Elizabeth Forward High School - Eli Mon Yearbook (Elizabeth, PA)

 - Class of 1957

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Text from Pages 1 - 104 of the 1957 volume:

K xv Q i " f V ,f-.5 , 'f't.'w,N Q l . zz.. J, . We W, -' 'f..L'. , 535 ' I g ., . , pi' if L V w D - V ai' 'LV' N . 'V M ' Q f f 1 ggff. if-'gi :if 4 f Q2 55 if I X QY. , , ""5W ily, QQ-we "" :A 'N' . 5 ' A g A7 xg? W 1,2 1. , Aff a In Sling,- ev . 45? if f ' i' 'J f-'53 - +R' Q, iff! Finney-- . -' 1,333+ Sf :ggg ' if ig, . ' f - - e- - -- f , 5 1 h. w yX.ibkrEMk 7 X: , Jn.. H P Q' j :aug -2 ., ' .-..j?'i5y,,4' fa- -Q N' , -, ' JIS -,Lug a ,Q 2. . .wgwfizhg Y. . ix A , - .W . . E ' F 'X ' 'il . ' ,, ' ' 'X fbswf f."'I3i? - A Sw "J "iff-R. 4 T !"'5 ' K 5 'fm' Si' f 1:','iE-4 5553595 w h?b'ff'g .1-J 'f K lv' , , - -S, 5, S' ' 3,51 - ,ff 42892 fit ,Lux ,it ,, Ax. s xr, fhwdv w is ff Lx W A ii arf.. Q .L li IA ,,. , I -. ggi gr 3 , W X, --' . 15.134, '. T ' ' fi ' ' . M 'I . . f wr A -fx 3 yqw-V' "'P2ff3!i " INT" Pm :'- if V x'?Q'?7P,!,v ya 153 '-. ' 1 - ' Q, . ,,g,Lx'i f,,323hL.'.::f5 ,gg -e ggi :jp K .Tlx ,A '5,GxfLA. xx Q mf -:, ,.' '38-ff'yQ,,.,,:.?",,.3i,,?? -5: iff . - x s 1 1 my .' ,QA . lk , I' y K .iv YY., 'Z J ,b.d.fg7Q'AZaj,5X. . 'X ',- '. , ,'. .' ' ' Cf" if gtx 'f-.T 'A' -11" J f' " P V 1 N X fr- . K fi x 1 ' . x . , W., wx Q r K . 5 K Sy: I N I rl . is I ' 4 " .I 1 W ,f , A ,ff K ' X .K - J ed'-M . QW fig' g333.gJf5Y K I 2 Y A K k . , , X , W, A 1. . Q .inf A S I' . , A QI. if . ' 1 I ' In . I 5? 5 '55 Zn , ,pf ,i - 'QQ 2 :- YA -fx Fifi: k if-' x V: .11-kafg-Y'5'4 . .-.. . ,4 - x ., 5 "Q: ,1vf:,.'f, X 3 . X"'- , I 4 r . - "T-:-r-r'f'n.' +f"',. - - -. " -,L-4f.t.,'-',,,- R.. : I.. N.,'.'- ' 143.2 Q , lr fi 5' 1 ' if . r '- 4' ,.- '-,fzfft ' ' 'f .. 'A -- . 'N ' . , N 5 - . A '1 f . ' . l . SX' .IR X 1. s 5+-L Cx Lxfw, Q5 Qwfquf 5.-if iljv' I X Jim, 795 7 fill-Wfnn, X -'-"' .',.,, Mffyi fm W Lf M 64- qfff WWW Wififw flzgabnflz, - Jnuuazml Jizqh, .Sched fflfgalwfh., Pnnnaglvamh, Sbdh. gpazm I LA., jmzwmal As this, the sixth edition of the Eli-Mon seeks its place in history, the memory of our care- free days in high school remain forever. The ioys and sorrows, hopes and fears we experi- enced as we struggled to ma- ture in wisdom, skill, and lead- ership are clearly depicted in the following pages. The interest and activity shown by students in the various organizations tend to cultivate their ability to become the future leaders of the nation. The wisdom shown to- ward our academic subjects of- fers endless opportunities to those wishing to succeed in the business world. Skill in com- petitive sports promotes clear thinking, a strong character, and good sportsmanship which are essential in every phase of our everyday life. These and many other fine characteristics are typ- ical of the students at E.-F. H. S. As we weave the pattern of our lives, we should keep in mind the words of a wise old philos- opher who once said, "Work hard, play hard, and lead a good life, for who knows what the future may hold." Jam ng 6' Dedication Administration Faculty Class Division Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Sports Activities 1956 Senior Play . 1956 Prom 1956 Commencement Patrons Club Roster Senior Index "We Build forthe Future" 4, 5 6, 7 8-11 12, 13 14-31 32-39 40-45 46-50 52-61 62-88 89 90, 91 92 93 94 95 96 mm, UWM af. Through our four years of high school we have become well acquainted with our guidance counselor, Miss Virginia Redman. She has given us wise guidance and has proved capable in helping us undertake difficult problems which have confronted us. She has served as a source of strength in helping us to make decisions. Miss Redman has a deep interest in the students of our school, and she always tries to give advice to all, to the best of her ability. She is interested in seeing that the graduates of Elizabeth-Forward High School will undertake the right vocation as they step into the future so that the school will be proud of them. She helps to secure information for students planning to go to college, so that they will have the necessary qualifications to enroll in that college. Another of her contributions to the students is her promotion of scholarships. The friendly smile with which she greets us, gives us assurance that she is a friend as well as a person we can respect, and she wants us to accept her not only as a faculty member, but also as a friend. We, the graduating class of 1957, wish to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation by dedicating our 1957 Eli-Mon to Miss Redman, a woman who gives a helping hand to students of every race, color, and creed. We hope to have her as a friend for many years to come. 4 .ui-. .Q .g Q13 ri' I pppmwvs-' may 5... 5 in-r '56 NRTED NATiB? 'LAQQ fb , 1 Vx? F fffwiliff l J.. I :Z 1, Qi s.'f A , if Y .xr-. wr ,z Froni: Mr, Lloyd Emanuel, Mr, Frank McKinney, Mr. William Sacane, Mr. David Howell, Back: Mr, Robert Barlow, Mr. John DeSantis, Mr, Charles Tarr, Mr William Kuskie lnof pictured: Mr, David Morrison, Mr. Alberl Kogelmanl duel jhai, La, fhn, lamp, of fx ' rn," Mr. Joseph Furno, Junior High School Principalg Mr. James Shaver, High School Principal, C2 i Secretaries: Misses Audi rey Rue, Sylvia Sacane, Marlene Piper. Knot pic- tured: Mrs, Lillian Lacey? Miss Virginia Redman gf n Guidance Counselor V V237 .il ,.-- I Mrs. Helen W. Allen B.S. in health education, Slippery Rock S. T. C. Health and physical education Cheerleaders, Girls' Athletic Asso- tion Mr. William Benedetti B.S. Slippery Rock S. T. C. - M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Health, mathematics Varsity head basketball coach, iunior high football coach, Future Teachers of America eff Mrs. Jean B. Brown B.P.S.M. Westminster College Music Chorus Miss Greta Davidson B.S. Carnegie Institute of Tech- nology English Freshman class sponsor, Beta Tri- Hi-Y Mr. Clyde S. Behanna B.S. in education, Penn State University Science and social studies Junior class sponsor, athletic equipment manager Mrs. Thelma I. Brandfaiss B.A. Wilson College, Berlitz School of Languages Latin, English, Spanish Language Club Mr. Samuel Coughenour B.S. Graceland College, California S. T. C. Social Studies Honor Society Mr. Paul Fleischauer B.S. Slippery Rock S. T. C. - M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Health, physical education Baseball coach, assistant basket- ball coach mfmumgpm yvtdhpdsm... 8 ...ammmmpsgmauvg mum, Mr. Harry D. Ford, Jr. B.S. in education, California S. T. C., University of Pittsburgh Social Studies Hi-Y Mrs. Pauline D. Green B.A. University of Illinois, Univer- sity of Pittsburgh Home economics Future Homemakers of America Mr. William Hornfeck B.S. Franklin and Marshall Col- lege Mathematics, social studies Assistant football coach Mrs. Alice O. Keeler B.S. in commercial education Indiana S. T. C. Commercial subiects Senior class sponsor, Commercial Club Mr. Joseph R. Furno B.S. Westminster College - M.Ed University of Pittsburgh Science Student Council Mr. James Hathaway B.S. California S. T. C. Industrial arts Mr. Walter C. lucobucci, Jr. B.S. in music education Duquesne University Instrumental music, band Mrs. Dorthie Kogelman B.A. Eastern Washington College English, speech National Thespians 9 -I I Mr. John H. letfard, Jr. B.S. West Virginia Wesleyan History Head iunior high basketball coach, assistant football coach Sophomore class sponsor Mrs. Virginia S. Marinkovich B.S. in Education University of Pittsburgh Mathematics Mr. Edward A. Munzinger B.A. University of Pittsburgh Latin, English Mrs. Edna Parquette B.S. California S. T. C. R.N. New Castle Hospital Mr. Regis F. Mazanet B.A. Duquesne University MEd University of Pittsburgh Social Studies Mr. Bernard F. McNish B.S., M.Ed. University of Pitts burgh Science Assistant football coach Science Club Miss Virginia L. Null B.A. Bethany English Alpha Tri-Hi-Y Miss Mary A. Rubino B.A., M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh Commercial subiects "Warrior" advisor J-pfwm.14.w,en. ,teffmwmu 10 Ll YL 432, Jim, Jnarhcn. fljoufh, 60111, arp, jbwl Mr. Anthony E. Rubino B.S. Woke Forest College Driver Education Head football coach, Lettermen's club Miss Murlorie B. Scott B.A. College of Wooster - M.Ed. University of Pittsburgh English, iournalism "Eli-Mon" advisor Mr. Donald Similc B.S. in education University of Pittsburgh Commercial subiects, geography Mr. Frank Stoner B.S. Penn State University Science Hobby Club Miss Agnes Lauder, B,S., M.Ecl. University of Pittsburgh: M.l..S. Carnegie Institute of Technology Librarian Library Club 'II HIL Um, Jimi 'A Um, Jufufm, A xv ' I ,. 