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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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-E Y 'AN B 595 5 WQENICIQG YS T. IKFNG EHKDF " ALLQLM A Y .NQOMAQ . Q1 6 5 fx- KQ 6 .. gQ E 2 6: Q NWI! WF I 'f8a?J' Quoc! fa cimuri, gene facimua. Www .. A MQW 5515 Wjdwffifg MW W1 Wffvfiiilf fd' 1 MQ Z M W W 51523 f,2M2,f,0w5W MMV' ,gli 'ff fm WM A Ziff AKZLWWW Km JAM, 0 7954 da...-.., gg 6lL2fAt0LUl'l SACD! 6426! etAt0ll!I'l peflflriy Uaflla . xx K 7 .cf 4 , " 'Sf' i . 4:5 ?fi1w'43E?' 'N SW E Z5 w 59 Q 5 5 Us 1883 O O Z L 7 l-1 ,4-Q., .-P i l Q.....-."' .111 A .fv- ,-,- 1-f .kr f-" 1... - 111 -:La Y -4 ..., -S .., --1 4... - - --1 .. , " "' ...... .... .f ... -23 +x"S-..- , -- - - ,.-. ' ' I 0 Q - -- ,... ... ...X ,,,.- ..- 4, .... 71' txt - .. ... .. f 5 fi! ...... A A --....-.. , - f ' Y 4-at - ... .- L.. -- -Q "" -- , , .....,,Q -Q i .. - , i 5 ah ,- -,fs -- , 1-5,1 ,i -Q 1.3. .-,1-. Q,-1, i A ... Q - -1- ,.,-.- ii- .-...1.. .-fl ,.- p-. ,- s.--1 -N.. '-N -- 'xgr ,,I' - 4 - -Y-, "-V A ,V gi -, 5- ,..-.., Y ,-, -- x "' -.- .,-5 'iv' J" as 11.- ,gf- ,- S H tw: fe. . ., ,, K - 1 welt.,-J' We, the class of 1954, take the utmost pride in dedicating this yearbook to one who has indeed piloted us through many severe storms, MR. KENNETH GROSH . Mr. Grosh has been not only a true "guiding light" to us, but also a firm, unselfish, sym- pathetic friend vino stood by us through thick and thin. During the three years that Mr. Grosh has served in the ca- pacity of our class adviser, he has constantly won our admira- tion and respect by the enthusiastic way in which he helped us to achieve our goals. Though many times we failed him and fell short of his expectations, yet he continued patiently to bear with us and succeeded in bringing out the best in us. Liberally he gave of his time, listening patiently to our problems and giving sound advice for the solution of those problems. For all these things, we the senior class join in extending to Mr. Grosh our heart-felt thanks. 6 C6 el'e,5 fo :Le 1205... . . A0 mafLereJ fAe .Siam 5 ' Q., t 5 QE.- ,. - MISS LYDIA E. WAGNER We, the Class of l954, are both pleased and proud to dedi- cate our yearbook to Miss Lydia E. Wagner, a fine teacher and friend. Miss Wagner has always taken a deep interest in our class and has helped us over many rough spots during our school days. As literary adviser of our yearbook, Miss Wagner has labor- ed energetically with each of us until, guided by her leadership the yearbook became a finished product. A highly respected citizen, Miss Wagner unselfishly devotes her time and talents to school, community, and church activi- ties. Being especially gifted in working with young people, she is leader of the Children's Division of the Lutheran Sunday School. Everyone who works with Miss Wagner is inspired by her cheerful spirit and warm smile. Her enthusiastic attitude is typical of everything she does. We have chosen this way in which to express our sincere gratitude to Miss Wagner, a wonderful person whom we shall never forget. minidfrafion SA QGKAOI1 Jfagfiklp b . e I I Sym ol of leadership and dignity of a great navy--The qualities of a superior administration. 8 Ax 1454 'Nw' fu- 01, 'K .J MR. G. REED ALEXANDER .J4 m rag of fAe gkef THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Public-spirited men. . . laboredindustriously for the school merger . . . consider welfare of faculty, students, and community. . . constantly strive for a betterment of the school program. . . meet monthly to discuss and vote on matters of tremendousim ortance. . . We, the Class of '54, P owe these men a debt of deep gratitude for pro- viding us with so firm a foundation on which to build our future lives. . . headed by Dr. Thomp- son, president, Mr. Bucher, vice-president, Mr. Gorman, secretary, and Mr. Weaver, treasurer. 10 DR. J. RALPH PARRETT fb MR. MELVIN M. WENGER 696035 MR. CHARLES E. SMUCK 11 MR. WILBUR E. WEAVER MR. K. EZRA BUCHER 'Q' lm W gmt C -' Jef """ LAenr Supf- rvusnng Prlncupal To the Sensor Class For the Class of l954 publlc school days will shortly come to an end and those of you who have enloyed school work wall have some regrets as you thunk of graduatlon day At your age ut should be easy to belreve that the best of llfe us yet to come You are stull approachrng your mature years Attendlng college getting Into your vocations and estobllshlng homes are likely to brlng you deeper satusfactuons than you have known up to this point ln this world of competatlon and frustration lt IS always well to rememberthat success us really not measured ln terms of thlngs and that those who seek happuness only for themselves rarely fund t lf you can clnscover the most Important needs of people and then decide how your llfe can best be Invested In terms of those needs, you wr ll be both successful and happy In the finest sense of these words Thanks for the prlvllege I have had In belng a part of your school famnly thus year As you leave us, you wall have our con tmulng interest and best washes Smcerely LO! 's , ' g ,als mv. W f. O R ,,,,s' y . Z e gig V ' I s ,L . . . . I3 cc K 77 UI' - tl N Zi I , ,t,s It g y 3, ts A 5 M I 5 Q ff A - l . ' ' W !9Ai6la . UW C,.lQZ,fv laudeff High School Principal To the Seniors: For the past two years that we have been together, l have thoroughly en- ioyed our association. Through your cooperation, our achievements have been educationaland pleasant and, I hope, a step leading you into a future that will hold much success and happiness. Keep in mind that you must strive and sacrifice to reach the satisfaction of successful and happy living. ln doing this, take a few minutes each day to look deep within yourself and take inventory of what you find . Don't worry about the abilities you do not possess, but keep faith in those that you do have and get the most out of them. Build for yourself, with God's help, the kind of life you de- sire . As you go through life, you will be confronted with defeat from time to time. You will feel at times that life has turned against you, but don't allow these setbacks to dominate you. Always have faith in yourself and in God, pick up the pieces, and work toward afinal victory. Remember an old football say- ing, "A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." ff!-fwwdwf 13 its NORMAN E. DIEI-lL B.S. Elizabethtown College M. S. University of Pennsylvania lnstructs seventh and eighth gra- ders in geography, science, and mathematics. . . superb faculty ath- letic manager. . .efficient Sunday Schoolsuperintendent. . . spends his summers swinging a paint brush. . . handy man around home . . . Oh I those jokes I I . . .president of Mid- get Football League. . .possessor of a smart wardrobe. WILLIAM S. BARNHART nauigaford B. S. West Chester State Teachers' College Instructor of boys' health and physical edu- cation. . .skilled basketball and assistant foot- ball coach. . ,keeps the team on its toes.. . guardian of athletic equipment. . .lopsided grin . . .justly proud of his mustache. . . admired by all students. . . an ardent booster of sports. RICHARD A. BEAVER B.A. Gettysburg College Teaches safety and driver education. . . helps Coach Daubert with the football team. . ."Drag- net . . sports a flashy wardrobe. . . chivalrous. . . f t 2' tt - ff L' ,s 5 1 2 . , L Z'1 1' - 2? Qi A " Nr f . hobby--likes or dislikes?-girls. . . "Haven 't you learned to park yet?". . . noted for his witty re- marks. . . was formerly a "Dick Tracy." . S' 1 X fx I ras ' f 'I -sf MISS MAY DUBLEBOHN A,B. Millersville State Teachers' College Elizabethtown College Excellent instructress of algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trig- onometry. . . a wonder at simplify- ing difficult problems... "Thar's six of one and half a dozen of the otherl " ... enjoys experimenting with new recipes .... raises prize plants. . . respected by all students. 14 ALTON H. EPPLER B.S. Kutztown College Muhlenberg College Biology and general science in- structor. . competent assistant foot- ball and baseball coach. . . proud owner of a '53 Cadillac . . . holds deep contempt for gum chewing during classes. . . guards Homeroom 28 . . . has a becoming haircut. . . "Let's get on the balll . . a music lover of modern interpretations. . . can really pound the keyboard. Jfeefe OUI' C0uI'50 MISS JOAN E. FLEMING B, S, in Art Education Pennsylvania State University A pleasant addition to the faculty of E, H. S. 9 ...instructs grade and high school students in oo art, ..did an excellent job as adviser for the Senior and Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y's. . . her hob- bies include dancing and swimming., ,hard- working counselor of the yearbook art staff. . . a wonderful person. WILLIAM T, FRANTZ B. S. Albright College West Chester State Teachers College f' Pennsylvania State University , uh O .-- I . XX 'I X X X " xbx XX ,y 22 Y Ei i , if , Ak 2 Guardian of a homeroom full of fo a players. . .instructor of senior high commerc' l subjects. . . beguiling grin. . . dark and ru d. . . "That'll cost you a thousand wordsl ", . X as- ter of the art of footbal1...sharp-s K on faculty basketball team, 'A DANIEL A. HOOPERT DONALD HAVERSTICK KENNETH GROSH A. B, Elizabethtown College New teacher of civics and Amer- ican history. . . makes his home in Room B. . . deeply interested in re- legious activities--pastor at Swat- ara Hill Church. . . owner of a hearty laugh.. . was graduated magna cum laude from Elizabethtown College . . . dedicates his life to helping others. A. B. Elizabethtown College Tall, blond, and distinguished- looking... teacher of junior high history . . . shines in basketball . . . although new, has become a fav- orite among the pupils. . . hails from a rival school--East Hempfield, , , friendly but firm in the classroom . . . cooperative . . . proud of his family. , ,wastes no energy or gas- oline going to school, 15 A. B. Elizabethtown College M. S. University of Pennsylvania Our proficient guidance counse- lor... gives pearls of wisdom to puzzled students, , , proud of his new headquarters this year. . . had many worries as senior class adviser... sympathetic . . . unexcelled Senior Play director. . . talented actor- - portrayed Teddy Roosevelt in "Ar- senic and Old Lace." MISS JANE K. HUNSECKER B. S. West Chester State Teachers College Pennsylvania State University Q Friend to all. . .hard-working adviser ofthe Class of '56, . . teaches healthland ,physical edu- cation. . . great advocate of all sports, especial- ly golf. , ,"Pardon mylxrenchl .'. energetic for- ward on the wome'h's faculty team. . .produced another championship hockey teamihis year. A , - va. N. 1 . 'um' X -. ' RAY KEPNER B. S. in Music Education Mansfield State Teachers College Our vocal and choral supervisor. . . dark, wa- vy hair. . .produced a successful Christmas con- ncwigafom r I YQ ,gr .cert with excerpts from l-Ia.ndel's Messiah... gives lessons to aspiring young musicians. . .has a fu-ll-time job directing four choruses...rich tenor voice. . . a very talented person. X 7 w NOAH KLAUSS MISS PHYLLIS N. KULP MISS MIRIAM L. MENGEL Harrisburg Conservatory of Music Elizabethtown College Talented supervisor of instru- mental music. . ,kept busy direct- ing band, orchestra, and Girls' String Ensemble. . , responsible for the many instrumental honors be- stowed upon our school. . . concert- meister of the Harrisburg Symphony ...has composed and published numerous songs . .his decisive char- acter demands respect from every- one, B.S. Juniata College Believe it or not I - -Our new home economics instructor can also teach general science. . . keeps busy with F,H.A .... efficient co-adviser of the Junior Class, . . collects colored water scenes and old hymnals. . . an expert in arranging flowers. . .en- joys working with young people. 16 A.B. Lebanon Valley College Akron University M.A. New York University Drexel Institute Guides senior high pupils through Latin and French. . . able adviser of Library Staff. . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . as Junior Play director she has turned out many fine productions. . . has a cer- tain knack with flowers . . . keeps the "ivories" humming in her lei- sure hours. ..CZ..ff..J Me mme MISS MABEL J. MILLER A. B. Lebanon Valley College Temple University Makes English a pleasure for seventh and eighth grades. . .keeps smiling in Homeroom C ...plans activities for Junior and Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y's. . .works diligently on Curtis Cam- paign. . .gives liberally of her time to church activities. . . takes a personal interest in the wel- fare of each student. MISS PATRICIA ODELL B.S. Indiana State Teachers College Newcomer to our faculty staff this year. . . capable instructor of shorthand and typing... tall, dark, and terrific. ..sparkling personality .. .did a first-rate job as adviser of '54 Eliza- bethan. . . encounters many headaches trying to instill the art of typing into senior academic students. . . hotshot in basketball. W-V' v ll lf' ROBERT I. TRIMBLE WILLIS E. SEIDERS JOSEPH P. SEDULE A.B. Elizabethtown College West Chester State Teachers B.S. Pennsylvania State University University of Pennsylvania Competent instructor of world history, economics, and physchol- ogy... "Red Barber" at our home football games. .. capable junior- varsity basketballcoach and senior l-li-Y adviser,.,has a friendly "Hello" for everyone.. .exhibits "snazzy bow ties". .. likes nothing better than watching a good box- ing match, College B.S. University of Pennsylvania Well-versed English instruct- or. . .has seen a great deal of the U, S .... "We'll have none of thatl " . . . dignified. . . strict disciplinari- an. . . presides over Homeroom 25 . . .interested in drama --proved his talent by writing and directing plays of his own...possesses keen sense of humor. l 7 I ' ' 5 f Qualified teacherofchemistry, physics, and mathematics. . . keen mind. . . accomplished musician. . . greatly annoyed by "loquacious" students. . . able coach of baseball . . . favorite pastime - -collecting money for broken laboratory ap- paratus. . .frequently heard saying "Let's vote! . . well-liked by all. f nauigaford Q ' MISS LYDIA E. WAGNER A. B, Elizabethtown College Unsurpassed English instructor. . . also qualified to teach French, Spanish, Lat- in, and history. . . labors tirelessly as ad- viser to both the Journalism Club and the Elizabethan Literary Staff, , , constantly busy helping others . . . "master of the console". . . active participant in church and Sunday School affairs. . . capable co- adviser of the Junior Class. . . supplies the Lancaster newspapers with many inter- esting articles. Q. M. RICHARD WARDEN B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers College General math teacher . .. a whiz at nu- merical shortcuts. . .meticulous appearance ...frequently indulges in his favorite pas- time--eating . . . a first-rate chef , , , keeps good order in Room A. . . enjoys a good laugh . . . was a former football star . . . appre- ciates students who show initiative. MARTIN W. ROBERT ZEIGLER Teaches shop, mechanical drawing, blue-print reading. . . tall, dark, and some. . .well-dressed. . .pride and joy is daughter Susan. . . has won the hearts of boys in shop . , . makes them tow the too. . . sports with pride a new Ford. BARLEY Our indispensable clean up" man, , , has served faithfully busy to help someone in need tions spotless, , . "Johnny-on-the- , , kindly smile. . . never too or twenty years keeping E H S. Spot with locker combinations, . on the job at all school func- ABRAM SNYDER Mr, Barley s efficient helper. . . always willing to render service wherever he can.. .known as "Abie" to all students, . . energetic . always in ajolly mood. . . a great tease. . . can be seen bustling here and there keeping the school shining. l 1 j .SQQCIHQZ5 LIU Symbol nc of the departure of the Class belnnd many good frlencls made durlng twelve years of school ZO QFLLOPJ O Ae of '54 into the unknown future, leaving ,X lf W I has X CAME Cel':i LAWRENCE FARVER, president Larry possesses the qualities of a leader in the very finest sense .. .capably led our class for two years. . . showed great wisdom in making vital decisions. . . efficiently enacted his many duties ... merited his title. CLAIRE WILKINSON, vice-president Proved that women also qualify as leaders...an able assistant to the president. . . newcomer to the rostrum of class officers. . .has limitless energy. MARILYN WARREN, secretary Kept the class records painstakingly faithful secretary for two years .... recorded every transaction. . .. worthy of much praise for a job well done. ELEANOR TAYLOR, treasurer Balanced our "books" accurately for three years .... always there to remind us of unpaid dues. . .worked like a beaver. .. our thanks for a superb piece of work. Z3 zrf, CARA LOU BAKER 715 North Market Street "Lou" Home Economics Girls' Chorus 3: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2,4: Indoor Patrol 2, 3:F. H. A. 3, 4: Hockey I,2: Student Council 3,4: Senior Play, Short. . .1ively. , , wavy locks. . . ship-shape clothing. . . "Service with a Smile" gal at Baker's Diner, , , speeds around in a two-tone Nash Rambler. . .our class's biggest con- tributor to the U. S. mail. . . sports glasses to match each outfit. . .determined to in- still the science of home economics into the minds of deserving students. DOROTHY C. BARANOSKI Route 3, Elizabethtown "Bonnie" Com mercial Mixed Chorus 3,4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Music Appreciation Club 3: Yearbook Staff 4. One of our tall gals, , , affable. . .faithful typist of school news, , , roams with Pat and Shirley. . ,fascinated by new cars. . . has dreams of traveling. . . never a dull moment with Dot around. . .just "adores" business law? 2 . . .will make an excellent telephone operator. oming fo flee c 05 SALLY BATES 41 Summit Street -'saliyu College Preparatory Senior Orchestra 3,4g Junior Girls' Trio: Senior Girls' Trio: Concert Band 3, 4: Soph- omore Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3, 4: Chaplain 2: Journalism Club 2, 3,4. Lilly Pons of E. H. S, , , comely features. . ,fluffy blond, . . calm and serene, . , "tickles the ivories" in her spare time. ., "rhythm" girl for senior orchestra...one of our veteran majorettes. ., 'No kiddin'l ". . . sure to be a model wife. KENNETH BEINHAUER 55 South Poplar Street "Ken" General Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4: President 1, 4: Football r , 2, 3, 4: Basketballr , 2, 3, 4: Baseball r , 2, 3, 4. E-town's all-around top athlete. . .three-letter man. . .big and rugged. . .hard -hitting halfback. . . beautiful blue eyes. .. dislikes ten o'clock curfew.. . second home--210 South Market Street.. .always in training for something. . . much admired. . .ambi- tion- -athletic coach. VERNON E. BELSER Route 3, Elizabethtown "Vernie" College Preparatory Boys' Quartet 2, 3: Mixed Chorus 3,43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3: Sophomore Chorus 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Music Appreciation 2,3: Key Club 2, 3,41 Treasurer 3: Vice-President 4: Journ- alism Club I, 2: Yearbook Staff 3,4: Basketball 2, 3: Junior Play: Senior Play. Ambitious and assertive. . . camera ace. . . silver-tongued. . . well-does. . . sage. . . ping pon champion.. .steadfast member of the "Four H" Club. . .raises prize steers. .. S "Corruption", . . mellow tenor in Boys' Chorus. . . aspires to follow the theological pro- fession. Q.. 0 MARY BINGEMAN Route 1, Elizabethtown "Toot" College Preparatory Girls' Chorus 3.4g Sophomore Chonrs 25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2,3,4g Journalism Club 2,3,4g Assistant Editor 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Small, but mighty. . . a bombshell on the hockey field. . . "Jennie" at Aunt Sally's. . . zealous member of Iourna1ismClub. . . 