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3 1, f ' "1 "' " . f-12- ff. V M, W ' " f , Q 'Mm Y ' , MJ Q. , . Q ' "2r.g,,QN mmk K I --wfgqxggi-f V I f " f . A, 'M'-MM, - ww '- 3 , -f +414 1 - - A W - Nm, f. 0 NWN-q WM - ' ml -1 'L ' 1 ' V 'V FM ,N ' fzjff k N i -,., VX - ' f K .f.,g., '11 54515 - - -ww z 7 .L my -4. 4 - . . W 'I 3 ""'4.k .MM'Y'w.., sf"-1 5 N. -' Wh' f JSF5ff+- Q fx- 3 Q H f A ' -N, 'M ,X "ff ww NN H -,. Emi X' M5 ' 1 Q A A wg W' f M-, , '-fm, ,L -y I 7 X xg My 1--.W i 1'-.,,4w s. 7 - - i ' ' . . Wm, , M 1 "'r'-'im 3 1 f1..,, A fqin f-w..Q,,W47 A N ' W K 'V-... Www W wha ?w..1,N ,ww A i Y, K M... fm' I 1 ,. 'bww , - Q. r , V., ' 1 L ,N I N w M-.WMM , wxmvgwh E , fl-.Esxsy -. sm wfmm .N Q - aww ,V , 9 uf ww 4 , , . f , , 4 my ,N JHe,.,,,Ww Y ummm ,Ki 4 I., NM f-.MN -3.,,gs 'fo KG V V, 'W' 'mm 3 5 N --. 'Q ' . f K'-1 4 "za-., - f ' W 5 N- .N ' Ns 'WH-L, ,M,,NkM . .kkxmwi -A , A-Q. 'P'--1, kt g I Q,,mN-K ...Wm ' M-, ' , 5 '- - , 'AM ,, 1 NM- '-E 'K , W , 'W-m.JMh T1-m- 5 - ,-.,....,,W, 1 L ,A . "f-f,,,QH TQ' V mano "- ..,, ,Wm V- g j 5? -A 5 W-, , f-LM. 3 K - ? V w , As, W -H f 1 iw "MW 1 "Q-LM 'WM - A-Q.. YM"-X-4.kg,ji Mg. a , 'W .MA ' ' V"'s,...,,,.W h ""w-.wwmi M3 ' ,QA , Kwan 'way ' 'K r 'ww-mm A 'D ,, 3 Q "W-N.- "MM-Q,.f be-., '-f-Q. K 4 I " 'G' , N A A "sm ' V' ' -, K - -av x K Q .. 4 M Www , M'-aw- ""W"5-M., SM' - f ex" A-4, 1 RW- Nw.. ' " W , ' ' 2 fuwf.-vs.. .. ' 2 Nm"W--ww., ifv 'IH A N 3 V. K, "MM .4 V5 V ,W W -'-.NI y 4. ' .wg , ,-v.,,H K M. K A 1 yu ,Mem NH-3 -- J 'NM-w.,, 4 N' Q vw g , 2 K ,cr K , ww 5 mmf Ak I .mwkmmm 'ff-WMM? K, E , ,rm f X ww k-,M 4 Tfiiwflw i f X ,.-. .mmdvi ...Mmwu ' Q ,L 4 ,Nami K km wi , . ...mb -.R mwmwhbw his xg I . 2 :53, My V ' ' "w,..,., 1 ' ' W , X f 4 G " W w..,Lx I ""'+-,W Xiu mm M qw V w-+..,,,,, K' 4. ,ut I , k QM - Wu... Nw al., ,, . A ,,, ..., X ' ,... Mi ' - .www w"""A-.wmv MMI wax-.mmvwsex ,,.. LM ' 'v ,., M 2 -, k ,ak . K + , A ,fy cn., Mm W- 3 I AV , --f--X..,,,1 X , , ff-WMM A -4, 51f57ir'lM1g,' ,,. '52 ., M ,W 4 'M Q ""?'f'W'a-M-5. ' --W 'N wmg r-M. fi . K K h..,,.,,W , 6 , -w..,,,AN Q il, WWW' Y .Wm 4. . , , . Q 'Nh V -rw.-Q A 'H'-ff , 7, - M" f, ' W - , K 1,,,.,' "M-..,.h.,. 4 "Mm, X-L--M....NQ"x:'fmW1w " V . .Q 'W-M, W-e.,,N A 'A f N, 3 ifxxzygs M' , , Q 2 6--M Q- N ' -W QW A 5 W., bmwwm wk ., .M 'W--.Mg LW - 5. W 4 N .. m..,.,.,s ' --M-W gm N ' W-W., ,F Aw-,MW f 'm ..,W ' -W S ' 1- . """w-an ' 'wmx ' - ' 4-U., - " -,W 4 . Z . -. . "M-W.. f "W M 'M ,.,, ff- 1 W S '. 5- -W. ' s, M' WA' 24-Jwww-, PM 'N fy-.V 47" M """v- NN, ' , f Q 5 9 N , 'Z I W , NNN Q h ' f 5 s E Q g"'iW-2,..wM mum MN""""ca-s,.,,kM W V TWH, ,Mx M NMWN i L V 4: A iigyfmm f is1a,Q --WW H'-W. M..,x,L. A - h Z - I 1 5 5 .3 2 A 5 1 1 , 3 . F "M""?"g+- N Nw 55if12f11.YiQf"?m""'W' N- A ' A 1 5 2 1 S " 5 : A K 2 2 7 3 f . f T a Q 1 , Q MQ Q39 ...+,1QNf. A ffqmww M-M Nwww in fmwfgf ' "Qin fx X - ,. A , - A ' .m.. , W ,I :ir A. if . . 4 uv l"" V , , w j' , , , .- --w 1 'Z' Q' 2 ,ug ' -wx" . 1 '5 U :B L, ,Q -N 1 '41-" ,. 21.,-A I VF' I . I ' . -gud v .,, .4- J. . J ...- ,,,.-- ,.. ..- -..- -- 1 J. ,, ,-..- . 6 .'.,,-v ,.f- -. .uv-vv-H .4-Q- ,--T.: Q.--. -qv .-,A - -.f .nv- ,..,-.cn 4 .,-.1 ,, 4 .A I I . V 8 ' 1 - 1 1 ,-, ,. I I ,,,. ,1-if" ,-xii" ,.. ,.,-, J ..,.n-1 ,Q .gm-gf ' Os 1 .-...A X -Y 5 ,, A A A v 'M rv , A ' Y -,K L. ,A I- .. A',' '- 'f " s I - , V "- I I I 1 T G V..-1 . rw' I 'W' 'P I ' A 4 . -L. Q '- ELIZABETH HIGH SCHOOL Elizabeth, Pennsylvania 1953 Second Edition Eli - Mun 'N P,-nm P all fu Sprin 'I Y PXLL CONTENTS Psdmrrrrsrrarkorr A A A A A A Dedkcarkorr A A A A A S Yaeoky .... A A A 6-7 Freshman Oihcers A A X0 Freshman Chss A A A A A U-X2 Checdeaders A ,A V5 Yoorbzxh A A , , X4-XS Band and Nhroreues A A X6 Warrkor Staff A X7 Sophomore Ciheers A .... XS Sumo: Okheers A A A A A A A A A A A Sophomore Cksss ..,, A A A A X9-7.1 Sorxkor Chss A A A Natkond Edoeaskorr Week A 7.7. Language Chab A 'Yypmg and Gym ..,. A 7.3 'Yrk-Yh-Y A A A A Heahh and Trkg. , A 'IA Yh-Y A A A A A A A A A Larkrx and Arr AAAAAA A 7.5 Swderxe Cooneh AAAA Yhyskcs and Y. O. D. A '26 Yearbook Sufi A A A Erxghsh and Lkbrary AAAA A 27 Y. Y. Ps. A . Prom Yah so Sprkrxgf- YYY Ps. A . . . Bashexbah A A A f ' b 5 x 'fx iff 4 5' A V " K ' fs' , N 5 X 'Y--- We 'Ykixmi 50 '55-54 . '55 . '56 . , 57 '58 '59 A0 41 42-45 '.5cXxmxX is SYYQN Gab .,.. Xlxbrary PS G. G CON TESTS PS. Chorus .,...... Sxxfxor 'fbesphos ............ Sesfxor 'Uxesphns Q51-' S 'aj .,... .... Surixor-Serixor Yrom C52 .... A , . S2-55 Scfxerxce Chxb .........,.. S4 cers. . . . . . . , S6 6X Sexfxor ASN 16,52 We cb- 0 4 g f . f 4 'I Q . ff.-- 3 afar . ' : 'II 'P 1 y f y 4 J if . 4 l M "' Z ffl f1A,'Q,f'1 M44 Ko Chss O Sexfxot Chas ..,.. iormds .,,. Xniotmds .,., Xniocm Ms .,...... ons and Mumxix Page ..,. Yau udmcss Concerns . A . . B Psuxogr aphs ...,. A6 A7 AS A9 50-S1 5 55 6 65 dministratinn We men, who in our morn of youth defied The elements, must -vanishg-he it xo! Enough, if something from our hands have power to live and act and serve the future hour -Anon Dr. Faulk Mr. Warren M 'HAM if 5 ' ,f' 3 A Mr. Nevin Dr. Storer Dr. Harry Faulk-Supervising Principal of Elizabeth-Forward Joint Schools. Mr. Lewis S. Warren-Assistant Supervising Principal. Dr. Charles S. Storer-Associate Supervising Principal. Mr. Gordon Nevin--High School Principal. A L A X llD'-Q-"H Dedication The staff of the 1953 Eli-Mon is proud to dedicate this book to the newly organized Elizabeth-Forward Joint School Board and the administrators of the Elizabeth-Forward Joint School District. It is our hope and our belief that this jointure formed by Elizabeth Borough, Elizabeth Township, and Forward Township will be a long stride ahead in the direction of better and more modern educational facilities for all of the young people of the district. Looking ahead, we know that this will lead to well educated citizens who will always be able to point with pride to their school system. Althou h man of us who are now in school will not benefit directl b the new S Y Y y buildin s to be erected, we shall continue to watch with interest as our schools take their g place among the most beautiful and efficient in the nation. We wish to pay tribute to the 18 loyal members of the joint board. These are men and women who have given unselfishly of their time and energy in our behalf. They are indeed an inspiration to us all. We would also express our appreciation to our administrators, Dr. Harry Faulk, Mr. Charles Storer, Mr. Lewis Warren, and Mr. Gordon Nevin whose countless problems we can never really understand, but upon whose unfailing guidance we can always count. 