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Elizabethtown Area High School - Elizabethan Yearbook (Elizabethtown, PA) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 60 of the 1936 volume:

-T i 1 5 '!m:!'HHw:f1aa.w..w 'er .fig 1 -Pvfa gg, ' - -. , 'iv -A mf. 'srnl vffv .f,,f-..- fun. 2.11121 ,.1r-snug :Ja 1v,nb:,.aiv-wxerxnn, f '11.U-fax-.s.m sxfu-,.,.,.'.-r.'1ifa '- zo' -V1.2-:Lazy ' '-frat! me1r14+.3,L-,rHu1!"f-1-Jinivl TM ELIZABETHAN Published by the - Elizaberhrown I-ligh School James S. Kiefer, Ecliror Arthur V. Kulp, Bus. Mgr. I 1 DEDICATION We, The class ol I936, cleolicale This, our Year Book, lo lhe Boarol of Direclors of Jrhe Elizabelhlown Public Schools wilh due apprecialion for all lhe educalional aclvanlages and opporluni- lies which lhe Boarcl has ollerecl lo us Jrhroughoul our school life. BOARD OF DIRECTORS l. E. Shoop-Pres. A. K. Garman-Secy. J. W. Wolgemulh-Vice Pres. J. W. Alldns-Treas. R. E. l-lein l4l FOREWORD IN preparing Jrhis boolc, lhe aim has been +o provide such malerial as will enable one lo recall, in lhe years Jrhal are 'ro come, The pleasanl memories of Those experiences and achievemenls which are now bul memories. lvluch lhoughl ancl care have gone info The making of Jrhis lillle recaller of lhe pasl, and if is hopecl lhal il will fulfill ils pur- poses Jro +he fullest 151 YEAR BO0K STAFF EDITOR James S. Kiefer ASSOCIATE EDITORS Marian Ebersole I-lazel Geislweil Jane Kersey Winifred Kolb Rulh Seiberl ART STAFF I-Iernley Madeira, Missouri l'leilman Arihur Ruhl Anna Bowman SPORTS William Good Ellwood Eshleman PHOTOS Rebecca Bishop, C Marian Larson Jean Hershey Amy Engle Eslher Shoop LITERARY ADVISER Chairman hairman BUSINESS MANAGER Arlhur Kulp ADVERTISING COMMITTEE Joseph Schneilman, Chairman William Balmer Roberf Cable Elsie Landis Ella Mae Grove Miriam Kline Helen Hershey Carl Robinson Samuel Reinhold CIRCULATION COMMITTEE Oueenie Berberian Garlh Gochnauer Velma Brubaker Dorolhy Neidig J. Ralph Parrell TYPISTS Mary Graham Mary Smilh Lydia Clarlr Mary Helm Rulh Wilmer BUSINESS ADVISER F. J. Moorehouse T. H. Eb6FS0l9 I6I T. l-l. Ebersole, Supervising Principal Mary l-laclcenberger Norma Ferguson Mary Fowble l. l.. Reis? Arrlwur C. Mayer May Dulebolwn W. E. Seiders C. E. Smuclc Isabella O. Jones F. J. Moorelmouse l 7 l Wilbur Cassel Wayne B. Blouclw Kalie O. Miller Vere Bishop Evanna Barr Arlliur Mills Berrlfma Belser Angus Douple Kallmryn Nisley CLASS POEM We're sailing from smaller schooling To dis+an+, bigger shores. May lale gran+ us her favor As we pass lhrough Jrhe open doors. We're sailing lhe same ship logelherq Our class comprising lhe crew, And lhough il be slorrny wealher, We'll see lhal The ship gels Through. Cn 'rhe land lhal lies awailing, Each one is sure lo succeed. May vic+ory and forlune greel us. To lhe sea-faring Seniors, God Speed! -Lesler Garber l8i ELIZABETHTOWN I-IIGI-I SCI-IOCDI. CLASSES I I WILLIAM DANIEL BALMER Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Vice Pres. 4: Sr. Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Jr. Enlerlainmenl: Sr. Play: Debal- ing 4: Year Book Slarl. Musician, debaler, and excellenl sludenl is "Bill." He is usually very oplimislic in his oullook on lile. We see a lamous dance band in lhe lulure wilh none olher lhan "Bill" as il's very capable leader. Wave your balon lo a successlul lune, "Bill." MILDRED E. BARNHART Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. When someone says, "Will you please lranslale lhis German sen- fence," we know lhal' "Millie" musl be near by. She is one ol lhe sludi- ous ones of our members. Since music will probably be her career, we are wishing lor her no sour noles in lhe lulure. ELIZA C. BECK Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4. Our class cerlainly lhinks lhal lhey are honored by having a "Sophis- licaled Lady" in lheir midsl. She is none olher lhan "Smokey" who wanls lo be a school marm. The besl' of luck lo you, "Sophislicaled I.. Lady. REBECCA BISHOP Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3. 4: Junior Enlerlainmenl, Operella 3, 4. "Becky" is one ol lhe besl'-liked and besl-nalured girls ol our class. Wilh a smile and a good word for every- one, she will never be lacking in friends. We lhink you're all righl, "Becky." Some one else does loo, doesn'l' he? THURLOW V. BARLEY Hi-Y 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Fool'- ball 3, 4. The young man lhal holds his head so high is "Chessie." He also slicks up lor lhe sophomores, especially one. Her name? Oh, no! lhal would be lelling. We hope lhal you will be a successlul engineer. CHARLES HENRY BECK Senior Commercial Sociely, O. G. A. Conlesl 3, 4: Senior Play Commillee. Piclure a once limid, bashlul, curly- headed lad, budding lorlh inlo manhood and making for himself a brillianl career as presidenl of various organizalionsl ll' is none olher lhan "Charlie." His willy re- marks are somelimes really slarlling. OUEENIE BERBERIAN Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Enlar- lainmenl: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Op- erella 3, 4: Year Book Slafli: Palrol 2. Allhough Queenie is small in slal- ure, she is big in many olher ways. She possesses lhe sweelesl of smiles, a greal willingness lo help olhers, and a hearl so kind lhal il' has endeared her lo us all. Lolfs of luck and happiness, Oueenie! GEO RGIAN NA BOWMAN Senior Commercial Sociely: Year Book Slall: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: O. G. A. Conlesl 3, 4. "Bowman's" grealesl' desire is lo own.an orcheslra. She is sure lo charm everyone wilh her acrobalics, dancing, and singing. "Georgie" has a pleasing personalify and always supplies a ioke lo lil lhe occasion. IRVIN BREHM Senior Play. "Irvie" is lhe lad who added The louch lo Ihe back sfage work in our plays. Allhough he is going lo be a flyer he can cul' hair lo per- feclion. and cul 'rhe air lo "You're 'lhe Top." VELMA KATHRYN BRUBAKER Library Slahc 2, 3, 4: Baskei- ball: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Arr Club 3, 4: Junior Enlerlainmenl: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Year Book Sfall: Operella 3, 4: Senior Play. Here we have an oulslanding per- sonalily of varied lalenfs. She sings, she is alhlelic, she is arlislic, and can she acl? We all lhink of her as lhe dignified personalily of Lady Scoll. LYDIA GRACE CLARK Senior Commercial Sociely: Operella 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Year Book Sfalll: Senior Chorus: O. G. A. Conlesl 3, 4. Wanled: A singing secrelary. Musl guaranlee 'Io drive away lhe blues and be efficienl in all secre- Iarial work. "Clarkie" is cerlain To qualify for such a posifion, for sing- ing is her specially. ROBERT GEORGE COBLE Cheer-leading 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Operella 3, 4: Senior Play: Year Book Slalf. He can sing and dance, is very handsome, and has a pleasing per- sonalily. We are sure lhal' "Bob" will become an eflicienl salesman wirh such excellenf affribfues. Bonne Chance! LESTER BRENAMAN Orcheslra I, 2, 3: Palrol I, 3: Junior Enlerlainmenlz Chorus 2, 3: Operella 2, 3: Male Chorus 2, 3. Did you hear alooul fhe boy in lhis class who had over 3,000 iournals for Problems? You're right i+'s none olher 'rhan "Let" We wish such ambilion as "Le+" has were calching. Gules gluck +0 you, "Lell" Be lhe besl Higher Accounl- anl lhal il's possible fo be. MARY J. CHAPMAN Senior Commercial Sociely: TriAHi-Y 2, 3, 4: O. G. A. Con- lesl 3, 4. ll seems lhal "Chappie" is always gelling inlo 'I'roubIe. However, she can always depend upon Olene lo come lo her rescue and 'they have secrels galore. Oh well! secrecy is one of lhe characlerislics of a good secrelary. CHRISTIAN COBLE "I like mounlain music"-and who doesn'l when lislening lo "Chrisl'ie" slrike up a hill-billy Iune on his fiddle? The good humor of his music is really reflecled in lhal' lwinkle in his eyes. May we always find il lhere, "ChrisI"'I GEORGE M. CUNNINGHAM Orchesfra 6 Yrs. Tool-fool, fhal is Georges clarinel or 'rhe horn +o his Flivver. When George leaves E. I-I. S. il will be minus iusl' a lilile bil' of sublle humor Ihal kepl' i'Is spirils high. Ha aims To be an accounlanl, we don'l' know on accounl' of what bul' iusl an accounlanl. CLYDE EBERSOLE Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Orchesira I, 2, 3, 4: Baskeiball 3, 4. Clyde has come io us from yonder hill and wifh him has broughf a quiet buf pleasing personalily. He has shown musical and afhlefic abilifies. We hope The besi' for you. AMY T. ENGLE Chorus 3: Opereiia 3: Junior Enferfainmeni: Rifle Club 3. Amy has always been known as a bashful and modesl' girl. Your face does gei red ai limes, doesn'i if, "Doodle"? Quief she may be, bui' This characierisiic does noi keep her from becoming quiie lively ai limes, especially on +he aihleiic field where she is mosi oufsianding. ANNA MARY FLOYD Tri-Hi-Y 4: Bainbridge Musical and Play: Secrelary of Bain- bridge Senior Class. "Ann" is ihe preiiy lass from Bain- bridge who came here for only her Senior year. We are sure lhaf "Ann," wifh her sweer disposiiion, will make an excellenl heed clerk in Gran'l's some day. LESTER E. GARBER Senior Commercial Socieiy: O. G. A. Coniesf 3, 4. Wifhoui a poei and carfoonisf a class would be incomplere, so here is fhe link fhaf's missing, imporied from Rheems. Whenever "Les" is quief, we know he is composing free verse or skeiching somefhing lhai is sure To bring him fame. MARIAN EBERSOLE Senior Play: Junior Enieriain- meni: Class Secrefary I: De- bafing 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y-Presi- denl' '36: Opereifa 2, 3, 4: Presideni of Sfudeni' Council '36: Baskefball 3, 4: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4: Year Book Sfaff '36: Library Sfaff '36: Girls' Chorus '33, Marian "Annie Laurie" Ebersole is well known fo us noi only for her many piano performances buf also for her debafing and aciing abili- lies. Bonne chance a vous! ELWOOD ESHLEMAN Foofball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baskefball 2, 3, 4: Home- room Officer 2, 3: Year Book Sfaii: Track Meer 2, 3. Who is fha? going down fhai' aih- lefic field, dashing fo ihe Masonic Homes? I+ is none ofher fhan The incomparable. King of Rhyihm. He is consianfly making ihe music go 'round and 'round wifh a wave of his hands. BETTY JEAN FREEMAN Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Junior Enferiain- meni. "BeHs" is lhe bashful young lady of our class who hails from Sfale College. We hope iha+ when you go lo Washingion lo aifend col- lege, you will be as successful ihere as you were here in school. Bon Voyage! THOMAS GARBER Tennis 2, 3, 4: Baskeiball 3, 4: Foofball 4: Junior Enferfain- rnen+: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Operefia 3, 4: Orchesira I, 2, 3, 4: School Handbook Sfaiif. Whiz! I+'s an ace! If musf be "Tom," for who else could serve such a 'tennis ball? "Tom" has ihe brains and ihe gumpfion io be a success. We feel sure fha+ Garber's Garage, with "Tom" af 'fha head of ii, will rise fo unknown heighfs. Besf of luck io you, "Tom"l 'r -rv-my n-V5-q,q.v.y-ffl 5.5:-5 351 W -figyw fir-1-A-af.