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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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l 9 af We WNW 45' K K-.TEN 3 ,Av f 7 Z 4 , f' If f X1 V V ff 11 fl A N 7 f I QK, 1 f , ,,,. fl 4 X A 17' X Xxx, K 'IAA f 7 K, IL, X, " ' 7 Q , f , , , Ti f ,XXX , -1? 2 g a! i4VFLLI,LYf,f,g' +"x ,L -L f f.- Lf 1 ,fv f 1 rr f'r L I J ,lf S ' -5 - 'S ,.. Z 2 Y-. 4 'M' -1' 1 ug -3:7-'Z WI J T- V! x-, -Q Q 1 -fii jug' 15" , 'gl f1fFV?'1 , IU' 7: 1.:,f5.ff55!7 ,jlfgfly , -ff if ?z2sfg5g" -,LT 2.1f'Vf'nfr LT :z'?5f?fEff7F:! 'ffffifli 11 i"'???'-'- fwfr H111 :exam 1verQwQ ix1Qf+ffQIQif '5WWp'fX'f MU 'll ' f L4 .Ql g 1 QQLI t' 4 S -,- fi s if ! .!:, ' jg a s-. X .1 :ne ' x Z - ' - 5' vii' " K" "g A 1? "f A' f" .Z . '46 f ' f 2 V ' 4 1 If ' if f 549 L. if sc f 1,4 ,f' -I , ,, ,Tr ,. f f ' f 15' 4,2-' xl' I 'Q 'fl' J , .4 Y , Y- f -f-ff-Q... 1 'ai I fix- Y1 ' i""' X., 1 1 A? f J 'Z -L-XT g-N "' F 1 'T' f Hin. 1 - "Az: -' I - X ' .e -Qi'-.L-r'N 'C--J' ' 1 1 7 ,' 1- -1Q-MZQl?:1f J 5 ir' ,, 'Leif Y-- -N!--4.Tw' 'i f ,Zi V Y r I f 1 "ST-Jix QS -3 X 1 I je ,see-fw-H-TM?-Aw--2 1,515 ek- fe A-WA -y ' -A-A--Ann e., ei, i - f ' " W L - W 'T' ef wr N A ll ,,7 1 . , gg I ml L 5- JY L' 'E D I .1 ' A g I ........ 't' 'fl s 'wif -ff! fl e 41,4 ?gvL Q T Z If ,f X, ff I. ,f V! f , A 'f X, ff X K f ,ff f X R ' f ' ' k f 152- X A if f " f X -- f --. ' Z 's ,1,,. ff r ,ff R r I - , , X ' X N Z X K vp 'f I " ft Z-KZ ' 5' X 1 V fl. ! X 3' A f f' f Z , "- 3,41 gf., ' 16' fs " f ff:-s'f..J ,-..-.-Tis A ' 2r"iwfr sxbfi-"GQz'f ' -7 N 1 wx f if A. 4,1 ,..,,,, x x ggff-1. of'zf.,a,-:-f:. v Hag - -ff ':-:ig ivjgi? 5-'fb --'T' Mgli. ' 5' fi' '5'Q,'7-ffaj-1?'Q'J f F3 inn ' , , 1 , s w e et s 4 A ff? 1 "i-5' Lil in W se it lx X, A Q , : f' 1- f ' .fn ff" ' his-' 1 K X XX 1 5 '- 4 F 79' Q fe X - ,nf nz A - QA X SN Xx .M A :E 7 if f f I ,W , ' f' 'L XX 'V X 4""iW33iw?"' 159533-,'9.i'Zf ' "il ' jf ,pf X X I Vf ffwf, fy ,X ,V WA Y , xx V' X- SX , V ,f f A , Q f Q' f' ff Q wg .'?j::2:.'5gg-,,:4 1235451 1 ff , 'QT' 7' 7 A A frf WL Q 9222222 72 f A if "4 A AI? f- AV? j i K BF-. , , vs - -Qs, f. "'!T:::LM!, fr K , M -Nia ?7 i , , 1 mf-fff -- 9 M 'H' ' ff ' L . m- , "A" ,- X, f f x f 3. A --II I7 ,, x.. -WMM-6-A f K faves' is . ,p,4. -, - 4 - - V Hal' iee:ZQi?'2 f ' 52? f e ffzfefr f A i Cable' 0 I 2 2 Z f ,n s ff ff K X W6 , L ""' I V Z. ,.1ZnfQl2, y 2 Administration Zzenlty Seniors llnderelnssinen Activities Atnleties Zeutnres Advertisements , 'f i A Q 9' 1355 ! .7 f je 2 1" ' ,f V f f Z fl - 7 i f 1 .- ' ' I 4 t . w,, ga , ., f -ff , f ' fan 1 'Aw U vu! K pa , ?2,,jwgf . ' R X ig? 1 ,., - ,AZ ig og 6 ' E N 1: X. gg - A 1: I '59 wi! X ,Q 0 1, , f ,V Vfggg 4, y a 8 f 'f Y ' 'Q "'3'I'x :, g Zin rx ' iadlfffi Sag: S..- Vuf 12 if X f Y i, p ff X7 f 4 Pin' io If - A 5 -if ,U -a lf' :LN ' A, pagg 73 Q f f' A ' 8 77: ' 'jv a , , 72 - A E ER fx ' fy' ' ghiiji D T Q I " v ,x Q3 1 5 i .s f - "' M N - i f ,ILE VY VYVV 1777, fl! 4 ' 13 - 3 J Dcwcafivn ry We, the class of nineteen-hundred and fifty-nine, dedicate oi edition of the ELIZABETHAN to all the students who will one day b the seniors of our high school and who will occupy the place that w shall soon be abandoning, Our hope is that these future seniors wil remember as pleasantly as we, the happy times we shared with therr during our years in school. M fi aff?" F'lizaI1c'fl1a14 With each yearly promotion, however, comes additional respon- bility. The future seniors, we are confident, will assume the re- ionsibility that we leave them and will maintain the standards of our hool. This done, we know that their days in school will be as happy nd as profitable as our own have been, ,f "' 'Si 5 A Qxxl , -33-F a ' f 3 or---V 'as 7-fif.,,,j' i, YE' 'WX ZA 7- ' - 50,-. 1--, , 2 - ' i. enior Snaps Yearbook T ypists. 1 Checking for silverfish? Chubby Bunny! i X X X 5 1 x X X , r 3 Rock and roll is here to stay! Won't teacher be surprised! Help send these boys to dairy farms, The critics. ' Our energetic photographer. Anything else you wish, mistress? Oh, you doll, you! Dead to the world, , , nk EEE!! ' H With the sunrise comes the deadline. Robert Hall goofed! Looking for something? Mad rush after gym class! It's a car, girls. He's on the level. Can this be school work? frgvgisever leave the launch' "Here I am! " Leading a P.O.D. discussion. Primping before performing, The line UP HI SIa21b'S SU1di0 X STEQMMUQSL mmm ,W 3 'Ziyff if Q5 My! X 7:' d1Si4,3,,..gf,.f.-.:,q,, L Qzvffgf 2 'Z if-ff SKU A iv ,xx -xjg, ff-A 5 X X -A TQ? ski --- 5 :F 1 J! X . QQ HQ ww Q QE U Y R lQ xi ! 0 4 Wu QNX JWW A SEATED, left to right: Wilbur E. Weaver, Treasurer, Albert K. Garman, Secretaryg I. Carlton Schuldt, President: I. Shelly Kaylor, Vice President. STANDING, left to right: Clyde E. Fink, Elmer F. Groff, Charles E. Smuck, I. Ralph Parrett, K. Ezra Bucher, Arthur G. Spickler, C. A. S. Hollinger. Our Schw! Board This group of hard working board members does much to make our school system successful. Their many duties include meeting the financial needs of the school, maintaining buildings, and selecting qualified teachers. We thank them for a job well done. N N 9 W . 1 bl0 ill DR. GALEN C, KILHEFNER Supervising Principal As supervising principal of the Elizabeth- town Area Schools, Dr. Kilhefner has many duties which keep him busy continuously, However, busy as he is, he never has too much to do if some problem arises and his aid is needed, or if he can do something to help someone. Even on the most dismal days he has a ready smile and a cheerful "hello" for everyone. He faithfully attends the school sports events and cheers for the home team. Apart from his many duties in school, Dr Kilhefner is also active in church and com- munity organizations, He enjoys taking care of the garden at his new home and spends much of his limited leisure time with MR. PHILLIP H. DAUBERT High School Principal Ever striving to improve our school's scho- lastic and extracurricular programs, Mr. Daubert is respected by all. His deep inter- est in the students and their needs brands him a well-liked and essential man in our school system. During the limited time from his school duties, Mr. Daubert participates in community organizations, is a faithful spec- tator at our athletic contests, and always has time for his family, his family. ,Athletic Grfumfil LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Parrett, Mr. Diehl, Secretaryg Mr. Wenger, Mr. Daubert, President: Dr. Kilhefner. Arrangers of that tight E. A. H. S. interscholastic sports schedule. . . responsible for the colorful and informative football programs. . . spend many of their meetings deciding what athletic equipment is needed. . .instituted motion picture-taking to improve future football techniques. Ofice Staff n Q LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Marian Raffensperger, Mrs. Jane S. Hoover, Mrs. Norma Steinhart, Miss Anna Ruth Hess. Efficient group of women who prepare our daily bulletins. . . are kept busy typing letters and sorting teachers' mail. . . collect money for forgotten locker combinations. . . are a great asset to our school system. f""X J 1 W4- x 11 x gf MQ X X Wftwxg 4 sv My L v l ,..-1, ,.., , ,V R, 5,-f---1 k ,, C. GERALD BLAKE B. S. , East Stroudsburt S. T. C. - Geography - Instills fundamentals of geo- graphy into minds of his junior high students. . . is always good natured and witty. . . spends much of his spare time in his garden. . . always has a smile. NORMAN E. DIEHL B. S. , Elizabethtown College M. S. . University of Pennsylvania - Administrative Assistant to High School Principal - Enforces school code and law in the junior high school wing . . .does a fine job of putting his subject across to his students . . . spends leisure time garden- ing, singing, painting houses, and watching sports of all kinds. MRS. SARAH E. STEELMAN B. S. , Elizabethtown College M. S. , Temple University - Supervisor of Elementary Education - Devoted to the teaching profes- sion. . . encourages others to pursue this career as adviser of the Future Teachers of America . . . exact and efficient. MRS. ELSIE G. CARE B, S. , Elizabethtown College M. Ed. , Temple University - Business Education - Affiliated with many profession- al organizations and service groups. . . editor of Newsletter and historian of Alpha Zeta Chapter of D. P. E. . . a sports fan. . . dedicated to serving youth to the best of her ability. MRS. .TANICE N. CLEMENS B. S. , Bloomsburg S. T. C. M. S. , Pennsylvania State A, University JW JM! - English, Latin - p flv r Joined our faculty t s . . . reveals a charming personality . . . earns the admiration of her students. . .includes among her hobbies swimming, sewing, and playing bridge. MRS. ELIZABETH A DONMOYER B. S, , Marywood College - Home Economics - Keeps the home economics department in good order. . . likes to 'rough it" with the rest of the campers. . . leads young women to successful careers as homemakers. MISS SARAH H. CUTTINO B. A. , Duke University - English - Teaches eighth grade English . . . attended high school in Japan. . . will never forget Japanese food. . . formerly taught in Cleveland. . . enjoys reading. . .is interested in dramatics. JOHN P. I. DEAN A. B. , Elizabethtown College - English - Teaches seventh and ninth grades the fundamentals of English. . . capably directed our junior class play. . .is an active member of the Little Theater. . .has a pleasing personality. . . collects records as a hobby. STANLEY S. DOTTERER B. S. , Elizabethtown College - Mathematics - Known for his extensive col- lection of cardboard solids. . . advises the Chess Club and the Engineering Club. . . proud of his former place of residence . . . skillfully plays the piano, the organ, and the violin. MISS MAY DULEBOHN A, B. , Millersville si. T. C. Elizabethtown College - Mathematics - Excellent algebra teacher. . . strict discipl-inarian. . . one who appreciates an orderly classroom . . . opera enthusiast. . . enjoys trying new recipes. . . is highly respected by all. I DORSEY E. ENCK B. S. , Millersville S. T. C. - Industrial Arts - Accomplished horseman. . . wrestling instructor at boys' recreation. . . connoisseur of progressive jazz. . . offers a flashing smile. . . talented violinist. PAUL W. GOSS, JR. B. S. , Lock Haven S. T. C. - Driver Education, History - Mild-mannered fellow. . . has nerves of steel while out with his drivered hopefuls. . . proud of his little girl. . . adds life and humor everywhere. . . can recall memorable experiences of his military service in Japan. MISS RUTH GISE A, B. , Millersville S. T. C. - Special Education - Competent newcomer to our teaching staff. . . p21'tiCiP2l'1I in various church activities. . . pleasant disposition. . . gives much of her time to Red Cross and other community activities. ALTON H. EPPLER B. S. , Kutztown S. T. C. - Science - Accomplished pianist. . .firm believer in outlining. . . capable assistant football coach. . . keeps his section of the hall in order. . .has a vast collection of flashy ties. WILLIAM T. FRANTZ B. S. , Albright College - Business Education - Mastermind behind our highly successful football squad. . . holds a high interest in any sport. . . could do without girls - the giggling kind, that is . . . owns a good-looking ward.- robe. . . is popular with the student body. JOHN G. HABECKER A. B. , Goshen College M. Ed. , Pennsylvania State University - Science - imparts his vast knowledge of science to seventh and eighth graders. . . enjoys hik- ing and all phases of nature study in his spare time. . . owns an impressive collection of books. HARRY J. GRAHAM B. S. , Elizabethtown College Temple University - Mathematics - Has always been aware of "Big Brother". . . keeps juniors in food stands on their toes at football games. . .likes to discuss the Air Force. . . enjoys flying . . . worthy junior class adviser. KENNETH GROSH A. B. , Elizabethtown College M. S. , University of Pennsylvania - Guidance Counselor - Our hard working counselor . . . commendable director of senior class play. . . divides much time between Key Club and Student Council. . . proves a talented actor. . . serves as a friend to all. R. DONALD HAVERSTICK A. B. , Elizabethtown College - History - Holds an interest in all sports . . . is responsible as coach for our proficient basketball team . . . spends much of his leisure time with his daughters. MARLIN C. HENNINGER, JR. B. S. , Pennsylvania State University - Agriculture - Enjoys slipping away for a few quiet hours of hunting or fish- ing. . . known for being quick tempered but good natured. . . capably advises the Future Farmers of America. X l M MRS. HARRIET C. HERR B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. - English - A newcomer to the senior high faculty this year. . . skill- fully plays the organ and piano . . . spends much of her leisure time with her musically inclined family. . . participates in many church activities. HARVEY R. JACOBS, JR. B. S, , Elizabethtown College - Social Studies - Very efficient history teacher . . . well liked by all of his students. . . sharp dresser. . . enthusiastic fan of all sports . . . excellent basketball play- er and officiator. PAUL K. HUNSECKER B. A. , Franklin and Marshall College - English, History - Valuable new addition to our faculty. . . enjoys all types of music. . . active member of the University Club. . . has a ready smile and an optimistic word for everyone. . . spends his spare time in reading and traveling. DANIEL A. HOOPERT A. B. , Elizabethtown College M. S. , Temple University - History - Makes his home in room 67 . . . interested in religious activities. . . always willing to lend a helping hand. . . has a cherry smile. . . devotes his whole life to making others happy. MRS. JANE HOOVER B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. Pennsylvania State University - Health, Physical Education Responsible for the power be- hind our championship hockey team. . .has enough energy for several people. . . enthusiastic about her work. . . always fair in work and play. HENRY M. LIBHART A. B. , Franklin and Marshall College M. A. , Pennsylvania State University - English - Highly respected by both students and fellow teachers. . . goes for blues, dixieland, boogie, bop, rock, and opera . . . advises our yearbook ed- itorial staffs. . . still-life painter. NOAH KLAUSS Harrisburg Conservatory of Music Eliiabethtown College - Instrumental Music - inspires our students to merit instrumental honors. . . assist- ant conductor of Harrisburg Symphony. . . gives private lessons to aspiring young musi- cians. . . spends spare time composing original music. MISS LORETTA KLINE B. S. , Elizabethtown ,College - English - Always ready to help one of her students. . . spends spare moments in reading, knitting, camping. . . advises junior high drama club. MISS MIRIAM L. MENGEL B. S. , Lebanon Valley College Akron University Drexel Institute M. A. , New York University - Librarian - Always busy helping us find "the book". . . interested in good music. . . has a special fondness for flowers. . . runs our lost-and-found department efficiently. . . brightens the library with her genial personality. MISS MABEL J. MILLER A. B. , Lebandn Valley College Temple University - English - Imparts her vast knowledge of English to junior high students . . . ardent church worker. . . attractive appearance. . .has a friendly smile and a helping hand for everyone. RICHARD D. MILLER B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. - Physical Education - Has a wonderful combination of brains and brawn. . . sets female students' hearts a-flutter. . . active in any form of sport. . . determined to make well developed physical specimens of the boys in his gym classes. CHARLES A NEWCOMER, JR. B. S. , Susquehanna University - Business Education - Commutes from Hershey each day. . . avid photography enthu- siast. . . dependable senior class adviser. . . sports a pleasing smile for everyone. . . thoroughly enjoys dramatics. ROBERT L. MYERS B. S. , Millersville S. T. C. - Mathematics, Science - Keeps order in homeroom 12. . . enjoys photography. . . dislikes noisy classes. . . a good sport . . . cherishes his Functional Math classes. . . an advocate of law and order. MISS NORMA G. MODESTI B. S. , Pennsylvania State University - Home Economics - Makes certain the home-ec room is kept in tiptop condition . . .interested in ceramics and photography. . . loves to create new additions to her stylish wardrobe. MRS. DORIS E. MUIR B. A. , Juniata College - French - Always willing to lend a hand to a bewildered French student . . . COMPRENEZ -VOUS LA PHR.ASE?. . .has a right to be proud of her knitting ability . . . adviser to the knitting club and Senior Tri-Hi-Y. . . ardent sports enthusiast. . . keen sense of humor. . . a ready smile for everyone. J. LORELL PRICE A. B. , Elizabethtown College - History - An avid reader of controversial novels. . . sometimes can not fathom the humor of his fun- loving 11-3 section. . .looks on baseball as his favorite sport. . . keeps Journalism Club members busy writing and typing articles. ELWOOD R. RABER B. S. , Elizabethtown College - Chemistry - Manager of Willowood Pool sharp dresser. . . knocks out everyone with those chem lab smells. . . excels in all sports has a friendly "Hil " for CV CIYOIIC . MISS LEONA M. RHENISH B. S, , Lock Haven S. T. C. - Health, Physical Education - Seen in the gym teaching the junior high girls the art of basketball. . . among her hobbies are photography, traveling, and camping. . . has an aversion to leotards. MISS FLORENCE B. RISSER B, S. , Lebanon Valley College - Mathematics - Likable teacher of the junior high wing. . . botany rates high in her list of hobbies. . . excels in all types of sports. . .relishes lemon chiffon pie. MRS. HELEN JANE SHEELEY A. B. , Pennsylvania State University B. S. , Kutztown S. T. C. - Art - Endless source of ideas for her art students. . .likable smile for everyone. . . sewing and applied arts among her hobbies . . . "Whiz" on the faculty basketball team. . . pride and joy are her twins, Kay and Jay, A. STEWART Sl-IOEMAKER B. S. , Millersville S. T. C. - Industrial Arts - Master of the welcome smile that greets his all-boy shop classes. . . a do-it-yourself man. . .hobbyist in painting and antiques. . . advocate of a return to quality craftsman- ship. . . driver of a gold and white DeSoto. NED O. WERT B. S. , Indiana S. T. C. - Art - Almost inexhaustible wardrobe of tasteful clothes. . . well liked by all. . . teaches art to fifth and sixth graders and to high school students. . . capably advises the Future Teachers of America. RICHARD WARDEN B. S. , Shippensburg S. T, C, - Mathematics - One most unforgettable man. . . undeniable wit and great con- versationalist. . . finds basis for his sports enthusiasm in his own football experiences . . . leads junior high students to an understanding of math. DEAN STEINHART B. S. , Kutztown S. T. C. - Biology, Science - Classroom filled with animals . . .fine collection of nature slides. . . scientifically minded . . . adopted the crow that flew about E. A, H. S. last spring. . . serious bird watcher and mem- ber of American Audubon Society. o ROBERT TRIMBLE A, B. , Elizabethtown University of ' - Social Studies - Well known for his enlight- ening