5 V aa... N aw ,V V? X gr ,X t . -. 1: , ' K L f' X -V e .e . t, ,A ,ef wg if-'it X Svufml: William Sacane, William Kuskie, Orrie Rockwell, Lloyd Emanuel, Mrs. Margaret Whitehead, Nicholas Revetta David Howell, Joseph Lecltie. Standing: George Munnell, solicitor: Matthew Taylor, Albert Kogelman, Dr. A. I. Monheim Thomas Wfingrove, John DeSantis, Oscar Similo, Robert Barlow. Abxenf: W'illard Weigel, Jr. H Facult stops. Henry Adams. A lvacber afecis clermty' be ran never tell where lm influence Helen W. Allen: Elsie E' Bodnlfi B'S' BS., M.Ed. if A I if , l ,Q 1 - Q E Jean B. Browng Burnell Carlsong B.P.S.M. B.S. -- ,. in I 'ix Milind, Davisgni Paul Fleischauerg joseph R. Furno Normal School BS- B-S-. M-ECL Dcg ree Jane S. jenlsinsg B.S. S Edith H. Gibbsg A.B. Mary Gilmorcg A.B. Alice O. Keclerg B.S. QQ Agnes Lauder: A.B., M.Ed. 9 S W X H ,K Regis Mazanetg A.B., M.Ed. Bernard McNishg B.S., M.Ed. John D. Parryg A.B., M.Ed. Mary R. Ranking B.S. Helen Noon M.Ed. ib-uf -in Virginia W.Redmang N. Dean Reedg Betty T. Rothey A.B. james N. Shaverg B.S., M.Ed. , Mary A. Rubinog A.B., M,Ed, Marjorie B. Scotty A.B., M.Ed. R.N. Frank Stoner B.S. sa 'XTX 1' I V' an --1, '-4 1 K M3:w?L1.-.Ui .1-A Q ti' ,f-'Wa " ' 7 N-, -' R 1. U, -., A ., 'Y by Q ff " 5 M 1 . on AA 'Q ll.: if 61 LA: L...,,N-L N. f Q' ' IMP' QD 1' i I .,. 4 7'- P V: ,ig . V L- - -- .1 -f . ,.. , H Fall Out of the carefree lazy days of summer we are catapulted into fall by the approach of Labor Day and the opening of school. Fall has many subtle and some not so subtle ways of making itself known: nature's gradual costume change from multishaded green silk to rustling taffeta in brown, rust, and goldg the tangy pungent smell of smoke spiraling skyward from burn- ing piles of carefully raked leavesg little children proudly carrying newly acquired schoolbooksg crowds of teenagers noisily supporting their favorite football teamg the between-halves rush for steaming hot dogs and frosty bottles of cokeg gayly uniformed bands proudly strutting their way through intricate ma- neuvers on the gridirong the sharp yelps of dogs free at last to follow their master in search of gameg the acrid odor of moth balls as the first really nippy day brings out last winterls woolensg fat turkeys preening themselves for the last time before Thanksgivingg the tempting aroma of spicy pumpkin and mincemeat piesg the peal of Church bells calling all to come on Thanksgiving morning and spend a brief hour giving thanks to God, the creator and dispenser of all good things of this and every season. Freshmen "Their purposes will ripen fast, Unfolding every bourg The bud may bare a lzilfer tasle, But sweet will be the flower." September 5-the long awaited day had finally arrived and with it 162 new students of Elizabeth High School. There were the usual problems of locating home rooms, copying schedules, and finally of searching madly for class room numbers. Of course, a few freshies were lost, but with a little help from upper classmen, everyone eventually became oriented. Class activities were a little slow getting started, but the freshmen were successful selling refreshments at n football game, and they later held ll fine spring dance. And so, under the able leadership of President Dale Weigel, Vice-President Marybelle Pierce, Secretary Gayle Holliday, and Treasurer Sondra Krasheski, the class of 1956 has become an integral part of our school. ,, If J R if I N y gli QV? Gayle Holliday, Sondra Krasheski, Marybelle Pierce and Dale W'eigel discuss their latest business venture. Freshmen Abel, Adams, M., Adams, T., Andrews, Armstrong, Ashcroft, Barna, Bartrug, D., Bartrug, L., Baskitis, Batch, C., Batch, S., Bennett Beverage, Beane, Bohlander, Bowers, H., Bowers, L., Brancolini, Brown, Bricker, Brooks, Brown, G., Brown, L., Bruce, Buoy, Cain, Caird, Carlson Chereplto, Clarke, D., Clarke, P., Clendaniel, Cope, Coulter, Coulter, K., Craigheacl, Crocci, Crosbie, Delmer, Douglas, W., Dugan, D Eltaitis, Fcretti, Fine, J., Fine, R., Fisher, Flintall, Fodella, Folk, Francesconi, Gonzales, Graham, D., Graham, W., Guffcy, Guzanick Hatalovich, Hcbel, Himmeger, J., Himmeger, M., Hofmeister, Homa, Holliday, Hynok, Jackson, Jenco, R., Jenco, T., jenkins, E. Jenkins, B., joll, D., joll, W., Kadar, D., Kadar, H., Kampert, Kelly, Kempel, Kibe, Korona, Krasheslci, Lankford. Freshmen Lavericlt, Lennex, Lewis, Lipp, Mardis, Martin, McClure, McCorltle, McCracken, McCready, McGahen, McPeake, McGoney, Meisel, Mendicino Metts, Miller, Mondale, Moore, Morris, Morrison, Morrow, Neal, Nevin, Nolder, Opfer, Patterson, Payne, Phillips, M., Phillips, W., Pierce Pittard, Powell, Przybylski, Puckey, J., Puckey, W., Reed, Rizer, Rohrman, Rucienslti, Rush, Russell, Salka, Schaefer, Schivley, Schwaed Schwirian, D., Schwirian, R., Silberman, Slavick, L., Slavick, M., Smith, Snyder, Sommerville, Soriclt, Stanier, Stanlto, Steele, Stevenoslti, Sticlard, C., Stitldard, S., Sterling, Stone, E., Stone, J., Stone, P., Swisher, Thompson, Thornton, Tignanelli, Uflto, Vance, Vay, Vidil, Vigilotti, Wiegel, Werner, B., Werner, L., Williams, C., Williams, E., Wise, M., Yuhas, J., Zalten, Zeh. o Rose Berry Cheerleaders Ruthann k in pany x X N. ,, . I - lla 9 Y , W is , ,"i 1. ' V i 5.3, Marlene - Maxine Lois The wheel of fortune turns and wherever it stops will be an eager cheer- leader ready, willing, Ye, Kr F Joan Styna and able to lead a rousing motive with her megaphone Elizabeth 26 Elizabeth 13 Elizabeth 37 Elizabeth 13 Elizabeth 40 . . Elizabeth 20 .... Elizabeth 19 Elizabeth 25 Elizabeth 12 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD N Horace .. J,ck ., Us . 