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..' I I ix af L, Q 0 A ."X5..:.'.v"- W' g i 0 Im". 'fit U' ' - "' sl A Uk-' a- , ' f , s . - ,. 4:4 ' 'f' ' lakh 1 4 1 . Y S i Ui :api Nw, gl t V: , : ,uf r Ju v 4 1' WE 'fi vw N . ir 4' . , pq K1 ,Ag .R fi ii' if 'u n'r ik .r eff: lungs? 9' ri .kim I4, , fr F ,f 11 ff., qi- : - r- A , I Q n I f .5 I H. Y ' .. 69. -r 1' ' . 'IAF 1- 6-if . 'i n A 5 sg Y 57.7. 1 . Pk v Q A .4 .' A . Q., O Q r ' ' . 1 I -' n , i .' - 4 A l 0 1 7 , 1 . 4 9 I , 4 i 32 ,I ' 1. .1 . . 3, . cliff' " ' 'rf "L - 1'-' , v 'A "' ,i 7 L ' 41, 4,-f NH' , f , ,If fr if ,1 , 5, 5 ,A . 3 . '. , -'wi ' K ' ,' A 1 W ,J , Q 3' ' ,M V' lf I vu. J ' ., , ff 3, lf I' f P ' ' ,' H' ,L 4 -1 w'.l1 , if 'UC' ,q , ' -af, ' 1. ff 2 f .- . ' , r f 'dx K' P wo 44, 'T t 'Q ,ga r' - , b' Y 44 ,, . , 1 , "K ' , , ,f -9, ,fi f-ff". ,4ff""fff. f ,- ' gr "1 H5 mm 1" . ' f ff , , , Jw' f . 1 .g. 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E7lyQl'dAf hz' 111A1hf 169 6111 16059 as l'G.YfJ0l2J16A? peopfe l1l?fk7l' 901'- ff I ae -JOHN fTZGE LD KENNEDY- DOI' fs w,61cA Mai scak can 69 FGSILJOHSIZIZZY fy fo Hwlofa 6ef1ef ffm gl 115' far 1513 reasan Affaf we s rflfe ,oe0pQ A13 01012 yeneralzbzz yreafness. OnQ Me ge or ofbfalecf 19 our scfgoofprzhcwaf jfose yuaflzks GIZJ PGFKYOIIQUAIGS 1115106 are euzivzceof zkz aofnzbzlvlrahbe eyfgrl are 1,2 lu???'ef7ec'leof1k2 I6-e lofafw rfffe scfoof aims, comm muy. 'ww -Wzhczpaf gf 169 year- -PHlLLIP H. DAUBERT- 7a6Q gf Gonfenfs gorecvorofanof CDQOQC-mal? 5?06m1mfmf1zm 526-Ulfy csenzbrs WHOQFCLSSMQH Wcflvfbas 5215611223 fs graofzalifbn ofjerzirlsem enfs mzbzk frazifbzz 'X Q11 sans ci Jam?-zef csuperuzkzlrzy yjF1hCwdf TO THE CLASS OF 1964 The 1964 Elizabethan, created by the members of your class during your senior year, will always bring back memories of the days you spent in school, and will, in a special way, recall your high school experiences. A few will page through this book in later years, and will conclude that graduation day was a welcome release from an unhappy experience which was imposed upon them. A much larger number of you will decide that their high school days were among the happiest of their lives. We hope you will be included in this latter group. We who are members of the faculty will try to remember your best moments in high school and the ways in which you contributed to the life of the school. We hope you will be as gracious in recalling those who have been your teachers over the years. Graduation day is not . . as some suppose . . the end of everything worthwhile. It's really the beginning of one's more mature years, and these, for many of you, will mean college, getting into an interesting field of employment, marriage, the rearing ofafamily, playing a significant role in the life of your church and community, and participating in the decisions of the adult world. When you receive your diploma . . and have a few regrets . . please believe that "the best is yet to be." You will be leaving us with our best wishes for a future that will be rewarding to you in the highest of values . . and a life that will enrich all those who are touched by your influence. W 9 ,fi AAA 'X , 3 'Jw . 'S A , 9,1 i, f HR- F. uyi nk . H" .- . .P , ,, V, ui.: tg V ,f Mi . Sw Q ' ' . ia e ' ,. in 'Q - a I-1-. .. h ' Writ Qauferf tgcfoofgjrzln Members of the class of 1964: Developments in the world in recent years have brought serious and important chal- lenges to you, the student body, of Elizabethtown Area High School, and to all who are involved in American education. You have joined with your faculty, board of school directors, and administration in responding to these challenges. Together we have re- examined, modified, and redirected our educational philosophy and objectives in res- ponse to a continuing series of changes in our social environment. As you, the class of 1964, prepare to leave Elizabethtown Area High School, may you fully resolve to continue your education - spiritually, physically, and mentally. May you respond wisely to change, keeping abreast of today's demands, yet holding fast to that which is sound and necessary for the long range benefit of American society. May you realize a high degree of success measured in terms of service to your fellowman. It is our hope that we might have shared successfully with your Church and parents in giving you a foundation on which to build, so that you can find both happiness and a place of service in the days of your generation. ll Qscfoof yjoar gf fbzke cfors SEATED, Left to Right: Albert Garman, J. Carlton Schuldt, President, Arthur Spickler, Norman Kraybill. STAND- ING, Left to Right: J. Hoffman Garber, Robert Nation, Phares Risser, Jack Horner, C.A.S. Hollinger. "NEW OCCASIONS TEACH NEW DUTIES, TIME MAKES ANCIENT GOOD UNCOUTHQ THEY MUST UPWARD STILL AND ONWARD, WHO WOULD KEEP ABREAST OF TRUTH." As we attempt to examine our school lives through the pages of this book, the guidance and educational provisions made possible by the school board cannot be overlooked. Through them, our academic, social, physical, and aesthetic facets of education are molded. Each year new projects are undertaken by the school board to update our educational ex- periences. Always looking to our future wants and needs, the board guides us toward individual goals while serving our community, state, and country. Ijqffmfzc Gounczf Zuszkzess Wanayer MR. DIEHL, DR. KILHEFNER, MR. DAUBERT, MR. REYN- MR. REYNOLDS OLDS. I2 7 mfhzkfrafzbe rvsszlsfazzfs 'F A Sflrs. NORMAN E. DIEHL The responsibility of coordinating our school program is shared by Mr. Diehl and Mr. Warden, Administrative Assistants to the Principal. Their hard work and capable management have enabled our school to function efficiently as an integral unit within the scope of the educative process. Together these men arrange the various schedules and activities that are a necessary part of a well planned school program. They are always willing and ready to solve the many problems of the student body. This is an exacting task, but it is performed skillfully under their supervision. i b :Q 'ii is? .i K sp. I X inf R 6' i 14" M. RICHARD WARDEN I 3 gzzfogznce KENNETH E. GROSH ROBERT J. TRIMBLE Distinction is only one of the many fine qualities which are possessed by our guid- ance department. Our class has been most fortunate in having these three highly quali- fied individuals to guide us through our teens. When it has been necessary to make im- portant decisions, we have always been able to depend upon the reliable aid which has constantlybeen offered by our counselors. They have been most helpful in all concerns g from the minor difficulties in school and social life, to the difficulty of choosing a future occupation. As we move on to individual pursuits, we will never forget the assistance, we have received during our high school days. SARA H. STE ELMAN I4 I dey we K . - f q.Q5,'g,y1,' A: X X S x 5 " 5 A K 1 L3 gf -zs.21f3'i,12iiti1 f. ff- M,-:ix ,,,, 41. - 5. x ,,1 Jr' HELENE B, GRILL JOHN P. 1. DEAN KENNETH GRAHAM English English English ff gone ILS' lfe 551mm 165905, G1-um55J 5110 15131 E551-S amf 51-Ulm QHJQ1-C5es, goocf 161- cozzsumzhy ras! Zjuf 156 fempk Me feacfers guzmof f55aHe506fe 10515 ffe dyes ral yor Me feaufgglfunseen fempE was 156 051565 1mm0f1af.v0Uf " 1 RAYMA B. KREIDER JANET M. LANDIS ANNE D. LIGHT English English English I6 SANDRA J. McINTYRE MABEL J. MILLER RICHARD L. MILLER English Reading English The vitality and imagination necessary for an effective and interesting English class is provided by a group of dedicated men and women who take most seriously the responsi- bility for "the beautiful unseen temp1e". Helping the student body is their most important calling. Long hours of study andadesire for the best and most exciting program possible make English a worthwhile course of study. KAY M. SHIREMAN EDWARDINE H. TYSON LEA!-I M. ZUCK English-Latin English English, Latin Academic Curriculum Departmental Chairman Coordinator GEORGE R. BAKER CARROLL HERSHEY Social Studies Social Studies DANIEL A. HOOPERT Social Studies . Departmental Chairman ",779sfory 13 IAQ forcf .ffaf IIS' mean! fo zmlmlloafe ffe pasf fo yuarof ayazhsl ffe repehbbn 0 our mzlsfafes cyfolfer Lys. " CHARLES H. HOSTETLER Social Studies 18 PAUL K. HUNSECKER CARL E. RISHEL KENNETH R. UMBENHAUER Social Studies Social Studies Social Studies Under the capable direction of our geography and history teachers, we examine and discuss the social, economical and cultural conditions from Egypt in the Age of Pyramids to Europe during the Renaissance, or to the problems of a modern, growing nation. Our social studies teachers endeavor to teach us to profit from the past, to understand the present, and to prepare for the future. This is an essential part of education which every informed individual must learn and acquire. NAOMI R. ZEIGLER JAMES H ZIOGAS . L . . ' RONA T WI EY Social Studies Social Studies 7th and 8th grade Academic '9 Curriculum Coordinator Social Studies KW, RALPH C. CLOUSER, JR. STANLEY S. DOTTERER MAY E. DULEBOHN Mathematics Math, Science Mathematics Departmental Chairman ffy7zzfAemf,t-S ,mem no! OHQ frufg Auf supreme away. . . Q Aww? Cofjfanofausfefe, me fgaf gfJCU4,f,,,-Q, Mmouf appeaffo my par! your weafer nafm, ,wmneg ,me MJCQPQAQ ya sfenz ,,e7QCf,b,, 51105 as my me y,-eafesf arf Cm 350511. ff WESLEY A. FASNACHT Mathematics 20 I 4 CHARLES JACKSON DEAN F. KREAMER SYLVIA E. KREIDER Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics The ability to perform the art of mathematics is a very important aspect of know- ledge because it is necessary in everyday life and quite often essential to a vocation. Through the guidance given to us by our expert teachers, it is possible to grasp and re- tain the fundamentals and the intricate processes involved in an adequate knowledge of mathematics. Mathematics holds a beauty entirely its own and only through the patience and help of our excellent instructors is the wonder and usefulness shown to us. KENNETH D. STAUFFER WAYNE L. WERTZ Mathematics, Physical Science Mathematics 21 ALTON H. EPPLER ROBERT L. MYERS ELWOOD R. RABER Biology, General Science Physical Science Chemistry U . . . gojizofe M256 fofafsczenfiygb' acfzeuemenf gl-any aye, IAQ sfanofozbf gfa .succeeoflrzy aye zls' 0QS12"d56. " 22 -4 N GARY L. REDDIG JOHN ROGERS I-IOMER K. SCHOENER Science General Science Agricultural Science The exploration of the vast field of science is a continuous one. The thoughts and ideas stimulated through its study cannot be measured. Therefore, it is imperative that its basic principles be instilled in the minds of youth in order to create the foundation on which America's future will depend. It is this task that our science department as- sumes, to develop in the best way possible, minds that will possess the quality to desire further learning. EDWARD R. SHANK DEAN R. STEINHART Science General Science, Biology 23 Departmental Chairman Magadalene Berleth Jacqueline Claude Janice M. Clemens German French French Departmental Chairman MQFAGPS gfafbqe crealirbns gfman, Qnyuaye IQS' Me mos! asfonzkfzlrzy " In learning the French, German, or Latin languages, students are given the oppor- tunity to explore the customs and culture of the people in each particular country, from which that language has originated. Latin is very helpful in understanding our own English language. German students find that there is a close association of the language with our own local language heri- tage. French, the diplomatic tongue, enables us to communicate with many of the world's people. Today we must be able to communicate effectively if we are to live with other people of differing ideals and beliefs. Elinor B. Neuman Barbara Jo Thorne German German, French 24 ... ELSIE G. CARE WILLIAM T. FRANTZ MARION C. GARMAN Business Education Business Education Business Education Departmental Chairman Hljggre euezylfzhy eke, yeflzkzy F906 13 ffe SGCFQII gfsuccess. " So it is, that the Business Department prepares its students for future success in the business world. Teaching the fundamentals of bookkeeping and business math, and the basics of shorthand and typingg the business teachers continually stress the need for and the importance of, atop-notch secretary or business executive, in this modern world of today. Experience is akey word in business success. To aid the students in acquiring ex- perience, a school office practice plan has been set up, whereby a number of the students are working in local business offices in a form of on-the-job-training. gh 25 'H 1050 owns life sozfowns up lo lfe sfy. " "Tofarm as well as is known how" is the aim of all our agricultural students. New ideas and better tools come along so fast, it takes a progressive, flexible mind to take advantage of the new developments. The suc- cessful farmer has to be alert to these changes and has to keep pace with the great advances being made in all phases of the business. So here's where he is taught that hard work and "know how" go hand in hand to show good results now and make for a better living later. ELVIN HESS Agriculture Uljfy .cfoug our ffouygfs fo oglslanf counlrzes roam, wzfen eczcf rejghemenl mqy ge fgunofaf Home?" The aim of the Home Economics Department is to develop in the student an appre- ciation for one of our most important social units, the home. It is organized, with well experienced teachers and modern equipment, to provide a fundamental background for girls planning to work in or outside the home. Home Economics is a valuable and necessary subject. It is available to all girls, desiring to learn the principles of good homemaking. The Home Economics Department is a vital component of our school curriculum. ,W .N an - . ELIZABETH DONMOYER BARBARA A. HIESTAND Home Economics Home Economics Departmental Chairman 26 X Q X FAA' X eg i . i. " win i -, DAVID A. CROUTHAMEL DORSEY E. ENCK S. ARTHUR SHOEMAKER Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Industrial Arts H70 06 eas16 wfal ILS' for offers 13 fe nzarf qffalazzf' Diligence and skill are the two basic requirements for the success which is part of the goal of students enrolled in the Industrial Arts program. Through precision and the acquisition of new techniques, it is now possible for gifted students to produce products which previously would have been purchased commercially. Our capable instructors are now furnished with modern equipment which enables them to demonstrate new concepts in the production of products for both home and industry. For those who pursue the In- dustrial Arts program, a bright future may be obtained through training at an advanced technical school, or, for those engaged in some other form of industry, a valuable and economical hobby can be indulged. I WILLIAM H. WERTZ Industrial Arts 27 Departmental Chairman ANN R. HIBBARD Physical Education JANE K. HOOVER Health, Physical Education Departmental Chairman FRANCES A. WENNER Health, Physical Education f'i70r lge man sounof 122 anof serene 0 lI2l?I0f Mere zlv SHCI? lfzhy as gafweabfer EST! A za RICHARD D. MILLER A. H. WEIDMAN RICHARD w. WOLF Health, Physical Education Health, Physical Education Health, Physical Education In order for a student to become a successful, happy, healthy, and mature adult it is essential that he receives a well developed course in health and physical education throughout high school. The physical education program works to instill in the mind of the student the importance of fair play and good sportsmanship. An adequate health course provides the basis for the understanding of oneself, explains the various systems of the body and their functions, and gives the student knowledge useful in the prevention of disease. We are fortunate to have a very fine health and physical education program in our school. The instructors who teach these combined subjects devote their time to presenting the material in the best possible manner. JOSEPH BLASENSTEIN Drivers Education 29 JOHN W. COLANGELO MEREDITH J. GERMER NOAH KLAUSS Instrumental Music Instrumental Music Instrumental Music Departmental Chairman 'ffzfere zlv muszt' wfere ever Mere IIS' Aarmon ' OFOQI' or ja proporfzbrf'-"i716e lzzornzhy slam' Jazzy foyefzgerv Elizabethtown Area High School has been noted for her outstanding music depart- ment for several years. Mr. Klauss, Mr. Germer, Mr. Millard and Mr. Colangelo are the men who have devoted their time and their talents to this purpose. Besides the regu- lar annual concerts, students in the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades are prepared to participate in both choral and orchestral festivals. CHARLES L. MILLARD Vocal Music 30 HELEN JANE SHEELY NED O. WERT Art Art Departmental Chairman "WN IIS fuman aching" having for its purpose the transmission to others of the highest and best feelings to which men have risen." ' "Beauty is almost always associated with art, but not all beautiful things are works of art. Some things cannot help being beautiful, but an artist means his work of art to be beautiful. He wants it to say something to peop1e." 31 MARY ANN ACHORN MIRIAM L. MENGEL Academic Librarian Librarian uyzfe zknayes Qiznanfs 10175 GHCJQAHOHIACQQS nemazh 1,2 goofs" Two very beautiful and impressive rooms in our school contain the libraries. In either library one finds not only well developed resources and an ample supply of books for reading, but also capable librarians and a pleasant atmosphere in which to work. Both libraries offer a vast selection of books, covering almost every imaginable subject, and it is easy to assume that either library has aided nearly every student at sometime during his high school years. 