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i F E L: L 3 kk i l Er--i 5. 3 F 2 I'. I' I E-Q E : L4 l .I i , w . w R w 1, J li E 1 , Y, 1 i Y ' Y E. f 'x IJ 1 9' ' if v ,rlijp ' 1 - rpm vi- ' . JK dr n W. V .1 -. 51' HF' , 'jd 1: Z- LU' 'UAL 4. r 1-L 'E' ,N .ff L .-.- .,- 1. 'n-Vi! 104,12 gg P, z ,nr N-5 - -- 5 r .fnlh -ev: Y 1- ' .+V ., 31 f -1 LJ,-,V - Ut - Lum .-'- v. . . :4,g,"N-.2221 71 , nj. ,, .:. ..3'1 14 4. E w A , .EJ Frm r-E . mu N .X 4 ,U 1: mu 'Q if" ,,l PF ' All rs ? TF .E :ff ug V1 .-F' I 'Lf 'sf :Jr 1 J., 1' n HEL? ?l Hi? H gn. v. Sv ,LU -z 5.33 T' me mf dw X I 1 . ' l L. I Q1 r J Y . I fi . , . . i Fx- 'L ' i f. -E' WMF rl KS13- LQZ va, :L-:mow 'f 1 ,,., vg 1 52114 'F 'I V. 1' 90,1 . sys 2 L 3 5 'I lf. in 1 ,Mlm ' 1'-Q -v Wa. ffm' j R 13,3 15, Q! -fx l 9 it "if z f l l aa it Dedication The Senior Class would like to dedicate this, the 1959 Terrapin, to Dorothy Dawe. Mrs. Dawe has been our com- mercia iteacher for 2 years and has taught commercial subjects at Elizabeth High School before. She is also a Senior Class Advisor and has given us much help with our class projects, the Terrapin, and the Key. As o tribute to our teacher and friend, we, the Senior Class wish to dedicate this Terrapin to you, Mrs. Dawe. 1 My P5 T BUS DRIVERS Seated are: Orrin Simmons, Eugene Miller, Harold COOKS: Phyllis Schap, Mary Kevern, and Gertrude Gable Ferguson, and Jake Hoster. Standing are: Marion Schaible, Larry Morrison, Russ Pierce, and Steve Klepack. BOARD OF EDUCATION 1958-59 Mr. Lawrence Mitchell, president Mr. Robert Buford, secretary Mr. Delmar Dittmar Mr. Andrew Meyer Mr. Charles Schaible Mr. Russell Roberts Mr. Glen Virtue 1959-60 Mr. Lawrence Mitchell, president Mr. Robert Buford, secretary Mr. Delmar Dittmar Mr. Andrew Meyer Mr. Charles Schaible Mr. William Knauer Mr. Glenn Virtue CUSTODIAN: Ed Baumgartner. Mr, Thom and Nelda, -s. it' , I Mrs. Jean Carroll Mr. Arthur Johnson English i, ii, IIII Agfifuirure i, ii, iii Mr. Richard Carroll Miss Barbara Sipes Mechanical Drawing Girls' PhysicaI Education Drivers Training Boys' Physical Education Mrs. Dorthory Dawc Bookkeeping, Tyirrriq Shiirilwaircl Office Practici- Mr. Loren Squires Music Band and Vocal Mrs. Janette Ross Home Economics I, ll 8th Grade History Mr. Adolph Hlubck C1t'i1i'ri1ISflvl1cv I.llIII1l, ll Biology Mr. Paul Sammon American History English III World History Mr. Hosea Tillotson Physics, Geometry Algebra I, Il Q2 .Na H . N, - A 'I in gf mam, , ,K P 23' Hifi N' e H ', A g 'Mm fc 'Srl t ,fZSqwf" ww- 4' w gggw 5, fs My A pfv, .wff J 4 ' Q. 1: XFN :-, x 4' Y ., AN . eh.. w A W? u 5 -gg., Uv ' 1.-Elm, .1 J . W rl Y . . , I I , Q6 A f 31,3 ' mx , - ' L, i f-f " , 45 . , ,fgrgfww f X.,-5 ' 'f'-V' r '-'ff- ,- 4 Vfsxyig- -f I-htm: 'f-1'--3, Al.- 'fd 'S fi' "W - 'ff , p , 5 kg.. J . ' W ff 2' ..- ,HA x.: , -rt fi' -- , 5,05 A.. , i'vgl:,4. - QQ. 5' f nf' Pk my 11 JOAN VEE EADIE lMr. and Mrs. WilliamJ. Eadiei July 6, l94l Cheerleader l,2,3,4, Band Queen 3, Majorette 2,3,4, Chorus l,2,3, Class Secretary-Treasurer 3,Class Secretary 4, F,T,A. lg F.H,A. l. Library 4, Pep Club 4, Annual Staff 3,4, Key Staff 4, G.A.A. 4. KENNETH BERNARD BERLAGE iMrs. Florence Berlagel August 2, l94l F,F.A. l,2,3,4, F.F.A. Vice-President 2, FFA. President 3, F.F.A, Secretary 4, Basketball l,2,3,4, Class Secretary- Treasurer l, Class President 3,4, Boys' Chorus 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4 JOHN M. LISK iMr. and Mrs. Milo Liskl October l7, i940 Basketball l,2,3,4, Baseball l,2,4. BEVERLY RAE BAUER iMr. and Mrs, Raymond Baueri Moy I2, 1941 FHA. lg G.A.A, 4, Pep Club 3,45 French CIub2, Girls' Chorus 2, Mixed Chorus 2, Key Staff 3,4. JANICE KLEPACK lMr. and Mrs Stephen Klepackl October 24, l94l Majorette l,2,3,4, GAA, Vice Pres, 4, Mixed Chorus l, F,T.A. l, Annual Staff 4, Pep Club 4, FHA. l, Cheerleader l,2,3,4. WILLIAM JOSEPH WILLIS lMr, and Mrs. Harold G, Willis? March ll, l94l FFA, l,2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3, Boys' Chorus 2,3 RICHARD BERNARD MCINTYRE lMrs. Marion Ehler1 August 20, 1941 Transferred from Hanover 2, Basket- ball 2,3,4. NITA LA RAE HEID lMr, and Mrs. William Heid November 24, 1941 Cheerleader 1,2,3, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 3,4, Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,, FIA. 1, F.H.A. 1. BEVERLY ELLEN DITTMAR lMr. and Mrs. Ward Dittmar, Srl May 27, 1941 F.H.A. 1, French Club 2, Class Re- porter 4, Pep Club 3, Future Home- maker of Tomorrow Award 4. ROBERT PAUL KLOSS lMr. and Mrs. Cyril Klossl January 16, 1942 PFA. 2,3,4. RICHARD L. ARNOLD lMr, Sherman Arnold? September 29, 1941 Mixed Chorus 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Basketball 1, Key Staff 3,4, Annual Staff 3,4 SHIRLEY JCANN WURSTER lMr. and Mrs. Morris Wursterl August 10, 1941 F.H.A. 1, GA.A. 4, Pep Club 3,4, French Club 2, Girls' Chorus 2,3, Key Staff 3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3. JANICE LEONE YOUTZY lMr. and Mrs. Charles Youtzy July 29, 1941 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3,4, F.H.A. 1, Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g Majorette 1,2,3,4, French Club 2, Pep Club 3. KONRAD GALE RADKE lMr, and Mrs, Emil Radke1 June 25, 1941 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Class President 2, F,F.A.,1,2,3,4, Boys' Chorus 1,2,3,4. SHIRLEY MAY MILLER lMr, and Mrs, Eugene Millerl July 20, 1942 Girls' Chorus 1,2,3, Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3, Band l,2,3,4, F.H.A. 1, F.T.A. 1, Class Secretary 2, Cheerleader 3,4, Pep Club 3,45 G.A,A. 4. LAVONNE EILEEN BEYER fMr. and Mrs. Lorenz Beyerl March IO, 1941 Girls' Chorus 2,3, Mixed Chorus 2,3, F.T.A. 1, F.H.A. 1, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 3,4. SHIRLEY LAVONNE ROBERTS lMr. and Mrs. Russell Roberts1 December 2, 1941 Band 1,2,3,4, Girls' Chorus 2,3,4, Mixed Chorus 2,3,4, F HA. 1, County Music Festival 1,2,3,4, GA A. 4, Class Vice-President 1,2, Pep Band l,2,3. STANLEY JOHN ALBRECHT lMr, and Mrs. Helmer Albrecht1 October 9, 1941 F F.A. l,2,3,4, FFA. Reporter 3, FFA. Vice-President 4, Basketball 1,2 7? BLAINE RICHARD PHILLIPS lMr. and Mrs. Franklin PhillipsJr.1 August 23, 1941 PFA. 2,3,4. LILLIAN C. EBERT lMr. and Mrs. John Ebert1 June 5, 1939 French Club 2, F.H,A. 1, Cafeteria 3,4, G.A.A. 4, Pep Club 4. CARLA JEAN HONEYMAN lMr. and Mrs. Roy Honeyman1 August 2, 1941 F.H.A. 1, French Club 2, Pep Club 3,45 G.A.A. 4, Girls' Chorus 3,4, Mixed Chorus 3,4, D.A.R. Award 4. JAMES CLAYTON SCHRECK n ..