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 - Class of 1951

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Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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like fu? ir .,.,,, wg rj A 'M fm vw M, . ,. fm., , , ,, .. - . .. ,. , MZ' '- ,, ., . ' .. gi? 5 5 .:., -,,, .: -, I b 5 V,-:,,, M. ,1,,:,,., ,,g,:,::, i., .,.,s,,: .2-V1 f- sz: 35 ' Ti- ' .!::' ,,ff Vfiigj,g:e,13:5-.Afgviggnl,-.yvinez " S ,iq ,. '-ff W -X I .. A " , ,, .WW W,,, W W, ,. , , . W, K ,, W- V AM..W 7 , M V y A - , K. 1.5 41 .M-, N W H - , . - ,... ,mmW? mmq5wWX.W.mg1,,w'Jamf,,3vi'wswwaSwGiqQ.xww1w2G91bf V 'gf 5 5 ,Q ff ' sl - 'iw . . VQPQ I , gg -i I , px ?, ,Y ff' Ami fi' FLW ls in 'lk fe 'ii -af .WE 'Aa mf A, W .W mewmwwf, wamzzf a Q xv A X 4 wx. Am, ,Zz ' f LT' Q 5 'L 3 '53 . QQ LI . ,2 Mg, 2 ,K Q 7 5 5 "Y V lg 5,1 2 QMEQQQ' sk r "" -4 mf 3 ,X W v . 5 Q74 Q Sf 2 9 , I 7 Q Q pw ff , .. W A 'Q ,W L: .1 T. Qi. vp, ww b J . , A . . 2- , ,gr as A P W 5' K , g Ky, K is . ' "5 ,, Y' if - Q 42" A is . N . 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Unlike any other time in our lives, they are the years of being carefree and completely happy, and over them hovers a wonderful school spirit that is indestructible. This volume has tried to capture some of that spirit of a happy time. If, as the years go by, you can turn these pages and recapture in memory those days at EHS,the staff will feel that its time and efforts have been well spent. eaicafion To the Patrons of Elizabethton High School whose profound interest in the youth of our school has proved an inspiration and made this annual possible, the CYCLONE is gratefully dedicated. With the youth of America lie our hopes and if a better world is to be built, they must build it. I nnual gfafg Lloyd Arrowood Helen Howell Editor Business Manager XX mvbe M K ary B -1 ee B 915 S Y1-on bg Y' 56.01 Wilma Shepard TY ports 9'fo,xS 9 Art Editor 5 l if A w-In ,... A 1 V Q 4' W, 2 M-we 4 -. ' Q . JL.. HQ ,K I K wgiifgkfi A gfxiii ruff in .Lo ' Wa cl A lc-fa O Ann Da . 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Go ye old Betsy, Break right through that line, With your colors flying, we will cheer you all the time, Rah! Rah! Rah! Go ye old Betsy, fight for victory, fight for the fame of our fair name, Go Betsy, win that game. W NA I 'M .4 gf Q fp K K f 4 AN Q Q56 A X Q aEm Mr. Stanley Myers Mr. Don M. Lewis Supt. of County Schools County Supervisor' Mrs. Charlotte Taylor D County Supervis or r. H. J. Derthick Vocational Guid ance Counselor Gafzfefz Gounfxi goat? Cgaucaflon d DMU Edith Hunan NWS' - Stanley' pt' Bruffht Clarence MYUS' Su Aafon Lewls Goulet! S3195 W i XX1 3995 MR. S. P. HYDER Principal aculfml ,V g l W... .V .- Fw . -' mi 4WW"xf V gg i: Saegifisygi K .. f . ' Q ' I A ' ,Vik L, , t.r1V.y:f?:3f153f ' '5' A ' H1 .1 K -1 . A ' I " i- K . , V, ,f,, I i m - V 1- I if fr 1 E A , V fe4f,5,?fw' 3 wg: 1 ,... Y ' MR. EARL SAMS Assistant Principal Biology Physics WITT YLE De MRS' L ' ce Gene! al SC1en x ami? WY 1, ,V mr Y f ., 1. ., A 1, -vane 7,Law:E21?:fm , N 14. - " gyxrgwf wma, 2: - ' f we,e1gyV:'::vvr:31a,sgmk ,. g ,wzf..fa, fxfwsrfggys , 1 ' ,M , K- ,'mw-wfffvnwf ,Gif K f- K' E . V, - ij- 5 - gli, : ' 3 2 iv " 1 ' " .Q ' , ' '-fen g '1 A ' . W ,.,' 316547. j, ' H -'i' . ., 4 - E M, , ,fs M5,Qgag,,f,m - ' R - Q .Mfr-,ff W E V . ' ings. , - ' 1- , 2,21 ' K' A 7' ' K .. 1 za: f- , , .,.... ,,L U ,gf -xi, , gd ,. K K f 'K I' K. MR. IOHN TREADWAY He ad Coach Education He ahh Mg! MR. CHARLES FITZSIMMONS MRS - . . . L S Bible, Enghsh, C 1v1cs Algebra, Solid G NELL eolnet 1'Y ,N4 JM 1 u f 5 1 MRS. KENNETH RADER MR HAR YE ,-jlffff worm Geography , LAN LEDF E- ' J f English, worm History BusiZ5lZgLEc0n0miCQsRD f Jil HW, SOQiO1oQ v I T 1-HN G Ma. HOMEE FAR M American History, Study Han RS' CQHARLES DAVIS W lbfafian MR. JAMES UMHOLTZ Diversified Occupations MRS L . ' O E UIE KING MRS R U81 . 1Sh, G11-Irs Cou H ...M nselor MR. L. M. Eoufrs - OBE ' ducation RT L Junior ACEY En 1 Drwer E 8 ish 1 MR. ROBERT EUERUW MRS PA - 1' h, ' U lor Eng is Freshmafsjsaop MR. GENE QUARLES ghsh Algebra, Health Education ' C ach Sen Hmstory Ass1stant o Ame ri can ?GCLtlfKI A , u 4 1 l LY -W gs ILDRED WAR.: MR. MACK GOUGE M1 , H Business Manager Latinr English Bookkeeping Same Arithmetic Civics V 3 X REYNOLDS gms ROSEMARY EDENS 'W N panish GLEN . . bgaithmetic wing Civics 3 Mechamcal DI' STANFORD JOHNSON MR. CONNIE M0 MR' REF b a Freshman English IELD Alge r C4-.ulxr 14211 MR. HARRY FINE Assistant Coach General Science Health Education THOMAS R. biindustfial Arts hanic 5 M9 C Home MR. KERMIT KERLY Speech Journalism KA it K MRS. EARL SHULTZ MRS. E. G. LODER MISS MARY R. CRUM MR. MELVILLE KELLY Health Education Home Economics Home Economics Band, Glee Club MR0 HARRY LEDFORD MRS. JOHN LAMB MRS. JOHN MOTT MRS. CLAUDE PRINCE Asst. Coach, Biology, Health Education Art, Home Economics Typing, Shorthand Study Hall Nw. 1 . MRS. L. W. FETZER MISS MARY PRICE MRS. PAUL S. WILLIAMS MRS. WADE SNODGRASS Sophomore English Chemistry, Biology School Secretary Cafeteria Manager Aw " V1 ' Ji 1 1' , -' 5' 'L V"fvrff1m 'W M fmv:g: ' ' H 1, . Ili ',y ' H Ivy' Mm L1 ul f ' QM 'IM I: Qi' "H p 1 ' 4' I '4'Y'lWII'l" I ' k I W 'W L 'p1 '!"!+y "Wi M si f ml :M M' Ll M W 1: V I! 119, ' llllu rn l ,ii I Vi HINQI1! in V X M I III W NIMH, WI I' yJT,7H+ P ' g In 1 f lJU1VLl1"wr'JI!w' gl f'r- -1 f fm if vm 1 um II W Illlllllllllllllllllllllllllllll' ig X -51 W ' X 4 mr, -in X 5 :AJ f 5 V Twin R v IM 1 E az. is -S l as S . .r W 1, 1 if 2 E A r E' f L El 5, I P E 6 JENNINGS WAGNER Pre sident RICHARD AUSTIN Vice-President PARA MOTYCHAK Secretary STANLEY BATEMAN Treasurer eniofas Glass i c e 'L S SPONSORS Mr. Robert Burrow Mrs. Robert Lacy Mr. Harlan Ledford Mrs. Claude Prince Mrs. Earl Shultz Mr. Jimmy Umholtz hug, IMOGENE ADAMS "Silence is the most per- fect herald of joy." t Home EC' HARVEY ANDERSON "A gay, likeable fellow who WILMA AUSTIN is a friend to all." Football, T. 8: I., Speech Club, Nature Club. ' 'How fluently nonsense trips from her tongue." F.T.A. FRED ANGEL "Life is short and so am I." JEAN ANDERSON "Modesty is the grace of the soul." Home Ec., Camera, T.8zI. LLOYD ARROWOOD "He adorned whatever sub- ject he spoke or wrote by the most splendid eloquence." N.F.L., Speech Club, "E" Club, Flasher Staff, Annual Staff, Grover Cleveland Medal, "Best Speaker", Perfect Attendance, Key Club, Student Council. 'Qi' R OW LAND A TKI NS ON "If being happy were a crime, he'd get a life TM 1355!-'ff.i a J g , 3 Sentence, CLEO BAILEY Q Key Club, ,,E,, Club, "The greatest mastery is RICHARD AUSTIN Head Manager, "Happiest" . to master one 5 self' "Accidents happen in the Camera Club' best of regulated families." Football, Track, Basketball, "E" Club, Key Club, Modern Thespians, Pres. Junior Class, Vice Pres. Senior Class, "Best All Around". IO ANN BISHOP "The mildest manner, the .. HAROLD BAILEY f gentlest heart. U t h t e T. at 1. H E . N0 mat ef W a may Com BEATRICE BLACKBURN , ome c or go, no hurry or worry he'll ever know." "Friendliness is an ex- cellent wearing quality." Baseball T. 8: I., Home Ec. VIRGINIA BOWMAN "A girl of few words, but many thoughts ." F.H.A. STANLEY BATEMAN "Sigh no more ladies, sigh no more." Treas. of Junior Class, Treas. of Senior Class, Band Officer, Hi-Y, Perfect Attendance, Modern Thespi- ans, Camera Club, King of Senior Class. SUE BROWN " As merry as the day is long." JOE BAUGHMAN "Work fascinates me, in fact, I could sit and stare at it all day." SYLVIA BROWNING "Talent and personality make a wonderful combi- nation." N.F.L. Prep., Dramatic Club, Student Council, Majorette, Glee Club, "E" Club, Know How, Y- Teen, Annual Staff, Per- fect Attendance, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Most Talented. BUDDY BLEVINS "If all the boys in the world were just as nice as you." Student Council, Hi-Y, I. A., Modern Thespians, Basketball, Band Officer Most Courteous. WAYNE BLEVINS ' 'His conscientiousness and willingness will bring success." CARMELITA BRYANT W "My size cannot lessen my JACK CROWDER H10'-lghts-" "Why take life seriously, Home EC0n0miCS we never get out of it alive anyway." I.A., Hi-Y, Basketball, Baseball. N'V-K3-l DELORES BUCK "One love have I." Glee Club, National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Student Council, ' 'Most Sincere", Office. CONLEY CULBERT "Calm, sincere, inclined CHARLOTTE BULLOCK