-7 r ,L WALTER SAMUEL GEBHARD Senior Commercial Socie+y: O. 6. A. Con+es+ 3, 4. "Geppy" is 'rhe liflle man wifh Ihe big ideas. Allhough he can give you any inlormafion you desire aboul' aulomobiles, his grealesl de- sire is Io be a railway posfal clerk. Besl of luck, "Geppy"l HAZEL MARGARET GEISTWEIT Tri-Hi-Y 3: Operefla: Year Book Slaff: Senior Commercial Sociefy. I-lazel is usually seen driving around in a Chevie. Alone? Oh, no! There is a cerlain young man Ihal owns This Chevie. I-lis name? Now, "LeT" me see. Have you ever fried guess- ing? WILLIAM GOOD Baseball: Foofballf Year Book Sfafl: Treasurer-Alhlefic As- socialion '36, "BiIl" has high hopes of becoming a foresf ranger. Bur we wonder if such a handsome lad as "Bill" couldn'+ give Clark Gable a bil of compelifion. Well, whichever if is, we wish you luck. ELLA MAE GROVE Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Year Book Slall. Ella Mae is always 'Full of fun and ready fo laugh af a good ioke. In her school work, she has been most conscienfious and she cerfainly will make a mos? efficienf house wife af Millersville. We're pulling for you, Ella Mae. H. LYLE GEIB Lyle is fha? calm, unruffled person you see walking around in fhe halls. To know him infimafely is nor easy, all because he is a very quiel indi- vidual who never pufs himself info 'rhe limelight Bu? fha'r's all righf, Lyle, we ollen wish Ihere were more like you. GARTH GOCHNAUER Baseball 2, 3, 4: Football I. 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play: Junior Enferlain- menlq Hi-Y 3, 4: Patrol 4: Presidenl of Afhlelic Associa- lion 4. "Gucky" is our sI'ar alhlere and Ihree leffer man. He can be seen on College Avenue "Every Nighl af Eight" Bul IhaI's all righl. We all have our weaknesses. "Gucky's" am- birion is +o become a denfisf. I-Iere's luck fo you, "Guck." MARY MacGREGOR GRAHAM Tri-l-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Com- mercial Sociefy: Year Book S'raI'f: O. G. A. Conlesl 4. "MacGregor," Ihe Scoifish lass of our class, is surely proud of if. She will succeed because Scofchmen gel 'rhe mosl' ouf of everyfhing. Even a Scofchman would appreciafe Mary's shorfhand. MISSOURI HEILMAN Chorus 2, 3: Opereffa 3: Tri- Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Enferfain- menfg Year Book Sfafl: Ar? Club 3, 4: Girls' Chorus I. "Zourie" aslounds many people wifh her unique name: we all like iI'. She spends a lol of lime drawing house plans. We Ihink she will be an inferior decorafor and a good one. MARY E. HELM Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: OpereTTa 2, l 3, 4: Senior Play: Senior Com- mercial SocieTy: Year Book STaTTg Senior Chorus: O. G. A. ConTesT 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. "Mamie" is ThaT Tall giggling Typ- isT in The commercial secTion who always has a smile Tor every one. When she looks aT you wiTh a Twinkle in her eye and says "so whaT," you simply have To Torgive her. Here's a big wish Tor your suc- cess, "Mamie" JEAN MARIAN HERSHEY Senior Play: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: SecreTary 47 PaTrol lg Year Book STaTTg School Hand Book STaTT: Junior EnTerTainmenT CommiTTee. "Aye, 'Tis MiTher MackinTosh." ln This role we TirsT realized "Jeanie's" acTing abiliTy. She is one oT The Tew pupils who geTs all A's on her re- porT card and her ambiTion is To become a good docTor. We are cerTain ThaT she will never geT her medicine mixed in The TuTure. EDGAR WILLIAM HORST Vice PresidenT oT Bainbridge Senior Class: Senior Play aT Bainbridge. "Ed" is The quieT young man who hails Trom FalmouTh. He is a very good member of our class, espe- cially in Problems. "Ed" is planning To be an elecTrical engineer. T-lere's hoping you make The sparks Tly. ROBERT S. KAYLOR O. G. A. ConTesT 3, 47 Senior Commercial SocieTy. Clear all roads! Here comes "Bob" in his Ford. IT he could handle his shorfhand curves as well as ThaT "Flivver" we could call him RoberT Gregg ll. PracTice makes perTecT on angles and curves. HELEN DOROTHY HERSHEY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior EnTer- TainmenT: Chorus 3, 4: Year Book STaTT: OpereTTa 3, 4: Senior Play: Swimming 3: Rifle Club 3. Pep and enThusiasml ThaT is Helen. She is Tull of Tun, a good sporT, and a Tine comrade. She always seems To leave people happy, so she is ever welcome. Bon heur a vous! JOHN HENRY HOFFMAN Junior EnTerTainmenT: Senior Play. One of The smallesT and also The quieTesT members of our class is "Mannie." He inTends To be eiTher an invenTor or an arTisT. Whichever Tield you specialize in, we wish you loTs of success. OLENE RUTH JUMPER Senior Commercial SocieTy: O. G. A. ConTesT 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. Olene is The possessor of The oddesT name of The class. Have you heard ThaT "TooTs" is inTeresTed in Rheems or is iT The people in Rheems? She always comes To "Chappie's" aid, especially in Typ- ing class. MARY JANE KERSEY Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Junior Play: Rifle Club 3. Number Please! This is our sweeT voiced "Janie" doing her duTy aT The swiTchboard. She is preparing herseIT To be eFTicienT in her chosen profession as a docTor. "Bonne Chancel" JAMES S. KIEFER Class Treasurer 3, 4: Debafing 3. 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Orchesfra l, 2, 3, 4: Year Book Slaff: Senior Play: Junior Enferfainmenf: l-li-Y 2, 3: Boys' Chorus 2, 3. Behold one of fhe mosf ambifious of fhe Class of '36! Nofhing is foo much frouble for "Jim." Jusf ask anyone who, in E. H. S., can handle a difficulf iob, and fhe answer will come quickly:-James Kiefer. WINIFRED KOB Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Junior Enferfainmenf: Senior Play: Class Secrefary 2, 3, 4: Afhlefic Associafion- Secrefary 2, 3, 4: Tri-l-li-Y- Secrefary '35: Vice Presidenf '36: Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4: Year Book Sfaff: Home Room Secre- fary 3, 4: Rifle Club 3: Girls' Chorus I: Orchesfra I, 2, 3, 4. "Winnie's" fheme song is C-E-L- L-O. "Jeanie's" personalily has racliafecl fhroughouf fhe school leaving behind her many friends. "Winnie" is going fo be a recrea- fional leader. Besf of luck! ELLNORA JEAN KULP Senior Commercial Sociefy: O. G. A. Confesf 3, 4. Found: One quief, demure office girl by fhe name of "Kulpie." Good children should always be seen and nof heard: and, since she follows rhis maxim, we know she will make a good "sfenog" in some one's of- fice. JAY HAROLD LAN DIS Foofball 4: Junior Enferfain- menf Commiffee: Properfy Sfaff for Senior Play. Puf, puf, puf! "Chef" is fhe mofor- cyclisf of fhe class. He will prob- ably be a mofor-cycle cop some day. Then he can drive cycles fo his hearf's confenf. l-le was fhaf flashing leff halfback No. 40 who made mosf of High Schoal's fouch- downs. Many happy goals in the fufure. "Chef"l MIRIAM KLINE Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Chorus 3, 4: Opereffa 3, 4: Junior En- ferfainmenf: Year Book Sfaff. l-lave you ever seen dark locks fhaf may have been long curls? Well, fhey belong fo "Mimi." She is very much inferesfed in Ari, and has won prizes on several painfings. l-lere's fo an arfisfic life, "Mimi," ARTHUR V. KULP Year Book Sfaff: Vice Presidenf l, 3: Treasurer 2: Presidenf 4: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: Business Manager Junior En- ferfainmenf: Senior Play: Foof- ball 3, 4: Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4. l-le is dark, of medium heighi and an excellenf sfudenf, very successful as a business manager, class presi- dent and also as a "road worker." l-le porfrayed fhe role of Rev. Wal- lace in fhe Senior Play fo per- fecfion. Gufes Gluck, "Arf"l We know you will succeed. ELSIE E. LANDIS Library Sfaff 2, 3, 4: Junior En- ferfainmenf: Senior Play: Year Book Sfaff: Debafing 3, 4: Capf. 4: Tri-l-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Chaplain 4: Operelfa 3: Chorus 2, 3. Do you hear someone singing? lf musf be Elsie for she is always wifh a song on her lips. A very eflicienf German sfudenf and crack debafer is she also. We prophesy for Elsie success as fhe wife of a home-mis- sion worker. l-lere's wishing you fhe besfl MARION JULIA LARSON Senior Play: Opereffa 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Year Book Sfaff. Abouf a year ago, "Snowdriff" shiffed her affenfions from fhe "Paffon" fo fhe Armsfrong Lino- leum Planf in Lancasfer. We won- der why? "Snowdriff" expecfs fo ioin fhe "Greaf Whife Parade," Lois of success fo you! JOSEPH RANDALL LAWRENCE Baseball 3, 4. Boo bool Haven'l I heard lhal somewhere belore? Oh yes! ll's iusl anolher ol "Scum" Lawrence's original expressions. Allhough Ran- dall is bubbling over wilh lun, he can be very serious over some ques- licns-especially polilics. His am- bilion is lo become a chemisl and we leel sure lhal he will be a good one. JULIA BOYCE MILLER Operella: Palrol: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3, 4. Julia is lhe girl who has a very in- leclious smile. She is anolher one of lhe young ladies who is inler- esled in lhe "Pallon." Julia expecls lo be a home economics leacher. Good luclr, lady ol smiles. EDWIN MUSSER "Ed" is lrom Newville. Through all lhe years of high school "Ed" has been very lailhlul in allendance. Allhough he is small in slalure, we Ixnow he will find his niche in lhe game ol life. Napoleon was a small man also. Good Iuclc, "Ed"l J. RALPH PARRETT Senior Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operella 3, 4: Senior Play: Male Chorus 2, 3. "Polly" wanls a rn e c h a n i c al carlaclxleer. He lhinlcs singing in our chorus is lols ol lun bul he loves lo lell "lall slories" beller. The lallesl slory he ever lold is lhe one aboul lhe lop lloor of lhe Em- pire Slale Building. Maybe his slories will win him lame. HERN LEY