Elizabeth Forward High School - Eli Mon Yearbook (Elizabeth, PA)

 - Class of 1958

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-r'-- W b 'ww' Ill? -- I 'Y ,f-avg ,. , 5 ......f-- - ...if . ,,.w.. J. , g ' -. .-M---ws vm, ,, , , ,W 4.. 0 f -"E'1::.'a:.E'L? t'7':??':!:37:?',' .- ,Y , . ,L f "' - f e 3'-,.,:.-":'f",.-7'-"f.:,f1--: uzrrf-" 'u .H J 1- - 1 '11 ,. ' ' 5 + ' - -L. 9 ' F ' . . , "' . .I-Vi III' fwiifzfa, .fnzirzv , :VJ " xf.. ' Y , 1 f P -.:-f--..,-:V1-ease f- - , AM 1 -Y A - --rw -I .Z fn, K kk' ,Q 5 5 S--4-i . A ..,,f E 5.....5 - --fm-' 'fig-, -V - .15 " 5 X , 1 . , ' - ' ','5,.m"i,-Q42 f:'..1:L-I ij,-Ig! - ,. - , ' - 1 1' "Y :w1:,gsf!-M,-,-f. ei . - -. f - . A - - - i 5'-T -V--L,.q,3'f .5x5,g,. -4- ,N ' Y, . ,,, . -Q-li.:-, 5 Q. , -.-,,,..rv- fx' in-.":::, ' LSC '-. - ,. , ij ' V 1 "' f 4- bfiisi'-?5"f5Q:i1Y:,3 W. , U '---' . V A '... 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WM U 'Y V Diff 1 dg9wA, iz 'ifgj 312 uwm 53,1 ,A V ,A A, 'bd L K 1 YY X av VN PM ,V 6' -PM OK , vV1r9-LQu i' bl 0616 Mjlbwiwf The 195 X K JW LI 4?-434 cfQ.,,,,,U ":' 1, "2z4L fq f u si if U wwf LL 7 az! K ,,0k,1fy 27244 ifwml M fil VMJLW Q Jzfzmf af , A W if K? M ,QTL MKFA imwfaff Willy L fZ4Z!U,, W J fdj V9 U MW lm! Mfzfz V JC awk 'JJ WW' W if QM fff if f ,M My U V ft ff YK ,M YV!! kjgiazab igh' gchigif UJ f U I ig hkjbpPe nsylvania Lim' of WX, A, TF6:1JJff?ztlkQ ition N Q ' My V-X Wk gjjll. nu F aj NJ? NYJ' XM pg I , N X MQW MJQFS 5 lg j gQ FA QW L X v 'Q In this, the seventh edition of the Eli- e e 'TJ Mon the staff has tried to link the me- - xx Xe Q X ilk X N mo es of the past with the dreams of the A S i X: y .X fut e. Old "Betsy', has been put aside, i 15 t one of the students will forget the gl F n .memories that were always part of R 'X Xxl h or no matter how dingy she may 5 X - Xhave looked on the outside, there was always a warm home-like atmosphere x t XXX . 1. X5 B X XX within. ' Ky KN The students and faculty are the re 4 Q XX heart of "Betsy', and only th t A g W Q5 ' Slaughed and worked and studied be 'nd r X Mi Q . gg her doors can know just how L X our memories of her. Yes, we will learn to love the new building, but only if we can keep the friendly attitude that we have always known. We must remember the good things and take them with us to make the new "Betsy" even better than the old in MMM if every way. fggffl if iw JH 9 W,ivlf ,2 Wi EZ zz 1 1' 1" 4 1' ll 4 h ' 4 4" I. - ff 1f4fc' f ffm: 1 .f 1 ff 1 , ZX, f. f J' fl'fi' fl1f'Q , , I 4 " K Xt, ' " f-' ' ' 1 " .C 1. g 1 fl -pf-fl . , V! 5yg4,Q'. f' -,lZfQ,LQ .fciffz G6u'f!CJqQZ'.Z1.zs-. 6Hs4i2fpff.LL- f...,f' A I Avg ag, I fi? Zig CI 6 '7 ZAC' I N-Mfi fd , Z.f'.,,i':,g,.3,d,' zgfggcjgffl, fa' f f" I ' . Q f , C' ' A6 , iivyzugfilefff f j 1122 f Y-4'-Z fkc. C, calf QZZAQ, " cart 12 f-.fd A ' 7 ' f' , - 'V - f . Y- f V . "' ' C if-ff 7 1-L ,fffr fl . A , flap ?fcf ,Qi ei 1,4 ff f "'r rfkz 'T I Cldsses f l ' ' ,, ' ,, Q., 5-Q' ' :..' T J.:-Mis ,,f-iireil ' . - V- . A -1 , i -. ,ni .. 5 is A V 'A , EJJYIXMJ F Aj . , , 1 - ' . 1 - 1 ' ' f if ,' J w -uf! 1 . g 11,1 A pr: Jul, xi Ib' 'u ,JUL X M, r .y I M 7 U JW Ji Q5 A+ ' 'fl 'X lm! I EN 1 b lmkj ' ,ff jf' l j ., rf' ,'. ' fit" K L99 3 x ,IV ' ' . , A H R' v xy. Y ,T' X if , A 'f fy-ffl 3 'fl' X X IL. A 'J U XXL! U51 mann! 2 Q3 'N '-iw ' 'Q F by!! VX! AW? If 1 ivy WM XV CJ N 'VO - U 1 BJ luv!!-, JY' me EX 1 L' A .A: ' f J 2 ' . " Q ,X JK ,Y Uv xv ' l N ,D M, I Mi A, I A. 'A x Xl' Mx 'JELIL V x n v 3 . ff o U Y A by y S15 x Ur X A L ,C !7'6"7'C,i - X ,L I I A Q,,C1 6Z4c4,f:a,2f -!44 fhg,ceg,fL4,c,6,f64f.,ffj,?4 J , .XA y X, ZfL,9 Q X gZiZ,7C444g5X0cg.e,f41g.,g,,,,f,a,z2Z X54 1.f,f470fLfcQ,a7ce,75'CfffLf 144-pi, f2f,f,M.,yZ'hfvc,c.,,ff-v-7f4f7J4,f,5, Wzmw ly . if V U A2 5 f2vf-figs j I . Rx X A 1 'J . , X' . 1 i'M.z I .A WU . X Iva ,f ,, i W Z M H nj X 4 , 1 u in 9 E 'K , QR - , X - N KX X f W , V If X . X4 A 1 f I' ? " xt - W , ? X ' U XX 'X 'X xv fr xx X L x ? R .5 1 ' ' xx. x xx 0 Y '. X . A y T Gfwoyj f. all l .W W is tlwllfhllk Mfr X ,. .9 ' - H it w' . 'N W o ts o e I orw igh School: R X A fa -I l o an 1' this wonder ul buildingwth . RJ d o uc af! of Q o itects, contractors, and work- gl ii er t 5 . 'a i . o I ertaking and required vision, ifore- pkg g si Q on the p rt of ll these people. gh, X J .l. Many visitors have remarked that it would be a pleasure to attend j school in a building such as ours. I hope that the students are properly appreciative of the advantages offered. Recalling the statement, "Clothes do not make the man," neither does a new building make a complete high school. We must consider the program for the students. We of the faculty are putting forth our best efforts to supply an adequate program to fit the students for later life. You, as students, have a role to play in our new high school. It is your duty to form the traditions and rules by which others and future student bodies are governed. May you, in this first year, develop a J. closely related student body with a deep sense of responsibility and wif l ig, Ilya 1 JV fry loyalty to your school-Elizabeth-Forward High School. jr If ' . jf A l ', t f Sincerely, V . f .-,rllfjlff ' Vcf' . JAMES N. SHAVER W CQ Principal My JK? L ff ' Wi f , Ln? Qlll.-'El I-I ' -5 j 4 ,pil Q I I I I , A. I qwfa. - ' ., asf' 1 ,,,l..,3.qafxf:v ,lm '48 , ,mrawwwf ' i . ,N ,M ,, '. ' ' ' ' f 1 I n V Q ff wmsu-'fwgmrfgf' ' ' Q , r . J 12341111935 Ss wharf- If 6' 5 ., fl - :-W X 3 i -- W 33' 'ix 'X . ,f L!! 5 - . , gf, 7063 ' gg H 1, bg evlfgl e A ,T- 1 1.4 11. J: 1.-3 4.133-U I I A Q 1 These cabinets will soon be filled if 4 ' 'qs 1 1 I FY f e X s X XX JA,-ff' I Here, little plants will start to grow S-- guage-uve? Chemicals will be put to use, and progress will begin to show. x N-I Xf Good! lt's almost time to eat." ti? 'These blueprints surely do look neat. 79 "This project we will soon com- plete." :W vi" Everyone wants to get in the act How much gossip? How much fact? These students by the school are backed. I0 "l'd like a book about romance." H914-', K , .- 0 Q fax! 1 faq l-sms, A 'A. 1 1 The chorus will cast "Grab that drink, and then let's prance' you into a trance 97 I i sll"""' g Donit be afraid, she's lots of fun!" mi :w'A'meww fwsf , f wm:mw,,e,f .-f,. ,f f , Here many victories will be won. 4'Let's get set for the starting gun l" mnscron "May I have an assembly ticket, please? 93 "Let's hope the speaker cloesn't sneeze!" "That assembly went like a breezel' 7 'YV' +-..Q-.,,- - N -zu-'K-1f?'Z "' 'A ..-7-- , W4 vs.. i ' . -X After the final class of the day, It7s time to put our work away. 1 ,- 1' hiv? Khan N- . - . ,v. V ' . ' 5 Fen. -A ,mv ' I 2 Nah.- I , A . Q, 1 r. .1 -W1 ...fi X 'P .Ju 6, w How nice to sit and dream this way. 'This '58 yearbook is really 0.K.! 75 - m '77 fi rf' - 1 il 1 ,n-. X 'mf if Hx, W ' we 'xx 'Y-rx Bark: James Revctta, M.Ed., Director of lflcmcnlary Education. Joseph Furno, M.Ed., Junior High Principal. Front: William Knight, M.Ed., Curriculum Coordina- tor. Charles Storer, M.Ed., Associate Supcrvising Principal. HARRY R. FAFLK, D. lid. Supervising Principal Left: Guidance Counselors David Douglass, M.Ed. and Virginia Redman, NI.l'f1l. Right: Secretarial Staff: Miss Marla-rw Pipe-r, Mrs. Lillian Lacey, Mrs. Sylvia Vickers, and Miss Myrtle Zeh. v Q Q W R .. mf ' K f 4 TQ LF mu...,.2 - - ' P' ' , . :J . T' y mv. - x K , ,, 5 an ' ,ax 'inf' s,l 'MIL' lr If I' vg'-- -... Bmw WR. ik Q "sm zg ,h -S ga X .. . 