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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1955 volume:

L W!! YQ f Vf yf WW- S? 14-V72 X124 QW K Y 3 ... kg Ak if f ve v , . V431- X325 g 4 kg wf if Max? if x'Q?g5: Nr-ff! iq AP T53 My ff' WT? vxffw v525'I,, yi Nufxg-l l uv" 5 Z2 Nl Vzf XIV- Z-- ,lf,2 .g-- VV V if 1' 04 xr' , -K I Z' fl 'h ' ' 'fig 'X if . nr, J' Wx l-ff I , x N ,I-fu 'xu?,m8I'Z5h4g, Ypyf JM L43W5?15'ii?2Wfiff?2?14 . 1 A f f f lpn- Zfvkjfviglga' ' 'wkkffi-ipgf f f,f vw? RVN?- J if f xl X , E. " 9 I is Q 4 1 , , w x X Y v 2 IX J 5 NX X N mx gig 4, 5- 1 Nl Ng, Q b7'x"4 'i. g, l 5 if 1 M 'I N A 9 ' ,f mf' X' iff WZ Zgghedgomamd Wmgdezgeuedn ix 7' 72? ZZf5m4et4m 01 7755 NN17' ' 3 2 T525 22 S ,. tg CD 6. 8 1883 1, f szfwm-w,4m Maw 0' gi -' 6 ,b ffx ff! QS Q . W . .gg Q Nw I' WM 2- 6 S .ff a ' is X EQ M N 7aZZe all Ecuafemfa Jdnmmmma ..... Semkm. .... . . W ..... Admmmm ..... 110 o ,. 4 I v .Ho , Q , Q' K, fi- 6 If r- sl 0 To our parents, we, the graduates of 1955, humbly and sincerely dedicate our volume of the Elizabethan. We could not begin to enumer- 8 ate their many sacrifices which enabled us to complete our high school training. Often we sought their counseling and advicepand they, faith- fully and willingly, were always standing by to guide us. Therefore, as a small expression of our appreciation for your un- selfish love and deep understanding, we dedicate our yearbook to you, Mother and Dad. 6 X EX FX 9 C 9 9 YQ N ' A .O ' ' ' ' X y 0 , 39 D ,fs f i 6 I i . 6 A 'fx Q, D b O. wx .P 6 th 0 if ,J R ' I , li X o O Q The following is the history of the class of 1955, revealed for . the first time. I We hope that our years at the high school will be looked upon with favor in the eyes of our associates. ' 4 Q Q As we leave behind us these years, we believe this book will instill in the memories of all, our activities, sports, dances, class plays, Q and, above all, the cherished friendships. . i Cf We give this book, hoping it will long be remembered by those . remaining at E .A.H .S. . C Admanmmzm 74eq make ide 40106 te1e+6. 5 ,D x x if? EE AT-ii' rllgf-: ,lfil , W 1 - f X -1, 1 i- A X if Af - Sb. j'T3',:gi?. K ' :T sl H H? 1 f -E- f-ff L- -gg ,..-- Q , A 'uxsi-'z f"' ' ' X H ':"" 57? -x X H - V . 4 f I X X f f f f X , jg Z fw fwf X vir. A. G. Spickler, President Mr. E. F. Groff, Vice-President ,Q-wa. by Wf0.J:m.dut4,q"-1 0 E I f gown! Of ' Mr. W. E. Weaver, Treasurer 10 Mr. A. K. Garman, Secretary LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. J. Shelly Kaylor, Mr. Ezra Bucher, Mr. I. Carlton Schuldt, Mr. J. Leaman, Mr. S. S Ginder, Dr. J. Ralph Parrett. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. E. Smuch, Dr. T. M. Thompson, A. B. Longenecker SCHOO L BOARD This group of nine fine men has given innumerable services to help our class reach its one big goal. They have always been on hand to help us, as a group or individually. Under the leadership of Mr. A. G. Spickler, president, they have solved many problems which pre- vailed during the school year. Many thanks to these public minded gentlemen for giving us their time in order that we may have and enioy a better school system. 11 , 5. l il V ggpggg SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL 24 if . ' viii Y' ' . ' - ff. -A , 1 7 . by -V -, gf, lil f 71 ,sms-f11,,fw --f'- g 1- wx. ff ,fm-111e,.f..f.:wn121 1.1 -fx ,...w-.i-ts. me me :,'1-aww: ,... 1 W,..,N.,,, fn.. .rw . ex Q .sh J The Class of i955 2, Your experience up to this point has been very similar to that of most young 5,3 aople living in our area of the country. From commencement day on you'Il be aveling in different directions. . .some of you into your work, and others into further 'eparation for what you would like to do eventually. This is a good time in your life to stop and think about what kind of person au would like to be ten, twenty, thirty years from now, and to consider what you'd ke to be doing then. Other people have contributed a great deal to your lives. we members of your families, the people with whom you have associated in school, the 'uurch group to which you belong, and the gangs with which you travel have all helped to lake you what you are today. But in the final analysis, your happiness and success will rest aavily upon your own decisions. . Your teachers and schoolmates will always follow you with interest. Whether or not you take a fortune or become famous is not importantp but we shall all be wishing for each of you a fe in which you will find happiness in its finest sense, and a task in which you will be able to ender our best service to eo le. Y P P Sincerely, I2 3 77h,?4e!' , 1,945,404 To the Seniors: lwant to thank you for your cooperation and understanding during the past three years which have made our educational achievements pleasant---fo me, at least, and I hope also for you, But now we must look into the future, 1 future which, l hope, will bring you happiness and success in the truest sense ol these words. To achieve this it is good to remember three things: first, real happiness is founr in helping others. Secondly, success is attained in achievement, NOT in recognition There is little REAL success in seeking recognition for your accomplishments, but then is ABUNDANT success in feeling that something worthwhile has been achieved evel though it may go entirely unnoticed. Victories, in themselves, do not necessarily make you suc- cessful. ln fact, at times, it is possible to achieve more in defeat. An old saying among stout- hearted athletes is, "lt is how you play the game that counts. " And you will do well to remembe this as you look into the future. Do your very best at all times in all that you attempt. And third, learn how to fall. As you go through life, you will, in various ways, fall fron time to time. There is a proper way to fall as athletes so well learn in football: fight the battli hard until you fall---then relax before you hit. This will keep you from being broken so that yo' can fight again. The same principle holds true for the battles of life: do everything you possiblj can with the help of God, relax when you fall so that it won't hurt too much, then get up and givi this world of ours everything you have and, with faith in yourself and in God, you will find botl happiness and success in the finest sense of these words. Sincerely, WRU RICHARD A. BEAVER Gettysburg College B. A. Physical Education NORMAN E. DIEHL Elizabethtown College B. S. University of Pennsylvania M. S. Geography WALTER J. BECHTEL Millersville State Teachers College B. S. Industrial Arts 74wffff MAY DULEBOHN Millersville State Teachers College A. B. Elizabethtown College Mathematics 'HHH WAYNE B. BLOUGH Millersville State Teachers College A. B. Albright College Elizabethtown College University of Pennsylvania Social Studies ALTON H. EPPLER Muhlenburg State Teachers College Kutztown State Teachers College B. S. Science WILLIAM T. FRANTZ. KENNETH GROSH MILDRED M. GRUBB Albright College B. S. Elizabethtown College A. B. Kutztown State Teachers College B S History, Business Education University of Pennsylvania M. S. An Guidance Counselor . . . they 5444966 ua ad ea gan! JANE K. I-IUNSECKER West Chester State R. DONALD HAVERSTICK DANIEL A. HOOPERT Teachers Conege Bi S, Elizabethtown College A. B. Elizabethtown College A. B. pennsylvania State University Social Studies Social Studiesg English physical Education 3 ,frf iam 'Ziff Mfr 4, 'fs is ifazifgr Q was . J, 1.-1' '. f ' vfZ.fQ?fq'M'i., " .1721-?"fki'n:ff'1. . ' ' ' ff-1 iw.. "'X'fdfffw" , :uma oy, ,....m-1, A. aww , Q-.,. . Y.,:Qs-,1,Ag1::..iT:?,,w.,-'.'g',:E,:55ig.i..j ,. . ,, -.. " U -I .ff . . t... '- ..'1:'-igfttlr-YH:-g,".S?2m'I11 :3'22'e:1I3f. 5113 ' ''Qi1::::i'f2'2E:r.ewiZtK211'-r!:'-fttrxrzrf- - - " ' W''i'3""'f!2JI-WIS?""EST" BARBARA W. KINNIBURGH Bryant College B. S. Providence, R. I. Business Education HENRY M. LIBHART Franklin and Marshall College A. Pennsylvania State University English .,.....,. A., 1, ., . hunk ' ' A ff. '. 5' mu... -firms'-,',,0'.' um., ,1 -f 1. ', . ef wg: 'Eff saws in 'Q ' 5' was 1-3'-'35 P. 1.2. g1?Z'5- .. 'gina-.fr H. .mu H B. livihy 1'9" - . 'JIS 2 132:54 if 'M NOAH KLAUSS Harrisburg Conservatory of Music Elizabethtown College Instrumental Music MIRIAM L. MENGEL Lebanon Valley College A. Akron University Drexel Institute B. New York University M. A. Frenchg Lating Library PHYLLIS N. KULP Juniata College B. S. Home Economics 7wfffv MABEL J. MILLER Lebanon Valley College A. B. Temple University English 'iii' W RICHARD P. OVERDORF Millersville State Teachers College B. S. Business Education Mathematicsg Driver Education PATRICIA ODELL Indiana State Teachers College B. S. , ..cuo4gna1ftdme4ue4ad ROBERT I. TRIMBLE Elizabethtown College A. B. University of Pennsylvania LYDIA E. WAGNER Historyg Problems of Democracyg Elizabethtown College A. B. Psychology English JOSEPH P. SEDULE Pennsylvania State University B. S., M. Ed. Physicsg Chemistryg General Science M. RICHARD WARDEN Shippensburg State Teachers College B. S. Mathematics ...-: 1f,+ l-- " BETTY J. WOLFGANG B. S. Lebanon Valley Conservative of Music Vocal Music Dr. C. Stuart Smith School Doctor Miss Anna Ruth Hess Mrs. Dorothy Baker R. N. School Secretary School Nurse Martin W. Barley Head Janitor Abram Snyder Assistant Janitor Dr. C. C. Douglass School Dentist ...nl aL.,a,...4 f 11 E i, fi 851' ' ss Jaw H., , W .1 QM ff fgi?1iqmy1 ? 5 ' ,f.,.gi,JV 94 .Nu . 5? 1 -msae: H 1 A 'W . 8 fa x 5 XJ' Lfznintfgg r Y 1 I ' I H Sac! on Was iss das? Monkey Businessl Dale gives here elbow grease. Them there one's are smoothies. Look pretty now, Carol and Franl Bob, Shirl, and Vonnie make the likes of the teacher. I don't like such ugly boys. That makes me giddy inside. They wear their faces broad. So sweet we were. l-le's a sly von. We made our decorations wonderful nice for the Sopho more Prom. Babs makes on as if she knew him. I hope it gives what it looks like. Fred shoots the birds down. Doing the tree up for Santa. Make the light out--QUICK! 3. 1 wg 'A Q if Mi s ai F xiii xii? B. JEAN ADAMS Hess Avenue "Jean" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3g Music Appreciation 2g Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,43 Hockey Manager 3g Journalism 2, 3, 4g Baby Sitting Club 2g Elizabethan staff 4. Honey blonde with clear blue eyes . . . possessor of a dry sense of humor . . . enjoys a good practical joke .. . faithful reporter for the "Blue and White" ... Rose Marie's side-kick ... "flips" over any size, shape, or form of popular music ... admires "cats" .. . willbe an excellent angel of mercy when she gets her R.N. DALE L. ANDREWS 363 N. Market St. "Dale" College Preparatory Band r, 2, 3,4g Orchestra I,2, 3, 4g Hi-Y 1,2,3g Chaplain Ig Key Club 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4g Baseballz, 3, 4g Chess Club 4g Treasurer 4, Class Play 3, 4g Class President 2, 3, 45 Red Cross 2. One ofour tall guys . .. all around athlete . . . neat dresser . . . lover boy in junior class play ... takes a hand to "fiddling" everybody's pal. . . often seen with "one" head majorette . . . drives a crazy Packard . . . college, here he comes .. . a great guy. KENNETH R. ANDREWS R.D.ifI, Elizabethtown "Kenny" General Basketball 35 Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, 4g F. H.A. 4g President 4. Blonde and good-looking .. . sports enthusiast . . . always has a friendly smile for everyone . . . "Aw heck" . .. sparklingblue eyes .. . one of the "cat" gang . . . very proud of the shirt he madewhile mastering the home ec. course offered to senior boys this year . . . success will be his. ROBERT C. BAILEY E. Cherry St. "Bob" Commercial Football Ig Sophomore Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4g Boys' Chorus 2, 3g Key Club 2, 3,4g Hi-Y 2, 3, Mixed Ensemble 3,4g Boys' Quartet 3g Class Play 3, Journalism Club 3,4g Elizabethan Staff 45 Chess Club 4. Tall, dark, and witty ... usually can be found stocking shelves at the Acme ... "Where's Larry?" ... always ready for a party ... excellent dancer ... one of the few males in I2-3 .. . Bob will carry his briefcase to his office in the years to come. ROBERT G. BAILEY R. EJF2, Elizabethtown "Bob" College Preparatory East Donegal--Future Farmers of America Ig Hi-Y I, 2, 3g Photography Club Ig Vice-President 3g Science Club 25 Hunting Club 3g Rifle Club 3g Hi-Y 4. Father's right hand man on their pheasant farm ... active in religious work ... explores the outdoors "You said it" --Bob detests thatiazz music .. . treasure his father's Ford .. . conservative ... will study the field of Evangelism in the years to come. HENRY D. BALDWIN 569 E. High st. "Baldy" Commercial Football 3,4g Hi-Y 2, 3g Key Club 3,4g Elizabethan Staff 4g Hall Pa- trol 3g Biology Club 4. One of our football fellas ... takes life with a stride ... gives frequent parties . . . "How 'bout that? " . . . just look at Baldy eating fried scallops . .. devotes his extra moments to hunting "Ann" fishing ... came to us after spending several years in England . . . an Air Force man. MARY JANE BANKLER 44 N. Poplar St. "Janie" Commercial Band 2, 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Indoor Patrol 4, Tall with striking attractiveness . . . high stepping majorette .. . always has a smile for everyone ... often seen with Nan .. . hobbies: movie magazines and talking ... will make an eye catching secretary ... "Oh, my word" .. . smooth complexion . . . sharp dresser . . . PGI peeve--ear ly moming band practices. BARBARA A, BECKER 515 N. Hanover St, "BeCkY" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4g Girls' Chorus 1,3g Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Cho- rus 3g Cheerleading 2,3,4g Indoor Patrol 4g Elizabethan Staff 45 Music Appreciation I, 25 Class Play 4: Baby Sitting Club 21 Play Committee 4: Junior Red Cross I. Cheers the E. A. H. S. Bears OH V0 ViCl0fy. . .did a fine job as Jenny in the Senior play. . . always laughing, but--warning! --don't crack your gum in Bab's presense, , ,interested in fishing and clothes. . ,beautiful hair. , .will pound a typewriter as a career, DORIS ANN BEINHAUER 52 South Poplar St, "Doris" Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y I,2,4g F.H.A. 2, 3. Quiet but friendly . . , favorite saying, "Better late than never" . .. sweet smile and wavy hair .. . adds up to one swell gal . ., sea -food lover . .. faithful TV watcher .. . ambition--office worker . . . lots of luck to you, Doris. ELAINE I. BOYER I 33 Park St. "Elaine" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4g Scribe 25 SophomoreChorus 2g Girls' Chorus 3g Mu- sic Appreciation 2g Hockey Manager 35 Elizabethan Staff 43 Indoor Pa- trol 4g Baby Sitting Club I. Beautiful, long, brown tresses .. . full of pep ,. . "Oh heavens" .. . dur- ing the summer, Elaine can be found by any stream fishing--of course, not alone- -Bill's always there .. . excels in gym ... someday will ful- fill some boss's dream of a good secretary. RUTH MARGARET BRAIN R,D.ff2, Elizabethtown "Ruthie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 3,4g Mixed Chorus 33 Elizabethan Staff 4: Girardville-Libra- ry Staff I, 2, Girls' Chorus I,2. Keeps late hours reading the latest books . . . quiet--until you know her ... just can't OJ wait for French class . . . must be another Italian food lover as she devours plenty of pizza . . . has an unusually interesting name --she tries to live up to it ... deserves only the best. CLARENCE E. BRUBAKER R.D.4f3, Elizabethtown "Clarence" College Preparatory Boys' Chorus I, 2g Mixed Chorus I, 25 Sophomore Chorus 2g ChesssClub 4. Usually seen but seldom heard . . . a pleasing smile and friendly "Hello" for everyone "My word" travels to school in his father's '53 Chevrolet . . . utilizes his spare time by reading .. . future years will find Clarence as a hard working farmer. DORIS O. BRUBAKER R.D.ilf.I, Elizabethtown "Doris" Commercial Girls' Chorus I,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Elizabethan Staff 4, Office girl 4. Snappy dresser . . . "Miss Shorty" . . . Saturday nights find her at Fisher's selling records, but she'd rather be elsewhere ... sweet smile ... cute . .. 