4' S K tml ' N 9.4 Illia Back in the '2O's when our building was first used as a high school, the students dressed in the styles indicated in the sketches. Through the years, boys and girls have kept up with the changing times in style and in studiesf but some truths about students re- main the same through the years: F resh outlooks J olly times R eal interests U rgent problems E ager enthusiasm N oteworthy progress S weet girls l ndividual action H andsome boys O riginal ideas M any talents R eaching ahead A nxious moments N ew friends 5 e"l0U5 5'l'-idents S ophisticated outlook O Pen minds E ducated minds P ractical ideas N em Work H Chest UUSWSVS I nterest in the future O ld timers O pportunities unlimited M Ore demwife R ational thinking O ther decisions R ugged individuals nthusiastic ioiners 12 1:8 .,r1T15..Af5 xt 'I tj' ' f ' x . ,, ,r-sa., x '::'r:- ' ' ,xxf " 45" X, . -Q,-f J' ' A - ,Y ' : Q- 1 Mm s-QI f 1 Af 1 ,ag v S I gamma! Z .414 .ff nu ,S.Ql'Lli0'ld, - Front: Janet Murrclccini. Flamuhq, jim Bluapmhf, Mrs. Alice Keeler, advisor, Class of '57 Buck: Jim Siragcxnd, Sora Spczle, Charlie Bokewell. guns. ai' x 6 95 x.....z UZ. jim. juiwm. As the long-awaited Graduation Day came ever closer, seniors began to realize that the things they did during their last year in high school would be "the stuff that dreams are made of." From the be- ginning of the year they realized that things were being done for the last time. Never again would they know the strange thrill of the "first day" of a high school term with all its searching for class rooms and study halls, all the greeting of old friends and meet- ing new students, all the sharing of past summer's experiences, and finally the buckling down to new lessons and assignments. Home room programs were geared to post- graduation possibilities, and seniors realized with a shock that these were no longer far-away goals, but, rather, were of immediate and personal concern. The proud feeling that they were leaders in school activi- ties was dampened somewhat by the sobering idea that all these pleasures were about over. Each dance was the last of its kind for them, school assemblies were viewed for the last time, the musicale and the senior play had taken their places in the past, and positions as club officers and publication editors were yielded to willing juniors. Football, basketball, and baseball players were honored as they played their last games for E.-F. H.S. Cheerleaders, maiorettes, and band members left their jobs of morale boosting to others who would be back next year. There were many "senior activities" such as hav- ing formal portraits made, many of which would be used as application photos, engagement poses, gifts for loving relatives, and always as reminders of how "Mary locked as she graduated from high school." Class rings were eagerly awaited and proudly wcrn, and name cards were scientifically distributed and exchanged. Seniors attended the prom as guests, planned and enicyed their own banquet, distributed their '57 Eli-Mon, presented their class day program, sent out commencement announcements, read the sen- ior issue of the "Warrior", and prepared for the day that would always be one of the important milestones in their lives. Yes, all this was a part of a past not soon to be forgotten, but even as seniors said goodbye to these things. they looked forward eagerly to a tomorrow made brighter and better because of the four years just past. I5 i""'ilunnu... S- W-M A-p '.-yflrr f' c 9 lf rg fg""Af'Qv'?l"'r8 'Q -3- lf? EUGENE ABERNATHY Gene Academic RUTHANN ADAMS Ruthnnn Academic MARY ALICE ANDREWS Mary Academic WILLIAM APFELTHALER Q A, .IOANN ATKINSON .lo Academic LORA LEE BARKER Lora Lee General Q Q General CHARLES BAKEWELL Smoke Academic PAUL BARNA Duke NT TEHIZH ROBERT BEDSWORTH Bob Academic DENNIS BERSHOK Denny Academic CLIFFORD BROGGI Cliff NANCY BROWN General Peuge Academic WllllAM BROWN Biil Academic RUTH BUCK Schmitiy Commercial VIOLET CARUTHERS Vi A . ELIZAZBETH CHEREPKO cademic Betty ii. B 'Winn Commercial .lil PAUL CHEREPKO Dump General JOHN COVELLI Woodie l 1' uf l 1 iff Academic f f f....,,,., Ri if-M A 'sc I-'Il ,. 'r fl Jig-, , Rafi xx. JOHN CRESMANOUSKI John Academic THOMAS DEMALON Tom Academic WILHELMENA CROCCI Willie General LOUIS DeVINCENTlS Lou Academic , X FRANCES DOMER Fay fl .A MICHAEL DWOREK Q Academic Mike Academic MYRNA EVANS Nickie Commercial RONALD FORTUNATO Rocco General BARBARA FOYTIK Barb Academic JAMES FRUM Jim Academic CLARENCE FISHER Fisher Academic SARA FOULKS Sally General ERNEST FRANTZ Ernie Academic JAMES GAMBLE Jim Academic I T' FQ 41 -180 -4-.., 'few ix X 45 'Q- 5 L if RONALD GILLIE Ronnie DOMINIC GIOVANNUCCI General Gev Academic JOSEPH GRAJCAR Joe Gnneral JOHN GREENWALD Jack Academic ALVIN HARRIS Germ Academic ROBERT GRIMES Bob Commercial JANET GUMP .lan Commercial REBECCA HARVEY Becky Academic CARL HEBEL 'U' Carl Academic MITCHELL HOLLIDAY Mitch Commercial RUTH ANN HOLMES Ruth Ann Academic JAMES Hownzn ix Q Jim WILLIAM HOWDER Will General HAROLD JOLL Buddy Academic Academic W 'IQ JOHN JACOB Jake Academic MARLENE JOLL Mar T Academic s 5 JAMES JONES Jim Academic MARSHALL KELLEY My X Tex , ly", gWM,,ll73,r YW wlklyi lv HARRY KING King Academic DOROTHY LARGE Do! Academic l General JOHN KRASHESKI Jack Academic JOSEPH LECK ,M CAROLE LEES Carole Commercial Joe General EDWARD LENHART Eddie Academic MARILYN LIPP Chuckles . NORMAN LIPSCOMB Commercial . Sid Academic LETCHER LONG letch , MARIANN MANCINI Academic . Murlunn Commercial JANET MARRACCINI Jan Commercial THOMAS McNEIL Tom General CRAIG McKENZIE Percy Academic OSCAR MCPEAKE , 1 fvtyx "s ' 'T 3- Tlx .N ., . A Y- wee - f' -,sw-5ws,11s::c X . Uh 1 or if R s, . fi si? -l Oscar General 35 -fl ,IN - If 4 Q 1 X? ' N- ' .P X if l cl D X - x , D hw ' - . 2 mg 'S' i- WILLIAM McWHORTER Bill General GEORGIANN MORGAN Georgiunn General RUTH NEESON Ruthie Academic LLOYD O'BRYON Pinky Academic CAROLE MILLER Kay Academic ROBERT NEAL Bob Academic ALBERT NEHILA Al Academic ALVIN OFFER Alvin General PATRICIA PASQUINELLI fi Patty lou . GEORGE PAYNE Commercial Ruby Academic MICHAEL PIPER Mike Academic MARY LOUISE PYSZ Honey Commercial SHIRLEY RESH Shirl Commercial YVONNE RIDEN Vonnie Commercial 2140- I THAYER ROBINSON '-.ui Heavy Academic ORRIE ROCKWELI. Rock Academic 1?- g PAUL ROSCHE Roach General RICHARD SANDMEYER Pete Academic DONALD SATTERFIELD Don Academic HOWARD SHANK Bud Academic MELVIN SACCANI Mel Academic JOHN SANTONE Jack Academic JOYCE SCHOEMER Joyce Academic DAVID SHELTON Dove Academic JOAN SILBERMAN Joni Commercial KENNETH SMITH Smitty Commercial l0lS SORG lo Commercial SARA SPATE Sadie Academic JUDITH SMITH Judy Academic PATRICIA SONCINI Pa? Commercial ANTHONY SOUKOVICH Souk Academic DONNA STEVENOSKI Babe Commercial In x , 'sae K . gffz.. 'b,.. L 6? il I: 'I 54 4" R 4 V .Qi GEORGE STEWART George Academic JAMES STRA GA ND Jimmy Academic ROBERT THOMAS Tyrone Academic RUTHANN THORNTON Ruihann Commercial JOHN STIRBIS Jack Academic JOAN SUPERNOVICH Joan Commercial MILDRED THOMPSON Millie Academic ADA TRAINER Pudge YJ' Commercial RONALD VAN FOSSEN Fosse Academic DONALD WAIL Herb Academic JAN WARTERS Jun Academic GLADYS WERNER Honey Commercial NORMA VITORI Norma Academic CHRISTINE WALLACE Chris Commercial IRENE WATTS Reenie Academic JAMES WHITE Jim 9. un., X I 'x s vi is 4 F' I Academic in v ww 4 U HAROLD WILHELM will if Sonny General ELAINE WILLIAMS Bug Commercial N D LARRY WILLIAMS Bones Academic RICHARD WRIGHT Wyalf Academic MARY ANN YUHAS Mary Ann Commercial MYRTLE ZEH Meri Commercial JANET ZAKEN Zake Commercial X. lm- N "lhis physics .Smioum ,S.QI'llb"lA, g x v. s ' is serious business-by television or by teacher." "Maybe we won't get To use the new school, bu? we can fry ouf The new desks ond give our experi opinion of them." Fr am., '91 lou -, .6 'Sure, we con keep up wiih you, Mrs. K4 jus? woich us go!" "Imagine, ioking our picture iust when we were so anxious to siurt on ihut new assignment!" '- mxamynyuzpu umm As members of the Class of '58 the iuniars have secured for themselves a place in the halls of E.