5 V, X... ,RQ - f --Q f lx, , ' EF-' FRANCIS POMILIO B.A. VIRGINIA NULL B.A. DOROTHIE KOGELMAN B.A. ELLEN BOYD B.A. English JANE REPINE MARJORIE SCOTT MARGARET SWEET B.S. M.Ed. B.A. "Men are polished through act and speech, Each by each, as pebbles are smoothed on the rolling beachf -TROWBRIDGE 'W A f --I THEODORE CHOMAS B.S. Social tuclies me HARRY FORD B.S. ff' ,u "The world does not require so much to be infor be reminded .U 9 6 1 Iii, - , ""' r--1-4, .... Aff ZLL 'flfp 1 JOHN LEFFARD BS. med as to -MORE ' lnnqrr "funn L. an 51.4, 2 if . 'Q 3... 1 I , ..-., ...... " O -4 . U-If RECIS MAZANET M.Ed. 'G r EDWARD POSA M.Ed. SHIRLEY SNYDER B.A. ALAN RUBENSTEIN B.A. CLYDE BEHANNA B.S. Science JAMES JACKLICH M.Ed. BERNARD McNISH M.Ed. "Nothing is great but the inexhaustible wealth of nature -EMERSON HERBERT RETCSCQFSKY LOUISE ROSLUND B.S. FRANK STONER B.S. xx ' VK A "' WILLIAM BENEDETTI BS. Iathematics ' SANDRA DANKO BS. WILLIAM HORNFECK BS. Patience and perseverance surmozmt every difficultyf, -ANON. KATHRYN KIRSCHNER KA. ROSE RIPEPI Rb. Commercial and Driver Education ati! "Success or failure in business is caused more by mental attitude than by mental capacities." -SCOTT ALICE KEELER GRETA LEPSCH B.S. B.S. MARY RUBIND DONALD SIMILO ANTHONY RUBINO M.Ed. B.S. B.S. Homemalcing and hop 94319 JAMES HATHAYWAY ROBERT PITTAVINO CLARE THOMPSON BS. BS. BS. T 4 1-im - ij-'f , Lf .:.,, , PAULINE GREEN V. JOANNE WEST BA. BS. uThe reward of a thing well done is to have done itf, f-EMERSON THELMA BRANDFASS B.S. MARCELLE HAZLETT B.A. AGNES LAUDER M.L.S. 24 Fine Arts Art, Music, WILLIAM CASILLI B.S. WALTER IACOBUCCI B.S. 1' P. ' 1 X CHARLES LESKO B.S. Library, Languages xxpvv i "A roorn hung with pictures is a room hung with thoughts? REYNOLDS "To know where you can find a thing is in reality the best part of learning? -ANON Physical Education-Health Iv . .1 -SIND. "The health of the people is really the founda- tion upon which all their happiness and all their JEAN CLARK powers as a State dependf' DISRAELI R.N. CHARLEQ SLARROW HELEN ALLEN B.S. PAUL FLEISCHAUER M.Ed. 25 Manu' if ' wqmunrrl fming 'X ' M .Q Z .V.. A 1353251 , 735 Sf .V A .1 4 'QW if""? 5 1 IJ, AQ! ,xi 1,-'QV -"1 -iggi F 21,11 4:-' W4 ,jen -, 1: -err... pf' Which Will It Be? 4 , G ff !, f y ' O .. I .:22S15' 'A ,fb 4 - I Dedications Are Effected The September morning sun glimmered on the massive stone building situated najestically on the green hilltop. The Elizabeth-Forward High School building was new, and much of the student body was new, however, the foundation of an active school life had already been laid, waiting to be tended by the wisdom and maturity of the senior class. There was much to be done: a fine well-equipped school to be admired and re- spectedg new faculty members and students to be met and welcomed, schedules to be learned and followed, organizations to be developed and governedg a sports program to be conducted successfully, and proud traditions to be maintained. All of these were responsibilities to be faced by all of the students, but by seniors particularly because it was they who would set the pattern for others. As the days and six-week periods passed, seniors became increasingly aware of doing things for the last time, and they gradually began to comprehend the significance of being the first class to be graduated from the new Elizabeth-Forward High School. They knew that their pride could be justified only in so far as they had been successful in marking the way for the many succeeding classes. They were going to miss their beautiful new home-away-from-home, and on their last spring evening on the lovely campus, they watched the lengthening shadows with increasing awareness of the challenges that faced them as alumni of this school. l I 4... -Q1 L .91 F' .,,, Q .af if fi? , ' , U! 4 Us :ml Front: Darlene Luzier, Treasurer, Bill Shank, President, Kenny Bruni, Vice President. Back: Mr. Behanna, Sponsorg Arlene Caprio, Secretaryg Don Brancolini, Class Historian. .fifs il ACHESON, DAVID Hutch!! Academic ALLEN, PATRICIA Sipazil Commercial The wise and mighty Seniors, AFFINITO, .IOANN CGA!-fl! Commercial ALTMAN, GEORGE "Ghost', Academic as all of us should know, were once frightened little F reshmen, so very long ago. .J . ANJESKI, ROBERT .iBob,, Academic BAUER, JOHN "Jack" Academic BEVERIDGE, CAROL ifsusiefi Commercial SUE BACKUS, PATRICIA -gpatu Commercial BERNADOWSKI, FRANK "Frank" Academic BICKELL, BEATRICE ClBea!! Commercial P 5 ff." BILLICK, BARBARA csBa'-bv College Preparatory BOWERS, WILLIAM "Bones" Academic BOWERS, RICHARD iSDiCkY9 Academic BRANCOLINI, DONALD "Brank" College Preparatory On the first day of high school, they too felt more and more, ax offer ff .Ulf BRANCOLINI, NANCY 9fNan,, Commercial BRUNI, KENNETH SCKen7! Academic BUCY, JAMES fljimii Academic BRAUM, JAMES "lim" College Preparatory BRYDEBELL, IDA MAE "Ida Mae" Commercial CAIN. ROBERT KG'B0b7l Academic W CAIRD, GAYLE ucaylev Commercial CANTONI, JOANN MJD., Academic That they were very silly asking '6Where is the Freshman flo0r?,, CARTER, ALFRED "Donn Academic CASTER, HARRY "Harry', Academic A A CASTER, JANET 'gfmf' Cimmfygial ,JLXAQ ri, 1' , if -.3 CHUTES. HELEN A' "Helen,' , Academic CLARKE. EDWARD "Ed1fie', Academic CLARKE, ELCENE - ..RH1,, Academic CAMPOLI, MARIE 'Wlarie' Commercial CAPRIO, ARLENE HAH, Commercial 41 But.S00n they found their classrooms, with new teachers, f CURRY, JAMES "KuLeh', Academic DALE, BEECHER "Heeeher,' Acads-mic' DERDICH. PATRICIA ffpaf, Commercial 32 DAERR, PATRICIA nPa!ty" Academic DALLY, SANDRA 'aSan1z'y" Academic DEROSA, ANTHONY HTOHW Acadvmic CLINE, JAMES igjimu Academic CULLEY. CHARLENE fgchmv Academic riemls, and books, COSTA, JOANN gfjov Academic CUNNINCHAM, JAMES 460069 Academic 1 DEROSA, PATRICK Gipatii Academic DORA, DONNA "Donna', Commercial Llc all the OIKIPI 5mdcnt.s gaz e them ukTLO1U1:l'Lg',, looks. X DORAZIO, JOANN H1055 Commercial F ELLABAUM, AUSTIN f.Ch0ps,, Academic FINE, CALVIN "Calvin" Academic FALLERT, ARTHUR HAH., College Preparatory FETCHEN. JAMES "Fetch" Acaclcmic FINE. DELORES allot, Commercial fr" flag +fa?l'. 9 R Between ball games, clubs, and dances, they led a busy life, FURST, FRANCIS "F ran cis" Academic GALL, LARRY NLG,-97 Academic GARLAND, REBEKAH uBeckyn Academic GBRUOSKI, JOANNA .von Academic GELZHISER, CATHERINE "Cathie" Academic GEPHART, GARY HG ep!! 34 Academic FLYNN CLAUDIA College Preparatory FULLER RAYMOND GEPHART, LOUIS liL0u7! Academic GONDOLY, MARYANN llMug!, Academic GORETZKA, CARL acarln Academic GRAJ CAR, DOROTHY "Tootsie" Commercial And soon their F reshie year slid past, fraught ' with pain and strife. AL ir 63 ,I 'YZ' GRECO, JOHN SSG,-ec!! Academic GRILLI, JEAN CGJean!7 Commercial HAMILTON, GERDA ape my Commercial GRIFFITH, DENNIS SCG,-iff!! Academic HALL, GAIL "Gail" College Preparatory HAMILTON, CWENDOLYN "Gwen" X5 College Preparatory 3 5 S -Q-A-vlvpv-sown , 1 . HARNER, ROBERT iSB0b9, Academic L '42 'gk HOBAUGH, RONALD "Hob" 6 College Preparatory Their Sophomore year found them more secure girl activities and such, HOLMES, BONNIE .,Bon,, Commercial HOOD, PAUL "Blackie" College Preparatory HOUSEHOLDER, ALAN "Homer" Academic 36 HICKS, DAVID llDave,! Academic HOF MEISTER, ALMA iCSis!! Academic HOMER, SAUNDRA sssandyu M Commercial HOUGH, BONNIE KfBon!7 Commercial HUEMME, BARBARA "Barb" Academic HUFFORD, RONALD .4Huff,, Academic HUTCHINSON, KATHRYN aKay,, College Preparatory JOHNSTON, RALPH "Butch" Academic J o1,L, JUNE ujunen Academic While their talent, skill, and leadership., opened positions theyid wished for so much. -' . , .af 'E K , 5 A ' ' A 34 rf- 'O' x is JOLL, SARA JANE I isallyll