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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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ff ,K fi v fl YK 'KW' gf sts' 1 ' 2 nv Q Q I 3, . ,Q al , , Q , X 4 '4-'. Ji , W fffwg,,, 'W " .fm M 5 ff E4 ' 3 5. il 4, Tun I C14 C3 LZIZABULIAN Elizab zflwfown I-I i H School CONTENTS Adminisfrafion Sensors Underclassmen Afhlehcs Achvnhes S PREFACE HUMAN NATURE always wlshes to prolong a happy event day or year Therefore xt IS most natural that those who have worked studmed and played at Ehzabeth town High School during this most eventful and successful 1947 1948 school year should wlsh to keep with them a record and a reminder of the faces events the trlumphs the ordmary daily happemngs The Ellzabethan staffs have endeavored by word and plcture to preserve for all tlme a year of llfe at Elrzabethtown Hlgh School 5 DEDICATION WE THE CLASS OF 1948 cledlcate thls The Elrzabethan to M1ss Klndrg who has been our class advmser and frxend for the past two years She has gn en unselfxshly of her tlme and energy to help us face the dlffxcultles whxch beset us durrng our school llfe We hope that thls vull show ID a small measure our deep appreclauon to her for everything she has done 1TOl IILTLRPP MISS Kmdrg., Senior Class advxscr confers with preslclent Eugene Morrrs lCENTERl Before one of her En l1sr classc M Klndlf., fBELOW LEFTI At varlous school functions Miss Klidlg lends a helpmg hand by playmg the plano I BELOW RIGHTJ Miss Kmdxg glV65 last mmute xnstructxons to the ushers at the Semor Class Play . .1 3 . Y y . , , - v - .' , ' 2 ' s, iss ' 'f explains a lesson in English literature. , . xxixkxl NK' . . , . xxx: . . .,, . . . . 5 x X ' , . xr N .x . . 4 lv V. . I 1 . . x my 6fA0!o!:JGIlIkg 3 f f 5 f a 5 ? 3 j ,s I , X if sf 510 ADM! N I ST RAT I ON laauecl fAe way fo Learning Left to nght Mr Paul M Grubb Mr G Reed Alexander Mr lay Rnser Mr Ralph Hem Mr Albert K German 34 Z?0CU"6! of g6!lflC6lfl0lfl I"0Ul Q TO EVERY MEMBER of the Class of 1948 we extend our best wlshes We trust that the years you have spent ID the publ1c schools of Elrzabethtown have enabled you to burld well the founda IIOHS for successful lrvmg ln your community May you have abundant success ln your chosen field of servlce BOARD or EDUCATION Q LEFT, Grubb vlce president dxscuss school problems durmg a regular montnly meetlng of the School Board C RIGHT J Mr G Reed Alexander president of the Board of Educa tlon and Mr Albert K Garman secretary gemally ch ck over the financial accounts of the school IU . If I 5 0 Mia Mr. Ralph Hein. treasurer. Mr. jay Risser, and Mr. Paul I J T ' as f Q UL GHC? 0 2 lClQI'lt l0l'U'lCll96l 15 To The Class of 48 You merlt the fe11c1tat1ons of your school mates the faculty and the people of the commumty upon the completlon and publl catlon of your yearbook whlch IS a plctonal story of the school as lt now eXlStS It IS my W1Sh when you turn 1ts pages as the years go on that your hearts may be qulckened wlth the reallzatxon of the hopes and asplr atlons that may have been engendered durmg your hlgh school days T H EBERSOLE Supervzsmg Prmczpal CONGRATULATIONS to the Class of '48 for achlevlng thexr major objective, graduatxon Thus fine book IS a concrete example of the perseverance and tenaclty of purpose char acterxstlc of this class If you retam these qualltxes, success wlll be yours Best W1Sh6S to each and all of the Class of '48 RANDALL CLEMENS Hlgh School Prmclpal Miha? if MR T H EBERSOLE R RANDALL F CLEMENS 5- may iff! If' 0 20009 ,40- -.7 -.W 030 MR. WILLIS E. SEIDERS MR. CHARLES E. GOODHART MISS ERMA M. BELL . . . head of the English Department . . . . . . teaches shop. blueprint reading. and . . . teaches typing, shorthand. and office practice . . . teaches Junior and Senior classes . . . enjoys mechanical drawing . . . has charge of build- yearbook business staff adviser . . ."Do you get it?" traveling in New England . . . plans to visit ing stage sets for plays . . . favorite pastime . . . why teachers get gray-Home Room 21 . . . New Orleans this summer . . . dislikes spring is using "Betsy" . . . pet peeve is eighth grade appreciates the heating system-brr! . . . loves swim- and fall housecleaning , . . keeps ORDER in shop classes . . .a good sport. ming, basketball, and tennis . . . talks about her Home Room 25 . . . always on time . . . collegiate sister . . . curly, auburn hair . . . vivacious enjoys new ideas. personality. MR. NOAH M. KLAUSS . . . assistant conductor of the Har- risburg Symphony Orchestra enjoys composing and arranging music directs String Ensemble Band and Orchestras at Elizabeth town High School Try it once more favorite among many students CLFLL! fit? LQFLQALS 0 CHIOCL MISS RUBY 0. ARNESON . art instructor art adviser of The Elizabethan enthused advocate of modern art very cooperative in supplying posters for many school activities recently interested in philately plans to go vsest this summer and travel to the West Coast and Mexico A 1 MISS MABEL J. MILLER teaches history and guidance advises junior Tri-Hi-Y . . . has charge of Home Room C . . . hobbies are music and reading . . . pianist in Sunday School Senior Choir occasionally appears in Building Two for study halls. I2 LL inafrucfom, MRS. VIRGINIA B. ROHRER . . . teaches home economics . . . adviser of F. H. A, and Junior Red Cross . . . "Oh! Virginia!" . . . enjoys working with arts and crafts . . . Ummm, smell those cup cakes! . . . taught rudiments of housekeeping to ninth grade boys this year. ff 4 ' A M, ,, 2 M,,-,,,, M . ' 3 c f 'f- '. - ,, . Q """""----..-. 7' f ' A ' H V fwfvflc, 'fi V X Q , J I f 4 X x . . 1 -4 ' ff M, ' r Q X .1 "ins 1 . Q . P . Y E I2 nur- MR. MARTIN BARLEY . . . janitor, Building Two . . . much in demand on opening day of school . . . seems to be only person who knows the magic of working combinations on newly- assigned lockers . . . students consider DENTIST him a real friend . . . assisted by Mr. Gerald Raup. . . . dental examinations are given each year to all students in the odd-numbered grades . . . reports sent to parents, and checkups follow . . . all local dentists participated in clinic held in grade school oflire . . . pictured above, Dr. C. C, Douglass. uifaff inferedfecl in fAeir weyare. ? MR. ClYDE CDBLE . . , attendance ohicer . . . thoroughly investi- gates all illegal. unex- cused. and unusually long absences from from school. MR. PAUL BRANDT . . . grade school janitor . . , removes traces of Junior and Senior High classes which meet in Rooms B, C, D, and E . .. likes to talk politics with Mr. Blouch. DOCTOR C. STUART SMITH . . . school medical examiner , . . made phys- ical checkups of all students in odd-numbered grades . . , part of school's program to keep students physically fit . . . aim is to discover and remedy defects which may be handi. capping the student. Y f 4 4 x f I ,, rf" t I5 MISS ANNA RUTH HESS , . school secretary , . . passes judgments as to whether or not tardy penalties shall be omitted . . . her day is one long series of tardy slips. exams to be typed, requisitions, absence slips, attendance records . . . ably assisted this year by Lois Holtzman . . . interested in Girl Scout work . . . a warm smile. MRS. I. 0. BAKER und MRS. HENRY l. . . . assistants to medical examiner . , . each dent's sight and hearing checked with binocular and audiometer . . . assist Dr. making physical examinations, keeping together they follow through after check-up, correction of defects, HAQ S1-ENIORS CLIQIOPOCLCAQJ file fAI"Q5A0!6! fo Ct ll 3 Cfadd of 7948 marie llibfor IT ALL BEGAN on a beautiful September morning twelve years ago. School was a new experience for the future members of the Class of 1948. and they were a bit fright- ened. But they soon lost their timidity and by the time they had reached junior High School they knew all of the tricks of the trade. In junior High. school became more complicated as they went in search of classrooms. tried to open lockers. and limbered muscles in gym classes. Interest in school life also increased with the joining of Junior Y organiza- tions. participation in assembly programs. and planning of various parties. Senior High home rooms were located on the second Hoor. Members of the class selected courses for coming years, joined the Senior Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y, and choruses. With graduation in sight, activites increased. Before the Junior year, class officers were elected: president, Eugene Morris: vice-president, Robert Bodmang secretary, Mildred Bollg treasurer, Arlene Keller. The class played host to the Seniors at the Prom and displayed dramatic talent as juniors in "Brother Goose" and as Seniors in "Almost Eighteen." Members of the class held important berths on various athletic teams. In fact. it was well represented in all lines of school activity. As graduation approached. the Class of 1948 went forth into the future bearing its red and white symbols of cour- age and purity. They knew that this was only the begin- ning, that they were "Not at the top, but still climbing." KTOP PICTURE, The junior Play, "Brother Goose," was first attempt of the Class of '48 at dramatics. It was suc- cessfully directed by Miss Mengel. QLEFT, CENTERJ Father defends son against village gossip in this scene from the Senior Play, "Almost Eighteen." QBELOW, LEFTJ A backward glance to the first year in school. 1936 marked the beginning of twelve eventful years for the Class of '48. CBELOW, R161-:TJ The Junior-Senior Prom was held May 5. 1947, in honor of the Class of '47. Gym was trans- formed into Southem plantation garden. -uv SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Lelt to right: Eugene Morris, Kenneth Baker. Arlene Keller, Mildred Boll. Miss Kindig. un er ACL6!Ql"5Ail0 0 rneriforioufi ofgcerff. THE CLASS OFFICERS have been the guiding hand of the Class of 1948. It has been their duty to contribute much time and effort in solving major problems, making decisions, and planning class projects. As president of his class, Eugene Morris assumed great responsibilities and proved worthy of his title. Kenneth Baker held the office of vice-president. Mildred Boll, secretary, kept the records and minutes of the classg and Arlene Keller, treasurer, handled the finances. The Seniors, led by their president, Eugene Morris hold a class meeting in the auditorium. I9 V55 mv 0 NJ El.lZABEIHTow Red and white are the symbolic colors of the Class of 1948 .2 we 0 af el'lC0ll,I'Cl Q unify, NEAL F BALMER Noodle General Hi Y 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Boys Chorus 4 Boys Gym Club 1 2 Lives for gym class likes chem xstry except for the marks a swimm r at heart attends all the athletic games Thanks, sport wants to be a mechanic worked as soda Jerk at Iceland spends his le sure time loafing at the Pharmacy black wavy hair good looking blushes in the ears mischievous grin MARY JANE BARLEY Mary jane Vocational Home Economics Tn HiY 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 F H A 2 3 4 Hockey 3 Red Cross Sewing 2 Fancy Work Club 1 Member of the Hen Club silly of course works at Woody s every noon hour hold the bell here comes Mary Jane likes to dance and eat trustworthy friend worked for Hes taco this summer also did a little baby sitting hangs out at Holtzman s Manor has a cheery smile for every one . . . will make a good beautician. LORETTA M. BARTLES "Pele Vocational Home Economics Tri-Hi-Y 4: F. H. A. 4. Came from Bainbridge this year . . . our ardent football fan . . . cute co-ed in the Senior play at Bainbridge . . . e noisy little blonde in Home Room 20 . . . a dependable F. H. A. member . . . likes to eat sing and dance . . . gosh! . . . plans to go to a school of beauty . . . good luck, Pete. GLORIA E ARNDT Glo Vocational Home Economics H A 3 Always around in time of need but especially at the Prom refreshment stand a true home economics fan those delicious cakes' had a little trouble finding her way around at the Farm Show a dependable baby sitter collects snapshots who are all those boys in your life Glo? Honest to Pete roller skates in her leisure time a future housewife KENNETH E BAKER Humphrey College Preparatory Footballl 2 3 4 Bask tball 1 2 3 4 Base ba 2 3 4 H1Y 2 3 4 Chaplain 3 IC President 4 Class Vice President 4 Our tackle in football excellent chemistry student enjoys going to athletic games yearns to get his diploma cowboys around in a black Ford loves to eat his size shows it wise cracker wears a goatee dur ing football season Oh those poor psychology seats' Class 1948 M Boll M Black, and N Basehore were Semor representatrves m String Ensemble f Q Lflel' f H195 L 8 QCCUWLQ ffl ill lCCl,I'l!7 NANCY E BAsE1-1oRE Nan College Preparatory Tr1H1Y 1 2 3 4 G1rls Chorus 2 Senlor Orchestral 2 3 4 Strmg Ens mble l 2 3 4 Vocal Ensemble 3 M1xed Chorus 3 4 Yearbook 4 Modern MUSIC Club I Home Ec Club 1 A v1ol1n1st the Sen1or Class can be proud of plays 1n the Harrxsburg Symphony Orchestra wxtty t e French class glggler plans to contmue w1th her mus1cal career enjoys sw1m m1ng and ICG skatmg Oh, crap movles are her weakness l1kes dogs especxally a black cocker spanlel Ch1ppy neat dresser CLARA J Br-:Tz Betsy College Preparatory Tr1 H1 Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 Mxxed Chorus 4 jumor Play Yearbook 3 The fl1rty teen ager m the jumor Play detests havmg to carry books home If you hear H1 k1ds' Who has h1s homework done? you know lt s Betsy just loves French' plans to go mto nurse s trammg works at Grant s dur mg Chrlstmas rush lxkes to dance eat and go to the mov1es very sentx mental blushes easily lovely blonde ha1r gen1al full of fun C lass 1948 ROBERT A BISHOP Bush Gtncral Boys Chorus3 4 Mlxed Chorus 2 3 4 Mod ern Muslc Club l Semor Orchestra 4 Football 3 H1 Y 3 4 Rxfle Club 1 An excellent 3l"flSt Pflle Wlnnef at Mt Joy Exh1b1t plays the drums for the Skylxners and also for the Semor Orchestra a future Gene Krupa helps dad at Ellzabethtown Planmg M111 collects records an all around good 1 lxkes a good argument Yea man' blonde and blue eyed enjoys hstemng to symphony concerts MARIAN J BLACK Blackre College Prepamtroy Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 3 4 G1rls Chorus 2 3 Strlng Ensemble 2 3 4 S Orchestra 4 Jr Orchestra 3 Band 4 Glrls Vocal Ensemble 3 4 Modern Musxc Club 1 One of the few A students accom panxst for the MIXGG Chorus amb1t1on IS to study mus1c prlde and Joy of the teachers found practlcmg the p1ano soda jerk at Iceland llkes classn cal music and talkmg hObblES are readmg and eat1ng especxally eatmg just makes the last bell That s logl ca a wrt loads of fun good luck Marlan ROBERT A BODMAN Bob College Preparatory H1 Y 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 2 3 4 Sr Orchestra 3 4 Yearbook4 Photography Ed1tor4 R15 Club 2 3 4 ,Iumor Play Band 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Had leadmg part 1n Brother Goose amb1t1on IS to enter aeronaut1cs school favorxte past1mes are mus1c shootmg, photography and makmg axr plane models worked at the Lancaster Shoe Company durmg the summer works 1n Paxon s Cut Rate after school good sport loads of fun nxce lookmg 1n general, a good guy x -sr-A ,O t., V 7 mg, : ,'h.r.,7- . , . Q f !o o o o ..,: ' e ,.. ' : ' : - k.d . M . - ' 14 n ... ... , , . . . . : ' 1 - . : ' . . : r. .1 .. ,h , . . - , , . . . .. ., -. - .1 H - y - - y ... . - . H ., . , , . . . , ... - . . . I ... . .. Y I U , .