 1,2; Choir 1,2; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2 Thirt CLASS BETTY MANN Choir 1. 2; Etownian Staff 2: Student Volun- teers 2; Sock and Buskin 2: Y. W. C. A. 2 ANNA MARY MYER Choir 1. 2; Y. W. C. A. 2; Commerciantes 2; Orchestra 2 CLETUS MYERS Student Volunteers 2; Y. M. C. A. 2; Ministerium 2 WILLIAM POLLOCK Soccer 1, 2; Y. M. C. A. 1; Baskethall 2; Science Cluli 2 ANNA MAE Ql ' ICKLE Student Volunteers 1: Y. W. C. A. 1.2: Chnir 2; Orchestra 2 BOOK ROTH Soccer 2; Student Volunteers 2: Y. M. C. A. 2; Choir 2: Basehall 2 THELMA SAUDER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Basketball 1. 2; Choir 1. 2; Sock and Buskin 1. 2; Sigma Kappa Xi DOROTHY SELTZER Y. W. C. A. 1. 2; Choir 1. 2; Commerciantes 1. 2; Student Volunteers 1. Sec. 2 Thirty-eight OF ' 44 SPECIAL STUDENTS CHARLES FLAIG Student ' olunteers 1; Y. M. C. A. 1: Chuir 1 SAMUEL WENGER Chiropractor GERALDLNE WIKER Teclmician ROBERT ILIIIDE Chinipractcir RALPH SHANK Sock anil Buskin I. 2: Sigma Kappa Xi 2; Sijima Zela 1; Photography Chib; Athletic Manager 1 CARL SPENCE Soccer 1. 2; Basketball 2: Sock and Buskin 1. 2; Commerciantes 1. Treas. 2: Choir . 2: Y. L C. A. 1. 2; Etownian 2; Baseball 2; Orchestra 2 JEANNE WAGGONER Y. TS ' . C. A. L 2; Student Council 1 Thirty-nine Officers of the Class of 1945 — V — President Jack Melhorn Vice-President Merle Black Secretary M.4KILYN JVIlLLER Treasurer EuGENE Hess Forty Freshman Class History V — T HIS fiill. of 1941. fi)rtv-t vo iiiquisiti e Pieshnien appeared on the E!lizabethtowii College campus, to be greeted by a week full of social activities. There were teas every afternoon, and days were passed in getting acquainted and learning the rules of the college. During the later weeks, hikes, parties, a fall outing and such, enter- tained the students who were homesick and burdened with work. After passing through the period of initiation, the " Frosh " lost their self- consciousness, and it was soon realized that their presence greatly enlivened the social acti ities and the other events taking place on the campus. Merle Black, Edwin Boll, Donald Delancy. Wayne Schreiber. William White, and Harold Manifold immediately showed their talent by gaining positions on the soccer team. Later in the year LeRoy Reinhold. Merle Black. Edwin Boll, and William bite played with the varsity Basketball team while Delancev. Schreiber. Melhorn. and Caba earned positions on the junior varsity squad. The girls have no lack of ability, either. Gladys Nyce. Hilda Gonzalez, and Martha Chalk played with the girls " Junior Varsity. The duties of athletic managers were awarded to Ira Gibbel. and Harold Manifold. The Freshmen were represented on the base- ball diamond to no small extent. Tennis gives Bill White another star position. The freshman talent is not confined to sports, but extends into high scholastic attainments, ministerial realms, and other social acti ities. We firmly believe that just as our Freshman year was the connnencement of our college life so are these achievements the beginning of the accomplishments of the Freshman class of 1945. Forty-one CLASS GLENN BAl ' M MERLE BLACK Basketliall 1: Baseball 1; Soccer 1; Y . M. C. A. 1 ; Commerciantes 1 : Vice- of Class 1 Choir 1 ; President EDWIN BOLL Soccer 1; Basketball 1; Basebab Sliidenl Senate 1 BETTY BRLBAKER Cboir 1 GEORGE CABA Commerciantes 1; Student Council 1; Y. M. C. A. 1 MARTHA CHALK Cheerleader 1 MARY COX Y ' . W. C. A. 1 ; Student Senate 1 ; Camera Club 1 : Orchestra 1 DONALD DELANCEY Soccer 1 ; J. V. Basketball 1 : Baseball 1 ; Y. M. C. A. 1; Orchestra 1 Forty-tuo OF ' 45 ELVA HEISEY Y. W. C. A. EUGENE HESS Choir 1 : Soccer 1 ; Etonian Staff 1 : Class Treas. 