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R -.. ,E ,,....-,..,....-.-,,,... --ww. ..,.,,5,,5,7,,.f-9.-01571-1-L-fh,,,Y.V ....,.,.',.vv,.--.1 Jyvwfv.-6.4-A-, Sk V 1' X. R +55 W, 3 !,..h, ,,.,..., , g Aw ,R ,,, , U, 'ffyf ffffy ' iiimiw V I - 4 5,41 AMM 474752 l1!,447'fA? L' M6060 PM b 4923 iw W ,H ig 'QUE' al fly., ' W . F TIF Ill, ga Q..2:.:.:.-E:.'::5.::n" 'S' J tg HJ cr-1-r V f 2 4 EL' joj Q tw.sf'WQ-'J-Eff 9 gwi ,' Us Hin -- - -- xff ,Q wma f vg' pwa frm 4 :bil 1 Y , , A 1, I A I lfl. fr 1 Z' 1 ,I 1 I, m u !, 1 v ,I f ' f k 2 xl , 1 ' U " 1 I ,I 'lf ll 1 f X I . f 1 2 I L, f ,J U Vg 1 1' 'W If , 66 f 'VM Y ,N IL' fry' if K., Xvr .X .1 1 v 1 I v I ', x 9, .1 f zu' 512 lm :J x , Q gh Carol Evans BEST PERSONALITY E Q , Terry Pagliari Mike Kovachich Jackie Zadroga 3 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Emilie Gavok MOST TALENTEIJ Larry Landini Linda ,loll Erin Brady A. A Y f MOST ATHLETIC f I MOST ACTIVl' Stan Urbanovich J D - 5if1?4f.,f 4? kz E f Jon Shank A V." Elizabeth-Forward High School, Elizabeth, Pennsylvania Ninth Edition 1960 l EFHS Warrior Choir Music Makers Warrior Band Foreword Music, Music, Music-what does school music mean to us? It means classes in which we learn the fundamentals: the scale, how to read notes, and how to sing with others without too many sour notes. It means becoming a part of the Intermediate Chorus-the first group to which many belong. To others, music means joining the Bandg spending long hours practicing and drilling for perfect formations and performances. It means being a part of a smooth, smartly- dressed aggregation which supplies the pep at rallies and games and parades. As we become upperclassmen, music may mean joining the Vlfarrior Choir, the Under- grads, or the Dance Band. Or it may mean becoming an accompanist or a solo performer. So much for the musicians, music also means much to the rest of us. It means the feeling of pride that stirs us when the Band marches onto an opponent,s football field, it means the thrill we feel when the Band heralds a touchdown or encourages one, it means hold- ing our heads a little higher while watching a parade as our major and majorettes step into view. Also, as music lovers, we thrill to the beautiful music our choral groups provide as they usher in the Christmas season or present an evening's concert. And so, it is surely fitting that we pay t1'ibute to the department responsible for these most exciting moments. . Motzoate Morale '4Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other, because Table of Contents Dedication to 4 In Memoriam eeee, -- 6 Administration ..,.,, U 8 Faculty ,, e,ee t eeee 7 10 Seniors e..w . 24 Juniors 48 Sophomores .,.. eeeee 6 4- Fresl ilii en 7 W 74 80 Sports . . . 92 Activities eee. oooo.., eeeee Index fSeniorsj ,.,r eeeeeeee 1 18 Patrons .. .....,., to .,..... ,-e,, , ,119 Autograph Pages I ntermedzate Chorus rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soulf, -PLATO XX N x Dance Band tim Xi' ,Y Mr. Illf'0iJllCC'i and Mr. Farina eonter over the score for a coming production. Wlltzll the 1960 Eli-Mon staff met to decide to whom their yearbook would be dedicated, the question was asked, Mivho has done the most for the good of the school in the past few yearsfw Although it was agreed that many have helped in creating the school we have today, there were two men Whose work seems to permeate every corner. We talked of how we thrilled to the music of our bandweven their practice sessionsg of how well they represented us at sports events and at concerts. Vlfe mentioned the pleasure we knew when the choral groups entertained us at Christmas, at special assemhlics, or at the lovely spring and fall musicales. Soon we were all thinking the same thing-there was just one possible dedicationg so, with our sincere thanks, we gratefully present the 1960 Eli-Mon to our Music Men, Mr. Walter laco- hueei and Mr. Joseph Farina. 1 w "'l'hat note's worth 2000 den1eritsl" "Donut just stand there - do somethingl' v Mr. Farina and Mr. Iacobucci In Memoriam Augus ! TED ROBERT CONNORS t 22, 1942-September 18, 1956 d he slept. "God's finger touched him, an TENNYSON DR. HARRY H. FAULK, D.Ed., University of Pittsburgh - supervising principal I- D MISSES PATTY WALLACE and JEAN KASTAN .IOINT BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED: Mr. Martin Thompson, Mrs Margaret Whitehead, Mr. Charles Tarr, Mr. David I'Iowcll. STANDING: Mr George Munnell, Dr. A. I. Monhcim Mr. Frank McKinney. i"iT to A WP in-f i W Q,'.,JVi, R f .Wi.f'-X u i'lY!!Tff' rf X' N 'N I no ff! ti fi -" 4 x f 1 A 8 9 ,,f If f J We are proud that our building houses the offices of the entire school district. Although we know it isn't polite to peek, we do sometimes glance in the windows as we hurry down the hall, and we never fail to be impressed by the efficient, active look of these rooms. Dr. Storer is always surrounded by important-looking financial leclgers while Dr. Faulk is busy on the phone or in conference. Mrs. Lacey and the other women are typing, filing, taking dictation or laboring over big complicated machines. In shortgall are working+and for us! My-Q.. MRS. DOROTHEA MORRISON DR. CHARLES S. STORER, D.D.S M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh, associ MRS- LILLIAN LACEY ate supervising principal. J, A cf re ' .J if Lfcvfttfzyky tu Across the hall. we walk into the high school office to leave our announcement and are again amazed at the amount of work being done. Back in lVIr. Shaver's office, there is a small meeting in sessiong Mr. Benedetti has just said, "Good Morning" and is ready to give the day's noticesg Pat and Marie are answering phones and filing mail in the teachers' mail boxes: Dr. Burke is showing new books to a department ehairmang and everything is in readiness for the day. Al- lhough we don'l see much of IVI11 Furno or Mr. Revetta, We know each is in his own office preparing the way for the lioys and girls who will take our places some day soon. DR. DENNIS BURKE, D.Ed., University of Pittsburgh - supervisor of secondary edu- cation-MR. WILLIAM R. BENEDETTI, M.Ed., Uni versity of I'ittslJu1'gl1-assist ant high school principal INIR. JAMES REVE'I"I'A, lNI.Ed., University of Pittsburgh---director of elementary education, and MR. JOSEPH R. FIIRNO. INI.Ed., University of Pittshurglls-junior high school principal "Y THE JOINT BOARD OF EDUCATION-SEATED: Mr. William Saeane, Mr. Orrie Rock- well, Mr. Willard Weigel, Mr. Robert Barlow, Mr. William Kuskic. STANDING: Mr. Chester lNIainwaring. Mr. John DeSantis, Mr. I"rederick Garvin, Mr. William Kelly. Not l'ietured: Mr. David Morrison and Mr. Paul Stracelsky. MR. JAMES N. SHAVER. lNI.EtI., University of I'ittsl1urgI1ff- high school principal 00000 'FJ-- , .. MRS. MARIE REID and MISS I'A'I' SONCINI 9 Guidance: A Major Theme MISS VIRGINIA W. REDMAN, B.A., Wilsong M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh MR. DAVID E. DOUGLAS, BS., ,Iuniatag M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh Our guidance counselors, Miss Virginia Redman and Mr. David Douglas, are two of the most important people we meet in our high school careers. Their job is to get to know as much as possible about each student, then to put that knowledge to work for us. This is accomplished through a testing program and through personal interviews. They coordinate their knowledge with that of our teach- ers, parents, and administrators to provide the best possible type of education for us. Their other duties include arranging for special classes, keeping us aware of scholarship possibilities, planning for college and career conferences, conducting follow-up surveys of graduates, and often attempting to solve the personal problems of students. Both Miss Redman and Mr. Douglas give unselfishly of their time and energies to help the students of EFHS. Guidance Activities Miss Redman congratulates Larry Dillen, al- ternate, and Elizabeth Hodgson, winner, of the Odd Fellows United Nations Contest. This resulted in a trip for Liz to the United Na- tions and other spots of historical interest in the New York area. I0 Miss Redman visits an English class to discuss the high school record and the testing program provided for all students. Dan Dansak thanks Dr. Foil Miller, one of the speakers at Career Night spon- sored by the guidance department. Evaluation Committee: 'Cntr This group of distinguished educators who visited our school from Novemher 16 to November 19, 1959, were very pleasant and helpful as they carried on their evaluation. FRONT: Mrs. Mary Erdman, Braddock, Miss Marian Crovlxinger, Beaver Falls, Mrs. Virginia Crawford, Monacag Mr. P. F. Manning, Munhallg Dr. Michael Serene, Am- Imridge. ROW 2: Mr. Curtis Clay, North Braddoekg Mr. Paul Lewis, Clairtong Mr. Ray Roneo, Scottdale, Mr. Reginald Crt-aser. lledfordg Mr. Regis Shalley, Baldwin. ROW 3: Dr. Guy Harriger, Butler, Mrs. Mary Germaula, Dormont: Miss A. Jeannette Broadfoot, Har-Braek. BACK: Miss Helen Smith, Pittshurghg Mr. Edgar Holtz, Penn Hillsg Mr. Budd Stewart, Parkerg Mr. James Porter, Californiag Mr. Thomas Knorr, Meadville. Not pictured: Mr. Eugene Bacha, St. Vineent. Much of the groundwork for evaluation was done by these department chairmen assisted by Dr. Burke and Mr. Bene- detli. SEATED: Mrs. West, Miss Lauder, Mr. Douglas, Dr. Burke, Mrs. Brandfass, Miss Ruhino. STANDING: Mr. Nl0I'l'SClll, Mr. Eseott, Mr. Posa, Miss Scott, Mrs. Allen, Mr.Hatl1awuy, Mr. Ciavarra, Mr. Benedetti. liiii l Department hairmen. MISS ROSE RIPEPI, ll.S., California S.'l'.C.g Monongalu-lag plane geomt try, class adviser. Mathematics MISS ALICE COLEMBIEWSKI, Wayiieslaurgg R e p u IJ l i eg chemistry. mathg Chemistry Club. MR. RICHARD LESNAK. B.S., Carne- gie Techg Elizabethg mathg class ud- viser. Our department operates on the premise that the courses offered are important to each individual. It is our objective to provide a program of studies which will meet the needs, interests and abili- ties of every student. There is a variety of courses which permit those with special talents to ex- MR. .IUHN MORESCHI. l3.S., Cali- fornia S.'l'.C.g M.Ed., University of Pittsburglig Monongulit-lag mathg de- partmt-nt l'llL1ll'I11llI11 Student Council f-W., ,.. .M . W. .. ,.,, . ,,,t M M., , MR. RONALD NOVAK, B.S., Califor- nia S.T.C.g West Brownsvilleg math, assistant football coach. pand their knowledge of the field. MISS SANDRA DANKO, l3.S., Slip- pery Rock S.T.C.g Glassportg math: class adviser. fi Xu , V. ,, . .. i. lalJNN,-XRIJ I3I.M,lxA. Bb.. Lali- furniu S.'l'.C.: CilL1l'lCl'0iZ wie-xicv. foul lull vuuvll. NIR. FRANK STONER. .lH.. B5 cnn State: Smttrluleg science, golf lULlt'll. wvullu-1' station. visual aids. -Haw is X NIR. FRANK CIAVARR.'X. ll.lCd.. llu- qiim-siw: BIl'KK'L'SllllI'i, sviencv. clvparl- mn-nt vliuirman. Radio Clulm. 