- , . 42' xv - -I I 'Z , .3 -A t , ' ' AL vw , , - K , 21 The Prom was a long antzcrpated and well remembered event m hzstory ol Class of 1948 all un orgeffagg l'l'lQl'l'l0l'l65 LUQF2 ma 0 MILDRED A Bom. Mmme Commercxal Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Secretary 3 Presrdent 4 Senlor Orchestra 1 2 3 4 Strmg Ensemble 1 2 3 4 Yearbook 4 Trl H1 Y presldent acqulres head aches as Semor Class secretary good student wrth marks to prove It plays bass v1ol1n ambltlon IS to be come a medlcal secretary favorite pastlmes are movxes readmg and lrsten mg to the radlo after school Grant s couldn t get along wlthout her a great pohtuclan tall dark and handsome Ye gads' JAYNE BOOKWALTER Bookle College Preparatory Trl H1 Y 4 Yearbook 4 Gets swell marks m school LOVES geometry Oh that gwes me a huge pam' ambltlon IS to go south always wrltlng letters favorite pas t1mes are reading and daydreamlng after school works for Hesteco qulet good natured un swell kxd Class 19-48 BETTY J BRADLEY Betty Commercial Ambxtxon rs to become a secretary collects pxctures favorrte pastnmes are readmg and lxstemng to the radlo always has pretzels on hand That s all rlght cute quxet loads of fun JAMES R BRANDT rm Gtncral H Y 1 2 3 4 Football 1 Joy of the shop class ambltlon 15 to see the world qulet mce also mce looking llkes to play cards favorlte pastlme IS gomg to th movies washes cars after school enjoys fishing and huntlng patronxzcs Woody s Luncheonette JAY A BRE'rz Bretzle General Football l Mixed Chorus 4 Boys Chorus 4 Maln ambltxon xs to become a playboy hkes to play cards favorxte pas tlme lS sleeping Drop dead after school works at Klem Chocolate y m yum' likeable friendly mce looking a great cow boy singer swell guy . la' n I .,.: . - - - H . ...a . ., . , Y 7 - ' ' ' ,J 1, , . , , A W .. -,. ..j-.. , '-'- 2 - i- ...c . ' Al '7 " ,. - . ' . . .,, .. . , , , s "' ... ' f ' Q - - - .. H , Co.... u , ' ,, -- French II class prepared lor cztlzenshzp One World by studymg one of :ts languages fl' all new g 6lC6illU"Q CU, flflfe QXIQGIQ 2 Ol'lZOI'l.'l, at D JOAN CORLEY joame College Preparatory Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Glrls Vocal Ensemble 3 4 Yearbook 4 Llterary Editor Head of Ellzabethan Llterary Staff excellent student a real book worm usually qulet but talkatlve at txmes spends her spare txme reading and feedlng her cat Thomas Q wants to be a Navy nurse her hobby IS slnglng Well for crumb s sake' ardent football fan lover of concert and opera muslc works at Iceland In her spare txme JOSEPH CREVAR oe General H1 Y 3 4 Football 1 2 3 Boys Gym Club A great help to Mr Eppler Char flshmg and sports hkes to go bowlmg fnendly personahty curly halr hkes to shoot pool pals around with Sonny Pry and Loser ambition lS to make a lot of money after school he eats loafs and has a good trme Holy heck' JOANNE M DIxoN College Preparatory Trll-I1Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 Mxxed Chorus 4 Yearbook 4 Came from Enola m her sophomore year chemlstry IS her favorite sub ject ambltlon IS to become a biology teacher Nancys vlctlm ln French class dlslxkes algebra and k p duty hobby IS collectmg junk Hey walt for me' hkes to read and sleep especrally sleep pretty and a lot of un dlsarranged seatxng ln Hom Room 20 Q JAMES K BRINSER lm College Preparatory HI Y 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Rxfle Club 4 Boys Chorus 4 A hut m the Semor Play came to us thxs year from Bambrldge ambition xs to be a hrstorlan stamp and com collector favorite pastxme IS reading Ignorance lS bliss works after school at Iceland as a car hop a thorn among roses ln typmg class quxt soclable JOHN W CAMPBELL johnny General Football l 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Rifle Club l 2 3 4 Baseball 2 The coachs Mighty Mouse one Play program covers drives a 35 Chevy often takes trlps to Mt Joy and Florm worked at Masonic Homes a great sportsman enjoys huntmg and fishmg never on time keeps Westie out too late future Navy man lrkes the Junlor grrls I wouldn t doubt lt' good thmgs come m small packages Class 19418 4 . ,X ' ' ' in 2.3. 'l "C . ' .a.4. " J' . - gf' L . . .. - . . . ' X 5: lie's pet pest , , , hobbies are gwimming, of our football men . . . designed Senior ' . . . - A . I . . . I . - . 0 ' . ..Jo,, S .. .- ' V z . , z , , . - . . . . Y . . g I K L- - , K of f . . . ' 'l ' 2 3 lx' ' if .J . 23 'K-J L - DoRcAs L DUNNICK Cookie General Girls Gym Club 1 Tn H1 Y 2 3 Eflicxent member of Elizabethan Art Staff wants to be an art teacher llkes to spend her evemngs at home readmg and playmg records listens to classical music It s just the way I comb my halr' a great frnend to everyone her after school Jobs are math and chemrstry always has her shoes well pohshed MILDRED J EAGLE Mllhe Commercnal Band 2 3 4 jr Orchestra 1 Sr Orchestra 2 3 4 Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Yearbook 3 Lrbrary Staff 2 Grrls Chorus 2 3 Modern Muslc Club 1 Always talking about band or orchestra a great muslclan and fnend of Mr Klauss a whiz ln shorthand and book keeplng always a wrllmg helper temperamental and talkatxve ambl tlon IS to be a school teacher likes gee' prefers tall dark men spends her spare time readmg what spare time? DONALD L EBERSOLE Don General Boys Chorus 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Class Play3 Football 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Base ba 3 4 This years glft from Bambrxdge excels m all sports a fast drlbbler and football runner pleasant speaking voxce and can he sing' helps hrs dad after school seems to hke plnball machxnes qulte a ladys man Gee Crxckets' would like to drxve a truck a llkeable fellow what muscles and wavy hair' very good manners C00 Ql'afl0l'l P0149 Graduation will take the following from the ranks of the band thxs year M Eagle, B Bod man C Kepler, H Guttschall, M Black j 1,4 Glass 1948 LORRAINE C ENCK Enckre Commerual Letter Wrmng Club l Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 Grrls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Yearbook 4 Gee whxz bookkeepmg agam' a twelve three typing whlz llkes to swxm and read always cheerful a true frzend dlSllk9S homework enjoys wntmg letters and seeing movies works as a waxtress during the sum mer likes to llsten to the radro greatest ambltlon IS to become an efh clent secretary good luck Lorrame ROMAINE L ECKINGER Eckle Commercial '1'r1H1Yl 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 Mrxed Chorus 4 Band 3 4 Yearbook 3 4 Indoor Pa rol 2 3 4 A future beautlclan one of our b st twnrlers a good sport her mrddle name IS Lou happy go lucky as a sxlly laugh often goes swlmmmg dunng her vacatlon works as a tele phone operator always combing her attractrve wavy halr enjoys eatxng spaghettl my gosh' a smooth dancer reziu fa, aa .J VV? 1. 1, . .l 1' :- . , :Q I .4: 1 I l ' 9 - ' Q : ' , 1 r. . . - -Y all sports, especially football . .."Holy - - - Y, , . H 'sl . ,. . : - I Vs, . . : . : U ' ' - - ,..h , .... .. Y - . . . . . . ...Oh, ..."Oh, ' YY ' fri . , . I Class 1948 EARL D FREY Bud General Lxttle but mlghty opens all bottles teasing Holy smokes' excellent Englxsh student early mornmg trap per lnkes to dnve but by hrmself a thmker hearty laughter enjoy work m the shop class works on farm after school hours our future farmer LORELLE A FITZWATER Lefty Vocatronal Hom Economxcs Gxrls Gym Club 1 2 Tr1HxY 3 4 F H A 3 4 Grrls Chorus 2 3 4 Lorelle IS one of our best hom eco nomrcs students can really sew cook and clean house a great sense of humor Ye gads' very good at acrobatxcs makes shoes durmg the summer blessed with Mother Na tures freckles mterested ln sports and just crazy about hxstory wx probably be a housewlfe bound to make good E LAVERNE EVER Verney General H1 Y 1 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Boys Gym Club 1 2 Junior Play Semor Play Band 3 4 An outstandmg actor had leadmg part xn Semor Play one of our best drummers works at the Etown Creamery enjoys drxvmg skatmg or hxkmg m the mountaxns llkes math and shop future carpenter Holy smoke' tall dark and handsom often makes calls to Manhelm pleaslng personallty quxte a blusher ESTELLE J FxTzwA'rER Estelle Commefcxal Tr1H1Yl 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Year book 4 Grrls Gym Club 1 Outstanding gym student wxtty studuous and quxet sometimes A student a great lover of short hand always readlng Oh don t be so sllly' s y works as a wart ress smrlmg IS her professlon does she lxke Holtzmans Manor or 1ts customers? she s so slrm hopes to be a legal secretary 'B GERALDINE M FITZWATER Gerry Commercxal Trl H1 Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 A demure brunette shy but fnendly helpful Have you ever seen any of her scrapbooks9 beautuful needle work dlsllkes bookkeeping llkes to go to movxes especlally fond of red hanr has all up to date magazmes lxkes to hold hands ln the movies future housewmfe 50 QX I855l0l'l MIQCOUQPQCJ In the Semor Play Almost Eighteen under standing father Eugene Morns advrses son, Laverne Eyer 1,5 I . l . mfg L l I t . . . I y ' - in , ,V , X H Q H . . . . . . Q zigzag . . . . , , - V. -., ' 'X 1-ua., - Mrs. Eshelman can't . . . victim of much ' - ' l AA V' s 1 1 1 1 1 - 'f' ' ' , ' ' - ' . . . an Z . . , I. . . ' ' ' A U -' l . . . . . . s ' g ' H - - ' 1 I ' . . . . ll . . . - . 1 1 Q D ' ' ' 1 s u A , . , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' ,ZW 2 rv - Q h ... 1 1 1 y Y l - H - - :V . . . , . . . . ' ' I . . . 'll l N . ,, 1 ' 11 - '- I I . , , ' 1 Class 1948 A SAMUEL GISH Sam General Boys Chorus 4 Actlve ln the 4 H Club ralsed a wmnmg baby beef 1n the 1947 Farm Show loves school wouldn t thmk of mnssmg a day' quxet but stlll water runs deep has a wmmng smlle swell guy dnves a gray Plymouth works on his dads farm hobby IS huntmg huntmg for what Sam? main ambxtlon IS to be a mechanic HAROLD M GOODMAN Goody General Outdoor Patrol 1 2 3 Boys Chorus 4 Spends much tlme m the shop lxkes sports drlves a gray Plymouth spends hrs leisure tlme gomg to the movles Gee whiz' quxet works at Rudxe s dark halr plans to be a bachelor but we know better teachers get under h1s skm IS ambxtlon IS to travel NANCY R FREY Nan College Preparatory Grrls Chorus 2 3 4 Red Cross Sewing 2 One man team very good ln sports blushes easily works as a waxtress at Aunt Sally s plays the pxano well hates to be teased loves French class very consclentlous ln her school work would like to be a nurse dlsllkes noxsy people a memb r of Gnrls Chorus always wlllmg to help others GLORIA M GAINER Gravel College Preparatory THHIY 1 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Band 3 Yearbook 3 Cheerleadmg l Current Events Club 2 Glrls Gym Club l Indoor Patrol 2 3 Jumor Play Semor Play Had leadmg parts ln both class plays swlngs the baton m the band t e answer gurl nn health class hopes to be a nurse noted for bexng on time Oh no vxvacnous pretty eyes spends her spare time swxmmmg and dancmg assnsts a veterxnarlan works m Aunt Sallys occasxonally loads of fun talkatwe MILDRED J GISH Millie Vocational Home Econommcs 1H1Y1 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 F H A 3 4 Letter Wrltmg Club l Good home economlcs student likes chemistry actlve m the F H A hkes to tlckle the xvones look out' here comes Mlllxe trymg to drlve the car Oh my achxng back' always gngglmg takes care of her Hock of brothers at home lovable gal oh those boy friends ambition to teach I'l2CQ5fldI"g fo LIC lQUQl'l'l8l'lf 0 tA8 g06l 5 Next years football squad will miss there hard fightmg Semors K Baker J W1ll1ams,j Stotz, G Roland R Martm, D Hess D Ebersole, R McNaughton, J Campbell E Smith 26 ' ..: ' . , . U' . Q .. . . . .4 : U: - : : : .: : ' , 7 ' . . .. ...a ' ' good luck, Sam! ' ' ' U . u l. n I 1' "" ' ', , ,Q . Tl""' . . , I , .42 l . l . . . ,Q . ' KA ' YY ' ...l I . . -Q. .. 