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The Class ot 1946 ,area en ts THE ELIZABETHAN 6 Elizabethtown High School Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania " 1 1 0111 -gfma lffatet Faithful and true-hearted Honor she has taken Let us boost for our old High. On the track and with the ball. We'l1 revere her and defend her, May she always rank the highest, May her colors proudly fly. May her colors never fall. We will stand for her united We will stand for her united When her team is on the field When her team is on the field. Her colors streaming Her faces beaming So here's a cheer for Whom we all love so Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, her So here's a cheer for her well. Whom we all love so well. CHORUS: Ioyous and ever loyal Let us boost for our old High. Let every heart sing Let every voice ring, 'l"here's no time to grieve or sigh, As ever onward, our course pursuing, May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, we will boost for her Our old High School. 'zejace ln the autumn of the school year of 1945-46, Elizabethtown High School had, for the first time, the home football games played under the lights of the new athletic field. In addition to taking a re- newed interest in high school football games, the townspeople formed the Band Club which at once began to procure money to outfit the newly-organs ized band with uniforms. This encouragement by the parents and friends of the enthusiastic students has resulted in a more united community spirit. And so, feeling that the new lights are prominently responsible for this new spirit, The Spotlight theme was chosen by the l946 Elizabethan staff to represent other highlights of this school year. Taffe of eontenti Introduction Administration Seniors . Classes Athletics Activities . Advertisements Pages 1-10 11-16 17-32 33-38 39-48 49-64 65-91 .gn -ppp zec'z'4z'z'c+rz p pecfiaation To Miss Erma M. Bell, who has been our class adviser and friend during our junior and senior years, We shall always be grateful. Miss Bell has kindly and unselfishly guided us over many a diffi- culty during our brief stay at E. H. S. Therefore, to Miss Bell, in appreciation, we, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty-six, dedicate this, the twelfth edition of the Elizabethan. 1946 ELIZABETH!-KN RICHARD I-IEISEY Editor IEAN GRUBB DORIS HEISEY ROBERT KETTERING EDITH REEM Literary Editor 7 Business Manager Photography Manager Layout Manager Art Manager Business Adviser ,. ..,,. . , Miss Bell Art Adviser . . .. ,.., , Miss Arneson Literary Adviser . ..,. . . ., Miss Kindig BUSINESS STAFF-Mary Coble, Ieanne Gantz, Richard Heisey, Rhoda Keener, Willard Landis, Richard Lefever, loan Martin, Geraldine Pautz, Dorothy Raber, Doris Ream, Patricia Seaman, Arlene Schuldt, lean Sipling, Iune Weidman, Louise Bricker, George Cresswell, Amos Good, Doris Rutt, Charlene Sweigart, Faye Young. LITERARY STAFF-lean Grubb, Mary Coble, lane Eyer, Kathryn Floyd, Elaine Frey, Florence Grimm, lean Groii, Ioan Martin, Marilyn Rohrer, Mary Shearer, Dorothy Slothower, Peggy Eberly, Helen Hein. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF-Harold Eshelman, Geraldine Pautz, Eleanor Shank, Amos Good, Donald Hess. TYPISTS-Dorothy Raber, Mary Coble, leanne Gantz, Marie Heeter, Doris Heisey, lane I-Ioerner, lane Meckley, Grace Nauman, Geraldine Pautz, Patricia Seaman, Eleanor Shank. ART AND LAYOUT STAFF-Alta Earhart, Erma Good, Alma Longenecker, Raymond Olweiler, Doris Shank, Anna Ruth Shissler, Ina Hippensteel. Efy ll I r YEARBOOK STAFF 5 Fi I i we ,... 2 A Seated: loan Martin, Arlene Schuldt, Robert Kettering, Doris Heisey, Richard Heisey, Mary Coble, lean Sipling, Dorothy Raber, Rhoda Keener. Standing: Geraldine Kraybill, Charlene Sweigart, lune Weidman, Faye Young, Willard Landis, Louise Bricker, Harold Eshelman, Marie Heeter,Richard Lefever,Iane Meckley,George Cresswell. Grace Nauman, Amos Good, Geraldine Pautz, Eleanor Shank, Ieanne Garitz, Doris Ream, Miss Bell. The yearbook, which is sponsored by the seniors, portrays the many hap- penings of the school year. lt also gives the students an opportunity to display their talents, as the work is done by them under the advice and supervision of the teachers. The various staffs Work together to help make the year- book a success. lxtt ilsi K ' Seated: Alta Earhart, Kathryn Albert, Doris Shank, Alma Longenecker, Edith Reem, lean Grubb, Iean Grotf, Dorothy Slothower, lane Eyer, Elaine Frey. Standing: Anna Ruth Shissler, James Betz, Nancy Zerphey, Betty Young, Raymond Olweiler, lna Hippensteel, Miss Kindig, Erma Good, Helen Hein, lock Chapman, Peggy Eberly, Florence Grimm, Kathryn Floyd, Mary Shearer, Marilyn Rohrer. uiiaunureh bep Shall Qltnaps 132' An honor roll containing the names of those Elizabethtown High School graduates who are in the armed forces was proudly dedicated to the High School on May 23, l945, in a special program. Seven ot the three hundred and sixty-two persons whose names appear on this honor roll have made the supreme sacrifice, The names of these :seven persons appear in the star below. The lunds for this honor roll were acquired through a play given by the faculty of the Elizabethtown High School in l944. CLASS OF 1946 BOYS WHO ARE IN SERVICE Edgar Seip Robert Price Blaine Barnhart Edgar Kessler THEY MADE THE SUPREME SACRIFICE Stanley M Disney Richard H Rights Harold E Wxtmer Norman E Davxs Irvi 1 R Earhart Iohn H. Espertshade 'x . 1 Fred Barley XXX ll XY' M xv , Q gx SX Q XX S Q---Q BOARD CF EDUCATION . . G. REED ALEXANDER, President PAUL M. GRUBB. Vice-President ALBERT K. GARMAN. Secretory RALPH HEIN. Treasurer IAY RISSEH Our Public School System is the "Training Camp for Life." We believe that the twelve years which you have spent in the public schools of Eliza- bethtown have been fruitful years, We hope that they have given you a background for useful service. We trust that you will meet the problems of life with the same determination and courage that you have shown in solving your school problems. We extend our best wishes to each and every one of you. BOARD OF EDUCATION Tuw-ll-1 .gn Me Offzce TO THE CLASS OF 1946: You are to be commended for completing your high school course amidst conditions that may have tempted you strongly to discontinue before you had reached the end. You are now facing personal and social problems that for the first time are very real to you. lt is the hope of your high school that you will not be found wanting for the successful solu- tion of these perplexities. May real peace and hap- piness crown your efforts. T. H, EBERSOLE Supervising Principal O TO THE CLASS OE t946: ln May of your lunior year, l was called into military service. Seven months later, on December 22, l was honorably discharged and proud to have served, as were more than three hundred other alumni. Returning to my former duties at E. H. S., it was a real pleasure to be with you for the re- mainder of your Senior year. l congratulated you, not only upon your graduation, but also for your careful preparation of this yearbook-the twelfth edition of the Elizabethan. WILBUR E. WEAVER High School Principal TO THE CLASS OE l946: You will now come into a partial realization of what life has in store for you. There will be nu- merous trials which you will have to encounter, but these need not be insurmountable if you but cherish ideals and strive to reach them. Utilize all your means to the development of these ideals. They live in you. Someone has said, "They are like stars, you will not succeed in touching them, but like the seafaring men, you choose them as your guides, and, following them, you reach your destiny." NORMAN E. DIEHL Acting Principal MISS HESS, Secretary ln this, her seventh year of service, we find Miss Hess as faithful as ever, typing business letters, delivering messages, supplying tardy slips, issuing employment papers, keeping the activities fund, and doing ever so many other duties. When Miss Hess was a senior back in l938 she wanted to attend business college, but when E, H. S. issued a call for help, she rushed to answer. E. H. S. has surely profited by this addition. Faculty T. H. EBERSOLE. Elizabethtown. Pa. BA., Franklin and Marshall College, M.A., Columbia University, Supervising Principal. WILBUR E. WEAVER. Elizabethtown. Pa. B.S., Elizabethtown College, Ed,M., Temple University. High School Principal. Bookkeep- ing, General Business, Salesmanship. RUBY O. ARNESON, Stillwater. Minn. B.S., M.A., Columbia University. Art Supervisor, ERMA M. BELL. Hummelstown. Pa. BS., Elizabethtown College, Temple University. Shorthand, Typing, Office Practice. Yearbook, Senior Class Adviser. WAYNE B. BLOUCH. Lebanon. Pa. Millersville S. T. C., Albright College, Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, AB., Elizabethtown College. Social studies ll, 12. Iunior Hi-Y, Current Events Club. NORMAN E. DIEHL, Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S., Elizabethtown College, Temple University Iunior High Science, Mathematics, Geography Acting Principal, Athletic Director, lunior Class Adviser, Rifle Club. MAY DULEBOHN, Elizabethtown, Pa. AB., Elizabethtown College, Millersville S. T. C. General Mathematics, Plain Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry. Fancywork Club. MRS. MARGARET EDMISTON Elizabethtown. Pa. Elizabethtown College. Substitute Geography Teacher. ALTON H. EPPLER, Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S., Kutztown College, Muhlenberg College. General Science, Mathematics, Science l2, Fundamentals ot Electricity and Machines. As- sistant Coach, Science Club. CHARLES E. GOODHART. Elizabethtown, Pa. B.S., Millersville S. T. C. Shop. Stage Sets. GRO SH. Elizabethtown, Pa. A.B., Elizabethtown College, University ol Pennsylvania. Guidance Counselor. C. PAGUE HARGLEROAD, Shippensburg. Pa. B.S., West Chester S. T. C. Girls' Physical Education, Health. Indoor Patrol, Gym Club. X G, X Faculty xx . V l ,X . . , . ,D ' HENRIETTA R. ROE, Pittsburgh, Pa. B.S., S. T. C., Trenton, New Ierseyg Ed.M., University of New Hampshire. Biology, Physics, Chemistry. Science Club. MRS. VIRGINIA ROHRER. Iohnstown, Pa. B.S., Indiana S. T. C. Home Economics Super visor. V. W. S. C., Cheerleaders, Home EC. Club. WILLIS E. SEIDERS. Elizabethtown. Pa. B.S., University oi Pennsylvania. English ll, 12. Senior Play Coach. ROBERT I. TRIMBLE, Elizabethtown, Pa. AB., Elizabethtown College. World History, Pennsylvania History, Civics. Hi-Y. IOHN I. WINDISH. Elizabethtown. Pa. B.S., West Chester S. T. C. Athletic Coach, Boys' Physical Education, Health. ALTA ZIMMERMAN, Millersville. Pa. B.S., Millersville S. T. C. English 7, 8. -Hi , Music Appreciation Club. ELIZABETH A. HESS. State College, Pa. B.S., Lebanon Valley College. Vocal Music Supervisor. ETHEL L. KINDIG. Littlestown. Pa. A.B., Gettysburg College. English 9, 10. Yearbook. NOAH KLAUSS, Harrisburg. Pa. Harrisburg Conservatory of Music. Instru- mental Music Supervisor. smut ELLEN McGEEI-IIN, Ridgeway. AB., Lebanon Valley College. Mathe- matics 8-12. Pa. MIRIAM L. MENGEL, Hummelstown, Pa. A.B., Lebanon Valley College, M.A., New York University. Latin, French, Library, Iunior Play Coach, Library Club. BA Lebanon Valley College. History 7, Guidance 7 Iunior Tr1HiY Games Club. MABEL I. MILLER. Mt. Ioy. Pa. E 8 Grade School Teachers Seated-Left to right: Miss Reese, Miss Eshelman, Miss l-leistand, Miss l. Barnes, Mrs. Schoener. Standing: Mr. Thome, Mrs. Lineawever, Miss H. Gross, Miss E. Barnes, Miss M. Gross, Miss Espenshade, Mrs. Lawton. Grade I Helen l, Gross, AB., Elizabethtown College - Martha S. Lawton, Slippery Rock S. T. C. Grade II Edna M. Barnes, BS., Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania State College Bella K. Schoener, BS., Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania State College Grade III Mrs. Harriet C. Lineawever, Elizabethtown College Ruth leanette Barnes, BS., Elizabethtown College Grade IV May E. Gross, M.A., Columbia University Mabel B. Espenshade, Millersville S. T. C., Bloomsburg College Grade V Arthur l. Thome, BS., Elizabethtown College Mabel S. Eshelrnan, A.B., Elizabethtown College Grade VI Ella S. Hiestand, Elizabethtown College - Dorothy Reese, Elizabethtown College Sfflf 1 ff QQ X QS Q X 'QW Y W 'SM X X A X Q CLASS CF 1946 Left to right: Edward Bailey, David Stettler, Arlene Schuldt, Richard Keller President David Stettler Vice-President Richard Keller Secretary Arlene Schuldt Treasurer Edward Bailey Adviser , Erma lvl. Bell 0 0 0 CLASS COLORSeRed and Gray CLASS FLOWER-Red Rose CLASS MOTTOffA difficult today, a shining tomorrow David Stettler, our class president, takes charge of all class meetings and business affairs. We are certain that he deserves this position. Davids capable assistant is Richard Keller, who is our vice-president. Dick is a well- liked fellow, and very co-operative. Our efficient secretary, Arlene Schuldt, keeps an accurate record of all our class meetings, and is active in other class activities as well. Edward Bailey holds the responsible position of treasurer. l-le has been faithful in reminding us to pay our class dues and also in collecting them. Our class adviser, Miss Bell, has by her helpful guidance and cheerful smile, led us in the past, in the present, and we feel sure that her advice will continue with us in the future. Eiylzlrwi KATHRYN E. ALBERT "Kitty" Vocational Home Ee. