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Ma W' , 5' Wm, M, 'af . - ' fr ewafe !,ff,'gf'ffiwf? ' A,gXj2ffy X 4655 Ufygfgfy ,LQ J K5 Wfffyff XM jfi W WW 'QW 'Q , E5 Wwfjwff? gg ,,,J5,,f52f'ff' J 05409 W vs? fqwfffif ' 'f 55' A .,., ff af'-fi: mv ,PNN VF" 'w , , N'-Q q l D A Ky' ,A E f ww Za? dimf 'uf GQZQQ jf M A v2 fwaffa Zffesg. '52 4Z,f"5ea MQ! .fwdfw Q i f BY if ,W JW WW Q5 xii if e Q QQ , MW If Spy 7997 fx 1 My . kt if J ' ,YF W, .5 M I KN pkg, ky. kiiwx? ZQQZWM? L U Q 5, pf YV J . 4 J , HW fl "' ' w Ffk yV53k3l'1 , if ' ffgfdmw ffffiffn-pf: WJMLZ if LJM 47444, H., db Ov i "x ' -.V .44 0,1 +V ' WW fiWfff2f ig7 P' Xlfflf Cy Q K, , JV. '1 .' 'mf 'JH,"f,-W , ' fgfwj f'a MJ WM W sf 1f2 i+ mw WM QWWW www 'Q' Seniors Present Senior Class Officers: Joanne Balogh, treasurerg Mary Ann Albenze, secretaryg Margaret Smith, president, and Sandra Keady, vice-president ex- tend to you our invitation to glance back over our happy years at Seton. Come with us to meet our friends and teachers, and share with us our memories. ,W he i ,lx Wi , A 3 The Clippe ir ' 'WWW-mn., ,WW PQ f , . -A V S 1, 'Egifts "- 3 y . ' d Q14 ,,'a+. r l A .-Z ' ' V' J , ' ' I gy 35:14 W,k,,4-g,,1L',i,,W " ,,,,v,'fi,g t ,, i as . ,,,,h ? l y i I d . 2.x , , ,lrl fi ' wf,,,,,,,,6 X V , , ff ,, , ' ' "" "- ' ' f f 'A d Q" .i"g'f1'ffr y A i f f l l V if W 4 , -:W vw f'-'U"W"fu1fapsfzmyvwe , , ' 'K 'V , I' 9- I M , f f , tg 'Jiis4f"q:t'g?ih 'QA . ! y X i 1 f 'V , e fa, N ' ,Q 4-01 , 0' ' w Q My .12 1 The new building has added beauty, but the little red school house remains our favorite. The Social Room in its modern decor warmly greets Seton's many visitors. Christ's presence in the Lady of Fatima Chapel brings reassurance and aid to Setonians. Dramatists, musicians, and speechmakers all find their haven in Guild Hall. , ,, ,,,,, Y , ,, . ,.,.N,, ' ' y , ,1 ., ,U Qlfafjy, ' f 2' W-A 1 ' ,ami 54 Ei Ei71 M, -Y. eilizaheth Seton High School 190 0 Pivn nv Pit tsburg 26, x X X ' ,K ,,, ' l x i , . i,-. kA.. .x Viqyk b:h 4-...M K , X..... X x i ,..x N. ,Q f,, , i E. if ik 'il , ' v4 735195, W ,f vlei vficgs 9 G ef-P6 as 104' QW Q Qfogiiwenxe Sew 1995 cite ed' .ax eq 1 5 , e-Yee qi 63g -C5100 . ,609 i9e"emux We Vemcxon' ogxei' as X095 'ai Se 19 . 5 valqvxc is wp of' 0 SW 1' . 55 Osage oi s ' In the former Chapel, now our Marian Shrine, Christ dwelt Head of our home. ' SiSt6r Mary Agnes, prin- CiP21, during our first years at Seton. llut III IIIB Past . .. NCHA! f in fffJ'Ai?f6UV'f' 1' , ai 1 fi 5: x Dressed in We Recall Celebrities red and yellow, Miss Helen Irwin entertained Swiss Guard, Captain Anton Gallan- hold a special place in the memory ger, brought us the Pope and the delightful humorous readings at Vatican in pictures. special N.F.L. assembly. book of all Setonians. Q' Fcfr her S0Ph0m01'e English PI'0j9Ct, Carol Ganser Freshman Scholarship Winners: Joan Sieber, Paulette built a scale model of Shakespeare's original Globe Sfftler, Mary Agnes Nichols, Katherine Garrick, Lu.. Theater. cinda Dinger, Martha Kirsch, and Jean Boggs. I , , nf f 4' l, t V L 1 Here, Kathy Klemz and Giovanna Francesconi add Shakespeare became a close friend of Jean Boggs, finishing touches to their clay model of aRoman arch. Ioan Sieber, and Aggie Nichols when they were sopho- IIl0l'eS. S tun, Day hy Day twill w ev 'G' S 0 Classes, classes, classes, and more classes made up our happy days at Seton. Remember the freshman health class, the sophomore biology class, the junior Spanish and French classes? Then finally we were Seniors with shorthand, chemistry, bookkeeping, and Macbeth filling our days and nights. Just the right amount of work and good times were mixed to make us fun-loving and in- telligent. "Our hearts will loyal be to thee, dear Seton High." 6 -If 44' mmf Our graduates of '55 lent a jolly air to these classes by their spirited discus- sions and unintentionally humorous re- marks. Will we live down our reputa- tion for talking at the wrong times? -.f.,,,,f III' wwf ' f, ff , 44,24 ' f f Z , 1 I arents' Guild with gratitude I f fm for chaperoning Uur Stag Sncials M , 15315 rf f .1 X 4, A , f 'l ' 4: Z? Q ., fp ,f 'I WMM iii Q X -v3.Qs1biN,"X2,"N f ,511 -.,:Q ,.1.1 X V A Y i 55, 9' X ' 'Q4f'4 :,i?A 1 N1 2? ' A f' Q :L ' - x .A zz 2' .sr : ' . 4 ,:':':i-,. .:- :Z fx-ww, my-x Eikiic 4 -x Li 5 . -uk kr . 'gg' Q XX X ,Z .,M. , L3 22 z 5, 2 4 5 V-f'Qi::,,x,,. . , N... K ' ,. . A fizggp ' 1 J 2 f ' I , ' ,,,,,,.- :, 1'Wxv.