'Y ' na.a . A, . ,, A , . . , - o Z Q , . . . , . . , . . . , . . DOROTHY j GREENAWALT Dol Vocational Home Ec nomrcs Library Staff 3 4 F H A 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Red Cross Club 2 3 Lrkes home economics just loves English member of the F H A gets a thrill out of lrstenrnv to hrllbrlly musrc Great Caesar' enjoys cookrng and sevtrng Who is the hand some man rn her life? blonde naturally wavy harr enjoys a good joke hearty laugh marn ambrtion rs to be a good housewrfe JOHN W GROFF Mousey Commercral HrY 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 jr Orchestra 1 2 Sr Orchestra 3 4 Band 3 4 Ye book Staff 3 4 Rifle Club 2 3 A great commercral law student never skips classes because he s never rn school likeable always wears clothrng to match hrs harr drives a snappy maroon Plymouth a frrend of everyone enjoys runnrng after women want to fly around the world? see our future prlot HARRY L GUTTSCHALL Bean Pole General Jr Orchestra 2 3 Sr Orchestra 4 Band 1 A capable worker rn the shop plays a slrdrng trombone rn the orchestra and the band a great sports fan works for Russel Srebert devrlrsh is J woman h ter but just wart' good driver ta' slrm hopes to be a successful far 1 we know he wrll succeed Class 1948 JAMES D Hass Smokey General Hr Y 2 3 4 jr Orchestra 1 2 Sr Orchestra 3 4 Yearbook 3 4 Football 1 2 3 4 B ketball 1 2 3 4 Boys Gym Club 1 End on the football team plays the drums in the orchest a lrkes chemistry hrs srlly laugh echoes through the halls favorrte subject rs women P S Blondes our class show off Hrrtatrous Chung rn hrs studio wrll make a successful photographer VIRGINIA G HrxsoN Grnny College Preparatory Yearbook 4 Trr Hr Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 Mrxed Chorus 4 Band 3 4 Letter Wrrtrng Club 1 Harls from Robrsonra favorrte sub jest rs French what about algebra? able pranrst hobbres range from skating to long walks Oh my gosh' beautrful black harr mterested in cars especially trucks slrm works at Grants Store over the holrdays trreless worker favorrte song rs An chors Awergh a future stenographer LU lC'l CLP? l,l!0l"f g 0 5U'lCQl"Q Q Olnfff SenrorsE Keener G Hummer A Keller M Shaak N Shank andR Yurkovrc were back bone of Grrls Hockey Team '77 . .. .P an V , of V' xf U l I --1 l ri '2' I-I af' ,iz V ll .,: V : as- , : ' , .4- , , , 5 ' . D D ' ... . . ... - ' ,.." "... I l' 7 - - - "NO CTEP!" - f . what 3 Sax Player! friendly . . . spends much time working fi' , 4 2.'3,4. ' ' i ' ' z - l ' ,' ' ', 1, 'A ' 2 M V :,, l - H H ,,v, -1 . . 4, '- Y-15f,,, ' , I ' . - ' U H. . . ' 77 O ' . , . , I . , 1 F ' .Y ' - Y Office practrce class files letters m Vandex filing boxes QdI"l'lU'l9 fo 60 UQ l"0 QH15 5g:flQl'l'ldflCCl, y SUSAN J HOLLINGER Suzre College Preparatory Short laughs easxly pxamst m lexsure txme eat? always m class rxdes the Mt Joy Townshxp bus con stantly whnspermg to slster Alta good natured lxkes to take long auto ndes Oh great' actually lnkes to practlce pxano arms to be a cap able housewife Lois M HOLTZMAN Loss Commercial Yearbook 4 Tn I-In Y 2 3 4 Gnrls Chorus VWSC2 One of our redheads essentlal oflice asslstant Do you have your absence slnp ready? hurrxes through halls Gee I m hungry waxtress at the Manor loves dancing sneaks dances whale working makes delnclous long short usually always ln office her arm to be a secretary and to see Florxda GERALDINE E HUMMER Gerry Commercial Yearbook 4 Tn I-lnY 2 3 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 3 4 Indoor Patrol 4 Hockey 4 Modern Muslc Club l Ardent hockey player lxkes a sports eats to llve and lxves to ?? enjoys reading and playmg records Mr Grosh may I please go down to t gym? early for school but late for home room cut up ln class t s a great llfe ambxtlons lead xn the way of an anr llne hostess FERN A HOERNER Blondie Commercial Yearbook 4 Modern Music Club 1 Grrls Chorus 2 3 4 A good student m the commerclal sec txon lxkes hnlung and skatmg enjoys a good Joke loves to travel Hershey Blondie? pretty blonde halr goes steady petlte gxgglxsh loves dark haxred males blushes easxly Oh my gosh' ambxtxon to travel and be a Nurse s Aide best of every thing Fern ALTA G HOLLINGER Alta College Preparatory Glrls Chorus 2 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Letter Blonde baseball fan plays short stop knack for rememberlng llcense numbers Oh no' I need a plumber enjoys exercrsxng vocal cords Interests he mainly near Man helm lxkes Shakespeare always wlllmg to help others her mam am bltlon IS to travel then be a model housewlfe Class 19418 .V ' ff at , gl? I ' ' It ' l . V! ' Y Q . . 1 - . ' nl - vu I l ' ' - nf? 2, 3, 4: Library- 1,- 2, fig Cheerleader 1, 2: WfigingC1ub1.: l z I H Y . . . . H I . . . . . . - - - lv . l ' ' . 1 V FII.: ' 4.-'if ' . . . . ' ll .K . . . . , he f -' . . . - ' . . . "I ' 28 I We-Q I fl, an The Senior commercral section learned how U S Postal System Iunctlons f ey IOFQIOCLPQJ fo QCOIWEQ 900 CltLZQI'l:57 Esrl-:ER B KEENER Ettle Commercral Yearbook 3 4 Trl Hx Y 2 3 4 Grrls Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 Brunette actlve hockey player dnves team to hockey games It s a great llfe l1kes to skate and read works after school hours for Dr Ulrzch favorite pastime IS entertalnmg her mece Judy Ann Crosby fan co lects photographs enjoys college foot ball games bxg brown eyes er future ambltxon IS to be a medlcal secre tary J WILBUR KEINARD Wrb General Tall blond quiet bxg brown eyes a future farmer enjoys domg any kmd of work wlllmg to help everyone dnscnple of Mr Goodhart can be seen at lunch tlme roughmg nt wnth the other boys regular ball fan Class 1948 ARLENE M KELLER Lena Vocational Home Economlcs Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 Mrxed Chorus4 Cheerleadmgl 2 3 4 Patrol 3 4 V W S C 2 Class Treasurer 3 4 Class treasurer llves for sports swell hockey player our only semor cheerleader button nose Gee zoo' Oh' those hen partles mam ambxtlon is to travel to Kansas forgot always lookmg at someone s eyes hear the latest Joke? see Lena Me? I was m early last nxght no klddm works at the telephone exchange CATHERINE M KEPLER Kep Commercial Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Mxxed Chorus 4 Trl H1 Y 2 3 4 Band4 Yearbook4 junior Class Play Senior Class Play Outstandmg actress took part in Jumor and Senior Plays appreclates musxc and good books oh that laugh' a good student plays saxophone nn the school band Gee zoodey' Her ambmon IS to be a good secretary also wants to travel We know you wxll make good Kep LEROY W KILLIAN Kllroy College Preparatory Baseball 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Mxxed Chorus Kllroy the tall own r of beautlful curly ha1r hls mterests are huntmg fishmg and women quite a sportsman ln that lme qulet at tlmes ee llke laugh1ng9 see Kllroy Drop dead' frzendly h1s ambxtxon xs college good luck Leroy we feel that you wxll make good h I' ear .42 fff fpryq I, ,Qf ff f 5 1 I-loclcey 3, 41 Letter wating Club 1. ' ' ' F. H. A.'3, 44 Hockey 3', 4, oyfh Club 1,' 2E ' l l - U '. . I . . . ' . . . ' Y' ' , . . . . . l . . . . '. H l ' I l . ' ' . . . I f ' ' ' 'L ., , . 4' . , . , , 2 ' , A I , . . . . . . . . ' ' . . . f l 99 6 JOHN L KLEIN Jack Colleg Preparatory Busmess manager of the Semor Play also, wlnner of the Pennsylvama Week Contest Not so much norse says Jack bxggest tease ln our class our French hero stockroom man at Grant s handsome doughboy has an eye for the women Hrs hobby rs fooling ln class ,He hopes to become an accountant We know you wlll succeed, Jack Berry A KLING Betts Vocatnonal Home Economxcs Tr1H1Y 1 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 4 Year book 3 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 F H A 3 4 Scrxbe 4 V W S C 1 2 jumor Play Semor Play Scrapbook Club 1 Red Cross Sewmg l 2 3 4 Glrls Gym Club 2 Class Treasurer 1 Betts our bundle of beauty ta dark and very attractxve good actress qulte often seen rldlng around ln a brown and tan 1946 Chevrolet cute turned up nose Dear me " favor :te pastlme IS the Hen Club loves old fashloned trouble neat st1ll on that dxet Betts? her ambltxon ns to be a beautxclan you have what xt takes Betts Class 1948 -In-A Semor sub debs A Keller, B Klmg M Werss, S Maloney N Smuck, N Landis N Wagner, M Barley organized Hen Club had regular meetings numerous parties fo 0l'l'l'l Clffflfl PAULINE G LANCASTER Polly Commercual Trl H1 Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Fancy work Club 2 Letter Wrrtmg Club 1 Year book 4 Polly IS our bundle of Joy from New vllle the qulet, frlendly type qulet that 15 untll you get to know her spends her lexsure tlme at the Lan Caster County Farm Dlner those Sun day mght dates loves to drlve a car happy when eat1ng a barbecue and French frxes her ambxtxon IS to travel NORMA A LANDIS Schnookre Vocatrcnal Home Economxcs Home EC Club 2 F H A 3 4 Mixed Chorus 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 Outstandlng home economlcs student Mr Frrtz s baby sltter locat1on9 boys dormltory at Patton School Why does she love her work? noted for her Hen Club slumber partles always eatmg her favorlte food food Im hungry her hobby 15 baggmg school moody attends F Bu M dances ambmon to be a dxetxtxan good luck to you Norma ELEANOR H LONGENECKER Ellie College Preparatory Tru Hx Y 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Ellie is the hxgh Jump r 0 lf class an outstandmg athl te o'1 of our class glgglers There IS n ve a dull moment when Ellie rs around Good heavens' lnked by everyone With her long black tresses and pretty blu eyes Ellie IS a knockout at th Blue Prg blushes easxly future nurse We know you wxll succeed Ellxe rt nf!5At,o:i, ?,, K XX 0,1 I I 4 f K f 'V w..,f,"' rf , - . 3 4 Maw, f ,wwzwf A ,J ff W f ' f - - r - . , . . , . - . . , . .. ,. Q , .. ,, - KA ' Uv , . . l , . , .M . ,,. - .. ,, . . h ' ' "'9 "5 ' . :....: ' v . . . . ,, 3 5 V 1 , ,,: : . -, -- I ll, - rr , .ry ,U - . . . U . ,, .. . . g ,N Q ' ' e .e 3 r a .. 1 , , - r . v Semors frequently made the rounds t getfer Above J Groff and Plymouth wrth R Bishop and D Hess waf a Apuuf 6 OLU5 lp l0l"6U6Ll ang JOHN H MARTIN Foo General Senxor Class Play 4 Hx Y 3 4 Do you hear someone saymg Hmm 9 that s Foo the teachers prxde and oy was stage manager of the S mor Class Play favorlte pastlme-wme women, and song llkes to play cards works at South End Grocery Store after school frequents the shop wants to become a state patrolman lots of luck Foo we hope you make xt Russel. E MARTIN Russ College Preparatory Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Football I 2 3 4 Can usually be found talkmg about anythlng helps h1s father 1n summer good chemxstry student oh that trxgonometry' plays tackle ln fo tball an amateur electrlcnan smgs t nor ln chorus future Navy ensxgn you see a streak gomg by its Russel drlvmg hxs fathers car has hrs own radxo statnon WSMFW MARY E MATONEY Tom College Prepa a ory Trl H1 Y 1 2 3 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Girls Vocal Ensemble 3 4 Band 4 Yearbook3 4 Indcor Patrol 2 3 4 Modern Musncl 2 V W S C 2 Laughmg green eyes left handed one of our band twlrlers loves to dance spends her summers nn Clev land big corresponden e smgxnfv slsters only one on patrol on t me our fuddy duddy gxrl oh' anoth r sty a future physxcal educatwn teacher DONALD C LOSER Don General H1 Y 3 4 Football Manager 3 Don happy go lucky manager of the football team nxce lookmg future artlst frequents the bowling alley w1th Pry Yurky and Crevar gets a kxck out of ndmg horses dnves a 1933 Chevrolet H15 weaknesses are pinball machlnes and women quxte fond of Enghsh, too DOLORES B LYNN Dolly Vocahonal Home Economxcs Trl H1 Y 4 F H A 4 A bundle from Bambrxdge quxet and cute loves to sew and hsten to records works m her father s butcher shop after school qulte a handy helper collects plctures and dog statues Now where dld I lay my chewlng gum? will probably be a butcher s wlfe more power to you Dolly KJHHISS 1948 f I . ,. 7 - U U 0. .. ,. I I C I G C 0 . 4 .. ., .. H 2 ' 1- ' v? ' - ll H - . Y 5 ' . . j e' ... , 1 r "' , , .2 , 1 ,- ' '- :. . . , . , , A ' if U ' ' " - -y . , . , .. . , . Y , , . .. ,. , - - ..,: : .: .: 1' .: f ..: ,Q. . . .. N - x , - ' ff- IF - g . - ',. e ' SHIRLEY M MATONEY Shir! Vocahonal Home Economncs Tru HI Y 1 2 3 4 MIxed Chorus 3 4 GIrls Chorus 2 3 4 Girls Vocal Ensemble 3 4 Band 4 F H A 3 4 Secretary 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 V W S C 2 Modern MUSIC Club 1 Yearbook 3 4 Class glggler HI Honey' nothIng IS too much for ShIrl to do beautlful wavy haxr good acrobat other half of the smgmg duet capable twIrler Mr WIndIsh s pet peeve In study hall always has a pencxl behInd her ear lxkes Jewelry always wor rIed about gettmg fat lond of chIl dren a fellow beautIcIan ROBERT C MILES Bob General HI Y 3 4 Football 3 Manager 4 Basketball Manager 3 4 Baseball Manager 2 3 4 Tall quIet hates to get up In the mormng basketball manager has to take a lot of teasmg waterboy at football games often seen but sel dom heard lIkes to go to the movles part of summer vacatIon worklng at Shearer s Furmture Store GRACE E MILLER Gracy Commercual TrIHIY 2 3 Treasurer 4 Glrls Chorus 2 4 MIxed Chorus 2 3 4 Jumor Play Year k 3 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 Modern Musxc 1 Semor Play The cute llttle tomboy of the jumor Play speed demon at the typewrxter types the bulletm for Mxss Hess Nurses Alde that s for Gracy betcha' short but can she talk' llkeS owls and wrens her leIsure tIme IS spent lxstemng to records Ice skatmg collectIng pIctures or loaiing has a peachy complexIon Class 191118 EUGENE W MORRIS Pres College Preparatory Boys Chorus 4 MIxed Chorus 4 Baseball 3 Class Presldent 3 4 Semor Play 4 Capable presldent of the Semor Class played an outstandmg part In the Semor Play drIves around In a mxlk truck In the mornIng dashes around In hIs blue hornet at nIght That s exams' popular no steady glrl fnend but roams around In Hershey and Palmyra plans to go to college LAVERN K MUMMA Chlcken General Baseball 1 Good shop student member of the stage crew for the Semor Play drIves lIke crazy hkes the gxrls blg tease works on hIs farm truck drlver llkeS Hshxng huntmg and eatIng pastlme IS loafmg lIkes funny books wants to travel enjoys baseball quIet sense of humor llkes chlckens all kmds ambItIon me chamc Ofwafwl 65, file W-If 0 reaf lr-acLhon4, Hzgh steppmg Semor majofettes M Maloney S Matoney V HIxson R Eckmger G Gamer '?2 ' LL ' 1? U A . . . of . . . , ' ' I . 1 . ' I . y I - ' ' fl YY ' . 'I EL 7 . . . found at all sports events . . . spent qllife the thingn - - - Oh, those Chemistry , . - . Y . I 4 . . Q . t 1 - n . . . Q. - . Y . . Y I l . ' ' l , Y . . . "I ' ' ' . ,, . . . . . . . . . 