'Oh my gosh" . . here she comeswith another porkbarbeque ... la- dies bound to come and get their permanents, manicures, and facials from Doris. WILLIAM I. CLARKE 54 Washington St. "Bill" Commercial Hi-Y 2, 33 Football rg Basketball I,2, 3,4g Baseball 3,43 Chess Club 43 Chorus 4. "You better believe it" ... tall, blond, and handsome ... lover boy .. . why teachers get grey ... great asset to the basketball team .. . mem- ber of the "Gooey" club ... "Say something nice to the girls" ... here comes the "white collar" man. GERALDINE L. CODY Birehland Ave., Mt. Joy "Ierri" Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Journalism 2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus I,2, 35 StudentCoun- cil 2g Elizabethan Staff 45 Junior Play 3g Senior Play 4g Indoor Patrol 4. "Piddle-de-dee" -- here comes that cute little gal from the South ... sparkles when the name "Donnie" is mentioned .. . loves spaghetti ... did a wonderful portrayal as Anne in junior class play and Vivian in sen- ior class play ... owner of an A-I personality ... bound to succeed as an R, N. YVONNE E. COSNER Elizabethtown College "Vonnie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Music Appreciation 2g Jour- nalism 2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 3g Girls' Chorus 3g Elizabethan Staff 45 Baby smmg Club 2. Pretty, naturally curly hair . . . has already had a sample of college life ... "I just CAIN Tdo it" ... men trouble galore ... frequently seenwith Essie and Io .. . learned to knit argyles . .. "It's terrific! " ... sure to suc- ceed as an elementary school teacher. ANN S. COULSON Masonic Homes "Ann" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 President I5 Chaplain 25 Vice President 45 Chorus I,2, 35 Student Council 45 Elizabethan Staff 45 Cheerleader 25 Class Secretary 3, 45 Indoor Patrol I,2, 3,45 Junior Red Cross I. Small bundle of dynamite . . . cute and charming . . . relishes pizza and sundaes . . . perks up when someone mentions "Fred" . . . heads for Wil- liams Grove in the summer keeps class records accurately ... pet peeve--Albright College losing a football game . .. sure to succeed as a medical secretary or a housewife. PAUL M. CRUM Bainbridge, R.D.4fI "Crummy" General Basketball I,2,3,45 Captain 35 School Patrol 35 Captain 35 Football 45 Gym Club 4. Athlete . . . constantly saying, "I'm hungry" . .. dark complexioned . .. hunting and fishing "Phyl's" his spare moments ... short and very cute . . . did the punting for the football team . . . would rather watch TV than go to school . . . one swell guy .. . we'l1 be proud of him as a pro base- ball player, JAY C. DOUGLASS IIO7 S, Market St, "Jay" College Preparatory Band I, 25 Orchestra 2, 3,45 Journalism 25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys' Cho- rus 35 Key Club 3,45 Chess Club 4. Just a "wee" thing .. . mighty cute . . . always clowning ... drives neat cars . .. brain? ... "We don't have any French homework" ... loads of fun . . . great sense of humor . .. not another like him . .. seems to be headed the college way. GUY S, EDMISTON IR. 604 South Mount Joy Street "Guy" College Preparatory Band 1,2,3,45 Orch. 1,2,3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 2. 3,45 Mixed Ensemble 35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Football I5 Hi-Y I,2, 35 Key Club 2, 3,45 President 3,45 Student Council I,2: Class Play 3. 4: Biology Club 45 Elizabethan Staff 45 Ass't Photography Editor 4. Dark'n dignified ... super brain power ... cuts a mean figure on the dance floor ... "I'll be Joe Dogged" ... natural leader ... "Where's Joanie?" ... has traveled extensively ... plans to enter the ministry. MARY JEAN ESPENSHADE R. DAL2, Harrisburg-Lancaster Pike "Essie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3, 43 Secretary 2,4g Journalism 2, 3,4g Junior Red Cross Ig Library Staff Ig Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 3g Baby Sitting Club 2g Play Committee 3, 4g Chairman 4g Class Secretary 2g Blue and White Co-Editor 4, Elizabethan Staff 4g Literary Editor 4. Small and cute . .. always eating . . . flashingsmile and swell personali- ty .. . ice-hockey fan . .. "Shall lknit you a pair of socks?" . . . always looks nice . .. designs and makes some of her clothes . . . Joanne's con- stant companion . .. ambition: teaching handicapped children .. . will do a topnotch job. MARY EMMA FETTER Ridgeview Heights "Mary Emma" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 25 Journalism 2, 3, 4g Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4g Hockey I, 2,3,4g Elizabethan Staff 4, Play Committee 4g Baby Sitting Club 25 Class Play 3, Music Appreciation 2. Short and sweet sparkling brown eyes with beguilding dimples ... speedster on the hockey field . .. intelligence plus . .. always has a joke to tickle someone's funny bone . .. inseparable from Fran . . . photogra- phy fiend . . . Pours busily over college catalogues but just can't see one to fit her needs. ROSE MARIE FISHER 53 E. High St. "Rose Marie" College Preparatory Hockey I, 2, 3, 4g Tri-I-Ii-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Journalism 2, 3, 4g Blue and White Co-Editor 4g Elizabethan Staff 3,4g Assistant Literary Editor 4g Sopho- more Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3g Class Play 33 Music Appreciation 23 Baby Sitting Club 2. Never a dull momentwhefn Rosemarie's around . . . pretty smile . . . whiz- zes over the countryside in the "Pink Wonder" . . . Could do without those conservative drivers .. . attractive clothes . .. more hockey bruises .,. sports fan, but partial to swimming and riding .. . hopes to become a la- dy in white. DARLENE JENE FITZWATER I7 South Poplar Street "Deanie" Commercial Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 3, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4g Band 3, 4g Hockey I, 2, 3, 4: ' Elizabethan Staff 4. All around athlete ... winning personality ... terrific fullback on the championship hockey team ,.. "Yes" .. . natural clown and comic loves Italian pizza and hoagies . . . eagerly awaits mail call . . . idolizes tall, dark, men . .. future?--office work and thena homebody as a house- wife. LARRY E. FORWOOD R.D.4H, Elizabethtown "Forwood" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 23 Boys' Quartet 3: Boys' Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 3, Labors at the Acme store in order to pay for broken chemistry equipment . .. reads literature 03 in his spare time ... putts to school from New- ville in his little blackChevie . . . short and cute . . . often seenwith Bill and Bob. CHARLES FRY R.DJfI, Elizabethtown "Charlie" General Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 3, Hi-Y 2, 3. "Our clown, Charlie" . .. blonde . . . smile for everyone... buzzes around in his '40 Chrysler . .. slaves at the Masonic Homes ... ask him how he likes fixing things other people break ... "Hi Doc" .. . will become an outstanding industrial mechanic after he receives that long awaited di- ploma. MELVIN R. GERHART 361 Bainbridge St. "Mel" General Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. "Dig that crazy cat" . . . hot-rods around the country in his Ford . . . staff member at Greiner's French Fries keep Mel happy . .. every chance he gets it's into an airplane and off for a ride ... this gives him experi- ence for his planned career--aircraft mechanics. J, NEVIN GISH R.D.4H, Elizabethtown "Net," Commercial Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 2, 33 Boys' Chorus 35 Debate Club 4. One of the quieter members of 12-3 .. . can't decide which he likes best --hunting, fishing or sleeping.. . likes his girls to be quiet... loyal, cho- rus member . . . "Who's the wise one" . .. who said Nev won't have a big farm of his own? NANCY I. GOOD 318 Park St, "Nan" Commercial Sophomore Chorus 2g Girls' Chorus 3g Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,4g Hockey I, 2, 3,4g Cheerleading 2, 3, 4g Indoor Patrol 4: Elizabethan Staff 4. Small and attractive .. . bouncybrownette . .. cheery smile . . . scored frequent goals from her left inner position on the hockey team . . . vim, vigor, and vitality plus ... "l's gonna git you" ... excels in all sports . .. pals around with Janie .. . intends to become a very capable secre- tary. JAMES R. GOODLING 423 E. High St. "Jim" General Hi-Y 1.2, 3. Another one of the famous "Goodlings" ... sly grin ... sharpshooter with the bow and arrow ... flies over town on his motorcycle .. . has a large model airplane collection . . . when Jim becomes a farmer, he'll grow lots of potatoes to be baked, of course. AUDREY MAIDELL GRIMM R.D.4iI, Elizabethtown "Sis" Home Economics Girls' Chorus 2, 4g F.H.A. 2, 3, 4. Wide-eyed miss ... very ladylike and dainty ... chooses reading as a favorite pastime ... skillful with her skates ... active and interested member of the F.H.A. . . . can put away great quantities ofFrench Fries if the occasion calls for it . . . looking forward to becoming a successful housewife. FRED E. HARZER 426 Ridge Road "Rick" College Preparatory Hi-Y 35 Secretary 3g Key Club 2, 3,43 Secretary 43 Mixed Chorus I: Band I,2,3,4g Orchestra I,2,3,4g Football 3,45 Basketball 35 Baseball 3.4. Journalism Club 23 Chess Club 4g Elizabethan Staff 4. Driver of a HOT Henry I ... Bird-dog's buddy ... serves customers at King's Store. .. another flat-top ... sporty clothes. . . one of the "Fred's" . .. keen about homemade spaghetti . . . how he wishes old men would stay off the highways .. . good luck as an industrial engineer. TERESA LEE HERR 362 North Hanover St. "Terry" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3, 45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Band Front 3,45 Class Play 4. Short'n cute ... oh, what a dizzy girl ... swings a baton in the band front ... best friends are Ruthe and Sandy ... often found at Tony's ... Tess in the senior play . .. can well be proud of her personality. NANCY IRENE HESS R.D.'ff3, Elizabethtown "Nan" Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y I5 F.H.A. 2,3,4,g Vice-President 45 Sophomore Chorus 25 MixedChorus 3,45 Girls'Chorus 3,45 StudentCouncil 2, 3,45 Elizabeth- an staff 4. "Good gravy", ..attractive. .. enthusiastic F.H.A. member ... doctors many bruises from roller skating. . , the piano provides spare time enjoy- ment for Nan. . . dislikes people who complain about their health.. .will look very snappy when modeling for some big store. LARRY WILLIAM HIPPENSTEEL 214 Mt. Joy St. "Hipp" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 25 Hi-Y I, 2, 3,45 President 45 Football I, 2, 3,45 Co- Captain 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, 3, 45 Gym Club 2, 3,4. Small but mighty ... versatile man of the gridiron .. . contributed loads of encouragement to our team. . .often seen flying over town on his little motorcycle ... a true friend to all . .. makes a hobby of sports ... rel- ishes ice cream and a good TV show ... undecided about his future. ROBERT B. HILL 905 S. Market St, "Bob" College Preparatory Orchestra I,2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3,45 Key Club 2, 3,45 Secretary 2, 35 Hi- Y I,2,35 Elizabethan Staff 45 Biology Club 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Accompanist 45 Boys' Chorus 35 Accompanist 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Ensemble 3. Ca n't sit still for a minute . . . flat top . . . "intelligence par excellence" ... has lost some of his New England drawl ... clown ... saws his cello for the Harrisburg Symphony ... did a terrific job as Rupert in the junior class play ... sure to be a great success. LENA FAY HOERNER Masonic Homes "Lena" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Elizabethan Staff 4, Baby Sitting Club 2. Talks a mile a minute . .. cute from any angle ... little and lively . . . Ruthie's right hand . . . getting an education at Hitz's . . . "Heyl " . . . enjoys all sports but favors swimming ... detests getting caught with gum in classes .. . aims to be both a housewife and a secretary. MARY IOANNE HOFFMAN 47 E. Washington St. "Huffy" Commercial Orchestra 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Mixed Ensemble 3,4, Girls' Trio 3, 4, Music Appreciation 2, Sophomore Chorus 2, Debate Club 4, Eliza- bethan Staff 4, Instrumental Music Librarian I, 2, 3.4. Has painted several landscapes in oils . .. efficient artist. . . enjoys good music . . . always there when needed. . . spends many hours helping Mr. Klauss and does an excellent job of it .. . "Oh, noi not another early