-yaw'zWi2k1facwi,g A-?4i-1-.:-,1 zfwvw, , . ' hu... Classes Student Bounc l Ufficets Judith Hageman - "Judy" Student Council, President 45 Class Presi- dent 25 Clipper Staff 45 National Honor 45 Science Honor 3,45 N.F,L. 2,3,4g Latin Club 3,45 French Club 45 Fatima Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Musart Club 3,45 Class Play 3,4. Paulette Setler - "Polly" Student Council, Vice President 45 National Honor 45 Science Honor 3,45 N.F.L. l,2,3,45 French Club' 45 Fatima Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 3,4. Marlyn Spell Student Council Secretary 45 Clipper Staff 45 History Honor 3,45 N.F.L. 43 Latin Club 43 ' Sacred Heart Club 3,45 Glee Club3,45Musart Club 3,4. 10 Sister Stella Marie, although principal only during our senior year, will long be remembered by every senior. Here Sister plans the Community Chest Drive with Student Council Of- ficers: Judy Hageman, pres- identg Paulette Setler, vice- president, and Marlyn Spell, secretary. lt is the duty of Stu- dent Council representatives to organize assemblies, to regu- late change of classes, to ex- press the wishes of the group they represent, and to plan the Student Council Dance. The Stu- dent Council plays an intrinsic role in the life of Setonians. 49+ in rf if V5,,. 5 J Mary Ann Albenze - "Al" Class Secretary 43 Clipper Staff 43 French Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,3,43 Glee Club 2g Class Play 4. Lois Albrecht Glee Club 43 French Club 4. Joanne Balogh Class Treasurer 43 Clipper Staff 43 Spanish Club 43 Fatima Club 2,41 Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Class Play 3,4. Irene Barron French Club 43 Fatima Club 1,2,3,4Q Glee Club 1,2,3,4Q Musart Club l,2,3,43 Class Play 3,4. of H5571 K.. 'fix 2.9, J' x tapl,,. , 3 ' ,rf '1 3 3: 16' ,. V ' A 1 A IW-n"f V , f , , 3 ,ayy yarr laly Nancy Bianchini - "Nan" Business Honor 3,4Q Spanish Club 43 Fatima Club 43 May Court 2, Jean Marie Boggs Student Council, Secretary 33 Clipper Staff 43 Science Honor 3,43 N.F,L,l,23 French Club lg Fatima Club 13 Sacred Heart Club 2,3,43 Glee Club 1,23 Musart Club l,2,3,43 Library Club l,2. Lucille Buffo Class Vice President 33 Spanish Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,43 Class Play 4. Loretta Campiti - "Ren" Spanish Club 43 May Court 3. .ma X V ,. 5,4 .. .. 5,5 ff u 4 1 "t . , f f 'Q' ff ,if ' if 5, 9 ,,,a,, ,aww My i f 6 V-1 Mary Ann Corr Student Council 45 Class Treasurer 35 Clipper Staff 45 History Honor 3,45 N.F.L. 1,2,3,4S French Club 45 Fatima Club 15 Sacred Heart Club 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Musart Club l,2,3,4. Patricia Cuff - "Pat" Fatima Club 2,3,4, Margaret Davie - "Marge" Class President 35 Fatima Club 1,45 Class Play 4. X Q7 Esther Deasy - "Es" X Business Honor 3,45 Spanish Club 45 Fatima Z Club 1,2,3,45 Glee Club1,2,3,45May Court2,3. Q XY V Antonia Del Greco - 'Toni' V ,Q , Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club l,2, ' 5 ,. ' 97 , ' 4 ,f, I' , 5 W I 'YM-ff-. ,.f, Lucinda Dinger - "Cindy" Clipper Staff 45 National Honor 45 Science , Honor 3,45 French Club 45 Fatima Club 3,45 A Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 3. Mary Ann Di Pietro 5 Student ,Council 45 Clipper Staff 45 History , V,,," Q W 5 Honor 3,45 French Club 45 Fatima Club l,2, . , V 5 f 3.4g Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 35 Mother 7 54" 1 Seton Delegate 3. C 'l ' ' , f L , in ,, 4?W,f f QV fqw I f , Audrey Doran - "Aud" Fatima Club 45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 3. 1 Bl 4 Y ., I . 1" 3 ":"" ,, Bernadette Dorsey - "Bernie" 3 , 3 ' .f - r N.F.L. 3,41 Fatima Club 3,43 Class Play 3,4. 3 gt - W , ' -,'k f Brenda Fischer National Honor 43 Sacred Heart. Joan Fitch - "Joannie" N.F.L. 1,23 Fatima Club 43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Musart l,2,33 Class Play 4. Ellyn Fitzgerald History Honor 3,41 N.F.L. 13 Fatima Club l,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,33 Class Play 3,4. if -11557 4 A sf, ff . fm' ga W Nancy Flaherty Student Council 33 Business Honor 3,43 Span- ish Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,3,43 Glee Club 1,2,3,43 Class Play 3,4. Giovanna Francesconi Fatima Club 33 Glee Club 33 Musart Club 33 Class Play 43 May Court 1. Carol Ann Ganser Student Council 43 Clipper Staff 43 National Honor 43 Science Honor 3,43 N.F.L. l,2,3, President 43 French Club 43 Fatima Club 1,2,3,43 Glee Club l,2,3,43 Musart Club l,2, 3,43 Class Play 3.4, Katherine Carrick - "Kate" Student Council 3,43 Science Honor 3,43 N,F,L. l,2,3,43 French Club 43 FatimaClub3,43Glee Club' l,2,3,43 Musart Club 3,43 Class Play 4. 