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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Cover

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T T H UHHPEHHTIVE SHHTT BETWEEH THE SUHHHT HHH THE UHHHHUHITU EHDHWS UUUTH UHTH THE BEST IH EUUHHTIHH T fi 4-xv A-T.2TM'T- A.,-.K ,va ,aa-.9 - 519 , , Q, ,. qw, I .,.- 1' A, H" , THE ELIZHBETHHH UF 1953 A0 44 lx IXXQ ,il 1 TA M 0 S040 fuznsfinmwn HIGH scnum fuznBfIHmwn , Pfnnsuwnnln CUHTEIITS IHTHUUUUTIUH HUMIHISTHHTIUH SEHIURS -51 UHDEHULHSSWEH HTHLETICS HCTIVITIES Pages 78-101 HDVERTISEMEHTS FURIUHHIJ We have spent another year at Elizabethtown High School working, learning, playing, and laying a foundation for our Future lives. Between the covers of this book lies the recorded history of the Class of '53 and its place in our school. Throughout our yearbook we have endeavored to depict the theme, "School and Com- munity," one and inseparable, the warp ofone closely interwoven with the woof of the other. We leave behind Fond memories of our Alma Mater, where we were iniected with the principles of loyalty to school, community, and nation. exwigmzavuzmwzzesmemmmmf-mwwsmwmW,.,.4,i,Ms,W,Mue,-:.,f.1t.1,wm.W.x.fm,.aw.m K, , i -.,. HIISS HUHSEBHER RELHXES ,Hunsecker engages in a bit of Funmaking with few of her students. In her capacity as health instructor, Miss Hunsecker demonstrates correct posture as one sf 'he of at Dr. Thompson's banquet ,'Miss Hunseciker bids farewell to her championship hockey team . Miss Hunsecker proves to be a good sport as she avidly participates in the cheering ata pep rally. wp rx llllSS Jllllf ll. HUHSECHEH It is difficultto put intowords our feeling of sincere appreciationand gratitude to Miss Jane K. Hunseclcer, for all that she has done in behalf of our class. Throughout the three years thatshe has served as our class adviser, friend, and teacher, Miss Hunsecker has embedded deeply, within each one of us, memories not soon to be forgotten--memories of the many hours of her time she gave in order to help us become adults, capable someday of taking over inherited res- ponsibilities: ofalways putting forth untiring effort so that our class might attain the goals which we have: and of being so understanding whether in her capacity as teacher, hockey coach, or personal friend. Therefore, to you, Miss Hunsecker, we, the Class of '53, are very proud and honored to have the privilege of dedicating this edition of "The Elizabethan." 7 is n z afi' 3' t any .Q , il , L , ' .5 ,Q k KET: ,V as I I K E 5 s N S Q 1 1 z 1 1 i I i 1 2 i i .Mr. G. Reed Alexander SCHUUl BUHHIJ A civic-minded group of men From our com- munity. . .contributed their time and effort to improve our schools. . .taking care of our Fin- ancial needs, supplying the necessary equip- ment, and choosing our teachers are but a Few of their responsibilities. . .we appreciate their willingness to stand behind our school--both teachers and pupils. OFFICERS Xu UQ Alb' board? H President . . . Mr. G. Reed Alexander If gulf in Vice-president .... Mr. Paul M. Grubb N if Secretary . . . .Mr. Albert K. Garman pmil Wgyvy Treasurer . . . Mr. Wilbur E. Weaver jf M tg! A If fm D Q 49-,'Z5lx ,Qi-: o Y ki !f429 QW t X L Mr. Paul M. Grubb Mr. Wilbur E. Weaver A 1 O SCHUUL BUHHIJ Mr. K. Ezra Bucher Mr. Alberi' K. Gorman Mr. Charles E. Smuck Dr. Troy M. Thompson V' SUAyPEHVISIHG PHIHIIIPHL Mr. Ulrich presents the keys ofthe new driver-eclucation car to Mr. Eloersole. 12 IHR. lllllllllll H. EBEHSULE Our small but powerful supervising principal...always willing to give helpful advice...has the difficult job of preparing state reports, pur- chasing materials, and general su- pervision...spends his spare time beautifying his home and property. . . a hearty admirer of good music-- directed his church choirtor 25 years ...in general a goocl all-around friend . S F. ULRICH mc. IIIII. PHIIIP H. IIHUBEIII HIGH SIIHIIIII PIIIIIIIIPHI Our new high school principal andheacl Football coach . . .hails from Lewistown . .was at Burnhgtjp- Derry 'Township . . "Dragnet" on T-V. . .spends histstpatre time devisinglnew plays for foot- ball. . .dislikes the bad habit of coming late to school... appreciates students and teachers who are loyal to their school and have pride in helping to make it the best. . . enforces strict discipline but is fair and just--a real Friend to everyone. . .has proved to be a most successful leader in our schooI...in short, ONE GRAND PERSON, loved and respected by all. 13 FHCULTU MR. JOSEPH P. SEDULE B.S. Pennsylvania State College. Competent instructor of chemistry, physics, and mathematics.. .keen sense of humor...Penn State zealot..."Horrorsl"...takes pride in coaching his baseball team. . .likes to dabble with new experiments. . . ambition: "To blow up the school!" MR. KENNETH GROSH A.B. Elizabethtown College, M.S. University of Pennsylvania. The person we can go to with all our problems. . . kept on his toes coaching the senior play and advising the junior class and Key Club, not to mention keeping Homeroom 26 in order...thinks all students should always try to do their best. MR. CHARLES E. GOODHART B.S. Millersville State Teachers' College. Friend to all...teaches "industrial arts" to the boys in grades seven through twelve. . .oohl the headaches from being class adviser to the Class of '55, . . "When do we eat?". . . advises Junior Hi-Y. . .hobbies are eating and loafing. MR. WAYNE B. BLOUCH A. B. Millersville State Teachers' College, Albright College, Elizabethtown College, University of Pennsyl- vania. ' Unsurpassed in teaching world history, economics, and psychology. . .dislikes disorder of any type. . . "Cut out the monkey business". . .helps students to think for themselves. ..spends leisure time "roaming around the pasture patch watching the cows grow fat. " MR. NORMAN E. DIEHL B.S. Elizabethtown College, M. S. University of Penn- sylvania. Teaches geography, science, and math to the seventh and eighth grades. . .Room D is his headquarters. . .wears flashy neckties . , , faculty athletic manager . . . active church worker.. .pride and joy is "my son, John." 'MISS LYDIA E. WAGNER A.B. Elizabethtown College. Capable instructress of English...spreads sunshine wherever she goes. . .guiding light of ' the Journalism Club. . .the inspiration behind the Bear Gazette. . ."Oh, Golly".,.likes conscientious' students..-.takes a keen interest in the welfare of others., -- A i 1 4 , MISS SARAH NENNINGER New home economics teacher Settle down hobby: sewing. has charge of the F.H A. girls authoritative power in Homeroom 3 dislikes people chewing gum in class a friend of everyone vi, .A-4, GL BC 'B rw U .t , , -,afgq '-: .ziggy K' Ll 1,-?4j,y,:,.v f. s .-... B.S. Indiana State Teachers' College. F H C U L T y S I H' C 1 H a , Q L . IAN ,V Q xi ' L ' N N MISS MAY DULEBOHN Millersville State Teachers' College, A.B. Elizabeth- town College. Kept busy teaching first- and second-year algebra, plane and solid geometry, and trigonometry...reigns over Homeroom 27.. .although a "master" of mathe- matics still likes to cook. . .dislikes students chewing gum during class. ' - I MRS. ANNETTE M. BASLER A.B. College Misericordia. Teaches junior high history...chairman of social faculty committee. . .adviser of Sophomore and Senior Tri-Hi-Y's. . .likes dancing, ice skating, needlepoint, and hockey. . . guards Homeroom 4. . . enjoys working in husband's dental office. MR. NOAH KLAUSS Harrisburg Conservatory of Music, Elizabethtown Col- lege. Our talented director of instrumental music. . . patient and understanding. . , his pupils range in age from five to fifty-five , . ,"fidd1es" his time away composing music. . .as an accomplished violinist, his outside time is well filled with playing engagements. MR. M. RICHARD WARDEN B.S. Shippensburg State Teachers' College. Teaches general math...rules Homeroom A with an iron hand. . . in charge of the freshman class, . .pet peeve--dirty c1assroomsl..."A winner never quitsg a quitter never wins I . . a forceful personality respected by all. MR. WILLIAM S. BARNHART B.S. West Chester State Teachers' College. Boys' health and physical education teacher. . . detests noisy study ha1ls...one of our very popular teachers. . . capable basketball coach and assistant foot- ball coach.. . goes in for sports in a big way. "- 'V,f1"" MISS MABEL I. MILLER A.B. LebanonValleyCollege, Tem- ple University. Tall, quiet, and attractive. . . 3' well versed in English grammar and literature. . . excellent adviser of the Junior High Tri-Hi-Y's. . . an active participant in church affairs. . . con- genial. . .guardian angel of Room C , . . ardent lover of travel. MR. RICHARD A. BEAVER B.A. Gettysburg College. A handsome addition to the teaching staff of E.H.S .... instructs juniors and seniors in safety and driver education. .."Why teachers get blond I " . . capable assistant coach of the football team. . . "Knock it off". . . an ex G-man. MR. ROBERT I. TRIMBLE A.B. Elizabethtown College, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. The man with the mike at our home football games. . .spends his evenings watching professional box- ing bouts on T.V...teaches civics and American history to those lucky ninth and tenth grades. . . junior-var- sity basketball coach and senior Hi- Y adviser. MISS JANE K. HUNSECKER B. S. West Chester State Teachers' College, Pennsylvania State Col- lege. T e a c h e r extraordinary. . .just overflowing with vim, vigor, and vitality. . . takes pride in her champ- ionship hockey team. . . untiring ad- viser of the Class of '53...dislikes "loquacious" students. .heads indoor patrol and cheerleaders. MISS ROSANNA M. BRANDT B.S. Lebanon ValleyCollege, Penn- sylvania State College. Our talented vocal and choral supervisor ...upheld her efficient demerit system. . .has seen quite a bit of our country because of her trips to California and Florida... produced excellent Christmas and spring concerts. MR. ALTON H. EPPLER B.S. Kutztown State Teachers' Col- lege. Teaches biology and general science .... rules Room 28 .... "All right! " . . . dislikes chewing gum. . . noted for his "so-called" famous tests. . . Owns a flashy wardrobe. . . really "tickles the ivories". . .has an original haircut. , 16 MISS ERMA M. BELL B.S. Elizabethtown College, M.Ed. Temple University. Stunning redhead--we wonder, does her temper match her tresses?. . .superb adviser of yearbook staff. . .bubbling over with enthusiasm... another one of those camera fiends. . . instructs interested students in the arts of typing and shorthand. . . thinks "Fords" are just topsll MR. WILLIS E. SEIDERS West Chester State Normal School, B. S. University of Pennsylvania. Efficient eleventh and twelfth grade English instructor. . "Well, life is a problem". . .has a knack for keeping his Homeroom 25 and classes in order. . . at present Mr. Seiders is planning a trip through the Evange- line country in the South. MR. WILLIAM T. FRANTZ B.S. Albright College. Newcomer this year...teaches senior high commercial subjects. . . excellent addition to our coaching squad. . .dislikes girls who giggle in class. ..hails from Gratz, Pennsyl- vania. . great advocator of all sports. MISS IANE M. BAHR B.S. Kutztown State Teachers'Col- lege. Our hard-working art teacher. . . "small but mighty"...mainstay of the yearbook art staff..."All right now, let's get busy"...spends her spare time beautifying the art room . , .her many hobbies include swim- ming, skating, singing, and ceram- ics. MISS MIRIAM L. MENGEL A.B. LebanonValleyCollege, Akron M. A. New York Uni- University, versity, Drexel Institute. Competent instructress of foreign languages. . . efficient and PATIENT director of the junior plays. . .our cherry librarian. . . hard-working ad- viser of Library Staff, , , natural pos- sessor of the "green thumb" when it comes to flowers. . . delights l1'1"IlCk' , . ,, . . e ling the ivories in her spare tim . MR. DAVID MYERS A. B. Elizabethtown College, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania. Taking over for Mrs. Basler... teaches seventh and eighth grade history classes...is doing graduate work at the University of Pennsyl- vania. ..Mario Lanza of E.H.S...a snappy dresser...sports enthusiast. 1. Q FHCUHU MR. ABRAM SNYDER Miss ANNA RUTH Hsss Janitor School Secretary Our cheerful high school secretary. . ,fourteen years of service at EHS.. ."For Heaven's Sake"... want to know where anything is? --ask Miss Hess. . . Mr. Barley's loyal assistant...possesses an un- limited amount of energy. . . oh, that grinl . . .lends a "helping hand" wherever he can. . . has served E. H. S. faithfully for three years. does oil painting in her spare time. . . a real kasset to , 4 ., the school. MR. MARTIN W. BARLEY Janitor Our indispensable janitor...has a full-time job keeping the school "spic and span". , ,an ardent fan of all E.H.S. athletic contests...truly a friend in need. . has rendered nineteen years of faithful service. DR. C. STUART SMITH School Doctor Our distinguished school doctor. . . keeps students in "first-class" physical condition. . .has unique hobby of raising roses...ver- satile man in the community. MRS. VIRGINIA B. ROHRER B.S. Indiana Teachers College, Penn State College. Home economics teacher on leave of absence. . . s t u n n i n g appearance. . . doing graduate work at Penn State. . .best of luck MRS. DOROTHY BAKER, R.N. from the Class of '53. School Nurse "Florence Nightingale" of E. H. S. . . . cures everything from headaches to "barked" shins. . assists Dr. Smith with student " check- ups". . .keeps all students in tip-top physical condition. DR. C. C, DOUGLASS School Dentist Our state dental examiner for the schools ...makes dental checkups on all students every two years. , i ., i tt ,,A,, ! A r TEHUHEHS lift GUHHD l. A "rough" game of canasta at the faculty party. 2. "Those Two" leaving a pep rally. 3. Mrs. Basler and Tom Loser typify "the long and short of it." 4. Miss Hess, our female version of Arthur Godfrey. 5. Miss Nenninger demonstrating proper child care. 6. Mr. Sedule gets a "bear hug" at a pep rally. 7. Sedule and Grosh--mischief abrewin' . 8. Mr. Wardenindulginginhis favorite pastime. 9. Mr. Ebersole taking care of excess food at the faculty party. 