morning band rehearsal" . . . plans to be a commercial artist. FRANCES E. HOOVER Rheems "Fran" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 2, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, President 2, 4, Chaplain 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Joumalism 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading 3, 4, StudentCouncil 2, 3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3g President 4, Eli- zabethan Staff 4, Class Historian I, 2, 3, 4, Blue and White Sports Edi- tor 4. Bubbling personality . . . honest and upright captivating charm . . . att- ractive leader of Tri-Hi-Y and Student Council ... top notch athlete . . . speedy center forward and sparkplug of the "E-town Hockey Eleven" , ., unanimously elected captain for two years . .. heady over Eddie .. . "exalted" class historian. . . bound to succeed in any field of her choice with her many talents. J. ROSCOE HUMMER R.D.ff3, Elizabethtown A "Bl-lICh" Commercial Boys' Chorus 2, Sophomore Chorus 2, Elizabethan Staff 4, Debate Club 4. Loquacious . . . slaves away his spare hours at Musser's store . . . pet peeve is women . .. overactive sleepiness . . . drives his own car . , . always ready for a laugh .. . says he will be a bachelor, FRED E. KAUFFMAN 426 Groff Avenue "Bird-dog" College Preparatory Football I, 2, 3, 4g Basketball I, 2, 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 43 Vice-President 4g Hi-Y 2, 3, Chess Club 4g Elizabethan Staff 4. "Live-wire" of Home Room 26 .. . peepie-keeper at Longenecker's . .. our "Bird-dog" . .. hard hitting linesman of the football team . . . proud of his new CU Plymouth .,. flattop .. . flashywardrobe .. . nextseveral years will find Fred preparing to be an industrial engineer. JOAN E. KAUTZ IO3 N. Hanover St. "J081'1i6" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 33 Chess Club 4g Sophomore Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 33 Indoor Patrol 2, 3: Elizabethan Staff 4g Hockey 3. Constantly laughing . . . some one blushing? --that must be Joanie. . . al- ways trying to borrow her sister's '37 Buick ... better late than never, huh, Kautzie? . .. prefers a pizza pie to a man . .. takes frequent busi- ness U1 trips to Hitz's . .. a real nice kid and friend to all. THELMA MAE KEENER 408 Snyder Avenue "Thel" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 35 Library Staff 3,4. Completed three years of her education through correspondence . . . en- joys spending her spare time reading or cooking. .. quiet. . . pretty brown eyes .. . has seen alarge part of the country through her travels ... looks forward to a career of teaching. PATRICIA JOANNE KELLEY R.D.flfI, Elizabethtown "Pa tti " Commercial Girls' Chorus I,2,3g Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,43 Indoor Patrol 4: Elizabethan Staff 45 Bus Patrol 4. Lustrous brown hair. . . thatinfectious laugh . . . expert in the art of tumb- ling . .. loves the combinationwhich when put together makes chili . . . enjoys gliding across the ice on her skates .. . ask her about people who crack their gum ... WAFS--here comes our gal, Patti. DORIS R, KREIDER 158 E. Park St. "Doris" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus 4. Short ... always on the go ... Ioanie's other half... pedals her way around town on her bicycle . .. "Creeps" . . . spends her time reading . . . morning always comes too soon for Doris ... undecided about the future. DORIS JEAN KUHN R.D.iffI, Elizabethtown "Jean" College Preparatory Bainbridge Senior Playg Editor Yearbookg Mixed Chorus x,2, 3, 4g Girls' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. Light brown hair and pretty brown eyes . . . friendly newcomer from Bain- bridge ... loves coconut custard pie .. . always has a cheery smile for everyone . . . active participantin church work . . . will have a success- ful future. DOROTHY ELIZABETH LEBER 443 E. High St. A "Dot" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Girls' Chorus 33 Indoor Patrol 4. Always busy . . . oodles of pep .. . wide-as-a-mile smile . . . "Gee Whiz" -she's writing another letter . . . nothinglike driving a car, says Dot . . . could live without conceited people . . . pretty black hair and a pleasant smile . . . another of our many secretaries. RUTH E. LEHMAN 107 N. Spruce St. "Ruthie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3g Elizabethan Staff 4, Short, blonde, and cute ... likes Italian spaghetti and pizza "Hey" . .. why do teachers always catch Ruthie with gum? . . . her pastimes are eating and tennis . .. a fine waitress at Tony's . .. her ambition: to become an office worker and housewife. GALEN R. LESHER 30 Summit st. "Galen" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 2, 35 SophomoreChorus 25 Hi-Y 35 Key Club 3,45 Band I, 2, 3,45 Gym Club 45 Elizabethan Staff 4. Takes life with a stride . . . our photography editor . . . nothing like a good dance, says Galen . . . hard working band member .. . crew cut . .. en- joys psychology classes . . . hunts Csmallj game with Jonny . . . the future will find him constructing skyscrapers. RUTH M. LONG R.D.ffI, Elizabethtown "Ruthie" Home Economics Girls' Chorus 2, 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y X5 F.H.A. 2,3,45 Historian 45 Eliza- bethan Staff 4. Studious and efficient ... rather a quiet but a most pleasant member of our class . .. active participant in all F.H.A. activities .. . also served as its historian during her senior year . . . dabs in her oil paints during lei- sure hours . . . no one can understand her passion for mashed potatoes . . . destined to succeed. ANNABEL H. LONGENECKER 326 E. High St. "Bell" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 33 Elizabethan staff 4. The gal with the pretty black hair . .. could spend all her time driving her dad's car. . . if he'd let her have it. .. pet peeve--boring historyclas- ses . . . "Oh my heavens"--must be our Bell talking .. . enjoys frequent trips tothe Clearview Diner--especially after a date with that certain guy. LAWRENCE C. LOOKENBILL R.D.ifI, Bainbridge "Chuck" General Football 3,45 Sportsmen's Club atMechanicsburg 45 Basketball 3, 45 Gym Club 4. Pleasant addition to our class this year ... a great hunter and fisherman . .. likable .. . excels in sports ... quiet .. . one of the Bainbridge gang . .. member of the Sleepers-in-Class Club . .. hopes to be sporting in a Marine uniform after graduation JON R. MAY 28 W. Hummelstown St. "stony" College Preparatory Elizabethan Staff 2, 3,4g Editor-in-chief 4g Football I,3g Hi-Y I,2, 3g Key Club 3,4g Gym Club 45 Class Vice-President 4. Our great editor ... iust look at that smile! . .. dark and cute . .. effi- cient artist . . . takes time out for pastime--athletics . . . likes guns--any size or shape .. . all round swell guy . . . getting first hand experience at Kreamer's on his future career--pharmacy. DALLAS L. McCURDY R,D.ff2, Elizabethtown "Dal" General Hi-Y 1,2, 35 Football I,2, 3, 4g MixedChorus 4g ChessClub 4g Olym- pic Club I, 2. Real crazy cat . . . witty . . . sharp clothes . . . "Why can't I sleep in class? " . . . often seen atTony's . . . everybody's friend . . . flashy smile . . . always finds time for some good hot jazz . . . crazy about ravioli . . . wants to fly in the wild blue yonder--A ir Force. RICHARD LEON McCURDY R.DJf1, Bainbridge "Rich" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus I, 2, 3, President Senior Class at Bainbridge 33 Yearbook Staff at Bainbridge 3. Owner of a swell personality ... intelligent, calm, cool, and collected . .. our FBI man . .. president of his class at Bainbridge "Oh gee, I wish I had some ice cream" . . . gentlemanwho prefers blondes . . . eve- rybody's buddy . .. best of luck to one who really deserves it. DOLORES MEANS R.D.4fI, Elizabethtown "Dee" Home Economics F.H.A. 2, 3,4g Historian 3g Secretary-Treasurer 4: Indoor Patrol 33 Tri- Hi-Y I. Cute any way you look at it ... avid collector of records . .. "He goes like a mad-man, " says Dee . . . morning is the worst part of her day . . . likes to drive Bob 's car . . . sure to make a tidy little housewife. MARIAN H. MEINHARDT 258 W. Bainbridge St. "Marian" General Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, Journalism 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4, Sophomore Chorus 2, Girls' Trio 3,4, F.H.A. 3g Eliza- bethan Staff 4, Assistant Business Manager 4, Play Prompter 3,4, Play Committee 3. Pretty brown eyes . . . hard-hitting fullback on the hockey team . . . in- terests range from "Jerry" to "Jerry" .. . "All righty" .. . could do with- out all the homework assignments . .. wonderful alto voice . .. will be a success when the farmer takes a wife. RITA J. MORRIS R.D.ffI, Newville "Rita" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3,4, Elizabethan Staff 4, Indoor Patrol 4. Ie-t black hair . . . bubbling over withpersonalitv . . . holds an interest for Palmyra. . . lives to eat pizza and spaghetti. . . everybody's pal. . . "What's the matter for you?" .. . pet peeve--walking the long mile to catch the school bus. RUTHE MUMMA IIO South Market St. "Ruthe" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Chorus 2. Talkative ... obeys OJ all sizes and shapes of laws--wonder why? ... oh, what a giggle ... smart clothes ... often heard saying, "Watch that stuffl" .. . enjoys eating hoagies ... keeps the morale of the Navy high by her numerous letters .. . bound to succeed as a secretary. SANDRA JEAN NAGEL 48 South Poplar Street "Sandy" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4, Elizabethan Staff 4. Blonde bombshell .. . infectious giggle and charm ... scads of apparel . . . inhabits a booth at Tony's in partnership with Ruthe . . . keeps her trim shape although she makes a hobby of eating . . . spends a smallfortune in postage stamps . . . there's a Freddy in her future ... looking forward to becoming a housewife. CAROL NAUMAN 321 E. Park St. "Carol" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Secretary rp Scirbe 4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Girls' Chorus 4g Cheerleading Ig Music Appreciation 2g Ba- by Sitting Club 2g Elizabethan Staff 4g Class Treasurer I. "We1l, I'll be dipped" . .. spent a very enjoyable vacation at the shore . . .. friend to all . .. often seen in a '54 Olds with Jim. ..cute and has a swell personality .. . our captivating Corn Queen . . . record fan . .. part time hash slinger at Metzler's .. . plans to be a housewife. AUDRA MAE NEWCOMER 40 Orange St. "Audra" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3, Scribe Ig Music Appreciation 2g Ioumalism 2, 3, 4g So- phomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 3g Elizabethan Staff 3, 4g Chess Club 45 Class Play 3, 4, Blue and White Social Editor 4g Baby Sitting Club 2. Future elementary teacher ... Penn State bound ... sure to keep her classroom bright and gay at all times ... friendly to all ... values her large collection of salt and pepper shakers . .. cannot be found without Kautzie .. . "Heavens to Betsy" ... gets excellent report cards. JOAN H. NEY 443 E. Park Street "Ioanie" Commercial Library Staff 1,2,3,4g Secretary 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3g Sophomore Chorus 2g Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Girls' Trio 3,43 Mixed Ensemble 3,4g Girls' Cho- rus 3, 43 Junior High Accompanist 3. Enjoys music of any kind . . . prompt people win Ioan's compliments . . . can be found arranging 'books in the school library . . . never seen without Doris ... "Isn't that terrific!" ... short and blonde ... likes to eat ... especially meat and potatoes . . . will spend her future surrounded by mu- src. RACHEL L. OBER R.D.if3, Elizabethtown "Rachel" General Tri-Hi-Y Ig F.H.A. 2,3g Vice President 3. Quiet--until she gets started ... occasionly drives to school in a green Ford .. . "Oh my word" .. . friendly and dependable ... an ardent book- worm . .. pleasant disposition .. . will prepare her favorite food, plenty of French fries, when she becomes a housewife. THOMAS W. OFFER 4 R.D.4f4, Elizabethtown "Tom" General Hi-Y 2, 3, Chess Club 4, President 4. Easy-going .. . a blond shorty . .. doodles with tools .. . the guy from "South of the Border" ... woman-hater ... an outdoorsman--beware fishl ... can be shy and quiet sometimes ... will become famous as one of Uncle Sam's fine helpers. ALLEN W. POWELL R.D.HfI, Elizabethtown "Fro ggie" General Basketball I, 31 Band I, 2, Chess Club 4. When not sleeping, raises the roofof room 25 .. . bowling fan . . . takes frequent vacations from school ... hunter and fisherman .. . "You had better believe it" . .. works hard at setting up pins ...