1, QW? 7 PM J If .,:. . V f l M , V Val' I W Yi? x.f -I ff. , if 77 5 fl' 'iff 3 HJ 5 P Graduates Mary Holzer Sacred Heart 15 Fatima Club 2,3,4j Glee Club l,2. Carolyn Horan Fatima Club 4. Joan Kagrise - 'Jo' X ll! K f 7 f V. f pf f ., ,,,.,f ,fy , 7 if f, K, 5114 ,fu ., .kkry .. fa Q Za is Xl l ', , J 7 j A Z ""' , V,,, , Fatima Club 1,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play , 3,45 Library Club 1. fx ' ' 5 Sandra Keady Student Council, Treasurer 25 Class Vice ' President 45 Clipper Staff 45 Science Honor V72 3,45 French Club 45 Fatima Club l,2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 3,45 Mother Seton Delegate 3. Bernice Gawlas - "Babe" Clipper Staff 45 N.F.L. 15 Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club 3,4. Colleen Glackin Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club 3,45 Mother Seton Delegate 4. Dorothy Hanzel - 'Dotty' N,F,L, 1,25 Sacred Heart Club 35 Fatima Club l,2,45 Glee Club l,2,3,45 Class Play 3, Jacqueline Hartland - 'Jackie' Fatima Club 1,45 Glee Club l. S if J' Catherine Ann Keller - "Katy" Fatima Club 4. lrma Kent Clipper Staff 43 Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1. Martha Regina Kirsch - 'Marti' Business Honor 3,45 Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club 43 Glee Club '2,3,4g Class Play 3. Kathleen Klemz - "Kathy" Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club 2,4g Glee Club 2,3. 1,10 F ssit 4 .MY of 55 ' 54 f f f 'f f, , V. f f ,.- f, fm, ' V f -.,,f M ,. X ff 1' 1 f, 7 . of V f ' f M af f f , Q , ,W if f, A K , f , ,' 9 f w 4 Y f? X , f f f fy i , f ,Z f 'C' Q H f 'il 2 ' ' I V In an , i ,f I 4 y ' ' Mia, , .gmc Carol Kline Student Council 3,43 Business Honor 3,43 Glee Club 1,2. Kathleen Kramer - 'Cass' Class Vice President 25 Spanish Club 4g Sacred Heart- Club 33 Fatima Club l,2,4g Class Play 3. Diane Lonzo - "Dene" Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club l,2,4g Class Play 4. ' ' Madelyn Lorenze - 'Chicky' Spanish Club 4g Fatima Club l,2,4g Class Play 4. 15 , gg, 'V , ,, -fb ,a l x Y ff ., K s qm 14 ' , M7 N . , Y " , . ,Q ,A f .1L., V , , V ,Ma X f ' I , 43, .a .,,- ,vw I A at f' , 'WW' N . in , lr m ,, 'V ing' Ann Morgan Clipper Staff 43 Glee C1ubl,2,3g Sacred Heart Club l,2,3,4g Class Play l,2,3. Mary Ann Mudron Fatima Club 4. Eileen Murtha Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1. Mary Agnes Nichols - "Aggie" Carol Jean Ludzia ' Spanish Club 4, Fatima Club l,4. 1 f ff V If fm f X X f f 1 Graduates Student Council 43 Business Honor 3,4g N.F.L. 1,2g Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,21 Musart Club l,2,3,4g Class Play 3 fag-M 16 Maureen McCrory Fatima Club 1,2,3,4. Mary McKernan N.F.L. l,2,3g Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2g Class Play 3,4gL1brary Club 1,2. Anna Louise Morabito Spanish Club 45 Fatima Club 2 ,4g May Court 3 'J' '-7 4 uv ' - :':""a wa , X Z' YA, 3 0 . M A Km Santina Pellarin - "Tina" Fatima Club l,2,4g Glee Club l. Patricia Power - "Pat" Spanish Club 4g Fatima Club l,2,4. Lenore Provident Class Treasurer 25 Spanish Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,4g Class Play 4. Mary Rancel Student Council 4g Clipper Editor 45 National Honor 4g Science Honor 3,45 N.F.L. l,2,3,4g French Club 45 Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3,45 Mother Seton Delegate l. of "55" ai 4 4 frtl 749' 4 FQ? Margaret Alice Riordan - 'Peggie' P Fatima Club 4. J my I fi ff f. , 2 WM' , f fy, V , "' may nv ' Darla Roop Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club l. 5 y Janet Ross ,J Fatima Club 1,4. Elizabeth Schrei - "Betsy" Clipper Staff 43 History Honor 3,4g N,F,L,, l,2,4g Latin Club 3,4g French Club 45 Fatima Club l,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Class Play 3,4g Mother Seton Delegate 4, ,X , 14. 7 .W ,, f , , f,,,,,14.yf , ff fygffv, ! , 5 7 1 If Yvonne Tishko N.F.L. lg Fatima Club l,2,3,4. Irene Tuzikow Fatima Club 1,2,3,4. Catherine Walsh - 'Kay' Spanish Club l,2g Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3. Michaele Ann Wilhem - 'Mike' Student Council 4g Spanish Club 4g Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g Class Play 4g Library Club 2,3,4g May Court 3. 18 M 2- - Graduates of "55" Joan Sieber - "Joanie" Student Council 4g Class Secretary 35 Clipper Staff 45 History Honor 3,45 N.F.L. l,2,3Z French Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club 1,2,3,4g Musary Club 1,2,3,4g Class Play 3. Margaret Smith - 'Smitty' Class President 4g Clipper Staff 4g National Honor 4g Classical Honor 2g History Honor 3,45 N.F.L. l,2,3,4g Spanish Club 43 Fatima Club l,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3,4g May Court 1,25 Class Play 4. Carol Ann Talarico Spanish Club 4. June Tarcak Student Council 33 Class President lg Nation- al Honor 4g Commercial Honor 3,4g N,F,L, l,2,3g Spanish Club 4g Fatima Club 1,2,3,4g Glee Club l,2,3g May Court 1. 