psychology classes. . . capable as director of the summer park program. . . con- ducts some of the most in- teresting classes in E.A. H. S. . . . enjoys practicing psychology every minute of the day. WILLIAM H. WERTZ B. S. , University of Maryland - Industrial Arts - Spends much time in working on his new home. . . enjoys hunting and fishing. . .holds an interest in automotives. . . one of the pranksters on our faculty . . . sports a good-looking Mustache. MRS. RONA T. WILEY A. B. , Waynesburg College - Social Studies - Proud of her affiliation with Alpha Gamma Theta social sorority. . . helps Mr. Trimble with the Canteen Council. . . enjoys a good game of tennis on any summer day. . . Tri- Hi-Y adviser. . . counts swim- ming and dancing among her many interests. RICHARD W. WOLF B. S. , West Chester S. T. C. - Physical Education - Hard-working football coach , , . perfection-plus on a high diving board. . . successfully instigated the development of a track team. . .friendly smile. . . Varsity Club adviser. MRS. LEAH M. ZUCK A. B. , Elizabethtown College - English, Latin - Successfully imparts knowledge of that ancient Roman language to her students. . . very gracious and refined personality. . .her family and church work take much of her free time. . . en- joys sewing and gardening. MRS. DOROTHY S. BAKER, R.N - School Nurse - Tall, well poised mainstay of the school infirmary. . . assists in giving bi-yearly physical examinations. . . provides taxi service for students stricken ill during school hours. . . adviser to the Future Nurses of America Always ready to contribute their skill and training for the benefit of the students. . . capable. . . dependable. . . always willing to offer us more than the mere exactions of their profession. . . supervisors of the staff of physical examiners. C. Stuart Smith, M.D. C. C. Douglass, D. D.S JANITORIAL STAFF Keep our building immac- ulately clean. . . endure the cold to shovel snow. . . bear the hot sun to mow lawns . . . merit our heartfelt thanks. John Roland, Chief Custodian Gustav Koth, Charles Mertz, Simon Heisey, Roy Clark, Francis Gladfelter, Abraham Snyder. BUS DRIVERS FIRST ROW: M. Wolgemuth, B. Boltz, H. Aldinger, R. Gantz, G. Stauffer. SECOND ROW: H. Johnson, Manager, V. Longenecker, F. Shoop, I. Gibble. These drivers faithfully travel the countryside in all kinds of weather. . . their motto: "safety first. " Left to right: Mrs. A. Forney, Mrs, J, Kishbaugh, Mrs. M. Bechtel, Mrs. M. Gish, Mrs. A. Horning, Mrs. M. Myers, Mrs. A. Brubaker, Mrs. J. Withers, Mrs. I. Hostet ter, Mrs. A. Weaver, Mrs. D. Heisey, Mr. E. Bartles. Absent, Mrs. G. Greiner. CAFETERIA STAFF Patiently served many many meals to "famished" students. , . did a splendid job of providing us with a wide variety of foods, , ,added a bright note to the school with their cheerful outlooks and pleasant smiles. I Zfeaclzcr nap- Shats r Who goes there? I'm in the Army now! It'S 811 in 3 day's work. Just one word of advice-- Is your insurance paid? Today's seance, Uncle Klauss needs you, boy! Now, where is that paper? I . X 21 X I I f X 4' 4 K 1 ' x X r 1 f' , ,, Ng kf I fffsix W X i mx X N "W ji I 'l X any 1 'X if 60, ,,Q1,.npQ -,Q , JWZ 'wi f m nf" . f ,Q V fvii iwflw P,-A251 E 9 .,, F Q25 125 5' fa. X .-M ff, if '57 A x'a:f-.1, ..2' 'x- ,Y , 7 , 1 ,X X X ,, . Xza-:xx !' - fi , ff 1 A N , I U AXX y ,f , f.-X 5- 4' y f lwggilfl 1 ' -'-,'-:-ff' f:T:' 5" W 'I ' 'Zf I., if 1 M 1 f ff - - a 15, ,ff .SQ 1!!!15l f -xx I 'f' if - 1 f 'J' kv X -1 ff? me -, X mf . X x X xx u t 4:5 MA 1,-yi ! W X N' 3V':'s5yng?fdv ,f 'Z ' . 1 I 4 X I , K! f A I 6 W , wk f if Ad, ' 1 X XY Q 9 ,X 5 X X 4 X X - 1 M X ' 'X W N5 Q W 7 A x j X x . ug QL! Y l J 5 ru 1 , f ji r x 45 f NIL, 2 , 4 .X 1 Q I' '?X I my " N s 'f f , M ' W ' 5 , - ff ff ff I 1 5 V Y 1- """u' N W1-'arc M Glu' 'mf 1 - - hwy, 3 1 1 ' "H . HJ- 5 - , . . . f-. .nmffrgc f ---f -51:34-L 4.. . - z I ' -"1 If 5' 'Q 3 , 5 - ' ' is ' . ' F' -j i ' X-?5f' "Z5"i? Li 'fnbm' ! 2 ' N -- S -' f i, - ' ' ' - e 25:1 N Q 'Q 5 ' ff' ' U f 41:41, ' '-Q-v fl f ,wk : 2 ., .':- i4-'5-- Q 1 J YW 'lr K Y - '-'11 232 23 af- 4 ff-23 U, 1 'W - --. VW -V 4- ,ff 1 -, --I-1 -- X W' f fin ' A:-5-13 4, Q! ffbf fiig 1, X A1 2tg '-QE-Lim, ' f?Ei3+:f5'2 N ffgli--ga E fiizfi f 9 Q- w- f ' I 1-4'1" imma! iia .,.. I f 611155 History As summer was nearing its end in the year 1947, a group of peppy bright-eyed five and six year-olds, scrubbed and dressed for the memorable occasion, shyly but eagerly entered the two first-grade rooms of the Elizabethtown Elementary School. This day marked the beginning of twelve years of intensive studying, happy playing, and friendship making for an ambitious and promising class, the class of 1959. Moving up through the elementary grades, the youngsters were introduced to the rudiments of an education. They struggled over fractions, decimals, and long divisiong they pondered the wonders of the exciting world about them--the miracle of life and the sadness of death, the smallness of an insect and the magnitude of a skyscraper. In other areas, too, they were learn- ing. Little girls, giggling with life and vitality, diligently practiced jumping rope until they could get all the way through "teddy bear, teddy bear" without a miss in timing and rhythm. Boys beamed with pride when they hit their first home run or caught their first fly ball. No longer were the children oblivious to the fact that they existed only for themselves. There were the feelings and interests of others to be considered, and they were learning to recognize and ap- preciate the needs of their classmates. At long last the big kids of the grade school were graduated into junior high school, where they were faced with an entirely new and different school-time environment. Recess periods no longer broke the monotony of a long day's routineg books were toted from room to roomg upper classmen bustled about. Eager to establish themselves successfully, the newcomers to this excit- ing world of high-school life, joined some of the many clubs and organizations open to them. Up-and-coming musicians or vocalists tooted with the band or orchestra or sang with the junior high chorus. How pleased were the girls to serve a favorite teacher a meal which they them- selves had planned and prepared in home economics class. Young carpenters explained how, with the aid of a saw, hammer, and drill, they turned an ordinary piece of wood into a finely finished piece of wood which would serve some purpose. Other new activities which added to the glamor of seventh-grade sparkle were the various dances sponsored by clubs or teachers throughout the school year. By the time the students reached the end of their first year in junior high school, they were well on their way toward becoming responsible adults. They were devel- oping the ability to think through clearly and logically complex situations and to react in a rea- sonable manner, Fledglings no more, they continued to grow mentally, physically, and emotionally. The remaining two years of junior high moved swiftly, and they reached the threshold of senior high. Many were the thrills enjoyed during the sophomore year. Class officers, elected for the first time, conducted class meetings where heated discussions were held concerning the colors of class jackets, and after many weeks of anxious anticipation the black and white jackets arrived, As juniors, now only one step away from the top, the class of '59 handled well the manage- ment of the foodstands. They contributed excellent members of the various sports activities, so important to a well-rounded program. The seniors were enthralled with the delightful prom and post-prom party planned and carried out by their immediate underclassmen. Perhaps two of the most important events of the year were the arrival of the school's first standardized rings and the production of the junior class play, And so this group of young men and women climbed to the last rung of the ladder of public education--they climbed into the position of seniors. Now they were the leaders, they were the backbone of the student government, of school activity. With the ever increasing responsibilites came a full schedule of activities long to be remembered. There were the crisp cold evenings spent cheering the football team on to victory, the long hard hours expended producing the Eliz- abethan, There were many practices forerunning the presentation of the class night program, There was graduation day when each was presented his diploma, signifying that he had completed the first round of his preparation for a full and successful life. They were now ready to embark on the sea of life putting the knowledge, gained through twelve years of training, to use guiding them through the rough and unpredictable course. 611155 ,Advisers MR, LIBHART MR, NEWCOMER 6111.95 Offfcers MR. HOOPERT MRS. MUIR Eugene Walters, Vice Presidentg Richard Appel, Presidentg Sandra Farver, Historiang Donna Lighty, Treasurerg Brenda Smith, Secretary. HAROLD JAY ANDREWS Route 1, Elizabethtown "Harold" Commercial Gym Club 3. Avid huntsman. . . often seen tinkering with his white Lincoln convert- ible. . . carefree. . . frequently plays pranks on unsuspecting victims. . . favorite food: steak sandwiches. . . no definite plans for the future. RICHARD LEE APPEL 3 East Park Street "Dick" Academic Mixed Chorus 3,4, President 4g Student Council 1,2g Science Club 1, 25 Key Club 2,3,4, President 45 Class President 4. Faithful employee at Hershey's Department Store. . . hi-fi fiend. . . readily responsive to Mr. Hoopert's baited statements. . . capable class president. . .TV on the blink? Perhaps Dick can spot the cause of trouble. . .hopes to be an electronical engineer after a naval career and college graduation. . .best of luck, Dick. JOHN BARRY ARNDT Route 3, Elizabethtown "Barry" Academic Chorus 2,3g Track 2,3,4g Yearbook 4g Hi-Y lg Chess 2,3g Science Club 2g Varsity Club 4. Always giving Paula trouble in Psychology. . .hunting and fishing en- thusiast. . . favorite pastimes include playing ice hockey and tennis. . . just can't stand people who are late.. .will study veterinary medicine. MARYELLEN ASCHENDORF 905 South Market Street "Maryellen" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 2g Chess Club 3g Future Nurses of America 3,4g Knitting Club 4. Quiet and perky. . . likes to sew, read and take photos. . .likable ad- dition to Elizabethtown from Levittown in our sophomore year. . . loves spaghetti. . . says last name is always misspelled. . . plans to enter nurses' training. . . her friendly personality will lead her to sure success KENNETH WARREN AUNGST Route 3, Elizabethtown "Ken" Agriculture Hi-Y lg FFA 4. Puts to good use his skill as an archer during deer-hunting season. . . quiet. . .is definitely not an eager eater of cafeteria food. . .best of luck to a future tiller of the soil. DONNA LEE BARNHART '730 South Spruce Street "Barney" Academic Girls' Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Trio 2,35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g FNA 3,4g Knitting Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Photography Editor 4g Junior Playg Senior Play. Took pictures and more pictures for our yearbook. . . a friendly smile for everyone. . . expert swimmer. . .did anyone mention food?. . . active in Girl Scouting. . . proud of her American Legion awards. . . plans to enter nurses' training. . .hopes to invade the singing profession. SANDRA YVONNE BERNHARD Route 3, Elizabethtown "Sandy" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g Mellodears 1. Petite. . . could certainly do without those P.O. D. classes. . .what she wouldn't do to stay in bed in the mornings! . . . Helen's sidekick. . . "You idiot". . .will fulfill some boss's dream of a perfect secretary. MARIE ELEANOR BEYER 100 Woodland Avenue "Marie" Academic Senior Orchestra 1, 2g Cheerleader 1, 2,3,4g Track Team 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 FNA 4g Varsity Club 3,45 Junior Play. Small and attractive. . . bouncy redhead, . .cheers the E. A.H. S. Bears to victory. . . likable personality. . . excellent swimmer. . . drools over ham and beans. . . dislikes people who crack their knuckles. . .really talented when it comes to sports. . . will make a marvelous nurse. JOHN LARRY BIESECKER Route 1, Bainbridge "Larry" General Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Student Council 8,4, President 43 Hi-Y l,2,3,4, President 43 Varsity Club 3,43 Architectural and Me- chanical Drawing Club 4, President 45 Junior Playg Senior Play. Our good-looking Student Council president. . .the "center" of attrac- tion on the gridiron. . . personality plus. . .blush? not Larry. . . an ex- cellent actor. . . will be a definite asset to the State Police force. . . good luck to one terrific guy. HAROLD D. BROWN 336 East High Street "Butch" Industrial Arts Another one of our out-of-doors men who eagerly look forward to hunting season. . . enjoys working on the family car. . .thrives on fried chicken. . .favorite UQ subjects - P. O.D. and English. . .vital asset to Garber Motors. . . no definite plans for the future. LOIS RUTH BRUBAKER Route 3, Elizabethtown "Lois" General Junior High Chorus 1. Spends her spare time sewing. . . member of the Sunshine Messengers Quartet. , , accomplished piano player. . . can't stand slow people. . . loves spaghetti, , . plans to be a practical nurse. . .her sweet and friendly manner will insure a bright future. CLEON DENNIS BYERLY Bainbridge "Cleon" Academic Mellomen lg Junior Band 2g Senior Band l,2,3,4g Junior Orchestra l,2g Senior Orchestra 4g Chorus 2,3,4g Hi-Y lg Junior Playg Year- book Staff 4. Live wire of any group. . . enjoys listening to Broadway tunes. . . oh! those early morning band practices! l . . . loves shrimp. . . our future actor. BERNARD E. COBLE 152 South Poplar Street "Bernie" Commercial Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Hi -Y 1,2,3. Has a pleasant smile for all. . . frequently seen at the Canteen, . . enjoys listening to records. . . pals around with Bill. . . gets a big bang out of playing in the band and orchestra. . . plans to enter the armed service in the near future. MARY ALDEN COURSEN 534 Park Street "Mary" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Library 3g Knitting Club 3g Art Club 3g Yearbook Business Staff 4. Full of fun. . , always has a friendly smile for everyone. . . flaming red hair. . . skating and dancing rate high, . , someone mention hoagies?. . . hardly ever seen without Carolyn. . . plans to attend business college, then go into office work. KENNETH M. CRUM Route 1, Bainbridge "Crummy" General Senior Band 1,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4g Key Club 35 Class Play 3. Actively interested in football. . .can be depended on for making a touch down. . . prefers sleeping to P. O.D. class. . . favorite food: submarines. . . plans to join the Air Force after graduation. JAMES SAMUEL DAVIS Route 1, Bainbridge "Jim" Academic Soccer fHersheyj 2. Very quiet. . .hunting and swimming are his hobbies. . . likes to square dance, , .has attended ten different schools in his lifetime. . . pet peeve: "my brother". . . plans to become a mechanic. KAY ELAINE DeARMITT Rheems "Katy" General Tri-Hi-Y 3. Cooking and sewing are her specialties. . . usually seen with Gerry. . . just loves P. O.D. classes ?. . . mad about pizza. . .helps keep art class on a happy keel. . .will make a swell housewife. ROBERT ELWOOD DEITRICH 328 Orange Street "Bo" Academic Football l,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y lg Var- Sity Club 2.3.4: Gil Shirk Award 3. Tall and blonde. . . neat "flat-top" . . . captain of the football team. . . likes hunting and swimming. . . can be found working with his dad in the shoe repair shop. . . crazy about spaghetti. . . plans to attend college after graduation. HAROLD MARLIN EBERLY Route 3, Elizabethtown "Harry" Academic Yearbook Business Staff 4, Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4, Secretary 3, Sergeant-at-Arms 4g Key Club 3,4g Chess Club 3: Junior Playg Senior Play, A most cheerful fellow with an "hel1o" for all. frequently seen behind the wheel of his station wagon. . . food in any way, shape, or form ranks high. . . aims to keep the furniture consumers supplied for another generation. PAULA LYNNE EBERSOLE 28 West Willow Street "Lindy" General Yearbook Staff 4. An avid enthusiast of astrology. . . a member in good standing of W. T. Grant Co .... likes one-mile walks on Sunday afternoons. . . pet peeve: senseless arguments. . .has fun battling it out with Barry in Psychology class, . . plans to be a laboratory assistant at Wyeth Laboratories in Marietta. ROBERT E. EBY Route 3, Elizabethtown "George" General Track 3,4g Varsity Club 4. Loyal Varsity Club supporter. . . mechanically inclined. . .well ac- quainted with the construction of the "automobile", . . avid hunter and fisherman. . .is not over enthusiastic about P. O.D. classes. , . good luck to a future serviceman. ANNA RUTH ENGLE Route 1, Marietta "Anna Ruth" General FHA 3. Likes to play the piano. . . crazy about oranges. . . short and quiet. . . enjoys driving and listening to the radio. . . future plans are undecided. RICHARD G. ENGLE 411 East High Street "Dick" Academic I-li-Y l,2,4g Senior Band 1,2g Senior Orchestra 1, 2g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Debate Club 2g Football 4. Amiable. . . "Oh, those women drivers". . . easy-going. . .has the an- swer for all traffic problems. . . frequently patronizes Tropical Treat. . ambition: join the State Police Force. . . after graduation it's off to junior college for Dick. LINDA JOY ESHELMAN 234 East Orange Street "Esh" Full Academic Senior Orchestra l,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Girls' Trio l,2,3g Tennis 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,4g Track Team 3g Year- book 45 Tri-Hi-Y lg Varsity Club 2,3,4g FTA 2,3,4, Treasurer 2g Mu Alpha Theta 43 Engineering Club 43 Class Treasurer 2. Has a terrific personality. . . possessor of a sharp wardrobe. . . SPOITS a neat pageboy. , .likes to write letters daily. . . tennis ranks high on her list of favorites. . . Lancaster City-County Girls' Singles Tennis Cham- pion - 1958, , ,will be a valuable asset to the teaching profession. o SHERWOOD D. ESPENSHADE Route 3, Elizabethtown "Sherry" Industrial Arts Can be seen driving a green and white Chevy. . . enjoys his "long" walks to school. . . freckles? well, maybe a few. . .sports enthusiast. . . likes to eat, especially ice cream. . .future plans lead him to the armed services. . .best of luck. JACOB A. FANTOM Route 1, Marietta "Jake" Agriculture FFA 4. One of the quiet members of our class . . .could do without P. O.D. classes. . .Robin Hood of Room 67. . .excellent and devoted horseman. . spare moments spent watching TV. . . did someone mention southern fried chicken?. . . best wishes for success. SANDRA L. C. FARVER 129 Brown Street "Sandy" Full Academic Class Historian 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, Secretary 2g FNA 3,4g Engineering Club 4g Mu Alpha Theta 4g Yearbook Literary Editor 4. Capable literary editor of our yearbook, . , creates many of the clothes in her attractive wardrobe. . . originator qf many witty remarks. . . conscientious