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 V,W,S.C. 25 Yearbook 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 35 Orchestra 25 Victory Corps 25 Band 4. Blonde . . . listen to her play that trumpet . . . good seamstress . . . always giggling . . . interests range from the avy to roller skating . . . talkative . , . wants to go to busi- ness college. WILBUR M. BARLEY "Wib" General Hi-Y 3, 45 Athletic Manager 1, 2, 3, 41 Riile Club 4. Black, wavy hair . . . always a cheery "hello" tor everyone . . . don't spill that water, Wib . , . cap- able manager oi tootball and bas- ketball teams . . . wants to be a janitor. HERBERT IOHN BLOUGH "Herb" General Patrol 1. Quiet . . . bakes Fretzels after school . . . can usual y be seen in shop . . . pet peeve is science class . . . spends Saturday nights in Lancaster. MARY E. COBLE "Mary" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Patrol 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Vic- tory Corps l, 25 V.W.S.C, 2, 3, Yearbook 4. Cute blonde . . . talkative . . . always busy . . . good dancer . . , "How about going to Ditt's?" . . . who said something about Harry? . . . ambition-secretary . , . "l-lubbal Hubba!" . , . neat dresser, SENIORS in .e fi-s 'E EDWARD D. BAILEY "Ed" College Preparatory Patrol 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Victory Corps 1, 25 Iunior Play 3: Senior Pla! 45 Class Treasurer 45 Football 2, , 4, Captain 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. That laugh . . . why teachers et gray . . . interests range from Ar- ene to his Ford . . . smooth dancer . , . anybody seen any good tires? . . . wants to be an engineer, IAMES I.. BETZ "lim" College Preparatory Patrol 2, 3, 4: Victory Corgs l5 Iunior Play: Senior Pay5 ixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Tall . . , quiet? . , . hates to get up in the mornin . . . likes movies, dancing, and iiuntin . . . took French vacation with iailey . . . wants to be an engineer. ROBERT E. BRANDT "Bob" General Victory Corps l, 2, Baseball 2, 4. Athletic . . . accompanies Groif to Middletown . . . pet peeve is Iuniors . . . likes to go to the mov- ies . . . ambition is to be a pro- fessional baseball player. DOROTHY E. DYER "Dot" Vocational Home Ec. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Small . . , quiet and industrious . . . loyal friend . . . ambition- housewi e . . . main interest-Can lisle Barracks . . . likes horseback riding and ice skating . . . hates science tests. ALTA L. EARHART "Alta" General Yearbook 4. Pretty hair . . . those blue eyes . . . sweet . . . quiet . . , intelli- gent . . . smile for everyone . . . ambition-housewife . . . favorite saying-"For heaven's sake!" . . . likes sewing and hiking. HAROLD I. ESHLEMAN "Hell" General Chorus 2, 3, Victor Cor s l, Iunior Plal, Senior Play, mixed, Chorus 2, 3, : Baseball 4. Most talkative . . . clown . . . what would Esh do without girls? 'P . . . ?ood line . . . enioys making mode airplanes and wolling on th side lines . . . whistling agairr? ? I IANE E. EYER "lanle" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Cho: us 3, Yearbook 4, Iunior Pla ,Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Library Stott Tall . . . dark . . . nice dresser . . . good student . . . likes ty ing . . . neat seamstress but what a out cooking? . . . always hunting Flossie . . . aims to be a medical secretary. HARRY K. FOREMAN ' 'Henner" Commercial Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, President 4, Vic- tory Corps l, 2. Our wolt lrom Hheems . . . sorta uiet . . . neat dresser . . . likes 3. D. and attending movies . . . sportsman . . . especially hunting . . . rabbits? . . . wants to trave . . . does behind the wheel. CLASS OF 1946 '53 1 Twenty M.-4 HABOLD ECKINGER "Ecky" General Basketball 1, 3. Navy for him . . . enjoys bowling, dislikes P. D. and art . . . basket- ball team . . . "Oh, my word!" . . . lull of lun . . . quiet in school ? ? . . . twists pretzels for fun. PAY N. ETTER "Fay" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. Tall, quiet brunette . . . hard worker . . . good sport . . . mighty good in volleyball . . . ambition- child's nurse . . . likes popular music .and enjoys dancing and swimming. KATHRYN H. FLOYD ' 'Kate" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 3, Chorus 3, Yearbook 4, Senior Play, Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 4. Alwa s wears red . . . talkative . , . llkes men, especially lrom H. I. S .... oh! those parties! . . . lrequent victim of laryngitis . . . will make a good nurse, K. ELAINE FREY "E" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Victory Corps 1, 2, V. W. S. C. 1, 2, 3, Yearbook 4. Man hater , . . pretty hair . . . studious . . , blusher . . . loves to chew gum and to sleep in psychol- oiy class . . . saves cartoons and jo es . . . may become a nurse. I. WILBER FREY "Wib" General Woman hater . . . good student . . . shop's messenger boi . . , good skunk catcher . . . li es ice cream and baseball . . . dislikes science . . . "Holy Smokes!" ERMA E. GOOD "Ermy" General One of the artists in our class . . . hobby is bicycle riding . . . Ermy is very industrious . . . her ambi- tion is to be a housewife or a trav- eler . . . interested in keeping a scrapbook. IEAN B. GRO!-'F "lean" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Patrol 4, Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Senior Play. Cute . . , neat dresser , . . fasci- nating eyes . . . often heard say- ing 'Hubba, Hubba!" . . . office girl . . . who says "Number please"? . . , goal is to become medical secretary . . . prefers Navy . . . always singing. IEAN K. GRUBB "GrubbiS" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice-President 4, Patrol 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Victor? Corps l, 2, V. W. S. C. 1, 2, , Yearbook 4, junior Play, Senior Play, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, News- paper 2. Tall, beautiful brunette of 12-1 . . . lovely voice . . . Often heard saying "Good heavens!" . . . favorite sub- ject is algebra . . . favorite recrea- tion is basketball . , . enjoys read- ing ancl swimming. 3 i SENIORS IEANNE GANTZ "Ieannie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Year- book 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Attractive brunette . . . neat dress- er . . . likes the Navy and dancing . . . collects records . . . safe driv- er? . . . hates homework . . , hoses to join Waves . . . Hubba! Hub al FLORENCE I. GRIMM "Flonie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Patrol 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Victory Corps 1, 2, V. W. S. C. 1, 2, 3, Library 2, 3. Always eating . . . likes to Slay piano . . . favorite saying! is " oly Cow" . . . hates to be urried in the morning . . . college is her am- bition . . . favorite subject is French . . . silliest in 12-1 . . . enjoys swim- ming and badminton as recreation. IOHN E. GRO!-'F "Snude" General Pet peeve is math class . . . handy in the shop . . . black curly hair . . . a native of Rheerns . . . swimming is favorite recreation. . . cowboy. MARIE B. HEETER "Marie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Yearbook. 4, Victory Corps 1, 2, V. W. S. C. 1, 2. Short and nice . . . wants to be- come stenographer . . . hobby is sewing . . . heard saying "Oh my glory' . , . favorite su ject is office practice , , . taking trips is favorite recreation . . . hates to carry things in the rain, DORIS I.. I-IEISEY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 4' Patrol 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 35 Victory Corps Mixed Chorus 3 4 Cute, lull ol lun . . . in . . . main interest s . . . neat dresser and l e ncing "Dodie" Commercial l, 25 V. W. S. C. l, 25 Yearbook 45 lw s 9 E VY beams whe A Qi ' 1s mentioned wane 9 V' o l:y,J'6' 1 'J J I,.1 14 ROBERT G. HERR "Bob" General Football 2: Basketball 1, 2, 3. Did anyone see "Ecky" or "Peters"? . . . likes moth . . , col- lects popular records . . , dislikes wisecracks, wine, and women . . . good bowler . . . ambition-future sailor. HELEN G. HOFFER "Helen" General Tri-Hi-Y 3, 45 Chorus 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Soda jerker at Risser Brothers . . . good vocalist , . . short . . . col- ects stamps and post cards . . . loves to travel . . . "Are lou kide din?" . . . wants to go to usiness school. RI-IODA MAE HOLLINGER "Rhoda" College Preparatory Chorus 2, 3. 4. Dark, wavy hair . . , "My word!" , . , hobby is cookin? . . . will make a good housewi e . . , who is he, Rhoda? . . , a friend to all . . . seen with Mary. CLASS OF 1946 Ttlvinly-!11'0 S. RICHARD HEISEY "Dick" College Preparatory Chorus l, 2, 35 Yearbook Editor 45 Victory Corps l, 25 Iunior Play: Senior Play, Class Vice-President 25 Newspaper 25 Ritle Club 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 35 Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Band 4. Wanta hear acloke? See Dick. . . silly . . , sale river? , . . ambi- tion- athologist . . . Holg cowl . . . likes chemistry and " odie" , . . Oh! that laugh. IANE K. HOERNER "Shorty" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chorus 4. Hear lane saying, "What should l do about it, cry?" . . . ambition- secretary to a handsome man . . . collects pictures . . . dislikes gum cracking . , . loves jazz. KATHLEEN M. HOFFMAN "May" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus l, 2, 35 Patrol 1, 2, 35 Class Secretary 35 Iunior Play5 Chorus 3. "May," who hails from Bain- bridge, is cute, short and quiet . . . kept busy writing letters to Ralph , . . likes ice skating . . . ambition: nurse. RAY E HUMMER ' 'Homer" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus l, 2, 3, 45 Victory Corps 2, Tall . , . joined our class from the Army . . , can usually be seen driving a blue Ford . . . interested in aviation . , . secret ambition- protessional loater. RHODA E. KEENER "Rhoda" Commercial Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Year- book 4. hSmkall and blondje . likes oc e games an s o ping in Philadelphia . . . "Goo: grief!" . . . hates to get up in the morn- ing . . . ambition is to travel. l. ROBERT KETTERING "Bob" General Football 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Victory Corps l, gg Chorus 2, 3, Outdoor Patrol Dark hair and eyes . . . enjoys driving a Buick around Masonic Homes . . . "Ain't you well?" . . . ambition is to be a certified accountant. RICHARD E. LEF EVER ' 'Dick" General Victory Corps 2, Yearbook 4, Mixed Shanes 3, 4, Rifle Club 3, 4, Foot- a , . Dick Extrapoint Lefever . . . friend to everyone . . . good sport , . , chief tenor . , . aways a help to anyone' in trouble . , . pastime is annoying Mr. Eppler . . . hobby is riding in back of Foreman's coupe . . . l'leisey's sidekick. ALMA S. LONGENECKER "Alma' ' Vocational Home Ec. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Patrol 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Victory Corps l, 2, Yearbook 4, Mixed C orus 3, 4. Good athlete . . . likes anything sweet in the line of food . . . pre- fers blonde and someone serious . . . pretty hair and complexion . . . wants to be physical educa- tion teacher. SENICRS RICHARD E. KELLER "Muscles" General Patrol l, 2, 3, Cffaptain 3, Victory Corps 1, 2, Iunior lay: Class Vice- President 4, Tall and dark . . . "Hubba, Hub- ba, Hay" . . . can usually be found sleeping or at Risser's . . . interest: Maytown girls . . . ambition is to travel. WILLARD E. LANDIS "Bill" Commercial Patrol 1, Yearbook 3, 4, Victor Cor s l, 2, Iunior Play, Rifle Clubl Hi-Y, 2, 3, Secretary 4. Tall, blond, and handsome . . . Eastime is eating , . . here comes ill in his green hrysler . . . ladies man . . . ambition is to be a me- chanic . . . good luck, Bill. FRANCES S. LIENHARD "Fanny" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Victory Corps l, 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Our cute little blonde . . . why does she like English? . . . could it be the teacher's son??? . . . whiz at typing , . . good worker . . . "Isn't it darling ??" IOAN MARIE MARTIN ' 'Diddy" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Scribe 4, Chorus 2, 3, Yearbook 4: Victory Corps 1, 2, V. W. S. C. l, 2, 3, Mixed Chorus 4. Sometimes called "Parva" . . . pretty hair and teeth , . . did you ever notice her dimples and eyes? ? . . . sweet personality , . . likes to joke. IANE L. MECKLEY "lanie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 gicg:ry1Cgrps 2, Yearbook 45 V. W. Likes hockey games . . . pleasing personality . . . wants to be a medi- cal technician . . . lavorite saying is "Holy Cowl" . . . favorite sub- ject is shorthand . . . pet geeve is answering the telephone w en it is the wrong number. GRACE H. NAUMAN "Grace" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Yearbook 4, Victory Corps 1, 2. Blonde . . . quiet . . . likes danc- ing, movies, and men . . . wh does she like Bellefonte?? . . . has a smile for everyone . . . iood work- er . . . will be a good eautician. GERALDINE PAUTZ "Gerry" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, Yearbook 4, Victory Cor s l, 2: V. W. S. C. 1, 2: Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Always dependable . . . good seamstress . . . pretty hair . . . listens to jazz music in spare time . . . has a weakness for the Navy . . . likes typing and will make a good secretary. DOROTHY E. REBER "Dot" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 4, Yearbook 4, Iunior Play: Mixed Chorus 3, 4g chorus 2, 3. "MYDCowI" . . . good dresser . . . run, ot, here comes a dogl . . . always cracking jokes . . . Ohl that augh . . . typing and short- hand a whiz . . . wil be a good private secretary . . . likes to read and play miniature golf. CLASS 0121946 Twenty-four ROBERT I. MILLER "Moueey" General Patrol l, 2g Victory Corps 1. Likes to hunt . . . likes sleeping in classes . . . good athlete . . . wants to join Marine Air Force . . . pet peeve is teachers. I. RAYMOND OLWEILER "Raymond" General Yearbook 3, 4. Quiet but handsome . . . avoids women . . . intelligent . . . likes sports of any kind . . . favorite rec- reation is hunting . . . a future farmer . . . hopes to spend a year in service. ELWOOD RAY PETERS "Pete" General Basketball l, 2, 4. Iust loves school?? 7 . . . one of Ep ler's disciples . . . seen with Bog and Eck . . . listens to records in pastime . . . often heard saying, "How are you doing?" . . , wil soon be serving with Uncle Sam. DORIS E. REAM "Dod.ie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Chorus 2, 35 Year- book 4, Victory Cor l, 2: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 41 V. vfss. C. 1, 2, 3. Good singer . . . pretty hair . . . Ohl those neat bracelets . . . col- lects foreign dolls . . . enjoys read- ing, skating, and swimming and likes to be where Heisey is . . . Ohl Moon . . . ambition: craft teacher. EDITH BEAM "Edie" Vocation Home Ec. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3 45 Patrol 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 35 Yearbook 3, 45 Victory Corps l, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Navy and football games . . . "Oh, joyI" . . . strawberry blonde . . . shines in art, basketball, and swimming . . . won girls' baseball throw . . . in future travels, will stick to warm climates. E. MARILYN ROHRER "Speck" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Chorus 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Victory Corps l, 25 V. W. S. C. l, 25 Iunior Play5 Senior Play5 News- aper 25 Library 25 Orchestra l, 2, 8, 45 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Band 4. All teachers' pride and joy . . . definitely tops in trumpet, piano, and science . . . a perfectionist . . . fond of cats and dogs, especially Springer Spaniels . . . contemplat- ing a career in brain surgery. ARLENE B. SCHULDT "Penny" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 45 Patrol 2, 3, 4 Captain 45 Chorus 2, 35 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Victory, Corps l 25 V. W. S. C. 1, 25 Year ook 45 Class Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, 4. Vivacious blonde . . . often seen with a certain 12-1 blond male . . . giood commercial student . . . helps asonic Homes keep their boo s straight . . . excels in athletics . . . loves dancing. DORIS E. SHANK "Do" Vocational Home Ec. Chorus 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 35 Yearbook 45 Mixed Chorus 4. Going to be a nurse . . . hates bad-tempered people . . . what about cozy fireplaces and Cocker Spaniels? . . . swimming a'nd music are her hobbies. B..-.X N- kt xv! 555.555 .. SENIORS ' o Twenty-five PAUL M. RICKER. IR- "Rick" College Preparatory Chorus 2, 35 Victory Corps l, 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Treasurer 3, Vice- President 4. One oi our class' hunk of heart- beat . . . bound for Penn State and engineering . . . he's peeved by lpractice teachers . . . prefers ath- etics and dancing. rf-ff W 054,12 IAIME F. ROWLE "lim" General Chorus 35 Football 3, 45 Basketball 3, co-Captain 45 Orchestra 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Hi-Y 3, 4. Solid sender with the sax . . . good deal Lucille . . . athletic type -football, basketball, and swim- ming . . . GIRLS . . . curly hair and baby-blue eyes are a cover- up for mischief. PATRICIA A. SEAMAN "Pat" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y Z, 3, 45 Chorus 25 Year- book 45 Victory Corps l, 25 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Friendly to everybody . . . espe- cially fond of the Navy . . . loves dancing . . . bookkeeping . . . beautiful curly hair . . . " h, you kidI" . . . pals around with Ieanne Gantz. ELEANOR M. SHANK "Ellie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Victory Corps 25 Yearbook 4. Interested in traveling and in col- lecting oems . . . a good typist . amgition is to be the wife of a six-foot sailor in the near future. - f, .. flzylij ,s MARY K. SHEARER "Mary" College Preparatory Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Yearbook 4, "Oh, my goodness!" . . . Mary will probably be a housewife . . . seen with Rhoda . . . hates to get up in the morning . . . favorite food is ice cream. IEAN K. SIPLING "Sip" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Chorus 2, 3, V, W. S. C. 2, earbook 4, Victor Cor 5 2, Mixed Chorus Z, 3, 4, Chase Secretary 2, Treasurer 3, Library 2, 3, 4. Wants to go to college , . . will make a good secretary . . . keeps bus! singing! playing piano, and rea ing oo s . , . neat dresser . . . giggles and blushes easily. IUNE A. SNYDEB "Iunie" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Patrol 2, 3, Chorus 2, 3, Victory Corps 1, 2, V, W. S, C. l, 2, 3, Mixed C orus 3. Expert waitress at Kennewood Hote . . ,fprime interest' Mt. Ioy . . . full of un . . . always willing to do a favor for someone . . . was first-class drummer in Drum and Bugle Corps. MIRIAM E. SWEIGART "Mim" Commercial Seeing good shows is Mim's fa- vorite recreation , . . "Oh my cow!" , . . likes office practice . , . wants to be a secretary . . . will be a housewife. CLASS OF 1946 'X Twenty-six ANNA RUTH SHISSLER "Shins" Vocational Home Ec. Yearbook 4. Hear that accordion? , . . it's Shiss again . . , wants to be a housewie . . , likes sewing and living in the countrg . . . aways 0 , seen with Alta and . DOROTHY MAE SLOTHOWER "Dottie Mae" College Prep. Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Patrol l, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, Yearbook 4, Victory Corps l, 2, Library l, 2, 3, 4. Teaching history and English is her ambition . . . hates unfair teach- ers . . . favorite saying, "Rowley, where's your excuse card?" . . , a friend in need is ci friend indeed. DAVID M. STETTLER ' 'Stet" College Preparatory Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, President 3, 4, Patrol l, 2, Chorus l, Victory Corps lp Class President Z, 3, 4, Rifle Club 1, 2, Basketball 2, 3, 4, co-Captain 4. Sharp dresser . . . popular , . . "ls that right?" , . . president of Senior Class . . . quite a ladies' man . . . will be either a doctor or a famous movie star. RAY I. SWEIGART "Swig" General Patrol l, 2, Victory Corps l, Chorus 3 "No kidding!" , . . three rabbits and two pheasants today . . . also likes fishing and trapping . . . pet peeve: conceited people . . , will make a first-class carpenter. IUNE R. WEIDMAN "Inna" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Patrol 4g Yearbook 45 Iunior Play 3. "Oh yiel", that's Iunie . . . de- tests noisy people . . . favorite sub- iect: typing . . . is a department ead at Grant's . . . someday will be a famous roller-skating star. BETTY A. YOUNG "Batty" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Patrol 2, 3, 45 Chor- us 2, Victory Corps l, 27 Yearbook 4, Hubba, Hubba . . , likes gym and office practice . . . wants to be?? a nurse, a file clerk, or a mail clerk? . . . enjoys swing music . . . writes letters . . , to whom? As we leave thee, Alma Mater In search of higher spheres, We'll recall with fondest rnem'ries These joyful high school years. As we go into the future To meet the challenge bold, We'll remember all the teaching That in these halls were told. MARTHA I. YEAGLY "Marty" Vocational Home Bc. Efficient waitress at Lancaster Co. Farm Diner . , . liked by everybody . , . always giggling . . . "Oh, those farmers!" . . . likes hiking, dislikes school . . . ambition: housewife. A. im. vi l ,. wx I. HERBERT YOUNG "Harb" General Senior Playg Rifle Club 3, 4g Hi-Y 3, 4, Actor . . . attended four schools and dislikes them all . . . "Where's Grclf and Foreman?" . , . fond of man records. NANCY B. ZERPHEY 9 "Nan' ' Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Patrol 45 Chorus 3: Victory Corps 25 Yearbook 4: News- paper 2. Beautiful red hair . . . attractive . . . neat dresser . . . likes all sports . , . eniaoys reading and danc- ing . . . am ition-secretary , . . dislikes peroxide blondes . . . loves iazz. SENIORS glass poem We'll always love thee, Alma Mater, Thee, always will we praise, Thou hast laid our life's foundation To guide us in our ways. So, in parting, Alma Mater, lt is our hope that we May always strive to achieve success And serve humanity. --DOROTHY MAE, SLOTHOWER aviation and photograghy . . . col- lects Spike lones and eriny Good- glad: Htoty 1942- 1943 Remember when we were little Freshmen, and we really were glad to be considered "in high school." We thought we really were somebody when we could say that we had civics instead of history. But we were knocked down a peg or two when we found those Latin tests coming up. This year the Iunior Tri-Hi-Y was organized and some of the girls became members. We were certainly kept busy with all our studies and extracurricular activities and when Iune came around we were all ready to settle down and have a pleas- ant vacation. 1943- 1944 Well, this year we were really Sophomores and finally entering Senior High School. We thought we were quite smart now because we had the privilege to choose our own courses and class officers. Our favorite topic of discussion was Frank Sinatra vs. Bing Crosby but Frankie usually won out. As sophomores we were allowed to join the "Y" clubs and how well we remember those terrible initiations. But in turn we were allowed to take part in their social activities. Near the end of the year our school gave a gym exhibition which everybody considered a big success. With all our final exams over, we breathed a sigh of relief and decided to forget school for the summer. 1944- 1945 Here we are, Iuniors, and can hardly believe it. Now we really are grown up ? ? Of course, we were allowed to pick our class rings and pins, and we all agreed that they were the neatest ever. As class officers, we elected for president, David Stettlerg vice-president, Richard Keller, secretary, Arlene Schuldtp and treasurer, lean Sipling. We were still swoon- ing over Frank Sinatra but we always recovered in time to take our physics tests. Van Iohnson also became popular this year and, as we walked down the halls, we saw his picture decorating many of the girls' lockers. In March we sponsored our class play, "Oh, Kay," a mystery comedy, which we thought was pretty swell. As a climax to our Iunior year, we gave our prom in order to bid the Senior Class fond farewell. Our gym really looked sharp decorated like a Pacific island, with Andy Kerner furnishing the music. 