10. Mrs. Basler, the faculty's official coffee pourer. i 19 3 J Q, if ik Q1 E435 ,f :Q 9: 2, rn 2:25 J Zig P s af 42 ii I ll lHSSES Diligent i2-3 bookkeeping class absorbed in their work. D. Knlley, J. Frey, and O. Florschutz "experimenting . " lb .MT , i2-l typing class busily at work. J. Lcndvater, J. Walborn, and E. Cobaugh getting out our daily bulletin. R. Ginder conferring with Mr. Grosh about a possible vocation. SEHIUR GLHSS UFFIUEHS Yi JOHN DOUGHERTY, presldentg MISS JANE HUNSECKER class adviser ' J ,S 'Xxx K a fb f ' T.1S.3QJ1 SUE PATTON, secretary MARY MARTIN, treasurer DICK WENGER, vice -president I 1 If i L 7 l ROBERT LEO ALBRIGHT Bob General I-Ii-Y I,2,3,45 Football I,2,3g Baseball r,z, , Easy going, , ,thrives on chocolate milk shakes, , , favorite type of people--"cute little girls". . . "Prove it". . .thoroughly dislikes people who mock him. , ,due to a bum knee, our football team lost an A-I llnesman, , , intends to make a profession of his hobby, mechanics, LOIS F, BERRIER Berry Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 45 Girls' Chorus 45 FHA I,2,3,4. Tall and friendly, , . active member of the F, H. A. . . "Nothing can stop the Army Air Corps"--but Lois wishes she could. . . pet peeve: hot rodders, , , definitely a hill- billy fan, , , longin' to hear them weddin' bells a ringin' in the near future, DONALD D, BERRIER Tex Business Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Olympic Club 2, 35 Football I,2,3,4. Mischievous, , , "Bon Yeta . . dancing blue eyes, , , athletic, , ,interest varies from football to crow hunting, , , spends spare time on his dad 's farm, , , prefers blonde , women to school, . , pals around with Landis, Heisey, and Fred. . .ambitionz to be a naval air force gunner, , , one swell fellow. ELEANOR LOUISE BECK Susie Business Tri-Hi -Y 3,45 Olympic Club 2,35 Music Appreciation 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey 1, 2, 3,45 Yearbook, business manager 45Cheerleading I,2, 3,45 Indoor Patrol, substitute 4, Boundless energy. . .peppy cheerleader, , ,Susie likes her fellows tall and blond , , ,her rosy cheeks may be caused by her taste. for bread pudding, , ,has a friendly "Hi" for everyone. . .just lives for typing, , ,will make a very dependable typist in the future. DORIS ANNE ALDINGER Pippy Home Economics Music Appreciation 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3g F. H, A. 2, 3,4, songleader 4. Attractive brunette of I2-2. . .loves to dance. . .favorite color: NAVY blue, , , "Number, p1ease?". . .one of Doris's main items of interest: Norfolk, Virginia, , , collects stuffed dogs and dolls, , , has her mind made up to become a model housewife , , , and she's just the gal to do it, B , 24 SHIRLEY ANNE BISHOP Shirl College Preparatory Tri -Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Music Appreciation 35 Band 2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey I,2g Yearbook staff 4, Full of fun. . .cute majorette. , ,brown hair and blue eyes. . .scatterbrain, , , dislikes people who exaggerate. . .likes to swim. . .partial to Chevy coupes. . .pals around with Jul, Jaci, and the rest of the gang, , , amibition: to be a nurse orahouse- wife, V SHIRLEY A, BLESS f yspn A Shirl Home Economics ' V, Q A Tri-H1-Y 45 Music Appreciation 45 Mixed chorus 43 FHA 4, Qnirpn ,fr sr' if. an 5 - A Breezes in from' Bainbridge. . . "You don't know, do you?". , , prefers the tall, ' 9' ' dark and handsome type, , ,pals around with Lucy. , ,has "army" interest. . . dislikes gossips. . . spends her spare time at Klein's Chocolate Factory. . . hopes to bean airline hostess. WAYNE BROOKS Wayne General Hi-Y 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,25 Boys' Chorus I,2. Joined our class from Bainbridge in '51, , , owns an original yellow Ford convertible with a green top, , ,pals around with Farver, , ,whiles away his spare time at Queen Motors in Lancaster. . .abrain of the 12-2, , ,hopes to own and run a business some day, SUZANNE BROWN Sue College Preparatory X I Tri -Hi -Y I,2, 3,45 Journalism 2, 3,4, treasurer 45 Library, treasurer 2g Music Ap- X , preciationz, 3,45 Mixed Chorus45 Girls'Chorus 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey Manager x 2, 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play5 Yearbook Staff 3,45 art editor 4. '- -. Sleek blonde coiffure. , , Miss Hunsecker's right-hand man. . . victimizes all tennis ag opponents. , . due to her job as hockey manager, Sue 's pet peeve is hockey players in general, , ,although undecided about her career, success is sure to .be hers, whatever her choice. gg IVA IANE BRUBAKER Q? K - Iva College Preparatory fill P Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Olympic Club 25 Music Appreciation 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Girls' 2 Chorus 25 Sophomore Chorus 25 Trio 3,45 Hockey I,2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Cheer- 4 leading I,2,3,4, captain 45 Indoor Patrol 253,45 F,H,A, 2. Light brown hair, blue eyes, , , neat clothes. . . often seen at Tony's with the gang , , ,enjoys her summer vacations in Connecticut, , ,capable captain of the cheer- leaders. , .likes 'ern short, dark, and cute, , ,hopes to be an airline hostess fshe'll make a good one,j 25 i - M. JANICE CARL Jaci College Preparatory 4 LZ g Tri -Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 Journalism I,2, Library Ig Music Appreciation 2,3g Mixed Chorus4g 'F ' Girls' Chorus 35 Sophomore Chorus 2g Hockey Scorekeeper 2,3,4g Junior Play, Senior V ' ' r 4 V 4 Play, Yearbook Staff 3,4g class vice -president 2. , 4 4, 2 Blond hair, , , blue eyes. . .untiring talker. . . keeps busy at Aunt Sally's Kitchen A CZCVC ipv 0 . . . "Oh, for Pete's sake", , , one -tenth of the gang, , , often seen at Tony's. , ,still 'iifffr 'T' a kid at heart--collects stuffed animals, , , likes swimming, , ,hopes to have a "Ford" ' A f in her future, LUCILLE I, CAMPBELL Lucy Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 3g Music Appreciation 3g Mixed Chorus 3, FHA 3. N Commutes from Bainbridge. , . "That's a cool one", , ,short. . . enjoys writing to j sailors. . . a swimming enthusiast, . , Shirley Bless's inseparable companion. . .hobby: , baby-sitting. , , detests anything to do with hillbillies. . . looking forward to attending Q business college, ' RUTH ANNE BUTTERBAUGI-I Butter College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2,3g Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Band I,2,3,4g ,X Mixed Chorus 2, 3,4g Junior Play, Senior Playg Yearbook Staff 3,4, QIQD 0,9 The pleasant gal who is always willing to lend a helping hand. . . toots the flute in rw fs G' both band and orchestra, , ,heaps of fun. . .Marie's double, , . "adores" morningband .Q B, Q I rehearsals. . .."ta da", , ,Butter's future plan is a music career. 15 LOIS E, BURKHOLDER Burkie Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 3,45 Music Appreciation 3,43 Mixed Chorus 4g Girls' Chorus 3, F, H, A, 3,4, - secretary 4, Yearbook Staff 3,45 M A C- Makes the long trip from Bainbridge to school every morning. , . "You know it", , , always has a friendly smile for everyone. . .has a yen for tall, dark fellas--not to mention blue convertibles. . . will make an excellent secretary, GWEN CLARKE Gwen Business Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Band 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2g Hockey 1, 2, 3,4g Yearbook Staff 43 Cheerleading 3,4g Indoor Patrol 3,45 . Flashing smile, , , often found at Tony's with Iva, Janie, and the rest of the gang . . .peppy cheerleader. . .tall, dark men--W O Wll. . ,happy-go-lucky, , ,Miss Hunseckefs faithful secretary, , , ambition is to be an airline hostess, ze L 3 A l EMILY JANE COBAUGH ' Janie Business Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Journalism 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 3,4, Sophomore Chorus 2g Yearbook Staff 4, Blonde. . .enjoys sports, . ,pals around with Janet and Carole. . .just LOVES the shortwalks from Newville, , , "l don't like yourattitude", , ,hangout--Farm Diner, , , interest in Manheim and Lebanon, , ,definitely loveshillbillies. . .will make an efficient office girl, CAROL LEE DANNETTELL Carol College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 4g Music Appreciation 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Girls' Chorus 4, Junior Play 3g Senior Play 4g Yearbook Staff 43 National Thespian Society 3, Contemporary Society 35 Junior Toumament Play 3. Cute, blue-eyed blonde, . ,Elizabethtown is now her address, but she's lived in Colorado, Maryland, Alabama, Texas, and Japan, , ,pet peeve: "People who shake hands like a dead fish", , ,secret ambition is to be an opera singer, , ,will probably become a "lady in white", HAROLD S, DAVELER Harold College Preparatory Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 4g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Boys' Chorus 3.45 Jtmior Play 3, Senior Play 4. Prince of all good men -that's Harold, , , always has an eye for tall blondes, , . one of the I2-I brains, , ,seen mostly with Dick and Little Brutus. , ,plays a violin in Senior Orchestra. . .likes to ice skate. . . will be a successful engineer some day, JOI-LN F, DOUGHERTY Doc College Preparatory Hi-Y 2,3,4, Joumalism 2,33 Music Appreciation 4g Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Chorus 4, Sophomore Chorus 2g Quartet 4: Football Manager 3, class president 2, 3,4g Key Club, vice -president 2, 3, president 4, Tall, dark, and definitely likeable. , .our class president for the past three years , , ,"Ye gods". . .has a deep yeaming for brunettes, , .hates the Homes curfew. , , studies astronomy for a hobby, , , will be a good worker for the P, R. R, SHIRLEY A, DRESCHER Shirl Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 2,4, Music Appreciation 1,25 Mixed Chorus !,2g Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4g FHA 3,4, treasurer 4, Our cute little blonde from Bainbridge, . . partial to the short, dark members of the male species. , , Gay's other half. . . quiet till you get to know her. . . efficient treasurer of F, H, A, and Homeroom zo, , . looking forward to attending business college, Z7 JAMES EBERSOLE Jim ' General Hi -Y 3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,23 Boys' Chorus 1,25 Football 43 Basketball I,2, 3, Our "mighty mite" from Bainbridge, , ,friendly disposition. , .hates to wait for someone, , , "No kidding". . . pals around with John Kuhn. . .likes to drive truck Jim now works for Ebersole Brothers but intends to work in his own business some day, DORIS EMENHEISBR Emie Business Tri-Hi-Y 3,4gJournalism Ig Senior Orchestrazg Junior Orchestra I,2g Music Appreciation 4g Band I,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 4, Sophomore 2g Hockey l,2,3,4. Excels in sports. . .ta11. . . 'cut-up"...what'd she do to that Packard, nowz. , , favorite hangout is Howard I ohnson 's where she puts in time as a waitress. . . "You 're crackin' upl". . .intends to join the armed forces when school is overu. . .destined to be successful in any department, GERALDINE R, ELLINGER Jerrie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2, Trio 3,4g Senior Play Yearbook Staff 3,45 Indoor Patrol 4, Sharp brunette. . . Lillie Pons of the senior class, , , commutes each day fromCole- brook in her pet peeve, the Terraplane, , . MENI 1 , , , often seen with Iva, , , spent a "wonderful summer" working at Gretna Beach. . , future airline hostess, or WAF, NANCY M, EBERSOLE Nancy X College Preparatory Library 2, 3, secretary 2,3g Music Appreciation 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 3g Sophomore Chorus 2, Shiny black hair, , . quiet and studious, , ,an extremely pleasant person, , ,keen mind which makes her one of the highest ranking gals in our class, , ,loves pork chops but they never add an ounce. . .intense hatred for parrots. . . after graduation? dental hygienist. JUNE EBERSOLE ' june General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,41 Joumalism 2, 3, Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Band I,2,3g Mixed Chorus 4, Hockey manager 2. Takes life easy, , ,forever eating French fries at Howard Johnson's or Tony's. . . seen with Skip, Millie, Ernie, Becky, and I0. . . "Oh well. lh3I'S life". . .June divides her time between tall blonds and baseball. . , ambition--to be a Wave. X f i 28 IRVIN M, ENGLE, IK Irv College Preparatory Hi -Y I,2, 3,45 Journalism 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Key Club 25 Marine Corps, Finally finishing his interrupted school life after having served I8 months in the United States Marine Corps, , , enjoys hunting and swimming. . . pals around with Ott , , , ambition--to remain a "professional bum" Ccivilianj, 4 Vppyyiplplpyl M MARLANNA R, ENGLE F hiit ytyh , pttspyh 5 lysh shhr Squabby College Preparatory V,rpVlpp 5, . '1,,1 . g f Tri -Hi -Y I,2, 3,4, chaplain 25 Senior Orchestra 1,25 Band I,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 5, i,,' 41 Yearbook Staff 4- ' Twinkling dark eyes, , , flirtatious, , , ardent Stan Kenton fan. . , "Anyone see 5 Jimmy?". . . usually seen with Pat, Jaci, and Gwen, , ,has a special interest on Cedar Street, , , biggest ambition is to be a nurse, , , we know she'll make good, J, LYLE ERB Erby Business Hi -Y 1,45 Music Appreciation 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Quiet till you get to know him, , , can be a big tease. . .favoritehangoutis Norm's Restaurant. . .has a one -track mind when it comes to his favorite type of people--the answer? GIRLS, , ,ice hockey enthusiast. . . ambition: to drive a truck. O7 V ' ofrro FLORSCHUTZ, JR, X X X I 1 Ott College Preparatory ' ? Hi-Y l,I0111'I13.llSl'I12g Senior Orchestra I,2,33 Football I,2,35 Baseball I,2,3g Senior .f if 2, ia as S , - Lili .- Play5 Yearbook Staff 4g Marine Corps, "Semper Fidelis , , retuming to school this year after an I8-month leave of absence in the service of Uncle Sam QU, S, M, C, J, , , proud of the paint job he put on his model A Ford . . . palsaround with his fellow leather-neck, Irv. . . Ott's ambition is to become a coach and we're sure he'll be a good one. CAROLE ANNE FOGIE Carole Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,43 Journalism 2,3,45 Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 2,3,45 Yearbook Staff 3,45 FHA 3, vice president 4. Hails from Newville, , , "cowgirls" around in her father's new Chevy, , ,loves Italian spaghetti, , , often seen with Jan and Janie. . . "You know it", , ,will make a good home economics teacher or an excellent farmer's wife, L14 29 Q.. P I , . 5 K F 2 E 5. 6 E E. ROBERT GIBBONS ' Bob 2 Music Appreciation 4. Business , V l E What was thatr. . .only Gibbons. . .makes frequent trips to Mount Joy, , ,likes V V ' 4 j short blondes. . . "I don't care", . , pet peeve is women drivers, , . keeps busy at Joe, L , ,V 1 ppyyi L g L ,,., 2 V the Motorist's Friend, , .pals around with Goodie and Stauffer. . .likes baseball, , , sud t..s 2 l . ARTHUR T, FULTZ F. Bub General 5 1-11-Y 1,2,3,4g Football I,2,3,4. Tall and blond. . . end on the football team. . . plans to marryawoman with lots V of money. . .pet peeve: corn-on-the-cob, , ,partner in crime with Skip and Mickey , ,E ,likes football and deer hunting, . . we know Bub will be a super air force cadet, E E JERRY C, FRYE E Punk College Preparatory i Hi -Y I,2, 3,4g Olympic Club I,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 SophomoreChorus Ig Football 5 I,2, 3,4, co-captain 4g Junior Play, Q THU. blond. and good 100kiHg. . .out of a day-, likes DAWN the best, , ,dislikes f cocky or snobbish people. , ,pals around with Jake, Ken, John, Razor, -and Jim, , , V found working in spare time at Snyder's Masonry, . ,super center in football, , , , ambition - -M, D, i H, JERE FREY Little Brutus Hi-Y 1,2,3,4g Boys' Chorus 3g Sophomore Chorus 25 Basketball 1, Live-wire. . .liked by everyone, , ,he and his side-kick, Big Brutus, manage to keep their classes alive. . . avid fan ofa baseball game ofany type, , , Little Brutus's talkativeness will make him a convincing salesman, College Preparatory MARTIN GINDER Marty 30 5 , W ,l K.. g-11 General Music Appreciation 25 Football I, ag Basketball Ig Baseball I,2,3,4, Short-blondsmischievous. . . for some odd reason Marty avoids truant officers, , , would like to collect women as a hobby -particularly redheads. . .favorite hunting site? fMount Gretnaj. . . already experienced in his future profession as a forest ranger. RONALD L, GINDER Ron College Preparatory Hi -Y 2, 3,4, Tall. . . friendly. . . "A11 right already", , , a whiz in any class. . .favorite color is green QS IO, oo billsb. . , dislikes "Big Wheels", , ,seen around with Engle and Kautz , , , college bound to become an engineer, . .we are sure he will be a top-notch one, HAROLD GOOD Goodie General Olympic Club I, An ardent auto racing fan, , , "Holy Cow", , ,likes ice-cream, hillbillies, and , hunting. . .pals around with Kaylor and Gibbons, , ,whiles away his hours at Buch's , , , pet peeve--homeworkl, , ,Goodie's future plans are still in the abstract, ' ' CAROL GRIFFITH Carol Business Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3, secretary 45 Music Appreciation 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff 4, Petite. . . neat brown hair, . , keeps the Minutes straight for Tri-Hi-Y, , , Gloria 's constant companion. . .enjoys her short walk to school, , ,Mrs, Bas1er's capable secretary, , ,enjoys swimming, , , aims to be someone's efficient housewife, DOROTHY GRUBB Dot College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,45Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Band I,2,3,45Mixed Chorus 3,45 Hockey I,2, 3,45 Junior P1ay5 Yearbook Staff 3,45 Cheerleading I,2,3,45 Indoor Patrol 3,4. Stunning appearance, , ,likes her men tall, , ,Oh those summers at Gretna, , , found often with Dee and Joy. , .excels in all sports, but is partial to swimming, , , has aspecial interest in Dartmouth College, , , Miss "Ephrata Fair" of I952. . .college- bound, LOIS GUTSHALL Skip Business Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,45 Journalism 25 Music Appreciation 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Sophomore Chorus 35 Hockey I,2, 3, manager 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Beautiful black hair, , ,loves food, any size, shape, or form, just so it's food, , , efficient hockey manager, , ,pet peeve: psychology, , ,Skip hasn'tdecidedwhetherto join the Waves or go to business college, but she 's bound to be at her best in whatever she chooses, 31 4 l 4 1 1 r Y 1 x t l ..