7 . . v . - . . . - - , . . . Q . . . C , - , , . . Kilass t 1948 ROBERT L POWELL Bob General Keeps us entertamed by playmg the piano Where s that boogle woogle commg from? tall lanky likes to chew gum full of fun enjoys read mg collects records lxkes to lnsten to the radlo What rn the world s the matter wlth you? always sur studylng the pxano good luck Bob ROBERT L REHRER Bob General H Y 1 2 3 4 Gym Club l 2 Football 1 Outdoor Patrol 1 2 3 4 Dark wxtty relxable all weather patrolman Frank Smatra type mmus the Vonce pest You know I wouldn t lxe to you spends pastlme sleepmg llkes the women sells and collects cookles' tease one of Iceland s car hops Bobs ambition IS to jom the Navy GENE JAY MYERS Red College Preparatory Band 2 3 4 jr Orchestra 2 Sr Orchestra 3 4 junior Play Semor Play Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 3 4 Boys Quartet 3 4 Boys Gym Club 2 Studxous plays the trumpet hkes to croon members of Boys Quartet pest apple pollsher My word' llkes to brag about hrs home state Massachusetts dramatlc ability came to light m both class plays collects Indlan lore works on Plams Indlan costume lnkes the grrls falthful Boy Scout rellable salesman ln Kmgs Mens Store ambxt1on forestry engmeer RICHARD H MCNAUGHTON Dick College Preparatory Basketball 1 2 3 4 Baseball 3 4 Football 4 Chorus l Athletic good basketball player mlschlevous gleam m those blue eyes friendly hkes fishmg and hunting came to us thus year from Bambrldge next questlon McNaughton' sleepmg XVheres that excuse card Duck? What are you lookmg for a fat nose? ambltlon mechanic JOE ANN POWELL ap Commercial Tr1H1Y 1 2 3 4 Gurls Chorus 2 3 Year book 3 4 Indoor Patrol I 2 Modern Music Club 1 Mixed Chorus 4 Witty loves bookkeepmg9 pretty blonde haxr Does anyon have any gum? enjoys readmg dancing and movles Jap IS always gettmg blamed for others tncks hates carrots and hver dxshkes K P duty interested ln Patton enjoys llsten 1ng to lectures hopes to get through college and we know she w1ll Olflfl afl0fL6 Ol" Milli? tl"6lU'llI'lg LUQPQ CL! , College preparatory Semors delved deep mto the mysteries of science G Myers and j Bookwalter perform on expenment m chem xstry If H ..,., , . . . . . . , . . , , . . H " 1. - H , . y - - Q . . . . . U . . .l V . . . U U V . , . - . nv ' ' . . . . - . - rounded by girls . . . wants to continue again-S0UnClS llke Engllsh C1853 - . - . . , . . . . , . , - - - . 4. - -- 1 . y . i- . . . 1 , : : '- '- , , . : ' . : ,- , . , , , zu . Q at - fy' ' It ' , , , 'K 9 Y ' " ' . ll . . . Q I , D - A 1 I a . 1 I y . . , . . . I ' , . . ' I . '.' ' , . H O f 0 0 g Class 1948 Rov C SCHROLL JR Roy Commerclal jr Orchestra 2 3 4 Yearbook 3 4 journal lsm Club l The mquxrxng mmd Why teachers get gray Roy and briefcase are mseparable men are scarce ln the commercxal sectxon arent they Roy? works as a dehvery boy and meat cutter at Grexners apple pollsher hkes h1tch hlklng and gomg to the mov1es m Lancaster ambmon IS to travel and be a success xn busmess GERALD H ROLAND Asthma College Preparatory Footballl 2 3 4 Basketballl 2 3 4 Year book 4 HIY 2 3 4 Boys Chorus 3 4 Mixed Chorus 2 3 4 Boys Gym Club 1 2 Star athlete hard hxttmg rxght tackle of the football team favorxte pastime IS walkmg out to the Masomc Homes always ready for a good laugh hates to be called Henry spends any spare tlme workxng at the Gulf Sta tion llkes to go swlmmmg at Hershey Gee whlz' hked by everyone future physlcal educatlon teacher FAYE J R1-:No Faye College Preparatorx Tru Hu Y 4 Dramatic Club 2 3 Girls Chorus 3 Manor s loss our gam enjoys read mg hxkxng always stopping up smk ln chemnstry class Oh my achm back' pretty blue eyes good natured lxkes good musxc enjoys sports especxally basketball hkes a good laugh alms to b a nurse PEGGY A RICE Peg Commercial Modern Music Club 1 'I'rnHlY 1 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 3 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 Year book 3 4 Talkatwe twlrler m the Drum and Bugle Corps happy go lucky u of pep llkes to travel to Maytown Mr Blough s pet enjoys dancing and sxttxng 1n tha Pharmacy Who me? Never' dlsllkes rules and regu latlons hkes pretty clothes and Jewelry alms to be a receptxomst PHYLLIS E RISSER Phyl College Preparatory Gxrls Chorus 2 3 4 Mlxed Chorus 2 3 4 joined us thls year Palmyra lxkes readmg and hates school' good an Gee oh good musxc smgs too' loves smlle and sparkling a good l ugh pretgy hopes to go e onomlcs well groomed and take up lllnl' M58 0 Qlifufe fini? There is material for famous orchestras m thzs group ol Senior members ol the E H S Or chestra an x. 'WTF 34 A MABE1. T SHAAK Pete G n ral Gxrls Chorus 2 3 4 Girls Gym Club 1 Hockey Excels 1n athletlcs elected honorary captam of the hockey team talkatrve Well ge whlz' favorlte pas tlme IS going to the movles happy go lucky mam ambxtxon xs to be a good housewxf always ready to lend a helpmg hand blg cut up Pete s hobby IS collectmg pxctures ever fmd that tooth Pete? BETTY J SHANK Betty Commercial Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 4 V S C 1 Yearbook 4 Red Cross Club 1 Enjoys belng Mr Dxehl s secretary mce smxle llkes readxng and wntmg stones and poems Oh tae heck with works m Washmgton D C dur mg the summer spends her time eatmg and collecting pnctures of shlps the Navy holds an attract on for Betty ambxtxon IS to be a wrxter w know she will succeed NANCY G SHANK Nan Commerc 'nl Tr1H1Y 2 3 4 Chaplam 4 Fancy Work Club 1 Glrls Chorus 2 3 Mxed Chorus 4 Yearbook 4 Hockey 3 4 Junxor Play Senxor Play Good actress superb performanc ln Senxor Play desplte severe cold full of fun athletlcally mclmed expert fullback on hockey team xke roller skatlng readmg and movxes Whats eatmg you? collects plc tures has an answer for everythxng works at Grant s during the summ r future plans are to travel and b a success Class 1948 EDWIN S SMITH College Prcparatory Football 3 4 H1 Y 3 4 Treasurer 4 Our future engmeer Hot clnders keeps order m Room 20 that laugh' enjoys duck hunting cam to us from Bambrldge ln our Junior year lakes to snoop around the rxver draws grrls luke a magnet llkes school' hobby IS collecting guns athletic NANCY L SMUCK Nan Vocahonal Home Economics TrlHlY 2 3 4 Glrls Chorus 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Yearbook 3 4 Art Editor 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 F H A 3 4 VlcePres1dent 4 Cheerleadmg 2 3 Efficient art editor of the yearbook actxve member of the F H A ta good lookmg beautxful blonde halr lxkes pamtlng dancmg and the Hen Club Number please excellent artist every lassle has her laddles Oh my mom' wel dressed yearns to be a deslgner w1ll be a good one 900 15l00l"f:5l'l'lCl,Ifl6 L10 QCLIITLQ 0 ltlfla , The class was represented on th varstty basketball team by D Eb rsole K Baker and R McNaughton 33 nf i 14. . A. 2 In - f r t c 0 , ' Ie... V I . . . , - J. . . ,JR. .. -- - ..Ed,, '-'- -11 ' "1-W- ,: '- ,: . ..: : . , M , H . , , , , U . .. , it!",.. ' ' , .. - N ' - f . , , I , . . . good-natured . . . all-around guy. , ,f e .if - .fl I Y H U ' 44 H ' . : .: ' : 'Y 1 - ,' Y' : ' e ' ' ,, ...l' 3 ' ' , ', , ' ' ' LL YI Q ,, . . -H... -- . . ' '..." , l- .. . 2 ' . e . . 2 , . , P Lancaster F Hoerner and other members ol the office practrce class prepared report Cards for distribution every six weeks fi ag afanvlarala 0 dclno am up WILBUR L SWEIGART Swerg General Quiet bashful mce personality helped wrth Semor Play stage set good shop student favonte pas txme IS playmg pmball machmes sleeps mn English class hkes gxrls Gee whxz' enjoys comxc books Dave Hetrxck s rxght hand man joys huntmg and flshmg ambltxon IS to travel Rosa M TROUTMAN Rosle Commercial Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 Jumor Play Library Stall' 2 3 4 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 Gnrls Chorus 2 Yearbook 4 Scrapbook Club l Pretty han' beautlful peaches and cream complexion collects pennants and photographs good pxamst enjoys bemg a soda jerk at the Cut Rate shorthand whnz good sport likes reading good books often seen at the movnes a very capable lxbrar nan greatest ambmon xs to become an office worker Betty s bookkeepmg assistant NANCY L WAGNER Nan Vocahonal Home Economics TrlHlYl 2 3 4 Indoor Patrol3 4 V W S C l 2 F H A 3 4 Secretary3 Red Cross Sewing Club 1 2 3 4 Junior Play Modern Music Club 1 Mlxed Chorus 3 4 Glrls Chorus 2 Yearbook 4 Sr Play Talkatlve hkes records and danc m always drlnkmg cokes re quents Harrisburg and Lancaster enjoys gomg to the Pharmacy lnkes old fashxoned fun and men actlve member of the Hen Club wants to travel What again? will prob ably be a beautlclan Good luck Nan we know youll succeed 36 MILDRED M STAUFFER Mrllre College Preparatory TrlH1Y l 2 3 4 Vice Presxdent 4 Grrls Chorus 2 Mxxed Chorus 3 4 Yearbook 4 Edltor 4 Scrapbook Club l Edrtor of the yearbook checks attendance ln Home Room 20 quret m her own way lots of fun my gosh' hkes to eat oranges Grants little helper at Chrlstmas frrend of everyone hkes radzos and books frequently seen at the Cut Rate favonte class rs study perlod prompter at the Semor Play mam ambxtlon IS to travel around world JOSEPH C Srorz oe College Prepartory Football l 2 3 4 Basketball 1 H1 Y 3 4 Sergeant at Arms 4 Anyone looking for a handsome blond? well heres joe made a good sergeant at arms for H1 Y a flrst class football player llkes to ride m a certain black Ford EEGA works for a contractor m hxs spare time likes a good time wreckless dnver qunet ln his own way ambrtlon ns to be a travehng salesman Class 1948 I W ,... 5 -i I n 4 4 1-4 wif! O O I , ,. 1 U ' I! I 4- ' ' n ' n li ,,.,. I -V 4 -l ' I . . . . I I . Z ik A, - D . . ' ' ' . . PA 'P f .. - - ff: ' ..."Oh, , . I N:jk1.xlU ' ' ' , . ' l en- Y .3 . . . ' . . . ': :I ii' .V . . . ' H I 'U I I . H1 U '-' . - - . . . , l . . . I 2 . I I . . N ' g . . . . ' ' . . . f - - j- -I of - . . M , l -W ...HI . ' Kjlass 1948 ll'l0LCCl,lQ6l CL Pedf efQl'I'l'llflCl,ll0I'l fo riuccee KENNETH S WALMER Babe General Basketball l 3 Baseball 3 4 Boys Chorus 4 Mlxed Chorus 4 Very fnendly ta full of fun can be seen tourmg E town m a stat on wagon always Jokmg works at the Masomc Homes dunng th summer qurte a whlz at chemistry Is your radio broken? Babe wrll know all about It plans to be a radlo techmclan MARY M Weiss Mary Vocatxonal Home Economxts Tn H1Y 2 3 4 Girls Chorus 2 3 4 Mxxed Chorus 4 Yearbook 3 4 Indoor Patrol 2 3 4 F H A 3 4 Pr sldent 4 Modern Musc Club l Senior Play Talkatnve president of F H A always mal-nng spaghetti Egad I m hungry has some Flend1sh xdeas enjoys readmg and wrltxng poetry great b'usher lnkes to set halr wxll make a good housewlfe m mb r of Hen Club alms to b a beautlcxan lots of luck Mary JACK W WESTAFER Wesne College Preparatory H1 Y 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Boys Chorus 4 R e Clubl 2 3 4 Tall dark and lots of fun earns demerlts ln Chorus by chewmg gum everybodys frxend trxes his hand at prmtlng after school llkes to go huntmg and fishmg oh that break age fee Gads what a blow' xnterests range from xce cream to gxrls plans to joxn the Navy a gxrl m every port Westne SARAH J WHITMOYER Sallie Comrnercnal Girls Chorus 2 Mrxed Chorus 3 4 Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 Gnrls Gym Club l Frlendly talkative ambltnon rs to become a good housewlfe llkes to oa loves bookkeeplng sings ln M1xed Chorus has short blonde curly haxr good basketball player usually tellmg Jokes favorxte pastnme IS eating always laughmg works m Woody s Restaurant after school JACOB H WILLIAMS jake General H1 Y 3 4 Boys Chorus 3 4 Mxxed Chorus 2 3 4 Football 2 4 Worked m a hotel at the seashore last summer plays guard m football hkes to have a good time Bmg Crosbv of twelfth grade wants to go to col ege helps to make school books at Raffenspergers has a frxendly word for everyone People just don t appreclate my ablhty ROMAINE YURKOVIC Skip College Preparatory Tn H1 Y 2 3 4 Mixed Chorus 4 Gxrls Chorus 2 3 Senior Orchestra 2 3 4 Junior Orchestra 1 Band 2 Hockey 4 Glrls Gym Club 2 Frlend of everyone twelve one contribution to hockey neat dresser whlz nn chemxstry class wants to be a Journalist always late for school answers to name of Sklp expen enced dnshwasher Does anyone have her French done? plays sweet musnc on the trumpet wltty always readlng books better late than never Skxp 37 .we .Sanford owe in orlna momenfd V i Y r 5 Gerry Fitzwater plays in the snow after school hours. The Fitzwater twins, Lorelle and Estelle, in their early school days. john Groff and Gracie Miller display Senior caps and pennants. Lois Holtzman operates the duplicating machine, one of her many office duties. Millie Eagle and Catherine Kepler relax between band numbers at a football game. Laverne Eyer leaves for work after a long day at school. 38 in LUAiCA fAeg enjoy :S arin 1. Hostess Betty Kling and members of the Hen Club pop corn at a slumber party. 2. Baker, Keller. Stotz. and Kling hold down the comer at the Pharmacy. 3. Clara and Ken ride the ferry on the way to the seashore. 4. Killian plays hooky to go hunting. S. Hurry, boys! You'll be late! Bretz and Balmer are on their way to school. 6. Don't worry. John, there isn't a scratch on it. Groff examines his pride and joy, 7. Afttr pondering the chart of the elements in ignorance for two years, the Seniors learned to use it in chemistry. f eir un an le axafion Class President Eugene Morris seems to be having car trouble. A tough hockey game is anticipated by our right wing, Geraldine Hummer. Lois Holtzman and Estelle Fitzwater are ready for an- other hard session. Miss Bell keeps the bulle- tin board on commercial training up to date. jake Williams and joe Stotz head the handsome noon-hour stag line. Robert Miles takes a little relaxation in the great out- of-doors. joe Crevar takes a much- needed rest after studying so hard. This is only part of the initiation that the boys go through to become mem- bers of the Hi-Y. Dancing under the spot- light at the Tri'Hi-Y Hal- lowe'en party, Nancy Smuck and Donald Hess. The Senior girls, under the direction of Mr. Diehl. sell tickets at a basketball game. Bob Powell furnishes mu- sic while an appreciative audience looks on. Nancy Basehore and her magic violin. as she prac- tices for a big event. Class President demon- strates one way-the easi- est - of balancing the books. To prove that there is never a dull moment, Hen- nie and Dick squirt Shir- ley with a water pistol. X inan,0cf0 JC 00 Ji nv . 