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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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3335 1 in Q , X XY X K5 3 Wy if-.I 7 A" :, Y5"'r ' M I ff x A ,mah f X, Qu T'i,?'1 X xx ' xglnaf U' ' qi 32 I 'Q' ff, ' 'E a 2."'4 ' . 44' W' is SX gy' f M X .,-. , 44 ..... 1, 5 I x x .1 . M T ,, XV X 1 ja' ,fa lX gl, fx " ,ff x f' f . x A , e . QF It M f f f,'Mi'," buf? If 1 f xii, o Af! 1 . . if f' ' " 1' " :Q 0,1 A, gg' 'A . . . , fr ' . A k A 1 , 4 . , X ' J K ,X ,1- Q' 1-N 5 . ' 2 - LVWV Awww ,Ashw- Gul lyk M2l k asf on I L K 'T .51 'J B qi 1. 1 A. 7, XJ t . . . Many and varied have been the experiences we, the class of 1960, have shared together at Elizabethtown Area High School. As we look toward graduation and the future we know each of us will value especially the recollections of his high school days. It is the hope of the Staff that these memories may be preserved within the covers of our Eliza- bethan. ! I I ....4,,..n-1"""W" 9 ,.... r..' i : Z Q., an . L -Q"lbf4'U1' 0 ,A an .N ,. if - W- wow? """' ' i f-.., 2 iw 0 Q Haul A s or c of awww A 119' - , S 33, 4 4. ... K, 0, "fu" 4 , . ,.., ff' was .0 3 fn YAG' -, 1. 11 1. K' . ,utah-w"w-L5 ,"'h rf, , A a..,...... ..-M A ....::." -P' TABLE OF QU TIE DEDICA TION ADMINISTRATION FACULTY - - SENIORS - - - UNDERCLASSMEN ACTIVITIES - SPORTS - - FEATURES - - ADVERTISING DEDHQATHUN We, the class of nineteen -hundred and sixty, dedicate this edition of the Elizabethan to the hope that each of us may set for himselfhigh goals based on worthy purposes and earnestly seek to achieve them. We face perhaps one of the most exciting and yet frightening decades in human history. The "Soaring Sixties" as they have been called by some people offer us both a limitless future and a grave responsibility. With this in mind it is imperative that each of us discover what it is that we believe and then dedicate our lives to these principles. Up to the present time our homes, churches, schools, and the community at large have all shared in guiding our thinking. As we leave our alma mater, we do not leave behind the past, but we carry with us this heritage to help us translate into action our noblest dreams. V? ings 3- . -sans...-M Jw X ,615 S gif XR-N 3r'x ,Aj-6. -...,, ff Sax Lf", 1,1 -.SX ...Xxx fy - da Qi? J' SEATED left to rrght Elmer F Groff I Carlton Schuldt Albert K Garman STANDING left to rrght I Hoffman Garber IackB Horner Wrlbur E Weaver ArthurG Sprckler C A S Hollmger O R SCHOOL BOARD Representauve of all walks of 11fe our School Board 1S designed to express the opmrons of the local crtrzens wrth regard to decrsrons concernrng the malntenance and frnancral status of our school system These men spend long hours plannrng and drscussing how to rrnprove and make our school a better one. 3. M, si 1 . ,s S A s J l H W J, 1 W. 7 S' re I ""5' 'trap Y' Y Q' 6 K ssss .A+ -3 s , ' : . , . , . , ' : . , . , ' . . ' , . . . I . . . , . i DR GALEN C KILHEFNER Supervrsrng Prrncrpal TO THE CLASS OF 1960 One of my real regrets 1S that I have not learned to know each of you personally Th1s rs one of the prlces a person pays when he leaves teachrng and goes rnto school admrnrstratlon You wrll fmd as many have that h1gh school graduatron mght does mark the close of your publrc school days But more rmportant than thrs lt 1s also the gateway rnto the rnterestrng ex periences of adulthood and there 1S somethrng to be sald for the outlook whrch permrts you to belreve all through lrfe that the best IS yet to be I could wrsh you wealth lersure and personal pleasure but these are of questlonable value Instead I hope that each of you wrll fmd the one best way rn whrch the assets God has grven htm can be made to contrrbute to the life of socrety and to the needs of people If thrs rs central 1D your lrfe the other rewards that really matter wrll come to you as well Srncerely G C Krlhefner xnxx'- N-.. MR PHILLIP H DAUBERT Hlgh School Prtncrpal TO ALL SENIORS Your graduatmg day 15 approachmg and you are preparmg for a new step lnto your way of life You stop for a moment to look back 1n an effort to recapture some of the memor1es of your hrgh school experrences rn the classroom on the athleuc freld and 1n other act1V1t1es You re member some wrth a feelrng of satrsfactron and prrde some for the enjoyment and happrness they afforded and others perhaps w1th some sadness and mrxed emotions All of th1s lt lS hoped helped to brmg about educatronal growth which w1ll a1d you 1n becommg happy successful and useful c1t1zens who wrll help make th1s world a better place 1n whrch to lrve As you leave us and move mto your chosen directron you carry wlth you a brg responsrbrlrty to yourselves your famrlres and your fellowmen to use to the utmost whatever ab1l1t1es you possess to strrve endlessly for your success and servlce to all manklnd to overcome all defeats and obstacles and to keep farth rn yourselves and in the really rmportant thrngs of life Iam grateful for the pr1v11ege of berng assocrated w1th you durlng your Jumor semor h1gh school days You take with you as you leave my smcere best wrshes Srncerely ' I ic P. H. Daubert DMHNHSTRATN E LXSSHSTANTS bl An essentral part of our admrmstratrve orgamzatron these ass1stants to the hrgh school prmcrpal attempt to increase effrcrency rn all areas of our educatronal system Thrs off1ce was created as an mtegral part of an educauve program desrgned to meet the needs of an ever mcreaslng student population Here are two men who along w1th our pr1nc1pal help to coordrnate our school pro gram and who are v1tal1y concerned that we mamtam an atmosphere of orderllness whrch IS conduc1ve to learning 0 R D W A R D E N UU DANCE DEPARTMENT '5y1'm..f i L,,.-f""""' Genumely mterested in the welfare of each student our counselors spend much of the1r mme 1n 1nd1v1dual consultatlons The also arran e a ro ram wh1ch rov1des Y 8 P S P pnvate 1nterv1ews w1th the guldance offxce for all semors and Juruors Devoted to the ldeals of educatlon then' goal 1S to help students make a happy adJustment to school 11fe w1th the hope that 1n turn they w1ll become well adjusted and mature adults ,..f-""""" 'W I Y R R M R ' R. K E N N E . -A X T 'v ' H 5 R'-il G R t o p ' s M R s. S t A R A S 2 T E E L M R p, A , N Dr Galen Kilhefner, Mr. Norman Diehl, Mr. Phillip Daubert Mr Jack Horner and Dr I Hoffman Garber. iYl'l'l'l,'i",'il"l S' CCDSLVS' ' i A.lnf Ni, N Composed of members who represent the school administration it is the Job of thi grou-p to co-ordinate the schoo1's athletic program They also de termine the distribution of various athletic equipment and maintain a well rounded sports program. TTFHCE ' An industrious and efficient group of secretaries, this staff attempts to keep the offices in tip-top shape. Preparing daily bulletins, typing letters, and sorting teach- cr's mail are among the assorted duties which they perform. MISS ANNA RUTH HFSS MRS JANE S HOOVER MRS MARIAN RAFFENSPERGER MRS. NORMA STEINHART it iw il X ,Lb MRS. EMILIE S. CAMPBELL MRS. ELSIE G. CARE MRS. IANICE N. CLEMENS B. S. , Mi1leISVi11C 3- T- C- B. S. , Elizabethtown College B, 3, , Bloomsburg S. T. C. ' Reading ' M. A, , Temple University M. Ed. , Pennsylvania State - Business Education - University - French - Krfuszdmzfc' understanding Pafzenf MISS SARAH H CUTTINO A HENRY DAECHER English History JOHN P I DEAN English ,v 1 1 B. A. . Duke University B. S. . Millersville S. T. C. A. B. , Elizabethtown College S if 'Sm 5. -. Y 'l x I 'H 4 'X ar ? ,. . -. . -. MRS. ELIZABETH A. STANLEY S. DOTTERER DORSEY E. ENCK DONMOYER B. S. , Elizabethtown College B. S. , Millersville S. T. C B. S. , Marywood College Pennsylvania State - Industrial Arts - - Home Economics - University - Mathematics, Science - and dedzmfed to fhezr ,vrofessmn ALTONH EPPLER WILLIAMT FRANTZ. MRS MARION C GARMAN B S Kutztown S T C B S Albright College B S University of Mississippi Biology Business Education BUSIUCSS EdUC3f10l'1 0 0 0 ,s , , . . .., . . . --1 on, ef I . .S f s MISS A, RUTH GISE PAUL W. GOSS, JR. HARRY J. GRAHAM A, B. , Millersville S. T. C. B, S, , Lock Haven S. T. C. B. S. , Elizabethtown College Special Education Driver Education History Mathematics JOHN G HABECKER A B Goshen College M Ed Pennsylvania State Genuzncly znferesiczl llfl MRS BARBARA Z HEISTAND B S Indiana S T C Home Economics MARLING HENNINGER IR, B S Pennsylvania State University Un iversity A gr ic ulture Science VX DANIEL A. HOOPERT MRS. JANE H, HOOVER PAUL K. HUNSECKER A, B. , Elizabethtown College B. S. , West Chester S, T, C. A. B. , Franklin and Marshall M. S. , Temple University - Health, Physical Education - College - History - - English, History - the ,vrrfblems af yrfufh CHARLES P IACKSONI ROBERT JACKSON NOAH M KLAUSS Mathematics English Music Elizabethtown College Instrumental Music B, S, , Lock Haven S. T. C. A, B. , Youngstown University Harrisburg Conservatory of MISS LORETTA L KLINE DEAN F KREAMER MISS MIRIAM L MENGEL B S Elrzabethtown College B S Lock Haven S T C B S Lebanon Valley College Englrsh Mathemaucs Akron Unrverslty Drexel lnstltute M A New York Umversrty L1brar1an Seekzng in mspzre encourage CHARLES L MILLARD B S Westmmster Chou School M A Westm1nsterCho1r School West Chester S T C Vocal Musrc C NEVIN MILLER MISS MABEL JANE MILLER A B Eastern Mennonrte A B Lebanon Valley College College Temple Unlverslty M E Eastern BSPIISI Englrsh Semrnarx Engllsh H53 , ' V . -1 . ., . . . . .Q . .1 0 Q 0 1 . . n . T"W L . . -Q - -1 . ., . .1 . -1 ' ' ' v 1 . . - ' " RICHARD D. MILLER ROBERT L. MYERS I. LORELL PRICE B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. B. S. , Millersville S, T. C, A. B. , Elizabethtown College M, Edu Temple University - Mathematics, Science - - History - - Physical Education - and mofzmfe than students ELWOOD R. RABER MISS LEONA M RHENISH JOHN ROGERS B S Elizabethtown College B S Lock Haven S T C B 5 East Stroudsburg Chemistry Science Physical Education 5 T C Science 0 0 --1 --1 . . . "' ' , - - - . . . MISS ALICE V. SHAW MRS. HELEN I. SHEELY STEWART A. SHOEMAKER Bloornsburg S, T, C. B. S. , Kutztown, S. T. C. B.S., Millersville S.T.C. - English - -Art - - Industrial Arts - Zfhey share MRS MARYI SHUMBERGER DEANR. STEINIHART WALTERF SOMERFIELD IR. German Science English A. B. , Gettysburg College B. S. , Kutztown S. T. C. B. S. , Millersville S. T. C. 'bf ROBERT J. TRIMBLE MRS. FLORENCE B. NED O. WERT A. B, , Elizabethtown College UMBERGER B. s. , Indiana S. T C Temply University B. S, , Lebanon Valley College - Art - - History - - Mathematics - zu shapzng nur future WILLIAMH WERTZ MRS RONA T WILEY Industrial Arts History RICHARD W WOLF Physical Education xx s Z, B. S. , University of Maryland A,B. , Waynesburg College B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. MRS NAOMI R ZEIGLER JAMES H ZIOGAS MRS LEAH M ZUCK A B Elrzabethtown College B S Franklrn and Marshall A B Elrzabethtown College Soc1alStud1es College Englrsh French Socral Studres 111- llll I ji "l. r R g,Vm 'm - . ,f are It . 1 N . lg ' xx I N W, - -, J N 1:1-f .---- 11i-- MH "- And what of teach1ng'P Ah there you have the -1- worst pard and the best rewarded of all the vocatrons Dare not to enter rt unless you love rt For the vast wealth or fame but they to whom lt 1S dear for 1ts own sake are among the nobrlrty of mankrnd l srng the pratse of the Unknown Teacher S X Famous educators plan new systems of pedagogy but lt rs the Unknown Teacher who delrvers and gurdes the young He l1ves tn obscurrty and contends w1th hardshrp For hrm no trumpets blare no charrots wart no golden decoratlons are decreed He keeps the watch along the borders of darkness and leads the attach on the trenches of rgnorance and folly Pa trent 111 h1s duty he qulckens the rndolent encourages the eager and steadles the unstable He communlcates hrs own Joy 1n learnlng and shares w1th boys and g11'1S the best treasures of h1s mrnd He lrghts many candles whrch tn later years w111 sh1ne back to cheer hrm Th1s rs hrs reward HENRY VAN DYKE fMllEDllCAlL, DEPARTMEN, C STUART SMITH M D Dr Smrth our school physrcran generously grves a portron of hrs busy schedule to set up a program of physrcal examrnatrons whrch are grven to all students brennrally Srncerely rnterested rn the physrcal well berng of our student body he and the other members of the Medrcal Department attempt to mam tam a regular check on the physrcal frt ness of the puprls at Elrzabethtown Area Hrgh School C C DOUGLASS D D S Dr Douglass completes our staff of medrcal drrectors and he too volunteers some of hrs valuable trme to provrde dental examrnatrons for all students Th1S program has been qurte effectlve 1n rrnprovrng the dental health of local students 'N MRS DOROTHYS BAKER R N Our school nurse Mrs Baker capa bly assrsts rn the physrcal examrnatron program In addrtron she marntarns our rnfrrmary and prescrrbes treatment for those students who become 1ll whrle school 15 rn sessron Concerned wrth students rndrvrdual health needs she spends much of her trme checkrng on and rmprovrng these standards 23 OUR TR XFFIC DIRFCTRESS Rendering a xerx morthxxhile and nece ary serxree Nirs Her ex faithfully directs traffic on Fast High Street before and wfter school each day In all kind ofx eather he expertly controls the heaxx fiom of traffic to and from the high school MRS HEISFY IAXITORIAL ST -XPP An industrious group of men our Janitorial staff diligently keeps our school sprc and span Alx ays x ill ing to lend students a helping hand this staff really deserves our ap preciation JOHN ROL AND Charles Mertz Simon Heisey Gustav Koth Roy Chief Custodian Clark Francis Gladfelter Abraham Snyder BUS DRIVERS H. Johnson, Managerg V. Longenecker, G. Stauffer, I. Gibble, F. Shoop, H. Aldinger, R. Gantz, B. Boltz. Responsible for transporting a great majority of our student body to and from school our bus drivers do a superb job in all kinds of weather. CLK FETERIA STA FF MRS HULDA FORNEY CULINARY ARTISTS HSISCY Mrs M Myers Mrs M M111er Mrs G Snyder Mrs I Hostetter Mrs M Bechtel Mrs I Krshbaugh Mrs V Hersey COOL CALM AND COLLECTED CASHIER CHARLES BARTLES MAGIC CHEF Left to rrght Alrda Hormng A1108 Weaver Mae Glsh T1111e Hoover EFFICIENT SERVING LINE DANDY DISH WASHER MRS ANN BRUBAKER 25 . . ! Left to right: Mrs. A. Wolgemuth, Mrs. D. 'W WM 'WV yf Baby Botamsts Young Love ii ff' lv is i Backyard Beauues SMILEY wkfls 0 1-om ard March' The Enck spots Batter up' ""Ql Have Toys, W111 Travel Say cheese, please Teacher's pets 26 T HHN Aren t the tuhps prettyo 'L- Cute then too 0 I 5 Qu-W K.. , s Y L s I f ,. "f M . J sn. , -in yy' , g Y 5 T 1 A I X . -HH T s 'Qi ' f x -JA p,' f',' LQ, j'! 'X 3 - F 5 r , , I S Q ' f' Q ' . 'Q V fu .V . r 1 xi" l an T 1 5? . ' A 3 ? WVAL if ci sg KW- . YL fy I 0 A f 4 -I 2 W L 4 1' K .. N.. 51 X.. ' P. K. 's . ' ' ' 53,111 , s v.',fi?fff'.g, ws.1,"'t'f f 1' , .11 '. -', x H if Q , wx - V .gigrgi 'Q .As V W. -35,0 L 1 at Q.: " 1" . 1 x y 35515 .- fe , , ' q'3f":'r K , M m, , . D W... -V i I A . K . ,rt , A Jw- ef ,Vg . 1 , ' RPN .. I 'f' ,V Q Y 1 - L - 1 n I T -Y T. I ,, 2: is tt 4-1 ..k ' -Q X. - i -f f ' .' s , T 12- 'A ' '43 Q," , 'f' xx-.. ' I : A' Z. E NOWW' 1--111.5 LM You r neat m the feet' Standmg room only Naughty g1r1' What me worry'7 So you thmk you ve got troubles sNooz1N Br- SENIORS Y XX A . . kvqw' .1 ' L' . . . e ' v Q fe gg E y y K , , . , , , I ,M 0 , CX X9 29 lla, AXSS HHS THR Y He who heeds 1nstruct1on IQ on the path to lrfe these words recorded ln the Holy Brble pertaln deeply to the graduatrng class of 1960 It seems l1ke only yesterday that a group of wrde eyed youngsters apprehensrvely took therr place rn the elementary 1nst1tut1on of learnrng Trme alone would see these chlldren become the well rounded youth of the present Each successrye year 1n grade school brought wrth rt new challenges to be met Through the patrent gurdance of therr teachers the group found that three and three equal srx that Jane could run and that Columbus drscovered Amerlca But much of the know ledge whrch they acqulred could not be found rn books New frrends were drscovered partres of all sorts brought them together and lrttle grrls began to blush when lrttle boys looked at them They began to develop an awareness of others and a deep sense of consrderatron for therr frrends and adults wrth whom they came rn contact Frnally rt was trme to leave chrldhood days behmd and enter upon yet another branch of the tree of educatron Eagerly the group embarked upon therr frrst vear of Junror hrgh school Seekrng to adapt themselves to therr new surround rngs they began to Jorn the socral and athletrc organrzatrons whrch were an rmportant part of the school system Band orchestra and choral practlces found farthful members of the class of 60 rn attendance Athletrc teams were bolstered by the addrtron of these eager new sportsmen and Trr H1 Y s and H1 Y s rncluded them on therr commrttees and rn therr offrces Therr scholastrc lrfe changed as drastrcally as drd then' socral lrves Mathematrcs geography and socral studres were no longer unknown words rather they became a part of the rndrvrdual students E1 th grade and mnth grade passed swrftly and soon the class was a part of the senror hrgh school Thexr sophomore year found them choosrng the1r own class offrcers and selectrng strrkrng class Jackets of royal blue and whrte Twrlrght Trme was the romantrc theme of therr frrst prom whrch was attended by sparklrng glrls rn therr new formal gowns and handsome young men 1n therr whrte drnner Jackets As Junrors the class of one hundred srxty began to strrve to do therr best for they started to realrze that therr school days were drawrng to a close It was rn thrs year that the long awarted class rrngs and prns arrrved the class play whlch carrred w1th rt many memorres was one to be proud of and they entertalned the semors 1n Neptune s magrc world at the post prom party And now the culmrnatron of all the precedrng years was here they were senrors It was now up to them to set the examples for for all to follow Champronshap football baseball basketball hockey tennrs and track teams were led to yrctorres by senrors the class play We Shook the Famrly Tree was presented to the largest audrence ever to vrew a class play stmor prctures arrry ed and the words s1gn one for me rang rn the ears of senrors the strrkrng decoratrons and trophres at the Varsrty Drag provrded a memory wh1ch w1ll not easrly be erased outstandrng muslcal concerts whrch featured solorsts from the semor class were cons1dered to be some of the best ever presented the Jumor senror prom wrth all of tts magrc glow remtndtng them that thrs would be the last dance whlch they would attend at therr l'1gh school thrs was the whrrl wrnd of events whrch fllled their sen1or year Now they were all ready to take that frrst step up the long graduatron arsle As they walked toward the stage they were strll the carefree hrgh school students of yesterday but as they came back down that arsle they were mature young men and women Wrth the knowledge whrch they had recerved from therr teachers wrth the love and understandrng whrch therr parents showered upon them and w1th God s help they felt ready to embark upon the path of lrfe JANE KNILEY Class Hrstorran 30 1 X 7 s 5 1 r w i N I A A ,. . , . . .. . . . - Y , . a - 0 l 7 ' . . . Y . . . 