College Preparatory KAMPERT, BARBARA ..Barb,, Commercial KASTAN, JEAN .Veany Commercial if ,f KALKBRENNER, CAROLE "Carole" Academic KARTESZ, PRANK "Frank,' Academic KIER, NOREEN '6Nor" College Preparatory KING, RRYNA "Bz1nny', College Preparatory KISNER, WILLIAM ..KiS,, Academic 5 KISSELOVICH. RAYMOND 4fKiSS,, Academic KOMAROMY, ELMER "Komr1r,' Academic As funiors, and part of the cheering crowd, they supplied the pep and vim, KLINE, KAY c6Kay,75 A Academic LANKFORD, ELEANOR "Eleanor', Academic LARGE, NANCY '6Nanfy', Academic , ., I Urn- KUSKIE, WILLIAM "Bill" Academic LANNON, LUCILLE HLuce,' College Preparatory LARGE, ROBERT 14305, Academic F' Which helped the football players our enemies to skim. LLOYD, BARBARA ngmbu Comnwrcial LUKACH, ANDREA 4fAnde,, College Preparatory LYTLE, TERRY 'KTerry', Academic LUDWICK, NORMA "N0rm,' Academic LUZIER, DARLENE .warn Commercial MAKOSZY, MARCELLA 'Wlarcyu Commercial LARKINS, WILLIAM "Larlfy" College Prepardtory LEGEZA. ANDREA uAr1rl'ie" Cmmnercial LECH. CARRY "Cr1rry" Avmlemic LEITZE LL. BARBARA "Harb" :xC'8llt'Illll' MALLOY. JOHN ujohnu College Preparatory MARKS, TRESSA "Terryv Commercial MAPLE, RONALD 'flflapev College Preparatory I MAURER. EDWARD .4Ed,, College Preparatory As leaders of the many clubs, they led students with their cheer, ,fi H., .X 'H Q. MCCALL, GWYNETH 'iGwen,' Commercial MCCORKLE, ROBERT gfB0b,, College Preparatory MCFEELEY, NANCY ulyancen Commercial 1 ' A ' ., , ' J s MCCALL, WILLIAM aBuggS,, Academic MCCORKLE, WILLIAM "Billy College Preparatory MEISL, DANIEL "Dann College Preparatory 42 Y . A 1 I vwv IVIEROLLI. LOUIS 'SLou" Aeadeluic I.. MOORE. SARA JANE "Sami, CUIIPQQ- Preparatory fr .411 rl loolreri towarrl their Inst year in school. which seemed so very near MINK, JERRY ujerrbvv College Preparatory IVIIIICII. THOIVIAS n,IlI1lll',1., Acad:-mir' IVIUNGER. BETTY "Ben" Academic MUNGER, GLORIA .CGIUUN Commercial NEMCHICK, RAYMOND "Ray", Academic OPFAR, RICHARD "Dick" Academic OITOOLE, GRACE "Gracie" Acafleluic PANICUCCI, ROBERT KPIIIOKE, Academic I PASQUALLE, MARLENE HMWU Commercial PAULEY, PATRICIA ..Pat,, Commercial PAVELCHAK, CHARLES w.'huf-la, Academic PAYN E, CARL H ..Rubj,, Academic As their Senior year was dawning. and zhey chose careers with care, PEPKA, PAUL nlgepss M College Preparatory PIERCE, NORMA "Norm" Commercial PORTER. JUDITH .gjudyv College Preparatory I PICCINI, LEWIS "Louie,' Academic PITTARD, HOWARD "Buzz', Academic PYSZ, WESLEY ffzrew College Preparatory QIIATTRONE. PHILIP uPhiI,' CUIIQ-ge Preparatory RAPP. THOMAS MTOIIIH Avadm-mir' They hoped the 11117116715 of grown-up life would not be hard to bear. RAVISII. VICTORIA '6rfff'1.hff" Ixpdflfilllil' REISNAI TER. GERALD GCFFTAIH ,'xC'11lIl'llIIl' RI PPICL. I JA RLEN E MDW., Acadmuic REED, VIRGINIA '6Gi11ny,, Commm-rcial RESCHEIY THALER. JEAN 4. ,, Jean CU1mnf'rL'i:1I ROBE RTS. DOLLY 4'UoIf', Academic RACK. JANICE H N fan COIIIIIICITIQII RAVISH. .IOSEPIIINE alan COIIlIIll'I'l'IllI 1 .. RUNYAN, DANIEL "Dani, Cimimerciai SHAFFER, JOYCE "Joyce" Acadz-mic SCHWAED, DGNALD sauanvs Academic SHANK, WILLIAM ABNF, Academic ' 'T' 1 A .iii 3' 4 45 15 Their school ears were enzlin and or some ,twas an occasion lad ga g a L 4 SHELTON, DONNA "Don1za,' Academic SMART, EDGAR ffEd,, Academic SOMMERVILLE, HELEN 'cHelenv Commercial SHOAF, TWILA "Twin Academic SNOW, CAROLYN "Carol,' Commercial SOUKOVICH, CHARLES "Chuan Academic I 1 X QA-v.. I ., X -Ziff But as they walked up the graduation aisle, the SWINDELL, ROSE MARIE "Snooks" Commercial TRACY, RICHARD aTmCy,, Academic TRUFFA, BONNIE ..Truff,, Commercial TEDESCO, BEVERLY KLBCIII, Commercial TROUP, ROBERT ffaozw Academic VANIO, RICHARD "'Rick" College Preparatory STANKO EUGENE STENCIL DFLORES y somehow ell so sa WALTER, CHARLES "Ch ucki' College Preparatory WASHBURN, DAVID Hllavr-"' Academic WALTER. WARREN N .IWGIIH C0111-gif Prvparatory WATSON, BARBARA NBMU, Comme-rrial T Xqu -15 They thought of all the fun they'd had at "Dear Old Betsy Highf, 113 'sllur' I I f Q8 'A if nv Q WATSON, DANIEL "Dann Acadf-mic WERNER, JANICE .giant College Preparatory WILLIAMS, JANET ajayv Commercial WERNER, JAMES ajimn Academic WILH ELM, RONALD "Buggo" Academic WILLIAMS, JOHN "Jack" Academic WILLIAMS, LESLIE nMarty" Academic WILSON, ALFRED UAF, College Preparatory And gazed at familiar surroundings while suppressing a sorrowful sigh. As they received diplomas, their eyes filled with tears, for they were solzerly facing the end of high school years. -by CAROL SUE BEVERIDGE Class of 1958 YOUNG, CAROL JEAN "C. ff, Academic Y?- YOUNG, LOUIS HL 79 ou College Preparatory ZADROGA RONALD Academic ZIIVIIVIERIVIAN, BERNARD "Berniev 1' Academic If WILLIAMS, WILLIAM NBMU Academic WISE, .IUDITH ujudyn Commercial Guidance Counselors Help Students Make Wise Vocational Choices Whether in 1 ' t Us ini-g V 4,4 -' the Arts or Sciences. Buzldmg Blocks Are Set f The juniors approached the opening of school in 1957 with many W conflicting emotions: curiosity, interest, pleasure, and not a little if-if-If W A apprehension about how well they had laid foundations and how f sturdily they had built frameworks upon which to set the building 'M T ' blocks which would complete their secondary education. They were entering upon the last half of their high school years, and it was 4, 'rn ortant that everything be just right. M here were so many things fighting for top place in their minds: ocational decisions to be reached, subjects to be mastered, club ' ' responsibilities to be understudied, a prom that would , surpass previous proms, senior athletic positions shifting to their -ML and above all, the desire to be worthy of all that their . p and teachers expected of juniors working in a wonderful f ng. es, it was quite a challenge - one that required maturity, fore- 'M pt, an the ability to seek and accept advice if at the completion of t i they were to see their Hbuildingu approaching completion. XM! r'n and the Prom came and brought to the class of 1959 1 arp realization that if they were really to be the young adults .-6' t the l ked to be at the Prom, they still had one tremendous job W A to resolve individually and personally to enter upon their senior J year with the determination to take this one last chance to make of their educations a 6'Building7' as proud and fine in every way as the new high school which had become such a vital part of their lives. F font: Karlene Kill, Secretaryg Joan Marcieski, Treasurerg Joe Bakewell. Back: Helen Legeza, Class Historiang Linda Herrold. Vice President: Mr. Leffard, Sponsor. Front: Kay Clark, Stephanie Morris, Dalra Wolfe, Pat Bucy. Back: Lee Galati, Bob Howder, Karl Streyle, Adam Pasternak. Front: Irene Fuller, Kitty Carney, Millie Ekaitis, Marlene Kasich. Back: Laverne Kurtz. Harry Thomas, Bill Maybugh, Bill Gardner, Patty Clarke. We Juniors are such a busy group, Front: Eleanor Kniepkamp, Carol Lindberg Pat Obusek, Joan Marcieski. Back: Chuck Clark, Bonnie Young, Jean Lav- ender, Marilyn Rose. Ed Boll. Front: Linda Herrald, Pat McCall, Barbara Finley, Susan Crandall, Helen Supernovich. Back: Roger Jarvis, Dan Timko, Marvin Franks. Judy Rothey, Mary Hutchinson, Estelle King, Jayne Cooley, Phyllis Douglass, Darlene Glass, Klara Weiss, Betty Ann Toth. Front: Marva Long, Gloria McCall, Sandra Cheeseman, Norma Sanclmeyer. Back: Ronnie Smart, Frank Massari, Rich Pagliari. Carl Soncini, Harold Bunyan. 