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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1942 Edition, Cover

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gh..- .4,-.a.mv,nw , ...-..,,. - -, 5 4-s:-'Q a xx.-1-bf.. -4-:apr J .X -V " fu Ht sq., I .. uf, mf mm ffmfg W, .... ww ,wt mf pagan! mf me .Qnio-'ri PRESENT THE ELIZAHETHA ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Iune, 1942 W ' Editor . . ..........,..... A ..... ROBERT DINWIDDIE Associate Editors ARDELL BETZ SUSAN CRAWFORD MARYBISCHEL IRENE LARSON MIRIAM WERNER Art Editor ....... ,,..,,., H AROLD MCCORKEL Photography Editor . . . . , GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH Sports Editor .... .......,.,..,.. N ED EASTON . ,CATHERINE STERRETT Typistm. lsENioR COMMERCIAL CLASS Advisor . . ,...,...... ALBERTA E. LANG jaw OZZWOTJ Believing that old ways are newest, the editors and staff of the l942 ,ffl-Ztlbt'HlIl7l have tried to present the yearbook in a way familiar to all. We have tried to Crystaltize the present for you - forever. Our material falls under headings taken from the High School Song, If you feel the spirit of our Alma Mater as you turn these pages, and if that spirit remains With you during the years to come, our labor has not been in vain. AIACIJl'l"l+'I I cannot but remember .vuch things zvere, That were most p1'ec'1'0u.s io me. - Slzfrkiwjwrlrv. an fefz fd ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SENIORS ACTIVITIES SPORTS Business Manager .... WILLIAM GUTSHALL Circulation Manager . . . ....,,. . , . IEAN RUTTER Layout DONALD EINK RICHARD LOSER HARRY REESE Advertising Manager ........ ,..... . . , DONALD PINK Advertising Staff IOE EBERSOLE RAYMOND RAHN RICHARD PAINTER DORIS SMITH ROY SWEIGART Advisors WILBUR K. CASSEL MARY IANE STRITE ROBERT I. TRIMBLE Qa6'c4z'z'0n To the class advisor, Mr. Robert Trimble, Who has given to us his good counsel and aid in directing our efforts towards the completion of four memorable years, the class of 1942 dedicates this, their yearbook. M janv! fo? -AQ? Lfrzitefn President ,,.4. .... G . READ ALEXANDER vreeePree1e1em . . . .. , T, M. THQMPSQN, MD. Secretary ,.,, ....., A . K. GARMAN Treasurer , . . ,... 1. W. ATKINS Members IAIH JRALPH E. HEIN IP. M. GRUBB Wm' wish lu xhnw npgwcaizzlirnz lu JH, Allrirm, who has Nl'I'l'l'Il faithfully for ovffr l'ff1llfl'!'Il yours as II dfrvvim' of Hu' school borrrfi, Mr. Allfizm hm bwn Ir1'r1x1n'l'r uf thc: board for the past xcL'w1tv4'r4 ywzrx. T. H. EBERSOLE Supervising Principal WILBUR E, WEAVER High School Principal T. H. EBERSOLE Supervising Principal WILBUR E. WEAVER High School Principal Bookkeeping Typewriting General Business KATlE O. MILLER History MAY DULEBOHN Mathematics Plane Geometry WAYNE B. BLOUGH Problems of Democracy English WILLIS E. SEIDERS English BERTHA BELSER Music WILBUR K. CASSEL Mathematics Solid Geometry NORMA M. FERGUSON Physical Education Science KENNETH GROSH Guidance History CLYDE M. WENGER Chemistry Physics Science ROBERT I. TRIMBLE English VlRGlNlA L. BREWER Home Economics ALBERTA E. LANG Latin English German NOAH KLAUSS Instrumental Music SARAH L. BOTTO French Library RALPH E. COLEMAN Mathematics Biology NORMAN E. DIEHL Civics Geography DONALD L. FETTERMAN Civics Physical Education CHARLES E. GOODHART General Shop EILEEN IOHNSON Art MARY IANE STRITE Shorthand Office Practice Typewriting Q. were 9400! in AITHFUL and true-hearted Let us boost for our old High. We'll revere her and defend her, ' ! May her colors proudly fly. J X., We will stand for her united 4 When her team is on the field, Her colors streaming, Her faces beaming, So here's a cheer for her Whom we all love so well. CHORUS loyous and ever loyal Let us boost for our old High, Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring, There's no time to grieve or sigh. As ever onward, our course pursuing May defeat ne'er our ardor cool, But, united, we will boost for her Our old High School. Honor she has taken On the track and with the ball. May she always rank the highest, May her colors never fall. We will stand for her united When her team is on the field. Her boys the fleetest, Her girls the sweetest, So here's a cheer for her Whom we all love so Well. gd!! poem We'll remember you, Our Mother, When our paths have led us forth. Even though We have another, You will e'er be held in worth. We'll remember our first meeting, Underneath these portals high. Freshman hours were so fleeting, We were out to do or die. We'll remember all the faces, Smiling at us every day, Never shall forget the places, Where we strove in Work and play. We'll remember all the learning, Whether languages or art. Formed within us was a yearning, For expression from the heart. We'll remember all this knowledge Floating round like flakes of snow. Whether it be farm or college, We have many grains to sow. We'll remember you, Our Mother, And your colors White and blue. We depart, you greet another. We'll remember allp will you? -MARY M. BISCHEL -Q5 fue? OHWET! Out grade jjutjubfzf ROBERT I. TRIMBLE em'o'r and Officer! President ...,....... GERALD HOLLINGSWORTH Vice-President .... ,.,.... R OBERT DINWIDDIE Secretory ..... .... M ARY ANNE HUBBS Treasurer . IOSEPH EBERSOLE Colors Columbia Blue cmd Bull Flower Crimson Rose fm lvvrm X W1 Q gawk 3 fp 559 mi --'- - WZ A ug! b 'F X-K fin- NK , 1 55 93554 . 5-.sf fs 1 Q T2 ,. gk . 