1 MYRON HORST Y. M. C. A. 1 GEORGE ENDSLOW GRACE FIRESTONE Student Vohinteers 1: Y. W. C. A. 1; Etownian Staff 1 .MILDRED FOGELSANGER Student Volunleers 1; I ' liotograpliy Club 1; Sigma Kappa Xi 1: Etownian Staff 1: Y. W. C. A. 1 HILDA GONZALEZ Basketball 1: Commereiantes 1: Y. W. C. A. 1; Orchestra 1 IRA GIBBEL Student " lmneers 1: Y. M. C. A. 1; Choir 1; Orchestra 1 ; Athletic iMgr. 1 Forty-three CLASS DOROTHY LAl ' VER Basketball 1; Commerciantes 1; Y. W. C. A. 1 MYRTLE LONG Sliident Volunteers 1; Elownian Staff 1; Choir 1 RUTH McDANNEL Y. W. C. A. 1; Student Volunteers 1; Etownian Staff 1 HAROLD MANIFOLD Y. M. C. A. 1; Soccer 1; Orchestra 1 JACK MELIIORN Choir 1: Y. M. C. A. 1: Siiul. ' iii oliiiiteers 1; Basketl.all 1: Baseball 1; President of Class 1 SAMUEL MYERS MARILYN MILLER Commerciantes 1 ; Y. W. C. A. 1 ; Choir 1 BETTY MUMMA Etownian Staff 1 ; Sigma Kappa Xi I : . .C. A. 1 ; J. ' . Basketball 1 l t . Forty-four OF ' 45 LE ROY REINHOLD Basketl)all 1 ; Y. M. C. A. 1 HARRY ROHRER WAYNE SCHREIBER Snrcer 1; J. V. Baskelhail 1 GERTRUDE SOMMERS Student Vdlimteers 1; Y. W. C. A. 1 ; I. R. C. 1; Orchestra 1 MIRIAM MUSSELMAN Choir 1 : Comnierciantes 1 : Stmlent Vnlunteers 1 GLADYS NYCE Basketball 1; Choir 1; Student Volunteers 1; Etownian Staff 1; Y. W. C. A. KATHERINE PFALTZGRAFF Conimereiantes 1 : Cheer Leading; 1 ; Orchestra 1 ; Choir ]; Photography Chih 1; Y. W. C. A. 1 NANCY REIDER Forty-five " WILLIAM WHITE ROBERT WILLOUGHBY Y. M. C. A. 1; Student Volunteers 1: Clioir 1 HELEN WILSON Y. Vi ' . C. A. 1; Student Volunteers 1 NANCY WIRT Student Council 1; Y. W. C. A. 1 ; J. V. Ba= ketl)all CLASS OF ' 45 BELLAH YEAGLY Student Volunteers 1 PAUL YOUNG SARA METZLER RUTH ZIMMERMAN 3 Forty-six Snapshots ., ... J j jt-«;,i.s. i a ACTHl JBlf ' JHP NIBira iL Aj| H Forly-eiglit p h % it M . fi ' v . i. . » -s«K-flK-- ' • - a-rfKifc frt 1t .2 -j.. Wl ' ITEE Forty-nine Boys ' Varsity Basketball Team I " ' HIS year ' s lads played liard against iiisurniountable odds. An entireU new team, hut for Pork Leicht. met teams of high standing. Their spirit could not he broken and thev fought on. Their record was not on the winning side hut we can sav with the poets " W hen that great Scorer conies to write against your name, it matters not if you lost or won but how you played the game. We can always be sure our boys will play a good clean game. Fifiy Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team — V — T HE Girls " Basketball Team did a fine job this year. The) placed tough teams and won 7, lost 3. Though [he girls get little publicity they sure do their l it. Here ' s hoping vou mav always win. Fifty-one Baseball — V — I ' ' HE great American spoit never is lacking on our campus calendar. The season has just begun, but we ' re sure (by the scores that have come in) that we ' ll ha e many wins. Fijtytwo Tennis — V — TT S a little earh lo talk tennis but the time is nigh and the team is getting into shape. We piediet mueh success as we look over the components of the team. Fifty-three r ff Etonian Staff — V — m i A .t? M Editor Janet Boyd Co-editor RuTH ROYER Senior Editor WiLLIAM GiBBLE ( LiLLiE Mae Gumpher Junior Editors ,. ., I Lr-MA Bell Sophomore Editor Galen Graham Freshman Editor EuGENE Hess ) Garland Ritz Snapshot Editors , „ „ I ElWOOD tAUTH Business Manager Harry Berberlan Co-business Manager Kenneth Shaffer j Harold Bombercer Advertising Managers , ., ,. t Harvey Kline Circulation Manager Arlene Ziegler Fifiy-four Etownian Staff — V — EDITORIAL STAFF Editor Janet Boyd Managing Editor Lillie Mae Gumpher News Editor Kenneth Hetrick Alumni Editor DoROTHY Baugher Sports Editor