32 A. RUTH GISE ETHEL M. RUTT Developmental Education Developmental Education KUTGHAOOJ no! sc:AoQrsfljrJ, 13 Me jgksf azkn gf eoQ1cal1bn Student needs and abilities must be identified and instructional techniques, materials, and training must become valid within the educational areas applicable to each. Student competencies and skills are developed in the special education department according to the unique need and ability to progress evidenced by each person within the group as they grow individually and as a unit toward maturity. s i 33 is , k K X , J 119.9 ,U ' ef Miss Mao E. Dulfqttlllll rvprosvnts :1 living p6rsonific:1tion ofthe thmnv - "Pm-t1-nit oi' Youth." A prucluct of the svhuuls ut' this community. Miss Dulvhohn rvmninvd to instruct those who fullmrvd, not only of thc hc-xt QOIlUl'1ltiOll, but uhtcxlhv 5L'COl1d1llld third gl'llUl'llUllll5. On-1' this spun ul' limo. Miss Dulm-hotm has lJl'4ljl'l'l0Ct thc- intvrt-sts ot' youth, ' ' ' X ' d I1 ' rotuihud its freslmvss and its vigor. Timo itsm-ll' has hvch 1-m'ic'hud hy this ltztsnmdo its horxzons ohtmnnhlm, .ln as "Pu1't1':1it of Youth." Q75 fe A fghcf ijeam eac 2122? "For the first time we feel as though we're really part of the class." "Are we having Block again this year? I hope so, because I like it. I've learned a lot more with this method." These expressions illustrate student reactions to the Modified Block Team Teaching Program asinstituted inthe Elizabetl1townArea High School. Incidentally, Block Team Teaching affords an opportunity for ateam of teachers to instruct a large group of students on varying levels relative toindividual needs. This might occasion arrangement of students in groups of any given number to facilitate instruction. The foundation to thisprogram is, of course, administrative, since the scheduling must be so arranged as to satisfy both group and individual pupil needs and progress. Our philosophy states that the number of blocks MUST equal the number of subjects included. With this achieved, the responsibility for success then rests uponthe team teachers, and the united potential -- Administra- tion plus teachers -- is unlimited. Outstanding advantages of the program include: A. The opportunity to correlate more closely the subject materials. B. Ability to transfer students from one group to another, as needed, either for "honors" work tdepth studyj, or for remedial work. C. Certain enrichment and empirical values, such as: 1. Coordination of the several teacher aptitudes and skills. 2 Greater opportunity for depth study of subject matter through resource materials tBoth Academic and general Libraries! 3 Projected use ot'the students' abilities and competencies through Panel discussions and individual participation in class forums. 4 Utilization of abilities ofthe more competent students in the presentation of special- ized areas of material: a. Competentleadersto do remedial work with small groups thave demonstrated amazing proficiency in getting facts and ideas acrossl. b. Enriched work made possible through released time for library research for those who have demonstrated mastery in certain specified areas. 5. Ability to temporarily reassign students from one group to 1lI10th6'1', IIS Illlljflixd, Oitlwl' for "honors" or for remedial work. 6 Time provided for lectures and presentations by specialized personnel from the outside, to treat definite supplemental phases of instructional material. 7. Audio visual aids -- film, filmstrip, overhead projector, etc. -- made possible in groups. 8. Released time -- permitted to Seniors for personal and individual budgeting as to curricular or extra-curricular activity. a. Otherthan regular activities' periods, the School philosophy is based on closed schedule which provides for blocks tsubjectsj with no Study Halls. b. Released time permits attendance for enrichment at special classes on the local College Campus. 9. Public speaking techniques factually and realistically employed. 10. Three-hour periods permit minimal field trips with no inconverience to other sub- jects -- as, for instances, the ACES projects. Advantagesovei- the conventional type program accrue to teachers as well as students. Be- causeofthe versatility of the teacher personnel and the Block scheduling, substitutes are seldom necessary in the case of inadvertent absence of one or two teachers. Diagnostic testing, orthe presentation of basic materials, etc. is accomplished with the class meeting as a whole, thereby calling for one presentation or lecture instead of three or six. De- tailed, specific matter or drill and individual attention can he carried on in small groups ranging from 2 or 3 to regular class size of 20 to 30. An over-alleffect for students has been the noticeably greater group integrity in classes and a greater school and class spirit. For teachers, steady growth in combining and co-ordinating the various skills and compe- tencies, and a steady broadening of the horizons of teaching are the salutary effects. ynaeofcaf cgfcff 11 MRS. DOROTHY S, BAKER, R, N, DR. TROY THOMPSON, M.D., ATHLETIC DOCTOR Ngfe care qflfe Qfpugfb jfCGil6x1:S lfeqffhvl M1451 qfbfe sfafeszzzann It is desirable to be well and healthy, but it is equally comforting to know that even in time of sickness and minor discomforts there are capable and qualified physicians on hand who can provide the necessary aid whenever called upon. It is this quality that is evident in each individual on our medical staff, from our school nurse, to our skilled doctors and dentists. 4 DR. WILLIAM MOORE C. STUART SMITH, M. D. 36 Wee Qgfgff ANNA RUTH HESS, MRS- FAYE BOYER MRS. JAYNE Hoovz-:R, MRS. GWENN KRETSINGER "you fave nol euery cfziy, UIZESS you fave Mal W-f6e1bypka3anf" A basic andvital part of any system is the area in which all business is transacted. In our school, two offices provide such areas. The capable and ambitious members of our office staff continually work to keep all records accurate, and to provide any infor- mation requested by students, faculty, and administration. Their work is always com- plete, accurate and efficient. Their services are characterized by promptness, deftness, and cheerfulness. MRS. MARIAN RAFFENSPERGER MRS. MADELINE ROBINSON, MRS. HELEN MEYERS 37 qfeferzkz Sf! yy I. Rahn, M. Dupler, A. Horning, A. Wolgemuth, M. Gish, B. Fuller, M. Long, A. Brubaker. J. Kishbaugh, J. Hostetter, G. Snyder, V. Heisey, O. Eshleman, A. Seiple, M. Heisey, R. Farmer, M. Myers, M. Neidigh. "f75e way fo fe Happy zfs fo mafe offer pe0pQ Aaployv It has been said that "an army travels on its stomach". So it is with a school. It's for this reason that our cafeteria staff spends so much time catering to our needs, in preparing meals that are not only attractive, and versatile but also nourishing. Their pleasing manners add much to the enjoyment of the meal. D. Drace, F. Stauffer, M. Romig, M. Bechtel. 38 S, Lgng, H, Forney, Gusfofans E. Bailey, L. Heisey, C. Gibbons, G. Myers, C. Mertz, J. Roland, C. Heistand, F. Gladfelter, R. Clark, C. Nissley, I. Wolgemuth, G. Snyder. 'fgef our 505006 feacf Me nodffy M-Qfor anoffe kdllly gffumazz seruzbe. " The custodians have done an outstanding job in keeping our school clean, attractive, and functioning well. These men combine their wide range of skills in the maintenance and repair of the school building and grounds. In order to be the efficient custodians that they are, they must be able to serve our school in many capacities. Throughout the year these men have done much to give us a school of which we can be proud. was Qrzb ers 1 E x M. Wolgamuth, R. Hostetter, l. Hess, W. Kreider, S. Whitman, H. Johnson, B. Boltz, H. Aldinger, J. Gibble, S. Lancaster, K. Eshleman, C. Rothrock. 'iyfafflfejby QM IIS' 122 ffff' Mzbys fafen on X159 run" In any kind of weather our proficient bus drivers work hard to transport the students safely. Their adequate training and experience have enabled them to enjoy an excellent record of safety and efficiency. The cheery "good mornings" of these men help to start each new day on the right foot. 39 CSQI2I.0I'S - 'CQQQ 1:5 ggore you. gwo oozces are caznyyou-one comzny ouffrom ik swamps 63641350238 ancfforce, wfere success means oQa!4' anoflfe offer from lfe fzmops wusffce anofproyress, wfere eoenfazfzre frznys ymry Uwo fyffs are seen zn your Aorzhon-one lfe fasffaofny marsf gf power anoflfe offer ffe s6w6 rzszny sun Jjirman Zfrofferfooof yew ways fe open 161' you-one Qaofny fo an even bwer anofmwer pmzn, wfeze are Aearofffe CFIQS Q-oQspa1r anofffe curses gflfe poor, wfere manfooof sfrzbefs anofpossesszon rofs o6wn ffe possessorg' anoffase offer Qaofny fo Ike fzyfhncfs' Jffe mornznj wfere are fearoflfe ymofsfouls cf 5uman1Q anof wfere Aonesf wr! zs rewaroeofwif znzmorlafg. " gfese wonofsfrom ffe pen gfjofn Syfyeg seem lo fe mos! GPPACGM fo ffe remfzonsfnos exzsfzny 1n ffe worfffefween anofamony seymenls gf CSOClQ4y zn ffzls' Lune fo wfzcfyou are appoznfeof qs csenzor Gmss fzofulsozg may egcommenofffe cause grfjjjrofferfoooflo ge Me yreafesl cfafenye 269 wmcfyou mzyff appQ lfose resources, goff spzrzlfuafanofpfyszcaf WIMHI your znofozofzafpofenfzafss. Qanzefg Moperlj xqcfusor X 5 Nw 1 1 N 1 X X ak E. ,,.,, NK 2 N lx X Mikie -x fi Q 1 fx 36 gg S 5 JE A 5 K E L f V Y A 4 . k , if Q A K Q ,K Q 4 yy . ..,Z X vnu' w a D v K'I HI I QQ fl Www B it 'Q' ng! i Y K S 8 5 I I . . I I . S . . . ,. Q fl i' ,Q N A 5555? -, , ,X U X Q, X if a R Y r Q A. 1, gk , I ' ,I sf , QW X .f ll Y M H if - .F ks ' V L M ff? 1 .K ix if-S7 x lf V3 , W f JST? 'lf ,, S ff " Jw-Pai Y? A .Q , ,Q TN-Em 4 is , TRS? L J ' Q . Q Q i k,.. sf ,N X Q a 1 S' 421- NN kk 1 3 I l in it s : U! lsfisti Xt 1'a,., 0 at 5 'Qi Q 'E , s S' Cfzsst T Once again it is time for a large group of artists and apprentices to assemble and begin another portrait. There are many artists representing a large number of apprentices whose talents will be in- corporated into the painting of the graduating class. In the beginning, knowledge is limited, but a true relationship between the artists and the class will soon be established. Many artistic skills and exper- iences are required to extract the truth found in mental and emotional characteristics in order to pro- ject realism into the portrait itself. The artists alone-must interpret the spirit this painting shall assume, from the apprentices, who, eagerly competitive, were born into a time when American democracy had been enhanced, and American goals advanced beyond earlier horizons. The artists will attempt to correlate the outward appearance of the class with its inward nature. They have a psychological under- standing of humanity and the sympathy so necessary for this type of painting. Our portrait painters have an extra vision, a theme behind their conceptions, a special perception of ideals to be fulfilled through- out the work. They will use a desk for their working table, textbooks for brushes, a blackboard for the sketchbook, andalectern asapalette. Theirs is the art of teaching, and they will paint upon a white linen canvas of unstained character. With the apprentices posing in their individual classrooms, any change of expression will be henceforth recorded by the painting which develops on the canvas. The quality of each phase will have a definite effect-on the phase to follow. A medium will be used which can be modi- fied, because many different features will be stroked upon the canvas before the portrait is completed. Each portrait of an apprenticeship is a fresh adventure and the artists are ready to begin. e The first tentative lines were the charcoal sketchings of grammars school, which were light, but not hesitant. In the primary grades, an outline of the three ,R's was softened in some places, sharpened in others, but continuously strengthened. During this period, the first color was placed on the canvas. It was the brick red of the one- roomed school, -the kind that comes into one's mind when another says: "a typical little red schoolhouse." The overlapping studies afforded by these schools created the essential, solid forms of education, necessary before a colorful surface couldbe painted. With the two years of grade school Upenciling in" yet to be done, the shade of the background was very noticeably altered. By consolidation of the smaller schools, ya mixing of the primary colors, all persons in the portrait were seen, by that time, inattendance ata well-equipped elementary school, either Fairview, West High Street, Bainbridge, Millroad, or Rheems. Many of the people in the painting were among the original pupils to study and learn in the new buildings. Now all would benefit from additional facilities which would en- rich academic and physical foundations - the basic under tones - that were later to bring ,depth to the painting. Contributions were made by all. For example, the Safety Patrol, whose white was to be pre- served here and there in the portrait, blended in some common sense. All-this was in preparation for the quarter- mile edifice yet to come, whose vast extensiveness wasto become a thoroughly effective palette knife, placing paints in proper locations to insure at clearlydetailed portrait. Although most of the sittings for theportrait at this time were devoted mainly to sketch work, there were some colors painted. Possibly these colors did not have quite the brillianceoft others to be added in the future, but they were important shadings, cherished as colorful memories of an American childhood. All the while, the paint- ing sparkled with the satisfaction gained from the presentation of P.T.A. programs and reflected the gleeful expressions which accompanied the singing of seasonal songs. The orange and black of Halloween parties coloredthe joygofydressing in costume and the fun of seeing whose identity would be guessedlast. At Thanksgiving, asrnaller picture wouldbe made within this portrait asthe class members drew murals depicting the Pilgrims and Indians. Decorating the classroom tree and exchanging gifts accentuated the reds and greens of Christmastlm. Making a special little heart for a special person on Valentine's Day began the introduction ofa new color .scheme into the painting. A portrait of youth would not be complete without this pleasant heart- shaped expression, whose radiant side.-lights put warmth into the painting. Inspite of the fact that the portrait was half completed with respect toitime, the concentrated effort of creating detail remained to be tediously applied.. Although the people in the portrait had been attend- ing various schools for the sketching, all came to the larger studios of E.sA.H.S. for the final sittings-- the serious painting. By this time, the artists realized that before the next sitting, it would be necessary to brush a bit of retouching varnish overt the canvas to restate and bring back the true tone values of the previous sitting, which had become a bit too dry during the three month irest period. In Junior High, the intermediate stage of the portrait, the class members had many new impressions. The new courses, though interesting, seemed moredifficult, and many an underclassman could beseen lean- ing in one direction, while a large stack of books leaned in the other direction, as he teetered down the halls. These factors placednew definitive lines in the painting, while the half tones of extra-curricular activities also appeared., Talent shows, gym exhibitions, and plays all began to color the personalities of the portrait., T t T 1 i + T yt y e n The proper position for the freshman sitting wasvery important. The artists may have deemed it necessary to alter the pose -slightly so that the subjects' angle tqthecanvas 4 their approach to life - 42 was turned in the right direction. With the presentation of, "Prinderella and the Cinco", a bit of wit was suggested into the painting. Valuable supplementary information was provided by a field trip to our state capitol. ln addition, a stroke or two of integrity was plated, on the canvas by the first opportunity to choose electives. During this term, there was still plenty of time to develop ideason canvas, but phases were beginning to show, such as school spirit, by the participation of class members in sports events, dances, and assemblies. p e W t Consonant with the actual physical move into the Senior High wing, becoming a Sophomore meant a changed mental attitude as well. Humbleness was projected 'intolthe portrait andpa more dedicated ex- pression was to be noticed later in the painting procedure. A 'W' proud beaming of importance" was noted among the class members in the acquiring of class jackets, whose royal blue and white were to appear intermittently throughout the duration of the painting. By enacting "Macbeth", a college version for pri- mary children, the class indicated its ability to portray humor on the scene or canvas.. The field trip taken to Philadelphia was one of a series of trials to determine how the color values would withstand the strong sunlight ot public previewing of the thus far accomplished painting. As a climax to the Sophomore pose, a very special shadeof blue, from the "Blue Lagoon" Sophomore Dance was brushed into the por- trait. t s As Juniors, the class placed more colors onto the painting the blue, red, and black stones and gold inscriptionsof class rings. Dedication of expression now came into focus as the class established school records for income in both the concessions atfootball games, and in its play, "The Crucible". e Because of W the g fine production of Salem witchcraft in this drama, the play was naturally a "bewitching" success. The red, white, and blue of patriotism, so requisite for our counti-y's youth today, was brushed in by a twenty-four hour tour of Washington, D.C., the Capitol and monuments, Arlington, and Mount Vernon. Basic colors of American heritage were also included in the cinerama presentation of "How the West Was Won." Good citizenship in the fellowship of others was accurately represented with the Junior-Senior Fun Night of recreation at ElizabethtownCollege. And all will remember their particular answer to the question "He loves me--he loves me not,".,posedatfthe Hershey Community Country Clubby the Junior.-' Seniorprom, a miniaturf showcase for the portrait which was, as yet, not quite finished. 