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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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riff' ----,,,.,. v.,-.,,.. Q 1? so qs,L -1 f 'ra Q, N- '1 ..- ,f-, .--55 '. f- , Q 8 Pnw. LEVMNADE 1 SR XX L l A1 fl 'N Xi f Q? X , Y-ing ff ,2 if 2' 1+ gl '5 0 -, u gh .A Q. , am S.R. X Z.,z ,pf -as WB SHALL ENR THE YUTU , Q PAST 555 is ,4 -"""E5g3Y TH LL5 , 1 f5 rpm- v-.Eg Ks.-.. AN7' THE CHO0L PLA IT- 4 ELIZABETHWW YEARBOOK ADVISOR 45 Miss P. Odell BUSINESS ADVISOR H I G H V Mrs. B. Kinniburgh 1 V LITERARY ADVISOR Mr. H. Libhart ART ADVISOR AB Mrs. J. Sheely PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER - P E N N S Mr. Kenneth Staab 2 F ' UTURE W A fl fl! N +4 A24 n F ? f ETHTUW . A-f LVA IA 3 i l l 1 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF William Dougherty BUSINESS STAFF Joan Floyd LITERARY STAFF Charles Farrar ART STAFF Shirley Raffensperger PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Darryl Evans -W ?J 3 f ff, b ur- 9 ' Z ' - ,Zn I :- Y ,llgegg jflffg-.... J JJ vfo D Q 0 O O o O O 0 O o . O O 0 Between the covers of this hook you will find the activities, sports, dances, plays, and vital information of the class of 1956. It will remind each one of his high school days at our Alma Mater. We hope that it will remind not only the members of the class, but also the teach- ers and all who associated with us, that our stay here was one lively and well spent. We humbly give this book, hoping that through it we will he remembered as years go hy. The Disneyland theme of this hook and the adaptations of Disney Studio characters have been used through the kind permission specially granted by the Walt Disney Syndicated Enterprises of Holly- wood, California. O 9 0 9 l 0 0 O Q o 6 o o Q 0 O O 0 5 Q o Q O A A Q 0 W 77, O ..-, Q C X 'J X , , 6 .M "' I X 5 1 7 Q R Cf X ff 1 f -if - E A - , A ,f f 'SX f I' X Y 4:20 , .4 f ff V I x ' 'X Q X , M 5 ,P 2 3 df K If XI- QA XA X ix '4 J .,, 7 aff? X K 1 . 134 S- A Go 4 N., ' X Clmin ' . Nil, , 'V:1..,1, i f lon., I , M Underj'-.., ,,.,.. X X 5,1 AT 5.55-,es ' 2 Q 4 i n-f if Ale-r. ,.. 5 X ff .-J g!-K . .lCS... ' 2Sfify-1 'Q gi, 'Vine . ' ' ' -6 5 A g i S.,'.. ,A V ,PJ-g f i f I 'Sin 41 - , . g .Q ,,.."'.:: mn W H11 f X W7 ' N o X fl 0' C4 E555 xx. 2 N f XL 5 Q X y 1 3 f X Q Q. , K yov' 'ff ff . .QQ H HOOK, E 5 ? jik 3.22 ff Lx N -', . , 4 Ley? 1:9 -- T-:Za Xu, 7 4 -Q' 21 :ls 5' V- '45 3, - i-S , .picowqov 5 J DENCATIO For your unstinted guidance in its preparation, for your often- times unmerited understanding of our incompetences, for you gen- erous bestowal of time and effort, for your invaluable precepts of taste and judgment, we, the seniors of 1956, dedicate this issue of the Elizabethan to you, Miss Odell. Such dedication serves only in small part to indicate our com- plete debt to you of gratitude and regard, not only for the aca- demic instruction with which you have enriched us in our years with you, but also for the personal contribution of your devoted selflessness, which we accept as a permanent inspiration for our own future works. 6 DEDICATIO We, the Class of '56, take great pleasure and pride in dedicat- ing our yearbook to Mr. Henry M. Libhart, a splendid teacher as well as our friend. Mr. Libhart, a master of English grammar and of literature, has guided us through our junior and senior English classes with much patience yet with perfection set as the goal. Tire- lessly he worked with us, striving to instill in us the mastery of the English language and appreciation of literature. As literary advisor of our yearbook, Mr. Libhart has worked long and faithfully, giving unstintingly of his time and talent to help make this yearbook a finished product. To Mr. Libhart, whom we shall always remember and respect, we dedicate our annual as a token of our gratitude and apprecia- tion. 7 X FDUNUSTEMTUGGS -,,--l'-"""'-- QNX- boss 'PXN5 Ne :evra l - I f .fi T5 Q-In' 3 Q43 9. Q Sql: S Q'cNNzN9 X li X 590.3 Q-" W Mr. A. G. Groff Mr. K. Ezra Bucher President Vice-President CHO0L BOARD IJFFICER Mr: A. K. Carman Mr, W, E, Weaver SCCVCHIVJ' Treasurer 10 0UR SCHO0L BOARD First Row, Left to Right: A. K. Carman, Arthur G. Spickler, Elmer F. Groff, J. Carlton Schuldt, J. Shelly Kaylor, M. M. Wenger, J. Ralph Parrettg W. E. Weaver. Second Row: A. B. Longenecker, C. A. S. Hollinger, C. S. Bryan, John Nissley, John Leaman, C. E. Smuck, Clyde E. Fink, K. Ezra Bucher, D. S. Baum. Members not Pictured: T. M. Thompson, S. S. Cinder, Vincent W. O'Connor, C. S. Prescott, David W. Shank. These civic-minded men have given much of their time for the bet- terment of the school and the community. They have always been will- ing to help us whenever they could. They have taken on the responsiblities not only of choosing the teachers, but also of supplying the necessary school equipment and tak- ing care of the financial needs. These are but a few of the things that these men have done for the teachers and the students. We wish to extend our thanks to these men for all that they have done while we were students at Elizabethtown Area High School. 'll MR. GALE C. KILHEF ER UPERVI l G PRI CIPAL To the Seniors: Even though schools place a great deal of emphasis upon course learning, your teachers are aware of the fact that the kind of person you eventually become is much more important than the progress you made, or failed to make, in their courses. It's better to have character than to be cleverg itas more satisfying to be a genuine and sincere person than to put on airs and fool the worldg and as you mature you will find yourself attracted to small groups which sense their responsi- bility rather than to large groups, clamoring for their rights. As your senior year draws to a close, it is our real hope that each of you will carry away on graduation ,night only the best influences that school days have brought into your life, and that in the years ahead you will be able to say at many turns in the road, Mlflere is where l can be of greatest service to peoplew and wllhis is what God wants me to dof' Sincerely, G. C. Kilhefner 1 2 MR PHILIP H. DA BERT PRI CIPAL To the Seniors: We have been together as an educational family for four years and now it is time for us to go our separate ways. As we approach commencement day there will be some sadness in our hearts as we think of leaving those with whom we have lived and shared so many experiences, but it is to be remembered that graduation day is the beginning of another step in our education for successful living. As you go into the world you have a duty to yourself and to Cod to be a de- cent, happy, and useful citizen, which you can become only by being fair with yourself and your fellowmen, by working hard, by being ready and willing to give more than is required in the demands of work and life, and by keeping' faith in God. I thank you for the privilege I have had in being associated with you during this time. You have my sincerest wishes for the best of everything for you in the future years. Sincerely, . WUWJQW ,P. H. Daubert - 13 Dorothy D. Cummins Pennsylvania State University, B.A. French 67: English .lohn P. Dean, Jr. Elizabethtown College, A.B. English Norman E. Diehl Elizabethtown College, BS, University of Pennsylvania, M.S. Geography K: Science Elizabeth A. Donmoyer Marywood College, B.S. Horne Economics FACULTY May Dulebohn Millersville State Teachers College, A.B Elizabethtown College Mathematics Alton H. Eppler Muhlenburg State Teachers College Kutztown State Teachers College, A.B. Science M. Allegra Forney Juniata College, A.B. Pennsylvania State University Vocal Music William T. Frantz Albright College, B.S. History Xe Business Education 14 Kenneth Crosh Elizabethtown College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, MS. Guidance Counselor John G. Habecker Goshen College, A.B. Pennsylvania State University, M. Ed Science Daniel A. Hoopert Elizabethtown College, A.B. English d'c Social Studies R. Donald Haverstick Elizabethtown College, A.B. Social Studies FAC LTY West Chester State Teachers College, B Pennsylvania State University Physical Education Theresa M. Keen College Misericorclia, A.B. English :Ya Latin Barbara XV. Kinniburgh Bryant College, BS. Business Education Noah Klauss Harrisburg Conservatory of Music Elizabethtown College Instrumental Music I5 Henry Libhart Franklin and Marshall College, A.B. Pennsylvania State University English Herbert F. McCollom, Jr. Pennsylvania State University English Sc Social Studies Miriam Mengel Lebanon Valley College, A.B. Akron University Drexel Institute New York University, M.A. Librarian Ira C. Meyer Elizabethtown College, B.S. fElementary Education? Bethany Biblical Seminary, B.D. Social Studies FACULTY Mabel .lane Miller Lebanon Valley College, A.B. Temple University English Robert E. Morrison Wheaton College, B.S. New York University, M.A. Mathematics Patricia Odell Indiana State Teachers College, B.S Business Education Richard P. Overdorf Millersville State Teachers College, BS Drivers Education 'I6 Elwood R. Raber Elizabethtown College, B.S. English 62 Social Studies Joseph P. Sedule Pennsylvania State University, B.S., M. Ed. Physics, Chemistry 8: Science Helen .lane Sheely Pennsylvania State University, B.A. in Arts and Letters Kutztown State Teachers College, B.S. in Art Ed. Art Ralph G. Shuman Bloomsburg State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University, B.A., M. Ed Science 62 Mathematics FACULTY Robert J. Trimble Elizabethtown College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania Social Studies Lydia E. Wagner Elizabethtown College, A.B. English Richard M. Warden Shippensburg State Teachers College, Bb. Mathematics William H. Wertz University of Maryland, BS. West Chester State Teachers College Industrial Arts I7 Richard W. Wolf West Chester State Teachers College B.S. Physical Education These women are the ones who type up bulletins and take care of supplies for the school. We wish to extend our appreciation to them for all the things they have done for us while we were here. QOQ S u Zig, ' u gp ng, Mrs. Steelman Elementary Supervisor Mrs. Simons and Miss Hess We heartily express our ap- preciation to these men who have kept our school a clean, pleasant place, for the last few years. Mr. Barley Mr. Snyder IN .40- MEDICAL DEPARTME T Doctor C. Stuart Smith. Doctor Smith and Doctor Douglass are the men who give us checlcups, in their respective fields, every two years. They, along with Mrs. Baker, the school nurse, spend much of their time taking care of us at school. We wish to express our sincere thanks to them. Mrs. Dorothy Baker. Doctor C. C. Douglass. Whatis so interesting? Students or Teachers? Easy does it On Guard! Interesting Class A penny for your thoughts. Anybody have their homework done? Who, Me?? 1 Her majesty Frantz and company Caught in the act I MEMORY oi WAY E B. BLO CH We the class of 1956 pay tribute to the memory ,of Mr. Wayne B. Blouch whose guidance and inspiration will long be remembered and whose influence for good shall be carried into the future. 21 CLRSS OF I9 5 b , 1' '-5 5.-.- K-' A .......-i """"""'-5-'f'!"' inf- ' A 5-:i'i ,....kt ,gig riw g gg f gf gviigf 1-1 'af .3 525175 f ' K fi7IfZ.s "f:2'g-up , , fiigwmfgfw., Sew-W is M 1 5 +- 3 S3 3 Rag? 35 2 S di , S S X55 Ka Q- 2 -his 9 N ? QM , M J eseefiz'-ssl 15-W ,gg S X r ea E l A Y z Ziz A Q H , . AEK, K 5 I f . K . Simi iw K '5 ' E Q eg . A ff, -F ff -.1 , , .gl . , Am,,A, ,, . '5 E as :W ,N 1.5 W A S? gf 3' .e 1. .. .. , T f,., 'EFH ' -i ,gf 5. t-f'71"" f.Q21:3ff I .. -E 5: - , ',':,-,-: ' - -'1V v -- ,,,,, SENl0R CLASS 0FFlCER DARRYL EVANS President JOHN COLEMAN Vice President JOAN FLOYD Secretary SANDY RISSER Treasurer PATRICIA HEISEY Historian WILLIAM DOUGHERTY Historian 25 I FRED ACKERMAN Masonic Homes HFTCCP, College Preparatory Hi-Y 2, Chess Club 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 4. "Mars or bustli' is Fred's motto . . . a future chemist . . . brain in all the easy subjects: physics, chemistry, and solid . . . a great guy . . . bound to succeed in any college that he attends. BARBARA APPEL 211 N. Poplar Street "Barbara" Commercial Library Club 1 fWest Virginialg Future Homemakers of America 1 fWest Virginial g Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. One of the shier members of our class . .' . that laugh is her trade- mark . . . a good friend of Nancy's . . . one of the mountaineers of the good state of West Virginia . . . we hope she succeeds in all she does. JANE BEINHAUER 55 S. Poplar Street ".lanie', Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2. Quiet, but a very friendly girl . . . usually seen but seldom heard . . . pals around with her good friend Nancy . . . sure to be a suc- cess in everything she does. ROBERT BELSER 208 E. High Street "Babu College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2g Boys' Quar- tet 3, 4g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Junior High Chorus lg Hi-Y 1, 2, Chess Club 3, 45 Class Play 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4g Key Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4g Elizabethan Staff 4. Horatio the Horn Blower, that's Bob . . . a good man on the brass . . . plays a good part in the school7s Iwand . . . good leader . . . nice all around guy . . . hopes to be a dentist . . . we hope he has all the luck he deserves. . 