-fl lMr. and Mrs. Clayton Schreck1 December 22, 1941 Basketball 1,2,4g Manager 3, Baseball 1, F.F.A. 1,2,3,4. GARY L. WALTERS lMrs Irene Walters1 December 19 1940 Boys Chorus 3, Mixed Chorus 3, Basketball 1. COLLEEN MARY MURRAY lMr. and Mrs. George Murroy1 November 4 1939 Cheerleader l,2,3,4, G.A.A. 4, F.T.A. 1, Pep Club 3,4, F.l'l.A, 1, Mixed Chorus 1,3, Girls' Chorus 1,3g Class Vice-President3,Majorette1,2,3,4. DIXIE LEE WILLS JOANN NORMA RANDECKER MABEL ANN HELGESON lMrs. Horold Willsl lMr. cmd Mrs. Frank Randeckerl lMr. ond Mrs. Clarence Helgeson July 12, 1941 October 6, 1940 March 6, 1940 Cirls' Chorus l,2,3g F.T.A. Mojoretfe Girls' Chorus 1,2,3g Sextet 1,2g Mixed F.H.A. lg PepClub 4gG.A,A. 4. l,2g Pep Club 4. Chorus 1,2,3g Bond 1,25 F.H.A. lg G.A.A. 41 Pep Club 4g Pep Bond1,2. Annual Staff aa 9 , 1151 !':Q ir! :SZ 35 1 5 A z w A. zwwniiw191.vw1Nf . W Senior Class History lt s now been four years. lt doesn t seem that long does it? ln the Fall of 1955 thirty-eight of us entered Elizabeth High School as freshmen with Mrs. Herriott as our advisor. During that year we gained Duane Buck and Konrad Radke. We lost Jerry Reusch Billy Krone Dixie Anderson and Anna Haas. Our big event of that year was our picnic at Krape Park. We were back again as sophomores in 1956 with thirty-seven in the class. We lost Pearl Dascher, and Marvin Schnitzler but gained Valdis Blaceneiks and Dick Mclntyre. Thirty-six juniors came back in 1957 as during the summer we lost John Guenther. During that year we gained Vernon Puls and Terry Johnson. We lost Valdis Blaceneiks, Ronnie Kevern, Terry Johnson, and Duane Buck. Mrs. Ross and Mrs. Carroll, our advisors, helped us with our money-making projects. This was also the year we received those all important class rings. November 13 and 14 we presented our very first play, "lt's Papa Who Pays," with the help of our director, Mr. Sammon. May 3 was another first for us when we sponsored our banquet and prom for the senior class. Our theme was "Bon Voyage" and Harvey Spoerl and Beverly Schumacher were king and queen. In 1958 thirty-three seniors entered school knowing that this was our last year in old Betsy High. Mrs. Dawe and Mr. Carroll were our advisors. On the evenings of November 9 and 10 we presented "Opening Nightmare," our senior play. May 9 we began our formal goodby's with the Banquet and Prom, "Hawaii," which the juniors sponsored for us. On the 24 of the month, we at- tended baccalaureate services, and finally, the night of all nights, the 28th we received them-our diplomas. Senior Class Will 'DJMQWJJMPHMJNI . . it iw We, the Senior Class of l959, hoping we have sound mind and memory, do declare this to be our last will and testament. hl, Stanley Albrecht, will my ability to get traffic tickets to Bobby Ban- wart . I, Gary Walters, will my ability to get F's in physics to Marvin L. Wurster. I , Eugene Willis, will my beautiful trumpet playing to La Vonne Mitchell. I, Jimmy Schreck, will my bench warming ability to Ronnie Ferguson. I , Kenny Williams, will my ability to always have a lot of work at the Ag. Shop to Norman Banwarth. I, Beverly Dittmar, will my Future Homemaker of To-morrow Award to Esther Heidenreich. l, Billy Willis, will my Pontiac to anybody who wants it. I, Konrad Radke, will my whiskers to Nancy Waser. I, Shirley Roberts, will my brilliant career in the band to Mary Ellen Dawe. M I, Colleen Murray, will my ability to have a happy old age to Suzanne urray. I, Nita Heid, will my friend Colleen Murray to anybody who wants her. I, Judy Leibert, will my long hair to Jean Youtzy. I, Vernon Puls, will my ability to skip school and get away with it to Jerry Ertmer. I, Robert Kloss, will my dishwashing job in the cafeteria to Fred Roberts. I, Kenny Berlage, will my ability to drive my brother's car to school every day to Don Baier. I, Blaine Phillips, will my ability not to get on the Honor Roll to Joy Radke, I, Janice Klepack, will my cheerleading ability to Cheryl Lief. I, Shirley Wurster, will my smallness and the fun I've had in my senior year to Roger Bauer. l, Dick Arnold, will my red hair to Marvin J. Wurster. I, Dixie Wills, will my ability to go steady to my sister Bonnie. I, Shirley Miller, will my eagerness to talk to Marlene Uhl in band to any- one who sits beside her. I, Joanne Ebert, will my dark brown eyes to Joyce Virtue. I, Mable Helgeson, will my glasses to anyone who wants them. l, Carol Whitmer, will my ability to spill ink all over myself and anyone near me to Ann Schwirtz. I, Lillian Ebert, will my bulletin board in my car to anyone who wants a bulletin board in their car. l, Joan Eadie, will my charming disposition to Jean Youtzy. l, LaVonne Beyer, will my dimples to Linda Thom and my ability to laugh to Marilyn Uhl. l, JoAnn Randecker, will my ability to stick my