L. MADEI RA Orcheslra 9 Years: Home Room Presidenl I, 2: Class Presidenl I, 2: Debaling 3: Caplain 3, 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: I-li-Y 2, 3, Secrelary 3, Presidenl 4: Swim- ming 4: Male Chorus 2, 3: Jun- ior Enlerlainmenl: Senior Play: Year Book Slall: Vice Presidenl Sludenl Council. "Hem" is well lcnown lo us lor his musical lalenl, his debaling, his acl- ing, and his leadership. Bonne For- lunel LIONEL ANDREW MUMPER Chorus 2, 3, 4: Operella 2, 3, 4: Foolball 3, 4: Senior Play Commillee: Palrel 2, 3: Palrol Caplain 4. Wanl a lill lo gel somewhere in a hurry? Aslx Mumper and you'Il gel lhere. Allhough lhe lronl seal is usually occupied, lhere is plenly ol room in lhe rear. Lionel is one ol lhe sunniesl and mosl generous boys in high school and '36 is proud lo call him lheirs. DOROTHY MAE N EIDIG Manheim Township High School: Volley Ball 2, 3, 4: Chorus I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Commillee: Tri-l-Ii-Y 4: Year Boolx Slall: Operella 4: Baslcelball 2, 3. "Dol" came lo us from Manheim T. H. S. and whal was lheir loss was our gain. She represenls lhe lype ol girl who is always ready lo do her share. In lhe shorl lime lhal she has been wilh us, she has proven her- sell a real sporl. C. FRAN KLIN PETERS Foalball 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Baslcelball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play Commillee. Did you see lhal or was il loo lasl lor your eyes lo lollow? Well any- way, lhal was "Pei" going lhrough his usual rouline which always ends in a baslcel lor E. l-I. S. Allhough he is an excellenl all around alhlele, "Pei" is very modesl which makes us like him all lhe more. SAMUEL E. REINHOLD Year Boolc STaTT: STage Com- miTTee Tor Senior Play: Senior Commercial SocieTy: O. G. A. 3, 4. "Ho Hum! ls iT Time To go home?" "Rip" wanTs To know, opening his eyes slowly. "Rip" is The buTcher oT The school and in The TuTure will probably be in business wiTh his "Dad." Don'T leT The girls geT you, "Rip," and you are bound To suc- ceed. LESTER A. RISSER Senior Commercial SocieTy: O. G. A. ConTesT 3, 4. We wonder if The "Chevie" geTs as much Teasing as The girls when "Riss" is around. I-le is iusT geTTing in Training Tor ThaT big business which he is planning To own and operaTe in The meTropolis oT Bellaire. ARTHUR W. RUHL AssisTanT FooTball Manager 37 Foofball Manager 4: Business CommiTTee Senior Playg STage CommiTTee Junior EnTerTain- menTg PosTers Tor Senior Play: AssisTanT Baseball Manager 47 Year Book STaTT. We also have an arTisT in This class who is a mosT accomplished de- signer oT posTers. His aim is To go inTo The business oT show-card leT- Tering. WiTh your arTisTic TalenTs, "ArT," you will some day be a de- signer oT Tame whom your class- maTes will be proud To lcnow. JOSEPH HEN RY SCHNEITMAN Pa+roI 2: Home Room OTTicer 4: Year Boolc STaTT. "Joe" is The poliTician oT our class. We wonder why he drives his new PlymouTh ouT To The Masonic Homes so much. ls iT PoliTics or is iT someThing else? May you be a very successful polifician, "Joe," HARRY ELWOOD RISSER Baseball 2, 3, 4. "Peck" is one oT The quieTesT boys oT our class. l-le has The very unique arT oT blushing, which is envied by everyone. Or is iT The reTlecTion oT his neclcTie? "Peck" is sTudying Tor radio broadcasTing. May success be yours! CARL VINCENT ROBINSON PaTrol: Baseball Manager 3: BaslceTball Manager 3, 4: FooT- ball 4: Senior Chorus 3: Senior Play CommiTTeeg Year Boolc STaTT. "Mush" is Tamous in E. I-l. S. as manager oT various aThleTic Teams, an experT "slinger" of hamburgers, To say noThing oT The specTacular Taclcle aT Lebanon TooTball game. Besides This, he has a hearT oT gold and his sense oT humor is ever in evidence. EDWIN RUTT There is a boy in our class who keeps The poTaToes growing sTraighT and keeps The weeds ouT. IT is "Eddie," who aims To be a me- chanic. WhaT on earTh The poTaToes and weeds will do wiThouT "Eddie," we do noT lcnow. RUTH MAE SEIBERT Tri-T-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Junior EnTerTainmenT: Library STaTT 2, 3, 43 OpereTTa 4: Year Boolc STaTT. QuieT sinceriTy of purpose charac- Terizes our RuTh, Tor she does noTh- ing hurriedly or noThing by halves. Hers is one oT earnesT pursuif oT perTecTion. AlThough she is quieT, There is an enormous amounT oT en- Thusiasm in her make-up. LOTS OT luck, "RuThie"! BESSIE SHANK lndoor Palrol I, 2, 3, 4: Tris l-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Baskelball 3, 4. Newville made ils addilion lo our class in lhe Freshman Year- "Shrimp." She is a palrolman laying down lhe law lo lhe olher sludenls. "Shrimp" also goes places on lhe baskelball floor. She inlends lo be- come a "Nursie." JAMES SHIFFER Baskelball 2, 3, 4: Caplain 4: Foolball 2, 3, 4: l-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior Enlerlainmenl Comrnil- lee. Ouiel and unassuming, no wonder we are slarlled when we see "lall, dark, and handsome" exhibil his re' markable abilily and lalenls on lhe alhlelic field. Always calm and com- posed. "Fish" laces silualions, in- volved or si'mple, wilh a quielness lhal we all envy. CLOYD C. SH U LTZ Foolball: Palrol 3, 4: Junior En- lerlainrnenl. Allhough "Ollie" is one ol lhe youngesl ol lhe class, he holds lhe honor ol being lhe biggesl. Soon you will see prinled on a sign Dr. Shullz lKill or Curel, lor "Ollie" is sludying lo be a velerinarian. Bon Voyage, Docleur! MARY ELIZABETH SMITH Cheer-leading 3, 4: Operella 3, 4: Senior Commercial So- ciely: Tri-l'-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Junior and Senior Play: Year Book Slall: Senior Chorus 3, 4: O. G. A. Conlesl 3, 4: Teachers' Secrelary. "Shim's" chiel characlerislic is her laugh. As lor her acling abilily, re- call her as "Milher Mackinlosh" in lhe Senior Play. She will make an excellenl secrelary 'lor some execu- live in Washinglon. RUTH ELIZABETH SHEETZ Triel-li-Y 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Op- erella 4: Senior Play Commil- lee. Are you looking lor "Dilly"? ll you know where "Becky" is, you'll be sure lo find her. Rulh's beaulilul hai: and pleasing smile caplure all who know her, She wanls lo be a nurse, bul somelimes we wonder! ESTHER GLADYS SHOOP Tri-Hi-Y 3, 4: Junior Enlerlain- menl: Operella 4. We believe lhal lhe reason "Shoopie" wanls lo be a nurse is so she can lake care ol a cerlain Junior when he gels hurl playing baskelball. We may be wrong, bul all lhe same, we wish her luck. LORRAINE SLOAT Operella 3: Baskelball: Senior Chorus 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y I, 2, 3. Lorraine is a baskelball slar ol our class, she's also added a louch lo our operellas and Senior Chorus. She is anolher member ol lhe "While Parade." We wish you a happy career in lhe corridors of some line hospilal. JOHN HOWARD SPEIDEL Operella 2, 3: Junior Enler- lainmenl: Class Presidenl 2, 3: Senior Chorus 2, 3. "Johnnie" had an unlorlunale ac- cidenl in loolball in lhe early parl ol lhe year. Due lo lhis misforlune, he is unable lo graduale wilh us. We feel, however, lhal he is a parl ol lhe class ol '36, and we wish him luck and success in whalever he may underlake. RUTH MAY SWEIGART Senior Chorus 4: Opereffa 2, 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2. "Swig" is fhaf liffle girl made up of grace and charm. She has used qualifies in dancing and forming friendships. She has a dornesfic fechnique all her own in sewing, and also very much inferesfed in hair-dressing. We are sure she will make a success of if. ROBERT THOME Baseball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4. "Bob" is always feasing someone. lf you don'l' believe us iusf ask Rufh Sweigarl. "Bob" wanfs fo be a professional hunfer. We are sure he will be a very successful one be- cause he is an experf shof. KATHERINE S. WALKER Opereffa 3, 4: Senior Play: Chorus 3, 4: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Year Book Sfaff. Kafherine is one of fhe quiefer and more sensible members of our class. Wifh her cheery smile she will reach and cheer fhe hearfs of many peo- ple. She has all fhe qualifies fo make a fine social worker and we feel sure she will succeed in fhaf field. CAROLYN PAULINE WEINLEIN Tri-l-li-Y 3, 4. Who? Oh! lhe girl wifh fhaf flam- ing red hair and fiery femper! Thaf's Carolyn. Carolyn likes very much fo read and she is usually doing fhaf. We hope she will be a very successful hairdresser. RALPH G. THOME Rifle Team 3, 4: Junior Play: Secrefary l-li-Y Club: Presi- denf of Home Room 2. 3. "Dr, Thome, Dr. Thome," is a pa- fienf's plainlive cry for fhe kind as- sisfance of our pal, "Bud." He is also a member of fhe Rifle Team. So, if he pufs fwo and fwo fo- gefher perhaps he will gel four. GEORGE B. WAGNER Junior Enferfainmenfg Patrol Lieufenanl 4: Baskefball 3, 4. "Eggs" Thaf's an old nickname! Buf George is an uncommon boy, so no nickname is more suifable. George will always be remembered for his greal' sense of humor. His ambifion is fo be a Buick salesman af Lilifz. We wonder why? MABLE JANE WANAMAKER Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Com- mercial Sociefy: O. G. A. Con- lesf 3, 4. Did you say you heard a noise? lf could nof be "Wannie" for she has The repufafion of being The quiefesf person in fhe class. However, "sfill wafer runs deep," so we know fhere is somefhing below fhal' quiefness. RUTH MIRIAM WITMER Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Senior Com- mercial Sociefy: Year Book Sfaffp Senior Play Commiffee: Swimming Meel' 3, 4: O. G. A. Confesf 3, 4: Principal's Secre- fary: Track Meal' 3. Behold fhe visifor of each home- room! l-low would fhose affendance slips reach lhe ofhce if if were nof for "Sweef"? Maybe she gafhered fhis speed on fhe baskefball feam. Class Song-1936 Helen Hershey Winifred Kob - -I I 4 1 I I ' I 4 ee FIS: If-E2 2 2 - 'Que I 'I Je- ' I I I I 1 1 1. To thee our Al - ma Ma - ter Hail! We love, a - dore thy sa - cred walls, 2. To thee our Al - ma Ma - ter Hail! We go in-spired for no - ble deeds, I I I- I V -J-I I In P4-N er- 4- - -, egg-vial-I1?5V'Ei,S FFL I I I v 4 1 -- I I I I - II I I - I -I I I I7 X i1 S , ti yigiiy 14 d-I I I I d 1 1 1 11 1 -in If We'll rev-'renee thee for what thou art, What thou hast start - ed in each heart. Our ver - y lives to give and fight, To do our best with all our might. I I I I I '-T ' ' 1 ' v " e .ii-'I-ddlfi PEP 7 1 J J 0-' 1 I 5 I I 5- J 1 ,I. If E.