9 I As from gym to history class we troop. Front: Harry Smith, Evan Abrams, Charles Berquist, Stanly Douglass, Grant Faust. Back: Dan Berquist, Bill Barncord, Tom Bet- ters, Joe Bakewell. Front: Shirley Ludwick, Harriet Gamble, Nancy Lacy, Mary Ann Campbell, Elaine 0'Toole. Back: Bill Similo, Don Revetta, Lew Stein- kopf, George Naperatz. Judy O'Brien. Jackie Johnson, Linda Over- land, Bill Sherer. John Brunton. Carolyn Soethe, Mary Joan Sneddon, Shonna Steele. Front: Jim Kremp. Tony Como. Bob Spang- ler. Myron lVlcKenery. Ronald Howell. Back: Gene Buchina, Jerry Tomaselli, George Gallick. Jim Holliday. Rich Thornton. W e study American liz and speechg Front: Zana Jones. Darla Wood. Pat Wallace, Wilma Price. Back: Wayne Beedle. Phil Criado, Bob An- derson, Jerry Bigi. Front: Judy Kerher, Grayce lVleisl. Darlene Natale. Dorothy Russell. Back: Dave Brady, Ed Baron, Jim Gleeson, Richard Shotwell. Fronl: Sandy Opfar. Cora Lennex. Donna Gillen. Carol Walker. Back: Delmar Opfar. Kenneth Bell. Edward Schoenback. Karl Zugeber, Bill Riley, Ed- ward Schmidtx Front: Elaine Bramhallg Gloria Kruki, Betty Godeluppi, Shirley Lipscomb, Mary Ann Harris. Back: Bill Sykes, Carl Kirschner, Richard Gassner, Jim Cvetan. How to draw and how to teach. Front: Sandra Tignanelli, Judy Hixenbaugh, Norma Sandmeyer. Back: Gloria Kruki, Sally Murray, Gloria McCall, Irene Fuller. Mary Jane Elko, Ernie Stewart, Linda Sac- cani. Tom Gealy, Loretta Foytik. Cherie Large. Ronald Griffith, John Resh. Xviitl G 'E C lik il U' wb .V mf... .V A if wi C it 1 . ltllh xxx if this or fwfr' lloyd! nl 'X N31 2 XE N ow if - with Qjxaijv Qxxg ,DX . N xl ,X N. iw xl M W e worry about math and the atom bomb Front: Patty Hammel, Judy Mardis. Back: Ronnie Snyder. Joan Marcieski, Cloie Joll. Stephanie Morris, Melvin Franks, .lim Buck. Front: Art Brunazzi, Bert Kapinus, Al Della- penna, Ronald Haywood. John Megela. Back: Tom Flanigan, Don Fraser, Joe Brown- ing. Frank Gahagen. Bob Gallingame. Harry Reed. Jack Lees, Rich Calabro. Jack Lynch. Karlene Kill. Donna Lowry, Helen Legeza, Patsy Fellabaum. Front: Carolyn Shotwell. Linda Schreiber. Nancy Faltenberger, Margaret Nehila. Back: Bob Nelson. Mike Turic. Dennis Dachille, Bob Beaumont. Front: Shirley Territ, Janet McVicker, Georgia Chopey, Margie Kuch, Donna Gillen. Back: Micky Corcoran, Jack Little, Fenton Hoffman. Front: Janet Tyszkiewicz. Evelyn Withers, Pat Simko, Peggy McCorkle. Back: George Banich, Mike Baloga, Ralph Butcher, Francis Posa. Front: Dennis Backus, Darlene Glass, Joyce Thaxton. Rose Protz. Back: Lowell Gregg. Mary Ann Kline, Sally Evans, Ron Snyder. But most of all--about the prom. Front: Goldie Sender, Buth Ann Hamilton Anna Lee Kapuska, Gloria Wiggens. Back: Bill Brown, Charles Cain, Bill Andrews Rich Calhoun. wi ' , . V K Q 6 . -1 , ,K I W! l lr' ' N ti' 1- ' , 1 QX- . ' , 5. ' 1- sv ,R I I 1 Q , I . A 1 - y , ' x 9 Franz: Goldie Sender, Jo Marie Palumbo, Cloie Joll, Patty Clarke. Back: Allan Serena, Cary Wycoff, Dwain Umbel, Cliff Crim. Are you sure you didn't misplace this island? fBENACK Photoj " .xt f 17 X Pardon me, but is this the shortcut to the auditorium? Can it be that the semorc are playing out? I . F ront: Jackie Zadroga, Class His torian. Second row: Mike Kova chick. Presidentg Larry Landini Treasurer. Back: Sponsor, Mrs. Lepschg Janet Fiore, Secretary, Larry Evans, Vice President. FRAMEWORKS ARE ERECTED The class of 1960 came to the beginning of their second year of high school with mixed emotions. They had just come through a year of feeling lost and bewildered in new surroundings. and then, there they were again - strangers in a new environment. However. their previous experiences gave them a slight advantage, so it wasnit long before they were beginning to feel adjusted and were carefully starting to erect the framework of their high school education. This was an important step ahead. and it was up to the sophomores to see that this framework was built strongly and reinforced with wise decisions, hard work, increasing sense of responsibility, and the determination to make of their education a ustructurei' of which everyone would be proud. They spent many hours trying to decide just which vocational possibilities held the most interest for them. Girls dreamed of themselves as crisply efficient nurses in stiffly starched white uniforms or as smartly dressed indispensable secretariesg boys enjoyed pictures of themselves as mechanics, covered with necessary black grime as they climbed out of grease pits after having finished a job on a new model car, or as famous pilots stepping out of jet planes that had just broken all speed records. With the coming of spring, the class of '60 awoke to the realization that their high school years were half over and that their final ubuildingv would depend largely upon what they had already accomplished. Front: J. Roman, C. Beam, P. Minjock, P. Wise, R. Feldstein, A. Carnahan, C. Lud- wick. Back: R. Hostnick, B. Stevenson, J. Chisholm. E. Stange, A. Viclil, P. Marraccini, J. Kass- ler, T. Rippel. Front: J. Long, A. Carr, B. Crosbie, J. Payne, S. Uveges, D. Patterson. Back: J. Mido. J. Heil M. S isak M. Bead- , , P e ling, R. Malady, D. Bowen. Front: B. Olsen, D. McAdoo, M. Matusovic S. Kliment, T. Kadar. C. Patterson. Back: L. Landini, N. Dolata, C. Evans, P Griffin, T. Resh, R. Bowers. Front: T. Graham, P. Lockhart, S. Crawford, G. Kelly, W. Hohman, H. Spanos. Second: H. Gelzhiser, F. Kytchak, L. Hellein J. MacDonald, C. Patterson, L. Wilson. Back: P. Atkinson, S. Urbanovich, J. Min- jock, R. Barnes, D. Redic. Front: D. Rock, M. Marconyak, A. Matthews E. Douglass, E. Watts, M. O'Hara, M Pasqualle. Back: K. Barlow, R. Brindza, F. Bondi, J Chutis, F. Sorg. H. Streyle. J. Miller. Front: H. Opfer. C. Guffey. G. Worthy. E Gayok. S. Derdich. B. Large. Second: P. Altman. A. Weiss. B. Amos. M Cox. E. Billick. L. Bowles. Back: D. Kline. B. Letham. L. Hredocik. T. Williams. Front: R. Andrews, P. Romeo, P. Bailey, C. McCarthy, V. Himmeger. J. Kmetz. Second: A. Cartia, J. Blythe, J. Cunning- ham. D. Vukovich. B. Rippel, F. Wolfe. Back: J. Martini, A. Hough. R. lobes, C. Dorwart. Front: L. Joll, D. Similo, J. Lukach, D. MOI' rison, J. Mitchell, L. Moore, B. Clarke. Back: D. McLean. J. Taylor. B. Opfer, B Roman, J. Brydebell. R. Gronlund. R. Shel ton, D. Makoszy. Front: R. Busnick. B. Leckie. M. Phillips. P Bakewell, C. Kadar. F. Gephart. Back: K. Cillie, M. Kozemchak. J. Hosfell J. Wy'lie, P. Haggerty. M. Kovachick. B Frantz, B. Patterson. Front: J. Marclis. J. Abercrombie, S. Provins, S. Fine. S. Sherrington. C. Pepka. Second: L. Wilson, B. Salopek, B. Porter,.B Stimaker. R. Codeluppi, I. Tarver, B. Halls Back: D. Schweiclcert, D. Belvin. B. Glass, B. Eichler. F. Palumbo. J. Payne. Fronl: J. McPhee. C. Moffat, C. Mahl. D. Bisogni. H. Davis, M. Kostrick, D. Janicki, T. Morris. Second: T. Holliday. L. Laverick. B. Robin- son, B. Warters. H. Lhiva. Back: B. Brown. J. Affinito, J. King, D. Myrick. J. Zadnik. Front: K. Sutton, R. Forkey, B. Harris L. Boucher, J. Collins, M. Johnston. Back: B. Rodabaugh. T. DeRosa, J. Ber dar, L. Shank, M. Affinito, J. Mc Feely, N. Vaira. Front: G. Grus, J. Smith, C. DeVault, H. Schlosser, M. Morrison, E. Brady L. Jones. Back. R. Hutchinson, J. Knight, R. An derson, W. Candelore, R. Rossette, J Billick. Front: S. Frabizio, J. Zadroga, M. Val- entino, R. McNish, C. Poziviak, B. Smillie, N. Henrick. Back: C. Craggs, T. Pagliari, J. Meier, J. Slavick, J. Williams, B. Williams, H. Lewis. Front: D. Gilbert, A. Bane, P. Rogerson M. Smith, B. Walker, B. Randolph. Second: S. Meisl, D. Linton, J. Wiske man, H. Fritz, H. Ufko, C. Jones, E Hodgson. Back: J. Mercurio. A. Munger, K Beachy, J. Parmiter. Front: C. Sukla, D. Fine, C. Lehner, G. Westw'ood. C. Kamp, S. Donnachie, E. Nizanty. Back: B. Caruthers, R. Brown, F. Hama- dock. P. Schick, D. Smichnick, R. Curry. Front: J. Hrin, E. Matthews, N. Pas carella, J. Mendicino. S. Rickard, M Coins. Back: J. Hofmeister, J. Hoak, D. Min jock, R. Harris, C. Smith, D. Davis, L. Challener. T. Kgrona. Front: D. Dominick, J. Nolder. T Smith. L. Kartesz. M. Ward. P. Bane D. Craig. Back: F. Kulezynski, J. Pascoe, J Uhrinyak. R. Lutes. B. Wills. G. Dyer G. Bates, I. Brown. ' Front: D. Graff, A. Dellapenna, M. K Schivley, K. Kovacs, S. Makosey, ,l Russell. Middle: W. Kissler, G. Howell, E. Alcl righetti, W. Andrews, D. Feick, J Liffard. Back: K. Weber, J. Cook, P. Bryan, L. Wooley. im Pfy . U 1' Front: H. Jenco. S. Hallas. W. Sturni, D. Dean, B. Withers, S. Mains, C. McCorkle. Back: J. Cole, B. Aitken, D. Rock. N. Sullivan, K. Wawrin. 