1 . Y , , . V A . . . . . 7 . i V . . . , . U . . - 1 , - , . . . , . , . . . . , . . . . . . . . , . c. - . , , , . gh . -, . Y , . . - . . . . l . - . , , .. - g 1 . . . Y - . V V . . Y .Q . s , , - , , , . . . ,, . ., . . Y . . , - , . . 3 . . -Y .. . ., . . . . . . . - 1 V , -, , . y . Y . . , . . . . - , - , - ' ' A ' . . - Y. . . . . . Y Y Y ' . . . , Y . , . , - , . . - 1 1 . , . . - 1 ,af sf. SF,NllUR CL A.fA X OFFlCil12rl'35 f X 1 I le 3' C3 .119 Donald Brandt Vrce Presrdent Jane Kmley l-lrstorran Dorrs Gelb Treasurer Naomr Gerber Secretary Conrad Dupes Presrdent Competent leaders of the Senror Class our offrcers have led us through our last year at Elrzabethtown Area Hlgh School Takmg charge of frequent class meetmgs plannrng for our class trrp to New York and arrangrng Commencement actrvrtres were just a few of the numerous dutres whrch they performed We owe a great deal of apprecratron to our class advrsors who wrth Mr Hoopert as charrman were always ready and wrlllng to help us rn any way they could Unselfrshly grvrng of therr trme they capably gulded us through our senror year SEN lil R C ll XSS XD N WSORS yn nm 'wr l Mr Enck Mrs Carman Mr Hoopert Mrs Shumberger Mr Dotterer x as x W, fr . 'ts , xt Y , T , '1 , 1 ,X NN Y ' ' A , 4 'X f AAAI? .xml , J X k R ' K i M - he ,WW Q. 3 t L V L in fir' s s i 5 Q : ' is , . V ' L gf , ,. ,,,W, . L ' 1 GARY BITTERMAN 560 North Mt Joy Street Gary General Football 2 3 Basketball 2 3 Baseball 2 4 A man of fem words fatal combination of blond harr and blue eyes eagerlx anticrpates the arr1val of fishing season ardent sports SUIHUSIBSI future plans rndefmite BARBARA ELLEN BRACKBILL Route 3 Elrzabethtown Barbara Academic Tri H1 Y12 M1xedChorus12 3 4 F N A 34 Pleasant personality cool calm and collected loves Italian foods especially pizza possesses a strong alto vorce bound to be a top notch lady 1n white LEROY C ACHENBACH Route 1 Bainbridge A1415 Academic Track 2 Good natured and easy going enjoys hunung and wrestling spent his summer as an electucian s helper could eat his way through tons of cookie and drink gallons of milk thc future will find Leroy at Moody Bible lnstrtute KENNETH BERNHARD 26 East Hummelstown Street Ken Academ1c Football 1 2 3 4 Hr Y 2 Varsity Club 4 Home Economics Club 4 Easy to get along wrth great sense of humor a hard hitting tackle on the varsity squad thrives on chicken enjoys readlng ognrtron in whatever he does Y 2 1 V. . u rl 11 ' ,,,: '- : ' 9 ' : and swimming . . . PCI peeve: being called "Cubby" . . . will gain rec- , rl .: .2 .2 I Y . . , . '- '- .2 ' , , .9 - - . ,z .'... , , ... I DONALD EUGENE BRANDT 19 North Poplar Street Ankles Academic Football 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 Home Economrcs Club 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 Class Vrce Presrdent 4 Oh those bulging brcepsl proud of hrs ancient 47 Chevy spends much of hrs spare time on East Hrgh Street prefers cheesebur gets when there s a chorce expertly frlls the positron of guard on the E town eleven will enter the servrce after graduatron CAROLYN JEAN BRENNER Route 1 Elizabethtown Carolyn Commercral Trr Hr Y 4 Has a warm and frrendly smrle for everyone spends much of her ler sure time rn Falmouth often seen whrzzrng through town rn her little n wrll make some boss an effrcrent secretary HAROLD BRINSER 46 Washrngton Street Butch Academic Hr Y 1 2 3 4 Presrdent4 Student Councrll Footbal12 3 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 Boys Intramurals 4 Yearbook Staff4 Class Clown knows all the latest Jokes capable and clever cen ter for the Bears eatrng rs hrs favorite hobby ham tops the lrst redhead wrth freckles after high school Butch plans to attend East Stroudsburg State Teacher s College WILLIAM BRINSER 443 North Locust Street Wee Wrllre Commercial Vrsual Ards Club 4 Iorned us rn tenth grade from Mrddletown curly top Brll and Loure s srdekrck could do wrthout homework hrs Ford rs hrs pride and Joy loves to go hunting and frshrng plans to contrnue hrs educatron at the New York School of Forestry l , . , : , : ' , , 9 ' : ' - ' : ' - ' : , - I.. : Chevy . . . swimming and roller-skating are favorite diversions forCaro- ry . . . ' ' ' . R N '- , , , , ' : ' : , . : ' 1 ' s u . . . , . . . I Y E P : ' LESLIE E BROSIUS 803 South Market Street es Academrc Frnds hrs Job at Rernhold s Sunoco Statron enjoyable Pleasant and frrendly personalrty ranks steaks and french frres at the top of hrs menu model arrplane enthusrast uncertam about the future but bound to face rt wrth confrdence DIANE BRUBAKER 149 East H1gh Street ru Commercral Trr H1 Y 2 Ir Achrevement 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Senror Play Short and sweet sports a smart wardrobe often seen and often heard the l1fe of most successful partles eats mountarns of cof fee xce cream buster than two beavers a real pro on the dance floor ner future plans are undecrded GEORGE BURGESS 326 Rldge Road George Academrc Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Key Club 2 3 4 Debate Club 1 Yearbook Busrness One great guy w1th a crazy sense of humor takes pleasure rn compet 1t1ve swrmmrng durrng those hot summer months spaghettr and frred chrcken rate hrgh wrth George d1d a terrrfrc Job as Father rn our Senror Class Play rt s off to Franklrn and Marshall College for h1m next fall WENDY BURGESS 326 Rrdge Road Wendy Academrc Band 1 2 3 Chess Club 2 Mechanrcal Drawmg Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 H A Hostess to many unforgettable partres orrgrnator of many new and drfferent rdeas another advocate of ltalran foods enthusrastrc supporter of all school act1v1t1es lrmrtless supply of energy has her eye on erther Penn State or the Unrversrty of Chrcago as her future college Staffflg H1ghch0rus1Tracki2f34, H H . - . BENJAMIN H BURKHOLDER Route 1 Ba1nbr1dge en Agncultural A Tall member of our class often seen beh1nd the wheel of h1s blue Ford convert1ble enjoys all types of sports from 1ce skaung to horse back rrdrng fmds worktng on a farm not work at all after grad uatron he w11l bear the 1ns1gn1a of the Unrted States Army LOUIS CAROTTO 100 Park Street ou Industrlal Arts B111 s other half enjoys motorcycle racmg any trme rel1shes przza and spaghett1 knows how to keep cars 1n t1p top shape from workrng at B111 s Amoco Stat1on after graduauon II s the A1r Force blue for Lou eventual arm 1S to be a State Polrceman LOIS COLLINS Route 1 Ba1nbr1dge Lossre Commercral Tr1 H1 Y 1 F B L A 2 Student Counc1l2 Yearbook Lrterary staff 4 LIVBWIIC of sect1on 12 5 great sense of humor pampers her long blonde pony ta11 keeps the marlman busy w1th those letters to Ger many at home on the dance floor sure to succeed as a future secretary MARY L CRILEY 154 West Hummelstown Street Mary Full Academ1c Tn H1 Y 1 2 Art Club 3 Vrsual A1ds Club 3 Hockey 1 2 3 4 Vars1ty Club 4 F T A 4 F H A 4 Yearbook Lrterary Staff4 Hard playmg left wmg on the hockey team oh those Jokes usually heard grgglrng about somethrng seems to spend most of her t11Tl6 on the floor naturally curly black harr genume frrend to everyone wrll enter Penn State after graduauon HB ll ' F.F. . 35 a jd . ..L ., - DOROTHY DAVIES 83 Maytown Avenue Susre Commercral ArtClub4 F H A 4 TI1 H1 Y4 Drlettante of the arts outdoor woman any odd jobso call Susre enjoys srttrng down to a meal of mashed potatoes and chtcken superb sportswoman erther on the volleyball court or on the hockey f1eld future plans rnclude gorng to modelrng school rn Harrrsburg DAVID L DELONG 21 Sager Road Dave Full Academrc Key Club 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 Debate Club 1 Pleasant and aml able personal1ty clever sense of humor qurck wrth the qurps has the unusual but tnterestmg hobby of collectrng match books spends much of hrs trme racklng up those strrkes and spares frrmly belreves that any Johnny Mathls record 1S the best co lege bound IULIANNE DICKSON 715 North Market Street DlX Academlc urer 3 Presrdent 4 Canteen Counc1l 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 Student Counc1l4 F H A 4 Hrstorran 4 Glrls Intramurals 4 Yearbook Staff4 Mu Alpha Theta 4 Ir and Sr Class Play Prompter 3 4 Sprrrted rooter at all athletrc events enthu 1ast1c co coach of thrs year s hockey team pet peeve people who are late can be seen farthfully worklng at Aunt Sally s Krtchen constantly 1n the company of Shroader'7'7'? bound to be a successful physrcal educatron teacher DAWSON DIMELER Route 1 Elrzabethtown Dog General Football 1 Chrckebooml rnstrgator of many hrlarlous stunts eagerly an trcrpates the arrtval of huntrng season often seen wrth Doug and Don me one of the Newvrlle gang supports the tdea that homework should be outlawed undecrded about the future . . . ' ' ' ' . . . 1- f w l Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 4, F.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Treas- DONALD DIMELER Route 1 Elrzabethtown Donme General Football 1 2 3 One half of that great Drmeler team seafood rates hrgh on hrs 11st of favorrte foods fascrnated by the rntrrcacres of an automobrle relaxrng consumes most of hrs lersure ume after graduatron Donme may turn out to be your frrendly ESSO servrceman BARBARA DRAWBAUGH Bambrrdge Drrbble Comrnercral Tr1 H1 Y 1 F B L A 2 F H A 4 Yearbook L1teraryStaff4 Bubblrng personalrty favorrte hobbres mclude dancrng and swrmmlng spends her spare trme baby srttmg sure to make an effrcrent secretary for some lucky boss CONRAD DUPES Route 3 Elrzabethtown Conme Academrc Student Councrl 1 2 H1 Y 1 Key Club 3 4 V1ce Presldent 4 Chess Club 2 3 4 Mechan1ca1Draw1ng Club 3 Gym Club 3 Football 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Class Treasurer 3 Class Presldent 4 Capable and effrcrent presrdent of the Semor class ardent sports spec tator actrve tn Boy Scoutrng pet peeve those early momrng rrdes to school bound for a successful future JAY A DUPLER 351 Park Street Ja Industrral Arts Fascxnated by stock car racrng bowlrng fan never drvulges hrs score'7'P'P crazy over subs the eatable kmd keeps Kountry Krtchen rn order arms to become a grease monkey after graduatron 1 s u -n :rr ' ... - n H ' s , is -1' u - -- g....,..., , 1 vu -n . an ' 1 11 ' 9 . ' ' . . . 1:1 1 1 1 n I S .un ag- 1 W ... . nyn - ....-. ' -.. . . . ,, ,, . ... . JAY GILBERT ENCK 137 North Spruce Street a Academrc Band 3 4 Mellomen 1 M1xed Chorus 2 4 Orchestra 4 H1 Y 3 Art Club 2 3 Mechanrcal Drawrng Club 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Sr Class Play 4 The man w1th the wrde varlety of ha1r styles drd a terrrfrc Job as the extremely nervous and frdgety Mr Shermer rn the Senror class play fully belreves that a horse rs man s best frrend totes the brg bass drum rn the band our answer to Fred Astarre handy man at Dorshermer s plans to become a beautrcran MARGA D ESSLINGER Route 1 Barnbrrdge Marga Academrc Sr Band 1 2 3 4 Trr H1 Y 1 2 Chess Club 2 M1xed Chorus 3 Journa ltsm 1 lr Achrevement 3 Current Events Club 4 F H A 4 Yearbook Lrterary Staff 4 Drsplays a stunnrng wardrobe dret frend oh those trrps to the commutes from Bambrrdge rn her Chartot thoroughly enJoys play mg her clar1net'P'P'? future rncludes gorng to Penn State RAYMOND FANTOM Route 1 Marretta Ra Agrrcultural H1 Y 2 F F A 3 Football 1 2 3 4 Varstty Club 4 V1sua1A1ds Club 4 Brg man on the football team moment to remember the krck he blocked rn the Warwrck game adept equestrran drools at the mentton of przza can be seen hard at work on h1s father s farm the future w1ll f1nd htm as one of Uncle Sam s boys DAVID FARMER Route 1 Elrzabethtown Dave Academrc Art Club 2 3 Crafts Club 4 Home Economrcs Club 4 Photography Club4 Fascrnated by all types of cars but hrs red Chevy rates hrghest en thusrastrc shutterbug amateur artrst sp1cy foods such as Chlll top the 11st of hrs favorrte foods post graduatron plans rnclude golng to a State Teacher s College HJ yn ' , : : ' . : : '- : ,: ' ' : : - : I . . . . , , : '- '- . : : ' : - ' 3 . ' g 5 . . . g : I - . . . ' . . . - , l shore . . . greatest accomplishment was passing her driver's test . . . , . .. Y.. - '- : - - . : . , . : ' : ' ' : . . . , Y , 9 : ' : : IOANNE FERRARI 301 I-lighlawn Avenue Joanne Full Academic Sr Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 A Camping enthusiast strums a mean bass much of her leisure time 1S spent participating in church activities member of the Harris burg Symphony Orchestra possesses a beautiful soprano voice frequently burns the midnight o1l will surely succeed as a lady rn white BARBARA GAY FISHER Manherm Road Elizabethtown Barb Home Economics FBL A 2 Tri l-l1Y12 34 Jr Ach1evement34 Blessed with naturally curly hair displays a sharp wardrobe host ess at many lively parties originator of those fun filled trips to the seashore animal lover hopes to attend Harcum Junior College in Bryn Mawr LARRY RICHARD FITTERY Route 3 Elrzabethtown 1 Industrial Arts there s Larry loquacious cars are one of Larry s first loves known for hrs sly grin lt s the Navy blue or mechanics in the future JOHN ROLAND FLECK 320 East Bainbridge Street Rollre Full Academic Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Key Club 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 Baseball 3 4 Var sity Club 4 Jr Class Play Sr Class Play Tall dark and handsome doesn t believe in hurrying Jealously guards third base on the baseball diamond bashful til you get to know him then watch out did an outstanding Job as Freddie in our Senior Class Play rare sense of humor plans to attend Wheaton College in lll1no1s F.N. . 3,43 NF-t.. . Flirt . . . gads about in a striking red Chevy . . . where there's seafood JEANNETTE M. FLOWERS 52 North Poplar Street "Nettie" Commercial F.B.L.A. 2g Band 1, 25 Tri-Hi-Y lg Current Events Club 4g F.H.A. 45 Beautiful hair and eyes . . . the rule rather than the exception when it comes to loving pizza agile miss on the ice types a mean streak with her frrendly smile and pleasant personal1ty Nettie is bound to succeed as a stenographer JOYCE L FREY 1035 South Market Street Joyce Academic Tri H1 Y 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 L1brar1an 1 2 3 4 F N A 3 Hockey Man ager 2 3 4 Varsity Club 3 4 Petite quiet as a mouse one of the great semor hockey man agers a true friend to everyone usually seen with Naomi and Lorraine hilarious comedienne intends to enter Millersville State Teacher s College JACQUELINE JANE FULTZ 132 South Poplar Street Jackie Commerc1al Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Chorus 1 3 4 Chorus Secretary 4 Stu dent Counc1l1 Trl H1 Y 1 2 President 1 G1rls Quintet 3 4 L1brar1an 1 2 3 4 Yearbook Business Staff 4 Jr Class Play Stop fiddling George and get my candlelabra a mind for mus1c October Girl of the month top notch personal1ty keeps the files in order at Carpenter s Insurance Agency arms to be a house w1fe TRUDY ANN GANTZ Route 3 Elizabethtown Trud Tri H1 Y 1 2 3 F N A 3 4 Yearbook Photography Staff4 Frrendly smile for one and all another of our many shutterbugs shares her talent 1n photography by being a very capable member of the photography staff sews a mean seam adds her name to the never ending list of spaghettl lovers . certa1nly w1ll be a welcome addition to the nurslng profession '-'-,,,: :".,,:-..: - ..:' .2 . :- ,..-.- . ! ll 1 ll I ..: ' :. 9 ,. " y" Academic '-'-.,:---.: : or DENNIS GARBER 737 Groff Avenue Denny Agrrcultural F F A 3 4 Presrdent 4 Student Councrl 3 Enjoys spendrng h1s summers workrng on a farm the master mmd be hlnd those eye catchlng Chrlstmas decoratrons wh1ch appear annually rn the agrrculture room counts study hall as hrs favor1te class 1 gest problem GIRLS may Jorn the Arr Force or choose a n1ce quret farm for hrmself ROBERT E GARMAN Barnbrrdge Bo Academrc Av1d sports fan slaves away durrng those early mornrng hours as a mrlkman greatest desrre IS to sleep late for one whole week re rshes Jurcy hamburgers always ready and wrllrng to hear a good Joke may your future be a successful one Bob DORIS JEAN GEIB 225 East Hrgh Street Gerbre Commercral Cheerleadrng 1 2 3 4 Hockey 1 2 3 4 Trl H1 Y 1 2 Varsrty Club 3 4 Staff Edrtor 4 Sparklrng personalrty capable class offrcer possessor of an ex tensrve wardrobe always takes care of her Ankles 1ndustr1ous commercral student speedy center forward on the hockey team another employee of Carpenter s Insurance Agency NAOMI JEAN GERBER 317 North Market Street Gerb Academrc Bandfront 2 3 4 Sub Capt 4 Sr Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Student Counc1l3 4 Secretary 3 Presrdent 4 Trl H1 Y 1 2 3 Chaplam 1 Presrdent 2 Mrxed Chorus 1 4 Grrls Qurntet 3 4 Class Secretary 2 3 4 Her terrrfrc personahty IS her trademark has a smrle for everyone effrcrently keeps the class mmutes member of one of the best band fronts trckles the rvorres rn her spare t1me a great asset to the B 81 G Lumber Company rnto the nursmg professron comes our gal Gerb ' . . . ' ' . . . b'g- vl bu ' Class Vice-President 2, 35 Class Treasurer 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Business HILDA GILL 210 West Hrgh Street G1ll1e Commerc1al F H A 2 4 Tu H1 Y 1 Yearbook Lrterary Staff 4 Current Events Club4 Spends many long hours llstenlng to latest h1t tunes d1d anyone men t1on steak sandw1ches'P'? cheerful d1spos1t1on works hard as a Masomc Hospltal attendant sparkles when the name Eddre IS men troned rnterested 1n becomrng a top notch secretary after graduatlon DORCAS GINDER Route 3 Manherm Dorc1e AC3d61Tl1C Sweet personahty would do anythmg for anybody full of fun enjoys readlng rn her spare trme spaghetu tops her lrst of favor 1te foods hasn t deflnltely decrded on a future vocatlon but we w1sh you the best of everythlng Dorc1e IAN GINGRICH Route 3 Elrzabethtown Ears General Wrestlmg 1 2 fl-Iempfreldj Chem1stry Club 1 2 fHSl'IlPf1C1dD F F A 3 Art Club 3 Job as a mechamc rn a gas statlon enables h1m to be near hrs f1rst love cars always ready for a good debate nonchalant and happy go lucky arms to become a grease monkey after graduauon JAMES W GISH Route 1 Elrzabethtown rm Academrc Sr I-hgh Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 The qu1et type'P'P'P l1kes to rndulge 1n a good book assrduous student why worry can consume ham sandw1ches anytlme spends long hours workrng on h1s uncle s farm drlves a n1fty red Ford . . mtends to enter El1zabethtown College after graduatlon 1 1 1---n - 'v-11 " 1 n ... ' ..... ... . . ,, .,,. - x va 'vu - ... ... " . , .. . . . -.. , . 1 s n we an n 1: n---Q 1 ... f.. "' ' va 1' - x HJ-n ' v snr: ...... ..