5 A---, -,I , I -- ' '-2:5 g V .... . -- L.: Q ,g ,Z .V , fs 3 1 r X s 3. if A f A .X J ' - f ., , as . Q 1 ,:E:F. Y + is X QR YS- 4- 'MA by QF gf A 4 ' S, m. QW fu EH fi '54 Kimi! , if MIRIAM WERNER Dreamer. Heads, sews, keeps serop- boolcs Especially lond of music Qexcept operol, sllidying lrlngucigcs, pmolry. 'I'ri'Hi-Y. Sophomore Girls' Chorus. Mrs: Oleory in 'llflrs O Lecrryk Cow " Yearbook Stall. Willing worker Mim. heading maketh or full mon " DOROTHY I. YURKOVIC Donated lo ll-town by Dixon dressed DoMie's o lernole lim Y Pol lelines Pastimes vary' Chorus Debating, Tri-Hi-Y, Dramatic Club fiplilss time between taps ond iefr l-llonty ol Clollies and per-sringlily Alter QlfIdL1fJllOH headed lor college "On with the doncel let Joy be unconlinedf' MARTHA E. WIESTLING Pafs hobbies are Wriling to pen pals and collecting photos Wild about doom, lootboll games, swimming, rogclinor. A lover of the mountains cmd ol Shakespeores works. Tri- Hi-Y, Cooking Club Gnd Sophomore Girls' Chorus. Put is friendly. "livery humor hath his cldiuncl Well- lfcirle pleasure," r I ,, ii "' N F7777 W X fs , C ,e F Q ef- ir.. 5 C fi - -Jmd .I 0,7 me A! 1 A Ny!! f " K' ,ll a X -- N P ,..Y f '47 Q. R3 X f X i if XX , enZ0'r pun dna! Boy Gerald Hollingsworth Iohn Lebo Robert Dinwiddie Gerald Hollingsworth Robert Dinwiddie Gerald Hollingsworth Carl Stoner George Neidig Edwin Ruhl Iohn Lebo Samuel Gerber Iohn Buch Ned Easton Richard Loser Gerald Hollingsworth Gerald Hollingsworth Robert Dinwiddie Ned Easton Ned Easton loe Ebersole Frank Rutt George Neidig Robert Dinwiddie lohn Lebo lohn Buch George Neidig George Neidig Harold Rattensperger George Neidig Harry Reese Robert Dinwiddie Richard Maxwell Ray Shaak Benjamin Hess Samuel Gerber Ned Easton Iohn Brosey Robert Dinwiddie Trait Did Zlfost for School Best-Looking Best All-Arounrl Most Dependable Best Athlete Pests Songbirrls Most Shy Best Dancers Writers Artists Illusfrians Ura tors Most Respected Nfeest Personality Most A IIl,bI.f'l-OILS fVll6L'67'9Sf Best Blushers N oisiest illost Stzulious Romeo J uliet Actors Most Talkatzive Apple-Polishers lVI'ff1'68f Most Happy-Go-Inlcky lllost 1J7Ag7ZI'flCf'1 Dreamers La ziest Best Dressers t 'utest Best Xa turefl Jlost Serious Most Likely to Saereea' 12446 tteez' Ctrl Helen Alexander Mary Anne Hubbs Ardell Betz Ruth Parrett Helen Alexander Catherine Sterrett Susan Crawford- Doris Smith Alma Grace Snyder Maribel Kraybill Ardell Betz Dorothy Yurkovic Mary Bischel Ruth Leicht Alma Grace Snyder Helen Alexander Helen Alexander Ardell Betz Helen Alexander Catherine Goodyear Betty Steiner Ruth Hotter Helen Alexander Ruth Parrett Helen Alexander Doris Smith Marcella Fink Catherine Goodyear Ruth Hatter Helen Alexander lean Rutter Doris Smith lean Bishop Ardell Betz Ardell Betz Helen Alexander Maribel Kraybill Helen Alexander Ae Mft of 1938-1939 The football team went through a mediocre season while we kept cheerful singing Three Ittie Fishies. Arthur Iames was made happy by being made governor just three weeks after the Yankees copped the series. All our representatives took place money in their respective leaguesi basketball, debating, and baseball. We, one hundred thirty-one lttie Fishies, floundered on our way as rookies, We were traditionally frightened to the gills by Miss Dulebohn-all but the math sharks. Gone with the Wind made a "sucker" of all its cinematic competitors, and was awarded the oscar. Forty-nine freshman girls thought Clark Gable tres mellow. Came spring, we guppies knew our way around. Doris Hutter was queen for the first May Day exercises and eighty-two freshman boys knew how the girls had felt about Clark. loe Louis retained his championship just about the time the seniors left for Washington. 1939-1940 . Hitler moved in on Poland, war was declared. ln keeping with the times the football team got fighting mad and had a better season, The Yanks won the series and in the confusion of two Thanksgivings, one hundred seventeen Sophomores organized and elected Gerald Hollingsworth, presidentg Robert Dinwiddie, Vice-President, Ruth Parrett secretary, and loseph Ebersble, treasurer. That year we jived to the Hut-Sut S . 'We debated the proper pronunciations of the words and the debating team ong placed second. Rumania took control of her petroleum industries, but with Neidig . . . . . d present we knew that not all the oil was in Rumania. The price of bread increase one cent a loaf and Steinbeck was moved to write The Grapes of Wrath. Our base- b ll t ain took second place in the league while the male section of the a eam ag sophomore class ran the bases for Beryl Leinhard, the May Queen. The seniors were d h thrilled by their first dance and visiting the World's Fair-while we staye ome and were thrilled by our first Tri-Hi-Y and Hi-Y Banquets. 1940-1941 Out of the Night was the best seller when We came out of our summer s t ize once again. All officers remained the same except the secretary who o organ was replaced by Marcella Fink. The football team was able to come out of a d ' s win we fair season and flatten Patton. While Cincinnati sneake in a serie sneaked a County boy in on the Hit Parade with Daddy. ltaly retired from the Lea ue but no one was surprised because Benito hadn't rated the majors for a Q . O hundred luniors received their class rings pennants, and emblems, long time. ne . and sold candy at games and plays. Basketball team finished second in the league . .. . . . . 