-F. H. S. Through the passing years they have tackled many hard problems of life, especially those dealing with new school subiects, friends, and social events. However, they found that the hardest battle of all to win was that of gaining self-respect and confidence in their own judgment, ideas, and ideals. They have become a united group through working, study- ing, and socializing together. As they prepare for their senior year as the leaders of the school, they will always think of the wonderful times they experienced as juniors. They will remember the responsibilities they shared when contributing their services in many ways to the long-awaited climax of this year-the Prom. t it I 1. i Mr, Clyde Behanna, advisor Class of '58 i f 6 k 'ii' N' 3 I Gail Hall, Norma Pierce, Bill Shank, Darlene luzler ,. rv -e L e a+ J , 1. wnnl. U E F! 'sg' x sl! A 3' sl' ,K I I 1 ' y ' 'Wi From: Janice Werner, Kay Kline. Back: Alfred Wilson, Don Sfockdill, Louis Young, Gary Lech, Bill Shank, Ronnie Zadroga. 1 Front: Dolly Roberts, Vickie Ravish, Norma Ludwiclc, Judy Porter. Back: Lewis Piccini, Eddie Wallace, Bob Panicucci. so i Front: Carol Kalkbrenner, Cafhie Gelzhiser. Bock: James Fetchen, James Cunningham, Anfhony DeRosa, Allen House- holder, George Altman, Bobby Anieski, Dorothy Buck. Front: Gwen Hamilion, Lucille Lannon, Bill Kisner, June Joll, Bock: Alma Hofmeisler, Eleanor Lankford, Carl Gor- etzlca, Robert Cain, Roberl Harris. 33 Front: Ray Nemchick, Sandra Dally, David Washburn, Back: Ed Roll, Sara Jane Moore, Richard Opfar, .lack Lynch, Rick Vanio, Bryna King, Gene Stanko. v-Lp- Hmm .nal Front: Jack Bauer, Calvin Fine, Lou Gephort, Bill Bowers Buck: Francis Fursf, Frank Bernadowski, Frank Kartesz Ronald Hobaugh, Ray Kisselovich, Robert Large. Front: Karen Albin. Back: Darlene Luzier, Helen Sommer- ville, Barbara Lloyd, Pat Allen, Norma Brancolini, Carol Sue Fisher. ,. -.r ' . .. r . K .X X , if ,. . V c . 'r X r xx! A Front: Janet Williams, Josephine Ravish. Buck: Harry Caster, Beecher Dale, William Kuskie, Terry Lytle. llirk Front: Dolores Fine, Joyce Shafrer. Back: Bonnie Trufla, Jean Reschenihaler, Tressa Marks, Barbara Kamperf, Beverly Tedesco. l -.X ? Yr' -C --x.. 1 Fronf: Bonnie Holmes, Barbara Watson. Back: Ida Mae Brydebell, JoAnn Dorazio, Andrea Legeza, Virginia Reed. From: Marlene Pasqualle, Donna Shelton. Back: Eugene Clark, Robert Troup, Charles Clark, Bill McCorlxle, George Kelly. I Front: William Larkins. Buck: Francis Mesiarik, Tom Wil- liams, .lack Williams, Gerald Reisnauer, Bill McCall, Alvin Foriunafo. Front: Jack Bauer, Lou Gepl-mart. Back: James Cline, Bill Bowers, Rick Vanio, Ed Clark, Gail Hall. "D" Front: Ronald Maple, Bernard Zimmerman. Back: John Greco, Arthur Fallert, Gary Gephart, Dan Meisl, Paul Pepka, Jerry Mink. Front: Leslie Williams, Robert Staszak. Back: Beverly Tedesco, Patty Backus, Beatrice Bickell, Gerda Hamilton, Judith Wise, Nancy McFeely, Dan Eshelman. El 'N ir x Front: Charles Soukovich, Ronald Wilhelm. Back: Larry Gall, Rudy Ufko, .lim Werner, Tom Viscuso. ng:- 9' ur, 6 ry ------Q. ' ii-----.'..... Fronf: Arlene Caprio, Donna Dora, Bonnie Hough. Back: Barbara Billick, Kay Hufchinson, Betty Munger. Front: Norma Pierce. Back: Dorothy Grajcar, Janet Cas- Ter, Margie Rue, Saunclra Homer, Jean Kasian, Howard Pitlcird. Q. Front: Charlotte King, Pat Pauley. Buck: Gwyneih McCall, Pat Derdich, Gayle Cciird, Rose Marie Swindell, Gloria Mun- ger, Karen Warlers. 7 . Q si., . ..'. 5 ., ,VO s ASU' O Front: Ed Maurer, Phil Qualtrorie, Wesley Pysz. Back: James Braum, Don Brancolini, John Malloy, Ken Bruni, Front: Pat DeRosa. Back: Paul Hood, Ralph Johnson, Austin Fellabaum, Dan Runyan, Ray Fuller. From: Eddie Smart. Back: Bob McCorkle, Richard Bowers, Dan Watson, Dennis Griffifh. 0 Bill Williams, Tommy Rapp, Ronald Huliford, Don Schwaed, Charles Fellabaum, Carl Payne. Froniz Charlene Culley, Sara Jane Joll, Mary Ann Gondoly. Back: JoAnn Costa, Joanna Gburoski, Barbara Huemme, Auclrey Fursi, Barbara Lukbach, Carol .lean Young, Darlene Rippel. Front: Nancy Large, Back: Dixie Fisher, Rebekah Gar- land, Noreen Kier, Jean Grilli, Roberfa Maple. jlolly, , Warriors" Faiieri, Braum, and Brancoiini Language Club inifiotes-"Noreenia" Kier, Senor Kuskie, and Mademoiselle Large. wht Mr. John Leffard, advisor Class of '59 Seated: Donna lowry, Richard Calabro. Standing: Zana Jones, Janet Tyszkiewicz. Swim 0 While dreaming of their future plans, the sopho- mores stop to think of their present studies and activi- ties. Yes, this is the year they are in the midst of the "goings-on" in old Betsy High. But playing an impor- tant part in the fun of parties, dances, and sports isn't enough for this class, they must also work hard and well on their many new studies. Reminiscing over the past, they realize that they, as individuals and as a class, have changed. They've changed, not only in age, but also in gaining respect and privileges. Looking toward the future, they are asking themselves, "Will the Class of '59 be as outstanding and successful as the previous classes of E.-F. H. S.?" ' UQBMZJMJH w 40 it v Front: J. Crovok, M, Kuch, L. Foytilc, R. Hamilton, J. Palumbo, K. Kurney. Seconl row: C, Bazier, H. Supernovich, D. Russell, J. Morcieski, G. Wiggens, A. Kopuskcz, D. Opfor. Third row: W. Mnyhugh, A. Ser- ena, D. Umbel, J. Zecchini, P. Criodo, H. Smith. Front: Z. Jones, H, Sterner, S. Opfer, D. Lowry, D. Gillen, G. Meisl. Second row: R, Smart, J, Brunton, J. Kremp, L. Gculclti, M. Balogu, A. Zecchini, Third row: G. Fellabaum, R. Devenport, E. Schmidt, W. Sykes. 41 Front: E. Brczmhull, J. Rothey B, White, S. Crandall, B. Finley G. Kruki. Second row: F. Mos sori, R. Howder, E. Efow, P Clark, R. Nelson, R. Butcher Third row: R. Griffith, M. Cor corcn, F. Posu, M. Turic. .1 - . K ' f, f, N- 1 ,-. Front: R. Ycrsunus, R, Prolz P. Opfer, P. Fellubuum, J. Coo coff, D. Dcxchille, J. Bcikewell Dougal, H. Runycm, E. Porter, K Sfreyle. Front: H. Gamble, D. Gloss, W. Price, B. Codeluppi, J, Tyszkiewicz, H. Legezcl. Sec- ond row: W. Brown, D. Wolfe, J. Cvetun, S. Morris, D. Timko. Third row: J. Glee- son, R. Shofwell, F. Slonko, J. Holliday. 42 ley, S. Bennett, J, Drake. Set- ond row: F. Guhugen, G, Wy- W. Similo. Third row: J. Mac- -g. Front: C. Shotwell, E. King, G, McCall, M. Hutchinson, P. Douglass, D. Wood. Sec ond row: D. Fraser, P. Obusek, D. Backus, S. Evans, D. Evan. Third row: W. Evans, W. Riley, R. Johnson, R. Calhoun, D. My, rick. Fav X,-" A 4. Fronf: S. Cheeseman, J. Mardis, I.. Kurtz P, McCorkle, P, Hummel, P. Pascarella Second row: R. Snyder, R. Vidil, S. Lips comb, G. Sender, H. Thomas, T. Shaffer. Third row: C. Flowers, C. Cain, C. Hess, E. Stewart, R. Anderson. ' Front: S. Terrif, K F Fuller, D. Natali C Andrews Second row: R. Gasner G Gol lulc, R. Pagliari, C Crum F Hoff man. Third row R Jarvis C Davis, C. Pavelchak J Lees 'S Front: M. Elko, J. Hixenbough, S. Tignon elli, K. Clark, C. Kill, N. Sandmeyer. Sec ond row: R. Thornton, G. Davis, H. Reed, T. Gealy, D, Hofmeisfer, A. Pasfernak. Back: D. Jenkins, A. Lloyd, M. McKenery, 1. Bigi. Front: M. Mayhugh, B. Zimmer P. Wallace, K. Andrews, L. Sac cani. Second row: J. Fursl, E Shoenbach, D. Revetia, C. Son cini, R. Calcubro, M. Franks Back: G. Buchina, J. Larkin, W Anclrews, R. Howell, U. Wal lace. FRESHMEN, SOPHOMORES, JUNIORS From: C, McCorkle, M. Barker, J. Laven der, C. Large, R. Gotthelcl. Second row D. Acheson, W. Walters, L. McClintock, N Vaira, C. Evans, L. Kartesz, C. Kamp, A Fcrlunalo, G. Kelly. Buck: K. Mathews R. Shelton, K. Weber, R. Swarm, R. Por fer, D. Schweickerl, J. Brydebell, T. Holli day, E. Billick. 44 udzbua, ,Svplwm i Whoi was ihoi biology ossignmen1?" "Wouidn'1 i1 be fun to be ca real piro1e'?" Jfmngiact Jfmahman, "Anyone bring 0 shoe horn?" "Wonder whui will happen to us next? 45 The first day of school had arrived, and to the class of 1960 the first big goal in their life was within reach. They could hardly realize that only three months before, they had been graduated from eleven elementary schools in the dis- trict, Axelton, Bunola, and William Penn in Forward Township, Elizabeth Borough, Wylie, Boston, Versailles, Cen- tral, Buena Vista, lndustry, and Blythedale in Elizabeth Township. As they entered high school their first reaction was one of fright and confu- sion as they gazed at the many rooms and steps, won- dering if by some miracle they would be able to learn which was which. After sev- eral confusing weeks they found that at last they had mastered their schedules and classrooms and were rapidly making friends. lufzhq, Jowafwl Qlhfanf, Eval, Miss Greta Davidson, advisor Class of '60 Seated: Phyllis Bakewell, Jim Stidard. Standing: Janet Fiore, Janet Collins. 