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-H-124 ' . . , M-" f . nw- 5. n -.ffl .. I L , .rw 'ik 1 Z, - ,n'. '.s . ln H :ull ' gn. W. 11' t 4-me '.. Al Til. ,I-7 mw'1,l'1' l3'.1V:N , Afvi, Nxl' H+ ,A - V ,.-i,v:"2: x H. H JM , , 1:54 f L .- ' 5 half' V.. ' 'I tw. I ,. ' v 'ri-9.11. 1 . - if '. F115 ,- f I JNY 5 r :Till ,r '1 3' .fi Id -fy -- 1 AW.-, . l w -in " N E' If-'fv"I.I V1 X gg, .e.- lf- 'pf I 1,1 if-1 ,, W dr' ' I '.Wj . .9 gf. -. ,1 nl, L 1 Tzjgfv 3 If- Afrllf U " si' V :I Y 'MU ,i JI... l- sf 1 , v 'gg3'wJ , +I., X I 1- , r -1. WU, 'u 1'-,,: .- .- if ,R av- - 3:9 .' .3-.Z-P by -. w .r ' . LQ-,. F' f V' ' gn? x ' ' "AJ 4 '1 -'vcg in ",. f. ! NW 3' I .-F-E f-gs?- f 1 .vL?j1f.5i.- UQ- ni '.- I -uw 1 ,,., .f ,vm 1- -1 1 4 n Zl1'Y- .1 w f X r . 'EFS-:' ,ig.gf:1, , 1 J s w wa K . X M , 1 A aww g 1 K lA 3' y 1 W V' 1 V , W ii , in Hz ofi?'58" feel proud to cate this Hodge who has helped us so wisely our grade school years and prepar- ing us for high We are sure that in the years ahead, the things that you have taught us will be very helpful in anything that we do. We want to thank you for all these things by dedicating this book to you. School Board Robert Buford, Edward Hodge Lawrence Mitchel, Andrew Mey- er, Charles Schaible, John Haas Meldon Grube, Russell Roberts. Bottom Row: Mrs. Stauss, Mrs Evans, Mrs. Hodge, Mrs. Wand Mrs. Heer. Second Row: Mr Read, Mrs. Reusch, Mrs. Groe- zinger, Mrs. Beyer, Mrs. Men- Zemer. V32 Ric-hzircl Carroll x, 5 Hi' 5.1 Willizini S1-yinuui' I Mrs. lmrtliy lmwc- . , . Mrs. Jeanette Ross Paul Sammon J 1 l Mrs. Joan Carroll W. W. Spring KZ Homer England Miss Eleanor Rosvnborg WILLIAM COBIN E TOM ATCHISON July 23, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Atchison5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Club 3,45 Wedding Spells 3. HELEN ARTMAN August 29, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Oswin Artman5 Girls State Representative 3 5 FFA Sweetheart 35 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus, 1,2,3, 45 Band 15 FHA 1,2, FHA Vice Pres. 25 Prompter 35 Class Secretary 3, Class Treasurer 45 Pep Club 45 Su- perlative 45 Key Staff 45 An- nual Staff 4. April 7, 1940, Mr. Gussie Cobine5 Band 1,2,3,4, Band Pres. 45 Dance Band 1,2,3,45 German Band 3,45 Pep Band 1,2,3,45 FFA 1,2,3,4, FFA Sentinel 1, FFA Reporter 35 Basketball 25 Boys Chorus 1,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,3,45 County Band 3,45 Trombone Trio 25 Superlative 4. JAMES FAHRION June 14, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Fahriong FFA 1,2, 3,4, FFA Sentinel 25 Band 1,2,3,45 Pep Band 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3,4 5 Boys Chorus 3,4 5 German Band 3,45 District Tuba 3,45 Superlative 4. JUDY EADIE June 16, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Wm Eadie5 Girls Chorus 1,2, 3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4, Pres, 1, Treasurer 25 FHA 1,25 FTA 1,2, Parliamentari- an 3 5 Pep Club 4 5 Cheerleader 2,3,45 Wedding Spells 35 Key Staff 45 Annual Staff 45 Su- perlative 4. JANE FITZGERALD October 14, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. James Fitzgerald5 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chor- us 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 FHA 1,25 FTA 15 Wedding Spells 35 Key Staff 45 Pep Club 45 Homemaker of Tomorrow 4. JOAN HANCOCK 2' JUDY HOSTER MARK JONES JOANNE FOX December 27, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Fox5 FHA 1,25 Chorus 1,2,3,4 5 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Superla- tive 45 Pep Club 4. 'E- BUFORD HEIDENREICH November 25, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Heidenreich 5 Bas- ketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2, 3,45 Varsity Club 1,2,3,45 Wedding Spells 45 Superla- tive 45 Annual Staff 45 Vice President 1,3. ' W., 1 ,X December 8, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Cletus Hancock5 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 5 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 FHA 1,25 Prompter 3 5 Pep Club 45 Key Staff 4. 11253 M5155 May 16, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hoster5 FTA 1,25 FHA 1,25 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,45 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,45 An- nual Staff 45 Key Staff 45 Pep Club 4. KENNY HOSTMAN January 7, 1941, Mr. and Mrs. William Costello, Jr.5 Wed- ding Spells 3 5 Boys Chorus 45 Mixed Chorus 45 Superlative 45 FFA Secretary 35 FFA Reporter 1 5 Vice President 4 5 Reporter 1 5 FFA 1,2,3,4 5 An- nual Staff 4. May 4, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Jones5 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Varsity Basketball 2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Wed- ding Spells 35 Boy Chorus 15 Superlative 4. f Q. DONALD LISK Baseball 1,2,3. HARVEY SCHAIBLE February 20, 19401 Mr. and Mrs.Marion Schaible3 Bas- ketball 1,2,4 3 Varsity Basket- ball 2,43 Baseball 1,2,3,43 Wedding Spells 33 Key Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Superla- tive 43 Boys Chorus 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4Q Band 13 Quartet 1: County Music Festival 3,41 President 2. PATSY ROBERTS August 8, 1938, Mr. and Mrs. July 26, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Lisk3Basketball1,2,3,43 Russell Roberts3 Band 1,2, Varsity Basketball 1,2,3,43 3,43 Girls C h o r u s 1,2,3,4Q Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4Q Coun- ty Festival 1,2,3,4Q President 43 Superlative 43 Girls En- semble 43 Band Vice Presi- dent 33 District Contest Ten- or Saxophone 33 Wedding Spells 33 Key Staff 4. ROBERT SIMMONS February 9, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Orrin Simmons3 FFA 1,2,3,4, FFA President 1,3, FFA Secretary 2, FFA Vice President 43 Boys Chorus 43 Mixed Chorus 43 Class Re- porter 23 Baseball 33 Superla- tive 43 Annual Staff 4. if BEVERLY SCHUMACHER July 2, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Schumacher3 Chorus 1,2,3,4 3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4 3 Secretary 2,41 Prompter 33 Treasurer 33 FHA 1,22 D. A. R. Award43Key Staff43An- nual Staff 43 Superlative 43 Pep Club 4. JUDY WAND May 1, 1940, Mrs. Elizabeth Wand3 Girls Chorus 1,2,3,43 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4Q Coun- ty Music Festival 3,43 Girls Ensemble 23 Annual Staff 43 Editor of Annual 43 Key Staff 43 Superlative 43 Pep Club 43 Prompter 3. GERALDINE KRIEBS HARVEY SPOERL March 10, 1941, Mr. and Mrs. March 17, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Kriebsg Girls Chorus Erwin Spoerlg Basketball 1,2, 3 3 Mixed Chorus 3 3 Key Staff 3,43 Varsity Club 2,3,4g FFA 4. 1,2,3,4, FFA Sentinel 43 Su- .. . 