1 gif Q 1. 3 L 7533 1 ig , f. ve- 1 ig,,. i xx 41 if , - X Hf- ij: W 1' Q, ' 'W Tw. if . Q-' -, .. A 0 4 ' --- ' B 5 , -I ,gc 5' x '1 x N 5 ,Nei-ii , , xy ,N 1 A AA , MH. CHARLES TRENK. B.S.. Califor- nia S.T.C.: Bcllv Ve-rnon: sciemw-. Chess Cluli. 'VVS NIR. GIQURGIC IZCIIIAHID. l5..'X., ll. nl l'gl1.: lilillllllqlll 5l'll'lll'C1 l'lmlugrzipliy lilulnz vluss spmisur. NIR. IEICHNARIJ M1-NISII. ISS.: M.lC1l.. . , . . . I, uf lgill.. ltllzulwlll. SI'll'Ill't'. HRS. l.Ol7l5l': RUSLUND. ll.5,. ll. uf l'g1l1.: lflizalwtliz sciviicv, lliuluggy fflulr. ln llil' sr'i1'm'c' rlc'paii'lnim'nl ws- Impa- ln rlcvs-lop ai rvspi-1-1 lm' vxavl svivn- liliv lrullis ziniong ilu- sluclvuls :mil tn prmimlv FI'lt'l1ili.ll' lvurning: so as to lllfilfllll' ilu' aclvulivf-niclil of our timm- in lvrnis of sr-i'i'ivv lu liIlSll'lUl nf micslruvlion nfl mzinliiml. I3 LATIN L 4 SPANISH FRENCH GERMAN Bl U U XXX, - .1 nn mmm: me mem wi mm I: . f Q P I HRS. Nl.-XHll.'KIiif'l' SWIEET. ISA.. Wnyrn-slnlrggg Mm'K1'1-spurt: l,n lfngilislli class zulvisvr. I4 MRS. THELMA URANDFASS, BA., Nvilsung Urnvoshniggg Latin, Span- ish, mlcparnncnt chairrnang Junior Clzissivul 1.1-uguc. HRS. MAHCELUQ HAZLETT, BA. Thiolg Donurag Irulin und English MRS. SHIRLEY NICHOLI.. ILA.. Wayncsburgxg Bcnllcyvilleg Frvnch: F1'UIll'll Club. --E I MRS. E. IIONORE PICCIORA. BS., Clarion S.'I'.C.g PiiiSillll',L'h'Q Span- rsh: Spanish Linh. NVQ are offering Gorman und Latin III us new Courses lhis year and are firming 4-xtvnsive rcsearvh for our langiiugcf lah- oratory which wc hopu to have in prugrc-ss hy the 1900-61 lvrm. MW,2'J 37 X14 S. NIARY JANE Wll.I.I.'XNIS IEA W1 ., 'slniinslvrg NicKs'm-spnrlg 1,1-rniun. hislury. MISS NXXCIX lllfklill. IS..-X.. Nluunl MISS l'II.I,ICN ISUXIIJ. IEA.: th-mini: XIHS. IiUS.Xl.llC K4JlIllICNIlMIll, HX Nlm-rrp: xxlllil' Oak: lzngligll, lu, KIl'lXl'l'5IHbI'iI i'.lIQil4iI. iilIrllH'Ss lang- 1,1-11:-ul: l,1!INln11r'gl1: i',IlQlilNil. l'.l X lisli. :ulxi-vr. ,,X,E..m. x x .. mi X XX! xv' Nf. N '1 XY ff" NRS. YIRCINAN NEWNIICYISR. IM.. NIR. lfmmils PONIILIO. im.. lu .if Miss ,IJXNIC IQICPINIC. ns.. l.1.1i..H RCIINIIIYZ H0U"N2l1h4'l1i5 EIISHSII- Pg:l1.: Iflizailmvtilz English. l'1IllilllNl'I!l S.'l'.ff.g Clzisspnrlg lfnglisll. slim my-, Tin-spiun udxism-r. Wv iluu- aficim-fl lwu min 4'Ulll'5lxS this 5l'llI'f'jUlll'IliIiiSlll :xml illlSiI l'lllgiiSil. Our aim is lu In-lp vuvii slufln-nt lu iinprmm- in his usx- of lin iilllgllilgll' urls. M155 NI.'XH,l0Hlif SliO'l"I'. NA.. HRS. SNLLY STEPHENFUN. UF.. M155 IfH.XN1IIiS Wlli'l"l'lNil'lUN Nllfd.. Wmwtvr and V. uf Vgh.: Eliza- California S.'l'.C.: Nlmicmgulu-lu: Eng- UA.. Grow City. lim-na Yi-lu: in lll'lilQ English: Eli-Mon udviscrg dv- lish, ,lullriuilislllg "XY7Lll'I'i0l'.u li-ll: xi-il'l'1'Il-. p.u'lmm-nt l'i1llil'I1lLlll. MHS. Al.IiIlC KICELEK. ISS.. Indiana 5. l .C..: Boston: typing. Business Education MHS. SUSAN KELLER. BS., Indiana S.T.C.g Pittsburghg business ed. and law: class adviserg Y-Teens. xx S---f Our department has both general and vo- cational objectives. In its general objective, it provides general knowledge necessary to bo- come successful modern consumers. In its vo- cational aspccl. it provides training in tllc basic skills necessary for initial employment in office and store occupations. Courses in selling and personal typing are new this year. MRS. GERALDINE P A 'I' 'I' E R S O N ILA., U. of l'gl1.g Clairlong t ,Chg MISS MARY RUBINO, IIA., M.Ed., U. of I'gl1.g Elizabetlrg office practice. machines. lypingg department chair- mang F.B.I..A. ix' f MRS. JEAN XV. M E N Z I E S. US. NI.Ed., Indiana S.T.C. and U. of Pub.: McKeesporlg business niatll, selling. MR. DONALD SIXIILU, IIS., NI.Ed.. U. of Pgb.: Blytlicdalcg bookkcm-ping, math, lawg business nianagerg class adviser. MR. THEODORE CHOMAS. B.S.. Ship- pcnshnrg S.'l'.C.: Elizalwthg Civics, his- toryg class adviser. l. M ' Q MR, JAMES I,.Ol'RES'l'I. ISS.. Cali for nia S.T.C.g New Eaglc: liisloryq 1 sistanl footlmll coacll. MR. EDWARD POSA. ll.S.. M.Ed.. L California S.T.C. and U. of Pull.: ' Elizalmcth: historyg department chair- IIILIIIQ National Honor Society adviser. MR. ALFRED COME, l3.S., W. Va. YVeslcyang West Newton: historv: baseball coach. 1 MR. REGIS MA Z A N E T. l3.A M.E1l., Duqucsnc and U. of Pgh.: Faycttc City: social scicnccs. -v Olll' PUVPOSG is til lT1'Cpfll'C ytillllg IJUOIIIC to he worthy citizens of our clemocracyg ocial gions, and political partiesg and to instill ' to educate them to respect all races, reli- faith in the process of self-grovernment as 21 solution to our problems. MISS MARY SCARRY, l3.S., Slippery M f.-'i' Rock S.T.C.g Elizahethg historyg De- it-:-' tuclzes hate Clulm adviscr. MR. ROBERT TAYLOR, DS., Calif nia S.'I'.C.: Frank: social sturlic-rs: Cluli advisor. l L s l l'4 p fl, 'X 2 P' - ' l l i frl A l ' . . at ix , Q , Health-Physical Education .Q-" ' 'if XF K ' ' X 4 x R Our aim in thc health and physical eflucation flopartment is to llll'llll,'1'lllC clovclopment and intvrcst of the sluclcnts X in personallhygicne and lo help them become and remain hcaltliy imlivicluals. ln safety cclucation. we seek to tion-lop attituflos anfl toach skills for the Sale operation of a motor wllivlv. MRS. HELEN ALLEN. ILS.. Slippi-ry MRS. JEAN CLARK. R.N.. BS.. Alle- MISS SUZANNE EVANS, li-5-, SHP' Rovk, S.'l'.C.: Elizzxlwtll: hvalrh and gxlu-ny Ccncral Hospitalg California pvry Rovk S.T.C.: WCS! Mifllilll IWll!'Si- physical vrlucation: lla-partmvnt vhair- S.'l'.C.: school nurscg Elizabeth, cal Cfllli'llll0I'lQ Cl1vm'1'l0ad0i' sponsor. mamg lf.A.A. sponsor: vo-rvc'rcalional mlirvvlor. KM... Q.. Q FORW RD HlGllf. MR. JOHN LEFFARD, JR., US., W. MR, ANTHONY RUBINO, B.S., Wake- MR. DAVID WEST, B.S., M.Ed., Slip- Va. Wcsltrytxllg McKccsportg physical Forcstg Elizalicthg driver education: pcry Rock S.T.C., Pitcairng physical education, historyg basketball coach. football coach. cducationg boys' gym programg lmaskvt- hall Coach. Safety Education Library 4 Music L . 1 vi ,,,,..1txl - -1 . f? T' 3: -kg" A4,ii. ' 57' Es- c MISS AGNES LAUDER, B.A., M.Ed., U. of Pgli., 5 1' MR. WALTER C. IACOBUCCI, ILS., M.Eml. lN'l.L.S., Carncgio Instituto of Tvclinologyg Eliza- bctlig Librariang Library Club sponsor. V Chairman Music Department. -l ' 1 l-Q, 1 I 1' MR. CHARLES ESCOTT, B.S., In- MR. JOSEPH EARINA, l3.S., St. Vinccntg Eliza diana S.T.C., Port Vueg artg Art Club 5 bctlig vocal musicg Warrior Choir rlircclor. sponsor. , One of the liusiest spots in school is the library where we are custodians of over l2O0 hooks. This year we pro- cessed lltltl new books and prepared over 200 volumes for the SL'lCllt'ClllJ1'ill'y. The art dupartlnent aims to liuild an interest among students for an appreciation and need for art in their school and community. A group of our students take part in an after-school program intended to give opportunities for enriched art experiences. t'l'ln' work of the music department is covered in another section of this lmook.l I9 -ji , Duqucsneg Pittslmurgllg Band. instrument musicg Homemal-sing MRS. VIRGINIA JOANNE WEST, B.S., Indiana S.T.C.g Clairtong home economicsg F.H.A. sponsorg depart- ment chairman. MRS. PAULINE GREEN, B,A., U. of Illinoisg McKeesportg home eco- nomicsg F,H.A. sponsor. MR. JAMES HATHAWAY, B.S. California S.T.C.3 Belle Vernong in ff,,'f,-, fd" . . ""' "' "' '. " "flifn'f'2"j' M- L W"f-fivcij dustrlal arts, department chairman. f, f- .M Q I X ' . , - ' ..' rf .. , ' , ,J 4- f,..f,..f Y fv . ' If 1 ln both' the IIOIIICIIIZIRIHQ and industrial arts departments We strive to help' stuflents gain knowledge, skills, and appreciation which they can use in their own homes, now and for the future. Indus trial Arts MR. JOSEPH KALEITA, BS., Cali fornia S.T.C.g Cliarlcroig industrial arts. MR. CLARE THOMPSON, l3.S., Cali- fornia S.T.C.g Blythedaleg industrial arts, Stage Crew sponsor. MR. JOSEPH PECOSH, B.S.g Califor- nia S.T.C.g Hiller, graphic arts. i UM, 4 ag-W 2174 ,V ,Y iff? lg' W 'JV , , W mvwlim i 2 XX REQ N 3 - ?' . IQFSF ,NY , ff ,yy-gf' any 9 :Lx I -.P A, 4 W. fi 8. 6 2 I .. , I. N xi 4 Clczsses' Scores of Scholars As each class enters EFHS it contributes to the harmony of the school which is ever changing with the changing classes. The freshmen sound clear, fresh notes never heard before as they join the three remaining classes from the previous yearg they add new notes, new tones, new rhythms. Sopho- mores contribute challenging sounds as they begin to feel more comfortable and begin to gain a grasp of what they can contribute to the whole melody. Juniors lend predominant notes of sureness and clarity as they take on positions of respect and authorityg their prom theme supplies a dominating motif. Seniors must take the responsibility for combining all elements into a smooth rhythm that will reflect the individuality of all, yet be melodious. K Q 1 A .- . - VK , V , ,M K s, rw , N , "" .J 1 XX ' - Q . Seniors: efuer B 5 Never B 5 Always B Mr. Similo, adviser, Larry Landini, president, Wayne Candelore, vice president, Carol Evans, secre- tary, Regis Urbanovlch, treasurerg Jackie Zadroga, class historian, Mrs. Sweet, adviser. As we, the Senior Class of 1960, graduate, we remember the wonderful times we've experienced in high school. From that first exciting day when we were freshmen to our graduation day four years later, many incidents come to mind. Can we ever forget our first day as high school students, the pep rallies, the football, basketball, and baseball games, the many dances and record hops, or the Junior Prom? We'll even remember those semester exams, the research papers, and report cards. Our whole senior year is to be remembered as that last exciting and wonderful year. Each day brought something new: class rings, senior pictures, class day, the senior banquet. Most important, we'll always recall the friends we made whom we'll cherish forever, the teachers who helped us and encouraged us in every way, and the advisers who guided us in our decisions. "Two hot dogs with mustard, please" 'ft I sw, Janice JoAnne Abercromlne ,Ian College Prep. Constance Lee Ac hlzchn Connie College Prep. .lohn Afflnlto Crow General Mary ,lo Affinilo ,llury Business Ed. Xvllllillll Aitken Stieff College Prep. Ronald ll IX mond Albr its R S Cenerul 011 Welt always remember our first high school year. Here we shared our first dance, our llSf hiss, our first tear. Eugene Aldrighelli ElI,21'l1l' College Prep. Patricia l,ee Allman Trish Business Ed. Robert David Amos H011 College Prep. ,luditll Carol Anderson Judy Business Ed. Ronald llavid Anderson Ron College Prep. Roherl Newcomber Andrews Bob College Prep. Xvalluee Page Andrews lmlly General John Anthony Angelo Spevlly General Anthony Charles Angotti Yo College Prep. fl 'n J,-or X Phyllis June Bakewell Plzyl Business Ed. Arlene Dolores Bane Peaches Business Ed. Patricia Bane Pat College Prep. Karen Lynn Barlow Karen College Prep. Louis Richard Barnes Rich College Prep. George W. Bates George College Prep. We grew older and wiser with the passing days, Kenneth Dale Beachy Ken General Clara Joyce Beam Dolly Business Ed. John Berdar John General Janice Lorraine Bickell jan Business Ed. Earl Heath Billick Jr. Buddy College Prep. James Billick Jim Industrial Arts Donna Fay Bisogni Donna College Prep. James Earnest Blythe Jim, College Prep. Frank R. Bondi Frank College Prep. Janet Eileen Booth Jane! Business Ed. Lorraine Marie Boucher Lorry College Prep. David D. Bowen Dave College Prep. Patricia Erin Lynn Brady Erin College Prep. Richard William Brindza Dick College Prep. Jerry Thomas Brown Jer College Prep. . 