46 32 X Front: B Harris, J. Check, B, Withers, D. Evans, M, Phillips, M, Coin, M. Goines, N. Poscarella. Second row: R. Harris, S. Forobrizia, E. Check, D. Davis, H. Piccini, D. Miniock, K. Struniak, J. Zodnik. Third row: M. Chereplxo, R. Worters, D. Kline, J Slovick, C. Kisner, C. Piccini, W, Rodobough, Fourth row: S. Urbonovich, M. Thoxton, D. Rock, S. Eichler, R. Yuhos, J. Fonner. 47 Hmm, 73 Hmm, 74 Front: H. Spanos, J. McPhee, A. Matthews, A, Dole, B, Large, J Smith, F. Gephort, B. Olsen, B. Salopek. Second row: A Halt, H. Davis, S. Kliment, C. Ehrenfield, R, Lewis, P. Miniock, J, Roman, P. Romeo. McCarthy, M, Johnston, D. Runyan, J. Taylor, R. Codeluppi, I. Doloto Fourth row: Munger, J. Steffen. Third row: B. Randolph, M. O'Harc1, C J. Williams, L. Hellein, P. Atkinson, A CJ Front: D. Patterson, D. Leazier, D, Similo, J. Fiore, R. Hostnick, S. Rucienski, W. Hohman, E. Andrews, G. Patterson. Second row: R. Brown, P. Haggerty, W. Kessler, R. Robinson, J. Blythe, L. Jones, B, Stevenson, V, Himmeger, D. Cotton. Third row: J. Heil, R. Hutchison, R. McKeever, J. May, P. Bane, l Tarver, L. Laverick, Fourth row: B. Caruthers, J. Russell, J. Kassler, H. Jones, F. Kytchalm. Pmtalale Hmm- 707 Front: C. Patterson, W. Howden, C. Griffith, J. Affinito, R. Andrews, M, Brown, R. Clarke, G. Kadar. Second row: J. Hofmeis- ter, C. Poziviak, C. Lehner, M. Ward, B. Smillie, R. Martini, R. Feldstein, S. Meisl, G. Kelley. Third row: T. Pagliari, N. Pic- cini, M. Pasqualle, P. Griffin, S. Knerum, M. Valentino, P. Bakewell, F. Sorg, J. George, W. King. Fourth row: C. Jones, K. Wawrin, R. Glass, J. Cunningham, R. Bowers, D. Large, G.Howell, L. Challener, J. Miniock. ..' :f'5is J.. 953 Front: S. Hallos, J. Zadroga, H. Jenlmo, L. Wislon, C. Sukla, J. Czesztyiclci, D. Large, B. Walker, E. Douglass, D Rock. Second row: B. Cifra, M. Affinito, H. Opfer, P. Malloy, T, Graham, L. Boucher, N, Henrich, M. Gephort, J. Nolder, D. Mclean. Third row: F. Wolfe, C. Pascoe, L Landini, F, Hamadock, A. Angotti, J, Miclo, C. Craggs, R. Mink, J. Pelcharsky, Fourth row: D. Smichniclc, H. Uflco, H. Gelzhiser, R. Jobes, J. Martini, A. Vidil, F, Palumbo, D. Bowen. Room, 70 Room, 70 Frcnt: E, Watts, P. Thompson, S. Bruno, J. Collins, E. Matthews, C DeVault, P. Lockhart, M, Phillips, T. Morris. Second row R, Swartz, D. Feiclc, G. Westwood, J. Mendicino, M, Smith, M,Schivley, C. Gutifey, D. Hildebrand, Third row: R. Brown, J Lelifard, L. Hredocik, E. Billick, T, DeRosa, G. Ba1es, J, Gephort,E, Aldrighetti. Fourth row: H. Streyle, E. Strange, J, Chisholm J Shank, T. Jones, W. Andrews. X L - 53 if Front: S, Derdich, G. Worthy, S. Dreer, B. Crosbie, T. Quottrone, M. Morrison, K. Chomos, B. Leckie, J. Booth, C. Stolurz Second row: B. Hortiein, R. McNish, D. Morrison, D. Bisogne, L, Murdis, J. Abercrombie, T. Smith, A. VonFossen, A. Oputkiewicz Third row: C. Kunf, T. Rippel, M. Cox, P. Morroccini, S, Uveges, B. Stimoker, J. Payne, D. Graff, J. Mercurio. Fourth row: S Sherbinsky, R. Melody, R. Frantz, R. Amos, J. Pormiter, J. Wylie, W, Roman, A. Cartio. Honm 7 04 Room, 202 Front. J, Wiskemun, T. Resh, T. Brown, K. Sutton, W. Potterson, L. Shank, K. Gillie, W. Rippel. Second row: D. Dominick, M. Motusovic, D. Craig, J. Webb, M. Kovoc, K. Cocorilio, D. Connors, B. Urban, J. Bickeli, M. Beciciiing. Third row: J. long, S. Donnochie, A. Pepko, J, McFeely, T, Korono, J. Lukoch, E. Mims, A. Cornohon, B. Hoils. Fourth row: D. Fine, J. Bender, E Haywood, R. Opfer, R. Curry, J. Hook, A. Curr, C. Beam, D. Junicki. Fifth row: J. Coie, B. Aitken, J. Meier, L Evans, J Chutis, R. Barnes, T. Wiison, H. Lewis, J. Brown, J. Stewart. dfwund the :School KXIAXKI Top left: "Let's go, kidsp it's 12:25 already!" Center left: "Hi, fellosg guess what - no hits, no dents, no flats!" Bottom: Custodians Er- skine ancl Haigh prepare to make a clean sweep through the halls. Top right: "We ain't got the money for the payment on the book." Center right: "ls this straight now?" , 51 f ff a I , l N - s 4 l I 1' 1, ,ur s ,. f 12 francs? - . .5 -4 1?- , S A ,I ' . L. 1... ' l f f EGP' T 5 , . 4 Um, . wuz. UA-img. ' The 1956-57 school term found 800 of our students eager to begin the sports pro- gram. Our sports history began many years ago when Betsy High sent her first players out onto the gridiron, the court, and the diamond. Under such notable coaches as Mr. Charles Storer, Mr. Joseph Furno, Mr. Orrie Rockwell, and Mr. Dean Reed, our Warriors came home with many victories. It seemed no time at all from the crisp fall days when we watched our football play- ers race down the field for the winning touchdown until we were iammed into the gym on a snowy winter night watching our "hoopsters" dribble the ball down the floor fcr two more exciting points. Then as basket- ball became a part of the past, we looked for- ward to sunny spring afternoons of baseball with its home-runs, strike-outs, and double plays. The boys who took part in sports in the past, the boys who have participated in this year's sports program, and the boys who will be our future sports heroes have received and will continue to receive far more from their efforts than is obvious to the casual observer. The spectators see only bruises, black eyes, and fatigue, and not the inner spirit that the players have acquired. We, as students, have seen our athletes perform ably, and now we must look to the future when the Warriors will again be victor- ious and will make us prouder than ever that we are students or alumni of E-F. H. S. HH '67 f ig if Air .Af 6:1 f .el 'L+ ' x 4 , 2 . , , n 1. -fx. f 1 .q . .is 'Y Q.- pg-I' li-P G' ,an I' I R ' Q I 'uf' 4 'iv-I wa 5 ON 4- 1 X 9. 4- 44, . . 'lu . 'is ...sn S f ir Q2 Q 1 .F ' J , ' Q. . . . , Jw' - -,T 1 f - , ,, f,, ' Q 6.3 ,nf N, 1- ' " Ku ' it' .' 4 ' 4 . . -J 'F' K 1-3 ' -A I QQ' lv- Q 'xx' il X ' .-' V M If 1 f 5 f 1: . .- A ' ' I L. 'f?f ' I r ' . 4- M' t 1 .- gif, ,. Q. 4 , . - fp -ff Fx- ' QL' ive? ' 1 " 1 -'W r. Q f-M?-1' :: -A : x ' fx -'Z X 25, . f . S re Yf I ' . Q .4 . A vgifl llxabwr l l 1 --I--.., 4 , . 0 I , , I . 'O , '. ' 1 fur' , QW "ff 1 A "" - l,f"!fcl' A" '1 A' x, Q . L if ,' I ! It' 'I ,: s 4 l-91 , gf .311 gg, Ei. - 4 , ,, 5, K f, 4 T J t 5 Q 'I " J, ' I I V . X r I f X 15. - x ' 4 I i Hiwfs 1 o H. s 4 . 9 . 5 0 5 ,L :wxaizt U 5 4? ..., --1-v- in A 2 1 J ,ff 3.2-25 1 in f-Gb-S' 'o i s U--......l,, ,, .. Lin---... .Q .- ., 3 , wx..- :ml lMcKeesport Daily News Phofol Kneeling: P. Pepko, F, Bernudowski, W. McColl, E, Frcxnlz, J. Jacob, M. Piper, R. Kisselovich, T. Robinson, J. Slrcgcxnd, W. Brown. Back: P. Rosche, D. Eshelmcm, R. Hcxrris, A. Soukovich, O. Rockwell, N. Lipscomb, R. Hobcxugh. z8mL5 -...86c!bm,.' ik 4 iricf Team. Happy "visitors" of Cruflon. 54 4 Jim Sfragond selected as End for the twenly-il-iird annual Daily News All-Dis- r wi Q' 9 L- :F 5 SQ 3 5 A 1 14 5 A 4 I 4 I .2-xagqgq '1T'a :s I r 7 -4 I Cunningham and Soukovich meag- ure the distance. 5-JH Lipscomb eyes the hoop. Front: K. Smith, A. Soukovich, O. Rockweif, N, Lipscomb, J. Stragand. Second row: J. Cunningham, G. Altman, E. Wallace, R. VanFossen. Back: F, Bernadowski, R. Grimths. Stragand plans cm careful one. 56 2lvv,ezAim4 Bernodowski hopes This one will slip righi through, Smifh ond VolnFossen fry some fancy ones. Coach l.eFFard, head coach Benedeffi, coaches Fleischauer, Couchenour. Rockwell dribbles in for cm close shot azmball - Coach Fleischuuer Front: R. Shofier, E. Linville, G. Sorick, W, Pagliuri, J. Lipscomb, J. Nolder, R. Fron- cesconi. Second row: J. Greenwald, N. Lipscomb, J. Howden, A. Soukovich, J Sfrogcind, C. Bokewell, W, MCCQH, Mr. Fleischuuer. Back: W. Brown, R. Giliie, R Pogliuri, E. Maurer, F. Bernudowski, K. Bruni, F. Korfesz, J. Cunningham, C. Larkins C. Soukovich. 796 i Reaching for the Bog A Wide Sweep Strike Three! You're Oui! Jim, 56 - 57 gpm a6'a.ml:alL - - - 79.56 jrwtball 5 Cloirton Donorc Edgewood E. McKeesport Irwin Edgewood E. McKeesport Cloirton Edgewood West Newton Opp. Elizabeth-Forward Opp Ellzclbe h Forward Bethlehem N. Huntingdon W. Allegheny Braddock Bellmur Glossport Crofton Rostrciver California '2"?'w-rf u--1 x'--"J" . , Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. .mm af, 5.-3. 