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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1952 Edition, Cover

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x s'X?Q3f?:9Y 'W dd J YJ JC PQ A aw X .f ,Z 3 . -1 em gh xp X45 a ,ASX -. -.,-.Q ...u-,4.A... -, J v -r wx A -f X 1 ti N , 'I JJ V7 Ns -X , t, K5 R n ' ,- 4 L "' F , ,xg . X J fr ,, - F4 7 Af' "fr Q fa Q mf' 'fp A , fx, 'ff J" ,-X-Z ,ff X X is K - ' f, X " 1 4- - 1 'N N Q X V X F A x ' W U I 1 R 'QA' 0 v f A PQ A,-jk , I .. fd, np, uni ,Z-"' f A-1- 'ff'- O 0 1 W ' v uuuvuxxxsxnxuxxxnuuxxxunxuxxxxxxunxxnunuvuxnuuuxnnxxuxnx I l dl I 'll Svllool The Eli abethan 1952 5 is W 5 5 5 5 QVO42 ' A gk W yyf ff? II KUQTI I V Nl Kami y MMG E l in Z ad l, Q t t 0 W ll 9 P e ll nb S y l V af ll ii a V!WNAKMMKWMNVMAQNANQ-KSV!AlS11AN!R4ANNK1S!A5NS 4 g janfafe Ll' mr. c,,,,Lf Mr. Eppler and his wife dancing gracefully in 'The Rose Garden" to the music of Red McCarthy, WE, THE CLASS OF 1952, proudly dedicate this edition of the Eliza- bethan to Mr. Alton H. Eppler .... Mr. Eppler has been our faithful and untiring adviser throughout our school career .... He has guided us with sympathetic understanding and helped us in our Work with unparalleled enthusiasm .... In this Way we wish to extend to Mr. Eppler our appreciation for all he has done for us. UWM? S ,dw Mr. Epplcr . . . cheerfully performing one of his many duties Mr. Eppler . . . carefully adjusts a slide in the microscope as class adviser-sclling candy at noontime. before his next class. 'fish 1 J mr. .fdgon EIQIQLI' 'zz .V ,J . iuing .70v!ay, C:-F 71114,- This way, folks. Step right up and get your tickets for the greatest show on earth. Hurry! Hurry! Hurry! Right this way. Don't miss a second of it, folks. See all the sports and activities! It has taken both time and money to bring the feature act before the eyes of the public. So you don't want to miss a second of it. . . Hurry! . . Hurry! . . Hurry! . . Right this way! or a gnigkfer jomorrow Opening Pages .......... . . 2 Administration and Faculty ..., , 8 Seniors of 1952... ... ... 20 Underclasses . . . . . 52 Athletics . . . Music . . . Clubs ....... Advertisements Aclminzktr tion Even as courf sessions musf have capable iudges fo guide fhem fo a iusf verdicf, so every insfifufion musf have as ifs head leaders fo sfeer ifs course unfalferingly. We af Elizabefhfown are proud fo presenf our alerf adminisfrafion. 5 Q J K ll Q1 J 3 0:511 1 iw 9 DR. TROY M. THOMPSON MR. WILBUR E. WEAVER Our School Board discussing some of their many problems concerning the welfare ol' the students, zndministrution. and community. Seutmd left to iight are Dr. Troy M. Thompson Mr. Jay Risser lVIl'. G. Reed Alexander Mr. Paul M. Grubb Mr, Wilbur Weaver in Treasurer SZAOOMZWJ . . SILENT PARTNERS A VOTE OF THANKS to our energetic school board .... This responsible group of men, working as a team, puts much effort and personal interest into our schools .... Its agenda include providing for the school's many Hnancial needs, choosing capable teachers, maintaining and repairing buildings, and offering vari- ous courses of study .... It is this which provides the foundation for our successful citizenship. f Z I XZ l X l .af " lm? is lm f Stal. 917' I' W.. gi 1e...fJ44...,...f.,. m.10....fm g,..44 , , DR. G. REED ALEXANDER v'ce'P"e5'denf President MR. PAUL M. GRUBB Vice-President Wm .xdfgerf garman A capable, experienced school board secretary, was elected to the board in 1926, faithfully serving as secre- tary for a period of twenty-two years. His employment year after year has caused him to grow in value to the school board and to the people in the school district and deserves much credit for his record. I1 V.. ..,. - .I t, ingmadfem Wi. IQMJQZKZ CLWM HIGH SCHOOL PRINCIPAL OUR ABLE PRINCIPAL with six years of service at E. H. S. under his belt . . . enjoys playing golf Chis score is in the low 90'sJ . . . pet peeve is peo- ple who are late . . . heard saying, "Honest to goodness" or "Gol1y Ned!" . . . summers spent as playground supervisor . . . enjoys shoveling snow from brick walks . . . not much spare time as he is always busy attending to school activities. wwSMMMAMMANwwwtmMMMWWwwwwwwMMwwmAM'MMMMNvwwwxWmxwwswvwwwswwLNmNMwmwwVwWMNMWWVWwWwvMM Mr. Clemens ready to tee off for another low 70. WWM MAlWKMA1WWNMMN 1VWWNM NKMlSMAM l l WA. Zffmm. . cfdmod SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL OUR CAPABLE SUPERVISOR who has enjoyed thirty-two years of Work at E. H. S .... usually absent the first two days of trout season . . . enjoys all kinds of music as long as it's "not too jazzy" . . . excellent choir director .... "You don't mean it." . . . His grandsons, Butch and Tommy, take all his spare time. ilikkl NkunnuNnnnunnuulnnux mu nnunuxxu unxuuunnnwuxuutwxuwuu nnuuxuuMxxuNxMutuNuMXnnnkxuunnuunxxun5xNNnunxxuxxxwktwkhutuwuxvnnxu Mr. Ebersole expending his energy by raking leaves at his new home MISS MIRIAM L. MENGEL A B., Lebanon Valley, Akron University M.A., New York University, Drexel Institute Competent foreign language teacher . . . also our efiicxent librarian .... Capable director of Junior Class Play and adviser of the library staff .... Spends her spare time growing and arranging flowers ..i. Miss Mengel is also an excellent pianist. ra in em MRS. VIRGINIA B. ROHRER BS., Indiana Teachers College Efficient home economics teacher . . . very active in both school and civic affairs . . . reigns supreme over Room 3 . . . keeps her classes and the F. H. A. girls busy with their projects . . . prim and proper . . . expert adviser on all phases of social etiquette. L -null! MR. NORMAN E. DIEHL B.S., Elizabethtown College NLS., University of Pennsylvania Tall and distinguished .... Capable faculty manager of athletics .... Liked by all .... Pet peeve, careless work .... Wears nice clothes and. oh those ties! . . . In his spare time can be found in his garden. I-I MISS MABEL JANE MILLER A.B., Lebanon Valley College Temple University Teaches seventh and eighth grade students English .... Capable adviser of Junior Tri- Hi-Y and Freshman Tri-Hi-Y .... Reigns over Homeroom C . . . active in church affairs . . . tall and slim . . . likes to travel. '? MR. WILLIAM BARNHART Elizabethtown College B.S., West Chester State Teachers College Physical education instructor, health teacher, and basketball coach . . . takes a great interest in all sports . . . reigns in Homeroom 21 . . . pleasant person- ality . . . one of faculty "hot-shots" who beat our JV's. Wddfefd 0!fAe 0,0 - ' x ,Q-t, -1 .3'1S.., M aa- M . . at...-. ,.-f,.....,,, QNUIYIN 2-"3 "U" .mm ' :. g ..- s XX ..,. ,,,.. ' , ' 3153. W... ,.""" 'aim L RKTHAVS' MR. ALTON H. EPPLER iw B.S., Kutztown State Teachers College W0 Muhlenberg College M Teaches biology and general sci- ence . . . efficient assistant football "" lm gf and baseball coach . . . excellent Senior Class adviser . . . favorite class - Seniors Cnaturallyj . . . guardian of Homeroom 28 . . . completely dislikes people who chew gum in classrooms . . . "Poet of the Piano." fm-1. MISS ERMA M. BELL B.S., Elizabethtown College M.Ed,, Temple Un'versity Teaches typing, shorthand, office practice . . . untiring and unex- celled adviser of the Elizabethan . . . glad that the seniors are finally growing up . . . pet peeve-horse laughing . . . excels in photography work and sports. N. MR. WILLIS E. SEIDERS West Chester Teachers College A.B., University nf Pennsylvania English instructor of junior and senior classes , , . congenial . . . speaks with authority on all liter- ary subjects . . . well respected. . . . Mr. Sciders has traveled exten- sively .... His study halls are so quiet .... Spends his spare time making a scrapbook of literary and historical clippings. MR. CHARLES E. GOODHART A.B., Millersville State Teachers College Teaches shop, blueprint reading, and me- chanical drawing . . . knows what hels talking about . . . supervises the setting-up of stage for the junior and senior class plays . . . a good sport . . . doesn't mind helping get rid of food that just happens to be around . . . "That will be three whacks or ten hours extra shop work" . . . commutes to school in a little blue Crosley. 2 g et lr ,M . gl c MISS JANE M. BAHR B.S., Kutztown State Teachers College An eiiicient art teacher . . . always has some new ideas to pass along . . . takes pride in giving the art room a new look . . . Pet peeve: cleaning up after art clags . . . skillful art adviser on yearbook sta '. I5 fm? MISS JANE HUNSECKER B.S., West Chester Pennsylvania State College Progressive adviser of Class of '53 . . . dynamic personality. . . . Coached our hockey team to its second straight championship ..,. Spends spare time keeping her '35 Olds running .... Seemed to enjoy her summer vacation? . . . Pet peeve. Hoineroom .... Likes all her classes. . . . Looking lorward to another victorious hockey season. with in -qi at me MR. JOSEPH SEDULE B.S., Penn State Guides that rough, tough junior high foot- ball team .... "Read that and ask me a question." . . . Keeps the baseball team Ha-hittin' l' . . . a solid cheer for Penn State. . . . Keeps those chemistry and physics stu- dents on their toes. ra inem X .S s MR. KENNETH GROSH A.B., Elizabethtown Coll:-ge M.S., University of Pennsylvania Hard-working guidance counselor .... Did you have your interview? Slavcd away directing the Senior Class Play. . . . "Anyone going up my way this noon?" . . . Pet peeve: Oh. those calories ..,. Looks for signs of matur- ity in all seniors .... Friend of all. xx..-. MRS. ANNETTE M. BASLER A.B., College Miserirordia Teaches history to Junior High students .... Adviser of Senior and Sophomore Tri-Hi-Y . . . idol of all girls . . . likes the co- operation and willingness of sen- iors . . , enjoys dancing, ice skat- ing. hockey, and working in hus- band's dental office. fo MR. NOAH KLAUSS Harrisburg Conservatory of Music Elizabethtown College Hard-working instrumental supervisor ol' our school . . . Junior and Senior Orches- tras. and Girls' String Ensemble . . . friendly to all . . . likes the excellent cooperation of seniors in his practices, but not their tardi- ness . . . Pet peeve: noise . . . spends his spare time in composing music and art. MR. WAYNE B. BLOUCH A.B.. Elizabethtown College Loves those wide open spaces . . . hates crooked politicians . . . keeps classes well versed on current events . . . thinks students should grow up sooner . . . a big help to the seniors in their essay "Unite for Freedom" . . . an authority in social studies. MR. ROBERT J. TRIMBLE A.B., Elizabethtown College University of Pennsylvania Guides the freshmen and sophomores through Pennsylvania history, civics. and American history . . . enjoys all classes . . . capable director of Hi-Y group . . , coaches J. V. Basketball team . . . thinks the seniors are tops . . . dislikes gossips . . . a friend of all the students . . . always joking . . . seldom seen but always heard at all football games . . . hobbies are read- ing, photography, and boxing Las a spectatorl. MISS MAY DULEBOHN A.B.. Millersville State Teachers College Unsurpasscd in teaching algebra, plane geometry, and trigonometry . . . strict dis- eiplinarian . , . dislikes noisy homerooms and students who crack their gum in the classroom . . . keeps good order in Room 27 . . . respected by all. MR. FRANCIS J. LUCHNICK B.S., Bloomsburg State Teachers College Head football coach . . . teaches com- mercial subjects . . . possesses a large vocabulary . . . mathematically in- clined . . . keeps order in Homeroom 2 . . . "Deposit gum in waste-basket" . . . follower of all sports . . . a friend and favorite of all. Cldleliff offke 0,0 MISS ROSANNA M. BRANDT BS. in Public School Nlusir, Lebanon Valley College Pennsylvania State College Capable supervisor of vocal music in grades and high school . . . excellent voice . . . commutes to and from school in a green Plymouth . . . enjoys re- hearsing with her choruses . . . spends her spare time reading and sewing . . . attends all musical affairs. MR. MELVIN R. WARDEN B.S., Shippensburg State Teachers College Mathematics instructor . . . rules ninth grade Homeroom A with a firm hand good card player . . . pet peeves are dirty classrooms and students who display poor common courtesy . . . enjoys sports, read- ing, and movies . . . gets along with every- 0116. MISS LYDIA E. WAGNER A.B., Elizabethtown College Teaches ninth and tenth grade Eng- lish . . . adviser of Journalism Club, The Bear Gazette, and Literary Staff . . . "Do you have your write-ups in?" . . . likes people who are full of pep and initiative and who really accept responsibility . . . friend of all, smile for everyone. I7 .yegoinf arnold Mr. Martin W. Barley Efiicient janitor who keeps things neat . . . little man who's always there with the locker combination . . . cheerful smile Dr, C. Stuart Smith . . . faithful rooter of all E. H. S. sports . . . Our etiicicnt school doctor . . . makes fminler football player ' ' ' dependable at all times. check-ups of all students in the odd-numbered grades , . kt-cps everyone in tip-top physical condition, Mr. Abram Snyder Mr. Barley's side kick . . . celebrating second year as E. H. S, janitor . . . keeps things neat and trim . . . drives a "Chevy" to and from school. Mrs. Dorothy Baker Our faithful school nurse . . . assists Dr. Smith while giving physical check-ups . . . can be l'-inncl helping E. H. S. hand members prepare "or trips or taking! stricken students home . . . rcntlcrs a rcal service to all. Miss "5ophistication" Bahr . . . Miss Hess and Miss Brandt "I say. whats the current v0gue?" dunking for apples at a Hallowe'eI1 Party. O Miss Anna Ruth Hess Excellent school secretary . . . thoroughly enjoys us- ing school's new clcclric typewriter . . . attends to tarcly slips. attcndancc records, and ahsentec slips . . . assisted hy senior cornrncrcial students. There's nothing like hav- ing an extra gallon ot' gas around. lt comes in handy sometimes, doesn't it, Miss Hunseckcr? CLCLL SJ? SA 01,115 Mrs, Bnslvi' is stzirllvcl when Mr, Biirnhzirt catches hui' saying "No," whilv Couch Luchnick looks likc il chann- pion collcctoi' of "No's." Miss Miller, Mrs. Bzislvr. Miss Barnes. and Miss Hess lincl thc corn cxcvptionally good tonight. Mrs. Bzislcr, Miss Barnes, and Miss Buhi' fincl the on- lvrlziiinnont, all thv fzicilliy Haillowol-n P ai 1' 1, y V 01' y zunusing. Miss Mongvl. oin' now ais- sislunt 1-liuo1'l0urlci'. IVI11 Klziuss proves hv's just El hillbilly :ll hczirt. Miss Juno Sinith, County Psychologist, lectures :it thu luculty niooting. Thv worlcl scoins lwiglil :incl sunny to MV. Trimble und Mr. Seniors. M11 Epploi' trivs to pick up ai few good points while watching Cozichcs Luchnick :incl BllI'I1l12ll'f ploy ii incan 1.201110 of checkers at football cannp. Mr. Diohl enjoys his steamed clanns. J FX S PM at Senior The Iasl' mile home having been fraveled, fhis year means fhe end of many years of hard sfudy fo lhe Seniors of E. H. S. High School exams have been faken for fhe lasf 'l'ime and fhey go forward info fhe fufure, willing and ready fo accepf 'lheir responsibilifies in life, confidenl' of fheir success. df! rfqkc U! IKNXX -A udicaf ginad The brilliant mind and nimble fingers of turning out the words and music of our class song Cfcwa ang of 7952 Phyllis Ann Douglas Michael E. Weaver Tnoderalelcj Jllilll JF? FJJ v 14F'Tll?4?fijJi Hill Wllffil I 1 j 3 J ji 513 , I . IE-grim Mig Hail to theeg oh Alma Mater, In our hearts are all our memoirs Hail to thee, oh white and blueg Of our high school, tried and trueg We will stand by you at all times Will remain with us at all times We, the Class of Fifty-two. Fond memories of you. J. Summy and M. Weaver respectively, hard at woik CKCLJJ OMCQFJ . . FEATURE PERFORMERS fl .il ,Q W . Ti, KFW 7. I . ' l 1 X ' 1 l Vice-President . . . John Wanamaker President . . . Robert Brouchf and X X Always there to complete uniinished busi- AdV'5e" - - - MY- AHUU H- EPPIQV F ll .1 ness :luring Bob's absence . . . remained with Bob-our president for our junior and senior years J the other ofhcers during junior and senior . . . n good leader with determination . . . his leader- l yours. ship deserves high praise. w fl 1 f mis, I ,, fvlf ul l . 1:73 gl rf's 5 I' lli' 4 ' v J ll-- , ,, . if'-:YJ , A 1 ' W it - I ,QM S ll, Liglifc I GSXVQMM f ' gawk -- - Treasurer . . . Michael Weaver Secretary . . . Audrey Fasnacht Kept after us to renjind us of our unpaid dues . . . Our able and cheerful secretary forthe lust a new wheel in the l1st of class officers . . . takes care two years . . . records the minutes of our of all Financial problems that might arise. class meeiings. 23 ,A if PATRICIA G. ADAMS 221 North Market street "PAT" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Indoor Patrol 3, 4: Journalism Club 2. 3. 43 Treasurer 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Pretty eyes . . . loads of fun . . . collects popular discs in her spare time . . . "You don't say" . . . jay Bird . . . Half owner of a big red Buick . . . Goodie's and Susie's constant companion . . . Mrs. Rohrer's faithful and tireless secretary. STELLA M. ALLEMAN . 310 North Hanover Street "STELLA" Business Yearbook Staff 4. Hails from Donegal . . . quiet . . . pleasant and friendly . . . pretty wavy hair . . . tall . . . efficient clerk in Ben Franklin Store . . . aims to be a top-notch secretary . . . Good luck! We know you'll succeed. THELMA R. ALLEMAN 310 North Hanover Street THELMA Business Yearbook Staff 4. The blonde half of the family . . . always reading . . . very friendly . . . "Oh heck" . . . assumes a quiet manner around school . . . can really talk a tin ear on you! . . . aspires to be an oflice worker in a big city. ROBERT C. BAKER Masonic Homes "BOB" College Preparatory Basketball 1, 31 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 13 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 4: Yearbook Staff 4. The great cynic . . . likes sports of any size, shape, or form . . . Oh! the mischief in his eyes . . . really gives Mr. Sedule gray hairs . . . "That's the way it goes" . . . wants to be a weather man. JANET ERLENE BARNHART 35 West High Street "JAN" Home Economics Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Scribe 3: Junior Play Make-Up Committeeg Journalism 2. 