Galen Graham BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager WiLLiAM Gibbel Ass ' t Business Manager Harold Bomberger Advertising Manager Carl Spence Ass ' t Advertising Manager Glenn Gingrich Circula tion Manager SuE Bolton REPORTERS Betty Mann George Althouse Myrtle Long Irene Hostetter Gladys Nyce Miriam Musselman Romaine Gilbert Betty Mumma Ruth McDannel Burnetta Lecrone Grace Firestone Mildred Fogelsanger Fifty-five Sock and Buskin — V — fX HE Sock and Buskin dramatic club of the college atteni))ls to create )por- tunities for the students to adapt themselves to situations of the dramatic nature. It affords opportunities for students to appear before audiences and do their part effectively. This year Dr. Schlosser took o er the club. We all feel he deserves a lot of credit for the fine work he did. The club produced " The Dust of the Earth " as its annual performance. It appeared to be a great success. With the support of the new recruits, the future of the Sock and Buskin looks very |)romising. Here ' s the liest of luck to on ! Fifty-six Conimerciantes — V — T HE club which attempts to make better business men and women has shown much progress in the few years of its existence. This year it held its first major social function. The club banqueted at the Harrisburger Hotel in the Appian Room. The aflair was such a success that there are bound to be man more banquets scheduled. Dr. Skene is the ad iser of the club this to the club ' s way of thinking. year and a erv successful adviser. Fifty-seven Orchestra — V — 4 NEW organization on campus, and a nuRh needed one. is the orchestra. The college is proud to boast of its orchestra. Mr. Miller, supervisor of the East Donegal Township Music Department, is the director and is pleased with the progress. The musicians rendered several concerts in the gymnasium for the student body this Spring. We ' re anxious to hear much more from this body of talented students. Fijly-ciiihl A Cappella Choir — V — TT ' OR students interested in putting to use their appreciation of music the A Cappella Choir affords an outlet. This organization is one form of ad ertisement for the college. The organization traxels to the churches of this icinit and renders an entire service in song. These visits are a delight to the choir and seem to please the congregations, for the audiences grow larger with each successive visit. The choir has made all-da) trips to Maryland and other congregations outside our icinity. This year ' s program has as its theme " The Eternal God. " Among the rendi- tions, the highlights are " Prayer " from Hansel and Gretel. " On Great Lone Hills, " " Fairest Lord Jesus, " " Tien Jesus Was a Little Child. " " " God Is a Spirit, " and others. For their annual production the choir is presenting " The Prodigal Son. ' bv Henry B. Vincent. Professor and Mrs. Meyer deserve a lot of credit for their faithful service to the choir. Fifly-nine Student Senate — V — T HIS bodv is the ruling agent of the student association. It takes up all matters of importance to the students. It provides entertainment for the students over the week ends. The ■■ " sponsors hikes, skating parties, swimming parties. Halloween parties, St. Pat s partv. socials, the annual Spring and Fall outings. Those in the senate this ear were : President Kenneth Shaffer Seniors Rlth Royer William Gibbel Juniors Mark Ebersole LiLLiL Mae Gimpher Sophomores Irene Hostetter Paul Hollinger Freshmen Edwin Boll Mary Cox Sixty Student Volunteers — V — This group of conscientious workers follows its convictions bv presenting religious programs in the churches over a large territorv throughout the school