21.5. BASKETBALL 1956-'I 957 ,. , North Braddock , .. Donora ., Scottdale , ,.,.........,,, ..,. B ethel North Huntingdon , ,..,., West Newton Baldwin , "Homestead . 'Glassport . .. fDuquesne . 'Clairton ., 'Munhall "McKeesport . ., Scottdale . 'Homestead ., 'Glassport .. Monongahela "Duquesne . . "Clairton . 'Munhall .. . , "McKeesport f League games. 61 Front: R. Calubro, R. Griffith, J. Gleeson, T. Como, W. Sykes Second row: J. Lees, M. Cox, C. Soncini, T. Geoly. Bark: F. Kar tesz, J. Williams, D. Griffith, R. Paglinri, R. Hobaugh. "One foul point deserves another." UM drhbdiea, fnfukh om Grim When our building was first used as a high school back in the early '2O's these sketched ob- iects provided recreation and leisure time pleas- ure. With the passing of time, many new sources of recreation and social activity have developed. Elizabeth-Forward has kept in step with progress and this year has twenty-one different organiza- tions from which the students may select outlets for their widely varied interests. Those who are musically inclined become members of the Band or Chorus, and if they also like precision work they find the Maiorettes or Drill Team glad to have their services. Since many students are sports-minded, there are always eager applicants for the Girls' Athletic Association and Cheerleaders, and for the boys, the Lettermen's Club is ci happy choice. Students who find their greatest pleasure and satisfaction in helping others turn to the Alpha and Beta Tri- Hi-Y, Hi-Y, Library Club, and Student Council. Those seriously concerned about their future plans are found in the club for Future Home- makers and in the newly organized Future Teachers of America, Honor Society, and Com- mercial Club. Those whose interests lie in various subiect fields accept membership in Language Club or Science Club, while those lured by the "Fourth Estate" wind up as "Warrior" or "Eli-Mon" staff members. Those with a flair for dramatics are tapped by the National Thespians, and those seeking worthwhile use of leisure time turn to the Hobby Club. So, although the means may change, high school students will always need and find out- lets for their energies. xi ,J A, ' 9-Hx- ' we -. 4.1 ' ' " we , xv. ' I , va . Y i,I .'NZ4jbQ-.'-1 " --' Q Y, v F . Wa-jc " " ,'. ' Q.. , in ,. I .Ip , n I 1 XI A I lr xx. 'r x Y-.-' ' an- 5' "ix M I "J" . .' '.-, ' ' 3 'hh ' 'MA' 4 - ..'4g.k.,V,' .N x 1 YM ,. ,p ,P x fix. f Q01 'IQ -,Q '4 . 2 x S-', 9 lo ,Y U ! .95 ,s 'UH A - . 2- . '. -N - n, - I . . ' s,' . 63 ' -fgpfi .' N. .114 if fb 3 Y Ss' 4'C -x af'- 'has '-:5 X Vx in wyqkxjl .vxv . Stun' nf.. --af? .bf ,a-- Front: Sara Spate, Gwen Hamilton. Back: Carl Hebel, Mitchell Holliday. One bright sunny day a small boy and girl were eagerly watching the approach of the quick-stepping band as they marched down the avenue displaying their gay red and black uni- forms. From that moment on, it was their dream to become members of this wonderful organiza- tion and to be able to participate in its many activities. As these children grew up, they did achieve their goal after many long tedious hours of study and practice while they strived to learn the difference between an eighth note and a "G" clef. But in the end, their efforts were worth- while, because our band today is one of the best in the country. They display their fine talent and showmanship during the halt-time performances at all the football games, and all through the game they can be heard cheering our team on to victory. Afterwards they parade the streets creating school spirit and pep throughout the community. A school without a band would truly be a very dull organization. Um, sfvyal Band Front row: C. McKenzie, J. Porter, J. Fraser, W. Sykes, R. Kra sheski, J. Heil, S. Homer, C. Goretzlca, S. Spate. Second row: L. Jones, J. Furst, T. Korona, D. Wolfe, H. Pittard, E. Schmidt, J. Blythe, R. Hutchison. Buck: J, May, C. Joll, A. Furst, V. Himmeger, C. Fine, J, Holliday, J. Greco. , l 1 Among its many other activities, the band participates in the Christmas assembly, along with the Girls' Chorus and Thespians. They play the old carols so dear to the hearts of young and old. Another important feature of the year is the spring Musicale when the band shares the spotlight with the chorus. The band is also on hand to play at other school assemblies and for T7 various other community affairs, such as the Hal- loween Parade and the Memorial Day Parade. A few years ago the Band Parents' Association was farmed enabling the parents of band mem- bers to get together and discuss the many prob- lems facing this organization with which they might be able to offer their guidance or financial support. The members of the band along with the B. P. A. are sponsoring many fund-raising campaigns to provide new uniforms and sweat- ers. The Elizabeth-Forward High School Bancl is certainly an organization of which all can be justly proud. Mr. Walter Iacobucci, Director A. mp, rm, , Front row: I. Tarver, S. Morris, S. Lipscomb, D. Cotton, R. Vidil, W. Andrews, D. Russell, J. Cresmanouski. Second row: G Hamilton, B. Stevenson, G. Hamilton, R. Smart, U. Wallace, E. Jaskol, J, Payne, C. Payne. Back: M. Holliday, J. Marcieski, P Bane, G. Wiggins, C. Pavelchak, J. Gamble, C. Clark. 48 bs K I Khoum, 3 WMM .3 Ruthcxnn Thornton, Mrs. Brown, Joyce Shcxfler, Phyllis Douglass. Front. S, Resh, J. Smith, M. Joll, J. Silbermcm, P, Posquinelli, J, Morroccini, N. Brown, J. Gump, M. Thompson, R. Thornlon Second rcw: S Joll, C. Culley, E. Lcxnkford, J. Kustom, J. Shaffer, M. Rue, C. Young, D. Luzier. Third row: M. Kline, S. Ben neli, P, Fellcxboum, M. Kosich, C. Kill, E. King, K. Clark, P. Douglass, J. Cooley. Fourih row: J, Rothey, P, McCorkle, P. Simko P Opfor, M. Hutchinson, J. McVicker, S. Tignanelli. M Ml is 5 ll '7 H Q 17 ' " I ,.., . 5 5' S, Q V x D: M If 3 Q , .A Sf Q Q Mf 5 3 Q N , . .X at kinky K Y ..", iq --M if L f 'Liv' 1-1' " '. .49 . ff ,. f -fr4,g- Y W Vi if fy , " N" 7 'n'? Q 1 Q k I . r .4 , cg '-W, '31 if' n J 1 1 V- 'hi Q Q! i 'lj L. ii' f. x V ' fmii 0 L G x . Z O .rx sa Wi 6 -,-' ,ltillq kr'- .f. 'f L .. -. Front: L. Lannon, G. Hamilton, J. Porter, S. Joll, J. Costa, B. Front: V. Caruthers, J. Cooley, S. Bennett, P. Douglass, D Huemme. Second row: A. Lukach, J. Cantoni, K. Warters, B. Wolfe. Second row: M. Thompson, J. Marcieski, S. Lipscomb King, S. Dally. Third row: W. Kuskie, J. Braum, R. Zadroga B. Leckie. Third row: N, Vitori, C. Joll, M. Nehila, M. Morrison C. Hess, D. Dachille. Back: H. Pittard, P. Pepka, E. Wallace, H Back: G Abernathy, O. Rockwell, M. Piper, H. King. Runyan, W. McCorkle. Jrifwuqh .ran gm, your war A- smqm. .1 1 . x9 One of the most unusual and interesting clubs of the school is the Language Club composed of students who are studying or who have studied French, Latin, or Spanish. The Club purpose is to acquaint the students with the country whose language they are studying. A "C" average must be main- tained in order to belong to the Club. A highlight of this years' activities was the initiation held in November. The initiates wore these appropriate head gears: the Latin students were crowned with laurel wreaths, the French students modeled berets, and the Spanish students sported sombreros. Other meetings included pro- grams which portrayed the customs ot the people of the various lands. V 0 Q . N r s 1 Q gf is X ' lf I 711 3 5 tn 1 '97 94: A sfzbfzafukum. . dnawnfm in fuck, - The Library Club of today had a very modest start. lt began with only one student librarian who took care of the few books which were in the library at that time. As the library grew larger a library club was formed for students interested in librarian work. Their duties con- sisted at first of keeping the books dusted and in order on the shelves. Today, the librarians have many more re- sponsibilities. They check books in and out of the library and help students to find material needed for class work. They also help to decor- ate the library bulletin boards each month with appropriate displays. Club members look forward to an enlarged library in the new school with greater facilities for helping the students with their research prob- lems. They plan to learn ditterent library pro- cedures such as new methods of filing, stamping books, and arranging books on the shelves. They want to expand their monthly displays, and even publish a monthly "newsletter" which will review the new books. Members will also prepare and present to the English classes talks about new books. These librarians are real helpers to all who earnestly seek answers to their problems. Top picture: Front: J. Affinito, B. Munger, N. McFeely, B. Trufta. Buck: P. Obusek, M. Hutchinson, C. Young, P. Douglass, D, Dora, G, McCall. Second picture: Front: C. Culley, D. Buck, E. Lankford, N. Brancolini. Bock: R. Zadroga, K. Albin, P. Allen, A. Fallert, J. Grilli, L, Young. Third picture: Front: L. Sorg, l. Watts, M. Pysz, J. Atkinson. Buck: M. Lipp, G. Abernathy, J. White, L. DeVincentis. Bottom picture: Donna Dora, Marie Campoli, Miss Lauder, Mary Lou Pysz. 72 I . . E. , lmiancl , One ofthe oldest and most popular organi- zations of E.