'is- 'AJ X 'i 'W my-w X The cast of the 1948 Junior Play Brother Goose included Left to right Gloria Gamer Nancy Wagner Nancy Shank Laverne Eyer Catherine Kepler Rose Marie Troutman Gene Myers Betty Klang Grace Miller Center Robert Bodman Clara Betz emgem 0 flu 664:55 o 794 redenfe BROTHER GOOSE Class of 1948 junior Play was given on March 27 and 28 1947 It was a comedy n three acts directed by Miss Miriam L Mengel In the play Brother Goose 1Bob Bodmanl and his three little goslings LGrace Miller Clara Betz and Gene Myersb were struggling to make a living Adding to their troubles their maid fCather1ne Keplerb quit and they advertised for another Due to a mistake Peggy a traveling sales girl fGloria Gamerj was thought to be the new maid Brother Goose s girl friend Lenore 1Nancy Wagnerb got a bad case of ivy poisoning Grace was involved in a great deal of trouble with a truck driver tLaverne Eyerj Eve LBetty Klmgb and her colored maid 4Rose Troutmanj moved next door and brought humor to the story Mrs Trimmer CNancy Shankl came to the rescue by asking Brother Goose who was an architect to build her an inn Those contributing backstage were makeup Mary Barley stage manager lohn Martin ticket manager Marian Black advertising manager Mildred Boll properties Ioan Corley QAT LEFTJ Bob Bodman catches up on his household duties while Clara Betz uses the gray matter in this scene from Brother Gcose H' C C AT RIGHT! Gene Myers demonstrates his new motor-bike to Betty Kling, in this scene from the February. 1947. production. 41 ig 'PCGAAQI' 5lCL9Q l0I"06!lflCfi0I'l:5 THE SENIOR CLASS proudly presented its play. "Almost Eighteen." on December 4 and 5, 1947. The comedy-drama in three acts was directed by Mr. Kenneth Grosh. Eddie Barry QLaverne Eyerj, almost eighteen, planned to enter a school in New York. but Dad fEugene Morrisj. as usual. had other plans. After Eddie promised to earn enough money for the tuition, Dad agreed, thinking it impossible. Eddie saw a good chance to get the money by entering an essay contest sponsored by the Women's Civic Association. After a fight with Tommy Granville CGene Myersj, whose mother QCatherine Kep- lerj was one of the judges, everything seemed hopeless. Eddie's Uncle George Cjohn Martinj gave him the idea of signing his first two names to the essay. ' Eddie copied an essay written by an English lawyer to get ideas on the subject. After Eddie's quarrel with his ideal, Ann CGloria Gainerl, Un- cle George entered this essay, thinking it to be Eddie's. This essay won, making everything con- fusing. When Mr. Merritt Cjames Brinserj, the school principal, proved that the essay was not Eddie's, Eddie was forced to explain. He had entered an essay of his own which was chosen second best. This solved the whole situation. In addition to the seniors mentioned, Nancy Shank, Nancy Wagner, Grace Miller, Betty Kling, and Mary Weiss also appeared in the cast. 1. A blossoming romance is portrayed by john Martin and Betty Kling in this scene from "Almost Eighteen." 2, Laverne Eyer gets some fatherly advice from Eugene Morris. 3. Gene Myers tries to emphasize his point by using a tea strainer. 4. Mary Weiss seems to be getting a lecture on how to bring up children. 5. Gloria Gainer and Laverne Eyer find that true love never runs smoothly. -A . .1 I . w 2 4 Q , 1. V' I , A I J X K ...J .Q 2... 5.5 p 'Q' ,M ,x x zz, .Ya 'sn , xi 4" uk l N Vx , , ' ' ' vi Q- , '22 wg '. if X Qi . ,X 5 V ,una ,SA ,V """"'-Q2 .41 fx , I, 1 1 ..- ,' ' ,lamb Q ' 1 if " H X H x ' 1 L , N gf t 4. L-an ,Q "' -3? 'G f ' .. W1 ' ' .1 ixuri tx ' Q35 5.' " '. J '5'5 .g h ' J X - n' -l L fi ,A., Y. M h , 5 Qt' .481 34 ' 11 .,,v fi EACH SPRING jumors spend weeks plannlng and decoratlng for the soclal hxgh pomt of the yeam the Prom Class of 1948 commendably enter tamed the Semors on May 9 1947 Southern plantatxon garden flowered trelhses Don Peeb'es Orchestra playmg from make beheve plantatlon house veranda a b'ue starht sky overhead exeryone lookmg and actmg h1s best for many the flrst prom D on p sweet aeebles and h nd hot rn 'S Org-he Une for P Stra may Inf! Q C G45 l9I0l0Cf5 Qlfl!0q6l Q 5llCC05Z50S T0 Gd rn dd1'IC1n fRIGI'-IT, As ho tesses jumor glrls served punch to class mates and Semor guests CBELOW LE:-'TJ Betty Klm and Donald Hess two members of the Cla s of 48 try a new step Starry blue sky and Southern atmosphere mad evenmg seem much too short 41 ... Q v - . ' Ag. l O O , 1 I , l . . . e K c - ' ' F . , ' g , . S ' . . lBELOW, RIGHT, I '. 9 'K ' I . 5 y 2 at A I t . f' , , I 1 ff' , if . A 111 lx I' wha h va SM N ,f 5 ,., ii 13 'ww .6w?m.,5v ' F- fi? H3 Q UNDERCLASSMEN LUOPLQJ !0gQfA6l" Al' CL C0l'i'lI'l'l0l'l caude mf' wg E --L MSE F5 '-af W., . Q ! Nh Qfrjgwm nh f V YN D . Q HN, 'Qin lc f i. " all XX ,' f E be fAl'0lflg G l9l"05,0Ql"0lfL5 g Q6U". TOP. First row, left to right: E. Welliver, M. Tierney, R. Miller, E. Bomgardner. R. Harder, L. Lambert. Mr. Seiders. Second row: M. Wert, H. Eshleman. E. Rutt, K. Reighard. J. Dunnick, L. Bailey, G. Shirk. Third row: J. Berrier, J. Chapman, D. Newcomer, D. Stahl, A. Forney, P. Boggs, C. Wolgamuth. Fourth row: J. Belser, J. Kaylor, J. Lighthiser, L. Gutshall, J. Becker, J. Belszr. BOTTOM. First row, left to right: H. Barto, S. Garber. B. Hippie, F. Nissley, M. Dieffenbach, J. Hoffman, H Weidman, B. Kipp. Second row: R. Seitz, L. Graybill. S. Brandt, G. Oberholtzer, S. Wyliga, W. Stum, M. Forry Third row: P. Bamhart, J. Derr, J. Rutherford, R. Craun. E. Hofier, M. Longenecker, E. Daveler, R. Rice 49 we SOPAOITIOPQ5 LUQP8 UQl"5Cl,tl Q, TOP. Fir'st Row, left to right: Miss Mengel. T. Heisey. I. Gebhard. M. Haines, G. Berrier. P. Herr, D. Dixon. J, Rissex. D.Trostle, Miss Dulebohn. Second row: A. Gantz. M. Hilsher. J. Martin. B. Swisher. J. Rahn. P. Yarnall. B. Goodling, M. Grubb, C. Morris, G. Nauss. Third row: D. Laudenslager. N. Greiner. G. StauHer. J. Witman. P. Greiner. B. Raber. G. Frost, L. Esslinger, R. Gish. D. Gordon. E. Page. Fourth row: J. Meckley. J. Proctor. H. Nauman. P. Belser, R. Sauters. J. McKonley. R. D'Agostin0. P. Longenecker, J. Starr. W. Steffens, P. Hess. Fifth row: A. Erb, N. Risdon. H. Reiner. J. Risser. G. Weaver, J. Coberly. J. Sheetz. M. Helt, N. Sloat. J. Helm. J. Lambert. BOTTOM. First row, left to right: D. Kautz. L. Baum, G. Matoney. D. Shearer. J. Kipp, M. Miller, D. Shearer, Y. Nisley, Mr. Trimble. Second row: V. Coble. G. Hitz. E. Sinninger, L, Bowman, P. Horst, G. Eisenhauer, J. Roland. J. Risser, A. Seifert, V. Enck. Third row: R. King. P. Randler, J. Ulrich, M. Lehman, J. Weaver. J. Espenshade, C. Whitmoyer. A. Snyder, N. Sweigart. Fourth row: A. Lokey, J. Kuntzleman, J. Warren, E. Ken- nedy, D. Heisey. L. Musser. E. Moyer. C. Sloat. Fifth row: D. Herman, P. Jacobs. J. Newcomer, J. Ellinger M. Slum, J. Ginder, K. Wittle. D. Bricker, C. Raffensperger. HOME ROOM OFFICERS Room 23 Room 24 Room 27 President ............ James Weaver President .............. Jean Roland President .......,...... Paul Belser Vice President ....... James Meckley Vice President .,.. Betty Jane Swisher Vice President .....,.. Jack Lambert Secretary ............ Jeanne Ginder Secretary .......... Dorothy Shearer Secretary ............. Doris Bricker Treasurer .......,...... Julia Risser Treasurer .........,... Doris Shearer Treasurer ............ James Martin Clean-up Chairman ........ Allen Erb Clean-up Chairman ....... Paul Horst Clean-up Chairman .... Jay Newcomer 50 f e greahmen cliqofaye laofenfiagfiefi, TOP. First row, left to right: J. Gohn. P. Weaver. J. Sweigart. P. Berrier. F. Hoover. J. Heisey. S. Kreiner. E. Seitz. J. Hoerner. Second row: J. Chapman, J. Bingeman. M. Rutt. L. Gibble. P. Arndt. N. Wagner. N. Camp- bell. D. Olweiler. D. Kelley. T. Sipling. Third row: D. Zook. N. Barnhart. M. Wright. P. Walton. M. Parmer. R. Myers, B. Breneman, B. Brubaker, C. Raffensperger, A. Groff. Fourth Row: J. Guttschall. D. Heisey. M. Hollinger. L. Staeger. N. Park, J. Hammaker, L. Long. G. Hess. K. Sheetz. M. Leicht. M. Farver. Fifth row: J. Brandt, W. Fetter. J. Rutherford, D. Bainbridge, O. Florschutz. B. Parrett. A. Keller. T. Harder. L. Chap- man. I. Engle, N. Eshelman. BOTTOM. First row, ieft to right: Mrs. Rohrer, L. Longenecker. J. Miller. D. Good, R. Fearn, B. Miller. L. Shank. F. Long, R. Gebhard. Mrs. Hoffman. Second row: D. Messick. J. Eyer D. Garber. L. Goodling. R. Barley. J. Zerphey, P. Brosey, H. Eshelman, W. Tripp. W. Chestnutt. Third row: J. Killian, B. Withers. W. Kleinfelter. D. Royer, D. Grilfith, R. Klinger, H. Nauman. N. Rice, A. Lancaster. J. Schroll. G. Achorn. Fourth row: A. Heisey, N. Chittum, F. Olweiler. S. Hornafius. R. Plummer. E. Diffenbach, B. Smuck. T. Lancaster. K. Byers. R. Mumma, A. Heisey. Fifth row: A. Andrews, G. Hedner. L. Weidman, E. Smith. A. Hufford. R. Frazier. M. Shank. T. Lighthiser, M. Weidman, M. Easton. E. Martin. J. Betz. HOME ROOM OFFICERS ROOM 2 RooM 3 RooM 4 President .......... George Ar' ern President ............ Werner Fetter President ........... Thomas Harder Vice President ..... Lois Longeneckei Vice President ....,.. Otto Florschutz Vice President .... Richard Bainbridge Secretary ......... Janet Chapman Secietary ............... Nancy Rice Secretary .......... Shirley Hornafius Treasurer .......... Glenn Heffner Treasurer .............. Lane Shank Treasurer ............. James Miller Clean up Chairman ...... Joyce Gohn Clean-up Chairman .... David Garber Clean-up Chairman ....... John Eyer 51 62 l"6t6!QI':5 fo CL IQQLU 6l!lfl'l06 .QFQ 9 P 2 TOP. First row, left to right: D. Engle, J. Weaver, D. Raffensperger, P. Douglas. P. Brandt. J. Senseman, Miss LeVan. Second row: S. Royer, E. Shank, J. Martin, K. Bockey, D. Whitmoyer. R. Baker. Third row: J. Paxson. J. Hershey, L. Smith, R. Heigel, R. Flowers, B. Bryan, E. Kessler. Fourth Row: W. Knight. P. Adams, F. Walters. J. Barnhart, R. Snyder. J. Espenshade. J. Herr, B. Floyd. Filth row: N. Heisey. J. Funck. J. Trostle, J. Grimm. N. Schroll. J. Shank. G. Klinger. BOTTOM. First row, Ielt to right: Mr. Warden, T. Seitz, M. Huiford, K. Gish, T. Trimmer, A. Fasnacht, R. Emenheiser. A. Good. Second row: C. Baum, A. Sweigart, R. Hawthorne, S. Stahl, R. Stahl, S. Knarr, J. Wanamaker. M. Rhinehart. Third row: M. Weaver, D. Pautz, R. Broucht, M. E. Hess, D. Bryan, E. Frazier, R. Hoover, L. Wrights. Fourth row: G. Helm. M. Grubb, J. Zarfoss, D. Bowser. D. Heller, J. Summy, W. Fink. Fifth row: M. Wert. R. Eshelman, A. Reider, J. Rutherford, G. Brandt, J. Earhart. HOME ROOM OFFICERS Room 5 Room A President ......,.... Eugene Kessler President .......,.. John Wanamaker Vice President ...... Michael Weaver Vice President ........ Louise Wright Secretary .......... Audrey Fasnacht Secretary .............. Mary Grubb Treasurer ............. George Helm Treasurer ............. Robert Baker Clean-up Chairman. . .Richard Hoover Clean-up Chairman ..... Jane Summy 52 euenflz Qjraclem adm Aegean a iferenf e. First row, left to right: B. Sinniger, P. Seiders, J. Wanamaker. J. Warden, G. Clarke. H. Daveler, G. Hixson. J. Rutherford. D, Kniley. Second row: R. Albright. P. Atherton. C. Lehman, M. Martin. R. Milbee. E. Lutz. F. Van Scyoc. L. Gutshall. Third row: R. Haines, N. Ebersole, A. Fultz, S. Brown. J. Dougherty. S. Swisher. R. Jumper, S. Patton. Fourth row: R. Wenger, C. Moose, J. Frey, S. Lehman. B. Landis. D. Etter. D. Shearer. J. Ebersole. . lzzel . ' 13:-fi 1 ' Qty! f 'Z "l I 1X f 'L F t 'N 'wmv "' First row, left to right: J. Otis, S. Bishop, E. Beck, I. Brubaker, C. Griffith, P. Shank, M. Hoover. G. Hershey Second row: R. Butterbaugh, J. Frey, G. Weaver. J, Hawthome, A. Frey. D. Warfel. J. Shank. R. Goepfrich M. Engle. Third row: S. Flowers, G. Ellinger, L. Ulrich. J. Shank. M. Ginder, D. Stevens, J. Smith, J. Wenger Fourth row: G. Ney. D. Grubb, J. Royer, D. Miller, T. Weaver, J. Landvater, A. Funke. D. Emenhelser, L. Erb HOME Room OFFICERS ROOM B ROOM C President .............. DONALD SHEARER President .............. SUZANNE PATTON Vice President .,.......,, CLAUDE LEHMAN Vice President ..., ..... R OBERT HAINS Secretary .......... ..... Lo IS GUTSHALL Secretary ....,.... . . .GLADYS HIXSON Clean-up Chairman ...... SHIRLEY HERBERT Treasurer ............ ..... J ERE FREY Clean-up Chairman .... . . .JULIA SHANK 53 f. f ln' 0 Ml! QVC UJJIHQI1 . The Eleven-two's are hard at work in art class. . The Eight-one music class vocalizes un- der the direction of Nliss Brandt. . Eleven-three typing class prepares for another one of those delightful ten-min- ute speed tests. . The underclassmen await their chances, . Earl Welliver, camera fiend. snaps one of his numerous pictures. Lady Jacqueline casts an admiring glance Hl Sir Gilbert. The photographer shoots Raymond Har- der shooting the photographer. The reason that Earl Sinniger won't buy a bigger bike is that he does not wish to contribute to inflation. Oh. for the life ofa dog! Carl Morris refuels before an afternoon session. 15.1 'LA ,WAI n ' 1 f -og. ,- 'hi V V Ofl and FQCOI' if lVIr. Diehlls intelligent geography pupils know the answers. Mildred Grubb explains a geometry proposition under Miss Dulebohn's watchful direction. The up-and-coming football team practices on the grade school playground. jay Newcomer. an architect of tomorrow. draws up the plans for a new high school. Arlan Keller is a prospective member of the F. H. A. jean Fisher and Peggy Barnhart talk over school problems. If you aren't doing anything. would you mind taking us home? Shirley Hornafius. Bob Frasier, and Janet Chap- man trim the Home Room 4 Christmas tree. Henry Reiner. jack Coberly, and William Seiders, Future E. H. S. students go to a grade school Halloween party. mi .mlm 'hi-ww... I A X Q yi '55 'N 'N , -s C SPORTS .xdflzkfic laroweda wad ckafdngecl in rugged comlaefifion CHEERLEADERS: Left to right: Arlene Keller, Louise Lambert, Nancy Risdon, Patricia Boggs, janet Sheetz, Mildred Grubb, Patricia Hess. wAiA cAeerin9 dloecfafom encourage . VARSITY CHEERLEADERS reorganized this year with smaller squad . . . captained by Pat Boggs . . . coached by Miss LeVan . . . new uniforrns, new cheers . . . divided to form Junior Varsity squad during basketball season . . . Louise Lambert, captain . . . this energetic group of girls was an essential and colorful part of every game. 1. Captain Pat Boggs leads a pep rally with a "Yea team, let's go!" 2. The cheerleaders aroused the students' interest in forthcoming games at pep rallies. 