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! i i E s 2 s 5 3 s f ' fm fr Z1 I I I 1 f I I I V I 1 I K I 1 1 I 1 .1 f 1 1 1 I If 1 w- ' , 'M V ' I v- , I. L 'f 1 , 1 . ff Pk . V A. 1: . A I X I k - www no-is -1-mf-'www-1'r1'l'f'4' " T-' ' u"'W2 ' ' ' - Ja -I I Foreword We, the seniors ot 1955, regret to leave the hall of Betsy High, where we have , spent the last four years of our lives studying to prepare ourselves for whatever A the future has in store for us. We are presenting this edition of the Terrapin in 'Q order that, in those future years, we may leaf through its pages and recall some of the more pleasant instances of our high school years. l ii W N ,J 1 "' f 's 94 .1 Q osx ,,. N L-4 'six "a x .- E I-:Ji wen 3 Nw Carolyn Guenzler, Co-Edltor. Kenneth Tippett, Co-Editor Lee Stemberger, Busmess Manager Mrs. Ruth Herrxott, Advxser 43'- The Elizabeth School Board First Row: Russell Roberts, Ralph Rife, Stanley Goldthorpe, Colan Eversoll Pr id t. S ' ' es en econd Row. Meldon Grube, John Haas, Charles Schalble, Edward C. Hodge. Dedication The Senior Class would like to dedicate this 1955 Terrapin to the Elizabeth School Board of District 208. They are to be congratulated on a job well done. The School Board is elected by the people of the District and have many duties to perform in order to keep the school operating smoothly and efficiently. They select the school superintendent and with his help they hire the teach- ers, help direct what branch of studies will be taught, make the school budget, and set the policies for the superintendent to follow. The board, in settling these and other questions, keeps the good of the school in mindg and they strive to please the citizens of Elizabeth whom they represent. awk ' V: -1 Swxmw NW tx . 44 H0 S1 Fwxvxmwi 54-WN NWN X wa Dmxmx K 'A N ' ' f'.m'vUxIm-xxX Nhxkh S: Rumor Cmss Ixdvksx-v . Chas-5 11 fx xa C. 0 Va Wm Q. '24, ' XKQYX Xfmil X555 mil - own Vi A. fmcs NX: -9. YK X F3060 W ni 05.5. 43 NHS I :NMf1j-Elhxjfbrrlfvit rxshxuun iqllzlglrlli gl 4 .. x dyigvr um 'ivdwil W4 W ' f GKOYQ' xghw X HOYWH Mr. Mwsvph Fmhnw 'NhxsXvzxX XHXU-L-inf 'N .Vp lfnlmrd f HTH, l'1r.'lwl7 11, V' .Y ,muh till-.l!1ll'Jll 1y,,'.m,l.HH w ' 1r.11l1m., Q. . . M 4 I.'1,W.hh.-, 'N' ' IN111' 'SVIIIOI' EiVVill'fi '- HU' IQ! Mr, 4 K I wrwrinrmwfifm Latin .H-'rx' Kvr' I Mfg ve-Ida Rofidm' Orme S0f'ff"f"5' A 4 las I hysh-:if Pfduf-:ation dv PSj'l'fllPIfILlf.X', GORDON HEID uinxy IDA WINTERS GAA 25 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: FHA 3, 43 FHA President: Triple Trio 3, 49 Class Treasurer 3: Class President 43 Key Staff 4: Annual Staff 43 Girls Chorus 4. Baseball 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1. 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 43 Boys Chorus 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Beauty and the Beef 3: Annual Staff 4: Annual Staff 4, Class President 25 Vice President 4: Superlative 4gSeventeenth Sum- mer 4. MELVIN WURSTER fBuckj Basketball 1, 2, 3, 49 FFA 2, 3, 43 The Beauty and the Beef Varsity Club 3, 4, Student Council 35 An- nual Statf 43 Superlative 4: Seventeenth Summer 4. CAROLYN GUENZLER FHA 1, 3, 43 GAA 1, 23 Beauty and the Beef 35 Secretary-Treas- urer 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4 fCo-Editorl: Key Staff 43 Prom Chairman 33 Superlative. CAROLE BROWN fTurky Transferred from Galena in 1952. Secretary 25 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4, Triple Trio 2., 3, 4, GAA Secretary 25 FHA 2. 3, 4, Secretary 3, 43 Beauty and the Beef 33 Key Staff 43 Annual Stan' 49 Superlative 4.. KENNETH TIPPE'I'I' Basketball 3, 4, Boys Chorus 3. 43 Beauty and the Beef 3: Annual Staff 4 lCo-Editorlg Superlative: Seventeenth Summer 4. JANAAN MADIGAN fSqueak.sl Student Council 2: Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3: Girls Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 4: Key Staff 4: Beauty and the Beef 3: GAA 1, 2: Superlative 4: FHA 1, 2, 3: Seven- teenth Summer 4. WAYNE KRUG lbutchj Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Baseball 1. 2. 3. 4: Beauty and the Beef 3: lSound effectsb: Vice President 3: Boys Chorus 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 3. 4: Superlative 4: An- nual Staff 4: Varsity 2, 3. 4. LEE STEINBERGER Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Club 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2: Class Presi- dent 3: Annual Stall' 4: Annual Business Manager 4. RUTH SCHAIBLE QRUTHID GAA 1, 2: FHA 1, 2, 3, 4: Beauty and the Beef 3: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4: Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4: Key Stall' 4: Annual Staff 4. WILMA WURSTER fWil1ieJ Key Staff 4: Annual Staff 4: Seventeenth Summer 4. EMMETI' KELEHER fCobj Basketball 1. 2: Varsity 4: Boys Chorus 3, 4: Beauty and the Beef 3: FFA 2, 3, 4: FFA Treasurer 3: FFA Vice President 4: Annual Staff 4. JOANNE DAWE "Io" Student Council 1, FHA 1, 2, 3. 4: FHA Treasurer 23 FTA 13 GAA 1: Girls Chorus 2, 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4, Triple Trio 2, 3, 4: Beauty and the Beef 33 Key Statf 45 Annual Staff 4, Superla- tive 4: Seventeenth Summer 4. ALVIN ERTMER "Manga" Varsity Basketball 3, 4: Annual Staff 45 Beauty and The Beef 33 Mixed Chorus 4. JOHN THRAEN "Bob" Annual Staff 4. KAY STADEL "Chick" Annual Staff 43 Girls Chorus 2. 3. 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 45 GAA 1, 25 FHA 1, 2, 3: FTA 23 Beauty and the Beef 39 Key Staff 43 Su- perlative 45 Seventeenth Sum- mer 4. JEANETTE SNYDER "Snid" Secretary 1, FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, FHA Treasurer 4: GAA 2, 35 FTA 1: Cheerleader 3, Girl's Chorus 2 v 3, 4: Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4, Key Stan' 4, Drum Majorette 3, 45 Beauty and The Beef 35 Superla- tive 43 Seventeenth Summer 4. WENDELL ROBERTS Transferred from Galena in FFA 2, 3, 49 Annual Staff 4. 1952 RUTH HOLLAND "Woody" County FTA 1, 2, 3, 4, FTA 1, 2. 3, 4, FTA Song Leader 3, GAA 1, 23 FHA 2: Key Staff 4: Annual Staff 43 Beauty and the Beef 3: DAVID HOLLAND "Froggie" FFA 2, 3, 4, Manager for Varsity 1, 2, 3, 45 Beauty and the Beef 33 Boys Chorus 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 3 45 Seventeenth Sum- mer 4. JAMES VANDEDRINK "Jim" Class Treasurer 2, FFA 2, 3, 45 FFA Reporter 25 FFA Sentinel 43 Superlativeg Beauty and the Beef 33 Boys Chorus 3, 4, Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 43 Varsity Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 4, Toastmaster of Junior-Senior Banquet 3, Seven- teenth Summer 4. JUDY PARKINSON "Jud" Class Vice President 2, Class Secretary 33 FHA 1, 2, 3, GAA 1. 2: Cheerleader 3, 43 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 Girls Chorus 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff 43 Beauty and the Beef 3, Seventeenth Summer 4. JOHN EVERSOLL "Mose" SANDRA WILLS "Sandy" County FTA 1, 2, 3, 43 FTA 1, 2. 3, 4, FTA President 3, 43 Beauty and the Beef 35 FHA 1, 2, 3, 4, GAA 1, 2, Annual Staff 43 Key Staff 4, Superlative. Seventeenth Summer 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Varsity Club 4, Boys Chorus 3,45 Mixed Chorus 3, 43 FFA 2, 3, 45 FFA Secretary 3, FFA President 43 Beauty and the Beef 35 Annual Stat? 4, Seventeenth Summer 4. BETTY WURSTER "Wilmer Ann" FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 FTA 1, 2, 43 FTA Parliamentarian 43 FTA Reporter 13 Annual Staff 43 Key Staff 43 County FTA 1. 2, 4. MELVIN HUTTENLOCHER "Mel" FFA 2, 3, 43 Beauty and the Beef 33 Annual Staff 43 Superlative 43 JOHN WILLIS Transferred from Scales Mound in 19523 FFA 2, 3, 43 FFA Treas- urer 43 Annual StaIT 4. BETTY ALLEN "Bets" GAA 13 Beauty and the Beef 3 Key Staff 43 Annual Staff 43 Su perlative. Cl-IARLISS CORDING FHA 1, 2, 3, 43 FHA V. Pres. 43 GAA 1, 23 Girls Chorus 2, 3. 