'JACK' ofalltrades. . .spright1y. . . keen-mind- ed. . .enjoys a good "gab session" now and then. . .will achieve success in any field. DAVID BISHOP 351 If2 East Park Street "Dave" Commercial Senior Orchestra 2, 3g Senior Band 2,3g Mixed Chorus 2g Boys' Chorus 2g l-li-Y l,2,3, 4g Yearbook Staff 4. Mischievous scamp. . . pretty blond hair. . . angelic looking--but don't be deceived. . . one of "The Big Three". . . a hit with the girls. . . "Hot diggety dogl . .is annoyed by female drivers. . . travels to York occasionally--Why, Dave?. . . plans to win his wings. our Aigk acAoo! Jaya EDWARD BISHOP 351 If2 East Park Street "Ed" Commercial Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Boys' Chorus I,2, 3g Hi-Y x,2,3,4g Treasurer Ig Yearbook Staff 4. Dave's other half. . . "Renee meenie miny mo". . . Ford in his future. . .rambunctious . . . good humor man . . . "Hot Dogl ". . . always "rating to go". . . a "1ong-time" em- ployee of Garber 's Garage. . .Ed plans to enter the Air Force after graduation. LARRY BOYER 30 College Avenue "S8IIlb0" ' General Senior Orchestra 4g Senior Band 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g Football r,2, 3g Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball 4. Towers above uswith six feet plus. . . love those curlsl l I. . .natural born mechanic. . . hard-working senior band and orchestra member. . . has a hostile feeling for the New York Yankees... "My word, boyl"...upon graduation will take up the wood-work profession. YVONNE MAE BROWN Route 3, Elizabethtown "Vonnie" Commercial Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 4: Sophomore Chorus 2g Tri-Hi-Y I,2,4: Music Ap- preciation 2, 35 Yearbook Staff 4. Easy on the eyes. . . raven tresses. . . tongue loose at both ends. . . diligent worker. . . Mr. Grosh's right hand gal. . . a real friend in need. . . "What are you thinking?". . . abhors two-faced people. . . able-bodied clerk at Grant's. . . will make a top-notch secretary at the Crippled Children's Hospital. riff mt KENNETH BRANDT BYERLY 435 College Avenue "Ken" College Preparatory Senior Orchestra 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus Accompanist 45 Vice-President 45 Boys'Chorus Accompanisl 4: Senior Band 2,3,45 Hi-Y 25 Basketball 2,3,45 Senior Play. Keen competitor of Jose Irurbi. . . super brain power. . .calm and indifferent. . . nimble feet on the basketball court. . . wise-cracker. . . his delight--mixing fiendish concoc- tions in chemistry lab. . . "Good Morning! . . speed demon on the typewriter. . . likes his hair SHORT! l . . .pearly white teeth. . . bound to succeed in whatever he undertakes. C. WILLIAM CRAUN 348 South Market Street "Bill" General "Herb Shriner" of the Senior Class. . .speaks with a slow, easy drawl. . .helps anybody with anything. . . "You clown I . .keeps busy white-washing his car. . . labors long and tirelessly for his class. . .Bill has dreams of traveling the West in a Cadillac. we l'l0lll AOL Lfllldl' ZIGRIDA CUKURS 209 North Poplar Street "Zigi" College Preparatory Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri-I-li-Y 15 Music Appreciation 2. Eyes of blue. . . hair of gold. . . a becoming blush. . . never a dull moment with Zigi a- round. . . "Honey Dogl . . teachers turn gray trying to pronounce her name. . . favorite pastime--watching dogsl. . .makes a mess of fenders. . .adds up to one lovable gal. . . good luck! RAYMOND THOMAS CUNNINGHAM 130 South Poplar Street "Nookie" General Hi-Y l,2,3,4, Football l,2,3,45 Basketball I,2. Takes life easy. ..hunting and fishing enthusiast.. .interests range from women to women. . . mischievous gleam in his eye. . . "You don't know, do you?". . .hard-work- ing center of the football team. . .will be seen "From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli". CAROLYN PARKER EARHART Bainbridge "Carol" College Preparatory Junior Orchestra 1,25 Senior Orchestra 2,45 Junior Band 1,23 Senior Band 1 ,2, 35 Mix- ed Chorus 3, 45 Sophomore Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3,45 Music Appreciation 2, 35 Journalism Club lg Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Play 4. Exquisite blonde fthe kind gentlemen preferl. . . "That's realGeorge". . . pet peeve. . . stop signs. . . drives? a big Buick convertible 11937 modelj--puts the top down with a can opener. . . enjoys moonlight swimming. . . forsakes all others for Fred. . . commutes daily from the metropolis of Bainbridge. . .plans a collegiate future. EDITH J. ENCK Route I, Elizabethtown "Tinker" Commercial Yearbook Staff 4. Follow the giggle, find the girl. . . catching personality. . . industrious worker. . . nice as they come. . . "How 'bout than". . . whiles away cold winter nights with letter writ- ing. . . commutes from Newville. . . undecided between a wife or a W.A. F .... certain to succeed in either. EUGENE ENCK 137 North Spruce Street "Gene" College Preparatory Senior Orchestra 1,2,3,4g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Treasurer 45 Olympic Club 1,25 Football 1, 2, 3,4g Basketball 2g Junior Play. Dark-complexioned and good-looking. . . suave. . . loads of personality. . . draws girls like a magnet. . .iron man of the football squad. . . adept in gymnastic arts. . .perpe- tual talker. . . "Ohl cut it outl . . "fiddles" around in orchestra. . .lives to eat. . . "Nimrod" of the class. . .will make a stalwart Marine. wifA eagerneriri ana! frelaiclafion EDGAR E. ESPENSHADE 35 West High Street "Junior" General "The Quiet Man". . . definitely on the dark side. . . passes his leisure hours piloting model airplanes. . . reimburses himself with pork barbeques and milk shakes. . . patron- izes Delynnes' Delight. . . aims to visit Uncle Sam. . . d luck, JUIli0l'- giiw' ' 4 Y ODER EVANS Masonic Homes ii "Yoder" College Preparatory Senior Band I,2g Hi-Y I,2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Boys' Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Football I,2, 3g Basketball 2, 3,4g Senior Play. Hear someone saying "I'm happy" 2--that's Terry. . . muscular athlete. . . abides by all training rules. . .DEEP bass voice. . . "ear to ear" grin. . . everybody 's pal. . .loves to recite for Miss Dulebohn. . . treasures his gun collection and his '49 Dodge. . . looks for- ward to being a pharmacist. C. LAWRENCE FARVER 129 Brown Street "Larry" College Preparatory Class President 3,43 Sophomore Chorus 2g Hi-Y 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 31 Key Club 25 Yearbook staff 4g Basketball 2, 3g Baseball 25 Senior Play. Tall, blond, heartbreaker of the Senior Clam. . .pursues girls in his "HOT Ford con- vert". . .likes his pegged pants. . .storms the countryside with Fisher and Brooks. . . terrestrial engineer. . . seemingly shy. . . amateur equestrian. . . capable class prexy. . . has no definite plans for his future. GEORGE A, FISHER 0? 1, if J 1, 53 East High Street "George" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 3,43 Sophomore Chorus 25 l-li-Y 2,3,4g Junior Playg Senior Play. Tall. . . dark. . . handsome. . . possesses an unruly cowlick. . .impish grin. . . sportful. . . proud owner of a '53 Chevy convertible. . . keeps a "flivver" for rainy days... Chem' istry whiZ. . . life of any party, . . talented actor--proved it in both plays. . . CFUOYS PHI' ting up T. V, aerials? P . . . college-bound. BONNIE DAYE FUNCK 59 Brown Street "BODIES" Commercial Girls' Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Tri-I-I-Y I,2, 3,43 Music Appreciation 2,3g Yearbook Staff 45 Office Girl 4, Starry blue eyes. . . slender, . . lover of the great out-of-doors, , , bicyclist. , , competent office worker. . . still remains a faithful Girl Scout. . . I0yce's inseparable companion . . . a lovable gal. . . Bonnie is sure to attain success in the secretarial field, 2 fo fke !ll.tlll"0.. . MARY MARGARET GEBHARD Route 3, Elizabethtown "Mary" Commercial Girls' Chorus 3,4g Tri-Hi-Y I, 2,43 Yearbook Staff 4. Sweet and demure. . .unassum- ing, , , cute. , . an "out-door" girl, . . adroit in all sports. . . "Honestly", . . unnerved by gum cracking. , . one of our country marms. . . likes to browse in books, . , will brighten up some office as a private secretary, DONALD K, GIBBLE 353 West High Street "Duke" General Senior Band I, 2, 3: Hi-Y I, 2, 3, 45 Football 1, Tall. . . blond. . . takes life as it comes . . . -'oh, How I Hate To Get Up in the Morning", . . quiet--on occasions, . .a good guy .. . loathes dish-washing. . . partial to brunettes.. . "Man, that's real gonel " . . . will make a first class sailor. CLAUDINE RAE GILGORE 26 Washington Street , ff ilm'-e I " '1 if-if '- i s . ,Q M. 1 ' ' "Claudine" Commercial '-i Girls' Chorus 3, 4g Sophomore Chorus 23 Music Appreciation 2, 3g Library Staff I, 2, 3, ' 4g President 3: Vice-President 4: Journalism Club 2, 3,45 Exchange Editor 43 Yearbook staff 4: Office Girl 4. Conscientious student. . .full of mirth. . .infectious giggle. . .our authority on latest record releases. . . able office girl. . , handy with a needle and thread. . . proud of her drivet's license and why not? 2 2, , , destined to be a faithful secretary, 330 South Market Street "George" College Preparatory Band Front I,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Vice- President I, Chaplain 3, President 45 Music Appreciation 35 Indoor Patrol 2,35 Journa lism Club 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play. D714 ,X XM' lww fpffw Impulsive and lovable. . . spruce appearance. . . coquettish eyes. . . giggler. . . one of the "Gallant Gish Girls". . ."Umm Boyl l". . .frequently heard saying "Let's SKIP thatl " . . .efficient president of'l'ri-Hi-Y. . .has a flare for knitting argyle socks. . . will make her mark in the medical world as a laboratory technician. HAZEL' E. GISH Route I, Elizabethtown "Kitty" Commercial Girls' Chorus 25-Sophomore Chorus 2. Cheery disposition. . . easy smile. . . well-mannered. . . reliable. . . studious. . . thought- ful of others. . . eyes to match her name. . . rosy cheeks. . . animal lover. . . good com- mercial student. . .happiest when hiking. . . her success is assured as a fixture secretary. . . . d5 we 5f6ll'l6l LOUISE GOOD 381 East Park Street "Weezie" Commercial Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Indoor Pa- trol 45 Hockey 1,2. Vivacious. . . pretty, sandy-colored hair. . . lovely eyes. . .right up to the minute on all the latest jokes. . . takes things with a smile. . . drives a "mean" hockey ball. . . never lacks for conversation. . .is fond of the name Jim--we wonder why? 2. . . "One swell girl. " SARA JANE GOOD 316 East Park Street "Shorty" Commercial Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Chonrs 45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y l,2, 3,45 Music Ap- preciation 2, 35 Journalism Club 2, 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4. Fluffy, blue-eyed blonde. . . talented. . . plays "accordian" to our whims. . .loves mu- sic in any style. . . a whiz on wheels. . . "You'd be surpirsedl". . .accompanist for Girls' Chorus. . .hard-hitting hockey player. . .we have high hopes for Sara as a professional Organlst. HARRY R. GOODLING 423 East High Sueet "Henner" General Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Football I,2,35 Basketball l,2,35 Baseball I,2,3. One of those "Goodlings". . . a big tease. . . three-letter man. . .oh, that curly hain 5 , , "l'm sick of you, kidl ". . .divides his time between the motor and a maroon Ford. . . likes his women--blonde, brunette, or redhead. . .aims to learn a trade. 29 'fi-r nys. :QQX Y' 'J I NANCY LOUISE GREENA WALT 216 East High Street 'Nan Commercial Junior Orchestra 1- Senior Orchestra 2,3 4- Mixed Chorus 3 4- Secretary 4- Girls Chorus 2,45 Tri-Hi-Y I 2 3 A' Indoor Patrol 3- Yearbook Staff 4- Senior Play Keen sense of humor. . .companionable. . .pleasant smile. . .booster of all sports. . .vio- linist. .never an idle minute. . "Ohl Si. Michaell' collects miniature dogs as a h bb ' ' ' o y Jolly little prompter for the Junior Play. . aspires to be a private secretary. RUSSELL G HALDEMAN 28 West l-lummelsrown Street College Preparatory Ph Y I 2 3 4 Footballl 2 Basketball 2 3 Baseball 2 4 A regular Don Juan good looks plus clever Ohl those gorgeous curls sharp dresser hrs hobby flshmg at 3 o clock ln the morning one of the FEW boys who braved French holds an mterest rn the Masonic Homes the future w1ll f1nd him attending college . lflPOIltetI'e5 0 IRENE HEISEY Route I Ellzabethtown Renee Commerclal Junior Orchestra 1 Mixed Chorus Girls Ch 4 orus 3 4 Sophomore Chorus 2 Music A ppreclauon 2 3 Yearbook Staff 4 Business Manager 4 Country gal Wllh clty charm bubbles with pep and personality petlte and friend l a l y ccomp lshed squeeze box player dislikes the nickname Red a first rate commercial student up to her ears in work b addition to any office as usiness manager will be an ideal ROBERT K HEISEY Lawn Bo General One of the class red heads Ohl that innocent look a cut up slaves at Howard Johnson s reads only heavy literature comic booksl l Be a- brighter day tomor rowll his hobby making or breaking his 47 convertible a future auto body man LU! Y KLM rt N4 1 W V I f ROBERT ROSS HEISEY U 21 Washington Street o General Football Manager I 2 3 Basketball Manager r 2 Baseball Manager 1 Look outl I I here comes Bob in his 36 Chevy forever being confused with R b o ert claims his hobby is women we don t doubt htm poker face but oh that cackle will gain recognition in the carpentry field JAMES L. HEIGEL 123 North Spruce Street "Jim" General Hi-Y l,2,3,45 Olympic Club l,2,3,4g Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball l,2,3g Baseball 4. Good-natured and easy-going. . . our fleet-fooled end. . .better known as Flash. . . "The Duce". . . detests homework in any size, shape, or form. . . Ohl that blush. . .likes his women short 'n dark. . .law is sure to be rigidly enforced when Jim becomes a state policeman. atv.-4 .nawffpl ,W . Y- .5 FRED HERSHEY 'C'-G 7 ' 131 East Cedar Street 2 ,Canal-vw "Mort" W jgaaafpaa all Hi-Y 1,2,3,45 Football 1,25 Manager 3,45 Baseball 2,3,4. 3 , Blond roof-raiser of Homeroom 20. . . clean-cut features. . . owns a nifty wardrobe. . . genial. . . happy-go- lucky. . . "Why you 're neat! ". . . interested in almost everything but school. . . our indispensable football manager. . .will make an unsurpassed state policeman. a new Line! O! J. MALCOLM HERSHEY 131 East Cedar Street "Male" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 2,3,45 Boys' Chorus 2,35 l-li-Y 2,3,45 Music Appreciation 2,35 Key Club 45 Journalism Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Student Council 3,45 Vice-President 3, President 4. Every inch a king. . . intellectual. . . clear thinker. . . dependable. . . beautiful black hair . . . radiant smile. . . an all-around guy. . .staunch sports' fan and sedulous score-keep- er. . . "Are you working hard?". . .plans to attend college or trade school. . . the very best to you, Malc. ESTHER C. HERSHMAN 211 College Avenue "Essie" College Preparatory Senior Orchestra l,2,3,43 Concertmeister 45 String Ensemble 1,2, 35 Junior Girls'Trio5 Senior Girls' Trio5 Mixed Chorus 3,45 President 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3,45 Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,45 Vice-President 2, Scribe l,4g Music Appreciation 2, 35 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Social Editor 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Literary Editor 45 Senior Play. Friendly. . . one of the class gigglers. . . wlnzzes through any task you give her. . . al- ways seen with Joyce and Audrey. . .likes reading, hiking, and swimming. . . "Oh gol- lyl . . pretty clothes. . .well-liked. . . musically inclined. . . faithfuland capable lite- rary editor of the yearbook. . . all adds up to one wonderful girl. . .ambition--elemem ta.ry teacher. PAULA W. HIPPLE Falmouth "l-lip" Home Economics Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Girls' ChOl'l1Sl,2,3g Indoor Patrol l,2,3g Captain 3g F.H.A. 45 Cheerleader 1,2, 35 Senior Play. One of our Bainbridge gals. . . pretty hair. . . energetic personality. . .sports enthusiast . . . "Dig that crazy-- I . .portrayed Miss Audubohn in the Senior Play. . . know any "knock knocks? . . has'her eye on the sky. . .will go places in aviation. 'WZ , , gm , .4 1 JOSEPH B. HOFFER 480 West Bainbridge Street A ah' "Joe" Commercial A .I "A real good Joe". . . Josie's twin. . . usually seen but seldom heard. . , a durable friend ' f iw: 1.5 ", 5 ik'-:21w.'11'.z. '- .j'5f.j-fiifxa 1: gh! .- ggaew . f ,. Fir.. rl: f Nsvih 9 I N r wil f s Q- I, :- was .rs ai 'ak I wi 4 ' vw Q v ff' 'za 2311 225.5 , li 1 ,224 ...:x.jx.l,-, , sf-X V, 1 1. me. zw..ssk1-QQ 1 : 31133 5323. fb,:"e-,g.i3:- s I , Q .3-egg, Q , f gat -. gf.-Z-. ,. 'l t RX .. . thrives on his long "treks" to school. . . "Ohl my landl . .intrigued by stamp col- lecting and woodworking. . . always takes an optimistic viewpoint of things. IOSEPHINE RUTH HOFFER 480 West Bainbridge Street "Josie" Commercial Mixed Chorus 41 Girls' Chorus 3: Sophomore Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y lp Music Apprecia- tion 3. One of a pair. . . winsome lass. . , amiable personality. . . talkative. , . abounds with vim and vigor. . . loves to collect salt and pepper shakers--especially DUCKSI l. . . love me, love my gigglel. . . E-town Bakery's super sales girl. . . dislikes unchivalrous W Ska! AOL AML JAY HOOVER Rheems "Hoover" Commercial Hi-Y I, 2: Olympic Club 3,4. Romeo from Rheems. . . handsome. . . sharp clothes. . .likes people but partial to wo- men--undecided between band and cheerleaders. . . ringleader of bedlam. . . flying fingers on the typewriter, . , "quick on the trigger" with witty remarks. . ,will make an invincible flier. boys. . . a pearl of a girl. JOYCE l. HOOVER - , H 40 North Poplar Street "Joyce" College Preparatory Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Senior Band I,2,3,4: Mixed Chorus 2,4g Tri-Hi-Y I,2: President 23 Music Appreciation 2,3g Yearbook Staff 42 Junior Playp Senior Play. 