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1. ww. wsflamm, ww 1959 ELI-MO Bill Sykes Barb White A Jayne Cooley Most Likely to Best ,, .I Succeed pemonality i Jim Gleeson Dennis Dachille Best Looking Karlene Kill Most Active V Ron Griffith Most Athletic Millie Ekaitis Best Sense of HILTYLOT Gloria McCall Evan Abrams Phyllis Douglass J oe Bakewell ELIZABETH-FORWARD HIGH SCHOOL Elizabeth, Pennsylvania Eighth Edition ,..i.ilL-.ii---1 r me Q B E .g2"' may W OCZQHE B fuk! c' N 'U 1' ,fix C, E ,W E - 4 I il: E ' Q . inthe, . fLfq.5+ as 'I xi ,- Q QIBE6 ghlq-4 Effie "cf-.. fi T K F .ax I - - j, YT' 4' 5 ' gl TQ K ' '5 ' ' if J l. i . ' lt' ' - x 2 1' Q 1 X sg 'iltl N " j X 1 ir aq., if e T T T ' n Wiki F ORE WORD B Slllwlwx ' nv JA ,1 U ,, xv N sg, r ,, r F : Aff j X f- ,' 'ff 2 Y .1 V . ,J 14"- A EITHE- N -'A -f 4 ?-- ici - Wifrsiw IVIAZ As this, the eighth edition of Eli-Mon, opens its pages to relive moments already a part of history, we shall be guided by Effie, our spirited but mischievous clock. Effie may guide our way through this book, but it is we who must guide our own way through the pages of our lives. The experience and skill in leadership that are depicted here serve as the basis for a life now in the making. The skill we have gained in academic subjects aids us in making wise decisions, just as the leadership qualities we have gained promote good character. As We write the book of our lives, may we not only look to the future, but also refer to the pages of the past, so that we may remember and use the basic skills and knowledge We have acquired within the walls of E.E.H.S. We, the 1959 Eli-Mon Staff, sincerely hope that this book may not be just a book, but rather a diary depicting a stage in life that most people wish they could live over. The hands on our clock, Effie, are counting off the hours, minutes, seconds-THE TIME OF OUR LIVES. ff .-.Ny Administration and Faculty Pages - 4-19 Classes Pages - 20-69 Contents Sports Pages - 70-83 Activities Pages - 84-112 ILJL4 To: Dr. F aulkg p From: The '59 Eli-Mon taff A call to make A ALL IN A DAY'S WORK A letter to write - A conference to hold The staff of the 1959 Eli-Mon is proud to dedicate this edition to a man who has been largely responsible for our decision to use as our theme, Mfhe Best Years of Our Livesf, He is a man whose carefully considered decisions are far-reaching-touching every phase of our school lives from the material supplies we take so for granted, to the marvelous new building of which we are so prouclg to the teachers and principals whose efforts are rewarded by our successes. He did his college and post-graduate work with one clear aim in sight-to become a leader in the education of young peopleg and we are fortunate indeed that he has made our district his home, and our schools his responsibility. Because he continues to study and learn, he is recognized by all as a leader in his field. We feel that as students we have too often failed to express our appreciation to those who have helped usg so, as some small measure of our gratitude to one who has helped to make these the best years of our lives, and with our best wishes for his own bright future, we humbly dedicate this 1959 Eli-Mon to the supervising principal of the Elizabeth-Forward Schools, Dr. Harry R. Faulk. Dr. Faulk Joint Committee Members Make Careful Plans 1 'WW ' Q P' ' x ex I Seated, left to right: Mrs. Margaret Whitehead, Mr. David Howell, Mr. Chester Mainwaring, Mr. George Munnell fsolicitorl, Mr. Rob- ert Barlow fsecretaryl, Mr. Willard Weigel fpresidentl, Mr. Martin Thompson Cvice- presidentl, Dr. A. I. Mon- heim, Mr. O. M. Rockwell, Mr. Frederick Garvin. Stand- ing, left to right: Mr. William Kuskie, Mr. William Kelly, Mr. Charles Tarr, Mr, Paul Stracelsky,.Mr. .lohn DeSan- tis, Mr. William Sacane, Mr. David Morrison. Absent: Mr. Frank McKinney. School District Office clerks, Jean Kastan and Mrs. Lillian Lacey, School District sec- High School Office clerks, Pat Soncini Marlene Piper, confer over a report. retary, is the hub of much activity. and Marie Reed, prepare for an an- nouncement. Administrators Work the Good of All MR. JAMES N. SHAAVER High school principal MR. WILLIAM BENEDETTI High school assistant principal for Q DR. HARRY R. FAULK Supervising principal The responsibilities and duties of the board of school directors and the administrators are innumerable and varied. Each district board meets regularly by itself, then at least once a month, a joint meeting is held, at which times they dispose of all current business. The administrators are responsible for the running of the schools. They make regular reports to the board, supervise instruction and curriculum developmentg pur- chase suppliesg oversee the attendance, conduct, and health of the pupils, and in general, do everything necessary to assure the best possible educational op- portunities for the young people of the district. MR. JOSEPH R. FURNO Junior-high principal DR. CHARLES S. STORER Associate supervising principal MR. JAMES J. REVETTA Director of elementary education ... WT .lf tl' nwqitlllllllllm m l lmlluu ' lt" i xv' .Q ki? " . . k.v,. sm- Lg :ff .. . 325951153 iL5.!'Q'?5is -Hi 'iii' 353 K- fm, Af Q M., mm A -rgwfigsaa 'W sfiwlmifs Q 515. F aculty Chairmen Chart the Coarse Y qvquvv- VN fr Left to right: Mr. Benedetti, assistant principalg Mr. Posa, social studiesg Mr. Ciavarra, scienceg Mr. Conaway, mathematicsg Mr. lacohucci, musicg Mr. Hathaway, shopg Mrs. Allen, physical educationg Mrs. Brandfass, foreign languagef Miss Scott, Englishg Miss Rubino, commercialg and Mrs. West, home economics. These department chairmen meet weekly to help in coordinating the work of the various departments, as well as to study and appraise the educational program. They also hold meetings with the other in- structors in their departments to discuss problems presented at general faculty meetings, and to see how the individual departments can assist in the total school picture. Much time during the current year has been spent by the department chairmen in directing work on courses of study. 'NIR EDWARD E BLACKA 'NIR FRANK CIAVARRA NIR GEORGE D EQHARD Bellv, Vernon McKee port Ehzabeth B S California S T C B Ed Duque nc- Unrvrr-:ny A B UHIYCI 1ty of P111 hur h fm, f Q A -4'- 'Ii x E ' wx Y mxl ' . 44,4 A trip for upphes MR. ROBERT I. CONAWAY California B.S., California S.'I'.C. Mathematics Department A MISS SANDRA M. DANKO 'S+ Glassport 2.3. 3.5, suppefy Rock s.T.C. xr. .- A. .Q xl . 'J MRS. KATHERYN KIRSCHNER West Newton B.S., Indiana S.T.C. MISS ROSE RIPEPI Monongahela BS., California S.T.C. MR. JOHN MORESCHI Monongahela B.S., California S.T.C. Mr. Moreschi clears up a baffling algebra problem. D xg ,,. -I 1 N iv-0 XX - J X 4X x 'hx W XXIII A , ' ' MR. DAVID S. MCALPINE Belle Vernon B.S., California S.T.C. N-ws Social tudies Department THEODORE R. CHOMAS MR. ALFRED L. COME MR. JAMES A. LOPRESTI Elilabeih McKeesport New Eagle B-S-, Shippensburg S.T.C. BS., West Virginia Wesleyan B.S., California S.T.C. MR. REGIS F. MAZANET MR- EDWARD POSA Fayette City Elizabeth . A.B., Duquesne BS., California S.T.C.. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh M-Ed-, Uf1iVeTSitY Of Plitsbufgh Mr. Posa's history Ill class artists admire their mural. MR. ALAN B. RUBINSTEIN MISS MARY C. SCARRY McKeesp0rt Elizabeth I 2 AB., University of Pittsburgh B.S., Slippery Rock S.T.C. English Department MISS ELLEN A. BOYD McKeesport A.B., Geneva College MRS. MARCELLE W. HAZLETT Donora A.B., Thiel College S.R.A. Reading Lab. Session MRS. DORIS V. PALESKO Elizabeth A.B., Westminster College MISS VIRGINIA LOU NULL Monongahela A.B., Bethany College MR. FRANCIS E. POMILIO Elizabeth A.B., University of Pittsburgh Another member of the English department is Miss Frances Whit- tington whose picture a was not available. She lives in Buena Vista and holds an A.B. de- gree from Grove City College. MISS JANE REPINE MISS MARJORIE SCOTT MRS. SALLY STEPHENSON Glagsport Elizabeth Monongahela B,S,, Indiana S,T,C, A.B., College of Wooster B.S., California S.T.C. M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh I3 i K 4 Art, Music, Library Departments MR. CHARLES ESCOTT Port Vue B.S., Indiana S.T.C. MR. CHARLES LESKO Elizabeth B.S. "Doesn't look quite rightf, MR. JOSEPH S. FARINA Elizabeth B.S., St. Vincent College MR. WALTER C. IACOBUCCI Pittsburgh B.S., M.Ed., Duquesne University EE J? F' V? ff MISS AGNES LAUDER Elizabeth A.B., M.Ed., University of Pittsburgh M.L.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology "Leis get organized." MRS. THELMA BRANDFASS Dravosburg A.B., Wilson College Mrs. Brandfass brings Spain to her class via bulletin hoard displays JB VQ,ffJ57?j9f'w7L MRS. E. HONORE PECORA Pittsburgh B.S., Clarion S.T.C. MRS. MARGARET SWEET McKeesport A.B., Waynesburg College MISS SHIRLEY SNYDER Bentleyville A.B., Waynesburg College . Language Department Q ,Qi Latin-French-Spanish L Homemakin and Industrial Arts R: Dishwashing - a necessary evil! MRS. PAULINE D. GREEN McKeesport A.B., University of Illinois MRS. VIRGINIA JOANNE WEST Clairton I6 B.S., Indiana S.T.C. MR.ROBERT PITTAVINO Smithton B.S., California S.T.C. MR. JAMES HATHAWAY Belle Vernon B.S., California S.T.C ln. lf? MR. CLARE THOMPSON Blythedale MR. BURNETT ROBERTS B.S., California S.T.C. California B.S.,California S.T.C. fCalled into the Service, November, 1958.5 Now, we have it right, I hope! Health and afety Education MRS. HELEN ALLEN Elizabeth B.S., Slippery Rock S.T.C. MRS. JEAN CLARK Elizabeth R.N., Allegheny General Hospital E B.S., California S.T.C. MR. JOHN H. LEFFARD, JR. McKeesport B.S., West Virginia Wesleyan Gym show swing Another anti-polio shot MISS DORIS MASON Ruffsdale B-S-v SHPPCW Rock S-T-C MR. ANTHONY E, RUBINO Elizabeth B.S., Wake Forest NIR. JON TROY EIR. DAVID WEST Elizabeth Pitcairn B-S., S1iDPfffY Rock S.T-C- B.S., Slippery Rock S.T.C. I7 Commercial Department MRS. ALICE KEELER Boston x ,f,.l -W, ff .LSI MRS. SUSAN KELLER Pittsburgh BS., Indiana S.T.C. B.S., Indiana S.T.C. MRS. GRETA LEPSCI-I McKccsp0rt B.S., Carnegie Institute of Technology MISS MARY A. RUBINO BIB, DONALD SIMILO EIIZHIJCIII Blylhedalff A-B-, M-Ed-, UUiV0fSiTY Of B.S., M.Ed., University of Pilwbufgh Pittsburgh ?5?"7'a'6'l3'2iiil"3" - A 1. , , Student Teacher Program fFirst Semesterj This year saw the heginning of a student If-avlier pmgiuiii in the high seliuul. Pictured here are first semester teachers: Rieliarrl Hiller. Patty Me-le. llliurles Bruin. and Terry Hesier. They are seniors at California State Teac-liers' Cfwllegre. uf..f5 Mr. Miller and Mr. Posa social sturlies teaellers Mr. Benin and Nlr. Hathaway slump teavliers Nliss Scott and Miss Mele f'-- English teachers Mr. Hosier and Mr. McNish - science teacher w w f 'W ' xr W' fri wa-was - 20 , M , M w . . I . 