foot in my mouth in psychology to anyone whose mouth is big enough. I, Dick Mclntyre, will my "straight A's" to Jerry Ertmer. I, John Lisk, will my ability of being the sixth man on the basket ball team to Roger Bauer. I, Janice Youtzy, will my job at the telephone office to anyone who likes telephones. I, Beverly Bauer, will the enjoyment of being different to any freshman who finds he will need it. I, Carla Honeyman, will my ability to write themes for study hall to Marlene Uhl. We hereby appoint Mr. Raymond Thom, chief executor of this, our last will and testament. CS U .2 L. .9 : w ua NOTED FOR PET EXPRESSION DISLIKES LIKES NAME n .Z- W E 3:-2 aff 3 .E 3'-501 a :-2.5 U, Slab- .E ...,g.CUl r BEE o'E',--rv.: O L 3.3 U 5 3 c c x an 3503-3- 58159 I- -CZ 0 E o .c m m D E, 3.5 V75 Ps 89 S0 U O E m U E: Ps Zan S EEE N 1-+ 81215 -0-' 'E 4:25 9 Soar. .QEDEW 203mm ,5,m2 24125 S6253 m7'lDmy.l Q-1 ID -- .9 u Q C C C 11 gfu C 232: E25 3+-EimE wo.: -C.9om'DSo 'Emmcnt3'U'Ccn-'E UV-: .- QUCFZSSECQQ sffgfsssisf m'50.-'5 cumU0"' .o.o3cn.o.qcl.o.o3.c.8 33 N2 g3T3 - , :ies 25,0 S On.-'59 -C DCAP' ' m 'E-.2-5-g-.3o2-gffw 5' W E" 8,9 :: -sC'E 3 c".c "'.comU, 2io833?oQm- VI an 2 ISN L :E "-.c Cn 24114 -C-QE E givf EVE 4- 3 UHDUP Sg39E?ECE?g ,, .- .- B Olp L 0 Pvf Elm ,NE .8-og-5200020 Cn uu4-mC-Banc U E U Q m I. L 'D c U 0 o ur 'U 0-,,, .9 g C 0 Q m 331 'oo' or-EEQE-is gig U U E-I U C :JB -D 939.,,g,3-.5 go.-g2guuE..'58 yoothwmogmj I gnwll m,Z U c c 5 926 E :H Sfgmt 22w5v53w20 Q'O-Q-D--IOQ5419-3 ,NUI-UU-I0 I 4-0.2, zlu E g.I'E O 8 L.J J SESESQEEEQE E 5 U C B .D U C L5 TE! J O C cn .E :N 'U 3 s VI eep re sl Dick Mclnty 8 3 E- L Cm ,Q .'!.',E vw- EB 86 UL2 Q o.2 3 .E I-.E mt: g8w5gE -C : 2U5Bf+ "1 lu 7 9 m B C x. .Eg w C C A. t Oi! 0 0 -2-5 D .C'o' N-.10 08521: 0 133.0 O PLD- 5-P- 2 ua 2:1 :.. 0-o J.: O 8 'E 9 8 X 3 .C 0 'SLE cn? 2E5iE? o :ogg .'il6m'J5?uUl E CJ an I- u tv .2 an 952' cn UOOQEE 385mm,,,, .QL--200 W U.S m u Q L ru gm mi Efgmig Z 3 Z'E Q C Eff-9.065 fgwggc 2 0 C C L C :II 6 L C.Q L O- 0 O O thlJU3P5f-n Q- m Q' Q B 5 Era .c 39.15 4- 9.51413 ? 053' 37-01573 CDE 'CCELCUQ mrvvic 9 L'8 5 D.- '2:: L Cliill cn .E 'O E ? f airs, SEu3Ex on 0 C Q-Z',1h S O 00" + 0 H 0 0 ..l-I4UI C In E .E o 'E gs E33 3 cn-- :- c'5,E-Y""5 I C m U 8': u"D 2 sg VI E EQ an is 5 58 B -E.: 8'2 dUq'2 C -C.':0C.:3 ucnmocnw- .X .g tummo QCD!-E.- gE2tE2 04510-5 E 2,3323 BE T,c it E L C.Z -Cggomz V!-y L,!:m 1' mPe playing the tru 9 O u 0 I boys ODEO cream Sav cv .2 III Will' gene Eu 2 2 5 222 ao. Q U 3 .Euros 555 :BB Ti 3 +-' :- -Enfg mb-U, .c-CQ 03. VI 0 E at 0 E O Ili U1 Ill .Sub 552 if-.6 uni 'Sl o in .Q 0 U 2 E U -5- +2 - C Z O 'Ula I F5 u 3 'QU ga: :go 3,2 QQ2 x--c --.c ami OPHECY PR BITION Z 6 U Ili E2 55 U1 Q EE -8 EEE SE :Ds ,CO U90 U -.CIE LXQ .E.'q.o If E302 'gl.2'l7'.C 'C532 .- U ISGS 3252 -C-5.0 Q03 '-moo WE: BPBN 0030 :A-:I-',E.C 2 U Quan: 535+wBU22 - Us Ev-SETESI 05g9..o2'6"o E-"5.gU3E5'Z"E .-5in22d,,,-498 E -25'-C+-227: .- o'UU""-um n. n.U"UOqpL a. a..iZl-mu-nc. Ov .22 C . 2 L4 -A-P 02 Bj Zo o GJ" "wa- 8 30 Z-ac E' OE m22bm20b8 Q.-3mQm3-- 8uT0'u'583 UNO: s.. Z:.n4mZJlZmo. w L S5 4: wb-mp. 2 E590-t -go!::.F.PfD -8 351933391 X53 :wut muligqgo-IIO i, - I. 553592558 CDHUHEJHZY Y c Sa E': 00. Uv es Om 'OIL '51, 'Un co Ez '-no ua.: -C0-I 0'5- so-O On. L0 mc 5.9 E 0 c 28 c 25 UW 'DPS Em .'!.' 3 ia. JE -EE OID -wb E cz 02 2: UI 25 ?98 393 ID oo- EEC U02 Dim age 2033 Ing 85.575 lDL.q, ua c E552 -H-n. saoo 4-1.0 sure 'ollglfv 'GEQJ 2202 :Ll-Em 5-,E i.-52 0 .Q .983 L 0'-Cl-4 'UO c Z'- eu?-02 E525 111410 I- U :EEE 2325?-1 6353 0 3501 vwv.Ew -cn S 3553 E E o 9. U ag P' og Q 644: U39 E fvc 8 UBC-D : E..'!.' Q '6-92 in ts? 3 ees L 530. 0-49 CD H- 0 a-Hg'-E Qi:- C5"6 56 L. :Tia-,n.UlE, .CLNOQ UW--U32 ...macro-Q, lE'f69oC3 UaiOl-42 'E 6 5 5 E 3 3 o Cc- c E'Q2UE 024523 343u.4ZU .1 8. rig 30544. P- yei .EEE 02.1 4- .C Q93 ,QE 'C ii 22 CJ gs me 6 S 2 54 ice Jan First woman to crash sound barrier onist afi SETV Airline Re rray een Mu Co x. SD .C U 3 l- ch Fren cher U aa l- c o I 0 u :S 'U u.i O 2 UT P- .C n P ITSG Carla Honey nist Um Lovelorn Col SS Airline Hoste UCI' erly Ba P GJ E Fa rmerette ef' pleriv Ap SS Airline Hoste 4- L 0 .O LIJ C C 4 0 1 ounty viess C eriff of Jo-Da Sh ITYICI' Fa Berlage Kenny Peace 6 fh of J ustice Iiams Wil Kenny Hilton Hotel d FO er for the Con sh WCI ief dish OSS Y +- x. U .D O Z an 8 -cs. EB o.l Nl- 5-2 -li -St '-E ilu 39 On U2 U0 It QC QU LU In 0 in .E U5 C u.l 'U L96 :C I- 34 Pei :fi CDD -C 'S Ji .2 -C Cv .9 A I 9 -.E cn D 9 D - 5 Q T 2 0 .. tho 83? C82 Q25 .C SEQ E-4' P83 C .9 LU 2: EE Qr beg aeg ID :aim 5 at vii 04-L 'Wifi' gn: M32 CP-be C00 QZEE O.C.C Hthth Calendar of Events SEPTEMBER 20-23 County Basketball Tourney l Labor Day 30 Basketball, Warren-here 2 Final Registration FEBRUARY 12 FFA ""'Y"de 3 Basketball, omngevme-here OCTOBER 6 Basketball at Scales Mound Freshman pany 7 Basketball at Le-Win End of first six weeks 12 Llnaal""5 Bl'thaaY Sophomore party 22 Solo and Ensemble Recital County Institute-no school 27 Eau af fourth Six Weeks 28 Solo and Ensemble District Contest NOVEMBER GAA Slumber Party MARCH I Veterans Day-no school 27 Good Friday 13- Senior Play-Opening Nightmare 30 Easter vacation Teachers Convention-no school APRIL First Basketball game at Shannon 2 FFA Skating Parry Basketball, East Dubuque-here 3 Senior Euchre Party Basketball, Stockton-here 4 District Band Contest End of second 6 weeks 9-l 0 Junior Play-Beef Stew Thanksgiving Day l3-l4 Career Days Thanksgiving vacation 15 WPA Dance Basketball, Thomson-here 20 Athletic Banquet 21 Baseball at Galena DECEMBER 2l FFA Banquet Basketball at Omngevme 22 Election for County Government Day Basketball