'Our Miss Brooks". . . flirtatious eyes. . . photogenic lass. . . agile in sports. . . poised. , . toots a saxophone for Mr, Klauss. , . endowed with talent. . .songster. . . "Golly" . . . dabs with oil paints in her spare time. . . eagerly awaiting to hit a college campus. I MARTHA R. HOOVER "Martha" Commercial Mixed Chorus 4g Girls' Chorus 3,43 Yearbook staff 4. Oodles of fun, , , energy unbounded. . . her two favorite topics--HAROLD and FOOD! I , , , spends summers slavingr ? P at the Continental Press. . . "That's for surel ". . . en- viable wavy hair, , , twinkling blue eyes. , , efficient baby-sitter. . . plans to be both secretary and housewife--more power to you, Martha., '32 MARILYN LEE ISENBERG 2OI West H1gh Street Marrlyn Commerclal Senlor Orchestra I,2 3 4 Senror Band I 2 3 4 Trl H1 YI 2,3 4 Graceful demeanor soft spoken prrm and precrse bllthe soulful eyes has a smooth page boy good student JIM1ng a w11l1ng and cooperative worker l s ure to succeed as secretary plays the mellophonem band and orchestra Marx yn 1 s or housewtf e SHIRLEY JOYCE ISHLER 259 North Poplar Street Shul Commercral Band Front I 2 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 Sop omore Talland slrm smartclothes blonde halted green eyed beauty clackrngjaws d s erated by book nlmble feet on the dance floor totes a flag rn semor ban exa p keeprng rapld typrst d1sc1ple of the Town Pharmacy asprrauon A WAVF h Chorus 2 Tn H1 Y I 2 llllfk l1'lel1'l0I'leJ SHIRLEY M ITZOE I22 West Baxnbrtdge Street Shirley Commercxal h Accompanrst 3 Sophomore Chorus 2 Grrls Chorus 4 Trl H1 Y Mxxed C orus 3 4 I 2 3 Musrc Apprec1atron 2 3 Lrbrary Staff 3 4 Presldent 4 ,lournalrsm Club 2 3 3 Yearbook staff 4 Busrllng w1th pep curly black ha1r sparklrng brown eyes mmble fmgers on the keyboard a persrstent worker Number please? competent presxdent of the Lxbrary Staff IOSlC'S shadow wlll brlghten up any offlce or home DORIS JEAN JUMPER 431 East Hrgh Street Dons Jean Commercral Musrc Apprecrauon 2 3 Laughlng eyes darlmg drmples shrnlng brown locks tactful rolls her mme away at the skatrng rlnk S15 s chum You don't know do you? annoyed by people who thlnk they own the world wrll make a good WAVE THELMA MAE KEENER 408 Snyder Avenue "The1ma" College Preparatory A pleasant asset to our class this year . completed three years of her educauon through correspondence, velvet brown eyes. . . rlch vorce , , superb French scholar. . . avrd reader .,"Never too late to begm agamI" good ph1losophy.,.collegxate future. rw ...ff fr .Af 2, Za- A sa.. f ,ff 1. BARBARA ELAINE KENNEDY North Market and Summit Streets "Barb" Commercial Girls' Chorus 2g Sophomore Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y 35 Indoor Patrol Ig Hockey 2. Rare combination of blond hair and brown eyes, . , spends her spare time "astride the saddle". . .former Florida resident. , ,our expert gum cracker. . .happiest behind the wheel of that Nash Rambler. . . "You crazy mixed-up kid! ". . .looking forward to be- coming a general office worker. O. WILLIAM KEPLER Route I, Elizabethtown "Bill" General Tall and witty, . , Sandman's apprentice, , . excels in swimming. . . "How about that? " . . . ingenious? mechanic, . , the clown of I22 whizzes around in his jet-propelled con- vertible. . , aims to be a truck driver. . . Bill is sure to drive the biggest and best. ...O Our Cal' AUDREY G, KILHEFNER Route I, Elizabethtown College Preparatory "Audrey" ior Orchesua 2 Senior Orchestra 2,3 4- Mixed Chorus 4- Treasurer 4g Girls' Cho- Iun ,3: . . . rus 2, 3,43 Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2,3,4g Chaplain 1, Secretary 25 Music Appreciation 2, 3g In- door Patrol 4g Ioumalism Club 2, 3,45 Yearbook Staff 4. Cool . , calm , , . collected . . . super-intelligent . . . versatile miss . . .friend to all. . . pride and joy are her shining black braids. . . excels in all sports. . . "dog house" virtu- oso, , . smooth alto in Mixed Chorus. . . "Oh, greatl ". . . collects stamps in her spare time. . . success awaits her as a future school matm. SHIRLEY ANN LANCASTER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Shirl" Home Economics F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Vice-President 4. Cute as a button. . . quietl I--but wait unti you first love--Manheim! I. . . has a passion for French fries and pork barbecues. . .one of our strict? 2 indoor patrolmen. , . Shirl has high hopes of becoming a farmer's wife, 1 know her. . .Edith's bosom companion LOIS LEHMAN II7 Mount Joy Street "Lois" r Home Economics Dark-haired beauty. . , melodious voice. . .sweet 'n shy. . . "Her smile would melt a heart of stonel , . ardent movie fan. . . dexterous in sports.. . keeps the post office in business with her numerous letters, . . certain to make a model housewife. 34 el RUTH H, LITTLE 139 West High Street y" F, H. A. 3.4. Home Economics Short 'n cute. . . sparkling dark eyes. . .flashing smile. . .wears pretty jewelry. . .never idle a minute..,frequent1y heard talking about her trip to Massachusetts...always buzzing here and there. . . enjoys a good laugh. . . a real peach of a gal, "Bunn RONALD NL LONG Route I, Elizabethtown "Rodney" Commercial Quiet and serious-minded, , . inky black hair. . .lone wolf of Homeroom 21, , . likes to hunt deer qtwo or four legged 2 J. . . "You're doggone rightl l ". . . has afriendly "Hi-ya" for everyone. . .future Navy man--Bon voyage, Ronnie. 9 ..4..f ..f.,.... SYLVIA A. LORQW 136 East Willow Street ' "Sid" College Preparatory Class Secretary 25 Band Front I,2, 3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,43 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri- Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g President rg Music Appreciation 35 Junior Playg Senior Play. Tall, dark, and very attractive. . . charming captain of the majorettes. . . neat from any angle. . .heaps of fun. . . "Corn Queen" of E. H. S. . . .shines when anyone mentions Annville. . . answer girl in health class. . . "That's realGEORGEl I . . pet peeve--early morning band practices. . .future 'Florence Nightingale. " DOLORES JEAN MARTIN 211 East Park Street "Dee" Home Economics F. H. A. 2, 3, 4. Cheerful disposition.,,fu1l of fun.'..soft 'brunette hair. ..seen foodng it from Park Street to E, H, S. . . . efficient clerk at Grant's, , , blesses F. H. A. with her presence, . . Ruthie's side kick. . . writes letters in spare time. . .will make a good WAVE. BERNARD F. MEYERHOFFER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Bemie" . General Industrious farm hand. . . day-dreamer, . . travels the country side with Ed and Bob. . . holds a certain sophomore girl as the apple of his eye. .. takes off from school qocca- sionally? PJ to gohunting. . . a sure bet to succeed in life, 35 Q Ra- ' 9 'P -f A We 4 I' s "' I PATRICIA ANN MEYERS 339 Marietta Street, Mount Joy " Pat" Commercial Girls' Chorus 33 Sophomore Chorus 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2,4. Comes to us from Mount Joy. . . attractive. . . snappy dresser. . . quiet and sophisticated . . .f1irtatious. . . date bait. . .long brunette hair. . .just loves to eat. . . second home-- Town Pharmacy. . . another one of our commercial students that dislike bookkeeping . . . ambition--to join the WAVES. JOYCE E, MILLER 75 College Avenue "Joyce" College Preparatory Girls' Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2: Tri-Hi-Y 1, 2, 3,45 Music Appreciation 2,3g Journalism Club 2, 3,4g Business Manager 42 Yearbook Staff 4. Slim 'n trim, . . gorgeous chestnut tresses, , , sparkling hazel eyes. . . well-dressed, . . trademark--her contagious giggle. . . "My Goshl . . loquacious . . . jovial personality . . .a queen in her own right. . . pilots a gray Buick. . .water duck. . . determined to suc- ceed as an elementary teacher, . . . 0 fAe eadanf afidociafio WILBUR G, MILLER Route I, Elizabethtown "Wilbur" General Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus I, 2, 3, 4. lnvaluable bass in chorus. . . original thinker, . , dexterous shop student. . . a sharp dresser . . .eager beaver. . . well-liked. . . "Cripesl . .just loves to tease the girlsl l . . . enjoys reading. . . Ohl that guffawl I. . . will succeed in his chosen profession. JACQUELYN ANN NISLEY 210 South Market Street "Jackie" College Preparatory Band Front 1, 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3: Sophomore Chorus 2g Tri-l-li-Y I,2, 3,4g Treas- urer I ,4gMusic Appreciation 3,Indoor Patrol 2, 35 Journalism Club 2. 'Sweet and lovely". . , well-liked, , , supple in all sports. . . cute from any angle, , , adores football games--especially THE halfback. , . swings a baton in the band. . .our captivating "Halloween Queen" . . . likes 'em big and rugged.. .will make a top-rate I'llll'S8 , PEGGY ELAINE OFFER Route 3, Elizabethtown "Peggy" Commercial Sophomore Chorus 2, Petite doll of I23. . . perfect example of Southern beauty and charm. . . cute giggle. . . an experienced traveler. . . "I Love Melvin". . . "Oh, you alll . .first girl in the class to wear an engagement ring, , , will be an asset to any home or office. 36 vl VW ETHEL A. OLWEILER aw Route I , Elizabethtown "Essie" Home Ecogomics F.H.A. 2,3,4g President 4. M Fair-skinned. . .smooth complexion. . .reserved. . . kind-hearted and unselfish. . . flow- ing gold tresses. . . smiling salesgitl at Paxson's Cut-Rate. . . takes pride in driving her Z brother's Plymouth. . . "You know! . . capable president of the F. H. A .... extremely fond of "Chicks. " JOHN H. PARRY 510 North Hanover Street "Jack" General Football l,2,3,4. Brawn and brains. . . lazy smile. . .one of Mr. Daubert's hard-hitting linemen. . .great advocate of the female species. . . volcano? Uno, --Parry 's Chevy.. .partner in crime with Mick and Ray. . . loves 'em and leaves 'em. . . joined us from Blakely in his jun- ior year. . .bound to succeed in the field of his choice. fA Olll' C 6l56l'l'lat25... CHARLES PFAUNMILLER, IR. Route 3, Elizabethtown "Charlie" General Boys' Chorus 4. A devoted employee of Greiner's. . . even-tempered. . . first hate- -homework! . . . "Oh, heckl . .his hobby is philately Qwhat 's that, Charlie 2 7 Pj. . .exhibits flashy cowboy hats. . . a good sport. . . caper-cutter in class. . .intends to become an aviator. J 'iff' . I - 4 gif 0 W LL, V, L KERRY Rice yi: C gf L. W4,0'lJ 58 Orange Street 1' "Mario" CkJU'ftCommercial ' L2 Mixed Chorus 3g Boys' Chorus 3g Sophomore Chorus 2g Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Football 2,3,4. All Quick-witted. . . gobs of fun. . . windy. . . addicted to redheads. . . "How about thatl I " l . . .allergic to double shorthand periods . . .valiant gridiron man.. .proud brother of triplets. . .look out, Washington, D, C,, here comes a future executive. A Y -Q! 5, GEORGE P. RICKERT 156 East Park Street "Rick" College Preparatory Junior Orchestra 1,23 Senior Band l,2, 3,4g Senior Hi-Y 2, , g Yearbook Staff ' un- 3 4 4'-I ior Play. A tough "Butcher Boy" in the Junior Play. . .the missing man in school. . .great skep- tic.. .the strong, silent type. . . Chick's shadow. . .guardian angel of a yellow Chevy convertible. . . few pheasants lose their tail feathers when Rick goes hunting. ie- GERALD A.. SAGER Route 1, Elizabethtown "Jerry" General Man of few words but plenty of action. . . accomplished authority on the subject of cars --antiques that is. . . curly eyelashes. . . sheepish grin. . . seemingly a woman-hater, but we wonder? P P Jerry. . .sure to make good in his excavating business. PAUL M. SCHWANGER Route I, Elizabethtown "Paul" Commercial Boys' Chorus 45 Hi-Y 4. Handsome . . . beautiful light brown hair . . . stylish dresser . . . muscular physique. . . "snoozes" during classes. . .experienced hunter and trapper . . . our "fix-it" man . . . thinks of math as a necessary evil.. . PauI's immediate ambition is to attend college. . . s all llllfk Oul' ted LARRY R. SEIDERS 218 East Willow Street "Larry" College' Preparatory Mixed Chorus 2,'35 Boys' Chorus 2,35 Hi-Y 2,3,4g Olympic Club I,2,3,4: Football I, 2, 3,45 Basketball 35 Manager 2. Sparkplug of any class. . .why teachers leave their profession. . .one of our powerful linemen. . . rugged individualist. . . detests homework and girls qso he saysl. . . terrorizes the community in the green and yellow contraption qbetter known as his '37 Studebaker, . . . heart's desire: a new car. . . destined to be successful. PAUL RICHARD SHELLEY 245 West Bainbridge Street "Shelley" College Preparatory Class President 25 Class Vice-President 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Business Manager 45 Boys' Chorus 2, 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hi-Y 1,45 Music Appreciation 2,35 Key Club 25 Journalism Club 1, 2, 3,45 Assistant Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief45 Basketball Manager 2,35 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Yearbook Staff 45 Editor-in-Chief 4. One in a million! -4that's Shelley. . . definitely possesses a nose for news. . . constantly "on the go" . . . Michaelangelo the second. . . his theme song--FOOD! FOOD! FOOD! . . . seldom seen without Jon. . . finds Chronicle's subscription lista real headache. . . proficient editor of yearbook and the school publication. . . aims to star in a movie with Deborah Kerr. PATRICIA ANN SHU MAKER 81 Maytown Avenue "Pat" Home Economics Class President qBainbridgeJ 2, 35 Mixed Chorus t, 2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Indoor Patrol I,2,3,4: F. H.A. 45 Senior Play. Hails from Bainbridge. . . Paula's pal. . . tall. . . gleaming red hair. . .frank, friendly, and full of fun. . . sweet smile. . . skilled in dramatics. . . usually heard saying "La dee da". . . a good scout in everything. . . has the travel bug.. . will make an eye-catching W. A.F. C8 KENNETH STONER I4I East Hummelstown Street "Junior" General Boys' Chorus 25 Olympic Club 2,3,4: Football 1, 2,3,45 Basketball 35 Baseball 2, 3. Tarzan of the football squad. . . the coaches' mighty mouse. . . mainstay of the Olympic Club. . . well built. . . that grinl. . . congenial. . . sports-minded. . . a regular guy. . . bud- dy-buddy with Enck and Andrews. . . "l don't know. ". . . loathes homeworkll l. . . bound for the Marines. - NORA JANE SWEIGART Route 3, Elizabethtown "Nora" College Preparatory Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Music Appreciation 25 Journalism Club 2. Sugar and spice and everything nice--all adds up to one grand gal. . . "Oh, Shucksl " . . . attractive, wavy hair. . . dimpling smile. . . calm, unruffled disposition. . . pachtl I I splutterl I l spurtll I--there goes Nora inher dad's car. . . ambition--mistress of a home --we know she'1l make a good one, A we ad our larincilaa 5... ELEANOR S, TAYLOR Masonic Homes "Liz" College Preparatory Class Treasurer 2, 3,45 Junior Girls' Trio5 Senior Girls' Trio5 Band Front 2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Tri-Hi-Y r,2, 3, 45 Secretary I, Treasurer 25 Music Appreciation 35 Journalism Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Junior Play5 Senior Play. Small bundle of dynamite , . . peaches and cream complexion. . . attractive, high- stepping majorette. . . converses fluently about the books she has read, , , witty. . . "Who knows? . . relishes pizza pie. . . her band practice motto "Better Late Than Never ". . . anticipates a teaching career, WILLIAM VUXTA Route 1, Middletown "Bill" General Hi-Y 15 Football I,4. One of our robust football heroes. . .Middletown's gift to the senior class. . .short and stocky, . . droll sense of humor. . . expert? ? hunter and angler. . . 'You don't know, do you? ". . . harbors a dislike for.doctors--why, Bill ? ?. . . a tip-top fellow. R. EDWARD WARDEN 24 South Poplar Su-eet 'Ed' College Preparatory Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Secretary I, Vice-President 45 Key Club 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Photo- graphy Editor 45 Football I,2, 3,45 Basketball 15 Manager 2, 35 Baseball 2, 3,4, Handles the pigskin with ease. . . goes infor sports in abig way. . . an all-around fellow , . . dapper appearance. . . sharp crew cut. . . 'bulging biceps", , ,a magnet for injuries . . . ardent rooter 'of the girls' hockey team. . , favorite pastime--raising whoopee, . . college bound. 39 sae T. ,vi 1 MARILYN IRENE WARREN Masonic Homes "Marilyn" Commercial Class Secretary 3,4g Mixed Chorus 35 Girls' Chorus 3g Sophomore Chorus 2, Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Secretary 4, Music Appreciation 35 Yearbook Staff 4g Cheerleader r,2, 3,44 Captain 45 Junior Play, Senior Play. Striking brunette. . . always laughing. . . whiz of a commercial student. . . cute clothes . . . efficient captain of the cheerleaders. . . dislikes writing chewing gum essayslll hobbies are reading and TALKING. . . eagerly awaits mail from Philly. . . excellent in all sports, but partial to swimming. . . aims to be a legal secretary. ROSALLE K. WA! Route 3, Elizabethtown "Sis" Commercial Music Appreciation 2, 3. Stmn smile vivid browm e es. . . quietn P--not Sis. . .tops in sports. . .Uncle Sam receives her numerous letters. . . "Did someone mention Paul P". . . crazy over HORSES . . . "Well, you little monkeyl ". . .certain to be a wonderful WAVE or wife. . ..w o were ever infererife JANET RAE WESTAFER 301 North Hanover Street "Jail" Commercial Girls' Chorus 3, Sophomore Chorus 2, fri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3g Yearbook Staff 4. A real "Queen on Ice". . . charming personality. . . impetuous. . . smooth dancer. . . stun- ning clothes. . .Carolyn's constant companion . . . pet peeve--men drivers . . . "Holy I-lannahl . . her skating career- -started by Pop and Unclejohn--will undoubtedly end at the top. CLAIRE WILKINSON Route 2, Elizabethtown "Claire" College Preparatory Class Vice-President 4g Girls' Chonis 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 2g Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Vice-President 45 Music Appreciation 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 4. Cute and perky blonde. . . chic clothes. . .winning personality. . . whistle bait. . . a true friend to all. . . descended to us from the coal regions. . .just an Englishman at heart . . . flies a.round in the "Green Dragon . . anticipates a nursing career after graduation. EUGENE C. WOLGEMUTH 173 East High Street "Chick" General Hi-Y r,z,3,4. Tall and dark. . . well-liked. . . not a care in the world--that's Chick. . .favorite type of people--girls, especially blondes. . . absent the first day of trout season- -sick? 2. . . seldom seen without George. . . enjoys hunting Qanimals, of coursej. . . plans to assist Uncle Sam in the U. S. Navy. 40 Loretta Home Economlcs Mrxed Chorus x 2 3 Grrls Chorus r 2 3 F H A 4 A damty lrttle blonde arresnng smxle shy makes her home in the metropohs of Falmouth adores our easy? 2 Pclasses has a comphment for everyone Whatzl admrresa handsome youth from Mrddlexown Loretta rs bound to suc LORETTA MAE ZELLER Falmouth ceed wrth her charmrng personalrty I1 Oul' L02 af? To the Sensors By the trme you read thus we will have lust about completed three years of plannrng and working together Some of It has been fun some plaln hard work and some of lt perhaps very unpleasant ln years to come however most of these experiences wlll be recalled with pleasure and happiness and there will be trmes when you wlll even regret that you dud not participate more fully In school lrfe For as you get older you realize that you get out of life what you put unto It It has been asmcere pleasure to work wrth you through these past years and wrthall ear nestness I wrsh for you the wall to face the responsubrlrhes of Irfe and the ablllty to enloy lrfe s greatest challenges May you be happy In your own llves and strlve always to help others fund happiness too 41 W U . , ' . , r -rr .,.