1. elf if I 2 v 1 Front: lVl. Kovac, J. Fiore, C. Achtzehn J. Booth, J. Peterson, C. Ehrenfield K. Chomas. Back: ,l. Flynn, J. Neeson, J. Shank, ,l Moore, R. Benedict, B. King, ,l. Pel charsky. Front: A. Dale. A. Van Fossen. P. Mal- loy. J. Czesztycki, T. Brown. Back: R. Mink. L. Evans, J, Stiddard. J. Steffen. Front: B. Howden, R. Thompson, M. Gephart, S. Bruno, R. Santone. R. Martini, R. Lewis. J. Webb. J. Bickell. B. Urban. Back: B. McKeever, J. Stewart, C. Kuc- kert, C. Kisner, D. Cotton, P. Bost, K. Nelson, T. Gilchrist. Front: D. Connors, D. Dewya. J. Mc- Clintock. V. Hornick. N. Piccini, D. Large. J. Anderson. Back: M. Cherepko. A. Angotti. S. De Virgilio, J. Gephart. D. Hildebrand. D. Large, J. Larkins, E. Check. Foundations 1 5 Front: Margie Hager, Class Hisioriang Betty-Jo Anjeski, Secretary, John Marcieski. Vice President. Back: Larry Pryor, Treasurer, John Harrison. Presirlentg Sponsor, Mr. Chomas. Are Laid Members of the Elizabeth-Forward High School Class of 1961 were in a unique position . . . theirs would be the first class to spend all of their high school years in the bright new building. As they began upon their high school career in September 1957, they felt no more strange or be- wildered by new surroundings than did any of the older students. Their days of becoming oriented were filled with: following schedules and school maps, trying to remember which names fit which faces. making new friends, renewing old acquaintances, deciding which clubs to join, be- coming familiar with routine, learning to study efficiently . . . in short, doing their level best to lay foundation stones upon which they could build their high school education. As the months went by and the freshmen neared the end of their ufoundation layingv they became eager to continue their building as sophomores who would erect the framework of the structure that would someday emerge as their secondary education. First row:'Stefan, Johnson, Jones, Hopkins, Ball, Gogoel, Sweetser, Powell, Streyle, Schultz. Second row: Savage, Heckman, Calhoun, Vidil, May, Yaksic. Morgan, Gilbert, lVlcElgrin, Valentino, Piccini. Third row: David, Kinds, Chomas, Kuch, Boucher, Opfer, Room, Baumgartner, Fine, Handley. 1107 R00111 First row: Coretzka. Taylor. Everett. Bauer. Barno. MCCorkle. Piper. llansak. Boyd. Storcli. Second row: Crosby. Puckey. Styche. Sclieetz. Franklin. Yulias. Kc-rlwer. Metcalfe. Stanko. Gioia. Tlzinl four: Cary. Kaclar. lilillen. Sllllllfl. llarrison. Opfer. Pershing. Stewart. Fine. Sasanko. First rouf: Taylor, Perry. McCracken. Weigel. Ollara. Supa-rnoxic'l1. lVlalia. Hines Galati. Schwirian, Lyons. Second row: Carutliers. Opfar. Julian. Gugocl. Marcrieski. Sanclin. Ually. Bozik. Fallert. Clarke. Brogg. Tllllffl rout Sticlarfl. Miller. Slllllll. Zalewski. Cole. Kuzeppa. Hartwick. Barnett. Rastrelli. Kerr. Payne. Room 103 Saw , L QA ROOHI First raw: Baekstrom, Catherine, Goodfellow, McClintock, Fisher, Walter, IIITIIHCBI' Reed, Gallo, Craig, Harvey. Second row: Smith, Magiske, Oates, Shriver. Joll Armor Gregg, Fine, Opfer, Sellman, Kleinhomple. Third row: Bottino, Peeora Brown Stellar, Terza, Dorwart, Moon, Moon, Lacey, Fleming. First row: Ambler, Sherbensky, Hosfelt, Kruezek, Grenfell, Shevel, Tyrrell, Savage Chasko, Pritchard. Second row: Opfer, Bondi, Roman, Werlier, Gamble. Defoise March, Ovfoole. Szczerba, Cain, McLay. Third row: Apfelthaler, Fraser, Ehrhardt King, Lannan, Homa, Suskalo, Martinelli. .5-A 22 fs R00111 First four: Amlerson. Tueker. Host. McNulty. Yvilliams, Halle. Hoffman. Shaver. Opler. Bmlen. Suemzfl l'01L'.' Davis. Griffin. Steellmerg, Large. Mc-Neal. Nalale. Parks. Taylor. Amlrvua. Slavimflx, Nemetll. Tfzfrrf I'UIL'.' Kyuor. Mary. llulminson. Kisner. lfrviwalrl. Vlfyeoll, Caulvy. Prulz. lfvglert. Nlaraffi. Hornesky. First rmr: Sharpnack. lVlorgan. Luzier, Street. Chapman. lX'lcLay. Uslmrn. llomer. Fleming. Maple. Second rmr: Bruni, lfralmizio, Homesluurg. Jemro. llippel. Griffiths. Anjeski. llunyan. Swonger. KOllWlf'll. Gamble. Tlzirff mux' Hayuoml. llougllerty. Amore, Payne. Lal7rankie, Moore, Smoyer. Rflljlll Firsl row: Wfestwood, Krasheski. Sczcrha, Irons. Wtnlfe. Uveges. Martin. Hartlancl, Hutchinson, Giovannucci. Miller. Second rouf: Brothers. Cottlc. Pierre. Alhine. Maurer. Churoski, Reed. Aehtzehn. Lenri. Pasqualle. Berarclueri. Risker. Strottnan. RUOTH Staffen. Lehner. Nelson. Tignanelli. Hall. Menozzi. UZIIIIIDHNIIO. Thin! rouf: Snyder. Room 111 vo First row: Nemchick. Gerusvhat. Seurfield. Thomas, Werrter, Ingram. Pasquinelli Hough. Moreman. CleeSon. Sofvkhart. Second row: Vizzani. Steele. Pope, Faust Toth, Mauer, Alhine. Coffer. Braum. Krimm. Uliel. Third row: Woocl. Sneddon Werrmer, Brunazzi. Handley, Mayfield, Reschenthaler. Scarpari. Lennig, Jaskol, Rich ardson. First rozv: Sukla. Mc-iil. Serena. Patton. Ewiiig. Soethe. Brow n. Fry. Matieli. Legeza. Seeonfl I'0Il'.' Rucllmergr. Anclrew. Carnahan. Wlilliaini. George. Parsons. llolwlw, llairris. Berggren. Trickett. Quattrone. Thirrl rout Hunt. Thompson. Martini. l,tlllQ.Kll4'flf. Mvmlieino. Wlillialns. Neliila. Anflerson. Cantoni. Hy nfle. Rflnnl 2 va ,iq . J F ROOHI Firsi rour: Wilson. lfvans. Thoinas. Mepeake. Fetc-hen. Knight. Zeecliini. Caswl. Wil- ! liami. Rueinslci. Smith. Cay. Serorirl rmlx' Marks. Bulaa. Naxlor. llruggi. Spinelli. Zaflroga. Trilnpey. Sllpernmieli. Rolmertwn. Oaterinan. Frienfl. Tlzirrf rmln' Cnpelanfl. MelYeil. llowell. Pryor. Matieli. Yuliaaie. Hager. Hmscler. Sui:-k. Balnga, Gunnp. Ketter. 7I Assistant high school principal Mr. Bent-df-tti prepares to register transfer students: Nancy Mc- Grann. ,lane-t Mlani-. Sandra Hviland. Bc-tty Connolly, David Boden, Pat Caubiomine, Mary Lou Dritz. J:-rry Nlular. Richard Angelo. Barb and Buzz m-ver fvcl thc- cold in their brand new uniforms. if A 5" ' - fi- . 1 ' .n . i.,,-.Ah CW' 'ax , . 4 x 5 The line forms to the rear . . . oven for juniors with money. Milk rw IIWU 5 " ' -.?5,Q':.fg1: ?3' , -.5 . - ,, 1 V ' Q F X 5. .L n , V V 'Yy, ,.. .L A "Xc'I1xiIy In-rind -111114 rhe- day." IJ-XY "M lu-I it! umm :xml Iimv fur h1lll'll N "Now If-I1 llllllxl' p roll. 1HI'fN.MIK Vhulnl gi In F'J1VlANv hwwh ,mm ,L 3 - 'Avg -nun? lBFN:U :K Photo "Whuse- turn to drive th car away?" xr SCHOOL "And Q-nd tln- wluv mth 1 good panvl. tlu- gmulf lBEN:XCK Phulnl . L Q D 'Q Q N ff I v X, I .V , I ' '14 E , X Q f A-Hfi! X '- . X, "" 'N :- Y . 6 ,Fx ,JN I F "4 I' .wg . .' f ff "' ?,:f"!', - '1 , 'QP' S 'EQ Q- f 'is' PPC' fx rv f av x v X J it f 40- 3? 1 32 KL-g . 1 W AN 1 bs Xl ,x f A I . 