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 - Class of 1938

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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Cover

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A E 5 a 5 rs E 3 E 55 5 f: "F E 5 if 2 .3 G F4 29: 2 ,T 5 E E Q E , . 5 E :Q ,, F 32 s E E2 51.2 2: yi Z 22 E 5 E E Q' 35 I: E 1 5 l H a 95 E 3 'ui E 7 V ,....Q..,..Kw,-z.12,.-QW ...m,..:m.. - 7 THE ELIZABETI-IAN YIEARBUOK OIF THIE ELIZABETHTOWN HIGH SCHOOL ELIZABETI-ITCDWN PENNSYLVANIA GLASS of ll 9 33 8 DEDICATION ' This year iT is The wish oT The Senior Class To dedicaTe Their boolc, noT To an incliviclual, buT To a group acTing as an individual - The Townspeople. For The class is aware ThaT wiThouT Their neverTailing inTeresT and supporT, There could be no school such as we enioyp There coulcl be no TaculTy such as is ours: There could be no acTiviTies such as aThleTics, plays, anal opereTTas. ' Th e r e T o r e, in cledicaTing This number oT The ElizabeThan To Them, The sTudenT body oT our high school is given an opporTuniTy To pay, in a small measure,The debT oT graTiTucle ThaT we owe Them. 94 FOREWGRD . The sludenls of The Elizabelhlown l-ligh School publish The lourlh annual Year Boolc hoping lheir eflorls will be apprecialed by all who read ils pages. The conlenls of Jrhis puplicalion convey lo lhe parenls and liriends ol high school sludenls an idea ol lhe many aclivilies in which Jrhey may play prominenl paris every day. This is a summary of a school lerm filled wilh many exciling and memorable evenls. 05 BOARD OF DIRECTCDRS I. E. SHOOP, Presiden'r A. K. GARMAN, Secre+ary J. W. WOLGEMUTH, Vlce Presnden+ J. W. ATKINS, Treasurer R E HEIN C!- FACU LTY TIIIITIBH H. Ebel'SOIe Evanna Barr SUPERVISING PRINCIPAL COMMERCIAL SUBJECTS Kafie Miller Wilbur Caggel HISTORY JUNIOR ENGLISH AND SCIENCE: May Dulebohn GEOMETRY AND TRIGONOMETRY ALGEBRA AND GEOMETRY Norma Ferguson Mary Hackenberger EESESGSHYSICAL EDUCATION AND JUNIOR HIGH HISTORY AND GUIDANCE Mary FowIDIe Kafhryn NisIey Herr HOME ECONOMICS FRENCH AND LIBRARY Kennefh Grosh Wayne B. Blouch JUNIOR HIGH ENGLISH PROBLEMS OF DEMOCRACY AND Richard Hamilron ENGLISH MANUAL ARTS A"I'IW" C- MaYef Joseph C. Krasley BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION AND ARTS CIVICS - - - 'Idred Savacool WIIIIs E. Seuders M' SENIOR HIGH ENGLISH LAT'N AND GERMAN Be,-+I-,a Belser L. Harold Burkholder MUSIC GEOGRAPHY Vere Bishop Clyde Wenger ' CHEMISTRY, PHYSICS, AND BIOLOGY ARlTHMETICg COACH OF ATHLETICS O. 7 CLASSES 4 'IG JOSEPHINE ALDINGER Palrol I, 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Swimming 3, 4: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 4: Opera 2, 4. ETHEL ASHENFELTER Pafrol I, 2, 3: Senior Com- mercial Sociel'y4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Baslrelbell I, 2, 3. NEAL BACHMAN Orchesfra 4: Chorus 4: Opera 4. GRACE BELL Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. I9 MELVIN ARNDT Hi-Y 2, 3: Casselonian Club 4: Opera 2, 3: Business Comm. Junior Play: Bus. Comm. Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3. JOHN AUNGST Palrol I, Capl. I: Orcheslra 6 years: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Cas- selonian Club 4: Sludenl Council 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 3, 4: Debaling Team 3, 4, Capf. 3, 4: Tennis Mgr. 3, 4: Opera 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Class Pres. 2, 3, 4. BEATRICE BARNHART Senior Comm. Sociefy, 4. JEROME BIXLER Pafrol I: Sfudenl Council 3: Usher, Junior Play. PAUL BRAN DT Orclwesfra 4: Senior Play: Opera 4. FERNE BRINSER WARREN BOOZER Casselonian Club 4: Fool- ball 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: Senior Play. PAULINE COBLE Pafrol I, 2, 3: Senior Com- mercial Sociefyg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. CARL BRENEMAN Orclneslra I: S+age Comm. Senior Play: Chorus 2. BRUCE BROWN Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Casselonian Club Pres. 4: Library S'raFF 3, 4: Slage Comm. Senior Play. JANET BOYD Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3. HAMAN CUNNINGHAM Hl-Y 2, 3: Casselonian Club 4: Rifle Club 2, 3. Q 012 WILLIAM CUNNINGHAM Usher, Junior Play, Opera 4. PAULINE DRACE Palrol I, 2g Senior Com- mercial Sociefyg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. RICHARD ECKROTH Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, 4: Opera 2, 3, 47 Chorus 2, 3, 4. VIVIAN FITZWATER Senior Commercial Socielyg Trl-I'II3Y 2, 3, 4. I 9 HAROLD DOOLITTLE Hi-Y 2, 3: Casselonian Club 4: Junior Play, Senior Play. ROBERT EARHART Pafrol 3: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Casselonian Club 4. JEAN ESHELMAN - Senior Commercial Socielyz Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 47 Rifle Club 2, 3, 47 Baslxefball I, 2, Senior Play: Sludenf Coun- cil 4g Sec. +o Mr. Smuclc, 3, 4. IRA FLOYD Casselonian Club 4. 38 RUTH FORWOOD Pafrol 2, 3: Senior Com- mercial Sociefyg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 2, 3: N. Y. A. 4. ERMA FREY Chorus 2. MARY FULLER HENRY M. GARBER Orchesira 6 yrs.: Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Chaplain 3, 4: Siud- enf Council 3, 4, Pres. 47 Rifle Club I, 2, 3, 4, Pres. 4, Debaiing Team 3, 47 Foorball 3, 4, Capi. 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4, Capt 3, 4: Baslreiball 3, 45 Opera 2, 3, 4: Junior Play, Senior Play. RUTH FREEMAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. HULDAH FREY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. HENRY E. GARBER Casselonian Club 4: Chorus 4. MARION GEISTWEIT Pafrol I, 2: Senior.. Com- mercial Sociefyg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4. i QI3 I9 MILDRED GREENLY Senior Commercial Socie+yg Chorus 2. HELEN GROSH Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club I, 2: Opera 4: Junior Play, Senior Play. JEAN GROSH Pafrol 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 41 Opera 3, 4: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3, 4. HELEN HACKMAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. GRACE HACKMAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library Slaff 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2. 