3. Arlene Keller is leaving the squad this year with three years of cheerleading to her credit. 4. Enthusiastically ending a yell, Arlene takes to the air. 5. Louise Lambert, head of the Junior Varsity squad, leads a cheer. 6. Showing perfect form, Pat completes a cheer. ff' 43 ' X av' Jig:-Q 'U "- 0 mn. '39 1-ne .', i' T an FOOTBALL TEAM: First row, Ielt to right: G. Shirk, E. Smith, H. Hoerner, A. Goodling, K. Reighard, J. Campbell, R. Miller R. McNaughton, G. Weaver. Second row: R. Rice, J. Kaylor, L. Gutshall, G. Roland, J. Williams, J. Stotz, J. Shank, R. Harder R. Martin, L. Bailey, K. Baker. Third row: J. Rutherford, L. Chapman, J. Lambert, J. Meckley, D. Broucht, F. Olweiler, D. Ebersole R. D'Agostino, R. Hoover, R. Fearn, O. Florschutz, D. Hess, Coach Windish. Fourth row: M. Helt, D. Laudenslager. D. Trostle R. Zell, B. Smuck, D. Heller, J, Coberly. T. Harder. J. Rahn. L. Shank, G. Berrier, B. Parrett. Filth row: R. Miles. A. Forney L. Staeger, J. Thompson, J. Ulrich, D. Zook. W. Fetter. D. Gordon, C. Morris. H. Barto. R. Craun. R. Gordon. QOOMCLK tQalfVl5 6047? C6ll9ClCifg Cl"0LU 5 THE PRE-SEASON outlook for the Bears seemed none too bright, twelve of last year's fourteen lettermen having been lost by graduation. Toughened by football camp train- ing, however, the team was ready for its first game with Palmyra, and we won 26-6. Next triumph was on home territory, where Columbia was downed 18-12. The jour- ney to Stumpf Field to play Manheim Township was rewarded by a 19-7 tally in our favor. Raymond Harder was now high scorer in the Conference of Roses. Duncannon, a tough. unbeaten team, brought the season's first defeat, 26-13. The Bears' losing streak continued, with losses from Highspire 21-0 and Ephrata 13-7. The latter game, played at Ephrata. was the season's most exciting. Good spirit, thirty-degree weather, and the T formation resulted in a rally against West York to the tune of a 20-19 score. However, the next week Middletown, winning 35-7, came through on top. Led by star quarterback, Gil Shirk, our team looked good in the last home game of the season, played against Enola. The result was a favorable 14-7 score. Avenging a past defeat, Biglerville tripped the E-town Bears 31-7 as the 1947 gridiron season was brought to a close. After the close of the season. Coaches Windish and Eppler and the boys of the squad were guests at two banquets in their honor. To be commended, also, was the five players who will be lost by graduation. Ken Baker, Don Ebersole, Gerald Roland, Joe Stotz, and John Campbell. 60 f. Q 'S 1 .-?,,,- 5 an ii 6 I 1 Ty 1 , ' ., , 2 37331: -1 fl -,,:z n - Mi - 'Q l-31 i ' A T v ' ,Q 1 .1--' ' e' ' - . T A J 4 --wdlglrw H v -N' 1, V' .-P. X '54 A,-43' DQ' 1, A A x 7K L..1::.',..' is fl- S 11's if: . ww, :A ., 1 , I4 , "X L 'xi i ,,,-v sr, .FM 112 :tie ,Ak 2 ., j The referee at the Palmyra game says. "First down?" at the comple- tion of a play. E-town. carrying the ball, is finally stopped by Columbia in one of the best games of the season. The Bears go into a huddle with Coach Windish as the team pre- pares for a hard-fought game against Highspire. Raymond Harder closes in for one of his smashing tackles at the Co- lumbia game. A fighting Columbia man goes around end for their only touch- down ofthe game. E-town has Palmyra on its knees. The Mighty Mite. johnny Camp- bell, takes to the air in an attempt to complete a pass. Finding himself in a tight spot, a lone Bear. void of blockers, is sur- rounded by Columbia players. A dark moment during the High- spire game. Continuing on their way to victory. E-town makes another first down. With one yard to go. E-town spec- tators scream, "We want a touch- down!" The team lines up at the sidelines to watch the kick-off. ?' fffi-' -. wtf' 47 , pa.. , ' sf 1 I . a I 4 I 'l A sm .P U v"r. RX - Q, . x, ' -- I X . ' .-s 'Q 5' ' Q gi .- rt Z', - , jf . YQ I 4 , Blu ' ,, .ff 1 I af, - 1.2- -, X 'a L 9 , 4 H x 3 ,ff Q zig 'X' 2 si. 8 G7 s xx 1--, 'f-...aan we X as Q is if JOSE R'-I KAYLOR v-s--...gy KENN BAKER x1 5.4 N.: GILBERT Sl-HRK , s s . IX KENNETH HARD Cl llfll .41 5L0lAfl X UH Ill llfllj H171 Ollq cu hon 5 7.515 IL TOWN was represented tlns season by a basketball team of no small Sblllty Of the elghteen games on the card twelve proved our vuns As the season ended a three way txe wtth East Hempfield and Mt joy xn Sectxon One was resolved by playofl' Thxs resulted ln the Bears takmg second place The followmg IS a summary of the VBYSIIX Ba ketball season 1947 48 OPPONENTT Quwrrxx 1lIL Qu xrrx x xlle 'Vlt Juv E ist Hempheld 'arm A Hummtlstovx n Columlnx 'VI1ddlLtoxx n H1ghsp1re East Donegal 'VI anht ll!! Mt .lox East Lampttcr Lancaster 'Vlarletta Culurnln 1 E ist Dont g al 'NI illhtllll East Hunpheld PLAY 0 Exst Donegil sl H1 In :fn 'xx HS Opp I FF GAMES RAYM O N D HAR DER RIC HA NALGHTON as 'ww ...il- vv5v'25W DON!-XLE EESERSOLE ALBE RT GOODIJNG ' ,f' I X 1 , T Q x I xl' -' T , I xt , ' 4 we fs fr . . ff ,ew is E , 91? Q' X ef 1 lx -. .V ' I , ll X " ti X ' ' I V T Q J ' J V! 1 s -T 1 - I, 4 .- 'fic . I f if In - . , . r. . X me , ' 5 . . If .J I , S 1 J , . Q ' E - . 1. l 4- ff , " . ' , -"T 'A W, k ' . . .3 12- f 4 4 R, 4 F13ff.':- 1 T I I h K A ' , . g " - .... .. .,,T,.. ., ,..,,..,., .. 4.0 :zz f i "4 ,. ,,...,. ....... 4 ...., IM Ill ' 4 A . ..,......,...........,....,. ,.,.........,.,,. 44 zu 5 Y an ' ...,.,.......,,... ,..,.....t,. .... 1 5 9 is , Lancaster Catholic ,,.,,,... ,....... ..., 3 2 -11 M. Hn' ...,......., ,....., . . .,,.,.s....,. fe ' .' ' .. . ,. Q ... ,IA F' . 42 ..... , ,.,, .,.. . 44 KST . - 'T l ' I - . . , . ,. , .,.. . 32 40 ' 1 ' ....... . ..,e.....,. ,V ....,.s ..... ,V.. 4 2 2: ' ,, ,,.... . .... . .. 424 29 ' . 1 f , . HT Ilfl ' ETH f 4 ' M ,E i " L' , '.' ' ,,..., . . . , , ,. .. , ., 27 47 . ' .. , , ., .,,, 38 ET I 'z . ,. 48 til if - 2 ,, 153 -to . z 1' . . , ,.. , .., SU 26 z.' ' ' . . .. , . .. Ill S259 1, f . - . il-1 Ll' Eu. - 1 ' -lcl , 245 LJ Af " - J ff' Y XT ' f ' ' . I 1 T Q .X f W' I , 1 , l 1 ' t l ' . if 1' 'W ' ,L , , ' . f-2' . z ' . A V ' A , x 1 Y 2 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM Left to right Mr Wmdlsh J Coberly J Meckley H Walters A Forney J Lambert L Bailey L Gutshall G Weaver 6 Oflff of tellnlff LUQPQ PQLUCII' Q JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SCORES OPPONENT H OPP OPPONETNT E JR H S OPP Quarryvxlle Mt Joy Quarryvllle East Hempfield Mt Joy Marietta East Hempfield Bainbridge Lancaster Catholic East Donegal Marietta Manheim Borough Hummelstown Mt Joy Columbia Middletown Middletown ...,. . Marietta ......... , . East Donegal . . . . East Hempfield . . . . Manheim ...... . Hershey ......., . Annville ...... . East Lampeter .... . East Donegal . . . . Lancaster Catholic . . . Middletown . , . . Mt. Joy ........ . Marietta ,...,.... . Annville .......... . Columbia ...,,. . Manheim Borough . . , East Donegal . . . . Hershey ...... . . . . Manheim .,.,... . East Hempfield .. . . East Hempseld . . . . JUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM. Standing left to right: B. Smuck manager' B. Parrett manager' J Zarfoss T. Harder T. Lighthiser R. Frasier L. Chapman R. Bainbridge R. Hoover D. Shearer N. Chittum O. Florschutz Mr. Eppler. Kneeling: N. Eshelman F. Walters R. Baker W. Fetter E Seitz G. Achorn J. Miller J. Rutherford J. Herr. Lelt to tight: Harold Barto, Donald Hess, Gerald Roland, Robert Miles. Standing: Donald Herman, Harold Boozer. WHAT would athletic teams do without managers? . . . unsung heroes who check equipment and keep it ready for use . . . Johnnies-on-the-Spot at games, with first aid to the injured, towels and water for "battle-stained" faces . . . jackets for those who have recently retired from the fray . . . oranges for thirsty warriors . . . timekeepers also deserve honorable mention. SA? CL Ual'lCQI'l'lQlfli 0 5l00l"iff LUCIA Cl,55i6f8CL MEET in grade school basement Monday evenings from seven until nine o'clock . . . coach, Mr. Diehl . . . president, Robert Bodman . . . secretary-treasurer, Paul Grubb . . . members of National Rifle Association . . . compete with other schools in country for honors . . . com- pete annually in the national contest. Standing, left to right: J. Groff, j. Hivner, F. Malmborg, R. Miller, E. Welliver, Mr. Diehl, R. Bodman, P. Grubb, H. Reiner D Newcomer R Bishop Kneelind R Beck R Zell Weaver E Sinni er . Newcomer, J. Kuntzelman, J. , . , . . D: . . . ,j. , . g , j Meckley, J. Proctor. ..... llbl 1 .,y. qs ps 5 . Q4 : I 'Hu 4, wg, . fem .U ..,,. M., -, f , , . V, . . 1 " 1 A 'H ' wr lf . . -, - g If X K f Q 1.1, . ' .gn 'I f- ' V' 'ffn,,,' I N. D ' , ,. . if 'QM ,, -Y.AO0.rgj" ,MM yi' WY 4 I . ,H . Q U . W ' A f ,. . ,. ,'9'C.. 2, W- , I ,f ,,V . . .w V D ... or W. M l .A ,,.,,f" ' ' 4- r 4 ,,,, ... , , . ., ' Fist Row, left to right: Nelson Chittum, Bernard Parrett, Leland Bailey, Thomas Harder, Abram Forney, Kenneth Byers Robert Miles. Werner Fetter. Second Row: Kenneth Baker, Kenneth Walmer, james Shank, Gilbert Shirk, Robert D'Agostino. Donald Ebersole. Raymond Harder, John Campbell, jay Rutherford. Third Row: Mr. Eppler, jack Coberly Larry Chapman. Gerald Weaver, Leroy Killian, Loy Gutshall, Kenneth Reighard, Joseph Kaylor, Otto Florschutz, Albert Goodling. Fred Olweiler, Coach Windish. uccedd came :UUA coorcbnafion on fke cbamon FRIDAY, APRIL 2 .... FRIDAY, APRIL 9 .... TUESDAY, APRIL 13. THURSDAY, APRIL 15. . . . . . TUESDAY, APRIL 20. THURSDAY, APRIL 22 SATURDAY, APRIL 24 . . . .At Middletown TUESDAY, APRIL 27. . . . . .Manheim Borough, home Middletown, home TI-IURSDAY, APRIL 29 .......,...... Mt. joy, home . . . . . . . .At Mt. Joy TUESDAY, MAY 4. . . . . . .East Hempfield, home .At East Hempfield THURSDAY, MAY 6 .... ...... A t East Donegal East Donegal. home TUESDAY, NIAY 11. . . ........... At Marietta . . . .Marietta. home THURSDAY, MAY 13. . . . . . .At Manheim Borough . . .At Columbia fRIGHTJ Al Goodling waits to leave First base, hoping to increase the E-town score. 67 ILEFTD Left-handed jim Shank at bat i the Middletown-E-town baseball game. 'A fi, -IQ" .af LQ M "'f ,Q f, N M Xt' R' 'U Mis?-xv. t Ngnx: ?'?, XVQXQ-K A. xv K wg! 6 -Ag bf, X af K ' .5 X ' A. AC FIV! fl"S ozifere fAe lyumuif 0 ziloeciaf inferefifri ADVISERS Miss Erma Bell fbuslnessj Miss Ruby Arneson Cart and layoutb and Miss Ethel Kmdxg Cllteraryj met frequently with Editor Mildred Stauffer Busmess Man ager john Groff and Staff heads Robert Bodman Cphotographyl joan Corley Qhter ary and Nancy Smuck Cart and layoutj to plan the 1948 Elizabethan 3 fago QC! fo l0I"Q5QlfLf Robert Bodman, head of the Photography Staff and his assistants Earl Welliver and Gerald Roland examine their cameras. Members of the Art and Layout Staffs: Madge Tierney. Marion Sonnon, Shirley Matoney and their leader. Nancy Smuck, plan yearbook picture layouts. MET during Tuesday activity periods . . . many additional after-school ses- sions . . . wrote word pictures to record all phases of school life . . . identified, checked, rechecked, wrote captions . . . gained new respect for the dictionary . . . headed by Joan Corley. LITERARY STAFF. First table. lei! to right: Gloria Gainer, Mary Weiss. Jayne Bookwalter, Joe Ann Powell, Betty Shank. Second table: Joanne Dixon, Clara Betz, Nancy Basehore. Third table: Mary Matoney. Virginia Hixson. TOOK CARE of shekels, circulation. and distribution . . . managed by John Groff and Nancy Shank . . . assisted Literary Staff by typing copy . . . super-salesmen. BUSINESS STAFF. First table, lelt to right: F. Hoerner, E. Keener, G. Hummer, P. Rice, G. Miller. Second table: L. Holtzman, E. Fitzwater, R. Schroll. Third table: L. Enck, C. Kep- ler. Standing: P. Lancaster, M. Boll, N. Shank, R. Troutman, M. Eagle. ASSISTED regular Elizabethan Staff . . . prepared to take advantage of appren- ticeship in order to produce a superior 1949 yearbook . . . represented in l.ter- ary, business, photography, and layout sections. JUNIOR LITERARY STAFF. First table, le!! to right: J. Lancaster. G. Sloat. M. Wright. D. Nutt, A. Kessler. Second table: P. Llenhard. M. Koppen- haver. P. Barnhart, B. Hipple. S. Wy- liga, D. Earhart. Third table: P, Weid- man, P. Boggs, J. Becker, J. Dunnick. Standing: R. Rice. P. Earhart. M. Fisher, V. Sweigart, E. Daveler. M. Longenecker, R. Seiders. J. Belser, S. Brandt. P. Hess, G. Snyder. an aufhenfic ,nic BAND. First Row, left to right: G. Schroll, Mr. Klauss, S. Matoney, M. Matoney, R. Eckinger, J. Belser, V. Hixson, J. Becker. N. Risdon, N. Sloat. J. Risser, M. Grubb, P. Hess. G. Gainer, J. Rutherford, R. Bainbridge. Second row: R. Abram. D. Gibbel, D. Messick, E. Seitz, D. Raffensperger, S. Patton, W. Chestnutt, D. Grubb, J. Ebersole, M. Black, C. Moose, J. Rutherford, R. King. Third row: G. Helm, C. Whitmoyer, L. Ulrich, J. Eyer, D. Warfel, J. Bingeman, M. Hoover, T, Seitz, H. Boozer, J. Paxson, R. Seitz. Fourth row: P. Grubb, C. Kepler, K. Gish, M. Eagle, P. Greiner, J. Ulrich, J. Miller, J. Wanamaker, J. Ruth- erford, D. Herman, P. Yarnall, A. Reider, M. Grubb, J. Fisher, M. Schwanger, D. Nutt, P. Barnhart, J. Newcomer. Filth row: H. Guttshall, J. Martin. G. Stauffer, B. Parrott. L, Boyer, H. Reiner. D. Heller, R. Bodman, J. Groff, E. Welliver, T. Harder, P. Belser, W. Seiders, M. Longenecker, J. Zarfoss, G. Myers, L. Eyer. . . . wars laroucf of flue Afirring nofed MR. KLAUSS, very capable director . . . improved band front with more new color guards and baton twirlers . . . largest band in E. H. S. history . . .added color to football games . . . looked as good as they performed . . . practiced faithfully at seven-thirty, four mornings a week . . . greatly aided by Band Club, parents and friends of band members. QLEFTJ The color guard marches at the half of the Highspire game. KRIGHTJ M ajorettes proudly displayed new uniforms. con- tributed by the Band Club. 72 -I K . Members of the marching E-town Band were rewarded for their efforts by placing high in competitions. They were first-prize winners at Harrisburg in the Harrisburg Area Band Competition: also at Middletown and Mt. Joy. Selected band members went to District Band at Camp Hill and participated in the Lancaster County Music Festival. a,nc!!a5Ain co om of due gan 1. Members of the band take time out to watch the game. 2, Drums are deserted after half time while band members enjoy a bite to eat. 3. Instruments are put away till another day. 4. Mr. Klauss calls rehearsals four mornings a week at seven-thirty. 