---- ' ' ' ' ... ... A ' W ... ... ..., I AQ ... g . . . . A ! ' . . . . . . . . . . . I I ' . . . I I . . . . . . . I . . . . I . . . . . . I - . , . ... . .. . . , . . . . . . . n 7Wem0riam J L Qfgef lesser To .lack the lad wuth the frlendly smule whom we shall always remember as one of us Being a boy of many abllutles he was admired by all his classmates Outstanding In the literary arts he could express hnmselfexceptlonally well nn the field of wrltang 6ltI'LCla nfl el'I'l Cl Although Patsy was with us onlya short while we learned to love and respect her for the many fune qualutues whuch she possessed nf 74 jf! ff ,AJ ac ' r ' I jg-,., f 4 f f I X17 X, f tl V. tl XRS Xe. 'll-f.:+fi 'is 5 'Y-. ,an s..." q fa u6ltl0l'l As he lights dim and fade into the background, and as the distant tones of the War March fall upon our ears, we begin the processional that will lead us to the front of the auditorium. As we ao along our minds are filled with endless memories: memories of bygone days in which we experienced both ioy and sorrow memories of comical in- cidents that were so very mucha part of our school life, memories of teachers who sac- rificed their time and talents to prepare us for the future memories of every little in- significant detail which lingered with us. But now our thoughts are interrupted as we reach the stage and our iourney is climaxed when each of us is handed his diploma only a symbol in itself but truly a symbol of achievement and purpose. Now as we again hear the strains of the War March we bid farewell to our dear Alma Mater and begin the recessional during which visions ofthe future flood our minds: visions ofthe hurdles we shall overcome and of the goals we shall attain since we are now ready to go out and give our all to achieve those goals for we are the Class of 54. 43 LEFT TO RIGHT: G. Fisher, Januaryg M, Hershey, Februaryg L. Farver, Decemberg K. Beinhauer, October: P, Shelley, Marchg E, Warden, May: E. Enck, November: K. Stoner, April. IZJM, 0,6 -Of. Me- MA Senior boys who visit the Rotary Club each week for one month as guests of the club, rep- resenting the school. . .chosen on basis of popularity only, but includes some of the school's top leaders. . .participated in the Rotary program, usually with short speeches. . .the school's "well-dressed men" every Friday. "Tell ya how it isl " Roving Eyes "Bro-o-otheri " QQ 'S ,4 f0..,.... Senior debutantes "coming out." Lots of "zip" but no "snap. " "lf looks could killl " Christmas comes to Room 21 . "Let's have some servicel" "Tarzan" Haldeman utters his cry of triumph 46 I. "Don't Fence Me In" 2. "Let's stay in characterl " 3. "Info the r'nonster's mouth 4. Y Ch 1, llx Q: ifL.a.,4 W .,, 1 Boys will be boysl ..7ArougA fAe peridcope O o G f as .1 ,y i l 7. Playing the piano, Sid? 5. "LeT's vofel " 6. Dig that crazy forl-cl 8. That "come hither" look! 9. "The Quief Man" lO. Sweet 'n' sour lin 6: , 1 'F' A wi ' I firzgl X do T 1 ,Qs 4 -- flii 'f 'ff Uriiqhax I X pro eddor, .W cw --Junior Class Play A handsome young college professor, Keats Perry, seemed more interested in ancient Cleo- patra than in modern day women until a lively student, Vicky Randolf, enters the scene. Vicky and the professor dislike each other intensely Qthey think, while Grandpa, tongue-in-cheek, maneu- vers them into matrimony. Grandpa, Boggins, and Vicky sponsor three girls, one of which Keats is supposed to marry. Grandpa's "phone messages" add to the confusion while Grandma wails, "I'm going home to MotherI" Valerie, the attractive Southern gal goes sour on men when John and Pris- cilla, Boggins and Tootsie "take off" for Niagara Falls on their honeymoon. This leaves Grandpa "holding the bag" or rather the vase, and Keats holding Vicky. Everyone will agree the play was an enjoyable comedy, but even more comical were the "behind- the-scenes" incidents: the lemon?? meringue pie -- "Butcher Boy" George feeding pie to hungry "prof"-- those "cool" stage kisses--getting Toot- sie offstage after her faint --confused costume changes. Then there was the poem for song, writ- ten by Paul, George, and Vernon "Ode to a Jolly Little Prompter" and dedicated to Nancy Greeno- walt. But everyone must agree that the play pre- sentation added up to a lot of fun. Our thanks to Miss Mengel for her excellent direction and good sportsmanship. :fi 64 U ur ifid goo 5 --Senior Class Play lt all started with the casting of the Senior Class play, "Lost Horizons". Miss Brooks, an at- tractive young English teacher, isstuck with a play she doesn't want to direct, while Miss Audubon is offended that it has been taken from her. A teen- age snob, Rhonda Allen, is all set for the lead when Jane lands the part to play opposite Ted, her secret hero. The other girls, secretly pleased by the upset, do their best to help Miss Brooks, even in affairs of the heart. Constant arguing over the use of the gym doesn't keep the coach and Miss Brooks exactly on the best of terms, much to her regret. When Mrs. Allen's "valuable Chinese vases" are broken, Mr. Wadsworth nearly collapses and intends to fire Miss Brooks. Reassured by Miss Finch, she completes the arrangement and with the exception of a Few minor disturbances--Stan- ley's lost voice, forgotten lines, Martin's attack of appendicitis--everything goes fine. The coach, taking Martin's part at the last minute, gets more than he bargained for as he and Miss Brooks, to- gether, hear "Curtain.going up." Will we everforget the little things that made the play so much fun: "Better late than never, George". . . those iitterbugging workouts . . . "Why play coaches get gray hairl ".' . . 'that first stage kiss. . . missing all those cues. . . "But he looks so simple". . . that snow scene. . . meet- ing at Baker's and Tony's. . . all these things made it the best-remembered time in our senior year. To Mr. Grosh should go the credit for the play we gave and the fun we had. ng .Wilbur Dame! Scales' "We: Short literarv masterpiecr' 410052 o 'fg' e Lew. . . rm , I fwfr, Cokes cokes and more cokesl I m gorng to hrt youl Sarah surrounded by her paraphemaha rndulges rn another chapter of Works of Shakespearel Sleep gets rn your eyes That Pepsodent smlle vu HWBQJAUQMQF mlm uambly an aupmnwccumzf- c he W 4 W 'vin-Q ww Q Moi ff wge- I v 'f'f, ' 51 1- - A ' 1 . - I l .. f - ' H I I - .. .. .. - ., . .. - .. . , ' 'fe K ' " ww '1 7 if Y ' V' 5 6.534, K-,uw 1 V w- -"".Y'f' W, , 5. "' M ' ' A ,v im -, 4. +. :f- , at ,kt, , -. .W - if . A , 'H' VM , , U ' L,1,jr,.ff'iff, -.4571 , kr V wh' 4. ,, ' ,ww k , aj.-:wir i -2-Q. Q, 'mm I 5 ' Q- ,Wx , 1 . . aw? 1 V .5-4 gs gif Q 5' ' ,Q h 1. ,I ' y ffugg fy , - f . I -'V K ,N 1 uv ' Jfxf- . 'V' ' ff' ,,-3 f ' v i- 6 : f Y 'I 2' -' '- -'gr 'Q' , " nuff' rx- :iw ' 1 f .' " . ,. it 'QA' 2' - .1 5 'W' 'A . '? WML' ,. .Q , "Li .i"?Jz.,- V' ISK. .41 Shri f, . 1 we-1 - Vw' 't iki vrlgizzfmeemw gm w hmm ,.. f v! PJ7' P-44.:, . f 2l'lL0l'5 Sylvia leader of the E town maJorettes Bozo surveys his kingdom fRoom 231 Marilyn Barbara Bonnie and Shirley rn 1945 . Pat and Shirley agree that all s right with the world Shelley s and Claire s death scene I Fond memories of the fantastic sophomore assembly. Look what replaced horsesl There s a sneak ' in the joint! Esther s wicked look broods evil in the Farm Fair stand -1-ii s- A14 1 arewefg O ,ivlgk .ggcllovf Ayk 5 byif A ,fluff L J IL-fl 1:4 4-EV? film' 1:51:22 g-F. l ff- f- if 'J 5 l All We A tesif ft? Soon our school days will be over 2 And our classes all be done We II be leaving you O Hugh School But we II ne er forget th fun Of all the years we spent together From the first until the last We ll remember you O Hugh School When these golden days are past As we enter through life s doorway Many trials await us there We will keep our heads uplifted Through the stormy and the four And with each new tomorrow We Il appreciate you more We will arm to do you honor Our class of 54 3 On our fmal night together As we sing our last Amen We will smile though tears are falling We may never meet again. High School friends are not forgotten As in later years we'll fell About our happy times in High School O High School, Farewell. i 55 - 5 251 'MISL 53555 J' 33 5,31 l J y 'Q fi' 4 pg fs " Elzllgjkrf-efqfllll ht? if 4 ll J N l 5 ' tw-ml ee-metre ee ll fig A IE A !s I 5 9 4 23: 25 "t'Ftiflf returns-it tits Hijsefl jg SaL!60at Mnclercfccdzamen Symbolic of Youth Gcuefy cmd Pleasure all char ocferlsflc of our younger classmates 54 ff FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Kreider, J. Rice, R. Long, C. Brubaker, A. Weiss, J. May, J. Ney, J. Goodling, L. Hoerner, J. Douglass, M. Hoffman, T. Offer, D. Brubaker, M. Gerhart, J. Weaver. SECOND ROW: J. Kautz, S. Na- gel, C. Thompson, E. Smith, G. Edmiston, A. Coulson, P. Yarnall, D. Fitzwater, N. Gish, T. Herr, D. McCurdy, N. Good, L. Forwood, R. Ober, R. Hill. THIRD ROW: S. Thompson, A. Grimm, M. Fetter, D. Leber, J. Maust, B. Beck- er, L. Snyder, R. Mumma, F. Hoover, R. Lehman, G. Lesher, A. Longenecker, Y. Cosner, R. Morris, H. Risser. FOURTH ROW: P. Stahl, M. Meinhardt, E. Boyer, M. Espenshade, C. Nauman, J. Steffen, H. Baldwin, P. Kelley, R. Hummer, N. Hess, G. Nissley, R. Brain, L. Mullen, A. Sweigart, R. Bailey. FIFTH ROW: J. Adams, F. Kauffman, R. Fisher, J. Cody, W. Clarke, A. Newcomer, F. Harzer, A. Risser, D. Andrews, G. Ulrich, J. Wenger, R. Williams, C. Berrier, A. Powell, J. Bankler, H. Bomgardner. 7 aaa o 55. . . . . . SEAMEN SECOND-CLASS One of the few classes with two advisers. . . forever shining their newly-acquired class rings. capably managed the Junior Stand. . . "Anyone want some "Prom Peanuts"?. . . proud of the talent displayed in their first 3-act play. . . getting that "soon we'll be seniors" gleam in their eyes. SEATED: D. Andrews, president, A. Coulson, secretary, fab- sent when picture was takenyl Wenger vice-president J Weaver, treasurer. STANDING: P. Kulp and L. Wagner, ad- visers. Ms' v X , , ,g.,.f,, N, of' S n is G E' .Oma'.00o ki JN fl- '- pable sophomore officers, LEFT TO RIGHT: . Hunsecker, adviser . Floyd, treasurer od 9 l . Risser, secretary J A. Martin, president J, Stevens, vice-president 1 ix Q41 These smiling students are the ca- , Q J J O Q S 0 . S ' x 7 Cfadd 0 . . 0 . IAUNCHING our INTO THE DEEP Miss Hunsecker's "little family". . .still sporting their flashy reversible jackets. . .first try at raising money--Kettle Korn--a big success. . .simply loved those biology classes. . .ci very prom- ising class. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Evans, E, Miller, R, Witmer, D, Hostetter, K. Brandt, M, Earhart, G, Hack- enberger, B. Hoffman, G, Neideigh, S, Grubb, W, Kauffman, N. Landvater, J, Risser, C, Engle, D. Comfort, R. Good, SECOND ROW: M, Miller, H, Wild, M. Chapman, C. Farrar, I. Freeman, G. Sloat,'B. Stevenson, I, Longenecker, B, Zell, K, Drumheller, S, Raffensperger, B, Meyerhoffer, B, Slesser, L. Cunningham, L, Cu- kurs. THIRD ROW: F, Klein, C. Klinger, J, Cassebaum, J. Beinhauer, R. Lancaster, J, Achorn, K, Heisey, P, Heisey, T, Rice, E, Gebhard, A, Shaw, J, Carl, K, Stoner. FOURTH ROW: L, Gish, J, Wolgemuth, A. Martin, K, Gibble, P. Risser, W, Dougherty, I, Coble, I. Rahn, P, Sweigart, J. Cocker, C, Flowers, F. Ackerman, J, Stevens, FIFTH ROW: R. Belser, M, Martin, N. Bernhard, C, Chronister, F, Peiffer, J, Floyd, C, Herr, L, Stumm, L, Patton, S. Risser, R. Royer, J. Coleman, Y. Copenhaver. SIXTH ROW: S, Floyd, J, Longenecker, G. Waters, P. Powell, S, Shank, J, Germer, E. Bixler, I. Weaver, D. Minick, 'Xrx test theu knowledg Frfelihnnfsg Iv ama htswf Y 0 e SAILING OVER THE BOUNDING MAIN 6165 O Q Bug wheels of Junror H p unlor IQ team few of the braver students attem t d f p e Irst year Latm made therr headquarters In Room 28 and the audltorlum ugh boast furst strung of Champlonshl J H h FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT eamenderfer SECOND ROW K Nauss B Detwexler P Farver F Craun J Kmttwets P Thompson C Cox H Carotto G Shenk C Bemer S Mumma B Carl C Hersey L Smrth H Krayblll M Shank L Chapman THIRD ROW N Cunnmgham K Hersey C Hayes J Rrsser D Goodlmg K Jones J Walters J Kuntzelman S Ulnch S Jacobs M Hexl man J Hexsey G Snyder J Stum FOURTH ROW G Espenshade L Dupes P Hackman G Pfautz N Longe necker W Dextnch J Carotto A remer P Hersey K Emenhexser F Donley R Teufel J Bressler C Lan dxs FIFTH ROW H Arndt R Stone J Klemfelter J Fullerton A Runyan J Hoover J Gxbble R Martrn J Rrsser J Newcomer M Zook T Ous A Saylor J Stambaugh SIXTH ROW J Lancaster S Ne1dergh O Erb D Gretner J Gnmm S RISSCX R Gaskill J Snyder J I-Iawthome F Longenecker W Coulson M Drybread M Hoffer G Eckert SEVENTH ROW C Marun R Andrews R Ruggeu K Frutche D K I B Wenger H Good s s y ay or aylor J Good A Shelley R Johnson J Schuldt C Steever M Borman R Eshleman G Eby T Loser R Thome L B FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Basehore, J. Flowers, D. Livingston, J. Bailey, R. Criley, B. Ginder, B. Bishop, J. Sweigart, L. Cunningham, R. Farrar. SECOND ROW: S. Alwine, J. Adams, J. Blough, Q. Gibble, B. Bradley, B. Sine, K. Bentzel, E. Pfaunmiller, S. Metzler, C. Neideigh, W.'Witmer, T. Trimmer, J. Graybill. THIRD ROW: R. Jumper, S. Hoffer, L. Boozer, D. Eagle, R. Grubb, K. Hippensteel, K. Lehman, P. Garber, J. Cassebaum, G. Goss, W. Wilson. FOURTH ROW: L. Krick, J. Gerlach, D. Fike, C. Weaver, K. Evans, B. Hoffman, I. Espen- shade, R. Adams, B. Boggs, P. Lehman, K. Fasnacht, R. Graham, T. Heigel. FIFTH ROW: J. Jones, J. Stahl, B. Winters, I. Horst, J. Brandt, R. Hayes, J. Myers, F. Reed, H. Brandt, C. Leeds, L. Fasnacht, J. Davis. SIXTH ROW: M. Frutchey, R. Coleman, D. Kilhefner, P. Brinser, H. Royer, M. Walters, J. Stroh, M. Roland, K. Dixon, L. ltzoe, G. Bucher, J. Hamilton. 7 aaa o 58. . . . RIDING THE WAVES Not the "babies" anymore. . .struggled with locker combinations. . .getting into the drift of things. . .mode their new home in the high school building. . .home-work come thicker and foster. . .cr talented closs. Eighth grade Home Ec girls try their hand at domestic art FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L, Herr, R, Heisey, E. Gerber, B. Cable, B. Fisher, F. Carotto, M, Bey er, B, Funck, K, McLaughlin, J, Park, P, Ebersole, W, Metzler, L, Eshelman, T, Flowers, B, Heisey B, Arndt, C, Strickler. SECOND ROW: H, Brown, S, Wolfe, P, Seibert, L, Albl, E, Walters, L, Hess B, Steyer, M, Royer, R, Candy, S, Miller, S, Espenshade, R, Aungst, R, Shank, J, Groff, H, Hayes THIRD ROW: C, Weiser, R, Garber, E, Dieffenbach, F, Aldinger, J, Garber, S, Rlsser, G, Alleman R, Engle, J, Collins, J, Hamilton, P, Irvine, P, Fitzpatrick, S, Young, D, Hoffer. FOURTH ROW: R, Werner, H, Haines, D, Lighty, J, Mullen, S, Thompson, R, Good, S, Farver, J, Sauter, D, Barnhart R, Deitrich, E, Hill, G, Cunningham, M, Flory, P. Saylor, FIFTH ROW: R, Ulrich, D, Baker, J, Good J, Raugh, G, Rice, J, Sweigart, P, Bates, M, Thome, M, Risser, B, Gunning, J, Martin, J, Nauman S. Kaylor, B, Spickler, B, Smith, 7 Cfaifrf 0 . . . . . LITTLE SHIPS PUT OUT TO SEA Graduation is a long way off". . .found high school life exciting and challenging. dis covered that teachers were ever willing to help them with knotty problems. . .looked with awe on upperclassmen. .69 : 'via f -'4 ' ,', Xe J, Seventh graders learn about the world through geography class. Eighth grade English class learns of the past, present, and future. Qtenses, of courselj iv P I -4 ir f ,'v,,f ' .- u Under the watchful eye of George Washington, Miss Mengel attends to one of her many duties. Pondering the "science" of homework. Miss Kulp lends her aid to future homemakers. Make Safety a Habit li'-YT!! so it says!" .7 le5fI"0gQI' .f4ffL Lima Symbol of power strength ond glory the spurut of c notuon So othletncs reveol the power strength ond spmt of o school 0 Ae 64 'i 1,40 'fl FD ,Ji R lpiirl i f QF i7xIl l N ffl flllmn W .. Xx M ' ' J' H r 'i .-ii' 1" ,-,.-pg, l, .g...-N,,h -'si .iii :I- gn: 'GL ,i .fN- 'IP fs-+N' 1 1--i s -.-:sb--S---x.. -'arg 5-n-is-, I -ii?- 5 sfg, , 419 -sf-.t?"'s -35s -5 -r ix 15 s-'N"'4"? si' K Vim :lik lgil ll' I 1' 'U ' I 1 :P-I S M s gh! 'nf g Q "ffm K ing i 1!.L-5,24 ss . ' 1 .ff W . - ' - ,fly ,, I U H Nm. I film' ' - rw' I 'l ""' - ff" 5 "f 'I 1:.w,fi,!!'f'f 1.1 .,' - ' 1 Q . ....... ....::r:ggg,,g5,gg? Z -' V J 'DY I ll uh' " - i 'Eu' I I " " wr- f. f ' u 41A If I 1 I I J- . ' ' Q . " f' -? I - .... , 0 0 3 1. A' LIN: I - --f- n II II IIIIIIII fi. ---Q-..- -. 1 1 -- - -" " ,... "5 -. Q -1-1 - . V A -4 ,, - ,l ig - Q W:--,4,--if-5,1-Ti Q "Qi -11. fi if A - - :Is -vi' : -- 1' - ' Q ii- -, -"i-'. -- -- ..-2E:'- -,,.,,. ....-. ...'-4---'-"" -D ... - :- -'-..- -- L1:-r -'+""' ... Y -. f 1..- ' ' 1 - ,- - --il-:ig -'--I --T ..- V f.,-if - --- 1-.. 'il-,. - - fr ,1 "" - --- S- :"-""- --"- -- -A ""..'-::.i " E Q , ,l,, 3. I- :L W Y' vitgli -Ti-Af, v -, f, ,fi-3, -gf .Q .- ......:-- Sir:-. ""--"'-'Th L. -:- --U --- -C it :Y-g- i, -I ,--,V.- -... A-A Q.. Q, - f- 5, Q -- -- - "" 1 1 Q45 f-f-5-. was -.gli-ni - ii-' v gf -, K i i - - Q - i ,T i -- i Y .V .. 5? - ,RL 1 Q f -- -, - ff '4.i"3Y Y-,Q T L-Z" ' -A' A+.-'S 1 -- 4-nn.. - , Q ---1 Q 1, .-,Zi 1- A A i gh - if-Q -1 - 'I' 0 -vi WAi LA ' 5-.' A Li sv-L i-gi - - Y i Y 1- 1 - 1 iA 3. '-4 ' - o .-: .:.l- Y 1 Q i SWA:- ? wvzfi "5-' - -- 1 -l v ' f A " Y , t .-. -'N1 1,1Q wt -72, -' Y ' W W ---f-':..":T - -' : ' "' - - f- f. ia" ':."..:"'-"' - - ii L 'Q i 2' 1 -ifv' 1- .3.,,-- --. Q11 -l Q 1 1... 3-'ils-- -,' "'L-- '1 1 s.-1 ,,. Q- i Q11 - - 'A --S, in -fx 1- -. , -,-, , T - V- Q .. - - A- 1 53 , k - i L i i in-in- Q.. A.--' ' ' 5 -Yi- A i T-9" fin Q i QQ., i vs - ""--5... 2. ...i ' .... "- , -., ski.. Y i tnpz, i :- sf5? 0 92 Bustling with pep and person- ' gif IQ -uv. . 