1,Earlyinthe Senior year, many light and gay shades of pastels colored the painting with the presenta- tion of "Ladies Lounge". Soon the members of the class began participating in special activities in addif tion to the normal routine previously experienced as underclassmen. The energetic apprentices quickly became conditioned to a hectic and involved schedule which can best be explained as the result of "just beingaSenior." Consequently, before either portrait subjects or artists had noticed, the last paints had dried, the canvas was ready for the preparation of the colors of the long awaited "Blue and White Cam- paign." The campaign served to indicate the hues of blue and white in anymore pronounced style than any other phase throughout the entire painting procedure. In addition, the election itself revealed the closest balance of color ever recorded because there was an equal amount, of enthusiasm and ingenuity displayed by both parties. Co-incidently, since the balloting proved blue and white to be nearly a perfect blend, these colors, each representing a portion of the class, truly WERE representative of the complimentary colored nature of the class spirit. e e l S is y W W t Some paint yet remained to be blotted from the brushes when itwas discovered that time had passed more quickly than expected, even more rapidly than predicted, by the artists themselves. ,Anticipated in secret daydreams, enjoyed with fulfilled wishes, and remembered by soft social graces, was the last prom. Adding refinement to the portrait, the enchanting fragrances, whispered words, and rainbow of evening gowns colored the gentler but lasting impression of 'Moonlight and Roses," t ' Q s The perspective of the painting itself was considerably widened with the class' visitation to the New York World's Fair. In 24 hours of travel, theapprentices received much insight into the past, present, and future of the portrait painting of education, man's natural, creative desire. Only a few days after- ward, the final colors to be brushed upon. the canvas were dry. The .class held anall day picnic to relax from the tensions of the tedious sittings required to paint such 3 portraitg t 1 g up Cn the evening of June 4, 1964, in the Elizabethtown Area High, School auditorium, a portrait was unveiled which required twelve years to complete., The parents, relatives, W and close friends of the subjects were the critics, although no one in the audience cameto offer criticism., The composition, color quality, and expression were all evident in the painting, but each stroke was significant in a differ- ent way for each individual present. Sinceevery work of art is as mucha part ofthe artist as the subject, the image ofthe finished portrait had been envisioned ,inthe minds ofthe artists. Satisfying the historical need to record personality, it was hoped that enough artistic knowledge could be generated to bring the apprenticesto life upon the canvas. Framed in blue velvet tapestry, lthef? portrait had now achieved a life ofitsown. W , i W if t g ' l .k .43 lx Mfjfe smaazsf 0Qe0f 13 geffer ffan 159 yreafesf zhfenfzbn. " csezzzbr GQJS cers LEFT TO RIGHT: Kathie Kilhefner, Treasurerg Charlie Kauffman, Vice- Presidentg Greg Miller, Presidentg Ma Raffensperger, Secretaryg Hank Kenderdine, Historian. Ghss GOAFS - GQJJ CUGZ' -- Blue and White Carnation 44 DOROTHY L. ALLEMAN "Dottie" Business "Never do but one thing at a time, and never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." JESSE ALAN BAKER "Jess" Academic "Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones." JOANNE MARIE BISHOP "Joanne" Academic "While we stop to think we often miss our opportunity." KATHY ANN BODEN "K21U1Y" Academic "Time and tide wait for no man." KENNETH WAYNE BATHURST "Ken" Academic "A man may be festooned with the whole haberdash- ery of success, and go to his grave a castaway." JAMES GALEN BELSER "Jim" Academic "Tomorrow's another day." MARILYN KAY BOYER "Ma1'i1YH" Academic "A little body often harbors a great soul." ROBERT JAY BOYER "Bob" General "For we that live to please must please to 1ive." 45 SUZANNE BRANDT "Suzie" Academic "Some lives are like the sun, warm and cheerful." GEORG E BARRY BRINS ER "George" Academic "The universe is changeg our life is what our thoughts make it." MARTIN LEE CAMP "Marty" Industrial Arts "No great man ever complains of want or opportunity." ANNE ELIZABETH CLEMENS "Anne" Academic "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart." 46 ILEEN SUE BRANDT "I1een" Academic "While you can and still are young, have your fun, for the years pass quickly." MARK E. BRANDT "Brownie" Agriculture BRENDA JOYC E BRUBAKER -'Brendan Business "To have striven, to have made an effortg this alone is worth the struggle." LARRY LEE BUCHER "Larry" Academic "He that is afraid of doing too much always does too little." CRAIG ARTHUR COBLE "Craig" Academic "Be slow of tongue and quick of eye." DONNA LOUISE CORLL "Donna" Business "A pleasant word Iightens even the dullest moments." KAY LYN ETTE CREAGER "Kay Lynn" Academic "Laugh, and the world laughs with you. Weep and you weep alone." SHARON FAY CRUM "Sh8l'0n" Business "The mostuseless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." OWEN JAMES COSTELLO "Jim" Academic "A man is like a volume, if you can read him." LENORA CLARE CRAINE "Le-nora" Academic "Victories that are easy are cheapg those only are worth having which come as the result of hard fighting. CARL RICHARD DONOUGH "Carl" Industrial Arts "Saying is one thing, and doing is another." CLIFFORD A. DRESCHER, JR. "Peep" General 47 RUTH ELIZABETH EBERSOLE Ruth" Business Take short views, hope for the best, and trust in God." DAVID LEE ECKROTH Dave" Academic "Toi1, says the proverb, is the sire of fame." GEORGE VINTON ELLIS, JR. Vint" Academic "Let him who is without sin cast the first stone." PATRICIA ANN ESPENSHADE 'Pat" Business "A small body often harbors a great sou1." 48 MARY ELIZABETH DRESCHER "Meribeth" Academic "Tomorrow is another day." CHARLES FRANCIS DURBOROW III "ChuCk" General "Sometimes the best gain is to 1ose." CYNTHIA CAROL EISENBISE "Cindy" ACaden1iC: "Nothing is impossible for a valiant heart." JANET JEAN EISENBISE "Janet" Academic "Give every man thy ear, but few thy voiceg take each man's censure, but reserve thy judgment." REBECCA JO ESPENSHADE "Becky" Academic "The time allotted to each one of us is like a precious tissue which we embroider as best we know how." PAUL G. FARMER "Jerry" Academic "Life is writing without an eraser." ROSEMARY FREY 'R0semarv" BLISIIIGSS "His time forever, everywhere His places." RONALD W. GANTZ 'Rory' Agriculture "The cross is the ladder to heaven." JOANNE KAUFFMAN FEHR "Joanne" Academic "What wisdom can you find that is greater than kind- ness." LINDA LEE FITZWATER "Linn" Business "Great beauty, great strength, and great riches are really and truly of no great use: A right heart exceeds all." JON WILLIAM GARBER "Bi1l" Academic "God witholds no giftsg we merely over look them." JUDY DIANE GARBER "Judy" Business "Things past belong to memory aloneg things future are the property of hope." 49 JAMES LARRY GIBBLE "Jim" Agriculture "Men of great abilities are generally of a large and vigorous animal nature." DAVID H. GIVENS "Dave" Academic "That in all things HE fChristJ might have the pre- eminence." DA LE DRACE GOOD ROBERT LEE GARBER "Bob" Academic AUDREY L. GATES "Audrey" Academic "To thine own self be true." GREGORY PAUL GOBRECHT "Gobie" Academic "A little in one's own pocket is better than much in another man's purse." CAROL ANN GOOD "Carol" Academic "The greatest friend of Truth is Time, her greatest enemy is Prejudice, and her constant companion is Humi1ity." "Goodie" Academic "Let us watch well our beginnings, and results will manage themse1ves." ROSCOE K. GREENAWA LT "ROS" Agriculture "What is lovely never dies, but passes into other love- 1iness." 50 L CAROL ANN GREENE "Greenie" Academic "Outside show is a poor substitute for inner worth." LEE RICHARD GREINER "Lee" General 'ROBERT Y. GROSH JR. 9 "Bob" Academic "Fame is a vapor, popularity an accident, riches take wings . . . only one thing endures and that is charac- ter." CONNIE LOUISE GUTSHA LL "Connie" Academic "A little thing in handis worth more than a great thing in prospect." JOHN F. GROFF "John" General MARJORY LEAH GROOVER "Margie" Academic SHIRLEY MARIE GUTSHA LL "Shirley" Academic "Our ideas are our better se1ves." WILLIAM BERNHARDT HALL Bill" Industrial Arts .42 JOYCE ELAINE HEISEY "Joyce" Academic "Tis as easy now for the heart to be true as for grass to be green or skies to be blue . . " DORRIS LOUISE HERR "Doris" Business "If you think before you speak, the other fellow gets in his joke first." JANET LOUISE HILSHER "Janet" , ' Business "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." RALPH FREDERICK HORNE "Toad" Academic "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but in between we find the golden moments of today. Make it count." 52 DAVID LEE HAWTHORNE 'Dave" Academic "No rule of success will work if you d0n't." JOHN CLAYMON HEISEY, JR. "John" Academic "Doing what can't be done is the glory of living." BETSY ANN HERTZLER "Betsy" Academic "Of all sad words of Tongue or Pen the saddest are these, it might have been." SHIRLEY E. HESS "Shirley" Business "God helps them that help themselves." HAROLD E. HOSTETTER "Harold" Business "How calm and sweet the victories of life, Howterror- less the triumph of the grave." WANDA JEAN HUNTER "Wanda" Business 'lMy trade and art is to live." DA LE ROBERT IBBERSON "Ibby" Academic KAREN E LI ZABETH IT ZOE "Karen" Academic "This above all: To thine own self be true." ROBERT RICHARD JOHNSON, JR. 'BOb" Academic "Win without boasting, lose without excuse." RAY W. JUMPER, JR. 'SkiP" General 'Genius begins great worksg labor alone finishes them." CHARLES EDWARD KAUFFMAL "Charlie" Academic "Smi1e and the world smiles with you." PATRICIA ANN KAYLOR "Patti" Business "After the verb "To love", "To help" is the most beau- tiful verb in the world." 53 HENRY S. KENDERDINE, JR. "Hank" Academic "Let us go forth to lead the land we love." KATHRYN ANN KILHEFNER "Kathie" Academic "No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." RUTH IRENE KREADY "Ruthie" General "Love and laughter come from within." SALLY ANN KULP "Sally" Academic "Give to the world the best you have and the best will come back to you." 54 SANDRA LEE KAYLOR "Sandie" General "For my thoughts are not your thoughtsg neither are your ways my ways." LISA JO KEIPER "Lisa" Academic "Build a life as pure as crystalg build a spirit full of loveg build your mind by noble thinkingg build a faith in God above." HERBERT EUGENE KAYBILL "Herb" Academic "What you are speaks so loud that the world cannot hear what you say." JOHN KENT KRAYBILL "John" Academic "A little nonsense is relished by the wisest men." Y l HENRY LEE LAIRD II "Vic" Academic "No sensible man watches his feet hit ground. He looks ahead to see what kind of ground they'11 hit next." JOHN KEITH LAIRD "Tex" Academic "A faithful friendis a strong defenseg and he that hath found such an one hath found a treasure." JACOB F. LONG "Jake" Agriculture PHYLLIS AR LENE LONG "Phy11is" Business "It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness." CAROL ANN LANCASTER "Carol" Business "Let ignorance talk as itwillz learning has its va1ue." TERRY LEE LANDIS "Terry" Academic "A penny saved is a penny earned." JEAN M. LONGENECKER "Jean" Academic "Patience worketh experience, and experience, hope." MAUREEN MacEWEN "Mac" Academic "Our own heart, and not other men's opinions, forms our true honor." 55 MARY FERNE MARTIN "Mary" Academic "If well thou hast begun, go ong it is the end that crovms us, not the fight." ROY CA LVIN MARTIN "Roy" Academic "Nothing is so impudent as success . . . unless it be those she favors." ,E ,.c, ..c,. .,:, ,Q . W, Q . X K .. fs ' :, it a gk s ir K ef , I .:: , . r -1 DONALD S. NIILLER "Donnie" Agriculture "A good opportunity is seldom presented, andis easily lost." GREGORY JON MILLER "Greg" Academic "It,is better to wear away than to rust away." 56 GEORGE W. McCURDY, JR. "George" Industrial Arts "Wisdom is knowing what to do nextg virtue is doing it." MICHAEL GENE MCKINNE "Jake" Academic "No one knows what he can do till he tries." PHILIP PAUL MET ZGER "Skip" Academic "The only thing certain about life is that it isn't." GARY DALE MEYERHOFFER lv Gary" Agriculture "No great man ever complains of want of opportunity." JAMES B. MILLER, JR. "Jim" General "Every great and commanding movement in the annals of the world is the triumph of enthusiasm." JAMES RICHARD MILLER "Jim" Agriculture "Smal1 opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises." ANN LOUISE MOORE "Smokey" Business "However rare true love is, true friendship is rarer." CAROL ANN MOORE "Kelly" Business "Happiness depends not on how much we get - but on how much we are willing to give up." JUDITH A. MILLER "Judy" Business "It is nice to be importantg but it is more important to be nice." PATRICIA LEA MINICK "Pat" Business "Force may subdue, but love gains, and he who for- gives first wins the laurel." :JOSEPH HENRY MOQUIN "Joe" Academic "If you do not think about the future, you cannot have one." JOAN EILEEN MOYER "Joan" Business "Truth is beauty and beauty is truth." 57 JOHN CHARLES MYERS "Moose" Academic W. TERRILL MYERS ..Ten.iu'1 Academic "It is the rare fortune of these days that av man may think what he likes, and say what he thinks. RICHARD LEE NYE "Dick" General "There are three faithful friends--an old wife, an old dog, and ready money." JAMES N. OBERHOLTZER "Obie" Agriculture "People seldom improve when they have no model but themselves to copy after." 58 SARA ANN MYER "Sara" Business BARRY LE E MYERS "Barry" Industrial Arts "Smal1 in stature but big in heart." KAREN FAITH NAUSS "Karen" Business "Where there's a will, there's a way." PATRICIA ANN NEMICK "pat" Business "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." JOHN PHILIP OLWEILER "Phil" Academic "There are three kinds of peopleg the idiot, the child, and the wise many the idiot knows not that he knows not, the child knows that he knows not, and the wise man knows that he knows." SANDRA LEE OLWEILER "Sandy" Academic I "Materialists think with their eyesg idealists see with their minds." ARICHARD CRAIG PFIZENMAIER "Rick" Academic "What is past I know, but what is for to come I know not." CHARLES PRESSLER "Chuck" Business "I must complain the cards are ill shuffled, till I have a good hand." AUDREY YVONNE PAINTER "Olive" Business "Measure your mind's height by the shade it casts." CAROL ANN PETERS "Bird" Academic "There is no duty we so much underate as the duty of being happy." MARCIA LOUISE RA F FENSPERG ER "Marcia" Academic "Never does a man know the force that is in him till some mighty affection or grief has humanized the sou1." TERRY LEE REAM "Terry" General "Worldly faces never look so worldly as at a friend." 59 CAROL ANN RICEDORF "Caro1" Academic "Knowledge is the treasure, but judgment the treas- urer, ofa wise man." JUDY KAY RICHWINE "Judy" Business "What signifies a few foolish angry words 'P They don't break bones, nor give black eyes." PATRICIA ANN ROBINSON "Pat" Academic "A man does what he must--and that is the basis of all morality." RALPH THOMAS ROOT "Chuck" Industrial Arts "The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet." 60 CAROLYN GERTRUDE REIDER "Carolyn" Academic "There is no duty we so much underrate, as the duty of being happy." JOYCE ELAINE REIDER "Joyce" Academic "Silence is deep' as Eternity, speech is shallow as Time." SHERYL YVONNE ROBBINS "Sheryl" Academic "Wisdom is knowing what to do next, virtue is doing it." DONNA KAY ROBINSON "Donna" Business "Great beauty, great strength, and great riches are really and truly of no great useg a right heart exceeds a11." STEWART B. ROPKA "Stu" Academic "Push! If you can't push, pull! If you can't pull, get out of the way." PAUL STANLEY ROYER "Butch" Business "Every person is responsible for all the good within the range of his abilities, and for no more." MICHAE L A. SCHMIDT "Mike" General "Experience is the fool's best teacherg the wise do not need it." DARLENE M. SEIDERS "Snook" Business "Habit makes everything---even love." C. JEAN RUHL "Bean" Business "Use friendship as a drawing account if you wish, but don't forget the deposits." SANDRA LOUISE SALTZER "Sandy" Academic "Individua1ity is the salt of common life." CLIFFORD E. SHANK, JR. "Cliff" Academic "The kind of deception one meets with depends much on the way in which one presents oneself." DANIEL DALE SHANK "Dale" General "Quitters never win and winners never quit." 6l GARY F. SHENK "Gary" Business "We must not look for a golden life in an iron age." POLLY ANN SI-IIFFER "Polly" Business "A minute's success pays the failure of years." MARILYN MAE SMELTZ "Marilyn" Academic "I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus." CARL EUGENE SMITH "Carl" Academic "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." 62 CAROL RUTH SHAPBELL "Shap" Academic "Ti-ifles make perfection, but perfection is no trifle." ELAINE MARIE SHEAFFER "Elaine" Business "Don't go around saying the world owes you a living., The world owes you nothing. It was here first." HERMAN W. SLESSER, JR. "Harm" Academic ROY R. SLESSER, JR. "Roy" General "The only way to have a friend is to be one." JACK M. SMITH "Jack" Academic "Let tomorrow take care of tomorrowg leave things of the future to fate." SHARYN EILEEN SMITH "Tex" Academic "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." MARIAN LOUISE SNYDER "Marian" Business "Far worse it is to lose than never to have tasted b1iss." JOHN ELLWOOD STEELMAN "John" Academic "0n1y as we use our ingenuity and energies to give happiness to others, may we achieve happiness our- se1ves." WILLIAM ELWOOD SMITH "Bill" General "Charms strike the sight, but merit wins the soul." JAY RICHARD SNAVE LY "Dick" Agriculture "Id1eness is emptiness, the tree to which the sap is stagnant, remains fruitless." BARBARA LOUISE STETTLER "Barb" Academic "Love and laughter come from within." SYLVIA ANN STONE "Silkweed" Home Economics "There is nothing more kingly than kindness, there is nothing more royal than truth." 63 LINDA JO STUMPF Linda" Business Nothing is ever wonderful once you get used to it." BONITA KAY TAYLOR Bonnie" Business "Smiles form the channels of a future tear." FORREST EDWARD VALENTINE, JR. 