student. . . tactful. . . a friend to all. . . headed for nurses' training, later college and a successful future. THEODORE LLOYD FLOWERS 52 North Poplar Street "Ted" Industrial Arts Gym Club 3, Hi-Y 1. Small, but mighty. . . smooth man on the dance floor. . . happiest when working with cars. . . sports a stylish wardrobe.. .definitely in favor of the female sex. . .headed for the Air Force after graduation, . .best of luck, Ted. BENNY L. FUNCK 59 Brown Street "Suttin" General Band 1,2,3. Greatest thrill is fixing cars. . . could do without the institution of learn ing, commonly known as school. . . great big grin. . . proud of his Ford. , future plans point toward the field of mechanics. . . best of luck for a successful future. KATHRYN ELAINE GANTZ 635 South Market Street "Kathy" General Chess Club 3, Knitting Club 3, Art Club 3. A welcome addition to the class of '59 in our junior year. . .quiet un- til you know her. . .favorite food: spaghetti and meatballs. . .has an intense dislike for cliques. . . spends her spare time singing, sketching, or knitting. . . undecided as to her future, but will be an asset to any vocation. NANCY CAMPBELL GARBER 105 Woodland Avenue "Jill" Full Academic Chorus 1,2,3g Cheerleading 1,2,3,4, Captain 4g Hockey l,2,3,4, Captain 4g Student Council lg Yearbook Staff 4g PNA 4g Knitting Club 4, 'ru-Hi-Y 1,23 Varsity Club a,4, vice-President 3, President 4g Class Vice-President 23 Junior Playg Engineering Club 4g Mu Alpha Theta 4. A most capable hockey and cheerleading captainl . . .look outl here comes Jill in her little green Ford. . . attractive wardrobe, . , favorite sport? she likes them all. . . smooth dancer. . . nursing is her chosen field. RICHARD J. GARBER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Dick" Agriculture Science Club lg FFA 4, President 4. Can always be seen with Jake and Harold. . .likes to joke with anyone . . .look out, world, Dick's got the car again. . .takes advantage of hunting season. . . shows great interest in the farming profession, , , plans to pursue this career' after graduation. JACOB LLOYD GARMAN Rheems "Jake" Industrial Arts Enjoys working on cars and hunting. . . headed for the Air Force. . .can usually be seen with Dick Garber. . .likes sleeping and keeping out of trouble in his spare time. . , proud of his '51 Pontiac. .. doesn't like to close the second button on his shirt. ELEANOR M. GERBER 317 North Market Street "Gerb" Academic Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Band Front 43 Chorus 1,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g Art Club 3g Yearbook Staff 4g Senior Play. Accomplished artist in fashion designing, sketching, and in portrait work. , .shies away from bumptious people. . . craves butterscotch ice cream. . . next step is Moore Institute of Art and a career as a com- mercial illustrator. IMOGENE GIBBLE 236 East Plum Street "Jeanne" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g FHA lg Chorus 1, 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4, Business Staff 4. Miss Elizabethtown from our class. . .lovely brown wavy hair. . . big- gest peeve is people who "beat around the bush". . . when not writing to her special someone, spends her time reading, cooking, or listen- ing to popular music. . . often seen with Jonesie. NANCY I. GIBBLE Route 3, Elizabethtown "Nan" Commercial Active 4-H Club member. . .quiet and reserved. . . proud of the ribbons won by her sheep. . . ugh, those slow drivers enroute to school. . . hiking advocate. . .lover of ice cream. . . may your future be bright and successful. JUDITH LOUISE GOOD 153 College Avenue "Judy" Full Academic Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Yearbook Literary Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g PNA 3,4g Engineering Club 4g Mu Alpha Theta 4g Junior Playg Senior Play. Friendly disposition. . . proved her outstanding acting ability in both class plays. . . reading takes up much of her spare time. . .very efficient . , . always willing to lend a helping hand. . . a sure success in the field of nursing. WILLIAM RAYMOND GOOD Route 1, Elizabethtown "Bill" Academic Band 2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Science Club 1. Whiz in the field of math and science. . . sense of hrunor. . . knows his stuff in the department of drums. , .has a laugh worth remembering, , , one of the minority who prefers a bicycle to an automobile, . . it's on to college for more math and science for Bill. IUDITH FISHER GROFF 132 Park Street "Groffie" Full Academic Band 1,3,4g Orchestra 1,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,4g Tennis 2,3,4g Year- book staff 4g Varsity Club 3,4g FTA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, Treasurer lg Chess Club 4g Engineering Club 43 Junior Play. ' Good things come in small packages. . .toots the oboe. . . active in the field of Girl Scouting. . . seafood ranks high. . . enjoys camp life. . . athletically minded. . .definitely suited for the health and phySiC21 education profession. . .best of luck. BERNARD CHRISTOPHER GUNNING 1545 East High Street "Bernie" Agriculture Science Club 2g FFA 4. Quiet and reserved, . ,happiest when spaghetti is near. . . loyal supporter of the "Dog is man's best friend" statement. . . rates hunting and fish- ing as the tops in sports. . . plans to become a conservationist or forest ranger. JACK LEON GUTSHALL Bainbridge "Jack" General Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Class Play 3g Varsity Club 3,4g Gym Club 3. Tall, blue-eyed blond. . . our "Arthur Murray". . . another avid hunter . . . eats fried chicken with gusto. , . pet ,peeveg bossy people. . . sharp dresser. . . plans to join the Marine Corps upon graduation. , .takes hours to comb his hair. . . blinds you with those spotless shoes. CAROL ALICE HALL 40 North Spruce Street "Carol" Academic Tri-Hi-Y 1 Qwaynesboroy 2g Glee Club 1 fwaynesborojg Junior Journal- ism 2g Senior Journalism 3,45 Editor-in-Chief 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Able leader of Journalism Club. . . pizza pie fiend. . . neat and attractive . . . prefers the southwest section of town. . . can make lemon blends with the best of them at Kreamer's. . . looking forward to nurses' train- ing at Reading Hospital. JAMES RICHARD HAMILTON 1011 South Locust Street "Jim" Full Academic Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3g Key Club 1,2,3,4, Vice-President 4, Quiet, pleasing personality, , ,enjoys swimming and tennis. . . drives around in a maroon car. . . one of Mr. K1auss's reserved trumpeters. . . another one of our brains. . .loves apple pie. . . plans to prepare for full Christian service. SANDRA ANN HEIN 2011 North Market Street "Sandy" Commercial Yearbook Staff 4, Quiet little gal. . . often seen with Sylvia. . . collecting post cards, boat- ing, and swimming take up quite a bit of her spare time. . . plans to attend business college after graduation. . . sure to succeed as a stenographer. BONITA YVONNE HEISEY 225 East Lemon Street "Bonnie" Full Academic Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,33 Yearbook Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g FNA 3,4. Short and cute. . . always smiling. . .seems to take forever for those letters from California to come. . .loves going to dances. . . can't get enough pizza or subs. . .will be a wonderful addition to the nursing staff of some lucky hospital. RONALD LEE HEISEY 442 South Market Street "Beagle" General Football 2,3,4g Basketball 2,3,4g Baseball 3,4g Hi-Y lg Varsity Club 3,45 Junior Play. Spends most of his time either watching or participating in sports. . . his favorite sport is sleeping. . , silent member of psychology class. . . doesn't appreciate being "bossed around", . . future undecided. . . favorite food is subs. LOIS KATI-IRYN HERR 541 South Mount Joy Street "Lois" Full Academic Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,4g FTA 2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,25 Varsity Club 3,45 Engineering Club 4g Co-Editor of Yearbook. Beautiful hair. . . sparkling personality. . . excellent student. . .likes summer courses at E-town College. . . hard-hitting right fullback. . . enjoys writing to many international pen pals. . . hard -working co- editor. . . plans to be a teacher. LOIS JEAN HESS Route 3, Elizabethtown "Jeanie" General Senior Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Chorus 43 FHA lg Knitting Club 3. One of the lucky ones who live near the new school. . . doesn't like people who argue. , .enjoys riding horseback and cooking. . .hopes to become a practical nurse. . . plays accordion and organ in her spare time. ELIZABETH JANE HILL 20 Linden Avenue "Betty" Full Academic Orchestra l,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Hockey l,2,3,4g Tennis 2,3,4g Chorus 1,25 Varsity Club 2,3,4g Student Council l,2,3,4, Treasurer 2,3, Vice-President 4g Engineering Club 3,4, Vice-President 4g Mu Alpha Theta 45 FTA 2,4, President 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, President 13 Yearbook Staff 4. Lustrous brown hair. . . always busy. , . excellent halfback in hockey . . . very talkative. . . a winning personality. . . enjoys swimming and tennis. . .intelligent plus. . . did anyone mention food ?. . .loves lob- ster tail and french fries. . .will make an excellent math or science teacher. RICHARD O. HILSHER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Dick" Commercial Gym Club 3. Hunter and fisherman. . . full of pep. , .likes his chili con carne. . . al- ways willing to lend a helping hand. . .will make an excellent book- keeper. . . best wishes to you for success, KENNETH RAY I-IIPPENSTEEL 214 Mount Joy Street "Hippy" General Football lg Engineering Club lg Hi-Y 25 Junior Playg Mechanical Drawing Club 4. Great sense of humor, . , favorite pastime ?. . .sleeping. . . looks forward UQ to English class and cafeteria food. . . eagerly awaits winter to play ice hockey for the "Hornets", . . real great guy. . .lots of luck, PUPPY- IEANETTE MARIE HIXON Bainbridge "Chicken" Commercial Chorus 25 Yearbook 4, Business Staff 4. Hails from Sleepy Hollow. . .writes those long letters to Norfolk, Va. . . . works hard at David Hagan's. . .C8Il'I Stand people who say ain't . . . enjoys participating in all outdoor sports. . .likes to babysit. . . usually seen with Jean. . . will be a competent secretary after graduation. DALE EUGENE HOFFHI Route 2, Elizabethtown "Frog" Academic Senior Band 1,2,3, Boys' Chorus 1, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, JV Basket- ball 2g Yearbook 45 Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y Officer 2,3,4g Chess Club 2, 3g Gym Club 3,4g Drawing Club 4. Pride and joy: '56 Chevy convertible. . .valuable player on E-town "Hornets" . . . future architect - may design your house some day, . , raises and shows collie dogs as a hobby. . .loves Italian foods. . .enjoys those trips to Hershey. . . wonder why? NANCY JANE HOSTETTER Route 3, Elizabethtown "Nan" Commercial FHA 2, Knitting Club 3. Beautiful black wavy hair. . .quiet in school, . . enjoys hiking, skating, and swimming. , ,eager eater of' ice cream. . .dislikes "fair weather" friends. . . will make a perfect wife for some lucky farmer. PAMELA GAE IRVINE I 46 West High Street "Pam" Academic Yearbook 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Library Staff 1,25 FNA 3,45 Art Club 33 Junior Play, Senior Play. Really sweet kid. . . contributed yearbook mascot. . . enjoys painting and drawing in her spare time. . .loves pizza. , . seen working at Clearview on weekends. . . avid fan of E-town College. . .runs around with Sandy and Marie. . . plans to enter nurses' training. ELEANOR FRANCES JOHNSON Rheems "E1eanor" Academic Yearbook Staff 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g Art Club 3g Chess Club 35 Junior Play Senior Play, First love, dancing. . . proud owner of one of the longest pony-tails in the senior class. . . want to debate with her ?. . . artist - par excellence . . . Miss Elizabethtown, 1957. . . after college, on to a career of danc- ing or one of art illustration. CAROLYN ANN JONES 422 Highlawn Avenue "Jonesie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3, Secretary-Treasurer 3g Student Council 3,4g Year- book Staff 4g Junior Playg Knitting Club 3g Art Club 3g Hall Patrol 1. Often seen sporting around in a black Buick. . . attractive long hair. . . always neat and fashionably dressed. . .spends much time writing letters to pen pals. . . usually seen with Jeanie. . . plans to be a secre- tary or housewife. MARY SUZANNE KAYLOR 737 South Spruce Street "Sue" Academic Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Hockey 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 2, 3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 FTA 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. As goalie for the girls' field hockey team, diligently keeps opponents' scores down. . . attractive and well-groomed. . . decidedly different laugh. . .excellent dancer. . .will make a very good elementary school teacher. RONALD CLARK KECK Rheems "Clarkie" General A greatsportsman, especially in the fields of hunting and fishing. . . motion picture enthusiast. . . Italian food fancier, somebody mention pizza?. . . dislikes P. O.D. class. . . no definite plans for his future. SAMUEL KNOX Masonic Homes "Sam" Academic Football 2,33 Student Council 43 Chess Club 3. What a sense of humor! . . . "How about that?" . . . most likely to be found at his favorite pastime - relaxing. . .just serve him a nice, juicy steak and he'll be your friend for life. . . "Not restricted again! ". . . future state trooper. ROBERT A. KREADY Rheems "Bob" General Hi-Y 4. Very quiet. . .likes gym class better than any other. . . enjoys hunting and fishing. . . can be found working at Tropical T reat. , , pet peeve: school during hunting season. . . future is undecided. JOEL LEAMAN Rheems ".T061" Full Academic Engineering Club 3,4, A whiz in math and science. . .loves to tease. . . puts in time at his father's store. . . drives a flashy, gray Plymouth. . . putters around with electronics. loves pecan pie. . . pet peeveg women drivers. . . plans a college education. DONNA LEE LIGHTY Route 1, Elizabethtown "Donna Lee" Commercial Class Treasurer 3,4, Came back to us in her junior year after a long absence. . . usually seen in a certain Lincoln convertible. . . Oh, those steak sandwiches. . . great football and basketball fan. . . enjoys swimming. . . headed for business school. . .will never forget Homeroom 75. NANCY JANE LOKEY Bainbridge "Nancy" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 25 Knitting Club 35 Business Staff 4. Sandy blonde from Bainbridge. , .has a demure smile for everyone. . . a bundle of fun. . . hard worker, . .excellent seamstress. . . enjoys roller skating. . .loves spaghetti and sauerkraut. . . will be an asset to any employer. HELEN M. LONGENECKER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Helen" Commercial Band l,2,3g Orchestra 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3g Yearbook Staff 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1. Collects stuffed animals, especially teddy bears. . . thoroughly enjoys sleeping. . , favorite food is Trop's steaks. . . sports a daring coiffure. , . Chick Wagner's other half. . . car hop at Tropical Treat. . . plans to travel. MARIAN M. LONGENECKER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Marian" Full Academic Girls' Chorus lg Junior Orchestra 2g Senior Orchestra 2,3,4g Debate Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g FTA 2g Good Citizenship Award 4. Quiet?. . . Only until you get to know her. . . teachers' pride and joy, , , who's that under that stack of books ?. . . it's only Marian with her daily homework. . . interests range from creating her own wardrobe to sketching landscapes. . .eagerly anticipating college. THOMAS JOEL MCKINNE 236 North Poplar Street "Tom" Full Academic Football lg Baseball 2,3,4g Basketball Manager 2,33 Varsity Club 4g Student Council lg Hi-Y 1. Shy. . . often seen, but seldom heard. . . rugged he-man type. . . enjoys nothing more than attending auto races. . , can hardly wait for fishing season to start. . . another pizza fan. . . plans to join the Air Force Blue. KATHLEEN MARY MCLAUGHLIN 37 South Market Street "Kathy" General Library Club QLancaster Catholic High Schoolj 3g Glee Club QLancaster Catholic High Schoolj 3g Tri-Hi-Y lg Library Club lg Knitting Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Welcomed back to E. A. H. S. after two years at Lancaster Catholic, . . one of the shorter members of the class. . .takes pride in her long, naturally curly hair. . .will walk a mile any day for a good pizza pie . . . often seen with Sandy Farver. . .has an unusual pet peevez any size, shape, or form of birds. JOHN WILLIAM METZLER 119 West Hummelstown Street "Bi11" Commercial Enjoys dancing and swimming. . . passes much time watching TV. . . a good pizza rates high on his list of favorites. . .seldom heard, but frequently seen. . .future plans include joining the navy and becoming a certified public accountant. JEAN LA VERNE MILLER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Mil1er" Commercial Hockey 1,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,23 Varsity Club 4g Business Staff 4g Gym Club 4. Loads of fun, . . well-liked. . . enjoys roller skating and bowling, . . active member of the 4-H Club. . .takes many prizes with her baby beef. . .loves shrimp-in-the-basket, . . plays a good game of hockey. . . plans to be a secretary, ROBERT M. MILLHI Route 2, Elizabethtown "Bob" Agriculture Track lg Gym Club 3,4g Hi-Y 4g FFA 4, Treasurer 4. wavy, dark hair. . . takes life slow and easy. . . thoughtful. . .happiest when hunting or fishing. . .interested in farming. . .will be a big success in any field he enters. SYLVIA JEAN MILLER 522 East Willow Street "Jeanne" Commercial Quiet. . .winning personality. . . beautiful shiny, black hair. . . avid record collector. . .loves to draw and crochet in spare time. . . couldn t survive without TV. . . hopes to be a secretary or an office worker. MARY ALICE MINICK Route 1, Elizabethtown "Mary" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Knitting Club 3. Quiet, but friendly. . . roller skating rates high. . . loves to read and collect stamps, . . really digs that rock-and-roll beat. . , thrives on pizza. . .hopes to become a stenographer and later a housewife. BONITA LEE MOHR Bainbridge " Bonnie" C om mercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3g FHA 2g Student Banking 45 Homeroom Officer 1,2,3g Gym Club 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Pizza and sea food fancier. . .likes to swim, dance, and play the piano . . .1oquacious. . . ardent fan of Glenn Miller. . . keeps the mailman busy with her perpetual stream of letters. . .sure to make a top-notch secretary. SHEILA KAY MOHR Bainbridge "Sheng" General Mixed Chorus 2,3,4. One of the Bainbridge gang. . .very seldom seen without "Pee,p". . . goes to every football game and never fails to have a hoarse voice the next day. . . puts in long hours trying to keep up 'her photo album. . . might possibly become a dental assistant. JIM C. MORRIS Route 3, Elizabethtown -'Jimf' Academic One of the class clowns. . . seldom seen without Cleon. . . everybody'S