5, Jean Fisher takes a well-deserved rest after a long march. 6. Nancy Ris- don, high-stepping drum majorette, leads the band on to fame and glory. 7. Butchie Brinser draws the lucky number stub for the 1947 Plymouth, awarded by the Band Club. I i 1,14 'JN ,T J f X 45. N E EF? Y ' .M " 5 9 ' '+G A' ' ...,.-if 'fw-+f- fff+ up x I if Ji """V 5 I 1' I: 3- tv, 211 f l in 'V is 4 ' . 1 Q M 2 ' 1,5 'N l'. TN Q A Lf ' X 'ft g Q4 , :v J Q ' .' .' ' ' A .1- '-.' ' K 9 4:4 'l 5 ll 1 1 -lgf:-f I N 'K iff' 4 + 9' A' A- f!-:Mix la' X 3 5, QW. WX 2251 JUNIOR ORCHESTRA. First row, Ielt to right: J. Trostle, D. Emenheiser. S. Patton, M. Grubb, R. Butterbaugh C. Moose, P. Yarnall, A. Reider, L. Smith, E. Enck, Second row: D. Andrews, E. Hershman, H. Reiner, J Eyer, B. Parret, R. Wenger. J. Bingeman, D. Gibble, M. Eisenberg, R. Schroll, M. Fetter. M. Martin, A. Risser Third row: H. Daveler. D. Zook, M. Weaver, J. Roland. Standing: R. King, J. Paxon, R. Bainbridge, M. Tiemey dfrinr enfiem L5 won recognifion ALL GROUPS participate in annual Spring Concert . . . Orchestra performs at instrumental assembly, Junior and Senior Plays, Armistice Day Program, Class Day Program, and Com- mencement . . . Ensemble participates in school and local functions . . . Junior Orchestra is composed of promising young musicians. STRING ENSEMBLE. Left to right: M. Black, N. Basehore. N. Risdon. M. Boll, J. Belser, J. Rutherford, J. Becker. 75 BOYS CHORUS. Front row, left to right: J. Martin, G. Frost. W. Stum, G. Stauffer. R. Miller. A. Forney, J. Williams, H Walters, J. Weaver. Second row: J. Bretz, E. Morris, H. Goodman, R. Bodman, R. Zell, J. Hivner, J. Brinser, L. Bailey P. Grubb, D. Ebersole. Third row: W. Seiders. L. Killian, E. Welliver, J. Groff. C. Wolgemuth, P. Greiner, R. Harder G. Shirk, L. Eyer, K, Reighard. Fourth row: K. Walmer, J. Berrier. J. Coberly, J. Belser, G. Roland, R Bishop, P. Belser J. Westafer. G. Myers. MEMBERSHIP limited to Senior High School boys . . . well-balanced . . . sang enthusiastically in all concerts . . . met in Room B fourth period Tuesday . . . point system inaugurated by Miss Brandt last year again worked effectively . . . extra credit received by librarians. euea ing Auloerior muriicianri ip, DELIGHTED concert audiences by singing "Song of the River" and "jingle Bells" . . . lovely gowns worn for concerts also delighted the eye. . . selected from Senior High students . . . extra solo or group work in or out of school brought extra credit . . . rehearsed fourth period Friday. GIRLS CHORUS. First row, Ieit to right: A. Snyder, L. Bowman, W. Steffen, M. Diffenbaugh, N. Frey, E. Keener. C. Sloat, J Roland, L. Holtzman, G. Fitzwater, S. Garber, J. Hoffman, G. Miller, Y. Nissley. Second row: D. Bricker, A. Kessler, G Sloat, G. Snyder. H. Weidman, S. J. Brandt, R. Seiders, G. Hummer, P. Lancaster, E. Fitzwater, P. Jacobs, Miss Brandt Third row: F. Hoerner, D. Earhart, P, Earhart, L. Fitzwater, S. Hollinger, M. Weiss, P. Rice, M. Lehman, E. Hoffer, S Myers, M. Koppenhaver, M. Sonnon, M. Gish. Fourth row: M. J. Barley, P. Risser, B. Kling, D. Stahl, P. Weidman, M Tierney, E. Rutt, J. Lancaster, N. Smuck, B. J. Swisher, M. Shaak, B. Shank, D. Greenawalt, P. Longenecker. MIXED CHORUS. Front row, Ieit to right: J. Rutherford, N. Shank, L. Enck, R. Eckingcr. J. Powell. M. Wright, C. Betz S. Matoney, J. Dixon, N. Wagner, M. Welss, E. Keener, V. Hixson, M. Matoney, M. StauHer, S. Wnilmoyer, L. Lambert J. Belser, M, Wert, N. Landis, M. Black. Second row: Miss Brandt, P. Boggs, N. Risdon, M. Barley, G. Crowe. N. Smuck B. Hipple, C. Kepler, A. Keller, J. Corley, P. Risser, N. Basehore, E. Bomgardner, E. Longenecker, R. Troutman. A. Hol linger, P. Lienhard, G. Miller, D. Nutt, G. Gainer, J. Becker, J. Lighthiser, R. Yurkovic, M. Boll Third row: J. Campbell J. Martin, R. Bcdman, J. Hivner, L. Killian, E. Welliver. J. Groff, C. Wolgamuth, P. Greiner, D. Ebersole, N. Balmer R. Harder, J. Brinser, R. Martin, L. Bailey, A. Forney, P. Grubb. Fourth row: W. Seiders, E. Morris. J. Bretz. K. Walmer J. Berrier. J. Belser, G. Roland, R. Bishop, P. Belser, J. Westafer, G. Myers, L. Eyer, K. Reighard. J. Williams. fAe c!L0ru5e5 ddnclecf ffzeir uoicezi in Jong MOST select choral group in E. H. S .... positions aspired to and coveted by members of all other choruses. . .comprised of Juniors and Seniors . . . liked to sing from those new red books . . . gave unparalleled renditions of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and "Old Vienna" . . . practice periods operated smoothly by Miss Brandt's demerit system. K RIGHT, Miss Brandt conducts the Mixed Chorus in readi- ness for the annual Spring Concert in March. QBELOW, LEFT, Marian Black, Mixed Chorus accompanist. practices in preparation for next chorus rehearsal. fBELOW, RIGHTJ Boys Quartet, composed of J. Belser, G. Stauffer, P. Grubb, G. Myers, and accompanist J. Martin learn a new song for a future engagement. WW 5, U' SENIOR HI-Y CLUB. Front row, lelt to right: Mr. Trimble, R. King, J. Ulrich, J. Weaver. E. Sinniger, E. Gebhard. K. Wittle J. Newcomer, C. Whitmoyer, D. Laudenslager. Second row:P. Greiner, R. Shank, H. Boozer, A. Goodling, J. Kuntzelman D. Dixon, G. Frost, R. Bodman, G. Berrier, J. Lambert. Third row: J. Brandt, J. Meckley, J. Crevar, J. Rahn, J. Coberly E. Smith, J. Williams, R. Rehrer, P. Belser, H. Hoerner, J. Procter, R. Zell. Fourth row: P. Grubb, J. Hivner, J. Brinser R Harder R Miller Westafer L Bailey G Roland J Stotz R Beck K Reighard H Eshelman Fifth row' R Bishop, A. Forney, D. Hess, R. Miles. D. Newcomer, J. Kaylor. L. Gutshall. K. Baker, G. Shirk, E. Welliver, J. Weaver L. Eyer. we fofifereal Jldififudf gui ance THE Y's are greatest spiritual influence in Senior High School . . . Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y, spon- sored by Mrs. Robert Hoffman and Mr. Robert Trimble, respectively. Tri-Hi-Y was large Q114 membersJ and very active: pledged their second one hundred dollars to the World Youth Fund . . . held food sale to raise part of pledge . . . sponsored the Curtis Magazine Cam- paign . . . proceeds of last year's campaign paid for Antrim series of entertainments before combined high schools . . . Initiation Party . . . Hallowe'en Dance . . . Parent-Students' Dance . . . Mother-Daughter Banquet. Hi-Y was largest in history of school . . . sixty members . . . sponsored basketball and football games . . . had its own orchestra, the "Smoothies" . . . boys' quartet . . . Gilbert Shirk represented club at model governmental conference at Har- risburg. Combined Y's and Patton Y hosts of District Convention in April. CLEFTJ Hi-Y President Gil Shirk plans activities with adviser, Mr. Robert Trimble. and officers John Groff, treasurer: Edwin Smith, secretary, Joe Stotz, sergeant-at-arms: Henry Walters, chaplain, and Kenneth Baker, vice- president. KRIGHTJ A Tri-Hi-Y cabinet meeting is held under the direction of the adviser. Mrs. Robert Hoffman. Left to rfght. Mildred Boll, president: Grace Miller, treasurer, Nancy Shank, chaplain: Arlene Keller, scribe: Mildred Stauf- fer. vicerpresidentg and Jean Rutherford. secretary. r u v TRI-Ht-Y. First row, left to right: Adviser-Mrs. Hoffman. L. Baum. M. Diffenbaugh, Y. Nissley. G. Snyder, M. Barnhart, S Wyliga, S. Matoney, N. Wagner, D. Lynn, J. Roland. G. Matoney. Second row: F. Reno. L. Bartles, J. Espenshade. N. Greiner J. McKonley, J. Whitman. N. Sweigart, A. Snyder. J. Risser, D. Shearer. Third row: G. Miller, J. Hoffman. C. Sloat. R Seiders, V. Hixson, M. Gish, E. Longenecker. J, Risser. J. Dunnick, D. Earhart, P. Earhart, D. Bricker. Fourth row: L. Enck P. Jacobs, P. Yarnall, G. Lancaster, G. Nauss. P. Weidman. R. Sauters. S. Myers, M. Hilsher. P. Longenecker, P. Hess. J Ginder. Filth row: E. Page, W. Steffens, J. Helm, H, Nauman. A. Gantz, A. Keller. J. Chapman, N. Risdon. J. Sheetz P. Boggs, M. Grubb, L. Lambert, J. Powell. I l'l'l0l"CL i7 l'l'lQl'l.!CL! gl"0ll!fA7 First row, left to right: Mrs. Hoffman. M. Miller. D. Shearer. R. Seitz, J. Dixon, C. Betz. E. Fitzwater. E. Keener, G. Fitz- water M Black M Stauffer G Sloat B Hipple Second row A Seifert P Rice Rutherford N Basehore L Fx zw ,. ,. . ..,J. ..',.'tater, B. Kling, M. Weiss. R. Eckinger. L. Esslinger. L. Bowman. A. Kessler. Third row: L. Holtzman. J. Warren. M. Eagle. M. Fisher, M. Sonnon. S. Whitmoyer. R. Yurkovic. G. Gainer. M. Matoney. B. Swisher. Fourth row: J. Corley. R. Troutman V. Sweigart, P. Lancaster, M. Tierney. E. Bomgardner. G. Hummer, N. Landis. N. Shank. P. Leinhard. M. Koppenhaver: Fifth row: G. Crowe, M. Barley, C. Kepler. J. Becker. J, Lighthiser. M. Boll. J. Risser, J. Bookwalter. J. Belser. N. Smuck L. Enck. ASH, . ' , . , , Ei fm ,mu ff , 14 , - VM W' x , . v.1 4 .. , A , "' r 4, 551 .. U, W Q' 5, , ,, fe' .. .ge L35 ,id- 5 rf' I ' 'Z I qi . 5.14-! Zgw ' w ?hf 'wr L A X W' " ' if V . -fwfr - aff Wav 4 1 3 N Lx ...- A72 wi 5? I4 POSTED at necessary points in halls while classes pass from room to room . . . "Single file!" shout the patrolmen. but all to little avail . . . adviser. Miss LeVan . . . efficient captain. Georgina Crowe. INDOOR PATROL. First row, Isl! to right: Bette Hipple. Esther Keener. Shirley Nlatoney. Peggy Lienhard. Miss LeVan. Second row: Mary Weiss. Romaine Eckinger. Peggy Rice. Gloria Gainer. Marian Hess. Geraldine Hum- mer, Mary Koppenhaver. Third row: Grace Miller. Mary jane Barley. Norma Landis. Betty Kling. Nancy Smuck. Georgina Crowe. Susan Myers. Fourth row: Reba S2iders. Louise Lambert. Arlene Keller. Nancy Wagner. jo- Anne Dunnick. Patricia Boggs. www:-Q R li xfx OUTDOOR PATROL First row left to right Lyle Erb Iames Bing man Donald Herman Allen Erb john Thomp on Second row Pau' Horst Lois Goodl ng Richard I-Iocver Russel Iumper Lloyd Smith Third row Galen Brandt Audra Good Douglas Bryan Anna Groff William Kleinfelter Gloria Klinger PATROL street corners and crossings in rain or shine were well equipped for unfavor able weather since receiving gifts of raincoats were rewarded by invitations to banquets directed by Mr Warden Qin EIU O!! 056 0l"?aIfllZall0I15 ,,Xf 1, Yi" " A 9 T L ., 11. P if' ' . te 0. W . if 4 si' Y ' fl' - 1' ,321 's 1 I 1 4, ' I lt I E of-' 11 1 X I ew . .xv , 4 if lt N ' , .g 1 t Q' it ' 1 .K ,-5 at A 1. - Q ff '15 READ ON unc! meef fAe Zdienfizn laafrond of fAe ACAQU! Ruby Arneson Edna and Jeanette Barn s Mr and Mrs J Mark W Basehorc Erma M Bell Mr and Mrs W O Black Bob and Marlm Mxss Rosanna Brandt Mr and Mrs Owen Brlcker Charles Charleston Mr and Mrs R F Clemens Mr and Mrs Norman Dlehl Mr and Mrs Walter F Donley and Glrls Dr and Mrs C C Douglass Jo Dunnlck Mr and Mrs Andrew J Eagle Mr and Mrs T H Ebersole Eckle and Marvm Mr and Mrs Howard Enck Mlss Mabel S Eshelman Mmme Eshleman Ettle and Gerry Dr and Mrs Luther W Fetter Mrs Mary W Frey Frltz Basehore and Jascha Yurkovlc Georglna and Melvm Gerry and Phll Mr and Mrs Charles E Gocdhart Gracy and Al He en and May Gross Dr and Mrs Howard Ham Mr and Mrs Ralph Hem Ella S Helstand Helen and Terry and Mrs Ray W Hlxson and Mrs Paul Holtzman and Mrs James L Hoover and Asthma Dr and Mrs R J Kexper Dr H C Klllheffer Ethel L Kmdle Anna Klme 56 Ll,!I"0IlJ Grace Lambert Mr and Mrs Albert Lancaster Dr and Mrs N B Laughton Mr and Mrs Wlllldm E Lawton Ione LeVan Mrs Harrlet LIHGSVNB c Lo1s and Estelle Lorelle Mllll6 and Dot Mary and Jack Pfc John E Maton y Dr Phlllp Metzger Esther Mlller Mr and Mrs Joseph A Mlller Mlss Mabel Jane Mlller Dr and Mrs S P Mlll1S Dr and Mrs Morgan Dr and Mrs Wlllxam K Moore Davld Myers Dr and Mrs Dan1elG Nem O L C Club Dr and Mrs J Ralph Parrett Paullne and Nancy Paulme and Sara Jane F Dorothy Reese Mr and Mrs Russel Roland Rosle Lorra1ne and Betty Mr and Mrs Roy C Schroll Mr and Mrs Davxd W Shank Mr and Mrs Fr nk Shank Slrm and Tmy Dr and Mrs C Stuart Smxth Mr and Mrs C E Smuck Susan and Alta and Mrs Arthur Thome r and Mrs Thompson and Mrs Chester Troutman and Mrs J N Walmer and Mrs M R Warden and Mrs Frank A Welss and Mrs A P Wenger and Mrs Wmdlsh and Jo Ann Dr. and Mrs. J. Hoffman Garber Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Rohrer. Jr. Mr. . . ' Mr. . Mr. . . ' D . . Mr. . . Mr. . f "Jo" " " Mr. . . . , ' ' Dr. . . . ' Mr. . ' ' AND THE 7 BIG Joss IN YOUR HOME GAS for GGGKING GAS for REFRIGERATIGN GAS for WATER HEATING GAS for IIGUSE HEATING GAS for AIR GGNDITIGNING GAS for INGINERA TIGN CLEAN ECONOMICHL DEPENDABLE THE HARRISBURG GAS COMPANY 52 So Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA S 'fig' 0 .223 6 'Egg 6 23231 0 22222 9 32252 0 cas for names onvuvc .3223 0 Nev' f0lflgl"CLfll!Cltl0I'ld Clllb! IJAQJ FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE M ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE No. 596 L O. O. M. -.Fil A '- v Vt --vf I 1" 'fff 6' QQ wp C f ' 'UU Q COMPLIMENTS THE THEOBALD INDUSTRIES Pennsylvanm D1v1s1on 9 ELIZABETHTOWN PA GEORGE ACHORN MANAGER 'Q Q. un-ua an Ill X , n ELIZABETHTOWN PLANING MILL ,Q .ily EWU, 10,071 Ili? IJ There die so mdnx times, xx hen photogi iplis an dppiopiiate BIRIHS WEDDINGS ANNIVEREAQIED AN' YP REUNIONS SOCIAI EXINIS 44 rs. MARM 1 STRII-I FIl!xIif'IHIOWN PX X515 Ifj 15 U1 up PL r on illfc rl Phologr :phs ll Il X I o n f M - ' . - . f'. . " - ..lI.-.iS V - , , ,. , Bishops specialize in pliotograplis for :ill un'czisic:ns, if 'A ' 3 if iifmw Q ! .,. 