5 QI. ' . . gf 4 wiki! perlative 43 Sound Effects 3. CAROL LINCICUM January 1, 1941, Mr. and Mrs. John Lincicum 3 Band 1,2,3,4g District French Horn 3,4g County Festival 2,3,4g Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4 3 Mixed Chorus 1,2,3,4g FHA 15 Key Staff 43 Band Secretary 45 Pep Club 43 Superlative 4. KRISTIN WIEDBUSH July 5, 1940, Rev. and Mrs. E. A. Wiedbushg Band 1,2, 3,43 FHA 1,29 Girls Chorus Accomp. 1,2,3,4g Ensemble 1,2,3,4g District Piano 1,2,3, 43 District Voice 2,3,4g State Piano 1,35 State Voice 35 County Festival Accomp. 1,2, 3,43 Mixed Chorus Accomp. 1,2,3,4g Wedding Spells 35 Key Editor 4 3 Band Queen 3g Superlative 4. JO ANN YOUNG October 17, 1940, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Youngg Girls Chorus 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chor- us 1,2,3,4g Pep Club 45 Key Staff 4. NANCY WILEY November 1, 1940, Dr. and Mrs. E. J. Wileyg Girls Chor- us 1,2,3,4g Mixed Chorus 1,2, 3,4g Cheerleader 2,3,4: Su- perlative 4 Q Key Staff 4 g An- nual Staff 43 FHA 1,2, Secre- tary FFA 23 FTA 1,2, Vice Pres. 23 Wedding Spells 3g Pep Club 4. Senior Class History In the fall of 1954, thirty boys and girls entered Elizabeth High School as Freshmen with Mrs. Herriott as our class adviser. During the year two of our classmates, Verles Lau and Letitia Virtue left and Myrna Thomas joined us. In the Spring we ended our Freshman year with a picnic at Krape Park in Freeport! We came back to school in 1955 and found we had lost three of our classmates, Sandra Andresen, James Chapman, and Myrna Thomas. We had gained Fred Frank and Sherry Hansen, but we lost Sherry at the end of the first semester so we departed our Sophomore year as a class of 27 members. In the fall of 1956 we returned as Juniors without Fred Frank, Flor- ence Schleuning left us at the end of the first semester. Our class play "Wedding Spells", was presented on November 9 and was a big success under the direction of Miss Kuhlman. "Fantasy Land", the theme of our prom, was held on the beautiful night of May 4. We ended our Junior year with a picnic at Krape Park in Freeport. In the fall of 1957 we lingered into school quite unhappy as we knew this would be our last year at E.H.S. We had lost two of our classmates, Katherine Coburn and Linda Guenther, leaving us a class of 24 members. Mr. Carroll guided us through a busy year raising money for our trip and THE TERRAPIN and everyone felt well rewarded for their work. On May 3 the Juniors gave us a wonderful prom "Bon Voyage" an event that will long be remembered. On May 29 we left E.H.S. taking with us many pleasant memories. 1 5 ...gif ,,, Y nag- X iii """"' , Senior Class Will We, the Senior Class of 1958, being of sound mind and memory do hereby declare this to be our last will and testament. I Helen Artman will ability to be FFA Sweetheart to Cheryl Lief. I Tommy Atchison will my "53" Chevie to Roger Bauer. I William Cobine will my old trombone solo to Bonnie Parrott. I Judy Eadie will my cheierie disposition to my sister, Joan. I Jimmy Fahrion will my ability to play the Sousaphone to Susan Albrecht. , I Jane Fitzgerald will my gentle silence to Beverly Bauer. I Joanne Fox will my job at the bowling alley to anyone who wants it. I Joan Hancock will ability to day dream in class to Ann Aschbrenner. I Buford Heidenrich will my tallness to Marvin Wurster. I Judy Hoster will my red hair to anyone that likes and wants it and my job of selling tickets at the basketball games to Joanne Randecker, I Kenny Hostman will my ability to say "ain't" to Mrs. Carroll, and my ability to be quiet in study hall to Eugene Willis. I Mark Jones will my nickname "Muck" to Kenny Williams. I Geraldine Kriebs will my ability to work on a farm to Ann Schwirtz. I Carol Lincicum will my French horn to anybody who wants it and my ability to miss school to Bonnie Parrott. I Donnie Lisk will my curly eye lashes to Colleen Murray. I Patsy Roberts will my long school bus ride to Mary Ellen Dawe. I Harvey Schaible will anything that it worth willing to anyone that is worth while willing it to. I Beverly Schumacher will my DAR Award to Judy Leibert. I Robert Simmons will a windshield wiper from "48" Chevie to Gary Walter so he will have somthing good on his Ford. I Harvey Spoerl will my good behavior in class to Eugene Bamgartner. I Judy Wand will my nickname "Wanda" to anyone who can stand it. I Kristin Wiedbush will job of accompanying the chorus to Ann Schwirtz, and my blond hair and ability to go to Stockton to Ann Aschbrenner. I Nancy Wiley will my nickname "Bunny Face" to anyone that likes to eat carrots and my varsity cheerleading to Shirley Miller. I Joanne Young will my ability to be late for schooil every morning to Gary Schap. We hereby appoint Mr. Edward C. Hodge, chief executor of this, our last will and testament. 'S -w -4 -4 'SHE 5 Z Hilgiiul- LE i-31 -In V' tj- ily: NEUEE gg manga Egan 232 ggi :Sz M E NCEE :E ESE ga GO mimi E Sam S 2500 BSO MEOMH DHSOEE 8 M500 NEA 1-Emdm MEQMH mga! go NEED 33 Q50 mimi N516 E wiom gguem 8 MEOG B55 :QEOU mizw magma wibvgm 83266 E wgom ta N Naam .om gsm htm? wgom -Snow H883 wgom bg N-nom aww 9-SA gm -5-sz 433 :Sa gsm: 8:8 was QBOZ bam OBO: miggm ga M535 203382 FROM 0532, manga Naam H853 Bgpm 532 mga mio 53,50 OES! migsm wagon W-MESH EOE? mkgm Mg? mag ME:-E E Mogw wgtow USO: wghgm m-iam OEOOHH EEG magma -E2 'HQ ids wnigum .Sega EOD mam B055 63585 mimi me-:WE O ml ll gsm gm as gg! S5385 Smz B2 QSO NENASW gm as NASH E336 SH m-.HG E530 tnbm: :l?r,' mia Sim 0:5 gm OB 2355 em wggsm mia EES! 52238 U4 gggo EEO! me-5 O .SAEFW EG GOO-Am Eiga Nm 30 MOB MOOSE wean so .3 is Mgm 0-at 275 so S2303 Niedm Om xii BON E500 EE N 523 mal 0:65 so 323 saw H MES H ,Beam no E5 Mmm Ugg so .Agua EEUU H29 sgga HBEBZ: mxgim :gm B23 H5506 H Eigakm in MEHPW E535 MOE? 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OB RASEOS 0395 'SEE' :OHS ag arid: eg We MO gag?-FOO Us M233 Qi .smmepa :WEEE 2 he MEVZO3 an-CEE it pg as ,Satan EBNNME 25203: gsm MO emkggm bsagm mp 23 MO 50530034 Ewegwdm Oi MO tsgmam Hggwpm -8:23002 KEQQEOO MOM 2: 'Sm ,HOAMQOMEOOMM SQUSEOOMH QED Sham EQOA we MO eagmam H8226 5555 502262 ,HO DHOENG4 QEOHH 3:0609 WOWEOESQ gem SOE 23 E32 8 QWBSMUW H25 30:00 E wid Ewing SU an NESEOD EOEHBBL :Um UE .HO Emvgmam 0252 :OSH ugh Q NEW-dw Emi SEEK ENEEBNU wage 25332 WXQFSE 'site' HN ,HBQEHEE 355 ,HOWBSQO NSR-Sm hai-PE -55254 UU: 2 H 'S' widow Egg Aga 552 :Wagga Eagan E55 356 foam gtg 20555 em hggsgmow A-'sam Sagem bidi Exon :Bda is gm Eames Ego mei! 952986 mag 432 GNEQWOHM bag! hsgm Egg HEQEUEME E035 xogiwm gg Harm ggi, S2355 gg COERM Eg gsm get EEOC Egg? COWEBQ EOF Ewstq 5-om 2-sz fi V Now let me see Sam- Just mon today. There is music in my steps bigger. I am waiting. ...f HC' , 1 , I'll put it back. Gotta do this up right. ggliitlagg nglt over Gee, no one to play with and nothin' to do. Who put me here and what for? If I was just a little if K A good way to spend a pleasant day. JL Q ' Y-W... N' 4-i f "'3 Iii Shan I catch one? gaigigzod news to I wanna be in pictures. Just notice the curls-you ' - Out for a girls. walk , 'gb 1 illixergid d8Y's work Now listen to this, Takingtit easy - and ', - X ,Einar - , w y no . - - a you guys What did you say? 