3. 43 Exchange Editor 3: Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 3. 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Can be found in the Ben Franklin Store after school . . . faithful home ec. student . . . active in F. H. A .... "Gee-Z-Boom" . . . enjoys writing letters . . . to whom? . . . has Hillbilly fever . . . thinks the Masonic Homes is very worthwhile . . . would like to be a home ec. teacher, but will probably be a farmer's wife. gfgigfgjxxsfwsaaxne CLAIR G. BAUM Route 3, Elizabethtown "BAUMMlE" General Football 2, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Boys' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Music Appreciation Club 3. 4. Raises 50 pigs in his spare time . . . proud of the fact that he replaced Broucht as guard . . . appreciates music . . . "Yep" . . . has a fine col- lection of horses . . . enjoys being with Dolly . . . will succeed as a butcher. SHIRLEY A. BECHTEL RIIQQIIIS "BECKY" Vocational Home Economics Cheerleading 2, 3. 4: Captain 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus: Senior Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 3: F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: President 4: Senior Play: Journalism Club 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Invader from Rheems . . . popular and attractive . . . peppy captain of the cheerleaders . . . pretty hair . . . stunningly attired . . . football is her first love . . . heard saying, "Where is Grace?" . . . always looking for a ride home. VX,,'f fV, Elf- it ijpi ex Q2 nf: fwwtv L , Lllehh r., Q-----ie---,,e,,- MIR. ..z..,t ,.,.- f awsaflswfwffi DONALD R. BRADLEY Route 3, Elizabethtown "BUCK" College Preparatory Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Drives a '38 black Ford coupe . . . dark complexioned . . . quiet, but tricky . . . likes ice cream . . . out-of-school hours spent working at a garment factory . . . pals around with Charlie . . . main ambition is to sleep after he gets out of school. B. l-IARRIET BRANDT Route 3, Elizabethtown "BERT" College Preparatory Band 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Indoor Patrol 4: Music Appreciation 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. The gift for gab . . . an all-around good sport . . . pals around with Sue and the gang . . . "You know it!" . . . hates some of her nicknames, namely: "Bertha" . . . has all the latest platters , . . vulnerable to men . . . aims to travel. WALTER PAUL BRANDT 211 South Market Street "WALTER" College Preparatory Rifle Club 2. Robin Hood of Senior Class . . . likes to hunt big game Crabbitsl with his bow . . . always winning some "shoot" . . . hates those new-fangled gun hunters but belongs to Rifle Club . . . "Ain't that a blow" . . . helps his dad fix drivers' mistakes. 25 ROBERT J. BROUCHT 429 East High Street "BOB" General Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Baseball 1, 21 Senior Mixed Chorus 4: Boys' Chorus 45 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-'Y 1: Class President 3, 4. Handsome . . . pleasing personality . . . excels in football . . . on all- county squad three years . . . capable class and Hi-Y president . . . works in his dad's butcher shop . . . "Believe that" . . . likes to have a good time KWhat do you mean, Bob?D . . . enjoys psychology . . . bound for the Marines . . . we know he'll be a big success. BEVERLY .l. BROWN 336 EM! High Street "BEV" College Preparatory Hockey 2, 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2, Senior Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Indoor Patrol 3, 45 Library Staff l, 2, 31 President 33 Music Appreciation 2, 3, 4: Junior Playp Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Assistant Editor 31 Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Pretty blonde . . . sedulous homeroom secretary in taking attendance . . . Miss Bahr's disciple . . . her pride is her super record collection . . . that's right, she said "Gee-Zee-Bee" . . . career is undecided fqualitied for alll. . 17 4 U , x g L mg! "' E 9-ffl' I L,::'93 '-:Evil BEATRICE E. BRYAN Center Square Business "BEA'l'SlE" Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Senior Mixed Chorus 43 Indoor Patrol 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Secretary 41 Junior Tri-Hi-Y l. Short and sweet . . . pretty dimples . . . an amiable disposition . . . cute . . . loses money on dates . . . an expert typist . . . conscientious accom- panist for Girls' Chorus . . . spends her spare time writing letters to ? ? ? . . . all adds up to one grand gal. WILLIAM DOUGLAS BRYAN Center Square "DOUG" College Preparatory Football 1, 2g Sophomore Mixed Chorus 21 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Senior Hi-Y 2. 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 13 Rifle Club 2, 3, Music Appreciation Club 2, 33 Yearbook Staff 43 Football Manager 33 Baseball Manager 2, 4: Basketball Manager 1. 2. Hear any noise? That's Doug . . . can usually be heard asking, "Working hard?" . . . has a friendly greeting for everyone . . . makes singing his hobby . . . loathes sloppy dressers . . . could eat gobs of lima beans . . . ambition is to join the Marines . . . we know you'll make it, Doug . . . good luck! CHARLES M. COBAUGH Route 1, Elizabethtown "CHARLIE" College Preparatory Football 1, 2: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 2, 33 Music Appreciation Club 3, 4, Journalism Club 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 4. "Hurry up" . . . Charlie and Buck are an almost inseparable pair . . . hates to do homework . . . one of the few blond boys of 12-1 . . . likes to draw . . . maybe that's why he's so good at it . . . plans to make a career of it by being a commercial artist . . . keep working, Charlie, you're doing well. 'I 26 JAMES E. CRAUN Route 2, Mount Joy "JIM CROW" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Music Appreciation Club 3, 4. Sleeps in classes . . . wants to fly a jet . . . likes cokes . . . "Holy Cadil- lacs" . . . hates studying until 1 or 2 in the morning . . . Joe, the Motorist's Friend . . . The big decision was removal of the handle bars. PHYLLIS A. DOUGLAS 350 East High Street "PHYl." College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Library 1, 2, 35 Music Appreciation 3, 45 Junior Play 35 Senior Play 45 Journalism 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Short and charming . . . pretty blue eyes . . . seen tearing around in a Model A Ford . . . noted for her seventh grade parties . . . holds a big interest in Elizabethtown College . . . Kathryn Cornell of the senior class . . . aims to be a nurse. aoeacsaofaceaesacfaes a550,5 aceaeeaoeses JANET B. EARHART Route 2, Elizabethtown "JANET" College Preparatory Band 1, 2: Senior Orchestra 3, 45 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 3. 45 Music Appreciation Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 President 4. Talkative . . . competent president of Tri-Hi-Y . . . "beautiful brown eyes" . . . E-town's attendant to Mount joy's Corn Queen . . . nimble lingers on the keyboard-piano or typewriter . . . keeps slumber parties alive . . . "You know it." . . . drives a big red car. HELEN M. EBERLY Route 3, Elizabethtown "HELEN" Business Band 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 45 Music Appreciation Club 25 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. One of the faithful First Aiders in the band . . . Sews like magic . . . pretty hair . . . always helping someone . . . Manheim still holds her main interest . . . "No kidding" . . . will be a wonderful housewife. RICHARD S. EMENHEISER 249 West Bainbridge Street "EMlE" General Sophomore Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Boys' Chorus 3, 45 Senior Hi-Y 3, 45 Music Appreciation Club 35 Boys' Quartet 4. Slow-poke . . . spends time at Howard j'ohnson's, although he doesn't work there . . . has a passion for food, any kind . . . favorite pastime- anything that doesn't pertain to school . . . sparkling blue eyes . . . usually cowboys around in a green Ford . . . "Do you care" . . . pet peeve: women drivers . . . Ambition-to wear the Navy blue. RALPH I. ESHELMAN 234 Orange Street "ESH" College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 41 Basketball 1, Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Hi-Y I5 Key Club 2, 3, 4. Typical case of being seen but mostly heard . . . clowning around-his favorite pastime . . . working C???D boy at the Acme . . . Oh! that perpetual grin . . . rugged and wide-awake guard on the gridiron . . . is looking forward to being an accountant. JANET I.. ESPENSHADE 132 North Locust Street "ESSlE" Home Economics Cheerleading 1, 2, 35 F. H. A. 2, 3, 4: Journalism Club 25 Girls' Chorus 3, 41 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. just loves to eat pie a la mode . . . big moment: waiting on jersey Joe at Howard Johnson's . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . nicest friend to have . . . plans to serve her country as a woman Marine . . . success assured. aoeaoeaoeaesaeeaoeace glfliopjaosacfxacsaesaux JOAN M. FARVER Bainbridge "JOAN" Home Economics Bainbridge: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 35 Senior Play. Elizabethtown: F. H. A. 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 4. A definite asset to our class . . . hails from Bainbriige . . . quiet . . . really tops in all classes . . . have your chemistry iinished, joan? . . enjoys playing the piano . . . "Cripes" . . . "Do I like ice cream?" . Joan will make a model housewife. AUDREY A. FASNACHT 139 West High Street "SUSlE" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 45 Indoor Patrol 45 Music Appreciation Club 45 Junior Playg Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Secretary 45 Class Secretary 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Senior Play, Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. A very adept class secretary . . . pretty auburn hair . . . always laughing . . . friendly . . . cute . . . slim . . . always eating, but never gains a pound . . . interests range from Bob to Hanover . . . plans to be a part-owner of a Belair Chevy . . . plays a mean piano. WILBUR .I. FINK 258 South Spruce Street "Bll.l." General Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Hi-Y 15 Junior Play: Class Treasurer 3. Quiet, athletic type . . . played a sure and steady game as end in football . . . well-groomed . . . doesn't like people tramping on his shoes . . . rolled in the dough at Barto's . . . master of the ivories. BETTY J. FLOYD Park House "SPIDER" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4. Talkative brunette . . . good student in shorthand . . . alert clerk in Paxson's Cut Rate . . . pet peeve is people ordering banana splits at closing time . . . "You know it" . . . hopes to own a drug store. ELIZABETH JEAN FRAZIER Masonic Homes "LIZ" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Beautiful black hair . . . friendly . . . dislikes walking in the rain . . . "F or the love of Pete" . . . likes crabs-the digestible type . . . enjoys reading . . . prefers nature's own color-green . . . pines for Philly. loves to talk . . . L' e-Y fx 'ef' Y "1 .g I N f, 7,3 PT g .exile CJ" . 3, st " -'Ei wg, ,tw A t.3, 3, ylt. .,... . , ,KF-51' .L 1 X flQi'l-041-i'.1r,i,w..:4,it is !."12aH4 1-tkmiirifi ,gA,Ein4x'li,f,,f EI2A.Ll4m,:i iff-i.iM.',X,i,i? S JOYCETTA FUNCK Route 1, Bainbridge HREDH General Bainbridge: Senior Play: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. Elizabethtown: Senior Mixed Chorus 4. Quiet, until you know her . . . pretty, strawberry blonde hair . . . likes to play the piano . . . another hamburger fiend . . . "Holy Cow" . . . collects candles of any size, shape, or form . . . destined to be a nurse. LARRY N. GARNS 334 Orange Street "LORRY" College Preparatory Where'd you get that nickname? . . . full of fun . . . pals around with Grimmie and Esh . . , collects sports photos . . . struggles through French . . . holds down a spot on Market Street CKing'sD . . . likes his seafood . . . ambition: store manager. KATHRYN J. GISH 330 South Market Street "KITTY" College Preparatory Hockey 1, 23 Band 1, 2. 3. 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Senior Mixed Chorus 3. 43 Indoor Patrol 2, 3, 43 Music Appreciation Club 43 Junior Play: Senior Playl Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 43 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 43 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Attractive brunette . . . efficient captain of Indoor Patrol . . . Nancy's constant companion . . . the first in a line of sisters . . . vivi:l wardrobe . . . well liked by all . . . "You know it" . . . a good "trump" in the band . . . cheerful clerk at Grant's . . . aims to go to college. 29 Qlfiail' QE 'A ji :- ROBERT E. GISH Route 1, Elizabethtown "GlSHY" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus. Teachers discard answer books when Gishy appears . . , plays mean guitar . . . likes to read . . . remember the incident with R.F.C.? . . . "Oh heck" . . . proven native son by winning Pennsylvania Week con- test . . . ambition: civil engineer. AUDRA J. GOOD 36 North Poplar Street "GOODlE" College Preparatory Library Staff 33 Junior Playg Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Spark plug of every class . . , pals around with Pat . . . crack that gum! . . . Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde personality . . . driver C???J of a blue coupe . . . likes spaghetti . . . dislikes pessimists . . . admirer of Patton . . . hopes to be a nurse. le DEAN N. GRIMM Route 1, Elizabethtown "GRlMMlE" General Tall . . . devoted stamp collector . . . hates to be delayed by a late school bus . . . discards paper and pencil for hammer and saw over weekends . . . French fry fanatic . . . wants to further his musical career on the electric guitar. JOHN R. GRIMM 917 Sbtlfll Spruce Street "GRlMMlE" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 21 Senior Mixed Chorus 43 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Key Club 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 25 Boys' Chorus 4. An Acme Super-Market man . . . stamp collector extraordinaire . . . sleepy head ion Sundaysl . . . often overheard saying, "Hey, Garns, read your French?" . . . it seems that he is an anti-Navy man . . . college bound-will probably help his dad collect premiums. MARY E. GRUBB 307 College Avenue "GRUBB" College Preparatory Hockey 1. 2, 3, 43 Captain 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 41 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2, Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Junior Playg Yearbook Staff 2, 3, 43 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1, President: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Senior Play. Attractive . . . neat clothes . . . "Wow!!" . . , more hockey bruises . . . they call her Seabiscuit . . . just loves crew cuts . . . tried to burn up chemistry lab . . . quite an equestrian . . . excellent artist . . . ambition, art illustrator . . , Tops!!! DORIS J. GUTSHALL Route 1, Bainbridge "RED" Home Economics Bainbridge: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 35 Senior Play: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. Elizabethtown: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 4. Breezes in from Bainbridge . . . flaming tresses . . . cheerful waitress at the Lancaster Farm Diner . . . she says her pet peeve is boys but we know better . . . hobby is strummin' the guitar . . . will make a pleasant nurse. KENNETH E. HACKMAN Route 3, Elizabethtown "KEN" College Preparatory Senior Hi-Y 3, 4. Luther Burbank of the tobacco patch . . . beautiful curly hair . . . joined us in our sophomore year . . . plays hide-and-seek with "Mutt" . . . dislikes loquacious women . . . "Don't ask me" . . . ice cream iiend . . plans to be a farmer. aceaesaceaeeC!a550 ,52newsxeaaauauaa ROBERT J. HAWTHORNE 118 Cedar Street "BOB" General Football 1, 2, 3, 4g Basketball 3g Baseball 1, 23 Senior Hi-Y 3: Junior Hi-Y 1. Tall . . . blond . . . handsome . . . galloping ghost of E-town High . . . addicted to twins . . . Herr's pal . . . mania for flashy shirts . . . loves anything good to eat . . . puts in time at Lehman's Tire Store . . . aspires to be a carpenter. RUTH P. HEIGEI. 123 North Spruce Street "SUE" Business Indoor Patrol 45 Journalism 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 43 Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. A lively gal . . . winning personality . . . hates late dates . . . constantly borrowing a gray Plymouth . . . busy talking with that gang . . . is often headed towards East Petersburg . . . "If you like it" . . . plans to be a secretary. NORMA I.. HEISEY S34 last I-Iigh Street "NORMA" Business Quiet . . . pleasant personality . . . good-natured . . . always willing to lend a helping hand . . . member of a quartet in church . . . pet peeve is dishonest people . . . spends her spare time reading . . . really knows her bookkeeping . . . an ellicient housewife-to-be. PAUL R. HEISEY Route 3, Elizabethtown "PAUL" General Quiet-but tricky . . . partner-in-crime with Mummert . . . usually sick during hunting season , . . enjoys tinkering with his car . . . a farmer now but aspires to get a government job at Middletown. J. WARREN HEISEY Route 1, Elizabethtown "COW" General Rifle Club 2, 3: Senior Mixed Chorus 41 Boys' Chorus 45 Music Appreciation Club 4. Quiet, until you know him . . . "Way to go" . . . collects match folders . . . dislikes housework of any kind . . . wants to get a new car . . . relishes "vittels" . . . hard worker at Farmers' Fertilizer Works. I aoeaoeaxaeeaczaeeaoe elllgrjxeaunsne CHARLES DALE HELLER 258 North Poplar Street "SNOWBALl." General Football 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2g Boys' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Chaplain 33 Vice-President 43 Junior Hi-Y 1: Rifle Club 2, 31 Music Appreciation Club 3, 45 Journalism Club 2: Yearbook Staff 4. Tall . . . brawny . . . handsome . . . hard hitting tackle . . . "All rightee" . . . has reserved spot on South Spruce Street . . . would like to "soup up" his jalopy . . . Oh boy, chicken pot pie . . . ambition: hotel owner. GEORGE R. HELM 19 North Poplar Street "GEORGE" General Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 41 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 45 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4. Towers into the atmosphere . . . enjoys "Maude's" iced tea . . . need some feed? George will deliver . . . pals with "Bill" . . . performs oper- ations on flies in psychology . . . versatile man on the football team. JACK E. HERR 251 West Bainbridge Street "JACKIE" General Football 1, 2, 3, 43 Baseball 1, 25 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 1. Cute, little blond . . . one fourth of the Big Four-Shank, Hawthorne, Lokey, and Herr . . . played his heart out at football games . . . favorite pastime-women . . . plans to join the Navy . . . an excellent choice. JANET B. HERSHEY 524 Els! High Street "PEE WEE" Business Yearbook 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Small and cute . . . loves to eat hamburgers . . . neat dresser . . . has an interest in E-Town College . . . Oh! how she hates to get up in the morning! . . . likes to collect horses . . . a future office worker. MARY ELLEN HESS Route 3, Elizabethtown "MARY ELLEN" Home Economics Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: F. H. A. 3, 4: Music Appreciation Club 4: Yearbook Staff 4: Girls' Quartette 3. Tall and slim . . . divides her time between school and work . . . handles that car like a toy . . . fleet on roller skates . . . vice-president of F.H.A .... wants to live a happy life. rXvL !El9ffZlK k li xNjl.