year. We wish vou well in our home missionar endeavors. Sixly-one Women ' s Student Council President RiTH Royer Vice-President Ruth Shaw Secretary PAULINE Campbell — V — Men ' s Student Council President Elwood Fauth I ice-President . . . Stewart Kauffman Secretary Sixty-two Glenn Gingrich President Ira Meyee Secretary Glenx Gingrich Sixty-three Ministerium President Ira Meyer Secretaiy-Tieasurer Harvey Kline — V — Candles r i w President Harold Bomberger Secretary Harvey Kline Sixtyfour Sigma Kappa Xi nS ' Uf ' ' V = ' 1 M p r $ £jAS H B H T HIS Club was organized to take the place of the Sigma Zeta which was not doing so well. This club was organized with the constitu- tion drawn up by its charter members. In this way it was open to a larger number of people than the Sigma Zeta. — V — Photography Cluh A MONG the new clubs on campus this takes the lead. Professor Enterline has organized this club. Its work seems to be quite effective. Cameras are heard clicking most any time of the day due to this clubs activity. Sixty-five He Chews W They Chew LOST: 1 janitor wh We All Chew Fish from Lake Placida tal Wiggley ' s Gummy Chew AID¥E1 s========5;=======5==;5s:;===============:=;=====5===== When you are sad LOST: call E-town l S WHITE RA Time for Family Social Laboratory ask for best work THE CHEERIO QUARTETTE Valued i Six! Y six ED: defense won ' t way LOTS FOR SALE: (Lots of what?) WANTED: 1 alarm clock to get professors up in time for breakfast rn I Come and Visit FOR SALE: SCENIC LAKE PLACIDA FOR 3 BEES AND HONEY igree 1 leaky boat call for Prof. Hackman [0 apiece 2 battered oars Sixty-seven ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania You will always remember ELIZABETHTOWN for her BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS THOROUGH TEACHING FRIENDLY SPIRIT CHRISTIAN IDEALISM These are the values you will cherish long after your college days have been completed COURSES IN Science Education Liberal Arts Secretarial Science Business Administration A.B. and B.S. Degrees State Accredited MEMBERSHIP IN The Association of American Colleges The National Conference of Church-related Colleges Sixty-vight MUSSER FARMS Like the CREAM of Delicious rich creamy milk The Ideals of a Christian College Surely will rise to the top COLUMBIA, PA. SHENK TITTLE ' Everything for Sport ' 313 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. Sixly-nine Compliments oj CAREERS GARAGE Elizabethtown. Pa. • Home of FORD PRODUCTS MARY B. REBER— ART SHOP • Gifts — New and Different • 50 N. Market St. Elizabethtown. Pa. RISSER BROS. famous for OLD-FASHIONED ICE CREAM • Modern Soda Grill Phone : 1 76 Elizabethtown. Pa. FRANK S. MILLER Trading as Harry Miller Son j3[mieral iBirrrtor Elizabethtown. Pa. Sei ' enty (fTTTTir]) KENNEWOOD HOTEL Elizabethtowii • ALUMNI HEADQUARTERS ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY Bakers of Quality Products MILES E. GASSERT. Prop. Phone: 259 Phone: 931-R-31 D. S. BAUM A Select Product HOMEMADE BOLOGNA, DRIED BEEF R. D. o. 3 Elizabethtown. Pa. PINE TREE DAIRY Dairy Products WHOLESALE and RETAIL Phone: Palmyra 8-4867 Seventy-one JOHN M. IMILLER Insurance Broker LITITZ. PA. GEO. S. ALTHOUSE Service Station and Picnic Grounds • Phone: Ephrata 931 1-R HIN ' KLETOWN. PA. Compliments oj CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL. Inc. Manufacturers of Full Fashioned Hosiery • Elizabethlowu. Pa. BUCK MFG. CO. Manufacturers of Agricultural Iniplenients and Wheelbarrows Elizabethtown. Pa. KODAKS STATIONERY DORSHEIMER ' S ' ' On The Square " • SPORTING GOODS CONFECTIONERY Meat Products that W in Favor by Quality and Flavor MARTIN ' S NEW TENDER WONDER HAM IS