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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Cover

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EX-LJ-QRIS The fliligahefban cms Qfliwhztbtntnn leigh School Qfligahetbtnlnn, Rennsplhania 1943 wwf 1 T11 rm: J? ef' if a2fz4?2.? 'QMYMQ ' Wifb!Z 51 HIS EPIC, We, the Class of l9-43, present to the public for ap- proval and recognition. We have seen our tour years as a "progress" of the Good Queen Bess - among knights and ladies castles and kings balls and tournaments Even the title ot our loook corresponds With that of the era in which We have placed it. With apologies tor any misconceptions, We leave the result to you. Four Title Pages Ilntroductionl Foreword ........,..............,... Contents ,...,..,., Appreciations , ,..... Dedication ..,.,.,...... Yearbook Staff 4..,.... Roll of Honor ..... Administration Klfingsj .ll School Board ......,,.,.......... . Principals .... ,... Faculty ...., ..,..... l 4, Class Song ......... Seniors Klinighlsl ...,..,. Senior Pictures ,..., Class Poem ,..............., Popularity Contest ..,. Class History .,....,.. Class Prophecy ......... Class Will ,,.,........ Classes fSquircsj ...,, Iuniors ..,........... Sophomores .... Ninth Grade .,...... Eighth Grade ..,... Seventh Grade ..,., Informals ........., l7r44 l7'36 38, 40' 1 42, 45-52 51-52 3 Activities ILci.sure Timo! Iunior, Senior Play ..t.. Dances ...,,.......,..,.,.... Orchestras ................,.. Music Organizations ..,....,.. Tri-Hi-Y 4...,..,,....,.,....,.. H1-Y ....,...,...........,.,..,....,..,.,..,. Iunior Tri-Hi-Y, Rifle C lub Library Staff .....,.............,...... Civilian Defense ...., Patrols , ,..........,..... Clubs .......,....,,.,.,.,........,.......,. Magazine Campaign Athletics KTournamentsj Football Squad .........,.. Football Varsity ...,.,.. Senior Football ...... Cheerleaders ,...,,,... Basketball Squad ...... Basketball Varsity ...... Senior Basketball ..,... Sports Cartoons ..,., Autographs ,..,........., .......... 7 l Patrons ........ Advertisements fPr0clamutiuns2 .... ,........ 8 l mr! I 4 , X ! f' if , - ff ' W! W X i ' fi? W xf. Q, ii C L ' Five CHARLES GOODHART Business Staff Advisor "Where's Mr. Goodhart?" "Back working with the Layout Committee!" Or, "Having a M .M if Business Staff meeting!" He was continually working toward the completion of this book, so for that reason we wish to show our ap- preciation to him. Div' MARY I ANE STRITE Typist "May we have this typed by tomi row?" To Miss Strite we Want to shc our esteem for her cooperation with in getting our material typed when N needed it, neatly, accurately, and quick M. DOLORES QUINN Art Staff Advisor Since September the Art Room has been full of shields and sketches-sketches that have been discarded and re-drawn. For many a night the lights burned while she and her staff carefully planned the art work in this book. Our thanks and appreciation to Miss Quinn. ALBERTA E. LANG Editorial Sta!! Advisor Working hard and enthusiasticall Miss Lang has guided us to a compl tion of which we are proud. She hc cooperated with us to make our book success and a worthwhile accomplis ' ment, and always willingly helped 1 if "What should we do about this' W became a problem. WILLIS E. SEIDERS Dramatic Coach We find it hard to put into words our ap- preciation to Mr. Seiders. His friendliness toward all of us, and the long, tireless hours he willingly spent in making our class plays a success are only two examples of his fine spirit. Six E, the Class ot 1943, dedicate this, The Elizabezhah, to our class advisor and friend, Clyde M. Wenger, Whofby guid- ing us during our high school years, has helped us travel cheer- iully this portion of the long highway ahead. Seven EDITORIAL STAFF MORRIS C. BRINTON, Editor Associate Editors G. Louise Baugher Helen E. Helsley Alma A. Baum Dorothy P. Rossrnan Frances Elaine Duffy Nancy Ioan Schlosser Nancy Marie Hein Leona I. West Iunior Associate Editors Marguerite Shirk Paul Stettler Theda Sweigart Sports Editors Samuel Gingrich Robert Dale Reem Photography Editors Iohn Reider Leslie Kreider Howard Shaefier George Wells Eight BUSINESS STAFF Robert G. Lesher .....,.,...........,,...,..,................,... Business Berneice Gutshall ......,. ...... A dvertising C. Richard Peters ,...,....., 4..,.. C irculation Franklin Andrew Kipp ,..r. ................. C irculation Earl R. Boyer Betty Ebersole Glen Eshlernan Ralph Frey Nancy E.xMyers Ianis L. Rahn Robert C. Sheaifer Dorothy Stoner Manager Manager Manager Manager Art Editors Glen Eshlernan Marlin S. McCorkel Betty lane Weaver Layout Glen Eshlernan Dean Koppenhaver George Wells Advisors Alberta E. Lang, Editorial Dolores E. Quinn, Art Charles E. Goodhart, Business Mary Iane Strite, Commercial Nine .. .V 1 il IP "' fl htown High School Graduates Serving in the Armed Forces of Our Country Cl Garber, Thomas M. ...,..,.,. Metzler, Charles E. .... .. Garman, I. Harold .........,........ ' Miller, Edward H. ....... . Garman, Robert S. .,.., ,..,. M iller, Iames ...,........,.... . Gerber, Iohn A. . ,.................... ' Miller, Paul Andrew Gephart, Iohn William ............ ' Morgan, William F., Ir. Geyer, Samuel ........... .....,... ' Musser, I. Charles Gingrich, Ioseph, Ir. ...,. . .,.,.. ' Neidig, George C., Ir. Goodling, Paul E. .....,,.. .,..... P ainter, Arthur M., Ir. Greenberger, Iohn ,,.... ....... P ainter, Richard D, Grosh, Foster .... ...,........ ...,,. P a rrett, I. Ralph .......... Grosh, Kenneth E. .... .........,..... P hillips, Paul I., Ir. ..,. .. Gutshall, Floyd Henry ........,... ' Gutshall, William G. ........ ..... Hain, Howard Lucian Hashem, Alexander E. ............ ' Heilman, Clair Z. ........... ....,., ' Heisey, Abram L. ..... ,.... . Heisey, Arthur Earl . ..... .. Helm, Harold Glenn ..... ....... Helm, Iohn Lester ....,. ....... Herr, Carl Garber ....,. ..,.... Herr, Clair E. ........ . ..... .. Herr, Ira L. ....,..,......,......,......... . Hershey, Russel ...... ..........,.. ' Hertzler, Sarah I. A.N.C ....... ' Hess, Eu ene F. ................. . Hip le, lgaymond C. ................ ' Hofgnan, Gish N. ... ..,... Hollinger, C. Arthur S. ........,, ' Hollinger, George M, ....,,........ ' Hollingsworth, eralcl ............ ' Horner, Iack Berkley .............. ' Horning, Harry K, ............,....... ' Hummer, N, M. ,.................... .. Hutter, Robert Ellwood .......... ' Kaylor, Robert S. .. ......,,......,.. Keene, Edwin W., Ir. .............. ' Keller, Robert R., Ir. ..... ,..... . Kessler, LaMar E. ......... ...... . Kessler, Marlin H. .... .... ....., . Landis, Robert Glenn ...,.......... ' Lebo, Iohn E. .....,.........,....,.,,... . Leicht, Paul Franklin .... . ..., . Lineaweaver, Anne A.N.C. Lineaweaver, Iohn K. .............. ' Lindemuth, Martin L. ,,.....,..... . Linton, Iames ........ .,...... ,...... Maxwell, Richard H. ............... . McClurg, Frank H. ..... ,.....,. ..... ' Ehzabethtown High School Faculty Memb avis Donald Fetterman L-A Raliensp erger, David .. Raffensperger, Elida E. A.N.C. ...,....,................ . Ralfensperger, Harold Raffens erger, Wilbur Ream, Bertram .......,...... Reern, Daniel B. ........... . Reider, R. Kenneth ...... Reider, Wilbur Kinsey Reinhold, Samuel E. Ricker, Robert Eugene Robinson, Carl Vincent Sauter, L. Ioseph .......... Schlosser, David E. ..... . Seibert Seibert Seibert Seidersy, Seiders, Seiders, Shaffer Clarence R I Robert Wade? Samuel F. ..... . Dale McC. ..... . Lloyd R. ......... . Iames .............. Charles Felker Shank, Clifford E. ., Shank, Daniel Victor .. Shank, Lawrence W. .. Shank, Lester Myers .... Shealfer, Iohn Andrew Sheetz, Robert S. .,....... . Shifter, George Robert Shifter, Iames ................ Shirk, Eugene Richard Shoop, Esther WAVE Shultz, Claude .............. Snyder, Leroy S. ......... . Speidel, Iohn Howard Stoner, Ra .... .............. Thome, Ralyph G. ......... . Ulrich, Donald F. ......... . ers in Service: Kenneth E Grosh List as of 1942 QW 9-A if -Q Ten Ur "Skill, trusteeship, scientific method, these three, which are obviously related to one another, indicate the main sources of strength in modern clvilizcttiorrf' L. P. IACKS Eleven G. R. ALEXANDER ......,.,. ...4..,...... P resident DR. T. M. THOMPSON ....,., ..,.,., V ice-President A. K. GARMAN .,.....,.., .,...... S ecretary R. E. HEIN ....,.,........,.......,,.,.......,...,..... ......... T reasurer P. M. GRUBB ADX "If ever there Was a cause, if ever there can be a cause, Worthy to be upheld by all of toil or sacrifice that the human heart can endure, it is the cause of education." HORACE MANN Twelve To the Class of 1943: With the publication of the ninth edition of The Iilzfnfieflzzzfz, the high school career of the Class of 1943 comes to an end. This end, however, marks merely the beginning of a way of life that must be dedicated to the service of society if it is to be useful. The world today, as never before, chal- lenges your utmost physical, mental, social, and spiritual powers. lt is the fervent hope of one who has observed your progress through the public school with much interest and satisfaction that you will accept the responsibilities that await you and discharge them with the greatest honor to your- selves and to the school that nurtured you. T. H. EBERSOLE Supervising Principal To the Class of 1943: The life of a business is divided into periods of equal duration, each of which is known as a fiscal period. lt is at the close of the fiscal period that a business takes an inventory, appraises its assets, adjusts its accounts, and deter- mines its profit or loss. The life of every individual like that of a business should be divided into periods, At the close of each period, the individual should stop, look, determine definitely where he is, how he got there, and where he is going. Graduation marks the end of a very significant period for the Class of 1943. An inventory of your class activities shows many outstanding accom- plishments in scholarship, draf matics, music, and athletics. May you continue to do as well in the next important period. WILBUR E. WEAVER High School Principal Thirteen T. H. Ebersole, Supervising Principal, Franklin and Mar- shall College AB., Columbia University M.A. Sarah L. Botto, French, Li- brary, Maryville College A.B., Drexel Institute B.S. Norman E. Diehl, Geogra- hy, General Mathematics, Elizabethtown College B.S. Bertha Belser, Music, Millers- ville State Teachers College, Cornell University. Virginia L. Brewer, H o m e Economics, indiana State Teachers College B.S. Alton H. E pler, Biology, Science, Mathematics, Kutz- goigvn State Teachers College Wayne B. Blouch, Problems of Democracy, Millersville State Normal School, Eliza- bethtown College AB. May Dulebohn, Algebra, Ge- ometry, Millersville State Teachers College, Elizabeth- town College A.B. Norma M. Ferguson, Health, Physical Education, West Chester State Teachers Col- lege B.S. Charles E. Goodhart, Indus- Noah Klauss, Orchestra, Har- trial Arts, Millersville State rislourg Symphony Orchestra. Teachers College B.S, Fourteen New it 1 df Y?-' Alberta E. Lung. Latin, Eng! lish, Wilson College A. B, M. Dolores Quinn, Art, lndi- gngi State Teachers College M. Iane Strite, Commercial Education, Elizabethtown College BS. Katie O. Miller, History, Millersville State Normal School. I. Howard Sheeler. Mathe- matics, Geometry, Shippens- Eugg State Teachers College Robert I. Trimble, English, Elizabethtown College RB. Mabel I. Miller, History, Guidance, Lebanon Valley College A,B Willis E. Seiders, English, Urgversity of Pennsylvania B. . Wilbur E. Weaver. High School Principal, Bookkeepe ma, Elizabethtown College BS , Temple University M.S, Clyde M. Wenger. Chemis- Amelia Wenrich, English, try, Physics, Physical Educa- Science, Wheaton College Eos, Elizabethtown College B.Ph, Fifteen ij 7'fjb?gg:xJwQk'a,g.'