'i 5, -I , Tr' U J . M I ,gi ' I I .1- " HQ Being a little phlfou make me c t' . aug ' Wanna change my plans. Pleased as can be. au 'ous Just wanted to lend a helping hand. We, the seniors are dedicating this page to Mr. Paul Sammon who has helped us so much this past year, with our yearbook and our school paper, "The Key." He has also helped us with our senior play, and various things. Best of Luck to you, Mr. Sammon, in your future years. ...,...-of ,. x.,1r16 I wi'-: ' The Ke wfwf KEY STAFF -Harvey Schuiblv, Beverly Schumacker. Buford Heidon- y rm-ich, Judy Wzxnci-f-Editor, Judy Eadie-Business Manager, Paul Sammon Advisor, Ili-I1-r Artmzm. 1 : ---u. 'w- ' -F, ,lf A-.. Senior Q Superlatives BEST we m W Q q'Z Q .., Mvsr mPuLAR 1792" x X 5511? ' A ' " A l 9 X X X BE57'ALLA,Q9UN ,QQ x, ff fx " v , ' LQ M057 x 1 Tl, Av Qlg..-J f V I-H? 5 f rmsam: 5166557 P557 :VAST INTELLEZNT W r -25 I I f f 'A Mosr Music L 4 Qu! . K ,ix ' yi ,,. .Q r- Y If amesr fuer Senior Su X 054 18 ATM FRIE NDLIE 5 T X if 4 BEST SFUXP7' V3 .0 W V 5557 DRESSED Wl7'77E57' : CRDIIWE From Left to Right: Joan Eadie, Secre- tary and Treasurer, Kenny Berlage, President, and Colleen Murray, Vice President. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Carroll, Mabel Helgeson, Lillian Ebert, Carol Whitmer, Dixie Wills, Shirley Wurster, and Mrs. Ross. Second Row: JoAnn Randecker, Shirley Miller, JoAnn Ebert, Duane Buck, Janice Youtzy, Joan Eadie, and Nita Heid. Third Row: Beverly Dittmar, Blaine Phillips, Carla Honeyman, Gary Walters, Colleen Murray, Stanley Albrecht, and Judy Liebert. Fourth Row: Shirley Roberts, Dick Arnold, Eugene Willis, John Lisk, Kenny Berlage, Billie Willis, and Janice Klepack. Fifth Row: LaVonne Beyer, Kenneth Williams, Vernon Puls, Konrad Radke, Robert Kloss, Dick McIntyre, and Beverly Bauer. unior Class History In the fall of 1955, 39 boys and girls entered E.H.S. as Freshmen with Mrs. Herriott as our class advisor. During the year we gained Duane Buck and Konrad Radke, We lost Jerry Reusch, Billy Krone, Dixie Andreson, and Anna Haas. We came back in 1956 as Sophomores with 37. Mrs. Kyrias was our advisor till she left at the end of the first semester, then Mr. Spangler became our class advisor. We lost Pearl Dascher and Marvin Schnitzler during this year and Compliments Of gained Valdis Blacseneiks and Dick McIntyre. Thirty-seven Juniors came back in 1957 as during the summer we lost John Guenther. Dur- ing this year we have gained Vernon Puls and Terry Johnson. We lost Valdis Blacseneiks, Ronnie Kevern, and Terry Johnson. We have two class advisors this year, Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Ross. LaVonne Beyer, Historian Compliments Of Schmidt Cafe Dr. l. T. Oberlieim Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois From Left to Right: Norman Banwarth, Treasurcrg Linda Hutchison, Reporter, Bob- by Knaucr, President: Bonnie Parrott, Vice President, Marlcne Uhl, Secretary. Sophomore Class Histor In the fall of 1956, 39 Freshmen entered E.H.S. with Mrs. Buhler as our class advisor. We welcomed three new students, Valida Blak- senicks, Robert Tippett and Cheryl Lief. When returning in the fall of 1957 we have 39 Sophomores but lost Valida Blaksenieks who -it Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mr. England, Linda Hutchinson, Richard Schaible, Marvin Wurster, Karen Buck, and Karen Schreck. Second Row: Marlene Uhl, Carolyn Nardin, Gary Schap, Bobby Banwarth, Billy Hat- field, Mae Ann Groezinger, Marilyn Uhl, Third Row: Cheryl Lief, Bonita Parrott, Terry Cook, Jerry Ertmer, Ronnie Ferguson, Donna Breed, and Mary C. Young. Fourth Row: Jeanie Youtzy, Norman Barwarth, Jay Radke, Tom Rife, Raymond Virtue, Bobby Knauer, and Ann Aschbrenner. Fifth Row: Mary Ellen Dawe, Robert Tippett, Gary Cook, Donald Baier, Roger Bauer, Marlo Goodrich, and Esther Heidcnreich. moved to Stockton. Our class advisor is Mr. England. We have had Sleigh-riding parties and other activities and have enjoyed the Sophomore year very much. Marlene Uhl, Historian -E From Left to Right, Seated: Mary J. Baum- gartncr, Rcporterg Norma Diehl, Vice Presi- dentg Joyce Virtue, Secretary and Treasurerg and llarry Pasco, President. Freshman Class Histor Bottom Row, Left to Right: Marvin Myers, Carlene Rummel, Linda Bieder- man, Shirley Bryant, and Marlene Helgeson, Mr. Sammon. Second Row: Pat Kriebs, Ellsworth Dascher, Mar C. Wilcox, Bonita Wills, Kenneth Groezinger, and Margie Madigan. qhird Row: Shirley Haas, Russell Kloss, Dick Reusch, Ann Schwirtz, Carol Benell, Joyce Virtue, and Barbara Cobine. Fourth Row: John Sadler, Mary J. Baumgartner, Jake Hoster, Janet Roberts, Robert Semrow, Allan Groezinger, and Norma Diehl. Fifth Row: Jimmie Berlage, Fred Roberts, Harry Pasco, Eugene Baumgartner, Marvin Wurster, Lyle Spoerl, and Charles Tippett. In the fall of 1957, 33 Freshmen entered E.H.S. We are all looking forward to three more years to begin their years in High School. We started of high School' the year gaining Linda Biederman, Our class ad- visor is Mr. Sammon. Jimmy Berlage, Historian Seventh Grade -A lotiom Row, Left. to Rifrht- 'lleddy Fllliott, Vlila Lisk, Arlene Kriehs, David Madigan, Foni Tucker, Mary llynn Tippett, and Mr. lend. Second Row: Ronnie Haas. Bobby ilatfield, Lyle Knauer, Chester Lief, Don- ild Sprague, and Bill Young. Third Row: Kathy Willis, Boyd Coleman, Judy Benell, Zlair Phillips, Carol Greirer, Carol Paup, ind David See. Fourth Row: Marvin Baier, lernieee Lieb. Dennis Meyerhofer, Tom foster, Joan Tippett, Claire Phillips, and .inda Benell. Eighth Grade First Row: Mrs. Hodge, John Ebert, Delores Bryant, Carolyn Spoerl, Eleanora Haring, and James Haas. Second Row: Stanley Wurster, Susan Albrecht, La Vonne Mitchell, Joe Thraen, Paul Knauer, and Janis Fitz- gerald. Third Row: Charles See, Marquetta Chapman, Stanley Back- enkellar, Russell Beyer, Joyce Good- rich, and Carl Helgeson. Fourth Row: Dick Read, LeRoy Burke, Reva Hei- denreich, Maurie Allen, Danny Fer- guson, Dale Dascher, and Yvonne Spoerl. Absent- Kenneth Keleher and Mary Margaret Rife. ,0- I Seventh Grade -B Bottom Row, Left to Right: Lorrell Lingle, Gary Wurster, Ronald Ban- worth, Lorene Wilcox, Larry Groe- zinger, and Mrs. Reusch. Second Row: Sharon Snyder, Norma Schnitz- ler, Martha Heer, Sharon Rummel, Martha Virtue, Billy Schumacher, and Sue Ferguson. Third Row: Bon- ita