to take things easy." "Energy and patience con- quer all things.' ' ROBERT DAVIDSON "A little body often harbours a great soul." LOU ELLEN BURCHET TE "A thing of beauty is a joy forever." Music, Pep, Glee, F.T.A. Club. ' Y BETTY JEAN CAMPBELL "My thoughts are my heritage! Library, "E", Home Ec., Annual Staff. KENNETH DAVIS "His air, his manners - all who see admire." Baseball, "E". MWf'mvfM" MARY "Public Library, J' alism Spanish, N.F.L., Stude il "E", Flasher Staff, Ann f National Honor Society, "Wit tiest". JIMMIE DEAL "Life without mischief is not life at all." Sophomore King, Annual Staff. BILLY J' OE EDMISON "His genial nature always puts hirn in the midst of things." LOIS CARDEN "Life is short and so am I" J-ACK EST-EP T'A'L" F'H'A' "A real man is he whose earn- estness is a part of himself." I.A. Club, Baseball. PAT CLARK "Why worry when there comes MACK FLETCHER another day." N.F.L., PEP Club, Y-Teen, Glee Club, Modern Thespians, Home Ec . "A man of all hours, i.e., ready for anything... BETTY SUE COLE Basketball, Key Club, Glee Club, You think She'S Shy' Oh mv' ou don't know her, that's whyg King of Fall Festival, Student V -1 ..Mo t T 1 ted.. Willie McQuire, Y-Teen, Counci , s a en . Modern Thespians, Dramatic Home Ec., Student Council, "E", Majorette. hm JEANETTE CROWE "Always a smile, always a friend A JAMES FRANKLIN F.H.A., Music Club. BILLIE CORDELL "Manners make the man." "Very bright and lively, full of fun, you bet.' ' Band, Glee Club, Music Club, Y-Teen, Modern Thespians, Annual Staff, Know-How Club, F.H.A., T.A.L. --few War y on MA4, r l A BILL GARRISON l JOAN CROWE "Oh perfumed suitor spare thy . . . . . ,, smile, his thoughts are not of LEWIS GARRISQN "With quiet and simple dignity. thee H -'A faithful student, a perfect F-H-A., Music Club. Pep Club- Key Club ,,E,, Club student friend' We hope his joys will Council lrootball Baseball have no endj, Track, Perfect Attendance, Glee Club, Football, "Best .,M0st Since!-e,, Pe rsonality" . RAYMOND GEISLER "He who has a gallant air, never lacks a lady fair." Key Club, Band, Student Council, "E" Club, A.nnual Staff, Perfect Attendance, Baseball, Basketball, "Neatest", Art Club. ANN CARROLL DAVIS "Born with a gift for laughter." MARY SUE CULVAHOUSE "A talker, not a thinker." Band, Glee Club, "E" Club, Speech Arts, Home Economics Club. WILLIAM GENTRY "If you have a thing to do, do it right! ' National Honor Society, F.T.A ' 'Most Dependable' ', Publicity Club. 1 Home Economics Club, May JAMES GOUGE Queen, Y-Teen, Modern Thes- "Great hopes make great men." CECELIA DEPEW pians, Annual Staff, '-18" cmb, Band, F-T-A- H5116 Wh? Sffws Couftesl' maps Band, Spanish Club, Camera fnendshlp' I Club, Secretary of Freshman Modem Thesplans' KFOVWHOW Class' Willie Mcouirey ..HaP, N.F.L. Prep, Dramatic Club, Student Council, "Most Digni- ' t",Mi s h 'ples ss OP omore fied",Glee cmb. Club. M-mi ""' EARL GRINDSTA1-'F "To be useful is the greatest PEGGY DIDDLE Virtue, "She loves to laugh, she loves to walk, but oh my, How she loves to talk! " N.F.L., National Honor Society, Annual Staff, Know-How, N.F.L. Prep, Horne coming Attendant, Glee Club, Perfect Attendance, 18 Club. .r,.....4gp 41 ELEANORE KSUDIEI EDENS FRED GRINDSTAFF "She has a heart as sound as a UTC play the game for au there bell with her tongue as her is in it, to play the game and Clapljer .. Iilay to win ity . Majorette, Drill Squad, Camera ' E ' Club, Modern Thesp1ans, Club N F L Pr ..E,. C1 b Football, Basketball, Baseball, Anmfal fstalff' ..NffgtMis, u ' Track, N.F.L. Prep. Chievous ,, A RUTH ANN DUNLAP ' 'Enthusiasm is life lit up and shining." Camera Club, T.A.L., T 8: I. 'A i :,'L ,ui RICHARD GRINDSTAFF "Not tc' serious, not too gay." Art Club, Nature Club, Base- ball. ROBERT LEE GRINDSTAFF "Just when I am about to learn, off again." tic. Speech, Nature, Journalism, l Art Club, Camera, 4-H, Drama- BETTY JOYCE FAIR "Gentle of speech, beneficial of BOBBY HAMM Feotbau, Basketball, Baseball, mind-" '-Men of few words are the best Track. F.H.A., T.A.L., Music Appre- of men.-v ciation. FRANCES GLASS "A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance." Home Economic s Club. HUGO HARD T ' 'Jollity and friendliness only partially describe his good nature.' ' Transfer from Father Ryan High School-Nashville, Band, Key Club. KATHERINE GLOVER ' "A kind heart is the fountain of g1adness." N.F.L. Prep, Pep Club, Glee Club, T.A.L. Club. IRENE GLOVER "A smile, a cheering word forever a friend." 'HH BILL HATHA WAY "I'm not so tall, but neithe was Napoleon." T. 8: I. Club. KYLE HART "The only way to have a friend , is to be one." ' 'E" Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. FRANCES HARDIN "We are all born for love." 1. Home Ec. Club, Student Council, Queen of EHS. PATSY I-IAMRICK "She is small, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye!" Glee Club, Pep Club, Girls' State, Spanish Club, Home Ec Flasher Staff, Annual Staff, Modern Thespians, Music Ap- preciation, National Honor Society, Perfect Attendance, 'n "Friendliest". 'T 'ifl Fil AAHE- ' ' -" ' A A as y n ew Mg.. ,JC . U M WILLIAM HILT K 'K cl, The world knows nothing o its greatest men." Music APP1'9Ciafi011, Art Club, dmv F.T.A. Club, "Most Artistic". K .Az jwuy affwf' dv , - iiiflmifffpekzizf 1 o fist H I ..,, ,,, , M6457 K H1 A in M ' f 1. MARY HARPER "A true friend is forever a friend." F.H.A., Glee Club. LUTHER HODGE "I am not in the role of the common man.' ' Key, "E", Modern Thespians, Student Council, Track, Foot- ball, Baseball, Basketball, Perfect Attendance, "Most Dignified" . Q 'Ulm BETTY LOU HATHAWAY "Her heart is like a moon, ever changing but with always a man CONLEY JONES WILLIAM JENNINGS "Try anything once! " Football, Basketball, Track Modern Thespians. in it." N.F.L., Prep, Home EC., "WhY' if he's Wound ther'-fs H0 BARBARA HEATON "18", Dramatic, Modern need for anythlng else", ' 'A vivacious miss with a Thespians, Majorette, Cheer- friendly heart." leader, Home-comingQueen. N.F.L., Glee, Flasher Staff Annual Staff, ' 'Cu1Z6S'C' ' . .L BONNIE HICKS "Never trouble troub1e,'til trouble troubles you." Dramatic, N.F.L. Prep., Glee Club, Pep Club. ,151-im, ' f ' Q? 2 1 1, -.fa ,wwf LEWIS LaGRAND "A laugh is worth a thousand groans." Music,c.1ee, F.r.A., D 1' matic Clutx ji? gg,,J' KENNETH KELLER ' 'A good natured kind, a trusty lad." T. G: I. Club, F.H.A. DORA HICKS "Her heart is as far from fraud as heaven from earth." Pep. N.F.L. Prep, F.H.A., Glee T. 8: I., Music Club. ........,p wwf PATRICIA RUTH HILT "She put her heart into her work and did it we1l." "E", Glee, Majorette, Annual Staff, Modern Thespians, Y-Teen, N.F.L. Prep., Know-How, Willie McQuire, Student Council, Dra- matic, Be st All Around, Perfect Attendance, Secretary of Junior Class, Band. J. D. LIVINGSTON "Much study is wearisome to the flesh." I. A., Music, Hi-Y. 1 RUTH HOLLY ' 'Beauty provoketh thieves sooner than gold." - WALLACE LIVINGSTON T- lr I-, Home Economics "Manners maketh the man." Club. I. A., Music Club, Key Club. HELEN HOWELL ' "For if she will, she will, and you may depend on't, but if she won't, she won't, and thei-e's an end on't " Know How Club, Home Economics Club, N.F.L., Flasher Staff, Annual Staff, Library, Speech Arts, Spanish Club, Publicity, National Honor Society, "Best Speakern. NORA LOU HUMPHREY "Happiness consists in activity." Home Economics Club. HERMAN MANN "My time is served, let me depart." Band Officer, "E" Club, Basketball, Mode rn Thes- pians, Football. JUNE HYDER "Good humor is goodness and wisdom combined." N.F.L. Prep., Home Economics Club, Dramatic Club. ,xi M im.. ALSIE JACKSON ,ff ff! JUNE JAY 3 'EJ Q AVSYA ,f?' p 1, ' 'Carefree manner, capability, A A and superior intellect." BUD MILAM Library Club, Club, National but itvs awf 11 1 1 Honor Society, Spanish Club, ' 'I might be better ifI could ushe soweth little kindnesses , H u Y onesome be' Music Club, Speech Arts Club, l ' 1ng good. F H A which others leave undone. ' - ' ' - F.H.A., Mode rn Thespians , F.T.A., T.A.L. GERALDINE JESSEE ' 'A dainty flower." F.H.A., Pep Club. LOUISE JONES JACK MONTGONERY L- ' d." "He seeks the ill will of no one." 