3, 4. GERALD HASSLER Chorus 2. LLOYD HASSLER Usher, Junior Play. ARTHUR HEISEY 'ld 38 RICHARD HELM ' Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 4: Sfage Comm. Opera 2, 4: Slage Comm. Senior Play. MARLIN HEISEY Hi-Y 3, 4: Casselonian Club 4. GOLDIE HERSHEY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Opera 4. ALMA HERR Orcheslra 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Opera 4: Chorus 2, 4. LOIS HUMMER Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2.3.4. ANNA RUTH HESS Pafrol I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Commercial Sociefy: Tri- HI-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 2, 3, 4: Basllefball I, 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Opera 4: Secrerary Io Principal 4. SHELLY KAYLOR MARTHA JANE IRVIN Pafrol I, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4: Sludenf Council 3, 4: De- bafing Team 3: Chairman Junior Play Comm.: Asst School Reporfer 3. 9-I5 946 SUSAN KEENY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Cassel- onian Club 4: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Opera Pian- isl, 4 HILDA KRAYBILL Orchesfra 2: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club I: Opera 4: Chorus 2, 4. CHARLOTTE KREIDER Palrol 2: Cheer Leader I, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Library S'Ia'FF 3, 4: Rifle Club I, 2: Swimming 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Chorus 2,3,4. FRANCES LESHER Senior Commercial Sociely: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sfudenr Council 3: Rifle Club I: Baslrelball I, 2, 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Secre+ary lo Principal, 4. I9 ROBERT KELLER Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. WILMER KRAYBILL FLORENCE LANDIS Pafrol I, 2, 3, Lieulenani' 2, 3: Orchesfra I, 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club I, 2, 3, 4: Opera 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3. EVELYN LESHER Palrol 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Swimming 4: Opera 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3, 4. 38 GLADYS LIBHART Senior Play. HELEN MADEIRA Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 3, 4: Casselonian Club 4: Swimming 3: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. RUFUS McDANNEL ANNA NAUMAN Pafrol I: Senior Commer- cial Sociefy: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Opera 3, 4: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Secreiary fo Mr. Cassel. ANNA LINEAWEVER Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club i, 2: Junior Play: Senior Play: Opera 4: Chorus 2, 4. CHARLES METZLER Pairol I: Foofball 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3, 4: Opera 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3, 4. JACOB MOYER ALTA N EWCOM ER Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Chaplain 4: Casselonian Club 4: Prompier J u n i o r Play: Prompfer S e n i o r Play: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2,3,4. 017 'IB FRANCIS OLWEILER Pafrol I, Lieuienanr 2, Capi'. 3, 4: Orchesrra 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 3: Casselonian Club 4: Library Sfaff 4: Swimming 3, 4: Opera 3: Junior Play Business Comm.: Senior Play Bus. Mgr.: Chorus 3: Track 4. MILDRED RAFFENSPERGER Senior Commercial Socie+y: Opera 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN ROOF Pairol I: Senior Commercial Socieiy: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3. KATHRYN RUTT Casselonian Club 4, Secre- 'l'ary 4: Library Siaff 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4. I9 DONALD PAINTER Pafrol I: Casselonian Club 4: Baseball 2, 3: Junior Play Bus. Comm.: Senior Flay Business Comm. DONALD REAM Orchesira 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Sec. 3, 4: Casselonian Club 4: Sfudenf Council 4: Rifle Club 3, 4: Opera 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Class Trees. 4. ARLENE RUTT Casselonian Club 4: Chorus 4. LAWRENCE SHANK Senior Commercial Socieiy: Orchesfra I, 2, 4: Siudeni Council 2: Tennis 3, 4: Senior Play. DOROTHY SHEETZ Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Sfudenf Council 2. LYRA SIEBERT Pafrol I, 21 Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Rifle Club I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Secrefary Rifle Club 4. ROBERT SHIFFER Rifle Club l, 2, 3, 4: Fool- ball 3, 4, Baskefball 3, 4: Capt 3, 4: Swimming 2, 31 Junior Play Stage Comm., Senior Play Sfage Comm. CHARLES SNYDER Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Casselonian Club 4, Debafing Team 2. GERALDINE SHEETZ Pairol 3: Senior Commer- cial Socielyg Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3,4. O MARIAN SEIDERS Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Tri- Hi-Y Sec. 3, Pres. 47 Opera 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play, Chorus 2, 3, 4. EUGENE SHIRK Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball Capf. 3, 4: Baslrefball 3, 4g Senior Play Sfage Comm. URBAN SWEIGART Usher, Junior Play: Head Usher, Senior Play. l QI9 HARRY WILLIAMS Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Casselonian Club 41 Senior Play: Track I. RACHEL ZIMMERMAN Casselonian Club 4. '20 MERLE WITTEL Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Foofball I, 2 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4, Baslxel- ball 2, 3, 41 Senior Play Properly Mgr. Kathryn Rutt Alma Mater, Hail! Susan Keeny Alta Newcomer " --4'f3f315'lI3I 3"-L3s-3f- 'sm fls-I---Ii 7Ilk"'A b-4f'l- H- -HW W "-TN - -fr Zi H- - - - --L, igiiiiig Q 14-lag-+2 1- -'--si QE- figs--1-1 -1- QfQi2j,:'EE,l?f, ' 1. Swift-ly theyearshave all passedbyg Thefourlongyears of toil aregone. N 2. We'releav-ing now our high school daysg We'll strive to win our goal in life. l 54-544 it-Eg tj--5,292 13:1 EEL -4-4,4h Qgf5?ElEiF E-H2522 5' -C 5,-C 251 -Eh 5' l 'I ' ' Q' -..,T , - -0 1 0- -0- -0- - - i 1 -Z 1N1r1A1'y4--:Ii 743 -21-L 1 - :ri e it -h - L 522 1lg7l'f-i7?f iiiaigaig igkiiz? Elie 5 1 And fond mem-o-ries will lin - ger nigh Of vict'ries fought and won. l Tho' fate shouldcross us in our ways, Godhelp us win the strife. X '1- -p- -f I- ff- -- Q- gp. .'. I -0- l-0- -0- -- -- - lf..- lQ--,!: il,!'wiii,!i je :1i'f'ljT.lw iiggggi ,1- 1 1511, L,l:-I1t,,l:h, l1ig7,,,.,1:.1 li"'igEL1i Iljhitigg t ' f if Ev a 4 FCM"- CHORUS. 