- rv n - - ... ... -.. . . , . . ... STANLEY GISH Route 2 Mount Joy Stan Commercral Audlo Vlsual A1ds Club 3 Chess Club 3 Intramurals 4 H1 Y 1 Mellomen 1 Ir Achrevement 4 Home Economrcs Club 4 Wrestlrng 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Often seen buggrn around town 1n hrs Plymouth another of our ambr t1ous Jr Achrevers works hard at Frsher s Applrance Store quret but fun to be around headed for a career rn the Armed Forces MARLIN GIVENS Route 1 Elrzabethtown Marlrn Industrral Arts V1sual A1ds Club 3 Student Councrl 3 Amrable personalrty keen rnterest rn photography hard workmg stockboy at Moose s proud owner of a two toned Pontrac complrshed Prmter 1n the Senror Shop Sectxon future plans rndefrnrte 1,52 3 1? tier Sl PAUL GIVENS Route 1 Ellzabethtown Paul Academrc Football 2 3 4 Track 3 Varsrty Club 3 4 Jr Class Play Mrxed Chorus 1 2 3 4 Busrness Manager 3 Pres1dent 4 An all around athlete rugged physrque ready for a good Joke anytrme spends hrs summers pamtlng houses great advocate of all sports consumes all foods love that laugh after grad uatron ll s college for Paul NORMA K GOOD Route 1 Elrzabethtown Goodre Commercral Yearbook Lrterary Staff 4 F H A 4 Sparklmg blue eyes attract1ve and well groomed has a weak ness when It comes to res1st1ng subs and plzza Just loves that blue and whrte Chevy has graduated from Emrle s Harrdressmg Academy wrll contmue rn thrs freld followrng graduat1on 1 N .. - ' I 2 Q ' 2 1 v P 1 3 1 . , . . .- . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . . . . . ,R , K s '45 . f VV ' YI ' Q S I I 0 I I I - , . ' . . . ' - . . ac' 1 I Q I I 1 -z 7'- 351 A gr W 32935: -- -'fe , f II ll ' 1 n Q Q n I - 2 1 Y , f Y : - I I I O I I . . . . . . I I I I O I I I O - . . , . v ll . ll ' Q . . . Q I I I - I I 0 - . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . JANE G GOSS 42 College Avenue Ianre Academrc Trl H1 Y 1 2 Tennls 1 2 3 4 Hockey 2 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Gym Club 3 Vars1ty Club 3 4 F T A 4 Yearbook Photography Staff 4 Cheerful and frrendly drsposruon d1st1nct1ve laugh enjoys parnt 1ng and dancrng rn her spare trme versat1le athlete pals around w1th Gerbre keeps Kuntzleman s l1vely durrng the summer plans to major rn physrcal educatron at Lock Haven State Teacher s College JOYCE GREINER Route 3 Manherm Joyce Commercral Quret and reserved a demure mrss enjoys roller skatrng rn her lersure trme wh1z at the keyboard craves frred chrcken and spaghettr a summer employee of Gerberrch Payne Shoe Company future medrcal secretary DOLORES GUNNING 154 1X2 East Hlgh Street Dolly Commercral Possesses lustrous brown ha1r always ready and w1ll1ng to lend a help mg hand her rnterest 1n church work takes up much of her trme relrshes all types of seafood but especrally frred shr1mp and oysters pounds a mean typewrrter undecrded about the future but may devote her lrfe to full trme Chrrstran servrce LORRAINE HACKMAN Route 3 Elrzabethtown Lorrame Academrc F N A Infectrous sense of humor pretty naturally curly ha1r lrkes to rce skate, roller skate, and square dance . . . loves those barbecued chrckens, steaks and chocolate cakes . . eff1c1ent wartress at the Clear v1ew Drner . . antrcrpates becommg a future "Florence Nrghtmgale " F.B,L.A. 3g Journalism 2, 3, 4g Yearbook staff 43 . . . 45 ROBERT HAMILTON East Harrisburg Pike Bo Academrc H1 Y 1 Art Club 3 Football 1 3 4 Basketball 2 Key Club 2 3 4 Gym Club 2 3 Chess Club 2 3 4 Track 3 4 Wrestlrng 4 Varsrty Club 4 Home Economrcs Club 4 Muscles'? just a few enjoys sports and dancrng versatrle half back on the grrdrron drrves a blue Chevy convertrble sharp dresser often seen wrth Ed plans to enter the Unrted States Navy QOL! IAMES HECK 142 West Hummelstown Street lm General Band 4 Football 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Basketball 2 Baseball 1 Home Ec onomrcs Club 4 Current Events Club 4 Art Club 4 Always seen and always heard crazy sense of humor favorrte hobbres are sports and eatrng keeps the shoe factory lrvely durrng the summer undecrded about the future J ETHEL HEISEY Route 1 Elrzabethtown Ethel General Attractrvely groomed harr gen1al personalrty frnds relaxatron rn swrmmrng fr1ed chrcken rates hrgh on her l1st of favorrte foods could do wrthout P O D not qurte defrnrte about the future but we hope rt wrll be a successful one Ethel JOYCE HEISEY Rheems Pa JO Commercral Yearbook Lrterary staff 4 Trr H1 Y 1 F H A 4 Current Events Club 4 an Very seldom quret frequents Troprcal Treat her hobb1es rnclude q""' swrmmrng and clancrng Drrvers Beware' Y ' Joyce has her lrcense often seen wrth Lors and Maryann prrde and joy her long frn gernarls future undecrded H bl! ' ' 1 1 111 1 111 11 111 11 1 1 1 A qw -' ... ..- ' ... 0.1 ... ... 1 nJ',v 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 ... ... ... - 1 n n ... -.. ,,, ... ...-.. , . , . nn - 1 " 1-1-1 1 ... 1.1 .. . . LW' ... , ...' ..- -1. I " JOSEPH EDWIN HERSHEY 44 College Avenue oe Acadernrc Football 1 2 3 4 Track 2 3 4 Gym Club 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 Home Economrcs Club 4 Presrdent 4 Wrestlrng 4 H1 Y 1 Rugged physrque enjoys sports and dancrng drrves a green Chevy holds down the POSIIIOH of tackle on the football team spends hrs summers stockrng shelves at Levr Hershey s defrnrtely rn favor of the opposrte sex w1ll sarl the seven seas followrng graduatron DALE HESS Route 3 Elrzabethtown Dale lndustrral Arts Art Club 2 3 4 Track 4 A quret member of our class enjoys parntrng rn hrs spare trme avrd nurnrsmatrst very fond of chrcken rrce soup worked HS 2 carpenter over the summer after graduatron Dale wrll contrnue hrs carpentry and take a draftrng course through correspondence I AMES HETRICH 20 North Hess Avenue rm Full Academ1c Student Counc1l 1 3 Key Club 4 Engrneerrng Club 4 Vlce Presrdent 4 Quret untrl you get to know hrml clever sense of humor dustrrous rnathematrcal wrzard keeps those French classes lrve y enjoys all sports clerk at Dave s Grocery wonder why? hasn t defrnrtely decrded on a future vocatron but wrll be a success 1n what ever he does HAROLD HILSHER Route 3 Elrzabethtown Harold Agrrcultural F F A 3 4 Current Events Club 4 Enjoys readrng current events and hrstory books happrest when meat loaf and french frres are near works hard on hrs father s farm plans to become a farm r specralrzrng rn poultry ..I.. . ,..: .,: ,,: ' .,: 4 ' . ' : ':'-s . . . , .. . , ,.: : 2 . '.: s" .'-' 9 '-' ...in- l...' ' - l ...,Q Q D 'Y Q JAMES M HOAGLAND 602 Sunset Drrve Hgagy Agrrcultural Football 1 Uohnathan Dayton Regronal Hrghl F F A 1 CJDRHJ School Pa per 3 fwurtsmrth H1ghJ Baseball 2 3 QWHJ Vrsual A1ds Projectron Club 4 F F A 4 Baseball 4 Came from Wurtsmrth l-hgh rn h1s Senlor year congenral personalrty subtle sense of humor rndustrrous and s1ncere huntrng en thusrast works at John Copenhaver s plans to take up agrrculture at Penn State NELSON HOLLINGER Route 3 Elrzabethtown Nels Academrc Has two mam rnterests cars and grrls proud owner of a blue and whrte Ford Farrlane can eat a hot dog or sub anytrme summer t1me f1nds Nels hard at work on the farm always knows the latest jokes has no defrnrte plans for the future SANDRA ANN HORST 842 North Market Street Sandy Academrc 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 Ir Crass Play Sr Class Play F N A 3 4 F T A 4 Hockey Mxnager 2 3 4 Iournalrsm Club 1 2 3 4 Feature Ed1tor 2 Club Ed1tor 3 Co Ed1tor 4 Yearbook Photography Ed1tor 4 Attractrve blonde wrth a low vo1ce excellent swrmmer and drver enjoys all sports draws and reads rn spare moments whrch are few and far between a frrend of everyone frrst rate hockey manager wrll be a defmrte asset to the nursrng freld EDWARD HORTING 37 South W11son Avenue Ed Academrc Canteen COUHC111 2 3 4 Sr Band 1 2 3 4 Sr Orchestra 1 2 3 4 The outdoorsman personrfred av1d huntrng frshrng and camplng en thusrast could lrve on frled chrcken or submarrnes frequents the Canteen after graduatron rt s a career rn the Navy or Arr Force for Ed ' V4 LLM: iz Mellodears 15 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 Projection Club 35 Art Club 3, 45 Gym Club 3, JOYCE O JONES 323 West Hrgh Street Drz Academrc Hockey 1 2 3 4 Cheerleadrng 1 2 3 4 Captarn 4 Tennrs 2 3 4 Student Counc1l3 Treasurer 3 Canteen COUHC112 3 4 Secretary 3 4 Journalrsm 2 3 4 Co Sports Edrtor 4 Ir Class Play Sr Class Play Gym Club 3 Current Events Club 4 Presrdent 4 Engrneerrng Club 4 Mu Alpha Theta 4 Yearbook Lrterary Staff 4 Peppy brunette well lrked by all drslrkes her nrckname ways busy has a cravrng for candy apples works as a wartress at Aunt Sally s Krtchen wrll major rn physrcal educatron at West Chester State Teacher s College JUDITH MARLENE JONES 422 Hrghlawn Avenue Judy Academrc Trr H1 Y 1 2 3 4 Secretary 1 Chaplarn 2 Presrdent 3 4 F N A 3 Canteen Councrl 3 4 Vrce Presrdent 3 Presrdent 4 Journalrsm 2 3 4 Ed rtor 4 Ir Class Play Sr Class Play Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 Dramatrcs Club 4 Presrdent 4 Sparklrng personalrty affable and pleasant always has a frrendly smrle for everyone expert cook and seam tress enthusrastrc sports spectator hard workrng edrtor of the Blue and Whrte may be headed for Penn State ROBERT JOHN KEDELL 508 East Hummelstown Street Bob Industrral Arts Football 2 Track 1 Baseball 1 Letterman s Club 1 Basketball Manager 1 fDesert Hrghj A newcomer to our class from Desert Hrgh spends hrs spare trme work mg on cars spaghettr rates hrgh on hrs menu ardent sports fan erther as spectator or partrcrpant bus boy for Howard Johnson s rndefrnrte about hrs future plans ARTHUR KAYLOR Route 3 Elrzabethtown Nr Industrral Arts Baseball 1 Football 1 Gym Club 1 H1 Y 1 Fascrnated by horses loves to go horse back rrdrng rn hrs spare trme amrable rs rnterested rn hot rods and motorcycles another en thusrastrc advocate of ltalran foods undecrded about the future 11-11 - 1111 1111 1 111 1 1 111 11 R ,,, - 5. , . , , 1 1 1 1 1 -.. ..- ,. . .. . . 3 .-. , 1 . 11 11 - 1. . . " 1111 1 1 11---1 11 ' 1 1 111 ' 1- 1- 1 1 1 1 - ... S .-. ... ' ... vw 11 . . . . ' . 1 1 1 1 1 1 ... ' ... ... " . .. - Li, ... ..- ,- . .. . W 1 vv-P11 ' 1 1 1' 1 "- ' ..- ... .-1 ' ... . SHARON E. KAYLOR Route 2, Elizabethtown "Sharon" Commercia Safety COUIlC11fSIC61 Highj Tri H1 Y 4 ReJo1ned our class this year types a mean streak enJoys skating rn her spare time plays the squeeze box plans to attend Thompson Business College GEORGE KEELEY 323 Orange Street George Commercial Mellomen 1 Hr Y 1 Collector of stamps also an avid numismatist favorite sport swimming rock and roll fan can t get enough pizza or spa ghettr ticket taker at the Moose Theater plans to make the Army or Navy his career NAOMI KERN Route2 Elizabethtown Dollre Academic Trl H1 Y 1 2 F N A 3 4 Chorus 2 Current Events Club 4 list of favorite foods favorite pastime ice skating spends a lot of time reading and sewing would like to become a mf dical secre tary or a hairdresser sure to succeed in elther venture JANE E KNILEY 27 South Poplar Street ane Academic Chorus 2 3 4 F T A 2 3 4 Vice President 3 Journalism 2 3 4 Hoc key 1 2 3 4 Tri H1 Y 1 2 Vice Pres1dent 1 Varsity Club 3 4 Yearbook Literary Editor Ir Class Play Intramurals 4 Class l-lrstor1an 4 Quintet 3 4 Short and cute a lover of charcoal grilled steaks enjoys read ing and sports a Johnny Mathis fan plans to attend Millersville State Teacher s College U . Z .- .- z , . '- '- . 9 . . - . s : 2 Short and -:nte . . . rates spaghetti, pizza, and fried chicken high on her III ll ' 1 1 5 - 1 - 1 1 I ' ' I I Q 1 1 3 ' 1 v 1 1 I' g' I 1 . ' , 3 . 1 1 , : THOMAS C KOSER Route 1 Ellzabethtown Tom lndustrral Arts Photography Club 4 Practrcal Joker has a cravlng for french frres enjoys baseball and huntrng hard worker at a local darry second home the shop rooms not qulte defrnlte about hrs future yet VICTORIA LEE KOSER 4 East Park Street Vrckr Academrc Trr H1 Y2 F N A 3 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Captaln of Majorefte 3 4 Cur rent Events Club 4 A majorette any class could be proud of adept spaghetu sprnner rndustrrous worker rn the shoe factory durrng the summer has a warm sm11e for everyone hopes to attend the General Hosprtal School of Nursrng sure to make a perfect R N FRANK LANDIS Route 1 Elrzabethtown Frankle lndustrral Arts Gym Club 3 Chorus 1 Progresslve Musrc Club 4 Engrossed 1n m tal shop work much of the tlme enjoys a good argu ment any day actrve contrrbutor to P O D drscussrons peps up the 12 3 Engllsh classes relrshes a thrcx jurcy steak hopes to attend a WISCOHSIH trade school EDWARD LANGHAM 319 Lemon Street Academrc Art Club 2 Home E onomrcs Club 4 Frrendly attendant at the Sunoco Gas Statlon loquacrous can al ways f1nd room for a whole przza pre often seen whrzzrng by on hrs motorcycle future ambrtron rs to become an Arr Force prlot may the best be yours Ed 1 n vv ' 1 ... ... , ... ... " av-'11 ' " 1-'van 1111 -311 ' 1 ... ... ... ... .. 1 11 '11 - 1 1 . 3 . . - ... ... ... - . . .I .. .-. , ... nu - Ed . A ' . 1 '-f n . ... -.1 ' .-1 .11 -1. , . DOLORES F. LEHMAN 154 North Hanover Street Dolly Commerclal Tr1 H1 Y 1 Mellodears 1 Yearbook Lrterary Staff4 F H A 4 Current Events Club 4 Neat and attractlve De11r1ous pedestuans BEWARE Dolly IS behmd the wheell terr1f1c talker 1S forever hungry would walk a m1le for a sub h r future plans are uncertarn IUDITH D LERCH 330 South Market Street udy Academ1c Juruor Play QBo1l1ng Sprrngsj Basketball 2 3 QB S J Scrence Club 1 2 3 QB S 5 F T A 2 3 QB S and Mechamcsburgj Band 1 2 3 QB S and Mechamcsburgj Chorus 2 3 QB S and MJ Newspaper Staff 1 2 3 QB S and M J Yearbook Art Staff 4 Came to us th1s year from Bo1l1ng Sprmgs Hrgh enjoys berng tall Ital1an foods are her favorrtes avocatrons rnclude parntrng and read ln plans to enter M1llersv1lle th1s fall MARTHA F LON G Marty Academlc F H A 2 3 QManhe1mJ Intramural Sports 1 2 3 QManhe1mJ L1brary As srstant 1 2 3 QManhe1mj Offrce Asslstant 2 QManhe1mJ Chorus 1 2 3 4 QManhe1mJ Lrbrary Club QExecut1ve counctl Manhermy F H A 4 Pres rdent 4 Manhe1m Central s loss our gam pretty red ha1r en1oys talklng as a pastrme rellshes chrle con carne wears her Manhe1m class Jacket to our horror plans to enter Catawba College MILDRED F LONGENECKER 1110 South Market Street M11l1e Home Economrcs F B L A 2 3 Treasurer 3 Mellodears 1 Yearbook Staff4 F H A 4 Vrce Presrdent 4 Amrable personal1ty spent her summer workmg at Longenecker s Hatchery wonder why'?'P prefers r1d1ng IH a brown and whrte Ford goes for spaghetu and przza 1n a brg way skatlng tops her lrst of favorrte sports wrll make a top notch housew1fe for some lucky gu .-.-9 3 . :...: 2 . ...H " u'.. - , - ' . D . VII 11 ' ' " 'g ,, ..:' -.:..-,, 1. . : syn no D 3 rf -f -Q our - Route 3, Elizabethtown "'!D .: il! lg. - ' li! 'S . . I .B Sl!! 5. , ., - 9 , I... lf.. I I : : g...,- y. DONNA LEE MANAHAN Elrzabethtown R D 4191 Donna Commercral Trr H1 Y 1 F B L A 2 3 Yearbook Staff4 Is she really QUICK? can often be found workrng 1n Paxton s ways has room for a sub or steak sandwrch car trouble? never' IS sure to bnghten up any offrce after graduatron ALBERT MARTIN Arch Street lndustrral Arts Band 1 2 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 Key Club 2 3 4 Basketball 1 4 One of the taller members of our class keeps h1s classmates rn strtches a real lrve w1re durrng summer fable electrrclanj f1sh1ng en thusrast why teachers get gray ha1r hopes to attend Hershey Vo cat1onal Trade School BONNIE L MART Z 329 East W1llow Street Bonnre Full Academrc erary Staff 4 F T A 2 Smooth blonde page boy author of many rnterestrng storres en Joys lrstenrng to class1cal musrc an actrve member of Y F C crazy about hamburgers and root beer keeps the Blue and Whrte l1ve ly as 1ts able features edrtor plans to enter Columora Brble College PEARL E MCFALLS 520 Park Street M1CkCY Commercral F B L A 2 3 Student Councrl 2 3 Junror and Senror Plays Trl H1 Y 1 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 Good thrngs do come rn small packages always grgglrng about some thrng drools over spaghetu frequents the Canteen w1th that cer tarn guy a hard workrng secretary at Carpenters Insurance offrce w111 cont1nue m that vocatlon followrng hlgh school ' .... ' ' ' . . . al- L NAI!! ' Tri -Hi-Y 1, 2, 35 Joumalism Club 2, 3, 4, Features Editor 4: Yearbook Lit- GERALD MILLER Rheems Pa Gerry Academrc Current Events Club 4 D1s11kes a certarn n1ckname of h1s dotes on hamburgers and french fnes t1ckles the 1vor1es on both plano and organ cheerful smxle for everyone we wxsh h1m success 1n whatever he does HARRY MILLER 120 North Market Street Harry Academrc Sc1ence Club 1 Chess Club 2 3 4 Electromcs wrzard 11kes huntrng and other outdoor 3CI1V1t16S can usually be seen w1th Gary plays an excellent game of chess College bound to become an eng1neer WILLIAM MCLAUGHLIN 37 South Market Street B1 Industrral Arts Sp1r1ted supporter of all athletrc events av1d motorcycllst e 1shes real Italran przza employed durrng the summer 1n housrng con structlon wrll enter the Armed Serv1ces followmg graduatron E LOIS MILLER Route 2 Elrzabethtown Lo1s Commercral Kn1tt1ng Club 2 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 F H A 4 Pleasant personalrty enjoys sk1mm1ng over the 1ce dur1ng those cold wrnter months loves a th1ck m1lkshake pounds a mean type wrrter IS undecrded about the future nl11H ' " I ' ' ' ...rl- l , . s ' : ,.: JANET LOUISE MILLER Route 3 Elizabethtown Janet Commercial Student Council 2 F B L A 3 Vice Pres1dent3 YearbookBus1ness Staff4 Carefully groom d dark hair a friendly gal with a smile for everyone soft spoken fried chicken ranks high on her list of favorite foods as a future secretary she will add a touch of perfectron to any offrce KENNETH MILLER Route 1 Bainbridge Ken General Football 4 Varsity Club 4 Home Economics Club 4 Redhead minus the temper member of the mighty Bears pr1v1 leged to own a 59 Buick a constant buddy of Sisson s prefers going to other people s parties will be an asset to any field he enters DEANNA JEAN MINICK Route 1 Elrzabethtown Mrnrck Academic Possesses beautiful golden hair constant companions are Julie and Rosene relrshes barbeques and submarines always knows the latest hrt tunes her future plans include a nursing career at Temple Unrversrty MARY JANE MOORE 102 West High Street Molly Full Academrc Hockey 1 2 3 4 Varsity Club 4 Mellodears 1 President 1 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Tri H1 Y 1 2 F T A 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Girls Quintet 3 4 Journalism Club 2 3 4 Girls Intramurals 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Lustrous page boy infectious giggle peppy left halfback on the Girls Hockey Team fashions many of her own clothes eagerly anticipates entering Hood College next fall Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g Knitting Club 2g F.N.A. 3, 4g Yearbook Literary Staff 45 1 IEANETTE T MUMMAU Route 1 Elrzabethtown Ian Home Economrcs F B L A 2 3 Reporter 2 Yearbook Staff 4 Greets everyone wrth a frrendly hello deserves honors for her home made creat1ons cooks food that would trckle any gourmet s palate takes an actrve part rn many church actrvrtres lookrng forward to becomrng an effrcrent housewrfe for some lucky guy GARY C MYER 316 North Poplar Street Gary General Short and blonde ardent sports fan favorrte lersure trme act1v1 tres frshrng and huntrng fascrnated by the art of prrntrng spends much of hrs t1me workrng on the town Chronrcle hopes to contmue rn thrs vocatron followmg graduatron WILLIAM T MOORE 526 North Spruce Street B1 Full Academrc Baseball 2 3 4 Chess Club 2 3 Meteorology Club 4 Engrneerrng Club 4 Mu Alpha Theta 4 Walkrng encyclopedra on baseball lore has a passron for saber toothed goldfrnchesw sports enthusrast concocts many rngenrous Englrsh sentences keenly rnterested rn math and scrence hopes to enter Drexel followrng graduation KATHLEEN M MORRIS Route 3 Elrzabethtown Kathy Commercral F B L A 2 Kn1tt1ng Club 2 Iournalrsm 3 Yearbook staff 4 Constantly grgglrng cute rn every way talks a mrle a mrnute expert frozen custard curler seldom seen wrthout Donna competent typrst asprres to pursue a secretarral career u'n ' ll :fl on 1 1 n .