1 1 ! If . , i A , M E " ,fy x . -1 , , , R ? , . 1 , 1 L , fi' is Q h 3 ,A H a R , 5 V B16 5.13, , r L uw 5'.9"fJK Q 5 k A .,,.,51wf'yjC,:.f,vyn'Y-M52 Q win-Q., fi-,. - E651 1 ,gym E ' 'PM fx ff ,sg 1 - .vu R , Z' E255 1:35 'fav 12 gf- S. ,sf x f 2 J 31 8 E 5 . k , r X -T X . w 1 Q I -4-1. Today, Graduationg Tomorrow, the World Dear Diary, This is a sad period for me, because itis graduation time. Many anxious faces are turned my way to see how much longer they will be seniors. I watch them knowingly, for what they feel I feel too. Never again will they know the excitement of a first day in high school, searching for classrooms and staring in awe at upperclassmen. The pride they felt as leaders of the school was hampered by the thought of another senior class taking their places. They were shocked by the realization that future plans were no longer for the future, but were for the time at hand. Each event of their senior year was the last of its kind for themg each taking its proper place in the pages of time. At last, it is time-the long awaited procession has started, and l am sad, for l know what is in their hearts. Tearfully, EFFIE Grouped around the mail box waiting for announcements to come in, arc: John Megela, president, Barbara White, vice-presidentg Mr. Leffard, advisorg Millie Ekaitis, secretary, Jim Gleeson, treasurerg and Helen Legeza, historian. ,ex , 'KX X ff- Q. t ABRAMS, EVAN 272 Mohawk Dr., McKeesport College Prep. fMorticianl ANDERSON, RICHARD "Ricky R.D. 3, Monongahela College Prep. l'F0rest Rangerl ANDERSON, ROBERT "Andy,' 306 Terace, Greenock College Prep. fEngineerl ANDREWS, WILLIAM "Bill" Ninth St., Elizabeth College Prep. fCollegel ATKIN S, CAMELLIA 515 Monongahela Ave., Elizabeth College Prep. I Nursej BACKUS, DENNIS "Denny,' Box 144, Monongahela General lArtistl Seniors: g'We, of the class of '59, Face a future that seems to shineg BAKEWELL, JOSEPH lfjoeii 808 Seventh St., Elizabeth General CDoctorl BARAN, EDWARD .4Ed,, 268 Mohawk Dr., McKeesport College Prep. LClub Mgr.J BARNCORD, WILLIAM "Bill" Buena Vista College Prep. fEngineerl BASHFORTH, BONNIE Lincoln Hall Rd., Elizabeth General Vlleacherj BAZIER, CHARLES Blaine Hill, Elizabeth General fPilotl BEAUMONT, ROBERT ..B0,, Oberdick Dr., Greenock College Prep. CTechnicianJ BEEDLE, WAYNE Box 237 Greenock College Prep. fEngineerJ BELL, KENNETH "Ken" RD. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fEngineerD BERQUIST, DANIEL ssBerkn Ridge Rd., Elizabeth College Prep. fDoctorJ BETTERS, THOMAS ..T0m,, Box 215, Greenock College Prep. fPharmacistJ BOYD, JAMES Gijimil 1116 Schweitzer Rd., McKeesport General flndustrial Manager? WW here will we fit in the age of space? BRADY, DAVID "Dave" 1204 Sommerset, Greenock General BRAMHALL, ELAINE R.D. 1, Elizabeth Commercial fBeauticianD BROWN, WILLIAM C. Ball R.D, 3, Elizabeth College Prep. fBarberJ BROWNING, JOSEPH "Joe" R.D. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fEngineerJ BRUNAZZI, ARTHUR "A rtie" 808 Pinecrest, Greenock General CMechanicJ BUCHINA, GENE uBradn Blaine Hill, Elizabeth General CNavyJ n""x.. na fra BUCK, JAMES 'ifimu 547 Oherdick Dr., Greenock College Prep. CEngineerl BUCY, PATRICIA "Pat" 5908 Roslyn, Boston College Prep. fNurseJ BUTCHER, RALPH "Chun" R.D. 3 Elizabeth College Prep. fTeacherJ CAIN, CHARLES "Chuck" R.D. 1, Monongahela College Prep. flnspectorl CALABRO, RICHARD "Rich" Eighth St., Elizabeth College Prep. CTeacherD CALHOUN, RICHARD "Rich" R.D. 3, Elizabeth General uAre we prepared as we enter the race? CAMPBELL, MARY ANN "Maxie" Constitution Blvd., Boston Commercial fNurseJ CARNEY, CATHERINE :cKittyss R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryl CHEESEMAN, SAUN DRA usandysa 2125 Ridge Rd., McKeesport Commercial fSecretaryJ CHOPEY. GEORGIA "Chops", Georgetown Place, McKeesport Commercial fSecretaryJ CLARK, KAY LOUISE 902 Seventh St., Elizabeth College Prep. fNurseJ CLARK, PATRICIA "Pai, Box 417, Greenock General CNurseJ COMO, TONY "Perry" Greenock-Buena Vista Rd. General fBeauticianJ COOLEY, .IAYNE RD. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fDoctorJ CRANDALL, SUSAN Plum St., Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryJ CRIADO, PHILIP "Phil', Smithfield St,, Boston College Prep. CRIM, CLIFFORD acliff, Everglade Ave., Elizabeth General fMusicianJ CVETAN, ,IAMES SG-,i7n!7 R.D. 3, Elizabeth General CServiceJ , McKeesport "Behind us lie our formative years, DACHILLE, DENNIS R.D. 3, Elizabeth General fBarberJ DAVID, EVAN Market St., Elizabeth General fPolicemanJ DAVIS, CHARLES R.D. 1, Monongahela General CPrinterJ DAVIS, GENE ujessn Blaine Hill, Elizabeth College Prep. fElectricianJ DAWSON, JOHN Ridge Rd., McKeesport College Prep. CLawyerD DELLAPENNA, ALBERT HA li? Frank, Pa. College Prep. CMechanicJ X--.-f 11.7 --f 1 ggagefigixssfa liiiiirts W' Sf' is -est-s5? DOUGHERTY, HARRY 'EDO Cu Mohawk Dr., McKeesport College Prep. fEngineerD DOUGLAS, STANLEY "Skeeter" Smithfield St., Boston College Prep. fEngineerJ DOUGLASS, PHYLLIS Siphylli R.D. 2, Elizabeth College Prep. CTeacherD EKAITIS, MILDRED "Millie" Second St., Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryJ ELKO, MARY JANE R.D. 2, Elizabeth Commercial CSecretaryJ FAUST, GRANT Buena Vista College Prep. fEngineerD ullfloldecl alike. by the smiles and tears FELICETTY, JOSEPH Joe R.D. I, Monongahela General fNewspaper Reporterl FELLABAUM, PATRICIA "Patsy" Buena Vista Commercial fSecretaryJ FELTENBERGER, NANCY s:Nans: Canterbury Dr., Boston Commercial Isecretaryl FINLEY, BARBARA "Finn R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial fBeauticianJ FISHER, DIXIE .tDlx,, R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial fAirline Hostessl FLOWERS, CHARLES "Chuck,' Bunola General fAuto Mechanicl F OYTIK, LORETTA Center Ave., Elizabeth College Prep. fAirline Hostessl FRANKS, MELVIN "Mel1f, Greenock General 4NavyD FRASER, DONALD "Don" R.D. I, Monongahela College Prep. fArtistl FULLER, IRENE Center Ave., Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryl GAHAGEN, FRANK R.D. 3, Elizabeth College Prep. tAeronautical Engineerl GALATI, LEROY "Lean Greenock Heights College Prep. lEngineerJ "Of many who have helped us along' the way, GALLICK, GEORGE R.D. 3, Monongahela General lContractorl GALLINGAME, ROBERT "Yucca', Blythedale College Prep. lEngineerl GARDNER, WILLIAM UB 'ZIV L , Frank, Pa. Academic fPilotJ GASSNER, RICHARD "RiCh,? R.D. 3, Elizabeth General 1Servicel GEALY, THOMAS "Tom" R.D. 3, Elizabeth College Prep. lTeacherJ GLASS, DARLENE "Darn Blaine Hill, Elizabeth General 1NurseJ GLEESON, JAMES ..1im,, Old Hills Rd., Greenock College Prep. fArchitectJ GRIFFITHS, RONALD ffcfif' Sixth St., Elizabeth College Prep. fBusinessl HAMILTON, RUTH ANN Stewart St., Elizabeth Commercial CSecretaryl HAIVIMEL, PATRICIA "Patsy, Oak Hill, Elizabeth College Prep. CNurseJ HARRIS, MARYANN Meade St., Boston Commercial Csecretaryl HERROLD, LINDA 'fLin" Colonial Dr., McKeesport College Prep. CPsychiatristD '6Until now-we face Commencement Day. HIXENBAUCH, JUDITH iljudyff Williamsport Rd., Elizabeth Commercial fBeauticianJ HOFFMAN, FENTON ccpetess Oberdick Dr., Greenock College Prep. fBusinessl HOF MEISTER, DALE "Mouse" Church St., Elizabeth General fAir Force? HOLLIDAY, JAMES ifjimif R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial QEngineerJ HOWELL, RONALD "Ronnie" Pitt St., Boston College Prep. fBusinessl HUTCHINSON, MARY R.D. 3, Elizabeth College Prep. fTeacherJ JARVIS, ROGER ajugu RD. 3, Elizabeth General illlechanicl JOHNSON, JACQUELINE 'ifackiev Everglade Dr., McKeesport College Prep. fTeacherJ JOHNSON, RALPH "Tiny,' Mt. Vernon Dr., McKeesport College Prep. fPilotJ JOLL, CLOIE RD. 1, Monongahela College Prep. fW.A.F.J KAPINUS, BERT ..Kap,, Meade St., Boston College Prep. KASICH, MARLENE 'fParzi,' Blaine Hill, Elizabeth College Prep. lTeacherJ MSince we entered high school in '55 .AIM LW - KERBER, JUDITH Judy Greenock-Buena Vista Rd., McKeesport Commercial Clieceptionistl KILL, KARLENE "Kar" R.D, 3, Elizabeth College Prep. CBuyerD KING, ESTELLE A. uAnnsa R.D. 1, Monongahela College Prep. iSpeech Therapist? KIRSCHNER, CARL "Dutch" Blythedale College Prep. CMechanicJ KLlNE, MARY ANNE Second St., Elizabeth College Prep. fBeauticianJ KNIEPKAMP, ELEANOR "Knish" Roslyn St., Boston Commercial fBeauticianJ KREMP, JAMES 'slimy Greenock General fEngineerJ KRUKI, GLORIA RD. 3, Monongahela Commercial fTelephone KUCH, MARGARET "Margie" R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryl KURUTZ, LAVERNE "Vern" R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryJ LACEY, NANCY "Nance" Buena Vista College Prep. CNurseJ LARGE, CHERIE R.D. 3, Monongahela College Prep. fNurseJ c6W8,U8 studied history and learned to drive LAVENDER, JEAN R.D. 3, Monongahela College Prep. LEES, JOHN 'ifackn Fifth St., Elizabeth General LEGEZA, HELEN '5Cezer" R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial CAirline Hostessl LENNEX, RUTH "Ruthie,' R.D. 1, Monongahela Commercial fTelephone Operatorj LINDBERG, CAROL Everglade Dr., McKeesport College Prep. CTeacherJ LIPSCOMB, SHIRLEY Blytliedale College Prep. CDoctorJ LLOYD. ALFRED "Smiley, McKeesp0rt Rd., Elizabeth College Prep. fEngineerJ LONG, MARVA 'fllarvev R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial fClerkJ LOWRY, DONNA Sixth St., Elizabeth College Prep. fSecretaryJ LUDWICK, SHIRLEY Frank, Pa. Commercial fSecretaryD MARCIESKI, JOAN 'cfoaniev Box 79, Elizabeth College Prep. lNursel MARDIS, IUDITH i6',udy59 Box 5, Bunola Commercial 4Bookkeeperl QCWQQUG listened, experimented and read, MASSARI, FRANK "Shine,' R.D. 3, Monongahela General MAYHUGH, MARY Box 109, Elizabeth General fArtistl MAYHUGH, WILLIAM ffezzr, Box 109, Elizabeth General l'Auto Mechanic? MCCALL, GLORIA R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial MCCALL, PATRICIA A'Pazzy,' R.D. I, Elizabeth Commercial MCCORKLE, MARGARET "Paley" Box 209, Elizabeth General CBeauticianI MCKENERY, MYRON "Butch" Route 4-8, Elizabeth General fAir Force? MCVICKER, JANET afjanv R.D. 1, Monongahela College Prep. MEGELA, JOHN acBuzZu Box 64, Greenock College Prep. fEngineerJ lVlElSL, GRAYCE "Sam', RD. 2, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryJ lVl0RRlS, STEPHANIE "Steve" R.D. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fNurseJ MURRAY, SALLY "Bitsie" Constitution Blvd., Greenock Commercial CSecretaryJ Wind respected and aclmirecl those whoive led. ...aw - - NAPERATZ, GEORGE Boston Hollow Rd., Boston College Prep. CEngineerJ NATALI, DARLENE 'gDar', R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial fsecretaryl NEHILA, MARGARET CFPeg37 Box 53, Blythedale College Prep. fArtistJ NELSON, ROBERT "Reggie', Smithfield St., Boston General fEngineerJ O,BRIEN, JUDY Elizabetll College Prep. fTeacherJ OBUSEK, PATRICIA "Pai, R.D. 2, Elizabeth College Prep. OPFAR, DELMAR "Gopher', R.D. 2, Elizabeth General lBusinessl OPFAR, PATRICIA "Pat" R.D. 2, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryD OPFER, SANDRA "Sandy" Weigle's Hill, Elizabeth Commercial fBeauticianJ O'TO0LE, ELAINE Church Lane, Greenock Commercial fSecretaryJ OVERAND, LINDA "0vie', Mohawk Dr., McKeesport Commercial fSecreta1yJ PAGLIARI, RICHARD "Ricky Frank, Pa. College Prep. CEngineerJ S'We've been guided to open many a door 21. - ,QHAQ IY '1 PALUMBO, .IO MARIE Church St., Elizabeth Commercial fsecretaryj PASCARELLA, PATRICIA "Pat" R.D. 3, Monongahela College Prep. fTeacherD PASTERNAK, ADAM "Butch" R.D. 2, Elizabeth General f'I'ool and Dye Makerl POSA, FRANCIS "Posie" Blaine Hill, Elizabeth College Prep. QElectricianJ PRESCOTT, WILLIAM ' B111 Lodge Ave., Boston General QDraftsmanJ PROTZ, ROSE "Rosie" R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial CBeauticianl M RANICH, GEORGE Blaine Hill, Elizabeth General REED, HARRY RD. I, Elizabeth College Prep. fPharmacistJ REVETTA, DONALD GIDOHU R.D. 3, Monongahela General fMechanicD RILEY, WILLIAM "BiIl,' RD. I, Elizabeth General fEngineerJ ROSE, MARILYN R.D. I, Elizabeth College Prep. fscientistl By those who had learned to do LI before. SCHREIBER, LINDA Duncan Station Rd., McKeesport Commercial CSecretaryJ SENDER, GOLDIE Country Club Dr., McKeesport Commercial SERENA, ALLEN MAF, R.D. 1, Elizabeth General CEngineerJ SHAFFER, THOMAS "Tom" R.D. 3, Monongahela General CBuilderJ SHERER, WILLIAM "Bill" Meade St., Boston College Prep. SHOENBACH, EDWIN ..Ed,, R.D. 2, Elizabeth General fEngineerJ ' "Weave known the thrill of stars in our eyes SHOTWELL, CAROL R.D. 2, Elizabeth Commercial iArtistj SHOTWELL, RICHARD "Rich" R.D. l, Elizabeth General fState Trooperl SIMILO, WILLIAM .fsimu R.D. 2, Elizabeth General SIMKO, PATRICIA HPQIZBU Second St., Elizabeth Commercial QSecretaryJ SMART, RONALD R.D. 3, Elizabeth General tMechanicJ SMITH, HARRY "Skip,' R.D. 2, Elizabeth General kDiesel Mechanicl SNEDDON, MARY JOAN Frank, Pa. College Prep. fTeaoherJ SNYDER, RONALD "Ron" R.D. 3, Elizabeth Commercial SOETHE, CAROLYN Greenock Heights Commercial fSecretaryJ SONCINI, CARL Sutersville College Prep. fEngineerJ SPANGLER, ROBERT "Bo b" Smithfield St., Boston College Prep, fLawyerJ STANKO, FRANK R.D. 1, Monongahela General uWhen, as juniors, we danced under Paris skies. STEELE, SHONNA ushonu Lexington Rd., McKeesport College Prep. Clnterior Decorator? STEINKOPF, LOUIS "Lou" RD. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fArchitectl STEWART, ERNEST "Ernie" R.D. 3, Elizabeth College Prep. fAccountantJ STEWART, ZANA JONES R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial fSecretaryJ STREYLE, KARL R.D. l, Monongahela General SUPERNOVICH, HELEN R.D. 2, Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryJ SWISSHELIVI, DAISY R.D. 2, Elizabeth Commercial SYKES, WILLIAM "Bill" R.D. 2, Elizabeth College Prep. Clingineerl TAUBER, JAMES "J.Tf' RD. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. TERRIT, SHIRLEY "Shirl,' Buena Vista College Prep. CNursel THAXTON, JOYCE Blythedale Commercial Secretary? THOMAS, HARRY "Butch,, Center Ave., Elizabeth General lNavyl 'COW' days as seniors have swiftly flown,- TIIORNTON, RICHARD '6RiClz7, Blaine Hill. Elizabeth General lElectricianJ TIGNANELLI, SANDRA "Sandra, Bunola Commercial TIIVIKO, DANIEL ::DlZH,, R.D. 3, Monongahela Commercial Coffice Mgr.l TONIASELLI, GERALD Hferryii RD. I, Finleyville College Prep. lEngineerJ TOTH, BETTY ANN Buena Vista College Prep. Vfeacherl TURIC, MICHAEL ullVlili'8,, R.D. 3, Monongahela College Prep. 4Radar Technicianl TYSZKIEWI CZ, JANET .vane Shaffer Ave., Elizabeth College Prep. fNurseJ UMBEL, DWAINE Dewey Lincoln Ave., Elizabeth General fBusinessmanJ VIDIL, RONALD "FeIix,, Ninth St., Elizabeth General WALKER, CAROL ANN Cemetery St., Elizabeth Commercial iBeauticianJ WALLACE, PATRICIA npaf, Frank: Pa. Commercial CSecretaryJ WEISS, KLARA R.D. 1, Elizabeth College Prep. fLab Technicianl 'GVery soon, now we're to be on our own WHITE, BARBARA "Barb', Church St., Elizabeth Commercial fSecretaryl WHITEMAN, JACK "Whitey" Frank, Pa. General WIGGINS, GLORIA RD. 2, Elizabeth Commercial WILSON, CHARLES '4Chuclt" Lexington Rd., McKeespo College Prep. fllhysicistl WITHERS, EVELYN MEM, Railroad St., Elizabeth College Prep. fNurseJ WOLFE, DARLA RD. 2, Elizabeth rt College Prep. fAirline Hostessl WYCOFF, GARY "SIick,' RD. 3, Elizabeth General CEngineerJ YARSUNAS, ROSE "Rosie', East Monongahela Commercial fDancerJ YOUNG, BONNIE Greenock Heights College Prep. fChemistJ ZECCHINI, ALDO Frank, Pa. General 6 Armyl ZECCHINI, JOHN Frank, Pa. General fEngineerJ ZIMMER, BONNIE Center Ave., Elizabeth Commercial fBPauticianJ 'GTO try our wings in the Age of Space And throw all our energies into the race." ZUGEBER, KARL BuenaVista Rd., Elizabeth College Prep. lEngineerD BIGI, JEREMIAH 'gjerryi' Sutersville General JOLL, JUNE RD. 3, Elizabeth Special FLANIGAN, THOMAS "Tom" R.D. l, Elizabeth College Prep. RESH, JOHN Box 14, Bunola General SESTILE, JOHN Box 143, Greenock General emors Store U p Memories Left: Ronnie and Mary Joan display items to illustrate a report on Scotland. Right: A senior English class improve their reading speed. Tessie Sevick, Wylie Ave., Eliza- beth. General Course. John Sestile, Jerry Bigi, Frank Rhone, Gallatin. General Course. Senior girls gather in the cafeteria for a spot of lunch and a bit of gossip before rushing on to fifth period class. Jim Boyd cleans up the lab after a successful experiment-so far not even a hole in the rub- ber apron. 4l 42 eniors At Work Lettermen raise money to buy jack- ets for senior members. .lim Gleeson and Ron Griffith admire their poster. A window prepared by the Future Homemukers of America gives an il- lustrated word of advice to all students, but to seniors in particular. HWHAT WE ARE T0 BE, WE ARE NOW BECOMING." Us nf ,ge Putting a touch of the theater into school life are Thespians. Judy O'Brien, Dale Hofmeister, Millie Ekaitis, ,lan McVicker, Karlsen Kill, und .layne Cooley meet to discuss a coming produc- tion, Saundra Cheeseman helps prepare the art exhibit. Mary Jane Elko Hhits the books." The Visual-Aids Club members, shown here with their advisor, Mr., Benedettig have given freely of their time in order to help provide more interesting classes through visual aids. CLUB LEADERS: Seated: Pat Davis, F,H.A., Marilyn Rose, G.A.A., Earlyn Albin, Debate, Barb White, Commer' al, Mary Joan Sneddon, F.T.A., Karen Scarpari, Latin, Estelle King, 'SWarrior", Jayne Cooley, H: or, Peggy Nehila, Library, Mary Hutchinson, '5Eli-Mon", Phyllis Douglass, Y-Teens. Standing: Tom Bs. ers, Stage, Tony Como, Audio-Visual, Don Fraser, Art, Joe Bakewell, Lettermen, Ron Griffith, Key, Neil Sullivan, Language, Bill Sykes, Band. The tucientsa Choice- Their Presidents X HOME ROOM LEADERS: Front: P. Bakewell, 116, S. Territ, 211, S. Call, 201, E. Behanna, 105' J. Rushe, 206, B. Taylor, 102, J. Roman, 113, M. LaFrankie, 115, J. Morgan, 101, K. Barlow, 216, E. Gayok, 117. Second: J. Megela, 213, L. Herrold, 210, J. Lethani, 204, P. Styche, 102, A. Tortorice, 208, E. Hayden, 203, D. Galati, 103, L. Dalton, 202, S. Cherrington, 118, M. House, 204, M. Spisak, 114-. Back: A. Dellapenna, 210, T. Trickett, 112, J. Werner, 111, C. Hall, 110, W. Frabizio, 109, B. Ryczaj, 207, J. Shank, 218, D. Graff, 219, D. Dachille, 213, E. Abrams, 209, T. Korona, 214, S. Donnachie, 217. Juniors Prepare to Take the Lead l i P Wide smiles from president, Mike Kovachichg vice-president, Erin Bradyg secretary, Rege Urbanovichg treasurer, Terry Koronag historian, Jackie Zadrogag and sponsor, Mrs. Lepsch. Dear Diary, These juniors are my problem children because they seem to have so many of them fproblems, I meanl. I love each one of them, but I worry about them too. They have been so very busy, I've wondered how they could possibly accomplish everything they attempted to do. They were in the last half of their high school days, and the class work piled up. They had long range and short range assign- ments, they took on more club responsibilities, they became leaders in sports, they began work which would lead them into college or into immediate postgraduate employment. My juniors looked forward to, labored over, and deeply enjoyed their prom which was the social highlight of the year. My, how grown up they looked on that big night! I hardly recognized them, As this year drew to a close, they anxiously watched my face because they knew I would tell them when they had reached the top of the ladder--their senior year. Hopefully, EFFIE 44 Effie says : Juniors 4'He who make wrong turn, get to class latef, Seated: Sandy Bruno and JoAnn Check. Standing: Sandra Rickard, Thelma Smith, George Bates, Dave Hildebrand. Seated: Harry Fritz, Ruth Martini, Bettie Randolph. Standing: Francis Hamadock, Marla Brown, Dave Linton, Suzie Meisl. Front: .loan Mendicino, Mary Lou Goins, Marie Lison, Rita Lewis. Back: Arthur Vidil, Tom Gilchrist, Roy Lutes, Tom Jones. Left to right: Joe Cook, Paul Bryan, Kurt Nelson, John Berdar, William Kessler, Leslie Wooley. Effie says: Nile who tallceth a yard, and thin!