5, ,X li. Ti . ia: I ' 3 .0.., , :':, - ff- - -f-. - -HT -+ if --f -T-f sl Q T 1-Tad: fgvlz-+5iEgi HAYZM-.Tgigji iillggigl CSF' "1 i ' H I Hail to thee our Al -ma Ma-ter We'll re-vere thee, praise thy nameg -.l.,.,- . Q. :,l,Q, . 44- JQEIPJFJ--A -iiiirie--M -445a15.2:.i-t Lid-ig Q.gbii?.: .:,,t',?Q'-if 31f':'f'-P+ A-Pfv-ffl--W 1-ll-' Fe ! ll4. 11-,,5,,,5,,, gihvgggjl Eilzvgiillgajpiifpi " 35 2-V 1- --- , - - - - , 1 . Q- , - giihs' 'z414:40-',f-,4,f.,,-"1g- ,L,0g'1'gLhg,E-+--xy 'g5g?iE?l IEE-55552 555555 5EEZEEE?iE?E1l5EE 553 U -:P wwf--tr tv -t- - VfP-Lve:v-E:- E-- I l v V v Led by the col-orswhite and bIue,We'll travel all life'spath - ways throughg FI, 23: gg: I ,0- p -0- I :"'.'-1" I 1, . - iggggggigi iigjizgi 25523551 3-M-fF'gEEE,'g-ii? 135555: 1- i,g': fi? f 1, I' 1 C: E- vfv-f3+5ll1i -Egjvlztz -1 -1-- -0- -0- 1. t - gfqz--r 1 1- Q--'L 4- A+- - ,LY Jo,-P -Q- lgglzigfffg lifiiify U Z-ati C?!.it:w1I,! pgrrrig Fi Vigzlliijgiriti pk- ! y Y ' Led by the col- ors white and blue, We'l1 tra- vel all life's path-ways thro' -0- -0- -0-- -0- -0- WWW -J-40-K N-04 I -9- -1 I u . . y ,Q- 7, 'MQL , I CT 'gli if lfvfgflgt' 'lj r?- QQ! CLASS HISTORY INTRODUCTION We, fhe Class of '38, can look upon our years in Elizabefhfown High School as a mafhemafical proposifion, fhe obiecf of which is fo prove our fifness fo enfer fhe world of work. PROPOSITION If a body of sfudenfs, having complefed four years of fraining in Elizabefhfown High School, has worked and played wifh equal sincerify, fhis body is capable of facing fhe world wifh eagerness fo work, cooper- afe, and live fheir lives fo fhe fullesf. I5 I ,i r I er ii Q g ,,-, 4- A- 351 Vx tw -MQ? .,.'- :rr : !'EH1Hi-is . as li ' ' . Given: A recfangle, confaining 83 Seniors of fhe Class of '38, 20 feachers, many fexfbooks, schoolrooms, music, arf, sporfs, Iiferafure, clubs, efc. To Prove: Thaf 'Ihis recfangle is prepared fo be a body of frue cifizens, exercising cooperafion and fine affribufes of characfer. STATEMENTS I. In fhe early aufumn of '34, I20 ambifious young greenhorns enfered fhe beckoning porfals of fhe Elizabefhfown High School, eager fo imbibe all fhaf fhe long-suffering pedagogues had fo offer. Choosing Donald Ream as fheir leader, fhese youngsfers were early inifiafed info school acfivifies by boosfing fhe Afhlefic Associafion wifh lusfy lung-power from fhe hindermosf seafs of fhe bleachers. A sample of fheir dramafic abilify was given by fhe porfrayal of fhe courf scene from fhe "Merchanf of Venice" - 'Ihaf powerful scene on mercy. REASONS I. The freshness of fheir ambifion carried fhem success- fully fhru fhis firsf year. 2. Emerging from fhe bliss of a peaceful summer holiday, again fhe Class of '38 refurned fo fhe ever-increasing dufies imposed upon 'lhem by fhe aforesaid suffering adminisfrafors of frufh and iusfice. Their inifiafions info fhe Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y made fhem feel fheir respons- ibilify as a parf of high school life. Those enferprising Sophomore boys, as rollicking sailors of fhe "H. M. S. Pinafore," displayed musical falenf in fhe lines: "His foof should sfamp and his fhroaf should growl, g His hair should fwirl and his face should scowl, His eyes should flash and his breasf profrude, And fhis should be his cusfomary affifude." '22 3. 4. The food, fun, and fellowship of fhe banquefs sponsored by fhe Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y climaxed fhe close of our Sophomore Year. 2. A growing feeling of responsibilify, fogefher wifh more parficipafion in school acfivifes, were fhe facfors in making fhis second year a success. Wifh John Aungsf as major-domo, and wifh our emblem of whife and black flying overhead, we valianfly fackled fhe fhird year. Early in Sepfember we delved info fhe elusive mysferies of geomefry and physics. Befween fimes, we landed a neaf profif by fhe sale of sweefs af fhe various public funcfions of fhe school. Nafurally we fook much pride in fhe presenfafion and success of our Junior Class play, "Oh, Professor!" We also derived much pleasure in parficipafing in fhe lighf opera, "The Pirafes of Penzance," by Gilberf and Sullivan. ln fhe Lancasfer Counfy Swimming Meef, fhe confesfanfs from our school, mosfly Juniors, scored second place. ln lafe May of fhis year, we enferfained fhe Seniors of fhe Class of '37 af fhe fradifional Junior-Senior Banquef. Planned wifh greaf care and anficipafed by many a fluffering hearf, fhis was fhe crowning social evenf of fhe year. 3. An increase in class spirif, and fhe realizafion of fhe nearness of our goal, gave impefus fo The work of fhis year. I937 - and for fhe lasf fime we approach fhose familiar scenes of downsiffings and uprisingsl Buf whaf a difference our feachers per- ceive in us! Insfead of fhe incorrigible freshness of youfh, behold fhe sfafus and imporfance of fhe Senior! Again we chose John Aungsf as our leader. During fhe foofball season our valianf feam baffled for vicfory on a mud-bedecked field. ln fhe realm of sfudies, many a weary hour was spenf by many a weary Senior laboriously faking Problems nofes, seeking affer fhe nuggefs of knowledge. On fhe ofher hand, fhe bloody scenes of "Macbe+h" afforded us relaxafion and delighf. ln lafe November, fwenfy-one Seniors gave venf fo fheir dramafic skill in fhe spirifed play, "Growing Pains." The scenery for fhis pro- ducfion, made especially by fhe Senior boys, was somefhing of which we were iusfly proud. A successful baskefball season was followed by fhe presenfafion of fhe opera "The Golden Trail" by fhe mixed chorus. ln May of l938 fhose up-and-coming Juniors fefed us af fhe Junior- Senior Banquef. As in former years, fhe program and seffing for fhe banquef were secrefs jealously guarded in Junior circles, and so fhe occasion was especially delighfful fo all. The mulfifude of acfivifies of our Senior year was broughf fo a close by fhose long-anficipafed days, Class Day and Commencemenf. Wifh fwo emofions, gladness and sorrow, sfruggling in us for masfery, we fook leave of our High School, never again fo refurn as sfudenfs. 