-ii ' i are f,.N.e.s.,,,M,.,,. get 5324 if 1. A ML 1 N Sigh: j -Le A '--ew fl1l'l-mb 'NLM L e JH' E-Hillslxtillffmfuiiflxfi fnnni JEAN E. HIPPLE Route 1, Bainbridge "JEANNlE" Home Economics Bainbridge: Girls' Chorus 1. 2, 3: Senior Play. Elizabethtown: F. H. A. 4: Tri-Hi-Y 4. Sweet gal . . . hails from Bainbridge . . . neat hair . . . pet peeve-boys! but what about jim? . . . "Oh you!" . . . collects toys for a hobby . . . helps the wheels of F.H.A. to run . . . her chosen profession is house- keeping. NANCY P. HOFFER Route 1, Elizabethtown . "NANCY" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Library Staff 4: Music Appreciation Club 3: Girls' Chorus 3, 4. Our quiet friend from the country . . . one of Miss Mengel's library assistants . . . can be found working at Grant's Store . . . just loves apricots . . . ambition is to go to college . . . good luck, Nancy . . . may success be yours! PAUL R. HOLLINGER Route 3, Elizabethtown "PAUL" General Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. Short ball of fire from the country . . . "What a revolting revolution that was" . . . one of the slick operators of the junior class stands . . . excels in portraying the little brat . . . pet peevwblonde girls . . ambition is to be a successful farmer. 33 GRACE I.. HOOVER REIQQIIIS "GRACl0US" Business Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Yearbook 43 Journalism 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 43 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2. Always in high spirits . . . tall and attractive . . . bursts in from Rheems . . . interest lies in handsome men . . . a certain senior boy rates high . , . pet peeve: girls that take other girls' bay friends . . . stay in the sun too long, Grace? . . . Florida bound. RICHARD J. HOOVER 105 West Park Street "DlCK" General Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 31 Baseball 23 Senior Hi-Y 3, 4. Hard-working halfback on the football team . . . has a big smile for everyone . . . falls out of bed into the classroom . . . often heard saying "Ain't" . . . always found in Mount Joy . . . likes his stuffed chicken . . . our future Navy man. : Mm m 0 .N X 5 V- galuqi-ai! Ill g.A1- 5 SAMUEL T. KAYLOR Route 1, Elizabethtown "SAM" General Tall, slim . . . a real cycling enthusiast-seen whizzing around on his two wheeler . . . always striving "to make good" . . . has a good start as engineer at Masonic Homes . . . "nice going." EUGENE R. KESSLER 134 South Market street "KESS" College Preparatory Basketball 13 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2, 4, Senior Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y lg Key Club 2, 3, 4. Spirit of '52 . . . good-looking . . . curly hair . . . has a fine attitude in psychology . . . an accurate pitcher in French . . . sings a nice tenor . . . faithful to the aisles of Acme . . . will be seen "from the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli." GLORIA A. KLINGER 133 NOYIII Market Street "GLORIA" College Preparatory Library Staff 33 Music Appreciation Club 33 Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. Avid reader . . . just loves French . . . fast walker . . . swamped for French paper-demand exceeds supply . . . "A friend in need is a friend indeed" . . . pals around with Kathryn . . . slaves at Hesteco . . . "Holy Fires" . . . intends to be a nurse. KKK '35 SHIRLEY B. KNARR 223 Bainbridge Street "SHlRL" Sophomore Chorus 2, Journalism 2, 33 Yearbook 45 Girls' Chorus 3: Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Business Cute blonde . . . pleasing personality . . . is often seen riding in a gray Buick . . . "Did you see Tessie" . . . efficient worker at Hesteco . . . just loves that Italian spaghetti . . . ambition is to travel with Tessie. GROVER C. LEE, JR. 106 Laurel Avenue "BUDDY" College Preparatory Friendly newcomer to our class . . . Ohio's loss, our gain . . . usually comes up with the right answer . . . spends his spare time making models or collecting stamps . . . often heard saying "That a boy" . . . craves for apple pie . . . fascinated by the color red . . . will make an excellent lawyer. aeeaeeaeeaosC!a5607s5 aoeaeeacsaee .IOANN M. LOKEY Route 1, Bainbridge ".l0" Home Economics Bainbridge: Senior Play 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3. Elizabethtown: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 4. Hails from Bainbridge . . . pet peeve-all boys but one . . . "Gee Whiz" . . . can catch up on her sleep now . . . just a Chinaman at heart when it comes to eating rice . . . hobby is collecting China dogs . . . will make an efficient housewife. ROBERT P. LOKEY 126 south Poplar Street "BOB" General Baseball 2. Good-natured . . . can he play tennis??? . . . trusts the deadly females who drive his car . . . his lack of height made up by his wit . . . one of the capable carpenters who put up the Junior Play stage set . . . plans to join the Marines. D. JOANNE LONGENECKER Route 3, Elizabethtown "JO" Business Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 43 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 21 Senior Mixed Chorus 4: Music Appreciation Club 43 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 3. Loves all forms of food . . . swims during spare time . . . dislikes doing housework . . . "You're not kidding" . . . worked at Savoy during sum- mer . . . one of the clerical girls . . . has trouble disciplining one of the bays in her class . . . will make an efficient secretary. .IESSIE E. MARTIN Route 2, Elizabethtown "JESS" College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 3, 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 3: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Music Appreciation 3, 4: Junior Play: Journalism 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Junior Tri-Hi-Y: President 1. Well groomed . . . thespian to the core . . . outstanding gymnast . . . dislikes people who drive by her and wave . . . likes shrimp . . . "Tricky" . . . bound to succeed in any occupation of her choice. JAMES A. MAY 28 West Hummelstown Street "JIM" College Preparatory Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Olympic Club 2, 3, 4. Ardent admirer of outdoor sports-especially hunting . . . stands with majority when naming homework as pet peeve . . . "Holy Cow" . . . spends spare time working at Masonic Homes . . . ambition is to join Uncle Sam's Navy. aoeaesaeeaeeaesscsacs Qniofjuumn CHARLES DAVID MEINHARDT 358 West Bainbridge Street "CHAS" General Look out there, kids! there comes Davey in his bucket of bolts . . . always saying "Ain't" . . . favorite pastime is reading books and playing golf . . . works at the Acme Market after school . . . really likes baked ham as his favorite food . . . ambition is to join the Navy. RICHARD G. MILLER Route 1, Elizabethtown "DICK" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 2, 3, 43 Music Appreciation Club 3, 41 Boys' Quartet 4. One of our class clowns . . . "Good-looking" . . . delightful personality . . . brain in all subjects, but just ask him something and you'll get "Da-a-a" for an answer . . . pet peeve: reckless drivers--but did you see Dick's hot rod? . . . aims to own his own farm some day. WILLIAM E. MUMMERT Route I., Elizabethtown "BILL" General Football 1, 25 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Works in the engineering department at the Masonic Homes . . . forever saying, "It's a fluke" . . . enjoys stamp collecting, fishing, and eating his favorite food, potato chips . . . just loves the color blue . . . pet peeve is the "Know-it-all's" . . . ambition is to be a sailor and sail the ocean blue. MARY LOU MUSSER Route 1, Elizabethtown "MARY" Business Our quiet member of the class . . . beautiful black hair . . . on lonely evenings is found curled in a chair reading a book . . . always seen with Lois Sweigart . . . hates to go to school on sunny days . . . will be someone's eflicient but quiet and unassuming stenographer. STANLEY M. OBER Route 3, Elizabethtown "S'l'AN" General Friendly and easy-going . . . crazy about Blizzards at Iceland . . . works on his dad's farm after school . . . has a large stamp collection . . . always having trouble with a certain junior girl . . . remember the night of the Manheim Township game? . . . looks forward to being a restaurant owner. -- if-X I-I-35. 5 ,LQ..f2flXQwlm,fP4X,, fi "- X fox, fgfi M, , . .,..e E . .ee...-.1.fzoA5msfaw,rfNse:eg, E S ee, w: ., 1' A' Q, ' ',W,m-f-4 - ,H I .'1.,l11,-5,1--4-Xz'f?tLf1 . 'N vuuibmmi. gtamm uw,-txp, ,gmt v.4.,gf ,,z?21Eml,g,y.vJ1,j,M1i . ti. , Aw., W .gEJ" 1-giiilnlfr DORIS M. PAUTZ Route 1, Elizabethtown "DORlE" Business Journalism Club 3. 4, Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Tall . . . slender . . . neat as a pin . . . whiz in shorthand and book- keeping . . . is lonely this year! wonder why? could it be Ken? . . . "Peanuts" . . . just loves spaghetti . . . will make a splendid addition to any office. JAMES W. PAXSON 811 SOUIII Market Street "QUlMBY" College Preparatory Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Ride Club 25 Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Professes to be a loafer in spare time . . . Gene Krupa of the Senior Orchestra . . . hated geometry homework assignments . . . a super dancer . . . finds his long jaunt to school tiring . . . gave Howard ,Iohnson's that extra appeal . . . College bound. DANIEL H. RAFFENSPERGER 507 college Avenue "RAFFlE" College Preparatory Baseball 3: Basketball 15 Band 1. 2, 3, 43 Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Senior I-Ii-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 13 Key Club 2, 3, 4, President 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Photography Editor 4. Dark and handsome . . . sharp dresser . . . has a personality that can't be beat . . . really clicks . . . never seen without Kess or Wannie . . . plays a smooth sax . . . just loved those 11-1 physics classes . . . usually found slaving in his dad's shop after school . . . ambition: to go to college. . 37 e ARLENE F. REIDER 41 Arch Street "LEANlE" College Preparatory Hockey 1, 2, 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 3, 45 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 4. Easy-going . . . a friend to everyone . . . can be found at Grant's after school . . . pet peeve is 7:30 band practices . . . her favorite comment "That's tricky" . . . likes to travel . . . hopes to be a nurse . . . we know you will be a good one. .IANICE J. RISSER Route 3, Elizabethtown "JAN" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 25 Senior Mixed Chorus 45 Music Appreciation Club 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Enjoys chewing gum . . . never in a hurry . . . caters to people at Howard Johnson's Restaurant . . . always pesting Joann . . . pet peeve is housework . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . efficient in wasting study-hall periods. J Mui: ,X Q-4-. , 5 SPURGINE M. ROYER 104 South Poplar Street "SPUR" Business Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 45 Girls' Chorus 3, 4: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Petite . . . friendly . . . serious-minded . . . dependable . . . always ready to help in any time of need . . . get any letters today, Spur? . . . cheerful and untiring waitress at Maude's . . . anticipates being a typist. .IERE E. RUTHERFORD 23 East Orange Street "WHl'l'EY" General Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Junior Hi-Y 1. Tall, handsome blond . . . capably filled an end position in football and guard position in basketball . . . one of Mr. Goodhart's slaving shop students . . . "Hal" . . . idol of female underclassmen . . . pet peeve: slave-driving teachers . . . Jere aims to go to college and then find an easy job to pursue. NANCY FAYE SCHROLL 218 :ne High Street "NAN" College Preparatory Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra 45 String Ensemble 45 Indoor Patrol 2, 3, 45 Journalism Club 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff 3, 45 Girls' Chorus 35 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Junior Trl-Hi-Y 15 Secretary 1. Short and cute . . . radiant hair with a tinge of red . . . energetic cheer- leader . . . has a hobby of eating, but you'd never know it . . . scads of clothes . . . never seen without Kitty . . . infectious giggle . . . will make a swell nurse. THERESA E. SEITZ 349 North Market Street "'I'ESSlE" Business Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Journalism Club 23 Yearbook Staff 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Tri-Hi-Y 1. Effervescent . . . oh, that unique giggle of hers! . . . teacher's Problem Number 1 . . . loves tumbling . . . wants to be seen and heard . . . need a telephone operator?-call Theresa . . . ambition is to travel with Shirley. JOSEPHINE A. SENSEMAN 33 West Willow Street "JO" Business Yearbook Staff 4, Business Manager: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. Intelligent-plus . . . quite a talker . . . Mr. Grosh's secretary . . . spends two-thirds of time in commercial room . . . "Heavens to Betsy" . . . proud of her dog, Chips . . . loves impatient people??? . . . faithful and capable business manager of the Yearbook . . . ambition-to be a secretary. aceacenfaeeaesaesace a,6d0,523GXK3X EDWARD R. SHANK 51 Park Street "ED" College Preparatory Football 45 Baseball 2, 3, 41 Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Junior Hi-Y 13 Key Club 2, 3, Yearbook Staff 3. Sports enthusiast--that's Ed . . . easy-going . . . friend to all . . . tall, dark, and handsome . . . has a pet peeve of "women in general" . . . could eat spaghetti night and day . . . always heard saying, "Take it easy" . . . math whiz . . . ambition is to go to college. JAMES H. SHANK 118 East Cedar Street "PETER" General Football 1, 2, 3, 4. Hard worker for Jacob B. Fisher . . . hobby is working on motors . . . spends most of his time on West High Street . . . addresses everyone with "Hi, Moldy" . . . one of the "rascalteers" of 12-2 . . . Marine bound . . . Good luck! SHIRLEY ANN SHIFFER 229 North Market Street "SHlFF" Vocational Home Economics Cheerleading 2, 3: Majorette 15 Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 43 F. H. A. 1, 2, 3, 43 Indoor Patrol 3, 43 Library Staff 1, 2, 3, 41 Junior Play: Junior Girls' Quartette 35 Senior Trio 4. Dark and attractive . . . has a beautiful voice . . . detests people always being late . . . forever saying, "Oh my achin' back" . . . active member of F. H. A .... cheerful chorister at their meetings . . . will be the model housewife. 'N"""'5rf LLOYD W. SMITH 332 West Hlfll Street "SMl'I'TY" Business Senior Orchestra 2, 31 Yearbook Staff 4. Always ready to lend a sympathetic ear . . . loves those apple dumplings . . . jolly . . . dislikes excessive amounts of bookkeeping . . . efficient stock boy at The Central Cut-Rate . . . aims to be a druggist and own his own store . . . we know you'll succeed. BETTY A. STAHL Route 2, llilahettltown "BETTY" Business Yearbook Staff 4g Girls' Chorus 3, 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Cute blonde . . . usually quiet, but talkative at' times . . . one of the clerical section gals . . . always writing letters to that certain Army man . . . "Oh my gosh" . . . loves fried chicken . . . often seen with Janice and Dot . . . daily passenger on the Middletown bus . . . plans to be a secretary. - igrgjauneaxnesuneaoe SHIRLEY F. STAHL au lat High street "SHlRL" Business Yearbook Staff 4. The girl with the blonde hair . . . always buzzing from one place to another . . . loves to eat spaghetti . . . a waitress at Howard Johnson's . . . star commercial student . . . but oh that bookkeeping! . . an ardent bookworm . . . has a keen interest in E-town College-Why? . . . a most dependable and faithful secretary . . . will be the pride and joy of any office she enters. MARY ANN STAUFFER Route 1, Middletown "MARY ANN" Business Yearbook Staff 45 Oflice Girl 4. One of the busy oflice girls . . . pretty hair . . . Look out! Here comes Mary Ann with Harold's Henry J . . . "Something new" . . . pet peeve is conceited people . . . pals around with Jo . . . will make a good secre- tary but a better housewife. JANE E. SUMMY 134 last High Street "JANE" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Girls' Chorus 3. 