. A Qi 2 aw fi S g 3 E ii 3 LI .gif 'f Y 1. L I 5 3, ' V' 7 NT QR :3?f. - 5- 5-f'2I... nf?-few Fil? 'Sf 'li Xllir 1 ,a . ,. ,, , 7 3577 , 7 XJ!-.. gzxxw 5 lil 75 A.2,Mi,, .5 ,g1:l,55,z7g,?Q f H7 PSEQM "5 L' A-2 i 2 ,555 :fy m fsssrelfl 'ghsfgglg nf' 'Q - xl? ff7.1,fw fi, l - . 7 477- 7 v gifli' Sf.. gli., -Spf-'IN' 75.355 Nia, 4 ,- Q5 Wfg?fz-fE:f5 332' ' 241 fttiify-431i3'fl7l'A5lE,. 91 llllifi, 'Z ffef 3 i1i. 57'3 L w?5l?f'1i?'fi li 1 li, X553 55? Val' ' lil fi 7 2, wx Lisa? 3i55,s vim is ..,..... 571 2 E55 7. , lqffm 237, A 2 ' gif,-7f,gff-:v11?'5f,g:Q3aww: my 9538575 if ,Nw T 71, 5- f fl S 77.1 lx s, M: -.777 P h up "6 fx M 7, .,,, ki.,gMx77sY ZS 1 f',7XVfx,f,77g 3 ' ,iw ,.z,e. . iw, az lg.-57:,Z1' 7 7 EH .w f 7, , 7l , , V A,M'.J'ff fFf1"'I, 7 . ff Q U 7272 73 A 1 M,,,7 7 t iii? 5311 77l W yn 'mf -fs. 5 17,177 7.74 K 5 f " - J K 7 4 7, 4 xwvw. 77g A .W7 M l M. Ml, 7 k ,, tg,.W,f,V -75, 173, 'H 7i,glQ,Qey:Q,,fy L ' .K Mfzwss, 7g' ,Q wh , .7,g,m-'v Q5 - U7 lr nfl Vw- 7.17, LW 774-.bm wwwklg. 1.+wg7fEfQwAv witxifi Sal A ww .1 fak"13Q4i:, ,wg fsl,-,M ., X l ff, WW7 7, l -we g.'5kgD7iggl,a A , X'--My 74 ay ff if xp, 2 7,3 A 2717525 his j ff Q f if 1 ff iffy Q' ,W 7 fig , 7 X it ',5:fwQLX5l L31 7. l 2527 fy? 7 1 , W 5fgQT'ss2!313?'4?5 MW: iw is 'Pit ' 2 Wig "ml 7, -lf7z:f:,e -, l my ww 'j wif' i f. KS fx 154,277 - Q Q wifi. M5 UR 5 Q 5 gi lf, jS2:Sg'?:i57i35il" 7 N lf fha, gg 55555.52 ffiig f 7fPiS??'wm?: ,w All fa Qiif' ff'EL.'?7 7 W gf ,gi gg. . 7,2 ly stein Q -Q1 - l'Qw'2fWff, 7 7 22+ , Y f7ff217w,g. f ,kim -6 l x 7'N'rl4n7f ri? ' ' 5 w Wife r lf hh F32 3 M.. MSL -fn 77g 'lwffiw ,- 7, -fl lg 7 ,-6, si? F27 l Qs 3 , xy, , aj 7 Q .5-. M 2 ggi:g3gg'32,,gg2 5 ,fi fi' ' ..,7 sg . .7 .,.... alta .. 6 gg ? 7 ,X if S wi. .h h ,,,. :fx A ' . X? 7 : V' N' fm ., 1:f-Q' ,W Q Em, 'Q ' 7iixL2gf3g 33'm g713 J 7if7,1:gg Q wh if f 55: 372' 5: - QQ? S 1' 5: .Q 7 -21 - 1 7 l 'Q' 4 gl 7155 Eiifg ' K I 1-1 sz 525 gf -9 1354 . fwsf ff ff yi 56 33 512 3 ' fs' -:Is : :::,E - il l Q f 7 5 3:55 E55 N: Q Ml f , l 2 Q W5 Fi 5 aaa mg K 1 7 , kg., 9 E if V. . 1 43,fv.',s lfilif f if 3555 , .7.- L wg: 53-lf fi" if: 1, ? A z 43 fffggf .f7iT:f ag' ,gf .7 :bg gguigila Qfiffaf 253 55 7 7 ' ff5?QE.f7g mg QWQ ig QE 32 lr ff X l fiiff TZ Mary Jane Thompson Bd-ly Jam Weqver lggllglllghlllujlh E - liz- Q -belh-ons slronq und bold Go rid-inq out To but-tle frcy,In Wilh hearlsso True and arm-o?briqhl,1he chall-enqe calls Us ev-er on, To plfhlhl hlfflhfl lilgillhifll ill? hon-or os lhe kniqhls of old, And so we sinq our Icly. Fare life,o de so face fne flqhl of llfe's nolu break-in cloum We hhlff-lflfllfll . ., . -, 1 ' - I well, our ul-ma ma-Ter dearlour heorls will ne'er for-qel Thy hulls- now p l?lJnlo-ygl7,fc1ll'n? heorlslgy Joy ug-in our :mem-o-ry. el l 4 4 d ililil 5 Flll3flll4Q proud-ly ride me forlh from here To where The fu -Ture coll s love 5 ll link us Tho we pqrl We shall r -mem-ber Thgg lljfilid E ...IT ,gn Sixtc en ,77,:lg,sfii i wfih , ' j 3 3 I 7.3 I l url , L 1 . 1 ' ' 77 , 7 5 7 Eg g 55? EV: 'isilfgsjggil : f B, 5746, ws gglgfxg vi . . ulifzs wg 1? Es 3 . ggfqmgqiysiggsl E3 it it 123 . ,ig z 5? 2 Mg! ill W 3531 K X 5' if fl y lah i HQ XA gg 4 4 IN " " if 325 7, 7 jlzr 3 ws all Q5 55,3313 7 5272? 5 Eg' 595113 if alfa Mig? gif ng eggii., 55, M X351 4 G 22 is 7 S 7-MP5 3 M Vg? Rx ,gr :fig H5177 M, ' Uni if Law 1-1 g.W+Li,fK "" 4if.ig?sAi'gf,?fM,l1 .77. f 7 aff' L' Qu, in M' X l 7, as-Fiji -Q f igfigg 721: 3, Q 'l?'i wwfw 1122- .J , 3: fwlip fklf lf, ,xaiiii 1 fi 71, Y", ? :. Q 7 - '22 if - 7 , whkils: is ' f fl - Q Epi 7 .gl , :- MQ aw am... A N735 X ll- 7 fi :gh 47 1555 2:57 gil 747 7735529 H l P1 ff F iz , f ffgiggggs it 73 gm 351 la. gig ll 7 W, 7 .-1? 7 y 7, A El -f as l Eg , '77 dff7Wh A l 1 77. 5? w vafefffv fliyhgg A ,Q gzip? :hm aff STSSH7177 '55 7 BETTY WEAVER A glorious company, the flower of men, To serve os model for the mighty world, And be the foir beginning of CI time." -Tennyson, The ldylls of the King. Scvcnleen Class Colors-Maroon and Buff Class Mottoe'xUbi bene, ibi patriaf' President .... Vice-President Secretary .... Treasurer . . . Advisor .... Eighteen SAMUEL GINGRICH RALPH FREY . . . . GLORIA MILLER . . . . . PAYE R. STOTZ . . , . MR. CLYDE WENGER WILLIAM S. BARNHART "Barney" General Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 4. Usually seen driving a Ford . . . fond of ath- letics . . . pet peeves are rules and regulations . . . future mechanic. "He is truly valiant." PAUL F. BARTO "Bart" General Tall . . . quiet . . . likes swing music . . . a loyal friend . . . air-minded . . . tests, tests, tests! . . . need a new wallet? See "Bart"! "Each morning sees some task begun." G. LOUISE BAUGHER "Weazie" College Preparatory Indoor Patrol 2, 3, 4, Secretary, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, lunior Class Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, lunior Varsity Debating 2, Nature Study Club l, Sports Club 2, Yearbook Staff, lunior Play, Senior Play. Blonde . . . fun to know . . . those college regulations! . . . likes English, brunettes . . . intellectual . . . basketball ian . . . ambition: not to fail. "A thing ot beauty is a joy forever." ALMA A. BAUM "Baumie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tumbling l, 2, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Dramatic Club 3, Yearbook Stall, Patrol 2, 3. "Are you kiddin'?" . , . the class iussbutton . . . dreams of brown curly hair and brown eyes . . . fond of movies . . . blackhaired coquette. "She walks in beauty." Nineteen .wtf QW ihslnuuuannu .,-- ' -1, " . anus-mm , . 3 Hunan Q 'P-" H Jj iii V T 5 5 l ,.,: . 'Aki ... re U , .,, . 5' 1-4-1..i..a Twenty PAUL E. BLECHER "Paul" General Typing Club 2, Stage Committee 3. "Hello there!" . . , likes fishing and hunting . . . conservative and likable . . . artist at heart . . . ambition, to become a member oi U. S. Coast Guard. "He'll find a Way." VELMA L. BOBISH "Bobish" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Dramatic Club 2, 3, Tumbling Club lg Sophomore Girls' Chorus. "What's cooking? Chicken!" . , , brunette tresses . . . fond of jive and dancing , . , dis- likes rules and regulations . . . yearns to be a dancing instructor. "Chl How she can dance!" CLEO BOOZER "Sis" Commercial Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Nature Study Club lg Tumbling 2, 3. "That's tor surel" . . . blonde . . . athletic . . . fond of roller skating and swimming , . . dislikes sewing and homework . . . ambition: stenographer. "Even her irowns are lair." EARL R. BOYER "Belly" General Tumbling Club l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Stallg Football l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4. Black curly hair . . . runabout , . . enjoys spending money . . . likes model airplanes . . fond ol sports . . . sig-inals, hike l - 2 - - "Gentle in manner: strong in performance." IEAN E. BRENEMAN "Ieannie" Commercial Nature Study Club l, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Dark, sparkling eyes . . . neat . . . quiet and calm . . . seen with Nettie . . . likes reading, chewing gum, and bicycling . , . a future stenographer. "Self-knowledge - self-control." MORRIS C. BRINTON "Brit" College Preparatory Literary Editor of Yearbook Staff, Typing Club 2, Dramatic Club 3, Boys' Home Economics Club l, Boys' Chorus 4. Tall and thin . . . hopes to join the Marines . . . dignified . . . a fluent speaker . . . clever , . . original . . . aspires to write one good novel. "His tongue is the pen of a ready writer." MARY E. BUTTERBAUGH "Butter" College Preparatory lunior Orchestra l, Z, Senior Orchestra l, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Girls' Glee Club 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Patrol 3, 4, Girls' Tumbling Club l, 2, Iunior Play. lndiana's loss, our gain . . . her specialty, the marimba . . . a friend to all . . . quiet . . . likes swimming and skating . . . an excellent singer. "Proper words in proper places." DOROTHY LORENE CORLEY "Dot" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Quiet but pleasant . . . from Carthage, Mis- souri . . . enjoys reading, listening to the radio . . , studious . . . likes to eat ice cream . . . future secretary. "Her voice is always soft." Twenty-0110 .f ' Twenty-two DONALD L. DEMPSEY "Doc" Commercial Tumbling Club l, 35 Football l. Dark wavy hair . , . handsome . . . jitterbug "Anybody see Velma?" . . . never long in one place . . . ambition: ensign in the Navy. "Wit is the salt of conversation." FRANCES ELAINE DUFFY "Fluffy" College Preparatory Dramatic Club 35 Yearbook Stalt5 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Secretary 35 Iunior Play, Senior Play5 Class Secretary 25 Sports Club l, 2. Personality plus . . . friendly . . . petite brunette . . . questioning blue eyes . . . in- terest at F. and M .... likes dramatics, toot- ball , . . a future nurse. "She has a social smile." HRLENE L. EBERSOLE "Till" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Tumbling Club l, 25 Sopho- more Girls' Chorus5 Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Future WAAC . . . always talking . . . lots ot clothes . . . interested in sports . . . and football number 23 . . . likes dancing and movies. "Hers was more than Wit." BETTY EBERSOLE "Betty" Commercial Nature Study Club lg Sophomore Girls' Chor- us5 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 Mixed Chorus 45 Dramatic Club 35 Year Book Staff 4, Churnrny . . . talkative . , . likes roller skating and wavy hair . . , main ambition is to be- come a hairdresser . . . but oh! bookkeepingl "A good digestion to you all." EDNA V. EBERSOLE "Shorty" General Tumbling Club l, 25 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Fancy Work Club 3, 4, President, Fancy Work Club 4. Petite brunette . . . at home in home eco- nomics department . . . quiet but sociable . . . likes writing letters, and art . . . neat . . . born seamstress. "Virtue is its own reward." U-XY F. ECKINGER "Eckie" College Preparatory Tumbling Club 2, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Nice personality . . . likes to bowl , . . ladies' man , . . always saying, "You've got a point there!" . . . neat appearance . . . Navy man. "A courteous gentleman." GLEN ESHLEMAN "Esh" General Nature Study Club lg Yearbook Staff, Football l, 2, 3, 4, Co-captain Z, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Captain 3. Neat . . . all-around sport . . , likes brunettes . . , shines in basketball . . . clever artist . . . can be located at Marty's or on Lemon Street. "And all that I ask is a tall ship." GEORGE D. FLOWERS "Red" College Preparatory Always doing chemistry . . . likes to experi- ment . . . and to argue . . . dabbler . . . wise- cracker . . . the Navy for him. "Doing easily what others find difficult," ., r i Twenty-three 3 ,Q W., Twenty-four RALPH A. FREY "Buffy" General Football l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Base- ball 3, 4, Tumbling Club l, 2, Class President 2, Class Vice President 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. Tall and good looking . . . athletic , , . ladies' man . . . neat dresser . . . shy . . . ambition: Navy . . . pride of football team. "He builded better than he knew." SAMUEL GINGRICH "Sam" Commercial Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Class President l, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Tumbling Club 3, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Football 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Popular . . . tall and dark . . . misses school to fish . . . dependable , . . president . . . good leader . . , Kitten's right hand man. "He is at no end of his actions." ISLA FAUN GOODLING "Isla" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club l, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. Loves to roller skate . . . commercial whiz . . . good-natured . . . always smiling . . . sociable. "Rich the treasure, sweet the pleasure." ELAINE A. GRIMM "Grimmie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tumbling Club l, 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. That flashing smile . . . tiny . . . cute . . . Weazie and Grimmie . . , everyone's friend . . . beautiful teeth . . . those gymnastics . . . likes crew cuts. "She fills the air around with beauty." BENIAMIN FRANK GROI-'F "Pete" College Preparatory Witty . . . forgetful . . . future agriculturalist . . . woman-hater . , . likes to accumulate money . . . good-natured , . . "What fools we mortals be!" . . . farmer. "Speech is civilization itself." MARY C. GROSH "Groshie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Sophomore Girls' Chorusg Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Sports Club 25 Tumbling Club l. Talkative , . . well dressed . , . likes dancing . . . favorite number is 30 . . . dislikes nosey people . , . plans to be a stenographer. "Her virtues are so numerous." BERNEICE GUTSHALL "Bernie" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 Tumbling Club lg Yearbook Staff. Pretty brown eyes . . . always talking . . , happy-go-lucky . . . likes to raise Cain . . . always has a cheery smile . . . future WAAC. "The windy satisfaction of the tongue." SARAH C. GUTTSCHALL "Sallie Io" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Fancy Work Club. Blonde . . . quiet . . . neat . . . likes movies . . . pretty hair . . . lots ol fun . . , hopes to join the WAAC. "Silence is more eloquent than Words." 