26 NANCY BERNHARD R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "Nan" Commercial Junior High Chorus 1g Tri-Hi-Y 1. Constant companion of Jane's . . . friendly smile and cheerful dis- position . . . likes the Masonic Homes movies . . . liked by all . . . would like to be the best in her special field . . . lots of luck in ev- erything, Nancy. KENNETH BRANDT Falmouth "Kenf' g Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3, -lg Hi-Y 2 g Debate Club 39 Elizabethan Staff 4g Assistant Literary Editor 45 Class Play 3, 4. Class comedian . . . always joking . . . drives around in a hot f?l Ford . . . works hard in all he does? . . . women's man . . . likes them short and - - . . . "Cut it out you guys!" . . . will most likely succeed in all that he does. JAMES BRYAN R. D. No. 1, Bainbridge "limb General Basketball 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgeJg Class Play 3 fBainbridgelg Cho- rus 1, 2 fBainbridgeJ g Band 2 fBainbridgeJ. One of the new additions to the class of 756 . . . bright smile and friendly manner . . . adds up to one nice guy . . . always willing to help someone out . . . runs around with Demmy . . . sure to go places and to achieve success. JOAN CARL 218 Highlawn Avenue "loanie" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 3, 4 Dramatics Club 3, 45 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 Elizabethan Staff 4, Junior High Chorus 13 Senior Girls' Trio 4, Class Play 3, 4. One of the sparkling girls in the Senior Class . . . loves pizza and spaghetti . . . a good friend to all . . . neat girl and everything that. goes with it . . . bound to have a very enjoyable and successful fu- ture . . . Best of luck! 27 JEANNE CASSEBAUM Masonic Homes "C ,' Commercial ass Science Club 1 fScrantonJ, Girls' Glee Club 1 fScrantonl, Pho- tography Club. 1 fscrantonj, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Journalism Club 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 4, Class Play 4. Gobs of fun . . . efficient typist . . . watch those sticks . . . loves to jitterbug . . . jazz minded . . . active journalism member . . . en- thusiastic football fan . . . likable . . . adventure lover . . . witty . . . windy. MILDRED CHAPMAN 424 W. Bainbridge Street "Millie" Commercial Junior High Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 2, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Class Play 4. Always talking . . . enjoys her long walk to school . . . likes to watch . . d TV . . . sharp dresser . . . rates the movles tops . . . l1kes gqod foo . . . has a special interest? . . . plans to be a secretary. JOHN COLEMAN 215 E. Willow Street "John" College Preparatory Football 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 3, 4, Vice President 3, 4, Boys' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, County Chorus 3, Hi-Y 1, 2, Chess Club 3, Class Play 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 4, Assistant Art Editor 4, Key Club 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. Tall, blond, towering giant . . . favorite subject-girls, girls, girls . ,. . chemistry fiend . . . muscular . . . owner of a crew cut . . . fast moving tackle . . . quiet? . . . one of the Rotary boys-of-the-month . . . clown. DAVID COMFORT Masonic Homes "Cozy" College Preparatory Hi-Y 1, 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Chess Club 3, Football 4, Varsity Club 4, Elizabethan Staff 4. Blond and blue-eyed . . . a man of diminutive stature . . . one of the Homes gang . . . lover of foreign languages? . . . a reason for teach er to quit teaching. 28 YVONNE COPENHAVER 219 Maple Street "Copie', College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4g Class Play 3g Junior High Chorus lg Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3, 4, Eliza- bethan Staff 4. Lover of BINGO . . . peppy . . . ball of fire on hockey field . . . cheerful disposition . . . blue-eyed lass . . . knows how to work Bun- sen burner-with gas or water? al ' . . . . p s around with Sandy and Lou . . . ambition: to be a nurse. LESTER CUNNINGHAM 130 S. Poplar Street lies!! General Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 1, 25 Indoor Patrol 3, Varsity Club 3, 4. Frequently heard but seldom seen . . . loves his long hike to school . . . man of the world . . . lean and lithe . . . great adoration for books-school books? JOHN DEMMY, JR. R D N 1 B . . 0. , ainbridge "Johnny" General Band 1, 2 fBainbridgeJg Class President 3 fBainbridgeJg Basket- ball 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgeDg Chorus 1, 2 fBainbridgeJg Class Play 3 fBainbridgeJ . Talkative . . . hails from Bainbridge . . . J im's other half . . . drives a green Studebaker . . . goes horseback riding . . . often found en- tertaining Jackie . . . will surely be a success in the future. WILLIAM DOUGHERTY Masonic Homes fCBiu,, Commercial Junior High Chorus 1, Key Club 2, 3, 43 Treasurer 4, Journalism Club 2g Hi-Y 3' Class Historian 3 4 El' , , g izabethan Editor-in-chief 4g Class Play 4. ' Editor of the Elizabethan . . . excellent artist . . . commercial stu- dent . . . th I ' at tal, tall guy . . . long hike to school . . . friendly . . . dependable. 29 KERMIT DRUMHELLER R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown "Kermit" General Usually seen but seldom heard . . . pals around with Ken . . . avid hill billy fan . . . worked hard as a painter this summer . . . aims to be a ..............s, . . . good luck, Kermit. MARGIE EARHART R. D. Nq. 2, Elizabethtown "Marge" General Junior High Chorus lg Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramat- ics Club 3, 4. Cheerful disposition . . . chatters avidly . . . can be seen slaving f?J away at Grantls . . . gets around in her '38 Ford . . . pals around with Ethel. DARRYL EVANS Masonic Homes "Dary" College Preparatory Hi-Y 15 BaseballeManager 1, 2, Basketball Manager 3, 43 Class President 3, 4g Elizabethan Photography Editor 4. Short and cute . . . our capable president for the past two years . . . everybody's pal . . . does anyone have his French done? . . . the future doctor of the class . . . bound to succeed . . . smooth dancer. CHARLES FARRAR Masonic Homes "Chas" College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Elizabethan Literary Editor 43 Varsity Club 3, 4. Cute and rugged . . . another of those great 'homesies' . . . want to know about Pittsburgh? ,lust ask Chas . . . handles the pigskin the railroad . . . with ease . . . personality plus . . . crazy about ' ll Best of everything to one real swe guy. 30 JOAN FLOYD 38 W. Bainbridge Street 'floaniev Commercial Band 2, 3, 4g Head Majorette 2, 3, 4, Student Council 4g President 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Treasurer 3, Class Secretary 2, 3, 4, Elizabethan Business Manager 4. Our attractive head majorette . . . kept our class records straight. for the past three years . . . will really miss early morning band practices . . . friend to all . . . shines when anyone mentions the A.F .... will be a pleasant addition to any office . . . may the best be yours, Joanie. IRENE FREEMAN 51 College Avenue "Renee" Commercial Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Elizabethan Staff 45 Student Council 1. Short n' sweet . . . Nan,s other half . . . cute . . . our great goalie . . . likes to go swimming in the moonlight . . . heaps of fun . . . keeps the mailman busy . . . will be an asset to any office. EDITH GEBHARD R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown "Edie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics Club 35 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Editor 4, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4-g Junior High Chorus 1, Girls, Chorus 2g Eliz- abethan Staff 4. Why teachers stay in school . . . played left- full in hockey . . . brown eyed . . . W'a' happened to the fenders, Edie? . . . did an excellent job as editor of Blue and White . . . college bound . ., . sure to succeed as a social worker . . . favorite pastime: riding bi- cycle. JOAN GERMER 140 Washington Street "loanie', Commercial Dramatics Club 3g Tri-Hi-Y 1. One of the tall girls in our class . . . usually seen with Carole . . . driver of a green Buick . . . spark plug of any party . . . Best of luck to you, Joanie. 31 KENNETH GIBBLE R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "Ken" General Elizabethan Staff 4, Class Play Stage Manager 3. Friendly . . . our goalie on the Boys' Hockey Team . . . spends all his spare time working in Hershey's Sports Arena . . . -loves photog- raphy . . . always on time . . . easy to get along with . . . capable stage manager of our Junior Class Play . always laughing . . . considering joining the Naval Reserve. LILLIAN GISH 330 S. Market Street "Lily College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4-g Tri- Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3, Elizabethan Staff 4, Class Play 4-. The girl with a swell personality . . . impetuous . . . "Where is Alice?,' . . . always plenty to say . . . one of our many fine hockey players . . . who mentioned O. C. B. PI? . . . loves those French classes . . . never still a minute . . . ambition: to be a school teacher. RUTH GOOD 316 Park Street "Skippy" College Preparatory Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3, 4-g Library Staff 2, 3, 4-5 Senior Chorus 3, 4-g Elizabethan Staff 4, Girls' Cho- rus 2 , Class Play 4-. 'gCood" things come in small packages . . . loves roller skating ... . possesses blonde hair . . . plays violin in the Senior Orchestra . . . did a swell job as teacher in the ,Junior Assembly . . . has a special fellow in the Air Force . . . will succeed in any field. SHIRLEY GRUBB R. D. No. 2, Elizabethtown "Shirley, Commercial Small but mighty . . . very pleasing personality . . . one of the good female drivers in our class . . . quiet . . . enthusiastic sports fan . . . graceful . . . very studious . . . reliable . . . kind to everyone. 32 GILBERT HACKENBERGER Falmouth "Gil" Commerclkzl Loves to drive . . . works on a gladiolus farm . . . mayor of Fal- mouth . . . girl shy . . . goes crazy over chocolate milkshakes . . . alwa s k ' y eeping the teacher busy . . . headed for a career in the service. RICHARD HEFFNER 104- Brown Street "Tex" Commercial Junior Band 1. Tall . . . never misses a chance to catch up on his l s eep in class . . . sells cars in his spare time . . . one of the best when it comes to fencing . .- .full of great ideas . . . can always be found drivi th MFI 95 ng e ame . . . a proud member of the National Guard. ' PATRICIA HEISEY 13 E. High Street Cfpatii College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 3, Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 43 Mixed Chorus 3 4' Hocke I 2 , , y , , 3, 4, Captain 4, Elizabethan Staff 4g Assistant Photography Editor 4, Indoor Patrol 2, Tennis 2, 3, 4. N eat appearance . . . personality plus . . . friendly and full of fun . . . plays a trumpet in the band and the orchestra . . . -always a smile for everyone . . . wonderful hockey team ' captain . . . with her fine manner she is sure to reach the top. W. KENNETH HEISEY 534 E. High Street "Kean General Swell guy . . . a real Wes Santee on the field . . . loves to spell and is very good at it . . . can always be found driving his Chevy with his Texan hat . . . great when it comes to singing hill billy music . . . "Oh! to sleep just a little longer" . . . will make an excellent farmer. 33 CONNIE HERR 402 Snyder Avenue "Connie" Commercial Band fColorguardJ 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Journalism Club 1, 2, 3, 4-g Elizabethan Staff 4, Junior High Chorus 1. "I grew up on pizza" . . . first love: early morning band practice . . . main interest lies in Lewistown . . . sure to succeed in her ca- reer as a secretary. ' PHYLLIS HIXON R. D. No. 1, Bainbridge "Phyl,, Commercial Cheerleader 1, 2 fBainbridgeJg Class Secretary 1, 2 fBainbridgeJg Band 3, 415 Dramatics Club 3g Mixed Chorus 43 Elizabethan Staff 4. P.C. from Bainbridge . . . small, blonde, and cute . . . sometimes seen with Nan . . . personality plus . . . will make an efficient sec- retary. BARBARA HOFFMAN 47 Washington Street "Huff" College Preparatory Girls' Chorus 1, 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4-3 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4-g Con- certmeister 4-5 Debate Club 3, Journalism Club 33 String Ensem- ble lg Elizabethan Staff 4-. One of our smaller members . . . oh, that giggle . . . accomplished violinist . will make a wonderful addition to some hospital's staff as a future Florence Nightingale. DORIS HOSTETTER R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown "Doris" General Knitting Club 1 fMt. .l0yl5 Social Games 1 fMt. .l0YlS F.H.A. 1 fMt. Joyl 5 F.H.A. 2. Takes life easy . . . friendly toward everyone . . . has a one track mind with a food train on it . . . lots of fun . . . bound to succeed in anything she chooses. 