3' And our memories will linger forever and always. .dbx -Z it John Albert Brydebell John College Prep. Wayne Harry Candelore Lopes College Prep. Marla Ceorgene Brown Mar College Prep. Rodger H. Brown Rodge College Prep. Roy Howard Brown Roy General Thomas Victor Brown Tom College Prep. Saundra Elaine Bruno Sandy College Prep. Paul N. Bryan Slim College Prep. Audrey Carr Andrey Business Ed. Anthony Cartia Tony General Thomas Blaine Caruthers Blaine College Prep. Larry Walter Challener Larry College Prep. Mike ,lohn Cherepko Smeg General Sue Cherrington Sue Business Ed. Then, we were sophomores with new jobs to be done. Barbara Ann Cifra Barb Business Ed. Rosalind Irene Clarke Ros Business Ed. John Anthony Cole Tony College Prep. Janet Eloise Collins fan College Prep. Dorothy LaVera Connors Busine Cookie ss Ed. Darlene Marie Cotton Doll College Prep. Kay Carole Chomas Kay College Prep. John Vincent Chutis Sonny General K, In oar lwes school had a much Donald Charles Feiek Don College Prep. Ruth Lee Feldstein Ruthie College Prep. Sharon Eileen Fine Sharon Business Ed. .lanet Louise Fiore Janet College Prep. William Vincent Flynn, Jr. Touch College Prep. Arleigh James Fonner lim. General lgnalius Michael Dolata Nici.: Business Ed. Diane Elizabeth Dominick Diane Business Ed. Sheila ,lean Donnaehie Sheila College Prep. Evelyn ,loyce Douglass Evie Business Ed. George William Dyer George General William Eugene Eichlci Ilfe General part, Larry Barnes Evans Lar College Prep. Virginia Carol Evans Carol College Prep. Ruth Ann Forkey Ruthie Business Ed. Dean Samuel Frabizio Sam General Robert Newton Frantz Bob College Prep. Harry Lee Fritz Fritz General Emilie Grace Gayok Em College Prep. Howard Leroy Gelzhiser Howdy College Prep. it M, And we'll remember it always with fondness of heart. James Alexander Geor Jimmy College Prep. James Edgar Cep General Dora Mae Gilbert Dora Mae Business Ed. Tom General ff fe Richard William Glass Rich General Dennis Graff Denny ffl X College Prep. ,X fi lj Teresa Ann G A I, ' Terry AV College Prep. Howard Thompson ge, jr. Gephart Gilchrist raham ...X .. M. .. ,.:. . n f ,M .wax gxf,1vem f. 1 ,ii-QT, -'ij 1 My 4 2 R-ggi 5 Y 3 ' . 3-5: Tflf' Each new activity meant fun and happiness, Diane Kathleen Kelly Diane College Prep. William Lewis Kessler Bill Business Ed. James Martin King Jim College Prep. Alfred Clarence Kisner Sonny General Susan Carol Kliment Sue Business Ed. David Jerome Kline Webby General Rose Annette Kmetz Annette College Prep. James Alfred Knight Jim College Prep. Teresa Elaine Korona Terry College Prep. Thomas Roland Jones Tom General Timothy Kadar Tim College Prep. Carol Ann Kamp Carol College Prep. Louise Ann Kartesz Louise College Prep. Joseph Kassler foe College Prep. Margaret Kathleen Kassler Maggie Business Ed. llflargaret Kovae .llargie College Prep. k Michael Anthony Kovaelliell - qs' Mm-0 has .2 l College Prep. t"""' Katherine Kovacs Kathy College Prep. Frank Stanley Kulczynski Franlr General Frank Martin Kytchak Kytch College Prep. Larry Landini Larry College Prep. And the long-awaited Prom-night proved a great success. 'Q qi Darlene Carol Large Dar Business Ed. David Large Dave College Prep. Mary Elizabeth Leckie Belly 5, r.e, Mr! ' ,X - College Prep. James Howard Leffard Jim, College Prep. Connie Lee Lehner Connie Business Ed. A Robert Charles Letham wx Bob W College Prep. Harry Glenn Lewis Harry College Prep. Rita .lane Lewis Rita Business Ed. Harry Lhiva Steve College Prep. 5 David Stuart Linton Dave College Prep. Marie Suzette Lison Marie Business Ed. Patricia Ann Lockhart Pat Business Ed. Joanne Jean Long fo Business Ed. Carolyn Louise Ludwick Carole College Prep. Joanne Catherine Lukacll Lulrie College Prep. Finally we were Seniorsg we had reached our peak, Regis Mulady Kege College Prep. Patricia Ann Malloy Pat College Prep. Linda Jo Mardis Lilzzlrz College Prep. Rumoncl Paul Marraecini 1111111 College Prep. ,losepli Martini, Jr. C enerul Roy Paul Lutes Roy College Prep. John Balch' Jael: iclge Maellonald College Prep. Joe Ruth Elvira Martini Ruth College Prep. Vw- ' W A" GV Q avg. y. x wx ,f:, , .. W-. iii ff QX m. ' N . A . if G it f 'ff ,iz if "QRS , wax' Q W ,,, H3594 X sf NVQ' ws John Ronald Mercurio Jack College Prep. .loan Marie Mendicino Joan Business Ed. ,lean Miller College Prep. Evelyn Louise Mims Eve College Prep. David Michael Minjoclc Fudge General John Harry Minjock M ack College Prep. The Senior Play and the Prom were just a part of the fun, Patricia Ann Minj ock Patty Business Ed. Joyce Ann Mitchell Joyce College Prep. Carol Ann Moffat Business Ed. Janet Lee Moore fan Business Ed. Lana Rae Moore Lana Business Ed. Dorothy Ann Morrison Duff College Prep. Margaret Blanche Morrison Maggie College Prep. Alfred Eugene Munger Al Business Ed. David Alexander Myrick Dave 38 General .Aj Kurt Cavfert Nelson Nert College Prep. Elaine Ellen Nizanty College Prep. Jacqueline Louise Nolder Jackie College Prep. Mary 0,Hara Business Ed. Bonita Olsen Bonnie Business Ed. Alexa Josephine Lex College Prep. Opatkiewicz Then all too soon we were graduatedg our goal was won. Ni.. t. 'KF' five l 32 Helen Kay Opfer Kay Business Ed. Raymond Terence Opfer Terry College Prep. Terry E. Pagliari College Prep. Francis Raymond Palumbo Frank Industrial Arts .lon Parmiter College Prep. Nicolena Pascarella Ni clri 0 College Prep. Marian Jean Pasqualle Bitsy Business Ed. George Dene Patterson Dene College Prep. W. Gene Patterson Gene College Prep. Jacqueline Payne Jackie College Prep. John Pelcharsky Tiger College Prep. Catherine Ann Pepka Pep College Prep. Janice Louise Peterson Jan Business Ed. Nancy Lee Piccini Nance Business Ed. Richard Allen Pierce Rich College Prep. Our friends were many in our four high school years. Emma Christine Poziviak Chris Business Ed. Fred Arthur Preuss Fred College Prep. Sandra Jeanne Provins Sandy College Prep. Kathryn Terry Quattrone Terry College Prep. Bettie Ann Randolph Bettie Business Ed. John Duane Reclic Dewey College Prep. Thomas F. Resh T om College Prep. Sandra Elaine Rikard Sandy Business Ed. Thomas Rippel Torn College Prep. William Rippel Bill General William Walter Rodabaugh Bill General Pamela Kaye Rogerson Pam Business Ed. Janet Lee Roman fan Business Ed. William Thomas Roman Bill College Prep. Patricia Ann Romeo Patty Business Ed. W e cherished our joys and forgot our fears. Richard Rossetti Rich General Paul Edmund Rost General Roberta Deborah Rusnak Bobbi Business Ed. Jerry Warren Russell College Prep. Barbara Salopek Barb Business Ed. Mary Catherine Schivley Schive College Prep. Donald F. M. Schweickert Don College Prep. .lon Alan Shank Shank College Prep. Larry Arthur Shank General Richard Glenn Shelton Glenn Business Ed. Donna Eve Similo Sim College Prep. Micheal Joseph Slavick Joe General Faith Agnes Slepecki Pate General Dan Smichnick Dan College Prep. Remembering all this, and with a sad sigh, we bid E'.F.H.S. a fond good-bye Bonita Jean Smillie Bonnie Business Ed. Clyde Ernest Smith Business Ed. Linda Lou Smith Lynn Business Ed. Mary Lee Smith Mary Lee Business Ed. Thelma Francis Smith Thelma Business Ed. Floyd Lewis Sorg College Prep. Helen Spanos Business Ed. Marian Spisak College Prep. John F. Staffen IV Jolzn Business Ed. ,1, .Q Waiiil . - M A f5pV5'i1lFz 2f ,1 w- nfrii 7 .-IWSJ? flF?i5?i Q35 , ,fin ,ap fi 1 i JR Now we plan for ffiture d wb 33? gif my -UN, W Q N ezfgmixfggg , gg-ggqm 1 . alma . .X,4,M.., K Q-53355352 'T rl ii'x5Xa?'lf v,-2:5-.x5wii'f xy fb" . ' g:-563-M1553 2215 is '11 -f k - ,za . -Q L5 9. ' K Jf 3. fx 5 ' 4: I JN" 1.19 .L ,uv W5 5 V T Y Milf- -: 9 Q2 .iff -f 1 i -, ' 1 f 'is :Sn Mf- A- ,g fa: 1 A KTM-. JK 42 Edward Check Ed General Jo Ann Check fo Ann General James Fraser Chisholm Jim Industrial Joseph Cook foe General Jacqueline B. cle Kelaita Jackie General Delores Elizabeth Evans Dee College Prep. The Seniors make ready for the Prom. li0Illl0lll Gillie Km lmluslriul Arts Nlicllucl li0ZClIlCllZlli .llike College Prep. f,,L Vinvent 'llokarsky Vince College Prep. Arlcm- ,Ioan Van Fossen .-lrlcnv flt'lll'l'1ll 1 i .l PQ The senior play. "Dear Ruth." will long llc 1'4-1111-llllmvrvfl lmy tln- vluss nf l9h0 AT W Juniors J . Whistle While You Work Junior officers and sponsors meet to draw up big plans: SEATED: Dave Nelson, presidentg Larry Pryor, vice-prcsi- dentg Sandy DeJoise, treasurerg Margie Hager, historian. STANDING: Mrs. Niclioll, Betty Jo Anjeski, secretary: and Mr. Chomas. The junior class, the largest in the school, is probably the busiest. Between chemistry tests, American history notebooks, and book reports for English classg the juniors manage to wedge into schedules an extensive co-curricular program. Their interests vary from F.T.A. to football, but when they are interested, they are active. Their biggest social contribution is the Prom. The way they worked and the fun they had, they will never forget. The Stardust in their eyes, the silks, satins, and tuxedos helped make a perfect evening. It was really Na little hit of heaven." Bernie and Dan are two juniors with a well-developed interest in science. Slf.'K'IiEl7:' Nlary Inu Du-ilz. lim-Hy .ln ,-Xnjuski. .lam-I McLay. S'l':XBDINU: ,Ivrry l,LlF1'Lll1i4il', Arlvm- Cilillllllllll, .lorry Bruni, x A vm' 1 1961 lass of f ,N 1 I M.,,.,,,5M I ,M .,,,1,V I 1 - UN. 1 f .-ww! M , 4,5 cz- Daw Nm-lsnn. .-Xmlrvy Iircgvs. Nanvy Martini. Gary Hall. ,lcrri Muircw, lXLlI'l'll Dollgilic-1'ly. q:,": . v N ij- 'allm-rt. Tlimiius Muticll. IXIIIJ lit lalm..I1xu I' WW 4'I'.-XNDING: Turn llartwick. Curtis Daily, Paul Bnzik. SEATED: Sandy Morcniun. Cram' Worn:-r, Rusaliu Coffcr. KNEELINC: Jim Krimm, Bill Lockhart, Dennis Thomas. ig, 1 V-.,..X..am,4,4 ,,. V 'E'-5 ...Wu mf.. ,ww CliN'I'ER RIGHT: SEATED: Carol Vidil, Mary Strcylc, Carol Long. STANUINC: Arthur lluvifl. Cary BL1lIlllgLLlI4lIll'l', Paul Handley. FRONT: Juv 'l'ig11unulli, Don Rolxcrtsun. Paul Kctter. BACK: Holm Kmslu-ski, Tmu Westwood, Doug Sczcrbu. 