-A BETTY LOU HECKERT Lou College Preparatory Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 23 Indoor Patrol 4, Tall. . .extensive wardrobe, , , one -half of our inseparable twin combination, , , visits school only occasionally, , , part owner of a '46 Chrysler, , ,spent her summer swimming with Grace and Shirley, , ,Lou's plans point toward a full time job as a housewife, H, GORDON HERSHEY Slicker College Preparatory Senior Play 4, Short and quiet, , ,pals around with Jay and Little Brutus, , , puts in time at the Turnpike Gulf Station. . . "That isn't too effective". , . usually seen but seldom heard , , , often quenches his thirst with strawberry 7-up's. . . bound to be a super salesman, JANE L, HEISEY Janie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Journalism 1,25 Library Ig Band 3,49 Mixed Chorus 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2, Trio 4g Indoor Patrol 3,4, Dirty-blond hair, , ,blue-green eyes. , . often seen with the gang, , ,Likes swim- ming and dancing, , ,often found at Tony's or the Chatterbox. . ."No kidding", , , sharp dresser, , ,patrols at the door of Room 20 for Mr, Sedule. . .plans to attend college. ELWOOD W. HEISEY Woody , X Business Hi -Y 2, 3,4g Music Appreciation 2, Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys' Chorus 2, 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2, A very nice guy with a personality to match, , , often seen with Don, , ,"Which girl am I taking out this Saturday night?". . . hobbies include roller skating and hunting , , , employed part-time at the Masonic Homes, , ,devilish. . . a future business man, SHIRLEY ANN HECKERT Shirl College Preparatory Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3,4g Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Indoor Patrol 2,3,4. Tall and slim, , ,never seen without the other half, , ,distinquished from Betty mainly by her natural blond streak. . . loves to write letters but the Navy receives most of her efforts, , ,peculiarly attracted to "bears"--we wonder why?. . .Shirl plans a career but hasn't settled on a choice, 32 I 1 , ARLENE O, HILSHER Arlene Home Economics Music Appreciation 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,4g F, H,A, 2,3,4, Pretty brown hair, , ,friendly. , ,ta1kative. . ."Oh, brother", , , likes pie a la mode, , ,dislikes fussy people, , ,pals around with Virg and Vera. . .an A-1 home economics student, , ,employed at Maude's, , ,hopes to become an ideal farmer's wife, GLADYS H1xsoN r p ,it ,,,,,, , 93 Gladys ' College Preparatory ili" Vilr :V Y lps, Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Journalism 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 3,45 Mixed Chorus 4g Girls' tfli ' ' iil 'O Chorus 3, Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff 3,4, ' ' Our bashful little gal with the beautiful dark hair. , . "Oh my gosh", , ,likes her men tall and blond. . .seen with Swish, Shirl, and Mary. . ."Happy", , ,forever having man trouble, , ,aims to go to business college, , , an asset to any Office. GLORIA HOERNER Gloria Business Tri -Hi -Y I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 3,49 Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff -3,4. Wired for sound with no break in the circuit, . .cute little flirt. . . pals around with Phyl and Carol, , ,likes taking long walks--al0ne?. . .can't decide between being a teacher or an airline hostess. . . will be good at either one, MARIE A, HOOVER Marie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2,35 Senior Orchestra 2,3,4g Iunior Orchestra Ig Music Appreciation 2,3g Band I,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3245 Yearbook Staff 3,4. Quiet. . .blond hair. . . blue eyes. . . one of our honor students. . .loves root beer , , ,seen with Carol, June, and Butter. . . collects advertising pencils in her spare time F 5 , , ,earns her spendin' money at Ben Franklin's. . .toots a clarinet in band, , ,plans 7 to be an elementary teacher, A X VERA KAUFFMAN . CNG 5:47 Q94 Vera Home Economics Q ' Muisc Appreciation 2,4g Girls' Chorus 3,4g F. H, A, 2, 3,4, Petite, , ,red hair, , ,constantly chewing gum, , .pals around with Arlene and Virgie, , , a sports enthusiast. . .employed at the Clearview Diner, , ,likes hillbillies and French fries. . .Can't stand nosy people, , ,always saying "Oh, nutsl , ,yearns to live out West, 33 HARRY A, KN ORR Harry College Preparatory Hi-Y 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2, 33 Mixed Chorus 3g Boys' Chorus 2,39 Sophomore Chorus 2, 3g Football 4g Basketball 3,45 Baseball 3,4g Key Club 2. 4 The guy everyone in the class looks up to--6'2", , ,excellent tennis player. , Q 1, "Gad, lad", , ,favorite hangout--Van Scyoc's house, , ,if the Army doesn't get hirn, ,V 34. West Chester S, T, C, will, , , immediate future holds a tour of the U, S, with Fred, , , 1155 0 r s bound to be IOPS- tr DORIS A, KNILEY Dee College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Senior Orchestra 2,3,4g Junior Orchestra Ig Music Appreciation 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3,4, A doll with dimples, , ,mad about tall, dark men. . .never seen without Dot or Joy, , , ask her anything about Wildwood, she'll know the answer, , , pet peeve--wearing her glasses. . . quiet in classes, but outside, "Oh, Woe", , ,will be a successful nurse, LAWRENCE KAYLOR 5 Larry General What would the farmers do without Larry?. . .rarely seen without an ice cream S- -'NN cone, , ,dislikes homework, . .hangs out at Dorsheimer's with Goodie. . .favorite 'f 1 gp sport isubaseball, but hunting and fishing rank high, , , "Holy cats". . .indulges in X KW archery in his spare time, , , has an undecided future ahead of him. y 1 ,i 'A fl 5 X! ,, 4 RALPH D, KAUTZ L " E Bill Business Hi-Y 2,3,4g Football 1, A swell guy--always willing to lend a helping hand, , ,favorite drink--chocolate 9. I3 milk. . .pals around with Ron and Irv. . .part-time farmer, , ,pet peeve: women drivers, . ,enjoys driving a gang of kids around in the Chevy "carry-all". . .hopes to wear Navy blue in the future. JOHN C, KUHN Johnny General Hi-Y 3,4, to be a veterinarian after graduation, 34 Did you see that black streak--that's Johnny and his '41 Mercury, , ,to outward appearances, quiet but--I. .. .mischievous smile, , ,always having trouble with the calves he raises as a hobby, , ,has a special fascination for pretty brunettes. . .hopes JANET R, LANCASTER Janet Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 2, F.H.A. 3.4. Tall, slim and attractive, , ,faithful sports fan. . , friendly, , , proud of her home in Newville, , , often drives a blue Ford to school, , ,likes her men on the tall, dark side, , ,can't stand nosy people, , ,can usually be found with Carole and Janie, , , Aunt Sally's future chef. BARRY E, LANDIS Landis Business Hi-Y I, 2, 3,44 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus Ig Yearbook Staff 4, The tall, dark lad of the commercial section. . .blushes easily, , , "You know ir, too", , ,efficient member of the yearbook photography staff. . . "puts in time" at Walmer's Food Store, , ,although his favorite color is green will probably wind up wearing Uncle Sam's NAVY blue, JEAN LANDVATER Jeanne Business Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Library 2,3,4g Music Appreciation 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 4, Well-liked. . .short. . .beautiful brown hair. . . "Boy, you know itl". . .usually found with Carol Ann, or ill pursuit of her hobby of collectingChina dogs, , ,infectious giggle. , . enthusiastic Girl Scout, , ,lively addition to any office, SHIRLEY ANN LEHMAN Shirl College Preparatory Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3,4, chaplain 2g Senior Orchestra. 2, 3,4g Junior Orchestra Ig Music Appreciation 3, Band3,4g Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3,4g Yearbook Staff 3,4, Tall and graceful, , ,neat from any angle. . .eats and eats but always stays slim , , , likes to joke, but oh that eyebrow. . . pals around with Mary. . . partialto blonds, just so they're tall, , ,Shirl's cheery disposition and ability to get along with people will make her an ideal physical therapist, MILD RED N, LOKEY Millie Business Tri -Hi -Y 45 Music Appreciation 3g Girls' Chorus 4, Sophomore Chorus 2, Hockey l,2, 3, 4. "Hoi Cow" that's Millie you hear an energetic blonde who is often found on the hockey field doing her part. . , Millie hasa one-track mind with a food train on it, , ,can always be found with Emie, Becky, Skip, or Fitz. , ,certain to be a very capable typist, K 3 5 ' i, ,. ,. .4 ... W 4. . MARY E, MARTIN Mary College Preparatory Library 23 Senior Orchestra I,2, 3,4, Concertmaster 3,4g Music Appreciation 2, 3g Band 2,3,4g String Ensemble 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 3,4, Editor 4g Class Treasurer 2, 3,4, Our hard-working editor of this year'sEl1zabethan. . . "That's beside the point". . . encounters many a headache as our competent class treasurer. , . concertrnaster of the senior orchestra. . .plays a "mean-"fiddle, . .college bound qB,J,U,y, , ,destined to be successful in whatever vocation she chooses. CAROLE ANN MOOSE Carole College Preparatory Trl-Hi-Y 2,3,4g Journalism 25 Senior Orchestra I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 2,3,4g Band I,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 3,4g Senior Playg Yearbook staff 3,4, Dark halt and eyes. . , "Oh sugar". . .pals aronmd with Jeanne. . .plays the flute in band and orchestra. . . drives around in a green Willys, , , supplies candy cigarettes on the band bus trips. . . bound to make good in whatever she chooses to do, ' - VIRGIE L, MILLER Virg Home Economics Trl-Hi-Y I,2g Music Appreciation 3,45 Girls' Chorus 2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g F, H, A, 3'4- Loves her school books--in her locker. . , "Please, kldl", , ,dislikes people who "stretch" the truth. . ,happy-go-lucky, . , loves hunting, hlllbillies, and Pennsylvania Dutchmen, , ,blonde. . .ta1kative. . .could get ln trouble in a room by herself, , , hopes to be a nurse. X DONNA L, MILLER Dee X Business Trl-Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Library I,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 33 Girls' Chorus 3,4p Sophomore Chorus 25 J unlor Play, prompterg Senior Play, prompterg Yearbook Staff 4g Indoor Patrol 3 4Llkeab1e gal with beautiful red hair. . .capable Qand efficienty prompter of our junior and senior class plays. . ,loads of fun, . . "Tr1ckey", . .works at Columbia Telephone Office during her spare time. . .has an inclination toward becoming first a WAVE. then 3 h011S6WifS. . :will be A-I as either one. RAY E, MILBEE Razor General Baseball 2, 3.4. Dark hair and eyes. . . our ingenious mechanic. . .ardent baseball fan. . . "How's than". . .where there 's devlltry, there's Razor. . . usually seen-with Jay. . . helps out at the Continental Press in his spare time. . .crazy about dual exhausts. . .ambitions to be a radio technician. 36 ...ms. Y A -74 GLENN NEY Mickey General Hi-Y 3,43 Football 1, 3,4g Basketball I. "What ya say?", , , quiet, but well liked by everyone. . . likes his women short and blonde --"Steve Van Buren". . . adept spaghetti spinner, . . during hunting season, Mickey can't be found around these parts. . . puts in time at Baker" Diner, , , one of our future sailors. JOM R. 3 A .953 to Tri -Hi -Y 2, 3 , 4, Journalism 2 , 3 , 4g Music Appreciation 3, 4g Girls ' Chorus 3, 4, Sophomore fffSf,g,, y1 Chorus 2, Hockey I,2,3,4g Yearbook Staff 3,4, ' ' ' L " M Brown hair and green eyes. . . likes athletic people, , , often seen with Emie, Susie, Millie, June, and Skip, , ,pet peeve: spelling, , ,makes use of her talent by playing on the hockey team, , , "Everyone can't be normal". . . often seen at Howard Joh.nson's or Tony's. SUE PATTON Sue College Preparatory ,Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4, Vice -President 4, Senior Orchestra l,2,3,4g Music Appreciation 4, Band I, 2, 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Hockey 3,4g Yearbook Staff 4g1l'ld00l' Patrol 2, 3.4, Captain 4. Our hard-working class secretary for the last three years. . .cute blonde. , . "Oh my laws". . .Sue likes her men tall with crew cuts for shall we say man, Suerlj. . . swell personality and' clothesto gowith, it, . .will make an attractive ground airline hostess. Q7 Y Q D DON PRESCOTT X f , I f Don College Preparatory x X Music Appreciation 4, Mixed Chorus I,2,3,4g Boys' Chours 4, Basketball I,2, 3, Bain- N , bridge Senior Play 3g Senior Playg Yearbook Staff 3,4, P E Came to us this year from Bainbridge. . . seems to know quite a bit about a lot of , things, , ,a "gentleman who prefers blondes", , ,pet peeve--women drivers. . .Quite ' the auto-racing enthusiast, , , bound to be a top -notch professional photographer, 34 N 4, f lf, GRACE M, PYLE QQ Grace Business Tri-Hi-Y I,2, 3,4g Sophomore Chorus 2, Hockey 2, 3,4, ,I Friendly, . . attractive dresser. , . pretty hair. . . silly giggle. . . has marked a- .. V 'h "' version to riding buses from her home in Rheems, . .loves to swim, , ,hangs out at Tony's with Lou and Shirl. . . would like to have a career as secretary to a rich bachelor, 1 . -37 i Au-H g o 5 PATTY E, SELDERS Pat College Preparatory Tri-Hi -Y 2, 3,4, Scribe 45 Journalism 2, 3,4, Editor 45 Music Appreciationz, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Sophomore Chorusg Hockey I,2,3,45 Junior Play5 Senior P1ay:Yearb00k Staff 3,4, Literary Editor 45 Indoor Patrol 2, 3,4, Attractive, , , "Oh piffle". . .intelligence plus. . . very athletic. . . can speak fluently on any subject, particularly the South, , . adores an argument on any subject , , , Pat's plans for the future include a tour of the United States, JAMES E, RUTHERFORD Big Brutus General Hi-Y 1,2, 3,4, treasurer45 Senior Orchestra I,2, 3,45 Music Appreciation 25 Band 1, 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Chorus 2,45 Football 1,25 3,45 Basketball I,2, 3,45 Baseball I, 3,45 Junior Play5 Key Club 2. One of the class clowns. . . "My word", , ,did that Plymouth go around the corner on two wheels? ? P. . .fellow conspirator of Little Brutus. . . favorite drink: double shot of milk. . .always enjoys a rough game of chess. . . quite the "Dodger" fan, , ,all in all, adds up to one nice guy. JAY E, ROYER Jay College Preparatory Football Manager 35 Basketball 35 Baseball 3,4. Good matured, I2 -I brain. , , even with this assets Jay's pet peeve is school, , , "You wouldn't kid me, would you?". . . the wee hours of the morning find him working on Spickler's milk route, , , pals around with Slicker, Smitty and Little Brutus. . .future lies in the engineering field. PATRICIA A, ROSENSTEEL Pat College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Olympic Club 25 Music Appreciation 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 2, 35 Hockey Manager 3, 45 Senior Play5 Yearbook Staff3,45 Cheerleader I, 2, 3,45 Indoor Patrol 2, 3.4. A snappy cheerleader, , ,pretty blue eyes. . . keeps a scrapbook of E-town sports-- where's the connection P, , .she'd be lost withoutJake. . .loveschicken. . .pals around with Jul and Jaci, , ,ambitionz to become a graduate nurse of Bryn Mawr School of Nursing, VS,-5 fifi N ft.:- lag yi , -'Tu ll JULIA ANN SHANK Jul College Preparatory Tri-Hi -Y I,2, 3,4, President 1,45 Senior Orchestra 3,45 Junior Orchestra I,2g Music Appreciation 3,45 Band I,2,3,45 String Ensemble 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey Manager 3,45 Junior Play5 Senior Play, Yearbook Staff 4, Attractive and vivacious redhead. . . oodles of clothes, . , extraordinarily loquacious , , ,always worried about her calories, , ,flirt. . .constantly crying "Mother-r-r". . . Jul is college-bound, but she hasn 't yet decided on a definite vocation, 38 l...7 W . wrwwwf- Y-n 77 7 H. Y -- PHYLLIS. V, SHANK Phyl Business Tri -Hi-Y 2, 3,45 Music Appreciation 2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 