-. ' 9 n u ' ....l I 1 r .,. ..- ,,, ... --- 9 un ' ""1s n u ' f n n . . , ... ... ... n n n.. ... ' ..- Frog General Dark and handsome always trnkermg around h1s 54 Chevy o hrs bu11d from eatrng steak and more steak mrschrevous grtn carefree after graduat1on he plans to sa1l the seven seas I un1or Agrxculture FFA Lanky lad from Barnbrrdge greatest des1re ts to own a Cadtllac oddly enough enJoys waxmg cars delrghts rn catchrng frsh then con sumrng them enjoys worktng rn hrs father s store another Future Farmer of Amerrca WARREN I. MYER Route 3 Ehzabethtown Waren Commercral Possesses a keen sense of humor rugged outdoorsman overJoyed when Southern frted chrcken IS placed before h1m exDert at usrng erther a f1sh1ng rod or shotgun eagerly antlclpates graduatron LUCILLE K MYERS Barnbrrdge Pa Lucy Academrc Trl I-I1 Y 1 2 3 4 F T A 3 4 Journalrsm Club 3 4 Club Edrtor 4 Cur rent Events Club 4 Commutes da1ly from Bambrrdge better known as Yeul loyal frrend of Sally and Judy one of Grant s perky clerks pet peeve dolng her phystcs homework bound to be one of the best school marm s ever LARRY NISSLEY FOSTER NOLL IR R D 1 Barnbudge Route 1, Elizabethtown . . . ' ' ' ' . . . g r W l l N . . . 3,43 GARY A OWEN 151 West Hrgh Street Gary Academ1c Football 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 4 Nonchalant and easy gorng carrot top another member of our great football team one of the many enthuslastlc hunters 1n our class slaves away at the M8SOH1C Homes durrng the summer hopes to nter Penn State followrng graduatlon DOUGLAS PAINTER 350 Park Street Doug General Academ1c Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Enthus1ast1c motorcycllst f1nds f1sh1ng a pleasant d1vers1on ad vocates outlawmg early mornrng band practxces part trme employee of the Garber Motor Company begurllng sm11e plans to enter the A1r Force HELEN OBERHOLTZER Route 3 Elrzabethtown Helen Commerc1al Kmttmg Club 3 4 Cool calm and collected keeps those knrttrng needles ilashrng benrgn d1spos1t1on actrvely rnterested 1n church work frnds readrng a relaxrng but strmulatrng pastrme her future plans are un certarn JAMES E OBERHOLTZER Route 1 Elrzabethtown Ob1e Full Academ1c Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Meteorology Club 4 Engrneerrng Club 4 Presrdent 4 Mu Alpha Theta 4 Asslduous student huntrng and frshrng enthus1ast mathematrcal wrzard Natronal Merrt Scholarshrp sem1 fmalrst clever come dran toots a clarrnet rn the band hopes to become an electron rcs engrneer 9 n vu ' rv , , ... -an --Q ... ..- 1 rv-n ' Inf: run: r D r n ... --- ... " -.- " ,,. ... ' N . n n ' :lr 1 ... ' n., l.. -.. ... 5 . . V . vu n ' vars lsr: 1-. n.. ..- ... ..- I TIMOTHY O PATSCHKE 443 Hrghlawn Avenue Trm Full Academrc Football 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 Key Club 1 2 3 4 Presrdent 4 Varsrty Club 3 4 Vrce Pres1dent3 Pres1dent4 Canteen Counc1l2 3 4 Presrdent 3 Vrce Presrdent 4 Mechan1ca1Draw1ng Club 3 Class Presrdent 2 3 Iunror Class Play Tall and handsome all around athlete worthy holder of the G11 Shrrk Memortal Trophy enjoys outdoor lrfe one of the best dressed masculrne members of our class leadmg man ln the Junror class play plans to further hrs studres rn the freld of brology BEVERLEE PERRY 440 North Mt Joy Street Bev General Academrc Band 1 2 CV1rg1n1aJ F H A 1 2 fV1rg1n1aJ Cheerlead1ng2 fVa j G A A 1 2 fVa J Basketball 1 2 Co captain CVa J lunror Red Cross A Welcome addrtron to our class sharp dresser smoothre on the dance floor enjoys drrvrng a certarn green Ford employed by Grant s sparklrng personalrty attractrve brown harr plans to study medlcal technology after graduatron DUSTIN PETERS 30 Summrt Street Dusty Academtc Basketball 2 3 4 Football 2 Chess Club 2 3 4 H1 Y 1 2 Treasurer 2 1-llstory Club 4 Handles that ball sk1llful1y on the basketball floor could l1ve on ham burgers smooth dancer wrtty bowlmg enthusrast takes lrfe tn h1s strrde never rn a hurry future plans strll rndefrnrte RICHARD PRESCOTT Barnbrldge Pa D1ck Academrc Junror Hr Y 1 Iumor Band 1 Small but mrghty always has a mrschrevous glrnt rn h1s eyes completely unpredrctable part trme mrlkman at Mumper s Darry natural stream and trout man can t resrst lobster tarl wrth golden brown butter uncertarn about hrs future plans I . l Council 1,2, fVa.lg F.B.L.A. 33 Tri-Hi-Y 3,41 Yearbook Staff 4: F.N. . 45 ALIDA JANE RANK Route 1 Barnbrrdge Pudgy Commercral Proud of her long brown pony tarl usually seen wrth Carolyn rsts ltalran foods at the top of her favorrte menu frequents roller skatrng rrnks for a favorrte source of lersure actrvrty also enjoys swrmmrng and water sports devotes much of her spare trm to baby srttrng not defrnrte about her future plans SHIRLEY REED 525 South Spruce Street Shrrley Full Academrc Hockey 1 2 3 4 Eng neerrng Club 3 4 Orch stra 1 2 3 4 Concertmers ter 4 F N A 3 4 F T A 2 Chess Club 2 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Grrls Chorus 1 Yearbook Staff 4 Trr H1 Y 1 Mu Alpha Theta 4 One of our taller grrls long blonde harr avrd sports fan talented musrcran usually seen wrth Joyce effrcrent wartress at the MHSOHIC Homes w1ll major rn brology rn college SALLY ANN RINGLABEN 550 North Locust Street Student Councrl 1 2 4 Tr1 l-lr Y 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 V1ce Presrdent 4 Canteen Councrl 3 4 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 Class Hrstorran 2 Band Front 3 Dramatrcs Club 4 V1ce Presrdent 4 Senror Class Play Frrendly smrle for everyone sparklrng personalrty farthful slave at Grant s always grgglrng about somethrng drd anyone say plz za?" excellent dancer often seen wrth Judy Lucy or Gerb plans to attend Elrzabethtown College MARGARET ANN RISSER 319 East I-hgh Street Peggy Commercral Tr1 H1 Y 1 F B L A 2 3 Lrbrary Staff2 3 4 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 Actrve 1n church work enjoys roller skatmg keeps the marlman busy wrth all those letters Mrss Mengel s grrl Fuday rn the lrbrary lrkes her shoo fly pre gooey pleasant smrle wrll make a top notch secretary I . 'Q l. aaa ,,,: i ' .: 2.2 ,,., '- :-. . ,:- . -: :' ,,: " : : '-'- : : "Sally" Full Academic ' 11: .'.' lsr: l . ' . 9 ' ,J ' 5 ' ' : J . ,.- . : . 2 . ,... , , Il IV ' '-'- ,:' ,.: ' s MELO RISSER Route 3 Ehzabethtown Butch Academrc Iorned us rn tenth grade Drck s srde krck w1l1 eat almost any thrng enjoys swrmmmg and deep sea frshing lrvens up room 61 after graduatron rt s off to the w11d blue yonder for Butch DORIS GAIL RITCHIE South Penn Street Itch Commercral Iournalxsm Club 2 3 4 Sports Edrtor 4 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 Trr H1 Y 1 2 F B L A 2 Cooperatrve Work Plan 4 Peps up any classroom drrves a real nrfty Chevy often seen wrth udy terrrfrc dancer snappy dresser loves sea foods es pecrally lobster wrll contrnue workrng at Carpenter s followrng grad uauon JULIA ANN ROBBINS 31 Cottage Avenue Judy Commercral Pearl s partner 1n crrme proud owner of a brrght red convertrble V1VaC1OUS rnfectrous laugh goes for hamburgers and cokes IH a b1 way worked hard all summer at the Credrt Bureau her fu ture plans rnclude a secretarlal career I ANNA ROYER 148 1f2 East H1gh Street Ann Commerctal Trl H1 Y 1 Iuruor I-hgh Chorus 1 Current Events Club 4 F I-I A 4 A bundle of fun hard workrng car hop at Troprcal Treat could eat Italran foods mght and day loves dancrng and roller skatrng could lrve w1thout school busmess college here she comes' I rr H - . . .,. . . ill Ito - ... ..- . ., . ... , . 1 ll II ' il! I l -- ,,...., , ... ... I , . . . . , . - ... n 1. - , . . . . ... ..- ... ... g ... ... ' YI Il ' " 1 u 1--Ov ... ... ... ... X Marty General Art Club 2 Kmttmg Club 3 Keen sense of humor speedy on the gym class hockey freld hard workrng country gal favonte food fresh country ham often seen but SCLJOITZ heard undec1ded about her future plans Charl1e Academrc Basketball 3 4 Current Events Club 4 Really knows h1s way around on the basketball floor returned to us from Donegal often seen wrth Jerry spends hrs spare trrne rn the great outdoors college bound after graduatron best of luck rn the future Charl1e BONNIE ROYER 813 South Spruce Street Bonnre Home Economrcs F H A 4 Yearbook Busrness Staff4 Tn H1 Y 1 2 Short and cute another one of W T Grant s farthful employees always an actrve partrclpator rn class act1v1t1es another przza fan presently attends Dot Beth School for Beautrcrans rn Lancaster best of luck 1n that chosen f1eld WILBUR RUHL Route 3 Elrzabethtown Wrllre Commerc1a1 Has a frrendly smrle for everyone rugged outdoorsman especrally en joys huntmg rates swrmmrng as hrs favonte sport fmds farm l1fe hard work can t resrst hamburger barbecues wants to be come a construct1on worker we W1Sh h1m success rn the future MARTHA SAYLOR Route 3 Elrzabethtown CHARLESE SHAFFNER Rheems Pa n 'n - . ' . '-', . "'I 9 It , . ... nf .- -.. can " ..- . 9 n-'u ' o.. ' ... ..- . , . - ... ..- ..- . w s 1 uv vs I 1 ... ... ..- ' ..- ... 0 . , . vw 'u - as 1 ... ln. .nu --. ' ... , . VERNON E. SHANK Route 1, Bainbridge Vern Agrrcultural Another spaghetti fiend a great sportsman especially when it comes to hunting or frshtng frn season of coursej shorter member of the sen ror class always willing to lend a helprng hand best of luck for a successful future JAMES SHEAFFER 36 North Spruce Street 1m Academic One of the quieter members of our class another advocate of steak and pizza in his spare time he does a lot of huntrng and frshmg decidedly different laugh nonchalant and carefree not definite about h1s future plans MARLIN F SHENK Route 3 Elizabethtown Marlin Commercial Dark curly hair whiz rn bookkeeping blushes easily often wiches and hamburgers h1s future plans include working for h1s father on their farm MYRNA SCHOENBERGER 553 East Park Street Myrn Academic Newspaper Staff 1 3 QWurtsm1th Hrghj Junior Red Cross Council 3 fW H J Class Secretary 1 QW H J Class Vice President 2 QW H Q Current Events Club 4 Vice President 4 Yearbook Staff 4 Journalism 4 Short and attractrve shiny black pageboy has a smile for every one collects popular records smooth dancer craves french fries and steaks falls for the big men future plans are indefinite sure to be a success in whatever she does HJ' ll ' seen with Wilbur . . . little but mighty . . . really goes for steak sand- IOAN SIKORSKI 215 Lemon Street Ioanre General Art Club 2 Presrdent 2 Chess Club 2 Mechanrcal Drawrng Club 3 Stu dent Councrl 3 4 Trr Hr Y l 2 Yearbook Staff Art Edrtor 4 Energetrc and capable yearbook art edrtor lrkes to dabble rn orls can usually be seen rrdrng rn a lavender Mercury asset to Staab s Studro bound to succeed rn any freld of art whrch she chooses CARL EDWARD SISSON IR 222 East Cherry Street Academrc Football 3 4 Track 1 2 3 4 Wrestlrng 4 Varsrty Club 4 Key Club 3 4 Yearbook Busrness Staff 4 E town s grit from the south y all tall and blond frrendly dom seen wrthout Bob avrd rce hockey fan steaks and mrlk shakes rank hrgh on hrs lrst of favorrte foods plans to enter crvrl en grneerrng school or follow a mrlrtary career JACK R SMEDLEY Route 1 Barnbrrdge Jack Commercral Short and quret member of the senror class studrous an actrve partrcrpant rn Y F C ardent sports fan loves chocolate nut sundaes spent hrs summer workrng on a farm after hrgh school he plans to enter Moody Brble Instrtute MARVIN SMITH 807 Spruce Street Smrtty Industrral Arts Interested rn cars and hot rods especrally proud of hrs own green Pontrac our mechanrc effrcrent and pleasant attendant at Newcomer s Servrce Statron devours ham and potatoes wrth gusto Al s other half would lrke to be a heavy machrne operator . ' : : ' ' : ' ' . : '- '- , : . ' : l 1 , . nEd1O ' , : . . , : ' : ' s . : personality . . . there's never a dull moment when Ed's around . . . sel- NANCY J SMITH 454 Highlawn Avenue Nancy Academic F N A 3 4 Senior Mixed Chorus 3 4 Tri H1 Y 1 2 Oh no' loves spaghettl and pizza enJoys reading and swim ming active rn church act1v1t1es another one of those enthusl ast1c physics students dark brown eyes and light brown hair a win ning combination will be a future lady in white JANET ROSENE SNAVELY Route 3 Ehzabethtown Rosie Academic F N A 3 4 Knitting Club 3 Mixed Chorus 4 Tri H1 Y 1 2 Yearbook Literary Staff 4 You re a panic' congenral 1ce skatrng music and readmg chocolate malted milk shakes irresistable typical woman drrver plans to attend Bible College HELEN D SNYDER Route 3 Elizabethtown Helen Commercial Iovial sp1r1t and friendly manner spare time spent drawing and paint in relishes Italian pizza collector of popular records whiz on the typewrlter keyboard undecided about her future plans SANDRA I STILLWAGNER 563 East High Street Sandy Full Academic Hockey 1 2 3 4 Tennis 2 3 4 Tri H1 Y 1 2 3 Treasurer2 F N A 3 4 President 4 Iournallsm 2 3 4 Canteen Council 3 4 Varsity Club 4 Yearbook Literary staff 4 Did someone say Red 'P high scoring left mner on the hockey team expertly marupulates a tennis racket prefers her man tall with a flat top proud of the fact that she has attended all sports events for the past three years . w111 make a pleasant addition to any hospital - - . .1 ' ' ,: '- '- ,: H , .n... , ' ... D I I ' l l . . . .: " 1 ' : '- '- .1 Q H ' I ."... ' -..' . , I, l fill her leisure hours . . . active member of Y.F.C. . . . finds pizza or D 'g... ' ' ' ...a l 1 1 ni I n 1: i' I' n 2 1 1. . - 1 . ' : ' , .1 -' ,s ' : JULIE A SWOPE Route 1 Marretta Juhe Academrc Tr1H1Y2FTA 3 Tarlors much of her own wardrobe possesses a ready sense of humor Deanna s other half one of the Brg Three versatrle ath lete bound to be an asset to the Lancaster General Hosprtal N ANCY WAGNER Route 1 Elrzabethtown Chrck General Band 1 2 Orchestra 1 Vrvacrous blonde anyone have any buffalo head n1ckels'P motor cycle enthusrast could there be a specral reason? lrves up to her nlckname by lrstrng chrcken as her favorrte food certarn to be an ex cellent housewrfe for that specral guy BARRY STYER 336 Snyder Avenue Smokey General Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Basketball 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 2 3 4 H1 Y 1 2 Home Economrcs 4 Knows hrs way around on the grrdrron expertly partrcrpates 1n any sport wrelds a wrcked hammer whrle workrng as a carpenter lrghtens many P O D drscussrons future plans are undecrded MARY JANE SWEIGART 945 Turnprke Road Mary Jane Commercral H1 Y 1 4 F B L A Unforgettable laugh lrttle but mrghty takes prrde rn her long blonde tresses looks forward to those cold months when she can rn uncle s store her plans for the future are 1ndef1n1te . , , 1 , , : , , : ' , , : I' 1 Q . 3 . . . ' ' ' ' . . . en- Tri- '- , Q . . . . 1,23 dulge in her favorite pastime - ice skating . . . puts in many hours at her , . . . '- '- 3 . . . ,4g 1 , 1 : DONALD R WALTERS Masonrc Homes Don Academlc H1 Y 1 2 Band 2 3 4 Orchestra 1 2 3 Chess Club 2 3 4 Senror Class Play Top notch organrst and p1an1st lone I-lomesre of the semor class dancer par excellence successfully portrayed the mrschrevous lrttle brother rn our senror class play plans to pursue a career rn the freld of bustness admtnrstratron RALPH H WANAMAKER 314 North Hanover Street Tyke Academrc Football 1 2 3 4 Baseball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Varsrty Club 4 Band 1 2 3 4 Orchestra 4 Enjoys sports as both a spectator and partrcrpator smrle an man cheerrng sectron drstrnctrve laugh future plans rnclude at tendrng college DANIEL R WEAVER 915 College Avenue Smtley General Band 1 2 3 4 Baseball 2 3 4 Orchestra 3 4 Football 2 Basketball 1 Vrsrbly lrves up to hrs nrckname farthfully attends orchestra and band practrces works at the Sunoco Gas Statron the car he saves may be your own' enthustastlc frsherman w1ll proudly wear the Arr Force blue K. ABRAM WINTERS Route 2 Elrzabethtown Abe General Takes lrfe slow and easy have gun wrll hunt oh for some delrcrous frred chrcken enjoys roughrng rt along wrth the rest of the outdoorsmen 1n the class hopes to own hrs own farm rn the future '- ,z ,.: ,,: ,.: ' : ' : ,,,I I one need a nickname - just ask Tyke . . . dynamic personality . . . one- ,..: ,.: .5 : : Y ...H s 1 H... , Lloyd Commercial Meteorology Club 4 Class Historian 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Treasurer 4 Intelligent and conscientious student kept an accurate account of our class history during our Junior year spends his leisure time reading skillfully types 70 words per minute will find success in his chosen field Zookie Industrial Arts Wrestling 4- One of the shorter male members of our class . . . finds roller skating an exhilarating pastime . . . usually seen attired in his favorite color - black . . puts his muscles to good use on the wrestling mat . . considers brown clothing quite repulsive . . will become a brick mason following graduation. IENNIE E WINTERS Route 1 Elizabethtown en Home Economics Creative seamstress and culinary artist capable sales clerk at the Silco Store frequent diversion reading short stories another one of our manv spaghetti lovers would like to enter a school for beauticians and continue in that vocation C JEAN ZARFOSS Route 3 Elizabethtown Jean Academic Hockey 1 2 3 4 Cheerleading 3 4 Orchestra 2 3 4 Band 1 2 Varsity Club 3 4 Gym Club 3 Tri H1 Y 1 2 F N A 3 Class Play Prompter 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Possesses many ideas for becoming hair styles displays a wardrobe of stunning clothes speedy right wing on the hockey team enjoys invigorating outdoor sports such as water skiing competent xt aitress at Aunt Sally s Kitchen will enter Elizabethtown College in the fall LLOYD R ZEAGER Route 2 Elizabethtown DONALD ZOOK Route 3 Elizabethtown 1,2-' Semors survey fust yearbook photos BARBARA A ZUCK Cedar and Chestnut Streets Zuckle Full Academlc Chorus 1 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Hockey l 2 3 4 Cap tam 4 Student Counc1l2 4 V1ce Presldent 4 Iournalrsm 2 3 4 Musrc Edrtor 4 F T A 2 3 4 Iunlor Class Play Varsrty C1ub2 3 4 Grrls Quln tet 3 4 Yearbook Edltor 4 Tall and attractlve versat1le gal hard hrttlng center halfback on the hockey team eff1c1ent edrtor of the Yearbook subtle sense of humor college bound to become a future school marm SENHUR SNAPS Jubllarlt hockey champs Portrayal of a crazy assembly l Lucy and Marga'P'P SCHIOISA79 Baby Hughle Grven the frnal touch NS 5 Q mf? JTUN OR LL ASS An rndustrrous and hard workrng class the Jun1ors have proved therr capabrlmes through thelr ambrtrous efforts at the foodstand durrng football season X hosts to the Iunror Senror Prom they also drd a splendrd Job Eagerly ant1c1 patrng the1r semor year thrs class wrll have no drfflculty rn takrng over where we left off SFATED Barbara Wenger Hrstorran Carol Werdner Secretary STANDING Howard Jones Vrce Presrclent Ed Carskadon Presrdent Barry Rernhold Treasurer ROW C Rrsser C Lrnn C Carmrchael S Baker W Chrrst H Rrsser I Sprckler I Hersey THIRD ROW J Carl R Palmer B Rernhold I Royer W Dupes M Boyer I Wrthers C Metzler FOURTH ROW N Martln D Smlth D Westover J Yohn M Lewrs D Moyer B Embry R Brubaker B Bentzel .L FIRST ROW L Stewart P Nelson G Srkorskr I Wert S Hrller M Horne H Hoff man SECOND ROW C Barr G Krshbaugh, V Gobrecht B Gottry P Grreder Wlley M W1ll1ams C Swelgart THIRD ROW W Kready T Otrs, G. Grerner Loser, R Snyder, R Koch K Zeager FOURTH ROW F Boylan E Puchaty K Ka lor, M. Ropka, D. Pfautz, R. Best, G. Funk, L. Forry 70 S y 1 , .4 'W 1 I . :S - ' " -r ' is l ff: : 2 1 ' FIRST ROW: 1. Gibble, C. Good, R. Sauble, J. Groff, D. Snyder, H. Heigel. SECOND . : . , . ' . , . , . ' , M. . . , . . 