1945-1946 After a summer which most of us spent working at various places, we came back to school, happy in the realization that the war was finally over and that we were Seniors at last. For after twelve long, hard years of struggling '? ? fAm I kidding?l we had finally reached our goal and we were "dignified Seniors" at last. We really enjoyed those night football games which were held on our new field, with the band furnishing some extra color. Football season over, we all looked forward to our Senior play, "The Arrival of Kitty," which we presented early in December. Everyone agreed that it was definitely super! Our class officers remained the same with the exception of Arlene Schuldt as secretary and Edward Bailey as treasurer. The "Y" clubs sponsored many activities during the year, one of which was the Valentine Dance to which parents, as well as students, were invited. This was some- thing new, but it appears to have been a big success. After a busy Senior year, filled with many memorable events too numerous to mention, we were finally graduated on May 31. Twenty-eight IR EIIHDEI GDB EIR E.M.R E.M.RoHRcR N :L-if :E il' -Qs I im ll. IHA -A L4 I. f I li I Fr I I L3 ' I ' I -in l .I rr .'r!I I. R ffwe f4fm 2 Ma fe r We fl'V8nUf ver' fasting ,OM G-5 z. Jet fort!JCfa.v.r of Rn-tj-.fix We A ve our fufure y t to at-tain, . J , :: I1u1:'uri'1-l:- 7 vA:IIn'1I:.:1-AIIIIII ' . 1 ll ' f I ll I ' I7 ' I' III' I'l'I IIICIICICIZ Tfnnlnlry of thee we f9a1fZf'1y nameufll thanks never Ceaffhf df' HJ we yo On we ff afwayw fry to aloha!!! tra - a'fh'an, wifi A V . ll ,MAQQJJQJA Q I -' V J wfmg a- JE I - V Fffrefkpiff ceftnrf, w1'safomJ7a1'rEaf fzeff for future days, 7-fry Hllf l'dHdf.r, yu1'd1'nfJfa ijr, fforj we ciaff fain, Ana' 3 5 :EV W u W Jtcadfart fo un da tlomr fafaf We ekr to Mem ffm!! c fig. Mu wg' 0UfJICA00!d8j! l, Lffifcfraffrqfeparfe - up un . TLUl'I1,I'!l Who's Who Best All-arounders Arlene Scliuldt Richard Lefever Most Tulkative Mary Coble Harold Eshleman Actor and Actress Edward Bailey lean Grubb Artists Raymond Olweiler Edith Reern Most Intelligent Marilyn Rohrer David Stettler Quietest Erma Good Raymond Olweile Best Dancers Arlene Schuldt Iairne Rowley Silliest Frances Lienhard Richard l-leizsey Best Sports Edith Re-em Richard Lefever Best Singers lean Grubb Richard Lelever Th ir! y Who's Who Did Most tor School Arlene Schuldt David Stettler Musicians Marilyn Rohrer Richard Heisey Happy-go-lucky Edith Reem laime Rowley Prettiest cmd M lean Sipling David Stettler Best Socializers Arlene Schuldt Edward Bailey ost Handsome Best Athletes Edith Reem Edward Bailey Sheik cmd Flapper Frances Lienhard Paul Ricker Dreamers lean Grubb lames Betz Apple Polishers Ioan Martin Harold Eshlernan Mun and Woman Hater Marie Heeter Raymond Olweiler Th fr! y-on C 61441 UH!! We, the Class of "46" of Elizabethtown High School, County of Lancaster, State of Penn- sylvania, being of sound mind and memory, do hereby make and declare this to be the last will and testament of our class. The document, duly executed and signed, is as follows: I, Mary Coble, will my talkability to lean Weaver. l, Marilyn Rohrer, will my musical ability to who- ever can find it. I, Kathleen Hoffman, will my weight to Emma Crawford. We, Mary Shearer and Rhoda Hollinger, will our friendship to Pat Landis and Helen Hein. I, Elaine Frey, will my boy friends to Barbara Boggs. I, lane Hoerner, will my swimming ability to Claudia Espenshade. I, Martha Yeagly, will the Lancaster County Farm Diner to Nancy Bechtel. I, Iune Snyder, will my interest in Mt. Ioy to Leon Gassert. I, Dorothy Dyer, will my Senior Science tests to whoever wants them. I, Grace Nauman, will my love for Patton to Hanne Lore Teufel. I, Doris Shank,-will my love for music to Martha Royer. ,ij , I, Ray Hummer, will my serviceable pea shooter and what is left of the peas to Iack Ney. I, Ray Peters, will my basketball ability to Amos Good. I, Herbert Blouch, will my pretzel baking to Harry Bishop. I, Iune Weidman, will my interest in the Mt. Gretna Roller Skating Rink to Virginia Williams. I, Ray Sweigart, will my ability as a shop student to Sam Singer. I, Edith Reem, will the work of the art and layout staffs of the "47" yearbook to whoever wants it. I, Miriam Sweigart, will my interest in Manheim to Faye Young. I, Harold Eckinger, will the best of luck to the coming Seniors. I, Ioan Martin, will my curly hair to Virginia Raffensperger. I, lean Sipling, will my blushes to Charlene Sweigart. I, lean Groff, will my telephone job to Ioy Risser. I, lane Eyer, will my dark hair to Kathryn Nissley. I, Marie Heeter, will my standing as man hater to Doris Sweigart, I, Robert Miller, will my sleeping in class to Iames Wittle. I, Fay Etter, will my height to Peggy Lou Risser. I, Anna Ruth Shissler, will my accordion playing to Hilda Enck. We, the 12-2 Science Class, will Mr. Eppler a more peaceful and sophisticated Senior Class. I, Iaime Rowley, will my ability to wolf to Ken Kniley. I, Dorothy Mae Slothower, will my home room 20 attendance register to whoever wants it. I, Florence Grimm, will my love for Van Iohnson to Doris Clauss. I, Kathryn Floyd, will my red clothes to whoever isn't afraid to wear them. I, Arlene Schuldt, will my blue eyes to lane Cunningham. I, Nancy Zerphey, will my red hair to Pearl Koser. We, Richard Lefever and Bill Landis, will our weight and height to David Myers. I, Dodie Heisey, will my love for the Navy to Lila Stumpf. I, Dodie Ream, will my long hair to Esther Frey. I, Edward Bailey, will my love-making ability to Charles Goodling. 1, Betty Young, will my trips to the Lancaster County Farm Diner to Nancy Shelly. I, Harold Eshleman, will my ability to wolf to Iames Reider. I, Richard Heisey, will my French book to Miss Roe. I, 'Alma Longenecker, will my love for the school to Ioe Crevar. I, Robert Herr, will my preference for blondes to Tad Shaw. I, Robert Kettering, leave my lonely heart to the Junior Class. We, Iim Betz and Paul Ricker, will our seashore pleasures to Leon Gassert and lack Ney. I, Robert Brandt, will my wavy hair to Forest Walmer. I, Dorothy Raber, will my shorthand ability to Rita Weiss. I, Wilbur Frey, will my height to George Cresswell. I, Helen Hoffer, will my soda-jerking to Elsie Westafer. We, the Senior girls, will Miss Hargleroad a better class of basketball players. In witness whereof, we have set the signature and the seal of the Class of 1946 this Thirty-first Day of May in the Year of Our Lord Nineteen Hundred and Forty-six. Thirty-two NX U "--T-I----"' IUNIOR CLASS First row. lelt to right: Mr, Diehl, lennie Wylrga, Kathleen Lancaster, Hilda linclc, Bett Paxson, loserrh Karrtlman, Charles Crowe, loy Davrs, Sara lane Breneman, Patricia Landis, Vrrgrnra Wrlllrams, Geraldine Kraybrll Second row: lfdward Gallagher, Doris Swergart, Dorcas Dunnrck, Faye Yorrna, Leroy Hutt llorrs llrrtt, Maru- Srpe-l, Hotly Kaylor, Barbara lletlner, Virginia Hatlensperaer, lfrrgene Kipp Third row: Amos Good, lam- Arick, loy Hrsser, lay Walmer, lane Crrnnrngham, Nancy Wrr ht, lack Chapman, Pearl Kosf-r, Nancy Walters, Charles Charleston, Barbara Boggs. Fourth row: Iohn glrornpson, llanne 'lkrrrtel Poqay Moose, Gr-orge Cresswe-ll, Nancy Bechtel, Emma Crawlorcl, larnes Helder, Porn: Clmisrz, llarrl llolrrrrcl, llritlr lilaclc, Marrorrr- Schrrldt, Kr-nneth Knrley, Hobert Larrclr-nslaaer, Wrhna ll-wus larnr-fa lVlC'l.4lllQlllIIl, Hrta Weiss, Allegra Krernf-r, lirrna Snyder, Willis llersr-y v ff V CN' 'tw First row, lelt to right: Mr. Diehl, David Myers, Ina Hrppensteel, Melva Kline, Paul Hottmarr, Samuel Srnar,-r, lames Wrttle, loss-ph Crevar, Richard Seaman, Kathryn Nrssley, Fairy Landvater, Hrcharcl Srpc-l Second row: llarry Brshop, Claudia Espenshade, Sara Meashey, Esther Frey, Br-tty Conf, lack Ney, Pr-gay Lori Hrssser, llmrrra Lou Kozor, Dorothy Hritherlord, Charles Gooclhng, Peggy lzberly. Third row: lacqrrelrnc- Sr-rise-rrran, llelr-n l'lrfrn, lllsre Westaler, lean Weaver, Leon Gassert, Geraldine Senseman, llelen Shearer Lore: Hrlsher, Lila Stumrrt, Harold Yurkovrc, Louise Brrcker, Charlene Swergart, Fourth row: Paul Pry, lllsre Lana, Nancy Shelly, Martha Boyer, Anna Hotter. Tlzirly-four SOPHOMORE CLASS P4 First row: Miss McGee-lnn, Donald Hess, loan Corley, Donald Loser, Lorelle Frtzwater, Mrldred llaqle, Grrorarna Crow--, lean Miller, Richard Blongh, Mrss Dulcbolrn Second row: Frances Aldrnger, Ir-an Arndt, Urban Sloat, Hose 'l'rorrtman, Homarne Eckrnger, Leroy Krllran, Peqay Rrce, Arlene Keller, lohn Marlrn, lov Ann Powr-ll Third row: Robert Bodman, lacob Wrllrams, Melvrn Sonnorr, lolrn Groll, Kenneth llakr-r, Charles Rarto, Mabel Shaak, Wrllanr' Kernard. Fourth row: Mrldred Wolaemnth, Mary lane Barley, Nrsrrna Lanrlrs, l'rrar-no Chrttnrn, Mary Werss, Nancy Smrrck, Betty Klrna, Hrrlh Horse-y. Filth row: lay lirvtzt, lletty Constrnv, llrrssel Marlrn, Betty Shank, K1-nneth Walrnr-r, Mrldrecl Boll, llolrr-rt Brslrop, llarnrlry Grr-rrnawalt llarry Grrttschall, Catlrerrne Kepler, Gerald l-lolancl. ff - , ' F' First row. left to right: Mr Fppler, Tad Shaw, Graco Miller, Gloria Arndt, Sarah Whrtmoyer, Evelyn Bechtel, Betty Bradley, Estelle Frtztwater, Mildred Stanller, Marian Black, Frances Doggett. Second row: Clara lfletri, loanne Drxon, Wilbur Swerqart, Shirley Matoney, Earl Frf-y, Mary Maloney, lohn Campbell, Maraarvt Brooks, Harold Goodman, Mar lane- Halsey. Third row: Laverne Llyrtr, Goldre Shank, loe Stotrt, Nancy Shank, Claude Herr, Lorraine Eynck, Edwin Aldrn er, Geraldrne llnmmvr, Dale Wrllrams, Hazel Flowers Fourth row: Neal Balmer, Nancy Frey, Samuel Grsh, Fern l-laerner, Hoy Schroll, Fsther Keener, lack Klorn, Gene Myers, Geraldine Frtzwaler, Lavern Mnmma Fifth row: Vrrarrna Hrxson, lack Wc-Slater, lfleanor Lonaenecker, lfrravne Morrrs, Mildred Grsh, lams-s Brandt, Susan llollrnaer, Wayne Klernlelter, Alla llollrnm-r, llohert Powell Nancy Waqner. T11 frly-jluc K 'lxx'f' 0 Y' 2 . ,-.. , fantffry l l i- f- F ,mg . Sv f 3,f.,' X! "if l GRADE f fl. ,W . 'Q 1 wfwfrbf W ' " QM' W 94fww'4!.f A :iE,5Ei, Aff fn' ' i Q 4 lj VX i l fl 114' 'Z tx jby q .1 lr Y . X J 'X l CJ First row. left to right: Miss Krndig, Doris Nutt, Marian'SOl'iH5r1, locrnn Dunnick, Mary Koppenhaver, Leland Bailey, Reba Seiders, Iere Newcomer, Zimmerman Mrs Rohrer' Second row: Pauline Weidman, Esther Rutt, lennreve Lancaster, Henry Hoerner, Reba Shank, Iames Shank, Madge Tierney, Ray Miller, Dorothy Irrmper, Benjamin Wilson. Third row: Maurice Clapper, Abram Forney, Richard Zell, Mabel Wert Kenneth llerahard, Pauline Earhart, Henry Walters, lane Lrahthiser, Susan Myers. Fourth row: 3 Louise Lambert, lohn Schmitt, Doris Stahl, David Newcomer, Vrolet Sweraart, Robert Gordon, lean Brandt, Carl Wolaemuth, Betty Krssrnaer, David Nauman. Filth row: , Marian McNall, lean Rutherford, Loy Gutshall, lanet Be ser, David Bowman, lunc Becker, , . loseph D'Aaastrno, Erla mberqer, lulrus Bolser, Earl Wellrve-r, Patricia Boaas, ln mr-rrro'y ot Rf-ha 5llGTlK a Gllhmt qymk ' ' GJ rrrvrrrhr-: al thi Clasp- ol '49, L I I were frrrrr rwwlsrrrrwr 113, l?lfl5.'fE112 , ' YP. 4 fff- I , J ' 56.1 mr-...X 5 ll . . L! V .X r 1 x First row, left to right: Miss Zimmerman, Mrs. Rohrer, Harold Barto, Ronald Beck, Sara Garber, lean Gcrlach, Fay Nissley, Peaay Barnhart, Betty Kipp, lohn Martin, Mrss Krndrg, Second row: Peaqy Lrenhard, Helen Weidman, Lester' Graylnrll, Evelyn Daveler, Glenn Oberholtzer, Elizabeth Kre-rser, lames K1-nnody, Arlene Kessler, Norman Wrtmer. Third row: Martin Forr , Rose Marie Sertx, Joseph Derr, Sara lean Brandt, Wilbur Forwood, Geraldine Snyder, Wrllram Stum, Busan Wylrqa, Mcrrlrn Lonqenecker. Fourth row: lllsru Garman, Mildred Drttenbach, Hem Hoerner, Mary lean Fisher, Paul Grubb, Greta Sloat, Mildred Wrr ht, Elizabeth Holler, Elwood Allen, Elsie Bomgardner, Robert Hergel. Filth row: Robert Ludwig, Stella Hoover, Richard Reinhart, Marian Hess, Robert Craun, Iames Hivner, Robert Rice, Genevieve Rersrnger, Earl Miller. EIGHTH GRADE First row, lelt to right: Mr, Goodhart, MlllL'l', Grace Matoney, Earl Sinniger, lean lispe-nshade, Charles Whttmoyer, Grace Kipp, Martha Second lGY lack Lambert, Third row: lay Newcomer, lames Dana Trostle, Peqqte Handler, Robert Shank, Betty row: Atlven Hutt, Carl Morrts, Pafty Brown, Irvin lamt,-s Mvcklvy. Martha Boozer, Shearer, Baum, Fourth llcss. First row, left to right: Mrs, Wxnclish, lere Proctor, Pearle Iacobs, Donald Laudenslager, Robert Emenheiser, Iulta Htsser, Iames Rohn, Betty Raber, Peggy Lou Herr, Second row: Albert Goodlma, Ecltth Page, Paul Gramer, lean Gander, Iames Martin, Merle Chapman, George Frost, Alan Erb. Third row: loans- Mclionly, Robert D'A?osttno, Rosemarie Sauter, Paul Belser, Hazel Nauman, lay Frey, Glorta Nauss, Troy Funck, Mary Fl en Hames, Ioan Htsser. Fourth row: Marvtn Holt, lanet Sheetz, Henry Hemer, lane llelm, Gerald Weaver, Nancy Sloat, lack Coberly, Nancy Hlsdon, lohn l-lammakcr. 