2, Lustrous blond hair. . .Fisher's "nighthand gal", , ,for some strange reason, Phyl likes "Hills". . .when Patton is campused, Phyl can be found with Carol and Gloria, , , whatever her vocation, secretary or housewife, we know Phyl will succeed, Gloria Tri -Hi-Y 45 Music Appreciation 45 Yearbook Staff 4, Tall, dark, and talkative. . .can always find room for another cheeseburger, , . hates her walk to school, , ,pals around with Jan and Bobby, , ,dislikes conceited people. . . "Hurry up", , ,spends leisure time reading. . .will make a very efficient secretary, DONALD L, SHEARER Jake General Hi -Y 2, 3,4, president 4g Olympic Club 45 Football I,2, 3,4, co-captain 45 Basketball I,2,35 Baseball I,2,35 Key Club 2, E-town's answer to "Mr, Touchdovxmn, , , a real triple threat in the back field. . . neat dresser. . .president of Senior Hi-Y, , ,three-letter man. . .headed for college with aspirations toward becoming an athletic coach, , ,looking forward to a "ROSlE" future. BARBARA L, SINNIGER B usiness Bobb Tri-Iii-Y 2,3,45 Music Appreciation 2,3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook staff 45 Indoor Patrol 3,4. A Short. , ,infectious giggle. . .one of Howard Iohnson's efficient waitresses. , , "Gosh darn itl", , .hates to get up in the morning, , .Bobby plans to spend her near future in the Waves, JONATHAN MOORE SMITH, IR, Buddy College Preparatory Hi-Y 2, 3,4, secretary 45 Iournalism2, 3,45 Junior Playg Key Club 3,4. Pugnacious, but definitely. , , dislikes sneaky people. . . "Ah, Sam Hill", . , loves to wear loud sweaters. , , helps his father with his stand during fairs, , , pals around with Dick and Little Brutus, , ,lives for gym class. . .he'll make a perfect lawyer, W6'Ie sure. GLORIA M. SNYDER Business 39 J I i l if . Y , YYYYY , T L L 7 ,,,Y, W, ,,., . l,, ...i, DAWN G, STEVENS Dawn Business Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 treasurer 25 Olympic Club 2,35 Band I,2,3,45 rnajorette I, Head Maiorette 2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey I, A majorette any class could be proud of, , , personified grace in motion, , ,partial to tall, blue-eyed blonds. . .very attractive dresser, . .peppy1. , ,would like to at- tend art school, but wouldn't mind being a doctor's wife. . , bound to succeed. SHIRLEY TROUTMAN Shirley Business Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Joined us from Sunbury in our Ju.nior year. . . blond hair, blue eyes, . , always whistling, , , "Is that so?", . , despises loud talking in the classroom, , ,collects base- ball pictures as a hobby, , , part -time bookkeeper at Kauffman 's Garage, , . plans to be a secretary. ROBERT K, TODD Bob College Preparatory Hi-Y 45 Mixed Chorus I5Basketball 2,35 Baseball 2,3:Il1X1i0l' P1ay5 President 1,35 Vice- President 25 Key Club 45 Dramatic Club 2, Joined us this year from Erie, , , a "genius" in the chemistry lab. . . swell personality , , ,has a secret combination to that Studebaker of his, , , likes brunettes, . ,hobbies include oil painting and archery. . . plans to attend college to major in engineering, SHIRLEY ANN SWISHER Swish X College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2,3,45 Joumalism 2,3,45 Music Appreciation 3,45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Sophomore Chorus 25 Hockey Timekeeper 2,3,4g Junior P1ay5 Senior Play5 Yearbook Staff 3,4, Great gal, , ,dislikes nagging people, , ,quiet??. . ,likes agood joke. . .despises her glasses. . , usually having male troubles, , , "Fiddlesticks", , . rarely seen without Gladys. . .convincing Madame Zolga in junior play. , , Shirl will be a very efficient nurse, JOHN E, STUM Leroy General The bashful U5 boy from over Bachmansville way. . .l0ve that truckl. . .1125 an intense interest in brunettes, , , "Do you care?". . ,would rather hunt than dolanything else, , , pals around with Goodie, Woody, and Kaylor. . . works at Greiner's when he's not outside talking to his girls. . . will make a good mechanic, X Q 40 LOUIS ULRICH Skip General Hi-Y 3,45 Junior Orchestra I5 Band Ig Football 3,4, "Love that crew cut", , ,prefers hamburgs and milk to other food, , ,favorite sports are football and getting into trouble with Fultz, Ginder, and Ney, , ,quiet--at times. . .likes to go hunting and trapping, , , our future State Policeman, M, FRED VAN SCYOC 5, 5 , 5 Fred Business , p,z' 4,355 a66 5 r V -Hi-Y 45 Jlmior Orchestra Ig Band I, 2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Boys' Chorus 3,45 Junior 54 5 5 2' Play: Yearbook staff 4, f Tall, smooth blond, , , spends after-school hours driving the jeep for Ben Franklin's 'i'iti ' S Store. . .loves 'ern and leaves 'em. . .constant companion of George and Harry, , , thoroughly enjoyed his part in the junior play, . . future air-force pilot, JANET L, WALBORN Jan Business Tri-Hi -Y 2, 3,45 Music Appreciation 45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Senior Play, property manager5 Yearbook Staff 45 Indoor Patrol 4, Lovely complexion. .. . sharp brunette. . . always laughing, ,- , "Uh-oh". . . short- hand whiz, , , "Number please! , , usually seen with Gloria, Dee, and Bobby, , ,has a weakness for hot' fudge sundaes. . . ambition: secretary to a criminologist, JOANNE M, WANAMAKER Io College Preparatory Tri -Hi-Y I, 2, 3,4, treasurer 45 Senior Orchestra 2, 35 Junior Orchestra Ig Music Ap- K preciation 45 Band 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Hockey I, 2, 3,4, captain 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Indoor Patrol 3,4, Personality plus. . . hard -hitting and fast-moving center halfback and captain of our hockey team. . . "HolyCow". . . enjoys accompanying her brother toDartmouth College --we wonder why P, , , plans to be an elementary school teacher, JANE WARDEN Janie College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y l,2,'3,45 Journalism 1,29 Senior Orchestra 3,45 Junior Orchestra I,25Music Appreciation 35 Band I,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff 4 Small, dainty, and very well groomed. . . artistically talented, , , very frank, , , pals around with Sue and JO. . .toots a clarinet. . , divides her time equally between fighting with Barry and "making up" with Barry. . . will make ,a pleasant addition to a doctor's office in the capacity of medical secretary. A 4-. 's T Xt ' 0 ff at 5 41 DEAN H. WARFEL DiZ College Preparatory Hi-Y I,2,3,45 Music Appreciation 35 Band I5 Mixed Chorus 3,4: Boys' Chorus 3,45 , Sophomore Chorus 2, 35 Quartet 45 Football I, 2, 3, 45 Basketball I, 2, 3, 45 Baseball I, 2, - 'Sify , 3,45 Yearbook Staff 45 Class Vice-President 3. . Not too tall, but definitely light and handsome. . .really smooth. . .sharp dresser 15 . . .Diz's pet peeve is a '41 Plymouth that won't go over 110 M.P.H. . .a "whiz" 0 when it comes to taking English tests. . .ambition is to become a radio technician. . .bound to be tops. GAY B. WEAVER Gay Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3,45 Girls' Chorus 3,45 Sophomore Chorus 25 Yearbook Staff 3,45 FHA 2, 3,4, Secretary 3, President 4. A busy waitress at HowardJohnson's. . .capable president of the F.H.A. . .can be found with Drescher. . .tall. . .neat appearance. . .thrives on Italian Pizza. . .dis- likes quiet people. . ."Really". . .hobby-anything to do with hillbillies. . .interests range from men to men. JOY WENGER Joy College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y I,2,3,4g Senior Orchestra 2,3,45 Junior Orchestra I5 Band I,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3,45 Hockey I, 2, 3,4, Stunningll. . .beautifulhair. . .big blue eyes. . .one of our hard-workinghockey players. . .chic clothes. . .likes her men tall. . .usually can be found with Dee and Dot. . .likes to spend her spare time swimming. . .a smooth dancing partner. . .a collegiate future. RICHARD O. WENGER Dick College Preparatory ' Hi-Y I,2,3, Vice-president 45 Journalism 2, 35 Senior Orchestra 1, 2,3,4g Band I,2,3, 45 Football I,2,3,45Baseball scorekeeper 2,3,45 Junior P1ay5 Senior Play5 Yearbook Staff 2, 3,4, Photography Editor 4g Key Club 2, 3,4, Vice-president 4. Tops. . .pleasing personality. . .photography enthusiast. . .capable photography editor of yearbook. . .expert trombonist. . .one of the intellectual personalities of our class. . .likes his brunettes tall, his blondes short. . .destined to be a' math pro- fessor. 42 Iohn Stum and Jim Ebersole using the new bench saw. 'rifle' if Industrious I2-2 Home Economics Class. gf. ? I2-I geometry students listen attentively as Pat Seiders explains a difficult theorem. ml' Even I2 2 chemistry has its light side. Nfl W... SIIHPS y, , M EMM nnfl' :wi Ez 5 '39 1 'Fl 'Hw- 12-3 enjoying the office machine's ex- hibit at York. 1 2. Baby, it's cold outsidel 3. "Murder Incorporated" of the senior class. 4. Ronnie, John and Lyle seem to have caught World Series fever. 5. "Look at that one1" 6. Dons ambition Emenhelser 7. What won't Pat do next? 5 Y Q 8. What the "well-dressed man" is wearing. 1 tif , 9. The latest from Paris! P, 1 10. Country yokels, Pat and Emie, take over New York City. 12. Hockey had its rough times too, just ask Jo. 13. 12-3 girls examining files at York. 14. Dee and Gloria watching demonstration of Friden calculator. 15. "lt can't be that badl " 16. Shirl, Gracie, and Lou enjoying a foot- ball game. 11 . "When you find out, tell us, Razor." Y E m , , ? M-,gl CAST OF CHARACTERS Hugo Bromley ............ Fred Van Scyoc Jeffrey Hall . . .... Jim Rutherford Troddy . . . . Ruth Ann Butterbaugh . . .Julia Shank Dorothy Grubb . Jonathan Smith , . Jerry Frye , , Pat Seiders , Richard Wenger Shirley Swisher Ginger Stormgay , . . Gale Stormgay . . Hatcher , , , Granny Kate .... Professor De Vallani . MadamZo1ga , . . . Azalea . . . Nora Vane , , Suzanne Brown , ,Janice Carl Mr, Bradshaw , ........... Harold Daveler Adventures, chills, and thrills all began when Hugo Bromley and Jeffrey Hall answered anewspaper advertisement: "GHOST WANTED, Full-time, healthful work, haunting lovely island home. Apply Ramshead Rock." The young men's job proved to be more than in- teresting as they uncovered voodooism, zombees, a secret panel, a foreign spy ring, an arsenal, and two very lovely and charming young ladies, With the mystery at Rarnshead Rock solved and two young loves in bloom, we closed our program with many fond memories and moments locked behind the scenes, "GHOST LUHHTEIV' OUR JUNIOR PLAY HIEH HBE LIKE STHEETCHRS 'HKS-v wsvri'-333: ' -. .M 4 fs,-,.s,.,.p -. -,--is .- ,. .. .,,- , gr, ., 7 vu. -.1 4 ,.:x,.s,.J .Q ,,.,,.. Q50 THWE ii, A E -' P ll 77 4 .P ' ri jf?-A '7 OUR SENIOR PLAY ' J PMW Mrs. Mason . Mr, Mason . Maudie Mason Sylvia Mason Joy .... Davy . . . Alix White . Julie Day. . Lysbeth Allen Chi .... Mrs. White . Mrs. Day. . Mrs, Allen . CAST OF CHARACTERS Ruth Ann Butterbaugh . . Q . . . Otto Florschutz . Julia Shank Shirley Swisher 'Carol Dannettell . Don Prescott . Pat Rosensteel . .Janice Carl . Jerrie Ellinger Gorden Hershey Jeanne Landvater . . Pat Seiders Carol Ann Moose Margaret . . . Suzanne Brown Jerry . . . Richard Wenger Ted . . . ...... . . . . Harold Daveler The cast was jittery, the audience expectant, and the sweet strains from the orchestra drifted into the distance as the curtain rose and we were transplanted into a rollicking comedy of the younger generation. Maudie found herself in a peck of trouble by using her mischievous techniques to have her sister's boy friend "pop the question, " Our understanding was soon wrapped up by the irresistible magnetism of Maudie and her teen-age friends. The curtain fell on our final performance, but in our hearts we will always remember "Men Are Like Street Cars" as a job well done. na. Nay: i 1 e w , ,n.u.A,,, - - SEHIURS HT PLHEI Football camp wasn't all work for these senior fellows, Rotary Boys-of-the-Month, Harold Daveler tinkerin' with the sound effects, "Makeupl" Miss Nenninger lends a helping hand with makeup. Cooperation at the Room 20 Christmas party, WN it ' I ' .,,. sll'trl" ISL' Q f r,.:f -11 I ., Y ,mm 1 ,X X xxmw tsil, 1 Az:t Z as ,I Time out for refreshments at Senior play practice, Gab festl Donna Miller and Marie Hoover, play prompters. Jim Ebersole, our capable stage manager, awaits his cue, Numb fingers and tired arms folded and stapled the senior play programs, Millie Lokey and Gloria Hoerner collect tickets for the basketball games. Senior play thespians take time out to sign play programs, Jane Warden and Barry Landis, senior play ticket managers, "Do you want a senior play program? " Janet Walborn transcribes one of her six Dictaphone records. Donna Miller duplicates another hundred copies on the Mimeograph machine, Our beautiful Hallowe'en queen, Joy Wenger. Mr, Sedule "tickles the ivories" at the Room 20 Christmas party, Wayne and Barry entertain Room 20. . L, K ' ' Z I :S 'r Rafe' ?!?i4:.11, - Q Zz -W -515.5 351451. '.Ei2fg"fi f 1551 el agff.-iv., fr. 1 x ff r 'ii' 'V 51 Q gf ,Q 4: E rap 559' 'JA G 'lf , J H 1 i 141, . ,, my mm. ,,.:., ,, - we ,., ., .m,fW1.,,.. ,t .,g,Mg..,, ,.,,... .,,,. , ,, - 11. if ,.wi-mmvwxzwrzef' 1 um- l , 1. .-fzmum , L. ,Wave W5 .,,. W, . ,:U,A1f'??1F3Qf vffsvf.mm.sef, .- x . ,,.f?:'ff-.rf-:-www. - ,k..!5.1p..-',e.sL-WAV- 2 .mnxs-:1,. it f., W. V1 ge .4 "ig.f3,. vs... ULHSS SUNG UF 1953 1-ful! gig,-?f1?fw,gPff1 171' A aw 1 3 fTimlf?'? ll' Fnfflfffifr Q'-ffifi lfJ lJfiJlfjiji --1-5225! 1747-x J-U - F45-,ag F I! mul f ff'i W 56 J V rg H 3 5 i rw- FH? " H i Hi. -4 iii? iftifilidj' usic to our 51 1mmsfrwuw4me:nae1vw.e:zmamwamf4a22w9m 'Q tif ,iwii.... , G3 Nl swi .J-,ii ,4 1, - 41 gewfg, .V fi 23 QW ,. x v.: WW'-Q L.. -1-affsf .,f' 'X ,Quai 5 1 , , 1 Q :A if 1' 'K Q' 4, M Not a man from Mars--just Larry Boyer doing , shop work, Shorthand I class struggles through another "take, " When it comes to solving physics problems on a slide rule, three heads are better than one, JUHIUH C nav' Junior girls helping to prepare the junior class farm fair stand. ElEVElllH GHHDE Front Row left to right V Belser, R Polk R Haldernan E Warden J Hoffer, R L. Frederic S. Good Westater Gebhard Fourth Nisley, E Bishop Vuxta, C. Earhart, R. Little. J. Parry, R. Cunningham, W. Farver, H. 06413 I1 fa s 0, 0 lr X S Bates J. Hoffer, H. 'Heisey R.JJX ? B. Funck . Hoover L B K. Stoner, W. Wolgemuth, R. K. C Pfaunmrller J Heigel E Enck N Royer I Mil Eli' Blnggmal-1 JV' 4' Gilgore S Lora Wrlkinso AWE P Offer J www hrrd Row fi if ft' vi rm. . Martin ow E. . . Sweiga i Warren B. . Crau 2535554 Schwanger L Maxfli' -wr,.s:,.g D Dreff 1 - , . wav ,,W'r.5,4ri,.q qj,2..-im' 41L.245.fis Ll fwfg it f-n1,1,.www ...M -- . ,agp .ga-4, , , K. Byerly K. Bemhaue ibble ' ' W. Kepler, S. Ishl Meyers, r IQ! i V' . A 'E-ia L 1, iclentg E. Taylor, treasurerg L. ident. Started the year, anxiously awaiting their opportunity to prove them- selves Thespians in theiriuniorclass playand as perfecthosts at their gala Junior-Senior Prom. . .returned from Thanksgiving vocation, sporting their newly-acquired class rings. . .several of their class proiectsincluded the farm Fair, basketball, and football standsplus the soleof shirts and Christmas wreathes. . . looking forward to tok- ing over the responsibility of being seniors. 55 Officers, left to right: Mr. Grosh, adviser, M. Warren, secretarygP. Shelley, vice-pres Farver, pres lElllH Glllllli Front Row, left to right: G. Edmiston, L. Hippensteel, I. Goodling, D. McCurdy, W. Tierney., T. Offer, C. Barton, M. Gerhart, J. May, C. Brubaker, J. Douglass, L. Forwood, R. Ney. Second Row: S. Nagel, D. Means, R. Ober,A D. Beinhauer, N. Horst, D. Landis, D. Leber, A. Coulson, R. Long, R. Lehman, A. Sweigart, E. Smith, M. Espen- shade, D. Brubaker, I. Weaver. Third Row: N. Evalt, M. Winters, M. Hoffman, D. Kreider, A. Longenecker, J. Andrews, L. Hoerner, J. Ney, T. Herr, Y. Cosner, F. Hoover, S. Thompson, V. Stum, A. Grimm, M. Hackman, N. Hess, D. Fitzwater, B. Becker, C. Nauman, M. Meinhardt, A. Risser.Fourth Row: A. Weiss, C. Berrier, J. Bank- ler, R. Mumma, R. Morris, P. Kelley, J. Adams, E. Boyer, N. Good, M. Weidman, A. Newcomer, P. Stahl, J. Kautz, L. Webster, R. Fisher, G. Ulrich, G. Lesher, J. Rice, N. Gish, L. Snyder, T. Degler, R. Hummer, M. Fet- ter. Fifth Row: R. Hill, C. Fry, L. Musser, G. Nissley, L. Mullen, C. Polk, H. Risser, R. Dieffenbach, P. Stauffer, H. Bomgardner, F. Harzer, W. Clarke, R. Bailey, J. Wenger, L. Heffner, H. Baldwin, R. Williams, D. Andrews, C. Thompson. Under the capable leadership of Mr. these en uslastic have a ready started to raise the needed funds for t ass trip y se ing and varied classes were started this year when the col lege home economlcs Courses were Chosen- A he d on January 2. This sophisticated but Of C' SU career . - " ...fi ' f . lllffri- . i ss fs -,Q .vw EI f V t .H mary' ,,.,,j':Q..:'.E' ,. gf' 'P' " wt' - fl R .. is e , 1-X Hg' +R , iv 1 ...Q .. . fn? B . H, . , nh, J '-szw-'il'2'. re' ax. b I I if -.. .4 I .eg ,gagiffa-55 1' ,ig g we I . , . as if .sis If 'iff F ., JF A if "U if we Q .1 fi .fs if-r if ry., , Cali' W W , El' ' 0 ' , L 11. F L r-' F, if sf. s . F ifxagji is-aft I e .2 2-rc . .:, .