-after receiving his diploma he will wear the Air Force blues. JACK L. RICE 58 Orange St. "Ricety" General Chess Club 4. One of those Rice boys ... check that innocent look . . . in summer, just look for him at a miniature golf course . . . another one who pre- fers loafing . .. "What d' you say?" .. . may be a future general in the Army . . . pastime--making wheelbarrows for Buch's. ANNE M. RISSER Linden A venue "Anne" College Preparatory Baby-Sitting Club 2, President 2, Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4, Concertmeister 4, String Ensemble I, 2, Band Escort 2, 3, 4, Captain 3,4, Library Staff 2, Tri-Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, Journa- lism Club 2, 3, 4, Elizabethan Staff 3, 4, Art Editor 4, Class Play 3, 4. Tall, dark, and talented ... proud of the ribbons she's won for her show horse "Knight Cap" . . . mad about the seashore . .. efficient cap- tain of the colorguard . . . gave most enjoyable parties .. . survives on chocolate frosts . .. possesses keen sense of humor . . . looking forward to a wonderful collegiate future. HARRY WOODROW RISSER R.D.ffI, Elizabethtown "Harry" General Band I, 2, 3,43 Hi-Y 2, 3. "Do you care?" ... dark and rugged ... takes pride in his car ... de- livery boy for Greiner's . . . long supporter of the band . . . friend of all . .. often found at Tony's ... devours sea-food and French fries plans to achieve success in the Air Force. FRED A. Sl-IOOP R.D.4fI, Bainbridge "Fred" General Bainbridge Yearbook Staff 3g Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4g Secretary at Bainbridgeg Hi-Y 4. Dark and handsome "Oh how he hates to get up in the mornin" . . . avid consumer of Dairy Queen milkshakes .. . driver of an Olds .. . secretary of senior class at Bainbridge .. , sure to go places with that smile and those dimples! EMMARENE S. SMITH 209 East High Street --Susieu Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,43 Elizabethan Staff 4. Cheerful disposition . . . chatters amiably . . . wavy bl0HdC 1OCkS -- - divides her spare time between roller skating and reading . . . dislikes to work late . . , "Oh nuts" . . . devours huge amounts of ice cream .. easy to getalong with .. , plans her future as a socialworker ... we know she'll succeed. LARRY G. SNYDER R.D. 42, Elizabethtown "Jelly" Commercial Band 3,4g Key Club 3,4g Football 3,4g Baseball 3,4g Basketball 33 Hi- Y 35 Chess Club 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Elizabethan Staff 4. Why must women drive? tall and lanky .,. hamburgers help to keep Jelly healthy . . . "I'm warning you" . . . can be found hunting or tooting his saxophone . . . will someday fly over the blue horizon as an Air Force- man. PEGGY IOA NNE STA HL 411 rfz E. High St. "Peg" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 1.2, 3,45 Indoor Patrol 4g Elizabethan Staff 4g Class Play 4. Long, wavy hair .. . pleasant personality .. . excellent choice of clothes . .. usually hungry .. . daydreamer... "Dig that" .. . pet peeve--people who show off. . . when not roller skating, Peg goes dancing . . . will hang this sign on some door--"Private Secretary, Peggy Stahl". JOYCE LORETTA STEFFEN R.D. ffl, Elizabethtown '- Ioycieu Commercial Girls' Chorus I, 3, Shophomore Chorus 2g Tri-Hi-Y Ig Music APPICCU' tion 2g Indoor Patrol 43 School Bus Patrol 4. Pretty blonde . . . keeps the Post Office department busy with her many letters . . . "I'll say". . . Joyce wishes the person behind her in the movie wouldn't munch that popcorn. . . commutes from the metropolis of New- ville each day ... one big smile for "Neal" . . . another of Uncle Sam's future prospects. VELMA L. STUM R.D. 42, Hershey "Velma" Home Economics F.H.A. 2, 3,4g Treasurer 35 Indoor Patrol 3. Attractive blonde . . . somebody say "Holy cow"? . . . that was Velma you heard ... after school hours find her working at Paxson's Cut Rate ... just loves to ride in someone's '53 Pontiac . . . enjoys swimming and mi- niature golf . . . most certain to succeed as a perfect housewife. Amy L, Sweigart R.D. ffl, Elizabethtown "Amy" Commercial Girls' Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y 4g Elizabethan Staff 4. "Oh no"--is that Amy cooking her favorite dish, chili? . . . small brown- ette. . . see her smile and look at those dimplesl . . . when not with Vel- ma, found at the nearest roller rink ... gymnast ... sure to keep some lucky boss's book in tip-top order. SHIRLEY M, THOMPSON 127 Park Street "Shir-1" College Preparatory Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Accompanist 25 Girls' Chorus 45 Ensemble 45 Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 Elizabethan Staff 45 Cheerleading I,2,3,45 Captain 2, 4. Charming and vivacious blonde . .. sparking personality ... avid party goer. . . energetic captain of our cheering squad . .. chosen "Miss Eliza- bethtown" ... spends her spare time creating a very chic wardrobe ... always ready to take any sort of a crazy jaunt .. . definitely date bait . . . intends to become a topnotch housewife. GEORGIANNA M. ULRICH 226 W. Bainbridge St. "Georgie" College Preparatory Library Staff I, 2, 35 Journalism 2, 3, 45 Blue and White Novelty Editor 45 Class Play 35 Hockey Manager 3, 45 Music Appreciation 25 Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,45 Elizabethan Staff 4. Assistant Art Editor 4. Did one terrific job in junior class play ... our tall, efficient hockey manager . .. "Ye gads" ... takes time out from favorite pastime of loaf- ing to go swimming and ice skating . . . drinks plenty of milkshakes . . . a swell gal who is bound to succeed in whatever she chooses to do. JOANNE L. WEAVER 454 N. Market St. "Io" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,45 Class Treasurer 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Chorus 45 Music Appreciation 2. The little gal who's always carrying a bag full of class money . . . often takes trips to Hershey to ice skate or see a hockey game ... Essie's pal ... loves to give spaghetti parties ... nicknamed her OJ grey Plymouth "Sadie" . . . her future work is uncertain but, it could be nursing. ALICE G. WEISS II2 S, Poplar St. "Alice" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3: Library Staff I,2, 3,45 President 45 Music Apprecia- tion 25 Sophomore Chorus 25 Student Council 35 Indoor Patrol 45 Of- fice Girl 45 Elizabethan Staff 45 Business Manager 45 Debate Club 45 Vice President 4. Small and petite ... friend to everyone ... seems to have a yen for Bainbridge students .. . efficientoffice girl .. . can make like a pretzel . .. competent ticket manager for junior and senior plays . . . never lost for words . . . detests noise and crowds . . . hopes to brighten up some of- fice as a good secretary. ff fash- raid 4, JOHN MARTIN WENGER 348 College Ave. "Jack" College Preparatory Hi-Y I,2,3g Sophomore Chorus 2, Football I,2,3p Basketball 1,23 Key Club I,2, 3,4g Treasurer 3,45 Biology Club I,2g Band I,2,3,4g Orchestra I, 2, 3, 4. Tall, dark, handsome lad . . . deep blue eyes ... possesses a huge store of jokes for special occasions . . . "Gone fishing" ... spends lazy week- ends in the mountains . . . trumpet tooter . . . intelligence personified . . .photography fiend . . . Jack has no definite plans for his future but will succeed on any college campus. ROGER B. WILLIAMS I0 S. Market St. "Rog" General Football I,2, 3,4g Co-Captain 4, Basketball I,2, 3,4, Baseball I, 2, 3. Tall and handsome ... three-letter man... snappy dresser . .. can oc- casionally be found driving a blue Olds around town . . . idol of the fe- male ofthe species ... whiles away his time at Tony's . .. handles the pigskin with ease ... adds up to one swell guy. PHILIP D. YARNALL 140 N. Spruce St. "Phil" College Preparatory Mixed Choms 3,4g Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Indoor Patrol 3, Sophomore Cho- rus 2g Gym Club 4g Key Club 4. Oh, how he hates Monday mornings. . . owns a white pint-sized Cadil- lac fl-Ienry .D . . . tall, slim . . . takes plenty of steaks along on his hunt- ing and fishing trips one of the three-- Jon, Galen, and Phil .. . will be tops in the field of engineering. QA OO 'ffl' ' .0 9. ' or 2 19' ' as ' 3 f 9 4 Ugfaeeu. Dafa:-ffwbzeeffe ' Dale has been our "first man" for our entire high school career. He has capably led us through thick and thin. His many wise decisions, always for the betterment of the class, truely proved him a leader. foa77f4yW:2:e- ' Ion stepped into the role as a class officer for the first time this year. He quickly made himself at home and was willing to help Dale in any task. ffm Zaalcan, Q Ann kept the minutes of our class meet- ings and notes of importance for two years. Al- ways on hand to do a commendable piece of work for the class, she did her job well. mme Wham. 'heawm Joanne very carefully counted and recorded every penny our class owned. Some of her big duties were collecting dues and financially handling all class projects. She de- serves much praise for keeping our books in tip-top order. sv- C? 1100K 'wmv' These senior boys, elected to the po- sition of Rotary Boys- of-the-Month by a vote of all seniors, are from LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Crum, January: J. May, Marchg H. Baldwin, Decemberg J. Wenger, Aprilg D. Andrews, No- vemberg R. Williams, May: G. Edmiston, February. ,f A I rv' V Q 'Ori ' A .:- 'fvnw' -ap - v The local Rotary Club played host to these seven Senior boys each Friday. The entire class elected each boy for his fine quality of leadership and his outstanding person- X :A in ln., H I 4 S. Ili ibtg 35- .-gazgggzzi 5514.-"::. 5 LLi'2I3:If I. - 3 ny i .i5Q.iA:'fE Q l 'W - V. M'AQ A 4 is A eq n 5,w l l fa A H uid L 5 + 3 Doris Brubaker e Andrews Roger Williams . ff, .,. r.2, it fda f so I Cutest lest t Dressed st Talented st Popular t All-around l Clarke Fran Hoover A Best Dancer Best Athlete Q... Paul Crum Anne Risser Best Dancer Most Talented Carol Nauman Most Energetic Prettiegt Cutest Soc ,lflms EI .- Vittiest Best All-around Most Popular Best Athlete Joan Kautz Most Energetic Most Talkarive Bob Hill Joanne Weaver Tallest Georgianna Ulricl Man Ha ter Most Studious Shortest :Sw is ck Wenger landsomest Y Jfh O00 lst Studious :Ira Newcomer Rose Marie Fisher Jerri Cody Wittiest Most Likely to Succeed Ion May 5 l . : Guy Edmiston Most Ambitous Best Actor lil Roscoe Hum mer Best Actress Tom Offer Most Talkative Mary Jean Espenshade Peggy Stahl Best Dressed Shyest Shortest -qq.. Most Ambitious Most Talented Teresa Herr Doris Beinha uer ij t 2 , WI VA... Shyest 5 Robert Bailey Woman Hale! Most Likely to Succeed AMR rm iii 1 ,gm LFS' f '- Hua. W, A 1 4 ..,,, ,, ,. ax, pg VE? A -I ff f ff? Q' ffl 1 . f :L i-eg .s-2 ff- "ib'5' .Wi S gr, - - , w Q? Q am W f , Ks I i gg 5 ms wi. W YS : Q In 5 5 an X f 2 5 r g Q 5 9 f af S fr Q 3 agfflg 2? 42" f mi?-wg , , , ,, W we ,L ,E 3 W f Q , - , f if M 'QR . .fm . Q - : :5e1-m-vg:- . - if VX. . .,,., .. 2-. . 518 LA 5 Q Q an? 1 , .- kg Mir- H -.f W chimfie N -- SENIOR CLASS PLAY Our Senior play was one that we will always remember. Especially those little things that go on back stage, like Audra stepping in a bucket of water and upsetting it right before an act . . . Dale having such a hard time making love to Barbara . . . seems quite a few people had their backs scratched . . . even after eating during rehearsals everyone was still hungry so up to Tony 's they trooped . . . All these little things helped to make our play memo- rable. And never could we express all our thanks to Mr. Grosh for his help. KX.. f l 'levers Our one big dance was held for the second consecutive year at the big and beautiful Hershey Golf Club. The hours of dancing to the music of the "Mello-Mais" seemed to fly by. The green palms adorning the rooms and the r e fr e sh m e nt table with its beautiful candles, flowers, and ivy, helped turn the ballroom into a magic dreamland, to be long remembered by everyone. H!444.San70j 55 LYRICS BY MARY EMMA FETTER MUSIC BY MARY J. HOFFMAN ARR. BY NOAH M. KLAUSS it Kittie? View .5 'JJ E J ll llll I. Now the time has come to leave thee, And the time to say Farewell, To thee our loved alma mater, We our heartfelt thanks must tell. 2. For the years we've spent within thee, Laughing, toiling, making friends, Still learning, sharing, having good times, Thus our Fleeting school day ends. 3. Bravely will we look ahead now, Challenge all the unborn days, lmbued with hope and faith and courage, Gleaned from thee to light our ways. 53 Sabwzzdeqdandzzeladdmwp i Z if ve... amid. Bonnie Scotch lassies. Business is booming. Fold it pretty, Les. Junior debutantes. The Christmas spirit engulfs Junior artists. Half-time chatter. I8 burnt onion sandwiches to gol Nightmare Alicel IRST ROW. EFT TO IGHT: D. Hostetter, ,. Good, B. tevenson, B. Zell, I. Free- nan, N. Land- 'ater, B. Hoff- nan, S. Grubb. .ECOND ROW: A. Chapman, '. Risser, E. Qebhart, M. Ailler, J. .ongenecker, ll. Earhart, 1. Miller, C. ilinger, S. Laffensperger. THIRD ROW: C. Chronister, A. Shaw, P. Heisey, J. Coble, N. Bernhard, J. Beinhauer, G. Waters, J. Achorn, P. iweigart, B. Appel, J. Forry. FOURTH ROW: F. Peiffer, J. Floyd, L. Gish, S. Floyd, P. Powell, K. Mumma, J. Weaver, S. Lisser, Y. Copenhaver, L. Patton, L. Stumm, J. Cassebaum, J. Germer. nfs During any sports event our class enthusiastically sold refreshments, all profits going toward 1 class trip. After a long ancl impatient wait, we Finally received our class rings. We applied our .kill in our First class play "l'm a Family Crisis". Now, the big moment has come when we look I I ns ll 'orward to taking the big step and cal ing ourse ves eniors 'IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Mullen, K. Brandt, B. Meyerhoffer, G. Hackenberger, J. Risser, G. Meidigh, S. arubaker, D. Comfort. SECOND ROW: L. Cunningham, R. Witmer, H. Wild, G. Sloat, J. Stevens, T. Rice, C. Farrar, D. Evans. THIRD ROW L. Shoemaker, K. Gibble, F. Klein, A. Mar- tin, F. Acker- man, R. Lan- caster, K. Drumheller, R. Oberholtzer, K. Heisey. FOURTH ROW W. Dougherty, R. Royer, R. Heffner, J. Coleman, R. Belser, J. Rahn. FIRST ROW, .EFT TO LIGHT: S. 'acobs, B. Iarl, L. Smith, F. Iraun, L. Chapman, J. iollenberger, I. Cox, K. Ihrist. SEC- JND ROW: '. Donley, I. Berrier, P. Ieisey, J. leisey, J. zressler. THIRD ROW: I. Longe- lecker, D. lrubaker, J. Lisser, J. Qibble, A. nyder, K. ones, F. Hal- eman, J. Kuntzelman, M. Zook. FOURTH ROW: A. Runyan, S. Neideigh, S. Koser, M. Drybread, J. Kleinfelter, F. ongenecker, P. Hackman, G. Eckert, J. Risser, S. Risser. FIFTH ROW: J. Lancaster, R. Andrews, K. Frutchey, S. aylor, B. Wenger, D. Greiner, J. Schuldt, A. Shelley, C. Steever, M. Gody. ag 5 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Eloy, G. Espenshade, G. Shenk, K. Bailey, H. Kraybill, R. Dresher, R. Thome, L. Beamenderfer. SECOND ROW: C. Hayes, K. Emenheiser, C. Heiser, A. Greiner, R. Eshleman, O. Erb, H. Amdt, J. Knittweis, P. Thompson. THIRD ROW: R. Stone, D. Goodling, M. Borman, K. Walborn, W. Deitriech, J. Grimm, N. Cunningham, J. Fullerton, S. Mumma. FOURTH ROW: J. Stambaugh, J. Walters, R. Martin, L. Dupes, S. Pfauty, M. Heilman, M. Hoffer, J. Hawthorne, R. Teufel, M. Shenk. FIFTH ROW: C. Martin, R. Ruggeri, H. Good, K. Knauss, J. Newcomer, R. Fackler, T. Otis, G. Snyder. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Metzler, B. Bradley, P. Grubb, J. Snyder, S. Farmers, G. Sweigart, E. Schwanger, V. Wilkinson. SECOND ROW: E. Graybill, P. Garber, K. Bentzel, J. Graybill, W. Witmer, G. Goss, C. Miller, J, Blough, J. Groff, N. Overdorff, D. Fike. THIRD ROW: K. Pow- ell, J. Brandt, G. Carriger, L. Fasnacht 1. Miller, S. Hoffer, J. Hilsher, S. Alwine, K. Lehman, D. Eagle. FOURTH ROW: P. Lehman, A. Peiffer, E. Shank, . Overdorff, T. Heigle, P. Tripp, K. Fasnacht, B. Boggs, K. Evans, M. Roland, J. Espenshade, P. Brinser. FIFTH OW: L. Hummer, L. Ober, E. Shelly, J. Gish, J. Andrews, A. Greenawalt, A. Zeager, M. Oberholtzer, B. Winters, . Lancaster, J. Grimm, J. Fogie. SDCTH ROW: S. Baker, C. Spickler, J. Jones, J. Stahl, J. Hamilton, V. Bowers, . Ginder, J. Berrier, M. Walters, M. Brinser, V. Shank, L. Itzoe. lRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Boozer, C. Basehore, B. Ginder, J. Sweigart, B. Bishop, D. Hilsher, L. Cunningham, V. Wilson. SECOND ROW: R. Graham, C. Miller, L. Brubaker, B. West, J. Winters, E. Pfaunmiller, J. Wagner, J. arman, L. Phillips. THIRD ROW: B. Sine, T. Trimmer, Q. Gibble, R. Offer, C. Neideigh, R. Burnhart, J. Barnett, De Long, L. Saylor, A. Geib. FOURTH ROW: E. Royer, J. Adams, R. Hayes, B. Kline, J. Davis, C. Leeds, J. Velsh, C. Yay, R. dams, R. rubb, J. orst, A. Iyer. IFTH ROW: . Royer, . Reed, . Stone, . Gerlach, . Rutt, L. rick, W. Iitzler, D. upes, K. vixon, D. lilhefner, J. nyder, G. ucher. I.XTH ROW: I. Frutchey, . Boll, R. Ioleman. 