1 ' Mfr f-grfzrd m My 5 f ijlifntti ff., .i M' ' if .r I F1-I ' ug? ' vt-Z 'Fe-'X' Xlllnflx H M't?': ,. u 2 s 131 Eh .,Q:. Q , VJLW4 t 5 1 1 9 rt i l. tg Km? l 5 -Q-- 5 - .3-5 , A Twenty-five 2-Q., . rin . ' f if .5?1:"':2ts:"' :ir f iz-E' ,A,A 1 . '. in . V V r ,.,. , E. V , .. EALL -il .Q V 1' if it llf5f3!tf ',.,.- gg ns' star k ,.AA e I g - -f' .,,,, Twenty-six ANNA LOUISE HEETER "Hon" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sports Club 2, Nature Study Club lg Fancy Work Club 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. Quiet . . . friendly . . . likes sports . , . and reading . , . hates rain . , . sense of humor . . , studious . . , destined to be a secretary. "A still and small voice." NANCY MARIE HEIN "Nan" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Nature Study Club lg Camera Club 2, Yearbook Staff. Dependable . . . likes swimming, reading . . . intelligent . . . quiet but witty . . . industrious . . . pretty clothes . . . neat . . . future school teacher. "Studies serve lor delight." THELMA M. HEISEY "Terry" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 4. Came from Bainbridge this year . . . active . . . likes roller skating . . . special interests in Middletown Air Depot . . . ambitious . . . future Army Nurse. "A willing heart and a helping hand." VERA IEAN HEISTAND "Vera" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, Dramatic Club 3, Sports Club 2g.Mixed Chorus, 3, 4. Brunette . . . mischievous , . . likes letter Writing . . . vivacious . . . main interest is 'Squirrely' . . . good voice . . . ambition to be a successful homemaker. "Whose charms all other maids' surpass." HELEN E. HELSLEY "Hillsdale" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Vice President 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Nature Study Club lg Yearbook Staff. lndustrious . . . main interest is the Navy . . . hates soccer . . . always Writing letters , . . neat . . . dependable . . . quiet . . . ambition is to become a Navy wife. 'Hlmpossible' is a word l never use." 1 BROOKS HENDERSON "Brooks" College Preparatory Debating l, 2, Rifle Club 2, 3, 4. Capable leader . . . future Einstein . . . help- ful . , . Woman-hater . . . if it's difficult, he knows the answer . . . goal: aeronautical engineering. "He dares to do all that becomes a man." RUTH L. HERR "Ruttie" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Nature Study Club lg Library Staff 2, 3, 4, Senior Play. A friend in need . . . tall . . . red hair . . . helpful . . . likes reading and sewing . . . always chewing gum . . . ambition: college. "A daughter of the gods, divinely tall." IANET M. KAUFFMAN "Ian" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4gil:'ancy Work Club 35 Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, Friendly . . . appreciative . . . just plain sweet , , . likes reading, sports, and movies . . . destination, an office . . . wants to retire at an early age. "Her tongue is the law of kindness," Twenty-seven Twenty-eight FRANKLIN ANDREW KIPP "Kip-pie" Commercial Camera Club 3, Yearbook Staff. "How is every little thing?" . . . from East Donegal . . . salesman supreme . . . person- ality plus . . . class wit . . . energetic. "True wit is nature to advantage dress'd." DEAN E. KOPPENHAVER "Koppy" General Football 4, Yearbook Stall. Friendly . . . likes odd jobs . . . decorator . . . doesn't believe in stop signs . . . Diem's delivery boy . . . hopes to become a Navy aviator. "l have drunken deep of joy." ROBERT G. LESHER "Bob" Commercial Football 45 Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 4, President 4, Business Manager of lunior Play, Airplane Club 3, Business Manager of Yearbook, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Senior Play. Personality plus, that's Bob . . . Willing smile . . . helping hand , . . likes the women . . . and hates shorthand . . . capable leader . . . and friend to all . . . ambition: Wall Street business executive. "Never an idle moment." HELEN MARTIN "Ditty" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Fancy Work Club 3, Secretary lg Mixed Chorus 4, Girls' Glee Club Z, 3. Friendly smile . . . and Willing hand, that's 'Ditty' . . . likes reading, swimming and movies . . . hates house cleaning , . . ambi- tion: secretary. "My rnind to me a kingdom is." MARLIN S. MCCORKEL "Mart" Commercial No women for "Mart" . . . rather quiet , . . conscientious Worker . . , basketball tan . . . special interest: airplanes , . . a tuture air- plane mechanic. "Talent must be developed." PAUL E. MECKLEY "Peck" College Preparatory Rifle Club 3, 4, Team Manager 2, Senior Play. Blondes for him . . . homeWorkf?J . . . a hunter . . . brave enough to take solid geom- etry . . . loves to eat , . . Navy-bound. "My appetite comes to me While eating." NANCY E. MYERS "Nan" College Preparatory Patrol 1, 2, 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Sports Club l, Dramatic Club 3, Class Secretary 3, Year- book Statt, Cheerleader l, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play. Bubbling with energy . . . that boy in Aus- tralia . . . likes bowling . . . beautiful hair . . . cheerleader . , , a future home economics teacher. "Her hair Was long, her toot was light." GLORIA MILLER "Tony" Commercial Tumbling Club l, Sports Club Z, Dramatic Club 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Tri-Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Class Secretary l, Class Treasurer 4, Tril-li-Y President 4. Blonde . . . witty . . . hockey tan . . . tun- loving . . . excels in typing and bookkeeping . . . "My cow!" . , . likes movies, singing, athletics . , . ambitious. "God giveth speech to all but song to tew." Twenty-nine Thirty G. CARL MINICH "Oscar" General "Why sure!" . . . blond curly hair . . . sky- scraper . . . hates studying . . . fond of build- ing model airplanes , . . yearns to soar high in the skies. "He sleeps by day." YVETTE L. MURPHY "Murph" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Quiet . . . a true friend . . . always ready to help . . , industrious . . , likes to read . . . anything but Shakespeare! . . . ambition: secretary. "To me books are a sepulcher of thought." IAMES F. NISSLEY "Niss" College Preparatory Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Chaplain 4, Mixed Chorus 4, Senior Play. Naturally good-natured . . . likes girls, espe- cially sophomores . . . sports-minded . . . tall and clark . . , loves to live, lives to 1 . . . the Navy for "Niss." "Women, the beauty of the World." C. RICHARD PETERS "Pete" General Football Team l, 2, 3, 4, Baseball 2, 3, 41 Basketball l, 2, 3, 4, Yearbook Staff. "Hi there!" , . . "Pete" . . . tall, athletic . . . a swell fellow . . . oh! that hair! . . , busi- ness man. "Manner maketh the man." IANIS L. RAHN "Ian" Commercial Sports Club 15 Sophomore Girls' Chorusg Tumbling Club 2, 35 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Yearbook Staff5 Iunior Play5 Senior Play. Good humored . . , likes roller skating cmd literature . . . good actress . . . Wants to be- come a WAAC . . . favorite expression, "You ain't kiddin'!" "Good humor only teaches charm to last." ROBERT DALE REEM "Reemie" College Preparatory Basketball l, Z, 3, 45 Football l, 2, 3, 45 Base- ball Z, 35 Typing Club 35 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Yearbook Staff. Hopes to be a printer . . . but will no doubt end up in the Marines . . . dashing halfback . . . enjoys movies . . . often says "Corn!" "l am, sir, a brother of an angle." IOHN REIDER "Reider" Commercial Basketball I. V. 25 Yearbook Staff. Flaming hair . . . tall . . . pet peeves are nurses and hospitals . . . enjoys bowling and football , . . photographer . . . Navy ahead. "A good name is better than precious ointment." DOROTHY P. ROSSMAN "Dottie" College Preparatory Camera Club l5 Sophomore Girls' Chorus5 Library Staff 45 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Patrol 25 Year- book Staff. One red rose forever . . . finds time for read- ing and swimming . . . capable . . . clever . . . nice personality . . . aspiration: laboratory technician in hospital. "Thou whose locks outshine the sun," Mm Y 'va Thirty-one S1- 45, .I -..Zi 4 ,. 5, . A 5' 5-'22 52 2 ir? ,gs - 3 gl f . 'Eli' 'ii 255552, its ffm "mg ::i5:5'55:1.: - , 'A r - w s X f A r i , lfirlifll, , - 5 , gg, U i Thirty-two NANCY IOAN SCHLOSSER "Io" College Preparatory Tumbling Club lg Sports Club 2, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Dramatic Club 3, Yearbook Staff, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Senior Play. Ah, for or six-footer . , . eating and having fun also take up her time . . . pretty clothes . . . future Social Service Worker, "Act well your part: there all the honor lies' GERALD RICHARD SCHULDT "Pussy" College Preparatory Tumbling Club lg Mixed Chorus 2, Rifle Club 3, 4, Football 4. Football . . . likes the ladies . . . spends time at the pharmacy , . . "Glad to hear it!" . . . will join the Navy or Coast Guard. "Where did you get those eyes so blue?" HOWARD SHAEFFER "Hob" College Preparatory Camera Club 2, lunior Play, Rifle Club 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Yearbook Staff, Excels in photography . . . enjoys fishing too . , . Paderewski anywhere , . . Willing , , , clever with cloud effects in his pictures . . . hopes to be a top-notch photographer. "Little in stature, but not in mind." IEANNE ARLENE SHAN K "Shankie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Nature Study Club l, 2. Dislikes mice . . . hear her handle that marim- ba . . . letter-writer . . . always ready to please . . , attractive , . . musical, "A Womans Work, grave sir, is never donef ROBERT C. SHEAFFER "Cleve" General Basketball Z, 3, 4, Tumbling Club 3, Yearbook Staff. "Thats nice!" . . . happy-go-lucky . . . Air Corps bound . . . dislikes mathematics . . , good dancer , . . plays basketball . . . noted for bagging school. "But he dances such a Way!" ROBERT M. SINGER "Bob" College Preparatory Rifle Club 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4, Hi-Y 4, Football 3, 4, Iunior Play, Senior Play. Snappy dresser . . , fluent speaker . . . des- tination, Hollywood . . . Iunior Play star . . . imagine Bob Without Mary . . . pleasing per- sonality. "With his hounds and his horn in the morning." FRANCES I. SLESSER "Fran" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Nature Study Club l. Future WAAC . . . shorthand fan . . . efficient Waitress . . . quiet, but pleasant. "Wisdom is better than rubiesf' KATHLEEN LOUISE SMITH Kitty" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Cheerleading Squad Z, 3, 4, Captain 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Patrol l, Z, 3, Iunior Play, Tumbling Club 2. Short . . . full of pep . . . always eating, get- ting into trouble . . . athletic . . . violinist . . . cheerleader . . . witty, "There is music in all things, if men had ears." J 'I I. sw K , , -. . 