34 WILBUR KAUFFMAN 109 S. Poplar Street " W illyi' General Chess Club 3. lust loves school and all that goes with it . . . quiet-at times . . . spends his spare time at Western Auto . . . small but, oh my . . our future Air Force pilot. ARDEN KAYLOR R. D. No. 2, Elizabethtown "Ardie" General Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3 lBainbridgeJg Class Play 3 fBainbridgeJ. Spends his spare time drawing jets . . . comes to us from Bainbridge . . . Simione's sparring partner . . . loves Italian spaghetti . . . did you see that plane? . . . Ardie designed that. FRANCIS KLEIN 134 N. Spruce Street "Nicky College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 49 Boys' Chorus 2g Mixed Cho- rus 3, 4g Jr. Band lg Jr. Orchestra lg Chess Club 3g Elizabethan Staff 4. Efficient clerk at King's . . . did you see that green flash? That was Nick . . . worked hard for the Boro this summer Ui . . . de- veloped a love for the Homes . . . is it the scenery, Nick? . . . bound to succeed. CAROLE KLINGER 138 N. Market Street "Doll" , Commercial Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 4-5 Secretary 3, President 43 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Junior High Chorus 1, Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4-3 Tri-Hi-Y lg Elizabethan Staff 4. .loanie's other half . . . enjoys riding in a certain maroon Mercury . . . exercises her vocal cords in Senior Chorus . . . will make some office a swell secretary. 35 BETTY LANCASTER 309 S. Market Street Commercial KlBetty99 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4-. als around with Ethel and Small and cute . . . long wavy hair . . . p Margie . . . spends her spare time roller skating. . . avid hill billy fan . . . "Gee whiz!" . . . a1ms to travel. ROBERT LANCASTER R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "Bob', General Cl b 3 Class Play 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. Football 2, 3, 4, Gym u g Tall, blond, and quiet . . . hard fighting tackle on the football team ' d urs lots of French fries . . . loves . . . hunter and fisherman . . . evo hillbilly V ' Blue. music . . . plans to wear the Air Force NANCY LANDVATER Rheems Commercial 'fNancyv Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Band 3, 45 Elizabethan Staff 4. ' 'l . . . snappy dresser . . . Little as a minute . . . bouncing pony tal beautiful game of hockey . . . Irene's chatters constantly . . . plays a right ' ' Ford . . . special interest in Air Force Blue. hand . . . often seen 1n the wl11te JOHN LOKEY Bainbridge General nfohnnyn d J Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3 fBain- Basketball 1, 2, 3 fBainbri ge 3 A bridgel g Mixed Chorus 1 fBainbridgel 3 Glee Club 2 fBainbr1dgel , Class Play 3 fBainbridge1. Short and dark . . . always talking . . .'121's answer to Marlon ' ' lab . . . enjoys hunting and Brando . . . fiend in chemistry t from Bainbridge . . . often seen on Darrylis baseball . . . commu es motorcycle . . . will go far as a draftsman. 36 E. JUNE LONGENECKER R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "June" General .lunior High Chorus 13 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Student Council 2, 3g F. H. A. 2g Class Play 4. Winning personality . . . puts in time at Tropical Treat . . . enjoys eating Italian spaghetti . . . spare moments spent swimming . . . pet peeve: gossip and rainy days . . . constant companions: Pat and Shirl . . . will be a s ' ' uccess as a lady in white. JOHN LONGENECKER 38 W. Summit Street "Butch,, College Preparatory Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3,'4g Class Play 4g Key Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Secretary 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4g Boys' Chorus 2, Boys' Quartet 4, Hi-Y 2. Neat dresser . . . musically minded . . . sings tenor in quartet . . . always ready with a joke . . . rhythm man in English class . . . '6Holy Hump' usuall . . . . y seen with Ken . . . trumpet tooter . . plans to enter pre-med. BRUCE MEYERHOFFER R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "Chuck,, General A hill billyis favorite friend drives h . . . a ot Merc . . . likes to play William Tell fbow and arr l . ' ' ow . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . friend to all . . . could do without school . . . has no definite plans for the future. ETHEL MILLER R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown "Ethel" General Junior High Chorus lg Tri-Hi-Y 1. Quiet fbut doesn't like to admit itl . . . popular and hill billy music send her . . .,Betty's other half l . . . oves to eat sub sandwiches! . . . "Obi my osh!" . . .h g opes to travel and see the world. 37 MARILYN MILLER ' Bowl Mor Apartments "Mtlrilyn', College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g Junior High Chorus 1, Class Play 3, 41, Band 3, Dramatics Club 35 Student Council 4g Elizabethan Staff 4, Hockey Manager 2, 3, 4-. Talkative . . . "What,s gum for if you can't chew it in school?" . . . full of fun . . . always giggling . . . just adores French class . . . seldom seen without Shirley, Joanie, and Pat. DOROTHY MINICK Rheerns "Data Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2g Junior High Chorus lg Journalism Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Library Club 1, 2, 4-g Or- chestra 1. Friendly redhead . . . loads of fun . . . one of the main reasons men give up driving . . . happy-go-lucky . . . industrious . . . journeys from Rheems. LARRY MULLEN R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown "Flat-zap" College Preparatory Boys' Gym Club 3 Not too tall. but extremely light and handsome . . . joined us in our junior year from Middletown . . . Robin Hood of our class . . .. commutes from Newville . . . plans to spend the next few years in the Air Force. KATHERINE MUMMAU R. R. No. 1, Elizabethtown uKathJ',, General Mixed Chorus 1, 2 fKraybillj 3 F .H.A. 3. Pleasant personality . . . joined us in our junior year . . . frequently heard singing "Dear .lohnn . . . faithful worker at the Clearview Diner . . . sure to make an excellent housewife. 38 GALEN NEIDEIGH 722 S. Spruce Street "Galen', General Junior High Chorus 1. Quiet . . . bashful . . . drives a grey puddle jumper, sometimes called a Henry J . . . what he lacks in size he makes up for with ambition . . . passes away his spare time by working at Musser's . . . future l ' p ans not certain, but whatever he chooses we know he'll succeed. REGINA NEWGARD Bainbridge "lean" Commercial Chorus 1 fBainbridgeJg Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgelg Class Secretary 3 fBainbridgeJg Class Play 3 fBainbridgeJ. Tall girl from Bainbrid . . . n spe- cial interest in Columbia can us ll b . . . ua y e found with Bernice . . . "Gee whiz! the chocolate cake is all.', ge . . . just loves short guys curre t ROBERT OBERHOLTZER R. D. No. 3, Elizabethtown 5fB0b,3 Commercial Frequently seen but seldom heard . . . seldom seen without Cookie or Rich . . . th' k in s homework detracts from school's popularity . . . joined us from Manheim in our junior year. LOUISE PATTON 15 Linden Avenue "Lou" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g President lg Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchstra 1, 2, 3, 4g Elizabethan Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 4' Class Pla 4. v Y One of the quieter members of the Senior class . Miss Elizabeth- town '55 . . . 'fluniatal' attractive . . . . . . pretty hair . . . kept home- room 21's ffuidanc ' D e notes straight . . . always dresses nicely . . . other third of Sandy and Copie . . . plans on being an elementary teacher. 39 . 44-Sa FAY PEIFFER 23 N. Poplar Street "Fay" C ommerczkzl Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4-g Band Front 2, 3, 4-5 Captain 4-5 Sophomore Cho- rus 2g Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 43 Assistant Business Manager 43 Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4. Energetic . . . one of our more advanced hockey players . . . enjoys argumentative conversation . . . often seen sitting up nights writing letters . . . favorite song: "Dance With Me Henry" . . . loyal band member . . . really enjoys 7:30 band practice. SHIRLEY RAFFENSPERGER 507 College Avenue g'Shirley', College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4-g Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4-g Tri- Hi-Y 1, 25 Dramatics Club 3, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Elizabethan Art Edi- tor 4-g Girls' Trio 4-g Class Play 3, 41. Short 'n cute . . . always ready and willing to help anyone in need . . . "Oh, Pete!" . . . pals around with her Fletcher friends: Pat, Joanie, and Marilyn . . . plans to go to college . . . will be a great success in any field. JACK RAHN 338 Park Street ulackv College Preparatory Hi-Y 3, 4. Tall and lanky . . . stocks the shelves at Risser's . . . one of the ar- dent Dodger fans . . . sharp in chemistry . . . woman-hater? . . . sure to be a great success in everything. BERNICE RAPP Bainbridge "Bean Commercial Class Play 3 fBainbridgelg Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgeJg Chorus 1 fBainbridgeJ . New friend from Bainbridge . . . pretty brown hair . . . takes each class with a different section . . . "Fiddle sticks!" . . . wants to go to beauty and charm school . . . then, U.S. Marines, here she comes! 40 THOMAS RICE 58 Orange Street "Car" Commercial Hi-Y 1, 23 Basketball 13 Debate Club 3. Snappy dresser . . . favorite pastime-going to school? . . . man of dash . . . avoids truant officers . . . can do without homework. Q JAMES RISSER 531 College Avenue "lim" College Preparatory Football 1g Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. Blond, blue-eyed, cute . . . great baseball player . . . drives around in a 737 Chevy . . . often found at Tonyls with the "Senior Six" . . . faithfully attends the Canteen . . . will be a great success in the fu- ture. PATRICIA RISSER 319 E. High Street "Pat7' Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 33 Junior High Chorus lg Elizabethan- Staff 4. Quiet and always busy . . . pretty clothes . . . often goes to the mov- ies 'in a Studebaker convertible . . . good at taking' shorthand dic- tation . . . faithful football fan . . . will make some lucky business-' man a very reliable secretary. SANDRA RISSER 237 N. Hanover Street "SandyB College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4g Band Front 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi- Y 1, 2g President 23 Dramatics Club 3g Elizabethan Staff 43 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Class Play 3g Girls' Chorus 1. Attractive . . .. sparkling personality . . . top notch athlete . . . one of our fine hockey team players . . . neat dresser . . . flighty over Whitey . . . our popular Corn Queen . . . bound to be a success in all her future endeavors. 41 i ROBERT ROYER 148V3 E. High Street "Co0kie,' Commercial Football 1, Gym Club 3, Basketball 1. Tall and slim . . . possessor of an exotic laugh . . . labors at Ris- ser's . . . seldom seen without Bob or Rich . . . will make a first- rate soldier. ALICE SHAW 301 Park Street "Alice,, College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Dramatics Club 3, Girls, Trio 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Band 2, 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 4, Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, String Ensemble 1, Class Play 3, 4. A tactful gal . . . loves to wear her glasses? . . . fun loving . . . great imitator . . . attractive . . . girl with a giggle . . . excellent athlete . . . quite fond of Snoopy . . . chatterbox . . . college bound. LAWRENCE SI-IUMAKER ' 81 Maytown Avenue "Larry,' General Band 1, 2 fBainbridgeJ, Basketball 1, 2 fBainbridgel, Chorus 1, 2 CBainbridgeJ , Football 3. The clown of the class . . . came to us in 10th grade from Bain- bridge . . . rusty as a brick . . . plans to join the Air Force. GORDON SLOAT 306 E. Park Street "Bl41ClCy,' College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4. All-around athlete . . . 3-letter man . . . co-winner of Gil Shirlc Tro- phy-. . . frequently found at Tonyls with the "Senior Sixl' . . "Rules are made to be brokenl' . . . plans to join the Air Force. 