5. t and was matched in position by the debating team. We participated in our irs h ncert and play which was presented to a full house. The baseball team c orus co finished in third place. Marjorie Workheiser was May Queen and the seniors un- ' f W h' t knowingly enjoyed one of the last few full tours o as ing on. - lumber 1941-1942 The normal highlights of t e oo a , responded with a beautiful show of northern lights. The debating team decided that it had made its last rebuttal in the preceding year and determined on no debates. tThe Dodgers and all of Ioe Louis' opponents wish they had done the samel Lancaster County made the literary hit parade via the Manheim Church in One Red Rose Forever. The basketball team wilted a bit and ended up in fourth place. All officers were reelected except the secretary, who was replaced by Mary Ann Hubbs. ln December the Axis powers started what is proving to be a f th too The cats all got their geography straight from very poor season or em, . Chattanooga Choo Choo. The Hi-Y did a Morgenthau with the Popularity Contest. S t The Tri-Hi-Y found there was no ceiling on dances and had two. The eniors pu up A Husband for Sale. lt might be apropos to mention that the Supreme Court ' ' . The choral groups traveled to Lititz-they loved us there- okayed wire tapping and came home with first place honors and a bird house. Ninety-three seniors . . , . . . d d'd 't o to Washington, didn tl have a May Day, and didnt have a dinner ance. Q Biitnthey were graduated happily Iune ll, A. D, 1942 and lived-we hope happily ever after. h f tb ll season were blacked out so nature WITHOUT REASON OR RHYME 1952 President Roosevelt has cut the ribbon on the first retread made from American grown rubber, the day after the series, in which the Yankees, of course, took in four games. Harold McCorkel is looking forward to being graduated this coming spring, along with Donald Fink. Yurkovic has replaced Ginger Rogers as the nation's number one dancer. Captain Harry Reese has just returned with a bevy of Australian beauties. Iohn Lebo and Gerald Hollingsworth have opened up a joint medical office and are sending their incurables to Dr. Betty Steiner. William Saroyan has two plays on Broadway, and three pictures in Hollywood. In one of these lean Rutter is co-starring with Dick Loser. Martha Wiestling has become Tommy Manville's number ten bride. At Number Ten Downing Street, Richard Musser is settling postwar matters between the United Nations. Carl Stoner has been selected most valuable player in the National League. That National "Leak" everyone thought was a hurricane was simply George Neidig, campaign manager for F. D. R. Alma Grace Snyder played her first starring role at the Met. And Ben Hess is playing the juvenile tenor on lack Benny's program. Ioe Louis has polished off his sixty-fifth opponent and Harold Raffensperger has just won the York Barbell Associations chest-throwing competition. lean Snyder is riding sidesaddle on the National Barn Dance. The Rutt Brothers have copped oscars in the National Barn Trance. When interviewed, they chorused, "We just slept, that's all," The fifth reunion of the nurses alumnae was attended by Cathrine Goodyear, Susan Crawford, lsabelle Weast, and Mary Ann Hubbs. Raymond Rahn has finally decided that his name is pronounced "Raw-n." Marcella Fink's musical twosome has changed partners, but the name is still Donald. Bob Lindemuth is still loafing at Loser's and lean Koser has finally gotten a license for that carfrl. The Dies Committee has just re- turned from a goodwill tour to Moscow, and were met at the pier by Westbrook Pegler arm-in-arm with Mrs. Roosevelt. Maribel Kraybill has been made assistant to the president of the American Flag Company. Robert Dinwiddie has proved that he is no dim-wittie, by providing himself with more doctors' degrees than a medical staff. George Hassler is in the state of Washington with his friends, the apples, he's the local lohnson Glo-coat man. Helen Alexander has moved to Easton. Ray Shaak is still on a light diet-at this point he's fluorescent. Edwin Ruhl won the annual Miss America contest held at Atlantic City. Doris Smith and George ? ? ? Bob Hope has finally learned the answer to "Who's Yehudi?" It's . . . fSignedl ARDELL BETZ We, the class of l942, being of sound body and mind, do make this, our last will and testament, for the undergraduates. We bestow the minds and the talents of the Senior Class in the follow- ing manner: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Itemi Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item: Item Item Item: Item Item: Item: The Senior Class leaves its chewing gum under the desks, chairs, and tables, ad infinitum. George Neidig leaves his "bus harmony" to the oncoming athletes. Ruth Parrett and Iohn Lebo bestow their technique upon Mary Grosh and Robert Singer. The romantic novels we bequeath to all the love-sick juniors. Mary Anne Hubbs sadly leaves her interests in Patton School to Anna Snyder. Robert Dinwiddie bestows his popularity to Glenn Eshelman. Gerald Hollingsworths leadership goes to Samuel Gingrich. Home Room Zl wishes Miss Strite a more civilized home room for the next year. Harry Reese leaves his charm to Paul Barto and Tom Iunk. The chemistry classes leave all their broken test tubes and HQS to Mr. Wenger. Section I2-3 leaves its dilapidated typewriter ribbons to ll-3. The senior girls bestow the "Follow the Gleam Society" hopes for better and more interesting programs. Ruth Hoffer and Alma Grace Snyder. leave their "cowboy driving" to Vera Heistand and Frank Kipp. Ruth Leicht leaves her love of chemistry to any one who wants it. Harold McCorkel leaves his friendship with Mr. Weaver to his brother. Marcella