at Warren Basketball, Dubuque JV--here 23 County Govammeut DOY Basketball, Scales Mound-here 24 County MUSIC Featwol Junior Teen Hop 25 County Scholarship Exams Basketball at Hanover 29 Junior Teen HOP Basketball, Le-Win-here MAY Christmas CQ :ert l Spring Band Concert Beginning of Christmas vacation 5 Baseball, Stockton-here Senior Dance 9 Junior-Senior Prom JANUARY 12 Baseball, Stockton-here l7 Senior Trip begins School begins again l9 Baseball, Warren-here Basketball at Thomson 21 Senior Trip ends Basketball at Evsf Dubuque 24 Baccalaureate Service Basketball at Stockton 25,26 Final Exams End of first semester 28 Graduation Senior Superlatives WITTIEST, ....Y,,, , BIGGEST FLIRT, , , S MOST ATHLETIC ,, ,L FRIENDLIESTL TT,, , BESTSPORT. is BEST DRESSED ,Y,S,, BEST LOOKING SS,S. .. BEST ALL AROUND Y MOST DEPENDABLE QU I ETEST ,L,L,L,,,L,,,L..L,L, S,,,.,S, BIGGEST PEST, Y MOST INTELLIGENT YL,S,, ,S,L... MOST MUSICAL .LL,.. MOST TWOSOME YwLSvV,A ,L Bev Bauer, Konrad Radke , Jim Schreck, LaVonne Beyer Ken Williams, Colleen Murray s,,,Ken Berlage, Shirley Roberts . .o.AJohn Lisk, Joanne Ebert Ken Berlage, Shirley Miller ss,sKen Williams, Judy Leibert Ken Berlage, Carla I-loneyman Dick Arnold, Carla I-loneyman ,Eugene Willis, Mable I-lelgeson ,, Vernon Puls, LaVonne Beyer , .Ken Berlage, Bev Ditfmar .Eugene Willis, Carol Whitmer ,..,ShirIey Wurster, Dick Arnold - ,o s. 1- ,,,. ,, Lett to Right, First Row: Fonda Schreck, Marvin L. Wurster, John Beyer, Ronnie Walters, Linda Hutchison, Karen Schreck. Second Row: Carolyn Nardin, Marlene Uhl, Vernon Keleher, Richard Schaible, Mae Ann Groezinger, Mori- lyn Uhl. Third Row: Cheryl Lief, Paul Wilson, Jerry Ertmer, Gary Schap, Billy Hatfield, Mary Katherine Young. Fourth Row: Bonita Parrott, Bobby Knouer, Marlo Goodrich, Bobby Banworth, Ronnie Ferguson, Donna Breed. Fifth Row: Mary Ellen Dawe, Jay Radke, Rav Virture, Don Baier, Roger Bauer, Tommy Rite, Esther Heidenreich. Absent: Ronnie Robbe, Jean Youtzy, Norman Banworth. Junior Class History ln the tall of l956A, thirty-nine Freshmen entered E.H.S. with Mrs. Buhler as our class advisor. We wel- comed three new students, Valida Blacseneiks, Robert Tippett, and Cheryl Leif. When returning in the fall of i957 we had thirty- nine sophomores, but lost Valida Blacseneiks. Our class advisor was Mr. England. In the fall of l958 we had thirty-five Juniors en- tering E.H.S. During the year we lost Robert Tippett, Marlo Goodrich, and Karen Buck. Paul Wilson came at the beginning of the year. We enjoyed working on the class play and the Jr.-Sr. Prom. Cheryl Liet Historian OFFICERS President .,... .................. ........ L i nda Hutchison Treasurer ..., ........ B abby Knauer Secretory ..... ......., M arvin Wurster Reporter ....... ....., E osther Heidenreich ,Sf 5 lbs' Left to Right, First Row: Pat Kreibs, Margie Madigan, Marvin Myers, Mary Wilcox, Shirley Haas, Carlene Rummell. Second Row: Bonnie Wills, Russell Kloss, Ann Schwirtz, Stanley Beyer, Barbara Cobine, Bryan Kloepping, Third Row: Norma Diehl, Dick Reusch, Mary J. Baumgartner, Robert Serrirow, Kenneth Groezinger, Carol Benell, Fourth Row: Sharon Tupper, Jake Hoster, Keith Berlage, Fred Roberts, Allen Groezinger, Joyce Virtue. Fifth Row: Linda Thom, Jimmy Berlage, Marvin Webster, Lyle Spoerl, Harry Pasco, Marvin Wurster, Janet Roberts. Absent: Joan Sadler. Sophomore Class History In the fall of 1957, thirty-three freshmen entered E.H.S. to begin their years in high school, We started the year gaining Linda Biederman. Our class advisor was Mr, Sammon. When returning in the fall of l958, we had thirty- seven sophomores returning to E.H.S. We lost Shirley Bryant, Linda Biederman, Charles Tippett, Marvin Meyers, and Marlene Helegson, but we gained Linda Thom, Sharon Tapper, Stanley Beyer, Nancy Waser, and Keith Berlage. Our class advisors are Mr. Sammon, Mr. Hlubek, and Miss Sipes. Norma Diehl Historian OFFICERS President ....... .........,.,....... ...,. .......s L i n da Thom Vice-President ,,............ ...........,., M arvin Wurster Secretary and Treasurer .,.... ,....,. M ary Jane Baumgartner Reporter ....o,,..e......,..... .....,......,,..... J oyce Virtue .49 'Qx Left to Right, First Row: Delores Bryant, John Ebert, Susan Albrecht, Kenneth Keleher, Eleanora Haring, Second Row: Janis Fitzgerald, James Haas, Stanley Wurster, James Johnson, Jimmie Fox, Lavonne Mitchell. Third Row: Joyce Goodrich, Paul Knauer, Reva Heidenreich, Yvonne Sporel, Joe Thraen, Marquetta Chapman. Fourth Row: Russell Beyer, Stanley Bockenkeller, Vernon Hutchison, Maurice Allen, Danny Ferguson, Charles See. Absent: Le Roy Burke, Dick Read, Carolyn Spoerl. Freshman Class History There were twenty-seven pupils in our class at the beginning ofthe year. We had one, Carl Helge- son, move and we gained Sandy Stebbins. We finished the year with twenty-seven pupils in our Freshman class. Revo Heidenreich Historian OFFICERS President .......,.... ................. .,..... L a Vonne Mitchell Vice-President ,,,,,.4 ......,, J ames Johnson Secretary ..,..,,,. ,,s..,, J ames Haas Treasurer ...... ....,.,. S usan Albrecht Reporter .... ,,i...,. E Ieanora Harring Second Grade Left to Right, First Row: Clayton Hastings, lon Bnusrnan, Carla Nnrilin, Mrs Men- nmr-r, lint: Durham, Mary Ann Costello, Cluarlz-1. Holland Second Row: Pamela K lmpl, Tummy ltvli, Randy Walters, lim-ille Wvstphal, Jac Krichs, Kenneth Whitmvr, Patty Parrott, Colleen Lee. Third Row: Runnin But lc, Darlene Lingle, Mark Rvit-,tr-rk, Margaret Mcyerhotter, Timmy Hnhnsack, Cindy Parrott, Steven Ehrler, Sl-ella Wcstphal Fourth Row: Bobby Ben- nrll, Crvq Haas, Jane Mitchell, Ward Dttmar Jr, Nancy Breed, Jerry Huten- lozhrr, Sherman Willis, Kathy Honeyman. in Q as . f...