- .f fc F x .h A is .. i ,K 1 1 ? Q ff lf. ' J? L1 . . ,alta .1 ,e i .V . it sa . ., f 1. . 1 ,..- . ..-Y., ., .e.f.5a.n..fr -2r5:gI,-'gm at ' ,.ufI2f.q...-1 : as e..l2?'- wwrrra-s-.Q-21--uf541.695-e.g:f.-.,pv4ax5:1a,..,-..f.':,.f - iz.. ' 4.1" - 41 .fe M r fgqwuw.. Officers, Back Row, left toright: D. Andrews, presidentg Mr. Goodhart, adviser: J. Wenger, vice-president. Front Row: J. Weaver, trea- surerg M. Espenshade, secretary: F. Hoover, ' librarian. 56d 91' :ln-ak. , llllllllllJS l . lO-3 typing classaiming for thatcovet- ed 40 wordsa minute. 2. lO-l plane ge- ometry class takesa break to have its picture taken. 3. Faithful Malc Hershey handing out football statistics during half- time. 4. Libraryperiodsallowstudents to catch up on current events. 5. Cara Lou Baker cloes her part by serving at the orientation program . 6. Mr. Warden making sure students sign out correctly to go to the library. 7. Home Ec girls com- piling scrapbooks--one of many projects. - srvrnru snnnf Officers, Back Row, Left to right: C ver, D. Kilhefner, M. Frutchey. Row: J. Espenshade, P. Garber, P. B. Boggs. Kneeling: C, tunda, K. Benrzel. These energetic seventh graders, after grade to high school, got right into the swing of things by o traffic iam poss- ing between classes. . . s Room 24?" organizations fo be on enioyoble experi ng survl r firsf year in high school, ers of the high school next Front Row, Left to right: W. Witmer, L. Rotunda, K. Bentzel, S.Metzler, S. Alwine, H. Brandt, J. Horst, R. Grubb J. Gerlach, K. Lehman, T. Heigel, I. Graybill, J. Blough. Second Row: -R. Livingston, C. Douglass, R, Farrar, I Sweigart, L. Cunningham, D. Snyder, B. Bishop, Q. Gibble, B. Sine, T. Trimmer, C. Neideigh, W. Wilson, J Adams, B. Ginder, J. Flowers, J. Bailey, C. Basehore, R. Criley. Third Row: C. Weaver, R. Adams, L. Boozer, B Hoffman, K. Dixon, K. Hippensteel, R. Jumper, F. Reed, R. Hayes, S. Hoffer, G. Goss, D. Bickle, D. Fike, B Winters, J. Espenshade, P. Garber, B. Boggs, K. Evans, D. Eagle. Fourth Row: J. Myers, J. Brandt, M. Walters, J.. Hamilton, P. Lehman, H. Royer, J. Davis, C. Leeds, J. Stroh, G. Bucher, D. Kilhefner, R. Coleman, M. Frutchey L. Krick, M. Roland, C. Tarbutton, L. Irzoe, J. Stahl, M. Brinser, J. Jones, S. Baker. V l 2 Vwiwiif ...mice sg FPFREEDOM . ,item Oki Kel M5 f at ou" up 941 l 2 3 4 5 6 7 PEEPIHH IHTH THE LIUHIUH HIGH . Shirley Shank cmd Charles Flowers reviewing their history. . Glen Bucher and Polly Garber expounding their knowledge of geography. . 9-l art class busily at work. . Joanne Achorn's and Laima Cukur's dresses seem to be coming along nicely. . Harold Royer repairing damage. . Ninth grade boys learn to use the shop machines. . Eighth graders learning the fundamentals of the English language. 2 W QW as 4 I l ' ' ! F 3 2 E 5 5 E F E i P E Q i 5 i i Q 3 E 2 I 5 5 3 E e s S '54 ,Y e Utvgw i'Tgs'52?J wg, , 'tx 1 1 Q. . Y ix .RA D . - , ,, ,N "T, 4' '14 1. ,gt Y 7' f, 4 N ,P Af ff 'ki-if l eaffw 'x Q N any I 2 W Q M z N 1 S, 2-A A , ,, H H , 7 M ki57. , 1 - fv f 'WZ Mfeqfw' wa In A Q 'Y 11, fi' V I fi? , ' , i 'fi W' 5" jf i , i1,n':m,.'4 -Q., ri ak 3125 H ww VARSITY Left to right: E. Beck, P. Rosensteel, I. Brubaker, G. Clarke, M. Warren, D. Grubb. O QQ M ..-- ,..,., ' bi cuffmfnnfns -4, JUNIOR VARSITY Left to right: S. Thompson, B. Becker, A. Coulson, N. Good, B. Stevenson. Iva Brubaker, captain ,y 1 Bruin" whispers the "bear" facts. What goes up must come down! The coronafion of a king f?l Mr . Dauberf overcoming 4 his mike fright! Junior high cheerleaders. . . Kay Jones, Lois Smith, "Fight, feqml fighfg " and Brenda Carl. OddS Gnd ends. . Q0-M 'QQ Oom-pahl THEU GHVE THEIR BEST During the past three years our high school girls' field hockey team, under the capable coaching of Miss Jane Hunsecker, and through its hard work, co-operative team play, and undying spirit, has rolled up an un- paralleled record of 21 wins, one loss, and two ties, and outscored their opponents 87 points to II in this same three-year span. Also to be added to this impressive record is the fact that our team won three consecutive league championships throughout the '50, '51, '52 seasons: the first time in the history of the league for a team to accomplish this feat. The 1952 season saw our local lassies roll up a league record of six wins and no losses. Our home field was the scene of the first game of the season in which our gals drubbed EastDonegal to the tune of 7-2. The following week, again playing on their home grounds, the team rumped over Man- heim Central 4-0. After these two victories our gals traveled to Mount Joy where they took on, and over, an underrated Mountloy "II" by a score of 2-O. Now swinging into the homestretch, with victory in sight, the gals traversed to Maytownwhere they again drubbed East Donegal, this time by a score of 6-0. In chalking up their fifth consecutive win by once more beating Manheim Central on the l0ser's field 4-0, the local team clinched the championship for the third straight year. In the final league game of the season which was played in E-town and served only as an anti-climax, our team defeated Mount Joy 3-0. Following the regular season, E-town played two exhibition games, losing their only game of the year to East Hempfield 2-Igand then ending the season on a true note, they defeated Lititz 5-o. Throughout the three crown-producing years, goals scored by seniors who played their last game in the 1952 season areas follows: Pat Seiders, 33: Dot Grubb, 31g Iva Brubaker, 7: Sue Beck, 25 and Joy Wenger, 2. This year twelve girls strapped on their shinguards and picked up their hockey sticks for the last time for Elizabethtown High School and, al- though all did not share in the scoring honors, without any one of them, our team could not have conquered their challenged foes, for it was only through the united effort of all of the girls' that our school name could be written into the league records as true champions. These seniors include: Dot Grubb, Pat Seiders, Iva Brubaker, Sue Beck, Gwen Clarke, Jo Wana- maker, Joy Wenger, Sue Patton, Doris Emenheiser, Grace Pyle, Millie Lokey, and Jo Otis. It can truly be said of these girls: "They gave their best--for E. H. S." 66 HUCHEU Coach Jane Hunsecker and Captain Io Wanamaker 1950 Opponent Q Mt. Joy 0 7 Manheim Central 0 5 E. Hempfielcl 2 3 E. Donegal 2 5 Mt. Joy O 1 Manheim Central 1 1 E. Hempfield O O E. Donegal O 3 FRONT ROW, left to right: S. Patton, J. Wenger, P. Hoover, G. Pyle, J. Otis, G. Clarke, I. Wanamaker, D. Grubb, P. Seiders, I. Brubaker, E. Beck, D. Emenheiser, M. Lokey, M. Melnhardt, N. Good. SECOND ROW: D. Fitzwater, M. Fetter, R. Fisher, N. Landvater, I. Freeman, F. Peiffer, P. I-Ieisey, A. Shaw, C. Herr, E. Gebhard, Y. Copenhaver, S. Risser, L. Gish, S. Swisher, J. Carl, S. Brown, L. Gutshall, P. Rosensteel, J. Shank, Coach J. Hunsecker. IIHHHIPIUHSHIP SEHSU11 SBUHES 1951 1952 Opponent Opp . .IE Opponent Opp . E H E. Hempfield 1 2, E. Donegal 2 E. Donegal O 5 Manheim Central 0 4 Mt. Joy 0 2 Mt. Joy O 2 Manheim Central O 5 E. Donegal 0 6 E. Lampeter 0 5 Manheim Central O 1 4 E. Hempfield 1 0 Mt. Joy O 3 E, Donegal 0 6 Practice Games Mt. Joy O 5 E. Hempfielcl 2 1 E. Lampeter O 3 Lititz 0 5 Manheim Central 0 3 67 'T rd-working Sue Pre-game conference Timers ond scorers Managers Prayer meeting New sticks! Hllllili THE SIDELIHES - ' ,ft 68 Hcilttime nutrition 'X e ,Um Q L., ,',L f , VA ,K gf,-f, Q if 9 J'9fgg?pilf' Hy if I Lgfif? fy' ,wvv""fW4 ,K Wenger Rrghtv'f4faTfback 10 ilu W1 .A -fm I.. , u fx I R ' K I if. M M 'gg ,h : 3. :V fi if gm 'ffv P w Yfiw gl vi L A sz- ikff 35 x VHHSITU FUUTBI-ill W lsss s A """"m X 1Y lni A t i f i"- , I , N , - A A 1 . A ' A tp 7 .AAC ajft. :k,, 1 v . 3 V K wm.W, V p 6 J ssss t A i ,,.h Q,, f , Athletic Council: P. Daubert, N. Diehl, T. Thompson, Coaches Eppler, Barnhart, Beaver, Frantzp Head Coach T. Ebersole. The Athletic Council works hard during the Dal-lbeff. Center- year, formulating the many policies of the Inter-scho- lastic Athletic Association. 1952 SEASON Opponents Opponent E-town Columbia I3 O Manheim Township 0 7 Manheim Central 0 24 Lititz I2 i4 Ephrata 6 6 Middletown 20 20 Solanco 6 26 Red Lion I4 32 Palmyra O 0 VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD. Front Row, left to right:Coach Frantz, R. Wenger, J. Rutherford, I. Frye, D. Shearer, D. Warfel, D. Berrier, L. Ulrich, A. Fultz, G. Ney, J. Ebersole. Second Row: CoachBeaver, H. Knorr, C. Thomp- son, R. Cunningham, K. Beinhauer, L. Hippensteel, K. Stoner, D. McCurdy, E. Enck, L. Boyer, Coach Eppler. Third Row: Head Coach Daubert, D. Andrews, R. Williams, J. Wenger, L. Heffner, L. Seiders, I. Heigel, I. Haw- thorne, E. Warden, Coach Barnhart. Bears Defee "Sir Sola co, 26- Sf ' Elizabethtown High tayed in contention fm Zcmfercnce of the Hof didst Friday night by de imco by 21,26-6 score Reefs fourth confers pggiust Q90 defeln' vrdf Ji, I ' 1 aghexm K V ea Koh l L ' ?ard I y K i ag cn. fgbe 11 Saga 111 me 3 ' Roger xAp'f0Ve5 gafne .. ol ' ' 8 . fehman, gameS is ,io wxff WWYQXXZ, Jirgqigggxze fn. 55?i1g.x YS goi- ballttgidwn Yg?ai,0wx'XQ33p?nC, 130 grxmoleste year me ,L mst 33 eopxve ' 345111 thefwiv YW? 5 xowfwg cw extemgge BY i, ' grouidbl ningffg io meevxs Harfel and Cguftfesy A down B uiahifemg x e H miss Sf??'?f1,Cwcf. Siiiird line, an- be Beuot tht A md passed tn price Bday iginhauen , SK NQef Q?5ut ty, e ,ee aww am '+ etktaled 'io . gallon faq iwsball po th mth Q K Sc 5 lbudxirie for max. waht n5g19+0151ead.' iw fo e 0 'qw Henner Goodling, d I1 from ' xpxay 10:2 Thu rsiy Ne En Hfapleaieixee ofd 0i'i'Qi3?5i'Wine tie. "Recon: Duck Wenger, Tackle gglesiscpred the Veda? g2 '15-yard marctf.R00'2i fQgQf!+ehmafz,fi.ii W 1 Qiryardslfand ltneffqfmfe ,e J l""WSC9?9- gf Q I scfwlastig f Waikffizmj Ii Q ff - V1 H0519-'f , J gggirhe. Be V tg tak 53313 tan U1 l?1w ?Tf f2Us1 mp- Af-iii? . ' . ea, , Erlfmfr 8 M-lube e Lwf iiaysams mi the im'- l W F5391 c ' fffif Eifggstingurkiegglfmr Jake Shearer, - D 1, ,,-1. ..- C0 Captamf Halfbcck we l', Harry Knorr, n Bub Fultz, End name to K Keeps Roses Ti fe Wms 264 1 Phu! Daubext s Ehzabethb of Solanco last evening k s hopes ln the Confercnm Shearer can Good i ne che md' the scox ,th a ,ae six . Lehn with C C Gd Ox- 4 42 he a fl'0m er on ibejilif :mer In 'th a f'Y5F'79f 4 wg 0 th a iieyfardg Eg i V W Bears the seo: er cl :ass to Beinhi ak downs the Bear yn I S one by the Mule: Ihauer J Rggigggzw BFS 'F "'i 0 2553 13. Blieacher Young Lehmarg his s Rohrer Howeatgiijswefi Ends Goodnng wumms, Aizdigs le Tackles RH yf Qr Berrief, 3 Wenger 9 Guards Ulv Nwson. Enel football fans 3"g'i1'f3j-ue, X ty of excxte- my ,Q LzL 2' - s sl f YK 0 . Q 9:5235 11va1z'y'E1ff am gs 'xrs ot Coach E11 abethtowli QW 5552 awed the hw ch M11-ze X etown gr1d1rG1iiijbf:l :mately 5 O00 scfeisms 20 20 txe lastglfrie 'amour xmzjkgef on rn ihigfgge he -031,53 43 :af l '4 CUUHT HIGHLIGHTS E-town's fighting bears, previous Sectionl champs and county runners-up for T951 -52 season, ended this year's basketballseason with two wins and eight losses in league competition. The Bears finished in a two-way tie for last place, but this is no indication of the fight they boys put up during the campaign. Aftera seven-game losing streak, our boys finally got into the win column with a 45-38 victory over Dallastown. The very next game found us again on the victory side of a thrilling 47-46 contest with Manheim Central. Then followed a five-game losing streak which ended in an exciting 40-38 victory over previously unbeaten New Cumberland . About this point of the season, Coach Barnhart removed his seniors from the starting line-up to make way for promising under- classmen. The new and scrappy varsity then took a close contest away from Marietta in the last few seconds of play, 43-42. Ourinexperienced bears fought gallantly but came outonthe short end of the scores in the remaining four games. '4'l"f 4.1 LEFT ROW, front to back: H. Goodling, K, Byerly, L, Farver, R,Williams, L,Boyer, RIGHT ROW: L,Hippen- steel, W, Clarke, K, Beinhauer, J, Rutherford, D, Andrews, SCORERS AND TIMERS Left to right: J. May, Mr, R. I. Trimble, I.Wenger. VHRSITU BHSHETBHH .nxt 'hs VARSITY COACH Bill Barnhart Opponents East Lampeter Columbia York Catholic Middletown 'East Donegal 'Mount Joy 'Marietta Dallastown 'Manheim Central 'East Hempfield Columbia 'East Donegal York Catholic 'Mount Joy New Cumberland 'Marietta Lancaster Catholic 'Manheim Central New Holland 'East Hempfield 'League Games VARSITY SCORES 1952-53 Season OPP 47 45 69 73 33 54 45 38 46 54 44 56 67 66 38 42 64 47 52 47 EHS 33 31 21 56 25 41 41 45 47 38 27 41 30 37 40 43 49 40 43 45 JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD -- kneeling, left to right: P, Shelley, R. Haldeman, L.l-Iippensteel, W. Clarke, L, Seiders. Standing: A. Martin, J. Heigel, L. Boyer, V. Belser, T. Evans, COACH Robert Trimble JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD -- kneeling, leftto right: N. Cunningham, J. Stevens. I. Risser, R. Teu- fel, K, Emenheiser, H. Royer, Standing: R, Adams, D. Kaylor, H. Good, R, Fackler, R, Royer, R, Belser, J, Hawthorne, G, Sloat, D. Goodling, COACH William Frantz JUNIOR VARSITY SCORES I952'53 Opponents Opp. East Lampeter IQ Columbia 22 York Catholic 46 Middletown 47 'East Donegal 28 'Mount Joy 20 'Marietta 25 Dallastown I8 'Manheim Central 30 'East Hempfield 25 Columbia I7 'East Donegal 28 York Catholic 35 'Mount Joy 39 New Cumberland 31 'Marietta 45 Lancaster Catholic 35 'Manheim Central 35 New Holland I9 'East Hempfield 27 'League Games JUNIOR HIGH SCORES I952'53 Opponents Opp 'East Donegal 36 'Mount Joy 47 'Marietta 33 'Manheim Central 39 Bainbridge 2I 'East Hempfield 23 Bainbridge 24 'East Donegal I8 Middletown 57 'Mount Joy 26 'Marietta 24 Middletown 43 'Manheim Central 28 'East Hempfield 23 'League Games EHS I2 23 25 49 21 26 26 58 36 I2 16 35 30 I 1 45 47 24 25 32 44 EHS 38 26 28 38 30 28 22 41 30 21 40 41 36 54 Head Coach Joseph Sedule and Assistant Coach Alton Eppler. Date March April May BASEBALL SCHEDULE FOR 1953 Opponent William Penn William Penn Middletown McCaskey Manor Manor East Hernpfield East Donegal Mount Joy Marietta Myerstown East Hernpfield East Donegal Mount Joy Marietta Place Away Home Home Away Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away Home Away B fo 0 OJIZUU wi 35 gjgb so ,., ' 0 :' '91 . ' ff- X 4 7 ' if nn,yy,.n . ., I .1 , S X X HSEBHH E PITCHERS -- left to right: D, Andrews, H, Knorr M, Ginder. SENIORS --left to right: I. Ingle, Manager: M. Ginder, J, Rutherford, J. Royer, H, Knorr, D, Pre scott, R. Todd, R. Milbee. , . s ,.. ... ,. , 5,w,,y'aiafmi,,., . ff f fmwwa-Q- f1-M -a ? Ei Q 5 3: 1 X 3 S K E i I V cadic' eyacurlhvzevzf JUHIUH UHCHESTRH The first sica world for these sixty-two aspiring musicians. . .required great effort to pry them away from their "funny books" during rehearsals, butwhen that difficulty was eliminated, they really worked hard. . .as Mr. Klauss's protege's, they present an assembly each spring which everyone enjoys. step into the mu ' l Miss Rosanna Brandt, vocal super- visor, and Mr No h . a Klauss, instru mental director JUNIOR ORCHESTRA Violins: S Baker K L . , . ehman, B. Boggs, L. Eshelman, L, Smith, M, Flory, P, Bates, L, Herr, J, Martin, C. Steever, L, Hess, D. Minick, J. Seitz, R, Dietrich, G, Sweigart, I, Espenshade, I. Jones, J, Frey, B, Wenger, S, Ulrich, L, Kaylor, T, Miller, Cellos: R, Hill, P. Brinser, J. Jones, G, Rice, Bass Viols: A, Kilhefner, R, Ruggeri, Clarinetsg M, Borman, R. Coleman, L. Boozer, D, Leighty, S, Kaylor, I. Groff, Saxes: B. Bishop, I, Stahl, B, Wenger, Horns: R. Martin, C. Basehore, R, Mumper, I, Hoover, Trom- i P, Farver, D. Kilhefner, I. Cocker. Baritone: G. Bucher, Trumpets: K. Emen- heiser, J, Stambaugh, T, Loser, R, Fack1er,I, Newcomer, C, Douglass, Drums: K, Stoner, I, Carl, T. Rice, L, Cukurs, Pianozl Coleman J , , , Longenecker, 4 SEIIIUH UHCHESTHH The lights dim, musicfills the room, our senior orchestra has begun another program. . .ably directed by Noah Klauss. . .filled intermissions of plays and other programs. . .behind the scenes were hours of hard work which made their performances successful. . .took audience of senior play to a scene from South Pacific with their interpretation of "Some Enchanted Evening ". . .for something on the heavy side, the "Czech Rapsody" was the highlight of the spring concert. . .their programs are varied and ever o ' ' his taste. y ne is sure to find one selection to suit M .AJ 2 gf 0 0 if 2, ,go V Violins: M. Martin, E. Hershman, B. Hoffman, A. Risser, D. Andrews, H. Daveler, Z' N. Greenawalt, E. Enck, S. Lehman, S. Risser, B. Carl, K. Jones, J. Kuntzelman, D. Kniley, R. Good, K. Lehman, S. Baker, B. Boggs, L. Smith. Violas: J. Achorn, E. Q.