4. Thaf imporfanf roll of paper, fhe diploma, was fhe chief incenfive fo labor fhis year, nof fo menfion a burning desire fo fake our places in fhe world and apply all fhaf we had learned. CONCLUSION ln fhese brief years we have learned fo work hard, fo play equally hard, fo cooperafe, fo love fhe finer expressions of arf, and fo know fhe ups and downs of life. May we, no longer as a class, buf as scaffered individuals, carry on wifh fhe besf fhaf is in us! '23 'S Egqlcb R' T LU no .3 E 35 - 3-'36 H O6 Q Q xi, 'ii Emu, ahhh 4 3-3-9 gx4V,Ogs 3 N 'HffE: 3 3 E m + Egfr ELS 9 W S:8E+3f 2 6H5?255f E Z mass...-.CEO 4 L ' Rfofii 3 5: 6935 21 as J xl-c 333 fN5535 E 255 E -M3592 5 LIU J :Ig 5' Jkggz + a:o2w Q33? 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U.D"g-'-gag-C-- mln-UELE P-.g,m...6 No M - 2 an--Ca.+2" tn:0J'-tD 'O fr - D 1.+ ua ua --Q-E 'o.0l-DN6 !4vu32fu 5+ 3:5- 0055 !30B2:a23m3g5 032- Dwigiais, N I-ff.-5+ frui.:.o 1524: -Ngdg 05556 N-Ea. 22 v-34 , cog,-,Q CJ in CLASS WE, Tl-lE CLASS OE IQ38, feeling our clays in lhis l-ligh School lo be numbered, being in our righl minds ancl in full possession of our lacullies, do orclain lhis, our final will and leslarnenl. To Mr. Ebersole and +he School Board, we leave our besf wishes. To 'rhe facully en masse, we re+urn our good grades so +ha+ +hey may be given +o +he fu+ure Seniors. To Mr. Blouch, a gold-le'Hered copy of +he Consfiiufion. To Miss Miller, book of home-room programs. E To Mr. Bishop, more consideraie pupils. To Mr. Seiders, an infelligenl' English group. To Mr. Cassel, bigger "Trig" classes. To Miss Barr, +wo s+rong-armed assis+an+s. To Mr. Wenger, our s+ale chewing-gum for his personal use. To Mrs. Herr, 'rhe +wo "Prac+ical Law" books which +wo enierprising Seniors borrowed. To 'Phe Freshmen, we leave all our worn-our +ex+books and +able+- backs. To +he Sophomores, we will 'rhe brilliance of +he Junior Class. To +he Juniors, we leave all our old Problems no+es - and if +ha+'s no+ being generous! STUDENT BEQUESTS "Dolly" Coble's bloncleness is lefi 'ro Be++y Sheaffer. John Aungs+'s abilily +o cul' classes, we leave +o his liH'le bro'I'her Wilbur. .26 WILL s'I'op can Paul Brand+'s bass voice, +o Clifford Shank. Vivian Fi+zwa+er's noise, we leave +o Clefus Hippensfeel. Haman Cunningham's sleepiness, we'll give fo Don Ulrich so he'll annoying fhe girls. CharloHe Kreider's reserve, we leave +o Gerry Garber. To Jack Horner, Francis Olweiler leaves his iimidiiy. Kaihryn RuH leaves her demureness fo Ru+h Folsom. Florence Landis's heighi, 'ro Jean Wolgemu+h. Bob Earhar+'s car, fo some s+ray hiichhiker. Donald Ream's speed, he gladly gives +o Roberf Cunningham so he be like his cousin "Glenn." Beanie Shirk's posifion as Mr. Wenger's righ'I'-hand man, 'ro Harold Garman. Janei' Boyd's efficiency, we leave +o someone who needs i+. Sonny Boozer's abiliiy fo drive 'From here +o Midcllefown asleep, we leave +o Harry Heagy. Me+z's faiihfulness +o Ruih, we leave +o some under-classman who needs exercise. man. Jake WiHel's blulifing abili+y, +o Virginia Boyd. Helen Madeira's ambiiion, we leave +o John Barr. Rober+ ShiFfer's weekly visi+s +o Rheems, +o Wib Raffensperger. Alia Newcomer's red hair, fo Paul Adams. Shankie's popularify in +he Commercial Sec+ion, fo Bobbie Brenne- Roberi' Keller's perfeci' behaviour is willed 'ro Joseph Gingrich. Anna Rulh Hess's 'lyping abilify, +o Harold Wilmer. Harold Dooli++le's prompiness, +o Doi Nissley. Marfie lrvin leaves 'lo fhe 'Facul+y, peace and quief. 029 O2 JUNIORS TOP ROW llell lo righll: Paul Leichl, William Goss, June Johnson, Howard Sloner, Jean Hess, John Barr, Jean Wolgemulh, Harry Heagy, Anna Brill, Roberl Flowers, Elizabelh Risser, Charles Shealler. SECOND ROW: Belly Shealler, Rulh Easlon, Paul Adams, Lona Daveler, Joseph Groll, Naomi Bradley, Marlin Eshelman, Julia Dickson, Irvin Earharl, Jane Larson, Brinser Hiesland, Emma Barley, Roberl Shank. THIRD ROW: Harold Garman, Mildred Seiders, Norman Shank, Vera Shoop, Roy Snyder, Wilbur Raflensperger, Joseph Forry, Elizabelh Miller, Louis Marlz, Joyce Sweigarl, Marlin Risser, Rulh Folsom. FOURTH ROW: Roy Slevens, Mildred Brown, Lamar Kessler, Jane Hill, Howard Neidig, Thelma Miller, Dorolhy Baugher, Mary Heisey, Frank McClurg, Helen Schwanger, Eugene Risser, Dorolhy Nissley. FIFTH ROW: Jacqueline Dilfenderler, Frank Fierce, Grace Hollinger, Paul Miller, Lucille Kaylor, Howard Brelz, George Dimeler, Marian Shealler, Roberl Barnharl. SIXTH ROW: Erma Risser, Anna Mary Newcomer, Marlha Coble, Marian Sipling, Ellen Coble, Geraldine Garber, Dorolhy Painler, Marie Sloner, Clelus Hippensleel, Emma Lou Bishop. SOPHOMORES TOP ROW: Ellen Espenshade, John Dunlord, Mary Brinser, Wilbur Aungsl, Lillian Raebuck, James Miller, Lucy Todd, Harold Brubaker, Mildred Hassler, Donald Ulrich, Mary Haflley, Jack Horner, Laurella Willel, Neil Dunkelberger, Naomi Heisey, Richard Haldeman, Nancy Engle, Russel Lawrence, Marian Kieler, Donald Pelers. SECOND ROW: Jane Flowers, Amos Keener, Sarah Royer, Jack McGarrah, Marlha Tyson, Roberl Grosh, Marry Berrier, David Madeira, Mabel Barley, Roy Sloner, Sylvia Sweigarl, Lee Hollzman, Belly Sheelz, Dale Seiders, Isabel Ashenleller, Paul Shaak, Rulh Reem, John Sweeney, Harold Longenecker. THIRD ROW: Evelyn Wenlz, Roberl Brenneman, Joseph Gingrich, Eleanor Heinle, Arlhur Painler, Marlha Moose, Roy Herr, Anna Espenshade, Wilbur Reider, Helene Eckinger, Paul Goodling, Beryl Lienhard, Edgar Shank, Velma Snyder, Warren Bishop, Dorolhy Keener, Harold Ebersole, Earl Greiner. FOURTH ROW: Ralph Weasl, Harold Helm, Mildred Ream, Gerlrude Hipple, Roberl Sieberl, Jane Hackman, John Shealler, Marlha Rull, William Wagner, Frances Herlzler, Jacob Zerphy, Rulh Hilsher, Simon Kraybill, Margarel Painler, Roberl Cunningham, Thelma Neidig. FIFTH ROW: Emma Zeager, Richard Henry, Mary Lancasler, Kennelh Frey, Dorolhy Sweigarl, Clilford Shank, William Bobish, Dorolhy Greenly, Harold Wilmer, Gladys Bricker, Edward Miller, Selena Kraybill, Everell Lullrell, Eslher Coble, Ross Lawson, Anna Chapman, Sluarl Goodwin, Dean Barnharl. SIXTH ROW: Ralph Forwood, Sarah Frey, Reba Goodling, Sarah Becker, Carl Upde- grall, Verna Troslle, Amos Floyd, Jay Garber, Hilda Easlon, Richard Ebersole, Virginia Boyd, Paul Philips, Romaine Bryan, Ira Balhursl, Gladys Livengood, Benjamin Bender, Bealrice Snyder, Oscar Oberdorl, James Lighlner. FRESHMEN TOP ROW: Kennelh Rider, Mary Hollinger, John Nissley, Nancy Becker, Ralph Risser, Irene Bradley, James Landis, Mary Shiller, Waller Treichler, Palricia Hess, Roberl Becker, Belly Heagy, William Browning, Edna Lullrell, Paul