'YU' W W 5 . fe 'V .7 33 . X 7,4 ', I www. 4, ff1,X Mother Seton look llp to the Blue ll av s d l ve Hum Seniors seek spiritual contentment and advice as members of the Diocesan Fatima Club and Bishop Dearden's recently founded Sacred Heart Club. To broaden our knowledge of religious life we attend Fatima Club meetings twice month- ly. Sacred Heart Prepsters prepare to follow in the footsteps of our patroness Mother Seton as forty Seton alumnae have done. Mother Seton inspired thirty-three Setonians to become her daughters as members of the Sisters of Charity of Seton Hill. She has also sent two graduates to the Franciscans, and one to the Carmelites, the Poor Clares, the Blessed Sacrament Sisters, the Benedictines, the Sisters of Mount Nazareth, and Sisters of Divine Providence. Fatima Club w 'f up 1,0 U., HM 'sa Home Room 5 Class of H56". . . A, "WH X - 4 lhjxi f y "f :M 41: ulllffu, W, Vfv-' X 'IU ffl f fl'-Yi. ' ' lib -.Qfuz I ,XY 1 , .f "'f' f' H' O UI i -V1 1111 .mf-H! WI ovpnfry Jfxfamx I ,Sidi ' W ' ' 'T ' Q' , , ' HI' . f,- f 11,11 110116 , -Q' !'j?1.l.gI4 Mflnwl ., ' Ili ' ,fl , S 'lnumj 10' Oflrl UN' ! DAQ' H Arun ,ULU 'Wil , Y. U 1 '19, E Hilgk , fry,-aww fo ehf S !9ff'f5W2fe'6 ffl it 71I.,,,l7pog,af:', wwf. ,, ,gif V fling, Ufifjfji H ip, 'Q 1 , ,, M rf, if of A-.fqylw 78171 ,N4 ,lf filig- Url' flliffi SSID, ,E , , ,.l'g1,,y Z- 4 ll ,132 4' 'Cvv IJ: OZ' il- ,Lf The Seton Clipper has once more been launched. Captain, Sister Mary Noel, with her jun- ior ship-mates, Joan Kanfoush, Brenda Hageman, Joan Canon, Jo Ann McKnight, and Frances Howard have now begun another sea-worthy voyage. President, Virginia Brettg Vice-President, Joan Bel- sterlingg Secretary, Brenda Hageman, a.nd Treasurer, Frances Howard view formal gowns with their class advisors Sister Mary Robert and Sister Mary Noel, as they plan the Junior Prom, climaxing their social activities for the year. fg- ,M Si llur Uldest Friends Hom e Ro om 2 Sister Marie Anthony, Sister Marguerite, and Sister Marietta aid Sophomore Class officers Elaine Malarkey, presidentg Lora- lee Ufolla, vice-presidentg Betty Simon, secretary, and Arlene Litz, treasurer, make plans for the year. Throughout the year our little sisters are active in speech and debate and all other school activities. Our energetic little sisters have done much to make our years at Seton happy. HSS uhwxv-mnQ..,..,.,x, wmwwwvmr., Y,xx.. ..,. X X -4-' Marian Year Program Home Room 1 EKU Sister Mary Irene, Sister Mary Cecile, and Sister Mary Alexis Knot in picturej, Freshman report tea- chers congratulate the newly elec- ted officers: Suzanne Malarkey, presidentg Elizabeth Rago, vice- presidentg Marian Nees, secretary, and Peggy Rooney, treasurer. 0ur Newest Fdends . .. the Freshmen Home Room 4 . .1 .H gf., AM 5-X K ks. f 1 X-.. Ss- A X X fi isis ESV hxhbQ ix , 2: . 2? K. f x.. K x Rx px-1 Home Room I 2. igf ,, ,abil e Q Mary Ann Corr, Jean Boggs, and Ann Morgan take time out from their work grapher. 54? V t V. f . M 50 - ' N . M. 1 gv':f, -ff-f, ' ff - Il". , . .f V, , ' ,rzff , , ,j im ,,,, , Z ff " of Nita!-f- if Mft , '-'z gywf , , if f fu V we , wi f 'ff ,fag an 1 M -The Stat! ot the Clipper "55"- , x , fa on the Art Staff to smile for the photo- Editorial Staff members Marlyn Spell, Mary Ann Di Pietro, Judy Hageman, and Carol Ganser sort pictures for the book while Betsy Schrei, Mary Rancel, Editor, Sister Mary Zoe, and Cindy Dinger begin setting up dummy pages. A 'bw N ,,--..i,., NW! V v,,fN,w-f-.,,-f me-ff, While Mary Ann Albenze, Bernice Gawlas, and Irma Kent dictate copy to Joanne Balogh, Sister Caroline Joseph works with Sandra Keady and Margaret Smith on the patron list for the Annual. N K N X N X Wx Actl VIIIBS 'fi u If Zig ,, 145557 , 'fn' fem A., fx, wfgfg- ff, . if-1,, . Q-:Al ' ,f iffaggfy vfxm., 65,15 Q1,x,! lgslh . U, My Q . ,W-MW . TWH' , -M5571 ',,' 1,:,,,fs.,,'w,., x ,,,, , ..,,, -M, -M. ,, i WL, , f QU,-I , ww , ,L,L "'5W:'L? 