pal. . . clever. . . could eat hoagies day and night. . . enjoys swimming and photography in spare time. . . plans to join the navy. GECRGE ROGER MULLEN Route 1, Elizabethtown "Moon" General Baseball 2g Hi-Y 4. One of the Newville gang. . .has a special flair for dancing. . . just can't get enough french fries. . . really looks forward UQ to P. O.D. class. . . no definite plans for the future. JOHN ROGER NAUMAN Route 3, Elizabethtown "Hot Rod" Industrial Arts Baseball 1, 2,4g Mechanical Drawing Club 4. Real out-door man. . . loves fishing and hunting. . . spends spare time fixing his car... . women drivers beware. . . favorite subjects U3 English and P. 0. D. . . . someone mention seafood ?. . . looking forward to being a mechanic. LAVON NOLT Route 2, Mount Ioy "Dimp1es" Commercial Hockey 1, Scorekeeper 2,3,4g Student Council 3g Class Secretary 35 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Chaplain 2g Library Assistant 3,4g Yearbook Staff Treasurer 4, Knitting Club 4g Gym Club 4. Short. . . friendly. . . sharp dresser. . . full of fun. . . dislikes taking dic- tation. . . spends leisure hours listening to classical mmic. . .likes to babysit. . .wonder what she does in Virginia ?. . . college bound. ESTHER LEE NORTON 354 North Market Street "Lee" General Student Council lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g Yearbook Staff 4g FBLA 4. Pretty naturally curly hair. . . pleasing smile and friendly "hel1o". . . has an interest in Juniata College. . .enjoys dancing and writing letters . . .New England accent. . .loves lobster and pizza. . . faithful waitress at T oni'S. GERALDINE SHARON Ol.WEll.Ek Route 1, Bainbridge "Jerry" General FHA 1,2g Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. Did anyone mention cherry pie a-la-mode?. . , one of themost nervous Drivers' Education students. . . spends a lot of time with Peep, Sheila, and Kathy. . .has a certain love for red Mercurys. . .hopes to go to art school. G. LEON OXENRIDHI 107 North Avenue "0x" General Chorus 2g Track 23 Varsity Club 3,4, Hi-Y 1. Good-natured. . . often seen driving a blue Olds. . . pet peevez WOIIICD smokers. . . really enjoys stock car races. . . avid consumer of cheese- burgers. . .bound to succeed as an auto mechanic. JAMES DAVID PARK 42 North Poplar Street "Jim" General Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 4. Short and quiet. . . likable. , .hard-working band member. . . thrives on chicken and waffles. . . often seen driving his dad's Ford. . .undecided about his future. DENNIS W. PIERCE 446 North Locust Street 'Webb' Full Academic National Honor Society 1, 2, fCaliforniajg Student Council 1,2 qcaufomiay, Basketball 2 qcaufm-niaysg Key Club 3,4, Secretary 4, Engineering Club 3,4g Mu Alpha Theta 43 Junicx Playg Senior Play. Our leading man in both class plays. . .likes a record with a mean beat. . .those eyes will hypnotize you. . . often seen with Paul. , . pride and joy - his Volkswagen. . . would like to be an aeronautical engineer and return to California. , . sure to be a success. JAMES E. RAUGH Masonic Homes "Jim" Full Academic Football 2,35 Hi-Y lg Chess Club 2,3g Engineering Club 4. Another one of those homesies. . .spends his spare time on Willow Street. . . pet peeve: getting home by ten-thirty. . . can put away stacks of pizza. , , looks forward to being a chemist. GWENDOLYN ANN RICE 348 Ridge Road "Gwen" Academic Chorus l,2,3,4g Orchestra l,2,3,4g String Ensemble 1,2,3,4g Year- book 4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3. Lives in one magic whirl of music. . . anyone for ice skating ?. . .spaghet ti? she just loves it. . . exhibits a marvelous wardrobe. , .quiet. . . plans to major in piano and cello in college. CHARLES W. RICEDORF Rheems "J ake" General Enjoys his position at the gasoline station. . . seen cruising around in his Chrysler convertible. . .thinks females are a lot of trouble. . . "How about that P. O.D. class?". . . talk of knowledge of Shakespearean drama! this man wants none of it. . . never ceases to enjoy a nice, juicy steak, MARY ANN RISSER I 549 College Avenue "Mimi" Full Academic Dance Club lg Library Club lg May Day Court 1 fLinden Hallyg Hockey Manager 3,43 Journalism Club 3,4g Knitting Club 3g Tri-Hi-Y 2g Varsity Club 4g Engineering Club 3,4, Secretary 4g Mu Alpha Theta 4, Mighty glad to have her perky pony-tail once more. . .real whiz with a pair of knitting needles. . . seen with Lois, Jill, or Gwen. . . Attractive wardrobe. , , creator of excellent "Around E.A.H. S. " articles. . . Dickinson College, here comes our Mimi! RUTH ANN RISSER Route 3, Elizabethtown "Ruthie" General Junior Band 1,2g Junior Orchestra 1,25 Senior Band 2,3,4g Yearbook 4, Art Staff Editor 45 Art Club 3. A talented artist, , , enjoys painting and reading in her spare time. . . has definite ideas about school bus travel. . .writes long letters to Italy. . , active in church work. . .planning a career in commercial art. STANLEY B. RISSER 256 South Market Street "Stan" General Hi-Y 2,3. Never the first student in P. O.D. class. . .spends most of his spare time thinking up ways to improve the automotive industry. . . keeps the customers at Tony's happy. . . his proudest possession? you guessed it - his '50 Mercury. . . after graduation it's the navy for Stan. RICHARD V. ROPKA Route 2, Elizabethtown "Dick" Academic Chorus 1,2g Baseball 2,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Engineering Club 3,43 Mechanical Drawing Club 45 Gym Club 4: Mu Alpha Theta 4. "What, me worry?". . .sports a well-trained flattop. . .likes "pop" music. . . pizza keeps Dick happy. . . spends his spare time swimming . . , proud owner of a '50 Plymouth. . . pet peeveg the food in the cafeteria. . . plans a college education. MAE DARLENE ROYER 1485 East High Street "Mae" General Chorus 1, 2g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2. Just loves Italian food. , , "Where are Millie and Shelia?" . . .conceited people - take cover. . .knows all the latest popular songs. . Oh, honestly" . . . one of the most efficient home economics students. TIMOTHY JAMES RUTMAN 346 South Market Street "Tim" General Baseball 1,2,3,4g Varsity Club 43 Band 13 Mixed Chorus 32,33 Year- book Staff 43 Chess Club 2. Small, but mighty. . . possesses a winning personality plus. . . dynamic fielder for the school baseball team. . .short wave radio enthusiast. . . sets female hearts a-flutter. . . plans to make the Air Force his career . . .lots of luck to a swell guy. PHILIP ELDRED SAYLOR 247 South Market Street "pup" Academic Football li Yearbook staff 43 Hi-Y 1, 2,33 Engineering Club 3,43 Junior Play. A born comedian. . . frequently seen put-put-putting around on his little red motor scooter. . .developed a good English accent during the production of our junior play. . . plans to study veterinary medicine. . . keep the animals healthy, Flip. I PHYLLIS JEAN SCOTT 127 North Chestnut Street "Phy1" Academic Yearbook Staff 43 Science Club 1 fAntiochj3 Junior Classical League fAl'lti0Ch,Q Chorus fAntiochjN. Our own Southern belle. . . "You all take care now, hear ?'. . . came to us from Nashville, Tennessee, in her junior year. . .the pleasure has been all ours. . . a faithful employee at W. T 's. . . her favorite food? you guessed it, southern fried chicken. . .will be a definite asset to the nursing staff of the Harrisburg Hospital. PAUL K. SEIBERT 100 North Maple Street "Breeze" Full Academic Band 2,3,43 Brass Choir 3,42 Orchestra 2,3,4: Chcrus 2,3, Treasurer 43 Track Team 2,3,43 Lions Club Award lg Key Club 2,3, Treasurer 4g Engineering Club 3, President 43 Mu Alpha Theta 43 Junior P1ay3 Senior Play3 Chess Club 23 Hi-Y 1,25 Yearbook staff 4, Brains plus. . . real sense of humor. . , always seen with Dennis. . . active Boy Scout. . . pizza and steaks rate high. . .likes to take time out from his busy schedule and just relax, . . sure to be a great success as a chemical or electrical engineer. GLENN H. SEIDERS 343 North Locust Street " Glenn" General Football 3,43 Hi-Y 2,3. Calm, cool, and collected. . .handsome. . . oh, that sly grin of his. , . asset to our great football team. . .in favor of the opposite sex unless they are behind the wheel. . .man of few words. . . plans to join the air force after graduation. LARRY R. SHAFFER 44 North Poplar Street "Sam" General Baseball 1,23 Football 3,43 Recreation Club 2,3,4g Varsity Club 4. Strong and silent type. . . blushes easily. , . an avid sports enthusiast. . . slow to anger. . . frequently seen with fellow football players. . . boasts a handsome flat-top. . .plans to enter the service after graduation. M. RAY SHANK 150 West High Street " W hiI6y" General Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 3,4g Football 3,4. An avid sportsman. . . buzzes around in his blue Chevy. . .loves to in- dulge in a heaping dish of ice cream. . . quiet member of Homeroom 69. . .best of luck to a future carpenter. EVELYN FAY SHENK Rheems "Evie" Commercial Yearbook, Business Staff 4. Don't wake her up until the last gong rings. . .if you own a dry sense of humor, stay away from Evie. . . loves sports. . .likes to play the piano. . . enthusiastic amateur equestrienne. . . after graduation will keep some executive's business records in good order. GLADYS SHENK Route 3, Elizabethtown "Gladys" Commercial FHA 2g Knitting Club 3. Reserved. . .loves to cook and sew. . . aimed to learn the techniques of knitting. . . simply adores those long bus rides to school and back. . . hasn't definitely decided on a future vocation, but anticipates becoming a homemaker. BRENDA KAY SMITH 24 West Willow Street "Smitty" Commercial Mixed Chorus lg Class Secretary 4g Yearbook staff 4, Business Editor 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g FHA 2g Senior Play. Gay and Charming. . . punctilious in work and dress. . . sauerkraut and spaghetti are among her favorite dishes. . . keeps the business end of our yearbook production running smoothly. . .future aspirations include work- ing as a secretary and a homemaker. LOUISE G. SNYDER 1623 North Market Street "Snyder-Bug" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2,3g FHA 23 Yearbook Staff 4. Vivacious. . . works at Davis's. . . flips over hillbillies. . . if you haven't heard her sing, you don't know what you're missing! . . . usually seen with Vie and Shirley. . . plans to join the WAC's. . . ambition: stay single . . . good luck to a real gone kid. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN SPICKLER 206 Park Street "SPiCk" Academic Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 3,4g Varsity Club 3,4g Gym Club 3,43 Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 3,4. Often seen buggin' around in his blue bomb. . . a javeliu man on the track team. . . devoted trombonist. . . enjoys reading in his spare time. . . pet peeve: too much homework. . . can devour spaghetti anytime. . . plans to enter the dairy business after college. BONNIE ELAINE STRICKLER 437 East Park Street "Bonnie" Academic Senior High Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Hall Patrol 1, Art staff 43 Tri-I-li-Y 1, Secretary lg FTA 2, FNA 3,43 Journalism Club 2,3,4g Sports Editor 3,4g Auxilium Latinium Award 1. Short and sweet. . . one of the quieter members of 12-l. . . spends lei- sure hours listening to "pop" music. . . avid correspondent with that certain guy in Philly. . . craves subs. . . seldom seen without Phylis. . . eagerly anticipating her teaching career. CAROLYN ANN STRICKLER 450 East High Sueet "Carolyn" Academic Science Club lg Library staff 1,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 25 Art Club 3g Chess Club 3g FNA 3,45 Knitting Club 3.4. Often seen, seldom heard. . . chooses reading as a favorite pastime. . . pet peeve: smart alecks. . . one of Miss Mengel's able assistants. . . can be found working at W. T. Grant's. . . lives to eat steak. . . a future nurse. GAYLE LORRAINE SWEIGART 155 West High Street "Gayle" Full Academic Biology Club lg Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g Chess Club 2,3g Art Club 3,45 En- gineering Club 3,4g Mu Alpha Theta 4, Yearbook Staff 4. Beware! here comes Gayle, our future veterinarian. . . privileged to be one of the first female members of Engineering Club. . . faith- ful W. T. member. . . lots of fun. . .interests range from ballet to astrology to archery. . .Junior Achiever. . . sure to succeed. NANCY LEE SWEIGART Bainbridge "Peep" General Tri-Hi-Y 2,3. One of the smaller member of the class . . has a demure smile for everyone. . . small, but mighty. . . shines in sports. . .goes for macaroni and cheese in a big way. . .keeps those Bainbridge dances lively. . . Betsy's sidekick. . . sure to succeed in any field. ROBERTA GRACE ULRICH 226 West Bainbridge Street "B0bbee" General Library 1,2,3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 1,2g FHA 3s Yearbook Staff 4. Quiet until you get to know her. . . faithful library assistant for the past six years. . .enjoys long rides in the country. . . pet peeveg snobbish people. . . relishes club sandwiches. . . after graduation, the Women's Air Force for Bobbee. DAVID EUGENE WALTERS Masonic Homes "Gene" Academic Basketball 1,2,3,4g Football 2,4g Track 1,3g Student Council l,2g Class Vice-President 45 Gym Club 3,43 Varsity Club 3,4. "Ohl Those Homesie ru1esl". . .spends spare moments painting. . .did anyone mention pizza?. . .Mr. Touchdown, E.A.H.S .... easy-going guy. . . great advocate of all sports. . . misses Kent and Ray. . .will make a top-notch accountant. I. CONRAD WEISER Masonic Homes '-Duke" Academic Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Key Club 3,4g Yearbook Staff 4. Tall and dark. . . flashing smile. . . good -dancer. . .-stylish dresser. . . "The man of many sweaters". . .favors swimming and hiking. . .the way to this man's heart is a juicy steak. . .headed for college and a career as a psychiatrist. . .best wishes to you. SANDY E. YOUNG 462 North Market Street "sandy" Academic Journalism 1,3,4g Music Editor 4: Yearbook Staff 4: FTA 1,25 FHA 25 Tri-Hi-Y 23 Knitting Club 3g Chess Club 3. Typical case of being seen, but mostly heard. . . E-town's gain from Long Island. . .distinguishing accent. . . has real talent in the literary field. . . sunny disposition. , . beautiful complexion. . . aims to instruct the tiny tots. . . a sure success. r- ,v MILDRED ARLENE ZIMMERMAN Route 3, Elizabethtown "Millie" General Tri-Hi-Y 23 Knitting Club 3. An avid hillbilly fan. . .will always be remembered for her terrific sense of humor. . .subs play the favorite role on her menu. , . spends much time cooking, sewing, drawing, and knitting. . .will make some lucky guy a perfect wife. 611155 Hvlvrs - l6'lack and White Klass gfl7W6'l' - White Kose llmler- Zlassmeu naps Knock, knock. , .who's there? Knit One. PUI1 006 It was a cold fire! Sleeping Beauty. "Ready, aim. , , " Trusty mascot of hockey team ' Wheee l Juniors serve the hungry fans, Q , iq PECL X ir-V-NN15 ,l cl rf 'S junivr 671155 Energetic and hard working, this class is eagerly look- ing forward to filling the number-one position next year. This year, operating the food stands, they have enjoyed many memorable experiences. They are proud to be the second class to display standardized class rings. N. Gerber, Secretary: C. Dupes, Treasurerg D. Geib, Vice President, L. Zeager, Hist- orian, T. Patschke, President. E I FIRST ROW: V, Koser, D. Ginder, J. Frey, J. Espenshade, T. Gantz, N. Kern, I. Goss. SECOND ROW: D. Painter, M. Saylor. J. Dixon, R. Spickler, N. Smith, I. Jones, L. Brosius, D. Deimlerz THIRD ROW: A. Winters, E. Langham, P. Givens, D. Deimler, D. Walters, H. Brinser, G. Myers, D. Peters. FOURTH ROW: A. Kaylor, R. Garrnan, N. Hollinger, B. Styer, D. Brandt, G. Bitterrnan, D. Weaver, J. Shearer. I FIRST ROW: R. Snavely, L. Hackman, D. Minnick, M. Esslinger, J. Zarfoss, N. Gerber. V SECOND ROW: J. Miller, J. Enck, S. Stauffer, J. Kuntz. J. Graham, D.. Prescott. THIRD ROW: I. Gish, R. Wanamaker, K. Bernhart, G. Owens, H. Miller, C. Dupes, E. Horting. FOURTH 6gOW: M. Risser, I. Hershey, G., Burgess, E. Sisson, B. Hamilton, D. Farmer, L. Achenback. 1st ROW: B. Martz, J. Kniley, S. Ringlaben, D. Herr, E. Brubaker. 2nd ROW: L. Myers, J. Jones, B. Brackbill, S. Horst, M. Moore, M. Criley. 3rd ROW: J. Hetrick, J, Ferrari, W. Burgess, S. Reed, B. Zuck, S. Stillwagner, I. Oberholtzer. 4th ROW: B. Moore, T. Patschke, A. Martin, R. Fleck, D. DeLong. lst ROW: J. Greiner, L. Carotto, B. McLaughlin, R. Bretz, D. Zook, J. Dupler. 2nd ROW: V. Shank, B. Shreiner, J. Heck, F. Landis, H. Hilsher, D. Hess. 3rd ROW: D. Garber, M. Smith, C. Weidman, L. Olweiler, L. Fittery. 4th ROW: L. Neisley, F. Nohl, B. Burkholder, M. Givens, R. Fantom, J. Gingrich, T. Koser. :Ti lst ROW: I. Flowers, L. Edye, L. Clugston, P. Gunning, N. Good, A. Royer. 2nd ROW: L. Miller, J. Winters, B. Drawbaugh, P. Baker, I. Collins, I. Sikorski, J. Fultz, E. Heisey, B. Meyers. 4th ROW: R. Kedell, G. Keeleg, W. Meyer, K. Miller, S. Gish. as x FIRST ROW: N. Keener, J. Miller, D. Geib, H. Gill, D. Brubaker, M. Sweigart, P. McFalls. SECOND ROW: H. Oberholtzer, P. Zimmerman, 1. Robbins, M. Stehman, I. Heisey, B. Perry, D. Ritchie, J, Greiner. THIRD ROW: P. Heisey, K. Morris, H. Snyder, J. Mummau, N. Wagner, M. Risser, B. Royer, D. Lehman. FOURTH ROW: C. Brenner, B. Clark, W. Ruhl, L. Zeager, W. Brinser, M. Shenk, I. Smedley, A. Rank. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS SEATED: Carol Weidner, Secretary: Ken Homer, Treasurer: Barbara Wenger, Historian. STANDING: Barry Reinhold, Vice President: Ed Carskadon, President. Svplzommf 611155 Officially joining the ranks of senior high school this year, the sophomore class is well represented both in athletic and in scholastic ability. Included among the many firsts they enjoy as sophomores are holding their first prom this spring and receiving their class jackets. FIRST ROW: P. Nelson, H. Hoffman, P. Greider, V. Gobrecht, B. Coble, R. Sauble, J. Gibble. SECOND ROW: R. Snyder, C. Linn, M. Horne, S. Baker, G. Messler, G. Sikorski, M. Wiley, S. Hiller. THIRD ROW: C. Barr, J. Wert, C. Carmichael, C. Sweigart, E. White, N. Martin, M. Williams, I. Royer. FOURTH ROW: R. Koch, F. Farmer, B. Embery, M. Ropka, J. Yohn, F. Boylan, M. Royer, B. Reinhold, L. Forty. 64 lst ROW, left to right: T. Otis, R. Brubaker, N. Thome, S. Dietrich, R. Gebhart, P. Hollinger, J. Kurtz. 2nd ROW: E. Gish, N. Johnson, B. Roadarmal, S. Hain, M. S. Heisey. 3rd ROW: H. Webb, S. Miley, B. Wenger, K. Helm, L. Kaylor, S. Seibert, C. Horning. 4th ROW: H. Jones R. Newman, D. Moyer, R. Brock, E. Cariskadon, B. Fike, J. Loser. lst ROW, left to right: L. Harting, P. McCul1ach, C. Good, D. Snyder, N. Ortity, C. Siders, A. Drescher. 2nd ROW: R. Miller, W. Christ, C. Risser, D. Westo, G. Kishbaugh, H. Risser, G. Valentine. 3rd ROW: L. Withers, J. Spickler, J. Heisey, G. Funk, R. Bentzel, K. Zeager, E. Pirchaty, W. Kready. 4th ROW: C. Metzler, J. Carl, R. Best, R. Pfauty, R. Brubaker, Ken Kaylor W. Dupes. 5 lst ROW, left to right: R. Berkelrile, P. Tyson, W. Stark, B. Meyerhoffer, E. Redcay, D. Hos- tetter. 2nd ROW: H. Heigel, E. Terranova, P. Hollenbach, S. Hossler, G. Gutshall, P, Shank J. Lovinger. 3rd ROW: N. Weaver, B. Herr, C. Strickler, M. Hatch, B. Turner, M. Shelly, G Reane, S. Hixon, R. Floyd. 