4: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Library Staff 1, 2, 39 Music Appreciation Club 3: Journalism Club 2, 3, 4: Treasurer 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 3, 43 Literary Editor 43 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Scribe 4. Tall . . . slim . . . blonde . . . a whiz in any class-French especially . . . "Mon Dieu"-remember Jane? . . . as literary editor for the year- book, Jane really has quite a problem . . . especially those last-minute write-ups . . . college is next on Jane's list. ALMA JEAN SWEIGART 325 lla! lllllhridlo Street "ALMA" Business Journalism Club 2, 3: Yearbook Staff 43 Girls' Chorus 3, 43 Office Girl 4. Works diligently in the school office . . . boring study halls are so intolerable . . . "Think nuthin' o' that" . . . likes to write letters to her friends . . . would like to be a good housewife and secretary. LOIS MARIE SWEIGAR1' Route 1, llizobetlllown "L0lS" Business Yearbook Staff 4. Likes a Henry J Cespecially a yellow one? . . . reads during spare moments . . . "Gee Whiz" . . . always in good with her sister??? . . . beautiful brown eyes . . . bought tickets for the football games, but why! . . . can be seen with Mary during noon hour . . . will find suc- cess as a farmer's wife. ani:-iii! 'll f -5- ij-I r - E- 41 TYLER R. TRIMMER MISOIIIC HOIIICS ll-rsxn College Preparatory Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Key Club 2, 3, 4: Journalism Club 2, 3, President 3: Business Manager 3, Olympic Club 2, 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Football Manager 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Manager 4. Tex is one of our Masonic friends . . . quiet . . . friendly . . . never seen without Bob . . . Mr. Sedule's favorite victim . . . sporty . . . really enjoys being manager for the teams . . . "Yes, sir" . . . Need any land- scaping done? See Tex, landscape gardener for the Homes. JO-ANNE TROSTLE 219 !osl willow su-at ".lO'f Business Majorette 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain 4: Senior Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: String Ensemble 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Indoor Patrol 3, 4: Junior Play: Year- book Staff 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Captain of the Majorettes . . . stunning appearance . . . trim dresser . . . fiddles her worries away . . . dislikes people who are always late . . . "Who knows?" . . . loves to drive . . . a great gall . . . will make a pleasant addition to any office. PAUI. VUXTA Route 1, Middletown "PAUL" Business Football 1, 2, 3: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Yearbook Staff 4: Journalism Club 2. 3, 4: Editor of Bear Gazette 4. Migrates from Middletown . . . bursting out all over . . . Lone Wolf in 12-3C . . . a big tease . . . what doesn't he do? . . . enjoys eating . . . appreciates a teacher who gives loads of homework . . . keeps school paper rolling . . . plans to see the world through port holes. FRANK L. WALTERS Masonic Homes "HUNKlE" College Preparatory Basketball 1, 2, 3. 4. Handsome . . . champion basketeer . . . Oh, those long shots . . . takes those long treks to and from the Masonic Homes daily . . . pest of Room 23 . . . "I like it" . . . "Someone have their French done?" . . . headed for college. JOHN L. WANAMAKER 341 North Hanover Street "SAMBO" College Preparatory Football 1. 2. 3, 4: Basketball 1, 2. 3, 4: Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice President 3, 4: Band 1, 2: Senior Orchestra 1. 2, 3, 4: Junior Hi-Y 1. Tall . . . good looking . . . athlete . . . three-letter man . . . a real brain when it comes to the classroom . . . usually seen with Whitey or George . . . "You're all right" . . . lives for steak and tomatoes . . . plays a mean clarinet in Senior Orchestra . . . want to know the latest fad for fellows? -ask John . . . We know he'll be a success in the career of his choice. fvl Kan X f e :fir ,E r fem :K an QFQC-4'-.F ffu .um V fmt a,cf42i,H Mwr2za5,i5,:5,3v:Mf .fi :Mi JOHN W. WEAVER 454 North Market Street "PEE WEE" College Preparatory Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3: Boys' Chorus 2, 3: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Treasurer 4: Junior Hi-Y' 1: Rifle Club 2, 3: Key Club 3, 4. Jes' a l'il shaver . . . ace operator at the motion picture projector . . . he really doesn't dislike girls . . . "How about that?" . . . "Gone tishin'." . . . his delight-southern fried chicken . . . What do you have in your hand, Weaver? . . . has a head start for becoming a future toolmaker. MICHAEL E. WEAVER 142 Washington Street "MIKE" College Preparatory Class Treasurer 4: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 4: Boys' Chorus 3: Senior Orchestra 3, 4: Junior Hi-Y 1: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Key Club 2. 3, 4: Music Appreciation Club 2, 3, 4: Journalism Club 3, 4: Yearbook Staff 3. 4: Junior Play: Senior Play. Tall . . . dignified . . . the artist of the class . . . comparatively quiet . . . usually heard saying "Ah, you poor devil" . . . pet peeve-those last minute poster jobs . . . "Remember Miss Behr?" . , . a mad rush to Grant's every evening to work . . . loves cokes and doughnuts . . . master of the eighty-eight . . . one who dreams of a concert career. MARY M. WERT 81 Nlaytown Avenue "RED" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 4: Girls' Chorus 3: Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Can be seen ice skating during the winter season . . . "You know it" . . . speedy Iceland waitress . . . adept spaghetti spinner . . . dislikes classes in the other building on a rainy day . . . will be someone's proficient secretary. acsaczaoeseeaosaceaosgfadrio 752ssxmne DOROTHY M. WHITMOYER 492 West High Street "DOT" Business Sophomore Mixed Chorus 2: Senior Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Yearbook Staff 4. Keeps Mr. Goodhart's correspondence up to date . . . likes writing letters to the Army . . . "Oh yummers" . . . full of fun . . . efficient waitress at Maude's . . . loves tuna fish salad . . aims to be a receptionist. KATHRYN E. WINTERS Route 1, Elizabethtown "KATHRYN" College Preparatory Hockey 3: Yearbook Staff 4: Girls' Chorus 2, 3, 45 Senior Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Full of pep . . . pleasant clerk at Grant's . . . thrives on her long walks to school . . . ardent French student . . . "Oh Brother" . . . reads incessantly . . . pet peeve-clownish people . . . eagerly anticipating her nursing career. JAMES W. ZARFOSS 3 Park street "JlM" College Preparatory Basketball 1: Sophomore Mixed Chorus 23 Boys' Chorus 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Orchestra 4: Senior Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club 23 Music Appreciation Club 43 Yearbook Staff 3. 4. Tall . . . blond . . . good-looking . . . witty clarinetist in the band . . . if clothes make the man, Jim's really some man . . . "Cut it out" . . . longs for the summer, when he can go to the shore, to work, of course! . . . works outside of school in his dad's hardware store . . . Jim's goal, Medical Doctor. To THE SENIOR CLAss or '52: I wish to thank the Senior Class for the faith and confidence placed in me as your adviser. I express my sincere and heartfelt wishes in congratulating you upon the comple- tion of your work. I know that you feel a sense of satisfaction in achieving your objective started twelve years ago. My only hope is that you have profited by the guidance and teachings of your faculty and administration in preparing you to cope with modern everyday problems and to be- come good useful citizens of your community, state, and nation. It is with this thought in mind that I wish all of you seniors a successful future what- ever profession you will follow after your graduation. Sincerely yours, QWV774 xx Q 9 1 5 3 40.4.1 ...Wai I f 'S-'1 5.,f ff Alma and Spur trying out the Monroe ca Ml Grosh and his two busy secre J Maltm C Cobaugh J Larfoss R Lulatoi whatahelp 1n bookkeeping class' taues J Senseman and C Griffith Baker and N Schroll developing a lab technique not just slopplng nound SA .Salaam Wadi G O Home Economics Class S Bechtel is used as a model as Mls Arena demonstrates the value of good fitting Besides learning cooking and sewing the girls also acquue the alt of good grooming IZ Z Shop Class watch youi finger Bob wheres that left handed monkey w1ench" who s on clean up this week? lts all Flench to me"' Ale you making 1 cirbon copy of youu ass1gnment'??? Christmas-time - French carols. 4. Health Class . . . studies the skeleton and finds that we're all alike under the skin . . . will we ever learn the 206 bones?'?'? 5. Office Practice Class . . . B. Floyd and L. Sweigart rolling out another test on the mimeograph machine . . . is there too much ink'??'? . . . be sure to turn the crank to the left. 6. Gym Class . . . the calm before the storm . . . Lokey's team wins again . . . who takes the beating, the referee or the teams?'?'? . . . May the best team win this year's intramurals. in 45 unior Way . LEARNING me Ropes T1-iERE's ADVENTURE AHEAD for the Santrys at old Uncle Gideon's Homestead . . . this provided the mood for the hectic weeks of practice .... We're afraid Miss Mengel had quite a time gathering her little flock of junior thespians together . . . what a riot! . . . Many were practicing their basketball shots on the sly. . . Our love birds claim their smooching to be extremely tour de force! . . . What did Hollinger use on his face? Fels Naptha? . . . the day everyone lugged in their old family portraits. Every- one, including country cousins with slickum on their hair, on hand for final scene . . . fond memories for Tex! . . . As our first dramatic venture, we enjoyed a tremendous success! Top: The energetic cast of "New Fires," under the capable direction of Miss Miriam Mengel. Top Center: Stephen, laying down the law . . . "If you don't work, you don't eatfl Lower Center: "Poor Daddy" . . . Dick and Eve leading a discussion of their fathers' problems. Bottom: "Hear those bones rattlin'?" asks Billy as he leads Phyllis, Olive, Ann, and Eve on a tour of their supposedly haunted house. 46 enior Wag . for PERFORMANCE THE ORCHESTRA is PLAYING the final strain of "Surrey with the Fringe on Top," there is a slight shuFfle of feet on the stage, the house lights dim, the curtains open, and the play, "Melody Jones," begins. This was the beginning of the end, after four weeks of work and pleasure. None of us will ever forget the "Silent Movies" that were put on by Grubb Inc. Remember the villain and the poor sick widow? How about Vuxta's comical antics and all the times we had to go over that fatal birthday scene because somebody laughed. Poor Mr. Grosh, what he had to put up with! Remember the times the stage- doors were locked? Kitty and Mike had a good laugh over that. It's a well-known fact that the Senior Class made most of their proiit selling Kleenex to a tearful audience, who shared the surprising shock with Melody. Few were privileged to see the wild burlesque treatment that the cast gave "Melody Jones" after everyone had gone home. These few momentoes will live long in the hearts of those who were part of it. Top: "I don't care if the scenery falls downi do your best." Mr. Grosh, our dynamic coach, gives last minute advice before the curtain goes up. Top Center: "Just what I always wanted." Melody enthusiastically receives a birthday present of "Drop Dead" insect repellent. Lower Center Left: A tender touch heals the cut. In his hurry to get ready for the Prom, Gary cuts himself with Mr. Jones' razor. Lower Center Right: Is it spring fever or love? Melody returns in one of her dreamy moods. Bottom: The Joneses are astounded on learning Melodyls whereabouts. 47 Q s X Q an 'MQ may Z-fhifln, flu A 3-E 2 STB" f 5 r Lrxv 'Xl iqewf' TQ - Rf ,Ng -:Mi 4' ,L YQ ,...4wAR 5 ii: 'X AS!-. ? W . gs xg fi f W .,fMvv""" 'L f ,ir ,, F, , X ,, . , ix ., ,X Q k X 5 1 -1 5 if 1 'C L . '5 K iff S , 3 5 1 Fx, f -'S' ,V , ,Eg - ,, ,szt , ' -. + ' 'FSP' :Q ff 1 - , 335. 3 - V 'Mrk "1 ,-fx id- ' k : ww f Qy,x.A ,xi ' 2 ,: 3 , - ,. J MCSA. 1 V 4 X. v , . . . gg Q Q ,Q : W QQ LN L if Q Q4 ! : IQ, Sn: 1 1 'Fw ,L J iffssgq 2 , 5 ,L Sf yt-Q, 4 -Xi N.. Vlffy np, his wr Silvf 3 ,, Q' 3 5, Q SW Q e S' i -1. i 1 , x X vv 5. ' V. Q- ri ,. , 5 Kg Q fe Y G as A ' fm e - 5, wav? 'L i'l .Qi ' J xgx R T.. Q y is , 'zf ,iw -if 'TP 5 wi 2 sf N-qv I km i Qs... awww ,..,, NK. I I.It1wI ,111fI IJ111'11tl1v. M11 Dia-I1I's su 101' comluinutiun for 5. Baker cf111x'i11c-vs thu 1111111 tl1z1t "tI11f JIIIYAH tht' IIIIIIL, . , V 1 1 . I1t.Nt 1-wtllts, 211-Illlv tlvkt-t stzmd III, Imtmkotball gzlnips. Dmwilu, and B013 gbllipg tivkots at --Mvlmly Jmwsr., ' SI11111 sttlclvnts lltcntlly 111150 the curtztm for thc SCIIIOI' play Ii. '1'I1uH11t411'y Imys . . . so tIt'I6lJII2lII'!1! I My. how wt-'xv l'IIilI1I.IOKl since our fourth 5.Z1'z1dO days! -I 4 W b V U 1 I II1I:11'i11t1s twcusmttt- III :1 IIilI1IIUOCk ut tlw F. H. A. Hal- '- M5'k0'UII FUVIS- 135519 WWI JUUUI- UIIIIIY IIN' llmfhl 11m-'1111 I'111'ty . , . SI1itTm-1' tivkling Botty. IIJLICIIUS tw twu 11110 hIJQ'L'IIIlL'IIS. Tux :111cI Cow. all eniom . . . fx KS' X55 L 'law V wr K, if SKIN , JI 5 nderclass 5 The hard climb up fhe ladder fo higher educafion has begun. The anxielies of enlering high school gradually blend info a feeling of co-operafion foward learning and info fhe enfhusiasm in knowing 'lhal' soon lhey, foo. will be seniors parlaking of l'he privileges and honors fhal are fheir inherifance. I f g-ft-Iii my ff l! Fen Q X X BTC XY XT ff x ix s XM' ' FQW Vi 35 X 'gf I ' W W 'lfc KES uniom . . . MERRY vsNooRs ! 1 Class Officers. Left to Right . . . Miss J. Hunsecker, adviser: S. Patton. secretaryg M. Martin, treasurer: J. Dougherty, presi- dentg D. Warfel. vice-president. , ' f U li! fi! 'hx,' Y S. Patton. D. Knilcy, D. Grubb. J. Wanamaker, The loyal supporters of the Senior Play were Bl'0Wn. and G. Hixsnn busy raising money at their greeted with a program and a smile by the fol- Farm Fair st: nd. lowing junior girls: P. Rosensleel, J. Heisey. G. 54 Clarke, B. Sinniger, and D. Miller. 'ru .. xg, "Oh! those brief forms!" The 11-3 girls striving for the These 11-2 girls certainly will have no trouble 60-minute take. with interior decorating when thiy become housewives. fednufd, .!QffLCOI"l'l, all Geac Ql",.6lC 5 "Tl-11: PAST FOREVER GONE, the future still our own" is our class motto .... We've been working hard to achieve our goal as good citizens .... We've worked hard at football and basketball games to raise money for our senior class trip to Washington .... Forever asking, "Did you try our Kettlecorn?" . . . Although we were a bit shaky when we got on stage, our Junior Class Play was a huge success .... The happy day on which we got our class rings was January 3 .... Led by our competent adviser, Miss Jane Hunsecker, we had a very prosperous year .... We chose for our officers: John F. Dougherty, presidentg Dean H. Warfel, vice-presidentg Sue B. Patton, secretaryg and Mary E. Martin, treasurer. JUNIOR CLASS. FRONT Row, Left to Right: G. Clarke, J. Shank, P. Rosensteel, M. Engle, J. Otis, A, Hilsher, V. Kauffman, V. Miller, G. Weaver, S. Drescher, D. Kniley, S. Bishop, I. Brubaker, J. Warden, J. Walborn, M. Hoover, G. Hoemer, B. Sinniger, E. Cobaugh SECOND Row: D. Grubb, S. Lehman, C. Fogie, C. Moose, M. Martin, N. Ebersole, J. Ebersole, R. Butterbaugh, L. Burkholder, S Patton, S. Brown, D. Miller, P. Shank, P. Seiders, L. Gutshall, C. Griffith, G. Hixson, D. Stevens, J. Heisey. THIRD Row: D, Warfel D. Shearer, M. Ginder, B. Landis, J. Wanamaker, G. Ellinger, J. Carl, B. Heckert, G. Pyle, S. Heckert, E. Beck, J, Wenger, L. Ber- rier, D. Aldinger, D. Emenheiser, M. Lokey, J. Landvater, J. Lancaster, FOURTH Row: H. Knorr, R. Wenger, J. Kuhn, G. Ney, R. Milbee, J. Frey, G. Hershey, J. Royer, W. Brooks, L. Kaylor, R. Gibbons, J. Stum, L. Erb, H. Good, R. Kautz. FIFTH ROW: J. Smith, J. Rutherford, R. Ginder, H. Daveler, E. Heisey, D. Berrier, F. Van Scyoc, L. Ulrich, A. Fultz, J, Dougherty, J. Frye J. Ebersole. , 1 X- l I i l l N f.,-ff" Ten-three typing class hard at work trying Organized for the first time, the sophomores to acquire that "touch control." chose E. Taylor, treasurer, S. Loraw, secre- tary: J. Risser, vice-president: P. Shelley. presidentg and Mr. Grosh, class adviser. ,p 'x I ,, . N i ONE of the most powerful classes in the school, in respect N 'YW It X l . l 1 I "stitches" during unique programs . . . a gossipy class as found in "Sophomore Society" . . . remember that flair for . Pennsylvania Dutch . . . sold Stam-pix and Christmas wreathes chose class jackets of maroon and white held huge gala events throughout year, climaxed by the Sophomore Prom Class sovereigns Paul Shelley presi dent, Jack Risser, vice president, Sylvia Loraw, secretary, and Eleanor Taylor, treasurer, our capable adviser, Mr Grosh to size, intelligence, and talent . . . kept the audience in 1 I U --tw SOPHOMORE CLASS. FRONT Row, Left to Right: M. Hershey, M. Bingeman, T. Evans, G. Rickert, W. Creun, E, Warden, R. Heisey J. Hoffer, J. Risser, W. Vuxta, R. Long, W. Miller, L. Seiders, L. Frederick, K. Rice, E, Espenshade, K. Stoner, E, Bishop, D. Bishop SECOND Row: K. Beinhauer, J. Miller, A. Kilhefner, J. Hoover, M. Heisey, N. Greenawalt, R. Way, B. Kennedy, L. Good, D. Arndt D. Jumper, B. Koppenhaver, H. Gish, M. Gebhard, C. Baker, Y. Brown. E. Taylor, I. Heisey, P, Shaneor, R. Little. THIRD Row: S. Good, J. Nialey, G. Sager, R. Heisey, C, Pfaunmiller, R. Polk, J. Hoover, C. Kaylor, J. Heigel, E. Enck, R. I-Ialdeman, F. Hershey B. Meyerhoffer, L. Lehman, E. Olweiler, J. Herr, S. Musser, S. Lancaster, E. Enck. FOURTH Row: L, Boyer, P. Meyers, S. Ishler J. Kaylor, N. Sweigart. E. Hershman, C. Gilgore, Z. Cukurs, S. Itzoe, D. Martin. S. Landis, S. Bates. B. Funck, M. Isenberg, C Wilkinson, J. Westafer, B. Gish, C. Earhart, S. Loraw, M. Warren. FIFTH ROW: W. Kepler, W. Sine, L. Farver, R. Abram, H. Engle V. Belser. H. Goodling, R. Slesser, E. Eckley, K. Byerly, P. Shelley, G. Fisher, D, Gibble, L. Collins, E, Wolgemuth. J. Shank R. Cunningham. 56 IAQJAHQQIQ . . . FUTURE STARS Freshmen science class thoroughly enjoying J. Wenger and M. Fetter's efforts in exploring the marvels of science. BIG WHEELS of Junior High .... Typically green .... Latin was attempted by a few brave souls .... Freshman Prom has started new romances .... Promising bas- ketball material .... Presented a new item to the school newspaper "The Rekaburberf' 2, . i Ninth Grade Officers perform their duties with zeal Front row, left to right.: M. Espenshade, R. Hill A Coulson, L. Forwood, J. Weaver. Back row: W. Clarke D. Andrews, J. Wenger, C. Nauman, M. Meinhaidt NINTH GRADE. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: J. Douglass, M. Gerhart, J. Goodling, C. Barton, L. Hippensteel, R, Hill, C. Brubaker J. May, L. Forwcod, N. Gish, L. Winters, P. Yamall. SECOND ROW: T, Herr, A. Weiss, J. Weaver, D. Brubaker, G. Edmiston D. McCurdy, A. Powell, L. Musser, M. Meinhardt, D. Leber, P. Stahl, J. Steffen, J. Kautz, L. Webster, G. Ulrich, A. Risser, N Evalt, A. Swei art, J. And e , J. H lbl 'b. T R : . ' ' ' ' ' g r ws a ex HIRD OW R Williams, R. Long, E. Smith, R. Morris P Kelley D Means D Fitz water, N. Good, J. Ney, L. Hoerner, M. Espenshade, R. Lehman, A. Longenecker, M. Hoffman, D kreider Nf Winters 'V 'Stum: A. Grimm, T. Degler. FOURTH ROW: N. Horst, D. Beinhauer, J. Eisenhauer, R. Ober, L. Kauffman, C. Polk, W. White, B. Becker R. Mumma, A. Coulson, S. Nagel, G. Lesher, R. Ney, G. Nissley, C. Lutkin, L. Snyder. FIFTH Row: D. Andrews, A. Newcomer S. Thompson. J. Adams, C. Nauman, E. Boyer, R. Fisher, F. Hoover, D. Shank, G. Schweers, J. Rice, W. Tierney, G. Johansen, W Clarke, J. Bankler, M. Fetter, Y. Cosner, C. Berrier, N. Hess, M. Hackman. SIXTH Row: J. Wenger, W. Gaskill, L. Heffner, P Stauffer, H Gordon, D Dreher J. Blough, R Baile C. Sheaffer, C Th . H B d . . , . y, . ompson, . omgar ner, C. Fry, R. Hummer, H. Risser, F. Harzer, L. Mullen, R. Dieffenbach. 1 - 5 'Ihe Eighth Grade Homeroom Olliccrs proudly Hll their positions. Kneeling: A. Shaw, B. Steven- son, J. Achorn, D. Evans. Standing: L. Patton, J. Floyd, S. Risser, W. Dougherty, R. Belser, G. Sloat. gI"6l6lQ . . . AMATEURS ,lfff9w Mr. Goodhart explaining the intricate "H-'inn 5 mysteries of wiring electric bells to his serious-minded eighth graders. x ZW!! 4, " N 4 ENERGETIC "Kms" descending upon us from the "old building? . . . Fond of their guardian angels, Mrs. Basler and Miss Hunsecker, in rooms 4 and 5 .... Became the "wheels" of the lower end of the hall .... Will make an apparently successful "Class of '56" with their abundance of ability. EIGHT!-I GRADE. FRONT Row, Left to Right: J. Weaver, S. Floyd, R. Good, K. Heisey, D. Weaver, T. Rice, L. Cunningham, H. Wild, R. Witmer, J. Longenecker, D. Evans, G. Neideigh, C. Farrar, D. Albright, J. Stevens, J. Risser, D. Comfort. SECOND Row: J. Achorn, M. Martin, C. Klinger, S. Shank, M. Chapman, S. Raffensperger, B. Stevenson, I, Freeman, K. Stoner, J. Carl, L. Cukurs. J. Beinhauer, M. Earhart, J. Coble, E. Gebhard, P. Risser, B, Hoffman. THIRD ROW: S. Bless, A, Martin, F. Klein, J, Rahn, W. Dougherty, F. Ackerman, R. Walters, G. Werner, J. Cocker, B. Zell, P. Heisey, A. Shaw, L. Gish, P. Powell. FOURTH ROW: M. Andre-ws, F. Peiffer, C. Chronister, J. Floyd, S. Risser, Y. Copenhaver, C. Herr, L. Stumm, L. Patton, K. Gibble, R. Royer, R. Belser, R. Mumper, G. Sloat, T. Martin. 58 Qlfefltk QIACLCJQ . . . PEANUT GALLERY ,aw Eager beavers hard?!! at work in math class. Seventh Grade Homeroom 0fHcers-new on the job, but eager to work. Front Row: R. Eshelman, R. Thome, H. Kraybill, T. Loser. Back Row: A. Runyan, H. Good, J. Walters, J. Hawthorne, R. Martin, J. Stam- buugh. FINALLY reached the Junior High . . . ambitious and ready to cope with new experiences . . . found a new thrill in first assembly . . . oh, those shop and home economics classes! . . . Miss Miller and Mr. Blouch always willing to help. SEVENTH GRADE. FRONT Row Lf-It to Right' L. Sweigert G Pfautz, H. Arndt H. Kra bill E Dielifenbach R Ehl . . , , . , y , . , . s e man, R. Thome, T. Loser, K. Hnsey, K. Jones, M. Zook, F. Donley, C. Cox, J Heisey, S. Jacobs, L. Smith, B. Carl, L. Chapman. SECOND ROW: D. Greiner, B, Detweiler. P. Farver. R. Fackler, N. Cunningham, R. Teufel, K. Emenheiser, S Ulrich 0 Erb K Walborn, M. Borman. J. Knittwcis, M, Shank, C. Hauck, H. Brinser. THIRD ROW: J. Hawthorne, M. Hoffer, R. Ruggeri, R. Witmer, M. Heil- man, T. Otis, J. Newcomer, J. Walters. D. Goodling, B. Coulson, G. Snyder, J. Stambaugh, J. Hoover, W. Deitrich, R. Martin, C. He-isey, C. Hayes. FOURTH ROW: R. Gaskill. H. Good, D. Kaylor, C. Martin, B. Wenger, R. Andrews, A. Shelley, S. Wilson, J. Lan- caster. S. Saylor, D. Brubaker. A. Runyan, S. Neideigh, C. Steever, J. Kuntzelmsn, F. Haldeman, J. Bressler. 59 :QW J J ,J Q 8 i l A th letics Afhlefics play a large parf in our every-day school life here af Elizabefhfown High, nof only for fhe boys buf also for fhe girls. This valuable fraining helps noi' only fo build beffer bodies buf also fo develop a higher sfandard of morals. R 4 A 4 f"N fx N Z My MXN 6 Varsity Cheerleaders. left to right: I. Brubaker, 6-I H43 6AQQl"L6l QP5 . . . BACKERS FOR PERFORMANCES X3 N. Schroll. S. Bechtel, captaing E. Beck, and D. Grubb. Shirley Bechtel did a super job as captain of this year's terrific cheerleading squad. T-E-A-M . . . Yea, team!! . . . Those are our varsity cheerleaders keeping up the school spirit!! Under the capable direction of Miss Jane Hunsecker, these peppy cheerleaders led by their captain, Shirley Bechtel, deserve a lot of credit. They proudly show off their new uniforms received this year during football season .... Snazzy, aren't they? Keep up the spirit, kids-you're an asset to every game. There will be two seniors leaving this year: Shirley Bechtel and Nancy Schroll. unior ardifg Ckeerkaclem . . STAND-INS First Row, left to right: S. Thompson, C. Nauman. Second Row: G. Clarke, P. Rosensteel, M. Warren. Wow! What a game! Our peppy cheer- leaders were on hand for every game to help cheer the team on to victory. D. Heller, the blushing bride, shyly takes the hand of her handsome husband, Jake Shearer, as the mock wedding procession starts down the aisle. The members of this year's championship hockey team await their well-earned hockey awards at a pep meeting. In spite of the muddy field, freezing weather, and absence of the band, the kids are really enjoying the afternoon off for the Enola football game! l 6.1 can ing fAe .X4l9l0!CtU5Q 'S ww 39 gala. JUNIOR HIGH FOOTBALL SQUAD. FRONT Row, Lelt to Right: Coach Sedule. C, Thomp- son. H, Bumgardner, AI. Gooflling, G. Edmiston, L. Hippensleel, J. Risser. SECOND Row: R. Ruyvr, L. Hn-ffne-r, R, Nuy. W, Tic'-rrmy, D. McCurdy, W. Clarke, R. Belser, R. Bailvy. THIRD Row: T. Dvglvr. D, Andrews, J. We-ngfr, J. May, J. Hawthqrno, D. Albright. unior igd, j00fLaff.Sguac . BEAR cuss . 1, TJ 4 P Q Ax p we .Si'I"6ll0l0U'lg QCLIAZ5 1 .Of 7 'io-fig EW- VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD. FRONT Row, Left to Right: Coach Sedule, R. Albright, R. Eshelman, W. Fink, D. Shearer, R Broucht. G. Helm, R. Hawthorne, D. Heller, J. May, Coach Barnhart. SECOND ROW: Coach Eppler, C. Baum, E. Shank, J. Frye J. Warmmaker, J Rutherford, K. Beinhauer, L. Boyer, L. Ulrich, R. Cunningham, R. Hoover, Coach Luchnick. THIRD Row: K Stoner, E. Warden, J. Shank, J. Herr, R. Wenger, 1. Rutherford, A. Fultz, G. Ney, F. Hershey, E. Eckley, E, Enck, M. Gindcr FOURTH Row: T. Trimmer, R. Heiscy, K, Rice, R. Haldeman, H. Gnodling, j. Heigel, L, Scidcrs, T. Evans, ,I. Roycr. J. Dougherty goofgaff Sgjua . ssAsoNso Psnronmsns VARSITY FOOTBALL BOX SCORES 195 'I E-town Opp. Palmyra . . . . 6 7 Columbia .......... . . 16 0 Manheim Township . . . . 32 6 Manheim Borough . . . . 53 6 Lititz ........... . . 12 6 Ephrata . . . . O 6 West York . . . 6 15 Swatara . . . 7 7 Enola ..... . . 32 6 Quarryville . . . 40 6 Our very competent coaching staff who devote much of W their time to the well being of our athletes . . . all "right hands" to each other . . . always work for the good of all concerned. Bottom row, left to right: Assistant Coaches A. Eppler and J. Sedule. Back Row: Assistant Coach W. Barnliart and Head Coach F. Luchnick. The teams' managers tried to cure all aches, pains, and broken spirits. Bottom row, left to right: R. Heisey, J. Royer. Top Row: Doc Dougherty, Tex Trimmer. Y 5 4? ,1i!0l"CLl'l l QPLPWQQP5 .lark llcrr. halfbzxck Jim Shank, guard, tackle Dale Heller. tackle Whitey Rulhfrford. ond, halfbnck Burgm-ss Eslwlman. iackle Clair Baum, guard George Helm. center Samho Wanamakcr. quarterback Dirk llnovvr. halfback Bill Fink, end Bob Hawthorne, fullback Bch Broun-ht, guard lid Shank. end Jim May. qua1'tc1'back 63 V9 .I I' 4 X ' . lr 'K ' I , TA fi X ,Q , M If jbif ing eafion Robert Broucht, captain of this year's football team, receives a football, autographed by his teammates, from Coach Luchnick at Dr. Thompson's banquet. THE BEARS, under the leadership of Coach Frank Luchnick, extended their season to a 6-3-1 season record, producing victories over Columbia, 16-05 Manheim Township, 32-6g Manheim Central, 53-63 Lititz, 12-69 Enola, 32-6: and Southern Lancaster County joint QQuarryvilleD, 40-0g battled to a 7-7 tie with Swatara Townshipg and lost close games with Palmyra, 7-65 Ephrata, 6-0g and West York, 15-6 despite well-fought and hard-fought ball games. PALMYRA Invading the town of Palmyra, the Bears attempted extremely hard to avenge last year's defeat and by a trick of fate the Black and Orange edged the Bears 7-6 in a hard-fought game in brilliant shirt-sleeve weather. COLUMBIA Determined to seek revenge, the inexperienced Crim- son Tide of Columbia offered little resistance as the Bears soundly trounced them to 16-0 on the field of Elizabethtown High School. MANHEIM TOWNSHIP Stumpf Field in Lancaster was the scene of one of E-town's most spectacular victories as they soundly crushed the Blue Streaks of Manheim Township to the tune of 32-6. MANHEIM CENTRAL The E-town Bears had little trouble and enjoyed a field day as they breezed over the Barons of Manheim Central High School to the score of 53-6 in a game at Elizabethtown High School, LITITZ The Bears then marched on to Lititz and the result was another twist in the Pretzels as the Bears scored a first when they edged the Prctzels of Lititz High School 12-6. EPHRATA Loyal Elizabethtonians and Ephratans anxiously waited the "game of the yearl' in which they hoped to prove their strength, but the Mountaineers won the game by a touch of Lady Luck in the third quarter to win the game 6-0. WEST YORK Over-confidence evidently lost this game for the Bears when the Bulldogs of West York upset the heavily favored Blue and White, 15-6. SWATARA TOWNSHIP Although the tough Eagles of Swatara were highly favored to crush E-town, the Bears provided for a home-coming crowd a thrilling game which resulted in a 7-7 tie. ENOLA The rampaging Bears found the Panthers of Enola no match as they overwhelmed the Panthers 32-6 on a muddy, cold afternoon, remembered by all stud"n's as the "Monday afternoon we had off," after a post- ponement. SOUTHERN LANCASTER COUNTY JOINT tQuarryviIIel The young, inexperienced "Golden Mules of Solancon simply were no match for the Bears as they rolled over the Mules 40-6 in the bitter cold of Quarryville's Memorial Field in a game in which the whole tram got "in the fight? football Even the fcllows on the bench are cheering at a "hot" game. The fellows getting their chow at football camp. HOCKEY SQUAD. KNEELING, Lf-Ir fo Right: J. Shank, J. Wenger, L. Good, J. Otis. E. Bork, J. Martin. M. Gruhh, Captain: D, Em:-nheiser, J. Wanamaker, G. Clarke, G. Pyle, D. Grubb. P. Svirlcrs, L. Gutshall. STANDING: J. Carl, S. Swisher, M. Meinhardt, C, Bakr-r, B. Kvnm-fly, F. Houvvr, P, Douglas. M. Loki-y, A. Raider, B. Brown. S, Patton. D. Kniley, D, Filzwalvr, N. Good. R. Fisher, M. Fvttcr. S. Brown, P. Rosenstel, Miss Jane Hun- se-vkvr. roach. .iloczeyo eam Hoclczv sox scones 1951 E-town Opp. East Hempflelrl .. . 2 1 East Donegal . . . . 5 0 Mougt,-1056 ' 't' 'I' ' ' E 3 Miss Hunscckcr. coach. gives Captain Mary E312 Iigrlpeigrrz? . ' 5 0 Grubb last-minute orders. East Hempheld .. . 0 1 East Donegal . . . . 6 0 Mount Joy ,.... . 5 O East Lampeter . . . . 3 0 Manheim Central . . . 3 0 1 enior .iloclfeg lofayem J. Martin, P. Douglas. A. Reider. B. Brown. o 0 IN' LULCQ- l"0LUI'lQ6! 6A6Ll'l'Ll0l0l'lf5 .PY 44 STARTING OFF on a tempo which eventually carried them to their second consecutive championship, our girls' field hockey team defeated a highly talented East Hempfield eleven by the score of 2-1, Jessie Martin and Pat Seiders sharing the honors .... Next, traveling to East Donegal, the local I Blue and White trounced their opponents 5-0, Pat Seiders with four goals 1- L and Joy Wenger, the other, sharing in the scoring .... E-town then played the impolite host as they sent Mount Joy home with a 2-0 set-back, Dot Grubb and Fran Hoover "raising the chalk" .... Battling both the weather and an inspired Man- heim Central team our gals started slow, but came out ahead 5-0, four goals tallied by Dot Grubb, the other by Jessie Martin .... The local lasses next routed East Lampeter 5-O behind the three goals of Dot Grubb and the two of Pat Seiders .... End of first half of play in the tournament with E-town ahead, followed closely by East Hempfield .... Our tempo slackened in the second half of play, as East Hempfield handed us our only defeat of the season 1-0, in a very well-played game. . . . Bouncing right back, our team again trounced East Donegal, this time to the tune of 6-0, scor- ing by Pat Seiders, two, Dot Grubb, Iva Brubaker, Fran Hoover, and Nan Good, each one .... Having once again gained their footing, the local eleven rolled to a 5-0 victory over Mount Joy-Dot Grubb led the scoring with two points followed by Pat Seiders, Iva Brubaker and Fran Hoover with one each .... Next, meeting a much improved East Lampeter team, our gals squeezed past by a 3-0 count. Dot Grubb, Pat Seiders, and Iva Brubaker each chipped in a goal .... Ringing down the cur- tain on the season's play, E-town clinched the championship of Section B in the Lanco Girls' Field Hockey League by defeating Manheim Central, in a twice postponed game, 3-0-scoring by Pat Seiders, three .... In conclusion, congratulations and continued success to Coach Jane Hunsecker, without whom the championship would not have been possible. Credit is also due to graduating players: Mary Grubb, captain, Jessie Martin, Arlene Reider, Beverly Brown, Phyllis Douglas. ,f'r, V 'A ' V ,JI- - 'd - . fy , 'Nw H X W 'N x fi, lulfl --L 'l .xdcfion pCl,CLQ6! amea THE MAGNIFICENT coAcHINo, the unity among the fellows, the support of the faculty and student body, and the idea of discarding individual scor- ing crowned our Alma Mater with the laurels befitting her with the Section I championship. The lads from East Lampeter High invaded the hardwoods of E. H. S. in hopes of downing the Blue and White but found sible with the skillful ball-handling of Frank Walt ers, John Wanamaker, jere Rutherford, George Helm, an the task impos- d jake Shearer and the brilliant leadership of Coach Barnhart. New Holland and ught before the Bears forfeited a game to Dallastown and lost a close Columbia fell under the Bears' onsla game to neighboring Middletown. Then began another win streak as Mount Joy, Marietta, Manheim, East Donegal, Red Lion, and East Hempfield all fell under the terrific Bears. The Bears climaxed their regular season with a thrilling victory over East Hempfield, thus extending their season victory to 14-5, with losses to Dallastown, Middletown. the Alumni, Steel- ton, and one loss to Red Lion. Aft Bears then entered th er winning the Section I championship, the e county playoffs and won a brilliant semi-final victory by routing Warwick against Ephrata, the superior Bears, though playing a better game, failed in the final seconds to win the Cham ion- P ship of Lancaster County. Townshipg in the finals Eliminated from the county championship, the Bears entered the District 3 P.I.A.A. against M , . anor and emerged victorious but failed by one point in an overtime against Middletown. 72 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD FRONT ROW, Le-fr to Right: Coach Barnhart. F. Walters, D. Shearer, J. Wanamaker, J. Rutherford, G. Helm. SECOND ROW: D. Warfel, J. Rutherford, K, BL-inhauer, L. Collins, H. Goodling: Managers: E. Warden, R, Heisey. arfiifg Kadgefgaffgquad . . . CHAMPS VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES - 'l95'l-52 Opp. E. H. S. Opp. E. H. S. East Lampeter . . . . . 35 51 Marietta .....,. . . 38 57 New Holland . . . . . 38 52 Steelton ...,..... . . 38 36 Columbia ..... . . 32 55 East Donegal ..... . . 23 40 Dallastown , . . . . Forfeited Manheim Central . . . . . 41 56 Middletown . . . . . 41 37 East Hempfield ......... ........... 4 0 50 Mt. Joy ..... .. 28 82 Marietta ------- -- 46 64 Lancaster County Plavolfs Alumni --"'-'A- 41 35 Warwick Townshi ' ' 24 50 East Donegal .,.. .. 35 42 E hr' t, p """"""""' 34 30 Red Lion ......... . . as 33 P C' L' "''-'-'A"--"--"-"--"" - iii . . f f ig 43 District 3, P.I.A.A. Playoffs East Hempfield . . . . , 37 50 Manor-Millersville ................ . 32 34 Rod Lion ........ . ............ 38 46 Middletown ........................ 54 53 Coaches Barnhart, Luchnick, and Trimble talk Kneeling: D. Shearer, F. Walters. over their successes of the year. Standing: J. Wanamaker, G. Helm. Jere Rutherford, who played their last basketball games for E-town High. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD. KNEELING, Lelt to Right: L. Seiders, J. Heigel, J. Frey, J. Eber- suli-. R. 1-Ialrleman, J. Royer, T. Evans. STANDING: P. Shelley, V. Belser, L. Farver, H. Knorr L Bnysr. R. Cunningham. K. Byerly, Coach Trimble. unior gaffefdaffagjquaclfi . . Junior High Basketball 1951 Mount. Joy ... B:iinb1'idf.ie . . . East I-Iempficld Hershey ...... Marietta ...... East Donegal . Manheim ..... Bainbridge . . . Mount Joy East Hempfield Middletown .. Marietta ...... Hershey ...... East Donegal . . Middletown ... Manheim .... 7-I -1952 Opp. E. H. S. 46 19 25 30 . 52 25 . 32 16 41 27 45 , 28 . 32 . 27 . 40 .. 