50 Juniors Are Workers Hula jxIl'll'llHl. P411 l"m'1iyc'v. P411 Styvllv. .lwhn Susmlkw. CENTER l,lCl"'I': Karon AILlISl'll1'l'l. Ruth 0'Ha1ru, Maury Lou Goins, llmmllx Kerr. E 2 A 5 . l QW M XX . 4 . ,N S g S i 'si h s . . Q f 'Y Fm sffE5Sibx i3SS P F k NX' .Qfi , V. -fm me, A Wm Fx N Q if-wpmf., X g Q 5.5, M 4 Q yr " ' . A ' . Q ' "Q ' K V ' v ',k,4 fbfgii ,, ? Q 1 5 wffwyg --N nl!! iv K ' as XXX ,fy ff' ,A Q 4 ar5iu.Q , 'Uk , K A Q . 3 1' WMI x ' Q ' A, xl 1 K, I Q y ' wi I s I , ' in , A .Wan M I ,N Y. - V - X 'Xu 14' x 4 , , R Y' . 152 elif? ' ' ' .q,.,'i,,'L393 -1 L .. 1, "U, f' ' A 1' 14:2 ' ' . A w iv' x My ' A W. -5, . 1.5 X-P1 iff ' L, 1351 Q1 I 'ri ' 511. fm Q f x , -- ,Y4,,,1,--','-piss,-V' ' gy":X f ,.. 34,5 ,X 1,4 , . .Jw ,tu M, . , Q . -. 5-H. , 444,31 2- . ' " . '. ' Juniors Always D0 Their Best Joyce Franklin, Jolm Gary, Charlene Crosby, Jo Ann Gregory, George Scrieck, John Gogocl. Herman Spinelli, George liar Larry Dillon. nett, John Marcicski. fx X X Vinvo RlCllilI'tiS0ll, Kan-n Sc-arpari. Alvin Worm-r. Cathy FRONT: Bill Brown. Glenn Harwy. Howard Fleming. Ingram, Guorgc Handley. BACK: Glenn Smith, Dave Magiskc. Larry Craig. 52 to Make the Grade in Every Test. SEATED: Claudia Cay, Eileen Rucinski, Carolyn Fctcllcn, FRONT: Dean Coughcnour, Janet Rose, Barbara O'T0ole Mary :XXIII Williams. BACK: Art Tyrrell, Tom Crm-nfcll, Francis Cluxsko. STANDING: C1-u1'go SllpC1'll0YiCll, Albert Zadroga, Rich Klllgllll. ts vi' 155, If ' . , f xx W.. I, 4, SEATED: .laync Rastrclli, Dana XVcigcl, Belly Sl1pt'I'll0VlCll. FRONT: Carole Tl1o11111s, Dolores Zt'l'Cllllli, A11l0inclta S'l'.-XNDINU: flllk'Sll'l' Zalvwski. Ted Colo. Dan Miller. Pascarc-lla. BACK: Preston l"ricml, Patrick McNeil. Cary Wilson, Ricll Fisllcr. J f X4 'Nbf' 6 53 .1n.15x ' - N Q mf' K JW, . N All X' K gg Q fi L L EXW' Sf .ig 5 , E ig X .X X F 54 X X .it u 'wk X 3 EMU .V Q I 2 .- f K 'kvi 7' f 1 A K I X' K 5 wi' gg,g K -Xa X35 - H .fy - 'yxjr' N 1 ,,A,,g. K' nw . f-M. w . Q Q V-.6 lp- -wg ,, ,.,.- 2 .,,, wx 1 Q . -xi . -. 5 eyf f 1 E mf W I -6 . K ii: iff! , f in -Q V We . , ,ff X x iw 1 , 7 Q' . Fik'fQ:2Q::,X,.. k I 6 K is , ,,.. , 4.,.i W , . 1, i . , mmf, - ix ,Y awk-,N f ' KF .53 .1 ,WM - 1,13 V' , , w,:.:i.,,9 in ' gm. 3. E 4 mwxyx 41. . W. AM M. my M. - fziwuis15Q'fQ1zij':Qx'5:lgbif.. k .- . x in Yjig Q R it , ' i1 1'-7' vw gf , ' 1 -wyznfxi xg Q- .::2:f21k5,.fR?:.Z 2, ' - '15 ' 'Vb' xx C. :,,,.a.l. 3 1 i f '." ,xi Y K FRONT: Judy Harrell, Carol Crunlund. Ginny McLay. FRONT: Marilyn Allminq, Chester liisker. Cnil Harkin BACK: Jack AICKCl1ZiC,.IilllFFHSCT. BACK: Bob B0l'lllillCCi. Phillip Pnsqnulie. Cf' A f.: That They Have Added to Its Glow. ' A fb Qrf SEATIQD: Dm-ens Gleeson, Margie Maurer. John Hurrisim. Ruth Pnekey, Dun liainsuk, Pail lluulilmnnn-, Jerry BACK: Wiiliinn Abel, Gary Sncddcn, Jim Werner SlLlHk0- -f 'Y' Class of FRONT: Carol Rippcl, Ginny Parks, Warren Frahizio. BACK: Don Jcnco. Ed Nloorc. FRONT: Beverly Wolfe, Penny Lehner, Jane Ann Hutchinson. BACK: Perry Campayno, Harry Maurer, Rodger Mcnozzi. Juniors Work and Pla and ingg Bill Ewing, Trudy Mcisl, Chuck Anderson, Dawn Ann Brown, Harry llursons. 56 SEATED: Evclyn Williams, Huzvl Hulk-, Diane Mu- Nulty. STANDING: Ron Freiwald, ,lim Shaver, Earl Stcclberg. gf 55 Hb J i 5 in its' A Wil iii ww., Midge Nigf 2 FH , TQ - N 150 ! . 'v y. 5 I 3 . f hx 1 - I Ru fi TP' fl 'ff , bvw' BT, My V sf, gyxf 2 rl Y V .yefibzj a A ' Wa LX vi u 'JL df SEATED: ,Io Ann Morgan, Evelyn Carlino, Janet Brown. STANDING: Jane Hopkins, Carolyn Ball, Andrene Cogoel. Juniors Enlist Every al and Tom CENTER LEFT: FRONT: Faith Sllcrbensky, Marie Adams, James Pritchard BACK: John Apfelthaler, Ron Homa, Bill Werner. 'L CENTER RIGHT: FRONT: Pat Powell, Mary Yaksic, .lim Steffan. BACK: Bob Boucher, John McElgin. FRONT: Mike Sukla, Sallie Hunt, Barbara Thompson. BACK: Miko Mcndicino, Bob Fry, Harry Serena. 58 FRONT: Tony Cioin. Hola Taylor, Ray Vilori. BACK: Estella Mac Scllcetz, Dottie Coretzkzl Kmn McCorklo. As They Prepare for the Finest Prom CENTER LEFT: FRONT: Martha Harris, Marlene Rudlmerg Patton, Carol Ciovunnucci. BACK: Jack Bcrggrcw, Paul Robb. Y WE 'Wi CENTER RIGHT: SEATED: Belva Mill:-r, ,Iolm Clmuroski, GCOI'gLllll1l Staffcn. STANDING: Pete Snyder, Gary Irons. PA1 fo , 2 I ,fl - If ir XX , 4 FRONT: RICIILIITI .Ioll, Ricllard Armor, ,Iolm Iacoy BACK: Barry L. Kullot, Tony Botlino, Paul Coodfcllow SEATED: Lou Lenzi, Joyce Cottle, Bernard Hynde. STANDING: flim Tucker, Bill Yuhasse. They Will Look Back CENTER LEFT: Lenny fllayficld, Gretchen Lennig, Marlin Hllugll. Earl .las-l-Lol. N, 127' CENTER RIGHT: Virginia Fino, Joanne Scllwirian, Norman Moon, Dan Miller. Baron Stanley, Jim Natale, Bill Robinson, Elaine NClIlCll1. Philip Malry. Ricllalrd Maxruff, Drexel Kisncr, Isaac Larg on a Job Well Done CENTER LEFT: f:l1ilI'lK'S Broggi. Burlm Vczunni, Judy Stem-l, Bob ROSCllClIllllLllQ'I f NTER RICHT CE Y : Conlon Anderson. Mary Lou Opfor, Donna Hoffman, Bob Supcruovicll. Ile-rlv Sunclin. Clymlv 'l'41yI1n'. .lvlm I'1llQlt'I'I. fllydv Hmlcn. 'mf SEATED: Roy Cray, Barb Pflug, Charles Dougherty. STANDING: Ray Scurfield. FRONT: Scott Steele, Gene Suskalo, Denny Ehrhardt. BACK: .lack Copeland, Dave Shevel, Dick Bondi. 62 John McElgin, Bob Boucher, Ross Valentino, LeeRoy Mc- Cracken. When The Are FRONT: Bob Similo, Bill Boyd, Joan Storch. BACK: Arlene Carnahan, Mary Ellen Kerber, Gary Fine, xvsilffggfifv' R35 K iv Eddie Piper. , K A. .. , 1.1 V X A ' . l Jilllil Williams. Bill Sinoycr, Dorothy Rnnyon, Andy Logczu. 'ST Seniors in 961 wr X CllLlI'lCS Julion, Helen Hines, Janice Caruthcrs, Ivan Trimpcy. W--R-...,.. N-m ...M f , -fwmy.. -x.,. X Y-ow. Jim Bauer, Rose Ambler. Ginny Mclmy, Ron Mink SEATED: Maury Bruum, Terry Gump, Randy Wycoff. STANDING: Victor Faust. 63 ophomores: Getting to Know You "Getting to know youg getting to know all about you-i' is an appropriate theme for the sophomore class. Through participation in club activities, attendance at ball games, and coming to dances, sophomores are becoming a larger part of the school. Though this Q is only their second year at Betsy High, the feeling of strangeness ,59- 'llgjii and uncertainty has left them. pw QE W One may notice the average sophomore walking through the halls I 3? E I apparently without a care in the worldg but under this air of in- "Mm T! difference there is a heart of sincere ambition to prepare for the following years as an upperclassman. One of the major social events in the sophomore year is the Promenade for which they plan eagerly. Yes, sophomores are "getting to know you, getting to like you, -and to hope you like them, too." , SEATED: Bill Ryczaj, presidentg Bill Vickers, vice presidentg Susie James, secretaryg Lynne Dalton, treasurer. STANDING: Mr. Echard, Miss Danko, advisers. ROW I: S. Blllqlillil. U. Cain. J. Chr-ropko, K. Crivcic, R. Broggi, R. Bury ROW II: YV. lzllll'lN'l', T. Davis, T. Calulvro, R. CIIIOIHLIS, C. Cherringxlon. ROOM. GGYQILT T031-539, ROW I: E. Byrund. S. Cluur. G. Brown, E. Cain, S. Call. ROW II: P. Cln-ra-pku. L. Coppvr. E. Carlson. D. Cadmium, R. Bricker. A .- A Q.: s5 1-,rfQ,,,,f,- fz lfffr - igsgg f A 1. ffi-gggffvfrifrx fig., Q, . A A 7 ,K j f,,,f- fin f 'f - . sgijf. N., I., .Q . M." -- , - 'rf . W . V - 4 ..,Vh A Room 202 uYour task-to build ROW I: L. Evans, J. Couclicnour, B. Couclzcnour, D. Fine, B. Dady, J. Griffith. ROW II: T. Cosinot, N. Costa, B. Donley, K. Faulk, C. Fellahuunl, R. George. HOW lll: B. Cc-lzliiscr, L. Filson, ll. Douglas, B. Dolly. N39 'Ll f .Z5s5.:f ,IL .. lg 9 ROW I: ,l. Evans, ll. Ccpllilfl, L. Dalton, .l. Delluponnu, ll. Cunningliam, N. DeVuult, R. Fuclircr. ROW ll: R. l"ortnnulo, H. Harrison. P. Pe-urs:-. K. Fine. .l. Crilli, ,l. Slioltis. ROW lll: lf. llngmlun. IJ. Grnlu-V. N. Fino. R. Evans, K. Dworek. A better world,', God said. Room 203 ROW I: E. Forrest. C. Fussi, W. Lipp, B. Casper, W. Fino, F. Coins. ROW II: M. Guwin, M. Henricll, M. Hodgson, C. Curdnic, D. Gamble. ROW HI: E. Hayden. H. Hill. F. McH1'ide,J. Cusdick, S. Cuhugcn. Row ROW I: L. Holliday. C. Jones, S. Folk. M. Huils, H. Homu, K. Johnson. ROW II: D. G4-org:-, J. Joll, R. Joncs, J. Kcrklo, NI. GCl'lllllIlll. KI. Cvaly. HOW HT: H. Ccpllurl. .I. Hutchinson. R. Naylor, J. Kiki, J. Hurst. HOW l: A. Muuljougull, R. Krisv, l'. Kocstov, P. Jenkins, M. Martin, H. Kism-r ROW ll: S. James, ll. Kirkland, K. Lockliurt, J. Koller, N. Cain, B. Lyons. ROW III: S. Kisnor, V. Atlicns, ,l, Letlium, M. Howell. Room 204+ I answered, NHow?' ROW I: M. Kurtesz, l'. Lavcrick, P. Sluvick, J. Mukcpcucc, G. Lacey, A. Kin ROW ll: J. Hollis, M. House, C. Kite, C. Lloyd, D. Krieger, R. Kraynick. HOW IH: C. Luwrick, S. Kozvnicliuk, D. Ramsey. ,l. Kish. 'fx 68 ROW I: C. Opfer, 5. Scuglinc, K. Prescott, J. Rushe, .l. Rushe, N. Patrick. ROW ll: ,l. Opfur. J. Nichols, D. Richardson, T. Mitchell, D. Opfer, B. Muse. ROW Ill: A. Randolph. A. Munich, L. Robb, D. Opfer, E. Lison. ROW lc T. Ricllurds. M. Sulnpik, T. Minis, J. Ruhino, J. Pcairs, D. Pcntlund. ROW II: S. Olivcr, N. Huck. S. Hack, ll. Fiore, D. Patterson. S0 colnplicatccl now, and I so useless am, Room 206 ROW I C. Slockdill K. Thompson S. Torockio C. Skrunck L. Stidurd J. TIllll'SILlIl ROW II J. Tckuvcc C. Soukovich P. Smith A. Samdmer S. Shvlton ROW III D. Smith C. Rossctti G. Slmrpctu A. Richnafsky ROW I C. Smith T. Scutri P. Shushnux' C. Schweitzer S. Sincth C. Simi ROW II A. Slzlbka .I. Spishock R. Scurry D. Sudckum D. Rock L. Shotwcll ROW III L. Schwiriun P. Thornton C. Cykziski D. Smoyer B. Rycyuj TIIGTQQS nothing I can do? Room 207 gg 7l I J HOW I: B. Wycoff, C. Vuiru, R. Watts, D. Ufko. R. Ufko. HOW II: J. Wood, R. YVawrin, B. Vickers, A. Torlorice, J. Winter. ROW IH: Q. Wcrnvr, J. Volpe. P. WiCSOIllJZ1Cll. But God in all his wisdom saicl, 'gfust build a better youll' 5 ROW I: J. Wasl1Ir111'x1, J. Zudnik, D. J. Wise, A. Ullricll, R. A. Vidil. ROOIII 208 How ll: P. viscusl.. K. 1:11-uklcy, 15. xvm-my, A. wmk, J. Mfcmny ROW Ill: D. Wittllmzlxm. K. Tokur, R. Werner. l'lllJN'l': l'. ,Xlll-n. ll. Nlillvr. SOPHOMORES FRONT: J. Bctters, L. Bot- tino, M. Banc, L. Broffffi D. Brown, A. Braun Beam. BACK: K. Braum, T. Angelo M. Bazicr, J. Barton Bonncll. B4-lnaumax. .l. .l0ll. ll. Kis - ncr. .l. lluyml. K. YunKirk. LXCK-Q lf. NlsCull. B. Wriglzl. ,l. Nlvlluls. l. llaywwml. B. .Nllilllli YV. C411nm'011. X ,lf A FRONT: H. Bickcll, N. Brul licr, L. Allison, M. Biluk K. Bowles. M. Bagan, W Bailey. BACK: G. Akers, R. Burncord .l. Boyd, R. Bcnm-lt, li. Brn- IICII. na Oo IO, fe ne Step at a Time FIRST ROW: Mr. Lesnak, adviserg Dennis Lorenzi, presidentg ,lane Stragand, vice presidentg Mary Aim Berquist, treasurer. SECOND ROW: Edna Poskon, secretaryg Miss Ripepi, adviser. The freshman class has spent their year joining clubs, meeting new people, and getting ac- quainted with a new kind of school life. They have done well in making their adjustment, in spite of a few suggestions from upperclassmen. In the fund raising department the freshmen have already begun building up their treasury. They have had charge of concessions at a football game, sponsored the freshman get-acquainted d a n c e and helped the Easter Bunny with their Easter candy sales. With a beginning like this they may well be our richest class, a title of some distinction. E.F.H.S.7s youngsters h a v e struck a new note with their abounding enthusiasm and lively school spirit. TSXEU' .s " - itil' ' 5- L Sex HOW 1: l.. Sclnw-riun. E. Rook. A. Russctti. D. Sender. R. Shank, C. Rudy, C. Sharpnack, J. Sholtis, C. Similo. ROW 2: J. Rosv. J. Sluwubuch, R. Rupert, M. Schwcickcrt, J. Rucienski, W. Russell, C. Sherer, E. Roberts, G. Rost. K 1: Room 120 Nfl smile is such fl funny thing. It wrinkles up your face, HOW 1: 'l'. Styvlw, S. 