DEFINITELY DIFFERENT- MORE FLAVORFUL— QUICKLY PREPARED Our Lunrlu ' i.n -Meats Are Equally as Delicious — Sold at all Leading Store? EZRA W. MARTIN COMPANY Lancaster, R. D. No. 5. Pa. Serentytwo HENRY L. GISE p E N S U P R E M p ICE CREAM Elizabethtown. Pa. NOTARY PUBLIC, SURVEYOR AND INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS • • Agent for PEN DAIRIES, INC. State Capital Savings and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Pa. 24 Hour Service — Phone: Elizabethtown 226 NEWCOiAIER ' S SERVICE STATIONS Richfield Gasoline Richlube Motor Oils Rich-Heat Fuel Oil ELIZABETHTOVi N. PA. • Branches: Mt. Jov, Pa. Ephrata. Pa. Stonybrook. Pa. York. Pa. Seventy-three GRUBB BRENEMAN COAL :-: FEED SPICKLER ' S DAIRY Pasteurized and Viscolized MILK, CREAM and BUTTERMILK • Also Choice Butter, Chocolate and Orange Drinks PHONE: 57 PARK STREET y - Seventy-jour ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. • LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDERS ' SUPPLIES COAL Phone No. 3 54 Brown Street Seventy-five KELLER BROS. SALES SERVICE MERCURY BUFFALO SPRINGS LEBANON CO.. PA. LINCOLN 11 WEST MAIN ST. LITITZ. LANC. CO.. PA. We Appreciate Your Friendship WJ m WM. K. GRAUER ' S SONS. Inc. 38 South Queen St. Lancaster, Pa. • Quality Wallpaper • A complete line of BENJAMIN MOORE CO. PAINTS D. L. LANDIS • Insurance and Notary Public • 23 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Seventy-six MILTON F. EBERLY Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Route 3 — Phone: 917-R-ll Elizabethtown, Pa. • Our Location Saves You Money MUMPER ' S DAIRY You can whip our Cream but You can ' t beat our Milk ELIZABETHTOWN Seventy-seven AUNT SALLY ' S KITCHEN Wishes The Classes of 1942 and 1943 The Best of Success and Happiness Coniplimenls of EMPIRE SHOE COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. LANCASTER PAINT GLASS CO. Mfgs. of QUALITY PAINTS Dealers in GLASS and BRUSHES 235 North Prince Street LANCASTER, PA. .i.: Jh ' f.!: ' ;. J- ltlA ' .... ' : ' :• W w ■ " ■ ' skT « -rr : « ■!! ■« ' Seventy-eight r= KLEIN CHOCOLATE CO., INC. Wishes The Classes of 1942 and 1943 The Best of Success and Happiness ( Compliments of R. P. ROYER Denver. Pennsylvania DIEM ' S FOOD MARKET Part Supplies Kodaks GEBHARTS ART SHOP AND BOOK STORE 26 ' est High Street Elizabethtown. Pa. Stationery Greeting Cards Gi t$ for All Occasions S. G. HERSHEY SON • Department Store • Elizabethtown. Pa. Seventy-nine .. =s SHELLEY College Photographer LANCASTER r= Eighty Compliments of Elizabethtown Garment Co. Shearer ' s Furniture Store • " The Largest Furniture Store Between Lancaster and Harrisbiirg " • 35-37 South Market Street Elizabethtown. Pa. Phone: 12-W Glass Phone: 144-W Seeds RIDER HARDWARE CO. 25 South Market Street Sole distributors for William W aterail Co.. Philadelphia, Pa. Manufacturers of Paints. Varnishes. Stains and Enamels Tools W DELIVER Roofing Compliments of JAC. B. FISHER MUSIC STORE Elizabethtown. Pa. Eishty-one Eishty-tiio DIFF ' S Compliments TOWN PHARMACY Moose Building Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 310 For Finer, Fresher Foods For Prompt and Courteous Service WENGER BROS. On The Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 267 HASSINGER RISSER • Oldsniobile, Pontiac and Cadillac • Elizabethtown, Pa. Eighty-three Stop in at ... . THE SKY GRILL " It ' s the Refreshing Thing To Do " • MODERN SODA SERVICE Operated by CENTRAL Cut-Rate DRUGS W. K. Winters 45 South Market Street LEO KOB • Pluinbing and Heating Contractor Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN SUPPLY COMPANY J. W. WOLGEMUTH ESTATE • Coal - Wood - Grain Feed - Salt Hay - Straw - Etc. RHEEMS. PA. Phone: E-to vn 175 • Compliments of BAKER S DINER Elizabethtown, Pa. Eighty-lour mstmr,, D. H. MARTIN CLOTHIER and FURNISHER CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN Compliments of D. F. Stauffer Biscuit Co., Inc. York. Pa. F. METTFETT BRO. Lancaster, Pa. • Seafood - Fruit and Vegetables Also Prepared Seafood Eighty-five Eighty -six :;i- gr ?g ' t-g " ■ •.at i -- ' ' ■ % •. ' - i ' - ?? 