-seth an inch- Seated : Alfred Munger, ,loan Webb, Carol Kamp Connie Lehner. Standing.: Elaine Nizanty, ,Ion Par- miter, Jack Mercurio. Left to right: Diane Dom- inick, Julie Czesztyicki, Eve Matthews, Jackie Nolder, Nicolena Pascar- ella, Mary Ellen Ward, Don Davis, John Hoak. Seated: Ken Beachy, Carole Sukla, Ar- lene Bane, Charles Jones. Standing: Sheila Donnachie, Paul Schick, Blaine J un iors -need kicketh by a foot." Darlene Large, Jim Wil- liams, Judy Hofmeister, Gerald Grus, Mary Ann Valentino. Front: Nick Dolata, Dene Patterson, .lim Mido. Back: Bonnie Olsen, Susan Kliment, Pam Griffin, Mary Matusovic. ,Ion Shank, Diane Dean, Betty Withers, Sally Mains, Neil Sullivan, Jerry Flynn. Seated: Helen Schlosser, Judy Ander- son, Arlene Vz1nFossen, Nancy Henricli. SLanfl1'ng.' Terry Pagliari, Vincent Tok- arsky, Jerry Meier, Sam Frabizio. Juniors Effie says: 6'Courtesy is contagiousg lefs start an epidemicf' Linda Joll, Donna Similo, Bob Amos, Georgia Worthy, Glenn Shelton, Emilie Gayok, James Taylor, Larry Hredocik. A Front: Jim Wylie, Dennis Vukovich. Back: Jack Cunningham, D o r oth y Connors, Betty Leckie, An- nette Kmetz, Fred Wolfe, Bob Andrews. Ronald Robinson, Beverly Hails, Thomas Holliday, Hazel Davis, Roy Brown, Dolores Janicki, Richard Warters, Margaret Kost- rick. Seated: Laura Lee Jones, Terry Korona, Erin Brady, Pat Malloy, Bonnie Smil- lie. Standing: Jim Knight, Larry Chal- lener, Jim Billick, Bill Wills. Juniors Effie says: MA narrow mind and a wide mouth go together." Left to Right: Steve Uveges, Mike Cherepko, Delores Evans, Alexa Opat- kiewicz, Doris McAdoo. Left to Right: Tom Resh, John Heil, Jimmy George, Jackie Payne, Marian Spi- sak, Marlene Beadling. Seated: Bob lobes, Dorothy Dewyer, Roberta Rusnak, Carolyn Ludwick, Ed- gar Stange. Standing: John Angelo, Mike Kozemchak, Kenny Gillie, Bill Rippel. Left to Right: David Bowen, Regis Mal- adYr Joe Kassler, Bette Crosbie, Joanne Long, Pam Rogerson, Larry Landini. Juniors Effie says: 5'Trouble is usually produced by those who don't produce anything elsef, Seated: Marion Gephart, Lois Bumbar-e ger, Terry Quattrone, Jackie Zadroga. Standing: Bert Williams, Joe Slavick, Wayne Candelore, Milton Thaxton. Seated: Thomas Rippel, Betty Stevenson, Rosalind Hostnick, Phyllis Weiss, Janet Roman, Clyde Smith. Standing: Richard Harris, David Minjock. 'ifsi lizi sv 5?ll Left to Right: George Dyer, Marian Pasqualle, .lack McDonald, Pat Lock- hart, Floyd Sorg, Mary O'Hara, Richard Barnes. Left to Right: Larry Hellein, Harry Streyle, Charles Patterson, Pat Bane, Alberta Mathews, Edith Watts. Juniors Effie says: HW e have a million excuses for failure, bat not a single reason." Front: Richard Curry, Cordon Kuckert, Fred Preuss. Back: Elizabeth Hodgson, Darlene Cotton, Marylee Smith. Left to Right: Dawn Craig, Maggie Morrison, Charles Craggs, Carol De- Vault, Ronald Anderson, Christine Poziviak. Left to Right: Gloria Gall, William Eichler, Lawanda Wilson, Roy Codeluppi, Richard Porter, Sharon Fine, Ruth Feldstein. Front: Janice Bickell, Margaret Kovac, Janet Booth. Back: Lowell Gregg, Phyl- lis Thompson, Richard Struniak. Juniors Effie says: MA!! things come to him who waits - Left to Right: Barbara Urban, Stan Urbanovicll, Louise Kartesz, Frank Kytchak, Ruthann McNish, Evelyn Douglass. Left to Right: Kay Chl mas, Tom Brown, Beti Connelly, Carole M Corkle, Helen Jenco, Wi liam Howder. Left to Right: .ler Brown, .lanice Petersc Wade Sturni, Janet Fioi Connie Achtzehn, San Hallas. 4' 7 imma 5 ii, Left to Right: John Cole, Ken Wawrin, Rita Santone, ,lan Moore, Joanne Hrin, Bill Aitken. Juniors provided he k n 0 w s what he's waiting on OT. Seated: Cathy Pepka, Donna Bisogne, Sue Cherrington, Benny Stimaker. Standing: Jim King, Richard Class, Anthony Angotti. Front: Janice Abercrombie, Sandra Prorins, David Myrick. Back: Donald Schweickert, Harry Lhiva, Richard Leake. A -f Left to Right: Francis Pa- lumbo, Barb Salopek Carol Moffat, John Af: finito, Jean McClintock, Janice McPhee. Left to Right: Lorraine Boucher, Bob McKeever, Kenny Sutton, Shirley Ma- koszy, Ruth Ann Forkey, Jim Leffard. Juniors Effie says: ccffonzzersation is an e x e r c L s e 0 the mind-M Seatezl: Phyllis Bakewell, Patty Min jock, James Blythe, Carole McCarthy Joseph Martini. Standing: .lames Cep hart, Ronnie Mink, Bill Patterson. Front: Tim Kadar, Guy Devirgilio. Back: .lay Stewart, Audrey Carr, Vir- ginia Evans, Virginia Hornick. Front: Richard Brindza, Frank Bondi. Back: Diane Kelly, Howard Gelzhiser, Nancy McGrann, Jean Miller, Teresa Graham. Seated: Paul Marraccini, Dolly Beam, Patty Romeo, Verna Himmeger. Stand- ing: Bob Frantz, Jim Chisholm, Anthony Cartia, Mike Kovachich. Juniors - but gossip is merely an exerezse of the tongue? Seated: Gary Howell, Adrienne Della- Ponna, Margaret Johnston, Kathy Ko- vacs. Standing: Tom DeRosa, Larry Shank, Bill Rodabaugh. Seated: Janet Collins, Mary Kay Schiv- ley, Natalie Vaira. Standing: Denny Graff, Don Feick, Jerry Russell. Front: Bill Roman, David Kline, Raymond Opfer, Bob Letham Back: Pat Altman, Linda Bowles Nancy Piccini, Joanne Lukach. -k A an All alll ii WI "One day in the country is worth a month Seated: Frank Kulczyn- ski, Gay Westwood, Marylee Smith, Rodger Brown. Standing:Wally Andrews, Kerry Math- ews, Tom Wilson, Jim Zadnik, Henry Ufko. Juniors Are Busy, Bus , Busy! BCUY, TCTTY, and Sheila fun through 3 Pfiifafe Practice SeSSi0l'1 in Mr. Ciavarra: "Now, class, what do you imagine will be the the Cfortunatelyll sound-proof practice room. result gf this next experiment?" "' 'Wwe ,.., - Mr. Posa guides an American history class in a thorough study At the end of another "frantic" day, some inhabitants of Room of the Constitution. 218 sort out their belongings for the bus ride home. 57 ophomores Sight a Distant Goal A , . .. ZL, W .,, ,AL ,,,, . Sponsors, Mr. Chomas and Miss Snyder talk over plans for the year with president, .lohn Harrisong vice-president, Tony Bottinog historian, Margie Hagerg secretary, Betty Jo Anjeskig and treas- urer, Dave Nelson. Dear Diary, These are my sophomores. This year has been difficult for them-perhaps the most difficult they will experience in high school. They have had to grow up in so many ways. Childish ideas and attitudes have had to he replaced by wiser and more mature habits and actions, so that these boys and girls can find their places in today's world. Next year, the Class of 1961 will become juniors and will discover the thrill of being upperclassmen, but for the present they can only look back over their carefree days as freshmen and wonder just when they suddenly found themselves in a world that expected so much more of them. This year, my sophomore friends began to plan for the careers in which they will spend the rest of their lives. What should they do? --The professions sounded glamorousg but oh, those years of preparationg clerical and mechanical jobs beckoned, but would they be satisfyingg what about collegeg or maybe a trade schoolg and so their thoughts ran-advantages and disadvantages seemed to balance each other. Much advice was offered, some takeng but deep down they knew that only they could make the real decisions. My hands have counted off half their high school daysg I hope I may help them through the other half. Helpfully, EFFIE 58 .ft ft t Sophomores 1 I Row I: C. Gronlund, R. Ambler, F. Sherbensky, K. Kruczek, S. Deloise, J. Rose, B. O'T0oIe, A. Savage, V. McLay, B. Cain, J. Adams. Row 2: P. Szczerba, D. She-vel, T. Crenfell, A. Tyrell, J. Pritchard, F. Chasko, B. Werner, D. Ehrhardt, J. Apfelthaler, E. King. Row 3: 1. McKenzie, Opfer, B. Roman, R. Bondi, R. Homa, G. Suskalo, L. Lannan, J. Fraser. Sophomores really have the class Row I: E. Willianis, E. Scappellato, H. Halle, S. Rose, D. Hoffman, D. McNulty, J. Shaver, P. Davis, B. Taylor, G. Parks, J. Slavick. Row 2: E. Steelberg, C. Boden, W. Opfer, J. Tucker, G. Anderson, A. Cauley, D. Kisner, D. Griffin, M. McNeal, D. Horensky. Row 3: I. Large, R. yyfoff, R. Supernovich, B. Robinson, E. Nemeth, L. Maraffi, T. Englert, R. Friewald, J. Protz . Iary. 1 I i 59 Sophomores Row 1: S. Sharpnack, J. McLay, B. Fleming, E. Maple, A. Chapman, C. Homer, D. Street, D Morgan, R. Luzier, D. Runyan, B. Pflug. Row 2: J. Griffiths, B. Anjeski, B. Romeshurg, B Haywood, W. Frabizio, C. Rippel, J. Swonger, J. Bruni, E. Moore, J. LaFranki. Row 3: D. Amore O. Drake, J. Jenco, B. Smoyer, L. Konwick, D. Gamble, M. Dietz. We sophomores never get lost- S 9-1 Row 1: S, Catherine, N. Reed, J. Gallo, L. McClintock, P. Goodfellow, N. Zimmer, D. Magiske, R. Walter, G. Smith, L. Craig, G. Harvey, G. Oates. Row 2: P. Sellman, V. Fine, M. Opfer, P. Atkins, T. Botting, B. Brown, J. Kleinhample, M. McKeever, S. Pecora, R. Armor. Row 3: B. Kalot, R. Joll, N. Moon, J. Lacey, W. Terza, D. Dorwart, H. Fleming. Sophomores Row 1: T. Westwood, D. Salatney, B. Wolfe, R. Krasheski, J. Hutchinson, G. Hartland, A. Uveges, C. Giovannucci, B. Pierce, B. Miller, D. Brothers. Row 2: G. Hall, D. Sczerba, J. Cottle, M. Albine, P. Lehner, G. Staffen, D. Nelson, J. Tignanelli, D. Robertson, H. Maurer, G. Irons. Row 3: C. Risker, R. Achtzehn, R. Menozzi, P. Ketter, L. Lenzi, B. Reed, P. Campayno, P. Snyder, P. Pasqualle, J. Cbruoski, R. Berarducci. Q -everyone tells us where to go. Row 1: T. Meisl, M. Sukla, B. Large, B. Patton, D. Brown, M. Rudberg, W. Ewing, H. Serena P. Soethe, R. Fry, S. Hunt. Row 2: J. Andrew, M. Williams, M. Harris, B. Thompson, N. Matich J. Berggren, A. Legeza, K. Dougherty, P. Robb, H. Parsons, N. Martini. Row 3: G. Snyder, T Trickett, J. Williams, M. Mendicino, D. Opfer, C. Anderson, B. Hynde. Please don't confuse us with facts - Sophomores Row 1: G. Wilson, D. Zecchini, C. Fetchen, C. Thomas, L. McPeake, C. Cassol, M. Williams, M. L. LaFrankie. Row 2: R. Knight, A. Zadroga, E. Rucinski, N. Balas, C. Gay, C. Marks, M. Hager, A. Pascarella. Row 3: R. Naylor, G. Supernovich, P. Friend, P. McNeil, L. Pryor, A. Howell. Row 1: G. Werner, S. Moreman, C. Ingram, D. Gleeson, J. Steele, R. Coffer, T. Nemchick, C Geruschat, M. Braum, B. Vezzani, D. Pope, D. Thomas. Row 2: R. Scurfield, T. Pasquinelli, E Albine, B. Lockhart, E. Toth, G. Lennig, J. Werner, C. Broggi, J. Faust, B. Yuhasse, W. Abel Row 3: M. Maurer, K. Scarpari, L. Mayfield, R. Baloga, J. Krimm, G. Snedden, G. Handley V. Brunazzi, T. Gump, E. Jaskol, A. Werner, V. Richardson, R. Reschenthaler. 