Boyer, Eleanor Klein- leller, Allan Long, Margarel Wormley, Frances Cresswell, Raymond Slyer. SECOND ROW: Moses Ebersole, Fay Halley, Edwin Boll, Miriam Forry, Claude Ishler, Beulah Yeagley, John Chard, Kalhryn Hossler, Harry Baker, Rulh Pierce, Joseph Garber, Myrlle Holler, Isaac Holler, Marie Schallslall, Sylvesler Ulrich, June Gainer, Charles Johnson, Nancy Chambers, Lois Gish, Amos Wagner. THIRD ROW: John Garber, Agnes McClurg, Earl Spickler, Marilyn Miller, Carl Brubaker, Geraldine Schalz, Paul Gish, Margarel Allen, Leroy Snyder, Dorolhy Becker, Roberl Greiner, Marjorie Werkheiser, Kennelh Snyder, Helen Thompson, Henry Gingrich, Sarah Keeny, Ray Shaak, Belly Ream, James Garber, Evelyn Eshelman. FOURTH ROW: Kennelh Shearer, Verna Newcomer, Lewis Sauler, Dorolhy Kaylor, Roberl Sheeli, Jane Ganl1, Allred Reingold, Dorolhy Longenecker, Eugene Hess, Jane Aldinger, Paul Bless, Jean Aungsladl, Roy Heisey, Margarel Alwine, Roberl Heisey, Joyce Marlin, Monroe Dinwiddie, Anna Hiesland, Glenn Erb, Orpha Snyder. FIFTH ROW: Llewellyn Sweigarl, Margarel Greenly, John Helm, Arlene Goodling, Phares Longenecker, Belly Body, Claude Moyer, Lorraine Filzwaler, Glenn Baum, Jean Lokey, Richard Sweigarl, Lorraine Blasser, Roberl Frey, Mariana Olweiler, Sluarl Turner, Thelma Cox, Claude Nye, Rulh Holler, Frank Sweeney, Edilh Lokey. SIXTH ROW: Anna Mae Forwood, Dorolhy Ebersole, Thelma Herlo, Eddie Barnharl, John Ream, Dorolhy Brouchl, Alexander Hashem, Rulh McDanneI, Frank Shissler, Rulh Haldeman, Marlin Enck, Dorolhy Heisey, David Neidigh, Erma Kraybill, Rulh Slauller, Allred Eckrolh, Ellen Zell, Paul Eckinger, Belly Gainer, FRONT ROW: Marlin Weiss, Raymond Hipple, Roberl Gainer, James Brelz, James Daggell, Clarence Draco. 'Q9 HOME-ROOM OFFICERS 8- I PRES. Harold Raffensperger 8-2 8: 3 PRES. EarI Disney SECY. Jean Koser SECY. Beniamin Hess HOME-ROOM OFFICERS 7- I PRES. William Barnhari' 7-2 8: 3 PRES. Cleo Boozer SECY. Leona Wesi' SECY. Edna Ebersole .30 EIGHTH GRADE TOP ROW lLell lo righll: Elizabelh Good, John Buch, Gerald Hollingsworlh, William Hare, Rulh Leichl, Floyd Doolillle, Harry Bonlield, Goldie Becker, Wilbur Rambo, John Lawrence, Isabelle Weasl, Warren Bricker, Earl Disney, Helen Sweigarl, William McNeil, Roberl Pugh. SECOND ROW: Weldon Filzwaler, Richard Hershberger, Mary Bischel, Roberl Din- widdie, Harold Rallensperger, Belly Sleiner, Edward Ulrich, Elwood Chapman, Jean Bishop, Howard Sheelz, Elwood Krodel, Rulh Parrell, John Enlerline, Dale Brandl. THIRD ROW: Fern Schaak, William Gainer, Jane Klein, Ray Clark, Alma Grace Snyder, Harold Arndl, Roy Sloner, Belly Shealler, George Hassler, Ray Olweiler, Anna Eshenbaugh, John Lebo, Harold McCorkeI. FOURTH ROW: Raymond Rahn, Marlha Weaslling, Emma Figson, Glenn Beck, Clyde Ganlz, Fern Hershey, Douglas Karnes, Doris Smilh. Carl Landis, Allred Wilhers, Calherine Goodyear, Joseph Ebersole, George Neidig, Mary Ann Hubbs. FIFTH ROW: James Harrison, Lewis Hulobs, William Carr, Richard Maxwell, Jane Wade, Helen Alexander, Ned Easlon, Richard Painler, Richard Musser, Roberl Horning, Polly Brosey, Harvey Eshleman, Marlin Kessler. SIXTH ROW: Rulh Kraybill, Paul Brel1, Edwin Ruhl, Clyde Barnharl, Anna Weiss, Ida Fainler, Irene Larson, Dorolhy Rossman, Douglas Filzwaler, Roberl Lindemulh, Jean Koser, Richard Bringman, Benjamin Hess, Belly Cover. SEVENTH GRADE TOP ROW llefl lo righll:ArIene Kauffman, Richard Heisey, Marie Andrews, Wilberl Wagner, Belly Ebersole, Kennelh Becker, Mary Keener, Marvin Means, June Adams, Charles Biddle, Helen Helsley, Clyde Boyer, Eleanor Reem, William Reem, Wini- lred Brouse, Jay Meads, Belly Sweigarl. SECOND ROW: Richard Pelers, Jean Shank, Roberl Ream, Rulh Herr, Donald Lulz, Mary Jane Shealler, Roberl Singer, Mary Grosh, James Nissley, Nancy Hein, Clifford Drescher, Leona Wesl, Harry Eisenhour, Joan Schlosser, Roberl Lesher, Dorolhy Sloner. THIRD ROW: Arlhur Johns, Gloria Miller, Roberl Shealler, Belly Weaver, Dale Mumper, Dorolhy Weaver, John Eisenhour, Isla Goodling, Paul Blecher, Janel Kaullman, James Hoover, Anna Snyder, John Risser, Julia Meads, Ralph Frey, Cleo Boozer, Brooks Henderson. FOURTH ROW: Charles Lienhard, Zelda Hilz, Nellie Sweigarl, Samuel Gingrich, Louise Baugher, Joseph Loraw, Nancy Myers, George Flowers, Mary Bullerbaugh, Charles Goodyear, Mildred Slumpl, Roberl Ulrich, Sara Gullschall, Thomas Junk, Velma Bobish. FIFTH ROW: Nelson Lawrence, Janice Rahn, Arlene Elaersole, Richard Maslers, Elaine Grimm, Dean Koppenhaver, Kalhleen Smilh, Roberl Fowden, Mary Jane Thompson, William Barnharl, Fay Slolls, Paul Meckley, Marlin McCorkel. SIXTH ROW: Richard Gainer, Harold Gainer, Herberl Ingram, Helen Marlin, Howard Sheaaller, Lesler Ebersole, Jay Eckinger, Glenn Eshelman, Edna Ebersole, Russell Good, Elizabelh Ausborne, George Wells, Doris Ulrich, Harold Slahl. .3J C13 2 ATI-I LETICS A VARSITY FOOTBALL E. - STYER, ULRICH R. E. - SHIFFER T. -- SNYDER L. H. B. - BOOZER G. - McCLURG, AUNGST R. H. B. - RAFFENSPERGER G. - RISSER Q. B. - GARBER T. - SWEENEY F. B. - WITTEL, METZLER VARSITY BASKETBALL GARBER WITTEL LEICHT RAFFENSPERGER SHIFFER STONER SHIRK ULRICH SEIDERS 'M FOOTBALL Our gridiron feam did nof furn in an excepfionally good record Iasf season, buf we admire fheir spirif. "I+ is nof whefher you won or Iosf, buf how you played fhe game." Q7 In parfing, fhe Class of '38 exfends +3 coming feams fheir hearfiesf wishes for successful seasons. FOOTBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES OPPONENT E. H. S. I3 Shillingfon 0 6 Wesf York 0 6 Lififz 6 25 Red Lion I2 I4 Ephrafa 0 29 Paffon Trade School 8 BASKETBALL Being handicapped by a poor sfarf, our quinfef rallied fheir forces and became one of fhe formidable opponenfs of fhe league. They placed second in fhe league, wifh Rofhsville faking fop honors. Our boys Iosf a fough ball game on fhe Ia+fer's courf in fhe final game of fhe year. This game meanf a Iof fo fhem, buf as Rofhsville players were on fheir own courf, fhe odds were greafly againsf our boys. The quinfef furned in a commendable performance for "37-38g" fhey gave all fhey could give. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE AND SCORES OPP. E.H.S. OPP. E.H.S. 22 Manheim I5 I8 Manheim 33 26 Mayfown 33 I5 Mayfown 35 24 M+. Joy Alumni 25 36 M+. Joy S5 27 Marieffa 25 26 Marieffa 34 9 E. Hempfield 26 I7 E. Hempfield 74 25 Rofhsville 29 Cornwall F. 81 M. Academy 32 Rofhsville 25 38 Paffon Trade School 28 33 College J. V.s 27 9-35 TENNIS We look forward fo a mosf successful season on fhe clay courfs for I938. Having fhe same feam as Iasf year, we are expecfing fo have some sfellar performances from our feam. We have fhe I937 counfy doubles championship feam, namely, Henry Garber and Paul Leichf. The mosf formidable opponenf on our schedule is Mf. Joy. We believe fhaf 'Ihe boys will carry fhe colors fhrough flying. NAMES OF TEAM COACH MAYER, WILBUR REIDER, RICHARD ECKROTH, PAUL LEICHT, CHARLES METZLER, LAWRENCE SHANK, HENRY GARBER. MANAGER AUNGST. TENNIS SCHEDULE E. H. S. OPPONENTS Middlefown Manheim Twp. Manheim Mounf Joy Paffon Lififz .86 SWIMMING Our swimming reams were enfered in 'rhe Counfy Swimming Meer al' Lancas+er. The I'eams Ioolc second place in I937, and slarred fourfh place in '38, CharloI+e Kreider won bo+h 'I'he 25 yd. and 50 yd. free-sI'yle girls' championship, while Josephine Aldinger lopped Iirsl' place in Ihe girls' baclcsfroke evenf. GIRLS' TEAM C. Kreider A. Chapman J. Aldinger L. Raebuck V. Filzwafer J. Gainer J. Wolgemu+h G. SchaI'z R. D. J. H. BOYS' TEAM Shiffer P. Leichl' Ulrich P. Boyer Garber W. Raffensperger M. Garber W. Boozer EXPLANATION Due Io 'Ihe earnesf desire of 'rhe Yearbook Sfaff +o have +he Year- book published before 1'he end of Ihe school year wi+hou+ delay, we are omiHing 'Ihe swimming and baseball piciures. BASEBALL In pasl' years we have always boasfed a good baseball +eam. In '37 I'hey placed second I'o Li+i+z. This season we are hoping +haI' Ihey climb +o +ha+ Iop rung of 'rhe ladder. We wish fhem success for '38 season. E. H. S. Opp. E. H. S. Opp. MarieI'+a Manheim Manheim PaHon LiI'iI'z Li+iI'z E. Hempfield E. Hempfielcl E. Donegal E. Donegal MarieHa Pa+'I'on 087 I-38 ACTIVITIES 940 SENIOR PLAY Our Senior Play, "Growing Pains," was enfhusiasfically received, due fo fhe dramafic leadership of Mrs. Herr, who coached fhe play. Professor and Mrs. Mclnfyre lJohn Aungsf and Marian Seidersl, a middle-aged couple, are guiding fheir fwo children fhru fhe frials of adolescence. Young George lHenry M. Garberl is beginning 'ro experience fhe pangs of puppy love, while his sisfer Terry lFrances Lesherl firsf learns fhe fhrill of high-heeled shoes. George and Terry, under fheir mofher's guidance, give a dance for fheir young friends. The liffle iealousies of adolescence are well-marked fhroughouf fhe evening, for several of fhe boys like fhe same girl. George, enraged fhaf his advances are making no headway, goes ouf and gefs info frouble wifh a policeman lHarry Williamsl, almosf landing in iail. Finding his beloved already engaged fo anofher, George proves fhe lighf-hearfedness of youfh by falling for fhe nexf girl fhaf comes along, while Terry's affecfions for her boy-friend are duly refurned, and she, as well as George, grows a nofch in life's experiences. JUNIOR PLAY As Juniors, fhe Class of '38 presenfed a rollicking comedy, "Oh, Professor!" under fhe able supervision of Mr. Seiders. The scene of fhe play was laid in a Girls' Academy. Due fo need of a resf for fhe old professor, Dr. Arisfofle lBruce Brownl, a new professor was fo fake over fhings. His name was Percival Courfwrighf lDonald Reaml, which described him exacfly. Michael Pemberfon lJohn Aungsfi, who was frying fo evade a Fifi lFrances and Evelyn Lesherl whom he had mef while soiourning in Europe, won Percy's consenf fo Trade places wifh him. Michael was given a merry chase by fhe lively young sfudenfs. Jimmy Anderson, lHenry Garberl, Michael's friend, also complicafed fhings by dressing as a girl and becoming a sfudenf. Everyfhing unfangles wifh Percy falling in love wifh Fifi, and Michael is lucky enough fo receive fhe hand of fhe girl he loves. The sfraighf-backed dean, Miss Fredericka, lMarian Seidersl, finally succeeds in winning Dr. Arisfofle. ORCHESTRA This year, as in ofher years, fhe Junior and Senior orchesfras carried on under fhe bafon of Miss Belser. The pafrons are always appreciafive of 'rheir enferfainmenf af fhe various school funcfions. Senior Class members who play in eifher or bofh of fhe orchesfras are: Trombones: Paul Brandfg Saxophone: Warren Boozerg Trumpef: Alma Herr, Lawrence Shank: Drums: John Aungsfg Bass Fiddle: Donald Ream, Clarinefs: Henry Garber, Frances Olweiler, John Aungsfg Violin: Richard Eckrofh. 04I O4 LIBRARY STAFF I937-l938 marked a mosf successful year for fhe Library Sfaff, due fo fhe capable leadership of Mrs. Herr as Librarian and her assisfanfs. We feel sure fhaf a goal has been realized: fhaf of sfimulafing an inferesf in good reading fhroughouf fhe school. STAFF: Emma Barley Charloffe Kreider Janef Boyd Jane Larson Bruce Brown Francis Olweiler Jacqueline Diffenderfer Erma Risser Grace Hackman Beffy Sheaffer Jean Hess Jean Wolgemufh Marfha Jane lrvin Supervisor - Mrs. Herr DEBATING Mr. Blouch and Mr. Grosh deserve much credif for fheir faifhful service in coaching and building up fhe debafing feams. The I937-I938 quesfion for debafe was: "Resolved, fhaf fhe several sfafes adopf a unicameral form of legislafure." Our debafing feams cooperafe wifh fhe Lancasfer-Dauphin Counfy Debafing League, and are also a member of fhe Pennsylvania Music and Forensic League. TEAMS Affirmafive Negafive Jean Hess Henry M. Garber Mary Brinser Beffy Sheaffer Jack Horner, Capf. John Aungsf, Capf. Harold Garman, Alfernafe David Madeira, Alfernafe CASSELONIAN CLUB The Casselonian Club is made up of Senior geomefry sfudenfs and is devofed fo fhe sfudy of higher mafhemafics. Some of fhe subiecfs for discussion in fhe club during fhe year were: fhe use of fhe slide rule, pyramids, men of nofe in mafhemafics, relafion of science fo mafh, and mafhemafical puzzles. Officers: Presidenf Bruce Brown V. Presidenf Haman Cunningham Secrefary Kafhryn Ruff Faculfy Advisor - Mr. Cassel C33 .4-A STUDENT COUNCIL The S'I'uden+ Council has been a par'I of our school for fhree years. This year if joined Ihe Na+ionaI Associa+ion of Siudenf Officers in order fo learn abouf oiher s+uden+ organiza'rions and help +o improve i+s own. In December Ihe Council sponsored an enferfainmenf in assembly by Hans Helms, an ins+rumen+aI singer. Anofher of iI's projecfs was Io creaie