0 Centreville orth Huntington . , . . 0 Verona . 2 Brentwood ,,..27 Arnold . , . 13 Glassport O Rankin . . . . , 13 Pitcairn 19 Wilmerding 1 s "Burch uRonu We Point With Pride "Wince" "Moo" Fnuthall Q, N 1 HG' john lg "Ernie" Moose" "Ziggy" Rau' I-Thompson, Graham, Stewart, DeMarco, Homa, Sterling, McCorkle. Row 2-LaFrankie I Folk, Flintall, Clark, Townsend, Supernovich. Row J-Williams, Mr. McNish, Love, Hynok, Semcoski, Pietershanski, Mr. Mazanet. FSF? Ron' I-Lewis, Sinko, Patterson, Krasheslri, Cresmanouski, Korona, Williams, Phillips, jenkins, Aitken. Row 2--Sterling, Weigel, Bcadling, Sunicr, Bernadowski, Vigilatri, Thayer, Halt. Row 3-Price, Bernadowski, Himmcgcr, Fckula, McClintock, Nevin, Crosbie, llrunani, Row 4-Koronz, Thayer, Delmar, Marhcny, Blanc, Constable, Bickerton, Homer, Schick, Smizli. Row 5--Mr. Carlson, Thornion, Talbitzer, Schick, Pritchard, Cresmanouski, Biddle, Dugan, Schciber. Band "Sw lbc' conqzwring lwm frmws! Sound Ihr frumfwls, brat fbi' flrurm!" i is i VV .3 w , ,, . ,.f7-L,Y:Q'N I Og, ' f f J 1 l . f f W 452, A! f ' f i V I ' , ' .- N f- ,N , ,, d "iw - ,3 5 M- - .. ff I X N J , B 1 . ,,, A W is, S 5 l ii If L5 ' f -loan Marlene Par "The eyes and ears of the srbool Warrinr Staff Anytime during the winter months, you will see groups of students gathered in the halls of Ii. H. S. talking. Nine times out of ten you will find that they are just reporters of the Warrior staff gathering news for the next edition. They will be finding out such things :is song requests, class news, and interesting personalities to write about. And also, just Ll few days before the deadline, you will see our Warrior editor, D. Morris, spending all her time in study halls hurrying to finish her editorial to turn in to Mr. Parry, who sponsors the group. .1 WINES Snphnmnres When fall arrived, those who listened closely to the rustling of leaves as they were stirred by shuffling saddle shoes and moceasins could hear our 135 sophomores as they traveled up and down the streets and lanes in and around Elizabeth-doing what? Selling delicious salt-water taffy, of course. At only S0c a box who could refuse? When they weren't selling taffy, they were taking a hop-skip-and a jump to the new athletic field where they sold refreshments to a hungry, thirsty football crowd. Next on the schedule of these busy workers was a very successful bake sale for which they busily turned out bread, cakes, cookies, and candies which shoppers were eager to buy. As you can sec, our sophomores are really super-salesmen, especially when they are helping those dimes and dollars to add up in that prom-piggy bank that they are feeding and fattening up so conscientiously. However, there are those cold, rainy, dreary fall days when our eager workers can do nothing but stare out between the rain drops and dream of their beautiful, gay "Hawaiian Cruise" to be held in February. just as they are busily watching the last leaf of fall do a hula dance across the window pane, their sponsor, Mrs. Jenkins, gently reminds them that there is also a promenade to plan for before they step across into the junior world. Norman Barr, Prmidrnlg Dorothy Fekula, Irruxurrr, Rose Dachille, serrelary: I Mrs. jenkins, .rponxorg Ode Morris, l lin'-prvsirlvrlf. , S 1 P x f U ,fn E " lg.. , A MH rv Aitken Behanna Boyd Chcrepko Cole, M. Fekula Forman, R. Albin Bcrnadowski Brooks Cheskawich Crandall Feldstein Gamble Q- QF' ., ,, Allsopp Amorg Bickerton, D. Bickerton, J. Brown Buck Clark, A. Clarke, I. Crocci Culley Fellabaum Fine Gcphart Girt Barlow Biddle Burkett Clarke Cvetan Fleming "The kids look sizes biggvrg The desks svem ralbcr small To bridle so much energy- Eyes wander to the ball. Barr Bonnett Carutlaers Codeluppi Dachille Folk , Bcadling Boule: Celes ky Cole, C. Davis Forman, J. 7' ff Gogocl jenco, M. LzFrankic Love McKown Oates Payne Z' Guzanick Jcnco, S, LaFrankie, Luckowski McGogncy O'Brien Peters 'ra- d"' R. Halt Joll Large Lukach Mcndicino Opfer, D. Piccini Himmeger Kadar Laverick Mannering Meyers Opfer, K. The teacher calls for order, T' C' ,f Higgs Kassick Lees Martinelli Morris Opfer, T. But the word bas lost its force, For in june, july, and August Freedom ran ber course. ,- Hough Kettering Lewis McClintock Morrow Opfcr, T. Janolewicz Kuch Lipp McCorkle Neal Patterson Wm M ,mo 'is '1 . ff Jax Powers Russell Smart Strotman Thomas, Wawrin J. Price, C. Satterlield Som merville Supernovich Umbel Weigel Price J. Schick Sowa Sutter VanFosscn Westwood Rack Sc hwaed Sterling Swindell Vaira White Randolph Sharpnack Stewart Swisher Vora Williams, C. Can't bear above the hub-bub, And everything seems strange, But past experience tells me Tomorrow things will change." Richardson Sheldon Stirbis Thayer Wallace Williams, D. Rowe Sinllo Stone Thomas, A. Walters William s, E. "Now look, Gordon, come we must be accurate," says Mr. Reed to future builder Sterling. atinnal Education Week Don I.aFrankie explains some equipment to Ronnie Gahagen and Tom King. What is it Don? i 53: . 1 .25: . ' if .b I I ,-L, ?? - '51 if ,P ' I ,J o-' .. ,imp :ima 'N Q.. ' .i 1 . Ll' V x A,-ff. " . V 2---f. .' 