1 . , . , . y- l""'!'li FIRST ROW P Hollrnger R Brubaker R Gephard N Thome S Dertrrch C Hornrng SICOND ROW H Webb Mr Hersey N Johnson S Harn M Jacoby B Roadarmel THIRD ROW E Grsh S Serbert I Kurtz H Jones K Helm S Mrley FOURTH ROW B Wenger E Whrte E Carskadon B Frke R Neumann L Kaylor .5 FIRST ROW R Floyd L Gutshall P Tyson D Ebersole R Snyder B Myerhoffer P McCollough S Hossler SECOND ROW G Valentrne H Stone S Sager B Herr A Berrrer M Shelly G Ream D Styer R Whrtman THIRD ROW I Myers N Snyder B Bresecker D Mrnrck R Redcay R Mumper R Mrller I Smlth FOURTH ROW G Reed R Zerphey W Keck K Harnes D Barr I Barnes M DeArm1tt P Greman P Ober k...lm Bl! FIRST ROW I Fackler M Coble P Schuman P Shank M Rutman I Lovengmger M Landrs C Werdner SECOND ROW V Kauffman M Bush E Sloat L Hetrrch C Shank L Hess D Wood S Ulrrch THIRD ROW B Davrs I Hess E Lshelman M Hatch I Mummau I Barr S Hrxon I Charles K Hummer FOURTH ROW P Wolgemuth D Zook, G. Wagner, K. Fanus, A Shrssler, L. Werdman, J. Wolfyle, B Hershey, C Hoover, B. l-lackenberger, T Ruhl. 7l as 7 . 'ff V . , ..,. J D - A V I ' -sw - rg: '7 k,- R .Q if I 4 ' V ' .v ,: .J , . I 5 , I - 5 . - 5 F 5. . . . . , . , . , . , . , . . . A x . . 4 . . , . , . , . , . , . . I - , . , . , . , . , . . I . , . . , - , - , . , . , . . QP, A . xx , G R ' x N 7 :rv-1 rv? kv O Y' nl L? M- 7 , -as 1 I - - . 1 a , . , 1 , 1 , . , - , u , . 1 I 1 , - , 1 , Q , A . , . , . , . , . . 1 . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . Y ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' Y ' V ' Q ' I ' . f wr yup- ki 3,1 I ,M ,L ,V .uf ff ll: .I .. B 'J ' . ,. ja, , -w .3 L , . F s if Ou , : . , . , . , . , . , . , . 1 0 n I n , . , 0 y I n ' r . , . , . . : . , . , . ' , - . - , . , . , - , - - I n y - SUPHOMURE CLASS An energetrc and enthusrastrc group of students the soph omore class elected class offrcers for the frrst trme thrs year Becomrng more and more famrlrar wrth lrfe rn senror hrgh school they carrred off successfully therr frrst major proJect the selectron of therr class Jackets SEATED Ke1thWe1ss Presrdent Claudrne Kaylor Recordrng Secretary Connre Coul son Treasurer Herb Garber Vrce Presrdent STANDING Terry Maderra Correspondrng Secretary Iohn Englrsh Hrstorran FIRST ROW I Pfautz P Herr B Young E Snyder R Keener I Gerber1ch L Houdeshal SECOND ROW I Farmer D Good R Beck M Hrlsher W Weaver D Florshutz C Strrckler G Fanus THIRD ROW F Schwanger D Crrder D De1tr1ch W Whrte I FIRST ROW B Edye T Wmters I Weaver I Moore E Strrckler B Enck S Grsh I Ibaugh M Aungst SECOND ROW A Mrller S Olwerler I Trostle C Palmer B Mc Lane L Bernhard L Mason D Shank M Hynrcker THIRD ROW S Forney B Herr I Kauffman I Conner R Rutt G Shank G Groff FOURTH ROW F Mrller S Arnold S Taylor R Zug B Turner F Kraft L Borrell G Helm F Hamrlton Beckerg R. Greinerg G. Clementsg V. Witmerg D. Good. 72 ILS nil FIRST ROWz I. Kraybillg C. Spicklerg H. Kraybillg C. Boylang P. Drescherg C. Coulsong E. Lewisg C. Kaylor. SECOND ROW: E. Lerchg M. MillergR. Belserg T. Stoufferg H. Goodg D. MyersgI. Longeneckerg A. Drumheller. THIRD ROW: H. Garberg K. Finkbinerg B. Bowersg D. Brenemang M. Kuhng L. Cummingsg M. Zuckg L. Trego. FOURTH ROW: K. Weissg F. Moquin, I. Mader, T. Burgess, B. Carskadon, M. Devenney, T. Madeira. FIRST ROW C Royer A Ream P Stumpf C Zergler P Shepler C Crownover B Flowers SECOND ROW E Brxler B Iserberg S Gutshall C Serders G Metcalf M Sertz C Stumpf M Htppensteel S Metzler THIRD ROW E Coble I Engle R Hoff man B Mernhardt S Morr1s G Clugston I Lancaster R Ftnk B Young FOURTH ROW E Gerb I Campbell I Stehman I Fry H Smrth D Htestand W Hershey V Bless C Haas FIRST ROW B Mernhart D Gates D Keener M Drawbaugh I Morr1s M Herstand SECOND ROW I Lancaster D Slurk K Rank I Rrne I Iacka P Rrsser P Shenk THIRD ROW I Chtttum M Lookenbrll L Baker E Enck S Wrlson I Ba11ey FOURTH ROW B Troutman K Myer I Grsh M Marun D Roberts I Noll D Swergart L Landrs 73 , F: Ti ' if ' . . r , : . , . , . , . , . , . . . . : . A , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . - , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . a, . 1 Q 1 7. ii vs. .. I : . , . , . , . , . , . - : . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . . z . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . I IL XIIOIR HM HI SCHOOL ROW B McDannc,1 I Bender I Carl V Stoner K Durborrow SECOND ROW S Olverler T Mrller S Snyder M Metzler M Zrmmerman I Hansen I Gantz M Zeager P Baker THIRD ROW G Hersey D Mrller G Stdhman N Long I Gmdet T Rehrer S Mlller C Mrller D Hack V Frsher FOURTH ROW E Eber ole T Gobrecht C Schwanger I Prescott D Derstler F Martrn L Lyter M Patschke R Myers FIRST ROW M Gorsky C Gutshall S Mrley M Davrs S Walters W Hamrlton R Wwgner SECOND ROW I Wetzel I Murphy R Strrckler M Chapman L Vw ltmer R Krshbaugh D MLC urdy E Shoop E Gerhart I Achenbach THIRD ROW M Helsu G Fultz D Raugh N Johnson T Shoemaker I Madara D Holhnger S Riddle D Albrtght FOURTH ROW I Bevllle I Brenner K Anchors D Longene Ret M Byerly R Prerce I Hess H Kroesn I Baker F? FIRST ROW E -Xuley SECOND ROW D. Puchaty, L. Hrndman, P. Fotrey, K. Chastarn, R. Nrssley, B Greene, S H111. THIRD ROW I. Espenshade, T Sprckler, S. Brackb111, Y. Mrlspaw, L. Weaver, L. Z1eg1er,I Swergart, B Runyan. FOURTH ROW D Garman, D Emenhelser, R Parrett, R. Shaeffer, E. R1CCl, O. Ferrarr, C Boyer, B. Aungst S Kurtz D Hoopert A Mc FIRST ROW R Parnter B Ourckle J P P Helgle L Bernhard F Brosey I Morrrs Meckley SECOND ROW G Kremer I Berrrer C Tomen M Charles M Hetrrch Weaver I Groff THIRD ROW C Rrsser S Doner S Booth L Lancaster I Swergart Hersey B Hackman FOURTH ROW K Keener K Wagner I Kretzrng H ONe1I FIRST ROW E Landrs S Crowe R Saylor D Weaver W Baltozer I Qurckle L Reed I Zarfoss SFCOND ROW D Blough R Hrppensteel R Redcay R Steffen B Grngrrch L B1xIer A Greenawalr R Kaylor THIRD ROW H Halblerb T Zeager I Good J Boozer D Coble G Dannelly E Powl J Bevrlacqua 1 Long, fer. SECOND ROW I Shank, C. Wertz, L. Shrrner, I. Brshop, I. Brandt, H. Slesser, P. Metzger, C Smlth. THIRD ROW C. Coble, I. Carn, B A11er, P. Robbmson, D. Robrn son, C. Greene, M. Landrs, C Kuntz, A. Gates. FOURTH ROW I. Wrnsett, L Wrttle, I. Hrlsher, D Good, R. Pf1zenma1er, D Iberson, I. Moyer, P. Mmnrck. , ff. 9 4 ' I I 'I Q 'L - . A ' E. .. I ' .1 . "., . .' , .y . , .V I , Y.. ',, E. , . . : . ' , . , . , . , . ' , R. ' , . . : . , . , . ' , . ' '. T. Owens, B. Barnes, B. Fink. P' D ., . 9:89 5- fa I .. T R I L fills' sf 'mst' at Q FIRST ROW D M11ler F Garman M Drescher F Houdashel B Espenshade I Ruhl D Eckroth SECOND ROW M McK1nney S Saltzer S Myer I Verdekal S Robbrns I Kraybrll I Farmer H Kenderdrne THIRD ROW M Weaver S Hess B Hertzler R Frey I Longenecker S Olwerler C Moore I Frye FOURTH ROW I Belser A Wenger B Uhhg B Cunnlngham D Grvens M McCueen P-ffl - FIRST ROW K Bathurst D Hawthorne L Bucher I Meyers R Horne S Brandt G Brrnser L Kerper H Krayb1ll SECOND ROW M Raffensperger L Crarne S Stout I Smlth B Grosh I Barron D Wenger S Serbert THIRD ROW I Hersey L Stauffer K Itzoe K Krlhefner I Rerder K Krerder A Clemens G Miller FOURTH ROW I Steelman L Marun E Smith C Good S Kulp B Barnhart B Brubaker D Gantz C Olrver G Myerhoffer Frtzwater L Troutman SECOND ROW M Martin E Shaffer F Rrchwrn B Stetler D Herr P Kaylor K Bolger M Smeltz THIRD ROW T Landrs I Fai M Groover L Grelner B Johnson F Valentine B Shaw W Pachle FOURTH ROW I Oberholtzer R Jumper B Hall G Palmer I Mrller T Sager T Myers I Costello Hersey W g FIRST ROW: M. Camp, H. Hostetter, C. Shank, B. Brosey, G. Gobrecht, C. Peters, D. Helfer, M. Miller. SECOND ROW: P. Espenshade, C. Ricedorf, E. Kipp, G. Carrigar, A. Moore, I. Miller, P. Zook, L. Widler. THIRD ROW: C. Rider, C. Lancaster, J. Herr, S. Kaylor, A. Painter, L. Shank, L. Stumpf, Ioan Brosey. FOURTH ROW: I. Baker, R. Bates, I. Turner, W. Yokum, R. Kready, R. A. Emenheiser, I. Garber, T. Stokes. B cs 5 FIRST ROW T Ream F Simrone M Pangle S Stone S Block B Wrnters R Slesser SECOND ROW T Jacoby I M111er T Retherford G McCurdy B Huntzberger P Dlmeler M Way THIRD ROW R Gantz D Neldrgh P Helfer P Kaylor S Tr1pp I Hoerner S Manahan I Helfer FOURTH ROW G Mummau H Way W Cover I Shaffner C Durborrow M Bucks E Nagel R Boyer 'Eel fans 'Wa 41 FIRST SECOND ROW W Smrth I Halterman L Forrey G Shenk I Grbble R Martin THIRD ROW D Alaman I Garber S Gutshall B Hersey R Snavely J Long C Kauf famn R Greenawalt FOURTH ROW S Crum S Ropka G Bevan S Flowers H Mohr I Gutshall P Royer B Myers R Carl C Metzler M Boyer R D Se1ders :s H... I L Mg' .153 1' ' k Q. I 1 : . , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . : . , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . . : . , . " , . , . . . ' . , . , . . : . , . , . , , . , . , . , . . i QMJ g?U.3 N QL ii . f V f, 3 L , ., R. v s' .' V WA ' I D 1 'Q ,.-4 ew " aff' ,, X ' - 1- 1 QE 2: 3 we VV I gf 1 . .ff , 1 : . , . , . , . , . C. Y . . : . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' n ' ' : 0 1 ' 9 ' 1 ' 1 H 1 . , . . ll FIRST B Landrs S Grubb M Grsh I Dunkelberger G Stern T Byerly M Iberson SECOND ROW I Groff C Lamberson M Kauffman N Young B Rrwer C Mrller G MacPher on D Sm1th THIRD ROW D Hoerner K Bosley I Shaeffer D R1ce C Lubold B Swartz C Petera R Kam FOURTH ROW D Barr R Cunnmgham D Grrmes E Metzler C Mummert B Garner M Hershey M BurgesQ I Zrnn F Brmser ,f NN FIRST ROW R Fry D Keener D Galloger F Black L Garber C Catron M Smrth W Smlth B Rlddle SECOND ROW B Stahl I Garber K Drawbaugh G Ebersole T Chapman S Ibaugh F Horler N Rutman K Wolgemuth THIRD ROW K Eberaole P Herr C KesQler D Schoenberger A Black R Kopecke E Roadarmel M Hall FOURTH ROW R Hostetter I Lehman I Nye D Br1n er T Ebersole M Thomas L Rrsser C Mrller OConnor A Garber SECOND ROW D Loser M Brubaker D Van Ormer R Martz T Helm S Chartam I Chernow P Hetrlch D Gruber THIRD ROW I Helm W Co ble D Hoopert A Barr C Frke S Myer D Byron S Hostetter FOURTH ROW G 7: e .L ' ' M f :, ,,..S 'fx 325 I in' 7 MN, Nh' xii ,, , - Mfr . . F 6 F1 L- -in - f .i 4 78 Grosh, J. Hain, L. Whisler, L. Lichty, B. Hertzler, N. Schoener, T. Greiner, P. Burg. .J FIRST ROW B Robrnson A Brenner I D Krng I Lrghtner I Boyer T Strrckler H Gruber SECOND ROW I Becker S Calrns N Flsher L Hornlng C Crum T Sheaffer P Frsher I Coble THIRD ROW E Bockhouse S Long A Becker L Moyer K Allen L Rornrg E Kresge D Marun FOURTH ROW I Trego Y Trosle I Kaylor D smrnh A McAu1ey D Brosey D Rrsser C Crrll X Frantz If 'fgll Iii I FIRST ROW Gerbe T Hoagland R Owen D Bradley C Kern L R Booth I Groff I Morton SECOND ROW IN Hrlsher I Saylor L Zerphey S Stark I Shaw P Mrller D Barr N Oberholtzer THIRD ROW W Bretz I Noll P Hetrrch D Wlt mer C Sprgelmeyer I Rhodes D Dupler M Rank D Herr FOURTH ROW I Camp bell P Gutshall L Krng W Derr I Koser P Gephardt R Barnes R Frtzpatuck FIRST ROW W Coble I Forrey G Thompson R Edye L Shank R Halblelb SECOND ROW C Mrller G Hemperly S Kre sler I Clugston M Saylor R Angstadt G Gr1mm H Grngrrch THIRD ROW I Ebersole I Hollrnger I Hoover G Rank I Carter N Good B Davres S Le Von I Huntzberger FOURTH ROW P Sheaffer S Taylor R Bucks E Ropka W Hess D Parcher B Oakley D Krssrnger S Burg .r 9. 7:4 . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . ' , I . . F I Ti ,! Ps 1 5 iii s " , , Q V. 7 F A 1 IN ' .Ye ' A -4 i' ' Y 'iff Nl ' 4 , '55, i f r H' 1 is , I ' 1 1 : I. ' , . , . , . , . , . . lf, A K 4 l A RL, ff, 'gn H: : 51: Z' E : . , . , . A, . , '. L. ,D. G FIRST ROW R Book I Zeager R Rapp Wagner Rodrrguez D Means rrch M Ellslogger SECOND ROW B Kreamer D Rohrer M Weaver B Dresher B Knerr C McCarthy D Kenner I Copenhaver THIRD ROW D Patches R Hetrrck I Iunk C Flschel C Frsenhower L Rerder S Bartles D Bodden F Leedom FOURTH ROW S Machty S Splckler I Hershey B Hernz S Fackler T Cover N Serbert I Appleby C Shank FIRST ROW I Swelgart A Meyers S Glngrlch L Byer D L Clark P Coble SECOND ROW H Greenberger A Leedom K Herr I Wrtmer P Hess B Flanagan M L MOFFIS THIRD ROW R Gosheau L Lyter E Peterson G Sprckler S Hlpple I Barth C Huber K Toman R Barr FOURTH ROW G Enck T Inch M Longenecker Hoover P Mrller C Baker I Martz M Rutt P Fuller R Long L Conner E Roclrng I Rodrng R Bretz M Suydam R Sheets E Overdorf SECOIXD ROW D Shank M Oakley B Kern S Dlmeler C Frtz patr1ck R Coble I Srmrone A Wlthers THIRD ROW P Kurtz K Schweers G Hal blerb D Shank S Baltozer R Stark G Shank G Kaylor M Groff FOURTH ROW S Newgard R Palmer A Kennedy K Ober I Hrlsher R Bowman I Mlller T S1 mrone L Halblerb . ' , ,k,, 4 Ikh' 6 , I . , ' -Y S f ,rw f 11, 4 ' x XM 4 , ' I ' - , ,II I ki 7 fri E ls. iifaf 313 . fs? -' n " N ' , QA , V Q R Al A A 7:8 I K 1' :'V I 5 s M s l I z . ' , . , . ' ' , . , . , N. . , 'J A , L O at A ' ' J I . O F ll - L . 1 . I T45 , O :M .E - ,, 1--.-I" ....-...........,, .f""" 6 W- ,,,...l. ..........,.p,---I . C V 'Qi-.- ,,,,,,....l...T, -Q - .., -.,........ J:-?,d,.,f . Ji A ff, !,.anm-1, x i Ji?" 1, ,f"! .M d ,, ','.f Q.. z x 1 , ' xg: 1 A XX Q Q '. 4:4 X . n Nkhwuni ha' . V 5 if . , Ut lu-'KX x in K gil M 35311121 31535 CO ORDHNATHNG QUUNQHL The Co ordrnatrng Counc1l for Extracurrrcular Act1v1t1es provrdes admrmstratrve gurdance for the overall puprl BCIIVIIICS program Composed of members who rep resent the student body the faculty and the admrnrstratron the group IS placed rn an advantageous posrtron to become sens1t1ve to the total personahty rnterests of the school populatlon Takrng rnto consrderatron that youth needs to be able to use lersure trme wrsely the Council has balanced those actrvitres that y1eld 1nd1v1dual satrsfactron wrth those wh1ch are soc1ally useful Headed by Mr Hoopert the Counc1l 1S responsxble for solvrng any problems wh1ch may arrse concernrng the enlarged act1v1t1es program wh1ch was rnruated th1s year Many hours of planning were put rnto the complete revamping of our 3CIlV1I1SS schedule wh1ch now provrdes students wrth a greater and more varred selectron of extracurrrcular actrvrues We express our apprecratlon to the Counc1l wh1ch has worked hard at 1m provrng our activrnes program SEN IDR RQ HESTR X Under the expert gurdance of Noah Klauss thrs exceptronal group of musrcrans spends much tune rn pract1c1ng and perfectlng the1r playrng SRIIIS The culmrnatron of therr efforts came w1th the performance of the1r annual concert In addltlon to thrs concert they have prov1ded musrc at several of our assernblres Always well represented at county and drstrrct orchestra festrvals tlus group re marned true to tradrtron wrth a large number of students partrclpaung rn each event agaln thrs year if OUR DISTRICT ORCHESTRA REPRESENTATIVES I I of X ' X '1 ye X I l x T S ' ,Qi M ' X f 1 ' - I ' ks A f, . . . V,fks,:f5E k.f,'- I ' ""1a,.,.i,f ' V E , ' I 1 . I 5 . if 5 5 3 J I I fy K? ff? I Q ? 'fi xl I Va, g r si ,, Y F fs s , sf A Yi H N, 1 , A r - Q .- 1 - , of i it ,V A I D me MR. NOAH KLAUSS I-s SENHUR This year for the first time we have included in your yearbook a picture of the Marching Band in Concert Band style. Sharply outfitted in their striking blue and white uniforms the High School Marching Band always gave an outstanding performance whenever on parade or when in Concert Band style while presenting their yearly Band Concert. The Bandfront, led by head majorette Barbara Wenger, pre- sented many original routines. Displaying their new uniforms for the first time they made quite an attractive ensemble. Under the capable direction of Mr. Noah Klauss our Band has ac- complished much and is an organization of which we can be very proud. H BAND 1 ,F is 1 2 f 3 'fig V A ' VICKI KOSER BARBARA WEN GER G S. V9 1 QI X , ., W, V- X ,V ' M, fi NAOMI GERBER IL MIUR HM Fl T5 AWD? AN SFI RIN f RQ HESTRA Experrencrng for the frrst t1me what tt 15 11ke to play rn a large orchestra or band these young musrcrans meet regularly to practrce and rmprove therr playlng techruques Under the chrectron of Mr Noah Klauss and Mr Meredrth Germer these groups further prepare buddrng rnstrumentahsts for the Seluor Orchestra and Band SEEQMDR, lQEdhlRXEHlQHdQM?US N-15,4 entertarnrng concerts thrs year Under the capable drrectron of Mr Charles L Mrllard the group has enJoyed workrng together durrng therr weekly rehearsals to master a wrde variety of good mus1c The annual Chr1stmas Choral Concert rncluded famrlrar carols sung by the group and several rncrdental numbers by the Semor Qurntet and the Iunror Sextet As then' frnale they presented the powerful and rnsprrrng Hallelujah Chorus from Handel s Messiah Therr Sprrng Concert was planned wrth rts theme centered around the Southern Unlted States It too was a very successful presentatron As a group the chorus attended a concert presented by the Westmrnster Chou' and sang Chrrstman carols to shut 1ns durrng the holtday season JUNMMRSEXTET SENUKHRQIUHNTTHF W ss V C C ' IL , K T. ,. If , 0 1- 4 u . . . . .. Our school choir, composed of students from grades ten through twelve presented two very interesting and S ,L QSNM ew' An excellent group of young harmomzers the Junror Hrgh Grrls Chorus has pre sented an 1nterest1ng varrety of numbers 1n our choral concerts Preparrng them for eventual parucrpatron rn the Mrxed Chorus Mr Mrllard has provrded these grrls wlth valuable experrence rn srngrng together rn three part harmony The Junror Hlgh Boys Chorus IS composed of boys who enjoy s1ng1ng together Thls young male chorr drd an outstandlng Job rn the Chrrstmas Choral Concert wrth an arrangement ofI WGNDER AS I WANDER created especrally for them by Mr Mrllard me 1 17 o t H7 I 5 o R C1 H Fl 1, R tl U H S J I ra me we f- 1 Q fl, li " li- is V t Q 3 p. X y V H U tl t l . gl, o H 'L' S S YT .1 , lbw 1 , n 'I As the governrng body of the school rt rs the duty of the Student Councll to deal wlth the problems whrch W111 have a direct mfluence upon the students The council composed of a representatrve from each homeroom 1S constantly strrvlng to promote beneflcral and worthwhile projects 1n the school WQWZC Qmi . as ea s FWGZGQG Aimdiew ' 3 Q Q . ,, rl , ' 1, V ' . ' 1 V i 1 g-..:,,,-NM ,-: L-af-sado? p .' reikmci elm Q ' I Wrth funds provrded by the Curtrs Campa1gn sponsored by Ih1S group many rnterestrng and educa tronal assemblres have been presented to the student body Thrs year Councrl Corner whrch IS a store w1th1n the school where students may purchase school supplres has been added to thrs organrzatlons long l1st of ambrtrous undertaklngs 8 Q NT lE',NlCU'lNfClllL am X s Under the capable supervrsron of Mr Tumble the Canteen Councrl has worked hard to provrde an rnterestrng and varred Saturday ntght program for all students The Annual Varsrty Drag whrch the Coun crl planned turned out to be one of the lughlrghts of the school s soctal calendar Also the canteen hon orlng the Ktng and Queen of Hearts was very successful Much credrt rs due the students who plan and take charge of our weekly canteens One of the most respected organrzatrons rn the school rs the Key Club The members of 435 th1s club seek to cooperate rn creatrng and marn ,f tarnlng hrgh tdeals whrch make possrble the adoptron of hrgher standards rn scholarslup tg CLU6 sportsmanshrp and social contacts Under the drrectton of Mr Kenneth Grosh thrs group has l1'1lt13ICd several worthwhrle proj ects w1th1n our school thrs year The coat checklng servrce whlch they have prov1ded at socral events has been greatly apprecrated by all They also presented the school wrrh a trophy case which has been placed tn the lobby 90 K , . 