+T-F:-grggg ' ..a- We now are read - y to de -part, Pre-pared to strive to do our part. What thou hast taught us is the right: To look a - head with vis - ions bright Lf "Fr Je-P "ff eg- +- eta? t I t L I I I I ' I I V--Ii I V ' I: -I I' I 'l. I If I I- . I I M J 'I' I - I 4 I I ' I I 51 4 4 a 4 5 'I 1 'I 3 I 1- -f ' B I I V -4 -4 1- As now we leave and du - ty calls, Where thou hast end - ed we must start. To help sup- ply the world its needs, To hold on high the Blue and White. N , .Bl is: kg -5- !-. , 'I J I 2- .Pjl t t ,,- 5 I P f I E 5 C I - I I . I I V V I 1' l20l A- I S N The year oT our Lord one Thousand nine hundred and ThirTy Two, one hundred and TwenTy Tour ingenues wended Their way on The TiTTh day oT SepTember To The greaT insTiTuTion oT learning, The High School. We were as wanderers in The wilderness, a Tribe of inexperienced, unlearned people: and The Task OT Training us was divided among eighT compeTenT counsellors. AT This Time There came inTo our midsT one John Nalley who had been in The service oT The elders oT our naTion. His journey wiTh us was oT shorT duraTion. There were many TesTs and Trials in ThaT TirsT period, under which some Tell by The wayside. However, a goodly number qualified To Take up The iourney aTTer a shorT pe- riod oT resT. During The second period of our journey, under The direcTion oT our music ad- visor, The Tribe, wiTh The assisTance oT oTher iourneyers, presenTed The opereTTa, "Lelewala," wiTh a greaT deal oT success. ln spiTe oT splendid advice given us by our counsellors, some were unprepared Tor The TesTs and Trials and Tailed To meeT The re- quiremenTs Tor conTinuing on Their way, and Thus dropped Trom The caravan. Upon Taking up The Third period oT our journey, iT was ordained ThaT The Tribe pre- pare an enTerTainmenT. Accordingly, on The nighT oT November TwenTy-sevenTh, nine- Teen hundred and ThirTy Tour, The Tribe presenTed The Junior perTormance wiTh greaT success. Then came The Junior-Senior annual TeasT on The nighT oT May sevenTeenTh, nineTeen hundred and ThirTy Tive. The iourney conTinued. Some began To lose inTeresT, oThers were disqualified in The Tinal TesTs Tor ThaT period. On May TiTTh, nineTeen hundred and ThirTy Tive, The Tinal mile oT our iourney Through The wilderness began. Then came ThaT evenTTul day none oT The Travelers will TorgeT. ln The evening oT The eighTeenTh day oT OcTober, our chosen leader, John Speidel. broke his leg. For many weeks he lay unable To be wiTh us. All hoped ThaT in spiTe oT diTTiculTies, his iourney wiTh us would soon be resumed, buT God had noT or- dained iT so. One day word was senT To us Trom The camp ThaT he would no longer serve as our chieT leader. ln spiTe oT The disappoinTmenT, our iourney was conTinued and ArThur Kulp was chosen To Till The vacanT oTTice. A long-looked-Torward-To evenT, because iT was To be The lasT oT iTs kind, Took place on February TourTeenTh and TiTTeenTh, nineTeen hundred and ThirTy six, when "Annie Laurie" was presenTed by The Tribe. lTs simpliciTy and beauTy were ouTsTanding. The Tinal iubilee was held on April sixTeenTh and sevenTeenTh, WiTh The assisTance oT Tellow wanderers, The Tribe presenTed The opera "H. lvl. S. PinaTore." May TiTTeenTh was seT aside as The Tinal TeasT day oT our Tribe. Accordingly, on The eve oT ThaT day, The Tribe assembled Themselves TogeTher in The synagogue To par- Take oT The prepared TeasT. The Tinal TesTs and Trials came and now are gone. OT The TaiThTul ones There are sevenTy nine. Our Red Seas and Jordans are crossed. We have passed Through The wilderness. Our counsellors have led us Thus Tar, buT here Their iourney wiTh us musT end. They have viewed The promised land, buT cannoT go over wiTh us. The iourney is ended and we are now ready To receive our passporTs inTo This promised land Tlowing wiTh milk and honey which has been prepared Tor The TaiThTul Tew. Eisie E. LANDIS. mi if T -W. .V . A ,ua 1 1.1, sf v-,W-W A WWW-9, .1,,,,, qs.. .H Q.. v--.v . J R Louise Andres Arlene Balmer JeaneH'e Barnes Ora Barnhari Sianley Barnhari Thelma Bario Rachel Bashore Harry Beck Thelma Becker Berry Berrier Doroihy Bishop Paul Bishop Bernice Bloiienberger Arlene Boozer Roger Bricker Elizabeih Brill Pearl Brock Pauline Bryan Thelma Burkholder Florence Chard Luiher Coble Harold Dooliiile William Dunkleloerger Anna Mae Dupler Merrill Ebersole Mildred Enierline Kenion Eshelrnan Waldo Eshelman Elizabeih Farmer Roloerr Forney Vernon Frey Evelyn Gainer Glenn Gainer Nancy Garber Roberi' German Harry Greenberger Mildred Grolil Elva Heisey Richard Helm James Herr Marian Herr Sara Herizler Harvey Hoiziman Orpha Hollinger Harry Horning Paul Hossler Milion Hunchloerger Marlin Hummer John Krayloill Beiiie Keene Helen Larson Harold Lehman l22l Melva Lehman Bessie Lichi Helen McCliurg Ruih McCorkel Doris Meckley Mildred Myers Mildred Parreii' Doroihy Phillips Orlo Procier John Pugh Daniel Reem Sara Rensel Elizabeih Robinson Alia Shank Gladys Shank Myrle Sipling Henry Snavely Harry Sn cler Paul Snydier Woodrow Sonnon Charleen Sweigari' Urban Sweigari' Phyllis Thompson Bessie Turner Frank Weaver SOPHDM Henry Aldinger Josephine Aldinger Melvin Arndi E'hel Ashenieller John Aungsi' Beairice Barnharr Grace Bell James Bishop Jerome Bixler Warren Boozer Janei Boyd Carl Breneman Bruce Brown Melvin Brubaker Pauline Coble Haman Cunningham William Cunningham Berry Deiirich Pauline Drace Lurher Drescher Roberi' Earhari Richard Eckroih Lida Enck Jean Eshelman Roberr Farmer Vivian Firzwaier Roberr Flowers Rurh Forwood Ruih Freeman Erma Frey Huldah Frey Mary Fuller Henry E. Garber Henry M. Garber Marion Geisiweii Charles Gohl Wilbur Gordan Mildred Greenly Helen Grosh Jean Grosh Grace Hackman Helen Hackman Bruce Halk Genevieve Harrm Gerald Hassler Lloyd Hassler Harry Heagy Marlin Heisey Arrhur l-leisey Alma Herr an Goldie Hershey Amos Herizler Anna Ru'rh Hess Clelus Hippensieel Lois Hummer Mariha Jane lrvin Clyde Kaylor Shelly Kaylor Susan Keeney Roberi Keller Hilda Kraybill Wilmer Kraybill Charloiie Kreider Harold Kulp Evelyn Lesher Florence Landis Frances Lesher Anna Lineaweaver Helen Madeira Rufus McDannel Charles Meizler Jacob Moyer Ada Mumau Anna Nauman Alla Newcomer i231 OR Francis Olweiler Donald Rainier Mildred Rariensperger Donald Ream Karhryn Roof Hazel Ruhl Arlene Ru+'r Karhryn Ruii Roberi' Shaefier Lawrence Shank Marian Seiders Dororhy Sheeiz Geraldine Sheerz Roberi Shiilier Eugene Shirk Lyra Sieberf Jean Snyder Charles Snyder Roy Snyder Elva Sfone Ira Werner Alberi Wenrz Harry Williams Merle Wirile Rachel Zimmerman FRESHMEN Mary Alban Charles Allen Emma Barley John Barr Roberl Barnharl Dorolhy Baugher LeRoy Beck James Berrier Chrislopher Bischel Emma Bishop Harry Brel? Dorolhy Brelz Anna Brill Iona Brosey Junior Brosey Belly Brouchl Mildred Brown Ellen Coble Elwood Conrad Lona Daveler Jac ueline Dillenderler Geoilge Dimeler Earl Donley Ervin Earharl Rulh Easlon Rulh Eisenhaur Marlin Eshelman Rulh Folsom Ralph Forwood Joseph Forry Lesler Frey Floy Frey Geraldine Garber Pearl Garber Harold Garman Ralph Ginder Rulh Good William Goss Joseph Groll Mary Heisey Jean Hess Brinser Heisland Jane Hill Leon Hill Clark Hippensleel Dorolhy Hollman Grace Hollinger June Johnson Lucille Kaylor Naomi Kaylor John Keener Lesler Keener Waller Keener I 2 4 Lamar Kessler Samuel Koser Helen Krodel Jayne Larson Paul Leichl Helen Lighlner James Lighlner Louis Marlz Franklin McCorkel Frank McClurg Raymond Meads Elizabelh Miller Paul Miller Thelma Miller Elizabelh Risser Erma Risser Eugene Risser Raymond Risser Helen Schwanger Mildred Seiders Charles Shaffer Belly Shaeller Marian Shaeller Edgar Shank Norman Shank Roberl Shank Vera Blinn Shoop Marian Sipling George Monlgomery Geraldine Sleiner Julia Musser Leroy Slephens Howard Neidig Anna Mary Newcomer Beulah Olweiler Charles Osborne Dorolhy Painler Jesse Philips Paul Philips Frank Pierce Arlhur Prinz Wilbur Ralfensperger l Junior Sloner Marie Sloner Charles Suiler John Sweeney Joyce Sweiqerl Wilbur Turner Donald Ulrich Carl Updegralf Wayne Werkheiser Jean Wolgemulh EIGHTH GRA ENTIIZQJ GRADE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION I-IE Tinances oT The E. l-l. S. AThleTics are ably Taken care oT by The AThleTic AssociaTion. This associaTion was organized early in The Tall. The Tollowing oTTicers were elecTed: GarTh Gochnauer, PresidenTg Waldo Eshel- man, Vice PresidenTg WiniTred Kob, Secre- Taryg and William Good, Treasurer. The membership oT I83 includes noT only Junior and Senior High School pupils buT also inTeresTed ouTsiders. The dues, paid by insTallmenTs, are used Tor TooTball, baseball, and baslceTball equip- menT.. ln Turn Tor These paymenTs all mem- bers are admiTTed To aThleTic games Tree oT charge. AlThough This organizaTion is noT one oT The mosT ouTsTanding in The l-ligh School, iT does much To promoTe Through iTs conTribu- Tions and supporT To mainTain a high sTand- ard oT aThleTics. l2bl Sfanding: Roberf Coble, Miss Ferguson, adviser: Roberf German Kneeling: Charloffe Kreider, Mary Smifh, Marian Shaerfer. CHEER LEADERS CTIVITIES 1271 O , First Row: Kessler, Donley, Bishop, Raifensperger, H. Garber, McClurq, Snyder. Second Row: Meizier, Kuip, T. Garber, Landis, Gochnauer, Capt: E. Eshleman, Good, Goss Shaehfer. Third Row: A. C. Mayer, Coach: Pefers, Mgr.: Fosier, R. Shiiier, Wiffle, Haik, Mumper, Robin son, Heaqy, Horninq, Bischei, Ruhl, Assisi. Mgr. Fourih Row: Bariey, W. Eshelman, J. Shiiier, Shulfz. Firsf Row: C. E. Srnuck, Coach: T. Garber, VV, Esheiman, J. Shiirfer, Capt, Gochnauer, Pefers. .an Second Row: Robinson, Mqr.g Barley, Wagner, E. Eshleman, Sonnan, Assisi. Mgr. i 28 1 T URING The season i935-36 iT was discovfered ThaT aThleTics seemed To be improving in every de- parTmenT aT ElizabeThTown. FooTball was noT an excepTion, and The TooTball Team sTarTed in very commendable Tashion, The improvemenT which The oTher aThleTic Teams also showed laTer in The season. The High School Team had Iosf only Tour oT iTs IeTTermen Through The previous graduaTion, and Through The TurTher developmenT oT The younger maTerial an excepTionally sTrong Team was produced. On The TirsT day oT pracTice abouT ThirTy-five sTudenTs reporTed To Coach ArThur C. Mayer. These hopeTuls were required To go Through Two weeks oT hard pracTicing and Training in preparaTion Tor The games which had been scheduled. This year The Team was a member oT a league which included ShillingTon, LiTiTz, Red Lion, EphraTa and ElizabeThTown. Besides These league games, The schedule also included