1 pr. p time ,"s vllunluu-'T V Q " J i'm"L at Kay Opfer looks skeptical as Mrs. Rothey tests her hearing with Andrene Mannering and Carol Smart as interested spectators. E E i ' A D' The quick brown fox Charm school 9 p-9 L 1 23 ..-.G -lfff . ,jfs S H 'N AP D' 2 ' .., -.6-, "Since" of genius. The eyes have it! 6 j B 1..- R max Q Quo vadis? Q-f I gl Lfg,Xg,x'x'saei 3 fr Every arrist was first an amateur L , x tx' x Q-L 'X 32" '11 ,PLYVQ WD WB- W- --3' 3 A 'l'4l1Jv Powd ! " "ln-furno X! Rmcluing for that "A" Alfa -312: rm' 5. 'sw .5 sx 'S -A. It must be here someplace. ulxs -l 4,- in Ll 5, in in I 'llff ' 1 I ? I ,U I1 J I 9 s s-If 4. qw.. We 0 , s .trip QC A, O Nur 'sw' Winter As the rust and gold of fall are replaced by winter's wardrobe of black and white, the somber landscape is brightened by: multicolored Christmas lights and garishly painted advertisements urging shoppers to spend their money earlyg the sound of muffled shouts rising from a crowded gym as a basketball is dribbled down the floor and swishes triumphantly through the basketg sparkling diamonds which cover the whole world the morning after a snow stormg bright flashes of color as skaters skim happily over a safely-frozen pondg joyful laughter of little children marveling over the toys left by their Christmas Eve visitorg the haunting strains of "White Christmas" coming from the radiog the bells and horns of New Years Eveg steaming cups of creamy hot cocoa served before an open blaze after a hard afternoon of sleddingg big and little boys and girls looking shyly at each other as Valentine boxes are opened and their contents de- liveredg a good patriotic feeling which arises from programs which celebrate the birthdays of Washing- ton and Lincoln and reaffirm our belief that we do live in a nation under God which must not perish from the earth. Irfl fo Rigbl: Maxine Piper, Srfreiuryg Albert Biddle, llifl'-Pfl'5iAlI'lIfj Elaine Brunazzi, Prrsiilellfg Van Stragand, Treasurer. Juninrs 'Y Miss Rubino XVinter is an exciting time bringing gay parties, sled riding, and the thrilling basketball games enjoyed by our juniors. just to be certain that winter was ushered in "formally" the juniors sponsored the November Dance and called it "Con Capers." What 601111, they have been thinking of? Bill Willianis' Orchestra supplied the dance music for this Atliair a la Alcatraz, and the floorshow skit was "A Model Prison," a very excellent drama prepared by the convi- juniors, we mean. Two of the "lifers"-Fran Vidil and Sammy De Rosa entertained the prison visitors, many of whom were hauled up before the Kangaroo Court. The Court,s most notable arrest was Mr. Nevin! He was hned 25C for being tardy. Later in the winter after the shadow of horizontal stripes had passed from their eyes, the juniors turned their attention to their class pins which were ordered in january just before semester exams reared their ugly heads. As they sat in study halls and Watched the snow pile up on the window sills and saw an occasional bird in and out among the flakes, all of these daydreaming juniors were thinking of just one thing-the PROM, the biggest and best one ever to be held by old E. H. S. The girls were planning the most glamorous type of gown to buy and just how to get the right boy to pop the right question at the right time. The boys were Hguring a budget that would include a corsage--a new suit-and after-prom expenses. Both boys and girls were trying to agree on who would make the most beautiful queen to succeed the lovely Queen Delores. The longer they dreamed, the nearer spring came, and as they sank into unconsciousness they could hear the duleet strains of Tommy Carlyn's band as they danced romantically-in Paris-in April. "Hey! What was that! Oh, O. K. Miss Rubino, we're going to start rolling that crepe paper right away." Adams, G. Aitken, M. Albright, S. Anthony, Apfelthnler, B. Armstrong, H. Armstrong, Balog, M. Baskitis, J. Biddle, A. Bonnctt, Boissen, A. Brewer, J. Brunazzi, E. Cain H. Cain, T. Caird, D. Charles, J. Clarke, N. Chutis, B. Conner, N. Constable, D. Crosbie, N. Demalon, Dt-Rosa, J. Dobriclw, M. Douglass, S. Dugan, M. Iilesie, L. Elko, R. Felicity, C. Firchak, 1 1 4 lk ff? S 4... an E T if T' vu, K' Q. af, K. 31 1-0' Gr an Q' ln 1 4-1 - ,. 5 11 v' I Y 1' ,:.... C 1' in EQ' .49 wil 37 1- Firchak, B. Firczak, W. Fisher, D. Francesconi, E. Gnhagen, J. Gztto, A. Gillie, W. Graham, P. Grilli, J. Hobough, G. Holliday, G. Holmes, E. Homer, J. Hutchinson, L. Hynok, Jarvis, J. jenco, M. Joll, J. Kapuska, I. Kasick, M. Kelly, B. Kohur, N. Korona, M. Large, W. Fisher, M. Gephart, M. Guffey, B. Hama, S. jackson, A. Kampart, Kibe, D. Leckie, W. Lewis, L. Lewis, W. Marcoff, A. Martinelli, D. Macheny, D. McCready, D. McKay, H. McKernan, G. McKernan, P. Melts, E. Monaghan, M. Obusek, G. O'Hara, E. Opfer, E. Pietershanski, Pierce, C. Piper, M. Piper, M. Poziviak, C. Pritchard, E. Pritchard, K. Riden, R. Riden, S. Rollins, R. Seccani, E. Scheiber, E. Scurfield, A. Semcoski, E. Sheldon, D. SherW00d, C. Slavick, R. Smart, D. X ,441 ne" 6- f, 'Ko -5, -sp 6 CI' 'fry YZ 4. --qu ,. fs' 4,,.... fn 'si Smith, H. Sofran, R. Speroni, L. Sterling, Stragand, V. Stewart, M. Supcrnovic Thompson, D. Thornton, E. Urban, F. Vay, A. Vidil, F. Volpe, A. Williamson, "We know what we are, but know not what we may be." The shortest distance between two poinrs . . . "5fPiembCf m0m-H This is a rehearsal? 34 A Q -,...-4 5000 Q. ,'goso' 0 0 f .,,f . .QQQ J- ' ' r0""e Q" O0'.','Qo '.'. ooti I 4.0 1' , Q' -. . A If ,,z, .. A Vk.. ,r 'Cantique de Noel"-Adeste Ficleles - Sa? .H A' QV -500 -as the wonder of Christmas comes upon us in all its splendor we hear soft voices singing the beautiful carols in the halls. As we rush to the door we sec the students of the French and Latin groups as they happily sing of the glad tidings of this wondrous season. 