42 JACQUELINE SMITH Bainbridge ufackiev General Band 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgeJg Chorus 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgelg Class Treasurer 3 flilainbridgel g Class Play 3 fBainbridgeJ . Short and attractive . . . natural blonde . . . came to us from Bain- bridge this year . . . proud owner of a yellow convertible . . . plays piano in her spare time . . . will make a first-rate nurse. JOHN STEVENS 112 Cedar Street "Big fohnf' Commercial Hi-Y 1, 2, Junior High Chorus 1, Olympic Club 2, 3, Key Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Class Play 33 Class Vice President 2, Student Council 1, 2, 3, Hall Patrol 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 3, 4, President 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 1, 2. Little mite on the gridiron . . . absent on the first day of hunting . . . second home, 318 Park Street . . . co-winner of Gil Shirk Tro- phy . . . real gone jitterbugger . . . sharp dresser . . . plans to join the Navy. BARBARA STEVENSON Masonic Homes ' "Bobbie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Accompanist for Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4g Elizabethan Staff 4. Our capable captain of the cheerleaders . . . journeys from the Homes with Lois . . . pet peeve: kids who don't cheer at football games . . . tickles the ivories in her spare time . . . whiz on the type- writer . . . future position: operator of an l.B.M. HAZEL STONE R. D. No. 1, Bainbridge "Pebble" General Safety Patrol 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgeJ, Chorus 1, 3 lBainbridgeJ, Girls' Glee Club 1, 3 fBainbridgelg Y.F.C. 1, 2, 3 fBainbridgelg Class Play 3 fBainbridgeJ g Library Staff 4. , Hails from Bainbridge . . . "Oh, Daddyv . . . interests range from men to boys . . . thrives on French fries . . . likes to ride horseback . . . likes to ride in convertibles . . . always giggling . . . good luck in whatever you do. 43 KAY STONER 141 E. Hummelstown Street "Kayu Commercial Band 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Junior High Chorus 1, Dra- matic Club 3, 4g Class Play 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 43 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Student Council 2. Short and cute . . . hates early morning band practice . . . great actress . . . likes to talk . . . always looking for a way home . . . likes the Masonics . . . J oaniels other half . . . Aunt Sallyls has not been the same since Kay works there . . . would like to go to B.J. . . . keeps homeroom records straight. LOIS STUMM Masonic Homes "Lo" Commercial Elizabethan Staff 45 Student Council 43 Secretary 4, Journalism Club 3, 4, Dramatic Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, Chaplain 13 Band Front 2, 3, 4, Junior High Chorus 1'g Class Play 4. Likes her daily hike to the Homes . . . detests crowds . . . lover of Italian foods . . . often seen with that certain guy . . . spends her leisure reading historical novels . . . "Nasty breakn . . . friend of everyone . . . some day will fulfill some boss's dream of a good sec- retary. PATRICIA SWEIGART R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown , "Pug" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Elizabethan Staff 4g Class Play 3, 4. x Likes to ride in a certain Pontiac . . . hails from the metropolis of Newville . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . loves history class . . . pet peeve: people listening in on your conversation on the phone . . . would like to be a secretary or housewife . . . good luck, we know you will make it. GENEVIEVE WATERS R. D. No. 1, Elizabethtown ".lenny" Commercial Junior High Chorus 1, Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4-g Elizabethan Staff 43 Library Staff 4. A member of 123 . . . often seen in a Chrysler . . . favorite pastime: being with Jerry . . . often seen with Pat, Joan, and Carole . . . "Anyone have any gum?'l . . . plans to be a secretary . . . efficient member of Journalism . . . will some day be an excellent housewife for some lucky guy. 44 l JOYCE WEAVER R. D. No. 2, Elizabethtown "Joyce" Commercial Junior High Chorus 1, Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus 25 Band 3g Elizabethan Staff 413 Class Play 3. Threw several slumber parties . . . drives a souped-up Ford . . . seen around town in a ,55 Mercury . . . likes to ride horseback and go bowling . . . pet peeve: moody people . . . Bev's other half . . . will never sleep in room 20. HERMANN WILD Masonic Homes "Herm', College Preparatory Football 3, 4-g Boys, Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4g Olympic Club 3, Hi-Y lg Varsity Club 3, 4. Tall, dark, and handsome . . . enjoys daily stroll to Masonic Homes . . . one of our cherished football players . . . pines for Philadelphia . . . likes to draw scale models of cars . . . could do without home- work . . . always looking forward to chemistry class . . . has no def' inite plans for the future . . . sure to be a success. ANN WISE 506 N. Market Street "Bingie" Commercial Cheerleading 2, 3 fCornwallJg Booster Club 1, 2, 3 fCornwallJg Basketball 2, 3 fCornwallDg Chorus 1, 2, 3 fCornwalUg Baseball 2 lCornwallJg Class Play 3 fCornwallJg Newspaper Staff 3 fCorn- wallj. Comes to us this year from Cornwall . . . likes shorthand class . . . hamburgers keep Ann happy . . . "Where's Gene?" . . . has a spe- cial interest in Elizabethtown College . . . smile for everyone . . . Lots of luck to you, Ann. ROBERT WITMER 133 N. Maple Street-- "Wifi College Preparatory Seen driving around town in a light blue convertible . . . could do without school . . . takes frequent vacations during hunting and fishing seasons . . . crew cut . . . drives a red and white bakery truck on Saturdays . . . adds up to one swell guy . . . best of luck to one who really deserves it. 45 jf BEVERLY ZELL 126 N. Spruce Street to become an office worker and housewife. A VOTE OF THANKS The Class of 1956 expresses its thanks to the teachers, the ad- ministration, and all those who made these last twelve years our most memorable and eventful ever. We wish to thank the underclasses for their cooperation in our various projects, and wish them all the happiness and prosperity in the world. Class of 1956 ani' 46 leave slumber parties early . . . always laughing "Bef, Commercial Freshman Chorus 13 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3g Elizabethan Staff 4-. Loquacious . . . collects books . . . Joyce's companion . . . often seen in a green Olds . . . natural blonde hair . . . hash slinger at Schrollls . . . enjoyed her visit to the school creek . . . hates to her ambition sg Left to Right: D. Evans-January, W. Dougherty- Decemher, J. Risser-April, J. Coleman-November. C. Farrar-February, B . Belser-October, J . Stevens- May, B. Lancaster- March. A IWTARY BOY -of-THE-M0 TH These are the boys who were elected by the Senior Class to represent the high school at the meetings of the local History Club. Each boy was chosen for his outstand- ing personality and his fine quality of leadership. 1 4 .2 '7, lr" v ' 77 +V Ms. . Y JNQNAJXO fi, 5 1225 fill' --s - 'tif' B.P.W. GIRL -of-THE-M0 TH The girls of the month were chosen on the basis of personality, leadership, char- acter, and sportsmanship by the girls of the Senior Class. Each week one of these girls attended a meeting of the local Business and Professional Women's Club at the American Legion. Through the acquaintances made at these meetings, the girls learned the ways of the club and talked with most of its members. Seated, Left to Right: P. Heisey-October, L. Patton- December, A. Shaw- March, K. Stoner-April, B. Stevenson - May. Standing: P. Hixon - November, J. Floyd-August, S. Risser- February, Y. Copenhaver- September, L. Stumm- June. 47 OUR JUNIOR PLAY PM A FAMILY CRISIS Laughter and splendor-that was our Junior play, and how well we all re- member itl -Amateur performers though we were, we did a swell job. Wholll forget the bald wig Ken Brandt wore? or the magnificent job by Yvonne Copenhaver in the role of the old lady who enjoyed poor health? And surely you'll always he able to recall the great acting jobs by Kay Stoner and John Stevens, the leads. Yes, all in all, the whole cast showed that our class of 756 was rich in thea- trical talent. And then with the ac- companying power of Mr. Grosh's dramatic genius, we knew we would have a hit. PLAY CAST Peggy Morgan - ., W . ,.,,Kay Stoner Betsy Morgan W ., ,,,,, Joan Carl Mrs. Morgan ,, ,,,,,,,Sandra Risser Dr. Morgan. WH, ,.,,Rohert Belser Nellie Grimsteafl ,,Vonnie Copenhaver Uncle Syl CW.. .Kenneth Brandt Willie Carter , ...John Stevens Gwen Harris ,W ,Joanne Achorn fulia Crcslin,,,..-.-Connie Chronister Mary Lou Thomas ,,,Alice Shaw Mrs. Tabor ,,,Shirley Raffensperger Attendant , -W . John Coleman OUR SENIOR PLAY THE PEOPLE VERSUS MAXINE LOWE The orchestra is playing the final strain of the National Anthemg there is a slight shuffle of feet on the stageg the curtains open slowly and our play, '4The People versus Maxine Lowef, be- gins. This was the beginning of the end after weeks of hard work and practice. None of us will ever forget Shirley's experience at dress rehearsal and .lohnls coming to practice after foot- hall. Remember Patls hat, Butch's color combination, and that Saturday night we took three curtain calls? Poor Mr. Grosh! What he must have gone through those two nights! These few minutes will live long in the hearts of those who were a part of it. PLAY CAST Edna Brusliett , ,, ,Alice Shaw Frances Marston ,Jeanne Cassehaum Will Bond ,,, ,, , Rolnert Lancaster The Honorable john Wesionvn, , ,Ken Brandt fessalyn Meredith Joan Carl Warren Cass L ,,,,, Robert Belser James Hathway ,, John Coleman Maxine Lowe Shirley Raffensperger Alice !flCliSOIl,,,,, Mildred Chapman Carla Leslie ,,,,, ,, Louise Patton Dr. Freifla Milgram ,Marilyn Miller Thomas Quinn William Dougherty Vincent Ilarlflay john Longenecker Minnie Strausson Patricia Sweigart Eve Vyonne ,, , ,Kay Stoner Irene Halt , , ,,,Lillian Gish Rose Malone , ,Ruth Good Sarah l.orrison,, June Longenecker fury Foreman , Darryl Evans 21 X I 1 e 5 1 1 funior - Senior Prom . . .An Enchanted Evening Our Junior - Senior prom was a scene of en- chantment at the Hershey Park Golf Club, where we swung and swayed to the music of Red McCarthy,s Orchestra. Thrilled by our first post-prom party, we had a gala event, with night-club atmosphere, an evening of memories to treasure forever. CLASS S0 G Now that itis time for us to leave Our Alma Mater true. Weill look ahead with goals set high. ln everything we clo. Working and laughing in the past. Toiling with all our friends. Within the walls of our I-2.A.H.S. Our happy school days end. Now as we Say our last farewells. Our memories ne'er will die. But weill reinemlier all our fun. ln golrlen years gone hy. And as we fave lift-'s open floors. With Curl as In-lp. weill fincl Our dreams and liopes that we lvuilt before ln school days we loft lmehinfl. lm E636 L SES' ? i gi.. CVS -than 53 Jack Hawthorne - Vive-President dent Bob T . W akeie' X Mm JUNl0R CLASS Our class very enthusiastically sold re- freshments at all sports events. We're ready and waiting to take the big step and become seniors. We are a very ambi- Historian tious class and we hope to be very suc- gsw eufel X PT Treasurer Betsy Wenger . .-., , I cessful in all we do. p. 2, W . at , s Runya Anne First Row, Left to Right: P. Thompson, J. Kuntzelman, A. Runyun, C. Steever, J. Stumm Smith, F. Craun. Second Row: M. Borman, R. Martin, A. Shelley, D. Creiner, S. Saylor Schuldt, F. Longenecker, H. Krayhill. Third Row: J. Knitweis, D. Goodling, R. Fackler Dupes, J. Hawthorne, O. Erb, M. Shank. Fourth Row: C. Snyder, T. Otis, A. Greiner Walters, H. Good, C. Martin, R. Ruggeri, J. Stalnhaugh, M. Hoffer, K. Walborn. iv"-f'T?i .