'Always a smile, always a J'EAN JOHNSON "Dainty and doll-likeg sweet and gay." Perfect Attendance, F.H.A., Y- Teen, Band, T.A.L., "Most Attractive". PEGGY KING ' 'Humor is harmony of the heart. " auf' 3 DEAN MORGAN "The schools loss is the world's gain." Football, Basketball, Student Council, Perfect Attendance, N. H. Society,Vice President of the J'r. Class, "E" Club. GALE MORRELL "Never think of the future: PATRICIA JONES "Nothing is impossible to a willing heart and determined mind." Transfer from Walton High, New York. BEVERLY LADD 1 b' 1 il 1 Q Glee C u It C0meS S0011 efwllgh- ' 'Gay and vivacious--always gracious." Transfer from Blackburg High School, So. Carolina. T. 8: I. Club. BETTY JUNE LEONARD ff' U "A good disposition I far prefer to gold." FRED MURRAY Pep Club, Home Ec. Club, Mu,sic BETTY ANN LEE "Handsome is as handsome does." Club, F. T. A. GJ "Neatness is the crowning grace of womankindl' N.F.L. Prep, Home Ec, Library Club, "E" Club, Glee Club, Dra- matic Club, Majorette, Know How Club, Cheerleader, Modern Thes- pians, Flasher Staff, Annual Staff, Y- Teen, Spanish Club, "Neatest". MARY LETTERMAN "Sweet, thoughtful, and always thinking of others." F.H.A. Key Club, Football, Basketball, Baseball, "Most Attractive". SAMUEL MCQUEEN "He never has much to say, h just works and goes his way." Camera Club. g R OBINA LE T TERMAN "Silence is golden." Home Ec Perfect Attendance. WVR IO ANN LEWIS "Lovable, attractive, never blue, when you' re with her you' re happy, too." Band, N.F.L. Prep, Y-Teen, Know.How, Dramatic, Spanish Flasher Staff, Glee Club, Annual Stafffxl8uC1ub, Club, Modern Thespians. ' 'Most Courteous" . BILLIE JUNE LIVINGSTON "A friend sweet and hard to beat." Music, Home Ec., Red Cross Club, Publicity Club, Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball Champions. fi 'Uhr FRED NAVE .Not too Seri02S11n?lEE?.oCgf1 FRANCES LITTLE Football' Base a ' u ' "A love to change my fate and name." Home Ec. Club, Music Club. RONDALPH NIDIFFER ' 'If you hear a shout and two or FRANCES LIVINGSTON three yells, Rondalph's coming, "She SOEUY Speaks and Sweet this foretells." Smiles-" N.F.L. Prep, N.F.L., Camera Music, Home EC-, Red Cross Club, Football, Baseball, Glee Club, PU-b1iCil3Y, Spanish C11-lb, Club, Senior Favorite, Science Intramural ChaU1Pi0n5- Club, Music C lub. ' N. RICHARD OAKS "Do your best, what more can thing, be expected ?" Hi-Y. JOAN LOWE ' 'Study is a drearisome so I don't do it." Home Ec., Music Club. RONDA PETERS ' 'HE dO9S1'1't SSCITI to Cafe I'nllCh ..Her Character is the result for anything .... but dolls." of her Conduct... Hi-Y, Nature Club, Camera, Student Council, N.F.L. Prep, N-F-L-3 Spanish, BaSeba11fFOO'1- hall, Basketball, Music Club, Library, Glee, Dramatics, MEN, Modern Thespians, Band, "Most Popular . Annual Staff, ' 'Most Studious," National Honor Society. 1 N,....ii" RITA MANNING "A girl with eyes so very true, some heart is bound to break into." Home Ec., F.T.A., Music. FRANCES PEARMAN MCFARLAND "She neither hears nor sees, her love is all for thee." N.F.L., F.H.A., T.8rI., Flasher Staff. JOAN MCQUEEN "Dependabi1ity is the key to success." Dramatic, Know-How, Y-Teen, N.F.L. Prep., Spanish, F.H.A., Glee, Band, "E", Modern Thes- pians, Annual Staff, Majorette, 'Most Dependable? Perfect At- tendance, Intramural Basket- ball Charnpions. BETTY MOORE ARTHUR POPE "Sometimes, I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit and sit and sit." Band, Hi-Y, Dramatic, Student Council, Basketball, "Wit- tiest", Baseball. rf' i-H. gg ' 1 .75 To know her is to ove her BOBBY REETER F.H.A., Music, F.T.A., "Most Athletic". "Life is like a game, it must be played." Hi-Y, "E", Football, Track, Annual Staff. JEANETTE MILLER "She lives her life for one love. Dramatic, Know-How, Majorette "E", Modern Thespians, Glee, Iviiss Junior, F.H.A. DOROTHY MORRELL "A peppy girl with lively eyes, a personality twice her size." N.F.L. Prep., F.T.A., Student Council, Y-Teens, Glee, Dra- matic, Drill Squad, Secretary of Sophomore Class, Cheer- leader. REBECCA MORGAN "To be most useful is the greatest virtue." Camera, F.T.A., Band, Intra- mural Basketball Champions. Q ACK uf my WANDA MULLINS "A good nature is the sign of a large and generous sou1." N.F.L. Prep., F.T.A., T. 8: I., Dramatic, Flasher Staff. WALTER RICE "So much to dog so little done." T.8:I. JERRY SMITH "Washington is dead, Lincoln is de ad, all the great men are dying, in fact I don't feel so well myself." Student Council, Key, Flasher Staff, Came ra. E -V-Q 2 A. :Ea ' - ': l f, 5' , if , M M ,-, We Lf' PARA MOTYCHAK "She has a pleasant word and smile for all she meets." Y-Teen, Modern Thespians, F.T.A., Office, Perfect Attendance Spanish, Home Ec., "Most Likely to Succeed", Intramural Basket- ball Champions. MAE MYERS "Everything comes to those that wait: therefore, why should I hurry? ' ' Dramatic, Mode rn Thespians, "E", Know-how, Band, Annual Staff, Home Ec. Club. BETTY JO NAVE "In her, sincerity reigns supreme." F.H.A. , T.A. L. MARY ELLEN OAKS "Eyes that twinkle like the stars! ' Dramatic Club, Modern Thespians, Band, "E" Club, Know How, Home Economics Club. HAROLD STOUT "An athletic, a lover, and a man." Football, Baseball, Basket ball, Track, Camera Club, Modern Thespians, I-Ii-Y, "E" Club, "Most Athletic" Annual Staff. ,a 4 ww. DOROTHY JANE O'DELL "Quiet, thoughtful, and nice." Band, F.H.A. LOUIS TAYLOR "Men of few words are the ANN CARROLL OGLE best of men." "Cheerful, jolly, quiet and "E" Club, Fo011b8l1, Track- sweet, a girl we all are glad to meet.' ' Flasher Staff, Dramatic Club, Student Council, F.T.A Camera Club, Band Queen, May Queen Attendant, Band, "1 8" Club, "Best Person- ality' ' . BERLIE POTTER "Talking she knows EUGENE TOWNSEND not why and cares "Quiet is he, but as not what-" VIRGINIA PETERS friendly as can be. ' ' "Speak boldly and speak truly.' ' T. 8: I., Student Council. Glee Club, Football. IAC KIE RAMEY FRED VANHUSS "Leave silence to the FRANCES RAINS "A fine fellow with saints, I am but human "Her patience and good g0Od iI1'C6nfi0nS." T. Ez I., N-F-L-, T-A-I-H nature are unlimited." F.H.A. MARJORLE REED "I praise loudly, I blame softly." Home EC. Club, Music BILL VARNON Club T'A.L- "I may not set the world JOAN SAMS ' on fire, but Fm good at "She lives to love, to laugh, sparking.nv to learn. Hi,Y, ..E.., Baseball, Camera Club, N.F.L., Prep. Camera Club, Football, Spanish, "Most Mis- chievous, Annual Staff. my AU' NINA SAMS "Precious possessions JENNINGS LEE WAGNER are small in size." Nature Club, T.A.L., Home Ec. Club. he will make one." Pres. Freshman Class, Pres. Senior Class, Base ball, "E", Key, Student Council, "Most Likely to Succeed", Annual Staff, Art Club, Spanish Club. "If he doesn't find apath, MARIE SCALF "Actions speak louder than words." T.A.L., Music Club, Home Ec. Club. RUBY SHAFFER FRANCES SHELL "Who knows her, knows a PHYLLIS SHELL REED --li "When hearts are true, few words will do." Home Ec., Camera Club, T A L., National Honor --A smile is the same in all friend-" ' .' languagesgf Dramatic Club, F.T.A., Y- Soclety' Music Club, F.H.A., T.A.L. L WILMA SHEPARD "Her frowns are fairer far, than smiles of other maidens are." Camera Club, Pep Club, Glee Club, Flasher Staff, Annual Staff, F.H.A., Y-Teen, Stu- dent Council, Art Club, Dra- matic, T. A. L., "Most Artistic". Teen, Home Ec., Art Club, T. 8: I., Flasher Staff, Office. gfgif y: WILLIE WEBB "His smile is as contagious as a yawn." Library Club, "E" Club. . . K V ...nl SHIRLENE SLAGLE "Music is well said to be the speech of angels." Band, Glee Club, Pep Club, Homecoming Attend ant, "E" Club, Spanish Club, Home Ec. Club, Y-Teen, Annual Staff, Student Coun- cil, Drill Squad. I .4 L REBECCA STEPHENS "She softly speaks and sweetly smiles." S T Band, Dramatic Club, JOAN TREE Modern Thespians N F L ' 'An ounce of cheerfulness CRYSTAL SUTHERLAND PreP Home EC HIA. I is Worth 3 Pound of sad' "Energy will do anything , H . ' l H F1655-" that can be done in the Annual Staff, Music Club. Glee Club, Camera Club, worldg' T- 5 I- Y-Teen, Dramatic Club, Home Ec., T. 811. PATRICIPQ2 TAYLOR --Fairer than the evening RAY ELLIS WILLIAMS air, clad in the beauty of --To think is but an idle BETTY WEBB . a tlmousand stars." waste of time." uNeVer idle' never Shu' Miss Freshrnan, Band Industrial Arts Club, always actwe' Charm Sponsor, Girls state, Drill Music Club. She W111"' Sqaad, Camera, Spanish, Dramatic, Y-Teen, Modern Y-Teen Dramatic Home Thesvians, MEN' MaJorette ECU Annual Staff, "18", Willie McQuire, Glee Club, Modern Thespians, T. Sr I. Club. IRENE WHITE "A voice, 3. pleasant "So quiet, so fair, so sweet, so rare." Library, "E", Glee, Home, EC., Annual Staff, Senior Favorite .41 SUE WILLIAMS "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and Sue giggles." "E", Y-Teen, Dramatic, Home EC., N.F.L. Prep., Know-How, "IS", Camera, Pep, Drill Squad, Major- ette, Annual Staff. smile." F.H.A. .TUNE W HITEHEAD "To the young heart, every thing's fun" Camera, Glee, Home Ec. CELIA SUE YOUNG "Dependabi1ity is nobility's true badge." Willie McQuire, "E", Art, Camera, Drill Squad, Band Officer, Vice Pres. Sopho- more Class, "Most Popular" Glee, Pep, Know-How, Girl Reserve, Radio Reporter, Modern Thespians, Y-Teen, T. 8: I., Annual Staff. MARGA ZIMMERMAN "Tall and slim and nice to know." F.H.A., Music, T.A.L. Glee Glass and Testament TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN: - We, the senior class of 1951, being of sound body and sane mind fwell, some of us anyway, do hereby declare the following to be our last and only testament, thereby making void any and all others: To the principal and faculty we leave our best wishes and profound gratitude for being so understanding and patient toward us during the past four wonderful years. To the juniors we bequeath our title "Seniors", our brilliant minds and our ex- cellent study habits. We, Pat T. and Celia Y. will our ability to loaf through the last semester to any- one energetic enough to go to summer school. I, Richard Elwood Austin, bequeath all my beautiful girls to Buck McClellan. I, Jean Anderson, will my ability to get into trouble to the girls of Turkeytown. We, Imogene Adams and Carmileta Bryant, will our lasting friendship to Jean Guy and Helen Jenkins. I, Lloyd Arrowood, leave my ability to make speeches and get things done to Joe May. I, Stanley Bateman, bequeath the locker that never would lock to B.J. Sams. I, L0uEllen Burchette, will my love for tall, dark and handsome men to Ann Crabtree. I, Cleo Bailey, will my ability to sleep in class to Mack Dugger. We, Patricia Clark and Frances Hardin, will our messy lockers to Diane Kelly and Charlotte Hutchins. May Mrs. Williams haunt them as she has us. I, Mary Sue Culvahouse, leave to Dorothy Stout,my will to be crazy and hope she can carry on. I, Jeanette Crowe, bequeath my place in Mrs. Lacy's homeroom to Jewel Dean Maine s. I, Billie June Livingston, leave my ability to play basketball to Joyce Hathaway. I, Rebecca Morgan, will my quiet disposition to Colette Durham. I, Lois Carden, bequeath my love for West End to Bobbie Hazelwood. We, Ruth Holly and Wanda Mullins, leave our girlish figures to Shirley Pierce and Joan Williams. Good luck. I, Betty Jo Nave, will Mr. Burrow's core class to Norma Jean Powell. I, Fred Nave, bequeath my football helmet to Bo Hardin. I, Richard Oaks, leave my fine riches and most of all my classes to James "Radio" Greenwell. I, Margo Zimrnerman, will my tallness to Jane Britton. I, Bill Varnon, will to Dick Phillips my good looks and splendid manners. I, Phyllis Reed, leave my ability of becoming a blushing bride to Carmelita Shell. I, Joan Crowe, bequeath my carefree way to Betty Jean Crowe. I, Lee Grindstaff, will my ability to squirm my way out of trouble to Dallas T. I, Barbara Heaton, will my ability to sell to Delores Deal. I, June Evelyn Hyder, will my seat in typing and Mr. Ledford to Louise Eggers. We, Lewis LaGrand and Bill Hilt, leave our shyness to Kenneth Hodge. I, Hugo Hardt, will my place in the band to anyone who wants it. l, William Jennings, bequeath my good looks and winning personality to anybody who can compare. I, Alsie Jackson, will my ability to keep love a secret to Beatrice Hardin. I, Mary Byron, will my witty writings and sly statements to Mary Carolyn Williams. Witnesses: The Senior Class Testator Miss Taylor Miss Young eniot ptoplzecxl Dear Celia, I'm glad to hear you've finally given up nursing and married that handsome doctor. Since you' re so far from home, I thought you'd be inte rested in what some of our former Betsy classrmtes are doing. Well, here goes..I knew you heard about that teriffic murder case Lloyd A. just won. I think the reason he is so successful is because the jury lets him win his cases just to shut him up! We're all proud of Fred Murray's playing in the world series...You will never guess whom I met taking her triplets out walking yesterday, Jeanette Allen. We have a fashionable and exclusive dress store opened, "The Hick's Shop". It's run by Bonnie and Dora. Buddy B., Herman M. and Wayne B. are now playing with Spike Jones' Orchestra...Lewis G's fame is still spreading fand so is L.j. J'o Ann Lewis is following her father's footsteps by running for Senator... Peggy D. is talking up votes for her. Betty M. is going to prove she is athletic by swim- ming Watauga Lake backwards...Para Motychak is a professor at Harvard. Ann Carroll dresses both her little boys in sailor suits, how cute I Oh, yes, I guess you've been reading Mae M's articles "Month by Month With May" in the "Good Housework" magazine. Of course, some of us came back to Betsy as teachers...Betty Ann L. is teaching Home Ec .... Berlie P. is helping Miss Price teach lab. fYou remember, Berlie was so Brilliant in chemistryj. ...J'. L. Gouge is Mr. Kelly's assistant...Walter R. teaches American History and "Sudie" fheaven help us J is librar- ian. She has her motto "Silence is Golden" engravedon her desk. Rody A. hasn't graduated yet, he's still head manager. Poor Bill Garrison, Sonny H. and Harvey A... they are still waiting for their girls to finish school. Did you read that article about Harold S. in "Life"? He has set a new national record as a coach, 0 games won, 0 games tied and 129 games lost. I recently had a long talk about children with .Toe B. ---he's worried because Joe Jr. is underweight. Everyone's talking about our glamor queens in Hollywood, Jean J., Joan M. and Billie C. William G. recently discovered a new kind of molecule in the I-I bomb...Shirlene S. is waiting on Terry and singing on TV .... Have you read Jerry Smith's newest book Gentlemen Prefer Women? They say He len H. is really a hit on Broadway in that new drama. "Tillie", Becky and Cecelia D. are still waiting for the N. G. to come home. You should see Sue W. driving her 3 new Fords...J'imrnie now owns Carter County Motor Co. Jean A. is our new city motorcycle cop and C rystal has a fine job as "grease monkey" at a local garage, these ambitious girls I .To Ann B., Beatrice B. and Ruth H. have recovered their R. N. Raymond G. and Jennings W. are Esquire's most famous artists...their leading models are Ann D., Betty W. and Murt O. Betty C. is still following the army...Jody Claims she's gonna be an old maid but Rondolph hasn't given up yet. Ronda Peters is a fashion advisor for Charm Magazine. . ..he always could appreciate good figures I Dolores B. and Richard are having to build a bigger home to have room for their 9 children. Barbara H. is waiting for the air force...she spends all her time flying back and forth to Texas! Dickie A. is in great demand over the South as a beauty contest judge...He says He's never going to retirel I guess I'd better close for now since all my boys will soon be back from the basket- ball game. Why don't you come down to see us? You'd have the farm I Love , Pat uniofzs BILLY TAYLOR President BARBARA GOUGE Vice-President RICHARD LOVET TE Secretary BILL MCC LELL AN Treasurer SPONSORS Miss Rose Mary Edens Mr. Homer Farthing Mr. L. M. Fouts Mr. Mack Gou e 8 Mrs . Louis Kinch M rs. John Lamb Mr . Harry Ledford 61655 FRANK AKERS WALTER AKERS MARY ALICE ALLEN BETTY SUE ANDERSON ROBERT BARNES "" DELLA BARRETT RUTH BERRY JEAN BLEVINS JIMMY BLEVINS ZELMA BLEVINS BEN BLYTHE PAT BOWEN BEN BOWE RS INA BOWE RS V E RNA BRADLEY CHARLOTTE BRADSHAW MARY LOU BRANCH C. W. BRIGGS JANE BRITTON BILL BROCK V IV IAN BROOKS W ILMA CAMPBELL 5 A I BOBBY BROOME CHARLES BURLEY A ii? Wy. ff ,, PAULINE CAMPBELL ED CARRIER BOBBIE LEE CASE .IOYCE FERLING BETTY JEAN COLBAUGH JACK COLE JILSON COLLINS LOIS ELLIOTT .QBEQLYN cRQU,95,,Q ,W 5'1" wil f . BETTY JANE CROWE 4 A fI""" 11.17 ,N If ff f ' 1, 3 I 1 ' K0 cARo3f1g,cuxuwE fi , , W. , ROBERT DAVGIJW,-ll"I.1?" ' Q .V L BARBARA CURTIS JI J v, 9 a I BETTY DANNER 1 ' .ff QA, f M V 4 I ua I L v ,ww P' RALPH DAVIS BOB CRUMLEY DELORES DEAL COLETTA DURHAM LOUISE EGGERS WILMA COLLINS NILENE ELLIOTT BARBARA EVANS CHARLES FEATHERS LILLIAN CHARLTON -9? .wif i q W 3 . I' 5 E 4, I ROOR I W IC' BARBARA FLEMING DORIS FRANKLIN HELEN FRANKLIN MARTHA GASS BARBARA GOUGE JIM GREENWE LL KAY HEATON IO ANN GUY J. L. HALL BEATRICE HARDIN BEULAH HARTLEY I. D. HARDIN JOAN HARDIN if RICHARD HARDIN BET TY HARDIN JOYCE HATHAWAY MARLENE HAYES CLAUDET TE HAYNES FRANCES GRINDSTAFF BETTY LOU HICKS GRETCHEN HICKS MARY LEE HILTON BARBARA HODGE KENNETH HODGE 1- an as 3 if I , . I I I I , W , J 452, H ' 5-Q 'TQ ' nv is F er m ri' 55 mm -Q "'7'fE?' . sg: mIA, . ,W .. 