-5 :ag Barnes. Cellos: R. Hill, P. Brinser, J. Barnes. 22253 A. Kilhefner, J. Shank. Piano: A. Shaw, K. Byerly. Drums: L. Heffner, J. Wanamaker, D. Bishop. Flutes: D. Grubb, C. Moose, R. Butterbaugh, J. Wenger, S. Raffensperger. Clarinets: S. Patton, M. Hoover, J. Warden, F. Klein. Saxoghones: F. Harzer, J. Hoover, B. Wenger. Oboe: R. Coleman. Trumpets: R. Belser, J. Wenger, I. Longenecker, K. Emenheiser. Horns: M. Isenberg, J. Ebersole, I. Douglass. Trombones: R. We ' Tuba: R. Ru ' nger, G. Edmiston, L. Patton. ggeri. Conductor: Noah Klauss. LEFT TO RIGHT: M, Martin, E. Hershrnan, A. Risser, A. Shaw, J. Barnes, B, Hoffman, J, Shank, E, Barnes, J, Holiday for Strings! . . .small, select group of eightstring players. . .furnished soft dinner music for banquets. . ,their novelty number was "Plink, Plank, Plunk" . . .practiced F r i da y evening after s c hoo l . . .these accomplished musicians, , whether playing Leroy Anderson or Bach, were always at their best. Achorn. L . - sw ,ff i Vx L N 4. f,f, , i R ,pm , I 1213, ,,g5,.,,:m ffl f,,. -. f i I r, it as i 2 2. ' 'i z1.rQ" " S SENIOR GIRLS' TRIO PICTURED AT LEFT: J. Heisey, I, Brubaker and J. Ellinger, -sw 3' 'IQ rfl' 4' JUNIOR GIRLS' TRIO PICTURED AT RIGHT: S. Bates, E. Hersh- man, E. Taylor. BOYS' QUARTET PICTURED AT RIGHT: V. Belser, D, Andrews, J. Dougherty, D. Warfel, ACCOMPANISTS PICTURED AT LEFT, SEATED: S. Thomp- son, I, Heisey, STANDING: A, Shaw, S. Itzoe, J, Nisley. ' JUHIUH BHIIU FRONT ROW, left to right: J, Heck, C, Zarfoss, L, Murphy, P, Heisey, K. Stoner, J. Carl, A, Runyan, S, Raffen- sperger, L. Cukurs, R. Heigel, J. Goss, D, Painter, J, Dupler, Mr. Klauss, SECOND ROW: G. Bucher, H, Miller, B, Bishop, T, Loser, D. Livingston, C, Douglass, B, Funck, J. Park, R, Shank, C, Basehore, R, Hamilton, J, Sweigart, T. Adams. THIRD ROW: B, Spickler, I, Groff, B, Heisey, D. Weaver, R. Wanamaker, D. Hoffer, A. Martin, D, Lighty, S, Wolfe, S,Farver, B. Hoffman, H, Hain, FOURTH ROW: R. Fackler, K, Emenheiser, R. Grubb, C. Weaver, J, Hershey, M, Borman, R, Martin, M, Kaylor, E. Hill, J, Hoover, D, Kilhefner, T. Rice, J. Knittweis, FIFTH ROW: K, Dixon, J, Newcomer, J, Stambaugh, P. Farver, J. Cocker, J, Coleman, R. Ruggeri, H, Good, H. Bom- gardner, R, Andrews, J, Stahl, L, Snyder, R, Mumper, R, Coleman, FRONT ROW, left to right: Mr. N. Klauss, C. Basehore, R. Hamilton, K. Emenheiser, J. Douglass, K. Dixon, B. Hoffman, C. Douglass, T. Loser. SECOND ROW: M. Borman, R. Mumper, J. Longenecker, K. Stoner, J. Carl, P. Farver, J. Stambaugh, J. Hoover, M. lsenberg, S. Raffensperger, P. Heisey, G. Bucher, D. Bishop. THIRD ROW: J. Coleman, I. Cocker, F. Klein, R. Martin, R. Hill, J. Hoover, D. Kilhefner, R. Fackler, R. Coleman, J. New- comer, B. Wenger, I. Stahl, G. Edmiston. FOURTH ROW: G. Rickerr, H. Bomgardner, H. Risser, L. Patton, R. Andrews, C. Moose, R. Butterbaugh, M. Hoover, C. Earhart, J. Wenger, S. Patton, M. Engle, J. Heisey, H. Good, J. Warden, J. Shank. FIFTH ROW: D. Andrews, R. Wenger, H. Engle, F. Van Scyoc, F. I-Iarzer, K. Byerly, D. Gibble, R. Ruggeri, G. Lesher, R. Belser, I. Wenger, L. Boyer, I. Wanamaker, D. Emenheiser, J. Knitrweis. Peppyl . . .7:30 practices made them tough. . .performed at foot- ff' Fe s Q ' ball games--won prizes in many parades under the untiring direction b -H, 7, J' of Mr. Klauss. . ,. avea s lendid concert combined with thellershe l, 9 P . Y , ' MJ ' .mir High Schbol Band in March. . .thrilled atplaying underthe direction Y' ? M of Mr. Revelli, director ofmusic at the University of Michigan. . . ff braved the freezin weather at the Harrisbur marchin contest. . . 9 9 9 ,ff well represented at the County Band Festival. . .tops in the annual A ' X spring concert. - 50 ll' Ng 84 .XM xi Q S4 'fi K COLORGUARD. . .LEFT to RIGHT: M. Martin, A, Risser, S. Lehman, and C Chronister, These snappy, high-stepping gals could be found sparking the band at football games and parades . . .propagators ofthe band jamboreep taught and trained the iunior maiorettes who formulated the "dragon". . .the new uniform of Dawn Stevens, head maiorette, fwhom the band is unfortunate in losing after this yearl caught many admiring glances. . .also lost to next year's senior band are Shirley Lehman, ancl Mary Martin and Shirley Bishop. Blillll llllllll OWS 5. . lyeo 0' A4 . Uforeffe MAJORETTES. . .LEFT I0 RIGHT: S. LOIHW. I. Floyd. I. Bankler, B, Gish, S, Bates, S, Bishop, I Nlsley E Taylor haf A 1 Asg' ,rx 5, L 'kii L' 5 "' IU, F L' Z Lktrl , "V A ., f. , V, ,af i , lmllll HIIXED CHORUS FRONT ROW, left to right: M. Hershey, C, Dannettell, S, Troutman, S. Bishop, S, Loraw, D. Stevens, L, Burk- holder, L, Gutshall, M, Martin, N, Ebersole, I, Shank, 1, Brubaker, D. Kniley, N, Greenawalt, S. Good, E, Taylor, J, Nisley, S. Itzoe, SECOND ROW: S. Bates, J, Carl, J, Landvater, S. Lehman, J, Walborn, G, Ellinger, P.lRosen- steel, C, Brubaker, N. Gish, E. Bishop, J, Warden, M. Warren, C. Earhart, M, Hoover, G, Hixson, I. Heisey, THIRD ROW: G, Clarke, R, Butterbaugh, S, Patton, S, Brown, C, Moose, W, Miller, L, Seiders, D. Bishop, K. Rice, E, Heisey, D. Warfel, P, Seiders, J. Ebersole, B, Gish, S. Swisher, E, Beck, M, Engle, FOURTH ROW: D. Aldinger, J, Wanamaker, R, Bailey, P. Shelley, D, Andrews, G. Edmiston, T. Evans, V. Belser, H, Daveler, G. Fisher, F, VanScyoc, H. Engle, D, Prescott, J, Dougherty, I. Rutherford, D, Grubb, E, Hershman, J. Wenger, Showed their musical superiority with arrangements such as Bach's "Oh Reioice, Ye Christians Loudly" . ,met Mondays fourth period and Wednesday second period in the auditorium. . .Concert Choir, perfectly presented the Christmas Choral Concert's finale, and won praises for magnificent performance in the Christmas assembly, "Carols of Many Lands". . .added glamor, color, and pageantry to the Christmas and Spring concerts by appearing in blue gowns and white stoles. . . accompanied by Jane Heisey, Jacquelyn Nisley, and Shirley ltzoe. 14? X 'f 31 'Fra X1 J' Vg" 'lQ6Q" w. Mixed Chorus members don their gowns and stoles for the Christmas Concert, 87 BUUS' BHUHUS l l l l FRONT ROW,1eft to right: P. Yarnall, C, Brubaker, D, Bishop, E. Bishop, L, Hippensteel, R, Hill, L. Seiders, K.. Rice, M, Hershey, SECOND ROW: R. Hummer, R. Bailey, P, Shelley, G, Lesher, L, Forwood, G. Edmiston, E. Heisey, T, Evans, W. Miller, D, Warfel. THIRD ROW: V, Belser, L, Heffner, D, Andrews, I, Dougherty, J, Rutherford, F. Van Scyoc, D, Prescott, H. Engle, G. Fisher, H, Daveler, Meets every other Wednesday during the fourth period. . .harmonious blend of tenor and bass voices in barber shop quartet numbers, school alma maters, and occupational songs. . . accompanied by Alice Shaw. GIRLS' IIHUHUS Directed by Miss Brandt and accompanied by Alice Shavv, this chorus meets every Friday fourth period. . .composed ofa pleasing blend of soprano andalto voices. . .pleased audiences at Christmas and spring concerts by singing both classical and modern arrangements.- . .won praise on the perfect rendition of Leroy Anderson's "Winter Sleighride. " FRONT ROW,.left to right.E. Cobaugh, V, Kauffman, V, Miller, B. Sinniger, M, Gebhard, B, Hoffman, M, Bingeman, I. Achorn, R. Long, D, Brubaker, S, Drescher. SECOND ROW: B. Funck, G. Weaver, B. Kennedy, J. Hoffer, N. Horst, A, Hilsher, H., Gish, I, Heisey, A. Kilhefner, M, Lokey, I, Otis, C, Baker, THIRD ROW: C, Wilkinson, A. Sweigart, A. Grimm, P, Kelley, P. Shank, C, Griffith, L. Good, J. Miller, M. Hoover, D Miller, J. Westafer, N. Sweigart, S, Shaw, FOURTH ROW: Z. Cukurs, S. lshler, S. Heckert, G, Ellinger, B, Heckert, J, Lancaster, S, Risser, R, Lehman, E, Hershman, D, Landis, L, Berrier, C, Fogie, P, Meyers, C. Gilgore 88 SUPHUHIUHE IIHUHUS Front Row, left to right: A. Coulson, J. Weaver, I. Ney, N. Good, M. Hoffman, T. Herr, L. Hoerner, A. Weiss, S. Raffensperger, D. Fitzwater, A. Lungenecker. Second Row: J. Adams, R. Mumma, Y. Cosner, M. Espenshade, D. Leber, B. Becker, C. Nauman, F. Hoover, J. Kautz, M. Fetter. Third Row: J. Bank1er,S. Thompson, E. Boyer, C. Berrier, J. Steffen, N. Hess, M. Weidman, J. Eisenhauer, N. Evalt, G. Ulrich, A. Risser, A. Newcomer, M. Meinhardt, R. Fisher. Fourth Row: C. Brubaker, N. Gish, L. Hippensteel, P. Yarnall, R. Hummer, G. Lesher, F. 1-Iarzer, R. Bailey, D. Andrews, L. Heffner, H. Bomgardner, G. Edmiston, R. Ney, L. Forwood. An enthusiastic chorus composed of Sophomores. . .trains vocalists for senior high choral work. . .practised every Thursday, fourth period in Room B. . .accompanied by Shirley Thompson. . .performed a pleasant arrangement of "Jingle Bells" for Christmas Concert. . . also sang for assembly and spring concerts. JUHIUH HIGH UHUHUS A new addition to our choral department consisting of carefully chosen students from the junior high school .... one of the high spots of both the Christmas and Spring Concerts .... splendid training for future chorus participation. Front Row, left to right: C. Tarbutton, L. Cukurs, J. Myers, D. Fike, D. Bickle, C. Cox, B. Zell, J. Longenecker, E Miller, J. Espenshade, F. Reed, T. Adams, G. Neideigh, C. Basehore, J. Bailey, B. Bishop, C. Douglass, H. Kraybill Second Row: M. Zook, J. Bressler, F. Haldeman, E. Gebhard, M. Chapman, T. Sager, J. Carl, K. Stoner, M. Earhart B. Slesser, M. Miller, F. Craun, I. Heisey, J. Stambaugh, D. Kilhefner, J. Horst, L. Cunningham, P. Farver, D Goodling. Third Row: C. Klinger, S. Shank, M. Roland, P. Heisey, P. Risser J. Weaver, L. Itzoe, M. Walters, L Stumm, D. Minick, R. Eshelman, G. Bucher, L. Gish, S. Saylor, A. Runyan, D. Greiner, R. Fackler, N. Cunningham Fourth Row: M. Andrews, Y. Copenhaver, S. Neideigh, S. Floyd, N. Bernhard, C. Chronister, F. Peiffer, R. Andrews S. Wilson, C,Frutchey, H. Good, W. Dougherty, C. Herr, J. Wolgemuth, M. Martin, J. Floyd, C. Steever, A. Shelley 89 4 L6 Enthusiastic boys' clubofou S ' r enlor High School. . .famous for their secretive initiations. . .their meetings were given an extra spark by the inspiring, yet witty, talks by m e m be rs of the Ministerial Association. OFFICERS Left toright: Mr. Trimble, advisergj. Smith, secretary, R. Wenger, vice-presidentg J. Rutherford, treasurer: D. Shearer, president. KNEELING, left to right: E. Bishop, K. Rice, D. Bishop. Front Row: M. Hershey, K. Stoner, E. Wolgemuth, G. Rickert, R. Haldeman, J. May, L. Mullen, F. Hershey, T. Degler, L. Hippensteel, R. Hill, D. McCurdy, J. Eber- sole, G. Edmiston. Second Row: I. Heigel, C. Thompson, W. Tierney, L. Snyder, R. Kautz, L. Seiders, T. Evans E. Heisey, J. Frey, J. Smith, E. Warden, E. Enck, R. Cunningham, I. Hoover, D. Warfel, D. Berrier. Third Row: K. Beinhauer, L. Heffner, W. Clarke, F. Harzer, R. Dieffenbach, R. Bailey, H. Baldwin, I. Engle, 'L. Erb, R. A1- bright, D. Shearer, H. Daveler, J. Kuhn, L. Ulrich, R. Ginder, H. Goodling. Fourth Row: R. Williams, G. Fisher, D. Gibble, W. Brooks, J. Wenger, K. Byerly, J. Rutherford, L. Farver, B. Landis, F. Van Scyoc, R. Wenger, A. Fultz, I. Frye, D. Andrews, J. Dougherty, L. Boyer, H. Knorr. ' V A i i 5 F' N3 I , vzfg. ,M Q T' y 1 I 4 3:1 92 SEHIUH TRI-HI-ll A Christian organization composed of iunior and senior girls. . .had lively discussions at their meetings. . . sponsored the annual Curtis Magazine Campaign, successfully exceeding the goal of S2,500. . .presents many interesting and entertaining assemblies. FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Wenger, S. Ishler, E. Hershman, B. Heckert, G. Pyle, S. Heckert, G. Ellinger, G. Clarke, I. Carl, J. Wanamaker, D. Grubb, S. Lehman, D. Emenheiser, J. Lancaster., L. Berrier. SECOND ROW: S. Good, L. Campbell, S. Drescher, B. Sinnlger, E. Cobaugh, N. Greenawalt, D. Miller, L. Good, B. Kennedy, C. L. Baker, C. Wilkinson, M. Isenberg, I. Brubaker, L. Lehman, S. Bates, D. Kniley, G. Hixson. THIRD ROW- M. Bingeman, E. Taylor, I Warden, J. Nisley, B. Gish, M. Warren, J. Miller, A. Kilhefner, J. Westafer, I. Land- varer, P. Shank, C. Griffith, G. Hqerner, S. Bishop, J. Shank, B. Funck, I. Otis, P. Seiders, M. Lokey. FOURTH ROW: S. Brown, J. Walborn, S. Swisher, S. Patton, S. Bless, S. Loraw, C. Earhart, C. Moose, J. Ebersole, C. Fogie, D. Baranoski, L. Burkholder, J. Heisey, D. Stevens, M. Engle, P. Rosensteel, L. Gutshall, G. Weaver, E. Beck. 'fl QQ, S 'V' Qwv 0 H Q 1 YQ V 1 9 I 5' orrrclsas wx FRONT ROW,left to rightzl. Shank, ' 15...-'S ,R president: I. Wanamaker, treasurer, P. 1? Seiders, scribeg B. Gish, chaplain. BACK ROW: S, Patton, vice-president, Mrs. Basler, adviser, C, Griffith, secretary. x F M - Q 5 ' Q I ' 'U' 'pf' 'OO ' .Nj 34'X!gf,k1, K .W o SllPHUllllllli llll-HI-U FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Ney, E. Boyer, C. Berrier, N. Good, Y. Cosner, R. Lehman, J. Espenshade. SECOND ROW: D. Kreider, E. Smith, A. Coulson, S. Nagel, T. Herr, D. Fitzwater, B. Becker, J. Adams, M. Fetter, J. Weaver. THIRD ROW: D. Brubaker, L. Hoerner, A. Weiss, D. Leber, P. Kelley, R. Morris, S. Thompson, C. Nauman, M. Meinhardt. FOURTH ROW: A. Longenecker, F. Hoover, R. Mumma, J. Bankler, J. Kautz, A. Newcomer, P. Stahl, N. Evalt, A. Risser, G. Ulrich, R. Fisher. These vigorous gals can be found every other Wednesday, fourth period, formulating plons for such service proiects as sending CARE packages to Korea and making Thanksgiving Favors forthe Crippled Children's Hospital. . .theirmeetings were sparked by various discussion topics, volley ball, and cl unique talent show. . .sponsored a dungaree dance and ci prom in May. OFFICERS PICTURED AT LEFT, BACK ROW, left to right: F. Hoover, president: N. Evalt, vice- president: A. Coulson, chaplain: E. Boyer, scribe. FRONT ROW: M. Espenshade, secretary: Mrs. Basler, adviser: M. Meinhardt, treasurer. PICTURED AT RIGHT: D. Fitzwater and J. Bankler doing some "fancy twir1ir1g" at their club's talent show. 94 JUHIUH THLHLU FRONT ROW, left to right: R. Andrews, S. Shank, J. Brandt, L. Itzoe, S. Raffensperger, C. Tarbutton, B. Boggs, P. Heisey, A. Shaw, M. Walters, J. Achorn, F. Haldeman, C. Steever, I. Kuntzelman. SECOND ROW: J. Blough, L. Witmer, L. Rotunda, J. Graybill, K. Bentzel, S. Metzler, B. Winters, S. Hoffer, D. Bickle, D. Fike, G. Goss, S. Alwine, L. Chapman, L. Smith, B. Carl, B. Stevenson, B. Detweiler, K. Heisey, S. Jacobs. THIRD ROW: F. Donley, C. Cox, K. Lehman, T. Heigel, K. Evans, J. Espenshade, P. Garber, K. Jones, D. Eagle, J. Myers, P. Lehman, L. Cukurs, K. Stoner, I. Carl, M. Earhart, B. Slesser, M. Chapman, J. Hamilton, B. Zell, J. Coble, C. Klinger, M. Roland. FOURTH ROW: P. Brinser, D. Greiner, A. Runyan, J. Stahl, P. Sweigart, L. Stumm, Y. Copenhaver, L. Patton, C. Herr, S. Saylor, S. Wilson, A. Shelley, N. Bernhard, J. Weaver, S. Risser, F. Peiffer, J. Floyd, C. Chronister, J. Jones, S. Baker, B. Wenger, K. Frutchey, Did a splendid iob under the indefatigable leadership of Miss Miller and Mr. Goodhart. . . The Tri-Hi-Y kept their meetings lively by having panel discussions and playing baseball and volleyball, while Mr. Goodhart's scrupulous young men had a food collection to helpthe needy families of our town, and also a swimming