1. 4 -H.. ,, ' ,ay sie. if 4 it i Q. . we ft 1 M if ' 'Y . It, Q? 'leaf 'J ,i1?f f,.Szy Thirty-three Thirty-four ANNA F. SNYDER "Ann" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Nature Study Club Z, 45 Tumbling Club 15 Fancy Work Club 3. Masonic Homes contribution to Elizabethtown . . . short . . . noise-maker . . . pretty hair . . . likes to sew and cook , . . talkative. "We are the dreamers ol dreams." DOROTHY STONER "Dot" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 3, 45 Sophomore Girls' Chorus5 Yearbook Stall. Dot loves sports . . . sports love Dot . . . al- ways at Skaters' Paradise . . . destined to be aviatrix . , . efficient . . . friendly. "Knowledge is power." PAY RUTH STOTZ "Stolzie" Commercial Tri-Hi-Y Z, 3, 4, Treasurer 45 Tumbling Club l, 2, 35 Girls' Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Class Secretary 4. Competent secretary . . . rapid typist . . . neat dresser , . . jitterbug lan . . . amiable . . . her heart's in Hawaii. "A smile is the same in all languages." BETTY IANE SWEIGART "Betz" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Wants to be a housewife . . . always in vi- cinity ol Room 4 . . . that black hair . . . likes dancing . . . friend to all. "Blessed is he who has found his work." NETTIE A. SWEIGART "Netts" Commercial Sophomore Girls' Chorus5 Fancy Work Club 2. Brown wavy hair . . . quiet . . . enjoys read- ing . . . fond of the open air . . , studious . , . future secretary. "Charity is a virtue," MARY I ANE THOMPSON "Mary" College Preparatory Debating Team l5 Sophomore Girls' Chorus5 Typing Club 3, Quiet , . . intelligent . , . pretty hair . . . reads a lot . . . enjoys music . . . intends to be a nurse or to travel . . . Class poet. "Ambition has no rest." BETTY JANE WEAVER "Mac" General Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Iunior Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Senior Orchestra Z, 3, 45 Mixed Chorus 35 Nature Study Club 25 Yearbook Staff. "Which would you rather do than go fishing?" . . . violinist . . . Miss Quinn's helper . . . artist supreme . . . soda jerker . . . Witty . . . emphatic. "A picture is a poem without Words." GEORGE S. WELLS "Wellsy" General Football Manager 35 Basketball Manager 35 Baseball Manager 35 Archery Club l5 Camera Club 25 Typing Club 35 Yearbook Stall. Ben Franklin's delivery boy . . . likes bowling . . . short and stout . . . jolly . . . candid cam- era fan . . . artist . . . ambition: Navy pho- tographer. "The painting is almost the natural." 'Q' 1555 1 .PPV W tif ,rt- ,V... . x Thirty-,ive Thirty-six LEONA I. WEST "Butch" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Scribe 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Pianist of Mixed Chorus 3, 4, Iunior Orchestra 2, 3, Senior Orchestra 4, Iunior Varsity Debating Team lg Varsity Debating Team 2, lndoor Patrol 2, 3, Nature Study Club lg Dramatic Club 3, Iunior Play, Senior Play, Yearbook Staff. "That's a matter of opinion!" . . . dignified . . . talented . . . fond of dancing and black curly hair . . . special interest in football players . . . versatile. "She has the poetry of speech." IRENE M. WIESTLING "Renee" College Preparatory Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Tumbling Club l. Red-head . . . always reading . . . likes puppies . . . geometry whiz . . . fond of knit- ting ,. . . hates French quizzes . . . future manicurist. "Filled with sweet thought, then happy l." LeROY E. WITTLE "Wittle" Commercial Rifle Club lg Commercial Club 4. "Why sure!" . . . Nimrod . . . baseball fan . . . short . . . quiet . . . girls are the least of his worries . . . good-natured. " 'Tis noble to be good." IOSEPH YURKOVIC "Ice" General Football 2, 3, 4. Accordion whiz . . . often in demand . . . short and muscular . . . football and basketball player . , . shop is his pet peeve. "There is no man that does not enjoy music." As we, the Class of Forty-Three, Approach our day of graduation, We feel, in spite of what we say, We'll miss this hall of education. We may forget some things we've learned : And some we may have never known 'Tis how we serve that matters most, 'Twill be our life's foundation-stone. The past is gone ne'er to return, These things can but a mem'ry be, Mere shadows we can scarce discern Yet they'll live on eternally. And now we look ahead with awe, But with no tear of what will be Within our newly dawning day, Goodbye, dear school, farewell to thee For though we'll always love our school Yet now with newer things ahead, We take the step we've longed to take The step to life unlimited. -MARY IANE THOMPSON Thirty-seven eg so I " , . . ll W--lm 111 if Q H Wm .u r N :TN .. ..,-'-'gf-,,,,'.,,. A -Mag - K, ,V - 4 35' ............ L' , , 4135? V X Jury f A'L'M ' rf! J 5'-5' 5 we , Q ef? ,MW is Z gg lm lf iv "4 H , ' 4 T V , t 1 L , V A Best All-Around Louise Baugher Ralph Frey UT A ,,:. I, ,,.,1,1 1 V. L 1- ,, 'falfiffii . if fi ,ei a E gh I kkkk. for i .1I' .i.'l ., .,.. V ns wzfffslwr . , M. ,.,...s M ,.,,,,, . . - ff- .. ff-cmd! .. ZIEK .S Qi - I .,,. ' ' , M125-A -1 - r if , wt .gigtfittysm Q A , I ,, A f " 31 1 - - wifes- A., . 33 if 3 wwf Best Musician Busiest Sleepiest Leona West Kathleen Smith Sam Gingrich Gloria Miller Brooks Henderson Betty Weaver Carl Minich Most Talkative Biggest Eater Class Wit Most Dependable Berneice Gutshall Betty Ebersole Betty Weaver Gloria Miller Robert Lesher Paul Meckley Frank Kipp Brooks Henderson Best Orators Romeo and Iuliet Most Respected Most Ambitious Leona West Arlene Ebersole Gloria Miller Gloria Miller Brooks Henderson Glen Eshleman Iohn Reider Brooks Henderson Nicest Personality Best Dancers Most Likely to Succeed Vera Hiestand Velma Bobish Gloria Miller lay Eckinger Robert Shealfer Brooks Henderson, Sam Gingrich Thirty-eight f ,pffywx ,...,, -' 4 '- A , 1 B ,f x ' ' X in if it G if 3 V U .,.. rr: 4. T: 1 V5 x... wa, 1 .y 'A-S . 4 It ,K 1 , L i Af:-1 f 1- af. TQQ ..'- Z ,... g .4 .,.: 5 Y JV A- Z4 an 1 if '.." --ff L Q sriy lg t L. 1 . ---- 1 V.1.., ' . 232' Zigrhl Z- -:-,A,- ' kk, k z ..,. ws. . 45 I "2' ' -f , 5 2 Best Athlete Did Most for School Man-Woman Hater Most Intellectual Arlene Ebersole Gloria Miller Mary lane Thompson Dorothy Rossman ' Ralph Frey Brooks Henderson Brooks Henderson Brooks Henderson Best Actor Best-Natured Biggest Tease Biggest Cut-Up Frances Duffy Louise Baugher Berneice Gutshall Arlene Ebersole Robert Singer Sam Gingrich Earl Boyer Earl Boyer Laziest Most Dignified Class Dreamers Best Artist Velma Bobish Leona West Anna Snyder Betty Weaver George Flowers Morris Brinton Paul Meckley Glen Eshleman Cutest Song-Birds Best-Looking Elaine Grimm Kathleen Smith Nancy Meyers LeRoy Wittle Robert Lesher Ralph Frey Louise Baugher Thirty-nine CLASS 3-B Teacher Mrs Esther Hoffman Bottom Row fleft to rightj: Arlene Ebersole, ?, Helen Helsley, Betty Ebersole, ?, Betty Sweigart, 'Betty Meads, 'Day Foster, 'Elizabeth Aus- borne, 'Orville Nauss, ?. Second Row: Mrs. Hoffman, teacher, 'Thom- as Junk, 'Earl Lirch, Iay Eckinger, 'Lester Ebersole, 'Eugene Snyder, 'Earl Kipp, 'Paul Bankus, 'Iohn Isenhauer, 'Clifford Drescher. Third How: 'Doris Ulrich, 'lay Gerber, 'May Foster, 'Lee Hippensteel, Sara Guttshall, 'Harold Gainer, Isla Goodling, Ralph Frey, ?, Robert Shaefter, 'Ieannette Hippsman, Russell Good. Fourth Row: Iames Hoover, Marlin McCorkel, George Flowers, Richard Peters, Robert Lesher, 'Charles Biddle, 'Donald Lutz, Glenn Eshleman, 'Kenneth Becker, 'Marvin Meads, 'Charles Goodyear. Forty CLASS 3-A Teacher. Mrs. Harriet Bottom Row ileit to rightj Anna Snyder 'Geraldine Meljanic Fay Stotz Louise Baugher Velma Bobish Mary Grosh 'Mildred Shue Nancy Myers Ianis Rahn Kathleen Smith 'Mildred Stump Elaine Grimm Second Row 'lulia Meads 'Charles Lienhard 'Dorothy Weaver Howard Shaeffer Mary lane Thompson Paul Meckley 'Harold Stahl William Barnhart Robert Reem Ioan Schlosser 'Nelson Lawrence Lineaweaver Third Row Jeanne Shank Mary Butterbaugh George Wells Nancy Hein Brooks Henderson Nettie Sweigart 'Richard Masters 'Geraldine Hartman 'loseph Loraw Gloria Miller Fourth How Samuel Gingrich Cleo Boozer 'Arthur Iohns Dorothy Stoner 'Frankvlfahs 'Richard Heisey Betty Weaver Iohn Reider Ruth Herr CLASS 4-A Teacher, Miss May Gross Bottom Row Cleft to right? Louise Baugher Mary Butterbaugh Anna Snyder Mary lane Thompson Ieanne Shank Elaine Grimm 'Iulia Meads Velma Bobish Fay Stotz Ianis Rahn Nancy Myers Second Row 'Dorothy Weaver Cleo Boozer 'Ioseph Loraw Robert Reem 'Harold Stahl George Wells Howard Shaeffer William Barnhart 'Mildred Stump Kathleen Smith Miss Gross, teacher 'Denotes former members oi Third Row Ruth Herr Betty Ebersole Samuel Gingrich Mary Grosh 'Richard Masters 'Geraldine Hartman 'Arthur Iohns Gloria Miller 'Charles Lienhard Ioan Schlosser Paul Meckley Fourth How 'Richard Heisey Iohn Reider Dorothy Stoner 'Donald Lutz Nancy Hein Brooks Henderson Betty Weaver 'Charles Goodyear Nettie Sweigart George Flowers Helen Helsley the class CLASS 4-B Teacher. Miss Mabel Espenshade Bottom How fleft to right! Isla Ggodling I " 'P 'Day Foster 'Doris Ulrich Arlene Ebersole 'May Foster Sara Guttshall 'Zelda Hitz 'Elizabeth Ausborne Second Row :lay Gerber lay Eckinger Paul Barto Marlin McCorkel 'Russell Good 'Paul Bankus 'Orville Nauss "Earl Kipp 'Iohn lsenhauer 'Earl Lirch Miss Espenshade, t eacher Third Row 'Lester Ebersole 'Harold Gainer 'Clifford Drescher Ralph Frey Glenn Eshleman 'Eugene Snyder 'Nelson Lawrence 'Herbert lnghram 'Thomas Iunk 'Dale Mumper 'Robert Fowden Fourth Row Richard Peters 'Marvin Meads Betty Swei art Robert Lesier 'Mary Rights :Charles Biddle 'Edward Maxwell lames Hoover Robert Sheafier FS "F is CLASS 7 Miss Mary Hackenberger Mr. I. Harold Burkholder lottom Row Kleft to rightj 'Richard Gainer 'Harold Gainer 'Herbert lnghram Helen Martin Howard Shaeffer 'Lester Ebersole lay Eckinger Glenn Eshlernan Edna Ebersole 'Russell Good 'Elizabeth Ausborne George Wells 'Doris Ulrich 'Harold Stahl Second How 'Nelson Lawrence lanis Rahn Arlene Ebersole 'Richard Masters Elaine Grimm Dean Koppenhaver Kathleen Smith 'Robert Fowden Mary lane Thompson William Barnhart Fay Stotz Paul Meckley Marlin McCorlcel third Row 'Charles Lienhard 'Zelda Hitz Nettie Sweigart Samuel Gingrich Louise Baugher Ioseph Loraw Nancy Myers George Flowers Mary Butterbaugh 'Charles Goodyear 'Mildred Stump 'Robert Ulrich Sarah Guttshall 'Thomas Iunk Velma Bobish Fourth How 'Arthur Iohns Gloria Miller Robert Shaeller Betty Weaver 'Dale Mumper 'Dorothy Weaver 'Iohn Eisenhauer lsla Goodling Paul Blecher lanet Kauffman 'Iames Hoover Anna Snyder 'lohn Risser 'Julia Meads Ralph Frey Cleo Boozer Brooks Henderson Filth Row Richard Peters 'Denotes former members of the class leanne Shank Robert Reem Ruth Herr 'Donald Lutz 'Betty Shaeffer Robert Singer Mary Grosh Iames Nissley Nancy Hein "Clifford Drescher Leona West 'Harry Eisenhauer Ioan Schlosser Robert Lesher Dorothy Stoner Sixth Row 'Arlene Kauffman 'Richard Heisey ' ? 