'o' I t H i ' ll ix Q . If x ph N f.. gf., fill . of it sf' --.QQ ego ego' 96:0 'fr Along with thc caroling comes the annual Christmas assembly. This year a play entitled, "Children of the Inn" was e nacted by the Language Club. It concerned a small crippled girl who learned to walk again through the miracle of the Star of Bethlehem. She led many disbelicvers, even her own father, to see that there really is a God. The Language Club is active in many ways: The group meets every month under the sponsorship of Mrs. Gibbs. These meetings are conducted alternately by the Latin and French students. After short business sessions, members are entertained by varying programs including interesting myths and stories, playlets and discussions. Members gain a greater understanding of the culture and language of other lands. S gs K , HN- , ...Y Tri-Hi-Y members are always active, but this year especially so as they accepted for a service project the sending of gifts to the Pittsburgh Home for Babies. Five large cartons of toys and clothing were shipped between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The W'inter W'onderland Dance, Mothers Tea, and Freshman Reception rounded OL!! their winter program. The girls fry in every way to live up to the purpose of Tri-Hi-Y: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout school and community high standards of Christian character." Miss Scott is their sponsor. Prince Charming awakens Snow Wlhite to tell her that this was a pri7e- winning float. "This one feels soft and lumpy-- wonder what it is?" "Those yummy cakes and pies really sold!" Yi X! ii si vip A' V 5? , -, ' if ,, l iaith'-"ff --.N r,t'.,sNK-.., 1 J , -.U-", A -, .4-. , t' I,-,A I ia, x ' .315 1 . 'Q Dancing in a winter wonderland! What, no trouble today, Zeke? Honor guard. When winter comes, what do you think of? Snow, sled riding, skiing, heavy coats and mittens, or the highlight of the season, Christmas and the New Year? All these things were in the minds of the members of the Hi-Y as they helped with the Christmas dance which they share with the Tri-I-Ii-Y and which had the enchanting theme of "Winter Wonderland." Throughout the year, though, the boys never cease guarding our halls and lockers. Mr. Furno sponsors this group. an., Student lfnunlzil With approval of Student Council Christmas with its a wra in s and bri hr colors finds Student Council members 1 g Y PP S S decoratin the Christmas tree in the librar . Puttin u this tree is onl one of the man S Y g P Y Y thin s that the Student Council docs for che students durin the winter months. The 8 g Y provide dancing for the school during the noon hours, sponsor the lunch hour games, and present assemblies for the students' enjoyment. This student Government Association is the core of school activities. Our Solons L3 Eli- Mun Staff THE EDITORS ROUND-TABLE Slandmg A. Merlin, sports, L. Gamble, business, B. Chomas, mnsicg Monturo, make-up. Seufed--D. Morris, literaryg L. Mathias, artg D. Williamson, assistant editorg B. Cox, editorg R. Hamilton, clussesg J. Grenfell, clubs. Sponsors-Miss Bodnar, Miss Scott. Winter is a busy time for all of our students, but it is especially hectic for the Eli-Mon staff members who are struggling frantically to meet swiftly approaching deadlines. Cameras and tempers flare readily. isxxg'-Aw They burn the midnight oil. Future Farmers nf America Country Gentleman They reap what they sow. Waggin' Wheels And thus axn't hay! JM Goodies out of reach? We may live wifbout frivndsg we may lim' wifbout booksg But rivilizvd man mnnot live without cooks. x ll' RHA. ,fav 51-K Whats kmttm kxtten? just bite snze ll -ugly fix I 6 fx - X M F u Mi' 1 Q "Johnny" FP N l A f f From these hard working unsung heroes will come our fearless '53-'54 Warriors. 5 of ix, x X l "Art" Uur Shnntinq Stars g"Jim" E "Wince" X I f I' "Red" Basketball Mr. Fleischauer Mr. Shaver BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Jan. 2 Pitcairn-A jan., 6 East Pittsburgh-H Jan. 9 East McKcesport-A Jan. 13 Trafford-H jan. I6 Glassport-A jan. 20 Edgewood-H jan. 23 Wilmerding-H Jan. 27 Pitcairn-H Jan. 30 East Pittsburgh-A Feb. 3 East McKeesport-H Feb. 6 Trafford-A Feb. 10 Glas'port-H Feb. 13 Edgewood-A Feb. 17 Wilmerding-A 1 A me "Sl1oes' N, SX, ' 1 1 . W , "Gig nf, - 1, , sizyxx - 1 3' 7 I-. , l xx 'hx . M S 0 Q r l 1 W, Q YZ w.'f f '-is "Hu- I ' ' Q V - if ,. ' 3' N In my 1 K, Q l "" f N Q xnxx FWN t.X.,," -1 ,K , . Q am "' x. +1 4, W ,, 1, ,, b M' P Q H. J. ? vm' . , i Q5 , f :'Q,5"- , A-, , .P ' ' ,if ' , X A . A ,N in aryl, 5, ,Q in i 3. K ij- ii it 0 :J 1 hatlf 5 Q ' W - K W 'K 'SY .1 A .. , 3- , eh . 1-5 fa Aix' I' W ' EW S" N A - i Q 4 ' .- L gl' in ma ' t i , w 35' - ix . 1 t 'gi x t Q I n., w- H' it 4 5 an-niv- w- ' sn O R 1 Q 'Q 5 0 X 1 Ny , Q 'lb 2 1 . X . my i 4 is v 51 in Spring Every year as spring blows in, nature begins another gradual costume change from somber black and white winter tweeds to dainty pink and white organdy blossoms and crisp green shoots. We become keenly aware of the awakening earth about us and of myriad other signs of spring: young couples walking dreamily hand-in-hand through sweet April showersg the sharp crack of the bat as a gravel-voiced umpire shouts, "Play ball!"g the magic of prom night which turns teenagers into young sophisticatcs and trans- forms school gyms into beautiful ballroomsg a senior play performance exciting as any Broadway First Nightg the thrilling chords of "Come Thou Almighty King" and "Pomp and Circumstancen issuing from the auditorium as sober seniors, dignified in their academic robes, march solemnly through Baccalau- reate and Commencementg the glorious dawning of a bright new world fulfilling the eternal Easter promiseg the sadness and clouds of a Good Friday followed by the never failing exultation of an Easter Sunrise Serv- ice which proclaims again the triumphant news, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today." Library E lub ma n fb fra, is n Oth. In K fr Ex C 9111 a I ilfin S ! . In g AQ, Orc, wo nd? rf 141 ,ba C S 71 u ,bono book!! Oo 4 QQXA vfxqxket dxgvx, Joao Om afmb Ks 'oov4Yxoq,, uooob CN comet oi CN house., 195 Coe som! Ks Ka5mq, on We 'udneo 510906 'mb Coe itosx Ks gxwvlxo-1, Nom Qauctos. on 001: w1'mAofrl , Come Ks ooskixog, qlxeu C049 xo cod QQ -N'x0o 1 good boo! xociow, an 0940 ive. ysgx e+ce.XXcm. sootce Koi Coe. 