7'lm'1tf-.W l'4'H SEVENTH GRADE First row, left to right: Miss Miller, Doris Good, Waihe l-lutter, Nancy Park, Peggy Weaver, Helen lfslrf-lman, lfdward Seitz, Ioyce Killian, Mr. Blouch. Second row: Werner Petter, lanet Zerphey, Ioyce Cohn, Lois Lonqenecker, Dolly Messick, Donald Zook, Geraldine Cox, Patricia Brosr-y Third row: lay ltritlrertord, Iohn Fyer, Lois Goodling, lay Brandt, Lois Gibble, Leonard Heinaold, Charles Jones, llicliard Gvhlrard, Maxine Wright. Fourth row: Parthene Arndt, Iames Miller, Kathryn Sch:-etx lrvin lfnqle, Nancy Campbell, Donald Seaman, lc-rry Schroll, William Chesnutt, Mary Leicht, Harrison Nauman -an First row, lett to right: Miss Miller, Shirley Hornatius, Thelma Srpling, Ianet Cha man, loann Betz, Nelson Chrtturn, Doris Boyer, Mr. Blauch. Second row: Larr Chapman, Ruth Barley, Edith Dieltenbach, Velma Barnharl, Lane Shank, Bonnie Brubaker, Patricia Viyalton, Nancy Rice, Richard Plummer. Third row: loan Hammaker, Mary Easton, Bernard Parrett, Anna Andrews, Gerald Wilson, Ruth Klrnger, Barre Smack, Dale Griltith, Fred Lancaster, Elizabeth Martin Fourth row: Thomas Harder, Maxine Shank, Tom l..lfIllllil24Oli, Hachefl McBeth, Otto Florschutz, Marilyn Schwanger, Glenn Hoffman, lean Horsey, Edward Smith, Lois Weidman, Robert Frazier. 7'lt frly-1 liffllf Ng Q K 652 1 W! 'Q Q .3 X VQY X? NN If X L SPCTLIGHTING . . . OUR NEW ATHLETIC FIELD This year's outstanding achievement at E. H. S., and one of which we students, as Well as our entire community, are most proud, is the acquisition ot a fully-equipped new athletic field. The field, located to the rear of our high school building, is equipped with bleachers to accommodate approximately 2,400 persons. This season a total of more than 6,500 persons were in the bleachers to see our home games. The Iunior class took charge ot selling refreshments at the new refresh- ment stand to the West of the high school building. lt was here that our patrons were able to obtain hot dogs, sodas, and candy. Illuminating the field were eight sets of floodlights, which inspired the theme of the l946 Elizabethan. Forty OUR NEW BAND First row. left to right: Marie Hoover, William Chestnutt, lohn Vtlanamaker, Henry Rineer, lohn Grotf, Mr. Klaiinszz, Suzanne Patton, loanne Messick, Carol Ann Moose, Dean Wartel. Second row: Harold Boozer, Bernard Parrett, Gene Myers, Romaine Yurkovic, Marilyn Rohrer, Larry Boyer, Gerry Schroll, lay Ulrich, Edward Seitz. Third row: Dana Trostle, William Seiders, Richard Heisey, Robert Rodman, Harry Guttschall, laime Rowley, Arlene Reider, laines Martin, Paul Greiner, lune Ebersole, lames Rutherford, Fourth row: Kenneth Reighard, lanice llllinger, lohn Eyer, David Newcomer, David Meyers, Robert Emenheiser, Paul Grubb, Peggy Eberly. The lllizabethtown High School Band, nnder the direction ol Mr. Klauss, is a new addition to our :school this year. The band did a great deal toward mak- ing our football games something special with their pep :songs and their high step- ping on our new athletic field. Stepping out in front war: our inaiorette, Marilyn ltolirer, twirling her baton in that thrilling inarch time The band received much ot its support train the Elizabethtown High School Band Club Composed oi parents and friends of the band irieiribers, it raised money for inzztriinientiz and niu:sic. The club also helped nz: get those snappy blue and white uniiorins. We know the band will become greater in the coinirig years because oi the suc- cerzia it har: had in this, its first year, FOOTBALL SQUAD Chas.. nw ,9 az- - f G 'EV' st.. 42? gas, Iggy Tift fit 1 gwi .3 S First row: Harold Barto, Amos Good, Iohn Martin, Richard Seaman, Wilbur Barley, George Cresswell. Second row: Coach Windish, Richard Letever, Robert Kettering, Edward Bailey, Paul Ricker, laime Rowley, Iames Betz, Coach Eppler. Third row: Ioe Stotz, Willis Heisey, lack Ney, Leon Gassert, Charles Charleston, Raymond Harder, Richard Reinhart. Fourth row: Tad Shaw, Robert Laudenslager, Ioseph Crevar, Melvin Sonnon, Gilbert Shirk, Harold Yurkovic, Kenneth Kniley, Larry Chapman, Iames Meckley, Robert Ludwig. Fifth row: Iohn Campbell, Frederick Malmborg, Gerald Roland, Leland Bailey, Richard Shank, Robert Gordon, Urban Sloat, Russell Martin, Donald Hess, Kenneth Baker, Loy Gutshall, Iames Reider, Harry Bishop, Ray Miller. VARSITY LINEUP First row: Paul Ricker, Richard Lefever, Willis Heisey, Melvin Sonnon, Samuel Singer, Leon Gassert, Robert Kettering, Iames Betz, lames Reider. Center: Charles Goodling. Third row: Kenneth Kniley, Iaime Rowley, Edward Bailey, Harold Yurkovic. Football Highlights The 1945 football season opened with the E. H. S. Bears playing Columbia on our new field. Columbia scored in the first, third, and fourth periods. Fighting back, E. H. S. made a touchdown in the last quarter, making the final score 7-20. A On September 29, our team traveled to Biglersville. We scored in the third period but missed the extra point. In the fourth period Biglersville rallied and, by scoring a touchdown and making its extra point, won the game with a 6-7 score. The strong Lititz team visited us on the fifth of October. The Bears held them to one touchdown in the first half but Lititz scored again in both the third and fourth periods. E. H. S. kept fighting, but was unable to score. The game ended with Lititz leading 20-U. On October 13 the E-town Bears traveled to Red Lion. At the end of the first quarter they led 6-0. E-town made one touchdown in the second quarter to Red Lion's two. Scoring two more touchdowns in the last period, Red Lion won by a score of 30-6. Elizabethtown High played host to Ephrata on October 19. Ephrata, with a 6-point lead, completed a freak play and scored another touchdown. The Bears struck back and gained seven points. Even though E-town battled fiercely for another touchdown, Ephrata won 13-7. The last home game of the season was played with Middletown. Its team was held to only seven points in the first half by our stubborn and scrappy eleven. In the last half, Middletown added three more touchdowns to bring the total score to 25-U. The final game of the season was played against our traditional rival, Patton Trade School, on its field on Saturday afternoon, November ll. In the second quarter, E. H. S. made the first score of the game, putting itself ahead 7-U. The Bears showed their ability and scored again in both the third and fourth periods, Winning the game 19-U, thus giving E. H. S. the third successive victory over Patton. Although our season for 1945 ended with one win and seven defeats, we are proud to say that our team played well and showed good sports. manship in every game. -DAVID MYERS - Forty-three "End, Tackle, Center, Guard" OUR SENIOR ATHLETES Lefever, tackle Bailey and Ricker, co-captains Kettering, tackle Rowley, halfback Iflurl jf-fv Barley, manager Betz, tackle Rowley. guard Stettler, forward VARSITY BASKETBALL Left to right: laime Rowley, Kenneth Kniley, laines Reider, Wilbur Barley, Mar, lomepli Kauttman, llavid Stettler, Charles Goodling, Coach Windisli. VARSITY BASKETBALL SEASON IUNIOR VARSITY SEASON Won lU, lost 8 Lower Paxton Columbia Rotlisville Patton Marietta E. llomplield E. Donegal Middletown Mt. loy Manheim Rotlisville Columbia Marietta E. Hemptield E. Donegal Mt. loy Manlieim Patton lndicatos nt n Co E.H.S. Opp. 23 29 l9 SU 39 lfl 34 Q2 27 36 2l 22 53 lG 35 lt! 32 lil unty league amines Won l5, lost 3 Lower Paxton Columbia Rotlisville Patton East l-lemptield East Donegal Middletown Mt. loy Penbrook Manheim Rothsville Columbia Penbroolc East Hemptield East Donegal Mt. loy Manlieim Patton fly-jiri' Opp. E.H.S lfl 35 28 l'f 22 28 2 34 2l l l lil 2-fl l2 SU 2l 24 lfi 20 lil 29 l 7 2-fl 25 l 5 23 25 l 7 23 l fl 2l Sl Sli lil 211 lfl 24 IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Kneeling: Coach Windish, Kenneth Baker, Richard Seaman, Paul Hoffman, Amos Good, lay Walmer. Second row: Charles Crowe, Gerald Roland, Tad Shaw, lack Ney. IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL SEASON Won 16, lost U E.H.S. Opp. E.H.S. Opp Hothzsville 20 9 Rothsville 33 13 Marietta . 36 26 Bainbridge 40 20 lf. Hempfield Sl 15 Marietta 33 ll E. Donegal 49 20 E. Hemptield 43 9 Middletown 34 17 E. Donegal 4l l5 Mt. loy 39 22 Mt. loy . 28 l? Bainbridge 28 22 Manheim 33 l7 Manheim 34 17 Middletown Sl 23 IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL Kneeling: lames Meckley, lack Lambert, Robert Ludwig, Gerald Weaver, Kenneth Heighard. Standing: Mr. Eppler, Raymond Harder, Leland Bailey, Gilbert Shirk, Robert Gordon, Richard Reirihart, lohn Martin. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Kneeling: Betty Cox, Elsie Westaler, Peggy Lou Risser. Standing: Patricia Landis, lane Cunninqllam, Barbara Boggs, IU NIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Left to right: Ina Hippensteel, Charlene Sweigart, Nancy Smuck, Arlene Keller, Lois Holtzman, Sara Meashey. For! y-.wc 1 'cn I , ' ' 152-XX M. f' ,fy . f 4, I, i giffl' .jk f ,Vw may ' 1 we W , QQ K Jw., , , . . . QQ, 1 , K . . it Q, W. N . A '7 LRQZQSKQQ, f ml ,L 1 . f V wgfaw N W' -, 1 , wx-c,w5'Q. ' Q ,ax A A . A rg My ' Lx ,X . V. I WA my .. Q Wisi Q ,vw M , .f ' M42 4, - 1 A 1 ' in A , I fra' lndnnl. K.-Mx Ll- ,X x , N, , -, I by J, ff, - ' J mia W' 5 5, W , mwmivimmww , "V'f2fwggA ' W154. ., iwu,g,.,fM- -v . ,AW I , A. J.. ., . QW, I . U VX ,MN 4,1 54 . vw .. ,Af 1 Y if'--AQHA 'M - v x, .g K 1 ' . i ,fnxk . . .!. IM. ., 'f7i3kawg,3m. , P , ,f,, yi U ., ,W .QM A , Q. x L Lfiw Q1 ,. fYsL,'N,. ww, Y. ,K " ,KA , 1 4 I ,hx x img' I f ' M1 X ww ,, 1 gi ,. z- N- ' f , 5, .f"N ' 'if fx ' , .A 4 - 'Mm K' 1 . X mf! ',f.wY' ' f -Q r .. - A ,fx ,Q ,V iw WW f 'wwwx 'f - T- -:Mia 41 4? ' . W 'a,x'?mr7,1, ' A ' ?', . ' fy -wfmm' ,, my A ' , ,. E-1. uk .1 - 1 - nm ' -. wf.,.,f ,qw .WK I r W 575' , I it 'Sk Kimi W: lg .Q M X .X 1-w.m.,3,gyM,,,,Wy4 El ' Y., New ww Wmmwwimmi r .--m 5 ' '17 LM, .. .wdzih fi if W, JW MM. W, X1 x WWW-75?-.yt Wk? we-wg wwsma 'ii A "Rf ' QQMMQ' q 'V 71: QW -. gm M f 1 wx, :rf W3 A .wx , ,EM 5 A 353 Lg. i- Bw, Ev QQ vw, wg wif' nf A-'I-in .. M Wy 15" A A ix' .,' TH J -x vi , 2 km. MMR., 10 K M 1 5 Q? A hx U if NX 'H MIXED CHORUS First row, left to right: Ioan Martin, Esther Frelyg, Dorothy Rutherford, Pearl Koser, lean Grotl, Geraldine Pautz, Helen llein, Kathryn Nissley, Claudia spenshade, Erma Snyder, Elsie Westater Mary Coblv, Doris llrrisr-y. Second row: Leon Gassert, Miss Hess, Doris Ream, Marilyn Rohrer, Frances Lis-nhard, Arlene Schuldt, Patricia Seaman, Ieanne Gantz, lime Snyder, Ioan Grubb, lane Eyer, Kathryn Floyd Harold lfshleman Third row: Richard Letever, Richard Hersey, Doris Shank, Kathryn Albert, Edith Reem, Dorothy Raber, Rhoda Kr-ener, lean Siphng, Geraldine Kraybill, Alma Lon enecker, Helen Holter, Mary Shearer, Paul Roland. Fourth row: David Myers, Charles Barto, Harry Bisarop, Richard Seaman, Rob:-rt Rodman, lack Ney, Iaime Rowle , Kenneth Baker, lacob Williams, Gene Myers Fifth row: Gr-orae ClDSSWflll, Ray Htimrner, Amos good, Robert Kettering, lay Wolmer, Robert Bishop, Gerald Rolantt Kenneth Kniley, lohn Thompson, Paul Ricker, Edward Bailey, Charles Crowe GIRLS' CHORUS First row. left to right: lean Weaver, Rita Weiss, Emma Koser, Fairy Landvater, Melva Kline, Grace- Narrman, Betty Cox, Peqqy Rrsser, Sara Meashey, Marie Heeter, lane Meckley. Second row: Marie Srpel, lane Crrnnrnaham, Nancy Bechtel, Betty Kaylor, Nancy Walters, Dorcas Dunnrck, Eleanor Shank, Hanne Lore 'l'c-utr-l, lane Auch, Nancy Wright, Marporie Schuldt, Third row: Miss Hess, Ioy Risser, loy Davis, Sara lane Breneman, Helen Shearer, lane Hoerner, Anna Holler, Allegra Kremer, Emma Crawtord Fourth row: Nancy Shelly, Doris Clauss, Dorothy Slothower, Fay Etter, Kathleen Lancaster, Vrrqrnra Williams, Ina Hrppensteel, Elsie Long, Betty Paxson, Virginia Raffensnerger SENIOR ORCHESTRA First row, left to right: Dorothy Rutherford, Doris Clouss, Mildred Engle, Helen Hein, Iohn Groft, Ioy Hrsser, Iune Becker, Second row: Nancy Boshore, Nancy Rtsdon, Loy Gutshcll, Elsre Westcler. Third row: leon Rutherford, Margaret Brooks, eggy Bdrnhort, Danny Hcttensperqer. Stundin : Noch Klouss, Donald Hess, Romoine Yurkovic, Paul Belser, Marilyn Rohrer, Som lone Brenemdn, ?ere Newcomer, hrchurd llelsey, Mildred Boll, IUNIOR ORCHESTRA Seated, left to right: Roy Schroll, Arlene Reider, Rc mond Godtre , Otto Florschutz, Idmes Rutherford, lcmes Mcrrttn, Paul Gramer, Harold Dcrveler, Henry Reiner, Donald, Zook, Leonard Remgold. Standing: Mr. Klcuss, Gene Myers, lonet Belser, Doris Nutt, William Serders, Mddelrne Trerney. Fifty-0111: STRING ENSEMBLE Left to right: Dorothy Hutherlord, Nancy Basehore-, Margaret Brooks, Marian Black, lanet Belser, llelen l-lmn, Nancy Htsdon, Mllclrecl Boll, lean Htttherlard GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First row. left to ri ht: Glorta Garner, Clara Betz, Esther Keener, Grace Mtller, Estelle Fttxiwatwr, Franc!