15 .lunior Varsity Basketball 1951 -'I 952 East Lampetei' New Holland . Columbia ..... Dallastown .. Middletown .. Mount Joy Marietta ..,... Alumni ....... East Donegal . Red Lion ..... Manheim ..... Mount Joy .. . East Hempfield Red Lion ..... Marietta ..... Steelton ...... East Donegal . Manheim ..... East Hemptleld Opp. E 24 17 28 21 27 7 22 38 32 37 32 20 29 21 43 67 27 35 32 FLEET OF FOOT JUNIOR HIGH SQUAD, KNEELING, Left to Right: D, McCurdy, D. Goodling, J. I-lawthorna J. Risser, J. Stevens, J. Goodling, L. Hippensteel, Coach Luchnick. STANDING: J. May. H. Good T. Rice, L. Heffner, D. Andrews, J. Wenger, W. Clarke, W. Tierney: Scorekeepers, J. Zarfoss and R. Wenger. pf., raw!! Tuesday, April 1 ..... Middletown John Wanamaker takes a healthy swing at the ball as the 1952 baseball season gets under way with Middletown. BASEBALL SCHEDULE 1952 Season -Away Thursday, April 3 ........ Manor-Home Tuesday, April 8 ......... Manor -Away Thursday, April 10. .Middletown-Home Thursday, April 17 ..... Marietta-Home Friday, April 18. . . ..... Mt. joy-Away Tuesday, April 2 2 ..... McCaskey- Home Thursday, May 15 Thursday, April 24. .E. Hempfield -Away Friday, April 25 ........ Mt. joy--Home Tuesday, April 29 .... E. Donegal-Home Thursday, May 1. . . .......... .Open Tuesday, May 6 ........ Marietta-Away Thursday, May 8 .............. .Open Tuesday, May 13. . .E. Hernpfield- . . . .E. Donegal-Away Home BASEBALL SQUAD. KNEELING, Left to Right: J. Wanamaker, D. Shearer, R. Williams, D. Warfel, J. Rutherford, C. Thompson, J. Rcyuf, E. Shank, L. Collins, j. May, M, Ginder, D. Evans, Manager. STANDING: Assistant Coach Eppler. R. Heisey, Manager: C Cobau h Manager K Ston r L Fr de-riLk W T' r e F He she H G dli H Kno r K 1 . g , . - : . e , . e ' , . ie n y, . r- -y, oo ng. . r , . Be'nhauer, L. Hipnensteel, R. Halrhfinan, E. Wardan. D. McCurdy, R. Wenger, Scorekeeper, J, Wenger, Manager: Head Coach Sedulv. 7 5 A ctz'V1'tz'e Band, Choruses, Y's, and F. H. A. are buf a few of fhe many exfra-curricular acfivifies enjoyed af E-fown High. The inferesf and enfhusiasm shown in fhese various doings are evidences of fhe all- oround fifness of 'i'he members of fhe sfudenf body of Elizabefhfown High School. M w X li. 'fx ,. Ogri , CAOPMJ . . . HIGH SPIRITED PLEASING BLEND of male voices . . . meets every Tuesday in Room B ..., Miss Brandt, director, had to "dig" down into the sophomore class for first tenors .... Thrilled audi- ences at Christmas and Spring Concerts with their rendi- tions of popular, semi-classic, and classic numbers. BOYS' CHORUS, FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Hershey, E. Bishop, K. Rice, L. Seiders, K. Stoner, J Weaver, E. Heisey, W. Miller. SECOND Row: P. Shelley, P. Hollinger, C. Baum, H. Daveler, B. Brnucht D. Bryan, J. Craun, J. Frey. THIRD Row: H. Engle, F. Van Scyoc, B. Landis, V. Belser, D. Ralfensperger. E. Kessler, C. Cobaugh, W. Heisey. FOURTH Row: J. Rutherford, W. Fink, R. Emenheiser, H. Knorr, D. Heller J. Dougherty, G. Helm, R. Miller, D. Warfel. 0g5 , Mdffei P. Hollinger, H. Knorr, R. Emenheiser, R. Miller Vernon Belser is the present second tenor. me .,j,QlQ,,, 11 1' 0, l W ' I' 1 , .info f I 1 I Brubaker. J. Heisey, J. Earhart. WZX86! CAOPMJ . . . COME DANCE AND SING Lovely, lilting voices continually charmed their audiences . . . practiced fourth periods on Wednes- days in order to sing for assemblies, concerts, and other school events .... M. Grubb, G. Ellinger, ccomioaniri fri The unsung heroes of the choruses . . . Beatrice Bryan, also an accompanist, was chosen after this picture was taken .... M. Weaver, J. Summy. Blending of the finest voices around E. H. S .... under the inspiration of a real master of music, Miss Brandt .... "Get back on your part. tenorsg the Sopranos have the melody" . . . brings to their audiences well-interpreted selections such as: " 'Twas the Night Before Christmasf, "Ezekiel Saw de Wheel," and l'Show Boat" . . . stately procession of blue-gowned members make fitting preludes for public performances. MIXED CHORUS, FRONT Row, Lv!! to Right: M. Hershey, S. Bishop, J, Longenecker, J, Funck, B. Bryan, M. Hoover, B. Brown, J. Warrl.-n, I. Brubaker. J. Martin, M. Martin, P, Douglas, R. Butterbaugh. SECOND Row: H. Eberly, M. Engle J. Wenger, G. Clarke. S. Knarr, T. Seitz. H. Brandt, N. Schroll, J. Shank, J. Trostle, D. Stevens, A. Fasnacht C. Moose THIRD Row: S. Bechtel, D. Whitmoyer. S. Shilfer, M. Hess, J. Rsser, A. Reider, D. Grubb, J. Summy, M, Gruldb, M. Wertl, K Gish I Fwrhart G Ellinger J Wanamaker S Lehman FOURTH Row- D Bishop E Bishop K Rice D Bryan D Wa J. Hoover, J. Heisey, S. Patton. E. Frazier, fel D Rat' . . ,, .1 . . , , . 4 . . . . . , . , . , . , , r , . - ft-iispi-'gr-r. R. Miller. C. Cobaugh. E. Heist-y, H. Daveler, P. Shelley, W. Heisey, K. Stoner, L. Ssiders, FIFTH ROW: P. Hollinger, R. Broucht, E, Kessler, G. Helm, W, Fink, F. Van Scyoc, D. Heller, J. Frye, R. Emenheiser, H. Knorr, J. Grimm, M. Weaver, J, Craun. "' t i gs Twig fb Y GIRLS' CHORUS. FRONT ROW, L1 It to Right: V. Miller, V. Kauffman, D. Miller, P, Adams, D, Knilz-y. K. Winters. C. Fugio, N. Cvreuimwalt, J. Otis, B. Bryan. SECOND Row: N, Hoffer, A. Gund. L. Cvulshall. C. Griflith, J. Lancaster, B, Stahl, A. Hilsher, S. Swisher. B. Brown, E, B1-ck. 'FHIRD Row: B. Sinnigr-r, ,I. H4-rshf-y. R. Heigel. A. Sweigart, N, Ebersole, j. Land- vim-r. P. Rosi-nstoi-I, J. Curl, G, Hixson, S. Dre-srher, M. Lokey, FOURTH Row: J. Barnhart, D, Pnuu, B. Ht-rkt-rt, S. He-rkt-rt, L, Burkholdcr, G. Weaver, j. Espenshade, D. Aldinger, S, i omw . . . SWEET SERENADE HURRIED up to Room B every Friday fourth period for prac- tice .... Real songsters who never caused any discipline problems. . . . Favorites were south-of-the- border songs. Mexican Sere- nade and Malaguena .... Altos were cautioned against taking the easy way out-singing the bass .... Looked prettier than spring Howers at the Spring Con- cert .... Conscientiously accom- Brown, F. Ht-rshnmn. LI. Rissvr, G. Hoover. .I, Sumrnv. panied by Beatrice Bryan. 0l0A0lfl'l0l"Q 640101455 . . . MIXED MELODIES HEAR THAT Music coming from Room B fourth period on Thursday? That's the Sophomore Mixed Chorus under the leadership of Miss Rosanna Brandt .... Miss Brandt's hard-working proteges are discovering hidden talent and developing much needed experience, which is being offered by this chorus, and which will enable them to become great assets to the senior choruses in the years to come .... This musically inclined group added nicely to the sophomore assembly. IZ? r'j6U l E A !' rl I9 nn 1 o ifqfaet , 1? 1 NU Q1--Q SOFHOMORE CHORUS FRONT Row Left to Right M Bingeman E Taylor N Roytr T Nisltv J Heisey J Hoffer C Baker S Good SECOND ROW B Ktnnedv M Warrcn C Wilkinson B Gish A Kilhefncr D Arndt L Good I Heisey Y Brown J Miller THIRD ROW B Funtk J Westafer C Earhart N bweigart S Itzoe Z Cukurs S Ishlcr P Mrynrs C Gilgore B Gish S Loravi FOUIXTH ROW E Bshop K Rice D Bishop K Stonir H Engli V Belsor D Warfel H Knorr E Kmssler P Shelley W Miller 6Le:ftI"0J 0 fA,8 Mr. Klauss and Miss Brandt . . . checking together over the musical score .... The students of E. H. S. are priv- ileged in having these two capable directors, Mr. Klauss, instrumental director, and Miss Brandt, vocal instructor. QI'li0l" OI"CA95il"6l . . . FOOTLIGHT PERFORMERS THE BEST in our school goes into this small but excellent orchestra which plays anything from Bach to Bebop. Their harmonious discords are heard each Thursday as they diligently work to make their public performances a success. Very capably directed by hardworking Mr. Klauss, who is often heard saying, "All right, starting next week, let's be here on time." SENIOR ORCHESTRA. VIOLINS: E. Hershman, M, Martin, B, Hoffman, J. Trestle, D. Andrews, A. Risser, N. Greenawalt. H Dnveler, D. Kniley, S. Lehman, S. Risser, E. Enck, J. Kuntzelman, R. Good, B. Carl. VIOLA: J. Acho'n. BASS: J. Shank. TUBA' W. Gaskill. PIANISTS: N. Schroll, M. Weaver. CONDUCTOR: Mr. Klauss. TROMBONES: R. Abram, G. Edmistcn, R. Wenger, BAR!- TONE: K. Byerly. TRUMPETS: J. Longenecker, R. Polk, J. Wenger, R. Belser. HORNS: J. Douglass, J. Ebersole, M. Isfznberg, J. Rutherford. CLARINETS: J. Wanamaker. S. Patton, M. Hoover, J. Warden. SAXOPHONES: D, Raffensperger, A. Reider, J. Hoover. J. Zarfoss, F. Harzer. PERCUSSION: J. Wanamaker, J. Paxson, L, Heffnsr. 81 lll'li0l" Ol"CAQffiI"d . . . STRIVING FOR PERFECTION JUNIOR ORCHESTRA. VIOLINS: S. Baker, K. Lehman, G. Sweigart, L. Smith, B. Boggs, L. Eshelman, J. Martin, R. Deitrich, M. Flory, K. Bentzel, L. Hess. FLUTES: S. Raffensperger. CLARINETS: C. Earhart, D. Goodling, R. Coleman, F. Klein, M. Borman, L Boozer. CELLOS: K. Jones, P. Brinser, R. Hill. STRING BAss:J. Shank. A. Kilhcfner. PIANO: J. Heisey. K. Byerly. HORNS: R. Mumper, C. Basehnre, J. Hoover, J. Douglass. TROMBONES: L. Patton, P. Farver, D. Kilhefner. SAXOPHONES: B. Bishop, J. Stahl, B. Wenger, F. Harzer. DRUMS: K. Stoner, A. Powell, D, Bishop. CORNET: K. Emcnheiser, G. Lesher, J. Stambaugh, J. Coleman, D. Drcher, R. Fackler, T. Loser, J. Newcomer. TUBA: J. Knitweis, R. Ruggeri. fring ndemgi . . . FIDDLE FADDLE Mr. Klauss' lassies in white . . ten enthusiastic cherubs??? . . . simply adored those four o'clock rehearsals every Friday afternoon . . . thrilled listeners at banquets, club-meetings, and school assem- blies with enchanting music . . . welcomed five new members this year . . . will miss Joanne, Nancy, and Beatrice next year . . . orchids to Mr. Klauss for his PATIENT leadership in helping them "pull the strings" for E. H. S. STRING ENSEMBLE FIRST Row: M. Martin, E. Hershman, J. Trostle, A. Risser, B. Hoffman, J. Achorn SECOND Row: B. Bryan, N. Schroll, J. Shank, J. Barnes. 82 uriic lolareciafion . . . AN Armzscmnvs AUDIENCE MUSIC APPRECIATION CLUB. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: C. Baum, C. Cobaugh, M. Weaver, J. Zarfoss, P. Vuxta, P. Shelley, H. Engle, D. Warfel, J. Dougherty, D. Heller, D. Bryan, J. Craun. SECOND ROW: S. Bishop, J. Carl, B. Brown, P. Douglas, N. Schroll, B. Bryan, C. Baker, J, Hershey, V. Miller, V. Kauffman, B. Sinniger, E. Cobaugh, Y, Brown, E. Taylor, K. Winters S. Royer, M. Bingeman, M. Hershey. THIRD Row: W. Heisey, N. Holfer, J. Martin, I. Brubaker, J. Miller, A. Kilhefner, A. Hilsher, S. Heckert, B. Heckert, J. Heisey, P. Rosensteel, J. Shank, J. Ellinger, M. Engle, B, Stahl, A. Fasnacht, R, Miller, V. Belsfr. FOURTH Row: P. Hollinger, G. Weaver, L. Gutshall, C. Griffith, M. Lokey, C. Wilkinson, S. Loraw, C. Earhart, E. Hersh- man, C. Gilgore, N. Sweigart, J. Hoover, Z. Cukurs, J. Otis, L. Burkholder, D. Kniley, G. Hoerner. FIFTH Row: J. Risser, J. Sunimy, L. Berrier, N. Ebersole, G. Hixson, M. Martin, R. Butterbaugh, H. Eberly, M, Hoover, J. Lancaster, C. Fogie, P Meyers, S. ltzoe, S. Bates, E. Beck, E. Frazier, D. Miller, P. Seiders. SIXTH Row: M. Grubb, D, Aldinger, J, Warden, S. Lehman, M. Hr-ss, J. Barnhart, C. Moose, J. Longenecker, A. Reider, J. Earhart, K. Gish, J, Wenger, S. Patton, S. Brown, G. Klinger, H. Brandt. v A CLUB dedicated to the development and appreciation of the "music of the masters." . . . Enriches our cultural background with "South Pacific," "Song of Norway," and "Gaite Parisiennef' . . . Under the capable leadership of Miss Brandt, it meets once a month during the fifth period on Thursday. ZLL . . . DUTY BOUND Throughout the past year. the Key Club of Elizabethtown High School, under their capable ad- viser, Mr. Kenneth Grosh, made progress in the building up of the club. On the first day of school, the members assisted in the Ori- entation Program, acting as guides to the new scholars and showing them their way around the school. Also during September, the club assisted the local Kiwanis Club Farm Fair by selling balloons. The Kiwanis Club purchased a juke box for the Key Club, who in turn has made money by renting it to various organizations for enter- tainment. Making its debut in Elizabethtown High School, a bas- ketball program was printed and sold at the home basketball games by the Key Club. In the spring. the club also assists in the annual Career Day held in the high school iluditorium' In addltlon' a banquet KEY CLUB. FRONT Row, Left ro Right: Mr. Grosh, adviser: R. Eshelman, secretary, D is held f0l' the Seni0I' members at Raffensperger, president, R. Baker, treasurer: J. Dougherty, vice-president. SECOND ROW: Wl'llCl'l time they are honored. J. Weaver, J. Grimm, C. Cobaugh, R. Wenger, T. Trimmer, M. Weaver. 8? 1 is W ' o 0 I SE X Ng . f 00 O Mr. Klauss explains a new maneuver to Head Majorette Dawn Stevens. aaa ing fke fgaracle HERE COMES THE BAND! Led by the color guard and majorettes, all of whom contributed much to the success of the team, these snappy, highstepping gals drew many admiring whistles from the spectators. The majorettes will lose Joanne Trostle, their capable leader, but the color guard is fortunate in retaining all of its members. BAND FRONT. J. Nisley, B, Gish, S. Bates, S. Bishop, M. Martin, B. Hecke-rt, D. Stevens. S. Heckert, S. Lehman, S, Loraw, J. Floyd. J. Trestle, E. Taylor, l 85 P A group of the junior niajorettes The rnajorettes and band front collecting in the annual Baud Jamboree. TYTOUCY fO1' HGW band UUif01'mS- Q l F055 all LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT . . . forward march! . . . There they go . . . down the field .... Gave their enthusiasm and spirit to all football games .... Under the expert baton of Mr. Noah Klauss .... The band received two excellent awards in the Christmas Parade at Harrisburg .... Farewell to eight seniors this year .... As of this year, the back seat of the band bus is reserved strictly for seniors .... The highlight of this year was the jamboree held at our last home football game. featuring a prize fight .... The snappiest band in the land .... Keep up the marvelous work. BAND. FRONT Row, Lelt to Righr: Mr. Klauss, K. Emenheiser, D. Kilhefner, P. Farver, D. Goodling, J. Stambaugh, J. nvcker, D. Bishop, S. Raffensperger, G. Bucher, M. Borman. P. Heisey, J. Douglass. SECOND Row: H. Brandt. T. S1-itz, R. Longe- Butter- baugh, H. Eberly, C. Moose. M. Hoover, M. Isenberg, J. Hoover, R. Andrews, J. Coleman, G. Lesher, F. Klein. H. Good. THIRD Row: R, Polk, W. White, G. Rickert, H. Risser, F. Harzer, G, Edmiston. J. Warden. J. Shank, B. Wenger, J. Wenger. S. Patton, J. He-iscy, L. Patton. FOURTH Row: D. Andrews, L. Heffner, D. Dreher, J. Wanamaker, G. Clarke, A. Raider, K. Gish, J. Martin, R. BL-lser, J. Went-gr, D. RaHensperger, J. Paxson. FIFTH ROW: K. Byerly, W. Gaskill. F. Van Scyoc, M. Grubb. J. Zarfnss, R. Abram, H. Engle, D. Gibble, L. Boyer. "hs 8 .wg 9. fy! ,ra il9 A Q Wx Eff? , . Q 4111: by 'i . I Q L 1 i 0171011 fd S. J. Good and I. Heisey are Our tvnth grade ucciwdionists. An eighth gnicio music class singing nwiodiuusly under Miss Brandfs direction, A now drum class receiving their initial instructions from Mr. Klauss during sectional orchestra practice. The Bvziss Choir sci the pace for the Professional of the Mixed Chorus at tho Chrisiinns Clmornl Concert. iq. sag J, NWN KSU! SSKKXSVMSKVNVKKXSNNKSKKNKNWMXNNISSKNNKK NN KWSNXVMIXWWNNXXNNXVNNNSNNMNN 7 If . . . HIGH STANDARDS OF CHARACTER TRI-HI-Y OFFICERS. KNEELING: A. Kilhefner, J. Hoover, E. Hershman, S Bates, J. Westafer, E. Taylor. STANDING! Mrs. Basler, J. Summy, G. Hoover, A. Reider, J. Earhart, K. G-ish, B. Bryan. HI-Y LED by the Dynamic Duo, Mr. Trimble and Bob Broucht. "Let's go swimmin'," "Let's have a dance,' '... all familiar cries heard during their meetings, every other Wednesday, fourth period .... New mem- bers usually perched themselves on win- dow sills .... Still couldn't find a job for their Sergeant-at-arms, Buck Bradley. 88 wnswnwmu tmuxuu Muwtxwknnntwmttmuwmttuu SK TRI-HI-Y "Following the Gleamf' the club strives to "create, maintain, and extend-high standards of Christian character." . . . Un- der supervision of Mrs. Annette Basler and led by Janet Earhart, president of the club, these junior and senior girls have helped sponsor the Curtis Cam- paign, March of Dimes drive, and assem- bly programs featuring professional tal- ent .... Sent representatives to Y Field Day held at F. 8: M. for the Y Clubs of Lancaster County .... An all-around club composed of all-around girls. gs 4- . al J N , ' , i HI-Y OFFICERS. KNEELING: J. Weaver, D. Shearer. STANDING: Mr. Trimble, D. Heller, R. Broucht, D. Bradley. pi- i- . . LEADERS TRI-HI-Y. FRONT ROW, Lal! ro Right: J. Summy, M. Grubb, G. Hoover, S. Lehman, D. Grubb, J. Wanamaker, J. Barnha't, C. Moose, J. Rissvr. SECOND Row: M. Wert, J. Nisley, C, Earhart, B. Gish. S. Loraw. M. Warren, J. Hoover B. Funck M lsr-nbc-rg, D. Arndt. N. Greonawalt, L. Lohman, B, Kennedy, L. Good, M. Gebhard, C. Baker, Y Brown E, Tay'or, P, Shaimeor, S Good M Bingeman THIRD ROW- M Hess I Brubaker D Knil v A Fasnacht P Adafns Bi Br any B Floid . . . . . . . , ., . , . 0, . . , . . , . y , . y , J. Hershey, B, Sinniger. E. Cobaugh. K. Winters, S. Royer, E. Hershman, J. Miller, A. Kilhefner, C, Wilkinson, J. Westafer, S. Itzoe, S, Bates H1 . F I - ' ' ' ' J, rr OU! TH ROW. J. Longeneclcer, J. Trostle, R. Heigel, S. Knarr. T. Seitz, B, Stahl. G. Hixson, M. Hoover, D, Miller, P, Shank, E, Buck. P Seiders, L. Gutshall, C. Griffith, J. Walborn, G. Hoerner. P. Douglas. J. Otis, N. Schroll, J. Martin. FIFTH Row: J. Wenger, G. Clarke, J. Shank. S. Bishop, J. Warden, R. Buttcrbaugh, H, Eberly, J. Ebersole, S. Drescher, E. Frazier, J. St-nseman. A. Good, J. Earhart, K, Gish, A. Reider, S. Brown, S. Patton, B. Brown, J. Hipple, H, Brandt, SIXTH ROW: D. Pautz, M. Engle, S. Bechtel, L. Burkholder, D, Stevens, J. Heisry. M. Farver, D, Gutshall, J. Lokey, J. Lancaster, C. Fogie, J. Landvater, J. Espenshade, G. Weaver, D. Emenheiser, B. Heckert, G. Pyle, S. Heckert, J. Carl, G. Ellinger. P, Rosensteel. i- . . co-oPERAnvs ACTION HI-Y. FRONT ROW, Lufl ro Right: M. Hershey, J. Ebersole, L.Erb, E. Enck, R. Hztldeman, F. Hershey. R. Kautz, G. Rickert, E. Warden, K. Stoner, T. Evans, L. Seiders, K. Rice, E. Bishop, D, Bishop. SECOND Row: K. Beinhauer, G. Fisher. E. Wolgemuth J. Shank, L. Ulrich, A, Fult1. C. Baum, J, Weaver, D. Berrier. R. Ginder, W. Heisey, R. Cunningham, J. Hoover, J. Heigel, J Smith. G. Ney. THIRD Row: R. Baker, E. Kessler, J. Frye, R. Broucht, D. Shearer, D, Bryan, J. Grimm, D. Gibble, H. Daveler W. Mummrrt, P. Vuxta. E. Heisey. D, Warfel. FOURTH ROW: J. Frey, R. Abram, T. Trimmer, R. Hoover, J. Paxson, W, Brooks J. Kuhn, B. Landis, E. Eckley, H. Goodling, E, Shank, D. Bradley, D. Raffensperger, K. Byerly. FIFTH ROW: J. May, J. Zarfoss M. Weaver, R. Wenger, H. Knorr, J. Rutherford, L. Boyer, D. Heller, R. Eshelman, W. Fink, L. Farver, J. Dougherty. v v v FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA There's work to be done . . . where's the F. H. A.'