- First Row, Left to Right: R. Caley, C. Ebersole, E. Landis, B. Carl, J. Risser, K. Jones. Second Row: G. Espenshade, H. Arndt. B. Wenger, R. Andews, K. Frutchey, C. Sweigert. Third Row: K. Bachman, K. Emenheiser, W. Deitrich, R. Eshelman, C. Heiser, J. Fullerton, G. Eby, L. Beamenderfer. Fourth Row: B. Minick, M. Heilman, N. Cunningham, J. Newcomer, G. Floyd, G. Pfauty, R. Teufel, C. Hayes. First Row, Left to Right: B. Detweiler, K. Christ, S. Hackenluerger, L. Chapman. J. Heisey, C. Cox, S. Jacobs, M. Zook. Second Row: M. White, J. Cibhle, L. Fantom, J. Halbleib, F. Halde- man, C. Berrier, D. Brubaker, F. Donley, B. Snyder. Third Row: N. Ness, A. Snyder, J. Snyder, P. Heisey, N. Longenecker, S. Neideigh, S. Risser, P. Hackman. J. Bressler, K. Koser, J. Grimm, R. Stone, S. Mumma, J. Lancaster. C. Eckert, J. Kleinfelter, J. Risser, K. Heisey. First Row, Left to Right: P. Grubb, J. Hilsher, E. Krayhill, B. Boggs, S. Baker, C. Spickler, M. Roland, D. Fike, J. Myers. Second Raw: C. Douglass, B. Cinder, B. Hoffman, R. Hayes, D. Grubb, K. Hippensteel, J. DeLong, T. Trimmer. Third Row: B. Sine, J. Stroh, J. Snyder, R. Coleman, L. Krick, B. Ditzler, D. Kilhefner. First Row, Left to Right: S. Keener, V. Wilkinson, P. Garber, K. Bentzel, M. Walters, K. Evans. Second Row: B. West, J. Barnett, M. Brinser, J. Stahl, R. Criley, J. Espenshade, W. Wilson. Third Row: R. Graham, R. Farrar, C. Bashore, J. Davis, C. Heistand, T. DuLany, B. Bishop, W. White. Fourth Row: J. Cassebaum, D. Rutt, H. Royer, D. Dupes, G. Bucher, S. Weaver, K. Dixon, G. Haas. First Row, Left to Right: A. Peifer, M. Miller, E. Shelly, S. Seitz, E. Schwanger. Second Row: S. Rank, J. Brandt, K. Fasnacht, L. ltzoe, L. Hummer, J. Andrews, G. Sweigart. Third Row: L. Cunningham, D. Campbell, E. Royer, E. Grayheal, M. Aldinger, R. Funck, D. Hilsher. Fourth Row: J. Stone, J. Gerlach, T. Carman, M. Frutchey, R. Thomas, M. Ebersole, A. Myer. First Row, Left to Right: M. Ortity, S. Simione, J. Snyder, C. Miller, L. Hipple, K. Powell, L. Fasnacht. Second Row: D. Eagle, K. Fogie, S. Ecenrode, L! Oher, K. Lehman, G. Carriger, A. Mohr, S. Hackenberger. Third Row: R. Miller, Q. Gibble, A. Ceib, J. Landis, H. Keener, V. Powers, J. Hamilton, J. Berrier, P. Tripp. First Row, Left to Right: G. Goss, J. Graybill, S. Alwine, S. Hoffer, P. Lehman, V. Brosey, J Groff. Second Row: N. Oberdorff, J. Blough, W. Witmer, V. Shenk, B. Winters, B. Bradley P. Lancaster. Third Row: S. Metzler, A. Zeager, J. Gish, A. Greenawalt. M. Oberholtzer, T Heigel. Fourth Row: B. Ginder, C. Miller, R. Kline, E. Fuhrman, J. Bailey, B. Bernhisel. First Row, Left to Right: C. Jones, L. Eshelman, M. Beyer. B. Heisey, J. Gibble, E. Gerber, J Groff. Second Row: R. Bernhard, K. DeArmitt, M. Coursen, J. Garber, E. Hill, L. Herr, D Barnhart, B. Arndt. Third Row: E. Grimm, M. Flory, P. Bates, P. Drace, J. Gfwl. P. Irvine, S. Farver, H. Eberly, W. Good. Fourth Row: C. Byerly, J. Hamilton, B. Derricl Biesecker, J. Lehman, R. Garber, R. Engle, J. Garmen, R. Good. First Row, Left to Right: E. Shenk, E. Reisinger, C. Shank, M. Royer, S. Miller, N. Lokey, N. Hostetter. Second Row: J. Sweigart, C. Olweiler, S. Mohr, L. Norton, N. Cibble, S. Hein, G. Shenk, T. Flowers. Third Row: R. Brehm, R. Candy, E. Espenshade, D. Ebersole, R. Williams, R. Meyerhoffer, K. Aungst. Fourth Row: C. Cunningham, R. Eby, J. Fantom, D. Baker, R. Appel. H. Brown, F. Aldinger. First Row, Left to Right: M. Zimmerman, S. J. Young, R. A. Risser, L. Snyder, L. Nolt, F. Roeting. Serond Row: S. Risser, T. Rutman, B. Slesser, S. Thompson, J. Slesser, H. Witman. Third Row Shaeffer, C. Seiders, J. Ober, C. Ricedorf, H. Nauss, R. Shank, J. Park. Fourth Row: J. W' "ins fn, M. Thorne, R. Werner, H. Ruhl, J. Naurnan, P. Waters, L. Rapp. First Row, Left to Right: M. Minick, J. Miller, S. Bernhard, A. Lookenhill, L. J. Hess, L. Bru- baker, P. Ebersole, J. Hixon. Second Row: W1 Metzler, H. Mullen, R. Miller, L. Oxenrider, H. Longenecker, B. Hess, B. Mohr, J. Morris, R. Kready, B. Funck. Third Row: B. Cohle, H Andrews, S. Knox, W. Craven, K. Crum, T. McKinne, C. Musser, R. Keck. First Row, Left to Right: L. Snyder, C. Smith, K. Thuma, B. Strickler, C. Strickler, K. Mc- Laughlin. Second Row: M. Longenecker, E. Johnson, B. Smith, G. Rice, R. Ulrich, S. Kaylor, J. Koser, C. Sweigart. Third Row: D. Hoffer, K. Kaylor, R. Ropka, P. Smith, P. Seihert, H. Karn, R. Hilsher. Fourth Row: B. Spickler, G. Walters, B. Jumper, C. Weiser, J. Raugh, B. Gunning, J. Sauter, R. Heisey. First Row, Left to Right: R. Bretz, J. Becker, V. Doyle, C. Brenner, G. Alleman, J. Espenshade D. Brubaker, M. Doyle, L. Brosius. Second Row: D. Dimeler, D. DeLong, L. Collins, B. Clark J. Ferrari, M. Criley, P. Baker, H. Gill, B. Drawhaugh. Third Row: J. Dupler, L. Fittery, D Gunning, W. Burgess, L. Eckert, F. Christ, B. Bracklmill, J. Collins, E. Brubaker, J. Dickson R. Dimeler. Fourth Row: R. Sweigart, D. Dimeler, L. Achenhach, L. Coble. D. Farmer, D Brandt, V. Groover, B. Burkholder, H. Brinser, J. Enck. First Row, Left to Right: S. Mohr, D. Geih, J. Greiner, C. Seiders, D. Gruber, N. Good, T. Gantz, J. Frey, N. Gerber. Second Row: J. Goss, D. Ginder, L. Hackman, S. Forry, E. Heisey, J. Fultz, G. Floyd, N. Flowers, J. Flowers, C. Frey. Third Row: J. Kopechi, J, Gish, G. Gray- heal, J. Greiner, J. Heck, J. Hetrich, D. Hess, T. Geib, R. Hershey, S. Gish. Fourth Row: P. Hiestand, H. Halbleib, D. Garber, P. Givens, J. Hershey, M. Givens, E. Hart, B. Hamilton, J. Harris, H. Hilsher, J. Graham. First Row, Left to Right: A. Winters, N. Kern, D. Ritchie, N. Smith. B. Royer, P. Zimmerman M. Saylor, C. Hawke, M. DeArmitt, R. Prescott. Second Row: K. Riggleman, M. Stehman, H Snyder, J. Robbins, L. Myers, M. Risser, P. Parker, S. Kaylor, A. Royer, C. Penyak, L. Olweiler Thirri Row: G. Miller, E. Stauffer, A. Nagel, W. Sine, B. Rohrer, S. Stillwagner, J. Sikorski E. Stumm, W. Ruhl, K. Miller. Fourth Rowz' K. Bernhard, D. Peters, C. Beamenderfer, J Sweigart, T. Patschke, B. Styer, C. Dupes, J. Sheaffer, R. Cihlmle, P.'Styles, J. Kuntz. First Row, Left to Right: L. Edye, P. Heisey. J. Heisey, V. Koser, J. Miller, B. Martz, P. Mc- Falls, D. Lehman. Serond Row: R. Hipple, J. Kniley. D. Herr, M. Longenecker, L. Horst, J. Jones, J. Jones. NI. Esslinger, S. Horst, J. Keener. Third Row: W. McLaughlin, P. Meyerhoffer, T. Koser, D. Manahan. K. Morris, D. Minick, M. Moore, W. Myer. A. Kaylor, J. Musser. Fourth Row: R. Carman, H. Miller, E. Hurting, J. Fanus. N. Hollinger, R. Fantom, A. Martin. C. Miller, W. Fry, R. McCauley, R. Hoffman. C. Keeley. 1 v First Row, Left to Right: A. Rank, J. Winters, P. Waltz, N. Wagner, H. Oberholtzer, R. Snavely S. Musser. Serorul Row: J. Oberhnltzer, L. White, D. Walton, L. Weiss, R. Spickler, D. Tripp B. Myers, J. Zarfoss, V. Shank. Third Row: D. Walters, L. Zeager, J. Swope, S. Reed, B Zuck, M. Smith, J. Smedley, M. Shenk, J. Miller. Fourth Row: C. Weidman, R. Shreiner, G Reed, J. Zeager, R. Wananiaker, B. Greenawalt, H. Smeltzer, D. Weaver, D. Painter, L. Nissley First Row, Left to Right: C. Risser, D. Ebersole, R. Brubaker, A. Berrier, M. Cohle, V. Cobrecht, A. Ream, R. Cebhard. Second Row: W. Christ, S. Deitrich, N. Frutchey, E. Bixler, J. Fackler, C. Dirneler, E. Gish. Third Row: J. Carl, C. Carmichael, E. Eshleman, S. Baker, J. Fox, M. Brandt, M. Boyer, R. Bentzel. Fourth Row: C. Barr, R. Best, J. Barnes, R. Dorwart, W. Dupes, R. Bless, R. Brubaker, T. Espenshade, K. Fanus.,C. Cunningham. First Row, Left to Right: L. Funk, D. Hostetter, C. Good, L. Hess, J. Gibble, C. Gutshall, H. Heigel, P. Geiman. Second Row:H. Hoffman, K. Helm, M. Heisey, S. Hain, C. Horning, S. Halbleib, J. Horst, S. Good. Third Row: B. Fike, P. Creider, H. Stone, S. Hossler, J. Heisey, J. Good, D. Forry, K. Hummer. Fourth Row: J. Zerphey, J. Hess, L. Forry, L. Heisey, J. Haines, K. Haines, R. Gordon, F. Farmer, C. Hoover. ' First Row, Left to Right: C. Hoover, W. Stark, M. Smith, E. Sloat, S. Scott, D. Snyder, S Sager. Second Row: H. Risser, T. Otis, J. Snyder, C. Sikorski, M. Shelly, S. Sager, R. Sauble R. Snyder, A. Engle. Third Row: R. Oherholtzer, R. Simonic, A. Seifert, A. Shenk, J. Snyder, S. Seibert, P. Shuman, M. Hynicker, R. Hoffman. Fourth Row: J. Saylor, R. Ricedorf, M Ropka, E. Schweers, A. Shissler. J. Royer, B. Reinhold, E. Puchaty, T. Ruhl. First Row, Left to Right: R. Miller, J. Loser, G. Ream, B. Meyerhoffer, C. Shank, J. Lovinger H. Jones. Second Row: P. Ober, N. Johnson, S. Miley, L. Kaylor, B. Roadarmel, N. Ortity, W Kready. Third Row: C. Metzler, C. Linn, J. Mummau, N. Martin, E. White, V. KauffmanQ W. Keck, R. Mumper. Fourth Row: C. Kishhaugh, J. Loser, D. Koch, D. Moyer, K. Kaylor, R. Pfoutz, G. Funk, B. Freeman. First Row, Left to Right: C. Weidner, N. Thome, J. Wert, E. Terranova, D. Wood, D. Styer. Second Row: R. Witman, R. Zerphey. J. Spickler, D. Zook, R. Snyder, J. Withers, J. Wittel, J. Thompson. Third Row: C. Zeager, H. Webb, N. Weaver, B. Turner, C. Strickland, S. Ulrich, C. Sweigart, M. Williams, J. Stehman. Fourth Row: L. Strominger, K. Zeager, L. Kreiser, L. Weidman, R. Ditzler, J. Ulrich, J. Wohlfeil, P. Wolgemuth. I A gii 556531556 A fin fo Q56 650 V' 6 CP 5 Q9 6 .-fir. cg N ,2 cg N-L1 ,, p. f, 1" . ,, ,w x NN Q ., V 5 F ,f f-w ff.. 5- C,,.. QB! 6365? 56 G V J-A 43,- K X ,- A - . y-.9--+441 if , Ji N ,Um Ci,--, , ., cl' fl z':1""""- 3 f '--SX. X 'f"""?9 iDlVF C- 2 ,..---f 'J-,,,,,,-e-., ZWL Y. -f- -gp- Qf-J ,Q 4 ppl., im -1.1" C.. Q' ,JP 'Mi A o- sn U 'X TX CHEERLEADER VAR ITY Left to Right: K. Jones, L. Smith, B. Stevenson, B. Carl, D. Greiner. J R. VAR ITY Left to Right: P. Garber, K. Bentzel, S. Alwine, M. Roland, B. Boggs. JR. HIGH Left to Right: M. Beyer, D. Ceib Jones, J. Garber. These girls faithfully cheered the football team and basketball team to victory. They made posters for the teams and were in charge at pep rallies. Rain or shine, they were always willing to promote the cheering 68 that went along with the games of our school. Columbia Manheim Twp. Manheim Central Warwick Ephrata New Holland Mechanicsburg Manheim Central Donegal Hempfielcl Annville Cornwall S. Lebanon Manheim Central Hempfield Ephrata Manheim Twp. Columbia Donegal Manor Highspire Susquehanna Twp Highspire Lititz Donegal Columbia Manheim Central PORT RE ULTS FOOTBALL Opp. E. A. H. S. Opp. E. A. H 4.2 0 Cocalico 6 27 0 7 Susquenita 27 13 6 26 Solanco 14 12 32 20 Red Lion 20 20 14, 13 Palmyra 13 7 HOCKEY Opp. E. A. H. S. Opp. E. A. H 1 9 Manheim Central 1 0 0 11 Donegal 0 1 0 5 Hempfield 1 1 2 5 Manheim Twp. 0 1 0 4 BASKETBALL Opp. E. A. H. S. Opp. E. A. H. 74, 45 Upper Leacock 43 79 19 50 Manheim Central 58 67 50 66 Hempfield 61 39 54. 41 Ephrata 56 76 61 46 Upper Leacock 55 66 65 63 Manheim Twp. 66 48 64 38 Columbia 77 39 47 39 A Donegal 52 65 40 55 Manor 66 65 54 62 BASEBALL opp. E. A. H. 5. Opp. E- A- H 2 3 E. Hempfield l 0 3 4 Lititz 0 4 4. 0 Donegal 4 8 4 3 Columbia 7 13 4 2 Manheim 9 4 5 0 E. Hempfield 7 I 6 4 3 2 L , ,.- : .V,,.xLM,,,L, viva V. "" E u5 3015 Q 1 'ini ' 'ffm' 1 uf rl, .aw i r .J R E A 1 E SQB1 vn- NA I it X ,K M Q a- , x A gf ,wfgcm 3 ,1 , D 5 X i. -:ji 15 Q f ii, .i A 'iii' A sw' 'N-auf" HOCKEY TEAM Kneeling, Left to Right: L. Gish, N. Landvater, I. Freeman, E. Gebhard, A. Shaw, F. Peiffer. S. Risser, Y. Copenhaver, B.-Carl, J. Kuntzelman. K. Jones, A. Runyan, C. Steever. Second Row: M. Miller, J. Garber, L. Nolt. J. Miller. P. Garber, L. Herr, L. Eshelman, K. Bentzel, J. Groff. B. Hill, S. Alwine, E. Graybill. L. Smith, S. Raffensperger, 1. Hunsecker. Third Row: M. Flory, K. Evans, M. Roland, B. Boggs. S. Baker, R. Andrews, B. Yvenger, S. Saylor, S. Kaylor, D. Greiner, Jacobs. They have fought a good fight and the battle is won. The girls had worked hard and long this year while tension ran high throughout the whole season and spirits zoomed up and down continually. Starting their season with a bang by shellacking New Holland 9-1, and Mechanicsburg 11-0 in practice games and Man- heim 5-0, Donegal 5-2, and Hempfield 4-0, the girls fell in defeat to Manheim 1-0. Regaining their balance after this stumble, the girls went on to beat Donegal 1-0 and to tie Hempfield, thereby winning the section 3 championship for the seventh straight year. This put the girls in the County Field Hockey Playoffs, defending their crown against Manheim Township. In drizzling rain they reclaimed their title as County Champs for the third consecutive year. Six graduating seniors on this team having played on the varsity squad for the past three years are Sandy Risser. Pat Heisey, Fay Peiffer, Alice Shaw. and Yvonne Copenhaver, who have for three years played their best hockey in order to bring home the County Championship and to hold it for their school. Playing always with all their hearts, they fought to win. But behind each team there must be a coach. and through our five champion- ship years Coach Jane Hunsecker has stood behind her girls. helping and guiding them on to bigger and better achievements. Her guidance and leadership have helped the hockey team to bring home its sectional championship for seven straight years and its county crown for three. No cheer could be too loud and no tribute too great for this coach who so consistently inspiredqthe team. 71 E IOR y M1110 TAR f C y 1 li f Pat Heisev Left Inner Captain Ahce Shaw - Right Wing Fay Peiffe Center Halfback Right Fullbuck Fo Captain r Lillian Gish Edle Gebhart Left Fullback Nancy Landvater -- Left Wing Vonnie Copenhaver Center Forward E l0R TAR and C0 CH Irene Freeman 4 Goalie Jane Hunsecker - Coach Sandy Risser Left Halfback 1 F00'l'BALL Opening the season with a capacity crowd of ardent football fans, the E-town Bears played host to Colurnbiaas Crimson Tide. Despite the fighting heart displayed by Columbia the Bears throughout the game, Columbia defeated us 42-0. Manheim Township At their first away game the E-town Bears proved their ability to play fine foot- ball. During the last quarter of a suspense- ful game, E-town's Dave Goodling plunged across the line of the Blue Streaks to bring home the Bears' first victory, 7-0. Manheim Central Through a driving rain E-town, for the second consecutive time, proved them- selves to be better than their opponents. The Barons had little chance against the fighting Bears. Action was evident in all quarters, and E-town racked up 27 points defeating the Barons 27-7. Warwick Township Though the Blue and White fought gallantly at their next away game, they were forced to admit