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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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Vx ,N 'Y fm 4' ' 4' H X.. ., -, M,.nv'W.f- M 'v AM .vi M .A ,K , . K .KVM , W A X- MJ- Mf. .A-. Hn, J M L' H wh 632 L4 V' 4 w .A v- w V. 15 f fx. 4, Q 1, I oh' V,- SVJ ,1 2 . 'Yagi . 2 M, The Era of Queen Elizabeth I of England--in all truth, an age of development and growth, of court- liness and artistry. Pray, let the many Facets of this elegant period, known as the Golden Age of Queen Elizabeth, be the reader's guide through this book. Read and enioy this volume, then, and again and again, and let it serve as a sort of "royal chronicle" the complete tale of one year of classes, social func- tions, and activities well spent at Elizabethtown Area High School. 22 ,-a-I' I Q 'ff' 1 ,b'f7,'f1ffgxg X, ' f f,,7ES Q I N',1x-xx. xx sf 'r v1,, 1, 1 " --Sv ,V ,.-.Q . , 'WA lfflfgfjff lbw 'XXX' 'ff MAJ W 1 f '1lIJx'w?'w ',If4'f'fE:,f,1w!',!1'1J5 f AH! ,,f1.f!' ffl N!q,A'Id"Vnl,,f,,1' U WI MMM 'N iff In' 1 . vm M . . '7!ifl:f' ,'.j'Y,- ,W K nut.. 'K QV' xg.. ,,,, - ' . , Nt' I ffiii g?j7,.s.:gj: 5. my wir' fig '4 Qi A fi, 'H 11- fx 'L J I If - :J,.vvi,F:'irld W, I7 M 4:25-1, V1 1 ,',,, '?WgQ :ggrHw,, Wm,nfWW7f'hif Wa , ffaf11fU1 "i W'.elm :Wlif.-Wav' 95'?Y0M'Wfff 'w H+ ' fffgkflwif'3fif3f.31M flaiumflwx N .VZ 1 ff A A'LV 4 2? 4 mf f ,, , V" , I 7f fV f' Tf+JAQf ,,Z.M ifffg ,W JQ4 kfWU IFf, , I1 Zti m We W4 ffii A ' Wm p" vf'u' W 'ww' pm ,f qwff: fs: 'rw X 1,r.wL' XA: I :N .W-,tj ' x kvf,gmw!w'f uw, A w w !L MM 'k"'1liAT?-'":,l'fisffAf,L,,11:"!L,g.E9A','4'W ?., ' if 1' M Wi' 1 'P + ww I L4Wg?1j"jQ71fff44Wf'-" f1"f 1'filwp.W1Wm 4 if W "fi-1 4 i W wk fi HfmgfFZf.'wf Mn .. if Q 1 - ., 1f ' .,,q' , Lg 1.' g Q ' v-j.u,' 4 l Q f uw m.W?'6?' 5' w s, 4 -f -ww M1 :ff W -mu M 1 gl 57 , -lQiL?,ffQ,QF'iifQfffTfgfQf!QfM:jf,-,:5fQ1qh5falJ5si,"f?.! ,Q3wy51IHLtEE yf4Iqng,M1 "" u H wf w um fam" ""f'f'i". W - .,,-.,, 'cuff' F ,JL 4- g 35.9-gi ,. -4, fees Q .H X W .A.-.' , , ,-- ,Q ,, u 344:44 .Q -Q , .,. ,, . 5 I :r,'.1:-,- ' '- Q ' -" -'f 1, , ..,.'.-'AJ - fy 541 V51 . EZ x v ' ' 1. ge . x 4 4 ar af. -.fi ' . bank 322. , ,X ' J :gg . . ,QQ Q... ,-3 X kg 4. v is " .Wg if f 44, 3 'tg x pm fel 4591 ff '53, :S 'M 5 1-E4 " 4 " . ,- gf mf, 'gigs fsvg , pg . 'f' Gi 1 6 Ji "D 'if 5-F1 h. mi I9-"' V'-5 if ' . 724 fl, -' 341 -1' 141 gtg-jj ,pf --32 YQ-' , 5112 E ag? n ' , 15. -W' .. ,J :,f J, . I - xg 5 'flf-l1f..,.ff:4s'f'L . .-.4 - - ,, . fi- "fi ' I. ' 'ff ffif. ' 3.--, QQ?f.-Qfp.'A -. r www-,V-1 , 1 ' .. ,.4" 2. e Q3"'.' ,X ,.".-'Z .-Q :Lg-.. . V e Av.-s-5 , .1 'SW' . vpogi, 1 Iwi su,-kv ' 3119. L .. . ""' -KAW, 2' .- . Nl'-I-If HW? Elm 'ifilizahnihan nf 1957 'iE1izahnthtnmuAvnaf5igh Srhnul 'ifLfIizaIInIhtumn1Hn1mggIhauia Miss Mag E. Duleboluv in-av' Dedimteab witlvllespwb. To Miss May Dulebohn who has dedicated most of her years to the people of Elizabethtown, influencing for good the lives of former students the world over, the staff of the l957 Elizabethan gratefully dedicates this book. All of us have been made happy by the decision of the Elizabethan staff of l957 to dedicate their yearbook to Miss Dule- bohn. For nearly fifty years she has been an outstanding teacher and a friend of oung people. This annual will remind her always that she is held in high esteem N'-f? by her pupils and fellow teachers. --G . C. Ki lhefner Miss Dulebohn is one of those few teachers in this generation who have contributed much to a better educational program for boys and girls so that they ma become happy, successful and well adzusted citizens. She became a master teacher tlwrough a rare combination of ability, personality, study, and experience. Courage, sympathy, a sense of humor, tempered with a rare sense of humility and Christian living, represent a few of the qualities that make her so successful as a teacher and a person. --P. H. Duabert iss Dulebohn's ability to make even the most difficult problem Honored at a special eighth grade "This Is Your Life" assembly, iderstandable to each student has gained for her the respect of Miss Dulebohn was presented with a gold watch and a corsage by l whom she has taught. Robert Brubaker and Virginia Kauffman. ' 1 - A ., simmer A school s ste fm' y m is living. Whether in the exhibition of school spirit at a game, in the utilization of l'b I rary facilities, or merely in the routine changing of classes, the core of a school ' h is t e students them- selves. 6 i A "'x if i f 1 vnu , IM lg ww, "zzz:- Three phases in the develop- ment ofthe Elizabethtown Area School System are effectively demonstrated by the old "grade building", erected in l909p the recently constructed Mill Road Elementary Schoolp and the uncompleted Elizabethtown Area Junior-Senior High School, to be finished this year. ilmini irffriiun The gladsome light of jurisprudence."--Coke Concerning the more practical aspects of a nation, the duties of a Privy Council closely cor- respond to those ofa high school administration . 8 1 1 5 , 1 if Q3 X 5 EW? V757 W aff' f ' Eg., ' f ' 1 EW'A'WfWf f777 + f PH"2'A3w,Aff' ' 2 + . ,A - " 5: ff,f:ff"'j 'ff Vi ' V5 rv Z 'ff 4 , f , H . ' + . -M . V- if J J f"' - ' 2 4 f 5' gif 4 3-.V A t'.' 213 2- 7 b X Q KAN C ffl: i I l l 'Q w f 4 ' 'W -2 " ... ff Mu g 421, ffm' ff X A an XTX u , " -'ffl E 'f 1 Xf M- f L 2 W I ' 4' 7 My ai f SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL Quiet, reserved, impres- sive, cmd highly respected head of our own Privy Council. . .always on the go, but never too busy to offer much-needed verbal or phy- sical assistance. . .proud as he can be of his fine family and brand new home. . .tackles and masters each problem as it confronts him . . .always regards each and every student as his equal. .active type of dignity. Dr. Kilhefner assumes a typically busy pose for the photographer. I0 Mm. Pliiwip . Umm High School Principal Type of leader who will live in one's mind and remain never to be forgotten. . . is to be numbered among a student's very best Friends. . .his ability to coach young minds and bodies on the gridiron ranks among the highest possible. . .mighty hap- py to spend what spare time he possesses with his lovely wife and his "big" little boy. . . always speaks words of wisdom. Besieged by students before each session Mr. Daubert approves special request slips. ll -:""' ' ffxrl W. ,. I 25" y ' c .. ryli' 2 SEATED LEFT TO RIGHT: A.K. Garman, Arthur G, Spickler, C, E, Smuck, J, Shelley Kaylor, J. Carl ton Schuldt, K, Ezra Bucher, John Leaman, Clyde E. Fink, A,B, Longenecker, STANDING: Vincent O'Connor, J. Ralph Parrett, Elmer F. Graff, W,E, Weaver, C,A,S, Hollinger. NOT PICTURED: M.M Wenger and S, S, Ginder, Deserving of great respect. . .a group which practices its interest in public welfare by giving generously of its time and energy to the operation of the school . . .spend many evenings solving administrative problems, apportioning financial allotments, and choosing capable teachers. . .now concerned especially with plans for the new school buildings. Officers of the body include- K. Ezra Bucher, president, Clyde E. Fink, vice-president, A.K. Gorman, secretary, and W.E. Weaver, treasurer. I2 MRS, DOROTHY BAKER, R,N. Tall, neat, crisp, efficient. . . kept the line moving on Salk Shot Day. . . administers much helpful assistant to the student body. . . mainstay of the F, N. A. MRS, SARA E, STEELMAN A. B, , Ed. M, Suited perfectly to her job. . . F. T. A, couldn't exist without her help and continual guid- ance. . . complacent disposi- tion. . . every inch of her pack- ed with new ideas to try. MRS, ELSIE CARE B. S. Smiling, industri- ous business educa- tion instructress. . . capable advisor of Tri-Hi-Y. . . never- ending wardrobe of striking outfits. . . believes in speed plus constant effi- ciency. I3 JOHN P, I, DEAN, IR, A, B, Teaches the ABC's of English grammer to the ninth graders. . . proud of his prize winning room 5 Christmas door. . . manages to attend most of the activities of the school. .. 5 - A W C A 4 ef A I I A GERALD C. BLAKE B, S, Good -natured need- ler of the Junior High girls and boys . . .travels around the world each year with his geography class. . . has a smile and a quip nearly always. 2 WS STANLEY s. DOTTERER, A. B. Active church worker. . . provides inspiration for the Engineering Club . . . "think out your work, work out your think". . . has a fine collection of geometry solids NGRMAN E. DIEHL, B. S. , M. S. Supervises with great competence the run- ning of the elemen- tary school building . . . handles the mon- etary end of the ath- letic council's activ- ities.. . has a digni- fied air about him, ALTON H, EPPLER, A. B. Never fading smile and friendly hello , . , knows those ani- mal phyla. . .spends some of his spare time grading biol- ogy scrapbooks. . . vigorous campaigner to abolish chewing gum, 14 ELIZABETH A. DONMOYER, B. s. Keeps the home -ec - room shipshape. , . willing to lend any- thing to her student from a helping hand to four straight pins and a scrap of paper . . . warm hearted, WILLIAM T. FRANTZ, B. s, Fondly remembers the championship Junior High basket- ball team he coach- ed from this gradu- ating class. . .flash- ing white teeth. . , one of the master- minds behind the great football squad, MAY DULEBOHN, A,B, Has provided many a college student with the necessary math foundation, , , deserving recipi- ent of this year's "Elizabethan" dedication. . .un- excelled at math, cooking and gar- dening. cons' andfsmww JOHN G, HABECK- ER, A,B., M, Ed. Proficient instruc- tor of science. . . sagely tells his classes to "wise up" . . .well liked by all of his students , , ,derives great pleasure from all outdoor events. NANCY J, GERMER, A. B. Energetic. . . can be credited with many successful choral concerts. . . sets a goal and works hard to attain it, , . pos- sesses a head full of many, many origi- nal ideas. KENNETH GROSH, A. B. . M. S. Guiding hand of Student Council, , , found most of his headaches during the last year lay in directing the Sen- ior Class play. . . has everyone's in- terests at heart. DANIEL A, HQOPERT, A, B, Leaves his social studies classes with much food for thought. . .holds a record of memora- ble wartime expe- riences. . . respected senior class advisor holds the reigning hand on the year- book budget, JANE HUNSECKER, B. S. No field hockey coach could excel her.. . has her cheerleaders train- ed to a high degree of perfection. . . always supports the candy projects. , . deep seated sense of humor. R. DONALD HAVERSTICK, A. B, Always manages to produce a basket- ball team of cham- pionship quality. . . ears keyed to the sound of the buzzer on the basketball bus. . .behind that smile lies a strict disciplinarian. LORETTA L. KLINE, B. s, Guides her Junior and Senior students through the rocky straits of first and second year French ...has charge of the gym horne- room along with Miss Miller.. . al- ways friendly. Tl-IERESA M, KEEN, A.B. Participator as well as spectator in many athletic contests. . . did a wonderful job on the two play pro- grams. . .successful- ly imparts that an- cient Roman lan- guage to her stu- dents. MIRIAM L. MENGEL, A,B,, M,A, Industriously tires to make the library a place of interest to everyone. . .has a love for flowers and birds. . . welcomes her trips home to Hummelstown. . . meticulous. .afwadgsfowoff NOAH M, KLAUSS Music, music, mu- sic. . . eternally on itygy M .,,t J the go, , , derives at . , . . pleasure from his l will ..,. several dogs and V lisi . . .'.1t'r.' from pa inting. . . with the Harrisburg ' and the E. A. H. s. - , t..t - 1 bands and orches- .1 a s v "fr.Zff-?'s-Rf-.Lf-i3.i2 fafg kip",----awwgfh. ' 4 sfffii!i':5fi4?5x tras. .1-R'j3'? ' 2. t . - sf' .1.ft21'.3ii'2w p. ' t.t HENRY M, HERBERT F, Mc coLLoM, JR., A,B. Imparts his knowl- edge of English to Junior High Students . . . holds the upper hand in double- doored room 4. . . interest is held by the field of journal- ism. LIBHA RT , A . B. Possessor of an in- exhaustible store of knowledge, , , indispensable ad- visor of the year- book editorial staff.. . creator of breathtaking mas- terpieces on canvas as well as on stage. .sic . MABEL J. MILLER, A. B. Well versed in Eng lish grammar and literature. . . active in church work, , , a guiding light to the Junior High. . . a smile and a kind and understanding word for everyone. IRA c, MEYER, A,B,, M, Ed. Finds some time for relaxation during his drive from Mt. Joy each day. , . divides his busy schedule be- tween ministry and teaching. , , a well versed historian, EDWOOD R, RA BER, B. S. A smile for every- one... hunting en- thusiast. . . teaches mathematics to the Junior High. . . jaunty style. . .sharp dresser ...an ardent E, A, H, S, sports specta' tor. GWEN MILLER, A. B. A welcome addi- tion to the faculty in the history de- partment. . . com- petent advisor of the Blue and White , . . energetic. . .al- ways looking for a better way of doing things. MRS. HELEN SHEE- LY, B,A,, B, s, Can really handle the brush and paint . . . her pride and joy... the twins, Kay and Jay. .. comes up with many novel ideas to keep her classes busy, , , balances the depart- ment inventory. CHARLES A, NEwcoMER, E. s. "Newcomer" to the Commerical department. . . C2111 send those type- writers traveling at full speed. . .makes the ten-mile trip from Hershey each day. . . advocate of dramatics. M. RICHARD WARDEN, B, s, One most unfor- gettable man. . . undeniable wit and great conversation- alist. . .resides next door to his work. . . finds basis for his sports enthusiasm in his own football experiences. w11.L1AM B, TBNNY, B. s. Dominates room 20 . , , patiently drills the fundamentals of physics and chemis- try in to the Juniors and Seniors. . .al- ways talking about that "little gizmo" . . . pet peeveg noisy people. waiw ROBERT J. TR1MBLE, A, B. Practices psychol- ogy each day of his life. . . conducts some of the most interesting classes in E. A. H. S .... accompanies the Senior of the Month to Rotary meetings each week, RICHA RD w. wo1.F, B. S. Perfection plus on a high diving board. . . successfully instigat- ed the development of a track team. , . creates a college boy atmosphere with those wide armed glasses and quick witticisms. MRS. LEAH M, ZUCK, A,B, Ready sense of hu- mor. . . refined per- sonality, , , divides her time between her family, church work and research of family life edu- cation, a favorite topic. . . appreciates co-operative stu- dents, w1LL1AM H. wERTz, B, s, That continental look. . .finds more pleasure in tink ering with his car than in eating. cheerful smile warms students entering the build ing. ing on a cold morn . . 60m MRS, JANE HOOVER Miss Hess's coun- terpart. . . able ability keeps the E, A, H, S, records straight. . . though she immensely en joys her work at school, l1er main interest lies in her lovely family, MRS. HARRIET HERR, A,B, Joined E, A, H, S, teaching staff after Christmas vacation this year. . .friend- liness flourishes in her company. . . can well be proud of her own musical accom - plishments and those of her family, ANNA RU TH HESS Excellent school secretary. . . active in Community Council. . . deserves the credit for the cheerful holiday decorations in the office, C, STUART SMITH, M, D. c,c, DOUGLAS, D,D,s, Able. . .dependable. . . unselfishly give of their skills for the students benefit. . .head the school's staff of physical examiners. ABRAM SNYDER PAUL HOLTZ MAN Keep the school immaculate... friends of all.. . full of vitality. .. never too busy to help anyone in need. . .work above and beyond the call of duty. Soule of the Age!"--Jonson By tradition the most exalted body in the school, the senior class maintains the privileges ot its position with pride and pomp customarily asso c i ated with royalty. ,md ,-? r ,' 1' Q I 5 1' M C165 !' , fy! gydiff Q14 Y 1:9 ' gif, A ,ia ,qw .-.gas W' fv ,r I ff' ' HUG tg! QS, JI Z' W xxx f x A y Y ' ii U 8' f ' f+'2 -E 4 A- , fp 9215 N .1 , . ..... 5 - XXX sesagsg qf ' ' N ' 'O , -4-.Q p . f-9 Qf-- M , . k 4. 1 .,,J 1 X f 5 ' ' 'Q ' ' f ' ,591 Q ,ii 43" iQ,K X f 'r .', f"Tw - X f, X fl W' 'ab H f Y s f . 'A 4.55 Y ' 'ms' if -45 N. c. 'f x 1 vxw fwWf f x 1 'Y' Al- xxXbN if . - 01 iw f A 'ii ' ,IU ' ' .XX ,X v- ,iv Wifi if 1 ff ,I RX! 5, Q X i X . T-1 8 ' Q Q X 'fffsaihw' ' fi' ' X . x' 51 f F:-'lfig 1 IQ, ., E1 I- l.,.? I , PNN x N fry, :A ' " 944.2 zqi! ff' , 7 , x ' f:.,,guF2147G, 5' :gmw X AWN? " ii ,. 4 rW'Qif'.. : :' 'yfls f Y .ly .mem :M .3 , ,- ' , .. . f A J' 3'3" 0 . ' L' 1 Y""' ' . -' -E: ' K2 Q + .- 353: "1 552 5 1551 " 'AG M69 Q' 'lx fYS'fif55f I ' fgf jf Z! 1:1-0... X , f Q10 I W 4 e F , 'fy wr gn na, Qu' X 7, 2 F g 12 ,ep ' "1 ' N I ' 4' ' ,. ff I Q ' 7' WJ7 ll 1 lil 7 1 I "Q W MQ. I . -' : ' ,i X -f , I ' - is f - I IU .L ,, ulh f j .. Q f f. .54 1 - f I A , fx ,Ill ssh 1 JZ qi P37 ,117 1 X, Q Y J glib: X - 1,11 1121529 J 15,454 J Ti 4? Q 1 1 X ' X553 , L f? V Sf?Ah:Q'F 1 ff ' 1 ,, 1 lpxii' . 7, 14 -' 1 IZ: 1 l xg f 'Ai 1'6" "X ' V47 f I ' A Xi " - Z ' 1 my X f fc- X XE 1 5X QF- ff' If fy f A. L 1 if .' A Q , ,. k y , X .xy f , N 1 ly I ,' , R ' fi' ' lm B HT 174 M .I I X - 1 A . - X :-'Q' 'W f , X I 2 XEi'3A"'A :'X,42Xr 1 . , fx Z , .X ,-ga 5-X ' vm ,f V K , --,, ,H . A -X X f Y X --.- -V S' 1- - f f K 1 Q X- w A . 'viz X If F NX W +i'ff'W?TQ ' rf' 1 Q A l 12 f f X 7' ,ax v . R f -f '5f9 7 -6 'Hg' f ' N' xg? , f RX , f . f .JY ,dQ ,4 '- ' fr! I , X ff 1 5 X, XC-X 'Q 9,12 NX 0353 f f 5 I ' L- 5 X Yggygge A M ,N 'Xa M x ' I W -' lsf--' W ,gn EZ' Lfifiwg S' fs? QQ I A fl af fi T 92 1 'QFZQMS ' ' ,av SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Able and competent. . .officers have been serving in their positions for three years . . .interested advisors always filled with helpful suggestions. . .many successful class projects completed under their direction. LEF T TO RIGHT: Mr. Hoopert- Cha irman, Miss Keen, Mr. Trim- ble, Mr. Frantz, 0-'W SENIOR CLASS ADVISORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Jack Hawthorne- Vice-Presidentg Anne Runyan- Secretaryg Jim Walters-President Betsy Wenger- Historiang Bob Teufel-Treasurer. an-:msn-:ami Pods E1.JlF'flV'i'lf4J J ts if 1 22. 5 el tt F 'tri t -1- not .F r F3-ff' A 1' l VF F JL - - ij A ITN . KN -,,- ,AQ 11 ll 4 -Ylil I ' I lv 111111 - - - vu. in I 'Q U S 5 Il Y N ---... , tix I JJ .J .Jsjjffx 4+ rtftrifri-4.t..f1 J .1 JF? . , .1-ffl? rl-4f'+T'i3 E la? 1 Ill J, -9" if L f4iL, e .1 ff -I -1--u. UAYQ' 115110 1' I J if 'la 1-351 ' ll ' 1" fs - V l v fl. , I 1, Our twelve school years are over now And each must say good-bye. lt's time to pass through open doors With a sad but hopeful sigh. As we start out upon our own And go our seperate ways We know there're times when we'll look back Upon our old school days. wh MCE 5 3. We know this school has done its best And with God's help we'll see lf we can prove to every one How great this world can be. 4. So from our Alma Mater now We leave, but give our best, For everyone is bound to face Some hard and trying test. 23 CLASS soNG or 1957 Music by Roger Ruggeri Words by Ruth Anne Andrews ff ' W e 5 l Wagga-. - t to , J X IV X-il ' Ny ' ,,,,,- fi f Q VW nf 'V I E - it f 61 M Ei - ff In XE, 1 , X CLASS COLORS Blue and White CLASS FLOWER White Rose CLASS MOTTO "The duty is oursg the result is God 's" EXPERIMENTING captures the attention of Iirn Newcomer, Mike Borman, Joyce Risser, and other senior chemists. GRAMMAR REVIEW SHEETS-- a11 in a day's work for the I2-3 English class. 