5 :xy V reyf f QV .AL K 1 'g , I 1 l , . . - . . . 1 . . . ., . 2 . 'Wt . I Y W Y . . 1140,-A . . . . . .- ' If xx . . . . ,c9' T1 . . . - r f 1 , Q X I , , Q . x . . . . S ,lv . . 1 ' J' . itgxfffgffl , , . . . ,Q f . nr, ' , A rm f 1 Y. ' J' s , . A " ' M, E 1 an TR Established "to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community high standards of Christian character the Tri Hi Y has been organized for girls from seventh through twelfth grade These girls proved their abilities by staging successful assemblies and helping many charity func tions in the community The respective leaders of the groups are Mrs Shum berger Mrs Wiley Mrs Umberger and Miss Shaw -WN Kilidilwsatm. wi e, -hw ..- ini The H1 Y a natronal fellowship has been created to develop Chr1st1an personahtles and strengthen the quallues of leadershlp 1n boys of Jun1or hlgh and senlor hlgh school age Dunng thelr weekly meetlngs these boys under the d1rer't1on of Mr Dotterer and Mr Jackson engage 1n var1ous HCIIVIIISS and projects wh1rh are deslgned to produce hlgh moral and ethrcal standards li 'di i 1 'MH CVIT Desrgned for those students who are attracted to the teachmg professron the Future Teachers of Amerrca Club seeks to further cultrvate th1s rnterest through 1ts program Under the leader -is sh1p of Mrs Sarah Steelman and Mr Ned Wert the club rnrtrated a program of student teachrng on both elementary and secondary levels thrs year Th1s enables prospectrve teachers to have dlrect contact wrth real1st1c classroom s1tuat1ons FNA Mrs Baker school nurse and advrsor of thrs group strrves to acquarnt the glrls of the Fu ture Nurses of Amerlca w1th the ava1lable opportunrtres rn the nurslng professron Through lectures grven by student nurses and staff members of var1ous hospltals the members have be come famtlrar wrth the b3S1C qualrtres whrch are prerequ1s1tes for success rn thrs freld Seelung to 1nst1ll rn the mrnds of 1ts members the hrghest krnd of busrness and professronal ethics the Future Busmess Leaders of Amerrca hope to develop the best type of future busrness personnel Advrsed by Mrs Care the club members attempt to gam practrcal busrness expert ence whrch wrll be beneflcral to them rn therr future busrness vocatrons. U T U R E USINESS EADERS MERICA UO 'U "?..f'1 Ruud ARMERS O Under the expert supervrsron of Mr I-Iennrnger the Future Farmers of Amerrca learn and put tnto practrce all of the latest methods of modern farmrng Preparrng these boys to be the farmers of tomorrow 1S the ma1n goal of thrs club - ik + Tinllluf l 2 FHA Helprng rndtvrduals to rmprove rn personal family and commumty relatronshtps IS the goal ofthe Future Homemakers of Amerrca Supervtsed by Mrs Donmoyer the club provtdes oppor tun1t1es for students to have addrtronal experrences rn planmng and carrymg out acttvrtres related to homemakrng As a specral project the guls collected clothrng and toys whrch they drstrrbuted to chrldren at the Neffsvrlle Orphanage Th1S year s club roster rncludes the Boys Home Econo mrcs program under the drrectlon of Mrs Helstand The fellows are encouraged to learn the art of homemakmg as they enjoy thetr frrst attempts at bakrng and sewrng M 94 ........v-1 .sak4" 5 .J 5. -1 W K . . ki an A - 'H . K 1. , ,I I y ' .., Q 4 . as i , 3? F in, 3.1 ki ,Q sf s 36 . fr ' p . Q , '- W 'um at , . 2-,t,l,4,P pd 'V . 5331: :Hams W - ' ' ,J ' 3 I I I N k s 9 r ,Q at ! 4 . F " - 1 at as .a 4 ' 'mf A " M . . . . . . . . . . cgi! Us of a 1 Q. "f 1 I , , : :r Q ' ww 'l , 1 -QS' . . . . . . . . ,Q I xo ' r . . . , . - D 'Vfw HO' . " . 1 l l G , , B, H. Q 1 vu V , 5 F 1 W. a s five X . GIRLS' ELECTIVE HOME ECONOMICS In addition to the F. H. A. activity program Girls' Elective Home Economics has been of- fered this year and a certain amount of credit toward graduation is received by girls enrolled in this activity. Learning the fundamentals of homemaking, some of the girls have even designed and made their own fashions. ETIQUETTE CLUB With Emily Post as their reliable guide the members of the Etiquette Club have learned the do s and don t s of correct social behavior Under the capable leadership of Mrs Hoover the girls have had many rnteresting discussions and have discovered many pertinent pointers con cermng good etiquette LIBRARY ASSISTANTS These girls are M ss Mengel s able library assistants They conscientiously keep the shelves rn correct order file cards and help students to make the best use of library facilities The lrbrarians receive many benefits from the practical experience they gain while working in the library 95 n W F f ENGINEERING CLUB Efficiently advrsed by Mr Dotterer the Engineering Club has been organized for those students who are seeking a challenge in the fields of mathematics and scrence Individual members take pride in their specral prolects on which they work during their Thursday eve fllllg 1'1'lC6IlIlgS MECHANICAL DRAWIN G CLUB For the student who 15 rnterested rn industrial arts the Mechanical Drawrng Club provides an excellent opportunity to explore some of 1IS allied fields whrch cannot possibly be included rn the regular class schedule Many students com period during this activity CRAFTS CLUB Planned for those students who cannot elect any art program in their regular class schedule the Crafts Club satisfies the creative urge of prospective artists Carrred on an individual rnterest basis the program allows each student to work on a craft of his choice This club also serves the school for any small art 96 needs tk .1 VA plete individual projects which they have begun in their class Q 2 METEOROLOGY CLUB A newly organrzed club the Meteorology Club has proved to be a very popular one espectally among the fellows at E A H S Its chlef purpose IS to further acquatnt 1ts members w1th the fundamentals of weather study and perhaps rnterest them 1n a vocatron tn rlus area 4.u.,,.q SENIOR HIGH ASTRONOMY CLUB JUNIOR HIGH ASTRONOMY CLUB Enthus1ast1c Jumor astronomers eagerly ant1c1pate the weekly meetlngs of the Astronomy Club E ploung further the stars and planetary systems and drscussrng vartous theortes connected w1th these heavenly bodtes are the mam purposes of thls club Students are also encouraged to express thetr own theortes or 1deas concerntng vartous parts of our unrverse NATURE CLUB Advtsed by Mrs Zetgler, thrs club seeks to drscovet the many common and ordtnary thtngs tn l1fe that are often mtssed because of the many avenues wluch nature uses. They also attempt to look at the many extraordtnary and umque ways of nature as found tn magaztnes, books, and PICEUICS. 97 I I. I . I I ., , , Akira! yy s I Qs t'se v 3 sg , A. fb L, I 1 , K: . ,t F I HI' SENIOR HIGH HISTORY CLUB Through reports film strips and slides pupils in this group are stimulated into seeking positive and rational solutions to some of the problems of our day During their meetings discussion periods are held which allow the students to branch out into areas of history which have not been touched upon in the class room BA SIC ECONOMICS CLUB Under the capable direction of Mr Hunsecker the members of the Bastc Economlcs Club are an insight into the problems of consumption and production in our world today Through reports lectures and films which are presented during the Wednesday and Friday meetings the basic laws and theories of economics are examined and studied by this organization CURRENT EVENTS CLUB By keeping pace with our fast moving world and its varied problems, the students of the Current Events Club have gained a new understanding of current world situations. Projects of a local, state, national, and international level have been prepared and presented to the group by individual members. FOREIGN LANG? LACE CLUBS The Foreign Language Clubs are attempting to broaden the background of students through a knowledge of languages and cultures of other natlons and by Ih1S means enable them to better understand other people Composed of students who have had at least one year of forergn lan guage The Senlor French Club 1ncludes those who possess a speclal rnterest 1n the subJect Members of the Junror Hrgh Fore1gn Languages Club are berng taught elementary conversatron and vocabulary VW :mvm semen uns ml MAS .ww NILLET SENIOR HIGH FRENCH CLUB EIGHTH GRADE FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB SEVENTH GRADE FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB MA CL Wit X These clubs attempt to give their members experience in the I. various phases of dramatics. Programs have been presented to the ' 9 groups concerning acting techniques, make-up, scenery, and play ' . 'fx J direction and writing. Very interesting and successful assemblies were provided for the student body by these groups. As an additional group project they attended several professional performances. SENIOR HIGH DRAMA CLUB EIGHTH GRADE DRAMA CLUB SEVENTH GRADE DRAMA CLUB PLAY READING CLUB REMEDIAL READING CLUB The Remed1a1Read1ng Club has been orgamzed to provlde addmonal read mg help for 1ts five members through group and 1nd1v1dual mstruction By em ploymg readmg tests and phomcs a1ds the readmg ab1l1t1es of these boys have been greatly 1mproved V A 2 r at K N 2 HOTOGRAI Ha CL BS Encouraging amateur "shutter-bugs" to improve their photograph- I ing skills, these clubs do everything from shooting their own pictures to developing them. They are quite proud of some of their efforts and e -2- enjoy the feeling of satisfaction which comes when one catches some- E g: -:g m X N' f P thing lovely or something which one might never see again except for hx- 5 the picture which preserves it. Cl s . l' I x SENIOR HIGH PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB JUNIOR HIGH PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB AUDIO VISUAL AIDS CLUB In addition to learning the skills connected with photography the members of the Audio Visual Aids Club are taught the techniques of operating 3 movie or slide proJector They also become quite adept at making their own slides ,f' X A wr L . . . . . . SENHUR HIGH CHESS CLKUE EHCIHTH Q R QUE CHESS MLLE K NHNTH MEADE Q HESS CEL E SEVENTH GRADE CHESS CLUB 4 ix . V TY . qix I X X fl A A ' ' . 1 'K X 'N C X W W W 'W ' W w IT A l '1 Y . ' , ' r w ' . ..- if r ---x ' "' N W' -EC.'-- J , D ,, Q I L .. E I03 up-1 GRAPHIC ARTS CLUB Under the supervision of Mr Crawford these amateur printers are striving to become more proficient in this area They are exposed to the different types of printing and have a chance to exhibit their abilities on the various school and athletic programs which they print L85 ,sd-" GIRLS ELECTIVE SHOP The Industrial Arts Course for Girls is designed to give girls a knowledge of simple home repairs proper use of common hand tools and correct application of materials enabling them to become better all around homemakers Most girls feel that the experience they have gained through this activity has been very profitble PROGRESSIVE MUSIC CLUB The Progressive Music Club appeared for the first time this year in our extracurricular program under the direction of Mr. Eppler. This group has been organized to help students recognize quality in musical arrangement. During their weekly meetings the members of this club compare the various styles of modern musicians with those of earlier twentieth century. JUU NALJISM CLUB Wrth Mr Prrce as theu advrsor the Journalrsm Club IS taught the fundamentals of good re porting and wrmng technlques Thrs prepares them for the wntrng of school news for the Blue and Wh1te in the Ehzabethtown Chron1c1e school acuvmes on one page of the Ehzabethtown Chronlcle The Blue and Wlute Staff has done an excellent Job of comprlrng thrs news rn an or1g1nal and clever manner They have also added several new features wh1ch have greatly lncreased reader rnterest Editor and Advrsor survey the f1n1shed product Capably led by their Editor-in-Chief, Judy Jones, this club publishes a weekly account of Edrtor 1I'1 Chref Barbara Zuck Photography Edrtor Sandra Horst Busrness Manager Dons Gelb Llterary Edrtor 121116 Kfllley Art Ed1tor Ioan Srkorskr Advrsor Mr Damel Hoopert THE ELHZABETHAN Guess what gang? tt s rn the marl all pages of ll' This was the Jubllant exclamatron of the ed1tor after we frnally got our annual rnto the mall and off to the publ1sher Represenung many long hard hours of work th1s 1ssue of the Elrzabethan was prepared w1th the cooperatron of a large group of students Jane Kmley and her Llterary Staff worked overume rn developrng ortgrnal and descupnve wrrte ups Occupred every Frrday afternoon was the Busrness Staff headed by Dorrs Getb as they prepared advertrslng for prrnung sold yearbooks and typed addrtronal copy The Art Staff handled a delrcate theme well and worked hard to reproduce theu rdeas rn the pages of our Elrzabethan Sandy Horst and her Photography Staff drd an expert Job of schedulrng the shootrng of all our prctures and also caught many clever cand1ds wrth therr own cameras Our advrsor Mr Hoopert really deserves our heartfelt thanks for the many hours whrch he spent outsrde of school hours helplng us to prepare an attractive and worthwhrle annual Thrs edrtron of the Elrzabethan repre sents an enlarged yearbook 1n comparlson w1th prevrous years and requrred an addltronal effort on the part of our ed1tors and advtsor We are especrally grateful to them for the t1me whrch they spent rn preparrng our Elrzabethan vb LITERARY STAFF I06 . . -- - - - Q? ft f i iff-"""'iJ ' , , . I I D ' 9 5- 2 Q- , 'v ' .. t 1 N ft 3 - ' Jam X45 ART STAFF 'J ......prr' M W Qi ,f F9--N ,f---1 AL PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF M BUSINESS STAFF M Q' A' """":.. ww-.R whim LL M A Ny yi-nihar aww M Q-w..W M., .WW 'wmgym R41 .3 r mqqwn ,L --J' 41 ,k 1 M9552 Ja W af G W., , .iw gg qiiwqifgm 4 , 55 M " .fl ' " ' , " V 1 A , , -, 1 1: 1 WW -I Q' Q- , , Q -fi , - gm . gi, 1 " - - f F ' ' ' f :N 5. I. -f wg L4q:g,,,: vw '1 1, V X f' .r K , . E'5fQ:-41-35:55 V ' ' - -P V - if f f 1 - vmismi? ,fm iw M1 an QM. , . 'l 2 -X XX XR in X. R X VARSHTH QL U L ...X 9 To become a member of Varstty Club a student must have re celved a varsrty letter IH at least one or more sports Composed of leaders 1n all areas of our sports program thrs club has been created to grve recognruon to these students Therr ma1n goal rs to promote fau play 1n both lrfe and sports As a progect thrs year they sponsored the second annual Balumore Colts tuple header basketball game whrch provrded them with the funds to purchase whrte sweaters and blazers for the1r senlor members .1 1 t t fl 5 SENIOR VARSITY CLUB MEMBERS C HlfE',F,RLEA DHHS VARSITY CHEERLEADERS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Capably captalned by Joyce Jones and advmsed by Mlss Rhemsh these glrls were present at every athlemc event to cheer our teams on to vlctory Then' energeuc support and boundless ennhuslasm sumulated school SPIIII SENIOR CHEERLEADERS DORIS GEIB JEAN ZARFOSS JOYCE JONES Captam A DECADE OF CHAMPIONSHIPS Thrs 15 the unparalleled record wh1ch the glrls of the hockey team achleved by brrngrng home the tenth consecutlve sectional champronshtp Thts year s tenslon frlled season requtred long hard practrces and a persrstent w1l1 to w1n Mrs Hoover s tnsprrtng gurdance and excellent coaching has conststently led the team to greater achrevements There rs no word of praise too great for her Pequea Valley Susquehanna Manherm Central Donegal Garden Spot Susquehanna Penn Manor Hempfreld Warwrck SANDY STILLWAGNER JEAN ZARFOSS SHIRLEY REED Left Inner R1ght W1Ug Rrght Fullback IULIANNE DICKSON JANE GOSS R1ght Halfback Rrght Inner BARBARA ZUCK Center Halfback COACH JANE HOOVER AND CAPTAIN BARBARA ZUCK DORIS GEIB C enter Forw ard FOOTBALL TEAM Led by thtrteen SCHIOIS and competently coached by Rrchard Mlller Rrchard Wolf and Wrllram Frantz the football team came w1th1n one game of capturlng the Conference of Roses t1t1e The stalwart lrne and swrft back freld proved to be a wrnnrng comblnatron wluch led the team to an 8 2 record One of the never to be forgotten games rn the school s football history was the Cocaltco game The mtghty Bears handed last year s champrons the1r only defeat wrth a score of 14 12 Donegal Manherm Townshrp Manherm Central Warw1ck Ephrata Cocalrco Columbra Solanco Red Lron Hempfleld COACH MILLER 4 SCOREBOARD E A H Opponent COACH FRANTZ "N. COACH WOLF ' W.. mf-ff cmfe X 6 DON BRANDT KEN BERNHARD JOE HERSHEY Guard Tackle Tackle SENHUR BEARS 1? ffm ,?2qq,Q" is A S PAUL GIVENS H alfback ED SISSON , En K!" xx R W 6? f it S- vi M ' il r M Q KEN MILLER BUTCH BRIN SER En Center TIM PATSCHKE RALPH WANAMAKER En Quarterback 0 1 L I ' , f A A 1 s if, X 4 2 ali. 'g gc .+-!,!c ExM4s'5,f N:-vcr '- , , i f A 1 i' if , ,Y X X 4' 1 ' VJ, LAM 4 14 ff, L1 as in L .. I 135, X N ' fn 4 W7 'x ' iw- 1 ' . 1 - 5,123 Lg, l V , ' ai, E M f . wk.: L Q K 7 ' 'I r f., Lf: gf, . ' 7 iq V Nc gwniwifw 1 ,. 1 L ' d E f'.f - c'4 " 77Z f L '. 'Ef'f jef f 4- d d .- I I? . V, L Q AWJQJQ- I 9. T7 I ' . . if xl L 1,5 M4 . ww fm A 'YH-4' 4 f , ,E H. Vfliifi fry. BA I' 531-I'f5'f'9f in R",-qc X ..' 'J' . l 'L 1 - . WMS Ii, 5, 1. Quin., ALV:'x4L.,7,n nf - .Q-, 1.,,Wf,--, ,,+ 'H x P ,E g 5 L , i?g,,y,.,1- .Mu v- f- if -A513 , ,3?fg..,, ex M- f .-Jirfi YQ 'Lk fa. 