defeat at the hands of their opponent. The Bears, charging up and down the field, were able to make 20 points, but this was not enough. Vlfarwick was vic- torious with a score of 32-20. E phrata ln a thrilling game on the home grid- iron E-town played host to a large and heavy team of Mountaineers. With only a half-minute of playing time remaining in the game and the Bears racing for their second touchdown, victory remained just outside of REVI W their grasp, with Ephrata winning by one point, 14-13. Cocalico This game proved a success for the Blue and White, who were held scoreless in the first quarterg but Chas Farrar broke the spell and hit pay dirt. From then on there was no stopping the Bears, who held a 25-6 victory. Sursquinita Because of an open date, the Bears traveled to Duncannon to play Susquinita. The lndians on a couple of long veins edged out the Bears by a margin of 27-13. Solanco - The journey to Quarryville proved to be fateful for E-town's Bears. The half-time score was 14--6, and though the Bears made another touchdown, they were unable to surpass the two point lead of the Colden Mules, making the final score 14-12. Red Lion E-town's last home game proved rough and exciting, with both teams determined to bring home a victory. Though the Bears had command of the ball during the first half of the game, the Black and Gold were not to be left behind. The whistle blew showing a resulting score of 20-20. Palmyra The last game of the season found E-town at the hands of the Palms from Lebanon County. The Blue and White made the first touchdown of the game but were unable to stop their opponent from tying the score. With hard fighting all the way, the Bears were able to hold the Palms to a 13-7 victory. F00'l'BALl. TEAM First Row, Left to Right: C. Farrar, H. Wild, R. Lancaster, L. Cunningham, G. Sloat, J. Ste vens, J. Coleman. Second Row: R. Fackler, C, Floyd, J. Knittweis, G. Snyder, J. Hawthorne D. Coodling, B. Teufel. Third Row: K. Hippensteel, R. Farrar, R. Hayes, R. Thomas, P Thompson, J. Walters, L. Dupes. Fourth Row: J. Cassehaum, J. Davis, L. Cunningham, J Bailey, R. Graham, J. Schwanger. Fifth Row: C. Basehore, D. Ruff, R. Coleman, M. Frutchey H. Royer, K. Dixon. Under the coaching of Coaches Daubert, Frantz, and Wolf, the Bears did a splendid job of playing football this season. After getting away to a slow start, they proved they were no team to be trifled with. Although the record of 3-6-l does not show all, the Bears gave the spectators many thrills and a lot of good football. 76 iw K 9 ,W Hermann Wild Tarlile Ht. 5' 9" Wt. 155 Hob Lancaster End Ht. 5' 10" Wt. 155 Les Cunningham Center Ht. 5' 9" Wt. 155 E l0R Half Back Ht. 5, va wt. 150 John Stevens Guard Ht. 5' 8" Wt. 1410 John Coleman Tackle Ht. 6' 1" Wt. 175 Gorden Sloat End Ht. 5' 10" Wt. 155 Coach Haverstick BA KETBALL The record of nine wins and ten losses does not tell the whole story about our fighting Bears? basketball team this year. Coach Don Haverstick's boys gave us a lot of very good basketball even in defeat. They proved that E-town was still strong as far as sports were concerned. The basketball team started out the season with a loss, won the next two, and then lost five straight. After getting themselves together, they fin- ished the season with a 7 and 4 record, putting them in fifth place. Next year, with a lot of good material returning, the Bears should give any opponent a very rough time, and they should come out with a very good league record. VAR ITY '1 Bob Teufel, Guard Dave Coodling, Forward Bob Fackler, Guard John Stevens, Forward Glenn Bucher, Guard Jim Risser, Forward Milt Frutchey, Center' WH' Standing, Left to Right: D. Evans, R. Martin, H. Royer, Coach Haverstick, J. Hawthorne, J Knitweis, Q. Gibble, J. Sweigart. Knevling: C. Douglass, D. Kilhefner, J. Davis, K. Hippensteel JUNl0R VAR ITY JllNl0R HIGH Standing, Left to Right: B. Styer, T. Patchke, D. Baker, Coach Frantz, E. Walters, R. Heisey, B. Spickler, R. Wanamaker. Kneeling: C. Cunningham, V. Zeigler, W. Bucks, J. Hershey, H. Brinser, R. Freeman. + 81 , BA EBALI. First Row, Left to Right: P. Thompson, L. Snyder, D. Andrews, L. Hippensteel. J. Risser, J. Hawthorne, G. Sloat. Second Row: K. Hippensteel, B. Teufel, D. Coodling, R. Fackler, W. Clark, D. Hutt, H. Good, H. Royer, C. Weaver. Third Row: T. Trimmer. Fourth Row: J. Wenger, W. Hershey, Cibble, R. Eshelman, N. Cunningham, D. Dupes, G. Bucher, B. Gin- der, M. Hynicker, Mr. Sedule. Last season the Bears of E-town had a three and seven league record which placed them fourth in the County High School League. Under the capable coaching of Joe Sedule, the Bears improved late in the season to heat the three top teams in succession. With most of the boys returning, the Bears are looking forward to a very good ATHLETIC C0llNCIL '56 season. Left to Right: N. Diehl, R. Parrett. T. Thompson. P. Daubert. C. Kilhef- ner. 82 ! X 2 X 6 iff, ffff ' XX X 1 x X Z b 'XM ig 2- 7 X W 7 I ?' g :ff-'13 ,s Q 7 f 1 gf ,K 1 M ! ff Nsxge Q X' J' ' Wm ' Q f Alfvfi Xx,, U I Z All ,I N' A J x, Q tw!! M! 1 :lu 'xx Q - if f ' VL X , p g? Z ' If 5 ' X - Q Q 4 1 f WEE? f :- I ,ff X2 V iwy 4.4 vm' 1, il K I R Jn 12" " K 1 f ll X X N,mJ fii fx ' V Q INA ' X ,, XI , ff if p E l0R 0RCHE 'PRA First Row, Left to Right: B. Hoffman. S. Risser, G. Rice, J. Jones, P. Brinser, N. Gerber, S Reed. Second Row: K. Lehman, K. Jones, M. Flory, R. Good, S. Raffensperger, A. Bunyan, K Fasnacht, R. Coleman, E. Gerber, S. Scott, B. Wenger. Third Row: B. Carl. P. Bates, C Steever, R. Belser, K. Emenheiser, P. Heisey, M. Borman, S. Kaylor, J. Groff, J. Stahl, B. Zuck L. Kaylor, T. Espenshade. Fourth Row: L. Smith, L. Eshelman, J. Martin, S. Baker, L. Patton D. Kilhefner, R. Engle, J. Coleman, G. Haas, C. Basehore, R. Martin, J. Knitweis, J. Goss, B Hill, J. Keener, C. Good, J. Loser. Fifth Row: L. Herr, M. Beyers, L. Hess, J. Adams, B. Co ble, K. Stoner, J. Carl, A. Shaw, E. Krayhill, N. Klauss fdirectorj, J. Ferrari, R. Ruggeri. "Let,s keep it down, letis keep it down." These words character- ized their practices. Meeting Tuesday afternoons during activity period, these musicians put forth their united effort in obtaining patrons for their concert. They worked hard and long, tooting and fiddling many hours to make their concert a success. 86 v Jumon URCHE 'rum First Row, Left to Right: S. Ulrich, C. Shank, J. Loser, C. Good, S. Hill, D. Hoopert. Second Row: E. Terranova, C. Spickler, J. Groff, B. Wert, J. Flowers, M. Williams, H. Longenecker, B. Meinharclt, J. Espenshade. Third Row: M. Zuck, S. Gish, R. Gehhard, J. Hamilton, B. Heisey, D. Herr, H. Wanamaker, D. Weaver. Standing: N. Klauss idirectori, B. Arndt, K. Kuhn. Seated: T. Dulany, C. Good, B. Espenshade, J. Smith, V. Stoner. Fifth Row, Standing: J. Terrai, C. Spickler. Seated: M. Coble, T. Matesevac, B. Barnes. EAHS' hope for tomorrow are these up-and-coming musicians, who, when it was time to tune up, supplied music for the Lions' Minstrel along with the Junior Band. They met bright and early Tuesday mornings. 'X ki JJ J.,-sa 4-5, T ill J 1g'R 1' ' 'U' 5 X I K 87 BADFRUT ,loan Floyd BAND FRONT . . . high stepping lassies. The color guard and major- ettes who are forerunners of hand are gals abounding with vim, vigor and vitality and bursting with a flash of blue heaven and whirling batons. This year they are losing their head major- ette, Joan Floyd, along with Sandy Risser, Yvonne Copenhaver, Fav Peif- fer, Nan Landvater, Lois Stumm, and Connie Herr. COLOR GUARD Lei! zo Right: F. Peiffer J. Jones. K. Frutchey, L Stumm. MAIORETTES, Left to Right: S. Koser. S. Risser, V. Copenhaver, J. 88 Bressler. F. Donley, L. Fantom. S. Jacobs, N. Landvater. First Row, Left to Right: J. Goss, J. Seitz, D. Painter. B. Heisey. J. Croff, J. Zarfoss, D. Mumper, B. Coble, J. Park. D. Weaxfer. Second Row: 5. Kaylor, C. Douglass, S. Raffensperger, K. Stoner. P. Hixon, J. Carl. D. Herr. E. Hixon, B. Bishop. B. Hill. Third Row: R. Pfautz, J. Hamilton, K. Brandt. F. Haldeman, B. Wlenger. K. Fasnacht, VV. Burgess. E. Eshelman, R. Brubaker, A. Martin. T. Heiggel, E. Horuing, R. Wananiaker. B. Funk. Fourth Row: J. Heck, J. Graham, P. Smith, K. Kuhn, J. Longenecker, K. Emenheiser. R. Andrews, H. Good, R. Belser, R. Ruggeri, R. Martin, A. Runyan, A. Shaw. Fifth Row: R. Engle, T. Dulany, J. Adams, L. Dupes, J. Stambaugh, D. Killlefner, N. Klauss, director, F. Klein, C. Bucher, B. Hoffman, L. Patton, E. Krayhill, J. Stahl. Senior Band. . .Toy Soldiers ' Left. . .left. . .left, right, left. . .precision at its best. Oh! those early morning band practices, where back they'd go to start again. This well- dressed band did an excellent job with Fathers, Night, and the jamboree, received the award for best dressed unit at Ephrata Farm Fair, and gained superior rating at the Harrisburg Christmas Parade. A job well done. Mr. Noah Klauss 89 JU l0ll BA D First Row, Left to Right: N. Flowers. NI. Williams. B. Nleinhardt. D. Zook. R. Mumper. R. Cebhart. S. Sager. R. llresvher. J. Bailey, l.. Trego. P. Herr. Svronrl Row: J., Graham. J. Seitz, R. Bentxel, T. Spickler. S. Clraw. C. Risser. W. Christ. J. Withers, J. Croff. R. Creiner, D. Walters. NI. Boyer. Third Row: J. Cond, ll. Hess. IJ. Painter, R. Wannamaker, B. Heisey, B. Funk, J. Hamilton, W. Burgess, C. Byerly. T. Rultman, L. Esslinger, J. Zarfoss, J, Barnes. Fourth Row: T. Burgess, J. Park, R. Brubaker, E. Harting, R. Funck. H. Longenecker, R. Risser, E. Eshelman, N. Wagner, B. West. R. Pfautz. L. Hilsher. B. Cohle. Noah Klauss. Fifth Row: T. Dulaney, P. Seibert, K. Kuhn. Junior Band - Marching Midgets The little folks who will fill the ranks in the senior band left vacant hy the departing seniors. practiced first period Friday mornings. They enjoyed their weekly lectures and helped make the jamboree a success. 90 Seated, Left to Right: B. Stevenson, E. Kraybill. Second Row: B. Hoffman, S. Raffensperger, J. Heisey. L. Smith, R. Good, J. Carl, P. Hixon. K. Jones, D. Fike, A. Shaw, S. Saylor, J. Kuntzelman, B. Carl, K. Stoner. Thirrl Row: C. Klinger, D. Minick, Y. Copenhaver, L. Gish, P. Longenecker, B. Snyder, R. Andrews, A. Shelley. F. Peiffer, L. Patton, S. Risser. M. Ro- land, P. Heisey, J. Bailey, C. Douglass. Fourth Row: B. Hoffman, J. Knittweis, D. Coodling, R. Fackler, F. Klein, R. Ruggeri, J. Coleman, W. Dougherty, R. Belser, R. Coleman, D. Kil- hefner, G. Bucher, R. Martin, R. Tuefel, K. Emenheiser, J. Longenecker, W. White. - MIXED Cll0RU The best is now. This group came into its own this year under the very capable leadership of their director, Miss Allegra Forney. They learned to relax and enjoy their music. They presented a delightful Spring concert with their charming voices. Miss Forney Q Director of Music 91 BOY 'Q ARTET R.GlRL 'TRl0 Left to Right: B. Belser, D. Kilhefner, J. Left to Right: L. Patton, J. Carl, S. Raf- Longenecker, C. Douglass. fensperger, A. Shaw. Because of the special talent these people possessed, they were given the op- portunity to show it hy the organization of the Girls, Junior and Senior Trio and the Boys' Quartette. They have performed at Christmas concerts, at the request of some of the churches, on special holidays, and for the cluhs of Elizabethtown. M JR.GlRL 'TRIO JR.BOYS'Q ARTET 'YP M.: Left to Right: R. Andrews, J. Kuntzelman, Left to Right: J. Knittweis, B. Teufel, D. L. Smith. P. Dates. Coodling, B. Fackler. 92 f 'id First Row, Left to Right: B. Zuck, J. Fultz, P. Schuman, S. Deitrick. Second Row: E. Gibble, J. Dickson, N. Gerber, J. Espenshade, D. Snyder, H. Webb, D. Barnhart. Third Row: E. Gish D. Lehmen, M. Heisey, S. Haines, S. Halhleib, G. Ream, P. Bates. Fourth Row: P. Grieder, C Floyd, M. Longnecker, D. Hostetter, L. Hess, S. Reed. Fifth Row: H. Longnecker, B. Brack- bill, M. Moore, J. Kniley. J. Frey, D. Geib. Sixth Row: J. Garber, L. Eshelmen, J. Wert, J. Gihble, S. Hassler. B. Hess, H. Hoffman, K. Helm, C. Carmicheal, J. Fox. Seventh Row: M. Longenecker, G. Rice, M. Flory. J. Martin, S. Scott, S. Baker, S. Bernhard, S. Brubaker. MELLUME Seated, Left to Right: B. Arndt, V. Groover. D. Hess, C. Frey. Standing: J. Kuntz, J. Ulrich, S. Gish, W. Good, P. Givens, M. Hyninger. G. Keeley. H. Miller. W. Bucks. J. Seitz, D. Hoffer, J. Enck, R. Williams, C. Byerly, G. Burgess. E. Stauffer. L. Heisey. C. Hoover. s M s 93 IC AP bfaiwei' 6 3 nf 9 ' SCene of the Christ Beige? I ea dl nga? mas e bah C0I1Ce 4-. Nativity scene. 5. Quartet and trio doing a number. 