Fink bequeaths her black hair to Dorothy Rossman. "Kitt" Goodyear bestows her mischief-making ability to Betty Weaver. Fern Shaak donates her height to Edna Ebersole. Richard Musser and Iohn Brosey leave their knowledge of world affairs to Edward Ulrich and Richard Peters. The l942 Yearbook Staff leaves all its chewed up pencils and head- aches to the Staff oi '43. Ioe Ebersole donates his ability to keep balanced budgets to Nancy Meyers. "Cookie" Arndt leaves all his broken bass fiddle strings to Mr. Klauss. Doris Smith and lean Rutter bequeath their "true friendship" to Helen Helsley and Leona West. Miriam Werner bestows her ability in French upon Gerald Schuldt. Ardell Betz leaves her beauty to "Lizzy" Ausborne. Helen Alexander leaves her acting ability to Ianice Hahn. "Kessy" donates his trig and geometry ability to "Kitty" Smith and Alma Baum. Catherine Sterrett leaves her "rhythm drill" standing to Betty Ebersole. lane Wade leaves her books of monologues to "Fluffy" Duffy. "Raffie" leaves his old football shoes to "Monkey" Gaynor. We all leave exam scares to posterity. MARY BISCHEL SUSAN CRAWFORD of fue? ,gay E G YH ,ww QFN PM .Qi .gig ,Z 5 is gg 44ww31 55? ...,, 5 if lv Q5 W wr V Aw. Ali ,Bw vin, 1 ew 'ff :six Qs: 16 if 5 we E.: 5 . x si is . vi' Av x " : , ma' -, 1' af X 1 we W U ..., . x V N V , .fh pgmwxvwsw iwwwx ' it W Q K 1 4: 'Nw' ik? Q NN., 32. :1 Qi Q, :E f L AQ , ,., A N v :Sa 5 I I 454 x 4 S :ZA 1 'L W9 3505, 1gV ' B 1 Q z Q I J M 'rf ggi? ul Qs ?x,IJ',, W Q W 5' S y., ff' N ui? FEW wwf v 'es iz A ,f ,Q fp?'T"w gg WD' .Q N wi N' M 5 Q4 he -ff QS? 35 u 4 lg F gb A' fi is ff? an A E ? , , ,pn F K Q i Yx wx p , if 3 5 W we-if Ai ii sw Ax X A 'Y . 8 . ,, v S J X 'QQ , -. A , N' A L M , , Y 'ff 9 Q ,'.- : rv, is bl. M . N QAM 1 2 g 522455 'af xx , , 'B' "' , . ' Q nw" sf 6 N an 5 , E xii' x Qi Ax 0:13 g X, .,.:,. A., ggi Q S :ff .. Q Q . ' Q 013, fekN gy AE R 5 ,fy . T91 ii? 1325511-A Km fi I ,Z 33 'r if X ., ., Q1-fi A Ng? X. 'W' 5., 'Q A ii . Q 6 Ef?5fai E 5 'i S ig Q E su -19 1 I4 .. 4 ,:.,,,,Wx TMI M ...AM W:--f-N-N ...LN E425 A A 5 ,ff 15,2 1 , M Q ' Y . 5 QW 'W 5 M 2 fQ"?'g' if K A L A hw Y Wal In gf A if' h W .vw g I g. ,4 weft 4 if W , 2 viii 3 W 'ef ' ff Q ul My ,fig ,M Rf' -sm LEW , , A 5A we-Y 1, W I 9 ' Q K 4' ,few If g , 3' D " E in A ,QQQQ A 2, , . vw AK KM: ' : W :, K YV' fi ' i 'f .-jgpgg.: -4 1 ,V.. wi' M W 'W H 3 Q l W in QW Q? 7 XY, Qld I, rw . , 4 A -f P .. gg , 12 , ..., , .,.., ,,.V my W ei, ' 1 ,G Q fy .. fs S Q A as W W A 'nf A, va fm? , A.. ,M 5 - WW , as 1' 1' ' A ' N ,- ,, 1 ., ,W M M A N , M N ,fav 3 A '37 aff? M- Q ,WA my 5 xg? W jj - Q QU' ags1:a:2, , 6 ' 5 . , ' ' :" iff i w mf. W 44 ,IVIA H 3 ,, K ' Z egifiig . E525 , 514 .. ,W-vim, WW W, xg, I Ms.-aw ..., .Wm 'M 7mm'9 Wg-,mm " Kg-+g,-:2:w11MwW"'kN""" 'xv ww ' W M M x W 1id2W""zf3 , ., 2 1 ww' E s f a ii-If .ww wwf 3 CLYDE M WIQNGER KATIIT O. MILLER VIRGINIA L. BREWER H , . V 1lU,l11uH1'. l,1'4H fu lxlglrll NORMAN E IWIIIHI. WILBUR If WITAVIIR RALPH IT COLEMAN CIIARI.IlS L COODHART IIILIIFN IOHNSON WAYNIL B BLOUGH WILBUR K. CASSEL ALBERTA E LANG WILLIS E. SEIDERS ROBERT I TRIMBLE ANNA RUTH l-IISSS Ilfullmll lfnrr. lmfi lu lflgllltl DONALD L IBIQTTIIRMAN NORMA M FFRGUSON MAY DULLBOHN KIQNNITTII GROSH SARAH L BOTTO BERTHA BLLSER MARY IANE STITE in iv VA fx in uw Q 7 X W W A do ,x X 4 5 Q 4, 4 mf JYQ' ,rf ' wi: QN' BR Y Q .:.. I, 1 if X X i . AFAQX1 u K K, K W wg if R .. Cn n i z 'J J, 1 Q , 1 W f' Q 1 . ,if I .,,fXi1f7-'bk-iyf ff 3 ,Nix kk .!..x?,xQJ.g,QJ 5 QA 7 X ,, Q4 Im,,.yi.yg1:k.fZ!- ,YZ FK ,. 'fS?3i'34gi3s3,::,1 , fr -f3"71?-Izgf' 2 fy 4' ,j N 25,5 ' :I , , f A, 5 G + W qi if N 'fit 4, 1, y Q Q X , To Q :bb 4 2-AQ 4' 5 Q i Q . I as H l . 4 'S Q M1 'fi' Q Q ez Wg Q31 U Y fctyr M 60 if 'Y W Q wi? if fa, li 'Q 'L ie! w wx Q 3 is Q m Q X A 4. bi 'Rm YL in sf Q ai va 5 1 as .Q 3 ,Q 2 Ag K. Jr 5 S Vw f Ti E SY 5 Qi fx is 1 X. 'fd fvezy Mat! ,fd fuety Mice AHDLLL BETZ Queen o the May MAHIORIE WERKHEISER MARCELLA PINK RUTH PARRETT NANCY MEYERS MARY ANNE HUBBS MAYPOLE DANCE HERE THEY COME! QUEEN AND COURTE UNDER THE GREENWOOD TREE BOY TUMBLERS BALLOON DANCE WILLIS E. SEIDERS A FULL HOUSE April Z4 and 25, 1941 A reckless and wealthy youth, Ned Pembroke, Ir. Clohn Lebol writes love letters to a chorus cutie with an eye to booty llean Rutterl. George Howell. attorney brother-in-law lGeralcl Hollingsworth! steals the letters and gets his suitcase mixed up with the grip ot Nicholas King. a burglar CGeorge Neidigl who has stolen a necklace from the mother lliuth l-leiseyl of the youth Some light humor is added by the domestics fl'lelen Alexander and Harold Rallensburgerl who are also accomplices of King. Howell is trying to find out how to conceal the letter theft lrom his wile flillarcella Finkl, and from his sister-in-law lArdell Betzl, who is also the fiancee ol Ned. The plot is lurther complicated by Mrs. Winnecker fAlma Grace Snyderl, who keeps urging the wile to leave her new husband. Exciteinerit rises to a higher pitch by the arrival at the local Constabulary Clsloy Sweigart, Robert Horning, and Merle Hosslerl, and the precipitation ol the landlady fBetty Steinerl King is urimasked and llees with the chorus girl and the reward for the return of the jewels. "A Husband for Sale" was presented by the Class of '42, as their Senior Play, in December, 1941. Emmett Hunting Uohn Lebol financially embarrassed. is encouraged by his friend, Warren Bingham fGerald Hollingsworthl, to marry a rich woman, preferably Aunt Sophronia Bingham fRuth Hofferl. Warren's