'A 2 ' yy , MS saw yr . W 5, 5521541 -f ' ANNA SUE HOOD JEANETTE HOLLY BOBBY HOPSON JOYCE HOUK VIRGINIA HUFF DICK HUGHES DELORES HUGHES JOAN HUGHES JOHNNY HUGHES CHAR LOT TE HUTCHINS VIDA ISENBURG LOUISE JACKSON J. B. JAMES HELEN JENKINS JEAN JOHNSON DIANE KELLY BETTY LACEY RONNIE LAWRENCE BETTY LOVELACE RICHARD LOVETTE NORMAN LEE JACK LITTLE DENNIS LUMSDEN BILL LYONS WWF tiff in 'iz Q SK 5' Aa ,x :Q 'wall 3 19 1- 2 L L' jf, aw R Q if a -1 JEWEL DEAN MAINS JOYCE MARSH PEGGY MERRYMEN WANDA MAPLES JOE MAY BILL MCC LELLAN PE GGY MAR TIN GLEN MEDEARIS JENNIE MILLER ERMA MOREFIELD BOBBIE LEE MORETZ PANSY MORGAN ,,-i I CARL MORRELL FRED MOSELY CARROLL MOT TE RN SANDRA MOTZ JANE MURRAY HAROLD NAVE RUTH NAVE PATRICIA NAVE IRENE NANNY Eff' , RICHARD NLDIFFER 5 LAAI QW' 155 JIMMY OLIVER I ERTII 36 9' 5 X 5 M gw fs, LF! X5 sq ss X Ev K ,K X If AH was ji Y MQ, ::. E + Ei' 4 v. ,1 - Q. 4 Q5 uw 0 gf Q LLYAA I " JUNE PERRY xx. Q W, , I P, 'UW A A :., 7' -iv: ':. f iw WILLA DEAN PERRY DICKIE PHILLIPS RUT H PIERC E DANNY PICKLESIME R FRANCES POWERS PEARL RAINS DOLORES RAMSEY EUGENE PIERCE DORIS ROWE ZELLA RASNICK BARBARA RIDDLE DAWN ROARK RUTH RASH JIMMY ROSS SELMA SAMS TERRY SANIS LOUISE SAW YER PHY LLIS SC OT T JOE SHELL DON SIDES CARMELITA SHELL JACKIE SHELL GARY SIMERLY HELEN SIMER LY vs YU' ,JV 1 f' I Km IN 1 : A 'f.- W R ai J A y AJ if MYRTLE SLAGLE PATRICIA SLUDE R LOUISE SMITH PATRICIA SNHTH PEGGY SMITH ALLEN SMITHDEAL WAYNE STARNES DOROTHY STOUT BETTY STOUT BERYL TAYLOR BILL TAYLOR EVON TAYLOR JIMIMY TERRY MARY NELL TESTER ROBERTA WALLACE BEVERLY ANN THOMAS W. G. WARD MARY ANN WILLIAMS BOBBIE WOOTEN gopluomofze Glass Olgficefzs Walter Carrier Carl Anderson Bill Hagie Secretary Vice-President President fNot Pictured, Jack Dugger Treasurer SPONSORS Miss Mary Ruth Crum Miss Mary Price Mrs. Nina Fetzer Mrs. Kenneth Rader Mr. Charles Fitzsimmons Mrs. Murrell Snell Mr. Kermit Kerley Mr. A. L. Treadway DORIS ADAMS SHIRLEY ADAMS MILDRED AUSTIN MARY JANE BAILEY BETTY JEAN BARE JOHN BARE PAUL BAUTISTA SALLY ANN BELL BILLIE BERRY BUDDY BLACK EUGENE BOWERS NANNIE BOWERS RALPH BOWERS SHIRLEY BOWERS HELEN BOWMAN BOBBY BRICE GERALD BRIGGS BOBBY BRITT B. K. BRYAN ERNEST BUCHANAN CORINE BUCKLES LOUISE BUCKLES SHIRLEY BULLOCK LOUVINA CALDWELL DEAN CAMPBELL LEONA CARTER RUTH CARDELL QAY CARTER ELLA JEAN COLLINS ILEANOR CRABTREE if ? 'H W, '22 4 sk 5 If -mn' fy. VW UQNV -A "l'?'R E A A uv r 1 'wi B 3 PR I P M' JM 'ww wife: ' Ov ,lv - V 3 ' f C J 4 ' -7-' I I A' 1' K w E I ic 'ff I A If 1 V1 Il 'ax X, I R, I 7 A A I If L, 2 3' i F Sq W ,Q Wk, , T Myii fiy , N 5 I E has I ' J g If 3 ' 14 ,I gf .sf M 5 I A -Ng A - V -':' A 5' AiV': A f I .- ga if --an W? it MH S gf P 5 , .,... 1 a. . .Q I f.-A My mf ui ,, .aw ! , W 'W ,Y Q i 4 sf 3 -.F x L, 'P 4 -'F an S, 1 5 JO ANN CRISP NANCY CROUCH CAROL CROWE FRED CROWDER BARBARA CULBERT RICHARD CUNDY FRANCES CURTIS PHYLLIS DAMERON SHIRLEY DAVIS MARTHA DICKINSON JACK DUGGER JACKIE ELLIOT BERNICE ELLIS NORMA JEAN ELLIS BILLIE DEAN ESTEP HUBERT ESTEP JOYCE ESTEP PEGGY FAIR PATSY FEATHERS CAROLYN FORD BRUCE FORTNER GEORGIA FOSTER ANN FRANKLIN DORIS GARRISON BETSY GOSS EVELYN GLASS BETTY SUE GENTRY DOROTHY GLOVER JUNE GREEN FRANCES GRINDSTAF FLO GUINN BILL HAGIE GENE HALL JOHNNY HAMPTON RUBY HAMM VIOLA HART JERRY HATHAWAY ALLEN HEATHERLY JANE HENSLEY JERRY HENSLEY DELPHINA HICKS LUCILLE GUINN CECIL HILTON LEON HOOD GERALDINE I-IUFF CAROLINE HUGHES CHARLES HUNTER NORMA HUSKINS MARY LOU HUTCHINS NICKIE HYDER I , ., Q' in L 4 1- Q gs mga , Jil , m wi l' A ga g w g I 7 5, SY., A gli mr was J' gig 3 . - , A A IEE I xi Y.:V ' 'I" J 'r-.-+ , 'JIS ' , an-A 5 if f , 'fi I I . E si X J, fs f A I 4 I I Af M -S A W S J J, ' ,Q - Q, W 2, , , , v K , " gs ig STR, J. .73 ,ii 3 J II-L 'I L, I ,, ,, .ers .. , , , 2 . 1 I 1 A ff 2 55 f , Z, : M1-fwsf'1 ' 4 , 3, s if A X, A .- QQ V, Q Z5 , Q58 .J M, A ' My 5? N2 ' fel J im, SUSAN JONES I I ' A Y " I IIII VIARY JENNINGS j :I I BEN JOHNSON J, H FIELEN JOHNSON 345, 1? ' A SUE JOHNSON II .. A ff 5 A A A AS I A A J , I . 1 IAS,.S . I I ,IMPLE J-ONES I I t r -1 ,krr :iw L,.. I . .. 4 G 37 AARY JORDAN Q V 5 V A v? :HARLOTTE JULIAN U , 3 ' H i 'HS JfSJ A- ,,-.J A N 'W JALE KELLER ' 2 ,fd-31 :,, ' ' ,ma A A ff I 4 BETTY ANN KIDD A A 5 S If -JJS ' SFLJS A K , IIAOJ A J J Ez' Q 3 fa QQ 'S-I ww K 'xi QS, I ,XL W ' L1 Y I Q 4,1 Y Ji if f " ,. x,W, , Gig: Y A R KS I , , ,S ,. I '374 I iv tfg,-'I if G If I ifw fi f ' ,ww 'wb' :if-fra, N..7, fu',"' "ni rl- my PEGGY KISER " ANN LAMB BOBBY LAWS RONDAL LAWS SHIRLEY LAWS BETTY LEWIS PEGGY LEWIS BILLY LINBAUGH RUTH LITTLE WAYNE LITTLE DARA LUNTSFORD NIARY KATE LYONS NANETTE MADGETT SUE NIALONE LYNDELL SUE MARSH ANN MYNATT HOWARD MATHERLY MARY ALICE MILLER SYLVIA MILLER JANICE MINTON GEORGE MONTGOMER JOYCE MURRAY SHIRLEY NAVE DEAN NAVE JOHN FRANK NANCE BETTY PARLIER HOWARD PERRY SHIRLEY PIERCE J. L. PRICE MARY RUTH RANGE SADIE RASNICK VANE RAY RUTH RENFRO 'OE ROWAN IARROLL RUNYON NILLIAM RUTTER BILLY JACK SAMS ROBERTA SAWYER IACKIE SHELL IUDITH SHELL EDDIE SIME RLY KATHLEEN SIMERLY ARCHIE MARIE SLAGLE BETTY SMITH CAROL SMITH CHARLES SMITH JOAN SMITH KATHERINE SMITH CAROL SOR RELL NANCY STEPHENS EDDIE STURGILL WANDA TRIVETTE JUNE TAYLOR EARLINE THOMAS LOUISE TILLER BUDDY TURBYFIELD BILL WADDELL JOAN WHEELER BETTY WHISNANT PATSY WHISNANT L! is ii i1'5'iiL1!!1l sf ,513 Ing 5 , ,K 0 ,,vn"', is iid , A ew fl HM il Mil e,J'f Frmd' i1"""l' 1 .457 lzman Glass O ice s 'F 'adn ima fs 66 'L 'P' n l Bobby Enkema Harry Hathaway Harry Hunter Ann Wooten President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sponsors Mrs. Paul Bishop Mrs. Lyle Dewitt Mr. Harry Fine Mr. Stanford Johnson Mrs. John Lodter Mr. Connie Morefield Mrs. Elizabeth Mott Mr. Gene Quarles Mr. Glenn Reynolds Miss Hildred Wagner "ISI gk 1 fm? fm K5 E' "' S' 1 HQ Him 'Qin 'Si UMM HM! C' -5 -,nw-an 3 MR "' f ig Q A 'QW ,Q 1 fig? 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P Mnrifuonfif f0'4Ql4'-740, , eague ff ' .YN Q K N Y 1 5 l ,f :J V. h O Cys: President ..... ......... 1Q.....'f'.' ............. ......... . . Helen Howfu Q F Vice President. ................ ...... L Ioyd Arrowood TQ Corresponding Se cretary ...... ......... M ary Byron Ng Recording Secretary . ......... ...... P eggy Diddle Treasurer ............... ................................ R obert Herndon Sponsors. ......... ...... M rs. Robert Lace , Mr. Kermit Kerley , Y V x' - ' ' ' f ' ' 1 4 . f ' v kr K, fo ,f ,I rin, X fr Us . k LA. V' F A-I N I scene F1-om the N.,f.Q L, Play 4, I f ' 7 if D X --You cAN'T TAKEAIT WITH Your P A ' . f P - "' V- 1 , , P 1 ' 1 G N ff ' . 'L f fs ' ' by Hart aid Ktuifhah PM "' ' A e A ' 3 . My , in , y J- , ', A , f, b 7 N X , , , V. I, ,n l I I I b f . r if H ay, h ww. fifrfzahi Officers: June Jaynes ......... ........., P resident ? Betty .Tean Campbell. ..... Vice Pres. ' ' ' Elanore Hansford ........... Secretary Offifefsf. Para M0fYCh3k ---' Doris Franklin .............. Treasurer Wanda Mullins .... Willie Webb .......... Parliamentarian AlSie Jackson -.... Charlotte Bra'dshaw .......... Reporter Bil1Gentry. ............. Mrs. Davis .............. ..... S ponsor Charles Bl1I'Cl1etf-6 .....Px-esident ....Vice Pres. -..Secretary Treasure r ..Reporter ...Sponsor Mr. Farthing ....... Kal Officers: Rowland Atkinson ..... ...... P resident Raymond Geisler ..... .... V ice Pres. Joe May .............. ...... S ecretary 'Q ,, Bill McClellan ....... ..... T reasurer 5 Mr. Gene Quarles ..... ..... S ponsor Officers: Rowland Atkinson ...... ..... P resident Harold Stout ........ ...... V ice Pres. Bill Hagie ........... ..... S ec. Treas. A. L. Treadway .... .. ........ Sponsor mwfmmamw.--mm,Quw11r,nw,,f.QWff'f,,m.,,,,,wwf, ., , f .h,www,1z,, . V. .wx , -f --fy 1 :,..m,4,: ,wa-ml,wmmmwuw,V,-,Mx-A :Q lv,-1,f,Aw::f-1,11q,llawmw7-wwmmwm Half Officers: Club H... Stanle Bateman ..... ......... P resident ' Jimmy? Terry.. ..... ..... V ice President Jimmy Blevins ..... ........ S ec retary I Dennis Lumsden ..... .... T reasurer Officers: Dick Hughes. .................... ..... C haplain Bill Taylor ...... ........... President Mr. Charles Fitzsirnmonsn... .... Sponsor Frances Powers.... ...... Vice President Betsy Goss ......... ........... S ecretary Vivian Brooks ......... ...... T reasurer Mrs.Kenneth Rader .... ....... S ponsor , . L ,sg ss, www 7, .x,r.,,f. ..z .zzm--, A , . , .V . I . - . ,L-:xv wr 1 W "li e gfudenf Gounci Officers: President, Sylvia Browningg First Vice-Pres., Richard Lovetteg Second Vice- Pres., Nickie Hyder, Secretary, Frances Grindstaffg Treasurer, Mary Byron, Reporter, Jo Ann Crisp, Sponsors, Mrs. L. W. Fetzer and Mr. Charles Fitzsimmons. Executive Board: Nickie Hyder, J'o Ann Crisp, Bobbie Wooten, Frances Grindstaff, Louise Eggers, Dean Morgan, Sylvia Browning, Mary Byron, Bill Garrison. PURPOSE OF THE STUDENT COUNCIL 1. To promote the general welfare of student activities. 2. To co-operate with the faculty in promoting better citizenship by fostering co-operative endeavors, high ideals, high standards, and democratic ideals. 3 . T o unify and co-ordinate the activities of the school in order to preserve and maintain the good name and tradition of the school. 4. To promote and stabilize all worthwhile school activities through a unification of control 7- me .mt -wav, ,,,,,W, ww WISH? WW uvffwii lwilitr' A ,A :W w - - , ' ' + V. may ,. W Q ww mmm Wm f www A ri.-WW' A M'-rw ma-,N Y'?iL:1.f:z yfrnilhlf K Mr. Melville Kelly, Director Glee Club Concert January 12, 1951 Charlottown fSouthern Folk Song, ........ .... C harles F. Bryan Let All the Nations Praise the Lord..... ..... Volchman Leisring Rockin Chair .......................................................... .... H oagy Carmichael Without A Song ..... .............. ................................. . . ...Vincent Youmans fDirected by Rondolph Nidiffe rj Let Thy Holy Presence ........... ................................... . .. ..P. Tschesnokoff fDirected by Ben Blythej Dark Water .......... ................... ................... ..... C W i ll James Stouthearted Men .................... ....... . ..Romberg Offering ................................. .... M r. Earl Sams Soprano Solo fCharming Chloej ..... ..... Q ................ E dward Ge rnian Soloist, Shirlene Slagle Accompanist, Patsy Hammrick Sextette fBeautiful Saviorj ........ .................... H arold Flammer Begin The. Beguine ............. .... .......... C o le Porter See Me Cross The Water ..... .... ..... C h arles Byran March of the Toys ............ ............ V ictor Herbert You'll Never Walk Alone ................,........................ ...Oscar Harnrnerstein Il Battle Hyrnn of The Republic ........................................... Peter J. Wilhousky fDirected by .Timmy Oliverl nw WNW GMZQG U Officers: Becky Morgan ..... .......... P resident Nicky Hyder.. .......... ..... V ice President 5,-ri?-Jnc1tE,S,GrmdStaff' " ' """' if ecretary Office rs: Carolyn Luther ...... ........ . .Pre sider ' ' rice' """"""' reasurer Ann Davis. ........... ...... V ice Presider Eiolegil Duizham' "" ' ""'RgPorter Dorothy Morrell ...... ..... . ..Secretar T' erm eyno S ""' ' ponsor Jeanette M. Allen. .... ..... T reasure C. G. Morefield ........................ Sponso E I I I I fi ' L,-- Y.. - g. mf., K A,,M,,,4 , ,,,,.,,,,,r,,f,,a,,QY,fi, , H , .mb A A ll- Teen Officers: Ann Davis.... .... . .. ....... President Bobbie Lee Case ......... Patricia Hi lt ..... Peggy Martin ....... Nlrs. Earl Shultz Vice President .......Secretary .. ...Treasure r ..Sponsor dime M 'nafional Hanoi gociefml Officers: Dean Mor an g .......... .......... P resident Mary Byron. ..... .... V ice President Patsy Hamrick .... ......... S ecretary Phyllis Shell ....... .. ..Treasurer Caroline Luther ......... .. ..Reporter Mrs. Virginia Davis ............... Sponsor in 44+ em, Officer Johnny Hampton ..... Ray Feathers ....,.. Mildred Austin ..... Sammy Colbough ..... Sue Williams ..... Billy Feathers... Betty Parlier .... Mr. Harry Fine. 6 i 6 . Q 1 Q 1 President .....Vice President Secretary ....Treasurer p lyl' 'f lj . ....,.......,..... Reporter u' V uf Recreational Leader . ............ Song Leader Officers: Mary Byron "" ' ..........Sponsor He1eHH0Wff11---'- Joyce Ferling .... Fred Moseley ..... Mr, Kermit Kerley ..... ........President Vice President . ......Secretary ....Treasurer Sponsor nn 1 nmmw:mommm n 17' 055166 Dolores Buck, Wilma Shepard, Norma Huskins, Mrs. Paul Williams, Doris Adams, Para Moty- chak, Betty Aldred, Frances Shell. Q Z7 . 6' . u Mr. Umholtz .... .... ..... S p onsor Bill Hathaway ..... ........... P resident Ruth Holly ....... ...... V ice-President Jo Ann Street ..... .......... S ecretary Fred Angel ...... Treasurer -V f rata-1 Qww, 7,1 1 va, all :lf Q 4- 01 -5 -11 5' 1 1 1' , 1 Hia X 1 ' "sn.'1Yri,,u.'k" 14' ' -il""'f":-'-- ALI 4 A '4 V ' l Je-12' f- -1 ix,-ft Za F .., A J R1 A 'Q S fx HE' -'agp is '?1v !?l- , . ri-ii- , ' V Ip f " . 1 ,Cf s 'X Q 'gy .ff .W QQ 44 WEHS LIE-- W ,X VX COACHES fleft to rightj: Harry Ledford, A. L. Tread- way, Gene Quarles, Harry Fine. afzsifml . First Row fleft to rightj: Rudder, Estep, Matherly, Hagie, Stout, Nave, Phillips, Crowe, Hodge, Waddell. Second Row: Oaks, Hart, Sams, Feathers, Hardin, Reeter, Hyder, Grindstaff, Garrison, Camp- bell, Dugger, Berry, Hampton. . Third Row: Britt, Sams, Bautista, Kelly, Hood, Hensley, Morgan, Cole, Smithdeal, Austin, Tay lor, Lee, Hardin, Collins. We MANAGERS fleft to rightlz Jimmy Terry Jimmy Berry, Rody Atkinson, Gene Hall. .W ,F-3 . Maw ,W M 4 'tvwfa lx R w ' f -'Qgivg 5 4 2555 Af- , n1g135,f'5,LQ, Qi'-Lglfw .K 'P -1+ E J J -mai MAL. M ,is 5 v W5 Y 4.4 Hmmm mmm Www new r , -Q -nd gxfgga - K -M iw aw .gw M 9 Y? 's Q if . JB ik 1 V 3 . H ,dn , wg. I T2 F I A ,3 vmg'yIk'Ln,' ' , 4 AM.. ,Q gl L. , 39? V LJ., TERRY SAMS BILL HAGIE RICHARD AUSTIN Guard Quarterback Tackle BETSY CYCLONES IN I ACTION an-1.11 . ,nf - I . , A .Www v ,f ww. mnu5:nu..Mmv . . ,nunumamv ww V, w it in gets!! gaslzefeefis Left to Right: Marshall, Cundy, Campbell, Hagie, May, Turbyfield, Coach Treadway Stout, Lyons, Murray, Ross, Hood, McClellan. Seated: Mgrs.-Terry, Atkinson, Berry. SCHEDULE 1950-1951 November Zl Mountain City ftherej November 28 Cloudland ftherej December 1 Hampton fthere, December 5 Unaka ftherej December 8 Asheville fhomej December 12 Cloudland Qhomej December 15 Hampton fhomej December l9 Unaka fhomel December Z9 Mountain City fhomel January Z Sulphur Springs fhomej January 5 Bristol Qhomel January 9 Kingsport fthere, January ll Maryville Qtherej January 12 Oak Ridge ftherej January 16 Happy Valley fhomel January 19 Bristol ftherej January Z3 Johnson City Qtherej January 26 Erwin fhomej January 30 Johnson City fhomel February 2 Erwin ftherel February 9 Oak Ridge fhomej February 13 Kingsport Qhomej February 15 Happy Valley ftherel February 23 Maryville fhomej 5 Buck McClellan Guard if Richard Cundy Forward B0 Campbell Forward 5 1, wi, Nw Harold Stout Center Mfr f ,F 3 may ,F 51, Fred Murray Guard W g if -1' : L Jer ry Lyons Forward 5 Xl, l I A . 3 ,M ' 'Q' "Q I" tim? 'N K? Ag A 5 my ,A ,JSR 'F 1 . 'M y 9' 2 abc 0 .. I Qi i 21. J Ai? ' I! Q W , , as A , ,,' 1, an ,xy ix I N1 Wd 0 Q A6-"'C' :ro CJ 5' QQ Z? QQGGQGEIQ il QQ was Sw Q, Q 'bb Q Qtx QQ WT QUE Nm Q 'A W D Q cr'-'mtvcaarczcrrzzr C' Q Quinn? W4 l-If SR X S X SNS 'u""wm,i.I"' fri K .L f-'?"', ' 5 f , Q xw, , .A M , i f"'W"""'A WM if QM Q.A:- 1 A 2 pf K Hmm 'hw , R A ff-,M "mx ' K , f , , , Wx , K w ' ' AFB? nfl rf' ,g 1' 1 f Hg, 4 Muwmmv J, ' W-.NM I 5 -7.. 1, K -, ueen gefsxl FRANCES HARDIN - : Q. sw. F-M - High uniau 'iiavofzifes BOBBY BROOME BETTY LACEY eniofz 'favofzifes RONDALPH NIDIFFER CAROLYN WHITE gofrlwmofze 'favofzifes BILL HAGIE JOAN CRISP fzeslzmen 7a0o'zifes CULLIE SIMERLY DORIS BIRCHFIELD 0,5 who at gefsx, H5911 1 MOST DEPENDABLE Joan McQueen, William Gentry BEST SPEAKERS Helen Howell, Lloyd Arrowood 2 I i MOST COURTEOUS .Toan Lewis, Buddy Blevins MQST ATHLETIC Betty Moore, Harold Stout BEST ALL AROUND Pat Hilt, Richard Austin MOST TALENTED Sylvia Browning, Mack Fletcher HAPPIEST Ann Davis, Rody Atkinson o's o af gefsxl High MOST ARTISTIC MOST POPULAR Wilma Shephard, Bill Hilt Celia Young, Ronda Peters M NEATEST OST SINGER-E Betty Ann Lee, Rayrnond Geisler Dolores Buck, Bill Garrison MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Para Motychak, Jennings Wagner MOST STUDIOUS Caroline Luther, Dean Morgan LAZIEST Dora Hicks, Joe Baughrnan wars who Qt fem, mga. WITTIEST CUTEST Mary Byron, Arthur Pope Barbara Heaton, Jerry Srnith Vb.. V N ro f' f" MOST ATTRACTIVE V-V W FRIENDLIEST Jean Johnson, Fred Murray Patsy Hamrick, Dick Grindstaff BEST PERSONALITY Ann Carroll Ogle, Lewis Garrison MOST MQISCHIEVOUS MOST DIGNIFIED Sudie Edens and Bi1Varnon Cecelia Depewy Sonny Hodge out glizalveflufon High gclzool grand 'Hee gan? Goncefzf I 2 r ",,, l Qs I , , F . .N gi, X X any X sf S 1 wx ik F K X K 'ff X . , X Qkx J , , Q2 X Q Xi , Y' NW 5, X W xw ,lf PA w sig lip! 6 ld ,,-f ,f s w sf-2+ nm f WS QQ LY 'iw-x . 