43 Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 43 Annual Staff 43 Key Staff 43 Usher. JAMES YOUNG "Wimp" FFA 23 Beauty and the Beef 33 Arsenic and Old Lace 33 Annual Staff 4. Senior Class History In the fall of 1954 there were thirty Seniors who entered the doors of E. H. S. We had lost four of our classmates during the summer. They were: Nancy Chap- man, Helen Schaible, John Schulte, and Leslie Johnson. Mr. Carroll, our class adviser, helped us along successfully for our last year in school. We enjoyed a Christmas party given for the high school. Our class had a number of bake sales, sold at basketball games and had a few "Work Days" to earn funds for our Senior trip. We received our graduation pictures at Christmas time. Ruth Holland left our class in February. On April 29, we gave our Senior play "Seventeenth Summer". On May 7, we enjoyed the Prom given for us by the Juniors. The theme was "Evening in Paris". Then on Sunday, May 8, we left for Chicago to take our train trip to New York. After four days of seeing the sights, we returned to Iinish our school work. On May 22, we marched solemnly into the auditorium for Baccalaureate Ser- vice. We enjoyed the Graduation Dance May 26, and the next evening received our diplomas at the Graduation Exercises. This was the last of the wonderful times we twenty-nine would enjoy together as classmates. Janaan Madigan, Historian. I 1 t Qi Senior Class Will We, the graduating class of "55" are pulling the curtain down on the final act of a "twelve year drama." As the curtain drops, we leave behind our will of cherished moments and possessions. ARTICLE I To our parents, we leave our appreciation for the cooperation, sacrifices, and love, all of which have helped guide us down the pathway of life. ARTICLE II To our principal and teachers, we wish to leave our thanks and love, for their patience and wisdom, in guiding us through our school life. ARTICLE III To our successors, the Juniors, we leave our best wishes and we hope they have as much fun as we did during our Senior year. ARTICLE IV I, Betty Allen, leave my freckles to Pat Lewis. I, Carole Brown, leave my good driving ability to Mrs. Herriott. I, Charliss Cording, leave my tallness to Donna Schreck. I, Joanne Dawe, leave my short walk to school to Beverly Schumacher. I, Alvin Ertmer, leave my blonde hair to Billy Baumgartner. I, John Eversoll, leave my bench warming ability to Tommy Atchison. I, Carolyn Guenzler, leave my straight A ability to my brother, Sherman. I, Gordon Heid, leave my friendliness to LaVerle Ebert. I, David Holland, leave my 1920 hat to James Chapman. I, Melvin Huttenlocher, leave my school skipping ability to Allen Heidenreich. I, Emmett Keleher, leave the "Good Old Days" to all younger classmen. I, Wayne Krug, leave my name "Kraut" to the person capable of handling it. I, Janaan Madigan, leave my pesty ways to John Lincicum. I, Judy Parkinson, leave my temper controlling ability to Joan Fischer. I, Wendell Roberts, leave the use of my car on Sundays to the Junior girls. I, Ruth Schaible, leave my baby-sitting ability to Nancy Wiley. I, Jeanette Snyder, leave my ability to be engaged when a Junior to Iva Beyer. I, Kay Stadel, leave my long school bus rides to Ronnie Kevern. I, Lee Steinberger, leave my curly hair to Hank Schwirtz. I, John Thraen, leave my used flashlight bulbs to anybody who can use them. I, Kenneth Tippett, leave my tall, slender frame to Kenny Hostman. I, James Vandedrink, leave my ability to charm the girls to Jimmy Fahrion. I, John Willis, leave my beautiful Plymouth to Don Harris. I, Sandra Wills, leave my three jobs to the people who get there first. I, Ida Ann Winters, leave my shorthand writing ability to Maureen Read. I, Betty Wurster, leave my naturally straight hair to Ruth Pearce. I, Melvin Wurster, leave my part of the school to anyone who wants it. I, Wilma Wurster, leave my ability to drive Fords to LaVonne Wurster. I, Jimmy Young, leave my great size to Roger Roberts. We hereby appoint Mr. Edward C. Hodge, chief executor of this, our last will and testament. , ff. MLM, f-M BE'I'I'Y ALLEN CAROLE BROWN CHARLISS CORDING JOANNE DAWE CAROLYN GUENZLER JANAAN MADIGAN JEANE'I'I'E SNYDER RUTH SCHAIBLE KAY STADEL SANDRA WILLS ALVIN ERTMER GORDON HEID WILMA WURSTER WAYNE KRUG JOHN THRAEN IDA WINTERS KENNETH TIPPETI' WENDELL ROBERTS LEE STEINBERGER JUDY PARKINSON DAVID HOLLAND JOHN EVERSOLL Senior Class Prophecy Owner of a horse ranch out in Arizona and married to a tall handsome cowboy Raising a houseful of little Wursters They are cheaper by the dozen Secretary to Arthur Godfrey and probably take ukelele lessons Raising chickens on the White Ranch Installer of TV aerials Owner of self-service cafeterias in Dubuque Head operator of Bell Telephone Co Secretary of Socony Vacuum Co Galena jail housekeeper Owner of Beauty Shoppe for bald headed movie stars Owner of Terrapin Ride Dairy Association Jet plane test pilot in the Air Force Accordionist in Conrad Hilton Hotel Work in a sauerkraut factory Own a drug store chain Miss America of 1960. Engineer of the new Elizabeth High School Head of pin setters association National High Jumping Champion Horseback rider in circus You can see her every Saturday morning on TV Office boy for Royal Blue chain stores Writes and draws dailv cartoon strip in the Chicago Tribune MELVIN HUTTENLOCHER Road contractor between Elizabeth and Hanover JOHN WILLIS JIMMY VANDEDRINK BETTY WURSTER JIM YOUNG EMMETI' KELEHER MELVIN WURSTER Owner of the Willis Ranch Winner of Gold Trophv at Indianapolis Speedway in 1966 Test driver of Ford cars Manager of the Pinky Lee Show Sgt. Joe Friday's job on Dragnet Run a chicken ranch. NAME Gordon Heid Carole Brown Carolyn Guenzler Jim Young John Eversoll Ruth Schaible Wilma Wurster Melvin Huttenlocher Wendell Roberts Betty Wurster Charliss Cording Emmert Keleher Wayne Krug Ida Winters Betty Allen John Thraen John Willis Janaan Madigan Sandra Wills Kay Stadel Jimmy Vandedrink PET EXPRESSION Heck! By George! I don't know I don't know Come on Oh, Gosh! Honest to Pete I don't know Oh, it is not. Shucks! Ooooo Let's go Burple Ya! You betcha I don't know Holy Cow Ah! go on Oh my gosh Oh fiddle Gee Whiz Senioristics LIKES Sleep Melvin New cars Fishing Judy Gum Play the accordion Nothing To set pins To drive Fords Traveling Eat Chevies To play the piano Horseback riding 3:30, when school's Cars To have fun To argue Horseback riding Playing basketball out NOTED I-'OR Being a Jinx Sleeping in class Being late Size Curly hair Being on time Getting into arguments Being good in school Being a reckless driver Changing tires Laughing girl Being shy Arguing Being on time Being tall Taking pictures Being late Being happy Being jolly Flirting Driving to school AMBITION Mayor of Massbach Secretary Business executive Get a job where I don't have to work. Carpenter Baby sit with Denise Bookkeeper Farmer Farmer To do clerical work Oifice work Farmer Farmer Secretary To get a good job Light photographer Farmer To get married Get out of high school Registered Nurse Farmer Jeanette Snyder Cute as a bug's ear Don Being friendly S9Cf'9f3'fY David Holland Son-of-a Gun New cars Wise cracks MHJOI' In the Army Alvin Ertmer I'm tired Girls Good looks Farmer Melvin Wurster Shucks Carole Hitting school bus Farmer Judy Parkinson Wait a minute John Being a good cheerleader Get frlarried Kenny Tippett Geeee, what a grouch Girls Being lazy President of a Bank Lee Steinberger Ya got a pencil Judy B. Basketball Stay out of the Army Joanne Dawe Well, I'll be darned Jack Writing letters Secretary H Z. .L ' ' ,lilfflp at ,A 51 'fj Ji -'f ' if Q 15" 4 f l . it . C s QW 4 I Judy P-Here come. Where me 81009. Sandra W-Arent we cute. wont ten you- are we going? ,I 14 is-4 :el A 1: if , 15 I I I X s I na- 5 Q cy Jaya Betty A-Don't say I'm nor Jeannette S-I'll never play glamorous. Sv .y- Wendell R-Well come on Wnh you agam' David gl Ruth H-Aren't Vm ff'Hf'F'- .1 A. w-kr, ts.. .Q .gg j KW' . risriig Q "-- -v Wilma VVIIS tha! so 1 ? they pretty? f -1 '-18'-gy Q . -1' 1 , ,Q 1 '- wl, , A ' , Q: I I' 4 25' ,.,,-3" K '1'g.,n , ' I I I-'I ,W . ff I 4 Mr, Carroll-Really. I rlirin't do it .lohn E-Oh! I don't heli fl word of it. at ...