1, - ACHESON BERNADOWSKI BRANCOLINI BRUNI 1 l ' I X , X 1 NJ Q-f X , ix -1 XJ g fr' 1 ' 7' . - - 0 ' f 1 A p,- ff ," I ", p Y Z? . , 4, f f , 2' 'I If J . , 4 I4 'r'a 144, 44 lt! M731 I' 'll 1, 4- nz: E -FH f f 7' rf ',' uf, . ,-N "IQ" X-'A ",', S 5, XY eb!" - rzlxxx V ' k S Q- 'o x 5 , gx s 'Q-5 1. Q A 1 s 5 . ' YN, 'xsg' 2-AM"--L " ' . 6 4 o p 'Qu-I I -f' if ' ' . . XX' M' ' 'O Q g X LARKINS MAPLE NICCALL NENILHICK ' ,, L AI: 1: od i .,, K ,Q f 1 I P A A .fo ""' L, L C? v , x . Jw V . 4 1 2 if Ar , ' f 0 i- ' 'l A " 1 x " T 5 A CALL GEPHART HOBAUGH KISSELOVICH r , A Q' W' gk' , V in "" , K J ' -Q K O J " s -3 5 0- s Q K Q x Q: Q ' "0 :X -' - v 2 'al 1 Q 1? 'Sink fzxy' 9 3 ,L xx! 5 i "rf-. - :-1 'Qi Kar., 7':, . 'f , ' 'na 7 -ff 'f COACH RUBINO 1 ' 5 cjv !,,Lf , f f':- v , M -'I ' :I 1 - ' , n ,,,,vf 2 -- -zz" '.Qg.2-1ga':ff"' ea PANICUCCI PEI-KA PYSZ QUATTRONE :bf '. 1 , ' . - 'ks' f V, I, A . ,x,, ew I A fi, K K m 11. .X ,. X 'Wi ALTMAN BERNADOWSKI CUNNINGHAM Q 'Q ll: fu . x, 1' 'fins X K - . va 'W x ig' ' , 9' 'f I 9 7 A 7- 58 X X 9 I XR. x I yn .2 . 5 ' Y. ,'. ' Um," H I ,H P'-I X 1,. V ,ku ,', V. r 4 , A ' :Q if I YNY' 5. ' 1. 3 Cf' .4 .Ntfgq N A xr KARTESZ PAGLIARI STEINKOPF A-1 .1-igi fi: - 1 5 J 4 .1 , 'fx 'Q 'vs GLEESON .va PE ' 97' ' ,I 2' ,Il 'f C ,Y 'V' st' .yt xx airs LOALH BENEDETTI I'X Q 1,".l1 -. 141 'f".,L4,. 1 an -9- 5' 1. ' I - VAN I0 fi W GRIFFITH KAPINUS WILLIAMS ZIMMERMAN 79 - ' ':'.f2ffe.f JIM CUNNINGHAM 2'- l " ' 1 f- Lha- mf' "gi, h. I-rg r ' X P' A-A' V, FRANK KARTESZ First row: R. Gillie, Manager R. Pagliari, J. Kassler, K. Wawrm D Ofpar K Bell L Evans Second row: Coach Fleischauer, F. Bernadowski, J. Howden, N Llpscomb C Bakewell J Green wald, A. Soukovich, J. Cunningham. Third row: W. McCall, J. Mink, W. Larkins, E. Smart, R Large B Zlmmerman K Brunl F. Kartesz. Not pictured: J. Stragand. i r'f'r C? Baseball 'S NORNI LIPSCOMB 1957 ANTHONY SOUKOVICH '01 :fEDn mmm S JACK CREENWALD KEN B COACH FLEISCHAUER RUNI -LO- JIM HOWDEN CHARLIE BAKEWELL 39- , . .Q . .. 1 V ,an-shaun Z - Q ,.. Nw WS M ' ' is :f'ffg . ,-W4 in f 1 -Nlvlnnwshff -1-naw ,I Q gg 1 fp 7.-Q... K k V mia. - Girls, Athletic Association The G.A.A. promotes sports strives to build healthy minds and bodies, and exemplifies 1lS motto L'Sportsmanship-win or lose Their sponsor, Mrs. Allen, also IS the director of the cheerleaders. ,lump lialll Front: Ruthann Mclxlish, sevretaryg Virginia Evans, vice president: Gayle Caird, president. Br1r'lf: Mrs. Allen, and Jackie Zadroga, treasurer. Another first prize winning Halloween float. Bird's nest l One of the recently formed organizations of E.F.H.S. is the Golf Team coached by Mr. Stoner. During the winter months, the principles of golf are studied. As the first days of spring roll around, activity,is transferred to the rolling hills of the nearby golf courses, where the shouts of 6'Eighteenth Hole" ring happily., Sharp minds, practice, and concentration promise accomplishment, as our future '6Ben Hogansw take their places on the G'Creen." E5 1' I , -14' I L i I X 4, W , as fe- ' fx ff' 84 - -w-rm:-u-mr, -v v . IW. rwrw E'-y.i1 -ff: V 'H V ' in 1 7 i ' ' 'Jr -'O ft' " ' Ag - A I- 1 . ' f X . ' ,.,,:v:, 4 3 :fir 4' jig: . 4 gy, Q-Isftgim V 4: I . ii r '15 43 ' A 5, ' 5-gh ,irbr -W . . M 151 rut- I K Vi'-1,7 ' 4 , -,ogy . 45 1' : ff X . , Captains Harry Smith and .lim Bucy take wide swings. Golf Team Mr. Stoner instructs David Bowen, George Naperatz, and Perry Compayno. --- 555 8,-. m2 C onfidence - Heart A ttitude M odesty P ractice Coach Rubino discusses the winter sport program with Lotte-rmen officers: ,lim Cunningham, presidentg Frank Bernadowski, vxce preszdenlg and Frank Kam-sz, secretary-treasurer. Letterman Front: W. Larkins, C. Soukovich, J. Buoy, L. Gephart, D. Acheson, F. B1-rnadowski, P. Quattrone, W. McCall, R. Panicucci, Second: K. Bruni, M. Kovachich, L. Call, R. Nc-mchick, I. Shank, D. Brancolini. R. Hobaugh. Third: R. Kisselovich, P. Pc-pka, W. Candelore, J. Slavick, E. Schoc-nlJach,. C. Soncini, R. Pagliari, D. Dachille, F. Kartcsz. Back: F. DeRosa, E. Smart, S. Urhanovich, G. Naperatz, D. Hicks, J. Cunningham, W. Pysz. ., . , MAG 11 .ig , E 3' N I5 xy E Q ,, n ..,.. NYIAS' 5- , 'rf , 1, .t X - N-. ,,,.""' agg . J f ff ' ,ffs S7 ""' Qfbwii gl f X- z6 X.Q Q f -"' f'M aa ig 9' J A A 1 ,R gr, 9. X 4 ,Q I. 'x l -K LF' w. Sports Schedules Baseball- 1957 Football - 1957 Eliz-Fwd. 7 7 6 Edgewood Sept.13-Bethlehem Joint ...s,s 7 Away Eliz-Fwd. 7 7. 712 Irwin 7 77 7 Sept. 21-Duquesne 7 7 7 7 77 Home Eliz-Fwd .,,, 7 716 East McKeesport Sept. 27-West Allegheny 7 77 Auygy Eliz-Fwd, 7 7. 710 Wilmerdirmg 7 7 Oct. K1-Braddock 7 77 7 Away Elil-Fwd 77 .... . 7 Glassport 7777 77777777 0 ct. 10-Bellmar Away Eliz-Fwd... 77 7...7. T Edgewood 777.777777 Oct. 19-Glassport 77.777 Home Eliz-Fwd. 7 7 . 6 Irwin 7 777777 Oct. 26-Monaca Away Eliz-Fwd.77 77 7 2 East Mclieesport Nov. 2-Freedom 77777777 Home Eliz-Fwd. ,7 7 -1 Wilmerding vv7777 Nov. 9-California 77,777 Home Eliz-Fwd. 7 7 6 Glassport 7 Eliz-Fwd. 7 4- Hempfield 7. Eliz-Fwd. 7 77 7 7 2 Freeport , Basketball - 1957 - 1958 Nov. 29-Bellmar 7777.7, .77777 H Ome Jan- 14'-Duquesne - - A 7 HOIYII9 Dec. 3-Rostraver 7777,77 777777 A way Jan- 17-Claiftml Away Dec' 6-Donora V rrbrr ffvfff H ame Jan. 21-Munhall 771. Home Dec. 10-Rostraver 7rA7777 177777 H ome Jan. 24+McKeesport 7777 7 Away Dec. 13-Bethel 77 77777777777 7777 777777 A w ay Jan. 31-Homestead 7 77 Away Dec. 17-North Huntington 7777777 Home Feb 4F-Glassporl . 77777 77 77 Home Dec. 19-West Newton 7777 7.7777 H orne Feb 7-Morwngahela 777. .77.77 A way Dec. 30-California 7777.7 Away Feb 11'-DUQUCSIIC 7 7 Away Jan. 3-Homestead 77777 777777 H ome Feb 14'-Cl-331011 Home Jan. 7-Glassport .77,77777777.77 1777777 A way Feb 135-Mllnb-all Krrrrrrr Away Jan. 10-Penn Township W gwgggfr Away Feb 21-McKeesport 7 Home ,..- .4-ff .,-rr""' ? v --1 ,.f-.V ,, ,,,,.,.o - """'r .1 1 , 1 N 1 ' -'wr fm 47:3 wk ffl, I A M...--sl ... " AA. .ilk ..L If gm 5 X Cz A Choice - K: of 'Ergx I gk Activity UA!-IR R ED -" I0 ,su-foci. PAR! figfihfl Q if ,Jfi X I 'fgx .1 90 Salute to Presidents Front: F. Bernadowski, J. Greco, H. Pittard, D. Acheson, J. Cunningham. Back: I. Brydebell, N. Pierce, J. Werner, J. Kastan, B. Billick, N. Kier. T Activities of Home Rooms Front: G. Hall, W. Walter, W. Pysz, R. Zadroga, R. Griffith, W, Sherer. Back: J. Gleeson, G. O'Too1e, S, Terri! N. Feltenberger, C. Large, J. Can- toni, F. Massari. 1 Front: M. Mendicino, N. Marks, D. Nelson, R. Freiwald, W. Boyd, J. Russell, T. Pascoe, R. Amos. Back: J. Shank, D. Bisogne, T. Graham, R. MeNish, C. Lehner, P. Sellman, D. Galati, S. DeJoise, J. Roman, S. Kliment, M. Kovachich. Dance Band At piano: Bonnie Young. Front: C. Fine, F. Kytchak, J. Fraser. G. Suskalo, J. Blythe. Back: P. Shick, J. Heil, C. Shotwell, H. Pittard, G. Hamilton, E. Jaskol, W. Andrews, Judy Porter A Musical alute Front: B. King. Back: E. Bramhall, J. Furst, V. Ravish, C. Poziviak, J. Fiore. Drill Tea m I X 9?X . 'Eg W W f N N ln the well-vquipped work room. Miss Lauder explains how a book is prepared for circulation. Library Club AA 'Service with a smile." Seated: M. Elko, Z. Jones C. McCarthy, B. Truffai N. MCFCQ-ly, B. Munger C. Cullcy. J. Mclfoely. Standing: E. Billick. D Connors, H. .If-nco, T Marks, W. Price, J. An dvrson, N. Brancolini, ,I Grilli, C. McCall, S Mains. M. Valentino, M Nehila, P. Obusvk, M Mayhugh, C. Sukla, J Miller, A. Falla-rt. s M SENIORS: R. Maple, N. Large, N. McFeely, A. Fortunato, B. Watson, D. Ache-son. JUNIORS: E. Abrams, F. Messari, L. C-alati, D. Gillen, Z. Jones, D. Natali. SOPHOMORES: D. Bowen, J. Meier, L. Evans, T. Korona, M. Schivley, S. Donnachie, K. Barlow, D. Connors, D. Similo. FRESHMEN: G. Suskalo, J. Lacey, B. Robertson, W. Frabizio, M. Streyle, J. Hutchison. tudent Council A favorite annual project . . . trimming the school tree. l, 1, 1 X, N , Front: Dorothy Connors, secretary, Dave Acheson, president, Darlene Natali, vice president. Back: Sponsor, Mr. Shaver, Jayne Hutchison, treasurer. 