aunt rejoices to think that at last she could achieve her lifelong desire by marrying an attractive young man. However complications set in when Aunt Sophronia by mistake marries Clement Hunter CHarold Raffenspergerl, Warren's valet. After this disaster, Aunt Iulia CAlma Grace Snyderl comes to comfort her sister. The nurse, Iulia Melton CArdell Betzl, also assists in soothing the ruffled Sophronia. Meanwhile Emmett Hunting has become enamored of Imogene Atmore Uean Rutterl, Warren's widowed sister. She is pretending that her husband is still living, when her brother-in-law, Howard Atmore CGeorge Neicligl, comes to visit her, Imogene has made a bet with Warren that she will get Emmett to propose to her. Evelyn Pamell CRuth Parrettl, fearing that her fiance Warren Bingham's affections for her are cooling, decides to teach him a lesson. She reveals Imogene's bet to Emmett Hunting and together they determine to make Imogene and Warren think they have fallen in love. They play a love scene, closely observed by Warren and Imogene, who become furious. Imogene's plot is discovered when her sup- posed husband, Howard Atmore, proposes to Aunt Iulia. This breaks the ice between both Warren and Evelyn, and Emmett and Imogene. Aunt Iulia pretends that the bank has failed and they are penniless. Clement claims that he would be "not a bit disconcerted" to support his "little wildflower." That lady acquiesces to his plans. Warren's colored servants, Goldenrod Mills Uohn Buchl and Pinky Astor fl-lelen Alexanderl. also succumb to the prevalent malady and promise to "love, honor, and obey" each other. Simon Ftcnvmzs CROWNING OF POPULARITY QUEEN ARDELL BETZ cmd REED SEIDERS ,M mm-1'nf1As DANCE """"' E NE. DANC v ALUW TRYHVY 'T ? 5 Q Q' :fi TZ W EQ? avg is X TH my 3 k L ef if if X' 6 4 'Q A . JS-S 35 UM N QM xg if X JK ' 0 5 I 'gy 1. g W2 sk 'Q M W A. fs? xx 5 K r I X i 1, X I wx 5 N If , , 1 " Q Z Q 5? li i iw M Q ...? Q .251 4 ig' 4' vm we W ,M 1., , M, , ,X as Q K fm A A nw 33 Q - A J: A ' wx ,. A 'W A ,W if as 1, X, ,L me Q, A ., W, 1 H nf Xwyl .H . .24-f' .- Q " 12, 9 41 QP we gf 2-N' " 4 Y 'X 'fm Q 'W ? f Q Ma Q x it i skfxwi, , w 'f Egg? is mga? fi W .. .... Agfa W is .-1?-:..E:., 3? V 5 gf 51 ww K R' Y 1: ,Q V 'Y My W fy Q ,gl -3 "" 1 . x , ,LX.X, K 1 ,,:V,,: 5 Mfg? gfv ,M W, 'K g . Q 5 3 f -:.,. 5 ig . Ln fm? 'S H- 7 . as r 4 ij ig if sl WR W f Q -:: .:.g - - x a L fl f ' 'ii S Y X 5 7 5 W QQ, is Q 5 ,W 41 Q 5- X Qawfifig- , W Sw , n. 'Kgs .2 S Q ,i 1, Y Q f E 3, fx :Af gf A W. Q ,X 3 X fi 7' " 3 at QW F2 V fr 'Eli A5 :Q u 43,519 if " V 'W fy? - W 7 W mf. f , ' ' ww 2 ff ig fi Wykifjag A Yi kb! V mi" 353' 'EF my HR 5 J! sw? Q " wg gasvif Q Q 'Q 1:4 Fi 'ff Mi E, 3 55, 3? ., , K , 'W N 'f ' . I 5 N, sig? 11 sfwiffffl f S L34 ,. " fi, Xue Q W V ,Q .5 ,A m 55,234 3 . E555 153 ' M 'www W Y. XX S x ' A is Q3 is i Q iw, f' 5 Stk B bg ix x xr N amz ., xx Sk .1 3 S S ta' is Q 1 5 X ,MQ an r K if W, . my M' S W R 5 X Af , Mfg w sgifiw 2 35335 5 FR HY f gs m? 1 2, m Eff if 2, X' Rf Kas WWW ,sw Q5 .ig 33,1 'Q if W N Qi se L45 NY- -5,1 ex N if z " 4.5 Q V , , ,wx t uzjg, X XZAL . A 5 ,W , ' 'F E155 S SW gk Y ,, s A a M TMS Qwbx ,V Fw L ,A 3 . + Q X 4 E it w K f K R A Q l + .9 .46 5 k xx Q Q k,' N E wf Q5 A kg .H N E 5 . lk. ' .ff S W 1 5' z .A . , I X wx 4' . m g X . 'gg L5 Q-fi A S -, A I gi w WAS ,wgfa Ji 1'K ' r H4 'rr Wfgg, A F i -A Q, ,fr kg Qgf, A Q ' V .- wh -x..,, 4 if gn ,f A K, , K ,WW A , filffj Q M Q ' ww N996 'Q fri vm gf, 3-Sm-A 'gpg ' 3 f'ffM M3Vi- A13 my 55+ Q 4: A Agri RU, -, Fifi Chg bg' Y' , f Q f 3251: Q 'W 7' Helen Alexander Mary Bischel Elizabeth Dunford Ned Easton luanita Gaynor Marte Hellman Anna Hilsher Ruth Herr Eaye Kremer lane Richardson Dorothy Rossman Margaret Steever Emma Tyson Advisor ..... Sarah L. Botto 4 e, 5 W, Y . ,Q ' ai W 4 ,w "Vi: 391: 1 5 Q mf A 2 fm , Q ik, sm 6 ,gi Q, ' ' 1, W, ' Q A , v VA. f - , N, V, WN: 1, ZA , 13 .A x f , X 3 . ' "' .J .ye ,g 4 K ' A ' A , AX 1 A Jw., xg f my . gf : 4 1 f HQ M f QL , M, R 45 ,Q if 4 s A , as ff 1 8 x L e A Y W 'gg ' A , W W .N - , jk V . L W gn ,ww N 'Mm ' 5' 'gxxv' 'E Kfifw , 4 A I ' ,zany f J Q5 .vm A ,. W W we Wi' 4 b ,, A-X, Y Q, ,,,,gmf'4, ,' 4 1, in 3, an f. f , fi '51 Q YQ V kfjm 1. 3 N " ,g f K E Nfxw. Gi Xi., iw, 1 'L' ' , A 1 9 x 4 Y w S N 2? ws' 4 X i-Sai Q N f X Va sw is A - 4, - 'Wa W 5 o M wi ,. 1- - , Wifi x YJ ,, x . ,Q ' xv' A wc A K A A gk-WL V 4 5 N' aw x M QQ ,x X ' 2 4 X s N, y :wx Emi K x ,2 L1 ,Nw , H 5 A f 'Q Aa A . R ,NA 5? 4 S-S X 1 amls X mv 1 A X v Q N Q Ne Q . 1 .X-Q eniot .Qrzfencei An English class in a certain school was asked to write Well-balanced and correct sentences. Some sentences passed the test but some shocked the teacher so very much that he became ill. If you feel industrious, attempt to correct them, Sentences: 1. "Bishop the potatoes," shouted the hungry Mr. Bamhart. 2. Good, better, Betz, is often heard. 3. Mr. Gerber is a very good Chapfmunl. 4. Berrier not in Easton. 5. l'This certainly was a Goodyear," said Farmer Rutt. B. The Painters were Hossler and Hassler. 7. Tyson to the chair and make him behave. 8. Let's Wade at Hershey this summer. 9. The two I-Iubbs were fixed by Gutshall G Gantz. 10. Landis safely on the bank. 11. Lebo was talking to a Parrett. 12. Be Weiss and Ruhl your paper. 13. The Snyder trio, lean, Alma and Eugene often takes a Long trip to Lehigh Valley. 14. "How much is Hollings-worth?" asked Mr. Sweigart. 15. Believing the worst of her, the mob cried, "Stoner." 16. Pointing to the cake batter, Miss Brosey said, "Sterrett." 