- ,YA L' A an I ssw ,, . . if , W., , . 'f .N I Kay S-Baby, it'S eolrl out, side. I wffhw- Alvin E-Bring on the chow. W V ,, :Wg 4 .VII ,ink V I fa 5 W1 'Ta 2, , ik X I I v S A . C . QW, Melvin VV-JuSt going for 1 rifle. U --in-in-. . Q ' ' .-.- - . ' M- if i Q V .t .vi ' ' QPU? , L 716 -t4.'.,,-- .X-.f.,,.-gl, gi. Joanne D-Just a weed in YOUF fl0Wvr garden. Ma. Gordon Il IPP? v up. ' ,F- John T-Look at what I've Chnrliss F-All wrapped up gm. and no plan-e to go. .. A a , H , 4 X r Carolyn G-Can I go now? O L- W .. ,! 4' -'Q ' -ef 3 ribs ' tis' V :I Mig F I-J af" M' H, A ,f eh . X reg. , 354, n ,X Q .:.I I- , I I -1 but Isla W-I from like his looks. R rn sr k , . 4 . , Carole B-Old rockin!! H I '00 mmm 81 smug' Bmw W'W0H' 'ook what ehnir's got me. I've found. 15 nz. r BPS? .SKY ' H d ' P 'fs Z I' and G - is X Y X' S'--iq ALM M 0 ' df . .J S . 'p is f .' W kk ' 8' 'Z f ff X M I ff J . I J, 1 K 'f ei , NYJ' - ' - 0 I ia -f Q - .L . I , N if P f 6 N ' x il Bijjesf' mfr , T 'fx 32""f V V' U A-:I A 'FX .' f' X 1 f Q4 'Cz f Q ' - -' 'Q 1 Q Q.. . Q! 'bb - " S jg ' ur-'v Aff K . - 'l' 7 D f' TheMI!thes .,,, 4 Q CWC' ON THE JOB 771 si' .Do'pe-ncfa. 2:2 C 7770 sf? E.: 'J fflmfefzq fs ' f ix K ' 'Q K ,' - 1 1 l A quam' XZ X, T A X J ,W A , , Q A f ek, ff f fl 1 f v-- ' Y a gqibyy ..- 4M.!'!J 5 , -- M224 V3 '57 I , 'Fw 7 in Q .SXQ It irc 3 Q. x Y 1' 'wi 5' - my I n if - R , Y' ' 2, M ' -'1 i , The fs No I.: 's. A Mfefffe' E1 e.! Este-0: 4' ,A . 77,0-gf A A wg. Infepfjent wg WK .rx-1 I A 0 x Q Gr-a'ev1d2ie5? 3 A , 'Q f f' 1 , -"X ,,q,. ' F,S,1 3, 5 1? , END ' 32- x - ,fi Z ' v I ,Zia , 925' Q 1 98 Be-sf :ig Lcoklzhj -:I mag? 42' 7 RPM- ar 0 9-' ,, - v an ' 47 F - x .V 6 5 Q pm, gm D'EAxl-5 Q96 ,ff ij . f .1 1 V Q Q E -M F I ' ' I ' ,f X ,L ' K . 4' - x -R Gu. -L Q3 X f x GN' f I l ig- w ang! W W' l 'I - um Junior Class .-'AN 'mx ' N , QWQV 'lsr "I- -L... in-...nniniuis Row One: Dennis Wurster, Janice Schaible, Hank Schwirtz, Janet Knauer, Pat Lewis. Row Two: LaVonne Wurster, Donna Schreck, Maureen Read, Miss Kauth, Jean Johnson, Doris Goodrich. Row Three: Cleland Hancock. Don Harris, LeRoy Baumgartner, LaVerle Ebert, Dale Wand, Jerry Fox. How Four: Luella Price, Dale Roberts, Allen Heidenreich, Gerald Puls, Ed Boettner, Ruth Pearce. Absent: Carol Kriebs. Sophomore Class 18 Row One: Beverly Wills, Danny Herman, Ann Berlage, Maxine Mitchell, Billy Uhl, Connie Krohmer. Row Two: Maxine Randecker, Joan Fisher, Elizabeth Thraen, Mr. Kyrias, Carol Knauer, Charlene Keleher, Judy Banwarth. Row Three: Marilyn Myers, Jerry Miller, Jimmy Dawe, Delos Groezinger, Wayne Roberts, Iva Beyer. Row Four: Wayne Lau, James Schulte, Gary Boettner, Roger Roberts, Billy Baumgartner. Sherman Guenzler, Wayne Spoerl. Absent: John Lincicum, hqlxvin Rlhn-1-gv Junior Class History On a bright September morning in 1952, twenty eight boys and girls entered E.H.S. as Freshmen. Mr. Sabino was our adviser and he helped us plan many activities. In the spring we had a picnic at The Palisades Park in Savanna. Billy Lingle left us during that year. We came back to school in the fall of "53" to find that we had lost three stu- dents. They were Bill Beyer, Bob Haas and Ronnie Beyer. We went to Bellevue, Iowa for our picnic. Mr. Stephen Kyrias was our adviser. Last September we all came back to school with the exception of Ruth Pol- hill who transferred to Freeport. Later in the year Donna Tippett left usp but we gained a new student, Don Harris, from Rockford. On November 5th we presented our play "My Little Margie", directed by Mrs. Warren Spring. On May 7th we brought Paris to E.H.S. with our prom. Miss Donna Kauth was our adviser. We think this year has been the most fun of all three years and we are sorry that we only have one year left. Janice Schaible, Historian. afwffco Sophomore Class History In the fall of 1953 we entered high school as Freshmen with Mrs. Herriott as our class adviser. There were 27 'in our class. During the year one of our class- mates, Dalvin Murray, left and Marilyn Meyers joined us. When we entered as Sophomores in the year 1954, we were still 27. We lost two classmates, Janice Lingle and Wayne Lau, but later Dalvin Murray came back and also a new student joined us, Ellsworth fBuddyJ Phillips. We were still a class of 27. Our class adviser is Mr. Kyrias. We elected as class officers Ann Berlage, President: Maxine Mitchell, Vice President: Connie Krohmer, Secretary: Danny Herman, Treasurer: Bill Uhl, Student Council Representative, and Beverly Wills, Reporter. Ann Berlage, Historian. Aww.-'Q Row One: Donald Lisk, Katherine Coburn, Buford Heidenreich, Judy Eadie, Har- vey Schaible. Mrs. Herriott. Row Two: Beverly Schumacher, Sandra Andresen, Kenneth Hostman, Joanne Young, Geraldine Kriebs. Row Three: Helen Artman, Joanne Fox, William Cobine, Kristin Wiedbush, Joan Hancock, Carol Lincicum. Row Four: Verles Lau, Nancy Wiley, Mark Jones, Linda Guenther, Pasty Roberts, Judy Hoster. Row Five: Jane Fitzgerald, James Fahrion, Harvey Spoerl, Tommy Atchison, Robert Simmons, Judy Wand. Absent: Florence Schleuning, James Chapman. Freshmen Class In the fall of 1954, thirty scared freshmen entered Elizabeth High School. At the end of the first semester, we lost two students, Verles Lau and Letetia Virtue. During the second semester, w wlcomd Myrna Thomas. During our freshman year, we have sponsored a skating party, which all the high school enjoyed. We are looking forward to our next three years of high school very much. - CAFETERIA COOKS -W. Mrs. Schnitzler, Mrs. Gable, Mrs. Read Better cooks you will never find. 1 - V - riff? ' ? it i . . -. '. wifi: 9 X Y VLTIV... B " -Q 3S?'iV 51? .:.'ff5:' ' i . ' .... -. fn-fx 'B JANITORS Donald Eastman, Ed Baumgartner They are always here, when you need them an -3 ii 'fl -x 'J " sem vuauc BUS DRIVERS Orrin Simmons, Ed Baumgartner, Bill Banwarth, Marion Schaible, Donald East- man, Charles Niemeyer, Ward Dittmar. Dependable, Kind, and Courteous. W? , ' 4d". A 3, Y . S S235-4 1? if mu adhghg. -in K. , 1 ,qal."' sfrx K 1 -LA ClASSES QM? 'irc -JR 1 ...J 'fl eg! ' 0 my J 3, y. . .p '1-.g, rf A 534414:-' ' Q , I a -my Q x Q 23 up Q .WN wg"4 , Q ,, .av L Biology is fun, especially when we have experiments l., Algebra Class working difficult problems. Late in the day, but they are still alert. ,hx Do you always study that hard in Study Hall? Learning English is fun. Veritas vos liborabit Kask the Latin classl. 9m .h - Q .4 3 uv I N , ' 1 ...g Row One: G4-ralriim' Krii-hs, Bvvvrly Svlnnnznliur. Carol Lincivum. llclvn Art- nian, 'lnan Ilani-ui-k. Sandra Amlri-sun, Maxim' Ramiw-kor, Uonniv Kruhmvr. .luf znnn- Yuung, Row Two: Judy Banwarlh. .luannv Fox. V1-rlvs Lau, Kristin Wivd- hush, Mrs, Kyrias. .lady Hustvr, Kathvrinv Coburn. Joan Fisvlwr. .Indy Parkinson. Row Three: Patsy linhorts. Iva Ninn' Bays-r. l,aVonnv Wurstvr. Bi-vvrly Wills, Duris Ilmuirivli, Rl-tty Wnrstvr. l'l1arlm'nv Ki-ln-hvr, Donna Svhrvvk, Jvanvllm' Snyd0r.Row Four: Kap Staulvl. .lanvt Knzxuvr. Carols' Knaun-r. I-Ilizahvlh Thravn. Sandra VViIls, Linila 1Ilu'n!ln'r. Nancy VVilvy, Ann Rm-rlagv, .lvannv Johnsuri, Row Five: Janaan YXl:uiig,1an,i'amlv Broun. lluili Svliailvlv, Juno Fitzgerald. .luily I-Iarliv. Marilyn lilyvrs, lnla Ann Winlvrs, Maurvvn Rvvcl, Judy Wand. Row Six: Luvlla Prirv, .lanii-4' Srhailvlv. Pa! Lvwis, Ruth Pvarvv, Bvtly Allvn. Wilma Wurslvr. Maxim' Mllvln-ll Joanna' Dawv, Charliss Cnrding. K1-. llei " All Sports Night Marvh ll, 1955 Snnnsnrvfl hx' ilu' S1-ninr Class 9 -"Ii ll ala Fifi. , f' Grade School Teachers Mrs. Marion Heer, fourth gradeg Mrs. Frost Wand, Third gradeg Mrs. Irene Reusch second gradeg Mrs. Marjorie Groezinger, first grade. Q Mrs. Maxine Rail, fifth gradeg Mrs, Emma Evans, sixth grade, Mr. Everett Read, seventh grade. Mrs. Catherine Hodge, eighth grade. 