0hWUt0'W0l7h NEVER A DULL MOMENT in senior girls health as "Eloise pays a visit, A DILIGENT GROUP, from all appearances, is this Room 23 study hall. "STICKS" is the cry as the senior boys bully with the girls in the traditional field hockey game, RUTH ANNE 363 N. Market St. Ruthie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,4, President 43 Chorus i,2, 3,45 Band 1, 2,3,4g Hockey I,2, 3,43 Girls' Trio 2, 3,44 Class Play 3: Library Staff 35 Yearbook Staff 4. A member of our championship hockey team. . .likes sports, travel- ing, and those basso-profondo music scores. . . very neat. . .furnishes transportation from the north end of town. . . mania for any shade of the color blue. . . dislikes careless people. . . plans to become a nurse. ANDREWS HAROLD 240 W. Bainbridge St. Sonny General The boy on the motor bike, , , has a passion for plaid flannel shirts. , , pop music. . . doesn't care for long hair. . .extremely wry sense of t humor. . . also drives a hot Chevy. . . a ation. uto body mechanic after gradu- I, ARNDT KENNETH Route 2, Elizabethtown Ken General F,F,A, I Donegalg Hi-Y 2, Sometimes known as Beetle. . . the outdoor t esting dimples 1'k ype, , , prominently inter- , , , 1 es hunting, fishing, and trappin . . . also a rock n' roll fan g. . . a steak man . . . sometimes lowers those sideburns about four inches. . . couldn't survive without that squared haircut, G, BAILEY CHRISTINE BERRIER R oute 3, Elizabethtown Chris Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 4g F, B, L, A, 45 Yearbook staff gecorator of room 25. , .has won numerous ice skating awards. . . cuts a real sharp figure on that slippery surface. . . expert horseback rider. . . rambunctious. . . pet peeve: stuck-up people. , making a caree ' ' , soft fluffy curls. . . plans r of ice skating. OH MICHAEL P, BORMAN 53 S. Poplar St. Mike College Preparatory Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y I,2Q Football 2,3,4: Track 3, 4: Recreation Club 33 Varsity Club 43 Yearbook staff 4. Often seen driving the family yellow station wagon. . . quite a dancer .. . frequents canteens. . . a javelin man on the track team. . , individ- ualistic type of stride. . . resides across the street from the noisy halls of old E, A, H. S .... future helicopter pilot with the Coast Guard. 26 JOAN L, BRESSLER 50 N. Poplar St. Commercial Ioanie Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Chorus I: Library staff 2, 3,4g F, B, L, A, 4: F, H, A, 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Likes dancing and ice skating. . . pet peeve: early band practice. . . perfect long red fingernails. . .favorite food: spaghetti, what else. . . worked in Maine during the summer. . . "You better believe it". . . and she 'll enforce that. . .future secretary, DONNA K, BRUBAKER 149 E. High St. General Donna Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Library Staff 23 F, H, A, 4g Yearbook Staff 4, Seldom seen without the latest novel. . . another excellent pencil swinger for the art staff. . . likes pizza. . . dislikes snobs. . . blue Mon- bird. . . plans to become a beautician. . . did a days.. .red headed Jay good job with make-up for the class plays. TM 1957 RONALD J, CALEY Bainbridge General Ronnie First love isn't for school. . . those lovely locks of curly brown hair, , , steaks and jazz, , , summer truck driver. . . everybody's itty-bitty Bain- bridge buddy. , , heaps of fun. . . usually hanging around with or onto Barry. . , heading for the air force. BRENDA R, CARL 218 Highlawn Ave. College Preparatory Brenda Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Hockey I, 2, 3,4g Orchestra t,2,3,4g Varsity Club 3,4, Secretary 3,4g Class Pla - h rus 3,4g Yearbook Staff 4. ' ' ' h either a sable brush or a Varsity cheerlea g hockey stick in her hands. . .likes dancing and spor initiator of the Brown Cow Club. . . has a smile for everyone. . . colle bound, JOANNE CAROTTO loo Park St. College Preparato Joey Tri-Hi-Y I,4g F, N, A, 33 F, H, A, 4. k ith us again after two years at Donegal.. .likes music.. . sno ta ious impish titter. . . enj Bac w people disgust her, or so she says. . . con g air of those pixie black glasses. . . long, bec reading. . . owner of a p ing curls. . . p ' ' areer. lanning a nursing c 27 3, 4, C o ' din captain. . . artist wrt ' ts. . . originator and ge OW oys Y TY om- DOLORES E. CARTER Route I, Bainbridge Sis Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3.4, Treasurer 45 Band I, Bainbridge5 Chorus 1,25 Bain- bridge5 Band 45 F, B, L,A, 4. A future secretary. . .fresh and bright. . . likes swimming and dancing . . . pals around with Barbara Snyder. . .rosy cheeks. . . congenial friend and buddy. . . plugging Tri-Hi-Y treasurer. . .high ste ' front. . .a nonconform' pper in the band- ist. . .has a taste for fried chicken. LOIS J. CHAPMAN 424 W. Bainbridge St. Chappy Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3, 45 F, H, A, 45 F. B, L,A, 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Usually seen with Kitty. . .found at canteen regularly, . . also likes to swim and ice skate. . .spends little time trying to think up ways to et home. . .somebody mention Patton? a d 8 , . . .has a knack for looking pert n perky. . . plans a secretarial career. ' to g KATHRYN CHRIST R oute 3, Elizabethtown Kathi' Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F, H, A, I5 Yearbook Staff 4, Short n' cute. . .smooth page-boy. . .likes hillbilly music and cherry sundaes. . . smile like pink sugar. . . spent freshman year at Mt. Joy. . , proud mistress of that rare, rare combination of brown eyes and blonde hair. . .will make a good bookkeeper. CAROLE ANN COX 633 Groff Ave. Carole Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 45 Indoor Patrol 25 yearbook Staff 4. Seen often in X953 Plymouth with a fellow named Bob.. .loves clothes and popular music. . .Seen with Francis. . . "l would like to go in a way and in a way I wouldn't". . .loves french fries from Root's. . .plans to be a secretary or a beautician. FLORA BESS CRAUN 348 S. Market St. Flora Bess GCHCFH1 Junior High Chorus I5 Girls' Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2,45 F, H.A. 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Friendly. , .loves to cook and to stay up late se tone Chev l' , , , en often in a two- y. , , ikes to listen to the radio. . . always joking. . . pastime is baking shoo-fly pies. . .would like to be a housewife or a DUISG. 28 1 NEIL B, CUNNINGHAM 320 E. High St. College Preparatory .,-1 , Neil Hi-Y I,4, Chaplain I3 Junior High Basketball I3 Student Counci I, Gym Club 23 Basketball 23 Baseball 2, 33 Chess Club 33 Class Play 3,43 Track 3,43 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior High Chorus I. f" in Europe. . .loves foreign food, such as snails, bl es. . . baby-blue Spent summer o 55 r likes to dress up. . . collects rhythm and u to visit his father and to attend cur y. . . denims, . . plans to return to Europe college in Switzerland, then a career with the F, B, I, WILLIAM D, DEITRICH 328 Orange St. College Preparatory Bill Quiet. . ,likes to fish and hunt. . . works at Elizabethtown Chronicle office. . .has the smell of printer's ink in his veins. . . collects stamps favorite food is spaghetti. . .likes popular songs. . . ambition is to be a printer, fwassemblies. NCES L DONLEY FRA . 335 N. Market St. Fran Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3, 43 Band 3,43 Indoor Patrol 23 Yearbook Staff 4. Works at Schroll's Restaurant. . . likes to ride in a blue Mercury with Don. . .dislikes smart people. . , pet peeveg early morning band prac- tice. . . sparkling diamond. . . often with Carole and Christine, , , likes pizza. . .would like to become a secretary or a housewife, RICHARD L, DRESCHER 215 Brown St, Dick General Likes to drive a truck in his spare time. . .clown with a vivid sense of humor. . . distaste for opera singing and singers. . . eats fried chicken the Navy Reserves. . . plans a career in the with gusto. . . belongs to Navy, LESTER L, DUPES Route 3, Elizabethtown Big Les General Gym Club 23 Engineering Club 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3,4, Works at the Risser I, G, A, Store. . . is a Boy Scout and likes everythi about Scouting. . .well deserved winner of courtesy award. . .loves fo and popular music. . . plays the bass drum in the band. . . known for his ' list in the service, big smile. . . plans to en 29 lim CLARENE M. EBERSOLE Route 3, Elizabethtown Clarene College Preparatory Chorus I,2, Kraybillg F,H.A. 4. Calm and serene. . . likes to play the piano. . . beautiful in green. . , enjOys good choruses and special singing. . . dislikes sloppy hair and clothes. . . says she likes sensible fellows who know their "stuff", , , aspires to become a nurse, GEORGE E, EBY, III Route 3, Elizabethtown Ephrum General Likes to build model airplanes and to fish. . . has caught quite a few big ones. . . dislikes dressing up. . . has a voodoo man dancing in his Chevy. . .likes a good home cooked meal and field trips. . . ambition: to become a Pennsylvania National Guardsman or a painter, possibigtlwiastcllasstofbe GOLDIE I. ECKERT Route 3, Manheim Goldie Commercial Bus Patrolman 2, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 F, T, A, 3, 43 F, B, L, A, 4. Always joking. . .can often be found with Frances, Christine, and Peggy. . .likes to eat, especially pizza pie. . . usually saying, "You're ignorant". . . one of Mr. Diehl's secretaries. . .feels there 's something funny about everything that happens. . . plans to be a secretary. KE . ER 632 Hampton Rd. Ken College Preparatory Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball I, 2g Junior High Cho- rus Ig Mixed Chorus 2, 3g Student Council 3g Chess Club 33 Key Club 2, 3, 4. A very talented boy in the field of music. . can really play that trumpet. . . received superior rating at State Forensic in Pittsburgh. . . enthusiastic about the style of Billy May and Stan Kenton . . . successfully auditioned for the Marine Corps Band. . . plans to continue with music. NNETH S EMENHEIS RONALD 132 N. Maple St. Esh General Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4g Junior High Chorus I3 Baseball 25 Chess Club 3. Another avid hunter. . .seen often drivin a B . . .relishes steak H. ESHLEMAN g uick. . .likes rock n' roll and rabbit. . .likes to draw--specializes in battle scenes. . . plans a career with the United States Navy. . .well cared for curl in the middle of his forehead. 30 GERALD R. ESPENSHADE 45 W. High St. General Jerry Likes to work on his car. . , a hillbilly music fan. . . spends spare time playing the guitar. . . dislikes catty clothes. . . wide, wide leather belt and a great bigbuckle. . .fried chicken. . . would like to become an automobile mechanic. ACKLER ROBERT L, F 416 E. High St. Bob College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y I, 2, Treasurer 25 Boys' Quartet 15 Ba nd 1,2,35 Junior Band I5 Junior Orchestra I5 Student Council 2,3, 45 Vice-President 45 Mixed Cho- rus 2, 3, 4, President 45 Class Play 35 Varsity Club 3,4, seen at the canteen. . .likes spicy food and bright ' he most, friendly and Loves sports. . . often clothes. . . very soothing singer. . .one of, if not t ' b s in the class. . . smooth disposition. . . always willing most likable oy to lend a helping hand. . .future engineer. bag ww" osuwowsawot.. LOIS M, FANTOM Route I, Marietta Commercial Lois Band I, 2, 3,4, Captain of Majorettes 45 i-Hi-Y 3,4, - H A, 4, Reporter 45 F, B, L, A, 4, President 45 Secrdtary 3,4, F, , ' 'd e. . . often seen Yearbook staff 4. ' n el. . . brown-eyed girl from Bainbri g ' ' eding her in this book. .. A real little a g in the company of the smiling boy Just prec beguiling majorette. . . loves popular music and submarines. . . plays a good game of hockey. , . complexion of peaches and cream. . . wishes to become a secretary. Chorus 1,25 Tr PAUL M. FARVER, IR. 249 E. Bainbridge St. College Preparatory Paul Junior Band 15 Band 1,45 Band 2,3, Hersheyg Orchestra 1,45 Engi- neering Club 4. One of our fellows short in stature, , ,favorable dancing partner. . . gained many new friends during his two year stay at Hershey High, , , likes Italian and sea food, , , snappy dresser. . .ohh-h those dark rimmed glasses. . . will attend college and become a draftsman. . . by the way, don't ever serve him a salad, GEORGE W, FLOYD Route I, Bainbridge Big George College Preparatory Class President I,2, Bainbr' e5 Basketball I, Bainbridgeg Band I,2, Bainbridge5 Chorus I,2, Bain ridge5 Band 35 Football 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Hi-Y 3,45 Varsity Club 4. A tall well-built fellow. . . prettiest baby blue eyes. . , excels in sports . . . psychologist. . , likes apple dumplings and popular music. . .won't forget Mr. Tenny's pet dog. . .likes to hunt. . . plans to join the army. 31 KAREN FRUTCHEY Masonic Homes Karen Commercial Chorus rg Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4: Yearbook Staff 3,4g Band 3,4g Captain of the Color guard 4. One of those lucky tall girls, though Karen doesn't think so. . . gained prestige in girls' track. . .loves to dance. . . often seen writing or read- ing letters. . . - ' ' pet peeve. Bill not being home. . .likes steak fried in garlic. . . always has laughter to spare. . . plans to enter college. JOHN E. FULLERTON Route 3, Elizabethtown John College Preparatory Biology Club 25 Engineering Club 3 H' ,4g 1-Y 33 Yearbook Staff 45 Class Play 4. A whiz in math and science. . .often seen driving a truck. . . attractive dress.-. .-portrayed jobless Bruce excellently. . . has interest in guns and science fiction. . . "radio active"--operates ham station W3HJP. . . likes jazz and sea food. . .famous saying, "What, me worry? . . plans on a college education. olassmeefiugsomdf MARLENE M, GALIJOWAY 317 W. High St. Marlumthea Commercial Band 1,2,3,4g Patterson Club I,2, Altoonag Chorus 2, Altoonag Girls' Ensemble 2, Altoona: Library Club 2, Altoona: Yearbook Staff 4: Orchestra 4. A lively addition from Altoona. . . Cute. . . small. . . pastimes include ice-skating and swimming, , ,loves pizza. . . never-ending gorgeous wardrobe. . .often seen with S ' ' mitty. . .puller of innocent practical jokes . . . a definite interest in Altoona. . . wants to be a secretary. JANET L, GIBBLE Route 3, Elizabethtown Janet Commercial Junior High Chorus Ig Bus Patrol 25 Girls' Chorus 2g Yearbook Staff 43 F,H,A. 43 Tri-Hi-Y 4. One of our 4-H girls. . . interests in baby beef and lambs. . . a prize winner for the 4 H durin h - g t e Farm Fair. . , shines in sports. . .picture of perfect physical health a friend t ll oa ...likes herwork at the Clearview Diner. HARRY H. GOOD 36 N. Poplar St. Hungry Commercial Basketball 1, 2g Band 1, 2, 3,4g Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4. Tall lanky hunk of man out of the pages of Ivy League. . .interested in keeping the class alive h . . . as fun with bowling and golfing. . . likes spaghetti and rock n' roll. . . shining coal black thatch, . . constantly working over his English sentenc es. . .looks forward to being a radio sports announcer or a disc jockey. 32 DAVID R, GOODLING 433 E. High St. College Preparatory Dave Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Boys' I door Patrol I 2- Mixed Chorus I,2, 3,45 Boys' Chorus Quartet I5 n , , 3,45 Chess Club 1,25 Hi-Y I,2g Varsity Club 3,45 Class Play 3. Proud owner of a sparkling red crew-cut. . .one of the all time greats of E-town. . . temper? . . . pleasant personality. . . brawny, muscular guy . . .likes to sleep, dance, and date. . .lover of toothpicks. . . practically nkru t kee in Mr Tenny supplied with new chem equipment.. . ba p p g . plans to be a coach or an engineer. ARLEN J. GREINER Route 3, Manheim Greiner College Preparatory 2: 31 I Was at the right place when grey matter was handed out. . . often seen using a slide rule. . .industrious and serious minded:-with a little light ' ore than heard. . .finds great pleasure in studying ballis- side, . .seen rn tics. . .enjoys hunting. . . plans to be an aeronautical engineer. Secretary 3' Engineering Club 3, 4. olassmeeiiugs. NANCY DIANE GREINER 343 S. Market St. College Preparatory Diane '- '- - Mixed Chorus I5 Girls' Chorus 25 Cheerleading 1, Tri H1 Y I,3,4, 2, 3,45 Hockey Manager 2, 3,45 Class Play 3,45 Canteen Council 3, ecretar Debate Club 2 Secretary 25 Journalism Club 2, 3,45 4. S y 4: . Yearbook Staff 45 Varsity Club 4. Vivacious, , , had a wonderful time working at the Poconos. . .would like to create a thirty-hour day. . . hungry. . . calls Janet to find out what's with their chem experiment. . .likes dancing, all kinds of music, walking along the river at Harrisburg. . . pleasant personality. . . looking forward to college. JAMES L. GRIMM Route I, Elizabethtown Jim Commercial Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Canteen Council 3,4. Often seen, seldom heard. , . pastimes: working on his car and playing the Hawaiian guitar. . .enjoys fried foods, popular and western music hirts dress clothes and khakis . pleasing personal- , , . prefers sport s , , . . ity. . .wants to be an automobile mechanic, perhaps do construction driving. PEGGY A. HACKMAN Route 3, Elizabethtown Peggy Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F. H,A, 45 F, B, L, A, 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Country gal with a very successful record of farm fair winners in the baby beef division. . .lover of horses. . .aims to continue in rual sur- ' ' ' k ill work in an office, she as- roundings, preferably in Kentuc y, , , w serts, but not till she's visited Hawaii. 33 - . ?. 4,gs. w f figlg I fm iii ,lf:,,,,,s,.,. Way. lt . I IOSEPHINE HALBLEIB Bainbridge Josie Commercial Band l,2, Bainbridgep Chorus I,2, Bainbridge: Tri-Hi-Y 3,42 F,H,A, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Sandy blonde Bainbridge. .. has a demure smile for everyone finger ed a icorice stick four years in her hometown band and says it devel- oped her deep love for music. . .energetic jitterbugging partner, , . looks forward to a career in a beauty salon. JACK L, HAWTHORNE 118 Cedar St. Frosty General Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball I, 2, 3, 43 Key Club I3 Homeroom President 2, 3, 43 Class Vice-President 2, 3, 43 Gym Club 23 Hi-Y President 33 Varsity Club Treasurer 3 Possibly college. . . has a good time driving his hot Chevy . an invet- erate head-scratcher popular could eat his wa throu k f . . . . . . y g stac s o mashed potatoes. . .owner of a beguiling smile. . . sleeping rates high on his list of favorite recreations, We Grimm CHARLES W, HAYES 445 E. High st. General Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Recreation Club 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Canteen Council I. 2, 3. 4- Frontwards, backwards, or sidewards, Charlie's a staunch Democrat. , known to his neighbors as Sun-Bon. . .faithful canteen councilman for three years, , receives no elated feeling from o era as ' . p .. . pires to be- come a master in the art of salesmanship. Charlie MILTON C, HEILMAN Route 2, Elizabethtown Milt General Football 3. A future star goalie in professional hockey. . . a member of the junior H h ' ' ers ey Bears. . . comedian. . .accomplished cartoonist. . . a fan of chili con carne and rock n' roll. . .claims he will miss the good times in homeroom 23. CARL G. HEISEY Route 1, Elizabethtown Carl General Commutes daily from Newville. . , shiner in history classes. . .interests center on sports.. . will take up a career in the armed service it is usually necessary to look two or three times to make sure that that quiet figure is really Carl, 34 KITTY L, HEISEY 312 E. Park St. Commercial Kit TriiyHi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 F, H, A, 45 Yearbook staff 43 F, B, L, A. 4. Has a pleasant smile and word for everyone--but don't get her riled . , . goes in for fried shrimp and french fries in an all out manner, . , connection between her work in Fisher's and her large collection of records, . . will someday travel throughout the world and see those beautiful places about which she had read, PEGGY G, HEISEY Route I, Elizabethtown Commercial rbook Staff 43 Bus Peg horus 2- Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 F.T,A, 3,4p Yea Girls' C , Patrol 4. oes in a big way for pizza, dill pickles, and ' fter school job. . . Secretary-to-be. . . g shrimp. . . Franklin store provides Peggy with her a ' h Nancy. . . might conceivably like to stay in bed generally seen wit longer t ' ' ' the morning. han six o clock in an swung V. JEAN HEISEY 534 E. High St. Commercial Staff 4, Jeannie Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Goldey Beacom Spelling , Soprano voice of an angel.. .favorite pastime is talking, and she ad- mits it. . . another member of the Clique-Haters Inc .... has a wonder- ful basic interest in lifle and in cheering up her fellow man. Award 3- Yearbook L, EDWARD HIXON Route I, Bainbridge General Bi Ed Baiketball I,2, Bainbridge, Hi-Y 3,4, President 43 Band 3.4. Good looking. . . may go to business school. . . hot beef sandwich fan . . .will draw on Uncle Sam's payroll in the Air Force. . . a hunter, , , likes "pop" music, but chocolate ice cream? --neverl J. MARLIN HOFFER 446 W. High St. Commercial Marlin utting in hours Hi-Y I,2, 3, 4. Navy man. . . a regular passenger of Jack's hot Chevy p ' his time is occupied with hunting fin season, of at L, C, Hershey s, coursey, bowling, and movies. 