'hlndxxtt ' "9 A215 E I 37. J , fx' .1 JUNHUR HIGH FOUTBALL "WH Under the competent coachlng of Mr Stetnhart and Mr Enck the Iunlor I-hgh Foot ball squad comp11ed quite an rmpresslve reocrd W1th a rugged defense and swtftly movrng offense these Junlor bears proved to their competrtors that they were v1ctors ln every sense of the word Next year s team 18 f111ed w1th potential and should prove to be qu1te successful on the gndrron SCOREBOARD E A H Opponent Warwlck Columbta Ephrata Solanco Lancaster Catholic MR. STEINHART MR. ENCK VARSTTY BASKETBALL TEAM Coached by R1chard Miller the varslty cagers fought gallantly throughout the entlre basketball season Though they lost the majonty of theu games this 15 no 1nd1cat1on of then' determmauon and spmt Dunng all theu contests they displayed a great deal of athleuc sk1l1 and sportsmanshlp and lnterest IH the sport BARRY STYER DUSTIN PETERS TIM PATSCHKE RALPH WANAMAKER T l JUNHOR VARSITY l3ASlEilETlBAlLlL, TEAM The Junior Varsity scorers fou t conscientiously in all their games Though they were not victorious in all the campaigns the boys were no easy win for their opponents The experience and basic knowledge of the sport which these boys have acquired will greatly ard them when they take their places in the Var Slly lineup The Junior High Basketball Team which is coached by Mr Steinhart has done very well this season Their limitless energy and sp1r1ted desire to win successfully carried them through a season of strong competitlon By working hard and practicmg long hours they perfected the fundamental basketball skills for future use .IUUNHIUR lHllGlHl BASKKETBALL TFAW WRESTLHNG Qurte a lot of enthusrasrn has been shown for this sport a new one at E A H S this year Under the directton of Mr Kreamer and Mr Jackson these boys have endured strenuous prac the team boasts several frne records Senrors Leroy Achenbach and Don Zook have both com p11ed excellent 1nd1vidua1 records Several underclassmen have shown potentral for next year s matmen Jrm Royer Bradley Flowers and Frank Mrller each appear to be shaping up qurte ntcely SENIIUR MATMEN DON ZOOK ED SISSON LEROY ACHENBACH tices in order to build up their team. Although their first season got off to a rather rocky start, TENNIS Another of Mrs Hoover s championship teams IS the G1I1S Tennis Team which has been undefeated for the past four years This record is a result of their countless hours termined to make the 1960 season as successful as the past seasons have been SCOREBOARD E A H S Opponent Solanco Manheim Central Hempfreld Donegal Solanco Donegal Manheim Central Hempfield SENIIUR NETMEN JANE GOSS SANDY STILLWAGNER JOYCE JONES of practicing on the Park Courts and their deep interest in the sport. The girls are de- 7 O ' 5 2 ' 5 1 6 1 '7 O 6 1 ' 5 2 ' 4 3 1 TRACK , .. sd i""'1 an A - t.. Coached by Mr Wolf the track team has increasmgly strengthened therr standrng rn league compe muon and aroused a healthy rnterest 1n thrs sport Its team members have constantly surpassed therr own prevlous records The Javehn throw the drscus throw and the broad Jump are Just a few of the events 1n whlch the team has shown parucular abrhty Next year s team has shown great POSS1b11lI1CS and 1S bound to conunue the frne record whrch has been already comprled SENIOR TRAQR STARS Bm FF ie NW Y Qi' BOB HAMILTON DON BRANDT KEN BERNHARD GEORGE BURGESS PAUL GIVENS ED SISSON JOE HERSHEY BUTCH BRINSER I2 I . - . ' I I . . 1 I " K , wk . ' I I me 'Qwlrrsfi ' , ' . E I fr- F S, 7,2 , Aff ' ' Q'-Ls? 4 , k, . . "MTV - N Aw .2 s f , 'V , M . fi? 2 ' flair? S :fi- fe' A 3 has , , -wg, L. . +,,. ,, .. 4" -,, , f!S"'x2'f.. pw .,,..,m 5,4 -. ,vs . .x ,W ..s t u r tle ' 5. ' , ' ' 1f"".f.:' ' .4-lj:-gt 'HH V ' ,sas '-4a::ifi"?5?'i,.'?'.E f: Q -vw, wg , --"'-res. M ' 1 iifgfffd' 7 'or , . i s '1,,:"-ilfxir A ,,,,,:,w.. ,M R BASEBALL Under the expert guidance of Mr Raber and Mr Goss the baseball team completed the season wrth a league record of three wrns and four losses By PI'3CIlC1I1g d111gently and 1mprov 1ng the1r playtng skrlls the fellows are looklng forward to a better season this year a f1ne sense of sportsmanship and fierce determrnatron to win They also exhrbited their play 1ng ab111t1es 1n games w1th Columbta and Manheim Central SENHOR BASEBALL PLAYER S ROLAND FLECK BILL MOORE TIM PATSCHKE DAN WEAVER Although their league record does not indicate an outstanding record, the boys displayed INTRAMU ll SIRORTS The Intramural Sports Program whrch was 1n1t1ated thrs year has made rt possrble for a much larger group of students to parncrpate 1n athletrcs A great deal of interest has been shown by the students 1n these act1v1t1es and the program has been qtute benef1c1a1 1n rmproving the phys rcal standards of our student body In addrtron to the newly formed wrestlmg team a wrestlrng club has been created for the frrst t1me th1s year A great deal of enthusrasm has been shown for thrs club especxally among the younger boys wbsfkebwt ,,,...ww-.-Fm SENIOR HIGH GIRLS INTRAMURALS JUNIOR HIGH GIRLS INTRAMURALS AKNWN ,Y 'fx W fi ' Z A : -fm M ,- wx - . A xe -1 6 3 .E Y 3 if 5 5 if is f-..,,,, - wi' .Wu w F X W 5' UE 'P ,W wf Eh 4'-Q Mu' .4- ,p-sv' ,A......nasf-ww Y Y' ,:4,p,,3,mgg3L.Q: 2 , f K ,,,4.,-.,.a.. N 4 . ,,.n- 4 ,.f.-A-Psa. . ,aa V Qu.-I kim- x .-xJ V"""' 1-...W -W ... J-:gf .Nw ,ffg++:,.1?gng, ., '-avi f , .-a-14,-gf 1- ,1- ,,...--4 .-.. --n-"' -- ?? - v ig- .-.ga-1 ...f ---sv -M. -yur" Y-11-nav' - ,W , fy . -if in M.. W ,M Y:,:.",'i . ,- m?5"4W' ' Q 4' , -1:20 - '51 ,,-nl-'r --z -,W-v--.--.. - 1--fzv.. , f M.: ,V i F1 JUN UR QLASS PLAJY Goose, " a warm-hearted comedy which took place in present day America. With the angry exit of Helen, a dawdling house- keeper, Jeff Adams finds himself almost at the break ing point. Posed with the problem of raising his two sisters and brother, Jeff, in desperation, takes over the household duties while he designs the architec- tural plans for Mrs. Lulu Trimmer 's Wee Blue Inn. Upon the entrance of Peggy, a beautiful but self conscious girl of twenty, Hyacinth, an adolescent tomboy of the Adam's family, turns to playing tricks upon Lenore, a scheming heiress to win Jeff's affec- tion. But Jeff is not the only member of this harum- scarum household who is plagued with romantic troubles, for Wes, his teenage brother of 17, finds himself deeply infatuated with Eve Mason, an en- chanting southern belle. Out of her intense dislike for Lenore, Hyacinth resorts to placing poison ivy in the vase with which her repulsive enemy will come in contact. Hy's daring escapade results as a blessing in disguise for through it Jeff finally realizes his true love for Peggy and the curtain closes with a blissful climax. CAST Jeff - - -------- TIM PATSCHKE Carol - - PEARL McFALLS Wes - - - ROLAND FLECK Hyacinth - - - JANE KNILEY Helen - - ' 'JACKIE FULTZ Peggy - - SANDY HORST Eve ---- - JUDY JONES Sarah - - ' JOYCE JONES Lenore ---- - - BEV MYERS Mrs. Trimmer Truck Driver - - BARBARA ZUCK - PAUL GIVENS 3? '1-. 7 ' .33 ' 1 I J A , 2 SENHOR. QLASS LAY Hildegarde Dolson had an earth-shaking problem - at least for a teenage girl it was earth-shaking. She didn't have a date for the prom. Egged on by her two teasing brothers, Bob and Jimmy, she confided her prob- lem to her mother who took matters into her own hands and conspired with Mrs. Herman Shermer, the wife of her husband's boss. Mrs. Shermer had a son who was rather shy. Together Mrs. Dolson and Mrs. Shermer made a date for their son and daughter for the prom. When Hildegarde heard she had a date she began to boast his virtues to her brothers and to her so-called friends Ellie-Mae and Jill. Little did she know that her date was with "short pants Freddie, " the only boy in town who wore knickers. Hildegarde refused to admit even to herself that she had to go to the dance with Freddie. Together with her side-kick Sally, she set off a chain of unprecedented events which soon came to a head. Among these events was the stipulation that Freddie must get long pants or she wouldn't attend the prom with him. Freddie tried everything and finally ended up by breaking into his own home He stole his graduation watch and traded it for a new suit Meanwhile Freddie s parents had discovered the theft and due to everything else she had caused blamed l-Iildegarde and even threatened to fine her Father I-low ever Freddie showed up in his new suit and explained everything All ended well with Hildegarde and Freddie leaving for the prom and the Shermers and the Dolsons fast friends again CAST Hildegarde Dolson Freddie Shermer Mr Dolson Mrs Dolson Bob Dolson Jimmy Dolson Mr Shermer Mrs Shermer Paige Mason Ellie Mae 1 SALLY RINGLABEN ROLAND FLECK GEORGE BURGESS JUDY JONES ED SISSON DONNIE WALTERS JAY ENCK JUDY LERCH PEARL MCFALLS SANDY HORST JOYCE JONES 6,131-XOOK THE FAMIL J is 3 Q- 5 58? '27 , . . . , . I'11 ------------------ To F ' M . L ' .. '13 4 :.. 7 - ,las 5 , I -ii i t. V in . ,I , 4 : I Y' .. - :V ,I f Y xx , 1? K 'Y ,. Civ :QA 1 1 I , 'l g 4 I . , Q N :-.-9' r . + :uf 'S' 'T' V. I F . E - 'rr' gf,-ffr 321-ff? l ' . ' . ..E OUTSTANDING PERSONALITIES ELIZABETH HUGHES GIRLS OF THE MONTH Left to rlght Barbara Zuck Joan Srkorskr Judyjones Sandy Snllwagner Joyce Jones Naomr Gerber Jane Knrley Myrna Schoenberger GOOD CITIZEN AWARD HOMEMAKER OF THE YEAR Barbara Zuck Joanne Ferrar1 MISS ELIZABETHTOWN CONTESTANTS KNEELING Noaml Gerber V1ck1 Koser STANDING Joyce Jones Ruth Ann R1sser Jan Ohver Mar gre Sue Helsey I . : , Q If ' f I . I . I ' sf' I : . ' . . l : I . I I I - OUTSTANJDD NG PERSONALHTHES z iii, BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN 'S GIRLS OF THE MONTH Left to right: Jane Kniley, Sally Ringlaben, Doris Geib, Naomi Gerber, Joyce Jones, Molly Moore, Sandy Horst, Judy Jones, Jackie Fultz, Barbara Zuck. SENIOR CHAMPS HONORED AT THE VARSITY DRAG FRONT ROW: Sandy Ulrich, Barbara Zuck, Julianne Dickson, Jane Goss, Jane Kniley, Jean Zarfoss, Sandy Stillwagner, Joyce Jones, Molly Moore, Doris Geib, Paul Givens. BACK ROW: Barry Styer, Tim Patschke, Don Brandt, Raymond Fantom, Ken Bernhard, Joe Hershey, Ralph Wanamaker, Ken Miller, Bob Hamilton, Gary Owens, Ed Carskadon. GIL SHIRK AWARD Tim Patschke Ed Carskadon I A U HOUR SRNH DR RUM An evenrng of ecstasy rn the enchantrng setung of the Hershey Park Country Club perfectly descrrbes our Junror Senror Prom G1r1s decked out rn thelr lovelrest formal gowns and fellows attlred 1n strrct evenrng dress ghdrng romantrcally over the dance floor complete our p1cture of a never to be forgotten evenmg Set rn the magrc world of Neptune the Post Prom Party sponsored by the Jay cees was the perfect conclusron for a wonderful 6V61'1lDg Each of us w11l treasure the mem or1es of our Prom rn years to come L- fl 'lggiflgafiif 4,y,, 6-1 an '55 l if fi, ,dugg 1 gzjiws .9 - ' I- f r. . , , fx A R , A 1, ? 4 A ff . ,vw m ,. h 5, k I3I Approved by Pennsylvan1a State Counc1l On Educatlon Accredlted by Mlddle States Assoc1at1on Member of Amerlcan Councll on Educat1on Member of Assoc1at1on of Amerlcan Colleges G1bble Sc 1ence Hall ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE A Standard Co Educauonal College For Informatwn Wrlte Pres1dent A C BAUGHER Ph D LL Your Ehzabethan Photographer Speclahzmg Portrazt Pamtmgs STABB STUDIO OF PHOTOGRAPHY One Center Square Ehzabethtown Pennsylvama ' 1' puii . D Elizabethtown, Pa. ' . . , . . , . D. .I"""""' EBERLY S FURNITURE STORE Elizabethtown R D 1143 Phone EM 7 5468 Store Hours 8 A M to 8 P M Mon Thru Sat At Your Service 'Round the Clock J. L MECKLEY Automatic Heating Plumbing Air Conditioning Phone EM 7-1178 Elizabethtown Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices U 0 I 0 0 9 ' I I -Lk Compllments of JACOB B FISHER APPLIANCE STORE 22 EastH1gh Street GENERAL! ,EI-ECTMC Ellzabethtown Pa Lumbe 1' Coal M111WOTk ff Ill! lik' Q3 4,9 wwf ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL . C A ' I U Qgl, fain . X 4 , t 5 , 1 E -' 'i . S i"'f ff? . fy - ffrfn . , I X, I i ,mf " ' ' . ' l .hw-1 ' " . C ,...': b ' f' '- tv ff 'I I ,-. 1 r- A' . AX ' . S ii gg A N gudif " , K 3: 6 k K A '41, i il -,V l'2 i'?' l sqpqivf F6 I Comphments of Compllments of MESSICK FARM SUPPLY ABERDEEN MILLS Farmmg Equlpment and Route 2 Ehzabethtown Appllance S Sales and Se rv1ce Phone EM 7 1405 Comphments of BOYER FUNERAL HOME 144 East Hlgh Street Ellzabethtown, Pa. BOYER'S SELF SERVICE STORE Fresh Meats Rheems, Penna. Phone Ehzabethtown EM 7 42.24 BUCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY EM 7 1171 HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE E b tht EM 7 1131 DAVE S GROCERY aM Jy w G safHG GRUBB SUPPLY CO F d Compliments of Phone - Compliments of liza e own, Pa. Phone - Compliments of s Corner of Park an t. o Sts. e ive reen Stamps Compliments of Coal Oil ee LEROY G WINTERS General Haullng Prompt Weekly Serv1ce e Haul EVERYTHING or Nothmg Compllments of GINDER CLEANERS SCHROLL S ICE CREAM STORE Soda Fountam and Grocery For a Quahty Treat at Lower Pr1ces El1zabethtown On the Square FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturer of Hlgh Grade Fert1l1zer for 55 Years DONEGAL PLANT FOOD for Lawns and Shrubbery Ehzabethtown Phone Pennsylvan1a EM? 1211 MODERN STYLE SHOP M LAWRENCE Everyth1ng 1n Lad1es' Wear Ellzabethtown Pa FIRST NATIONAL BANK and TRUST COMPANY Ehzabethtown Plan Ahead Let Us Help You Keep Step W1th the Parade of Progress Member of FDIC Bank W1th Chlme Clock ERB BROTHERS ESSO SERVICE STATION Auto Pa ntmg Used Cars Body and Glass Repa1rs 500 North Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa Phone EM 7 9917 KING'S For Men's and Boys' Wear Kmg Burldlng S Market at 19 and 21 HW ' Il , . Phone EM-7-4709 ' ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE J G WESTAFER AND SON Prmters and Pub11shers Smce 1869 E E SHENK 8. SONS Custom Farm Work Portable Grlndlng and M1X1ng Phone Manhe1m MO 5 8861 D Ehzabethtown Pa. Cornphments of SHEARER S FURNITURE STORE 35 37 South Market Street Phone EM 7 4694 MOYER S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best By Test Phone EM 7 5469 D Ehzabethtown Pa SNYDER S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Complete Radlator Repa1r Texaco F1re Chlef Sky Ch1ef Gaso11nes D EM 7 9819 Hershey Road STAUFFER S BEAU TY SALON Phone EM 7 1472 MIRIAM H DRACE Prop 'G or1fy1ng the Amer1can Cur Best W1shes LEO B KOB, INC S1nce 1904 Automat1c Gas and O11 Heatmg Westlnghouse Apphances 24 South Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa Phone 7 3 645 PAUL J LISKEY CONTRAC TOR Ma sonry a Speclalty Box 224 RD 2 Ehzabethtown Pa R. . 3 7 5 Il lr R. . 3 , 1 , .I I , 114 North Poplar Street s 3 l R. . Z - , 1 . . . l,, -re o Comphments of PICK S ATLANTIC SERVICE 135 North Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa PAUL W BAKER Prop Cornphrnents of PAXSON S CUT RAT1-3 TROPICAL TREAT DRIVE IN Curb Servlce Z Mlles East of Ellzabethtown MOSEMANN S GIFT SHOP Glfts for all Occaswns 6 East Hlgh Street Ellzabethtown JOHN C REIDER PLUMBING 8: HEATING Z4 Hour Se rvlce Phone EM 7 1475 Compllments RENEE S BEAUTY SHOP METZLER'S RESTAURANT Comphments of R 8. R ELECTRONICS Complete Metal F1n1sh1ng Facllltles 1 1 1 II ' ' II Bar-B-Q I of - 1 BRUCE W HALK Bullder of Contemporary Homes for Suburban L1v1ng D1al EM 7 6818 FRANKS MILLER JoHN E FULLERTON RUSSEL MHJR Comphments of ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Ehzabethtown Mt Gretna Road Ellzabethtown Pennsylvanla Phone EM 7 6437 Phone EM 7 12.47 Comphments of The CONTINENTAL PRESS, INC Educatlon Pubhshers R.D. 133 Compliments of BEYER S LINOLEUM EM 7 1204 Woodland Avenue Compliments of AUNT SALLY S KITCHEN DOT S BEAUTY SHOP For D1scr1m1nat1ng Women 50 West H1gh Street Ellzabethtown, Pa Phone EM 7 1224 S F ULRICH INC Bu1ck and Rambler NEWCOMER S SERVICE STATIOIN M EBERSOLE Prop For That Rellable Rlchfleld Gasolme and Rlchlube Motor O11 For Top Servlce 1n Washlng and Greasmg 2.4 Hour Servlce 903 South Market Street NEWCOMER OIL CORPORATION R1chf1eId Petroleum Products 905 South Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa Phone EMp1re 7 1138 C F DURBOROW RCA Sales and Servlce Ba1nbr1dge Pa Phone Marletta HA 6 9655 Compllments of SLESSER BROS GARAGE Wheel Allgnment and Balancmg Ehzabethtown RD 3 Phone EM 7 12.01 1 9 1 ,. , , 1 T.. , . 1 I' OO O 3' . - . , I Best Wishes to Everyone in the Class of 1960 MOOSE S 5 AND I0 On the Square Ellzabethtown Pennsylvarua Phone EM 7 4707 Compliments of JOHNSON'S BUS SERVICE Buses for All Occaslons Phones OL 3 9221 Florln Pa KOUNTRY KITCHEN Horne Style Cookmg Sandwlche s Platte rs Full Course Dlnne r FaCll1t16S for Prlvate Partles HARRY PACKARD Prop RD 1 EM 7 6956 Congratulatlons and Best Wlshes to Class of '60 From ll l' W "J-"-N -4 QF' 'J ,V f l qv' LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE 194596 1 ll IV . , . - . , . ..l' 'HH P' A- .- Open 24 Hours A " X 1 1- Q-' : iw , Q f 'xx J I , ' 'lf ' ' ' ff' 1' 7 6' I 4 'mf , , I ww ' + 0 , Cong ratu1at1ons Graduate s SILCO CUT PRICE STORE 12 North Market Street Ehzabethtovxm Penna WESTERN AUTO ASSOC STORE 31 South Market Street Phone EM 7 1476 Magnavox Te1ev1s1on and Stereo SHENK BROTHERS 30 West Kmg Street Lancaster Pa Sportmg Goods and Toys Clas s Jackets Sweaters Comphments of WALKER S Famous 1n Pennsylvarna 79 Yrs Jewelers Sllversnnths 44 South Market St 307 Locust Street Columbla Pa KREAMER PHARMACY Prescrlptxon Specxahsts Center Square Elxzabethtown Pa Phone Em 7 1262 C ompllments of MOOSE THEATER TI-IE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men's and Boys' Clothmg Compllments of WILLIAMS CHEVROLET Route 230, East Ellzabethtown Penna , , . . . l s 0 . Elizabethtown, Pa. . , r - . , , . , . A LEWIS HEISEY Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto Fzre Lxfe 244 South Market Stree Ehzabethtown Pa EM 7 4787 Phone EM 7 2406 "We FIX Anythmg MYERS MACHINE SHOP R F MYERS 119 North Poplar Street Repa1r Work a Speclalty Gas and E1ectr1c Weldmg Auto Parts Repalred Comphments of BAUMS BOLOGNA IN Phone EM 7 5451 Comphments of PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone EM 7 1412 Compllments of KINGSLEY 8. BROWN, INC Launderers Cleaners Furrxers Fur Storage Phone Annv111e UN 7 3511 Comphments of HETRICH S FOOD STORE "The B1g Store Wlth the L1tt1e Front Route if 2 Ehzabethtown Penna CONNESTOGA KNITTING MILL 'Non Run Dress Sheer I-Ioslery Stretch T1ghts Phone OLdf1e1d 3 2.942 Mount Joy RD 2 Comphments of KAYLOR BROTHERS Route 230 Rheems I t . u . 1 C. KAYLOR AND GARMAN KAUFFMAN S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for Al1Occas1ons Wholesale and Retaxl H S FOREMAN 8. CO De ale rs ln EGGS Terms Cash Ellzabethtown Pa R D ffl D1al EM 7 2352 Complzrnents of INSTALLMENT LOAN SERV IC E CHARLIE S CABINET SHOP Settees and Gun Cabmets Ant1queS Reproduced and Restored Hardware and P1ttsburgh Pamts Corner Cupboards and Wooden Ware R D Q43 EMp1re 7 1457 S G HERSHEY AND SON DEPARTMENT STORE South Market and Park Streets Ehzabethtown Pa THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M KLEIN Lad1es' Ready to Wear Phone EM 7 6372 On the Square C omphme nts of HESTICO MANUFAC TURINC COMPANY INC C omphrne nts of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Ehzabethtown, Pa Ford Mercury Sales and Serv1ce 1 . 