1 -our minds are made up. Sophomores Row 1: R. Johnson, J. Hopkins, N. Schultz, P. Powell, M. Calhoun, C. Ball, M. Yaksie, M. Streyle, E. Carlino, J. Morgan, A. Cogoel. Row 2: C. Long, P. May, C. Vidil, J. Stefan, J. Sweetser, D. Opfer, D. Nelson, P. Heckman, A. David, J. Savage. Row 3: J. McElgin, J. Kinds, R. Boucher, C. Baumgartner, N. Marks, A. Merschat, A. Fine, P. Handley, T. Kuch. Row 1: J. Bauer, F. Everett, D. Goretzka, K. McCorkle, M. E. Kerber, J. Storch, M. Barno C. Crosby, J. Gregory, E. Piper, R. Taylor. Row 2: B. Boyd, J. Franklin, P. Gaublomme, R Puckey, P. Styche, E. Scheetz, R. Metcalfe, T. Gioia, J. Sasanko, R. Vitori. Row 3: J. Marks G. Stanko, G. Fine, D. Tannehill, W. Pershing, J. Stewart, L. Dillen, J. Harrison, R. Similo. Sophomores Harry Serena, John Harrison, and Richard Joll watch anxiously as Doug Szerba examines one of the "pets" of the biology department. Another sophomore, Dave Nelson, was the photographer. ophomores Learn Throu It Q Front: J. Schwirian, K. Matscherz, D. Weigel, B. Supernovich, H. Hines, H. Spinelli, R. O'Hara C. Clark, P. Perry, L. McCracken, P. Maha, J. Caruthers. Second: D. Galati, J. Fallert, D. Kerr, J. Rastrelli, P. Bozick, H. Sandin, J. Gogoel, C. Julian, G. Sevick, C. Dally. Back: M. Larkins Z. Walker, A. Opfar, T. Matich, G. Barnett, C. Zalewski, J. Cole, D. Miller, T. Hartwick, J Marcieski. 1 1 Below: Students of Mr. Lopresti look thoughtfully back on "the glory of Greece and the grandeur of Rome." uriosity Freshmen Face the Years Ahead Sponsors ,Mr. Echard and Miss Danko take a breathing spell from a planning session with vice- president, Bruce Gephartg president, Bill Vickersg secretary, Audrey Tortoriceg and treasurer, Pat Mathers. Dear Diary, Here now are my pets-my freshmen-my hope for the future. It has been such a confusing year for them in spite of all my help. They were strangers in a strange land for the first month or so. There were so many new faces and new names to try to put together -new classmates-new teachersinew friends. They were in a strange setting-where in the world was the choral room, and why couldn't you get to the girls' locker room from the second floor? Why was room 102 so far from room 219, and how could you get to class on time? When did A, B, and C lunch periods begin and end, and what was the difference in A and B bell schedule? Which was the sandwich line in the cafeteria, and what do you do after lunch? All these and oh so many more things plagued my friends. But they had some good times, too. They cheered the loudest at pep rallies and ball games, they had the most fun on their first datesg they laughed hardest at "corny" jokes, and they tried hardest to become a real part of the school. I am so proud of these boys and girls, for they perhaps benefit most from my injections of school spirit. My hands have raced over my face for them, and together we have reached the end of their freshman year. Lovingly, EFF IE g as .Q .L Row I: Stockdill, Shelton Stidard, Soukovich, Shoaf Thompson, Torookio, Thurs ton, Shotwell, Smith, Shar peta. Row 2: Rossetti, Sand moyer, Smith, Scuteri, Smith Tekavec, Spishock, Shushnor, Sinn, Smith, Robinson, Sude kum. Row 3: Moyer, Schweit zer, Slafka, Rosso, Rock Schwirian, Thorton, Thayer Ryezaj. .. A FH Q M Freshmen Row 1: Washburn, Ullrich VanKirk, Miller, Viscuso Worthy, Zadnik, Wise, Vaira Vidil, Wawrin. Row 2. Waydo, Tannehill, Wycoff Wood, Tognarini, Watts, Wer ner, Tortorice, Vanio. Row 3. Wittman, Vickers, Winter Werner, Tokar, Ufko, Ufko Volpe, Wiesenbach, Vanio. 1? at , ,Qt T 1 4' as Row 1: Makoszy, Matthews, Patricia, Melegari, Marrac- cini, Miller, McWhorter, Me- gela, Monaghan, Noble, May- field. Row 2: Miller, Munger, McShane, Osborne, Moon, Masters, Mardis, Mendicino, Maurer, McCune. Row 3: Mc- Cune, McElravy, Mathers, Melegari, Marsh, McClune, Mathers, McLean, Oatman. Freshmen Row 1: Elaar, Brown, Bricker, Byrand, Carlson, Cadman Copper, Cherepko, Call, Cala bro. Row 2: Broggi, Check Buchina, Cain, Butcher Davis, Cherrington, Cameron Carr. Row 1.' Richards, Rhodes, Rossetti, Santone, Mimins, Rothey, Oliver, Salopek, Pent- land, Rubino, Rapp. Row 2: Opfer, Patterson, Mitchell, Opfar, Rack, Rushe, Rushe, Peairs, Fiore, Schimpf, Rack. Row 3: Opfer, Patrick, Nich- ols, Richardson, Muse, Lison, Roberts, Moffat, Monich, Robb, Randolph. Row I: Evans, Cephart Keith, Havel, Dady, Fine Fellahaum, Cosmot, Filson Dally. Row 2: Harrison, Deli lapenna, Faulk, Couchenour Donley, Dalton, Costa, De Vault, Cunningham, Geru- schat. Row 3: Pearce, Fueh- rer, Grilli, Cuydan, Gelzhiser Dworek, Gruber, Douglas. ,5,, 1 1 Row I: Brown, Couchenour, Cherepko, Strunck, Braum Gephart. Row 2: Griffith Bucy, Davis, Thompson, Evans, Mosena. Freshmen Row 1: Betters, Behanna, Bane, Broggi, Thomas, Bazier, Beam, Braun, Baker, Angelo, Bane. Row 2: Bottino, Boyd, Bagan, Bickell, Allen, Bral- lier, Bonnell, Barton, Allison, Barncord. Row 3: Bailey, Akers, Bowles, Bilak, Bazier, Bennett, Bennett, Adams. ,,,,,f, xi in 3, 3 'lima-'N Row 1: Lipp, Hill, Forrest, Fossi, Holliday, Henrich, Gamble, Jones, Johnson, Goins, Joll. Row 2: Hayden, Gourn, Gasdick, Gasper, Hodgson, Fine, Johnson, Jones, Hails, Gahagen. Row 3: Kerklo, Gardner, Homa, Hutchinson, Haywood, Kiki Germann, Gealy. F reshmen: Front: MacDougall, Krise, Kisner, Lockhart, Koller, Kirkland, Koester, Jenkins, Martin, Letham, Larkin. Sec ond: Kite, Kisner, Lyons, James, Atkins, Slavick, Krieg- er, Laverick, Howell, Kart esz, Kraynick. Back: Lacey, Lloyd, Kosemcbak, Kite, Hol lis, House, Kish, Kunf. "Gee, even reading and writing can be pretty compli- cated when you're learning something new." "Speaking isn't really too had when you have a good audience, but I'm going to have to work to hold the attention of that fellow back there using his hand for V M3 a pillow." What do you mean-the sack's gone back to the potato? Oh well, wait until next year's C.A.A. initiation-we'll really dress up those freshies-how about a fftrapezef' hmmmmf' if Freshman lives are varied, indeed. One look finds them seriously applying themselves in their classes, and the next finds them being initiated into a school club dressed in the height UD of fashion. Every experience adds to their feeling of acceptance as a vital part of the EFHS student body. vw H 70 f 1 Wm my W IE 41- K. ww ww N -1 M J ,. . 1 ..,, ,gy M 71: 42 2 x w . ff .grim Mlm -Q CARL SONCINI JOE BAKEWEI.L ED SHOEIYBACH , 11,7 '-"HX W -V A -. , ,V . 9 L I , Any fluesuons' Allfllfler Warner touchdown! HARRY DOUGHERTY RICH SHOTWELI, -Y' BILL SHERER RICH PAGLIARI W IIXI A -as . if Z fx N R A " 'X' R I SQ- M I - -7 f L I if ' . I L fuwgfwk 'sy' I I mg? f IM? jg '- , .uf WW - y -.3 2 X- , . J Go, Warriors, Go! 'Q v-. ,A as XA '71, K A J mark' -'ffm Agate- .L wxfaa? ts. .sim Aiwa ,,-., , ., A A Front: Hofmeister, Thaxton, Graff, Sullivan, Shotwell, Dougherty, Sherer, Bakewell, Soncini Shoenbach, Pagliari, Landini, Brydebell, Evans, Shank, Reed. Second: Moon, Eichler, Amos Candelore, Kovachich, Kassler, Urbanovich, Mendicino, Hynde, Slavick, Flynn, Brunazzi, Sasanko Coach Rubino. Back: Dansak, Amore, Palumbo, Achrzehn, Pryor, Dougherty, Botino, Natale Mercurio, Billick, DeRosa, McClintock, Gogoel, Zalewski. WHAT IS AN E.-F FOOTBALL PLAYER? If you look halfway between boyhood and manhood, you're likely to find an football player. Heis the fellow with the broad shoulders and sturdy build whom all the girls adore and the younger boys idolize. An player never gives up hope. but he buckles down and fights to the endg then holds his head high no matter how the game turns out. lf a fellow works hard enough he might be chosen for the All-Valley Football Team as was our ,59 hero Urbanovich. An player is '4Courage in cleats, Hope in a helmet, Pride in pads, and the best of young manhood in moleskinsfl He,s the one you boo for his mistakes and cheer for his triumphs. He's the one who gives up the last part of his summer vacation and after school time for those rugged practices. Hels happiest when eating his favorite food-pizza or hamburgersg discussing his favorite car or Hsouped-upw engineg talking with his favorite girlg and helping his team win. But no matter what an player goes through, you know he's having the 'atime of his lifef, fReceiviug Hlionorable Mentionw on the All-Valley Team were: Neil Sullivan, Denny Graff, Harry Dougherty, Ed Shoenbach, Rich Pagliari, and Larry Landini.l Aa A AK' Ms g' WWW?-J-52" X M X X A--u,:.' si 1 egg 4' Jlfwafy ,iw -V A - 1'Y"' ' Front: Gogoel, Robin son, Mendicino. Sec ond: Coach Fleisch auer, Mink, Bruni, Kartesz, Zimmerman, Smart Cunningham BILL LARKINS Bernadowski, Watson, Larkins. Back: Ait- ken, Wawrin, Bell, Steinkopf, Pagliari, Griffith, Curtis, How- den. Head for home! FRANK BERNADOWSKI l l K r?-.- BERNIE ZIMMERMAN FRANK DEROSA Section 14 Champions JERRY MINK DANNY WATSON -2? i- gsfgtt-. . - 5, y , Q L N y Shown here planning the strategy which was to win for EFHS the Section 8 W.P.l.A.L. golf championship are: Dave Bowen, Terry Pagliari, Coach Stoner, Eugene Aldrighetti, George Naperatz, and Jim Boyd. F ore! f X I Another 'gfirstw for 1958 was the entry of E.F.H.S. to the golfing field under the X A 'J coaching of Mr. Stoner. On sunny spring afternoons the boys drew many envious glances , as they started off with their clubs for a practice session at Seven Springs or to participate ,Z A in a tournament away from home. The players are enthusiastic about this sport and hope V, to add more student names to their roster for next season. K 61 14 f V, ...A-ff Q Dave Bowen prepares to hit a long one on the Seven N1-wr Springs course. ' Hicks, George, Davis, Aldrighetti, and Campayno wait their turns a Bowen tees off. Mk Riiimwllf as o ai cated: Marilyn Rose, presidentg Connie Lchner, vice-president. Standing: Mrs. ' llen, advisorg Natalie Vaira, trcasurerg Janet McLay, secretary. Tis W t ff 'lv An organization especially for girls is the Girls' Athletic Association. This club promotes sports for girls by giving those interested an op- portunity to participate in basketball, volleyball, handball, and hockey. They can develop skills on different equipment such as the trampoline and parallel bars. Members participate in the spring gym show and always enter a prize-winning float in the Elizabeth Lions Club Halloween Parade. Striving to build healthy minds and bodies, the G.A.A.'s main objective is to teach its members good sportsmanship-win or lose. Below are two scenes from the 1958 gym show. Qo, Able Athletes at xref kc to -"" K K in 4 t t A prize-winning float depicting the variety of contributions the- United States will gain from the Fortysninth state - Alaska. .W.i,.,i.,.M, .... emu-,W ...WW-,,-,uu.....w Letters, We Get Letters 1 I g, Mr. Rubino, advisorg Joe Bakewell, presidentg Jon Shank, vice-presidentg Jim Gleeson, secretaryg Rich Pagliari, treasurer. The boys who work all year around practicing for tough competition in sports at Elizabeth-Forward make up the core of the Letterman Club. They are the boys who have gained recognition for outstanding participation in sports. ln order to become a Letterman, a boy must have confidence in himself and in his team. He must be modest, but at the same time, he must have heart. Above all, he must have prac- tice, for with practice comes skillg and with skill come victories. , are .li " .