-F. H. S. is the Science Club which is afifiliated with the National Science Clubs of America. The club consists of students who have an interest in science. They hold many activities throughout the year such as field trips to places of scientific interest and swimming parties at the Y.M.C.A. One of their annual proiects is the entry of a float in the Halloween Parade. Their floats always carry out the club's theme of pro- moting science and helping people to understand better the importance of science. The members also often enter exhibits in the Science Fair in Pittsburgh. Any student de- siring to join the club must submit a letter which states his reasons for wanting to become a mem- ber. He is then voted on by members of the club. Informal initiation is held during the day followed by a party held at night for the initiates. Through participation in the activities of this group, members are inspired to gain a more thor- ough understanding of scientific principles. Top: Don Brancolini, Bonnie Hough, Mr. McNish, Carlene Kill, Charles Bakewell. Second picture: Front: D. Brancolini, A. Caprio, B. Watson. Second row: J. Braum, S. Spate, R. Zad- raga, C. Hebel. Third row: R. Holmes, W. Shank, C. Bakewell. Third picture: Front: J. Tyskiewicz, B. Hough, V. Reed. Second row: R. Vunio, C. Kill, T, Rapp, N. Pierce, K. Bruni. Bottom picture: Front: B. Munger, N. McFeely, D. Luzier, D. Dora. Second row: L. Young, S. Homer, D, Washburn, J. Caster, W. Sykes. Third row: A. Fallert, W. McCorkle. 73 N 1. ' ' J ' , L 1 , I - x 14'q,,z .Q A r K A . ,i 5 x ' V 'L' W Q! I K Q, 3 ,. Q I ' ff , y - , it - X a . A " 1 I . lt., -. I , -.v ...M , I , - 1 3 X Wan ' in V Q wg! V K 1 Mg ,, ' ' A i g AY if ' x . ,: . f ig f 2 Q' wi 'IQ x..,p'xg!1 5 ,ff2TT:wg- x K X X , 11 ww ' Y. A "W 9 7- ' W f , , . be .gg win Q M Q uf-:J 'Q'fi,1"g f S fi' , - -.1 " Z' , ,, - z U W W .. ' . 5 , x x. , K X , ,Lg v- ' : 52? , ' 1. ,L V ' .'fj,.W,. ,S ,.. . 1 f fu 3.4 ff 1 ' .W ' 5 '11, x . , .. 5' . - ' 1. s 2 3? .ax 4 N,l L xiwfx T' H Us-W X S .. 'M '. Zyl .-:- A , ul ' - .I-, 4 ..-- v . 'f Q ,N v ' f A "N 4 'yi ,X 1 n . 1' '. s Q Je 'M 'ii ' 'n . . .-. 3 7 rv x Pgv' -. 3. H 1 1 si' fx :- and .Sfud Ulbwzs, Top left: Art: P Allen, N, Bro renders: R Adams, C. Kill, R. V. Riden, Bottom left: Sports Sykes, Bottom right: Activities J McVicker Back: B Brown, colini . an - 19 4 U U' gf n ncolini, Top right: Copy Thornton, J. Tyszkiewicz J. Shank, L. Lcmncm, W Front: P, Allen, N, Pierce G. Abernathy, N. Bron Q' , X X l fh l ,Q r l x , ' Fl .. X' . r it G' jim, jful - HL - 'UL jnfum, Gladys Werner, Judy Porter, Miss Null, JoAnn Atkinson, V Cofhie Gelzhiser. Left picture: Front: M. Lipp, J. Gump, N. Brown, P. Posquinelli, I. Watts, B. Cherepko. Second row: D. Stevenoski, B. Harvey C. Lees, J. Morroccini, M. Joll, J. Atkinson, G. Werner. Buck: M. Yuhus, J. Zaken, A. Trainer, J, Supernovich, S. Resh, M Evans, R. Holrnes, R. Adams, S. Spote. Right picture: Front: B. Kompert, D. Rippel, D. Fine, C, Culley, D, Gruicor, D. Buck, J Koston, B. Holmes, I. Brydebell. Second row: C. Gelzhiser, A. Hcfzneister, J. Werner, N. Kxer, A. Coprio, B. Wotson, D. Luzier V. Reed, J. Caster. Buck: A, Lukczch, C. Kcxlkbrenner, E. Lonkford, J. Porter, C. Young, K. Hutchinson, B. Billick, B. Hough, D Dora. Left picture: Front: J. Zadroga, D. Conners, H. Jenco, C. Kamp, B. Leckie, P. Bakewell. Second row: J. Fiore, J. Collins, T. Gro hom, M, Morrison, J, Nolder, C. DeVau't, B. Smiley. Third row: K. Cacorillo, D. Morrison. R. Feldstein, M. Schivley, E. Mat thews, B. Urban, D. Cotton. Fourth row: C. McCorkle, C. Pozifiak, C. Lel-ner, T. Smith, G. Westwood, M. Ward, C. Evans Right picture: Front: D. Gillen, J. Cooley, P. Douglass, R. Yarsunas, M. Hutclwfnson. Second row: E. King, K. Clark, D. Na tuli, Z. Jones, B. Codeluppi, G. Meisl, H. Gamble. Third row: J. Hixenbough, M. Kuch, L. Kurtz, P. McCorkle, R. Hamilton, C Kill, J. Tyszkiewicz, D. Lowry. Fourth row: W. Price, J, Palumbo, H. Legeza, S. Crandall, M. Kasick, P. Optar, P. Hammel, H Supernovich. Fifth row: J, Rothey, J. McVicker, B. White, C. Joll, M. Ekoi is, J Marcieski, G. Wiggens. 1 raw. Kay Clark, Donna Lowry, Miss Davidson, Jackie Zadrogo, Dorothy Conners . ,Snubzli 2, 1114, gm High, QM Frcnlz Orrie Rockwell, Mr, Ford. Buck: Bill Shank, Ken Bruni, Frank Bernadowski, l :qnf v Froniz Orrie Rockwell, Bill Shank, Dennis Bershok, Bill Kuskie, Alvin Forfunalo, Gary Gepharl, James White. Buck: Gail Hall, Frank Bernadowski, Anthony Soukovich, Jim Slragand, Mike Piper, Harry King, Charles Bukewell. N ,nw Front: Charles Bakewell, Orrie Rockwell, Mike Piper, Thayer Robinson, Bill McCall. Back: Anthony Scukovich, Jim Cunningham, Ernie Frantz, Norman Lipscomb, Frank Kartesz, Jim Stragand. Front: Orrie Rockwell, Mr. Rubino. Back: James Stra- J gand, Frank Kartesz, Jim Cunningham. ' 51:02, jpmta, dppaal 911. fn ad 6111.6 The Commercial Club strives to promote efficiency and interest in the business world for their members by operating and learning the use cf various office machines. Speakers from many business concerns are obtained to conduct lectures and demonstrations. Experienced secre- taries also speak to the girls, explaining to them what a future employer may expect of them and giving them tips on how to dress and act in an oftice. Members visit local business oFl'ices to observe office procedures. On the social side, they sponsor dances and other activities. As the club is more fully developed we shall expect to see many of its present members in business offices practicing the rules and regulations which they learned through participation in Commer- cial Club activities. We shall also find that the future secretaries from E.-F. H.S. will be more skilled, efficient, and capable because of training they received in Commercial Club. Top picture: Front: H. Legeza, D. Russell, C. Shotwell. Second row: J. Palumbo, R. Protz, S. Opfer, J. Hixenbaugh, G. Sen- der, Buck: G. Wiggens, H. Gamble, P. Simko, P. Opfar, D. Natali, S. Cheeseman. Second picture: Front: S. Homer, J. Ra- vish, B. Bickell. Second row. J. Williams, K. Warters, G. McCall, G. Caird, K. Albin. Back: N. McFeely, P. Backus, J. Reschen- thaler, J. Grilli, P, Allen, B. Lloyd. Third picture: Front: J. Sil. berman, E. Chereplno, M. Evans, R. Thornton, J. Marraccini. Second row: G. Werner, D. Graicar, A. Caprio, E. Williams, M. Zeh, P. Soncini, D. Luzier, P. Pusquinelli, S. Resh. Bock: J. Aftinito, l. Brydebell, J, Dorazio, D. Dora, N, Brancolini, B, Trulta, M. Rue, B. Hough, J, Kastan, B. Holmes, B. Watson. Bot om picture: Front: Darlene Luzier, Mrs. Keeler, Pat Soncini Back: Bonnie Hough, Margie Rue. Hubby, Klub pfl0l'l'llJf.2A, efczhufuz, dcfivdq, With the increased enrollment in E.-F. H. S. many new activities have been added to the agenda. Among them is a fascinating club known as the Hobby Club. Many students who had not found an interest in any other club became interested in the Hobby group which cffered many suggestions for leisure time activi- ties. The members have a wide range of hob- bies extnding from the fields of science, art, and literature to manual arts and homemaking. They develcp their hobbies into proiects which they display for the benefit of others who might also like to find agreeable leisure time activities. Money-making proiects are undertaken by this group so that they may purchase more and better materials and equipment in order that they may expand their hobbies. This club serves a valuable purpose in the school and fills a need in the lives of many students. Top picture: Front: Gloria Wiggens, Mr, Stoner, Bill Howder. Bock: Ronnie Howell, Alvin Fortunato. Second picture: Front: E. Efaw, G. Wiggens, Back: R. Nelson, A. Fortunato, R. Beds- worth, R, Snyder. Third picture: Front: G. Caird, R. Maple C. Wallace. Back: J. Cresmanouski, R. Howell, J. Holliday, L. Gregg. Bottom picture: Front: G. Morgan, D, Large. Back: F. Hoffman, C. Miller, R. Howder, W. Howcler. 