-rs Paaqctt, Mtldred gtautter, Nancy Basehore, Maman Black, Vlrgmxa Hrxson, Mary Matoney, Shrrley Matortf-y Second row: Fern Hoerner, Geraldtne Hummer, Mary Wetss, Betty Kltng, Mary lane Barley, Goltltt- Shank, Frances Aldtnaer, Lorello Fltzwater, Mabel Shaak, Sara Whttmoyer, Nancy Smack Third row: Mrsss H1-ss, Mtlrlred lfagle, Hose Marte Trautman, loanne Dlxon, Mary lane Helsey, Nancy Frey, Mtlrlte-tl Wolavmuth, Huth llersey, Dorothy Greenawalt, Betty Consttne, Georgtna Crowe Fourth row: Alta llolltrtqet, Ioan Corley, Mnldred Gush, Eleanor Longenecker, Homatne Ecktnqer Ham-I Flowers, Lots: Holtzman, Romatne Yurkovtc, Nancy Wagner, Susan Holltnger. Filth row: Margaret Brooks, Mtldred Boll Betty Shank Nancy Shank, loe Ann Powell, Arlene Keller, Norma Landts, atherine Kepler, Lorratne Enck lean Mtller. Fifi y-I tm IU NIOR TRI-HI-Y First row. left to risilhtz Lois Longenecker, Martha Miller, Ianet Belser, Reba Shank, Iune Becker, lean llutlreitord, Yvonne rsley, Grace Matoney, Miss Mabel Miller, Second row: Ioyce Gohn, lerry Schroll, ltoris Shearer, loann Betz, Betty lane Swisher, Mary Easton, Arlene Kessler, Lois Bowman, leanne Ginder, Third row: Dolly Messick, lanet Chapman, Patsy Brown, Patricia Hess, Mildred Grubb, Dorxs Nutt, Heba Se-iders, Maxine Shank, lean Fisher, Rose Marie Sauter, Shirley Hornatius. Fourth row: lulia Brsser, Dorothy llarhart, Peggy Lienhard, Elsie Bomgardner, Patsy Boggs, lane Lighthiser, lane Sheetz, Iam: llelm, Nancy hisdon, Ioan Risser. IU NIOR HI-Y First row. left to right: Mr. Blouch, Edward Seitz, Donald Laudenslager, Loy Gutshall, Earl Welhver, Paul Grubb, Harold Boozer, Harold Barto. Second row: lay Ulrich, Iames Weaver, lohn Martin, Iames Miller, Kenneth Wittle, lay Newcomer, Donald Seaman, Gerald Wilson, Nelson Chittum. Third row: Barre Smuck, lack Lambert, Albert Goodhng, Robert D'Agostino, Otto Florschutz, lames Rahn, Paul Belser, lames lrhvner, Richard Zell, Iames Meckley. Fourth row: Gerald Weaver, Allen Erb, Marvin Heli, lulius Belser, lack Coberly, David Newcomer, Ray Miller, Kenneth Reighard. Fllfljj-Il11'1'1' TRI-HI-Y Front row Mildred Stautler, Melva Kline, Miss Zimmerman, Kathryn Nissley, Grace Miller, Claudia Espenshade, Helen Shearer, Estelle Fitzwater, lean Grott. Second row: Esther Frey, Sara Meashey, Betty Cox, Peggy Lou Risser, Emma Lou Koser, Dorothy Rutherford, Dorothy Dyer, Helen Holter, Geraldine Frtzwater, Lorraine Enck, Third row: Alma Longenecker, Esther Keener, Clara Betz, Marian Black, Margaret Brooks, Frances Da gett, Louise Bricker, Iean Weaver, Lois Hilsher, Sarah Whrtmoyer, Marie tlccter. Fourth row: Mary Coile, Helen Hein, Patricia Landis, lna Hippensteel, Shirley Matoney, Francs-s Lienhard, Mary Matone , Erma Snyder, Lila Stumpt, Rita Weiss, Romaine Yurkovic. Fifth row: Ioanne Dixon, Virginia Hixon, tllartha Royer, Elsie Long, Nancy Zerphey, lane Meckley, Grace Nauman, lane lloernvr, Nancy Wagner, Hazel Flowers. Sixth row: Geraldine Hummer, Lorelle Fitzwater, Mildred Gisli, lil:-anor Songerllecker, Charlene Sweigart, Peggy Rice, Romaine Eckinger, Iennie Wyliga, Betty Young, Worcas unnic . :TWT Nfl First row, lett to right: Georgina Crowe, Miss Zimmerman, Ioan Martin, Virginia Rattensperger, lean Grubb, Arlene Schuldt, Florence Grimm, Doris Hersey, Frances Alclinger, Gera dine Pautz Second row: Mildred Eagle, Rose Marie Troutman, Catherine Kepler, lean Sifaling, Dorothy Raber, Eleanor Shank, Nancy Shell , lean Miller, Ioe Ann Powell, Ruth Heisey, Ioan Cor ey, Betty Paxson. Third row: Virginia Williams, Aliegra Kremer, Nancy Shank, Anna Hotter, Hilda Enck, Kathleen Lancaster, Wilma Hess, Doris Rutt, Sara lane Breneman, Io Davis, Barbara Hettner, Edith Reem. Fourth row: Faye Etter, Kathryn Albert, Marie Sipel, Betty Kyaylor, Arlene Keller, Iane Auch, Mary Weiss, Mary lane Barley, Gloria Garner, Doris Ream, Betty Kling. Fifth row: Norma Landis, Nancy Smuck, Ioy Risser, Ianr- Cunningham, Nancy Wright, Pearl Koser, Nancy Walters, Barbara Boggs, Nancy Bechtel, Faye Young, lune Weidman. Sixth row: Hanne Lore Teutel, Ruth Black, Peggy Moose, Patricia Seaman, leanne Gantn, Doris Clauss, Marjorie Schuldt, Emma Crawford, Betty Shank, Mildred Boll. HI-Y First row, left to right: Mr. Trimble, Edward Bailey, Paul Hicker, David Stettler, Willard Landis, Donald Los:-i, David Myers Second row: Richard Seaman, Melvin Sonnon, Gerald Roland, llaiiy Bishop, Iaimf- Ilowln-y, Donald Hess, lleibert Young. Third row: Wilbur Bailey, lack Chapman, Charles Ciowv-, Willis: llwisoy. Fourth row: lack Westafcr, lay Walmer, Iamvs Brandt. Fifth row: Charles Barta, Iahn Gioff, Kenneth linker, Lean Cass--it, lack Ney, llichard Sipel, George Cresswvll, Samuel Siriaei, Kenneth Knilr-y. The Y clubs are Christian organizations of our :school which aid in its growth and prosperity, Their aim is to create and maintain high standards for their school and community. The advisor of the Senior Tri-Hi-Y is Miss Alta Zimmerman The officers are as follows llresidcnt, Arlene Schuldt, vice-president, lean Grubb, secretary, Virginia Raffenspcrger, treasiirr-r, Doris Heiseyg chaplain, Florence Grimm, and scribe, loan Martin. The Senior Hi-Y leader is Mr. Robert I. Trimble and the officers are as followsi Presi- dent, David Stettlerg vice-president, Paul Rickerg secretary, Willard Landis, treasurer, lames Retzp chaplain, David Myers, and sergeant-at-arms, Edward Bailey. Miss Mabel Miller is the leader of the lunior Tri-l'li-Y. The officers are as follows' President, Ianet Belser, secretary, lean Rolandg and treasurer, lune Becker. Mr, Wayne Blouch is the leader of the Iunior Hi-Y. The officers are as follows Presi- dent, Loy Gutshallg vice-president, Paul Grubbg secretary, Earl Welliver, and treasurer, llonald Laudenslager. The clubs have many good times, such as swimming parties and dances, The high- light of the year is the initiation of the new members. IUNIOR CLASS PLAY Standing: Richard Keller, Harold Eshleman, lames Betz, Iune Weidman, Edward Bailey, Willard Landis. Seated: Richard Heisey, lane Eyer, lean Grubb, Marilyn Rohrer, Dorothy Raber. Edith Whitman . Marilyn Rohrer Evelyn Whitman, her mother Dorothy Raber Arthur Whitman, her brother Richard Heisey Captain George Whitman, her father Willard Landis "Gram" Pembroke . lean Grubb Alice Borden , Iune Weidman The "Black Terror" . Richard Keller "Gramp" Pembroke , Edward Bailey lim Hayes . ,... . . , Iames Betz Kay Millis, of the Detective Agency lane Eyer Fred Alden ., .,.,,. .. . . , . . . Harold Eshleman Most of us probably do not realize what goes on behind l the curtains in producing a good school play. First of all, l the director must work long and hard with the cast until they know their lines almost perfectly. Then the scenery must be set up and the stage decorated, And finally, when everything is ready and the auditorium is filled with anx- iously waiting people, the curtains open and the play begins. "Oh, Kay!" was produced during our Iunior year under the capable leadership of Miss Miriam Mengel. SENIOR CLASS PLAY ' SS,S X fh --'. Left to right: Herbert Young, Harold Eshleman, Richard Heisey, lean Grubb, Kathryn Floyd, lean Groif, Iames Betz, Edward Bailey, Marilyn Rohrer. Us im . A V THE ARRIVAL OF KITTY Cast oi Characters Sam . . ,.. , .., ,... .. ..., Herbert Young Ting . ,. . . ..,.. Harold Eshlernan William Winkler ., ,,.,. Richard Heisey Aunt lane ,. ..,...,,.,,.... lean Grotf Suzette . ,. , ....,,. Kathryn Floyd lane .. .,... Marilyn Rohrer Bob Baxter . . ..,,,, Edward Bailey Benjamin Moore ,.......,. Iames Betz Kitty .. .. ,. , ,..,..,. Iean Grubb The "Arrival of Kitty" is a comedy in three acts. The play was a big success with full house both Thursday and Friday evenings, December 6 and 7. It was in this play that Edward Bailey displayed his ability to portray a femi- nine character. It took the arrival of Kitty Uean Grubbl to get things straightened out. The part of the Negro porter was well portrayed by Herbert Young, Much credit for the success of the play goes to Mr. Seiders, the director. INDOOR PATROL As. First row, left to right: Mrs Wrndrsh, Grace- Mrller,Es1her Keener, Alma Lonaenecker, Nancv Ze-rrrlv-y, Arlc-nv Schrrlcll, Frances Lrenhard, Darolhy Slothower, Mary Maloney, Shirley Maloney, Frances l'3aqf1ett Second row: llolen llern, Homarnr- Fcl-rrnger, Peggy Rrce, lane Cunrrrnqham, Nancy Vllalif-rs, lrrne Werclmarr, lcrnrf llyf-r, Marrorre Schrrlcll, Ivan Mrller, lllsre Lana, Geraldine Kraybrll. Third row: Mary Cable, Mary We-rs::: Mary lane Barley, Betty Klrna, Norma Lanclrs, Florence Grrrnm, Nancy Smuclc, lean Grrrbh, lirlrrr Hr-1-nr. liz-try Yorrna. Fourth row: Dorrs Hersey, Ioan Groll, Sara lane Brenernan, Lf-on Gasserl, llclwarcl Earl' 'yy Kenneth Knrlr-y, Sarnrrr-l Srnqer, Hrcharcl Seaman, Glorra Garner. OUTDOOR PATROL Front row. leit io right: Mr. Wrndrsh, Dana Trosrle, Harold Goodman CLrerrt J, Parrl Grrrbb fCayrl Charles Charleston, Davrd Myers, Earl Srnnrqer, Second row: Carl Morrrs, lfclwrn Aldrnaer, Nwrl Rf-rlmr-r', Frraene Myers, Marvrn Hell, Third row: Troy Frrnck, Hrchard Blouah, Hebert llrce, Hay Mrllr-r, Allr-n lfrh, lloberl llmcnherser, l"r'flr1-1 fgflrl LIBRARY STAFF Seated: Dorothy Slothower, Miss Mengel, lean Sipling. Standing: Lois Holtzrnan, Barbara Helfner, Wilma lgldg-S, jiith Black, Mildred Wolgemuth, Rose Marie Troutman, Peggy Rice, Lois Hilsher, Pearl Koser, 1 re ,ag e. VICTORY WAR SAVINGS CORPS -1 s is-.Q Q5 First row, le!! to right: Mrs. Rohrer, Helen Hein, Arlene Kessler, Rose Marie Seitz, Geraldine Kraybill, Patricia Landis, Mary Matoney. Second row: Shirley Matoney, Genevieve Beisinger, Charlene Sweigart, lay Davis, Nancy Wagner, Reba Seiaers, Susan Myers. Third row: Reba Shank, Erma Snyder, Virginia ltatlensperger, Louise Lambert, lean Miller, Arlene Keller, Doris Rutt. Fourth row: Nancy Wright, lune Becker, lane Cunningham, Barbara Boggs, Palricia Boggs, Nancy Bechtel, Marjorie Schuldt, Pearl Koser. Fifi y-nfur' IR. HIGH SCIENCE CLUB The purpose of the club is to create an interest in the everyday happenings of life, to understand the simple scientific principles controlling our daily activities, and to discourage the idea of taking things for granted by emphasizing experimenta- tion and complete observation. Mr. Eppler is their interested director, 0 SCIENCE TALENT CLUB The Science Talent Club meets every other Tuesday for the purpose of develop- ing the scientific aptitude of members and expand their interests in science. The mem- bers, participating in the Annual Science Talent Search, are selected for their scien- tific ability and high academic averages in other subjects. Miss Roe is their CGD- able advisor. CLUBS MUSIC APPRECIATION The Music Appreciation Club is under the supervision of Miss Zimmerman The purpose is to produce a balanced program for each meeting, during which they enioy modern, semi-classical, and classical music. They also listen to records, having organ- ized chiefly for enjoyment of music 0 THE CURRENT EVENTS CLUB The Current Events Club is under the supervision of Mr. Blouch. To each meet- ing the members bring clippings and re- ports on sports, foreign affairs, and na- tional interests. Each person keeps a scrap- book of news items. The purpose is to keep up to date on what is happening now. THE GIRLS' GYM CLUB The Girls' Gym Club, directed by Miss llargleroacl, gives the opportunity to de- velop and display the gymnastic ability and talent in outstanding girls. They use the liorse, springboard, and parallel bars. These activities promote physical co-ordi- vicilion and teamwork. 