-me Front: R. Griffith, J. Bakewell, J. Gleeson, D. Dachille, C. Soncini, E. Shoenbach, G. Naperatz. Second: L. Steinkopf, W. Candelore, J. Shank K. Bell. Back: R. Pagliari, R. Urbanovich, J. Slavick. 80 heers to You! The pert young ladies, full of pep, vim, and vitality, who are on hand at all pep rallies and sporting events are the cheerleaders. They arouse school spirit and keep it alive even when victory seems remote. They are the teams, most ardent supporters, for they never miss a game. Many girls dream of becoming cheerleaders, but only a few can be selected from the large group who try out. For that reason, we are sure that these few are really the hest. SENIOR CHEERLEADERS : Front: Nancy Felten- berger, Judy Rothey, Millie Ekaitis, Sue Crandall, .loMarie Palumbo, Back: Barb White and Mrs. Allen, advisor. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: Nancy Feltenherger, lollarie Palumbo Millie Ekaiti Janet Collin Sue Crandall Janice Peterson, Judy Rothey, Sandy Hallas. po Front: Coaches Stonerg Ru- bino, Lopresti, Leffard, Con- away. Back: Athletic direc- tor Benedetti, Business man- ager Similo, Coaches Come Novak, West. FOOTBALL RESERVES: Front: F. Palumbo, J. Harrison, M. Mendicino, T. Bottino, D. Amore, B. Hynde, V. Brunazzi, R. Achtzehn, L. Risker. Back: C. Zalewski, J. Mercurio, D. Dansak, L. McC1intock,J. Natale, J. Gogoel, N. Moon, C. Dougherty, L. Pryor, J. Sasanko, J Stewart, E. Billick. BASKETBALL RESERVES: Front: J. Stewart McNeil, A. Vidil, L, Mayfield, E. Aldrighetti. 2 I t , P. Boyd, B. Robinson, N. Moon, A. Zadroga, R. Malady. Back: D. Dorwart, T. Pagliari, P Fpice School Life BASEBALL-1958 Clairton-Mar. 2491-1 QLD Charleroi-Mar. 27-A QLD Monongahela-Mar. 31-H QLD Donora-Apr. 2-H- QLD Bethel-Apr. 8-A. QLD Irwin-Apr. 14'-H Charleroi-Apr. 16-H FOOTBALL-1958 McKees Rocks-Sept. 13-H Duquesne-Sept. 19-A Carrick-Sept. 26-H Q3:15D Bethel-Oct. 3-A Shaler-Oct. 11-H I East McKeesp0rt-Apr. 17-A . - Wihnerding-Apr. 21-H glorth A - Glassport-Apr. 24-A onaca C ' Irwin-May 1-A Freedom-Nov. 1-A East McKeesport-May 5-H D0n0'a'N0V' 7-A Wilmerding-May 8-A Glassport-May 12-H BASKETBALL-1958-59 I GOLF-1958 Rostraver-Dec. 2-H Clairton-Jan 16-H fm Hempfield-April 11-A Donora-Dec' 5-A Homestead-Jan. 20-A QLD I Penn-Claridge-Apr. 15-H Rostraver-Dec' 9-A M0Hf0evi11e-JaH- 23-H U-'J North Huntingdon-Apr. 18-H BetEe1iDeC' 12'H Munhau'-Jan' 27-H U-'J I McKeeSpOrt-April 22-A Cahfornla-Dec. 16-H Baldwin-Jan. 30iA QL, - - - - WeSfNeW10f1-Dew 19-A McKees brt-Feb. 3-H QLD Hempfleld Apr1l29 H 2 H P I Penn-Clarid e-Ma 2-A West Jefferson-Dec. 3- Duquesne-Feb. 6tA QLD g Y M hall J 2 A QL J - North Huntingdon-May 6-A un , -n an' - eague Cla1ff0H-Feb- 10-A U-'D MCKCGSPON-,May 9-H Baldwm-Jan 6-H fm Homestead-Feb. 13-H QLD MCKEBSPOH-Jan' 9-A' U-'D Monroeville-Feb. 17-A QLD Duquesne+Jan. 13-H. QLD GOLF TEAM: Front: J. George, H. Maurer, D. Bowen, C. BASEBALL RESERVES: Front: R. Wycoff, V. Richardson, B. Stlmaker Naperatz, J. Boyd. Back: T. Pagliari, E. Aldrighetti, H. D. Dansak, F. Matich, W. Frabizio. Second row.' J. Bruni, A. Zadroga Sandin, P. Campayno. V. Brunazzi, S. Steele, S. Pecora. Back: M. Kovachich, G. Smxth J Kline, T. Pasquinelli, T. Nemchick. Q M ' Y W 4. ,-Q,-N: , M 1 .3 - at x 54 ' 6 F M A 5 ow W -A -if Q, ngeiw ' ' Q5?,,,,p,wfw T JW . N wgxmaazx jj , 3.5-,K .. games-Kifff' A , f",. ---iff .waamwfw 3+ 'Q A W?Sw:K'iT4"Z fwvi:r1m . MT 1' 1. Q. "5"' s1f5 .., .W1,X,.Ww.:.W.ffp,w M W- f ew- ' Twig: w 4, W ., .-,.1,,,M, 5 WM -,X -V . W,.1.Q -,Q M Q1 wx ,V L ,M N wx , k ,M 5, V-M4 .M gm A 'WW s f - -. 1 15211 fav:-ex e :15 ' if w i r ,-ww... QQ A l ,vu fn. 1 e Q 5 Q W , A A Mk . M wfgf' ,W Xx'1,.w-ex, , Mm v M i va uw, www. , , e N. W 3 ., .Q , q w, " ' L ,ia?2wwr.f , X 4' " w1w.fmmwggw oafif if in fu NN., , af: xc :gag 'W - Qff f , ,X,A,,,,w,hA ' QQc:,:L,. , . ,r df Sfxlinyw Jima, ,, x 51 X . A Q M M. ' A ,Wx A 11:5 e im nw, 'Thx W. Sw F151 XB' I ZQQEC Nm. MMM 'sw .1 Front: Wade Sturni, publicity chairmarig Joan Marciffski, secretary. Back: Bill Sykes, presidentg Ed Schmidt, vicepresidentg Mr. Iacobucci, direc torg Earl Jaskol, treasurer. . .- 1 If -'f ,776 gf! 4 Come Rain or Hail or Snow or Sleet - WOODWIND ENSEMBLE: P. Romeo, B. Young. J. Blyth:-. E. Schmidt. U. Suskalu. J. Fraser. BRASS ENSEMBLE: C. Shotwell, W. Muse, VV. Sturni, R. Vidil, E. Jaskol, J. Heil, K. Weber. the Band Will March Ri hte Off Their Feet. uHere comes the handli' uHear those drums?77 uFeel that beatfw uCatehy tune, isn't it?" These are remarks that can be heard from the crowd as they line the streets to watch the Elizabeth-Forward High School Band perform in the Halloween and lVle- morial Day parades. Band members work unceasingly to make theirs the best band around. They display their talent before ga-mes, at pep rallies, during the games at half-time, and after the victory leading a happy procession of students through town, creating school spirit. The band is also featured at Christmas when they play heautiful carols, and in the spring they present a special concert. Yes, we can be sure of a good performance when we say, "Downbeat, please, Mr. lacobuccifl WARRIOR MASCOT -- Janice McPhee 87 Whirl and Twirl MAJOR -' Wade Srumi HEAD MAJORETTE -- Marlene Kauch MAJORETTES: D. Yvolfe, D. Lowry, J. Fiore, M. J. Elko, I. Fuller. B. Vf-zzani, C. Gay, C. Poziviak Language Clabg Oai, 12 Ita Karen Scarpari, Latin ehairmang James King, Spanish chairmang Mrs. Brandfass, advisorg Neil Sullivan, presidentg Jackie Payne, secretary-treasurerg ,lean M i l l e r, French chairman. fd, , idx. Language Club officers and Mrs. Brandfass meet to lay the groundwork for big plans. The club provides experiences in using the languages, earns money to purchase supplementary reading material, and prowides additional cultural in- formation. The initiation committee had charge of the February initiation of members. L Library Club- uiet, Please x Nancy Martini, treasurerg Elizabeth Hodgson, vice-presidentg Mary Library members are constantly busy checking books in and outg Cermann, seeretaryg Miss Lauder, advisorg and Peggy Nehila, pres- helping students find material for researchg clipping and filing ident, decide on an attractive magazine display. pertinent material, and helping to catalog new books. 89 Jackie Zadroga, secretary, Jayne Cooley, president confer with Mr. Farina about the Christmas program. HWJJQ-WEA 5 FRESHMAN CHORUS: First row: E. Marrac cini, J. Volpe, G. Davis, J. McCune, T. Richards J. McElravy, C. Smith, T. Mims. Second: H Gephart, E. Forrest, P. Cherepko, C. Kite, D. Pentland, P. Melegari, B. Wycoff, M. Cealy, B Couchenour. Third: E. Matthews, K. Schimpf, K. Braum, J. Ruhino, S. Rapp, R. McShane, N Patrick, A. Tortorice, D. Brown. Back: M. Mar- tin, R. Vanio, L. Stidard, B. Fiore, P. Ondrey, R. Vidil, J. Tannehill, A. Ullrich, K. Thompson, F. Goins. J CONCERT CHOIR: Front: R. Mulady, G. Baumgartner, D. Tannehill J. Wiskeman, D. Myrick, J. Dawson, L. Wooley. Second: B. Terza, N Marks, J. Staffen, J. LaFrankie, D. Weigel. Third: M. Johnston, B Leckic, J. Booth, L. Boucher, J. Mitchell, E. Douglass. Fourth: S. Hunt J. Zadroga, J. Rastrelli, G, Gall, M, Dietz, J. Swonger, P. Opfar. if V 3 9 9 Freshman Chorus l90 H ave Voices 1. .4. irst row: R. Seurfield, D. Ehrhardt, G. Irons, M. Kovachich, K. Bell, H. eed, J. Harrison, R. Homa. Second: R. Rusnak, L. Joll, N. Reed, S. Murray, . Galati, J. Cooley, D. Dewyer. Third: .l. Storch, C. Soethe, H. Supernovich, . Morrison, L. Herrold, C. Lindberg, P. Fellabaum. Fourth: S. Steele, M. line, C. Gay, M. Hager, E. O'Toole, J. Abercrombie, L. Saccani, B. Taylor, . Graham. Concert Choir This has been a very busy year for members of the various choral groups. Before Christmas, they prepared a beautifully inspirational program en- titled, HWhat Child ls This?', Portions of it were presented before the Elizabeth Rotary Club, then it was presented in its entirety before the student body as a HChristmas giftf' The band also had an important part in the entire program. Mr. Farina prepared the script, and with Mr. lacobucci, staged and directed the entire performance. The spring musicale will be covered in the 1960 Eli-Mon. My Girls' Chorus love to Sing The 66Wa,rrior'9 Circulates News and Views F u t u r e journalists and personality sketches, and a those who just like to work with others have their oppor- tunities as members of the school newspaper staff. The "snoopers" of the school re- port all the news and views, while the typists type the sten- cils, and the circulation staff distributes the paper. Edi- -torials, sports, honor rolls, "What special Christmas feature do you thing the kids would like?" variety of other features are a few of the utradernarksn of the '4Warrior', which is pub- lished once a month. Staff m e m b e r s include students from all four classes. One of their social activities is a dance held every fall to which all students are invited. "There, that set-up looks fine, nowf' A'Let's keep this assembly line moving." Seated: Janet McVicker, activitiesg Jackie Johnson, newsg Estelle King, editorg Emilie Gayok, assistant editorg Miss Boyd. advisor Stanrlmg Shirley Ludwick, typingg Don Fraser, artg Bill Sykes, sportsg Nancy Lacey, circulationg Cfrayce Meisl, features. 