games wiTh WesT York, Lebanon and PaH'on Trade School. The TirsT game played was also a league game and ended successfully Tor The High School Team. The opponenT Tor This game was ShillingTon, The Tinal score being 7-2 in Tavor oT The E. H. S. Team. The nexT Two games were noT league conTesTs. WesT York Traveled To ElizabeThTown and defeafed The High School by a score oT I4-O. The school Team Then Traveled To Lebanon Tor iTs annual game wiTh Lebanon High School. The Tinal score was I9-O in Tavor oT Lebanon, buT in This case The score only Tells parT of The sTory. ln The pasi' several years our Teams had been deTeaTed aT Lebanon by as much as Trom sixTy To eighTy poinTs. This year, however, The resulT mighT have been Termed as a moral vicTory Tor our school since They held a very sTrong Lebanon Team To Three Touchdowns. Following The Lebanon game The High School Team meT a league member, LiTiTz. ln This game The resulT was never in doubT because The ElizabeThTown Team ourclassed The LiTiTz Team in every re- specT. The Tinal score was 33-0 in Tavor oT E. H. S. ImmediaTely 'Following The LiTiTz game The Team Taced The Red Lion Team in anoTher league game. The Team wenT on anoTher scoring spree in much The same manner as They had done a week previous. ElizabeThTown deTeaTed Red Lion 32-0. AT This Time The aTTenTion oT The sTudenT body was called To The TacT Thar our High School Team was Tied wiTh EphraTa Tor The league lead, and ThaT The issue would be decided when The Two Teams meT in The Tinal league Tray. Due To This The exciTemenT ran high aT The school and everybody was enThusiasTic abouT The sTand- ing oT The Team. However, when The game was played, ElizabeThTown was deTeaTed by EphraTa in a hard-ToughT game, T3-0. The Tinal game oT The season was played wiTh our TradiTional rival, The PaTTon Trade School. The High School Team came Through wiTh a I2-O vicTory To close The mosT successTul season The school has had in TooTball in many years. ' APID execuTion oT plays, brillianT defense, aggressive oTTense: These are buT a Tew of The Terms which besT describe The baskeTball Team oT E. H. S. Tor 35-36. E-Town's quinTupleTs had many close scores and hard ToughT games, buT ThaT only added To The many Thrills and exciTing momenTs ThaT They gave To The specTaTors. SomeTimes, in The beginning oT The game, The Team work did seem ragged, buT beTore ThaT Tinal whisTle rang Through The gymnasium, There was plenTy oT Thrills and much beTTer Team work aTTer Coach Smuck gave Them ThaT Ten-minuTe Talk beTween halves. He puT plenTy oT TighT and pep inTo Them, and someTimes I Think They could have Trimmed N. Y. U. aT her besT. The VarsiTy Team This year had played TogeTher during The previous season and knew iusT whaT To expecT of each oTher. One oT The High School's besT liTTle forwards oT all Times was Franklin PeTers, oTherwise known To Tans as "Pei." Quick on his TeeT and a mighTy good deTense player, he cerTainly played ThaT sporT known as baskefball Tor all iT was worTh. Then Too, There was The oTher Torward, known as "Tom" Garber. He was one oT The TasTesT men on The Team, and had a very neaT way oT sneaking under The baskeT and puTTing ThaT ball Through The neT. These Two players ThaT l have iusT menTioned, always had The opposing Team guessing iusT whaT They were going To do nexT. The cenTer and capTain This year was "Jim" ShiTTer. "Fish" played some mighTy Tine games This year, and was one oT The highesT scorers Tor The Team. He and "Plug" Eshelman, a guard, could puT ThaT ball where They wanTed iT, and when desired. ThaT place was usually in The baskeT. The oTher guard making The Tiffh man Tor The VarsiTy Team was G-arTh Gochnauer. "Gucky" was a mighTy good player and a much needed one on The Team. AlThough he did sleep during The pre- liminary game, ThaT does noT say ThaT he was noT awake on The Tloor. The coach This year was Charles Smuck. and do noT say he cannoT drill a Team, Tor we know beT- Ter. OT course, we could noT do wiThouT our manager, ThaT king oT hamburgers, Robinson. All The fellows liked him, and l iusT received word ThaT he would like To manage The nexT year's Team. So This winds up some oT The "high lighTs" oT This season's baskeTball Team, and I hope ThaT The Team nexT year may have iusT as good a season, and be blessed wiTh players as good as These Tel- lows l have iusT menTioned, Tor There is mighTy good maTerial There. T291 S E L Firsk Row: Arfhur Ruhl, Assist Mgr.: Heaqy, Good, Cvochnauer, Capt: Fefe-rs, Eshelman. Second Row: Ralph Thorne, Mgr., Shirk, Raffcnsperqer, Roberi Thorne, Boozer, C. E. Smuck, Coach, Third Row: Painfer, Wifffe, Badey. I Aungsf, Assist Mqng Lelchr, Mefzier, Kulp, H. Garber, Coble, T. Garber, Madeira, Mgr., A. C Mayer, Coach. T301 it-A 1 -' f, HE baseball Team Tor I936 is one of The besT ThaT ever played under The name oT E-Town High. MosT oT The members of This year's Team had played TogeTher lasT year. EighT games have been played and each was won by a wide margin. These were Tull of ac- Tion and Thrills Tor The specTaTors. ln The TirsT game, our ace piTcher, "Bill" Good, had I4 sTrike-ouTs oT The I8 puT-ouTs1 and in The second, IO ouT oT I8. He duplicaTed This TeaT Twice in The Tollowing games. And as Tor Gochnauer, The caTcher, he musT be a mighTy good man To hold Those hooks, drops, TasT balls, and curvesg Tor whaT "Bill" can noT Throw is noT worTh Trying. This year's hiTTing has greaTly improved over ThaT oT lasT year. "Plug" Eshelman, Gochnauer, PeTers, and Thome are due Tor a ioT every Time They sTep up To baT, and These, you musT realize, are noT all singles. OT The new members on The Team, we can say ThaT They have shown mighTy Tine Teamwork. Shirk, The young piTcher, who you saw in acTion in The lasT game, will be back nexT year. This has been The TirsT season in years ThaT our ball Team has gone undeTeaTed, and we know ThaT coach Smuck is iusTly proud of The TacT ThaT his Team has won The Trophy oT The NorThern LancasTer High School Baseball League. SCORES E. H. S. OPP. PLAYED 3 0 MarieTTa 6 2 EasT HempTield 8 2 MarieTTa 8 7 LiTiTz 9 l Manheim 2 l Manheim 6 0 l.iTiTZ 8 l EasT Hempfield HE ouTlook Tor Tennis aT The beginning oT The year was noT very good due To The TacT ThaT all buT one oT The members of lasT year's Team had graduaTed. "Tom" Garber was The only veTeran Tennis player leTT. However, our coach, ArThur Mayer, Turned ouT a Tine Team which exceeded our expecTaTions in many ways. The Team was noT saTisTied wiTh The regular league compeTiTion, and enTered The Pennsylvania lnTer-scholasTic AThleTic AssociaTion TournamenT which was held aT MounT Joy. The Team enTered consisTed of Thomas Garber, who played The singles maT-:hes and RoberT Coble and Paul LeichT, who played The doubles. ln The TirsT TournamenT maTch The EIizabeThTown Team deTeaTed EasT LampeTer by a score of 2 To 0. ln The second round, "Tom" Garber was deTeaTed by LongsdorTf oT LiTiTz. and The doubles Team losT To The EphraTa Team. The members oT The Tennis Team are: Thomas Garber Paul LeichT RoberT Coble Henry Garber Charles MeTzler ArThur Kulp Hernley Madeira, Manager John AungsT, AssisTanT Manager ArThur C. Mayer, Coach The scores oT The league games are as follows: ElizabeThTown ElizabeThTown ElizabeThTown ElizabeThTown Eliza beThTown ElizabeThTown ElizabeThTown 0-New Holland 4 3-LiTlTZ 3 5-PaTTon I 5--Manheim Township I 2--MiddleTown 4 I-Manheim Borough 5 I-MounT Joy 5 l3'l I l 1 U21 JUNIOR ENTERTAINMENT HE Junior entertainment, presented on Tuesday, November 27, 1934, was the most outstanding activity of the class of '36 in the 1934-1935 term. Under the able direction of Prof. F. J. Moorehouse, the class revealed the many talents of its members, for the first time to the public. " Friend at Court," a one-act play, opened the program of the evening, James Andrew Bruce, Jr., tllernley Madeiral was quite a problem to his father, tWi1liam Balmerl and mother, tElsie Landisj. He, however, saves the day by making it possible for his father, a college professor, to retain his position. There is a light romance between Miles Standish Stanley, tJames Kieferl and the sister of James Bruce, tAmy Englel, James himself, is Ohl that way about Mary Frances the friend of his sister, portrayed by Winifred Kob. The part ot' the teasing little sister, Juliet, played by Rebecw Bishop, added a humorous touch to the play. Dean Taylor, tWaldo Eshelmanl also played an important role in the play. The "Chinese Temple Scene," was the novelty feature of the program. Being of an entirely different nature it was thoroughly enjoyed by the audience. It revealed to the public the sacred magnificence of a Chinese Temple. A celebration significant of the Chinese was portrayed by the mystic chants of the priests and priestesses. A Chinese maiden sang a lyric of China. Then followed other maidens who did lovely dances to Chinese melodies. . Then came the second one-act play entitled "Sons of Soil." "Dad," and "Ma" Brandt, tTom Garber and Marian Eber- solej were hard working country people. They had two sons and one daughter. Jim Brandt QGHFIII Gochnauerj, a hard work- ing farmer lad, Ralph Brandt tRalph Thomel a college bred boy and Alice Brandt, an educated girl. The story tells of the eternal strife between farm life and the more cultured pursuits of life. Molly Childs, a neighboring lass, is loved by both of these boys. After some deliberation Molly decided to follow the cultured interests of life with Ralph. Lou Simmons tMary Smithj, and Milt Butrick tGeorge Wagnerl, both neighbors of the Brandts, brought in the element of neighborhood gossips and furnished the comedy of the play. This play has many tensely dramatic moments. A saxophone solo, played by Waldo Eshelman, state champion saxophonist of High Schools, and a vocal quartet con- sisting of Marian Larson, Esther Shoop, Lester Breneman, and Howard Speidel both accompanied by Marian Ebersole gave more musical touches to the program. SENIOR PLAY HE Senior Class presented another play that will long be remembered. This was the romantic play "Annie Laurie." The story in short is as follows: Annie Laurie, the daughter of Sir Robert Laurie, was betrothed to Lord Ferguson, but after the wedding date had been set she met and fell madly in love with Sir William Douglas. Since there was a feud between the two families it was hopeless for Annie to tell her father of this new love. During the short time before Sir Douglas went to the