party. . .The junior Y's joined forces and had a welcome dance for the new members which turned out to be one of the most successful of the JUHl0H HiU SSUSOI1 . FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Stevens, J. Risser, C. Farrar, M. Frutchey, I. Longenecker, R. Hayes, N. Cun- ningham, C. Flowers, B. Ginder. SECOND ROW: D. Livingston, C. Basehore, I. Bailey, G. Neideigh, R. Farrar, T. Loser, Q. Gibble, D. Comfort, J. Sweigart, L. Cunningham, D. Snyder, B. Bishop, T. Trimmer, K. Hippen- steel. THIRD ROW: J. Adams, B. Hoffman, C. Weaver, R. Adams, K. Dixon, R. Grubb, J. Stroh, J. Horst, K. Emenheiser, L. Boozer, D. Evans, J. Knittweis, I. Davis, C. Leeds, D. Albright, N, Cunningham, H. Royer. FOURTH ROW: R. Fackler, D. Weaver, H. Wild, G. Sloat, D. Kilhefner, G. Bucher, R. Coleman, M. Hoffer, R. Teufel, J. Walters, W. Coulson, R. Walters, D. Goodling, R. Gaskill, R. Mumper, T. Martin, J. Coleman, R. Belser, A. Martin,W. Raugh. V ULUMPW CLUB ' LEFT TO RIGHT: K, stoner, J. Haw- thorne, A, Martin, J,Heigel, D,Shearer, J, Frye, C, Thompson, L, Seiders, J, Hoover, D, Albright, Coach Barnhart, FRONT ROW, left to right: L. Lehman, R. Way, V. Kauffman, S, Good, M. Hoffman, V. Miller, J, Weaver, A, Weiss, E, Cobaugh, L, Good, E, Taylor, C, Wilkinson, S, Bates, SECOND ROW: M, Hershey, A, Hilsher, P, Offer, I, Heisey, M. Espenshade, C. Nauman, B, Becker, N. Good, C, Berrier, Y, Cosner, I, Steffen, A, Longenecker, J, Miller, A, Kilhefner, B, Kennedy, E, Beck, L, Gutshall, THIRD ROW: R, Butterbaugh, G, Hixson, M, lsenberg, S, Thompson, B, Funck, M, Gebhard, M, Fetter, J. Hoffer, S, Itzoe, P, Shank, C Griffith, G, Hoerner, D, Aldinger, M, Warren, J, Nisley, B, Gish, FOURTH ROW: C, Moose, I, Landvater, S. Bless, J, Otis, A, Newcomer, B, Sinniger, L, Campbell, N, Greenawalt, P, Seiders, P, Rosensteel, I, Shank, I, Brubaker, E, Hershrnan, R, Fisher, J, Adams, S, Loraw, FIFTH ROW: L. Burkholder, N, Ebersole, S, Swisher, D, Martin, N, Evalt, G. Ulrich, S, Patton, S, Brown, J, Walborn, J, Lancaster, C, Fogie, P, Meyers, S, Ishler, D, Baranoski, D, Emenheiser. SIXTH ROW: D, Warfel, E, Bishop, L, Erb, T, Evans, P, Shelley, R, Gibbons, H, Daveler, H, Engle, D, Prescott, V, Belser, L. Farver, J, Dougherty, W. Craun. FRONT ROW: left to right: B, Sinniger, I, Walborn, J. Kautz, A, Coulson, C,L. Baker, B. Gish, J, Nisley, N. Greenawalt, B, Kennedy, P, Seiders, SECOND ROW: I, Brubaker, D, Miller, S, Patton, G, Ellinger, G, Clarke, J. Wanamaker, D, Grubb, B. Heckert, E, Beck, J. Heisey, S, Heckert, P, Rosensteel, Miss J, Hun- secker WUSIU HPPHEUIHTI CLUB IHUUUH PHTHUL S. LIBUHHU STHFI A very important part of our school system which is little known to most students, ,,supervised library periods, mended the books, and kept the library in top order, ,,capably guided by Miss Mengel, SEATED, left to right: J. Ney, J. Landvater, Miss Mengel, D, Miller, A, Weiss, STANDING: C. Klinger, G, Ulrich, N, Evalt, A, Risser, S. Itzoe, C. Gilgore, L. Cukurs, FUTURE HUMEWHUEUS UF HMERIUH Finally won that television set for which they worked so hard, . , indulged in eating watermelon "hobo" style atFogie's party, while the teachers won the scavenger hunt prize and probably were well remembered by the neighbors... and, oh, that freezing hayride to A1dinger's house. . . really worked for their degrees. . . attended the F,H,A, Convention in Harrisburg this year, , , attempted their skills in bowling, skating, and swimming . . , enjoyed The Ice Follies at Hershey. . . Gay Weaver, president: Carole Fogie, vice-presidentg Lois Burkholder, s e c r e t a r y g Shirley Drescher, treasurer, and a new adviser this year, Miss Sally Nen- ninger, UEU ULUB Hard-working, energetic or- ganization,,.1ord and master of our only juke-box. . . meetings on Tuesdays were given an added touch by eating lunch together. . . sponsored the ever-popular "dung- aree dances". . . composed and dis- tributed free basketball programs, , , sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. f FRONT ROW, left to right: R, Little, M, Winters, L, Burkholder, G, Weaver, C, Fogie S, Drescher, L. Campbell, V, Kauffman, SECOND ROW: Miss Nenninger, R, Ober, D Means, C,L, Baker, L. Lehman, V, Stum, N, Hess, M, Hackman, E, Olweiler, S, Musser J, Kaylor, THIRD ROW: N. Royer, D, Beinhauer, R. Long, S, Lancaster, A. Hilsher, A Grimm, L, Berrier, D, Aldinger, J, Lancaster, N. Horst, D, Martin, D. Landis, N682 N. ,J OF AMERICA FRONT ROW, left to right: E, Warden, R, Hill, J, Smith, G, Edmiston, F, Harzer. SEC- OND ROW: J. Dougherty, D. Andrews, Mr. Grosh, R, Wenger, J. Wenger, V, Belser, 75151 f FQ, Q f U r ,ia LITERARY STAFF C ZK ve di, ri' T srnffs ,A ART STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: J. May, S. Brown, F. Van Scyoc, D, Stevens, S. Patton, D. Grubb, C, Dannettell, PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF FRONT ROW: B. Landis, D, Warfel, D. Prescott. BACK ROW: I. Wenger, V. Belser, R, Wenger, SEATED, left to right: D. Kniley, S.Bishop, S, Lehman, L, Burkholder, P, Seiders, G, Weaver, V, Miller, STAND- ING: J. Shank, P, Rosensteel, G, Ellinger, I, Brubaker, J, Carl, G, Hixson, S, Swisher, C, Fogie, M, Engle, R, Butterbaugh, J. Otis. NOT PICTURED: I. Engle, O, Florschutz, STAFF HEADS AND ADVISERS SEATED, left to right: Miss Wag ner, S. Brown, M. Martin, P Seiders, STANDING: Miss Bell Miss Bahr, R. Wenger, E, Beck THE ELIZHBETHHH . . Mary Martin . . . Eleanor Beck , , Pat Seiders . Suzanne Brown Photography Editor , , , , Richard Wenger Literary Adviser , Art Adviser , , General Adviser , Editor-in-Chief , Business Manager Literary Editor . Art Editor , , , , , Miss Wagner , , Miss Bahr . . . . . . . . MiSS Bell The hard-working yearbook staffs labored to make THE ff heads met each evening after school, struggling to conquer printers' term- inology, to achieve attractive layouts, and to iron out all t to the students a book that is original and different, , , rewriting copy--oh, what ELIZABETHAN "bigger and better". . .sta the little wrinkles in order to presen a probleml. , .were-really busy when the first copy came back for proofreading just when the second deadline was due. . . Whatheadaches the photography staff had--arranging schedules with photographer, Glenn Gainer, trying new oses for the group pictures and snapping students unaware P . ...the business staff sold ads, patrons, and yearbooks to ook, . ,business staff members conducted the finance the b sales campaign and distributed the books in May, , ,literary staff sought for new interest and life in their copy, for "catchy" phrases to accompany snaps, trying to learn the name of that last person on the Junior Orchestra picture, , , the art staff suggested the layouts and drew the tricky line cuts.,.all were a very important part in presenting this yearbook "The Elizabethan of 1953, " 'h G Sn der D Miller B Sinniger E, Beck, C. Moose,J BUSINESS STAFF, SEATED, left to rig t: . y , . , . , ' ' b h B. Landis, M. Lokey, J. Wana Warden, STANDIN maker, D. Emenheiser, L, Gutshall, G: M. Hoover, J. Walborn, G. Hoerner, C, Griffith, E. Co aug , , Landvater J FRONT ROW, left to right: J. Douglass, F. Harzer, J, Smith, P, Shelley. SECOND ROW: M, Hershey, S, Swisher, M, Bingeman, S, Good, J, Otis, P, Seiders, S, Brown, G, Hixson, G, Ulrich, A. Risser, N, Evalt, THIRD ROW: S, Bates, Y, Cosner, M, Meinhardt, C, Nauman, A, Newcomer, J, Miller, A,Ki1hefner, E. Hershman, C, Gilgore, M, Fettet, M, Espenshade, J, Adams, R, Fisher, JUUHIIHLISIH CLUB Advised by MissWagner, this club is one of the hardest working clubs in the school. . . publishes the "Bear Gazette" . . . taught the fundamentals of journalism. . . divided into first -and second -year groups. . . consists of good journalists, snoopy reporters, gossipy columnists, clever artists, and excellent typists. . , second-year group meets every Thursday during the fourth period, and first-year group, on Monday fourth period..,composed of sophomores, juniors, and seniors, , , provided wit with features, "Around E, H, S, ," "Hit Parade," and "Who Am I? "g seriousness with its monthly features, education with its crossword puzzles, and features on the months and holidays, kept students posted on sports, dances, clubs, classes, faculty news, alumni news, assemblies, and plays. . . Pat Seiders, editor, Paul Shelley, assistant, Sue Brown, business manager, Shirley Swisher, circulation manager, and Carol Fogie, exchange editor, 4 "The Bear Gazette" hot off the press! Pat Seiders and Miss Wagner putting the finishing touches to "The Bear Gazette, " l00 Y , ,,,,l,.,, 1. ,V - 5 M-1, W da W,,... L, X 7,, , .. ,gif Q4 .f 'w Wg, A , lj x '24 ,Q .f 5 I 3 Q 3151 5 x E 4-. J , "r'41!12' 1 X X fYX9xYb 50.6 'ax ,X 1ZxxN5BFQ2z 'i5QygjQ53fQfQvA ,fb a' 3 V f . X. 5w N .:'if::-V ' , f "12?1i'wY' -f'- '- PW ef S: fmaw- , ,,:!-.:f Nw M V k,..,,egq,- - ., ., iw--. .mi - 1- yWEg,,g ,- RQ ik Nm OUR BUSINESS OF TOMORROW DE- PENDS UPON OUR BUSY-NESS OF TO- DAY . Mcrhn Vcnbee ' fff7.4"4rs ff M R f? X RK flsl' waqylf- , ,3 ' iff M fa' V wi, get ,. X N, W. Q hi 3 A fr Mis ips M , I a if . . M . sn, j,35Q.',., .,,,..,y . M 0550955 ,ff Q, 'Tw an Jn WL' r Q f 1 QM gl? il E224 L L- ' ,i .. . x . af 1' ,zu ,gl-fiiifgm' , , Q' ' H K, Ny.. .ffmf W In, ' , y A M if X5 M Wagga M W 1 1 iii iittiiiiliiiiiiiii We, the members ot the graduating ciass ot i95'3, wish to express our utmost appreciation to aii who have contributed to the success ot this edition ot the Eiizabethan. Speciai acknowiedgments are extended to: aii advertisers, businessmen, and patrons, our photographer, our ciass adviser: the tacuity year- 'nci ais and members ot the book advisers: pri p i b rd' and speciai tribute to tacuity and schoo oa , the members of the various yearbook staffs , aiong with their respective heads, tor their exceiient work in compiiing this book . The Ciass ot '53 104 UUH Mr. 8. Mrs. G. R. Alexander Mr. 8. Mrs. J. Wayne Aungst Miss Jane M. Bahr Edna 8. Jeanette Barnes Dr. 8. Mrs. Samuel Barr Dr. 8. Mrs. Claude M. Basler , Mr. Richard A. Beaver SfSgt. Ronald S. Beck Miss Erma M. Bell Mr. 8. Mrs. Martin Bless Mr. 8. Mrs. Wayne B. Blouch Miss Rosanna M. Brandt Mr. 8. Mrs. Richard Brooks Mr. 8. Mrs. K. E. Bucher 8. Family Mr. 8. Mrs. B. H. Burkholder 8. Berny Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald Carl Mr. 8. Mrs. D. Earl Chronister Robert Clark Mr. 8.Mrs. R. F. Clemens The Continental Press Mr. 8. Mrs. P. H. Daubert Mr. Elwood Deitrich Mr. 8. Mrs. Norman E. Diehl 8. John John F. Dougherty Dr. 8. Mrs. C. C. Douglass Mrs. Frances Duffy Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Ebersole Mr. 8. Mrs. T. H. Ebersole Mr. 8. Mrs. Alton Eppler Miss Mabel S. Eshelman Mrs. Eby C. Espenshade Dr. 8. Mrs. Luther W. Fetter Rev. 8. Mrs. Raymond L. Fetter Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Funk 8. Family Dr. 8. Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber Mr. 8. Mrs. A. K. Gorman Mr. 8. Mrs. Amos M. Ginder Mr. 8. Mrs. Charles Goodhart Mr. 8. Mrs. LoyGutshall, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. William P. Gutshall Dr. 8.Mrs. Howard L. Hain Mr. 8. Mrs. Earl Heckert Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul B. Heisey Mr. 8. Mrs. Claude Herr Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry G. Hershey, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Henry Hoerner Mr. 8. Mrs. Freeman Hoover Mr. 8. Mrs. H. B. Houser Miss Jane K. Hunsecker Mr. 8. Mrs. Clarence Kaylor 8. Linda Mr. 8. Mrs. Paul Kishbaugh 8. Sons Kitty's Dress Shoppe Mr. 8. Mrs. Noah Klauss Mr . 8. Mrs. Carlos Klinger Mr. 8. Mrs. William P. Kniley 8. Jane Pearl A. Koser Mr. 8. Mrs. E. A. Kraybill Mr. 8. Mrs. Walter Landis Mr. 8. Mrs. Ed ar Landvater Mr. Frank Langvater Dr. 8. Mrs. John E. Lebo Fannie Leedom 105 Dr. 8. Mrs. Paul F. Leicht Mr. 8. Mrs. Roy A. Lesher PHTHUHS Tom Lighthiser Mr. 8. Mrs. Floyd Lokey Miss Miriam L. Mengel Dr. 8. Mrs. Philip Metzger 8. Family Mike's Barber Shop Mr. 8.Mrs. Miss Mabel Mr. 8.Mrs. Dr. 8.Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Dr. 8. Mrs. Mr. 8. Mrs. Earl H. Miller 8. Family Jane Miller William E. Miller S. P. Millis 8. Family Ross M. Moore 8. Dianne William K. Moore Joseph Mumma Musser Leghorn Farm Mr. David Myers Mr. 8. Mrs. Thomas Needham Dr. 8. Mrs. Daniel G, Nein 8. Family Phares S. 8. Erma M. Risser Capt. 8. Mrs. Jay F. Rohrer, Jr. Sater's Children Shop ' Mr. 8. Mrs. Harry A. Saylor Mr. 8. Mrs. Joseph P. Sedule, Jr. Mr. 8. Mrs. Donald R. Seiders Mr. 8. Mrs. Willis E. Seiders Miss Betty Shank Mr.8. Mrs. Norman Shank Simon Candy Co. Mr. 8. Mrs. Frank Sinniger Dr. 8.Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Eugene T. Snyder Mr. 8. Mrs. T. H. Snyder Jennie Stauffer Mr. 8. Mrs. LeRoy E. Swisher Mr. 8. Mrs. A. J. Thome Dr. 8.Mrs. T. M. Thompson Mr. 8. Mrs. Robert J. Trimble 8. Tom Mr. 8. Mrs. G. Milton Troutman G. K. Wagner's Miss Lydia E. Wagner Mr. 8. Mrs. Herbert Walborn Mr. 8. Mrs. John Wanamaker Mr. M. Richard Warden Mr. 8. Mrs. W. E. Weaver Mr. 8. Mrs. Ralph H. Whye Charles W. Yohe Ann, Marilyn, Eleanor, 8. Carol Burkie, Gay, Lois 8. Shirley Buff 8. Squirrely Doris Bricker 8. Jean Roland Dawn 8. Jerry Doris, Donna, 8. Mikie Elsie 8. Janet Grace 8. Lew Gene, Larry, Clarence, 8. Willy Jane 8. Barry Marie 8. Ruth Anne Marty 8. Donna Pat 8. Nancy Renee, Joyce, Essie, 8. Mary Shirle 8. Mary Smitty 8. Bobby Sue Brown 8. Butch Susie 8. Roger Sue 8. Dick Welbie 8. Pat COMPLIMENTS OF The CLASSIC Shop E1izabethtown's Leading Women's Shop COMPLIMENTS OF THRIFT CIGAR 85 CANDY CO. HARRISBURG, PA. Distributors of those COMPLIMENTS OF Nlllll SXe,RJ6'4f Sf5i5:A'g3:'J 2 Nvfri' 'ivxf-Z I f 7 L 5 5 - X. , N , ,gm3. 4,5 G' 1 ' Q-Q 715610 0 "'lf xmxx The American Legion Conewago Unit 329 llll XRQRN 16 I X If 5 I 55 1 J :QA J f - 5 ' 7 X, -X 9,07k7:,1P-Vx? I'he American Legion Auxiliary Conewago Unit 329 if i Famous Candy Cupboard Chocolates Sons of the -AID-erlcan Leglon Conewago Squadron 329 0 6 Studio Gainer Work Shop in Photography Photographer of the 1953 "Elizabethan No. 1 Centre Square Elizabethtown, Pa Studio Phone 34-R 1 H. K. DORSHEIMER COMPLIMENTS OF On the Square SHEARER'S if FURNITURE STORE -A' , SPORTING GOODS - KODAKS 35-37 South Market Street CONFECTIONERY -- SUNDRIES PHONE 12-W JACOB B. FISHER For the best in service and quality--- The nation's leading lines of appliances by General G-E Electric---Maytag---Amana R.C.A. Victor---lronrite---Youngstown Records---Radios---Household Appliances Phone l39-R 107 ,, ,,, .. , 4 V 4 GINDER DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS TAILORMADE CLOTHES 12 East High Street Phone 187-W WOLGEMUTI-I BROS INC. Manufacturers ot FLORIN FEEDS PHONE-MT. JOY 3-955I FLQRIN, PA. Compliments of HERSHEY'S SHOE STORE Chilclren's Quality Shoes T79 East High Street Phone 482-R COMPLIMENTS OF ----KEN NEWOOD HOTEL---- Compliments of Your jeweler WVATLKTEIEFS JQIUQAFJ - -S?Z!0I'ffl'l'lifA6 17 East High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Famous in Pennsylvania for 77 Years Compliments of R.E. MILEY Farm Equipment Repairing Tool and Die Welding Elizabethtown Phone 534-3-4 Compliments of SKATERS' PARADISE Middletown, Penna. COMPLIMENTS OF BELL'S MEAT MARKET 108 COMPLIMENTS OF ---BLACK HORSE HOTEL--- COMPLIMENTS OF KAYLOR 8. GARMAN Visit our new Wall Paper and Paint Department featuring Imperial Wall Paper and Sherwin-Williams Paints. ZARFOSS HARDWARE gf Shop and Meet Your Friends at the Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE "On the Square" ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 508-J MODERN STYLE SHOP 105 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ir EVERYTHING IN LADIES, WEAR COMPLIMENTS OF FLORY'S CHILDREN'S SHOP 1 09 WIRING: Electrical Supplies Ixadustrialz Motor Repairs Igllildential Phone 440 Martin - Electrical I Service RUSSEL A. MARTIN 140 Orange Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNA. Compliments of HOWARD JOHNSON'S Penn Turnpike Shop Lawn, Po. COMPLIMENTS OF A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING CO , . Fine Shoes A 1 3 6? J Makers of ri. ' 'Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY FOUNDED 1913 BY WM. KLEIN, SR. Manufacturers of Lunch Bars, Grade A Bars, Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa, Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roarners, Gliders, and Spinners. 