81 5- p' x.. x 4 . Ii W 1 Sr -.......? junta, Editors: From: Potty Posquinelli, Becky Harvey. Bock: Charles Bukewell, Joan Silbermun. Make-up stuff: Fronl: K. Zugeber, R. Thornton, E. Williams. Back: S. Spate, J. Cooley, J. Zcaken, V. Reed, S. Homer, B. Wulson. Liferory stuff: Front: J. Silbermun, J. Gump. Bock: H. King, M. Hutchinson, G. Abernall-my, B. Kamperi, C. Fisher. Ari staff: B. Harvey, J. Joll, P. Allen. 82 Jw, ' 3 Z Editors: Front: Ruthcxnn Thornton, Judy Smith. Back: Miss Scott, Lois Sorg. Photography stuff: Front: C. Bukewell, J. White, Back: W. McCorkIe, C. Hess, W. Apfeltholer, J. Malloy, W. Sykes. Typing staff: Front: L. Sorg, P. Soncini, Back: M. Pysz, C. Lees, J. Kaston, J, Res- chenthaler. Business stoftz Front: K. Hutchinson, J. Smith, V, Riden. Back: R. Adams, N. Brown, C. Young, M. Lipp, G. Hamilton, G, Werner, J. Werner, C. Wallace. 83 'vu J Jin A, Hand Zio HAIL p!l01Il:6fQ, V1 That delicious aroma isn't just your im- agination, it's the new recipe the girls in the home ec. room are trying out. These girls, America's future cooks and home managers, are getting a very good start here. They are learning new ideas in cook- ing, sewing and homemaking. Each year the F. H.A. packs baskets of good things and visits the Children's Convalescent Home at Large before Christmas and before Easter in order to brighten the holiday sea- son for the children. Under the proper guidance, these girls and others like them, will be the backbone of America's future hcme life. Front: Wilhelmina Crocci, Fay Domer, Sally Foulks, Joyce Schoemer. Back: Mrs. Pauline Green Front: F. Domer, W, Crocci, J, Schoemer, S. Foulks, R. Neeson, D. Large, G. Morgan, D, Shelton, M. Gon- doly, Second row: J. Joll, R. Maple, P. Dale, L. Matthews, D, Evans, H. Davis, R. Gottheld, J. Smith. Third row: E. Efaw, E. Douglass, J. Booth, V. Himmeger, B. Olsen, P. Romer, B. Harris, B. Large. Back: P. Griftin, S. Kneram, M. Gephart, E. Matthews, G. Westwood, B, Srnillie, P. Griffin, D. Rock, D. McLean. L t - 999. as R X qu' ' ' 'T 5 f 3 - -..-.-.qnuv Q-nu.-Q .M ,.,..........y..M.w..-..,-- ,M - r . ,4...... FW' 7? - -...a...-- EQ '--.--- wu A W -5 - 'Y N mf , W 'ff Y " if v its 3 F k 2' Q A J L 1 ly . 3 . -M X x if Q P Um jlm.4pzkum,' Maya, Providing entertainment for our school are the National Thespians Troup T391 of the Na- tional Thespian Society. During the last four years five of the Thespians' activity reports and one picture have been published in the national Dramatics magazine. Any student is eligible for membership after he has accumulated 'IO points which may be earned by acting, writing dramas, or working on the stage crew. The initiates are then tapped at a student assembly. The Thes- pians' activities during the year are varied. The season is opened with the Open House presenta- tion during National Education Week in Novem- ber. This year the play was "The Great Little Pappino." At Christmas, in conjunction with the band, chorus, and speech class, the Thespians sponsor the Christmas assembly. This year the program included two plays: "Too Much Mistle- tee" and "The Teen Club's Christmas." Also fea- tured was a tableau depicting scenes from the Christmas story. Thespian Day is an annual event which consists of an assembly of one-act plays and a dance in the evening. The biggest dramatic production is the senior play in the spring. The highlight of each year is the Thes- pian banquet honoring the senior play cast and all graduating Thespians. At this banquet the "Best Thespian" is announced. This person must have accumulated 40 points over the initial 10 for admittance. The Thespians not only gain invaluable experience and self-assurance, but they also know the thrill of bringing pleasure to others through their productions. Top left: "A girl! l was expecting a boy!" Lower left: "Con- gratulations, Pappino. You really did it this time!" lower right: "How the children will love these toys our Teen Club redecoratedf' dsl' 60121, F' Front: Sara Spate, Mrs. Kogelman, Vonnie Rlden Back: Lou DeVincentis, James White, Dan Run yan. Right: Stage crew: Front: Tom Shaffer, Jim Jones, Charles Hess, Back: John Malloy, Ronald Gillie, Bill Williams, Don Runyan. lower left: "How can there be too much mistle- toe?" Lower right: New Thespians tapped by Vonnie Riden. Front: D. Bershok, J, Frum, J. Greco, R. Gillie, L. Williams, J. Jones. Buck: A. Soukovich, M. Zeh, G. Werner, J. Gump, R. Holmes, V. Riden, J. Covelli, R. Adams, N. Pierce, M. Piper, P. Son- cini, J. Atkinson. i 51 Q 1' "gm W 3, 4' H -3 si Yi K N X 1 iw, N 1. fi ' X ' sf rv N Mg. zap Q V 4 ,,j-I..-Y - -, . 3 A-,1 QQ M f ai .563-1, 1 H., Z mix- ' j 35 .V K-'-' , ' ' ' ' L.. ."k 1 '13 " T YV x uw lr 1 X 1 -? .-4 ' ' 159, 2 I' L ii in ln' 'ml 1 ' 1: j r- Q- ' MQ , put if K' ,Y 3 ' ' 2. - V Ulm, 'l7'Zax121.a, ofbwnf' The "law-abiding" senior play entitled "The People vs. Maxine Lowe" was presented by the senicr class cf T956 on April 'I9 and 20, 1956. From the time the various witnesses took the stand to testify until the time Mrs. Maxine Lowe was acquitted of the murder of her husband, the audience sat tensely awaiting the outcome. Jim gm Maxine Lowe Edna Brushett Frank Marston Will Bond The Honorable Jo Miss Meredith Warren Cass James Hathaway Alice Jackson Carla Leslie Dr. Milgrim Thomas Quinn Vincent Barclay Minnie Straussen Eve Viionne Irene Halt Rose Malone Sarah Lorrison Virginia Vay Agnes Vigilotti Richard Schwirian William Joll Som Craighead Judie Meisl James McClure Tim Gallagher Marybelle Pierce Bette Schaefer Sam Homa Harry Morrison Jack Rosso Eleanor Vidil Gloria Ekaitis Judie Stanier Pat Pittard Janet Ferretti This play will long be remembered as one of the outstanding productions of the dramatic department of E.-F. H. S. Top: Entire cast assembled in the jury box. Middle: Attorney Cass pleads his case for the state. Bottom: The Climax! 89 ,Q 3 It L Retiring '55 Queen Agnes Vigilotti and '56 Queen Sara Spate survey their "subiects" just before the Coronation. JulmfaL Hazwlelm, The long-awaited climax of the iunior year is always the Prom. ln 1956, the theme "Orien- tal Gardens" was chosen, and the decorations committee worked long tedious hours to give the auditorium an oriental atmosphere. Music was provided by Baron Elliott whose soft rhythmic style added enchantment to the "Gardens" as the couples glided around the floor. Queen Sara and her court reigned graciously over this fairy- tale wonderland among the swirling gowns of the beautiful girls and their handsomely attired escorts. As the clock struck twelve, the couples departed with lingering memories of their happy evening topmost in their minds. As the years pass, they will always remember the thrills and excitement they felt as they stepped into the lovely Oriental Gardens. 'i,.--""Q""-'f' af' ,121 lc A quiet corner of a lovely garden. I ,- Q 'v Honey and Harry leaving for a big evening it . :we 'X bv 0 . iw I "sig Pg Queens, couris, escorts backed by "the Boro po' 8 -01-3:3 -1 o 3' 'O tw in Queen Sa cs pp caches her ihro ' 6 onwfm " dmmican, 'l71aAa11r," Above: Dale Jackson, narrator, leads speaking chorus in cz part of the Commencement program, "An American Mosaic". Top left: Seniors present or talk dance routine. Center left: Another group demonstrates a iitterbug numberfmodern dance, Bottom left: Mr. J. Gordon Nevin, high school princi- pal, introduces a group of graduates to Dr. Harry Faulk, sue pervising principal. Below: Dr, Faulk congratulates '56 gradu- aie Ronald Bennett. 'it 1 An. lg Jn Uufz, 67 Alu . - MQ, Qlwaip, Paint. 'MRS. HELEN ALLEN APFELTHALER'S JEWELRY APFELTHALER'S SHOE STORE 'MR. WALTER BARLOW 'MR. ALBERT BIDDLE MRS. THELMA BRANDFASS CLASS OF 'I957 CRAIGHEAD THE FLORIST ELIZABETH APPLIANCE SALES AND SERVICE ELIZABETH DISTRIBUTING COMPANY MRS. PAULINE GREEN HERRON'S DEPARTMENT STORE THE HUDDLE 'MRS. KATHRYN W. HUTCHINSON MR. WALTER IACOBUCCI 'MISS TONI .IANOLEWICZ 'MR. NORMAN JASKOL MRS. ALICE KEELER MRS. DOROTHIE KOGELMAN 'MR. AND MRS. RAYMOND LOWRY MRS. HELEN MATELAN 'MR. AND MRS. WILLIAM MCCORKLE MR. EDWARD MUNZINGER G. C. MURPHY CO. 