Crimean War ha Wrote a poem about Annie. Lady Jane Scott, a friend and fonner sweetheart of Sir Laurie, arrived at .the castle and be- came very much interested in Annie, who confided in her and showed her the poem written by Sir William. Lady Scott later composed the music for the ballad which we now know so well. The wedding of Annie and Lord Ferguson was postponed because of the war. After two years, new plans were made, but the wedding day was filled with unexpected events. Due to a great storm it was impossible for the minister to arrive on time. As the guests were awaiting his arrival one of the maids who believed in hobgoblins told Annie of her seeing the ghost of Sir William Douglas standing by the gate. While Lord Donald Gregory and .leanie MacLaren tried to persuade Annie not to go to William but to be loyal to her father and marry Lord Ferguson, the door opened and Sir William Douglas appeared. Within a few minutes Annie had run away with him leaving her cousin Jeanie to break the news to Sir Laurie. While crossing the lake the two lovers nearly drowned, but were saved by Lord Ferguson, who later leamed that Sir William had saved his life while he was in service. He also realized that Annie loved Sir Douglas and not himself. Mag- unanimously, he gave up all claim to her love. Sir Laurie then, rejoicing in the fact that his daughter had been miraculously saved from death, removed the last obstacle to her happiness by welcoming Sir William and granting his consent to their marriage. Upon time arrival of Rev. Wallace the weddingproeession began again as Mither Mackinxtosh, an old lady of the hills, hurried in to make sure that Annie was going to marry Sir Wiliiam for had she not read in the tea leaves that every- thing would end happily? The members of the cast deserve commendation for performances that were considered excellent. But the cast alone was not responsible for the success of the play. Valuable assistance was given by the Stage Staf'f, under the leadership of Franklin Peters: by the Business Staff. whose manager was Arthur Kulpg by the Property Staff, headed by Carl Robinson: by the Costume Committee, supervised by Miss Fowble and Miss Barr: and by the very capable directress, Miss Kathryn Nisle-y. OPERA HE Senior Chorus presented another successful opera this year on April 16 and 17, a Gilbert and Sullivan production by the name of HH. M. S. Pinafore." The services of an alumnus were enlisted in the person of Irvin Shifter, Junior. "I. A." took the leading tenor role of Ralph Rackstraw, a lovesick seaman sailing aboard Her Majesty's Ship, Wilrliam Balmer as Captain Corcoran, to- gether with Little Buttercup, Winifred Koh, fumishcd most of the comic element. as well as an element of drama to the production. Josephine, Marian Larson, was in love with Ralph Rackstraw but hetrothed to Sir Joseph Porter, K. C. B. in person of James Kiefer. Ruth Sweigart as Cousin liebe dogged Sir Joseph's footsteps and supported him in every issue, finally succeeding in marrying him. Dick Deadeye the villain, portrayed by Hernley Madeira, was a horrible species of man- hood and was hated by everyone because of his interference in the love affair of Josephine and Ralph. The Boatswain, Robert Coble, and the Boatswain's Mate, Robert Fomey, were Captain Coreoran's right hand men. The sailors consisted of the boys in the Senior Chorus and the girls portrayed the roles of Sir Joseph's "sisters and his cousins and his aunts." Due to the high rank of Captain Corcoran in the .British Navy, Little Buttercup's love for him seemed hopeless as did the love of Josephine for Ralph, "a common sailor." When Little Buttercup revealed that in ehildhood's happy hour she had made the mistake of exchanging Captain Corcoran for Ralph Rackstraw and that Ralph was really the captain, and the captain really Ralph, Sir Joseph reaized that love does not level all ranks and that he cannot marry a common sailor's daughter. Josephine and Ralph were then happily united and Captain Corcoran discovered that he was now in Little Butter- cup's humble station of life. Much to Dick Deadeye's disgust, the story ended happily and the "three loving pairs" found unforeseen bliss and rapture as the curtain closed. The accompanist was Marion Ebersole and the assistant was Ella Mae Grove. The production was presented under the direction of Miss Bertha Belser, Supervisor of Music. Miss Belser deserves much credit and honor for so unselfishly devoting her time to making the opera a success. It was the most difficult opera ever presented in Elizabethtown High School and the Chorus rightly feels that something has been accomplished this year. Withl the aid of beautiful costuming and scenery the production was an overwhelming success and is a credit to the schoo . T331 I 1 'M""""""""""' f341 mE W DEBATING HAT great honors our debating teams brought to dear old E. ll. S. this year. The Atlirmative Team consisted of James Kiefer, Glenn Gainer, Elsie Landis, Captain, and Robert Gamian, Altemate. The personnel of the Negative Team was Marian Ebersole, Mildred Enterline, Hernley Madeira, Captain, and William Balmer, Alternate. The capable coaches of the previous years, Mr. Boucn and Mr. Cassel, again coached the two teams. The School was a member of the Lancaster-Dauphin County League as they have been for several years. For the. third consecutive year, the team won the championship and received the cup which was presented by the Patriot-Evening News, a Harrisburg newspaper. In the first debate the Affirmative Team defeated Hummelstown's Negative by a score of 49-47 and the Negative Team defeated Hummelstown's Affirmative by a score of 4828. Elizabethtown was again the victor in the second debate, the Affirmative Team defeating Hershey's Negative by a score of 56-54 and the Negative Team defeating the Hershey Arlirmative by a score of 54--12. In the third and last debate, the Affirmative defeated Middletown's Negative Team 5-1-52, and the Negative defeated Middletown's Affinnative 57-48. But our industrious debaters were not content to stop with the League Championship. They decided to enter the Pennsylvania Music and Forensic League. They journeyed to Lititz one Saturday morning and won the County Championship by defeating the East Lampeter High School teams. Two weeks later together with Coach Blouch, the teams journeyed to Harrisburg and won the District Championship by defeating Shippensburg High School and the teams from the R. P. Smith Vocational School in Bedford County. The following Friday morning, brlyit and early, the teams started for Pottsville, Pa., where the debate for the State Championship was to be held. In the first debate the E-town team defeated Sheffield High School by a score 5-1. In the semi-finals the team was defeated by Coraopolis, 5-1. It was the first time in the history of E-town High School that the debating team won such honors for the school. The spirit of good sportsmanship in the Lancaster-Dauphin County Debating League was further displayed at a ban- quet held in Hershey High School for the four teams. The debaters and coaches became better acouainted with each other through this social event and more than ever in the future will a friendly feeling prevail between the teams in this league. The final debate was rendered to the E-town Rotary Club on Friday, May first. Altogether the debaters were very successful in the year 1936 and deserve much credit for their fine work, A large portion of the credit goes to the coaches for turning out such splendid teams. ORCHESTRA HAT is a school without music? And what would our school be without the High School Orchestra? Under the directorship of Miss Bertha Belser the organization has f'urnished several fine programs and assisted at many of the other school activities, In November of this school year, the orchestra furnished music for the Junior Entertainment. Later it rendered a de- lightful program presenting as guest soloist Meyer Ream, accomplished cornetist. Many compliments were received by Miss Belser, the orchestra, and the guest musician for the excellent performance. In April, the orchestra joumeyed to Neffsville to participate in the Annual County Musical Festival as is its custom. The orchestra's last two performances f'or this year were on Class Day and Commencement. It is to be regretted that so many of the orchestra members have left with the present graduating class. The school will miss very much these many talented members. SENIOR ORCHESTRA PIANO Marian Ebcrsole VIOLINS William Balmer Hernley Madeira Sarah Rensel David Madeira .lean Hess Clyde Ebersolc Christian Cohlc CLARINETS George Cunningham Henry Garber Florence Landis Wilbur Aungst SAXOPHONE Waldo Eshelman FRENCH HORN Lionel Mumper TRUMPETS John Kraybill Lawrence Shank VIOLONCELLO Winifred Koh TRUMRUNPT , James Kiefer FLUTE DRUMS 'Thomas M. Garber John Aungst JUNIOR ORCHESTRA HE loss of so many members of the orchestra by the graduation of the senior members had to be repaired. Accordingly Miss Belser carefuliy trained a junior group. This group has developed surprisingly as was shown by the fine service they have rendered at numerous assembly pro- grams in the school and at the senior play, "Annie Lanrie." We feel certain that this junior group when joined to thc few remaining members of the senior orchestra will make a body that will give fine service to the school. PIANO SAXOPHONE vlmllfliligian Kiefer Lee Holtzman 1 l t Richard Eckroth ALTO HORN Ellen Fkpenshade Wllbur Gordon Mariana Olweiler TRUMPETS Brinser Heistand Alfred Eckroth' .Iohn Enterline FLUTE Dorothy Baugher CLARINETS Jean Wolgemuth James Miller l35l Robert Smith Joseph Garber Alma Herr Hilda Kraybill Mary Brlnser DRUMS Francis Olweiler I P l i361 was fff ff STUDENT COUNCIL TUDENT participation in govemment was initiated into this high school during January, 1936. in the form of a Student Council. The purpose of this organization is to promote citizenship, consciousness in the student body and to give each an opportunity to develop -good citizenship habits mrough situations arising in their school life. The Student Council has the Home Room as the basic unit of representation. The council is composed of the Presi- dent of each Home Room, the Presidents of the Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Clubs, and two representatives from the Student Patrol. Mr. Mills, our high school shop teacher, is the faculty