4th ROW: W. Edye, P. Ober, I. Snyder, B. Lathe, B. Hershey, M. DeArmitt, P. Mummau, I. Sailor. lst ROW: R. Whitman, R. Sager, C. Weidner, D. Wood, M. Rutman, M. Landis, K. Hummer. 2nd ROW: C. Shank, P. Shuman, E. Sloat, D. Ebersole, M. Bush, L. Hess, R. Snyder, M. Coble. 3rd ROW: S. Ulrich, D. Styer, A. Berrier, P. Wolgemuth, C. Hoover, I. Charles, J. Hess, H. Stone. 4th ROW: M. Brandt, V. Kauffman, J. Stehman, E. Eshelmau, V. Mummau, R. Mumper, J. Bair, J. Mummau, J. Fackler. lst ROW: W. Davis, P, Garman, C. Hoover, D. Strumminger, D. Zuck, C. Zeager. 2nd ROW: D. Minnick, W. Biesecker, W. Keck, I, Wohlfeil, I. Meyers, J. Good. 3rd ROW: R. Farmer, I Smith, R. Zerphy, J. Barnes, T. Rum, K. Haldeman, N. Snyder. 4th ROW: K. Haines, A. Shissler, L. Weidman, K. Janus, R. Bair, R. Ricedorf, G. Reed. lst ROW: J. Roeting, M. Newcomer, K. Schweers, M. Groff, A. Withers, B. Kern, C. Fitzpatrick, E. oberdorff. 2nd ROW: I. Simione,'R. Stark, K. Powell, L. DeLucia, R. Brown, R. Coble, G. Halbleib. 3rd ROW: G. Shank, G. Miller, J. Hilsher, G. Partner, L. Halbleib, A. Greenawalt, D. shank, L. Eby. 4th ROW: D. Espenshade, A. Simione, D. Kaylor, S. Newgard. J. Shank, K. Ober, G. Harry. greslzmcu Our freshmen are the seniors and leaders of the junior high and accept their responsibil- ities of helping the underclassmen in a commendable manner. They were able to par- ticipate actively on our hockey and football teams this year, and they responded with enthusiasm. All of our ninth grades are looking forward to next year and their entrance into senior high school. lst ROW: B. Edye, J. Weaver, J. Moore, L. Sweigart, M. Hiestand, M. Hynicker, C. Zeigler, C. Crownover. 2nd ROW: D. Keener, I. Thompson, D. Shirk, A. Miller, D. McCurdy, L. Baker, S. Gish, D. Gates, J. Shreiner. 3rd ROW: I. Engle, P. Groff, S. Wilson, J. Bailey, S. Taylor, L. Landis, B: McLane, W, Hershey, B. Flowers, D. Hiestand. 4th ROW: W. Groff, K. Meyer, J. Noll, M. Gish, M. Martin, R. Hipple, J. Snyder, R. Gordon, J. Fry. lst ROW: P. Shenk, J. Rhine, C. Palmer, J. Lancaster, S. Olweiler, K. Rarick, T, Winters, 2nd ROW: F. Strickler, B. Johnson, D. Meyers, R. Fink, D. Sweigart, S. Forney, M. Miller, C. Col- sen, B. Enck. 3rd ROW: J. Good, D. Shenk, R. Beck, B. White, V. Witmer, L. Cummings, G. Clements, C. Strickler, L. Bernhard. 4th ROW: D. Roberts, G. Shenk, R. Zugh, H. Smith, F. Kraft, D. Deitrich, F. Miller, L. Brell, D. Stoner, B. Herr. 1stROW: I. Kraybill, P. Drescher, H. Kraybill, K. Lehman, M. Smith, E. Lewis, C. Kaylor. 2nd ROW: C. Spickler, M, Aungst, L. Thuma, A. Drumheller, R. Belser, M. Zuck C. Boylyn, P. Risser. 3rd ROW: F. McQuin, K. Finkbinder, D. Breneman, B. Bowers, T. Madara, M. Kuhn, J. Longenecker, L. Trego, H. Garber. 4th ROW: K. Weiss, H. Good, J. Mader, I. Groff, T. Burgess, R. Rutt, B. Carscaden, T. Stauffer. 5 r i 1stROW: B. Bair, H. Keener, E. Bixler, M. Seitz, E. Welsh, K. Halk, P. Stumpf. 2nd ROW: E. Snyder, E. Coble, I. Gerberich, P. Shepler, S. Metzler, B. Young, E. Geib, I. Pfoutz. 3rd ROW: J. Wittel, A. Nagel, S. Seiders, J. Chittum, C. Haas, S. Morris, M. Hilsher, J. Farmer. 4th ROW: R. Hoffman, I. Kauffman, K. Wagner, R. Greiner, R. Turner, J. Forrey, I. Campbell, F Hamilton, G. Fanus. 1stROWg S. Gutshall, M. Drawbaugh, A. Ream, B. Isenberg, E. Enck, J. Morris, B. Minehart, C. Royer. 2nd ROW: P. Herr, B. Keener, D. Freeman, V. Bless, B. Meinhart. M. Hippeusteel, L. Houcleschel, P. Young. 3rd ROW: G. Clugston, B. Troutman, D. Snyder, L. -Funck, B. Weaver, C. Stumpf, S. Moore. 4th ROW: C. Frey, F. Schwanger, D. Kreider, R. Stone, I. Helm, J. Becker, J. Ibaugh, L. Mason. fzylzilz Grade Glad to be no longer the youngest of the underclassmen, the eighth graders have finally become pretty well adjusted to the hectic high school schedule. These students are always willing to help with anything that might come up in school activities or functions and are eagerly awaiting the time when they will become freshmen. lst ROW: D. Bechtel, M. Zimmerman, I. Ginder, P. Baker, E. Ebersole, J. Carl, V. Stoner, S. Snyder. 2nd ROW: R. Wagner, W. Hamilton, G. Kreiner, B. Gingrich, B. Fink, K. Keener, J. Berrier, T. Ream. 3rd ROW: K. Anchora, R. Myer, P. Ricker, S. Vohner, F. Martin, L. Lighter, V. Fisher, T. Gobrecht, J. Bevel. 4th ROW: J. Brenner, D. Withers, D. Albright, T. Owen, H. Neil, J. Baker, E. Powell, H. Krosen, D. Hollinger. lst ROW: M. Hemperly, F. Brosey, J. Groff, M. Zeager, I. Gantz, G. Stayner, V. Miller, J. Bender. 2nd ROW: J. Wetzel, J. Crestler, L. Gep, N. Johnson, R. Kishbaugh, L. Witmer, M. Chapman, W. Hackman. 3rd ROW: R. Strickler, J. Madara, C. Miller, R. Heisey, J. Prescott, S. Miller, N. Long. K. Chastain. 4th ROW: B. Greene, J. Sweig, J. McBeth, E. Ricci, J. Hess M. Byerly, C. Boyer, S. Crowe. ' 69 1stROW: E. Barry, G. Heisey, L. Hindman, T. Miller, P. Williams, B. McDannel, S. Olweiler. 2nd ROW: I. Espenshade, T. Spickler, S. Kurtz, G. Fisher, D. Miller, J. Murphy, R. Painter. 3rd ROW: D. Puchaty, P. Forrey, D. Hoopert, C. Swanger, Y. Milspau, B. Aungst, L. Weaver, S. Brackbill, S. Hill. 4th ROW: A. McAl1ey, D. Gorman, D. Emenheiser, J. Spickler, R. Nissley, R. Parrett, C. Ferrari, W. Barnes, S. Aldinger, W. Runyan. 1stROW: J. Park, J. Morris, S. Pangle, S. Miley, M. Charles, C. Gerhart, B. Quikel. 2nd ROW J. Zarfoss, L. Reed, D. Hack, C. Toman, M. Walters, D. Blough, D. Weaver, C. Landis. 3rd ROW: I. Baker, L. Bixler, C. Risser, L. Lancaster, D. Derstler, M. Patschke, R. Steffen, R. Say- lor, J. Quickel. 4th ROW: J. Bevilacqua, A. Greenawalt, G. Nagel, D. Pierce, B. Cover, K. Garman, J. Boozer, T. Sager, D. Coble, D. Longenecker, J. Good. 1stROW: L. Bernhard, P. Heigel, D. McCurdy, K. Durbraw, B. Huntzberger, M. Garsky. 2nd ROW: R. Kaylor, E. Weaver, J. Sweigart, J. Ackenbach, C. Gutshall, M. Davis, P. Kaylor. 3rd ROW: E. Shoop, I. Craven, T. Shumaker, W. Heisey, G. Groff, R. Hippensteel, G. Pultz, B. Baltolzer. 4th ROW: H. Way, T. Zeager, H. Mohr, M. Bucks, L, Scott, H. Halbleib, J. Gutshall, D. Raugh Seventh Grade Finally, the dream of these pupils to become high school students, and to share in our joys and responsibilities, has been realized. They represent themselves proudly at school functions and set about their duties enthusiastically. Their boundless energy serves to set the upperclassmen a good example. ...R ..-..... lst ROW: S. Brandt, P. Shiffer, J. Longenecker, C. Greene, J. Frey, M. Garman, K. Boden. 2nd ROW: G. Schoenrock, L. Troutman, W. Allen. C. Wertz. J. Reider, H. Kenderdine, B. Brosey, J. Maquin. 3rd ROW: R. Frey, J. Hilshire, M. Groover, B. Cunningham, A. Clemens, D. Robin- son, S. Olweiler, M. Cummings. 4th ROW: J. Heisey, J, Oberholtzer, L. Greiner, J. Groff, J. Shull, W. Hall, D. Givens, L. Warfel. lst ROW: L. Houdeshel, B. Espenshade, J. Bishop, C. Kuntz, A. Gates, S. Saltzer, M. Drescher. 2nd ROW: C. Pressler, G. Zell, J. Kraybill, B. Wright, J. Smith, D. Eckroth, D. Miller. 3rd ROW G. Farmer, B. Stettler, B. Hertzler, C. Good, B. Brubaker, P. Robinson, J. Richwine. 4th ROW: B. Shaw, G. Miller, I. Heisey, B. Uhlig, A. Wenger, D. Ibberson, C. Coble, G. Marollo. lst ROW: S. Meyer, L. Keiper, P. Herr, L. Craine, S. Stout, J. Barron, M. Raffensperger, K. Creider. 2nd ROW: K. Bathurst, G. Brinser, L. Bucher, D. Hawthorne, J, Meyers, R. Horne. 3rd ROW: G. Gantz, G. Garber, L. Martin, S. Kulp, M. McQuin, C. Moore, S. Hess, K. Itzoe, K. Kilhefner. 4th ROW: B. Grosh, D. Wenger, M. McKinne, J. Steelman, B. Bamhart, L. Stauffer, J. Belser, H. Kraybill. 1stROW: G. Carriger, L. Shreiner, C. Reider, I. Herr, S. Seibert, L. Fitzwater, C. Ricedorf, M. Miller. 2nd ROW: D. Brirxgman, B. Brosey, C. Shank, H. Slesser, R. Gantz, R. Snavely, B. Myers 3rd ROW: J. Brosey, J. Fehr, L. Stumpf, J. Heisey, R. Kready, S. Crum, M. Smeltz. 4th ROW: L. Tupnoski, W. Pachie, P. Royer, D. Good, D. Parcher, C. Kauffman, J. Garber, F. Vavantine. ' S oaoa We aoaya .,., , , .,,,. , r P f f- . f . ' , P Q ff '1'. ,., . ,.,, . M .Q + M '1': V CCC - .,.. .,,, A We . RR... ."' ,. 46, ' .'.. t V, ' 1 3' 1-1-muh r -, 1: ,V '- w- e , r 'P - ' " E .S.. at or . L' f t V P' , .yy y , , X. Z : , ,k,', ' A 'I 'X . .f If f h Ai TV: f . .. H' ' A v v, f . in --.. 5-g+."..yg, .in V wi 1 . , , V, , , 'E' Q xx V Q' i 1.2, ,, Y M K i K. 7 rw 'K ph, f. f its .-51- fi , .5 . ' I if aw ' ' 1 1 eerr. 2. - 1 o L 1 P gi 1stROW: R. Carl, C. Peters, A. Moore, H. Fisher, A. Painter, M. Boyer, S. Stone, G. Meyer hoffer. 2nd ROW: M. Pangle, L. Tupnoski, I. Homes, R. Emenheiser, S. Gutshall, P. Deimeler, M. Landis. 3rd ROW: G. McCurdy, S. Zimmerman, S. Monahan, D. Alamen. J. Turner, S. Ropka, W. Smith. 4th ROW: B. Heisey, R. Martin, R. Bucks, C. Gutshall, S. Flowers, R. Green- awalt, R. Boyer, P. Zook. 1st ROW: D. Seiders, M. Snyder, I. Brandt, D. Helier, P. Espenshade, M. Helda. 2nd ROW: R. Slesser, G. Rank, J. Halterman, K. Volger, M. Way, E. Kipp, F. Simione. 3rd ROW: L. Weidler L. Shank, L. Forrey, R. Ebersole, S. Tripp, T. Retherford, H. Hostetter, E. McGee. 4th ROW: J. Miller, T. Stokes, I. Costello, R. Morris, G. Mummau, R. Pfizenmaier, J. Baker, J. Campbell, W. Bretz. lst ROW: S. Block, C. Gutshall, J. Miller, J. Ruhl, M. Martin, J. Shenk, 2nd ROW: M. Camp, C. Drescher, G. Gobrecht, P. Olweiler, I. Moyer, G. Shenk, B. Garber, C. Metzler. 3rd ROW: D. Herr, P. Kaylor, J. Garber, S. Kaylor, P. Minick, E. Schaeffer, P. Long, S. Robbins. 4th ROW: P. Metzger, B. Johnson, D. Neideigh, L. Wittel, C. Durburow, R. Jumper, R. Bates. L. King, J. Gibble. A8203 + 3C--- BO0Inl Food for thought uswamin il . 3 5 pre-C1355 Hgum-bumping' Bubbling over with "One more word, and I'11 enthusiasm. Smile. . .Suei Wonderful evening! AZ? K miukftis , N Scrzmr Orchestra This is the outstanding group of eighty-four musicians, who showed their superb abilities with their renditions at the Veterans Day Program, Spring Concert, Commencement and assem- bly programs. The orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Noah Klauss. This group spends many sixth periods of hard work to produce an orchestra of which we can be very proud. Strings - B. Wenger, L. Kaylor, D. Hoopert, P. Hollinger, N. Gerber, M. Longenecker, S. Hill, V.'Stoner, S. Reed, L. Hess, S. Ulrich, C. Good, L. Eshelman, L. Herr, S. Miley, M. Zuck, B. Zuck, E. Gerber, J, Espenshade, O. Ferrari,,S. Olweiler, B. Flowers, D. Swei- gart, S. Morris, S. Kurtz, B. McDannel, C. Spickler, K. Helm, P. Herr, C. Kuutz, S. Sei- bert, G, Rice, C, Good, C. Fitzpatrick, W. Bames, L. Keiper, B. Espenshade, D. Hack, C. Wertz, S. Seibert, P. Shiffer,'B. Cover, P. Seibert, J. Ferrari. Woodwinds - M. Heisey, M. Williams, J. Fehr, S. Kulp, J. Groff, J, Zarfoss, E, Carska- don, C. Byerly, J. Oberholtzer, D. Herr, B. Hill, K. Kaylor, F. Boylan, D, Painter. Brass - L. Warfel, I, Steelman, A. McAu1ey, J. Groff, B. Heisey, I. Graham, J, Hamil- ton, M. Boyer, I. Kurtz, E. Horting, B. Spickler, J. Park. Percussion - D. Shirk, S. Brackbill, B. Good, B.Coble, D. Walters B. Carskadon T Ricci, J. Fultz, B. Hertzler. Mr. Klauss, director. MR. NOAH KLAUSS COLOR GUARD Linda Kaylor, Betty Turner, Martha Kuhn, Carol Carmichael. lb MAJORETTES Barbara Wenger, Patty Hollinger, Eleanor Gerber, Naomi Gerber, Carol Shank, Janie Charles, Jessie Espenshade, Sandy Scott, Vicki Koser. Hand Under the capable direction of Mr. Noah Klauss, our band has present- ed fine musical programs and excel- lent performances. These marching musicians have paraded their talents at all our football games and have represented our school on frequent occasions. The band of Elizabeth- town Area High School is a great credit to our community and an organization of which we are ex- tremely proud. lst ROW K Creager, A. Clemens, J. Reider, P. Drescher J Kraybill L Witmer H Kender dine 2nd ROW K. Kilhefner, J. Chittum, M. Esslinger R Risser J Bailey L Trego C Palmer 3rd ROW D. Zook, R. Mumper, W. Burgess, D Weaver C Byerly B Barnhart lst ROW I Goss B H111 G Shank A. Wenger, N. Johnson, R. Johnson, C Drescher 2nd ROW J Bishop J Groff J Oberholtzer, D. Painter, S. Ku1P. I. Fehr, 3rd ROW I Prescott M Heisey F Boylan M Williams D. Herr. lst ROW: D. Shank, L. Bucher, P. Herr, J. Zarfoss, M. Ropka, J. Kraybill, C. Kauffman, J. Myers. 2nd ROW: B. Heisey, J. Kurtz, D. Good, J. Graham, J. Ibaugh, B. Uhlig, D. Garrnan, P. Wolgemuth. 3rd ROW: A. Parrett, J. Barnes, R. Brubaker, R. Pfauotz, J. Hamilton, M. Boyer G. Withers. I lst ROW: D. Wenger, R. Greiner, J. Park, M. Ropka, E. Horting, C. Risser, C. Crowe. 2nd ROW: R. McAuley, W. Runyan, P. Seibert, W. Cover, J. Groff. lst ROW: V. Stoner, B. Coble, W. Good, D. Parcher, D. Walters. B. Carskadon, D. Withers. 2nd ROW: S. Hill, J. Fultz, R. Gebhard. junivr High Hand and String Orchestra FIRST ROW f' K. Kilhefner, S. Kulp, J. Bishop, K. Creager, A. Clemens, R. Johnson, I. Myers, R. Snavely, L. Bucher. I. Kraybill, H. Kenderdine. SECOND ROW - J. Reider, M. Groover. J. Pres- cott, J. Fehr, A. Wenger, C. Drescher, B. Barnhart, N. Johnson, R. Grosh, J. Cressler, D. Eckroth. THIRD ROW - D. Wenger, S. Crow, T. Spickler, B. Myers, T. Warfel, I. Wetzel, B. King, C. Kauffman, D. Good, I. Zarfoss, P. Metzger. FOURTH ROW -C. Risser, J. Hess, B. Hall, P. Herr, C. Snyder, J. Steelrnan, D. Garmen, R. Parrett. STANDING - B. Runyan, G. McCurdy, D. Wal- ters, D. Parcher, B. Cover, 1. Richwine, Mr. Germer, conductor, S. Crum. ABSENT - P. Long, G. Brinser, D. Shank, S. Ropka. The Junior Band, composed of Junior High students, has worked hard to produce an excellent instru- mental group. Under the' capable direction of Mr. Meredith Germer, these students look forward to becoming Senior Band members in the future. FIRST ROW - P. Shiffer, J. Espenshade, C. Spickler, C. Fitzpatrick, S. Seibert. SECOND ROW - S. Wertz, O. Fenari, D. Hack. THIRD ROW - B. Espenshade, L. Keiper, C. Good, M. Zuck, S. Hall, S. Kurtz, D,A'Hoopert, S. Gish, B. Flowers, I. Barnes. FOURTH ROW - B. Hertzler, S. Brack bill, S. Olweiler, F. Miller, D. Sweigert, S. Morris, D. Shirk, I. Trostle. FIFTH ROW - B. Cover Mr. Klauss, conductor, C. Kurtz. ABSENT - C. Rice. A fine group of up-and-coming young musicians, under the superb direction of Noah Klauss, the Junior Ensemble has presented many fine programs during this year. Participation in the musical group provides training for the day when its members will be active Senior Orchestra members. , SOPRANOS - SEATED: Joarme Ferrari, Sheila Mohr, Connie Sweigart, Delores Snyder, Judy Good, Shirley Reed, Bonnie Strickler, Pat Hollinger. STANDING: Carol Carmichael, Io Ann Wert, Nancy Smith, Mary Ellen Wiley, Donna Barnhart, Librariang Lois Hess, Jane Kniley, Patsy Shuman ALTOS - SEATED: Lois Hess, Barbara Zuck, Secretary, Molly Moore, Gwen Rice, Jackie Fultz. Librariang Barbara Wenger, Barbara Brackbill. STANDING: Christine Good, Charlotte Horning, Debbie Herr, Susan Seibert, Linda Eshelman, Eleanor Gerber, Margie Sue Heisey. BASSES AND TENORS - SEATED: David DeLong, Cleon Byerly, William Good, George Burgess, Lloyd Weidman, Bob Best, Ed Carskadon. STANDING: Paul Givens, Business Manager, Dale Hoffer, Jim Gish, Roland Fleck, Richard Engle, Paul Seibert, Treasurer: Marvin Boyer, Richard Appel, President. 5 I i x 3 SENIOR,OCTET E. Gerber, L. Eshelman, W. Good, C. Byerly, D, Hoffer, P. Seibert, I. Good, D. Barnhan, JUNIOR QUINTET B. Zuck, I. Fultz, M. Moore, N. Gerber, J, Kniley, D. Herr, accompanist. SOPHOMORE SEXTET Mrs, Heilner B. Wenger, M. Heisey, C. Sweigart, C. Carmichael, C. Horn- ing, P. Shumang accompanists, P. Hollinger, S. Seibert. I Mellnmcn and Mvllvdears v1ELLOMEN The Mellomen composed of oys in the junior iigh school. This :xperience of ,inging with the viellomen pre- Jares the boys for he Senior High Chorus. The viellomen sing for he Christmas and he Spring Con- 26115. FIRST ROW - C. Metzler, J. Smith, P. Metzger, G. Miller, D. Hollinger, D. Givens, E. Strickler, C. Coble, L. Bucher. SECOND ROW - K. Weiss, I. Mader, E. Ricci, G. Shank, R. Zug, D. Good, J. Ibaugh, B. Fink, C. Strickler. THIRD ROW - D. Withers, B. Weaver, D. Weaver, H. Good, W. Packie, J. Belser, F. Moquin, W. Heisey, A, McAu1ey. FIRST ROW - S. Brandt, B. Espenshade, M. Metzler, J. Ruhl, C. Royer, L. Weaver, B. Hertz- ler, V. Stoner, P. Herr, L. Schreiner. SECOND ROW - S. Brackbill, F. Martin, B. Aungst, S. Taylor, T. Madeira, S. Fomey, D. Myer, M. Zuck, D, Breneman, L. Lyter. THIRD ROW - R. Finlv, R. Belser, P. Drescher, B. Brubaker, S. Kurtz, F. Smith, M. Miller, E. Lewis, S. Olweiler, K. Lehman. FOURTH ROW - J, Trostle, C. Good, J. Moore, D. Hack, S. Hill, P Risser, D. Hoopert, R. Heisey, Y. Milspaw, S. Raylor, D. Miller, I. Groff. MELLODEARS The Mellodeats, our junior high all-girl singing group, displayed their musical tal-' ents in the fine performance they gave at the Christ- mas Concert. This year the direction of this group was capably taken over by Mrs. Blake. Believers in the addage, "Practice makes perfect," these faithful .nu songsters practiced twice a week. 83 Junior High Student Council comprises a representative from each homeroom in the junior high school, usually meeting sep- arately from the senior high council, although the two groups work together on projects affecting the whole school. The dress code, the school store, and the spring dance were the results of their com- bined efforts. Junior High Council was also responsible for several dances during the winter and for beginning talks on a school honor code. FIRST ROW: M. Hebda, L. Tobnoski, V. Stoner, C. Coulson, Presidentg K, Kilhefner, C. Ricedorf, M. Drescher, L. Hindman. SECOND ROW: E. Lewis, D. Shirk, Secretaryg J, Moyer, B. Young, R. Kishbaugh, J. 'Zarfoss, L. Scott, A. Kennedy, B. Enck, Vice President H. Kenderdine. 4 VARSITY CLUB The chief function of the Varsity Club is to award varsity sweaters or blazers to athletes with two letter years in a sport. Advised by Mrs. Hoover and Mr. Wolf, this organization has sponsored the annua triple-header basketball game, and many other projects. This year as a gift to the school, the Varsity Club donated a portion of the track runway. FIRST ROW: L. Oxenrider, W. Dupes, G. Seiders, B. Spickler, T. McKinne, D. Brandt, J. Hershey. SECOND ROW: T. Rutman, B. Arndt, B. Brinser, L. Shaffer, R. Deitrich, R. Shank, E. Carskadon. THIRD ROW: R. Eby, L. Biesecker, J. Gutshall, T. Patschke, Vicei President: K. Bernhart, W. Biesecker, P. Givens, E. Walters. FIRST ROW: Mr. Grosh, Adviser, P.McFa11s, B. Hill, Vice President: C. Jones, I. Sikor- ski, J. Jones, N. Johnson, N. Gerber, Secretary. SECOND ROW: M. Givens, L. Biesecker. Presidentg S. Knox, D. Garber, R. Koch, G. Kishbaugh, J. Good. FIRST RQW: 5, Ulrich' J, Frye, D. Geib, Secretaryg J. Zarfoss, I. Espenshade, I. Garber. President. SECOND ROW: S. Kaylor, Treasurer: S. Horst. B- Zuck. B- Wenger. 1- Dixon' M, Rigger, D, Wood, S. Baker, Mrs. Hoover, Adviser. THIRD ROW: E. Hill, J. Groff. J. Kniley, I. Miller, M. Byer, J. GOSS, L. EShC1fHaf1- Senior High Student Council consists of a representative from each senior high home- room, meeting once a week to discuss cur- rent problems and to develop plans for the many functions that they are responsible for. Main contribution this year was drawing up and enforcing a student dress code. They sponsored the annual spring dance and supervised a school supply store for stu- dents. It is unanimously agreed that the coun- cil is a valuable asset to our school. 