17. Bischel is the official at Myerstown. 18. If you find the Rutter to the ship, don't Loser. 19. At the annual races, he will Reese you. 20, "We Brndt going," said the Becker Brothers. 21. The Fink. Fitzwater, 61 Fink Co. went out of business because they weren't allowed to sell an Alexander. 22. "Raffensperger Rcxhn two mi1es," said the Englishman. 23. Geyer Schwanger around and around. 24. My Schaeffer pen was given to Miss Greiner. 25. lohn, must you Musser hair? 26. "Maxwell that ends well," said Mr. Shank. 27. The Krcxybill cousins went to Hoifer's church. 28. Madame Weist's child was a Wiestling. 29. Miss Aldinger and Miss Dunford Went to Wernersville. 30. "Das ist Leicht." said Herr Hess. 31. Did he Ebersole his shoes? 32. There was a Steiner eye. 33. The Bricker house was owned by Karnes. Kaylor 51 Kessler Co. 34. He was a Leaman because when he was tired, he lay down. 35. Miss Koser was walking near Brinser's Church. 36. Buch and Brosey went to see McCorkel. the cook. 37. When in distress Mr. Sweigart always summoned Mr. Bringmcm, who brought aid. 38. When Miss Yurkovic has a cold, she always takes Smiths' Cough Drops. 39. Miss Eshenbuugh and Miss Shack Crawford the door. 40. Olweiler and Neidig were unable to get Horning up that morning. 41. Loucks and Larson were trying to get their car out of the Rutt. 42. "Don't be such a Dinwidfdiej, Lindemuthlu -Monet ge -ffm jgifen On Me nic! ana! WHA 1542 .... U The football season at Elizabethtown High School had a poor beginning. The rest of the season was not very successful, either. However, beautiful team work was done by Raffensperger and Stoner who were responsible for the scores. Olweilers pass- ing and Chapmans plunging were features. Credit also goes to coaches Wenger and Fetterrnan, and to the managers. The great highlight of the season was the hard, but losing battle against Patton, with a l3-l2 score. Coaches Clyde M. Wenger Donald Fetterman Managers Robert Lindemuth Harold Gainer George Wells Scores Opp. EHS. l3,.. Ephrata.. ., U 27,., ...Lebanonm ., U 7 . , . . Middletown .... . .' U l3 , .,,Patton... ...l2 l8.,. ,,.RedLion.... .. U Left End-H. REESE Left Tackle-E. BOYER Left Guard-G, NEIDIG Center-G. ESHLEMAN Right Guard-D. KARNES Right Tackle-W, BRICKER Right End-G, HASSLER Quarterback-H. RAFFENSPERGER Left Half-R. OLWEILER Right Hc11ffE. CHAPMAN Fu11bcxck'C, STONER M x t , up H ,W , ,,,...,, NIA ' 3 Q X 93 K fa A ASE U1 fm P 1,251.1 W W . A, Q S 'in- :W Q -'93 , if Q' 53 MJ 5 ,- J I ' 1 ' 2 ,W .. My W 'W f Y Ak af t A M ,M . , . 1 S ,355 V . HQ ' 'NP' 'Q N sim 'W 2 5 . 'W Q , S, X Ni Am " V A M ' m ,L .M M ji ' 5 5 H - W Q ,L if - , .,,Q. g 'tw ' eil W ,sf X ,' , A . 5 MVN: k 4, . xx , K 'W M ' W ' wig ,gefwwgl 4 6 M Ky , QM. I ,,,, . ., K 'mmm A - - X, fi ' W ...S ,..: A f, , .:V- , m ,V my k Amy Nw J' M, . m Q R -fK1'?"fT7 . 0 N' , 1 .W ' ' -2 M. A ' Q L 3? M W WA ly? 'Y X an -5 " H1 1 X X Q Q - 'IM 2" '1- M Q RQ ,. wx ,Q W my . NM, ,r .V 2679.2 was A wgkfm--f 5 , ik sH1fM v The Elizabethtown High Basketball Quintette of 1941 1942 was a group ot last lighters who won ten out of the twenty-three games played The boys fought hard to win the Rotary Cup, but just could not seem to go over the top. Credit is due Coach Wenger, who by his able coaching helped the boys to these victories. Basketball Scores EHS. Opp Lititz ....,....,. . . , 32 42 Manheim ..,....,,,,. 41 30 F. QS M. Academy ...,, 20 25 E, 1-lempfield ....i..,. 18 19 Ephrata ..,,..,. , . . 17 31 Marietta .... . . . 15 25 Rothsville . . . . . . 18 16 Mt. Ioy ......, ,. . 19 25 East Donegal . . . . . . 15 8 Patton ........ , . . 20 23 Middletown . . . . , . 17 20 Ephrata ...., . . . 21 18 Manheim ...... . . . 30 22 E. 1-lemplield .,.. . . . 25 20 Lititz ..,..... . . . 26 36 Marietta . . , . A 4 26 33 Alumni .. ... 24 15 Rothsville .... , . . 25 33 Middletown .... . . . 26 20 Mt. loy ...... .. . 29 32 E. Donegal . . . . . , 32 29 All Stars . . , . . . 20 29 Patton 15 24 xr 3:7 a, Li? if 'MAA W HJ Q 'W Q Q X X 4 I . Q 5591 73? eg, if W 48 Me m ,Www W '-:'1-., . K 'S x A J '-.. ' tuwwgjw gA""w?l3a"2' K fm' Q 3 "S A Q 9,9 1'-'If'f2. Y g f ff 9 if 1 L F X 'Y "W--vi ww W emo r" J '25 ,W e as wtf ,fp Q Q v QQ fm, Q 8914, cazqw A 7, V .4 5: I I- D f X " I A fx Q 7 ' mv YNQEZ .182-BQEQPE 3' Y, an ll M. il? M 19 Y W QW? T :gi V mi f XJ. Jiri - ' - '..:z,. H-Q, xl ,Mm is ' gas M sg 'mm 2 Q , ,N as .W W6 A ' .Ax W ' V Q m -wi .Qs A mf in . 3 X AW ,i -may ix IZ. K8 mv ,W -- ..,. ,Z m Q K 1 my Q . fr' .5 an 'faq ' 'X K , 5: Il M- Q ..,. f -5-Q--Vi Q I . , sw YASN F fl, . - ' X ., Y N X Q- X i -ix we ' K W I , , , li. in ' NWN ., LL gg - S ' H if 3 . V Q .X R fr K vm 6 X X s f A K W - 'YM Q QQ Q 5 Msgiip' l sale' Q' 'R f Q U' af Q K Q, x X, N X JH fm L SH- ' , N ' R sw , . M. Q ,. . -JM' ' ' N5 +1 X ,, Y' .Q hw ix i . X fri 'S 2 R. X E' . 1 K + ' ' ww , ,,,.4 msgs gf AN .S W 1 ,x 4 X i x. 5 Q W ' 'X Q . , k k A G X N' P .X ,.. Q A . A S x 3 , . Q Ni L Q N ff k 349 'xg 49 ix A X K A ,, W as Q Ss X ,gk ,393 M gi Ag wr ,, ,S fm sf 1 . A X . Q' Q X A .X isa . Nw k,,.g 8'35igfw+Vex X . ,Ax an was as xi 4 qff? Sam S W gk X M M by f .X 1: W5 Q 'S' A -1 'MW Q I x-V wg Lax S 45X is e ,Wi Q W' il 'Q 2'-Q. X 252- 2 -- , 2 ff-ei Q my 1 , 211 Q22 E Na 'N , 4. 'xfelv V thx A J .n 1 it , N . K 1 A , 1, x- N, is Q5 xii, E 'A - ' x I5 -mls QPRING FEVER OR I cauwn 5aJoRN 'T WAS MR. Ssmsris ENGLISH CLAS A DEER.......... ,,,,, R R vezrresrfgnnfld X G nn Y 75,2 89 ,- fa IVV - ' X 11 " V F1 ! :I ' K q .ii WEB: ALI. HERE... WE'RE 'ALL avuer... NOW wnds LnNDY ? WHATS NEWS Q 1-'ETTERMAIQ ' R w N our LATE AsAm,1QEE552 , TH O ' -I9N'T PULL. THAT STQFF x , 'N HERE, GET our I, I ,gy G? GET FIN gxghg' . LAPS' I x +A- I'-1-TEACH f-- S L ,f BnH!, , fo You-H 0 , GL V Vo Q!