'OQONL Ks Oo: Xixgo cXNooX YQOMN. 50150: mx AX ioo no see we swdcm. Yiominos '0eXQmq,, swbcoxs sbecx books.. Yve4xAe.s Gdxoi, Cds, :Mei ako Bob ixwe xo esubg 'OooY-5, QW: Lube. 106 QWAY-e OQ 'xoxatesixog Qtogiams Koi Coin gneeixogas. Oo! sudseox Qwimixaos me bosq "XlxuXc 41 oveof' 'Vmixi oibccis uc, Odoics Sauce, Q1cs'uJcM', Nbewg Cxoixs, mc- Qveinlcnv, Xbuxaoc Soma, mnwur, wb Suisse CJfQ0aq,e.o, sccwllwj. 'Ic- '71 are '11 BJ-l.!-l. When spring comes, can the long-awaited G. A. A. dance be far behind? Of course notg because almost every high school girl is fully prepared with a new dress, and a crisp Carnation boutonniere for her date. This dance is different from any other, in that the girls ask the boys. This gala affair that the G. A. A. sponsors ends a winter of hard and serious basketball playing. Twice every week the girls entertain students during lunch hour by dividing into teams and playing a hotly contested game of ball. -as - G. A. A. president Phyllis Bernadowski instructs vice-president Alice Geplurt in the finer points of holding a basketball as juan Monturo, athletic manager, and Betty Cliuiis, secretary, look on. Perehed nearby ready to offer advice are representatives Barbara Cliomas, Minnie Gephart, and Carol Smart. Treasurer Janice Sterling grins her approval. Swan dive? Looking for someone? Chorus "Thr muxic' in my bear! I bore, Long aflrr it was bvard no morz'." X "A pretty girl is like a melody." 1' Mrs. Brown, Sponsor 3 R ' 1 1- kffngpl W l 5 la , 1' 'M 6 1 W . A -A V ji 0 v 'bf t 4 V - i .1 i KA K ,, J A l,k,mr Y , s A A Q . . . sr tts XL ,Lv X LN JL Ly A . ,.- U 5 A if l z V l I Lil: U , Z, Y fr, ' Q r 1 i. i , A ,i fl? if ll ' ' Qi A f ? l f ' 1- , Z f" I' 1 4 . ' . ' 3 f, , - 5 I A , I ' fi f ag, f lr l.,, 1 l 'K Z, f 'Y pl ' .. , i5 4i'f 5 1' ,..,r. L Z ' ' M ,K .Iuninr Thespians The Spring with its fresh greenness sprouting everywhere, its blossoms blooming over all, and its promise of new and better things to come, has begun to touch Elizabeth High. That "Promise of new and better things to come" seems to be a pretty good motto not only for spring but also for our newest organization, the Junior Thespians. Our junior dramatists are being prepared for their Senior Thcspian work, thus making the statement of better things to come really true. While they're at it, however, they intend to do their best and are starting off very well with Miss Helen Jaskol for a sponsor and a splendid play to enact. Albert Biddle holds the ofhce of president of the club, and is assisted by Lou Elesie, vice-presidentg JoAnn Charles, secretaryg and Harvey McKay, treasurer. The play cast hopes to present their work before a number of the town's groups in addition to the high school students. Here's hoping future springs will see the Junior Thespians as successful as they are this, their first spring at E. H. S. The play's the thing. ill, .f. - , 1' ' I - ,pm K4 . .3 s ii: ',.,,,o-fn.. 2-9, ,.,..- e ,,, ,, ,O warg, 'K Q a Q s. -cr- Ifi: ff' - - - it 'lf e '- I io QTQW Sl,mJ1l1g: Maxine Vfeaver, ,Ioan Cir.1ighc.1d, lov Vfilkop, Florenq- Mqiforklg, Iihine Smnier, Xlarimn Supernovich, Leo klxnolcwicv. Margaret Sedum. Bzrlura I'.incoast. RJHIO Ifonlcnesi, Nornian Cain. Sralnf: Arlene Sherwood, Brenna I'I.1rtni.in, I70l'0lI'1y' KCHIP. Nllry Scsrry, Iictty skmullcr, Shirley Ilomcr. Miss Bodnar. Senior Thespians Of the many plays presented in thc spring by Senior Thcspians, perhaps the most successful .md funniest, was the one produced by the seniors of the class of ISZ. The play, "The Inner Willy." is a three .ict comedy telling how Wdlloughby Adams, a bnshful boy sheltered by his three aunts, is goadcd into being n man by his inner self. Remenilwcr the 4 od-liver ull? fn 'I f pm. a ,-.J ff f AAF 1 IIc's such n :simian liild. Do you-but I guess you dcrfl mean-you dance, I guess? I Two's company hut thrce's a crowd. Yfvw ic world s mvlqf guage. lb. li'-'-H' JUWU- And there was light. One of the main events on the program for National Education Week, was the play produced by the Senior Thespians. The play, "The Red Lamp," is a comedy telling how each member of the family had his own signal for the lamp, and the complications that arose when each tried to use it. TNA? lg i K v. 9 You're supposed to be in love with her. Junior- Senior Prnm As we tlanced to the enchanting music of Baron Iilliot's Orchestra, we look hack on the preceding weeks with amuseinent. W'e were sure that the tleeorations woultln't he eompletetl or that they woultln't he put up on time. Hut the gala evening finally ai'rix'etl and all went well. Highlighting the evening was the eoronation. As the lights were tlinimetl, the audience became speechless. Then we heartl the sentimental strains of "Stairway to the Stars." All eyes turned to the hack of the room as the retiring eourt antl queen, lloseann Kettering, walked tlown the aisle. Xlfhile the melotly was still being played, the new court came into view, followed hy queen Delores Sutter. They slowly antl majestieally made their way toward the throne v, here the Coronation ceremony was performed. 