28 vi ,Q -Q H .,.q'.V,Q1 , 2 1 . - "",fY" ,. ,- V .41 " ' s . " . A " '.",:ty- . , M , , Av. Fa' , - .....-'.4a5',iv4' . 'A , 0, ...g C' .' f 5 Q -Q Y K QW xx X' ,J WN 3-M 'F' in ,J ,, 5 in ,wwf tj f -"" ' ' 1 GRADES " " ' if " ,4w,wr4.' ' nr . K rv 0 f, Vs., V W 4 B. ' . - 9. ,V Jf' v -.lo f f -may M. vb 'M Q 4-iv' ,Jiff- Q ' ' 5 . "A"l!!lP 'm,, L Q L 1 29 First Grade Row One: Mrs, Gr-wlingvr, Bvvky Arnold. Jeff Breed, Ronnie Burke, Bohhiv Awk- 4-rson. I-Ilwin Hive, t':iroI Kyrias. Row Two: Ronnie Tippett, Kenny Sr-haihlv, lirnt-e Allure-t-lit, Sharon Stanley. Mark Allmrvclit, Billy Hopkins, Fannie Burke. Row Three: Varol Gahlc-. Pr-nny Spot-ht, Dorothy St-hleuning, Jam' Craft, Danny Meyer, Imlioy Ebert, Joanne l-'ist-her. Row Four: Jackie Meyer. Joe Lisk, Nanvy Ertmvr, Kr-nm-th Schnitzlvr. Rodney Piz-fer. Pamela Gilmore. Marlene Wand. Absent: Gloria lChrlf-r. Alan Kuhsr-, Jimmy Ferguson. F 4 , , 'liz mf Second Grade Bow One: Mrs. Reusch. Frankie Schwirtz. Diane Rummcl. Ruth Beard. Margaret llollanrl, Galv llnpkins, Sonja Albrecht, Ardris Haas. How Two: Billy Stanley. Vivki Hopkins, George Narrlin. llarry Trautwc-in. Billy Allen, Larry Yontzy. Ken' neth Haas. Sunny Hatfield. Row Three: Pat Madigan, Rohy Dawn. Gail Svheme- horn. Helen Sprague, Bob Schleuning, Suzanne Murray, Grr-gory Klopf. Patrick Gilmore, How Four: Lois Virtuo, Jim Youtzy, Dick Roberts, Paula Lisk. Teddy Matthews, Rosemary Thraen, Marilyn Breed, Betty Lieb. t X K " 2, 1 1 'rr N QT, Third Grade show One: Mrs. Wand. Rngur Johnson. Ronald Brown. Marvin llolland. Alice Mar' Kvvvrii, Javkif- Haas. Slcrplwrr Klnpvvk. Row Two: Tcvmmy Hrlmvr, Shirlvy Thain, Sharon liathvld. Terry lmv. Fr:-d Hopkins. Jvrry Mvyvrhnfvr, Mary Cath- orinc lluhh. Row Three: Funnix- Baa-kcnkr-llc-r. David Rummr-ll. Twila Beyvr. Fharli-s Picpvr, Lila Lisk. Patricia Road. Joel Cnloman. Row Four: Craig Zilly. Siuzlrl Mvfall. David Road. David Nivmvyvr, Chris Chiavvrina. James Virtuv. Nor- rnan Rube-rts. Dvnnis Road. Absent LoVr-rno Willis. Karon Robinson. 1 Fourth Grade Row One: Mrs. llvvr, Mary Lynn Tippvil. Dick Grvlincr. llazvl Trautwvin. Eiloffn S1'hri'i'k, Sharon Johnson. Tnni Tuvkrr. Lnrvll Linglc. Row Two: Gig Spcvhl Ronald Svhlruning. Kathy Willis. Martha Tippvlt, Lucillr' Baumgartncr. Judy Wilvox, David lvladigan. Ronnie llaas. Row Three: Sharon Rummnll Lylt- Knauer Bill Young, Dixie- Pivpor. Cathy Boyer. Dnnnir- Sprague. Ronald Banwarth. Sharon Snyrlvr. Row Four: Kirk llostman. Charles Sfhmidt. Carol Grivr. Sally Schrvlner Tommy Ilostcr. Rosmnary Thain, Boyd Coleman. Don Rife, Row Five: Judy llnnr-yman. Kc-nm-th Thiltgvn. Tommy Albrecht. Mila Lisk. Donnie Niemeyer Mir-has-l Baumgarlncr, Kenneth Le-itzen. Bernice Lieh. 1 ff- Fifth Grade Bow One: Mrs. Rull, Kernnvlh Kvlvlwr, Danny Trziutwvin. Susan Alhrvchl J1mLs llzms, Bolzhy llatfwlcl. Jimmy l-'ox Row Two: Janis Fitzgvruld. Paul knmunr Mary M'zrrg:lrr-I Rifv, J00 Thravn, Joycv Goodrich. John Elwr1. I-Ilrvllrorzr llxr 2 Row Three: Yvunnv Sprmrl, Rvvu llvirlvnrviclm. Russvll Bvyvr. Dick Rvzlrl lvmy Burkv, Mzxurin'c- Allvn, Dulr- Dasvhvr. sa ps uf suv Sixth Grade Row One: Mrs. Evans, Shirley .luhnSmm. Margin' Madigan. Russvll Klrvss. Rnvhvi H1-yor, Ellsworth Dusrhz-r. Row Two: Curlvnv Rummvll. VVllliam Schulte Jimmy Bn-rlzrpzv, .lnyvu Virtuv. Ann Sr-hwirtz. Richzrrri Rvuschu How Three: Kvnnvth Sr-hlf-uning, Bnnnir- Wills, Juke- llrvslvr. Tummy Hnn1'nr'k, Shirlvy Hans, Frvd Rob- orts. How Four: .Iumvs Uohurn, Norma Divhl. Lyle Spoerl, Robert SG'mr0w. Mary .lfmv Bnunrgarlnr-r, Jnnvl Rohvrls, Absenr: Larry Andrvsnn, .f Q ,v ?""h 11,1 vfgg vm 4133 Seventh Grade How One: Mr, Read, Marvin Wurster, Betty Jn Banwarth. Jnhn Beyer. Vernan Keleher. Karen Schrevk. Ronnie Walters. Row Two: Marlene Uhl. Riehard Sehaihle, Gary Si-hap. Terry Cook, William llatiield. Marilyn Uhl. Wayne John- son Row Three: Mary Katherine Young. Donna Breed. l-'onfla Sehreek. Jerry Krtnwr. Pfttgelie Batlrngartner. Tummy Rift: Linda llutehistm. Farnlyn Nartlin. Row Four: May Ann Crnrvinger. Ronnie Roimhe. Nancy Anuiresvvn. Norman Ban' warth, Robert Knauer, Marlo Crmtirielt. Rnbert Banwarth, Etlna 'I'rautwein, How Five: Gary Cnok, Raymond Virtue. Dnnalrl Baier. Mary Ellen Dawe. Esther Heirl- enreich, Roger Bauer. Bonita Parrott. Jean Youtzy. -1 v Eighth Grade Row One: Mrs, llorlge, James Sc-hreuk, Shirley Miller, Dixie Wills. Lillian Ebert. .Joanne Ehert, Shirley Wurster.. Row Two: Stanley Albrecht. Dick Arnold, Nita lleid, Dixie Andreson. Pearl Daseher. Janice Ynutzy, Kenneth Berlage. Row Three: Carol Whitmer. LaVonne Beyer. Joanne Randeeker. Luey Peterson. Joan I-Zadie. Jutly Leihert, Mabel lielgeson. Row Four: John Guenther. Colleen Murray, Gary Walters. Janice Klepaek. Robert Kloss. Anna Haas, Carla Hnneyman, William Krone, Row Five: William Willis. Jerry Reuseh. Beverly Bauer. Eugene Willis, Kenneth Williams. John Lisk. Shirley Roberts. Ronnie Kevern. tv ng s rf E, Row One: Gary Cook, Bobby Knauer, Ronnie Kevern, Kenny Williams, John Lisk, Dickie Arnold, Kenneth Berlage, Billie Hatfield. Row Two: Marvin Wurster, Gary Schap, Stanley Albrecht, Ronnie Robb, Billie Krone, Roger Bauer, Billie Willis, GFCICIB Basketball Marlo Goodrich, Tommy Rife, Jimmy Schreck, Jerry Reusch, Vernon Keleher. Row Three: Mr. Everett Read, coach. Grade Cheerleaders Grade School Cheerleaders: Betty Jo Banwarth, Joan Eadie, Janice Youtzy, Nita Heid. so ' - If Girls and Boys Patrol. K3 Derindu Row One: Dennis Hanc-ock, Harvey Klass, Paul Palmer, Rodney Beyer, Billy Wand, Judy Andresen, Miss Doran. Row Two: Kenneth Groezinger, Danny Reusch, Diane Battig, John Fitzgerald, Bonnie Haring, Dale Spourl. Row Three: Susan Reusc-h, Diane Diehl, Martha Heer, David Beyer, Bonnie Groezinger. Diana Andreson, Carol Wurster. Bethel Row One: James Steffes, Carl Helgeson, Stanley Wurster, Larry Groezinger, Mar- vin Myers, Gary Wurster. How Two: Gary Schnitzler, Judy Dittmar, Carol Myers, Norma Jean Schnitzler, Cynthia Klopf, Marion Willis, Richard Groezinger. Row Three: Kenneth Groezinger, Marlene Helgeson, Barbara Cobine, Mrs. Bonjour, Peggy Steffes, Marquetta Chapman, Allen Groezinger. Hickory Grove Row One: Douglas Parrott, Larry Elliott, David Reifsteck, Linda Rowe, Elaine Boettner, Lorene Wilcox, Paula Spoerl, Teddy Elliott, Lee Rowe. Row Two: Car- olyn Spoerl, Stanley Backenkeller, Joan Rury, Mrs. Raymond Stauss, Mary Wil- cox, Marvin Wurster, Billy Schumacher. long Hollow Row One: Billy Hacker, Gary Schultz, Leona Baier, Arlene Kriebs, Danny Sadler, Diana Kriebs, Karen Gothard. Row Two: Dickie Hacker, Janis Gothard, Marvin Baier, Joan Sadler, Miss Nellie Arnold, LaVonne Mitchell, Marvin Webster. Patricia Kriebs, Mary Ellen Albrecht. 1 s '-.., ...fa ., Fr, , vi A A 2 'Q Vs. . , 'Y' 4 Row One: Carole Brown, Ida Winters, Mrs. Read, Charliss Cording, Jeanette Snyder. Row Two: Beverly Schumacher, Carol Lincicum, Joan Hancock, Kristin Wiedbush, Helen Artman, Sandra Andreson. Row Three: Joanne Fox, Ruth Schaible, Nancy Wiley, Linda Guenther, Carolyn Guenzler, Katherine Coburn. Row Four: Jane Fitzgerald, Iva Beyer, Joanne Dawe, Maxine Mitchell, Marilyn Meyers, Judy Eadie. Mrs. Helen Read, Adviser Mrs. Margaret Snyder, Chapter Mother FH.A. Mother Daughter Banquet. gf F, H, A, Good Cooks. Good Waitresses ,"l 9 A Ii I I - E v tbl . V e ff 15' ..1.3'.u Mr. Spring and Future Farmers of America are off on a field trip. F F A H. z ' . . . . . Hippy mom lt' 'myway Concentratmg on doing ai good job. Jimmy DZIWGV 8 good Welder- Mechanically minded. 