1 , L. 1' jfs'li-7. WZ. Small but mighty junior high ality are these varsity cheer- cheerleaders are from LEFT leaders. LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Warren S. Thompson B. Becker F. Hoover N. Good B. Stevenson MARILYN WARREN, captain TO RIGHT: K. Bentzel K. Lehman P. Garber Snappy quintet of junior- varsity cheerleaders are from LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Greiner, B. Boggs, B. Carl, L. Smith, K. Jones. UQQPACZLP5 . . NIMBLE NYMPHS Spirited girls abounding with pep and enthusiasm. . . became popular with their Friday afternoon pep rallies. . . always attractive in appearance . . . proud of the new cheers they added to their repertoire. . .kept things abounding at football and basketball games with their tricky cheers. Manicure and gossip. Girls' football team goes into a huddle. Cdeering .mem 5 ser fhqf guy: T E A Hockey Huddle. Kleenex and oranges! Anybody want some? What's this? A hen party? Elaine and Georgie "pack the sack! " Vonnie driving in to score. CAGWLPJ. The task of rebuilding the Elizabethtown High School girls' field hockey team was the situation that faced Coach Jane Hunsecker as the '53-'54 hockey season began. With twelve girls graduating from last year's championship team and only one regular returning, the charges of Coach Hunsecker spent weeks of long, hard, grueling practice in preparing for the forth- coming competition. Being blessed with an abun- dance of candidates who were willing to work, who had determination to win, and who were talented, Miss Hunsecker whipped into playing shape a young, fast team that was destined to go places. For next year, the brightest thing about the turn- out is the fact that not one senior was on the en- tire squad. With capable team leadership by Fran Hoover and Nancy Good, the E-town lassies stormed their way to an undefeated season having only a 3-3 deadlock with Manheim Central to mar an other- wise perfect season. The E-towners added more laurels to a superb year by tying for first placein the Harrisburg Girls' Field Hockey Tournament. To cap out the season, the team swept through the Lancaster County playoffs by downing Solanco I-O and Hempfield 2-O. 'Ef' ll' 5 J K ,Mosby KNEELING LEFT TO RIGHT A Shaw Y Copenhaver M Fetter R I-'xsher F Hoover N Good P Helsey S Rxsser I Freeman D I-'nzwater M Mem hardt F Pexffer STANDING S Raffensperger J Adams E Boyer N Land vate: J Kuntzehnan B Carl K Jones I Kautz C Steever J Hunsecke: Fran Hoover Captam E llzabethtown E l I zabethtown E llzabethtown E l I zabethtown coach B Wenger S Saylor E Gebhard L Glsh A Runyan R Andrews I Achorn M Mlller G Ulnch East Donegal Marietta REGULAR SEASON E l I zabethtown E lazabethtown Ellzabethtown E I lZGb6l'l'lfOVW1 Mount Joy Manhea m Central COUNTY PLAYOFFS E luzabethtown I Solanco Elnzabethtown 2 East Hempfleld 69 Marietta Mount Joy Manhel m Central East Donegal fl ll"0l'l ELIZABETHTOWN vs COLUMBIA The Bears began the campaign by playing hast to a heavier and more experienced team from Co lumbla The Blue and White after out fighting the Crimson Tide for three stanzas finally bowed to a strong foe T4 6 ln one of the harder fought games of the year ELIZABETHTOWN vs MANHEIM TOWNSHIP A favored Bear team lourneyed to Lancaster s Stumpf Field where they were battled to a O O draw by an ever improving Blue Streak eleven The E towners completely dominated play as they were able to move at will but the Streak defense held each time and prevented a score ELIZABETHTOWN vs MANHEIM CENTRAL The Blue and White were involved In their second consecutive O 0 deadlock as they returned home to play the Barons of Manheim Central The game found two equally matched teams battle be tween the two twenty yard stripes ELIZABETHTOWN vs. LITITZ In traveling to Lititz, the Bears were tied for the third time in as many games as the Pretzels rallied in the second half to tie our hard-working Bears I3-13. ELIZABETHTOWN vs. EPHRATA The E-towners returned home to play the win- less and inexperienced Mountaineers of Ephrata. In the game the Bears of Coach Daubert found their scoring punch as they defeated the cross- county rival 'IS-6. 09 ELIZABETHTOWN vs. NEWPORT The Bears next traveled to Newport where they bucked against the heavier, more experienced powerhouse of the Buffalos. Our Bears held the hometowners to a T3-6 half time margin, but in the second half the Newport weight advantage took its toll as the Buffalos won by a 26-6 count. ELIZABETHTOWN vs. MIDDLETOWN The Blue and White entertained the Blue Raid- ders of Middletown in a contest that featured not only several thrilling runs but also frequent pen- alties and injuries. lt was another of the tradi- tionally hard-fought games in which the Bears came out on the short end of a T9-7 score ELIZABETHTOWN vs. SOLANCO E-town invaded Quarryville and the Golden Mules proved to be no match for a smooth-work- ing Bear team. The iniury-ridden Blue and White scored touchdowns in the third and fourth periods to blank the foe I2-O. ELIZABETHTOWN vs. RED LION An inspired underdog Bear team returned home to play the highly favored Gold and Black of Red Lion ina postponed game that was played in a sea of mud. With the return of several key players to the line up, the E-towners over-powered the York Countian. by a 21-I2 margin. ELIZABETHTOWN vs. PALMYRA The Bears ended the season by invading Pal- myra of Lebanon County and found the conference leading Palms too much to handle as they bowed 35-6. I rua rar fy Mara FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT F Hershey D Andrews I Parry J Wenger W Vuxta R Cunrungham E Enck L Serders J Hergel R Hersey SECOND ROW P Thompson C Farrar C Thompson E Warden K Bernhauer K Stoner J Hawthorne D Goodhng THIRD ROW F Harzer J Coleman I May K Rxce J Stevens L I-Ixppensteel S Ulrlch F Kauffman D Kaylor FOURTH ROW G Snyder R Fackler G Sloat L Snyder H Baldwln J Good R Johnson R Lancaster L Cunnmg am 3A 3010! 'lflfm Even though the Blue and White Bears of Elizabethtown Hugh School had a poor turn out for football thus year only twenty four at the mutual practice, the charges of Coach Eppler, Coach Barnhart, Coach Beaver, Coach Frantz, and Head Coach Daubert compiled a season mark of 3 4 3 The Bears faced and overcame many disappointments thus year, such as lngurles to key players, elther durlng or before crucual games, bad breaks durrng the game, and lack of competent replacements E town played hard, clean, scrappy football, and playing to the best of thenr abrlrtues they drew good crowds at both home and away games Thus was a flne tribute to the team on the part of the home town fans All un all the undermanned E towners gave a good account of themselves ln every game throughout the enture campaign 72 O l l h .pu , - .Q pa ,u ,o 1 I 0 Q . Q - .us 4 . ...I - . . If .!4fA l CJ ounci SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Daubert, N. Diehl. STANDING: T. Thompson, R. Parrerr, G. Kilhefner. OGCAQJ LEFT TO RIGHT: A. Eppler, R. Beaver, P. Daubert, W. Barn- hart, W. Frantz. VARSITY STARTING TEAM FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Andrews J. Parry, J. Wenger, W. Vusra, R. Cun ningham, E. Enck, L. Seiders, I. Heigel K. Rice. SECOND ROW: K. Beinhauer, C Thompson, E. Warden, K. Stoner. I f -D.!m1, I F ,tr 5 ...---Q is ft? x 2 1-fe , ?-if-' L :lil mt' ', as mln- -E - ,gb I 235 A..,.K S die. 0 73 Chris Tslnompson, Co-Captain Q51 -v-V CHEM' W i Fullback Ed Warden Ken Stoner Quarterback Leff Halfback , rg 3 pf asv enior Jack Parry Tackle fllt Ken Beinlfxauer, Captain Right Halfback Gene Enck Guard sfiv 2 .Sim if Kerry Rice End Ray Cunningham Center Jim Heigel End '32 Q 9 -ea I, 1 1 V-fc Larry Seiders Tackle Bnll Vuxta Tackle .jwlarclwoocl eyiwhgfzi The unpredictable Blue and White Bears of Elizabeth- town ended the T953-54 basketball season with a league record of three victories against seven set-backs. The Bears proved to be a tough nut to crack as four of these seven defeats were by narrow one to four point margins and with some better fortune would have been a real con- tender. After a three-game losing streak, the E-towners chalked up their initial win of the season as theydefeated East Donegal 44-43 before the home crowd. Then fol- lowed a ten-game losing streak during which our boys lost heartbreakers to Mount Joy 41-37, to Manheim Central 38-37, to Marietta 51-49, and to East Hempfield 60-57. The local team ended the losing streak by defeating Man- heim Central 43-38. The charges of Coach Bill Barnhart fought their way to Fourth place in Section l standings of the Lancaster County Basketball Leauge as they took a thrilling 58-50 verdict from East Hempfield in the season's final game. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: W. Barnhart, coach: L, Boyer, L. Hippensteel, A. Marrin, K, Beinhauer. STANDING: I. Sweigart, managerg H, Royer, managerg D. Andrews, F, Kauffman, K, Byerly, W, Clarke, arziifg jadlefga ff QDQ X.: s csv. I S . VARSITY E.H.S. OPPONENT Columbia . . .l7 . . .51 South Lebanon . . .33 . . . 4l Middletown. . . 37 . . . 63 East Donegal , , 44 .... 43 Palmyra .... 37 . . . 62 Mount Joy . . . 37 . . . . 4l Manheim Central . 37 .... 38 Marietta , , , 49 . . . . 51 East Hempfield, , 57 .... 60 Columbia , , . 41 .... 48 East Donegal . . 36 .... 42 Lancaster Catholic 43 .... 50 Mount Joy . . . 52 . . . . 67 New Cumberland . 49 .... 63 Manheim Central . 43 .... 38 Marietta .... 40 .--. 59 Annville .... 40 .... 96 East Hempfield. . 58 .... 50 Indicates league game KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. McCurdy, T. Evans, R. Belser, I. Stevens, G. Sloat. STANDING: C. Neideigh, manager, R. I-laldeman, L. Snyder, F. Harzer, 1. Risser, R. Trimble, coach. KNEELING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Teufel, R. Fackler, H. Good, I. Hawthorne, D. Goodling, I. Knittweis. STANDING: B. Spickler, H. Royer, G. Bucher, W. Frantz, coachg D. Kilhefner, N. Cunningham, C. Weaver, R. Adams, manager: fabsent when picture was takenj. JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES X953-54 Season Columbia South Lebanon Middletown 'East Donegal Palmyra 'Mount J oy 'Manheim Central 'Marietta 'East Hempfield Columbia 'East Donegal Lancaster Catholic 'Mount Joy New Cumberland 'Manheim Central 'Marietta Annville 'East Hempfield ' Indicates league game OPPONENT 31 40 33 31 34 22 27 42 1 1 28 35 19 19 53 34 54 40 21 JUNIOR HIGH SCORES 1953-54 Season Hershey 'Marietta Bainbridge 'Manheim Central Columbia 'East Donegal Columbia Bainbridge 'East Hempfield 'Mount joy Middletown 'Marietta 'Manheim Central Middletown 'East Donegal 'Mount Joy 'East Hempfield ' Indicates league game. OPPONENT 30 22 28 zo 18 27 40 31 32 19 33 19 27 37 28 I4 40 .7Le Mcfora 'Ua Aan! The T953 54 Bear cubs of Ellzabethtown gave not only local crowds but also away crowds an exhnbltaon of real teamwork scrappy alert, heads up pl0yIng an excellent defense good shooting and ball handling all of whnch sum up the characteristics of an experlenced well coachedlumor hugh team that took Sectaon I honorsln the Lancaster County JunnorHugh Basket ball League Under the capable guidance of Coach Bull Frantz the Blue and Whute romped to sux con secutlve wlns before they lost their only game of the campaign 40 20 to the Crlmson Tnde of Columbia due to the fact that four starters and one replacement were lnellglble to play The Bears had previously downed the Tlde 53 T8 The E towners returned from the holiday vacatvon to put together a wan streak of eleven games During this skein, the Blue Raiders from Mlddletowngave our boys thear toughest game as the Bears were forced to rally nn the last mmute to wnn 37 36 Due to the efforts of Bob Fackler, Harry Good Jack Hawthorne Bob Teufel and Dave Goodlmg the team complied a league record of TO 0 and an over all record of T7 I .Ja ie r11 Xianor Ntanor Columbla Nloum Joy Marletla Hempfleld E Donegal Nioum Joy Ma Marlena Hem pfleld E Donegal Head Coach Joseph Sedulednscusses the season wa th Assistant Coach Alton Eppler 79 . . . F I - . F I . I . . . . . I - . I . . - l I I y . LJ 'E V X , v if .v.a'7wgy March go. . . Middletown . Ap ' I. . . A . . . f 6 . . . 1 . . . 8 . . . ' . I3 . . . 1 . I5 . . . ' . . 22 . . . ' . 27 . . . . . 29. . . A . y 4. . . ' . . II . . . ' . I7 . . . . . , l ' .425 f7 .Sjlwwdoaf .X4Cfll!lfl8:5 Nautical symbol of galefy and pleasure drama and entertcnnmenf of the Old South So the extra currucular achvlhes express the merrlmeni' ofa hugh school 80 0 oo Ae 1 l X !l 1 f 7 f,f fl, 'flfyf fy! f yf f ,ff , I Q V XV! j I ff! 4 I, f Q , 1 f , If ff 1, f , 544' W! X ' Af, 1 ffkfklff I X I., !'!,, ff.,-! K ! pf ff Wg' f' 19,1 f I! f I I I I if 1' X' fyf1,,! I ff,f, ff K' ,X 1 1 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Jones, B. Hoffman, L, Smith, L, Hess, L, Eshelman, B, Carl, L. Herr, M, Flory, R. Good, SECOND ROW: K. Lehman, J. Kuntzelman, N, Greenawalt, S, Risser, A. Risser, E, Enck, D. Andrews, E. Hershman, S, Baker, C, Steever, P, Bates, J, Martin, J, Achorn, B. Boggs. THIRD ROW: S, Raffen sperger, A. Runyan, G, Rice, J, Jones, R, Hill, K, Fasnacht, R, Coleman. FOURTH ROW: D, Lighty, M, Bor- man, C. Earhart, F. Klein, L, Boyer, M. Isenberg, I, Hoover, J. Douglass, R, Martin, C, Basehore,F. Harzer, B. Wenger, 1, Hoover. FIFTH ROW: N, Klauss, directorg R. Belser, S, Bates, K, Emenheiser, I. Longenecker, J, Carl, G, Edmiston, L. Patton, J, Adams, K, Stoner , P. Farver, J, Cocker, D, Kilhefner, J. Knittweis, C. Chronister, R, Ruggeri, A, Kilhefner, I gnigr Orckedfra . NAurlcAL Notes Skilled group of sixty-five musicians. . . distinguished themselves with their outstanding renditions at the Spring Concert, Armistice program, class day, and commencement. . . pro- vided intermission music at the iunior and senior plays. . . represented in Lancaster County, P. M. E. A. District, and All-State Orchestras. . . their selections ranged from symphonic to popular. . . enioyedplayinga sonata composed by their director, Noah Klauss. . . highlighted the year with the "Pearl Fishers Overture". . . an orchestra of which we can be proudl 82 K unior 0l'CAe:5fra . . DEEP SEA DIVERSION Comprised of seventy-five promising musicians. . .entertain the P.T.A. annually with aconcert of"melodious melodies". . .presentedasplendid assembly program. . .also played a prologue for the Lions' Minstrel Show. . .held their rehearsals every Tuesday in the auditorium . . .serve as a training group for Senior Orchestra. 4 Lehi' FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Zuck, F. Smith, S. Ulrich, S. Ruggeri, F. Miller, S. Gish, C. Good, J. Loser, SECOND ROW: T. Espenshade, L. Kaylor, M. Flory, I. Martin, S. Reed, P. Bates, B. Zuck, E. Gerber, L. Eshcl- man, N. Gerber. THIRD ROW: T. Dulany, L. Herr, M. Beyer, L. Hess, B. Wenger, D. Sweigart, J. Espcnstiade J, Seitz, W. Fil-ce. SEATEDQ J. Jones, P. Brinser, G. Rice, B. Bishop, D. Painter, E, llill, K. Fasnacht, J. Goss J. Stambaugh, A. Runyan, T. Loser, R. Coleman, R. Fackler, J. Hamilton, D. Weaver, C. Zarfoss, S. Kaylor J. Groff, R. Wanamaker, T. Heigel, J. Fultz. STANDING: J. Adams, L. Cukurs, J. Carl, D, Kilhefncr, R. Shank J. Park, G. Bucher, K, Dixon, N. Klauss, directorgl. Risser, accompanist, R. Ruggeri, W. Cover. 83 1 enior Mm . Ancuofes AWAY FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Zarfoss, C. Basehore, J. Hamilton, J. Groff, B. Spickler, J. Adams, S. Wolf, B. Bishop, J. Hershey, D. Hoffer, D. Weaver, J. Goss, N. Klauss, director. SECOND ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: T. Loser, L. Boozer, B. Hoffman, S. Groff, E. Hill, D. Lighty, J. Douglass, G. Bucher, L. Cukurs, S. Raffensperger, J. Carl. THIRD ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Stoner, M. Borman, A. Shaw, M. lsenberg, J. Hoover, A. Runyan, P. Farver, J. Stambaugh, R. Fackler, D. Kilhefner, K. Emenheiser, G. Edmiston. FOURTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Andrews, L. Patton, J. Achorn, R. Coleman, J. Stahl, J. Hoover, G. Bucher, J. Newcomer, J. Longenecker, R. Hill. FIFTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: K. Brandt, F.K1eiH, J. Coleman, R. Martin, L. Snyder, G. Lesher, J. Cocker. SIXTH ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: J. Knittweis, H. Risser, H. Bomgaraner, R. Belser, R. Ruggeri, K. Byerly, L. Boyer, H. Good, K. Dixon. Practically professional. . .Scored abanner year by capturing all top awards in marching contests. . .under the expert direction of Noah Klauss. . .went through their drills with precision. . .presented a striking ap- pearance. . .performed at many functions including assemblies, pep rallies, and football games. . .Spring Concert was o huge success. . .represented in Southern Districtand All State Band. . .highlighted the year with annual Band Jamboree. . .best bond in Lancaster County --just tops!!! ' NOAH KLAUSS, di1'8CIO1' 5006! Jronf . . MARCHI NG MERMAIDS is -T lf .. LEFT TO RIGHT S Loraw S Rlsser B Gxsh J Bank LEFT TO RIGHT C Chromster A RISSCI S Ishler le: S Bates J N1s1ey T Herr E Taylor C Herr X A flash of whlte the sound of a whistle the sparkle ofwhurlmg batons all these announce the arrival of these charrmng gals flrst place wln ners In the Harrrsburg Chrlstmas Parade composed of malorettes and color guard capably led by Joan Floyd oh those band bus shenanlgansl are Beverly Sylvia Jackne Eleanor Sally and Shirley a real asset to our band JOAN FLOYD, head majorette 85 lflJ'li0l' . . BELL BOTTOM BLUES FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RlGHT:L, Boozer, M, Borman, R, Wanamaker, J, Mullen, A, Martin, T. Heigel, J, Fultz, R, Coleman, D, Lighty, A, Runyan, K, Fasnacht, J, Adams. SECOND ROW: L, Dupes, B. Cable, R, Brandt, G. Owen, J, Flowers, D. Weaver, R, Koch, J, Wittel, R, Mumper, I, Zarfoss, W, Burgess, C, Strickler, J, Groff, E, Walters, K, Zeager, THIRD ROW: J, Goss, T. Loser, D. Painter, J, Heck, I, Hamilton, B, Bishop, B, Hoff- man, E, Hill, D, Hoffer, J, Seitz, J, Graham, J, Hoover, C. Basehore, G, Kelley, R, Best, J, Loser, R, Bent- zel, P, Brubaker, B, Heisey, G, Bucher, R, Gordon, FOURTH ROW: B, Spickler, R, Shank, P, Farver, K, Dixon, D, Kilhefner, R, Fackler, K, Emenheiser, J, Hershey, S, Wolfe, 1, Stambaugh, I, Newcomer, R, Engle, J. Wohlfeil, B, Funck, R, Ruggeri, 1, Parke, N, Klauss, director, ." Although a iunior group, they can "hold their own" in the musical world. . .sixty-five students comprisedits ranks. . .proved their ability at the C, annual Bond Jamboree. . .ioined with the Junior Orchestra inputting on an assembly. . .rehearsed every Monday in the new music room. Q 11' , 1 ,V I 86 X Syf' uaica aj ' Tw -1 X, Wren! CAOPLM ON WAVES or some FIRST ROW LEFT TO RIGHT M Hershey E Taylor L Hoerner S Itzoe N Greenawalt P Hrpple P Yarnall I Maust, N G1Sh I D01lg13SS I Ney I Hersey R Kepner drrector J Weaver SECOND ROW D Frtzwater, R Lehman A Krl hefner M Mernhardt G Lesher R Barley V Belser P Shelley R Brarn, Y Cosner,J Hoffer THIRD ROW A Lange necker A Newcomer E Hershman C Earhart P Shumaker A Rrsser G Ulrrch N Hess S Thompson J Steffen, M Espenshade B Becker L Good T Keener M Hoffman FOURTH ROW J Kautz R I-'rsher H Wrld W Mrller R H111 L Forwood C Fry G Flsher G Edmrston, T Evans R Haldeman J Adams Accompamst K Byerly Accompllshed lumor and semor songsfers elected offacers for the flrsf time fhls year purchased leather musnc folders wnfh money collected from dues sponsored a Mas querade Party Row Row Row Your Boat scored a bug hut wufh everyo thrnlled lnsfeners af the Christmas and SPWVWQ C0nCel'l'5 Wlfh fhelf Fen These dlgmfred students are the offrcers of the Mtxed Chorus d hons of Handel S Messiah LEFT TO RIGHT N Greenawalt secretary P Shelley bustness and Boch 5 Chorqleg manager E Hershman presrdent K Byerly vtce presrdent A Krlhefner treasurer 88 ..." , , " ' ' '..'ne...'