'Wilbur Wagner Betty Ebersole 'Kenneth Becker 'Mary lane Keener 'Marvin Meads 'Iune Adams 'Charles Biddle Helen Helsley 'Clyde Boyer 'Elinor Reem 'William Reem 'VViniired Brouse 'lay Meads Betty Sweigart CLASS 6-A Teacher, Miss Ella Heistand Bottom Row Cleft to rightb: Kathleen Smith, 'Mildred Stump, 'Dorothy Weaver, Nancy Myers, Nancy Hein, 'Iulia Meads, Fay Stotz, Ianis Rahn, Leona West, Elaine Grimm, Second Row: 'Richard Gainer, 'Robert Fow- den, 'Charles Lienhard, Samuel Gingrich, Paul Meckley, 'Charles Goodyear, George Wells, Dean Koppenhaver, 'Harold Stahl, How- ard Shaeller, Miss Heistarid. Third Row: Robert Reem, Glenn Eshleman, 'Richard Masters, Ieanne Shank, 'loseph Loraw, Ioan Schlosser, Wil- liam Barnhart, Betty Ebersole, Brooks Henderson, 'Winitred Brouse, George Flowers, Gloria Miller. Fourth Row: Mary Butterbaugh, James Nissley, Dorothy Stoner, Rob- ert Singer, Helen l-lelsley, 'Donald Lutz, Betty Weaver, Robert Lesher, Mary lane Thompson, 'Richard Heisey, Mary Grosh, 'Arthur Johns, Louise Baugher. Forty-one N DAYS OF OLD, when knights were bold, and Queen J Elizabeth was on the throne, many manuscripts written by Nostradamus, the great prophet whose works are still studied and respected, were distributed and sold. nce very few people realized their significance, they be- rme scattered about, one of them in particular getting into e hands of an humble serf. ' This serf, unable to read its Latin verses, took the page 5 had found to his master, who was well educated in Latin. fter translating the paper, the great man was surprised, for s first verse went something like this : Prophecies? Yes I write some, Here they are for you to see. Many famous people come, From E-Town's Class of '43. It went on in many little verses, telling of the achieve- ents of this outstanding class during the year, one thou- ind, nine hundred and fifty-three, A. D. Nostradamus explained that by that time the world ould be emerging from a war which had made them all ee from Dictatorship. The newspapers would be crammed ith news of reconstruction in Europe, but one paper in par- :ular was explained in detail by the prophet. It was "The hronicle" of Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. The latest edition of "The Chronicle," just released, had :mtten into the hands of Faye Stotz, one of the many mani- irists employed at "Dottie's Beautifier." Faye took the :Iper to Dorothy Stoner, the proprietor, and pointed out to er the startling news printed on the first page. GINGRICH 'NALLY ELECTED! ln smaller print: Governor of Pennsylvania : 27. Samuel Gingrich wins over "Honest Bill" Barnhart. ln another column was an interesting topic: "Henderson, n Ambassador to Great Britain, plans to hold inter- .ew with George Flowers, Ambassador to Ethiopia. The ipic of discussion will not be disclosed." On the second page, the girls found an article which rought back to their memory many acquaintances of the ast. The "Midnight Casino," formerly owned and operated y Paul Meckly, had reopened under the ownership of -eorge Wells, with Velma Bobish starring as the featured nloist. At the opening were many men in the Armed Forces, turned from war. Among these was Don Dempsey, attracted y the featured singer, and other sailors, lay Eckinger, Iames issley, Iohn Reider and Dean Koppenhaver. Among other names, Faye and Dot recognized Robert heaffer and Paul Blecher, two Coast Guardsmen. Those mong the soldiers were Paul Barto, Frank Groff, Carl Minick, McCorkel and LeRoy Wittle. A lone Marine, Robert eam, turned up, too. Turning a few pages, they came to the Society Section, 'here they read that Frances Duffy would hold an engage- lent party. tl-le must have given in at last.l Invited were lr. and Mrs. Earl Boyer Knee Leona Westl. Also, Gerald chuldt and Elaine Grimm, who were still adhesive, but nmarried. There in order to take pictures would be Howard heaffer, the noted photographer for Life magazine. Ber- -lv- l- ,-1' 1-4' 12: .fl .-a ,fs -.guF' Forty-two Rossman, the famous hospital technician Turning to the movie sectlon they saw a write on the new movie, "Alone in a World of Women" starri Bob Singer Wllh Hepzibah Baugher Matilda Schlosser a Genevieve Myers. Also rn the cast is Mary Butterbau making her screen debut after achieving success in ope Faye turned the page to the most interesting section the paper-the comics. Everyone was anxious to hear w was to become of Ioe Blow and whether he would ma Tootsie. Betty lane Weaver, originator of this famous co strip, keeps them all in suspense Next came the book section 1n which there was mu ado about that book, "The Moon Is My Undoing" writt by Morris Brinton. lt is true, as they say, that every ye the books are more and more uncensored. Another popul book which was running as a serial in the paper is "Co fessions of a Lonely Heart," by none other than Ruth He Going further, they came to the sports page, whe they saw in the large print: FREY ENTERS THIRD WOR SERIES GAME. The mainstay on the Yankee pitching st was Ralph Frey, who entered Big League baseball the sa year that Richard Peters became the Yankee manager. the same page, they saw that Arlene Ebersole successfu defended her tennis title at Forrest Hills. The same day, s and Glen Eshleman took the mixed doubles championsh' Reading further, Dot and Faye found Robert l..esher's a Frank Kipp's names, as usual, in the finance section. T time the court barred suit against their stock-holdings. On the radio page was described the colossal, natio wide Victory Celebration to be presented over WHP. T guest artist would be Ianis Rahn, famous comedienne radio and screen. The musical part of the program wou r 1 . I . . I rr l' e c e neice Gutshall, the columnist, would be present, with Dorotf , -1 , 1 I ' 9 1 h r ni , I I c n C l 1 1 r h l be in the hands of Ioe Yurkovic and his famous orchest The Crusaders Unlon an organization headed by Ma lane Thompson, was established by nurses and other pro nent people that aid the poor and helpless people w have emerged from the war. They have in their memb ship many outstanding women, some of whom are: Ie Breneman, Dorothy Corley, Isla Goodling, Anna Heet Nancy Hein, Sara Gutshall, Ianet Kauffman, Yvette Murph Frances Slesser and Betty Sweigart. These were holding special banquet before they leave on their pilgrimage. Turning to the last page, Faye found the lovelorn sectio: edited by the Chronicle's sob-sister, Alma Baum. A stead contributor is Helen Helsley, whose problems are many, Ofte are seen letters from Ieanne Shank and Betty Ebersole. Faye folded the paper, but Dot called her attention ' an item on the first page which they had missed. Now this is the truth: Paul Blecher finally got a job c Miss Katie O. Miller's private chauffeur. Nostradamus may have been right. Who really known what ten years will do to the Class of '43? Anyway, th prophet's guess is as good as ours. "And that's all about it -MORRIS BRINTON -za .fr -an i .-- Z" Forty-three rs i A X . , X QE, the 4Elasse uf 1943, of QEl15ahethtnlnne Ilapgh Suchnnle, in the A X S lliuuntie nf ilanraster, m the State nfiBennsplL1an1a,l1emg m suunh Zsuhue anh flilmb, hue make anti urhapne this our last will ants Ulestament in jllllanner anti jfurme fullutnetng, that ps to sape, first, "NWN " tne Direct that nur 3Brtmtpal anh his lnise jfacultie shall rnnhutt our jfunerall Serlxites lnith all the Btgnltie anti iBnmp that me are tnurth. Qlttet nur ZDettes anh 'ilegasles are patch anh expenses htschargeh, me gphe, hehpse, anh bequeath all the rest of nur Qeuohes, Qtihattels, anh Stulfes tu the sunhrte iBersunes mentiuneh heluln: Item: The senior girls leave their dignity to the junior girls. Item: "Kitty" Smith donates her ability to play the violin to Margaret Steever, Item: Earl Boyer leaves his "sig-i-nal" calling to Harvey Reem. Item: To Mr. Sheeler the seniors wish a group of better mathematicians. Item: Mary Iane Thompson bequeaths her book, "Men and How To Win Them," to Betty Boll. Item: Robert Lesher leaves his voice to Robert Raffensperger, David Kraybill and Edwin Reingold. Item: Mary Grosh sadly leaves her interest in Park Street to Harriet Daggett. Item: The 122 boys wish Mr, Goodhart a more peaceful shop class. Item: Nancy Hein donates the roller skates she uses to go home on to the Heagy twins. Item: Ruth Herr leaves her position as Miss BreWer's right-hand lady to Fay Kreiner. Item: Morris Brinton bequeaths his chemistry laboratory book to Paul Stettler, Item: Ralph Frey bestows his ability to blush to Bruce Laudenslager. Item: "Fluffy" Duffy leaves her admiration for pre-medical students to Edith Iohns. Item: Edna Ebersole donates her height to Betty Doolittle. Item: Arlene Ebersole and Glenn Eshleman bequeath their friendship to Bessie McClurg and Paul Stettler. Item: Robert Singer leaves to the faculty more peaceful classes. Item: Carl Minick leaves "that tired feeling" to Robert Nissley. Item: Leona West bestows her dignity on "Maggie" Shirk. Item: Sam Gingrich donates his gas and tires to Carl Raffensperger. Item: Ioe Yurkovic bequeaths his accordion to Blanche Larson, ""'Item: "Io" Schlosser leaves her interest in six-footers to Louise Fisher, Item: "Dottie" Rossrnan donates her red hair to Ruth Ioan Herr, Item: Frank Kipp leaves his salesmanship to Walt Diffenderfer. Item: The senior girls leave their studiousness to the junior girls. Item: Richard Peters donates his height to Carl Raffensperger. Item: Alma Baum leaves her interest in the Nissley family to Ruth Daggett. Item: Berneice Guttshall bestows her chatter to Evelyn Brinser. Item: Don Dempsey leaves his ability to bag school to Marvin Shaud. Item: Gerald Schuldt leaves his chewing gum to Miss Botto. To Mr. Barley we leave some of our pep and energy to help him clean up after us. To the Honorable Faculty goes the assurance of no more headaches or sleep- less nights on our account and our sincere appreciation for all they have done for us. And We doe intreat and appoint the saied Principal and his Wise Facultie to be Overseers hereof, and doe revoke all former Wills and publish this to be our last Will and Testament. In Witness whereof we have hereunto put our Seale and Hand this first Daie of Iune, Anno Domini, One Thousand Nine Hundred and Fortie-Three. HELEN HELSLEY Forty-fom' To mdids cmd lcxds I sing." HORACE Forty-Jive I CLASS OFFICERS President . ,..,.....,.,.. ...... ,. .. Reed Seiders Vice-President , .. .. Paul Stettler Secretary . . . . .. . , Bessie McClurg Treasurer ,. . Vernon Bricker Advisor .... Mr. Robert I, Trimble Forty-six Row I Mr. Robert Trimble Ruth Gibble Mary Rutter Lois Kaylor lanet Painter Nancy Eorry David Kraybill Anna I. Hilsher lean Werkheiser Row II Carl Rattensperger Betty Herr Lovinabelle Sheatler Mable Shank Harriet Daggett lane Herr Doris Ulrich Marian Heagy Mildred Heagy Row III Ethel Chapman lack Schwanger Eleanor O'Ne1l Doris lacobs lean Engle Theda Sweigart George Weiss Catherine Witmer lean Brosey Row IV Betty Seibert Robert Shifter loann Herr lonas Parrett Faye Koser Melva Kaylor Reed Seiders Mildred Werner Charles Roland Row I Mr. Robert Trimble Walt Diftenderfer Marie Heilman Harold Brandt Margaret Steever Dale Peifler Rhea Springer Herman Risser Blanch Larson Bruce Laudenslager How II Betty l. Risser Paul Stettler Edith lohns lohn Stahl lean Rice Earl Kipp Beverly Smeltzer Bessie McClurg Madeline Bailey Row III loe V. Brown Evelyn Brinser Thelma Hershey George Brenernan Edith Eckroth Harold Enck Lois Gantz lay Gerber Marguerite Shirk Louise Fisher Perry Hipple Row IV Nancy Forney Nancy Rehrer Harold Boll Betty Boll Betty Doolittle Ray Hummer Betty Hollinger Phyllis Dunnick William Moose Fay Kreiner Harvey Reem Row I Miss May Dulehohn lane l'rey Robert llallerissyerqer Slvrlryy Cverlart liolaert Slrvat lirlaa ltahrr llaril lie-11:1 Hhtlr lJa'jfJ4rtt l'l1rlrr lierrrrzy Cailrr-'rrrfr Nrfwcorner Kathryn Nrssrslrzy Miss Sarah Balto Mr Alton Erwplor How II Marilyn Iloltnrnan William Sloat Nancy Gingrich lack llornaluiss l-lirth Brill Richard Laxrderrslaqer Mary Ann Albert Charles Lrenhard Fay Garner Daniel Weller Row III lay Myers Miriam Longenecker Earl Good Marjorie llldinger lerwyri Gerber Mildred Shue lohn Treichler Dawon Wrlhide Roland Weaver Row IV Velva Goodlrng Leon Caron Ioyce Lesher William Helm Vesta Snyder Elwood Miley Fay Etter Harold Smith Iustine Lehman Edward Blasser Eugene Madeira How I Nancy Gainer Ray Kipp