representative and advisor. The elected officers are: President, Marian Ebersoleg Vice President, Hemley Madeirag and Secretary, Ralph Thome for the month of January, Charles Beck for the month of February, and Pearl Brock for the remainder of the term, The duty of the Student Council is to take every possible step toward bettering the school life, and the students themselves. The council has accomplished several very important works in this its first ycar. Through a. special committee a School Handbook was compiled and printed, which will be sold next year. This hand book will be a very great help to the students entering the Junior and Senior High School building. A leap-year week was inaugurated in which the girls of the school attempted to show the boys how to act like gentlemen. The Council felt that this project was a great success as everyone who participated in it seemed. to enjoy it. The system of awarding letters for extra-curricular activities was changed under the guidance of the Council. Sports, debating, and patrol will, in the future, each have their own special letter to be awarded when the student has fulfilled the requirements specified by the coach. The otlicers of the Council together with Mr. Mills made a fleld trip to the William Penn High School at York to ob- serve the Student Crganization there. Many helpful hints were garnered on this trip and it is to be hoped that some of these suggestions will be put into practice next year. . Altogether, the first year of the Student Council has been very successful and the Senior Class wishes the Council good luck and more activities for next year. HI-Y Hernley Madeira ........ President William Balmer .... .... V ice President Ralph Thome ..................................................................... Secretary James Shifter .............................,......,................................. Chaplain HE purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high stand- ards of Christian character. The platform is: Clean Living, Clean Speech, Clean Athletics, Clean Scholarship. The beginning of the year found the membership of our club low due to the absence of last year's seniorsg nevertheless, those who remained were enthusiastic and, together with the newly elected members, made this one of the most successful years of the Elizabethtown High School Hi-Y Club. The new members were formally initiated in a very impressive ceremony before the entire Senior-High Assembly. Mr. Blouch and Mr. Bishop, led in this ritual. Our Club was active this year in the recently organized county federation of Hi-Y Clubs. Through this contact, the Club received valuable suggestions. The Club participated in various social events throughout the year, probably the most successful of which was the an- nual Father and Son Banquet. At this gathering the fathers had an opportunity to join in fellowship with their sons and become better acquainted with the work of the Club. d gngvthg lannual event was the Haltlowe'en Party for the entire Senior High School, sponsored jointly by the Tri-Hi-Y an i- u s. A very enjoyable Saturday was spent by the boys at the Men's Club at Hershey, where good fellowship and sportsman- ship reigned. With the last meeting of the year came the very impressive ceremony of the installation of the officers for next year. In this ceremony, the new officers were challenged to carry the work of the' Hi-Y Club to even higher levels next year. The following are the otlicers for next year: Kenton Eshelman ............................................................. President John Aungst .............,..... ...Vice President Donald Ream .. .......Secretary Henry Garber . . . . . . .Chaplain Marion Ebersole ........ President Winifred Kob .... .... V ice President Jean Hershey ...... Secretary Rachel Bashore ........................ .......... ............................. S c ribe Elsie Landis ...........................................,..................... Chaplain HE purpose of this organization is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Clean Living Clean Athletics Clean Speech Clean Scholarship With this ideal in view, the girls of this organization have done much to keep the standards of this school high. The spirit of this Christian organization has influenced the lives of not only the high percentage of girls that belong to it, but also the entire school. The meetings of this club are held during the first period every other Friday moming. After the business is taken care of, the club is divided into discussion groups in which many helpful and interesting ideas are presented. New members consisting mostly of sophomores are taken into the club in the fall of the year. They really enter the Club when the other members decide that they have fulfilled the qualifications that the initiation requires. The Mother-Daughter Banquet has always been the year's outstanding social event in the club. During the Mother's Day season the girls give this banquet for their mothers. This helps to create a kindred spirit not only among the mem- bers but the mothers as well. By sponsoring various entertainments throughout the year the club acquires the means necessary to have the banquet. A very delightful Marionette Show November 5, was held under ther auspices of the club. The club also presented to the public. a concert of marlmba music by Phil Diehl and his marimba orchestra. In both of these entertainments each girl willingly fulfilled the duties assigned to her. Another custom of the club, from year to year, has been to plan with the Hi-Y Club a Hallowe'en Party for the entire Senior High School. On December 18, the Trl-Hi-Y Club spent an enjoyable evening as the guest of the Women's Club of Hershey. The girls not only had access to the swimming pool but also to the game room and gymnasium ln which a quite exciting basket- ball game was waged between tbe Junior and Senior classes. l37l I w N11 VN! I 1 A w y 1 M M 1 n L 1 I l I381 ft :,s.kQX :.:,.:,'5fx-Pjpf' , SENIOR COMMERCIAL SOCIETY Charles Beck .. .............,..... .............................. l 'resident Lester Garber . . . . . .Vice President Anna Bowman ..... .............. ......,. ................. S e c retary Miss Evanna Barr ..,..................,.................,.,.................... Advisor HE Senior Commercial Society was organized i11 September, 1935. lt is composed of members of tl1e Senior class who are pursuing the commercial course and of the .luniors wl1o are admitted to the organization during the latter part of the school term. Meetings are held during the Otliee Practice Period Oll tl1e last Thursday of each month. At tl1is time, the program committee has charge of the proceedings. The purpose of the Society is to promote interest in work .pertaining to commercial and business-endeavors, to discover d e the needs of the senior commercial class to furnish a means ot' developing business-like attitudes, to en- an serv . , . . .., . , courage a social contact, to become conversant with modern progressive business methods and systems, and to furnish a means of making contact with similar clubs in other schools. At one of the meetings, a representative ot the Prudential Life lnsurancc Company gave tlll interesting and worthwhile talk on insurance i11 general. A representative ot' the Remington-Rand Corporation gave a demonstration ot' the Dictaphonc. ln addition to the regular meetings, tl1e club visited the local otfice ot' the telephone company to study the operation of the Exchange, which was followed hy the preparation ot' projects on the telephone. A trip was made to a Harrisburg ot- tiee to see various types of otlice-machines i11 operation. All the junior and senior members entered the national shorthand contest, known as the "Order of Gregg Artists," sponsored by the Gregg Publishing Company of New York City, and wo11 one of tl1e gold IllIlS as an award. Near Christmas, the organization donated a large basket ot' provisions to a needy family in the community. At tl1e December meeting, tl1e seniors gave a program a11d party for the junior members and tl1e practice teachers ot the department. ' ' ' ' -' -' - -- ' -' l'.-l- 'l"1te tl't it will take Although the Society was just begun in the present school year, tht rtsults auompisnd llltltlt ia its place among the major organizations of the school. RIFLE CLUB HE Elizabethtown Rifle Club was organized in tl1e Fall ot' 193-l under the supervision ot' Mr. Mills. The club is a member of the National Rifle Association tN. R. AJ. Certain standards and qualitieations a1'e necessary to become a member of this N. R. A. During the tirst year of the elub's existence Mr. Mills was our supervisor as well as our coach. This year Mr. Mills is the supervisor and John Good is the coach. Any boy or girl under nineteen years of age who will agree to the Sportsman's Code and the Rules ot' the N. R. Ai N t' can become a member. Tl1ere are 28 members. A membership card, lapel butto11, and rule book are sent from I.L.10IlIl Headoiiarters to each member. There are several graduated stages for medals such as Pro-Marksman, lllarksma11--lfirst Class, Sharpshooter, Nine "Possible 500" Bars, Expert Rifleman, and llistinguislied Rifleman. With each ol' these medals a diploma is issued. At the present time, the club has o11ly an indoor range, l,ut it is striving to have an outdoor one soon. The Club practices each Monday night. The officers of the club are as t'ollows: Ralph Theme .................... .,..... l 'resident Harry Beck . ..... ............ . ..Vice President Q .lean Eshelman ........................... ., .... Secretary Robert Fomey ................. . ............,.......... . . . . . ..,.. Treasurer The team is composed ot' the 10 best sl1ots in the club. They are: Thurlow Barley Robert Shitfer Ralph Thome tlrlo Proctor Robert Forney Ilenry Garber Raymond Risser LeRoy Stevens Paul Bishop Harry Beck The results of the matches are: Mt, Joy E-town Manheim Township E-town 363 368 386 384 378 385 386 385 The club has taught many boys and girls a better, healthier, and more satisfying way ot' shooting. PATROL HE Patrol, composed of boys and girls selected for leadership and conduct, an outside one. Each squad, composed of a captain, three lieutenants, Hlltl Mills. The Patrol sees that first: proper conduct is observed in and about the or congregate in or about the building or i11 the lavatories, and third: that no Students disobeying the rules of the Patrol are brought before the Court men who misbehave are also brought before this same court. The Student Council, of which the Patrol is a part, is organized with of one representative from each of the I-li-Y clubs, 0116 from the Patrol, and one faculty member as the advisor. The council is organized by the council members themselves. consists of two squads, an inside o11e and patrolmen, is under the supervision ot' Mr. school, second: that students do not loiter waste material is thrown about the building. of the Patrol, where they are tried. Patrol- thc home room as a basis. It is composed The methods for executing the acts of this body arc: 1. liy bulletins to each home room. 2. Ry representatives to each home room. 3. Hy tl1e assistance of the faculty members. The Patrol has striven to raise the scl1ool morals and to quicken the sense of civic duty in our stnde11t body. The Patrol has done away with carelessness, relieved tl1e congestion in tl1e corridors, guarded the coming and going of pupils, and lessened the cares of our teachers. l39l Compliments ol ELIZABETHTOWN SUPPLY CCD Sclwool and College Specialties Salisfied Cuslomers in Every Slale in 'rlwe Union and The Terrilory of Alaska TELL US YOUR NEEDS. WE DO THE REST T401 S Save WHI1 Building and Loan Shares Good advice 'ro IoIIow if you're working 'For greafer prosperiiy. ELIZABETI-ITOWN BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION No. 23 Soufh Markef S+ree'I ELIZABETI-ITOWN. PA. Complimenfs of FARMERS' FERTILIZER WORKS ELIZABETI-ITOWN, PA. Manufaciurers of DONEGAL PLANT FOOD A weII balanced PIan+ food, Lawns, Shrubbery, Flowers, Vegefables aIso I-Iigh Grade Ferfilizers for all crops. I4lI ELIZABETHTGWN PLANING MILL Lumber-Millwork-Builders' Suppl Coal Compliments of KLEIN CHOCOLATE CO., INC I 1 Compliments of W. T. GRANT CO. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliments of lvlUlviPER'S DAIRY Pure Milk and Cream Try our delicious Orange Juice l43l ALWAYS THE BEST Cosmetics Greeting Cards Candies and Real Refreshments l CENTRAL CUT-RATE STORE and SKY GRILL 45 SOUTH MARKET STREET DORSI-lElMER'S Kodalcs Stationery Conlections Sporting Goods Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania Try FREYlvlEYER'S L l-lorne Leader Bread Made Rich with Pure, Sweet Cream also Pies. Cakes and Rolls. Phone l53-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Elizabethtown Ice Manufacturing Co. Cold alone is not enough. A calce of ice does not get out of order. Ask about the new air-conditioned Coolerator Refrigerator Phone lO-R Showrooms: SOUTH POPLAR STREET EUZABETHTOWN, PA. 441 Complimenfs Complimenfs of of GEBHARTS GRUBB and Arf and Book Sfore MADEIRA Complimenfs Complimerfrs of of J. EDWARD CAN-VZ Plwofograplwer SHOE CQ. CUMBERLAND STRE T LE ANON, PA Herald Print Shop 24 Hour Service Phone 226-J33 NEWCOMERS E. G. KUHN Prinrers of High School and College Publicarions Service Srarions Wholesale and Rerail Gasoline-Molor Oils Fuel Oil ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. and MT. JOY. PA. BUCHS' Warer Ballasr Lawn Roller For Rolling Lawns, Golf Courses and Tennis Courrs. Fill wi+h wafer for weighl Wrire us for Circulars BUCI-I MFG. CO. ELIZABEU-irowm, PA. PINE TREE DAIRY Raw Eilrereol lvlillc ds as Nafure has Use your foo prepared rhem for you. Drinlc raw Milk and Tasfe 'rhe difference. T. B. TESTED l461 Complimenfs of EIizabeII'1+own Chamber of Commerce ELIZABETI-ITOWN An Aqriculfurai and Indusfriai Cenfer O F F I C E R S J. N. OLWEILER, Presidenf A. I-I. RISSER, Eirsi Vice Presidenf D. L. LANDIS. Second Vice Presidenjr JOSEPH KETTERING, Treasurer LEVI C. HERSI-IEY, Secrefary S ' V' NE Wxfvi-if I L cw a X i ig' ' A I' if . Wifi ig Q, . - 7 ., ,f fx ',,QMi. 555, , Wi, . I Ni, E" ""'II'-'?TTj.?- , gf S -, ' 13 - I- 'Viv 7 1 I . 'E X - "-5' 'i'I 'i-..:, I' 91,3 EN ,I CompIimen+s of I-I. B. LICI-I-IY Traveling I-Iorse-Shoer Elizabethtown, Pa. Complimenfs of TI-IE CHRONICLE "Since I869 " S. F. ULRICI-I, INC. Buick Saies and Service Chevroler Sales and Service ELIZABETI-ITOWN, PA. Complimenls of The Moose Theatre "Where There's Always a Good Show" A New Kind of Modern Moror Car Ford V-8 for T936 Cenier-Poise riding, V-8 Performance and Economy Larger. more luxurious lnlreriors May be purchased a+ 525.00 per monlh or 67, plan. GARBERS GARAGE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. To our good Friends, The members of The Class of '36, we offer our heariiesr congrarularions, and besr wishes For The Furure. " DIFFS" Prepare lorYour Future Enroll now For a 'rhorough fraining in business Summer Term begins June I5 Fall Term begins Sepr. 8 CENTRAL PENNA. BUSINESS COLLEGE Cenfral Pennsylvania's Grealesi Business School 323 Marker Sfreef, Harrisburg, Pa. If Pays fo Affend a School wifh an Established Repufafionf' 4 RI-IEEMS GARAGE SIPLING BROS. Sales Service and GeneraI Repairs Phone I73-R-2 Complimenrs of L. C. I-IERSI-IEY GROCER Phone I8 Free Delivery , Com Iimen+s of Congrarulahons p u glass of '36 Farmers IvIuTuaI Insurance Company P'OIeCI I'IeaIII' A Home Company Esta,hlished in 1844 WI The New CooIera+or W. S. ESPENI-IADE T03 NORTH HANOVER STREET Insure wifh Us Insurance in Force Sl6,500,000.00 Ofhcers President-W. W. Benner, Quakertown Secretary-Henry L. Gise, l+1lizahf't.Iutow11 Treasurer-J. N. lllws-iler, Elizabethtown Board of Direcfors J. B. Asper, Mechanicsburg Eugene Iloastvr, L1-balum .lnhu 'l'. Wvaver, Lumpvtur Cgmplimenfg C:OfTlpIIl'T1SI'1I'S of I O LEO Kos RIDER HARDWARE P'UmbQg ind Hem on rac'ror CompIimenI's of Complimenrs of R. I-I. FORNEY Chrysler ancI PIymou+h Sales Service l49l N. E. WAN BAUGI-I Eiecfrical Corfrracfor 423 Sourh Marker S+ree'r ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Complimenrs of RICKER'S PRETZEL CO Complimenrs Complimenrs of of eooD's MEAT MARKET ELLWOOD S. GRIMM H D d M + Squire Fresh and Smoked Phone 3l-R Complimenfs of Complimenfs of FRANK S. MILLER F-IERTZLER'S DAIRY Trading as HARRY MILLER 8: SON Funeral Diredror ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. "Where 'rhe games are played over' ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. BOGGS' RESTAURANT A. S. KREIDER SHOE MFG. CO. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Compliment Complimenfs of of BURKHARTS BEAUTY BARNES gp-405 gp-TQP SHOPPE 43 SOUTH MARKET STREET Compliment Complimenfs of of BREHMS BARBER SHOP R. U. TRIMBLE 66+ Your Complimerfrs Shoes fixed a+ of . H. RMA IRA GAINERS J BEXCEERY N E. I-I. GANTZ ELIZABETHTOWN, R. D. I lnspedion Sfafion 7245 Ph 2I7 M Plan? Bainb dg SIIEWIA C. E. LUTZ, Age-nf Full lines of Pe-Troleum Producfs ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. S+ ROTH'S FINE HOME FURNISHINGS FUNERAL DIRECTORS Complimenls of TRlMMER'S 5- I O-25C STORE MYERS' MACHINE SHOP R. F. MYERS, Propriefor Agency for Silenl Yardman Lawn Mowers Sharpening Lawn Mowers General Repair Work Pulleys and Shafling Elecfric and Gas Welding Phone I64-J W. HUMMELSTOWN and Norfh Poplar Sfreef Made In Ihe Garden Spol of America DISNEY CANDY CO C. E. DISNEY, Proprielor Manufacfurers of Confeclionery Specialiies ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. I-IASSINGER 84 RISSER 'LC USZ Oldsmobile and Ponllac WVEHQ 33' Sales and Service HGVW EIVXIOI-I ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. SDIOVIN Complimemks Complimenls of Ol E. H. KELLER'S SONS BRINSERS QUALITY GROCERIES ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. RESTAURANT Phone 84-M RHEEMS, PA. Sale Every Thurs. Nighr 7 P. M. G. K. WAGNER, Aucfioneer For Oualiiy Goods EPFicien+ Services Fair Prices COMMUNITY SALES pl-ACE WENGER BROS. FOOD STORE Wagner's Park, Beverly Plngne 920-R-I3 Phone 67-J ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA., R. D. 2 Phone 65 MARIETTA, PA. Ben Franklin S+OreS 5C-S I .OO Up W. A. vv. SHOE STORE Depmmen. 5.0.6 WE SELL SHOES D. ROY MOOSE On Jrhe Square THAT Dry Goods, Nofions, Men's Wear WEAR lnfanfs' Wear, Congoleurn Rugs, e1'c. Phone 3l-J Complimenfs Complimenrs of of KOHR BROS., :NO Originafors angfManufacTurers FROZEN CUSTARD PrincipaEE,ar5rserT: Resorfs Cornplimenfs Complimenfs OT of GUY THE BARBER S. G. HERSHEY "Where Hue Gang Goes" 81 Complimenfs of Complimenls of ECONOMY sHoE sToRE W' G' HAM R. L. I-IEIN Cornplimenls of Complimenls of AMERICAN STORES CGMPANY R. A. I-IAIVIIL-ICN Jeweler Complimen+s of BAND BOX CLEANERS AND DYERS If you wan+ your Garmenfs cleaned and you prefer fhe Beffer kind of work, have y + I + d + F y our aior in own oi or ou. IRVING REINGOLD TAILOR 35 Wes+ High Sfreef, EIizabe+h+own, Phone 32-J HENRY L. GISE ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. Nofary Public, Surveyor X1 Conveya Insurance of all kinds Agenf for Slaie Capifal Savings 81 Loan Asso of Harrisburg, Pa. BEAUTY SHOPPE MRS. HELEN McCLU RG 37 S. Markef S+. ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Cui Flowers, PoHed Planls and Funeral Work HOFFER'S GREENHOUSE ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. 4 MARTIN Ti-IE CLOTI-HER J. L. I-IEISEY aT ElizabeThTown For Men's and Boys' CloThing " H Pays To Buy The BesT " Today and Everyday Newesi' and MosT Oufsfanding Qualify Dresses MODERN STYLE ST-IOP 38 SOUTH MARKET STREET, TOWN ELIZABETHTOWN GARM ENT COMPANY H. B. SHANK AUTO Wrecking Used Aufo ParTs Phone 253-R ELIZABETHTOWN. PA. PasTeurized and Viscolized Milk and Cream SPlCKLER'S DAIRY PARK STREET TT. B. Tesfedj Complimenlrs of L. I-I. I-IALDEMAN JEWELER 9 S H1 Markef Sfre T ELIZABETHTOWN, PA. Complimenlrs of J. M. SHOCKERS JEWELER T551 I Year Insurance againsl' Tears or Burns of Garmenl' DAVIS CLOTHES Fil'-A Fad wor+h remembering The Davis Creed: "We believe in giving nor only a 'Square Deal' buf iusl a IiHIe more Ihan 'rhe bargain calls for." E. W. KULP Phone 263-M Represen+a+ive Complimenfs of Lawn MuIuaI Fire Insurance Company euzABErHTowN, PA. Fire, Slorm, and Lighlning Insurance Telephone 927-R-2, EIizabe+hI'own or I I I Mounf Joy - Wilmer Brubaker, Secrelary J. M. Boorh, Presiclenl' PATRONS Mr. ancl Mrs. E. W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Farrell Mrs. Mary Reber Mr. J. D. Berberian Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Reinhold Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Kraybill Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Aungsl Dr. and Mrs. W. W. Treichler Dr. and Mrs. Dorsey Bu++erbaugh Cen+raI Reslau ra n+

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