92 Eli-Mon Captures Memories Phyllis Douglass, lite erary eclitorg and Jayne Cooley, art editorg confer with various members of their staffs about how to co-ordinate their Work in order to have the best pos- sible Eli-Mon for the Class of '59. Mary Jane Elko and the rest of her business staff are responsible for the financial affairs of the Eli- Mon. They sell subscriptions, collect the payments, spearhead other sales, and distribute the completed books. Here, a part of the staff meet to plan the ribbon-candy sale. Judy Rothey and others of the make-up staff ponder a serious problem of how to achieve the best arrangement of pictures and write-ups on a page. t Tom Brown, photography editor, points out Meeting to make some momentous decisions are the staff editors: Zana Stewart, typingg Phyllis the fine points of the staff camera to Douglass, Mary Hutchinson, editor-in-chiefg Mary Jane Elko, Miss Scott, advisorg Judy Rothey, interested members of his staff. Jayne Cooley, and Tom Brown. Why Teens .loin Y-Teens President, Phyllis Douglassg vice-president, Dana Weigelg advisor, Miss Nullg secretary, Connie Lehnerg and treasurer, Jackie Zadroga hold a "top brass" meeting in the lobby. The Y-Teen organization is primarily a service club. The picture to the right shows the 'cApple for the Teacherw project being conducted as Miss Scarry receives her Hwelconie backv apple from Phyllis Douglass and Judy O'Brien. The lower picture shows a group of the girls practicing their usellingi' techniques in preparation for their handling of the American Junior Red Cross drive. They also worked with the Hi-Y to collect clothes for the Save the Children Federation. ln addition to these very worthwhile projects, the girls also served as baby-sitters ffree of chargej on P.T.A. nights for parents of small children. They held many interesting meetings, including one which featured a speaker from a business school talking on good grooming. 'if I xy foils Y T E E N S 'JAY A as X lIL3"L. 'ine-Ill 1'-I AII Ill", gm 11111117 - f " E6F65 -, , DAILY NEWS PHOTO , ,f,,, ff MI eyed-Upw for erfvice X if 0?fff' im f f ..f1'-.. elm., .W i J ITM wi 424 t J VK' :Tl Akrz so g i I W News he A-e'S"fy ,Ll : 1 ij: ' I T , "The officers of the newly-organized Key Club are shown as they accept the charter from leaders of the sponsoring Kiwanis Club. Seated, left to right, Lieutenant Governor Glenn H. Roj ohn of Kiwanis District Six hands the charter to Ronald Grif- fith, president, as George Matthews, chairman of the Key Club Committee looks on." Other officers are Tom Gealy, vice- presidentg Jim Gleeson, vice-presidentg and Bill Sykes, secretary. Teachers-to-Be E V37 Advisors and officers of the Future Teachers of America meet in the lobby for a discussion of their year's activities. Their members gain practical experience through teaching in the elementary schools of the district and during their 'iexchange' day with high school teachers and administrators. Pictured are Mrs. Stephenson, Mary Ioan Sneddon, presidentg Tony Calabro, vice-presidentg Betty Ann Toth, secretaryg Mrs. Palesko. v7 ik 53551 N fo we 6 T'lt:',,f fl Gb W 1 F.H.A. W Ill Keep House Everything is in order for the faculty Christmas party. "Hg--' What's this, the cleanup committee? The Future Homemakers of America Club is designed to prepare future dishbreakers and budget tanglers to achieve the opposite of these effects by conscientious planning and sound management. F.H.A. officers select a pattern with the help of advisors Mrs. West and Mrs. Green. Officers are: Trudy Meisl, Pat Davis, Jackie Kleinhample, Carol Gron lund, Susie Meisl, Ruth Ann Forkey. "ld" L V sf v , SJ? 4- COMMERCIAL CLUB OFFICERS: Barbara White, Dorcas Gleeson, Janice Peterson, and Millie Ekaitis join advisor, Mrs. Keeler in planning their next meeting. Their club pro- motes efficiency and interest in business, and, at the same time, builds good-will and fellowship. Members receive valu- able tips from guest speakers about how to dress and act in an office and what to expect from future employers. .ludy Kerber can operate that calculator accurately in spite of interested spectators. ommercial Club Will Run, Office Back: Vincent Tokarsky, ,lon Shank, Joe Bakewell, .lack Lees, Blaine Caruthers. To the right are the advisors: Mr. Ciavarra, chemistryg Mrs. Roslund, bi- ologyg Mr. Echard, photography. The combined clubs have a membership of over 100. For every second meeting, they join to hear a guest speaker or see a motion picture. Among their activities were: placing a float in the Halloween parade, spon- soring parties for members and faculty, visiting the Pitt Medical Center, and conducting their first Science Club Fair. H i-Y is Helpful The Hi-Y instills in its members high ideals and encourages helpfulness. Designed to promote friendship, diplomacy and scholarship, the Hi-Y gives its members the opportunity to display their talents through giving help to others. Pictured are officers: Rich Calabro, Evan Abrams, Glenn Harvey and Ernie Stewart with their advisor, Mr. Come. They assisted the Y-Teens with a clothing- collection drive among other activities. 1 l u....,..... s.-..d...n...Ls..l. Scientists All The purpose of the Science Club is to en- courage its members to have a deeper under- standing of their fields of scientific interest. The club is divided into three interest groups-chem- istry, biology, and photography. Pictured to the left are the officers: Front: Rich Brindza, Erin Brady, Joann McFeeley, Terry Korona, Audrey Tortorice, Rodger Brown. C hess, Anyone? One of the newest clubs around E.F.H.S. is the Chess Club advised by Mr. Trenk who in this picture is playing a game with Paul Bryan while Bill Similo and Richard Pierce try to 'csecond guess" them. Quite a large number of students have expressed an interest in this club, and they look forward to many interesting tournaments. 98 Honor Society president, Jayne Cooley presents the honor flag to John Megela, president of homeroom 213, who won the flag for having the largest percent- age of its students on the honor roll. 'R ,Z .3 CD' -Br, YA -.4391 NATIONAL 7 HONOR soclnv 3 IZ 2 5 Af I gf . . . . V t Studying their constitution are: Mr. Posa, advisor, Jayne 5 L Cooley, Karl Zugeher, vice-president, Millie Ekaitis, secre- Character tary, Bill Sykes, treasurerg Mary Hutchinson, historian. Scholarship ational Honor ociet - Leadership Service In December 1958, the Honor Society tapped the following members of the Class of '59: R. Anderson, C. Carney, K. Clark, S. Crandall, P. Douglass, B. Finley, L. Herrold, S. Lipscomb, S. Ludwick, J. McVicker, J. Megela, D. Natale, M. Nehila, R. Pagliari, P. Pascarella, C. Shotwell, R. Spangler, Z. Stewart H. Supernovich, D. Timko, B. Toth, J. Tyszkiewicz, D. Umbel, P. Wallace, C. Wilson, D. Wolfe, C. Wycoff, B. Young. From the Class of '60, the following were 3,150 tapped: E. Gayock, B, Hails, E. Hodgson, M. Kovachich, L. Landini, R. McNish, M. Morrison, N. Sullivan, J. Zadroga. In the spring of 1958 these students were formally ini- tiated into the Honor Society at a very impressive evening ceremony to which parents and friends were invited. These are the charter members of the Elizabeth- Forward chapter of the National Honor Society. Front: Judy Porter, Carol Jean Young, Mary Hutchinson, Millie Ekaitis, Dorothy Grajcar, Jean Kastan, Darlene Luzier, Noreen Kier, Jayne Cooley. Second: Cathy Gelzhiser, Gwen Hamilton, Kay Hutchinson, Barbara Billick, Bryna King, Pat Daerr, Barbara Lukach, Lucille Lannan, Janice Werner. Back: Ronald Zadroga, Ken Bruni, Jim Cunningham, Frank Kartesz, Bill Shank, Fd Maurer, Don Brancolini, Karl Zugeber, Bill Sykes. . I ff, fd? K' Front: Donna Calati, secretary and Barb Taylor, reporter. Back: Mr. Shaver, advisorg Rich Calabro, presidentg lon Shank, vice-presidentg Bill Rycza, treasurer. tudent C0u,nQil- The Voice of the Students One important project of the student coun- cil was the sponsoring of the Princess Pageant. Each school club nominated a contestant and a campaign manager. A11 students and teach- ers were then asked to vote for the girl of their choice by contributing dimes to her ballot box. All money collected was turned over to the March of Dimes. After all the money was counted on the last day of the drive, Donna Galati was declared the winner. Donna went to television station WTAE where she competed in the final contest on the .lay Michael Bandstand on January 17. Although, she didn't win, Donna and her campaign man- ager, Dan Berquist, can be proud of their work in helping to collect money from local residents for a very worthy cause. Student council members are elected by members of their homerooms to whom they report the activities of the group, and from whom they take suggestions and ideas to council meetings. They assist in interpreting school rules, planning assemblies, and en- couraging school spirit. A very impressive ceremony was this in- duction held in January as an assembly program. Here, Emelie Gayok, chairman, con- fers a carnation upon President Calabro as the other officers watch. f f 1' , 99 Resolved: The Debate . Club Will uoeeecl The Debate Club is one of the newest organizations of L EFHS. lt was organized to make all students more aware of the importance of speech and to help students think clearly. The members gain a higher respect for truth and are more aware of the meaning of citizenship. Members have debated against teams from neighboring schools: McKeesport, Monessen, Jeanette, and California. Debate chairmen take a last-minute look at rules to be followe . 