35 SHIRLEY L JACOB , S 601 Sunset Drive Jakie Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,43 Junior High Chorus I3 Band 2, 3,4: Hockey Man- ager 2, 3, 43 Indoor Patrol 2, 33 Varsity Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Famous for her exotic Chinese fragrance. . . receives a decided charge from Jonsey's slumber parties. , . seen with Donna when her "Ace of Hearts" is campused. . .has a corner on the free records coming from York. . .will be the bright spot in some office. KAY L, JONES 299 N. Hanover St. Jonesy College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, President I, 2, Vice-President 3, 43 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 43 Hockey 1, 2, 3,4, Captain 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 43 F, T. A, 33 Chorus 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Ball of fire. . .well hidden temper. . . Captain Gallant of the hockey girls. . .derives pleasure from shopping around on windy and rainy days . . ,well practiced in the art of opening boxes of froze ' n strawberries. O 1119101 uv Spofufs JOYCE M, KLEINFELTER Route 2, Elizabethtown Joyce Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2,43 F, H, A, 4. Plans to become housewife or file clerk. . .spends her time now learn- ing about each of those positions. . .loves to eat, mostly french fries and hamburgers. . .can be heard cracking chewing gum. . . takes pride in being Bob Fackler's aunt. . . usually knows wh ' ere the fire has been, JOHN Masonic Homes Knit College Preparatory Basketball I,3,43 Football 2, 3,43 Olympic Club 2: Varsity Club 3, 43 Band I,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2, 3,43 Chorus 3,43 Track 3,43 Yearbook Staff 3, 4, Art Editor 4. Desires to go to college and become a designer. . . enjoys manual arts work, sports participation, all kinds of sketching, and musical prac- tice, , , likes the strange combination of bananas and pizza. . .has th casual look. . . muscular physique, , . know and he is! S I1 HS 3 Stal' to IC3l'Il1'l'l8l1BS"' I. KNITTWEIS HA 539 S. Hanover St. Harold College Preparatory Biology Club 23 Engineering Club 3, 4, Will probably go into medical work. . . if there's static on your radio you might find it emanating from this ham. . . very interested in amateur radio work. . .works after school at Iceland. . .dislikes long walk through halls. . . always looks up to people. . . active in l'CligiO11S work. ROLD E, KRAYBILL 36 I music, JANET A. KUNTZELMAN 600 S. Spruce St. Kuntzel College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,41 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 45 Hockey I, 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Girls Trio 3,45 Library 3,45 Canteen Council 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Varsity Club 3,4, Vice-President 3, President 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Plans to attend college. . . makes any fellow sit up and take notice. . . finds pleasure in dancing, dramatic movies, tennis, rock n' roll mu- sic, and slumber parties. . . middle man in Senior girls trio. . .noted for her long gab sessions with Betsy. JOYCE M, LANCASTER Route I, Elizabethtown Joyce Commercial Chorus I5 Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 F, H,A, 4. Plans to join the Naval branch of the armed forces. . .where'd she get that blue Ford P . . .infectious ringing giggle. . .likes the idea of pea- nut butter and pickles. . . likes rock n' roll music. . . claims she wears a wig. . .great sales lady in her thriving town of Newville. allztgpes olyolubs.. ERMA M, LANDIS Route 3, Elizabethtown Ermie College Preparatory Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. Plans to become a nurse. . .likes to sing. . . indulges in cokes and root beer floats. . .loves those wide open spaces, says she would love to go to Texas and live on a real ranch. . .hates mice--real or otherwise. . . staunch Republican party supporter. FAYE M. LONGENECKER Route 1, Elizabethtown Faye College Preparatory Junior High Chorus I5 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Bus Patrol 3,4. Would like to become a medical technician. . . brownette with long wavy locks. . .likes reading and subs. . .bus rider in the evening, , , hates boring classes. . .always has a positive outlook on life. . .only female in an other wise all male solid and rrig class. NANCY H. LONGENECKER 32 E. High St. NSU Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 F, H, A, 45 Junior High Chorus I5 Girls' Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff 4. Hopes to become a dental assistant. . . enjoys swimming, reading, watching TV, and eating. . .charming. . .dislikes boring classes and crabby people. . . petite and pretty. . . another in the ranks of shaghetti and pizza pie lovers. . .anything but shy. 37 CLOYD MARTIN 211 Park St. Clfoyd General Everyone wants Cloyd on their team when basketball season approach- es in phys. ed .... tallest boy in our class. . .deep seated love for fish- ing. . . quiet in class, talkative among his many friends. . . likes to eat anything edible. . . has sported a crew-cut through all his high school days. RICHARD K, 140 Orange St. Dick College Preparatory Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Band I, 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, Journalism Club 2 3, 4g Debate Club 5 Engineering Club 3,43 Basketball 3,4g Class Play 3, 4. Our little Einstein. . . math, physics, and chemistry expert. . . hopes to continue a career in theoretical physics. . . mixes ornithology, chem- istry, math, and music as his hobbies, . .says he dislikes crooked pol- iticians. . . really appreciates the music from the pen of Tchaikovsky. MARTIN twotsuccesswb dass DORIS L, Route I, Bainbridge Mac General Band I,2, Bainbridgeg Chorus I,2, Bainbridgeg Class Treasurer 2, Bainbridgeg Bus Patrol 2, 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Collects hillbilly platters. . . enjoys writing to her pen pals. . .likes french fries and macaroni and cheese, , .for some reason prefers the Navy. . . not yet decided on her future vocation. . . combs the dress shops hunting bright colored clothing, . . loves full skirts and can slips. MCCURDY 'Can BARRY L, MINICK Bainbridge Barry General Hi-Y 3,4g Bus Patrol 4, Comes to us from Bainbridge. . .enjoys hunting and fishing. . . expects to go into the Army. . . drives a crazy Studebaker. . . usually seen with Caley at noontime. . . always cookin u ' that old bl ' g p something to do. . . full of ack magic, , , real blond. STANLEY K, MUMMA Route I, Elizabethtown Stan Commercial Often seen working at the Clearview Diner. . .would like to go to mu- sic school to further his work on the piano or occordian. . .likes to eat. . .appreciates all kinds of music. . . seen speeding around in his car. . .experienced in restaurant busine ' shirts. ss. . .fine collection of sport 38 We THELMA MUMMAU R tel Elizabethtown ou , Thelma Commercial F. H. A. 4. Welcome addition to our class from Hershey. . . loves to putter around the kitchen. . .can cook-up a treat anytime, if it's spaghetti or pizza, ' ' 'd horseback rider. . . hopes to do . . .enjoys all kinds of music. . . an avi office work in the future. SHIRLEY D, NEIDEIGH II4 W. Bainbridge St. Shirley Commercial Junior High Chorus Ig Girls' Chorus 2g Tri-Hi-Y 25 Class Play 3g F, H, A, 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Often seen with Flora. . .loves milkshakes about as much as she de- ' ' ' ' 'h h "filth , dead bird'- spises hillbillies. . .d1d a wonderful Job wit t e y in the Junior Class Play. . . very prim and precise. . .will go into of- fice work after graduation. sfaitsowdib.. JAMES NEWCOMER 228 Lemon St. Jim College Preparatory Band I,2g Hi-Y 33 Engineering Club 4. A real industrious guy. . .member of Risser's I, G, A, staff of workers. . , " ' ciall subs or not only handles food, but can "down it as well, espe y, barbecues. . .drives around in his gray Studebaker. . . hopes to enter the engineering or the business field, DOROTHY L. NOLL Route I, Bainbridge Dottie Commercial F. H. A. 4. Long wavy hair. . . the typist type. . .joined us in our Junior Year from Donegal.. .friendly. . .always glad to see the ice good and hard for skating. . . on rainy days she likes to read, and when the weather's fit, ' ' l ofession. Dottie can be found taking walks. . . bound for a secretaria pr THEOFORE L, OTIS 36 W. Summit St, 'Ifed College Preparatory Journalism 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 35 Yearbook Staff 43 Class Play 3. Sidekick to an atlas. . , prefers classical and some pop music. . .when it comes to food, Ted just wants plenty. . .great bird collector in the Junior Class Play. . . after E, A, H, S, it'll be either the service or college. . . time will tell. 39 GLENN F, PFAUTZ 334 W. High St. Glenn Biology Club 23 Hi-Y 3g Engineering Club 4. Lists viewing T, V. as his favorite pastime. . . puts in other time xtreme dislike for that leafy salad type of College Preparatory at Dorsheimer's. . . has an e vegetation called endive, , , the future will hold study in the field of either engineering or accounting. JOYCE L. RISSER Route 1, Elizabethtown Joyce C ommercial Interests range from flying an airplane to catching butterflies has a passionate love for teddy bears qcollects 'emy . . just can't tolerate hillbillies and thinks the Penna. Dutch could improve their sauer kraut and POIR recipe, , ,will carry out her ambition to be a topnotch beautician, capable advisors SHIRLEY RISSER Route 3, Elizabethtown Shirl Commercial Chorus 1,23 F, H,A, 4: Yearbook Staff 4, One of the "Stenogs". . .a personable gal with pretty smile and a "I-lil " f . . . or everyone. . .mus1cally, goes 1n for accordian rhythms or piano tunes . , , athletically, it's ice-skating or swimming. . .but always spaghetti and Bar-B-Ques for favorite Food. ROGER B, RUGGERI, JR. 312 Arch St. R og College Preparatory Band I,2, 3,45 Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Chess Club 1,2,3g Key Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Engineering Club 4, Long, lean, lanky lad. . .fingers have affinity for the fiddle strin s g . . . tames all those large instruments. . . "scholarshipped" to Interlochen M . C . . . ustc amp. . . ardent conversationalist. . . looking forward to devel- oping his great gift of talent at the Eastman School of Music, CAROL ANNE RUNYAN 531 Groff Ave. College Preparatory T .- .- i ri H1 Y 1,2,3,4, Band 1,2,3,4g Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Debate 2, President 2: Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Journalism 2, 3,4g Class Play 3,4g Class S - ecretary 2, 3, 4, F, N, A, 4, Secretary 4. Gained fame as the 1956 Miss Elizabethtown. . . crystal clear blue eyes, , , deserves honors for sewing ability and her distinguished dra- matic achievements. . .will always take lemon when it's a choice of ice cream flavors. Anne 40 AMELIA M. SAYLOR Route 3 , Elizabethtown Commercial Millie F, H, A, 43 F, B, L, A. 4. Quiet, reserved manner. . . businesslike. . .well groomed. . . an attrac- ' class "flash" when wielding tive smile showing beautiful teeth. . . gym ' ' ' baseball bat. . .aims to be an office a hockey sttck or swinging a white-collar girl. SALLY SUE SAYLOR 247 S. Market St. College Preparatory Sally Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,43 Hockey I, 2, 3,43 Varsity Club 43 Class Play 33 F, T, A, 3, 4, Vice-President 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,43 Girls' Chorus 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Junior High Chorus I. Only "P, K, " fPreacher's Kidj in the class. . . always trying to "bum" a ride to Bainbridge. . . OMMPH. . . proud of her southern origin and Democratic Party affiliation. . . expert on gum crackery. . . will study dietetics at Indiana State Teachers College. falewbwlmwb.. JEAN L. SCHULDT Masonic Homes Schuldtzie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2,3,4p Girls' Chorus I, 23 Indoor Patrol 2,33 Yearbook 4- F, N. A, 4. h life of any slumber party.. .could exist Vllill be remembered as t e ' hamburgers. . . could do with- h fried shrimp subs and super du at the Mason on frenc , 'o ed her summertime waitress ty f con- out tests. . . really enj y ic Homes. . . may her future be as rosy as those apples she so o ten tributedl TERRY SEIDERS 343 N. Locust St. Terry General Basketball I, Bainbridge3 Hi-Y 4, Treasurer 43 One of the quieter members of the Senior Class. . .spends his spare time hunting and fishing. . . can be seen evenings bowling. . . efficient Hi-Y treasurer. . . has no definite plans for the future. . . rugged in his own special way. . . eagerly works toward a good ending result. MITCHELL K, Sl-IANK B inbridge St 40 a , MitCl'1 College Preparatory Junior Band 23 Junior Orchestra 23 Biology Club 23 Basketball Mana- ger 23 Hi-Y 33 Chess Club 33 Engineering Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4, Photography Editor 4. Friend of all. . . proud owner of a shiny black Dodge. , , always waves as he drives by you in the rain. . .enjoys all sports. . . clown personified " ' d most persuading laugh. , . college bound. . . .very convincing an 41 ARLENE D. SHELLEY 157 E. Hummelstown St. Shelley ory Junior H , - - I,2, 3,45 Indoor Patrol 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Great athlete f . . . ound her niche in hockey playing goalie for the K garoos. . .likes spaghetti s kl College Preparat igh Chorus I- Tri Hi Y ned. . . enjoys g. . . another blonde. . . genuine interest in life and in living it. LOIS M. SMITH 332 W. High St. Smitty College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleading I,2, 3, 4g Class Play 43 Orchestra 1,z, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4g Girls Trio 3,43 Girls' Chorus 2,35 Hockey Manager 3,45 Varsity Club 4, F,N, A. 4. Gigglebox. . . always seen with Marlene. . .listens to Four Freshmen records, , , "oh, my gruntl ", . , can be seen working at Aunt Sall ' Kitchen. .. cute little girl on o f y s r o f the stage. . .sometimes seen in a perky ponytail. . . beautiful voice. . . ambition- . to become a nurse. ss geaffswcome BARBA Route 1, Bainbridge Snyder mercial Band Fron , g 5 C eerleading 1, 2, Bainbridgeg Chorus I,2, Bainbridgeg Chorus 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g F,B, L,A. 4. Friendly to all. . . cheeseburgers and pizza pie help keep Barby happy , , , pet peeve: people who are two-faced. , , petite and quite feminine --except on a hockey field. . . soft spoken, . , believer that closer ties should be established between local institutions, . , plans to be a typing secretary. RA ANN SNYDER Com t 1,2 Bainbrid e h GALEN B, SNYDER Route I, Elizabethtown Snites College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 3, 45 Hi-Y 2. A friend to everyone. . . a fiend in the chemistry lab. . . one of our idolized football players. . . partner in crime with Jimmy. . . usually laughing about something--anything. , , enviable blue eyes. . . ought to model Hathaway shirts someday. . . plans to enter the Air Force. IO-ANN SNYDER Route I, Elizabethtown - Jo Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 23 Class Play 35 F, B, L,A, 4: F, H, A, 4: Yearbook Staff 4. Quiet? . . .bookworm. . . enjoys swimming. . .collects statues and pic- tures of horses, , . pleasant personality. . . displays a short well groomed head of hair. . .usually has something to sa ab ' secretar sh ' y out everything. . .as a y e will add a touch of efficiency to any office. 42 an- . . . par es when Bill is mentio hunting and fishin anim JOHN E, STAMBAUGH Route 3, Elizabethtown John College Preparatory Band I,2, 3,43 Orchestra 4, Junior High Chorus Ig Debate Club 23 Journalism 2, 3,4g Blue and White Co-Editor 43 Chess Club 33 Class ' Play 3,43 Engineering Club 43 Yearbook Staff 4, Editor-in-Chief 4g Goldey Beacom Spelling Award 3, Editor of the Elizabethan. . . wonderful sense of humor. , . spends spare moments at Rexall Drug Store. . . a real thespain doing an excellent job in our class plays. . . a head brimming with levelheaded suggestions and ideas. . . a natural leader. a stabilizing influence on the class. CAROL ANN STEEVER 76 Orange St. Carol College Preparatory Hockey I, 2, 3, 4g Varsity Club 3, 4g Student Council I, 2, 3, 4, Treas- urer 3, President 4g Library 4: Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,4, Vice-President Ig F, T, A, 3,4, Secretary 43 Junior High Chorus I3 Girls' Chorus 23 Class Play 3,4, Journalism 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4, Literary Editor 4, Neat appearance. . . bubbling personality, , ,likes to dabble in oils, has excellent results. . . lots of fun. . .topnotch athlete. . . enjoys argumenta- tive conversation. . .forever yearning to have long hair. . , doctored hock- l es short, fluffy flat-tops. . . vows to readhr SY and Peace. bruises constantly. . . ov Hmditsmembms- RICHARD F, STONE Route 1, Elizabethtown Commercial Dick Hi-Y 2. Tall, light, and quiet. . . hunter and fisherman. . . devours macaroni with cheese. . . enjoys trapping. . .caught alphabetically between two girls in the class.. . never gets ruffled over perplexing situations. . . a reat mountain of thought, . . works at Longenecker's Hatchery. . .would 8 like to continue there. JUNE STUM Route 2, Hershey College Preparatory June Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,4, Chaplain 2, Scribe 33 Junior High Chorus Ig Girls' Chorus 23 Yearbook Staff 43 F, N, A, 4, President 4, The girl with a swell personality. . . enjoys horseback riding. . .likes all popular music--especially "The Platters". . . has an interest in Franklin and Marshall College. . .rounds out to perfection in every field. . . al- ways has a joke or bit of mischief. , . will make a fine nurse. ROBERT E. TEUFEL 518 N. Hanover St. Bob College Preparatory Basketball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 2, 3,45 Hi-Y Ig Mixed Chorus 3g Class Treasurer I, 2, 3,4, Efficient class treasurer. . . golf expert. . . noted for his parties. . . co- winner of the Gil Shirk trophy. , , often seen on Highlawn Ave. . . .an ddicted to training diets, being a three letter ' osition. . . plans ardent Dodger fan. . . a man. . . can catch a ball on the football field from any p ' s and orthotics field. to enter the prosthetic 43 RONALD E, THOME 37 W. Summit St. Ronnie Commercial Student Council Ig Indoor Patrol Ig Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Goldey Beacom Spelling Award 3. Quiet until you know him. , . enjoys hunting. . . often goes fishing. , . terrific speller. . . deep set dark brown eyes. . .one of the few boys with an easily readable penmanship. . .steered clear of crew-cuts through high school. . . plans to be a cashier. PAUL D. THOMPSON 256 S. Market St. Tommy Commercial Football I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3,45 Varsity Club 3.4. Little, but mighty as they come. . .full of fight and scrap, , , never heard of chewing gum essays. . ,speed demon of the typing classg . . Little Paul. . . happy go lucky. . . all muscle. . .successfully can hold his breath for three minutes and twenty-seven seconds. . .will add stature to any branch of the service, ' Chaim KENNETH WALBORN IO6 Brown St, Ken General Hi-Y 1,3g Chess Club 2,3. That wonderful head of gorgeous little ringlets. . . man of the world, , , kept the bowling alley shipshape for quite some time a real big fella--big hearted. . .heartily enjoys anything funny, ,-:can savvy that chemistry pretty well. . . masculine crooked smile, JAMES L, WALTERS Masonic Homes Jim College Preparatory Class President I,2, 3,4g Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, President Ig Chess Club 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3g Football 3, 4. Gets a kick out of reading good sports stories, among other things, , , personality that could charm a smile from the Great Stone Face him- self. . ,has a genuine interest in everyone. , Q holds high hopes of be- coming and industrial tycoon--what he calls a foreman, , , thanks to you, Jim, for four years of excellent leadershipl JOAN L. WEIDMAN 175 E. High St. Joanie Commercial Band Front 1, 2, Lebanong F, H, A, 45 F, B, L. A, 4. Beautiful jet black hair, . . prefers bright colors to set it off loves anything pertaining to food and just adores "football guys"..f.. Lebanon lost a sharp majorette when Joanie moved to town. . .will be a five o'clock girl to some lucky boss--why? hates late hours. 