7 Best Wishes W T GRANT COMPANY 48 South Market Street Known for Values Comp11ments of GRACE C BLOUGH Comphments GEIBS C LEANERS 8: DY ERS Summer and Wxnter Storage Fur C1laz1ng 50 North Spruce Street Elxzabethtown Pa Phone EM 7 1285 THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT BOOK STORE 20 South Market Street Elizabethtown Pa EM 7 1360 Dlstrlbutors of LEHMAN 8. BOOK El1zabethtown's Leadmg Dry Cleaners and Dyers Phone 7 1305 BOB S FLOWER SHOP Unusual Flowers at Thexr Best 39 South Market Street Phone EM 7 2211 LAWTON'S ROADSIDE FURNITURE STORE CLEARVIEW ESSO SERVICENTER Route 230 East of Ellzabethtown 2798 North Market Street Stop m and See Us for Ehzabethtown Pa Top Se rvlce Phone EM 7 1232 Good Furxuture at Country Pr1ces AMOS STRICKLER ' of - i Religious Merchandise 7 HITZ GROCERY Corner North Hanover and East W1110W Streets Full L1ne of GTOCGTICS, Lunch Meats, Ice Cream Soft Drmks, Candy Pastrles Frozen Foods Phone EM 7 1454 GUTSHALL S FRUIT MARKET VARIETY STORE 8: TRAILER PARK Open Da11y From 8 30 T111 9 00 114 M11e West Of Marxetta at Intersectlonof Route 441 and 241 COmp11ments Of C H GARMAN Ornamental Iron Fabrxcatxon Iron and Steel Ehzabethtown Pennsylvama THE GROFF Refrxgerated Truck Door to Door Servlce Store and Slaughter House Located at 13 North Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa C omphments Of B8.G LUMBER COMPANY 212 West Hlgh Street Ellzabethtown Penna Phone EM '7 1690 Everythlng Frozen Freezer Food Supphes IC ELA ND INCORPORATED COmp11ments J GREENBURG Comphments of GREENBLATT'S SHOE STORE 4, 1 Welding MEAT MARKET Of ' Phone Mt. Joy OL 3-6091 RHEEMS LUMBER Sr MILLWORK, INC. General Contractor Building Supplies O'Brians Paints Mount Joy RD2 Pa AARONG LONGENECKER Pres Frames Repaired Paint and Body Shop Mechanical Service COLLINS BROTHERS Complete Car Service Phone EM 7-6248 1 Mile South of Elizabethtown on U S Route 230 Stop in for Free Estimate D L LANDIS AGENCY W H HORNAFIUS JR As sociate INSURANCE Fire Casualty Life Professional Counsel on All Forms of Insurance ' Congratulations" from the ECONOMY SHOE STORE 15 l7 W High St Elizabethtown Pa Flowers With Quality Beauty and Arrangement MUELLER'S FLOWER SHOP 55 North Market Street Elizabethtown Pa Phone EM 7 1291 -XX Elizabethtown FTD Membe r 'Flowe rs Speak Compliments of TROPICAL TREAT GOLFLAND Midway Between Middletown and Elizabethtown Phone EMp1re 7 2466 Rlssens ' ' ' Quality Fresh Meat and Produce Frozen Foods at Better Prices 34 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa Phone EM 7 1333 C ornplirne nts of THEOBALD INDUSTRIES Hides and Tallow Elizabethtown R D ffl Phone EM 7 12.87 I D ' 9 Q ' Q . . . , . . . , . , . 3 , . ,Onan all I . SAQV lg I- : I I - - 2 for Themselves" ETA Rf ' ln- I N1 Q , n 199 Compliments of ZARFOSS HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS MUMPER'S DAIRY Ellzabethtown s Fmest Dalry Products Ehzabe thtown Pa Comphments GERBERICH PAYNE SHOE COMPANY Comphrnent S of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY Founded 1913 by WM KLEIN SR Manufacturer of Lunch Bars Grade A Bars Fme M11k Chocolate Coatlngs and Cocoa M11k Chocolate Wafers Roamers 'E ll ' I ' II of Elizabethtown - Mount Joy Gliders and Spinners E 5 5 I ff x '3- I i : I Wi I I Compllrnents of ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT Co Dial Em 7-3032 J A STUMPF Petroleum ESSO Products Coal Haullng Dump Truck Servlce R D No 3 Ellzabethtown P WALTER K DUPES Ehzabethtown Pa Cornphments of COMMUNITY INN 498 West Hlgh Street Ehzabethtown Pa EM 7 9839 ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB H S RISSER Oldsrnoblle C ad111ac Pontxac Vauxhall Sales Serv1ce Phone EM 7 1366 Best W1SheS to t Class of 1959 60 EUGENE TEUFEL ORTHOPEDIC SURGICAL APPLIANCES W E Z N RADIO 1600 on Your D1a1 For E a. s y Lxstemng 518 North Hanover Street Music News Sports Weather Ehzabethtown Pa ' , a. Best Wishes MOTQRS ' he Compllments of FRANK ZEPNICK S GROCERY STORE D ffl Ellzabethtown Penna Phone EMp1re 7 2842 OBER BROTHERS FIRESTONE STORE Home and Auto Supp11es Phllco Apphances Corner Market and Park Streets E11zabethtown Pa Phone EM 7 1372 Cornphrnents of WENGER S FEED MILL Rheems Pa Phone Ehzabethtown EM 7 1195 'A Feed for Every Need When Shopplng V1s1t1ng or Dr1v1ng through Ehzabethtown BYER S PASTRY SHOP 11 Center Square De11c1ous Baked Foods Home of Pa Dutch 'Gooey Shoo Fly P1e Comp11ments of HERTZLER S DAIRY BOB S SERVICE STATION and GARAGE 1515 Market Street Ellzabethtown Phone EM 7 9916 Comphments of WENGER S PRETZEL COMPANY Bakers of Better Pretzels and Potato Chips LESHER S SHOES 18 East Hlgh Street Edgerton Laconlans Yorktown Amer1can G1r1 Nunn Bush Sebap moc s M1rac1e Tred Basement 1 R. . , ' , . . , 0 ' . , , , be sure to stop at . . . 1 ' , ' - . I ll I H . 1 1 - 1 , . - - I JACOB R. LANDVATER Plumbmg and Heatmg and Spoutmg We11 McLa1n Hot Water Bollers Amerlcan Standard Hot A1r Furnace Gould and Myers Pumps Sales and Serv1ce Ellzabethtown P R D 4142 Phone EMp1re 7 2086 General Insurance and Real Estate JONES 8. ZINK INC 119 South Market Street Ellzabethtown P Phone EM 7 1159 Route Z 3 O East of Ehzabe thtown Pennsy1van1a wif! CLEARVIEW DINER AND DINING ROOM Phones EMp1re 7 112.8 and EMp1re 7 112.9 ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 8. SUPPLY CO One Stop' Serv1ce Lumber M111WOIk and Bu11d1n RUSSEL M HOFFER 341 51 West Bambrldge St E11zabethtown Pa H MARTIN HOFFER Own er VEREM HOFFER M I 81' ' Your Home Plannmg Headquarters' g Mate r1a1s ' , a. , . ' , a. , Y gm WM, I T5 7 Iirk, I f Mt. 'VS HI..-'X 4, Il - 1 ' - . . . . , . . , . I ' I Congratu1at1ons Class of 1960 H R BARNHART 84 SON CONTRACTORS 81 BUILDERS Custom Bu11t Homes Elxzabethtown Pa Phones 7 2242 Emplre 7 1332 J H HEISE Y HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRY Road Constructxon '1"rans1t M1x Concrete Rheems Pennsylvama Phone Em 7 26 Best W1shes ELIZABETHTOWN TRUST COMPANY Next to the Post Off1ce' Member of Federal Depos1t Insurance Corp Phone EM 7 1156 LONGENECKER'S HATCHERY 110 S Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa and Klmber Chlcks and Vantress Arbor Acres W. SCOTT HEISEY ' H ' I C omp11ments of BINKLEY S SEWING MACHINE AND REMNANT SHOP 109 111 North Market Street Ehzabethtown Pa To11et Art1c1es School Supphes LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Lunchonette and Fountam Servlce Kodaks Sportmg Goods Cornphments of HEISEY S CHILDREN SHOP We Major 1n Mmnors Z5 South Market Street Offw14f-uv The Fabulous Name 111 Typewrlters J M ENGLE COMPANY Off1Ce Mach1nes and Furnlshlngs Lancaster X' -""""" and Q 1- E11 zabe thtown YQ , The Staff of the 1960 ELIZABETHAN W1SheS to extend every good wlsh to those who have sub scrlbed to 1ts serv1ce th1s year It 1S hoped that favorable response from thls area w111 reflect to the advantage of all Ehzabethan supporters not only for the present but 1n years to come 3 , . , . 1 . . nm ,,,.. -4 gx? . - 0 - ' " ' ..-uo,. N- il: 5 5 . . -gnzfeni-.K-72.1. . . . Q l PATRONS DR and MRS R J KEIPER NANCY and LARRY MR and MRS ABRAM L BERNHARD MRS FRANK DRUST DOCTOR NEUMANN and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS ERNEST L SALTZER DAVID BITTERMAN HARRY G BRACKBILL HARRY W WOLFE ARTHUR BECHTEL JOHN ARNDT DORIS and DON IRENE E SIMSACK MR and MRS PAUL SCHROLL MR and MRS CLYDE FINK MR and MRS ROBERT BRENNER BUTCH and MARLENE MR. and MRS FREDERICK BAHRENBURG MR and MRS HAROLD BRINSER and FAMILY MR and MRS JOE HOSTETTER DICK a nd EDIE MR and MRS CLAUDEC KAYLOR MR and MRS OWEN MYERS MRS GRACE BRUBAKER and CAROL MR JOHN DEAN MISS LORETTA KLINE MR and MRS RONALD ESHLEMAN MR and MRS JOHN SMITH JR MR and MRS DORSEY BAKER PHYLLIS and JIM GENE DONNIE BOB ART WILLIE H L COBLE SUE and TOM PATTY KAYLOR MRS RUTH GRACE BURGESS MR HIRAM KEFFER MR. and MRS DALE GARMAN MR. and MRS R M RICE DONNY and GERRY LOU HOOVER MR and MRS B H BURKHOLDER MR and MRS ARTHURJ SHREFFLER ARTHUR and KAREN MR and MRS MR. and MRS MR, and MRS MR. and MRS MR. and MRS JOHN NAGEL C RODNEY FINK HAROLD A WALTER RICHARD F LIBHART CRAIG and MARK CHARLES GUTSHALL BENJAMIN GUTSHALL LOIS and JOYCE MRS I JAMES CAMPBELL DR and MRS BENNER R CRILEY SHIRLEY SAGER MR. . MR. . . MR. . MR. . MR. . MR. . . , JR. MR. . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . . , MR. . . MR. . . . . MR. . . . MR. . . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . . . MR. MR. . , . . . . MR. . . . MR. . . . MR, and MRS. BARNEY WILSON and FAMILY . MR. . . V. . . . , . MR. . ' . . . - MR. . . . . . MR. . . . MR. . MR. . 1 MR. . . . MR. . . . , MR. . . . MR. . . . . . MR. . . . MR. . . . ' MR. . . . MR. . MR. . MR. and MRS GEORGE SHUMBERGER REV and MRS RAYMOND L FETTER MRS MARGARET GILL MYRTLE HATCH and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS JOHN HERCHELROTH WAYNE DRAWBAUGH RENAUD DBVITRY LESTER DUPES and FAMILY WILMERG STONE DELBERTR DUPES USAF LESTERL DUPES USAF and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS GENE EMENHEISER DALE H FANTOM EARL TRESSLER JACOB FANTOM ROBERT C FARMER ROBERT KERSTETTER OTTO H FERRARI MEREDITH GERMER NOAH KLAUSS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS RE SHARPLESS CROWE JR ELMER ESPENSHADE JACOB B FISHER and DAUGHTER EZRA O BRUBAKER and MRS JOHN FLECK RUSSEL D HERSHEY and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS VI ARREN W SNYDER SHAFFER MARVIN WENDT ELVIN BRESSLER and JANE JOHN WEISER and CRAIC' GUIDO KLAUSS ROY R FREY ROBERT E UHLIG and FAMILY HARRY J GRAHAM MARLIN G HENNINGER, JR. MISS SHIRLEY ANN GARBER MR. and MRS OLIVER SAGER FOSTER and SHIELA MR. and MRS ROY BELL and GARY MRS HERMAN GEIB and ANNA GEIB and MRS and MRS THE B and G and MRS and MRS MR and MRS HAROLD COVER and LYNDA and TERRY CLINTON S GEIB and GENIE LUMBER COMPANY PAUL GERBER JAMES RUTHERFORD and LYNDA RICHARD MILLER and FAMILY HILDA and EDDIE RETA JOHN BUTCH SUSAN and DON NED O WERT HENRY F GINGERICH EDITH M RITCHIE MRS SHARPLESS CROWE SR, and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS ROY HEILMAN VERNON STAHL FLOYD GUTSHALL CARROLL RITCHIE JR DALE GARMAN DONALDE ROBBINS FRANK A SHANK HAROLDE GREINER MR and MRS EARL S ROYER MR. and MRS JAMES L DONMOYER MR and MRS HARVEY E REEM JR BONNIE and JONNIE and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS MERLE O RUHL BEN LEHMAN PAULM WOLGEMUTH MARTIN M LEHMAN PATRONS MR and MRS DANIEL WENTZEL MR and MRS A J THOME MR and MRS OLIVER STILLWAGNER HARVEY J SHANK MR. and MRS DANIEL G SMITH HAZEL A SNYDER HARRIET E SNYDER MR. and MRS RAYMOND STYER BERTHA BRANDT TRACEY LYNN STYER MRS BARRY STYER MARY JANE and BARRY MR and MRS JOHN SWEIGART and JOHNNY MR and MRS RICHARD HEIN and SANDY PAT and LES MR. and MRS JAMES JACKSON and DENISE LEONARD HEIN LAURA LANCASTER MR and MRS CLAYTON G SWOPE CHARLES P JACKSON JOHN G HABECKER JOHN ROGERS MRS H W SHEAFFER ALDA MILLER JIM SHEAFFER GOLDIE SMITH MR and MRS EARL E SHENK GALEN and NANCY SANDY and SALLY RAY and SUSIE WILLIAM G SCHOENBERGER MR and MRS RUHL JOAN and MARLIN GLORIA and FRANK MR and MRS VINCENT SIKORSKI MR and MRS L C FICKETT MR and MRS CARL E SISSON PAT BURNHAM and FAMILY VICTORIA LYNN BARNHART MR and MRS J HENRY RUTT MR. and MRS JOSEPH E SMITH T M EBERSOLE MR and MRS RUSSELL L HEIN MR and MRS WALTERL SMITH GARY and NANCY MR. and MRS DANIEL GORSLAY and FAMILY MR I LORELL PRICE MR and MRS HENRY BALDWIN SR MR. and MRS WALTER BODMAN and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS EDWARD FITZKEE C EUGENE SWOPE DAVID HETRICK R S TRIMMER MISS MILDRED WALTERS MRS LAURA HOELSLEY MR. and MRS CLIFFORD DRESCHER MR. and MRS KENNETH HERR MR and MRS HARVEY MCKINNE RALPH WANAMAKER and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS MR and MRS JOHN WANAMAKER JAMES HUBLER WILBURE WEAVER JACOB R. EBERSOLE BENJAMIN BOLTZ LEE A WINTERS MISS BARBARA WINTERS MR. and MRS LEEROYJ WINTERS and FAMILY MISS LEE RHENISH JEAN and BOB MR. and MRS HOWARD ZARFOSS TOM ZEAGER MR. and MRS RUSSEL S ZEAGER and FAMILY JOHN A ZEAGER MR and MRS ARTHUR T GIVENS SALLY MARY ELLEN CHARLOTTE and NANCY MR and MRS JOSEPH L HOOVER DR and MRS NEVTN H ZUCK MARCELLA and WLLMER MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . . MR. . , . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. ' . MR. . . . MR. . MR. . . MR- . . . . . . MR. . . MR. . . M. R. WARDEN MR. and MRS. E. ROBERT SWOPE MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . MR. . . MR. . . . MR. . MR. and MRS RICHARD HEIN PAUL HUNSECKER and MRS J MARTIN GISH and MRS P P. METZGER and MRS J EMMERT HESS and SON and MRS RAY GUTSHALL H JAMES ELVIN MARLIN GIVENS DAVID H GIVENS SHERWOOD DALE ESPENSHADE MR and MRS ALVIN L GIVENS and FAMILY JEAN MILLER ARTHURJ GREINER MRS HARRY GEPFER HAROLD GOOD MR and MRS ROBERT B GOSS GAIL and DEL JANET and RAY MR and MRS KENNETH M CRUM DANIEL S BAUM DALE W MUMPER DAISY M KLEIN DR and MRS DONALD R FINK PEGGY HACKMAN JOHN and LORRAINE MR and MRS WILLIS HACKMAN MRS MARIE W BLESS DR and MRS C C DOUGLAS T R. WEAVER MR. and MRS ROBERT MADEIRA LESTERN HECK MR and MRS JOHN R HECK MARTY and GLORIA MR and MRS EARL M HEISEY MR and MRS HERMAN ALDINGER MR and MRS PAUL MARTIN MRS MARTIN HEISEY and FAMILY NIR and MRS LEVI C HERSHEY J EDWIN HERSHEY and FAMILY MR and MRS NELSON E KOCH DICK KOCH MR and MRS DAVID HETRICK PEGGY HETRICK MR and MRS PAUL S HILSHER and FAMILY MR HAROLD R HILSHER CAPT and MRS J M HOAGLAND THOMAS JOHN HOAGLAND MISS IRENE S CLARK MR and MRS LESTER R HESS MRS ANNA C SNYDER JOE and GERRY LOIS JEAN HESS PATRCNS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS ABNER L. HOLLINGER WALTER HEISTAND IRVIN GINDER HOMER Z GINDER CHESTER A HORST JUDY ANN GOCHNAUER MR and MRS. LEWIS DOUTH MISS GOALMAKER and ANDY MISS RUTH REESE MR and MRS HENRY GEYER MRS EMMA ERNEST and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and DANIEL CLARENCE HORTING WAYNE JONES and CAROLYN ROBERTJ TRIMBLE and TOM DANIEL HOOPERT DELORES R ARDEN KAYLOR GARYE KAYLOR MR and MRS RUSSELLB KAYLOR MRS ALICEM SHAFFER MR and MRS GEORGES KEELEY JR. and FAMILY GEORGES KEELEY SR RUTH S HESS AMOS HERTZLER and FAMILY and MRS CHESTER REHRER RS BARBARA BUTTERFIELD and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS WILLIAM BRIAN JOHN REIDER and FAMILY MARK SEIBERT and FAMILY WILLIAM KNILEY LINDA HOWARD MARGIE SUE SUSAN MR. and MRS KENNETH KNILEY and MICHAEL and STEVEN and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS DORSEY ENCK PHARES S AUKER V R KOSER CLYDE BOYER DR RALPH PARRETT PEARL A KOSER MR and MRS CHARLES HAYDEN DEBBIE and DONNA MR WILLIAM DIFFENDERFER SPIKE and KATHY LOSSIE DOLL and GILLIE MR. and MRS DONALD LERCH JUDY and JERRY MR. and MRS SAMUEL H LONG MR and MRS EDWIN O WENCH SAMUEL F LONG MR. and MRS JOSEPH H MUMMA MR and MRS JOHN LONGENECKER and FAMILY MR and MRS JOSEPH B HOSTETTER , MR. . MR. . MR. - - MR. . DR. - - MR. . . MR. - - MR. . . MR. , DR. . . MR. . , MR. . - , MR. . . MR. . - MR. . MR. and MRS. KENNETH HACKMAN MR- and MRS- NEVIN KERN , , MR. . , , , , MR. . . MR. . , MR. . , , , MR. . , , MR. . . , , MR. . . . . MR. . JUDY MR and MRS HAROLDR BRANDT and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS PATRONS CLARENCE DENLINGER VERE H A IN ES RAY WITHERS JAMES HINDMAN LINDA and JOAN BENJAMIN HOFFMAN WITHERS and MRS ALBERT K MARTIN and MRS LOUIS H MARTZ and MRS ROBERT GROSH and MRS WILLIAMJ POWERS KEITH and PEARL CHARLES H MCFALLS J RAYMOND OLWEILER MR and MRS MR and MRS JUDY PEARL MR ana MRS DORIS and DORIS HARRY GEYER MISS ELIZABETH A MILLER MR and MRS FRANK S MILLER MR and MRS RUSSELL MILLER MRS EDITH DIFFENBAUGH MR. and MRS LLOYD MILLER MARIAN and CLAIR JANET JOYCE and PEGGY NANCY and GALEN MR. and MRS HENRY HEISEY HELEN and GLENN MR. and MRS CARL MINICK MR and MRS GUY MINICK ANNA MII.LER GROVER MILLER MR. and MRS MR and MRS MR and MRS HARRY BECK WILLIAM T MOORE SOBIESKI D OWENS JOHN and JUDY LARRY and KATHY and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS MRS RICHARD E MILEY ASHBY J MORRIS PAUL R MUMMAU LARRY S HEISTAND CHARLES S DRACE MELVIN MYER JACOB B MYER BERNICE OBER EPHRIUM and ORPHA JOHN GIBBLE and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and TEDDY DR and MRS BEN MYERS OLIVER GINGERICH and FAMILY JOHN CHARLES RD THEODORE LEONHA DONALD R FINK PEGGY and BILL MR ano MRS DONALD MEANS MR and MRS WILLIAM CHARLESTON MR and MRS FRANK BRENEMAN DENNIS and FOSTER JIM and MARION DOROTHY and DAVID LANDIS MRS ELSIE G CARE MR and MRS SAMUEL A OBERHOLTZER MR. and MRS WALTER W OBERHOLTZER MISS MIRIAM L MENGEL MR and MRS DICK MECKLEY and GARY ELSIE and DONALD EARL SCHLEICHER and FAMILY and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS ARTHUR G SPICKLER MENNO H OBERHOLTZER J ARTHUR GIBBLE ARTHURM PAINTER JR DONALD R PAINTER H ROBERT JACKSON MR. and MRS CHARLES POWL MR. and MRS ALLEN PATSCHKE SANDY and TIM GENE STILLWAGNER BEV TERRY ANNE and IDQNDY CLEMENS MR and MRS JAMES PERRY and LYNN COLFEN and LINDA RABER and MRS JOSEPH KAYLOP and MRS STANLEY BARNHART and MRS FRANKLIN PETERS and MRS WALTER PRESCOTT and MRS GLEEN R. MILLER MARGARET HEISEY and SON MR and MRS WALTER RANK PUDGE and RONNIE MISS SUSAN RANK MARY ANNE HORNE MR and MRS WILLIAM REED DR and MRS SAMUEL S BARR MR and MRS CLAUDE GROFF MR. STANLEY S DOTTERER MR. and MRS CARL W RINGLABEN MRS RAVIE and NANCY RINGLABEN and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS and MRS MR and MRS DONALDR BRADLEY H E RISSER ROBERTA COBLE PAULM RISSER EUGENEC WOLGEMUTH JOHNE LEBO JR. EUGENE RISSER PHARESS RISSER MR. . . . MR. . . . MR. . , MR. . . MR. . . . . MR. . . . . . MR. ' . . . MR. . . S . . , , MR. . . . . MR. . . . MR. . . . . . MR. . . , . . . MR. . . MR. '. . . MR. . . . . MR. . DR. and MRS. WILLIAM K. MOORE MR. JACOB PRESCOTT . . . MR. . MR. . . , ED MR. . . . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . MR. . . . . MR. . . . . MR. . . . . . . . . . , JR. MR. . . MR. . MR. . . . MR. . ' MR. . . MR. . MR. . . MR. . , JR. MR. . . DR. . . , . . . MR. . W Q A , ES ' Q , N f. if fi . Hr, , , l ' , I ' ig ' .Q 5 ' P A -ng-M A ,f V ,A f 1 21 g l A' A ' iii? rr ? 5 1 W , k . xfgt X 5 t ,K in - 1 ,Ki Q, X ' I v -Q x w y-Y , ' X- A A P S s,,,' is 1 1 2 E Qi 331 EMA , , , M, ,H-guru-uri .ff S5 3 in fl N ww'-f 1. wk K 'L -1 ..... l 2 if I , e X 55? . 1 l. H7?W- gf ill 27 1- 2 K 'P' " ':" "- ' gif? A fill' " M ,sw Sm, Q- N., F5 4 1 - . mf -- Q .Vfl':g'-fx f' EHS- , A- ,U " A " ' ,A ,i,Ak,, 3 yA,L -"' g Q 02345 ff' - 4 -fyffewsfg 5 -N . f ..., 1 ., 5 ' ' A egg RWM? A5 D., ni-fi Xi X -1 ,...-N -1' - 2 , :'1 RQUYVHNG . in ? 1' . I 57 sk ' 4 I w XR ix FU G R P XL ICJ R Xl AH 4 1 -S.. ' W x- ,w X . . 3 NA' ., , We , ZA W x I X X . - , F TX X ,za it '3.g x Y xx s ' x.x.4 , . 'N . I, Q v At K N . ' '-..x,, .-k.,x -Y ' 1 .' I X R N ,H 2 . 6 TAYLOR PUBLISHING COMPANY S -....N, mm? '

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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