9 " . ■■■ ' - Compliments of . . . MOOSE THEATRE . . . Elizabethtown • High School and Fraternity Jewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Stationery • P. H. MSSLEY, Manager Palmyra, Pennsylvania ISESICO Help Schools Eighlyseven tkQ U lil o tke (?U65 o 1942 — V — T HE Class of " 42, upon this sad venture of leaving the grounds where for four years experiences were shared with classmates and friends has one duty remaining. One bright spot of this sad occasion is th privilege which we are now taking. We. on this 24th day of April, do solemnly draw up a will, thereby bequeathing to our successors, those things which we cherish most. The bequests follow: 1. To the Halls of Elizabethtown College the Class of " 42 vacates numerous rooms to be used by other well deserving students. Also there will be left behind twenty-six seats in Chapel. 2. " Stu " " Kauffman graciously hands over his " Evangelistic Ford " to Ruth Kreider. 3. Sue Bolton leaves her boisterous nature behind with Esther Evans. 4. Harry Berberian bestows his loquaciousness upon Robert Kingsbury. 5. " Herb " " Burstein acquaints Rufus McDannel with his technique for cutting classes. 6. Sara Herr willingly gives up her friendship with " books ' to Arlene Ziegler. 7. Kenny Shaffer leaves behind his " lab " " coat for Ira Meyer ' s use. 8. Betty Grove leaves her lesson plans behind for " Bobby " " ZoU. 9. Ritz leaves his corpulence with Lillian Wanner. 10. Ruth Shaw bequeaths her Southern accent to George Althouse. 11. Elwood Fauth leaves his similarity to Beau Brummel to Mark Ebersole. 12. Ruth R()yer " s bag of tricks will be left in Pauline Campbell ' s possession. 13. Oliver Foss has consented to leave his art tools behind with Romaine Weigle. 14. " Mel " " Pollock does not object to Paul Leicht ' s using her medical knowledge from here on. 15. Alma Herr ' s baskets we leave to Emma Hackman. 16. William Gibbel will give Erma Bell the keys to the Commercial Activities on campus. 17. Ernest Lefever bestows all his stamp money on Lillie Mae Gumpher, who can make excellent use of it. 18. Henry Glade has consented to give up his journalistic tendencies to Harold Bomberger. 19. Hazel Hutchinson leaves her voluminous family Sociology notes to Joan Harries. 20. Rufus Douple bequeaths his casual saunter to Harvey Kline. 21. Lois Anderson has consented to Cass Curry ' s occupying her jolly position on campus. 22. Martha Bucher leaves behind her proctorship to anyone who ' s willing. 23. Janet Boyd bequeaths her loyalty to Sock and Buskin ' s Motto, " Work " Till You Bust, " " to Carroll Posey. To those who were not specifically mentioned above, do not feel slighted, for yours is the privilege to take over anything not accounted for above. To the professors we bequeath the honored privilege of writing recommendations for us from now " till Doomsday. Eighty-eight Gstab if hecJ i79 Intelligencer Printing Co. Eight West King Srree! Lancaste r . Pa . ENGRAVINGS IN THIS BOOK Produced by GENERAL ENGRAVING, Incorporated • Engravers, Designers. Color-Plate Makers 8-10 West King Street LANCASTER, PA. Eighty-nine ■Ou.toa ' caplt5 Ninety Hutoatapfii Ninety-one tNZ-D Ninely-twc • • • • •

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