Groezinger, David Beyer, Don Rife, Don Niemeyer, Kirk Hostman, Mary Ellen Albrecht, and Judy Wil- cox. Fourth Row: Lucille Baumgart- ner, Mila Lisk, Tom Albrecht, Peggy Steffes, Kenneth Thiltgen, Michael Baumgartner, and Judy Honeyman.. ifth Grade Bottom Row: Left to Right: Frankie Schwirtz, Margaret Holland, Kenneth Haas, Vlrs. Strauss, Evan See, Ardis Hass, and Diane Kriebs. Second Row: Kenneth Groe- cinger, Vicki Hopkins, Sonja Albrecht, Sun- iy Hatfield, Ronnie Knauer, Larry Youtzy, md Richard Groezinger. Third Row: Ruth 3eard, Pat Madigan, Leona Baier, Linda Qief, Dale Spoerl, Carla Paup, Diane Rum- nel, and Pat Gilmore. Fourth Row: Lois Vir- ue, Suzanne Murray, Danny Sadler, Roby Jawe, Betty Lieb, Danny Reusch, John Fitz- ferald, Gregory Klopf. Fifth Row: Helen lprague, Rosemary Thraen, Marilyn Breed, lick Roberts, Gail Schemehorn, Hilde Radke, lhirley Cecil, and Jimmie Youtzy. Absent: lharon Cecil, Harvey Kloss, and Bruce lloepping. ra., Sixth Grade Botton Row, Left to Right: Marvin Holland, Ronald Brown, Stephan Klepack, Mrs. Evans, Alice Kevern, Jack Haas, and Linda Buck. Second Row: Sharon Hatfield, Terry Lee, Mary C. Hubb, Elaine Boettner, Carol Wurster, Jerry Meyerhoffer, and Bonnie Herring. Third Row: David Rummel, Terry Cecil, Patti Read, Susan Reusch, Joan Buyer, Tommy Ertmer, and Mary Nielson. Fourth Row: Stuart McCall, Norman Rob- erts, Lila Lisk, Lucille Tippett, Den- nis Read, TwilaaBeyer, and Joel Cole- man. Fifth Row: David Read, Karen Robinson, Chris Chivarina, Leslie Nielson, David Niemeyer, James Virtue, Patricia Benell. and Dianne Diehl. Absent: Conrad Lief, Laverne Willis, Craig Zilly. Fourth rade Bottom Row, Left to Right: Becky Arnold, Douglas Parrott, Ronnie Tippett, Mrs, Marion Heer, Ronnie Burke, Mark Albrecht, and Gary Schnitzler. Second Row: Bobby Kay Ackerson, Connie Burke, Joanne Fischer, Carol Myers, Bruce Al- brecht, Penny Specht, and Carol Gable. Third Row: Jim Ferguson, Kenneth Morhardt, Jerry Lane, Jacquelyn Meyer, Larry Elliott, Danny Meyer, and David Cecil. Fourth Row: David Reifsteck, Pam Gilmore, Paula Spoerl, Jim Steffes, Francis Tippett, Judy Dittmar, Cyn- thia Klopf and Jane Craft. Absent: Marian Willis, Dan Chapin, and Bradley Kloepping. Second rade Bottom Row, Left to Right: Donald Schu- macher, Michael Clifton, John Tippett, Mrs. Menzemer, Ricky Youtzy, Kathryn Groe- zinger, and Ilene Holland. Second Row: Ray- mond Thraen, Kenneth Rummel, Melvin Paup, Sydney Lane, Linda Knauer, James Alsip, and Sammy Lieb. Third Row: Carol Craft, Sherrill Hoppe, Sherry Westpahl, Jan Chiaverina, Carol Haas, Cathy Hutch- ison, and David Knauer. Fourth Row: Kent Cocking, Tommy Virtue, David Coburn, Michael Read, Lee Robinson, James Haas, Nancy Roberts, and Billie Buck. Q an -4:1 Third Grade Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Beyer, Lois Kriebs, Tommy Young, Judy Carroll, Roland Baier, Bobby Arnold, Sharon Burke, and Linda Kriebs. Second Row: Robert Breed, Brad Albrecht, Helen Holland, Terry Bohnsack, Mary Jean Breed, Dennis Albrecht, Jane Krohmer, Terry Streight, and Ricky Brandt. Third Row: Danny Hickman, Ellen Nielson, David Virtue, Roger Aschbronner, Vickie Klitz, Judy Sadler, Mary Ruth Huttenlocker, Diane Fischer, and James Hayes. Fourth Row: James Cocking, Ricky Dittmar, LaVerne Tippett, Connie Kahl,.Paula Lisk, George Nardin, Billy Allen, Robert Spoerl, Wayne Holland and Robert Madigan. nf' jx. ...J Qi? First Grade Bottom Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Groezinger, Penny Youtzy, Charles Holland, Robert Durham, Randy Wal- ters, and Mary Costello. Second Row: Sammy Lieb, Kenneth Whitmer, Steven Ehrler, Margaret Meyerhof- fer, Colleen Lee, Pamela Klopf, and Carla Narden. Third Row: Patricia Parrott, Diane Sadler, Jeneile West- phal, Darlene Lingle, Shelia West- phal, Cindy Parrott, and Joe Kriebs. Fourth Row: Sherman Willis, Greg- ory Haas, Ward Dittmar, Kathy Honeyman, Janet Robinson, Nancy Breed, Jane Mitchell, Timmy Bohn- sack, Robert Benell. Absent: Jen Bausman. Primary Class Qv ,.,. wa , Sf :Il-llalld Mom Row, Left to Right: Daryl Sc-hemehorn, Bill Joe Strvight, Mrs. Wand, Mark Reifsteck, and Ronnie Buck. cond Row: Jerry Hutenlocker, Billy Hopkins, Betty Knaus-r, Gloria Ehrlcr, and Roger Reifsteck. Third Row: Bill irham, livltoy lubert, Steven Schemehorn, Joe Lisk, Paul Threan, and Joyce Benell. Absent- Bertha Bork and hn llork. Derinda Y I 'A ,l, l 5 I n 'V f.....o 3 f ' ja 35.71 sv it af: ing: f, mom Row: Wayne Liof, Bobbie Bryant, Clark Bryant, Donald Lief, Douglas Martin. Second Row: Jerry Haring, mna Mc-Coy, ldrlward Ilaring, Jimmy Diehl, Barbara Morhardt, Patty Bunworth. Third Row: Nolan Banworth, :dm-y Hvvvr, Miss Doran, Paul Palmer, Janet Bryant, Billy Wand. -2 - M" ll? "Ax ' 3 -A L ' V ' " 'A 'mxlfvgxlyj' :.v as 2? gi 9 r V ' fkuff, 'Q fg W9 M, 'jffi .. E l - ? 59 'U' 1551 JN' Xjgx '51 ' 0 "'9 E ' hc gyjgggg i . yi Y an H5 1 fl! 1 A QA .:.p' ' Y 53114 E: I W El A n -'H 4 Az 9' X I '. 'be Q nv- mb W? 4 K ,L ml I 'I 'vrb or -f f '. A .' ' '.':'.'Z,:f2' m ' NL- , -. ,:H:'2.ql1. f. I f - Q Q -. , " f-'ir in C, I9 J M929 f K on ' 6 - ' 3- 5 - - 4 Q Mixed Chorus Girls Chorus . 0 ea A HQ 0 9 ' 4 , . 1 , rig ' f B' ' 'hr ' 'sw .fi ,rw ik 3 rg' 1 .- . C, ' 4 0 gy V 5 G! fs Boys Chorus Ensemble Patrol as ,t. cs IG .. J ' - - A, Im . f Q ,' ' 1.4171 f- 'N - I 'U all C , , A' k Q 1 L r f ln- l -I5 E1 'X X ll, 4 -x, I' 3ff1g'f ,. - I , Ist an nh if Breed s Electric .mf I B' ' Service Elizabeth, Illinois Bottom Row, Left to Right: Tommy Ertmer, Lyle Knauer, Everett Read, Ronald Banworth, Ronald Haas, 7th Leader, and Marvin Holland. Second Row: John Ebert, Boyd Coleman, James Virtue, Stanley Wurster, Kirk Hostman, and James Haas. Third Row: Joe Thraen, Russell Beyer, Stan- ley Backenkeller, Tommy Albrecht, David Niemeyer. and Don Niemeyer. Fourth Row: Dick Read, Dale Dascher, Kenneth Thiltgen, Morrie Allen, Capt., LeRoy Burke, Danny Ferguson, 8th Leader, and Michael Baum- gartner. dr Coffee Shop Home Made Pie Elizabeth, Illinois , Streicher 8. Breed Tyson's Fashlonette Phone 81 Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois , - ,. .. ,cl X vt X To 3 W ,,. x. . J . Bottom Row, Left to Right: Lorrell Lingle, Lorene Wilcox, Everett Read, Sue Ferguson, Toni Tucker, and Mary Lynn Tippett. Second Row: Sharon Snyder, Eleanora Haring, Carolyn Spoerl, Carol Paup, Kathy Willis, and Norma Schnitzler. Third Row: Mary Albrecht, Carol Greier, Janis Fitz- gerald, LaVonne Mitchell, Capt., Susan Albrecht, 8th Leader, and Martha Heer, 7th Leader. Fourth Row: Mila Lisk, Judy Honeyman, Joyce Good- Eel? Reva Heidenreich, Yvonne Spoerl, Marquetta Chapman, and Berniece me . Elizabeth Electric Service 9 T31-Y'?'?"""""" 