Ethel Hershey Charles Kipp Iune Miller Marvin Shaud Mary Ulrich Grace Sellman Naomi Kraybill Miss Sarah Botto Mr. Alton Eppler Row II Mary Ellen Shank Charles Vlells Anna Hiith Grove lames Ney lean Kauttrrian Anna Mae Ebersole luanita Gaynor Charles Engle lay Herr Eugene Greiner Row III Ruth Greiner Wallace Brorrcht Gloria Rice Edwin Reinqold Emma Earver Richard McCorkel lane Richardson Henry liitz lane Bashore Ianice Weaver lean Kisser ROW IV Elaine Flowers Eugene Acker Anaeline Weickel Glenn Miller Nancy Keller Leslie Krerder Dorothy Schwanger Norman Hutt Kathleen Bairgher llarry Beck lerry Miller Q, CLASS OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary , Treasurer Advisors ., Glenn Miller Charles Lienhard Kathleen Baugher Ruth Daggett Miss May Dulebohn Mr. Alton Eppler Ifm-ty-seven ew 25 r Second Row Third Row Mr Robertl irimble Alma Longenecker Catherine Albert Richard Heisey Miriam Sweigart Robert Price Anna Ruth Shissler Robert Miller Wilbur Frey Dorothy Dyer Robert Simpson Freda Steffen Martin Forney Florence Hitz Ra mond Sweigart Mary Shearer y Miss Alberta E Lang Lucretia Treadway Miss Virginia L Brewer Fourth Row Nancy Zerphey Blaine Barnhart grace Nauman Charles Hubbs Elaine Prey Raymond Olweil r Betty Yoang lames Brandt Doris HBISSY Second Row Mr Robert l Trimble Doris Ream Richard Keller Alta Earhart Wilbur Barley Erma Good Ray Peters Geraldine Kaylor Robert Brandt Miss Virginia L. Brewer Miss Alberta E. Lang Third Row Edith Reem Willard Landis Helen Sweigart Oscar Musser Patricia Seaman Iames Betz lean Hummer Paul Ricker Ieanne Gantz Eugene Hershey Fourth Row Iune Weidman lames Tierney Eleanor Shank Nelson Kile Florence Grimm Robert Herr lean Shank Robert Kettering Arlene Schuldt Glenn Eorwood Forty-eight Bottom Row Ioan Martin Mary Coble lean Sipling William Iohns Rhoda Hollinger lames Wittle Iohn Reklcugler Martha Yeagley Royce Smith Marie Heeter Fiith Row lane Meckley Edgar Kessler Iune Snyder Edward Bailey Frances Lienhard David Stettler Iacqueline Murphy Wayne Blecker lane Giesey Harold Eshleman Bottom Row Harold Eckinger Doris Shank lohn Bender Geraldine Pautz Mason Crawford Dorothy Raber Iohn Gantz leanette Sonnen Marilyn Rohrer Fifth Row Harry Foreman Dorothy Slothower Verne Lott Beatrice Lancaster Marvin Rote lean Grubb Edgar Seip lane Eyre Homer Holland Row I Miss Norma Ferguson Sarah Witmoyer Melva Kline Sarah Meashy Charles Zelrfnhy Katherine iss ey Harry Bishop Esther Frey Vincent Zerphy lenny Wilgey Robert Laudenslager Miss Amelia Wenrich Row II Geraldine Kraybill Charlene Sweigart Richard Sipel Ina Hlilppensteel lack ey Dorothy Rutherford Charles Cvooclling Doris Sweigart Richard Seaman Richard Musser Garland Bockey How III Elsie Westhaler Russell Crossley Doris Rutt Amos Good Faye Young Iohn Thompson Helen Hein Betty Cox Rita Weiss How IV Nancy Shelley lack Chapman Wilma Trostle Charles Crowe Marie Sipel Robew Lightner Lois Wert Wilbur Bankus Peggy Lou Risser Row I Miss Amelia Wenrich Nancy Wright Willis Heisey Hanna Lore Teufel lay Walmer Barbara Boggs Eugene Kip Virginia Ragensperger Tanzer Noeker Miss Norma Ferguson Row II Faye Koser Leon Gassert lay Risser Ray Sheetz Esther Brandt Eugene Gish lane Cunningham Samuel Singer Sarah lane Breneman Row III Kathleen Lancaster Charles Charleston Ruth Black Kenneth Kniley Doris Klauss lames Reider Barbara Heflner George Cresswell Hilda Enck Forty-nine Row IV Iames Toppins Margery Schulclt lohn Keller Emma Crawford Robert Hassinger Peggy Moose Herbert Stahl Betty Kaylor Richard Shank Fifty Bottom How. left to righ Charles Barto Iohn Hein Mary Jane Barley Eugene Hoyt Lois Holtzman lohn Grotf lean Miller Arlene Keller Iacob Williams Frances Aldinger Betty Lou Constine Second Row Mr. Norman Diehl Rose Marie Troutman Russel Finney Dorothy Greenawalt Russel Martin Peggy Rice Frank Kelly Iohn Martin Mary Hancliboe Kenneth Baker Miss Mabel Miller Third Row lay Bretz Betty Kling David Shortess Tad Shaw Romaine Eckinger Melvin Sonnon Geraldine Fitzwater Murray Barnhart Norma Landis Fourth Row George Collins Mabel Shaak Robert Bishop Lurand Pullman Kenneth Meads Mildred Boll Russel Kuli Betty Shan Georgina Crowe Robert Miles I-'orestine Weller Bottom Row, left to righ Grace Miller Donald lohnson Nancy Bashore Robert Baker Marian Black Neil Balmer Gloria Arndt Iames Fowden Stella Fitzwater Iohn Campbell Second Row Mr. Norman Diehl Eugene Morris Shirley Matoney Mary Matoney Donald Hess Mildred Eagle lack Klein Clara Betz Paul Collins Donald Loser Miss Mabel Miller Third Row loan Corley Ioseph Stotz Nancy Wagner lack Westhater Evelyn Bechtel Harveg' Whitmoyer lean rndt Iames Brandt Lurelle Fitzwater Claude Herr Fourth How Robert Rehrer Phyllis Risser LaVerne Eyer Mary Wise Gerald Roland Mildred Stouiier Kenneth Walmer Margaret Pelton LeRoy Killian Emily Morris O 555 Oo 1 , ,555 E5 w-x A 1, TTENTION I 5 iv'-'EN PEEASE' NEOHWUK Llgli ERY UNUSUAL 'N-. wish. GUESS WHO 9 AR? .300 Iv " F , E .Tl 'E . .Ex-21 'EN :i ffy , ifggk- . 9 125 G 5?-T 5. 5. 'Q X ow . f . KNO CK OUT 122 GANG I X. I TAP OFF Fifty-one ESTYYE wx HY-BE CO BUSY BEE .778 E0 .. HEAVY ISN T SHE 'P BRXUY- 117018 'Q , A -Arimiisksz,-25:53-V ..,.. . 4 L 1 J A . . , "gi ..., 1 ffm 3 Q ,ae wif-P5 , . .. 1 .. g . ' :L '--, k ,,:: ,A.. . SHUT UP! O SHIP AHOY 4,5-R 4770 NWS . Q P ,Q V ,if-2' Q haf' Sal A -'iff N N ac-froo zggif . K 5 A Q99 - YY' ,282 Ev HALL OF FAME V X5 YY LO wr OH QL 3, X wx. x?h+x fi 5 V Emi-?. in 9 wwcly 00? LEFI' 1 RIGHT ! LEFI' I "' HA rzxrfm wonx HD AT +10 X49 W4 NNI! Bo Y S4680 Ok? Fifty-two 6' if 51 AXHL AXBLA H SI! UH is wise to practice beforehand the part which fortune prepares us to play," wScott. Fijtydhrec "SECOND FIDDLE" Iunior Play Cast MINNIE CARSON, cr guest ,..,..,....,........,...,..,..,.........,..,...., .,....,......,.. I anice Rahn MARIAN BAKER, better known as "Aunt" Marian ,,.,.... ......,. L ouise Baugher IOAN KEELER, Marian's niece ...,,.,,..4...,......,.....,..,....,.. ,.,.,...,..,..,. F rances Duffy WILBUR, the butler ,.,...,.......,.,........,............. ,.,......, S amuel Gingrich IANET WILLIAMS, a guest ,..,..,.......,........,.,. .,..,.,,.. K athleen Smith HAROLD WERPLE, the man in the case .... .,..,..,. R obert Singer DOROTHY Van STRATTEN, Harold's fiancee ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, Legnq West MRS. KEELER, Ioan's mother ...,........,.............. ...,.,. M ary Butterbaugh MR. CROUCH, a lawyer ,..,...,,,. ,,,,, H L-,Ward Shqeffer EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE Sen1or Play Cast PENELOPE REARDON precocious and eleven LAURA REARDON the mother ot the family MRS IAMES PARKER an aristocrat ESSIE the maid of all the Work NANA REARDON who says what she thinks REGINALD REARDON the man of the house ,.,. MARCIA REARDON pretty and twenty ,..,....,...... WARRY REARDON seventeen ...............,........,. IAMES PARKER big blustering and titty .,..... SHERWIN PARKER his son ,,....,....,...,..,...,.....,.... LlLY REARDON a lively surprise .......,,.... TODD GALLOWAY who loves Marcia ,..,... Nancy Myers Louise Baugher Leona West . Ruth Herr lanis Rahn Samuel Gingrich Frances Duffy Robert Singer Robert Lesher Paul Meckley .. Ioan Schlosser lames Nissley Fifty-four up-n 2 Mi? ii . NE x. "Curtain in Twenty Minutes!" Barber? No, Make-Up Artist! Off-Stage Retouch Houselights-Curtain! Wrecking Crew Program Designer Willis E. Seiders, Coach Fifty-five Tri-Hi-Y Ha1lowe'en Dance Hi-Y Sadie Hawkins' Dance Fifty-six SENIOR ORCHESTRA VIOLINS: Kathleen Smith, Samuel Gingrich, Betty Weaver, Doris Clauss, Dorothy Rutherford, Margaret Steever, CELLO: Mrs. Goodhart, BASS VIOLIN: Reed Seiders, FLUTE: Mary Butterbaugh, CLARINETS: Charles Roland, Mary Ulrich, SAXOPHONES: Harold Brandt, Herman Risser, Leslie Kreider, TRUM- PETS: Marilyn Rohrer, Carl Raffensperger, PIANO: Leona West. IUNIOR ORCHESTRA VIOLINS: Betty Weaver, Nancy Risdon, lune Becker, Ioy Risser, Loy Gutshall, Iohn Schmidt, CELLO: Nancy Smuck, BASS VIOLIN: Mildred Boll, FLUTE: Charles Roland, CLARINETS: Harold Smith, Tad Shaw, SAXOPHONE: Doris Ulrich, TRUMPETS: Robert Hassinger, I. Russel Crossley, Paul Belser, Harold Boozerg PIANO: Richard Heisey, Nancy Gingrich. Fifty-seven COMBINED GIRLS' GLEE CLUB First Sopranos: lane Bashore, Mary Butterbaugh, Ethel Chapman, Harriet Daggett, Ruth Daggett, Betty Doolittle, Anna Mae Ebersole, Louise Fisher, Nancy Forney, Fay Gainer, Lois Gantz, Berneice Gutshall, Marian Heagy, Mildred Heagy, Ethel Hershey, Edith Iohns, Lois Kaylor, Naomi Kraybill, Faye Kreiner, Blanche Larson, Miriam Longenecker, Helen Martin, Catherine Newcomer, Anna Whitmoyer. Second Sopranos: Cleo Boozer, Evelyn Brinser, Ruth Brill, lean Brosey, Edith Eckroth, Nancy Forry, Anna Ruth Grove, Nancy Hein, lane Herr, Ruth Herr, Anna Hilsher, Faye Koser, Joyce Lesher, lune Miller, Gloria Miller, Kathryn Nissley, Jeanne Shank, Mable Shank, Mary Ellen Shank, Vesta Snyder, Olive Sweigart, Theda Sweigart, Nancy Rehrer, lanice Weaver, Leona West. Altos: Mary Ann Albert, Kathleen Baugher, Betty Boll, Shirley Brubaker, Phyllis Dunnick, Arlene Ebersole, Betty Ebersole, lane Frey, Nancy Gainer, Nancy Gingrich, Mary Grosh, Helen Helsley, Betty Hollinger, Nancy Myers, Betty lean Risser, loan Schlosser, Lovinabelle Shaeffer, Mildred Shue, Beverly Smeltzer, Kathleen Smith, Dorothy Stoner, Doris Ulrich, Catherine Witmer. Director: Bertha Belserr Accompanist: Ioan Herr. BOYS' CHORUS First Tenors: Richard Heisey, Perry Hipple, David Kraybill, Robert Lesher, Carl Raffenspergar, Edwin Reingold, Robert Sloat, Philip Tierney. Second Tenors: Harry Beck, George Breneman, Morris Brinton, Walt Diffenclerler, William Helm, Robert Shifter. First Buses: Edward Blasser, Harold Brandt, Ray Hummer, Glenn Miller, lames Nissley, Robert Raffensperger, Harvey Reem, Charles Roland, William Sloat, lohn Stahl. Second Bases: Sam Gingrich, Leslie Kreider, Eugene lwflacleirla, Ionas Parrett, Robert Reein, Howard Shaetfer. Director: Bertha Belser. Accompanist: can err. Fifty-eight IVIIXED CHORUS Sopranos: lane Bashore, Cleo Boozer, lean Brosey, Mary Butterbaugh, Bett Doolittle, Louise Fisher, Nancy Forney, Berneice Gutshall, Nancy Hein, Ruth Herr, Anna Hilsher, Edith Iohns, Lois Kaylor Naomi Kraybill, Blache Larson, Helen Martin, Catherine Newcomer, Ieanne Shank, Vesta Snyder Anna Whitmoyer. Altos: Betty Boll, Evelyn Brinser, Arlene Ebersole, Edith Eckroth, Mary Grosh, Helen Helslev, Betty Hollinger, Faye Koser, Gloria Miller, Nancy Myers, Nancy Rehrer, Betty Iean Risser, Ioan Schlosser, Beverly Smeltzer, Kathleen Smith, Dorothy Stoner, Theda Sweigart. Tenors' Harry Beck, George Breneman, Morris Brinton, Walt Diffenderler, Richard Heisey, William Helm, Perry Hipple, David Kraybill, Robert Lesher, Carl Raffensperger, Edwin Reingold, Robert Shifter, Robert Sloat, Philip Tierney. Basses: Edward Blasser, Harold Brandt, Sam Gingrich, Ray Hummer, Leslie Kreider, Eugene Maderia, Glenn Miller, Iames Nissley, Ionas Parrett, Robert Raflensperger, Harvey Reem, Robert Reem, Charles Roland, Howard Shaeffer, William Sloat, Iohn Stahl. Director' Bertha Belser. Accompanist: Leona West. I l'Orpl'1eus with his lute made trees And the mountain tops that freeze Bow themselves when he did sing: To his music plants and flowers Ever sprung, as sun and showers, There had made a lasting spring." -Shakespeare F i f ty-nine President ........,.,.. ...... G loria Miller Chaplain ...... ....... N ancy Myers Vice-President .4..... .4..,.,... H elen Helsley Scribe ...,., ..............,.., L eona West Secretary .......,..... ..... M acleline Bailey Advisors X .. ..... Miss Katie O. Miller Treasurer ...,.. ..,....,.. F aye Stotz Miss May Dulebohn Purpose: The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character. Platform: Clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship, Sixty President ,..,. ,,.,. Samuel Gingrich Treasurer ,.,, .... ,.,.... . G eorge Brenernan Vice-President . .. ,. lonas Parrett Sergeant-at-arms William Barnhart Secretary ..,,.,. , , ., Reed Seiders Chaplain ,.,,, ,., ,. ., Iames Nissley Advisor . Mr. Robert Trimble The purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community, high standards of Christian character, clean living, clean speech, clean athletics, and clean scholarship. The club, besides giving dances and socials in our high school, has also participated in various local and private activities. JUNIOR H1-Y President ., David Stettler Treasurer . ,. George Cresswell Vice-President ,. Edgar Se-ip Chaplain ., ..... , lohn Martin Secretary . , Kenneth Kniley Advisor , ,. . . . Mr. Diehl Mottoe"And lesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man." Luke 2: 52. Sixty-one IU NIOR TRI-HI-Y President ........... ,.............., ..,,.......,,...,.... S cl ro lane Brenemcn Vice-President .. .. ...,,.... Peggy Lou Risser Treasurer .,...., ..,...,.,.... H eleri Hein Chaplain ........ .........,.... P hyllis Risser Advisor ........ ....,... M iss Mabel Miller President .,...... Vice-President Secretary ......., Trecrsurer ..... Advisor .,... RIFLE CLUB Sixty-two Robert Singer Gerald Schuldt Robert Lesher Paul Meckley Mr. Norman Diehl First Row: Naomi Kraybill, lane Richardson, Grace Sellman, Dorothy Slot- hower, Iuanita Gaynor, Ruth Herr, Dorothy Rossman, Anna lean Hilsher. Second Row: Marie Heilman, Angeline Weicksel, Faye Kreiner, Miss Sarah L. Boho, Margaret Steever, Anna Ruth Grove, Mary Hashem. Deep Concentration "There Is No Frigate Like a Book-" Relaxation Sixty-three FIRE WATCHERS Front Row: Robert Raffensperger, Richard Laudenslager, Glen Eshlernan, Ralph Frey, Wallace Broucht, Robert Sloat, Sam Gingrich. Rear Row: lay Myers, Earl Good, Bruce Laudenslager, Robert Singer, lonas Parrett, Charles Roland, Frank Groff, Richard Peters, Gerald Schuldt. Senior Warden-Clyde Wenger Assistant Wardens-Glen Eshleman, Ralph Frey AIR RAID WARDENS AND MESSENGERS Front Row: Iohn Groif, Kenneth Kniley, Tad Shaw, Harry Beck, Glenn Miller, Wilbur Hornafius, Ierwyn Gerber, Edwin Reingold, Iames Ney, Charles E. Goodhart. Back Row: Robert Rehrer, Harvey Whitmoyer, loseph Stotz, lack Westaier, Donald Hess, Richard Seaman, Gerald Roland, Leland Bailey, lack Ney, Harry Bishop. Senior Post Warden-Charles E. Goodhart Assistant Post Wardens-Glenn Miller, Harry Beck Chief Messenger-Wilbur Hornafius Sixty-jour OUTDOOR PATROL Captain ,,,... .,..,.. E dgar Kessler First Lieutenant .....,...,....., Richard Keller Secretary ......,,.,... ,......,..... R ichard Keller Second Lieutenant .,.,,.,..,.. Eugene Gish Bottom Row: Richard Sipel, Iohn Grott, Edgar Kessler, Harry Beck, Willard Landis, Richard Keller, Paul Collins, Charles Goodhart, advisor, Top Row: Charles Crowe, Richard Lightner, Eugene Gish, George Collins, Robert Kettering, Roy Sheetz, Leon Gassert, Ray Sweigart. INDOOR PATROL Captain ..,. ..,.. I ean Werkheiser Secretary ,,,.,.,.,..,...... ,.... L ouise Baugher Lieutenant ........,..,.........,.... David Stettler Bottom Row, left to right: Charles Hubbs, Nelson Kile, David Stettler, Iean Werkheiser, Louise Baugher, Mason Crawford, Edgar Seip, Mr. Charles Goodhart, faculty advisor. Second How: Anna Mae Ebersole, Doris lacobs, Faye Gainer, Nancy Gingrich, Nancy Keller, Iune Miller, Ethel Hershey, Mary Ellen Shank. Third Row: lean Engle, Blanche Larson, Dorothy Schwanger, Mildred Shue, Mary Butterbaugh, Faye Koser, Bessie McClurg, Kathleen Baugher, Angeline Weiksel. Fourth Row: Isla Goodling, Nancy Myers, Nancy Forney, Marguerite Shirlc, Betty Hollinger, Beverly Smeltzer, Edith Iohns, Dorothy Slothower, Sixty-five News Club Sponsor: Mr. Robert I. Trimble Scrapbook Club Sponsor: Miss Kcxtie O. Miller Airplane Club Sponsor: Mr. Norman Diehl Typing Club Sponsor: Miss Erma M. Bell Sixty-six Iunior Dramcxlic Club Sponsor: Miss Mabel Miller Iunior Home Economics Club Sponsor: Miss Virginia Brewer Tumbling Club Sponsor: Miss Norma Ferguson Fancy Work Club Sponsor: , Miss May Dulebohn Sixty-seven TIME Btu! By B.B. RRICE 35'CENTS FEBRUARY 1,194+ Max Dans ' Kd' S-mrtk' J.He I R. Refers 'Geo. Eakkwomc-fi ke! rvlvlf UWB EMJEAVER ,,. v ...g.V-ei, A URWXY Eyz A THE SAT mms P59588 NUT By Cha-1 5. wk Sept. IZ mf -2 Q-' nova. 7 X E. Rel 5 Sixty-eight X A gentle knight S Q x was pricking on the plains-.' -Spenser. Sixty-nine , 3 A 5, f 3:4 ,S ff. 4 4 U Mi 54 3,2 'L 353435 -"H . 5 Y 'iikiqt x'.,, ' Ve . LEM '- , CQ? 1 Y Q w wg ' Q Q After three weeks of stiff practice the football team opened its l942 season on the home field September l9 with a 21 0 score over West York High School The victory came with surprise passing. One week later September 26 the team traveled to Enola, to receive a 33 0 defeat Because of its much heavier and more experienced team Enola was able completely to out play the home eleven. This was the first time Elizabethtown High School team ever played Enola High School On October 3 the football team played Lititz High School at Lititz, where it received its second defeat by a score of 24 O On the road again on October lO the team played Red Lion High School at Red Lion and was defeated by the score 20-6. After the team scored a touchdown in the first five minutes of the game Red Lion came back to score twenty points and win the game. On October l6 playing on a muddy field at Ephrata the high school team received another defeat, by the score of 28-0. Ephrata's victory was due to her fast runners. The team's worst score defeat came on October 23, when it played its only night game of the season Cunder lightsl, at Lebanon. The score was 52-U, in favor of Lebanon. Playing at home on October 3l, the team arrived at a scoreless tie with Middletown High School. Although both teams were close to the goal, neither was able to score. Excitement ran high on November 7, when the old traditional rival, Patton Trade School, defeated the team in a 20-U score. After scoring twenty points in the first half, Patton was held from scoring in the second half. MANAGERS Marlin McCorkle Vernon Bricker Robert Nissley Seventy Line: I. Parrett R. Peters R. Lesher R. Singer G. Eshlemcm I. Schwcmger E. Good S. Gingrich Back Field: I. Yurkovic H. Reem R. Reem E. Boyer R. Frey Coach Wenger Ueftl Coach Eppler fright! Seventy-one Q rm EARL BOYER if W ww F GLEN ESHLEMAN Bolly Quarterback Co-Captain Esh Cenier Co-Captain , wg, L KTA. 'E SAMUEL GINGRICH , W RICHARD PETERS ROBERT I-ESHER N--fi p Q Sam Lesher" ' 'Q A A Rlghi End Leff End Left Guard Ya: H034 ROBERT SINGER Bob Rlght Guard mu A ' H Nw sms IOSEPH YURKOVIC oe Back dr GERALD SCHULDT Schmxdt Left Guard 1 gre Q88 QW? Haw 'fi RALPH FREY "Ruff " ROBERT REEM Y Left-Halfbcxck "Reemie" Right-Halfback VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Marguerite Shirk Nancy Gingrich Kathleen Srnith, Captain Nancy Myers Nancy Forney IUNIOR-VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Nancy Gainer lane Bashore Fay Gainer, Captain Kathryn Nissley Mary Ellen Shank Seventy-three Dec Dec. Dec Dec Dec, Ian. Ian. Ian. Ian. Middletown .,..... ........,. First Row: Second Row: W. Barnhart . Brenemcm C. Wenger, Coach M. McCorkel College I. V. .....,.4.......... 22 E. Hempfield ..,..,.......,.... 28 F. Gr M. Academy ....,..,,. 29 Pation ...,....,..,,....,..,....,.... 40 E. Donegal .,.......,..,....,.. 42 Mt. Ioy ........ .,.,..... 4 2 H. Hitz V. Bricker W. Moose R. Peters I. Parrett G. Eshleman R. McCorke1 We They 4l Ian. 39 Ian. 51 Feb. 38 Feb. 22 Feb. 32 Feb. 28 Feb. Z4 27 Mar. 36 Mar Manheim .,..,.. ......... 4 8 Seventy-four Third Row: Brown Laudenslager Risser Enck R. Reem Laudenslager We Stevens Trade ........,,,... 42 E, Hemplield ....,,,.,,....,. 20 E. Donegal ......,. .......,... 2 2 Mt. Ioy .......... .,,....,... 2 6 Mlddleiown .,., .,,..,,. 5 2 Marletta ...........,,.......,... 39 Manhelm ,.,.....,,....,.,,..., 32 College Tournament 29 College Tournament 25 They 46 29 21 44 36 27 39 19 39 lst Row: V. Bricker W. Moose R. Peters I. Pctrrett G. Eshlemcm 2nd Row: H. Reem W. Bcrrnhcxrt R. Frey S. Gingrich G. Brenerncm Seventy-,five 'W 52525 "SAMMY Forward Center TAP OFF PETE RUF F Y UREEIVIIE if Guard Seven y szx Guard Y f Q . 7652. 41 i if l2 M""1 " f HF 1 PM 5 'P 14 Era:-ny ffm his U31-50: Loflhav-'f Q l Def-ig, Ag!! QM du-ty ovcxwabv . img H 1 . ww w -. ' ACH ........ dL"' X4 I ll 5'1--- Q- af AMAA! if 3 A X ONE, Ol-"Hse,Bo1s' gd . x lc. ' gg 4 -f T5 A N Rome, Mfg I GMM' S STILL DRWXNG A 'xg' on ws K CARD y f"'mEX 1 'Q' ff!!! XM 'gl Nl adm I have Mm W NJ 1 U 'H fumll fkq-n pu lmve, ,W T g. CWI" ld Foam ffiii N X' 'Y , V Xig K jf i D000 mf ' ll S 5 'X Wells mussel v ZX 5' .X ex if 7 ig 1 7 Bug? gift 3 W if Asusun L ANL x 2- wt avr QA' ,wr W- - Y f ,ga 5 .r ,7,7,,2. ,AI Anvil xvfi 1 ' E 5 .+P fi' 5 I ffm' f 7 'sf'- F- . . f if '1ri,f pid . U A 5713 YV 4 gi f 5 0 N K . 5- v -A -'Nz Q X? if Y M, ? MQW M W 6 gm WT W5 fy 'V it we GK 35: jx EJ sf? My 52230 H 6 W ba Wifff W Y' i ,Nga 0 2, Bwmgalifok Gif? 412 451. WPM17 5 Gaza, 531 Qigp Q -, A Seventy-eight W NMR 235 X .14 i 0 U ,WAN V Wifi ,QE 6a3 Wi? 'WX EV 3 Mi 1? x . y K , ' 49?JgvMvJ tmpwjp T24 wer cgi 105 19 A4 0072525 W ,Q .. 'uv H G1if1:,1 Rm ,Q ,Wy QU Wi is w L l J Ki, QM W MMV 525 i Qs Q l MP5 i N We Bgck Q fe Q21 57'41j!aCQ xf 0325 EQ X eff QQ 'I 'Sl- ' r 'i cventy-nme V V . A my . - My . ,vt-M, f Q Miss M. lane Strite Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Shank Minnie Eshleman Mr. I. N. Olweiler King's Men's 6: Boys' Shop Dr. and Mrs. N. B. Laughton ' Mr. and Mrs. l. T. Madeira Dr. and Mrs. W. K. Moore Dr. C. C. Douglass Dr. and Mrs. Blasser Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Petter Miss Ianice Loucks Mr. Raymond Hahn Miss E. Berneice Gutshall Miss Betty Iane Weaver Mr. Ioseph W. Stoner Mr. Iay Eckinger Miss Fay R. Stotz Miss Velma Bobish Miss Vera Heistand Miss Elaine Grimm Mr. I. Howard Sheeler Miss Ruth Holfer - Dr. and Mrs. T. M. Thompson Mr. Edwin Ruhl Mr. Frank Pierce Miss Norma Ferguson Levy Gross Furniture Store Mr. William G. Gutshall Dr. and Mrs. C. Stuart Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ralph E. Coleman Mr. Ioe E. Ebersole Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Goodhart Eighty 114 READ ON B0f0re ye qo,vmf X Globe nbeolye 2 'fan-eww, HERHAJE3-W -il f , J 255003 Head 'En-rp Ae 'rx 7 Y mil "Well koude he in eschcxunge sheeldes Selle." -Chaucer. Eighty-one 614714 z'uf1z'z'0n4 BEST WISI-IES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE 'Q casa' ELIZABETHTCDWN LCDDGE No. 596 L. 0. CD. M. ,Q J Compliments ot TI-IE MCCSE THEATRE ln 1943 We need: 125,000 75,000 35,000 10,000,000 planes tanks anti-aircraft guns tons of merchant ships. ir You must help to pay for these by buying War Savings Bonds and Stamps, QQ R E I N G O L D Compliments Tailor ancl Cleaner of ,K M I L L E R I S We Operate Our Own SHQE SHQP Cleaning Plant il 'Ir Rear oi American Legion Home 35 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 32-I compumems of TOWN PHARMACY Eiiwbethfown, PG. Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices 'A' MILTON F. EBERLY Elizabethtown, Pa. Route 3 Phone 917-R-l 1 Eighty-three Photographs of ALL Kinds Official Photographer of 'The Elizabethan" si? BISIvIOP'S STUDIO 44 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Sir Satisfaction Guaranteed - Phone l52-I BUICK CHEVROLET if S. E. ULEICI-I 505 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 2l af BUICK CHEVROLET ak Do you know that it takes 2,666,680 of the Sl8,75 War Bonds to buy one aircraft carrier? Are you doing your part? ir Compliments of NATIONAL SHOE REPAIR SHOP 39 South Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. if Buy War Bonds and Stamps Eighty-jour Compliments ot THE DRESS SHOP DAISY M, KLEIN 21 West High Street Zartoss I-Iardware On The Square Elizabethtown, Pa. B R O U C H T ' S Meat Market 429 East High Street QUALITY MEATS FOR PROMPT DELIVERY O17 ICE Phone 595 Elizabethtown, Pa. i' We Deliver Phone 14-R S Compliments of the ir W ' A ' W I S H O E C O ' One Flying Fortress costs 5350250- Shoes for the Entire Family it takes 18,680 ot the 318.75 War Bonds Meds Furnishings to raise this amount. Buy yours today. 