-1: 11.1 First Gra de Lett to Right, First Row: Lee Reit- stack, Kathy Madigan, Janie Krohmer, Mrs, Dugan, Gary Kle- pack, Sally Breed. Second Row: Cindy Wurster, Judy Schlitzler, Donald Rummel, Dennis Potter, Keith Morhardt, Kermit Breed, Susan Carroll. Third Row: Judy Knouer, Dale McCall, Cindy Haas, Arlan Nielsen, Kathy Hopkins, Carol Albrecht. Fourth Row: Timothy Atz, Rickey Hoppe, Jeff Stadel, Jerry Spoerl, Jim Howarth, Randy Krohmer, Gary Holland. Third Grade Left to Right, First Row: Ilene Hol- land, Michael Clifton, Raymond Thraen, Mrs. Beyer, Sammy Lieb, Billy Wasser, Kathy Groezinger. Second Row: Kenneth Rummel, Linda Knauer, David Knauer, Cathy Hutchison, Jimmy Alsip, Glona Ehrler, Roger Reifsteck. Third Row: Billie Buck, Carol Croft, Carol Haas, Tommy Vir- tue, Jan Chiaverina, Sherry West- phal, Sherrill Hoppe. Fourth Row: Billy Durham, Duane Hastings, Michael Read, David Hastings, Lee Robinson, Paul Thraen, Jimmy Haas, David Coburn. Absent: Marion Ertmer, Nancy Roberts, Donnne Schumacher, Sydney Lane, Steven Schemehorn. Fourth - Fifth Grade Left to Right, First Row: Dennis Albrecht, lanf' Mr.Lr1rv1arrah, Ronnie Tlppctt, Mrs. XVornl, Holt-n Holland, Robert Brced, Judy Carroll Second Row: Diane Fischer, Jimmy li:rliii1.mi, Mr1ryJr'ai1 Breed, Alberta Acker- avn, Jimmy Huyttf., Jayne KrOhrT'l0r, Brad Allnr-rht Third Row: Jacquclyn Meyer, flirirlrv, Chapin, Lrlrry Elliott, Connie Kohl, l-'url-y lbittmor, Wayne Holland, David Reit- utrfrlf., Morton Williz. Absent: Robert Nol- -.'m, liwnnio Burk In Q '9 ln 45.1 Fourth Grade Left to Right, First Row: Linda Kriebs, Tom Young, Roland Baier, Mrs. Brokaw, Mary Ruth Hutten- locher, Robert Arnold, Lois Kriebs. Second Row: Richard Brandt, Terry Bohnsack, Gory Schnitzler, David Virtue, Robert Madigan, Betty Knauer, Cathy Stebbins. Third Row: Ellen Nielsen, Robert Spoerl, Joe Lisk, Paula Lisk, George-Nardin, Billy Allen, Danny Hickman, Joyce Bennell. Absent: Sharon Burke, Judy Sadler. ,.. Fifth Grade Left to Right, First Row: Billy Wand, Billy Hopkins, Douglas Par- rott, Carol Goble, Mark Albrecht, Mrs. Stauss, Second Row: Bruce Albrecht, Joanne Fischer, Bradley Kloepping, Kenneth Morhardt, Carol Myers, Janet Bryant, Penny Specht, Third Row: Danny Meyers, Cynthia Klopt, Paul Palmer, Danny Chapin, Jim Steffes, Pam Gilmore, Jane Croft, Rodney Beyer. Absent: Judy Dnttmar, Jerry Lane, Paula Spoerl, Connie Burke, Becky Arnold. burr- "Q" Q .4 Sixth Grade Lett to Right, First Raw: Harvey Kloss, irank Schwartz, Ardris Haas, Bruce Kloep- irinq, Kenneth Haas, Marqaret Holland, Diane Kriehs, Mrs VanLcnt, Second Row: Evan See, Grcqqory Klopf, Sonia Albrecht, lirinald Knauer, Diane Rummel, Kenneth Gros-rinqer, Vicki- Hopkins, Sunny Hatfield, llicliardC1roe1inqer Third Row: Linda Liei, Vat Gilmore, Lois Virtue, Suzanne Murray, Jim Ynutry, Leona Baier, Pat Madigan, Ruth Beard Fourth Row: Betty Lieh, Roby Dawe, Hildcqarrle Radke, Helen Sprague, Daniel Reusch, Marilyn Breed, Dick Roberts, lirisernary Thraen, John Fitzgerald Absent: Gail Schernahorn, Danny Sadler, Dale Spoerl, v M., Derinda Left to Right, First Raw: Patty Kampmeier , Jacqueline Leif, Terry Kane, Stanley Kloss, Bobby Wand. Second Row: Wayne Leif, Mike Kampmeier, Bobby Bryant, Donald Leif, Douglas Martin. Third Row: Barbara Morhardt, Patricia Banwarth, Roger Boyer, Clark Bryant, Fourth Row: Jane Leif, Nolan Banwarth, Jimmie Diehl, Edward Haring, Seventh Grade Left to Right, First Row: Marvin Holland, Jackie Haas, Jerry Meyerhoffer, Mr. Read, Terry Lee, Stephen Klepack, Jr., Ronnie Brown. Second Raw: Linda Buck, Tammy Ertmer, Elaine Boettner, David Chapin, Carol Wurster, David Rummel, Bonnie Haring. Third Row: Mary Catherine Hubb, Patti Read, Mary Nielsen, Craig Zilly, Lila Lisk, Joan Buyers, Sharon Hatfield. Fourth Row: Joel Coleman, Dennis Read, Twila Beyer, David Read, Diane Diehl, Stuart McCall, LaVerne Willis. Fifth Row: Karen Robinson, James Virtue, Norman Roberts, Leslie Nielsen, David Niemeyer, Chris Chiaverina, Pat Bennell. Absent: Hazel Trautwein. . li G . l 1 Q-,H ' li, I K Eighth Grade Left to Right, First Row: Larry Groezingcr, Tom Tucker, Hill Young, Sue Ferguson, Gary Vlur-,lur, Mis-. Eckel Second Row: Eileen Schri-Lk, Norma Schnitzler, Lorcnc Wilcox, l3'rnnir: Grrmvzinqcr, Judy Wilcox, Martha Virtua, Sharon Snyilcr Third Row: Donald Snroquv, Martha Hccr, Lucille Baurngortncr, lirmalfl Nwmvycrr, Judy Honuyman, Mary Al- lprocht, Billy Schumacher Fourth Row: Don Rilr- Bernice Liclm, Mike Baur-ngartner, Tom f'-llurccht, David Beyer, Peggy Slcfles, Kirk Postman 2 r .4 Eighth Gra de Left to Right, First Row: Lorell Lingle, Teddy Elliot, Mrs. McCor- mick, Gig Specht, Mary Lynn Tip- pett. Second Row: Arlene Kriebs, David Madigan, Sharon Rummel, Chester Lief, Ronnie Haas, Bobby Hatfield. Third Row: Kathy Willis, Lyle Knauer, Judy Bennell, Charles Schmidt, Carol Greier, David See. Fourth Row: Mila Lisk, Boyd Cole- man, Tom Hoster, Claire Phillips, Marvin Baier, Linda Bennell. Junior it .A.A. fe fi as Assam 31, 4 V' 3 QA "Li A ,Q .. 1. g Wg- f- .. ' 'I '-fgfg V 4. y , - aw w . 3 1' .' , . 'Sf X .' , 'a .f :H- WS f S f . , ., 4 E , ,xxjvfg Q Q! 65 , vig . rl, sg 11 K 3 ,L xmj ,Ar 15 R vi? M 'Q 1 KG -:V . ,. -ii .. 322: ... , Q U l,,7 Q M, K -M a 64 . 'Y ' b I mQ.1.L.,..5f N. 3 'E . . KH: " ,.a4w?Qgg 'Ulf' aww in ? - W -' Q 35 W I 5 Q 22 ut- 1. Q I V5 , A - i f , , .V ,gg y Q5 ,, . AV I -.W , 355 ' , Lk, k TSSTM' K, ,V .5 Q.. 7 f 2 Ta ' 'A I 7 W , y 0, k A 3,1 . . 1 1 Junior High Girls Chorus 6 Boy's Patrol Girl's Patrol W, - E I Xf ' ff 9' "naw-.1 :Q X. IW- 5' ... !'.' 