'M' ' 391 Calendar of Events 1957-1958 SEPTEMBER 22-23 County Tournament 2 Labor Day 30 F.F.A. BB. 3 School opens 31 BB. East Dubuque-here OCTOBER FEBRUARY 1 BB. Lena-here 4 BB. Stockton-here 1 Teachers Dinner 14 Institute-Soil Conservation. QHolidayJ 7 BB. Warren-there 11 BB. Scales Mound 12 Holiday 14 BB. Hanover-there 16 State Inspection 17 Teachers Convention fHolidayD 26 Sophomore Party 11 First six weeks ends. NOVEMBER 2 Band Carnival 13 Junior Play--"It's Papa Who Pays" 21 BB. Galena-here 24 Solo and Ensemble Program 26-27-28 District Tournament 28 End of 4th six weeks period MARCH 1 District Solo Music Contest 14 Sports Night 15 Senior sponsored Eucker Party 21 State BB. Tourney 22 State BB. Tourney 29 District Band and Chorus Contest-Lanark 14 Junior Play 15 BB. at Orangeville-8th Grade Party 19 BB. Shannon, here. 22 End of 2nd six weeks period 28-29 Thanksgiving Holidays 29 BB. Acquin here 30 Alumni Dance DECEMBER 3 Home Ec. Test Service APRIL 6 Senior Dance 4 H0lidaY 7 BB. at Dubuque 7 Holiday 13 BB. at E. Dubuque 9 F,F,A, Dinner 17 BB- at Stockton 11 County Festival-Galena-End of 5th six ' 18 Christmas Concert weeks period 20 BB. Warren here-Holidays begin 18-19 State final music contest-Macomb 28 Mt. Carroll Tourney 25 Senior Play 26-27 Mt. Carroll Tourney 29 Band Banquet 28 Mt. Carroll Tourney MAY JANUARY 3 Junior-Senior Prom 6 Schggl begins 12-13-14 District Baseball Tournament 7 BB. Orangeville-here 16 Spring Concert 8 BB, Scales Mound-there 25 Baccalaureate Exercises 10 BB. Hanover-here 25 EXHIIIS 14 BB. Galena-there 27 EXRIYIS 16-17 Semester Exams. 28 Graduation Dance 17 BB, at Aqnin 29 Graduation Exercises X, V Classes ff 26 gf ff' 3 Bottom Row, Left to Right: Stanley Albrecht, Bobby Knauer, Robert Simmons, Kenny Berlagre, Marvin Wuster, Harvey Spoerl, Mr. Spring, Teacher. Second Row: Marvin Meyers, Ellsworth Dascher, Richard Schaible, Allen Groezinger, Russell Kloss, Dick Reusch, Kenneth Groezinger. Third Row: Billy Hatfield, Robert Semrow, Charles Tippett, Billy Willis, Bobby Banworth, Jimmy Berlage, Jimmy Schreck, Blaine Phillips. Fourth Row: Norman Banworth, Eugene Willis, Lyle Spovrl, Jimmy Fahrion, Jonathon Radko, Marvin Wuster, Kenny Hostman, Ronnie Ferguson. Fifth Row: William Vobine, Raymond Virtue, Robert Kloss, Don Beyers, Konrad Radke, Kenny Williams, Marlo Goodrich, Robert Thppett. M, y I, to Future Farmers T - - W f , of Amenca L r f' uix ' X . . . I Dr1vers Trammg mm , COOKS CUTODIANS Mary Kevern, Phylis Schap, Gertrude Gable. Ed ,Bumgartnezy Donald Eastman. Grade School Basketball Elizabeth Eighth Graders 1957-1958 Won 7-Lost 5 SCHEDULE llizabeth Opponents 27 Stockton 17 31 Warren 42 17 Hanover 16 27 Apple River 44 36 Stockton 21 30 Warren 35 26 Hanover 19 28 Apple River 53 25 Galena 23 38 Menominee 28 22 St. Mary's 34 31 St. Michaels 30 Elizabeth Seventh Graders 1957-1958 County Champions Won 8-Lost 0 SCHEDULE Elizabeth Opponents 4 Stockton 0 18 Warren 2 14 Hanover 6 20 Apple River 13 8 Stockton 6 17 Warren 8 25 Hanover 4 13 Apple River 11 otal Ponts 119 Opponents 50 Left to Right-Charles See, Dick Read, Danny Ferguson, Everett R. Read, Coach, Morrie Allen, LeRoy Burke, Dale Dascher, Russell Beyer. Left to Right-Everett R. Read, Coach, Larry Groezinger, Ronnie Haas, Lyle Knauer, Ronnie Banworth, Billy Schumacher, Kirk Hostman, David Beyer, Don Rife, Tom Albrecht, Michael Baumgartner. Pep Club s 9990 Girls Physical Education Q9 ea 9 Q ew BJSL Q Judy s Cut and Curl Elizabeth, Illinois Gumble's Store Elizabeth, Illinois Frosh-Soph Basketball ' ff . -aw' . i B TEAM-Marvin Wuster, Freddie Roberts, Marvin Wueter, Harry Pasco, Tom Rife, Mr. Carroll, Coach, Don Beyer, Lyle Spoerl, Gary Cook, Bobby Knauer, Ronnie Ferguson, Jimmy Berlage, Jake Hoster. B TEAM CHEERLEADERS-Mary Baumgartner, Shirley, Miller, Nita Heid, Janice Klepack. mmmmmu:wmaa..wnmmmnxf-ing-.- Left to Right: Don Lisk, Buford Heidenreich, John Lisk, Harvey Schiable, Mr. Carroll, Don Bier, Dick McIntyre Tom Atchison, Mark Jones, Harvey Spoerl, Bobby Knauer, Kenny Williams, Kenny Berlage. Varsity Front Row: Nancy Wiley, Judy Eadie, Jimmy Schreck, Colleen Murray, Joan Eadie. Second Row: Harvey Schiable, Don Lisk, John Lisk, Kenny Williams, Tom Atchison, Mr. Carroll, Buford Heidenreich, Harvey Spoerl, Dick McIntyre, Kenny Berlage, Mark Jones. VARSITY SCORES Won 19- Lost 8 November 15 38 Orangeville 'November 19 63 Shannon November 22 45 Lena 'govember 29 gqgln ecember 7 u uque December 13 81 East Dubuque December 17 49 Stockton 'December 20 54 Warren Mount Carroll Tournament December 23 48 Lena 'January 7 68 Orangeville January 8 55 Scales Mound 'January 10 43 Hanover January 14 51 Galena January 17 60 Aqum County Tournament At Galena January 22 55 Galena January 23 68 Stockton January 24 57 Hanover 'January 31 IEast Dubuque 'F b uar 1 ena 'Felbhary 4 86 Stockton February 7 57 Warren 'February 11 79 Scales Mound February 14 58 Hanover 'February 21 71 Galena Scales Mound District February 27 65 East Dubuque February 28 72 Scales Mound Stockton Regional March 4 54 Winnebago ' Home Games VARSITY CHEERLEADERS-Nancy Wiley, Judy Eadie, Colleen Murray Joan Eadle m Q , ELIZABETH PHARMACY JOHN CHIAVERINA DR UGS 4' GIF TS MAGAZINES 4' DEVELOPING Phone 68 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS VY? K .. .4-A wh' ' J' FRED ORTSCHEID 8. SON GALENA, ILLINOIS 0'DEll BAKERY GALENA ILLINOIS Feed, Grain, Seeds, 81 Fertilizer Corner Main and Diagonal Street COM PLIM ENTS OF I GENE S SHEll SERVICE WIllIAM G. GIlllES, M.D. OALENA, ILLINOIS 911 Third street Phone 900 PHONE 872 GALENA, ILLINOIS Ex in mouron sum SERVICE STATION WEST GMFNA DAIRY I Milk--Ice Cream--Cottage Cheese Used Cars Bought gl Sold Pasteurized Dairy Products. Galena, Illinois GALENA, ILLINOIS Phfme 811 Phone 371 KEEEE PAINT 8 WALLPAPER llTTlE CHEF 114 North Main Street Galena, Illinois JOE 31 I-O15 Galena, Illinois VAl'S YARD GLEN HAVEN, WISCONSIN Wanted . . . Bass Wood and Maple Timber WILLIAM EATMAN I WARREN, ILLINOIS I I ... .I HERMAN IMPLEMENT WARREN, ILLINOIS I E 8. W CIOTHING HOUSE WARREN, ILLINOIS -1 ARTHUR BEYER OOMPLINIENTS OF Case Tractors and Machines Sales, Service, and Repairs Phone 12 MASSBACH, ILLINOIS S' C' ANDERSON HAL GIFT GROCERY WADDAMS GROVE COAST TO COAST STORES ROY 81 MARJORIE PRANGE, OWNERS PHONE 361-R-6 WARREN, ILLINOIS COMPLIM ENTS OF ESMOND 8. BURTON Distributors of Dean's Milk LENA, ILLINOIS Baby Chicks- -Broi1ers- - Layers Hatches A11 Year qArbor Acresb WHITE ROCKS "S-400" Hybirds KARNALDI WHITE LEGHORNSJ A11 Leading Varieties STOUFFER'S HATCHERY PHONE 266 LENA, ILLINOIS KRUPKE'S STANDARD SERVICE HAROLD KRUPKE GAS, OILS, ATLAS TIRES AND TUBES PHONE MAIN 103 LENA, ILLINOIS I 1... BEST WISH ES FROM ADAMS 8. DABRON Savanna, Illinois E. G. SHINNER 8. CO., INC 423 Main Street SAVANNA, ILLINOIS I TASTEE-EREEZ DRIVE IN Malts, Shakes, Sundaes, 81 Cones