'Woody" Business 'To have money is a fear, not to have it is a grief." JAMES L. VERDEKAL 'Jim" General 64 LARRY A. STOUFFER "Larry" Academic "This above all: To thine own self be true." SARAH C LAUDIA STOUT "Sal1y" Academic "The only failure which lacks dignity is the failure to try." JAMES R. TURNER "Jim" General "No rule is better than cruel rule." BARRY C URTIS UH LIG "Uhyl" Academic "Itis useless to attempt to reason a man out of a thing he has never reasoned into." L fi . nu KARIN MARIA VOLGER "Karin" Business "Knowledge is the treasure, but judgment of a wise man. KENT EDWARD WAGNER "Wags" General "I know what's what, and have always taken care of the main chance." DOROTHY KAY WENDAL "Dottie" Business "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." ALLEN M. WENGER "Al" Academic "To be friendly is to find a short cut on the road to happiness." 55 MARIAN ELAINE WEAVER "Marian" Business "A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you never get over." PAUL LEON WEIDLER "Leon" Business "There is somethingthat is much more scarce, some- thing finer far, something rarer than ability. It is the ability to recognize ability." i K -ff? t 'Q ' DONALD O. WENGER "Don" Academic "Whilst I yet live, let me not live in vain." CYNTHIA GWYNNE WERTZ "Cindy" Business "Wisdom is knowing what to do next, virtue is doing it." 65 DOUGLAS LEE WITHERS "Doug" Academic "The easiest person to deceive is one's own self." LESLIE ALVIN WITTLE "Les" General "Life is real and life is earnest, and the grave is not the goa1." JESSE WINSETT "Punk" General BETTY JEAN WINTERS "Betty" Business "Thought and deed, not pedigree, are the passports to enduring fame." BYRON WELDON WRIGHT "Troubles" Academic "Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well." GORDON LESTER ZELL, JR. "Gordie" Academic "The most useless day of all is that in which we have not laughed." 1 Not another gutter ball! E. Smith Are you sure this is the right way to do it? B. Hertzler Our group has 25? fewer cavities. B. Espenshade Beautiful dream er L. Bucher in Atlas K. Creager I bet that I could lick all of you. J. Fehr 67 V, 37 5 3 , ' f5 Q My Qi gr mal PWM in we mom gamma AT 'rua ww mms we vmve seem' AT - fy r 2 3- x man, wane ww. sc. me sac-wr or some an venus As we 3' E 3- 51 X am ow. ,asf Gow - ave. As we Tens me as - me pf? X3-5 P X www A - ww we Lama on f wan m we Lives, PM., 'rua GH 2Xf R 2, fi?? ai jwg K ,S .3 , X won - mc. naw RT we ana venas, Wa sum. ma's.r- FKQR ham' we ,,,..,,.,.. ., ,, . , . . , ,., .,,,., V. QW., , ,, . 7 f X s ' Y fmes mm .uve Pawn we wu mr au. wa c-.cms wane "W , ,. gg, ' 5 WIND . 'eu on vm ,,,f,,f ,,,,,. ,.. ,,,,f..,, ,,,.-f ,..r..,.-J . .N R9 MMI : k,k" X, 1 1 . ....W..,... 4 ., 3, Q . .. , L . N X... , X.. , '?f.f:57.Q I Essay " - W "Mb unzbf Gkzss C2522CQIU' LEFT TO RIGHT: Peggy Hess, Historian: Glenn MacPherson, Treasurer: Anne Garber, Secretary: Gene Garber,Vice-President: Rick Barr, President. ll-fl FIRST ROW: S. Ibaugh, S. Kressler, M. Smith, S. Grubb, C. Fike, J. Groff, B. Knehr, C. Catron, SECOND ROW: D. Brinser, N. Fisher, J. Kaylor, D. Gallagher, D. King, D. Loser, K. Wolgemuth, A. Frantz, D. Smith, J. Bryson, THIRD ROW: E. Brinser, B. Stahl, J. Lehman, E. Metzler, S. Fultz, C. Mummert, K. Allen, L. Moyer, A. Black. I!-2 FIRST ROW: B. Landis, D. Bair, S. Garber, S. Myer, M. Hansen, L. Whisler, J. Dunkelburger, M. Saylor, E. Witmer. SECOND ROW: J. Black, D. Byron, E. Roadarmel, R. Barr, M. Gish,J. Hossler, G. MacPherson, S. Hostetter, J. Hain. THIRD ROW: M. Hall, L. Risser, S. Moore, T. Chapman, K. Ebersole, T. Ebersole, J. Nye, R. Hostetter, G. Stern, D. VanOrmer, R. Fry. 70 "g V FIRST ROW: M. Brubaker, D. Schoenberger, P. Hetrich, P. Herr, J. Chernow, D. Hoerner, W. Smith, M. Carskadon, J. Gebhart, SECOND ROW: A. Garber, M. Senior, N. Schoener, K. Bickel, E. O'- Connor,G. Ebersole, T. Helm, D. Rice, C. Crill, D. Hoopert, THIRD ROW: G. Garber, R. Martz, P. Burg, G. Hertzler, S. Chastain, T. Greiner, M. McAuley, J. Helm, W. Coble, D. Keener. ll-.3 . I ll-4 FIRST ROW: S. Goebricht, B. Kreamer, F. Leadom, S. Carns, M. Blomb, L. Horning, L. Romig, S. Mahaifey, SECOND ROW: M. Rutt, M. Ibberson, P. Hess, J. Ebersole, D. Bodden, S. Levan, S. Lu- bold, J. Copenhaver, R. Owens, P. Hiller, THIRD ROW: R. Long, W. Shaeffer, D. Kraybill, C. Baker, E. Ropka, L. Lytee, R. Barr, J. Appleby, E. Crawford. ll-.5 FIRST ROW: L. Garber,A. Barr, D. Fullung, C. Sardino, I. Shaeifer, B. Swartz, K. Abrue, N. Rutman, SECOND ROW: C. Miller, C. Crum, P. Ober, P. Miller, Y. Trostle, C. Huber, K. Bosley, R. Molnar, J. Barth, THIRD ROW: S. Russell, R. Kopecki, D. Gruber, D. Grimes, J. Peters, D. Patches, T. Strickler, K. Drawbaugh, J. Trego. ll -7 ll-6 FIRST ROW: B. Robinson, J. Becker, L. Clark, D. Means, J. Clugston, E. Peterson, L. Morris, L Zook, SECOND ROW: O. Gingrich, D. Sheaffer, J. Junk, J. Huntzberger, D. Hoover, M. Ebersole, M Longnecker, L. Rider, C. Fishel, THIRD ROW: P. Coble, A. Bevker, J. Groff, D. Martin, D. Enck, D Patches, J. Sweigart, J. Zinn. I FIRST ROW: L. Beyer,J. Weaver, R. Book, N. Hilsher, R. Rapp, D. Bair, S. Cressler, L. Zerphy, W. Cole, SECOND ROW: J. Groff, H. Greenberger, S. Bartles, C. Shank, P. Shaffer, J. Boyer, J. Spickler J. Thompson, J. Nye, THIRD ROW: A. Leedom, J. Witmer, L. Sauder, D. Shank, W. Hess, J. Coble P. Fisher, R. Risser, D. Keener, D. Dupier. FIRST ROW: S. Edwards,J. Martin, H. Gingrich, N. Coble, J. Geib, J. Zeager, J. Halterman, S. Kern, SECOND ROW: B. Blecher, N. Good, S. Fackler, N. Seibert, D. Bradley, M. Weaver, J. Hollinger, S. Spickler, N. Oberhaltzer, THIRD ROW: C. Schmidt, K. Herr, D. Kissinger, N. Heistand, B. Heinz, R. Angstat, P. Zuck, L. King, J. Forrey. 72 I ? I!-6' C 9113 LEFT TO RIGHT: Jackie Shuman, Pr e s identg William Zinkel, Vice Presidentg Wendy Norton, Secretary, Peggy Ulrich, Treas- urer, Douglas Dempsey, Historian. FIRST ROW: S. Wollens, L. Neideigh, R. Kreamer, S. Rice, E. Crouser, B. Weaver, K. Beckly, Hoover, SECOND ROW: N. Garman, K. Peters, D. Hess, E. Longenecker, G. Chernow, L. Crill, Weigle, A. Means, THIRD ROW: B. Smith, M. Mummau, J. Kendig, H. Good, J. Risser, D. Railing, B. Schoenberger. l0H2 CSOIU5 0122 0149 GMSS I OH! i FIRST ROW: D. Walters, C. Rhen, D. Kough, M. Murray, J. Reider, E. Saunderson, D. Wragner, D. Stark, J. Smith, SECOND ROW: J. Miller, R. Drescher, J. Oberholtzer, H. Tormo, J. Baker, T. Wadsworth, C. Zeager, J. Fehr, D. Snyder, THIRD ROW: J. Olweiler, J. Earnest, F. Mikolaycogyk, W. Zinkel, J. Belser, V. Nissley, R. Ringlaben, G. Engle, C. Palmer. 73 1013 FIRST ROW: J. Hager, N. Dunkleberger, K. Geib, M. Millar, W. Norton, S. Senghas, J. Deitrich, Weaver, J. Gebhart, E. Garber, S. Rothrock, SECOND ROW: C. Stultz, J. Eshleman, D. Demsey, Trostle, R. Wilson, G. Reinhold, T. Trimble, H. Blough, R. Shearer, D. Heisey, THIRD ROW: Kretsinger, C. Williamson, R. Greiner, J. Eckinger, D. Krider, R. Reed, T. Parret, S. Eckinger, Hynicker, W. Witmer, J. Miller. IUM4 FIRST ROW: C. Sheaffer, J. Mahaffey, M. Zandes, M. Rimel, E. Craig, B. Coble, J. Costello, O. Schmidt, SECOND ROW: D. Evans, D. Painter, C. Reigle, J. Bott, J. Heistand, P. Stout, R. Dohner, T. Haifman, P. Slean, P. Reem, J. Florshutz, THIRD ROW: K. Johnson, R. Wagner, K. McCarty, L. Hansen, J. Dalton, J. Garmen, K. Evans, D. Draft, R. Ricci, M. Cohn. IOM5 FIRST ROW: L. Hess, J. Weidner, S. Kipp, M. Fry, C. Burg, C. Crum, J. Shuman, P. Ulrich, J. Stauffer, M. Moquin, P. Robbins, SECOND ROW: C. Good, P. Vuxta, B. Bevilacqua, J. Bressler, H Hostetter, L. Heistand, K. Stauffer, J. Hostetter, D. Becker, J. Spickler, S. Good, THIRD ROW: L. Wagner,J. Floyd, J. Kleinfelter, M. Ginder, J. Souder, C. Bailey, K. Eshelman, B. Slick, B. Shank, S Hoover, J. Loser, K. Shank. 74 G R G F FIRST ROW: S. Harple, C. Landis, L. Sirnonis, J. Way, E. Weidler, J. Andrews, P. Williams, L. Christ, F. Good, P. Park, SECOND ROW: B. Lawrence, C. Pickle, C. Sweigart, P. Mi11er,N. Shearer L. Kaylor, J. Lovinger, L. Sager, J. Ebersole, C. Hippie, R. Morgan, THIRD ROW: A. Rutherford, I0-6 G. Stillwagner, J. Epler, G. Cunningham, J. Boyer, J. Young, S. Roland, G. Heisey, M. English, B. Briggs. FIRST ROW: S. Minehart, P. Steiner, D. Kipp, C. Risser, J. Gingrich, J. Cramer, D. Libhart, D. Cunningham, D. Whitmer, J. Schwanger, B. Ebersole, B. Ebersole, SECOND ROW: B. Yohn, M. Heinz, H. Ebersole, P. Fink, B. Kurtz, J. Engle, R. Kriner, D. Gibble, F. Simione, R. Stauffer, D. Berrier, THIRD ROW: H. Cleary, C. Hoover, B. Wright, E. Burris, K. Goss, F. Martin, D. Herr, B. Flanagan, P. Mummau, D. Patterson, R. Shenk. 10-oo FIRST ROW: S. Maxwell, R. Bryan, D. Ebersole, J. Monchace,J. Costello, O. Strickler, T. Fitzwater, T. Shaw, T. Crow, SECOND ROW: R. Mumper, J. Lightner, S. Russell, E. Johnson, D. Stoner, J. Donno, L. Heperley, B. Horst, H. Zigger, THIRD ROW: G. Espenshade, R. Givens, J. Kulp, G. Kuhn, R. Bucks, J. Herr, K. Baker, E. Douglas, G. Hemperley, J. Cleary. 75 I 0-7 9-I FIRST ROW: K. Sheely, J. Rowley, T. Moore, H. Rheem, J. Harrington, S. Brinser, V. Carbone, D. Lehman, S. Jones, C. Baker, SECOND ROW: J. Groff, M. Keely, D. Hernley, D. Hostetter, THIRD ROW: R. Shurgars, P. Brosey, J. Herr, R. Justice, H. Newman, J. Espenshade, G. Hochreiter, C. Landvater, J. Diehl, P. Oberhaltzer, R. Fory, FOURTH ROW: B. Mascelli, G. Nissley, T. Shank, B. Wagner, B. Riddle, B. Riddle, A. Herr, D. McEwen, J. Moosic, L. Staab, P. Guyer, P. Swiegart. FIRST ROW: L. Withers, B. Maxwell, B. Stahl, J. Zimmerman, S. Coward, S. Nation, J. Trostle, D. Berrier, F. Brubaker, A. Seiders, D. Miller, SECOND ROW: D. Wingert, L. Kobb, J. Parrett, G. Lightner, C. Smith, M. Keller, G. Shank, S. Boyer, L. Lambert, B. Maderia, R. Espenshade, THIRD ROW: J. Ellis, C. Mulhollem, C. Balmer, B. Good, D. Hossler, G. Fitzwater, D. Helm, B. Boyer, J. Meyers, K. Wagner, K. Wolgemuth. 913 FIRST ROW: J. Sheeley, C. Martin, M. Detweiler, L. Hiller, S. Nauman, K. Leonard, K. Alleman, J. Lindemuth, L. Garber, SECOND ROW: S. Becker, K. Kurtz, V. Shoenberger, F. Risser, W. Chas- tain, K. Weiss, J. Glover, D. Hover, G. Evans, L. Koons, C. Allen, THIRD ROW: K. Ruloff, D. Bevan, N. Groff, H. Gingrich, D. Ebersole, G. Burg, J. Mader, B. Baker, L. Weidman, J. Runyan. 76 9-4 I , ,L FIRST ROW: N. Ebersole, D. Means, B. Bender, B. Karble, S. Kuvenskee, N. Seitz, K. Hess, L. Mac- Donald, R. Kaminski, SECOND ROW: L. Forney, Y. Arnold, L. Kautz, B. Bair, J. Johns, L. Weible, L. Harbold, J. Arndt, B. Hippensteel, THIRD ROW: M. Raugh, J. Mundorf, R. Charles, B. Rbersole, B. Lehman, K. Shank, J. Bryson, L. Erle, K. Frass. 9-.5 FIRST ROW: B. Miller, F. Simone, D. Oberholtzer, B. Spogelmeyer, M. Longenecker, R. Saylor, J. Ebersole, R. Coble, D. Bailey, SECOND ROW: W. Miller, B. Cunningham, J. I-Iilsher, J. Seibert, D. Adame, C. Gruber, M. Engle, L. Blough, A. Simone, THIRD ROW: B. Waltz, K. Murphy, J. Carter, C. Risser, E. Miller, G. Myers, S. Crider, L. Heisey, J. Kendall. 9-6 FIRST ROW: L. Hemperly, A. Inch, B. Retherford, L. Rutt, S. Drawbaugh, D. Miller, J. Showers, M. Winters, S. Smeltz, J. Shriener, SECOND ROW: J. Weaver, I. Auker, B. Strickler, G. Nye, P. Hug- gins, D. Ziegler, J. Fanus, S. Becker, J.0akley, N. Smith, T. Eickler, THIRD ROW: S. Weishner, K. Cooper, K. Best, P. Gebhardt, L. Givens, L. Cleary, L. Edwards, J. Smith, K. Fogie, D. Hershey. 77 9-8 9-7 FIRST ROW: C. Rulka, J. Gebhart, S. Garman, G. Sweigart, J. Eckinger, S. Longenecker, D. Lokey, C. Greiner, L. Bentzel, M. Roe-ting, J. Schadle, D. Camp, SECOND ROW: B. Landis, B. Hassinger, C. Weber, S. Geirnan, N. Neill, H. Gebhart, R. Benson, S. Painter, M. Landis, R. Dickson, L. Young, S. Groff, B. Ebersole, THIRD ROW: C. Schadle, D. Hershey, C. Foltz, M. Hirner, J. Turner, J. U1- rich, J. Derstler, D. Lang, B. Bosley, R. Bowers, G. Adair. FIRST ROW: D. Kessler, T. Halbleib, L. Zook, H. Oberdorff, E. Nye, J. Crigger, W. Beacher, J. Miller, R. Binkley, T. Eshleman, B. Noll, R. Querry, SECOND ROW: H. Lancaster, B. Garber, D. Boyer, E. Clark, D. Wendt, B. Yohn, D. Oberdorff, S. Rice, M. Espenshade, M. Smeltzer, B. Zeager, D. Nye, THIRD ROW: B. Reem, F. Kaylor, B. Germer, H. Meinhardt, L. Taylor, D. McCabe, K. Clark, F. Shaak, J. Eshelman, J. Conner, J. Freeman, P. Doyle. 5-I FIRST ROW: D. Levering, N. Sipling, P. Shank, R. Gasko, S. Zeager, K. Blumner, D. Barr, S. Wetzel, J. Barr, SECOND ROW: E. Stum, M. Bryson, B. Gelata, S. Uhlig, D. Smith, J. Crill, L. Burgess, A. Heisey, C. Funk, L. Gutshall, THIRD ROW: K. Gantz, D. Gibby, P. Greiner, B. Geibe, D. Hertzler, G. Dysart, J. Helm, J. Rheinhold, G. Eckinger, K. Haverstick, C. Coble. 78 69-2 FIRST ROW: D. Garber, L. Book, D. Uh1ig,'P. Withers, J. Kraybill, E. Rutt, C. Kranch, S. Eisenbise, J. Barr, K. Brosey, C. Krick, SECOND ROW: W. Wadsworth, P. Briggs, S. Meyers, L. Smith, J. Herr, A. Gibler, B. Ernest, S. Snyder,J. Hipple, J. Gibble, D. Bless, B. Gable, THIRD ROW: M. McCurdy, C. Thome, G. Hostetler, J. Zellers, G. Seacrest, D. Loraw, D. Wagner, D. Diamond, O. Martin, V. Engle, K. Vogelsong, G. Leedem. FIRST ROW: G. Ebersole, G. Hoover, J. Heisey, D. Weaver, C. Fike, J. Stettler, D. Hossler, B. Boyer, J. Hoffman, F. Rife, SECOND ROW: M. Hollinger, R. Aldinger, S. Achenbach, N. Kines, T. Bomgardner, B. Heisey, L. Greiner, P. Black, B. Wolgemuth, V. Longenecker, S. Cosgrove, THIRD ROW: J. Wittle, D. Loser, K. Weaver, K. Williams, G. Pfizenmaier, S. Hemminger, K. Musser, B. Brubaker, R. Devitry, B. Saltzer, F. Holler, T. Snowden. 5-4 FIRST ROW: T. Kaminski, B. Umberger, J. Hipple, B. Horst, J. Stults, C. Wendt, L. Craine, L. Martz, J. Calhoun,S. Gingrich, SECOND ROW: K. Groff, B. Hoffman, R. Horst, P. Yohn, J. Garber, M. Noss, S. Aungst, W. Eshelman, B. Hayes, A. Hoffman, L. Hummer, THIRD ROW: D. Evans, J. Miller, G. Weigle, L. Tippet, B. Stauffer, L. Heinz, N. Mulhollen, S. Fanus, B. Halbleib, B. Heitsenrether, J. Baker. 79 53 6-.5 FIRST ROW: H. Shank, J. Miller, R. Leber, D. Doyle, C. Schwanger, K. Rhodes, J. Landis, N. Means, K. Kopecki, A. Inch, D. Mohr, M. Shank, SECOND ROW: S. Enck, J. Collins, G. Wolf, B. Pickel, G. Dupler, D. Charles, R. Sechrist, E. Clugston, S. Alleman, J. Dougherty, D. Gallagher, M. Halterman, THIRD ROW: S. Gutshall, L. Conners, J. Sammulson, D. Hunter, K. Halbieb, B. Sheetz, S. Hilmer, D. Miller, D. Rose, R. Wilson, G. Mummau, L. Payne. FIRST ROW: S. Ebersole, B. Espenshade, N. Long, J. Neidig, V. Shank, J. Frey, M. Miller, C. Boyer, J. Shenk, R. Brady, T. Lynn, J. Gainer, SECOND ROW: R. Ruhl, D. Espenshade, B. Painter, P. Mor- gan, K. Koser, S. Keck, D. Sager, R. Koppenhaver, N. Zandes, J. Boyd, R. Espenshade, K. Mullen, THIRD ROW: B. Colderon, K. Snyder, K. Kready, D. Hoover, D. Deimler, B. Freeze, H. Lehman, J. Rutherford, J. Shaw, D. Huggins, J. Petersen, B. Shiffer. FIRST ROW: D. Charles, D. Smith, N. Ober, B. Lookenbill, D. Hower, J. Swope, D. Dennis, S. Rice, C. Gish, D. Brinser,J. Zeager, SECOND ROW: J. Hockenberry, P. Bair, J. Loser, R. Erb, R. Ginder, B. Ka1ey,N. Kern, T. Funk, J. Kurtz, G. Hienley, K. Markley, L. Walters, THIRD ROW: S. Groff, P. Nauss, S. Greenwalt, K. Whitmer, J. Kreider, R. Arntz, B. Shenk, S. Guhl, B. Romig, C. Rulka, L. Zink. BO cf-6 7-I FIRST ROW: L. Baum, D. Crawford, R. Ebersole, B. Bender, F. Brandt, C. Baker, M. Carvell, F. Brubaker, N. Allen, T. Funk, D. Gerber, SECOND ROW: R. Givens, L. Aldinger, R. Gibble, N. Ger- brich, L. Byron, A. Gingrich, K. Gantz, T. Grimes, C. Faus, S. Hiller, A. Barr, THIRD ROW: D. Coble, S. Alleman, J. Hippensteel, M. Finkbinder, K. Ebersole, S. Grimm, J. Appleby, J. Herr, T. Dawson, J. Frise, T. Ensweiler, R. Gingrich. FIRST ROW: D. Erb, E. Winters, C. Saunderson, S. Shaud, S. Gibby, A. Cunningham, G. Hess, D. Mi1lar,D. Clugston, J. Rhen, P. O'Connor, SECOND ROW: S. Sonnon, E. Boltz, C. Smith, J. Becker, K. Gibler, D. Bair, D. Boll, C. Risser, M. Ibberson, J. Becker, M. Snowdon, THIRD ROW: N. Gerber, K. Allen, J. Groff, K. Floyd, B. Kreiner, P. Lancaster, C.DeVitry,D. Grosh, C. Neigeigh, L. Schissler, A. Crill, W. Cairns. -3 FIRST ROW: L. Hoss1er,G. Coble,W.Newman, S. Strickler, D. George, D. Whisler, V. Barnhart, M. Umberger, T.Kessler, M.Koser, N. Hoover, SECOND ROW: G. Smedley,R. Rote, D. Lane, G. Lukey, R. Shearer, V. Smith, C. Bumgardner, G. Morris, C. Wiegle, D. Wentzel, T. Vutza, THIRD ROW: L. Adams,D. Ney, J. Burg, Y. Warren, B. Eisenbise, M. Arnold, N. Good, C. Helm, T. Averill, L. Wen- ger, W. Weirich, B. Schmidt, P. Raffensberger. 81 72 l Z4 7-5 FIRST ROW: J. Betz, M. Reher, L. Raber, C. Stauffer, B. Rine, L. Risser, R. Aller, R. Becker, L Koser, D. Lynn, G. Chapman, SECOND ROW: S. Bender, J. Copenhaver, R. Kyle, M. Zimmerman, C.Hawkins, M. Heistand, S. Coward, J. Hoover, N. Ringlaben, L. Gunelfinger, THIRD ROW: B. Gar- man, T. Shank, D. Hostetler, G. Heistand, B. Keller, J. Keener, B. Ebersole, C. Nissley, J. Snyder L. Mort, M. Lehman, R. Stephens. FIRST ROW: D. Longenecker, D. Hack, D. Leber, W. Rank, S. Heisey, P. Donough, M. Spigelmeyer, W. Randler. SECOND ROW: J. Johns, L. Sollenberger, P. Kipp, P. Waltz, J. Conner, S. Reed, J. Kreiser, S. Miller, M. Geyer, B. Harris, THIRD ROW: B. Reed, D. Wilson, L. Brosey, M. Hess, J. Risser, E. Spang, L. Lighty, G. Keener, B. Sager. 7-6 FIRST ROW: L. Winters, B. Nye, M. Yoder, B. Minehart, D. Lanveter, K. Hornberger, H. Zeager, J. VanBrock1in, D. Rutt, SECOND ROW: E. Heisey, D. Zook, P. Lewis, H. Reesor, L. Shirk, J. Rutt, J. Trostle, B. Snyder, A. Phaunmiller, A. Shank, THIRD ROW: P. Schwanger, S. Reider, C. Weiser, C. Leonard, J. Hoffer, C. Lightner, D. Hynicker, S. Wingart, L. Reider, R. Rhen, S. Shank. 82 FIRST ROW: R. Hipple, J. Heistand, L. Bixler, D. Libhart, T. Doyle, L. Brinser, P. Brandt, K. Law- rence, R. Cariger, I. Weaver, B. Collins, SECOND ROW: J. Allen, S. Eshelman, V. Baker, T. Horst, C. Kreider, J. Keener, D. Kaylor, W. Aldrich, G. Good, R. Ebersole, T. Hemperly, THIRD ROW: R. Reisenger, T. Charles, B. Ginter, P. Ginder, L. Binkley, M. Hetrich, G. Aldrich, L. Hernley, J. Bren- ner, L. Donner, L. Gutshall, A. Ebersole. FIRST ROW: R. Wilhelm, J. Smith, B. Musser, C. Sweigert, M. Forrey, R. McNaughton, L Wolge muth, H. Strictler, D. Robinson, P, Oakley, K. Risser, SECOND ROW: P. Neidigh, T. Young, R Ream R. Witmer, B. Oberturf, C. Orwig, E. Kaylor, E. Martin, M.Rice, B. Wagner, C. Oberholtzer R Sheetz, THIRD ROW: G. Shaffner, L. Link, G. Stheman, B. Weigle, J. Nelson, M. Peters, C. Patter son, R. Young, G. Swartz, R. Smith. 