123 S. Market St. Ira R. Herr, Prop. Ik GUNZEN1-IAUSERS Tip Top Bread Makes Tip Top Toast Try it and you'1l buy it I-I. S. Daveler Phone, 137 Compliments ot L. H. HALDEMAN IEWELER 9 South Market Street -M Eigh ty-five Office Hours by Appointment Telephone l56 ANNA KLINE Chiropodist and Eoot Specialist 327 East High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. compliments of COMMUNITY COFFEE SHOP 498 West High sheet Ehzhheihihwh, Ph. Phone 298-I GEBI-IART'S ART AND BOOK STORE Gifts for All Occasions 26 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Kennevvood Hotel af Alumni Headquarters Compliments of Lonaenecker and Stevens Garage Did you know that l S1875 War Bond will buy any one of the following: l aviator's flying jacket l field telephone l breeches buoy, a life saving de- vice used in taking men from sink- ing ships? Elizabethtown Farmers' Supply, inc Farm Equipment, Repairs and Service Eighty-six Compliments Courtesy of ot CENTRAL RECREATION ED. HEILMAN Bowling "The Moving Man" IRA GOHN SHENK BROS. For Sporting Goods and Toys INSURANCE See 30 West King Street Lancaster, Pa. GRIMM 6: GISH FARMER'S FERTILIZER WORKS Manufacturers of High Grade Fertilizers and Donegal Plant Food Phone ll Elizabethtown, Pa. HAINES THE SHOE WIZARD On The Square Clfisher Bldgj Elizabethtown, Pa. i' WILLIAM PARK, Manager Q. lf a bondholder needs the money before the ten years are up, can he get his money? A. Yes, anytime after sixty days from the first of the month in which the bond is bought he can get his money and the bond increases in value every year he keeps it. Eighty-seven i' Lend 53.00, Get 54.00. Buy More and More War Savings Stamps. 'A' You'll Smack Your Lips for MoYer's Potato Chips Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 930-R--21 Dot's Beauty Shoppe for Discriminating Women 44 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 92 ir Our Best Wishes to the Class of '43 SPICKLER'S DAIRY Pasteurized and Viscolized MILK, CREAM AND BUTTERMILK Also Choice Butter Chocolate and Orange Drinks Phone 57 Park Street Compliments ot Classic Hosiery Mill 1'lC Compliments ot Compliments of LADIES' AUXILIARY ot the MUSSER'S GROCERY FRIENDSHIP FIRE CO. No. I Eighty-eight 'A' Savoy Every time you buy a 25C War Sav- ings Stamp you buy any one of the following: 1 dozen sur ical loanda es Company Q Q A Canvas Cover for a Mess Kit A Clip of 8 bullets for a Garand rifle Q Film for l Aerial Photograph One month's feed for carrier pigeon. When are you going to buy yours? Makers ot Fine Shoes tor Women i' COAL GRAIN Compliments of I. W. Wolaemuth Estate Phone E-Town l75 Rheems, Pa. SEEDS FEED I l Skater s Paradise "Where Skating is at its Best in a Friendly Atmosphere" Sir One Mile East ot Middletown, Pa. Efglz ly-nine i' We tight to save the American Way -Show them with War Savings Stamps and Bonds. BABY CHICKS TURKEYS CHICKS DUCKLINGS POULTS G. K. WAGNER'S C H I C K E R Y R. E. D. 2, Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 291 R-2 if Community Sales Every Thursday P. M. Elizabethtown Phone 91732 Bakery D. S. BAUM Bakers of Quality Homemade Bologna Products Dried Beet ,, A Select Product MILES E, GASSERT, Prop. R. D. No. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. D. L. LANDlS INSURANCE Phone ll2 Compliments of Z E P N I C K ' S Grocery Store Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments ot LIN DEMUTH'S CUT-RATE if Visit Our Fountain and Luncheonette as Spare nothing and Win all-invest at least MTX, in War Bonds and Stamps. 'lr Ninety R. U. TRIMBLE CO. Ornamental Iron BRANDT'S Ice Delivery Welding - Blacksmithing 4 i, WE DELIVER Phone Z9-R 7' ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. phone 96-W Compliments Compliments of of THE AMERICAN I-EGION BRINSER'S RESTAURANT Conewago Post 329 RHEEMS PA THE AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY Conewago Unit 329 Sons ot the American Legion 'k Conewago Squadron 329'k Sons Graduating Are: BROOKS HENDERSON GEORGE FLOWERS Your dollars can do your part tor you. They buy War Savings Bonds 'k Dodge M. K. ElYTERLlNE Plymouth RHEEMS, PA. Compliments ot Kulp's Conteotionery and News Agency 39 East Main Street Mount Ioy Pa Ninety- ,,.,.i.1T-l-it-i l'The Home ot Sale Literature" E. V. PUBLISHING HOUSE RAYMOND HAUCK BQQK STQRE Welding Blacksmithing Horseshoeing 24 East High Street Elizabethtown PGI Phone ll6-R-ll Elizabethtown, Pa. LONGENECKER'S CHOICE MEATS Phone 937-R-3 Elizabethtown, R. D. No. 3 ir S. Z. LONGENECKER, Prop. How are we doing? We are do- ing fine! But we haVen't reached the top yet. Keep mounting. Every boy and girl should keep his stamp album growing and as soon as it is filled, turn it into a bond and start a new album going. HEISEY'S lewelry Store Clior Gifts that Last and Satistyl 27 South Market Street Forget your troubles ot cooking and eat with us 'A' Compliments ot LANCASTER COUNTY Elizabethtown, PQ. FARM DINER Compliments Compliments of ot The Continental Press CEducational Publishersl ACME MARKET ,Y 1' HI ly-four Since Pearl Harbor nearly 200,000 pounds of paper were used tor War Savings Stamps alone and 100,000 pounds ot glue to make them stick to your albums. HENRY L. GISE Elizabethtown, Pa. Notary Public - Surveyor INSURANCE OF ALL KlNDS Agent for State Capital Savings and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Pa. THE W. T. GRANT CO. is interested in the endeavors of the ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL May Each Member Find Happiness LEO KOB Contractor in PLUMBING, HEATING AIR-CONDITIONING Elizabethtown, Pa. THE ROYAL ORDER OF DUCHESSES Kitty Nan Helen Mary Butch F lutt S H E A R E R ' S Furniture Store 35-37 South Market Street Phone l2-W R O T H ' S Fine Home Furnishings Funeral Directors Elizabethtown, Pa. FAIRBANKS AND MORSE COAL STOKERS FAIRBANKS AND MORSE ELECTRIC PUMPS if I. C. KAYLOR 077.77 cly-five Cfeneral Insurance Specializing in AUTO INSURANCE OLDS - PONTIAC - CADILLAC Sales and Service ir NORMAN G- GOOD HASSINGER AND RISSER Phone ml Phone 233 48 East High Street Compliments of H. K. DORSHEIMER Yguf GQS Cgmpqny Sporting GOOdS - KOdCIICS 'A' METROPOLITAN EDISON CO. Confectionery - Sundries Q. Why does the Government issue R I S S E R B R O S ' War Stamps? Famous for A. Because some people may not be able to buy an Sl8.75 Bond but can OI-D FASHIGNED ICE CREAM save up trom their income slowly for Q such a Bond. At the same time their Modem Sods GNU ' cl h l I h . money IS use to ep my Ort e Wm Phone 176 Elizabetl'1toWn,Pa. I KUNTZLEMI-IN'S IC E C R E A M Compliments by ot Elizabethtown Creamery Company BAKER'S DINER Ninety-s Compliments of Aunt SalIy's Kitchen CBanquets Our Specialtyl if Elizabethtown, Pa. MOST COSTLY WAR IN HISTORY 'k Past Wars Cost: Revolutionary ........ EE l04,000,000 War of I8l2 ..., . 130,000,000 Mexican War ..... . 64,000,000 Civil War CNorthl . . . 3,500,000,000 Spanish American ..., 582,000,000 World War I ,,.. 4.... 3 5,413,000,000 The present War will cost close to S3000 for every person in the country. Will you do your part? Buy more War Bonds. X- I I fi Mumpers Dairy Compliments PURE MILK and CREAM 'A' of TRY OUR Lancaster DEL1o1oUs ORANGE IUICE Shoe t Elizabethtown, Penna. N. Hanover Street S52 Phone 236-W .Vi n Qty-sc BIKES RADIOS RETREADING and VULCANIZING GEORGE W. LEAMAN 208 E. Main St. 233 S. Market St. G. HERSHEY S. Department Store Elizabethtown, Pa. Mount Ioy, Pa. Elizabethtown, Pa. GRACE C. BLOUGH Compliments MINX MODES of and M A R T I N ' S GAY GIBSON DRESSES FOR IUNIORS ll6 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Chilclren's Shop Elizabethtown, Pa. RHEEMS GARAGE ' SIPLING BROS. i' America takes the offensive. Get go Cars STUDEBAKER Trucks Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery ing. Buy War Savings Bonds Regularly I- I ELOUR FEED HERALD PRINT SHOP Elizabethtown, Pa. E. G. KUI-IN Compliments ot ABERDEEN MILLS Elizabethtown R. D. No. 2 FERTILIZER Ninety-eight WEIDMI-XN'S LUNCH Light Lunch Gas and Oil One Mile West of E-town on Route 230 SCHWANGER BROS. Heating Contractors i' We like one hoarcler-the one who hoards War Savings Bonds. 'A' MODERN STYLE SHOP 34 South Market Street Everything in Ladies' Wear Lancaster Elizabethtown At Popular Prices COAL FEED Congratulations, Seniors, ancl ir the best ot everything along life's great highway. Sincerely, Officers and Co-workers anol ot BISl'l9l'I1CIl'l ELtzABETHToWN CHAPTER No. 7Ul it WOMEN OF THE MOOSE FUEL OIL GRAIN Ninety- R. F. MYERS General Repair Work-Gas and Electric Welding Sharpening-Lawn Mowers Shalting and Pulleys Compliments ot ECONOMY SHOE STORE 39 West High Street Phone l64-I N. Poplar Street Elizabethtown, PC1- FRESH MEATS GROCEHTES VEGETABLES WEEKLY CHRONICLE WENGER BROTHERS Established 1869 FOOD STORE Self Service Elizabethtown, Pa. lob Printing ot Quality I. G. WESTAFER 61 SON Phone 267 9 N. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. R. A. HAMILTON BECK59 FRUlTS cl VEGETABLES Watchmaker Cm d SEA FOODS an FROSTED Poons leweler On The Square Center Square Phone 288 Elizabethtown, Pa. i' D. H. MARTIN Q CLOTI-HER Poor Richard says: "One Today is Worth Two Tomorrowsf' Buy War Savings Stamps today and everyday. 'A' One Hundred fi Compliments ELIZABETI-ITOWN PLANINC lVllLL PHONE No. 3 54 BROWN STREET g-aj Elizabethtown Chamber ot ' COmmerCe Q. Why does the treasury urge that War Savings Bonds should be bought HYOUI' l:'1'ie1'1ClS" out ot current income rather than out ot past savings? ,K . Elizabethtown, Pa. An Agricultural and Industrial Center 'A' OFFICERS PAUL GRUBBvPresident I. N. OLWEILER-First Vice-President I. N. AUNGST-Second Vice-President L. C. HERSHEY-Secretary IOSEPH W. KETTERING-Treasurer A. Because it is current income that you spend for various goods. Since the war created a scarcity of consumer goods investment in bonds Will keep the demand tor consumer goods down and in that Way you would help your- selt in greater savings, as well as help the Nation in lowering the demand for consumer goods. if Ona Hzmdred Om: Kitts A Compliments BUILDING of and TEES LCDAN ASSOCIATICDN FR FYR Q. Can War Savings Bonds be used to provide a monthly income? A. Yes, it you now buy a S3750 bond monthly, ten years from now, you will receive every month S50 which you may use tor your education, to buy a farm, or for any other undertaking which requires regular monthly payments. Compliments oi I-IARRY MILLER CSC SCN EuzABETHToWN, PA. One Hundred Two VANS DINER ESSO SERVICE GAS - OIL if Mt. loy, Penna. Elizabethtown College Fully State Accredited tor AB. and B.S. Degrees ir Pre-Medical Preellental PrefLaw Teacher Education in Elementary, High School and Business Education One, Two, and Four Year Secretarial Course. i' WRlTE TO President A. C. Baugher, PhD. i' Each time a Trench Mortar is tired it costs Sl8.75 tor the shell. Keep them tiring by investing not less than lflofg ot your salary in War Sav- ings Bonds, ir BUCHS Water Ballast Lawn Rollers is For Rolling Lawns, Golf Courses and Tennis Courts 'i Write to us tor circular BUCH MEG. CO. Elizabethtown, Pa. flM1 ll HH! ffrrf I hfvf Compliments t ot RIDER HARDWARE COMPANY Complete Drug Service CENTRAL CUT RATE DRUGS 45 South Market Street 25 South Market Street Compliments i' ot Send the Eagles more planes, Buy War Savings Stamps. I' H ' B U C H Realtor E Phone 2Ul 335 S. Market St. Compliments TAILQRING Of MISS CLARA RUTHERF ORD PAXON'S CUT-RATE l9 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. 41 West Hummelstown Street Elizabethtown, Pa. ALTERATICNS AND REPAIRS Shop and Meet Your Friends at the Friendly BEN FRANKLIN STORE "On The Square" Phone 3l-I Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of GARBER'S GARAGE Elizabethiown, Pa. Sales FORD Service Um' Ilan: rfrrd FII7l7A

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