Chicken, Shrimp, 81 Burger Basket also Your favorite sandwiches Savanna, Illinois SAVANNA GREEN HOUSE SAVANNA, ILLINOIS PHONE 94151 COOKS CLEANERS 112 EAST MAIN STREET PICK UP AND DELIVERY SERVICE PHONE 424 GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIM ENTS OF MASSBACH C0-OP ASS'N MASSBACH, ILLINOIS U. S. APPROVED PULLORUM CLEAN lANE VIEW POUITRY FARM BROILER CHICKS VANTRESS X ROCKS VANTRESS X HAMPSHIRES WHITE ROCKS WHITE LEGHORNS A COMPLETE LINE PILLSBURY FEEDS WADDAMS GROVE, ILLINOIS 1 NASH FUNERAL HOME COMPLIMENTS QF AND NASH AMBUIANCE SERVICE WILLIAM H. NASH LENA COFFEE SHOP LENA, ILLINOIS ARRETTA F. NASH COMPLIMENTS OF SAVANNA LUMBER COMPANY 701 Main Street Savanna, Illinois CRYSTAl LOUNGE SAVANNA, ILLINOIS "Specializes in Italian Pizza" COMPLIM ENTS OF EllIOTT JEWELRY COMPANY OVER 60 YEARS Savanna, Illinois SMORGASBORD EVERY SUNDAY at MEEKERS SEA FOOD INN SAVANNA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF STANDARD SERVICE STATION DR. E. T. ROE WACKER AND MILLER , OPTOMETRIST Wrecker Service Savanna, Illinois Stockton, Illinois Savanna, Illinois Main 51 4752 PNIEER AND CHAPEK Mmm BROTHERS PHOTO SUPPlY AND RECORD SHOP 54 to 51.00 stores 511 Main Street Savanna, Illinois Chinaware, Glassware, Toys Savanna, Illinois Mt. Carroll, Ill. FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GALENA I. T. I-IISSEM, PRESIDENT FRANCIS I. ORTSCHEID, CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD 81 VICE-PRESIDENT G. W. BUENING, CASHIER WM. R. WHIPPO, ASSISTANT CASHIER MEMBER OF F.D.I.C. GALENA, ILLINOIS PHONE 345 COM PLIM ENTS OF EMMA AND LAWRENCE GREBNER SCIIUITZ SERVICE STATION CLARENCE SCHULTZ, PROP. Courteous- Efficient Seryice Scales Mound, Illinois RAYMOND DITTIAAR Case Sales- -Service Pillsbury Feeds Firestone Sz Goodyear Tires Scales Mound, Illinois COM PLIM ENTS OF SHIPPING ASSOCIATION "BUB" DOYLE Scales Mound, Illinois Shullsburg, Wisconsin COMPLIMENTS OF BARKER IUMBER CO. Scales Mound, Illinois SCHAPVIIIE GARAGE I-Iomelite Chain Saws Goodyear Tires Sales and Service Schapville, Illinois COMPLIM ENTS OF SHUITZ STORE Schapville, Illinois CORNER CAFE ED AND EVELYN POPESH Scales Mound, Illinois G 8. M FARM SUPPLY Larro Feeds Farm Supply Phone 95 Scales Mound, Illinois RACHOW SAlES AND SERVICE General Repairing Autos, Trucks, Tractors Goodyear Tires SI Gulf Service Lena Phone Main 72 Illinois BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS BOURGO MOTOR SALES Lena, Illinois YEAGER AGENCY Insurance of All Kinds-Bonds 134 W. Main St. Phone 213-O2 Lena, Illinois Cardinal Foods lENA CASH MARKET Groceries and Meats I-I. E. KUHLEMEYER Phone 165-02 Lena, Illinois lENA FEEDS Heyer's Supplements Murphy's Concentrates Custom Feed Grinding 81 Mixing Lena, Illinois ROYAL BlUE STORE LENA, ILLINOIS KING'S RESTAURANT Good Food Our Specialty HAROLD KING COWNERJ 105 W. Railroad St. Main 44 Lena, Illinois MARVIN E. UECKER Insurance-Real Estate-Bonds Lena, Illinois Main 110 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF 1958 JACK SCHWIRTZ CHEVROLET CO. ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS AND GALENA, ILLINOIS CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE X M . ,,.,..:.T.'Y Y lkl' QAAI , -rEp,..4.,4,2' in ' -A-l..L.L I 11 COMPLIMENTS AND BEST WISHES TO THE GRADUATING SENIORS lE0 AllEN GAY FUN, HAPPY HOURS, NEWS, TRAVEL, DRAMA AND STIMULATING ENTERTAINMENT PLUS HEALTHF UL RELAXATION AND COMFORT - ALL YOURS FOR SO LITTLE AT THE FRIENDLY , I 1' 3, U la. Eff' YOUR THEATER --- AT GALENA Presenting Ho11ywood's Selected and Most Entertaining New Movies. ELIZABETH GARAGE G M C Trucks, Pontiac, Buick, Vaxhaul Body and Fender ---- Painting Complete Auto Service Frame, Axel, Wheel Alignment---Battery Charging--Greasing Firestone Tires ---Delco Batteries Truck Testing Station No. 226 Elizabeth Illinois ELIZABETH GARAGE Phone 41 R 6 GEORGE KLEIN AND SON 235 North Main - Phone 408R Galena, Illinois Your I. I-I. Dealer and New Holland INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER KRAFT FOODS GALENA, ILLINOIS Phone 715 BEN FRANKLIN STORE GALENA, ILLINOIS .1 GRANTVIEW INN GALENA, ILLINOIS .ap I faq' ' ini? slilmf THE ELIZABETH STATE BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Elizabeth, Illinois -' -' wssmzu Xuro Xsiotfim sion: Truetone Radio gl Television, Davis FURLONG BARBER 5309 Tires, Electrical Supplies, Westcote Paints, Sporting Goods, Wallpaper, Tools, Auto Supplies, Motor Oils, Men's and Ladies Hair Cutting Toys. Wizard---Refrigerators, Oil Stoves, Heaters, Washers, Fencers, NICK AND FRANK Batteries, Housewares 909 Galena, 111in0iS AMBROSE H. HOFFMANN, OWNER Phone 408W Galena, Ill. .. .. . 1 I I I mmcunv clnutns - COMPLIMENTS OF I 104 North Main nonmsou s onus stone GALENA, ILLINOIS Galena, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF VAllfY VIEW HIRST CLOTHING STORE Galena, Illinois E. V. PRICE 81 COMPANY Phone o33W3 Hiway 20 I Made to Measure Tailoring Lines GALENA, ILLINOIS GRANT HlllS MOTEL LAREY'S Rt 20 219 South Main Street Galena, Illinois Galena, Illinois DAISY VANDERVATE PHONE 89W MAIN STREET GALENA, ILLINOIS HOSER GREENHOUSE PHONE Greenhouse 54R Residence 64W FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS CORSAGES 81 WEDDING FLOWERS Galena I111no1s SAILILY DRESS SIHIOIIJ GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF VEHREN 8: FURLONG HOME OF KROEHLER 81 FLEX Steel F urnlture And Blgelow Rugs Phone 122 Galena 111111013 COMPLIMENT S OF BIUM S BOT'I'lE WORKS GALENA ILLINOIS JOHN GIEGER 8. SOII SHOE STUIIE GALENA ILLINOIS Footwear For The Entire Family Hoslery And Handbags THE DAIRY DREEM GALENA ILLINOIS D X SERVICE STATION GALENA ILLINOIS . I I I I I I - PHONE 897 I I ' I I I . .1 BILITZ VARIETY STORE 103-105 WEST FRONT STREET STOCKTON, ILLINOIS STOCKTON SALES CDMPANY 23' FORD AND MERCURY CARS---F ORD TRUCKS WISCONSIN ENGINES---MYER ELEVATORS PHONE MAIN 75 R. HEIKENS STOCKTON, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENT S OF A'I'WO0D'S COMPLIMENT S OF IHIEIIBIMMMNINI FlUlNlEll3Al. HOME CLYDE W. HERMANN AMBULANCE SERVICE PHONE MAIN 55 STOCKTON, ILLINOIS THE HOME WITH THE CHURCH-LIKE CHAPEL A.. Y, WAYMAN COBINE FARM EQUIPMENT ALLIS CHALMERS - NEW IDEA - NEW HOLLAND - KEWANEE ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Telephone 180 STEVE'S SERVICE STATIGN - LUBE - OIL - TIRES - BATTERY - WASHING Union Dairy Ice Cream and Pop On Route 20 phone 30 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS I K. Rife 8. Tippett MARION R. SCHAIBLE, AGENT Standard Oil Company Service Mobilgus 8 Mobiloil Station Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois to ,x,1 Q x ' ?'x'fV . iw: 'HLKHNbS- e- ,' " ' 'Q' .1 r, ., .