1 i First Row, Seated: C. Herr, D. Minick, C. Klinger, J. Cassebaunl. Second Row: L. Stumm, A. Runyan, D. Greiner. Third Row: J. Stambaugh, T. Otis, E. Gebhard, C. Steever, B. Wenger, L. Krick, Miss Wagner. BL E and WHITE Using what they had already learned in pre- vious years, this group worked many hours each week to bring the news to the student body through the g'Blue and Whiten page of the Chronicle. Their advisor was Miss Lydia Wagner, who helped them correct their mistakes and who taught them how to write better articles. HTH GRADE TRI HI Y They set out unselfishly to help others. For instance, they sent cookies to the Veterans' Hospital at Lebanon at Christmas time. Their meetings were characterized by long business sessions presided over by Betsy Wenger, president. Lively chatter could be heard issuing from Room 5 every Thursday, last period. Mrs. Kinniburgh served as their advisor. X Front Row, Left to Right: B. Wenger, R. Andrews, B. Snyder, D. Carter, D. McCurdy. Second Row: P. Heisey, C. Berrier, L. Smith, J. Risser, M. White. Third Row: J. Stumm, L. Fantom. B. Carl, J. Kuntzelman, C. Cox, F. Donley. Fourth Row: S. Jacobs, D. Brubaker, K. Jones., N. Noss, G. Eckert. Fifth Row: J. Bressler, K. Heisey, P. Hackman, Mrs. Kinniburgh. Standing, Front to Back: K. Christ, L. Chapman, J. Snyder, J. Halbleib, S. Heagy, N. Longenecker, F. Haldeman, C. Steever, S. Saylor, J. Schuldt, A. Shelley, A. Runyan, N. Creiner, K. Frutchey. Seated, First Row, Front to Bark: D. Wood, S. Seott, C. Weider, S. Good, H. Wehh. C. Sweigart, Second Row: C. Good, S. Sager, D. Hostitter, D. Styer, S. Miley, C. Dimelier. Third Row: J Loser, D. Snyder, M. Smith, V. Gobrect, S. Halbeib, S. Hossler, E. Sloat. Fourth Row: M Heisey, M. Coble, S. Deitrick, W. Stark. Fifth Row: R. Gehhard, S. Selbert, P. Schuman, C Shank, P. Holendauh, N. Ortity. Sixth Row: H. Hoffman, E. Terranova, N. Thome. Standing, Left to Right: Miss A. Forney, Advisor, N. Martin, P. Griener, J. Snyder, S. Ulrich, G. Sikorski, E. White, J. Fackler, C. Linn, B. Wenger, J. Fox, C. Carmicheal, V. Kauffman, E. Eshelemen, B. Turner, S. Baker, C. Horneny, S. Hains, A. Seibert, K. Helm. th GRADE TRI-HI-Y 8th and 9th TRI-HI-Y Irvine, J. Groff, E. Johnson, B. Snyder, B. Strickler. Third Row: M. Minick, L. Herr, J. Garber, M. Flory, M. Byers. Fourth Row: H. Longnecker, J. Miller, L. Nolt, G. Rice, P. Ebersole. Fifth Row: J. Good, B. Smith, J. Martin, M. Longnecker. Standing: Miss T. Keen, Advisor, L. Eshlemen, D. Barnhart, K. McLaughlin, M. Coursen. VAR l'l'Y Cl. B .ual First Row, Left to Right' J. Hunsecker, F. Peiffer, L. Gish, P, Heisey, A. Shaw, S. Risser, N. Landvater, A. Runyan, I. Freeman, C. Steever, B. Carl. V. Copenhaver, J. Kuntzelman, E. Ceb- hart, K. Jones. Second Row: P. Thompson, J. Knittweis, J. Kisser, C. Farrar, J. Stevens. Third Row: B. Teufel, B. Fackler. .l. Hawthorne, C. Sloat. C. Snyder, L. Cunningham, .L Coleman, B. Coleman, B. Lancaster. D. Coodling, R. Wolf. Under the capable direction of Mr. Hoopert, these students learned the finer points of debating. They gave exhibitions of their abilities to different groups and to the whole student body. It has proved to be a very interesting and worth- while club, enjoyed by all the members active in it. MVUY DEBATE Cl. B First Row, Left to Right: R. Criley J. Martin D. De Long: K. Riggleman Serond Row: B. Zook M. Longenevker L. Krick D. Baker Standing: J. De Long ll. Hooper! 97 F OT 0 Seated, Left to Right: A. Shaw L. Gish C. Steever S. Saylor Mrs. Steelman K. Jones C. Eckert S. Heagy P. Heisey S. Raffensperger Standing: Q L. Patton E. Cebhart Na? J'-.::.,," align Q One of the newly organized clubs, this one served to help its members become better acquainted with the teaching profession. Mrs. Sara Steelman, elementary supervisor, was their advisor. At their luncheon meetings they discussed the pro's and C0TL7S of teaching. They spent many of their study periods helping out in the elementary grades. The Recreation Club's main purposeiis to provide leaders for recreational ac- tivities around school and community, and to proyide leaders for the summer rec- reation at the park. During the meetings the group discusses the recreational problems of our community. Every week two of the club members provide a game or some sort of amusement or entertainment for the group. CL B First Row, Left to Right: L. Snyder, Young. M. Berman. Second Row: R. Thomas, C. Hayes. Thompson, K. Kuhn, C. Smith. Third Row: J. Ulrich, L. Beamenderfer, R. Trimble, C. Spickler, R. Graham, J. Schwanger. Standing: M. Frutchey. ........-:mug ff. ii 98 Mr. Sedule, Advisor QS Q This club, organized by Mr. Sedule last year, is one of outstanding interest. Here the students learn from experience and from Mr. Sedule the art of playing chess. They have an organized tournament in which a member of the club may challenge anyone who is higher in line on the tournament standing. Left to Right: R. Morrison, Advisor J. Graham F. Klein R. Williams L. Dupes R. Appel K. Hippensteel .J . Fullerton A. Greiner H. Kraybill Seated : R. Martin Left to Right: R. Ruggerri, K. Emenheiser, B. Dougherty, K. Grosh, advisor, J. Longenecker, R. Belser, D. Kilhefner, J. Coleman, J. Stevens, G. Bucher, R. Teufel, R. Coleman, C. Douglass. KEY CLUB . . . This is a fine spirited organiza- tion, meeting every Tuesday noon hour, with John Stevens, president, and Mr. Grosh, advisor. Each week a member is in charge of presenting a program, such as a" speaker or a film. Some ac- tivities of the Key Club are the operating of movie projectors and the playing of the juke box when needed for school functions. They also presented the school with a milk machine for the lunch ENGINEER! G CL B students. ENGINEERING CLUB . . . The Engineering Club, a newly organized club by Mr. Morrison, meets in room 10 every Thursday. The members along with Mr. Morrison, the advisor, talk about ma- chines, see movies, and discuss different things with guest speakers. They have gone, and are planning to go, to different businesses for field trips. KEY CLUB E l0R Ill-Y First Row, Seated: H. Good, J. Adams, A. Greiner, B. Cinder, P. Thompson, E. Craybeal, R. Thomas. Second Row: L. Beamenderfer, R. Eshelman, C. Hayes, R. Thome, K. Brandt, T. Otis, J. Strob. Third Row: J. Grimm, G. Floyd, M. Shank, J. Fullerton, R. Newcomer, R. Grubb. Standing: J. Hawthorne, J. Walters, E. Hixon, B. Bishop, G. Snyder, M. Pfautz, T. Carman, B. Minick. J. Gerlach, C. Snyder, C. Haas, K. Walborn, Cibble, J. Hahn, R. Trim- ble. The purpose of these clubs is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian Character. That is the founda- tion on which the organizations were based. One of the Changes this year was the addition of a basketball tournament between other clubs. a t , JU lon nl-Y 101 Standing: Mr. Libhart. Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Kinniburgh, Miss Odell, Mrs. Sheely. ADVlSORS Because of the cooperation of all the members of the class and the leadership of the advisors, the ,56 yearbook is completed. It is one we all will be proud of. We all had fun working and discussing ways to make this a good example of work from the Class of 556. Standing, Left to Right: D. Evans, J. Coleman, B. Dougherty, C. Far- rar. Seated: P. Heisey, J. Floyd, F. Peiffer, L. Gish, S. Raffensper- ger. k 102 x qu EXEC 'FIVE TAFE ' , rl, N :Z j"l"Y'5 - 5 51 5' A .4 B 64,3 -QSC 1 'w L! fvgax' 'fi f 4:44 YEARBO0K 'PAFF First Row, Left to Right: L. Patton, S. Risser, B. Dougherty. Standing, Left to Right: P. Heisey, Y. Copenhaver, Second Row: S. Raffensperger, K. Frutchey, J. Knitweis. Third A. Shaw, J. Carl, P. Sweigart. Kneeling, Left to Row: F. Ackerman, J. Coleman. ART TAFF Under the direction of Shirley Raffensperger, the art staffaccomplished many things. The theme, Dis- neyland, gave them many headaches, but they came through on the top. LITERARY TAFF Getting the senior write-ups in was one of the many jobs that were encountered by this staff. Chas Farrar and the other staff members always had a way of making sure their write-ups were well done by taking them to Mr. Libhart for the final OK. First Row, Left to Right: M. Miller, E. Cebhard, R. Good, L. Gish. Serond Row: B. Hoffman, K. Brandt, C. Farrar. Third Row: P. Hixon, M. Klein. Right: K. Cibble, L. Sturn, D. Evans. PHUTUGRAPHY TAFF The present yearbook issue shows well the success of Darryl Evans and his staff. The biggest jobs were getting on-the-spot snaps, arranging a schedule for class pictures and club pictures, and selecting the best pictures for use in the yearbook. BU INESS STAFF Joan Floyd and the rest of her staff are the ones who had the final typing of the yearbook. Their big jobs were getting ads a-nd selling yearbooks. They all did a fine job of promogng the yearbook and making it possible. Stahding, Left to Right: J, Casselmaum, J. Weaver, J. Longe- necker, C. Waters. Sitting: K. Stoner, l. Freeman, F. Peif- fer, N. Lanrlvater, J. Floyd,vP. Risser. Seated, Left to Right: P. Grubb, C. Strick- ler, J. Frey, T. Heigel, J. Snyder, K. Mc- Laughlin. Standing: R. Good, H. Stone, C. Klinger, C. Smith, J. Kuntzelman, J. Bres- sler, D. Minick, G. Waters,3B. Wenger, P. Irvine, R. Ulrich, M. Mengel, Advisor. LIBRARY TAFF Miss Mengel and the members of her library staff spend much time and effort in the keeping of the books, magazines, and encyclopedias. Whenever you are in doubt about something, just ask one of these students and they will be glad to locate it for you. This is one of the clubs that plays an important role in the functioning of the school. First Row, Left to Right: J. Good, S. Good, N. Johnson, B. Wenger, Mr- GTOSI1- SCCUW1 Row: L. Wise, J. Kniley, M. Moore. Third Row: J. Garber, L. Norton, B. Hill. Fourth Row: W. Bucks, P. Grubb, J. Graybill. Fifth Row: R. Appel, T. Patschke. Sixth Row: T. McKinne, G. Walters, M. Miller. Seventh Row: B. Fackler, J. Floyd, L. Stumrn. Eighth Row: K. Emen- heiser, D. Kilhefner, G. Bucher. TUDE 'I' COUNCll. Student Council, representing the student body of E. A. H. S., comprises members elected by each homeroom. Under the capable guidance of Mr. Kenneth Grosh, advisor, and Joan Floyd, president, they have done a splendid job so far in making our school a better one, and we hope they will continue to do so in the future. iiifevf 1 Wynn"- 4,,...f K 1... Home,s Boys on the march. Joanie and her fans. Think its funny, don't you. A rough Sr, gym class. We just gotta take this one. Our snowy campus. Gee! It is Santa. Our marching band. 'I07 Active looking group R-A-C-G-M-0-P-P Gab session The Thinker Three Muskateers Screw-hall Huh? Watch your waistline Tight squeeze Springtime Gentlemen around Waiting for something Soda jerk On the march Something funny Easy now Noon hour gab-session Hunchman Look pretty Line-up Crime incorporated Night school Peeping Tom 7 Waiting for something? Old standbys The latest gossip Working hard? Quit copying Sneaky Hatlo's Inferno Rugged Guys Lucky Boy Big Deal SNAPS i ACDVERT USEMEHTJ R X RUADHOG f fx ' ' ' X X X' I ff 5 K f ff? X f if ,fl A xf f 1 ' AV. J T gg - A W If X iii- TXI x X' f 2 - gig F3 Q If 1 ' ,X I Lbgl X if 1 1, 7 -i2?fiiii3?g+ - X fiffiffsfagf 'ii x X ifrffg Qs, XTX ,F 1 2 5 '1 sf i , - ' fl-5? T5 JE! grcjcdgx gggtkg t x i' f Q X f 1 I ,,, X I FFA Q! PA'l'll0NS A Friend Mr. and Mrs. G, S. Achorn Mr. and Mrs. J. Wayne Aungst W. E. Baker Mrs. M. J. Baum S. S. Baum Mr. and Mrs. Marlin Borrell Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Boyer Glenn and Larry Bucher Mr. and Mrs. K. Ezra Bucher Miss- Leona Cannon Lydia Clark George Clauss Mr. and Mrs. Fred C. Curtis Mr. and Mrs. William T. Dimeler Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Donmoyer H. K. Dorsheimer Miss Joan Fleming Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Jacob H. Floyd S. H. Forney Dr. and Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber A. K. Garman Dale S. Gorman Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Good Herman G. Good Warren H. Greenawalt Jay R. Greider, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent A. Heinle Mrs. Ruth Heisey, Pat, and Billy Sam Heisey Galen W. Herr Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Hess Mr. and Mrs. B. G. Hoffman Jane Hunsecker Mrs. William Kuhn D. L. Landis Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Longenecker James Loser J. L. Meckley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Meckley Phil, Ruth and Skip Metzger Dr. and Mrs. S. Millis Mr. and Mrs. Harper Nisley l. Harper Nisley Mr. and Mrs. Sobieski D. Owens Mr. and Mrs. J. Samuel Parrett Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Raffensperger Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Rice P. E. Saylor Mr. and Mrs. Norman Y. Shank Mrs. Herbert Stephenson Dr. and Mrs.