'l'l1u11141s. A. Stauxkn. .l. Sykvs. P. Tllmnats. T. Spark, D. SUllkllYiL'l1, IJ. Slorull. XI. '1'cs1111ru, C. Stcinmcycr. ROW 2: .l. Swimlcll. C. Troup. Y. Snydvr. M. Smith, L. Torok, E. Tokztrsky, F. Stewart, H. SllilI'l'Z, M. Smith. M. Stuncc. ROW 3: U. Tilnku. N. Timko, C. Staff:-n. IC. Stu-ylv. I.. Sturni. W. Summerville, A. Thompson. K. Smilliv. IJ. Szulm, J. Snyder, D. Sitalr. Ronin. 123 . , . C. s ' W I C ROW l: F. Vanderwort, L. Twele, A. Uveges, V. Walker, R. Valentino, L. Wise, T. Watko, J. White. ROW 2: C. Wall, NI. Yursunus, J. Zakcn, S. Wycoff, J. Walker, E. Zimmerman, S. Wiskeman, J. Zeccllini, M. Vinul, M. Watters, C. Wintermyer. ROW 3: J. Yacuru, B. Wills, C. Wycoff, J. Stone, D. Weiss, L. Zeiler, W. Werner, D. Zimmerman. R . 125 Dom And when it's gone you have to find Its secret hiding placeg But far more wonderful it is ROW 1: B. Buoy. M. Adams, J. Campbell, C. Belumna, J. Ambler, P. Bruum, D. Beadling, A. Berlozzi, J. Brizzi, R. Anderson. ROW 2: L. Bernudowski, P. Andrews, J. Abrams, H. Allen, T. Brydellell, J. Brown, M. Berquist, B. Bulko, C. Cain, J. Bruni, B. Altman. -ROW 3: C. Atkinson J. Backus, R. Byrand, J. Bflllllllilll, D. Cain, C. Czxdman, R. Billick, D. Boyd, W. Abereromllie, J. Anieos, J. Ackard. ROW 1: N. Douglass, J. Davis. C. Cllusko, L. Ducrr, K. Donlcy, E. Cllusholm, O. DcN0bilc', S. Dick, J. Cmmlull, 9 Cox NOW 2: NI. ifrovci. E. Clarke, S. Cmslmio, R. Dm-lmcr, R. Collins, S. Dcrdicll, S. Cullmcrt, V. Chomus, M. Dougherty W. lfroxuk. ROW 3: XI. Conn. J. Donnelly, D. Cunt, H. Dawson, C. Cil0l'SCll'lllIl, M. Cooley, M. Davenport, R. Dolmuchic, L lfullml. lf. CUIIIUY. f f v:'ff:4 R00711, 210 To see what smiles can dog You smile at oneg he smiles at you, And so one smile makes two. ROW 1: H. Fislu-r. A. Faust, J. Hallo, D. F1u'1'o, V. Ferguson, E. Hansen, T. Hullus, D. Evans, Nl. Clumiing, D. Gillmvrl, J. Fcick. ROW 2: Y. l"or4lycv. D. Fine. C. Taylor. S. Cogocl, B. Cophurt. S. Frank, C. Forsyth, C. Fclvllvn. D Cllh C Til llli W Tillli .,'4',,. 'z. .'as. HOW 3: I.. llull. A. Guxolsko, D. Crallialln. R. Hzmdu, T. Emcrv, M. Dvor, C. Czmossi, T. l'm-ro'kv I f'1'a-'forv R ClI7'lIliCll T V RQTW -iL:'Ii': Tfliilzf-CI:illoivli1i.A.i. Cljii-filil, Cf. Fox, E. Crilli, K. Elirllurdl. T. Guyok. R. Cl:-scnkaxmp. R00771 N . ROW 1: H. Ilmnu, S. Hohl, A. Homa, D. Hofmeister, N. Johnson, B. Laprsley, F. Lindberg, D. Krieger, A. Johnson, P. Johli, J. Lovondorf. ROW 2: R. Kovac, J. Kcrher, M. Kunyr, C. Jones, C. Huffman, K. Heil, D. Hoosc, R. Hackman. H. Laverick, C. PIODQIUQII, P. Huey. HOW 3: R. Jcnco, H. Kelter, P. Kcefer, H. Kadur, H. Laverick, G. Hoagland, S. Johnston, P. Kier, T. Smitley. ROW 4: J. Luzur, I.. Largo, C. Jarvis, T. Kiefer, S. Kurutz, W. House, W. Johnson. ye Room 212 And since a smile can do so much By cheering hearts of care, ROW 1: S. Onmlrvy, A. Mcsiurik, C. MCCLIIIQ1, C. Malusovic, E. Moore, D. McClintock, L. Morris C. Martin, L. Munich, J. Ludwig, P. Mascnrclli. ROW 2: N. Mnnncringz, C. Muloy, S. McCau'tl1y. D. Muruffi, J. Martini, E. Odenlhal, D. Men- dicino, R. Nvhilu, D. Mols, NV. Moore. ROVV 3: D. Nohiolg D. DIUFQLIII, J. Martin, D. Mondulc, C. Opulkicwicz, L. Markle. J. McCune, R. Mclntosh, W. Ncul. ROXV 11-: J. D1011i1Cil1i, R. Lvccot, YV. Mvrscliul, D. Lorcnzi, J. Mains, R. Miller, T. Neal, C. 1x1.mm,A.1x1i11.-1-,D.1w10mS. Roonl 213 RUW 1: 'l'. Rilvy, R. Di-cr. B. Pliilhurn, J. Rupp, C. Pauiicuc-vi, F. Rc-itz, J. Piccini, C. Plunkv, C. Ricrcc, C. l'llCllilllllK'l'. ROW 2: S. Runzicrc, L. Piscitclli, W. Rack, D. Price, S. Parmitcr, G. Rcvcltu, A. Piscitilli, L. Pcckman, L. Richter R. Pnskun. ROW 3: R. l72l5lIlliIllL', D. Riggs, A. Prcuss, G. Opfer, R. McKnight, B. Rcdic, N. Pascurcllu, P. Cramling, B Pignzzi, G. Opfcr. Room 215 Lefs all keep on smiling Till smiles go everywhere!" ROW 1: D. Manor. BI. Anthony, B. Williams. S. Iiiluk, ,L Slrugund, D. Knohlock. ROW 2: P. Huey, A. Hcffncr, D. Cray. J. Wz11'cl, R. Rock, M. Cvctun. 4 i D -Z',:""'g:""' 323. E Res- Sports: The Teams Add Tempo It is in the sports program 'that We find the strong robust music of the school. ,lust as athletes are spurred on to ever greater efforts through 'the stirring music played and sung by the other students, the entire school surges with spirit and pride as its athletes race the length of the football field for a last minute, game winning touchdowng dribble madly down the court for a backhand perfect shot through the basket tying up the gameg pitch a no-hit baseball gameg or play a perfect below-par game of golf. It is this music that provides the much-needed seasonal uliftf' 'Sv L. Evans, J. Shank, B. Caruthers Varsity an 12. -.--Q LEFT: M. Thaxton, T. DeRosa, W. Czmdelore. LOWER LEFT: F. George, .I. Flynn, .l. Brydebell. LOWER, SITTING: B. Eichler, E. Billick. STANDING: D. Graff, F. Palumbo. is The Warriors opened the 1959 football season with a loss to lVIcKees Rocks. The next three games were well- deserved victories for the team. Five losses followed, closing the season with three wins and six losses. The highlight of the football sea- son was the exciting, hard- fought victory over Glass- port, our traditional rival. The game, scoreless until the last few minutes, was won when a punt was blocked by Joe Slavick resulting in a two-point s afety for the W a r rio r s. The district coaches recognized the abil- ity of the Warriors when they elected Ion Shank to the All-District team. -Q-" .-,511 M2 wc gif' ff , x I I QE- S. W X A ga GK YM 7 'N T' XMI. 11 1- if E 51 I IW M , 1 f - , 1. M N1 A Q f i N 1 r ,X i U V v an x it 5. wi ' N- . 1 S' .qs ,- .: S 4 I. E if ig G U f- f '1-. W if 'W I K I ., Ni 1 ED, F 1 X w 'Lx 46 -I Ai 4, N K VC ur' .,,. fi' gf Xb gxtx AXE, L X X.: XiiiQY '2 A Et 2? Q ' aff iHg1iu1i i1i ' Wm Mike Mendicino Ken Bell March April May Take M e Ball 1959 RECORD EF OP. Clairton 6 5 Donora 6 4 Charleroi 1 2 Charleroi 5 10 Norwin 9 2 East McKeesport 4- 0 Wilmerding 5 0 Glassport 9 1 Norwin 1 2 East McKeesport 2 1 Wilmerding 5 2 Glassport 1 2 Lou Steinkopf Ken Wawrin X ff .,.!-I ,J--,Mr Nlwaf I al Eugene Aldrighetti The EFHS golf team, led by George Naperatz, copped the Scction 6 title by winning 6 out of 7 games. They have par- ticipated in inter-section matches for the past two years and they have won the section title both years. Other players were: Dave Bowen, Eugene Aldrighetti, Nor- man Rack, and Jim Boyd. Be- cause of George Naperatz's achievements he was awarded the Outstanding Senior Trophy F ee ' A 1 jf F f T, JVAJV for golf. Coy EF ,,,. Score Opponent-Score EF i,,,,,,, 614 Baldwin ,,,,,,,,,,,, 915 EF ..,,.,,, 14 Bethel ., ., 2 EF ,,,,,,,. 816 Norwin ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, 7112 EF ,,,,,,,, 16 lVIcKeespo1't ,..,..,, 0 EF ,,,,,,, 11 Baldwin ,, ,,,,,,,,, , 5 EF ,,,,,,. 10 Norwin ,,,,, ,.i,,,,, 6 EF ,,,,,, 1516 Bethel ,,,,,,, , ,, 15 i::Baldwin H ,,,,.,,..... . 5 EF ,,,,,,,, 11 EF, ,,,,, 4 IAvonworth ,,,, ,,,, 1 2 ii Section Six Playoff I W.P.l.A.L. Section Playoff George Naperatz Dave Bowen L to R: .lim George, Norman Rack, Dave Bowen, George Nap- eratz, and Coach Stoner prac- tice on the Seven Springs Course. Future ports Stars RlCl'l'l'. FRONT: Risker. Ainorv. Kucli, Aolitzchn Hiller. Ncmcllick. Pasquinclli, Natali, Bottino, Sasanko Pryor. Mcndicino. Bruni, Cogocl, Kallot, Siinilo. BACK. Gelzhisvr, Havcl, Bucy. Scltwirian, Melcgari, Douglass. Vickvrs, Dworok. Bailvy. Ccorge. Bucy, Tokar. Butclicr Roch. LOWER RlGl'l'l', FRONT: Morris, Rost, Collins. Jcnco. Delmar. Hall. SECOND: Cotton. Revctta. Pasquallc. Rt-div, Vrovak, -Blillcr. Clvscnkatnp. BACK: Cray Yacura, Cliasko. Brydebt-ll. Wills, Chisholm, Kettel Mols. if i 'hp ijw ABOVE, FRONT: Harvey, McCracken. M a y f i mr l tl Ct-orgc. SECOND: Nloorv. McNeil, Slonv. Dwort-k BACK: Shaver. Davis. Wawrin, Sinn. RICHT, FRONT: Wills, Collins, Soukoviclt, Copclanrl Mr. Wt-st. SECOND: Scliocnbacli, Feick, Mols. Billick BACK: Yarura. Zivller, Nlorris. Opfvr, Clcscnkamp. l'l0llSl'. Coaching S taff FRONT: Mr. Loffard, basket ball: Mr. Loprcsti, football: Mr West, basketball: Mr. Ecllard football: Hr. Blacka. football BACK: Mr. Poniilio, oslliipnicntz Mr. Novak. football: Mr. Siniilo businvss IIIZIIIZIQCYZ Mr. Rubino. football: Mr. Stonor. golf. GAA. The Girls' Athletic Association pro- vides a well rounded schedule of extra- curricular sport activities for all interested high school girls. In addition, they put on half-time gymnastic exhibitions at basket- ball games and a complete gym show in the spring. The activities include archery, table tennis, golf, badminton, basketball, tumbling, volleyball, softball, and bowling. Providing healthful activities for the de- velopment of the body in coordination with the mind is their main objective. All the members learn to work with others as well as learning to work better. -'T E f 5 li .3 X , ff ? A + ,E lf tg Z S27 gf N . F s 5 Zi" f-M' N15 TOP RIGHT, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Allen, adviscrg Georgia Worthy, president: PatsyF1-eghmen are 'sway Outn as they don Powell, vice president. SECOND ROW: Susan Meisl, secretaryg Dolly llcum, lreasllrer: space suits for initiation. Bliss Evans. adviser. UPPER LEFT, FIRST ROW: L. llernudowski, N. Mannering, T. Meisl. SECOND ROW: 31. K.-in-I-, D. lun.-1--tm, D. craig, D. ilu.-gm. THIRD Row. M1-S. Allen, rs. Svtmiiy. Lettermen Miss Hornfcck, M. Ccaly, Miss Evans. 