-I-B?N'Ng' 0 L S999 f35'U'Qff f ggi , 'Tl Q Q R V N 4 'iffy ' X N-F X 5 'RM IS ' 4 'I ii THERE Too HHN? 'REESE A GUQL Q3 C'GARETTfS, 2. Emensms Feom FRDM HERSHE7 :Doug-7. .... . A, EM6LIsH CLASS '. AROUND 3 'Too MHN7 V ' CFGARETTES 9 fi 'qifx xxx H . . N Q x'AZIEfPiQfQ?-j5igQfi: "1Q52f,fQ's:f?g1g9f: vw we Q Q..,gQ,:Q s QOQS, X 'Q Ju. X K ix M - 5 1 C- PXQK xx 2 Q ' ,, 45 'EEEEZZE fniigizv YS?v dkitigg Q ilrifd -:--f- X. I ' ff' YEA TEAM Osset-2Y4T,oN,.... .. VS! I X 1 'fl 33" ! ,Q Jag? i f ,, 4 Q . if G 6, , .YL 4. r b 1 B. B. is S- --. ' sn 61 Guess ul-lo? ....HE'S FROM 3-Ermow owen f 'f awe cvg '1X fl!! Squq'-Q, gf- , , , eh. -mx I 'Hin Blu : I 0 S BARBQER 3- f XUXZ1fv Ll L ' ii PQMFQYN K E. H. NR E. Xosrggg? ig? -SLE 154 k,I7g+?Zm'Q 'Q 4 W 326 I ""k"l CEYQ Ma ugh Aw Bmhfuafqmm 'YQ Sb 4 .. GJ " , wfwrfjgvmm J M! dd.,-.g,,oQ af WW My PM WW . , ,ff Q M fm? ',f'16.- , fffgm M52 My mfg MMR aim QW! WW E 2-1 SSMQ. 903, w 2 MW Q Y W MQW zqgif ww WM Z Mliilf' M fig FHTRDU5 MRS. HELEN MCCLURG DR, cmd MRS. W. R. MOORE DR. cmd MRS. T. M. THOMPSON DR. N. B. LAUGHTON MR. cmd MRS. PHIL M. IOHNSON LUTHER W. FETTER SAMUEL E. DIBBLE GEORGE SCHUCKMAN THAD. G. HELM D. LATCHEM REEM MR. cmd MRS. ROBERT I. TRIMBLE GEOFFREY MARSHALL DR. cmd MRS. C. STUART SMITH MR. cmd MRS. LEVI C. HERSHEY DR. C. C. DOUGLAS WOMEN OF THE MOOSE FEATURE AD5 DF' EZ-TOWN Q+n7'mz'uf.4z'Zon4 AND EEST WISEES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE i .1- Y4 omni' ff ELIZABETI-ITOWN LODGE No. 596 L. O. 0. M. ECLIPSE - World's Best Mower The Qrder R. F. MYERS oi Dukes General Repair Work-Gas and i, Electric Welding Sh . L M Skee Raftie arpenmg- awn owers Shafting and Pulleys gggey iid Phone l64-I N. Poplar Street Cggkie H011-Y SPICKLERS DAIRY Pasteurized and Viscolized MILK, CREAM AND Compliments of ANNA KLIN E BUTTERMILK Chimpodist Also Choice Butter Chocolate and Orange Drinks Phone 156 326 E. High Street Phone 57 Park Street DIPPS Compliments of PaXson's Cut-Rate 19 West High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 917-R-2 D. S. BAUM Homemade Bologna Dried Beet A Select Product R. D. No. 3 Elizabethtown, Pa. You'l1 Smack Your Lips for Moyers Potato Chips Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone 930-R-21 Shop and meet your friends at the friendly Ben Franklin Store "On The Square" Phone 31-I Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Burlcharfs Beauty Shoppe GUNZENHAUSEHS Tip Top Bread Makes Tip Top Toast General lnsurance Specializing in Auro INSURANCE 'A' Try it .k and you'll buy it f Norman G. Good H' S' Dvveler Phone 137'M Phone l3U-I 48 E. High Street ELIZABETHTOWN CHAPTER No. 701 Women oi the Moose Schwanaer Bros. Heating Contractors Lancaster Elizabethtown Compliments Pine Tree Dairy of Mqriinls Dairy Products Childrens Shop Elizabethtown, Pa. Wholesale and Retail Phone: Palmyra 8-4867 ja MDS Compliments ELlZABETHTOWN of BUll..DlNG 1. H. BUCH and REALTOR Phone 201 336 S. Market sf. ASSOCIATION We my BUOI-l'S Water Ballast Lawn Rollers CLOTHIER For Rollin Lawns, Golf Courses Q and Tennis Courts Write to us for circular BUCH MFG. CO. Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Superior Sian System, Inc Elizabethtown CHAMBER or coMMERcE "Your Friends" Elizabethtown, Pa. i' An Agricultural and Industrial Center ir OFFICERS PAUL GRUBB, President I. N. OLWEILER, First Vice-President I. WAYNE AUNGST, Second Vice-President IOSEPH W, KETTERING, Treasurer L. C. HERSHEY, Secretary Compliments of The Continental Press CEducational Publishersl Compliments of Lancaster County Farm Diner One Mile East of E-Town on Route 230 Compliments of ED. I-IEILMAN "The Moving Man" Ftheems Craraae SIPLING BROS. 'k Cars STUDEBAKER Trucks Allis-Chalmers Farm Machinery DlEM'S FOCD MARKET "Cn The Square" Compliments of RHEEMS, PENNA. Furniture of Character at Reasonable Prices Zw 'A' U Milton E. Eberly Compllments Elizabethtown, Pa. of Route 3 Phone 917-R-ll Lancaster , ShOQ Compliments ot Qt ACME MARKET TAILORING Mrs. Clara Rutherford 41 W. l-lummelstown Street Elizabethtown, Pa. i' Alterations and Repairs Compliments ot Garber's Garaae Elizabethtown, Pa. 'k Sales FORD Service l Motheri "lee, you were a very tidy boy not to throw the orange peel on the tloor of the bus. Where did you put it?" loe: "ln the pocket ot the man in tront of rne." fi Compliments oi ELIZABETIITOWN PLANING MILL LUMBER BUILDERS' SUPPLIES MILL WORK COAL PHONE No. 3 54 BROWN STREET S12 BIKES RADIOS RETREADING . Compliments and VULCANIZING of if George W. Leomon Boker's Diner 208 E. Main St. 233 S. Market St. Mount Ioy, Pct. Elizabethtown, Pcz. COAL GRAIN Compliments of I. W. Wolqemuin Esioie Phone E-Town 175 Rheems, Pot. SEEDS FEED Reemy's Shoppe Ladies' and Chilclren's Wear Dresses and Coats Neighbor: "Is this your ball, Kessy?" Kessy: "Any windows or anything vk broken?" Infants' Wear a Specialty Neighbor: NO", iv Kessy: "Thanks! It's mine!" Phone: 287 Lazy Musser: "I'm always tired on the first of April." Friend: "Why?" Lazy Musser: "Who wouldn't be after a March of thirty-one days?" SI-IENK BROS. Sporting and Toys 30 West King Street Lancaster, Pa. Compliments of Community Coffee Shop Phone: 298-I 498 West High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. "When do the leaves begin to turn?" "The night before exams start." Compliments