5451323 2 ' f ff-mmf, :fm ,Sw Jw 7 " A 'Q it QP 'U' All -an-sf., X , ' I , . n 0 Q F31 " 4 ' 7 . 1 ' ' w " of . I .. ' , " IW-5,2 1 .Ji yu 3? X 37 K ag ,, 3 19 5 F fl, f1iW"'k N, OO O o f f , , CK ,447-X 0 0 , 'x -I Q o 0 .. , , - 5:4131 . xg R.. I .f '- ' 2 57 - J Aa In 'J "iAY :HIAZZI S ff ' Q: -2, ,, V 'Q Z A . K 'gag K 1.au..N-ku x ' sv, xo A , vi iV. r .,'- V i .:-- "v:E ? A ' ' Q , .G 6 it 5' ' I gy 'yvl' f V ' " A ' .- - mLLV l . , x x .a - 5. X M x f Q If X3 " ' I N QM fsf,,. w 'H N-1 , x XL " IX 0 Z ' if 1- - flLi'E:"J,5efs-2 X , tv -Sl 7',KIZT7VG-1 1 .. ?:,- I ,Q S mg yy Q P41114 , f - f " '--,-3. Y -5 A MCGREGOR KINGSRIDGE HACKER' S MEN' S SHOP "THE STORE OF BETTER BRANDSUU LEE BANTAMAC ARROW . NUNN-BUSH DIAL 2-423i ELIZABETHTON, TENN, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '51 R.C. CAMPBELL COMPLIMENTS OF' TENNESSEE CHAIR COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FURNITURE 8: CHAIRS 406 SYCAMORE ELIZABETHTON COMPLIMENTS COMPL-IMENTS 5 OF OF HARDEN BROTHER'S GROCERY ELIZABETHTON FEDERAL AND SERVICE STATION SAVINGS 8: LOAN ASSOCIATION RFD No. 2 DIAL z-:sas lou sYcAMoRs DIAL. 3-z7ll , , ..,..,,..,,..,,,.A,A,,, 1- ,.,, ,U '0l0I0'l0u0l0'f 10l0l0'l'0-l0"0l0l"0"0l'0 H 4 U COM PLIMENTS OF JOE SMITHDEAL SUPERMARKET U lT'S A BIG DEAL AT SMlTHDEALS" 5 STEED COLLEGE OF' TECHNOLOGY ACCREDITED AND APPROVED CALLS FOR TRAINED HELP COME TO US EVERY DAY THE STEED COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY JOHNSON CITY N VARIETY TOWN SUITS ARROW SHIRTS HANNAH'S CLOTHING AND SPORTSWEAR JOHNSON CITY TENN COMPLI MENTS OF DUGGER AND DUGGER COM PLI MENTS OF JELLICO WHOLESALE GROCERY PINE AND EAST D DIAL 2-9llI OR 2-2!3I 9' "0 COMPLIMENTS OF RANGE PONTIAC SALES, INC. 5II EAST F DIAL 2-3431 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF FRED H. Hoss AGENCY CARTER COUNTY BANK BUILDING DIAL 2-6l3I ELMER B. SAMS 8: WILLIAM S, THOMAS 6I2 ELK AVENUE DIAL BZBI SPECIAL AGENTS COMPLIMENTS OF LARKIN BAKIN G COMPANY, INC. 436 DOE AVENUE DIAL 2-928I SUCCESS TD THE CLASS OF I95I COMP'-IMENTS OF GUMP FINANCE co. ROY HATHAWAY'S FUNERAL HOME E. STREET Be ELM DIAL 2-IZBI DIAL 44II 8: 443I 302 F STREET 0'0N0l0l0l0"' -1?' I COMPLIMENTS OF V MIDWAY SERVICE STATION CHARLES ELLERv MGR, SYCAMORE 8: JOHNSON DIAL 2-49II BEST WISHES TO THE ' 5I SENIORS after County Bank ELIZABETI-ITON, TENN, 60I ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-I64l COMPLI MENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF ' EAST TENNESSEE SUPPLY LYNNWOOD HOTEL af CAFETERIA COMPANY. ,NCD 637 ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-I57I SYCAMORE STREET DIAL 2-IBBI I-0" COMPLI MENTS OF PET DAIRY JOHNSON cl'rv DIAL noo The City Of oiilizabethton FOR ATTAINING AND MAINTAINING AN " A-I" RATING COMPLIMENTS or COMPLIMENTS OF ANDERSON-WEBB U' FRESH EGGS, BUTTER, at MARGARINEV' AND MACK ROl.LER'S ESSO STA. HOMESTEAD BRAND FEDERAL.-STATE GRADED EGGS ELK at LYNN DIAL 2-4731 JOHNSON CITY, TENN, 01' 5 or-' 1' -'-0'l'0l?l0l0l0- -10 "HJ" ""'-' """""""""""-- ""'1f ,F BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 'Sl FUDD'S BETSY HIGH RESTAURANT 4, . Q, , 'l H 'S ' Taylor Construction Company ' 5 S 5 OFFICE 3I0 WEST ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-ZGII ., 1. 1, . , 1 1, " 9 V n ', N 'V coMPl.lMEN1's T5 1, , 4. r 4' . , , . 'L 4' 1, ll ', EVANS MOTOR COMPANY 5? 1: lf wEs'r ELK AvE DIAL. 7Ill :F fi ,g Ir ,, fffAfiffiiiifAV AAAV7 A,,Y,AAAAAA KVV KKKVV7 fYAAfAA-AVV7V7AAAAA 7 ,,A,Y777AA, Y , Y , K w,V,, , 0-0-0-0-0--ofav 0-0-0-0:0-0-fb -'-0" , 'P CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95l CAPITOL THEATRE 7I8 ELK AVE, DIAL 6281 L.G. Balfour Company " KNOWN WHEREVER THERE ARE SCHOOLS AND COLLEGESV' cv..Ass RINGS AND PINS-coMMENcEMr-:NT INVITATIONS-DIPLOMAS PERSONAL CARDS-CLUB lNslsNlA-MEnAl.s e. TROPHIES REPRESENTED sv P- 0- BOX 97 JOHN AND ALBERT BEALLE JOHNSON crrv, TENN, COMPLIMENTS OF SOUTHLA D SERVICE STATIO OWNED AND OPERATED BY F, F, GRINDSTAFF' 29 WEST ELK DIAL 3--2l 74 40' ' PORTRAIT COMMERCIAL ILLUSTRATIVE Coleman Studio 404 I-2 ELK AVENUE OVER SOUTHERN CAFE " WHERE PHOTOGRAPHY IS AN ART" JACK RAMSEY MRS, JACK RAMSEY WILEY COLEMAN PHOTOGRAPHER RECEPTIONIST PHOTOGRAPHER ELIZABETHTON' S LEADING PHOTOGRAPHERS OFFICIAL ANNUAL PHOTOGRAPHERS 0i BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF l95I 41 1 1 ,1 1 41 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 11 'Q 41 '1 1 1 '1 1 +I 1 1 '1 4. 41 41 1 1 1 '1 '1 41 41 41 '1 1 11 1'1 1'N 144 1 41 1 '1 1 '1 1 41 '1 '1 p 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 American Bemberg 1 Beaunit Mills, Inc. f NORTH AMERICAN RAYON CORPORATION '1 '1 '1 41 1 '1 '1 1 1 ' f,-::::.'. ff.-:.-.41 9 -101' COMPLIMENTS O F r H. Sz M Market A GOOD PLACE TO TRADE HOME OWNED 8: OPERATED MARIE HATHAWAY ROY R, MORRELL ELK AVENUE ELI ZABETI-ITON COM PLI MENTS OF HECHT' BAKERY BAKERS OF FINE BREAD, CAKES, AND PIES SERVED THIS COMMUNITY FOR 43 YEARS HECHT'S "l.l'r'rL.E nvuss SUNBEAMV' sAvs "LET'S as Fnlsuosf' COMPLI MENTS OF SOUTHLAND CAFE 3' SERVING DELICIOUS STEAKS ALL KINDS OF SANDWICHES .7 ELMER HOWELL, MGR, coMPl..lMEN'rs OF S. I"I. KRESS '6Y COMPLIMENTS OF Carter County Motor Company Inc , o SALES WRECKER FORD ' "" SERVICE SERVICE 425 EAST 'V E" STREET LOCAL, STATE AND NATIONAL NEwS U WHAT TO BUY AND WHERE TO BUY IT. " READ THE EI.IzAaETI-ITON STAR J. c. PENNEY, INC. COMP'-'MENTS oF U IN EI.IzAaETI-IToN IT' S DEFINITELY PENNEY' SV' TETRIC-7K'5 FUNERAL' HOME sos ELK AVE DIAL 2-Iasl ZII N RIVERSIDE DIAL 2-50ll 00' -'0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I H. M. SLAGEL AND SONS U THE MEN'S AND eovs' STORE" DIAL 2-szll 442-444 ELK AVE, COM PLI MENTS OF OATMAN ELECTRIC SER ICE COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL WIRING IIB ELK AVENUE DIAL 5831 CONIPLIMENTS MclNTURFF AGENCY OF ALL KINDS OF DEPENDABLE INSURANCE 602 I--2 EAST ELK AVENUE ELIZABETHTON, TENN, SPORTS CENTER 522 EAST " EV' STREET DIAL. 2-9821 ELIZABETHTON, TENN CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF l95I ER BY SHELL MOTORS " NASH-AIRFLYTE, THE PATTERN or CARS TO COME', DIAL 2-38II 306-308 ELK AVE. 405' 0 COMPLIMENTS OF BURGIE DRUG STORE 55 YEARS OF DRUG SERVICE QUALITY onuss ONLY WHITMANS cANDlEs 6l0 ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-ZBII COMPLI MENTS OF CITIZEN 'S BANK MEMBER OF F. D. I. C. sol ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-I29l COMPLIMENTS OP TENNESSEE LINE AND TWIN E MANUFACTURERS OF FISHING LINES SINCE IB93 7l5 LYNN AVE, DIAL 5III COMPLIMENTS OF FRAZIER'S MARKET 50l EAST ELK AVENUE DIAL 3 I33I ' K?' ' -10- IO CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95I JOHNSON CITY 400 EAST MAIN STREET PHONE 3080 BRISTOL 940-943 STATE STREET PHONE 3050 Paty Lumber Company ELIZABETHTON CORNER ELK AND LYNN DIAL 2-IDBI COM PLIMENTS OF Watauga Rayon Workers A.F. of L. PRESIDENT ----- GRADY MCEWEN SECRETARY ------ MARY UNDERWOOD IST VICE PRES ---- ALEX BUNTON CHAFLIN ------- OLLIE HARDIN ZND VICE PRES ----- WEBB MALONE CONDUCTOR- --'-- CLYDE HARDIN BUSINESS AGENT ---- JOE ELLIS WARDEN ------ FRANK SMITH COMMITTEEMEN ELMORE FRANKLIN CARL.. STOUT CHARLES HOLLY G, C, RIDDLE W, C, ROBINSON DALTON GOUGE 5I0 EAST I' E" STREET DIAL 3 TRUSTEES B EN TAYLOR NILES ELLIOTT HENRY POTTER I63I 05' 40'H0w0I01'-0' COMPLIMENTS C0'V'P'-'MENTS OF OF REED'S DRESS SHOP LITTLE BEAR MARKET 427 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-z4II SYCAMORE AND ELK AVE. DIAL 2-373I " ELIZABETHTON' S STYLE CENTER" COMPLI MENTS OF DOSSER' S DE PARTMENT STORE QUALITY MERCHANDISE JOHNSON CITY, TENN, CONGRATULATIONS TO TI-IE ' CLASS OF 'Sl WORTH' S aoz ELK AVE, DIAL 2-4saI CONGRATULATIONS ELIZABETHTON SENIORS OF I95I FRO M DIXIE DRIVE-IN RESTAURANT 'U THE PRIDE OF EAST TENNESSEE" FAMOUS FOR GOOD FOOD JOHNSON CITY ELIZABETHTON HIGHWAY COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF RITCHIES' , INC. C, B, JOHNSONS' FRIENDLY HOME FURNISHINGS 6I7 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-l5II N-05' 40 BEST WISHES FOR THE CLASS