-Troy Thompson Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Trimmer Tropical Treat J. N. Walmer Mr. and Mrs. John Wanamaker Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Weaver Weidman's Garage Mr. and Mrs. John Wenger M. M. Wenger Col. Shuey E. Wolfe Clyde S. Zink Miss Evelyn Zook SNYDER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION RH EEMS GARAGE Greasing, washing, tires, oil, gas Studebaker - Packard and accessories Cars - Trucks Texaco Fire Chief 81 Sky Chief Rheems Pennsylyama Gasolines o 2 ' Hershey Road Phone 1-1230 Compliments of AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN Repairing - Painting - Collision Work Phone 7-5502 BRANDT'S BODY SHOP on New Hershey Road Elizabethtown R. D. 3 Inspection Station 929 AAA Keystone Service - 24-Hour Towing - Service BOYER'S Self Service Store Rheems, Pa. Phone: Elizabethtown 7-4224 JOHN E. COPENHAVER Burma EGGS POULTRY Box 107 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phones - 7-1461 IBusinessl 7-6346 IResidencel DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE for Discriminating Women 44 West High Street Elizabethtown Pennyslvania Phone 7-1224 Our best wishes to the Class of '56 FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers for 52 years of high grade fertilizers. DONEGAL PLANT FOOD Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1211 Compliments of THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS 20 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1360 Distributors of RELIGIOUS MERCHANDISE FORMICA 8. MICARTA TOPS CHARLlE'S CABINET SHOP CHARLES T. BECKER, Proprietor GENEVA 8: YORKTOWNE KITCHENS "Visit our show room." Elizabethtown R. D. 3 Phone 7-4402 Compliments of BOYER'S TEXACO SERVICE CQMPLIMENTS 404 South Market Street OF Elizabethtown, Pa. BUCH MANUFACTURING Compliments of BEYER'S LINOLEUM STORE Phone 7-1 'I71 7-1204 222 East High Street Give your new cor the core it deserves by visiting your GOOD GULF DEALER regulorly, ond letting him give your cor depend- oble servicing. Everything in the Gulf line. 116 Compliments of GINDER CLEANERS GOOD'S MEAT MARKET Fresh and Smoked Meats 32 North Poplar Street Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. Sales and Service GIBBONS' TYDOL SERVICE' STATION North Market and Summit Streets Elizabethtown P Compliments of C. H. GARMAN . Compliments of Welding Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel JOSEPH GREEN BERG, INC Elizabethtown P yl Shop at GREINER BROTHERS SUPER COmPlimef1'fS MARKET of For your frozen foods, groceries, meats, and produce. Located on Center Square Elizabethtow Pa. Phone 7-'l10'l BISHOP'S STUDIO Your Elizabethan Photographer SPECIALIZING PORTRAIT PAINTINGS STAAB STUDIO Elizabethtown PennSYlVC1l'1iCl THE GROFF MEAT MARKET Compliments of Refrigerated truck Door-to-door service Store and slaughterhouse ,med of MANUFACTURING 13 North Market Street - Elizabethtown, Pa. HITZ GROCERY Corner North Hanover and East Willow Streets E. G. KUHN Full line of Groceries - Lunch Meats - lce Cream Elizabethtown' Po. 'Soft Drinks - Candy - Pastries Frozen Foods Phone 7-1454 118 Compliments of BOYER FUNERAL HOME 144 East High Street S. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1380 .7 W-'F--Qtr A c I' I QBRXBXKS , ornp Iments o v iIi"g,w M I . BlNKLEY'S "CE Q P1-ANTQ. 5 SEWING MACHINE S"!'f'i?i ,V . AND REMNANT sHoP ,. 5 rn" V. '. tt R. D- 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. 109-111 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-5451 Compliments of FRY AND ENGLE lnterior - PAINTERS - Exterior Floor Sanding Paper Hanging Phone 7-3026 Compliments of GRACE C. BLOUGH FIKE BROTHERS TYPEWRITERS Fruits Adding Machines Cash Registers Vegefobles Check Writers - Files Safes Seo Foods Office Furniture Tape Recorders Fresh and Frozen J- M- ENG'-E 411 East High Street Center Square ' Phone 7-1417 Phone 7-4721 "Fruit baskets a specialty" City Selection - Country Prices ENGLISH BROTHERS Beer Distributors We Deliver Phone 7-'l394 Woodland Heights Elizabethtown Pennsylvania BROUCHT'S MEAT MARKET Best Wishes to the Closs of '56 BEN FRANKLIN STORE "On the square" Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-4707 429 :asf High sneer R. I'I. FORN EY 0 CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Quality Meals I Sales 8. Service We deliver Phone 7-4723 I It Compliments of J. W. HEISEY W. SCOTT HEISEY COMMUNITY INN Featuring fine orchestras and dancing HEISEY BROTHERS e SEAFOOD 498 West High Street Q U A R l Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-9839 Road Construction Cones Sundaes :J Transit-Mix Concrete DAIRY PUEEN I X 9 ' I ELIZABETHTOWN Nationally known Rheem: Pennsylvania Locally owned ' Shakes Quarts Phone 74571 Malts Pints One mile east on U. S. 230 'I20 I I Compliments of I ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 84 SUPPLY COMPANY 341-351 West Bainbridge Street' Elizabethtown, Pa. Building Materials "ONE-STOP' , Lumber Custom Millwork H. MARTIN HOFFER, Owner PHONES 7-1123 VERE M. HOFFER, Manager 7-1129 Compliments of I WALTER K. DUPES BOYER S GARAGE Rear of Gulf Station Auctioneer North Market Street EI b tht Pennsylvania EI b thtown Pennsylvania Compliments of Compliments of HElSEY'S CHILDREN'S SHOP GRUBB 8g BRENEMAN COAL LEVI C. HERSHEY .D Poop STORE FEE One of The Red Rose Food Stores . 554 South Market Street OIL Phone 7-1218 I 121 F HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watches - Clocks GENERAL INSURANCE Jewelry 9 Center Square and Elizabethtown Pennsylvania REAL ESTATE """'e 7"33' JONES 81 ZINK, INC. 119 South Market Street Phone 7-1159 Elizabethtown, P R. E. HERSH EY Quality Meats Dutch Bologna and Smoked Hams Wholesale and Retail Phone 7-1347 Ridge Road, R. D. 3 Compliments of HEIN'S BARBER SHOP "Everything Frozen" FREEZER FOOD SUPPLIERS ICELAND INCORPORATED Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY Founded l9l3 by Wm. Klein, Sr. Manufacturers of Lunch Bars, Grade A Bars, Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa, Milk Chocolate Waters, Roamers, Gliders and Spinners. 561 5 ly? , A. LEWIS HEISEY, Agent STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO - FIRE - LIFE 244 South Market Street Cats Paw 24 Hour Soles and Heels Service JOE'S SHOE REPAIR 'IO Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Hours-Mon. thru Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-4787 Phone 7-4314 sal- 7230 A- M- To BEST WISHES S. G. HERSHEY cmd SON DEPARTMENT STORE South Market and Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. 9:00 P. M. Phone 7-3426 WILLIAM W. KALEY Painting and Interior Decorating Contractor Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of KREAMER PHARMACY Prescription Specialists BEST WISHES LEO B. KOB Since I 904 Pl.UMBl NG-H EATI NG-HARDWARE Authorized dealer in Elizabethtown for Automatic G. E. Oil and Gas Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa . Heating. Phone 7-1262 24 South Market Street Elizabethtown Pennsylvania LEICHT KOUNTRY KITCHEN Since 1868 Home-Style Cooking and Baking We Cater to Banquets and Private Parties. Open 24 Hours - Closed Sundays PAINT 81 BODY SHOP WRECKS REBUILT Auto Painting Truck Lettering Phone 7-5549 AAA Towing 1 I "" l Congrotulotions cmd Best Wishes tor C1 Successful Future X A- on W Q I L .i I- il 2 V 1 1 1 ,lll lllllllfk' We . fql og9q' L Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices LODGE NO. 596 MILTON F. EBERLY L O 0 M Phone 7-5468 - R. D. 3 . . . ' Elizabethtown Pennsylvania LUMBER - COAL - MILLWORIZ rg1',,Q, - '4 t ' F R it is W . z 'lg ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL 54 Brown Street Phone 7-1125 Builders' Supplies L T , l 124 Approved by PENNSYLVANIA STATE COUNCIL ON EDUCATION Accredited by MIDDLE STATES ASSOCIATION Member of AMERICAN COUNCIL ON EDUCATION Member of ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN COLLEGES New residence hall for women ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Elizabethtown, Pa. A standard co-educational college For information write President A. C. Baugher, Ph. D., LL. D. REINHOLD'S SUNOCO SERVICE LeROY F. REINHOLD I 735 South Market Street S Elixlibethtown, Pa. one 7-9747 Open 24 Hours Sewing Elizabethtown area HERMAN A REINHOLD .th 'I3th and State Streets wl Harrisburg Pa. I00'Ka Farm Tank Pick-up gseonnezi-3,5025 l cARL H. REINHOLD 3317 Jonestown Road Progress, Pa. Phone 3-9018 I Open 24 Hours I, I25 GEORGE E. CARRIGER PAINT AND BODY SHOP Wrecks Rebuilt Phone 7-6450 Rheems, Pa. BOB'S FLOWER SHOP Elizabethtown's Finest Florist 39 South Market Street Phone 7-2211 Compliments of LEAMAN'S TIRE STORE LAWTON'S ROADSIDE FU RN ITU RE STORE R. D. 2 - U. S. Route 230 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania Phone 7-1232 "Good Furniture at Country Prices LEHMAN 8. BOOK Elizabethtown's Leading DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS l Phone 7-1305 Toilet Articles School Supplies LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Luncheonette and Fountain Service Hershey's Ice Cream Kodaks Sporting Goods Longenecker Farm Supply D. L. LANDIS Rheem' PG- INSURANCE Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Sales and Service Phone 7-3599 Phone 7-5126 23 South Market Street Elizabethtown Pennsylvania 'wiiemv LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. LONGENECKER'S MEAT MARKET Wholesale and Retail COUNTRY DRESSED BEEF AND PORK Phone 7-3451 Phone 7-4206 "We fix anything." MYERS MACHINE SHOP R. F. Myers 119 North Poplar Street Repair Work a Specialty Gas and Electric Welding Auto Parts Repairecl FRANK S. MILLER RUSSELL MILLER MODERN STYLE SHOP 105 South Market Street Compliments Elizabethtown, Pa. of EVERYTHING IN LADIES' WEAR Flowers With Quality, Beauty, and Arrangement MUELLER'S FLOWER SHOP MILLER FUNERAL HOME 55 North Mafkel' sheet Elizabethtown .Pennsylvania Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1291 P11006 7-1247 127 ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE I Published every Thursday by J. G. Westafer and Son. Compliments of LONGENECKER'S GARAGE Phone 7-4201 Elizabethtown Pennsylvania C. H. MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test Wholesale - Retail Delivery Service Moyer - R. D. 3 - Phone Elizabethtown, Pa. 7-5469 Compliments of CENTER mc .......a M BUILDERS' X m w. MQBT'I ABETllT0Whl.PA.? Colas Asphalt Paving Phone 7-1349 W. T. GRANT CO. 48 South Market Street 130 Best wishes from Compliments of CENTRAL REXALL DRUGS PICK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE GYM! 135 North Market Street nur- Sven Elizabethtown, Pa. 45 South Market Street PAUL W. BAKER, Prop. Complete Drug Service Compliments Compliments of your jeweler of I WALKER 5 WESTERN Auto Jewelers - -Silversmiths ost High Street - Elizabethtown, Pa. fi Western 307 Locust Street A1110 i Columbia, Pa. Asgggggh ' Famous in Pennsylvania for 79 years 31 south Market sheet Elizabethtown, Pa. Coal Grain Compliments of Compliments of WENGER'S FEED MILL WEIDMAN'S GARAGE Rheems, Pa. R. D. 3, Elizabethtown Phone Elizabethtown 7-1195 Phone 7-3859 Seeds Feed u E..-4 WA R R E N 'S WCLGEMUTH BROS.,lNC. 086 nc, Manufacturers ot FLORIN FEEDS Nunn Bush Tweedie Poll Parrot Phone Ml' JOY 3-9551 Yorktown American Girl Flo"l"' Pa' Miracle Tread 131 JOHNSON'S BUS SERVICE Mobilgas. THE DRESS SHOP M0b'I0!' Mobilheat DAISY M. KLEIN G. W. DAVIS, JR. Ladies ready - to - wear Agent P5006 7-6372 Socony-Vacuum Oil Co., Inc on The Squaw 1360 Manheim Pike Lancaster, Pa. TONY'S Specializing in real Italian Spaghetti Texas Hot Weiners-Virginia Baked Ham+AIso Bar-B-Ques Dinners Phone 7-'I228 Luncheons 132 Compliments of H. S. RISSER MOTORS Cadillac -- Oldsmobile - Pontiac GROCERY STORE Sales and Service Phone 7-'I366 Elizabethtown, Pa. PAUL ,sl-IIFFER SCH -Lfs ' 7' . DV' ff ICE CREAM sToRE Soda fountain and grocery RGCHO '- Television For a quality treat at lower prices Soles and Service Elizabethtown - on the square 12 South Market Sfreel' Phone 7-4709 b thtown, Pa. Phone 7-'I466 ,fe .....-e.....,.We. -- ,.c..,W,' U, V , T K L xg' v-Qkzwhi Q ZARFOSS HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS Compliments of SAVOY SHOE COMPANY S. F. ULRICH, INC. Buick Sales and Service 133 Best wishes STAUFFER'S of BEAUTY SALCN 114 North Poplar Street Phone 7-1472 Ph 71375 MIRIAM H. DRACE, Prop one - Glorifying the American cul NEWCOMER'S Compliments of Home ond Auto Supplies Corner Market and Park Streets Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-'I372 134 JACK K. SCOTT, AGENT Insuronce is our business not o sideline. 112 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of SH EARER'S FURNITURE STORE at Sl' 35-37 South Market Street Phone 7-4694 BEST WISHES ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB RlssER's I Quality fresh meots, produce ond frozen foods ot better prices l Phone 7-1333 34 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. NEWCOMER OIL CORPORATION Richfield petroleum products 905 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of PRESSLER'S TAVERN ' NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE Generol outo repairs Tires - Battery - Oil Phone 7-5186 Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of SPICKLER'S DAIRY . I 135 W7 U"""f'5a Qiigfyfgf W4lMa0W V P 'Wg -ak? QYZZW - EMWMAER 2,9 fi E 5 Q .dy bg E Jijfmwwfffv QJQKQQFQ JWH3 U XfX WW Ria MXQQXWJM M W Q X 6 MMM? M ff' XJMWQ SX 4:1 f is My X 'ff' fff 5, is +J,f'Wf X WX up Q ,UAF4 X 3 XE il if Zfwwf NX Qwy 5 Qfjwigg Wfmgwy W7 WM Zjrw Agfa fnfwfg whscgww E, .JI Quin, 12 INTER-COLLEGIATE PRESS Publishers Cover Munufnrturers Book Binders FAETORY - HOME OFFICE Kunsus City

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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