- ,QI X FIRST ROW, LEFT RO RIGHT: E. Taylor, J, Stum, M, Chapman, N, Greenawalt, S. Itzoe, I, Heisey, R. Long, R. Good, D. Brubaker, M. Bingeman, J, Ney, M, Gebhard, R, Kepner, director, SECOND ROW: M, Earhart, J, Risser, A, Kilhefner, J, Miller, E. Bixler, M. Hoover, H, Gish, C, Klinger, D. Leber, L, Good, B, Kennedy, N. Good, THIRD ROW: C, Gilgore, N. Sweigart, N. Hess, D, Minick, C, Wilkinson, E. Hershman, G, Ulrich, J. Steffen, E. Boyer, P, Kelley, J, Weaver, Y, Cosner, B. Becker, A. Coulson, Y. Brown. lOl" A 6401115 . . . . . SIRENS or THE SEA Mr. Kepner's "one and only" well-behaved chorus. . .held rehearsals in Room 4 during Friday's fourth periods . . . amused audiences with their original interpretation of "Three Little Maids". . . "Let's get the right pitch, girls! ". . .harmoniously blended voices. ccomlaanidfri These nimble-fingered musicians are frorr LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Hill, Boys' Chorus, S. Good, Girls' Cho- rusg J. Ney, Junior High Chorusg B. Steven- son, Gir1s'Chorusg K. Byerly, Mixed Chorus 89 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R, Haldeman, T, Evans, G, Edmiston, W, Miller, H. Wild, 1, Maust, N, Gish, FQ Reed, C. Leeds, R, Graham, R, Kepner, director, SECOND ROW: D, Goodling, P, Schwang- er, L, Forwood, C, Fry, F, Klein, R. Belser, J, Coleman, R, Bailey, V, Belser, P, Yamall, R, Teufel, J, Douglass, R, Criley, Accompanist, R, Hill, Oyri , Le . THE MARINERS Pleasant blending of mellow voices. . .members range from seventh to twelfth grades . . .rendered appropriate selections at both concerts-- "Rise Up, Shepherds, and Follow" and "Sweet Little Jesus Boy" were especially beautiful...a realasset to theschool'smusical program. JUNIOR BOYS' QUINTET These mellow - voiced men are from LEFT TO RIGHT: R, Kepner, director, R, Bailey, R, Hill, L, Forwood, J. Douglass, G, Edmiston FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Kepner, directory J. Stum, P. Garber, K. Bentzel, K. Evans, E. Hill B. Smith, D. Barnhart, P. Irvine, G. Sweigart, B. Fisher, E. Gerber, M. Beyer, B. Heisey, SECOND RON F. Haldeman, S. Jacobs, S. Hoffer, L. Beamenderfer, R. Graham, C. Weaver, H. Royer, C. Leeds, B Ginder, J. Bailey, K. McLaughlin, S. Alwirie, D. Eagle, G. Goss. THIRD ROW: F. Craun, S. Neideigh J. Gibble, N. Longenecker, B. Coble, T. Loser, R. Engle, R. Eshleman, R. Teufel, R. Hayes, F. Reed J. Risser, M. Walters, J. Heisey, M. Zook, J. Meyers, P. Lehman. FOURTH ROW: F. Longenecker, M Drybread, J. Good, J. Lancaster, R. Ulrich, P. Farver, T. Otis, D. Goodling, R. Fackler, H. Good, M Frutchey, J. Stambaugh, R. Andrews, S. Risser, D. Greiner, J. Kunrzelman, S. Saylor, J. Schuldt. lfUU0" 6L0ru:5 .RIPPUNG CHORUS Combination of the best voices in the iunior high. . .entertained at the Thanksgiving As sembly. . .presented a Fine showing at the Christmas Concert. . .excellently accompanied by Robert Hill. FRESHMAN BOYS' OUARTET These illustrious gentlemen are from LEFT TO RIGHT: P. Farver R. Teufel D. Goodling R. Fackler 91 r ILJQITLAA . . GIFTED GONDOLIERS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: E, Hershman, A, Kilhefner, N, Greenawalt, J, Ney, I, Heisey, M, Hoff- man, SECOND ROW: M, Gish, V, Belser, R. Bailey, R, Halcleman, G, Edmiston, R, Hill, Newly organized group. . .song of Christmas and Spring Concerts. . .held their reheorsols over Fridcy's noon hour. . .hord-working gm o Q o . 31105 . . . MAIDS or THE MIST Providing pleasant entertainment for many In Ney school and community functions are the M. Hoffman lovely voices of, from LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Memhard, These smiling lassies are from LEFT TO RIGHT. I, Hoover, E. Hetshman, E. Taylor 'Our SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: N. Hess, A. Weiss, 1. Graybill, C. Baker, J. Hamilton, R. Long, E. Hill, M, Hershey, STANDING:J. Achorn, H, Carotto, D. Kilhefner, K, Grosh, adviser: J, Longenecker, J, Stevens, N, Cunningham, F, Hoover. .yi A AQ ZVN . ' .gfuclenf Counci . . ron sMoorH sAiuNc Student Council is an elected group of students representing the student body as a whole. The Student Council is the place where students can take their problems and have them discussed by an intelligent, well-informed, and impartial group of students. After discussion the council then takes action on the particular problem. The decision of the council is then presented to the administration for their approval or disapproval. lf approved, the decision is then put into prac- tical use. The purpose of the Student Council is to speak for and serve the student body, to develop leadership and initiative among members, to promote better relationships between students and teachers, to encourage student participation in all school activities, to provide opportunity for the discussion of school activities, and for determining the collective will of the students. Since this is the first complete year for Student Council at Elizabethtown High School, the council has been faced with the important job of "getting on its feet." The process is slow and painstaking. Earlyin the year the council becamea member of the nationalassociation of Student Coun- cils. This entitled the council to receive a variety of helpful books, magazines, and other types of literature which keep the council up-to-date on council affairs. The Student Council recently drew up a constitution, defining the objectives, duties, re- gulations, procedure, and qualifications of the council and its members. A student council handbook was published in the spring of the year informing the students of all the present information about school laws and regulations, location of classrooms and all other information valuable to the high school student--young and old. The council hopes that in the years to come, future councils will profitfrom the foundation that was laid down this year, thus permitting Student Council to render better and more efficient service as the years go by. 93 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L, Hippensteel, D, Evans, K, Brandt, J, Longenecker, J, Stevens, C, Farrar, M, Gerhart, J, Risser, D, Comfort. SECOND ROW: M, Hershey, T. Offer, E. Wolgemuth, R, Cunningham, K, Beinhauer, K, Stoner, E, Bishop, D, Bishop, P, Schwanger, R. Hill, D. Gibble, F, Hershey, THIRD ROW: E, Warden, H, Wild, R, Belser, A, Martin, G, Sloat, D, McCurdy, G, Edmiston, L, Mullen, E, Enck, G, Rickert, L, Seiders, FOURTH ROW: J, May, V, Belser, C, Fry, H, Risser, W, Dougherty, F. Klein, 1, Coleman, L, Boyer, G, Fisher, T, Evans, J, Heigel, FIFTH ROW: P, Shelley, R. Haldeman, L, Farver, F. Harzer, K, Rice, F, Kauffman, J, Wen- ger, H. Bomgardner, D, Andrews, C, Thompson, H, Goodling, These capable gentlemen are the Senior Hi-Y officers and adviser. LEFT TO RIGHT: K, Bein- hauer, E, Warden, F. Harzer, V. Belser, R, Trimble, adviser: E. Enck eniol' i- y . STALWART sAiLoRs Under the supervision of Mr. Trimble, thisclub provides Christian inspiration and entertain- ment for the sophomore, iunior, and senior boys. . .their unquestionable aid to the Tri-Hi-Y in the Curtis Campaign made this program a big success. . .have continued to be a goal for many boys throughout the years. . .meetings are often livened up by a discussion with a former student of E. H. S. 94 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT R Mumma C Nauman N Good D Futzwater R Lehman E Smxrh A Longenecker D Kreuder I Ney A Weuss L Hoerner D Brubaker I Weaver SECOND ROW S Good R Moms B Funck J Hoover Y Brown M Gebhard N Greenawalt J Cody R Braun Y Cosner A Coulson C Baker E Taylor THIRD ROW T Herr A Newcomer M Espenshade S Thompson M Fetter I Adams B Kermedy M lsenberg A Kulhefner J Muller S Bates L Leh man FOURTH ROW J Bankler J Kautz R F1sher F Hoover C Wxlklnson B Gush M Warren I Nusley D Leber P Kelley C Berner E Boyer FIFTH ROW G Ulruch A Russer D Baranosku S el'll0l" TO SEEK, TO FIND, TO SHARE Conduct theur meetungs to create mauntaun, and 5 extend throughout the home, church, school, and f communuty hugh standards of Chrustuan character A under the capable advusory of Mass Flemung thus or 2' ganuzatuon provudes character buuldung entertaunment for the lunuor and senuor gurls had nts start thurty wi- seven years ago and has sunce taken on many construc tuve prolects such as the Curtus Campaugru to support X many educatuonal programs for the enture hugh school E Ishler, P. Stahl, E. Hershman, C. Earhart, J. Westafer, S. Loraw, M. Meinhardt, B. Becker, S. Nagel. 0 O 0 I 311- l- , 1' X . . . . 1 , . . . W . . . I . - 0 X EN 0 U 0 U - l l Q L 95 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: S. Raffensperger, J. Carl, M. Chap- man, I. Freeman, B. Stevenson, N. Landvater, L. Cukurs, M. Ear- hart, B. Zell, R. Good. SECOND ROW: K. Stoner, E. Gebhard, J. Achorn, P. Risser, J. Cable, A. Shaw, P. Hersey, M. Miller, C. Klinger, J. Longenecker. THIRD ROW: L. Gish, L. Stumm, S. Ris- ser, Y. Copenhaver, J. Floyd, C. Chronlster, N. Bernhard, C. Herr, F. Peiffer, L. Patton. FOURTH ROW: S. Floyd, G. Waters, J. Weaver, D. Minick, P. Sweigart. ,S7oloA0more, jre5Aman, ji- i- ya Christian organizations under the direction of Miss Miller and Miss Fleming. . .spent many fourth periods preparing cornucopias for the Red Cross. . .a Few meetings were spent in regular buzz-sessions, discussing the trials and errors of the Freshmen and sophomore girls. . .shined and polished the trophies for the trophy case, making a big improvement in the auditorium. FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Chapman, L. Smith, B. Carl, C. Cox, F. Donley, B. Detweiler, C. Berrier, J. Slum, K. I-Ieisey, S. Jacobs. SECOND ROW: J. Kum- zelrnan, K. Jones, J. Risser, A. Runyan, N. Longenecker, J. Ca- rotto, J. Risser, M. Drybread, D. Greiner, C. Steever. THIRD ROW: J. Snyder, J. Schuldt, A. Shelley S. Saylor, B. Wenger, K. Frutch- ey , R. A ndrews. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Gibble, T, Loser, B, Steyer Hamilton, D, Hoffer, D, Good, Aflldl, R, Candy, C, Basehore, F Aldinger, R, Engle, H, Hayes, Cunningham, M, Thorne, J, Saut er, B, Spickler, SECOND ROW: R, Heisey, E, Walters, T. Trimmer C, Neideigh, J, Cassebaum, J, Adams, R, Farrar, L, Cunning ham, B. Bishop, C. Weiser, J, Bailey, D, Livingston, T. Dulany, B, Ginder, L, Bcamenderfer, W, Wilson, K, Hippcnsteel, I. Flo- wers, THIRD ROW: J, Davis, D, Kilhefner, H, Royer, K, Nauss, R. Garber, N, Cunningham, J, Raugh, J, Stroh, B, Hoffman, R, Hayes, R, Adams, C, Weaver, L, Boozer, R, Grubb, K, Dixon, G, Bucher, FOURTH ROW: M, Hoffer, R. Gas- kill, W. Coulson, R, Fackler, D Goodling, S, Ulrich, J, Walters, C, Landis, J, Knittweis, R, Teuf- el, K, Emenheiser, M, Frutchey C, Leeds, R, Coleman, uruor L- M unior ayri- i- y Under the leadership of Miss Miller and Mr. Hoopert these young people have all the in- itiative and ambition to make their clubs the best. . .just starting out in "Y" life, they have accomplished more than their share. . .the Curtis Campaign is part of their program, too, . . .have been exceptionally helpful in aiding the senior "Y's" reach their goal. FRONT ROW, LEFT TO RXGHT: R. Aungsr,M, Royer, S, Miller, B. Fisher, J, Groff, E, Gerber, L, Herr, K, McLaughlin, M, Beyer, P, Ebersole, L, Eshelman, B, Hei- sey, C, Strickler, SECOND ROW- P, Garber, S, Alwine, K, Bentzel W, Wilmer, M, Flory, J, Collins G, Alleman, L, Hess, S, Young S, Wolfe, M, Albl, J, Garber THIRD ROW: M, Risser, D, Lighty S, Thompson, S, Kaylor, D, Barn- harr, S, lfarver, E, Hill, P, Irvine, I. Blough, B, Bradley, J, Espcn- shadc, FOURTH ROW: P, Lehtnan, K, Evans, D, Fikc, S, Hoffer, IJ, Eagle, K, Lehman, G, Goss, T, 1 v o n I Hcigel, E, Dicffenbach, B. Boggs, J, Martin, B, Smith, lfllflll Kwlxg R. Ulrich, J, Good, J, Jones, J, Stahl, P, Brinscr, NL lmlrirs, NL, Roland, J, Brandt, LG, Riu, V, Bates, L, ltzou, J, Nlytr-, FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Hershey, E. Warden, J. Stevens, G. Edmiston, R. Hill, G. Lesher, J. Longenecker, I. Douglass. SEC- OND ROW: V. Belser, F. Kauff- man, D. Andrews, J. Wenger, R. Belser, W. Dougherty, F. Harzer, R. Bailey. M ey . . SHIPBUILDERS fl S , U 5 A constructive organization for senior high boys with Mr. x 4 Grosh as adviser and Guy Edmiston as prexy. . .visited the Air- li ' m craft Marine Plant and followed their excursion with lunch at Aunt Sally's. . .had our basketball programs and the school merg- . er tags printed. . .also have the iuke box on hand for all dances f . . .helped out at the Kiwanis Farm Fair. . .give an award each ' .4 ' year to the three top-ranking seniors. oggrary . . . Loc KEEPERS ,gg l A fine group of girls from senior high who take care of the book shelves at E. H. 5 .... ever willing to help o confused student find the material he wants. . .under the splendid supervision of Miss Mengel they file cards, keep old books in repair and prepare new ones forimmediate use. . .were entertained at the home of Georgianna Ulrich at Christmas time. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: D. Minick, J. Ney, S. Itzoe, T. Keener A. Weiss, C. Klinger, B. Strickler. STANDING: M. Mengel, ad viserg P. Irvine, C. Gilgore, G. Ulrich, R. Good, M. Risser, R. U1 rich. 9 8 . . SCULLERY MAIDS FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT D. Means, P, Hipple, S. Lan- caster, E, Olweiler, P, Shu- mal-ccr, V, Stum, SECOND ROW: D, Hostetter, D, Beinhauer, S, Floyd, P, Kulp, adviser, J, Longeneckcr, M, Winters . THIRD ROW: R. Lime, R. ober, R, Long, A, Grimm, Hess, M, Meinhardt, L, Lehman, L. Zeller. X3 59,9 AM EDIRICA An energetic club sparked by competent officers. . . elected Ethel Olweiler, president, Shirley Lancaster, vice-president, Pat Shumaker, secretary, Velma Stum, treasurer, Dolores Means historian- and Rachael Ober, reporter. . .sponsored a successful Halloween Party and Taffy Pull. . .contributed money toward a scholarship for a worthy girl to attend Indiana State Teachers College. . .proud of that first prize ribbon for ielly at the Mount Joy Farm Show. L, Smith, T, Offer, R, Adams, L, Fasnachl, P, Garber, J, Es- penshade, R. Thome, E, Wal- ters, P, Seiberr, J, Graff, L, Eshelman, SECOND ROW: J. Kautz, J, Floyd, S, Floyd, D. Means, A. Runyan, P, Hcisey, P, Helsey, A. Coulson, A, Kil- hefner, S, Lancaster, THIRD ROW: R, Cunningham, E, Bish- op, D. Goodling, K. Byerly H. Baldin, J, Hawthorne, M Frutchey, P, Yarnall .9ncJ0or ,Zebra . . . . NIGHT WATCH Police force of E.l'l.S .... were reorganized this year by the election of two members from each section to their staff. . .kept traffic moving smoothly in the halls. . .were very strict in enforcing their laws. . .constantly on the look-out for students who snealccd drinks or opened lockers between classes. . .did a commendable iob. 99 FIRST ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: BUSINESS STAFF Our yearbook financiers. . . efficiently managed the sale of ads. . .very persuasive salesmen. . .handled all circulation and dis- tribution. . .willingly typed copy for the year- book. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: S, Good, B. Funck, I, Heisey, Y, Brown, M, Hoover, J, Miller, L, Good. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: M, Warren, E, Enck, N, Greenawalt, M, Gebhard, C, Wilkinson, M, Bingeman, C, Gilgore, P, Sch- wanger, S, Itzoe, I, Westafer, L, Farver, G, Rickert. Mardool 361 M ART STAFF -. I ' X V ' Artistsofnomean skill. . y proved to be very capable with J ,I , . v vi. ' a pen and ink. . . designed 'gigs' j clever line cuts. . . carried 'U' out the "Ship" theme superbly VJUX "wJ,'f,1 . . .slaved over layouts. . . W-,J did an excellent job. 'Q tx 'XG LEFT TO RIGHT: J. May, A. 1411- "'- Q , hefner, D. Baranoski, A. Risser, J, f . ? ft '- Hoover, S, Loraw. - ...fl 5 1' 'riff 1- - '3:7 5 f , T ii" . i' j' A - e- 325 t 2.11 ,,,.r ziluf' , 1 L A ' PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Shutter-bugs. . . "Watch the birdie". . . assisted photographer Bishop "snapping shots" . . .their splendid work greatly contributed to the success of this yearbook. LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Boyer, J, Wenger, K, Byerly, E, Ward- den, D, Bishop, E. Bishop, V, Belser, B, Kennedy. I00 EXECUTIVE STAFF SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Warden, photography editor: S. Lo- raw, art editor, P. Shelley, editor-in-chief, E. Hershman, literary editor: l. Heisey, business manager: V. Belser, assistant photogra- phy editorg M. Warren, assistant business manager. STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: J. May, assistant art editor: J. Fleming, art ad- viser: L. Wagner, literary adviser: P. Odell, general adviser: M Brngeman, assistant literary editor. 