3911 . 90? Q '49- A i F F' E - .,g3:1:-. - 159-,, y k MA Q' .,.,-:qv A ' Ewa! K vu. le' , if TR W,., ., W! S Q ,f""""f i-L Q 5? S . Q . 2. 10, 1954 Ss.- 91' if 5? . K S g 3 . ' ' 0 'Qs ' 'X 2 X f M.,- ,5,. S2113 ,wx 1. Q, M O I 4 Q . X ,I ' D- ,LX -lx 3, w X . 'X 1 , lh ,fi X A . . mi ' . Z . . ' r . E:f . t 3 W 'QW M SW J- f 1 f - Q A W . x , .AIX if V, -as A .Q 0 lgafx' fi . w 1' .mm uv 1, '. I 8 X x 1 , X I , I ' " if . Y -gt 'U , ery' . ,Q it 'wr rl ix api Q .. fa K Q l ' I , i . f-X ' , g ' "is, 14 v- f f Q , i K 'iii I , L .s - Ks 'L 'N Ja .L 4 .gl 9 1 X 5 Q ,W 1 Qidfif? if sv f 7 J '52 N ,J'L4n"X' ' if 'ui -Q ww, Key Staff How One: Wilma Wurster, Sandra Wills, Carole Brown, Kay Stadel, Charliss Cord ing, Ida Winters, Ruth Schaible, Joanne Dawe. Row Two: Mrs. Herriott, Jean ette Snyder, Betty Wurster, Janaan Madigan, Carolyn Guenzler. Future Teachers of America Row One: Katherine Coburn, Beverly Wills, Judy Banwarth, Mr. Kyrias, Joan Fischer, Judy Parkinson, Sandra Wills. Row Two: Betty Wurster, Ann Berlage, Marilyn Myers, Maxine Mitchell, Luella Price, Jane Fitzgerald, Judy Hoster. M' x M 5, XA XM -W ax K fairly X A - We A 'N N N N V .1 ., A 3 N in A L K K 'W 93 ':'f' 2 . .H ,..f.,g, 7 ,ra U- 1 : W f. 'Y 4 f'?"" A' -v-'Nz s xx A ' Z -!"""' THE SENIOR PlAY 'Seventeenth Summer" Directed by Mrs, Warren Spring. I7 1371+ ,--, 2. W , . X ,F fl ,Mm Q 'R lwyi' iirfzi '54, 1, I jf Junior Class Play -'My Lihle Margie" Dirac-ted by Mrs. Warrvn Spring Cash Margin Albright, Maureen Read: Vern Al- bright, Edward Boettncrp Roberta, Ruth Pearceg Frvddie, Hank Schwirtz: Bill, Dale Wand: Miss Sherman, Luvlla Price: Mr, Honeywell, Gerald Puls, Mrs. Odvtts, Pat Lewis: Sir Saiyid Nasif, Dennis Wurster: The Assassin, Allan Heiden- reivhg The Nurse, Lavonne Wurster: Madame Nasif. Janice Schaihle. E 1 f S if 1 Q X OUR PROM The 1954 Junior-Senior Prom was held on May 8th and we danced to the mu sic of Gus Fuhrman and his Orchestra. The theme was "Harbor Lights." Every one had a wonderful time. 1 ,FN I if? 4 TIP BUCK DUTCH Ellzuheth Hugh School Cheerleaders Judy Parklnson, Judy Banwarth Joanie Fischer, Maxine Randecker 'Q VAN DE 1 GORDY HANK JUDY CARROLL Z I as if CAPTAIN l ERT I1 MOSE FOXY Varsity David Holland Kr Wayne Spoerl, managersg Mr. Richard Carroll, Coach: Lee Stein berger, Captaing Jerry Fox, James Vandedrink, John Eversoll, Hank Schwirtz Alvin Ertmer, Melvin Wurster. Kenneth Tippett, Gordon Heid, Wayne Krug. l D V' " "B" Team Row One: Jimmy Dawe, Captain: Buford Heidenreich, Gerald Puls, Billie Baum- gartner, Delos Groezinger, Donald Lisk, Richard Carroll, Coach. Row Two: David Holland, Managerg Mark Jones, Harvey Spoerl, Eddie Boettner, Tommy Atchison, Danny Herman, Harvey Schaible, Wayne Spoerl, Manager. 1954-55 "A" Team Schedule and Scores Elizabeth Opponent November 12 54 Dakota 'November 13 41 Orangeville November 16 75 Lena 'November 23 69 Shullsburg November 30 64 Scales Mound 'December 3 56 Hanover December 10 66 Galena December 14 41 East Dubuque 'December 17 68 Warren 'December 18 71 Dakota INVITATIONAL TOURNAMENT AT MOUNT CARROLL lSecond December 28 58 Milledgeville December 30 73 Lena December 31 60 Forreston December 31 56 Chadwich 'January 4 75 Scales Mound 'January 7 63 Swckton January 14 69 HHUOVCI' January 18 so Shullsburg Galena 'January 21 83 COUNTY TOURNAMENT AT SCALES MOUND fSecond Place! January 27 86 January 28 55 'February 4 56 February 5 51 February 11 63 'February 15 67 February 18 64 Scales Mound East Dubuque East Dubuque Orangeville Warren Lena Stockton DISTRICT TOURNAMENT AT EAST DUBUQUE KNO Placingl February 23 63 ' Home Games Scales Mound Score 64 56 60 60 61 43 53 51 50 65 Pl ace J 49 55 56 83 45 47 57 68 39 81 68 58 61 55 69 52 71 'WK ki ff? 'ia 159 DADYWG ffl I Calendar of Events 1954-55 SEPTEMBER 1. School opens-Whooppe. 6. Holiday-Labor Day. 25. Junior Bake Sale. 28. F. H. A. Trip to Warren. OCTOBER 2. Senior Bake Sale. 4. Assembly-"Ford Circus"-Lots of little Mutts. 8. First Six week ends. 12. Assembly-"Wimpy"-We still say it was six vests. 14. Holiday--County Teachers Meeting. 15. Holiday-North Western Division Teachers meeting. 18. Assembly-"Bowes" Short version of South Pacihc. 22. Holiday-Teachers institute-Another one. NOVEMBER 3. Assembly-"Schmidts" Good playing, poor piano. 5. The Juniors present "My Little Margie". 12. A game at Dakota-Good Beginning-Bad Ending. 13. Elizabeth and Orangeville-We lost. 16. Elizabeth at Lena-First game on our winning list. 19. Second six weeks end.-Got our report cards "WoW". 23. Shullsburg here-Another Victory "Good Deal". 25-26. Holiday-Thanksgiving Vacation. 30. Game at Scales Mound-Won by 3 points. DECEMBER 3. Basketball game with Hanover. Won again. 10. Basketball game at Galena.-Boy! We must have a good team. 14. Ball game at East Dubuque-We goofed. 16. Christmas Concert-We have the old feeling of Christmas now 17. Ball game with Warren-Getting Better. 18. Ball game with Dakota-Beat them this time. 20-31. Christmas Vacation-Good Deal. JANUARY 4. Basketball game with Scales Mound. 7. Basketball with Stockton. 14. Basketball with Hanover. 14. End of 1st Semester. 18. Basketball game at Shullsburg. 21. Basketball with Galena-Here. 26-28. County Tournament. FEBRUARY 4. Basketball with East Dubuque-Here. 5. Ball game with Orangeville. 11. Ball Game at Warren. 12. Senior Bake Sale. 15. Basketball game with Lena-here. 18. Basketball game at Stockton. 22-24. District Tournament. 25. End of 4th Six weeks period. MARCH 11. All Sports Night-What a night. 15. Assembly "Ken Smith" Artist. 19. Senior Bake Sale. 30. F. F. A. Banquet. APRIL 1. Fun Night. 4. Assembly "Southland Singers". 6. F. F. A. Contest. 7. End of 5th Six Weeks period. 8. Holiday-Good Friday. 9. Senior Bake Sale. 15. Spring Concert. 16. Sophomore Dance. 21. Music Festival. 29. Seniors present "Seventeenth Summer". MAY 6. F. F. A. Contest at Oregon. 6. Band Carnival. 7. Jr.-Sr. Prom. 8. Seniors leave for New York-Lots of fun 18. Spring Concert. 22. Baccalaureate Exercises. 24-26 Exams. 26. Graduation Dance. 27. Grade School Graduation-2:00 p. m. 27. High School Graduation 8:00 p. m. flfllil . Q 1 t .41 54 -sf' ...di 6:3 dv at AF!! ,, ..- as! ' so 'WZ Q ff, Ulf Heartiest Congratulations From All of Us a t S T A N ' S to the Class of '55 SCP f COMPLIMENTS OI' Doctor E. J. Wiley ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF WATCHCRAF T .IEWELER GEORGE CRAFT CLOCKS WATCHES and REPAIRING ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF FARMER'S HATCHERY 8z EXCHANGE ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMENTS Ol' MARION SCHAIBLE Mobilgas - Mobiloil 1:mzAnE'rn, 11.1.1No1s COMPLIMENTS OF Doctor N. J. Schiltz ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS O GOMPLIMENTS or LOGAN'S VARIETY STORE ELIZABETH, n.L1No1s Q coMPL1MEN'rs or HOWARD BREED ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF ALBERT SCHMIDT ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF Jo Daviess County Locker Service ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMEN TS OF G R A H A M ' S Food Market HANOVER, ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMENTS OF DR. GUENTHER Chiropractor ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF HOYLE HUTCHISON ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 9 VANDERVATE 8x SONS Hanover Florists FLOWERS and POTTED PLANTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Vegetable Plants of all kinds. Nursery Stock of all kinds Bulbs of all kinds HANOVER, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF RALPH E. SPEER, M. D. HANOVER. 