of The Dress Shop DAISY M. KLEIN 21 West High Street KUNTZLEMANS ICE CREAM by ELIZABETHTOWN CREAMERY COMPANY COAL FEED For ak INSURANCE See Grubb GRIMM CS. ersu and B Complete Tenemcfn DRUG SERVICE -nf 'A' CENTRAL CUT RATE DRUGS 45 S. Market Street FUEL OIL GRAIN 0 onucs Dot's Beauty Shoppe For Discriminating Women 44 W. High Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 92 Leloo: "Marry me, darling, and I'll make you the happiest Wife in 48 states." Parrett: "Not me, I don't care to live in a trailer." General Electric Products 'A' RADIO ' REFRIGERATION WASHER SERVICE 4 Iac. B. Fisher MUSIC STORE Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 139-R Savoy Shoe Company 'A' Makers of Fine Shoes tor Women THE W. T. GRANT CO. is interested in the endeavors ot the ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL Compliments of Aunt SalI'y's Kitchen CBanquets our Specialtyl Elizabethtown, Pa. HENRY L. GISE Elizabethtown, Pa. 'k Notary Public - Surveyor INSURANCE OF ALL KINDS Agent for State Capital Savings and Loan Association of Harrisburg, Penna. Compliments of L. H. Haldeman IEWELER 9 South Market Street Compliments ot May Each Member Find Happiness if I Zepniclds LEG KGB Contractor in Grocery Store PLUMBING, HEATING Elizabethtown, Pa. AIR CONDITIONING Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 4-I Photographs of ALL Kinds Anytime - Anywhere Official Photographer of the "Elizabethan" BISI-fCP'S STUDIC 44 North Market Street Elizabethtown, Pa. Ground Floor With Best Equipment Satisfaction Guaranteed - Phone 152-I BUICK CHEVROLET ,Q-.J t Comphmems S. E. Ulrich, Inc. i' of BUICK CHEVRCLET THE MCCSE THEATRE ,iz Iudge Cin dentist's chairlz "Do you swear that you will pull the tooth, the whole tooth, and nothing but the tooth?" "KEEP YOUR MOTOR YOUNG" with RICHFIELD GASOLIN E "YOUR HOME WARM" with RICH-HEAT FUEL OIL Newcomers Service Slcriions 903 S. MARKET ST., ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone: 226 Compliments of H. K. Dorsheimer Economy Shoe Store Sporting Goods - Kooloks 39 West High Street Confectionery - Sundries Elizabethtown Pc: Compliments of HARRY MILLER of SON EL1zABErHroWN, PA. B. U. Trimble Co. Ornamental Iron Welding - Blacksmithing Phone: 29-B Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of l-l. F. Blottenberger Compliments of Musser's Grocery Zartoss Hardware On The Square Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Compliments of Millerls l-lerdle's Meats Shoe Shop Bear of American Legion Home ze E. High street' Phone: 24-M Compliments of D. L. Landis Seibert Brothers if Ice Delivery Bohn and Coolerator Air Conditioned Ice Betrigerators Compliments ot Town Pharmacy Elizabethtown, Pa. R. A. HAMILTON Watchrnaker and Ieweler Center Square I-leisey's Iewelry Store "For Gifts That Last and Satisfy" We Give "S. G H." Green Discount Stamps 27 S. Market Street Phone: 308-I Elizabethtown, Pa. Alma Grace was being examined for a driver's license. "And what is the white line in the middle ot the road tor?" she was asked. "For bicycles," was the reply. Elizabethtown Co rt f u esy O Bakery Central Recreation Bakers of ouqury Products BOWLING IRA coHN "' MILES E. GASSERT, Prop. I Lir1demuth's Cut Rate Lonaenecker s , Choice Meats Phone: 937-R-3 Elizabethtown R. D. No. 3 PATENT MEDICINES LEATHER GOODS KODAKS 'A' HERSI-IEY'S ICE CREAM The Purest Kind Grace C. Blough MINX MODES and COIHp11II1ef1fS GAY GIBSON DRESSES FOR IUNIORS of I , ll6 S. Market St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Klein S Chocolate I B c Company 9 k S FRUITS and VEGETABLES SEAFOODS FROSTED FOODS On The Square Phone: 288 Elizabethtown, Pa. KS' Skate at "Skaier'S Paradise" One Mile East of Middletown, Pa. iff- FAIRBANKS AND MORSE COAL STOKERS FAIRBANKS AND MORSE ELECTRIC PUMPS I. C. KAYLOR Compliments of The American Legion Conewago Post 329 The American Legion Auxiliary Conewago Unit 329 Sons of the American Legion Conewago Squadron 329'k Sons Graduating Are: ROBERT LINDEMUTI-I RICHARD MAXWELL RAYMOND RAI-IN Mumper's Dairy PURE MILK and CREAM fx TRY OUR DELICIOUS ORANGE l UICE 'A' Elizabethtown, Penna. N. Hanover Street Phone: 236-W Risser Brothers . Famous for OLD-EASHIONED ICE CREAM Modern Soda Grill Phone: 176 Elizabethtown, Pa. Mr. Wenger: "What two kinds of wood make a match?" Gerald: "He would and she would." Compliments of Empire Shoe Co. Modern Style Shop 34 South Market Street 'A' Everything in Ladies' Wear at Popular Prices Gebhart's Art and Book Store Gifts for All Occasions 26 West High Street S. G. Hershey Department Store Elizabethtown, Pa. Compliments of Elizabethtown Gas Co. Swigz "Hey, what time is it by your watch?" Raftie: "Quarter to." Swig: "Quarter to what?" Ratfie: "I don't know-time got so bad I had to lay off one of the hands." Eoth's Fine Home Furnishings Funeral Directors Elizabethtown, Pa. Kennewood Hotel Alumni Headquarters R ,rl ld FRESH MEATS GROCERIES 91 qc VEGETABLES Tailor and Cleaner Wenger Brothers We Operate Our Own Cleaning Plant FQOD STQRE 35 W. High St. Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 32-I Self Service Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 267 Sheareids Furniture Store 35-37 S. Market Street Phone: 12-W Compliments of WESTERN AUTO Complete Line of Auto Accessories and Sporting Goods Elizabethtown, Pa. Phone: 12-I

Suggestions in the Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) collection:

Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Page 1


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