44 ELIZABETH M, WENGER 425 College Ave. Betsy College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, President 32 Band I, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra I, 2, 3, 43 Tennis I, 2, 3, 43 Hockey I, 2, 3, 43 Journalism 2, 3, 4, Co-editor -in- chief 43 F, T, A, 3,4, President 43 Varsity Club 43 Yearbook 43 Library Staff 3,41 Class Historian 3,43 Class Play 3. Originator of those never to be forgotten slumber parties. . . very busy co-editor of "Blue and White". . . always dreaming up something to do--and ways to do it. . . credited with very constructive suggestions . . .following the Wenger tradition, she will enter Juniata. MAY E, Z OOK 36 W. Hummelstown St. Zookie Commercial Junior High Chorus 13 Yearbook Staff 4, Treasurer 43 Mixed Chorus 4: F. H. A. 4. Great fancier of field hockey. . . speed demon on the field, , . prim ant very well groomed. . . helped find ways to stretch the Elizabethan budget. . . proficient pianist and figure skater. . . her typing efficiency will be very handy in her secretarial position. allbwwvtlwwolnlcb. M53 1 fm-s r Wxyiif , f fl hx! . Aww-0 If J ff a-' y 'ly , X fl ""'f,1g, " wlllff X , '1' tw' 471 ,dx ,fy .gil 441 'W gitzg-ff 6251551 'z' JI 4 j'n'n'!"5' W' 'Qi -gaghigggzi-J -W 4-li, X A Mfr-L. -- 5--env f , Q - ff t A4-f A :X if S0- Klgl . -1 , i ' -sa-f as I gina X 73 X 4 -..:-1.5, '- , , 3,1 ,II f N r-:f.',s Gifix 3, . ffgf,' f ,fa-' if . .,v5f7g5Z.f:' Ei, f j SM., - g rant to us, Lord, we beseech thee the spirit to think and do always such things as be rightfulp that we, who cannot do any thing that is good with- out thee, may by thee be enabled to live according to thy willy through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. --From Queen Elizabeth's Prayer Book . lass iiaisturp The great Elizabethan, Shakespeare, was so right when he observed, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players, " Here in the Elizabethtown Schools the class of '57 has been a part of a great performance with a time, place, and plot to set the stage for its action. When the curtain rose on the opening scene back in September, 1945, about sixty were entering the first grade of the East High Street elementary school--just two sections for all day instruction, in the regular way of the less crowded schools of that time. Their first teachers, Miss Helen Gross and Mrs. William Lawton, had the time, supplies, and room to give a good beginning to the class's twelve- year drama. The Hallowe'en celebrations, Thanksgiving programs, parent "teas, " valentine boxes, the birthday treats all combined to help the class members enjoy the early role of school children in Elizabethtown. ,Enthusiastically they bought the Victory Stamps, followed the upper class patrolmen, and looked forward to becoming "third grade Ange1s"l But it was fourth grade, with long division and fractions, wherein the plot having to do with getting through school thickened. Accepting the challenge in true class-of-'57'style, they covered up their scholastic fears singing "White Coral Bells, " reenacted the making of the flag with Betsy Ross and George Washington, and took little trips to business places about town. Then, for having so valiantly carried on, they successfully arrived on the school stage of still the first act, scene five, to delve into drill cards, library reports, map-making, well planned enter- tainments with printed programs, and, for one section, the thrill of a yearbook-ELIZABETHAN JR, I Visual education reached an all-time high during that last elementary school term. Weekly movies on rubber, safety, germs, fruit, winter sports, and natives in faraway places helped brew a restlessness only junior high could tame. Those seventh grade honor rolls had a mighty subduing effect, Each month there were those who made it and those who didn't, putting the various class members in their places. But, socially, everybody bloomed. To the tunes "Too Young, " "You'll Never Walk Alone, " "Bunny Hop, " and "O Happy Day, " the fellows and girls got in step to enjoy their first dances. Invitations kept going back and forth from the Tri-Hi-Y shindigs to Masonic Homes get-togethers and scout parties. Gym, with its tumbling, acrobats, push-upsg home economics, with its aprons and hot dish holdersg shop work, with its doorbells and mechanical drawings, also did their respective bits to pep up the class of '57 school career as it was heading to the higher levels. Athletically speaking, the class's sporting career zoomed from the very first efforts exerted. There were first team representatives on all the junior high teams and on the junior varsities. It nat- urally followed that all three major boys' teams were manned by a majority of class of '57 athletes before long. The girls enthusiastically showed their abilities in varsity hockey and tennis. School letters also were earned for cheerleading, band and orchestra. 46 The class of '57 was literally all over the placeg but it could only be realized when those royal blue and white class jackets put in their appearance. The "jacketed" members sold kettle corn and took short field trips. It had one expedition to Williamsburg, Va. via a few temperamental buses during that sophomore year. Everyone grew up tremendously one night when formals, corsages, dress suits, and a few boutonnieres were donned to put over a prom with the theme "Moonlight and Roses". More signs of maturity set in when the school 's drivers training course was available to the class of '57, then juniors. It wasn't long before drivers' cards replaced the permits and a few lucky ones added owners' cards to their wallets. Ordering rings, producing "The Little Dog Laughed, " making record sales in Easter candy, launching the Junior-Senior spring prom at Hershey, helping to win and nearly win various championships--all these activities character-trained those young men and women with what was necessary to enter the last, long- awaited, all-important twelfth year. ln spite of all the added responsibilities as Seniors in E.A,H.S., and the serious problem of "After graduation--what?" almost everyone gave the photographer a really big smile when posing for the class pictures. There were accomplishments from the first fall activities which helped to establish their con- fidence. The senior members of the band could be very proud to be a part of the impressive parade formations and half-time demonstrations at the games. Never before were so many players from one class given all- star ratings as the county conference players of the year were named. All senior-directed organizations progressed under class of '57 leadership. Success was theirs, also, with the presentation of a family-situation type of play, "Room for the Groom". Candy sales skyrocketed, assuring financial backing for the class yearbook, field trips and banquets. Then there was the making of more wonderful memories at the Hershey Coimtry Club spring dance. So having realized their ambition for a successful senior year to climax a commendable school career, all ninety-seven members had proved themselves deserving of their reward at that last get-together-- graduation. As the grand exit was made, they were surely fortified and strengthened by all the valuable experiences of the past twelve years for what was to follow. May 1957 was not the end-- it was just the beginning! .Fl Peanut Gallery" - - Part of the class of '57 in seventh grade. on Sip-ple sitter-S" at the H Ullioi- C orsesh 47 'ass WP- oe Cufve. 4 nilmftlaggmnn "Hail, king that shcnlf be! "--Shakespeare Completing the picture of the no- bility of 0 school, The underclclsses ore represenfecl by the lords ond ladies of The queen's courf. , -1.LYg A A AVA 5 AJA A A A-4? 44 Q r 1 in g , 5 . fi, f 'jj ' . QELI xx' V '-' uit 1 W . -ig Fxii' iii, J Y I I .I gvkxxxx EA- A 42-, ...-' 9, G' w i' xx N. , 5 iq ., .,.4., ...,,,,45 ,IU qw P f W m ci M " "Q-W' -1-f" !gWM3ff? N K-'A fx VA w WL. 3' 1 -HQ M 'X V 9 ' w s 2' H 'f-A , af ip, ' X ' X no fin' 1 TN X M 'g HI gx . 5 "M , Tl :yn p m 45 , hx 4 f I ' N 3 1, 9 2, Y T Q' " Wwgwffl ' m1W,'qiW,I'Waf 1 -,W ! r Xl'Tl,Mx kv 'X ' f-l'I 'vl , ' N H1.Wl l1w m +" 1Hl x Wiflwf 'rx 4 MA. . My MN w w -' A 1 1 l l I-wk II' w .- I ' . 1 li X 'I A lawn Ma l l j ' A Nw g, , I1 I I ' 4 m 0 , 5! 'M ff' 'C x , - , ,i - X "W 5' 13,3 5' - ff ai-cticxncmno54nipqpc,,,qPQAq,-zffii - TX 'A -, ' V ffL':" i ' S QA 1 ' ff 5 , :- g- Q --iff, li , XX f ? , , - fm - M, 1 M - 4 X QW ZW ijg,1, i gl ' ', f m ", JM !X xSQx2Aff Q6 24, w XY Q if v- -Q - X 'WE IRQ' 'lx HU f gm 5320 2 - wz g4101 w w U - --Q Q 513-4 .iw l j W 1WY Q, wi Y--1 , 4 W , 'U wx ik, xv W. W f W mn W- 1 an - xv k-N " ps me L U25 M w "4 X fax l ' MW ' W EN, Zi xy 'N ' X M- gi -fl :ff M UM H if iq155 'iE if N .W A 'if A ' ' x N Q + f Q G ' ' mx X MN ' 1 'J 3 , A 9 ? A H --R+ - H f fm Q 51121 3 ' M'- f - J' , 1, U AW- H - M- U M ,N Cm MASS CONFUSION in the upper building during changing of classes. SEVEN lily doing the fundaBOYS1Sarr1 S 0PWork. menran of TH GRADE FROM ELECTRICITY to astronomy, general science holds a strange fascination for these freshmen. SECOND YEAR TYPISTS concentrate on increasing that speed. M NH 5' ' 1-599153. geometric models, Mr. SURROUNDED BY HIS famous Dotterer conducts an algebra class. WU THE INAUGURATION FESTIVITIES attract an auditorium full of students to the school television set. SEVENTH GRADE GIRLS getting instructions in the art of home- making, MR. HABECKER and wh Usflig 3 library is boys.. Y Perio up OH reference workd to catch 1f?EE?6 ,, -N 'J , In l 1, X If 'l ,:J:.,.Xiq1i:: Al1i,.,,..f.1v1- x JUNIOR OLAQQ OFFICE!-EQ SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mar Kilhefner-vice-President. STANDING: Larry Krick-Histor iang Bob Coleman-Pre 'd Showed marvelous talents in their class play this spring. . .proudly display their concave styled class rings. . .spared no expense to throw a breath- takingly beautiful prom for the Seniors. . . "Heirs Apparent" to the responsibility of ruling the school as Seniors. Il-I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G.Sweigart, K. Bentzel, J. Jones, S. Seitz, M. Roland. SECOND ROW: C. Douglass, B. Ginder, P. Brinser, C. Evans, J. Stahl, C, Spickler, T. Dulaney, R. Funk, THIRD ROW: W. White J. Barnet, D. Pike, I. Meyer, S. Baker, G. MacPherson, D. Hilsher. FOURTH ROW: K. Hippensteel, A. Meyer, T. Garman, J. Stroh, I. Davis, M. Frutchey, D. Kil- hefner, G. Bucher, G. Haas, J. DeLong, K. Dixon. 11-C2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Grubb, J, Hilsher, E. Kraybill, V. Wilkinson, P. Garber. SECOND ROW: C. Basehore, R. Farrar, J. Es- penshade, B. Boggs, C. Hiestand, J. Sweigart, R. Criley. THIRD ROW: B. Fine, L. Cunningham, D. Dupes, B. Hoffman, B. Bishop, Q. Gibble, J. Wilkinson. FOURTH ROW: F. Reed, C. Weaver, D. Rutt, R. Coleman, H. Royer, R. Grubb, R. Graham, J. Cassebaum, J. Wagner. - 1,5 .tk . g ,, .. I , 5- 'A . rf Q W M ,bg E sv s. , 5 I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Geyer, D. Eagle, V. Brosey, H. Gebhart, G. Carriger, I. Brandt, K. Lehman, I. Groff, SECOND ROW: S. Keener, S, Metzler, C. Miller, S. Alwine, M, Oberhol- zer, L. Fasnacht, L, Ober, L. Itzoe. THIRD ROW: N. Overdorff, W. Wit- mer, J. Blough, A. Zeager, K, Fas- nacht, M. Miller, S, Hackenberger, J. Grimm, R. Miller. FOURTH ROW: C. Miller, S. Hoffer, B. Ginder, J, Hamilton, V. Bowers, I. Cassebaum, M. Aldinger, L. Shissler, . -,W .Wa ,mummy H-V f In I ii A , 3 'S' ' , r 5 , F I if V Q' f . , . ,. ,vas fx, X: . K... 'a . . I ' 9 I f I . 3. 5 Ph f JKV Y 'F .Inf 5:-'?:. mx. .fs : kms sexi fm! 11-E? FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Schwanger, J. Graybill, G. Goss, L. Hipple, S. Simione, J, Snyder, S. Rank. SECOND ROW: P. Lehman B. Bradley, T. Heigel, B. Winters, P. Lancaster, A. Greenawalt, K. Powell, T. Trimmer. THIRD ROW: R. Hayes, A. Mohr, J. Gish, L. Hummer, E. Shelley, K. Fogie, M. Walters, J, Berrier. FOURTH ROW: E. Royer, R. Kline, J. Stone, H. Keener, D. Thomas, J. Bailey, I. Adams, M. Brinser. 3 I' 'N J ...nd 06 1 959 u-' H , . s ka ff: " ' c g , 'MZ' fr' ' 1 QQ! N 'ff .M I I ll filf 1,16 W .1 " ln! fi - ,.:, J 'K K .L f N r , Q .. - E, tg 43" - - -'4t::5E: Emir, --::s , SOP!-IOMOI-EE GLAQQ OFFICERS SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Linda Eshelman-Treasurer, Jill Garber-Vice-President. STANDING: Jane Martin-Historian, Dean Baker-President, Pat Bates-Secretary, Successfully sold bushels of Prom peanuts. . .de- termined but cooperative. . .found real class hidden in those black and white '59 jackets. . .sparked with livli- ness and initiative. I 0- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Beyer. I. Gar- ber, M. Flory, C. Hall, L. Herr, B. Arndt. SEC- OND ROW: W. Shank, S. Heisey, E. Gerber, L. Hess, D. Barnhart, H. Eberly, T. Flowers. THIRD ROW: D. Appel, L. Eshleman, P. Bates, 5. Good, S. Farver, B. Good C. Byerly, FOURTH ROW: Grimm, J. Hamilton, B. Gunning, J. Gutshall, R. Garber, W. Craven, B. Deitrich, R. Heisey, F , Carotto. 1,0-2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Thuma, C. Strickler, B. Hill, J. Laux, G. Sweigart, F. Martin. SECOND ROW: T. Rutman. J. Mar- tin, M, Risser, G, Rice, R. Ropka, P. Irvine, S. Kaylor, M. Longe- necker. THIRD ROW: C. Hollen- baugh, T. Mechenny, P. Seibert, D. Hoffer, H, Kain, R. Ulrich, J. Wildinson, B. Spickler, R. Hil- sher. FOURTH ROW: S. Knox, E. Walters, J. Nauman, H. Knauss, C. Weiser, J. Raugh, J. Leaman, - J. Ober, P. Saylor. I0-5 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Seigart, L. Nolt, M. Royer, C. Dangeler, C. Smith, M. Zim- merman, J. Snyder. SECOND Row: R. Myerhoffer, L. Snyder, G. Olwil- er, E. Shank, B. Mohr, S. Young, G, Shank. THIRD ROW: J. Park, S. Mohr, R. Risser, L. Norton, B. Smith, S. Thompson, D. Campel, J. Morris, G, Seiders. FOURTH ROW: S. Risser, K, Crum, C. Rice- dorf, J. Moyer, D. Baker, P. Walt- ers, L. Oxenrider, R. Shank, L. Shaffer. IO-4 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Miller, S. Hein, M. Minich, J. Gibble, K. DeArmmit, N. Lokey N. Hostetter, A. Engle, M. Coursen J. Hixon. SECOND ROW: J. Miller, C. Jones, P. Ebersole, S. Bernhard, H. Longnecker, B. Hess, N. Gibhle, L. Brubaker, A. Lookenbill. THIRD ROW: B. Metzler, R. Miller, B. Coble, J, Garman, R. Bernhard, K. Aungst, B. Funck. FOURTH ROW: R. Kready, H. Brown, K. Eby, L. Biesecker, J, Fantom, S. Espen- shade, R. Garber, H. Andrews, R. Keck. ' 4... .r I- V-' 1:-' ' 'H ff ' . . W - If M All 'fi-114 I I f Q Q Z1 X 1 1" 1 .-- , ,CMM 1. ,J n Maia' vi? f' f 9-I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Kern, J. Flowers, T. Gantz, J. Frey, D. Geib, D. Brubaker, J. Es- penshade. J. Goss, N. Gerber, SEC- OND ROW: D. Ginder, E. Brubaker, H. Gill, L. Hackman, L. Collins, J. Fultz, J. Dickson, M. Criley, G. Heistand, J. Kopecki, B. Draw- baugh. THIRD ROW: L. Fittery, J. Henich, B. Clark, W. Burgess, B. Brackbill, J. Ferrari, J. Gish, D. DeLong, K. Bernhard. I. Graham. FOURTH ROW: R. Fleck, J. Harris, G. Bitterman, P. Givens, B. Hamil- ton, J. Hershey, T. Patschke, G. Burgess, J. Enck, J, Kuntz. . 1 Enthusiasm plus, as they hold the upper hand in Junior High. . .energetically attended and participated in school activities. . .time alone will realize their Full 2 2 i S i E 5 11 if t i FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Edge, I. Oberholtzer, M. Risser, D. Ritchie, M. Stehman, P. Zim- merman, B. Royer, A. Winters, R. Prescott. SECOND ROW: J. Rob- bins, L. Myers, N. Smith, J. Heisey, J, Jones, J. Jones, S. Srillwagner, S. Horst, J. Keener, C. Frey, THIRD ROW: P. Heisey, G. Keeley, G. Miller, J, Sikorski, D. Walters, D. Weaver, J, Smedley, D. Herr, M. Esslinger. FOURTH ROW: A. Kaylor, D. Peters, E. Horting, H. Miller, A. Martin, J. Sheaffer, R, Wanamaker, E, Stauffer, G. Owens, Q-2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Snavely, K. Morris, B. Martz, S. Ringlaben, J. Kniley, B. Myers, P. MCFal1s, D. Lehman. SECOND ROW: V. Shank, D. Manahan, . V. Koser, J, Zarfass, M. Longe- necker, D. Painter, L. Nissley, S. Gish. THIRD ROW: M. Smith, H. Smeltzer, R. Shriner, C. Weid man, D. Garber, B. Greenawalt, F. Zeager, J. Mummau, R. Spick- ler, H. Halbleib. FOURTH ROW: H. Hilsher, J. Zeager, F. Noll, J, Sloop, D. Minich, S, Reed, ' M. Givens, E. Hart, B. Zook, M. Moore, N. Wagner, H. Hayes. E e s. Esc, fl I I ' . X f -.14 3 .f 9-E5 IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT '. Golden, D. Davies, H. Oberholt- er, C. Brenner, J. Alleman, fl. Sweigart, J. Winters, S. Musser. ECOND ROW: L. Miller, L. Bros- ous, J. Dupler, D. Hess, D. Dime- -er, L. Sweigart, R. Dimeler, - Becker. THIRD ROW: A, Bank, '. Baker, J. Collins, D. Tripp, ,. Eckert, D. Gunning, D. Dime- -er, F. Landis, D. Farmer. FOURTH LOW: L. Achenbach, R. Bair, ,. Coble, B. Styer, D. Brandt, V. Bucks, V, Groover, B. Burkholer, H. Watts, J. Sweigart, H. Brinser, in FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Myer, A. Royer, J. Miller, L. Horst, N, Good, M. Saylor, R. Garrnan. SECOND ROW: K. Riggleman, G. Floyd, W, Sine, B. Rohrer, C. Penyak, D. Gruber, M. DeArmitt, I. Greiner, H. Snyder. THIRD ROW: J, Heck, R. Hoffman, W, Ruhl, W. Myer, K. Miller, A. Nagel, E. Heisey, B. Fisher, P. Meyerhoffer, L. Olweiler. FOURTH ROW: G. Miller, G. Greiner, L. Rapp, R. Gibble, N. Hollinger, R. Fantom, C. Dupes, J. Fanus, G. Beamen derfer, L. Carotro, T. Koser. -M.,,,,,z 'T ... fr M4 . c Z Wil' ' ,x W 4 I ? 1 Il Ill: I l 57,5 3 5.9 9 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Zeager, H. Jones, M. Hynecker, G. Ream, C. Weidner, I. Loser, T. Otis, J. Musser, C. Risser. SEC- OND ROW: C. Metzler, R. Snyder, A. Berrier, R. Gebhard, M. Coble, R. Sauble, C. Shank, C. Barr, G. Kishbaugh, J. Hess. THIRD ROW: C. Cunningham, S. Hohr, S. Good, J. Horst, G. Sikorski, S. Halbleib, S. Miley, B. Reinhold M. Boyer, J, Spickler, W. Fike. FOURTH ROW: V. Kauffman, J. Snyder, J. Royer, T. Espenshade, E. White, J. Yohn, A. Shissler, J. Ulrich, B. Turner, E. Eshleman. og ree: Joined with the seventh grade to sponsor a most successful square dance. . .enthusiastically accept respon- siloility. . .most familiar with the trials of the seventh grader. . .Freshman, here they come. 8-2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J, Lovinger, J. Gibble, E. Gish, S. Deitrich, S. Ulrich, S. Scott, H. Heigel. SECOND ROW: R. Neu- man, L. Hess, P. Greider, E. Sloat, C. Sweigart, M. Williams, R. Bent- zel, R. Miller, K. Hummer. THIRD ROW: S. Hossler, JZ Fackler, J. Mummau, L. Kaylor, B. Wenger, B. Roadarmel, M. Shelly, G. Geyer, P, Geiman, R. Hoffman. FOURTH ROW: I. Smith, K. Zeager, R. Koch, K, Haines, R. Brubaker, L. Weidman, R. Pfoutz, R. Dime- ler, R. Hippie, T. Ruhl, J. Wohlfeil 8-3 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Ebersole, C. Good, D. Snyder, A. Ream, P. Hollenbach, N. Thome, S. Sager, Christ. SECOND ROW: C. Gift, P. Shuman, C. Linn, C. Horning, S. Hain, N. Frutchey, S. Baker, N. Johnson, E. Puchaty. THIRD ROW: C. Hoover, R. Snyder, I. Loser, G. Martin, H. Webb, C. Strickland, C. Carmichael, K. Helm, F. Farmer, D. Zook, FOURTH ROW: W. Keck, R. Free- man, R. Hershey, J. Barnes, M. Ropka, F. Boylan, G. Reed, R. Mumper, E. Schweers, R. Gordon. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Gutshall, R. Brubaker, E. Ter- ranova, P. Parker, M. Smith, V. Gobrecht, D. Wood, D. Hostet- ter. SECOND ROW: H. Risser, I. Snyder, C. Hoover, G. Withers, H. Stone, N. Weaver, M. Heisey, S, Seibert, J. Heisey, G. Valentine, THIRD ROW: P. Ober, P. Mumma, J. Carl, J. Watts, J. Wert, N. Ort- ity, H. Hoffman, L. Farry, P. Wol- gemuth, A. Engle, J. Saylor, FOURTH ROW: R. Beat, K. Fanus, K. Kaylor, L. Kreiser, N. Martin, J. Fox, W. Dupes, D. Moyer, L. Strominger, J. Zerphey, J, Good FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Stark, M. Rutman, A. Dresher, P. Tyson, P. Shenk, B. Bair, P. Hollinger, P. Nelson, E. Wing- ert. SECOND ROW: W. Edye, M. Newcomer, S. Hixon, C. Seid- ers, J. Bair, E. Davies, B. Herr, V. Mummau, G. Messler, D. Styer. THIRD ROW: T. Dupler, T. Geib, K. Halterman, M. Brandt, I. White J. Charles, R. Ricedorf, R. Stone. FOURTH ROW: D. Minick, J, Shank S. Rutherford, G. Funk, E. Carska- den, G. Stoner, V. Wolf, G. Wag- ner, B. Biesecker, R. Parmer, J. Doser, N. Snyder. Only beginning to undersfand the problems of edu- 01, cahonal advancemeni' losi' ln a maze of room numbers for FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Shank, C. Fitzpatrick, M. Hy- nicker, M. Heistancl, P. Dresher, J. English, E. Snyder. SECOND ROW: M. Hilsher, V. Witmer, F. Moquin, D. Roberts, D. Free- man, C. Kaylor, T. Zeager, L. Bernard, D. Keener, THIRD ROW: K. Halk, S. Gish, P. Stumpf J. Hilsher, L. Wingert, R. Belser, C. Boyland, M. Miller, G, Fanus. FOURTH ROW: H, Smith, R, Grein- er, R. Fink, D. Myer, D. Brene- man, D. Sweigart. I. Wittel, J. Campbell, J. Fry. 7-2 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Gates, D. Hiestand, E. Nagle, L. Sweigart, C. Royer, C. Spickler. 'SECOND ROW: E. Coble, W. Groff, L. Funk, K. Gatman, K. Lehman, S. Seiders, K. Anchors, J. Kauffman, THIRD ROW: H. Hohr, I. Engle, G. Shank, P. Groff, T. Sager, H. Halbleib, B. McLane, E. Welsh, M. Lookerlbill. FOURTH ROW: J. Ibaugh, J. Noll, M. Bucks, S. Newgarld, E. Enck, D. Sweigart, S. Wilson, P. Shepler, D. Shirk, V. Bless. ,h V,A,,, . vt 1, -wifi.-Q , t .Ill .f-. 1 . , ?1 an . g as R .pg hi i . xr' ga. MJ L.....i 7-5 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Winters, J. Moore, P. Risser, J. Longenecker, E. Geib, E. Strick- ler, J, Shreiner, SECOND ROW: H. Garber, R. Rutt, T. Stauffer, K. Wagner, B. Weaver, B. Shank, J. Mader,.E, Leivis. THIRD ROW: R, Zug, J. Baker, M. Gish, S. Taylor, A. Simione, M. Zuck, J. Roberts, J. Bailey. FOURTH ROW: I. Snyder, R. Turner, M. Martin, R. Bless, T. Madeira, S. Morris, J. Chittum, L. Trego, C. Palmer. . , I , 1 - .3 ' 5 3' 4' F 7-4 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P, Herr, J. Kraybill, P. Young, C. Ziegler, B. Flowers, P. Shenk, H. Kraybill, L. Cummings. SEC- OND ROW: W. Hershey, B. Isen- berg, K. Finkbiner, D. Deitrich, J. Trostle, M. Aungst, J. Good, G. Clements. THIRD ROW: R. Florschutz, J. Becker, A. Gar- ber, L. Borrell, R. Beck, K. Weiss C. Strickler, B. Carskadon. FOURTH ROW: B. Troutman, A. Nagel, B. Young, S. Forney, L. Thuma, T. Burgess, F. Miller, G. Helm, ilglrziin His mind and hand went together, "--Condell A vital aspect of Elizabethan life, and a necessary part ofthe Elizabeth- town school program, athletic con- tests have always been essential to the physical and mental well-being of' the participants. 62 1 Q1 iN W' Kx xx XX X X X5 53K QA txic, xK XFX fl , am -Qs xdff U 2 E , L4 IN' C. J fi w NN V 'V f X 1 C fy-X' gl if ' X Lkxx' K I C', NK WQUX fr NX J K j 1 fu x ra qxfjgxf Aft-jjj T 'n ' x V ' 1 m w H I J, v fx w ',f,', xl !m14."',MA ,,',!,, ,u .- Vx, X' " -'QL , r w 1 1 , X 4 v K n 1 I K 4 W f x , V . AMI " '5 m 51 W LV E ' ' Wg ' MM. I W 1'r S'ff' . V f" J '1w +f v1.g.n..JA' 4 ATHLETICS COUNCIL L, to R.: Dr, Parrett, Mr. Diehl, Mr, Wenger, Mr. Daubert, Dr. Kilhefner. Arrangers of that tight E. A. H. S. interscholastic sports schedule. . . responsible for the colorful, inform- ative football programs. . .spend many of their meetings deciding what athletic equipment is needed . . .instituted motion picture taking to improve future football techni- ques. Qpowts P gl , . f fr -I 3 34 49331 r g - - -M 2 M 1 .1 N X si 515.54 if 'ff 4 sag is ' 4' 1 wp - , i E i f glgl fe i 7 yn so M V it ri f 9 , . f -is ,.: -5 , l'."' gi'-,i. fl iixggiiiigxwff' ' , L.s'f 'f.' ' s-" . if get b I 5-:cj-. -,535 ,K -:wsu 'i-ff" -'Q ,1 1 .f -L, 5,5 .Q - -V A i"- ' it 4. . krkk I, rg, gg... ,I lg? JM. LH M ffifwf- f , if m wegf, 2-f i"- f-fi , ,A 3 . - 7 .1 "f A "T , -- ' it r of i i i , ' is K . J ff- - .Bev ' 5 .4 - 030822 ' ' C fi s V at . K i a 4. V O5 io! 3 V 9 'bi HOW fi 5 E-TOWN gets that rebound. THE LINE spearheads a drive through the middle. 64 THE PAYOFF of a series of passes. ,-N. M! ,ww ewKWPSisv,,, 5- -,,. .mwwl f- V.,. g sf WH' vnskfg A ,Y .TWA W 2 'F' f 7 g3 km gf 1 xi 9 am :VX A ' ? .4 W , Fmpyi, V . . . FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Hunsecker, M. Roland, J. Kuntzelman, B. Carl, C. Steever, B. Wenger, K. Jones, A. Runyan, S. Saylor, R. Andrews, S. Baker, E. Kraybill. SECOND ROW: P. Garber, L. Herr, K. Evans, M. Flory, B. Boggs, L. Eghelman, Sr Alwine, S. Kaylor, K. Bentzel, B. Hill, J. Miller, J. Garber. THIRD ROW: L. Smith, M. Criley, D. Geib, J. Kniley, S, Stillwagner, S. Reed, M. Moore, J, Espenshade, D. Greiner, B. Zook, I. Dixon,'J. Jones, J, Zarfoss, I. Espenshade, S. Jacobs, L. Knolt. EAHS Opp. ..- New Holland 4 O Mechanicsburg 7 l Donegal 6 l Manheim Central 2 2 Hempfield 7 O Donegal 4 O Manheim Central 3 O Hempfield 5 l Lancaster County Play-offs Lititz 4 O Manheim Township l 2 Miss Jane Hunsecker, Coach, with Co-Captain and Captain. -W-f 66 5 -. TOP TO BOTTOM: Jack Hawthorne, Fullback Paul Thompson, Halfback Bob Fackler, Halfback Donegal Manheim Twp. Manheim Central Lififz Ephrafa Cocalico Columbia Solanco Red Lion Palmyra EAHS 20 27 28 7 I3 34 42 31 34 O QF Si. FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Floyd, J. Hawthorne, D. Goodling, B. Teufel, B. Fackler. SECOND ROW: D. Thomas, G. Snyder, J. Walters, P. Thompson, J, Knitlweis, R. Farrar. THIRD ROW: H. Royer, J, Cassebaum, B. Coleman. what Vwtofaes OPP. O 7 6 6 I8 6 I4 .6 7 I3 wifi '--1-..: rv LU-' .4 'f"'T"f - . 4' .. B T Q is , ,M ,,-- 5 I WH, I I 1, ,71ky,?,. i B . 1 F N :'..Q". .. 4 -i . T .,V, ,L .. f X' H-if 0-14 'A' K. Dixon, D. Rutt, D. Dupes, L. Cunningham. FOURTH ROW: K, Crum, B, Spickler, S. Davis, M. Frutchey, W. Craven, D. Brandt, G, Walters, B. Styer. FIFTH ROW: R. Graham, P. Sweigart, J. Raugh, L, Beisecker, B. Deitrich, R. Heisey, D. Good, M. Borrnan, T. Trimmer. Nightly practice, conscientious training and the able coaching of Phil Daubert and his assistants Dick Wolf, Alton Eppler, and Bill Frantz, made the football record of E,A,H,S, in 1956 the best in years. . .an 8- rating placed them in third place in the Con ference of Roses. . . Dave Gooclling and Bob 2 Teufel captured first string berths on the All- County team. . .also receiving recognition were Jack Hawthorne, Jack Knittweis, Hal Royer, Milt Frutchey, Don Rutt, and Bob Coleman. . . . FooTBALL Da Ve G0od1in gl Quarterback LEFT TO RIGHT: Bob Teufel, Endg George Floyd, mw G Tackleg Galen Snyder, Centerg Jack Knittweis, Guard, J1m Walters, End, u- Blood, Sweat, and JACK HAWTHORNE starts the Bears DR. THOMPSON shown at A SPECTACULAR end run gains off on another touchdown march, his vantage point on the yardage for the Bears in the bench. Columbia game. DONE GAL COCALICO The Bears opened the season by scalping the Donegal Indians 20 to 0. Even though the seniors were benched and saw no action, the Bears had little trouble as they moved the pigskin up and down the field with ease. MANHEIM TOWNSHIP The Bears again had a taste of victory as they crushed the Blue Streaks of Manheim Township 27 to 7. The Blue Streaks only once hit paydirt on the E,A,H,S, gridiron. MANHEIM CENTRAL Seeking their third victory, the Bears ventured to Manheim Central where they gave the Barons a 28 to 6 beating. The Bears again met little resistance as they were in complete control throughout the warm afternoon. LlTlTZ The determined Pretzels ventured to E-town only to find the Bears a little too tough. Both teams gave all they had down to the final whistle but the local lads again proved their strength by edging out the Pretzels 7 to 6. EPHRATA Loyal Elizabethtownians and Ephratans gather- ed together to witness the game which would determine the championship of the conference. The Bears gave their best only to suffer their first defeat of the season in an I8 to T3 thriller. All of the bears saw action as they rolled over an inexperienced Cocalico club 34 to 6. COLUMBIA Hungry for revenge because of the Ephrata setback, the Bears journeyed to engage the Crimson Tide of Columbia. Revenge they wanted and revenge they got as they rolled over the Tide with an impressive 42 to l4 victory. SOLANCO On a wet, muddy field the Bears played host to the Golden Mules of Solanco. The local lads again showed their strength by coasting over the inexperienced Mules 3l to 6. RED LION Hoping to improve their record by winning another game the Bears traveled to Red Lion. With all the breaks in the Bears' favor they returned home with a 34 to 7 victory. PALMYRA To finish up the season the E-towners played host to Palmyra, one of the top conference teams. With a few mistakes and some bad breaks, the Blue and White were edged out by the Palms l3 to 0. THREE BEARS put a stop to a potential gridiron threat, COACHES Frantz, Wolf, and Daubert expectantly watch the action on the field. THE E-TOWN line rushes through to get its man, AN ATTEMPT for another six points A BAND, cheerleaders, and fans filling the bleachers is stopped near the sidelines. prove it's fine weather for a football game. Annville Cornwall South Lebanon Columbia Manheim Central Donegal Manor Ephrata Manheim Twp. LEFT: The galloping rec head, Dave Goodling, shoots for two more point RIGHT: Realizing defeat near the end of a close game, Donegal men wince as Dave shoots for another basket. l-lwwlwooolf l-l' ' Q . . . BASKETBALL EAHS Opp. EAH5 OPP- 6l 49 Upper Leacock 87 33 45 47 Hempfield 70 43 79 46 Columbia 44 53 50 64 Manheim Central 86 52 44 5l Donegal 59 55 78 32 Upper Leacock 9l 37 72 46 Ephrata 66 59 73 39 Manheim Twp. 62 54 59 70 Manor 65 44 Hempfielcl 77 60 LEFT: Glenn insures his basket with that high jump. MIDDLE: Varsity Club members took turns selling tickets to the home games. RIGHT: Muscles are taut as Bears wait for the swish of Bob 's two pointer. T Qlmpsmfw VARSITY SQUAD KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Knitlweis, D. Goodling, B. Teufel, B, Fackler. STANDING: H. Royer, M. Frutchey, D. Rutt, G. Bucher. Guided by senior stars Dave Goodling, Bob Fackler, Bob Teufel, and Jack Knitt- weis. . .overall training done by Coach Don Haverstick. . .had a commendable varsity record of 10 victories against 4 defeats. . .rated second place in the Section l of the Lancaster County League. . .consistently attracted capacity crowds. . . fea- tured fascinating pre-game techniques. . .Coach Dick Wolf and Jack Hawthorne were time-keepersg operator of the time clock was Mr. Herbert McCollom. Annville Cornwall South Lebanon Columbia Manheim Central Donegal Manor Ephrata Manheim Twp. Upper Leacock Hempfield Columbia Manheim Central Donegal Upper Leacock Ephrata Manheim Twp. Manor Hempfield EA:-as opp. 40 33 37 39 41 31 1 2 32 1 9 22 43 27 38 26 39 44 38 25 48 51 24 1 7 26 36 26 40 30 29 20 47 37 41 44 57 30 21 30 4-4 JUNIOR VARSITY KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R, Heisey, B. Deitrich, B. Spicklern STANDING: G. Walters, D. Kilhefner, D, Thomas, Q. Gibble. S . . . . JUNIOR HIGH KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Stoner, B. Best, D. Weaver, A, Shissler, A. Martin, I. Campbell, D. Neumann, B. Carskadon, D. Zook. STANDING: J. Heck, H. Halbleib, R, Fleck, G. Birterman, J. Royer, B. Styer, T. Patschke, E. Carskadon, R. Wanarnaker. NOT PICTURED: J. Yohn. wimeclfTw,clzmew ...TRACK The first year for track at E. A. H. S. . . eighteen fellows sweated and grunted under the afternoon sun. . .laps and laps around the football field. ..made a good showing in the single match with Columbia J. V's . . .a more complete range of activities is planned for '57.. .phys. ed. teacher Dick Wolf serves as coach. .the whole squad looks forward to better facilities at the new school. . TRACK ROSTER C. Farrar, G. Pfautz, E. Hixon, N. Cunningham, J. Knittweis, M. Borman, J. Newcomer, B. Farrar, J. Davis, J. Cassebaum, E. Fuhrman, A. Myer, D. Thomas, G. Walters, L. Beisecker, R. Miller, L. Oxenrider, J. Hamilton, J. Gutshall, D. Goodling, M. Frutchey. 74 Junior High scorers lead by Coach Bill Frantz. . .chalked up an impressive ll to 4 record. . .were divided into A and B teams. . .long practice sessions produced the Section I championship team this year. EAHS Opp. Manheim Twp. 39 i5 Palmyra 3l 22 Donegal 37 34 Upper Leacock i9 33 Columbia i9 28 Manheim Central 28 24 Lancaster Catholic 45 23 Hempfield 2l 20 Upper Leacock 25 23 Palmyra 28 25 Lancaster Catholic 36 22 Donegal 2l 30 Columbai 4l 23 Hempfield 47 42 . . . TENNIS L' I "" I i:'i rvi. .u r i ,,,,,.. 1 r. if A rr q fii i 'llg rrfi A if illi if 'isi i.. trpv A pg A erp irsrr LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Eshelman, B. Wenger, Coach Hunsecker, P, Heisey, A. Shaw, S, Raffensperger, Newly organized spring varsity sport for girls. . the team, coached by Miss Jane Hunsecker, practiced daily on the park courts. . .took many straight sets from Manheim Central, East Hemp- field, Donegal, Warwick, and the Lancaster Country Day School. Highspire Middletown Columbia Warwick Hem field Manheim Donegal Columbia Warwick Hempfield Manheim D-onegal I-Iwwb Hitting Slug was OPP 9 6 3 0 l 8 2 l l 3 6 l EAHS 4 l O 2 7 4 IO 0 ll 7 3 3 Will it be a hit--or a miss? 9 . . .BASEBALL FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Thompson, B. Teufel, J. Risser, Coach Seduleg B. Fackler, G. Floyd, F. Ackerman. SECOND ROW: B, Ginder, D, Goodling, R. Williams, B. Deitrich, C. Weaver, H. Royer. THIRD ROW: M. I-lynicker, R, Ropka, G, Bucher, F. Aldinger, T. Rutman, M. Frutchey, P, Sweigart. Having graduated from the sandlot league, these boys ioined Coach Joe Sedule's nine-- Paul Thompson, Robert Teufel, David Goodling, George Floyd, James Risser, Robert Fackler, and Milton Frutchey. . .competing in Lancaster County's Section l with Columbia, Manheim Central, Hempfield, Donegal and Warwick, the local batmen captured second place. Suspended animation at first. 75 riitriiin We have wits to read and praise to give. "-- Jonson Wandering minstrels provided the court ofElizabeth with entertainmentp simi- larly, the activities in the school pro- gram provide recreation and diversion for the student body. 76 4 ,,Lgg.i : W 25:3-:ji-5 H 4 Y i , L - Q i- 'Q " J 9. --'- A X 44,7 I QD? X Q 1 Nb A 1' ip E fl X XT nf W -ff' -- -x ,f - ' X512 ' X f Y X uf f ' . L X Q ' 'i , , ' X NN f , + Hifi: , 11 V -3- 1 f f 4 .M - " I X' Img :mu if ' ,RW fpwl' 5 gi , mfg' if X ' X 1" S . CQ ,QF X K x+ T f X 'O ' f4v XYN X1 f g f?-Q ,f w e 9'X', . ,f - - 1 we 4- , - ff N wif? X g Q A ,- 4 Q f f ' . f' - ' 44 f f - . J , Q X QM X W H f T W , Y , V Xxltg , - Y r , Qs ,ff ' ff K 4 4 X, ,x , 1 R i , 1 Y ants . if W 'X' Fl!-ww A , J UI f QI u x f A X vi E Q' EEE Kllg f ,twig Ink -Z 'ff' F fgg EEF E Sin ,T ' Begin lntgl R NA -r-' Z F-E 'x sa :ggi Y fx x-"rr i X 'qgfnlida' , "if-651 ' ag gi?-,153 1 1!.f 'av' 'Vl- 'X X' ,. - I X X I my? RQ? E I' J - ' W' . 7 1' 'Mia' ' 'W "' ' SN J 1 ' x N 634' 1161 Y , Qi 1,1 5 Q L ,mx I Q 1 ' f' f WW Q5 ff Q' f J 1 X 7 , TN I f Q R-' If X '-'li-1' K v 9155K 5 in .X c -f -- f L L K Z X I L I ' W it-L.. ,Q- e- i..- a FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Zook, J, Oberholtzer, R, Mumper, M, Esslinger, M. Heisey, H, Longenecker, K, Fasnacht, A, Runyan, M. Williams, J. Flowers, E, Carskadon, D. Herr, J. Zarfoss, SECOND ROW: J, Kunt- zelman, D, Weaver, M. Borman, C, Byerly, W. Burgess, E. Eshelman, B. Coleman, A, Martin, R. Risser, S. Kaylor, R, Wanamaker, N, Wagner, E, Kraybill. THIRD ROVv': W, Good, D, Painter, J, Heck, F. Boylan, K, Kaylor, B. Wenger, J, Stahl, B. Bishop, J, Goss, B. Hill, M, Galloway, P, Wolgemuth, J, Graham, J, Adams, D, Walters. FOURTH ROW: N, Klauss-Director: J, Ibaugh, D, Minick, C. Douglass, R. Pfoutz, R, Brubaker, J, Hamilton, K. Emenheiser, J, Stambaugh, B, Hoffman, R. Andrews, D, Hoffer, J. Barnes, M, Boyer, B. Coble, B, Heisey, FIFTH ROW: R, Funck, B. Funck, P, Farver, K. Crum, T. Dulaney, D, Kilhefner, R, Rug- geri, G, Bucher, P, Seibert, L, Dupes, R, Martin, R, Shank, E, Horting, J, Park, Nota-Waiting Trul a parade of talents. . .prepared to attain a high ciegree of perfection in halftime drills by diligent 7:30 a.m. practices during football season . . .made excellent showings at farm fair parades and the Harrisburg Marching contest. . .in its alter- nate capacity, the band presented an unequalled Spring Concert. . .owes much gratitude to Mr. Klauss for his limitless patience and assistance. MR, NOAH KLAUSS, Instrumental Director COLOR GUARD LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Frutchey-Captain: J. Jones, C. Spickler, WENGER B. Ginder, S. Baker. . . .BAND FRONT BARBARA A Head M 13,101-e he Superior from any angle. . .can be counted on alwa s to make a striking appearance. . . featurecllnew novelty routines this year. . . amazed the masses with their new blue and white lucite-tipped batons. . . Barbara Wenger fitted perfectly into her new role as head maiorette by radiating charm and personality at all of the band's appearances MAIORETTES LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Lehman, S. Jacobs, F, Donley, D. Carter, L. Fantom-Captain, G. Carriger, J. Bressler, P. Lancaster. Mastwg Muswwls . . ,SENIOR ORCHESTRA Provided intermission music for both class plays. . . comprised of 75 skilled musicians. . .worked hard practicing for Armistice Day, Class Day, Commencement, and their ultimate performance of the school year, the Spring Concert . . .creators of beautiful music. . .an orchestra of which the Elizabethtown School can well be proud. FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Terranova, L. Smith, F. "'E l Miller, B. Flowers, J, Loser, S. Miley, L, Hess, C, Good, S lui, X .... N. Gerber, S. Ulrich, E. Gerber, J. Keener, T. Espenshade, . A ' SECOND ROW: D, Sweigart, J, Martin, C. Steever, P. px N Bates, S. Reed, S. Baker, L. Kaylor, B. Zuck, M, Longen- "T NZ ecker, K. Jones, B. Carl, J. Kuntzelman, K. Lehman, L, f E- , i Herr. THIRD ROW: A. Runyan, K, Fasnacht, H. Longen- QV la, X T 5. D ecker, R. Coleman, J. Zarfoss, G. Rice, J. Jones, P. Brin- 7 H ' li v , ff ser, A. Martin, S. Kaylor, M. Borman, B. Hill, J. Goss, all N V X T J, Stahl. FOURTH ROW: J. Ferrari, C. Basehore, C, Doug- p I ...