1LL1No1s 0 SCENIC STAGE LINE ELIZABETH to DAVENPORT Home Office, Hanover, Ill. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE SENIORS OF '55 ELIZABETH TIMES ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS O BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS BOURGO MOTOR SALES LENA, ILLINOIS O GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '55 GREEN'S SHOE STORE GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF SCHWENING'S PAINT SHOP FREEPORT, ILLINOIS O SCHOOL and OFFICE SUPPLIES GIFTS, TOYS A SOUVENIRS L A R E Y ' S 219 South Main Street GALENA, ILLINOIS 6 COMPLIMENTS OF B L U M ' S GALEN A, ILLINOIS Compliments of DR. M. I. TRADER Elizabeth, Hlinois ' ' Best Wishes To The Senior Class THE ELIZABETH WEEKLY NEWS Your Hometown Paper QUALITY PRINTING Phone 38 R 2 Elizabeth, Illinois CHAS. L. RINGER C0. FREEPOR1' FLORAL co. REEPOM N. H.,DgD1ER, Prop. an 99 0 ig-'ggggggs 106 W. Maln t. Max FREEPORT, ILLINOIS coMPL11v1EN'1's or The HARLEY DAVIDSON Q SPENCER LUGGAGE SHOP MUTURCYCLE SHOP DEcIbIL'f1'J7i-'QSE FUR3IZi'i?NGs FREEPORT, ILLINOIS FREEPORT, ILLINOIS Q 0 FLORENCES HARLEN H TRAVIS DINING Room sl LOUNGE JEWE-LER WEnD1NcgsANQU1FtggEPT1oNs Q KEEPSAIF QRMONDS , am Selfagghzsngysiinggek 211 W. Stephenson St. Freeport Ill FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 9 0 0 Mus. LIKEN'S SWEET SHOP 14 West Main St. A ' FREEPORT' ILLINUIS Q Fountain Service-Lunches-Dinners Homemade Candie Qualify Clothing all Furnishings Imported Food st Opposite Court House, Freeport ERTMER and RIFE GAMBLE STORE . Q "THE FRIENDLY STORE" Standard SBIVICC T v APPLIANCES ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS FURNITURE HARDWARE ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 6 JO DAVIESS GREETINGS and BEST WISI-IES S E R V I C, E C 0 M P A N Y A Happy and gixfcfcessful Future Distributors of . T? The Clfmss of'1955 FEEROLEUMPIIIIUIIID I1QH1E8g B'fEQUfYhI1EH0P ELIZABETI-I, ILLINOIS one ma et ' mms COME AS YOU ARE To Enjoy Hollywood's Most Entertaining Movie Productions Presented with GENUINE HOME TOWN Friendliness and Courtesy in the Modern, Comfortable and Year Round Air Condition O COMPLIMENTS OF The FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF GALENA WALTER .I. EHRLER, President FRANCIS J. ARTSCHERD, Vice Pres. .l. T. HISSEM, Cashier G. W. BUENING, Ass't. Cashier WM. R. WHIPPO, Ass't. Cashier MEMBER of F. D. I. C. Galena, Illinois BEST WISHES FROM ALBERT GREISON "QUALITY FOOTWEAR" SAVANNA, ILLINOIS O WARREN'S BAKERY 517 MAIN STREET Phone 1612 SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 9 SAVANNA CLEANERS Sz DYERS 4th Street 85 Chicago Avenue SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 0 PHIFER R CHAPEK PHOTO SUPPLY 8a RECORD SHOP 511 Main Street SAVANNA, ILLINOIS Compliments Of ELLIOTT JEWELRY CO. OVER 60 YEARS SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 0 MARTH BROS. 5c to 31.00 STORES SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 6 GEO. W. IVEY 8z SON PROPRIETORS GRANITE MONUMENTS and HEADSTONES Lettering and Carving by Sand Blast MT. CARROLL, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMENTS OF LEE W. ROGERS SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE INDUSTRIAL CASUALTY INS. CO. Phone 3634 MT. CARROLL, ILL. JONES SERVICE STATION Gefk"'a"'S Moto' Sales Jo DAVIESS SERVICE co. Your Dodge ' Plymouth Pnonucms WHEEL EALANCING Q Dealer MOTOR TUNE G. E. HOME APPLIANCES WASHING ACCESSORIES and LUBRICATION G. E. TELEVISION Phone Elizabeth 72 Te1ePh011e 24112 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS READ'S HARDWARE THE PLACE 'ro SHOP B R E E D ' S Fon Youn HARDWARE NEEDS , CL13xf3IeFBIi1!f SEJSFE Phone 43-R-6 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS STUKENBERG'S CgI'lfEf,I,EEIlf',gF I M P L E M E N T Massey Harris Q GAS gg. G CIIIREASE Ngw Idea TIRES -:- BATTERIES -1- FEEDS FREEPORT -:- ILLINOIS GALENA -1- ILLINOIS 0 0 HOWARD'S STC?KhENBlgRG'S CLOTHING and ' ' 0 O COMPLIMENTS OF BEST WISHES EMMERT'S DRUG STORE F L Y I N G C L 0 U D FREEPORT -:- ILLINOIS Q U- S- RUUTE 20 STEPHENSON - CARROLL PUBLISHERS PUBLISHERS OF The Terrapln LENA, ILLINOIS Q COMPLIMENTS OF Spahn Sz Rose Lumber Co. NORA - - - ILLINOIS O U. S. APPROVED - PULLORUM CLEAN LANE VIEW POULTRY FARM CLARENCE STOUFFER, Mgr. WADDAMS GROVE, ILLINOIS NEW HAMPSHIRES DE KALB CHIEF WILBUR RONJOUR TRUCKING CO. LIVESTOCK HAULING WARREN - :. ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF S C H U L T Z SERVICE STATION Q Courteous, Etiicient Service SCALES MOUND - :A ILLINOIS 0 CHUCK 81 HARRIET'S FRIENDLY TAVERN WED. NITE-CHICKEN SPAGHETTI - SHRIMP FRI, NITE STEAK - CHICKEN SHRIMP FI - SH SAT NITE - STEAK - CHICKEN SHRIMP NORA - :- ILLINOIS ELIZABETH PHARMACY JOHN CHIAVERINAT DRUGS GIF S MAGAZINES DEVELOPING Phone 68 ELIZABETH, ILL DlCK'S LUNCH AIR CONDITIONED FOUNTAIN SERVICE SODAS and SUNDAES MALTS and SHAKES STEAKS - 2- SANDWICHES G 0 0 d F 0 0 d ELIZABETH - - - ILLINOIS BEST WISHES FROM ELIZABETH CLEANERS Nadlg Funeral Home Q RQNALD PETESCHY AMBULANCE OWNER SERVICE Phone 151 Hanover and Elizabeth, Illinois Main Street, Elizabeth Best Wishes to the Senior Class ALBRECHT BROTHERS Q WOODBINE CREAMERY YOUR JoHN DEERE DEALER A. c. sIIIp'I-oN ELIZABETH . ILLINOIS WOODBIN E, ILLINOIS , Compliments and Best Wishes To The Graduating Seniors L E O A L L E N 0 0 COMPLIMENTS or LQUIS HQLLAND DOCTOR WILLIAM GOLDEN Q PLUMBING and HEATING QPTQMETRIST PHONE 1861 GALENA GALENA -1- ILLINOIS GAI-ENA -1- IIII-INOIS Q O THE OIDELL BAKERY LITTLE CHEF speiiliiiilg JSdvSii1E1'LiqaEiiB4'i25day 0 D R I V E ' IN GALENA -:- ILLINOIS GALENA ':' ILLINOIS Best Wishes to the Senior Class from ZEHINA'S MUSIC CENTER Dubuque, Iowa 0 0 'lf it's Sporting Goods -- We have it' H0 E ALE RETAIL SPXQTSLCESNTERR B 0 B Z E H E N T N E R , S Uigcglsgg EHOP DOWNTOWN STO E ' TORE 920 MAIN ST- Slmftlng Goods C0- 1572374 CENTRAL AVE Dial 3-7361 Dubuque, Iowa Dial 3-6449 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES ON YOUR GRADUATION William H. Nash and Aretta F. Nash COMPLIMENTS OF DICK'S TELEVISION SERVICE "SERVICE AT ITS BEST" Q RCA Victor 8z Dumont NAIHBSIIQEQEJEQME RCATf,Iei?95'1't 22215252 Pggggoii-PFQSIJ GALENA, ILLIIINIOIIS ree Q Q GOMPLIMENTS or NORTHWESIERN ILLINOIS PETITGUUT FUNERAL GAS KL ELECTRIC COMPANY H 0 M E GALENA, 1LL1No1s DAY AND NIGHT O First SUCOBSSIIII Light BIIIIJ E smnvrcm AMBILLIQSEE 848 1879 by Thomas Edison GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF B I L L ' S P L A C E GALENA, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMENTS OF L. H. ROSS, D. C. STOCKTON, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF The BLACK HAT CAFE STOCKTON, ILLINOIS 0 BEST WISHES FROM WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE AMBROSE HOFFMAN, Owner GALEN A, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF ROTH CHEVROLET SALES and SERVICE GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 METIIKRMENIZEIEW STORE an-nnKTON. ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMENTS OF KRAFT FOODS C 0 M P A N Y STOCKTON, 1LL1No1s 9 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 H A R O L D T A F T GALENA, ILLINOIS The AMES COMPANY OFFICE EQUIPMENT and SUPPLIES SALES and SERVICE Dial 2 - 4848 Authorized Distributors A. B. DICK MIMEOGRAPH UNDERWOOD Ofiice Machines Dubuque -:- Iowa Q Dubuque -:- Iowa COMPLIMENTS OF KOLCK'S MEN'S SHOP 831 MAIN STREET DUBUQUE, IOWA 0 TRI- STATE BLUE PRINT CO. DRAFTING and ENGINEERING Supplies, Artists' Materials REPRODUCTIONS 756 IOWA STREET DUBUQUE - :- IOWA 0 COMPLIMEN TS OF IIENNEY'S SHOE STORE Dubuque -:- Iowa 0 POULTRY EQUIPMENT SADIE STOUFFER HATCHERY PHONE 30706 Waddams Grove, Illmols U. S. Approved -:- Ofiicially Pullorum Clean ROBERTSON'S .I W SCHMID DRUG STORE ' ' PRESCRIPTION DRUGGIST Q Men 8I BUYS Wear PHONE 162 .:- zoo N. Main st. GAIENA -I' II'I-INOIS GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 0 J. F. MYERS 8: SON SANITARY E HEATING ENGINEERS KOEMPEL'S WATCH SHOP OIL BURNERS -1- STOHEES Fon FINE REPAIRING AIR CONDITIONING Q QUICK SERVICE 313 south Main St. GALENA -:- ILLINOIS GALENA -1- ILLINOIS Q O COMPLIMENTS or co1vIPLI1vIENTS or J. P. VINCENT BEN FRANKLIN STORE LocALI.Y OWNED IRIN D S,0 N5 Q NATIONALLY KNOWN e m 0 r 1 a s - - ESTABLISHED 1884 Galena ' mmms Galena -:- Illinois MOLITER BODY SHOP COMPLETE REFINISHING 207 N. Commerce Street Phone 28 R GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF A SL P FOOD STORE GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF GRANTVIEW INN WEDDING PARTIES, ETC. HOME COOKED FOODS All the Coffee You Can Drink for 56 GALENA, ILLINOIS 6 LUELLA'S SHOP LADIES' READY - T0 - WEAR and GIFTS MRS. EVELYN SMYTHI GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF HOPPE Sz GRAY BARBER SHOP -:- BEAUTY SALON GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 F URLONG KL UEHREN OPEN NIGHTS, SUNDAYS and HOLIDAYS Phone 70 - 289R - or 303 GALENA, ILLINOIS 6 WAGNER'S SHOE STORE FOR I Better Footwear GALENA, ILLINOIS Q . COMPLIMENTS OF HRAF T FOODS COMPANY GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF I. A. A. INSURANCE SERVICE WENDELL R. KEITHLEY SL ANY AgeIfff51QcgvI?,?ager H. M. PRIESTLEY ai E. J. covENY J0 DAVIESS COUNTY Q Lumber, Building Material FARM BUREAU and C0311 Phone 146 Ph011e75 COUNTRY LIFE INSURANCE CO. COUNTRY MUTUAL FIRE CO. COUNTRY MUTUAL CASUALTY CO. ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 Banwarth Mobile Service RAY and BILL Phone 30 ROUTE 20 AND MAIN ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Union Dairy Ice Cream ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 Daniels' Insurance Agency The Elizabeth State Bank Building ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLETE INSURANCE SERVICE COMPLIMENTS or HARRY EATMAN Produce WARREN - :- ILLINOIS Q COMPLIMENTS OF The FAMILY SHOE STORE SHOE REPAIRIN G A SPECIALTY GUY M. ANDERSON LEN A - :- ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF HUGHES JACK SPRAT STORE GROCERIES - 2- MEATS VEGETABLES - :- DRY GOODS N 9 PHO E SCALES MOUND, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF T. D. SHEEAN C O N T R A C T 0 R Earthmoving - :- Bulldo ' g SCALES MOUND, ILLINOIS 0 0 COMPLIMENTS or Shipping Association "BUD" DOYLE SCALES MOUND 1LL1NoIs STOUFFEIPS BABY CHICKS SHULLSBURG -1- W1scoNs1N U. s. APPROVED PULLORUM CLEAN PHONE 266 Q STOUFFER'S HATCHERY LENA - :- ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF ERNEST GREBNER CLOVER FARM STORE SCALES MOUND -:. ILLINOIS Best Wishes to the Senior Class l'0IIl F EM M A G R E B N E B Galena -:- Illinois 6 COMPLIMENTS OF MILLHOUSE BROTHERS and COMPANY HARDWARE -:- HOUSEWARE AND APPLIANCES GALEN A - :- ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS or HIRST CLOTHING S T 0 R E GALEN A - :- ILLINOIS 0 0 O STEAKBURGER INN BILL DIPS HOME - MADE SOUPS PLATE LUNCI-IES SHORT ORDERS 5:00 A. M - 2' . .00 A. M. CLOSED MONDAYS GALEN A -:- ILLINOIS Q BEST w1sHEs DIL L 0 N ' S 701 FRANKLIN STREET GALENA -:- ILLINOIS 0 QXSS M U 3,6 ,se 0 H K 252 oy' JACK SCHWIRTZ CHEVROLET CO. ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Chevrolet Oldsmobile New Idea New Holland Allis Chalmers 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '55 BEST WISHES FOR HEALTH and SUCCESS MESSING G BECKER Sporting Goods EQUIPMENT FOR ALL YOUR LEISURE HOURS OF GAMES AND SPORTS FREEPORT, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMENTS OF G A R R I T Y R E X A L L D R U G S FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 0 BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS HAROLD'S CAFE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF S. S. KRESGE CG. STORE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 1 W. STEPHENSON 27 W. STEPHENSON GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '55 Q ROY'S FOUNTAIN 0 O FREEPORT, ILLINOIS O BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS WALTER KUEHL, Jeweler 17 E. Stephenson Street FREEPORT, ILLINOIS O GOOD LUCK TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF '55 ROBERT G. LUECKE FREEPORT, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF IVAN HUNZELMAN O P T O M E T R I S T GALENA, ILLINOIS Q DR. Phone 57 or Res. 34 GALENA, ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMENTS OF IIE Sz BAILEY .IAHNC Quality Hill Meat and Grocery Q Flour and Feed PHONE 76 or 77 GALENA, ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMENTS OF COLLIN'S PRODUCE POULTRY - EGGS Q and WOOL PHONE 696 - R GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 CITIES SERVICE DENNIS RICHARDS Q Cities Service GALENA, ILLINOIS SCHUBERT'S T. V. T. V. and RADIO -:- Sales-Service BENDIX - AUTOMATIC WASHERS and DRYERS PHONE 652 -:- 299 S. Main GALEN A, ILLINOIS 9 COMPLIMENTS OF ABBOTT'S SNACK BAR LUNCHES - :- SANDWICHES I C E C R E A M Marie 8a Harry GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 . .COMPLIMENTS OF W1II1a.m G. Gilles, M. D. 911 THIRD STREET GALENA, ILLINOIS PHONE 900 0 COMPLIMENTS OF JOHN GEIGER Sz SDN S H O E S T O R E FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY GALENA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF A B E G E R II I C II ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Q BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1955 'I'YSON'S FASHIONETTE ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMEN TS OF .I0 DAVIESS LIVESTOCK MARKETING ASS'N. ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMEN TS OF R 0 Y P R I C E BLACKSMITHING WELDING and PLOW SHARPENIN G ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF DR. I.. T. OBEIIIIEIIII ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 6 GEORGE SHEUMAKER FENCING POSTS GASOLIN E - 1- OIL FLOUR -:- FEEDS -:- GRAINS ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS O Plant DeKalb Hybrid FOR HIGH YIELDS R U R L J . R E E D ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 6 COMPLIMEN TS OF HERMAN IMPLEMENT ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF STADEL HARDWARE SCALES MOUND, 1LL1No1s O BEST WISHES FROM THE C 0 R N E R C A F E SCALES MOUND, ILLINOIS Q BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM PERCY HUTCHISON Galena - - - Illinois COMPLIMENTS OF NELL'S TAVERN EUCHRE PARTIES THUR. NITE FISH FRY FRI. NITE SCALES MOUND, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF SCHAPVILLE GARAGE CARLYLE EVERSOLL SCHAPVILLE, ILLINOIS 0 COME DANCE T0 WELL KNOWN BANDS AT THE ROYAL PALACE ON HIGHWAY 20 BETWEEN GALENA 85 DUBUQU E FISCHER'S HARDWARE RART'S CLEANERS General Hardware EXPERT CLEANING PLUMBING and HEATING RES NG . and P SI STOOKTON . . ILLINOIS Phone 25-R-9 WOODBINE, ILLINOIS Q 0 STEPHENSON'S JEWELRY AREHEEIMWEEERS STORE GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 DIAEQSRY 'fb VQQESSES EXPERT REPAIRING STOCKTON . . ILLINOIS Q O BUY YOUR WALTER J. BEYER T E R R A P I N 0 ESIEEC 53112522 EARLY F3532 EHZULEKEET STOCKTON, ILLINOIS O O STOCKTON SKELGAS SIMMONS' PROCESSING Sales 8, Service COMPLETE LINE OF RANGES H1gK0RY SMOKED Q WATER HEATERS -:- FREEZERS HAMS 4. BACON HEATING EQUIPMENT CUSTQM BUTQHERING Phone 228R2 Stockton, Illino STOCKTON . . ILLINOIS Robert M. Johnson S. 85 S. SINCLAIR GOOD LUCK 'ro ALL FLOYD STATHAM, AETHUR SISLER 1 G EAsING L E 0 S Q WASHING HANOVER, ILLINOIS SERVICING HANOVER -:- ILLINOIS G O O D Y E A R Q 0 GORDY'S MOBILE SERVICE THEISEN CLOVER BAEIEELQES FARM STORE Q ACCESSORIES HANOVER, ILLINOIS HANOVER -:- ILLINOIS PHONE vs PHONE BLACK 185 O 0 BE WORRY FREE IN '55 OPEN A SAVINGS ACCOUNT N 0 W ! CONGRATULATIONS , T0 THE CLASS OI' 1955 Save Sgmethmg v. F. w. CLUB Q Every payday P 0 S T N 0 . 