an in+eres+ in having beHer home-room programs in +he school. In March +he Council boosfed fhe Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y in Iheir cam- paigns for good spor+manship and good cifizenship. Officers of 'Ihe Council are: Pres. - Henry M. Garber Secy. - Jean WoIgemu+h V. Pres. - John Aungs+ Treas. - Wilbur Raffensperger Advisor - Mr. Cassel T R I - H I - Y This year +he goal of fhe Tri-Hi-Y was 'ro have a bigger Mofher and Daughier Banque'I'. This goal was realized by Ihe sponsoring of various programs, among which was a noveI+y dubbed "Charm Revue," in which Jacqueline Diffenderfer was Ihe winner. Officers: Presideni ---- Marian Seiders V. Presiden+ - - CharIoHe Kreider Secrefary - - Jacqueline Diffenderfer Treasurer - Helen Madeira Chaplin - Alfa Newcomer Scribe - Frances Lesher Counselors - - Miss Miller, Miss Dulebohn HI-Y The Hi-Y Club, a branch of 'rhe Y. M. C. A., is an organizafion whose membership is Iimi+ed fo 'Ihe boys of fhe Senior High School. Several proiecis were sponsored by 'Ihe club during Ihe year, among fhem a Bible S'l'udy Class Iasfing six weeks. Officers: Presiden+ - - - Harold German V. Presidenf - - John Aungsl' Secrefary - - Donald Ream Treasurer - Richard Helm Counselors - - Mr. Blouch, Mr. Bishop 045 1 O C I I I W 1 w N w w O M M E R C I A L C L U B I P A T R O L R I F L E C L U B 50 04,5 COMMERCIAL CLUB The Senior Commercial Socie+y is a club of commercial sfudenls organized +o sfudy more closely +he business condiiions and problems of +he day. In January 'rhe Socie+y visi+ed +he Telephone Exchange in Lancas+er, where 'rhey observed +he opera+ion of +he swiichboard. In March, Mr. Berfram Ream of 'Ihe EIizabeI'h'I'own Posfoffice addressed Ihe club on Ihe sysiem of pos?-office filings. A+ Thanksgiving 'rime I'he club dis+ribu+ed food baskeis fo +he needy of fhe fown. OFFICERS OF THE CLUB ARE: Presidenl' ---- Lawrence Shank Vice Presideni - - Jean Eshelman Secrefary - - - Anna Nauman Sergeani-ai'-Arms - Vivian Fifzwaier Faculfy Advisor - - Miss Barr PATROL The Indoor Pafrol was organized 'For I'he purpose of direc'I'ing lhe s+uden+ Iraffic in +he halls. The members also ac+ as ushers a+ school enierfainmenfs. The Ou+door Pa+roI is sponsored by 'rhe Lancasfer Auiomobile Associa+ion for Ihe profeclfon of school children on fheir way +o and from school. OFFICERS OF INDOOR PATROL: OFFICERS OF OUTDOOR PATROL: Capt - - - Doroihy Baugher Capt - - - Francis Olweiler Lieuis. - - Ellen Espenshade Lieufs. - - Edgar Shank Harry Brefz Waller Treichler Jane Larson Secreiary - - Anna Ruih Hess FacuI+y Advisor Mr. Hamillon RIFLE CLUB Our Rifle Club is showing qui'Ie a bil of progress, being only in Hs fourfh year. The rifle range is now in +he basemenl' of 'Ihe old school building, wiI'h prac'I'ice on Monday and Tuesday of each week. The Club lakes par+ in Ihe Nalional Bi-Weekly Junior Mafches and is conduc'Ied by Ihe Civilian Marksman of I'he War Deparlmenf, Maior Lord. OFFICERS OF THE CLUB ARE: Presidenl' ---- Henry M. Garber Secrefary - - Lyra Sieberf Advisor - Mr. Hamilion 947 GPERETTA This year, under rhe direcrion of Miss Belser, +he Senior Chorus pre- senfed "The Golden Trail," an opere'I'+a by Charles Wakefield Caclman. During +he Gold Rush of '49, California was +he scene of many wild doings. Don Carlos Alvarado, wi+h his daughrer Barbariia and friends, sfops a+ Mike's Golden Trail Ho+el, where he meels Don Pedro Carranza and his rancheros. Smiling Charlie, a pony-express rider, is chased in by bancli+s, wirh a consignmen+ of gold dust AH'er rhe arrival of emigran+s from Vermonr, Don Carlos announces +he be+ro+hal of Barbarira and Charlie. Larer Dead-Shof Dick and his bandirs are aboul fo hang Charlie on a false charge of Thefl' and murder, when Trapper Joe saves him. The bandir leader is discovered +o be Don Pedro, fhe gold consign- menr is recovered, lhe Alvarado 'Family iewels are saved, and 1'he befrofhal dance +akes place, wi1'h a very happy Finale. Main cas'I': Don Carlos Alvarado, Charles Me+zler, Mike, John Aungsi, Barbarira, Jean Grosh and Ru+h Folsom, Mon+y Puddingron, Henry M. Garber, Dead-Shof Dick, Neal Bachman, Trapper Joe, Wilbur Raffens- perger, Carmela, Evelyn Lesher, Modes+e, Helen Hackman, Mr. Hurd, Paul Brandi, Mrs. Hurd, Alfa Newcomer, Sylvia Hurd, Anna Nauman. 048 YEARBOOK STAFF Edifor-in-Chief: HELEN MADEIRA Associa+e Ediforsz JANET BOYD, MARTHA JANE IRVIN Sporfs Edi+or: HARRY WILLIAMS Arr Edi+or: ANNA RUTH HESS Business Manager: RICHARD ECKROTH Assis'I'anI' Business Manager: FRANCIS OLWEILER CircuIa+ion Manager: JOHN AUNGST FacuI+y Advisors: MR. SEIDERS, LITERARY ADVISOR MR. HAMILTON, BUSINESS ADVISOR .449 Www L..1E,:...m MH' KN 'if . LaJtu0JNJNJN!lx3NJlQN!lx7lQNJ---'-'-'---'-- N'-C433NIU'U'1-PCMNJ-O'OCDNlO'U1-hMJN71O'OwNIO'U1-PU-lN7 CAPTIONS OF CANDID SHOTS Our exponenl ol good governmenl. Thal indispensable slage slall. Meel lhe Senior Class advisers. Forly winks and Chemislry lo sludy. Here are lhe Senior Play boys. Mr. Bishop musl have cracked one ol his iokes My! Seniors going inlo second childhood! Guess who? Vivian allacks a soll prelzel. Don'l splil your sides, Killy. Here we are, boys. Anxious lo see il, Melz. When we were a couple ol kids. Pals slick logelher. Mr. Bishop calls his home-room lo ord Caughl napping. Bill shows his Chrislmas gills. Who said lhe days ol lhe bicycle were Libby. One ol our hobbyisls. Wilh lhal bike you should be on lime. Lel 'er rip, John. Two seniors making lhe daily lrek. Secrelaries lo lhe Principal, lnc. Pull il down, "Shifl." Lel us enler lhal promised land, boys. Righl belore we made our safely. Good friends. Wailing lor lhe bell. Keep plugging, "Henny." E-L-I-Z-A-B-E-T-H-T-O-W-N I Lel's make a firsl down, fellows. 55l SF. over? Class Poem BeTore us lies liTe WiTh unknown schools, We choose our courses, Make our rules. There's room aT The boTTorn And room aT The Top. We hold high our sTandards Or leT Them drop Ragged and Torn. LeT's beaT our deTeaT BeTore iT's born. So leT us Try, Experience Teaching, To play The game Tairly Finishing squarely NOT slipping Through Barely making The grade. l.eT's Tace The TuTure l-lead up! UnaTraid OT any To-morrow! The Tinal cornmencemenT Sans regreT or sorrow. When The lasT bell is rung, The lasT lesson learned, The Tinal page Turned. -MARTHA JANE IRVIN U52 ADVERTISEMENTS .l .