90 Mike Kovuvliieli. Wayne Canrlelore, Rob Amos, Larry Landini, Mr. Rulvino. adviser The Lettermen's Club, under the direction of Mr. Anthony Rubino, is made up of all boys who have received a letter for basketball, baseball, football. or golf. The purpose, there- fore, is to show recognition of all sports in our school. Each year the Lettermenas Club spon- sors the Teachers vs. Seniors basketball game and the Var- sity vs. Junior Varsity football game. They use the money earned by these activities to buy jackets for the Seniors. This group is getting larger each year and it is a group of whom we can be proud. Cheerleaders . A7 'wap YI? FRONT: .lunico Peterson. Mary Lou l.al"rankie, .lancl lNIcl.ay, Cziinl Kznnp, Penny I,cli BACK: Sandy Hullzis. Jann-I Collins. Linda Jull. UPPER LEFT: Patty Mcgela, Maureen llattlicws. Carol Soukuvicll, Paula Jenkins. UPPER RIGHT: .lackie Tckavvc. .lane Ruslic. Carol McClain, June Ruslie. LOYVER: P. I.l'l1Ill'l'. M. L. l.aF1'unliie. ,l. llvleay, I.. Joll, .l. Peterson, J. Collins. C. Kamp. 5. ll illi 9l Activities : Combo of Clubs A pleasing personalityg a well-poised boy or girlg these are the traits EFHS encourages through school organizations. Many choose the Chorus or Band which provides mood music during pep assemblies, concerts, and at the games. Others choose one of the many other clubs which gives social pleasure and more opportunities to work with others. Still other stu- dents are attracted by the class-connected clubs that enable them to enrich their academic program. Belonging to a club is to a student what perfect balance is to a musical composition. Whether it is the Student Council which represents the voice of the student body or the "War- rior" which heralds the news, our school organizations are keenly felt in the lives of the stu- dents at EFHS. Serenade in Blue FIRST ROW: Douglass, .l"ordycc, Thompson. Morcman, Doulcy. Romeo, Ludwig, Krieger. SEC, OND ROW: Lcnnig, Angelo, Koronu, Pcairs, Hailes, Mayfield, Donley, Gardner. THIRD ROW: Stevenson, Sturni, llowlcs, Acharfl. lalcey, Spin:-lli. Miller, Hurst, Merriman. FOURTH ROW: May. 54-11-rlmu, Fl'ilSl'I'. I-Iowoll. Kytvlluk. Niarcieski. Moffat. Cary. Rules. Friendly, hardworking students under the direction of Mr. Iacobucci devote their time and skill to making our band the center of our fast growing school spirit. They spend innumerablelhours practicing precision marching drills and special arrangements of the 4'War- rior Rock," uFight Song," '6War1'io1' Pep Songf, L4WHl'TI0l' Victory,'7 our '6Alma lVIater,H and many others. Our thirteen piece EFHS Dance Band which plays for many school affairs, is featured in the Pops Con- cert and plays a benefit for the Westerxi Pennsylvania School of the Blind as well as playing outside en- gagements. 5? Band 'P BY' I 5? Ei SEATED, ABOVE: F. Kvl cllak, C. Suskalo, J. Mar 4'i"Ski. 1. Blythe. .l. Fraser STANDING: W. Andrews E. .laSk0l. N. Dolata, A Howell. SEATED: E. Jugkgl, -I Fivrfu F. Kytchuk, Blythe. STANDING: Mr Iacohucci, K. Donlay, B Muse. C. S u s k ax l o. W Sturni. .5 r 'xg , Q 'I' If -ix I wi' , I' WTF fi! J" ' I. ggft l fl I if I , Q Q31 ggi 119' ,-:MJ "f"' , fk5.QW,.V'!5Q -' xg: Q 3f5?Q2'e'? ww 'Q .wx da J p Jn!! Ex 3 IQ- vi f I. X 1 . I I ,A,, nr , A 1 , an qv 1 YI N SQL-, F3 'fn .l 1 1 af K .eu 2 ,A af 4 xfwrd 35 . 'N ' 7 s 1 I -- 2' O , 9 6 fa , .- Ag' is !'i iff . .M . . -' g . ,Q '. " " v ' wk .., V, W., ' U "hu, 66Down in the Valleyw Mr. Farina leads the Warrior Choir through "She Walks in Beauty." Marlene Rudberg is the accompanist. Brack and Jenny share a tender moment. x iilu QZFF FEPR: - rs Tension mounts as the villain and Brack come face to face. slmzluw cred Q58 a"""i"9 'WY sat Nh The Warrior Choir fills the auditorium with harmonious sounds. Last year, for the very first time, the chorus presented an operetta entitled "Down in the Valley," by Kurt Weill. Directed by Mr. Farina, the operetta was presented on May 8 and 9. The first part of the program was a concert consisting of several songs ranging from classical and religious to humorous arrangements. The second part was the operetta. This was a musical drama based on beautiful folk songs, such as: "The Lonesome Dove," "The Little Black Trainf' "Sourwood lVlountain,', and, of course, the title song. Luft to right: Mr. lfarina. Nancy l'utrick, IIIIICIIIIH tnitli, Nclson Marks, Bill l' 0 rza. Miko Kovacllicli. 0 ll n Harrison, Dorothy lIIorrisun, Dana Weigel. ABOVE, FIRST ROW: D 0 u g l a s s, lluttcltm' I,1'cki1'. Storult, Dlcakj Icy, IYI 1: Q li a n c, Cay. .Iunr'S, Rt-ml, Wc'ig.:l1', Halas, llaugli, Zazlroga, l" rn r r I- s I. SECOND ROW: llunt, D i me I 2, l'utrn'k, 'llortoricx-, Sny- clcr, Griffin, S in i t lt. Swongc-t'. Al1cr'v1'uniluie. Dcwyer, Morrison, Rus- nak, lfc-ltlstx-in. 'l'llIRD ROW: Iialfrankic, 'l'ay- lor. Elirliartlt, Mrllnne, I r 0 n s, Wcrncr, Sour- fit-lcl. l7OUR'I'I'I ROW: Smiclmick, Riskcr, Op- livr, Marks, Tvrza, Ku, vacliicli, S t 17 w a r t. I-I o in a, llaunigartnvr H a r r i S 0 n, Barnutt, ll l yt ll 1-, llildr-lmrancl, Drown. a FIRST ROW: Russutti, Scliwcikert, Tesauro, Ranzicri, Graw. Wintcrtnycr, Scliilnpf, Noldcr. Wy- voff, Plunko, Maraffi, Ccpliart, Dady, Wise, Brauni. SECOND ROW: Braunt, Slavick, Griffith. Cealy, Ccpliart, Jolmson, Fox, Cooley, Dawson, Richter. Stn-inlneycr, Vinal, Price, Cox, Sinitlt. 97 THIRD ROW: Volpe, Evans. McElravy, lIIarraccini, Mclntosli, Brizzi, Riley, Shank. Mainc. ' 1 ,f N- . vi W' .. I ' M 1 ABOVE LEFT: Busy editors and reporters-SEATED: Erin Brady and Betty Stevenson. STANDING: Sheila Donnachie, Louise Kartesz, Susie James. ABOVE: Sportswriters, conference: Rich Brindza, Bill Wills. Neil Sullivan. LEFT: Business session-fSEATED: Janice McPhee, Helen Spanos. STANDING: Pat Gaublomme, Althea Dale, .Ioan Storrvh. Pat Styche. nThe W'arrior,', published in tabloid form this year, has hecorne a vital instrument in heralfling the news and uniting and entertaining the student hody. It also of- fers students an outlet for such talents as: Creative writing, photography, Cartooning, and interviewing. I 1-Iv The Editors in a rare moment of quiet: Dana Wiegel, features: Sallie Hunt, news: Emilie Gayok, editor-in-chief: Pat Sellnian, assistant editor: Betty Stevenson, editorial page. STANDING: Louise Kartesz, art: Mrs. Stephenson, adviser: Ruth Feldstein, business manager. f THE W R UR ' 4 A Sr. S 1 f 5 -QQ ELI -M 0 N' . ,. xl J 'lt :X staff meeting: SEATED: Carole M1'C111'tl1y, literary, Jackie Zadroga, 1-dito1'-i11'cl1i1-f: 11111 lil'UWll. pll0l0gIl'1lltlly. STANDING: Carol Kamp, make-up: ,Ianct Booth. typing, Louise K 111 1 arty Miss Scott, advise-rg Ruthann llcNisl1. husiness. zxll "arty" problem: Marlene Rudberg, Barbara Thomp- son, Louise Karlesz, Pat Malloy. RIGHT, SEATED: Janet Kerber, Carol Kan1p, Emilie Cayok, Carole McCarthy. BACK: Dorothy Morrison, Earlyn Alhine, Gretchen Lennig, Rosalind Hostnick, Mary Lou LaF1'a11kie-literary and make-up conference. Qibi 4? 1 , 1 1. Lv 4 1 X X K 1 T 7 1' 3 S0ltll'llllll'S you. have to load fil111 just anywhere-.as "Buy a turtle, anyone?" SEATED: Sandy Dcjoisc, M111 L 'NI1 Ku VLI Carol Rodger Mcnow, Dave Nelson, and Tom Brown fmd Marks, Estella Schcetz. STANDING: Ruthann McN1l1 I1n1t Bo11tl1 out. Toni is the first Eli-Mon photographer to develop Georgia W01-yhy, Charlgng Cygglyy. lllS own pictures. ational Thespians - Troupe 1391 -W , 4 1 in-s--4 I00 I l f'WiIl yon marry me now. Rnl ll ? U The aim of the Thes- pians is to entertain au- diences through the liest use of their talents as actors. In the fall, they work with the senior class in presenting the annual senior play for a two-night stand. In the spring, they visit an orphanage and perform for the children. SEATED: Sandy Hallas, secretalyg Miss Repine, adviserg Janice Peterson, vice president: Dar- lene Cotton, treasurer. STANDING: Ruth Feldstcin, president. MDQUJ1' Ruthypp Nov. 5-6, "Crackerjacks . . . two hundred boxes!" 3 'l'HlQ lf.XS'l': Larry lillllllllll. fllaroldl: l.il Hodgson, Ulrs. Yvilkinslz Wayne Candelore. Llndee Wilkinstz Darlene ffolloll. llloraitz .lalniee Peterson. llillllll: 'l't-rrx' llllglllllil. 4 ,, f 4Lt. 5l'l1WI'IQlll I: .lc-rry It ly nn. 1.-Xllierlt: Nindy Hallas. Oliriann I: Toni IDURUSLI. Mgt. Yineent t: Eu-lyn llttllgltlss. lxlllflllll P. Debate Club ABOVE: Holi Snpcrnoriclr. Margie Dawson. Dari- Na-lson. Miriam Coolvy. Doris Hoosv. Ray Svurfieid and Earl Jaskol. ABOVE I.EFT: Ron Frciwaid and Miss Srarry rcasiiirv lIll'l1IiJl'l'S Iilll'iJlll'll Casper, Martha Hodgson. Bernard Hyndv and Com- Lan-vy In-forv a hip dchatc. Qi... Q4 axmwp ow that il's over and lhev have chalkcd up ano 1 win." 1- c. Barbara, Ron. John Kurko IN ar ia. ann 'nn-st A vu ' -1 tm recap' the situa ion XJ " - -wav ,un wnci lf u- trac years old i: open to all Students with or LlYOI'llQIl'S who want to acquire traininp in ogival thin'ing. '1 good viewpoint on c'urrcnt vrclits. puhlic spcakinff experiencr and confidvm-v. They have participated in inl0rsc'holastiv debates and tournaments " 1 SHCI 'L . S as: iNorwin Thoinas ,Ciii-Cl'S0ll. Gl'4'Cl1SiJl1l'QI. Moncssen. ,I v a Il ll 0 t t Q. McKeesport. Connellsville. Blairqvilh, and Penn Joint- OFFICERS: Miss Scarry, adviser: Martha Hodgson, soc-rclary: Ummm- Lau treasure-rg Barbara Casper. historian: Ron Freiwald, president. IOI of America Future Business Leaders Miss Rubino, adviser, instructs F.l3.L.A. ot'- fieers in the use of office machines. FRONT: Marylee Smith, treasurer, and Clyde Smith. reporter. BACK: ,loan Mendieino, president: Carol Marks, vice president: Patty Romeo. secretary. Q 1 cl' i U T U R E USINESS EADERS MERICA Q 575, 3: The F.B.L.A. is a new club this year, but their ef- ficiency and willingness to help have already made their impression on students and faculty. Future H About 1.5 memhcrs of the l7.H.A. along: with Mrs. Vlfvst and Mrs. Green attended tht- Pennsylvania Farm Show in Harris- burg in ,lamiary and presented a Gift Wrapping demonstration. They also vis- ited the T'TCl'Sll6Y Chocolate factory to learn ' ,i what makes that ehorolate fudge taste so good. t BELOW. FRONT: .lane Ann llutchinson, prvsi- dent talso Allvgtllelly County l".ll.A. presidentl: llarlmra Cain. serrt-tary: Hazel Halle, trt-asu1't'r. BACK: Mrs. West. udvisvrg Uvtttz Crosbie, vice prvsidt-nt: and Mrs. Green. adviser. Q Qty . The Lincoln Booklet--tt major F,l3.L.A. project, omemalcers of America .3 t X ,rv is C9 ABOVE. Mlvisory hoard: Susie Xlvis if' Carol Grunlund. ,lalvkiv Kit-inhamplt la ' ' vplv. llistoriun. O O Q- , C, 1- E - - 5 K f is E .,.1... :ll Q fi' L 3 2,0 ,oo NEW HO I Urganiization Presidents ll S ' 'n-mm,-.