'MRS. REGINA MCCORKLE O'BRIEN PAYDAY'S SUPER MARKET MR. AND MRS. T. E. RALSTON MISS VIRGINIA REDMAN ROCKWELL MOTOR COMPANY, INC. 'MISS MARY RUBINO MR. EDGAR C. SCHOLL 'MR. WILLIAM V. SCHOLL 'MISS MARJORIE SCOTT 'MR. WALTER B. SCOTT 'MRS. RUTH SMITH . STREM STUDIOS 'MR. GLENN M. THOMAS MRS. KATHERINE TROUP MR. JOHN ULLRICH 'MISS ELEANOR VIDIL mni 93 Lchlh, phidl mi,- 'fzuwzvws BAND: John Cresmanouski, James Gamble, Carl Hebel, Mitch Holliday, Jim Jones, Jack Krasheski, Craig McKenzie, George Payne, and Sara Spate. MAJORETTES: Mary Lou Pysz, Joan Silberman, and Lois Sorg. CHORUS: Nancy Brown, Ruth Buck, Janet Gump, Marlene Joll, Janet Marraccini, Patty Pasquinelli, Shirley Resh, Joan Silberman, Judy Smith, Pat Soncini, Mildred Thompson, and Ruthann Thorn- ton. CHEERLEADERS: Carole Lees and Judy Smith. G. A. A.: Nancy Brown, Fay Domer, Myrna Evans, Janet Gump, Marlene Joll, Carole Miller, Patty Pasquinelli, Mary Lou Pysz, Vonnie Riden, Judy Smith, Lois Sorg, Sara Spate, Mildred Thompson, Christine Wallace, Gladys Werner, and Myrtle Zeh. LANGUAGE CLUB: Gene Abernathy, Mary An- drews, Violet Caruthers, Myrna Evans, Harry King, Orrie Rockwell, Mildred Thompson, and Norma Vitori. STUDENT COUNCIL: Janet Gump, Vonnie Riden, Sara Spate, and Donna Stevenoski. LIBRARY CLUB: Gene Abernathy, JoAnn Atkin- son, Lou DeVincentis, Bill Howder, Marilyn Lipp, Mary Lou Pysz, Lois Sorg, Irene Watts, and James White. SCIENCE CLUB: Bill Apfelthaler, Charles Bake- well, Carl Hebel, Harry King, Joan Silberman, and Sara Spate. WARRIOR: Gene Abernathy, Ruth Ann Adams, Janet Gump, Janet Marraccini, Patty Pasquinelli, Vonnie Riden, Joan Silberman, Pat Soncini, Lois Sorg, Sara Spate, Ruthann Thornton, Elaine Wil- liams, and Mary Ann Yuhas. ALPHA TRI-HI-Y: JoAnn Atkinson, Nancy Brown, Betty Cherepko, Myrna Evans, Janet Gump, Becky Harvey, Marlene Joll, Carole Lees, Marilyn Lipp, Janet Marraccini, Patty Pasquinelli, Shirley Resh, Sara Spate, Donna Stevenoski, Ada Trainer, Irene Watts, Gladys Werner, Mary Ann Yuhas, and Janet Zaken. HI-Y: Charles Bakewell, Dennis Bershok, Harry King, Mike Piper, Orrie Rockwell, Anthony Souko- vich, Jim Stragand, and Jim White. LETTERMEN: Charles Bakewell, Ernie Frantz, Nor- man Lipscomb, Mike Piper, Thayer Robinson, Orrie Rockwell, Paul Rosche, Anthony Soukovich, and Jim Stragand. COMMERCIAL CLUB: Ruth Buck, Betty Cherepko, Myrna Evans, Janet Marraccini, Patty Pasquinelli, Shirley Resh, Joan Silberman, Pat Soncini, Ruth- ann Thornton, Ada Trainer, Gladys Werner, Elaine Williams, and Myrtle Zeh. HOBBY CLUB: Mary Andrews, Bob Bedsworth, John Cresmanouski, Fay Domer, Bill Howder, Dorothy Large, Georgiann Morgan, Don Satter- field, and Christine Wallace. ELI-MON: Gene Abernathy, Ruthann Adams, Bill Apfelthaler, Charles Bakewell, Nancy Brown, Janet Gump, Becky Harvey, Harry King, Carole Lees, Marilyn Lipp, Patty Pasquinelli, Mary Lou Pysz, Vonnie Riden, Joan Silberman, Judy Smith, Pat Soncini, Lois Sorg, Sara Spate, Ruthann Thornton, Christine Wallace, Gladys Werner, Jim White, Elaine Williams, and Janet Zaken. F. H. A.: Wilhelmena Crocci, Fay Domer, Sally Foulks, Dorothy Large, Georgiann Morgan, Ruth Neeson, and Joyce Schoemer. F. T. A.: Mary Andrews, Jim Frum, Marlene Joll, Carole Miller, and Shirley Resh, NATIONAL THESPIANS: Ruthann Adams, JoAnn Atkinson, Dennis Bershok, John Covelli, Lou De- Vincentis, James Frum, Ronald Gillie, Janet Gump, Ruthann Holmes, Marlene Joll, Jim Jones, Mike Piper, Vonnie Riden, Pat Soncini, Anthony Soukovich, Sara Spate, George Stewart, Gladys Werner, Jim White, Larry Williams, and Myrtle Zeh. HONOR SOCIETY: Gene Abernathy, Nancy Brown, Janet Marraccini, Paty Pasquinelli, Joan Silberman, Judy Smith, Pat Soncini, Gladys Wer- ner, and Myrtle Zeh. Page A Abernathy, Gene 16, 70, 72, 75, 82, Adams, Ruthann 16, 75, 76, 83, 87 Andrews, Mary Alice 16, 88 Apfelthaler, William 16, 83 Atkinson, JoAnn 16, 72, 76, 87 88 Bakewell, Charles 14, 16, 58, 73, 78, 79, 82, 83 Barker, Lora Lee 16 Barna, Paul 16 Bedsworth, Robert 17, 81 Bershok, Dennis 17, 78, 87 Broggi, Clifford 17 Brown, Nancy 17, 67, 76, 83, 88 Brown, William 17, 54, 55, 58 Buck, Ruth 17 C Caruthers, Violet 17, 70 Cherepko, Elizabeth 17, 76, 80 Cherepko, Paul 18 Covelli, John 18, 87 Cresmanouski, John 18, 65, 81 Crocci, Wilhelmena 18, 84 D Demalon, Thomas 18 DeVincentis, Louis 18, 72, 87 Domer, Frances 18, 84 Dworek, Michael 18 E Evans, Myrna 19, 76, 80 F Fisher, Clarence 19 Fortunato, Ronald 19 Faulks, Sara 19, 84 Foytik, Barbara 19 Frantz, Ernest 19, 54, 55, 79 Frum, James 19, 85, 87 G Gamble, James 19, 65 Gillie, Ronald 20, 58, 87 Giovannucci, Dominic 20 Graicar, Joseph 20 Greenewald, John 20, 58 Grimes, Robert 20 Gump, Janet 20, 67, 71, 74, 76, 82, 87 H Harris, Alvin 20 Harvey, Rebecca 20, 76, 82 Hebel, Carl 21, 64, 73 Holliday, Mitchell 21, 64, 65 Holmes, Ruth Ann 21, 73, 76, 87 Howden, James 21, 58 Howder, William 21, 81 J Jacob, John 21, 54, 55 Joll, Harold 21 Joll, Marlene 21, 67, 76, 85 Jones, James 22, 87 K Kelley, Marshall 22 King, Harry 22, 70, 78, 82, 90 Krasheski, John 22 L Large, Dorothy 22, 81, 84 Leck, Joseph 22 Lees, Carole 22, 68, 76, 83 Lenhart, Edward 22 Lipp, Marilyn 23, 72, 76, 83 Lipscomb, Norman 23, 54, 55, 56, 58, 79 Long, Letcher 23 Q XR 4 gndcx, Q 5 Q XQ N N u X Page '- X Q Q 1 M Q Mancini, Mariann 23 K - Marraccini, Janet 14, 23, 67, 75, 76, 80 X 9-1 McKenzie, Craig 23, 64 X - ' McNeil, Thomas 23 , 4 GB McPeoke, Oscar 23 FR ' .. Mcwhonef, William 24 ,Q X Miller, Carole 24, 81 Cy - Q ., . Morgan, Georgiann 24, 81, 84 N Neal, Robert 24 Neeson, Ruth 24, 84 Nehila, Albert 24 O 0'Bryan, Lloyd 24 Opfer, Alvin 24 P 1 is Pasquinelli, Patricia 25, 67, 74, 76, 80, 82, 88 Payne, George 25 Piper, Michael 25, 54, 55, 70, 78, Pysz, Mary Louise 25, 66, 72, 83 R Resh, Shirley 25, 67, 76, 80 Riden, Yvonne 25, 71, 75, 83, 87 Robinson, Thayer 25, 54, 55, 79 Rockwell, Orrie 25, 54, 55, 56, 57, 70, 78 Rosche, Paul 26, 54, 55 S Saccani, Melvin 26 Sandmeyer, Richard 26 Santone, John 26 Satterfield, Donald 26 Schoemer, Joyce 26, 84 Shank, Howard 26 Shelton, David 26 79, 87 Silberman, Joan 27, 66, 67, 74, 80, 82, 88 Smith, Judith 27, 67, 68, 69, 83, Smith, Kenneth 27, 56, 57 88 Soncini, Patricia 27, 74, 80, 83, 87 swmnnmnmm Spate, Sara 14, 27, 64, 71, 73, 7 Stevenoski, Donna 27, 71, 76 Stewart, George 28 Stirbis, John 28 Stragand, James 14, 28, 54, 55, Supernovich, Joan 28, 76 T Thomas, Robert 28, 55 Thompson, Mildred 28, 67, 70 xiqwx ski gig R Q? L 1 Soukovich, Anthony 27, 54, 55, 56, 58, 78, 79, 87 4,7e,a2,a7,9o,91 1 56, 58, 78, 79 0 Thornton, Ruthann 28, 67, 75, 80, 82, 83 Trainer, Ada 28, 76 V Van Fossen, Ronald 29, 56, 57 Vitori, Norma 29, 70 W Wall, Donald 29 Wallace, Christine 29, 81, 83 Warters, Jan 29 Watts, Irene 29, 72, 76 Werner, Gladys 29, 76, 80, 83, 87, 88, 90 White, James 29, 72, 78, 83, 87 Wilhelm, Harold 30 Williams, Elaine 30, 74, 80, 82 Williams, Larry 30, 87 Wright, Richard 30 Y Yuhas, Mary Ann 30, 74, 76 Z Zaken, Janet 30, 76, 82 Zeh, Myrtle 30, 80, 87, 88 95 4 fa P 029, Build Jin, Jim jufwuz My l i VN. ,J W Nllfll WJ a hy h DEDICATION TO BETSlifZ ljljljj Q Many, many years ago A carpenter took his rule, AAU And changed the old O'Neil!Fb!uLs,cj-04,0 Z Into a rambling school. Jw ML It rested on a hill top 0 U Above the Manga high. Vt? My Soon, o'er the roof of Betsflw The "Warrior" flag did fly. Before long, it was overcrowded And needed to expand, So Betsy saved her money, And bought herself some land. Now, there is a fine new school Much better than the old, But sentiment lies in Betsy More treasured than fine gold. So, hats off to the new school! We're glad you're here at last, But the seniors dedicate this poem To the building of the past. ,f by: Jan Warters 57 fl i i-LW AV , if 'il 1 1 36, 1 ix' .r A L if W. lu half Z?,el'f 'IJ , ' Ja! ol .Lf itll f,,v.'l7' il V lu, L f' "f .L , , gf I i -f J , 1' , f Af A 1 X X J Q it fjlflf will L i,y6!1,'aWJ ! 4 1 cf ,LL ' 1 J lie ,iriibfl I ,Vg WZ!! ,Nfl yylfijfuf fl M 59 ww W MQ W MP WZMZKQ WQWWZM Jjy, 3? Www j rf' LJ W QXQSXFYQNWV , 55fSw fi wif! wif fi Awmf I ,. ,..L,, , ., "1:4i?2v'?" " . . ...Mxx-.f-,f,,A-Q.. ,, lv " V- - -- u N ahpizg f-7-.., K WW! if '1 33143 N . -mam? -WW SP 1 xx W 5 VMWW., 'f1'1-A.a.,N...- H . - "'Q "M 4 ,, . ,, 'n"ff'T-Jk:.JZV1MT1e,stty N J K J, I K I , "N-4 'A W... -.-.f,.N,Xf V V JF R Wfmvr. , fl: -M, 3 1 W " 'sf "" J " x 1 . , ,, . 7 . AM.. nw f 5-:rf mn-, Q., -nf ' 4 f1?!"-W? 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