-.-flY1.PlUf.-Jllkyii There are few fields where fhe necessi+y for progress-rho demand for new ideas. is as pronounced as in fhe producfiorl of School Annuals. U Here in Can+on we +alce pride in noi' only keeping pace, bu+ in seriing fhe pace for innovafions and changes in fhis highly progressive field. 5 When you worlc wilh Canlon you are hand in hand wifh experienced people, consfanfly on +he aler+ fo sense the wan+s of Annual publishers, and quiclr fo change from fhe old order, and offer new and unusual ideas fo progressive edi+ors. 'ms CANTON ENGRAVING 3. mcmorvvs co., cANroN, or-no 054 , NEWCOMER'S SERVICE STIITIIIN GASOLINE 'A'M ,,. MOTOR OILS I W FUEL OILS ELIZABETHTOWN - MT. JOY - EPHRATA Phone 226-J I9I 297-R GONDECK BAKERY HOME MADE PIES AND CAKES I54 N. MARKET ST PHONE 2II J '55 PHOTOGRAPHS FOR GIFTS . FOR MEMORY FOR FRIENDS FOR GIFT ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I BISHOP STUDIO 44 N. MARKET ST., ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. PHONE 152-J W. T. GRANT COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. MUMPER'S DAIRY PURE MILK Inn UHEAM TRY OUR DELICIOUS ORANGE JUICE P vide an Accoun+ by Sysfemafic Sav g ASK ABOUT OUR PLAN ELIZABETHTUWN BUILDING ANU LUAN ASSUIIIATIUN No. 23 souTH MARKET sr. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 7 COMPLIMENTS OF J. W. WCJLGEMUTI-I Phone I75 COAL FEED FRESH MEATS - GROCERIES Elecfric and Ace+ylene VEGETABLES WELDI N6 WENGEH BHUTHEH3 PORTABLE EQUIPMENT FUUU STUHE ON THE SQUARE AT YOUR SERVICE Phone 67-J .Elizabe+h+own H, U, .58 r ELIZABETHTIIWN IIHAMBEII UF UIIMMEHGE ELIZABETHTOWN AN AGRICULTURAL AND INDUSTRIAL CENTER OFFicers: J. N. OLWEILER, Presidenf J. L. RISSER, FirsI' Vice Presideni' L LANDIS, Sec. V. Presidenf KETTERING, Treasurer L. C. HERSI-IEY, Secrefary D. . JOS. COMPLIMENTS OF E. H. GISH ANII SIIII INSURANCE 236 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. SEE AND DRIVE THE TWO NEW FORD V-8 CARS FOR I938 THE THE THRIFTY BRILLIANT "60" "85" The Qualify Car in Ihe Low Price Field GAIIBEH GARAGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. NISSLEY BAKERY FOR Qualify Baked ProducI's DeIiverecI Fresh Daily Phone I53-J EIizabeI'h+own ' .59 KLEIN IIHUGIILATE GU. ING. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COAL FEED GHUBB ANIJ BHEIIEMAII FUEL ou. GRAIN S. F. ULHIGH. ING. BUICK - CHEVROLET Phone 2I ELIZABETHTIIWII PLANIIIG MILL LUMBER - MILL WORK BUILDERS' SUPPLIES - COAL Phone No. 3 COMPLIMENTS OF BUCI-I'S WATER BALLAST LAWN ROLLER FOR ROLLING LAWNS, GOLF COURSES AND TENNIS COURTS Filled wifh Wa+er for Weighf WRITE US FOR CIRCULAR BUSH MFG. UU. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 1 CONGRATU LATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '38 Giffs for all Occasions 26 W. HIGH ST. DIFF'S Il. A. HAMILTIJN The Iargesi' Furnifure S'rore be+ween Lancasfer and Harrisburg SHEIHEITS JEWELER FURNITURE STUIIE I 35-37 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN Phone I2-W Manufaciurer of Ladies' and ChiIcIren's APRONS and DRESSES JIIII. M. SIIUUKERS J H STEHN DIBIYIOHCIS 1 W6'I'CI'leS FACTORIES: I5,l7 5. MARKET STREET EIizabe+h+own - Seven Valleys ELTZABETHTQWN ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF YIIUH GIIS IIUMPIIIIY IF IT'S DONE WITH HEAT YOU CAN DO IT BETTER WITH T COMPLIMENTS OF HIGKEII PIIETZEL GU. GAS COMPLIMENTS OF OLDSMOBILE PONTIAC Tailor and Dry Cleaner HASSIIIGEH AIIII HISSEH SUITS MADE TO ORDER Your Pafronage Is Very Much Appreciafecl Phone 32-J 962 p COMPLIMENTS OF HARRY BECK GREEN GROCERY ELIZABETHTOWN ZARFOSS HARDWARE D. MARTIN CLOTI-HER Home Made Ice Crea RISSEH BIIIITHEIIS Frui'r and Vegefables COME T0 ' ' ' Shop and Meei' Your Friends A+ The Frrendly KITCHEN BEN FIIMIKIIII STUHE ON THE SQUARE F Good Food and Home M cI PHONE 3'-J ICE CREAM TASTY PIJTATO CHIPS YOU'LL ENJOY THEIR CRISPY "Where The Games Are CRACKLING PIayed Over" FRESHNESS R. ROLAND Phone 52W ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. m BUIIKHAIiT'S BEAUTY SHIIPPE II4 W. HIGH STREET ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. If you hair isn'+ becoming Io you you should be coming Io us. I'IEIIIIY I.. GISE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Nolary Public, Surveyor and Conveyancer. Insurance Of All Kinds Agenf For S+a+e Capi+aI Savings and Loan Associa+ion of Harrisburg, Pa. We Fix Anyrhing MEYEIIS MAIIHIIIE SIIIIP R. F. MEYERS, Prop. Corner Nor+h Poplar and Wes+ Hummelsrown S+ree'r ELIZABETHTOWN Phone I64-J Repair Work A Specially Lawn Mowers, Mofors, Pulleys, Bells, Magnef Recharging, Washing Machine Repairing. H. K. IIIIIISHEIMEH Sporling Goods - Kodaks Confecrionery - Sundries CLEANING PRESSING s. s. HEHSHEYANI1 sun M...GSFJZF+Z53..... nfnnrmfm smmz WOLGEMUTH ELIZABETHTOWN 350 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Phone 27-M Made in +he Garden Spof of America IIISIIEY IIIIIIIIY IIII. C. E. DISNEY, Prop. Manufac+urers of Con'Fec+ionery Specialries ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. COMPLIMENTS OF BIIIMM AIIII ZELL INSURANCE II9 S. MARKET ST. ELIZABETHTOWN 964, COMPLIMENTS OF F. H. Kfufws sous FLORY'S Qualify Groceries QUALITY ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. MEAT5 31 GROCERIES Phone 84-M 23 E. High S+. Phone 24-M Lei' Us "Mea+" Your Needs LEO KOB PLUMBING 81 HEATING CONTRACTOR MGIILURG BEAUTY SHIIPPE HERTZLER IIAIRY NATURAL MILK OF OUALITY A COMPLETE MODERN PHARMACY WITH A COSMETIC BAR AND A SODA GRILL CENTRAL CUT-RATE DRUGS 45 S. MARKET STREET COMPLIMENTS or EIIIIIIIIMY SHIIE SIIIRE 39 wssr HIGH STREET Fine Shoes From Fine Sources Farmers Mu+uaI Insurance Company A Home Company Es+aI::IisI1ed in I844 INSURE WITH US Insurance in 'Force SI6,500,000.00 Officers: PresidenI-H. E. Beury, - Ashland Vice Presideni-J. E. Weaver, Lampeier Secrefary-H. L. Gise, Elizabefhfown Treasurer-J. N. Oweiler, Elizabefhfown J. B. Asper, - - Mechanicksburg Eugene Hoas+er, - Lebanon F. L. OIweiIer, - EIizabe'II'1+own -9 65 BRIIISER'S RESTAURANT WEST ENR DAIRY RHEEMS ELIZABETHTOWN JAG. B. FISHER MUSIC STURE FRI E N D GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS AND RANGES BENDIX LAUNDRIES MAYTAG WASHERS ,f Q 5 9 z i 3 S E 3 5: S 5 E 2 E+ f if E 5 4 2 2

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