-. Sli.X'I'lil1: Jinn- llnlchinson, F.H.A.g Jackie Zadroga, "Eli-Mon", Joan Mendicino. F.B.L.A.g Maggie Morrison, N.ll.S,: liinilii- lluyok. "Warrior", Janet Collins, Art. STANDING: Rich Curly, La Tertuliag Tony Calalbro. F.T.A.: Nlikv Cox. Ranlio: .lini lilytlic, linndg Ron Fricwald. Debate, Rodger Brown, Biology, Paul liryun. Clivss: Dvnnis 'I Yukoxivli. Clwinislryz Holm Fruiitz. Slug:-g Larry Lundini. Lottorinm-ng Tom Brown, lliologiaipliy. alute to Presidents SEATED: J. Collins, M. Lalfrankic, M. Scllwcikcrt, E. Poskin, J. Morgan, D. Weigel, C. Homer, B. Vczzuni, lf. Jrnnes. S. Call. K. Bowles, L. Dalton, S. Donnachie. SECOND ROW: P. Kier, J. Shaver, D. Boyd, F. Kytclmk. l.. Scliwiriun. T. Bottino, D. Soukovicll, D. Lorcnzi. J. Yacura. D. Erkllarl, R. Collins, N. Maticll. J. Kcrklo, C. llull. ROW THREE: W. Musu. C. Bates. Nl. Knvaoliicll. J. Shank. R. Amos, W. Canclclorv. J. Harrison. l.. l.alndini. C. Snskulo. l'. Mathers. Z f 1 : l 4 19- 'V Hmm' Room Prvsirlviits Future Teachers of America Anthony Calabro, presidentg Mrs. Kochenbacll, adviserg Susan McCarthy, treasurerg Janice Peterson, SCCTCIEIYY. XX ! The Future Teachers of A m e r ic a organization is composed of students who want to gain some experi- ence in developing the nec- essary skills and personality traits to enable them to be successful in their chosen field. They visit other schools, conduct a student-teacher ex- change day, and assist in other capacities. This year they sponsored a cocoa-pour after a basketball game. F.T.A. officers prepare to serve. Popular spot at the Cocoa Pour, Student-Teacher Exchange Day-1959 ational Honor ooiety .2 vi SEATED: Mr. Posa, adviser: Maggie Morrison, president: Mike Kovachich, dent: Liz Hodgson, historian. STANDING: Ruthann McNish, secretary: Landini, treasurer. FRONT RIGHT: Emilie Cayok. SECOND: Jackie Zadroga, Margaret Morrison. THIRD: Beverly Hails, Elizabeth Hodgson, Ruthann McNish. FOURTH: Neil Sullivan, Larry Landini, Mike Kovachich. ' g . . 1 A lx vice presi- and Larry Wanted: Character, leader- ship, scholarship, and service. These four inshwnnents lnay harmonizing parts in qualify- ing a student for membership in the Nanonal Honor So- ciety. The annual surprise lap- ping: service look place early in Novemher, when seven jun- iom wweekdulonalndm- tionary hasis. anrl 27 seniors were arlclecl to the ranks of nine full-flerlgccl momlmers. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 3 'Z 'E ' i W S l05 -l l f "J" ii' 1-'Q fanior Classical League SEATED: Mrs. Brandfass, adviserg Dorothy Morrison. yresident STANDINC: Donna Hoffman, secretaryg Rodger I . . I Menozzi. vice president. Le Cerele Francais 'Unis .-W Q' Le Cercle Francais presented latest in "sack" fashions for assembly. w 5 the all 5 A tense moment in the Junior Classical League play. Among spring plans for this group was a Roman banquet, authentic in every possible detail. "'7 SEAT INC: X -n-r 1 ED: Richard Barnes, presidentg Mrs. Nicholl, adviser. STAND- Aflrienne Dellapenna, secretaryg Marion Spisak, treasurer. La Tertalia s X SEATED: Mrs. Pecora, adviscrg Richard Curry, presidentg .lack MacDonald, vice president. STANDING: Jackie Payne, secrclaryg Duane Redic, treasurer. Mexican restaurant scene is colorful. IO6 Librar lub 'E - vi ,Qtr Phyllis Wk-iss lnakcs ai varc- fnl check tlniougli tlne scrap- lrook to ln' sure all pulmlicity luis lmccn llCC0lllllCll for. ,lnnc Ruslic. treasurer: Nancy Martini, vim- prcfiilcnl: l,iz Hmlg- son, prcsiflcnt: Miss l.uuclx-r, ailvisvij Marin' licsaurn, sccri-tary. f'Muy I ln-lp you?" Thi-so are we-lmnne zmcl familiar .5 xmrfls lu lmotli stuilcnts anal facullx' im-rnlwcrs who arc N 0 - l . fi confronted by problems Solvable only by the right book 8 or rnnguzinc- artin-lc. Student lilararinns are always reafly 1, uncl alwli- ln liclp. MJ! fl x rff' Art Club 5 X ' ' 11-X ,V Q X ' X 5, X XX xxgxxw, x ,Kit Clulv incniln-rs llCX'l'l' miss 1 i'llZllll'l' to ilnpruri- lln- z1ppm-m'- illll'0 of 1-illwr sc-lmul or vunnnu- mtv lw using llwir lulcnts. 'llllcv if pi 0 x 1 cl i srnsimnl cle 1-mulimis. sponsor un url slmw. :intl lcncl lalentvfl liunfls lu all wlm In-1-fl lllcm. ki Marin' l.ison. rica' pros ilvnll llu1'l1ui'ai C0llClll'- nour. si-c'1'ctu1'y: .l u n 1- lfnllins. pri-siilcnt: M1 lfivoll. mlvisvr: ,lim Wcr . f""gf ni-r. pulmlicily. Qi liinislling toucllcs are mlclccl to tlw licuu- tiful lloat tllzlt a few ll0lll'S lzltcr won tln- first prize in ilu- Lions . C l n lm Hullowcen pa- rnclc. llllllf llll'lIl0 was ,I an zirlistis pulctle with Pauli color 1'CIJl'l'St'l1lt'il by ll llCZllllilllll girl in COSlllllN'. IO7 31 1959 Science Fair The sta e ocs scientific. The school science fair was one of the most color- ful 1959 events. Five of the student exhibitors later won awards- at the Buhl Planetarium Fair for their entries. Jim Knight won the Buhl Science Craft award for his model of a Van de Graaff gzeneratorg Bernard Hynde won the Joseph Horne award for his water testing and conditioning cxhibitg ,lim Shaver took thc U. S. Steel award for his exhibit on corrosion testingg Richard Bondi received honorable mention in en- gineering for his work on stroboscopic effectg and JoAnn Gallo won honorable mention in biology for her exhibit on the effect of radiation on barley. Mr. Ciavarra and Mrs. Roslund' were honored as teachers of these winners. LEFT:-An EFHS '59 Special model. LOWER LEFT:-L'How about a spot for my project, Mr. Ciaverra?" LOWER RIGHT:-Dr. Storcr performs a pleasant task as he presents an award to Terry Korona. Chemistry Club tv, W ful Miss Colcmbicwski, udviserg Dennis Vukoviclt. prcsidvnt: Dun Dansak. vice prcsidcntg Rutltunu McNisl1, SCCl'CILll'yg Carol Evans, treasurer. X X N Q gs :- X rx A X ..-M' - s X '53 m , r is N . ,, . . will I, fa.. 'ZZ ' ' ff . . ss N, jxfifsi iss .ug if' - f p smss. P P treasurer. "Who is it, Mickey or Minnie?" Weather tation 5 v' . Rx s.: SEATED: Ilernaml Hymlc. Bill Neal, Marge McKccver, Jay-ne Rastrclli, Dennis Vukovicll. STANDING: Mr. Stoner. urlvisom Curtis Griffith, Ed Tokarsky, Allen Wcriss, ,lim Mc-ndicino. l Y ack Denny. advisor. sc-cottrl from lm-it mvcls , with club members to give' advicm- in so " lung: an ll'lll'lgLllll1Q,' prolmlm-m. Biology Club qi .,.., 41 lt 4. -if .A rt 'ugh it Anhui "I SEATED: Mrs. Roslund, udviserg Rogxur Brown, president: ,lt-rry liruni. vice president. STANDING: Camille Vaira, sccrvtaryg Aucln-y Tortorim llernic plots a wcutlwr grupli. I09 tuclent Council S. Bill Terza, Eileen Hansen, treasurerg Mr. Moreschi, adviserg Camille Vaira, secretaryg Emilie Cayok, presidentg Warren Frabizio, vice presidentg Curtis Griffith, Dana Weigel, reporter. Music 'llhe Student Council contains the legislative, Q executive, and judicial branches of the student body. They stimulate school spirit by encourag- ing participation in all school activities-as those pictured,l1ere. Spmts Promotes: L,- VT? The Council encourages students to participate in musical ' ' organizations. . The Council urges students to attend sports events. Tours Beverly Hails and Senator Scott on the Capitol Council promotes school clubs and attendance at parties such as this steps--the Student Council urges students to take Language Club affair. advantage of learning first hand about their na- tional government, too. Striking a high note in the rank of cluhs is the Y-Teens. This cluh is mainly hased on service to all. As one of the main projects this year. the Y-Teens greeted the teachers on the first day with apples. Also another project is helping to carry the hooks for the handicapped students. Of course. the Y-Teens and ad- visers don't spend all their time working. In the pictures hclow are some of the entertaining mo- ments at freshman initiation last fall. Of course. the annual dance called "Whispering Wiiiclsii was held in March and also a fashion show with many new spring fash- ions from Cores. This April. the Y-Teens of the area sponsored a trip to New York City. For the girls who went this was a wonderful experi- ence to gain knowledge about the service which is needed in the United States today. Y-Teens SEATED: Helen Spanos, presidentg Miss Whittington. co-adviser: Pat Sz-llman. sun t n STANDING: Paula Jenkins, vice presidentg Gretchen Lcnnig, treasurer. 's swag ff 1' if .4143 f Mrs. Keller, co-adviser. supervises decorations for their "Whis- These charming: pering Winds" dance held in the early spring. "infants" are frcslnnan Y-Teens. Y TEENS ,. 'JAH IILWL infill Q.a:::,9,' s,gwrp,,, A-alll-it A Projection Crew These are the boys to whom we all owe our thanks for making it possible for us to learn through the use of audio-visual aids. They can be found every day carrying heavy projectors, screens, or recorders from the Audio-Visual of- fice to the various class rooms. FRONT: .l. May, R. Bricker, L. Sturni, T. Gayok, R. Evans, Mr. Stoner, adviser. BACK: J. Hurst, W. Werner, L. Woolcy, E. Piper, R. Werner, R. Brown, J. Mains, Unsung Heroes of EFI-I Stage Crew M1 Thompson, adviserg Rodger Menozzi, treasurer, Bob Frantz, pri sidentg Dale Maurer, secretary. Without the able backstage help of the boys on the stage crew there could be no stage perform- ances. They not only tend to the scenery, back- drops, curtain, etc., but also provide the beautiful special lighting and sound effects which make the difference between a routine and an artistic performance. Cafeteria Aides -+m.r,,mT Fran McBride, Ruth Vidil, Nellie Oatman, Linda Carr. These girls help in the cafeteria every day at noon and for special dinners to keep things going smoothly. They keep the tables clean and carry equipment Ito and from the kitchen so as to make things more pleasant for those who are eating. l'ilUl0gLl'llIllll'l'S nnwe in close to get the best tingle. H0519 lubs Photography Chess P...-A Film, W, UPPER LEFT, SEATED: Mr. Ecliard, adviscrg Toni Brown. presidentg G 0 0 r g 0 Thompson, v i c e president. STANDING: Larry Dil I en, secretary: Bob Frantz. treasurer. UPPER RIGHT: Mr. Trcnk. ud- viscrz Paul Bryan, president. STANDING: Toni Mitchell, sec- retaryg Ron Mink. vice presi- dent. Radio 'tr I Y' ll 5x4 It takes Ll lot of tlrouffln to figure out tln- In I more in chess. 5 , M., ....,,.... if.. 'WE ,sm "x X , , Fix X I ltlli Imlx IXIAI Nilvfixi. llvurgt' NIM' Villlllll. llnrry Kel It-r. .Xllen l,l't'llHS STXNDINQL: Mi wlinvl rox. pri-wi tlenlz NIV. tiinxnrrxu tnlxiwr. lI3 SEATEIJ: Mr. 'l'uylor, advi- ser: llarb Urban, presidentg lletly ,lo Anjcski, secr4'ta1'yg Eurlyn A l b i n 4-, publicity: EFH Welcomes Pep Club I i y jg v 2 Q iig, 5 x One of EFHS newest orgaiiiza- tions is the Pep Club. Tlu-ir purpose is to create and en- .lzwkiv 'l'ckax'cc'. S0llll0lIl0l'tT courage constructive se h o ol 1'epi't-st-:itative. STANINNC: spirit. The ideals in scholastic Wayne Caiult-lore, historian: and sports leadership as set .lohu Yam-lira, freshman rep- forth by the club have done a rest-utativc-3 Sandy Dejoise. great deal to make school lift- junior I'CIll'L'St'IllLlIlVOQ Mary more enjoyable. Kay Scliivlvy, senior repre- sentative: llon AIIIUIT. vim' president: Stan llrbauovicli. l1'ezisul'm'l' The activities department is headed by an energetit' group with big ideas. They have taken active part in pep rallies. pro- vided bus transportation for away games, and sponsored a Valentine dance. 