85 Serziar Z'ri-f!i- V FIRST ROW - H. Hoffman, M. Horne, B. Coble,-P. Greider, B. Martz, S. Ringlaben, N. Gerber, D. Hostetter, W. Stark, P- HUHUISCL 5- B3-R313 L. Kaylor. SECOND ROW - M. Wiley, C. Lynn, V. Gobrecht, I. Jones, E. White, N. Martin, B. i Turner, M. Hatch, B. Roadarmel, K. Helm, M. Williams, B. Wenger, C. Carmichael. ROW 3 - P, Shuman, H, Heigel, , M. Coble, I. Olivar, D. Shank, S. Sager, G. Sikorsky, S. Deimch, N. Thome, S. Scott, S Hain, C. Horning. FOURTH ROW - E. Sloat, B. Perry, E. Eshelman, F, Fackler, J. Dickson TRI y HI C. Weidner, R. Floyd, C. Shank, S. Seibert, M. Heisey, N. Good, Mrs. Muir, adviser, Mrs. . Sheeley, adviser. FIFTH ROW - B. Fisher, L. Myers, J. Bair, S. Hixon, S. Ulrich, D. Woo: ' J. Charles. H. Webb, S. Stillwagner, J. Jones, L. Harding. ' A very active club advised by Mrs. Muir and Mrs. Sheeley, the Senior Tri-Hi-Y has striven to maintain high standards of Christian character. The year's programs have featured films, guest speakers, panel discussions, and service projects. Composed of girls in grades seven through nine, Junior Tri-Hi-Y works toward its goal of developing Christian character. Mrs. Wiley and Miss Cuttino have assisted the girls in presenting programsbased on films and discussions. FIRST ROW - S. Manahan, D. Gantz, C. Schwanger, C. Miller, G. Stehman, D. Bechtel, D. Shirk, G. Garber, T. Go- brecht, C. Kaylor, I. Ginder, A. Miller, P. Shank. SECOND ROW - M, Davis, G. Fisher, K. Finkbinder, C. Boylan, P. Riker, I. Carl, A. Auchenbach, S. Seiders, S. Morris, N. Long, S. Miller, V. Fisher, S. Donner, L. Sweigart, D. McCur THIRD ROW - I. Lancaster, K. Durbu.row, S. Stout, L. Bernhard, R. Heigel, S. Olweiler, P. Williams, L. Hindman, I. Be der, A. Mohr, L. Houdeshel, S. Block, FOURTH ROW - C. Palmer, K. Rerrick, L. Martin, C. Moore, S. Olweiler, C, Peters, C. Kuntz, K. Bowden, C. Ricedorf, C, Rider, A. Painter, L, Tupnoski, J. Garber, P. Kaylor, S. Snyder, J. Kray- bill. FIFTH ROW - M. Drawbaugh, S. Gutshall, I. Rhine, C. Green, M. GIOWCI, B. Cunningham, C. Oliver, L. Boyer, G Carriger, L. Keiper, I. Barron, M. Gresher, P. Robinson. 86 cnior Hi- lf i1RST ROW -R. Mullen, I. Earl, G. Kishbaugh, R. Bentzel, D. Koch, P. Saylor, E. Puchaty, B. Krady, K. Zeagler, B. Brinser, B. Miller. SECOND ROW - H. Eberly, I. Smith, L. Oxenreider, L. Biesecker, I. Gutshall, R. Pfautz, C. Weiser, R lopka, R. Brubaker, R. Engle, D. Hoffer, J. Enck. The purpose of the Hi-Y is to create higher standards of Christian character in boys of high chool age. Capably advised by Mr. Hoopert, the club helps to develop leadership and to fos- er a genuine understanding of people. The Iunior Hi-Y, advised by Mr. Blake and Mr. Steinhart, provides boys an opportunity to levelop and practice high moral standards. A father-and-son banquet, discussions and films iavehighlighted their meetings. juniar Hi- lf IRST ROW - R. Saylor, K. Wagner, D. Stoner, S. Newgard, C. Roberts, G. Dannelley. I. Campel, R. Steffen, D. Longe- .ecker, I. Kauffman, N. Johnson. SHIOND ROW - A. Wenger, R. Stone, T. Sager. I. Stauffer, I. Wittle, B. Barnhart, D. Doble, T. Owen, D. Parcher, B. Uhlig, D. Good, B. Oakley, S. Ropka, I. Becker. THIRD ROW - B. Myers, E. Coble, C. iauffman, I. Costello, L. King, R. Snavely, I. Quickel, S. Crowe, E. Kipp, J. Meyers, D. Wenger, J. Kraybill. FOURTH .OW - C. Frey, B. Heisey, R. Boyer, C. Risser, W. Shaw, E. Snyder, I. Pfautz, C. Shenk, B. Brosey, R. Horne, T. Landis, I. Drescher, D. Eckroth, D. Eberson, M. Pangle. FIFTH ROW - L. Tupnoski, R. Carl, R. Slesser, E. Landis, B. Gingrich, . Bucks, R. Wagner. I. Kauffman, R. Johnson, H. Slesser, L. Greiner, R. Grosh, G, Zell, I. Murphy, D. Miller. 87 Kanfeeu Krfuucil Left to right - B. Amdt, S. Stillwagner, J. Jones, S. Ulrich, J. Espenshade, S, Baker, E. White, T Patschke, presidentg J, Dixon, S, Ringlaben, J, Jones, V. Gobrecht, B. Martz. This is the organization that found an answer to the problem of what to do on a Saturday night. Un- der the leadership of Mr. Trimble and Mrs. Wiley, this group has planned all of our weekly canteens as well as the Varsity Drag. Many thanks to them for a job well done, 88 l SEATED: Mr. Grosh, Adviser: H. Eberly, R. Fleck, P. Seibert, Treasurerg R. Appel, President, G. Burgess, Vice Presidentg D. Pierce, Secretary, D. DeLong, B. Hamilton. STANDING: C. Dupes, T. Patschke, E. Sisson, A. Martin, E. Carskadon, C. Weiser, B. Bentzel, I. Loser, H. Key gfllb The purpose of this club is to dedicate and encourage its members to achieve high standards of moral, spiritual, and social living. Capably advised by Mr. Grosh, the club performs innumerable services to school and community such as making farm fair tickets available to students at reduced rates, holding various record hops and social events for the student body, and helping to supply the needs of indigent families at certain times throughout the year. Jones. FIRST ROW: D. Walters, W. Keck, P. Wolgemuth, R. Zerphey, W. Moore, Mr. Dotterer, Adviser. SECOND ROW: H. Miller, D. Zook, R. Redkay, J. Wolfeil, K. Miller. THIRD ROW: I. Hess, J. Graham, B. Hackenburger, W. Fike, B. Hamilton, D. Peters, F. Boylan, S. Gish. FOURTH ROW: R. Brock, C. Dupes, J. Stamen, B. Emory, C. Barr, D. Moyer, J. Groff. Ghcss Klub The Chess Club, headed by Mr. Dotterer, organized many interesting activities for its members this year. High points in this program were interscholastic meets with Donegal and York and a game played simultaneously between a parent and the entire club. Alert minds are constantly in use while each person applies his skill to improve his rating. ,7r1urm1Hs14f1 SEATED - B. Zuck, J. Kniley, L. Myers, J. Jones, M. Moore,S. Stillwagner, S. Young, M. Risser, S. Ringlaben, C. Hall, B. Strickler, S. Horst. STANDING - K. Morris, J. Greiner, B. Martz, D. Ritchie I. Jones, Mr. Price, advisor. SENIOR JOURNALISM CLUB Composed of seniors and juniors, the Senior Journalism Club is advised by Mr. Price. Each week this club is responsible for writing our school newspaper, the " Blue and White, " which is printed in the ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE. The club spends many hours hunting information, writing articles, and typing them so that the students of E. A. H. S. may read and enjoy their news in the " Blue and White" each week. In the past two years, the senior members, though few in number, showed com- mendable ability in gathering news and in writing interesting stories. The juniors in their one year as Senior Journalism Club members have shown great potentiality and their capabilities will be an asset next year when they take over the paper. JUNIOR IOURNALISM CLUB The Junior Iouranlism Club consists of sophomore students. Under the teaching of Mr. Price, these students have learned the fundamentals of writing newspaper articles and have applied these fundammtals to the writing of actual news stories. The Junior Journalism members have shown promising ability, and they will surely do an excellent job when they become reporters on the " Blue and White" next year. FIRST ROW - D. Barnhart, K. McLaughlin, C. Strickler, M. Aschendorf, I. Garber, M. Risser, L. Nolt. SECOND ROW - D. Hostetter, H. Webb, S. Baker, C. Lynn, P. Greiner, H. Hoffman. THIRD ROW - M. Saylor, E. Oberholtzer. J. Wert, V. Mummau, N. Martin, B. Rhodarmel, V. Gobrecht, N. Thome, M. Horne, Mrs. Muir, advisor. KNITTING CLUB Knit one, purl two.. . argyle socks for "him", . .bulky knits for "her" --both of these belong in the province of Mrs. Muir's knitting club. FIRST ROW - B. Cunningham, C. Brock, J. Moyer, P. Minick, L. Stumpf, C. Moore, K. ltzoe, M. Smeltz, E. Barry, P. Kaylor. SECOND ROW - G. Miller. D. Givens, C. Coble, L. Wittle, J Shank, M. Martin, S. Robbins, C. Kuntz. J. Richwine, R. Frey, B. Stettler, C. Wertz, P. Robin son, I. Barron. THIRD ROW - C. Peters, M. Drescher. L. Houdeshel, S. Saltzer, D. Helfer, A. Gates, L. Fitzwater,C. Reider, G. Gobrecht, C. Metzler. DRAMA CLUB Thirty-five junior high students learning to perform under the capable hands of Miss Kline. . . made their debut on Halloween with the play. "Bewitched and Bewildered" . . ,concluded their year's program with a Variety Show. S. Horst, M. Givens, S. Gish, I. Heck, M. Criley. AUDIO-VISUAL AIDS CLUB Newly organized this year, the Audio-Visual Aids Club is advised by Mr. Stanley Dotterer. Club periods are devoted to learning how to operate and care for audio-visual aid equipment and how to correctly develop film. MECHANICAL DRAWING CLUB Functioning for the first year, this club already has nineteen members. Under the capable leadership of Mr. Enck, they meet every Tuesday to learn the fundamentals of mechan- ical drawing. Two of the main projects this year included the drawing of plans for a jet plane and jet engine. FIRST ROW - J. Kurtz, T. Patschke, I. Graham, SECOND ROW - C. Dupes, H. Eberly,,B. Hamilton. THIRD ROW - D. Ropka, K. Hippensteel, T. Otis. FOURTH ROW - J. Sikorski, L. Biesecker, I. Enck. STANDING - B. Fike, Mr. Enck, adviserg D. Moyer, H. Jones. SEATED - M. Criley, E. Stauffer, D. Farmer, I. Fnck, S. Horst. STANDING - I. Kurtz, D. Hess S. Haines, S. Miley, B. Turner. ART CLUB Advised by Mrs. Sheeley, the Art Club gives students the opportunity to express their artistic ability. Using new materials and gaining more knowledge, these club members can further their interests in the art field. FIRST ROW - C. Spickler, F. Smith. P. Risser. E. Terranova. D. Styer, P. McCul1ock, P. Nelson N. Tbome, V. Gobrecht, H. Webb, S. Deitrich, J, Bair. STANDING - M. Mengel, advisor, K, Lehman- L- Weaver, S- Forney. B. Bowers. B. Aungsr. J. runz, R. Uuich, B. Turner, K. Helm, C- Swelsarr. C. Lynn. J. Fackler. L. Non. P. Tyson. P. Foney, L. Hindman, S.,Olweiler. LIBRARY STAFF This ambitious group of girls keeps our library running smoothly. Always on hand to help their fellow students, they are kept quite busy. Miss Mengel, adviser, teaches this group the fundamentals of library work, fundamentals which will be useful in the future. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Though recently organized, this club has become one of the most active in senior high school. Mrs. Care capably advises the members in their various projects, includ- ing a scrapbook of field trips, a newspaper, and other educational programs. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA Future farmers learn techniques which they can use on their farms or in their gar- dens. Under the excellent leadership of Mr. Henninger, boys become acquainted with all phases of modern agriculture. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Junior and senior girls who have chosen nursing for their careers meet to hear speak- ers from hospitals and community organizations informing them of opportunities ir1 nurs- ing. In addition, Mrs. Baker, the advisbr, teaches the girls the art of home nursing. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The May E. Gross Chapter strives to instill the highest ideals in the teaching pro- fession for teachers-to-be. One of the projects is teaching in the elementary schools. This practice gives members of the club an opportunity to gain experience which will be useful to them in the future. it Qi- 215'- if fatf s p u T u R E , n f 1' -,o'Q7'j",f uslNEss ,SN M42 EADERS wi U1 MERICA obivfoe Q F. B. L.A. - STANDING - M. Rutman, I. Miller, I. Greiner, P. Risser. I. Fackler, V. Mumma, A. Berrier, I Charles, P. Hollenbach, E. Terranova, S. Hixon, Mrs. Care, advisor. SEATED - FIRST ROW - M. Sewigart, D. Hostetter, M. Brandt, E. Sloat, P. Shank, R. Mumper. SECOND ROW - D Monahan, M. Coble, E. Eshelman, C. Shank, B. Herr. THIRD ROW - S. Sager, P. McFalls, S. Ul- rich, B. Bair. F. F, A. - KNEELING - I. Shrinner, P. Woglemuth. K. Hummer, P. Groff, J. Nolt, W. Hershey, P. Goodman. STANDING - Mr. Henninger, advisor, H. I-Iilsher, R, Redcay, R. Garber, R, Shri.ner, C. Hoover, D. Garber, B. Gunning, I. Fantom, R. Miller, K. Myer, I. Engle. LEFT TRACTOR - M. Gish, J. Stehman, P. Ober, B. Hackenberger, S. Newgard, L. Olweiler. R. Fantom, D. Keener, RIGHT TRACTOR - K. Aungst, J. Saylor, J. Gingrich, D. Gates, F. Noll, J. Snyder, V. Shank, W. Hershey, B. Burkholder, C. Weidman, J. Fry, W. Groff. F. N.A. - FIRST ROW - J. Frey, N. Gerber, T. Gantz, V. Koser, N. Smith, N. Kem. SECOND ROW - D. Barnhart, J. Zarfoss, S. Stillwagner, S. Farver, B. Heisey, C. Strickler, R. Snavely. THIRD ROW - J. Ferrari, S. Horst, I. Jones. J. Good, S. Reed, J. Swope, D. Minnick, B. Brackbill, L. Hackman, M. Ashendorf. Absent - Mrs. Baker, advisor, . .. .g,,....:e-new F. T. A. - SEATED - Mr. Wert, advisor, S. Kaylor, L. Eshelman, L. Herr, I. Groff, E. Hill, Mrs. Steelman, advisor. STANDING - J. Kniley, S. Deitrich, I. Dixon, L. Myers. I. 101165. B. Wenger. B Zuck, L. Kaylor, S. Seibert, S. Hain, M. Heisey, C. Horning, P. Hollinger. EXECUTIVE STAFF SEATED: Dennis Pierce, Lois Herr, Co-Editors. STANDING: Donna Barnhart, Photography Editor: Brenda Smith, Business Manager: Mr. Daniel Hoopert, Business Adviser: Mr. Henry Libhart, Editorial Adviser: Sandra Farver, Literary Editor: Ruth Risser, Art Editor. Che Elizabethan This yearbook, the result of many hours of work and worry. . . Oriental tneme came to life in the capable hands of staff artists. . . Pam Irvine created our little Chinese mascot. . .literary staff members worked' toward attractive phrasing and originality in copy. . . Sandy Farver, literary editor, worked overtime in producing the epitome of perfection in the write-ups. . . arranging picture schedules and taking candid shots provided Donna Barnhart and her staff with headaches. . . they carried their cameras as faithfully as they carried their school books. . . business staff filled ledger sheets with ads and patron lists, sold yearbooks and pictures in order to balance the budget. Our sincere thanks to the advisers of this year's annual for their faithful service over and above the call of duty, to Lois Herr and Dennis Pierce, co-editors, for the hours they spent in creating an original and attractive yearbook, and to the staff members whose time was trgured inperiods of deadlines typing sketches, proofreading, mailing, and taking pride in their ultimate goal - this year's annual publication. LITERARY STAFF FIRST ROW: Carol Halfl, Judy Good, Sandra Farver, Literary Editor: Linda Eshelman, Gwen Rice, Paula Ebersole. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Scott, Cleon Byerly, Sandy Young, Mary Ann Risser, Conrad Weiser, Gayle Sweigart, Barry Arndt. MISSING: Lee Norton, Helen Longenecker. f N . ' WT ART STAFF SEATED: Pam Irvine, Dale Hoffer, Eleanor Gerber, Bonnie Sttickler, Eleanor Johnson. STANDING: Ruth Ann Risser, Art Editor. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF SEATED: Bonnie Heisey, Jill Garber, Sue Kaylor, Maryellen Aschendorf. STANDING: Judy Groff, Betty Hill. Phil Saylor, Paul Seibert, Timothy Rutman, Donna Barnhart, Photography Editor. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED: LaVon Nolt, Treasurer: Brenda Smith, Staff Manager: ,Nancy Lokey, Mary Coursen, Louise Snyder, Carolyn Jones, Jeanne Gibble, Roberta Ulrich. STANDING: Kathy McLaughlin, Sandy Hein Bonnie Mohr, Harold Eberly. Not pictured: Jean Miller, Evelyn Shenk, Jeanette Hixon. v,v- - . . ..- ', + -. -.111 '-NT'?'-'.."'2'l:5f".'..: - wi-.f ,.Jf..s7'Lv bb??'fQ4Z-'fe,".-QQ f,'fX?J'Q-Vtgl'-Qfqiad-?'f-?3f'? .'V-Q72''.'2fgF2. ,'-f1'Zw3i1: -'Pr-flkflv'.Ni-'ii-Vkrfii' H 'I M x. . .-'.",' , ' "-3' .-.-I.x7,'-kg, ' '. y,-,'.- " Q--' 53.4 0-1 -32 0, V:-15"-.. 1 '1,'x5. s,'.'zw wx' -,god-F'-5 f'Q.'-K, -,-',- .N - Q,-Q95-N' iw? .' .1 . sT'Q?f?:+:l1?+'a -X -SS:r?fA5f5?i:vv2Q53f3xWF'XY 'if-54ff?i:'1?5l'l.Qf'z-WF. ffT:.i'Z-'Q.I'S'1''1"wQv'i'l'c-'N N?-qfril' 1-''4vxxr?-'VQQLX.319'k3lfW'155l'0?f'Ix's XGSYIW 9?-x "f+Q'Q33'3'X: 'M'5'iv31s53T'3T'f'l4'i"QJS' X iff ia.,-,gi I' ,s.x',,.j:'.L.Qi?-Qgsgx',5.f'bf,M3:,g, :V fy 1,2 xj.J.o,g,6,h-KXA 43x Q,-xg A-Qksikgxgwgxx Y5:?S6f,3xsSx-Xt,wtsste xX-,SQl,:s.f6N.::qox,x:6,SQF9ag x ,S .'.'f:.-'01,-2'.z' -:fav -5se,1.-'sw--"v.-z--...iw-:1:fv.4.1,wh 1-4-'mv w.-.v w -'si-.'a'aw xp wi-'+c'.-+.X sf:-.'s1-afvs-sa .- 4 f .2 0 -Q wg- Q -' ' ""'f""'f3'o"'Off''QW' Z,-'vt-'ww vi 'vN2-,'5w'- cb Mi ax? 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P' A ' Q ' Q ,N x I NN I QI C5 K 1 s XX ,L lm ' 99 Seuivr Ehwrleaders captain MAR1 Eheerlmders VARSITY - Marie Beyer, Doris Geib, Joyce Jones, Jill Garber, captaing Sara Jane Baker, Jean Zarfoss, Diane Wood, "Let's give a cheer for the Bearsl' yelled the energetic cheerleaders when they helped to hasten our team on to victory. Under the coaching of Miss Rhenish, this year's cheering ensemble included seniors, Jill Garber and Marie Beyer. JUNIOR VARSITY Frances Smith Susie Kurtz Crystal Splckler Linda Hrndeman Sally H111 Held J-lvckey FIRST ROW - M. Moore, D. Geib, S. Stillwagner, J, Zarfoss, J. Espenshade, S. Kaylor- co-cap- taing L. Eshelman, J, Miller, J. Groff, J. Goss, S, Scott, N. Thome, D. Wood. SECOND ROW - C. Weidner, S. Baker, J. Jones, J. Dickson, L. Herr, B. Zuck, I. Kniley, B. Hill, M. Criley, D. Shirk, S. Morris, D. Styer. THIRD ROW - S. Horst, Mrs. J. Hoover-coachg L. Nolt, R. Gebhart, E. Lewis, M. Zuck, M. Miller, S. Ulrich, S, Reed, M. Kuhn, M. Williams, D. Freeman, S. Sei bert, M. Risser. J. Fry. Absent from picture - J. Garber- captain. Once again our girls proved their ability in the techniques of field hockey by win-- ning their ninth consecutive sectional championship in our schoo1's history. Mrs. Jane Hoover provided the team with her excellent instruction during each practice and scrim- mage and inspired each member with the will to win. Great credit must be given to the defense for holding the opposition to only three goals, and to the forward line for tallying all those necessary points. FIELD HOCKEY SCORES E,A, H,S, OPPONENT Penn Manor 5 0 Conestoga Valley 9 0 Manheim Central 1 0 Donegal 2 1 Garden Spot 3 0 Susquehanna Twp. 2 f Hempfield 2 1 Susquehanna Twp. 2 0 Warwick 2 0 Coach Jane Hoover and Captain Jill Garber. , 5 QQ I a Q X aj, Q , V V Lk,Z: . f '," . :ii :fa in T A L73 . f :-A 'ff' BETTY HILL, Left Halfback QA11-starj LOIS HERR, Right Fullback QA11-stary LINDA ESHELMAN, Left Inner QA11-starj IUDY GROFF. Left wing IILL GARBER, Center Forward Captain SUE KAYLOR, Goalie JEAN MILLER, Left Wing Zfvfball DONEGAL Opening the season with a capacity crowd of ardent football fans, the E-town Bears scalped the Donegal In- dians by a 32-O margin despite their opponents' display of a fighting heart. MANHEIM TOWNSHIP Providing revenge for the previous season's battle, the Blue Streaks mounted twenty points to our Blue and White's twelve on the local gridiron. MANHEIM CENTRAL For the first time in history, the E,A,H.S. squad bowed to a strong, overwhelming Central team. In this well-fought game the Barons emerged victorious to the tune of 19-6. WARWICK Warwick's Warriors fell to the Bears onslaught by a 27-13 count with our lads setting up a 2-2 campaign, EPHRATA Although sports writers and broadcasters predicted a successful season for the Ephrata Mountaineers, the Bears unleased their power as they rolled over the Purple and Gold, 19-0. Review COCALICO Our lads were able to throw a few scares at the high- riding Eagles, before dropping behind, 34-13. A com- parative newcomer to the conference schedule, Cocalico went on to a win skein to conquer the Conference of Roses laurels, COLUMBIA Co1umbia's Crimson Tide found themselves wiped out as E-town gained the lead in the early moments of the game and continued to claim the honors as they chalked up 26 marks to their rival's 7. SOLANCO Elizabethtown was proclaimed the winner as it breezed to an easy 47-7 triumph over the Mules in one of the final tilts of the campaign. RED LION waging an up-hill battle in the first moments of play, the Lions fell victim to our Lancaster County team by a 20-'7 score in the 1959 series, HEMPFIELD The game, played as the finale of the 1958 season was too much for the Bears to handle, as they allowed Hempfield to reach a decisive 47-12 victory. Viv, Hwilmll FIRST ROW - L. Shaffer, T. Patschke, D. Brandt, R. Heisey, R. Deitrich, L. Biesecker, B. Spickler, J. Hershey, B. Styer, R. Shank, K. Crum, G. Gobrect. SECOND ROW - G. Seiders, R. Wanamaker, D. Deimler, P. Givens, G. Bitterman, J. Yohn, I. Royer, G. Owens, B. Biesecker, H. Brinser, B, Reinhold W. Dupes, R. Kishbaugh. THIRD ROW - K. Bernhard, J. Greiner, G. Funk, D. Engle, E. Carskadhon, B. Best, E, Sisson, B. Hamilton, K. Hippensteel, K. Kaylor, J. Good, H. Jones, B. Hamilton. IO6 A raging forward wall and terrific attack helped to make our football team outstanding. Nightly practice, conscien- tious training, and the able coaching of Richard Wolf, Rich- ard Miller, and William Frantz contributed much to the suc- cess of our team. OUR COACHES Richard Miller William Frantz Richard Wolf junivr High gffflfbllff , . , -iii ,Y , , , .