5 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Smith, J. Zarfoss, J. Espenshade, B. Fisher, N. Gerber, P. McFalls, J. Winters. SEC- OND ROW: D. Herr, F. Christ, J. Collins, W. Burgess, S. Reed, V. Brack- bill, S. Horst, J. Goss, J. Frey. THIRD ROW: C. Penyack, G. Alleman, M. Moore, M. Criley, J. Ferrare, S. Stillwagner, J. Dickson, J. Frey, J. Heisey, FOURTH ROW: J. Frey, B. Myers, J. Fultz, M. Saylor, D. Lehman, B. Rohrer, J. Bobbins, ,. Horst, P. Golden, D. Ritchie. FIFTH ROW: J. Sikorski, L. Weiss, D. Brubaker, W. Sine, V. Koser, P. Zimmerman, . Flowers, P. Waltz, R. Spickler, D. Walton, G. Meyers. SIXTH ROW: P. Heisey, B. Zook, N. Kern, B. Bradley, I. Martz, H. Snyder, M. Risser, J. Rietheimer, T. Gantz, D. Gunning, A. Royer. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: H. Eberly, B. Ardnt, R. Miller, J. Garrnan, B. Funck, R. Mullen, J. Park, W. Metzler. SECOND ROW: J. Morris, H. Brown, R. Hilsher, C. Riedorf, H. Ruhl, W. Good, J. Kilkenny, J. Shank, L. Shaffer. THIRD ROW: E. Fry, H. Knauss, B. Greinawalt, R. Candy, R. Brehm, E. Grimm, C. Musser, J. Keck, T. McKenney I. Nauman. FOURTH ROW: R. Waters, R. Detrick, E. Walters, S. Risser, R. Heisey, R. Ropka, R. Good, T. Flowers D. Hoffer, R. Jumper, R. Williams, B. Coble, S. Espenshade. FIFTH ROW: K. Kaylor, P. Seibert, P. Saylor, J. Sauder, J. Nilkinson, B. Sunning, R. vlyerhoffer, K. Engle, 3. Spickler, J. Hamilton, vi. Thome, F. Aldinger. SIXTH ROW: I. Garber, l. Moyer, R. lpple, R. Barber, H. Brandt, J. laugh, D. iaker. G. Eby, N. May, J. .ehman, S. Cnox, C. Neiser, R. Nerner. IRST ROW, EFT TO IGHT: N. ierber, J. Vinters, J. 'rey, B. Myers, T. Gantz, J. 'rey, P. Mc- 'alls, D. Geib. LECOND ROW: . Espenshade, . Goss, J. Larfoss, J. Frey, D. Bru- raker, P. Gold- an, D. Ritchie, J. Lehman, N. Cern. THIRD LOW: B. Royer, '. Flowers, P. -leisey, D. Herr, 5. Horst, N. flowers, P. Malts, J. Col- .ins, B. Rohrer. FOURTH ROW: vi. Risser, H. Snyder, W. Sine, J. Dixon, J. Jones, J. Robbins, D. Waton, L. Horst, P. Zimmerman, V. Koser, B. Brackwell. FIFTH ROW: G. Meyers, J. Reathiemer, N. Smith. G. Alleman, L. Wise, J. Sikorski, J. Ferrare, B. Zuck, J. Kniley, S. Reed. SIXTH ROW: S. Stillwagner, W. Burgiss, D. Gunning, M. Stehman, M. Longenecker, N. Wagner, M. Moore, J. Fultz, A. Royer, N. Spangler, C. Pennyack, F. Christ. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Freeman, J. Sweigart, A. Winters, D. Weaver, A. Engle, J. Keener, C. Frey, J. Graham. SECOND ROW: R. Shreiner, J. Hershey, B. Styer, D. Brandt, W. Klein, J. Zerphey, D. Painter, D. Peters, H. Brinser, M. Hynicker, G. Beamenderfer. THIRD ROW: J. Gish, G. Aldinger, M. Smith, P. Styles, L. Fittery, J. Oberholtzer, K. Bernhard, D. DeLong, R. Hershey. FOURTH ROW: R. Bretz, J. Herrick, G. Owen, W. Ruhl, G. Kee1ey,G. Miller, K. Riggleman, E. Stumm, J. Harris, D. Walters, R. McCauley, T. Koser. FIFTH ROW: L. Brosius, J. Heck, D. Hess, J. Kuntz, G. Greiner, J. Seitz, E. Stauffer, S. Gish, L. Coble, J. Dupler, J. Enck. SIXTH ROW: H. Hayes, G. Burgess, R. Gibble, P. Fitzpatrick, H. Ruhl, H. Miller, J. Shaffer, R. Hamilton, C. Dupes, A. Martin, R. Wanamaker. Campaign-manager Criley. 2, Glenn and Evvie have some fun in the snow. fie- What 's going on here? I know the answer! Eeekl a mouse. Pre-practlce workout. Prof. Girxder demonstrates his knowledge of English. Are you sure that's right? T E A M, ray Teaml IO Cheap labor. ,IV , if H V, -gig gm. 'Z 1 f ...eg . if .,, v ,W Sleepy-Time gals. There's a sneak Party Time. Santa's helpers. in the house. '74a,vfzmsw4qwf,4zzzefu A A LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Hoover, N. Good, S. Thompson, B. Stevenson, B. Becker, SHIRLEY THOMPSON . Captain Y:-.L-5.-V N TOP: L. Smith, K. Jones BOTTOM: B. Carl, B. Boggs D. Griener. LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Garber M. Roland, K. Bentzel 00, These girls dressed in the traditional blue and white were always on hand to cheer our team to victory. They organized a "cheering section" at football games which proved successful . Seniors graduating this year are Shirley Thompson, captaing Barbara Becker, Nancy Good, and Fran Hoover. 66 . J . J :V l. l,,: 55 Q wg, 1 an :E gf , I gg, ig. 5,1 an -f,, in ,- "" iif QA 'ff s : ,- .gr- O A TEAM THAT NEVER LOST! Under the capable leadership of Coach Jane Hunsecker, these girls turned in the best seasonal re- cord in E. A. H. S. history, coming through the sea- son undefeated with a total of eight wins. The Bears started on the top and remained there for the entire season. Having lost no players through graduation, the team came back on the field with the same eleven that began last year's season. E-town opened their season against Donegal Joint to defeat them 4-0. Hempfield Joint bowed next as they came out on the short end of a 4-0 score. E-town completed the first half of their scheduled sea- son by turning back Manheim Central 2-0 in an excit- ing game. Challenging Donegal once more, the Bears had a slow start but pulled through a hard-fought game to stack up another win to the tune of 2-1. A 4-0 score came up to bank Manheim Central once more, with the E-town lasses at their peak. The girls closed their scheduled season by again defeating Hempfield Joint 4-O. Upon taking the section three championship, the girls moved into county playoffs by tackling the section one champs, Solanco from which they emerged victorious with a 2'O score. They proved themselves a topnotch hockey team once more as they came into the final lap to defeat section two champs, New Hol- Fran and Nan in there fighting. Sandy intercepts again! A mad scramble as Vonnie tries for a goal. Miss Hunsecker 's half time pep talk. land, also 2-O. These two final victories crowned them as champions of Lancaster County, a feat which they had accomplished also in the previous year. They scored a total of 24 goals and permitted but 2 goals to be scored against them. wwfwf KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: I. Freeman, M. Meinhardt, S. Risser, A. Shaw, Y. Copenhaver, R. M. Fisher F. Hoover, N. Good, P. Heisey, F. Peiffer, M. E. Fetter, D. Fitzwater. SECOND ROW: R. Andrews, J Achorn, B. Wenger, E. Gebhart, M. Roland, K. Jones, J. Kuntzleman, J. Hunsecker, B. Carl, N. Landvater C. Stever, A. Runyan, L. Gish, S. Saylor. THIRD ROW: S. Raffensperger, M. Miller, B. Boggs. P. Garber, K Bentzel, G. Ulrich, K. Evans, K. Lehman, S. Baker, S. Jacobs, D. Greiner. REGULAR SEASO N Elizabethtown 4 Manheim Central O Elizabethtown 4 Donegal Joint I Elizabethtown 4 Hempfielcl Joint O Elizabethtown 2 Manheim Central 0 Elizabethtown 2 Donegal Joint I Elizabethtown 4 Hempfield Joint 0 COUNTY PLAYOFFS Elizabethtown 2 Solanco 0 Elizabethtown 2 New Holland O 69 Fran Hoover, Captain Center Forward 'E Q Mary Emma Fetter Right Halfback Rose Marie Fisher Right Inner ' an v K , Darlene Fitzwater Right Fullback Nancy Good Left Inner M 0 Marian Meinhardt 6 7' Left Fullback 6 I COLUMBIA The Bears began the season by traveling to Columbia, where our inexperienced, under- manned, and outweighed team lost to the Crim- son Tide 41-7. E-town's lone score came from a Goodling-to-Williams pass which netted over 60 yards for the touchdown. MANHEIM TOWNSHIP The Blue and White opened their first home season game against a fast and heavy Blue Streak eleven which rolled up 32 points against the Bears in the first half. E-town came back to outplay the visitors in the second half and chalk up a safety making the final score 32'2. MANHEIM CENTRAL Journeying to Manheim the Bears played an even game with the Barons for three stanzas. During the fourth quarter Dale Andrews inter- cepted a Baron pass and raced for the only TD of the game to bring home E-town's first win, 7-0. WARWICK TOWNSHIP The outmanned Bears played host to a favored Warwick Team, which, however, was unable to move against our fighting Bears. Roger Williams made both TD's, one on a run and the other on a pass interception. This defeated the Pretzels and brought home our second consecutive win, I2-6. EPI-IRATA The E-towners traveled to Ephrata to play a large and heavy Mountaineer team. The Bears were riddled by numerous injuries during the game and our small team was incapable of holding down a powerful Ephrata eleven, losing 33-0. NX Fi-s. .l sh X av ,gn ,- 1 , ax 2 5 - FJQ, Q 4 'N . ' :WMM +V? m. 1, ii, Vs . -Q. 9 in J 2 4 A if wil if Q f lx: mg X Q1 fi F45 . 'M 'z Q.: ' K . I . .. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Harzer, D. Andrews, D. McCurdy, L. Hippensteel, R. Williams, H. Baldwin, F. Kauffman, P. Crum, R. Lancaster. SECOND ROW: J. Stevens, C. Farrar, D. Goodling, J. Hawthorne, J. Coleman, L. Cunningham, G. Sloat, G. Snyder. THIRD ROW: H. Wild, J. Knittweis, L. Snyder, R. Teufel, P. Thompson. WWW This year, Coaches Daubert, Frantz, ancl Beaver faced one ofthe smallest turnouts of prospective football players in Elizabethtown's history. Although material was scarce, the small team struggled through numerous, grueling practices and gave forth some surprising exhibitions. We feel proud of the boys who put forth all their efforts to keep football alive at E. A. H. S. Our season's mark of 3 - 7 does not tell the whole story. Victory was near many times when key players would be injured and our small -bench could not replace them. This valiant group drew large crowds at both home and away games. We congratulate this small but mighty team who fought and struggled for the honor of our high school and who proved that where there is a will, there is a way. They gave their best for Es An Ho so 74 I I SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Diehl, R. Parrett, T. Thompson, P. Daubert, G. Kilhefner. AHP- R Y ,Trl 'QJQ L Vw 4 nb SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Beaver J. Hunsecker, P. Daubert, A. Eppler J. Sedule. STANDING: D. Haver stick, W. Frantz. Roger Williams Larry Hippensteel Back Guard 0 Henry Baldwin Tackle Dale Andrews End Paul Crum Back 76 ' I Fred Harzer Tackle Fred Kauffman Guard 'chan 77 Dal McCurdy Back Larry Snyder End Yfwwdq Our hard fighting Bears came to the close of the 1954-55 season with an outstanding record of 12 wins and 8 loses. As for the league records, the Blue and White came through with 3 wins and 5 loses, which placed us fourth in the Section I league standings. Under the leadership of their new coach, Don Haverstick, our boys exhibited their skill in ball handling, co-ordination, and sportsmanship at all times. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: D.Haverstick, Coachg R. Williams, D. Andrews,B. Clarke. STANDING: J. Haw- thorne, R. Teufel, J. Stevens, L. Hippen- steel, D. Goodling, G. Sloat. OPPONENTS Heidelburg South Lebanon Middletown Donegal Palmyra Columbia "' Manheim New Holland "' Hempfield Annville 'k uk " Indicates League games. E-TOWN OPPNTS OPPONENTS E TOWN OPPNTS Cornwall New Holland "' Donegal Upper Leacock " Columbia Upper Leacock 'i Manheim Annville Heidelburg ' Hempfield KNEELING, LEFT T O RIGHT: J. Sweigart, M. Frutchey, R. Belser, I-I. Good, R. Fackler, J. Walters. STANDING: M. Shank, R. Martin, N. Cunningham, D. Haverstick, Coach, K. Emenheiser, J. Risser, D. Evans. KNEELING , LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Bucher, D. Kilhefner, D. Rutt, H. Royer, S. Weaver. STANDING: R. Heisey, B. Speckler, B. Ginder, W. Frantz, Coach, K. Hippensteel, R. Williams, Q. Gibble, B. Styer. 7640! ..., KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Risser, J. Hoover, R. Williams, D. Andrews, D. McCurdy, L. Farver, E. Warden, E. Wolgemuth, R. Teufel, L. Hippensteel. STANDING: J. Sedule, Head Coachg H. Royer, Managerg J. Hawthorne, C. Landes, P. Thompson, D. Goodling, L. Snyder, F. Harzer, G. Sloat, P. Saylar, Assistant Managerg R. Heisey, Assistant Manager, A. Eppler, Assistant Coach. W As our inexperienced baseball team held its warm-up period previous to the first game against Middletown, the predictions were not in favor of our Bears, A hard fought game followed and the boys came home with a 6-5 victory, The first league opponent, Mt. Joy, also bowed to the Blue and White by a 'I4-7 score. The season pro- gressed and the fel lows soon found themselves ready to challenge Mt. Joy for the Section I cham- pionship. Ahard working and co-operating team honored us with a I0-5 win. Last, but not least, came t e county play-off game with Terre Hill. This team proved to be very stiff competition and defeated us 10-0. Coach Joe Sedule can well be proud of "our champs" who boast a league record of 6 wins and 2 loses. E.H.S. OPP'T. E.H.S. OPP'T. Middletown 6 5 "' East Hempfield 12 7 Millersville 9 IO "Mt, Joy 8 2 Manor l 7 " Marietta 6 5 Columbia I 6 Susquehanna 4 8 " Mount Joy I4 7 "' East Donegal I 9 'Marietta 7 3 " East Hempfield 2 0 " Myerstown 4 I3 " East Donegal I 7 " Denotes league games COUNTY PLAYOFFS E.H.S. OPP'T Mount Joy 10 5 Terre Hill 0 I0 Washed Hamm cm? 'zeal muse. ? 5 1-5. as e 1 Qi i? -S X Z ' " -1--P ,,..-- Z5 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Carl, K. Jones, S. Risser, J. Achorn,' S. Reed, J. Martin, S. Baker, A. Risser, J Kuntzelman, L. smith, B. Boggs, P. Bates, C. Steever, B. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: N. Gerber, J. Espenshade, L Herr, L. Eshelman, K. Lehman, J. Douglass, D. Andrews, R. Martin, C. Bashore, B. Zuck, E. Gerber, L. Hess, M Beyer, R. Good. THIRD ROW: K. Fasnacht, S. Raffensperger, G. Rice, J. Jones, R. Hill, P. Brinser, J. Groff, S Kaylor. FOURTH ROW: M. Hoffman, K. Stoner, A. Shaw, A. Runyan. J. Stall, B. Wenger, F. Harzer, M. Borman R. Ruggeri, J. Ferrari, F. Klein, E. Hill, G. Edmiston, B. Bishop, L. Patton, J. Carl, E. Kraybill, Noah Klauss, Direc tor. FIFTH ROW: J. Longenecker, K. Emenheiser, R. Belser, J. Coleman, J. Knittweiss, R. Coleman, D. Kelheffner J. Adams. ' 0 This is the outstanding group of sixty-five musicians, who showed its ability with its renditions at the Veterans Day Program, the annual Spring Concert, Class Day, and Commencement. Mr. Klauss, con- ductor, always had many fine numbers prepared For the Junior and Sen- ior Class Plays. The group spent many seventh periods of hard work to produce an orchestra of which we can be very proud. 84 'Ummm This group of seventy-five up and coming musicians presented a fine assembly program, and appeared in the Lion's Minstrel Show and at a P. T. A. meeting. This organization serves as a training group For the Senior Orchestra. RST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Hooper, L. Hess, L. Herr, T. Miller, L. Kaylor, J. Martin, P. Bates, B. Zook, P eisey, B. Wenger, J. Espenshade, C. Shank, L. Dager. SECOND ROW: E. Gerber, T. Espenshade, S. Ulrich, W. Fike Aungst, O. Ferrari, S. Morris, M. Zuck, D. Sweigart, S. Miley, W. Barnes, E. Terranova, J. Seitz. THIRD ROW Smith, B. Flowers, B. Isenberg, J. Loser, F. Miller, J. Espenshade, C. Good, S. Hill, S. Gish, C. Spickler, S. weiler. FOURTH ROW: D. Weaver, Tl. Heigel, D. Herr, A. Martin, R. Wanamaker, J. Flowers, J. Loser, R. Gephart Groff, D. Painter, J. Goss, J. Heck, B. Arndt. FIFTH ROW: D. Walters, M. Shank, B. Coble, Mr. Klauss, J. Park Funck, B. Heisey, J. Stanbaugh, J. Risser, C. Spickler, W. Cover, T. Dulaney, J. Ferrari, L. Fasnacht, J. Newcomer Hamilton, R. Engle, R. Shank, D. Steere, F. Haldeman. 85 IRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Dulany, P. Heisey, S. Raffensperger, A. Runyan, J. Heck, B. Spickler, D. Weaver, . Heisey, J. Groff, R. Wanamaker, B. Funk, M. Miller. SECOND ROW: J. Carl, F. Haldeman, J. Newcomer, K. menheiser, R. Fackler, J. Adams, T. Heigel, E. Hill. THIRD ROW: K. Dixon, R. Martin, J. Hamilton, A. Martin, D. Painter, L. Boozer, P. Hixon, R. Andrews, K. Fasnacht, J. Goss, J. Grahm, D. Hoffer, C. Basehore. FOURTH ROW: I. Risser, F. Klein, R. Hill, K. Stoner, A. Shaw, L. Patton, B. Bishop, R. Engle, S. Kaylor, B. Wenger, J. Stahl, J. Iershey, D. Kilhefner, J. Knittweis, J. Acharn, C. Chronister. FIFTH ROW: R. Ruggeri, K. Brandt, H. Good, G. dmiston, J. Longenecker, G. Lesher, R. Belser. N. Klauss, Director, J. Coleman, L. Dupes, J. Stambaugh, R. Cole- nan, G. Bucher, B. Hoffman. This group of Junior-Senior high students have brought much fame to our school. Under the very capable leadership ofMr. Noah Klauss, they have traveled over the countryside to numerous fairs and holiday celebrations. Few were the times when they returned withouta prize or a high rating. During football season with 7:30 a.m. practices, they proved worthy offering top performances at each game. As a concert band, the group climaxed their year witha Spring Concert. 86 LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Herr, S. Jacobs, Y. Copenhaver, S. Risser, J. Bankler, S. Koser, D. Fitzwater, N. Landvater. LEFT TO RIGHT: F. Peiffer, A. Risser, C. Chronister, C. Herr. . QI in :fm -0 be 0 ' 4. P 3 BAND FRONT Attired -in their striking new uni- forms, these girls never Failed to put on an inspiring performance. With the sound of Joan Floyd's whistle, the Flashes of eight batons added many highlights to our band. Here is another group that merits our pride. 87 Joan Floyd, Head Majorette fandom FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Martin, L. Trego, E. White, E. Eshleman, R. Gebhard, J. Zarfass, W. Burgess, K. Hugel, R. Kock, T. Wanamaker. SECOND ROW: F. Haldeman, R. Mumper, B. Mein- hardt, I. Flowers, M. Williams, P. Drescher, D. Wood, D. Styer, J. Chittum, J. Bailey, C. Strickler, D. Stoner, D. Walters, B. Cable. THIRD ROW: I. R. Heck, D. Painter, E. Strickler, D, Shank, J. Graham, J. Groff, B. Heisey, J. Hamilton, B. Hoffman, R. Pfoutz, R. Brubaker, R. Gordon, R. Bent- zel, J. Seitz, P. Herr, I. Gass, D. Hess. FOURTH ROW: T. Dulaney, R, Greiner, T. Burgess, E. Hart- ing, M. Shank, I. Park, B. Funck, Mr. Klauss, director. The one big specialty of this group was its appearance in the Lions Club minstrel Show. For this event our "iunior musicians" presented "American Cowboy Overture" and "Overture from Hans Christian Anderson" as feature numbers. These students will someday carry on the splendid work of our Senior Band. 88 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hoffman, L. Smith, R. Good, J. Carl, Y. Copenhaver, J. Achorn, K Stoner, C. Clinger, J. Ney, B. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: S. Thompson, C. Nauman, C. Chronister, L Gish, F. Longenecker, P. Heisey, D. Kuhn, J. Kuntzelman, A. Shaw, S. Risser, F. Peiffer, M. Meinhardt THIRD ROW: G. Edmiston, L. Forwood, P. Yarnall, N. Hess, R. Andrews, S. Saylor, R. Hill, F. Shoop, J Douglass. FOURTH ROW: K. Andrews, H. Risser, C. Frey, W. Clarke, J. Coleman, L. Snyder, R. Belser G. Lesher. flax X.- if Y s. ilu .1 It , ll 'Phila S X UC- , y .. ,I If .xl ull I x With Mrs. B. Wolfgang as director, the members of the Mixed Chorus met every Monday and Wednesday in preparation For many Fine assemblies and concerts. Their rendition of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" at the Christmas Assembly was a splendid piece of work. Manythanks go toAlice Shaw and Robert Hill for their time spent in accompanying this large group of musicians. 89 W0- FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Heisey, J. Kuntzlemen, J. Gibble, F. Craun, D. Kreider, J. Ney, L. Smith, B. Hoffman, J. Weaver. SECOND ROW: B. Stevenson, M. Earhardt, S. Neideich, S. Risser, S. Thompson, A. Grimm, R. Long, J. Risser. THIRD ROW: N. Longenecker, D. Kuhn, S. Saylor, C. Steever, J. Schuldr, J. Snyder, G. Ulrich, M. Meinhardt, N. Hess. Our Female vocalizers met in Room M every Wednesday for innumerable drills which resulted in a delightful presentation of "Hark Now Oh Shepherd " Gt the Christmas assembly. Another favorite number of the group was "Dancing In The Dark." Barbara Stevenson, a iunior, was pianist while Mrs. Wolfgang directed. , .f Al' -.t,,,. . qaa.7ua These three senior girls, who provided much fine musical entertainment are from LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Meinhardt, J. Ney, M. Hoffman. NOAH KLAUSS, E-TOWN'S MASTER OF MUSIC THE BAND PREPARES FOR ITS HALF-TIME EXHIBITION SINGING SWEET-HEARTS .M pi' IRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT J Grimm R Teufel D Goodling SECOND ROW: R. Stone, R. Dresher, M. Hoffer, J 'rsser THIRD ROW A Greiner R Thome M Borman C Hayes C. Farrar, J. Rahn, H. Good. FOURTH ROW: R shelman F Shoop L Beamenderfer R Fackler G Sloat W Dougherty. STANDING: Mr. Trimble, Advisor, L ' ' We-Za These Chrrstron organizations ore composed of lunior and senior high boys ond are under he supervision of Mr Hoverstrck and Mr Trimble The clubs are sponsored by the YMCA and iave os their purposes "to create mountain and extend throughout the school and community FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Stum, F Aldinger, R. Heisey, B. Funck, T. Flowers, R. Wanamaker. SECOND ROW: J. Gish,D. Weaver D. Painter, D. Peters, J. Graham, E. Walters E. Seitz. THIRD ROW: R. Coleman,,E. Styer T. Patschke, C. Neideigh, R. Apple, D. Kil- hefuer, J. Raugh, G. Bucher. FOURTH ROW K. Riggelman, L. Phillips, Q. Gibble, C. Leeds, J. Bailey, C. Basehore.J. Adams, D. Haverstick, Advisor. FIFTH ROW: J. Hamilton, G. Owens, J. Strohe, W. Wilson, C. Wiser,M. Thome, T. Dulany, R. Grubb. SIXTH ROW: R. Jumper, B. Hoffman, K. Dixon, J. Sauter, J. Greiner, H. Brinser, J. Hershey, E. Royer, D. Hoffer, J. Enck. SEVENTH ROW: S. Weaver, D. Rutt, H. Royer, L. Cunningham, S. Gish, E. Horting, W. McLaughlin, J. Herrick, M. I-Iynicker, L. Brubaker. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Achorn, P. Heisey, N. Landvater, I. Freeman, B. Zell, J. Weaver, R. Lehman D. Kreider, B. Stevenson, L. Patton, N. Good. SECOND ROW: Miss Grubb, M. J. Espenshade, S. Thompson J. Floyd, F. Hoover, M. E. Fetter, J. Cody, D. Brubaker. THIRD ROW: G. Ulrich, J. Weaver, R. Brain, D Leber, D. Fitzwater, J. Banliler, J. Coble, T. Herr, S. Nagel, R. Mumma, R. Morris. FOURTH ROW: B Appel, R. Ober, J. Casselbaum, A. Coulson, M. Meinhardt, E. Boyer, M. Chapman, B. Lancaster, G. Walters P. Sweigart, S. Floyd, J. Longenecker. FIFTH ROW: P. Risser, P. Kelley, P. Stahl, E. Smith, A. Longenecker A. Sweigart, Y. Cosner, C. Nauman, J.. Adams. Seam 71:-We-2 Miss Grubb lecl this Christian organization through a successful year. The chief proiect of these iunior and senior girls was the annual Curtis Campaign. This club provided entertainment and inspiration For 52 Junior and Senior girls. 93 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Andrews, K. Jones, B. Carl, C. Berrier, J. Kuntzleman, L. Stum, L. Chapman. SECOND ROW: M. Gody, F. Haldeman, L. Smith, S. Jacobs, F. Craun, K. Heisey, J. Bressler, B. Wolfgang, Director. THIRD ROW: J. Klinefelter, J. Lancaster, B. Detweiler, S. Saylor, C. Steever, J. Snyder, A. Shelley, J. Risser, B. Wenger. FOURTH ROW: J. Shultz, J. Sollenberger, M. Drybread, F. Donnely, J. Risser, D. Brubaker, S. Neideigh, N. Longenecker. . we-We-Za us' ' ll rr Valentine --this was the big name introduced to the school by this Christian organization. It did a splendid iob in collecting a total of 5144.82 and donating it to the Lancaster Heart Haven. The Senior Tri-Hi-Y greatly appreciated the help of this club in reaching the goal of the annual Curtis Campaign. FIRST ROW, FRONT TO BACK: K. Bentzel, J. Espenshade, S. Hoffer, M. Walters, D. Barnhart-. SECOND ROW: P Garbor, J. Graybill, S. Alurns, J. Stahl, J. Berrier, J. Blough, P. Lancaster, T. Heigle. THIRD ROW: G. Carriger, J Brandt, E. Kraybill, J. Jones, G. Goss, C. Spickler, M. Briuser. FOURTH ROW: P. Brinser, K. Lehman, J. Hilsher, D Fike, P. Lehman, G. Sweigart, D. Eagle, J. Hamilton. FIFTH ROW: V. Wilkinson, B. Gindes, B. Bradley, L. Fasnacht K. Powell, K. Fogie, P. Tripp, L. Albl. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Baker, B. Boggs, M. Roland, K..Evane, J Myers, J. Fleming, J. Hunsecker, Advisor. uv! FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Stillwagner, J. Fultz, D. Barnhart, M. Risser, G. Rice, L. Albl, J. Groff, M. Flory, W. Burgess, J. Brown. SECOND ROW: J. Goss, W. Sine, V. Koser, P. Zimmerman, D. Gunning, J. Robbins, B. Smith, A. Royer, N. Spangler, G. Meyers, L. Horst, G. Flowers. THIRD ROW: H. Longen- ecker, D. Rice, B. Fisher, J. Collins, S. Farver, L. Eshelman, B. Heisey, L. Herr, P. Bates, E. Gerber, N. Wagner. FOURTH ROW: F. Roeting, J. Garber, C. Smith, E. Hill, S. Kaylor, Miss Miller, Advisor: J. Ferrari, E. Johnson, G. Alleman, L. Hess, M. Royer, I. Gibble. a a a 'Q The group op'ened the year with an induction service for Fifty-five new members. . .The girls work- ed like bees preparing an interesting program for each meeting. . .Of the more interesting projects were discussions concerning dating and the Y Club 'nagazine "Teen TaIk" . . .The club climaxed the year with a big spring dance. fIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Strickler, C. Jones, K. McLaughlin, B. Slesser, L. Snyder, J. Koser, S. Hein, R. lungst, L. Norton, S. Thompson, J. Good. SECOND ROW: E. Shenk, B. Shepler, M. Beyer, P. Ebersole, M. Criley, 5. Horst, P. Irvine, G. Sweigart, S. Young, D. Geib, J. Espenshade. THIRD ROW: J. Miller, M. Longenecker, S. viiller, J. Jones, J. Dixon, M. Minnich, C. Strickler, J. Jones, D. Brubaker, P. Golden, D. Ritchie. FOUR'I'H ROW: J. Flowers, B. Rohrer, N. Srnith, M. Risser, B. Royer, Lf Weiss, J. Sikorski, M. Moore, J. Kniley, P. Heisey, D. Herr, J. Fry, N. Gerber. FIFTH ROW: J. Fry, D. Lehman, B. Marts, D. Walton, B. Brackbill, S. Reed, J. Heisey, P. McFalls, J. Zarfoss, B. Meyers, J. Fry. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Grosh, Advisor R. Appel, E. Walters, T. Patchse. I my , 'Q "0 W svn, sg. Je 'h 'P' cu H Sf Ill UD rn n c : o. S4 m Q 3 o 'H o 'U an 3 a 21 o 3 -P :- as uw 'P c a. cn 3 -I' Council has proved itself a true asset. Comprised of re- presentative students From grades 7 to 12, the group aims to promote better relationships, urge student participa- tion, and solve prevailing problems. Student handbooks, and co-sponsorship of the Curtis Campaign were two of its proiects. 96 J. Jones, A. Coulson, J. Stevens, F. Hoover. SEC- OND ROW: C. Steever, M. Risser, N. Hess, 1. Longenecker, J. Achorn. THIRD ROW: J. Hamil- ton, J. Graybi11,J. Fultz, G. Goss, G. Bucher, D. Kilheffner. FOURTH ROW: R. Fack1er,J. Walters, We I FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Fritche, J. Dixon, J. Jones, D. Bru- baker, S. Thompson, G. Ulrich. SECOND ROW: J. Frey, R. Good, J. Ney, R. Ulrich. THIRD ROW: S. Stelwagner, C. Klinger, B. Detweiler,D. Brubaker, P. Bates, P. Irvine. FOURTH ROW: Miss Men- gel, J. Bresler, J. Frey, J. Kinley,M.Risser- STAND- ING: C. Strickley. DESK: Alice Weiss, T. Keener. FIRST ROW, LEFT TORIGHT: J. Longenecker, K. Emen- heiser, J. May, P. Yarnall. SECOND ROW: D. Andrews, J. Coleman, R. Belser, R. Ruggeri, R. Bailey. THIRD ROW: W. Dougherty, F. Kauffman, J. Stevens, L. Snyder, F. I-larzer, R. Hill. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Grosh, H. Baldwin, G. Edmiston, J. Douglass. The club is composed of Senior high boys and is led by Mr. Kenneth Grosh, advisor, and Guy Edmiston, presi- dent. Always ready to undertake projects, these boys as- sisted at the Kiwanis Farm Fair, operated the iuke-box at the Teen Canteen, and sold school bracelets. Each year the club presents awards to three top- ranking seniors. This group of junior and senior high girls devoted their spare study periods and after-school time to the library. The Senior members attended the Southeastern Library As- sistants of Pennsylvania conference at Millersville. Miss Mengel, advisor, helped in repairingold books andinstalling new ones for use. 7. 7414. Sz. Dame FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Brandt, J. Stanbaugh, B. Hoffman. SECOND ROW: N. Gish, R. Martin, T. Otis, T. Rice. THIRD ROW: R. Hummer, D. Greiner, M. Hoffman. STANDING: A. Runyan. SEATED AT DESK: D. Hoopert. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Long, D. Means, N. Hess, K. Andrews. STANDING: L. Cunningham, V. Stum, A. Grimm, K. Mumma, H. Risser, P. Kulp. For the first time the Future Homemaker's of Amer- ica took boys into the club. Under the leadership of presi- dent, Ken Andrews, Christmas corsages were made and sold and a festive party was held. A most successful hayride was one of its recreational fetes. The twelve members met on alternate Fridays with Ann Runyan leading the group. One bigtopic debated was "Resolved: That female operators make the public highways unsafe for motor vehicle operation." They also undertook the National Topic "Resolved: That the Federal Govern- ment should initiate a policy of free trade among nations friendly to the U.S." A trip to the Legislative Assembly was a big event of this very industrious club. SEATED AT TABLE, CLOCK-WISE: A. Martin, J. Walters, L. Snyder, J. Douglass, N. Belser, W. Clarke, D. Andrews, T. Offer, J. Kautz. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. W. Kauffman, J. Longenecker, L. Forwood, A. Newcomer, R. Bailey, K. Walborn, R. F. Kauffman, R. Ruggerri, Mr. W. Frantz, Co-advisorg D. McCurdy, F. Harzer, J. Rice, man. ABSENT: Mr. J. Sedule, Co-advisor. Kline, R Brubaker Williams F. Acker Functioning for the first year, this club already has 26 members. Joseph Sedule and William Frantz, advisors, taught the members all the "tricks" of the game. A tournament was held among participants and a prize was awarded to the winner . tr. Hoopert spent the First half of the year teaching .e fundamentals of debating to this small group of ne members. After all had mastered these rules, :rry Kriclc, chairman, led in actual debating. Two g aims of the organization are to increase its mem- arship and become better debaters. 2' Qz.De5aZe SEATED AT DESK: Mr. Hoopert, Advisor. STANDING: L. Krick. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT, FIRST ROW: R. Criley, J. Delong, R. Engle, B. Bishop. SECOND ROW: F. Zook, L. Nolt, H. Eberly. Reed, B. 'fidiiha '- LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hill, H. Baldwin, J. Fullerton, G. Pfutz, M. Shank, H. Krabiii, J. Wenger, A . Eppler. chlogq The one big project of this club was the construction of microscopicslides from various parts of plants and animals. Mr. Eppler led the nine members of our Biology Club for its First year of existence in our school I A newancl exciting club for iunior high students is the Science Club. Mr. Eppler aided in the dis- cussions and readings of articles Found in current science magazines. Several periods were spent in dem- onstration of such things as funda- mentals of electricity. CLOCK-WISE: J. Gish, B. Good, H. Brown, B. Arndt, G. Myer, H. Miller, R. Garber, J. Oberholtzer, A. Eppler, Advisor, P. Grubb, P. Bretz, E. Grimm, G. Leaman, B. Gunning, G. Keeley, R. Shearer. 0 0 0 I I F Y. Cosner, M. Espen- shade, R. Fisher, A Risser, A. Newcomer J. Cassebaum. G. Ulrich C. Herr, D. Minnich J. Adams, J. Cody, M E. Fetter, C. Klinger K. Brandt, C. Nauman J. Achorn, E. Gebhard G. Waiters, L. Stumm F. Hoover,Miss Wagner Advisor. lr This group has done its best to offer a finer Blue and White page each week under the able guidance of editors Mary Jean Espenshade and Rose Marie Fisher. New features and numerous editorials were a large part of our page in the local Chronicle. Seven of the staff attended the Penn State News Conference. Friday deadlines seemed insurmountable, but the staff, thanks to Miss Wagner, advisor, always met them. The club climaxed this term with a successful banquet, now an annual event. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Martin, D. Greiner, Q. Krick, C. Stambaugh, A. Runyan, T. Atis, B. Nenger. SEATED: Miss L. Wagner, Advisor. yawn These club reporters, though few in num- ber, are great in their abi Iity to write. The year mentals of journalism. Their assistance in the iournalism bake sale was greatly appreciated. The members are now ready to graduate to the senior club and contribute their talents toward the "Blue and White". 101 was primari ly devoted to the study of the funda- WWW Q -3:55 I4 3 l 5550! Qi FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Nauss, J Hawthorne, P. Crum, R. Lancaster, J. May J. Stevens. SECOND ROW: L. Lookenbili P. Yamall, G. Lesher, P. Thompson, H Wild, N. Cunningham. THIRD ROW: J. Kmttweis, Mr. Beaver, R. Royer, L. Dupes. QWHM 102 This newly organized club met on alternate Fridays, when Mr. Richard Beaver instructed the boys in the art of tumbling, teaching them head stands, hand stands, dives and weight lifting. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mr. Libh art, Advisory L. Gish, L. Stumm, P. Powell, J. Carl, S. , Raffensperger. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Miller, E. Gebhard, T C. Chronister, K. Stoner, A. Shaw, Y. Copenhaver,S.Risser, P. Hixon, M. Earhart. 99 2 The DramaticsClub is a newcomer to our club rostrum this Q P P year. Under the supervision of advisor, Mr. Henry Libhart, and .E ,Q the leadership of president, Shirley Raffensperger, the group en- d 3 Q ioyed a promising first year. Q Q Composed wholly of J uniors , the club studied various dramas, listened to a series of one act plays, and also probed into the mysteries of scenery and costumes. T ey concluded the year by presenting a comedy to the E. A. H. S. student body. IO3 Many hours passed as this staff, head- ed by Mary Jean Espenshade, wrote picture captions and paragraphs for each activity :nd senior of the school. Saying the same thing in various ways was a big task for the group. Mr. Libhart, Adviser, was ever will- ing to lend a helping hand when he was needed. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Adams, L. Snyder, Mr. Libhart, Advisor: S. Thompson. SEATED: R. M. Fisher, M. J. Espenshade. ABSENT: Jerri Cody. gaineu STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. May, Editor-in-Chief, Miss P. Odell, Adviser, G. Lesher, Photography Editor. SEATED, LEFT T0 RIGHT: A. Weiss, Business Editor, A. Risser, Art Editorg G. Ulrich, Assistant Art Editor, M. J. Espenshade, Literary Editorg R. M. Fisher, As- sistant Literary Editor, M. Meinhardt, Assistant Business Editor. SW! Consulting local dealers for ads was the first big task of our business staff. When this task was completed the typing and selling of yearbooks were soon begun. Alice Weiss put forth excessive time and talent to kee the '55 Elizabethan financially balanced . All the mem- bers of this staff have profited by this experience and have become persuasive and successful salesmen. BACK ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Good, R. Morris, A. Longenecker, E. Smith, D. Brubaker, R. Hummer, P. Stahl, R. Long, A. Sweigart. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Weiss, J. Kautz, C. Nauman, R. Brain, L. Hoerner, Y. Cosner, R. Lehman, M. Meinhardt. 'Persons whose pictures appear with group but whose names were not mentioned in list were deleted from the staff for lack of responsibility. Staff I Popping flashbulbs established the whereabouts of this energetic staff. Snaps were obtained from many classroom scenes and athletic fields. Capably led by Galen Lesher, our "photo bugs covered all activities and social func- tions. Their variety of good pictures helped to make our yearbook asuccess. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Lesher, R. , Bailey, G. Edmiston. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: , J. Goodllng, A. Newcomer, M. E. Fetter. a ag 5 Meeting each Tuesday, the staff labored innumerable hours hoping to present a bigger and better yearbook. Miss Patricia Odell, adviser, and Jon May, editor- in-chief, had many difficult problems as frequent disagreements arose involving im- portant decisions. However, with their efficient leadership the obstacles were soon overcome. After reaching the first deadline, the staff felt more at ease and the remaining deadlines were reached without much difficulty. These members hope their combined efforts have produced a finer Elizabethan to be long remembered by their associates as well as fellow classmates. ,-msfqg The members of this staff have worked many hours to bring the traditional Pennsylvania Dutch theme to life on the pages of our year- book. The collection of motifs and scenes, was begun early in the year. Anne Risser, editor, had many grave decisions as to the choice of art work for corresponding material. We are sure this staff is endeed to be well commended. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hill, P. Kelly, F. Hoover, Miss Grubb, Adviser, M. Hoffman, H. Baldwin. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Risser, Art Editorg and Georgianna Ulrich, Assistant Art Editor. 1-i"c5Wa4d44dca. County Champs once againl Future Housewives of Americal Ken learns the fine art of shirt construction. "Let's have more emotion in this scene! Senior sweet sellers. Serious discussion after the hard fought Hempfield victory. The sale of the last lollipop. Kid McCurdy and Slugger Snyder. R. G. needs a raincoat. Jam session at Tony 's. Lone Wenger rides again. Recognize these fourth grade pilgrims? Dale and Rose rehearse, "Be my Valentine. " An intriguing game. Ruthie, Nan, and Jane during sophomore days. Senior Slop Day queens. The Old Smoothies. Rog and Jane put the finishing touches to Sophomore Prom decorations. Kenny sews a mean seam. 3 is T-up -N5 Y if gf Lf' ' .' " ' f a , n 1 -gsm, 4? I"' ' ,,, . . f' it 4 If f ,lf in k EMA ' ' , ' - -3 if' . -11 4 lin ,M ,W fl- . a . L A ,H ,, . 'X in L K, , EQ k x 'N' M -K4 Q., N ' .,. 45 ,qui X o 5 :Y l ? X X hiv-4.6, Ann gets into the holiday mood. Efficient librarians. Jukebox Casanova 's at the Teen C The champ! Santa visits the Christmas Party. Dave and Harry receive their long jackets. Come on team-- a.s.d.f.g .1.k.j. Ninth grade Rembrandts. Busy Beamie. Bob and Brenda in Seventh Heaven. Dig those crazy socks. Watch the birdie! Aheml as I was saying. If looks could kill. The Great Valentino. Beauty in motion. Gimme that balll V eww Zqneae anteen. awaited class iff K xr, iX!?:g,g WM.-s Abvnvlipinj Q'5j,l5 'A X T ygggbci Q xx ,M Q L46 51. 6 7, , to,,q6xi?,g6?pQ E L ' f ' ,f llbfff A ,K ,Vi - v 5- E I 1,1 . ,f" r if f f-f""' N Wmzfvwi , my , ' 'gift I A' . ' ,Q X fi' f I , ' 1 ff iff A . ' f N ia x F' . X 4 2' f A , , v lf , 9 Nxigi f' X 1-. L 5: X J, 1 9 " V A 4 'if- 1"a" kg.-Zffrlg I 'vi X WC' X 'I X V Q, 9 ggi!! ...- E if X W6 s,+' fin ' by ,, 4 l Q' Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Weiss Mr. and Mrs. William Park and Family Susie Beck Mr. and Mrs. Vere Bishop Dee and Bob Snyder, Harzer, McCurdy and Kauffman Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Weaver and Sons Jerry and Marian Mr'. and Mrs. Daniel A. Hoopert Mr. and Mrs. Henry Libhart Patricia Odell Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haverstick and Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Sedule, Jr. and Family DiMaggio, Web, Don, and Mick Mr. and Mrs. Paris Ober and Family Donna, Jill, Lynne, and Jeanie Dr. and Mrs. William K. Moore Bobby, Harry, Arthur, and Jim Mr. and Mrs. Noah Klauss Connie and Ray Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mumma Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Daubert Jackie and Bobby Arndt Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Trimble and Tom Phyllis M. Kulp The James Loser Family Vic, Warpy, Ronnie and Ted Carol and Jim Mrs. Harriet Linaweaver Dr. and Mrs. Harold C. Walmer Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kreider and Doris Galen, Jon, Phil and Jim Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Rickert Kenny, Connie, Paul and Emmarene Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Kinniburgh Mr. Richard A. Beaver Mr. and Mrs. Jack Van Bookhoren M. Richard Warden Richard McCurdy and Nancy Fuhrman Charles W. Yohe Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grosh and Gary Mr. and Mrs. W.J. Bechtel and Family Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Thome Mr. and Mrs. Alton Eppler Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Nauman Velma and Fred Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Helen Long Ralph Coleman Wayne B. Blough Norman E. Diehl and John Norman Good Elvy L. Long and Ruth Dr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Parrett Mr. and Mrs. Vere Becker Pearl A. Koser Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. John E. Lebo, Jr. Amos Newcomer John Weidner Paul Leicht and Family Joan Ney and Ned Harley Dr. and Mrs. P.R. Evans and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wilkinson Mr. and Mrs. William Brain Dr. and Mrs. P.P. Metzger and Skippy Dr. and Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber And Family Mr. and Mrs. William Frantz and Anita Dr. and Mrs. T.M. Thompson Terry and Diz Lydia E. Wagner - Mr. and Mrs. Russel Haldeman Mr. and Mrs. Russell Steffen, Joyce and Russell, Jr Dr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Sue, Paul, Annabel, and Jay Dr. and Mrs. C.C. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. George Stahl and Barry Shirley and Nelson Chittum Dr. and Mrs. S.P. Millis Dr. and Mrs. Samuel Barr Mr. Joseph Sweigart Audra, Joanie, Ruthie and Lena Mr. and Mrs. Donald Carl Mr. and Mrs. Guy S. Edmiston 'l'ONY'S Specializing in Real Italian Spaghetti Texas Hot Weiners--Virginia Baked Ham--Also Bar-B-Ques Phone 7-1228 Dinners Luncheons ll BISHOP'S STUDIO and CAMERA SHOP 44 North Market Street Elizabethtown Phone 7-T322 Cameras Argus Bolsey Kodak Exacta Ednia Canon Bell 8. Howell T.D.C. THE ELIZABETHAN PHOTOGRAPHERH Screens Exposure Meters Aurora Weston DaLite General Electric Radiant Norwood Lamps Bewi Flood Skan Flash Tripods Proiection Flash Guns Camera Cases Films Projectors T.D . C . Argus Viewlex Eastman Brumberger Skan S .V. E . Kodak Finishing Photostats Portraiture ,nr QQ! Compliments of ,,.r' .,.....- X E0.A. Fl ,'l f - - I ' 'r ' A George A. Fisher STAAB STUDIO of PHOTOGRAPHY Candid and Formal Weddings Baby Pictures Commercial-Copy-Special Occasions Photographic Suppl ies 2 Center Square Elizabethtown Phone 7-4333 If it's flowers Say it with ours! MUELLER'S FLOWER SHOP and Greenhouses 55 North Market Street Elizabethtown and Manheim, Pa Best Wishes from Central KOUNTRY KITCHEN Rexall Drugs Home-Style Cooking 8. Baking E2 We Cater To Banquets And Private Parties 45 South Market Street Complete Drug Service Open 24 Hrs - Closed Sundays Cones Sundaes D Only The Rich DAIRY QUEEN Can Afford Poor Heating I I bofh E iza et town I 3 In 237: Nationally Known Locally Owned ,wr Shakes One Mile East Quarts . Mans on u.s. 230 Pints XXIIXN Q '33 S 5?