7-9 FIRST ROW: J. Roeting, G. Hummel, J. Slesser, D. Diamond, E. Garman, C. Dimeler, J Davis C Grimes, L. Gutshall, H. Charles,R. Wagner, SECOND ROW: P. Wa1tz,J. Halbleib N Zuck J Bow man, R. Scheetz, L. Conner, D. Shank, R. Parmer, G. Raffensberger, R. Hofier, R Miller M Hum mer, THIRD ROW: N. Risser, S. Baltozer, R. Parmer, P. Kurtz, D. Shank, R. Bowman D Krelder R. Gutshall, L. Waltz, R. Kauffman, N. Reisinger. 83 I just told her what I think of her dress. Eek . . . it's slimy Mr. Steinhart What will I do without the Seniors? Mr. Hoopert And a one, and a two, and a. cha cha cha Mr. Colangelo Homework, homework, homework . . 84 Cgffee, tea, or milk? Mr. Blasenstien gqcfzbzbbs ifuwl' l.'Y tl 111112fu1rx'11f 112u1112.v rj-c'1111211211121k'11l12112. 71 v.xp1'u.x'.w.s' 16111170151 fl,'!1l1fXS'. fluff UllZUfl?llJ.8' Ilflkf11'lllIA' fA1'r111yAr111l fha 11'111'Af ifmwk' 1fx' bfi' 11 Alllyllllyl' ll'l'lYfi'l? 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Qfqbreffes LEFT TO RIGHT: Kim Eshleman, Linda Whisler, Peggy Hess, Cindy Huber, Katie Shank, Nancy Oberholtzer, Peggy Hetrick, Barbara Bevilacqua, Delores Wagner, Brenda Knehr, Marcia Raffensperger, Marilyn Boyer, Becky Espen- shade. j7Qza0f,77Zaqbref1'e enzbf' enfbr BECKY ESPENSHADE MARILYN BOYER MARCIA RAF FENSPERGER 89 GQQI' U df DO NNA BYRON, NANCY S EIBERT, YVONNE PAINTER, LINDA STUMPF YVONNE PAINTER LINDA STUMPF J ann er arrzbrs LINDA LICHTY, CONNIE BAILY 1 901206 764 Orzyzlnaf 91 KAY CREAGER enzbr youff cgympfony Q7Z4em622rs JOANNE FEHR BECKY ESPENSHADE CAROL GOOD SUE BRANDT KATHIE KILHE FNER JOANNE BISHOP LISA KEIPER. gsszlsfanf fbzkecfor Zzkfrzbf esfra 259112 gens MR. GERMER 92 JOANNE FEHR, NANCY SCHOENER csezzzbz' orus Zzlfecfor V MR. CHARLES MILLARD 93 Barry J7Qrf2Qr SUE BOYER KATHY KURTZ Jqccoznpazz zlvf greafm an gnb Qpauzbf Qfbens csenzbr 5066! 94 CAROL ALLEN Q7ZII2Ibf oruses 4, , 4 95 do OFFICERS: A1 Wenger, Presidentg Sally Moore, Vice-presidentg Carol Good, Secretaryg J k S t W GO Q 96 O io at jfonor pdf Oo. Qvfff C'Qf , LEFT TO RIGHT: Sally Stout, Vice-presidentg Hank Kenderdine, Presidentg Nancy Schoeuer, Secretary. 9 G . 0111412 IJZ Qgfjfozxy LEFT TO RIGHT: Eileen Roadarmelg Dianne Riceg Mrs. Kreider. advisory Sally Moore Jill Hain. 98 WC GJ em1'c51'6rafy Q51 X if 5 6600! df! C53 fi A 1 Q ,xxx 99 xzfs' G uffenf l7ffQ,'f1 7567 Gfffaf 100 efman C415 WQP lOl 579557 7737 102 gif? . 5 WQPFIA ixi .. X' V 4 Rf.silI2'pQ,.. Q I L, - . - wx fp w wi gf' ,.,., sn-.QA IO3 JQQFQ fa 0200 fx 9 fdffe QFQWQG Q 'ffaq .5 104 , I fjffcjfgg v ,, "gm,-y X.. 1 X- ,. 3f..,w . C0119 IQQQFIJQY C v fo W 105 6' i Qfjjfjygyyzcaf 5 I-.Ofefkllfgg fo C7 C1 5 106 55010 Crjfcbbes Zyoocf grapfzb Sqrfs yzpefaf yjrzhfzby Qilif' gn fram uraf IOS 793557 gif? 109 eargo of Qsfcyff I 150 foyrapfer jcfuzsoz' F11 csfaag In .jfoopez 1' Q30 01419 arszky , , FIRST ROW: J. Fehr, C. Kauffman, B. Zinkel, C. Shank, E. Smith, D. Schoenberger, D. Painter, B. Hertzle, C. Greene, M. Carskadon, M. Raffensperger,M. Drescher, L. Garber. SECOND ROW: T. Hoffman, J. Miller, S. Grubb. THIRD ROW: E. O'Conner, K. Laird, M. Mummau, G. Shank. FOURTH ROW: M. Myers, A. Wenger, R. Long, G. Miller. FIFTH ROW: G.Gobrecht, B. Uhlig, H. Laird, J. Smith, S. Moore, R. Hosteter, S. Rothrock. SIXTH ROW: B. Bru- baker, M. McAuIey,B.Johnson, B. Grosh. SEVENTH ROW: A. Clemens, T. Greiner, L. Stouifer, B. Ellis. EIGHTH ROW: D. Rice, P. Olweiler, L. Greiner, C. Coble, G. Ebersole, J. Kraybill, H. Kenderdin, E. Brinser, M. Rutt, G. Garber, J. Sweigart. enzbrs H2 - . A.. --5 Cl'5eQfkza 06145 ri. ,P - . . .. x.-, .lp -Q. K .f .. . ,MM Wm- W. NORTON L. GARBER N. FISHER A. GARBER B. BRUBAKER s. OLWEILER CAPTAIN - EILEEN SMITH . ii? . SANDY BRENDA OLWEII-ER BRUBAKER 1 - 1 zzzzzbf' AE M - - E AQAAA Q' 17. L. TOR.: P. BLACK, K. KURTZ, S. JONES, S. NAUMAN, J. GARBER. ann? anof goofgaf FIRST ROW: C. Shank, P. Royer, L. Stouffer, K. Laird, J. Turner, R. Grosh, A. Wenger, G. Miller, J. Winsett, P Olweiler, R. Horne,J. Smith, R. Johnson, T. Landis, J. Costello, G. Gobrecht. SECOND ROW: J. Trostle, J. Peters S.Chastain, E. Metzler, T. Ebersole, T. Greiner, J. Appleby, G. Ebersole, L. Lighter, R. Barr, R. Owen, H. Green- berger, B. Zinkel, B. Heiner. THIRD ROW: R. Riche, M. Mummau, J. Sweigert, G. Spickler, L. King, R. Yohn, R Wilson, R. Long,J. Zinn,J.Coste1lo, A. Horst, W. Shoenburger, R. Churnow. FOURTH ROW: D. Shank, M. Munchek R. Reed, G. Grosh, J. Kendig. COFQS E-TOWN OPPONENT O Lower Dauphin 13 12 Hempfield 13 33 Conestoga Valley 6 27 Red Lion 13 26 Ephrata 14 7 Manheim Central 31 12 Donegal 34 20 Cocalico 21 6 Manheim Township 13 0 Hershey 12 II4 junzbr 'A V JIM TURNE R KEITH LAIRD BOB GROSH JIM COSTE LLO A- TE RRY LANDIS LARRY STOU FFE R ezzzbr AL WENGER N V GREG MILLER Qgfczrs PHIL OLWEILER JACK SMITH PAUL ROYER F. BOB JOHNSON RALPH HORNE JESSE WINSETT 9? 5 Z1ef0fj2Qc ey FIRST ROW: M. Raffensperger, B.Hertz1er,J. Fehr, C.Greene, B. Brubaker, M. Drescher, S. Olweiler, K. Creager, S. Stout. SECOND ROW: C. Fike,A. Garber, M. Carskadon, S. Grubb, D. Schoenberger, D. Rice, S. Moore, C. Crill, J. Hain, P. Herr, M. Gish, E.Roadarmel, L. Lambert. THIRD ROW: L. Young, S. Groff, D. Heisey, S. Rothrock, L. Garber, L. Crill, W. Norton, S. Eckinger, B. Baker, K. Kurtz, S. Nauman, C. Allen, K. Hess, L. Bentzel. Mrs. Hoover, Coach B. Brubaker C. Greene Co-Captain Captain E-TOWN OPPONENT 7 Cocalico 0 2 Solanco 0 0 Lampeter-Strasburg 1 5 Ephrata 1 1 Hempfield 2 2 Pequea 0 1 Manheim Central 0 4 Penn Manor O MERIBETH DRESCHER CAROL GREENE BRENDA BRUBAKER K BETSY HERTZLER SANDY OWEILER J OANNE FEHR J asfefgay FIRST ROW: E. O'Conner, G. Ebersole, A. Wenger, L. Stouffer, R. Martz. SECOND ROW: M. Mummau, B. Uhhg J. Appleny, K. Laird, G. Garber. l . K ig ' Sw ' .V Nw W C . A i LARRY STOU F FER Q , R551 isis' ligase . A W , . A S 4 --'wx ,pf M rx.. QQ L..rL , h I G V ::?:2-351 'rzgggfyzgfgv ,,-T -3, ' '41 llfif 5ISk'5?2r3kr5fQ3512Y Fa - 1, H X' "-' ':: News 4' . -' '. L, 'E-like Q H fl , XX i AL WE NGER I X X Q 12 KEITH LAIRD I 0 ,.-. -1f. I, L L ' z .,.: 1 .. 5 G - F ! BARRY UHLIG 120 J yjasfefgaf I ,gap X I junzbr 121 .TBI ' ro' resffhy FIRST ROW: G. Hoover, G. Brinser, K. Bathurst, J. Groff, J. Gibble, D. Eckroth, R. Wilson. SECOND ROW P Olweiler, E. Brinser, G. Shank, J. Shank, C. Drescher, S. Garber, R. Johnson, L. Greiner, T. Landis. GEORGE BRINSER ROBERT JOHNSON Q I? I. O I' S f G Z' -S 122 GARY SHANK PHIL OLWEILER JIM GIBB LE LEE GREINER DAVE ECKROTH Q I? I. C LIFFORD DRESCHER 0 I' .S KEN BATHURST TERRY LANDIS J Zijfesifkzy 1953, gwuw THU Vxumpg X -'YUW l g'YUIY,pg 'S' L unjor 124 N ross ozznfry FIRST ROW: T. Hoffman, V. Ellis, H. Kenderdine, D. Eckroth, D. Smith, J. Miller. SECOND ROW: G. Kretzinger J. Heitzenruther, M. McAu1ey, R. Hosteter, M. Rutt. ezzzbr VINT ELLIS HANK IGI NDE RDINE E- TOWN OPPONENT 26 Columbia 29 44 York 18 45 He mpfield 18 50 Manheim Township 17 55 McCasky 15 23 Columbia 32 45 York 17 40 Hempfield 1 9 44 Manheim Township 19 cgfars DAVE ECKROTH FGC' FIRST ROW: R.Johnson,G. Miller, L. Wittle. SECOND ROW: J. Myers, H. Laird, B. Uhlig, K. Laird, C. Kauffman, D. Eckroth, P. Olweiler, H. Kenderdine, J. Smith, C. Coble, D. Ibberson, V. Ellis, A. Wenger, J. Kraybill. THIRD ROW: P. Hershey, T.Hoffman,J. Miller,B. Yohn, R. Wilson, J. Miller, J. Ellis, B. Zinkel, T. Miller, S. Kreider, M. Cohan, G. Evans. FOURTH ROW: A. Leedom, J. Ulrich, D. Keener, G. Kretzinger, R. Reed, T. Parrett, B. Greiner, B.Heitsenrether, D. Dempsey, J. Palmer, R. Stauffer. FIFTH ROW: D. Boyer, D. Smith, K. Bickel, R. Hosteter, J. Sweigert, T. Greiner, T. Ebersole, E. Metzler, B. Owens, J. Boyer. COFQ5 E-TOWN OPPONENT 52 Manheim Township 105 Lampete r- Strasburg 80 Ephrata '72 Conestoga Valley 107 Cocalico GREG MILLER 63 Penn Manor AL WENGER PHIL OLWEILER 76 1X2 Manheim Central 1! 2 KEITH LAIRD I y , 65 Hempfield J J ' J 62 Columbia 88 Cornwall '71 Solanco LES WITTLE CHARLIE KAUFFMAN BOB JOHNSON HANK KENDERDINE JACK SMITH cgenzbf' ecorog VINT ELLIS 180 Low Hurdles - 20.7 120 High Hurdles - 15.1 2nd place in County - High and Low Hurdles 3rd Place in District - High Hurdles BOB JOHNSON Mile - 4:33.2 . A County Champion - Mile O 3rd Place in District - Mile GREG MILLER 440 yd. Dash - 51.8 880 yd. Run - 2:O4.5 VINT ELLIS DAVE ECKROTH CRAIG COBLE DALE IBBERSON BARRY UHLIG ,-17 W. O J asegaf FIRST ROW: Coach Shank, J. Smith, G. Garber, M. Rutt, J. Appleby, G. Ebersole, M. Camp. A. Black, F. Simione, Coach Miller. SECOND ROW: Ji Fehr, R. Martz, R. Barr, J. Monchak, B. Schoenberger, F. Simone, E. O'Connor. THIRD ROW: J. Mader,D. Railing, L. Erb,J. Diehl. FOURTH ROW: T. Helm, M. Mummau, C. Mummert, D. Kray- bill, D. Bradley, B. Bair. FIFTH ROW: G. Grosh, J. Peters, B. Kaylor, A. Herr, J. Espenshade, P. Brosey. ezubr COFQS E-TOWN OPPONENTS 1 Palmyra 7 2 Donegal 1 1 4 Columbia 7 1 Hempfield 5 2 Manheim 1 1 4 Columbia 6 5 Donegal 6 6 Manheim 9 1 Hempfield 3 MARTY CAMP 128 ezmzb' FIRST ROW: S. Rothrock, D. Painter, S. Grubb, M. Carskadon. STANDING: T. Rice, B. Brubaker, Mrs. Hoover. A Clemens, A. Garber. enzbr csenzbr COFQS TOWN OPPONENTS Hempf1e1d Manhelm Central Conestoga Valley Warwlck Manhelm Townshlp Donegal Penn Manor Garden Spot 7 Solanco O Brenda Brubaker Anne Clemens. Captain l29 MR. STEINHART-Jr. High MR. R. L. MILLER-Baseball Basketball J OGC' ck MR. RISHEL-c 0 Co nt MR, NTZ v.F0oxba11,Tfa r ss U fy v R' D MILL - . B ' ER- V. Nm. FRA askefb F x-netball MH- REDD Y R WE-IDMAN-J.V.Bas Jr High IG-Jr Highw M. ' Foam feswng, all Oorbau, 0172 QI' MR. SHANK- Baseball MR. JACKSON-Wrestling Football, MRS. HOOVER-Hockey, Tennis MQEAME ""' OLF'J'V' R'J- V. . Qrmigaruaxx Wresfllflg MR - tball. ' RODGERS K-Jr. High F00 'Jr. H- MR. ENC 131 lgh Basketban V , Football Wee-e-e-e ...... B. Brubaker I'11 get to the ice cream man first. A. Wenger - V. Ellis Twinkle toes . . . A H Kill. it. .YK Mommy will it bite 'P R. Johnson .vt Freeze I must, I must Off I go into the wild blue yonder .... J. Miller G- Miller Heil Coach Frantz 132 T. Ebersole ,,.i J Q .-2 ai V.""' .,.n "zvsZ31.: Engl, V f i x ' A y P , , V ,' gig., W 1 Q f Q-5 ' 4 F , K X s V3 , ,, 1' ' viii A ' . , . mf 1 - LZ it lik we :Qi 1 S933 4 - W f ixgfafg ' if fi' 4 a gy Q xg' W .57 v Q , 2255! L 1 5 J f A ' 'M 3 ff? ,M ,QQ Q3 4 '.' I- ,, gi ,1-kv' fn. nf 45 ,x i ix 'aw . H, ggi Q -ii! E .W Q in . Q . ' 'QQ .ug den ' ilk rr 1 X ,A us' X A . . g,.. ,xfg maj, 1 f KX S 11 X gi? J aj 6, .aw 'ki G, ,Q f H- .15 3 ..3 V . 4 X K. . .sw ' lik , '-4 .A as :ig Q O, . 4' 4 f' '--'Q 5 , 'La if 2' jf, nf , ,f A 'Q gif 1.: - A w . -K .A L we ww - . 'W' 512' FUaQnf11r2e jfbmemafer cffe year QU Q Z" S O I2 CHARLIE KAUFFMAN SANDY SALTZER CD W gooofczbien d L sfone garm Ze ree Y Y f , L I. 1' I. e SALLY STOUT S DON MILLER gzfcsfzkf qwarof geens gfffe wee! J MRS. BRUCE CARSKADON, AL WENGER 134 SALLY STOUT, HANK KENDERDINE 99 ze evra gfffe muff Q. LEFT TO RIGHT KSTANDINGJ: Donna Corll, Carol Good, Eileen Smith, Sally Stout, Marcia Raffensperger, Becky Espenshade. KSEATEDJ: Janet Eisenbise, Kathie Kilhefner, Brenda Brubaker. Wofary J oys Wffge ee! FIRST ROW: Jack Smith, Greg Miller, Marty Camp, Craig Coble, Phil Olweiler, Dave Eckroth, Bob Grosh, Larry Stouffer. SECOND ROW: Les Wittle, Terril Meyers. Al Wenger, Carl Donough, Jim Costello, Charlie Kauffman, Bob Johnson, Hank Kenderdine. MR. T. H. EBERSOLE, MR. DAUBERT j7Q120f GQJIUS Z? f70yefAe1- LUQGOQFSEJO gf ffe yjasf 60176 QQGOQIISAIQU J fge gufure AL WENGER, MR. DAUBERT kjfbfl OPS Zanfuef enzbr me ey anof goofgaf Qsfars FIRST ROW: CarolGreene, Sandy Olweiler, Joanne Fehr, Betsy Hertzler, Meribeth Drescher, Marcia Raffensperger. SECOND ROW: Dave Eckroth, Keith Laird, Larry Stouffer, Al Wenger, Greg Miller, Ralph Horne, Phil Olweiler, Paul Royer. THIRD ROW: Hank Kenderdine, Vint Ellis, Clif Shank, Greg Gobrecht, Jack Smith, BobGrosh,Bob Johnson, Jesse Winsett. K3 ue an M6742 Cjfzcfzbn 122129113 FIRST ROW: Hank Kenderdine, Craig Coble, Carol Good, Larry Bucher, Bob Grosh, Phil Olweiler fMayorJ, Charlie Kauffman, Bob Johnson, Jim Costello, Eileen Smith fCampaign Managerl, Sally Stout fCampaign Managerl. SECOND ROW: Kathie Kilhefner, Jack Smith, Vint Ellis,Jesse Winsett, Larry Stouffer, Barry Uhlig, Hank Laird, Greg Miller, Becky Espenshade. 137 czruesfojgop ueen an ourf n LEFT TO RIGHT: Delores Wagner, Anne Garber, Kay Creager CSeniorJ, Marcia Raifensperger fQueenJ, Elaine Sheaffer QSeniorJ, Sue Long, Wendy Norton. 138 GFOCISQ WANDA SMITH, CHET WILLIAMSON FRANK Hym C KER, E ILEEN SMITH PHIL ME TZG-ER, JOYCE HEISEY '39 HANK KENDERDINE, MARK MCAUL1-:Y 500995 Eounye Q3 CQSJ enzbr Thy 140 jfe GfUCI.6k 1751121614 Gkss yjQy I4l Qsenfbr 7062117183 l42 But yesterday it worked! Just cause her group had fewer C. Kauffman cavities . . . E. Smith You Tarzan, me Jane . . B. Hertzler gs But I'm sure there's a fish In my merry Oldsmobile . . . in there! . . B. Johnson L. Bucher f Now see here kid . . . N D. Wendel ' ii 1' Come on . . Snap it! , 7 Mother please, it's My appointment is July . . . S. Stout at two - - - B- Uhlig Hee Hee . . I'm the chief and this is my tribe. Nice Kitty ..... "Running Bear" .... Hank Laird "Old-fashioned Christmas" Sniff . . . Sniff D. Alleman "Mona Lisa" Sisty Uglers ........ Okay guys . . . who put the glue in the apple sauce? I44 ffl! if N - . X s-X s ,f"'l xx .4 fl! If ,fl xxx grafzafzbn ,,L1-an . uk ,. Qi 'Q - 1 --f ! I U l Qi ? sf? 7 7' f Af i , I H5 5 X ,Z ' .3 - .a 'Y f,.:f44h 7? ! f ffii M '4 'X ex fel -- V -4 vu kk- WV in fm- 'S 11545 i 4 iii- G2 'gf-1 X .M TQ,- I V , QMQLW y - :Q f Q Hmmm. , ,fig , C ,, ..,. f-.X U I H f' f N I 'fix 2 x TM5:""'S 4' 9 1 geecesszb 91206122 QGSSQXS' V Y- A...-. k I , x This baby sitting gets me down. M. Raffensperger B. Garber I il break out of hexe yet! H. Kenderdine Barf! B. Espenshade V This country living is great. Can I help it if my dress is in the OH Yolfhuskies' T. Myers wash? L. Crame K. Creager , Funny ? No it'snot. Snob. . B. Hertzler S. Olweller Future Queen - B. Brubaker I think I'm out of line. But, Wh6re's the water? Farm Produce - An Early Litter 153 ezzzbr JESSE A. BAKER Math Club 2. KENNETH W. BATHURST Baseball1,2,45 Intramurals 1,25 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Math Club 15 Jr. Class Play5 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. JANIES G. BELSER Chorus 1,2,35 Band 15 Hi-Y 15 German Club 25 Math Club 25 Oklahoma 2. JOANNE BISHOP Chorus 15 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 County Or- chestra l,2,35 County Band 1,2,35 German Club 25 Student Council 25 Youth Symphony 1,2,35 Jr. Class Play. KATHY A. BODEN Chorus 3,45 F.T.A.25 Canteen Council 2,3 lTreas. SJ5 Jr. Class Play. MARILYN K. BOYER Tri-Hi-Y 25 Majorette l,2,3,45 Current Affairs Club 1,25 Canteen Council 1,2,35 Jr., Sr. Class Play. ROBERT J. BOYER Hi-Y 15 Basketball 1,25 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 25 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Sr. Class Play. ILEEN S. BRANDT Tri-Hi-Y-25 German Club 1,2,35 Jr. Achievement 25 Can- teen Council 2,3 CVice-Pres. 335 Jr., Sr. Class Plays5 Gym Club 2. MARK E. BRANDT F.F.A. 1,2,3. SUZANNE BRANDT Chorus 15 Orchestra 1 ,2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 Tri- Hi-Y 25 County Orchestra 1,3,45 Youth Symphony 1,2,3,4. GEORGE B. BRINSER Baseball 1,2,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Student Council 15 National Honor Society 3,45 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. BRENDA J. BRUBAKER Chorus 15 Trl-Hi-Y 15 Hockey 1,2,3,45 ICO-Capt. 435 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,35 Cheerleading 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,4 lSec.D5 Current Affairs Club 1,25 Girl of the Month. LARRY L. BUCHER Chorus 15 Orchestra 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Baseball 25 Tennis 35 County Orchestra 2,35 Chess Club 1. MARTIN L. CAMP Baseball 1,2,3,45 varsity Club 3,45 shop Club 3. ANNE E. CLEMENS Band l,2,3,45 F.T.A. 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,3 fTreas. 315 Hockey 2,3 CManagerJ5 Tennis 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Cur- rent Affairs Club 2 5 Canteen Council 35 Youth Symphony 35 Sr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4. CRAIG COBLE Chorus 2,3,45 Football 15 Track 2,3,45 Key Club 2,3,45 German Club 3,45 Gym. DONNA CORLL Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Chorus 1 CMidd1etownl5 National Honor So- ciety 2,3,45 Yearbook 45 Library Staff 2,3,45 Dramatics 15 Science Club5 Girl of the Month. OWEN J. COSTELLO Chorus 2,35 Hi-Y 1,35 Football 2,3,45 Track 2,45 Intra- murals 1,25 Varsity Club 45 French Club 15Jr. Class Play. W bbzfzes LENORA C. CRAINE Chorus 15 F.T.A. 2. KAY LYNN CREAGER Orchestra 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Trl-Hi-Y 2, 3 CSec. 355 Hockey 2,3,4 fScorekeeperD5 Canteen Council 3 QSec.J5 Youth Symphony 2,3,45 Jr., Sr. Class Plays: Yearbook 45 Band Club 4 fSec.D. SHARON F. CRUM Intramural 15 Jr. Class Play5 Library Staff 25 Gym Club 3. CLIFFORD A. DRESCHER Orchestra 2,3,45 Band 1,Z,3,45 Hi-Y 15 Jr. Class Play5 Wrestling 2,4. MARY E. DRESCHER Chorus 2,3,45 F.T.A. 25 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 15 German Club 2,35 Current Affairs Club 25 Canteen Council 35 Jr. Class Play5 Gym Club 1,2. CHARLES F. DURBORROW, III Track 45 Library Staff 3. CINDY C. EISENBISE Chorus 1,2,3,45 Orchestra1,25 F.H.A.5 Pep Club 2,4 fSec. 415 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Dist. Orchestra 1,25 County Or- chestra1,25 Current Affairs Club 35 Jr., Sr. Class Plays5 Yearbook 45 Library Staff 35 German Club 45 Gym Club 4. JANET J. EISENBISE Chorus 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 F.H.A. 15 F.T.A. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y2,35 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Pep Club 45 Dist. Or- chestra 15 German Club 2,3 QSec. 325 Youth Symphony 2, 45 Jr., Sr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4 fTreas.l5 Oklahoma 2. DAVID L. ECIGZOTH Chorus 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 15 Track 2,3,45 Cjossi Country 45 Wrestling 3,45 Varsity Club 4. GEORGE VINTON ELLIS Band 3,45 Art Club 15 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Cross Country 45 Gym Show 3,45 Mechanical Drawing Club 15 Track 1, 2,3,4. PATRICIA A. ESPENSHADE Tri-Hi-Y5 French Club 15 Art Club 15 Jr., Sr. Class Plays5 Blue and White Staff 3. REBECCA J. ESPENSHADE Chorus 1,35 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Intramurals 15 Head Majorette 2,3,45 County Band 2,3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Student Council 3,45 Youth Symphony 1,2,3,45 Jr. Class Play5 Yearbook 45 Girl of the Month: Gym Club 2,3. JOANNE K. FEHR Chorus 15 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Hockey 1,2,3,45 Tennis 1,25 Intramurals 35 Dist. Band 2,35 County Orchestra 1,2,3,45 County Band 1,2,3,45 Dist. Orchestra1,2,3,45State Band 2,8,45 Varsity Club 3,45 German Club 2,3,45 Canteen Council 1,35 Youth Symphony 1,2,3,45 Yearbook 4. LINDA L. FITZWATER Trl-Hi-Y 1,25 Art Club 15 Junior Achievement. ROSEMARY FREY Chorus 15 Tri-I-Il-Y 1. RONALD W. GANTZ F.F.A. 1,2,3. WILLIAM B. HALL Track 1,2,3. l54 enzbz' DAVID HAWTHORNE Band1,2,3,45 Basketba1l2,3,4 fManager15 Varsity Club 4. JOHN C. HEISEY Current Affairs Club 1,2,3 lTreas. 315 Chess Club 15 Math Club 25 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Jr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4 QLiterary Editor1. JOYCE E. HEISEY Orchestra 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 FHA 15 F.N.A. 3,45 Tri- Hl-Y 15 Intramurals 15 French Club 35 Current Affairs Club 35 Canteen Council 25 Jr., Sr. Class Play. JUDY D. GARBER Intramurals 15 Library Staff 2. AUDREY L. GATES F.H.A. 25 F.N.A. 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Intramurals 15 Art Club 3,45 Home Ec 2. JAMES L. GIBBLE F.F.A. 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Wrestling 2,3,4. DAVID H. GIVENS Chorus 1,2,3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1. GREGORY P. GOBRECHT Football 1,2,3,4 CManager15 Basketball 1,2,3,4 QMana.ger15 Intramurals 1,25 Varsity Club 4. CAROL GOOD Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y2,3 fVice-Pres. 315 County Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Dist. Orchestra 25 Student Council 1,2,3,45 CSec. 415 Youth Symphony 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,45 Girl of the Month5 Yearbook 4 fEditor1. ROSC OE K. GREENAWALT F.F.A. 1. CAROL A. GREENE Tri-Hi-Y 15 Hockey 1,2,3,4 fCapt. 415 Intramurals 1,2,3, 45 Pep Club 4 CPres.15 Varsity Club 3,4. LEE R. GREINER Football 25 Varsity Club 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 25 Jr. Class Play5 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. MARJORY L. GROOVER Library Staff 2,3. ROBERT Y. GROSH, JR. Band 1,2,3,45 Hi-Y 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball 15 Base- ball 15 Tennis 35 Key Club 2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Chess Club 15 Jr. Class Play. CONNIE L. GUTSHALL F.N.A. 3,45 Library Staff 2,3,4. DORRIS L. HERR Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. BETSY A. HERTZLER Chorus 15 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 F.N.A. 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Hockey 2,3,45 Varsity Club 45 Canteen Council 2,35 Jr., Sr. Class Plays5 Yearbook 4 fPhotography Editor1. SHIRLEY E. HESS Chorus 45 F.H.A. 2,3. JANET L. HILSHER F.H.A. 3,4. RALPH F. HORNE Football 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Varsity Club 4. K.. czifbzfzes HAROLD E. HOSTETTER Band 15 Track 35 Intramurals 15 Cross Country 35 Wrestling 1. WANDA J. HUNTER Sr. Class Play5 Gym Club 3. DALE R. IBBERSON Football 15 Track1,2,3,45 Chess Club 15 Junior Achieve- ment 2. KAREN E. ITZOE Chorus 1,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,4. ROBERT R. JOHNSON Band 1,2,3,45 Football 1,3,45 Intramurals 2,3,45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 Student Council 1,25 Wrestling 2,3,4. RAY W. JUMPER Baseball 35 Intramurals 1. PATRICIA A. KAYLOR Tri-Hi-Y 15 Library Staff 25 Gym Show 3. CHARLES E. KAUFFMAN Chorus 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Track 2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 Varsity Club 45 Student Council 35 Class Vice-Pres. 254. LISA J. KEIPER Orchestra 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 1,2,35 Hockey 25 Intramurals 2,35 County Orchestra 35 Canteen Council 2,35 Youth Symphony 2,3,45 Jr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4. HENRY S. KENDERDINE Band 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Track 1,2,3,45 County Band 35 Key Club 3,4 QTreas. 315 German Club 2,3 lPres. 415 Cross Country 3,4 fCo-Capt. 415 Class Historian 2,3,45 National Honor Society 2,3,4 fPres. 41. KATHE A. KILHE FNER Chorus 15 Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 F.T.A. 2,3 Nice-Pres. 315 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Dist. Orchestra 25 County Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Dist. Band 25 County Band 1,2,3,45 German Club 2,35 Student Council 1,25 Youth Symphony 1,2,3,45 National HonorSoclety 2,3,45 Class Treas. 2,3,45 Jr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4 fArt Editor1. JOHN K. KRAYBILL Chorus 15 Band 1,2,35 Hi-Y 15 Football fMana.ger11,25 Basketball fManager1 15 Track CManager1 1,2,3,45 Key Club 3,45 German Club 3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Jr. Class Play5 Yearbook 4. SALLY A. KULP Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 F.T.A. 2,3,4 fPres. 415 Trl-Hi-Y 2,35 Hockey 3 fTimekeeper1 German Club 2,35 Junior Achievement 2 CSales Manager15 Canteen Council 2,35 Library Staff 2. HENRY L. LAIRD Football35 Track 35 Varsity Club 35 Mascot 45 Tra Cross Country 25 Baseball 2. JOHN KEITH LAIRD Football3,45 Basketball 3,45 'Track 3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Baseball 2. TERRY L. LANDIS Hi-Y 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,25 Varsity Club 1, 2,3,45 Math Club 15 Jr. Class Play5 Wrestling 1,2,3,4. JACOB F. LONG F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 fChaplain15 chess Club 1,2. enzbz' PHYLLIS A. LONG Band 1,2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1. JEAN M. LONGENECKER Chorus 15 F.H.A. 45 F.N.A. 3,4 tSec. 41. MAUREEN R. MacEWEN Chorus 15 Tri-I-Ii-Y 35 Intramurals 1,25 German Club 15 Jr., Sr. Class Plays5 Blue and White Staff 3,45 Drama Club 15 Gym Show 35 Library Staff 2,3,4. GEORGE W. MCCURDY Chorus 15 Orchestra 152,35 Band 152,35 Library Staff 3. MICHAEL G. MCKINNE Football 15 Track 2 fManagerJ5 Math Club 1. MARY F. MARTIN F.H.A. 3,45 F.N.A. 45 Intramurals 1. ROY C. MARTIN Intramurals 1,25 German Club 15 Art Club 1,25 Sr. Class Play5 Wrestling Tournament 2. PHILIP P. METZGER Chorus 15 Orchestra 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Basket- ball 15 Key Club 2,3,45 Jr. Sr. Class Plavs: Yearbook 45 Wrestling 4 fManagex-J. GARY MEYERHOFFER F.F.A. 2,3,45 Intramurals 15 Chess Club 1. DONALD S. MILLER F.F.A. 1,2,3,4 KSec. 3, Pres. 415 Football 1. GREGORY J. MILLER Chorus 1,2,3,45 Oklahoma5 Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3, 45 Key Club 2,3 fVice-Pres.J 4 fPres.J5 Varsity Club 1, 2,3 Wice- Pres.J, 4 fPres.l5 German Club 25 Class Pres. 2,3,-1. JAMES B. MILLER Track 3,45 Library Staff 3. JAMES R. MILLER F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. PATRICIA L. MINICK Library Staff 3,4. ANN L. MOORE Junior Achievement25 Library Staff 2,3,45 Drama Club 1. CAROL A. MOORE Tri-Hi-Y 35 F.S.A. 3 Nice-Pres.J5 Drama Club 1. JOAN E. MOYER Intramurals 15 F.S.A. 35 Gym Show 3. SARA A. MYER Tri-I-Ii-Y 15 French Club 15 Elective Shop 3. BARRY L. MYERS Band 1,2,3,45 Track IManagerJ 2,3,4. JOHN L. MYERS Band 1,2,3,45 Track lManagerJ 2,3,45 Sr. Class Play. TERRILL W. MYERS Orchestra 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 15 Junior Achievement 35 Cross Country 35 Sr. Class Play. IQAREN F. NAUSS Pep Club 15 Library Club 15 Librarian 25 F.B.L.A. 3. PAT A. NEMICK Rockettes fMarching Corpj 1,25 Pep Club 1,25Minstrel Sh0w1,2 fMadison I-Iighl. gcfzbzfzes JAMES N. OBERHOLTZER Chess Club 1,2. JOHN P. OLWEILER Chorus 25 I-Ii-Y 35 Football 1,45 Track 1,2,45 Intramurals 1,2,35 Key Club 45 Varsity Club 2,3,45 French Club 35 Chess Club 15 Junior Achievement 35 Cross Country 35 Wrestling 2,3,45 Gym Exhibition 3. SANDRA L. OLWEILER Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Hockey 2,3, 45 Intramurals 1,2,35 Cheerleading 45 Varsity Club 45 French Club 15 Current Affairs Club 25 Student Council 15 Gym Exhibition 3,45 Gym Club 1,4. . AUDREY Y. PAINTER Band 2,3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Pep Club 45 Sr. Class Play5 Drama Club 15 Gym Club 2,3,4. CAROL A. PETERS Tri-I-Il-Y 35 Pep Club 45 Sr. Class Play5 Drama Club 15 Girls Basketball 2,3,4. RICHARD C. PFIZENMAIER Track 1,2,3,45 Student Council 15 Junior Achievement 2. MARCIA L. RAFFENSPERGER Chorus 15 F.T.A. 1,2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Hockey fManagerJ 2,3,45 Majorette 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 German Club 2 ,35 ArtClub 15 Student Council 25 National I-lonor Society 45 Class Sec. 2,3545 Library Staff 35 Girl of the Month. CAROLYN G. REIDER Trl-Hi-Y 1,2,35 Intramurals 1,25 Majorettes 1,25 Library Staff 3,4. JOYCE E. REIDER Orchestra 1,2,3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Trl-I-li-Y 2,35 County Band 1,25 Yearbook 4. CAROL A. RICEDORF F.N.A.2,3,45 Tri-I-li-Y1 fTreas.J5 Intramurals 15 French Club 1,4. JUDY K. RICHWINE Orchestra 15 Trl-Hi-Y 15 Math Club 25 Elective Shop 3. SHERYL Y. ROBBINS Chorus 1,3,45 F.N.A. 3,45 French Club 15 Art Club 15 National Honor Society 3,45 Sr. Class Play. DONNA K. ROBINSON Tri-Hi-Y 25 Intramurals 15 Jr. Achievement 25 Sr. Class Play5 Blue and White Staff 25 Library Staff 3,4. PATRICIA A. ROBINSON F.H.A. 25 F.T.A. 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y 25 Intramurals 1,2,35 French Club 35 Current Affairs Club 2,3,4. RALPH T. ROOT Basketball 1,25 Volleyball 1,2. STEWART B. ROPKA Chorus 15 Band 1,2,3,45 Football 15 Sr. Class Play. PAUL I. ROYER Hi-Y 15 Football 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 1. JEAN C. RUHL Chorus 1,2,3,45 Yearbook 45 Library Staff 35 F.S.A. 3. SANDRA L. SALTZER Chorus 2,3,45 FNA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 15 Student Council 25 Canteen Councll 2,35 Library Staff 1,2,3,4. DARLENE M. SEIDERS Intramurals 15 Library Staff 35 Dramatics Club 1. 9121 Of' CLIFFORD E. SHANK, JR. Hi-Y 1 KV. Pres.13 Football 2,3,4 CManager13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 1,23 Varsity Club 43 Chess Club 2. CAROL R. SHAPBELL Chorus 13 FNA 3,43 Sr. Class Play. ELAINE M. SHEAFFER Tri-HI-Y1,23 Sr. Class PIRYQ Yearbook 43 Elective Shop 33 Dramatics Club 13 Jr. Achievement Z3 Blue and White Staff 3. GARY F. sr-IENK varsity Club 1,2,3,43 wresumg 1,2,3,4. POLLY A. SHIFFER Chorus 1,2,33 Orchestra 1,2. HERMAN W. SLESSER Hi-Y 13 Intramurals 13 Chess Club 1. ROY R. SLESSER H1-Y 1. MARILYN M. SME LTZ FHA 3,43 FNA 3,43 Intramurals 1,23 Girls Basketball. CARL E. SMITH Baseball 23 Intramurals 1,23 Jr. Class Play3 Sr. Class Play. SHARYN E. SMITH Chorus l,2,3,43 Trl-Hi-Y 1,2,3 fSec. 313 Cheerleading 1, 2,3,4 fCapt. 413 Pep Club 43 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Current Affairs Club 3,4 fPres. 313 Jr. Class Play3 Yearbook 43 Oklahoma 23 Glrl of the Month. JACK M. SMITH Chorus 1,2,3,43 Hi-Y3 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 13 Track 1,2,3,43 Intramurals 33 Key Club 2,3,4 fSec. 3,413 Varsity Club 43 German Club 2,33 Student Council 3,4 QTreas. 41. WILLIAM E. SMITH Library Staff 3,4. J. RICHARD SNAVE LY Chorus 3,43 FFA 1,2,3 lTreas. 31. MARIAN L. SNYDER Trl-H1-Y 1,23 Dramatlcs Club 1. JOHN E. STEELMAN ' ,33 Band 1,2,33 Football 13 County Chorus 33 Orchestra 1,2 Band I3 German Club 2. BARBARA L. STETTLER FNA 3,43 Tri-Hl-Y 13 Sr. Class Play3 Dramatlcs Club 1, 2. sYLv1A A. STONE FHA 2,33 Photo Club 1. LARRY A. STOUFFER Football 1,2,3,4Q Basketball 1,2,3,43 Baseball 13 Key Club 2,3,43 Varsity Club 3,4 fTreas. 413 Current Affairs Club 23 Chess Club 13 Math Club 13 Student Council 1,2 Wlce- Pres. 21j Class Vice- Pres. 3. fcbuzbes SARAH C. STOUT Chorus 1,2,3,43 FTA 43 FNA 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,33 Pep Club CTreas.13 German Club 4s Current Affairs Club 2,3, 4 QSec. 3,413 National Honor Society 2,3,43 Jr., Sr. Class Plays3 Yearbook 4g Library Staff 33 Oklahoma 23 Girl of the Month3 Gym Club 2,3,4. LINDA J. STUMPF Band 2,3,43 Blue and White Staff3 Sr. Class Play. BONITA K. TAYLOR Electlve Shop 13 Tri-Hi-Y. JAMES R. TURNER Hi-Y 33 Football 2,43 Intramurals 1,23 Varsity Club 4. BARRY C. UHLIG Band 1,2,3,43 Foo 3,43 Varsity Club tball 13 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1,2, 3,43 Astronomy Club 13 Gym Show 3,4. KARIN M. VOLGER Trl-Hi-Y 1,23 Blu e and White Staff 2. KENT E. WAGNER Hi-Y 13 Basketball 2,33 Baseball 2,33 Varsity Club 2,33 Intramurals 1,2. MARIAN E. WEAVER Chorus 1,2,3,43 FHA 2,3 Nice-Pres.13 Intramurals 13 Library Staff 4. DOROTHY K. WENDAL Chess Club 23 Gym Exhibition 33 Chorus 1. DONALD O. WENGER Orchestra 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 Jr. Class Play. CYNTHIA G. WERTZ Chorus 2,3,43 Orchestra 13 Blue and White Staff 4 CBusl- ness Manager1. JESSE L. WINSETT Chorus 13 Hi-Y 13 Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Track 1g Intramurals 1,23 Varsity Club 2,3,43 Art Club 33 Jr. Achievement 2. BE TTY B. 'WINTERS FHA 2. LESLIE A. WITTLE Football13 Baseball 1,2,33 Track 2,3,43 Intramurals 1,2Q Varsity Club 2,3,43 Jr. Achievement 23 Dramatlcs Club 1. DOUGLAS L. WITHERS Chorus 1,43 Orchestra 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4Q Football lg Basketball 1,2,33 Baseball 1,43 Tennis 33 Chess Club 13 Jr. Class Play. BYRON W. WRIGHT Intramurals 13 German Club 2. GORDON L. ZE LL Baseball 13 Intramurals 13 Math Club 13 Art Club 33 Jr. Class Play. 157 William H. William D. Saltzer Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward C. Shroy Mr. 8: Mrs. William J. Saltzer Karl Schmidt Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Schmidt Sandie Olweiler Mr. 8: Mrs. Hershey King Mary Ja.ne Hemperly Mr. 8: Mrs. Larry Shank Mr. 8: Mrs. Clifford E. Shank Jim 8: Peggy Hetrich Greg Spickler Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank Spickler Ada Barth Alfred James Sharo, Jr. Evelyn Bergstresser Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Shank Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Mumma Mr. 8: Mrs. Wallace Shaeffer Mr. 8: Mrs. William Shapbell Martha V. Sheaffer Mr. 8: Mrs. Jacob L. Bixler Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Bixler Mr. 8: Mrs. Marvin Helt, Jr. Velma Shenk Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Shenk Gladys Shenk Mrs. Earl Shenk Gary Shenk Mr. 8: Mrs. James Shiffer A. Lewis Heisey Pauline 8: Evelyn Zook Mr. 8: Mrs. Price Warren Mrs. Eleanor Heisey Dr. 8: Mrs. Paul F. Leicht Herman Slesser Dorothy Slesser Helen Snyder Lee Livingstone Margaret Slesser Ruth Slesser Roy R. Slesser, Sr. Dr. Paul Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Learn 8: Susan Abraham Gibble Robert Smeltz 8: Family J. Carlton Schuldt Carl Smith Norman Smith II Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. George Engle Dr. 8: Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Fran Smith Margie Blome Maj. and Mrs. Truett Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. David Caldwell James Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Mohr Mrs. William R. Smith Anna Mae Snyder PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence Mummert Walter Riley 8: Family Blaine H. Kreamer Wendall Long 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. A. Floyd Stallings Mr. 8: Mrs. John Stout 8: Family Mrs. Grace E. Brubaker Dr. 8: Mrs. Edward Hitz Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Floyd Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry E. Allen Bonnie Taylor Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. . Raymond H. Taylor . Roger Brandt Leslie H. Taylor R. S. Turner Mr. 8: Mrs. R. Emmert Aldinger Mr. 8: Mrs. Alvin Coffman Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Shumberger 8: Kurt Mr. 8: Mrs Harry Graham 8: Family Charlotte Risser Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert E. Uhlig Mr. 8: Mrs. Webb Sanders Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Huggins . Glenn Horst Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Hiram Aungst Mr. 8: Mrs. Forrest Valentine James Verdekal Dale Snyder Miss Lois Verdekal Mr. 8: Mrs. John Alleman and Family Jerry, Kent, Kenny, and Brenda Dixon Mr. 8: Mrs. William Stahler Miss Esther Kersey Mr. 8: Mrs. Sam O. Bretz Paul W. Baker Chester B. Steffen Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond Cunningham Mr. 8: Mrs. Christian A. Risser and Son Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Seitz Paul B. Houseal Mr. 8: Mrs. Ira H. Bathurst Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond McCulloch Mr. 8: Mrs. Julius Belser and Family Mrs. Jane Runyan Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold King Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dr. 8: Mrs. William L. Snyder Jack Horner Samuel Jones Lionel Mumper Vere Bishop Clarence Garmer G. Edgar Hertzler Mrs. Frank Hawk Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Updegroff Miss Dorothy K. Ramsey Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward V. Boden Mr. George Ramsey Mr. 8: Mrs. Christian H. Brosey Mr. 8: Mrs. Herman Aldinger 8: Larry Mr. 8: Mrs. Glenn Farver Prof. 8: Mrs. J. E. Riley Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. Robert Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Carroll Hershey Irvin O. Hynlcker Young John N. Steelman James Stettler Richard Stone, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Marvin S. Boyer 8: Family Mrs. Cyrus Boyer Mr. 8: Mrs. Elwood Boyer 8: Brenda Mr. 8: Mrs. John L. Walmer Paul R. Eckinger Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Tierney Mr. 8: Mrs. David R. Newcomer Mr. 8: Mrs. Clair W. Boyer Lile Sheaffer Mr. Paul Brandt Mrs. Esther Brandt Ileen Brandt Paul K. Brandt Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Brandt Henry M. Garber Roy E. Baker John Kinsinger Suzie 8: Joanne Brandt Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold E. Brandt Charlaine Kaye Jackson Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Brinser Paul Shank John Goss Hershey Brinser William Rathman Harvey Frey Ammon K. Boozer Earl Brubaker 8: Daughter Larry D. Boozer ' Ezra O. Kipp 8: Family The Kenneth T. Good Family John F. Barr Family The K. Ezra Bucher Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Camp Mr. 8: Mrs. Harrison Camp Charles Keck Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. Luther John Lynn John Weaver Valentine Rossman Lynn Mr. 8: Mrs. Oliver H. Gingrich Randy Clemens Mr. 8: Mrs. R. E. Clemens Mrs. S. R. Nichols Mr. 8: Mrs. Russel Hein Mr. 8: Mrs. R. G. Coble Mrs. Grace Coble Mr. 8: Mrs. Cha.rles Metzler Mr. 8: Mrs. Mahlon Patton Sally Ibaugh, James L. Ibaugh Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert L. lbaugh, Jr. Ron Corll Mr. 8: Mrs. George Corll Miss Janet E. Kipp Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Miss Susan Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Calhoun Paul Moyer E. L. Harner Waltz Claude Nye W. W. Raffensperger Clark Creager Paul M. Grubb Paul E. Crum Kenneth Crum 8: Family Paul M. Crum 8: Family Norman R. Kraybill Miss Sandra McIntyre Mr. 8: Mrs. A. H. Forney Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Wayne Anngst Mr. 8: Mrs. John I-I. Kraybill Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Esslinger Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert B. Kready Kready Mr. 8: Mrs. Wayne Lehman 8: Helen Kathleen, Judy 8: David Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert A. Kready Mr. 8: Mrs. Phares S. Risser Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Kulp Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter T. Shaffer Frances Hansen 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert L. Welson Mr. 8: Mrs. C. K. Nelson Zella Rebrer Jerry Eber Mr. 8: Mrs. Mario Pallini Carolyn, Jay, Charles 8: Kent Palmer Lt. Col. 8: Mrs. Henry L. Laird Mary Lancaster Mr. 8: Mrs Kenneth Lancaster Mr. 8: Mrs D. L. Farmer Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Farmer Jim Royer Mr. 8: Mrs. David Smith Mr. 8: Mrs. Homer Landis Mr. Harrison Landis, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd Hummer Phyllis 8: Dale PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Myers Charlotte Myers Gary, Tom, and Sharppe Crowe Glenn Flick 8: Joanne McCune Mr. 8: Mrs. George McCurdy Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy Kaylor Jessie K. McCurdy Lynn, Timmy, Doris, 8: Carl Furhman Kathy Durborow Mr. 8: Mrs. John R. Nauman 8: Robin Lynn Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald E. Robbins Mr. 8: Mrs. W. H. Norton Mr. 8: Mrs. Forrest Gibbons sole Mrs. Blanche Long Anna Lee Kough John A. Meyers Mrs. Fannia Longenecker Miss Ruth Longenecker Mr. 8: Mrs. Ira Gibble Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Longenecker Miss Rebecca Longenecker William J. Sponauer, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald J. MacEwen Mary Martin Mr. 8: Mrs. Jacob Z. Martin Francis Martin A. Lewis Heisey Barbara McDaniel Evelyn E. Zook Ken Becker Leroy F. Reinhold Raymond B. Krubs Dr. 8: Mrs. Philip P. Metzger Philip Paul Metzger Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul M. Metzger Rev. 8: Mrs. N. K. Musser Mr. 8: Mrs. Christ N. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Christ L. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. George Haines Mr. 8: Mrs. Joseph Garber Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul A. Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald Lehman Erma Shirie Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Harvey McKinne Mr. 8: Mrs. Roland Weaver Tom McKinne Edith 8: Clair Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Steckler Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest Nauss Mr. 8: Mrs. Ralph E. Kaylor Bessie Reinhart Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth R. Nauss Miss Becky Smith Mrs. Anna Nemick Mrs. Ellis E. Nemick Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester Carton Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Barnhart 8: Donna Mr. 8: Mrs. Bruce C. Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Marlin Uhlrich Mr. 8: Mrs. Gerald Sager Nita, Amie, Skip, Deena, 8: Bev Mr. 8: Mrs. Dean Robinson Mr. 8: Mrs. Abram Brubaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Carroll Nye Mr. 8: Mrs . Andrew Eagle Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Kramer Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Wentzel Nancy Nye Miss Anna Mary Snavely Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Oberholtzer Mr. Robert Hostetter Barb, Skee, Kate, 8: Curt Olweiler Mr. 8: Mrs. Elvin Hess Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Oberholtzer Rev. 8: Mrs. Eberts Mr. 8: Mrs. T. L. Olweiler Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Allen 8: Sam Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Kaylor Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Heir Mr. 8: Mrs. Francis T. Olweiler, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. C. B. Sheetz Miss Jean Geist Mr. 8: Mrs. Art N. Root Minnie Bixler Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Bretz, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Elwood Chapman Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard V. Ropka Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Diffenderfer Mr. 8: Mrs. William E. Shumaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard V. Ropka, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul M. Hess Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Wolgemuth Mr. 8: Mrs. David Ebersole Mrs. Lisa Smith Jean Geyer Mr. 8: Mrs. Vincent Engle Mr. 8: Mrs. Walter Gebhard Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles H. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Eckroth, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfred Eckroth, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Walton Z. Moyer Mr. 8: Mrs. Sherman Eisenbise Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Brubaker Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Sweigart Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Eisenbise Mr. 8: Mrs. Sherman Eisenbise The Parrot Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard D. Miller 8: Family Maj. and Mrs. G. V. Ellis James B. Miller, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Levi C. Hershey Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Herbert E. Sarver John H. Becker Mr. Herman Baumbach Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs William R. Weible Arthur Miller 8: Kathy Glen Mertz Mr. 8: Mrs D. C. Minick Mr. 8: Mrs Alvin Clark Mr. 8: Mrs Marlin Frymoyer Richard E. Haas Mr. 8: Mrs W. Scott Heisey H. K. Moore Family Jean 8: Bob Peck Harold 8: Cleora Shank Luetta 8: Ronald Painter Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Peters Mrs. Eby C. Espenshade Mr. 8: Mrs. Darwin S. Hollinger Alice and Amy Cunningham Mr. 8: Mrs. C. W. Breneman Mr. 8: Mrs. Clair Espenshade Mrs. Thomas T. Hefferman Mr. 8: Mrs. Emil Drobnock Miss Ruth Hess Mr. Henry Pfizenmair Mrs. Henry Pfizenmair Ray C. Becker Mr. Carl Raffensperger Prof. 8: Mrs. Elmer Hoover Mr. 8: Mrs. Leland Kretsinger 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard R. Myers Mr. 8: Mrs. William T. Moore Mr. 8: Mrs. Oliver Stillwagner Mr. 8: Mrs. John Bolich Mr. 8: Mrs. Frances Moquin Mrs. Romaine Shaud Mrs. H. C. Moyer Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel N. Myer Warren Myer Mr. 8: Mrs. Clair Baum 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Ream Mr. 8: Mrs. Clyde Carter Mr, 8: Mrs. Decker Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond G. Snyder, Jr. Earl Reider Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd T. Geibe Leroy A. Hess Herman J. Risser Owen L. Myers Melvin Mumau 8: Son Terrill Myers Mr. . John S. Good 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. John C. Reider Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilbur K. Reider Mr. 8: Mrs. C. S. Rice Janice Reider Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Palmer 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Enos Wachstetter Mr. 8: Mrs. C. S. Ricedorf Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Richwine Mrs. Jessie McCurdy Kim, Tommy, Ginger, 8: Ronnie Caley Mr. 8: Mrs. Harold Espenshade Mr. 8: Mrs. Nelson Koch Mr. 8: Mrs. William Muthard Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Farmer, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Good Samuel E. Shaeffer Fred N. Farmer, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Amos Floyd Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell E. Fehr John Dean Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard L. Miller 8: Matt Mr. 8: Mrs. Ira Fitzwater Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles Funk 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Douglas Fitzwater Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Greiner 8: Family Pat Coble Mr. 8: Mrs. Oscar Forrey Irene Myers Martha Saylor Mr. 8: Mrs. Lester Frey 8: Family Walter Heisey Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Noah Frey Mr. 8: Mrs. Eugene Enck Miss Trudy Ann Gantz Ronald W. Gantz Mr. 8: Mrs. Blaine R. Gantz Allen E. Gantz 8: Family Henry J. Barnes Mr. 8: Mrs. Lee M. Garber Mary 8: Roy Garber Mr. C. H. Geyer Ruth Gephart and Mother Mr. 8: Mrs. Lesslie K. Brehm Paul H. Hossler Mr. 8: Mrs. Gish Hoffman PATRONS Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . John C. Heisey . Clarence Enterline Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy Neidelgh 8: family Mr. 8: Mrs. John S. Heisey Mr. 8: Mrs. R. S. Ludwig Larry Lee Heistand Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Grubb Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . William Balmer . John Wanamaker Mr. Charles Durborow I Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert L. Verdekal Mr. 8: Mrs. Erwin Glaubltz Mrs. Kate Volger Mr. 8: Mrs. Otto Flourschutz Mr. 8: Mrs. Alfons Glaubitz Korean Ann McCarty Mrs. Paul Wagner Mr. John Goss Mr. 8: Mrs Clarence L. Greiner Mr. 8: Mrs Henry Decker Mr. 8: Mrs. Samuel Rethorford, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs Ben Burkholder Mr. 8: Mrs Richard Libhart Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs . John S. Glbble Raymond Witmer 8: F. Galen, Nancy, Patty 8: Bruce Shenk Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Hershey Marlin H. Givens Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur F. Givens Alvin L. Givens Paul H. Givens Herman Good Lowell Chastain Prof. 8: Mrs. Irwin Bossler Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Ebersole Mr. 8: Mrs. Arley Craun The Draces Mr. 8: Mrs. Norman S. Good 8: Son Paul K. LeVan 8: Family Mr . 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Walker Harold Good H. E. Raffensperger Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilbur E. Weaver Mr. Joseph L. Hoover Mr. 8: Mrs. N. C. Rothrock Mr. 8: Mrs. D. Paul Greene Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Dale Garman Maurice K. Brackbill Mr. 8: Mrs. Frank S. Spickler Mr. 8: Mrs Earl B S ickler . . p Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert L. Shireman Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Rutt Mr. 8: Mrs. Willard Francis Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Louis H. Martz Claude Grosh The Robert Grosh Family James 8: Charlotte Fullmer Mr. Q Mrs. Fred W. Crider Mr. 8: Mrs. James Lubold Mr. 8: Mrs. Amos Landis 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Calvin Groover Miss Shirley L. Dohner Mr. 8: Mrs. John Higgins Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald G. Geib Mr. 8: Mrs. Lawrence Gutshall Miss Carolyn Eisenhower Mrs. Mary Geib Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Cyrus Derr Gordon Wolfe Walter Lenard Dutch Drace Joseph Penyak Franklin G. Hall Herbert L. Stephenson William B. Hall Stanley Butler Miss Margaret I. Bernhardt Dr. and Mrs. John C. Barr Edwin B. Carskadon and family Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy Hawthorne 8: family Mr. 8: Mrs. Clarence C. Heistand Mr. 8: Mrs. John Herr Jackie L. Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Barry Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl Shelby Mr. 8: Mrs. Daniel Mumper June Hertzler Mr. Noah Klauss Mr. Meredith Germer David G. Stone Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Hess Mr. 8: Mrs. Martin Mummau Mr. 8: Mrs. Lloyd Nissley Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Kauffman Leroy Smoker 8: Lois Hess Faye Brosey Jim Hess Anna Ruth Engle Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Hilsher Mrs. Betty Hostettler Carl Hunter Dale Hunter Mary Lou Hunter Jeff Parry John Barrick The Bevllacqua Family Woodrow W. Stump The William Good Family Mrs. Withers Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert -L. Ibberson Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert R. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Maurice Itzoe Mrs. A. L. Hershey Mr. 8: Mrs. Edwin Kreiser The Clark Myers Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Marlin Michaels Mr. 8 Mrs. Earl Cain Mr. 8: Mrs. Ray Jumper, Sr. Mrs. Margaret Jumper Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Kauffman, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Kauffman Mrs. C. E. Kauffman Carol Carmichael Mr. 8: Mrs. J. M. Kaylor Mr. 8: Mrs. H. S. Hoffman Mr. 8: Mrs. Jay Kauffman 8: family Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert Rhen 8: family Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Stanley Kaylor Mr. 8: Mrs. Raymond E. Garman Elizabeth B. Johnson Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Weidman Mr. 8: Mrs. George Rittle Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Weidman, Jr. Mrs. Inez Parry Mr. 8: Mrs. James P. Gavin Janice Herr Mr. 8: Mrs. Luther A. Drescher, Sr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Luther A. Drescher, Jr. Charles T. Durborrow III Mr. Charles T. Durborrow II Mr. 8: Mrs. David Deimler, 8: Son Mr. 8: Mrs. Harry Crum Mrs. Marguerite Miller Mr. 8: Mrs. Elvin Weaver Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul S. Hiestand Mrs. Paul Evans Mr. 8: Mrs. Paul Weidler Miss Lela 8: Estella Coble Mrs. Bertha Keller Mr. 8: Mrs. Earl Lokey 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Allen Erb 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Wilbur Fink Mr. 8: Mrs. M. M. Wenger Major Paul Oliver 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. P. R. Hagy Barbara Wenger Mrs. Mable Wenger Mr. 8: Mrs. Clyde M. Wenger Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard O. Wenger 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. B. H. Hoffman Mr. 8: Mrs. Nelson B. Chittum 8: Bruce Mr. 8: Mrs. John Wenger Mr. 8: Mrs. Dorsey Ench 8: Kurt Mr. 8: Mrs. William H. Wertz 8: Pamela Mr. William Park Mr. 8: Mrs. Terry Beckley 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. John Copenhaver 8: Family Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy F. Delbert George J. Germer, Sr. Leroy G. Winters Jen 8: Joy Anderson Mr. 8: Mrs. James A. Winters Thelma 8: Walter Eckard Mr. 8: Mrs. Leroy J. Winters Mr. 8: Mrs. J. Richard Yohn Mrs. Mary Sweeney Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Steffen Mr. Harvey Wittle Mr. 8: Mrs. Alvin Wittle George Dlmeler, Jr. Mr. 8: Mrs. Vere Page The E. W. Wrights Mrs. Hershey E. H. Wrights J. Emmertt Herr, Sr. Amos Gautz Gordon Zell Nelson Zell Mrs. Clair Kendig Mr. 8: Mrs. Gordon Zell Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Emenheiser Dr. 8: Mrs. Amos Leonard Phoebe, Russ, Florence, 8: Nancy Dr. 8: Mrs. R. J. Keiper 8: Ricky Mr. 8: Mrs. Henry Kenderdine and Fami Mr. 8: Mrs. Albert W. Smith Dr. 8: Mrs. Harold T. Griffith and Fami Mr. 8: Mrs. Guy Edmiston Dr. 8: Mrs. Galen Kilhefner Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles S. Powl Mr. 8: Mrs. David Hetrich Mr. 8: Mrs. Merle V. Ruhl Mr. 8: Mrs. Emory Wolgemuth Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles D. Nissley Mr. 8: Mrs. Ernest L. Saltzer Sify 91411159122 91215 759 afiageffah IIS' pka590f1'0 FQCOYIYIQQ 1169 pafronaye gf XAQ59 5115112955 95fa6A5f112912f5 Asfeof Mrouyfouf MILS' 366711612 qf1'1g9 cgcfoof xqnnuaf C!,Ol12lI?Ul21Zy 1299J' no! 1'91n112krf fAQf fAQ.YQ kcaf 6113112635 PQOPQ AQU9 11590f Q an 9.Xc9fk12l IIZQMQIIX2 ffrouyf 605165 fo 1120179 GffQl2llI?Jl? fo L6911' pa1'f19z1h1' proogzcfs, yooog, anff 59ru1b'95- Zu! an eyuag A128 1f112y IIS X59 pracfzbaf QX!0l'Q.S.5'1bl? ry!! Yy0o0fw1Wf0wc1rcf0uf' 5y5l9112 gf pc16A19 QOQ1CdfI?l!?. y7f9y c'01n1nz1121Q Jplfly 9012f112u9 fo rkzwhp auf 617179 an a!l912i'12fpr05p91'1Q fo af 51150 !0f9df9af9 169 p1'o112z1Qaf1b12 gf XA911' 6215112955 9M195 upon a CA11?dfQ gf112z1fz1afa!0,01'991df1b12 anff co12c9r12. ELIZABETHTOWN CCJLLEGE With a Special Interest in Area Youth A Liberal Arts College offer- ing preparation for careers in the professions, teaching, the sciences, business, the minis- try, social work, the healing arts, and other fields. --1rf4":',f'f"' , The College Library For Further Inforamtion, Contact the Director of Admissions, Elizabethtown College, Elizabethtown Pennsylvania. Your Elizabethan Photographer Specializing Portrait Paintings STAAB STUDIO GF PHCDTGGRAPHY One Center Square Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Will. 3. gf l' Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices EBERLY'S FURNITURE STORE Elizabethtown, R.D. 43 Phone 367-5468 Store Hours 8 A.M. To 8 P.M. Mon. Thru Sat. BIG ENOUGH TO ACCOMMODATE AND SMALL ENOUGH TO APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS - x ,f --1.-yr 3531 Q ef - 'HHf0H040M.