1 S :ri M nr M -v 'ju 1 , I rf ' k gg, f x 0- X M 'Q A star is crowned X fu N A l y Un' wi ,wj ' 4' N. N-W W f X r ' W ,, ' ' "",, M Y 4 N ' N F A - ' A H A4 ' wy , ' 'Q Wlw WWW7, Lftwf'wH"W' 4' VN, ' X WJ Q, 'q w X ' X vu,,"" N ' ., H' 21 - ' Mfr -N ,L WT! "L, A , , - ,X ,vu -H 11, N . W ,,,, , W ,I QL u- A , J! 5 H ,N u WJ W ww X, W N Nw' n 1 W Aw 1 1 ff " X muff' ' 'L ' ,A 1, C 4' L an Y , R X w K ' 442 X, X4 5113 FN 3 I N9 Q34 'WN 4.3 -f-Q1-Y Y' On with the dance T' A r-gg I: , F1 m 0 G G if' ffi. wwf Science Illuh Seeing the blossoming trees and budding flowers of spring arouses the interest and enthusiasm of the Science Club members and Mr. McNish, their sponsor, ns they start on their way to Phipp's Conservatory for their annual spring tour. Their ofhcers arc: Anthony DiBattist:1, presidentg George Ohusek, vice-presidentg Lois Muslims, secretnryg and Albert Biddle, treasurer. t "Come on. Al. lct's put it hack in the "Gee whiz. 100k il "Think Mr. McNisl'1 would mind if we right placeg doctors bury their mistakes. fhe S118 of tl10Se went fishing?" Rae Hamilton and Arthur '. 1' , you know." mlU0l0C5l Barrrug un dream. can t they? v 1 Q X ,,.-w 54 Seniors The Senior Class officers look serious as with their class sponsor, Mrs. Keeler, they check over lists of their class members and records of past achievements. President Earl Tanner makes notations concerning possible futures of various members of the Class of '53, Vice-President Ronald Gahagen reads over accounts of their many activities since they entered high school as "green" freshmen in the fall of 1949. Secretary James Morrison wonders whatever happened to those who dropped out of the class and Treasurer Arthur Bartrug wonders how many will return for their fifth anniversary in 1958. ig X l As time for the senior play, senior banquet, Baccalaureate, and Commencement slowly, but surely rolls around, almost all seniors are surprised to find that the wonderful feeling of relief which they have been anticipating for so long is accompanied by a strange new feeling-almost of sadness and regret at leaving iamiliar places and friends who have grown to mean so much through the years. A predominating thought in many minds quite naturally is, "What next?" The answer to this query may vary from Military service, to college, to marriage, but everyone has a good feeling of accomplishment and the knowledge that whatever the future may hold, they have been wise in completing this important step in their education. They know, too, that this is just a step ahead-certainly not the end of anything. They find it fitting that they should graduate in the spring when all real beginnings are made. 6.54 Q: x 'sv Donald Arhucklc Sam Barlow "A-fb" Sara Rina lluichcr Barbara Chomas Rl!! "Babsiu" 6 56 Patty Barker UPM., Parry Chutis UPN., "Today is but lbe bye and bye We drramrd of long agog 4 o " A Q -Q A 7- fr Arthur Bnnrug Phyllis Bernadowslci Dorothy Blakely "Arr" "Phyl" "Dottie" Janice Cline Anthony Covelli Rosaria Covclli "jan" "Chick" "Rosie" Bonita Cox James Cresmanauski "Bonnie" "Knew" ,Io Ann Criswell Lois Dancloy HJC.. NLD,- Q-GF' A 5 I Ev' 6 'F x' D I I 5 :ni I. l . 'IP 9 x . X , .L Al, I -- , ' 7 ' 4 . 1 ll 1 f Ea . 4' RQ- oh' '--. RQ5. i , John DeMarco "Shoes" Angeline DiI.ibe ratore ..Angie.. Wilma Firchak "Willie" Audrey Gcphart Audrey Wx lgg if '71, Anthony DiBattista "DiBa" Kenneth Elko ..Ken,. lilizabcth Flowers "Betty" janet G renfell "jan" Robert Folk "Bob" Maxine Grimes HMM.. its Those hlissful, youthful springlime days When time passed, oh: so slow. Ronald Gahagcn ..R0n,. Rae Hamilton Rae N cu-. w . K 4 if V 'V Loretta Gamble Loretta Scotty Harris "Skit" on 1 L 1 IKX Donald Gaublomme ..DuCk,, Michael Hatalovich "Mickey" 4' nv S' N Vw' 92 X 3 49 .2- 'lg P fifsnjs. Sr 0 ., of, I . N r X1 ,J If f i n 4 Asks' ' ir fb 1 Donald Homa ..D0n.. Francis jobb "Elmer" Tomorrow is the bye and bye Wr"rz' drraming of right now john Homa john Norman Kamp "Norm" 75"-s., 'Sv a 'C vg o Q-1 Donna Hough ulhioughn Florence Kerr IIFIOSSII ls i J-"J as Ronald Hixenbaugh Shirley Holliday "Hilde" 'Shirl" Darlene Holmes Daniel Homa Darlene "Dan" john Householder "Johnny" Dianne King Dianne Catherine Hubert "Cathy" Thomas King "Tom" oc. Mv 'C' N.. .Q ia Ernest Hynok "Ernie" Donald I.aFrankie "Wince" ii fills vi , 'Nr L Q ' L50 Virginia LaFrankic "Deanie" Shirley Mayhugh Shirley Dorothy Morris HD. J." Paul Necson "Mike" 63 1 it T71 4 I gl -W so 'wif QW? X ,1 Charles Large "Chuck" john McNeil "jack" james Morrison HMOO.. lhrry Opfer Harry -3 ur-if N35 Q my v A J.. . g. 4-f ,V 50 Q' '5' 2 xyx KV? Joanne Lees Joanne Arthur Merlin HAH.. v 3' f , 'G' W f 119- Kg ' 151 W in 4,5 H -. D is ca fgl- cg. .,r - Q A 1 f 5 ,Q A George Lewis Lois Mathias Edwgrd Mggaf George "Lo" "Red" Ethyl Meyers Howard Monaghan joan Momuro "Edie" "Moon" "jo" Bu! who can ffl! or wbo shall say Wfloen time will md, or bow. ' 1 'Q - mu ' ill! -i-T31 l I ....i. i.. l 59 62' ' 4 , Bruce Rnzcr .1-I-exn Frank Smilh Frank I C.. L ' I I l I X 9 I 1 So lc! ns be a-rlrramiug And plan our Iirrs anvw. Doris Roll Doris jolwn Smillm "jack" Alfred Schick HAI., Allcn Snecd "Butch" Dona Schivley "Donie" john Sparks "Sparkic" 4 'L 5 CTN X ' Al 1 Donna Parker Styna Pavich Donna Styna Frederick Powell Raymond Przybylski "Fred" "RW" Mary Sicklcs "Men" john Sxevcnoski Nziggy.. lhsil Sinko Bas Delores Slirbis "Stirhic" Ex Ml lk! 1 W Q5 ! 1' Richard Smockdill "Rich" Dorothy 'l'h.1ycr "Dot H Theodosia Withers "Dosie" jean Yuhns Jean may 2 -Y 3 1'2" io Sr, I f o Norccn Stragand "Nornic" Charles Townsend "Chuck" 4 bw Shirley Strutt Delores Sutter john Talbitzcr Shirley "Del" "Rabbits" Horace Thompson Mary Ufko Marjorie Umbel Horace Mary "Margie" Dorothy You ng --Dorn 'Y si xg., kb Noi only dream buf act as well To nzalcr our drrams mum Irma" l i l If in N -5 l A W' an-1 liarl Tanner Earl joseph Williams "Cracker" ps K 5.