9 I o ffi: YY I-' EZ AUDITORIUM - GYMNASIUM Elizabethtown College ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. .X4 5fdnJdfJ 60'2JllC6lti0l'LCl.f gofdge Approved by Pennsylvania State Council on Education Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges For information write 'President A. C. Baugher, Ph.D., LL.D. O SNYDER SERVICE STATION BOYER FUNERAL HOME Raymond G. Snyder, Jr. Prop I44 East High St. Washing, Greasing Elizabethtown, Pa. TEXACO Uexaco Products, Phone GASOUNE Friendly Service HENRY L. GISE GEORGE E. CARRIGER I Elizabethtown, Pa. Notary Public - - Surveyor Paint and Body Shop Insurance of All Kinds 'A' R 2 110- -12 Agent for State Capitol Savings and Loan HEEMS J Association of Harrisburg, Pa. HENRY G. CARPENTER Associates l'l6bU"6lI'lC6 QEXCEPT LIFE 5 MOUNT JOY 111 COMPLIMENTS OF General Insurance BEYER'S LINOLEUM STORE JACK K- SCOTT 558-w 222 East High street 32 E- H595 Sf- Phone " 64' NEVVCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T. M. Ebersole, Prop. ICELAND For that reliable Richfield Gasoline and Richlube Motor Oil Incorporated For top service in washing and greasing. 903 South Market Street DUPLER'S JOSEPH F. GINGRICH, INC. Meat Market REAL ESTATE INSURANCE 81 Restaurant ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Maytown Phone Marietta 6 382 BOB'S FLOWER SHOP MT. JOY DINER Give Her Flowers Because She's Wonderful Open Day and Night Bonded Members Telegraph Delivery Service 24-HOUR SERVICE Specializing in GOOD FOOD Artistic Arrangements and Funeral Designs Good Coffee West Main St. Mount Joy, Pa. 9 WEST HIGH STREET Phone 532-J or 532-M all hours 112 BIKES BATTERIES Retreading and Vulcanizing 'A' LEAMAN'S TIRE SERVICE 205 E. Main St., Mt. Joy, Pa. HITZ GROCERY Corner N. Hanover and E. Willow Streets FULL LINE OF Groceries - Lunch Meats - Ice Cream Soft Drinks - Candy - Pastries - Frozen Foods PHONE FREE DELIVERY 233 S. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITER u A11 Makes Rebuilt ADDING MACHINE and Repahed RIBBONS LONGENECKER FARM SUPPLY Minnea olis-Moline Farm Mochiner J. RAYMOND SMITH P Y Rheems, Pennsylvania Phone: Elizabethtown 109-J-I2 Phone 26W 332 W. High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. S. F. ULRICH, INC. 505 North Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 2 1 ADAM H. GREER jeweler 87 East Main Street MOUNT JOY, PA Phone 3-4124 Diamonds -- Watches - Silverware COMPLIMENTS OF LONGENECKER'S GARAGE Phone 367 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA f' ' D. L. LANDIS Insurance Phone H2-.I GIBBONS' TYDOL SERVICE STATION North Market and Summit Streets ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. F. H. KELLER'S SONS ul' QUALITY GRocER1Es 'A' PHONE 84-M 204 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN "Come in and sit once" in our Penna. Dutch Atmosphere 'A' BANQUETS A SPECIALTY COMPLIMENTS OF I CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, INC. SNYDER'S TEXACO SERVICE STATION Greasing, washing, fires, oil, gas TE co 8- ' Accessories Texaco Fire Chief 8. Sky Chief Gasolines R, D, 52 Hershey Road COMPLIMENTS or GARBER MOTOR COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. FORD TRACTOR M 4 COMPLIMENTS OF ENG LISH BROS . ZEPNICK,S Beer Distributors GROCERY STORE . We Deluver if Phone 580-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Woodland Heights Elizabethtown, Penne COMPLIMENTS OF COAL GRAIN WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE COMPIJMENTS OF 4 ester n 31 South Market Street A11I.0 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. RHEEMS' PA' Asgzfpgt e' PHONE: ELIZABETHTOWN 175 SEEDS FEED "Big enough to accommodate and , , KAYLOR BROS. small enough to appreczate your busznessv I CASE FARM EQUIPMENT ' ' RHEEMS, PA. ROTH'S Furniture Store 206-210 South Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ke! FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Phone 84-R Phone: 484-J Toilet Articles School Supplies LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Luncheonette and Fountain Service Hershey's Ice Cream Kodaks Sporting Goods Best Wishes S. G. HERSHEY AND SON DEPARTMENT STORE ir South Market and Park Streets ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. JOSEPH F. GINGRICH, INC. REAL ESTATE INSURANCE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. WALTER K. DUPES Auctioneer Phone 27J 40 W. Bainbridge St. E lizobethtown, Penno . THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN Ladies Ready-To-Weor 'A' PHONE 139-M ON THE SQUARE COMPLIMENTS OF REEMY'S SHOP W. T. GRANT CO. 48 South Market Street COMPLIMENTS OF HILL CREST HOTEL formerly VIN-MAR 'A' Food - Rooms - Refreshments CQMPLIMENTS OF RED ROSE DAIRY Phone: 3-6112 MOUNT JOY, PA. M PAXSON'S CUT-RATE C0mP'ime"'S of 19 West High Street GOOD 'S MEAT MARKET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. on the Square BROUCHT'S MEAT MARKET D- S- BAUM 429 East High Street HOMEMADE BOLOGNA i, DRIED BEEF A SELECT PRODUCT ul' -A' R. D. No. 3 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA We Deliver Phone 14-R PHONE 540-J BISI-IOP'S STUDIO ELIZABETHTOWN V "The Modem Studio with Years of Experience" 117 HARTSOUGH'S TAVERN Steaks - Chops COMPLIMENTS or Sea Food THE GROFF MEAT MARKET lf4 Mile East of SINCE 1875 Elizabethtown, Penna. Phone 9509-J LEVI C. HERSHEY FOOD STORE One of The Red Rose Food Stores CLEARVIEW DINER Route 230 East of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania PAUL MUMMA SERVING QUALITY 'A' HOME-COOKED MEALS 554 South Market Street 24-Hour Service PHONE 1-8 Try Our Delicious Chicken Dinner COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING 85 SUPPLY CO. 341-351 W. Bainbridge Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 553 General Contractors Building Supplies COMPLIMENTS OF JAY S. RISSER GARMENT CO. WALMER'S FOOD STORE 103 North Market Street Seabrook Farms Frozen Foods 'k X IC ' ,K rg 5 CREAM Phone 594 LOREN MURCI-IISON 8: C0 Omaha! jewedr-A For All Elizabethtown High School Class Rings ir ASSOCIATED WITH ALL LOCAL JEWE LERS S. W. HAMPSON, REPRESENTATIVE Best Wishes to the Class of I953 THE THEOBALD INDUSTRIES 119 l l HEISEY BROS. QUARRIES RHEEMS, PA. 'A' CRUSHED STONE ROAD CONSTRUCTION KAUFFMAN'S GARAGE G. Milton Troutmon, Propr. General Repairing---Welding 404-406 South Market Street Phone 559 E l i zobethtown , Penno COMPLIMENTS or SNYDER'S GARAGE CoMP1.1MEN'rs OF BAKER'S DINER ir and R. D. No. 2 I MT. JOY, PA. DINING ROOM ELIZABETHTOWN COMPLIMENTS or HEIN'S BARBER SHOP FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Surge Dairy Farm Equipment SALES as SERVICE Phone 194-M Best Wishes to the Class of '53 'A' MUSSER'S GROCERY 103 Mt. Joy Street PHONE 552 COMPLIMENTS OF ABERDEEN MILLS 'It's a wonderful buy!" DAVIS RESTAURANT Serving excellent food to the very Finest people, our patrons. R.D. '2 Elizabethtown, Pc FARMERS' FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZER and , DONEGAL PLANT FOOD Phone 11 ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF HEISEY MACHINE WORKS RHEEMS, PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS or HERTZLER'S DAIRY COMPLIMENTS or RUDY'S AMOCO STATION GRACE C. BLOUGH 116 South Market Street Sacony Suits, Dresses, Separates fl ' l ' e 1 I I G, l 1 K ,I -Q 7 fl' , A Public Service To apply its net income solely for the benefit of Public Schools is the ex- clusive purpose of The SICO Company as requir- ed by its charter. You are doing a public educational service when you use SICO gasoline and fuel oil. JOHN E. COPENHAVER Wholesale and Retail Eggs and Poultry 'A' Phone: E-Town 351 COMPLIMENTS OF sHooKER's JEWELER OLDS - PONTIAC -- CADILLAC SALES 8s SERVICE D. H. MARTIN 'S if - MBH,S and Boys' Clothing H. S. RISSER MOTORS can 233 FIKE BROS LEHMAN 85 BOOK Fruits g Y 'A' Vegetables , Seo Foods ELIZABETHTOWN s LEADING Fresh 8. Frozen Center Square t Phone 288 "Fruit Baskets a Specialty" DRY CLEANERS 85 DYERS ir Phone 473 M. K. ENTERLINE DODGE Ez PLYMOUTH CARS DODGE Jgb-fqfgd TRUCKS Cherry St. Elizabethtown, Phone 425 ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE An influence for Better Thinking in Elizabethtown For 83 Yeors UNION EMBLEM COMPANY H igh School and Fraternity jewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Stationery PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA P. H. NISSLEY, MANAGER Published Every Friday by J. G . Westofer and Son THE J AYCEE CREED WE BELIEVE . . . That the Brotherhood of man transcends The sovereignty of nations: That economic justice can best be won By free men through free enterpriseg That government should be of laws Rather than of meng That earth's great treasure Lies in human personalityg And that service to humanity Is the best work of life. +Y"'fo THE ELIZABETHTOWN W il JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE 123 ., W, ,Y ,, K ff 1 fn ov' vl!1"ln"f"I'If'I A qfwgx' . rw. P 'luxnlfr o .WE,.. 3 . S fffff' 4. AI If , A o . if X1 ' eq, ,jf Congrafufafiond ana! gif woked FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE M ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE No. 59.6 L. O. O. M. 124 NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Tires - Battery - Oil Phone 548-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF FRY AND EN GLE INTERIOR - PAINTERS - EXTERIOR Floor Sanding Paper Hanging Phone 496-J-2 MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test WHOLESALE - RETAIL Delivery Service C. H. MOYER-R. D. 3 Phone 540-W ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. LEVI C. HERSHEY FOOD STORE "One of The Red Rose Food Stores' uk 554 South Market Street PHONE 1-8 Elizabethtown Building and Loan Association No. 23 South Market Street 'A' A Wonderful opportunity for saving LaWtOn's Roadside Furniture Store R. D. 2 - U. S. Route 230 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'A' "Good Furniture at Country Prices" THE ORIGINAL CIJICCLJ tel' Conn arm iner ALWAYS KNOWN FOR DELICIOUS MEALS Prepared with Good Old Lancaster County Dutch Cooking and Served by Experienced and Courteous Waitresses C. G. Heller HENRY L. GISE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Notary Public - Surveyor Insurance of All Kinds 'k Agent for State Capitol Savings and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Pa. Phone 127-J - Collect BRANDT'S HEAVY T OWING Day and Night Complete Collision Work Straightening - Repairing - Inspection Sta. 929 211 South Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. RHEEMS GARAGE RAFFENSPERGER 8a RISSER CARS - STUDEBAKER - TRUCKS Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery Elizabethtown 374 COMPLIMENTS OF Plumbing 85 Heating C. H. GARMAN Welding - Ornamental Iron Fabrication Iron and Steel 'A' SCHWANGER BROS. 85 CO ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 309 2 COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETHTOWN GARMEN T COMPANY Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices MILTON F. EBERLY Phone 540-R - Route 3 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Give your new car the care it deserves by visiting your GOOD GULF DEALER regularly, and letting him give your car dependable servicing. Everything in the Gulf line. 127 L..L, Best Wishes from CENTRAL REXALL DRUGS :B Yu: HDlUG4ST0lE 45 South Market Street Operating the SKY GRILL Modern Refreshment Spot 'A' COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watches - Clocks jewelry No. 9 Center Square ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. LONGENECKERS M E AT M A R K E T Compliments of JOSEPH GREENBE RG Wholesale 85 Retail Country Dressed Beef and Pork Phone Elizabethtown 937-R-3 HERALD PRINT SHOP ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'A' Best Wishes to the Class of I953 i MYERS MACHINE SHOP North Poplar Street E. G. KUHN PHONEI64-J Z SHENK BROTHERS raw Sporting Goods Toys LANCASTER, PA. When you're hungry for cookies, cakes or bread A call the ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY and have them deliver tempting baked products to your door Compliments of MILLER FUNERAL HOME Elizabethtown, Pc . J. V. BINKLEY SEWING MACHINES iii iiiifii ":: 5 ':':"f':':"" L 35552: Fi la 11: gfgi5:?'4E 2111: :1f: 11 N. Market st. ELIZABETHTOWN PA R E M N A N T S H O P Every Sewing Need Best Wishes LEEDOM 85 FINK General Contractors ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 2 COMPLIMENTS OF S. B. BECKER COMPLIMENTS OF LOOMCRAFT FROCKS, INC Chartered Service BOLTZ'S BUS LINE Marietta - Bainbridge Elizabethtown BEN BOLTZ an SON A Phone Marietta 6-3386 LEICHT'S Since 1868 PAINT and BODY SHOP Wrecks Rebuilt I LV :S . W ww 0 I LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF SPICKLER'S DAIRY SAVOY SHOE COMPANY INC. Makers of Fine Shoes for Women 0 Formica Fabricating KREAMER PHARMACY CHARLIE'S CABINET Prescription Specialists SHOP Prescriptions DuBarry Cosmetics Charles T' Becker' Proprietor Diabetic Needs Whitman Chocolates Buinil oljgjslsf cxzoglzated Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Route 3, Elazubefhfown Phone 580-M Phone am Shop at RISSER'S GREINER'S FOOD STORE QUALITY FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES For your Frozoo Foods FfOZefl Foods i Better Prices V Groceries, Meats and Produce 34 South Market ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. - ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone LocA'rED ON CENTER SQUARE 26 umger- oaf- Wi!fworL P ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL 54 Brown Street Phone No.3 A Builders' Supplies 131 ' Best Wishes LEO B. KOB SINCE 1904 Plumbing -- Heating - Hardware AUTHORIZED DEALER IN ELIZABETHTOWN FOR AUTOMATIC G. E. OIL AND GAS HEATING 24 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF MOOSE THEATRE CARRYING THE LOAD SINCE 1868 Manufacturer of Wheelbarrows BUCH MANUFACTURING CO ELIZABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA COMPLIMENTS OF BILL'S WINDOW CLEANING COMPLIMENTS OF SERVICE Grubb 8: Breneman -k I COAL I-A' COMPLIMENTS or COMMUNITY COFFEE SHOP FEED u 'A' at 498 West High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 298-J 132 T 0 N Y ' S i Specializing in REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI TEXAS HOT WEINERS-VIRGINIA BAKED HAM-ALSO BAR-B-QUES PHONE 34-J DINNERS LUNCHEOINS COMPLIMENTS OF I , I O ' died .X4lftXl66ll'y of the FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY No. 1 133 I V-NMR' N""""' W N" COMPLIMENTS OF BEYER'S LINOLEUM STORE 558-W 222 East High Street GEORGE E. CARRIGER Paint and Body Shop ir RHEEMS: 1 10-J-12 BOYER'S SELF-SERVICE ' STORE Fresh Meats - Groceries Smoked Meats - Frozen Meats Open Friday and Saturday Evenings -Prioma: ELIZABETHTOWN 484-R RHEEMS PENNSYLVANIA STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto - Fire - Life A, LEWIS HEISEY, Agent 244 South Market Street PHONE 186-M BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF l953 COMPLIMENTS OF HESTECO DRESS and SPORTSWEAR MFG. CO. Compliments of , FW ' -- BUILDER, A ' X A csrmnh -, .L " insane sr. zLlznasfurown.PA.-J 1 COLAS ASPHALT PAVING MUMPEPJS DAIRY Phone I49 ELIZABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA L 4 STAUFFER'S BEAUTY SALON 1 14 North Poplar Street PHONE 354 HK' Glorifying the American Curl R. H. FORNEY Complete Body and Fender Repairs M fi ,K CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH GENERAL INSURANCE LAND REAL ESTATE Samuel R. Jones II9 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa . .v HEISEY'S FOOD STORE 214 West Main Street . MOUNT JOY, PA. Full Line of Groceries BREYER'S ICE CREAM Phone 3-3972 We Give and Redeem S 85 H Green Stamps DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE for Discriminating Women ir 44 West High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 92 Our Best Wishes to the Class of '53 General Repair and Painting SNYDER HILL GARAGE R. D. No. 1 - Phone 326-W We, too, wish the best for the TYPEWRITERS Class of ' 53 Adding Machines Cash Registers Check Writers FOR SUPER FOUNTAIN SPECIALS F.l S f sroP AT ' es f C' es SCHROLL'S M,ENGLE 1 ' h S ' Ice Cream and Lunch 4 1 East Hlg treet PHoNE 14-J Center Square Elizabethtown City Selection - Country Prices Q-

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