-V 'Z 0-7 We ., 1. . .. ,. ., T . ' -i compumems Of Frank T. Atchison ' Siding - Roofing - Awnin s Munes Beauty shop Crawford Overhead Garage Eoors Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois site up IU Albrecht Brothers Elizabeth Recreation Center Your John Deere Dealer JOHN FRUTIG, PROP. Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF SNACK SHACK STOCKTON. ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER J. BEYER STOCKTON, ILLINOIS Electrical Home Supplies Farm Equipment Sales and Service RAlPH'S BEAUTY SHOPPE 118 South Main Street Phone Main 401 Stockton, Illinois RALPH C. KNAUER, OWNER 4 COMPLIMENTS OF BANWORTH'S STANDARD SERVICE Ray and Bill KGILEA STOCKTON, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENT S OF GUERNSEY DAIRY UNION DAIRY ICE CREAM Mr. and Mrs-. Carroll Sgickler STOCKTON, ILLIN IS Y? I ,gl COMPLIMENTS OF I-IARRING and BRINKMEIR Stockton, Illinois I rf- J- A '1 "IT PAYS TO LOOK WELL" COMPLIMENTS OF Pmtwfs nowtn suor I TOWNSEND BARBER SHOP STOCKTON, ILLINOIS STOCKTON, ILLINOIS FOR ALL YOUR FLOWER NEEDS" SOUTH SIDE CITY SERVICE 1 COMPLIMENT S OF VANDERHEYDEN I. G. A. SUPER MARKET 250 EAST NORTH AVENUE - ON U. S. 20 TELEPHONE 250 STOCKTON, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WAYNE STAYNER FURNITURE COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS AND FLOOR COVERINGS STOCKTON, ILLINOIS BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM f STEFFENS TRACTOR SALES ' FORD TRACTORS AND MACHINES STOCKTON,HJJNOB F UI H D , xigfkf I 'U 241 ' x l0GElMNN'S SI'lEll SERVICE F IRESTONE TIRES - CYCLO POLISH WAX STOCKTON, ILLINOIS PHONE STATE 140 WE'RE HERE TO STAY BRING US YOUR LAUNDRY AND SAVE 1095 FOR CASH AND CARRY A11 dry rough drv 81 wet wash A11 types of ironing After you wash your clothes bring them to us We will dry them for you 240 E Cargnenter St Phone Main 32 tockton Illinois SIMMONS I DRAM! GARAGE Phone Main 67 Stockton Illinois RADIATOR REPAIRING BRIGGS AND STRATTON SALES AND SERVICE FRUDDEN IUMBER COMPANY Operating Line Yards R E REISNER MANAGER Lumber Coal Paint STOCKTON ILLINOIS BART S CLEANERS WE RE RIGHT ON THE SPOT TYSON S FASHIONETTE, AGENT 126 West Front Street Stockton I1I1no1s MYRYS nunbky CGMPLIMBNTS OF HERMAN CLOTHING DELMAR MASTERS REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE STOCKTON, ILLINOIS STOCKTON, ILLINOIS PHONE STATE 90 RURAL 3526 STOCKTON SKELGAS SALES AND SERVICE R Somplge Line olg anges, ater eaters, reezers, STOCKTON' ILLINOIS Heating Equipment, Fridigaire Ap- pliances. PHONE STATE 72 Phone Main 228 Stockton, Illinois GAIM ROBERT M. .IOHNSON 'rr,jI1rv"yv-wr I A, SPAHN 8: ROSE LUMBER CO. COMPLIMENTS OF f . I.. M RE. . D. LUMBER - BUTLDUNK3 MATERIAL W 0 OPT OMETRIST COAL - READYMIX Phone Main 405 Phone Main 16 Stockton, Illinois Stockton, Illinois STOCKTON C0-OPERATIVE ASS'N I HEADQUARTERS FOR f WESUEY 30 NDW SS Kent Feeds, Fertilizers, Field Seeds I MONUMENT Custom Grinding SI Mixing, Redtop Brand Fences, Coal, Farm Supplies SALES AND SERVICE Devoe Paints I Complete Line of Kozy Buildings - STOCKTON. ILLINOIS PHONE STOCKTON MAIN 193 I STOCKTON c. I. ALBRECHT rnooucr 4 FARMERS EXCHANGE 'Q ' PHONE - 74 and 224 3 S: LARRO FEEDS I Free Pickups on Farms GAS' OIL' FEEDS STOOKTON, ILLINOIS DRANE SERVICE STATION R- L- HANSON C0- Rt. 20 Phone State 60 - Philco TV Sales and-Service GOOD FCOD Phono Records OPEN ALL NIGHT Bendix Sales 81 Service STOCKTON, ILLINOIS STQSQFFCSENYQHIZAOIS "THE BIG STORE IN F REEPORT" Q 51- 10-20 Wont Stephenson SI. 18-20 West Stephenson Street Freeport, Illinois FREEPORT RUG 8. LINOLEUM CO., INC. PHONE STATE 159 3 EAST MAIN ST. FREEPORT, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENT S OF' FREEPORT AUTEX COMPANY FREEPORT, ILLINOIS MODERN CLEANERS 202 EAST MAIN FREEPORT, ILLINOIS S and H Green Stamps AL C. EMRICH MISSING 8. BECKER SPORTING GOODS SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES 18 SQUTH GALENA AVE. QUALITY CLOTHING FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Opposite Court House "Where Sportsmen Serve Freeport, Illinois Sportsmen" Best Wishes To The Senior Class WALTER KUEHL, JEWELER 17 East Stephenson Street HEC1-IT'S Freeport, Illinois . .... .... 'I Keepsake DIAMOND RING illyjj Zn the Girl af p Vour Dream F REEPORT'S FINEST F ASI-IIONS FREEPORT, ILLINOIS ' '- ' 1 w Pl i' 1 I EYC-CE SMOKE SHOP 121 East Stephenson Street Freeport, Illinois L COMPLIMENTS OF OASIS DRIVE-IN FREEPORT, ILLINOIS ROY'S FOUNTAIN FREEPORT, ILLINOIS '5 'WJ A Q33 Y PITTSlEY'S GIFT SHOP 112 Mile West on Rt 20 Freeport, Illinois Main 4366 DUPEE 8: DUPEE Church and Sunday School Tables Chairs-Folding Tables and Chairs Table and Chair Trucks - School Desks and Other Furniture, Shades Black and Tan, Playground Equip- ment Phone Main 3681 627 W. Douglas Freeport, Ill. STATE BANK 0F FREEPURT FREEPORT, ILLINOIS ESTABLISHED IN 1891 C0llIER'S music iron: FREEPORT, ILLINOIS M055 JEWELRY COMPANY EVERYTHING IN MUSIC 15 East Stephenson St Piano - Band Instruments Freeport Illinois Music And Accessories Radios, TV, Service Conn Electric Organs STUKENBERG IMPLEMENT SALES C, H, LITTLE gl COMPANY MASSEY HARRIS TRACTORS "Ar The sign Of The Plated Tower" CHINA - GLAsswARE - LAMPS COMBINES AND FARM TOYS - HOUSE FURNISHINGS SILVER PLATED FLAT HOLLOW WARE IMPLEMENT S FREEPORT, ILLINOIS FREEPORT ILLINOIS I I I FiiApI,Nt5sI::l' SSEEINIGEEB EEJGGAGE SIHIGE - I LUGGAGE - - -GIFTS Decorative Furnishings FREEPORT, ILLINOIS , l t 9 NO- VAN WHEN AVE I HAROLD PAINTER'S RINGER'S DIEWELERS 5 EAST MAIN ST JMX FREEPORT, ILLINOIS VGA in PAINT at WALLPAPER ' I RETAIL SI CONTRACTING I FREEPORT' ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF THE GREAT TRI-STATE SURPLUS STORE 600 Main Street Dubuque, Iowa T THE AMES COMPANY OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SALES AND SERVICE Dial 2-4848 1 ls WHOLESALE SPORTS CENTER RETAIL SPORTS SHOP DOWNTOWN STORE UPT OWN STORE 920 MAIN STREET 1572-74 CENTRAL AVENUE DIAL 3-7361 DIAL 3-6449 BOB ZEI-IENTERS SPORTING GOODS CO. DUBUQUE, IOWA I KIEEEER'S STANDARD SERVICE Gas - Oil - Greasing - Washing Tires - Batteries - Accessories co1v1PL11v1sNTs os ED GRAHAM Style Store For Men Phone Red 192 East Dubuque DUBUQUE IOWA Illinois ACCOIA GULF STATION For Smart Shopping 6th STREET For A Full Measure Of Value STAMPFER'S DUBUQUE, IOWA I x xx EAST DUBUQUE, ILLINOIS CLUB ESQUIRE tie. FINE FOODS A ix, PHONE COLONY WHITE 92 F REEPORT, ILLINOIS US ROUTE 20 PIEASANT VIEW II0llEII RIIIK ED D I ES Mr. 81 Mrs. M. Biesemeier, Owners Phone Main 148 ELEROY, ILLINOIS Freeport, Illinois TELEPHONES Us Route 20 Lena 8114 Freeport County RED 59 L.. 1 ' 1 COMP'-IMENTS OF HAFFELE DRUG STORE EIEDIER MOBII. SERVICE WALGREEN AGENCY MAIN 35 Drugs With A Reputation KEN AND FRED . Phone Main 22 Stockton, Illinois WJ 'SPS 1 I CONTINENTAL COFFEE SHOP PERKINS STUDIOS 2 - -2 . sTocKToN, ILLINOIS ,Y 14 N. chicago street C .4 Opposite Post Office B-4 as EREEPORT, ILLINOIS P-'HJ' -I Compliments Of s'rEPHENsoN's JEWELRY STORE WATCHES, DIAMONDS, JEWELRY, AND SILVERWARE EXPERT WATCH REPAIRING GEORGE CRAFT CERTIFIED WATCHMAKER Stockton, III1no1s I V' BEST WISHES TO THE SENIORS OF "ss" FREEPORT COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC IJIJINH' 1 I 060 f 0 PLAY REFRESHEIJ l l 1 I INTERSTATE POWER CDMPANY GALENA, ILLINOIS - 4, , , .