'lg 5' ' Q , A- SK K . . W 2 .J - f. 1.-.,, "fini ' 1 4..4 1 A ' A-t dw -'!6?l I? QI. 'r l! ! xl. lf? B TEAM CHEERLEADERS: Marlene Uhl, B TEAM, First Row: Jim Fox, Managerg Jimmy Berlage, Marvin Wurster, Ray Marilyn Uhl, Shirley Miller, Reve Heiden- mond Virtue, Marvin Webster, Charles See, Mr. Carroll, Coach. Second Row fetch, Paul Knauer, Dick Read, Allen Groezinger, Morrie Allen, Harry Pasco, Fren Roberts, Danny Ferguson, Jake Hoster, Jim Johnson. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Joan Eadie, Janice Klepack, Mary Jane Baum- qartner, and Colleen Murray. VARSITY SCORES .................Shannon East Dubuque ..............,,.Stockton .. ...Thomson .............Orangeville .........Warren Dubuque UV? Scales Mound ........Hanover ...................Le-Win ..........Galena .......Thomson East Dubuque ........,........Stockton .........Warren .............Orangeville Scales Mound .. .,...... ...Lena ........Hanover . ...... Galena Carroll Invitational Tournament Elizabeth 64 ,,,,..,........., Shannon Jo Daviess County Tournament 2l Elizabeth 55 ,V..... .. ,.... Stockton 23 Elizabeth 73 .,,,,,.,, East Dubuque 24 Elizabeth 47.. ,,., .. ,,.... Hanover District Tournament Nov I8 Elizabeth 'Nov 2l Elizabeth 'Nov 25 Elizabeth "Nov. 28 Elizabeth Dec. 2 Elizabeth Dec. 5 Elizabeth 'DeC. 6 Elizabeth 'Dec. 9 Elizabeth Dec. I2 Elizabeth 'Dec. I6 Elizabeth 'Dec. I9 Elizabeth Jan, 9 Elizabeth Jan. I3 Elizabeth Jan. I6 Elizabeth 'Jan. 30 Elizabeth 'Feb 3 Elizabeth 'Feb 6 Elizabeth Feb. 7 Elizabeth 'Feb IO Elizabeth Feb I3 Elizabeth ' Denotes Home Games Mt. Dec. 23 Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. 24 Elizabeth 39 ,......... Scales Mound 27 Elizabeth 47 ...,.,.... East Dubuque FROSH-SOPH BASKETBALL Games won IO Games lost I0 0 -r A 1 E 4.3 K I L if -' Ui' ',. vi nm V.. 1.',n , . lv. . . . 2, . .---J -4 .1 'Aw I ' L' .. O -4, un.. - S f., v Q , ' Jn! .wax . " HY ' AG Q 4 353 ,...-if JH . 'nt'-1:9 XI ff .X vi, "WST .w, - Q 25,55 157. r in-v if N ,WY 'E' Q' 41 0' XX N il 65 gf-?Qq 5 i .3 if 35 3 ' P' rl' 5 -1,,1vx 'A'm ,ffybjil ,ggi-, .F F Q. p Q x ' '."4 4, ' Q. V X X W I X. I iv? nfl, 3? lv. - ' 3 M -,Q 132 " , 4 ' YN . ' 1 4 ' ' N ' Xia: 'bb-ig. 5 QW , VI 3,7 -N '- '1 7'-' . 5 Q 'T' C N ' r 1 f ' ' Q A ' 1 Q- NA-. f- .. 'K ' f P M 1' V -. H ,Q G Q ' p f f " f f Y nfs' , A A -'QI 4 df 'rr Il' gh" KN iff: Wap- A 44 A ' X It Kjy,-' I xxx u 3- N ff ' - xy . , ' ,f . ' X . ,,,-- 1. C 3' 3' Ez, VY .. ,, .M -s.. , 5 . 4 'Z vi W ,Q x, 9 e xA ,y an h za 1 J, 5.1 4 - A , VJ- X--, - - 1 1- F v 5. 4' V Q 1 "' H .5 ' ' ,I- iv A, 4. ,Vw ., Vx , 4 4, if x , NJ' fj X4 ' ? Y B, sp' Mixed Chorus Boys Chorus Girls Chorus Senior Play Opening Nzgbtmare by Paul E. Summon E396 9 9 6 6 Q ga Q 6 G. A. A. F. F. A. A 531.91553 -it ' 'fa ixyl Lf' . ,Mfg .55 " - if '12' FW b N GYQ 1, ' f .4 Q fnilfi Elizabeth State Bunk MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Elizabeth Illinois L i., la. WT. --EIL-, ,555 , VI: H. , ,. v 1' :nl 'J V11 34525 v ,F A ,D - fgfi .1 , u.,.f uc ,, tl! wg.. ,.. .-7,5 - n I. .Af Elizabeth Chapter F. F. A ,K ' v 'Q O, fisir-Z. Q .- 1' -3 Q?:x1"s'- ,..'f'k LQ "C 'L 4 V A I Q QIUIIQN 5 1 QAQQQQF,-AW f'5 Jr X pt - N ' 5 -LA ' - r c , Vit. A c 'YPf,'i,-to 0 .J I ...I CONGRATULATIONS To You CLASS OF 1959 From All Of Us At Stun's Supermarket ELIZABETH FOOD CENTER SINCE 1930 Elizabeth Garage GMC TRUCKS, PONTIAC BUICK, VA Xl-IAUL Body and Fender ----- Painting Complete Auto Service Frame, Axel, Wheel Alignment ----- Battery Charging ----- Greasing FIRESTONE TIRES ------ ------ D ELCO BATTERIES TRUCK TESTING STATION NO. 226 Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth Garage Phone 41R6 A.. .Q,1. " LJ Av W 4 Briurbrook Gift Shop HAND WROUGI-IT IRON AND GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Terrapin Ridge Phone 83R2,7 Elizabeth, Illinois I 14456: ' JJ' J' . . ps, ,- ,-W r., '. 1" -.I " ' 4 T . . . . , ' " -U3 . " 'e '.- A QQ'-fl-Eff ' I . I fmlif. 1 - '45, ,, Q 4 ti- - f 9 , fp . ,Q ' LJ A- I - ' " ' ' T1 7 ' IW f - v Jr- ' " ' 'rabm ' .Q .4 p J , wid, f- A, ,H g sa f,,,'5J I ., ".. b '- ' G' I -ur .o' '. 'l ' . ' Gustafson and Shink, Inc. JOHN DEERE SALES AND SERVICE Elizabeth Illinois Wuymun Cobine Farm Equipment ALLIS CHA LMERS ---- NEW IDEA ---- NEW HOLLAND ---- KEWANEE Elizabeth Phone 180 Illinois Compliments of Esmond 8. Burton Distributors of DEAN'S MILK Lena Illinois TYSON'S FASHIONETTE Elizabeth, Illinois JO DAVIESS LOCKER SERVICE Elizabeth, Illinois HUTCHISON TAVERN Elizabeth, Illinois BING'S BARBER SHOP Elizabeth, Illinois WAGNER SHOE STORE Galena, Illinois JOHN GIEGER 81 SON SHOE STORE Galena, Illinois FURLONG BARBER SHOP Galena, Illinois ROBETTSON'S DRUG STORE Galena, Illinois MERCURY CLEANERS Galena, Illinois MITCHELL'S VARIETY STORE Hanover, Illinois STOCKTON SAUSAGE AND PROCESSING PLANT Stockton, Illinois GAMBLE STORE Elizabeth, Illinois DR. RALPH SPEER Hanover, Illinois MELROSE SHOP Hanover, Illinois GORDY'S MOBIL GAS Hanover, Illinois SANDMAN'S DRUG STORE Hanover, Illinois LIEB WELDING SHOP Elizabeth, Illinois DERINDA STORE Derinda, Illinois DR. WILLIAM GOLDEN Elizabeth-Galena, Illinois MILLS STUDIOS Elizabeth, Illinois ABBOTT'S VARIETY Elizabeth, Illinois TRI-STATE PUMP HANDLE COMPANY Warren, Illinois McLAIN'S LOCKER PLANT Warren, Illinois HERMAN IMPLEMENT STORE Warren, Illinois SANITARY LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANERS Freeport, Illinois THE BIG SHOE STORE Freeport, Illinois SHULTZ STORE Schapville, Illinois STOCKTON MOTOR COMPANY Stockton, Illinois NORTHWESTERN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE H.B. PECK DISTRICT AGENT Mt. Carroll, Illinois EVELYN'S