- lass, P. Farver, R. Martin, G. Bucher, D, Kilhefner, I, X f - Stambaugh, B. Heisey, D. Herr, B. Wenger, B, Bishop, M, l l Galloway, R, Ruggeri. B. Coble, W. Good, E, Horting, N. Klauss-Conductorg B. Funck, J. Knittweis, E. Kraybill, I, Foltz, FIFTH ROW: L. Fasnacht, J, Adams, 80 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA FIRST VIOLINS-B. Wenger, S. Ulrich, L. Kaylor, J. Loser, C, Good, E. Terranova, D. Sweigart, S. Gish, M. Zuck, S, Olweiler, S. Miley, C. Spicklerg SECOND VIOLINS-S. Morris, C. Fitzpatrick, M, Longenecker, M. Coble, B. Flowers, F, Miller, T. Maresevacg VIOLAS-B. Isenberg, P, Olweilerg CELLO-L. Keiperg BASS-C, Spickler, P. Sei- bertg PIANO-B. Amdt, D, Shirk, J. Freyg FLUTES-H. Longenecker, M. Williams, J. Flowers, B. Meinhardt, R. Wan- amaker, D. Weaver, E. Carskadon, J, Oberholtzer, C. Byerly, R, Risserg SAXOPHONES-D. Painter, F, Boylan, K, Kaylor, D, Hess, G. Floyd, TRUMPETS-J. Hamilton, J, Graham, R, Brubaker, R. Pfautzg TROMBONES-J. Park, R, Greiner, R. Shank, TUBA-T. Dulaneyg BELLS-R. Gebhartg PERCUSSION-B. Good, D. Walters, N. Wagner, J. Hilsher, B. Carskadon. APPPJENTICEQ Conducted by Mr-. Noah Klauss, these groups gave their utmost to make each performance a success. . .received FLUTES-H Lon QESISR Bi'ANIQV,m m J F1 - inspiration from their instrumental music director. . .hard e S B Meinh ft. ELZQINQTS 1 gb s'h 'lt OW practicing Junior High students. . .preparing to fill the I ' ' 1 a ' J' er O Zer' empty places in Senior Orchestra and Band this fall . M. Elslinger, C. Byerly, W. Burgess, R. Risser, E. Eshelman, J. Chittum, R. Mumper, L. Trego, J. Bailey, P. Drescher, D, Zook, C. Palmer: SAXOPHONES-J. Heck, F. Boylen, K. Kaylor, G. Shank, D. Hess, G. Floyd, R. Gebhartg PERCUSSION-D. Walters, W, Good, N, Wagner, J. I-Iilsher, B. Carskadong TRUMPETS-J. Ham- ilton, B. Heisey, J, Graham, R. Brubaker, R, Pfautz, J. Barnes, M. Boyer, D, Shank, P. Herr, N. Srrickler, R. Bent- zel, R. Shank, R. Greinerg TUBA-T. Dulaney, P. Seibert. MQ. A Long, FweQomg, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Landis, K. Bentzel, J. Gibble, J. Garber, S. Alwine, G. Carrigar, J. Graybill, J. Heisey, M. Royer, B. Heisey, B. Strickler, L. Smith, K. Jones, E. Gerber. SECOND ROW: E. Kraybill, M. Zook, B. Carl, B. Hill, P. Seibert, R. Appel, L, Oxenwilder, B. Good, L. Itzoe, T. Heigel, L. Snyder, L. Shissler, J. Good. THIRD ROW: H. Longenecker, M. Roland, J. Kuntzelman, L. Eshelman, D. Fike, G. Rice, C. Byerly, B. Ardnt, C, Douglas, L. Fasnacht, J. Fleck, S. Hoffer, F. Longenecker, D. Barnhart, T. Rutman. FOURTH ROW: R. Andrews, S. Bak- er, A. Shelley, S. Saylor, P. Bates, D. Goodling, J, Knittweis, G. McPherson, B. Hoffman, B. Fack- ler, D, Kilhefner, L. Krick, B, Coleman, G. Bucher, D. Martin, R. Engle, R. Ropka, J. Bailey, D. Hoffer. X -l X 3-- r .E D -51 -ef . """N in Use to the best advantage the energy they receive " ' ,., s N . . . Q 0 it from their dlrectress Miss Nancy Germer . . . 1 r -L , ef 1 41- i. practiced seventh period on Tuesday and Thursday J y 0 3 'x . . . mix practice and pleasure during their 0 rehearsals . . . filled the auditorium to capacity 2.9 S x x ,wx 46,5 . . . Q, 0 .. iw ,S "' . ' for their Christmas Concert and Sprung Concert. 'w wfga a ' wg-:gs Q35 'ix 82 MELLODEARS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Kniley, J, Jones, M. Moore, M. Longenecker, J. Fox, D. Breneman, B. Brackbill, E. White, D. Tripp, C. Sweigart, J. Fackler, V. Kauffman, C. Penjak, B. Myers, P. Greider, SECOND ROW: R. Fink, L. Hess, P. Shank, S. Olweiler, M. Zuck, D, Meyer, P. Shu- man, S, Dietrich, P. Risser, D, Wood, C. Shank, P. Hollinger, F. Smith, THIRD ROW: M. Rutman, M. Lookenbill, J. Frey, R. Belser, I. Dickson, S. Horst, K. Lehman, S. Taylor, T. Madeira, L. White, C. Horning, M. Heisey, S. Seiders, S. Halbleib, M. Miller, D. Snyder, J . Mellodears and the Mellomen gave fine performance at the Christmas concert . . . faithfully practiced once a week . . . shining vocal stars on a Junior Q High level . . . up and coming musi- 0m9 cians. l MELLOMEN FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Gish, N. Sny- der, P. Givens, D. Garb- er, R. Fleck, C. Hoover. SECOND ROW: G. Shank, R, Bless, G. Miller, A. Simione, J, Enck, R, Stone, F. Moquin, THIRD ROW: G. Funk, W. Bie- secker, W. Bucks, V. Groover, G. Burgess, L. Weidman, P. Heistand. TRIO Batch R' :g e1m3U I P ' . I. RXGHTQ FT T0 mym- xindtews, L. S ia. svmgggjlzlsiu. 5- me GHT2 ' LEFT gc? Hemel' ROXQU I These talentecl groups participated in both the Christmas and S ring Concerts. . .also perform- ed for various claubs and churches throughout the community. . .accomplished acapella vocal- ists as well as with piano accompaniment. . . connoisseurs of vocal music. SEVENTH GRADE TRIO LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Miller, D. Herr, S. Taylor, P. Risser. TRIO NX- KEY CLUB QUARTET LEFT TO RIGHT: R, Coleman, D. Herr, D, Hil- hefner, G, Bucher, C. Douglass. SOPHOMORE GIRLS TRIO 'LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Eshelman, P. Bates, D. Herr, D. Barnhart. SENIOR TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Frutchey, B. Wenger, S. Jacobs, S. Saylor, C, Steever, J, Shuldt, J. Risser, B. Snyder D. Carter, I. Weidman, J. Lancaster, C. Berrier. SEC- OND ROW: G. Eckert, T. man, P. Heisey, N. Longe- necker, I. Halbleib, L. Smith I. Stum, A. Shelly, B. Carl, D. McCurdy, R, Andrewsi President, THIRD ROW: K. Christ, I. Bressler, K, Heisey, L. Chapman, C. Cox, F. Don ley, J. Carotto, D. Brubaker, J. Kuntzelman, L. Fantom, D. Greinier, A. Runyan, K. Jones. His or Grabs World Christian organizations always ready to help others . . . seniors well represented at the Harrisburg "United Nations," speaking on the Philippine ls- lands . . . memorable spring frolic . . . eleventh grade group made filmy angels and presented them to the Cripplecl Chilclren's Hospital at the Christ- mas season. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Care-Advisor, S, Keen- er, V. Brosy, D. Eagle, H, Gephard, V. Wilkenson, P. Garber, G. Goss, I. Groff, S. Metzler. SECOND ROW: S. Simione, B. Bradley, K. Lehman, J. Brandt, G. Car- riger, K. Bentzel, J. Hilsher, E. Kraybill, S, Hackenberger, THIRD ROW: J. Graybill- President: P, Lehman, L. Fasnacht, K. Fasnacht, J, Fleck, T. Heigal, B. Boggs, J, Myers, M. Roland, K. Evans, D. Fike, P. Lancaster, A. Mohr. FOURTH ROW: P. Brinser, M,'Brinser, L. Hum- mer, J, Espenshade, B. Gind- er, J. Jones, S. Baker, C. Speickler, J. Berrier, M, Wal ters, J. Stahl, S. Hoffer. Mummau, F. Craun, P. Hack- .Ta MJM. . SOPHOMORE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: E. Johnson-President: C. Jones, B. Heisey, M. Coursen, G. Olweiler, M. Minich. SECOND ROW: S. Farver, I. Gibble, L. Herr, M. Risser, S. Thompson, C, Strickler. THIRD ROW: B. Smith, E. Gerber, D. Barnhart, J. Garber, B. Hill, S. Bernhard, M. Zimmerman, FOURTH ROW: J. Martin, L. Snyder, C. Hall, G. Rice, L. Nolt, J. Miller, P. Irvine. STANDING: B. Strickler, L. Norton, B. Mohr, N. Lokey, P. Eber- sole, B. Slesser, G. Sweigart, S. Young, P. Bates, J. Good, R. Ulrich, Miss Keen-Advisor. Varied meetings with special films and discussions. . .sophomores successfully planned for a bake sale and a dance. . .provided baby sitters for the P.T,A, . . .ninth graders sponsored Career Week, Church Week, and a doll show. . .Miss Keen serves as advisor to both groups. FRESHMEN TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Flowers, J. Kniley, M. Criley, G. Alleman, D. Geib, J. Espenshade, H. Gill, W, Sine, J. Frey, J. Goss, N, Gerber, B. Martz. SECOND ROW: J. Zarfoss, A, Royer, P. Heisey, J. Heisey, N. Kern, T. Gantz, L. Myers, B. Drawbaugh, S. Ringlaben, J. Robbins, J. Jones, D. Brubaker. THIRD ROW: P. McFa1ls, B. Royer, L. Collins, B. Myers, D. Lehman, A. Nagel, B. Fisher, D. Herr, D. Ritchie, L. White, J. Ferrari, M. Risser Miss Keen-Advisor. FOURTH ROW: U. Koser, M, Stehman, P. Zimmerman, N. Smith, G. Floyd, B. Rohrer, W. Burgess, J. Sikorski, S. Reed, J. Fultz, M. Moore, S.Stillwagner, J. Dickson, J. Jones, S. Horst, B. Brackbill. EIGHTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y Group A EIGHTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y Group B FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Fack- ler, S. Lager, D, Hostetter. SECOND ROW: A. Berrier, C. Shank, S. Deit- rich. THIRD ROW: S. Scott, M, Cable, E. Eshelrrlan. FOURTH ROW: H. Hoff- man, N. Martin. FIFTH ROW: E. Bixler, M. Smith. STANDING, FRONT TO BACK: H. Webb, C. Horn- ing, Mrs. Sheely, Advisor. FIRST Row, FRONT TO BACK: C. Weidner, President: C. Carmichael, W. Stark, C. Good, E. Sloat. SECOND ROW: G. Ream, V. Gobrecht, G. Sikorski, P. Schuman, I. Fox. THIRD ROW: E. White, M. Heisey, I. Snyder, K, Helm, S. Baker. STANDING: D, Wood, S, Ulrich, S. Good, C, Linn, N. Thome, P, Hollenbach, E. Terranova, M. Williams, P. Greider, C. Sweigart, N. Frutchey, D, Snyder, H. Heigle, Mrs. Sheely, Advisor. Very active junior high school clubs. . .Mrs. Sheel and the eighth grade girls heard talks by several businessmen and women. . .pleased the Re Cross with Easter baskets. . .Miss Kline's seventh graders packed boxes for needy families and made Valentine favors for the Crippled Children's Hospital. SEVENTH GRADE TRI-HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Rine, F, Smith, P, Drescher, C. Spickler, S, Gutshall, J. Kraybill, I. Moore, L. Sweigart. SECOND ROW: K. Rarick, M. Miller, C. Palmer, C. Ziegler, C. Royer, B. Isenburg, E. Enck, V. Bless, D. Shirk, THIRD ROW: P, Risser, S, Taylor, C. Kaylor, D. Freeman, P, Stumpf, K. Halk, C. Coulson, S. Olweiler, E. Lewis, S. Morris, S. Seid- ers, FOURTH ROW: I. Bailey, M. Kuhn, M, Lookenbill, C. Stumpf, T, Madiera, S. Forney, L. Landis, D. Sweigart, B. Meinhart, D. McCurdy, President: I. Chittum. -e ' - ef-fe Geek E25 e"-4" I " ' -.3 -.ff N . . " Vi h " Tiff - ,is :Ci R 'gqx 12- 'fa 1 1: I- g if, I ' fx E E I Lf x Fl-L' :if C I 1 id Ti: Q :?f 2 "NA Q ..- D l X I Y 54 :V i Q X ' , e- LYYA.. fi , fe. C . Y - ----'-f -'JKL-J' SQ A NT Organizations pledged to "create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian chara- cter". . . respective advisors are Mr. Robert Trimble, Mr. Daniel Hoopert, Mr. Ira Meyer, and Mr. Gerald Blake. . .sponsored such activitie as swimming parties, doggie roasts, special speakers, and films. . .senior group based dis- cussions on Teen Talk series. SENIOR HI-Y FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: E. Hixon, Presidenrg T. Dulaney, D. Hoffer, T. Seiders. SECOND ROW: R, Engle, R. Bemhart, I. Gutshall, M. Hoffer, D. Thomas, E. Royer. THIRD ROW: P, Saylor, C. Weiser, L. Biesecker, R. Ropka, J. Wagner, H. Eberly. STANDING, FRONT TO BACK: Mr. Trimble, Advisor, B. Coble, I. Srroh, G. Seiders, T. Adams, H. Good, M. Aldinger, B. Bishop, P, Seibert, S. Risser, B. Sine, T. Rutman, R. Eshelman, Q. Gibble. JUNIOR HIGH HI-Y Group A FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: P. Meyerhoffer, R. Zerphy, J. Royer. SECOND ROW: I. Harris, B. Reinhold, R. Coke, J. Loser. THIRD ROW: B. Hamilton, President, C. Cunningham, G. Kishball, I. Hershey. FOURTH ROW: C. Fry, B. Hershey, S. Gish. B. Shreiner, B. Brinser. STANDING, FRONT TO BACKS I. Heck, I. Wohlfiel, D. Peters, D. Prescott, E. Sraffer, K. Kaylor, J. Barnes, R. Mumper, Mr. Hoopert, Advisor. JUNIOR HIGH HI-Y Group B FIRST Row, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. symam, R. Miller, W. Enney, F. Farmer, M. Robeki, F. Boiland, W. Snyder, B. Hacenbuerger, Mr. Meyer, Advisor. SECOND ROW: T. Otis, B. Snyder, E. Puchaty, I. Smith, K. Zeager, R. Brubaker, President, P, Geimen. THIRD ROW: R. Pfoutz, R. Bentzel, R, Diamler, C. Hover, J, Shank, R. Stone, R. Hippie. FOURTH ROW: I. Ulrich, W. Kech, R. Hoffman, T. Espenshade, K. Haddeman. J. Snyder, W. Kready, T. Rule, D. Minich. - limp'- PwofuCow SEVENTH GRADE HI-Y FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Gates, P. Young, D. Keene rn J. English, D. Roberts, L. Handeshel. SECOND ROW: L. Bem- hard, E. Cable, K. Anchors, I. Engle, D. Shank, V. Witmer, K. Garman, F. Moquin. THIRD ROW: W. Hershey, L. Cum- mings, K. Weiss, B. Carskadon, Presidentg E. Kauffman. I. Mader, E. Geib, L. Funk. FOURTH ROW: C. Strickler, T. Stauffer, D. Dettick, T. Burgess, R. Zug, W. Weaver, R. Greiner, H, Smith, J. Campbell. . . . DEBATE CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Krick, G. Burgess, D. Criley, D. Hoopert, Advisor: I. Delong, F . Reed, President. ,st-gs. sup... Fr ifffi-151 .lf ' fern- .isis " s-ff.. 35.-3. -,,. A., mall but dynamic club, eaded by Mr. Daniel loopert. . . debates are eld in regular Monday lub periods. . .had a ficnic at Gretna be- ore school started. . . 'isited a debate at East .ampeter as spectators . .looking forward to iven more activity. Vi 'I ri lr is em. L A V STANDING: J. Fullerton President. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Greiner, M. Shank, L. Dupes. SECOND ROW: G. Pfautz, P. Farver, R. Ruggeri. THIRD ROW: H. Kraybill-Secretary, Mr. Dotrerer -Advisor. QidaI2.u1!aM ' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Kraybill, L. Herr, L. Eshelman, J, Kuntzelman-President, K. Bentzel, B. Carl-Secre tary, S. Jacobs, P. Garber, K. Jones, L. Smith. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wolfe-Advisor, M. Roland, B. Boggs, B. Wenger, R. Andrews, S. Baker, D, Greiner, C. Steever, S. Saylor, A. Runyan, Miss Hunsecker, Advisor, B. Hill. THIRD ROW: D. Rutt, H. Royer, J, Cassebaum-Vice Presi- dent: M. Borman, J, Haw- thorne-Treasurerg P, Thompson, J, Knittweis, D. Goodling, R, Farrar, S. Kaylor. FOURTH ROW: G. Snyder, K, Dixon, D. Thomas, R. Teufel, J, Davis, G. Floyd, R. Cole- man, M. Frutchey, R. Fackler, G. Bucher, D. Dupes , , ,ENGINEERING CLUB A club formed for the purpose of providing a place for those interested in science or math to get to- gether and discuss subiects of mutual interest. . . activities included a Field trip to the York Corpo- ration . . .informal discussions. . .proiects and lectures. . .hold meetings weekly in room I3. nw Pride 01, eau. . . . .VARSITY CLUB Anticipated the athletic contest in the spring when the boys matched ability with the girls. . . proud of the Tri-Basketball night they sponsored in February. . .energetic advisors brimming with ideas for Club programs. . .a prouder group of athletes couldn't be found on the day those sparkling white Varsity sweaters and blazers arrived. J. Newcomer, R. Martin, KEY CLUB FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Grosh-Advisor, D. Appel, K. Emenheiser, C. Douglas. SECOND ROW: D. Hamilton, B. Hoffman, B. Teufel, P. Seibert. THIRD ROW: D. Kil- hefner, B. Colernan7President, R. Ruggeri, G. Bucher. ,f",E'-'-C If YN Y I ,l,ff""'-. lfo rig ,A 0 if 1'-,, ,uf A group which provides many services to their fellow students. . .a social and service club. . .luncheon meetings during Tuesday noon hour. . .sponsor dances after basket- ball games. . .provide proiectionists when needed. . .dis- tribute gifts to needy at Christmas. . .a credit to the school. ' Ofmllctive People Miss Mengel's able helpers. . .always on the scene to undertake such essential tasks as keeping shelves in order, mending old books, filing cards. . .accomplish most of their work during study periods. LIBRARY STAFF SEATED: D. Styer, J. Frey, T. Heigel, J. Snyder, C. Royer, C. Spickler, N. Thome, C. Good. STANDING: I. Kunt- zelman, C. Strickler, P. Grubb, R. Ulrich, B. Wenger, J, Fultz, P. Irvine, C, Steever, C. Smith P. Lancaster, B. Bradley, J, Bressler, C, Linn, H. Webb, D, Freeman, Miss Mengel-Advisor.' NOT PICTURED: I. Loser, C. Kaylor, D. Shirk, , Mrs. Elizabeth Donmoyer, advisor of this lively club, strives to teach the members to become better homemakers. . .divided into two groups--sewing and cooking. . .members of the State Future Homemakers of America . . .pledged "to promote a growing apprecia- tion of the ioys of homemaking and to work for a good home and family life for a l. ' tb FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Eagle, V. Wilkinson, P. Lancaster, J. Halbleib, L. Fantom, L. Chapman, N. Hostet- rer. SECOND ROW: S. Simione, K. Heisey, J. Bressler, D, Brubaker-President, J. Weidman, C. Jones, L. Hess, M. Zook, C, Ebersole, THIRD ROW: Mrs. Donmoyer-Advisory L. Shissler, J. Snyder, B. Bradley, F. Craun, J, Carotto, J, Gibble, N. Longenecker, P, Heisey, FOURTH ROW: L. Ober J. Lancaster, V. Powers, T. Mummau, J, Kleinfelter, S. Ris- ser, D. Noll, S. Neideigh, P. Hackman, A, Saylor. . l l U New organization originated during the first semes- ter by Mrs. Dorothy Baker, school nurse. . .acquaints the girls with nursing. . .Mrsz Kistler, director ofthe Lancaster General Hospital, spoke at one ot tne monthly meetings. . .first hand information was obtain- ed during the visits to the Lancaster General Hospital and the Crippled Children's Hospital at Elizabethtown. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mrs. Baker-Ad- visorg G. Sweigarr, L, Smith, J. Stum-Presi- dent, P. Garber. SECOND ROW: D. Fike, K. Bentzel, F. Craun, C.Ebersole, E, Landis, THIRD ROW: J. Jones, B. Boggs, K. Evans, J. Carotto. A. RUIIYHU. FOURTH ROW: J. Stahl, R. Andrews, J, Schuldt, F. Longenecker, FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Hill, I. Hilsher, E. Kraybill, L, Herr. SECOND ROW: K, Jones, L, Itzoe M. Roland-Secretaryg S, Saylor-Vice-President: L, Eshelman-Treasurer, THIRD ROW: S, Kaylor, I. Es- penshade, S. Baker, B, Wenger-President, C, Steever, 'ngtcweonl Advisor, Mrs. Sarah Steelman, received count- less benefits from their actual teaching experi- ence. . .learning a few basic steps in preparation for a future in the teaching profession. . .inter- ' esting, informal, informative luncheon meetings young teachers found a characteristic differ- ence in each class they met. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Eagle, J. Geyer, S. Keener, V. BrOSy, J. Brandt, L. Ober, J. Groff, G. Goss, K. Lehman, SEC- OND ROW: I. Blough, S. Metzler, S. Hackenberger, V, Gephart, J Bressler, K. Heisey, L, Fantom, L. Chapman, D. Carter, P, Lancaster. THIRD ROW: F. Donley, W. Witmer, T. Heigel, S, Alwine, G. Carriger, J. Fleck, J, Weidman, A, Saylor, J, Snyder, P Hackman, B. Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Mrs. Care, L. Fashachr, K Fashachl. P. Bl'iHSel', L. Hummer, M. Brinser, B, Ginder, J, world. . .discussed topics of interest to a future business woman. . . "Morals in the Berrier, M, Walters, S, Hoffer, C, Berrier, B, Bradley, S, Simione, to them by Dr. William T. Swain. Newly organized club advised by Mrs. Elsie Care. . .training today to become the bus: ness leaders of tomorrow. . .enjoyed films on preparatory steps to follow into the business Business World today" was a topic presented AP ' pu EA.:-1. . . .STUDENT COUNCIL Mainstay of guidance for the Elizabethtown Area School . . .the masterminds behind the complete school hand- book. . .sponsored one of the most beautiful dances to grace the local gym. . .follow the guidance offered by their advisor, Kenneth Orosh. . .devised a simple effec- tive system for passing between classes. . .sent represent- atives to the informative local Student Council conven- tions. . .went right over the top of the goal set during the Curtis campaign. . .members of the council proudly dis- play their outstanding keys received for membership in the organization. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Steever-President: I. Graybill, B. Hill-Treasurerg J, Herrick, M, Kuhn, B. Enck, K, Weiss. SECOND ROW: C. Berrier, E, Kraybill , R. Appel, D. Herr, N, Johnson, C, Spickler. THIRD ROW: B. Fackler- Vice-Presidentg E, Walters, T. Mc- Kinne, S, Ringlaben, S, Good, D, Sweigart, Mr, Grosh-Advisorg G. ' Bucher, H. Brinser, C. Dupes, L. Kaylor. NOT PICTURED: M, Roland-Secretary. l 'Ml .. if.. l il? 5 tlll lllz . lf 4 llfllllm, l flmrftm rl l ll ' lll 1 lllll ' sl 1V l T 1 i ll J 'll 'lll'-'llll AW ll lq T T l tv, 'lr l ll T lr. .ff 'l lhllll l, lllllllll ll l l N l lllllhl ll all it T T .Ml ,lx l I l l M l s W W lflf W ll 'llll li lllllls f W-'II 'gl ,l 1 i.. .1 j.1f CAROL STEEVER AND BOB FACKLER, Co-Editors of next year's handbook, prepare assignments. M and ...JOURNALISM CLUBS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Greiner, A. Runyan, C. Steever. SECOND ROW: B. Wenger, J. Stambaugh-Co-Editors: Miss Miller-Advisor. THIRD ROW: D. Pike, P. Brinser, J. Myers, L. Krick, J. Espenshade, S, Baker, T, Otis, J. DeLong, S. Hoffer, E. Kraybill, P. Grubb, G. Goss. Able staff of reporters. . .gather and compile the news of school functions into an organized newspage in the Elizabethtown Chronicle. . .co-editors always seeking to improve publications. . .writers take pride in their by-line features and train- ing techniques of publishing a successful Blue and.White. . .look forward to the social event of their year of worki, the annual banquet. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Ober, Miss Miller-Advisor: C. Hall, S. Horst. NOT PICTURED: B. Strickler. Journalists in the bud. . .learned from Miss Miller the skills needed to produce good news and feature reports. . .sub- mitted articles to Lancaster County Tuberculosis Association at Christmass. . . will contribute much to future school papers. l95 Ads, iotwws . . . YEARBOOK STAFF Editor-in-Chief. Literary Editor . Art Editor . . Photography Editor. . Editorial Advisor Business Manager Secretary, , , Treasurer ..... Advertising Chairman. . Yearbook Sales Chairman Picture Sales Chairman . Business Advisor . . . Professional Photographer Publishers ..... . John Stambaugh . . Carol Ann Steever . Jack Knittweis . Mitchell Shank Mr, Henry Libhart , , Jean Schuldt Shirley Neideigh . . .May Zook . Ruth Anne Andrews . ,Peggy Heisey .Christine Berrier . . Mr, Daniel Hoopert . Mr. Kenneth Staab . . Myers, Inc, T AEP 0 RXGHT' execufgfplpiue. Leigifw gas. l Stambaugh. S Sehilldt' l' t . Pegt C. Sleeve ' Nxt. 9-00 Nu. Libilait' This yearbook--the product of many hours of work and worry. . .the "Elizabethan" theme came to life at the hands of capable staff artists. . .literary staff members work- ed toward attractive phrasing and original- ity in copy. . .arranging picture schedules and taking candids provided the photography staff with headaches. . .business staff filled ledger sheets with advertisement and patron lists, sold yearbooks and pictures, and balanced the budget. Memories of late, late sessions in preparation for deadlines. . . "the first four deadlines are the hardest". . .the job of typing together the copy, photographs, and sketches into pleasing layouts. . . editing, proofreading, and mailing. . .all adding up to innumerable hours of work--with the goal set as a more complete, more attractive yearbook. 96 emgablam "K-, LITERARY STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Kuntzelman, C, Steever, S. Jacobs, D, McCurdy, STANDING: J. Fullerton, T, Otis, B. Wenger, K, Jones. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Borman, M, Shank, L. Chapman, K, Heisey. STANDING: C. Hayes, A, Grein- er. N. CL1I1I1iI1ghHT1'1. D. Greiner, F. Craun. ART STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Saylor, J, Knittweis, D, Brubaker, STANDING: A. Runyan, B. Carl, J, Heisey, NOT PICTURED: K. Frutchey. BUSINESS STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Berrier, R, Andrews, S, Neideigh, J, Schuldt, M. Zook, P, Heisey. STANDING: Mr. Hoopert, D, Carter, J, Snyder, K. Christ, J, Bress- ler, F. Donley, J, Halbleib, C, Cox, J, Gibble, L, Smith, N, Longenecker, M. Galloway, A, Saylor, J, Stum, S. Risser, L, Fantom, P, Hackman, ,jirzfriulfrz "And one man in his time plays many parts. "-- Shakespeare 98 The drama, the vehicle of Eliza- bethan talents, has as its present day counterpart, featured, acti- vities of the school. N 1 'I' , . M Q ffm 1 r 5,4 mg- 1" ' 'N M, ' n 1 ff, 4, N. ' 1 4 it , VX" g e l-V 1+ ii W W g, r ' L Im Wx mx u XIV u H I U' 1 I ,Mx U lx ,Fi l, ',' A , ww H w w, y . P Ulff :mv 1 I I .mm 1 X "Wm, '-U n mx ww 1 NIU.: f y, ' X x, w , U , . J .-. , 1 'W ,wgi f !'1 ' T Q , Clw Y' 7' CQ? Cf. J D Q -Q C F J ' LHHZQD lied" g g . . .JUNIOR CLASS PLAY Laurie and her self-diagnosed familyof psychological knots. . .fussy, fussy wo- men at a lovely, lovely tea. . .Zombrow- ski ink-blot tests. . .Energy Peaks and thermometers. . .oh, that purge dance. . . quick changes and rapid fire speeches . . .behind the scenes were found dozens of Dick's thermometers Qall smashedl. . . three pairs of purge glasses. . .well signed canvas scenery. . .incidents such as Dave and his back straightening ba- ton. . .that wild "paint" scene with John and Dick. . .the perfected chorus line kick of John, Carol, and Dave. . .Shirley and. her Melipius Umbellus Umbellus. . . Ted's birdcalls. . .Anne and Neil getting used to the whole idea. . . the first per- formance when the little voice from the orchestra pit sadly said, "Aw, it it over already'?! " CAST Laurie Huntington . . . . Sidney Htmtington . . Martha Huntington. . Wally Huntington . . . Miss "Gus" Gustavesky . Ioan Wood ..... . Ted Wood .... Lillian Wood . . . . Mark Bradford . . . . Horatio P. Honeywell. . Amelia Dennis . . . Caroline Blakesly . . . Grace Schoenbeck . . Walola Brekenridge . Therese Brown . . . Woman .... Man . . . Little Boy. . . . Anne Runyan . John Stambaugh . . Carol Steever . Dave Goodling . . Sally Saylor Janet Kunrzelman . . Dick Martin . , Peggy Heisey Neil Cunningham . . . Ted Otis . . Diane Greiner . . Brenda Carl . . Ruth Anne Andrews . . Betsy Wenger . Shirley Neideigh . Ja-Ann Snyder . . Bob Fackler . J. N, Olweiler TOP: Laurie and Mark aghast as her family purges onward and upward. MIDDLE: "A filthy dead bird!" BOTTOM: Time out for Mr. Grosh 's instructions at dress rehearsal. LOWER LEFT: Horatio proudly shows Gus his Umbell bird. l 1 s 2 K P U r O0 effiw is K x E ..nl""" TOP: --and then the curtain fell. MIDDLE: Cast gathers for last minute instructions. BOTTOM: "I lotht my upper platel " UPPER RIGHT: "One, two, three, Ouchl Get off my foot! " u n . . .SENIOR CLASS PLAY Young son resigns from Harvard and buys a pool hall. . .an analogy between a father and "Old Faithful". . .postponed wedding plans. . .a teen-age daughter learning to dance with her girlfriend. . . telephone calls about bubonic plague. . .elopement plans foiled by a mischievious fun loving aunt. . . this all adds up to a hilarious three-act entertain- ment. . .memorable practices won't be forgotten. . . the time Diane ran across the floor and "kerflop" . . .Smitty and Brenda dancing together in their nylons and Bermudas. . .the "seriousness" of the ladder scene. . .Ruthie and Kay working on the bull- dozer. . .Janet's crying spells. . . Carol 's uncoordinat ed light switches. . .and of course the night of the play when John was forced to carry on with a slip- ery ice-cap. CAST Evelyn Allen ,,,,, "Dutch" McCaffrey . Hal Allen .... Tom Allen . . Leslie Allen . . Aunt Lottie . . Angela Allen . Bruce Hampden. . Patsy Conover . . Hazlitt P. Johnson . , Kathleen Allen , . lOl . Carol Steever . . Bob Teufel Neil Cunningham John Stambaugh .Janet Kuntzelman . Anne Runyan . .Brenda Carl . John Fullerton . . Lois Smith . Dick Martin . Diane Greiner Outs 'Pm ' JOHN STAMBAUGH Voice of Democracy Contest JANET KUNTZELMAN JOHN FULLERTON . DONNA BRUBAKER . LOIS FANTOM . . JUNE STUM . . . BETSY WENGER . . , ' an W 1'7- .-X... ROGER RUGGERI, KEN EMENHEISER, DIANE GREINER AND DICK MARTIN Homemaker of the Year District Band, Orchestra, Forensics C . ..... Canteen Council . . . . . . Engineering Club . . Future Homemakers of America . Future Business Leaders of America . . . . . . . . . Future Nurses of America . . . . . . . Future Teachers of America BETSY WENGER, .JOHN STAMBAUGH . ...... Journalism BOB EACKLER . . . ED HIXON .... RUTH ANNE ANDREWS JANET KUNTZELMAN JOHN STAMBAUGH . JEAN SCHULDT . . CAROL STEEVER . . . . . . . Mixed Chorus . . Senior Hi-Y . . Senior Tri-Hi-Y . . . Varsity Club . . . . . Yearbook . . Yearbook Business Staff . . . Student Council 102 YW i o l I 1 1 . x , X , X 1 r' x L4 H 1 X 'f'f"'w'1u"u'ul..,?.vfq.vn1 ., ..1mm- l o 0 0 ' 0 O 0 ' 1, - ' A U "l'l'llNY1lu4l1uuUlUU"" Lfkxgsrf, L , BOB TEUFEL and DAVE GOODLING Gil Shink Memorial Trophey I0 ANNE RUNYAN Miss Elizabethtown School Good Citizen Uvfomgettabla Canteens are the answer to the problem of what to do on a Saturday night. . .Jun ior High and Senior High each have their own time on the gym floor. . .no favor is too much trouble for Mr. Rob- ert Trimble and Mr. Elwood Raber, tacul ty advisors. . . Canteen Coucil, headed b Janet Kuntzelman, planned for sever- all special dances through the year. . . Canteen Cards purchased at the beginn- ing of the year admits students to each Canteen. . .open to the students of the Elizabethtown Area High School, Patton School, and their guests, the Canteen boasts of many accomplished dancing partners. LEFT ROW, FRONT TO BACK: S. Ulrich, T. Heigel, D. Greiner, E. Horting, T, Patschke. MIDDLE ROW: J. Espeushade, P, Bates, K. Evans, C. Hayes. RIGHT ROW: J. Kuntzelman, Presidentg K. Bent- zel, I. Espenshade, C. Spickler, G. Bucher, J. Grimm. Mr, Raber -- Guardian of the gameroom. Mr. Trimble -- giant of the gym. Canteen cats mix it up. 104 x ,Q Nw-.MM I- , . Jay Erick sells tickets to Carol and Chet. The weekly Saturday canteens are supplemented by social dances through the year. . .decorations give the gym many distinct per- sonalities. . .the Varsity Drag, the Faculty Christmas party, Ke Club post-game dances, Hi-Y and, Tri- Hi-Y affairs, each took over for a night. Couples dance dreamily in front of silhouettes of Senior hockey girls. ' tx liristmas Patty is L e . 5 ot of any C ,NM and NUS- All the students find entertainment at the Key Club- ldlilcitgg exhibitwll by l sponsored dances after basketball games. Libhart- Jill and Donnie focus their attention on the sparkling Four stalwart, courageous, and conscientious young men Christmas UCC- 795 guard the Christmas tree. Amagufscuiuof, - --all Q llle're Gonna . the -,and rock they chd an Elegance and beauty reigned on this regal night of enchant- ment. . .girls in a rainbow of gowns and fellows in black and white formal suits danced to the music of Al Morrison. the Hershey Park Golf Club decorated with banks of green plants, provided a perfect setting. . . Miss Mengel and her prom committees planned the evening . . . the Post- prom Party, sponsored by the Jay-cees, pro- vided more fun till morning. M., th and MIS- D e ball W3 aubeff "af S Ove!-n tel' It - ' PoSl'Pf0m Pa Y Jean Schuldt and Betsy Wenger serve punch and dainty green and white cakes. Card games and small talk during an orchestra break. AYeafvIIuUf0Q O . . . STUDENT LIFE moment of prayerful lence before the game. L uSSl-Ons M50 omg ?.0.D. tight OD g 'Od' dmeg Kee? C1355 P611 next mw the Milt demonstrates the Power of Postlve Thinking. " Gym class holds ories for Joyce, some' V The seniors enjoy the pause that refreshes. Ken Bailey and George Floyd practice for a some muddy mem- 1 possible future Steever, Student Council Presidentg crowns Herb Garber en Crum, the Junior and Senior High Sir Valentines. vocation. Minor majorettes strut at the annual band jamboree. Jessie and Jay, Eleanor and Roy, Donna and Gary exhibit their crowd-gathering dance style. E pq "What on earth is the boy doing?" k , -us .k... 3-,M id 1 I .A Q sf ., .. L I is I . J ii' 5' i 2 'f - , S Y' ' wma nv that fe vllchw , . .k . . Sally s giggle sm es again "Why, this is only my fifth coming-out party. " C Pwcsuumg HQPPUABSS s,,,E X Kay Jones--"I I-Lf' I l "'N-...It just like to take- '-. - M A. ru" vu. my time when Q MWII I1 ,W ' gm.,-::':.: ear. .. 'N M- - i MPX AUD by 1 3 - l xa X N teen chatter. 'f " K ff fffill W X I i I A I J ' S s.-I .J A I j fx ' f . "r: , III Il V . -Z.: E-:i:y .tu , . s v , v 1:-23515- bib -5213.2 V ' -3"- an D.: Kay is the instigator of many a good laugh for the Stummie and Shelley kneel for a close-up look during the ninth grade field trip to the fish hatchery. senior hockey girls. The hand of fate passes beneath Iack's nose on the bus to the Capitol. Caley makes "cutting" remarks at Les's hair. Looks of pure concentration follow the Together as usual, Bob and Brenda dance at the party after the play. boys and girls up and down the field. 'rf wha ti Anne W0rry 2 John and John beg for alms at the senior candy banquet. A study in expressions on the way home from a field trip Wlww Emjogmwt and Respmsib' Key Club and entertains at the Crippled Chi1dren's Miss Hunsecker strikes a serious note at hockey half-time. 2H2+ O2-P ZHZO -PBOOM, anim? The Elizabethan photo- graphy editor on duty. -qw ' 110 Hosptial Christmas party. --Photo by Kit Outland One of Smitty and Iakie's juicy duties. Post-victory parade for the exits. 5553? K' H K Lois, Chris, Sis, and Barbie an F, B, L. A. meeting. V Y r It's conjugations and declensions for these first year Latin students. Dave "Robin Hood Goodlmg lets loose. tees gain, f, -i , Miss Keen- "There she blowsl " Snyder "cleans up" after the Varsity Club triple-header, Promprer Jones plays telephone operator. Mr. Hoopert in a favorite pose. This, Toof, ls EAJ-I. . The sophomores were mighty proud the day their class jackets arrived. School 's out--busses, here they come! The end of another day. Potential detention addicts await the late Goldie and Joyce patronize bell. the pretzel man. Snow keep anybody from school? -- never! Qclwo-E Gong Ioyous and ever loyal Let us boost for our old highi Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring, izeigrngnxgzg Eilrggfiepglissifsg, Line to the long-suffering analytical balance May defeat ne 'er our ardor cool. So, united, let us boost for her, Our old high school. 112 To sell a bargain well . "--Shakespeare 4 rzmrmi flied:-Q. The growth ofthe merchandising sys- tem in Elizabethan England was a step in the development of modern industries and businesses. I Q B -nd ,X P 3 T ' xzq - U A, U -'21 1 , 'xl l---Y - - i A " '-4-' HQ , ' f "'j,,,.- +Nh-5 V ----..L?fM- rx K I' ,. -1'.:..,,,4.'.,1 i -, -, Ah- .-1:5 , , .f,.-- .. v T2-,Q-1 ,,..:: " " - ' -,,,, ,. , ' V - ll - K U, A - -' 1 ' X 1. -L 4-M-if A" ., T 4 -4 - 'ff 1 'A 'i I ' f .... , I 4..- ' f if - A ,, V G4 I ,dxf - I pw' f' pin:- ff l 1 1' ' ff'3'JfW563f " vm W Vp' fling' 'V' .ak ,N-'lx K ...- 'A' 1 ' 'I 4' jb, ' U . , - T I ' N f if if Q ' I ' 5 V'-f x ! 'X UQ- E 35 I M 51, ' f Q 1 p - 5' ' 1 u ., ' I W - v'::::l--'-'p 7 'J' 4- lu I 4 Egg?-5 '.::Q21E1f5Z- Q I , .- gf ' xww -'-:,-: ::52- -5. I E-.:,:.- '- V T 55353, JWM f -2?-?5f-iff "5:21'-"- 1-' ' V- IW, ,g-'I-3 - ."-glf':'3:7-"5 35:11-'L i2':1': 5.1 f 59. + -5221-2 21:-gf' ' . L "" 1 Q f '- - ww Q '-4253 fy J V 4 fi , ff'-, -. '-f- -ff' 3, 562 5 I-3-357: ' - 'I'-E 2'5,:',i-3:25-33: 54'?""' 1 'f ' ' - 15:7-if 52 . - :iff-E, ' " 'ffzf 'C ' fr-.L ' I 1:31 x ' I-:E ' Boon -',"'5 ,...3- -v., " " 2 - 1 7".."A-" J T' 1 6"4 ,.-- 1155 Q 'iff-f..".-" -frm '- -- QF ' fi- Q.:"'-5. , 2 - :' l' fi -':' ' -- ,E T?-gl-:.s gh "' 'T' , -Q " f- :nl ,Tk .I " fe -1':g gj':-El" - f 1- 1 '-A-T53 -: -, , - T3 4 , , 5- , H -X A-: , I X , . 2 Qc- '- - .. g X if 1 '-' 15' , ' : f E Z Z ,. '. ri? ' -n- , 4 - it-2.3 f S: Li- ff: 7761, . ,dv if 5 if: UW' 2 4- .-o-,:. f I Q ' A "' " - , 1 f ""2- - 2 . - " .. f ,P .4-1 - P 1 ls' - , ' Q I --1:-1: 15- " - ,-. ...21 -9, gg-.2 pi" .3 in-:P : - 5--! 2 tatlwPabums.. Tropical Treat Barron's Taxi Service Kountry Kitchen Mr. 8. Mrs. Cyrus Musser Mr. 8. Mrs. Vere Bishop Gibbons Service Station Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Raymond Smith Mr. 8. Mrs. lra Gibble 8. Family A Friend Mr. 8. Mrs. Daniel Hoopert Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur J. Thome Nellie Young Haines Shoe Store The Friendly Gift Shop The John E. Irvine Family Draces' Amoco Service Station Choice Fabric Shop Mrs. Margaret Galloway Dr. 8. Mrs. Troy Thompson Bischoff's Jewelry Store Mr. 8. Mrs. Kenneth Staab Hess Music Shop Mr. 8. Mrs. Glenn V. Sweigart Fran 8. Don Butch 8. Dee Sweigart Mr. 8.Mrs. Earl Spickler Mr. 8. Mrs. R. Clemens Mr. 8. Mrs. G.S. Achorn Mr. 8. Mrs. Harper Nisley Shirley Jacobs 8. Richard Wenner Mr. 8. Mrs. Bernard Jacobs James Noll Mr. 8. Mrs. Freeman McCurdy 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Espenshade 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. William T. Diemeler Mr. 8. Mrs. Roland Weaver Mr. 8. Mrs. Elmer Deitrich Melman's Mr. Dean 8. Homeroom Five Josephine Halbleib Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry Halbleib Henry 8. Harry Halbleib Keener Home Furnishings The Mount Joy Bulletin A Friend Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur E. Heisey Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Baker Esther Heisey Dave 8. Nan Mr. 8.Mrs. C.E. Goodling Mr. 8. Mrs. E. Landvater Mr. 8.Mrs. William E. Stahler Mr. 8.Mrs. Wallace E. Sheaffer Pearl A. Koser Mr. 8. Mrs. Roland Weaver, Jr. Dr. 8. Mrs. J. Ralph Parrett Dr. 8.Mrs. John E. Lebo, Jr. Dr. Lillian K. Seibert Rev. 8. Mrs. Philip E. Saylor 8. Phil Mr. 8. Mrs. Marshall C. Kleinfelter Mr. Harvey Kleinfelter 8. Miss LaRue Fansler Joyce Kleinfelter 8. Robert Ney Wes. N. Espenshade Quality Meats Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Shitfer Friendly Gift Shop Theresa M. Keen Dr. 8. Mrs. Harold Walmer Mr. 8. Mrs. Elvin A. Bressler Mr. 8. Mrs. Raymond Garman C. Stuart Smith, M.D. Mr. 8. Mrs. Harolcl Kulp Mr. 8. Mrs. S.R. Jones Kay 8. Dick Mr. 8. Mrs. H.D. Kuntzelman Jonsey 8. Dix "Sparky" Mumper Mr. 8. Mrs. John Heisey Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Heisey Peggy 8. Ted . .WM Quppofd5Tlwis Boob Bill Runyan Mrs. Jane Runyan Mr. 8. Mrs. Claude D. Caley Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph Gochenauer Mr. 8. Mrs. John McCarthy Mr. 8. Mrs. Leslie V. Hixon Judy 8. Eddie Phyllis Hixon 8. Paul Crum Mr. 8.Mrs. H. K. Dorsheimer Pfautz Upholstering Mr. 8. Mrs. John S. Pfautz Mr. 8. Mrs. Amos Newcomer Mr. 8. Mrs. Eugene Teufel Brenda 8. Bob Mr. 8.Mrs. Lloyd Rider 8.Daughters Mrs. Pauline Gipe Bob Divet 8. Carole Cox Mr. 8. Mrs. William C. Stum Eddy, Diane, 8. Donna Stum June Stum William J. Park 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. Wilmer G. Stoner Mr. 8. Mrs. Lester Dupes 8. Family Mr. 8.Mrs. K. Ezra Bucher 8.Sons Warren W. Snyder, Masonry Contractor Mr. 8. Mrs. Ezra O. Brubaker Mr. 8. Mrs. Phares S. Risser Mr. 8.Mrs. C. L. Thomas Mrs. Thomas L. Thomas Miss Elinore L. Thomas Mr. 8. Mrs. Gilbert T. Steever Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry M. Garber Kim Margaret Garber Joan Elinore Garber Richard H. Eckhart William Deitrich M Mr. 8.Mrs. E.W. Deitrich J Paul R. Shelley Charles A. Newcomer Mr. 8. Mrs. Glenn Dulany8.Tim Miss Loretta Kline Miss Theresa M. Keen George E. Eby Ill Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Shelley Bill 8. Arlene Friends Mrs. Harry C. 8. Ruth Anne Andrews Mr. 8. Mrs. Dale Andrews Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank M. White Mr. 8. Mrs. John E. Fullerton Amateur Station W3HJP Amateur Station W3MFW Mr. 8. Mrs. A.K. Greiner A. K. Greiner- Wholesale Butter, Eggs 8. Cheese Mr. William N. Lincoln Miss Gwen Miller Mrs. Bernice Otis 8. Sons Dal 8. Lydia Clarke Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Shank Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Angstadt Mr. 8. Mrs. Arthur Greiner A. H. Heisey, M.D. Mrs. Mable Gepfer Mr. 8.Mrs. Samuel Bretz 8.Family Bob 8. Lois Mr. 8.Mrs. Lester A. Fackler 8.Family Miss Betty Shank Mr. 8. Mrs. Jacob Floyd 8. Kay Mr. 8. Mrs. Mitchell Shank Mr. 8. Mrs. C.E. Landis Mr. 8. Mrs. Kenneth Martin Sandra Perry Paul G. Mumma Stanley Murphy Lavern K. Mumma Joe's Shoe Repair Mr. Harold Carotto Joey 8. Ronnie Anna M. Espenshade Lehman 8. Book Cleaners Dyane 8. Jerry Mr. 8. Mrs. Ernest Brubaker Dr. 8.Mrs. C.C. Douglass Mr. 8. Mrs. Ray Burgess 8. Family Mrs. Raymond Appley Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Stone A Friend Mrs. M. Cunningham Mr. 8. Mrs. Harvey Tennis Mr. E. B. Cunningham Mr. 8.Mrs. David K. Newcomer Newcomer Oil Corporation James Newcomer Samuel M. Harple, Justice ofthe Peace Janet Gibble Norman Kraybill WN3HVR W3CNS Mr. 8. Mrs. Cloyd Martin Mr. 8. Mrs. Clyde A. Heeter Mr. 8.Mrs. Ralph G. Shuman Harold Ebersole Mr. 8.Mrs. John S. Grimm Audrey 8. Dave Peggie 8. James Dr. 8.Mrs. R.J. Keiper Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Khun Mr. 8. Mrs. Harold H. Eshleman Mr. 8.Mrs. C. H. Garman Jessie Espenshade James J. Hawthorne A Mr. 8. Mrs. Harvey Shank Mr. 8. Mrs. Howard Emenheiser Dr. 8. Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber Doris 8. Jim Mr. 8.Mrs. J.A. Craun Mr. 8.Mrs. Herman Good 8. Carol Ann Flora 8. Allen Mr. 8. Mrs. Russel Hoffer Mr. 8. Mrs. Coyle Martin Frosty 8. Moldy Mr. 8.Mrs. Roger Ruggeri 8. Family Mr. 8.Mrs. Harry Boyer 8. Family Dr. 8.Mrs. F. E. Neumann 8.Family Ira C. Meyer John G. Habecker Mr. 8. Mrs. Scott Minick Pauline Smith Miss Joan Weidman Mrs. Mildred Way Mr. 8. Mrs. William Chapman Mildred Chapman Lois Chapman Mr. 8.Mrs. Diehl Mrs. Daisy D. Crooks-Antiques Mr. 8. Mrs. Daniel A. Hoopert, Danny 8. Dolores Miss Miriam L. Mengel Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald Carl Roy Heistand's Garage Mr. 8. Mrs. Phares S. Risser Hilda 8. Frankie, Goldie 8. Sam Goldie, Hilda, 8. Lois Mr. 8. Mrs. Michael Eckert Mr. 8.Mrs. J. Carlton Schuldt Jean Schuldt 8. Jack Gutshall Sally Saylor 8. James Bryan Dr. 8. Mrs. O.F. Stambaugh Millie 8. Jo Kathy, Nancy, 8. Sandy C. Miller Wolgemuth Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Clayton Tyson Thelma T. Mummau Mr. 8.Mrs. Willis Christ 8.Family Homeroom 25 Chris 8. Kathy Mr. 8. Mrs. Luther A. Drescher Mrs. Mary E. Bixler Mr. 8. Mrs. Jack E. Herr Mr. 8. Mrs. Amos L. Risser M. R. Warden Rachel Saylor Mr. 8. Mrs. John H. Wenger Patsy 8. Johnny Harold Eberly Dolores 8. Ray ssssssss . 8. Mrs. M. M. Wenger 8. Mrs. Galen Herr . 8. Mrs. P. R. Hagy . 8. Mrs. Elmer F. Groff . 8.Mrs. W.E. Weaver 8.Famil Y . 8.Mrs. Kenneth Grosh 8. Gary 8. Mrs. Elwood Raber 8. Mrs. Harry McLane Mrs. Lillian Osborne Herbert Miller Ken Bailey Charles G. Bailey, Sr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul S. Good Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert Lively "Knit", Dave, Harry, 8. Jack Mr. 8. Mrs Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs Paul M. Farver, Sr. John Kinsinger Walter Berkheiser Gordan Berrier John Miller Clifford Adams John, c....Sl, es. Mitch Your Elizabethan Photographer SPECIALIZING PORTRAIT PAINTINGS STAAB STUDIO Owe Center Square Elizabethtown Pennsylvania TONY'S Specializing in real Italian Spclgheffi Texas Hof Weiners--Virginia Baked Ham--Also Bar-B-Ques Dinners PHONE 7-l228 Luncheons Compliments of .lol-lNsoN's Bus SERVICE BUSES FOR ALL CCCASIONS Phone - MT. Joy 3-922i Florin, Po. At Your Service 'Round the Clock J. L, MECKLEY Automatic Heating PlUml9l"'9 Air Conditioning Phone 7- l l78 Elizabethtown Approved by Pennsylvania State Council On Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council On Education Member of , Association of American New Residence Hall for Women Colleges ELIZABETHTOWN CCLLEGE Elizabethtown, Pa. A standard co-educational college For information write President A.C. Baugher, Ph. D., LL. D. OBER B ROT HERS Give your new car the care it deserves by visiting your GOOD GULF DEALER regularly, and letting him give your car dependable servicing. Everything in the Gulf line. GOOD'S MEAT MARKET Fresh and Smoked Meats 36 North Poplar Street Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 84 SUPPLY Elizabethtown, Pa. 34l-51 West Bainbridge Street Buildin - g Materials . Lumber NONE-STOPH Custom Millwork H. Martin Hoffer, Owner Phones Vere M. Hoffer, Manager T 'N 'HE cm' Route 230 East of E I izabeth town Mt. Joy Penna. CLEARVIEW DINER 8. DINING ROOM Compliments of J.H. Heisey W. Scott Heisey GRUBB SUPPLY Co. HEISEY BROTHERS D QUARRY Coal Road Construction ' Transit- Mix Concrete Feed Rheems Pennsylvania Oi' Phone 7-2571 Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY Founded l9l3 by Wm. Klein, Sr. Manufacturer of Lunch Bars Grade A Bars Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roamers, Gliders and Spinners Rawling Spalding SHENK BROTHERS 30 West King Street E 5 5 Lancaster, Pa. 15 15 SPORTING eoons AND TOYS . 1 A k Class Jackets Sweaters l I 0 KW f Y H l I Congratulations MUMPER'S DAIRY Serving Elizabethtown area with lOO'Xa Farm Tank Pick-up. Class of i957 GERBERICH-PAYNE SHOE CO. Mt. Joy, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. GENERAL INSURANCE and REAL ESTATE JONES 81 ZINK, INC. II9 South Market Street Phone 7-I I59 Elizabeththown, Pa. Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices MILTON F. EBERLY Phone 7-5468 - R.D. 3 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania FRANK S. MILLER RUSSELL MILLER Compliments of LOAN ASSCCIATICN MILLER FUNERAL 23 South Market Street A Wonderful Opportunity for Saving HOME Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-I 247 Compl iments of RED ROSE DAIRY RElNHOLD'S SUNOCO SERVICE LeROY F. REINHOLD 735 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-9747 Open 24 Hours HERMAN A. REINHOLD I3th and State Streets Harrisburg, Pa. Phone CE 3-5988 O 24 H pen ours CARL H. REINHOLD 3317 Jonestown Road Progress, Pa. Phone CE 3-9018 Open 24 Hours ZARFOSS HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS Compliments of BUCH MANUFACTURING COMPANY Phone 7-H71 JACK K. SCOTT Real Estate - Insurance Phone 7-2551 II2 S. Market St. RlssER's A Quality Fresh Meats and Produce Frozen Foods at Better Prices 46 South Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I 333 Flowers with Quality, Beauty, and Arrangement MUE LLE R'S FLOWER SHOP 55 North Market Stree. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1291 Elizabethtown F.T.D. Member AE,,ecx4,.',oe f 4 H 7 4 SCHROLL'S ICE CREAM STORE Soda Fountain and Grocery For a quality treat at lower prices Elizabethtown - on the square Phone 7-4709 Compliments of PAXSON' S CUT RATE SHEARER'S FURNITUSE STORE I9 West High Street W Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania 35-37 South Market Street Phone 7-4694 Compliments of Compliments of JOHN C. REIDER Plumbing and Heating HERTZLER'S DAIRY Route 2 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I 475 5125 99 ill W . U3 HESS MUSIC SHOP Elizabethtown, Pa. Weaver and Gulbransen Pianos Minshall and Thomas Organs All kinds of musical instruments and accessories Compliments of HESTICO MAN UFACTURING COMPANY, INC. Shop at GREINER BROTHERS' SUPER MARKET For your frozen food, groceries meats, and produce. Located on Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I IOI Compliments of SAVOY SHOE COMPANY Compliments of JOSEPH GREENBERG, INC. Everything Frozen Freezer Food Supplies ICE LAN D Incorporated Compliments of RAY'S MEN'S STORE I5 East High Street Phone 7-6I I I HITZ GROCERY Corner North Hanover and East Willow Streets Full line of Groceries, Lunch Meats, Ice Cream Soft Drinks, Candy, Pastries Frozen Foods Phone 7-I454 Compliments of BINKLEY'S SEWING MACHINE AND REMNANT SHOP IO9-I II North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of BEYER'S LINOLEUM 7-I 204 Woodland Avenue Compliments of BOYER'S GARAGE North Market Street Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Compliments of BOYER'S TEXACO SERVICE 404 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. KI NG'S For men's and boys' wear King BuiIdingf1I9-2I S. Market St. Compliments of FRY AND ENGLE Interior E PAINTERS - Exterior Floor Sanding Paper Hanging Phone 7-H3026 Compliznfggnts of AR sullntns' I , csursndmf' ig, IEW. mon sr.'--- snlznasrurownmn. .I .I COLAS ASPHALT PAVING Phone 7-I 349 JOHN E. COPENHAVER Butter Eggs Poultry Box IO7 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phones - 7-eI46I IBusinessJ 7-6346 QResidencel D. L. LANDIS Compliments of INSURANCE THE FARMERS' MUTUAL Phone 7-5126 INSURANCE COMPANY 23 South Market Street Office - 229 South Market Street Elizcbefhfown Pennsylvania Phone 7-1317 Elizabethtown, Pa. HAWTHORN'S FINE FURNITURE FUNERAL SERVICE Best Wishes of SUPERIOR SIGN Since l820 Bainbridge Pennsylvania SYSTEM' llxlc' Marietta P - Phone HAR! 6-9241 hone 7 I375 STAUFFER'S BEAUTY SALON II4 North Poplar Street Phone 7-I472 Miriam H. Drace, Prop. "GIorifying the American CurI" SNYDER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Greasing, washing, tires,oiI, gas and accessories Texaco Fire Chief - Sky Chief Gasolines R.D. 2 Phone 7-98l9 Hershey Rd. Compliments of SPICKLER'S DAIRY Compliments of ROBERT G. HOSTETTER Phone 7-3887 Elizabethtown, Pa . Truck Service-Coal-Fill-Stones Combining-Baling-Woodsawing -A if 6 1 mi'SSi4i 'c A lfiefemgloiiit c I f V' omp iments o ff- OFF-TCE 5 PLAWY - ww . ff! ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT CO. .D. 3 Elizabethtown, P Phone 7-5451 Best Wishes ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB RHEEMS GARAGE Studebaker - Packard Cars - Trucks Rheems Pennsylvania Phone 7-l 230 H. S. RISSER Oldsmobile - Cadillac - Pontiac Sales - Service Phone 7-l 366 Compliments of JAY S. RISSER GARMENT COMPANY SNYDER HILL GARAGE General auto repair Phone 7-5969 PAUL SHIFFER ZENITH Radio - Television Sales and Service l2 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-i466 KAYLOR and GARMAN Compliments of Plumbing and Heating ZEPNICKIS Phone 7-W2 oRocERY STORE Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown Pc' WOLGEMUTH BROS., INC. Manufacturers of Florin Feeds Phone Mt. Joy 3-955I Florin, Pa. Compliments of WEIDMAN'S GARAGE R.D. 3 Elizabethtown Phone 7-3859 Fertilizer Grain Compliments of WENGER'S FEED MILL Rheems, Pa. Phone Elizabethtown 7-I I95 Compliments of your ieweler WALKER'S Jewelers - Silversmiths 44 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. 307 Locust Street Columbia, Pa. SGGOIS Feed Famous in Pennsylvania for 79 years S, F. ULRICH, INC. Buick Sales ancl Service Compliments of THEGBALD INDUSTRIES Hides and Talbow Elizabethtown R.D. I Phone 7-1287 Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. 5 Sales ancl Service Compliments of LEAMAN'S TIRE STORE LEICHT since I868 PAINT 8g BODY SHOP Wrecks Rebuilt KAYLOR BROS. Case Farm Implements, Hardware Paints and Supplies Auto Pcllnflng Truck Lettering 2 Miles East of E-town Phone 7'l 369 AAA TOWIWQ Route 230 Phone 7-I 206 Compliments of NEWCOME R,S LONGENECKER' S GARAGE Phone 7-2401 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania FIRESTONE STORE Home and Auto Supplies Philco Television Corner Market ancl Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I 372 LONGENECKER FARM SUPPLY Rheems, Pa. Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Sales and Service Phone 7-3599 LONGENECKER'S MEAT MARKET Wholesale and Retail Country Dresses Beef And Pork Phone 7-345I E-town R.D. I LAWTON'S ROADSIDE FURNITURE STORE R.D. 2--U.S. Route 230 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-I 232 "Good Furniture at Country Prices" BOB'S FLOWER SHOP EIizabethtown's Finest Florist 39 South Market Street Phone 7-22II Dial 7-3032 J. A. STUMPF Petroleum Products Coal -- Hauling Dump Truck Service R.D. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of PICK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE I35 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Paul W. Baker, Prop. Phone 7-4206 "We fix anything." MYER'S MACHINE SHOP R.F. Myers II9 North Poplar Street Repair Work a Specialty Gas and Electric Welding Auto Parts Repaired MOUNT JOY MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY over a century of service Compliments of KREAMER PHARMACY Prescription Specialists Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I 262 Toilet Articles School Supplies LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Luncheonette and Fountain Service Hershey's Ice Cream Kodaks Sporting Goods Compliments of ABE RDE EN Ml LLS R.D. 2 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-l405 Compliments of AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN Best Wishes to the Class of '57 BEN FRANKLIN STORE "on the square" Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-4707 Compliments of ,GRACE C. BLOUGH BOYER FUNERAL HOME l4-4 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-l38O BOYER'S Self Service Store Rheems, Pa. Phone: Elizabethtown 7-4224 Repairing-Painting-Collision Work Phone 7-1453 BRANDT'S BODY SHOP on New Hershey Roacl Elizabethtown, R.D. 3 Inspection Station 929 AAA Keystone Service-24 Hour Towing Service Formica 81 Micarta Tops CHARLlE'S CABINET SHOP CHARLES T. BECKER-Proprietor Suburban 8g Thermaclor Built-ln Ranges Geneva Si Custom-Made Kitchens "Visit Our Show Room" Elizabethtown R.D. 3 Phone 7-l457 GEORGE E. CARRIGER PAINT 8g BODY SHOP Wrecks Rebuilt Phone 7-6450 Rheems , Pa. Best wishes from CENTRAL REXALL DRUGS 45 South Market Street Complete Drug Store THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT BOOK STORE 20 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I360 Distributors of Religious Merchandise Paint 81 Body Shop Mechanical Service COLLINS BROTHERS TEXACO SERVICE Complete Car Service Phone 7-6248 I mile South of Elizabethtown on U.S. Route 230 Stop in for free estimate Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS INC. Educational Publishers ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE One of America's Best Country Weekly Newspapers Active Member National Editorial Association Printers St Publishers Since I869 J. G. WESTAFER 8 SON DOT'S BEAUTY SI-IOPPE for Discrirninating Women 44 West High Street Eiizabethtown Phone 7-T224 Our best wishes to the Class of '57 Pennsylvania THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN Ladies ready-to-wear Phone 7-6372 on the square Start the Future with a KUNTZELMAN'S Present from the Penn-Dutch ADAM H, GREER JEWELRY 8. GIFT SHOP Ice Cream At Your Door 87 E. Main St., Mt. Joy, Pa. Phone 3-4I24 WALTER K. DUPES Compliments of MARTIN ELECTRICAL SERVICE Auctioneer RUSSEL A. MARTIN I4O Orange Street Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-I266 Over 25 years of service Eisenhauer's used auto 81 truck parts Best Wishes Safety Glass cut and installed LEO B KOB INC. Dump truck service Sirgce 1904 If4 mile S.W. of Milton Grove Phone Mt. Joy 3-5019 ARTHUR EISENHAUER Mt. Joy R.D. 2, Pa. Authorized Dealer in Elizabethtown for Automatic G.E. Oil and Gas Heating 24 South Market Street Elizabethtown Pennsylvania WARREN'S SHOES, INC. Nunn Bush Poll Parrot Yorktown American Girl Miracle Tread A. Lewis Heisey, Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto-Fire-Life 244 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-4787 MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test Wholesale-Retail Delivery Service C . H. Moyer R. D. 3---Phone 7-5469 Elizabethtown, Pa . FIKE'S MARKET Fruits Vegetables Sea Foods Fresh and Frozen Center Square Phone 7-I4I7 "Fruit baskets a specialty" Congratulations from BILL'S AMOCO SERVICE Wm K.C. Hubb, Prop. 40 N . Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. NEWCOMER OIL CORPORATION Richfield Petroleum Products 905 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. MT. JOY DINER Under New Management THE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men's and Boys' Clothing NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T. M. Ebersole, Prop. For that reliable Richfield Gasoline and Richlube Motor Oil For top service in washing and greasing 24-Hour Service 903 South Market Street Compliments of C. H. GARMAN Welding Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Compliments of OLADELL SHOP Feminine Apparel W. T. GRANT COMPANY 48 South Market Street Known for Values THE GROFF MEAT MARKET Refrigerated truck Door-to-door service Store and Slaughter House Located at I3 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watches-Clocks 9 Center Square Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7- I 33I Compliments of EVALT'S DAIRY BAR Soft Ice Cream and Snacks Hershey Road R.D. 3 Compliments of HEISEY'S CHILDREN SHOP HERALD PRINT SHOP E. O. Kuhn Elizabethtown, Pa. LE HMAN 81 BOOK EIizabethtown's Leading DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS Phone 7-I305 LEVI C. HERSHEY FOOD STORE One of the RED ROSE Food Stores 554 South Market Street Phone 7-1218 R. E. HERSHEY Quality Meats Dutch Bologna 8. Smoked Hams Wholesale 8. Retail Phone 7-1347 Ridge Road, R.D. 3 Best Wishes S. HERSHEY and SON DEPARTMENT STORE South Market 8 Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of INSTALLME NT LOAN SERVICE Cats Paw 24 Hour Soles and Heels Service JOE'S SHOE REPAIR 10 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-4314 Hours-Mon. thru Sat. 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM MODERN STYLE SHOP 105 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of MOOSE THEATRE NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE General Auto Repairs Tires-Battery-Oil Phone 7-4409 Elizabethtown, Pa . LUMBER -- COAL - MILLWORK ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL 54 Brown Street Builclers' Supplies Phone 7-l T25 Compliments of R. L. EBERSOLE WENGER S PRETZEL COMPANY ICE and COAL Bclkers of Butter Pretzels and Potato Chips RESTAURANT Compliments of RED ROSE MOTOR COURT A THE STANDARD CORPORATION Mt. Joy Phone 3-33ll IRONRITE MAYTAG Irgne rg Highest Q lla Washers Appliance Dryers GENERALQELECTRIC Radiowelevision Sold 8a Serviced Ranges By RCA VICTOR Refrigerators Radio Washers W B' t L3 lf Q S5 4 ' Television Dryers -U, 1 Tape Recorders Water Heaters Q . F . Phonographs Dish Washers mimwu sion: .1 .JMLLLILL Records Household Appliances 22 East High Street, Elizabethtown Phone 7-1344 LEADER'S SCRAPYARD LONGE NECKER'S HATCHERY iRear N. Poplar St., E-townj N K'mbe" l-e9l"0m5 We Buy Scrap Iron, Rags, Paper Phon? 7-1385 Automobile Batteries, Metal, and 1 Tl3f55'Ws-,,t Junk Automobiles i,,rf X L "'f' 'ipi P """ 1 1 ,:,y ,525 Call Us First When Selling Your Scrap :',i V ,:. .l ,:,, r,,. LI- 121' :2'f: Phone 7-5289 tra We sell used Tires, Batteries, Pipe I 'i'ti uuuuu :,,: rr. and Angle Iron Compliments of KERR'S ACRES Dressed Poultry Elizabethtown, R.D. ffl Phone 7-268i Phone - 7-9917 ERB BROS. ESSO SERVICE CENTER Auto Painting- Body 8.Glass Repairs 500 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. BlSCHOFF'S JEWELRY STORE ion the squarel 25 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Complete Heating Service SCHWANGER BROS. COMPANY 8. INCORPORATED JOHN E. FULLERTCN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR ELIZABETHTOWN MT. GRETNA ROAD R. D. its Phone 7-6437 4- '59 The Class of i957 extends to all future ' 6? fx' graduating classes, the hope that their 95" T Jl,,Z,um,f senior year will be as rewarding and as 1 gy gt much fun as this year has been. K l..-, The Editor and the Business Manager wish to thank . . .Mr. Libhart and Mr. Hoopert, for unlimited patience and advice, . . .Professional photographer Kenneth Staab, for his many extra services, . . .the advertisers and patrons, for their support, . . .Mrs. Sheeley, for invaluable suggestions and valuable materials, . . .the diligent staff members, for their contributions. --- V Administration Advertising Advisors, Senior Class Athletics Council Band Front Band, Junior Band, Senior Baseball Basketball Canteen Cheerleading Chorus Class History Class Motto, Song Dances Debate Club Dedication Engineering Club Faculty Football F. B. L. A. F. H. A. F. N. A. F. T. A. Graduation Hi-Y Clubs Hockey lwdw 8 Journalism Club ll9 22 Key Club 64 Library Staff 79 81 Mellodears 78 Mellomen 75 72 Officers, Senior Class Orchestra, Junior T04 Orchestra, Senior 65 82 Patrons 47 Personalities 23 Play, Junior Play, Senior lO5 Prom, Junior-Senior 89 4 Quartet 90 School Board Seniors 13 Student Council 68 Student Life 93 92 Tennis Team 92 Track Team 93 Tri-Hi-Y Clubs Trios l I 3 Underclassmen 88 66 Varsity Club Yearbook Staff 96 34115 Zvuuooxs A,- fzml 1 V ...by X vc . -' 1 X H X - x , V I s f' I T 2 ff Gil, ' - -V,...o ,, , ' QM. ICN, ,.. ,... .,-ss., f-1 3 ,.. -ef N'- -Q., fin?

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