'Xtgg-5, 'FY . ff,f K , . , W y-W. , 2' 4 1' V X in jc QA E fi? ' 'JPY 1' ,7i, .. . XH"'i'. " 5 X N' ' Q2 ' o W, In I f E 5532, 1 1 ,V .WV 7 The Ivory Door - A. A. Milne The mysterious secret of what lay behind the Ivory Door was slowly unravelled when we, as juniors, presented The Ivory Door by A. A. Milne. King Perivale, played by Joan Sieber, was braver than his subjects and determined to discover the secret of this unopened door before his marriage to the beauteous Princess Lilia, portrayed by Judy Hageman. As the final curtain closed Perivale had found the truth, won his bride, but lost his kingdom. ff we aq, . :Q x..k - x lass Plays! i XY 4 r if i Q Q Vx, -A., f f I YT.. . if Sl -f Every Senior remembers the quiet atmos- phere that prevailed at St. Matthew's Rec- tory until Jenny, Mrs. Deazy's niece, ar- rived from the country. Father Moynihan was in constant bewilderment as to J ennys true character simply because he was always running into her guppies. But gay romance and a few heartbreaks intermingled with sweet potato vines provided an amusing plot for our Senior Class Play Jenny Kissed Me. . xelllk B will gl WNW K ,Af 0 g'giigggi ,,,' t 151 . .. ji , ' figigi' f .,.r.-,,, , X 'fyla 51- ,.,,,.,,-,,,.,-,,,.,. , ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,Q,,N,,..-,.- .,Y,., Ma- ..,,,. , ,.,, -,...,.., ,.,-....,,..- -..4.,,,,,,...,.,..,.,-.., , W. ,-.., ,,.., .,., r,,,,,,,,,. ,,,, ,.. ..,.A,,,,. ,. ..., -.,.. .-. .,..-, L.1,-,...-,. .... .A.. C , .-.. ,-, ,- .Y,. Y,,, ..v,,. A - ,.. ...., ..-H .,..,, ...,,,......,-..W-..-0--.v- ,,,,,, .,,, , ,.,., ..,-.,.,- ,.,, -.,,,,.,,- ,,,. N ,... .,,, . .. ..,.,. -.-.., .,... t,...,,-,-,--.....-,.-. , ,, ,,,,,, A -..H .A,. -,.,-.,,-, ,.-...,-,,..,,r ,- ,,.. .-,,,r,, t.-,...,-LM,....M....,f,.N-W ic has always been a major activity Seton and the Senior Glee Club has ributed in many ways with numerous yable programs. Intensive rehear- and hard work, the seniors will tell are the only means to a success- Elee Club. Judy Hageman, Carol Gan- Marlyn Spell, Joan Kagrise, Irene ron, Kate Garrick, are the musicians me Senior Class. They have performed many school programs and Judy, 31, Marlyn, and Kate have gained ibership in the Diocesan Musart 1. 'WSW Guiding Us to Knowledge History Honor Society members leave for a diocesan tour. A, 'img ..Lxg,, f 1 TSX use p Members of Science Honor Society perform a laboratory experiment with care. s, Members of the National Honor Society relax on the lawn. ...Q-si r ii Y. if We . W .,ffY L. , ...rn 'fu r M 4 AMlf4ilYlZBAAALY!H7f4 .M hx... The Business Honor Society pre- pares girls for careers. bi-2 y ,l , ? 421g . H , 4, an 1 1 V f ' ,f rw ' , , f Senior debaters Mary Rancel, Carol Ganser, Katherine Garrick, and Paulette Setler launch the Community Chest Drive at Seton after an instruction course by Professor Tacey, University of Pittsburgh. Mr. Harry Klein, chairman of the Pitts- burgh N.F.L. District, presents Mary Rancel with a coveted gold gavel, Speak- er of the House award. 7 Carol Ganser presides over a session of the House of Representatives in an N.F.L. Student Congress. ,gf 41 fx z C9132 f, ,J f ,.- ff ff f 1, f ., -nl , 2 K .f a f, I 15.7, , 1 Q 1 , , ,,,. 5 2,"L-' ,'nff,pfWww'M'f. QV' V 5, , ,Mi ,F ,177 P 75 " ' fikf f i' f .gf wffjfz if ' ,a f, f wi- ,, W V, ,V f ' J , v, X ,,f , Q ff Ma A I U QXEQ .Qt nares leaders be Sister Mary Zoe, moderator, and Katherine Garrick, secretary, proudly watch as Mr. Bruno Jacob, top man in N.F.L. presents the Leading Chapter Award of 1954 to Carol Ganser, president of the Elizabeth Seton Chapter. ....,, ' Carol Ganser, Seton's television star, twice captured prize laurels on the C.B.S. panel discussion, Youth Takes A Stand. Here Carol displays her awards, a set of dictionaries, a S50 Savings Bond and an orchid, to her friends. Seton's Senior N.F.L. members: standing, Joan Sieber, Betsy Schreifkatherine Garrick, secretary, Mary Rancel, Mary Ann Corr, Marlyn Spellg seated, Paul- ette Setler, Carol Ganser, president, Judy Hageman, and Bernie Dorsey. I .,,,,.,, M. Mi? 1 . f i sp? NZ, 755' - t Q73 - I Mary Ann D1 Pietro, Bernie Dorsey, and Nancy Flaherty blend their voices in Christmas carols cel ebrating the coming of Christ 1 Laughing voices of Seniors echo y fi thrugh the halls as they decorate V the staunch evergreen on the main landing of the old building. The nativity scene is recreated in the Marian Oratory by Yvomme Tishko, Darla Roop, and Tina Pellarin. The candles of the Advent Wreath, symbol- izing the four weeks of Advent, are solemnly lit by Margaret Smith, president of the senior class. Y R Qs Asa' Nga .i ss: - I Kcikixiiilgf X . it to X X we P Sl A N n , .ai X 1 9 Patrons- We gratefully acknowledge the financial aid given us by our patrons. SPECIAL PATRONS latmum The Brennan Brothers Elizabeth sewn Guild Majestic Foods, Inc. A Friend Resurrection Parish Han-is Fgodg, Inc, """"" Mantsch's Blue Bonnet Bakeries Robert Morris Business School Eugene V, Nfartin Felice Perri and S0115 Mt. Lebanon Council 3084 vauey Dairy Milk Company Knights of Columbus """"' O'Too1e and 0'Connor Funeral Home Baldwin Realty St. Pius X Parish Bastian Brothers Comp?