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. N., 'f H N i 6000 IEMS -vm . -. -P lu n l vx mu LANCASTER COUNTY FARM DINER 24 Hr. Service Smorgasbord 11 A.M. to 8 P.M. 367-6950 R. 230 - 1 Mile East of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of WENGER'S FEED MILL Rheems, Pennsylvania "A Feed for Every Need" Compliments of THE EBERSOLE BROTHERS AT YOUR SERVICE 'ROUND THE CLOCK J. L. MECKLEY AUTOMATIC HEATING PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING PHONE 367-1178 ELIZABETHTOWN SPlCKLER'S DAIRY PASTEURIZED AND HOMOGENIZED VITAMIN D MILK CREAM AND BUTTER ORANGE AND CHOCOLATE DRINKS-COTTAGE CHEESE LEADING IN THE ELIZABETHTOWN AREA SINCE 1905 PHONE: 367- 5571 ELIZABETHTOWN Compliments of C. H. GARMAN Welding Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of ZARFOSS HARDWARE 8. SPORTING GOODS Compliments of WELCOME WAGON Mildred E. Weiss 500 N. Locust Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1312 KEENER POULTRY FARM Associate Hatchery for Warren-Darby Chicks "Warren-Darby DX Leghorns make Great Layers" Phone 367-3246 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Wishing A Bright and Fruitful Future for the Class of '64 J. B. LEE 5-I O 8. 256 STORES 45 South Market Street 367-7217 "Your Friendly 5 81 10" With Every Good Wish BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN'S CLUB of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania HUMMER'S REFRIGERATION SERVICE 239 E. Bainbridge Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 367-4339 Machine Shops MYERS MACHINE SHOP 367-4206 119 N. Poplar St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Hahn - Eclipse Mower Dealer REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY Car and Truck Drums - Heads and Clutch Plates Trued All kind machine work Sharpening all makes lawn mowers to Oct. 1, 1964--11817 Gas 81 Electric Motors IBushedJ Overhauled Completely FARM, GARDEN EQUIPMENT Any Kind Mechanical Machines GAS 81 ELECTRIC WELDING SCHROLL'S ICE CREAM STORE Soda Fountain and Grocery For A Quality Treat at Lower Prices Elizabethtown-On the Square Phone 367-4709 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of '63 From gIk! 3 1I.v7Lr,t.' ,. 1, X- 2 gv 'Ao I f NNI-' Q 'wa LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE NO. 596 y7Zj1fe's MEN'S SHOP 15 East High Street Phone 367-6111 Quality Clothing and Shoes Complete Line of Formal Rentals WM. J. POWERS PEST CONTROL OPERATOR 121 West Bainbridge St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Dial 367-4407 Free Estimates Everything Frozen Freezer Food Supplies ICELAND, INC. 75 Cherry Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 367-1456 REIN HOLD SUNOCO 24-Hr. Service "We Give S811-I Green Stamps" 367-9747 NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE State Auto Inspection 114 1X2 Bainbridge St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of ABERDEEN MILLS Route 2 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1405 Compliments of BEYER'S LINOLEUM 367-1204 Woodland Avenue Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Elizabethtovsm, Pennsylvania Ford-Mercury -Sales and Service- D. L. LANDIS AGENCY W. H. Hornafius, Jr. Insurance Fire - Casualty - Life Professional Counsel on All Forms of Insurance KEENER MEMORIALS Queen And Elizabeth Streets Maytown, Pennsylvania Hazel 6-3531 THE DRESS SHOP Daisy M. Klein Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Phone 367-6372 . . .OntheSquare. . . Best Wishes to the 1963-1964 EUGENE TEUFEL Orthopedic Surgical Appliances 518 North Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania LEHMAN 81 BOOK, INC. "Just a Little Finer" Dry Cleaners-Shirt Launderers Dial 367-1305 35 W. High St. E-Town Compliments of STUM'S FRUIT MARKET Groceries, Fresh fruits, Vegetables New Hershey Road Dial 367-2198 Compliments of BINKLEY'S SEWING MACHINE 8. REMNANT SHOP 1 09- 1 1 1 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of WILLIAMS CHEVROLET RED ROSE MOTEL To Serve You Again and Again Route 230 East Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania General Insurance and Real Estate JONES 81 ZINK, INC. E lizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 36 7-1 1 59 DOT'S BEAUTY SHOP GROFF'S MEATS Refrigerated Truck For Discriminating Women D001--t0-Door Service Store and Plant 50 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1224 Located at 13 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to Class '64 DAVE'S GROCERY Corner of Park and Mt. Joy Sts. We Give S Sz H Green Stamps Best Wishes ELIZABETHTOWN TRUST COMPANY Your Time Sz Temperature Bank it up QQXQX 'I I iaifffftgfw 1 ' I Y I .Q-"3 1 'g I I - I I H ' , ,if if-. I 45,5 It it gzip I ' lin .. I A ' K 1, ' i 17 V -. af: . Q :L, ,L .- . . -...- Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone 367-1156 THE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men's and Boys' Clothing Compliments of BAUM'S BOLOGNA, INC. THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT BOOK STORE 48 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 367-1360 Distributors of Religious Merchandise Custom Building - Repairs - Alterations WILLIAM M. DUNKELBERGER 622 S. Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 367-6953 Since 1869 "The responsible voice of a distinguished community." Elizabethtown Chronicle Printing and Publishing Compliments of illflussvr 7 arms Columbia, Penna. Best Quality Milk and Dairy Products You Know It's Good When It's From Musser Farms NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T. M. Ebersole, Prop. For That Reliable Richfield Gasoline and Richlube Motor Oil For Top Service in Washing and Greasing 903 South Market Street Compliments of HOFFMAN'S NURSERY Ornamental "Congratulations" From the ECONOMY SHOE STORE 15-17 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Shrubs Trees Elizabethtown Compliments of GRACE C. BLOUGH JACOB B. FISH ER General Electric Appliances Stereo- Phonograph-Television 22 E. High Street Elizabethtown Phone 367-1344 STAUFFER'S BEAUTY SALON HERSHEY QUALITY MEATS Dutch Sweet Bologna Smoked Hams 114 North Poplar Street Phone 367-1347 Phone 367-1472 935 Groff Ave. Miriam H. Drace, Prop. Elizabethtown "G1orifying the American Cur1" Visit our Store Af our Plant CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE LOCAL NO. 735 BOOT AND SHOE WORKER UNION E LIZABETHTOWN Compliments of HERTZLER'S DAIRY Pasteurized Milk Products Oven Fresh Soft Pretzels Steaks, Subs, French Fries 'Soft ice cream treats " E-TOWN TWIN-KISS Drive-in-Hershey Road Open daily March to November N Compliments of CONTINENTAL PRESS, INC. Education Publishers Compliments of I Manufacturers of Distinctive Class Rings Sz Q5 Commencement Announcements Medals Ki Trophies Represented by UNION EMBLEM COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN Palmyra, Pa- 838-1819 W. G. Mooney, Jr. Sponsoring c. E. LANDIS the Auto Glass Service Curved Windshields Windshields In Stock Key Club For Most Cars and Trucks Window Glass - Furniture Tops Made Up Generator Ki Starter Repairs Rear of Atlantic Gas Station R. 142 N. Hanover ...... 367-5082 Compliments of H. S. RISSER MOTORS WALTER K. DUPES Oldsmobile-Cadillac-Pontiac A - F 85 Tempest uctioneer Sa1es-SerVice S.Outh Market Street 67-1515 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 3 Compliments of GRU BB SUPPLY CO. 219 West High St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Blue Coal Sunoco Heating Oil Garden Spot Feed Compliments of KL E I N CHOCOLATE COMPANY Founded 1913 by Wm. Klein, Sr. Manufacturer of Lunch Bars Grade A Bars Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roamers Gliders and Spinners Q 51: s EB? SHlRL'S BEAUTY SALON ll Sager Road, Elizabethtown Telephone 367- 7005 Proprietor - Shirley Sager Bowers CII you're Not Becoming To Him You Should Be Coming to Usl W. T. GRANT COMPANY 1579 South Market Street Known For Values COMMERCIAL DIQINTI NG Brralh Erin! Shun EG El f D I . .Kohn i1aL:e Lwtown, ennsq va nin BOB'S FLOWER SHOP Corsages Individually Designed 39 South Market Street Phone 367-2211 Compliments of JOHNSON'S BUS SERVICE Buses for All Occasions Phone 653-0321 Florin, Pennsylvania HAWTHORNE ELECTRIC Residential and Industrial Wiring Light - Heat - Power 111 Woodland Ave. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1505 JOHN C. REIDER Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning LEAMAN TIRE STORE 205 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 355 Old Hershey Road Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 24 - Hour Service Phone 367-1475 Compliments of KING'S Men and Boys Wear 19 South Market St. Elizabethtown, Penna. Best Wishes DAISY AND CHESTER CROOKS ANTIQUES bought and sold 125 Washington St. Elizabethtown, Pa. JOHN E. FULLERTON, INC. Electrical Contractor 1380 Mt. Gretna Road M. R. 45 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of SAGER 8m SON EXCAVATING B. 81 G. LUMBER COMPANY CONTRACTORS X 212 west High street aff! ICR, Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 1524! ' il Y l 3"1F.'i'- Y - ' "1 s'if""-' I IRR? I: issv N-,'Q'Afg 0' Compliments of B18.StiIlg I Excavating - Grading PAXSON S CUT RATE Topsoil - Fill Basements - Ponds Septic Tanks Installed Ditch Digging - Crane Service 367-1256 11 Sager Road - Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes Compliments of s. G. HERSHEY 8. soN DEPARTMENT STORE COLUNS BRQTHERS South Market and Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania MET!! 12. x I Quality Fresh Meat and Produce Frozen Foods at Better Prices 34 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-1333 ENGLE PRINTING SERVICE Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania Phone Mt. Joy 653-8711 Job Printing Offset Letterpress Publisher Merchandiser MUMPER'S DAIRY, INC. Locally Owned - Locally Operated For Quality that Will Please You Elizabethtown, Pa. L. B. HERR 8- SON Office 8: School Supplies - Furniture Books - Printing - Commercial Stationery Art Supplies - Toys - Social Stationery 44-48 West King Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania Compliments of FARMER'S MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. 56 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania MODERN STYLE SHOP M. Lawrence Everything in Ladies' Wear 105 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 69 Years of Service to Elizabethtown-Marietta-Motmt Joy Columbia - Mountville THE COLUMBIA TELEPHONE COMPANY 40 North Third Street Q Columbia, Penna. 684-2101 HAROLD K. KELLER AUCTIONEER 268 Marietta Ave. Mount Joy, Pa. Aiming to be loyal to the National Auctioneers Association Code of Ethics MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Buy them at your Grocer's And at the Plant "Among the Best by Test" Phone 367-5469 R.D. 3 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of BAILY NURSING HOME N EWCOMER OIL CORPORATION 905 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-1 1 38 HITZ GROCERY C. W. HESS TV Corner North Hanover and East Willow Streets 207 North Market St. Full Line of Admiral R.C.A Groceries, Lunch Meats, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Candy, Pastries, Frozen Foods Phone 367-1454 Sales and Service Compliments of HAROLD BRANDT FARM SUPPLY Surge Dairy Equipment 601 East High St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania JUDI'S BEAUTY SALON 11 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1703 H. S. FOREMAN TRUCKING 25 Foreman Rd. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-2351 TROPICAL TREAT DRIVE-IN Curb Service 2 Miles East of Elizabethtown BAINBRIDGE ATLANTIC Oil Change State Inspections Lubrication Phone 426-9326 Bainbridge, Pennsylvania HENRY WEISS-AGENT TOWN 81 VILLAGE INS. SERVICE Auto- FiI'e-A-H- Life 500 N. Locust Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1312 Compliments of HEISEY'S CHILDREN SHOP 25 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 1? 1 00:1-lmn 8: Sportswear Mig. Co. mf sz HMIPII Il num: l.s1PRnI.wN'l HI:.4IDQl'AR'lI:RY ps ,ul Ehzniggca .y K unc' 1 1 Q TIIIUWH GINGRICI-l's Fooo MARKET zLfnB2U.Im rf NN ....:' if 0-, a surm co. l -i Nsmuuf ' I Hwy- "ou: nor' Complete Line of Fresh Meats M221 EUZAFA5mW,ft'l"" M1nv.'onvc ,ZQX wnssunu were-...--M.-.rn Bainbridge, Pennsylvania , L ff S DK nf Q....i'.fI.f.f.fQfLf.Of.f..I.. Ei on 3674125 TkO,'J,'7 f.x-,,,71,. .f1.,,, 11. P .... cn- 'H' Phone HA-6-9975 ug, 3"7'II?9 5: AJ MRF 'Twinning ! gmvziwl ,nm num' vnu vt none: M noun BOYER'S SELF SERVICE STORE Fresh Meats Rheems, Pennsylvania Phone: Elizabethtown 367-4224 Compliments of JOHN J. MILLER Builder and Contractor 813 College Avenue Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1337 Since 1868 LEICHT PAINT AND BODY SHOP Master Craftsmen For Almost 100 Years WE LD WELL SERVICE Electrodes, Fuses 978 Grofl Avenue Elizabethtown, Penna. 367-1789 Compliments' of MARTIN M. LEHMAN 244 Arch Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania LONGNECKER'S HATCHERY P.O. Box 317 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania KIMBER CHICKS and VANTRESS ARBOR ACRES 367-1545 FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturer of High Grade Fertilizer for Fifty-Eight Years Donegal Plant Food for Lawns and Shrubbery Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania DORSHEIMER'S Stationery- Magazines "Fannie Farmer" Candies Newspapers On the Square Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of Toilet AI'tiC16S School Supplies JOHN COPENHAVER LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Eggs N th M k ts t Luncheonette U Elizabyeithtowiir, liennxfivania and Fountam Servlce Kodaks Sporting Goods Compliments of Compliments of INSTALLMENT LOAN SERVICE, INC. AND CHARLOTTES BEAUTY SHOPPE INSTALLMENT CONSUMER DISCOUNT CO. Loans to 53,500 615 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. A. J. THOME Insurance 559 E. High Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania THE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men's and Boys' Clothing Compliments of PHlLlP'S BEAUTY SALON Compliments of PIC K'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 135 North Market St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Paul W. Baker, Prop. Compliments of EASTERN STATES FARMER'S EXCHANGE Jacob L. Kurtz, Rep. 367-5430 1160 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of BOYER FUNERAL HOME 144 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Best Wishes to Everyone in the Class of 1964 MOOSE'S 5 AND I0 "On the Square" Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 36 7-4707 Compliments of SHEARER'S FURNITURE STORE 35-37 South Market Street Phone 367-4694 Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT CO. Compliments of JACOB R. LANDVATER R.D. 62 - Elizabethtown, Pa. . 101 Years J. M. ENGLE co. THE MILLER FUNERAL HOME M 20 S. Market St. VLI- I ' E1iZabet.htOWIl, PB.. SNYDERS S AUTY SALON BETTY' BE TEXACO SERVICE STATION Proprietor: Melvin R. Sonnon 690 North Mount Joy Street Complete Radiator Repair phone- 367-1244 T F' Ch' f-S Ch' f exaco gfsoliis ky le Specializing in: Hair cutting, Coloring, Hair Styling, Manicures, Facials R.D. 2 ,IA 367-9069 n Hershey Road By Appointment Only Compliments of C. F. DURBOROW DAVIS ATLANTIC SERVICE TV and Appliance Sales and Servlce 900 South Market Street Bainbridge, Pennsylvania Phone Marietta 426-5845 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Compliments of CARRIGERS PAINT 81 BODY SHOP Wrecks Repaired-Cars Painted S, F, ULRICH, INC, Wheel Alignment Service eems' ggnia Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Rh Phone: WISS LER 81 PETTICOFFER Your Friendly Dodge Dealer Dodge-Dodge Dart-880 Custom Dodge Trucks Cherry Sz S. Mt. Joy Sts. Elizabethtown Compliments of LONGENECKER'S GARAGE General Repairing Phone- 36 7- 2401 Compliments of SUREHEAT FUEL 81 SUPPLY CO. Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania NEWCOMER'S FIRESTONE STORE Tires, Tubes Philco Appliances Wheel Horse Reo Mowers Pratt and Lambert Paint 101 S. Market Street Phone: 367-1372 Best Wishes From J. B. ATHLETIC SHOE CO. Elizabethtovm, Pennsylvania Manufacturers Of Magnus Athletic Footwear THE GLADELL SHOP Ladies' Apparel Center Square Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-7216 Compliments of J. SCOTT JEWELERS 44 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-1331 BOYER'S GULF SERVICE Gulf Products North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Earl R. Boyer, Prop. Washing . Batteries . Lube .Tires Pick- Up and Delivery Compliments of GINDERS CLEANERS Flowers With Quality Beauty, and Arrangement MUELLER'S FLOWER SHOP 55 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone 367-1581 awww Elizabethtown N Z FTD Member "Flowers Speak for Themse1ves" Compliments of AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN Compliments of CONEWAGO ROD AND GUN CLUB Best Wishes LEO KOB, INC. Heating-Plumbing-Air Conditioning Since 1904 . Gas and Oil Burners . Stokers . Water Softeners Compliments of THE AMERICAN LEGION Compliments of SHENK BROTHERS SPORTING GOODS 32 West King Street Lancaster, Pennsylvania HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRIES Road Construction Transit-Mix Concrete Rheems, Pennsylvania Phone: 367-2576 KUNTZELMAN'S ICE CREAM 519 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania ERB BROS. ESSO SERVICE CENTER LORRAINE'S AAA Service-State Inspection Auto Painting-Body gl Glass Repairs GOOQ F0011 Complete Motor Tune-Up 1 1f2 M129 NOPUI 500 N. Market St. Euzabcgthtown Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Route 230 l Lumber - Coal - Millwork Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL HMTOP FRU'T MARKET Builders Supplies 54 Brown Street Phone 367-1125 1682 South Market Street Complete Line of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Fancy Fruit Basket for all Occasions Compliments of SAVOY SHOE CO. Compliments of THE MARKET BASKET RESTAURANT a w 1 i.'esfQ:x.s.VJ.n.,x'. 1 . . f A w -. .55'-. .v-:n4.P11!isu'S:L4i..umc.E.uis.,...4iiaa131- .S . .1 4, fi, I -. if A , . K W "irq , fy." ir h:,W,- 1 . . ,- 'UG , I-.,.,.H f w, 4 , !!'if,s','fl 1 . -A , ,i ,V- . ,Y 144- 'T W ,.',Y,i,, Kg ...-.,wf:4- . X- - b .V 5 V--ry 1VL,f f"' Avg m fiig , . pg . g1::.3 1 ,, .1 f: 'f- J:-Q .'-- mf ,A-HL , 1 A vb , 1 0 . , Quik i,.V'u..:qTi-fgfai I ,full ,,', .F v P I ' , :lf ' ..f,-qvJ4H.i,1 K ' ' YW. "ff ' ' L' . A Q- lk Q' 1 - . ' ' - V 7-ii"-JQN' f- ' 1 ---5. , - - , . '- ,- . JJ, 4 4. -JJ,-,, f' ' . 1, :fr-" -in . I . , X . K,-a - 9' Q , . I 4 , 5, .rl yy.. 11 T1 D

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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