445 , A y ll KEEP YOUR MOTOR YOLNG xuth R1chf1eld Gcnsolme YOUR HOME WARM wlth Rlch Heat Fuel O11 NEWCOMERS OIL COMPANY 903 SOUTH MARKET STREET ELIZABETHTOWN PA Q 9 W tcl e BISCHOFF S JEWELR STORE th q HSM ELIZABETHTOWN PA MARTIN S D H MARTIN CHILDREN S SHOP ELIZABETHTOWN PA CLOTHIER H , T y. i' i' 5 Phon : -26 El mes Clocks Jewelry Silverwzi Pens and P ncils ' Y CO11 e S uurej 25 Center Square . B 1 . . P NE . . . - Compliments of MUMPER S DAIRY Pure M11k cmd Cream Try Our VITAMIN D MILK NQRTH HANIDVER STREET ELIZABETHTOWN PA Pho e 263W Cl! l05 .!gllXlAflIy of th FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY No 1 I 9 'A' ir III - COMPLIMENTS OF Vi J' I- ' -' 8 C GBUBB 8: BRENEMAN COAL FEED Q G60 C Ll9A MARTIN MINX MODES GAY GIBSON DREQZTFSZTSJZZQZRS SERVICE E P Russel A MGITIH C I' ' . i' a i' at 16 South Market Stree ETHTOW . , . BetWshe fom CENTRAL CUT RATE DRUGS 3 DRUGS 45 S uth Market St Operat ng the SKY GRILL d Ref e nt p t CQMPLIMENTS OF The Amencan Leglon Con g Unt 9 The Amencan Leg1on Cone ago Umt 399 COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE Cone ago Squad on 329 BUCI-I MANUFACTURING CO ELIZABETHTOWN PA ual In Reader Interest In Advertlslng News ELIZABETHTOWN CHRGNICLE j G WESTAFER EL SON PRINTING PUBLISHING s i s r 'tom' wulmt ewa 0 i 32 t or 'UFEC1 snnsnfuoi 0 feet ' ' ff AUXIIICIIY i W ' .. Mo ern 1' shme S O 'A' SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION w r if- . x I ' . . ul' C0'v1PLIx11:'X.TQ 0 I' X -l CJPES jf CALM 57 FLIZABETI-ITOWN S LEADING WOMEN S SHOP 13 EY4p0 159 if!!! wi' VIARTIN I-I COPE RHEEMS PA CCJMP1 IMFNT THE CONTINENTAL PRESS UC' to 'X HARRISBURG PA ELGIN ILLINOIS IILI7ABETIf1TOWN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION if A A 4 C ms5?E3:1'f,2f7h' C A A Q 'I , . P 12g:fs: OA 5 ze ' 1 0,9 E ul M-' 1 - .x 'S , M nj' lx' if I fp , 5. J l if I I . . -N S OF if CEc! ui nal Publishersj 1 ElIZllBETHT0ll.lll C0llEGE FULLY STATE ACCREDITED FOR AB AND BS DEGREES Pre Medlcal Pre Dental Pre Law Teacher Educatxon m Elementary I-hgh School and Busmess Educatlon One Two and Four Year Secretanal Course Laboratory Technxclan Approved Veterans Program Write to PRESIDENT A C BAUGHER PHD COMPLIMENTS OF ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT COMPANY EPPLEY S TOWN PHARMACY Cosmetlcs Drugs Luncheonette Smokmg Supplxes ON THE SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN PA I SALES l jjfaf ssnvxce GARBER MOTOR COMPANY ELIZABETHTOWN PA Jlfflf R A C T 0 FARM l0UIPMlNl 96 'A' . - . O - . - . . . y . . V 7 . . .. . Y 'k Li ,ill 1 'k , . 'A' l l g 5' A '71rr1 ffvfn J! Good s Meat Market On the Square ELIZABETHTOWN PA FRESH MEATS GROCERIES VEGETABLES Gremer Brothers Food Store SELF SERVICE 4 Center Square ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF Your Good Gulf Dealer HAROLD W GROSS ROBERT FI HIIIIIILTOII WATCHES CLoCKs JEWELRY No 9 Center Square ELIZABETHTOWN PA 9 'A' C i' 'k 'A' Phone: 267 'A' 'A' 'k I7 S G Hershey 8: Son DL f I TNIILNT SIORF tl W P KENNEWOOD I HOTEL ALUMNI KLEIN S CHOCOLATE COMPANY INC fi lllf 1616111 ll CII L LANCASTER SHOE COMPANY n u L ! ! 1XfJ I 3 1 P 1 A 1 2-X .1 Scud I zarkct and ark St ts I LQZABETHTOWN. PA. HEADQUARTERS C rm . f " ' A - '-' A f' L 73 5 H of . 4 1 A 4 I J Ze , f-XI . 'A' WINKLER LOSCH BOILERS YORK HEAT FULLY AUTOMATIC HEATING DOIIISSLIC Commercml and II1f1UStI'ld1 J L MECKLEY 233 S Rfarket St ELIYABETHTOVVN PA Phcmn 414 PLUMBING STOKERS OIL BURNERS MIL NIFV HARRY MILLER Sc SON I LIZABETHTOWN PA md tha but of ucrxthmg along llfc s gre it Iughvx ix Smcerelx OFFICERS AND CO WORKERS ELIZABETHTOWN CHAPTER No 701 WOMEN OF THE MOOSE JVII NEWCOMERS FIRESTONE STORE Co v 1 -. '15 01- 'A' ' if 'A' I 2 f Ollqflllll ,Clll0II5. QIIIOFJ I Z H Cf. '1,1M1aN'1's or-Q 'A' of . 4 ll Our Most Sincere Congratulations Seniors on the attainment of your first goal in life. Ke p pushing upward on the ladder of success ROTH S FURNITURE STORE 206 S Market St ELIZABETHTOWN PA Newcomers Service Station 'k RICHFIELD GASOLINE RICHLUBE MOTOR OIL FIRESTONE TIRES a d TUBES WASHING GREASING 903 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA Phone 226 SHAFFER S GARAGE Electric and Acetylene WELDING NEW 81, USED PARTS BODY 81, FENDER WORK GAS OIL ACCESSORIES NswvrL1.E E 'rowN EtownRDNo1 40113 SPEED Y WHILE U WAIT Servxce The Bahns Shoe Service Expert Reparrmen Best Materials FAST SERVICE Authorized Dealer of GOODYEAR SOLES 85 I-IEELS Arch Supports for Paz ful Feet 100 e . ' n ir .. ir 7 7 , 'A' , . CBI! 'Af' .SZIIHIT W- t I 1 1 1 ' 4 - . . . - - '11 Speed's Garage JOHN R REHEARD, Prop GENERAL REPAIR WORK and gjooal ogfcl' fo Me C4455 0 7948 BOBBY WORK Haberdasher and Clothrer AMOCO SERVICE COLLEGE PARK Phone 194 Mt Joy and FLORIN PA fllll UNIVERSAL CLUB CLOTHING 17 East H1gh Street ELIZABETHTOWN BUICK CHEVROLET S F U-1I1Ch,I1'lC ELIZABETHTOWN PA Phone 21 CHEVROLET BUICK Tom SICO Conmlaunous PUBLIC SCHOOLS S166 982 44 SICO CUSTOMERS th BENEFACTORS Th MORE SICO CUSTOMERS Th MORE PROFITS I PUBLIC SCHOOLS i' 'kv I 'k I if 'k 505 North Market Street ' TO DAY! T0 , I t al! C ml CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST OF LUCK AUNT SALLY s KITCHEN CoMP1.1MEN'rs OF ACME MARKETS DAVID HETRICH COMPLIMENTS BAKERSDINER BAKER S DINING ROOM We Cater to Banquets D S BAUM HOMEMADE BOLOGNA DRIED BEEF A SELECT PRODUCT R No 3 Ellzabethtown Pa THE BEAUTY BOX 20 West Hlgh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA BECK S FRUITS AND VEGETABLES SEAFOODS FROSTED FOODS On the Square Phone 288 ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS or-' S B BECKER 102 'lf f 5 7 OF , if , . -r if .D. . ' , . PHONE: 917-R-2 PHONES 25-M 7 -A' if 1 , . BETTY HUGHES INC E TOWN S MODERN FOOD SHOP SODAS SUNDAES FINE CANDY BROUCI-IT S MEAT MARKET 429 East High Street QUALITY MEATS GEORGE E CARRIGER Paint and Body Shop RHEEMS 110-I 12 COMPLIMENTS THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS 20 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA BOLTZ S BUS SERVICE Party and Group Hauling PHONE MARIETTA 3386 COMPLIMENTS WILSON BREY UPHOLSTERING BOB S RADIO SERVICE Radio Sales Sz, Service 'A' LUCK AND GOOD WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '48 BILL S WINDOW CLEANING SERVICE Complete Window 85 Floor Maintenance Call: 44 7-R I 03 7 ir me i' We Deliver Phone: 14-R O F 'lr 'Ir O F 7 ir 'A' 9 7 COMPLIMENTS OF CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL INC COMPLIMENTS OF COMMUNITY COFFEE SHOP 498W tHghStet ELIZABETHTOWN PA 298 J CO pl Of th ELIZABETHTOWN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE COMPLIMENTS OF C H CUNNINGHAM H K DORSHEIMER SPORTING GOODS KODAKS CONFECTIONERY SUNDRIES DOT S BEAUTY SHOPPE or D1scr1m1nat1ng Women 44WstHghStet ELIZABETHTOWN PA B W h CI I47 ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY B ker Of QUALITY PRODUCTS EG Pp ELIZABETHTOWN FARMER S SUPPLY INC FARM EQUIPMENT Re 1 ndS vlce I0-I 'A' es i r e , . PHONE: - m iments e 7 ,k 'A' e i r e .M , , PHONE: 92 - i' Our est ishes to t e ' 7 'A' , , a s i' 'A' MILES . Ass:-:RT. . pa'rsa er ' PHONE 27 M ESHLEMAN 85 BRINGMAN fFormerly WOLGEMUTHD Dry Cleanmg and Taxlormg 348 South Market St ELIZABETHTOWN PA Prompt Call and Delxvery Servrce FARMERS FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers of HIGH GRADE FERTILIZERS and DONEGAL PLANT FOOD Phone 11 ELIZABETHTOWN PA RECORDS Columbxa Caprtal V1ctOr Decca JAC B FISHER Music STORE ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 139 R R H FORNEY Complete Body and Fender Repalrs CHRYSLER AND PLYMOUTH Shop and Meet Your Frrends at the Frlendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE On the Square ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 31 J C H GARMAN WELDING AND ORNAMENTAL IRON PHONE 29 R GEBHART S ART AND BOOK STORE GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS 26 West Hxgh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA HENRY L GISE ELIZABETHTOWN PA Notary Publrc Surveyor Insurance of All Kmds Agent for State Capltol Savmgs and Loan Assoc atxon of Harnsburg Pa ' 1 'k 'A' rc as ir 9 'A' ' 1. 'ff -A' , - i ' ' . . 105 GENERAL INSURANCE Speclal ng n AUTO INSURANCE NORMAN G GOOD 130 J 48 East Hlgh Street COMPLIMENTS JOSEPH GREENBURG COMPLIMENTS OF A K GREINER Wholesale ELIZABETHTOWN PA 153 R 392 453 For INSURANCE ee ELWOOD S GRIMM COMPLIMENTS OF THE GROFF MEAT MARKET Smce 1875 COMPLIMENTS OF RAY HARDER RAILWAY EXPRESS AGENCY 306 West H gh Street HEISEY BROS QUARRIES HERALD PRINT SHOP RHEEMS PA CRUSHED STONE ELIZABETHTOWN PA ROAD CONSTRUCTION E G K U H N 6 ' izi i OF 'A' PHONE: - fe n S Luffer, Cggj anzl CAPPJU 'A' . PHONE: '- . , 'A' - i P NE: 141 'A' 'A' COMPLIMENTS or LEVI C. HERSHEY GROCERY STORE 'k ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE: 18 I C E L A N D Incorporated COMPLIMENTS OF HESTECO DRESS and SPORTSWEAR MFG CO KAYLOR and GARMAN Plumbmg Heatmg PUMPS FAIRBANKS MORSE PRODUCTS Sales Servxce PHONE 276 COMPLIMENTS or HITZ S GROCERY STORE Full Lme of Grocery F H KELLER S SONS QUALITY GROCERIES PHONE 84 M 204 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA Complxments of HOLTZMAN MANOR Dmmg and Dancmg ln the Crystal Room WE SPECIALIZE IN BAR B Qs AND FRENCH FRIES ACCOMMODATIONS FOR PRIVATE PARTIES DOGGIE ROASTS 2 Mlle East of Mlddletown Pa KENNEDY S TYDOL SERVICE Corner of North Market and Summit Street PHONE 9466 W t . . . iv 7 'A' 7 'A' ' 1 ' ' ' ' Tires-Batteries-Accessories - - , i V ' ' , . 1 - 107 THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M KLEIN PHONE 139 M ON THE SQUARE COMPLIMENTS OF HAROLD E KLING PAPER HANGING AND PAINTING 213 North Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 273 M May Each Member Fmd Happiness LEO KOB Contractor In Plumbmg Heatmg A1r COfldlt1OH1Hg ELIZABETHTOWN PA Forget your troubles of cookmg and eat wlth us COMPLIMENTS LANCASTER COUNTY FARM DINER Compllments of A S KREIDER SHOE MANUFACTURING CO D L LANDIS INSURANCE Phone 112 J WILLIAM E LAWTON FURNITURE RUGS STOVES 16 18 East I-hgh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA BIKES BATTERIES Retreadmg and Vulcamzmg LEAMAN s TIRE SERVICE 205 E MaIn St Mt joy Pa 233 S Market St Ehzabethtown IUS . 'A' Ik 'A' ir 4 'A' OF 'A' 'A' 1 i 'A' 'A' I . . ' ,Pa. PATENT MEDICINE FILM LINDEMUTH CUT RATE Hersheys Ice Cream V1s1t Our Fountam after School SCHOOL SUPPLIES CANDIES COMPLIMENTS OF LONGENECKER s GARAGE PHONE 367 ELIZABETHTOWN PA HEN S MARY IANE NORMA NANCY ARLENE 948 SHIRLEY MARY BETTY NANCY Furmture of Character At Reasonable PFICCS MILTON F EBERLY ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 917 R 11 ROUTE 3 COMPLIMENTS OF MODERN BEAUTY SALON COMPLIMENTS OF MILLER S SHOE SHOP S6 West Main Street MT JOY PA PHONE 229 M Rear of Amerlcan Legion Home Peach Alley Off Bambrldge Street Best Wxshes to the CLASS OF 47 MUSSER S GROCERY 103 Mt joy Street PHONE 198 J R NO 2 PHONE COMPLIMENTS OF MOYER S POTATO CHIPS ELIZABETHTOWN PA 917 R 21 109 9 1 A A 1 9 'A' 'A' a 'A' a : - .D. . : -- We Fix Anything MYERS MACHINE SHOP N Poplar and W Hummelstown PHONE 164 J REPAIR WORK A SPECIALTY LAWN MOWERS MOTORS WASHING MACHINE REPAIRING GAS AND ELECTRIC WELDING AUTO PARTS REPAIRED COMPLIMENTS OF PAXON S CUT RATE 19 West Hlgh Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS or REEMYSSHOP BEST WISHES RIDER HARDWARE CO 25 South Market Street ELIZABETHTOWN PA REINHOLD S SUNOCO SERVICE 735 S Market St ELIZABETHTOWN PA CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED RISSER BROS OLD FASHIONED ICE CREAM lfjdotle n .gloria Q ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 176 OLDS PONTIAC CADILLAC Sales 85 Servlce H S RISSER MOTORS can 233 MODERN STYLE SHOP ELIZABETHTOWN PA Everythmg In Ladles Wear At Popular Pnces . . St. I ' , - -Af 1' 7 , 0 'I' A TO Z LUBRICATION .7-ww fbf 'A' 1 , ' ' r rf 'A' 'lr no SAVOY RHEEMS GARAGE SHOE COMPANY SIPLINO BROS. INC. 'A' Makers of Fine Shoes for Women 'A' Cars - STUDEBAKER - Trucks Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery COMPLIMENTS OF DR LILLIAN K SEIBERT CHIROPODIST 158 N Poplar St Ellzabethtown Pa For Appoxntment Telephone 362 M COMPLIMENTS OF SAUTER SL HEISEY ICE DEALERS PHONE 186 J COMPLIMENTS OF JAYS RISSER SCHWANGER BROS 85 Co DELCO OIL HEAT Lancaster Ehzabethtown OMPLIMENTS OF G SHONK GARAGE Route 230 East ELIZABETHTOWN PA PHONE 171 .I 5 SHEARER S FURNITURL STORE 35 37 South Marl et Street PHONF 17 W p S R E . . R ff SI V I 1 P C . . ' , . T " E GARMENI COMPANY 1, C H. . . T I' ff ll! COMPLIMENTS OF SNAVELY 85 BOOK DRY CLEANERS AND DYERS PHONE 473 ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF SNYDER S GARAGE R D N0 2 MT JOY PA COMPLIMENTS SPICKLERS DAIRY The Best Of LOOK to You STAUFFER s BEAUTY SALON Phone 354 ESSO SERVICENTER MT JOY PA 103 North Market Street PHONE 134 W COMPLIMENTS O TEDS PLACE COAL GRAIN COMPLIMENTS OF M M WENGER RHEEMS PA PHONE ELIZABETHTOWN 175 SEEDS FEED 1 9 if 1 af . . . O F af 7 7 VAN 'S WALMER's FOOD STORE 1' if F 9 I H2 Smcere Best W1Shes to e CLASS OF 1947 WENGER PRETZEL CO ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF WESTERN AUTO STORE Complete Line Of Auto Accessories and Sportmg Goods PHONE 12 J ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF JAMES F WILD AUTO PARTS WOODY S RESTAURANT 11 South Market Street SPECIALIZING IN SUNDAY DINNERS ZARFOSS HARDWARE ON THE SQUARE ELIZABETHTOWN PA COMPLIMENTS OF ZEPNICK S GROCERY STORE ELIZABETHTOWN PA KINGS FOR MEN s BOYS WEAR South Market at Forty Four LUMBER MILLWORK ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING AND SUPPLY COMPANY 341 West Bambndge Street PHONE 230 J 2 COAL FEED 3 . . th if 4 . . 9 ' if if A ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Open 7:30 A. M. to 11:30 P. M. 7 af . t i it . . COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES W T GRANT CO M ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB THE FRIENDLY STORE COMPLIMENTS OF HERTZLER S DAIRY 210 R 4 !fIllIf0l.5 of ClA0lA!1 1 KYLE PRINTING COMPANY LETTERPRESS AND OFFSET Sales L1terature Catalogs Letter Heads Envelopes OPFICG Forms D1a1 7588 140 SOUTH GEORGE STREET YORK YORK OFFICE SUPPLY CO Of ICQ ,SJUIQWPK If FURNITURE AND MACHINES STATIONERY AND GIFTS D1a1 2682 32 NORTH GEORGE STREET YORK ll-I o F ' - - from 48 South arket Street 'A' 3 Phone: - - J as as 1 4 lc: Z ,f I , PA T t ,- f . ie . PI MV' 1 ff? W , GLM 7, fffff X- Mp!- Y, L ifff J I ' QMV4 I if W! X, , sr J-rf I B , PV 1 iff' ' '41J'fu.,4,-J X l ,Mgff , .x n 1 U 'Ir ,Lal Q-44 ' ' V X7 ff, fffff Q A img WL 9 ff 'M if A K CY A 2-Z Ni-ja Q A 'E X I ' ' f Q' g ,L 1 .J f X y 1 f wh! ' J. ,f J ' f, W' Nw U 5 'f N .Cf-IJ J I ' -1 ,mqllrr 5 xl J XX K i . X I N J NKIURXL ' f 11,14 X f If - HK 17,1 . f Xi f if W' I If -X9 . 3' r M pt Q. YM f x xx :E

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 1


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