93 Honor Society Two new lj-FHS organizations this year are the Honor Society and the Y-Teens. Shown here shortly after the election of their first officers are: Mr. Posa, Advisorg Ken Bruni, Vice Presidentg Noreen Kier, Presidentg Janice Werner, Treasurerg and Ronnie Zad- roga. Secretary of the Honor Society. The Y-Teens is a service organization whose main objective is the promotion of world fel- lowship through high ideals of personal and social living. It is sponsored by the Y.W.C.A. Their first officers, pictured below, are: ,lean Kastan, Presiclentg Janet Collins, Vice Presidentg Jo Palumbo, Secretaryg Miss Null, Advisorg and Zana Jones, Treasurer. it T7 3' 0, A x N t X . , by XX V f , A lilddt Y-Ti-rn members make both glamorous and efficient ushers for Declination night. Y- Teens Lou Young discusses the film-strip projector with co- workers Bill McCall, Gail Hall, Paul Pepka, Ralph Johnson, and Frank Bernadowski. czence Club "I wonder if all the pieces are here." Audio-Visual Group Richard Porter, Tom Brown, Mr. Knight and Wade Sturni examine several new pieces of visual-aid equipment in preparation for their job of assistant teachers who wish to illustrate their lessons. .,t. . , H.. ... Jar- . .1 .iv . 1 Rv - .. ' V '. X . t , mi 5 Seated: Norma Pierce, presidentg Jon Shank, vice presidentg Jack Lees, secretary. Standing: Mr. McNish, advisorg Saundra Cheeseman, publicityg Ronnie Griffiths, treasurer. 95 Mrs. Green and Mrs. West supervise a group of F.H.A. members as they prepare to serve a snack in their beautiful new dining room. One of the unique features of the home economics suite is this attractive picture win- dow which is anxiously watched by all slu- dents so that no changes will be missed. V ag Any cake just has to be perfect when it is made by such pretty cooks in such a shiny new kitchen. At the 1957 Mothers' Tea and Style Show, Susie Meisl proudly models her new polka dot jumper made in home ec class. Future H omemakers of America Commercial Club Front: Bonnie Holmes, secretary-treasurerg Jean Kastan, presi- dent. Back: Sponsor, Mrs. Keeler. "The dictaphone is really quite simple to operate." "Keep your eyes on the book. CBENACK Photol Th Eli-M on ELL f'H0w's lhig layout, Sandyiwl "How much do we have now, Kay?" 8 EDITORS Front: Kay Hutchinson business managerg J nice Werner, erlitorg Gwen Hamilton, sevre tary. Back: Bill lNlcCorkle, pho- togmphyg .lean Kastan typingg Sandy Homer, make-up, Miss S c 0 t t, advisor. Not pictured: Carol Bev- eridge, literary, and Bryna King, art. Y v p L 'gAw, Jean. do l have to type it over?" "lt really pays to plan ahead." . I w 3. 1 The Warrior taff A XJ I Y ti 'Dont forget now, cover Hurry up! We'll never all the clubs." make that deadline." Front: Mr. Pomilio, advisorg Barbara Billick, editorg Estelle 'King, assistant editorg Donna Dora, business manager. Back: Nancy McFeeley, secretaryg Mary Hutchin- son, news editorg Andrea Lukach, art editorg Lucille Lannan, sports editor. Not pictured: Darlene Luzier, typirtgg Grayce Meisl, jeaturesg Janet McVicker, activities. "How many "Us" in ma- "Looks pretty goodg hope jorelte?" the kids like it." 'gWave forever, Red and Black We pledge our loyalty- Wave her banners high And mighty-Hail to theef B' Brass Front: G. Suskalo, J. Fraser. Second: S. Homer, C. Joll, A. Furst, H. Pittard, T. Korona, S. Donnachie Third: H. Spinelli, K. Chomas, D, Sczarba, R. Joll, R. Supernovich, S. Lips comb, I. Tarver, P. Thompson, V. Himmeger, J. Stefan, W. Sturni, S. Morris. Back: C. Payne, G. Bates, R. Mink, W. Beedle, C. Coretzka, J. Marcieski D. McLean, C. Lennig, B. Supernovich, L. Jones, J. Holliday, R. Vidil: K. Weber, R. Howell. Brass and Percussion 1-. in "We're faithful to thee, Alma Mater Our spirits never die- Wave forever: Red and Black, For ,Liz'beth-Forward High., by MR. IACOBUCCI F7'07l5!.J3Ii1es Fraser, publicity: James Blythe, vice presidentg Joan Marcieski, secretary, William Sykes, treasurer, Howard Pittard, presi- dent. Back: Mr. Iacobucci, director. Q' gi V , Named from right to left, front: R. Krashcski, P. Romeo. Second: B. Young, B. Stevenson, J. Porter, D. Russell., E. Baran, R. Hutchison, C. Fine. Third: J. Heil, W. Sykes, C. Shotwell, P. Schick, G. DeVirgilio, P. Campayno, F. Kytchak, J. Blythe, J. McKenzie, G. Wiggens. Backg J. Marcieski, A. Howell, l. Dolata, G. Hamilton, R. Smart, J. Ghuroski, P. Mary, R. Nelson, R. 'Porter, P. Bane, W. Hohman, D. Cotton, W. Andrews, E. Jaskol, G. Hamilton. Woodwinds and Bell-Lyre B' V yy , J X! . jr' Rudi ' 7,1 , 4' ' 7 X" J i - Q r ff f M' Majorettes f Af, 5' , ' Q SJJVV The majorettes step out proudly in their spanking new uniforms. Q Top picture, front: Norma Pierce. J, J 'J Back: Shirley Territ, Mary ,lane Elko, Irene Fuller, Darla Wolfe, and Kathy Golzhisvr ' if if yi Lower left: Norma Pierce. D -,fy xi J, J Lower right: Barbara Billick. ' f .-y H ,,' Jw I02 f- 'YV' Dana Weigel, pianist for freshman John C r v c 0, presirlentq L 0 u Gcphart, pzzblirizy nlanrzger: Phyllis lJ0llQll3SQ, vice presiffentg Sally Mur- ray, librarian: ,Ivan Kastan, secretary-trfaszzrvrg George Ranich, librarian: and Mr. Ca-illi pauw for a well-dm-svrvvci rv-I bc'- tween rellvarsals. Thespians provide Christmas spirit for the annual Christmas assembly. "Arnold, speak to mama!" Thespians I04 '58 Thespian 'President John Greco receives congratulations from his predecessor, James Frum, '57 president. Front: Jayne Cooley, treasurerg Mrs. Kogelman, advisorg Bryna King, secretary. Back: James Cline, scribeg Norma Pierce, vice presidenzg John Greco, president. "There's been another yel- "W0I1't YOU have Hnvfhgg low fever victim!" CUP Uf tea, DT- HHTPCT- The Class of 1 95 7 Presents CC ' Arsemc and 99 Old Lace g'lt's elderherry wine. We "The score stands twelve make it ourselves." to twelve, auntiesf' ,' .Y , A refreshing pause in a lovely evening. N Queen DARLENE Q LUZIER approach- es her throne. a, QNLYM so 1 ti' 4161 f Queens SARA and DARLENE with their courts and escorts. f ' 1 - ti S' 9 . ' in il Wg J ii' l 'gf' ', K ,lv l S " .IN I . 1 I Q t 42 e in 58 'L .25 1 i f ,Q gk 7 g .IV tv fl , E.. V wx Q -'L EFX fx " r 1 Q -V 4 ' ,Q 252: U J, . :eff-ez i 1 v. Prom Memories 6'On the evening of -ll, the weather was ll when l and l went to the Junior-Senior Prom at l ll. The corsage which l wore was made of l. Our transportation was l and we went with ll. '60ur Queen, , looked beautiful in the "Promland,' setting. The orchestra under the direction of l played ur ,M our song. "After the dance we went to l and had l l to eat. Arrived home at l feeling l. My remarks about the evening: 79 A "Promland" waltz The crowning moment Commencement 1 957 66 97 Americans All The Class of '57 lead the academic procession. "Finlandia" presented by the mixed chorus. I08 - The faculty procession. Dr. Faulk presents di- ploma to honor student. Janet Marraccini. A polka number by the dance group. . L. QBENACK Photo? l ? Mr. .loe Martini Good cooks all - from left to right: Helen Jenk- ins, Martha Revetta, Myrtle Pauley, Chesa Pas- carella, Ann Bilak, Grace Henrich, Sue Wright, and Viola Campoli. X Us . Xxx l- Q I 2 o ' ef-f 1' if o - I , l . .G , Mrs. Anna Akers ervice Personnel They keep things spotless: .lack Brown, Dave Mathews, .loe Martini, John Bernadowskl, Charles Sherwood, Emil Ulbrich, Genevieve Smith. I09 Acheson, D.