?'?? An active club consisting of home economics girls .... Energetic president, Shirley Bechtel .... Varied activity program .... Doggie roast was a howling success .... Thoroughly en- joyed the Ice Follies .... Bowling . . . swimming . . . and pizza pie all on the schedule .... Sponsored Fashion Show and Bundle Day .... Affiliated with State and National F. H. A .... Had an enjoy- able time at State Convention in Pitts- burgh .... Attended F. H. A. Farm Show Conference .... Advised by Mrs. Vir- ginia Rohrer .... Is sponsoring the T. V. set for school. F. H. A. FRONT Row, Leif to Right: C. Fogie, J. Barnhart, G. Weaver. M. Hess. S. Bechtel, J. Espenshade, S. Shifter, D. Alclinger, Mrs. Rohrer. SECOND ROW: J. Kaylor, S. Musser, E. Olweiler, L. Burkholder, D. Gutshall, J. Lokey, L. Berrier, J, Lancaster. THIRD ROW: J. Farver, A. Hilsher, D. Martin, J. Hippie, S. Drcscher, S. Lancaster, V. Miller, V. Kauffman, R. Little. JUNIOR HI-Y JUNIOR HI-Y. FRONT Row, Left to Right: D. Evans, D. Weaver, D. Goodling, B. Coulson, L. Forwood, J. Goodling, K. Emenheiser, J. Wal- ters, C. Farrar, R. Teufel, J. Stevens, J. Risser, D. Comfort. SECOND Row: R. Williams, G. Sloat, D. Albright, R. Belser, A. Martin, G. Erl- miston, R. Walters, T. Degler, J. Hawthorne, D, McCurdy, J. May, T. Martin. THIRD Row: R. Mumper, W. Gaskill, L. Heffner, H. Gordon, D, Dreher, W. White, R. Gaskill. JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y JUNIOR TRI-HI-Y. FRONT Row, Le!! ro Right: J. Carl, K. Stoner, L. Gish, K. Heisey. .l. Bein- hauer, M. Earhart, B. Stevenson, A, Weiss, S, Jacobs, T. Herr, T. Donley, A. Longenecker, B. Detweiler, D. Greiner, C. Cox, K. Jones, D. Brubaker, J. Weaver, B. Carl, L. Chapman, L. Smith, R. Good. SECOND Row: E. Boyer, R. Lehman, M. Espenshade, S. Nagel, J. Ney. L. Hoerner, N. Good, J. Coble, E. Gebhard. P. Risser, B. Zell, P. Heisey, D. Kreider, S. Wilson, J. Kuntzelman, C. Klinger, M. Chapman, S. Ralifensperger, I. Freeman. F. Haldeman. THIRD Row: J. Bankler, R. Fisher, F. Peiffer, C. Chron- ister, J. Adams, A. Coulson, S. Floyd, S. Shank, A. Runyan, N. Horst, N. Hess, M. Hackman, R. Ober, L. Kauffman, R. Morris, P. Kelley, E. Smith, R. Long, D. Mians, D. Fitzwater. FOURTH Row: D. Shank, P. Stahl, J. Steffen. M. Meinhardt, J. Floyd, S. Risser, L. Patton, L. Stumm, C. Herr, P. Powell, M. Fetter, R. Andrews, S. Saylor, C. Steever, D. Leber, D. Beinhauer, J. Eisenhauer, F, Hoover, C. Berrier. FIFTH Row: L. Webster, N. Evalt, A. Risser, C. Nauman, J. Newcomer, S. Thompson, B. Becker, Y. Cosner, G. Ulrich, Kautz, A. R. Mum- ma, S. Blessing, J. Weaver, A. Shelley, B. Wenger, D. Brubaker, M. Martin, J. Achorn, Y. Copenhaver, A. Shaw. QIAULCQ I'gal'llZClfl0I'l5 .Siwlmfd U. ,4Cf,.m INDOOR PATROL The law enforcers of our school . . . "Single Hle! No drinks!" shout the girls on duty .... Play an important part in our school system .... Capably adviscd by Miss Hunsecker and captaincd by Kitty Gish. INDOOR PATROL. FRONT Row, Left ro Righr: B. Sinniger, S. Shilifer, K. Gish, S. Patton, I. Brubaker, N. Schroll, R, Heigel, J. Heisey. SECOND Row: D, Miller, B. Brown, J. Nisley. B. Gish. C. Baker, A. Fasnacht, P. Adams, B. Bryan. THIRD Row: Miss Hunsecker, G. Clarke, J. Wanamaker, P. Sziders, S. Heckert. H. Brandt, D. Grubb, P. Rosensteel, J. Trostle. LIBRARY STAFF Library Lassics . . . proud of their club headed by Shirley Shiffer. president, Janet Barnhart, vice president, Nancy Ebersole, secretaryg Nancy Hoffer, treas- urerg and Miss Mengel the capable adviser . . . prepare books for circula- tion, mend books, shelve and sign out books, help fellow students find refer- ences .... Look forward to their trip to Millersville State Teachers College and their parties .... Pet expression: A'Your book's overdue." LIBRARY STAFF. SEATED, Left to Right: J. Ney, J. Barnhart, S. Shiffer, Miss Mengel, N. Ebersole. STANDING: G. Ulrich, C. Gilgore, J. Landvater, D. Miller, A. Weiss, M. J. Espen- shade. OLYMPIC CLUB Although formed several years ago, has had little chance to show its wares .... Went over "big" at field day .... Every Tuesday, members work hard on parallel bars, vaulting horse, rings. and the Hat mats .... Under the competent leader- ship of Coach Bill Barnhart. OLYMPIC CLUB. R. Broucht, T. Trimmer, J. Frye, L. Seiders, E. Enck, T. Seitz, D. Stevens, C- Thompmfh D- Heller. J. May, K. Stoner, D. McCurdy, E. Beck. 91 -mv JZ. C KS Q' 'QM 41 Qi ' X S 2 Ap f I il 1 l 1 4 Q e K +1 Q r S f 5,.,m.-N . W' I 1+ Q 42 1 5 1 1 E 1 . , 5 K - I , 5 'Q XL., 'y ,,,f' n wifA fAe .Slow Junior Tri-Hi-Y officers are: Kneeling, B. Stevenson, S. Raffensperger, C. Nauman, A. Coulson, J. Weaver. Standing: A. Risser, N. Evalt, A. Newcomer, C. Chronister, J. Floyd, S. Risser, L. Patton. Ralph, Tex, John, Doc, and Dick making big money for the Key Club by selling balloons at the Farm Fair. 3. Ed Eckley and Jack Wenger worrying back- stage before the Hi-Y assembly. 4. The Junior Hi-Y oflicers: Bottom row: Dale Andrews, Wilson Gaskill. Top row: Jack Wen- get, Larry Hippensteel, Jim Goodling, Mr. Barnhart, adviser. Mr. P. H. Hertzog giving a knot-tying exhi- bition to the Hi-Y. Jim May at peak of a running dive over fellow Olympic Club members. Jerry Frye, the patient scarecrow, in the Hi-Y assembly. Charlie and Esh selling basketball programs. Jean, Mary Jean, and Donna busy checking out books in the library. Mr. Grosh, Tex Trimmer, and Doc Dougherty enjoying a bite of lunch during a Key Club meeting. The F. H. A. School Lunch Committee plans another Friday noon lunch. 'L-1-""" P ' i CKLL65 in .fgcfion SECOND-YEAR JOURNALISM CLUB. FRONT Row, Left to Right: S, Royer, E. Cobaugh, P. Adams, S. Swisher, A. Fasnnchl, G. Hixson, B. Brown, J. Otis, P. Douglas, J. Manin, B. Floyd, B. Bryan. SECOND ROW: A. Sweigart, K. G-ish, D. Pautz, J. Barnhart, C. Fogie, S. Brown, J. Summy, P. Seiders. A. Good, G. Klinger. THIRD Row: J. Smith, P. Vuxta, P. Shelley, J. Dougherty, M. Weaver, R. Wenger, T. Trimmer, R. Abram. C. Cobaugh, V. Belser. QCII' Clzeife . . . THE PRESS JUNIQR JOURNALISM CLUB. FRONT ROW, Left to Right: M. Bingeman, D. Arndt, J. Miller, J. Herr, A. Kilhefner, J. Nisley, S. Good. SECOND ROW: S. Bates, S. Itzoe, C, Gilgore, N. Sweigart, E. Hershman, C. Earhart, B. Gish. .A N 25x X1 XM If W 1 uf- .xiii flifi' .'15',x. ., Wislfq f5'.22f. ffiiii-.. . X J ' f , ,'A',Al,lff'1 X K W I , ,.,.. , , , . 1 W J f I ix- 51 xy +1 KMA M 0I"fQI":5 WITH A "NOSE FOR NEWS," our re- porters continued their excellent job of publishing the "Bear Ga- zette" this year adding Scholastic Roto .... Always probing into teach- ers' and pupils' affairs in their at- tempt to gather "All the news that's fit to printf '... Plan to enter Quill and Scroll, International Honorary Society for High School Journal- ists .... Sends reporters to press conferences held at Harrisburg for district high school reporters ,... Helps provide a continual head- ache for our able adviser, Miss Wagner .... Always striving for higher standards in the field of journalism. Top Picture: Jean Landvater and Shir- ley Stahl getting the school paper ready for circulation. Middle Picture: Janice Risser typing the stencils of the paper. The commercial sections type the copy and prepare the paper for distribution. Miss Wagntr, adviser of The Bear Gazette, and Paul Vuxta, editor, discuss the forthcoming issue. y 9 5 r l l YEARBOOK STAFF HEADS AND ADVISERS. SEATED, Left ' ' ' to Right J. Senslman, Business Manager: Miss Bahr, Art Adviser: Deep In thought and at. Work gt one of theuf meetings M. Weaver, Editor-in-Chiefg J. Summy, Literary Editor: Miss Wag- the staff heads received instructions from Miss Bell. ner, Literary Adviser. STANDING: M. Grubb, Art Editorg Miss Bell, General Adviser: L. Smith, Assistant Business Manager: D. Raffens- perger, Photography Mannger. SA? . . MERRY MENAGERIE EVERYONE WORKED hand in hand to prove that cooperation is the keynote of success. From the very first after-school session to decide on the theme until the last minute rush to put the whole book together, we all strived to present a picture of our high school as we know it. Yearbook staff heads met after school to plan lay-outs, lay-outs, and more lay-outs. "No, that costs too much," changed splashy lay-outs into blocks and circles. Finally, there was a sense of achievement that comes at the completion of a job well done-The 1952 Elizabethan. ART STAFF . . . Under Mary Grubb's expert direction, the circus came to life in the divider pages and line-cuts of the yearbook .... Worked hard to get the two-tone effect for the senior picture .... All that time spent cutting and pasting pictures .... Ably advised by Miss Bahr. BUSINESS STAFF . . . Made great use of opportunity to promote their sales- manship .... A fast moving group ..., So much typing to do .... Jo Sensemen rQ and Lloyd Smith share the honors, keeping our accounts straight .,.. The staff is responsible for keeping us "out of the red." o , .T H lm LITERARY STAFF . . . Future literary geniuses??? Combined their talents ' ,f for write-ups. identifications, and picture captions .... "Now take time with 7 your write-up," urged Miss Wagner, the ever-patient adviser .... Great difficulty , in describing red hair accurately. . - 9' 3.91 E . up PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF . . . The eye witnesses for on-the-spot pictures. . . . -. --:-'A7,. These shutter-bugs provide much life to our book .... Miss Bell's camera had A KM' X fi' quite a workout ..., Met in Room B .... Familiar instrument: the guillotine. . . . The end of many a good snap. 96 LITERARY STAFF SEATED, Lvl! tu Right: M. W.:1x'e'r, P. Vuxta, P. Adams, A. Rsidvr, M. Wi-rt, J. Summy. SECOND Row: N. Schroll. K. Gish. G. Hoover. S. Bi-chi:-I. STANDING: K. Winters, A, Good. G. Klinger, R. Baker. P, Douglas. J. Marlin, J. Barnhart. T, Trimmer. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Loft to Righ!: R. Wong:-r. J. Zarfoss. D. Bryan. Not pictured: Daniel Ralifcnspergcr, Dale Holler. BUSINESS STAFF FRONT Row, Lelt to Right: S. Knarr. R. Heig-el, J. Trestle, H. Brandt A. Swcigart, A. Fasnacht. SECOND ROW: T. Seitz, L, Smith, S. Stahl, M. Stauffer, J. Sc-nscman, B. Floyd. THIRD ROW: B. Stahl, D. Pautz, L. Sweigart, S. Alleman, J. Hershey, B. Bryan. FOURTH ROW: D. Whitmoyer, J. Risser, T. Alleman, J. Longenecker, S. Royer. v ART STAFF FRONT ROW, Left Io Right: C. Cobnugh, M. Weaver, M. Grubb. SECOND ROW: B. Brown, D. Grubb, S. Brown, M. Hess. S S 4: Qfwwv R054 im W cgi JUNIOR LITERARY STAFF SEATED, Li-lr to Right- M. Hoover, G, Clarke, P. Seiders, J. Carl, P. Rosenstecl, J. Otis, S. Lehman. STANDING: R. Butterbaugh. M. Martin. J. Ebersole, G. Ellinger. G. Weaver, C. Fogie, D. Kniley, S. Swisher, G. Hixson. 98 cl erti emen ts This edifion of fhe Elizabefllan would nof have been possible wifhoul' fhe infallible co-operafion of fhe merchanfs and business men of our communify and surrounding areas. CIRQ, S 5251 4 OM xW l ENS ML' AT: Q5 , SQ? IJ I zu x fy 00 Ulf' Mr. and Mrs. James C. Adams Alma and Dave Mrs. Harry C. Andrews Arlene and Barre Miss Jane Bahr Dorothy S. Baker Red Baker Mr. and Mrs. William S. Barnhart Dr. and Mrs. Claude M. Basler The Beauty Box Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Beck Mr. and Mrs. Harry Beck Miss Erma M. Bell Bill and Dean Jim Bingeman Mr. Wayne Blecher Mr. and Mrs. Wayne B. Blough Bob and Bert Bob and Sue Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Brandt Chip and Foxy Judith Ann Chittum Charlie Cobaugh Dick and Glenn Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Diehl and John Dolly and Clair Dot and Spur Duke and Betty Mr. and Mrs. Walter Dupes Mr. and Mrs. Ervin B. Earhart Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ebersole Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Ebersole Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eckinger, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Alton Eppler Janet and Paul Eshelman Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Espenshade and Jessie Dr. and Mrs. Luther W. Fetter Rev. and Mrs. Raymond L. Fetter Mr. and Mrs. Amos Floyd and Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Harry H. Floyd Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Floyd A Friend Dr. and Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber George and Janet George and Joyce Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Gish Kitty Gish Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goodhart and Carol Grace, Shirley, Nancy and Jessie Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grosh and Gary Dr. and Mrs. Howard L. Hain Mae and Russell Haldeman Hazel and Ruth Mr. and Mrs. J. Lester Heisey Helen and Mary Mr. and Mrs. John Hershey Russell D. Hershey Hershey's Shoe Store A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hess and Son Jean Hipple Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hipple Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Hoover Mr. and Mrs. James L. Hoover Jane Hunsecker Janice and Bob . Jo and Smitty Jim and Ed Jim and Jean Jim and Phyl Howard Johnson's Penn Turnpike Shop !OClfl"0l'lf5 Jo and Johnny James Kennedy Ken and Doris Dr. and Mrs. Killheffer Miss Betty Kipp Miss Janet Kipp Kitty, Janet, Mary and Arlene Mr. and Mrs. Carlos Klinger Miss Pearl A. Loser Thelma Lancaster Captain and Mrs. Grover C. Lee Dr. and Mrs. John E. Lebo, Jr. Hilda and Lee Livingston Lois Longenecker Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Longenecker Lois and Mary Mr. Frank Luchnick Marilyn and Charlie Mr. and Mrs. Harry B. Meinhardt Mary Ann and Harold Miss Miriam L. Mengel Miss Mable Jane Miller Mike and Smitty Dr. and Mrs. William Moore Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mumma Kathy and Becky Musser Nelson and Shirley Mr. and Mrs. Paris P. Ober Mr. and Mrs. Sobieski Owens Dr. and Mrs. J. Ralph Parrett Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Pautz Rahn's Shoe Shop Mr. and Mrs. Earl Reider Mr. and Mrs. Christ S. Risser and Family Captain and Mrs. J. F. Rohrer, Jr. Doris Royer Harold Royer Mr. and Mrs. Philip E. Saylor Mr. and Mrs. Martin Schmidt Mr. and Mrs. Paul E. Schroll Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sedule Mr. and Mrs. Willis E. Seiders Mr. and Mrs. J. Earl Seitz Mr. and Mrs. Francis Senseman Lane E. Shank Miss Shirley Shiffer Dr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Mr. and Mrs. J. Raymond Smith and Lois Mr. and Mrs. George Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Walter Stahl, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Summy Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Sweigart Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Trimble and Tom Mr. and Mrs. Russell S. Trimmer and Tom Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Trostle Trudy's Beauty Shoppe Violet and Walter Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Wagner Miss Lydia E. Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wagner and Phil M. R. Warden Mrs. Frank H. Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Weaver and The Boys Mr. and Mrs. Willard Weaver Mr. and Mrs. Swidbert Weisser Mr. and Mrs. West Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Winters Maxine Wright Mr. and Mrs. James J. Zarfoss COMPLIMENTS OF FRY AND ENGLE INTERIOR - PAINTERS - EXTERIOR Floor Sanding Paper Hanging COMPLXMENTS OF Phone 496- J-2 ELIZABETHTOWN GARMEN T COMPLIMENTS OF FLORY'S CI-IILDREN'S SHOP 39 V2 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS or FARMERS' C. H. GARMAN FERTILIZER WORKS Welding - Ornamental Iron Fabrication Manufacturers Of Iron and Steel HIGH GRADE FERTILIZER ,k and ELIZABETHTOWN PA DONEGAL PLANT FOOD A Phone 11 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA COMPLIMENTS or A FRIEND ' ' 101 GENERAL INSURANCE Specializing in AUTO INSURANCE HENRY L. GISE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Notary Public - Surveyor -lr Insurance of A11 Kinds NORMAN G. GOOD "' PHONE 130-1 Agent for State Capitol Savings and Loan 32 East High Street Association of Harrisburg, Pa. COMPLIMENTS OF GARBER MOTOR COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. CLASSIC ,r COMPLIMENTS OF HOSIERY MILL, INC. FORD - MERCURY FORD TRACTOR 02 COIYLIJ Elflellld of KEYSTONE DINER FLORIN, PENNSYLVANIA W. T. GRANT CO. COMPLIMENTS OF 48 South Market Street BISHOP'S STUDIO ,..,A x ... X t "The Modem Studio with Years of Experience" l DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Complete Mail Service Multigraphing for Discriminating Women GOODPRINT LETTER SHOP 'A' 25 South Market Street 44 West High Street PHONE 92 O B t W' I1 t th CI f '5 Photo Offset Printing Wedding Announcements ur es IS es O e ass O 2 X I 03 COMPLIMENTS OF The CLASSIC Shop Elizabethtown'S Leading Women's and Children's Shop BOB'S FLOWER SHOP Give Her Flowers Because She's Wonderful Bonded Members Telegraph Delivery Service Specializing in Artistic Arrangements and Funeral Designs 9 WEST HIGH STREET Phone 532-J or 532-M all hours COMPLIMENTS OF RAY GUTSHALL,S MEN,S SToRE 17 East High Street 'A' PHONE 156-J THE GRIMM INSURANCE Shop at AGENCY GREINER'S FOOD STORE Insurance and Real Estate For your Frozen Foods, 119 South Marker Srfeel ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Groceries, Meats and Produce PHONE 64 LOCATED ON CENTER SQUARE SAMUEL R. JONES, AGENT ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 267 104 THE JAYCEE CREED WE BELIEVE . . . That the Brotherhood of man transcends The sovereignty of nations: That economic justice can best be won By free men through free enterpriseg That government should be of laws Rather than of meng That earth's great treasure Lies in human personalityg And that service to humanity Is the best work of life. JUNIOR CHAMBER OF COMMERCE e-i'f5?4f THE ELIZABETHTOWN RISSER'S Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 QUALITY FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES if Frozen Foods -- At Better Prices Try Our Pastries - Enjoy Our Restaurant for Fine Food 34 to 40 South Market ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. MYERS MACHINE SHOP North Poplar Street PHONE 164-J BROUCHT'S MEAT MARKET 429 East High Street ir QUALITY MEATS ir We Deliver Phone 14-R HERALD PRINT SHOP ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'A' E. G. KUHN "Big enough to accommodate and small enough to appreciate your business" fi ROTI-I'S Furniture Store 206-210 South Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ke' FRIGIDAIRE APPLIANCES Phone 84-R MOYER'S POTATO CHIPS Among the Best by Test WHOLESALE - RETAIL Delivery Service C. H. MOYER-R. D. 3 Phone 540-W ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. HEISEY CHICKS 'A' E. MUSSER HEISEY Phone 3-9921 MT. Joy - ROUTE 2 FIKE'S FRUITS AND VEGETABLES SEA FOODS FROSTED FOODS ir On the Square Phone 288 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Fruit Baskets Our Specialty COMPLIMENTS OF HEISEY MACHINE WORKS R1-IEEMS, PENNSYLVANIA I 06 Eat ofofuclf fo the Cfaaa 0 7952 MUMPER'S DAIRY ELIZABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA W vi V . " 4, 1 , - Fu., x I 5.3 ag I ""4,'fj X L avi Congrafufafionfi ana! Exif MAAAQJ FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE Q6 ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE No. 596 L. O. O. M. J. V. BINKLEY SEWING MACHINES D. S. BAUM HOMEMADE BOLOGNA A,A4,,,.:. ilzz.. ,1.: 2 DRIED BEEF 1'1 Q A SELECT PRODUCT I .zlll 1 I E"--1 a "f4" '-l' :'1 . ff R. D. No. 3 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA 111 N. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 540-.I Shop and Meet Your Friends at the Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE "On the Square" ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone S08-J AUNT SALLY'S KITCHEN "Come in and sit once" in our Penna. Dutch Atmosphere 'A' BANQUETS A SPECIALTY J. L. MECKLEY AUTOMATIC HEATING VENTILATING - PLUMBING at DISTRIBUTOR I-'OR The Amazing Winkler Low Pressure Oil Burner SEE IT BURN ALL GRADES OF OIL ir 233 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 414 108 COMPLIMENTS OF ABERDEEN MILLS COMPLIMENTS OF LOOMCRAFT FROCKS, INC COMPLIMENTS OF HILL CREST HOTEL R . H . F O R N E Y Complete Body and Fender Repairs formerly VIN-MAR 'A' 'A' CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Food - Rooms - Refreshments COMPLIMENTS or CoMPL1Mx-:NTS OF HEIN'S BARBER SHOP S. B. BECKER M. K. EN TERLINE DODGE 8x PLYMOUTH CARS Donoxz Jgb-fgfgd TRUCKS Cherry St. Elizabethtown, Phone 425 Best Wishes COMPLIMENTS OF S. G. HERSHEY AND SON DEPARTMENT STORE 'A' SINCE 1875 South Market and Park Streets ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 109 GRACE C. BLOUGH 116 South Market Street COMPLIMENTS or Sacony Suits, Dresses, Separates BAKER'S DINER and It's a wonderful buy!" DINING ROOM A if GINDER DRY CLEANERS NEWCOMER,S AND DYERS HOME AND AU'ro SUPPLIES TAILORMADE CLOTHES Corner Market 85 Park Streets 12 East Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 187-w Phone 490 l:ifl 4, W kit, ' .P - ms' Give your new car the care it deserves by visiting your GOOD GULF DEALER regularly, and letting him give your car dependable servicing. Everything in the Gulf line. F. H. KELLER,S SONS -if QUALITY GROCERIES ir PHONE 84-M 204 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. HITZ GROCERY Corner N. Hanover and E. Willow Streets FULL LINE OF Groceries - Lunch Meats - Ice Cream Soft Drinks - Candy - Pastries - Frozen Foods PHONE 443-R FREE DELIVERY HAMILTON JEWELRY STORE Watches - Clocks jewelry 'A' No. 9 Center Square ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS FROM BOB HOSTETTER See him 'Y nr 9 S for all your Custom Work Elizabethtown's Newest Family ,k Shoe Store C ll 546 R 13 a - - Offering You This . . TO Natlonally Advertised Footwear ELIZABETH WN ROUTE 3 QUEEN QUALITY MIRACLE TREAD COBBLERS YORKTOWN Poi.L PARROT U. S. RUBBER E - , in -. 'Q 'X X-Ray - ' i Ph COMPLIMENTS OF Sh 0118 fe WARRE N S lm, Flffmff Xqjh I KAYLOR 85 GARMAN 0 805 J l'l c o 18 East High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Ill Phone 127-J - Collect BRANDT'S HEAVY TOWING Day and Night COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY COFFEE SHOP ir Complete Collision Work 498 West High Street Straightening - Repairing - Inspection Sta. 929 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 211 South Market St. phone 298-1 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY MILLER 8: SON i' JOHN E. COPENHAVER Wholesale and Retail Eggs and Poultry 'A' Phone: E-Town 351 COMPLIMENTS OF THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS 20 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 250 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'k Distributors of Religious Merchandise GEORGE E. CARRIGER Paint and Body Shop ir RHEEMS1 110-J-12 H2 BOYER'S SELF-SERVICE STORE Fresh Meats - Groceries Smoked Meats - Frozen Meats Open Friday and Saturday Evenings PHONE: ELIZABE'lH'l'OWN 484-R RHEEMS PENNSYLVANIA If you want the highest quality in hardware, paints, ani household .appli ance S, there is he DRESS SHOPPE ether place in town than ZARFOSS' HARDWARE STORE ik LADIES' AND KIDDIES' APPAREL MT. JOY, PA. KREAMER PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPEc1AL1sTs Where Prescriptions are a Specialty . . . Not a Sideline. A Registered Pharmacist always on duty. THE ORIGINAL 6U'lCCL6 fel' 601411 arm iner LClVVIOI1,S Roadside ALWAYS KNOWN FOR DELICIOUS MEALS Prepared with Good Old Lancaster County Dutch Cooking and Served by Experienced and Courteous Waitresses R. D. 2 - U. S. Route 230 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'A' IC E L A N D "Good Furniture at INCORPORATED C07-In try P 1' iceff J H3 prinferd of 574.0 8Aza6efAan,, KYLE PRINTING COMPANY LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET -Ar if -A' Sales Literature - Catalogs Letter Heads - Envelopes - Ofhce Forms if as -A' Dial 7588 140 SOUTH GEORGE STREET YORK, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF BEYER'S LINOLEUM STORE 558-W 222 East High Street F' INC' Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices REAL ESTATE INSURANCE MILTQN F. EBERLY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 540-R - Route 3 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. H4 BUICK CHEVROLET ir S. F. ULRICI-I, INC. 505 North Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Plumbing 85 Heating GENERAL MOTORS Il flliU'H EM SCHWANGER BRos. at co. Phone 21 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 'A' Phone 309 CHEVROLET BUICK COAL GRAIN Saw Filing - Picture Framing COMPLIMENTS OF WENGER'S FEED MILL RHEEMS, PA. PHONE! ELIZABETHTOWN 175 SEEDS FEED CHARLIES CABINET SHOP CHARLES T. BECKER, Pkormsron All Kinds of Wood Work Built, Rebuilt, Repaired R. D. 3, ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE: 580-M CLEARVIEVV DINER H. K. DORSHEIMER Route 230 East of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania On the Square PAUL MUMMA ,, snnvmc. QUALITY HOME-COOKED MEALS SPORTING GOODS - KODAKS 24-Hour Service Try Our Delicious Chicken Dinner CONFECTIONERY - SUNDRIES H5 ELIZABETHTOWN FARM EQUIPMENT CO. Surge Dairy Farm Equipment SALES 85 SERVICE THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M. KLEIN at PHONE 139-M Phone 194-M ON THE SQUARE TYPEWRITERS COMPLIMFNTS OF Adding Machines Cash Registers ELIZABETHTOVVN Check Writers BUILDING at SUPPLY Co lk 341-351 W. Bainbridge Street . 4, J. M. ENGLE IVIA fini ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. u V 1 411 East High Street PHONE 553 ' PHONE 14-J is General Contracto Building Suppl es Elizabethtown 0 0 S ' bl ' P Bu11d1ng and Loon me W,,,Ze I O . L V X7 Assoc1ot1on WM mt No. 23 South Market Street 'A' i' A wonderful opportunity for saving CCMPANY ill LEHMAN 85 BOOK 'k EL1zABETHTowN's LEADING DRY CLEANERS 85 DYERS I i' Phone 473 BIKES BATTERIES Retreading and Vulcanizing 'k LEAMAN,S TIRE SERVICE 205 E. Main St., Mt. Joy, Pa. 233 S. Market St. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. D. L. LANDIS INSURANCE 'A' Phone 1 12-J COMPLIMENTS OF THE CONTINENTAL PRESS EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHERS 'A' ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. LOS ANGELES, CALIF. ELGIN, ILL. ATLANTA, GA. DALLAS, TEXAS Carrying the Load Since 1868 Manufacturer of Wheelbarrows BUCH MANUFACTURING CO. ELIZABETHTOWN PENNSYLVANIA Best Wishes LEEDOM 85 FINK General Contractors ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Il 7 COMPLIMENTS OF LONGENECKER FARM SUPPLY Minneapolis-Moline Farm Machinery M RHEEMS, PENNSYLVANIA 'k COAL 'A' FEED 'A' OIL Phone: Elizabethtown 109-J-12 KAYLOR BROS. CASE FARM EQUIPMENT RHEEMS, PA. Phone: 484-J Best Wishes LEO B. KOB SINCE 1904 Plumbing - Heating - Hardware AUTHORIZED DEALER IN ELIZABETHTOWN FOR AUTOMATIC G. E. OIL AND GAS HEATING 24 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. LEICHT'S Since 1868 PAINT and BODY SHOP II8 CLEARVIEW ES SO SERVICE Washing - Lubrication - Tires - Batteries Accessories 2 Miles East of Elizabethtown, Pa. PHONE 171-R-13 Box No. 91 DAVID H. BOWERS, Prop. ELIZABETHTOWN CHRONICLE COMPLIMENTS or Serving Elizabethtown for 82 Years L 4 C. F. SENSENIG Building Contractor EAST PETERSBURG, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF . SEITZ TAXI T PUBLISHED ERIDAYS Phone 415'R by J. G. Westafer and Son SCHBOLL'S OWN MAKE ICE CREAM for a quality treat at lower prices 'A' OLDS - PONTIAC - CADILLAC SALES 85 SERVICE at' onthe Square H. S. RISSER MOTORS ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Call 233 PHONE 508-M SAVOY COMPLIMENTS OF SHQE COMPANY A JAY S. RISSER GARMENT Co. INC' Makers of Fine Shoes for Women ELIZABETHTOVVN PLAN ING MILL 54 Brown Street Phone No. 3 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF LONGENECKER'S GARAGE MIKE'S BARBER SHOP Ph0ne367 ELIZABETHTOWN, PA Toilet Articles School Supplies D H M LINDEMUTH CUT RATE I Luncheonette and Fountain Service Men's and Boys' Clothmg Hershey's Ice Cream Kodaks Sporting Goods 20 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES Auto - Fire - Life A. LEWIS HEISEY, Agent 244 South Market Street PHONE 186-M COMPLIMENTS OF SPICKLER'S DAIRY KLEIN CHOCOLATE COMPANY FOUNDED 1913 BY WM. KLEIN, SR. Manufacturers of Lunch Bars, Grade A Bars Fine Milk Chocolate Coatings and Cocoa, Milk Chocolate Wafers, Roamers, Gliders and Spinners. COMPLIMENTS OF SNYDER'S GARAGE 'A' R. D. No. 2 MT. JOY, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF SHOOKER'S JEWELER General Repair and Painting SNYDER HILL GARAGE R. D. No. 1 - Phone 326-W COMPLIMENTS OF SHEARER'S FURNITURE STORE -Af 35-37 South Market Street PHONE 12-W I2l 7 TONY'S Specializing in REAL ITALIAN SPAGHETTI TEXAS HOT WEINERS-VIRGINIA BAKED HAM-ALSO BAR-B-QUES PHONE 34-J DINNERS LUNCHEONS Best Wishes to the MODERN STYLE SHOP 105 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ,k CLASS OF '52 I MUSSER'S GROCERY EVERYTHING IN LADIES' WEAR 103 Mt- JOY Street PHONE 552 22 COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF HERTZLER'S DAIRY MOOSE THEATRE COMPLIMENTS OF ZEPNICK'S GROCERY STORE 'A' ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. WOLGEMUTH AND MARTIN Building Supplies Colas Asphalt Paving 212 West High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 149 WOLGEMUTH BROS., INC. Manufacturers of FLORIN FEEDS for Poultry and Livestock FLORIN, PA. sk Phone: Mt. Joy 3-955 1 COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE 31 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. WALMER'S FOOD STORE 103 North Market Street 'A' Phone 594 G. K. WAGNER'S CHICKERY Beverly Twin Market Farm Machinery and Livestock Exchange tl BABY CHICKS DUCKLINGS TURKEY POULTS AND LIVESTOCK Phone 442-J-2 Compliments of Your jeweler W LKERQS 2 y0lll04?I'J - -SiZfer:5lnifA.6 17 East High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Famous in Pennsylvania for 77 Years STAUFFER,S BEAUTY SALON 114 North Poplar Street PHONE 354 'k Glorifying the American Curl 123 CQMPMMENTS OF RED ROSE DAIRY Phone: 3-6112 MOUNT JOY, PA. For your 1952 Curl COME TO PEGGY'S BEAUTY SALON 550 South Market Street Phone 80-J PAXSON'S CUT-RATE 19 West High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATION T. M. EBERSOLE, PROP. ik For that reliable Richfield Gasoline and Richlube Motor Oil. G For top service in washing and greasing. 'k 903 SOUTH MARKET STREET When yOu're hungry for cookies, cakes, or bread, NEIDEIGH'S GARAGE GENERAL AUTO REPAIRS Tires - Battery - Oil Phone 548-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF call the ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY MUSSER LEGHORN FARMS and have them deliver MT. JOY, PA. tempting baked products to your door. 24 COMPLIMENTS OF REEMY'S SHOP RHEEMS MACHINE 85 WELDING Co Manufacturers of Bale 85 Grain Elevators 85 Feed Mixers Machine Shop Service Paint Glass Insulation RHEEMS GARAGE COMPLIMENTS OF RAFFENSPI-:RGER 85 RISSER RHEEMS CARS - STUDEBAKER - TRUCKS Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery Elizabethtown 374 LUMBER 85 MILLWORK MOUNT Joy, R. D. 2, PA. Old U. s. 230 - Phone Mr. Joy 3-6100 Hardware Roofing Storm Windows REMNANT SHOP Every Sewing Need 'A' 109 North Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. REINHOLD'S SUNOCO SERVICE A 'ro Z LUBRICATION uk 735 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED LONGENECKEITS M E AT MAR KE T Wholesale 85 Retail Country Dressed Beef and Pork Phone Elizabethtown 93 7-R-3 125 H. B. JOHNSON Cool and General Hauling FLORIN, PENNSYLVANIA 'k Phone: Mount joy 39221 KING SOLOMON said: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." COMPLIMENTS OF CONGRATULATIONS IN YOUR SEARCH FOR IT RUDY'S AMOCO STATION BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH Hanover and Arch Streets ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. C. R. HEISEY - PASTOR 126 HEISEY BROS. QUARRIES LEW C' HERSHEY RHEEMSPAD FOOD STORE .k 'lOne of The Red Rose Food Stores" CRUSHED STONE Ik ROAD CONSTRUCTION 554 South Market Street PHONE 1-8 Best Wishes from COMPLIMENTS OF CENTRAL REXALL DRUGS HESTECO DRESS and SPORTSWEAR MFG. CO. 3 'mr 2 'DRUG STORE 45 South Market Street Operating the SKY GRILL COMPLIMENTS OF Modern Refreshment Spot BELL'S MEAT MARKET wk COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE In a world seething with undercurrents of hate and prejudice . . . GIBBONS' TYDOL SERVICE STATION North Market and Summit Streets ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Chartered Service BOLTZ,S BUS LINE l . Marietta - Bainbridge . . . it IS good to see a helping hand being extended to one less fortunate . . . Elizabethtown GLENN N. GAINER ' Photographer of the BEN BoLTz 85 SON Phone Mafletta ELIZABETHTOWN CENTRE SQUARE TEL. 34-R '2 7 C0l'l'llJEI'I'l0I'1l5 of GOGITS MEAT MARKET On the Square LOREN, IVIURCHISCDN 8: C0 ciaf jewedm F All Elizabethtown High S h 1 Cla Ring W. HAMPS COMPLIMENTS OF A. S. KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING CO. me olincofn Werftftuffllil .,..A,.2Q4f4, HOME COOKING AUDITORIUM - GYMNASIUM Elizabethtown College ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. .14 ,S,,lll1lAlI'!l C20'6'lllll'Ilfi0Ilfl! Approved by Pennsylvania State Council on Educati Accredited by Middle States Association Member of American Council on Education Member of Association of American Colleges For information write President A. C. Baugher, Ph.D., LL.D. "" " W------M Q . . Kk ..,. ,,,.,,.,, p Y n A W... .M..,.......,.,1 EEE ,m.c.s. R C A VICTOR For the best in service and quality For all Electrical Appliances, see: JACOB B. FISHER on APPLIANCE STORE GENERAL ELECTRIC 1 A Public Service To apply its net income solely for the benefit of Public Schools is the ex- clusive purpose of The SICO Company as requir- ed by its charter. You are doing a public educational service when you use SICO gasoline and fuel oil. i I2 COMPLIMENTS or-' lacked , .fduxigarg of the FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY No. 1 30 COMPLIMENTS OF SHENK BROTHERS Few Sporting Goods Toys LANCASTER, PA. UNION EMBLEM COMPANY High School and Fraternity jewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Stationery PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA P. H. NISSLEY, MANAGER COMPLIMENTS or ,- Eva-so yillllf xox I 1,6 Ssh if , 17 4 givms, img! , 20 'E 4 Y 6 fx tlllx 'X XT ff r affix? ' iff HW The American Legion Conewago Unit 329 X ull, 170 N I QFQAN 1662 2: 6: :4 z- , - . f -x C Q. s qlgizltivk X 'he American Legion Auxiliary Conewago Unit 329 'k Sons of the American Legion Conewago Squadron 329 Skate Your Date at SKATER'S PARADISE Mmnnsi-own, Rourn 1, PA. Open Mon., Wed., Fri., Sat. Bn Sun. Private Parties Tuesday and Friday Nights "F or Health's Sake, Roller Skate" CoMPL1MEN'rs or BILL'S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE COMPLIMENTS or THRIFT CIGAR 85 CANDY CO. HARRISBURG, PA. Distributors of those Famous Candy Cupboard Chocolates COMPLIMENTS or FARVEPUS Texaco Service Station On the Hershey-Elizabethtown Road TYPEWRITERS TYPEWRITER 85 All Makes Rebuilt ADDING MACHINE and Repaired RIBBONS i i J. RAYMOND SMITH Phone 26W i332 W. High Street ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. i HEI SEY'S FOOD STORE 214 West Main Street MOUNT JOY, PA. Full Line of Groceries Frozen Foods - Ice Cream Phone 3-3972 We Give and Redeem S Gs H Green Stamps I3l HENRY G. CARPENTER A ssocidtes I'l:5bU'dlfLCQ CEXCEPT LIFE, MOUNT JOY Stop and Meet Your Friends at C-OLFLAND Golf Driving Range MINIATURE GOLF Played on Carpet BASEBALL PRACTICE by Pitching Pete, the automatic ball pitcher. ir 'Central Penn's Best Lighted Miniature Golf Co l32 ADAM H. GREER jeweler 87 East Main Street MOUNT JOY, PA Phone 3-4124 Diamonds - Watches - Silverware MT. JOY DINER Open Day and Night 24-HOUR SERVICE urse' GOOD FOOD iffy , Q:-Y - , , A Y, f gxfx 5 X -h I ,, fx' ib::9w fx 5 Q 'MV af X . I is lm .fax WTJX XXQJ wx Xi-I :N , xlv N f X L ms T9 i JN 'fyxfj f L R - I K7-, 'w ff f N 'J Egg , QD Q I N f 1 Jw ' 4 ht I "H , i R , 3 W' NX jfxx ' if f SX -' . x 1 + r y ,Q f , Mx ,bl X ' N L, 'M Vx I XB H if f,, G5 Tj Q I I , N f i ' I ' wegak f X ' K -11 V J h + N ' X N K. 5 A W R AFX ff 77 1 Yin ' mmf nf. C56 ij V, Y ,J J i f , ' 1' F U is

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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