OF I95I DOBYNS-TAYLOR FURNITURE COMPANY I' WHERE GOOD FURNITURE IS NOT EXFENSlVE" 42l ELK AVENUE DIAL 553I COMPLIMENTS 1 OF NAVE HARDWARE AND SUPPLY COMPANY I-IANNA PAINT-PUMPS BUILDERS HARDWARE WALLPAPER-CLEANING SUPPLIES PLUMBERS' SUPPLIES-CROSLEY APPLIANCES ll! ELK AVE DIAL 2-95Il CONIPLIMENTS A OF CLICK CONSTRUCTION COMPANY CONTRACTING DRAFTING BLUE-PRINTING IIB ELK AVENUE DIAI. 2-383I COMPLIMENTS coMPI.IMENTs OF OF FITZSIMMONS PRINTING CO. MEREDITH AND BRITTON FOOD STORE U' PRINTER BY TRADE AND TRADITION" zoa WEST ELK AVE. DIAL 3-278I Ill SYCAMORE ST DIAL l23I '0l0l?l0l0l0'f -'10-401 COMPLLMENTS DAVIS-MOTTERN JEWELERS o QUAI-'TY CLEANERS 8: DYERS voun BALFOUR CLASS RING DEALER FRED DAvIs ED MOTTERN no ELK AVENUE V' ELIZABETI-ITON' S FAVORITE BLUE WHITE DEALERSl' DIAL 72lI DIAL 793I COMPLIMENTS RIKARD'S STYLE SHOP OF ORNDUFF-McNUTT-MORGAN CO. I " wr-IERE THE WOMAN wl-I0 Knows auvs I-IER CLOTHES" aza EAST ELK AVE, DIAL z-9372 543 ELK AVE, DIAL 3-l0Il COMPLI MENTS OF GOVERNOR TAYLOR BEAUTY SALON ELIZABETH HART OWNER AND OPERATOR LYNNWOOD HOTEL DIAL 2-87Il COMPLIMENTS J0STEN'S OF FINE CLASS RINGS ANNOUNCEMENTS YEARBOOKS AUTO PARTS COMPANY AWARDS REPRESENTATIVE: c. w. WINEGAR suITE 412 alz ELK AvE. DIAL 2-zou ,,,.L,--. COMMERCIAL BANK BUILDING KNOXVILLE, TENN, 40" WHEN YOU BUILD REMEMBER BUILDERS SUPPLY JOHNSON AVENUE DIAL 2-l7ll COMPLIMENTS OF Q Builders Supply Company Reeves-Kinkead's ity Drug Store PRESCRI PTIONS FILLED BY REGISTERED PHAR MACISTS "vouR FRIENDLY DRUG STORE" IN THE MIDDLE or-' THE al.ocK 523 ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-SBII w i 05' 0l0l0l0"0"'0' +0Y 4 '0 ""'"""""""""""""""'""" """""'""""""""""f: com I.IMENTs jf ' I Taylor Motors li :I ii ELK AVENUE AND BROAD EE 15 DIAL 2 46ll 3: 'I ,I T U W 'S Ii DODGE PLYMOUTH SALES SERVICE 4, XI W, sf coMPI..IIvIENTs if - or 1? Elizabethton Steam Laundry 5 ODORLESS DRY CLEANING Qs. WHITE sTAYs WHITE - Ii BRIGHT COLORS STAY BRIGHT CALL z lI3l " IT' s LUCKY ' '- I09 MAIN STREET A' F Vrrv vvrrvv YYYWVYYYYVVYYVVYY vrrwv Vrvvrvv Y VYYvvv-YY wvwvw Yrvrrrrr v Vrvrrrrvrvrv vvvvvvvvrvrrrrvr A -10"-01 COMPLIMENTS OF CHILDRESS HARDWARE AND HATCHERY TUXEDO FEEDS-SEEDS FERTILIZERS-POULTRY SUPPLIES ez-1 ELK AvE. DIAL z-ssu coMPL1MENTs OF COMPLIMENTS OF WATSON'S U THE STORE THAT CONSTANTLY FRED MOORE' S MAN SHOP LOWERS vouR COST OF LIVING" 527 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-121: szo ELK AVE. DIAL van CQMPLIMEN1-5 CONGRATULATIONS or FROM MASENGILLS MISSES AND WOMENS APPAREL JOHNSON CITY, TENN, B. F. GOODRICH WHATEVER YOUR TIRE NEEDS " WHERE TO BUY IT" 604 ELK AVE , GRAHAM CABS REMEMBER, WHEN YOU WANT A CAB DIAL 2-III " ELIZABETHTON' S FINEST" 1'0" S' -010' T I T CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF ' 5I I T PAR KS-BE LK COM PANY V' TI-IE HOME OF BETTER VALUES" if 533 ELK AVE, DIAL 77Il 11 1: 1: A , CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIOR V CLASS I T 4 T I Bov- s CLUB OF CARTER COUNTY Q if BUILDING CITIZENS OF TOMORROW" E, JOHN Fox-----DIREcToR E: 'r IT COSTS LESS AT STERCHI' S 6I4-GIG ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-39II 4. COMPLIMENTS OF If COMPLIMENTS I I-IowEI.I. FLORIST OF --WHEN IT .S FLOWERS You WANT THOMPSON JEWELRY 1: REMEMBER TO CALL HOWELLSH I 620 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-37Bl 'T CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS QT oF 195: lr ii ELIZABETI-IToN HARDWARE co. , "GOOD HARDWARE AND FINE FURNITURE" 5I3 ELK AVE. DIAL 58Il T T T 1 .EU A,I,AYY,YYAAYY AMY 7' 40" 9' CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 7 5I FROM WATAUGA CHEVROLET COMPANY W Watauga Chevrolet Company . ff SALES AND sERvlcE 1: 9 :I WN coMPL.lMEN'rs OF CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! 5 Y NANCE DU CHARM FROM RHYTHMO SYSTEM SLENDERIZING SN-ON CARLTON JEWELERS 25 'V SLENDERIZE Fon HEALTH" 'V Ir rr' s EASY -ro PAY 11-:E CARLTON .' 1' sl.ENnERlzE r-'on BEAUTY" " wAv" 1' F" s, PINE s'r. DIAL sas:-1 ,I coMPl.lMENTs 'L CONGRATULATIONS ' lg OF BARNES 8: MORELAND '1 LAUNDRY , l30 EI-K AVE. DIAL 55II FROM THE LITTLE GRILL 0" ' "0Y 95: 47' - COMPLI MENTS OF THE BEAUTY NOOK if szo ELK AVENUE I ' gl I? ' DIAL z-4oII 1: . 1: , 5 Q , 4, 11 COMPLIMENTS 9 OF ST. ELIZABETH HOSPITAL COMPLIMENTS OF TEXTILE GOODS STORE MRS, w. RATING :Iss ELK AVE, DIAL 3--1531 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95l F. AND M. SUPPLY CO. DIAL 2-97II 607 U' EV' STREET COMPLIMENTS O Auto Service Compan YouR HUDSON DEALER I 4 I I 1 I lg LYNN AND DOE AVENUE DIAL 2-74Il 5 'V THE MODERN DESIGN FOR '5l" 1: ff "TI-IE ONLY CAR ' You STEP DowN INTO" 40' COMPLIMENTS OF HALE' DRUG STORE QUICK SERVICE STATIO LUBRICATION TIRE AND WASHING BATTERY SERVICE "WORLDS FINEST GASOLlNE" WILFORD ELLIS COMPLIMENTS Ta lor Rexaci Drug Store S, O, POWERS A- F. TAY!-OR R TAYLOR DRUG ELIZABETHTON HIGH SCHOOL HEADQUARTERS FOR 25 YEARS THE SAFEST AND EEST PLACE TO HAVE YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS FILLED AND PURCHASE ALL YOUR DRUG SUPPLIES. 605 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-l2ll 01 5 5 YYYV -.-V-.A,-.-,-,-,-.-.-.-.-,-.-.-.-.-V-.-. Y-Y-V-V:-V-.-V-A--ff-:Y11--A---f--Y---R---1Af--A--Y-1A-'ff-'-'--j, ' I I I 3, I' 4' 4 1' I' A' Q IN JOHNSON CITY jf I I! 'I I I I 5 if 3 YOUR TRI-CITY FASHION CENTER I 5 5 coIvIPLIMENTs COMPLIMENTS 5 fi oF OF 'I 4 GENES MOTOR COMPANY MONTGOMERY WARDS 9 wEsT ELK AVE, DIAL 2-8I72 429 ELK AVE. DIAL 2-I6II II 5 CONGRATULATIONS, CLASS OF 'SI . If COMPLIMENTS If Fi or 11 I I5 5 CITY MUSIC AND JEWELRY 35 1 R. s. ELLIOTT gi STORE 1' FAIRY SILK MILLS INC, 520 ELK AVE, DIAL 3-22ll 9 5 -401 A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AYA'A'A-A'A'A'A'A'A'A'A-A'A'A-A'A'A'A'A'Af'A'A-A'A'A'A'A'A'A-A'A'A-A-A-A"'A'A'A'A-A-A-Aff - ' - - - ' - - - - - Y 4 4 '4 4 4 4 4 4 Q4 W4 44 4' ' 14 14 4 4, 4 '4 4 4' U 4 4 14 4 4 4 MORE THAN EVER--ELECTRICTY IS YOUR BEST BARGAIN YOUR Elizabethton Electric System coMPl.lMEN'rs COLE 8f SAMMONS MARKET OF AND GOSS BROS. FURNITURE ,X AND NEWS STAND 1: HARDWARE COMPANY IN BUSINESS FOR 23 YEARS 5I6 ELK AVE, DIAL 2-5272. I. 4 4 4 4 4 4 14 4 4 NIAGAZINES-TOBACCOS--CANDIES PIPING HOT HOT DOGS 409 ELK AVE, if FORE MOST MILK jf If CONGRATULATIONS FRONI ' '4 4 4 4 W4 'CE CREAM col.oNlAl. MOTORS, mc. gg JOHNSON CITY PHONE .592 YOUR CHRYSLER- PLYMOUTH DEALER KWGSPORT PHONE 2540 SALES AND sERvlcE 345 WEST ELK DIAL 76II ' -10" '5 4 'S 45 5 I-01' - 010 'f-'-1 """""""' """ ""A' """'A"" ' ' -1: CONGRATULATIONS SENlORSf M Birchfiel-Brooks "THE GATEWAY TO A MAN'S woRl.D" V r , 4 , T 1 4 T H U MCG:-:Econ JARMAN sPoRTswEAR - SHOES if Q N ' - BOTANY "soo" SUITS. PANTS. AND SF-oRTswEAR J f' . coMPl..lMENTs OF sas ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-27lI coMPl.lMENTs CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE or DIXIE MAID OSBORNE LAND COMPANY 0v 5 W, A-,-,-,-,-,-,-, -ff ..,,, - Y-:V . ,Y,Y,, M 1. fl 1 1, 4 9 L ,r f 1 COMPLIMENTS OF . 5 Veterans Of Fore1gn Wars W 3 ,V w lr L 5 T A CAPTAIN LYNN H. FOLSOM 9 2 w PosT NO. zlss 9 J 5 COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF 5 ii E. H. oc-LE FRANK HAWKINS 5 fc HENDRICKSON AND COMPANY :E CONGRATULATIONS FROM THE SPORTING GOODS SOUTHERN CAFE G26 E'-K AVE- DIAL 2-59ll -40Y9"0l-0l0l0- ' WE CONGRATULATE YOU, THE CLASS OF l95I Gildersleeve Motor Company Inc. lI3 WEST ELK AVENUE DIAL 2-36II COMPLI MENTS OF BUTLER'S FAMILY sHoE STORE ELIZABETHTON' S NEWEST AND MOST MODERN 537 ELK AVENUE COMPI-IMENTS coMPl.lML-:N1's or or BOB PERCY MR. 8:MRS. W. 0. OSBORNE 2- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF I95l 1+ U N 9 1 . s Queen C1ty Coach Company x ' N A'If,I9'NAl 4. h Q JOHNSON CITY D 1 ELIZABETHTON . sus ibs',yr54T,sQM 5 5 or 3, OF '3 HQ RAY D. JOHNSON HARRISON SHOE STORE ' ,. jr X, U W H M M M 1+ - Y: .QQ ,N , , V , 1 U 4' 1, 4. U 4' 4 X, N ,v 1' J r r 5 ' Goon LUCK sEN1oRs BEST WISHES FROM THE ANNUAL STAFF 4, TE W ,v,f,vAYA -AY,i f 27, v .v,v,Y,Y,V.Y. i ,W ,v,v, Y,Y.Y ,Y.V.Y. v .frrrrrr f , f,v,V , ., ,Y ,V Yf,f,,v YY.,. Yrrrf -,-,f,f,-, - , A -,-f ' A UNIVEIQSIW SUDDLY 84 ' EQUIPMENT CG. 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Suggestions in the Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) collection:

Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


Elizabethton High School - Mountaineer Yearbook (Elizabethton, TN) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Page 14

1951, pg 14

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