6ZCl62fAaI'l each . . . GALLEY SLAVES Only by realizing what a tremendous amount of "honest-to-goodness" work goes into the creation of a good yearbook, can one have a true appreciation for that book. Surely no one is better qualified to state that fact than the diligent staff heads who have given their "all" to make this the excellent yearbook that it is. Striving for conciseness in write-ups, accuracy in identifications, balance in lay-outs, and originality in art work were but a few of the many perplexing problems that had to be solved. Then too, that ever-demanding deadline came around all too often, so we thought. However, out of an experience such as this, each and every one of us has been taught the essence of those important qualities of unselfishness, co- operation, and perseverance. We of the Elizabethan Staff take pride in presenting to you the realization of our goal--the l954 Elizabethan. SEATED, LEFT TO RIGHT: E. Taylor, M. Bingeman, M. shey. STANDING, LEFT TO RIGHT: R. Fisher, A. Newcomer E. Hershman, C. Earhart, C. Wilkinson, B. Gish. As part of their routine duties, Miss Odell, advisergjon May, assistant art editor: and Paul Shelley, editor-in-chief, add retouchcs to some of the art work submitted by the Art Staff. LITERARY STAFF Word tricksters. . .found it necessary to say the same thing a thousand different ways. . . "Try YO get your write-ups in nextweek! " . . .proof-read all year- book copy. . .discovered that all faces looked dis- couragingly alike when it came to identifying. The BL and HITE V 1 No 10 Elizabethtown Hxgh School, Frrday, January 8 1954 A fy' O MI n d E H S Or The lns1de Story of The Ietuv llllg 1111011112-1l p'11ty at the Halcleman Whcn Wm SQL the hqnd mquh school 1111 1 1 111111 e I th1t NVl'llI xms WIOIIU Q ill li 1 3 fl WH Jf39m0,,' 's1s1.1c,s111 111 11111, ll ILIITILIOIIN 0 1 1 1 af, ig 6 hlqt .6 111 IRFD 111 'fb ll 1 1, C 'X Q L J LII 1 4' rv ll C I O2 O we I 1 6 A 2 6!f?I I9 F 1 X A I' 5 I J A O, , Q Q 12 41 000' 1 , V' J C, f 'yo 0 f It 1 'fbrfr K 1 I se J J Of rvqhjl JIILII 11 in ,c 6 f-O of N 1Lf',Jf , I' un Ot D6 fs, O' GISH 1011111-11 , f, 1 1, 5 6 .N 4 6 0 Cl 1l'1x t1l-111112 tr,ff' 0 , L t 111 O 'S Hel Llustyna DICSQIH' 2 puppx Ile bit h M159 wtxcwn ew' C1 1161 ll IIZ:I'IV"1'ZIfhed5I'ff3iIdIII IPNI txble luxe lor pens and pen mls and ags she has a xc FROINT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT M Hershey, M Fetter, A Kxlhefner, Y Cosner J Mlller, 1 Haney E Taylor M Bmgeman, S Good P Shelley SECOND ROW J Douglass, C Nauman, J Cody M Gebhard, C Grlgore, R Flsher F Hoover, S Bates, I Adams F Harzer THIRD ROW I May M Espenshade, E Enck S Irzoe, E Hershman, G U1r1ch A Newcomer, A Rrsser, I Wenger Adapted new pollcy by makmg use of the page rn local paper rdea publushed school news every week ln the Chronlcle under new tutle, The Blue and Whlte popularrzed humorous uncldents nn Around H kept the school and commumty completely rnformed of schoolactuvrtres adequately cover ed dances, part-es, concerts, plays, assemblles, fleld trrps, club actlvltres, ln addltlon to regular features IDC ludmg alumnr news, the Hut Parade book revrews wrote many articles under alrases spends Monday evemngs wrrtrng and proof readlng articles clumaxed a very busy year wlth the annual banquet advused by Mrss Wagner, headed by Paul Shelley and Mary Blngeman. onlx 1111 CJIDIJJS .md school au IDL JANE BANKDER CIDEAN Bl-5lNf55 NACHI UNC M' lBel'11nd the Lmes of the Eluzabethtown H S Band Elrzabethtown H S Band bx Elm-anon S T.l8l0l Th1s bungs us to the membels t the b111d xts lf Wnen e bind nxertclms down the street 1 l1R1t1t as a group 11npe1 01111 t But each mem ber rs a tnretlx lllCllVICll,1dl wlth h1s or l1t1 OXXII hkes dlSllkGS hopes LlILlITls 'md a1rb1t1ons Pc-1haps Uagtdw 111 the toxm ot 1le1th has lLLCllllN tuutned one of them 1111 dence th1s Stull tastes hlxe pl 111e blue It reallw couldnt at bad IIICI all It xvls non o11111c but then agam 111'1x IH 61111 ll me tlcct do 1011 11111 e t1 Hur I could do Lotta-1 than that xx 1th or even t1x111 O do xou ch the bmfl n11cl g l or b1llg1ne 11111 hmk A Of ootlnll gimp 1 st lOl t 1 snnple as 11 Mun s t1 l 11eo11L who ox s lt ANI CARI KAX JONES 111d SAE H-XI DPNIANI l9CGI'lllN an mul 1 slumber prutx , Next bmltttlnll g Il 5 ' Q cl 1 Lt thex must 1 lc Ilf has Imp 1 ne g1w111g I6 Folhes Ill' Rand ood b1t ut GIA! e band a 'rv xy rtice f'll anal sat xou haxe football 1cLesslul 1 parucu 1th Ill per d materlal 11t the bind 1 excludmg I1 1113 111 Sep nlched 111 the 1de followed Il Fan' pa1ade nt nst As a It the band E,ph1at'1 M1ss ol IXIISS Exels Il Wlllo' mght the X-A chx rcluals GEOLC I XNN A. OUIWLG, ldlfl ,an thorugl p,11'x vth1le the othexsl V ASSISTANT VU? lV"m hm' FITZVI1 ATER have g o 11 e IE were spm1so1cd Ol gnen by rn l , .1 11. 1 CUlCU'AT'0f" MWAGL' Slml' lane Good ol. , . , 5 Y A V 777777 Y Y H W YY 77 VA F I 0 I D c I . , . . . O O O Rl . ' ' ' - - 1 l K ' 1 A 1 1 . . . 1 I, 1 I IL I -- -I I - I - f' " ' - H - 7 ' " g, . ' " 5 ,' ic it? 1 z 'ge , ' th 'I jc 1 O -I I V El 1111s1:1ke and llllli. " l. 1 I ' " 1- ' ' , form' I 2 ' , 'f' -I 1 . , .1 -I YOI II-II. I- - .I - I an ' l ' " A ' ' . .. . u . u 4 - , .,-I It , III I. I, I .5 I 1.1I . , ll' C' a, 1 5 1 V- ' Q' 1 ',wt1t' 1 , 1 1 "rin ut aI 1 ' 'is ' ' ' ' ' ' A 1 7 ' . - . . . flhll I I' A-I ' ' lf il 1 I 1 L I 1 11' -1 1 1 ' ,, , ll 4 111 A' A A M ' ' 1' x ' l f. 1 1 1 fug ' thu I" I ' '21 9 1 1 ' ' . U .eo IU- I. , I 5 . I IW I II .. II dy IIICI I I I I I . , I . ref. Cllllllll 5' . lt L'!. , HE - VI 1 . I II ,1 I -3 mi III' , , ., I I . I .,. Iv . LE L'I'll',' 1 1-T-.-Q11 ' ' - I I 1 - QI Y- v. S Il ,.: .. tl 1 14 OH, .1 . I, 1 I, I im, Q' , V 'N U C. ma u fc V 1? uf '. 'lf' Z1 I "A LIS i 'ins S 1 - llK'j',S 'ms 4' - ' 1 0 ' . ' - ,1.-- -n- , I .9 J' J 1. L I . sec: s to h1'1x'e 111-14-11111 ,I 'opt G, ll ' ' 101' 11 ggerl 1141: 1 .111 1-lf, fy - I -' ' LI l1LllS. :,l.11 1:1 I1l',il-,I'l'l- O : ' li1111 of thc l1:"l1 ' ff, 4' 1' -11 - I I I I - ,I ,III - 6 .15 1 we as 01.011011 1 1I,I ff I fuufi 1 j11t'l.ci 81135 , I ,645 -s . .I 1, ' 1 ' 111 111 .111 11:1-I , .A fa f 1 ' - . I. gm. . my J 2 ff-A .I Q Vg? xy 1 ' I tl . ,IIfIO,jA,J!6,yI4f'11 IIA If 1 I. , rRF' Ir. vo ra .,. ll! I -. ,oz , I f I V, .- 9 ' ' 'O 1' I . U '19 " 01, fl? I "1 N . ' 1, 11 ' 41 f . 0 ff I Y ' ,. " 1 ' I of -,f Ji- JI .A '. ,EI - 1. , , O, ' 1 fl, 0 V' ' J, fo, - - 1 I ' on O .7 IIQ .I if I o 14 I 1 ,1 II Q' ' ' ' ,J I L f ,-I. 1 I , I 1 ,I I , I ,' ,-5 I Q,-'QQ 645, 7 Ifjn fgb I 66 ' - L I S. ' 5 l . 1 v to Flofg! .1 off lfis, IG of :I . 1 ' - MA ' 11 1, 1 2, 0,1 O q,II 2 ,I . A to ' 1 3 .IIII fb KJ? Q QI, II . I I 1 .I f164 f-I , I I, XI -, I. III . A 0 0 - . II, I, 9 I on 1 ,nas HIIII I II f..I I . prwen for aa st" C, 'Lp ' -M I . .- 11- - 'gf' -4 1' 5,0 I - , 1 4-1, 11 Ie . . . 1 cc Q I I , I 1 - 1 1 1 Iv R ' 'I I I I 1 1 3 I. I" I , S, 1111. ' 101. ..1LI 1 ' ,, ' . : . . . ' . 1 . ' . ' , . ' , - . , . . I . . . , . - - 9 - ' . , . . : . 1 . - 1 - - - 1 - - 0 A ' - u - ll - . 1 1 O I I ' ' - u . n - - - - ll . . . E S u . . . . . . . . . . . , , , - ' O I l I I 5 U I O ' ' ' ll 0 ll 0 I a I I I I U I I ' ' ' I Q 0 O 1 I I I . . , I l O . .gzip ellanclfi af mr Noon lunch in Key Club. Fred Kauffman takes time out from passing school merger tags to taste a giant economy size" Tropical Treat. " Junior Tfi-Hi-Y "bag-wigs." Freshman Tri-Hi-Y officers and adviser take time out from busy sessions to have their picture token. "Gosh,where wil l we get six hundred more dol lars? " First year iournalism students learn the basic fun- damentals. 'Q Q41 X 5 QQP lb'-9' r 'L BAX- 'Hs ,Q x "1 5 ,so 0 W j7Ae jeadure .X4 Uelnilifllflg Syrnbolnc of commercnclssm ond trode The backbone of o nohon, the guoronfee of o successfu! yearbook publecohon 104 Q 4 W J ll e 1 5 f. O ' K : Qi, Cf ,, Y Wil E fig J , I4 -l Q 0 , ' ., W ,Q :fi-+:. g.,fy,.Zix L 7- Q gf if X J LO M gg? f 51 ,Q-fig? : LI X r Q57 X 1 f, JsE,- IH 'Q ,,,Y ,, alrona all I Alnce Joan Lena 8g Dorls Mrs Harr1etB Allnson Mrs Harry C Andrews Dale 8- Ruth Anne Bobs 8. Hrpp Mrs G S Bachman Mrs Dorothy Baker Mr Wnllnam Barnhart A Reluctant Glver Beetle Baldy Jelly 8. Roscoe Bonme St Joyce Mr 8. Mrs J R Bossard Mr 8. Mrs Walter E Brown Cara Lou 8. Ruth Carolyn Janne Nan 8.Deanue Claire 81 Butch Claudlne 8. Mary Mr 8- Mrs Phullp Daubert Dlclc 8. Paul Mr 8- Mrs Norman E Dtehl 8- John Dolores 8. Don Dons 8. Bull Doris Bricker 81 Jean Roland Dr 8. Mrs C C Douglass Mrs Frances Duffy Reverend 8. Mrs S T Dundore Mass Mabel S Eshelman Mrs Eby Espenshade Essle 8- Chuck Esther 8. Joyce Mr St Mrs Clyde M Farver Dr 8. Mrs Luther W Fetter Pastor 8- Mrs Raymond Fetter Joan E Flemung Mr 8. Mrs Jonathan Forry Mr 8. Mrs W T Frantz 8. Anlta Drs J H Garber 8- P F Lencht Mr 8. Mrs Isaac Gorman George Wally Terry 8. Clarence Mrs Paul Gerber Mr 8. Mrs Norman Good Adam H Greln Mr 8. Mrs Kenneth Grosh 81 Gary Masses May 8. Helen Gross Mr 8. Mrs Donald Haverstuck Mr Elmer H Helsey Mr 8. Mrs John B Helsey 8. Famrly Mrs Stella Heusey Mr Cloy Hoffer Daniel A Hoopert Jane Hunsectcer Mr Sr Mrs M E Itzoe Janet 8- Carolyn Joanne Kay Joanne 81 Connie Josne 8. Joe Hoffer Joyce 8- Nora 8.Mrs Rlchard E Keller Ray E Kepner 8- Mrs Galen Kllhefner Noah Klauss Pearl A Koser Mr 8. Mrs Harry Krelder 8. Dorus Phyllis Kulp Larry 8. Nancy Dr 8. Mrs John E Lebo Pastor 8. Mrs Hiram W Lefever Loretta 81 Clyde Shirley 8. Jume Marran 8. Lue Martha 8. Harold Mary 8 Dean Mr 8. Mrs James Meckley Murlam L Mengel Dr 8. Mrs P P Metzger Mass Mabel Jane Muller Dr 8tMrs S P Mlllus 8.Fama y Dr 8. Mrs Wllllam K Moore Nancy Bud Audrey 8. Harold Mr 81 Mrs E W Odell Mr 8- Mrs James W Odell 8. Cathy Patrucla Odell Mrs Mlrlam K O Donnell Dr 8. Mrs J Ralph Parrett Paul 8. Jon Renee 8. Kerry Renee Peggy Vonnle 8. Martha Mr 8. Mrs W E Rtckert Roadarmel Apartments Mr 8- Mrs Joseph Sedule 81 Nina Mr 8. Mrs Wnllls Selders Senior Tru Hn Y Mr 8. Mrs Paul Shelley 8. Famrly Shirley 8- Ed George F Shussler Dr 8.Mrs C Stuart Smlth Sylvra 8. George Mr 8- Mrs A J Thome Dr 8- Mrs T M Thompson Mr 8- Mrs Robert Trimble 8. Tom Trudy s Beauty Shop Vonme 8. Paul Lydla E Wagner Dr 8 Mrs Harold C Walmer M R Warden Mr Charles W Yohe Mr 8. Mrs Robert Zelgler f9 I -5 . . . . . I I I I I I . . . . . ' ' I I . AA . F. . . . .. Mr. . M ' . F. . " M , T. . . . I I I ' ' . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . , , I I , . . . .. . . . . . .. . . . . . ... . . . . . I .. . . . . . . . ' I I I ... . .. . . . . . .. . . . .. , . . . .- . . . . . . . ' I I I . . . .. . . . . . . .. . . ,. .. . ... .. . . . . . , , -- . . I I I ' ' . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . ... . . - . .. . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . 0 l 0 I , .. . . . .. . . . . TONY'S Specnallzang nn Real Italian Spaghetti Texas Hot Welners Vlrglnua Baked Ham Also Bar B Ques Phone 34 J Dnnners Luncheons BISHOP S STUDIO and CAMERA SHOP 44 North Market Street Cameras Argus Bolsey Kodak Exacta Ednua Canon Movle Screens Aurora DaLate Radiant Lamps Flood Flash Prolectlon Elizabethtown The E I I za be than Photographer Exposure Meters Weston General Electric Norwood Trnpods Flash Guns Camera Cases Fu lms Phone 445 Prolectors D Argus Vlewlex Eastman Brumberger Skan S V E Kodak Flnlshlng Photostats Portrauture Q 1' 1- 5 E1 Q , "': AN-JO-LE GROCERY Mt. Gretna Road, R D II3 Groceries, Lunch meats, Ice Cream, Soft Drinks, Candy, Pastries, Tobacco Phone 63OR3 Elrzabethtown Pa STAAB STUDIO of PHOTOGRAPHY Candid and Formal Weddrngs Baby Prctures Commercral Copy Special Occasions Portrauts of all Ages 2 Center Square Elrzabethtown Phone 34 R If rt s flowers Say rt wrth oursl MUELLER S FLOWER SHOP and Greenhouses 55 West Market Street Elizabethtown and Manheim Pa The Orlgrnal anfalf lei' Ouflly jarln liner Always Known For Delrcrous Meals Prepared wrth Good Old Lancaster County Dutch Coolcrng and Served by Experrenced and Courteous Wartresses L R Mummau Cones Sundaes DAIRY QUEE N Elizabethtown my Nationally Known Locally Owned Daury Queen Tastes Better Shakes One Mule East Ouarts Malts o S O Punts Best Wrshes from Central Rexall Drugs UIUC STO!! 45 South Market Street Complete Drug Servrce Compl :ments of I BUILDERS CENTER S I l 0 Colas Asphalt Pavung Phone I49 BACHMAN CHOCOLATE MANUFACTURING CO Mount Joy Pa Old Sol Bars an Athlete Bars Vrtalnzed wrth Pure Dextrose The Muscle Sugar -- If cf M O . . of X- ' D, H I . n U. I. 23 ' d HENRY G CARPENTER Associates Insurance Rowling Spaldlng Klfxcept Life SHE NK BROTHERS Mount Joy 30 W Kung St Lancaster Pa Sportmg Goods and Toys R H F O R N E Y Fender Repairs if E CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH 9 COMPLIMENTS OF The CLASSIC Shop Ehzabethtowrfs Leadmg Womerfs Shop f . . , Q f I Class Jackets Sweaters Ri H, Complete Body.and X ir LONGE NECKER FARM SUPPLY Rheems, Pennsylvania Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery Soles and Service Phone: Elizabethtown IO9-J-l2 Compliments of R. E. M Y Farm Equipment Repairing Tool ancl Die Welding E l izabethtown Phone 775W Chartered Service BOLTZ S BUS LINE Marietta Bainbridge Elizabethtown Ben Boltz 8. Son WOLGEMUTH BROS NC f FLO RIN FEEDS PHONE MT JOY 3 955: FLORIN PA COMPLIMENTS OF RUDY S AMOCO STATION Compliments of JOSEPH GREENBERG MOYER S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test WHOLESALE RETAIL 6 CHMOYER RD3 e540W ELIZABETHTOWN PA COVIPLINIENTS OF SPICKLER S DAIRY ' ILE ' I - Manu acturers of Phone Marietta 6-3386 , . Y D livery Service ' . . A . . Phon - Compliments of RAY GUTSHALL S MEN S STORE I5 Eost Hugh Street Phone 7Ol J Compliments of BAKER S DINER on DANCE HALL Compliments of BEYER S LINOLEUM STORE 558 W 222 224 Eost Hugh Street COMPLIMENTS KAYLOR 8. GARMAN WALMER S FOOD STORE 10 N0 th M k t St Seabrook Forms Frozen Foods C REAM Phon 594 MODERN STYLE SHOP s nM ELIZABETHTOWN PA EVERYTHING IN LADIES WEAR BIKES BATTERIES Retreadmg and Vulcamzmg LEAMAN s TIRE SERVICE 205 E Ma I St Mt joy P 233 S Market St ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS or RED ROSE DAIRY Ph 3 6112 MOUNT Joy PA I I I ' d I OF 7 3 r ar e feet 105 out arket Street i, , . ' v -k IC ' ' O e 'A' , one: - . II ., . , a. ' ' UNION EMBLEM COMPANY I-Izgh School and Fratermty jewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Statlonery PALMYRA PENNSYLVANIA P H NISSLEY MANAGER Compliments of THE GROFF Meat Market Complnments of HILLCREST HOTEL Cor Hershey Road Sea Food Steaks Chncken un the Basket DOT S BEAUTY SHOPPE or DlSCI'1fT1ll'l3tll"lg Women 44 West H gh St et Our Besf Wishes to the Class 4 KAYLOR BROS CASE FARM EQUIPMENT P e 4841 COMPLIMENTS OF LONGENECKER S GARAGE Phone 367 ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF I-IESTECO DRESS 1 SPORTSVVEAR MFG CO 7 f A i r e ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. RHEEMS' PA- PHONE 92 hon 5 ' ' of '5 7 limi Phone Elizabethtown 374 RHEEMS GARAGE Allrs Chalmers Farm Machlnery Cars Studebaker Trucks Rheems Penna HOLLENBAUGH S MUSIC STORE 2I S Market Street Elizabethtown Pa Phone 3IJ Weaver Pranos JACK K SCOTT GENERAL INSURANCE Insurance as our busnness not a sndelnne 32 E Hugh sf HOWARD JOHNSON S TURNPIKE RESTAURANT Lawn Pennsylvanua Landmark for Hungry Amerncans The Sweetest Story Ever To KNIGHT S Home Made Chocolates 222 Broad Street Hrghspnre P it umwrs Bolo OFFICE Ev PLANT 'K 'ies D No 3 Elizabethtown Phone 759 .I Compllments of COMMUNITY INN Featuring fune orchestras and dancing Seafood 498 West Hugh Street EI lzabethtown Pa 9005 W TROUTMAN'S TEXACO SERVICE CENTER 404 S Market St Elrzabethtown Pa Phone 9227 W or 559 , I . . I I . .. , - . I . I D I ' 1 I . . , . . . . -Q , . Mx A 1 "NN N, Vw Id eww GH4 y,rf11,,M H, or I , ,.,,. I .. V Y xy rfrmmll' I "M - ., 'I . x I "'1" IS.Y - S D f. 1 '. 0 ,' . . . . . I R ' P I C. . . . . . I . . - . I . COMPLIMENTS OF C H GARMAN Weldlng Ornamental Iron Fabrlcatxon Iron and Steel t ELIZABETHTOWN PA AUNT SALLY S KITCHEN Come un and snt once nn our Penna Dutch atmosphere Banquets A Speclalty We Serve DGIICIOUS Gerhart Coffee LONGENECKER S MEAT MARKET Wholesale 8. Retall Country Dressed Beef and Pork Phone Elizabethtown 66 R I4 Complnments of TROPICAL TREAT 2 Mules East of Elizabethtown LEICHT Paunt and Body Shop Wrecks Rebuilt Auto Painting Truck Lettering J L MECKLEY Automat1c Heatlng Plumbmg 361 E Ross St Lancaster Pa Phone 4 5058 233 South Market St Phone 635 W 24 hr Townng Elizabethtown pa Phone 414 We too wish the best for the HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Class of 54 For super fountaun specials Watches Clocks Stop at Jewelfv scHRo LLS No 9 Center Square Ice Cream and Lunch Elizabethtown Penna Phone 508 M Center Square Elnzabethtown Since l868 Air Conditiohing l I l . I . - COMPLIMENTS OF Ja Le5 .fguxzgarg of the FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY N 1 Compliments of SNYDER S GARAGE I 2 mu West of Florm JOHN H CHARD INSURANCE Insurance of All Kunds Compl :ments of SHOOKER S JEWELER I5 and I7 S Market Street EARHART S FOOD MARKET Mnddletown Pa Phone 9287 Meats Grocerles Home Made Ice Cream Jo , C I o. X I' I 2375. Market St. PI1. I6W I R. F. D. 'fm SAVOY SHOE CO. Best WIshes HEISEY BROTHERS QUARRIES Road ConstructIon Rheems , Pa . Phone ElIzabethtown 157 J R E HERSHEY QUGllfy Meats Home Mode Bologna and Smoked Hams Wholesale and RetaIl Phone 427 R 14 RIdge Road No 3 BuIck S F UL CH NC Phone 21 Chevrolet REPAIRING PIINTING COLLIQCJN WORK gmndta ew sw ELIZABETHTOWN ROUTE 230 EAST A KEYSTO E SER ICE 24 HOUR TOWING SERVICE Best WISheS to the Class of 54 MUSSER S GROCERY IO3 Mt Joy Street Phone 552 ' - Rl I . . 1 . . - - l I PHONES 560-W OR 127-.I I I INSPECTION STATION 929 . MUMPER S DAIRY Homogenlzed Vntamun D M Other Quallty Doary Products I lc Compllments of HEISEY S CHILDREN S SHOP NEWCOMER S SERVICE STATION T M Ebersole Prop or that relnable Rlchfueld Gasoline and Rlchlube Motor OII For top servlce nn washnng and greaslng 24 hour service 903 South Market Street Compliments of CONTINENTAL PRESS D L LANDIS Insurance Phone II2 J 23 South Market Street Compl :ments THEOBALD INDUSTRIES R D Elizabethtown Pa Phone 429 . . . ,, ,, .I F . . . . Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 263-W of - - . .I Ln. "3 lv"-P' ff' .igggrq Gnve your new car the care It deserves by vxsrtmg your GOOD GULF DEALER regularly and lettmg hmm gxve your car dependable servxcmg Everything rn the Gulf lme Visit our Wall Paper and Paint Department featuring Imperial Wall Paper and Sherwin Williams Paints. ZARFOSS HARDWARE Plumbmg 85 Heatmg llllllll Hill SCHWANGER BROS 85 CO ELIZABETHTOWN PA Phone 309 Jomss 3. ZINK, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE I I9 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Best Wishes of SUPERIOR SIGN SYSTEM, INC Phone Elizabethtown 225 Compliments of BINKLEY'S SEWING MACHINE AND REMNANT SHOP IO9 III N Market Street Elizabethtown Pa ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE An Influence for Better Thinking IH Eluzab thtown For 83 Years by J G Westafer and Son , . ' e I """"' -"'l """'l . . CLEARVIEW DINER Route 230 East of Ellzabethtown Pennsylvama PAUL MUMMA SERVING QUALITY HOME COOKED MEALS 24 Hour Servxce Try Our Delrcrous Chrcken Dmner COMPLIMENTS or THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS 20 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 250 Dxstrlbutors of R81lglOUS Merchandxse WIRING Elecincal pplxes Indusinal Motor Hepaus Co e ml nu-n rc Resrdentxal I-hone 440 Martm Servlce RUSSEL A MARTIN 140 Orange Street I-ILIZABETHTOWN PENNA W T GRANT CO 48 South Market Street Comolete M411 Servzce Multzgraphmg GOODPRINT LETTER SHOP 25 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA Photo Offset Prmtmg Weddmg Announcements STAUFFER S BEAUTY SALON 114 North Poplar Street Phone 354 M1r1am H Drace Prop GlOI'1fy1I1g the Amerlcan Curl THE DAVID MARTIN STORE 'Vlen s and Boys Clothxng BOYER FUNERAL HOME 144 East Hlgh St Ehzabethtown Penna Phone 697 l 'A' Electrical I ENGLISH BROS. GEORGE E. CARRIGER Beer Distributors 1 h We Deliver Phone 580-J Woodland Heights Elizabethtown, Penne. Pamt and Body S op i' RHEEMS: 110-J-12 COMPLIMENTS or REEMY S SHOP GINDER DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS TAILORMADE CLOTHES 12 East Hlgh Street Phone 187 W Best W1shes S G HERSHEY AND SON DEPARTMENT STORE South Market and Park Streets ELIZABETHTOWN PA Compliments of SKATERS PARADISE Middletown Pennc TYPEWRITERS Check Wrlters Fl es ir So fes J M ENGLE 411 East High Street PHONE 14 J Cnty Selection Country Prices BOYER S SELF SERVICE STORE Fresh Meats Groceries Smoked Meats Frozen Meats Open Friday and Saturday Evenings Pr-rom: E1.1zAsE1 H-rowN 484 R RHEEMS PENNSYLVANIA 'k , . Adding Machines Cash Registers l ' ' I . COMPLIMENTS OF Grubb 8: Brenemcln COAL FEED O L LEVI C HERSHEY FOOD STORE One ot The Red Rose Food Stores 554 South M rket St eet SNYDER S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Greosmg woshang f res o I gas Tl C Accessories Texaco Fnre Chnef 8- Sky Ch1efGcsoImes D Hershey Rodd H KELLER S SONS QUALITY GROCERIES 84 M 204 S th Ma k t St eet ELIZABETHTOWN PA BROUCHT S MEAT MARKET 429 East H gh Stre t QUALITY MEATS We Del er Ph e 14 R COMPLIMENTS or MANUFACTURING CO Q Makers of Fine Shoes Q 'k ir PHONE l-8 i' ' I l I i I I I 'A' 9 8. I . R. . '2 'A' if PHONE - A. S. KREIDER SHOE 'A' A " gd? A -1. if 'Q Cara Lou Baker Dorothy Baranoskl Sally Bates Kenneth Belnhauer Vernon Belser Mary Bnngeman David Bishop Edward Bishop Larry Boyer Yvonne Brown Kenneth Byerly William Craun Raymond Cunningham Carolyn Earhart Edith Enck Eugene Enck Edgar Espenshade Terry Evans Lawrence Farver George Fisher Bonme Funck Donald Glbble Claudine Gllgore Beverly Gish Hazel Gush Louise Good Sara Jane Good Harry Goodlmg Nancy Greenawalt Russell Haldeman lrene Helsey Robert K Helsey Robert R Helsey James Helgel Fred Hershey Malcolm Hershey Esther Hershman Paula Hnpple Joseph Hoffer Josephine Hoffer Jay Hoover Joyce Hoover Martha Hoover Marilyn lsenberg Shirley lshler Shirley ltzoe Dons Jumper Thelma Keener, , Barbara Kennedy , William Kepler . Audrey Kilhefner Shirley Lancaster . Lois Lehman , , QUOTABLE QUOTES A merry heart goes all the day Rich in good works A thing of beauty as a 'oy forever Bravery never goes out of fashion True greatness is in the character Goodness is not measured by height Young fellow will be young fellows Whose little body lodged a mighty mind He is the very pine apple of politeness Usefulness is its own reward Has eyes Blue darkly deeply beautifully blue He was ever precise in promise keeping To eat and to drink and to be merry Golden hair like sunlight streaming As merry as the day is long What a piece of work is a man! His talents are more of the silent class Magnificent spectacle of human happiness High erected thoughts seated in a heart of courtesy ln mathematics he was greater than the rest ln youth and beauty wisdom as but rarel l am sure care s an enemy to life The noblest mind the best contentment has Queen rose of the rosebud garden of gurls Silence more musical than any song A witty woman is a treasure Ambition knows no end What s mme IS yours and what is yours is mine Where e er she moved the goodness shown before For thy sake tobacco I would do anything but due A pearl of great price Man is a noble animal The windy satisfaction of the tongue A good heart is better than all the heads In the world For he s a lolly good fellow The gods looked with favor on superior courage Blushing us the color of virtue A true friend as forever a friend He tried the luxury of doing good The very pink of courtesy None but himself can be his parallel Kind words are looked upon like lewels My heart is fixed Grace was an all her steps The sight of you is good for sore eyes Deep versed an books Her smile was the sweetest that ever was seen , ln her tongue is the law of kindness. . She is witty to talk with. . His bark is worse than his bite. , A mother's pride, a father's ioy. . She's the lovliest lassie that trips on the green. . Ornament ofa meek and quiet spirit. . . . . . . "" I I I . . u . 1 - n I . I ' Mary Gebhard , , , , , , , Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. . 5 . a . n n I ' n . l - I I I u 0 . Q n 1 . . . . I n a I e a I I . I . I o Ruth Luttle Ronald Long Sylvla Loraw Dolores Martm Bernard Meyerhoffer Patrlcua Meyers Joyce Muller Wllbur Maller Jacquelyn Nusley Peggy Offer Ethel Olwenler Jack Parry Charles Pfaunmlller Kerry Race George Rlckert Gerald Sager Paul Schwanger Paul Shelley Patrucna Shumaker Kenneth Stoner Nora Sweugart Eleanor Taylor Wlllaam Vuxta Edward Warden Marulyn Warren Rosalre Way Janet Westafer Clalre Wllkunson Eugene Walgemuth Loretta Zeller ABOUT SENIORS Good thungs come rn small packages They that govern the most make the least nouse She moves a goddess and looks a queen A merry heart maketh a cheery countenance A nlce unpartucular man Gentle of speech benefrcent of mrnd Laugh and the world laughs wnth you And what he greatly thought he nobly dared Frlls the alr around wuth beauty Charms strrde the srght but ment wlns the soul A lrght heart luves long Wlt and wlsdom are born with a man Better late than never Furst work and then rest There us no wusdom luke frankness Who can wrestle against sleep? You ve waked me too soon I must slumber agaun He hath eaten me out of house and home The mnldest manners wuth the bravest mund He s a sure card A friend un need as a friend undeed The sweetest garland to the sweetest mold Happy am I, from care l m free Flrst In the fught and every graceful deed Her heart was rn her work Love me love my horsel Every one excels In somethlng rn whnch another fa A falr exterior us a sulent recommendatlan Let the mmd some relaxatron take Sweet mercy I5 nobulaty's true badge N 1 Seniors at w0rl4 . . .or iust loafing I S I . ' Larry Seiders . . . . . . . Hisis more thanwit. I . . I . . . . . . , . u i . .I l s D In -c, X ," , ,W ff lf. WALTER K DUPES Auctioneer Elizabethtown, Penno COMPLIMENTS OF LOOMCRAFT FROCKS, INC Shop at COMPLIMENIS OF GREINER S FOOD STORE FRY AND ENGLE For your Frozen Foods GrOcer1es Meats and Produce LOCATED ON CENTER SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN PA Phone 6 INTERIOR PAINTERS EXTERIOR Floor Sandmg Paper Hangmg Phone 496 J 2 NEIDEIGH S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Tlres Battery O11 Phone 548 J ELIZABETHTOWN COMPLIMENTS OF BILL S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE COMPLIMENTS or RHEEMS PENNSYLVANIA GRACE C BLOUGH 116 South Market Street Ifs a wonderful buy' X , . 2 7 ' ' , PA. HEISEY MACHINE WORKS Sacony Suits, Dresses, Separates , ,V 5 ' I R - ,,, f XXX MAP , S one LOV6lZl he fi cola eat COMvl.lMEN'rs Or MOOSE THEATRE LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY Elizabethtown Pa HENRY L GISE 1-:LIZABETHTOWN PA Notary Publlc Surveyor Insurance of All Kmds Agent for State Caprtol Savmgs and Loan Assoclatlon of Harrrsburg Pa Complzments of Your jeweler WALKER lllll CIJ l Ul'l'.fl71l IJ ELIZABETHTOWN PA Famous m Pennsylvama for 77 Years Cornpluments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY FOUNDLD 19131311 WM Ku-N SR Manufacturers nf Lunch Bars Grade A Bars Fme Mxlk Chocolate Coatmgs and Cocoa Mxlk Chocolate Wafers Roamers Ghders md Spmners D COMPLIMENTS OF KN I S B BECKER Q e II, 5,2 X, . i' . 1 9 9, ,fs -sf -ff 1 17 EastHigh Street AA A 9 I Q 6 5 J ? V .f 2 'ff AUDITORIJN' GYMNASIUM E l1zabethtown College ELIZABETHTOWN PA .XJ fflll!LlI'l! Co l?CLlL!lfl0llflf Ag? Apr ed by Pe syl a a Slat Council on Ed rt n Acc edned by 'VI ddle State A so IBIID M ber of Amer c C unc l Educat 0 M mbe f A s c at o f Am can Colleges For xnformatxon wrxte Pres1dentA C Baugher PhD LLD Formucc Fabrucatmg CHARLIE S CABINET SHOP Charles T Becker, Proprietor All kinds of woodwork Bullt, rebullt, and repaired Route 3 Elizabethtown Phone 580 M TYPEWRITER lk ADDING MACHINE a d Re axred RIBBONS TYPEWRITERS All Makes Rebunlt J RAYMOND SMITH Phone 26W 332 W Hxgh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE I X 31 South Market Street Western Auto ELIZABETHTOWN PA Assoc xatc Store FI KE BROS Fruits Vegetables Sea Foods Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Fresh 3, Frozen MILTON F. EBERLY cemef square i' Phone 288 Phone S40-R - Route 3 ll l ' ll Fruat Baskets a Specnalty ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone l64-J "We fix anything GIBBONS' MYERS MACHINE SHOP TYDOL SERVICE STATION R. F. Myers H9 North Poplar St Repair Work A Specialty North Market and Summit Streets EUZABETHTOWN- PAA Gas and Electric Welding Auto Parts Repaired HARTSOUGH S TAVERN HERALD PRINT SHOP 5feOlsS UWOPS ELIZABETHTOWN PA Sea Food l 4 Mule East of Elizabethtown Penna Phone 9509 E G KU N Congratulations and Best Wishes For A Successful Future lll .4 40 Q ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE NO L O O 'A' X . ' , . -J i I H - N It !t,iluWP. A. . - , ' -5' s Q ' f Mem, r 1-l . ' if L4 nflllif I, Q0 , It 0,69 . 596 RISSER S QUALITY FRESH MEATS GROCERIES Frozen Foods At Better Prtces 34 South Morkef ELIZABETHTOWN PA Best Wishes LEO B KOB 1 04 Plumbmg Ht1tlI1f., Hardw ire Q TOMXIIC I MII ANID CAB HILAI L 74 South M uktt Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA Lawton s ROC1dS1d6 Furmture Store R D 2 U S Route 30 ELIZABETHTOWN PA Good Furmture at Country Pnces' COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF THRIFT CIGAR 85 CANDY CO HARRISBURG PA DlStflbUtOfS of those Famous Candy Cupboard Chocolates . 9 ' I , . . . - . . 2 , . . 'f - f Sixth. U , u ' B i wt ' 7 C- 'Q . , AI7'I'IIURIZI-QU IBIiAI.I'.R IN IiI.IZAIiIiTH'I'OVN'N IOI AL' I" 'CE 4. , 3 ' ' MIN' , . COMPLIMENTS OF HERTZLER S DAIRY STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Au 0 Ftre Llfe A Ltfwts HEISFY Ag FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Ma ufacturers of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZER DONEGAL PLANT FOOD Phone ll ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF ABERDEEN MILLS Ellzcnbethtown Bu11d1ng cmd Loan Assoc1c1t1on No 23 South Market Street t DAVIS RESTAURANT Serving excellent food to the very Fmest people our patrons D Eluzobethtown A wonderful opportunity COMPUMENTS OF for Savme 1-1E1N's BARBER SHOP t - . - , . , ' I . , ,ent 1 244 South Market Street Prmm Nm M 9 n and O . I 8 I O R. . '2 ' , PQ I U COMPLIMFNTS OF ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 85 SUPPLY CO 341 351 W Bambrldge Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHO F 553 THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M KLEIN Lcdues Ready To Wear PHONE 139 M ON THE SQUARE HITZ GROCERY General Contractors BU1'd"'g Supphes Corner N Hanover and E Wxllow Streets FULL LINE OF Grocerles Lunch Meats Ice Cream Soft Drmks Candy Pastrles Frozen Foods PHONE 443 R FREE DELIVERY Best W1Sh6S General Contractors ELIZABETHTOWN PA LEHMAN 85 BOOK ELIZABETHTOWN s LEADING DRY CLEANERS 85 DYERS if Phone 473 gvjwfaiti yr' eff M A-4 'Jisr-Hanan-m CARRYING THE LOAD SINCE 1868 Manufacturer of Wheelbarrovus BUCH MANUFACTURING CO ELIZABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA 'I , . N . , , y , .1 Q V . I' x J- In QI lv.- r l I. A A V , AJ Q. -lv-ywf' I V 5: I 1 I If uf' ,..5Q,g, . JA ., ,jf x A, . :W --If 1- I .I LEEDOM 85 FINK 'I - 5' EX Qi 'S X f gg! ' It If ,' gf, .,-f4r.LN"fW,' .33- .,' gg ,. E N U, ' I . y - Z I f . ,i rl , in " Qi J' Er q' -, .za xaxgk, . 'A ' I J . I- 1 igv ,LW III A rn - r, , m . H A ku V'--Y aftlggv , I i' I I COAI CRAIN COMPLIMENTS OF WENGER S FEED MILL COMPUMENTS OF RHEEMS PA KENNEWOOD HOTEL PHONE ELI ABETHTOWN 1 5 SEEDS FEED 'lf A1 1:1-..1e,,.,,,q-.-. C I I f ,ii-Q xx omp :men S o 2-AQ., MILLER FUNERAL HOME E l lZGbefl'1lOWn P0 Whc n you re hungxy for cookies cakes or breid C Ill the ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY and tnaxe them delwer temptmg baked products to yo If door JACOB B FISHER For the best In service and qualuty The nation s leadnng lnnes of appluances by General G E Electruc Maytag Amana R C A Vuctor lronrnte Youngstown Records Radios Household Appliances Phone I39 R 0 . I Y .: z ' 7 VO 1 I A .E -e be of--A-Q- .-:.I,, -Ex' N--pm . 6 -L..-.x-.-, ' 9 ,V- 4 xx 'A , V , . 2 f , I ' 'I . . , . . . JOHN E COPENHAVER Wholesale and Retaxl Eggs and Poultry Phone E Town 351 OLDS PONTIAC CADILLAC SALES 8: SERVICE H RISSER MOTORS can 233 BOBS FLOWER SHOP Give Her Flowers Because Shes Wonderful M g P v Speclalxzmg m Artlstlc Arrangements and Funeral Deslgns 9 WEST HIGH STREET Phone 532 J or 532 M all hours COMPLIMENTS OF ZEPNICK S GROCERY STORE ELIZABETHTOWN PA afx "Qu Shop and Meet Your Frxends at the Frxenclly BEN FRANKLIN STORE L- COMPLIMENTS OF BLACK HORSE HOTEL Toxlet Artmcles School Supphes LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Luncheonette and Fountam Service On the Square Hershey s Ice Cream ELIZABETHTOWN PA Phone 508 J Kodaks Sportxng Goods Uni QI' Ca l LUOI' 95" Q? suns' I M.. 7 vxfs 1'n11TI"' 1 ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL 54 Brown Street Phone No 3 Builders Supplles COMPLIMENTS OF H K DORSI-IEIMER On the Square SHEARER S FURNITURE STORE SPORTING GOODS KODAKS 7 S h M CONFECTIONERY SUNDRIES I V 5? 3 M K ENTERLINE 3 v DODGE Gs PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE ,lgbqgfgd TRUCKS Cherry St Elizabethtown, Phone 475 o - 0 - O' If 9 ..."-- .. - 'f I! : ,, ' ive' "3 ' 'X . A . X . 4 T I ,.- ir . :V . ss.-. , TMI A. X kk 1' t,,v ,' 'I O , . K.- ,K ' 'Q ' R N ' N . - K. 4 - A w . J I T nlh-7' r . ' nqlbzf . ' 5 ,..fJ,L:-S., K UI U nl ' :.1-' L. . . . 'k ' i' - 35-3 out urket Street '- Pnoxr. J-N "Big enough to accommodate and small enough to appreciate your business" Kgs ROTH'S Furniture Store 206-210 South Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN PA FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Phone 84 R A Public Service To apply its net income solely for the beneht ol Publxc Schools is the ex elusive purpose of The SICO Company as requu' ed by nts charter You are domg a pubhc educatlonal servnce when you use SICO asolme and fuel oil COMPLIMENTS OF JAY S RISSER GARMENT CO Compllmenfs of GOOD S MEAT MARKET On the Squo re PAXSON S CUT RATE 19 West H gh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA ELIZABETHTOWN PA M FORD TRACTOR COMPLIMENTS OF y GARBER MOTOR COMPANY LOREN MURCHISON 81 CO INC l4 Park Place Newark 2 N J Class Rungs Medals Trophnes and Pans S W Hornpson Representotnve iv 4 WARREN 7 Cjfz 0 .55 fn c ICELAND lncorporated Nunn Bush Tweedue Poll Parrot Yorktown Mcracle Tread Cofflers KREAMER PHARMACY CLEARVIEW ESSO SERVICE CENTER PFCSCVIPTIOVW Specwcllsfs Phone 9327 M Prescrnphons DuBarry Cosmetncs Dnobetsc Needs Whutman Chocolates For Complefe Cor Servlce Center Square Elizabethtown Pa Phone 310 . , . . I I . I . . . , i Zi 1 "Everything Frozen" Y -- -- V---f-f -f-'J Best Wishes ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB COMPLIMENTS OF The Arnencan Leg1on Conewago Umt 329 90-N 1 'I I 1'-Ylur-V The Amencan Leg1on Aux111ary Conevxago Umt 329 Sons of the Amerlnan Leg1on Conewago Squadron 329 Paul Shutter LUV! ff! Rocluo Televnslon Sales 8- Servuce l2 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. TAX! WHITE CAB RADIU EQUIPPED Phone E Town Compllments of SATER'S Complete Children's Store I9 East High Street Phone 66lR Elizabethtown, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF BELL'S MEAT MARKET x ll 9'v.ly?'4 Sfbtarf V 2 3 V fs- - 'G I Q E ftp 2 F 31 f',L"f2x1S? ""rftmXx . . . s x 26 'eZ :I 3 :E , 17 -lc I Y . 'k . . 9 I ,.. . - 265 0-fr vabyffm P 4 r" o ,fr-V f4?!,PJjf a A ww fy diff' W M7 51:21. MLM W M f4'LA'Z,,fu O2 lfrgffdly f QQQMVWQ f",,,fffff2 Wy W4 WWW dirt! PJ ff glvfom V Wg M591 jf' fifw 13,1-:9UfJ' J ww fffflwx W M555 WW ,1f5'2g7jfwfflfj?,?1f9w jk 4 HW JM Mwgwng wa M cikffw-v-DS 6 n""'5W-an-Qi.-ol Lwghm lci.af-mf?-xa' w"f,, f 4 N. , . - Fla if " yr' ,..1' l Qggvgg-f - OK O' 'fx ' Q' T i Q . n G Wcbxbvtf hxsb s " 3 ,QT xr . 'Rob' Ury! v-' t 9 . . F V' . cr Ko t .81 hvx' lc, bf 5 N' ,L ' '94, evitra. F00 - ' Lv gwmna QQ.: . , . ,. ,wf""'K"-1, ' , 4 n ,W ppl . . 6 cp! W fp! fd f . ' QP. 0 J ' ' 'f I . rf, ' 0' 6 I M 0 JWN 7,15 I ff D I ' M' . lf .. My ' X 1 2 A'.'J . 5 " as. x 4 ' ' 9 K t , vcwP"""s v f I ' Q- J- W l va, Pr'Lnpr'l 9' ' 41 f 67 00' n 5 I Qu ff' .. If be J ff vc' I, A . , ,, In Dv f P. M , ,- my v IK, cj Q fd ol" f 0 1" M- jj . jf 54163, xok'9o 10' .W ,QW G ,Q , 7,9 'J I 13 X .Af J4 t 'MM Lt Ogrcllg 1.5 J vid. ff' 5.1 .41 ,uf- J Lf I ffffffii ,M J " aw V ,,. . r KAV, Ly Ay fvh Cf 'V' K fff K", 'A 'M' lzf '4gJ!4,fi , ,,!k,,.,iJ1f . ,'l 'XXX' , ffu'-A 'QQ' Ildlf ,'70f4f" M " ' .. 'Vyzv 1' ' A A iq E. ' . Q? . .AJ . ,. .l'l,!.f ?.n'1"" ' f .f ,' ,jf i ,Us fktl fy- 'jlgf' . is D 'I , L" H' . ' V 'A.1, sf . ff'-'Lf 92. Y ','lXiQrlf,Al . I -A f ll- 1 ,. uv, tl.: Q, 'V - .'.',' X A . 1 ' 'Q . , 1 P of x' . JS -' I. J VN, ig xy' 'i Q KI 1 iz' A ll' it A' V V -..ix X kb 4' ,I A .1 1 VI . s- :. ' 'B' 3 -I - Y'-1' LK 5 in w ..,,. -, 4,1 '- I fr' f"'tf' Q' Q J I 'V xt J, ,J 1 - . ' I ij ' iw ' ff . VM? ' ' , 1 f"""' 'ip ,t vQ xt si Nh to A -f V X I ' . yn J ,, ,. . L.. ' J fy ' t ' 1 I . if in fp l . ' 0 . .fa . 'f-- , , ,I 4 - V gl A' ,. ' gl4 v .M ' A v- .. A ' . - v 1 ' Q. V" ' N L, .5 J F' I' I A . Q i " , . Q I 6 , , . .I X ' w s 'Y 1- I V h 1 . 5 ' A , I J .V J ' I ..l,1,v"' h , IJ , , , I I S ,lf A 'f 11 I . 'IJ ,tw-1' ,ff 'ffffpf 1 if 2 A 'DJJ' F Ll . "JL, 2Zl,,:-151' 1: Ifr,f'l1AjiA I, 'inn ff? 15 51. . " ,wi ,f , J ' W- , J if 2,- '1 V1 . v My , I 1 , , IW , ,. 4- f nf, 1 I, fg r ' 44' 1. wyfw M .ff - W' - f5g,Mf1'f,fh?fffZMfff'2f,,f:f2-1 7,Vg!3:ii'iW:fJfQ2D7?fLf1M yfiifpwfw QTWMWW ,Mf AJ 'W"7f,wM"' 591' wwfgli, fgwwwdjfwww M wifi' zj,j,Vwfff:jZ3'ww Q E4 ,v-ff""'Mwb -':'ig'?f1.w-1'a ?f'dmW"ffWm'wSW,T4QL' Z:-6002 'ef ,gffafw W' ,Lum gf!!! M,,35Z-2546-L10 M 23' Mwzarizff 5 MM . WT Q i f fy! ' r . 1. nv ' ' ff' M . ,2w""A'fJJ- . ' x JK n flaw- ' ' .QW MJ . - -, ' . xi- AL, - . ' ' 'Q' -2 4 , ' JJ- I W. a.. -' ' 7 I I ' If ' -A! W . J ' I . -' . W .. I . a.,q,l,4va 5 0 I u. 51,7 ,rj ' ,pu ' . ' ..' Q-917 ' O . ' ' A I , S ' Sfeov- J . I 0 I Q 0 M 1 , !j7jj ,Jf,+f2J 41 . aff! ,yb J, If ,fr 41' 'j 15' ffl! fjb 2, 4 , 'fl Z! 'L-LQ 1 f . Wag! ,VI 1 X MOT? . fffff' fj f 'X 7 Xb r 46 W df X 5yvMJ0'jA51y yfigzf fp W ow' jf ff.'1weiL1 M0 oils hfixix-:. 'Goo fi! X ,M Q VW Deg now-be 0.22-mr LEQ lvfagonizjjfjaj 0, Q. M v"C,,nf' ! c,-OOD noun i f' , JOE, app ,JP -,LQ ,g y pllf mb CM ,IRL N' I, bfgwj ZA! WIA! I 0 I tj I .M R' J!!! If ' f ' .ff A 15,71 1 of .. gj W My' Q , ll M I X!! I wo 4 1. 4' A ' Moo, q,u1X,,xN 09 V 5 o or Qu' -4. we 1 , NS, v ' x- x K' 00 9' vu? O . xf' I' ,4 1 , .sal-ax J, ,gs x 0 ki, U , B . 1 - , ' . ,W 06 2. '15 M V' ' ' - f ,. 117 L' A f I , - " - -IJ I M f My - - Q A ' 5 N.. I' ,LW WAKE 5973 351 I MAX :I '4, 3? an HU, I IJ. dip, Z, SJ, 1f K vyc 'f W!!! df' ' J, ' A My 'fu - jr X IM1 I l' Ar - G' QAM K-' LL- 'df' 'MPX 11,1 Wifi' , ,, f F33-9 . I jjj I CL! 1 I Ky ff' 02? I ,Xlfx K' ,jnlfiiqy l ly af ,fly 711 I, Last In f fu fff' X A lr, 1 7,51 M YEARBOOKS f . , L f C1,..f','f,- X l X X 5 - X S S X sg O 'Q S 511544 S S S S S S K S X K S X XX

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 1


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