-29, 76, 85, 90, 93 Affinito, J.-29 Allen, P.-29 Altman, G.-29, 78 Angelo, R.-72 Anjeski, R.-29 Backus, P.-29 Bauer, 1,29 Bernadowski, F.-29, 76, 78, 80, 85, Beveridge, C.-29 Bickell, B.-'29 Billick, B.w30, 72, 90, 99, 102 Bowers, R.-30 Bowers, W.-30 Brancolini, D.-28, 30, 76, 85 Brancolini, N.-30, 92 Braum, J.-30 Bruni, K.-28, 30, 76, 80, 81, 85, 94 Brydebell, 1.-30, 82, 90 Bucy, .l.-30, 84, 85 Cain, R.M30 Caircl, G.-31, 83 Campoli, M.-31 Cantoni, J.-31, 90 Caprio, A.h28, 31 Carter, A.-31 Caster, H.-31 Caster, J.--31 Chutes, H.-31 Clarke, E.-31 Clark, E.-31 Cline, J.-32, 104- Costa, J.-32 Culley, C.-32, 92 Cunningham, J.-32, 78, 80, 85, 90 Curry, J.-32 Daerr, P.-32 Dale, B.-32 Dally, S.-32 Derdich, P.-32 DeRosa, A.M32 DeRosa, F.-33, 85 DeRosa, P.-33 DeVirgilio, C.-33, 101 Dora, D.-33, 99 Dorazio, J.-33, 92 Fallert, A.-33, 92 Fellabaum, A.-33 Fetchen, J.-33 Fine, C.-33, 91, 101 Fine, D.-33 Flynn, C.-34 Fortunato, A.f34, 93 Fuller, R.-34 Furst, A.-34, 100 Furst, F.-34 Gall, L.-34, 77, 85 Garland, R.-34 Cbruoski, J.-34 Gelzhiser, C.-102 Gephart, G.-34, 111 Gephart, L.-35, 77, 85, 103 Gondoly, M.-35 Goretzka, C.-35, 100 IIO 90, 95 Senior Index Crajcar, D.-35 Greco, 1.-35, 90, 103, 104 Griffith, D.-A35 Grilli, J.-35, 92 Hall, G.-35, 90, 95 Hamilton, Cerda-35, 101 Hamilton, GwenM35, 91, 98, 101 Hafner, R.-36 Hicks, D.-36, 85 Hobaugh, R.-36, 77, 85 Hofmeister, A.-36 Holmei, B.-36, 97 Homer, S.-36, 98, 110 Hood, P.-36 Hough, B.-36 Householder, A.-36 Huemme, B.-36 Hufford, R.-37 Hutchinson, K.-'37, 98 Johnson, R.-37, 95 .loll, .l.-37 Joll, S.-37 Kalkbrenner, C.-37 Kampert, B.-37 Kartesz, F.-37, 78, 80, 85 Kastan, I.-37, 90, 94, 97, 98, 103 Kier, N.-37, 90, 94 King, B.-38, 91, 104 Kisner, W.-38 Kisselovich, R.-38, 77, 85 Komaromy, E.-38 Kline, K.-38 Kuskie, W.-38 Lankford, E.-38 Lannan, L.-38, 99 Large, N.-38, 93 Large, R.-38, 80 Larkins, W.-39, 76, 80, 85 Lech, G.-39 Legeza, A.-39 Leitzell, B.-39 Lloyd, Bf-39 Ludwick, N.-39 Lukach, A.-39, 99 Luzier, D.-28, 39, 99, 106 Lytle, T.439 Makoszy, M.-39 Malloy, J.-4-0 Maple, R.-40, 76, 93 Marks, T.-40, 92 Maurer, E.-40 McCall, G.-40 McCall, W.-40, 76, 80, 85, 95 McCorkle, R.-40 McCorkle, W.-40, 98 McFeeley, N.-40, 92, 93, 99 Meisl, D.-40 Merolli, L.-41 Mink, 1441, so Moore, S.-41 Mulch, T.-41 Munger, B.-41, 92 Munger, G.-41 ff' Nemchick, R.-41, 76, 85 Opfar, R.--41 O'Toole, C.-41, 90 Panicucci, 11.441, 77, 85 Pasqualle, M.-42 Pauley, P.-42 Pavelchak, C.-42 Payne, C.-42, 100 Pepka, P.-42, 77, 85, 95 Piccini, L.-42 Pierce, N.-42, 90, 95, 102, 104 Pittard, H.v42, 72, 90, 91, 100, 101 Porter, 1.-42, 91, 101 Pysz, W.-42, 77, 85, 90 Quattrone, P.-43, 77. 85 Rack, 1.443 Rapp, T.f43 Ravish, J.-43 Ravish, V.-43, 91 Reed, V.f43, 82 Reisnauer, G.-43 Reschenthaler, .l.-43 Rippel, D.-43 Roberts, D443 Bunyan, D.-44 Schwaed, D.-44 Shaffer, J.-44 Shank, W.-28, 44 Shelton, D.-44 Shoaf, T.-44 Smart, Ef-44, 80, 85 Smith, H.-84 Snow, C.-44 Sommewille, H.-44 Soukovich, C.-44, 85 Stanko, E.-45 Stazak, R.-45 Stencil, D.-45 Stockdill, D.-45 Sw indell, R.-45 Tedesco, B.-45 Tracy, R.-45 Troup, R.-45 Truffa, B. -45, 92 Vanio, R.-45, 79 Walter, C.-46 Walter, W.-46, 90 Washburn, D.-46 Watson, B.-46, 93 Watson, D.-46 Werner, James-4-6 Werner, Janice-46, 90, 94, 98 Wilhelm, R.-46 Williams, Janet-46 Williams, John-46, 79 Williams, L.-47 Williams, W.-47 Wilson, A.-47 Wise, .1 .-47 Young, C.-47 Young, L.-47, 95 Zadroga, R.-47, 90, 94- Zimmerman, B.-47, 79, 80 The Sincere Thanks of the 958 Eli-Mon Stctffjw D fi fl I My to .Qlgilv L D crffr' fift, .D sf sf UUR PA TRONS DW sf if if DQ 'l if ', V ' ' Mr. Gene Abernathy": M- Maf1'3CCiI1iC0-1 Illll- ,A Di as fl I Mrs, He1enAl1en"' QFD Mr. Earl McCorkle, Jr. ffl' ' 1D A M Altman and Rennie Sporting Goods MT- Edward MCCOIHCX nv! fl I My ' Apfelthalefs Jewelry Mr. George McGorkle:'c f OJ in ,iff , Apfelthaler,s Shoe Store MF- Walter McGorkle:'4 'I Mr. William Benedetti QFD Mr. and Mrs. William MCC rkle Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Bisogne Mel'T0m Shop . Mrs. Thelma Brandfass Mrs. Louise C. Miller ' Miss Dorothy Buck G. C. Murphy Co. Mr. Theodore Chomasx QFD Mr- and Mrs. James E. Murray A 1 Couchenour 81 Miller Drug Store Mrs. Regina McCorkle O'Brien'k X, fynfw ' , Miss Sandra Danko Miss Kay Opferx f 'AJP' jo-,Q I D U Mr. and Mrs. Jack Davison Miss Virginia Redman .1 'jf W All ct All D Mr. Thomas Demalonl: Miss Rose Repepi QFD ' Ky,-QQ i' Mr. David Douglass Mr. Alan Rubenstein QFD t ' , K Ky! Elizabeth Distributing cs. Miss Msi-y A. Riibiiisr QF? M ,fl ' , Greenock Heights Market Mr. Allen l. Schwartz pi' A 4 uf! Dfw Jl Hamilton Motel, Route 31 Miss Marjorie Scottl' QFD jjcjflfil - A Miss Emmogene Harrisx Mr. Walter B. Scott"4 JL f3,t44"" " ,Q Mrs. Marcelle Hazlett QFD Shaw Sales and Service 'au' L - f f ' Mrs. sais Hsbsri Miss Judy smiths M Dj 7,.A,,. A-sf f 'ff f' is Herron's Department Store Miss Judie Stanier"' l' P tj, l' pf QQ!! , Mr. James Jacklich QFD Stanier Hardware 0 fp J' QL DA J askolas Store Strem Studios Je ig, , V, Mrs. Dorothie Kogelman QFD Mrs. Sylvia Vickers P Q ' LN' .. Mrs. Lillian Lacey QFD Mi. Ben Ware - -- We fs. ff fj f' . L, Mr. John Leffard QFD Miss Gladys Werner? ' Q I I D Mrs. Greta Lepsch The Wagon Wheel I' 'Q iq 'V 'QQ Au K I Mrs. Helen Lewis Mrs. V. Joanne West QFD Qqvfl I Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Lowryl' Wyli-e B1-Others Mr. and Mrs. John Lonkosky Mr, Hgward Young s Gary Gephart says it with music at the console of the new organ in the audi- torium. l I 'ji' Y Q n fiifff JM V! have been our . We want to thank our and student body for thelr generous cooperatlon. A also to "Tony', from Strem Studio and Gene Burke Company for their ever-willing help. eyiyvff My ,pi .N xl. v M . 'I 1' 1 fd H qpf , V W JL , Ll, NN I I 'A A . f' 1,4 ff f, W, - J Q , tgvxwb, 1 P217 QVi?f6j?g?fj -,gz " If L ff :jV,J'frlJ ffffl lfyl, I-71 .LAI V, 'Q 4 JW' , r w ,,g,ff,.,pQf ,HK MIL ffjfww I if if ' W gh I 7 1,1 ' fa J lflgflffqflfllajf Agljaajfwf Vjfffffffi J f ,f!,,4,g5b' MM' M W IWW UL JL' 1 A J 7 . LVL! fwf I IDL ff I l r f Q' X v " ' f ' .. I M105 J' jfs, I-' fl- .fy 9 .31 V, U l 4 ' 1 xx if , I . egg, .X 94' v. M J mv Q O' ,W ' Q5 fffjfpgwi Wfw dw YW 53 N. I A F XM WMM .n,.v.. Q 'minima , -- ' - -----.- Tfviia.. ,, 4 .1-In tenxuwggg-g" '- AU li '-vxwv vw- '53 K' . "L Lf " .7'wf'fT'r- ,-6 L 'SLLLQ S.,I,,-,jx .uf 'f3j+.i.fQgii-Qmj z , fv2,:yfm1 , 3 f. 4. ,L,.',g. ,Q . .-ivy. -4. , 2' fm? --'- . - 'Q i 'F' ' 1. 7. nec?-0 4 5, . gt . I, I -1-Q...- J ' r ' I, 5 ., , , K ' ': . r ' s ' 5 ' 0 n' K 1 1 . V' 'W 9 Inna:-qq""""' """"'-- -1-- ' tuning Illia. Clan.. uuiii '.L""'..... gg:-'H .-4... - ,..,. -.,. . lla- Chung """"'g.-.- Ulu-ilu n--qt n....2" "-22"..S """.....,.," 'fm I -we --.."II.2Z." """""' "'-- ----s --""""- """- mf :..... . r-fr' EE if 7 7- il-1 5 is 1 -H W' 1 ' is-::z:z-.:::.: ' gi-,, ......... .......- .....- ...M ri., -,.,,.. : I .. ,:-,.,. g... T .... Y K .-4..-- "' Y V , ..,- " A 4 fo.-1' ' if W-'sf x f ' an ly ' k -- I 40 1.1 -,K A QA - ..--f- --4 ,M - Z, ' ' R X . D ff- vr .,,-af' ,Y - I 9 4 'F' . 4' N ' x ' - -'- - f . , ..,,ff1""' ' H - -- A- , ,, ,Q --Wh ng ""' 1 Q " ' ' '-----M .5 ' - 3. , . 5 U X xp, , Ax"'fit1 Q ,W , 'M ' ' - ff T ic' 1 ff. X - 0-anirQ ,bgnuit -A ' , 3-'Q-'L..,, . ,, 2. . Q' ,,k.-.ku F55-ngjixklxml Eviaskf. I +A -A . .f"hL.g, 'fling-1 .. """""""6hg-f' . 'Am 'A Y vb' rv.. ssh, Yan 5 '14 . W , 1, A

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