-HY Peter Rauch Construction Company Beto's Pizza Sam's Hardware a Somethi in ' 1 Bigi Bus Lines Ed Zi11ian's Drug Store ng English' please ? Aldo Bachini Family A. J. Biertempfel Family Mrs. William Blatt Betty Ann Shoppe Frank A. Blum and Sons Brookline Jewelry Brookline Journal Brookline Shoe Rebuilder Brusco Funeral Home Dr. Joseph Carroll Charleson's Pharmacy Class of '55 Class of '56 Class of '57 fOur Little Sistersj Class of '58 Connelly Family Conroy Funeral Home Mr. and Mrs. Corbett Corliss Coal Company Mr. and Mrs. Anthony DeG,rozia Mary Dillon Card Company Domorowicki Family Elizabeth Seton Cafeteria Ernie's Auto Service J. J. Flaherty and Sons, Painters Rev. John D. Fording Freidman's Market A Friend John Gannon, Attorney Harrison's Confectionary Mr. and Mrs. Francis Carmavine Win and Howdy Burns Ligouri Brothers Joe's Repair Shop Mr. and Mrs. Jim McArdle Mr. and Mrs. William C. Minnich Bill Potts Dick Alexander Mr. and Mrs. Ray Amarse Rose Marie Balkovec Mr. and Mrs. Edwim Beachler John Bianco Mr. and Mrs. Fred Bonacci Father Bonfield Adelaide Briley Brookline Appliance Company Orville Bryant Bucci's Market Rose Buck Mrs. T. R. Budd Caruso Family Barbara Clancy Mrs. J. F. Conley Pat Connelly Ed Conrad Charles Corr Dr. James J . Corrigan Mrs. John Coyne William L. Cuff Michael D'Alessandro Butler Distributing Company Mrs. Joseph Dawson Tom Deasy Diane and Betty Patty DiPhillips Mrs. Peter DiRicca Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Donahoe Anne Dorsey Mr. and Mrs. W. Dunn Betty Esterberg William Eythe Family Patrons Harry and Mary Haubelt Electric Healy Brothers Cleaners Rev. Paul Holzer Anthony Indico Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Klemz Jr. Joseph F. Leap Family Rev. Joseph L. Lonergan Lutz's Meat Market F. W. McBride The New McCann's McCanns Lunch Counter Mr. and Mrs. ar Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Charles D. McC H. P. McCrory Paul McCrory C. R. MacDonald Robert MacDonald thy Rev. Donald W. Mclllvane McGuire Memorial Convalescent Home Mahoney and Horneg Jenkins Arcade Mandl's Bakery Marfred Motor Sales Meszaros Pharmacy Middletown Market Monarch Food Company Frank P. Mooney Family John F. Mueller Mrs. Fred Nungesser J. H. Offutt Company Our Lady of Victory Church Mrs. Ralph P. Fertig Mr. Fineburgh Carol Finerty Rosemay Fleming Mrs., Lucy Flymi Forsaith Funeral Home A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Furlong Furniture and Gift Shop Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Gallagher, Jr. Peggy Gallagher Mrs. Emma B. Gibson Mr. William Grimes 'Orlando Gualtieri Mr. and Mrs. Ed Halloran Mrs. Bernice Harris Mrs. Emile Helfer Mr. and Mrs. James Heilman William R. Heuninger Jim and Mary Joanne and Chicky Joseph's Jewelers Curtis Jordan Kay, Liv, Jan, and Lou Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Keefer Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Keenan Gene Keener Mary Rose Kennedy Mr. and Mrs. John Kinevy Mr. and Mrs. William T. Laffey Gerson Levy Catherine Lemak Ronnie, Chris, Susan, and Lorraine Loretta and Paul Catherine and J im Mackin Mike, Cookie, and Marion Bernadine and Virginia McDonald J eanann McDonough, '57 J. H. Mahoney Mrs. 'Rex Mansmann Mrs. Patsy Marasco William Mihalko J. C. Park Printing Shop Mr. and Mrs. Allan M. Parker Pelusi Family Pinkerton School For Secretaries Providence Hospital School of Nursing Dr. E. W. Provost Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Reitmeyer C. E. Rhen Ross and Rago Compliments from Sam Edward Salamony Family Mr. and Mrs. E. G. Schafer Richard Shaugnessy Family Silvioni's Restaurant - Babcock Blvd. 5ilvioni's Restaurant - Climax Street Mr. and Mrs. Francis J. Simon Mr. and Mrs. James Sims and Family St. Stephen Holy Name Society Sports Haven Roller Rink Frank Tedesco Thompson's Market Mr. George Tishko Torre's Market Tri-State Foods, Inc. The Van Praag Family Vater's Hardware Virgili Beer Distributing Company Warrinton 5 Sz 10 Stores, Inc. Mrs. Hull Wright The Ziegler Meat Company The Zydanowicz Family Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Mitchell George Mudron Rev. Denis N. Murphy Mr. and Mrs. D. Nardi Mr. and Mrs. C. Niccolai Mary O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. J. W. 0'Hara, Jr. Eleanor Oliver Mr. and Mrs. John B. Onda Ruth Patton Mr. Karl V. Proctor Ralph's Pharmacy Dr. Jesse Quatse, Dentist Mary Remmel Mr. and Mrs. Nick Renzo Mrs. Elizabeth Reynolds Mrs. Richardson Marie Rizzo Mary T. Riordan Margie and Joe Ross Neila Sandioni Mary Ann Schafer George Schopf Family Babe Schilling Ed Schledor Louis Scoratow Sloan and Ruth Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Shier Anne Smith Carole Spell Mr. and Mrs. W. Steigerwald Mr. and Mrs. A. J . Stinger Mr. and Mrs. Steve Suho Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Tischler Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Tomczyk Harold "Pie" Traynor Vera Vari Rosemary Weet Joan Werneth Mr. and Mrs. John Wilhelm Willie and Arzate D .Daily at Seton wel H3 It ,p -Q r i pere Kitchen Helpers 'B . - V K K , , A K - H ,,.