-..a...n-- ' V .Y FIRST ROW - G. Fultz, B, Carskadon, I. Groff, A. Simione, T. Burgess, D. Albright, B. Herr, D. Stoner. SECOND ROW - H. Hableib, D. Deitrich, R. Hippensteel, K. Powell, B. Hershey, J, Cambell J. Baker, R. Hoffman, THIRD ROW - G. Donnelly, L. Bernhard, J. Good, N. Houston, R. Steffen, D. Good, H. Smith. ,TUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD The 5-2 record proves the Junior Varsity Squad's splendid perform- ance on the gridiron this season. With this record to show forth, they have proved themselves to be no team to be tampered or trifled with. Next year, with a lot of good material returning, the Junior Bears should grant any contender a scare. SCORES E, A, H.s, OPPONENT Hempfield 31 0 Manheim Central 12 ' 18 Ephrata 7 6 Hershey 13 0 Palmyra 0 6 Columbia 20 0 ? . Smivr RAY SHANK End KEN HI PPENST EEL Tackle GLENN SEIDERS Guard KEN CRUM Right Halfback Co Captam LARRY BIESECKER CBHIBI BEN SPICKLER Halfback Kenra LARRY SHAFFER Guard RICHARD ENGLE Tackle RONALD HEISEY Quarterback ROBERT DEITRICH Quarterback Co -Captain EUGENE WALT ERS Left Halfback ,. -. x, . X .b.- A ,:??,:'.'Z, H W x A 1 X , -lb 1 N' x x X x J Qi' ' 5 l r.: x x I X bi . - I w Half time pep talk Dribble down the floor. . .Scorel Score! Score! Along the sidelines Learning young I W H S .2 one Hats off! Bottoms up! Kafka bad! KNEELING - R. Heisey, B. Reinhold, G. Walters, R. Dietrich, R. Wanamaker, STAND- ING - E. Carskadon, B. Styer, A. Shissler, J. Yohn, T. Patschke. To date, our Bears have chalked up four wins to eight losses, despite the immense effort and zeal the lads put into the game. Under the capable coaching of Don Haverstick, and with most of the boys retumiug, we feel sure the Bears are looking forward to better '60 season and will certainly give any contender a rough time. ROBERT DIETRICH RONALD HEISEY i I t EUGENE WALTERS' Basketball KNEELING - B. Hower, R. Neuman, G. Kishbaugh. J. Kurtz, D. Peters, G. Gobrecht. STAND- ING - G, Donnelly, G. Bitterman, R, Fleck, G. Shaffner, R. Best, I. Heck. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL A combination of traditional rivalry, balanced teams, and public support has al- ways guaranteed the success of the basketball program in past years. This is evident in records of the interscholastic junior varsity basketball. Tne games were always well- fought despite some of the favored squads. We feel sure that with that vim, vigor, and vitality the boys show, they are mighty capable of coming out on top in 1960. i S I E R 3 B FIRST ROW - B. Herr, K. Weiss, D. Albright, J. Brenner, J, Sweigart, D. Garman. SECOND ROW O. Ferrari, R. Kishbaugh, B. Enck, B. Weaver, T. Stouffer, A. Wenger, L. Stouffer, L.Bucher. THIRD ROW - Mr. Steinhart, coach, L. Bortell, D. Stoner, H. Niel, T. Burgess, D. Rutt, R. Stone, B. Carskadon, J. Campbell. JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Under the capable leadership of Mr. Steinhart, the lads of this junior high squad have endeavored to do their utmost in every feat. We feel confident that as these boys climb the ladder into their high school years, they will continue to lead in sportsman- ship, courage, and accuracy, , Zfennis FIRST ROW - B. Hill. I. Goss, Mrs. Hoover, coach: J. Groff, M. Beyer. SECOND ROW - J, Jones, S. Stillwagner, B. Wenger, L. Eshelman, S. Ulrich, These girls, under the supervision of Mrs. Jane GIRLS TENNIS SCORES Hoover, boast an impressive record of being unde- E.A.H.S. OPPONENT feared for the past three years. Each member is ac- Manheim Central 6 1 tively interested in tennis and can be seen practicing Hempfield 7 0 from early spring until the close of summer. The Donegal 7 0 girls proved their ability to play tennis against other Hempfield 5 2 Lancaster County players by dominating the girls' Warwick 7 0 division of the Lancaster County Scholastic T ourna- Manheim Central 5 2 ment of 1958. Since no one has been lost through Donegal 7 0 graduation, these girls are looking forward to an McCaskey 7 0 equally successful 1959 season. MARIE BEYER JUDY GROFF BETTY HILL LINDA ESHELMAN H5 Crack ,ww My M16 " . A FIRST ROW - B, Hamilton, J. Davis, D. Thomas, D. Dupes, J. Cassebaum, T. Dulany, R. Berke- bile, B. Arndt, T. Spickler. SECOND ROW - Mr. Wolf, coachg W. Dupes, J. Hershey, L. Biesec- ker, I. Gutshall, R. Eby, D. Brandt, E. Walters, B. Spickler, J. Hamilton, P. Seibert, J. Royer, Mr. Miller, coach, Last year's track record was three and five, with a hope for a better outcome this season since all records have been broken repeatedly year after year. Home meets became a reality because of the completion of our track field, thus, becoming a member of the Lancaster County Track League. All meets were duel ex- cept for one traingular meet with Solanco and Pequea Valley. enivrs B, ARNDT L. BIESECKER R. EBY I. GUTSHALL J. HAMILTON L. OXENRIDER F5 Y, P. SEIBERT B. SPICKLER E. WALTERS SENIOR VARSITY CHAMPS FIRST ROW - L. Eshelmau, L. Herr, J. Groff, J. Garber, S. Baker, S. Kaylor, E. Hill. SEC- OND ROW - B. Spickler, R. Heisey, R. Shank, K. Crum, R. Deitrich, E. Walters, G. Seiders, L. Shaffer, L. Biesecker. Baseball FIRST ROW - R. Heisey, D. Gillharn, H. Royer, D. Rutt, Q.'Gibb1e, B. Styer, B. Deitrich. SECOND ROW - C. Cunningham, G. Kishbaugh, T. Rutman, L. Forry, J. Smith, J. Good,B. Reinhold, B. Kready, H. Brinser. THIRD ROW - D. Ropka, T, McKinne, R. Wanarnaker, B. Best, T. Patschke, D. Weaver, G. Bitterman, B. Moore, Mr. Raber, Coach, SCORES E,A.H.S. OPPONENT Under the reliable coaching of Mr. Raber, the Warwick 10 4 E,A.H.S. Baseball team put forth its best efforts to Donegal 4 5 win during the 1958 season. With the same fine co- Manheim Central 5 3 operation and leadership, this year's team is expect- Hempfield 5 4 ed to be at its top power. Columbia 6 16 Donegal 3 19 Manheim Central 5 7 Warwick 0 17 Columbia 4 3 Hempfield 0 R 10 I? t 1 ' Mr' cu br f L 1 A S K if 1 mi,-2 -gm '- . k'? K' l A ah , "Q, I K K A 4' E' X ' - .J V' "' -lffflzs I, 3-X ' f 7 3 ' K -M2 5 ,E -Y ,.,, , M , ,. . .Qing 2 w5li1f5ifk"?-N 13 x 22: ., Q 4 -if -:iii-ibsssggfz-f,Q - i2-V : - ,e1izssi-is-fgwjkgfggmf ,- 5 ,,- Q- n.,,. . , wg.f,m2,-.fg,gf:ww -lm-ag 15252-1 .mg-Z ,wt we-1 -sem V -9- -ryi fm- W,,. Wym- -, sq- mf:-if -- - f n 1-1' if ' .. mf, N, " ' -L -Qs --'-:iid ., O , yr , 4 V. KEN CRUM ROBERT DEITRICH , , ,3M?.3W:S7:,l W.,-, ,. ff , ,- ww-,-f,.g ..f..b -11 f -,I f.L::5:-,-fx-2.5 vL,f?1Qfss-v 5.5:- --A 3'f.vG'i17.1hE'71.4g-6- 4. 'Ss , Aw ,-wigfswf , 1, - . .U 1,-2,5 S S, sz -f .,.L ,.,A L. , -W K X f -W 2 imm- - Z mfg-mm-ix - I2--1-QV-' "A f -Sw ew G Wg- - sf :-,-A-2--:. A . -ff K-Wi 1 -, 1 ':v1gs1i.a--L-222'--,Q - Jia 2 1511 I-L '-2-uf: we-' lf 1-A . ' :eil -- 252-, :Q-...S 2 - : "-if 1 - ' V rs- fx E. wi -- ..,,, , . ,,.., , , . -. TN he- i s f f BILL GOOD J .-F 51, z' If 4 f , 1 4 4 . 7 , - Q 1- ' 4"'k' WJ57- f f S35 1? ' .9 ,,-.Lt H - - A -V '- . V .. -,.-Q5-ff--Q gf 1 , 4, ij, 1 K is-5 . I Q - A . f in ,,-my ,y- f V. , Q.. . , v V f - . .f - F . lx y ? x 6 M ' f - Sf 541.1 QL., ?gg ,,L QQ ? ' gg! W f - -s A f -,Q A I f I 4 .-,, -. A - I mv, 4 -' 1 T2-5, ,,O, 1. -- - W 'f af--A "Lg -- - 1 V ' 2-nzfwf-'-?figffkgfffrwf'Wfa. - x " , , -- v ,, ' "- '- . - ' --' -, A Q - f- -mf--. A f - - ' f M 12,4'f-f,,,.:QMA'1f.l,-V .. , ' r -Yi : ' . , - , . A K 2 N fm W A, 5 Q ' - ' W tv A lu- -N f Q gf-1' :L 3' O 55. , Pai Warm ,gg ',, , , H. .. L W . ., ,. . H -' - -ff' 3, -Q 1,-J . -' -1 I- '-.A ,Q ggi- - - , . , f 1 -vw Q-5,4 we ' ' N 4 ' wig ,,,- -L ,sg--:f , gf, K 'Z ' f ,Af A -xr V. N , Q' RONALD HEISEY TOM MCKINNE ROGER MULLEN 1 X , A qv s f A X KW' zz,-NWL ,,.-, 't LZi'TiLLF:if:::, f- ' -, fi x ' ., - it an f - ,fL. . Q ' wi , H 2 -',' ' QQ W' V- - , W A , ,, I, Y, J ' ,,-' ff ,k., ,,-- ' E' V' ' -54 - 1' 7-Q' -3 1 .,,. - -W., ' '- , A 5 " -' 1 k NA W ww W M' m,,,..-ew.-K 'v "-" ' by ' .aqfz-3m . .f -, ,Z -,I-Az - ""- 1 A 'W W- f Lf '- i n 2 ,Pgiq A,,,,.. ., ,, ',-. f ' , . - , -lg f E '-"A" , ,A 1, I .5 5, Vf I 4 ' wffff-ifr'Z - '11 1 " ffTvW"ge1'- ' -, - O Q- W , ,, X -ai 1,1 . W- a,.,, 4.-,W-W, WLM JY - ' -O,'O 'wb -'-' 3 '-:v.r1,yw:g2':,fj'. ' , - . , K J, , , A wi- K -X 7 iii- AFI-'fi -W 'ff' " -a "H 1 V. f -,J .41-7 .TEM if , , 9 A A JJ ,K HV? -'-- fff- A f. ' ' ' ' ' . ki ff? 'li -dl All ,":' f ,W 'ff so M ,, ' v-.f if 3 'i' ' Post-Prom Programs E Why teachers go nuts! 42,1 -V i , -2 Donna, Pat, and "Gigg1y" Dancing under the domes, Get that rhythm! Confetti and victory! "Okay, , ,1et's have it." Teachers de-decorate Hillbillies I 2 . .am 2 F .fpy xii. V 5-72' 12 M723 A 5 ' 4 x I - L: xl: 1 .V y ,- ' 64, I: N .: N NA : v . . J I ' al V! izyfl JV., , , I ' 5 g, J 9 21' www? .-if J if ify sfi, 'E a ' ,- " A 'TV 'fl' f '-." " .fgaggf , 13555, 11 4, 3 X -mfs X uf X Nt, an - VL U-VJ , K X f 1 f QS. I2I I all ,,,, V W I ifzwi. Q 4 fa HJ af 2 is rata 2, ,,-.1 'iff 1 its L3 J- iii'- 39 ...,, ' , ,. ,. , ,Q . t ., .... wigs-F ta , ,s,:,,w Y, ,. H - H junivr 611155 Play CURTAIN CALL FIR CLIFFORD The action of the junior play, ably directed by Mr. Dean, took place in a typical American high school where a not so typical teacher, Miss Troutliver, was desperately trying to put together a class play. After much persuasion on the part of Miss Troutliver, Clifford Mumford, shy and retiring, finally decided to try out for a part. To his sur- prise he got the lead opposite the most popular girl in the school, in whom he was secretly interested. During the hectic rehearsals preceding the presentation of their play, Clifford and Donna, his opposite, became better acquaint- ed. This action infuriated Donna's jealous boyfriend, Biff 1' K, 11 3 me " M M . . .K ,ig-iw., 0' if -1- aw xt +45 Reese, the star football player. Much to the dismay of Miss Troutliver, Biff managed to foul up rehearsals as well as the final pro- duction. The head cheerleader, Flooper rp, Bushman, a rambuctious, boy-crazy bundle f of trouble, did not ease the tense situation at a , , oouf l py c tics' r - ffiifff s',i I it ,jfs A sstt , F s1t,,,wi,-sun 'lf p fryk L -sr ,. ' 'f Wg: K 5 , ,,,, ,.. , -f, ra .rrr fV.k L H , ,xv is-3 :t ' a ff it if-5 f'55"i.si Egg! ' 42-7,3 ,kiss at ' ff r--,mpc My 5, ,,51.a.,f,fgxt,,,f ,apt -,, tariff,-'stray say L s gag , fs , ,1 Q 4' 'jgfgg 515,55 kytsyffz suis it .4 K ,,, , wwf .s-ifsvpZs,,,sf:iEfEi tiff- 'ff Liu yrs ggi, "'- A .six -HQ Mx .rt Q 44, - gs X.. A 'Q -6 4.1, 1, 1- irq, - jin g 'H ' last ' 4 it I wt-'ff tw,- syz-2' ,f P f -- -' J :fs 1' ff, ses t A r 4 711 so : rg ' it if ..., , swf fr Q 'Hi A55 Us, 'rig- -.15 'a ft' -,jig A "ff H- 5 if "' , if aif if t-.,- - W 2' f A WHS' P ,if wr al' , 1 I ,-'Q af ' 5 , K 1 'M , - if J' if -fy 'Z ?i 'fff 95fF45ftf if X St . . -:.,-,, V ml, - , , -, . -....... K Q ,rf s W , 5, , , N p ,, , fi , I it 2 r H , if + H A ,L-B53 s is L s V' "wif - ' 1 1- M-my gm ,rw f 1M, ..f. fswf-- ..-a.,...,4ff W. mt. .tx-sm -.r-- A-as f,:e?1 :1?f:-1a 'ffIZ2.': .- . , . ' k "' PT '1 sUl.s,.9fyf.1Av fg..l:1 ' A f sri , AM- -fears' 5.-fi'-iss' 5 ,, If '. .::'-'sz-1: . ..N .rw - ' , 5 2 r l22 with her silly remarks and unpredictable an- In the final scene Clifford won the heart 'L of Donna. Biff was put in his place, and the play, despite the many mishaps, was a suc- cess. CAST Miss Eda Troutliver - - Donna Bratton ----- Grant "Biff" Reese - - Flooper Bushman - - Mr. Harry DeWilde Joyce -------- Student III ----- Two Cheerleaders - - Clifford L, Mumford - - - - Dennis Pierce - - -Judy Good Eleanor Johnson Larry Biesecker - C arolyn Jones - - Dean Baker Donna Barnhart Sidney - - - Philip Saylor Andy - - - Paul Seibert Jerome - - - -Cleon Byerly Student I - - - - Jill Garber Student H - - - Jaclt Gutshall - Lois K. Herr - -Marie Beyer Jill Garber Extras ---- Kenneth Crum, Bob Deitrich Harold Eberly, Ronald Heisey Kenneth Hippensteel, Conrad Weiser Seuirfr Glass Play The class chose a comedy for their senior play. Produced un- der the direction of Mr. Grosh, it proved to be as rollicking as the junior play. The plot centered around Diana Minton, a pretty girl who was in love with Tom Corning, However, for a while her brains seemed to overcome her beauty until wise old Grandma Thornton came to visit the Mintons and set Diana straight, Grandma Thorn- ton proved to be oil on the troubled waters of the Minton family. She calmed Dolores, the cook, who went on rampagesg pacified Jerry Minton with a new dress she desperately needed, and showed domineering Mrs. Minton how to win her husband back from the clutches of Eve Tyler, an attractive widow. She be- friended Albert, Jerry's boyfriend who loved to eat and was always broke, and Scoots, the lovable kid sister who kept her frog in the bread box, The climax came when everyone began thinking of ways to induce Tom to propose to Diana before he went back to South America. The time grew short, but Tom came through with the proposal and the whole Minton family, Grandma included, breathed a sigh of relief. CAST Jerry Minton - - ------ - - Eleanor Gerber Albert Parker ---- - - - - - Larry Biesecker Caroline, "Scoots" - - - -Carolyn Strickler Diana ----- , ------ - - Brenda Smith Dolores Megglehammer - - - - Ruth Ann Risser Tom Corning ------- - - Dennis Pierce Roger Minton ------ - - Paul Seibert Eve Tyler ---- - - - Pam Irvine Martha Minton - - ---- Judy Good Mrs. Simmons - - - - - Donna Barnhart Grandma Thornton - - - -Eleanor Johnson The Sure-Shot Man - - - - - Harold Eberly ' ,I1E5J'S:1:f : fx:-ri 5339 1 ,aa-A-ff GIL SHIRK AWARD Robert Dietrich Tim Patschke SENIOR GIRLS OF THE MONTH C. Jones, L. Eshelman, S. Farver, I. Garber, I. Groff, E. Johnson, E. Hill, B. Smith, L. Nolt, S. Kaylor GOOD CITIZEN AWARD HOMEMAKER OF THE YEAR Marian Longenecker Brenda Smith V fanfar- "BLUE MIST" , With elegance and beauty reigning su- I A preme, our Junior-Senior Prom was held at egg, , the exclusive Hershey Park Country Club. I4 8 Girls, arrayed in a rainbow of colored gowns, J A, .. .4l! and boys, dressed in black and white formal .g W suits, appreciated the theme of the Prom. lsfikfs' " WITCHDOCTCRW The evening was topped by the Post-Prom Party sponsored by the Jay-cees. Every- one will always carry pleasant memories of prom-night. DORIS MUIR MR. AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. MR, AND MRS, MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MARY E. BROU AND MRS. MR. MR, AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. BRENDA AND R zUllfl'I7lfI RANDALL CLEMENS WALTER FRY SAMUEL BRETZ AND FA MILY JOHN RINE DAVID HETRICK CHT ALVINE M. STRICKLER JAMES KLING JOHN C. SMITH, JR., CONNIE AND JACK JOHN D. PETERS HAROLD ESHLEMAN AND ELAINE ONNIE DOLORES SNYDER MR, AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. E. L. HORNER FRANKLIN PETERS H. HOWARD FASNACHT AND FAMILY JACK, KEN, ROGER, AND LARRY MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS, DAVE AND LEE DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. LOIS AND BOB JAMES ZARFOS SALLY, ANNE, MR, AND MRS. MR, AND MRs. BETTY, DOUG, A FRIEND MRs. s. KNOX HERBERT JUDY WILLARD H. NORTON SAMUEL S. BARR WALLACE SHEAFFER WILLIAM REED CLAUDE GROFF JACOB FANTOM S, JR. DIANE, BETSY, JEANNE CLARENCE N. MIIJLER CHRISTAN COBLE DONNA, CONNIE MRS . F . PRAGNELL LINDA AND COLLEN RABER MR. AND MRS. MRS. ELSIE G. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. W. E. BAKER CARE RUSSELL S, TRIMMER CLARK J. KECK ROY S. HEISTAND MR, AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. H. H. MASON NOBLE JOHNSON ELEANOR AND QUINTIE MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR, AND MRS. AND MRS. MR, MR, AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. WILSON GUTSHALL DONALD FOGIE JAMES GUTSHALL HARRY H. FLOYD J. G. ARNDT JOHN S. ARNDT ROBERT B. KREADY JOHN LEEDOM OSCAR OBERDORF DICK AND BARB MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. STINEHART W. B. BOLTZ RAYMOND SNYDER, SR BRUCE AND LOUISE MR. AND MRS. MR. LESTER B. MR. AND MRS. F. M. DAVIS GLASS PAUL E. CRUM MRS. BESSIE ZIMMERMAN MRAGARET, BLANCHE, ONEIDA, AND DAVE MR. AND MRS. LESTER R. HESS AND FAMILY ABRAM AND ESTER HESS DR. AND MRS. BENNER R. CRILEY AND MARY MARIE WEAVER PEARL A. KOSER REV. AND MRs. PHILIP E. SAYLOR MR. AND MRs. ELAINE H. RREAMER MR, A. LEWIS HEISEY MR, AND MRS, HENRY A. GEYER MISS MAEEL s. EsHELMAN JAY AND LINDA MR, AND MRs. E. s. ESHELMAN RONALD AND JEANETTE MR. AND MRs. LESLIE HIXON JUDY GRAYEILL AND EDWIN HIXON MR, AND MRS, MAURICE BAKER MR. AND MRs. JOHN A. scorr PATRICIA ANNE SHETTER BETTY EBERSOLE MR, AND MRS. H. D. KUNTZELMAN HAROLD c. WALMER, D.O. MR, AND MRs. MR. AND MRs. MR, AND MRs. A FRIEND MR, AND MRs. JOHN HABECKER ROEEIE DAUBERT MR, AND MRs. RICHARD MILLER MR. AND MRs. STANLEY DOTTERER HARRY L. BARNHART HARRY H. FLOYD WILLIAM J. PARK AND FAMILY EARLA E. SHENK DR. AND MRS. DR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. LUKE GERBER JOHN E. LEBO, JR. J, R. PARRETT RICHARD ANDREWS HAROLD AND DONNA A DONOR MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. REV. AND MRS MRS. WILLIAM MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. AND MRS. MR. MRS. DONALD MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. OBERHOLTZER THOMAS BEVILACQUA WILLIAM F. MILLER . RAYMOND L. FETTER E. GOOD LYLE GEIB JAMES L. WIDMAN GUY S. EDMISTON CHARLES H. KRAMER ROBERT L. IBBERSON MOHR ARTHUR G. SPICKLER RALPH E. COURSEN ABDIEL PHILLIPS BETTY MARIE COURSEN MR. AND MRS. KENNETH HERR MR, AND MRS. HARVEY MCKINNE AND MIKE MRS. SAYLOR HERR, EDITH AND CLAIR GALEN AND NANCY VK 4-E9 +42-QR Zwvl nggk Approved by Pennsylvania State Council On Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Elizabethtown, Pa. A Standard Co-Educational College For Information Write President A, C, BAUGHER, Ph.D., LL.D. H. CON Congratulations, Class of 1959 R. BARNHART 81 SON TRACTORS 8. BUILDERS Custom Built Homes Elizabethtown, Pa7 Phones 7-2242. Empire 7-1332 Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices EBERLY'S FURNITURE STCRE Elizabethtown, R.D. 1643 Phone EM 7-5468 Store Hours 8 A.M. to 8 P, M, Mon, Thru Sat, Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY QUALITY MEATS 935 Groff Ave. , Elizabethtown, Pa Founded 1913 by WM, KLEIN, SR, Dutch Bologna and Smoked Hams It Pays to Deal at Hershey's Manufacturer of Lunch Bars Where Y0111' Business Grade A Bars IS APP1'eCiated Fine Milk Chocolate coatings Phone EM 7-1347 and Cocoa Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roamers Gliders and Spinners 9 I 9 Compliments of 6 5 6 X Y ELIZABETHTOWN -V J , H GARMENT co, PHONES EMPIRE 7 1128 EMPIRE 7--I 129 EI IBUUII-IDUING SUIPUIQ-W CL, LUMBER ' BUILDING MILLWORK MATERIALS 'ONE-STOP" ufyouz cblorne glfanning J'fzacfcfua'cfsu" 341-51 WEST BAINBRIDGE ST. H. MARTIN HOFFER, OWNER ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. VERE M. HOFFER, MGR. SCHROLL'S S. F. ULRICH, ICE CREAM STORE Soda Fountain and Grocery INC, For a Quality Treat at Lower Prices Elizabethtown - On the Square Phone EM-7-4709 Buick and Rambler THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT BOOK STORE Z0 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. EM-7-1360 Distributors of Religious Merchandise Compliments of WENGER'S PRETZEL COMPANY Bakers of Better Pretzels and Potato Chips Your Elizabethan Photographer Specializing Portrait Paintings STAAB STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY Elizabethtown, Penns ylvania Frames Repaired Paint and Body Shop Mechanical Service COLLINS BROTHERS Complete Car Service Phone EM 7-6248 1 Mile South of Elizabethtown on U, S, Route 230 Stop in for Free Estimate Compliments of SAVOY SHOE COMPANY Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa, Ford-Mercury --Sales and Service-- Compliments of GRACE C. BLOUGH Lumber - Coal - Millwork 54 Brown Street ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL Builders' Supplies Phone EM 7-1125 , Compliments of MUMPER s BEYEWS DAIRY LINOLEUM EM 7-1204 "Elizabethtown's Fi Dairy Products Elizabethtown, P nest" af. Woodland Avenue Compliments of GREENBLATT'S SHOE STORE At Your Service 'Round the Clock J. L. MEC KLEY Plumbing Air Conditioning Phone EM 7 -1178 Elizabethtown THE Best Wishes to Everyone in the Class of 1959 MOOSE'S 5 AND 10 "On the Square" Elizabethtown, Penns ylvania. Phone EM 7 -4707 GROFF MEAT MARKET Refrigerated Truck Door-to-Door Service Store and Slaughter House Located at 13 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. BOB'S FLOWER SHOP Unusual Flowers at Their Best 39 South Market Street Phone EM 7-22.11 Compliments of S. B. BECKER W. E. MOHR PLUMBING, HEATING, AND ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Bainbridge Phone Marietta HA 6 -33 95 Congratulations and Best Wishes to Class of '59 From "MS-"--. -4 is -'J II ' 4L I off' YI' I -'HL' P' A. U. . P S3-' f I xr Q ff' 'lx 'A n I! I i V VIH . K ff1'v"f'i.f ,ie LOYAL ORDER OF MOOSE ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE 5596 THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M, KLEIN Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Phone EM 7-6372 . . .On the Square. . Phone Elizabethtown EM 7 -297 1 BENJ. R. FINK CONTRACTOR--BUILDER Free Estimates Bainbridge R. D. ff 1 NEWCOMER OIL CORPORATION Richfield Petroleum Products 905 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa, Phone: EMpire 7-1138 C ompliments of MESSICK FARM SUPPLY Farming Equipment and Appliances Sales and Service FRANK S, MILLER RUSSEL MILLER Compliments of Compliments of the MILLER J. E. BAKER FUNERAL HOME COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone EM 7-1247 , SNYDER'S W.E.Z.N. TEXACO SERVICE STATION RADIO 1600 on Your Dial Complete Radiator Repair Texaco Fire Chief - Sky Chief Casolines F E- - - L' t ' or a s y is ernng R.D. 2 TE O EM 7-9819 Music - News - Sports - Weather Hershey Road NEWCOMER'S REIST'S FIRESTONE STORE CONCRETE BLOCKS Home and Auto Supplies Philco Appliances Mount Joy R'D' 742 OL 3-9835 Corner Market and Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM 7-1372 Metal Sash, Mortar, Cement J, H, HEISEY W, SCOTT HEISEY HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRY Road Construction Transit-Mix Concrete Rheems, Pennsylvania Phone EM 7-2571 JOHN E. FULLERTON ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Elizabethtown Mt. Gretna Road R.D. iIf3 Phone EM 7-6437 Compliments of WALKER'S Famous in Pennsylvania 79 Yrs Jewelers - Silversmiths 44 South Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 307 Locust Street Columbia, Pa. ELI AMENT DeSoto and Plymouth Sales and Service Delta and Henry Streets Mount Joy, Pa. Phone OLdfield 3-8271 Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK THE 8: TRUST CO, , DAVID MARTIN Elizabethtown, Pa, For Your Every Banking Need STORE EM-7-1116 The Bank With the Chime Clock Men's and Boys' Clothing Compliments of GRUBB SUPPLY CO, Coal Oil Feed C ompliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS INC, Education Publishers C ompliments of C. H. GARMAN Welding Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania LEHMAN 8. BOOK Elizabethtown's Leading Dry Cleaners and Dyers Phone 7-1305 Compliments of HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM 7-1331 Compliments of BINKLEY'S SEWING MACHINE AND REMNANT SHOP 109-111 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. General Insurance and Real Estate JONES 8. ZINK, ING. 119 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM 7-1159 C omplirnents of BUCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone EM 7- 117 1 KlNG'S R. E. MILEY For Mews and BOYS, Wear ELECTRIC AND ACETYLENE WELDING K' 'ld' mg Bm mg Elizabethtown R.D. No.3 S. Market at 19 and 21 EM 7-5504 WALTER K. DUPES Elizabethtown, Pa. C ompliments of HESTICO MANUFAC TURING COMPANY , INC, Route 230 East of Elizabethtown Mt. Joy Pennsylvania CLEANVIEW DINER AND DINING ROOM Compliments of KREAMER 1 PHARMACY S FEED MILL Pres cription Specialists Rheems , Pa. gt 5 ..El'btht ,P. en er quam ma e own a Phone Elizabethtown EM 7-1195 Phone Em 7-1262 "A Feed for Every Need" Best Wishes H. S. RISSER uso B. Kos MOTORS INC, Since 1904 Oldsmobile - Cadillac - Pontiac Authorized Dealer in Elizabethtown. Vauxhall for Automatic G. E. Oil and Gas Heating Sales - Service 24 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Penna. Phone EM 7-1366 FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturer of High Grade Fertilizer for 55 Years DONEGAL PLANT FOOD for Lawns and Shrubbery Elizabethtown, Penna. Phone EM 7-1211 GUTSHALUS FRUIT MARKET VARIETY STORE 8: TRAILER PARK Open Daily From 8:30 Till 9:00 l!4 Mile West of Marietta at Intersection of Route 441 and 241 C omplime nts of AUNT SAl.LY'S KITCHEN Compliments of . LONGENECKER'S Compliments of PAXSON'S GAR-AG CUT RATE Phone: EM 7-2401 Elizabethtown, Penns ylvania Compliments of EMPIRE SHOE MANUFAC TURING COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa, C ompliments of PICK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE 135 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. PAUL W, BAKER, Prop. C ompliments of GEIBS C LEANERS 8: DY ERS Summer and Winter Storage Fur Glazing 50 North Spruce Street Elizabethtown, Pa, Phone EM 7-12.85 C ompliments of MOOSE THEATER JOHN E. COPENHAVER EGGS METZLER'S Box 107, Elizabethtown, Penna. RESTAURANT Phone: EM 7-1461 Compliments of THEOBAI-D KNITTING MILL INDUSTRIES N H " on-Run Hides and Tallow Elizabethtown R. D, if 1 Phone EM 7-1287 Dress -Sheer Hosiery Helanca Tights Phone Oldfield 3-2942 Mt. Joy, R.D. 1992 DOT'S BEAUTY SHOP For Discriminating Women 50 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM 7-1224 Compliments of COMMUNITY INN Featuring Fine Orchestras and Dancing Seafood 498 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa, EM 7-9839 ERB BROTHERS ESSO SERVIC E STATION Auto Painting Used Cars Body and Glass Repairs 500 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM 7-9917 Compliments of A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa, Compliments of KAYLOR AND GARMAN PLUMBING AND HEATING Phone: EM 7-1412 and I '95 ID 'Nm OLYMPIA N OFFICE MACHINES AND FURNISHINGS 411 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: EM 7-1436 ,Q f eww- , 1 'jr ' " - , ..,5!v,..4 4 I -A .-1.2E111-1'1'1a11212f:i: : q t . . . - .:.1:z:2:2" : '+- I rw: fgfgi ? " " 1111-11agfgzie22i1i223?' 4!"."4'-2-5'77'fT,'? -4 lp 'T f':1f1E121:ff1' .f'f QQ, YHA,-' -'- at-'Q . ," 1222:1:115:35:3:E1:1:1:5:5:5:E1:1:31r4' " 'View . k"'wf.,' ffl' if .:-:-2:15:5:-za-:gc:1:1:1:-1-1115" ' ..:.11iZ"11.-1'1,---.. '+"+-fq. "'-H 1' .SSQEQEEQQQQEQEQEQEE1222322215 5231232121112-13QZQTTZ''5'13'133lEZ111':'42--.-...... '+"1' -IA.Ar.11:21isiiizieiaiiiiiiia2e:a:1:222?2E2i21.a 12222222233 A"''2'H1'11EE21:i5E2:zfie:f z2a25s:2:25i1f '4'1'1:E1155:2:1:2rf'f" J , M, OBER BROTHERS GULF SERVICE Gulf Products Phonr EM 7-9777 Compliments of J. S. RISSER GARMENT COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE J, G, WESTAFER AND SON Printers and Publishers Since 1869 Compliments of B.8.G. LUMBER COMPANY 2.12 West High Street Elizabethtown, Penna, Phone EM 7-1690 C. F. DURBOROW RCA Sales and Service Bainbridge, Pa, Phone Marietta HA 6-9655 Best Wishes S. G. HERSHEY AND SON DEPARTMENT STORE South Market and Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. Toilet Articles School Supplies Compliments of CUT RATE Lunchonette KAYLOR BROTHERS and Fountain Service Kodaks Sporting Goods Compliments of INSTALLMENT LOAN SERVIC E Compliments of NAGEL'S GROCERY STORE Bainbridge, Pa. Phone HA 6-2047 . A, LEWIS HEISEY, Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto - Fire - Life 2.44 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. EM 7 -4787 W. T. GRANT COMPANY 48 South Market Street Known for Values SHENK BROTHERS 30 West King Street Lancaster, Pa, Sporting Goods and Toys Class Jackets - Sweaters WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Home Owned and Operated by EARL S, KAUFFMAN 3 1 South Market Street EM 7-1476 Elizabethtown, Pa. NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T, M, EBERSOLE, Prop. For That Reliable Compliments of R 8. R Richfield Gasoline and ELECTRONICS Richlube Motor Oil For Top Service in Washing Complete Metal Finishing and Greasing --- 2.4-Hour Service --- Facilities 903 South Market Street LESHER'S SHOES 18 East High Street Edgertown Laconians Yorktown American Girl Nunnbush Pierre Miracle Tred Compliments of BOB HOSTETTER Gen. Hauling Coal, Fill, Stones and Hay Rides Phone EM 7-3887 Flowers With Quality Beauty, and Arrangement MUELLER'S FLOWER SHOP 55 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa, Phone EM 7-12.91 Elizabethtown F . T . D Compliments of SHEARER'S FURNITURE STORE 35-37 South Market Street Ecluph ' Member Q "Flowers Speak Phone EM 7-4694 j for Themselves" PAUL SHIFFER Zenith Radio - Television Stereo - Record Players Sales and Service 12 South Market Street EM 7- 1466 Compliments of HEISEY'S CHILDREN SHOP We Major in Minors 25 South Market Street KAUFFMAN'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for All Occasions Wholesale and Retail Compliments, of HEIN'S BARBER SHOP 1680 North Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Penna, BOYER'S SELF SERVICE STORE Everything Frozen Freezer Food Supplies Rheems, Pa. Phone: Elizabethtown INCORPORATED EM 7-4224 Best Wishes to the Class of 1958-59 LYNN'S EUGENE TEUFEL ORTHOPEDIC SURGICAL APP LIANC ES 518 North Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Pa. SELF SERVICE Choice Meats - Groceries -Frozen Foods- Phone Marietta HA 6-2040 Bainbridge, Pa. Compliments of BOYER FUNERAL HOME 144 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. LAWTON'S ROADSIDE FURNITURE STORE R.D. No, 2 - U,S, Route 230 Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Phone EM 7-1232 Good Furniture at Country Prices Compliments of JOHNSON'S BUS SERVICE Buses for All Occasions Phone OL 3-9221 Florin, Pa. RCA Victor Radio - Television - Hi-Fi General Electric Sales - Appliances - Service Television JACOB B. FISHER APPLIANCE S T ORE 22 East High Street Elizabethtown Phone EM 7-1344 MODERN STYLE SHOP M. LAWRENCE Everything in Ladies' Wear Elizabethtown, Pa. Ge Formica and Micarta Tops CHARL1E'S CABINET SHOP CHARLES T. BECKER PROPRIETOR Thermador Built-In Ranges neva and Custom-Made Kitchens "Visit Our Show Room" Phone EM 7-1457 Elizabethtown, Pa. R.D. 3 Compliments of Bainbridge - Maytown ROTARY CLUB Bainbridge , Pa . Phone EM 7-4206 "We Fix Anything" MYERS' MAC HINE SHOP R. F. MYERS 119 North Poplar Street Repair Work a Specialty Gas and Electric Welding Auto Parts Repaired Best Wishes ELIZABETHTOWN TRUST COMPANY "Next to the Post Office" Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Phone EM 7-1156 ZARFOSS HARD WARE AND SPORTING GOODS LONGENECKER'S HATCHERY 110 S. Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. . '15 and VANTRESS ARB OR ACRES C. W. HESS TV 207 N. Market St. E. E. SHENK 8: SONS Custom Farm Work Portable Grinding and Mixing Phone Manheim MO-5-8861 R.D. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. C om plim ent s of JOHN C. REIDER PLUMBING AND HEATING Route 2 - Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone EM-7- 1475 LONGENECKER FARM SUPPLY Rheems , Pa . Minneapolis - Moline Farm Machine ry -Sales and Service- Phone EM-7-3599 RISSERS .Z ' , CLEARVIEW A I RFQ Quality Fresh Meat "Ba-Y" ESSO SERVICENTER and Produce Route 230, East of Elizabethtown Frozen Foods at Better Prices 34 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: EM-7-1333 Stop in and See Us for Top Service AMOS STRICKLER D. L. LANDIS STAUFFER'S AGENCY BEAUTY SALON W. H. HORNAFIUS, JR. 114 North Poplar Street Assoclate Phone EM 7-1472 INSURANCE Eire - Casualty In Life MIRIAM H. DRACE, Prop. Professional Counsel on All "Glorifying the American Cur1" Forms of Insurance g HITZ Compliments of GROCERY Corner North Hanover and East Willow Streets Full Line of Groceries, Lunch Meats, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Candy Pastries , Frozen Foods Phone EM 7-1454 Dial Em 7-3032 J. A. STUMPF Petroleurn ESSO Products Compliments of Coal Hauling GINDER CLEANERS Dump Truck Service R.D. No. 3 Eli zab ethtown, Pa . The Staff of the 1959 ELIZABETHAN wishes to extend every good wish to those who have subscribed to its service this year. It is hoped that favorable response from this area will reflect to the advantage of all Elizabethan supporters-- not only for the present, but in years to come. MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND WITMER MR. AND MRS IOHN S. GIBBLE TEENIE AND BEN MR. AND MRS. I. RICHARD HEISEY MR. AND MRS. CHARLES R. HEIN AND SANDY MR. AND MRS. RUSSELL FEI-IR MR. AND MRS. DAVID B. SHANK MR. AND MRS. CLAUD BECKER ROBERT E. RICEDORF CHARLES W. RICEDORF MARGIE RICEDORF MR. AND MRS. E. MEYERHOFFER MR. AND MRS. L. H. OLWEILER IERRY OLWEILER AND RAY MEYERHOFFER MRS. ELEANOR M. HEISEY EUGENE GROVE BUD NAUMAN AND BONNIE MOHR MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. ARTHUR F. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. ARTHUR C. LIGHTY AND DEBBIE LUTHER C. LIGHTY LIGHTY SCOTTY FLOWERS LESTER BYERLY WARREN LIBHART EARL BECKLEY AND KATHY HAROLD C. GOOD, NANCY AND HAROLD MR. AND MRS. MR. PRICE MR. AND MRS. PARIE FRIDY CHRIST MILLER DANIEL A. SCHROLL MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. FLOYD SMITH PAUL H. BRUBAKER DANIEL O. BRUBAKER RAY HESSLET MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. GURSHALL O'DONNELL NEVIN W. FISHER KENNETH CORSNITZ FLOYD GUTSHALL I. W. HEISEY RICHARD V. ROPKA MARVIN SHAUD WILLIAM SHOEMAKER PAUL E. DIFFENDERFER IAMES R. HOSTETTER NANCY AND BARRY NANCY HOSTETTER MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. RICHARD W. WOLF LEROY GUTSHALL MAX LOVINGER AND FAMILY CLETUS SWEIGART AND GAYLE HAROLD L. SHANK MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. BENJAMIN F. EBERSOLE, SANDY AND ROY RALPH GANTZ ROBERT CURREY RALPH MCCURDY FRANK SINIGER MRS. BARBARA WHITE MR. AND MRS. EARL F. PIERCE MR. AND MRS. L. E. SWISHER MRS. H. E. SHULTZ MR. AND MRS. CALVIN A. BRESSLER MR. AND MRS. DORSEY E. ENCK MRS. SCOTT FLOWERS MR. AND MRS. HERMAN S. RISSER MR. AND MRS. DANIEL A HOOPERT, DANIEL AND DOLORES DR. AND MRS. I. HOFFMAN GARBER, JILL AND DON GEORGE AND DOT L. N. AND I. H. MRS. VERNA M. WETZEL MR. AND MRS. MELVIN O. NOLT MR. AND MRS. IRA R. HERR MARY ANNE FLORY LOIS AND GEORGE MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND LONGENECKER HELEN AND MIKE CHICK AND RAPPY .TUNE AND BOB RALPH FITZPATRICK, IR. MR. AND MRS. MARTIN N. HEISEY AND JAY MARTIN JANET, DEBRA, AND DONALD BROWN MR. AND MRS. WALTER L. SMITH MR. AND MRS. CLAYTON L. RISSER RUTH ANN MR, AND MRS, WM, McLAUGHLIN WILLIAM, JR., AND THOMAS MCLAUGHLIN Miss SHIRLEY REED MR, AND MRS, CLYDE M, FARVER MARTHA A, FARVEI PAT KAUFMAN MR. AND MRS. ROBERT P. ULRICH MIRIAM L. MENGEL MR. AND MRS. JAMEs L. DoNMoYER MR. AND MRS. EDWARD BELLIS MRS. SARAH MOHR MR. AND MRS. PETE BENYAK MR, AND MRS. BLAINE HEISEY MISS SHIRLEY BERNHARD MR. AND MRS, JAMES GEIB MR. AND MRS. MAHLON PATTON MR, AND MRS. JAY S. RISSER MR. AND MRS. JOSEPH A. HILL MR. AND MRS. R, M. RICE DR. AND MRS. WM. K. MOORE MR. AND MRS. C. L. MELOY DR. AND MRS. H. JAMES ELVIN AND THUMPER MRS. SUE BROWN MISS SUZANNE BROWN MIRIAM AND NYLA RUTMAN DANIEL AND IDESSIA RUTMAN MR. AND MRS. SCOTT M. MINICH MR. AND MRS, RAYMOND G. SNYDER, IR. MARTHA ROLAND ARO LD R . BRANDT R. AND MRS. AND BOYS R. AND MRS. ELMER E. ESPENSHADE NICK POPESCU ISS MARY ESPENSHADE RS. ELSIE MAE HAINES R. AND MRS. JOHN C. BARR R. AND MRS. SHARPLESS W. CROWE AND FAMILY R. AND MRS. I. E. SHULTZ R, AND MRS. EARL S. BRUBAKER, SR. R. AND MRS. RICHARD R. HAMILTON R. AND MRS. GEORGE SHUMA.N R, AND MRS. E, W, DEITRICH R. AND MRS. ROY R. COVER IMARY ELLEN ASCHENDORF AND CAROLYN STRICKLER MR. AND MRS. WALTER H . ASCHENDO RF MRS. EMMA BUCK LEY MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. REV. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. MR. AND MRS. I. WAYNE IONES W. R. BARRON AND JOY LYNN GLEN DULANY AND TIM JOSEPH M. LOKEY EDWARD LOKEY IRA FITZWATER IRWIN ENGLE BEN E. THUMA ABRAM BROWNSBERGER IRWIN HOLSBERG LUCY SHEAFFER MR. AND MRS. JOHN E. IRVINE MR. AND MRS. PAUL SHIFFER MR. AND MRS. D. C. MINICK IAP HEISEY LOIS AND ARLENE MR. AND MRS. MONROE E. GARBER MR. AND MRS. HARVEY YOUNG SALLY AND BUD MR. AND MRS. CLAYTON YOUNG CAROL AND GLORIA NMR, AND MRS. J. M KAYDOR AND PAT MR. AND MRS. PAUL HERR AMR. AND MRS. STANLEY OBER AND DANNY MR. AND MRS. LEROY HILSHER AND LINDA Memairs 0 0 zz f' -,- Snphvmare From Hs. ,Nw-+ , W V :wwf ki 33 Q ' XX UYOGTQAPHS 'W . V3p' v:f7Zg,fQ Zi0Z ,' QB if x 9Q 323, ' VA ' kw GPQAQ' eqfffo Cin' X toy? fo 0 - Wy! fyigy yoigofri l-169 Qiog' hgfv " Wk . CQ' Q04 ZOQMZS 'A Dfw Q2 203' Qf - ,. w VW. ' G3 -0' QMS '32 see' 0 Mi-5317! W 4742- Ofwgafa- ob' wb ' , ' 0 Q jf 5, Go! pkfgy if Q A Nmut CN h . 0 j,.7w Az iw xii by .C -.0264 1,1 Qx Xabuxx. Sw osx. QkvQ,NNxe-fr V515 Sxqxvxk 'kxcxkx QQQDXX mbgqsx, QQXN X4'X1'TiXQ xsovysw RJXXQ vgvq X43 XXQX QQC BQ, mx.: gym QQ QWSQXMX53 WK YW? ENR Qwffiifjdfyfjjgfwf M Z Jw mfjbfiwww M 'f Wnfwffw , MQW ff M ' WV W fffffwwfw ff W WW fwfigjf 2 5, A r 1 t I I Wwjgjfi A Mwipwfjf ,wwf WW! Qpjffjjf KL gf!! Q. 4 Ej- V.. l L , ..-,.... .,A,,........ H f,-' 1-nailing-L+" ff f- -W-1-b--Aff-A-H' M"-" "W 751, Jo'ffQ'0J0'N MMMWQ MMWW M WlWi5' WMM? W Mfiiiigzw K, oft' XJ PM J! fx JV LL N, nf KD ff I Q? Q2 27W EEE' . 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