5 3 0 0 LIBERAL EARNINGS -1- SAFETY HANOVER -:- ILLINOIS HANOVER STATE BANK HANOVER, ILLINOIS WOODBINE FEED MILL LEON ARNOLD, Prop. COAL -:- FEED -:- SALT CEMENT -:- MIXING and QUALITY CON CENTRATES WOODBIN E - :- ILLINOIS 6 COMPLIMENTS or CARROL SPICKLER GUERNSEY DAIRY STOCKTON, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF R A L P H ' S BEAUTY SHOPPE 118 South Main Street Phone 401 R2 STOCKTON, ILL. RALPH C. KNAUER, Owner 9 Qi Phill-up with Phillips 66 ABE DITTMAR 81 SONS WOODBIN E - :- ILLINOIS COMPLIMEN TS OF VANDERHEYDEN l. G. A. SUPER MARKET 250 EAST NORTH AVENUE ON U. S. 20 Tel. 250 Stockton, lll 0 STOCKTON SALES C 0 M P A N Y Ford Sales XL Service MASSEY - HARRIS IMPLEMENTS Telephone 75 R 2 BEST WISHES AND GOMPLIMENTS OF THE COMPLIMENTS OF CREAMERY C0. O 'BING'S' BARBER T0 THE CLASSDOF 155 TER S H 0 P EAT HBETSY MAI " E T ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 0 COMPLIMENTS or THE ,I . M . S J 0 B E R G COFFEE SHOP O QUALITY EGGS 0 MANUEL ARNOLD Phone 14-R-9, Woodbine, Ill. DOZING, EARTH MOVING ECONOMY PORTABLE BUILDINGS Starline Barn Equipment De Laval Separators and Milkers 9 SAM BREED LIVE STOCK BUYER ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Yards Phone 32 Hog Mkt. 5 Days a Week 0 CITIES SERVICE SEMROW'S SERVICE STATION ON HIGHWAY NO. 20 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 COMPLIMENTS OF SCHMIDT'S CAFE ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF COMPLIMENTS OF ECONOMY PAINT STORE DE LUXE CLEANERS SAVANNA, ILLINOIS FOR A FINE FINISH PAINT WALLPAPER . WE Pick Up and Deliver GLASS 123 Main Street. Phone 2622 LARGE STOCKS SAVANNA, ILLINOIS COURTEOUS SERVICE L. P. STRUCKMAN, Prop. Q 9 MOLTMANN 8: SMITH E. G. SHINNER Sz CO., Inc. Q Ford Sales 423 MAIN STREET Telephone 2233 SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 208 W. Market st. MT. CARROLL, ILLINOIS COMPLIMEN TS OF DR. F. T. ROE O P T O M E T R I S T SAVANNA, ILLINOIS COMPLIMEN TS OF KOSER'S GREENHOUSE F L 0 W E R S FOR EVERY OCCASION South Third Street Phone 64-R or 64-W GALENA - :- ILLINOIS DELIVERY OF PASTEURIZED DERINDA STORE Q DAIRY PRODUCTS S. C. ANDERSON COMPLIMENTS OF SAVANNA GREENHOUSE Savanna, Illinois GRIMM'S DAIRY Phone 5421 -:- Mt. Carroll 0 DONATIONS MOBILE STATION, GALENA DAVIES DRESS SHOP, GALENA BARKER LUMBER CO., SCALES MD WILLS GARAGE, SCALES MD. GEORGE SCHULLER, ELIZABETH BOURGO MOTOR SALES, LENA STOCKTON DONATIONS BOB'S CLOVER FARM STORE STOCKTON MANUFACTURING CO. L. W. RYDER MOBILE SERVICE SPAHN 85 ROSE WALTER MEYERS C. A, ALBRECHT COMPLIMENTS OF HECHT'S STORE FOR WOMEN FREEPORT - :- ILLINOIS 0 OOMPLIMEN TS OF Sinclair Sz Moellenberndt YOUR GARDEN SUPPLY STORE 114 .E Stephenson St. Main 141 FREEPORT - 1- ILLINOIS 9 Eye-C Smoke Shop 121 East Stephenson St. FREEPORT - :- ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF FREEPORT AUTEX Co. C. H. LITTLE XL C0 "At the sign of the Plated Tower CHINA, GLASSWARE, LAMPS TOYS, HOUSE FURNISHINGS Silver Plated Flat - Hollow Ware FREEPORT -:- ILLINOIS O COMPLIMEN TS OF COLLIER'S MUSIC STORE "EVERYTHING IN MUSIC" 21 East Stephenson St. FREEPORT - :- ILLINOIS 6 ROBINSON'S W0men's Wear FREEPORT - :- ILLINOIS 9 FREEPORT RUG and LINOLEUM C0., Inc. PHONE STATE 159 3 East Main Street FREEPORT - :- ILLINOIS COMPLIMENTS OF OASIS RESTAURANT FREEPORT, ILLINOIS 9 H O T Z E ' S Farm Supplies SEED and FEED e 105 STOCKTON, 0 COMPLIMENTS OF PARKER 81 ROSS MENS' and BOYS' CLOTHING SAVANN A, ILLINOIS ILL. BEST WISHES FROM ADAMS and DABRON SAVANNA, ILLINOIS 0 NIEMEYER'S Drug Store DRUGS -1- SUNDAES WALLPAPER - 2- PAINT STOCKTON, ILLINOIS Q BROWN'S MEN'S WEAR IF IT'S SOMETHING TO WEAR com: TO B R O W N ' S sTocK'roN, 1LL1No1s Q BEST WISHES TO THE SENIOR CLASS FROM STEFFEN'S TRACTOR SALES STOCKTON, ILLINOIS Elizabeth can surely t11rn them out. Where can we lind a better 100 per cent class than the Seniors of 1955. Elizabeth is proud of them, as is this store, which has grown to be the largest and finest store in northwest Illinois with the help of these graduates and their parents. When this large class goes out in this competitive world to make it safe for democracy, then Elizabeth will again be recognized as ths original "Garden of Eden." THE THREE BISHOPS AND CLERKS Elizabeth, Illinois 0 0 HERMANN FUNERAL HOME Clyde W. Hermann Ambulance Service Phone 231-R-3 STOCIITON, ILLINOIS "The Home With The Church -like Chapel' Galena, Illinois. RODDEN'S TRUCK STOP GAS and DIESEL FUEL OPEN 24 HOURS On U. S. 20 Just East of GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 GLICK'S SHELL SERVICE STATION LUNCH COUNTER EAST OF GALENA ON ROUTE 20 0 PLUYM'S COZY CAFE Home Cooked MEATS and PIES STEAKS 85 CHICKENS GALENA, ILLINOIS 0 E. W. HELLER Coal -:- Fuel Oil READY MIX CONCRETE Phone 220 S M I T H ' S C A F E ACROSS FROM HOTEL DE SOTO GALENA, ILLINOIS Good Food REASONABLE PRICES 5 A. M. - 11:30 P. M. CLOSED TUESDAYS 9 VALLEY VIEW INN CHICKEN - STEAK - CHOPS KEN 85 DOROTHY HUDSON, Prop. GALENA, ILLINOIS O COMPLIMENTS OF GAMRER'S BARBER SHOP GALENA, ILLINOIS 9 MILK - ICE CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE WEST GALENA DAIRY P A S T E U R I Z E D Dairy Products GALENA, ILLINOIS ELIZABETH GARAGE AGNES M. GRAVES, Proprietor GMC Trucks Pontiac Buick 0 BODY and FENDER Work P A I N T I N G COMPLETE AUTO SERVICE FRAME, AXLE, WHEEL ALIGNMENT BATTERY CHARGING -- GREASING FIRESTONE TIRES -- DELCO BATTERIES TRUCK TESTING STATION NO. 226 ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS Phone 41- R - 6 0 0 Best Wishes To The Class of 1955 0 THE ELIZABETH STATE BANK ELIZABETH, ILLINOIS 0 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 0 wap . ff - ' .-1-es 3 .. . ,. ,fygprf-5,1-g ? :gp . i,i',,j..'f3'?5:3:,'E, ,- ,,..-1- 7'fv U g a. , , W ,- 'F '-1 -J I U I . ',, W., , V , ., -1: , 7 wr , .. . v 391- - A ri ,fu 'fy- ' - f, . fs? , , , V, . -1- -g, N -, , 'V -X. ,QQ 3 igi I, . , Y Q, - , ., - 1 ' fr .,-e', ,J-I if ' , ' , - ,z 'si , . LE . , J -, ,- 7. . Te , J ,- Xu. V bf .I ,I . .,,. . ,. , ,,-1.-1 ..,, ,-:.,g.,Y-1 ,..1,. . . .. ' jr J ,f 1 ' 1,1 Q33 . .-,J E : '- '14 e.,.-rF, 1' ,elif-F139 ' " iw 4,113 4 N, ,, gm-4,-E,-.,gr,,Pf.'f'. A A 1 , , .- 1, 1..f...'5:w,' V .w Y"-f.L:?Y 14111 T' 4.,,."f'...ff - 2" - L' ,-., wang, Q - 'fi M1 L-25, -iigx x ii mfs fa- -- -'- .- P-.1f'fz'L':-' ref Q' fx f f , ' if 1: .: vv..fffJ 21 - 1: 'f-'JL if vlfkiwe-wL1'J 1 SL V Y' ,, x x 1. 143 ':-".-i'?'1, , f , ff x ,. 4 , .,., fm. I 3, ,, if - . A ,. , 1 K nr- ay, una, ,114 A ,, . 'H Him 3,43.3-'.'.-7,-5wg1'ij3: ,pf K , -S' 9 ,, f SN :FQMQ - L .-5.3 -. 'J-. ' if fp in ,Kb :Na-,,,. . f, gn :VV Lf, f 1 ' Ji VM 'L V-Y I 1 'Hz' Y - : ' . iff . - Y-:agrtk T , V- . x-.iufzrf ,'., .V wr K '- 21 A 'Mei AJ- 'f ,, . , ' . "-5-.5-x.m -in ., U .V ., fir, ic ,.L,,i , ,.. ,,,,,,,i.,-x 1 Y ,. s 'Hgf-'Y - -fl-?'f'2' 'Q 54,2 1 1 .' Z.: 1, , . . 1,4 V. . faq- , P , , .i .. , , ,. :Y5'5L1'i?T'i'-f ' bg ' , 'fr Lg?" fffffj- , : ' ,, 1 if J 'Tm f'- 'a, -5.51: - - ' ' 2 -Ffbjiwh , , . ' H-arf," ' 5 . . ,,45,. . ,HU , -- ff + f f ..e.,., Laila! -PM 'la 1, E . -W. Lg, W Mm. .r v M, M , Ra' wk Nz. ,QQ - M 'ug-. bww -0 TN? 1 mai v 1 -LK W, , ,. Lim. 24 xl. ' u .535 fam F'-'-'-

Suggestions in the Elizabeth High School - Terrapin Yearbook (Elizabeth, IL) collection:

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1955, pg 46

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