0 BOYS' GYM CLUB The purpose ol the Boys' Gym Club, un- der the direction ot Coach Windish, is to develop the athletic talent in outstanding pupils. This group annually presents an exhibition ol their achievements. Their ac- tivities consist ot mat work, acrobatics, us- ing the springboard, parallel bars, and the horse. CLUBS FANCYWORK CLUB The Fancywork Club, supervised by Miss Dulebohn, consists ol twenty-one girls trom both lunior and Senior High Schools. The girls knit, crochet, embroider, and weave They help one another with new stitches This group encourages good use of leisure time and develops the ability to do tinc- needlework. 0 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club, directed by Mrs. Rohrer, sponsors Red Cross Drive, Bundle Day, and Tuberculosis Drive, They planned the Fashion Show, the redecora- tion ot the teachers' room, and attendance ot their state convention. This organiza- tion is atliliated with the Home Economics Clubs of Pennsylvania. 1 - -W. . 4 - 4 4 .ggfiw f 4- 4. . . 4 r A-1 .. . f . A .4 :-:1 .- . 4 41, Nggvi-2:Z.AAA A 44, 41-QA A . AAA , 45,5 .AA 1 ,EAA5 4 .,4A AA -. GMA AW' A ' 4 w'-"z:""Kf?V' 3' 'Qi W A ff! K Y "if ' --wimggww Kai ww g f" 4"- 4 " Q W --4 - "F 9 f ' W ' -f . , sr - :Q -- ' Q -- 1- Q ., -.ff --1. ' X 4 .. A M4 . , " 1-.,. QV x """"'l'.. ff -'am f f K 4' N F '14 -, 4 - '- 3 .: .. -- .J L--1 J. AK,"':'1545.p.'X .pp , A . A, Af V wp? TA 3? .4 A - ,QQWAN AA, - 4 ,- '- : 1 .Q X. . ' ,Aid-14, .Iv f A AA 4. Q , , WA . L . A A -- . AA A , 552. - - - f-"mf -M 4 H Q + 1 fi? 'WWW A W- M- AJ.. sg-4 24, ww . - V ..,,,,fw,54,zwf-'5f'9K2F22iW4-.-- , 'A 4- .....ffg. -f Y 1 ,t-- xx. f. 1- W' '-'Af' ,L 4 . QL QW , 'ww h V - AAN , x "A hi X A 'Q Ki.QAAv.f..5.'iff-,f .-A ' I A 'N' AW M 631' A ,,.3,,,.,4,5,, Q if A Yri A fy A7 M Q 'f -Ax ' H-1 L. f -ii -Fi'-it-w'11?Yf3.f.-' 'H-H514 -.4 K .4-e ra ' ' 'W 'H f N - ' -has T" ,A . 5 Q, X - A, V is Q 4 k A . 0 f""'h' ,I A X APL .4 4, . -MA Aw L 1- '- jk Av . Ae- K W Aw A N-A M 'wb , WA 4 M.. 3 .4 .w,..,A -- 4 AAA, PA A .- - -A Y f ,G - f , 4 4 -+ ,Y --M . A 4 4 .-. - , 5. A A A ,A , ff. .9 Q gf -. AAAAA, . , -,Vs Y f, Eff' i 45--..Tw',i:5.4fw 'xi '55 FA' MN' ' X - -- - L' f.. - -4.-M ,. Aw, Af ' 1. - 4 ff -ATA A .A Q.. 1. A ply f A, ,A k -4 1 B-12. . 4 4 4 L' 5. ,h fcff ' - if A - -A r . ww. -'E rg: vsfg my Q - - g, - 1---1. - . A - 4 Af, 4,1 W2:1w.s:-.fm W -ff Q.. N. 6- F fw . . ,,- A 4. .. .X A. . fm A. AHA AA ' y -1 " v Q ' ".f . in T H2 .' ' f fffziz 3,2-. . ,, 4 'Qi . , ffffff ' Y' l - x 7.21 '41 w + ws f. 45 521+ 1 M-sk X Wg. - , ki Zz, 4. K - 1 5.4: 'FN fe:-.2 1,391 4. 4 ' 4' , . , 'F .vgfwei . ' 5, A ' ZQ3'-' ' "' .444 ' 4 L' K WV' W' 21454. . A A . :?f?"g:.-515, A K ' 'A-'M'x"' N w-2. AA ., -,--K+-1 -f.'fg4,,,T3 '. 243,323 X -4 K hx,-, .A W f . E.. f 54, " 1 12:43 I , , . . - 4 g.,..4...-M A f 4- .. A A ', 7,1 W- .. Ai'--'.. 'WW-1 5,.,., , ,. A. ' W, mviw K --W4-v-f.4.44,W-N - Q ,WV A464 4 " , , TA 1,., ' ' ' ' . ff . 'ri-2:72 . "Mw2L2.w4-4+- f A ..-4. ' Mi ' A Pi. 4 A - L gL A A f " ' 7 1 f. , + -. A 4, . J , bw' '5A.,,I,f . W ' f. . 4 - . - ' , A - ' L 1+ A .. '.:i K 4 0 K4--' . 'A if WE" .1 4 4 .- -f - """'?-- K A-Q ' 'f 'A V 4 . x .,, , . 4 . Q 4a . . Q T -'M ' 1 -. . 'px 'Q' 4 . ' ' "- 4.- ..--. -. 4 W.. vw , .4 ' - .4 f - 4 N ,-.. 1 '. A XP'-'lxzfg A V' J 'w: - ,L 1'k47MM'wrW Q.: 1 i bv, ,. 4 4- -A ,. - :ag-4..-A 4 A, A. 4 4 4 , , . 'C A .nf J' ' -1. - " ' '- - - ,w ' ' 1 WH. X ,wmv g,,M?'w'.3'W 'B' HM A . ,Ai ff ' . A '-V. i . A 4 ' amy. 4.1 ii?" f 4- gg- A -343 .1 ' 4 -F' A 4 AA A . 34 A , 5 . .. A A A AA A. ,Av A fi . AA2 A 'U -if ,g - 0 A. ' . fy XA -Q A4 A . M14 .4 4 A 4. 4 .4 U, . AN...-we ff if iff -4 vm. '-'K , . -432 fVlf,g4', Hess V A15 ' ' 14' -f'.:f..-- H . . .34 "fu . 1i'l 3 A- - 1 w w ...M - ' A . 5 , qi.-, as Af- 1- -f s A, ,V 4 ..- any 4f rg-if . ,g . 4 4.4 iwgfif- -mag g -- f--+---' --1 .2 4 .4 - . '. 4:1 f-.-w-1-egg, -ff:-ffi-' ' ' AA. 34 4 . 'Q -4 1. A f -' K-1-4-, , -wp 4 'J fp ,-A AF-y,A'qAf , s- UT. A 3 A A AA A ' f, 'A AA AAA, AA .A 4- 4 AA rg... ,A, AA4AiAA?,A-fAA4- . A -. 1 4p. A AA .4 - . 4. ...A . - f. 5... A A 4 ' 1 .. I ,gfwfv-Bvgfiuf N . ..- ,.., A A. w if A K "" 'gffg-67wMiW'k'M Q AM. A A 11 , 1 ' 4 . Q.. VA ,AA A L A , ,M AA . A A , fy. . 4 . A -AQ 414 . A -' - . di -5 MA A 44 1 ,' h avr. I Ky 5 Y . A v'v04ixQ., Lm.x......, smfy, , Wx " ' .5 ' .F 6 2 'HWY 4f Q f 1 -f ' ' ' '.4v4m,gf ' Wifi, ' 1 A V M- ,QM iss.: , A5 .A 5V , A fKA?fK" 2 P 'A A .A . A35 5-5.fi4:A ' ' N W ' ' " .f lam ..,., 4213 ' ' . A ,g41i5""?1, Q '-:WQI . - . "N . ' Q Q yr, A Kwai-IAALH I--.A,.1.f.., 'QFWY Q Am, fvgv,-A fn, AA, ' ' A pw A . -.- ,.- 11+ QQAQW 4 MAA A AA .A A . 4. ' ,A, " .5 A- g 4-4.44--. ' 44 . - . . ' K -Q3 ---.. W 4 if 1 ' fwg f ir Rn ' .wap 1 yi ' . 0 :if x 1 ' " 'ww .- 4 , ' f + "' 4 -, L -.,f ,An A J... 'WWQ-a..,, M rf 'WA f - T ' ., flag' .4.w,f.44-A ' ' v. . F" - W uk- :. 1 . H- "Q . 7 as mx qal. ' . ' - 'JN ..4f .. ' im. . I, - gfff-"W - 4 W S Q .,.-.Ej .., ,fy we' A ,A A., V . if A A A , A A, - A,4AwAAAAAA:y -.AA 4 ,pig A .4 A -AA". . ' f fi Y If agua? AA 3. T- QT ,4 M K A A '- +. x .Av fA . ...+ - , 1 A M' ' AA., My ,AVN , - AS. .. 4 ,A A ' 4 fi f . av.-Q '-4-' . SA , -,Y . . 7- . fi AA A. . .,,,,,'5f?'?yJ R x '3 ,, Awgvv A A f H, - A. A ' 1'--I - A,,..w-' . - ' 4 ..yg4,,'A,4 '. .N A' - .4 AA . JA 1 V.: A J,'.A A x ,AA . A M, .4 .' Y MVA . j' , Af . 4 A . . FA JA. w-1-Q-A-if iq " Mn - 1?- TH' ' L" 5.41. ...kj - g-A A A Il- -L . . . K' .AA .-if .-. 4 il .454 -4... 4. .314 """fK M1 , M--Q. W - - r 1 W -6.4 'FWF ., - L, .. . MA 1 -.gg 3- -- ' f.,-. 4, VHP- af. . x -'Hi-2, - f W' 1 I.. 4 A.-Q I TA' ,W:,::A?AA 5 ff' -4M:N,:f:"': - ,wwf - 4 ,AAA - 'Pf-'1.+....., -- .42"'f' "' .ft ., H 1 4 . 4354- .-- .A ...f . ,A --Q, ' .mtv "F "'f2'f"35"A ' V' FFPV' -.,,4 , a 'iii fimr If YARV-.. --M .N x 'fX'3f!s w, Q 'Mm ma O """f.1"'f- Q1 arf! K I KRW .N 'Q Q S 1 mx' wpwiiwx W-ggi ., :gg . 955, Q AU ww. H ,ig g xv Q Mft .MTM .Mr-X -W if X , QQ gym 0 55 .w.Amfg,. X - X 'Q L, W, .ww .QM N . w xv wb X ..v,.PQf,, J he KN eww mg w 1 -sw M Mtv- m f "W'fl'f TIL wf- Q X X ' A - -A - if .Q 3 M X , A Q af Q W 2 3 wg' mi xx m ,,,Q.4..Q,., .Je My x Y -M". '53 knw-5 1' mg S A sw M , v K K . x ,yi K Q Wm 2 vs: fy, Saul? 'VOMWWW' MKS" f W-sw , , Y W. K. X .' X LN 'i,,.,, ., , Q51 A Q 4 my ww ,, , Vx, gW'a,.l1, Sk ?'xN?f?f Pa. My X A f .. K5 K, in - . 55 Nil! -4, 2. A .N N' Q. V . New ' M. ' ' X - Wkeiix K as t N , Q' N , V Q V Wax, Q. px, . Ns-Ex, Q 'EW 3 N. 'wi E. H. S. IN THE SPOTLIGHT E, Marilyn Rohrer brought the greatest honor to Elizabethtown High School when she was the only girl chosen trom the entire nation by Westinghouse to receive their S2400 :acience :scholarship to the college ol her choice. Her teachers and fellow students proudly realize that Marilyn deserves this distinction and we all wish her continued success, Our Iunior High Basketball Team this year holds the honor ol being the tirst team to be undeleated during a regular season in the history of basketball at Elizabethtown High School. This outstanding accomplishment, for which Alton H, Eppler, their able coach, awarded them gold baslcetballs, was attained only through the splendid co-operation, enthusiasm, and loyalty of the boys on the team. S1117 y-fm: 1' Kiran. +'f'f1iffm4fK,.h i 'x ML". l XM W2 N XJ ,II ' 17-EWf'fg5m -I 'AH ll 5 Q xjqxyxih :Il I N HN M XX l1I'lu by A Mig xl -MT H'gX ':QX'1xX W' -- f.. . X QM !!! W X . L Gozzqrafufafions AN D BEST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFU L FUTU RE ELIZABETHTOWN LODGE No. 596 L. 0. 0. M. v ITT A NEW FREEDUM Look to GAS to leod the Parade in Kitchen beauty . . , as it al- ready leads the Parade in economy, cleanli- ness, speed and de- pendability, with mod- ern Ranges, Refrigera- tors, Automatic Water Heaters, Home Heat- ing and year 'round Air Conditioning. KITCHEN li? No, indeed! This picture is not a dream. lt's real. lt's one of our New Freedom C-AS Kitchens, planned to free you from wasted energy, from fatigue, from dirt and heat . . . the kind of a freedom kitchen you'll want in your postwar dream home. Beautiful . . . modern . . . cool . . , clean . . . care-free and trouble-free. These are the things you dreamed about-and CAS brings them to reality for you. In your New Freedom GAS Kitchen, you'll have fast, automatic cooking with a modern gas range, literally blanketed with thick insulation . , . and, of course, a silent trouble-free gas refrigerator, and just oodles of hot water whenever you want it. C-AS has always led the way in Kitchen Freedom and Convenience . , . that's why nearly everyone in our com- munity cooks with CAS. So, it's only natural that CAS will continue to be the preferred fuel for modern post- war kitchens. THE HARRISBURG GAS COMPANY 52 SOUTH MARKET STREET, ELIZABETHTOWN, PENNSYLVANIA Will Be Ready with the Most Modern Ideas in Kitchen Planning Sir! y-.wzwn GRU BB Cr BRENEMAN Compliments of LADIES AUXILIARY of the FRIENDSHIP FIRE COMPANY No. I S ly git Official Photographers of "The Elizabethan" I BISHOP'S STUDIO 44 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. O Satisfaction Guaranteed- Phone l52-j Compliments of E-TOWN PLANING MILL Phone: 3 54 Brown Street S11 KEEP YOUR MOTOR YOUNG with RICHFIELD GASOLINE o "YOUR HOME WARM" with RICHgHEAT FUEL OIL NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STATIONS 903 SOUTH MARKET STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA Phone: 226 MUMPER'S DAIRY Pure Milk and Cream o Try Our VITAMIN D MILK o North Hanover Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 263-W S' If Compliments of THE AMERICAN LEGION Conewago Unit 329 0 TH E AM ERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Conewago Unit 329 0 SONS OF THE AMERICAN LEGION CONEWACO SQUADRON 329 I. M. BRIGHTBILL, INC. 0 Curtis Woodwork 0 Hummelstown Elizabethtown BUCH MFG. CO. C Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of THE CONTINENTAL PRESS lEducationaI Publishersl . 0 Harrisburg, Pa. Elgin, Illinois S I1 ELIZABETHTOWN COLLEGE Fully State Accredited for A.B. and B.S. Degrees 0 Pre-Medical I Pre-Dental 0 Pre-Law 0 Teacher Education in Elementary, High School, and Business Education 0 One, Two, and Four Year Secretarial Course 0 Laboratory Technician 0 WRlTE TO President A. C. Baugher, PhD. Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. 48 South Market Street 0 The Friendly Store 0 fg Q C0 CONGRATULATIONS E R EVAPORATED ,S SWEET CORN BEST OF LUCK Two hours from field to our dryers- This is made possible o by the help of E-town AU NT SALLY'S KITCHEN High School Boys. Many thanks, boys. MARTIN H. COPE Rheems, Pa. Srrrlily-l11'n GRACE C. BLOUGH lvlinx Modes and C-ay Gibson Dresses for juniors Berkshire Hose ll6 S. Market Street, Elizabethtown, Pa. Watches Clocks jewelry Silverware Pens and Pencils BISCHOFPS IEWELRY STORE lOn the Squarel 25 Centre Square Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Bell Phone 353lvl DOT'S BEAUTY SHOPPE for ELIZABETHTQWN Discriminating Women BUILDING ' 44 West High Street AND Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 92 LOAN . 0 ASSOCIATION OUR BEST WISHES to the CLASS OF '46 Seven! y-th VFP I Compliments of GARBER MOTOR COMPANY Elizabethtown, Pa. ' Compliments Home of f Ford v-8 and Ford sax 0 The Smartest Fords Ever Built LAN A TER H E Ford Trucks and Commercial Cars C S S 0 42 Types to Choose from Ford Tractor with Ferguson System I The Tractor with Quick Detachable Tools "There's a FORD in Your Future" Ask for a demonstration now! I I I I BUICK CHEVROLET I SKATER'S PARADISE I . 1 0 I S. F. ULRICH, INC. I "Where Skating ls at Its Best 505 Ngrfh Markefgrreer in a Friendly Atmosphere" Elizabethtown. Pa. Phone: Zl 0 0 One Mile East of Middletown, Pa. CHEVROLET BUICK Scrrvrzly-four KLElN'S Fresh Meats Groceries L Vegetables Compliments . of CREINER BROTHERS FOOD STORE CHOCOLATE ' COMPANY Self-Service INC. 0 7 4 Center Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 267 A Public Service To apply its net income solely for the benefit of Public Schools is the ex- clusive purpose of The SICO Company as requir- ed by its charter. You are doing a public educational service when you use SICO gasoline and fuel oil. LOTS OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '46 From THE ICEMAN N I'I'lIl 11-jim' Compliments of HARRY MILLER fl' SON o Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of the MOOSE TH EATRE Best Wishes from CENTRAL CUT RATE DRUGS Tlll LQ anus neu 45 South Market Street 0 Operating the SKY CRILL Modern Refreshment Spot COMPLETE DRUG SERVICE Compliments of ELIZABETHTOWN GARMENT COMPANY Q lj Compliments Compliments of the of N ELIZABETHTOWN IOSEPH GREE BURG CHAMBER or commence Compliments sAvoY of PAXON'S CUT-RATE SHOE , I9 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. INC. Compliments of n l. Schneierson Cf Sons, Inc. Frocks Makers of Fine Shoes South Poplar Street for Women ' Manufacturers of CHILDRENS DRESSES Compliments H. B. IOHNSON COAL GENERAL HAULING Phone: l72R4 Mt. joy, Pa. SPEED'S GARAGE 1oHN R. REHEARD, Prop. General Repair Work and Amoco Service 0 Florin, Pa. Fairbanks and Morse Coal Stokers Fairbanks and Morse Electric Pumps 1. c. KAYLOR KENNEWOOD HOTEL O Alumni Headquarters F. H. KELLER'S SONS o Quality Groceries 0 Phone: 84-M 204 S. Market St Elizabethtown, Pa. KENNEDY'S Sunoco Service A to Z LUBRICATION 0 735 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Cars Called for and Delivered Compliments of H. C. KILLHEFFER, 0.D lb wily-rlylil FLOUR FEED Compliments of ABERDEEN MILLS Elizabethtown R. D. No. 2 o FERTILIZER Compliments of AIRCRAFT-MARINE PRODUCTS, INC. l29 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. D. S. BAUM o Homemade Bologna Dried Beef A Select Product O R. D. No. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 9l7-R-2 Compliments ot THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS O 20 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of ACME MARKETS I DAVID HETRICH - CARL SHOFF TH E BEAUTY BOX 20 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 25-M BECK'S Fruits and Vegetables Seafoods Frosted Foods O On the Square Phone: 288 Elizabethtown, Pa WEEKLY CHRONICLE Established l869 job Printing of Quality D I. C. WESTAFER 5' SON 9 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. S ty BROUCHT'S MEAT MARKET U Compliments 429 East High Street . of Quality Meats CLASSIC HOSIERY MILL, INC We Deliver Phone: I4-R C0mPIlme"'I5 Furniture of Character of At Reasonable Prices CENTER SQUARE 0 SHOE REPMR MILTON F. EBERLY 0 Elizabethtown, Pa. Elizabethtown, pa. Route 3 Phone: 9l7-R-l ELIZABETHTOWN BAKERY ELIZABETHTOWN ' FARMERS' SUPPLY, INC Bakers of Quality ' Produds Farm Equipment ' Repairs and Service MILES E. CASSERT, Prop. E5""-WAN M. K. ENTERLINE FLOWER SHOP O I Cut Flowers Vegetable Plants Dodge 1 Plymouth Potted Flowers . Funeral Work a Specialty 0 Phone: 340-R Elizabethtown and Rheems Phone: llO-R-3 Eighty FARMERS' FERTILIZER WORKS O Manufacturers of High Grade Fertilizers and Donegal Plant Food GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTS RADIO - REFRIGERATOR - WASHER SERVICE IAC. B. FISHER Music Store Elizabethtown, Pa. o Phone: ll Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: l39-R Compliments GEBHAR'I"S of Art and Book Store FROZEN FOOD LOCKERS ' GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS . O Soda Fountain lce Cream 26 West High Street Locker Service Elizabethtown, Pa. COOD'S M EAT MARKET On the Square Elizabethtown, Pa. GENERAL INSURANCE Specializing in AUTO INSURANCE 0 NORMAN G. GOOD Phone: l3O-l 48 East High Street HENRY L. CISE Elizabethtown, Pa. Notary Public - Surveyor Insurance of All Kinds O Agent for State Capitol Savings and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Pa. Compliments of S. B. BECKER Efghfy-one Compliments of COMMUNITY COFFEE SHOP O 498 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. For INSURANCE See ELWOOD S. GRIMM Phone: 298-j Compliments Compliments of of THE GROFF MEAT MARKET YOUR GOOD GULF DEALER 0 0 Since l875 HAROLD W. CROSS GUNZENHAUSEIPS ROBERT A. HAMILTON Tip Top Bread 0 Makes Tip TOP Toast Watches - Clocks - jewelry Try it 9 and youlll buy it No. 9 Center Square H. S. Daveler Phone: l37-M Elizabethtown, Pa. HEISEY BROS. QUARRIES Rheems, Pa. 0 Crushed Stone - Building Supplies Bituminous Road Builders HERALD PRINT SHOP Elizabethtown, Pa. O E. C-. KUHN Eigli I y-I wo Compliments of A. K. GREINER Wholesale Butter, Eggs and Cheese Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: l53-R, 392, 303-W S. G. HERSHEY G' SON I Department Store Compliments of LEVI C. HERSHEY H. K. DORSHEIMER I Grocery Store Elizabethtown, pa. Sporting Goods - Kodaks Phone. 18 Confectionery - Sundries Shop and Meet Your Friends at the Friendly Compliments of BELL'S MEAT MARKET 0 BEN FRANKLIN STORE Quallly Hongle Dressed an "On The Square" Smoked Meats Phone: 31-j Elizabethtown, Pa. . Hummelstown, Pa. COFf1plll'T1el'1'l'S of Compliments RAY HARDER of . HERTZLER'S DAIRY Railway Express Agency Phone 141 ' 306 West High Street Phone: 21 O-R-4 Eigh I y-Ihr C0 gzzbzssssz l General Motors Best Wishes to the Delco Heat Class of -46 0 i 0 V SCHWANGER BROS. G' CO. RAHN Lancaster Elizabethtown LEATHER SPORTSWEAR Compliments of DR. LILLIAN K. SEIBERT Chiropodist l49 North Poplar Street Elizabethtown, Pa. For Appointment Telephone 362-M Compliments of KULP'S CON FECTION ERY AND NEWS AGENCY 39 East Main Street Phone: 66-M Mt. loy, Pa. SPENCER SUPPORT Guide your body into healthful posture and relieve that fatigue and muscular backache Registered Spencer Corsetiere MRS. MARY W. FREY l 434 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 243-R i Manufacturers of Ladies' and Children's Aprons and Dresses O I. H. STERN CARMENT Main Office: Elizabethtown, Pa. Factories: Elizabethtown and Seven Valleys, Pa SH EARER,s Compliments Furniture Store of H. G. SHONK GARAGE i ' - A35-37 South Market Street Route 230 East Elizabethtown, Pa l Phone: 'LW Phone: 171-1-5 l lfiyli ly-fun 1' WALM ERS FOOD STORE IO3 North Market Street Phone: 134-W Sincere Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1946 WENGER PRETZEL CO. Elizabethtown, Pa. Coal C-rain Compliments of M. M. WENGER Rheems, Pa. Phone: Elizabethtown 175 Compliments of WESTERN AUTO STORE Complete Line of Auto Accessories and Sporting Goods O Seeds Feed Phone: I2-1 Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments Of VAN'S SERVICENTER ZEPNICK'S Grocery Store ' 0 Mt. joy, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. BABY CHICKS TURKEYS CHICKS On The Square . G. K. WAGNER'S CHICKERY Elizabethtown. Pa. R, F. D. 2 Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 29l -R-2 Eighty-five Compliments D. H. MARTIN of , SPICKLER'S DAIRY Clothier Compliments Compliments of of EsTHER's BEAUTY SHOPPE MlLLER'S SHOE SHOP Q O Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 34-R Rear of American Legion Home Peach Alley off Bainbridge Street Compliments of the MODERN BEAUTY SALON MODERN STYLE SHOP 34 South Market Street O 36 West Main Street Mt. joy' pa' Everything in Ladies Wear phone: 229-M At Popular Prices "W F' A h' " Best Wishes to the e IX ny' mg , MYERS MACHINE SHOP Class of 46 N. Poplar and W, Hummelstown Sts 0 Phone: 164-I MUSSER'S CROCERY IO3 Mt. joy St. Phone: 198-l Repair Work a Specialty Lawn Mowers, Motors Washing Machine Repairing G d El t ' W ld' as an ec ric e ing I Auto Parts Repaired Eighty-sim Compliments of FORNEY'S GARAGE o Chrysler and Plymouth Compliments of THE GOON CLUB Barbara Boggs Sara jane Breneman jane Cunningham Esther Frey Pearl Koser Virginia Raffensperger Peggy Lou Risser Nancy Wright BEST WISHES From ELIZABETHTOWN ROTARY CLUB TRUE LOVER'S AGENCY O TRUSTEES: james Betz 29-W Richard Heisey 29-W Richard Lefever 348-I Paul Ricker l5O TRU DY'S BEAUTY SHOPPE O Owned and Operated by Former Burkhart Beauty Operators 35V2 South Market Street Phone: 357-W Compliments of R. U. TRIMBLE CO. Compliments CLORIFYINC THE AMERICAN CURL of ' TOWN PHARMACY sTAuFrER's BEAUTY sALoN . l7 Center Square El izabethtown, Pa. Phone 354 Ei 11111 1 NPI' REINGOLD Compliments Tailor and Cleaner We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant of 0 S S 35 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 32-I RHEEMS GARAGE SIPLING BROS. RISSER BROS. Famous for Old Fashioned Ice Cream O O cars STUDEBAKER Trucks 'Vbdem Soda GH" Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery ' Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: I76 OLDS - PONTIAC - CADILLAC Sales and Service BEST WISHES RIDER HARDWARE CO. ' 0 H- S- 25 South Market Street Call 233 Elizabethtown, Pa. ROTH'S C0mPl'mef"f5 Furniture Stores of 206 South Market Street RUDY,s "Whenever You Think of Furniture- AMOC0 SERVICE STATION Think of ROTH'S" Elizabethtown, Pa. E ight y-c1'glz,L HOWE'S GRILL Fountain Service Platters and Dinners Homemade Pies 45 East Main Street Mt. joy, Pa. Phone: 4-j Compliments of A. S. KREIDER SHOE MFG. CO. May Each Member Find Happiness 0 LEO KOB Contractor in Plumbing, Heating Air-Conditioning Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of ANNA KLI NE 5 327 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Telephone l56 Compliments Compliments of of LONGENECKER'S MARTIN'S CHILDREN'S SHOP GARAGE o o Ellzabelhlown' Pa' Elizabethtown, Pa, Phone: 367 LONGENECKEWS Ice Cream Candies Choice Meats , ' LINDEMUTH'S CUT RATE Phone: 937-R-3 . Elizabethtown R. D. No. 3 S' Z. LONCENECKER, prop' Patent Medicines Tobaccos lffgflil 1 -llllll' LUMBER MILLWORK ELIZABETHTOWN BUILDING and SUPPLY COMPANY 34l W. Bainbridge St. Phone: 2?lO-j-2 coAL FEED Forget your troubles of cooking and eat with us O Compliments of LANCASTER COUNTY FARM DINER Compliments of THE DRESS SHOP 0 x DAISY M. KLEIN Center Square KINGS . . . For World-Famous Van Heusen Shirts 0 South Market at Forty-Four LINCOLN BOWLING ALLEY D, L, LANDIS AND RESTAURANT PLATTERS - FOUNTAIN SERVICE . I ' D A U Insurance Specialize in Italian Spaghetti Hamburg Sandwiches 0 Mt. joy, Pa. Phone: ll2-1 Bikes Batteries Retreading and LEVY EI' CROSS Vulcanizing 0 0 GEORGE W. LEAMAN 205 E. Main St. 233 S. Market St. Mt. joy, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. "Where Good Furniture Always Costs Less" N ine! y IN ELIZABETHTOWN lT'S 1. A. sTuMPE Congratulations, Sen io rs, and ' , the best of everything along For l'f ' t h' h . General Hauling and Carden Fertilizer I e S grea lg Way ' 0 Phone: 395-R Sincerely, OFFICERS AND CO-WORKERS The Class of l946 f Urges You to Buy O ELIZABETHTOWN CHAPTER VICTORY BONDS and STAMPS No. 7OI WOMEN OF THE MOOSE Buy Now for the Future AVE you enjoyed looking at the family album that your grandmother cherished? Sure you have. In the years ahead of you, this school annual will probably be handled by future generations with the same kind of chuckles you gave out when you looked at the pictures of grandma as a girl. Today Crandma's pictures are old fashioned. Yours are modern, In the years to come yours will be old fashioned too, for new techniques in the printing business will make them so. Having printed Cirandma's pictures in the past and yours today, we hope to print those of your children in the future as they graduate from the schools of Pennsylvania. 'RJ INTELLIGENCER PRINTING CO. 8 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA Founded I 794 Nfiwly-one Our Patrons Mrs. Marguerite M. Albert Ruby Arneson Mr. and Mrs. I. W. Atkins Ieanette and Edna Barnes Erma M. Bell Mr. H. F. Blottenberger Chet's Barber Shop Mr. and Mrs. Norman E. Diehl Ditty, Dodie and Dot-12-l Dr. and Mrs. C. C. Douglass Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Eagle Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Ebersole Mr. and Mrs. Alton H. Eppler Mabel S. Eshelman Miss Anna Eshenbaugh Mabel B. Espenshade Dr. and Mrs. Luther W. Petter Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Goodhart Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Grosh Helen Gross May Gross Mr. and Mrs. Paul Grubb C. Pague Hargleroad Elizabeth Hess Ella S. Hiestand Icky and Goodie Ieanne and Pat Ethel L. Kindig Mr. Noah Klauss Dr. and Mrs. N. B. Laughton Mr. and Mrs. William E. Lawton Lila and Harold Mrs. Harriet Lineawever Mary and Harry Mary and Rhoda Mrs. Helen McC1urg Sara Ellen McGeehin Miriam L. Mengel Glenn R. Miller Mabel I. Miller Dr. and Mrs. S. Millis Dr. and Mrs. William K. Moore Kathryn Nissley Mr. and Mrs. Earl R. Pautz Mrs. Elizabeth Raber Mary B. Reber-Art Shop Lt. and Mrs. I. F. Rohrer, Ir. Mrs. Bella Schoener Mr. and Mrs. I. C. Schuldt Miss Florence Seaks Eleanor Shank I Dr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Nancy Smuck Mr. and Mrs. Ammon H. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Swanger Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Sweigart Mr. Arthur Thome Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Thompson Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Treichler Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Trimble Dr. and Mrs. Paul Ulrich Nancy Walters Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Weaver and Sons Weezy and Mumpy Rev. and Mrs. I. O. Weigle Mr. and Mrs. Iohn I. Windish Skip Yurkovic Alta Zimmerman m I n 41 . 'qw ii-f 5'-as fn ra -wr ,Sf ,

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


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