SHOP Mt. Carroll, Illinois MT. CARROLL PRODUCE Mt. Carroll, Illinois FRED ORTSCHEID 8: SON Galena, Illinois HOPPE 81 GRAY BARBER SHOP Galena, Illinois LITTLE CHEF Galena, Illinois J.W. SCHMID Galena, Illinois LASEY'S Galena, Illinois Steve's Service Stotion LUBE - OIL - TIRES - BATTERIES - WASHINGS UNION DAIRY ICE CREAM On Route 20 Elizabeth Illinois Telephone 30 Coffee Shop HOME MADE PIE Elizabeth Illinois Telephone 60 National Farm loan Association ot Freeport Goldthorpe Building Long Term Farm Loans E.E. HAWLEY, Secretary-Treasurer Phone 85 Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth Pharmacy JOHN CHIAVERINA DRUGS GIFTS MAGAZINES DEVELOPING Phone 68 Elizabeth, Illinois .lack Sclrwirtz BESIXLZHES SENIOR CLASS Chevrolet Company O , , Elizabeth Weekly News Elizabeth, Illinois ' and Your Home Town Paper Galena, Illinois Quality Printing Chevrolet Oldsmobile Phone 179 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments of Compliments of Dr. M. I. Trader Krafts Foods Elizabeth, Illinois Galena, Illinois Phone 76 Phone 715 , .J Compliments of Walters Tavern Phone 137 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments of Hermann Clothing Store Stockton, Illinois Compliments of Ertmer's Grocery Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments of lester Meyerlloier Buys 8: Sells Feeder Pigs Phone l3l-R-2 Elizabeth Illinois Western Auto Associate Store Truetone Radio 81 Television Davis Tires, Electrical Supplies Westcote Paints, Sporting Goods Wallpaper, Tools, Auto Supplies Motor Oils, Toys Wizard Refrigerators Ben Franklin Store Locally Owned Nationally Known AMBROSE H. HOFFMAN, Owner Galena Illinois Phone 408W Galena, Illinois U ri Compliments of I , the Gold Room Serving Homemade Pizza Call 502 Galena, Illinois .lo Daviess Service Company Distributors of Petroleum Products Feed 81 Plant Food Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of Jo Daviess A. S. C. George Scheuller Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of Jo Daviess livestock Marketing Association Elizabeth Warren Illinois Compliments of Speer Real Estate Elizabeth Illinois LEON ARNOLD, Proprietor Coal - Feed - Salt Cement Mixing We Buy Hogs, Calves gl Cows Sheep and Beef Cattle for Oscar Meyer 8. Company Pl-IILL-UP with PHILLIPS 66 Abe Dittmar and Sons Woodbine Illinois A. C. Shipton Woodbine Illinois Breed's Electric Service L.P. Bottle 81 Bulk Gas Service Phone 34 Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of Maries Beauty Shop Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of Hans W. Sclrlecht Physician and Surgeon Elizabeth Illinois Phone l28r6 Crystal lounge Savanna Illinois Phone 8172 "Specializes in Italian Pizza" Gerlrman Appliance Center GE Television Compliments of Dr. F. T. Roe, Optometrist Savanna Medical center Complete line of GE Appliances Savanna Illinois Speed Queen Washers Phone 4752 Phone 241.2 Theater Building Phone 5131 Mt. Carroll Fislrer's Plumbing-Heating l4r2 Phones l4r3 Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of Grimm's Dairy Mount Carroll Illinois Reads Hardware Elizabeth Illinois The Place To Shop For Your Hardware Needs Phone 43r6 William Eatman Warren Illinois George Sheumalcer Compliments of Donald E. Smith Elizabeth Illinois Gasoline - Oil - Feed Fencing - Grains - Posts Phone 58 Phone 175 Elizabeth Illinois Compliments of . Rlfe 8. Tippett Earmer's Co-operative Creamery Standard Oil Company Service Elizabeth Illinois Phone 99 Elizabeth, Illinois Phone 55 Compliments of Compliments of Mel's Cities Service Elizabeth Cleaners Elizabeth Illinois Elizabeth Illinois Phone 178 l5lr2 Comvlimenfs Of Elizabeth Electric The Farmers I Elizabeth Illinois Phone 81 C Phone 105 Elizabeth Illinois Cleon Air Cleaning Service Fiedler Mobil Service POWER SUCTION CLEANING Furnaces, Chimneys, Hot-Cold k Ill' ' Stoc ton mms Air Pipes, Oil-Coal-Gas M ' 38 am No Matter What You Use Welll Clean It Stockton, Illinois Phone M .82 Wesley W. Endress v'lle7'v" Molel Beo 8. Harold Hughes Monument Soles 8. Service OWNERS - MANAGERS Stockton Illinois Stockton Illinois Phone RED 217 Phone State 435 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS From Bishops THE OLDEST - LARGEST - AND BUSIEST STORE IN ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Clothing - Shoes - Meats - Groceries I 'I Savanna Green House "MEMBER OF FLORIST TELEGRAPH ASSOCIATION' Savanna Illinois Telephone 9 -4151 Daniels Insurance Agency COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE Elizabeth State Bank Building Elizabeth Illinois Telephone 1 Compliments of Wayne Stayner Furniture Complete Home Furnishings and Floor Coverings Stockton Illinois Compliments of Intrastate Power Company Galena Illinois Bob Zehentner' s Sporting Goods Co. Dubuque Iowa If It's Sporting Goods- -We Have It WHOLESALE SPORTS CENTER DOWNTOWN STORE 920 Main Street Dial 3-6449 Breed's live Stock Soles Stompfer's Auction Sales Every Wednesday Hogs Bought Monday Through Friday Dubuque Iowa Yards Phone 32 Compliments of Compliments of Dr. Oberheim Stockton Auto Body Elizabeth Illinois Phone 22 Stockton Illinois Blitz Variety 103 - 105 West Front Street Phone 56 Stockton Illinois I- . Stockton Sltelgas Complete Line of Ranges, Water Heaters Heating Equipment Fridlgaire Appliances Phone MAIN 228 Stockton Illinois ROBERT M . JOHNSON Coast To Coast Stores Delmar Masters "You Save The Most REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE At COAST TO COAST" Stockton Illinois Phone 5872 Phone STATE 90 - RURAL 3526 I Mt. Carroll Illinois ! International Harvester Galena Illinois Phone 408R GEORGE KLEIN Sz SON 235 North Main Your INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER and NEW HOLLAND Dealer Compliments of Amy's Beauty Shop Elizabeth Illinois Phone 132 Compliments of I Vanderlrydens Super Market 250 East North Avenue on U.S. 20 Phone 250 Stockton Illinois BEST WISHES To The SENIOR CLASS From Steffen's Tractor Sales Ford Tractors 81 Machinery Phone MAin 986 Stockton, Illinois v ii'., L' ,3 A .. s L71 li 1 i V I Ll 4? .g' n vi .X .1 5' ,Mi Mr r L K. x 'v ,. ,IV i I I 1 I 4 w ' i v N x w i r w I I L , L , n i w n 4 H -A,x,v 4 r 1 -ar'- -f Www 3 5 1 l Eddie's Lunches and Fountain Service "Once At Eddie's Always At Eddie's" Stockton Co-operative Ass'n Headquarters for Kent Feeds Fertilizers, Field Seeds, Custom Grinding 8: Mixing, Red Top Brand Fences, Coal, Farm Supplies Devoe Paints Complete Line of Kozy Buildings Phone MAIN 193 Hanover State Banlc Deposits Insured Up To 510,000 Under The F.D.I.C. Hanover Illinois Compliments of Joan's Beauty Shop Hanover Illinois Phone 45 I. A. A. Insurance Service Wendell Keithley, Agency Manager Office in Jo Daviess County Farm Bureau Phone 146 Elizabeth, Illinois Albrecht Steel Structures Elizabeth Illinois Phone 3R13 V.F.W. Hanover, Illinois Congradulations to Class of '59' V.F.W. Club Post 5300 Phone 172 Adams Garage Ford Sales 81 Service FORREST C. ADAMS, Proprietor Hanover Illinois Capone's Villa Compliments of Collier's Music Store Freeport Illinois I Freeport Illinois Phone ADAMS 2-5515 Hot Lunches - Italian Foods Sizzling Steaks, Chicken Sz Sea Food "Everything In Music" Pianos-Organs Band Instruments 8: Records Shultz Service Station Scales Mound Illinois CLARENCE SHULTZ, Proprietor Courteous- Efficient Service Marion R. Sclrailrle, Agent Elizabeth Illinois MOBILGAS 81 MOBILOIL Phone 18R3 Shipping Association "BUD" DOYLE Scales Mound Illinois Shullsburg Wisconsin Pleasant View Roller Rink Mr. Sz Mrs. M. Riesemeier-Owners Elroy Illinois Phone ADAMS 27806-2786 Compliments of - R 8. R Cafe Scales Mound Illinois Freeport Hardware Company 103- 109 W . Main Street F reeport Illinois Phone ADAMS 2-7127 Freeport Compliments of George W. Ivey 8. Sons Mount Carroll Illinois Phone 3034 Compliments of Hermann Funeral Home CLYDE W . HERMANN Ambulance Service Phone M55 Stockton THE HOME WITH THE CHURCH LIKE A CHAPEL R. Heikens Ford and Mercury Cars-Ford Trucks Wisconsin Engines-Myer Elevators Phone MAIN 75 Stockton Illinois Compliments of Stephenson Jewelry Store Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry And Silverware Expert Watch Repair George Craft, Certified Watchmaker Stockton Illinois Compliments of Soutlr Side Cities Service l-IARRING and SCHUBERT Stockton Illinois Spalm 8. Rose lumber Company Lumber - Building Materials Coal - Readymix Phone MAIN I6 Stockton Illinois Snark Shack Sandwiches - Short Orders 81 Pizza Stockton Illinois Phone MAIN 93 R. R. Hanson Company Philco T.V. Sales 8: Service Phono Records Bendix Sales 8: Service Phone MAIN 36 Stockton Illinois H0f10'S Farm Supplies - Field Seeds Phone MAIN 105 Stockton Illinois Frudden lumber Company Operating Five Yards R.F. REISNER, Manager Lumber - Coal - Paint Building Material Stockton Illinois Berg's Tavern Package Goods Beer - Wines - Liquors Of All Kinds Phone STATE 34 Savanna Illinois Stanley Fischer Plumbing - Heating Appliances Stockton Hardware Stockton Illinois Phone MAIN 25 Standard Service Station WACKER 8: MILLER Wrecker Service Savanna Illinois Krafts Stockton Illinois Compliments of Elliott Jewelry Company Over 60 Years Savanna Illinois Stockton Floral 8. Nursery Stockton Illinois Phone 455 "For All Your Flower Needs" Martll Brothers Set to 51.00 Stores Chinaware, Glassware, Toys Savanna Illinois Mount Carroll Illinois Compliments of Walter .l. Beyer Electrical I-lome Supplies Farm Equipment, Sales 81 Services Stockton Illinois Compliments of Savanna lumber Company 701 Main Street Savanna Illinois Bloirs Garage 24 Hour Wrecking Service State Bank of Freeport Freeport Illinois Established in 1891 Stofter's Hatchery Lena Illinois Phone Lena 266 Producers and Distributors of K-137 Kimber Chicks No. 101 California Gray Cross Arbor Acres White Rocks Cornish- Rocks Christie New Hamps Delaware 81 Delaware Hamps Phone 266 Drupke's Standard Service HAROLD KRUPKE Gas, Oils, Atlas Tires Sz Tubes Phone MAIN 103 Lena, Illinois Blankenberg Photographers Freeport Illinois Photographers for the TERRAPIN Outstanding Illinois School Photographers F reeport-Dixon- Kankakee- Macomb -1 55,111 5 f 1 1 , . 1 1' 1 ' ' 1 '-.11-if - 1- ' J . 1 E 1 11 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . A A . ' 1 A. 3, 1 - , .13 1 ..l Y , 1 1 ' . 1 -. 1 1 g, , 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 . . 1 1, - 1- 1 ' 1 , , . 1 , , 1 X 1 Y V .'.'J ' if, 1 'Lf1,:., ' ng- :L , A n w ' ,. 54:71 Q JJ ' wp' . J. ml u. -vw 1 w .. ',F?Lf4. r g.f r , , QLD- , , .1 'N kay.-A ,. 15 'n wt E EIT zu 4 f 1' 1 3213. v 1, ,A gr' ,L n, 5 . ur.. .wwe .1 w '-' "-.U W: in V ,., 1., if -L, I fl-iw 0-fr ., , 'r Q I1 Fc n .E 5, .571 .1 ,nxt f a Ti' r-fr, 1 xl few Q5 ,V- fc f .LHR We mi IEE L' WK Jak? " iid-ni Mpfkft? Huff mfg g S2555 CEI 1 -u' " ' .,.1!n ffi. N' l':I r' . 5 Xl? ' .2 Sy I H115 A' I min na- F4 1 l P 9 p 5..- ii v 'a , .3 A Lx' -Q , 4 . - 'Y

Suggestions in the Elizabeth High School - Terrapin Yearbook (Elizabeth, IL) collection:

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Elizabeth High School - Terrapin Yearbook (Elizabeth, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 101

1959, pg 101

Elizabeth High School - Terrapin Yearbook (Elizabeth, IL) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 122

1959, pg 122

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