-4 r,3fixhf5'41 5 1 xl 6l Autumn fo winlvr, winlvr info spring fs x ,fw . v X nlhldd . . , vw' , ,mf 5 -uf' xv v A J I I ln..Allnll1lA-"...All A if ' XJ 5013! Q, . .f V' s :Ly 'tlNl'i "-,,:v Z1 A s Q 'MQW Spring info summvr summer inlo fall,- BUY Ruud N if H-Q W 1i . Ufy 'X QQ 1 wfu' Inn, s S0 rolls lbc rbanging year, and so wr' Super-salesman Coronation Parade vbaflgvg Come on, it's worth it. 1' Ge: a bnre? Flving high A refreshing pause Swing that brush ip V "Motion so sufiff, wr' kmnv nof tba! wr' rno1'1'.,' "A wurd spnltcn in due season, lww guotl it is!" "That fraud between I2 and ' that calls itself an hour." A short time to go a long way. "A Man without a Country" is shorter. Time will tell It takes time. r liar? lx ,4.2,,aeg. ' A ,IFN -Ji Q Tj f - fm. if I il I Time out. . 1.4 4 Patrons "Abercrombie, Virginia Wolfe "Armstrong, Harold Arnold, H. M. fMr. and Mrs., Barlow, Jr., Walter CMr., "Clemens, R. C. fMrs., Coughenour, Ben Custerm, Wm. fMr. and Mrs., Dowlin, Wm. fMr. and Mrs., Elizabeth Women's Club Elizabeth Vol. Fire Dept. Sl' Feldstein, Norman G. fMr. and Mrs. Fidella, Mary Fortnightly Club "Frost, Anthony fMr. and Mrs., 'iGedeko, Clifford "Gedekoh, John Goldstrom, Geo. C. fMrs., Grabe Paul fMr and Mrs and Sons . . . , Gracek, Rose Grenfell, Thomas fMrs., ,'Grimes, Dolores Grimes, Walter CML and Mrs., Hayes, Russell fMr. and Mrs., Hobaugh, Clarence fMr. and Mrs., Homa, Frances Homer, Anne 'iHunt, Nancy Jenkins, Harold fMr. and Mrs., Kasich, Peter fMr. and Mrs., Kazanich, Mary Ladies Auxiliary QBlaine Hill, Lonkosky fMrs., sl- aml lumni Marks, Clair QMrs., McGuire, Stanley fi' -L "Monheim, A. I. fDr., Myrick, Floyd, fMrs., Nemchick, Olga Nemchick fMrs., Pierce fMr. and Mrs., Reilly, I. F. fMrs., Richards, jr., D. L. fMr. and Mrs., Richardson, William QMr. and Mrs., J :iRockwell, Orrie M. Rowland, I. E. QDr. and Mrs., Rowland, N. D. Rubino, Sr., E. Joseph Russell, T. A. fMr. and Mrs., 'iSanislow, Henry fMrs., 'iScott, Walter B. fMr. and Mrs., Sedon, Ann fMrs., Sedon, Margaret 'Sharpnack, Joanne Silberman, B. M. fMrs., Smalley, James fMr. and Mrs., Stidard, Conrad fMr. and Mrs., Stollar, H. L. QDr. and Mrs., Tony's Garage 'iVolpe, Francis fMr. and Mrs., Wawrin, Mary Weber, C. K. fRev. and Mrs., :fWilkop, Joy Wilson, Carl C. fMrs., "'Weaver, Maxine II- z Young, H. QMr. and Mrs., " Alumni. Business linncerns Apfelthaler's Jewelry and Shoe Store Braum Brothers Food Market Craighead, the Florist Elizabeth Electric Company Elizabeth Milling Company, Inc. Goldstrohm, George C. Jacob Herron Dept. Store Glenn C. jones Homer's Nursery Hotel Elizabeth Hunt's Grill George Lewis Insurance Neff's Amoco Service Old Elizabeth Mutual Fire Insurance Co Payday's Sl Super Market 85 Superette Allen I. Schwartz Stanier Hardware Strem's Studios Thompson Service Station Ullrich Bakery Veterans of Foreign Wars Western Auto Asso. Store West Elizabeth Lumber Co. Wylie Brothers Incorporated Autographs N 'N fi fp ,fu -f 'v JV 1 'N f"J X 1 We, the graduating class of 1953, express our sincere thanks and appreciation to our sponsors, Miss Bodnar and Miss Scott. We are further indebted to Strem's Photographic Studio and to Jim Cresmanauski, Jerry McKernan, and Jack Smith who submitted many of the photographs for this book. Produced by H. G. ROEBUCK 8- SON BALTIMORE, MD. 25: "7 'wr ' . Q Www Q L rw ,Q M ,,,L L, mm, W mr iq i, x , Y , Ai A My V' ww , vm. V 5 '--.L 2 ::IjLm":J.'LL-nip. MMM mwsmw' It C KNm"'m.,' 3 ut KWNKL ?a 0""'w.. 57' ' iw T' W" 4- ' , f WL f """"-..,,S.-: 2 - W - .Q f 'L ' 'W' 'W - 'M N., 'H L L Mn, K L. P "1 f. 4 i 'Awwkm 5 MQ A 'L 7 f F, -,X N' 'ng Lg V L my -...Nas N NW :gc M. K , Am 'f-'w..,LM' -NNN 5 N4 W ' +I'-'W ,N ' Wi.. .hx is i 7 Q. la-,N Q MQW.. ' -whi A Awww' Q 'W' ...TWAEMM wsa M "1-Q.. . "f ML-MQW ' ...MW "N-ALB W 1'-ML, ' gL .L Wk MK-...L L Mm WML Wx L -M LLL. ELL W. 3 4I""""-f-L, L I L A+ .L mf X 1 Nfxw I .W , ' in W- f , - ww 5 gmwa, L ,M N?-what , 3 '1'-V, W , "gn . Ax ""'w.,,, A WW 3 f 1 ,mn , Wm M r w..,,m ""wf,,Ns l ff ,K S 'aw i +. f mi ' L ' Q Z. KF ', " .L MW , s. 3 A. V L "W" N W L ' i ' y - 1 ' 7"3""'- 'W' ,, ' 'FM E 'T' V3 W.. i K ,-fsmwa' , ,Lyman J , L N I-M L an WL, "'H"'w-.. , 3 ' wi mmm 'f---QQLLL, ' LN g ,, Mg-w.L.L, snug-Q L w L K '-Q.. X V M. M Q A . hun Q, ..,k - K -V MW N-MLW , L T ww WL, W MMM-L., Q' In "WML, Z A 2 "swim 'W' -Q.. 'W -7 1 " 'MW K W-. it f, Q L WML-W www -i.N.,,, M-.L I -,W -ww M Wg, 'P N"'iS-A-L. - 'L F- L-L"""""4M-,.. L M""W"WW-Y.. ' 'WW' '+L Nk'W"Y'N' L "WM A 1 l MW -A L 1 W-mQ"""'w-.., W ' 'W-mihw 1, -AM W A L ' v M- ...Hg 5 2 , .L ---MLM, p -.N , M. M 1 ""'w1.,WJi wF"""'-ff,.,,,,nW' W-H, ,... I W " . ,Q H M" , vw W-ww-.L.L, 'MQ L fl-mm ,LLL M W LL, ...,,,L.L5,,u L Www L LW, H iw 'vw-ML, 1 "2 WM- ,L ' WL ""w.Q f 'Mm-LLL W 2 5 L , W -+-L,.,L,mQM ' '--mm M-'..,g, ' L L, A W LLL is L M--Qu... 1 L 'W L WM f i T 1 E 'VS'-v4LL v , ""'- my ""'w..,M "'w..,,i ff' L X - - L 2 f r Q -Q....,L- z fa- ,LL ' A f' 5 5 g ' 5 5 Elluqwvwaw M-wma VE W: 1 1 s 5 1 'wmv' ' ,. 1 A A 'X L 4 I L i L 2 Q N hvvwmm, 2 'S'-sw. - 5 Q - - f , L' 1 Q L Q S ! Q 1 3 "W , L L -A L di i2?gg.fQ25 ?-'w..Lw,.V2, L-..,,,,mmM L , , 5 L K vf....-,. A f--..,,, L -M . ,, Wm 'm""',"v-Us--W. ,L V S , L ' -M L- F 553 5 if lf F 1 -' gf ,lu v ,Z M fi ' 4 L ' N ' If ""V' f S 31.547 ' I E 5? Q. ' L , ,s f 1 ,ig s Ax 5 " 4? 5 x 1 i Mfg A .zz . . M 1- A - ' H f MN"Xff " ' "Z-E: ' " ' I f k g' f5L,.Q., I A A 5 - an Q 2 :L-Gag A 53 '- B -..,,1M -.W - A N ' X 4' . E I . 5 F 1 'as x . 4 5 3- ' 3 wr : A , -2 em 'K .mf S ' 3 - 1 5 W Q W t 3. W-- wk-V K 'L an J-an ' ww- ' r , ,Y..,,...-1 -W 'M' L 1 N """" W in-' -41 Q' nw . ,ww . - - a , ,. 0. -' ,..w- 4 M A,,,,,,L,,mm.., , f ,WM A ,, ,M-f-fa.. " V M, ,, W-. ,W-' 'f ' WH. 1 .. .....,.w,..wW-D f , t . . -M ,.2,..vx M .,,.,,. -' S 1 4 wiv 4 ek '. my 1' 4 3 M 3 F ,, 4 if f.,f",x A ,ww .,,..M-- Q... W.,-11?-'C' " A' -- ' K ew ,A My Q Q Q -if 5 nr ,ek ' " J . F Wi ,P ' Q 45.9 f MW- law ' vw ua, -Q., M fm at k nw ws Aman.. ws w PE' He. ff if - f

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