-W Mrs. Tschippert , e, q Mr. O'Too1e 5 I 1-- f iszg A .e e t , e ? ,,,e ' t Betty Ann Shoppe At the Switchboard ,, ,,,,.-,, N,-......h.,W-fhf7- p,,e,ep 4, ppet e A Barbara Alcorn Barbara Amado George Andamasaris Joan Asti June Asti Beverly Baczewski Rose Baldi John Balogh Joan Baranak Mike Bardy Mr. and Mrs. Baranak Joan Belsterling Mrs. Wallace Brown John Bordas Nancy Breen Josephine Cacicia Peggy Camarda Patricia Campbell Mr. and Mrs. N. Cannavine Joan Canon Frank Cardello Mary Louise Caruso Marcyanne Celecy Edward Choby Roberta Christy Roberta Cicero Lorraine Clifford Mr. and Mrs. Collins Teresa Colosimo Roberta Connelly Mary Jane Corrigan Mrs. Charles S.,Cotton Connie Coury Carol Cox Ann Coyne William Crothers Family Norma Jean Crothers Mary Jane Cuff Maureen Dougherty Bobby DaRosso Nancy Lee DaRosso Judy Davis Ralph DeCosmo Connie DeMarco Barbara Del Manto Eileen Devine Shirley Dimperio Cecilia Diulus Mary Louise DiZinno Pat Dolan Elaine Donovan Carmelia Doscola John Dougherty Patricia Durkin Bill Eckhardt Patricia Ellis Margaret Farrell Sidney Feldman Thomas Flanagan Pat Flanigan Beverly Freiland A Friend Lorraine Gailey Joan Galordi Nick Gallo Myrtle Gillen Rita Godino Benny Goodstein Pauline Grentz Pat Griffith Elmer G. Haenel Patrons Brenda Hageman Carol A. Hamilton Mrs. Charles Hank Jean Hanka Judy Hannoway Margaret Hayes Mrs. Anna Henry Richard Herrup Mary Carleen Hogan Mary Jane Holison Hornell's Fran Howard Pat Howell Mary Jane and Jack Sue Jenny Joan Kanfoush Tommy Keady Pat Kearns Mary Ellen Keefer Mary Ruth Kelly James Kennedy Sheila Kennihan Joanne Klaus Mrs. Richard Kluck Emily Kobach Ethel Kominsky Mort Kopperman Edna Kovach Louise Krause Carol Kyle Bill Lander Judy Laffey Peggy Lanagan Frances La Rocco Kathleen Leap Catherine Lemak Howard Lester Vivian Linkhauer Helen Logsdon Barbara Long Pat Long Josephine and Billy Lonero Lou's Inn Margaret Lutz Dolores Macaluso Tess Macaluso Maureen McCambridge Roberta McKinney Mickey McKnight Ellen McNelis Lou Maccarone Judith Macurak Kay McWilliams Anthony Marocco Carrie Magnotti Mary Magnotti Elaine Malarkey Emmanuel Mandell Mrs. Patsy Marasco Marian Marshall Sandra Mazzarini Norman T. Medley Joan Meehan Carmel Minadeo Joe McCauley Mrs. Josephine McDonough Mary Alice Moran Morris' Mary Eileen Nagy Marian Nees Beverly Nicolazzo Penny, Jackie, and Nicky Mary O'Brien B. B. O'Donnell Joan Onda Mary Osler Lillian Pajak Mr. and Mrs. A. Palumbo MRS. Donald Patton Margaret Perfetti Patty Peters Louis E. Pilardi Charlotte Pagacar Mrs. Margaret Potts Gerry Powers Mr. and Mrs. D. Provident Mr. and Mrs. Mike Provident Bill Puzak Floyd J. Ragin Mary Grace Raker William Ralls Peggy Renton Elizabeth Rice Jeanne Richardson Peggy Rooney Cathy Ross Eileen Salmon Mary Sarsfield Mary Ann Schafer Kethleen Scherer Arthur Scuillo Ann Sedlak Dorothy Sheridan Grace Shoenbach Donna Siefert Charmaine Sigal Mary Ann'Skarupa Sue Slagle Margaret Marie Smith Mary Ellen Smith Mrs. Nellie Smith Claudia Stedle Eileen Sweitzer Anthony Talarico Anne Tate Terry and Mary Ann Geraldine Thornton Virginia Tischler Kay Tomczyk Kay Triggs Chuck Vanucci Frank Veltri Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Verbershaat Carolyn Verno Jerry Vondas Gerry Wagner Mr. and Mrs. James Walsh Mrs. John Walsh Mary Walsh Dr. Wible Margaret Weigold Anne Welsh Rosemarie White Laura S. Williamson Mary Catherine Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Neil Wright Pat Yourick Sandra Zaroda Lorraine Zydanowicz 'REW- As our year draws to a close, so does our book of memories. Seniors eagerly prepare new lan- terns for the traditional good-by. Soon,' at Lan- tern Chain, flickering lights will illuminate the quadrangle in the letters E.S.H,S. Our final salute follows close on the heels of that mem- orable evening. During asolemn commencement ceremony at Resurrection Church we will cul- minate our years as Setonians. Despite the twinge of loss, the future appears bright be- cause of the guidance and knowledge we have gained at "Dear Seton High". Farewell, Dear Seton Hugh W, -. ,L , YW, , Sensor Mr. Dominick Albenze and Mary Ann Mrs. J. R. Albrect and Lois Mrs. Mary Takacs and Joanne Balogh Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Keller and Katy Mrs. Helen G. Kent and Irma Mrs. Leo Kirsch and Martha Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Barron and Irene Mrs. Clorinda Bianchini and Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and MrS. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. William Boggs and Jean Anthony Buffo and Lucille, Don Campiti and Loretta Patrick Corr and Mary Ann Charles Cuff and Patricia Patrick Davie and Margaret Mrs. Esther Deasy and Esther Mr. and Mrs. Vincent DelGreco and Antonia Mrs. Ellen Dinger and Lucinda Mr. and Mrs. Raymond DiPietro and Mary Ann Mr. and Mrs James Doran and Audrey Mr. and Mrs Patrick Dorsey and Bernadette Mr. and Mrs William Fischer and Brenda Mr. and Mrs Frank Fitch and Joan Mr. and Mrs Frank Fitzgerald and Ellyn Mr. and Mrs John Flaherty and Nancy Mr. and Mrs. Adolfo Francesconi and Giovanna Mr. and Mrs Frank Ganser and Carol Mr. and Mrs John Garrick and Katherine Mrs. Sophia Gawlas and Bernice Mr. and Mrs. Albert Glackin and Colleen Mrs. Randal Hageman and Judith Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Frank I-Ianzel and Dorothy Kirmet Hartland and Jacqueline Mr. and Mrs Raymond Holzer and Mary Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horan and Carolyn Mr. and Mrs. John Kagrise and Joan Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keady and Sandra Mr. and MIS. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Edward Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Klemz and Kathleen Charles Kline and Carol Elmer Kramer and Kathleen Joseph Lonzo and Diane Byron Lorenze and Madelain Walter Ludzia and Carol Henry McCrory and Maurees James Morabito and Amma Louise Morris Morgan and Ann Trescher and Mary Ann Mlldfon Eugene Murtha and Eileen William Nichols and Mary Agnes John Pellarin and Santina I Thomas Power and Patricia Emil Provident and Len0I'G William Rancel and MHFY Leo Riordan and Margaret Thomas Roop and Darla Joseph Ross and Janet Rudolph Schrei and Betsy Mrs. Carl Setler and Paulette Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Norbert Sieber and Joan Smith and Margaret Thomas Spell and Marlyn Anthony Talarico and Carol Andrew Tarcak and June Mr. John Tishko and Yvomie Mrs. Anna Tuzikow and Irene Mr., and Mrs. John Walsh and Catherine Mr. Frank Wilhem and Michaele We Seniors wish to express our sincere gratitude to our parents who made it possible for us to attend Elizabeth Seton. We have many friends here, in particular our 'LITTLE SlSTERS." Especially, we thank our teachers who have de- voted these past years in helping us to attain a good Catholic education. Our days at Seton have been happy, fruitful ones and their memory will always hold a special place in our hearts. E LIZABETH SEIU! mm Sr. Stella Marie, S. C. Rev. Paul Holzer Sr. M. Imelda, S. C. Sr. Mary Alexis, S. C. Sr. M. Ricardo, S. C. Sr. Agnes Josephine, S. C. Sr. M. Marietta, S. C. Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr Sr . Caroline Joseph, S. C. Mary Robert, S. C. Mary Zoe, S. C. Miriam Rita, S. C. Mary Irene, S. C. Mary Noel, S. C. M. Marita, S. C. Sr. Marie Anthony, S. C. Sr Rebecca Ann, S. C. Sr. Marguerite, S. C. Sr Mary Cecile, S. C. Sr. M. Martina, S. C. Miss Adelaide Briley Wiwfpvqvfifggwilj. mf 135594 Nlaiiffijjll V W7 My gf J iXgEXR KQvw Q53 ZZQZLQ X X ffqff A, 0 E NT-1 xgfffqfifgf X Q, ,J ' "1 1, gk ffQ?7Z4g , xx X' Z, 7 ' Qey A 'ggzacjw Q ii v 1 , , BL ' J 2? 3 , ffwwwwww W MWHQ awww me W M 2 flffglgg aqii? 'Xi Q , , 5, h 'f' mx ,, QL. I Q1, 'Qi R X Q M , . N ii., "' n ' ' Q2 QR J -Q f45fQtf1f21' KST? 5 .W Qs- AQQZQYTXK SSX Gig' X794 R' . R yfa ali-. JD WM Qmfffvgi mv, 1:12 ' . X6 r Q-5 Q X 'Sikh if 5 X T 4' K X -A, 2 cv' v

Suggestions in the Elizabeth Seton High School - Clipper Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) collection:

Elizabeth Seton High School - Clipper Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1953 Edition, Page 1


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Elizabeth Seton High School - Clipper Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 10

1955, pg 10

Elizabeth Seton High School - Clipper Yearbook (Pittsburgh, PA) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 35

1955, pg 35

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