-TP' r- I 5 Compliments of ' 3- A O D'-J-'C-Q? 1 1 x X aunosas' - ,,,,,G,, ,, ,,,,,,ff,ffff,,,, I' Fuel Oil Oil Burners C"'1,S,,,'jgj'Q"5'fQ:,f',Q',Z"'9 SUREHEAT FUEL CU. Rawling Spalding SHENK BROTHERS 30 W. King St. Lancaster, Pa. Sporting Goods and Toys Class Jackets Sweaters JOHN H. CHARD INSURANCE "Insurance of All Kinds" 237 S. Market St. Ph. 7-4744 OSS IIC. Nunn Bush Tweedie Poll Parrot Yorktown Miracle Tread Cobblers. LONGENECKER FARM SUPPLY Rheems, Pennsylvania Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Sales and Service Phone: Elizabethtown 7-3599 Compliments of R. E. MILEY Farm Equipment Repairing Tool and Die Welding Elizabethtown Phone 7-5504 Compliments of JOSEPH GREENBERG INC. MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test Wholesale - Retail Delivery Service C.H. Moyer - R.D. 3 Phone 7-5469 Elizabethtown, Pa . Compliments of RAY GUTSHALL'S MEN'S STORE I5 East High Street Phone 7-6111 Compliments of BEYER'S LINOLEUM STORE 7-5939 222-224 East High Street Compliments of KAYLOR 8. GARMAN Chartered Service BOLTZ'S BUS LINE Marietta - Bainbridge Elizabethtown Ben Boltz 8. Son Phone Marietta 6-3386 MODERN STYLE SHOP T05 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. k Everything in Ladies' Wear Compliments of RED ROSE DAIRY Phone: 3-6l T2 Mount Joy, Pa. DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE For Discriminating Women Phone 7-T224 Compliments of LONOENECKER'S GARAGE Phone 7-4201 50 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. , ""'?' 1,55 RHEEMS GARAGE M, C augment Studebaker - Packard 1 OFFICE 5, PLANK2 Cars 8. Trucks V v Allis Chalmers Farm Machinery Q A 5 R.D. No. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. E - Town 7-1230 Rheems, Pa. Phone 7-5451 g Compliments of . COMMUNITY INN Compliments of Featuring Fine orchestras KREAMER PHARMACY d d ' an ancmg Prescription Specialists S F od ea O Center Square Elizabethtown. Pa 498 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa . 7-9839 Phone 7-4881 LONGENECKER'S MEAT MARKET Wholesale 8. Retail Country Dressed Beef and Pork Phone Elizabethtown 7-3451 LEICHT Since 1868 Paint and Body Shop Wrecks Rebuilt Auto Painting Truck Lettering Phone 7-5549 24 hr. Towing General Insurance And Real Estate IUNES 8 ZINK, INC. 119 South Market Street Phone 7-1264 Elizabethtown, Pa J. L. MECKLEY Automatic Heating, Plumbing HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Air Conditioning WC'iCl"e5"Cl0Ck5 361 E. Ross sf. Jewelry Lancaster, Pa. pi-,one--4-5053 No. 9 Center Square 233 South Mcrkef gf. Elizabethtown, Penna.' Elizabethtown, Pa. Pl"0ne"7'i33l Phone--7-T l 78 SCHROLLS ics CREAM sToRE MOUNT JUY MUTUAL INSURANCE CO. Soda Fountain 8. Grocery Organized T855 For a Quality Treat At Lower Prices Elizabethtown-on The Square Phone 7-4709 Henry G. Carpenter, President D. L. Landis, Secretary Compliments of Jacked ,jduxigary of the Friendship Fire Company No. l -- -f .Af .. -f -iyw-Y..-,M 'K-V-1 JOHN H. CHARD INSURANCE "Insurance of All Kinds" 237 S. Market St. Ph. 7-4744 R. E. HERSHEY Quality Meats Home Made Bologna and Smoked Hams Wholesale and Retail Phone 7-I347 Ridge Road No. 3 Best Wishes to the Class of 55 MUSSER'S GROCERY IO3 Mt. Joy Street Phone Compliments of HEISEY'S CHILDREN'S SHOP A 77' ' ' f 'HZ-A-5 'i'-fi.:-gf .:: -' --f-f -C+,-V Visit our Wall Paper and Paint Department featuring Imperial Wall Paper and Sherwin-Williams Paints MUMPER'S DAIRY Homogenized Vitamin "D" Milk Other Quality Dairy Products Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I297 NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T.M. Ebersole, Prop. For that reliable Richfield Gasoline and Richlube Motor Oil For top service in washing and greasing "24 hour service" 903 South Market Street Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS, INC Educational Publishers Give your new car the care it deserves by visiting your GOOD GULF DEALER regularly, and letting him give your car dependable servicing. Everything in the Gulf line. Compliments of THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS 20 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1360 Distributors of Religious Merchandise W. T. GRANT CO. 48 South Market Street Offset Printing Multigraphy GOODPRINT LETTER SHOP 25 South Market Telephone Elizabethtovsm, Pa. 7-T244 Print Mail Service Wedding Announcements STAUFFER'S BEAUTY SALON H4 North Poplar Street Phone 7-T472 Miriam H. Drace, Prop. Glorifying the American Curl THE DAVID MARTIN STORE Men's and Boys' Clothing BOYER FUNERAL HOME T44 East High St. Elizabethtown, Penna. Phone 7-l380 Plumbing 8. Heating lllllIll'HHll SCHWANGER BROS. 8: CO. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-T440 Best Wishes of THE SUPERIOR SIGN SYSTEM, INC. Phone 7-T375 Compliments of Grubb 8: Breneman Coal 'ld Feed 'k Oil Compliments of BINKLEY'S SEWING MACHINE AND REMNANT SHOP IO9-III N. Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes of SUPERIOR SIGN SYSTEM, INC. Phone Elizabethtown 225 ENGLISH BROS. Beer Distributors We Deliver Phone 7-440i Woodland Heights Elizabethtown, Penna . R. H. FORNEY Chrysler Plymouth Sales 8. Service TYPEWRITERS GEORGE E' CARRIGER Adding Machines Cash Registers . Check Writers Files Safes P'1'nff"1d Body Shop Office Furniture Tape Recorders Wrecks Rebuilt J. M. Engle Phone E-Town 7-3505 ------ Rheems, Pa 4lI East High Street Phone 7-472I City Selection - Country Prices BOYER'S SELF-SERVICE STORE Fresh Meats - Groceries Smoked Meats - Frozen Meats Open Friday and Saturday Evenings Phone: Elizabethtown 7-4224 Rheems Pennsylvania 1 LEVI C. HERSHEY FOOD STORE One of The Red Rose Food Stores it 554 South Market Street Phone SNYDER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Greasing, washing, tires, oil-, gas ' Acceiories Texaco Fire Chief 8. Sky Chief Gasolines R. D. 'I2 Hershey Road F. H. KELLER'S SONS 1 Quality Groceries W Phone 7-5667 ' 204 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. BROUCHT'S MEAT MARKET 429 East High Street 1, Quality Meats We Deliver Phone 7-4723 Shop at GREINER'S FOOD STORE For your Frozen Foods, Groceries, Meats and Produce Located on Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-IIO NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE General Auto Repairs Tires - Battery - Oil Phone 7-5186 Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of BlLL'S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE Compliments of GRACE C. BLOUGH Compliments of S. B. BECKER O W J m mm 6 LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. Formica 8. Micarta Tops CHARLIES CABINET SHOP Charles T. Becker, Proprieter Geneva 8. Yorktowne Kitchens Route 3, Elizabethtown Phone 7-4402 Typewriters Typewriter 8. All Makes Rebuilt Adding Machine and Repaired Ribbons J. RAYMOND SMITH 332 W. High Street Phone 7-4184 Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Western Auto 31 South Market Street Store Elizabethtown, Pa . FIKE BROS Fruits Vegetables Sea Foods Fresh 8. Frozen Center Square " Phone 7-I4I7 "Fruit Baskets a Specialty" Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY Founded 1,913 by Wm. Klein, Sr. Manufacturers of Lunch Bars, Grade A Bars, Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa, Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roamers, Gliders and Spinners. Compliments of GIBBONS' TYDOL SERVICE STATION INSTALMENT LOAN SERVICE North Market and Summit Streets 23 Cenfe' Square Elizabethtown, Pa . Elizabethtown, Pa . ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE Published Every Friday by J. G. Westafer and Son Phone 7-4206 "We fix anything HERALD PRINT SHOP MYERS MACHINE SHOP Elizabethtown, Pa. ' R. F. Myers II9 North Poplar St "' Repair Work A Specialty E. G. Kuhn Gas and Electric Welding Auto Parts Repaired Compliments of C. H. Gorman Welding - Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel k Elizabethtown, Pa . RlSSER'S Quality Fresh Meats, Produce 8. Frozen Foods fag- ---- At Better Prices Phone 7-I333 34 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices MILTON F. EBERLY Phone 7-5468 - Route 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. RGPICAL R EAT 2 Miles East of E-Town Cones Pints 1 .f""" - X Quarts N , Sundaes ' it Banana Splits g X Milk Shakes 1: ref' , Sandwiches , IW ,J French Fries o 2 9 if 74 Ir if "A Treat , 1 I fi That Can't Be Beat" I4 ,i I Compliments of DICK EBERSOLE ICE 327 Snyder Ave. Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes LEO B. KOB Since i904 Plumbing - Heating - Hardware Authorized Dealer in Elizabethtown For Automatic G. E. Oil And Gas Heating 24 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Alpha Hall Approved by Pennsylvania State Council on Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges Elizabethtown College Elizabethtown, Pa. A Standard Co-educationa l College For information write President A. C. Baugher Ph. D. LL.D. I I ,L oflumder- Conf- warg ,,-wx 1 - , qt -.gavf rg .,, .Qp5-7.9, --.Q .- .. -.. , , '.:.4 .. A. .X V. 'AQW4 QQ'- any , r A! 4 x' 15.11, Vi' 1.1 -b 'YI'-aw iv ,- 5 5.1 . Manx.- x I nh.. y-'re X 1 Ki vs . ' KL ,A ,,., .Q JV ll' ' 6 ' v' in ul UW r K 'whats E t 1 I I Elizabethtown Planing Mill 54 Brown Street Phone 7-l l25 Builders' Supplies D. L. LANDIS Insurance Phone 7-5126 23 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Penna. Compliments of HERTZLER'S DAIRY DAVIS RESTAURANT Serving excellent food to the very Finest people, our patrons. R.D. II2 Elizabethtown, Pa. NEWCOMER'S FIRESTONE STORE Home 8. Auto Supplies Corner Market 8. Park Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7- I 372 Compliments of GOOD'S MEAT MARKET 32 North Poplar IRearJ HITZ GROCERY Corner N. Hanover and E . Willow Streets Full Line of Groceries - Lunch Meats - Ice Cream Soft Drinks - Candy - Pastries - Frozen Foods Phone 7-I454 Free Delivery FARMERS MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY IIO Years of Service Fire and Allied Lines of Insurance 229 S. Market Street Compliments of PlCK'S ATLANTIC SERVICE T35 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Paul W. Baker, Prop. Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Successful Future BOOT AND SHOE WORKERS UNION LOCAL 735 Elizabethtown, Pa . Frank S. Miller Russell Miller LEHMAN St BOOK Compliments of M17ler Funeral Home Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-1247 it Elizabethtown's Leading Dry Cleaners 8. Dyers i Phone 7-1305 Best Wishes LEEDOM 8. FINK General Contractors Elizabethtown, Pa. Coal Grain Compliments of WENGER'S FEED MILL Rheems, Pa. Phone: Elizabethtown 7-H95 Seeds Feed Compliments of BOYER'S GARAGE Rear of Gulf Station N. Market Street Phone 7-61 I4 Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Successful Future V xmxim 9. A. ,- ' P Q , - s g 2 , SJ .or'l'lll'7lfl ' lil' 'mr opt ELIZABTHTUWN LUDGE NU. 596 L. 0. 0. M. REINHOLD'S SUNOCO SERVICE LeRoy F. Reinhold Herman A. Reinhold Carl H. Reinhold 735 South Market St. l3th and State Streets 3317 Jonestown Road Elizabethtown, Pa. Harrisburg, Pa. Progress, Pa. Dial 7-9747 Dial 3-9588 Dial 3-90l8 Open 24 Hrs. Open 24 Hrs. Open 24 Hrs. Compliments of Toilet Articles School Supplies GARBER Moron COMPANY UNDEMUTH CUT RATE Elizabethtown, PG Luncheonette and Fountain Service Sales and Services Hershey's Ice Cream Kodaks Sporting Goods PAXSON'S CUT-RATE 19 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. H . K. DORSHEIMER On the Square 'R Sporting Goods - Kodaks Confectionery - Sundries Paul Shifter flvl 777 Radio--Television Sales 8. Service I2 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-i466 L SE S WHITE CAB Phone E-Town 7- I 422 M. K. ENTERLINE Dodge 8. Plymouth Cars Dodge Job-rated Trucks Cherry St. Elizabethtown, Phone 7-I 280 BOBS FLOWER SHOP E-Town's Finest Florist 39 S. Market St. Phone 7-22II Compliments of "Everyting Frozen" ZEPNICK'S ICELAND GROCERY STORE 1' Incorporated Elizabethtown, Pa. R. S. RISSER MOTORS NEWCOMER OIL CORPORATION Cad. - Olds. - Pontiac RICHFIELD PETROLEUM PRODUCTS Sales and Service EllZQbel'I1I'0Wn, Pennd. Phone 7-T366 Dial 7-II38 IRONRITE Highest Quality MAYTAG Ironers Appliances Washers Radio 8. Television Dryers amassing :Lscrnlc Sold gk Serviced Ranges By RCA-Victor Refrigerators K p Radio Washers mm l - if V at Eg Television Dryers "M" gk Q Q 7 55 E Tape Recorders Water Heaters mullllu mm Phonographs Dish Washers 22 E. High Street-E-Town Records Household Appliances Phone 7-T344 Ranges Compliments of WEIDMANS GARAGE Elizabethtown R.D . W3 Phone 7-3859 HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watches--Clocks Jewelry No. 9 Center Square Elizabethtown, Penna. Phone 7-1331 Compliments of MOOSE THEATRE Compliments of JAY S. RISSER GARMENT CO. Compliments of SHEARER'S FURNITURE STORE 1' 35-37 South Market Street Phone 7-4694 Visit SMO KES PLACE Confectionary, Groceries and Meats I If2 Miles West of E-Town Elizabethtown R.D. Ill, Pa. JOE'S SHOE REPAIR SHOP Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa . Phone 7-9778 LAWTON'S ROADSIDE FURNITURE STORE R.D. 2 - U.S. Route 230 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 7-I232 "Good Furniture at Country Prices" Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 81 SUPPLY CO. 341-351 W. Bainbridge Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 553 General Contractors Building Supplies "ONE-STOP" Elizabethtown's Newest, Most Modern Store Self Selection Apparel for the Family Gifts Linens Domestics AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN "Come in and sit once" rn our Penna. Dutch atmosphere Banquets A Specialty Best Wishes To Our Graduate Clerks Bell Sue And to All The Class of 1955 The Franklin Store Center Square, Elizabethtown WOLGEMUTH BROS. , INC. Manufacturers of Florin Feeds Phone - Mt. Joy 3-9551 Florin, Pa: AMW YEARIOOKS L hx- '9- XR 14: VVS V1.- l SAC? xr QF Q W fw j MQW? WL- YL 1249 Q Lx Q i Lil 5 VV X, V ,Z XL 7 W will , W'3M'm2i:'fx,b4fc,, V fi Nbr QW- v'C'1-wr-..-Yf nn- X- S E Zf km 2l fl 4,- ""' -l ' ,gr Y M, ,il Z - k. Lf-44? "'d 7 if ,X Vw: JV'- 'iff- LJL...

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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