-, M H I FARMERS EXCHANGE GALENA, ILLINOIS PHONE 239 W. R. SMITH, MANAGER I Fl.-1 , I A I l 30 E90 VINCENT SONS MEIMI UAMS GALENA, ILLINOIS HELEN'S SHOPPE STOCKTON SHOE SERVICE 139 WEST FRONT STREET PHONE MAIN 52 114 West Front Street Gifts - Dresses - Infant Wear I Shoes gl Shoe Repairing Jewe ry HELEN BROWN LUIGI SMITH STOCKTON, ILLINOIS I I 1 MOUNT CARROll NATIONM BANK Complete Banking Services Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Mount Carroll I11i110iS Compliments Of GEORGE W. IVEY 8. SONS Mount Carroll Illinois Florence's Dining Room 8. lounge WGSNFII MIN Weddings- -Receptions- -Banquets Tires 81 Batteries Serving Seven Days A Week Phone 3611 Lunches and Dinners Mount Carroll Illinois Freeport, Illinois Com plimems of Compliments Of Mount Carroll Produce R' M' hm' ond Mount Carroll Illinois B A Friend DR. M. I. TRADER Elizabeth Ilhnois Best Wishes From NADIG FUNERAL HOME Hanover and Ellzabeth Illinois Hanover 40 Elizabeth 163 Ambulance Serv1ce Compliments Of MEI S CITIES SERVICE E11zabeth I111no1s Read s Hardware The Place to Shop for Youa HARDWARE NEEDS Plumbmg Heatmg Phone 43R6 Ellzabeth I111no1s 14 R2 Phones 14 R3 E11zabeth l11ino1s I I I Eischer's Hanover State Bank Deposits Insured Up To S10 000 Under The F D I C Hanover I111no1s Grays Meat Merkel HOMER gl FRANK Fresh Salt 81 Smoked Meats Hanover I111no1s Gordy s Mobil Service Phone 203 Compare Our Prices Compare Our Quality Fuller Furniture 310 North Main Phone 7633 Mount Carroll I111no1s 1 o 0 . . . . Hanover, Illinois CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 V F W CIUB POST NO. 5300 Hanover, Illinois r Congratulations 81 Good Wishes HANOVER AERONAUTICAI ENGINEERING CORPORATION Safe With Safeway Safeway Safety Cans Hanover, Illinois Compliments Of Compliments Of WaIter's Tavern Dr. D. E. Smith Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Rock wnol Jo Daviess County Elizabeth, Illinois Phone 143 Home Insulation Company Lancaster Elizabeth l 68 Phone I.A.A. Insurance Service WENDELL KEITHLEY, AGENCY MANAGER Office in Io Daviess County Farm Bureau Phone 146 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Jo Daviess livestock Marketing I I Ass n Elizabeth, Illinois George Sclrumalcer GASOLINE - OIL - FEED FENCING Phone 58 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Ertmer's Grocery Elizabeth, Illinois Phone 29 Manuel Arnold Woodbine Feed Mill Woodbine, Illinois LEON ARNOLD, PROPRIETOR Economy Portable Buildings C525 Starune Barn Equipment We buy Hogs, Calves and Cows De Laval Bulk Coolers and Milkers Sheep and Beef Cattle for Phone MR9 Oscar Mayer and Company f I I -I 'Phillips compnmems Of Phill-up with Phillips 66 RYd9f'S SWF' Abe Dittmor 8. Sons Woodbine, Illinois Woodbine Illinois WOODBINE CREAMERY A. .C. SHIPTON Woodbine, Illinois PIONEER CORN Phone Woodbine 34R2 L. ART ClARKSON 580 Sherwood East Dubuque, Illinois MUTUAL OF OMAHA AND UNITED OF OMAI-IA . . 8 . t Mlllqtdlatff We will work wtith you lox 267 EIJZABETH, Ill. -.-. or or you Creators of Distinctive Commercial Photography Letterheads Advertising For the trade: Direct Mail Offset negatives and plates Art Work Zinc halftone and line engravings J- Compliments Of Homer C. Vundervute Hanover, Illinois I Compliments Of Alfred Ertmer Cities Service Products A. M. Groezinger Evinrude Motors Compliments Of Heidenreich Construction Elizabeth, Illinois Phone 108 R2 41 l i 1 Compliments Of I Kl'lIff'S William Petty Attorney at Law Men's Wear Boy's Wear 110 112 West Market Phone 3111 Mount Carroll Illinois Mount Carroll Illinois Coast To Coast Stores Cgmpliments Qf You Save The Most Aclter Chevrolet At Coast To Coast P Phone 5872 - hone 2244 Mount Carroll Illinois Mount Carroll Illinois Stakemiller Shoe Store Compliments of . Shoes Dr. W. C. Nledermeyer Men And Boys Clothes Mount Carroll Illinois ' Phone 3812 Mount Carroll Illinois Compliments Of Compliments Of Grimm's Dairy Drs. Derrer 8. Siefert Mount Carroll Illinois Mount Carroll Illinois DANIEl'S INSURANCE AGENCY Elizabeth State Bank Building Elizabeth, Illinois COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE .IO DAVIESS SERVICE COMPANY Distributors of PETROLEUM PRODUCTS FEED PLANT FOOD Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Elizabeth Cleaners Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Hayle Hutchison Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of lester Meyerhofer Buys and Sells Feeder Pigs Elizabeth, Illinois Phone 177-R2 Compliments Of Earmer's Hatchery and Exchange Elizabeth, Illinois MitcheIl's Variety Store Hanover, Illinois Ralph Speer M. D. Hanover, Illinois Eastman's Food Market Hanover, Illinois Gray-McCormick Agency The Agency of Service Hanover, Illinois Phone Red-51 Adam's Garage Ford Sales and Service FORREST C. ADAMS, PROPRIETOR Hanover, Illinois Best Wishes Sullivan's Grocery Hanover, Illinois Compliments Of Melrose Shop Specializing in "Shirley Lee" M Doris Dason Scenic Stage line Elizabeth to Davenport artha Manning Home Office, Hanover, Illinois E. F. De Spain Doctor of Chiropractic Evenings 81 Saturday By Appointment Phone Red 238 Hanover, Illinois Sum Breed Frank ,l. lieb Remodeling 81 Repair Work Armstrong Floor Covering Seidlitz Paints Phone 144-R2 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of Albert Schmidt Livestock--Buying 81 Selling I Elizabeth, Illinois Elizabeth, Illinois BEST WISHES T0 THE SENIOR CLASS ELIZABETII WEEKLY NEWS Your Home Town Paper QUALITY PRINTING Phone 38R2 Elizabeth, Illinois Compliments Of GEORGE A. SCHUllER Elizabeth, Illinois I- NATlONAl FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION OF FREEPORT Goldthorpe Building Long Term Farm Loans E. E. I-IAWLEY, SECRETARY-TREASURER Phone 85 Elizabeth, Illinois Best Wishes To The Senior Class from BISHOPS The Oldest-Largest-and Busiest Store in Elizabeth, Illinois CLOTHING - SHOES - MEATS - GROCERIES 2' H ML- F f " I !,,,. CONGRATUHTIONS TO YOU CLASS OF 1958 FROM All OF US AT STAN'OS SUPFRMARKFT PURVEYORS OF FINE FOOD uul:.H.gM.x kuvv fi: 1m Sakai f'f'41f'-' I' 131W J' 1 I .a::Ji:N' f,-. A Ai' 3-,A Ji. . . w A 1 w l 1 I w 1 , . , Q wk' .-" ,. , , .J r a. . ',,..aw. ..-wif ' U

Suggestions in the Elizabeth High School - Terrapin Yearbook (Elizabeth, IL) collection:

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1958, pg 67

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