3' wry Mr. Rubenstein points out a new side to the argument. '4Bring on our worthy opponents." The UCEHUVC Sidi? H3355 f0HdY i0 Tefute HH Earlyn Albine, presidentg Bob Metcalfe. vice-presidentg Mr. Rubenstein, coach. Standing: 3fgl1mCHtS ihai "The UI1il6d States Shflllld Martha Hodgson, secretary and Ernest Marraccini. treasurer. adopt the essential features of the Russian system of education." i I00 pp ,Vi 7 s' 7-., f- rl , The Art Club Adds Beaut The Art Club has a membership of 75 stu- dents all interested in studying some phase of art. By their creative efforts they have added much beauty to the school and community. Before Christmas, they painted appropriate scenes on school windows and on the windows of Favroas furniture store in Elizabeth. In order to study and evaluate the work of pro- fessional artists, they have made trips to ex- hibitions and art museums in the district. Peggy Nehila adds finishing touches to a Christmas window at school. Saundra Cheeseman rearran es a d' g 1s- play for the '58 art show. "There, those post- ers should attract our visitors." Sponsor, Mr. Escott, points out some reproductions of fine art work to club officers: Don Fraser, Janet Fiore, and Louise Kartesz. Q ffwnmsi poster he is making. Evan Abrams consults with Mr. Dick, elementary art supervisor, about a IOI This hard-work- ing group are the cafeteria workers who assist in the kitchen and in the cafeteria at noon each day. Front: R. O'- Hara, V. Fine, ls. Mardis, F. Sher- bensky. Back: L. Galati, K. Bell, R. Shotwell, D. Feick, R. John- son, D. Jenco, J. Boyd, C. Kisner. l02 tudent Helpers Joe May, Bob McKeever. and Wafie Sturni are members of the Audio-Visual group sponsored .A hy Mr. lienedetti. They have been trained to 'jj-4gfgg5.:j' run the various machines, and during their study A'Ag1:g5g555 periods they go to the various classes and oper- ate the equipment when the teacher wants to 1 F use audio-visual aids. Audio-Visual Group This group of students have termed themselves the HSignmakers,,' and they also give up their study periods to work in the art room making posters advertising various school events. Their very attractive and colorful signs can he seen in the rear of the cafeteria. MSign M alcersv Cafeteria Aides 'They cook our food And wash our disllesg if . infix 1 -sglfg Qy hmm 6 his L 1 will 5 B? . o r y -- 2.4 E3 l 2 x 5 l .2 4 Q if la. W .. Front: F, Hall, E. DeSantis, A. Akers, G. Henrich, N. Pascarella, A. Bilak, H. Jenkins. Back: V. Campoli, M. Matheny, S. Pauley. Our Cooks and Custodians E. Ullrich, D. Matthews, J. Martini. J. Bernadowski, L. Gephart, C. Sherwood. is W' l 1 .ll in N f "Q 5' f They sweep and clean And heed our wishesf' l03 if f if if .49- 'gHcy, Mom, I can't find my cuff links!" Father of the Bride MOI: nu, not another Nov. 1958 wi" 'LI.ct's go knock 'em dead." Miss Repine, director, has a word with "brother Tommyfi K . - w ,1,,-eg, s ,Q ' A J,-A Y Y A Parisian Pause Two Lovely Queens-Darlene and Joan U ncler Paris Skies 5 'R +1 . aj 1? K ,L ,X -K5 w K A Y I fi. J m':' Q 5 I , xx Sm M9235 6, 5 The Queen's Waltz .Q wilasxfV4,mmwwmnmmamrswsvfwfS5s::mx1MM?LAsM1z LmmR ig,-if S pring - 1 953 - Choral Concert P224 ' 1 ! X Z' Above: The Concert Choir presents "I Hear a Voice A-Prayin' " by Bright. Below: The Ninth Grade Chorus harmonize with "Dixie" by Emmett. ,ysfhw f..vw..f. ,U n', , 'NME' fixl.-'h Q75 -wi 11525 ii? ' Q? ' Q 2 .J Abrams, Evan-1, 23, 43, 97 101 Anderson, Richard-23 Anderson, Robert-23 Andrews, William-23 Atkins, Camellia-23 Bakewell, Joe-1, 23, 43, 72 73, 80, 97 Backus, Dennis-23 Baran, Edward-23 Barncord, William-23 Bashforth, Bonnie-23 Bazier, Charles-23 Beaumont, Robert-23 Beedle, Wayne-24 Bell, Kenneth-24, 76, 80, 91, 102 Berquist, Dan-24 Betters, Thomas-24, 43 Bigi, Jeremiah-40 Boyd, James-24, 41, 78, 102 Brady, David-24 Bramhall, Elaine-24 Brown, William-24 Browning, J oseph-24 Brunazzi, Arthur-24 Buchina, Gene-24 Buck, James-25 Bucy, Patricia-25 Butcher, Ralph-25 Cain, Charles-25 Calabro, Richard-25, 75, 97, 99 Calhoun, Richard-25 Campbell, Mary--25 Carney, Catherine-25 Cheeseman, Saundra-25, 42, 101 Chopey, Georgia Marie-25 Clark, Kay-25 Clark, Patricia-25 Como, Tony-26, 43 Cooley, J ayne-1, 26, 42, 43, 90, 91, 93, 98 Crandall, Susan-26, 81 Criado, Phillip-26 Crim, Clifford-26 Cvetan, J ames-26 Dagsgiille, Dennis-1, 26, 43, David, Evan-26 Davis, Charles--26 Davis, Gene-26 Dawson, J ohn-26, 90 Dellapenna, Albert-26, 43 Dougherty, Harry-27, 72, 73 . Douglas, Stanley-27 Douglass, Phyllis-1, 27, 43, 93, 94 IIO Senior Index Class of '59 Ekaitis, Mildred-1, 22, 27, 42, 81, 96, 98 Elko, Mary Jane-27, 42, 88, 93 Faust, Grant-27 Felicetty, Joseph-27 Fellabaum, Patsy-27, 91 Feltenberger, Nancy-27, 81 Finley, Barbara-27 Fisher, Dixie-27 Flanigan, Tom-40 Flower, Charles-27 Foytik, Loretta-28 Franks, Melvin-28 Fraser, Donald-28, 43, 92, 101 Fuller, lrene-28, 88 Gahagen, Frank-28 Galati, Lee-28, 102 Gallick, George-28 Gallingane, Robert-28 Gardner, William-28 Gassner, Richard-28 Gealy, Thomas-28, 95 Glass, Darlene-28, 95 Gleeson, James-1, 22, 29, 42, 74, 80 Griffiths, Ronald-1, 29, 42. 43, 74, 76, 80, 95 Hamilton. Ruth-29 Hammel, Patty-29 Harris, Maryann-29 Herrold, Linda-29, 43, 91 Hixenbaugb, Judy-29 Hoffman, Fenton-29 Hofmeister, Dale-29, 42, 73 Holliday, James-29 Howell, Ronald-29 Hutchinson, Mary-29, 43, 93, 98 Jarvis, Roger-30 Johnson, Jacqueline-30, 92 Johnson, Ralph-30, 102 J oll, Cloie-30 J oll, June-40 Kapinus, Bert-30, 75 Kasich, Marlene-30, 88 Kerber, Judy-30, 96 Kill, Karlene-1, 30, 42 King, Estelle-30. 43. 92 Kirschner, Carl-30 Kline, Maryanne-30, 91 Kniepkamp, Eleanor-30 Kremp, James-31 Kruki, Gloria Mae-31 Kuch, Margie-31 Kurutz, La Verne-31 Lacey, Nancy-31, 92 Large, Cherie-31 Lavender, J ean-31 Lees, J ack-31, 97 Legeza, Helen-22, 31 Lennex, Cora Ruth-31 Lindberg, Carol-31, 91 Lipscomb, Shirley-31 Lloyd, Alfred-32 Long, Marva-32 Lowry, Donna-32, 88 Ludwick, Shirley-32, 92 Marcieski, Joan-32, 86, 106, 107 Mardis, Judy-32 Massari, Frank-32 Mayhugh, Mary-32 Mayhugh, William-32 McCall, Gloria-1, 32 McCall, Patricia-32 McCorkle, Peggy-32 McKenery, Myron-33 Mggicker, J anet-33, 42, Megela, John-22, 33, 43 Meisl, Grace-33, 92 Morris, Stephanie-33 Murray, Sally-33 Naperatz, George-33, 78, 80, 83 Natali, Darlene-33 Nehila, Margaret-33, 43, 89, 101 Nelson, Robert-33 O'Brien, Judy-33, 42, 94 Obusek, Patty-33 Opfar, Delmar-34 Opfar, Patricia-34 Opfer, Sandra-34 O,Toole, Elaine-34, 91 Overand, Linda-34 Pagliari, Richard-34, 72, 73, 74, 76, 80 Palumbo, Jo Marie-34, 81 Pascarella, Patricia-34 Pasternak, Adam-34 Posa, Francis-34 Prescott, William-34 Protz, Rose-34 Ranich, George-35 Reed, Harry-35, 73, 91 Resh, John-40 Revetta, Donald-35 Rhone, Frank-41 Riley, William-35 Rose, Marilyn-35, 43, 79 Rothey, Judy-35, 81, 93 Runyan, Harold-35 Russell, Dorothy-35 Saccani, Linda-35, 91 Sandmeyer, Norma-35 Schmidt, Edward-35, 86 Schreiber, Linda-36 Sender, Goldie-36 Serena, Allen-36 Sestile, J ohn-40 Sevick, Tessie-41 Shaffer, Thomas-36 Sherer, William-36, 72, 73 Shoenbach, Edwin-36, 72, 73, 80 Shotwell, Carol-36, 87 Shotwell, Richard-36, 72, 73, 102 Similo, William-36 Simko, Patty-36 Smart, Ronald-36 Smith, Harry-36 Sneddon, Mary Joan-37, 41, 43, 95 Synder, Ronald-37, 41 Soethe, Carolyn-37, 91 Soncini, Carl-37, 72, 73, 80 Spangler, Robert-37 Stanko, Frank-38 Steele, Shonna-38, 91 Steinkopf, Lew-38, 76, 80 Stewart, Ernest-38, 97 Stewart, Zana-38, 93 Streyle, Karl-38 Supernovich, Helen-38, 91 Sykes, William-1, 38, 43, 86, 92, 95, 98 Territ, Shirley-38, 43 Thaxton, Joyce-38 Thomas, Harry-38 Thornton, Richard--38 Tignanelli, Sandra-38 Timko, Daniel-38 Tomaselli, J erry-38 Toth, Betty Ann-38, 95 Turic, Michael-38 Tyszkiewicz, Janet Ann-39 Umbel, Dwaine-39 Vidil, Ronald-39, 87 Walker, Carol-39 Wallace, Patty-39 Weiss, Klara-39 White, Barbara-1, 22, 39, 43, 81, 96 Whiteman, J ack-39 Wiggins, Gloria-39 Wilson, Charles-39 Withers, Evelyn-39 Wolfe, Darla-39, 88 Wycoff, Gary-40 Yarsunas, Rose-40 Young, Bonnie-40, 86 Zecchini, Aldo-40 Zecchini, John-40 Zimmer, Bonnie-40 Zugeber, Karl-40, 98 To Our Patrons:-Our Thanks A Friend Apfelthaler's Jewelry Apfelthaler's Shoes Dr. Carl Benack Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bisogne Mrs. Thelma Brandfass-F. Mr. Theodore Chomas-Fa" Mrs. Myrtle Cotton 9' Crystal Pharmacy Mr. David Douglas-F Mr. Norman G. Feldstein Grand Theater Mrs. Pauline Green-F Miss Gwen Hamilton-X' Herron's Department Store The Huddle Jaskol's Store Mr. Glenn Jones Miss Jean Kastan-'X' Mrs. Alice Keeler--F Miss Bryna King-49 Mrs. Kathryn Kirschner-F Mrs. Dorthie Kogelman Mrs. Greta Lepsch-F Mr. and Mrs. John E. Long Marraccini's Park 'N Shop Mr. William McCorkle, Jrf' Miss Mary McKernan Mel-Tom Mrs. Louise Millers' F-Faculty 'W-Alumni Mr. John Moreschi-F Mr. Ronald Novak-F Mr. and Mrs. James O'Brien Mrs. Honore Pecora-F Mr. Francis Pomilio-F Mr. Edward Posa-Fi' Mr. and Mrs. Frank Poskon Rayis Garage-Buena Vista Miss Virginia Redman-F Miss Virginia Reedx' Mrs. William Robb, Sr. Mr. Burnett Roberts-F Rockwell Motor Co. Mrs. Louise Roslund-F Mr. Alan Rubenstein-F Mr. Allen l. Schwartz Miss Marjorie B. Scott-F99 Mr. Walter B. Scott-N Mr. Donald Similo-F Dr. and Mrs. H. L. Stollar Strem Studios Mrs. A. Supernovich Mrs. Margaret Sweet-F Mr. and Mrs. Francis Volpe-'X' The Wagon Wheel Mrs. Bessie Ware Miss Janice Werner--'li Wylie Brothers, Inc. Miss Carol Jean Young-li x I - f- L - "ty Egfr' .qv lllgxfly 5 lv' 9 P42 - - g l b 6 I I Dear Diary, Well, Diary, here we are on the final page. You are filled with the outstanding events and people of the 1958-59 year, and what a year it has been! As the members of the Class of '59 look back through your pages years from now, they will be reminded of their last year at HS. Theylll remember their best friends whom they haven't seen in years, the athletic contests they fought to win, and all the social events they just had to attend. They'll think of their teachers who urged them to work to the best of their abilities. They wonlt forget the exams that made them squirm, the homework that caused much griping, the grades they anxiously awaited, and, of course, the people they learned to know. But, dear Diary, when you come to the heart of it, they,ll be thankful for these years that have taught them so much and for the administrators and teachers who have encouraged them. They will, in fact, be thankful for all of the people who gave their school the heart and soul that made it among the best in the world, and gave them the fondest memories of a lifetime. I know that the Class of '59 wish the best of luck to those taking their places in the halls of Betsy High. As my hands continue to circle my face, I hope that every group of students will remember the time they spent in E.-EHS.-THE TIME OF THEIR LIVES. With sincerity and love, EFF IE, the spirit of the Class of ,59 'rAYl,oR Zustisvjlyg YCQQRANY fgfggp wi 7 W ZffZ97Wf , Y 52 0 jgjfyl , if? Q93 ' MLW' 4M , 0 Xa 9 54 , ' '6'Z?V, eff L ? Q Q4 GMM, MMMM AJWKWLW, QDAW WW ? , LU, aj JKUCLZJ! A Ll ,4 WU, WML! , M MKLOAVU lu XZWJ iw fwi, gm wffzmfwfj ,Z Q, ' ,fi 94,2525 493670 G4 "GQ 4 1 , , 35151 My , XS,Q9WwJM Www wfwjgf 56, wmgxgwjwx, LM J UN ' Wpwvxwvxcxxww- Uogwwvkd 60 WJ, M M wwf WW. WW gf 59,56 V66 If 'I QL QLQWQW lava, ' , C6 'Ab I 2720-M034 '3,.:JM f anoiwkejgyt 4 P fiiwfwi fjgigykilgaw I V Q1 . Www' W X 4- , - ' 'W . H A ,.,.., ..,. .,,,.,,,M,,,,-.Q1i-I H'-,'.-'i I - ri,-ii,wi: -- -V - C3 W' Af' ff vwggw L WW W MQW Q02 'MQW XWmJkVw WWVZQ MMM if wif iw W D Q M M Q ff 'iii-K and-" - -- - -'-"-'iihk is e J? S i i L, , Q 3 s ' is 23 Q -.1 f Q 1 ASW 3548,

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