'AWho's this one for'!H ..- STZN II4 vlfluw 3 lleartlv "Who's stupid? l'm Cupid!" 1 3 Dr. IWIIIHQ vxprcsaus hts i Q C011- ralulutions and lmcst wishes to thu 1-lass of 1959---to Phyllis Douglzxws for the girls. a Commencement -- 1959 1.1 ,gem-sq!-npr-nm to Rich Pagliari for the boys. Mr. John Orr. Daily Nvwx Editor, is thoughtful over "Pho Years Al1ead." i 1 I '60cean of Dreams" As wc entered the dance, con- gratulations were in order II6 I l Z ifgs X for the "Ocean of Dreams" that we awaited so long. Zin . fm... ,t.. ,ff At last the moment of Coronation arrives Retiring Queen Joan reflects on the past, while newly-crowned Queen Erin dances into the future. The Crownmg Moment jo Abercrombie, Janice-25, 97 Achtzchn, Constance-25 Affinito, John-25 Affinito, Mary-25 Aitken, William-25, 87 Alberts, Ronald-25 Aldrighetti, Eugene--25, 85, 88 Altman, Patricia-25 Amos, Robert-25, 90, 103 Anderson, Judith-25 Anderson, Ronald-25 Andrews, Robert-25 Andrews, Wa1lace425, 91, 95 Angelo, John-25, 94- Angotti, Anthony-25 Bakewell, Phyllis-26 Bane, Arlencw26 Bane, Patricia-26, 95 Barlow, Karen-26 Barnes, Louis-26, 106 Bates, George-26, 9-1, 103 Beachy, Kenneth-26 Cargill, Holliday, Thomas-33, 87 Beam, Clara-26, 90 Berdar, John-26 Bickcll, Janice-26 Billick, Earl-26, 82 Billick, James-26 Bisogni, Donna-26 Blythe, James-26, 9-1, 95, 97, 103 Bondi, Frank-26 Booth, Janet-27, 99 Boucher, Lorraine-27, 97 Bowen, David-27, 88 Brady, Erin-1, 27, 98, 116 Brindza, Richard-'27, 98 Brown, Jerry-27 Brown, Marla-27 Brown, Rodger-27, 103, 109 Brown, Roy-27, 112 Brown, Thomas-27, 99, 103, 113 Bruno, Saundra-27 Bryan, Paul-27, 103, 113 Brydebcll, John-27, 82 Candelore, Wayne-24, 27, 82, 90, 100, 103, 114 Carr, Audrey-28 Anthony-28 Cnruthers, Blaine+28, 82 Challencr, Larry-28 Check, Edwartlf46 Check, JoAnn-46 Cherepko, Mike-28 Chcrrington, Sue-28 Chisholm, James'-'16 Chomas, Kay-28, 95 Cliutis, Jolmh-28 Cifra, Barbara-28 Clarke, Rosalind-28 Cole, John-28 Collins, Janet-28, 91, 103, 107 Connors, ,Dorothy-28 Cook, Joseph--46 Cotton, Darlene-28, 95, 100 Cox, Michael-29, 113 Craggs, Charles-29 Craig, Dawn-29, 90 Crosbie, Bette-29, 102 Cunningham, Jack-29 Curry, Richard-29, 103, 106 Czesztyicki, Julia-29 Dale, Althen-29, 98 Davis, Donald-29 Davis, Hazel-29 Dean, Diane-29 sleK1aita, Jacqueline-46 Dcllapenna, Adrienne-29, 106 Dertlich, Shirley-29 DeRosa, Thomas-29, 82, 85, 87, 100 Dewyer, Dorothy-29, 97 Dolata, Ignatius-30, 94, 95 Dominick, Diane-30 118 enior Index Class of '60 Donnachie, Sheila-30, 95, 98, 103 Douglass, Evelyn-30, 97, 100 Dyer, George-30 Eichler, William-30, 82 Evans, Dolores-46 Evans, Larry-30, 82 Evans, Virginia-1, 24, 30, 109 Feick, Donald-30 Fcldstein, Ruth-30, 97, 98, 100 Fine, Sharon-30 Fiore, Janet-30, 94, 95 Flynn, william-30, 82, ax, ss, 100 Fonner, James-30 Forkey, Ruth Ann-31 Frabizio, Samuel-31 Frantz, Robert-31, 103, 112, 113 Fritz, Harry-31 Gayok, Emilie-1, 31, 98, 99, 103, 105, 110 Gelzhiser, Howard-31 George, Franklin-82, 84, as George, James-31 Gepliart, James-31, 88 Gilbert, Dora Mae-'31 Gilchrist, Thomas--31 Gillie, Kenneth-47 Glass, Richard-31 Graff, Dennison-31, 82 Graham, Teresa-31 Gregg, Lowell-32 Griffin, Pamela-32, 97 Griffith, Curtis-32, 109, 110 Gronlund, Ralph-32 Grus, Gerald-32 Guffey, Cynthia-32 Hails, Beverly-32, 105, 110 Hallas, Sara Jane-32, 91, 100 Hammadock, Francis-32 Harris, Richard-32 Heil, John-32 Hellcin, Lawrence-32 Henrich, Nancy-32 Hildebrand, David-32, 97 Himmcger, Verna-32 Hofmeister, Judy-33 Hodgson, E1izabethi33, 100, 105, 107 Hornick, Virginiaf33 Hpstnick, Rosalind-33, 99 Howden, William-33 Howell, Gary-33 Hredocik, Larry-33 Hrin, Joanne-33 Hutchison, Robert-33, 95 Janicki, Dolores-33 Jcnco, Helen-33 lobes, Robert-33 Joll, Linda-1, 33, 91 Jones, Laura Loc-33, 95, 97 Jones, Thomas-34 Kadar, Timothy-34 Kamp, Carol-34, 91, 99 Kartcsz, Louise-34, 98, 99 Kassler, Joseph--34 Kasslcr, Margaret-34 Kelly, Diane-34 Kessler, Williani-34 King, James-34 Kisner, Clarence-3-1 Kliment, Susanf3f1 Kline, David-34, B7 Kmetz, Rose-34 Knight, James-311 Korona, Teresa-34, 94, 108 Kovac, Margaret-35 Kovachicli, Michael-1, 35, 83, 90, 97, 103, 105 Kovacs, Ka1hcrinw35 Kozemchak, Michael-47 Kulczynski, Frank-35 Kytchak, Frank-35, 94, 103 Lamlini, Larry-fl, 21, 35. aa. as. 90, 100, 103, 105 Large, DarleneA35 Large, David-35 Leekie, Elizabeth--35, 97 Leffard, James-35 Lehner, Connie-33 Lewis, Harryi35 Lewis, Rita-35 Letham, Robert-35 Lhiva, Harryf3S Linton, David-36 Lison, Maricf36, 107 Lockhart, Patricia-f36 Long, Joanne--36 Lndwiek, Carolyn'-36 Lukach, Joanne-36 Lutcs, Roy-T6, 81, 85 MacDonald, John-36, 106 Malatly, Regis-36. 85 Malloy, Patricia-36, 99 Marrlis, Linda-36 Martini, Joseph-35 Martini, Ruth-36 Marraeeini, Pau1f36 Mathews, Alberta--37 Mathews, Kerry-37 Matnsovie, Mary Louise-137 May, Joseph-37, 911, 112 McCarthy, Carole-W37, 99 McClintock, Lctzt-'37 McCorkle, Cagole---37 MvFcely, .1oAnn- -117 McGrann, Nan y-37 MeKccver, Rnliert--37 McLean, Donna-'37 McNish, Ruth Ann'-37. 99. 105, 109 McPhee, Janice-37, 95, 93 Meier, Geraltlf37 Meisl, Rinelrla-37, 90, 102 Menmlicino, .loan-38. 102, 103 Mcrcnrio, John-311, 83 Miller, Jean-'38 Minjoek, Davidfll-1 Minjock, John-38 Minjoek, Patricia'-33 Minis, Evelyn-38 Mitchell, joyeefitl Moffat, Carol-38 Moore, Janet-38 Moore, Lana Rae-38 Morrison, Dorothy-f38. 97, 99. 100 Morrison, Margarc1738, 101. 103 Mungcr, Alfred--J1'l Myriek, David'-38 Nelson, Kurt-A39 Nizanty, E1aincf39 Nolder, Jacqueline-39 O'Hara, Mary-39 Olsen, Bonita-39 Opatkiewicz, Alexa-39 Opfcr, Helen Kay--39 Opfer, Raynionsl-39 Pagliari, Terry-1, 39, 81. 85. 1011 Palumbo, Francis--39, 82 Patterson, Dene-19 Patterson, Gone-39 Parmitcr, lohnf-39 Pascarella, NicolenzrY39 Pasqualle, Marian---39 Payne, .laiquelin--10, 106 Pelcharsky, .lohnf-10, 81 Pcpka, Catherine-A10 Peterson, Janice-110, 91. 100. 101 Pieeini, Nancy-40 Pierce, Riclnird-10 Poziviak, Christine-'10, 9.1 Preuss, Fred!-10 Provins, Sandra--10 Quattrone, Tcrryf 10 Randolph, Bettie-10 Redic, Dnanef10, 106 Rush, Thomas-10 Rikarrl, Samlraf10 Rippcl, John-10, 87 Rippel, William--41 Roclahzmgh, Yvilliznn--11 Rogerson, Paiiiclti--11 Roman, .lnnet-11 Romeo, Patriviafll, 91, 102 Roman, Willizuriifll Russetti. liiclmrd--11 Rust, Paulffll Rusnak, Roberta---11, 97 Russell, Jerry-'11 Salopck, Barbara-'ll Sehivley, Mary Kay-11. 111 Schweit-kert, Donald- 11 Shank, Jonfl, -11, 82, 1051 Shank, Larry-12 Shelton, llicliarfl-12 Silnilo, Donnaf12 Slaviek, Jnscphf--12, 83 Slept-cki, Faith4r12 Sniichnivk, Daniel-12. 97 Snlillie, Bonita--'12 Smith, Clytleg12. 102 Smith, Linda 1.on -12 Smith, Mary Lrcff12. 102 Smith, Tholnin--12, 97 Surg, Floyd--T2 Spanos, Hvlvrl--12, 921. 111 Spisak, Marian-f-12, 106 Stafien, 14111114112 Stange, Edgar'--13 Stevenson, Elizabeth-'3, 91, 021 Stewart, .1ayff13, 97 Slirlartl. .lanu-S413 Stiniakt-r, 11enny413, 87 btreyle, lrlarry--F13 Sturni, Wade--13, 91 Sukla, Carol'-'13 Sullivan, Nvilflfi. 811. 98, 101 Sutton, Kenneth--13 Taylor. .1anwsf13 Thaxton, 111111011--13, 82 Thompson, Phyllis-'13, 91 Tokarsky, Vincent- 17 Urban, lizirlmrag 13, 111 m1111121 UrlJz1novi4'h, Sknnl 'ff' , L . 1141 Uvegcs, Stn-plivnfll Vaira, Natalie-141 Valentino, Mary Ann ' 11 Van Fussen, Arlene417 Vitlil, Arthurf-1-1 Vukovivh, Dennisgil, 103. lil' Walker, Bonnie----1-1 Warcl, Mary E111-11411 Warters, Ricliartl---11 waits, Kami-41 Yvawrin, Kennclli-1f1. 81. 113 H1 Webb, .loan--1-1 WU-iss, Alan-F1-1, 109 W1'iss, l'1lyllisf-11. 107 Westwood. Gayncllf- 11 Wfllite, Beverly--all Williams, Bertf-15 Yvillinnis, .lilnies--'15 Willitiliis, Tlmnms-15 Wills, William-15, 98 Wilson, Lawanda-W15 Wilson, Tlmniasfli Wiskeman, John' 15 Wolfe, Frederick---13 wumlt-y, Lnslit ---- ts, 112 Worthy, Georgia--15, 90. 99 11'ylie, James---15, 87 Zzulnik, .launt-s-A15 Zadrnga. .lncquelinvff . 1. . 99. 103, 105 111119 A CHEER for Our PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. James Backsfrom Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bowles Miss Ellen Boyd Mr. Mar+in Craighead Mr. David Douglas Miss Suzanne Evans Mr. Frank Gilberf Mrs. Pauline Green Herron's Deparimenf S+ore Miss June Hornfeck Howell Brofhers Miss Mary E. Huichinson Mr. Norman Jaskol Dr. Charles Jones Laura's Floral Shop Mr. and Mrs. Russell Lennig M. Marraccini 8: Co. The Wagon Wheel Dr. A. I. Monheim Mrs. Shirley Nicholl Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poskon Queen Elizabefh Shoppe Miss Virginia Redman Miss Jane Repine Miss Rose Ripepi Mrs. Louise Roslund Miss Mariorie Sco'H Mr. Walfer B. Sco'H Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Sfollar Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Sforer S+rem S+udios Mrs. Margaref Sweei' Mr. Melvin Thomas Dr. and Mrs. Roberi' Wes+oni Miss Frances WhiH'ing+on Mr. Alberf Wilkins The Song Is Ended, As we complete our musical journey through Elizabeth-Forward High School, we want to express e A a deeply sincere note of appreciation to the many who have helped us. First, our thanks to the faculty and administration for granting us picture-taking timeg to our very good friend Tony Del Vecchio from Strem Studios for being so cooperative and so patient as he met our demands for picturesg to Gene Burke from Taylor Publishing Company for his many constructive ideas and en- couraging wordsg to the board of education, our patrons, and to the student body for financial supportg and of course, to our parents for allowing us to be late for dinner so many evenings as we dashed to meet deadlines. And so we leave you, tired but happy, at the conclusion of an effort that has given us-and we trust will give you-many pleasant hours. 1 YEARBOOK EDITORS: Tom Brown, Carol Kamp, Carole McCarthy, Janet Booth, Jackie Zadroga, Louise Karlesz, and Ruthann McNish take a well-earned rest after the last page is finished and the last dollar paid. X sl-'IIO M 'C- But the Melod Lingers n. assni -afvd-V y -6'14L,q. 7 Vgwwjggfgztbg WA .' x Qffffffu ' X 4. 41 ' Q KS- Ovu gig X sf X X X X X 0 , 3,0-QW N J if 10eb,1f2QiLQQfWJM RJ N 'S .3 UVM 120964 .I if 167314, C N f A ' X ' ' B: 5 W '-v: 2 YS NYY U QP X J N r :fm V A X T LVM JK X ,I df 0 V V GJ I M. fx 5 V my Vi, v P5 JQ5' 1 XJ I x U N - Q, 'I A 55 Q Q X gkvjN L R X H "' Y' 1 ' , x Yff 'Sz if N K Y 9 M' V IQ, , W! Q, N4vcPwfXX5' MWA w'PfQj'QWN 1' xy V J yy X J, 1 N l . Y My W M WW f ' WMA - W LWw0QKf5?L,fW::y Aj 12 ffl Wy? W M . J 4' Ufw W? 'ESL Q I MW ' fmwg J Vkwbzwf jf 25' exe U WM' . 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